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What's your favorite anime /a/?
Mines JoJo
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I am probably going to get reamed for this. Mirai Nikki is my favorite so far, and Death Note on a solid 2nd place (or switching places depending on mood). But I haven't watched too many animes and there is probably lots of good ones I haven't seen.
>inb4 pleb tier animes (at least that is what I fear)
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I've heard good things about mirai niki, i personally have never seen it. i've seen most of death note but i got kinda bored halfway through and stopped watching. but if you liked those i suggest you watch season 1 of Tokyo ghoul as well as elfen lied. both really gory and great intriuge and mysteries runt through each of there plots.
>watch season 1 of Tokyo ghoul as well as elfen lied
Thanks. I will definitely look into those.
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Mine is Death Note.
>Mirai Nikki
It isn't very good. However, if you know what specifically you like about it, I could probably recomend something similar and better.
Tokyo Ghoul is good I really liked it. However, it lacks at times. Like, there is a lot of convinient things happning in the story.
>Elfen lied
Watch the first and the, probably, the second epsiode, the rest you can just skim through. It is ehhh, a mixed bag.
But in terms of gore and such Mirai nikki and Elfen lied are similar.

Okay, I just don't think Future diaries is that good. I can explain myself if you want.

>if you know what specifically you like about it, I could probably recomend something similar and better.
Not sure how to explain what exactly is the thing I like about Mirai Nikki. But I think it is the bleak outset without sugarcoating it, or needing or trying to make a happy ending (even though Mirai Nikki has one). It is sort of like Suicide Circle, no western movie would be so nonchalance about the subject matter and just let the story progress into the inevitable conclusion.
I have some ideas. I will get back to you.
As far as films go, Akira. Fucking masterpiece.
For shows, probably Tanya the Evil. Eva is a close second, but the grinding halt that the series budget came to really killed my action boner.
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Initial D, i love it because you watch this naive Japanese schoolboy compete with the best racers and he still doesn't care too much about driving cars other than he does it for his dad's business but over time he begins to enjoy racing, sure it's a bit cheesy but it still manages to be awesome in the races
the soundtrack is really good too and people still listen to it, my favorite song from the soundtrack is 'night of fire', even Tarrant played 'Gas Gas Gas' from the soundtrack

also all of the stage's after 2 are just shitty reboots, they go against the manga and the original show's premise of Takumi being naive and stubborn and it makes him even more of an asshole than stage 1 and 2
After episode 10 I lost interest.