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(((They))) Are Coming For Your Anime
It was only a matter of time...
it was a good time to do that too because the japinese yen dropped in value compared to the USD considerably in the last month.
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Spoiler: Japanese manga/anime/media was already full of "jewish"/babylonian mysticism/occultism/masonry (all of which are expressions/tentacles of satanism) for many decades.
How is this going to make it any different? It'll just make it more official.
>Japanese manga/anime/media was already full of
It wasn't pozzed and unfun in the same way western media is. The degeneracy was organic.
>How is this going to make it any different?
By sucking all of the fun out of it, and sanitizing it so that it can never trigger Twitter trannies.
Think of western localization, times 100.
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> Spoiler: Japanese manga/anime/media was already full of "jewish"/babylonian mysticism/occultism/masonry (all of which are expressions/tentacles of satanism) for many decades.
This statement is too vague to even respond to. Do you have any specific examples you can cite?
>missing the fucking point
You know how all that magic crap worked in those stories?
They boiled it to shinto and folklore, for an exotic set piece.
And that's about it. It's also during the time psychotropics and looking inside your mind dude was a big deal, along with losing the war.
See people find that anime is still aesthetically pleasing, even the slop.
Now all lefties are sacrificial cultists.
Their psychotic makeup demands by any and every means necessary to do excise that is morally beautiful, because that would be an escape from their cult.
To remove all morally beautiful anything and anyone.
The jews are documented that when they resent good they'll knowingly and fully embrace evil. Recently (300 ish years) some parts are claiming that because of all the evil they do and increase it'll make God happy and come here even faster.
Making it moral also according to their long standing traditions.
Point being removing all outlets, then they're shocked and cry out to be saved from what they've done while they're doing it. While they plan to do even worse.
>How is this going to make it any different?
>(all of which are expressions/tentacles of satanism)
You're demanding that The Enemy, The Evil One, do everything to them because they're Godless?
Now between you, me and God. That's a bad strategy cause someone named Jesus saw all that and didn't just shrug and say whelp they're all fucked better to just condemn them all.
No, Jesus went and took up the burdens and the fuck ups and the hard hearts and the ignorant and the neiscient and the deliberate cesspools of evil and then also offered everything that matters.
Not only a place in His family, but also as an heir. Not kind of existing, but full abundant life forever. Not you now have to grind forever to never ever each God, but you didn't do anything and He crossed that otherwise impossible gap for you.
>But they're embracing the bad symbols, can't we just write them off as lost cause?
You could do that. I don't recommend that course of action, but it's a possibility.
So what's to be done?
Prayer works because it isn't us that's getting everything done, although in some small part that can be overtaken in a physical manner, it's God Our Father.
It's possible to say well my pappy built everything cause He liked you and me and His son and His Spirit.
If I go ask Him and my bestest brother made it clear that when it's asked it's already given. See I ask my best brother ever and friend and God to relay the message that's been carefully made accurate and decent by Him who Comforts me so is not just a dribble of garbage but has meaning and won't be just totally awful to my pappy and God.
He knew already and since I asked for words and He already thought about them and shared with His Holy Ghost and Jesus so we can do all this. Because He knows what I know and what he's shared with me because He knows and a nice family get together.
Where I go bro pappy Holy Ghost, thanks. Pappy says that's my Son. He goes I got you bro. The Holy Ghost says remember what father and Jesus said also humbly corrected the trajectory of your message.
So if a never before seen asteroid does a thing that solves a problem or God cooperates making what seems to be impossible or even fully impossible for man or demon or whatever else, He already solved it beforehand.
A heart warming family activity of being there for each other and with each other.
Wouldn't be a family activity if there wasn't family.
So join in and be with God.
Now... nobody has to per se, but God prefers fun family activity.
That's prayer and God knows all the languages and means of communication and more.
Yes even interpretive underwater basket weaving 7d chess randomizer button mashing social painting horse whispering ribbon tying with friends.
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I'm not really sure what anime getting pozzed has to do with God, but I agree with the sentiment that the powers that be who are perpetuating this garbage are ungodly, and it's a moral imperative to oppose their ugliness.
He says that about everything; ignore him. He called Akira Toriyama a "Sorcerer" for no reason other than being involved with TV.