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Fanfiction Containment Thread - Or How I Learnt to Stop Sperging and Worship Trash
So here you post your fanfiction of chinese cartoons if you have any. The rules for posting are the following: 1) Avatar: The Last Airbender is an anime. 2) Panty and Stocking is a cartoon. 3) The tier-list for animes goes as follows: Eromanga-sensei>Mad Bull 34>Sword Art Online> Garcy's wings>>>>>>Death Note.

>Be Anon
>You walked on clean cobblestone road that leads you through the town
>The light from the lamposts on the sides of the road has a cozy and warm glow to them
>A calm breeze travel through the neighborhood and hits you
>The wind causes the lanterns on the lampposts to sway and the shadows they cause with their light to fluctuate between dilated and shrunken shadows
>Your own shadow as well as your passenger on your shoulders
>While you welcome the coolness of the wind, she clearly doesn't
>You feel her body shudders on the back of your head
>You turn your head back and upwards to the best of your ability
>Your large chin pushes her thigh off your shoulder which causes her, in turn, to pressed her thighs tightly around your head not to fall off
”Wah!” she shouts.
>You grab hold of her knees and hunch your back forward to make sure that she doesn't fall off
>You also turned your head back, forward in this motion
”Oni-chan! I could have died!” she whines in her loud and high-pitched voice
”Exaggerate much? Also, didn't I tell you to stop saying that shit?” you say a bit annoyed
”Oni-chan! Baka! I will tell mommy you used bad words again.”
>You push your head back and you can feel your head pushing against her stomach
>This time, however, she is ready for your heads movements and bends her back so that you are face to face with each other
>She has shifted her sitting position to be a bit higher up on your shoulders and has grabbed onto your magnificently large chin
>Of course, it was a good thing that she was petite and not legal otherwise this wouldn't have worked
> Also, you see each other's face upside down
>She has a large mischievous smile on her lips and her big marine blue drill pigtails fall down at the sides of your face
>Not feeling particularly mischevious yourself, you send her a deadpanned look and a lip smack
”Have you forgotten our roles? In our tragic backstory, kishins killed our parents Swear to me!. That's why we are out here.”
>You brought out a bundle of papers with one hand and then you pointed on a paragraph
”Your character is that of an insane loli. You are suppose to be le edge. Your introduced as this sweet innocent child and to everyone's 'shock' and 'surprise' your bloodlust cannot be matched. You have to remember to have a huge wicked smile on your face at all times. Also, when you kill someone laugh a crazy laugh that sounds like it was done by someone who was kicked in the balls.”
”And you, Nii-san? What's your character?”
”I am this mysterious villain character who is supposed to be grey and morally ambiguous while I kill throngs of innocent people. Then I am going to wax on about pseudo-philosophy, take some concept and apply it arbitrarily to justify my points.”
>You see that the writers hadn't specified your motivations and had just left it blank in the script
”Oh, it seems I get to chose my foundation for my actions. Mhm, which do you prefer? My character to be: All, ”My kind is superior to yours!”, ”Your kind is EVIL!”, ”I am just the top of the food chain”, ”Nothing matters so I stab you because its fun” or ”Your kind has sinned against God. Prepared to be purged heretics!” ?”
”I don't know. Which do you feel most comfortable with?”

Might continue this. No promises.
653 1134
Rewritting this because I drifted off to far away from the main idea.

>A little girl with silver hair to her ankles lead a man by the hand to an abandon apartment building
>The man, your stereotypical obese, fedora-wearing weeb, with cheetos' crust around his mouth, waddled behind her
>his face kinda looks like Jabba the Hut
>In a febrile manner, he looked around the street
>He didn't see anyone but if he had checked the roofs not just the streets, he would
>On the top of the ridge of a nearby roof, stood another man looking at the channerweeb on the ground being lead by the silver-haired loli
>On his shoulders was a loli with pink hair in a drill pigtails, who was in the middle of sucking on a strawberry lollipop
>She leaned forth and removed the candy from her mouth
”Oh, how sweet young love. Like... Really, young love,” she whispered to you
>Yes, (you) you were the man on the rooftop
>Have I told (you) how handsome you were?
>Well, if not, I will
>You had this ridiculous large chin and the broadest chest ever Please, give me your (you)s
>Anyway, you answered the angel on your shoulders
”Yeah, it make me feel little guilty that we are using them as bait,” you whisper back.
”Oh, don't feel bad, big bro. We have to captor him otherwise more unsuspecting, innocent little girls will suffer, having their manservant jailed.”
”You are right”
>She leans forward and kisses you on the forehead
>You look up and smile at her and she returns the smile
>Around the corner of a building in of the couple's path, a man in elegant black suit appeared
>In his right hand he held the backrest of a wooden chair
>The cute child leading the sperg on stopped in her tracks as she stared at the man
>The weeb noticed that she stopped and sees the man
>The lights from the lampost do nothing to dispell the shadow over the stranger's face since they fell on his head from behind him
>His face is shrouded in darkness
>He walks toward them and drags a chair after him
>The chair's legs makes a snapping sound everytime it hit a groove between the many stones in the road
>As the man steps into the light of the next lamppost, the light falls on his head from the front this time so his face is visible
>The channer gasps
>He could recognize that face anywhere
>It is the face of none other than Chris Hanson
>He places his chair down on the ground
>The lolicon was meet by powerful and stern gaze
>Chris pointed towards the chair
”Why don't you take a seat over here?”
>Up on the roof our heroes had also seen Chris appearing
”So he is finally here, huh? Took a while?” Your lil sis said bitterly..
”Yeah, it's about time to.” You turn your head upwards towards your lil sis. ”Let's go!”
>She bit down on the lollipop in her mouth, crushing the pink pearl of candy and then threw away the white plastic stick
>Her entire body shone with white light
>You looked away to not be blinded
>Her body of light seemed to made by some hot pliable mud that could change form on demand
>The form of her body quickly disappeared an gots replaced by a beam of light that flew up into the air
>It trajectory was that of an arc with the beam ending on the street below
>You simply stepped off the ridge, surfing down the roof on its tiles and taking the impact of the landing by going down on one knee nonchalantly
>As you stand up, a pillar of light hits the ground in front of you
>You grab onto it and it turns into a scythe in your hand

654 1134 1137
Loli with  unicorn plushy.jpg

>Your landing didn't go unnoticed
>The couple and Chris are staring at you
>You flail your free hand at the cute, pure couple
”Run! I will hold him off!”
>They didn't need to be told twice
>The loli immediately turns around and runs away
>The fat guy gets pulled forth by a thine arm
>He stumble-runs after her
>She is assaulted by his onion breath as he pants uncontrollably
”You won't get away,” Chris says.
>He puts the palms of his hands on the ground, moves back one of his feets and leans his torso into the knee off the other leg
>Just like the starting position before running race
>Then with a might snap, the muscles in his legs contort and he thrusts himself forward
>The air is penetrated by him as he flies through the air like a bullet
>Just as he is about to grab the fatsos fedora, the blade of your scythe cuts through the air between and he is forced to remove it or lose a few fingers
>You land in front of him and behind the appropriate couple
>He push down his feets against the cobblestone road and they break away from their checkered pattern in the ground and shoot off in different directions
>He came to a grinding halt in front of you
>The scythe in your hand was lifted high above you before you took a mighty swing at him
>He barely dodged as the swing cut few strands of hair out his handsome cut
>He stared at you for a moment before he switched his focus to the couple
>They turned around the corner out of sight when he saw them
>He was about to run after them but as fast as he took a step in their direction, he noticed that you also did
>So he stopped
>The scythe was moving around your body and spinning at the same time by your hands that worked diligently
>You ended your demonstration of skill with one last swing and then you strike a pose
>The pose was supposed to communicate a sense of being above it all
>Your shoulders hunched relaxed forward, your free hand was in your pocket, you let your scythe rest on one of your shoulders and you strut forward with your legs wide apart
”Chris Hanson!” You said and pointed you scythe in his direction. ”Your soul has become corrupted. And now its mine!”
>Badass music starts as you attack
>This time he is ready for it, though
>Your scythe's blade is avoided by a quick duck
>You put a lot of strength behind that swing and now you are wide open
>He comes up again with an uppercut
>Your stomach is punched and the air in your lungs are pushed out through your throat all at once
>You even fly a bit up in the air before you plummet to the ground
>However, that punch was unfortunately for you that was just the beginning of a combo and another smashing fist comes flying at you
>This time it hits your face
>A stream of blood flows out from your nose as your turn in the air like a wriggling snake
>Then you're sent flying headfirst into a nearby brick wall
>The brick wall obviously crumbles to pieces, you fall through the wall into the house and dust exit the hole in the wall like steam from volcanic crater
”This could have been avoided. I have a job to do and you should not have interfered,” Chris says as he stands up straight and begins to adjust his suit.
>In surprise, he looks up when he hear the sound of footsteps coming from the hole in the wall
>You step out and onto the rubble
>Your legs wobble a bit but that's fine
”Yes, it could have been avoided but apparently we can't have nice things,” you say.
>His gaze turns to a glare
”Nice things, huh? Are you also one of those... those... lolicons?” Chris spits out the last word.
>Your smile is spread out wide
”That's right! And I came especially for you, Chris Hanson. Your cockblocking days are over.”
”That's right!”
”Huh?” you ask as a blinding light emanates from your scythe.
>As the light disappears, you are no longer holding a scythe but a small and soft hand in your hand
”Big brother and I will stop you.” You little sister's shrill voice rings out. ”Don't you know that love can overcome all barriers? I don't get you! I don't! Why would you want to hurt something as wonderful as young love?”
>You didn't expect that your sister, who was timid, would find her voice
>You could feel how her speech warms your heart
>There was something so wonderful about her child-like optimism and naivete
>She really think she can reach him and that he could begin to see things from their perspective
>You knew, however, that the loli-pill was a hard pill to swallow
This is pretty stupid but I like stupid, so please continue
Pet that Loli.jpg
Kind of you to say. It makes my more inclinded to continue.
And then I didn't make more, lol.
Make more faggot
1136 1138
>Please, give me your (you)s
Can't argue with that.

Transported to another world that has a name that's too long for me to remember, but I think I know the basic plot points... Maybe.
>Be Anonymous
>It's not everyday you find yourself in a new world.
>Especially while taking a shit.
>Even more so by a truck with a portal stuck to the front of it managing to hit you on the second floor...
>From above.
>Now I'm here in the void.
"Well shit."
>Some French sounding bullshit rings out around the void.
>Then a green oval appears.
"Fuck this shit I'm out."
>Is what I would have said if it wasn't garbled by an explosion.
>"No. No. No! You're supposed to die, the reincarnated with cheat powers, then die in mu service for the rest of forever."
>An eldrich voice telepathicly communicated.
"Uhhhh. No?"
>Then a Pinkette kissed me
>everything burns
>I released my brown log, as all my muscles spasmed.
>Everything turning dark. An eldritch sound could be heard as nothingness consumes me.
>"You sure you won't sell your immortal soul? It'll save you from Louise over there?"
>"You awake in there? Hello? Hello?"
Heh, I'm actually still here. Well, sure I can continue this but it won't be in second-person but in third-person since I suck less with that.

Hehe, epic.
How about a title change for example what about, "Taking a dump in another world - Why are we still here?-edition"

Have cute loli for your efforts.
Chris took a stance that was like T-pose but with his hands pulled up so that they looked like tried to stop somebody with them.

"Secret how to catch a predator technique number 1488!" Yellow light sprang forth from his open palms which contorted began change into a shape. "Please, take a CHAIR!!!"

The yellow lights turned into two wooden chairs. He spun them around in the air before he intertwined their legs infront of him.

You and your sister did not wait for him to finish his preperation of his dark arts. Btw your name was Anon and your sister's was Nonny.

Nonny's body began to gradually glow brighter and brighter until only her blinding silhuett of light rocketed into the air leaving a trail of light that made loops in the air. Then like a lightningstrike this light beam zigzag down to the ground before spun around and while it spun its shape took the form of
a scythe.

Anon lunched forward making several buildings fly by in a blur. With his brown steel toe-cap boots he dog into cobblestone as he slide sideways causing all the stonebreak into splinters that off to the sides. The street would need re-pavement. At first the silvery blade of the scythe hanged near the ground low and with his hand one hte black wooden handle like a hockey club, he twisted his entire body to make the blade slash upwards diagonally. Nonny's blade tore the legs of the chairs into rain of wooden splinters in the air.

Chris fell backwards as the chairs fell to the sides. Chris managed to catch himself from losing balance as he took a low pose to the ground.

Anon managed to take control of his oown balacned after the powerful strike he had inflicted by smoothly transision from his swing to using the scythe to find balance again.

Anon took the initative again and brought the other end of the scythe into the ground as eh ran forward. Nonny's handle bended like

Tbc. need sleep.
Taking a dump in another world - Why are we still here?-edition
>Waking up to massive anime tiddies was not what I was expecting.
>The Eldritch voice rings back
>"Hey? You still want to sell your eternal soul for some cheat powers?"
>"Ah, Anon-kun you're finally awake-"
"Where am I?"
>"Step away from Anon-kun you harlot he's mine!"
>"Fufufufu- Ohohohoh oh! You think you Louise the zero holes can compete with me?"
>The busty anime girl that is far taller than Louise the pink haired reaches towards her and
> pulls down her skirt and panties.
>Smooth as a doll, and as featureless as some of them. Louise freezes up.
>"Kichicootchi! Stop this at once you rug muncher!"
>Boobie girl just has blood running out of her nose as her pants pops a tent.
>her pants have a bulge.
"What the fuck."
>"Like it darling? I call my salamander Flame, for the passions we will feel-"
>She pulls down her own reveiling something horrifying.
>It's an animal mascot that looks like a lizard in the shape of a penis attached to her.
>It's eyes move to look at me as a 'tongue' tastes the air.
"Ahhh! Kill it with fire!"
>"My Flame is fire resistant-"
>"Cootchi stop bothering them."
>"Aw why Tabi-chan?"
>She holds up her bitch slapping hand that was holstered by having the book she was carrying open.
>a true master.
>Sufficiently cowed cootch leaves.
>"Th-that harlot!"
"Yo Pinkinator?"
"You gonna get dressed?"
>Her hair and face now match.
Sometimes I think about joining a waifufag anime forum, making faggy friends, writing terrible erotic fanfiction of me fucking anime girls, and seeing who I can actually get to read this trash and call it good.
What do?
Sit down and spend a whole day thinking about a one-shot story in tousend words and make the greatest piece you have ever written. You are good at writing so why not test you wings?

What about some writing tennis? I write and you continue it tomorrow and I the next day. The first one to fail their responsibility to write loses. Feel no pressure it dosent' have to be that good.

Okay, I serve.

Anon crawled out of his bed when the sunlight began to prod his closed eyes. Walking downstairs like downsyndrome-zombie, Anon was unconsiously expceting to be passed by his imouto, Nonny, in the staircase. This was not the case though. In fact, when he reach the kitchen table he realized that she wasn't even up yet.

Suddenly, he was fully awake and he gave her spot at the table a double take. For a moment he thought he would go up and wake her but then decided against it. If she wanted to snooze for once, thenthat as okay and besides he just knew he would be called out for being a hypocrite about it since he used to mock her for being nervrotic like jew, to theiir mother's disapproval of course, in the morning.

He glanced at the clock and made a mental note to wake her up in five minutes. He made a two sandwiches with ham and then poured himself a glass of milk while he pondered how he would tease his sister for this.

Five minutes came an went and Anon gave her five more. Nothing.

Anon shook his head and moved up to his sister's door. He knocked the coor with his knuckles.

"Nonny, wakey wakey! The sun shines and the birds chriping." But nothing. "Hello?... Nonny?... Okay, I'm coming in okay? So don't be naked," Anon said.

He opened the door slowly. He was expecting it to be slammed shut any second now and to be berated by her angry sister. However, he ended up opening the whole door.

The room was a mess. The floor were littered with clothes. Anon noticed this when he stepped on something soft that clinged around his toes, it was a pair of pink panties!!!

Anon shook off the panties from his foot.

Books seems to have fallen from their places on the bookshelf and had been left laying on the floor.

His sister's desk was covered by map and next of the city and next ot it was a card. He picked the card up to investigate it. First he only saw a black plain side with three golden cricles intersecting with each other. He flipped it around in his hand. The otherside, was a picture of a monster-like creature that would be closest compared to a cheese with its many holes replaced with toothy mouths and worm-like tentacles coming out from it.

Anon didn't know his sister had followed up on his advice to read based lovecraft but it seems like she had. Good for her. He put the card back down.

A cool brezee entered through the window that was mostly covered up by curtains.

He realized that he mess had distracted him from his purpose here. His gaze wanderd to the foor of the bed and found a throng of wangaurds of stuffed animals and then the at the bundle of blankets further up in the bed.

He walked up to the side of her bed. She was wearing some strange blue shirt. It had short sleeves but puffy. Her hair was braided in as if of a professional and on top of that was a silver and blue tiara.

Suddenly, she rolled towards him and the many of the blankets covering her fell off revealing that she was wearing a fancy blue skirt and silver ballet shoes.

Anon grinned as he shook his head. What the fuck? Was she LARPing as a fairy when she was alone? Kek, this was gold.

He then saw a that she was embracing something. Was that a pony?

In her arms, a dog-sized white pony with a blone mane was snoozing.

If most be a new stuffed pet, right? Anon thought as he poked it with his finger.

It openedits eye and their gazes meet.

They both screamed like faggots.