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Set six years after season 6, Occupied Equestria presents an alternative history where the Changelings have conquered half of Equestria, while a former Equestrian colony - soured to Princess Twilight's notion of harmony with all creatures because of their encounters with griffins - Invaded and took the other half. In Baltimare and the Equestrian Southeast, the magic of friendship has weakened, as Communists, Changeling infiltrators, Fascists, gangs, and corrupt creepy politicians threaten the city. This role play is based in large part upon the Equestria at War mod for Hearts of Iron 4, and uses D&d 3.5e mechanics.

The long train ride from Baltimare to Bales has been interrupted by a group of partisan fighters, claiming to be looking for none other than Pinkie Pie, who has been kept prisoner since the end of the war. They don't seem to have found their prize, but they do seem to have found a very pissed off Brie, Onyx, and Spark, as well as another Bat Pony, and both groups have been interrupted by a new set of intruders. In Baltimare, Silver, Dark Star, and Iron await a new and uncertain dawn.
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e3e70 No.100953

45464 No.100954


Silver leans into the petting, his ears angling to the sides of his heads. He sighs half from the pleasant sensation of the touching, half from being misunderstood almost every time he speaks. He speaks to her again, keeping his voice low so he can't be heard by any eavesdroppers. "Skies, do you know how I can legally get SMG cleaned, fixed, and get ammo for it? Or way you can make it legal for me?"

e3e70 No.100955

Poor Silver
"Let me get a permit…"

45464 No.100956

For all of the advantages being Severyanan has given him, language skills are certainly not one of them. Still, he smiles his soft, friendly smile at Skies to show that he's thankful for her help. "That would very much help. Thank you."

e3e70 No.100957

“If you’ll follow me…”
Skies starts back in, to the back through lobby, through the center door, down the hall shortly to her left, and into her office

45464 No.100958

Silver does indeed follow her, after detaching himself from his cart with a practiced ease.

Been thinking of other ways Silver could ease the burden of trying to clear all of those ghasts: could he set up some sort of barricade to hinder the progress of any pursuing ghasts? Something they would need to climb and clamber over before they could get to him, giving Silver the perfect opportunity to lay into them?

e3e70 No.100959

She looks through an expandable folder of files on her desks, peers through it, then pulls out a sheet of paper, and begins writing down on it with a pen

Submachine guns were never legal in the great majority of Equestria for civilian ownership, or even for police forces for that matter. The only exceptions had been the Forbidden Jungles, the Dominion, and certain areas east of the Everfree where farmers, ranchers, loggers and plantation owners could carry Submachine guns to protect them from the almost surreal wildlife. This was discontinued, for fear that bandits in the forests, or left and righting radicals in the Dominion, could get ahold of them.

“And… here you go” She hoofs over a signed piece of paper. “A paper temporary license.”

45464 No.100960

Silver accepts the license, looking it over. "So, this will let me get work done on SMG, and get ammunition for it? Do I go to any gunsmith willing and able to accept it? Or do I get work done here?"

c53cf No.100961

C9hgrats f9r ten09rear8oiy gett8hg a functional SMG.

e3e70 No.100962

“There are ponies here who know how to operate a submachine gun”

45464 No.100963

"That…isn't really what I asked." It is at this point that Silver brings out the dirty Bits Gun that was hidden in his bags to show to Skies, now that they're alone in her office. "Do you know specifically where I should go to get this in working order, and to get ammunition for it?"

e3e70 No.100964

“Just ask Dusty. He’s former NMAC”

45464 No.100965

Silver nods. "Thank you. There is one more thing you could do for me to make this job significantly easier…"

e3e70 No.100966

She squints her eyes and tilts her head slightly at Silver

45464 No.100968

Silver lets out a sigh, and swallows his pride for what he's about to ask. "This job has proven to be far more costly than I could have imagined. I did not exactly have fortune when I came to city, and this job has left me with no funds at all to buy more supplies to deal with ghasts who get in way of mission. To finish this additional task you have set for me…I need some extra funds. Not much, just small portion of payment we agreed upon early."

e3e70 No.100969

“I see…” she hesitates for a moment
“Since I already have most of what I need… I guess you can have some now…”

45464 No.100970

Silver looks like he really didn't want to have to ask for this, but that he has no choice. "I can assure you it will be put to good use towards finishing this job."

e3e70 No.100971

“Follow me…”
She exits her office, and turns to the right, going further down the hall, until there is a door she opens and goes through. This hall has brighter colored walls, and returns to a section of the hotel holding rooms. She turns to one on her left, and goes through. Besides tables and cabinets, and the end of the room is a green safe she opens
“A thousand should cover it, yes?”

45464 No.100972

"More than enough, yes."

e3e70 No.100973

"And… Here's a stack of Gold and Silver certificates"
She hands him a large number of paper bills

45464 No.100974

"Thank you." Silver takes a look at the bills.

e3e70 No.100975

Seems to be Equestrian legal tender… with some alterations to the bills. Gold certificates of 20 bits each

45464 No.100976

Still strange to see paper bills instead of coins… Silver pockets the bills. "When this is over, I am going to treat you so much, you will be spoiled through-and-through."

e3e70 No.100977

She bats her eyes at him, and resides her left hoof so that her knee is below her chin

The prevalence of paper money is totally not because the occupiers are trying to create new money to spend on costly occupations and war or anything

45464 No.100978

Silver lightly nuzzles Skies' cheek. "I suppose I better get on it, then. Sooner I get done, sooner I can spoil you. Perhaps someday soon I will have to be your own personal unicorn servant for duration of day?"

Nah man, they totally aren't doing any of that.

c53cf No.100979

Woah gaiz. Easy on the nuzzling.

e3e70 No.100980

“D’aww, Silver… You're too sweet”

Then she comes closer to him, carefully placing her muzzle by his ear, and whispers
”That’s not going to make me pay you more money

c53cf No.100981

Silver got caught hard, Triggered the bear trap

45464 No.100982

That gets a chuckle out of the stallion.

"In this case? Being with you is payment enough."

e3e70 No.100983

Dice rollRolled 20 + 7


Sense Motive

c53cf No.100984

Can't lie now big horse!

45464 No.100985

>nat 20
As much as Skies might see ulterior motives in everything other ponies do, this time it seems legit. Or, at the very least, the prospect of doing this to try to get more money out of her was the farthest thing from his mind.

Seriously, I had no intention of trying to get more money out of her this way.

c53cf No.100986

What can you do? This particular pony's trust has been broken before.

e3e70 No.100987

All Silver's secrets and feelings are belong to Blue Skies and he must reveal them

Skies, for her part is a bit surprised
But she's also exposed and huggable/nuzzleable

45464 No.100988

Well, he has an…unusual…taste in cuisine. He thinks he might be unwittingly responsible for Rosa Maledicta discovering her affinity for necromancy. He as-always is worried about the future, both of his family and of his people. And his current thoughts seem to be dominated by a combination of creative ways to eliminate many ghasts at once and how nice it will be to return to Blue a success.

Oh, and seeing a clear opening, he almost pounces on Skies, wrapping his forelegs around the back of her neck and giving a further nuzzle to her cheek and the side of her neck. "I will see you after I am done, yes?"

e3e70 No.100989

>that first part

Unsure if she needs to guard her neck, Skies says

c53cf No.100990

>All Silver's secrets and feeling are belong to Blue Skies
I think he took that to heart and just posted some of the now owned by Skies thoughts.

45464 No.100991

Because why not.

With this Silver relents in his hug assault. "Thank you for everything, Skies. I hope you have fun with Star, wherever you two were going."

e3e70 No.100992

“Yes, we need to get on our way.”

45464 No.100993

Silver steps to the door, holding it open for the occasionally nice mare.

e3e70 No.100994

Skies walks out, goes left, in turns a left corner, down the hall again and through a door to the lobby, the same door as to reach the stairs

c53cf No.100995

Don't forget edge horse.

45464 No.100996

"How do you not get lost in this labyrinth…?"

Where is edge hoers?

c53cf No.100997

No idea, actually. Maybe real life has him busy again.

e3e70 No.100998

"It's not too difficult once you've been around it a few times…"
They lead back into the lobby, where Dusty Outback, and probably Dark Star, have not left

e3e70 No.100999

Edge Horse needs to show up more regularly

c53cf No.101001

That goes for Spark and Onyx too, but we can't really keep track of eachother in the horsefucker forum.
Speaking of keeping track, what about Iron's dream sequence? I'm rather surprised it's still not done yet.

05392 No.101002

Agreed. Should we wait for him before we continue, or are we good?

e3e70 No.101003

No, you can continue.
New Thread >>101000

Do you want to finish it?

c53cf No.101009

What a strange question.
Why not? It's supposed to be an epic about exploring an ancient temple in an attempt to both get some riches and beat up some 'bad' guys.
Problem is, I thought you were still plotting where to go next after my responses went unseen about 2 or 3 times. I made Iron go back to the wall that Cauldron and Pear would be as the last action. You can pick the thread up from there.

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