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Set six years after season 6, Occupied Equestria presents an alternative history where the Changelings have conquered half of Equestria, while a former Equestrian colony - soured to Princess Twilight's notion of harmony with all creatures because of their encounters with griffins - Invaded and took the other half. In Baltimare and the Equestrian Southeast, the magic of friendship has weakened, as Communists, Changeling infiltrators, Fascists, gangs, and corrupt creepy politicians threaten the city. This role play is based in large part upon the Equestria at War mod for Hearts of Iron 4, and uses D&d 3.5e mechanics.

The long train ride from Baltimare to Bales has been interrupted by a group of partisan fighters, claiming to be looking for none other than Pinkie Pie, who has been kept prisoner since the end of the war. They don't seem to have found their prize, but they do seem to have found a very pissed off Brie, Onyx, and Spark, as well as another Bat Pony, and both groups have been interrupted by a new set of intruders. In Baltimare, Silver, Dark Star, and Iron await a new and uncertain dawn.
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6fefb No.100628

I have risen to ask:
Will you reveal how the expedition team died when the dream ends? I want to see if my deductive skills are in order.

06d13 No.100629

File: 1558304347271.gif (61.75 KB, 1048x900, 313CAC11-7790-4562-B3A3-EF….gif)

I hope to complete Iron’s present storyline over s number if sessions this week.

I also hope to advance the group arriving in Bales. And maybe Silver, if he stops wallowing in pity and does something

6fefb No.100630

While it doesn't exactly answer my question, I like the answer nonetheless. Whenever you're ready, type out the appropriate continuation of the trail path/anything you wanted your characters to say.

05392 No.100631

Reeeeee, I've been waiting a whole week to be able to continue!

6fefb No.100632

There's always selling your body for money. I hear it pays well with good performance rolls.
Alternatively, you could do some shady bodyguard as a mini-sidequest to try and amass money

06d13 No.100634

Silver pretty much has the following options:

Continue in indefinite limbo
Go in alone with modest objectives
Try to Maximize finite resources and clear the catacombs
Ask Dusty Outback for some kind of help
Ask Blue Skies for at least a partial payment, or maybe for weapons
Ask Dark Star for help
Wait for Iron, and request his help
Ask the parish priest for help

He can probably do more than one of the above

05392 No.100635

As comfy as the infinite limbo might be for the elderly stallion, his player is gettin' kinda bored of all the waiting. The goddess-damned waiting…

Well, he's already at the catacombs. He might as well could make at least one trip, get some books out, then start getting some help going forward by talking with Skies about partial payment and fixing up that SMG of his.

Did Onyx actually take the other SMG in the catacombs, or did he leave it behind on the floor where it was?

6fefb No.100636

I is now officially ded for the day. Sudden sleepiness has come for me.

06d13 No.100637

Okay, I’m sort of here now

Onyx took the SMG, and Dark Star took the ammunition for it

05392 No.100638

Damn, that would have been too convenient. Star did give Silver the pistol they got off the Sarge, if I remember correctly. An M1911, though I suppose if we were going with something more appropriate in-universe it would be named either the M991 or the M1001, whichever model year sounds more appropriate for the pistol.

06d13 No.100639

Sure… He has a pistol

05392 No.100640

I might be remembering wrong, who knows. If he does have it, it would be back at the tavern, anyways, sitting with his other Lavender Rifle, waiting to be brought somewhere to be cleaned and fixed up.

e4e1b No.100641

File: 1558411988090.png (173.72 KB, 534x400, E2F801D9-9FA8-4737-9998-78….png)

05392 No.100642

Finally, someone else is here!

e4e1b No.100643

So… Silver was going to get the books, then get his money?

05392 No.100644

Sorta? Since he's already at the catacombs he might as well should go in, but I don't imagine he'll be able to get the rest of those books in this one trip. He'll grab what he can and head back to give them to Blue, then ask her about maybe getting a part of his payment now and if it is actually possible for him to get that SMG fixed and cleaned up.

e4e1b No.100645

I actually had him last at the potion shop

05392 No.100646

Fine then. Back to the GBH, I suppose.

e4e1b No.100647

But I have to sleep now…

05392 No.100648

Reeeeeeeeeeeee, damn you, limbo!

Anyways, sleep well, then. Hopefully Silver will actually be able to move tomorrow.

05392 No.100649

Am I all alone, again?

5dbf1 No.100650


I started a new job

05392 No.100651

Damn, I knew it.

Good to hear. Something I really need to get on, myself.

0e38c No.100652

Plot twist: An Iron doll is now in possession of Silver

05392 No.100653


0e38c No.100654

Because I was always here. Inside of u

05392 No.100655

Ew, gay.

0e38c No.100656

I'm feeling a cognitive dissonance here.

05392 No.100657

Either that or memes. You don't know, and I won't tell.

0e38c No.100658

As long as nothing supernaturally ghey happens. You don't have to.
Good job on getting the new job, by the way.

5dbf1 No.100659

Let me see if I can summon the motivation to do something since my laptop won’t play Civilization games past a certain year

D’aww, thanks

0e38c No.100660

Oof. That's rough.
Whenever you're ready

5dbf1 No.100661

Sea Breeze pauses for a moment at Dark Star’s question
“Well… the use of commandeered hotel rooms is intended for those agents brought in or recruited from abroad, who have no where to stay that is safe locally. Aren’t you from Baltimare?”

Through the windows on the left side of the corridor the landscape changes progressively as the train nears the city. Fields continue to dominate, but now villages of red roofed houses pass by with their small church steeples, and do too do mills and grain elevators that appear increasingly industrial. To the left of the tracks are another set of tracks facing the opposite direction, and at one point, the train passes a stream train carrying box cars, cars of grain, and cars that seem to be full of coal or minerals.

Nearing closer to the city, housing becomes denser, then come factories with great brick smoke stacks. At last the train comes to the side of a large river, where, further down, can be seen what must be a large power station, a building of tall brown walls and far taller stone stacks that send great amounts of white steam and smoke into the air. Further down the river still can be seen another river into which the present river combines. The train glides over the river through a black painted iron tied-arch bridge, and a similar bridge can be seen crossing the river further down. The city it enters has a number of square shaped high rise buildings piercing the sky, covered in glass, brick, and grey stone facades. Below these are lower stacked brick and grey faced tenement buildings, usually of four or so floors. The streets are crowded with carriages, and telephone lines stitch chaotically between buildings. Through more then one gap can be seen the railway of elevated subways.

As the train progresses further, it passes a change in scenery: through the trees of a park is a large stone castle - an old palace with walls and high towers - that, along with a gothic styled cathedral surrounded by apartments and office buildings, is among the last reminders that Bales, too, is an ancient city, almost as old as Equestria itself. Once the seat of a great, Northern Equestrian duchy, Bales adapted well to the Industrial Age, sitting at the convergence of two important rivers and now an important junction of railroads. Like Baltimare, where the only significantly historical buildings are colonial-aged buildings by the waterside, Bales is dominated by modern architecture, whatever you may think of it. Bales even more industrialized, and evidently wealthier than Baltimare, though it appears to be less wealthy than the old court city of Canterlot, where the city center is remains dominated by the quaint and well preserved townhomes, chateaus, and shops of the past.

Canterlot still has its history. Baltimare never had it. Bales must have lost its history in a major disaster, save a few important thick-stoned structures.

As iron passes the cold corpse of Peer Review, Pear has a comment
“All for a little money…”

Cauldron has a comment of her own
“They didn’t take the idol from him… he must have been shot, ran away, then succumbed to his wound…”

Silver is… ready, I guess?

0e38c No.100662

Iron hums as he hears Cauldron's comment, while somewhat disregarding Pear's.
(She is probably right. They would have taken the idol if he did not run before. Maybe if he did not run, he would have survived?)

5dbf1 No.100663

Peer Review’s body was at what seemed to be a peak of the cavern. The trail continues forward, downward

0e38c No.100664

(Why does this terrain keep changing?)
Iron starts the trek downwards.
(I wonder how ruthless are these ponies)

05392 No.100665

…Okay then?

5dbf1 No.100666

Judging by the sound of water, there must be another stream somewhere over here, perhaps even the same one through an underground path. Now Iron comes upon the first major equine structures: the left side of the area at the nadir of the path has flat stone walls with occasional “columns” sticking out

0e38c No.100667

He decides to close in the stone walls with columns sticking out for the time being. If he crosses the stream along the way, he would gladly explore it.

5dbf1 No.100668

The stream seams to come along the right side. Here, there seams to be a sort of ‘wall’ alongside the stream There is a bronze cup near the water

0e38c No.100669

He walks closer to the bronze cup to inspect it.

5dbf1 No.100670

It’s a fairly straightforward bowl shape

0e38c No.100671

Iron shrugs it off.
(It seems inconspicuous. I should check the water in case there is something worth of note.)

5dbf1 No.100672

Pear gives a commentary on the simple bronze bowl
“Not every pony who came here was wealthy”
As she says this, Iron should lay his eyes on a much more elaborate golden chalice, studded with jewels, that lay at the bottom of the stream
“But even the wealthy prostrated before the powers of Life and Death, uttering prayers into ceremonial bowls of water that contained stream water, before carefully pouring the water back into the subterranean stream. In this way they hoped their prayers and careful words would be sent through the water to their ancestors.”

0e38c No.100673

Iron decides to test his luck and takes a sip of the stream in order to see if it has any ill effects to his person.
(Hopefully my body should be able to handle it.)

5dbf1 No.100674

The water tastes mostly like, well, water, and is fairly clear. There is, however, a slight mineral taste to it
“What are you doing” asks Cauldron

0e38c No.100675

Iron turns to Cauldron.
"I am simply testing the water for any ill side effects. We can keep moving."
He glances downwards at the golden chalice.
(I sure hope they do not mind taking me some of these presents as tribute over clearing their temple. I should probably either bury the corpses too. Maybe.)
With that, he relents on the temptation of taking gold and keeps walking further in the now stone walled cavern.

5dbf1 No.100676

Cauldron’s mouth hangs open slightly in an expression of minor horror at Iron’s means of testing for the presence of parasites, salmonella, or flesh eating bacteria

Okay, that is all I can do for now. I will add more description of the sights to come when I can

0e38c No.100677

Sure. I'll be waiting.

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