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Should I get therapy?
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Is therapy just a joke, or is it worth getting? Who should I do therapy with? Can I trust my entire life's story with anyone who's not on this site?
Maybe if I tell you my life's story, you can give me life advice.

I was raised by abusive lefty parents who hated their smart white son and often tried to push me towards trannyism. Never fell for it.
First I was sent to a shit primary school. A few kids bullied me there and teachers punished me whenever I fought back. I was a fat angry kid who could punch hard when pushed, and they liked attacking me and then running away. But when we fought properly I'd kick their asses. One time I kicked their asses hard enough to make them stop bothering me.
When I graduated from this school I was sent to the special school of a catholic school, and made the personal property of one old bitch there who hated autistic kids. Around that era I got interested in Game Maker and pokemon romhacking but that interest never amounted to anything, though I did have a USB full of GBA roms and romhacking tools and the fact that I was able to code at such a young age when not all kids were learning that should have shown somebody that I had more to offer the world than shitty schools thought I should.
Thanks to that school, my schedule looked like this: Enter a side building, wait for the day to end, sometimes get insulted by the teachers if they felt like abusing me, usually get to eat lunch at lunchtime but sometimes they wouldn't let me (and it didn't matter whether I brought a packed lunch to school or brought money for the school cafeteria) and eventually go home to a house with parents that, when told the right words by my boomer bullies, would freak out and abuse me at home too. Rarely I'd get to join in a classroom... but class clowns would act up until I'd get blamed for it and sent out.
If I had a tape recorder or decent phone, I could have gathered evidence of the shit said/done to me (audio files of verbal abuse, pics of bruises, etc) and posted it online. But I was never allowed anything like that, because my parents feared I might use it on them. One day at school the art teacher bumped me with her car while backing up into a crowd of kids, I was fine but pissed off and the art teacher shrieked and blame-slinged feministically at me until I lost my patience and started barking back, then she put me in front of the headmaster and I told him about the abusive staff members and called him terrible at his job, so he kicked me out.
Then I was sent to a worthless "speshul" school where a few teachers abused me and the students usually watched in confusion when they weren't joining in. Whenever I trusted an adult enough to tell him or her what happened at home, that adult decided to call child protective services, who sent the same fucking boomer woman over to warn my parents that I was talking about what went on at home again. I couldn't get away from my family until I became the problem of Adult Protective Services, where the slightly less retarded and lazy people go.
A woman my age at the autistics-only youth club I attended got mad at me over retarded internet roleplaying nonsense-drama that didn't even involve me, and she lied about me to the cops and accused me of abusing her, even went to some clinic to fake signs of a concussion she didn't have because she's a spoilt bitch who knows how to play her rich parents like fiddles, she was a low-functioning sociopath woman with histrionic personality disorder and every retarded boomer's sympathy. She lied and got away with it, because the cops weren't interested in this case after she cartoonishly fucked up and started gloating about physically assaulting me without realizing it hurt her case. But even though I said to the managers of the youth club and the friends I knew there "If what she said about me was true I'd be in jail so you know she's lying" they couldn't believe me because they were dumb. There was one weird creepy fucker I used to talk to online because his "woe is me, asian school life is sooo hard" shit kind of reminded me of me at the time, but he got severe TDS and stopped being a person once he stopped viewing me as a person so I'm glad I didn't tell him anything sensitive or identifiable that could fuck me over later in life.
Anyway when I went to college, I was lied to and exploited by the staff until I dropped out. They even tricked me into taking a worthless course that turned out to be the dump where they dump the autistic kids and give them a useless fake newspaper to write. I wish I dropped out sooner, trying to live on barely fucking anything is hard enough when your mom took govt money meant for you, but it's harder when you're forced to spend most of your cash on train rides between your college and shitty home every two weeks and all your cunt government can offer is a discount pass. Now that I'm living alone, I've got a free bus pass I can barely use. Government priorities, am I right?

I am an autistic man, I'm 24 years old, I'll be 25 next year, and I've spent so much of my life as property of someone else that I find it hard to notice when I'm hungry or tired and remember that I should eat or sleep without someone or a phone alarm telling me to. I shower every night before bed but sometimes I miss meals, it's what helped me go from obese fatty to only-slightly-overweight. I don't think I know what it feels like to be loved by someone else. Learning makes me happy and I love documentaries but when I tried an online free learning site it reminded me of school and I couldn't do it. Sometimes I talk to people and act charming like those "Charisma on command" youtube vids told me so they'll like me, but I've never given anyone my full backstory before. The only woman in my life I ever kissed was that bitch who falsely accused me and got away with it. I want to say I have no interest in modern women but I still feel the urge to wank to them. But I don't wank any more because of nofap.
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I was feeling bad about how harshly I critiqued Chatoyance's work when I read it. It's why I felt the urge to praise the accidentally hilarious unintended attack on the Trekkietard's utopian ideal.
I don't feel bad about that any more.
And to be fair, The Conversion Bureau is a fundamentally absurd premise that misses everything valuable that can be learned from FIM and its characters in favor of a typical fantasy where the characters from your favourite product come to save you from earth or what you expect its future to be. Nothing would change about TCB if Pokemon or Digimon or the cast of Jump Force were the ones sent to Earth under these circumstances with a Pokemonification Field or Animeification Field spreading due to the will of Arceus, Godmon, or N. "Prometheus" Glover.
Ready Player One was a pile of shit.
Ready Player One claimed Pop Culture, mankind's new pool of cultural ideas is a worthy replacement for religion.
Have you never seen Godless whores write about Vaporeon, Gardevoir, Ankha, Kirk and Picard, Freddy Fazbear, Slenderman, fucking Youtubers, Vtubers, and more?
Spongebob quotes and Star Wars Prequel quotes are not a worthy replacement for Bible quotes.
But The Conversion Bureau misses all the good thing ponies can teach humanity and help humanity accomplish in favour of literally transforming humans into "inherently superior kinder softer" beings and then dumping in the middle of fucking nowhere so they can chew grass in refugee camps and get along now that humanity is a forgotten idea.
Despite all its pseudointellectual pseudorealism (fucking MUH MALTHUSIAN COLLAPSE, gotta breed less than we die and keep our population counts controllable by our unquestionable rulers for... some reason!) it's got nothing intellectual to do with the concepts of ponies. A liberal able to see why liberalism has failed deserves applause, but Chatty's response to seeing the shallow endgame of the stated end goals leftists lie about having is to decide humanity is too imperfect for liberalism and superior technology, a superior planet, the aid of magic and aliens and a literal goddess or godlike alien being, and a superior human race is necessary to make liberalism finally work for once.
This third rate fanfiction is no smarter than the Harry Potter fanfiction my dead little sister wrote when she was ALMOST TEN about Organization XIII from Kingdom Hearts showing up on her doorstep to whisk her away on a magic adventure in another world.
Except she had the good sense not to pretend this was some kind of hard sci-fi masterpiece.
Jesus, Chatoyance!
Jesus wasn't "Semitic", his murderers were.
The Judeans, killers of Christ, forced the Romans to kill him. And then to add insult to injury they stole Israel and the term Jew.
Is it normal to wish the world actually had an army of Christians out there determined to take over the world, or at least the whitest parts of it, and purge the worst forms of degeneracy from it?
Purging degeneracy is an inherently good thing, which is why the demons who seek to demonize it always depict purgers purging something other than degeneracy in their fantasy propaganda. They have to pretend we want to execute people over mattress tags and parking tickets, because they pardon black/muslim gang rapists (or give them slap-on-the-wrist sentences to get them back on the streets hurting whites as quickly as possible) and execute men for defending their daughters from black/muslim gang rapists.
It barely took a week of TV for someone I knew to go from "eat the rich, fuck the royalty" to "omg im so sad over the queen dying, she worked hard every day and she did more for this country than any of us". Now he's forgotten all about her because it hasnt been tv for a while. Reprogrammable robot. If he went a week without TV he would forget about Ukraine and Russia. Maybe it's the overstimulation of modern life, choice paralysis, and choice fatigue, and demoralization that gives people the memories of goldfish. Or maybe it's the demoralization and brainwashing schools that numb the mind with rote memorization of information useless to our career paths in life. Some people don't use any of the muscles in their body, not even their minds.

I got bored trying to make a good Fire Emblem and took a break to make a simpler one. I'll do my big ambitious game later in life when I am a better writer. For now, time for the more lighthearted adventure of horse girl vs the aliens.
Dumping this here so my wall of text doesn't scare away writing discussion.

What do you dislike most about Ben 10? Analyzing and critiquing stuff is fun, and this overhyped kid's cartoon jumped countless sharks in its lifespan. Someone here has to have something to say about that show.

Personally I think simply having greatness fall into your lap is a gay premise for any hero when compared to working hard to earn it. Even working hard to unlock your potential is better than just having the I Win button on a watch. Peter Parker's struggle to balance adult responsibilities and superhuman responsibilities is always interesting no matter how he is ripped off, but this show fumbles that by making the mundane human world an afterthought. Adult relationships? Your girlfriend discovers your secret identity and is fine with everything, even the lies and lack of trust, and Ben eventually breaks up with her in a fucking family guy cutaway gag flashback.

Also, the watch gets wanked harder than insert cock joke here. The ultimate weapon's greatest weakness will always be its wielder, but the show does nothing interesting with that. Ben goes from bratty kid to boring to unbearable. Once Ultimate Alien sanded off Ben's rough edges too early and made him a generic saintly good boy doing his best the writers had nowhere to take him but downhill. Better writers could have made his attempts to be good and elements of his old nature conflict naturally but hey. Or I could be charitable and blame executive meddling on everything wrong with the show ever.

The Omnitrix is too powerful, too supreme, too absolute. It can turn you into the genetically perfected (or Mega Evolved) fittest version of anything including a God, it can protect you by transforming you without your input, it prevents you from dying period because it can revive you (usually), I could go on but I'm trying not to get distracted by tangents and rants. Once you give your character immortality and godhood the story has nowhere to go unless you introduce more gods to fight but they went beyond that. After too many shark jumps no villains are allowed to present a credible threat to the heroes, not even one bad alternate Ben or bad versions of Ben's aliens or an army of bad alternate Bens or even a wannabe God. Whoever wears the watch is the universe's new double God, able to get put on trial by regular Gods in a joke episode and defeat the greatest gladiator of the omniscient ombipotent god race in trial by combat.

The show's wild tone shifts happen because their attempts to make this kid's show already full of dark moments and dark implications "darker and grittier and more mature" translated to wooden dialogue, backgrounds too dark to see, and scenes where characters stand around and talk, inferior transformation scenes, and fight scenes where characters stand around and use their powers on disposable waves of identical enemies, and a story arc where the guy who didnt want to kill an intergalactic tyrant is immediately ready to kill his friend for going mad. Once you give your protag godhood where can you take this show besides sillyland, realm of the stupid unfunny jokes?

Kevin was pure evil in the original series and it worked. The evil rival without any of the hero's good qualities is a classic trope overused for good reason. Vilgax was nothing but a physical threat and plots any villain could think up. Kevin could have grown into a bigger threat than Vilgax and he was already a more interesting character because of where he could go, what lines he could cross or choose not to cross. Then in Alien Force they decide to introduce a new character, the funniest guy in the entire franchise and easily its best character, but then they decide to name him Kevin and tie this completely different character to the baggage of the old for no discernible reason beyond confused fanservice and a misunderstanding of why anyone would like one of or both of these characters. Kevin doesn't go anywhere interesting with who he used to be, it's just swept under the rug with "Absorbing energy makes his kind crazy, it's why he doesn't do that any more except when he has to, and eventually he is gifted the ability to do that freely because power growth and new gifts equals character development right?". GwenxKevin was a good idea forced too fast, before anyone bought his rushed offscreen redemption they were already rushing this.
The writers just don't know where to go when it comes to villains. The show's structure makes one off villains work but Ben jumps too many sharks to make Dark Magical Girl, Doofenshmirtz, Hypno, The Last Bugbender, Knight Stormtroopers, and Circus Freaks a credible threat to the man who beat a godly race's mightiest warrior by being gifted total control over Godhood. They also fuck up the idea of an AU Bad Ben with Eon and the Omniverse meme Bens, but the biggest missed opportunity has to be Albedo. Ben turns into aliens, Albedo is one. The creator of the Omnitrix shares his species, and he can look like Ben at any time- then they fuck that up by making him a pallete swap dumber than the real Ben except when he isn't. Alright, fine, Scourge is a better evil Sonic than Evil Sonic after all, but then they make him a joke character. Even giving him a Prototype Super Ultimate Omnitrix that's FUCKING RED AND BLACK and mega digivolves his aliens by TORTURING THEM IN A SIMULATED WORST CASE SCENARIO EXTINCTION EVENT FOR A THOUSAND YEARS UNTIL THEY EVOLVE he's a loser and Ben swipes his super watch immediately after blowing up his super watch with a voice command because not even stealing Ben's watch can let you beat god-Ben, then Ben starts using his new better watch with no thought to the moral dilemma of simulating torture to make them improve even after an episode where they come to life and his fakeout sacrifice undoes the moral dilemma. What made his Omniverse watch better than the Ultimatrix again? I forget.

And the destiny shit... the whole point of a multiverse is that anything can happen without affecting the status quo. There can be What Ifs and do-overs and bad timelines without affecting the main plot. BenxJulie was boring but serviceable, BenxKai was a joke that barely got laughs once but kept being told. The son of Ben should be the last person ignorant enough about multiversal travel and time travel to think he has to force his parents together for him to exist.

Ben 10 had something special when it was about a small family's adventures as they travel across America and get into all sorts of interesting scenarios in a wacky world where everything interesting exists. Nothing was off the table. Aliens, robots, government conspiracies, magic, even Christmas Elves. It was just fun. No convoluted lore fuckups or later retcons to justify retcons to justify retcons. No pretending this silly fun b movie material is something to take ultra seriously with dull delivery and serious faces in the same few locations over and over and over again. The hero got the watch accidentally because it was meant for his grandfather who happened to be a retired alien fighter. No Doctor Who ripoffs calling this a preordained multiversal constant that caused itself to happen due to its own sheer incredible multiversal importance.
Man, it's going to feel so fucking weird in several decades when I use whatever open source torrent/tor based service replaced Youtube and archived the least awful shit from it for future generations. I'll enjoy a video, and see a youtuber beg for likes and subscribers and a grandson of mine might say "What's a subscriber?" because youtube will be dead and culture shifted hard away from social media because facebook boomers and tiktok kids were that cringe. A dead youtuber might beg for money on patreon, unaware that patreon is also dead. We might not even be using dollars any more in the future. Long dead vtubers might become overnight sensations with a cult following unsure what to do with the money they want to give to her. They might spend it on conventions about her or charity donations for stuff she seemed to care about. They might send money to charities that rescue her favourite animals or charities that try to cure whatever disease or societal problem killed her. Some Vtubers might sell their personas to the highest bidder or give them to their younger friends so the show can go on. AI will help megacorps larger than most countries churn out neverending streams of shit that feels algorithmically generated. And culturally, people will shift away from normieshit soulless enough to feel AI generated and towards weird shit only a live human could have dreamed of.
There is a Satan, made of every Jew. And everything good we do hurts Satan. Such a beautiful motivational thought. More people should see it that way. There is evil in this world, and it can be destroyed. What higher purpose can there be to life other than to do good? I understand what it feels like to live aimlessly and alone. I felt that for a long time. "When I'm with the one I love I feel whole" is such a cliche line. I feel whole all the time now, and I still love my girl.
>he was going to "face himself", except instead of joining the 40% of troons he'd fly away like le 51% face,
Jesse what the fuck am I saying

>face himself
Persona reference, in P3 they shoot themselves in the head and symbolically confront death to summon their Stands and fight the forces of death instead of sleepwalking to the end, and in P4 the theme is about facing yourself and your faults and reaching out to the truth and growing
>troon joke
Troons kill themselves
>le 51% face
Landorus the Ground and Flying type pokemon had a 51% pick rate at one point, likely a higher one now, because it is so absurdly OP even in a franchise with 900 monsters going on 1000ish people still pick from the same tiny pool of the best guys if they want to win.
Taught my girl how to play the latest version of my in-progress fighting game. All that accessibility was a good call. I don't care if people were stockholm syndromed into loving the worst fighting game inputs out there. This game will not have bullshit inputs. No pretzel motion. No jewagrams. No GG input. No 720 spins. No just frames or 1 frame links. No specials or supers hidden behind a fucking cheat code and "balanced by the complexity of their input". Rate all the fighting games out there by difficulty of execution and mine will slot neatly in the easier to average end without sacrificing the mindgames, asynchronous balance, and creativity that makes fighting games fun. A stepping stone between overly simple and normal, that's what I am aiming for. I am not making Divekick. Or that other game like divekick with the Dice Panda. I am making a fighting game and I will tell you its title just as soon as I think of another sex joke funnier than Pokemon CBT and Fire Emblem Full Frontal Assault.
Heard some weird news involving someone I have not thought of in a long time. Checked up on someone I knew who went full libtard back in 2016. We haven't spoken since. He's still libtarded. Still writing fanfics worse than the shit he wrote 20 years ago. Glanced at them to see if they still read like smug libtard forum posts. Yep. Still has that unmistakable unfunny writing style that screams "I use too much tvtropes". Guess some things never change. I'm glad I started writing when I was young, so I could get all the garbage shit every young author makes out of the way. After all, the master is a master because he has failed more times than the rookie has tried. And he is a master for other reasons like learning from the failure.
>This game will not have bullshit inputs. No pretzel motion. No jewagrams. No GG input. No 720 spins. No just frames or 1 frame links. No specials or supers hidden behind a fucking cheat code and "balanced by the complexity of their input". Rate all the fighting games out there by difficulty of execution and mine will slot neatly in the easier to average end without sacrificing the mindgames, asynchronous balance, and creativity that makes fighting games fun.
That actually sounds petty cool. I like that you're aren't afraid to move away from the mold.
Thank you! Smash Bros had the right idea when it decided to standardize and simplify inputs.
Quarter Circle Forwards Punch? No, it's the Side Special.
An attack button and a Special button.
Now every retard can do a fireball. The question "How do I fireball" has an easy answer.
And retards will still lose to smarter people who know WHEN to fireball and WHY to fireball.
Of course smash fucked up in other ways.
Mapping neutral attack, forwards tilt, up tilt, down tilt, smash attack, and dash attack to the same button is retarded.
Want to 6P? There is a chance you will get ftilt or dash attack or forward smash when you wanted one of the others.
Smash should really have a Light, Medium, and Heavy attack button like my game will.

Why have a Z grab button if shield plus A will grab? Some characters get Zair privilege and some just dont.
Why does shield plus B usually do nothing?
And of course there is other shit smash pros have talked about.
Like the retarded things about Ultimates controls.
And the fucking input lag.
Does that jump plus A equals "shorthop aerial" shortcut still nerf the aerial used? Whoever is responsible for that will probably get shat on by onis and kitsunes in asian hell.
Some smash movesets are just a collection of hitboxes... okay, most are. It is rare for a smash character to have a cohesively designed moveset that feels designed by people who werent just giving characters moves at random or, if you are lucky, trying to reference things from the game.

Wasting two buttons on shield and two buttons on jump is retarded. Imagine a world where there is a jump button and short hop button.
If you want to play melee at the highest level you need hardware or software modifications to get around how shit the gamecube controllers and games code are.
Fighting game players sometimes use arcade sticks due to familiarity and convenience.
But a Boxx user and notched gamecube snapback reduction custom gamecube controller guy has clear advantages over anyone with a vintage old gamecube controller. You know, the controller the developers had access to when designing the game for it.
Look at Rivals Of Aether. It fixes so many things wrong with Melee. It adds new interesting design space to the genre by making characters about stage control and ways to put your opponent in disadvantageous states. Clairen the simple swordie inspired by Marth gets a counter that negates stage control and projectiles to help her compete.
And it has fucking Workshop support because GOATals of CHADther respects the incredible creativity of its community. For every dogshit sprite swap with random moves there is a creative new fighter. Someone's fursona with awesome new gimmicks. Hell I'm working on a Rivals character too because I am a scatterbrained workaholic who recovers from being exhausted by work on one project by working on another.

Want to know what my control scheme is in Rivals?
Square to attack, triangle to smash, circle to special, X to jump. L1 to jump. R1 to parry and dodge. L2 to attack. R2 to special. Left stick to move. Dpad to taunt. Right stick to attack with smashes on the ground and aerials in the air. I use a cheap USB controller with no custom modifications.
This just would not be possible in smash bros without modifying the game or putting macros on my controller.
It's fast. Convenient. Ergonomic. Perfect for high APM action. Perfect for a character who can Fly Cancel like it's Marvel 3 on crack and steroids. My character.

The "damage makes characters react differently to taking damage" system makes combos a crapshoot. Some characters have a punish game that consists of hitting you once or maybe twice for a mistake, others can take entire stocks or even gain unfair advantages that make taking more stocks easier. I am convinced Mashpotato Samurai and those working for him dont playtest characters with competent players or high level uncapped-framerate CPU win loss data to simulate the results of thousands of matches. They dont ask "how does he look at the highest level of play? Is he fun to play as AND to fight?" before releasing him. They don't care if super meters that empty if unused after a while make characters like Little Mac make him unfun to fight and easy to camp out. They don't care if comeback mechanics carry retards to victory. They don't care that there are no "five gods" of Brawl or Smash 4 or 5 because the game isnt consistent and skill based enough to separate the strong from the weak. They don't care if pay to win characters like Steve and Kazuya and Sora and Pyssthra or Sephiroth or Smash 4 Bayonetta and Cloud have DLC privilege. If Brawl was released a few years later those fucking jews would have made people pay for Brawl Meta Knight. Platform Fighters are a good idea. Emphasizing movement is good. But Smash is so full of bad design decisions an indie game can outdo it in the character, gameplay, and visuals deparrment. Nintendo is a business and smash fans are masochistic abused spouses who will tolerate anything from papa nintendo as long as they get to play the latest goyslop party fighting game no matter how its game design intentionally makes it inferior to melee.
Project M was a well balanced game. I still have fun with the old version, the new version, versions with over 100 characters. Smash got its "no items fox only final destination" reputation from a cartoon made by an out of touch boomer who doesnt understand why removing RNG elements like luck makes for a fairer and more enjoyable competitive experience. Can you fucking imagine travelling from EU to USA to fight a dude who drove for 9 hours from east coast to west coast all for a prize pool that wont even begin to cover travel expenses or the price of the 3 hotdogs you eat at the venue only for the outcome of the match to be decided by a bobomb randomly spawning atop you killing you instantly?
Fuck I made my rivals character too strong. And nerfing him isn't as easy as toning down one obviously overpowered attribute like that shine laser move. Oh well.
Secretly I'm very insecure. I know I try to seem invincible but I'm a very insecure person. And I've been thinking about how many of that bad writer guy's mistakes I see reflected in my old writing.

Just tossing in shit that sounds cool and then thinking of excuses for it later. That's probably the biggest mistake in my old writing besides trying to write big ambitious ideas with none of the necessary experience.

The story of a bastard rediscovering his niceness with the aid of new friends, after grinding everything away in a cartoonishly awful city "perfecting himself" to reach the top, is definitely not helped by stupid indulgent scenes of wasteful excess and giant fights. If it's wrong for him to define himself by his successes and failures then I shouldn't make him successful at everything. Fucking hoverboard races were never truly important to his story. Hoverboards in general were never important to my story. But they would be if they represented his first good idea as an inventor and tinkerer who makes machines to compensate for his physical disability and the frail constitution he has from his terminal case of dying. He can't be the strongest and fastest and best, that's boring and he should win fights by being clever. If I'm to portray life at the top as miserable, it can't ever be fun. If I'm to portray fighting as a bad thing for him, he can't walk away from his unsafe thrill-seeking adrenaline junkie behaviour without scars or even any scratches. He shouldn't get to be a cunt to others and get away with it. People should find the faggoty "fancy" way he talks as obnoxious as I do now, or hate it even more, if he's supposed to be learning something from the Mane Six and the ponies of Ponyville, these ponies should think he has a lot to learn, and so should he. He can't be right about everything all the time. Backflipping all over the place as an invincible genius everybody immediately loves is cringe.

Sunrise Stardust can't be right about everything all the time. Therefore I should remove Starlight Glimmer from his story, because she serves no valuable purpose in his story. If she's "redeemed" anywhere I take this contradictory nothing-character is speculation about where writers might have taken her. Plus if she ever brings up communism Sunrise is going to argue with her and be right about absolutely everything which gets in the way of his story of growth. Although if I make Glimmer smarter she could make him consider new perspectives. But then she's not being the spaghetti tornado she sometimes is when the writers don't think it would get in the way of her always being the strongest and best in the room. I think she's a deeply flawed character because she wasn't designed to be redeemed, she was designed to be wrong and then change but then they fucked up writing her differently because they never figured out who she is without the rage and confusion and malice and schemes.

Zuko wasn't just a cunt who switched sides one day. Zuko was designed to elevate his show, to do something risky. It had never been done before, probably. When you first meet him and Iroh they quickly establish the old comedy routine we're used to in villain duos. That one with the scar is the skinny angry one, and that old man is the fat soft hungry probably-stupid one. Scratch and Grounder, basically. I know it's not the first cartoon to think of that old cliche but ATLA wisely uses this cliche, this trope, this archetype. They rely on this familiarity, the expectation of these characters, so they can intelligently subvert it. Turns out there's more to the angry fire guy with fire on his face and his silly old man who likes food and games and music and all sorts of other things the typical annoyed guy Zuko isn't supposed to like because comedy.

That part where Zuko and Iroh prove themselves to be more than Zhao by his standards and their own was genius. Very important for getting the audience to view firebending as something more than an evil thing faceless or ugly villains use. The fights in that show fucking meant something. They weren't just mindless shallow spectacles. Or excuses for the author to powerwank. There is just fighting, weapon use, martial arts, bending, and eventually energybending and the avatar state. No fucking uchiha bullshit. No hypno eyes, no gundams, no gundam turning into armour for the biggest strongest demon to wear as it spits nuclear laserblasts that destroy mountains, none of the retarded powercreep naruto resorted to. Chakra was too much of a blank slate with vague rules, it can do anything and what limits/lore established early on never end up grounding the fight with a sense of weight and believability.

There's this bit in One Piece Movie Z where Luffy and some old faggot PUNCH THE SHIT OUT OF EACH OTHER like angry people. And it felt cooler than all the giant magic super punches with fists bigger than boats because it was closer to something real. People don't remember Broly because "his power is maximum, omg I've become so much like Broly it's scary. All I do is scream and rage while getting buffer all the time". People remember Broly because his movie got right what DBZ usually gets wrong.

Some faggot shoots a big laserbeam twice his size and his enemy walks through it unscathed? Damn, feels like a weak laserbeam. Even if the laser also destroys a mountain behind him. Characters fight for a bit and we're told their strength threatens the fabric of spacetime but they look like normal fighters to us because the author lacks imagination and relies on nostalgia future generations just won't fucking have. Nobody will praise Toriyama decades from now unless they feel they have to. But when Broly punches people they stay punched. He leaves the heroes battered and exhausted and desperate. They aren't clutching their arms and commentating, they look fucked. Goku still wins but Broly left an impression. Not just on the environments he fucked up recklessly by fighting like a madman.
The Adjutant system in Fire Emblem 3 Houses was designed as an alternative to the horrendously broken Pair Up mechanic from previous games.
Because Pair Up robs units of their individual identities and voices, makes all the work that goes into drawing and voicing and modelling and texturing and animating them go to waste, and basically makes four strength four stam leather belts of the characters, it is retarded...
For a game about waifuing these visual novel characters.
Character appeal matters for that goal and pair up and adjutants reject this.
For a game about grinding and managing resources and fucking with numbers to optimize the strategy out of the strategy game portions, it's a good idea for a system.

FE3H is built around using your core set of characters and maybe some others recruited from other houses or the church you serve until you don't. Maps aren't balanced for armies of 30. It's why they restrict your deployment slots so harshly. They expect you to have 10 or so units, some more favoured than others, and grind the difficulty out of unbalanced difficulty modes that expect you to use DLC and amiibos and online features to get stronger.

The game needs something for your potential optional extra characters to do so it makes Adjutants. You pair them with a chosen main unit and they slightly help. Defence classes make for OP adjutants compared to healers and damage dealers.

This system needs a rework. You're basically making them a second Batallion slot minus the Gambits.

The game wants you to use a small elite team. Extra units can compete with your main set of characters for deployment slots or fill one of a few limited Stat Booster slots.

My Phalanxing Bonus system is a good alternative to the stat bonuses from pair ups. It makes positioning on the map more important. It might even be worth giving up spots you can use for attacking enemies just so your allies can boost the stats of your best attackers to make attacking safer and deadlier.

Adjutants in my game... perhaps they will exclusively give their phalanxing bonuses to the unit they are paired with? Perhaps I will rework the system so they will still seem to have a presence on the battlefield despite technically lacking it. Perhaps you could only adjutant two units of the same class, to give your 2/3/6 near identical cavaliers something to do besides compete for top spot and get replaced if they are no longer necessary? Your "cavalier squad" could become quite powerful when all the colour coded horsefags in the world join forces. Your adjutant unit could be displayed as one of the characters in their batallion if they have one. 3 Houses wasn't built for permadeath like other FE games were. Those games loved giving you redundant characters to potentialy replace those who fell in battle or fell off in usefulness due to bad RNG dependent stat gains. Either way they needed a replacement and the game was happy to provide it. Turning the adjutant system into a reward for keeping all units alive even the shit ones could further disincentivize playing through deaths but fuck it, Iron Man runs are fun. Also fuck it I'm giving my guys Chao.
90s sonic: Eggman built the Death Star and called it the Death Egg because of course he fucking did. Sonic must run through zones and eventually get to space to smash it up and send that Death Egg crashing down to earth. Knuckles mistakes it for a Dragon egg when talking to Eggman who tricks Knuckles into fighting Sonic for a bit and getting in his way with devious tricks and traps.

2000s sonic: Eggman read his grandfather Gerald's diary and got as far as "maria is the password for the Prison Island base where GUN has my super powerful-" before dropping everything and rushing in guns blazing. He rescued what turned out to be a Hedgehog who's 50 and rides motorcycles and shoots guns and says "damn" around children. Gerald's daughter Maria had space AIDS so he built a space colony to house the world's best and brightest and their families, so the scientists could research treatments for space AIDS, eventually making a deal with the most demonic satanic looking alien possible named Black Doom to get Black Arms DNA to use in the creation of Shadow The Hedgehog, ultimate life form, whose blood probably cures space AIDS. Before making Shadow, Gerald created the Biolizard. Both were inspired by old Angel Island murals where Super Sonic fights Perfect Chaos and the mech Eggman used in Sonic And Knuckles 3. There was also some bullshit with the Gizoids from a fighting game where Tails lives in a Pokemon Mystery Dungeon style house shaped like his own head? Were the Gizoids a product of Knuckles' people, who killed Chao trying to steal the power of the Master Emerald which pissed Chaos off, or the Nocturnus Clan who were retconned in later to be the "worse Echidnas" who were exiled into the Phantom Zone- I mean Shadow Realm- I mean Null Void- I mean Twilight Cage? Anyway Sonic is framed for the theft of a Chaos Emerald by the military and sent to Prison Island without trial by GUN, who's the UN but even more American and jewed because they killed absolutely everybody aboard the Space Colony ARK because they were afraid of Gerald, the Biolizard, and Shadow The Hedgehog. Shadow's pissed and wants revenge because GUN tampered with his memories and failed to accomplish anything with that because Gerald tampered with Shadow's memories to remove Shadow's memories of Maria's desire for him to protect the earth and its people, only leaving behind his rage at the humans for killing her. Rouge's presence in the story allows for a moment where Shadow saves her despite the mission but Knuckles doesn't really do anything in this story up until the end. Sonic and friends eventually go to space and defeat Eggman and Shadow, stopping the Space Colony Ark's Eclipse Cannon from firing on humanity. Whether Eggman's plan to destroy the entire planet was a bluff or not is never revealed. Whether Sonic was going to be visited by GUN in prison and offered the job to save the earth during this incident secretly or not is never revealed. And Gerald built the planetbusting laser into his space colony because he planned on betraying Black Doom, who wanted to return to earth in 50 years to devour humanity with the power of his Black Commet, which Gerald would shoot.

2010s sonic: Eggman drained Super Sonic and used his power to smash earth into pieces to unleash the dark half of Gaia but you fix it and basically show the spirit of the planet all the beauty on the earth worth fighting for. also Werewolf Sonic happened for a bit, they ripped off God Of War without playing it but these were good ideas.
Eggman makes a space amusement park powered by enslaved aliens. No story.
Generations had no story.
Lost World. No story. What the fuck was Lost World? If the Lost Hex was a hellish dimension it would suit the "baby's first demons" look of the Zeti's Deadly Six (are they the only Zeti? the only ones left? Why are they based on six of the seven sins? what happened to the missing one?) but nothing else fits this Mario 3D Land looking shitsthetic.
Forces was Generations 2 with less story. All the old baddies team up under Eggman and beat Sonic, who escapes jail with the aid of Customizable Avatar, they go back to earth and fix everything easily. Some villains aren't even fought ingame also Classic Sonic shows up because sega would only approve Mania if they forced it to advertise this atrocity. Somehow Eggman conquered the entire world with Sonic beaten, even though most sonic characters are as fast as him and usually stronger too just like Customizable Avatar and all of the infinite shit Eggman can produce turned out to be useless in the finale anyway. Eggman got infinite resources and an edgy illusions guy because someone at SEGA saw the Spider-Man movie/cartoon episode with Mysterio and said "ah, he uses virtual reality to create real things. I understand everything now." but didn't actually understand anything at all. Still nobody in japan can disagree with elderly japanese boomers if you want to keep working for them, so sega kept on... being sega. It will probably take even more generational turnover before the sonic franchise can get its shit together and make a good game.

And now, 2020 sonic:

BOTW reinvigorated the open-world ubisoft towers formula by revisiting Zelda 1 and making optional content truly optional. it made money so Sonic does what Nintendoes but worse. God I hope it isn't shit. And I hope it doesn't do anything I was planning on doing in the Sonic Adventure 3 plot I'm writing into my fighting game.
When I started wondering how to edit Lag Talagonis so instead of talking heads and text boxes you get the custom art and walls of text you'd see in visual novels like Tsukihime, and found myself more interested in the story and characters than the gameplay mechanics and map design, it started to dawn on me that this story of a wolf man and the horse girl he saved in a world ruled by Goblins would be better off as a book than a strategic role playing game.
You know what those jews at hollywood could have done to make new star wars good?
Cast the old fucks as the Star Wars characters we all know and love
Say they did decades of exciting adventures to later make tv shows or movies about
Luke met Ahsoka and they boned, old and prequel trilogy fans coom together in celebration
Give Luke and Ahsoka, Han and Leia many kids, the older kids matter to the plot and the younger kids are babies who play with star wars toys
This is a subtle advertisement for star wars toys. The heroes generations grew up on now have kids of their own, happy healthy families, and they raise their kids on star wars toys because if you've ever felt the urge to subconsciously or consciously emulate these characters now you want to buy these toys for you or your kids
Depict at least one museum where Old Luke and friends admire the museum exhibits including a screen showing CGI Luke and friends on epic adventures
This is a subtle advertisement for the upcoming Star Wars Clone Wars style tv show featuring Luke and Leia and Han and all the other Star Wars characters.
Old actors too old for most stunts? No problem! Just use CGI and voice actors or soundalikes, nobody will care that much about soy wars.
Star Wars could have been such a successful little mind worm convincing generations to keep consuming the brand. But no. Their woke indoctrination had to come first. Before the money. They didn't care how many new outfits they could make Luke wear even though each new outfit is a new Funko Pop. Just ask spiderman aka Iron Man Jr and that scene where he wore his suit inside out for the sake of a new Funko Pop. CGI Luke could have worn many new outfits. Sold many toys. Wielded a new lightsaber each episode with the excuse that he's testing new lightsaber models for a cute female yoda chick. The internet would have gone mad for that. Especially if she looked nothing like yoda. You know how the horny artists draw those little blue and purple elf midget bitches from League of Legends with their fat fuckin asses? Not my type (giantess mommy milf master race for life) but it's got its fans. Dress her like a fucking nerd with big glasses and a sweater and a pink lightsaber. The amount of coom flooding the streets and evaporating over time into our world's atmosphere would give a whole new meaning to the phrase 'cloud seeeing'. And every toy would be another piece of plastic for the disney corporation to sell to babies of any age. It's a good thing plastic doesn't release poisonous fumes when it melts or the world would probably be uninhabitable by now.
I'm certain that if love had a physical form, it would look like my girlfriend.
When you ask racists why the revolting niggers are having another chimp out
Sonic Frontiers is the best Sonic has been in decades and it's also a disappointing rushed shitshow full of jank physics and bad level design and fundamentally broken gameplay and fucking awful combat and bosses that WISH they had what MGR/Bayonetta had.

This franchise is personally disappointing to me. I used to have so much hope for the future of this character. Now... I feel it's stupid for me to feel personally invested in whether there are ever any good Sonic games again or not.

It's not Ian Flynn's fault, he did the best with the fucking retarded restrictions he was given.
And I can only assume this dumb shit is Sega's fault because I want to give people the benefit of the doubt and we all know how bad Sega is at everything. Balan Blunderworld sucked too, I blame the higher ups.
Sonic does everything while his friends stand around? Again? Better invent an excuse for that and make Sonic's goal saving them.
He did the best he could with that restriction.
But it shouldn't be a restriction forced onto him in the first place.
People resent "sonic's shitty friends" and want "muh solo sonica" because so few games get it right.
Look at Sonic GT and Utopia and even less good 3D games like Sonic World DX. 3D sonic can work without automation that fights for your controller like an impatient kid brother who sends you off a cliff. Sonic 3D has worked before. Multiple characters in a 3D Sonic game can work. People got sick of Sonic's friends because they hated being forced to play completely different inferior gameplay styles like treasure hunting and mech shooting to unlock optional Super Sonic or worse, more main story Sonic gameplay.
Nintendo hire this man is a meme.
People said Sega "hired this man" when we saw how bland and soulless and seemingly AI Generated Frontiers originally looked.
But last time Sega "hired this man" we got Sonic Mania.
That's the difference. Passion.
Nobody truly loves Mario like a Sonic fan loves Sonic. Even Sonic haters love Sonic.
And thanks to Mania, Sonic was cool again for a bit and so were his friends, because Sonic's friends were optional, not skippable or mandatory, optional.
People wished Amy was in it.
You could earn the Chaos Emeralds and Super Sonic without needing to redo old content as Knuckles or Gamma or Big The Cat.
Good gameplay made Ray fun and Mighty... inoffensive. He probably has his fans. I rate him bottom tier because all the other characters are better. But I don't hate him. Feels good to say.
I wish Vector was in Mania, air dashes are awesome and he's unusual for a Sonic character because instead of starting with Sonic as a base and then adding animal traits they designed an anthropomorphic amimal to suit the Sonic art style.

Sonic's games are so disappointing. I'm going to go replay my game to revitalize my passion for gaming. That always brightens my mood.
Smash bros is so "well designed and balanced" top tiers can carry players who dont even own their own copy of the game and the console to play it on for home practice.
Characters like Meta Knight, smash 4 Cloud and Bayo, Smash 5 Steve and Kazuya and Rob and Pyssra are so braindead easy it hurts.
There is a parallel universe where this game wasn't designed by elderly japanese boomers and/or committee and the smash franchise wanted to evolve instead ot stagnating and relying on cameos and nostalgia.
A universe where this game has enough high skill mechanics to allow for player expression, where tournaments can separate the best players from the worst through competition.
If you took a smash ultimate top tier and ported him directly into Rivals Of Aether he would be a broken top tier banned from most tournamente despite typically lacking any kind of intellectual big brain gameplan involving setplay, stage control, projectile manipulation, careful spacing, state manipulation, meter management, or status effects.
6261 6262 6263
I was thinking about Code Geass because it's a story about a rebellion and I'm writing one of those. But Code Geass did a lot wrong and I want to avoid making those mistakes in my work.

I don't know how much of it you're familiar with but basically Lelouch Vi Britannia is an exiled Britannian (british-controlled america, brits moved there when they lost britain to france, the EU are tards and Britannia has conquered over a third of the world) prince who faked his death and started pretending to be a "normal" teen genius named Lelouch Lamperouge at a boarding school for the rich in Japan, now renamed Area 11 because Britannia conquered Japan for the Sakuradite, a mineral that makes a lot of energy and is perfect for powering giant robots. Suzaku's a student there and a soldier for the Britannian army. Lelouch finds a can of gas that turns out to be full of ass, it contains the prisoner C2's who's an immortal hot babe with green hair and the power to give people Geass, a personality-based psychic superpower that manifests as an ironic wish fulfilled. Lelouch's dad hated lies and viewed strength as the only true and right thing that matters, so he gains the power to make strength irrelevant and force people to believe lies by fucking with their memories. Lelouch who loves freedom gets the power to mind-control people once per person, and he unites Japanese rebel groups under himself as the mysterious masked "Zero".

Suzaku serves the empire that's oppressing his people because he's a fucking moron.

That's it, that's what my post was building towards.

I'm sorry, I have to say it.

This might take a while.
6262 6263
There is no coherent ideological basis for this whiny hypocrite to act the way he does, nor does anyone ever call him out on it. He doesn't work as a good rival for the hero who challenges him physically, mentally, and morally, because Suzaku is bullshit. He's a super strong naive moron with plot armour and a superior super mech better than everyone else's. He doesn't work with an elite team and hold them back from committing atrocities by making himself their moral compass. He wasn't tempted by the devil's easy road to power and corrupted on his road to a better world, he just serves the current regime because he somehow got convinced it's better to loyally serve a regime exploiting and oppressing his own people despite his low chance of upward mobility (zero chance if not for Lelouch killing pretty much everyone in Suzaku's way) instead of openly rebelling against the regime.

I think the writing was harmed by Suzaku's hypocrisy. It's like he only believes it's wrong to break laws when he or the ruling powers aren't the ones breaking them. And he never fucks his evil allies over for acting immorally, because he doesn't take his own morality seriously enough despite being unbearably self-righteous about it when it comes to Lelouch. Suzaku would have died early on at the hands of the empire he serves at least twice over if not for Lelouch breaking laws and killing to save Suzaku, yet he stubbornly refused to join Lelouch.

There wasn't a coherent ideological difference between the heroes. It's not like when Light viewed himself as a condemned man who wrote more names in the Death Note than anyone else before expecting to be killed, only to end up not killed, deciding he's come too far to do anything besides keep going and keep doing what "only he" could do, meanwhile for L this is all just another case and Light is just another asshole and he'll break any and all laws to see Light arrested because "He's probably Kira, I just have to prove it for some reason even though laws don't apply to me". Okay, fine, Death Note wasn't smart either. But it tried harder with its rival than Code Geass did when it wrote Suzaku.

Suzaku just decided he wanted to serve an empire he had no good reason to serve. He talks like he's a naive idealist when he babbles about how "rebellion costs lives and breaking laws is wrong and bloodshed is bad" yet he serves the bloodiest empire on the planet and plans to become its top enforcer all so that one country, his one, can be freed on the condition that he keeps serving as "The Knight Of One" once every other numbered Knight is dead or out of his way. He never even considers how many innocent lives would be lost in his quest to take away the freedom of others to "earn" his freedom from those who took it away in the first place. He serves the evil empire as hard as he can, even though it tries to throw him under the bus and kill him early on and only Lelouch's intervention saves him, time and time again. Suzaku wants to be King Charles's top dog, The Knight Of One, so he can be rewarded with total control over Japan so he can free it. But he had no hope in hell of getting that job before Lelouch got involved and started killing his bosses with the kind of open rebellion that inspires others to join in and stand up and fight. Suzaku keeps talking like Lelouch betrayed him and their ideals, but none of it ever goes anywhere interesting. Suzaku doesn't feel real. He doesn't feel like a real person with a real ideology, or even a fictional one, with any kind of consistent logic. He feels like a hackneyed plot device that exists to contrive problems for Lelouch, just like so many other elements of this story.

Maybe if they introduced Euphemia's plan (making Area 11 a "Special Administrative Zone" where the colonized Britannians get most of their rights back- wait, no, her plan was to make ONE such zone in Area 11 and eventually make more, I'd change that to make her want all of Japan fully freed) earlier on... Or maybe if they made Suzaku and Euphemia part of a group of Britannians who wanted to install Euphemia as the new Empress with an internal coup, it could have given Suzaku a reason to think there's anything salvageable about the empire and any reason to fight for it. He could tell himself a coup isolated to killing the worst leaders and putting nicer people in charge of the world is better than open rebellion and all the dead soldiers it costs. The idea that any corrupt kingdom or aristocracy or empire would be fine as long as the "correct" person in charge is a common delusion, after all. I personally believe authority should come from the consent of the governed, not the threat of force. People should have the freedom to live their own lives as they see fit, rule themselves and choose who leads them. I know we're all supposed to say nazi stuff here like "I hate niggers!" but after a racist regime frees white people from jew+nigger+mudslime slavery I would love to see the regime transition into one that reduces taxes, ends the fed, and allows people to protect their freedoms while rejecting centralized power. People who disagree with me on what rights I should have as a moral free individual can either take it up with the business end of my 3D Printer or fuck right off and govern the dystopian nightmare of their dreams elsewhere as long as it's only governing consenting people who actually want to live that way. Whether the King is nice or evil doesn't change the fact that nobody should be forced into a life of eternal serfdom for any kingdom, or forced into an arranged marriage for any kingdom, or drafted and forced into wars for any kingdom, whether this kingdom is called an empire or union or something else entirely. The natural rights of people should be respected. What rights do people have if they don't have those rights? What good is a ruler if he won't protect and respect those rights, and allow his people to protect themselves?
Giving Suzaku an arc where he starts as the "Empire is fine as long as my girlfriend rules it" guy and grows into "Lelouch is right, he's not just blinded by vengeance, this empire really does need to be dismantled" would make him an interesting character. What is it with Japanese media and rejecting this basic story arc in favor of "oooo who's right and who's wrong? omg I'm 14 and this is DEEP! Chaos or Order? Rebellion or Regime? I have no strong feelings one way or the other but please buy merch where these characters are opposed!"?

Taking Suzaku from a naive idealist who rejects Lelouch to a smart idealist who understands the complicated reality of rebellion against overwhelming military force and the society that enables it would have been an interesting arc for Suzaku, and it would have made him a lot more believable.

The arc that I would want to see from him would be him coming to realize what really matters is the people, not the will of those in charge or the laws they write to benefit themselves or the systems they create to keep themselves in charge. A story about going from the type of guy who decries rebellion for its human cost to understanding the human cost of not rebelling against tyranny. When the only voice given is that of the monarchy, aristocracy, empire, or any other kind of inherently unjust nonconsensual heirarchy, people who want to be free have to free themselves. It would be a story about freeing the people so that they can speak for themselves. Sure, that might get in the way of all the contrived moments in Code Geass that exist for the spectacle of characters laughing like madmen and pulling deus ex machinas and diablous ex machinas out of theiir asses, but it would make the story smarter.

If it were me writing that story, I would make Euphemia a good person being manipulated and controlled by Britannians who present themselves as "the good ones" but seek to increase their own power over the empire and would naturally reject any attempt on Euphemia's part to reduce that power. The Britannians who helped her get on the throne would want to use her as a puppet for their own agenda, like how Long Feng and the Dai Li from Avatar used the Earth King. When Euphemia takes the throne and tries to do good, her advisors who hold the real power refuse to let her, and threaten to replace or kill her should she stray from their plans or tell Suzaku who holds the real power in this empire. If she were to become empress she would have to realize there is more to an organization than its head, realize that the system is inherently unjust and unfair, so she would become a force for positive change by growing up and putting away her childish notions of being the beloved nice good empress. And it would be during this process that Suzaku would start to realize that in order to be a force of good you cannot submit to the corrupt system, you must rebel against it. This would be a great story about how good people can be used by bad systems if they are misguided. And really, with Britannian culture so obsessed with dominance, right after a coup to kill their Emperor and install his puppet neice, how many Britannians would aid a second coup that seeks to abolish all checks and balances holding the monarchy back just so that the ruling monarch can end monarchy and the lineage of noble bloodlines, and free the Areas Britannia controls, depriving countless poliiticians and royal family members of their jobs and their power in the process while "Making the sacrifices of soldiers meaningless" as the politicians would put it when they try to weaponize the families left behind by soldiers they drafted and happily sacrificed in great numbers? Euphemia would have to grow up, and so would Suzaku.
I would have Suzaku start out as a reluctant partner in order to ensure the safety of Euphemia. He's her guard, not a Britannian dog who can be ordered about and told who to kill. And over time he could come to see the injustices present in the system and realize that the only way to free people from the oppression of a ruling class is to dissolve that class and bring down its systems, structures and organizations so that the people will be free to rule themselves. That it's okay and necessary to bring the walls of a corrupt structure down even if that structure brings riches and power to you personally. That a world free of those walls will be better than a world with the walls, even if you personally are powerful within those walls. He would hate the compromises the system forces himself and Euphemia to make, and eventually come to understand Lelouch was right. I think after Lelouch successfully kills King Charles Zi Britannia, when these two naive idealists Suzaku and Euphemia get a first-hand demonstration of the control that Britannia exert over them and see how their actions are not able to change the way the empire is run, even if she is the emperor, they would be able to see first-hand that Britannia is a society with a rigid structure that cannot be changed by a simple change in command, and that to truly change the empire they would have to remove the structure that creates it and replace it with something better, with something that prioritizes the freedom and agency of the individual rather than elite breeding and noble houses and conquest that makes your rulers richer and absolute slavish obedience to hierarchy.

I think a major turning point in their arc could be the realization that to change things you have to take action. Even if it means giving up blackmail power by airing all the Empire's dirty secrets and spreading the truth about their world. Even if it's action that you would be punished for if you got caught. That you can't hide behind the excuse that it's the wrong thing to do, that you have to be willing to make sacrifices and do the difficult thing to make a real change. And when this arc comes to an end they could make a conscious decision to rebel and take down the empire in spite of the risks it poses to themselves because they are willing to sacrifice everything in the pursuit of a better world. It might be a good time for Suzaku to confront his own hypocrisy. His own refusal to break the rules and to submit to his higher ups. It is only in confronting Suzaku's inner hypocrisy that he would realize that he has been fighting for a system that does not allow him to be free. He comes to see that his ideals for a better world cannot be realized by a system that demands conformity and obedience at all costs, and that a better world can only come from rebellion and destruction of the system of oppression that denies individuals the right to decide if they wish to submit themselves to a power structure or choose freedom.

Suzaku and Euphemia would realize that Britannia has fundamental flaws in its structure, and that their values and beliefs are incompatible with it. It would be a choice between choosing to bring the system down to build a better one (rebellion) or supporting the system for the perks it gives them as useful puppets/attack dogs respectively (royalty). It would be a great story about how good people can be misguided by systems. But also how good people can reject a system that is incompatible with their values and beliefs and choose a path of rebellion for the sake of love. And that would lead directly into Lelouch and Suzaku's arc, where Lelouch gets over his personal anger and all the flaws holding him back through great effort, and they realize that the true rebellion is a rebellion against power itself, a rebellion against systems and structures and traditions that define what people must be and what they are allowed to do based on their family or social class. That their society as it is is fundamentally designed to keep people in their place, and is resistant to change. To break these systems down and create something new from them is what true rebellion looks like. Evolving your Geass into a Code to give up the Corrupted Wish Superpower and gain immortality, it should represent mental evolution, spiritual growth, personal fulfillment, an awakening to the truth of the world and a vow to rebel the right way. Their story had so much potential, but it was squandered so Code Geass could do the most shocking and dramatic things the author could think of, not the smartest things I could think of with the benefit of hindsight.

And that's everything. What do you think?
Also I can't fucking believe the new Fire Emblem seems to be doing "Evil Marth with red hair".

My videos for my fangame Fire Emblem: Full Frontal Assault used Eirika and a red-haired evil Eirika because that was literally the easiest option for a villain you can talk to besides a default generic enemy without a unique portrait.

Forget calling it, I did it first. Evil Eirika, Anti-Eirika, Akirie, whatever I called her. Pallete swap.

I did this as a joke because it was easy and I wasn't taking the game's plot seriously at all as I'm saving all my effort for the deep rebellion story.
They could have made Civilization Beyond Earth better if instead of tying technologies to ideological affinity points, making every game linear and repetitive because of the technologies you are forced to research in specific orders, they added Affinity Choices to these technologies where you can decide how these technologies are applied by your people upon their discovery.
For example, develop a food growth lab. You can decide whether you want
>more food for everyone (Purity)
>superior high energy food for the elites at the cost of reducing food quality for everyone else (Supremacy)
>inferior food with reduced environmental harm (Harmony)

Rediscover nukes?
>nuclear power plants (purity)
>nuclear weapons (supremacy
>anti nuclear airborne bacteria canister launchers (harmony)

Discover brain-computer link technology?
>develop video games and online hubs for communication like what Earth used to have (Purity)
>forbid all VR media that does not advance this high tech cyborg state's goals (Supremacy)
>brainwash "deviants" into loving harmony through traumatic VR experiences with intense biases (harmony)
Still funny how it only took one Sonic game to go from "Movie Boost Aura is an optional cosmetic!" to "That's just how his boost looks now. No you can't turn it off. No I don't know what The Flash is."
Horoscope? More like whores cope. Lmao gottem.
Is it normal for people who were sexually abused as children to feel disgusted with themselves whenever they try to do anything sexual or get into anything sexual?
Asking because ny parents raped me as a child and I had more than a few horny gropey old hags for teachers over the years.
I suppose. Even adult victims can experience similar feelings.
I met someone who was also raped as a child by that someone's parents and we talked a lot. Turns out that whole "It's a coin flip whether I am feeling asexual or hypersexual or relatively normal today" thing is a common symptom of being molested as a kid. I thought it was just a personality trait I have, and I've hated myself for it for a long time. When I am feeling hypersexual my coping mechanism is to try and ignore it. Looking at beautiful but unsexy pictures, listening to music to try and make myself feel any other emotion, focusing on my work, anything else. Trying to distract myself. Before nofap my coping mechanism was cooming buckets over big titty anime bitches until my genitals are sore and those disgusting urges were washed away to be replaced with shame and disgust and I could function for the rest of the day or actually get some sleep at night. I had a vibrating sucking fleshlight and a horse vagina fleshlight that fits my size better but didn't vibrate or suck, and I bought those wearable cock things for men on impulse, one horse and one wolf with a fat knot, but I don't think I'll ever have the confidence to mention them to my girl and ask if she wants to see if they work. I don't want to be a coomer any more. I am trying to live a life without sin. No degeneracy allowed. But now that I know that trait was the result of trauma I should probably stop hating myself for it. At least now I feel better about those times I told my girl I was too tired for sex because I exercised too hard. I don't know if I can tell my girl I was raped as a kid. Women usually think less of men after they know they're vulnerable people sometimes. But my girl's smarter than that and kinder too. But I don't want to risk losing her. I wish I could convince her to do more with her big brain. She's easily the most intelligent person I've ever met. If I wasn't ashamed of myself for liking ponies and fantasy shit I'd ask her for help with writing ponies and fantasy shit and then I'd probably have some of the best writing on the planet. You should read what she writes, she uses all sorts of great words and she's created tons of tragic fucked up characters. She doesn't make me feel embarassed for liking this shit, by the way, because she doesn't know how deep I've gone into it. I feel embarassed for liking it because it's not as perfect as her. I want to present myself as a perfect person, but unlike my whore retard parents I don't lie about myself or deny my mistakes. I enjoy self-improvement. Making mistakes means finding new opportunities to grow and learn and improve. Time separates the master from the novice, and the fact that the master has failed more times than the novice has tried. But whenever my girl sees me playing Fire Emblem (I am playing the whole series out of order. I had higher hopes before this started. I'm glad I had FE Tactics on the GBA as a kid instead of this) I skip the dialogue and cutscenes so she doesn't see any of the hyper-tropey cliche dialogue and hornybait characters with bad dialogue. Jesus fucking christ the harder these characters fellate the blank slate protagonist the more I want to sink into my own shadow and cringe so hard I compress myself and all of reality into a multiverse obliterating singularity. Doki doki bitcherwhore club is less embarassing than this because at least that game called horny VN novels inherently fake and inspired their fanbase to write happy endings for girls designed to parody VN tropes, take cliches to their logical conclusion including the cliche of fucking with the fourth wall for fake depth, and never truly find happiness.
I can't say this in the writing thread but I think the real problem is that this project is fundamentally a bad idea. Like trying to write a Pokemon Mystery Dungeon fic about rape. When people play a fire emblem fangame they expect more fire emblem, not something different in tone and gameplay. Mature topics involving the real world are too complicated for kids aged 40 who say "oh my god Splatoon and Sonic Adventure 2 and Fire Emblem are the darkest things ever. Did you know Splatoon takes place in a post apocalyptic future after the fall of mankind, Shadow watched Maria die, and Hanneman's sister got fucking molested and forced to bear several children? People are, like, dead, and sometimes raped!" That target audience just isn't ready for a darker concept like "countless women and men and kids were raped across europe this week in the real world, most people will never know their names, and the perpetrators have the jewish system's power enabling them and protecting them, and Marth isn't real". They just aren't ready to hear that sentence.
You know what sucks about being raped as a child? A lot of things. I was raped as a child. And teen and preteen. But one thing that pisses me off is that whenever I feel like talking about it, I think... what if someone likes hearing me talk about it? What if I talk to another person who gets my guard down by saying all the right things and telling me what I never knew I wanted to hear only for him to start fucking with me? What if someone wants to hear more details about how my mom used to suck me off and jack me off until it started to hurt, sometimes in front of my dad, and how my parents made me dance naked for them, because they're perverts who enjoy reading about this sort of thing? What if I'm being manipulated again?
I love Devil May Cry and I love naming the hardest difficulty in my games "X must die".
Dagdar Must Die, Dorcas Must Die, Pikachu Must Perish, it's always hilarious.
But if I name a difficulty mode Critical Brain Trauma, that's CBT.
And that's fucking hilarious.
Lmao nice.
It's really deep how Kill La Kill set up Satsuki as the antagonist at first, before we met the reason why she was that way. She wants to dominate her school, make an army, separate people by class, get the best at the top and empowered over all others, war with other schools and conquer places ruled by other things like money aka comically worthless fiat currency(Takarada's fun bucks), sort people by their strength, perpetuate the dominance heirarchy, all so that she can defeat her mother.
Her mother embodies dominance and takes Satsuki's shit up to 11 to say "This is where this leads, and this is where the system takes the people it grooms". Her goal isn't just to take over some land or kill a few people. It's to take over the world, absorb it with her parasitic Life Fibers, rob everyone of their individuality. Her system is a system of soulless inhuman obedience and inhumans fanatically loyal to her. She's a fucking Jew pedophile, she rapes her own daughter and everything, discarding her other daughter for seemingly being useless to her parasitic cause, and she's got a genetically engineered test tube baby with mental problems.
Nudist Beach are cannon fodder for much of the story because they refuse to use the primary means to obtain power and further evolution in this world: Life Fibers. They're nudists, but when they want to be more of a threat they wear something like those DTRs.
Ryuko relies on her own strength at first, and her own dogged determination so mighty she won't think twice about sacrificing blood to get stronger or cutting her clothes to blind a foe, but the bonds she makes, the friends she makes, this unity, it's a force that can overcome anything, make allies out of old enemies once you understand them and their point of view. Even give you epic anime powerups and the strength necessary to face down the "absolute dominance" of the jew and intimidate it with a glare.
The author probably thought he was saying something deep about what jews say fascism is, fassho aka fashion is like fascism maaaaaaan, hurr durr dominance heirarchies are inherently unjust, let's get naked together because free love can beat the system, et cetera a la resetera.
It's a lovely thought, this idea that villains are just misunderstood people doing what they think is right and doing their best in their situation, but it would take deprogramming experts running camps to cure leftists of all the lies they've ever believed, and their vile reasons for choosing to believe obvious lies and work full-time for free to uphold them aren't something you can just magic away.
But it makes for a fun lighthearted story.
So, how much did you play honkai?
I've been slow at it as usual. But I gotta say, this is suprisingly good, probably the best thing chinks have put out. I know it eventually goes to shit tho. Unless it was in fact, retconned hard later on. But am not getting my hopes up.

The story is nevertheless pretty solid up to this point. Do recommend checking it out. Although with reasonable expectations.
>ID didn't changed this time
Good news, my wife grew her hair out for me and she let me braid her hair! I don't know the proper terms but I braided her hair down like she's got big floppy bunny ears over her regular ears. It's extremely cute.

Also lmao I got a gay message from a friend

>Your favourite vtuber claims to be a socially awkward girl who cant show her face but can finally show her true self now that she is anonymous, and after all that "Vtubing is empowering women and I want to be a hero to all the shy girls out there just like me" talk
>turns out before this she was a beautiful egirl who sold nudes and selfies without a hint of shame or shyness before she noticed being a mostly fully clothed anime oppai loli or oppai milf who talks about cock playing minecraft became more profitable
>every fucking time

I am glad I dont care about vtubers any more. Caring about all this celebrity shit seems exhausting. It's hard enough keeping track of all the family members and other people in the lives of all the people I like now. She hates when I mix up her family members or forget which one is which but in my defense she has a lot of them. I'm going to give her more some day. I think remembering things about those ones will be easier.
I haven't played Honkai Impact yet but I've been playing a lot of Rivals Of Aether while working on my newest ROA OC. Testing some weapon ideas out for my stylish fighting game idea.
Oh I see. Am talking more about the story than anything else btw.
>I am glad I dont care about vtubers any more.
Great. Caring about e-celebs or actual celebs in general is retarded. There are some fun highlights clips. But actually sitting through one of their streams is an utter waste of time.


You mean, fiancee?
>Triple Hitler dubs.
That's it. You must oblige now.
Yeah, her.
I'll look into that Honkai Impact story and tell you what I think about it. Might also play it if there is no excessive grind or gacha.
I started playing a Pokemon Ballslocke randomized nuzlocke but then I stopped because the game was slow shit and after spending so much time with Pokemon Pink going back to slow canon Pokemon is suffering even with the game at 400% speed or more and the fastest text speed hacked in. The added "1 faint is one death and one lost team slot" rule never matters if you just never die.

I'm making good progress on my sonic game and I designed a pretty cool opening segment for my next Pokemon game with a small local rental Pokemon tournament and just a little backstory before the villains show up and do evil deeds. The gamecube games certainly have their issues but if the grind was reduced Shadow Pokemon would be a great way to ensure certain powerful pokemon can be caught at a level relevant to the current challenges without needing to make wild areas full of countless pokemon per route. Though I'd probably recode it so the shadow Pokemon is given to you when you win and can't be caught in the middle of the fight. Or code battles so the winner gets to take one Pokemon from the loser. Battles like that in Pokemon Pink were fun as hell.

I wish there was an open source Pokemonlike engine. It could be made in Linux, then it could run on a ton of shit and if it could load content packs in a row like how Fallout NV loaded mods, making that dream Pokemon game with all regions would be as easy as assigning teams to recreate different regions and then loading each one into the same mod folder of your project. No need to deal with RPG Maker's size limits, inability to compile games over a certain size, other technical limitations, lag, and shit system where if you import maps into a new project every warp gets fucked up. Every staircase, every cave ladder, every door, every teleporter, they all send you to the wrong places because they're using numbers that were incremented by however many maps were already in your project file. All the best hack patches could be recreated in that engine as patches for this engine. And making new content would be faster and easier. No need for old dodgy sites with broken links to get incomplete sets of external hacking tools. Nobody would need to use fucking ruby. The Open Pokemon engine could come with its own tools for making the files it recognizes as pokemon, maps with NPCs, battles, and so on. People could pass around files and copypasted code for their rivals and NPCs, the engine could be programmed to understand Pokemon Showdown team builder code to save time, combining the fakemon from two separate projects into one game would be easy, it would be epic.

Hell, you could even use the engine for entirely different games. And if the engine has netplay, we have our Pokemon Showdown killer with more Other Metagames and custom banlists than PS and PSlikes ever would. And a Union Room inspired by Guilty Gear or Thems Fighting Herds lobbies plus lobbyless ranked and unranked matchmaking queues. I love when games let me talk to people in lobbies and rooms and run around challenging people or whatever while also waiting in a universal matchmaking queue.

Right now if you want to make pokemon game content your choices with essentials and romhacking have downsides a fully open source linux engine wouldn't. Romhacking is a bitch prone to corrupting and essentials has too many technical limitations and doesn't run on original hardware or anything like it. But the Steam Deck can run linux, other consoles can run Linux, most handheld fake GBAs or whatever can probably run linux. The RetroPi might even be able to run OpenPokemon. Or maybe it would need a ARM port first.
In an early version of Pokemon Pink there was going to be a letter to my dead little sister but I deleted it because the internet probably wouldn't appreciate it.

Mega Man Rock N Roll ended with this letter to the creator's dead dad and it made me want to cry.

I remember spending time with my dead little sister before she died. I don't have any good memories of my pervert parents or the shit places they forced me into. But I remember liking my sister on the days when she decided to be my sister first and my parents daughter second, having a good time with me instead of reporting everything to her parents hoping for a reward. I remember times when I'd swipe food from the kitchen downstairs and eat it with my sister in her room. Or my room. Times when she'd cry on my shoulder and times when I'd cry on hers. Biting into a block of cheese like it was an apple. Eating biscuits. We'd talk about all the places we would visit together some day and all the things we would do when we were old enough to run away together and get real jobs and live somewhere better. I remember these books about faraway places, sometimes fake ones. Pictures, text, descriptions of food... whether it made a real country or some made up place full of fairies and elves sound amazing didnt matter. It wasn't where we lived, a hellish pit of shit surrounded by pointlessly cruel assholes. We'd read the books together. We'd read other books together. She'd make all these lists of places we could go and trace maps onto her notebook and draw lines everywhere for our travel route and forget which direction went what way sometimes. We'd play video games and she'd ask me to take over during the harder parts. She had nightmares about Orxon in Ratchet and Clank and the Elephant's Graveyard in Kingdom Hearts and that fat sack of bugs from Nightmare Before Christmas who sounded like a nigger. She mained Zelda in smash bros melee. In smash I mained Samus, and I'd throw matches sometimes if I felt she was improving and deserved this win. She got scared of Slenderman so I put together a shit game where you can shoot him and oogie boogie and playing it made her feel better.

I remember making this shit Super Mario World knockoff featuring her and I as playable characters, she wanted her character to have infinite double jumps so the game would be a cakewalk if you played as her. We hadnt played a single kirby game at that point so we didnt know a game had already beaten us to that punch. I gave my character a sword and Spindash because Sonic and Mega Man are cool. I remember Sonic Adventure 2 and Sonic Heroes races with my sister. I remember taking turns playing a Sonic Heroes level and seeing who can beat it faster, she'd pick Team Rose and I'd pick team sonic or team dark as a handicap. She loved the bobsled races in Heroes. And Sonic Riders, too. And Spyro, especially the speedways. She was autistic but my parents didnt want her diagnosed like I was. We came up with a symbol language for our notes in case anyone broke into our house and stole our notebooks and ripped us off. Don't look at me like that, we were kids.

I wish I had racing games she could play but I didnt have a lot of games or a wide selection of them. It depended on whatever we found in the second hand store or preowned bargain bin. Hard to believe we seriously found Melee and SA2 and a cheap gamecube in the bargain bin but back then dipshits chose second hand stores over online auctions. If mom ever caught us eating I said my sister didnt eat anything and I was eating everything and trying to tempt her into misbehaving, that way my parents only attacked me instead of her. I remember my sister going from having a crush on Tails The Fox and Aang to having a crush on Shadow The Hedgehog and Zuko. She had this notebook she took from school and hid under her bed and filled with doodles. Kingdom Hearts OCs, Naruto OCs, Fakemon, all sorts of stuff. Even fanfiction she didnt want to put online for fear of getting hate mail. Sometimes she'd throw these paper plates around her room with Axel's chakram designs drawn on them. She was a kid. She was my kid sister. I miss her.

But my parents got to her, broke her down, gaslit her while I wasn't there. Made her feel guilty about being a jobless child in education just because my parents were wasteful wiggers who cant handle money responsibly. Blamed me for how they had to move once they couldnt steal my benefit money any more, even though they sabotaged my life by forcing me to spend extra years in a useless daycare school for retards full of abusers who hated me for not being retarded just so my parents could get extra money from the govt meant for me. My parents made her give up on all her hopes and dreams and get a job sweeping the hair off some muslim barber's floor. My parents made her resent who she used to be and embrace being theirs. Now she tells herself it's childish to dream and I'm "just a dumb disabled lying kid who never grew up" for teaching himself everything, escaping his abusers, creating video games and animations, having a career with the possibility of upwards mobility, and succeeding despite the best efforts of everyone in my IRL life I've ever met. She could have left too. Nobody ever threatened her life and forced her to say "My dumb disabled oversensitive brother is lying and my parents are good people" every time someone asked me about my bruises. My parents didnt have blackmail material on her. It was just easier for her to be theirs than it was for her to be her own person. And no matter how hard I try to move on, I still miss her.

I still miss those good moments when she wasn't helping my parents abuse me and reporting everything I did to them hoping they'd reward her for saying something after they hurt me. My sister chose to be an awful person to me. And she chose to give up on her potential. But I miss her. I can't make myself hate her even though that would make everything feel simpler. I still miss her.
>Might also play it if there is no excessive grind or gacha.
Don't have to worry about that. Each mission has predefined characters, half the time you get a bunch to choose from.
Your actual Valkyries which you upgrade and shit, are not really allowed in the main story.
They are in the first chapters, but it's pretty much irrelevant given the weaker enemies early on.
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That is a very upsetting story and I'm sorry that happened to you and your sister. Being able to mourn for her is important, so if you word the letter sufficiently vaguely I think you should include it. Don't care about what others think about you, care about what's truly important to you.

Also, the thread has moved past bump limit so you might want to consider a continuation thread.
I've read all of your posts on the matter. Sorry for not commenting on what happened. I just feel like I don't have anything of value to add.
But I should've said something at least.
Am sorry for what happened fren. Despite your flaws, you are a good goy Anon. You guys deserved better.
>Also, the thread has moved past bump limit so you might want to consider a continuation thread.
There's nothing wrong with that idea. But I think he continued past bump limit this long thanks to the claims of Narcissism.
>ID finally changes
Why live?
I don't want my thread to pop up on the front page whenever I post in it. It should only be viewed by people who want to come here.
Also I recently had a taxi driver from Poland who was still learning english. While waiting for the taxi some guy in a town hall invited me into the warmth and I helped them set up TVs and game consoles for a youth club, they had a PS2 and I told them about Free MC Boot and a list of multiplayer games the kids might like. Guilty Gear was on the list. Their collection of ps2 games wasnt great, but it will become infinite as soon as they download and install it. The old man works full time then comes home for barely half an hour before going out for charity stuff.
I love helping out charity stuff like this. Did I ever tell you about that time I baked a meat pie for a church near here that was feeding the homeless? In the moment when baking that pie I felt "This isn't enough. What am I thinking? I'm pissing in the rain here and pretending I'm part of the storm. This isnt enough. Nobody will care. I'm not helping enough". But I brought that nice hot pie to the church and seeing these people, knowing I helped them, it felt right. I think I'll make this a regular thing. There were so many homeless people. And old people who didnt look homeless, talking to each other or a family member or two. They were here because this is warm and their homes are not.
Those fucking Jews... I will never forgive them. Even if they turned everything around and decided to be a force for good in the world, we will know they only did it out of fear of the white man awakening, and when they think the white man is asleep they are happy to rape his wife and rape his daughter and cut his sons cock off and freeze his granny and poison everyone until they pull the pfizer pirrouette like they're searching for God in their final moments.
Anyway the taxi shows up and phones me and I got into the taxi. He doesn't speak english very well. And there's no shame in that because he's white. He's clearly trying.
"Its okay. English is a hard language. I tried learning Japanese. It was too hard for me."
"Yeah. I liked anime when I was younger. Japanese cartoons like Naruto."
"Never heard of it."
"One Piece, Code Geass, Death Note, Pokemon..."
"No. No pokemon. I dont play games. No more, its stupid. I play game... jump game, old game. Long ago. No more."
"Was it Donkey Kong?"
"No, its go right game. Go right three days, not done. I tell my kids, no game. Watch tv. Polish comedian. Football. Factory. Youtube. Science blow shit up show. Car show, top gear. Watch anything else."
"Was the game Sonic? Mario?"
"Mario! Mahrio? Marryo? Him. I play... three days. Three days and not done. Videogames are stupid. I'm 58! I had boat! I fish boat! I have kids! Waste of time."
"Yeah. I watch this youtuber who plays online games designed to steal real money from players."
"Yeah." I said a line about MMORPGs he didnt get, then I realized my mistake so I talked simpler. "Imagine a car racing game. The racers get points they can spend on buying new cars. The winner gets more points. You dont get paid real money for racing. But you have to pay real money to get the best cars. Otherwise you cant win. Its not even close. Like a ferrari or formula one racecar racing a bike."
He laughs. "A bike!"
"Yeah. Everyone else buys the best cars to win. They cheat like that. And if you dont cheat like them, you lose."
"Do they get money back?"
"Thats shit. Thats stealing. Shit game. Poker but you always lose."
Poker but you always lose. What a great way to view these games!
"Yeah, exactly. You pay to get in the casino, you pay to win, but whether you win or lose you cant make any real money back. The online games are like that but you are knights with swords who fight dragons. And to get the best swords, you need to spend money or play for 100 hours."
"100 hours! 100 hours... its too much."
"Yeah. You play for 100 hours to become a stronger knight. Then you fight the same dragons over and over. Five men, or ten men, or fourty men, all working together to kill one dragon twice a night, every night. Takes two hours every time. All for the small chance that you might find a better sword this time, and maybe get to keep it."
"Hundred hours..." he repeated, thinking to himself. "Fuck."

I agree. We also talked about how the tv license is a scam.
At first trying to talk simply felt awkward. I sounded like a guy trying hard not to swear. But felt natural over time. Car arrives home, I pay, I get out. I come home and say hi to someone, still speaking simply, I ask how her day was, she assumes the worst and hugs me because why else would I be talking so unusually? God she really cares about me a lot. I try not to cry in her arms. Even after all this time, affection is something new and beautiful. She laughed when I told her I was just still stuck in simple speak mode because I was talking to a guy still learning english.
I know a guy who said learning Toki Pona helped him think clearer. When he feels stressed, he switches his brain and thinks in that simple language where there is no rarity scale.
That language is too simple. It feels incomplete.
You don't hear "Gargantuan tree" in that language and think "Did he just say gargantuan? Nobody says gargantuan. Rare word. Four fucking syllables of effort there. Must be bigger than a big one, to justify the use of that word". Not in that language.
If it's good for him, good for him. But Toki Pona seems retarded to me. If you're making a conlang it should be a better form of english for faster communication and densely packing more info into books while minimizing opportunities for miscommunication. Not just making up random rules for no reason to make your fictional world feel more like Tolkien's or trying to create a language so simple even niggers can speak most of it. Translate an english novel into TP and important shit is lost in translation.
Not just a regional dialect cultural thing that can be localized like how Japanese media with "Idiots from Osaka" are given redneck or brooklyn accents in the english dub, or Phoenix Wright was moved to America from Japan and Nine Tales Vale, Los Angeles is said to be full of Japanese immigrants.
Some other old guy talked to me today while waiting for his wife to buy him a panini. Coronation chicken with cheese and pickles. He hates the BBC license fee and refuses to pay it. He likes Lord of the rings and hates the new show. You love to see it, folks. But when he said his wife carries the money in case of muggers, that was cringe. Should carry something the cops dont want you to have, conceal it well, and act natural so you never get searched. That's how you keep your wife safe.