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File: 1518158519893.png (266.48 KB, 500x500, mlpolbor.png)

5a44c No.115843[Reply]

I am the owner of mlpol.net, the site not the community. I have said this several times in the past so that all of you know how I feel. You are welcome here, you are a community, I love you guys and I never want to abandon you. I am in a position of power over this community, that doesn't mean I can do whatever I want, it means I have a responsibility to make sure that you are safe, comfy and feel safe and most of all trust the mod team to keep your best interests at heart. Without too many details I need to make a few things clear:

1. Any group that wishes to call mlpol.net home without the express purpose of destroying or fundamentally changing mlpol.net’s foundation for the worse are welcome here. We love our users and we love new users, we always keep our door open to new Anons with new ideas to help make this place the best it can be! Mistakes might be made but know that at the end of the day you can contact me directly and I will ensure the survival of us and our people.

2. Staff is to use their powers only to keep the board safe. Sometimes this means banning people who haven't broken a rule because they have made clear that they are the harbingers of doom, sometimes it means accepting that not every user will like you. To be clear when I fake ban someone I edit the post directly, I don't issue even a one minute ban. The idea that someone would ban you because you don't like them, even temporarily is the very foundation of corruption, and I will not have it!
3. I have been less present of late because I have a new job and am starting a business, this is very taxing and has led to the staff taking on a lot more responsibility than they signed up for, nevertheless they have risen to the occasion beautifully. This sometimes however means wires get crossed and people will make mistakes in order to save face. Please forgive us when this happens, we are trying our best.
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6286e No.118477

Atlas' business is separate from this site however, so the concern is about appearance for marketing. You don't want to scare any customers, unless Atlas is using this site in his portfolio I guess.

79391 No.118478

Fair enough point.

bd207 No.118573

Yeah same as what second anon said, I don't want Atlas to be losing buisness because the third link on a Google search of his site includes /mlpol/ and these tags and it makes it look like his business site is associated with those tags.

Meanwhile I am find associating myself with the site and these tags, although I only refer to the site as "Horse politics"

f2dd7 No.118580

I've reached the point where I don't give a shit, I am who I am.
Takes an act of God to get me fired where I work, so fuck it.

37994 No.119091

File: 1518822255929.png (227.13 KB, 770x1037, rarity_valentine_by_tsand1….png)

/mlpol/ truly is a gem…
Love ya Atlas! Good luck on your new job.

File: 1517983617971-0.png (541.18 KB, 1226x1540, Screen_Shot_2018-02-06_at_….png)

File: 1517983617971-1.png (515.1 KB, 1224x1530, Screen_Shot_2018-02-06_at_….png)

File: 1517983617971-2.png (495.15 KB, 1226x1530, Screen_Shot_2018-02-06_at_….png)

File: 1517983617971-3.png (484.73 KB, 1224x1536, Screen_Shot_2018-02-06_at_….png)

File: 1517983617971-4.png (635.87 KB, 1224x1534, Screen_Shot_2018-02-06_at_….png)

2d355 No.115119[Reply]

four days ago the Chuck Grassley memo was released after the Nunes memo. However, the original version was a heavily redacted document. Tonight the much less redacted memo was released that reveals a ton of information including that Christopher Steele is recommended for charges.

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37cbc No.116954

Are you THAT >>116879 CIAnon?

d90d8 No.116955

d90d8 No.117395

dig you fags

7f7c8 No.117436

One thing I found a bit "strange" comparing the new less redacted version, in OP, is that "TOP SECRET/NOFORN" is censured but in the earlier heavily redacted version it is only strike through. Probably means nothing, but I find it a bit strange.


Too tired to do real digging now, but will do more later. Not sure how much more is to be found that prosecutors or oposition (

37cbc No.117580

>“Recent NBC reporting has misrepresented facts and confused the public with regard to Department of Homeland Security and state and local government efforts to combat election hacking. First off, let me be clear: we have no evidence – old or new - that any votes in the 2016 elections were manipulated by Russian hackers. NBC News continues to falsely report my recent comments on attempted election hacking – which clearly mirror my testimony before the Senate Intelligence Committee last summer – as some kind of “breaking news,” incorrectly claiming a shift in the administration’s position on cyber threats. As I said eight months ago, a number of states were the target of Russian government cyber actors seeking vulnerabilities and access to U.S. election infrastructure. In the majority of cases, only preparatory activity like scanning was observed, while in a small number of cases, actors were able to access the system but we have no evidence votes were changed or otherwise impacted.

>"NBC’s irresponsible reporting, which is being roundly criticized elsewhere in the media and by security experts alike, undermines the ability of the Department of Homeland Security, our partners at the Election Assistance Commission, and state and local officials across the nation to do our incredibly important jobs. While we’ll continue our part to educate NBC and others on the threat, more importantly, the Department of Homeland Security and our state and local partners will continue our mission to secure the nation’s election systems.

File: 1511630500688.jpg (732.96 KB, 1600x1131, the law of the land.jpg)

a6b14 No.90540[Reply]

Please read the rules before posting
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2504e No.112314

>Meme caps
You rang?

18eb1 No.112324

Yes, you living meme.

2504e No.112502

>I'm a living meme
My life is fucking complete

4904e No.112507

You have ascended to a higher state of being.

f80fe No.112905

If your meme dies you die in real life. Be sure to keep your antics up.

File: 1519071374473.jpg (57.99 KB, 500x1360, remember me.jpg)

151b9 No.119895[Reply]

Remember me?

51d67 No.119900

Not particularly, no. Can you remind me?

25983 No.119906

File: 1519074721733.gif (13.21 MB, 960x530, aplesmsh.gif)

I have an idea.

dacdc No.119907

File: 1519074944326.gif (286.75 KB, 400x224, smashing.gif)

2af89 No.119908

File: 1519075196582.gif (327.69 KB, 237x198, 67687697897.gif)

Well now….

719ce No.119909

>My Little Brony
I haven't seen that name in years. Not since Memebase was basically just another RP site.

File: 1517311454962.png (107.23 KB, 500x500, 1512870482891.png)

49aee No.112233[Reply][Last 50 Posts]



>Latest interviews with Assad

>Live MAPS


>Fan maps

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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25b33 No.119744

What does it mean to "enter" Afrin though?

8c6ed No.119745

Don't know really. My guess is it could escalate the war if Turkey attacks them though. If they do enter Afrin, they will likely become meat shields.

49aee No.119903

File: 1519073310351.jpg (348.46 KB, 1206x726, 867978978.jpg)

>Chinese New Year in Eastern Ghouta

c3113 No.119904

File: 1519073553347.png (279.91 KB, 418x455, d08.png)

49aee No.119905

File: 1519073645517.jpg (18.2 KB, 552x368, 5465465474.jpg)


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File: 1517963298647-0.jpg (111.06 KB, 800x400, Mixing-Different-Cannabis-….jpg)

5cf44 No.114985[Reply]


weed is degenerate but data from Colorado, legalization reversed a 14-year trend of rising opioid deaths
so this would solve the opioid crisis saving white lives and also putting a feather in the trump administrations cap as they already declared that to be an important issue

it'd also take the weed card out of the political deck and you won't have to argue with some lolberg about why they shouldn't vote for Cory Booker or some shit in 2020 just because he's pro-weed.

Also without the drug war sessions might actually get around to doing his fucking job
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4684c No.119602

File: 1518972853325-0.jpg (3.21 MB, 4500x2884, 1511331663679.jpg)

File: 1518972853325-1.jpg (540.1 KB, 1008x1580, 1494195587848.jpg)

File: 1518972853325-2.png (484.14 KB, 500x1200, 1494198283877.png)

First, you fail to realize that your religion and those like it were created to be infiltrated from the top down. You present a push for further criminalization of an emotionally charged overblown subject matter, one that will aid in blunting the pharmaceutical industry pushes for further opiod abuse as well as the countless toxic pharmaceuticals in use, likewise it will ease the suffering of fellow humans. Second, at the same time you are decrying jewish authority, that is, controlled opposition, which rules over both sides of the argument. You are emotionally invested in this argument, making your view on this hypocritical to the extreme.

Third, point out the exact statement in which anarchy was advocated.

Whom owns the top 30 pharmaceutical corporations? Whom likewise owns the entire banking industry? Whom has the ability to buy, sell, and trade politicians at will? The "conspiracy" you are attempting to deny into being a hypothesis has been public fact. In 1913, Andrew Melon aided in the creation of the interconnected chemical-textile-pharmaceutical industry by first pushing for the illegalization of marijuana. By 1921, the now-medical cartel pushed for criminalization of medical treatments that could not meet (((their))) standards. In ethical terms, this is called an industrial monopoly, one which is used for political profiteering on the suffering of human beings. Once the stranglehold of criminalization is broken it will cause a domino effect, greatly reducing the net effect of political and social manipulation by jewISH parasites and their allies.

00ac5 No.119648

Why does everyone assume that an authoritarian, nationalist government WOULDN'T regulate against opiates used in pharmaceuticals? Your entire argument rests on the idea that such a government wouldn't, when it would be in the best interests of such a government to regulate against both marijuana, AND opiates.

As I am calling for the regulation of both, I am on a position that no Jew would advocate for. The world isn't entirely made of yes-or-no questions. Multiple solutions are available on most issues. There is a reason National Socialism and Fascism is known as "The Third Way".

And we're on one of the most radical right-wing sites on the Internet. The more moderate Paleo-Conservatism and Minarchism have seemingly disappeared from dialogue. If you aren't in the nationalist camp, you're likely in the anarchist camp.

a0139 No.119675

File: 1518989698866.png (77.65 KB, 1302x1296, 4CAE626D-9924-4664-B94F-1F….png)

79343 No.119690

This doesn't convince me of anything. I already support marijuana legalisation overall, however I'm willing to compromise a regulation of THC. Which frankly wouldn't strip anyone of their basic rights, and suggesting otherwise is obfuscating definitions. I condemned your behaviour earlier, because dialogue had broken down. I'm aware of the stakes and corporate interests, but when considering what hurts the latter, there's room for more than opposition if the issue is already addressed.

14d9d No.119902

>I condemned your behaviour earlier, because dialogue had broken down.

Nigga, this is the FIRST reply I've given to you on this thread. What are you talking about?

Also, condemning people? Get off your high pony.

>I'm willing to compromise a regulation of THC

Why compromise on what's already our human right? Why are you supporting a right getting back into the hands of the governing body and then dumping people into gridlock for another two decades?

These are obviously rhetorical questions.

File: 1518550152485.png (382.59 KB, 1500x1759, 1517802915269.png)

 No.117739[Reply][Last 50 Posts]

>Spoonfeed me. What's this thread about?
This thread typically consists of Anon gone filly, as he's thrust into a new life as a cute little pony.

>What's to be expected?

Fillies, cuteness, Anon-tier shenanigans, bitchy Twilight, desires to be the little filly, etc..

>Any archive of photos or stories?

Dropbox (Photos):

>I'm a contributor.

Great! For writers, just write, because the guys handling the doc are ded. For artist, animators, and any other, store them in the Dropbox for future viewing pleasure.

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Pastebin only allows 500K? Well I'm at 193K thus far. May need to create a multipart thing if I get too big…


Huh. I'll try to fuck around with it, see if I can figure out the inefficiency.


Obviously invite Cheerilee and Rarity to play hoofball with you. You don't want to be rude to your new friends.
1d100[ 1d100 = 41 ]


File: 1519072639950.png (101.59 KB, 800x645, young_sombra.png)

>Be Starswirl. You were woken up by the sun's beams when they were many enough to pass through your eyelids. You lied wrapped in a blanket in a minor clearing in the everfree forest. You began to stretch out your limbs when you bumped into a small, furry lump that was huddled up next to you. You looked down at the lump and saw that it was your apprentice, the colt prince Sombra of the Crystal Empire. He was sleeping peacefully in your embrace.

>He had light grey, a zink-grey color for his fur and a pitch black mane and tail. His mane was thick quite long. You had to remind yourself to get him a haircut. Even though his mane was long, his face was still very visible since this mane was combed backward. It was a bit billowy.

>You softly shook him out of his slumber. He blinked and yawned. He looked up at you with tired eyes. Then when it looked like he was about to go back to sleep, he shook awake and pushed himself away from you with his hooves. He had a large blush on his face. He clenched his teeth together and glare in the general direction. He was about to stand up and when you put a hoof on his shoulder.

"Don't you fret it. It is nothing to be embarrassed by. I don't mind you sleeping next to me. This is a dangerous forest after all," you said.

"I am not scared," he said, instantly and a bit louder than necessary.

>You were about to ask him why then he didn't sleep on the spot he had fallen asleep in the night before and why his blanket was still there. However, you didn't want to push it. You were pretty sure he knew that you knew that he was not being honest.

>You weren't sure about how you were going to go about teaching him. You had taught in magic before but that was mostly for young stallions and for a few young mares, who were an exception due to their often peculiar cutie marks. You had not taught a foal before neither had you been private teaching nor had you any experience in teaching in such an intimated relationship. You had been given the job by the King of the crystal empire and because of that, you couldn't decline. You had voiced your objection though, that if you were teaching a foal, you wouldn't have time for your research and you were one of his top mages. Your research was no doubt important for the empire. The king, however, had pr
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

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File: 1519067487672.jpg (165.52 KB, 1000x725, US_flag_burning.jpg)

3333a No.119876[Reply]

The second American Civil War has been a meme that has been pushed for a very long time. However, it feels like America is currently closer than ever before to falling apart. The ideological differences between Americans is starting to mount, and the media seems obsessed with encouraging division. Will this trend of division continue, and will we see another American Civil War?
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3333a No.119892

Fair enough.

969af No.119893

File: 1519070711681.jpg (166.35 KB, 700x761, 1503966147798.jpg)

War makes great headlines,after-all look at Iraq.

b9451 No.119894

I also believe in preparation for the unlikely… So do with that as you will

21076 No.119896

Name a line the postmodernists haven't crossed. Name a line the muslims haven't crossed. Name a line the BLM Antifa Communist Anarchist scum haven't crossed.

If you can name that line… The war will happen as soon as they cross it.

Then it'll be shut down by globalists using this as an excuse to rescind all human rights and seize emergency power indefinitely, permanently declaring martial law and a worldwide thoughtcrime ban on "Hate Crime".

Unless we get the globalists out of power first.

Meme at the normies, redpill them, remove the liberal's ignorant normie support and useful-idiot army.

4454a No.119899

I think we will see one when the economy tanks. Most millennials are in a pretty bad financial situation as it is. When they no longer have anything to lose then it is over.

File: 1511030324700-0.gif (1.28 MB, 580x720, 846612__explicit_artist-co….gif)

2b7d1 No.89100[Reply][Last 50 Posts]

Because it has to be on the front page at all times.
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67c16 No.119869

Asides from personal distaste, it just doesn't belong on this thread. If you have a hentai thread, you don't post 3dpd. Same rue applies here.

8a9b8 No.119870

>I was referring to way back, and the positive
Then it's definately mr Rurik and mr Helgi and whatever their language was

f3c51 No.119879

File: 1519068002572.jpg (100.17 KB, 500x655, 0034.jpg)

The thread is titled "Obligatory porn Thread"
nothing more nothing less, nothing explicitly stated against it. littered with cartoon pony erotica,I judged that IRL pictures of equines would coincide. I am not one to conform, however that being said I respected mlpol wishes, it was a joke at first though someone fancied. Speaking of wishes someone asked me to post IRL and I so did, if you don't like is (which is odd and perhaps even hypocritical, [& another thing horses don't normally wear cloths so if you see one out and about be sure to cover your eyen]) avert your eyes. Does /mlpol/ cherish there first amendment?
Do not police me!
If you all want I can show myself the door.

67c16 No.119882

The Obligatory Porn Thread title is in reference to mlp porn. It is not explicitly stated, but it is implicit. However, I am not telling you to remove anything, just issuing a polite request to stop. If you continue, and no one else objects, then post whatever. I am not autistic enough to make a big deal out of this, especially if I am the only one that cares.

f3c51 No.119887

[Last 50 Posts]

File: 1506226912802-0.png (1.66 MB, 5400x3400, 1505340507692.png)

File: 1506226912802-1.png (200.54 KB, 900x803, Tank Pone.png)

File: 1506226912802-2.png (414.82 KB, 848x941, 1491220216755.png)

7d929 No.76916[Reply][Last 50 Posts]

In a series of threads we have had, this is about the (?) in the row. The following subject is accordingly the development, creation, and production of prior existing or to be original characters adopted/made by /mlpol/. Such topics entail the exploration of breathing life into the imaginative and bold. Only does conception takes a new form here, only here do we play as gods tinkering their subjects to a perfect image.

A listing of our little fictional but all too real constructions:
Aryanne Thread ponies
>Aryanne Hermine Hoofler
>*Any other, prominent “Aryan Ponies”*
Others that match with /mlpol/ topics:
>Milo Highliss
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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e9ca9 No.117326

This needs to be colored.

a0fa0 No.117555

File: 1518499015696.png (113.88 KB, 774x1200, Leslie Fair with Mug.png)

a0fa0 No.119872

File: 1519064722760.png (160.5 KB, 1200x1050, Leslie Fair Molon Labe.png)

9da68 No.119873

Probably one of the best you have made so far. Of course there is still plenty of room for improvement, like messing around with line thickness, and other things. Keep drawing, fam.

a0fa0 No.119875

Thanks for the feedback

[Last 50 Posts]

File: 1519043617036.jpg (65.08 KB, 960x720, 1491188497789.jpg)

80ac8 No.119840[Reply]

Written by Patrick J. Buchanan; Originally appeared at buchanan.org
Candidate Donald Trump may have promised to extricate us from Middle East wars, once ISIS and al-Qaida were routed, yet events and people seem to be conspiring to keep us endlessly enmeshed.
Friday night, a drone, apparently modeled on a U.S. drone that fell into Iran’s hands, intruded briefly into Israeli airspace over the Golan Heights, and was shot down by an Apache helicopter.
Israel seized upon this to send F-16s to strike the airfield whence the drone originated. Returning home, an F-16 was hit and crashed, unleashing the most devastating Israeli attack in decades on Syria. Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu says a dozen Syrian and Iranian bases and antiaircraft positions were struck.
Monday’s headline on The Wall Street Journal op-ed page blared:
“The Iran-Israel War Flares Up: The fight is over a Qods Force presence on the Syria-Israeli border. How will the U.S. respond?”
Op-ed writers Tony Badran and Jonathan Schanzer, both from the Foundation for the Defense of Democracies, closed thus:
“The Pentagon and State Department have already condemned Iran and thrown their support behind Israel. The question now is whether the Trump administration will go further. … Secretary of State Rex Tillerson (has) affirmed that the U.S. seeks not only to ensure its allies’ security but to deny Iran its ‘dreams of a northern arch’ from Tehran to Beirut. A good way to achieve both objectives would be back Israel’s response to Iran’s aggression — now and in the future.”
The FDD is an annex of the Israeli lobby and a charter member of the War Party.
Chagai Tzuriel, who heads the Israeli Ministry of Intelligence, echoed the FDD: “If you (Americans) are committed to countering Iran in the region, then you must do so in Syria — first.”
Our orders have been cut.
Iran has dismissed as “lies” and “ridiculous” the charge that it sent the drone into Israeli airspace.
If Tehran did, it would be an act of monumental stupidity. Not only did the drone bring devastating Israeli reprisals against Syria and embarrass Iran’s ally Russia, it brought attacks on Russian-provided and possibly Russian-manned air defenses.
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

eb4d3 No.119843

We live in interesting times.

7810f No.119844

File: 1519044592404-0.png (108.15 KB, 504x566, full(3).png)

I hope we just piss off and not do the judes bidding

efb6a No.119851

America will not have another war in the middle east any time soon. The fight in Afghanistan has put a bad taste in America's mouth, and the American people begin to look inward again. To justify another war would be hard. The US will likely continue to use limited engagements to weaken the Russian and Iranian sphere of influence.

c6c90 No.119857

The K*rds are no allies. They are owned by mixed US/jewish/britcuck interests, wholly depending on their intended targets and how much money they can bilk out of goyim.

dd484 No.119871

Don't forget that most are communist and socialist militias that now are seen as "heroes" because they are fighting isis

File: 1519001759928.jpg (72.52 KB, 931x524, Russian Troops Church.jpg)

32eac No.119716[Reply]

>Five women were killed and several others were injured after a gunman opened fire with a hunting rifle on people leaving a church service in Russia's Dagestan region on Sunday, Russian media outlets reported.
>The Islamic State terror network claimed responsibility, according to its Amaq media agency. ISIS said the killer was a "soldier of the caliphate," a man known as Khalil al-Dagestani, The New York Times reported.
>The gunman was shot dead by police responding to the scene, a law enforcement source told the Interfax news agency. According to Interfax, the gunman has been identified as a local man in his early 20s.
The religion of peace strikes again.
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32eac No.119725

Found some video CCTV video from RT:

ac60a No.119726

>committing a crime in Russia home of Spetsnaz, KGB, Ultra-light Motorized warfare, and sleeper agents.

I dont think I need to read the autopsy to know badly this man got fucked

90bba No.119834

File: 1519030249979.gif (18.44 KB, 152x170, 8A25829B-E76C-44C1-8FE2-4F….gif)

0541b No.119835

Seems like Dagestan needs some Chechenya treatment.
Khadyrov you fucker, put a leash on your muzzie hordes.

fb22e No.119858

Man? Autopsy should be lucky they at least reconigzed a human body.
Or whatever was left of it

File: 1518973894059.png (73.86 KB, 605x309, 1518959963359.png)

a9b90 No.119605[Reply]

He knows

e6cbd No.119606

Also, this news is ancient. What, did you just wake up from a coma?

eb05e No.119788

File: 1519011665898-0.png (968.99 KB, 501x860, aesthrwds.png)

File: 1519011665898-1.jpg (142.8 KB, 600x600, best-trump.jpg)

File: 1519011665898-2.jpg (207.18 KB, 702x738, faux.jpg)

File: 1519011665898-3.jpg (106.8 KB, 596x496, quarian.jpg)

Post your favorite trumps!

eb05e No.119789

File: 1519011756911-0.jpg (191.44 KB, 800x820, 1489976546521.jpg)

File: 1519011756911-1.jpg (53.66 KB, 1814x1814, grab.jpg)

File: 1519011756911-2.jpg (923.78 KB, 2238x1622, pussy.jpg)

File: 1519011756911-3.jpg (30.17 KB, 480x480, wal.jpg)

bc7a9 No.119832

File: 1519030100725.gif (979.75 KB, 227x221, 5C584D89-A88C-479B-ACC3-5F….gif)

Feels good getting recognition

5a0b6 No.119856

File: 1519054020294-0.jpg (56.85 KB, 898x628, Trump-Jew.jpg)

File: 1519054020294-1.jpg (76.12 KB, 780x438, 170522092440-02-trump-west….jpg)

File: 1519054020294-2.png (151.86 KB, 574x601, donald_trump_the_good_ol__….png)

File: 1519028019686-0.jpg (917.89 KB, 1565x1770, 2553.jpg)

File: 1519028019686-1.png (107.9 KB, 500x393, calls-himself-a-feminist-t….png)

492ef No.119827[Reply]

It's Time to cut Soy out of your Diet. Unfortunately The Jews like to put soy in everything.
So the purpose of this tread is to make a list of Jew-Soy garbage.

>Aryan Diet Thread
3 posts and 1 image reply omitted. Click reply to view.

418e5 No.119833

File: 1519030182823-0.jpg (39.97 KB, 572x250, 5676876978.jpg)

File: 1519030182823-1.jpg (59.82 KB, 570x250, 56769789078.jpg)

File: 1519030182823-2.jpg (214.79 KB, 823x609, 6789789098089.jpg)

Oh nad also. Sweets? Cakes? Uhm, no sweetie.
A picture is worth a 1000 words, so let me show you…

1ef97 No.119837

The thing i hate about these pictures are that hey give sucrose a bad name. It aint the cane sugar thats the problem, its the High Fructose Corn Syrup. For example: if, like me, you love Coca Cola, if you're in the states import it from Mexico because its HFCS free, if you in Emuland like me, import from Kiwiland. Or alternatively make it as Pemberton Intended;
1 oz (28 g) caffeine citrate
3 oz (85 g) citric acid
1 US fl oz (30 ml) vanilla extract
1 US qt (946 ml) lime juice
2.5 oz (71 g) "flavoring", i.e., "Merchandise 7X"
30 lb (14 kg) sugar
4 US fl oz (118.3 ml) fluid extract of coca leaves (flavor essence of the coca leaf).
2.5 US gal (9.5 l; 2.1 imp gal) water
caramel sufficient to give color
Mix caffeine acid and lime juice in 1 quart boiling water add vanilla and flavoring when cool.
Flavoring (Merchandise 7X):
1 qrt alcohol
80 oil orange
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84b36 No.119845

File: 1519044618932.jpg (35.72 KB, 540x350, 14837986148750.jpg)

Or just be born ectomorph, and be free to consume whatever you want, only watching for enough protein.
And then also be born as a slav, so you get the boon of processing alchohol into enegry with only between 3 to 5 ferments, if I'm not mistaken.

0acde No.119846

That diet is going to make you shit rocks. More vegetables.

3fe0a No.119855

File: 1519053355839-0.jpg (490.36 KB, 743x497, Foods-125-Whole-Foods.jpg)

Eat food from this list, skip the soy beans.

File: 1518722399013.png (290.34 KB, 612x753, i guess ill die.png)

e47cf No.118485[Reply]

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5938b No.118982

I haven't gotten sick from it yet. And they are good fucking tendies, too.

e440a No.118988

File: 1518799780728.png (236.34 KB, 777x777, ClipboardImage.png)

This, I had to start preparing my own chicken after I kept getting sick from any restaurant chicken, except for browns for some reason but they jewed up so I don't go there any way, and it taste much better.

75e02 No.118998

How processed is ultra processed? I know a lot of foods require preservatives but by ultra processed I think of MREs and really cheap off brand foods that no self respecting person would buy for themselves.
Also, there's a new study almost every day adding to the list of cancer causing products. Perhaps the jews fucked up the goychow so bad through cutting corners there's a reason why they're pushing soylent.

a9985 No.119006

I read the article, and it appears that they have very poor standards for "ultra processed". Mass produced bread was considered ultra processed while home made bread not even if they had the same process of production instead of being based on how it is actually produced. So it is possible that this is just telling us that people who don't have the money/wish to buy fancier food get cancer a bit more.

e47cf No.119852


For starters you are on this site. are you sure you haven't been affected? we have all been affected by this cancer.

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