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Welcome back to thread number like 5 or 6 of Occupied Equestria, a My Little Pony RP based heavily upon the Equestria at War mod for Hearts of Iron 4, and using the mechanics of D&D 3.5, and set in South-East Equestria after it has been conquered and split between the Changelings and a foreign fascist power

Onyx is cleaning glasses, Spark has secured a contract to clear a quarry of Zombies for a real estate developer, Silver is eating meat, Ash and Iron are trying to raid what they believe to be a gangster's den, and Dark Star is holding hooves.
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6a7b8 No.76810

Abby is the filly's name, right?
"That makes no difference… Evil is evil, regardless if who's in control.." Sister chides, shaking her head as she continues towards the orphanage

c2c0a No.76811

All the same

Dark Star is not harmed

Onyx's turn. Three enemies remain

"But wouldn't you rather control the evil than let someone else use it against you?"

6a7b8 No.76812

Dice rollRolled 4 + 9

Also, how the fug did some third graders manage to conjure a third level summon?
Spellcraft check to see what kind of stunt they were performing

d08cc No.76813

Dice rollRolled 14 + 10

Onyx isn't picky about who he kills, so just attacks whoever is closest with his new halberd.
dmg 1d10+1d6+6

6a7b8 No.76814

"If that's how lightly you take evil, then you're too wet behind the ears to be practicing magick." Sister Ash replies, no longer hiding her annoyance
"What were you even thinking of doing with that fiend you conjured at this hour, with nopony else around?"

c2c0a No.76815

Dice rollRolled 6

Dice rollRolled 5

Ash cannot tell much at all, save that they seemed to be exchanging the life-force of a creature to a god in exchange for some service from that god

The halberd strikes right through the pony zombie, crackling in sparks

I feel like Onyx's damage is higher. What is his strength?

"I know how weak you adults think we are. You think we are livestock to be sold and moved around however. That is why she was trying to help us"

d08cc No.76816

18 (+4)
It seems higher cause I usually use power attack

c2c0a No.76817

Dark Star's turn

c689e No.76818

oynx the killing machine

c689e No.76819

Dice rollRolled 7 + 5

Dark Star puts a bullet from ride the lightning into the zigger

c2c0a No.76820

Dice rollRolled 6, 6, 4 = 16

I'm wondering how I should apply damage reduction…

Hit, it crackles in the creature's hide

6a7b8 No.76821

Was it a spell though? Seemed like Lesser Planar Binding to me, but idk.

Sister Ash levitates the colt by the scruff and holds him in front of her as she walks
"Livestock? What would make you think that?"
(What kind of Animals even count as livestock in this universe?)
"And highly doubt there were any good intentions in conjuring a fiend who's only purpose in life is to bite and burn.
That'll be enough out of you. You have a lot of explaining to do." She says as she places him on her back and rushes back to the orphanage at full speed

c2c0a No.76822

If I apply a damage reduction, all three are still alive. If I do not, all three are deader

6a7b8 No.76823

Why would you apply damage reduction?
Skeletons and zombies have it, right?

d08cc No.76824

It's the spinach

c2c0a No.76825

A spell seems to sophisticated for the foal. It appears to be something simpler, like a request made and answered to eagerly waiting demonic spirits

Yes. Slashing if Zombie, Bludgeoning if Skeleton

6a7b8 No.76826

Well, they obviously had alternative motives if an injured rabbit was all they requested in return.
>Is what Ash thinks on her way back to the orphanage

Are they all able to make it back?

c689e No.76827

Evil Dead style?

c2c0a No.76828

All of the zombies lie dead upon the floor, returned to the state whence they should have been centuries ago


6a7b8 No.76829

*Why wouldn't you

Bullets are piercing weapons, right?

d08cc No.76830

"That's the first of probably many battles here."

2a0c3 No.76831

"This is going to go well. My gun had no effect on their advance."

97d08 No.76832

Silver kneels down and starts panting hard, the wind having been knocked out of him from the attack. "Yes, just…give me second…" While he recovers, he takes a look at the tribal necklace the native skeleton was wearing.

6a7b8 No.76833

Sister Ash devivers the two foals back to where she left the last two.

"These naughty ones have a lot to answer for.." she grumbles as she meets the sister

c689e No.76834

"So they were undead?"

c2c0a No.76835


It's not like there is a shortage of undead here

Very old, and much of the color has faded.

I take it she is going up to Sister Rosemary?

That smell…

d08cc No.76836

"Hmmm, this could be interesting"
I need more zombies, onyx's Halberd is great against those

c689e No.76837

"i need to get a mask filled with flowers if we ever deal with these things again."

6a7b8 No.76838

c689e No.76839

"Want to use my other one?"

97d08 No.76840

"Yes…walking bones…"
"Skeletons need…hammers. Anything…anything like that…"
He carefully takes the necklace off of the skeleton, thinking that there might be something unusual about it. The native skeleton did seem unusually powerful to him, compared to the others.

c689e No.76841

"you okay Silver?"

2a0c3 No.76842

"No. I'm good."
"Yeah, except I can't even swing a rifle."

c689e No.76843

"Can you levitate it and hit them?"

2a0c3 No.76844

"Tried that before and nearly got everypony killed because I couldn't do it. But would it work if I could?"

c2c0a No.76845

"What's going on here?"

The cream colored fillie sits kind of angry, and the other unicorn is… kind of confused

Back to exploring?

97d08 No.76846

"Yes, yes, I just needed…to catch my breath…" He stands up slowly. "That skeleton packed punch." He pockets the necklace he took. "Now, about smell…" He begins to go around and check the other rooms attached to the hall they are in.

97d08 No.76847

c2c0a No.76848

He sees the first room. It has a vaulted arch entrance, and on the inside he can see a raised set of wall like a well in the center, with vases on the wall

c2c0a No.76849

It looks as if there was once lumber covering the door. That has since fallen off, with one piece of wood falling into the well-like construct in the center of the room

6a7b8 No.76850

"Oh, where should I start..?" Sister Ash says, recounting the night
"Staying up past bedtime.. Going into the Forest without an adult supervisor.."
She pulls the knife from its cloth, still bloody
"Running with sharp objects.. Harmful abuse to the local wildlife resulting in death…"
Then her tone grows dead serious
"Ritualistic sacrifice with intent to invoke spirits.. Speaking in tongues.. Conjuring fiends..!"
"And to top it off, the violence against their fellows."

Fuck, I g2g. Pause for a moment while I go eat

c689e No.76851

97d08 No.76852

He looks at the well and vases in question as he starts to talk to himself. "Hmm. Maybe burial urns? But what is well supposed to be…" Silver goes up to the vases to see if there's anything of note inside them.

d08cc No.76853

Onyx is standing around, making sure more skeletals don't appear.

c689e No.76854

Dark Star follows him

c2c0a No.76855

Walking a few feet past the entrance to the first room, is a skelecton on the ground. It is not animated. It is another leather jacketed pony, with a longsword besides him, as well as a workmare's hammer

A salt like substance

d08cc No.76856

Onyx pokes the skeleton with his halberd to make sure it doesn't animate

c2c0a No.76858

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