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File: 1546050140704.png (628.38 KB, 1093x1500, 132516__safe_artist-colon-….png)

8c343 No.76857[Last 50 Posts]

This RPG is set in the land of Equestria after it has been conquered and split between the Changelings and a foriegn fascist nation. It is based in large part on the Equestria at War mod for Hearts of Iron 4, and uses D&D 3.5 mechanics

4 of the group have taken a job to clear a site of a future real estate development of undead. They seem to have stumbled upon a centuries old evil long forgotten by Equestria. Meanwhile, Ash has discovered foals from the order of Saint Prancis orphanage practicing dark magic and sacrifices in the woods, while Iron is having not-so-pleasant dreams

8c343 No.76859

The skeleton does not animate. It's dead Onyx

9f5fa No.76860

Onyx snorts and walks towards the others.

5637e No.76861

Spark follows.

dbec9 No.76862

"Well, this does not look like ash, at least…" Silver shows the vase and the substance it contains to the others. "What do you all think?"

cfe57 No.76863

Dark Star Follows

cfe57 No.76864

"is that salt?"

9f5fa No.76865

Onyx licks the salt looking substance to confirm

8c343 No.76866

It's the most disgusting taste he has ever tasted in his entire life

dbec9 No.76867

Silver gives Onyx a horrified look. "Do not just lick it!"

9f5fa No.76868

But is it salt?

cfe57 No.76869

"Whats it taste like?"

8c343 No.76870

It's a grainy substance that is white. It does not taste like Sodium Chloride, if that is your question

728ae No.76871

Dude, it's salt

cfe57 No.76873

dbec9 No.76874

Silver takes an empty coin pouch from his saddlebag, and fills it with the substance.
"There are better ways to tell what something is other than licking it!"

9f5fa No.76875

Onyx instantly turns un-crystal
Salt gotcha
"Not good…"
Onyx stumbles off and pukes his guys out

8c343 No.76876

When he disturbs the substance, there arises a magical blue aura around it, that starts to coalesce, but does not before it is placed in the coin pouch

9f5fa No.76877

*Guts cause I can't type today
"Yep, that's salt"

dbec9 No.76878

"…Did…any of you see that just now?"

cfe57 No.76879

"i dont believe you."
Dark Star licks it

8c343 No.76880

Absolutely fucking disgusting. Dark Star can be absolutely certain that if he tasted dried Zebra semen, he would enjoy the taste better than what he just put in his mouth

dbec9 No.76881

Silver just stares at Dark Star, having witnessed a new level of stupidity he did not know existed. He feels as if he has become dumber simply by having been party to it.

8c343 No.76882

There is a well in the center of the room, and a small shelf with a single small book on it in the room as well

cfe57 No.76883

cfe57 No.76884

Dark Star pukes in the corner.
"thats definitely not salt."

9f5fa No.76885

My fucking sides

dbec9 No.76886

He diverts his attention from the comedy of errors he has just seen, and goes to the lone book, wondering if, by some miracle, it might have some piece of information to help dispel the mystery of this room.

8c343 No.76888

Opening the content of the book, Silver can see number of chemical equations, a language he does not understand that is probably something like Ponish in short-hand, drawn out plants, and…. Hello. At the beginning of the book is a written note

"Dear Cinnamon Corn,

I have discovered a way of preserving corpses that merits no little attention. By taking a corpse, rubbing it in an herbal and arsenic based solution, and then burning it with the proper spells, any corpse - even one that has been severely degraded, may be turned into a mixture of bone-fragments and arsenic-phosphate salts that may be stored in a simple container. Here is the real magic of this solution - the salt allows the spirit of the deceased to be summoned readily as an apparition, even without Resurrection magic, and then reduced back to a salt just as easily. In this way, you may summon the spirits of the dead even from ancient and decayed corpses

Yours, Joseph Curwhinny

August 6, 762"

dbec9 No.76889

He looks up from the book and towards his companions. "Congratulations! You both just licked bone fragments, arsenic, and dead ponies' souls."

9f5fa No.76890

>More puking

cfe57 No.76892


dbec9 No.76893

Silver pockets the book. While he can't make heads or tails of the equations and the alchemy described in the book, he figures he can take it to somepony who can. With the mystery of the vases and what they contain dispelled, he turns to the final mystery in the room: the well.

cfe57 No.76894

"i think i should go see the nuns after we leave."

dbec9 No.76895

"Hmm? What would nuns be able to help you with?"

cfe57 No.76896

"i feel wrong now."

dbec9 No.76897

"Well, you did just lick remains of somepony."

8c343 No.76898

He can look down the well and see… well, it;s pretty dark. But he can tell that it is a pit that is probably as wide as the room he is in now, with the floor of this room being probably a ceiling for the pit. There are black and brown spots on the floor of the pit. And now here's another feature that should get his attention: A piece of lumber that probably once blocked the door has fallen down it, allowing a sort of connection between the side of the well and the floor of the pit, like it could be climbed up

"You can feel wrong with me if you like"

8c343 No.76899

Silver has this… elated feeling. This feeling of relief. A feeling of a sort of invulnerability. At least two ponies now can never again criticize his choice of diet

728ae No.76900

Me and Spark haven't eaten meat yet, so don't feel relieved just yet

9f5fa No.76901

Depends on what you eat.

dbec9 No.76902

He taps his chin with a hoof, thinking about it. He checks to see how deep the pit is, if there are any good hoofholds on the lumber, and if there is any place good enough to secure some rope.

cfe57 No.76903

was that supposed to be blue?

cfe57 No.76904

puking horse noises

8c343 No.76905

The lumber seems steady enough. The drop is less than 12 feet. As for rope, well, he could probably tie off on what remains of a door frame

8c343 No.76906

728ae No.76907

Pretty sure it is

cfe57 No.76908

dbec9 No.76909

It would actually be kinda funny yet demented if he ended up with the spirit of the pony he licked inside him.
He grabs the length of hempen rope from his saddlebags, and starts tying knots in it to give him some extra hoof holds to help him climb down. "I am going down there."

8c343 No.76910

reee don't give me such ideas

The door frame does not come loose with the first few tugs

cfe57 No.76911


dbec9 No.76912

Climb: With a deep breath, he starts his climb down, keeping his horn lit to help him see what's down in the pit.

dbec9 No.76913

Dice rollRolled 10 + 2

Messed that up.

9f5fa No.76914

>Less than twelve feet
Onyx jumps, the taste in his mouth making him no longer care about temporary things like life or death.

8c343 No.76915

Silver proceeds down normally. But when he looks around the pit, he finds it to be… Empty. Disappointingly empty. The floors have a black and brown substance covering much of them, and a few halves of rib cages that Silver can identify as belonging to cattle. The walls are a simple brick like the remainder of the room, and have hundreds of knife-like scratches on them

8c343 No.76916

I… Don't think he would take fall damage. The piece of lumber would probably support a climb out. Probably. He sees >>76915

9f5fa No.76917

"This room is about as pleasant as that taste"

dbec9 No.76918

Dice rollRolled 13 - 1

Search: The fur on the back of Silver's neck stands on end: something is off about this room.

8c343 No.76919

It actually smells better than the room above them. Then again, that smell didn't really seem as strong in the room above

Unfortunately, Silver can gather no more information than the following:

The room is just a pit, which ordinarily would not allow anything or anyone in or out except through the well-like opening at the top

There are cattle ribs strewn about on the floor, as well as a couple pebbles, and a black and brown substance

The walls have cuts all over them

The lumber that sits on the floor of the pit and rests on the wall of the opening would allow a pony to climb up and out of the pit, and into the main level

dbec9 No.76920

"We should go. I do not like thought of being down here any more than I have to."

9f5fa No.76921

"I'm just here for the ride"

cfe57 No.76922

"we have a job to do."

dbec9 No.76923

Dice rollRolled 7 + 2

Climb: He nods, and begins to climb his way back out of the pit using the knotted rope he secured.

8c343 No.76924

Good enough

The hell is that smell? There it is again

cfe57 No.76925

describe the room we are in.

c7bc9 No.76926

Back for now.

dbec9 No.76927

"Yes, yes, I know, but this is not easy task. We need to search for anything of use to help us."
Silver wrinkles his nose at the smell once he's back out. "Ugh…I am tired of this stench…" He begins following the scent trail to find out what exactly is causing it.

c7bc9 No.76928

Sister Ash maintains a serious but soft voice as she lays out the offenses.

"… Now, you're only foals, so you didn't know better, but if you want to get out of this one you'll have to be very compliant in telling us exactly who set you up on this."
She gestures to the filly who was commanding the hound
"Who taught you those words?"

8c343 No.76929

On two walls are a number of shelves with various jars on them. Most of them look like the "salt" jar, some do not, and appear to contain other chemicals. In the center is the "well" which is the entrance to the pit. On a sort of shelf by the door was the booklet that Silver pocketed, as well as a couple flasks. One wall has chains on it and various restraints, which do not appear to have been used recently

It seems to be coming from the hallway

cfe57 No.76930

DArk Star follow with his guns out
"I hope whatever is making it is dead."

8c343 No.76931

They are entirely silent, and unwilling to snitch. Except for the Rust colored earth pony. He points a hoof straight at the cream colored Pegasus fillie

dbec9 No.76932

He continues to follow it to find its source, readying his hammer just in case.
"In all likelihood? That is probably why it smells."

c7bc9 No.76933

Sister Ash turns towards the fillie her voice calm, but dreadfully stern
".. Just what were you thinking you would accomplish when you brought your friends out into the forest to conjure evil spirits?"

cfe57 No.76934

ill comeback and check those flasks out when we find out what stinks

cfe57 No.76935

"well i guess i mean undead then."

c7bc9 No.76936

Dice rollRolled 7 + 5

Sister Ash takes a strip of cloth and ties it around her wound.
Heal check

c7bc9 No.76937

*Continues to bleed*

dbec9 No.76938

"So, that place where you bought your revolvers, do you think they will clean weapons?"

8c343 No.76939

On the floor ahead of them, illuminated by the flashlight, they see a pony.

Well, "pony" is perhaps a bit generous. The creature clearly was a pony at some point. The lips of the pony are entirely gone from the head. It now has exposed fore-teeth, the natural gap between teeth and the rear molars, giving it a perpetual wicked smile. One eye is entirely missing from its socket, leaving a black hole in the skull. The tongue too, seems missing. A cracked and cataract filled right eye remains and stares at the group, but… with the eye lids entirely missing. One ear has fluff on it, the other is bare flesh. The skull has at points only exposed bone, but most is covered in this dark leathery flesh-like substance that won't quite rot. Ontop of the head is a helmet. The strap goes down underneath the head, and keeps it firmly strapped on.

My Celestia does he smell ghastly… worse than he looks. It's not just the decay of a corpse, it's almost supernatural

The pony wears a uniform. It is a uniform that can be instantly recognized by most as belonging to an Equestrian non-commissioned officer. This uniform covers most of the front of the horse, although it can be seen that further down the rear of the horse the belly seems to be missing some flesh and is likely castrated. He has a belt with a holstered pistol nearer his flank. One forehoof still has a horse shoe, the other hoof is split and sinew is showing. The uniform has a couple tears in it, and some blood, but this pony is missing any sign of a bullet or shrapnel wound, unlike the last two, who were clearly wounded. This pony is wearing a flak jacket, and aside from one long gash it is undamaged. Indeed, you can see from a Los Pegasus campaign medal and a Manehattan campaign medal that this particular pony was quite an experienced soldier of the Empire of Harmony, having fought both the Changelings and New Mareland, and making it all the way to Harmony's last stand. For all of that, the Fascists never slew him

In fact, he seems kind of animated now, clearly capable of movement, probably quick movement. He seems to have seen the group. He lets forth an unnatural "WHOOOOOOOOOOOOORG" that does not seem to belong to this realm

Roll for initiative

cfe57 No.76940

"possibly. im not very sure. that was the first time ive been there."

8c343 No.76941

File: 1546056852238.jpg (119.67 KB, 580x700, zombie horse.jpg)

Dice rollRolled 1 + 3


8c343 No.76942

Well, he ain't going forward quickly

dbec9 No.76943

dbec9 No.76944

Dice rollRolled 13 + 3


728ae No.76945

Are Onyx and Spark present for their initiative rolls?

8c343 No.76946

"Protection from bad ponies"

Rosemary is still speechless

5637e No.76947

I'm here, but I am just a little confused as to the location of this new encounter. I said I would follow you guys, so if the GM will allow me to be there, I will roll.

cfe57 No.76948

Dice rollRolled 20 + 4

"Poor bastard."

dbec9 No.76949

And on the complete opposite end of the spectrum from the zombie…

c7bc9 No.76950

"Protection you say? So you summoned a hellhounf from the depths of Tartarus?" She says, stepping forward
"After you summoned, just what were you intending to do with it?" She implores, leaning in

8c343 No.76951

The colt does not want to answer

c7bc9 No.76952

"A hellhound is an evil creature: invoking it is by definition an act of evil. It's not the sort of monster that can be used for good intentions, but only for ruthless violence." She continues accusingly
"So what was it that you all had planned? To have it bite someone? Burn them? Set fire fire to a building?" She demands

8c343 No.76953

At the colt? He lowers his ears, and squeaks out "It wasn't my idea…"

c7bc9 No.76954

No, at the filly, the one she was speaking to earlier that directed the hellhound to bite her
>*Is still bleeding*

c7bc9 No.76955

Dice rollRolled 19 + 5

One more heal check

c7bc9 No.76956

There. That outta be closed up by tomorrow morning.

c7bc9 No.76957

"Well?" She demands, speaking to the filly who was seemingly running the stunt

8c343 No.76958

She stares at Ash. Silently. Defiantly

c7bc9 No.76959

"I don't have all night, young Missy." Sister Ash hisses, once again levitating the foal by the scruff
"What were you even thinking?!"

cfe57 No.76960

So….no combat?

8c343 No.76961

"I should ask you the same, calling down bolts of lightning from the sky. Sending a large dog after children"

8c343 No.76962

Onyx and Spark are MIA

5637e No.76963

728ae No.76964

Spark did respond to the roll call, so he should still be here.

8c343 No.76965

Roll initiative then

5637e No.76966

Dice rollRolled 6


728ae No.76967

Good, better than the lich.

8c343 No.76968

Alright, so current initiative order is:

Dark Star
The Sargent

dbec9 No.76969

Not a lich, just a zombie. Maybe more in the darkness we can't see yet, who knows.

c7bc9 No.76970

"Don't change the subject, young lady. I'll have you know that when I perform my practices, I actually know what I'm doing." She is now holding back her fury, her eyes visibly glowing
Caleb as well bales in disapproval before laying down on the floor.
"And I know better than to go around cohorting with evil spirits. Any sort of evil spirits that accept a measly wounded rabbit as a 'sacrifice' are bound to have ulterior motives in the matter: you should all hope that you're not already cursed!" She exclaims, pointing at each of them

"Now spit it out. What were you planning to do with that monster?"

728ae No.76971

It got a pretty large description for a single zombie tho.

c7bc9 No.76972

If it were a lich, you'd all be dead and reanimated by now.

8c343 No.76973

Rosemary: "Consorting with evil spirits? What is this?"

Fillie: "Speaking of being the consort of evil, who is that gangster you brought along?"


Also this

728ae No.76974

I guess that's true. Still, he seems to be the main baddie in this situation.

cfe57 No.76975

Dice rollRolled 12 + 5

Dark Star shoots at sarge with ride the lightning

dbec9 No.76976

Well, I mean, you gotta get in all those juicy details about how revolting the zombie is, and how heinous the actions that have been taken against it to turn it into a zombie were.
This. Liches are no laughing matter. Unless you're playing Dragon's Dogma, in which case liches are laughably easy to deal with.

8c343 No.76977

The Sargent's skin is pretty tough, it seems to bounce off

c7bc9 No.76978

Sister Ash rear and stamps her forehooves into the floor
"Answer the question, young Missy!"
Might be an advanced Ghast or a Wight, or some other kind of higher CR undead creature.

dbec9 No.76979

Is the zombie close enough to hit with a melee weapon without needing to use a move action?

c7bc9 No.76980

If you don't want to use s move action, just charge.

cfe57 No.76981

For the first time since they have been here Dark Star looks worried maybe even afraid.

728ae No.76982

AC is higher than 17! Use touch attacks if possible to bypass it!

dbec9 No.76983

This is the point in the game where I ask "what in the hell is a touch attack?"

728ae No.76984

It's a special property of an attack which bypasses armor class. Mostly magic shooty stuff, I think

c7bc9 No.76985

For you, grapples and trips.

8c343 No.76986

"You want to know? Really? Well I will tell you"
She looks at Rosemary. Not Ash. Rosemary. She narrows her eyes
"You sold us to those monsters. Do you even know what happened to half of us? Do you know what happened to me? Did you know that the little unicorn was almost starved to death?How could you"

She looks back to Ash, and speaks now to her. "My father trusted in the power of Good and Harmony. He told me we would triumph because we were good. When he was killed, they sent me here to these nuns, and they told us that they were good. And the nuns told us that Celestia would win because she was good. And they all told all of us, Lily Breeze, Orchid Blossum…" She is crying now "That the Changelings and the Fascists were evil. Well guess who is still alive! Guess who is still free! If being good means selling children to monsters and being a slave… or dead… Then I chose EVIL!"

No. It can be hit only by means of a move action. Distance 20 ft

I think you are underselling your attack bonus. Although even if it is higher, I think you still would not have landed a hit

dbec9 No.76987

In which case Silver can do absolute jack shit.
Again, Silver can do jack shit. If it's a ghast (and it most likely is), then he matches Silver in dexterity and exceeds him in strength. Odds are, he can't beat the thing if he tries to do either.
Yeah, we're screwed.

c7bc9 No.76988

I should slap this little shit, but I won't.

Sister Ash just stands there fuming (literally) for several moments, not even sure where to start as she dangles the silly filly in the air with her magick
".. How foolishly shortsighted…!" she gasps

She turns to Sister Rosemary with an awkward glance, still unsure how to respond

c7bc9 No.76989

Just charge in and have it to pieces. It's not invincible.

cfe57 No.76990

Silvers turn

8c343 No.76991

Sister Rosemary looks back at Ash. Her expression is of awkward horror. She looks at Ash as if the Fillie's speech shut her the hell up

c7bc9 No.76992

>No response
Thanks for the help, Sis…
Sister Ash takes a deep breath, as the smoke coming from beneath her shawl ceases abruptly.
".. You've been dreadfully misguided.." she begins.

8c343 No.76993

Sister Rosemary adds, finally finding an argument
"you can thank Ash here for your freedom, and that you are still alive. And she is Good"

c7bc9 No.76994

She picks up the filly and levitates her so close that they can feel each other's breath.
"For starters, nopony sold you." She state boldly

dbec9 No.76995

Dice rollRolled 12 + 9

>INB4: Silver dies here.
Oh boy, I sure am ready to die.
"RRRRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGGGGGGHH!" An intense rage fills Silver's entire being at the sight of the defiled pony. He charges straight for it, aiming a blow from his hammer right at the creature's head to try to put it out of its misery.

728ae No.76996

I seriously hope this guy has low HP at least.

dbec9 No.76997

29. We're fucked.

c7bc9 No.76998

No way amonster that got a whole paragraph to describe it is going to go down in one hit.

8c343 No.76999

The fillie spreads her wings, presumably to try to steer herself in the air. She retains her trademark look
"They did"

That smell. So that's where it was coming from

Roll a Fortitude save

728ae No.77000

That doesn't sound too bad for HP, just two hammer and revolver hits should do it. If it's AC though, you're fucked hard.

c7bc9 No.77001

If it's any compensation, defeating a CR 3 monster by yourself is worth a lot of XP.
>Tfw just killed a hellhound

728ae No.77002

Speaking of, will the GM tells us we won XP when certain actions are done?

c7bc9 No.77003

"No, they didn't." Sister Ash replies sternly
"You were kidnapped, by gangsters. Everyponyhere has been worried sick for you." She continues

dbec9 No.77004

And you guys managed to defeat a small army of communists and got jack shit XP for doing so. I'm not so sure we'll get anything useful in terms of XP from this ONE ghast IF WE MANAGE TO SURVIVE.

dbec9 No.77005

Dice rollRolled 12 + 7


c7bc9 No.77006

I would like to know this as well.

Not that I've been counting it myself oranything…

8c343 No.77007

Dice rollRolled 4 + 3

"Is that what they told you?"
She looks angry

He withstands the stench, and the hammer cracks a dent in the Helmet of the Army of Harmony

8c343 No.77008

A shrieking "RYAAH!" comes from the creature's throat, as the hammer has harmed it

c7bc9 No.77009

Taking on a CR 3 encounter by yourself is worth at least 750, conservatively.

728ae No.77010

Ok, seems it has fullplate as armor, so 18 is the sweetspot where you can hit the beast.
GM decides that.

dbec9 No.77011

That doesn't mean anything to me, as A.) I don't know how much XP tt even takes to level up, B.) I don't have any other enemies to compare that XP amount to, and C.) there's four of us, so we're not going to get 750.

c7bc9 No.77012

"It is, and I believe them." Sister Ash replies sternly
"Everyone in this Abby has been disturbed by the events of these past few weeks, and by the looks of it, you have as well." She says, looking the filly
I know…

728ae No.77013

Sorry, GM has a target on my character's back. Get what I mean?

c7bc9 No.77014

Wait, there's 4 of you? Then why are you so worried you're going to die?

728ae No.77015

First shot is a miss, that's all. Also Onyx's player isn't here. Only Dark, Spark, and Silver are fighting.

8c343 No.77016

She looks disturbed alright
"I will not be a slave, food, or a sacrifice"

5637e No.77017

Dice rollRolled 4

I fire a shot at this monster… hopefully.

dbec9 No.77018

Because Dark Star didn't do squat to it when he attacked, and Onyx isn't actually in the fight. Spark…maybe. He does have magic. But Silver? Silver's going to be the one to die in this case. Both Dark Star and Spark at least have ranged attacks, so they can keep their distance. Silver has to go all in with melee, and looking at these attacks the ghast has? Silver is absolutely fucked. One bite, and it's all over.

728ae No.77019

Nice me.me
We'll get them next time.

8c343 No.77020

The gun seems to miss

c7bc9 No.77021

"Don't you even get me started on sacrificesyoung lady!" Sister Ash growls, lifting the bloody, cloth-wrapped knife
>R.I.P. Mr. Bun Bun
"Who was it that taught you that little pathetic excuse for a conjuration back there? Did you think you'd feel safer with a few diabolical canines running around wreaking havock?"

8c343 No.77022

"I can control them"

8c343 No.77023

So I am wondering if we should wait until we have Onyx for the next attack, or if the Sargent should make his move

c7bc9 No.77024

File: 1546063127986-0.png (575.45 KB, 1280x720, 1852856__safe_screencap_ci….png)

"THAT'S BESIDE THE POINT!" Sister Ash shouts, losing her composure for a moment
"There was no way you had goodintentions summoning fiends in the middle of the night. What was it you were trying to do?"

This little shit is begging for a spanking, dodging questions like this.

728ae No.77025

If you're bringing out the strongest attack of the Sarge, then yes. If not, just go for it.

dbec9 No.77026

EVERY attack is a ghast's strongest attack.

728ae No.77027

It can't be that bad. Maybe it'll take like 25 HP off from a hit. Completely passable stuff.

dbec9 No.77028

That's half of Silver's health. And he doesn't even have full health right now. And he can't deal enough damage to knock this thing out in one hit without using power attack, taking 5 out of his attack roll, and criting the ghast.

8c343 No.77029

You are interrogating her next to somepony she knows has authority over her. So of course she doesn't want to speak without her lawyer present

"To prove we could"

FALSE. A Ghast's two secondary attacks are not as strong as its primary

dbec9 No.77030

For all intents and purposes, let's consider a full attack to be a single attack.

c7bc9 No.77031

Sister Ash is now fuming again.
"Who taught you that trick?"

c7bc9 No.77032

File: 1546063751797-0.png (470.02 KB, 688x1042, 1815121__safe_edit_screenc….png)

[Angry dragonhorse noises]

8c343 No.77033

Dice rollRolled 14

Dice rollRolled 17 + 3

Dice rollRolled 1 + 5

She doesn't want to speak

Fuck it. Let's do this.

The Sargent lets forth an unnatural shriek as it bites out at Silver, and tries to smash him with his hooves

dbec9 No.77034

Well, it was nice knowing you guys, because Silver's gonna die.

728ae No.77035

2 hit, 1 miss.
I guess one missed, huh?

c7bc9 No.77036

*Dangling intensifies*
"You're in big trouble young lady. Do yourself a favor and tell us who it was that put you up to this foolishness."

8c343 No.77037

How much dex does Silver have?

"No pony put me up to this. I did this all on my own"

728ae No.77038

Stop being a crybably, it's not like you got slashed after the perfect opportunity to grapple the opponent into unconsciousness for 3/4 of your health.

dbec9 No.77039

Iron managed to get away, right? And he didn't have to deal with having to make TWO FORTITUDE SAVES TO AVOID GETTING PARALYZED!

728ae No.77040

Well, you only did 1 fortitude save, not 2. Also I failed a damn easy grapple check.

dbec9 No.77041

That was just the Fortitude save to avoid being sickened by the ghast's stench. There's an additional Fortitude save every time he gets hit by the ghast to avoid getting infected with Ghoul Fever, AND another Fortitude save to avoid getting Paralyzed.

c7bc9 No.77042

"You taught yourself an extraplanar language and made up a conjuration spell that involved 3 people on the fly? I find that hard to believe." She replies quizically, being no stranger to the school of summoning
"What kind of debauchery have you been involved in? And what have you been reading?"

cfe57 No.77043

File: 1546064271176.png (Spoiler Image, 525.97 KB, 640x450, _hit.png)

8c343 No.77044

Dice rollRolled 4 + 1


Iron was already paralyzed, and he didn't get away

The forward teeth of the sargent seem to get stuck in a part of Silver's armor. His good hoof bounces off of Silver's breastplate. But the broken, sinewy hoof breaches and contacts Silver's hide

Roll a fortitude save

"There are books…"

>Avoiding getting infected.
I guess that wouldn't be automatic. Roll a second fortitude save

728ae No.77045

Wait, really? I was going to kill him if I grappled him underwater? Damn, chalk it up to rookieness.
>Iron was already paralyzed
I-it was just a dream… i-it wasn't real

dbec9 No.77046

Dice rollRolled 10 + 7

Dice rollRolled 20 + 7

[Very Much Dead Fighter Noises]

8c343 No.77047

Oh, you were talking about when he wanted to 1v1 the special forces guy but do it unfairly

Well fuck. He ain't getting paralyzed today, nor turned into a ghast tomorrow

728ae No.77048

See? You had nothing to worry about, my guy.
Why those dice did not appear for me?

dbec9 No.77049


728ae No.77050

I just wanted to knock him out and take them to an arena of sorts, I wanted to isolate him first then ask for a duel.

c7bc9 No.77051

Sister Ash grits her teeth and continues
"What books? When did you get them?" She implores

She turns to Sister Rosemary
"Make sure to search all of their rooms. There's nothing more unruly than a rambunctious child playing with a black magick tomb."

728ae No.77053

I don't like where this may go

c7bc9 No.77054

>Inb4 she found the Book Of Vile Darkness

cfe57 No.77055

c7bc9 No.77056

Kids should'nt be playing with tombs. It's just asking for trouble.
They'll have plenty of time to do that shit after college.

dbec9 No.77057

He still has to deal with being the only pony there who has managed to deal damage. And is rapidly running out of both health and time.

728ae No.77058

Didn't you have like 50 HP? Surely your HP hasn't dropped lower than 40 or 35, right?

8c343 No.77059

Or the dreaded Necmarenomicon of the mad Arabian Abdul Alhazelred

Sister Rosemary: "That we shall. What is this about a 'fiend'?"

dbec9 No.77060

38 right now.

728ae No.77061

Passable, keep it up, proud of you.

cfe57 No.77062

i suspected as much with the words she was saying earlier.

dbec9 No.77063

Need I remind you that Silver has only managed to deal 5 damage? AND he seems to be the only one who can reliably deal damage to the thing?
One of these rounds, the ghast's going to hit all three attacks, and Silver will just up and die from it.

c7bc9 No.77065

"A hellhound. It appeared in the forest after these little fools began their little game."
She points at her wound
"The pestilent beast bit me. It's gone now: I got rid of it."

728ae No.77066

Nah my guy, it only has AC of 18. Don't worry, Star can hurt it, only the hit should be 18 or higher, not 17

dbec9 No.77067

As I said, Silver's the only one what who can reliably deal damage to the ghast, by virtue of his attack bonus being unusually high for his level. It'll get even higher next round when he gets a chance to draw his greatsword.

8c343 No.77068

"A hellhound?" She seems to be in disbelief

Spark could, if he'd use his laser spell. Or Dark Star, if he'd duel wield and double tap

c7bc9 No.77069

"Yes. A hellhound." She confirms

8c343 No.77070

Or Silver, if he'd use the 2d6 great sword which I think he has weapon specialization for

8c343 No.77071

Her jaw drops open
"How did they…"

c7bc9 No.77072

"That's what I'd like to know..!" Sister Ash growls

8c343 No.77073

"I'll wake some of the other sisters… Watch the children"

dbec9 No.77074

I was planning on using it when I saw it wasn't a skeleton. Unfortunately, because he doesn't have the Quick Draw feat and because the ghast was 20 feet away, he couldn't draw his sword and charge at the same time because drawing a weapon is a move action.
But, when the next round comes, he'll be able to make full use of both his Weapon Focus and Weapon Specialization feats for his greatsword.

c7bc9 No.77075

Sister Ash promptly locks the door, lest the fowls get any more stupid ideas.

cfe57 No.77076

Dice rollRolled 8 + 7

Dark Star Shoots at him with ride the lightning

728ae No.77077

I see what you mean, Silver player

dbec9 No.77078

And there you go.

cfe57 No.77079


c7bc9 No.77080

"Absolutely silly…" Sister Ash grumbles before mutters more unintelligible Ignan proverbs

8c343 No.77081

"You'll get 'em next time
It fails to penetrate…

They get the message. Except maybe for one fillie

c7bc9 No.77082

Sister Ash trots in three circles lays down by the door, looking not unlike a small dragon as smoke fumes from nostrils.
She levitates the disobedient filly in the air above her, keeping a sharp eye on the rest.

Caleb repeats the motion, just as exhausted as his master.

5637e No.77083

I wasn't wanting to use my ray attack…

8c343 No.77084

Dice rollRolled 4 + 3

Roll opposed grapple

You don't have to, I just think you have like 4 of them a day at most

5637e No.77085

Dice rollRolled 7

only 2 a day
I guess I will try one more shot before using the ray. I fire my gun

dbec9 No.77086

Dice rollRolled 10 + 8

In a mixture of pain, anger, and a bit of fear, Silver slips into his native Cyrillic tongue to curse at the Sargent. He unsheathes his greatsword and swings it at the monster trying to bite him. "DIE! RRRRAAAAAAGGGGHHHHH!"

c7bc9 No.77087

Dice rollRolled 19 + 5

[Really lough sigh]

c7bc9 No.77088

*Loud sigh

dbec9 No.77089


c7bc9 No.77090

Naughty fillies man…

cfe57 No.77091

i know right?

728ae No.77092

Jesus, come on guys. Don't make Silver do all the work here.
Barely made it.
Stop stealing rolls, Ash. The stallion gang really needs them right now.
Iron is sweating profusely.

c7bc9 No.77093

That was an opposed grapple btw.

Sister Ash easily restrains the rebellious filly, dangling her helplessly in the air until the other sisters arrive.

35788 No.77094

The Flak Jacket that never before stopped a Fascist shell fragment has now stopped Silver’s sword

The shot hits, but fails to penetrate a damned near iron hide

Fillies, especially virgin fillies, can be used as spell components for certain magic

c7bc9 No.77095

No! I'm not about to chase this brat to the forest again.
I'm prohibited from using those kinds of components because of my Good alignment, but I can name 3 different ways to do so.

c7bc9 No.77096

Evil casters can do all sorts of haxx shit with the bodies and souls of Humanoid children in the BoVD.

dbec9 No.77097

Just for the record, this thing's AC isn't 18…it's fucking 24. We can't beat him.

dbec9 No.77098

Silver will more likely than not die, but I hope to god he can at least do so while helping Dark Star, Spark, and Onyx escape.

c7bc9 No.77099

Yes you can. Your attack mod is 8. All you need to do is surround him then charge him from a flanking position. Use your tower shield for cover while you get into position so he can't AoO you.

728ae No.77100

That doesn't make sense, your hit shouldn't have happened it that's the case. Trust me it's 18 AC

c7bc9 No.77101

If you flank, you get +2 to hit. Also, the enemy is denied his Dex AC.

728ae No.77102

But he wasn't flanking. He charged straight for the zombie boy. When did he flank?

c7bc9 No.77103

I know he wasn't. I'm suggesting it.

dbec9 No.77104

That's his flat-footed AC. For the first round of combat, when his AC is reduced and he can't use his dex bonus. It's 24 for every round after that.

c7bc9 No.77105

It's easy to flank, so long as you have one ally.

8c343 No.77106

Oh don't puss out on the first Ghast. It's an AC of 17 plus 4. Or 21

728ae No.77107

Jeez, with your enthusiasm, you should roll a fear save. Trust me, it's going to be okay. No way the GM will let you die, especially since you were nice to him. I think

c7bc9 No.77108

>No way the GM will let you die
This is not a good attitude to have.

dbec9 No.77109

My dice rolls are shit, I can barely beat 18, much less 21.
No, Silver is very much dead. RIP Silver. You lived a good life.

728ae No.77110

Well, I'm pretty sure the GM won't let Silver die. Even Iron didn't die even after the bantz and subsequent actions after that.

c7bc9 No.77111

I tickle the filly with my magick, just to mess with her.

8c343 No.77112

She is taken… very off guard with this, and comes very close to a laugh


c7bc9 No.77113

*She tickles the filly more, partly out of boredom, partly out of revenge for the dog bite*

8c343 No.77114

The fillie comes to understand this sadistic form of torture

c7bc9 No.77115

File: 1546068449293.png (799.26 KB, 2048x1988, Screenshot_20181229-002611.png)

*insane laughter*
Sister Ash continues to mercilessly lay down her disciplinary action.
"Naughty, naughty, naughty filly..!"

8c343 No.77116


dbec9 No.77117

So, at what point do we host the inaugural "Silver Sword is Dead" festival?

cfe57 No.77118

After he dies quietly in his sleep in 100 more years

8c343 No.77119

At least you'll be able to introduce your new character, Ms. Skittlebug

5637e No.77120

Not today! We aren't leaving you for dead.
This to be honest.

c7bc9 No.77121

File: 1546068946342-0.png (1.5 MB, 7466x6000, 294907__safe_artist-colon-….png)

*Tickle torture intensifies*

"You've been a very bad filly… Just what do you have to say for yourself?"

728ae No.77122

Chill out, my guy. It's fine and dandy. Breathe in and out.
Well, there's also that
So you can show your love RP skills

8c343 No.77123

"hehehe the stallions at the warehouse could do worse hehe"

dbec9 No.77124

Or I'll come up with something else, since apparently the Isle of Greneclyf doesn't exist in this universe.

c7bc9 No.77125

That's bullshit, but I believe it.

*Relentless tickling continues until the Sisters arrive*

8c343 No.77126

>Grenecliff doesn't exist
Of course it exists, they are just still parasitic, which I'm pretty sure they are in the mod Otherwise there wouldn't be a need for the sharing or for importing Nyumba slaves


dbec9 No.77127

>100 more years
The poor stallion is 68, how long do you expect him to live?
He appreciates the gesture, but he sees where the end of the line coming up.
*breathes in*
*breathes out*
Boi, Silver is deader than a doornail at this moment.

cfe57 No.77128

until hes 168 obviously

5637e No.77129

Stahp. We will save you.

728ae No.77130

Roll luck to one-shot the zombie dude.

c7bc9 No.77131

File: 1546069263856-0.gif (9.7 MB, 1280x720, 226961__safe_apple bloom_s….gif)

*Vengeful, irrationally cruel tickling ensues*

dbec9 No.77132

Dice rollRolled 6

They can also become cooperative with the ponies of Eastern Griffonia and fly their flag under the banner of Harmony.
Again, he appreciates it, but…
Rolling, then.
INB4: natural 1

728ae No.77133

Uh… I feel like Iron needs a second raping for this…

cfe57 No.77134

Pls 2gay4me

8c343 No.77135

>Queen Gytha must show everyone that she and her people are not parasites, but a reliable and staunch friend
Pretty sure that a need to take the love of others still counts as a need even if you convince them to do it intelligently and voluntarily

728ae No.77136

>inb4 has enough of my shit to the point where Iron becomes a slave for a changeling hive.

728ae No.77137

*GM has

dbec9 No.77138

But seriously, Dark Star, Silver, and Spark have all gone, so we're just waiting on the Sargent to tear Silver's throat out and have his intestines for dinner.
If it's to the benefit of both parties, then it's no longer parasitic.

728ae No.77139

Can't they just work like the worms in Futurama, where they live inside a host but instead of harming the individual, they boost his body? They are living inside a host, which they take advantage of it, therefore it's a parasitic relationship, but also symbiotic.

cfe57 No.77140

pls no i like iron

8c343 No.77141

"Commensualistic" or "Symbiotic" or however you want to characterize it, it reflects a natural deficit of the necessary harmony and the need for the love and friendship of others

728ae No.77142

I guess he did let you have pussy through Blue Skies. Understandable. But GM is love, GM is life. GM is the god of this world.

cfe57 No.77143

8c343 No.77144

>implying Iron would be satisfying

Eh, we can wait for Onyx

728ae No.77145

>inb4 GM is Kira and writes Iron's name on the death note, instantly killing him through an 8-stallion gangbang in which Iron is the unwilling receiver yet again.

c7bc9 No.77146

I think I might go to bed, if we're not going to open up the next scene.

728ae No.77147

>implying they care about his actual love output and not due to sadistic desire to torture a prideful creature into submission

dbec9 No.77148

Like I said I will probably just create a different character, since I'm absolutely shit at explaining things and the whole "non-supremacist changeling" idea goes against the entire story.
Ah, right, gotta have him here to witness Silver's less-than-glorious demise at the hands of the undead.

dbec9 No.77149

Er, "hooves of the undead" in this case.

728ae No.77150

Silver will be A-OK, don't worry. If Iron can't die, then you can't either.

8c343 No.77151

Now why would they do that?

What do you mean? Not every changeling needs to be a Chrysalis follower for the followers of Chrysalis to be dangerous, just as a work featuring the Soviet Union as an antagonist doesn't need every Russian national to be antagonistic. Thorax is present in the timeline regardless

728ae No.77152

Because changelings are evil creatures and stuff. I don't know. Only thing I do know is that you're going to try it. I guarantee it.

8c343 No.77153

Dark Star better work for it

>Iron can't die

>Iron is loved by Changelings

Yeah, I guess I will delay the next scene until I am certain about the details

dbec9 No.77154

I've got an idea for a character, but he would work more as a high-level faction head/quest giver than as a low-level PC.
You underestimate the level of suck I am at this game.
The character I had in mind isn't a skittlebug, nor even remotely similar to the changelings of Greneclyf, nor is she a follower of Chrysalis. Her hive was just one of many that, before Chrysalis came along, looked at ponykind like livestock. They took a mostly Isolationist approach to dealing with ponies. They'd send out "love-collectors" to pose as ponies in various nearby settlements, form relationships with them, and leech off the excess love without them knowing a thing about it. Then, after a few months of collection, they'd return to the hive, deposit the love they had collected, and would take a new identity in a new town. They'd also keep infiltrators in the Equestrian government to get an idea of the going-ons in the world, but other than that the only time they would try to get involved in the dealings of ponykind would be to steer them away from potential disasters. After all, they had to make sure their food supply wouldn't suddenly take a hit.

8c343 No.77155

So…. basically what changelings did before Chrysalis

728ae No.77156

>Iron can't die
Well, if he hasn't died yet, then Silver can't possibly die. It just works.
No idea what the second one means. It would be funny if this statement turned out to be true ingame. Heck, he doesn't really have any negative emotions towards them, since he never really saw a changeling before and could probably get behind serving a female worker and start a new hive.

cfe57 No.77157

File: 1546071287578.gif (Spoiler Image, 230.08 KB, 320x320, _hmmmmmmmmmm fidget.gif)

>Dark Star better work for it

728ae No.77158

Better ensure your ass is back to HQ if shit goes down and treat her to those movies. Pretty sure Skies would wallow even more in her misery if her coltfriend died on her.

dbec9 No.77159


c7bc9 No.77160

Y'all know it's okay to run away if you think you're going to die, right?
You should be close to leveling up,try not to die.

728ae No.77161

That reminds me. If the gameplay turns into somewhat of a turn-based strategy game where you lead some ponies against the enemy like XCOM and the like, do you get XP for leading those ponies?

c7bc9 No.77162

Srsly, don't go planningnew characters before you're even dead.

I only just started Sister Ash, but I've thought of all kinds of things I want to do with her.
You can get XP for anything the GM considers to be noteworthy or productive in the story.
How much XP you get out of combat really just depends on how quickly the GM wants the PCs to level up.

728ae No.77163

I guess that's a yes.

dbec9 No.77164

I assume you're talking about Spark, Onyx, and Dark Star, because there's no way Silver's even close to levelling up.
Odds are, he's going to, so might as well start planning now. I honestly don't see how he could even try to survive at this poine. Maaaaaaaaybe if we had your OP druid who can summon hyper-intelligent animals to do her bidding and call lightning down from the sky, we could get out of there with only some minor scraps, but as it is, we're all weak as hell and none of us know how to play the game even a fraction as well as you can.

dbec9 No.77165


728ae No.77166

I'm pretty sure everyone passed out already, so I'll take off into bed. Night everyone.

dbec9 No.77167

Goodnight folks, and tune in next time to see in what horrible fashion Silver will die!

981fb No.77168

>not retreating and letting your friends tank the damage
Remember kids, it's not about running the fastest, it's about running faster than the guy next to you.

dbec9 No.77169

Kind of a dick move when your character is the only tank involved.

c7bc9 No.77170

[sleepy kirin noises]

dbec9 No.77171

File: 1546102632554.png (165.54 KB, 640x640, 1521673806550.png)

c7bc9 No.77172

dbec9 No.77173

File: 1546103003323.png (286.48 KB, 1387x1617, 1530800806494.png)


728ae No.77174

Iron is very troubled, but still sleeps for some reason.

dbec9 No.77175

File: 1546103846129.png (395.02 KB, 784x960, 1537417653261.png)


8c343 No.77176

File: 1546104047904.png (201.26 KB, 640x363, 1502294229659.png)

What's going on?

dbec9 No.77177

Just giving everyone their morning wake-up reee.

Also reee.

728ae No.77178

Keep those spirits up, you can make it!

dbec9 No.77179

You know who's going to end up a spirit today? Silver.

dbec9 No.77180

728ae No.77181

I believe in you, man! Silver will make it!

dbec9 No.77182

I mean, thanks, but I've already come to accept that there's somewhat close to a 75% chance that Silver will die one way or the other. That's just how it goes.

728ae No.77183

I still believe! I believe!

8c343 No.77184

File: 1546105643865-0.jpg (105.04 KB, 500x275, come-on-you-apes-do-you-wa….jpg)

File: 1546105643865-1.jpg (1.87 MB, 2347x1804, come-on-you-sons-of-bitche….jpg)

That's alright. I've yet to see media written after 1800 where the quest for immortality was depicted positively anyways

9d4bc No.77185

I was told I need to get on and kill stuff deader

8c343 No.77186

Meet The Sargent >>76939

9d4bc No.77187

Sorry technical difficultys.
What must Onyx kill?

5637e No.77188

The only enemy in front of us.

8c343 No.77189

I'll repost the descriptive paragraph in full:

>On the floor ahead of them, illuminated by the flashlight, they see a pony.

>Well, "pony" is perhaps a bit generous. The creature clearly was a pony at some point. The lips of the pony are entirely gone from the head. It now has exposed fore-teeth, the natural gap between the teeth and the rear molars giving it a perpetual wicked smile. One eye is entirely missing from its socket, leaving a black hole in the skull. The tongue too, seems missing. A cracked and cataract filled right eye remains and stares at the group, but… with the eye lids entirely missing. One ear has fluff on it, the other is bare flesh. The skull has at points only exposed bone, but most is covered in this dark leathery flesh-like substance that won't quite rot. On top of the head is a helmet. The strap goes down underneath the head, and keeps it firmly strapped on.

>My Celestia does he smell ghastly… worse than he looks. It's not just the decay of a corpse, it's almost supernatural

>The pony wears a uniform. It is a uniform that can be instantly recognized by most as belonging to an Equestrian non-commissioned officer. This uniform covers most of the front of the horse, although it can be seen that further down the rear of the horse the belly seems to be missing some flesh and is likely castrated. He has a belt with a holstered pistol nearer his flank. One forehoof still has a horse shoe, the other hoof is split and sinew is showing. The uniform has a couple tears in it, and some blood, but this pony is missing any sign of a bullet or shrapnel wound, unlike the last two, who were clearly wounded. This pony is wearing a flak jacket, and aside from one long gash it is undamaged. Indeed, you can see from a Los Pegasus campaign medal and a Manehattan campaign medal that this particular pony was quite an experienced soldier of the Empire of Harmony, having fought both the Changelings and New Mareland, and making it all the way to Harmony's last stand. For all of that, the Fascists never slew him

>In fact, he seems kind of animated now, clearly capable of movement, probably quick movement. He seems to have seen the group. He lets forth an unnatural "WHOOOOOOOOOOOOORG" that does not seem to belong to this realm

AC 21 thanks to a flak jacket. Has a sickening smell around it

cfe57 No.77190

Stop being a bitch, i wont let silver die.

a0dd4 No.77191

She wasn't sleeping. She's just sleepy.

a0dd4 No.77192

Finally escaped.

I can play, for now.

9d4bc No.77193

Dice rollRolled 14 + 8

Halberd attack, with slight power attack. A -2 penalty to add +4 to damage.

8c343 No.77194

But first, before you approach, roll a fortitude save

a0dd4 No.77195

Last I remember, Sister Ash was watching the foals while she was waiting for the Sisters.

9d4bc No.77196

Dice rollRolled 7 + 5

>My one good save

cfe57 No.77197


728ae No.77198

I hope it's good enough

a0dd4 No.77199

9d4bc No.77200

Dice rollRolled 11 + 5

It's what I get for being cocky

9d4bc No.77201

Oh fucking hell, of course the accident is better

8c343 No.77202

Dice rollRolled 1 + 4

Dice rollRolled 2

A few lights turn on, and Sister Marery herself approaches Ash
"What is the matter here?"

Onyx finds himself physically sickened by the stench of the Sargent. It throws off his attack with the Halberd, causing him to fail to penetrate tough flesh and the flak jacket where otherwise he may have succeeded

Onyx is Sickened for 1d4+4 minutes, and will take -2 on pretty much all dice rolls

Also rolling for the Sargent's target
1: Silver
2: Onyx

9d4bc No.77203

Get fucked.
Can I roll to aim Onyx's vomit at the enemy?

8c343 No.77204

Dice rollRolled 7, 13 = 20

Dice rollRolled 5 + 5

The Horse gives off an unholy shriek, and raises its hooves and teeth at Onyx, biting and kicking


9d4bc No.77205

Dice rollRolled 15 - 2

Muh AC is 13 btw.
Rolling to puke on the Sargent while he attacks Onyx

a0dd4 No.77206

Sister Ash takes several minutes explaining the events of the night.

8c343 No.77207

One hoof - just one - penetrates through Onyx's armor

Roll a fortitude save for paralysis

Hit. It fails to notice the difference, but now vomit covers part of the front portion of the uniform

Her expression turns to utter horror
"My, I…"

728ae No.77208

Why did none of you pick up any holy weapons? It should've helped a lot.

a0dd4 No.77209

"It's certainly foolish indeed.." Sister Ash says solemnly
"These silly foals didn't know what they were doing."

a0dd4 No.77210

You have to be good-aligned to weild holy weapons.
Idk what everyone else's alignment is though.

cfe57 No.77211

Holy weapons dont help against undead.

728ae No.77212

Aren't undead evil creatures?

a0dd4 No.77213

Undead are always evil. Holy weapons do extra damage.

9d4bc No.77214

Dice rollRolled 17 + 5

Just in, local man is sick of fort saves

a0dd4 No.77215

Except for the occasional ghost.

8c343 No.77216

Onyx is strong horse. He is not paralyzed

Dark Star's turn

cfe57 No.77217

holy is a +2
that was to expensive

728ae No.77218

Try to flank the Sargent to deal with 18 AC instead of 21

cfe57 No.77219

Dice rollRolled 1 + 5

i shoot at the sargent with the seeker of truth

a0dd4 No.77220

Only priests would sell divine items anyway.

728ae No.77221

>inb4 Star shoots his own hoof.

a0dd4 No.77222

>Seeker of Truth

356b0 No.77223

Johnny I hardley knew ye

8c343 No.77224

The gun flies out of Dark Star's hoof, and the bullet can be heard ricocheting across various walls

Roll for luck

356b0 No.77225

Dice rollRolled 19

I swear to fuck if I get shot

728ae No.77226

Better than tripping yourself with the NPC you've just apologized for dissing her tribe.

a0dd4 No.77227

Are you talking about Cauldron?

728ae No.77228

No, Skies

a0dd4 No.77229

728ae No.77230

I'll be busy for a couple of minutes. Have to set up something. I believe in you, Stallion gang, you can do it!

8c343 No.77231

Silver's turn and Silver needs to roll luck

Don't undersell Iron's spaghetti. He also called her infertile

a0dd4 No.77232

What does Sister Marey say in response?

8c343 No.77233

"It would be so much worse if they did," the sister says darkly

dbec9 No.77234

Dice rollRolled 1

>I got to take a shower and come back to 50 new posts.

dbec9 No.77235

*I go to take
Anyways, F. I'm fairly certain Dark Star just killed Silver.

c7bc9 No.77236

"Indeed…" Sister Ash replies, with a slight cringe
"It seems like this one got her hands on a black magick tomb of sorts. I'd like to search her room, if that would be alright."

356b0 No.77237


c7bc9 No.77238

Now you can start making a new character.

dbec9 No.77239

>Stop being a bitch, i wont let silver die.
The fucking irony.

cfe57 No.77240

File: 1546109280017.png (328.8 KB, 600x600, _pledge to protect.png)

49d37 No.77241

File: 1546109293448.gif (Spoiler Image, 109.19 KB, 420x360, ClappingOctavia.gif)

Wandering evil-aligned spirits happening to watch the melee cackle at your misfortune, while the good-aligned ones are grateful you'll be put out of your misery quickly.

356b0 No.77242

If that's you atlas please stop fudging the dice

cfe57 No.77243


c7bc9 No.77244

Sister Ash looks at the filly that was just minutes ago tickled to the brink of exhaustion.
"Are you ready to cooperate?"

dbec9 No.77245

I want it to be known that Silver's final thoughts were of his late wife, Storm Warming, his three children, Silver Rain, Spectral Streak, and White Light, and his late parents, Hammer Anvil and Pleasant Meadow.

dbec9 No.77246

*Storm Warning

c7bc9 No.77247

Wait, he had kids?

8c343 No.77249

Dice rollRolled 1, 1 = 2

Silver feels a sharp pain in his rump as Dark Star's bullet has sough truth and found it in Silver

Dark Star is now a literal pain in the ass to Silver as well as Blue Skies

She looks exhausted alright, but does not respond

8c343 No.77250

Silver's turn in the order of initiative

cfe57 No.77251

File: 1546110342945.png (479.97 KB, 612x612, ____.png)

>Dark Star is now a literal pain in the ass to Silver
So Sorry
>as well as Blue Skies
pic related

dbec9 No.77252

Dice rollRolled 8 + 7

Trip: He yells out in pain. Now enraged, Silver attempts to trip up the Sargent.

c7bc9 No.77253

"Hmmmph. You're up far past your bedtime, young Missy."

Just a question: do all the children sleep in the same room in the dorm, or are there several rooms?
I want to search their rooms in the dorm to confiscate any black magick tombs/tools, but I'd rather avoid disturbing the other children.

Tripping is a good idea. Lower touch AC, and he should take a penalty on his opposed roll from the nonprofficency in his armor.

8c343 No.77254

Dice rollRolled 20 + 5

Alright, the touch attack lands. Because a greatsword - unlike a halberd, for instance, is not one of the weapons with which a trip attack may be made, Silver must necessarily make the attack with a hoof, and this provokes an attack of opportunity from The Sargent

He bites at Silver

There are a few rooms, segregated by age and sex where possible

dbec9 No.77255

Well, it was nice knowing you guys.

356b0 No.77256

cfe57 No.77257


c7bc9 No.77258

Hope Silver has enough AC to avoid Crit confirmation.

Sister Ash turns to Sister Marey
"I'd like to search their rooms. If you would show them to me, that would be much appreciated."
She hasn't let go of the filly
"You're coming with me."

dbec9 No.77259

Oh, he's very much going to hit the critical and tear Silver's throat out. I keep telling you guys, I know there's no way Silver's going to survive this, but no one believes me.

c7bc9 No.77260

What's your AC, 15?

8c343 No.77261

Dice rollRolled 11 + 5

Make two separate Fortitude saves

Although maybe he should be immune to ghoul fever because he rolled a 20 on a previous fort save? Then again, that was an attack with a hoof, and not a bite so I shouldn't have made him roll the second fort save to begin with

"We've already started"
She takes her to a section that has several dormitories. Foals have been awoken and pulled outside, and lights are turned on

356b0 No.77262

I'll miss Silver

dbec9 No.77263

Dice rollRolled 9 + 7

Dice rollRolled 18 + 7

I have no clue. 18, I think.
F is for Fortitude, and paying my respects.

c7bc9 No.77264

Sister Ash hands the filly to another Sister, and Casts Detect Magick, searching the entire dorm for traces of spellcasting tools or tombs.
Detect Magick has a 60 foot emanation. She walks up and down the dorm until she finds something.

c7bc9 No.77265

She's looking for any kind of aura, including faint or lingering ones.

8c343 No.77266

Dice rollRolled 7 + 3

Neither paralyzed nor infected, Silver may proceed with the Trip. The bite cracks through Silver's foreleg

Roll opposed strength for the trip

dbec9 No.77267

Dice rollRolled 19 + 2

How much damage did the bite even do, though? It would be kinda nice for keeping track.

8c343 No.77268

Dice rollRolled 3 + 3

A few auras, largely emanating from magical ponies

Silver is able to pull the Sargent down to the ground

Rolling damage on Silver

5637e No.77269

Dice rollRolled 4 + 3

That's it. Scorching ray. We finish this and take everyone out of this pit to heal at some hospital.

c7bc9 No.77270

Anything else? A something that might indicate a recently read tomb?

Sister Ash continues her search.

dbec9 No.77271

Does tripping make an opponent vulnerable to AoOs?

dbec9 No.77272

And, more importantly, if it does, can Silver make an AoO before his turn is over?

356b0 No.77273

Dice rollRolled 11 + 8

Onyx decides he's had enough of this shit, and brings down the ax Halberd.

8c343 No.77274

Ash has yet to go inside a room. The only distinct magical auras are faint and come from three unicorns, two who seem to levitate or do things and the needy colt

Maybe when the enemy attempts to get up his next turn, which will be after onyx


dbec9 No.77275

Okay then, can Silver then make an AoO when the Sargent tries to get up?

c7bc9 No.77276

Dice rollRolled 4 + 5

Sister Ash disregards the minor Transmutation auras from the Unicorns and proceeds into her room, her dog sniffing about the place like a bomb-sniffer. Detect Magick still active.
Guess I'll roll perception.

c7bc9 No.77277

Dice rollRolled 14 + 9

Wait, the needy colt? Why is he magick?
Rolling Spellcraft to discern his school of his aura.

8c343 No.77278

Dice rollRolled 8 + 8

Onxy discovers that he is damned lucky that this opponent is on the ground

The scorching ray fails to make contact, as a prone opponent is harder to hit from a distance

I'll just assume for the sake of argument that Ash bothered to ask a sister which of the dorms was the filly's rather than simply walking into a random dorm room out of ignorance

She sees multiple beds and a couple chests and dressers. Perhaps 8 beds in this room, 4 on each side. Each separate

8c343 No.77279

Dice rollRolled 4

It's a light amount of magic that belongs to the colt itself rather than any sort of arcane or divine magic

Rolling more damage

c7bc9 No.77280

The DC for that is 15 plus spell level. If not a spell, it's 15 plus half the caster level

c7bc9 No.77281

But what school of magick?
>Transmutation, Illusion, enchantment, etc.

8c343 No.77282


The colt raises his hooves up to Ash

8c343 No.77283

The Sargent tries to stand up

Onyx and Silver have attacks of opportunity

c7bc9 No.77284

No school? Hmmmm
Sister Ash narrows her eyes as she makes direct eye contact with the colt for a moment.
Then she turns to one of the Sisters
"Watch this one for now. He has something to hide."
Then she turns and enters the filly's room to continue her search.

dbec9 No.77285

Dice rollRolled 5 + 8

Dice rollRolled 2 + 8

Combat Reflexes: Silver has officially had enough. With a primal war cry, he brings his greatsword down on the Sargent, multiple times.
First two hits included, second two in the next post.

dbec9 No.77286

Dice rollRolled 20 + 8

Dice rollRolled 13 + 8


8c343 No.77287

File: 1546113460812.jpeg (99.5 KB, 1136x640, 8EE9F994-E58D-4352-8791-0….jpeg)

The colt looks basically like this, but with a horn instead of wings and thin green irises. He raises his hooves for a hug

Yeah, I don’t think that’s how that works

356b0 No.77288

Dice rollRolled 2 + 11

AoO time

dbec9 No.77289

356b0 No.77290

What's your INT bonus?

dbec9 No.77291

It's -1, but Combat Reflexes uses Dex, not Int.

356b0 No.77292

Why'd I say INT? DEX is what I meant

c7bc9 No.77293

Sister Ash has already gone into the room, although she glances at the colt suspiciously one more time before she passes the threshold.

Does she sense any auras in the filly's room?

dbec9 No.77294

It's +3 for Dex.

c7bc9 No.77295

Those are supposed to be separate attacks of opportunity, provoked by separate events.

8c343 No.77296

Combat reflexes lets you make more than one if they provoke more than one, but not like 4 for the same provocation

Onyx fails to pierce

If there are any books in that room with questionable content, the content in and of itself is not magical, because she can't sense shit

dbec9 No.77297

Then why the hell did I even take it for?

c7bc9 No.77298

Dice rollRolled 19 + 1

Well, I guess I'll just have to keep rolling search until I eventually find it..

dbec9 No.77299

Seriously, when I read it, I honestly thought that, if an opponent provokes an AoO from Silver, then he can make additional attacks.

c7bc9 No.77300

It helps if you get dogpiled by multiple enemiy trying to grapple you.

dbec9 No.77301

Yeah, in that case, it was a waste of a feat. I should have gone for Great Cleave.

8c343 No.77302

Inside a drawer under clothing, there is a booklet…

Incantations to Mar

c7bc9 No.77303

Dice rollRolled 5 + 6

Rolling knowledge (religion), to see if I recognize it.

dbec9 No.77304

I mean, there's absolutely NOTHING in the feat's description that says that it doesn't work that way! How the hell am I supposed to know!?

8c343 No.77305

She doesn't know much, except that the name of the god on the cover is a part of the griffon pantheon - a god of death, blood, and evil. The book itself is in a foreign language

8c343 No.77306

The real question is if Silver keeps that 20 he rolled

c7bc9 No.77307

I g2g for a bit

dbec9 No.77308

You might as well should just take that first roll and have him miss. Honestly, the amount of fucks I have to give is very nearly reaching 0.

c7bc9 No.77309

Wait turns out I don't.

c7bc9 No.77310

Sister Ash leaves the room with the book and shows it to Sister Marey, then to the filly.
"Who gave this to you?"

8c343 No.77311

Silver's greatsword pierces through the hardened flesh of the Sargent's neck, goes up through it, and cuts in two the strap of the helmet

The helmet falls off the head of the creature, and the creature falls down to the ground. After a year of war and six months of trotting around a dark cavern, The Sargent knows peace at last

Well that's disappointing

"… Griffons at the docks have them"

728ae No.77312

Called it. GM wouldn't let you just die. Silver lives on.

c7bc9 No.77313

Sister Ash gives out a sigh.
>When you wanted to sleep, but you gotta wake up in the middle of the night to stop kids from summoning devil's
Then she turns to Marey.
"I found what she's been reading."
Then she looks back at the filly
"Do you have anything else to hide?"

dbec9 No.77314

Well, sorry to disappoint.
Silver, still in a state of rage, just stands there, panting heavily from exhaustion.
It probably would have been better now if Silver HAD died. At least he would have gone down fighting, instead of being like this.

8c343 No.77315

"You found the book, didn't you? You saw us in the forest. What else do you want?"

728ae No.77316

Oh, stop whining. If you dislike your character that much, searcha ravine and jump off it to restart. Thankfully you can't put a reason to do that
But I have

dbec9 No.77317

Nah, he'd just leave everything but his greatsword with the rest of the group and wander off into the forest to seek a warrior's death.

8c343 No.77318

728ae No.77319

In Silver's eyes, he just defeated a tough opponent he thought it was invincible. He should feel mighty, not ashamed of his prowess, so you can't do that

dbec9 No.77320

I don't know why, and in all likelihood, Silver would never do that. Still, I, like Silver, have come to the realization that Silver here is good at doing nothing. He can't fight. He doesn't do well on skill check. And at the rate PCs are leveling in this game, he has no chance of getting any better.
He nearly died, and the only reason he managed to finish it off is because Onyx swooped in with his magic kill stick and nearly brought the thing down on his own. He built his entire self-image on the idea that he can fight, and that even in his age he can still fight. But now he realizes he can't.

c7bc9 No.77321

Reeeee I accidentally deleted my text again!

Sister Ash sighs, it being too late at night for her to give a pep-talk to a foal about magical philosophy.
"If you wanted to learn magick, you certainly won't find anything of value from a street peddler.." she begins
"And you definitely won't find what you're looking for offering tribute to evil creatures. Magick is ingrained in morality: conjuring evil is always an evil act, and evil can only be used to spread evil.." she continues
"You don't know it yet, but the thing you're looking for won't be found in a book like this."
Explaining things to kids is hard…

728ae No.77322

But you dealt the killing blow. Not Onyx. Don't make your character suicidal without reason

fb3d4 No.77323

Isn’t that suppose to make you train harder and not give up immediately? It would make sense if he was a level 20 fighter that couldn’t fight, but you are a low level. It’s part of the leveling process to encounter lots of enemies that pose a challenge to not just one player, but all the players’ strength put together.

dbec9 No.77324

Silver's not suicidal just yet, don't worry. But he is definitely in for some troubled times in his life.

dbec9 No.77325

Maybe if Silver was young and he still had his whole life in front of him. But he's 68 years old. The only thing he's known, and believed he was good at, was fighting. To have that taken away from him like this would be devastating.

356b0 No.77326

That's an old hoers.
Did you name him silver after his hair? xP

dbec9 No.77327

It doesn't help that he's surrounded by another fighter who can kill almost anything he gets put up against, a druid who can summon fierce animals at will, a ranger/rouge with two powerful magic revolvers, a sorcerer who can annihilate enemies with magic, and whatever Iron is. Meanwhile, Silver is…just an old stallion with a sword. He's not strong, or fast, or have anything that can really aid him. He's just…there. Taking up space.
Nah. His father wasn't very creative with names, so he named him Silver Sword, because he was working on a silver sword when his son was born, and because his coat back then was remotely close to being silver-colored.

fb3d4 No.77328

It’s not like this is natural circumstances. This is a war vet being enhanced with evil magic and unholy powers. This is a new world of fighting, one that will launch Silver into a warrior status into the stratosphere. Being the one to slay the dead? Not even magic and being brought back to life can stop Silver from putting you back in your place. He will be feared all throughout the city.

8c343 No.77329

Alright, immediate battle is over

The fillie looks like she wants to talk and respond, but keeps her head down

728ae No.77330

I can't really criticize since GM is making the path of suicidal Iron oh so tempting, but please. Iron got raped in his sleep and couldn't even fight against it while you just did poorly in a single fight. Give it a break, Silver should had more than one job that was done poorly.

fb3d4 No.77331

It’s bad luck to make a mare upset.

728ae No.77332

Unless Cauldron is a changeling, it's unlikely

c7bc9 No.77333

68 is way past middle age for a creature that ages like a human.
Age affects you ability scores. At that Age, you'd take a -3 penalty to Str, Dex, and Con. You'd get a +2 bonus to Int, Wis, and Char though

728ae No.77334

Also, did you call the GM a woman?

dbec9 No.77335

It was one single moderately powerful undead. Nothing for Silver to brag about, and certainly not if he would have died had Onyx not came to his aid.

356b0 No.77336

GM is a woman?

c7bc9 No.77337

Sister Ash kneels down on her forehooves, speaking softly.
"There's no need to hold back now.. Say what it is you're feeling."

dbec9 No.77338

At this point, it doesn't surprise me to learn I suck at this game, and suck with creating characters, and just suck with everything in general.

728ae No.77339

Come on Onyx, women don't exist here. But it would explain his lack of bant resistance.

fb3d4 No.77340

GM made a mare for you. Just saying that making her out to be a villain was not good luck for your character
How many ponies know about the undead? Is it common to be encountered in this setting? This isn’t typical DND setting remember

fb3d4 No.77342

No one sucks more than me anon. Trust me.

356b0 No.77343

I was pretty damn shit at first too. I haven't gotten much better, but I'm better at fudging it.

728ae No.77344

But I was clearly rooting for the dragon pucci so I don't really think it was THE OTP here

dbec9 No.77345

I would definitely challenge that statement.
Still better than I am, apparently.

8c343 No.77346

File: 1546116448246.png (1.3 MB, 1920x1080, Look of Doom.png)

Bitch fuckin' please. Silver is one of only two characters to deal any damage to the ghast at all. Dark Star failed to damage it at all thanks possibly to an unwillingness to duel wield or double tap. Spark got fucked over with shitty dice rolls, and was also unwilling to shoot it with his laser. The only reason Ash could kill a CR3 so quickly was 1. she had two extremely powerful spells in reserve, and she used both of them in a single fight 2. I let her get a bonus round to try to hit it before rolling initiative.

"I will not be somepony else's plaything"

I can't say I understand this post

dbec9 No.77347

Anyways, I think I'm gonna go do something else for a bit, clear my mind. Doesn't do my any good being like this.

728ae No.77348

You don't really need to. It's just guesswork you don't need to pay attention to.

fb3d4 No.77349

You will never get with your crush now. If you let Cauldron down easy, maybe. But now you have to redeem yourself before your karma can balance.
We all were rooting for you the whole time buddy. Please feel better.

c7bc9 No.77351

>How many ponies know about the undead?
Knowledge (religion) is thr skill that concerns undead. It's a train only skill, so only Clerics, Adepts, Bards, Wizards, and Expert NPCs would have extensive knowledge of them.
That doesn't mean a normal person can't take 10 on an untrained intelligence check upon seeing a 1 HD zombie and scream "Ahh! It's a zombie!"

c7bc9 No.77352

Also, Paladins. Especially Paladins.
Paladin is basically the anti-necro class.

356b0 No.77353

Nah, I thought Combat Reflexes worked the same way. And don't get me started on melee combat in general

fb3d4 No.77354

and read back through the other RP threads about a certain ranger and see what I mean

728ae No.77355

>implying that the GM will not try to emasculate/cut his dick and balls off Iron to tone down his obliviousness and dickishness
Comr on Spark, he can't change that much without some justification.

c7bc9 No.77356

"Of course you won't." Sister Ash replies

8c343 No.77357

She lays down on the ground, and tears form in her eyes. Then she lays her head down flat to the ground, ears back

c7bc9 No.77358

Sister Ash picks her up and hugs her
"There, there…"

8c343 No.77359

Is this the first hug she's gotten?

She is definitely crying now

c7bc9 No.77360

First hug tonight, 1st one since the Warehouse.
Sister Ash pats her back, cradling her gently
"It's okay now…"

8c343 No.77361

Crying pretty heavily now
"But it's not"

c7bc9 No.77362

"What you did was wrong, but you know that now…" She says, stroking the filly's mane
"We all make mistakes.. What's important is that we learn from them.."

8c343 No.77363

"They will punish me now… But we still won't be safe"

c7bc9 No.77364

Fug! Are we talking like Catholic school punishment? Shid…
"I think you could use some extra time to think about what you did for now.. but we all forgive you.."
She pauses for a bit, somewhat unsure how to answer to the last part
"… We're all here to protect you. Everypony here tries their best.. Sometimes things can get hard, but what's important is that we trust each other.." she continues

8c343 No.77365

"How could I trust?"
The fillie motions over to a pair of dorm halls that are empty

c7bc9 No.77366

Darn it, this is really hard…

728ae No.77367

That's why it's hard to raise traumatized children, everybody.

dbec9 No.77368

I am feeling much better now.

5637e No.77369

Glad to hear it buddy.

dbec9 No.77370

So, is everyone still here?

5637e No.77371

They should be, though Onyx is always in and out it seems.

728ae No.77372

Good, you can still recover. Keep it up, each combat is experience that will be useful for other D&D games.
I am

dbec9 No.77373

That is definitely the truth.
At least now I know that I will get zero use out of the Combat Reflexes perk.

dbec9 No.77374

*feat, not perk

728ae No.77375

Seems Ash is preparing a complex and carefully crafted speech to inspire the filly and make her feel safe.

c7bc9 No.77376

I'm still trying think of what to say…

dbec9 No.77377

I'm just waiting for Onyx and Dark Star to get back.

356b0 No.77378

Sorry, had to step out

dbec9 No.77379

And now we need to wait for Dark Star.

c7bc9 No.77380

Sister Ash looks over at the rooms with a solemn expression, before turning back.
"Sometimes things happen that we can't control, but we still need to try our best to help each other when we can." She muses, hoping the filly understands
"… Some if your friends can't be here, but you still have friends with you; the Sisters too. Can you try your best to trust them, for your friends sake?"

8c343 No.77381

"But why would I, if they could not protect us before?"

Only combat really needs every player

dbec9 No.77382

Well, yeah, but it would be nice to include him in the conversation, since he was part of the combat and all.

4d294 No.77383

"Trust isn't something that helps us feel safe.. it helps us stick together despite of danger.." she says, still cradling her
"Try to have faith in your friends, and yourself as well…"

356b0 No.77384

no bully to Dark Start, but his contribution was shooting you

dbec9 No.77385

Fair enough.

8c343 No.77386

She almost smiles at the cradling
"But we were sticking together in the forest"

4d294 No.77387

"Without nearly cursing yourselves.." Sister Ash adds

8c343 No.77388

"I could command it"

728ae No.77389

I wonder how she is so confident to be able to control fucking flaming dogs that come from Tartarus itself without consequences.

4d294 No.77390

This lil' shid just made it bite me. She had no way of telling of she could tell it to stop biting.
And there's no way a ritual that invokes an effect like that doesn't have some kind of horrific consequence (I'd be broken otherwise)
>This is what Sister Ash would be thinking right now as she speaks

"But were you completely aware of how that Conjuration worked, or the consequences of it..?" She impores
She continues
"Tell me.. What kind of great and powerful spirit is satisfied with the just the life of injured rabbit, but doesn't want something more in return..?" She says, her hoof pointing towards the filly's chest

c7bc9 No.77391

She had no way of knowing that. The hellhound did what any hellhound would do: attack good-aligned creatures.
The lil' shid is just cocky.

*It would be broken

8c343 No.77392

"I thought you knew all of this already?"

4d294 No.77393

"I knew, but I'm certain you didn't; because if you did, you wouldn't have been so quick to put yourself and your friends in danger." She replies

8c343 No.77394

"How much do you know about infernal magic?"
She asks

4d294 No.77395

"Experience." Sister Ash replies flatly
"I've seen enough if it to know that it's nothing for ponies to be fooling around with, let alone foals."

8c343 No.77396

The fillie does not respond

Ash recalls that the same fillie suspected that Ash would use her and the other foals as ritual sacrifices in dark magic

4d294 No.77397

Said the pot to the kettle…

"Black magick is no laughing matter.."
"I've seen it destroy ponies, who didn't know any better than to try it themselves."

8c343 No.77398

"…. So is being a helpless foal…"
She says this quietly

728ae No.77399

Why don't you give her the idea of summoning good creatures for her? It sounds okay to increase safety.

4d294 No.77400

The only good-aligned summon I have atm are Satyrs and Giant Eagles. It'll just piss off the nuns.
"There are better ways to avoid helplessness than playing with shifty dark magick." She says, boldly
"Now enough of this. You're all far past your bedtimes. You'll hear more about it in the morning." She says, as she places the filly down.

8c343 No.77401

She lowers herself down again

Sister Marery
"This is all quite dreadful, but we have prayer in the morning"

The colt: *hooves extended out* "Hug?"

c7bc9 No.77402

Sister Ash stares at the colt for several seconds with narrowed eyes.
"… Sure." She replies

c7bc9 No.77403

*Hugs colt*

8c343 No.77404

File: 1546124638407.png (3.56 KB, 369x298, 1506233292437.png)

He seems actually happy

*colt is hugged*

c7bc9 No.77405

Sister Ash isn't one to deny kindness to somepony who asks for it, even if she feels somewhat suspicious.

8c343 No.77406

File: 1546125073970.jpg (69.75 KB, 475x525, 1508035761759.jpg)

*wants more cuddles*

c7bc9 No.77407

*Cuddles some more, because why not?*

8c343 No.77408

*The colt is cuddled more*

The fillie returns to her bed, and sulks

c7bc9 No.77409

Sister Ash "places" (tears off and hurls) the colt into his bed, before she returns to her own chamber for some much-needed rest.

dbec9 No.77410

Because no one else is going to comment on the fight…
Silver stands over the corpse of the Sargent, greatsword still drawn. He looks and sounds absolutely exhausted from the fight, sweating profusely and breathing heavily. "That…t-that was…that was hell of fight…"

8c343 No.77411

And thus her midnight escapade ends unceremoniously

He's dead now. The smell is actually less bad now, although part of The Sargent is covered in vomit

4c120 No.77412

Wait, he survived?

728ae No.77413

Oh, Onyx.

c7bc9 No.77414

*Sleeps like a brick*

dbec9 No.77415

"What…what even was that thing…" He doesn't want to get much closer to check, all things considered. Though he doesn't have much time to actually consider it before all of the pain, previously pushed out of mind by his anger, hits him all at once like a freight train.
Yeah, I know, it's a shocker to me too.

728ae No.77416

You're lucky

356b0 No.77417

Onyx falls over
"Wake me up when it's time to leave"

dbec9 No.77418

Silver is too busy falling on his side and letting out a long, low wail of complete pain and anguish to be worried about Onyx right now.

5637e No.77419

I try to help Silver out of the room.
"I say it's time to go. We need to head to a doctor."

356b0 No.77420

Onyx helps spark move Silver

dbec9 No.77421

He grunts in pain at every movement, as he tries to fight against Spark and Onyx's assistance. "I am…fine! I just…let me get…" He fumbles through his saddlebags as best as he can for his first-aid kit and a healing potion.

dbec9 No.77422

Dice rollRolled 8 + 2

Might as well do a strength check to shake you guys off, I guess.

8c343 No.77423

Hmmm. Needs opposed

5637e No.77424

Dice rollRolled 1 - 1


5637e No.77425

I think this will hurt.

728ae No.77426

Oof. Can Dark Star save the day? Hope Spark doesn't fall somewhere.

dbec9 No.77427

It's not like he's trying to hurt Spark…

728ae No.77428

That's how it is with dice. 1=Death

356b0 No.77429

Dice rollRolled 20 + 4

Opposed you say?

c7bc9 No.77430

8c343 No.77431

Silver is very successful in shaking off Shimmer, and very unsuccessful in shaking off Onyx

dbec9 No.77432

Silver still struggles as best as he can against him, to no avail. "I will be fine! Let me go!"

356b0 No.77433

5637e No.77434

"Ease up. We need to make sure that thing didn't do anything to you. Those wounds are no joke."

8c343 No.77435

File: 1546128504024.png (51.93 KB, 1152x648, The Chambers thus far.png)

A map of the positions thus far

dbec9 No.77436

"I feel fine. It was just pain, and pain has already passed." Despite him saying this, he still winces when he puts pressure on the hoof that got bitten. "We have job to do still! Let me patch myself up, then I will be fine to continue on."

8c343 No.77437

File: 1546128600214.png (42.55 KB, 1152x648, The Chambers thus far - co….png)

With other bodies added

5637e No.77438

"The job will still be done, but it can't be done by anypony at less than peak health. I can't risk you getting hurt worse. If they waited this long for the monsters to be removed, they can afford to wait a little longer. We must be sure you are perfectly fine to continue."

c7bc9 No.77439

Remember to loot that armor.

356b0 No.77440

"I'll stop making you lean on my shoulder when one of us is dead"

dbec9 No.77441

"I have medical supplies, I will be fine!"
Silver glares at Onyx. "I said I will be fine."
Ew, why would you want armor worn by an undead? The sidearm he had on him sounded more like loot, though.

356b0 No.77442

c7bc9 No.77443

If he's got armor, he might be wearing other stuff.
Besides, you can sell it. Worth at least two healing potions; maybe 4.

5637e No.77444

"If the medical supplies can heal you to my satisfaction, then you can continue. If not, I am the one that signed the paper to lead the mission, so I will take you to the hospital should it not."

dbec9 No.77445

Silver now starts to genuinely sound upset. "Let. Me. Go."
>there are places that would buy tattered puked-on flak jackets
Okay, that's definitely a stretch.
He opens up his saddlebags, pulling out six Potions of Cure Light Wounds and one large, high-quality first-aid kit, fully-stocked.

5637e No.77446

Now, this is where I have to ask so questions. How many hit points does Silver have left and how many are restored through each of these items?

356b0 No.77447

"You'll heal yourself first"

c7bc9 No.77448

It matters what caster level the potions he bought were.

dbec9 No.77449

Each potion is a 1d8 + whatever caster level the potion maker was, which is somewhere between 1 and 5.
"It is hard to do while you are holding onto me."

dbec9 No.77450

Oh, and Silver has 30 hit points right now, with 50 being his max.

356b0 No.77451

"Fine, but lean on my shoulder"

dbec9 No.77452

He grumbles a bit. "You know I can stand on my own? I am not that old yet."

5637e No.77453

"Alright. Take one of these potions."

dbec9 No.77454

And now we wait for the GM to tell us what the caster level of these potions are.

356b0 No.77455

"You're injured, and I'm not about to believe I'm the only one sick."

cfe57 No.77456

Dark Star inspects the corpse for anything of interest.

dbec9 No.77457

He raises an eyebrow as he looks at Onyx. "You are sick from that? I know that zombie reeked, but it was not that horrible a smell."

356b0 No.77458

"So it didn't get you eh?"

8c343 No.77459

The uniform is fairly damaged and covered in vomit. There is an EDF standard helmet that is dented and a strap cut. He is wearing a mundane flak jacket that is now mildly to moderately damaged.

1 Colt 911 sidearm pistol
1 Colt 911 magazine
1 30 round Limestone box magazine
A letter, folded up
A dog tag
1 grenade
1 knife

dbec9 No.77460

He shakes his head. "No. I think I held up rather well, in that regard. Even if he got me couple times before you came in to help."
>tfw Silver would have been the one to see what the Sarge had on him, had he not been dragged away by Spark and Onyx

cfe57 No.77461

Dark Star gathers it all and trys to find out where the rest of the stallion gang went.

8c343 No.77462

They should all be immediately around him in the hallway

728ae No.77463

Can you even carry all of that?

cfe57 No.77464

"Hey Colts, the zombie had a colt on him."

cfe57 No.77465


cfe57 No.77466

Dark Star inspect the letter

dbec9 No.77467

What's the caster level on the potions Silver bought?
Silver doesn't seem to get the joke. "…He had colt on him?"

728ae No.77468

Level 1

c7bc9 No.77469

You can expect most potions to be made at minimum caster level, or else they'd cost several times as much.

cfe57 No.77470

Pulls out the m1911 and hoofs it over to silver
"yea this kind of colt"

dbec9 No.77471

I just want to make sure.

728ae No.77472

Wait, aren't potions just readied spells that are dormant but a activated when consumed? What's the deal? Why do you need a caster level to drink a placed spell on the potion?

dbec9 No.77473

He takes the pistol and examines it. "Hmm…I have not seen this kind before."

cfe57 No.77474

"yea there was also 1 Colt 911 magazine
1 30 round Limestone box magazine
A letter, folded up
A dog tag
1 grenade
1 knife"

dbec9 No.77475

"Letter? What did letter say?"

cfe57 No.77476

"i havent quite been able to read it yet. its almost like the universe hasnt caught up yet."

c7bc9 No.77477

It's slightly more complicated than that.
Potions are single use consumable items. They're different from spell trigger items, like wands, or spell completion items, like scrolls.
A potion is a magic liquid that produces its effect when imbibed. Potions are like spells cast upon the imbiber. The character taking the potion doesn’t get to make any decisions about the effect —the caster who brewed the potion has already done so. The drinker of a potion is both the effective target and the caster of the effect (though the potion indicates the caster level, the drinker still controls the effect).

I g2g. I can say more about items later.

8c343 No.77478

It reads

"To my Sweet Autumn Meadows. The war is almost over, and I can feel the dark clouds on the horizon. The Fascist planes fly overhead with impunity, and they harass us now with their artillery. I have seen dark days before, in the early campaign at the Shire. The bugs came in great swarms that blackened the sky and blocked out the Princess’s Sun. The bodies of the dead gave a horrific smell you could smell from miles away, and the Changeling’s machines could be heard from as far. But even in those days it was not hard to keep up the light, because I knew that all of Equestria stood beside me and behind me. There is a very different feeling now. We should have driven the Duke’s minions back into the sea when we had the chance, and now they have pushed us to the sea. It feels as if the light will soon be extinguished.

I hope you made it well to Appleloosia. Please give Dandelion a good Birth Day. I know she is probably not taking the war well, and I regret not being able to be there for her. I wish I could be there with you and hold you again. I would give almost anything for one more night in the desert underneath the jeweled sky with you. But duty calls. Did you know that they promoted me to a lieutenant just last week? I guess I proved your father wrong after all. It seems that Pinkamena herself must have thought that I could do the job. They’ve set me leading a platoon guarding the North suburbs of Baltimare, but the Fascists are trying to break through again. Any time I look up into the sky and see the Princesses’ work, I think of you and Dandelion, and I remember why I am fighting. Why I must fight. But when I see planes, it becomes so very hard to keep faith. We’ll meet again, my Sweet Autumn Meadows, someday, though I don’t know how or when. When we do, I will take you on a waltz through the heavens, like that first dance all those years ago.

With all my love,
Joe Blazer

August 11, 1012

cfe57 No.77479

"Hey Silver. hit me with your sword."

dbec9 No.77480

"…That does not seem like good idea to me."

8c343 No.77481

Automatic hoofgun

Yes, but he means the caster level of the person who made the spell

Ask the druid dragon lady

cfe57 No.77482

Dark Star looks very saddend by the contents of this letter and a tear rolls down his face as he thinks of his brother and what blue would be feeling if it were him that was turned into a zombie down here and left to rot
"look, i accidentally shot you. i demand that you slash me with your sword so i can atone for my mistake."

728ae No.77483

Iron really inspired you, eh?

dbec9 No.77484

I mean, I would, but she left. Also, she said it was likely a level 1, so I'm just going to go with that.
"Hmm. Does anypony want this weapon?"
"…So you are one who shot me."

cfe57 No.77485

Dark Star looks at him apologetically.
"Hit me!"

8c343 No.77486

dbec9 No.77487

"…" He picks up his sword, but instead of trying to hit him, he just prods Star right in the center of his chest with the pommel. "…Try not to shoot me in ass next time. As saying goes, my barn door does not swing that way."

728ae No.77488

Hah, GM is not part of the cool colt club. Only cool colts can understand what you pointed out/spoiler]

cfe57 No.77489

"if you do not do it. ill do it myself."
Dark Star pulls out the seeker

5637e No.77490

"No! Don't you dare."

728ae No.77491

>inb4 crits and shoots himself in the head, instantly killing him.

8c343 No.77492

"Don't injure yourself for the sake of some imagined debt to a Stalliongradian during the middle of a job…"

dbec9 No.77493

Silver puts a hoof on Dark Star's foreleg to try to stop him. "Look, it is fine. It is not first time I have been shot, and will probably not be last time."

356b0 No.77494

If Onyx had a hat he would have taken it off at hearing the contents of the letter.
"I can stab him"

5637e No.77495

"Not if you want your cut after this thing."

356b0 No.77496

"So no one wants to be stabbed?"

5637e No.77497

"The monsters down here are just begging for it. Save it for them."

dbec9 No.77498

Silver just sighs. "Nopony in their right mind would want to be stabbed."

cfe57 No.77499

"Oynx, Dragg this body to where the other one is."
"My honor Demands that i bleed. i made my ally bleed."
"I Have to."

5637e No.77500

"Then do it after we aren't in danger of being the next soldier stuck in this place. This is an order."

8c343 No.77501

If onyx needs a hat…. There's one now

"Honor comes from strength, power and winning. Not fairness"

dbec9 No.77502

"…How about this? You help make our opponents bleed, and I will consider this 'debt' of honor of yours fulfilled."

356b0 No.77503

>Work horse noises

dbec9 No.77504

Dice rollRolled 8 + 1

While waiting for his companions, Silver drinks one of the healing potions.

cfe57 No.77505

"That sounds good to me."
"i suppose that could work."
"Good Horse."

356b0 No.77506

"Are you patronizing me?"

c7bc9 No.77507


c7bc9 No.77508

Top zozzle.

8c343 No.77509

And thus recovers 9 health

I take it this means the corpse of Lieutenant Blazer into the other hallway?

356b0 No.77510

cfe57 No.77511

Dark Star laughs
"Yea i guess."

c7bc9 No.77512

Do it, fgt. I dare you.

dbec9 No.77513

Dice rollRolled 16 + 5

Dice rollRolled 7 + 1

After letting the effects of the potion wash over him, he takes one last potion before using his first-aid kit to help bandage himself up.

8c343 No.77514

"Well, to be honest, Dark Star, I find it difficult to imagine feeling about bad shooting somepony"

Bandaged and +8 more health, or 17 recovered in total. He now has 4 potions remaining

dbec9 No.77515

Damn. Maybe Silver should have been some sort of healer.

c7bc9 No.77516

"Violence is bad. Mmmmmmm'kay."

cfe57 No.77517

"i generally do not, but shooting an ally makes me feel terrible"

dbec9 No.77518

He feels significantly better than he did before, with the pain almost completely nullified, save for a dull ache in his foreleg.
"Ahhhh…I feel much better now than I did going into that fight. And I still have some potions left for another one."

8c343 No.77519

You know, Like a Paladin

It is so

"Well, I can't say I've ever shot anypony I considered an 'ally'."

"Go hug that fillie harder. She obviously need parents"

You know, I'm not sure if he would have a bullet lodged in his ass

c7bc9 No.77520

"Maybe I will."
*Hugs filly next chance she gets*

dbec9 No.77521

Shhhhhhhh…it's magic…

c7bc9 No.77522

Cannibals cannot be Paladins.

728ae No.77523

Second this.

5637e No.77524

I call out to Onyx "Bartender, are you still feeling sick?"

cfe57 No.77525

"Hey did you strip him of his armor?"
"well Stallion Gang are we ready to move on? or are we going back?"
What time of day is it? how much time has passed?
"its not a good feeling."

dbec9 No.77526

Carnivore, not cannibal.

c7bc9 No.77527

"That's the same thing! Reeeeee!"

728ae No.77528

Don't try to sugarcoat it, sicko

cfe57 No.77529

"if he ate pony."

356b0 No.77530

"No, but you can"

728ae No.77531

You're on his side because you licked dead pony ashes. Don't think I am blind to that fact

cfe57 No.77532

"it has your vomit on it. no thanks."

dbec9 No.77533

Silver seems confused as to when they decided on calling themselves the 'Stallion Gang'. "I am up for more. We still have job to do, after all. With luck, we will not have to deal with more of…whatever that thing was."

cfe57 No.77534


8c343 No.77535

I'm still rating it as 6PM. Ish.


"Well, I can't say I can really hep you much on that. Unless you need a Temptress, or just somepony to hold"

Silver begins to wonder what created that one Ghast

c7bc9 No.77536


728ae No.77537

It's ok. I'll stroke your mane to make you feel better if you want

356b0 No.77538

This tbh

cfe57 No.77539

"well who wants to take point?"
"i need both."

c7bc9 No.77540


728ae No.77541

Why would there be some sort of salt in a metaphorical cemetery?

c7bc9 No.77542

You fucked up.

356b0 No.77543

Today Argentina Anon will learn about embalming

dbec9 No.77544

All he knows about them is that they're hard as hell to kill unless you manage to trip them. But, as he's already got suspicions about the nature of why there's undead here from almost a century ago, he chalks it up to those suspicions: a lich. "I sure do hope whatever created this thing is long gone."
"Onyx or I would be best candidates. We are both as tanks, while I have light from horn, and he has better weapon."

c7bc9 No.77545

There wouldn't just be salt lying around though.

cfe57 No.77546

Expect a visit from Dark Star at the church
"let him go first you took quite the beating."

728ae No.77547

dbec9 No.77548

He nods. "Then I will try my best to keep way lighted from behind him."

8c343 No.77549

Like why the fuck are you randomly tasting suspected Embalming chemicals?


More unlit hallway deeper in, and what seems to be a door entrance

cfe57 No.77550

"lead the way colts. ill be in the back watching our rear."

728ae No.77551

Dat's ghey

dbec9 No.77552

He laughs in jest. "Just do not shoot our rears."
"Hmm…should we try door?"

8c343 No.77553

"Since you did such of good job of watching Silver's rear

This doorway has a wooden door to it. The door is already open

728ae No.77554

He had a mosquito on his flank and he couldn't swat it from where he was standing

356b0 No.77555

Onyx goes ahead

5637e No.77556


8c343 No.77557

Walking a little further down, he sees more hallway with more doors

dbec9 No.77558

…Blue must have some really weird fantasies.
Silver peeks in past the doorway.

cfe57 No.77559

no u
"well i dont know about that. but i did a great job with yours."
"Ha, no promises."

cfe57 No.77560

Checks the ceiling

dbec9 No.77561

"…Wait, didn't you say you were going to grab chemicals in well room?"

cfe57 No.77562


8c343 No.77563

No, she's just a sarcastic bitch who was making fun of that statement

there seems to be a formally constructed vaulted ceiling. There is some moisture and cobwebs. Strangely, the air is actually better over this direction

"You did, but only after I guided you…"

8c343 No.77564

It seems to be more or less a copy of the last room, with a few differences

There is no lumber in the pit
There are… sounds, shall we say, coming from the pit
There is another booklet on the table

cfe57 No.77565

Dark Star Doesnt let it affect him

728ae No.77566

[Dark Star burning intensifies]

dbec9 No.77567

"Before fight with zombie, I thought you said you were going to grab chemicals from well room."
The sounds make him 'nope' well away from the well, his mind only able to imagine the kind of horrors this mad pony managed to come up with. He does, however, grab the booklet to see if there's any interesting information inside.

cfe57 No.77568

"No that wasnt me that said that. i dont think so."

dbec9 No.77569

"Hmm…must be mistaken, then."

356b0 No.77570

How many?

8c343 No.77571

Inside the booklet, there are other chemical descriptions. It seems to have been written in some sort of cryptic writing - probably a form of shorthand - like the last. It has again a note at the beginning

"Dear Cinnamon Corn,

I have found that an improper application of the arsenic solution onto a corpse without the correct incantations, and sometimes even the same to a live subject, reanimates the corporeal being, but not the full spirit. It leaves a monstrous ghoulish entity with tough skin, and greater strength and endurance than the normal creature. Destroying these would destroy the subject as well, so it is recommended that you keep these subjects restrained until proper incantations may be applied. They can be rather aggressive. Each carries an eternal and voracious appetite for flesh. It was only after great expenditure of cattle that I learned that they don't need flesh to survive.

Yours, Joseph Curwhinny


Two more past where Silver went

c7bc9 No.77572

>great expenditure of cattle

356b0 No.77573

Dice rollRolled 2

Rolling to pick on of the 2

c7bc9 No.77574

8c343 No.77575

Furthest door down. He walks past a skeleton. This door is open, due to evident damage to the room

728ae No.77576


dbec9 No.77577

"Well, I know where that thing came from…" Against his better judgement, he peaks into the well to see if it's the same kind of undead they just slew, using his horn's light to see just barely see what's down inside.

356b0 No.77578

What's in the room?

cfe57 No.77579

"whats it say?"

8c343 No.77580

Silver can say safely that he was not disappointed

Looking into the well, 3 pairs of yellow eyes stair back at him. He can see the outlines of grey and white corpses. Lips decayed away, bellies open and gone. Ribs exposed, and a dreadful smell

"WHOOOOORG" They howl at him

A desk and… Is that a mummy's sarcophagus?

dbec9 No.77581

"I…think it detailed how Curwhinny made that thing we just fought…"

356b0 No.77582

Is a sarcophagus sunder-able?

8c343 No.77583


cfe57 No.77584

"we should probably destroy those notes then."

c7bc9 No.77585

It might be valuable.

cfe57 No.77586

"What the buck was that?"

dbec9 No.77587

He almost throws up from the potency of the smell. Almost. "Oh, go 'whorg' yourself."
"Thought crossed my mine, too, but it might have information we can use to more easily slay these things."
"More of those things. I do not recommend going anywhere near there. It sticks."

356b0 No.77588

Dice rollRolled 13 + 19

And Onyx sunders the sarcophagus

dbec9 No.77589

*my mind, too

cfe57 No.77590

"Spark Can you Burn these things?"

8c343 No.77591

Onyx needs to make a die roll

728ae No.77592

What is that bonus hit chance there?

5637e No.77593

"I got only one scorching spell left. Not today unfortunately."

cfe57 No.77594

"you could always pour tipsy on them."

356b0 No.77595

Dice rollRolled 8

+4 str, +5 bab, +1 masterwork, +1 weapon focus, +4 improved sunder, and +4 two-hooved weapon.
I don't like this, but do I hit it?

5637e No.77596

I hold the glass away from you.

8c343 No.77597

Oh, that wasn't a "hit" die

The halberd hits the object, breaking it, and allowing Onyx to open it

dbec9 No.77598

Silver pockets the book like the last one.

cfe57 No.77599

Dice rollRolled 9 + 6

Dark Star walks over and Shoots at one of them with Ride the lightning
ive been foregetting my plus one from a feat

356b0 No.77600

Onyx is pleased at the openable sarcophagus, and opens it
I know that one wasn't, I was just asking if I did hit it.
"Hey guys! Come check this out"

dbec9 No.77601

"On my way!" Silver rushes over in case something's wrong.

cfe57 No.77602

>inb4 mummy

356b0 No.77603

No? Really? I thought it would be a bear

cfe57 No.77604

>Bear mummy

8c343 No.77605

Dice rollRolled 4, 6, 3 = 13

I think you are also forgetting your Dex bonus

Onyx opens the somewhat fancy but now broken sarcophagus of Sonambula's Equestria to find that it is… Empty?

356b0 No.77606

Oh shit
"Well that's anticlimactic"

dbec9 No.77607

"Sarcophagus? But…where is mummy…?"

8c343 No.77608

With +11 attack bonus and a fatal supernatural disease no one here can cure….

Be mindful that the contents of that sarcophagus never left the cavern

5637e No.77609

"You just had to ask that."
I look behind myself just in case.

cfe57 No.77610

File: 1546138214669.png (154.21 KB, 303x366, _angry ponk.png)

>tfw i have a +9 and i just realized it

728ae No.77611

I think I'm going to sleep a lot earlier today. I need some thinking about Iron's previous predicament and what does it even mean for the character, if it was even real and not some dream fueled by insecurity. Night all.

5637e No.77612

Goodnight anon.

cfe57 No.77613

>if it was even real and not some dream fueled by insecurity
i really hope it was.
night fren

d86fa No.77614


I'm not exactly sure what I can do with my character asleep… But I'm not sleeping yet.

356b0 No.77615

Night dude

dbec9 No.77616

Did you create this quest just to kill off some characters?

cfe57 No.77617

i wonder if ash has any dreams?

d86fa No.77618

That's a good question.

8c343 No.77619

On the way to the fourth door, Silver and Dark Star pass a skeleton with a foreleg held up, more modern worker's clothing, a hat, and something by his side.

Ask >>77611 if I would do that while excluding his character

That's not a question. That's a die roll

cfe57 No.77620

is it dead?

d86fa No.77621

Dice rollRolled 6

Rolling 1d20

dbec9 No.77622

"Hmm? What's this?" Silver leans down to look at what the worker had.

d86fa No.77623

.. I should have rolled Concentration…

8c343 No.77624

Is dead

Workmare's jacket that is very…. very old. Still with woven cotton of the type after industrialism. This is torn around the chest. All flesh is gone, it is only a skelecton. To his right side is a broken lantern. To his left is…. Dynamite? It looks like dynamite. His leg is held up as if shielding, and his back is against the wall, as if he was fending off some enemy while prone on his back. There is a note in the pocket, as well as a slew of other small items that relate to the detonation of dynamite

cfe57 No.77625

Dark star examines the skeleton

dbec9 No.77626

This isn't what Silver expected to find down here…and the state of the skeleton doesn't bode well for them. He takes everything he can related to the dynamite, before reading the note.

356b0 No.77627

Onyx runs like hell to find the others

8c343 No.77628

He sees much the same. The jacket reads that it is from the Silver Springs quarry

Note reads:

"Natural cavern found on far north end of mine during blasting. Explore with small team and find holes to blast as is opportune or necessary to dislodge stone or close dangerous tunnels. Airflow expected normal and no pockets of methane suspected, clear for lanterns

Foremare, Granite Grinder


5637e No.77629

"Where? Bartender! Are you ok?"

356b0 No.77630

"I'm fine now, but I won't be if whatever was in that sarcophagus finds us"

c7bc9 No.77631

[Sleeping Kirin noises]

dbec9 No.77632

Silver honestly looks pissed at the false alarm from Onyx, but he only spares a second to glance at him.
"I wonder what killed you, then…" He checks the dynamite to see if it still looks good.

5637e No.77633

"Is it possible that the sarcophagus was empty to begin with?"

cfe57 No.77634

"890, Wow."

356b0 No.77635

"In a necromancer's lair? Your brain must be working as well as the skeletons' brains"

8c343 No.77636

Dice rollRolled 1 + 1

Also, let me think…

The 'sweating' of nitroglycerin from the dynamite is partially offset by the decay and instability of the explosive. Don't expect it to be nearly as powerful or as safe as new sticks, but when your explosives are made with love and magic, quite a long shelf life is possible. There are six sticks tied together

The year the quarry was closed

5637e No.77637

"And why would a mummy be standing around for Celestia knows how long without going back to it's home?"

dbec9 No.77638

"Yes. I wonder if this Curwhinny's creations killed him, or if he was attacked by mummy."

356b0 No.77639

"Hell if I know, but I don't like this"

cfe57 No.77640

File: 1546139947793.jpg (8.87 KB, 320x320, _ A horrified expression.jpg)

cfe57 No.77641

"maybe Curwhinny made the mummy to."

dbec9 No.77642

Silver decides that they might actually have enough ordinance to deal with this mummy, if they run into it. He gets up and goes into the final room they haven't explored in this part of the structure.
"Maybe. I do not know about them, either way, so I am in dark about this."

8c343 No.77643

This room seems to be a bit like the first two, but with far fewer jars, and still a pit

c7bc9 No.77644

He's going to be pissed at you for smashing his bed.

356b0 No.77645

I'll smash his skull if he likes

dbec9 No.77646

He peeks into the well and uses his horn's magic to see if there's any of Curwhinny's creations inside.
Or they can blow him up with the dynamite Silver just found.

8c343 No.77647

Oh yes. Just one

cfe57 No.77648

Dark Skies is by the well just in case anything is down there

dbec9 No.77649

He strains his eyes against the dark to see if it's just like the others.

356b0 No.77650

That's easy enough to be boring. We gotta use the dynamite to seal the tunnels anyway.

dbec9 No.77651

We all already know just how much Dark Star likes Blue Skies, he doesn't have to go and change his name to hers to make it any more obvious.

8c343 No.77652

Looks like a smaller model, and less smelly

>Dark Skies

dbec9 No.77653

I mean, boring is better than getting killed by the mummy.

cfe57 No.77654

it was a Freudian slip oops

8c343 No.77655

You hear a growling sound

356b0 No.77656


dbec9 No.77657

"Well, that IS interesting…"
Listen: Silver tries to pinpoint which room the sound is coming from.

dbec9 No.77658

Dice rollRolled 13 + 3

My mistake with the dice, again.

cfe57 No.77659

Dice rollRolled 6 + 9

i shoot it

5637e No.77660

You can't shoot a sound or else you will shoot us again!

c7bc9 No.77661

Too late.

8c343 No.77662

To the right of the hall, and opposite from the fourth room is, more hallway

Dark Star is able to determine from the sound that from the direction of the growling is not a wall, but more hallway

cfe57 No.77663

"its coming from the hallway."

356b0 No.77665

Onyx pokes his head into the hallway

dbec9 No.77666

Silver draws his greatsword, the dynamite, and his Hippo lighter.
He nods at Star, and motions for them to keep quiet.

cfe57 No.77667

Dark Star Follows

8c343 No.77668

Dice rollRolled 17 + 3

Dice rollRolled 8

When Dark Star shines his light down the hallway, two figures can be seen. Standing and shaped like ponies, they are now of a familiar kind - white hides, no lips, horrific grins, and lidless eyes. These are the ghasts that sired the one they saw earlier, and kept Blazer from his wife and foal. They wear no armor, and one look as if they may have already been shot by some unknown attacker

Roll initiative

5637e No.77669

Dice rollRolled 17


cfe57 No.77670

Dice rollRolled 19 + 3


356b0 No.77671

Dice rollRolled 14


dbec9 No.77672

Dice rollRolled 14 + 3

Oh shit.

8c343 No.77673

Order is:

Dark Star
Ghast 1
Ghast 2

dbec9 No.77674

Remember to do that dual-wield thing with his pistols, and use that feat the GM was talking about.

cfe57 No.77675

Dice rollRolled 15 + 9

Dark Star shoots at ghast 1 with ride the lightning

8c343 No.77676

Dice rollRolled 3, 1, 6 + 1 = 11


8c343 No.77677

Dice rollRolled 14 + 7

I forgot to make dark Star reload his revolver…

The Ghast sees no better target than Dark Star, and charges at him to bite him

Roll a fortitude save for stench

cfe57 No.77678

Dice rollRolled 7 + 4

"ugh not again."

dbec9 No.77679


8c343 No.77680

Dice rollRolled 1 + 3

The bite of the evil animal goes through Dark Star's jacket.

Roll for Fortitude save on paralysis

Roll for Fortitude save on Ghoul Fever

dbec9 No.77681

And also paying respects.

cfe57 No.77682

Dice rollRolled 14, 3 + 4 = 21


dbec9 No.77683

I probably would have done that as two separate rolls, TBH.

8c343 No.77684

Spark's turn

Dark Star feels sickened, and strange. He is not paralyzed

dbec9 No.77685

Go get 'em, Spark!

cfe57 No.77686

"I dont Feel so good."

5637e No.77687

Dice rollRolled 4 + 3

Time to try something new. My weapons have little chance of working so… I go over to Silver and cast Mage Armor on him.
>inb4 thanos meme

356b0 No.77688

What did it cost?

8c343 No.77689

It is so

Silver's turn now. +4 AC for Mage armor

cfe57 No.77690

Half the universe

8c343 No.77691

I wonder if that included Blue Skies

cfe57 No.77692


dbec9 No.77693

Dice rollRolled 10 + 7

"Don't die on us just yet, son!"
Trip: Silver sets his sword to the side to try to trip the attacking ghast and draw its attention away from Dark Star.

356b0 No.77694

I guess now is an appropriate time for "everything"

8c343 No.77696

Dice rollRolled 16 + 5

Bear in mind that a sword is not a tripping weapon, and also that the ghast in question is so low on HP you probably could have just killed it with one hit

The ghast gets an attack of opportunity

"Nopony mourned by leaving Nimbusia, I admit I am surprised to think somepony would my leaving Equestria…"

dbec9 No.77697

It would have been useful to know that he was injured beforehand, you know.

8c343 No.77698

I said it was "already shot" and then Dark Star did 11 damage. Do you want to go through with a trip, or try a more conventional attack?

dbec9 No.77699

Also, wait, isn't the ghast flat-footed?

dbec9 No.77700

You didn't specify which ghast was the one that had been shot. But yes, if he's already been shot, then yes, I'd rather just make a normal attack.

cfe57 No.77701

"Why wouldnt i"

dbec9 No.77702

Nevermind, I'm reading the thing wrong.

8c343 No.77703

Not that Ghast, no. The other one, yes relative to Silver, but not that one

Eh, declare the action as you like

dbec9 No.77704

Dice rollRolled 11 + 8

Since he's injured already, let's just pretend that Silver instead attacked him directly with his greatsword.

8c343 No.77705

Dice rollRolled 2, 3 + 6 = 11


356b0 No.77706

Dice rollRolled 11 + 6

Onyx strikes at the second Ghast, throwing caution to the wind and going full -5 power attack

8c343 No.77707

the first ghast falls to the ground, dead. -er.

But first, roll a fortitude save

356b0 No.77708

Dice rollRolled 8 + 5

Fuck fort saves

dbec9 No.77709

Silver is like the meme about Saitama only being able to take out tough opponents because other heroes soften them up beforehand.

8c343 No.77710

Dice rollRolled 17, 15 = 32

Dice rollRolled 2 + 5

Onyx is slightly sickened by the smell of the ghast, throwing off his attack, and causing it to fail to penetrate the hide

The Ghast attacks in kind, with tooth and hoof

Also, you have at least another +1 on your fort save from your con bonus, so +6

cfe57 No.77711

356b0 No.77712

>Another plus 1
Anon pls, the +5 is with my con.

Also, fuck undead.

dbec9 No.77713

I mean, at least he doesn't have Ghoul Fever…yet.

8c343 No.77714

The ghast fails to bite him, but it does land with its hooves

Roll a fortitude save

Roll a second Fortitude save

Maybe just one fort save

356b0 No.77715

Dice rollRolled 18 + 5

Dice rollRolled 10 + 5

I fucking hate fort saves at this point

dbec9 No.77716

No paralysis for Onyx.

8c343 No.77717

Dark Star

Pass and pass

cfe57 No.77718

Dice rollRolled 8 + 9

Dark Star Dual Wields his revolvers and shoots

8c343 No.77719

-2 to attack for the duel wielding which makes a shot that would have otherwise hit, miss

Roll a second die for the second gun

cfe57 No.77720

Dice rollRolled 15 + 7


8c343 No.77721

Dice rollRolled 6, 1 + 1 = 8

I can't find any of Spark's posts, but it's his turn

This one, hits. Seeker of truth has found truth in the corpse of the ghast

5637e No.77722

Well, I am being told that I don't use a roll to cast Mage Armor. So I go to Onyx and cast Mage Armor on him.

cfe57 No.77723

is puking a free action?

356b0 No.77724

Woo hoo, thanks!
AC is now 17

8c343 No.77725

It is so

Hmmm…. Yes

I think 18

Silver's turn!

You should probably go ahead and roll a fort save

356b0 No.77726

Nah, 17

dbec9 No.77727

Dice rollRolled 2 + 8

Rolling the save before I actually take my action.

c7bc9 No.77728

dbec9 No.77729

Well, fuck, this is one stinky ghast.

356b0 No.77730

8c343 No.77731

And what shall Silver do?

dbec9 No.77732

Dice rollRolled 1 + 8

Well, now that we know the outcome of the "save"…
Charge: Silver brandishes his greatsword and charges the ghast. He coughs and gags when he gets in its vicinity, throwing off his attack a little.

dbec9 No.77733

Did I do something to anger the dice gods or something?

356b0 No.77734

Idk, what did you do to Atlas?

dbec9 No.77735

I have no idea, but I would gladly take steps to rectify it if I could.

cfe57 No.77736

Dark Star Vomits everywhere

8c343 No.77737

Onyx's turn

Well, the good news is that Silver, on his great charge, never makes it far enough to get close enough to be sickened. The bad news is that Silver has tripped on a piece of rubble and is now prone

dbec9 No.77738

INB4: Silver throws up when he gets close to the ghast, making him almost hit Onyx.

cfe57 No.77739

356b0 No.77740

Dice rollRolled 6 + 6

Stabby stabby with a hint of power attack

dbec9 No.77741

Silver grumbles and spits out a piece of rubble that he almost ate.

dbec9 No.77742

Does this mean Silver gets to roll another Fortitude save, since he never actually got within the ghast's sick-zone?

8c343 No.77743

Dice rollRolled 7, 14 = 21

Dice rollRolled 18 + 5

"You need to refill that belly of yours soon Earth Pony?"

Uh… Would have hit with no power attack

The ghast targets the only pony near enough to hit: Onyx

dbec9 No.77744

cfe57 No.77745

"my spaghetti!"

8c343 No.77746

Oh dear… Roll a few more fortitude saves

356b0 No.77747

Define a few

8c343 No.77748


c7bc9 No.77749

Fucking undead man…

356b0 No.77750

Dice rollRolled 2, 14, 10 = 26

Each is +5

dbec9 No.77751

Now the only question is if that 2 counts for Ghoul Fever or for Paralysis…

356b0 No.77753

Onyx is fucked either way sooooooooo

8c343 No.77754

Dice rollRolled 5 + 3

Dice rollRolled 1, 4, 3 + 3 = 11

The good news. You don't have Ghoul fever. The bad news: you're a little… unmoving, for a few minutes

356b0 No.77755

I'll start rolling a new character…

dbec9 No.77756

I'll just deposit an F in the chat.

cfe57 No.77757

Dice rollRolled 11 + 9

Dark star is gonna Double tap the ghast that attacked oynx with ride the lightning

cfe57 No.77758

Dice rollRolled 20 + 9


dbec9 No.77759

Oh shit, nice crit.

8c343 No.77760

Dice rollRolled 15 + 7

Rolling to confirm

8c343 No.77761

Dice rollRolled 6, 2, 1, 3, 6, 3, 2, 2 + 2 = 27


dbec9 No.77762

Well, I think the ghast is at least somewhat deader.

8c343 No.77763

The second Ghast is shot right through the skull, and electric shock comes out its eyes as it falls to the ground

dbec9 No.77764

So, it's completely dead?

cfe57 No.77765

"i love the spark in your eyes."

356b0 No.77766

Onyx would laugh but is slightly paralyzed

cfe57 No.77767

Vomits everywhere

8c343 No.77768

That it is, that it is

Somehow, its eyes look less malign than Blue Skies'

dbec9 No.77769

Silver pushes himself up from the ground, spitting out a couple more pieces of rubble. "Spark, go check up on Onyx if you would, please. Make sure he is okay."
He looks at the profane amount of vomit Dark Star is spewing out of his mouth and nose. "…I will tend to Star."

5637e No.77770

I head over to Onyx.
"You ok bartender?"

356b0 No.77771


cfe57 No.77772

File: 1546147060813.png (230.08 KB, 1500x1894, _DarkStar_.png)

8c343 No.77773

Dice rollRolled 1 + 3

Onyx has taken something like 19 damage. Rolling Dark Star's damage

5637e No.77774

"He isn't responding guys. Something is wrong."

dbec9 No.77775

Silver trots up to him, trying his best to avoid the rapidly growing puddle of vomit. "This does not look good…" He uses the frog of his hoof to feel the temperature of Dark Star's forehead.
"Is he still alive?"

5637e No.77776

I check his vital signs.
"He can't move, but he seems alive. We have to get out of here."

cfe57 No.77777

vomits more
Its like touching a boiling pot

6d421 No.77778

File: 1546147286166.jpg (184.35 KB, 629x354, John-Elway.jpg)


356b0 No.77779


356b0 No.77780


c7bc9 No.77781


dbec9 No.77782

Big F
Silver actually looks worried, this time around, when he turns to Spark. "I agree. Star is really, really sick. I am surprised he has not passed out from fever already."

8c343 No.77783

Oh please. Onyx just needs a few healing potions and a couple minutes, and get Dark Star to a sketchy witch doctor before midnight, but he still has many hours of good time left on him

cfe57 No.77784


356b0 No.77785

People who waste quints don't get dates

8c343 No.77786


There may still be time

5637e No.77787

"I shouldn't have tried to carry us through with this. A whole army couldn't do this."
I try to pull Onyx back along out of the room toward the entrance of this infernal place.
"Please get Dark Star to a hospital and use that badge to get him though the lines."

8c343 No.77788

What a fun killer

dbec9 No.77789

There's no real telling how long it will be if we go through with the rest of this quest. It's already in the evening, so the most time he has is maybe five hours.
He nods, and pulls Dark Star onto his own back, being careful of the many pointy thinks he has there. "We can do this, maybe, once we get these two healed. But not before."

cfe57 No.77790

no u
"Its almost *vomits* time to *vomits* meet blue."

dbec9 No.77791

*pointy things

dbec9 No.77792

"I will tell this Blue why you can not come to date. But if you die, you will never get chance to date her, ever."

cfe57 No.77793

"no i dont want to let her down."

dbec9 No.77794

Silver looks at the pony on his back and gives him an odd look. "And you will not let her down if you die?"

cfe57 No.77795


dbec9 No.77796

The look Silver gives him tells him otherwise.
"Listen, Spark, do you know of any good…'alternative' doctors? I am not sure normal hospitals can cure this kind of disease…"

8c343 No.77797

Dulce et decorum est pro patria mori"

cfe57 No.77798

Dark Star falls unconsciousand so does his palyer

5637e No.77799

"The only one I know of was of in some secret place only his marefriend knows about."

dbec9 No.77800

He looks at the unconscious pony on his back. "And do you think they could help him with this?"

8c343 No.77801

This disease has an incubation period of one day. One day. Not five minutes before he falls unconscious

5637e No.77802

"Not like we have any other choice. Once I get Onyx out of here, hopefully he can partially walk and we can find her."
We don't know that, as well as it getting late… we best be finding Blue.

cfe57 No.77803

"Volo mori pro nobis"
well then his eyes glaze over while i sleep

c7bc9 No.77804

Better find a Healer to treat that though.

dbec9 No.77805

"Then let us go find her." He grabs Dark Star's flashlight and turns it on, pointing it towards the way out. "Come. We do not have time to waste."

5637e No.77806

Do I roll strength to drag the bartender along?

8c343 No.77807


By that same logic you don't know that he is infected with anything at all

5637e No.77808

Dice rollRolled 4 - 1

He was vomiting and we checked for a fever, plus he passed out. Pretty sure that counts as knowing.
Strength roll

dbec9 No.77809

Usually, when someone is throwing up that much, and has the high a fever, they've come down with something.

356b0 No.77810

Oh boy

5637e No.77811

This is like my 8th 4

8c343 No.77812

Because he is metagaming like you are now

Failed the strength check

5637e No.77813

Then rewrite the scene.

8c343 No.77814

So I take it there is a general retreat out of the caverns and away from the scene?

5637e No.77815

Only if Dark Star was sick enough to tell, and if Onyx recovers as fast as you say, then probably not.

dbec9 No.77816

"Do you need help with that, or…?"
If it bothers you that much, then yes, rewrite the scene. None of us have any idea what the symptoms of Ghoul Fever are, nor do we know how quickly they appear, so setting some of that up for us would be very helpful.

8c343 No.77817

Damn it I'm not the one who said there was shit loads of vomiting. A character just started vomiting a lot and you all chose to treat that bunch of vomiting more seriously than equal amounts of vomiting by that character and one other on two separate earlier occasions

5637e No.77818

Then rewrite the scene. We didn't do anything then.

dbec9 No.77819

Again, this. We have no problem redoing the scene if you feel like the need is there.

8c343 No.77820

I'm just pissy that the whole quest isn't being done in a single take. There's supposed to be something like "4 encounters a day," and this has been 1 minor one and 2 serious ones. I guess there isn't really anything time sensitive about this one though, unlike the communists on the docks

728ae No.77821

What were you expecting from a bunch of rookies?
Also can't seem to sleep

dbec9 No.77822

Basically this. None of us really know how to make the most of these encounters, and we don't really know when to try to advance the story along and when to look for details. Just please try to have some patience for a bunch of new players.

c7bc9 No.77823


dbec9 No.77824

In all likelihood, though, the Dark Star player wasn't even meaning to metagame. He was given a prompt he didn't know what to do with because he didn't know anything about Ghoul Fever, so he just rolled with it.

8c343 No.77825

File: 1546152141539.jpg (62.28 KB, 400x366, 940484.jpg)

Alright, so it looks like there is a general withdrawal from the caverns

The Dark Star character absolutely has things to do for the remainder of the night. Onyx, Spark, and Silver… not so much, at least at the moment. I guess it is okay to force an end to day 3 because I want to get Ash, Iron, and the Stallion gang all on the same timeline. However, at the moment I don't really have any planned out quests besides the Silver Springs Quarry and the missing foals (several of them). So don't be surprised if you get a loading-screen when you try to look for all that much else

728ae No.77826

I guess I'll ask now if the Iron rape scene was real or a figment of paranoia from the lack of security.

8c343 No.77827

728ae No.77828

Ok. Guess he'll see in the morning when he wakes up.

dbec9 No.77829

This time if they try again with the quarry, they can bring Ash along for much-needed healing and magic use.

dbec9 No.77830

But yeah, sleep time.

728ae No.77832

Hey GM, are guns in this world considered as an exotic weapon category?

dbec9 No.77833

I was wondering the same thing.

8c343 No.77834

I guess proficiency would be bestowed based mostly on past experience, but really the main thing I'm looking for is the strength rating to use the heavier guns

dbec9 No.77835

That makes sense.

c7bc9 No.77836

But what classes get them?

728ae No.77837

So if I were to make a ranged rouge build, what specialization should I pick if I want to use rifles and don't want a -4 on attack rolls for example?

dbec9 No.77838

I would guess Ranger would have proficiency with most firearms from the start, especially rifles, while Rouges would start with proficiency with sidearms.

1b442 No.77840

But are they simple, martial, or what?

dbec9 No.77841

They're probably among all three classifications, depending on the type of firearm, I would guess. Break-action rifles and shotguns, and semi-auto pistols and revolvers are likely simple weapons. Bolt-action and semi-auto rifles and shotguns, and SMGs are likely martial weapons. LMGs, MMGs, HMGs, full-auto rifles, and full-auto pistols are likely exotic weapons.

dbec9 No.77842

I would also guess that Rouges start with proficiency with SMGs despite them being a martial weapon, and that firearms with select fire between full-auto and semi-auto change their classification based on which fire mode you use them in. Sort of like how a bastard sword used in one hand is an exotic weapon, but a bastard sword used in two hands is a martial weapon.

1b442 No.77843

D20 Modern just places the them in 3 profficiencies mostly bas d on size: Personal, Longarm, and heavy. Other gunz are exitoc.

dbec9 No.77844

Personally, I think that oversimplifies it a bit too much, and at the same time defeats the purpose of the Simple, Martial, and Exotic classification system.

728ae No.77845

Will the GM even respond to this quandry as well as informing of when a character gains XP?

8c343 No.77846

In D&D mechanics, a sneak attack may only be attempted with a ranged weapon at a distance that does not exceed 30 feet. This means that ranged rogues only really have much value at "point blank" distances. Because the short distance of the rogue sneak attack probably represents the slow travel of a crossbow bolt and how much time a target has to react, it might make sense to increase that distance for a firearm, and to reflect the reality of snipers.

I have Blue Skies, for example, rate as good with pistols and carbine rifles, partly reflective of a 9 Strength score

No, and after they do things

c7bc9 No.77847

Well, that system actually separates guns as a separate class of weapons. In d20, martial weapons become 'archaic' weapons.
The system is somewhat feat-intensive, but characters in d20 may get bonus feats based on starting occupation or background, kind of like how GM said.

728ae No.77848

>increase that distance
How much can it be increased? Are we talking about 12000 feet here or just a small increase of 30 more feet?
Besides that, a rogue can just pick up a carbine and shoot it without any feats to use it averagely, right?

dbec9 No.77849

Except the Simple, Martial, and Exotic system doesn't separate weapons out by size, it does so by ease-of-use. A break-action rifle will be significantly easier for most people to use than a semi-auto rifle, even if they are both longarm weapons. Just like how it's much easier to use a longspear than it is a lance, despite them both being two-handed melee weapons.

c7bc9 No.77850

Well, it doesn't, but it's separated basically on training.
Most Personal and Longarm firearms operate more or less the same way, at least as far as aiming and shooting them goes. Mechanics may be different, but the basis really boils down to whether or not the character knows how to aim a handgun/rifle.

dbec9 No.77851

If they were operated the same way, then there's no reason to even have a classification system.

dbec9 No.77852

It's times like this where I really wish I was actually any good with words. I KNOW why I think separating them based on their size just doesn't work, and why it would be much better to separate them based on the older system, but I can't put it into words. It's why I don't like getting into arguments, words just don't come naturally to me, so I always end up at the bottom.

c7bc9 No.77853