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File: 1546487178428.png (347.23 KB, 800x792, 28CDA239-C60E-49CF-8CD2-9D….png)

ef5fb No.79000[Last 50 Posts]

Welcome to the latest thread of Occupied Equestria. Set six years after season 6, it presents an alternative history where Chrysalis chose a different approach to her second attack on Equestria. The Changelings have conquered half of Equestria, while an Equestrian splinter colony - soured to Princesses notion of harmony with all creatures thank to their dealing with griffins - Invaded and took the other half. In Baltimare and the Equestruan Southlands, the magic of friendship has weakened, as Communists, Changeling infiltrators, Fascists, gangs, and even ancient necormancers and dark gods threaten the city and the surrounding regions. This role play is based in large part upon the Equestria at War mod for Hearts of Iron 4, and uses D&d 3.5e mechanics.

In the latest episode, we are starting day 4. Ash is finally getting to sleep after dealing with foals that scarified animals to evil gods, Iron is disappointed to find that the only sex he is getting is in his dreams, Dark Star has declined to have sex, Onxy has discovered the joys of socialized medicine, I don’t know what Spark is doing, and Silver has discovered that when you don’t complete a quest, you don’t get paid for it

a6259 No.79001

Fuck socialized medicine

d0d28 No.79002

File: 1546487366577.jpg (169.33 KB, 716x708, _czech em.jpg)


>Dark Star has declined to have sex

Only so we can continue in the story, im a fucking hero

e85ba No.79003

To be honest though, does anyone know what I'm doing? Do I even know what I'm doing?

d0d28 No.79004

pssssst you have to tell us what your doing.

4222d No.79005

You should sleep. You need a minimum of 8 hours rest to recover Arcane spells.

d6fbf No.79006

>and Silver has discovered that when you don’t complete a quest, you don’t get paid for it
Sad, but true.

a6259 No.79008

I think you were doing the thing. Not the one thing, but the other thing. The thing that we talked about, but not too long ago. The thing that you mentioned doing that everyone knows but you, yet you are the only one to know.
Am I talking nonsense yet?
Are you telling me we AREN'T getting paid for almost dying and getting ghost aids?

d6fbf No.79009

We've yet to suffer enough from the ghoul AIDS.

41889 No.79010

>Iron is dissapointed to find that the only sex he is getting is in his dreams
Poor boi, he only wants pucci.

41889 No.79011

lolno, you didn't stop it. You ran like hell because undead are pretty tough without preparations.

4222d No.79012

How much did they say they were paying you anyway?

41889 No.79013

>inb4 it's just 500 bits.

d0d28 No.79014

File: 1546487872293.jpg (76.8 KB, 805x805, _sad appul.jpg)


a6259 No.79015

Fuck if I know
Oh look who's grown a little big for their…. horseshoes?
Yay suffering

d6fbf No.79016

I wasn't around for that. In terms of loot…I mean, we did get a Luna Nova rifle that we can probably sell for a decent amount, once we get it cleaned up. Silver's taking the other one for himself, though.

e85ba No.79017

Not any more than usual. And we only get paid if we clear it all out. And we got beat by only 6 creatures. How many are down there do you want to guess? 30?
I wasn't told.

41889 No.79018

W0t? You wanna go? I clock your face off.
Let me finish Ash's quest so we can join up for the job, I guess

4222d No.79019

Make sure you get your effort's worth. Wouldn't want them to short-change you on it.

3d40f No.79020

File: 1546488005645.jpg (43.18 KB, 640x466, Unpredictable.jpg)

That's what makes you dangerous

Lie you definitely could have RPed that before we started anything, especially if Ash starts earlier

He says, like it's a thing to be done in 30 minutes without any kind of help or resources

41889 No.79021

I think Spark has ranks in appraise, right?

d0d28 No.79022

File: 1546488053357.png (375.25 KB, 2200x2900, anger hores.png)

>Mfw i cant use that rifle because >9str

a6259 No.79023

I'll bash ye mum in you undersized horse
Thanks, we could use the help

41889 No.79024

From what I understand, I can get the made mare foals for some jobs for the Waterfront Gang.
They are from Waterfront Gang property, aren't they?

d0d28 No.79025

File: 1546488146981.gif (359.93 KB, 640x360, 1530807952406.gif)

>Lie you definitely could have RPed that before we started anything
you lied to me then

e85ba No.79026


41889 No.79027

What's your INT score?

d6fbf No.79028

I mean, the quarry job would probably be a lot simpler and a lot faster to complete, so…
And how much would be our effort's worth? Silver's kinda spent a decent amount of Bits on this thing, so…
You need to pump up those numbers, bro. I'm not even sure, actually, if we could even get ammo for these things. They take special rounds with magic charges in them, and they're only issued to Special Forces. Blue Skies is probably the only pony the party knows who can actually buy ammo for it, maybe Dark Star (ironically).

e85ba No.79029

d0d28 No.79030

File: 1546488347766.png (174.96 KB, 600x600, _thronking grug.stoneng.png)


3d40f No.79031

I never said or implied that

They are "apprentices" of the waterfront gang, yes

I actually find it amusing how the guns of the soldiers are paperweights

It's a normal Bolt-Action rifle, and basically a Lee Enfield SMLE. If I got the wrong name it was because I was posting from a phone at a restaurant and couldn't verify the name

4222d No.79032

Foals cannot be property.
The only thing Sister Ash disdains more than ponies who'd sell foals are ponies who think it's acceptable to buy them.
A lot.
It's a broad job description. You could count it as several jobs.

41889 No.79033

Well, I can take them with enough favors from the Waterfront Gang, right? Right?

d6fbf No.79034

The normal bolt-action for Equestria is the Lavender Rifle, issued to all branches of the Equestrian military. The Luna Nova is the experimental magic-enhanced bolt-action rifle issued to Special Forces and Mage Divisions.

d0d28 No.79035

ok so going from 7 to 9 what gunz are available to me now?

ef5fb No.79036

The Carbine is the important one


41889 No.79037

Coolio. I'll wait for Ash to wake up and see which foal will she try to take back first, just in case she needs some muscle.

d0d28 No.79038

Good to know, ill pick one up next chance i get.

4222d No.79039

Ash would wake up fairly early, wanting a few minutes to prepare herself before prayers.

41889 No.79040

What if the character has 10 strength. Can he/she use bolt action rifles?

d6fbf No.79041

I sure hope so.
I take it, then, it's just a normal Lavender rifle with nothing particularly interesting about it?

4222d No.79042

You wouldn't be able to tell unless you could Detect Magick.

d6fbf No.79043

Well, a Detect Magick spell was used not 10 feet from where it stood, so I'd assume there's nothing magical about it.

4222d No.79044

Which is exactly what she does, unless obstructed in some way.
She takes a few minutes to wrestle her beautiful flowing mane into the religious habit, taking some time to recite the basic elements of magick as she does.

41889 No.79045

I'll take that as my cue to wake up as well.
Iron wakes up. He feels somewhat refreshed even after the night's events. He cracks his neck to the side. He figures that Ash would want to stay a bit more in the abbey so putting the armor now would be a bad idea. He decides to look for the dining room for some grub, only having his leather belt, with Redclaw's memento in it, equipped. Maybe one could make a necklace out of that water bison Redclaw had with him, to remind himself not to cower from a fair fight next time.

4222d No.79046

Sister Ash prepares her hairdo quite early (before sunrise) and continues out of her room to go greet all of the nuns before prayers.

ef5fb No.79047

I take it not the 6:00 AM cleric language mass?

No, it’s just an entirely ordinary, entirely mundane .303 Bolt Action rifle with an affixed 6 inch bayonet and loaded with 3 or 8 entirely mundane non-special bullets - a 9 pound slender paperweight which mere mortals, in their boundless folly, thought could give them power over Nature and Creature.

They are not preparing food yet in the kitchen


41889 No.79048

Iron grumbles. Well, maybe someone here can do a little necklace from the water bison he has. He looks for anyone who seems proficient with that sort of thing in the abbey to kill time.

d6fbf No.79049

Since everyone's getting up…
After having slept soundly through the night, Silver gets up to start his morning routine, something he hasn't been able to do since before the war: a quick shower, breakfast involving one can of beans, some of his newly-purchased whiskey, and water from the tap, 20 push-ups, and a quick smoke.
In that case, anything Silver's ever said about his rifle being a Luna Nova is now officially non-canon and has been made unreal.

ef5fb No.79050

Well… there are nuns

He can take a shower before Onyx. I’m less sure about whether he can cook those beans. There are no Fascists around to criticize him for smoking, so he can light up a smoke in his room. It really didn’t smell right anyways

4222d No.79051

>cleric language
Are they speaking Celestial? I actually wanted to include that as one of my chosen languages.
And yes, I had intended for her to attend the mass.

41889 No.79052

Iron shrugs mentally, maybe one of them can do a little crafting. He pokes one of the nuns.

d6fbf No.79053

While he smokes, he pulls out the Lavender rifle he took from the body of the one EDF corpse to take a closer look at the weapon, checking for any sort of damage that would make it inoperable.

d0d28 No.79054

Does Dark Star have any Dreams?

3d40f No.79055

Roll Die

Depending on which rifle, the rifle of the first soldier (Prim Poppy I think) is entirely functional, if needing a cleaning. The rifle of the second soldier also functions, but had minor damage when dropped, most importantly causing the bayonet to bend

"Oh uh… Hello there" She is polite, if unsure

It's a language that was widely spoken by one prominent tribe in particular at the time of the sister's ascensions. The language of the Celestials was translated to this language so that the common ponies could hear the words of the Celestials, and it became the language of the Clergy. The merging and migration of tribes, besides linguistic drift, has caused the language to go extinct outside of its use in the clergy

d0d28 No.79056

Dice rollRolled 16


41889 No.79057

"Hello." He pulls out the water bison. "Do you think you can make a necklace out of this and some string? It is very important to me and I want to see it at all times."

4222d No.79058

So, can I speak it if I choose Celestial?

Sister Ash politely greets each of her sisters as she arrives early for the mass, giving quick appologiee for the ordeal of the previous night.

d6fbf No.79059

It's the first one.
Satisfied, he grabs it (ever mindful of the sharp bayonet), puts on his saddlebags, and heads out the door of his room. "I suppose I have things I need to do, if we are to return to crypts." After stamping out his cigarette on the cold hard concrete, he makes his way back towards the sporting goods store he visited on the previous day.

3d40f No.79060

Uh…. Pleasant. I can't imagine what pleasant Dark Star dreams would look like, except for some reason I see him as John Wayne shooting griffons

She may not enter already knowing it

"Hello," She looks at the water buffalo. "Oh, a nice wood carving you have there. I guess I could ask sister Thyme if she could make this into a necklace for you"

It takes some time, but he gets there

41889 No.79061

"I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you." Iron ponders. "Do you know if she is available at the moment?"

41889 No.79062

How about a blowjob from Skies while he shoots some changeling scum, the whole Black Hooves party cheering him on?
Or just memories of his brother, IDK

d0d28 No.79063

Hes pretty blue pilled on the Griffion Question. So He would be shooting Ziggers.

4222d No.79064

Can she learn it at some point in the story?
I'll select Terran in place of it then.

How does the mass go?

d6fbf No.79065

You know, it just occurred to me that I don't know of many rifles that use .303 ammunition naturally.
Silver greets the shopkeeper once he steps in. "Hello again. I was hoping I could get some service for this rifle today, and some ammunition."

3d40f No.79066

"A small amount of time before early services, yes. Let me take you to her"

Sister Thyme is a nice little brown earth pony.
"I think so. Do you want something glued to the top, or a hole drilled through it?"

That would be a bad dream probably

I assure you it's more common under the circumstances
Happy Hunting inspects the rifle
"This is… a military rifle I see"
He cycles the bolt, tests the firing pin, removes the barrel and so forth
"It seems to be somewhat rusted and un-cleaned, but generally functioning. The wood is a bit stained, though I don't know if you care. hat kind of service do you want?"

Sung in part, spoken in part. Literally everypony except for Ash knows the prayers, so she is left as the lone pony in the room not able to follow along. It involves kneeling, standing, and sitting at various intervals, besides burning of incense. Sundew is yet again the Priestess for the morning mass

In fairness, because New Mareland now rules over more griffons than its own pony citizens, they have to play nice with the griffons as well… Besides having very large, very scary griffin allies. But shooting Zebras… He can gun down menacing Zebra pirates en mass, though they present enough danger to earn a thrill

41889 No.79067

"I want it drilled, but I do not want to hurt the carving too much. If the hole has to be too big, I would rather take this 'glue' you speak of." Iron smiles. "Thank you for your service, by the way. I do not think you are asked many times about making necklaces."

4222d No.79068

Sister Ash follows along, observantly.
So what languages can I pick from?

d6fbf No.79069

Probably so. I'm just more familiar with .30-06, .308, and 7.62mm.
Silver is very much glad that his inspection wasn't too terribly off, considering his general lack of expertise with firearms. "I would like it cleaned, if it pleases you. If it is not too much more difficult, having unstained stock would also be nice, but it is not necessary."

d0d28 No.79070

"i came to Chew ass and shoot bubble gum."

4222d No.79071

File: 1546494058514-0.png (99.36 KB, 500x522, its-time-to-kick-gum-and-c….png)

File: 1546494058514-1.png (218.89 KB, 826x339, 5f0.png)

File: 1546494058514-2.png (29.39 KB, 200x202, thumb_its-time-ta-chew-ass….png)

41889 No.79072

Had a hearty chuckle.

3d40f No.79073

"We can have a narrow hole drilled through near the top. You're welcome, I try to teach some of the orphans how to work with wood and make crafts so they can learn skills and develop cutie marks, should that be their talent. I can do this one after Mass"

Um… I don't know. With regards to the Cleric language, she can certainly learn individual words and rote memorize prayers in a few hours depending on how much. To learn an entire language including grammar would be time consuming, although not literally impossible

She is able to pick up the times at which the kneeling occurs, at two points in the mass, one towards the beginning, another shortly after the middle

"Well…. yes, we can clean the barrel. We can apply a varnish to the wood as well. It will take some time to dry, but less than an hour"

"Yarr! We didn't come for Bubblegum. We came for your mares. Now give em' to us, for I won't be askin' again" Says Black Mane, the dread pirate of the Eastern seas, who sends forth his hench zebras.

41889 No.79074

"I doubt some of the colts like just crafting things. Maybe some of them want to show their strength rather than their finesse." Something stood out from that sentence though. "Mass? What is that?"

4222d No.79075

Out of the languages that I'm allowed to pick, which would be the most useful for studying clergy and interacting with extraplanar beings?
I've already got Sylvan as a bonus. I wanted a planar-based language.

Sister Ash participates to the best of her ability throughout the rest of the mass.

3d40f No.79076

"You'd be surprised what colts like to do. Whether it's strength, finesse, speed, each pony has their special talent and their special place in society.

It's a religious ceremony. This is just an earlier one"

41889 No.79077

Iron seems to understand. "Is there something I can do while I wait for this event to end here?"

d6fbf No.79078

"More like shoot ass."
He nods. "I would like this."

d0d28 No.79079

Dark Star pulls out a minigun
"not today you Zigger filth"
He Fires on the zebra henchmen

3d40f No.79080

"Well what do you want to do?"

I just…. I don't know, I'm trying to think of this in terms of the my little pony world

Maybe, but that is a gun that would be introduced 20 years after the year of the setting

"Alright, we can do it"

41889 No.79081

Iron purses his lips. "I actually have no idea." Iron ponders for a bit. "Do you have the map of this city available here? I feel like I may need it for later. I keep getting lost in all the concrete."

4222d No.79082

I'll pick my languages later then.

Sister Ash prays throughout the ceremony. By the end, she would have prepared her spells list.

d6fbf No.79083

Well, there is "Pony" Latin, for Ash. And there is the Gatling Gun for Dark Star.
"How much do you require for this service, might I ask?"

3d40f No.79084

"Counting the varnish? 10 bits"

"Why yes, we can get a map for you" She goes through some other rooms

It is so

d0d28 No.79085

well one of those browning crank guns then

41889 No.79086

Iron follows Thyme along, not wanting her to walk so much back and forth for him.

d6fbf No.79087

Silver is even more relieved that it's a cheap price. He puts 10 Bits from his bags onto the counter. "And how much for ammo for this weapon, might I ask?"

41889 No.79088

>inb4 it's 150-300 bits per box of ammo.

d6fbf No.79089

Could be. If it's the same price for bullets as it is for arrows, then it should be 20 bullets per Bit.

3d40f No.79090

"One bit a clip"

She leads him to a location where she eventually pulls out a folded paper
"Here you go. A map of Baltimare"

He mows down the Zebras with impunity

4222d No.79091

Arrows can't possibly be as expensive as bullets.

Also, I think I might be ready to turn in for the night.
Goodnight everyone.

41889 No.79092

"I thank you, miss Thyme." He bows lightly then takes out 230 bits from his person and hands it over to her. "You have been of great help."

3d40f No.79093

Suffice it to say, she is utterly stunned
"I'll have your necklace ready in only a couple hours. Thank you"
And should probably decline to accept the gift, but that can be tedious

41889 No.79094

Iron's bit balance: 5800

41889 No.79095

Iron nods. He then takes the map and studies it for any interesting spots near the abbey. He doesn't want the same incident happening like yesterday. "I can take the map with me, right?"

d6fbf No.79096

I'll assume that was meant for Silver and not for Dark Star.
He puts down 10 more Bits. "Then I will take 10 clips of ammunition."
As it turns out, they're just over twice as expensive.

Also goodnight. I think the closest language you're looking for in Ash's case would just be Latin, as that is a thing in this universe.

d0d28 No.79097

Dark Star Takes aim at the captain
"Ready to die you watermelon loving fuck?"

3d40f No.79098

"Yes of course"
I don't know what is 'interesting' and which incident

"Alright then"

3d40f No.79099

"Does a Zebra ever truly live?" he asks, and raises his sword

41889 No.79100

Incident: Getting lost in the city and couldn't find Ash for a while.
Iron decides to search some sort of fighting arena, maybe he can tussle for a bit with someone his size. That should more than enough time for this mass to end.

d6fbf No.79101

With that, Silver is satisfied. "I will be back in one hour, for rifle and ammunition. Thank you for this excellent service."

3d40f No.79102

If that's in the city, it's not printed directly onto the map

"You are welcome"

41889 No.79103

Iron grumbles some more. Guess he needs to find it himself. What's with these ponies and their lack of fighting spirit? There should be a place where to put up hooves in battle. With that objective in mind, the map and his belt, he exits the abbey to seek it.

d0d28 No.79104

Dark Star fires at him

3d40f No.79105

He explodes into a rain of watermelon parts, some of which seem to go all the way back to Zebrica

And thus he leaves the abbey

d6fbf No.79106

He steps out of the store, looking for something to do for an hour. Among the first thing that comes to his mind, as he checks his map, is to see if there's a nearby Museum of History he might be able to visit, and learn a bit about the history and culture of the region.

3d40f No.79107

Hmmm… I want to say yes

41889 No.79108

Dice rollRolled 11 - 1

He rubs his eyes. Iron hopes the townsfolk know of any place to fight. He decides to ask any ponies who have no ties with this abbey about a place to fight unarmed between ponies.

d6fbf No.79109

Well, I'll take that as a yes.
He checks on the quickest route to the museum before heading his way there.

d0d28 No.79110

"I Saved the day again."

3d40f No.79111

They tell him that this is illegal, but underground fights for money do sometimes happen

West town, on main street, not far past city hall

41889 No.79112

Dice rollRolled 15 - 1

Iron is dumbfounded. Illegal, really? Wow, no wonder they can't punch to save their damn life. He tries some more to see if he can find someplace to punch some people.

d6fbf No.79113

Silver looks at the building before him. It's not really a building he would normally consider visiting, but seeing as he's fairly lost as to the history of the region he decides it would be a good idea to start learning.

3d40f No.79114

There is one place…

This building is white granite with great columns on the front entrance, a Neo-Classical style

And yet… there are still so many more out there

d6fbf No.79115

"Hmm. It looks bit like City Hall." He heads on inside.

41889 No.79116

He's definetly interested about this place now, but he tries to see how far it is from the abbey just in case.

d0d28 No.79117

What Happens after that?

3d40f No.79118

reee it's a popular style for government buildings and this one has neither the green vaulted roof nor a dome

Well, I would assume he would wake up at some point

15 minute walk probably

41889 No.79119

Iron takes it and goes to the place marked.

d0d28 No.79120

Alright. what does he see when he wakes up?

d6fbf No.79121

I know, but as Silver is somepony who is generally unfamiliar with government buildings…
Once inside, he takes a look at the nearest sign to figure out where everything is.

41889 No.79122

Iron now has replaced the vulnerable flaw with weak will since he just can't stop from following mare's advances sometimes.

41889 No.79123

*replace weak will with poor reflexes

3d40f No.79124

He awakes when he hears a door close. He sees across towards a window on the other side of the room

What kind of history is he looking for?

It's a bar not unlike the Watering hole. When he asks, he says they sometimes have fights in a back room

41889 No.79125

He makes sure to check the bar's name and then proceeds to enter and look for this back room's entrance.

d6fbf No.79126

He looks primarily for Early Equestrian history, around the time of the unification of Equestria.

3d40f No.79127

A number of exhibits are available. By and large this concern the situation between the tribes as described in the Hearths Warming

The Derringer Dale. A door in the back near the restrooms

d0d28 No.79128

He looks out the window.

41889 No.79129

He enters this back door, seeing that there's no one to stop or guard this entrance.

3d40f No.79130

This one leads into a court yard. The plants have few leaves on them and there is no activity in the Courtyard

No pony asks him any questions, though some seem to look

41889 No.79131

Iron disregard the weird looks and looks for any sort of fighting activity here.

d6fbf No.79132

It's not exactly what he was looking for, but he takes an interest in the story of the Three Tribes. It was not something that was really taught in detail in Severyana, during his school days.

3d40f No.79133

As per the history, the ponies previously lived further to the North, and were segregated by race. They lived together uneasily in an arrangement of mutual exchange. It was not until after the Windigo crisis and the migration south that they learned to live as one. This was the foundation of Equestria and Harmony

Yep. Already two ponies boxing. A large crowd gathers around them

41889 No.79134

Iron, not wanting to be kicked out due to any breaking of the rules, decides to look for the pony responsible for setting up the fights for a possible match and how this fight rules work.

d6fbf No.79135

He gains a better understanding of Harmony from this.

Next, he looks for exhibits related to the indigenous ponies of the region.

3d40f No.79136

"You both start at the sound of the whistle, and then you punch each other until one of you can't take it" says a sketchy Earth Pony

the particular region of Baltimare was inhabited by a tribe of Earth Ponies known as the Chincoteague. The consensus opinion is that these and a few other tribes of Southern Equestria migrated here centuries before the advance of the main Equestrian tribes, although a minority believes that these ponies were actually a very early vanguard of the migration of the Earth Ponies in the Windigo crisis, who settled after their ship wrecked there

d0d28 No.79137

is there a bathroom in the hotel room?

41889 No.79138

Iron shrugs. He expects some foul play from the opponents but thinks he can manage. He asks to sign him up to the next available fight if possible.

d6fbf No.79139

He looks at the exhibits to get a better idea of the culture of the Chincoteague, and what kinds of nearby settlements they created.

3d40f No.79140

Yes, behind him near the door

"We can place you up next"

A woodland tribe, they would build permanent settlements and grow crops, living in huts crusted from sticks and logs

d0d28 No.79141

He knocks on the Door

41889 No.79142

Iron agrees with this proposition. He tries to see who is the next opponent that could fight him.

d6fbf No.79143

He wonders if there are any of these ponies left in Equestria.

To round off his history lesson, he takes a look at the time period between Equestria's expansion south and the current era.

3d40f No.79144

The door of the bathroom opens and… It's none other than the pegasus pony, with a freshly washed coat and mane that has been largely. She looks a little surprise

A very muscular Diamond Dog is up next

While Equestria has always been a multicultural nation, many specific locales have at times been dominated by specific races, and East Equestria has in large part been more earth pony centered. Hence, the Earth Pony tribe was the first to come down there, planting crops that grow in warmer environments, and settling in the forests. Mage Meadow Brook and her folk were among these. South East Equestria was not significantly inhabited by Equestrians in large part because of the menace of Dragons in the very nearby Badlands, Manticores, and other forest creatures, not to mention diseases. But as time passed, Equestrians became more able to handle these threats, and moved South. The Chincoteague, for their part, variously made war, tried to establish themselves, or were assimilated, until eventually Duke Berrydew deported them to another region. As for the area of Baltimare, it became more developed in large part thanks to its position by the Celestial Sea. It was easy to trade with Fillydelphia or Manehattan, and after Meananderly Polo, trade was opened up with Griffonia, including eventually the Griffon Empire and the settlement of the Dominion of New Mareland. Baltimare became involved in the Triangular trade with Zebrica as well, and merchants flourished in Baltimare. Though it was the seat of a Duke, free merchants succeeded as well, and it took hold to become one of Equestria's great cities, a center of resource trade between the South East, the Northeast, and Griffonia and Zebrica at times. It industrialized as well, although it never had the advantages that cities further North had, and became similar to the other urban centers

41889 No.79145

Iron attempts to size up the dog's strength and dexterity, see how strong and fast he is.
Tell me if I have to roll something

d0d28 No.79146

"oh hey. i was about to take a shower."

3d40f No.79147

Yes. I don't know what, but roll

"You can do that, I am getting out"

41889 No.79148

Dice rollRolled 3

Rolling spot then.

41889 No.79149

Ah well, worth a try.

d0d28 No.79150

"To bad,i would have loved to take one with you."

3d40f No.79152

This guy's a total bitch

Her look of… well, dread, has been replaced with a warmer smile

"It's difficult to have a coat that is too well washed"

41889 No.79153

>very muscular
>a total bitch
Iron is unsure of his own perception, but he did ask for a fair fight. He awaits for the fistfight to start.

3d40f No.79154

Dice rollRolled 4 + 2

The Whistle blows!

Roll for Initiative

41889 No.79155

Dice rollRolled 2


41889 No.79156

Welcome to low rolls galore!

d0d28 No.79157

"yea thats true, Why did you have a dreadful look on your face?"

d6fbf No.79158

Silver starts to see why Baltimare has so many large ports and dockyards. He also sees why New Mareland chose this as their initial invasion site. Though, he is curious, as he passes by Meadow Brook's exhibit, why a mage was among the Earth Ponies.

3d40f No.79159

Dice rollRolled 2 + 7

Dice rollRolled 16 + 7

Maybe I forgot to mention this but…. contenders cannot wear armor

He punches quickly, with each paw. He's fought in this manner before

"I was afraid I had worn out my welcome…"

Actually, the first point of invasion was Saltmane a few hundred miles south. Baltimare was the last hold out.
She was a skilled user of healing magic and earth pony alchemy

3d40f No.79160

Dice rollRolled 3 + 4

His off paw hits

d0d28 No.79161

"You Could never do that."
Dark Star gives her a hug

3d40f No.79162

"D'aww, do you mean it?"
She's still warm and wet

d6fbf No.79163

Okay then.
Silver remembers that the pony at the potions shop he visited was an earth pony. He finds it interesting that earth ponies can utilize their talents in that way.

41889 No.79164

Dice rollRolled 12 + 4

I didn't bring it with me so it's good.
Iron, trying to test out the diamond dog's ability to avoid his blows, goes for a very hard punch, taking +7 from his bonus hit chance to his damage.
Will you take into account the superior unarmed strike feat I picked up last thread. If so, I use a 1d6 instead of 1d3 for damage die.
Also need to highlight I have unarmed focus and specialization.

d0d28 No.79165

"I Do. you make me Happy, i Haven't felt Happy in a long time."

3d40f No.79166

Dice rollRolled 12 + 7

Dice rollRolled 20 + 7

Knowledge of the land means knowledge of plant life and minerals. For what else is earth but the Keystone of matter, and what else is Chemistry but the study of matter?

No Tome of Battle, and don't listen to anything that particular player says

Iron hits, you can roll damage

Also, i hope it didn't need to be said, but no guantlets. Nonlethal damage exclusively

While the damage iron did has not yet been calculated, it most likely isn't enough to knock him out, so… He punches back

An ear moves
"D'aww, I'm glad to hear that. Mostly I just bring misery to communists and griffons."

3d40f No.79167

Dice rollRolled 1 + 6

Dice rollRolled 10 + 7

Rolling to confirm a threat, and for damage on the On-paw

41889 No.79168

Dice rollRolled 2 + 14

Rolling damage

3d40f No.79169

Dice rollRolled 3 + 4

The Diamond Dog's off paw does a perfect upper cut on Iron, doing double damage

Okay, what is the math behind that?
That's a lot of damage on that Diamond dog

41889 No.79170

Math time
Iron has +5 damage increase from his STR modifier, +2 with unarmed specialization and +7 from power attack. It equals to 14.
Still, he seems to be kicking my ass. That's like more than 16 damage to me already. Rolling next post.

d0d28 No.79171

He Laughs
"I love that about you."

41889 No.79172

Dice rollRolled 15 + 4

Iron goes for the same hit like last time, see if he lands it. Of course it's non-lethal.

41889 No.79173

Dice rollRolled 1 + 14

Rolling damage.

41889 No.79174

>tfw 14 HP already

3d40f No.79175

Dice rollRolled 4 + 7

Dice rollRolled 8 + 7

28 damage actually. 7, 7, and 14 from a crit

The diamond dog is bleeding and clearly suffering, but he tries once once

"D'aww, do you really like my work in snuffing out traitors and subversives?"

Well, sure as shit lands

3d40f No.79176

Dice rollRolled 3 + 4

At least the off-paw lands

d0d28 No.79177

"Yea i gotta say im a pretty big fan."

3d40f No.79178

Dice rollRolled 4 + 7

Her wings raise up in excitement


Sense motive

d0d28 No.79179

She Senses he is being Genuine

3d40f No.79180

She nuzzles him
"You say you need a shower?"

d0d28 No.79181

"yea, i like to take one every time i get the chance."

41889 No.79182

Dice rollRolled 5 + 6

This is going to be a clutch. If I miss, I lose. I say it now. 7 HP remaining, hoping I don't spill my spaghetti in this fight.

Iron, feeling a bit more confident with his punches landing true, punches non-lethally a bit lighter this time, going for +5 instead of +7 sacrificed from hit chance. Iron is nervous. If he misses the punch, he'll lose.

41889 No.79183

Need to confirm he's hit before I roll damage.

3d40f No.79184

The diamond dog manages to dodge out of the way of Iron's punch. very lucky, because he knew damned well that he couldn't afford even a weaken punch from the Earth Pony

41889 No.79185

Shit, I'm done for. Good fight, doggo.

3d40f No.79186

Dice rollRolled 3 + 7

Dice rollRolled 6 + 7

With the last of his stamina, he throws two more punches

3d40f No.79187

Dice rollRolled 1 + 4

One of his punches - the punch with his very lucky off-paw - lands

Iron has suffered 35 damage thus far

3d40f No.79188

For a moment, she thinks she is talking about taking down traitors or subversives. Then she realizes he is talking about a shower

"Well… we have one back here"

41889 No.79189

Dice rollRolled 20 + 7

2 HP left
Iron thanks the gods that the dog missed one of his punches to grant him a shot of beating him. He will not let it go to waste. Iron sacrifices +4 of his hit bonus chance and strikes with the last of his might at the dog non-lethally.

3d40f No.79190

Dice rollRolled 17 + 7

Well… Rolling to confirm threat

41889 No.79191

Dice rollRolled 2 + 7

Dice rollRolled 1 + 10

Iron takes the chance to strike again non-lethally for good measure.

d0d28 No.79192

"Lead the way."

41889 No.79193

Ah, shit. Hope I knocked out the doggo.

3d40f No.79194

Okay. That you cannot do. You cannot strike again for good measure in the same round

41889 No.79196

Nevermind, didn't see the confirm you made. It's 22 damage.

3d40f No.79197

There is a shower at the end of the room, fairly large with pink granite flooring. There is also a large tub. Remember that this is a reasonably upperclass and fancy hotel room, even if it isn't quite a suite


Confirmed. Iron punches the Diamond Dog right in the temple, knocking him out instantly

41889 No.79198

Iron rejoices in his victory, knowing it was pure luck that he won the battle today. He checks to see if the dog combatant is okay. He gained his respect from that battle of hooves… or whatever this dog has for hooves.

3d40f No.79199

Wait. The Diamond Dog's on-paw should have landed and hit Iron in the last round as well. Iron should have lost that. Oh well

Well… He's on the ground

d0d28 No.79200

Remind me not to hoof fight iron.
Dark Star looks impressed
"How long before you have to go to work?"

41889 No.79201

Don't know if you did it on purpose or not. I'll take the victory for Iron's pride
Iron looks to the crowd around him, seeing the reaction from them.

3d40f No.79202

"Flexible hours"
She looks at him again
"What are you doing today?"

41889 No.79203

Imma punch u and steal ur beetch boi

3d40f No.79204

>Iron's pride
Damn it, I should have gone with that strike hitting

Some sad, some triumphant, depending on who they bet on

For what it's worth:

Level 4 fighter
18 strength
14 Constitution
13 Dex

12 AC
34 HP

Improved Unarmed Strike
Weapon Focus (unarmed Strike)
Weapon Specialization (unarmed Strike)
Two Weapon Fighting

d0d28 No.79205

you Ain't gonna do shid. m9
"well i was gonna go to the tavern and get Silver then we'll look for Oynx and Spark. then we were probably gonna go back to the farm."

41889 No.79206

By the by, I took out weak will since Superior Unarmed Strike was not counted here.

d6fbf No.79207

Silver checks the time, to see if it's been at least an hour since he arrived at the museum.
r00d, d00d

3d40f No.79208

It can be, unless he wants to know more

"You mean that necromancer work you needed an exorcism after doing yesterday?"
She gets into the shower

d6fbf No.79209

He's learned a decent amount already, so yeah.

41889 No.79210

Well, that hasn't changed. I did give some money to the abbey so I have good boy points.
Iron, satisfied with his fight and understanding he can't take another beating, goes to that shady Earth Pony, maybe he has some medical treatment for the fighters after the fight.

3d40f No.79211

"Drink some cold water. Alcohol will make you feel better, but it won't help you"

d0d28 No.79212

Dark Star gets in the shower to
"Well… yea. i promised spark that i would help him clear them out."

41889 No.79213

Eh, I'm not really going to. Skies is Star's alone, after all.

d6fbf No.79214

Silver makes his way back to the store to check if his rifle is ready for pickup.

41889 No.79215

"Do I get something after the fight? I do not think you are doing this out of practice of sport." Iron, nevertheless, searches for some cold water to drink. He definetly needs that. Maybe he should meet up with the dog later, some sparring matches against him are quite thrilling.

3d40f No.79217

"Well, I won't get in the way of work with your buddies"
And controls for the shower are there on the side

Indeed it is

"Of course not. People place bets on who they think will win, and we get a portion of all winnings"

d6fbf No.79218

"Ah, thank you!" He takes a look at the rifle at the store once he gets there.

41889 No.79219

Iron ponders. Maybe next time he visits, he may be a little more "assertive" to this pony, but right now he doesn't want to risk it. "It is alright, I did come here to battle, not for money. Say, do you know who the dog whom I fought was?"

3d40f No.79220

The varnish has changed the color of the wood from a sort of orange to a sort of brown. Just as well, considering the rifle's butt has what seemed to be liquefied flesh n it

"Rover De Marquise. A regular here, and popular too"

d0d28 No.79221

File: 1546506701702.png (527.09 KB, 1812x2091, _filly pat.png)

>pic related
"We are gonna pick some stuff up to help with the threat."
Dark Star adjust the water to where its hot but not scalding.

d6fbf No.79222

Only slightly sick to his stomach at the thought, Silver seems satisfied with the work. "I will have to remember you, if I have need of your services in future."

41889 No.79223

Iron nods. It should've gained some renown for this fight in here. Even though he is one level lower than Iron but nevermind that "Any other regulars to match my strength? I have the urge to fight some of the others later, after I heal my bruises.

3d40f No.79224

Skies shakes briefly, and extends her wings slightly, almost like a bird bathing in water. "I like it warmer as well. Are you going to pick up a priest? Because that is basically what you need"

"Come back any time." Says Happy Hunting

41889 No.79225

*my bruises"

3d40f No.79226

"We have a few" Says the pony, "If you have a taste for getting punched"

41889 No.79227

Iron nods. "I may come back later if I need some bruising to give and take. For now, any good place to heal myself close from here?"

3d40f No.79228

"I wouldn't recommend going to a hospital. Just take some aspirin and sleep a couple hours. Drink some alcohol if you need it"

d6fbf No.79229

He grabs his rifle and the ammo he purchased, and heads out the door to make his way back to the tavern and wait up on the rest of the party, should they try for the crypts and the quarry again.

d0d28 No.79230

"A Priest? yea that could work. we were gonna pick up some holy water too."
Dark star Rubs blues back

41889 No.79231

Iron rolls his eyes. "If you say so. I will take my leave then." He decides to leave the building, all of his bruises on full display. He wonders what an aspirin is as he walks out. Maybe the abbey nuns will know what he's talking about. He starts travelling back to the abbey. They should have ended their mass already.

3d40f No.79232

She stretches out to let Dark Star do this as well as possible, and tries to spread her wings, although that is not really entirely possible. The hair on the coat is a bit short, still soft, and he can feel harder bone underneath

Well, yes, but….

41889 No.79233

But what? Do I need to come back and intimidate the stallion for medical treatment?

d0d28 No.79234

After hes rub her back he moves to her chest and stomach

3d40f No.79235

Well, does he want the nuns to see him as such?

>Intimidate the guy who runs an illegal operation that makes lots of money and is filled with extremely strong criminals, while Iron has no armor and no weapons. And by the way, Iron wants to go back.

Like how well do you think that will go down?

Her chest has the same soft coat, but also hard ribs. Her belly has some resistance when you press into her, but she is skinny. The wings are sort of in the way of part of the chest

d0d28 No.79236

Dark Star moves on to her thighs

41889 No.79237

Iron thinks about it more closely. Maybe he may have a doctor in the audience of the boxing ring, eager to take advantage of the lack of medical treatment which can restore his health. He returns inside, looking for this type of pony whatever race he is inside.

41889 No.79238

*pony or whatever

3d40f No.79239

Though her barrel narrows around her belly, her hindquarters are meatier, as there is some muscle on the flanks and for the rear legs. Her Azure white coat is as soft as ever here. She reacts somewhat pleasured, and spreads her legs slightly

A pony has an ice bag over De Marquis's face

d0d28 No.79240

Dark Star rubs her tits

41889 No.79241

Iron approaches the pony in question and starts conversation. "Excuse me for interrupting. You seem to be taking care of my former opponent here well. He is a good fighter. I honestly was lucky with my blows to have won against him." He smiles at the pony. "Are you by any chance a doctor?"

3d40f No.79242

Supple though fairly small, rubbing them causes her to flip her tail

"No. I am his manager. Nice job, by the way. Even if you lost me a lot of money"

d0d28 No.79243

Dark Star keeps at it but he focuses on her nipples

41889 No.79244

Iron nods, a bit uncomfortable. "Say, you seem to know your way around this business here. Do you have anypony that can patch me up, by any chance? I do not want too much attention on me when I go outside with all these bruises your partner gave me." Iron chuckles a bit. "I heard Rover is a regular here so you should know your way around these parts to have it all covered."

3d40f No.79245

Soft, then firm, then harder. Never fully firm, because the warm water softens them."

"What do you want? Stitches? A bullet removed? Well let me tell you. There is no cut skin to stitch. There is no bullet to remove. You feel sore and you will be for a while, but you don't have broken bones or cut skin. The only cure for that, unless you insist on magic, is to tough it up and walk or sleep it off. Drink some vodka, that'll make you feel better"

41889 No.79246

Iron is not amused. "I just need to mask the bruises for a while at the very least. If I go to my destination, ponies are going to panic." Iron ponders. If he doesn't have any answers, maybe someone else will. No way these ponies don't have a doctor in tow to cure fighters from their bruises. It's illegal, after all.

d0d28 No.79247

Dark Star blows on her ear and kisses her Neck
"you're the most beautiful mare in all of the world."

3d40f No.79248

"Wear a robe"
Indeed, that seems to be what he is doing with De Marquis. That, and ice. Mostly ice

She shivers, and has her warm smile, while her ear flaps down when Dark Star blows on it

41889 No.79249

Well, that's a possibility. "Is there any robes around here for me to put on?"

3d40f No.79250

"You can get one at a store, or buy one here"

d0d28 No.79251

File: 1546509899398.png (266.87 KB, 1069x720, _expand.png)

3d40f No.79252

Damn it, I have to go to sleep now

41889 No.79253

"Alright. Thank you for your patience and cooperation." He lightly bows to the manager. "Hopefully I can fight Rover again some other day." He chuckles.
No problem with me, good night GM.

d0d28 No.79254

Night Fren

4222d No.79255

Wow, that's more posts than I expected.
Maybe I should have stayed up.

d6fbf No.79256

The group got busy while you were gone, it seems. Certainly stayed up after I had already passed out.

41889 No.79257

Well, do you want some potions for Ash or your vow of poverty refrains you from doing that?

41889 No.79258

Hey GM, how did the doggo have two weapon fighting with such low dex score?

41889 No.79261

Doing a small rolecall, see who is here at the current moment.

a6259 No.79262


e85ba No.79263

I'm here

41889 No.79264

Coolio. GM will take a while to reappear by how long he was awake last session. Do you have any plans to fight the undead already?

3d40f No.79265

41889 No.79266

You just had to appear after I said you would be a bit late. Oh well. If you feel like GMing, I had planned a visit to Cauldron, both as a little friendly chat and a potion seller, and since I have the map, I should be able to find the address..

d6fbf No.79267

I'm here, if we're doing stuff.

e85ba No.79268

The only plan I have is to get you guys to go in there and I provide my spells… however they can help. Other than that, I guess pray to the dice gods for mercy this time around. turns out I have been calculating my spells per day wrong, don't know if I should keep going with what I have already stated, or just go along with the new amount

41889 No.79269

Oh. That… doesn't sound very planned. I suggest buying holy water at a church if you can.

d6fbf No.79270

Silver's plan is going to be to stick with the other Fighter(s) and try to keep the undead as far away from you, Dark Star, and maybe Ash as possible.

e85ba No.79271

You sound like I had a plan to begin with. I guess I could try that, but I need my character to have a reason to learn of this strategy.

41889 No.79272

>have a reason to learn of this strategy
Remember the fact that Dark Star had to go to a church to dispell his sickness? That's enough reason to do that.

a6259 No.79273

Use the new numbers
This is a good strategy

e85ba No.79274

Well, I could come up with the right dialog to figure that out, but Spark never quite learned what became of Dark Star. Once I find him again, then I should be able to.

41889 No.79275

Judging by your lack of response, I'll assume you're ready
Iron decides he does not need any robes. He simply needs to magick his wounds away, and he knows the pony, or shall we say zebra, to do the job. He remembers the address Cauldron said and looked for the restaurant that is there.

41889 No.79276

*looked in his map

d6fbf No.79277

Silver should be back at the tavern right now, waiting for the party to get back together.

a6259 No.79278

Onyx gracefully falls down the stairs from his room to the bar.

e85ba No.79279

Since that is the place everyone seems to gather at, Spark heads to the tavern with our grumpy bartender after leaving the Void of Nothingness.

e85ba No.79280

Once inside, I wave hello to Onyx.
"Are you feeling any better after last night?"

d6fbf No.79281

Silver looks up from the table he's sitting at with a map in his hooves to look at Onyx's limp form. "Ah, it is good to see that you are still alive after all."

a6259 No.79282

Next time can Onyx join Spark in the void?
"Feeling a bit better. Are you holding up?"

e85ba No.79283

I hold the glass up beside me.
"Yeah. I hope Dark Star made it. He didn't look too good."

d6fbf No.79284

Silver turns to Spark as he speaks up. "Do not worry about Dark Star. I made sure he received appropriate aid."
"Now, if you would both come here, we have plans to discuss."

3d40f No.79285

My parents are telling me to apply for jobs and get my license, and I just came back from the dentist, so I don't think I will be super-active today

41889 No.79286

I'll be patient then.

e85ba No.79287

I go over to Silver.
"Plans? I'm listening."

d6fbf No.79288

Alright then, we'll be patient.
In front of him is a crude-yet-serviceable map of the crypts they explored underneath Curwhinny farm, or at least as much as they've explored, as well as a list of notes about the enemies they faced and what they'll need for a return trip, made using a "borrowed" pen and a bar napkin. Silver's marked a few key points of interest that they found yesterday. "I understand if you are hesitant to go back to tunnels, but I am in personal need of Bits, and I do not like to leave jobs unfinished. If either of you do not want to go back, please speak up now."

a6259 No.79289

Onyx is silent

e85ba No.79290

"I am contractually bound to do this. I will do this regardless of risk and reward."

d6fbf No.79291

Silver nods, and turns to his map. "When we took job, we underestimated difficulty of our tasks, and we were not prepared. I do not intend for this to happen again." He points to where the skeletons they faced appeared out of thin air. "When skeletons came at us, they came from blue mist, with no sign of them ever having been there in first place. Same blue mist as when I disturbed ashes in urns. It is obvious they were summoned. By what, I do not know, but we must be ready for fight at all times.

"Best way to kill skeletons is with bludgeoning strikes. It is most effective way you can shatter their bones. If you have funds, and strength to wield it, I recommend buying hammer. Otherwise, best weapon you would have against them would be your hooves. As for other undead, they do not seem to have any particular weakness, but I would keep noses open. I do not know how many more are in tunnels, but they are easy enough to find before they find you. If we get into fight, try to trip them. It makes them much easier to hit, at least in melee." He points to Onyx. "You have halberd, right? It should be decent weapon for tripping. And it should not leave you open to biting like hooves would.

"When we go back down there, Onyx and I should take point. We are strongest of group, and most resilient. We have better chance of avoiding infection, I would imagine, than rest of us. We also need to find weapons that are specialized against undead. After Dark Star got infected, I took him to cathedral not too far from quarry. Father there, he is knowledgeable about undead. Perhaps it would do us well to ask him if he knows of ways to deal with them easier."

"Finally, it would be good idea to bring someone else along who is good with healing, or curing disease. Dark Star, he mentioned something about nun, or not-nun, who might be able and willing to help us in this regard, but he did not give specific location as to where we may meet her. If either of you know where she might be found, then we should go to her and ask for her aid."

8e109 No.79292

He might have been a Ranger. Ranger's don't need to meet the ability requirement.

It's going to be quite a while until I can be fully available.

41889 No.79293

Unless he multiclassed as a ranger, I find it unlikely, since he is explicitly stated to be a fighter.

e85ba No.79294

"Ah. I think I know the sort-of nun you are talking about. I don't remember where she went though."

d6fbf No.79295

Silver's ears perk up, at the notion that they might be able to find her. "Do you know of anything identifiable about her? Anything we could use to ask around religious institutions for her whereabouts?"

e85ba No.79296

"She is a kirin. Kind of nervous in tough situations though. Last I remember, she was looking for lost foals. She probably went with that jungle native that you tussled with for money, bartender."

8e109 No.79297

He might have been a Ranger or a Monk.
It's going to be quite a while until I can be fully available. I'm on a trip, and my cell data isn't working for some reason.

d6fbf No.79298

"…Kirin? What is kirin?"

e85ba No.79299

"It's a pony, but kind of like part dragon with a wild mane. You will know what I'm talking about when you see her."

d6fbf No.79300

"Hmm, that is something I have not heard of yet…and you say she is looking for lost foals? And she is with jungle native?"

e85ba No.79301

"Yeah. They worked with us before. I told her I would join her, but the two left without notice. I hope they are doing well in their search."

41889 No.79302

Maybe you shouldn't have gone to sleep in the void and should've followed Ash, my guy.

d6fbf No.79303

"…So, there is dragon-pony nun, and her Chincoteague escort, looking for lost foals across city…?" And here Silver thought he had heard some pretty crazy stuff before now. "It might be likely half of city has heard of or seen these two already. With luck, they have left big enough trail for us to follow."

e85ba No.79304

She didn't ever respond to my suggestion that I should go along. Maybe next time.
"Most likely. So, are we off to find them?"

d6fbf No.79305

"Yes, unless you believe it is best to wait for Dark Star's return. Though, with that marefriend of his, we might be waiting for while, if that is case."

e85ba No.79306

"It would be best to at least tell him so he doesn't wander back in the quarry looking for us."

d6fbf No.79307

"Maybe leave message with Glass, if he sees him come back to tavern?" He thinks for a couple seconds. "Oh, it would also be good idea for you two to buy some healing potions, in case we can not get this kirin to join us. I only have four left for myself, and I do not have many spare Bits left to purchase more. And as lucky as I might be with medkit, I do not think it can do much good if you get torn to shreds by undead."

e85ba No.79308

I hand you 500 bits.
"I'll see about potions."

e85ba No.79309

Hoof rather

a6259 No.79310

"Where can we get some?"

d6fbf No.79311

"I went to potions shop yesterday, before we left for quarry. I can show you."
Silver's eyes go about as wide as dinner plates at just how much money Spark is willing to hoof out, and he looks just a little flustered. "I…I-I…b-but…" His voice goes quiet. "…that is lot of Bits to just give out like that…are you sure?"

e85ba No.79312

"You are all technically my hired help, and until the contract is fulfilled, I can't let you go without bits, especially going in there. Don't worry about it."

d6fbf No.79313

"…" He silently takes the Bits offered to him, but despite his lack of words, his face says everything he would need to say about how grateful he is. After the Bits are taken, that's what he speaks. "If you are needing me to pay you back after job, I will gladly do so."

e85ba No.79314

"That won't be needed. I underestimated the severity of this task. Making sure you are well equipped if you are still up for this job is my duty. Just promise me you will help me get them to pay us well for what we have had to endure so far. I don't exactly have the muscle to back up any threats if they short change us."

d6fbf No.79315

Silver gives him a determined nod. "I will make sure of it."

41889 No.79316

Iron looks very intently at his map for the address Cauldron said to him yesterday. It should be a restaurant.
Just bumping

950de No.79317

I'll be able to play in about an hour.

41889 No.79318

Let's hope the GM can do the same. I think it may take all of his free time for his current situation.

950de No.79319

It is a weekday.
Anons are busy.

41889 No.79320

Fair enough. By the way, can you drink potions or do your vows interfere with it?

950de No.79321

A character who had the vow of poverty would refrain from intentionally buying/consuming bottled hit points, because they're expensive items like any other potion and such a character is sworn to donate all of their possessions to the poor.
It doesn't prohibit the character from being rescued with a potion if they were dying though. That's where the permission ends.

41889 No.79322

What if another character forced you to drink it?

d0d28 No.79323

Im Here

4222d No.79324

Spoiled because of non-core meta:
By force? No.
That would not cause penalty. Since the character itself would not have strayed from the promise they made to their faith.
Sacred Vows aren't really trumped by technicalities like that: they're religious creeds, not arcane spell effects.
For example, a character who swore off worldly possessions could still pick up a treasure chest full of priceless treasures and carry it for miles; provided they were carrying said treasure to a place where they intended to give it away.
I read a lot if the Sacred Vow feats, and they're mostly worded about the same the same: intentionally breaking the vow results in the permanent loss of the few; breaking the vow due to extreme circumstances or mind control causes temporary loss. A character who'd taken the Vow of Nonviolence, who was Enchanted into harming someone would lose the benefits of their feat until they'd labored in repentance that would meet the prerequisites of an Atonement spell; a character who'd intentionally committed murder would have irreparably strayed from the path of Nonviolence, and thus permanently lose the benefits of the feat, along with any prestige Class levels or templates they had attained with the Vow as a prerequisite.

41889 No.79325

I guess I should spoiler this too
Wouldn't that be an extreme circumstance to be forced to drink something expensive, therefore having to temporarily lose the vow?
Hello. The GM is busy at the moment, so no sexy times in the bath for the time being.

4222d No.79326

Sustenance (not needing to eat) is a feature of Ascetiscism after a certain level. A character with the vow would never be in that position, unless something disabled their supernatural abilities. Extreme fasting may be part of the roleplay though.
Eating expensive food while others went hungry would definitely break the vow though. Eating a small portion at a table as a gesture of solidarity and accepting hospitality may not be, depending on what the circumstances were.

3d40f No.79327

I think Dark Star was last blowing air into a pretty pegasus pony's ear and watching it twitch?

41889 No.79328

So if I put enough pressure on you to do something that is not evil but is somewhat against your vow will not trigger the temporary loss, right?

4222d No.79329

I just got back to my place-of-consistent-wifi.

41889 No.79330

That's lewd enough

4222d No.79331

It really matters in the circumstances.
If the act is antithetical to the vow itself, there wouldn't be any loopholes.

I don't actually have any vows at this point though. I'm just rolling with Augment Summoning until further notice. I was just following the creeds for vows I wanted to take, for the sake of character consistency.

41889 No.79332

Good to know for later. Of course, Iron may have to learn this the hard way

d0d28 No.79333

His Magnum Dong was expanding

d0d28 No.79334

Hows it going?

41889 No.79335

We're just chilling. I just ate a tuna sandwich. Iron is going to a particular restaurant that he has friends in.

3d40f No.79336

She looks backwards at Dark Star with her smile and bats an eye at him with thick lashes. She flips her mane, raises her tail up, and then raises her right wing up so that it interrupts the shower of water, and causes water to trickle down her back

4222d No.79337


4222d No.79338

Okay, so last where I was at, Sister Ash was finishing her prayers and preparing her spells.
I guess Caleb was just laying in the yard and lazing about wherever he's allowed to be, like a dog would; maybe playing with the foals if he had the chance.

41889 No.79339

Iron is currently looking at his map, looking for the address Cauldron told him where the restaurant is. She may be of great help from this predicament.

d0d28 No.79340

Good to hear
nice was it a good sandwich?
Dark Star Rubs her horse pussy with his Dong

41889 No.79341

I guess it was. A slice of tomato, some fresh tuna and a bit of mayo between two slices of bread does wonders to quell hunger by a lot.

d0d28 No.79342

Iron has a date with cauldron?
i was about to go get a Shredded chicken sandwich.

d0d28 No.79343

What kind of doggo is caleb?

41889 No.79344

What? No. He just wants to visit the restaurant to see how she's doing as well as buy some potions for his wounds and for the road.
I think the GM should tell me if I buy too many potions to fit my belt.

4222d No.79345

A husky.

e9da9 No.79346

But here’s the question. How does the Earth Pomy accomplish this?

4222d No.79347

Potions are typically thin, cylindrical containers measuring at no more than an inch wide and 2 inches tall (including the stopper), containing only an ounce of liquid.
You can carry a whole bunch of them. They don't spoil unless altered by magick or intentionally tampered with.
Also, wasn't Couldron a Rogue? Only a Cleric/Adept/Druid/Bard would be capable of making healing potions, if they had the feat. Only spellcasters can produce alchemical items too.

41889 No.79348

GM said through Cauldron that her brother has a potion making business if I'm not mistaken.

4222d No.79349

Could try asking the church too. Healing potions may be a source of revenue for the clergy.

d0d28 No.79350

he uses his hoof?

41889 No.79351

I'll tangle with both good and evil as a true chaotic neutral. Besides, some quality time with Cauldron won't hurt anyone.

4222d No.79352

I g2g

41889 No.79353

See you later, I hope.

e9da9 No.79354

But he’s a quadruped, and so the penis would be underneath him, so it would be difficult to make contact by any means other than mounting her….

She purrs

d0d28 No.79355

then yea Dark Star Mounts her

e9da9 No.79356

The little pegasus’s shoulders are firm as he stands on her. Her vulva is soft, warm, and wet

4222d No.79357


d0d28 No.79358

Dark Star Rubs his Penis back and forth to stimulate her , but he doesnt penetrate yet.

41889 No.79359

Welcome back. Star is sticking his penis in Skies again.

4222d No.79360

I can see.

After Sister Ash finishes her prayers, she helps the nuns and foals with their morning chores.

e9da9 No.79361

File: 1546567309343.png (73.99 KB, 900x832, 162CC7B1-1BEE-48DE-9702-71….png)

She points her her upwards, and looks into the eyes of the pony above her. “Oh Dark Star…”

d0d28 No.79362

File: 1546567320173.jpg (40.42 KB, 480x360, _That comes later.jpg)

>sticking it in

41889 No.79363

I think Star comes/cums first, then we can continue with our things. Maybe to sync up Sliver, Onyx, Spark and Star's timelines.

e9da9 No.79364


I need to look up the most draconian forms of Catholic school punishment before I can complete that scene

The >>79363
I still have job applications

d0d28 No.79365

"oh yea, you like that huh? Dirty mare."
Dark Star Continues to stimulate her without penetrating her

d6fbf No.79367

Oh, hey, people are back.

e9da9 No.79368

She continues to look upwards at him, as he looms over her.

“You silly mud pony, my coat is clean”

4222d No.79369

Roll 1d20+Char to realize the effectiveness of foreplay.

41889 No.79370

Ah-ha! I knew it! Master detective that I am!
Sex is pretty easy to mold through. I can attest to that.
Gee, kinkshaming after that licking at the movies? Really?

4222d No.79371

I have to step out again for a bit.

41889 No.79372


d0d28 No.79373

"mmm are you sure? i think you missed a spot."
Dark Star Sticks it in

e9da9 No.79374

She laughs mischievously, and then backs herself onto him. She grips down.

“Are you going to make me dirty again?”

d0d28 No.79375

"That was the plan."
He smiles at her then bucks into her

e9da9 No.79376

She moans lightly

“Are you sure you can dirty the purity of a Nimbusuan Pegasus mare?”

d0d28 No.79377

"you'll be Filthy by the time im done."
If he can Dark Star will reach under her and play with her tits as hes thrusting into her

d6fbf No.79379

That misspelling, though.

41889 No.79380

Ah, a freudian slip-up.
Or phone autocorrect. more likely

d6fbf No.79381

Probably. Autocorrect claims yet another victim.

d0d28 No.79382

"Ha Ha Seems like im Doing a good job so far."
he Focuses on her nipples

e9da9 No.79383

She’ll never lactate until she is many months pregnant, but her teats are firm as water drips off them. “You like those don’t you?”

Her mouth gapes down in ecstatic pleasure, and her inside clamps down on Dark Star

d0d28 No.79384

"yea they really get me going."
Even though shes not lactating Dark Star Doubles Down on her nipples

d6fbf No.79385

You know, it wouldn't surprise me to learn that there's a lactation potion in a rulebook somewhere.

41889 No.79386

>lactation portion in a rulebook somewhere
It was posted already. You just didn't read.

d0d28 No.79387

File: 1546570811579.png (229.45 KB, 1500x1894, _DarkStar_.png)

d6fbf No.79388

Fair enough.

e9da9 No.79389

They try to resist his hooves, tensing up even as the warm water losens them. “They were supposed to be for Pegasus foals”

41889 No.79390

>just pegasus foals.
Such a winged supremacist, this girl.

d0d28 No.79391

"ill give you some foals."
Uh whats breeding like between the pony races?
Dark Star relents on her nipples and moves to her clit

4222d No.79392

What was it?

41889 No.79393

Show-wise, you have three options:
Earth Pony
You could increase the chance of being one of them if the ponies in question are of certain races, for example, it's more likely foals between Star and Skies are going to be Earth Ponies and/or Pegasi than unicorns, but there's still a chance to be unicorn still.

4222d No.79394

Let me check the conception tables.

e85ba No.79395

d6fbf No.79396

Reposting it for you. The "autocorrect" is in boldface:
>If he rests his chest on her while arching his back up, then yes, he can grab her tears while penetrating her. She backs her dump into him while grabbing down and letting off rythmically

“Let’s see you try, Earth Pony.” She moans when he touches her

41889 No.79397

Yeah, that's what I meant for that little paragraph.

d0d28 No.79398

41889 No.79399

>inb4 GM can't continue the sex scene becuase he needs to research this pregnancy shit now.

d6fbf No.79400

I really hope is isn't a case where she's infertile, otherwise there will be a broken heart and/or feels.

e9da9 No.79401

She winks at him, including with her eyes. She definitely likes how he moves his hooves. Judging by how she moves her hindquarters back and forth she’s taken a definite liking to his penis. “I’d love to feel you try”

>implying ancestor screwed a Unicorn
Those are fighting words

d0d28 No.79402

"you'll be a great mother."
Dark Star Doubles down on his thrusts and his rubbing.

41889 No.79403

Oh, we're pre-unification or just post-unification of all three races? Are those fighting words world-wise? Eh, I don't know. I think I have it figured out. Well, I'll just leave for a bit nonetheless. I'll be back soon-ish.

4222d No.79404

I've got got an Open Game Licensed source that I'm flipping through atm. Will post finds.

4222d No.79405

File: 1546572097783-0.jpg (Spoiler Image, 548.42 KB, 904x1229, 50-05283b2122.jpg)

If we use the same stats for centaurs, we've got a 60% chance of conception, if they're in heat.

e9da9 No.79406

Like Iron, she’s from a different culture with different values

She blushes, but is still as she looks forward

e85ba No.79407

In Nibusia there is a section, or was in this case, of the population that held Pegasus supremacist views, pre-unification values if you will.

4222d No.79408

On that note, if we consider ponies to have about the same lifespan as humans, we could use human statistics.
In that case, it would be 20% all year round.

Now here's the real question: Do ponies go into heat, like horses? Or do they procreate like hoo-mans do?

d6fbf No.79409

Considering the norm for most quadrupedal mammals is estrus…

d0d28 No.79410

Dark Star Reaches down and kisses her
Should i make some rolls?

e9da9 No.79411

Her muzzle has moved fare away, but when he moves her muzzle to hers, she is persuaded to come closer. She accepts the kiss, although she seems to have a tear in her eye.

She grabs him again, not wanting to let go

You can roll if you want to

4222d No.79412

Tbh, I like of like the estrus motif in clop pieces.
When you get the chance, ask her when her estrus period is, or roll appraise to sense via hormones or whatever.

d0d28 No.79413

Dice rollRolled 8

4222d No.79414

Roll 1d20 for conception.
It'll be between 20 and 60% chance, depending on what GM rules for equine anatomy.

d6fbf No.79415

>Tbh, I like of like the estrus motif in clop pieces.
I agree with this sentiment.

Also, potentially stupid question: if I throw a flask of oil as a splash weapon at an opponent, then ignite it, does it deal 1d3 damage for two rounds like if I were to ignite it from the ground, or does it deal 1d6 damage for two rounds like if I had used Alchemist's Fire?

e9da9 No.79416

Dark Star ejaculates, presumably inside of her,

“Oh! Oooh!”
She grabs him with all the strength of her muscles

4222d No.79417

Avoiding being lit on fire by a non-supernatural is a 15 DC reflex save; some creatures and spells have Abilities that raise the DC. You take 1d6 damage every turn you're on fire, and can attempt to extinguish the flames every round with another reflex save.
Just buy alchemist fire.

If that was a conception roll, you wouldn't know the results of it anyway.
Rangers get Detect Pregnancy as a 1st level spell though.

4222d No.79418

Shoot, I worded that improperly..

d0d28 No.79423

Dice rollRolled 18


d0d28 No.79424


4222d No.79425

I missed those.

d6fbf No.79426

So, apparently I can't say de-b-i-l-itations because e-b-i-l autocorrects as faggy on this site. Apparently I'm missing something, because I have no idea why it does that.
Yeah, I delet.

d0d28 No.79427


d0d28 No.79428

File: 1546574006747.jpg (130.96 KB, 525x809, _laughing bevis and butt h….jpg)

e85ba No.79430

Old jokes we have on here, like European style football is changed. Let me try:
Gay marriage

e85ba No.79431

d0d28 No.79432


d6fbf No.79433


But what's cheaper? Because a flask of oil is pretty damn cheap.

TBH, me asking this is probably just a consequence of me having played way too much Dragon's Dogma. There's a lot of crazy things you can do with DE-B-I-LITATIONS in that game, especially revolving around Tarring and Dousing.

3d40f No.79434

Just for relentlessly trying to choke the thread with meta posting, all prices on whatever-oil are tippled and made equal to the highest cost

d6fbf No.79435

Yeah, sorry about that. Genuinely didn't mean to.

4222d No.79436

Well, you can do pretty much anything you can imagine. It's role-playing.
I think that throwing the oil and lighting it would probably be separate actions though, and the lighting part might incur AoO.
Considering that you'd need to throw a lot of oil to create the effect you desired (and be able to light it), alchemist fire might be better.
>not having a supernatural touch attack
Kirin masterrace.

d6fbf No.79437

Well, I mean, considering the GM basically just said "no" to whatever plans I would had with oil, I think I'll probably just stick with Alchemist's Fire.

41889 No.79438

Ah, good.
I was hoping I didn't step on another social landmine between player and GM

4222d No.79439

We've got mordern weaponry too, so buy dynamite/grenades.

41889 No.79440

What just happened here? I missed some funny stuff?

d6fbf No.79441

Last meta post for a while, because I don't want to piss off the GM any more than I have done so already.
At this rate, I'd almost say it would be worth it to have two separate threads: one for the game, one for meta discussion.
I don't think Silver has the capability to buy explosives right now. I mean, I'm fairly certain something like that would be heavily restricted.
>tl;dr e-b-i-l without the dashes autocorrects as faggy, and it makes trying to type de-b-i-litations difficult

41889 No.79442

You mean you couldn't write dfaggyitations on your device? Peculiar.

41889 No.79443

Oh, I see. Well, just let it there as a reminder not to use it later.

4222d No.79444

Well, if bullets are on sale, gunpowder must be available too.

*Sweeps the orphanage*

41889 No.79445

Iron keeps looking for the restaurant on his map. He should remember the address Cauldron gave him yesterday.

e9da9 No.79446

I take it Dark Star dirtied the pretty pure Pegasus pony?

d0d28 No.79447

very much so.

e9da9 No.79449

She forces her mane against him, and pulls against him in an almost sucking fashion - expanding deep inside her while clamping down nearer his base, as her body tries to draw his seed closer to her womb

d0d28 No.79450

"Fucking Hell."

4222d No.79451

*Does laundry*
*Helps assemble breakfast*
*Prays for garden*

3d40f No.79452

"Fucking indeed"
At the moment of ecstasy, her wings spread out to touch each side of the shower. She now folds them back in, as Dark Star either remains on her or dismounts

d0d28 No.79453

he dismounts after about a minute or so

3d40f No.79454

She gives him her mischievous smile, and puts her tail down. Her mane is entirely wet

"I need to dry off now after getting so wet."
She opens the door of the shower to leave it

4222d No.79455

I'm considering this list for today:

Detect Magic
Create Water
Read Magic
Animal Trick

1st level:
Lesser Vigor
Enrage Animal

2nd level:
Heat Metal
Chill Metal
Luminous Armor

Call Lighting

I'd modify it quite a bit if I anticipated the day to include undead-hunting, but technically Sister Ash would have no way to know of that…

41889 No.79456

Seems we'll be okay on any quest we may go, either the foals or the undead.
Of course, you didn't specialize on it, but it should be enough.

4222d No.79457

Particularly, this list would be helpful if fending off ponies, not anything else.
Downdraft and Cloudburst won't help at all indoors or underground. I only prepared Cloudburst to buff Call Lightning.
What was the weather going to be today?

Luminous Armor is just funky Barkskin, but I wanted to try a Sanctified spell.

4222d No.79458

Dice rollRolled 12 + 12

Actually,I don't think I rolled Survival up until today.
Rolling to predict the weather for s number of days.

d0d28 No.79459

Dark Star proceeds to take the shower that he came in here to do

d0d28 No.79460

"you looked like you had a good time."

3d40f No.79461

The complementary soap and coat wash have been opened before, but at least it's there. Dark Star can now smell like Lavender

"You've given a pleasant start to my morning"
As she wipes a towel over her

d0d28 No.79462

"im Glad to have Brought you some joy."

4222d No.79463

Well, as a class feature, I can burn any of those for a summoning spell. I kind of wanted to diversify things a bit though. Try some sanctified spells; develope her faith/practice a bit; experiment with different kinds of spells, etc.
Heat/Chill Metal won't be useful for anything but disabling weapons though: My AC is 10, so I'd rather avoid being shot at. Downdraft is to knock flying enemies down without outright killing them.

41889 No.79464

Oh, sounds like you have a plan for today. When the GM finishes his business and Iron can move again, he will go to a particular potion shop, heal these wounds up and come back to the abbey, so don't move a muscle from the abbey for now.

e9da9 No.79465

“Anytime you are feeling generous, you can come to me, or in me”

d0d28 No.79466

"i think ill do both."
He laughs

e9da9 No.79467

She gives him a wink through the glass panels, and leaves out the bathroom door

d0d28 No.79468

Dark Star steps out of the Shower and drys off

4222d No.79469

File: 1546581067003-0.gif (77.81 KB, 550x951, WdtAHk2.gif)

Sister Ash would wait a while to see if he comes back. She's content doing service at the orphanage, because that was the original reason she came to the city.

She helps the nuns wherever she can. She's particularly eager the make sure the foals she brought back are fine, so she checks on them.
Pic unrelated

e9da9 No.79470

He does indeed smell like Lavender, and feels surprisingly silky and smooth

d0d28 No.79471

He walks out of the bathroom

e9da9 No.79472

Alright, and what does he do next?

d0d28 No.79473

"im going down to the tavern to see if the rest of the Stallion Gang is there. want to Come with me?"

41889 No.79474


e85ba No.79475

I'm awake.

41889 No.79476

Be ready for him. He will go to you shortly.

d6fbf No.79477

I'm here.

Still sounds kinda gay, though.

41889 No.79478

e9da9 No.79479

“Well… keeping tabs on them would be good. I guess I can go this morning”

d0d28 No.79480

Dark Star waits for Blue to get ready then they go to the east side tavern

e9da9 No.79481

Iron is able to go to the desired location

Much of the early activity is centered around trying to reintegrate the foals that had been lost. A certain unicorn colt wants hugs, a cream colored Pegasus is not allowed to leave her room until she has completed writing the same long prayer 500 times, after which she may leave her room for the exclusive purpose of going to the bathroom, and if she completes another 500 copies after that, she may have food brought to her. Some foals play with other foals, and they prepare for class. There is breakfast in the central hall, and s certain unicorn colt wants hugs

She organizes papers into briefcases, and moves around two jars that he recalls seeing his first night there, and then follows Dark Star our the door to the tavern

41889 No.79482

Well, here's the restaurant. Iron hopes Cauldron is in here. He tries to enter it, but not before seeing its name to jot it down for later.

4222d No.79483

Sister Ash gives hugs to whoever asks for it(or looks like they could use it), and helps the other Sisters set up breakfast.
She makes sure all the foals she brought back are adequately comfortable.

d0d28 No.79484

Along the way Dark Star glances at her stomach and smiles

964ed No.79485

Did you remember to prepare the spell?

d0d28 No.79486


4222d No.79487


e9da9 No.79488

Well, one of the foals is under house arrest…

The small colt likes hugs. Two of the older colts seem happy enough to be back, and even thank Ash, while two fillies seem to need the emotional support, and it kind of looks like a brown unicorn colt wants Ash to be his mother…

She still has a slender barrel, with an almost fluffy azure white coat

d0d28 No.79489

He still smiles knowing what could happen

4222d No.79490

Ash spends quite a bit of time tending to each foal individually. Giving them all the attention they deserve.
She passes by the pegasus cream-colored filly's (what's her name?) room momentarily, but allows her to finish her first stack before she can speak to her.

e9da9 No.79491

This is by and large successful, as the fillies seem reassured by her tender presence, although it does have the unexpected complication of a foal becoming stuck in her mane like a pine cone.

As she passes by the room, sister Rosemary has this to say: “I don’t think Abby Willows will be allowed to talk to anypony anytime soon”

She gives him a sort of strange smile back

41889 No.79492

Does Iron manage to get the name of the restaurant and enter it or does he have to wait because I'm desyncing with the others?

4222d No.79493

Would she be done with the first stack by the afternoon-ish, at the rate she's going?
Sister Ash requests that she have a word with Abby as soon as she can.
Sister Ash goes about her day, helping with chores and whatnot. She pays no mind to the foals nesting in her mane, so long as they do their share of the chores and prepare for their classes.

d0d28 No.79494

Are we at the tavern yet?

e9da9 No.79495


setting up that scene is a lot of mental energy

“I guess even prisoners are allowed visitors…”

>nesting foals

“The colt says he’s Bridged Clearly of Seaward Shoals. He’s only barely old enough to begin classes, and we don’t believe he can read or write. He hasn’t really been socialized well with the other foals or really any adults. You are the first one to pay him much attention.”

4222d No.79496

It's half past midnight for me, so I think I'm going to peace out.

Goodnight, Anons.

d6fbf No.79497

I think the GM is waiting for Onyx, Spark, and I to all be on at the same time.

41889 No.79498

Phew, you scared me for a sec. Warn me when that happens so I don't pester you for my part of the story.
Night Ash's player
Now's the time for the talking Spark and Silver

d0d28 No.79499

night fren
Dark Star walks over to Glimmering Glass

e9da9 No.79500

“You’re here early”

d0d28 No.79501

"Yea, can i get a water? has Spark and Oynx shown up?"

e9da9 No.79502

“That you may”
He pours a simple glass of water, and who knows with onyx and shimmer, although probably yes

d0d28 No.79503

"What About Silver is he around?"

41889 No.79504

Iron wonders how Cauldron's brother would look like. He expects him to be a little weaker than him due to his focus on potion making and not fighting ponies, so he believes he, at most, is average strength wise but is either intelligent or wise enough if he can make potions for a living.
If you need to sleep, you only need to state it, GM

d6fbf No.79505

I mean, we did let Glass know where we were going. Or at least, I thought.

41889 No.79506

Welp, I suspect that the GM has gone to bed so I am doing that too. Goodnight to you all.

d0d28 No.79507


41889 No.79508

I'm ready but will have to phonepost for the time being. Expect slow response time.

3d40f No.79509

>Onyx, Silver and Spark have left the bar to go to some specified location
I was watching Ben-hur last night while feeling guilty about not doing job applications. I'll back-read some time

d6fbf No.79510

>TL;DR Onyx, Silver, and Spark have gone from the bar to the potions shop to stock up on potions, then will head to the Cathedral to ask about ways to deal with the undead and ask about the whereabouts of Ash.

11528 No.79513

Sister Ash is helping out at the orphanage while she waits for Iron; doing chores and taking care of the foals. I should also note that she's been asking for descriptions of the foals who are still missing as well as their names, lest she see one of them in the city.
Caleb is training himself as an emotional support animal, patiently letting the foals pet him.

d6fbf No.79514

Unfortunately, the gang doesn't know that. All they know is that Ash is a nun, a kirin, she has a jungle native serving as her bodyguard, and she's looking for lost foals.

11528 No.79515

Why were they looking for her again?

e9da9 No.79516

This was the last post >>79495

d6fbf No.79517

They're wondering if she would join them when they head back to the crypts underneath Curwhinny farm, to help heal the party and provide some much-needed support and/or guidance.

11528 No.79518

What/who is Seaward Shoals?

e9da9 No.79520

It’s a city. Do you remember the episode “Pony Point of View”? The mane six go there to sail

ef5be No.79521

>tfw haven't watched the show for some time

d0d28 No.79522

no. i havent seen it.

11528 No.79523

Yeah, she would probably help them if they requested it; despite having her own priorities, reposing the undead is a cause she would be willing to offer up her service upon favorable request.

Also, I'm deciding my spell list for the day.
Thinking about it, it makes no sense for Sister Ash to prepare call Lightning 3 days in a row. She considers her spells to be a religious practice, not an asset in combat. I've diversified her spell list with the mentality that she would choose different spells each day, unless she had a particular plan for them (which she doesn't).

Detect Magic
Create Water
Read Magic
Animal Trick

1st level:
Regenerate Light Wounds (2x)
Enrage Animal
Animal Friendship

2nd level:
Regenerate Moderate Wounds
Chill Metal
Luminous Armor

Hammer Of Righteousness
Remove Disease

>Tfw creeping cold has a 25 gp material component, so can't use it.

d6fbf No.79524

Don't know how much longer I'll be on. I need to leave for a trip at 3:15, and I don't know when exactly I'll be able to get back on, but it should be sometime before 6.
And I imagine if she asked for the group's help in finding and saving the lost foals, they would gladly agree to do so.

Also, in the future, if an ally offered her the necessary material components for a spell when she required it, could Ash cast the spell without breaking her Vow of Poverty/Vow of Ascetism/whatever Vow it is?

ef5be No.79525

Roger that. If you want I can buy the component for you for tomorrow if Iron pesters Ash enough.

3d40f No.79526

Basically everything is wrong with these 3 posts.

>No sense to prepare Call lightning 3 days in a row
I think she's on notice that this place is kind of dangerous

>Can't use spell because of a component

d0d28 No.79527


ef5be No.79528

I still remember the plot of the episode somewhat.

4222d No.79531

Spoilered for non-core meta.
Yes. That is permissible.
It's kind of gay using the rest of the party's money though. The description also suggests the option of paying an amount of XP as a replacement for costly components.
The limitation to spell costly components is supposed to part of the drawback, in exchange for what's basically a second set of class features.
Not that I actually have it though. I'm just following the creed.
Don't try to buy her things. She really would not like it the same way a normal woman would.
I've seen the episode. I just forgot the name because I was only paying half attention. It was a brainfart.
>this place is kind of dangerous
She didn't come to the city with intent to harm ponies. She still has offensive spells though.
I'm really trying to own this no-wealth-no-treasure gig. The material component for creeping cold is a piece of pottery worth 25 gp. I'm only preparing spells without costly components.

ef5be No.79532

Ash can't tell Iron what to do! He'll carry her on his back for miles if he feels like it!
It's going to be hard for him not to coddle Ash. I'll see what I can do

ef5be No.79533

4222d No.79534

I need to step out for a bit. BBL.

ef5be No.79535

Alright. The GM will take some time to get ready for GMing himself.

ef5be No.79536

Have a little song of needing water.

db5c5 No.79537

As it turns out, the trip did not take nearly as long as I anticipated.

489df No.79538

Is that good?

db5c5 No.79539

Yeah, I'm ready whenever.

489df No.79540

Coolio. GM may need a lot more time due to external life pressures, so be at the ready.

41889 No.79541

Well, I returned to my laptop just now, so that's good.

4222d No.79542

I can be available for the next couple hours.

41889 No.79543

It's very probable that the GM will be available at around 10-12 PM, aka at night, maybe even a bit of morning. Let's hope that it doesn't interfere with others' schedules. Now I have to leave the laptop again, maybe for about 30 minutes. Iron will be at the restaurant and see how Cauldron is faring as well as obtain some potions from his brother. He also wants to know the name of the restaurant for further visits. See you a little later.

4222d No.79544

"Every foal is unique. Some have d-different needs than others…" Sister Ash replies, her left eye twitching a bit as her mane is pulled the wrong way.

a6259 No.79545

Are we playing?

db5c5 No.79546

I have no clue. I think we're all waiting on the GM. And maybe also Spark, if he's here.

3d40f No.79547

Sure I guess

Since there's no point in trying to finish an application after 5PM on a Friday…

Let me think of a scene

d0d28 No.79548

Dark Star Drinks his water

3d40f No.79549

She looks at him with mild annoyance
"They aren't here"

4222d No.79550

At what point in the day could Sister Ash visit Abby?

d0d28 No.79551

"Yea, Do you want a drink?"

3d40f No.79552

Is she going to wait until Abby is finished with her first set of prayers and ambush her on the way back to the bathroom, wait until dinner, try to talk the sisters into letting her in now, make up some excuse for going in like wanting to search the dresser again, try to break into the second story dorm room from the window…. Really this question depends more on Ash

4222d No.79553

She'll wait until Abby's done with her first stack before she asks the Sisters if she can speak with her.

3d40f No.79555

Well, if it takes one half minute to do one prayer, she'll be done in a little over 4 hours

4222d No.79556

That's around noon-ish, she'll see her then.

3d40f No.79557

"… Sure…"

a6259 No.79558

I'm here to stab things when required. Otherwise, what's going on?

db5c5 No.79559

I'm waiting on Spark.

d0d28 No.79560

"Mr.Glass,one cotton candy maretini."

e85ba No.79561

41889 No.79562

I am back and ready. I will be cleaning up my room for a bit, so I'll be a little late on my responses.

db5c5 No.79563

Well then, as far as I remember, the gang was going to head up to the potions shop, followed by the Cathedral. Both of which are places only Silver knows where to head to, so…
Silver looks out towards the exit to the tavern. "Come on, then. All of my stuff is gathered already. We should head to potions shop."

e85ba No.79564

Spark follows right behind.
"Did you picture fighting monsters when you first arrived in this city?"

3d40f No.79565

"We can… I… Don't think we have that"

Also I think Silver and Spark are leaving the tavern

a6259 No.79566

Onyx leaves with them

db5c5 No.79567

Silver starts on his way out of the tavern, towards the potions shop from yesterday. "Hmm. I will admit, it is change from what I had fought over past few years. Not sure if it is good or bad change yet."

d0d28 No.79568

Wait so are they there or what?
"Get her a Strawberry one then."

db5c5 No.79569

TBH, I didn't think we were. We might be, I don't know.

4222d No.79570

Dice rollRolled 19 + 3

Rolling to do dishes.

4222d No.79571

"Aha! I've finally got the hang of this."

41889 No.79572

Masterful work on those dishes, Ash.

4222d No.79573

*Gives a bow*

3d40f No.79574

Fuck if I know

*he pours the drink*

db5c5 No.79575

Timeline got borked again.

As far as I know, because Dark Star spent so much time inside Blue Skies, he arrived at the tavern after Spark, Silver, and Onyx left for the potions shop. I thought we had told Glass, or were going to tell Glass, that was where we were headed, but I guess we didn't.

4222d No.79576


e85ba No.79577

41889 No.79578

Sparkboi did an oopsie.
It's ok. We will meet up with them later.

d0d28 No.79579

4222d No.79580

Okay, let's figure this out immediately.
How are we going to assemble the party?

41889 No.79582

I'll join up with you in the abbey, that's for sure.

4222d No.79583

This really shouldn't take that long.
What are we going to do?

db5c5 No.79584

Well, Spark, Onyx, and Silver will likely start asking around the religious institutions in Baltimare until they find someone who knows where Ash is currently residing. Dark Star and Blue Skies aren't with them, but if at least one of them knows where Ash is, and they remember that Silver asked them if they knew anypony who could help them, then they might be able to put two and two together and go to where Ash is. Iron is…somewhere, doing something. Whatever that is, I don't know, but Iron already knows where Ash is, so I wouldn't worry about him too much. And everything else is essentially centered around Ash, so I don't think she has to do much except sit around until everyone gets gathered together.
Yeah, sorry about this. We suck, I know.

4222d No.79585

Perhaps thereaplace where they could meet Iron along the way?

41889 No.79586

No time to be mopey about bad party management, Silverboi. We want results, not self-deprication.
I think that's how it's spelled

a6259 No.79587

You seem to be better at English than me TBH

e85ba No.79588

coming from the part of the party that kept passing each other when split up that one time XD

3d40f No.79589

Fuck Me

We'll get em' next time

The location Cauldron gave was in the south eastern part of town, a little ways away. It's a one story brown-tiled building with a large roof on and an empty grass lot to its left. The name on it is simply "Ulonri." You get the impression that they just opened

41889 No.79590

It could be why the GM is setting up the scene so tightly. Maybe he's trying to join up with the others in that restaurant. Or maybe I'm going to be ambushed and berated by Cauldron and his goons, who knows?
Eh, I'm not that good at it.
u looking for a fight, horncolt? i can kick ur flank with one hoof tied behind mah back

d0d28 No.79591

Dark Star Hoofs it to Blue

db5c5 No.79592

Maybe, but I'm not even sure if where he is and where we are along the way.
We will get results, I'm just waiting on either a reply from Spark to the thing Silver said, or the go ahead to just say "we make our way to the potions shop."

41889 No.79593

Iron nods, then proceeds to enter said restaurant. Hope she knows where his brother is.

e85ba No.79594

We would do more damage to ourselves most likely with these dice.

a6259 No.79595

I continue to blame Atlas

41889 No.79596

Oh right, you missed the fight with the dog. It was close but I managed.
I didn't forget your kindness for that save, GM

3d40f No.79597

"I'm not supposed to be drinking before work"

She drinks the whole thing in basically one swallow

When he enters, he can smell roasted vegetables. He is immediately greeted by a Zebra with a blacker than normal coloration.

"Welcome to Ulonri. Would you like a table?"

41889 No.79598

Iron smiles. "I would like that, thank you."

d0d28 No.79599

"i wont tell if you dont."
"Well since the stallion gang isnt here, i was thinking of paying Father Maren another visit, maybe i can convince him to help with the zombies."

db5c5 No.79600

Because Spark hasn't replied yet…
Silver continues to lead the group to the potions shop.

3d40f No.79601

"then let me seat you." The interior is mostly normal for an Equestrian location, with a high ceiling. The walls, tables, and seats are largely of a darker wood, and are decorated with what have to be a number of Zebrican cultural items, like rugs and a few tapestries. One seems to present a battle of Zebra warriors defeating… Equestrian Infantry? Anyways, you have a menu before you. Breakfast items include spiced and boiled yams, fried plantains, stew, and so forth. The waiter who comes by is a relatively attractive blue-eyed zebra with a white dominated set of stripes. "What can I get for you?"
Assuming Iron is literate. Which I probably shouldn't assume. If that is not the case, the waiter explains this instead of Iron reading it

And when he gets there, the pony asks "How may I help you?"

"You can do that"

41889 No.79602

Well, class wise, he is. Let's go that he can
"I would like to order some fried plantains please and some water." Iron pauses. "Say, is Black Cauldron in here? I need to speak with her about some personal inquiries pertaining about his brother's business."

3d40f No.79603

"Oh, so you know my sister. She'd probably stop by in the early morning. If she isn't here she should be within the next half hour. And we'll have your water right out"

d0d28 No.79604

"You Want to come?"

db5c5 No.79606

Just an FYI for the GM if he doesn't know, Spark gave him 500 Bits at the tavern before they left. In case you were wondering.
Silver speaks to his comrades, before heading up to the counter. "You two should browse, get good idea of what you need." When he turns to the shopkeeper, he starts listing off a few potions he needs: 2 potions of Cure Light Wounds, 2 potions of Magic Weapon, 2 potions of Shield of Faith (+2), and 2 potions of Hide From Undead.

3d40f No.79607

"400 bits"

"What business would I have at a Celestial Church?"


The one at the door was intended to be male, and the waiter a female… I guess I didn't make that clear

d0d28 No.79608

"thats fine,ill go there alone. ill miss you though."

db5c5 No.79609

He sets down four coin pouches, each with 100 Bits in them. "This will cover cost."

41889 No.79610

Fuck. Let me change what it was said.
Iron nods. "I see. I can wait for her. I am Iron, pleased to meet you." Iron curtly bows. "Do you know if her brother is here too or is he absent as well?"

3d40f No.79611

"I have business to attend to… Should we meet somewhere?"


db5c5 No.79612

He waits for the potions, and for Spark and Onyx to make their own purchases.
Is Spark and Onyx still here, or did they leave?

a6259 No.79613

Onyx isn't making purchases

e85ba No.79614

Sorry. I'm back.
"Is that everything we need?"

d0d28 No.79615

"how about we meet here, later?"

3d40f No.79616

"Pleased to meet you as well. I am Blanche. Her brother is Obere, he was the one you met at the door"

Damn it, I should have had her say "You didn't want to come after we came back to the room last night"

"How much later?"

db5c5 No.79617

"With luck, yes."

41889 No.79618

Iron smiles. "I see. I suppose Obere will be busy for the time being." He shrugs. "Well, I will wait for the food, then." A scratch on his chin. He sees how many people are currently eating at the other tables.

e85ba No.79619

"Off to find a kirin and a jungle native then. If this was a small town, it wouldn't be a problem, but there is a lot of ground to cover here."

3d40f No.79620

Some, though by no means at all crowded. Bare in mind that it is very early hours, and not lunch or dinner

41889 No.79621

Iron nods. "Maybe not so busy, then," he mumbles. He waits for either his food or Cauldron to show it or herself.

db5c5 No.79622

"Yes, but given circumstances, I would say we do not have many places to have to look. There are only so many places kirin nun would be." Silver grabs his new potions, offers his thanks to the shopkeeper, and motions for the gang to follow as he steps out of the shop. "Come. We go to Cathedral. Father Maren there might have guidance for dealing with undead. And who knows, perhaps they know of this kirin we seek."

e85ba No.79623

"Right. Lead the way."

db5c5 No.79624

Silver does so, looking for the Holy place he visited on the previous night.

d0d28 No.79625

"im not sure how long it will take to clear out the quarry but if im not out around 10. that would be cause for alarm."

3d40f No.79626

The food comes first, fried plantains and simple water

"Oh, so it's a simple morning job is it? I guess it's no harder than my work"

41889 No.79627

"I thank you, Blanche." He grabs the one of the plantains and eats it, savouring this new, exotic food item.

d0d28 No.79628

"Its most likely going to take multiple days…"

3d40f No.79629

"I see. Well, maybe I'll be able to help you at some point"

It seems like Iron has had relatively little experience with cooked and spiced foods. It has a sweet flavor and a soft texture

db5c5 No.79630

d0d28 No.79631

"I would enjoy that. i love watching you shoot things."
Dark Star Smiles at her

4222d No.79632

I need to step out. Will be back later

3d40f No.79633

He is able to find the Cathedral of Saint Eligius on his map, and walk there

41889 No.79634

Iron chews it with gusto, feeling the sweetness of the food on his tongue. He gulps it in. "Wow, this food is really good." He then grabs the plantains by chunks, a little too eagerly, and munches them down rather quickly until all plantains are gone into his stomach. After this, he drinks all of the water in one gulp. "Ah~ That did the trick." Iron looks at Blanche. "That was great! Who made this food?"

db5c5 No.79635

Silver steps into the Cathedral once he arrives, intent on looking either for Father Maren, or somepony who can get him.

e85ba No.79636

Spark follows.
"So, you said you know somepony here?"

db5c5 No.79637

"Yes, Father Maren. He is very knowledgeable when it comes to undead. He is one who cured Dark Star of his infliction."

e85ba No.79638

"Ah. I owe him my thanks then."

3d40f No.79639

Blanch comes up to him with another very familiar looking Zebra. Black Cauldron, by the looks of her smile, is both Awkward about about what happened yesterday, and somewhat pleased to see that he came now

"My talent for mixing things extends to spices, you know. But that would be Onyen"

There is no pony there immediately to great him

"Silly Dark Star. My deeds are not meant to be witnessed"

d0d28 No.79640

"Ha. i suppose not."
Dark Star gives her a hug
"i gotta get going,blue."

3d40f No.79641

*hugged pegasus noises*
She very soft and fluffy. She smells like Lavender… or is that himself

"We'll meet again, soon enough. I have work to do"

db5c5 No.79642

He looks around the Cathedral, starting to get worried that nopony is there.

41889 No.79643

Iron waves "Hey Cauldron! Nice to see you again. Your tip really did the trick." Iron pulls out 100 bits and hands them over to Blanche. "Here, you and Onyen deserve it." He motions for Cauldron to sit down on his table. "I remember you made some potions as a side business and I want to buy some, if you can notice the bruises on me." Iron pulls up his chin, remember that sick uppercut Rover gave him.

41889 No.79644


d0d28 No.79645

"Be safe, i love you blue."

3d40f No.79646

There's no pony there. It's an empty building. Wait.

A somewhat fat colt/stallion comes out wearing white clothes. His voice is kind of high, and he seems very happy to see Silver and his friends
"Hi! Do you need something? Sundew should be back any minute. Do you need a prayer? Incense?"


She bluches, and moves her head back, while her tail curls around her sitting in the seat

"D'aww, Dark Star. You're so sweet"

She takes a seat, and you can see on her face that she's a bit uncertain
"I make some, yes, and could even make more. What do you need?"

d0d28 No.79647

"ah i try. ill see you later."
Dark Star hugs her one last time and then heads for the door

3d40f No.79648

She seems to make a squeaking noise when hugged
"I'll see you"
And Dark Star leaves

db5c5 No.79649

Silver lets out a sigh of relief. "We were looking for Father Maren. We are going to clear undead from Curwhinny farm, and we seek his knowledge on ways to most easily dispatch undead." He scratches the back of his neck as he thinks. "We are also looking for nun. She is kirin, sort of like dragon-pony hybrid, with bodyguard, who is Chincoteague stallion from jungles. I have heard she also has been asking around for information as to whereabouts of lost foals. I am not sure if you have heard of this nun."

3d40f No.79650

Iron is presumably a different tribe that is much further south…

"Undead. Kirin. Are you dehydrated? My name is Slow Burn, by the way, I am the Deacon here"

41889 No.79651

Iron smiles. "Good. But I am going to ask for many potions here, so I suspect it is going to get long if you need to make the potions now. Be sure to stop me if there is any issue with the potions asked." Iron inhales and lists off the equivalent of 4 potions of cure moderate wounds, 3 potions of barkskin +2, and 8 potions of cure light wounds.

d0d28 No.79652

Dark Star Heils a taxi

41889 No.79653

"Actually, make it 6 potions for healing small wounds," Iron corrects

3d40f No.79654

"That's quite a few potions… I guess I can see what I have in stock. Is that all you need?"

One arrives quickly enough

db5c5 No.79655

All he knows about Iron is that he's from the jungles, so he's just assuming he is from that tribe.
"No, I can assure you I have had plenty of fluids today already. I am pleased to meet you, Deacon Slow Burn." Silver look from one side of the Cathedral to the other before continuing. "I assume, then, that Father Maren is not present. And that you have not heard of this kirin pony."

d0d28 No.79656

He Gets in and says "Can i get a ride to the parish church?"

41889 No.79657

Iron nods.

3d40f No.79658

"I… Don't know what a Kirin is. Who are you looking for? Father Maren should be here. He always stays in the back"

reee the Chincoteague are from the Hayseed forests…. eh, it really doesn't matter that much. It's like the difference between Aztecs and Cherokee. The only people who would give a shit about the distinction are people who aren't white, and people who care about history. To all other white people, they are just small-pox fodder

"Do you mean the mother church, Saint Eligius?"

"Alright… I'll go check my stock. You could also order more food"

41889 No.79659

Iron chuckles. "Maybe I can buy for you too if you want."

db5c5 No.79660

He nods. "Can you point me in direction of Father Maren, then?"

Blame it on Silver, then.

3d40f No.79661

She looks at him with uncertainty, but then lays back
"I'll take you up on that offer, then. What is it you are needing potions for anyways"

"Oh! Yes."

He goes towards the back, or rather, runs towards it

db5c5 No.79662

Silver is a bit confused as to why he seems so…excitable, but he follows as best as he can.

d0d28 No.79663

is that the one?
"I think so. its the one close to the old Farm houses."

41889 No.79664

Iron smiles. "Well, I need to heal up fast for today. I need to protect the client I told you about. Fighting a diamond dog in a boxing match does that to you. As for other potions, I may need it for later for the job." Iron ponders. "What do you usually order? I have no clue how any of the food taste like."

e85ba No.79665

Spark follows a bit more calmly, glass still by his side. He wonders if this place would forbid such a thing. He quickly moves it between himself and the deacon.

e85ba No.79666

I wrote that wrong, but you know what I mean, away from between himself and deacon

3d40f No.79667

"I'll take that as a 'yes'." He drives him to the Cathedral quickly enough

"Hey Father Maren! Father Maren! There is a pony here who said something about Kirin and undead and some other things. I didn't really follow but he wants to see you"
He is well ahead of Silver

"I see. You should probably change that. I like the Abacha, or Okra soup"

41889 No.79668

Iron nods. "I shall order two of Okra soup and water for both of us, then. I suppose the 100 bits should cover both the plantains and these next two dishes, right?"

db5c5 No.79669

Silver starts to be somewhat amused by this Deacon's energy. He calls out to him. "If you would just wait for us for one minute, it would be much simpler ordeal, you know?"

4222d No.79670


3d40f No.79671

Blanche takes the order down, as well as some instructions from Cauldron that seem to pertain to preparing…. something

"Sure. So protecting this client of yours has you boxing Diamond Dogs? Interesting"

"What did you say? Ooh! I found him! He was sleeping apparently"

4222d No.79672

They're all still ponies though, right?

db5c5 No.79673

Annnnnnnd Silver is no longer so amused. "…Just…be quiet, we will be there shortly." He continues making his way towards the source of the voice, wondering how the Deacon made it so far ahead.

41889 No.79674

Iron shakes his head. "I actually was getting very bored with the job I picked up, so I decided to brush up on my right hoof and have a little brawl. You could say I did it for fun." Iron smiles. "Like you may go for a drink with friends or something." Iron lays back on his chair. "That dog Rover sure has some technique, it was a pretty close fight, but I barely won."

3d40f No.79675

I think all natives of the Equestrian Southwest are Earth ponies, or something like that

"Well that sounds like you alright. Getting bored not fighting. Wait. Which Rover?"

'Hey Father! It's after 8, and time to get up. These two need you for something involving…. Queering? Wait, that's not right. Kirin! That's what he called them. He needs you to help with Kirin"

4222d No.79676

What separates "Natives" from other ponies, if all ponies are from the Equestrian continent?

db5c5 No.79677

Silver groans. How far ahead did this pony manage to get?

41889 No.79678

"Rover de Marquise, or something like that. Do you know him?" Iron cocks one eyebrow.

41889 No.79679

They should be stronger and bigger on average than normal ponies, meaning they should have exceptional strength and constitution stats as by race.

3d40f No.79680

"De Marquis! I thought that may have been him. Yes, he does fights fairly regularly"

They are settlers that proceeded the migration of the tribes in the Windigo crisis. Go study history in character to learn more

Except that they are still Earth Ponies, not something else entirely

4222d No.79681

No call to action. All Ash would be concerned about would be that they're ponies.

41889 No.79682

What the GM said.
Iron is surpised. "Huh. How do you know him? Do you watch fights at the bar?"

db5c5 No.79683

After some more walking, Silver finally comes across the Deacon and Father Maren.

4222d No.79684

What time is it in game?

d0d28 No.79685

"Do you know any songs?"

3d40f No.79686

Then don't ask questions about it

I'm guessing he asks the Taxi driver

Also he would arrive more quickly than basically any other character

Father Maren walks in, rubbing his eyes and putting on his glasses, while Slow burn is bouncing in place. "What is it you need" he asks kind of groggily.

Definitely after 7 AM, as that is the time the mass would end

4222d No.79687

Okay then.
Sister Ash would be doing chores and whatnot until Iron got back, possibly visiting Abby Willows at noon-ish.

d0d28 No.79688

"you know, songs."

a6259 No.79689

>onyx continues to follow everyone around

db5c5 No.79690

"That is one weird pony…" With that thought passing through his mind, Silver clears his throat. "Hello, Father Maren. I am sorry for having awakened you. My compatriots and I, we are going back to Curwhinny farm, to finish job, and dispatch undead from area. We are hoping that you might be able to provide guidance as to best way to do this, or perhaps let us know of weakness we may exploit."

"In addition, we are looking for somepony. She is kirin nun, with native bodyguard. I have heard she was asking around about lost foals. I hope you have heard something about where we might find her."

3d40f No.79691

"I… Yes, I know songs"

"You didn't think one scare of becoming a Ghast was enough? You want more now? Very well… And I don't know any queereens"

41889 No.79692

*cough cough*

3d40f No.79693

"I have watched and guarded many fights, yes. He is a popular contender in the city"

41889 No.79694

"So I heard. He is pretty good." Iron ponders and leans in closer to Cauldron, almost whispering. "How was your day with the gang? Any gossip going around it? Apart from the whole 'ship stealing' business."

db5c5 No.79695

"So that is what they are called…no matter. We are in need of Bits, and it is not good idea to allow undead to continue their existence. I do not relish thought of them escaping into city…"

d0d28 No.79696

"Would you Sing one on the way?"

3d40f No.79697

"Yes, very serious gossip, and it does relate to the ship stealing business. There is a general belief that Pransisco organized the heist. At the very least they thing some of his men did. There is also some claim of a 'slaughter king' which is generally dismissed as nonsense or a false report, but some think that this may be the alias of some unknown figure looking to make a name for himself"

He turns on the automobile Radio. "There is no such thing" by Frank Sintrotta plays

"I see. Leave evil long sealed away where it lies. But if you must disturb it, bring somepony with the powers of harmony to dispense with it"

3d40f No.79698

Ash feels a tap from behind. It's the colt, who has been on her back basically for the last 30 minutes, and he wants to be held. Ash likewise remembers her dream, how Abby was replaced with a hideous monster

41889 No.79699

Iron nods. "That is a pretty dumb name if he wants to be an actual name, but I digress." Iron leans back. "So, how is your day going?" Iron smiles some more.

41889 No.79700

*an actual king

d0d28 No.79701

"ah i love this one. its great."

db5c5 No.79702

He nods. "Do you have any other advice, or know of anything we may use to make dispatching easier?"

4222d No.79703

Sister Ash shrugs off the dream as a result of not getting a proper rest cycle, and cradles the colt in her hooves.
"You're a needy one, aren't you? Have you been settling in well?"

3d40f No.79704

She laughs slightly
"I've been helping my father with his restaurant thus far today. I help with spices and the like", It's not too bad, by any means. I certainly haven't been beaten by a Diamond Dog. Quite a way to start a morning"

he just stares at her for a few seconds. Then he replies with a slight accent "This is better than under the upside down craddle, but the foals and sisters are distant"

He arrives

"Don't let them bite you or touch you, because that is the only way they ever get you. I'm guessing you want some holy water as well"

db5c5 No.79705

His ears perk up. "Holy water? Would you happen to know if you have any of that?"

4222d No.79706

She cranes her neck as best as she can to see him.
"Have you tried reaching out to them? There should be a few here you're age. If you're nice, you could make some friends."

d0d28 No.79707

He Walks into the church after paying the cabby

41889 No.79708

Iron chuckles. "Yeah, but I always crave for the fairest of fights: just two opponents, only his hooves to punch and defend. I can always take some blows if I can experience this." Iron looks upward, somewhat fonding. He looks downwards again. "So, what is this 'help with spices' you talk about? Do you cook?"

3d40f No.79709

"Aye, of course we have it. The priests bless it ever day. It caries the holy force of harmony, and burns the unholy as acid. The undead especially"

like maybe 5 bits or less
As he goes in, he sees the priestess he saw yesterday, who is walking and evidently moving from one part to another

"I do cook, yes. Mixing ingredients, cutting vegetables and leaves. Heating. I enjoy it quite a bit, the artistry in the proper proportions and times"

He blinks
"But how do I do that?"

41889 No.79710

"I see why you have a side business as a potion maker. They are similar hobbies after all." Iron thinks. "How long have you been making potions, Cauldron?"

d0d28 No.79711

"oh hello,sister."

db5c5 No.79712

"I…did not know holy water worked in this way. We would most certainly appreciate some, if it pleases you."

4222d No.79713

"Talk to them, of course. Be polite and respectful, and ask to play with them. It's not that hard.(this is a lie) Try it for yourself."

41889 No.79715

I'm thinking childish thoughts again. You're not escaping through a hug this time.

3d40f No.79716

"I've been mixing spices since I was a small foal. Making potions took more patience and time, but I started when I was a fillie, and eventually discovered a talent for it"

"Hello. You may call me Sundew. Are you the one who had an unholy disease removed yesterday?"

"But… They don't like me. They think I am weird"

"Well… We can offer some"

Get in line and wait your turn

41889 No.79717

"Good. I guess that means you are top notch at what you do." Iron smiles. "What was your first potion?"

db5c5 No.79718

"Hmm? Offer? As in selling it?"

3d40f No.79719

"I can't say it's what I do, more of a hobby" Slight frown

"My first potion was a plant growth stimulate. More so than simple fertilizer, something to make pretty flower bloom. And indeed it did make that petunia grow fast and beautiful, with the biggest pink flower you've ever seen on one. I can't say that about the first few flowers I tried potions on"

"This is a church. We don't sell things here"

4222d No.79720

Donations to the church are always appreciated.
Sister Ash smiles warmly.
"Being different isn't always a bad thing. What matters is that you have a good attitude, and play nicely with others. I believe you could make some friends if you tried your best."
She puts a plate down to dry
"What do the other foals do about this time of day?"

d0d28 No.79722

"yea, that was me. i was pretty afraid. i felt so cold then all of a sudden warmth flowed into me."

db5c5 No.79723

"Ah. My apologies. Still, if you have holy water, we would like some."

41889 No.79724

Iron smiles warmly. "That is a nice little anecdote. Why were you doing that? Did your father egg you on to brew potions?"

3d40f No.79725

The colts pretend to fight each other with fake swords, and I am not sure what the fillies do. Many of the older ponies begin lessons"

"No… It just interested me, since its a thing many of my people do. I saw it in books, and my father would talk about it on occasion"

"We can perhaps provide… some"

"The warmth of Celestia will do that. Just as her light brings warmth to the land after the cold of night, so too does Harmony bring warmth to the lost and injured soul"

4222d No.79726

>Tfw you cane to learn about friendship, but now you have to teach it to kids instead.
"You play games, don't you? What do you like to play?"

db5c5 No.79727

"…This way you speak, it is confusing. I am sorry, Father, but if you could be more straightforward with me, I would very much appreciate it."

3d40f No.79728

"Well I tried to play with them. They didn't like my hissing and the nuns thought I was too aggressive. I can't say I play many games"

41889 No.79729

Iron nods. "I see. So your kind, the zebras, are they mainly potion brewers? It seems that you naturally fit in since you told me your cutie mark appeared by succeding in it."

d0d28 No.79730

"im a little conflicted on the whole celesta business. was that Warm really her? im having a crisis."

41889 No.79731

Remove "since you told me your cutie mark appeared… it" from that sentence.

4222d No.79732

God needs shekels to keep the candles lit.
Shekels would be appreciated.
"Hissing, you say? Well, that's not exactly very nice, now is it? If you want to fit in, you'll need to play nicely like the other foals do. Even if they're pretend-fighting, being too aggressive or hissing might come off as mean."
She picks up another plate, and rears a little bit to slide the Colt's weight off on her neck and onto her back
"But if you feel awkward playing with them now, just watching them could be a good place to start. If you're nice, they might ask you to join them." She continues, ask she finishes the dishes
Then her tone softens
"But if you're feeling lonely, or nervous about making new friends, you're welcome to stay and help me out here for a while now." She says

3d40f No.79733

"Many are, it's a much larger part of Zebra cultures than Equestrian culture, certainly. We don't have magic of the sort unicorns have, but we certainly have a need for magic. So we make do with what nature gives us, and that means plants and herbs in their true qualities, magical, chemical and alchemical. But no, most Zebras don't, just a few. Like all races we have our farmers, our warriors, our teachers and so forth. You've seen what my siblings do. Well, you've seen what I do. I sue much the same talents for cooking."

"Harmony Magic pervades all life forms. It is the life essence. It is strongest where their is friendship and love, and weakest where there is hate and discord. The undead are animated by a perverted, shriveled form of it, though it is no substitute. They must corrupt or drive out what exists of your harmony to make you one of them. To drive them out, you must fight them with Harmony"

"You need Holy Water, is it? How much?"

He smiles and wags his tail
"I wanted a mother"

db5c5 No.79734

"I am not sure. Six bottles, perhaps?"

d0d28 No.79735

"my Friends and i need some help clearing the place. Do you think you can Spare anypony to help Destroy those….Abominations?"

41889 No.79736

Iron nods, taking in this new information. "I see." He ponders for a bit longer, thinking if he should try his luck and asking Cauldron about the two recruits the Waterfront Gang have received from the batch of foals. He also wonders when the food's going to show up.

4222d No.79737

Her eyes soften sympathetically at those words
"I'm sorry. All the foals here were separated from their parents when they were very young; they don't have families of their own, so they rely on each other for support. That's why it's important to make friends, not just so that you can feel accepted, but so that others can feel cherished too. You see, all the ponies here have lost something, but through their connections, they're able to endure."
She kneels down to face him
"I know I can't fill your mother's place, but if you'll accept me, I can be your friend." She say, reaching a hoof out over his shoulder
"Is that okay with you?"

3d40f No.79738

She looks at him questioningly
"I don't think we have any spare holy knights laying around the place, no"

He raises an eyebrow
"Six bottles?"

The food is now

"And here you go, two okra soup"
Blanche serves the ordered food items

He curls his tail around his front legs and his body. His ears droop and he hangs his head.
"I know… But I can take a friend"
He looks up at the end of that, and looks a bit happier, even if there are tears in his eyes

db5c5 No.79739

He looks a bit embarrassed. "…I do not know what good amount is to bring with me. Or what it comes in. I did not even know holy water worked until today."

d0d28 No.79740

"Do you know any Creature that would be willing to help at all?"

41889 No.79741

Aw, no guide? Fine, I'll give it a shot
Iron attempts to drink the soup, trying hard not to burn himself. Of course, he is new to this kind of flavour, so he's going to take his time with drinking the soup. "Hey, I got a question for you. Do you know the pony responsible of training new recruits is in the gang?" he whispers. "I heard some of the foals the client is looking for have been taken for training in the Waterfront Gang and I want to take them out of there back into their previous location."

4222d No.79742

*Wipes away tears*
*Pats head*
"There you go. Now, please be a lam and help me out with the drying here, if you would." She says, hanging him a drying towel, as she returns to her chores, humming some indiscernible Sylvan tune

3d40f No.79743

"I don't know what help you need… Father Maren who you met last night, has some expertise in the subject, you could ask him"

"hehe, you can use a spoon"

"Recruitment is done by mademares and generally needs the approval of an underboss. Wait, foals?"

"Um… if I can get hugs afterwards"
He tries to sit on the counter and rubbing the drying towel on the plate, humming his own tune

d0d28 No.79744

"thank you sundew."
Dark Star walks inside

3d40f No.79745

At this point, I believe Dark Star would see Silver and Father Maren

41889 No.79746

Iron grabs the spoon from the table and tries to drink the soup again. After taking a sip, he nods. "Yes. I went to the 'cah-neh-rie' I told you about. Turns out it was owned by the Waterfront Gang and they had sold about 5 foals, two of them went to these mademares you told me about. I thought that maybe you would know about it since you guard many places and maybe you could have witnessed those foals. Sadly I do not have their physical descriptions. I only know they are foals."

4222d No.79747

She nods in approval, scritching him behind the ear.
"Sure, I'll hug you. There's always enough hugs to go around." She says, taking the plate from him as he finishes and laying it on a stack
"You do enjoy hugs a lot, don't you?"

d0d28 No.79748

"Oh Hi Silver, Hello Father Maren."

db5c5 No.79749

Silver turns as he hears Dark Star approach. "Ah, Dark Star! Good, you have found us. We were just about to acquire some holy water." He pauses for a second before looking embarrassed again. "Or, at least, however much holy water would be good for mission."

d0d28 No.79750

"ive come looking for some assistance."

3d40f No.79751

"I… Think I have seen foals before? It's hard to say which ones have come from orphanages, and which ones are just some pony's younger brother or sister though, so I don't know if I could help just based off of that. Do you know who took them?"

He likes the rubbing behind the ears
"Maybe. Yes."

Another colt wearing white religious garb is in the room, and looks at Dark Star
"Oh hai…. what is your name? My name is Slow Burn. I am the Deacon"

Father Maren also responds
"This one here silver says you didn't get enough of the undead yesterday, and plan on going out looking for more"

4222d No.79752

"Maybe?" She responds, sarcastically
"Well, it's not a bad thing to enjoy. Hugs are a good thing to share with ponies, especially when they're feeling down."
She puts another plate on the stack

d0d28 No.79753

"My Names Dark Star there little colt."
Dark Star ruffles his mane
"yea i just love undead you know?"
Dark Star Laughs

41889 No.79754

Iron thinks. "I think it was a sister from the orphanage that sold them. Or at least she was taken with the foals. Those foals that came with the sister. Orphanage had crippling debt so the gang took 11 to 12 foals and the sister in question. Other sisters claimed she was corrupted by the debt situation so she did something drastic." Iron tries to remember the sister's name that was taken and what was the deal with her and the foal job. Thyme told both him and Ash her name.

3d40f No.79755

*mane is ruffled*
He looks equal parts pleased and indignant, as he is only a little bit younger than Dark Star

"Aye, and judging by last night they've taken a liking to you"

"I've been feeling down…"

"I… think I've heard of a large deal with some institution, but i wasn't involved in that. I can't say that I know that much"

But the gangsters told Ash and Iron the names and addresses of the ponies who have the two foals

d0d28 No.79756

"Im here looking for Somepony that could help us clear them out of the Quarry."

4222d No.79757

"I could tell, that's why I hugged you." She replies
"I could tell from the moment I saw you that you needed a hug. It's an easy thing to see, if you're watchful."

3d40f No.79758

"So it's the both of ya? What do you think we are? A paladin order?"

Smiling, "I need more hugs. Do you watch foals often?"

d0d28 No.79759

"Well no. but i figured you would know somepony who could help."

41889 No.79760

Iron nods. "It is fine if you do not know. It was simply to ensure the info the ponies were giving. I suppose it ruined the mood. Sorry about that." Iron picks up the bowl and drinks all of the soup from the plate. He wonders if the potions are done and waiting to be picked up. "I suppose I would have to ask the ponies in question instead." Iron smiles.
Well, damn. Chalk it up to bad memory.
I had hoped that Cauldron could be a piece to retreive the two foals. Maybe I went a bit overboard.

3d40f No.79761

Like am I supposed to send in a level 5 Paladin or cleric from a celestial monastic order or something who would fight with the party?

db5c5 No.79762

"Well, there was kirin nun you were talking about. You said she had been willing to help you in past."

4222d No.79763

"You're certainly one who does. Maybe you're friends could use some too: A some of the other foals were crying this morning."
"Not really. I just found myself here because I saw there were so many foals in need of attention and care.." she continues, trailing off as she dries another plate

e85ba No.79764

3d40f No.79765

We lost Silver

She could, but she needs names
"Who are the ponies i question?"
She seems kind of confused

"They didn't like the building we were in" He sits down pouting… -ly. "But none of them were kept in an upside down crib"

3d40f No.79766

Wait…. No we didn't

41889 No.79767

Iron names the two mademares according to his memory.
They were the mademare's name and address, right?

d0d28 No.79768

"oh she had slipped my mind. i think shes at that orphanage on the hill."

db5c5 No.79769

Silver nods. "You 'told' me where she was, last night when you were infected, but they were not very good directions."

4222d No.79770

"Even if they didn't go through the same exact things you did, there are plenty of foals here with their own challenges weighing them down. Some miss their parents; some some struggling with school; some are just lonely. Every day, you could find someone in need of a hug."

d0d28 No.79771


3d40f No.79772

>Not asking the one NPC in the building that has actually met Sister Ash, saw her an hour ago, and actually knows she's at the orphanage
Alrighty then

"Oh yes, Him I know. Her, I think I've seen her before, in any event she won't be hard to find"

"Like me?"

d0d28 No.79773

>>Not asking the one NPC in the building that has actually met Sister Ash, saw her an hour ago, and actually knows she's at the orphanage
literally who?

4222d No.79774

"Like you too." She says, giving him a little boop to his snoot

41889 No.79775

Iron nods. "Know anything particular about these ponies? I believe my client wants some negotiating and I would like to know any other interests we can exploit to ease their burden of training the foals if you catch my drift."

db5c5 No.79776

I wasn't here for that, I don't know who that is, and more importantly, Silver hasn't seen whoever it is.
"After we get some holy water, we should go find her. Speaking of holy water, would you have any idea how much we should get?"

d0d28 No.79777

"that shouldnt be that difficult."

db5c5 No.79778

Silver looks a bit frustrated. "It is first time for me buying holy water, how would I know how much we should get?"

3d40f No.79779

File: 1546671877861.png (183.74 KB, 950x1024, 1512977829259.png)


Oh fuck! Right for the snooten-doodle

*is booped*

"The mare, I believe, operates a bar where gambling occurs. The Stallion… well, let's just say that… I want to say that he's a pimp, but I also really don't want to introduce prostitution around Iron"

d0d28 No.79780

i really dont know who you are talking about.
"uh.. ive never dealt with undead before this."

41889 No.79781

Iron is a bit confused. "First of all, what bar are we talking about? Secondly, what's the stallion's dark desire he seems to have?"
Unless you're planning the stallion to have a changeling in there, I don't think it will be much of an issue. After all, he may be a horny bastard, but knows that sex itself is meaningless without the conception of foals. What are you worried about exactly?

db5c5 No.79782

"…Then I suppose we are in same boat."
Silver turns to the Father. "So, what is wrong with my request, then?"

d0d28 No.79783

"you are probbly gonna need a lot right?"

d0d28 No.79784

4222d No.79785

Alright, it's midnight, and I don't have the energy to explaim hugging philosophy to an autistic colt atm, so I'm going to go to bed now.
Goodnight, Anons.

41889 No.79786

Night, I'll follow shortly when I finish my talk with Cauldron and return to the abbey.

3d40f No.79787

>Needs to basically plan out all of the details of at least one of the two encounters with the made mares, and also figure out the best way to say "you need to pay for this shit" with out actually saying "you need to pay for this shit"
This could take a while

41889 No.79788

Oh. I see. Shall I wait for tomorrow then?

db5c5 No.79789

It honestly can't be that hard. Can it? "We'll give you bottles of holy water in exchange for a small donation per bottle, at absolutely no profit to us."

3d40f No.79790

Hmmm… I was Kind of hoping for urban spelunking tomorrow. Who else is here?

41889 No.79791

I am here still. Though I think I cannot do that spelunking until Ash comes back for me to protect her and all.

e85ba No.79792

I'm here. A bit tired, but here.

db5c5 No.79793

I'm still here. Not sure when I'll get off, but I'm here.

d0d28 No.79794


3d40f No.79795

Alright… The father explains that the Church can offer small containers of holy water, though any more than one will require a "donation" of about 25 bits per container

db5c5 No.79796

Silver at least understands this much. "So, for six containers, I would need to give you donation of 125 Bits? Or would I give you 150 Bits?"

3d40f No.79797

"Tis not an SAT math question. 125 bits"

41889 No.79798

Silver dEmOlIsHeD bY fAcTs AnD lOgIc.

db5c5 No.79799

Silver isn't entirely sure what an SAT is, but he gives him 125 Bits anyways.

3d40f No.79800

"We can create some shortly, with appropriate rituals"

db5c5 No.79801

"It would be appreciated, thank you."

3d40f No.79802

"And we'll have it shortly"

I think Dark Star and Spark are on scene

db5c5 No.79803

Silver turns to Star and Spark. "Did either of you see anypony else we can ask about whereabouts of this kirin nun? It would be nice to confirm directions."

d0d28 No.79804

"well there was the native. but im not sure where he went."

db5c5 No.79805

"I…mostly meant in this Cathedral, when I asked question."

d0d28 No.79806

"maybe sundew knows."

db5c5 No.79807

"She is here? I did not see her when we arrived."

d0d28 No.79808

"i talked to her before i came in, she's outside."

db5c5 No.79809

"Well, it is worth try, if she is still here."

d0d28 No.79810

"Want me to go ask?"

db5c5 No.79811

"Lead way to her, my friend. I will follow."

3d40f No.79812

To Iron: if it isn't obvious by now, I'm not going to describe the details of everything that Iron could see when he goes there prior to his going there. So if you want to do other things at this moment…

41889 No.79813

So you're saying you're not going to describe the walking back to the abbey or one of the mademares' house but I can still talk to Cauldron? Sorry I don't understand too well what you mean.

d0d28 No.79814

Dark Star Goes back to where Sundew was.

3d40f No.79815

I'm assuming these posts mean they go back into the main area of the church. Sundew is there now

Tis' not an SAT Reading Comprehension question


41889 No.79816

Oh no, it wasn't. It's just that it was confusing to me, is all. Can he ask about the stallion being a pimp now?

d0d28 No.79817

"Hey Sundew, Have you Seen a Kirin that is dressed like a nun?"

3d40f No.79818

I don't even remember the name that i gave them or the address. To specify more detail would require thinking of the basics of personality, profession, what literature if any I want to borrow from or reference, and all sorts of shit that is difficult to do at 3AM

"That's a bizarrely specific question. Why do you ask?"

d0d28 No.79819

"we think she could help us with that undead problem."

41889 No.79820

Alright, I'll just dig for some more character development from Cauldron or incite questions abou Iron's past if you want me to write up a backstory instead of you writing her backstory
Iron, having heard the information about the two made mares, now sits down, a bit more relaxed. "That will surely become useful when the time comes." Iron leans back. "Let us go back to a more casual tone, any hobbies in particular that you do apart from cooking and potion making?"

3d40f No.79821

"You're looking for a… Kirin nun?"

"You've seen my work, and that takes some time, sending out loans, guarding certain activities, collecting loans, and other more unsavory activities. Cooking and potion mixing is my spare time. But I do enjoy some simple things, like dice gambling or placing bets on fights. Or reading books about Botany"

d0d28 No.79822

"a very specific kirin nun."

41889 No.79823

Iron ponders. "I see. Have you read any recent books that caught your eye? Something like a plant that induces sleep and other interesting properties."

3d40f No.79824

"I only know of one. She popped up two days ago in the nunnery and orphanage of the Order of Saint Prancis over in the western part of this parish. She was there earlier today as well"

db5c5 No.79825

Silver speaks up from beside Star. "Then that is likely kirin we seek."

d0d28 No.79826

"thats the one. what was she here for?"

3d40f No.79827

She looks at him and carefully takes a sip from her drink

"Oh, there are many plants that can induce sleep. The pollen of the Nightshade flower in particular has a somnolent effect"


"She was attending morning mass."

d0d28 No.79828

"oh. sorry for missing that."

db5c5 No.79829

Silver opens his map, looking for the orphanage Sundew mentioned on it.

41889 No.79831

Iron chuckes. "I know, it is shady to ask that type of question. I just do not know much about plants. I once ate a plant that made me very sleepy once, it just came to mind when you talked about botany."

3d40f No.79832

In a location some where west and slightly south of the present position

"It was a early morning mass at the chapel of the order in the clerical language. Most ponies don't go to those, only the more… intensely devoted followers. I drive out to the order every morning to lead it"


"Well, I can't say that given you there isn't reason to be suspicious. But really there are many good reasons to want to put a pony to sleep. And there is so much more you can do with plants, especially those of the jungles"

41889 No.79833

"What is your favorite plant from there?"

db5c5 No.79834

He nods as he closes up his map. "Thank you for your help, Priestess." He looks around to see if the holy water he "purchased" has been prepared.

d0d28 No.79835

"hmmmm interesting. i might attend."

3d40f No.79836

"Oh well it's hard to specify a favorite plant. The stories of the Liche Mkodo trees of a certain island off the coast of Southern Zebra is said to eat ponies, Zebras and other creatures with snake-vines, to take one fascinating example"

Maren is carrying in either the holy water or wine bottles

"You are very welcome"

"Always nice to welcome another pony"

41889 No.79837

Iron scratches his chin. "Huh, never heard of that type of plant before." He leans forward. "What can you tell me about your siblings?"
Can he obtain his potions or is it part of the 'no go zone' in place

d0d28 No.79838

"Good to know. good day,sundew."
"Ready to go,silver?"

db5c5 No.79839

Silver takes the holy water as Maren comes by. "You have all been great service. I wish you all best."
"Yes. I have holy water now, and I have seen location of orphanage on my map."

3d40f No.79840

He can obtain potions
"They stayed out of the gang, and my father is content to keep it that way. My Brother Obere seems intent to help my father with his Restaurant, although he has also taken on an apprenticeship to be a mechanic, and that is what he will do should this fail. My sister Blanche also works here, though she would rather work with art"


"Well, I can say that I hope I don't see you later today"

41889 No.79841

"Strange, why are you the exception?"

db5c5 No.79842

The joke gets a chuckle out of Silver. "I hope it does not come to that, either."

3d40f No.79843

"They first offered to take me in at a fairly early age. That, and somepony needed to make money for the bad days"

"Well, goodluck. Don't let the ghasts bite"

41889 No.79844

Iron nods. "I understand. Are the potions ready to be purchased?"

db5c5 No.79845

"Thank you. May Her light always guide your path." With that, Silver leaves for the orphanage.

3d40f No.79846

"They should be"
She calls over Blanche, who confirms that the curing period has passed"

It is so

db5c5 No.79847

And I suppose this is the point where we wait for when Ash is back online.

41889 No.79848

"Alright, how much for all of it? I need to drink them to be appear to appear a little bit more presentable."

3d40f No.79849

She laughs
"You were carrying a riot shield into a bar just yesterday, and now you want to be presentable?"

I guess like the SRD cost minus 50% to represent a sort of friendly discount

d0d28 No.79850

Dark Star goes with him

41889 No.79851

Iron laughs. "Do not forget about a full set of armor." He composes himself. "I do not want to worry the ponies in my client's location when I get there. They could faint by the state of my body."
It should be 1650 total with the discount.

3d40f No.79852

As he arrives outside he sees somepony he wasn't expecting to see. She's just arriving

"My date was a no-show this morning"

3d40f No.79853

Like what did he buy that costs that much? It also makes me wonder about that discount. A 50% discount makes sense on like 600 of potions because Iron gave her 1500 yesterday, but when it's 3300…

41889 No.79854

4 cure moderates wounds = 300*4 = 1200
3 barkskin +2 = 300*3 = 900
6 cure light wounds = 50*6 = 300
1200+900+300 = 3300
3300/2 (50% discount) = 1650

db5c5 No.79855

It's only 2,400 before the discount, not 3,300.

d0d28 No.79856


41889 No.79857

Oh, it's 1200 then.

3d40f No.79858

Now who's the math wiz?


Okay, I'm more inclined to believe she'd do a 1200 discount so she doesn't feel like she owes anything to Iron especially after he sort of implied he owed her sex for it

41889 No.79859

Pretty sure it was not his intention.
Say, can I add 1 more cure moderate wounds and 1 barkskin +2 to make it exactly even?

41889 No.79860

Come on GM, I did the math correctly this time. It's just 600 more and dividing 3000 by 2 gives us exactly 1500 so Cauldron can feel she owes Iron even less than before. Pretty please can I has 2 more potions?

d0d28 No.79861

"Nah i was there. remember."

d0d28 No.79862

41889 No.79863

Judging by the deafening silence of the GM, I would say he went to bed. Don't forget to consider those extra two potions. She may have added that to complete the debt if she wants no feeling of owing something. Anyways, good night.

3d40f No.79864

No, but he can pay full price

"No, I mean the pony I was supposed to meet wasn't there"

4222d No.79865

Potions cost time and XP to produce. Prices aren't usually negotiable, unless something's wrong with them.

4222d No.79866

db5c5 No.79867

I guess everyone is busy today?

4222d No.79868

Not really.

db5c5 No.79869

I mean, there has been a serious lack of posts so far today, especially for a weekend.

3d40f No.79870

I know right?

4222d No.79871

Well, I didn't really have very much to post about until the party meets up, besides meta autism. I could continue the chat about hugs, but I was kind of bored of that.

3d40f No.79872

Upon his victory, the foal claims a hug as his prize

4222d No.79873

*Shares hug*

3d40f No.79874

Ash can hear a cute little squeaking noise, almost like grabbing a squeaky toy.

For most of the foals, class begins now, and Abby is still in solitary confinement

4222d No.79875

Has she finished her first stack?

3d40f No.79876

With a 19 on a wash check? Yes. Ash discovers that the foal is not entirely suited to dish washing, which is kind of what you'd expect from a foal not all that much bigger than the plates, and with barely developed unicorn magic

41889 No.79877

Ah, it was worth a shot. Chalk it up to bad math. Well, I think I'm able to travel to the abbey now, right?
Iron smiles. "Well, I had fun, Cauldron, but I cannot stay here forever. Let me pay and retreive all of the potions I asked for and I shall be on my way."

3d40f No.79878

For those at the Church, or just leaving it, I figure there are three possible solutions for whatever you were trying to attempt

1. Maren calls in help from a militant order
2. Maren himself joins as a cleric support
3. The party takes the holy water and goes in alone

I didn't know what was intended

"Very well then. Come back any time you want a taste of something a little less… plain than forest food. Or if you want to see me, I'm here in the mornings"

4222d No.79879

Sister Ash thanks the colt for his help, gives him his hug, and proceeds to go check on Abby Willows.

41889 No.79880

Pretty sure they were begging for another magic user to help out.
Iron smiles. "I will keep that in mind, Cauldron. The food was great, I may become an addict to it." He pulls out the bits specified Which should be 1200 bits, and hands it to Cauldron, also sneaking a hug with it.

db5c5 No.79881

We were trying for #3, with directions to where Ash was.

3d40f No.79882

Unfortunately, the colt seems to have exploited this opportunity as a way to reposition himself back on her back. He holds onto her, then climbs her mane, thankfully not tugging the hair very much

Ash finds that the room where Abby is being held prisoner is being guarded by a sister
"What is your business here?"

He can feel that her body is slim but with a few firm muscles. After a moment, she hugs him back
"Then you may consider me your dealer"

41889 No.79883

Iron smiles. "And I am your buyer." He lets go of Cauldron and picks up the potions he had requested. After this, he stashes them in his leather belt and starts heading out for the abbey.

3d40f No.79884

And thus, it is so. The Ulonri is a little ways away from the abbey, being across town from it almost diagonally

4222d No.79885

Ash yanks him off (gently) of her mane, and places him on her back for the trip.
>Less than enthusiastic to walk around the whole abbey with 30 pounds of colt on her neck.

She approaches the Abby's room, and greets the Sister with s polite bow.
"I was considering speaking with the youndlg one at this time, if that that would be permissible." She says

41889 No.79886

While on his way, he drinks a potion of cure moderate wounds to heal up his bruises. Need caster level aka healing bonus for the roll.

41889 No.79887

Roll grapple check

e85ba No.79888

Yeah. I have been pretty busy today. Hopefully I will be good for the rest of the day though.

db5c5 No.79889

I guess, then, we've just got to wait for Dark Star to return and have his conversation with Blue before we can continue.

3d40f No.79890

He weighs less than that…. probably, being both younger than most of the foals and small for his age. He holds down on Ash in hugging fashion, as he learns how to ride a kirin bare back

The sister: "We want her to know this is a punishment, but I guess you may speak to her"

Like a 2 or 3 or something

They could just walk, really

41889 No.79891

Iron drinks one. Rolling damage healed

41889 No.79892

Dice rollRolled 4, 7 + 3 = 14

Forgot the dice part

db5c5 No.79893

Eh, I suppose?

41889 No.79894

Dice rollRolled 5, 1 + 3 = 9

Iron drinks another one.

41889 No.79895

Dice rollRolled 4 + 3

Iron thinks he should have picked up something stronger. He drinks yet another cure moderate wounds.

3d40f No.79897

He can feel the bruises healing

And two more consumed
It has a minty taste

41889 No.79898

Dice rollRolled 8

Let me throw the other dice.

41889 No.79899

Dice rollRolled 1 + 3

Finally, he drinks one last cure light wounds to top his healing.

db5c5 No.79900

TBH, unless you get in combat and you need healed fast, I don't see much of a reason to buy the bigger health potions.

41889 No.79901

Jeez, what a clutter of dice. I hope this doesn't happen again
Only 1 cure moderate wounds and 5 cure light wounds remain. With that done, he continues his trek to the abbey and steps inside.
I hope I don't have to roll so many dice next time. It cluttered up the thread by a lot

a6259 No.79902

I'm assuming onyx is doing a thing?

db5c5 No.79903

I figured he was following the group silently.

e85ba No.79904

How would Onyx react to the holy water thing?

41889 No.79905

Maybe jerking off. If you're follow Spark, you are with Star, Spark, Silver and Skies.

a6259 No.79906

What holy water thing?
That's what I figured too

db5c5 No.79907

We bought some holy water from Father Maren at the Cathedral.

e85ba No.79908

We are getting holy water to melt the undead basically. We also asked around for anypony that knew where Ash went.

a6259 No.79909

Onyx would admit it's a good plan, and be fine with going to a church.

41889 No.79910

I hope I didn't kill the GM with all of that dice rolls.

3d40f No.79911

Am here

41889 No.79912

Waiting for Star then?

3d40f No.79913

Before Iron would advance I want Ash to, and I guess the others could probably do things as well without Star. I guess mostly Ash

41889 No.79914


db5c5 No.79915

I think we're waiting on Star so we don't end up splitting the party…again.

4222d No.79916

Sorry, I've got some kind of pestilent flu and my mind is on fire. I passed out…
Sister Ash slowly opens the door of the room.
Cure Light Wounds is gay. Lesser Vigor is where it's at.
I should be present for the next hour at least.

41889 No.79917

Too bad the potion doesn't exist.

4222d No.79918

It depends on who makes it.

41889 No.79919

If it's not in the SRD, so it doesn't exist, my guy. In fact, there's not even the word vigor in it.

3d40f No.79920

Ash can see Abby. It may not be fair to say that Abby's spirit has been broken. It takes much to extinguish so strong a fire. But she is certainly sulking as she leans down over a desk, using her mouth to lazily and slowly scribble on paper. She looks up at Ash, water making her eyes more reflective. She seems at least somewhat angry at Ash angry at Ash

4222d No.79921

Ash steps into the room slowly, taking note of the filly's anger.
"Working hard, I can see." she says, acknowledging the Herculean task

e9da9 No.79922

She looks up at her with a definite frown
“What do you want now?”

4222d No.79923

"I came to see how you were doing." She says softly, kneeling down to get closer to eye level
"It seems you've made quite a bit of progress."

e9da9 No.79925

“On the prayers? I guess I have”
Her tone suggests that she has been somewhat offended

4222d No.79926

"You look like you're about halfway done. Quite impressive if I'll say." Sister Ash continues
Her tone hasn't changed, but the way she gaxes at the ridiculous stack of papers seems almost nostalgic

e9da9 No.79927

“I only have to do them because of you.”

4222d No.79928

Sister Ash shakes her hoof, giving a little chiding 'tsk tsk'.
"Ah, but you would have found yourself doing it anyway, or worse." She she replies, as she picks up the completed stack and straitens it out neatly
"Best get used to it. You would have had a far worse time if you were in magi class."

d0d28 No.79929

"Oh ok. Whats going on here?"
i just woke up
i was trying for 2 but i was hoping for 1

d0d28 No.79930

e9da9 No.79931

File: 1546735900787.png (52.12 KB, 500x600, 64826ABE-51E4-47DD-B2F3-92….png)

“What is that supposed to mean?”

e9da9 No.79932

“I guess I should ask you that. It looks like you are exiting a church with some of your friends”

d0d28 No.79933

"We picked up some holy water for the job."

4222d No.79934

File: 1546736766149-0.jpg (15.92 KB, 190x245, l0cg9imokxmz.jpg)

"It's means that you need to understand the consequences of your actions." She says sternly
"Magick is dangerous the same way fire is dangerous. Incurring supernatural effects have real world consequences, on nature and morality. Learning this is the first and foremost discipline of magick." She continues
"When I was in my early years of training, I was in.. what would you call it.. a rebellious phase. I too pushed the limits of morality to see what I could learn..
When the elders caught me transmuting aberrations in the forest, they were ever-furious. They made me wear a sweater made of nettles, and catalog every species of Flora in the grove… It took me almost four days, fasting.. but I learned my lesson; and I'd like to say I turned out better because of it."
She turn her face towards the filly, fully expecting every ounce of annoyance to come
"These things may feel torturous in the short term, but only while they last. When you get older, you might even come to appreciate experiences like this." She says
>tfw trying to explain the meaning of punishment, but no Charisma

e9da9 No.79935

“I see that… Well, I can say that in all my time doing various… jobs, I have never needed to use Holy Water”

41889 No.79936

I feel you.

d0d28 No.79937

"So What are you doing here?"
Are we in front of the orphanage or are we at the church?

41889 No.79938

Church I think.

e9da9 No.79939

Well, she’s definitely getting a look of annoyance out of her. After a long pause, she retorts: “If I get older. The heroes my father trusted in are gone… My father is gone. I wasn’t rebelling. I was standing up”

“I figured I’d come see you. You told me you would be here”

Church, along with all of the other S characters

d0d28 No.79940

"Awwww see i told you, you were sweet."

e9da9 No.79941

She sits, wraps her tail around her, and places her hoof to her mouth as she giggles

“Her Dark Star, I would like your opinion on something. Come the day of the sword… or the bug spray or birdshot, who should be slain, and who should be spared?”

4222d No.79942

Sister Ash stands up and pats her head
"Ah, but the way you went about it was wrong." She chides, impervious to the Filly's discontent
"And you're better off learning early on than later that actions have consequences, especially concerning magick. This is the ready way, despite how it feels."
"I wouldn't expect you to understand immediately, but I hope you take some time to think about it."

d0d28 No.79943

"well, thats a strange question to ask me out of the blue. all the non communist ponys would survive as well as our greatest ally the Griffions. but the changelings wouldn't be so lucky nor would any communists."

4222d No.79944

*This is the easy way

d0d28 No.79945

>TFW Playing a blue pilled character.

4222d No.79946

Take the breadpill.

d0d28 No.79947

Dark Star needs someone to breadpill him.

4222d No.79948

Sister Ash will breadpill him.
Just you wait, he'll be an exalted hermit in no time.

3d40f No.79949

"Oh Dark Star, how could any such question be out of the blue?" Once she says that out loud, her face changes to a sort of "I see what you did there"

"Have you no faith in our coming victory? And if my time in East Equestria has taught me anything, it's that just because you've won the war, does not mean you've won the peace. You need to plan out your endgame before you fight.

Now why would the Griffins be our allies and the Changelings our enemies? The Griffonian empire regularly raped, raided, invaded, pillaged and destroyed the pony lands of the east. But for the strong Pegasi warriors who held them back, they would all be subjugated.. Even now some of their… 'progressive' factions fight against the Equestrians of the eastern continent. The Changelings however, fought against the aggressive Princesses, and bared the bulk of the fight. If anypony deserves the title of 'greatest ally'…"

Poor Silver. He's from Stalliongrad, and thus shall never get the bread"

And now she's even more annoyed
"Just what am I supposed to do?"

4222d No.79950

Sister Ash continues paying her head, despite protests
"You'll need to learn how to protect yourself without defiling yourself. Evil doesn't protect anyone; it only takes advantage of fear."

4222d No.79951

I g2g

d0d28 No.79953

>her face changes to a sort of "I see what you did there"
Dark Star smiles at this
>Have you no faith in our coming victory?
"Yes i do. i have more faith in us winning than anything else."
>Now why would the Griffins be our allies and the Changelings our enemies?
"Because the griffions forgave us for our pony supremacy and let bygones be bygones. while the changelings feed off of us and replace our foals with theirs."
*/r the donald Squeaking Begins*
>The Griffonian empire regularly raped, raided, invaded, pillaged and destroyed the pony lands of the east.
"i-im sure they would never do anything like that. next thing you will be telling me is that they invented communism"
*/r the donald Squeaking intensifies*

3d40f No.79954

She spreads her hooves apart
"Look at me. I'm a small egg-shell colored fillie. If their god couldn't protect me, how am I going to protect me?"

She stands up and walks closer to Dark Star. Then, she flips her tail and rubs it right over Dark Star's muzzle, in front of his eyes

"The griffins most definitely have not. They've always eyed our territory greedily, hungry for what we have. And they have tried their best to take it… many times. They've warred with us then and now. Their 'Aquellia,' in particular not only does not respect the destiny of ponies, but does not even respect the culture, tradition, and history of griffins. Remember that it was griffins on the docks supplying weapons to Communists, and it was a Griffin from the east who was here helping to train the Communists"

d0d28 No.79955

*Squeaking Stops*
"But if you are right…. then that means what mom told me was a lie. i…"

41889 No.79956

>inb4 mother was a griffin

d0d28 No.79957

No U!

e9da9 No.79958

“Like the lie that Celestia and the elements are enough to protect you? Strength lies in every pony. Only by rising together as a collective nation do ponies realize the power of true Harmony. The harmony of being a part of and contributing to a nation, a culture, and a tradition. Wasn’t it a griffin who killed your mother?”

Definitely need Silver to hear this

d0d28 No.79959

"… yes she was. she went into the Griffion Ghetto over by where our house used to be, She would donate the food that we wouldnt finish to the Griffion Shelter. But She would Stress the importance of being an individual, and that only the individual are responsible for their own actions."

e9da9 No.79960

She comes in closer and… hugs Dark Star
“If that’s true… then it’s a hell of a lot of bad individual griffins who have guided their history”

db5c5 No.79961

I heard some pegasus was talking shit about Celestia like I wouldn't hear.

41889 No.79962

Then go ahead and defend your deity already, boy.

e9da9 No.79963

She’s right outside the door if Silver wants to jump in

d0d28 No.79964

"i guess im trying to hold onto that knowledge she gave me,so i could just put all of my anger onto Scar."

db5c5 No.79965

Silver suddenly laughs, having been quiet through the whole ordeal. "Did you say you think changelings are greatest ally?"

e9da9 No.79966

She now pets him behind his ears
“It’s good to have a loving mother. And I can tell she raised an incredible son. But she may have wasted some of her love on creatures that had only hate, greed, and jealousy to give back”

She looks directly at him, and gives him her grin. She still has her hooves around Dark Star’s ears.

“It was a rhetorical proposition to Dark Star. He was able to recognize Changelings as hostile, but not Griffins. So I pointed out the inconsistency in that logic. Why don’t you tell me why you think Griffins and the other assorted creatures are greater allies than Equestria’s own colonial ponies?”

db5c5 No.79967

"HA! Greatest ally…we do not have any allies. Ponies are not even allies, anymore. It is only us Equestrians left to defend Harmony, against all world. All world has forgotten Harmony, true Harmony. All world knows anymore is war. And it will be death of us, at this rate."

d0d28 No.79968

"im not incredible. thats probably true."
Dark star Hugs her

e9da9 No.79969

“Then why, oh why, do you defend a regime that would war against ponies for the sake of griffins, zebras, and dragons?

Equestria has fallen. That is alright, because they lost the mantle of the defenders of harmony when they forgot that that harmony is the domain of ponies.”

*squeaking Pegasus noises*
“D’aww, Dark Star”

41889 No.79970

Wuh ho. The petitte mare has called you out! Quick, rebute her claims of ideological superiority!

db5c5 No.79971

"And why would you defend regime that does not care for you at all? This Duke, when did he send soldiers to Nimbusia? How long was it into war against griffons?"

3d40f No.79972

Just to clarify, are you claiming that New Mareland wars or warred against Nimbusia? Or that he did not help Nimbusia?

db5c5 No.79973

That he only helped after the war had already been lost. Though, I doubt Blue would be able to figure out that is what he meant.

3d40f No.79974

For refernce, the geo-political situation I am using here is essentially a historical EaW playthrough, with a player taking New Mareland, chosing Fascist, and then expanding into south-east griffonia - a path that will inevitably result in Aquellia and later Equestria, and usually also Skyfall declaring war on you. The historical option also has results like Nimbusia becoming Reformist, Genocidal griffons taking over Hellquill, that Merkel pony thinking she's important, weird things in Greneclyff, and so forth

a6259 No.79975

Onyx shakes his head at the politics and looks for a drink to nurse.

db5c5 No.79976

I know.

3d40f No.79977

The only one around is Tipsy. He's outside a church

"Why, the Duke wasn't in charge at the time. That honor belongs to your glorious former leader, Princess Celestia. And no, she did nothing to help"

db5c5 No.79978

"You know what I mean. Whoever it was who was in charge of New Mareland, whether it was colonial governor, whether it was independent group, I do not care. When did they decide to go on their own to try to aid Nimbusia?"

3d40f No.79979

"And as I said before, the Princess just sat there on her fat ass and ate cake. No. She didn't send aid. But it wasn't griffins that fell Nimbusia. It was their own idea of Equality" She almost gags "… harmony, progress, social change that disrupted the proud warrior tradition"

db5c5 No.79980

Silver looks understandably frustrated at her. "You are worse than griffons when it comes to arguing."

3d40f No.79981

"True. The griffins will just try to shoot or stab you. They don't care for philosophy, or if they do it's a philosophy of the guillotine and bayonet for Nobles they don't like. We Nimbusians, by contrast, are well versed in the subject. And we wield it as adeptly as our blades"

41889 No.79982

Already going for personal insults?
Just for me to know. There is no interruptions betweeen Ulnori and the Abbey, right? Something like a certain spat between a smol mare and an old stallion?

3d40f No.79983

Only if he wants to take a much more northerly route. But they should all be on their way to the abbey anyways

e85ba No.79984

For some reason, Spark feels uneasy. He holds his glass closer to his side.

d0d28 No.79985

41889 No.79986

Roger. Iron does not really have a reason to take that route, so I'll stay at the ready just in case.

a6259 No.79987

Onyx looks at the glass and then Spark
"Can I have a sip or do you wanna run to a bar with me?"

db5c5 No.79988

"Then you should understand it is not in interest of New Mareland to care for you, or your people. Or to care for me, or my people. New Mareland does not protect ponies. New Mareland protects itself. It is only reason they invaded Equestria, why they 'ally' themselves to changelings and griffons, if you could even call it an alliance."

3d40f No.79989

"Dark Star, don't you have a certain 'truth seeker' to teach Griffins, communists, and other unenlightened creatures? Help them leave the cave for once"

He should be there eventually, although Ash has died of flu and so won't be able to meet him

41889 No.79990

So, can I enter the abbey and take my bison necklace from Thyme?

e85ba No.79991

"You can't have Tipsy, so I guess we will run to a bar."

41889 No.79992

Watch out you two. Don't want another party separation again.

d0d28 No.79993

"guys its 8:30."
"yes, yes i do."

a6259 No.79994

"Better than standing around shitting on each other"

a6259 No.79995

"I work at a bar, day drinking is nothing new here"