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File: 1546938168154.png (5.08 MB, 2900x2768, 1450113__safe_artist-colon….png)

9e2a8 No.81000[Last 50 Posts]

Occupied Equestria: set six years after season 6, it presents an alternative history where Chrysalis chose a different approach to her second attack on Equestria. The Changelings have conquered half of Equestria, while an Equestrian splinter colony - soured to Princesses notion of harmony with all creatures thank to their dealing with griffins - Invaded and took the other half. In Baltimare and the Equestruan Southlands, the magic of friendship has weakened, as Communists, Changeling infiltrators, Fascists, gangs, and even ancient necormancers and dark gods threaten the city and the surrounding regions. This role play is based in large part upon the Equestria at War mod for Hearts of Iron 4, and uses D&d 3.5e mechanics.

In this latest episode, the crew has united once again, and returned in full to the catacombs under the Curwhinny farm. What old secrets they will unearth, whether they will survive without being turned into undead monsters… whether Silver will ever get paid… will be determined in this thread.

16905 No.81004

First for getting paid.

9e2a8 No.81005

File: 1546938658735.png (47.49 KB, 1412x648, More catacombs map 2.png)

Updated map

b3982 No.81006

File: 1546938694738.png (355.76 KB, 3000x2634, _Aryanne heiling.png)


16905 No.81007

So, it's pretty damn late, so I think I'm gonna head to bed. Sleep well, everyone, tomorrow we shall conquer this catacomb!

49ccb No.81010

Sister Ash reposes and burns all of the bodies.

16905 No.81011

I wonder what Ash would think of the situation.

9e2a8 No.81012

She has been strangely absent from conversations which I would have thought she'd take an interest in

Ash discovers a door at the end of her hallway, which is now cleared. Of course, the door is open

49ccb No.81013

File: 1546971403108-0.png (1020.74 KB, 1150x887, 564114__safe_artist-colon-….png)

Sister Ash speaks up as she returns from bringing the jars outside.

"By the atrocities that have been committed in this wretched place, I wouldn't be surprised if it were cursed.. Ponies unfortunate enough to wander in unprepared may have perished in various ways.. Who could tell what else may have been attracted to this horrid prison since its abandonment.." She says, before before turning to another corpse and reposing it with a prayer.
"… The Chimera.. was likely a creature that the necromancer captured in order to experiment on.. Such a unique creature, with so many different parts, he must have considered to be a valuable guinea pig.." she spits with disgust
"It may have been locked in that chamber for centuries.. Mindless, emotionless, and without purpose.."

She lifts her head
"The small ones.. the ones that ran earlier.. They couldn't have been anything but children… The vile one who reanimated them may have kidnapped them for the purpose of experimenting if his abominations had the capability of growing.. only to find they did not.." she say through gritted teeth
".. Such pitiful creatures.. Unable to grow older or pass on, doomed to starve forever, so long as they remained reanimated.. They ran from the light at the first chance they they got: their fear of the world superceded their unnatural hostility to living creatures… They've been crawling around down here in the dark, afraid of the outside world.. for all this time.." she says, her tone grim and solemn
Then she her tone picks up, sounding convicted
"They must be reposed. They cannot pass into the next world until the curse that enslaves them is broken. Perhaps, in that next life, they will not be so unfortunate.." She says, biting back tears

She glances back at the hall she came from, where the Sarcophagus laid.
"..That Sarcophagus was of ponish origin, from the region of Somnambula; I read much about them in my studies of ancient clergy. In the past, they practiced.. somewhat different modes of reposition for their nobility.." she says, slightly uncomfortable at the mention.
".. There was mummy dust in that casket. It likely held the corpse of a noble, or a guardian of a precious site, from a bygone age.. Judging by this casters writings, he may have stolen or otherwise acquired the casket for the sake of his reasearch, only to find that he was unable to make it shamble upon his command.. And so he left the casket there, ungaurded and out in the open.."
She glances back once more, seemingly nervous
"… The one who laid there.. may still be in this chamber. Since it does not rest, it must believe that its purpose is yet to be fulfilled. Perhaps that poor one mistook this wretched place for the place it was embalmed to guard; perhaps it is the corpse of a noble, awaiting for its servants to arrive; only time can tell.."
She shudders
".. A poor soul.. having sacrificed so much for the sake of its faith, only to have its tomb descrated be grave robbers, and brought to this senseless hellhole for such selfish purposes…" She trails off
".. If that one still remains, I would like to sp-speak with it.." she says, trying to show conviction, although
"For that one deserves a proper eulogy, and an explanation of its circumstances, if it is to pass on in peace.."

49ccb No.81014

>She has been strangely absent from conversations which I would have thought she'd take an interest in
Sister Ash was busy doing reposition prayers, cremating the ghouls in the wells, and delivering those jars of dust to the outside. She knows that undead are still ponies, and believes that their eulogies are long overdo: every moment they spend shambling is a moment they're they're suffering; so she's been prioritizing their services before all else. She wanted to put the jars outside into the sunlight, seeing as how they'd be better off removed from the horrible place that bound them in the time before she liberates them in a proper reposition.

That, and I've been very busy (and sick), plus I can only mobile-post; so my RPing ability has been constrained.
I'm taking the liberty to claim that Sister Ash overheard parts of the previous conversations as she was walking back and fourth; because if a slight bonus to perception is all I get for vital statistics, I'm definitely going use that to make up for lost RP time.

49ccb No.81015

She laid the jars in neat stacks, on the side of the house, where they'd get some sunlight, but be out of the way. She tore off part of her gown as a make-shift blanket to lay them on; and she set out a fabric sign next to it with a biohazard symbol on it that says "DO NOT TOUCH".

49ccb No.81016

*seared into it*

85011 No.81017

Iron nods understandingly. "I would agree. These ponies have lost their life a long time ago and they are being puppeteered. We are doing them a favor ending their physical lives." Iron shudders. "To think even foals have been stolen their life from this bastard."

85011 No.81018

*life by this

49ccb No.81019

"It's more than just hacking their bodies to pieces." Sister Ash replies
"These are ponies we're talking about. They need to be reposed, not just destroyed. Every shambling corpse you see here, is a pony that was denied its eulogy and burial. Despite the poisoned states of their minds, they're still intelligent, and vaguely aware of their surroundings.. They can understand all of the words you speak near them: Some may even speak back if given a chance…" she says, trailing off with her head drooping as her eyes turn somber
"… The poor things.. all alone and confused…"
"These kinds of things need to be approached like one would hospice care or funerals, not just exterminating 'dangerous creatures'. The dead deserve the same respect the living do, even if they seem dangerous due to their circumstances."

85011 No.81020

Iron is confused. "What is this 'repose' process then? I thought it was just destroying their bodies for them to be rid of their physical burden. Is there any other way to treat such a creature?"

49ccb No.81021

File: 1546977697240-0.jpg (709 KB, 1488x2440, 128642__safe_artist-colon-….jpg)

The pearly dragonmare ruffles her fluff (now exposed after tearing off so much fabric) and takes a long breath, her respect

"… To repose a creature means to see it off to the next life.. to liberate it, from its shambling prison.. Some may go quietly, others may be restrained by their slavers, or the poisonimg of their minds.." Sister Ash says solemnly
"Destroying a shambling corpse is only but a means to an end. Some creatures, through force, confusion, or fear, may, resist their reposition.. In that case, destroying their bodies is merely of method of incapacitating them, so that they can be sent off.." she continues
"A reposition is a funeral, of sorts. An order of respect for the dead, and an acknowledgement of life that was lost. A silent prayer, a flower on the chest, a drop of ceremonial water to the forehead; there are many ways to treat the deceased, so long as there is proper respect. Even those who know nothing of clergy can show respect, in their own ways.." She continues
"Simply regarding the undead as mere 'monsters', hacking apart their desecrated bodies without a shred of remorse and rummaging through their belongings as you tread on their graves, without a word of acknowledgement or the slightest bit of respect for the dead.. Well, that helps nopony.." she says, with a sigh
"The shambling ones are still ponies at their core, behind all their fear and corruption, there is a tortured soul to be released. Before the reposition, be sure to respect the pony you're freeing; for despite the stench and corruption that clings to it, it's a pony like you or me. If the shambler attacks, end the battle quickly: do not defile the corpse of the dead by toying with its once-sovereign body. If it flees in fear, the reposer must pursue it, but regard it is not simply a beast to be hunted: pursue the soul, and begin your prayers, to ease its fear as it is reposed."
Then she looks up once more
"And if the soul neither attacks nor flees, you should approach it with all the respect you would to a living pony. If you have a prayer to give, begin it as you state your purpose, then carry put the reposition swiftly. If the subject replies, acknowledge its sentience, but beware it may try to draw you into its madness as well, for in its rotten misery it may yet lash out in anguish."

*Breathes out*

85011 No.81022

Iron nods again. "I understand. I will not fight the undead unless they attack me. Nevertheless, I think the employer wants the undead out of the premises. We can move them after reposition, right?"

9e2a8 No.81023

*nods, as she reads through part of a book*

49ccb No.81024

"They're better off removed from this place, if not cremated. A pestilent hole like this is no place for corpses to lie." She says, looking around the place with visible disgust
"I think the owners may want to have the site baptised before they build anything here though. This site reeks of malfeasance."

85011 No.81026

"Be sure to mention it to the employer when we finish the job, whoever it is." Iron finishes his questions, now following Ash out of habit.
I'll be AFK for a while, maybe one or two hours at the most. If you need strength rolls or just a pair of hooves to help out, you can roll as you control Iron as well, like Caleb. If the GM allows it of course. Besides that, Iron will not say much until I return.

49ccb No.81027

"It's common sense, if you ask me. I'll try to get to it if I have the chance; it seems as though several duties have piled up on me."

85011 No.81029

I severly overestimated my AFK time. Back
"I know. I did say I would help you out, and I mean it." Iron smiles warmly at Ash. "Maybe someone else will try to help out with our problem after this. Silver seems like the stallion to help out, though I doubt that you need extra muscle if diplomacy is your way to go." Iron scratches his head. "Spark seems to have a way with words by how he sneaked by the guards back at the docks, so he could be of use when dealing with the mademares. Onyx is the same as Silver and Star may or may not help depending on how loyal he is for the Black Hooves and if he has the time to spare."

16905 No.81030

Can we get a roll call for today?

85011 No.81031

Here. Ash should be here, although he probably needs extra waiting time due to phoneposting.

01b1b No.81032

I'm here.

49ccb No.81033


9e2a8 No.81035

File: 1546984809660.jpeg (748.34 KB, 1480x1498, 1505757342757-0.jpeg)

I guess I am here

49ccb No.81036

It seems Dark Star and Onyx are not yet here.

49ccb No.81037

By the looks of it, we may have cleared mist of it, if this side is about as big as the other. Unless of course there's another floor.

85011 No.81038

So it would seem.

16905 No.81039

Also looks like we could link up with the other side of the right-side hallway.

49ccb No.81040

Plausibly. Only time will tell.
Was there another cavern to clear?

16905 No.81041

Not as far as I know. We clear the undead from the catacombs, and we should be finished with the job.

9e2a8 No.81042

Okay, forgive me for meta-gaming but I am curious. What exactly was the meaning of 'you get 15%'? Was it that she gets 15% of the value of the booklets Silver originally pocketed? She gets a 1/7th share of all of the loot to be distributed basically evenly? She gets 15% of the chemicals found thus far and Silver gets far more than 15%?

16905 No.81043

When Silver gives her stuff to sell on his behalf, Blue can take 15% of the value of what she gets by selling what Silver gave her.

49ccb No.81044

Considering there was nothing blocking the cavern, it'd be best to be on guard. Things might be lurking on the outside.

9e2a8 No.81045

File: 1546987713485.png (56.63 KB, 1412x1071, More catacombs map 3.png)

Latest map

b3982 No.81046

"im still going to shoot them to put them out of their misery. they are dangerous after all, i cant let them hurt anypony else thats living."

b3982 No.81047

85011 No.81048

Iron shakes his head. "You misunderstand. What she says is that they will not actually die and may come back unless a reposition is done to calm the spirit. You can shoot them if they try to attack you, but it is not going to solve the undead problem. You only postpone it. I trust her judgement in this matter."

16905 No.81049

"…" The look on Silver's face suggests he doesn't have much faith in finding undead that neither wants to kill them or wants to run away. "…If we come across passive undead, I will keep that in mind. I am just concerned about wisdom of setting so many fires in underground location."

49ccb No.81050

I'm going to have to go eat at some point with the next hour or so.

49ccb No.81051

Sister Ash just shrugs
".. That's just how I understand it. I guess attitudes towards the undead may very by sect. And of course, I'd never expected one to merely accept reposition."

9e2a8 No.81052

Blue Skies comments for the first time
"Like differences in attitudes towards Changelings or Griffins I guess. Somehow I don't think the undead will be as amiable. But really, this isn't my project here, and I'll let you do as you do"

16905 No.81053

"I am not sure what Northern Orthodox sects believe when it comes to dealing with undead. All I know is that it is much easier to put undead to rest when they are fully dead. It is also easier to do so with dragon-pony in group."

b3982 No.81054

File: 1546989485131.png (63.27 KB, 1412x1071, map 4.png)

Dark Star checks out this area

16905 No.81055

Silver, as he has been, follows. He works the bolt on his rifle to chamber a new round. "On first sign of trouble, get behind me."

49ccb No.81056

"Overall, the objective is the same: stop the bodies from moving, one way or another." She says with a nod
"I just think a bit of respect is in order.

9e2a8 No.81057

It goes down some distance, perhaps 40 or so feet, and has a branch to its left after perhaps 20 or so feet. At the end seems to be an open doorway that descends. On the left side are two wooden doors, both seem to be blown open.

Something to note: This is area appears to be in less well condition than the hallways closer to the farm house. Bricks are dislodged, some rocks have come in, and doors are knocked out of place

Goddamn I love the sight, sound, and feel of cycling a bolt on a rifle

She shrugs
"I guess you have your own objectives, and I have mine"

49ccb No.81058

Sister Ash peaks through the doorway.
"I'm only here to make eulogies and repose the dead. Consider it charity." She replies

49ccb No.81059

>It goes down some distance, perhaps 40 or so feet
Fug. This place is bigger than I thought.
>*Reconsiders how to use spells from thus point on*

16905 No.81060

"I do not like look of this." Silver peeks around the corner the left branch as they pass.

b3982 No.81061

"Be Careful, this whole area looks Like it could cave in."

9e2a8 No.81062

On the ground is a musket, a sword, a hat, and a jacket, right in the little corner where the hallway branches right. Did I say left before? Goddamn it, it is on the right. Ignore the previous description. He sees nothing ahead in the like 10 feet of light that he has, and hears nothing that way. Slight draft coming from behind him and towards the doorway at the end of the main hall

49ccb No.81063

On second thought, Sister Ash follows the rest of the group.
>Light source

b3982 No.81064

Dark Star goes around the corner and turns on his light

85011 No.81065

Iron does the same.

49ccb No.81066

Dice rollRolled 5 + 5

Dice rollRolled 20 + 5

I'm going to go ahead and roll two Listen checks, to detect any movements nearby.

16905 No.81067

"Yes, I have had enough experience with that already."
"There are possessions of militia pony. But no skeleton." He searches the jacket's pockets for anything of value while keeping an ear out.

49ccb No.81068

"What's that, boy? Do you hear something?"

9e2a8 No.81069

File: 1546991672965.png (69 KB, 1412x1419, More catacombs map 4.png)

Caleb hears rustling from through the doorway that is at the top of this map, and none from left or right

A keg of gunpowder that has almost certainly fouled centuries ago, and a Letter


"First echelon goes in at Whirlwind's command, and seizes the Farmhouse. We believe the real danger lies underground. Second Echelon shall form move in once the house is seized, and at the command of a whistle, both shall move in, First Echelon going left, and second Echelon clearing right. Fire is anticipated to be of only moderate use as the system is not expected to have much air, and sealing the system may be sufficient for our purposes. Exactly what awaits down there is not known. What is known is that Curwhinny has accumulated a power far beyond what he shows. And what he shows himself to be is a cruel but reclusive merchant. You must overwhelm him, and destroy him. You must destroy his books and notes as this is a knowledge that must not be allowed to leave its tomb. Fallen comrades may be infected with supernatural spells upon death. Be very cautious. Best of luck, and may Celestia be with you.

- Whipperwill"

49ccb No.81070

"There's something up ahead." Sister Ash says, translating for the keen-eared animal
>Fire is anticipated to be of only moderate use as the system is not expected to have much air
Sister Ash groans in frustration upon hearing this part
"This could take longer than I thought.." she says

85011 No.81071

Iron nods and readies himself.

16905 No.81072

"Wherever you are, brave militia pony, I hope you are at piece."
Silver seems surprised that she can understand what the dog is saying. "Very well. I shall take look. Check out those rooms, if you can." He points towards the broken down doors to their left, before he slowly advanced towards the busted down door at the end of the hallway, rifle at the ready.

49ccb No.81073

Sister Ash proceeds towards the sound of the rustling slowly, only stopping to peak into the broken doorways along the path.

b3982 No.81074

File: 1546992198300.png (74.5 KB, 1412x1419, map 6.png)

Dark Star moves to here and checks this door

85011 No.81075

Iron follows.

49ccb No.81076

… Don't want to see what made the rustling sound?

01b1b No.81077

The sorcerer ponders this.

b3982 No.81078

Which door did it come from?

49ccb No.81079

The top one; the one Sister Ash is moving towards.

9e2a8 No.81080

Who is going where?

16905 No.81081

Silver, Iron, and Ash (in that order) are heading for the door at the end of the hallway.

49ccb No.81082

Sister Ash is moving towards the sound Caleb heard earlier, checking the two broken-open doors on her way there. Iron is following Sister Ash.

b3982 No.81083

Dark Star investigates the rustling.

9e2a8 No.81084

They both lead to rooms, or one room, but Ash needs to either go to the doorway at the end of the hall or check the rooms. She cannot do both at the exact same time

9e2a8 No.81085

Dice rollRolled 1

49ccb No.81086

She decides to go towards the end of the hall first, not wanting to be flanked by some monster on a detour.

85011 No.81087

Iron follows Ash along. "What do you think made that sound?" He whispers to her.

9e2a8 No.81088

A stairwell descends maybe 20 feet into what looks like a larger area of the dungeon

49ccb No.81089

"Nothing good." Sister Ash replies
"Better see what it is now. We can take check those other rooms later."

b3982 No.81090

"Whos going first?" Dark Star whispers

16905 No.81091

Dice rollRolled 17 + 3

Silver makes a motion for Ash and Iron to follow him as he makes his way down the stairwell.

Listen: Silver keeps his ears out for any further sign of what's ahead.

49ccb No.81092

Sister Ash freezes at the top of the stairwell, visibly nervous
"… O-On second thought.. maybe it would be best to a this floor for later.." she stutters, looking back at the others

"Wh-what should we do?"

16905 No.81093

49ccb No.81094

Just saying, I'm going to have to leave for half an hour momentarily.

85011 No.81095

Iron notices her nervousness. "We should check every room on this floor before we go down one floor. Just to ensure there is nothing waiting for us up here if we need to run away."

9e2a8 No.81096

Definite growling sounds

Blue Skies lies a decent number of feet behind, pointing a gun at the darkness behind them, ears at attention

16905 No.81097

Silver whispers to the group. "If you wish to stay up here, go ahead. I will scout ahead to make sure way is clear."

b3982 No.81098

Dice rollRolled 11 + 7

Dark Star also makes a listen check

b3982 No.81099

"im going with you."

9e2a8 No.81100

Growing, in front of him

"Well, let's hope that if you do encounter anything, it's not more than you can handle"

85011 No.81101

Iron is unsure but somewhat inspired. "Well, if you two are going down. I should go with you." He will follow either or go at the front depending on what is decided.

16905 No.81102

Silver takes a couple seconds to think, before pulling two potions out from his bag. He offers one to Dark Star. "Drink this. It should keep us hidden from undead, allow us to scout without getting attacked for a few minutes."

01b1b No.81103

Spark follows.
"Can you really call a place like this clear, even when no immediate threats are seen?"

16905 No.81104

Silver sighs at the number of ponies now wanting to follow him. "I only had those two potions, unfortunately."

01b1b No.81105

"I understand. I will hold position at the bottom of the stairs."

85011 No.81106

Iron nods understandingly. "I will stay then."

49ccb No.81107

I need to step out now.
Will be back later.

85011 No.81108


b3982 No.81109

"im sure we'll be fine."
"Alright. lead the way."
"Whats in it?"
Dark Star Drinks it

9e2a8 No.81110

As they go down the stairs, the first thing they notice is that the area below them is really damaged. Large rocks, bigs chucks missing from the ceiling of the tunnel…. even twisted pieces of metal, like a bar that looks like it once belonged to a door

9e2a8 No.81111

"Alright, but I'd hate to have to find somepony to replace you"

16905 No.81112

Silver shrugs. "I do not know. I only know it keeps undead from seeing, hearing, smelling, or sensing us."
"Be very careful with walls. This tunnel does not look very stable."

b3982 No.81113

Dark Star turns on his flshlight

01b1b No.81114

Not the best statement for those numbers. Hope it won't come true.

16905 No.81115

Silver chugs down his potion of Hide from Undead, and starts to maneuver his way around the various rubble on the ground.

b3982 No.81116

Dark Star Stays Quiet but makes eye contact as hes going down the stairs.

9e2a8 No.81117

When they get down stairs, they can see first, that this new hall is about as wide as the wider one up stairs. On the ground is, of all things, detritus, like thoroughly decayed leaves. The walls look stained To the left side are big opened arched rooms. They seem to have once had iron bars as walls on them, but now they are open, with rusted iron on the ground. They look more or less empty now. The same to the right for at least the first few feet. And now, ahead of them, at least three of those yelloweyed creatures

"I mean, find a new deputy"

16905 No.81118

Silver motions for Dark Star to be calm. "Do not attack them. They do not know we are here." Silver looks to see if these creatures and the empty rooms are the only things here.

9e2a8 No.81119

This section only spans a little ways before branching off right. There does seem to be a door on the right side though

b3982 No.81120

"Alright lets go past them and see whats ahead then."

16905 No.81121

"I believe we can not go past them without touching them."
Is the door past the ghasts/ghouls, or is it before them?

9e2a8 No.81122

Blue Skies droops her ears, and after a moment resumes her staring into the darkness behind them

9e2a8 No.81123

The door on the right is sort of near them. It is possible to go forward without touching them

16905 No.81124

"Follow me." Silver tries to avoid contact with them as much as possible as he makes his way to and through the door.

85011 No.81125

Iron feels the worry she has. "They should be fine down there. With their potions and their skills, they should not be in any danger." Iron says softly to Skies.

b3982 No.81126

dark Star follows him past thrm

80de2 No.81127

“I think I offended him…”

The door in the right leads into a large and very long room. To the left is open space with restraints and what appears to have once been cages, and to the right, are shalllow pits

16905 No.81128

Silver peaks into the pits as he goes past them.

80de2 No.81129

The first is empty. The second one has two wolf skeletons. The third is empty. There are more of those white undead pony things in this room, which seem to simply roam around

85011 No.81130

Iron stands a bit closer, shaking his head. "I do not think such a little comment could destroy the love that he has for you." Irom smiles. "It could be at most a small issue that you can talk it out later when this catacomb business is over."

b3982 No.81131

Dark star looks at the cages

16905 No.81132

Dice rollRolled 11 - 1

Silver doesn't like the idea that he was experimenting with creating undead wolves.

Search: Silver looks for anything else of interest in this room.
"This would be difficult fight. There is lot of undead down here…"

49ccb No.81134


80de2 No.81135

If you have ever seen a cat or a dog stare at attention at some dark corner, or through a hallway, you have seen something like how she stares into the darkness that lies behind the party, marking where they have been and the paths they did not take


I saw that Silver’s keepsake picture earlier. The way that he stared at his Pegasus bride. That will never be me”

Dark Star and Silver are able to determine three things from this very long room. First, that the cages look most optimum for keeping animals in, and there seem to be some areas that were more open perhaps for storing food. Second, this area is vastly more deteriorated than the main section. The iron that made up the cages is basically gone. Only parts of it remain in rusted piles on the floor. Thirdly, the pits are partly flooded, with some skeletons in water

49ccb No.81136

Okay, so the other two are investigating the lower floor?
May as well check these two rooms then.

16905 No.81137

Silver keeps a mental note of this. "I do not think we will find much else in here. Come, we should still have some time left on these potions. Perhaps we can squeeze by those undead in hallway."

b3982 No.81138

"Did he keep ponies in these cages?"

b3982 No.81139

"yea lets get back by."
Dark Star heads back towards the undead

49ccb No.81140

Sister Ash investigates the first room.

16905 No.81141

"I saw wolf skeletons in one of pits, so likely not. It looked like other rooms we passed could have held ponies."
Silver follows, sucking in his gut for squeezing past the undead.

9e2a8 No.81142

The hallway to the right starts approximately after the last room ended. It is long, relatively narrow, and has two doors on the left. Again, this one is longer than normal

When she enters, she seems that it is actually one very massive room. There are big bookshelves, a writing desk, tables, a carpet, and cultural items from Zebrica and Griffonia, besides quills and so forth

49ccb No.81143

Sister Ash cautiously approaches the shelves investigates the books and items one by one.

16905 No.81144

"Let us search different rooms." Silver enters the first door.

49ccb No.81145

I'll note that she positions Caleb by the door, to look out for danger.

b3982 No.81146

Dark Star opens the second door

85011 No.81147

Iron nods. "I understand your concerns. It is a natural feeling to feel unworthy of somepony. To think that a pony could devote their whole existence to any other pony is unbelievable to anyone." He looks at Skies "But remember, he jumped at the slightest suggestion that I made to him to kiss you. He wanted to be with you. He glared at me when I said you were jealous back at the docks. He cares about you. Do not beat yourself up just because you do not look or act like a mare of another stallion, because no mare is perfect overall, because he believes you are perfect." Iron wraps her foreleg around her neck. "Trust me on this. He loves you. Not that mare in a picture. You: Blue Skies. Do not forget that."

85011 No.81148

85011 No.81149

*, and he believes

49ccb No.81150

Dice rollRolled 16 + 9

May as well roll spellcraft, before I burn all of this garbage.

9e2a8 No.81151

>One by one
Does she have three hours to do this? Because that is how long that would take. This is a library

One book is "on the worship of Marewu and Vodun." Another is the "Quamoon-e-Islamb, or the customs of the Moosemares of Saddle Arabia" by Jade Saffron. A third book seems to have been handwritten, "On the Cult of the Eagle of Lemon-Orange"

There was no door to block the doorway, as it was open. The very first thing Silver could not about this room is that it has natural light: at the far end of the room, is an open hole in the the wall that leads to what must be the quarry. There is at least one creature in this room. There are the remains of iron barrel rings on the ground, and it appears to have been a store room, but basically everything that is not stone is well past any conceivable use, being eaten by warm water microbes long ago

There was no door to open, as the door decayed away long ago. On the ground is the remains of a skeleton, who wears the remains of clothing that appears to have been woven by machine. The pony skeleton wears a hard hard, has a smaller pick, and has a plunger as would be used for detonating explosives. There is likewise a lantern on the ground. Inside the room there are the remains of what were once wooden boxes and barrels. It seems to have been a store room


Blue Skies enters the room, and starts rummaging it

She sighs "I hope you are right"
She leaves when Ash explores the room next to them

85011 No.81152

Iron nods. "I am sure of it." He notices Ash's disappearance and goes to her current location.
"What did I miss, Ash?"

16905 No.81153

"So, this is where tunnel leads…"
Silver calls out to Dark Star. "I found exit to quarry!"

b3982 No.81154

i pick up the plunger. is there any wire leading away from it?

b3982 No.81155

"i found a store room!"

9e2a8 No.81156

Some, maybe 5 feet. It seems to have broken

16905 No.81157

Silver trots over to the room Dark Star is in. He notices the plunger in his hooves. "Hmm…perhaps we could use that to seal off quarry exit, if we could find more wire on spool. I do still have dynamite from yesterday."

49ccb No.81158

Just checking if there was anything but junk.

Sister Ash's brow furrows with smoke
"..Pestilence..!" She growls
She immediately sets the bookself on fire and watches the ghostly blue flames consume the room.

b3982 No.81159

the plunger its self or the wire?
"thats what i was thinking."

9e2a8 No.81160


Blue Skies grabs a few items and rushes out

The books are very close together

Silver's dynamite had adequate fuse for detonation

b3982 No.81161

File: 1546998946182.png (163.36 KB, 763x1140, _heresy.png)

Burn all the heresy!

b3982 No.81162

All though that lemon orange cult sounded interesting.

16905 No.81163

I'm not a dynamite expert, so I don't know if that means Silver has to light it manually or if he can detonate it remotely with a plunger.
"Alternatively, I could just stick it on wall, light it with lighter, and run like there is no tomorrow."

9e2a8 No.81164

>Ghostly Blue
Actually, not really. For while the contents of the books may concvern themselves with arcane magics and cults long forgotten by history, they are still composed of Carbon and hydrogen, and as such burn like normal. The firs glows red and very quickly becomes smokey, then smokier as oxygen runs out, spreading soot

85011 No.81165

Iron, hearing the commotion, decides to go where the shout came from.

49ccb No.81166

File: 1546999364964-0.jpg (43.4 KB, 600x600, Dnx4-_tXgAAAft8.jpg)

"Just disposing of some trash.." Sister Ash replies, her hooves scorching the floor and setting the rug alight as she torches more ill-gotten gains

b3982 No.81167

Dice rollRolled 8 + 7

"either way is fine with me lets see if we can find any wire before we do that though."
Spot Check to look for any wwire

b3982 No.81168

>inb4 you burned a clue

49ccb No.81169

B-but.. much special kirin-fire..
>wanted it to be blue

Sister Ash leaves the room as soon as everything is satisfyingly on-fire, and proceeds to the next room.

01b1b No.81170

>inb4 you burn all the oxygen

49ccb No.81171


9e2a8 No.81172

The books glow bright red, orange, and with black smoke, as flames spread further. Ash spreads more flames

49ccb No.81173

Sister Ash pays the fire no regard as she proceeds on to the next room.

85011 No.81174

Iron is shocked at how the fire has spread so much in the room. When he sees Ash go to the next room, he follows her. "Are you sure this is wise, Ash? There must be a better way to dispose of these books." He is worried.

16905 No.81175

Dice rollRolled 14 + 3

Ash ends up being the reason we all die.
Just like the old gypsy woman said.
Spot: Silver aids Dark Star in his search.

49ccb No.81176

What gypsy?
Sister Ash turns her head.
"There is nothing in this vile dungeon worth saving." She says flatly

9e2a8 No.81177

It isn't Ash that is burning, it's the books, Ms. 451

Blue Skies grabs some items, as the books burn with thick smoke, almost more like a charring than a direct burn

There is no wire in the hallway at all. In the wide hall with the arched-rooms, on the other hoof, they may have seen some wire

49ccb No.81178

Wait. You guys were setting dynamite?!
Fuck. Now I regret starting this fire…

16905 No.81179

Silver grabs the dynamite out of his bags. "If you would, look for wire in other hallway. I will get to work on setting dynamite up."

85011 No.81180

Iron is not amused. "What about us, for example? Your stunt will leave us without air to breathe. I am not saying not to destroy all the books. I do not care. I care about living here." Iron states as he follows her.
He is worried even further by how the books burn.

85011 No.81181

You have a knack of starting dangerous situations.

01b1b No.81182

Ash always ends up exploding the room. This is just hilarious.
Is the smoke flooding the hall or anything?

16905 No.81183

Just a joke.
Yup, that was the plan Silver got in his head when he found the quarry exit.

9e2a8 No.81184

File: 1546999946153.jpg (214 KB, 1000x667, Carbon-monoxide-infographi….jpg)

Roll a fortitude save

b3982 No.81185

"i doubt there will be any. go ahead and set it."

85011 No.81186

Dice rollRolled 13 + 5


49ccb No.81187

Dice rollRolled 8 + 5

She looks down the hallway.
"The exit is right other there. The smoke shouldn't cause too much trouble."
Fuck, fuck, fuck. I'm sorry…
I thought the dynamite plan was cancelled.

16905 No.81188

"Fine, then. Go ahead and meet back up with others. No need for two ponies to be down here when I set it off." Silver heads back into the other room, heading down the hole in the wall to prepare the dynamite.
F for Silver

9e2a8 No.81189

It may be wise to vacate that area

Blue skies bolts out with a number of parchments, coughing, and almost dropping a book in her mouth

He feels a little lightheaded, but okay

Six sticks, with fuses

Ash feels really faint

49ccb No.81190

Sister Ash feels an instinctive urge take over, and she bolts for the exit.

85011 No.81191

So does she faint?
Iron coughs a bit.
Iron follows her out.

49ccb No.81192

I've fucked up.. I'm sorry..

01b1b No.81193

Can I detect what is going on, or do I need a roll?

85011 No.81194

Eh, it's okay. It's in character. No one should die in this situation.

16905 No.81195

Silver tries to set it up in a place he thinks will have the most effect in blocking off the exit.

9e2a8 No.81196

How could he possibly miss it? There is a large, smoking fire in a pair of rooms right next to him

I take it he wants to set it up in the store room with the hole?

As she runs, she feels her legs fail her, and she trips, falling down to the ground, slowly losing consciousness

49ccb No.81197

Ummm.. can Caleb drag her?

9e2a8 No.81198

16905 No.81199

01b1b No.81200

>next to
I'm downstairs.

49ccb No.81201

He drags her outside at half his full speed.

9e2a8 No.81202

He should have been murdered by all of the undead then if he went down along with the two who took the "hide from undead" potions

85011 No.81203

Iron notices Ash falling in front of him, but sees the dog carrying her. He decides to help Caleb with his dragging.

01b1b No.81204

Then why didn't you say I was attacked? I just waited at the bottom of the stairs and you didn't mention anything about it.

9e2a8 No.81205

Dark Star and Silver feel a kind of wind, drawn past them from the quarry to upstairs by an evident negative pressure

9e2a8 No.81206

Because I thought everyone who was not invisible to undead was upstairs so they didn't get attacked

16905 No.81207

Silver stops in the middle of setting up the dynamite to look around. "Did you feel that Star, just now?"

b3982 No.81208

Dark Star goes to the stairs but waits until silver lights it to go back up

b3982 No.81209

"yea…that was strange."

49ccb No.81210

File: 1547001065438-0.jpeg (17.62 KB, 484x375, 1326509__safe_edit_megan ….jpeg)

>tfw my poorly-considered arson creates unnecessary danger again

85011 No.81211

I'd say it's character flaws or something.

16905 No.81212

Silver nods. "Let us hope it is not bad omen." Once Silver has the dynamite set up, he stands over in the storeroom, levitating his lighter up to the dynamite to light it.

49ccb No.81213

It's pretty poetic, actually.
I just hope it doesn't kill any party members.

85011 No.81214

I hope so too. No one likes a character killer.
Unless they want to die or something

9e2a8 No.81215

Silver looks out into the blue skies above the quarry, as he prepares to blow up one of the only two exits out of the structure, one of the only two sources of air, while still sitting inside of a catacomb with many, many, many undead between him and the other exit and half of the catacombs unexplored

It's almost like Kirin have a habit of arson or something

b3982 No.81216

"Well you gonna do it."
We dont know about the fire taking oxygen

9e2a8 No.81217

Alright then, the fuze of the dynamite is lit. It is a slow match, basically, designed to allow the handler of the dynamite plenty of time to reach a safe distance

16905 No.81218

"…Hmm…yeah, just…had weird feeling."
Silver makes his way back to the staircase, levitating his lighter back to him, careful to avoid touching the undead between him and the stairs.
"Come on, let us hope others did not get into too much trouble while we were gone."

49ccb No.81219

File: 1547001736126-0.gif (11.12 MB, 720x394, 1814654__safe_screencap_ap….gif)

She was very, very upset about everything she's found in this cavern thus far…

9e2a8 No.81220

He sees an artificial light at the top of the stairs

16905 No.81221

"…Oh no. Oh nonononono…come on, Star!" Silver rushes back up the stairs, afraid of what the others have done.

49ccb No.81223

I'm so, so sorry…
Do Sister Ash and Iron make it out?

9e2a8 No.81224

Massive fire, producing much smoke

9e2a8 No.81225

They can make it to the former hallway at least, where Blue Skies has collapsed with laborious breathes

16905 No.81226

"DON'T BREATHE!" Silver holds his breath as he attempts to run past the hazard.

85011 No.81227

TIme for some darma
Iron now notices Skies' collapsed form. He lets Caleb keep dragging Ash and he decides to carry Skies with him. He then bolts for the exit where no smoke can impede his breathing.

49ccb No.81228

If Ash was awakened by Caleb dragging her, she picks up Blue.
You can hold your breath for 2 rounds per point of Constitution (a lot), which should be enough.. I hope..

49ccb No.81229

Or he can take her.
I guess Sister Ash is passed out until further notice..

9e2a8 No.81230

"Heee… I can get myself" She tries to crawl along. She has probably at least half her weight in various items on her

>hold breath

Silver wonders why he wanted to blow it up now, or why he went deeper into the catacombs rather than into the quarry where there was at least air. He also realized that in 90 seconds, when that dynamite goes off, the one thing allowing there to be any flow of air at all will be gone, and it shall get much worse

b3982 No.81231

"What the buck?!"

9e2a8 No.81232

The wind blows past him, from the quarry towards the fire

b3982 No.81233

As Dark Star runs by he holds his breath to.

85011 No.81234

Can I carry her with all the stuff she has without much issue?

9e2a8 No.81235

b3982 No.81236

Dice rollRolled 4


9e2a8 No.81237

Roll for Fortitude save

16905 No.81238

Silver wonders why these things would pop into his head when he had no idea his companions would start a fire in an enclosed locations. He hopes he can hold his breath long enough to find the other exit, as he runs through the stone construct and his lungs start to wonder why they haven't received any oxygen yet.
What kind? Fortitude? Constitution?

9e2a8 No.81239

85011 No.81240

Then I'll do it.
Iron disregards her protests and picks her up and put her behind her back with all stuff she picked up. He now bolts to the exit where they came from, with the big hallway.

16905 No.81241

Dice rollRolled 13 + 7

Okay, that.

49ccb No.81242

Trying to run carrying loot out is an architypical way for Rogues to die.
Someone with temper issues..

85011 No.81243

*behind his back

b3982 No.81244

Dice rollRolled 20 + 4


85011 No.81245

Typical rogue stereotypes.
Nice, you can live without oxygen now

9e2a8 No.81246

He can keep his breath


Iron can't go that fast, but he can go. He is able to make his way to the hallways, although he can here sounds from adjacent hallways

16905 No.81247

Silver hurries his ass off back the way the group came as fast as he can.

b3982 No.81248

Dark Star follows right behind him

85011 No.81249

Iron goes as fast as possible to a place where the smoke cannot get him or Skies, preferrably towards the exit of these catacombs.
I need that map and where are our current positions.

9e2a8 No.81250

They seem to have left in advance of them

That would be the long tunnel back to the basement of the farmhouse, where they came in.

85011 No.81251

Can he do it?

9e2a8 No.81252

Yes. That area has oxygen

16905 No.81253

Silver starts to feel a rage building up inside of him. It helps drive him forwards as his lungs start crying out for air.

85011 No.81254

Then I'll go there. Please update Ash's status.
Iron goes to the long tunnel back to the basement of the farmhouse, where they came in with Skies and her loot in tow. He should go back to fetch Ash as well after some breaths of fresh air.

9e2a8 No.81255

Rages consume oxygen

85011 No.81256

Don't make me drag you too. I'm slow as it is.

b3982 No.81257

"Is there anyway we can smother this fire?"

b3982 No.81258

49ccb No.81259

Caleb follows. His keen doggo-senses (common sense) urging him to drag his master out of the poisonous environment.

16905 No.81261

Then a hot throbbing anger inside of him. Either way, he's pissed.
Well, I don't think you'll have to.
Silver seems more concerned with holding his breath and getting out of the catacombs ASAP.

85011 No.81262

>hot throbbing anger
Why do I think it's a name for your dick?
>I don't think you'll have to
I hope not. Star is not going to carry you out that's for sure.

16905 No.81263

Nah. Silver's is "Splitting Sword".

b3982 No.81264

>Star is not going to carry you out that's for sure.

9e2a8 No.81265

I think Ash was last seen pulled by Caleb. He would be slower than Iron

Now, and only now, does the set of dynamite go off, blocking the entrance to the quarry

Before, there was an air current where warm air was able to leave through the well, and fresh air entered from the quarry, keeping the catacombs far better circulated than they ever were in Curwhinny's day. Now, air can come in and out almost entirely from the well.

The fire, which previously burned richly, starts to consume a now finite amount of oxygen before eventually generating almost exclusively carbon monoxide gas

85011 No.81266

Is Skies safe now?

16905 No.81267

Silver takes this as a sign that he had better HURRY THE FUCK UP TO THE EXIT!

b3982 No.81269

Dark Star runs faster

9e2a8 No.81270

Yes, she seems very afraid of losing consciousness


16905 No.81271

Dice rollRolled 4 + 7


49ccb No.81272

Caleb's base speed is 40 feet. Sister Ash is only a medium load for him.

16905 No.81273

Big Fat F

85011 No.81274

Iron places Skies on the floor and kneels next to her. "Calm down. We are out of the danger zone. Breathe."

b3982 No.81275

Dice rollRolled 7 + 4


16905 No.81276

Oh, fuck you, dice.

85011 No.81277

Are you asking me to go back or something?

9e2a8 No.81278

Dice rollRolled 1

He cannot travel on a single breath, and must now breath

Oh she's breathing
"I can't faint, I can't"

He must breath now

b3982 No.81279

File: 1547004002936.png (317.47 KB, 1183x1024, _hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm sunny.png)

9e2a8 No.81280

Roll fortitude save

16905 No.81281

Dice rollRolled 12 + 7


b3982 No.81282

Dice rollRolled 6 + 4


b3982 No.81283


16905 No.81284

As it turns out, Silver's going to have to be the one to carry somepony out.

85011 No.81285

Dice rollRolled 18 + 11

Iron slaps Skies with his uncovered hoof. "Snap out of it, Skies!" Of course it's non-lethal.

49ccb No.81286

That'll just knock her out..
Can I roll to wake up?

85011 No.81287

She is safe from danger, so it's not that bad.

9e2a8 No.81288

File: 1547004284072.jpg (154.2 KB, 502x663, co.jpg)

Silver evades collapsing

Dark Star feels weak, and can no longer run, falling to the floor. He is not unconscious

She is slapped back into consciousness, and stares ahead
"Where is Dark Star?"

Maybe. She should be in the farmhouse by now if Caleb knows to take her there

49ccb No.81289

Dice rollRolled 8 + 5

Rolling Fortitude to wake up.

85011 No.81290

"He is still inside. I am going back to fetch them. You stay here. That is an order." Iron commands. He then enters the danger zone again, looking for the remaining survivors, high priority being Ash and Caleb.

16905 No.81291

Silver hears Star hit the floor hard, and turns around to pick him up. "Come…on! You are…not dying…today!" He does his damnedest to pick him up or at least start dragging him along, not willing to leave somepony to their death.

9e2a8 No.81292

File: 1547004466790.jpg (39.62 KB, 263x345, The Best Rarity (2).jpg)

Not quite

Her eyes are kind of like this, with giant pupils as she tries to stay awake

9e2a8 No.81293

Roll strength

16905 No.81294

Dice rollRolled 1 + 2


b3982 No.81295

"i'm gonna see mom again?"

85011 No.81296

Is that a warning that she needs care from Iron or can Iron go inside and try to save the others.

16905 No.81297

"Do not…talk like…that!"

49ccb No.81298


85011 No.81299

You can do it, Silver! YOU CAN DO IT!

b3982 No.81300

"I think its to late for me. get outta here!"

9e2a8 No.81301

>Ash and Caleb
They should be the first, near the entrance

He trips, and must breath. Roll for fortitude save

He can also try again

It's a sign that much of the blood sending oxygen to her brain has been destroyed by carbon monoxide

16905 No.81302

Dice rollRolled 5 + 7

"No!" He takes a deep breath.

b3982 No.81303

Dice rollRolled 1 + 4


16905 No.81304

Well, it's been a good run.

85011 No.81305

>blood sending oxygen to her brain has been destroyed
Can Iron even do something about that?
>Ash and Caleb
Iron rushes to Caleb's aid to carry Ash with him to safety.

49ccb No.81306

Dice rollRolled 15 - 1

Caleb administers a heal check to lick Sister Ash and Blue until they're properly awake.
-2, because no healer's pack. +1 Wis.

9e2a8 No.81307

He is weak now, not well enough to run

You weren't even supposed to roll

Only a short distance to the farm house
"Where is… the handsome stallion"

Blue is awake, Ash is awake finally

49ccb No.81308

File: 1547004955331-0.png (50.56 KB, 500x641, sad-apu-36099617.png)

16905 No.81309

Dice rollRolled 17 + 2

"I…will…not…" He struggles to keep awake, and tries again to drag Star along towards the exit.

85011 No.81310

Dice rollRolled 15 + 5

Iron fears the worst. "I am going back in there. I need you mares to stay put and recover. I think Silver and Star are in trouble." He does some quick breaths to recover from monoxide poisioning. Rolling fortitude to enter monoxide land again.

16905 No.81311

Please tell me we're close to the exit.

49ccb No.81312

Sister Ash gives up her Flame Blade spell to summon a small Air Elemental into the cavern, and instructs it to travel down the hallway.

9e2a8 No.81313

Well, he is able to advance further. Don't assume for a moment that he is able to walk normally

Iron is able to keep his normal strength, even deeper inside of the catacombs


85011 No.81314

Iron retraces his steps in the hopes of finding part of the S gang.

16905 No.81315

Dice rollRolled 4 + 2

Silver keeps struggling to pull Dark Star, not knowing if he himself will die today, but knowing if he's going to, he's going to do so trying to get his friend to safety.

9e2a8 No.81316

He should find both, round about the hallway that is the right-fork

49ccb No.81317

Idk, my idea to try to give them 30 seconds of fresh air…

It's a Summon Nature's Ally II spell.

b3982 No.81318

Dark Star hums knocking on heavans door by stallions and roses
"silver tell blue i was thinking about her.""

9e2a8 No.81319

The air in the tunnel and the fork becomes more breathable, and leads somewhat into the wide hallway

16905 No.81320


85011 No.81321

Iron sees both Star and Silver sprawled on the ground, barely holding on. He picks up Star from his prone position and turns to Silver. "I will come back for you, do not give up!" He then goes as fast as he can towards the entrance to the farmhouse.

49ccb No.81322

Don't you still have a Summoning spell prepared for the day? Summon a wolf to drag you out.

49ccb No.81323

Sister Ash instructs the small whirlwind to follow Iron.

b3982 No.81324

Entangle is prepared

16905 No.81325

Silver weakly tries to crawl towards the exit after Iron. If at least somepony was able to get over here, then the exit must be near…

9e2a8 No.81326

>Stallions and Roses
Vetoed, no 1990s songs in a 1940s setting

Possible for Iron to do without any danger of fatal inhalation. The air in the tunnel is significantly fresher than it was the time before

The flames in the distance flicker with a stronger yellow light

9e2a8 No.81327

There is at least some oxygen here, though that doesn't solve Silver's problem

85011 No.81328

Dice rollRolled 7 + 5

After retrieving Star and placing him to safety, he comes for Silver. 'He's a heavy stallion.' He thinks. Rolling a strength check to pick up Silver.

49ccb No.81329

Is the air still barely breathable?

16905 No.81330

Moments like these, Silver wishes he was his father. He wouldn't have had any issue with this stupid gas. Or, at least, Silver thinks so, in his oxygen-starved, semi-conscious mind.

9e2a8 No.81331

He is able to pick him. The process, however, requires him to breathe. Roll for luck for quantity of poison gas in the area

Yes and no. There is enough oxygen to support life, but there is enough carbon monoxide to at least make you dizzy, although it's very far from being as bad as it was nearer the fire

16905 No.81332

Ignore that reply to you, Ash's player.

85011 No.81333

Dice rollRolled 18

I'm expecting a low luck roll, so be prepared to retrieve Iron

85011 No.81334

Reverse pyschology works on virtual dice. Who would've known?

9e2a8 No.81335

the monoxide has barely made its way this far, and the air elemental has further purified the gas. Iron can pull Silver along more or less normally

85011 No.81336

Iron does that, retrieving Silver and taking him to the safe zone at the farmhouse entrance.
"Do not give up! We are going to make it!" Iron exclaims.

49ccb No.81337

The Elemental retreats a few feat where it came and assumes its Whirlwind form for one round, in attempt to circulate fumes throughout the tunnel. It's body dissolves into a cylinder of mist as it channels the air currents.
It can remain in Whirlwind for 6 seconds.

b3982 No.81338

How bad is Dark Star fucked up?

85011 No.81339

He should be safe with Skies. Now make out with her.

16905 No.81340

Silver doesn't look like he's paying attention. His mind is lost in a memory to cope with how tired and abused it is at the moment, it seems.

9e2a8 No.81341

Iron is able to carry Silver through the tunnel and to the safety of the farmhouse

Placed across from Skies, who is nodding to herself and repeating "stay awake," Dark Star is very dizzy

49ccb No.81342

It'll only last for a couple more more rounds.

The air elemental, in its Whirlwind form, moves back and fourth through the tunnel, channeling air. It's fly speed is 120 feet (perfect).

b3982 No.81343

"i thought id never see you again."
Dark Star is very tired, he thinks its time for a nap so he lets himself drift off

85011 No.81344

Iron pants, tired from all the carrying. He turns to Ash. "What should I do with Skies? You seem to have knowledge in this stuff."
Should we pretend Onyx and Spark got out?

85011 No.81345

49ccb No.81346

"Just keep her breathing.." Sister Ash replies with a cough

9e2a8 No.81347

Onyx and Shimmer were in the least danger, and could easily have left without any serious risk of poisoning

"Stay awake" she repeats from her pile of books in the corner

16905 No.81348

Silver's breathing is weak, but steady. The memory in his head continues to run its course, letting Silver enjoy some unseen and joyful moment of peace and calm in his past while his brain tries to recover from the hell it just went through.

49ccb No.81349

File: 1547006342900-0.jpg (34.4 KB, 720x762, 1518478158066.jpg)

I'm sorry my stupidity nearly killed you guys…

9e2a8 No.81350

It actually would have been entirely manageable if they hadn't decided to blow the quarry exit at the same time

Definitely feels tired

49ccb No.81351

I didn't think the smoke would spread so quickly.

85011 No.81352

Iron nods.
Iron checks up on all the party members to see how they are faring.
Iron hopes he's not having the same problem as Skies.

b3982 No.81353

"im tired. a little nap would be ok?"
To Be Fair Dark Star and Silver had no way of knowing a fire had been lit

16905 No.81354

I mean, Ash is the one who should probably be apologizing to the members of the party.
Silver tries to stay awake, even in his oxygen-deprived stupor. It's a good memory. He doesn't want to leave it just yet. He wants to enjoy something for once, something he'll never have again.

49ccb No.81355

Sister Ash gets up and dusts herself off.

b3982 No.81356

its alright everyone is ok

85011 No.81357

Iron approaches Ash. "Ash, take me off of my armor."

9e2a8 No.81358

Skies's largest problem is that she is very afraid of falling unconscious non-voluntarily

Definitely dizzy with splitting headaches

Bad damned headaches. She won't be normal for several hours

49ccb No.81359

Dice rollRolled 7 + 5

"Oh, alright.." she replies
Sister Ash busies herself with helping him out of the buckles, which takes about 4 minutes
Heal check to soothe headache.

b3982 No.81360

"What happend? Why was there a fire?"

9e2a8 No.81361

"That gecko lady. Wanted to burn allllllll the wisdom of lost worlds"

Better in part, but by no means gone.
>4 minutes
For someone who hasn't fainted recently and is at full strength without headaches. For Ash….

85011 No.81362

Iron, now free of his armor, can breathe a lot steadier.He drops his shield and approaches Ash, furrowed brow and staring daggers at her. "Are you stupid?"
It's funny. I had endurance as a feat and didn't even use it. Fuck me.
Pretend the armor was taken off for this scene.

16905 No.81363

The headache knocks him out of his stupor long enough to groan in agony. As his headache makes him unable to use his horn for anything without feeling like he's going to die, he weakly calls out to the group, his accent especially hard to understand with the strain put on his body.

9e2a8 No.81364

Well, he endured alright. Savior of half the party

49ccb No.81365

*Nervous chuckle*
"… I.. I got angry…" She replies

b3982 No.81366

"Gecko lady? you mean her?" he points to ash

85011 No.81367

Iron does not take this well. "We are going to have a serious conversation when the party heals, Ash. For now, deal with Silver, he has a medic bag on him."

49ccb No.81368

"… I got angry.." she repeats
"At about the time I had entered that room.. I was very, very angry at what I had seen.. and I thought.. 'Wouldn't it be nice if everything here just burne?'…"

9e2a8 No.81369

A note for Ash and Iron: Ash was the closest to the gas and fared the worst of any party member

"Firebug, yes"
She sounds a little out of it

"No shit?"

49ccb No.81370

Dice rollRolled 9 + 7

Heal check for Silver

85011 No.81371

Any penalties to know about?

49ccb No.81372

Sister Ash would only ever burn artificial structures.

16905 No.81373

You know, except the time she burnt someone to death at the docks.

9e2a8 No.81374

She is at least exhausted

49ccb No.81375

Oi, that guy only too 6 damage..

b3982 No.81376

Dark Star crawls over to blue he has a worried expression on his face
"Blue are you okay?"
"You couldnt have waited until we got back?"

85011 No.81377

I don't really know the penalties for that. Be sure to capitalize on it making Ash do something exhausted people do

85011 No.81378

Iron rounds up his armor pieces and sits next to the pile and his shield, waiting for the party to recover from the previous predicament.

16905 No.81379

Silver groans again. He looks like he's in complete and total agony from his headache as he crawls up into the fetal position. "Головная боль…болит…please…help…"

85011 No.81380

"I cannot do much and I do not want to make it worse for you. Sorry." Iron is guilty about this.

9e2a8 No.81381

She is and has been nodding
"είμαι εντάξει" she says, reassuringly

Definitely dizzy and splitting headaches

b3982 No.81382

"I-I think my ears are broken."

49ccb No.81383

What time of day is it?

85011 No.81384

Iron, now a bit curious on the loot Skies had picked up, decides to check out the contents.

9e2a8 No.81385

She puts a hoof on him and giggles
"Tá tú dathúil!"

Outside of her bag are a number of books. That's really what she got, were books

Maybe 1PM at latest

85011 No.81386

Dice rollRolled 9 - 1

Iron is not convinced. He decides to look some more. No way she just got some books without something else.

b3982 No.81387

Dark Star thinking his ears are fucked crawls next to blue and holds her
"Are you okay?"

9e2a8 No.81388

File: 1547008565227.png (606.59 KB, 1280x720, 1891443__safe_edit_edited ….png)

Well, on the Henderson scale of plot-derailment, I'm going to have to rate this at about a .4. It really fucked with what needed to be done, but it was pretty damned funny in the process

85011 No.81389

At least you had some fun.

16905 No.81390

"…Headache…" He tries and fails to reach for something in his bags, trying to show Dark Star that he's wanting something from inside it.

9e2a8 No.81391

Her bag next to her has more things, but that is still by her side

"Hehehe, D'aww"
She tries to kiss Dark Star's fur

49ccb No.81392

"There is nothing in those books that the ponies in this land do not already possess." Sister Ash says, folding her forehooves stubbornly
"Tombs such as those only serve to distract ponies from what they have in front of them."
It was fun, and intense.
Sorry about derailing things.

85011 No.81393

Iron feels proud to have saved both lovers from possible demise.
"Do not rant about evil books when you cannot even dispose of them properly. You almost killed us." Iron states. "But we can separate the books, put them outside the farmhouse and burn them, without risking all of our lives."

9e2a8 No.81394

She smiles at him, tries to set herself upright, and places the books behind her, while holding onto Dark Star

01b1b No.81395

Well. Apparently we escaped… That could have gone better.
I suppose I glance through a book for anything of note.

85011 No.81396

"Skies, you know you are tangling with evil stuff from those books." Iron starts. "No way we can leave you with those books intact without risking chaos and destruction."

49ccb No.81397

"It's all stolen goods. Abuse of good magick, handled by a necromancer. Better off as a pile of ash." The Sister says, furrowing her brow as if remembering something unpleasant

b3982 No.81398

"iron bring his bag."
Dark Star kisses her snoot

9e2a8 No.81399

When he picks up the first book, he sees that it is the history of a Canterlot sorcerer. Entirely Hoofwritten

"No no, I know what I am doing, trust me on this…"

9e2a8 No.81400

Dice rollRolled 9 + 5

Snootendoodle is kissed
She tries to kiss his mouth

49ccb No.81401

Sister Ash cocks an eyebrow
"Do you?" she asks inquisitively

85011 No.81402

"Oh yeah? Then you mind telling us what you will do with the books, Skies?" He approaches Skies.
He motions Ash to follow as he approaches Skies.

49ccb No.81403

She follows him

01b1b No.81404

Can I make out what it says? If so, any details about the sorcerer, such as ties to necromancy or specific magic?

9e2a8 No.81405

"Do you know what you just burned?"

"Do you know what these books are?"

49ccb No.81406

"Paper." She replies flatly

85011 No.81407

"No, but it surely does not have nice stories of foals frolicking through a field of flowers." Iron sternly looks at Skies.

16905 No.81408

Dice rollRolled 12 + 3

Constitution: With no apparent help coming to relief him of his headache, Silver tries to get up on his own, hoping the strength and resilience of his body can overcome the red-hot pain in his brain.

9e2a8 No.81409

Born in the year 304 in the high court of Baron Brazenhoof, he studied magic for six years under the stewardship of Darkwood the Wise and…. definitely something occult in here

b3982 No.81410

Dark Star crawls over to his bag

9e2a8 No.81411

"Then there is no issue"

"You can't know that if you've never read it"


85011 No.81412

"So you do not know what is in it?" Iron places his face close to Skies. "You seem like you do not know what you are doing."

01b1b No.81413

"I might have to read more of these. Were you planning on selling these or turning them over to the authorities?"

b3982 No.81414

Dark Star looks inside for what silver needed

16905 No.81415

Right inside his bag is a large first-aid kit, almost fully-stocked, containing what else but a bottle of headache medication.

b3982 No.81416

Dark Star passes him the tylenol

49ccb No.81417

File: 1547009749023-0.gif (74.18 KB, 220x150, tenor.gif)

Sister Ash spits at the mention
"Selling them would only put them in the hands of a Wizard who was interested in the same things Curwinney was. Turning them over to the authorities would lead to the same thing, only with more steps." She growls
"There's no reason for something such as that to exist. It's best thrown away."

9e2a8 No.81418

She sits up firmly
"No. I've never read any of these books. But it looks like they are valuable histories. And I will tell you now. Knowledge is not evil. The Truth, is not evil. And hiding from it, or trying to destroy it, is an offense to the Great Mother"

Shimmer has absolutely never read this particular history
"The authorities, or course"

16905 No.81419

"Спасибо…" He greedily takes it and pops it into his mouth, barely managing to open his canteen and take a drink of water to chase the pill down his throat.

01b1b No.81420

"Ah. A little disappointing. I would have liked to study some of these."
I offer the book back to Blue Skies.
"That is for you to convince her of. It is her loot after all."

85011 No.81421

"I believe what she said will be true. While knowledge is not evil by itself. The ability to cause harm to others may lead ponies to do evil."

b3982 No.81422

Dark Star puts the canteen to Silvers lips

9e2a8 No.81423

"Help me here Dark Star. Your Country needs you" Blue Skies tells him

She takes it

"Iron, is strength something that can cause harm and do evil?"

16905 No.81424

He seems thankful, taking a couple large gulps, to both swallow the pill and to quench his thirst.

85011 No.81425

"Yes, but strength is gained from training and dedication of the pony in question. This is knowledge that needs little to no training in order to accomplish evil, so it increases the chance of someone doing evil, because it is accesible."

9e2a8 No.81426

"Iron, do you honestly think any pony can learn history or magic without training or dedication?"

85011 No.81427

Ash, point out the filly who tried to summon hellhounds.

01b1b No.81428

>the fascist is saving books
>the neutral/harmonists are burning books
What happened? I'm confused.

9e2a8 No.81429

"Shimmer, if you value arcane knowledge, help me out"

b3982 No.81430

"Blue is right. the books should not have been burned until spark or silver looked over them. there could have been a journal or something you burned."
Dark Star has a disapointed look on his face as he looks at ash

85011 No.81431

Well, if these books are spread, the methods on how to commit evil will spread. That is not good for the world.

9e2a8 No.81432

Say it in character. No metagaming

b3982 No.81433

"so all the books you burned where on how to create zombies?

01b1b No.81434

"Blue Skies hasn't made a choice so far that we have regretted. She knows the harm they can do, and yet is assured that they are safely kept under the authorities. It also stands to reason the counter to the undead may be found in the study of the books."

9e2a8 No.81435

"Oh please, she burned history books"

9e2a8 No.81436

"Iron, let me ask you a question. Who do you trust, or rather who do you not trust, with the ability to start fire?"

b3982 No.81437

"history books?"

49ccb No.81438

Sister Ash gives a snort
"A Wu ge-.. a Wizard's tomb collection is more than just knowledge: It's a tool. It's a culmination of magical practices synthesized for easy duplication. It is not merely a book meant to help those who seek to educate themselves, but a manual for what it was used to practice."
She snorts again, trying to clear the smoke out of her body
"Magical don't help ponies seeking to better themselves, or their understanding of magick. They're merely shortcuts; recordings of lucritive practices that ponies should spend years planning to perfect. A borrowed tomb does little to make a better mage; it only serves to let cocky young ones believe they know even the first thing about magick because they happened to read it in some manuscript."
She points at the book
"The secrets in that book are useful to two kinds of ponies: the pony who write them, and a pony seeking to haphazardly immitate that pony. They are not unique secrets. An ambitions magi could naturally develop the same powers on their own, without needing shortcuts."

9e2a8 No.81439

"Ash. How do you know what you burned were magical tombs. Do you think that he really needed 1000 tombs? Wouldn't just one do the job?"

"Well, judging from a couple titles. Ancient and lost cultures a little on the occult side"

16905 No.81440

With a final satisfied sigh, Silver puts the canteen away, his headache reduced to a more manageable state. With the ability to think regained, the first thing that returns is his anger.

Silver steps forward, facing the arguing groups. He looks pissed. He looks specifically at Ash as he begins to speak. "You can not burn knowledge as easily as you can books."

85011 No.81441

"Well, that answers the whole 'any pony can learn history or magic question', now doesn't it? If there is no need to learn magic to replicate it, then that question is null and void."
"Spark, do everypony here a favor and skim all books taken by Skies to see if any one of them contains methods to create any sort of undead, besides any other evil magic."

85011 No.81442

*question', does it not?

49ccb No.81443

"If you think a Wizard only uses one tomb, you've never met one." She replies
"Wizards write spells into all the books they handle simply out of habit."
Also, she was pissed of, and she had to burn something.
"That's exactly my point." She says

01b1b No.81444

"Do you mind me looking though your books Skies as he suggests?"

16905 No.81445

"Then why!?" Her response only serves to make Silver even more mad. He takes a step towards the kirin. "Why did you risk our lives over burning few books!?"

9e2a8 No.81446

"Oh please. They don't need a literal thousand. Ash, do you know what these things are?"

"go ahead"

She lets him see the books around her

01b1b No.81447

I skim though the books looking for parts related to undead.

49ccb No.81448

Her ears droop, and she hangs her head
"That… was inexcusable.. I did not expect the smoke to spend so quickly, and I am to blame for any damages that may have been incurred.." she says with a bow

b3982 No.81449

Dark Star loooks at the titles

16905 No.81450

At least that one hasn't served to anger him. It hasn't exactly calmed him, either, from the faint sound of his grinding teeth. "But. Why?"

49ccb No.81451

*Drooping intensifies*
".. I was reckless.."

85011 No.81452

"That is not the issue here at the moment. We need to ascertain that these books do not contain methods on how to do evil magic on them. Then we can discuss on the recklessness of Ash's actions."

49ccb No.81453

Sister Ash's eyes slowly fade back to their normal state and she walks a good 10 feet away from the group and lays down.

9e2a8 No.81454

Perhaps 9 books surround Skies. One relates to the legends of Kindokini. Another to the worship of Mar deep in the regions of Griffinheim. Another to the Va'kran cult of Zebrica. Another, the legends of the Nordlige Ponnier. Another 2 are like these, but 3 are different They are hoofwritten, not written by somepony else.

These three are definitely secret histories. One concerns a sorcerer in Sonambula in the middle kingdom, another the aforementioned sorcerer, another even older, dating to the period before the windigos in the Unicorn tribes of the north

Not a single one of the books look like it concerns Curwhinny's powers over life and death. All of them concern the occult, and creatures who were interested in strange things as well as myths. 6 of them were copies of something else made at that time. 3 of them look irreplaceable. It can neither be confirmed nor denied if any of them contain functioning spells, although it would be far from surprising if they did. None are by purpose magical tomes

"Oh bow yourself. If you don't even have the foresight to know that fire in an enclosed space will kill everypony, then how are you a good judge of such philsophical questions of the value of knowledge?"

"And you are reckless to destroy knowledge when you don't even know what it is!"

16905 No.81455

"Indeed you were." Silver sighs, sitting down. The feeling of his gaze burrowing into her subconscious hasn't entirely gone away. "You are not stupid pony. I know this from just having watched you in there. Even if those books had contained forbidden, dark magic, you know destroying those books does not change fact that knowledge of these magics still exists. You did not even bother to check if they were indeed what you thought they were before acting, or gaining support from rest of group. Star and I were not even present for ordeal."

"It is issue to me." A portion of his anger gets directed to Iron. "I have spent valuable time and money, sweat and blood, on this mission, and now I am not even sure if we will be able to finish it because she acted with impulse. I want to know why."

b3982 No.81456

> dating to the period before the windigos in the Unicorn tribes of the north
Dark Star takes this one and flips threw a few pages

9e2a8 No.81457

Dark Star can see that this book is written in cursive, and seems to relate the eyewitness accounts of a few unicorns who had been assistants of the court of Princess Platinum, who had a desire to contact the ones living beyond the stars

b3982 No.81458

Dark Star looks Very Interested in this book
"Princess Platinum?"

01b1b No.81459

"Most of these pertain to religions and cults already around. A few of these are from long ago. One of these is before Nightmare Moon's banishment. I really wish I could study them further now. But nothing directly related to raising the dead."

9e2a8 No.81460

Dark Star can recall from his childhood stories that Princess Platinum was a leader of the Unicorn tribes of the north at around the time of the migration and Equestrian unification

85011 No.81461

Iron's will breaks. "Wait, that is all?" He looks down, stupefied. "So the burning was worthless?" Iron shakes his head and sits down. "I cannot believe it." Iron, dejected, leaves alone Skies and retreats to his armor pile and shield in order to equip them, cursing silently.

b3982 No.81462

Dark Star's eyes flash Recognition
"Wow, i had almost foregotten about her."
Dark Star reads some more about how she planned to contact them

49ccb No.81463

Sister Ash wanders off to where she left the jars, trailing smoke as her body settles down.

01b1b No.81464

I follow the Kirin.

9e2a8 No.81465

Without taking the time to carefully study the book, it's very difficult to say just what, precisely, is going on. It looks as if the book is saying that in those short years before the Windigos. Before Discord. Before Princess Luna, and Princess Celestia. There was a dedicated group of unicorns. They opperated under the assumption that beyond the lunar sphere, out in the either, there were creatures. You could call them angels, you could call them minor gods - but immortal god-like creatures that danced and played on their own. They wanted to… actually, what they were trying to do is hard to determine, again, without taking a full 10 hours to read it. They wanted to access the outer planes. Or bring what was in the planes here. Or merge them…

"Not necessarily. Who knows what were in the books I couldn't save

49ccb No.81466

She gets to where the jars are, and sits upright cross-legged, completely silent before them.

9e2a8 No.81467

They are equally silent to her

01b1b No.81468

"You doing ok?"

b3982 No.81469

"Gods? from Beyond the moon?"

85011 No.81470

Iron still curses silently, strapping all his armor pieces and equiping his shield. He then follows Spark.

16905 No.81471

Silver just sighs once more. He gets up from where he is sitting. And goes to where Ash is heading.
"I still would like to know why." Silver's voice no longer carries the anger it once had, though it's clear he's still looking for an answer. "You are kirin. I have never heard of your people until now. It is clear you are gifted with fire…sometimes too gifted…I want to understand reasoning behind your decision. Why you made it, and why you made it so rash."

49ccb No.81472

"… I am fine…" She says after a whike, visibly not on fire anymore.
She's praying, silently

9e2a8 No.81473

The text refers to them as "outer ones." They seem to be creatures that date from beyond creation. They are not monolithic, but rather are of diverse kind. Now he sees it. They wanted to talk to one under the light of a full moon. Or at least, that is what they did on one moonlit gathering - the unicorns all wearing their robes and prostrating themselves before the night sky

b3982 No.81474

When is the next full moon?

9e2a8 No.81475

Well, the moon last night was waxing gibbous, so definitely within one week. Like tonight or in two days, maybe three

b3982 No.81476

Dark Star seems like he is considering something

01b1b No.81477

"You sure?"

85011 No.81478

Iron, still angry, now stands next to the prone Ash, looking for threats.
"Silver, as much as I would like to know her motives, I would suggest leaving some time for her to think it through." Iron states, fully armored except his good hitting hoof and shield equipped on his other hoof.
"Spark, do not be a fool. She is clearly not fine. Leave her be until then."

9e2a8 No.81479

Reading on… wait. Wait a minute. The author did try to get the incantations. He seems to stop to relate this part very carefully. He has at least two different versions of the same spell here, evidently coming from two different witnesses. He makes notes about translation issues. He talks also about what the subtleties could mean. He implies that he got this knowledge from "spirits" and at some point had to coerce the information out. It's obvious he doesn't know if the evocation permutations would work or not. He mere tried to write it down with as much detail as possible. That was a 5 page tangent as he describes the night

01b1b No.81480

"Sometimes a fool learns the hard way."

85011 No.81481

*remove 'until then'

49ccb No.81482

She speaks again after a few seconds
"… I was wandering through the lair of that stallion. I found the place where he kept his treasures. In the moment, nothing in that place seemed worth saving to me, nothing alive.. so I decided it may as well burn…"
She opens her eyes slowly
"… I cannot say what I did was the right thing to do, but it felt like that in the moment.. a room full of stolen masterpieces, all stolen from the ones who would have properly valued them, for the greed of a wicked pony willing to torture souls to amass his wealth and power… At the time, I only wanted it all to burn, perhaps not because the things in that room deserved it, but because it I felt they should…"
Her shawl gas finally stopped smoking

b3982 No.81483

Dark star continues reading

9e2a8 No.81484

Sources vary as to exactly what animals were brought, and what needed to be done for the ritutal, although the author clearly has his theory of what the components were, and he points out other details of the event that would be helpful should anypony reading it decide they want to come up with their own theory. Anyways, it seems as if it was successful in its first attempt with the unicorn contacting one of the Outer Ones. But the Outer Ones quickly filled his mind with a slew of negative emotions, causing him to break contact. This concerned the onlookers, but convinced them the process was working in part, and they committed to meet at the next full moon in an even larger session

85011 No.81485

Iron looks sternly at Ash. "As much as I would like to forgive this transgression, it is a sign of something more problematic. You need to rein in your emotions or this will happen again, and maybe somepony will die for it next time you lose control again, and I can guarantee that you would feel devastated by killing somepony who did not really deserve it."
Ironic isn't it?

49ccb No.81486


9e2a8 No.81487

"Silver. Psst!" Blue Skies comes up to him and whispers

9e2a8 No.81488

It's probably fair to say that if Ash hadn't set that warehouse on fire, those two police officers would not have been killed

16905 No.81489

Silver nods. He understands, or at least, understands enough. "You are young, yet. You have not yet learned control of such feelings. It is not something I could blame you for, so long as you understand where you went wrong, and are willing to take steps towards controlling it." He gives her a pat on the back, no longer afraid of having his hoof catching fire from contact.
Silver turns to her, wondering what she wants of him.

b3982 No.81490

is there any notes on what it said to him?

9e2a8 No.81491

"Can we move away and talk in private?"

The unicorn who was the conduit of the activity was not one of the perspectives who relate the story. The unicorn seemed to have been filled with hate at the time, and after contact was broken, seemed to have this theory that the rest of the group were plotting against him. That is just the first time, anyways

b3982 No.81492

As if Dark Star has been put under a compulsion spell, he continues reading.

49ccb No.81493

Sister Ash nods slowly as her eyes shut and she resumes her prayer.

16905 No.81494

Silver nods, standing up.
"If you wish, we can talk more later. I do not know what help I can be to you, but I can try to help you on path of control, if you will allow me."
With his talk with Ash concluded, he goes with Blue.

01b1b No.81495

Well, with everypony busy, the sorcerer, glass by his side, trots back to camp.

49ccb No.81496

"… I must finish this reposition.. These lost ones must have heir eulogy, if they are to rest…" She replies, before resuming her unintelligible prayer

85011 No.81497

Iron stands by her side. He has composed himself from his anger and stands straight. He wonders how could someone be taught not to be angry.

9e2a8 No.81498

There was a debate among the unicorns of the circle. Some of them thought that the incident proved the outer ones were hostile, some thought them a mix of good and evil, and some of them thought that they could be placated. There was another session. In this incident, when they contacted the outer ones, one responded very clearly. The outer one seemed to think that everypony was… boring. Dreadfully boring and normal. He convinced the conduit that his quest for knowledge was futile because of the finite perceptual abilities and mental faculties of a pony. This revelation was said to visibly dull his coat and break him emotionally. But the effect was confined to the pony who had been the conduit, and everypony else began to believe that it may be possible to select who to speak to, or perhaps even to summon to the terrestrial plane

She takes him over to the side, and whispers
"Did you pocket anything else?"

b3982 No.81499

"so they're evil? hmmmm"
Dark Star continues reading

16905 No.81500

"There was not much, I am afraid. Most valuable thing I found was this." He pulls out Alabaster's silver locket; he tries to carefully remove the picture it contains. He also pulls out the necklace the native skeleton wore from yesterday. "It seems, if there was treasure, it was either burnt down, or in area of catacombs we did not search."

9e2a8 No.81501

In the third session, the conduit managed to contact a different outer one. This one was proper, well speaking, and at least seemed to be trustworthy. This Outer One seemed to have a problem with the ponies and their nature, finding them disorderly and in need of stern guidance. The conversation with the outer one continued for quite some time, but it is very clear that this one took a deep interest in the lives of ponies on the terrestrial plane

She examines it
"This locket is much too old to have belonged to that foal"

49ccb No.81502

Sister Ash remains in prayer position before the jars for as long as the rest of the party remains outside, not moving from her position even once.

16905 No.81503

He seems interested in this particular bit of information. "Are you sure it was not just gift to him?"

9e2a8 No.81504

"Look at the attire on this unicorn mare"
She shows him the image in the locket
"This looks older than 930"

85011 No.81505

Iron stands besides her, also not moving from his position as a guard.

b3982 No.81506

"He contacted another one? wow!"
Where in Equestria is this set?

16905 No.81507

He examines it himself, even if he's unsure about his own knowledge on the styles of attire for different time periods.

9e2a8 No.81508

A style of bun that looks particularly old, with ornate red dress. The locket it heart shaped and silver

Still another one responded as well. This one was not quite as enthusiastic as the previous: the outer one liked the freedom of the outer planes, and the creativity it allowed, and did not want to loose that. But neither was the outer one indifferent to the land of ponies

This is set in the northern lands north of Equestria, in Dream valley of the kingdom of the Unicorns, prior to the migration

16905 No.81509

"Hmm. That is odd. What do you think this means, if anything?"

9e2a8 No.81510

"That this isn't Alabaster's locket. That, or somepony gave him a locket far older than his grandmother. I think he had it in his hoof or something"

49ccb No.81511

Okay, it's getting really late for me.

Sister Ash will be praying for each jar individually. It may take her more than an hour, while the of the party does whatever.

b3982 No.81512

"Hey Spark. come check this out."

85011 No.81513

Good thing I have to wake up early as well, then
Iron just stands guard near Ash, not intent on moving anywhere else except to follow Ash.

16905 No.81514

"Hmm…" Silver thinks more on this. "Do you think it could have been part of larger horde?"

01b1b No.81515

Would I be able to hear this from the camp? I'm not entirely sure where it is in relation.

9e2a8 No.81516

"What do you mean?"

He he specifically went to find him, then yes

b3982 No.81517

yea sure, Dark Star goes up to him.

16905 No.81518

"Could it have been part of personal treasure or collection of keepsakes Curwhinny kept? What if this is his locket? And this picture is of his late wife?"

01b1b No.81519


9e2a8 No.81520

"Plausible. Where do you think the foal got it from then?"

16905 No.81521

He thinks some more, before it hits him. "…Son of bitch. It came from cavity behind wall. One with book in it that Star took."

9e2a8 No.81522

"That could be. Why would we find the cavity exposed as it was though?"

b3982 No.81523

"hey i was reading this book, you gotta read this."
Dark Star Gives him a quick rundown

16905 No.81524

"That is less clear. Perhaps militia ponies, as they were attacking catacombs, disturbed bricks in that room. We did find skeleton of one not too far away from room."

01b1b No.81525

"I always wondered about ponies… or whatever they are beyond the sky with the story of the stars aiding in her escape. Interesting stuff. How does it end?"

9e2a8 No.81526

"I'm not so sure they would have attacked bricks. I am even less sure they would have just ignored that book. Weren't there a number of dislodged bricks and fallen rocks near the stairwell?"

b3982 No.81527

"i dont know yet, i thought it was incredible i had to tell some pony."
Dark Star Continues Reading

16905 No.81528

"Yes, there was. Perhaps…what if mining operations in quarry caused both? That downstairs area was directly adjacent to quarry, and connected with quarry tunnel. And mining operations occurred far after than militia assault, and occurred before foal found their way into catacombs."

9e2a8 No.81529

There was concern over the unicorns of the circle, as while they were successful in contacting several of the outer ones, and these outer ones had various responses to the questions asked them, none had offered promises of power or pacts. But of course that was a petty issue to others, as they did not care for any favors in the terrestrial realm. They wanted to reach the divine. They wanted to become like the outer ones. The outer ones for their part took various interest in the terrestrial plane. Some had no interest at all in it, one took an interest in its magic, one in its little ponies and kingdoms, another only as a source of entertainment… And of course there were mixed feelings about which of these were dangerous. The response, naturally, was that the process could be controlled. So a unicorn who had studied along side Star-Swirl the Beared proposed a way to try to gain limited access to the outer planes. The ponies themselves, perhaps, could go over and touch the outer realms.

"Yes… that would explain much of the damage to the catacombs. Many of those rooms look as if they had been boarded up, but the boards came down"

16905 No.81530

"Do you think, perhaps, there is more treasure there underneath well that has not yet been uncovered? Or elsewhere in catacombs, exposed by explosions from mines?" He rubs the back of his neck. "I suppose, it does not matter, unless we have way of surviving down there. Some kind of magic spell, or gas mask, or something of that sort."

9e2a8 No.81531

"There are dozens of magical spells that allow you to breath in difficult conditions. We also have gas masks and oxygen tanks back at headquarters. Personally, I would recommend trying to remove all of that rubble from the cave-in you caused so there can be a breathing hole again. But who knows. There is definitely something down there in the areas never visited. And it's neither unmoving nor forever sealed away.

I can tell you I would like to see what hasn't been burned"

She gives her smile, and wags her tail slightly

b3982 No.81532

"the unicorns wanted to be like the outer ones?
Dark Star keeps reading"

01b1b No.81533

"Just asking for trouble, as usual. Things really don't change do they?"

16905 No.81534

Silver nods as well, getting a similar look on his face. "Sounds like you and I have same idea, here."

b3982 No.81535

"the never do it seems."

9e2a8 No.81536

They assembled again. It seems that the timing of the sessions was important because of the positioning of the celestial bodies, which natural affect the planes of the realms because the planes are determined by the bodies that inhabit them. The "outer ones" are actually not necessarily inhabitants of the outer most planes, but certainly always above the terrestrial plane.

They assembled together at a sight of many runes, and positioned the stones just right so that they aligned with the Celestial bodies. When this was accomplished, a portal was opened, and at least one unicorn was able to pass through it. He reports later that he saw the land from far above, and saw the angels as they danced in the outer planes.

She smiles still
"Tell me though. What precisely do you seek? What do you seek to avoid?"

16905 No.81537

"In this moment in time? Bits, work, something to give purpose to my life beyond just living. As for what to avoid…failure, mostly. I would say death, but I no longer have such fear of it. As long as I succeed in my duties, I do not care what happens to me."

9e2a8 No.81538

"Do you know what the ponies who employed you for the catacombs wanted?"

01b1b No.81539

"Does the book say anything about how the pony acted once he got back?"

16905 No.81540

"As I understand it, they want undead cleared so they may continue work to fill in quarry without issue, turn land into real estate. I imagine if they only wanted tunnel sealed, they would have done so already."

9e2a8 No.81541

That pony was filled with glee, for he had pranced with Angels.

They thought to expand the effect of the spell, to allow easier communion between the planes. The pony met with an outer one directly, and the outer one seemed amiable enough to allow to visit the terrestrial plane, nevermind the stated intent of domination of ponykind

"Wait, they want this for real estate?"

b3982 No.81542

>domination of ponykind

16905 No.81543

"As far as my knowledge goes." He thinks some more on what he heard. "Perhaps it was for development. But those are fairly similar in purpose."

01b1b No.81544

"Remember the different pony races didn't get along very well. Keep reading. I got to see how it ends for them, and how they swear to try again someday. Cults always swear to try again someday."

b3982 No.81545

Reading Intensifies

9e2a8 No.81546

The outer one walked straight through the portal and into the terrestrial plane, and ethereal angel. It spoke with the unicorns and is reported even to have sat down for dinner with a few of them. As a sign of good faith, the outer one returned to the outer planes after request by some of the unicorns, with the obvious desire to return.

But this incident heightened tensions between members of the unicorn circle, as some wanted to go to the outer planes themselves, or did not like the assumption of the outer one that they would be its servants.

More so, there was tension in the court of Princess Platinum, as one of the ponies had been chosen to be Starswirl's apprentice alongside Clover the Clever, causing jealousy in at least one pony

"Then it sounds like they might dig into these areas for basements or tunnels. If not this year then in ten years or in a century.

Let me ask you a different question. What is it I could do that would make you stop willing to help me or work with me? What will you not help me do?"

b3982 No.81547

9e2a8 No.81548

It's the same response either way, as that is the next part of the story

16905 No.81549

I assume what she meant was "What is it I could do that would make you willing to help me or work with me?"

9e2a8 No.81550

Nope. She meant 'what lines are you not willing to cross'

9e2a8 No.81551

'what is it I could do that would make you not willing to help me or work with me'

16905 No.81552

Ah. Okay, I see it now.
"I am mercenary, no matter what my personal preferences are. When I work, I am loyal to contract first, Bits second. There is only one line anyone could ever or has ever tried to cross that would make or has made me not willing to fulfill job: an active attempt to bring end to my life."

b3982 No.81553

Dark Star Reads some more

16905 No.81554

"In other words: there is very, very little I would not do to fulfill contract." His voice has a twinge of regret as he continues. "In fact, there has been very, very little I have not done."

9e2a8 No.81555

She gives him her smile

"Good. Then we shall have no issues working together going forward. I know where my loyalties lie, and I can't say i can help you much with your contract with the developers. but as for bits…"

She opens the top of Dark Star's bag, and briefly pulls out a non-descript leather bound book, then the two booklets
"These here… These are worth something. I want to find more like these, if they exist"

It was time to visit the outer planes again. And a unicorn was selected. Not just any unicorn, but the same who had been selected before by Star swirl the Bearded. And beneath the moonlight, he waltzed with an outer one, with now two of them intent on on coming to the terrestrial realm.

However, a stallion named Fortis Equus in particular took offense to this process. He did not like other unicorn evidently courting Outer Ones. So he told Princess Platinum about the affairs of the circle

16905 No.81556

Silver nods. "Curwhinny's notes. Indeed, I can see where Bits would exist, where these are concerned." He considers it for a couple seconds, before offering to shake on it. "If there are Bits in this work, then I shall take job."

01b1b No.81557

"There is only so many ways this can go down. I'm shocked we lived at all when we were tempting powers beyond our understanding to interact with us."

9e2a8 No.81558

Telling Princess Platinum proved catastrophic. Several of the members were arrested and charged. In particular, the stallion who had consorted with the outer ones became the target of suspicion, as it was believed that the outer ones he had talked to intended to take Princess Platinum's place. This was conspiring with foreign forces against the crown. As there was no proof that outer ones even exited, there could be no actual charge of treason. Still, it was enough to cause him to lose his position in the court

What remained of the circle met a last time

b3982 No.81559

"This is getting pretty good."

01b1b No.81560

"Very good. I can't wait to see how it ends."

b3982 No.81561

Reads more

9e2a8 No.81562

"Excellent. Now don't let them take any more books and booklets, and don't let them know. Name your price, and you can have it. Just help me find more"

It was a windless night with no moon. Probably half of the circle was not there, either because they had been arrested, or because they were afraid of being caught. No pony knew it had been Fortis who had informed on them to the Princess. All knew, however, that they must accelerate their plans, as their time had run out. They tried their best to make the incantations, and to draw a larger circle. When this was accomplished, the portal was established once again. The Outer One whom they had been in most contact with - the 'co-conspirator' according to Platinum, came through, bringing along another outer one who was more so conscripted into the scheme than a wholly willing participant. The Unicorn approached the two and addressed them as their servants.

At this point, Fortis Equus could not stand the sight any longer, and called out, demanding why the unicorn alone had travelled. After consideration, the unicorn himself decided that Fortis had a point, and let Fortis come to the portal.

When Fortis went through, he was accompanied by the two outer ones, and they pranced through the moonlight, and saw the stars as they hung. He was allowed to touch the ethereal coats of the outer ones, and to see the planet as it looked from the outer planes

01b1b No.81563

"Well… I actually didn't see that coming. What happens next?"

9e2a8 No.81564

After some time of prancing in the outer planes, they returned to the circle. As they stood in the circle, Fortis turned to the Unicorn, his heart forever cooled by the experience of the heavens. He told the unicorn what he had done in telling the princess, and apologized for it, saying he had not known he would have been invited along himself if only he had asked. And all of this as they stood along the circle itself

Exactly what happens next is not entirely clear, as one of the perspectives cuts off very shortly thereafter, but this seems to be what occurred. At the moment Fortis told the Unicorn, the latter's heart was over come with a rage and hatred. The portal had been easy enough to control so long as your mind and heart were still, and you knew what you were looking for, but the hate in his heart attracted something…

Not an outer one. An other one, a lesser denizen of the sphere just beyond the terrestrial. Drawn as if summoned to this emotion, they came in herd, and flocked through the portal en masse, killing the Unicorn, Fortis, and all but one of the members of the circle, who later related part of this story

16905 No.81565

"1,000 Bits, to cover cost of supplies, and 50% of value of what I find for you. That is my price for this mission."

b3982 No.81566

01b1b No.81567

"Well then… that ended worse than I thought. Not sure why everyone was shocked the angry one demanding to be part of the travel was the snitch, but oh well. Apparently we can't be angry beyond the sky or else you die."
Spark takes a second to ponder all of this.
"Technically… those things that murdered the circle could still be around here. They probably would have gone back if they could, but with the circle destroyed, the portal could have collapsed."

9e2a8 No.81568

"If we're doing this, I supposed I should stop lying to you. I am not selling these books. I am buying, as an agent anyways. How much do you want?"

b3982 No.81569

"this didnt happen here. it happend in Dream valley."

01b1b No.81570

"I mean here as in our world. They could have traveled around, or stayed there looking for a way back, assuming they are still here."
Spark is lost in thought for just a second.
"I really wish we could keep these, but we need to return the book to your marefriend now."

16905 No.81571

Trying to figure out a good price to request is difficult when you're tired as fuck. I think I'm gonna sleep on it, come up with something once I wake up. Goodnight.

b3982 No.81572

"maybe we could buy this one from her. im willing to put in half."

01b1b No.81573

"She said it needs to go to the authorities. We can't buy it. Come on now. Let's go give it back."

b3982 No.81574

"Alright, i guess."

01b1b No.81575

I head back to where I last saw Blue Skies.

9e2a8 No.81576

She's been talking and dealing with Silver

01b1b No.81577

"Dark Star was just showing me one of your books. It was very fascinating, something about creatures beyond the sky and other creatures that came and killed everypony but one that witnessed it."
I motion for Dark Star to return the book.

9e2a8 No.81578

"Charming. That will do nicely"

b3982 No.81579

Dark Star looks a little hesitant
"its a very interesting book."

01b1b No.81580

"Will the authorities study the books, or will they lock them up with the war going on?"

9e2a8 No.81581

"Oh I can tell you that the war has made them far more interested in things such as creatures from beyond the sky that kill everyone"

"Good to see something of value survived the purges"

01b1b No.81582

"Well, if they attempt it, they will kill themselves quicker than the enemy, I can guarantee that."

9e2a8 No.81583

She shrugs

01b1b No.81584

"Have any suggestions on what to do to get back in the tunnel? Would there be a way to open it up to vent out all that smoke?"

b3982 No.81585

"only if they are angry."

b3982 No.81586

Dark Star Gives her the book

91e4a No.81588

*Burns internally*

85011 No.81589

Oh that's hot. That's hot.

9e2a8 No.81590

*Dies of Carbon monoxide poisoning and smoke inhalation internally*

91e4a No.81591

I'll take that into account next time I want to destroy something.

85011 No.81592

Please do. I don't want to see a foal die due to your… 'passion'

91e4a No.81593

I didn't expect that much smoke to spread in only two rounds. I have spells that can serve as precautions.

85011 No.81594

Alright, it's not your first D&D game by your knowledge of it, so I'll trust you OOC, but Iron will be a little harder to convince.

9e2a8 No.81595

>Only two rounds
>Only two
Oh please. She started by setting the rug on fire (if that's wool, expect a relatively high concentration of Hydrogen Cyanide in the smoke) then lit a book on fire. Then another. Then another…

91e4a No.81596

I actually read the rules for smoke and suffocation hazards just a couple weeks ago, because I figured there might be a time I wanted to trap some targets in a burning building at some point during the game.
I just didn't get the timing right last time… I'll be more careful…

85011 No.81597

No need to feel sorry for this blunder. At least not OOC.

9e2a8 No.81598

Dice rollRolled 3, 2 = 5

Dice rollRolled 14 + 10


85011 No.81599

Uh, what are you rolling for?[/spoier]

16905 No.81600

Well, I'm back. Still don't know what the value of those books might be.

85011 No.81601

Knowledge is valuable, so go for 500 to 1000 bits per book.

16905 No.81602

I was thinking something like that yesterday, but I was too tired to really think any further than that.

9e2a8 No.81603

"4000 bits, you don't ask questions, I take all of them, and you open up about your wife and children to me later"
She tells him

16905 No.81604

After a couple seconds of silently considering it, he nods. "It is done deal."

9e2a8 No.81605

16905 No.81606

"All this leaves now is matter of reentering catacombs."

49ccb No.81607

Sister Ash is still praying.

9e2a8 No.81608

"Do you have any plans, or think anything needs to be done first?"

16905 No.81609

"Besides acquiring way to breathe down there? There is not much else I would need to do to become ready. There is one issue I should mention, about idea of clearing rubble from quarry tunnel…"

9e2a8 No.81610

"Rubble from which location?"

16905 No.81611

"Quarry tunnel. You saw quarry, earlier? There was tunnel, leading from there to lower area of catacombs. Before we knew there was fire set, we decided to seal off tunnel to stop undead from potentially wandering outside."

9e2a8 No.81612

"Huh… I would have figured that any undead that entered the quarry couldn't get out of its walls"

16905 No.81613

"Perhaps. At time, both Star and I believed it to be good idea, either way, from just shear amount of undead in lower area. Of course, again, we did not know there was fire."

49ccb No.81616

[praying arsonist noises]

85011 No.81617

Iron awaits for Ash's movement and/or orders.

49ccb No.81618

She's waiting for everyone else to be ready.

85011 No.81619

He'll do that too then.

85011 No.81620

Iron thinks about Spark's abilities. He wonders if he is for hire.

01b1b No.81621

I just got back if you want to go ask him.

85011 No.81622

Are you sure he's not interrupting the reading session Spark and Star that they are having?
Iron decides that Ash should be fine for now and could get someone that can charm his way around things for Ash's mission. He starts walking towards Spark, wherever he is.

01b1b No.81623

Reading is done for now, though I like GM's stories. I wonder if it is a throw away story, or it will come into play sometime? Either way it is impressive.

The sorcerer sees you approach.

85011 No.81624

"Spark, I need you to come with me." Iron states, motioning Spark to follow him back to where Ash is praying at a respectful distance. "It is a favor I want to ask."

01b1b No.81625

"Ok. What is it you need?"
I follow Iron.

df58c No.81626

I put things on halt because I am not sure what the characters want to do next . I think Skies would want to return to headquarters briefly, but I don’t know what the others intend

85011 No.81627

During the walk towards the place where Ash is praying, he speaks. "Before I ask, is this 'clear undead' job finished or do you plan to abandon it?" He then waits to reach Ash's prayer place before talking again.

85011 No.81628

I'll play for Ash's interests and finish the foal business ASAP

01b1b No.81629

"I can't abandon it, not until we make sure there isn't a monster left standing in there. But I can put my task on hold. If they have been trying to remove this problem for centuries, I'm sure that a little more waiting wont hurt them."

85011 No.81630

"Well, that is the problem. It probably is going to take a lot more time than clearing the undead from a quarry and from what I experienced, it is going to need somepony who has his way with words." Iron look to the sides. "You have skills as a diplomat, right? You can negotiate?"

01b1b No.81631

"On occasion. I haven't mastered diplomacy by any means, but I can talk my way in and out of situations."

85011 No.81632

Iron nods. "One last question. You do not mind working for Ash, do you?"

01b1b No.81633

"Of course not. I don't mind doing favors for ponies, especially if they helped me in the past."

49ccb No.81634

Sister Ash wants to properly repose the jars she collected.

She told Abby Willows she'd see her in the evening, so she wants to be back around sunset.

85011 No.81635

Iron does not remember when Ash helped Spark at all. "I guess. Well, here is the gist of it." Iron clears his throat. "Ash heard that 12 or something foals were taken by the Waterfront Gang from an orphanage or abbey, no idea exactly what it is, due to high amounts of debt along with a mare. She is trying to take all possible foals back to said orphanage, and has succeeded with taking 5 or 6 foals so far. Now the issue is that 2 of the remaining foals were taken for training and one of the other foals remaining was taken by a pony in political power. I do not remember the politician but the address and names of the two 'caretakers' we do have and with Ash insistence on doing things non-violently, I need a pony capable of taking the foals through words and compensation. A pony like you." Iron inhales and exhales, then looks at Ash during her reposing process. "Any details that I miss, Ash?"

49ccb No.81636

>Iron does not remember when Ash helped Spark at all
Neither do I, tbh…

49ccb No.81637

>Any details that I miss, Ash?
Sister Ash remains silent for several seconds in prayer before answering.
"… I said I would prefer to resolve things without harming ponies. I never said it may not happen anyway.." she says, a bit too calmly for comfort

01b1b No.81638

"I see. That is quite high stakes, but rescuing foals in very important. I do suggest asking the others to help as well, though convincing them to work for free will be difficult."
You pulled a bullet out of me. Painful, and you failed a few times, but you did so, not to mention the fight against Marecuse.
"I will do my best to avoid conflict."

49ccb No.81639

>You pulled a bullet out of me. Painful, and you failed a few times
Oh yeah, I remember that now.

85011 No.81640

Iron glances at Ash. "Do not burn the building if you feel like venting. Remember. It is a rescue mission."
>asking the others for help
Iron is a bit uncomfortable. "Well, I am not so sure about it. Skies will probably object Star to work for Ash after almost suffocating her and his coltfriend unless Ash and I pay an exhuberant fee, and I do not want to do that. Silver is a possible option and Onyx seems to be absent mentally most of the time, even though his battle prowess is impressive."
>avoid conflict
"You seem to pack a punch with your magic, so that is good. Do not be afraid when things get rough." Iron smiles.
Eh, if you say so. The doctor did most of the healing job for you.

85011 No.81641

*object to Star

85011 No.81642

**and her coltfriend

01b1b No.81643

"Won't hurt to check. When do we head out?"

85011 No.81644

"You will have to ask Ash about that." Iron scratches his side. "Would you mind asking them? Take it as a sort of proof that you can convince ponies to do what you want."

01b1b No.81645

I chuckle at that.
I go to the others.

85011 No.81646

Iron pokes Ash. "You have not commented much about his inclusion to the mission. Is something the matter?"

49ccb No.81647

Sister Ash has been in a praying position murmuring silently for like half an hour now.
"… I'm taking care if these ones right now.. They've been alone for so long. They need care.."

85011 No.81648

Iron flinches. "Sorry. I did not mean to bother with the process."

49ccb No.81649

Dice rollRolled 18 + 9

"It's fine.." she replies softly, her voice having become almost monotone
Rolling Concentration, just because I'm feeling kind of bored

8e794 No.81650

What exactly is she trying to do with these jars?

49ccb No.81651

For now, she's speaking to each of them softly, as an impromptu eulogy. She's repeating a set of funeral prayers from her temple, once for each jar.
She's just making the ceremonial preparations for whateverthefuck I figure out to do next. I figured the next step would be to deliver them to a proper burial site and/or scatter them in a better place.

49ccb No.81652

But really, I'm not actually sure what to do after this. I don't want to just pour them out here though.
I just figured that whatever she'd need to do would involve some kind of ceremony.

85011 No.81653

Iron watches intently at this ceremony of letting ponies' souls rest peacefully.
How about taking them to a church? If not we can go to the forest and spread the ashes there.

9e2a8 No.81654

Honestly I'm at a loss as to how to destroy the soul jars. You can't burn them, they've already been burned. You can't dip them in acid, they've already been treated by acid. You can't shatter them, they are already granular. So….

85011 No.81655

I think it's more like simply scattering the ashes as a sort of funerary ceremony to appease the trapped souls, not intentionally destroying the ashes.

49ccb No.81656

Well, they're physically similar to improperly-handled funeral urns; the only difference is really that they were handled with intent to cause despair, not reposition.
Thinking in character, Sister Ash would see them as that, and her go-to resolution would be to finish the funerals for each chamber, then scatter the ashes in an appropriate site to complete their reposition.
I considered that. I guess the most they could do is help with funeral services; maybe they could lead me to a place to scatter them.

85011 No.81657

Iron is a big boi, so he can carry most of the urns. I hope the taxi can do the same.

49ccb No.81658

File: 1547087037417-0.jpeg (184.17 KB, 1280x1485, 398913__safe_solo_ponifie….jpeg)

>big boi
4 U

85011 No.81659

Please don't take Iron's headplate. It would be extremely painful.

49ccb No.81660

49ccb No.81661

>You can't dip them in acid
What kind of person other than a murderer would want to dip human remains in acid anyway?

49ccb No.81662

*Pony remains

85011 No.81663

Iron wonders what is taking Spark so long.
Small rolecall

49ccb No.81664

I'm here.

01b1b No.81665

I'm here.
I'm waiting for at least one other person to show up to convince to join, or at least attempt to.

85011 No.81666

I know, that's why I'm rolecalling.

49ccb No.81667


b3982 No.81668

File: 1547091382712.png (248.24 KB, 1000x1000, _Aryanne beatiful aryan ho….png)

85011 No.81669

Oh hey.

16905 No.81670


01b1b No.81671

Spark approaches Dark Star. Is Silver there as well?

b3982 No.81672

"Hey. Whats going on?"

85011 No.81673

Silver and Skies are together but away from Dark Star.

16905 No.81674

Basically that.

85011 No.81675

Having extremely private business.

01b1b No.81676

"Iron would like to see if you are willing to help him and Ash hunt down some missing foals. Right now we are stuck out of the tunnel, and this mission is focused on peaceful resolution. Would you like to join?"

16905 No.81677

I bet you'd expect me to deny that, but that is actually exactly the case.

b3982 No.81678

"yea, i will help out."

01b1b No.81679

"Well, that was easy. Need anything in return for your help?"

85011 No.81680

Pretty much.

b3982 No.81681

"1 bit."

01b1b No.81682

I give 1 bit to Dark Star.
"You sure that is all?"

b3982 No.81683

"yep, thats it, and we have to save those foals."

01b1b No.81684

"Good to hear. I'm going to see what the others think, but go over and tell Iron that you are willing."
I look around for the others. I assume Silver and Blue Skies are not in sight?

49ccb No.81685

I think I might go to bed soon.

Sister Ash will still be performing funeral services until she's satisfied with the state of each jar.

85011 No.81686


49ccb No.81687


b3982 No.81688

Dark Star Walks over to iron
"So whats up with these missing foals?"

16905 No.81689

Honestly, I have no idea where they are in relation to you guys. All I know is that they're still fairly close to Curwhinny Farm.

01b1b No.81690

Dice rollRolled 13

Maybe I will just roll perception or something to see if you are hidden from view.

85011 No.81691

Iron raises an eyebrow at Star's appearance. "Well, I was not expecting you to volunteer after being almost suffocated by smoke." Iron clears throat again and states the same as >>81635 up until '…doing things non-violently.' He then scratches his head. "How did Spark convince you to join?"

b3982 No.81692

"he payed me. and i wanted to help the Foals."

85011 No.81693

"Even after Ash almost killed you?" Iron is dumbfounded

b3982 No.81694

"its not a big deal."

85011 No.81695

Iron is unsure. "I guess Spark did pay you for this. Alright, you are in. We move out when Ash moves out."
I'm not sure if the GM is here. I guess Spark and Silver could meet up but Skies should have an input in this deal since she's trying to do a deal herself.

16905 No.81696

I doubt helping Ash retrieve the foals would have much of a bearing on his job for Skies.

85011 No.81697

Except maybe the fact that she almost died due to Ash, but IDK if the GM will twist that knife

b3982 No.81698

"yea i asked for 1 bit."

85011 No.81699

Iron is shocked. "What? Why would you accept such a bad deal? We are going as far as political assassination if the politician does not give the foal back. Do you know how dangerous this could be?"

16905 No.81700

I take it Iron and all them are by the camp?

b3982 No.81701

"danger is my middle name. and what politician?"

85011 No.81702

"I do not remember his name. I think he was a 'social democrat', some 'hero of the poor' or something. A weakling taking advantage of ponies like himself."
We are at the place where the soul jars/ash urns are. No idea where that is, but we could be at the farmhouse still. I'll need to ask Ash or the GM tomorrow to ensure Iron, Ash and Star are at the camp or the farmhouse

b3982 No.81703

"Larry Berry?"

85011 No.81704

Iron pokes his chin. "I think that is the stallion."

b3982 No.81705

Dark Stars Eyes Flash with Determination
"Now im really committed."

85011 No.81706

"Huh, personal vendetta is actually a decent reason to choose to help. Well, guess that does it." Iron nods understandingly. "I wonder if Spark will convince Silver as well."
Well, seeing how the GM hasn't really stepped in with the reunion of Silver and Spark with Skies, I'll assume that he is not able to participate for today/tonight. I'll go to bed now. Night everyone else.

b3982 No.81707


16905 No.81708

Goodnight, then.

9e2a8 No.81709

Blue Skies' eyes go from mild irritation, to interest, to disbelief upon hearing this exchange
"Come again?"

b3982 No.81710

"on what?"

9e2a8 No.81711

>Something vague involving missing foals
>The implication of possibly murdering a democratically elected official
"Any of it. This is either the worst conceivable idea or the best idea, but it certainly is not an indifferent matter to the Blackhooves"

b3982 No.81712

"how would they feel about it?"

9e2a8 No.81713

"That truly depends on exactly what this politician has to do with missing foals. If he is a serial killer or has a damned sex dungeon in his basement, then it would be fine to shoot him in the face and let that run on the next day's paper. It would be a million times better to gather as much evidence as possible, and have a long, very public trial that drags this 'democracy' through the mud. If this is just a custody issue over foals, or really, if that politician is doing anything less than seriously immoral things, then the Blackhooves want nothing to do with it, and by extension, want you to have nothing to do with it so long as you have one of their badges."

b3982 No.81714

File: 1547104151135.png (229.45 KB, 1500x1894, _DarkStar_.png)


16905 No.81715

I assume Silver is here for this conversation.
"I have found it is running theme with politicians to have dark secrets. Perhaps job makes them like that. Perhaps job draws those with such tendencies towards it. I would not put it past this one to have something similar."

b3982 No.81716

"That is probably right."

9e2a8 No.81717

"Perhaps I have never clarified just exactly what the role of the State Security apparatus of the Baltimare Autonomous region is. State Security has three interests: to prevent foreign espionage in the region; to prevent sabotage of New Mareland operations by foriegn or domestic elements, and above all else, to prevent and stop uprisings. We're a colonial administration, essentially. Regular crime is generally the domain of the civilian police force. The Blackhooves have chosen to have as light of a touch in the Baltimare region as possible, operating under the theory that however much the natives dislike the administration, they will not risk their lives to overthrow it so long as it does not actually have a meaningful impact on their daily lives, and so long as it engages in few public transgressions. A part of that is that - in this city at least - the civilian government is entirely self governing from the police system to the health care system. But that doesn't mean we like the local government either. They are left-leaners who are ideologically incompatible with the New Mareland administration, and anything that harms them in public opinion helps justify Blackhooves rule over the region.

If the matter involved here is something like a simple case of 'that guy has the foals now, I demand at least weekend custody' and all the stupid bullshit family drama that ought to be resolved in a civil court of law, then the murder of that official will cause riots in the streets if the Blackhooves are discovered to be involved. But if that public official is doing something evil - and I mean evil - then bringing that to the public light"
She laughs in a manner consistent with her normal smile
"That would be just exactly what I would say this region needs. This Democracy exposed for what it is"

"Is it Dark? That is the question though."

16905 No.81718

The look on Silver's face suggests he thinks that maybe, just maybe, Blue is more concerned with the impact this could have on the public's faith in the city council than whether or not there are foals in danger. It also suggests, although to a lesser degree, that he's not too terribly ecstatic about the prospect of the Black Hooves gaining even more power in Equestria. "Yes, that is question, and it is why it is good idea to find evidence. So, if there are foals in danger, we can properly dispense justice."

9e2a8 No.81719

"My dear Silver, you contact State Security if you want Order. That is our goal. The prevention of absolute Anarchy.If what you want is 'Justice,' you contact Baltimare Police.

Yes, we could have said 'Equestrian can go fuck themselves if they want the right to police themselves. We alone have the right to search homes, to make arrests. To kill in the name of justice and the law. We have chosen instead to leave those functions right where they always have been: in the hooves of the local police. You do not have to agree with our decision to allow the Equestrians their freedom to govern themselves in as delicate a matter as criminal justice, but it is made and I shall abide."

16905 No.81720

He raises an eyebrow at Blue. "If you want to know reason why Equestrians do not like Black Hooves, it is attitudes like that within your organization."

b3982 No.81721

"can i look into it?"

9e2a8 No.81722

She growls audibly at Silver, and looks away. But she can't leave. So long as Dark Star is there, she must stay

"Look into it, certainly. Just don't do anything that will cause a riot"

b3982 No.81723

"you have my word."

16905 No.81724

Silver doesn't push it, content with leaving the discussion there.

9e2a8 No.81725

"Perhaps you should remember your reading of the Marena Carta. 'No free mare shall be taken, imprisoned, or in any other way destroyed except by the lawful judgement of her peers.' We are not a vigilante organization who dispense 'justice' as we perceive it and as we see fit. We we respect the rights of the accused, of the populace, and of due process."

16905 No.81726

"That is not what I meant, Skies. We Equestrians, we tend to respond more positively to actions reminiscent of the Elements. Kindness, Generosity, Laughter, Honesty, Loyalty, Magic. Claim to be benevolent for having good graces to not create totalitarian state after having invaded and occupied our lands, it does not change fact that invasion happened in first place, and that we still resent Black Hooves for it. And doubt that they care for us. I am merely stating, if you wish to gain more support for your organization and your cause, here, it would do well to think like Equestrian, and do things we would support in name of Black Hooves. Show you are not just here to 'keep order', but to do that which no others would be willing to do, and help.

"If, and that is indeed if, there are foals being harmed by this politician, and he is brought to justice, perhaps it would be better to claim this as proof that Black Hooves do care for ponies here, rather than trying to undermine faith in democracy."

9e2a8 No.81727

As flatly as possible:
"What do you want from me."

b3982 No.81728

"Democracy has failed."

16905 No.81729

"I do not want anything from you, in this case. Just consider that gaining support for Black Hooves in Equestria will require more hooves-on approach than you might be used to."
Silver shrugs. "I suppose I never made much use of democracy, in either case. I am not arguing in favor or against democracy. I am stating that Black Hooves will gain more support from ponies here, if they publicly appear to take their best interests at heart. This way that Blue Skies has framed this? It is good for working behind curtains, but it does little to build actual support among populace. Helping ponies, that is how Harmony became so powerful here, nevermind Celestia, or the Elements, or any of that. It was belief that helping fellow ponies, lifting everypony all up at once, regardless of who they are, is best for everypony involved."

9e2a8 No.81730

"Silver, just four hours ago, when I told you that the Blackhooves have the power and the desire to save Equestrians from becoming livestock for changelings, you adamantly insisted that Equestria was strong enough and good enough to save itself, and that the Blackhooves had neither the desire, nor the power to save Equestria. Now, you demand for the Blackhooves to take take the time and effort to save Equestrians from the the ponies they have chosen to rule themselves. So which is it, because I am afraid you are not being at all consistent. Are the Equestrians who rule Equestria all powerful and all benevolent beings who can absolutely be trusted to safeguard a future for all foals, or are they monsters that the Blackhooves must personally see to it are 'brought to justice'? Are the Blackhooves weaklings too busy with matters elsewhere to even care that changeling swarms fly over the skies of half their possessions, or are they this all powerful world spanning entity that have enough time and ponypower to do good in every opportunity that presents itself? Because I am at a loss as to which you think.

I have already told you and Dark Star that if this politician is a murderer or a sex fiend, then yes, this is a matter of Blackhooves concern. I just don't want him murdering an important person over what is basically a foal custody case."

b3982 No.81731

"i agree with some of your ideas and i would put some of them in place if, i were the mayor of Baltimare."

9e2a8 No.81732

"I can assure you, I was not selected for my particular line of work because I am 'good with ponies' or am known to be particularly compassionate. Working behind the curtains is kind of what I do and what I was hired to do. If you want a cuddly face to kiss foals, maybe contact Seabreeze or some other pony within my organization."

16905 No.81733

"You want me to think differently of Black Hooves? That your organization has our interests in heart, and that you all are not merely foreign invaders here to seek profit before Changelings come to kill us all? You want me to have faith in New Mareland, and faith in their ability to be our allies?" Silver looks her right in the eyes, determined. "Then I want you to prove it to me. To Equestria. Prove that you are here for more than yourselves. Prove that you care for us beyond just what we can provide for you. Prove that there is truth in what you say, in that we can count on Black Hooves, in your aircraft, in your armies, that you will all not simply abandon us once Chrysalis has had enough of entertaining this 'alliance'. You want that faith, that trust? Earn it. Do that, and I, and all true Equestrians, will follow Black Hooves to very depths of Tartarus, if need be."
"You do not need to be good with ponies. You need to understand them."

9e2a8 No.81734

Dice rollRolled 2

9e2a8 No.81735

"Dark Star, what say you?" >>81733

b3982 No.81736

"i think he makes a few good points, Doing whats best for the ponies of Equestria, and showing some care for them would go along way to gaining the trust of them."

9e2a8 No.81737

She barely withholds a 'hiss,' and then pauses for a beat, and says the following
"If you had contacted Equestria's secret S.M.I.L.E. agency, before its dissolution at the end of the War, and told them you had an issue that had something to do with a foal, the first response they would have had is 'have you filed a police report yet?' Do not blame a spy for not being a police officer, especially when it is abundantly obvious that none of you have talked to a police officer, and no one standing here even knows what you are accusing this politician of doing. That makes exactly as much sense as being angry at your doctor for not fixing your car, when you can't even bother to tell him what kind of problems you are having with your car."

"So what should be done?"

8e794 No.81738

Making an involved NPC was a terrible idea, because now I have no idea when I should keep her off scream, or when she should follow the party

16905 No.81739

"Again, I am not asking you to act, on anypony's behalf. But, when you say that, if something's up here, you wish to use this to undermine democracyl, it does not help foster support in your cause. It just makes you seem cold, calculated, withdrawn. It may work for you personally as agent of Black Hooves, but for Equestrians, who are looking for something or somepony to guide them in these troubled times? Not so much."
All you can do is use your judgement on whether or not she would have any interest in what the party is doing. In this case, I think she would have some interest, but not in the same way that the party would have.

b3982 No.81740

"well, i know they have a war going on at the moment so they probably couldn't do anything. So i would if i were mayor i would, open some schools to teach the foals Discipline and about history such as Eqrestria Declaring war on New Mareland. and hospitals to help the sick. and open more mines and foundries so Baltimare can be able to rebuild the Region thus improving life and the black hooves would gain the loyalty and adoration of their new subjects."

8e794 No.81741

“Silver, have we met? I am cold, calculated, and withdrawn. I am not a guide for troubled ponies. I never claimed this to be a good thing nor did I claim to be a good pony. Nature did not bestow her gifts equally upon all creatures.. Some of us are doomed to be forever at a deficit of magic and Harmony.”

16905 No.81742

Silver just shrugs, figuring everything that could be said, has been said.

8e794 No.81743

It’s not a question of interests. The motives this faction would have to be involved or not have already been stated. It’s a question of the proper involvement of NPCs in the party.

8e794 No.81744

In any other work by any other author, the Gestapo SS agent would be the unambiguous, no questions asked villain, regardless of her actual actions, so long as she remained loyal to her sponsoring government. The only reason that an exception here is even possible is because of the unique situation of this image board, and because this work borrows in part from a grand strategy game - grabs strategy games being the one and only exception in all of literature that you are not allowed to take a fascistic government as your protagonist.

My original intent was to have each faction have an NPC that sort of represented then, and was attached to the party as necessary or made sense. An attempt to create a new faction of Church militants as a sort of representation of the Restorationist political movement - which is obviously winning the popularity contest - was shot down. I’m pretty sure the reason why is that an NPC following the party for a quest is undesired. So… I don’t know

16905 No.81745

If you were going to have a representation of the Restorationist movement, why not have surviving members of the Equestrian army, training up an underground militia in secret right under the muzzles of the Black Hooves and Communists? I could understand if the Celestialist Church was serving as a secret waystation for Restorationists, but I'm not sure if the practitioners of a religion based on peace and Harmony would be the militants in this situation.

8e794 No.81746

Because I didn’t want to change the location yet

49ccb No.81748

You guys only went to bed three hours ago?

85011 No.81750

I think so.

49ccb No.81751

It's a given that NPCs are going to be involved with the party for most of the game: quest-givers, item-suppliers, information sources, hired grunts, and even enemies/intelligent-monsters qualify as NPCs.
The real question is for how long do you want to keep certain NPCs around, and how deeply you want to involve them in things. I don't mind some NPCs sticking around as recurring characters.
I think there's a section on this in the DMG.
Couldn't dividing the party into opposing factions kind of complicate things even more than alignment/motivations already could? I mean, it sounds like a cool idea, so long as they have a common goal (which I could easily adjust my character to match); but it sounds like a thing you'd want to let the PCs know about or motivate them towards, because otherwise it could potentially be like herding cats.

Whatever it is you want to do or decide to do, I can gladly cooperate to the best of my ability. That'll be easier for me if I can get a vague sense of what kind of story you're trying to tell, since I can be an actor as much as a player if there's a story niche to be filled.

85011 No.81752

I'm honestly kind of spooked by how Skies reacted. To be fair, it was supposed to be a last resort: A point which Iron would make when everyone's here to react to it, meaning the Black Hooves should suffer no penalties if things go along peacefully and an agreement is reached, picking the foal from this politician without much fuss. Honestly, I was not expecting Skies to listen to all of Iron's spiel about the job. I should be more careful next time and ask the GM where are the NPCs next time.

9e2a8 No.81753

It was the word 'assassinate' that was the red flag. Iron definitely could have/could help by clarifying what was said about the status of these foals

9e2a8 No.81754

Fine, I'll keep her away

85011 No.81755

Hey, no need to take her away. If you had something planned, go for it. Just don't feel pressured by the players if you have something in mind that you feel good.
Yeah, it was kind of stupid but also a way to put a bit of pressure on Star to see if he was serious with helping out, specially after the whole 'suffocation' business.

85011 No.81756

*you feel it's good.

49ccb No.81757

Also, to everyone, I would like to clarify my actions about starting that fire, both in and out of character:

See, as I was back-reading, I saw that note from that fallen soldier that detailed orders about needing to destroy Curwinney's notes: a mission that Sister Ash would have agreed with, given her beliefs, past experience with necromancers, and the fact that she had just caught a child conjuring evil spirits from what she read in a black magick tomb the prior night (which was followed by a nightmare that I considered to be meaningful). Because of all that, I figured there were some manuscripts that were supposed to be destroyed in the dungeon (or that characters were morally being steered to do it), and I though that Sister Ash would be proper to fill the niche as the book-burner. Plus, I really wanted to use that Christ-chan reaction image, because it summed up how Sister Ash was feeling at the time (more on that later). When I found that room full of books, I kind of assumed those would be my target books, since that room was close to where the party found the note; it was a bad assumption to make, but I was being dumb at the time.
As for Sister Ash, her reasoning to burn the books was partially to destroy black magick, and partially an excuse for her own violent outburst. In her eyes, she saw what she thought were Curwinney's notes as his accumulated power/knowledge that he'd gained through decades of slavery, blasphemy, and cruel animal testing: To her, they were they product of evil and we're also evil (or at least she felt like that, because she was a hares breath away from full Nirik); she was furious and really only wanted to destroy them. As for the other artifacts, she thought they were cultural tools he'd stolen from all over the world for his research, not unlike the Sarcophagus: heritage items, only intrinsically valuable to the people who knew their cultural worth, that had been used as instruments of evil; in her anger, she felt they were better off destroyed. I had been trying to play her as being increasingly angry with everything she'd seen so I could make her go berserk when the combat came up (I thought that the peace-loving nun could fit the niche well if she were just slightly bipolar at times when morals we're at stake), and I saw the book-burning as nice opportunity to show how angry she could be.
I never intended to make her out as a person who disrespected history, or didn't appreciate the value of knowledge; quite the contrary. I wanted her to be a person who was very intrigued and passionate about pony cultures, and believed that traditions had intrinsic value. That's was actually why I thought she'd be angry at all those cultural items that had been stolen from the people who could appreciate them and been hoarded for a purpose that was practical rather than intrinsic (which is part of why she loathes evil necromancers). But again, I wasn't thinking very hard. The bullshit she spouted earlier was just me trying to communicate how irrationally angry she was. She's not supposed to be normally be a book burner; she just thought those particular books were better off burned to stick it to the necromancer who collected them, even if he was long dead.
Of course, I played her with the mentality that there was something in the dungeon that was worth destroying or I was supposed to; that was actually some poor metagaming in hindsight. Because of that, I felt just went ahead and burned those things with no remorse. I didn't at all intend to destroy any of the party's loot/clues/lore, or create needless conflict/danger just because it would have been "in-character" (rat-bastard logic). I just thought it made sense and wouldn't cause that much major loss. I would never, ever, ever, ever knowingly destroy loot that the party could use; the fact that my character doesn't believe in the value of wealth had absolutely no impact on my decision there. If I had realized moments earlier that the gas might kill or inconvenience the party, or that I was destroying something that you guys could loot, I would have not set that fire.

As for the smoke hazards, that was just me being an idiot. I thought that the fire would either stay contained in that room, or that the fire would slowly spread, and the party would be able to run outside while all the undead inside it burned. I didn't consider the poison gas effect on the situation.

49ccb No.81758

Tbh, I probably should have spoken up and talked to them myself. It was lazy to let Iron talk to them about a trip that was really Sister Ash's mission.
I was just super tired at the time and still sick from the flu. After already having one retarded idea, I kind of opted out of making character decisions for the night.

49ccb No.81759

She could always be a recurring character,if you don't want to keep her around all the time. Or want her doing other stuff until you bring her back.
She can fly after all: that makes it relatively easy to bring her in or out of the scene whenever you feel like it.

16905 No.81760

That's a lot of meta text.

85011 No.81761

Like I said before. OOC it's no biggie. You had a somewhat valid reason to go to town with those books because you thought it was evil in some sense that in hindsight was misguided. To create good characters, you need some flaws in order not to appear like a god amongst men, and you provided it with some drastic, emotional side that the kirin race fall prey to many times before, which provides justification to do those harsh things. Besides, this is only the beginning. The players have not gained a lot of character growth in order to like the characters, save for Star since he has a marefriend, and that could go badly if the same player wants Skies still as another character. I would not bat an eye if Iron died right now due to some ill-contrived reason, and I believe most other characters would not mind, seeing how many of them accept death so quickly, although jokingly.
Well, you were reposing those urns and I wasn't aware that Skies was in the scene so Ash didn't have to interfere with the deals since the players are so willing to join up even if I said it was a suicide mission that will kill them or something. Skies was the wild card I did not take into account and the wording would probably tilt a normal person who stumbles into the scene, specially if it undermines the power of its faction that the person is affiliated.

9e2a8 No.81762

Ash's lack of interaction with the others feels frankly… bizarre. Like why were Iron and Silver the two to confront Skies over the books when Ash had by far the most motive?

49ccb No.81763

File: 1547144258042-0.jpg (227.39 KB, 1600x1069, playerGMchart.jpg)

Sorry. I just felt better to say it all at once.
I just didn't want any misunderstandings. If someone were to destroy loot they didn't want, or cause danger just because it was "in-character", I'd be pretty annoyed about it. I just wanted to clarify that I'm not trying to be a dickhead, even though I just pulled several dickhead moves.
The short answer is because I was sick, and tired, and busy, and I wasn't exactly sure what to say in-character after fucking up so badly.
Neglecting to be the first to comment on the children scenario was a dropped ball on my part.

49ccb No.81764

I probably should have done a better job of showing discontent at her own actions concerning the books, but again, I was really tired…

85011 No.81765

Consider Iron as a tool whose actions are mainly dictated by pussy and flimsy logic that is accurate through a simplistic lens. Of course you would not want books that can be used to spread evil if you had the chance to stop it unless your character had evil intentions him or herself, specially when the act could be considered a crime against nature for most people, and using dead people as labor is one of those acts. Only other reason to justify this is, of course, that a character is controlled by a player and if the player is not feeling well or has problems puppeteering said character, it would cause problems if a response is expected from them, as seen by >>81763 and >>81764 showing the player feeling sick and tired from external circumstances which cause poor acting performance and slow response times.

85011 No.81767

I'll be taking smol nap. Be back in about an hour, hour on a half.

b3982 No.81768

no faggot

9e2a8 No.81769

"Well, we've already influenced the curriculum of the public schools so that they accurately reflect history. Religious educational institutions retain their autonomy, but we are trying to reduce instances of false doctrines that are disruptive of civil obedience. The local government already supplies hospitals and medical care for the sick. As for mines and foundries, well, we're working on it. Manehattan is receiving a plurality of the industrial development as it is the de facto capital. We are developing mines for minerals down in the south, as well as rubber plantations, which both supply critical resources, and give economic benefits to the colonists and natives there. But there is only so much money to go around."

49ccb No.81770

>we are trying to reduce instances of false doctrines that are disruptive of civil obedience
Sister Ash turns her head with a frown at this for a moment, but does not cease her prayer.

9e2a8 No.81771

File: 1547160158655.jpg (94.84 KB, 634x960, Reees Internally.jpg)

She folds her ears back and gives Ash her smile in that universal language of girl-code that says "and fuck you too bitch"

49ccb No.81772

85011 No.81773

"Anyways." Iron steps in the staring, not wanting a mare-fight. "The whole 'assassination' part was an overexaggeration on my part. We are looking into peaceful paths about that issue. It was something to test Star's will for this mission. I do want him and the others to be serious about this."

9e2a8 No.81774

"Who precisely is this politician, how did he get these foals, and what is he doing with them?"

85011 No.81775

Iron thinks for a bit. "I think it is Larry Berry, a 'social democrat: hero of the poor' stallion, manipulating the poor's wishes to increase his status as a politician. Not sure if I am missing anything else, but buying a kidnapped foal from a gang seems strange, unless he is infertile or something."

49ccb No.81776

Sister Ash keeps murmuring a prayer for a few more lines as she finishes a verse, before she speaks up in the conversation.
"… From what I have understood, he bought them, like common goods." She says, still in her monotone voice
She snaps at this
"Foals cannot be bought by any means." She growls
"I'm not sure of what his motivations we're, but I do not trust him in the least bit."

85011 No.81777

Iron strokes Ash's mane. "I know that. Children are concieved, not bought."

9e2a8 No.81778

"The politician purchased them? Are you sure it was not an adoption fee?"

"Oh, you don't need to birth a child to raise one"

49ccb No.81779

"An adoption fee wouldn't surpass a foal's weight in gold." She hisses
"By the fact that the low-lives he dealt with still had foals on their hooves, I have little faith that what he payed was a noble ransome. He wanted to buy a foal, and he wanted it done silently."

9e2a8 No.81780

"Then it sounds like this guy had something to hide. Let us bring that secret to the sunlight and see how well it fares."

85011 No.81781

"For your first statement. Yes. The gangsters holding the unsold foals say that much. The foals could testify for this too, but I do not know if they know the purchase themselves." Iron thinks for a bit. "Your other statement, while true, is something ponies should avoid. It usually causes a lot of problems trying to raise a foal who is not linked to you by blood, but we can talk about it later when the job is done."
"Are you sure he does not have any influence that protects him if the secret got out?" Iron is skeptical.

84f7a No.81782

"He payed what looked like more than the price of a small house. I'm sure he took great lengths to keep his dealings secret."

b3982 No.81783

"then i would expel the non ponies from baltimare,increasing social trust in the ponies"

85011 No.81784

"It is weird that the gangsters know that it was Barry who bought them if that is the case. It is possible that he has the whole gang under his hoof if I am thinking right about the implications of this." Iron scratches his side.

9e2a8 No.81785

"He is clearly protected by wealth, influence, and power. That is probably how he is and has been getting away with it. None of that can do much to protect him from us. If he has friends in power, we use the secret against them. If he has corrupted police officers, use it against them. If he has corrupted blackhooves agents, use it against them. If he has corrupted local media, use it against them. There can be benefits to having more than one governmental master"

"All the same, the ponies voted for Social Democrats"

Alright, for the 90th time, we are not going for that bizarre hyper-inflation in whatever book. A house costs more than a foal, and a foal costs more than a cow, and stop trying to pervert it

85011 No.81786

"Ah, your skills shine through." Iron smiles. "Well, seeming you know what you are doing, what should be the course of action to leak that secret out? I am pretty sure our word are not as valid as a 'trusted' politician if we are to spread a rumor around, nevermind the fact that we become a target to be disposed of if he finds out we are the ponies who are spreading his secret."

85011 No.81787

*word is not as

b3982 No.81788

"they didnt know what they were really signing up for."

9e2a8 No.81789

"There are many ways it could be done. Perhaps the simplest is to break into his house - and that itself could be done any number of ways - and collect evidence of wrong doing. After that, the evidence is given over secretly to a judge who signs a warrant, and the police raid. Naturally all of this is best done without the target knowing. But once the police find the secret… Well, my superiors have their way of making sure it will promulgated to the masses."

"So tell me. Are all non-ponies bad?"

85011 No.81790

Iron looks at himself, wearing a wolf-helmet fullplate armor and a police-like tower shield. "I do not think I am cut out for something like that, but it sounds the most reasonable by far. Before I suggest anything, you seem interested in this job now. I suppose you will take that chance to place one of your own ponies to replace Barry? It should increase power for your faction in terms of influence if it is possible for you to do so."

b3982 No.81791

"in most cases,yes."

9e2a8 No.81792

>full plate armor
"Not necessarily. You could be the bodyguard of a visiting important figure. You could be there to apply for a job as one of his guards. You could be police accompanying a routine inspection for dangerous gas leaks. You could even be the gardener, with your armor in a bag"


"Now this is extremely important. Are you absolutely certain that the politician in question was Larry Berry, The mayor, and not someponyelse?"

"But you are aware that the Blackhooves must and do recruit griffins and minotaurs, correct?"

b3982 No.81793

"For now they must."

9e2a8 No.81794

"Do you think the ponies can be convinced to take up their place in history?"

49ccb No.81795

File: 1547165524185-0.png (Spoiler Image, 89.9 KB, 615x600, medium.png)

Okay, forgive me for metagaming, but I'd really appreciate knowing how much things are going to cost:
I get that livestock don't really factor into price, but how much does a simple house really cost in this post-medieval setting?
The house Sister Ash is referring to was the Simple House described under the Urban Environments section: a one-to-three room structure with wooden walls and a thatched roof. Basically, one of the tiny cottages in Ponyville (pick semi-related, but not as fancy). It normally costs one thousand gold pieces (20 pounds of gold), which is a sum that a character lvl 1 character with 4 ranks in Profession or Craft job would have to save for almost 3 years to save that much (without murdering anyone). A level 1 NPC owns assets totally in 900 pieces, a level 2 NPC owns 2000. If two lvl 1 commoners got married and had one child (no wealth for him), they'd collectively possess 1800 pieces worth of wealth, which covers the house and 800 pieces worth of belongings.

When Sister Ash gave those guys their ransome money, I thought at the time that she'd given them more gold than she'd ever seen (including the sum of assets that her entire temple donated to the orphanage, which was 9000 pieces).
I get that foals would be expensive, because they're illegal to sell (same reason drugs are expensive), so only rich bastards would by them, and they'd pay through the nose because they [i]can.

How much is 1000 gold pieces worth in this setting, relatively?

85011 No.81796

Iron nods understandingly. "I see you have done this before." Iron makes sure to remember the name that was said by the gangsters back at the cannery Ash and Iron went yesterday and tells it to Skies.
Mainly because I don't remember it OOC.

49ccb No.81797

And for the record, when she said "house" by her standards she meant a medieval house, because the houses in the Kirin village were much less modern than what Equestrians live in.

b3982 No.81798

"it might be a bit idealistic but yes i do."

49ccb No.81799

If this crook payed about 1500 gold pieces for the foal, and the foal weighed 30 pounds, he would have payed exactly the foal's weight in gold by normal standards. That was a price I considered to be disturbingly ominous, so I included it in the dialogue.

Sister Ash doesn't understand Equestrian economics or currency, but she payed in gold, so her statement was a rough estimate that was "About one sixth of the amount of the maximum amount of gold that me and my dog combined could physically carry here".

49ccb No.81800

I g2g

Sorry for asking stupid questions…

9e2a8 No.81801

I don't want to set out a large set of numbers right here because of how that could affect balance in the future, but I think I will have mundane non-combat items more expensive, and most everything else the same

She gives him her smile
"Indeed. Many times, actually."

"And if that happens, what shall be the fate of the Griffins, the Changelings, the Zebra, the Minotaurs, and the Diamond Dogs?"

No. That is definitely not true. Stahp. We are not using those weights. If we used 1942 gold prices and one bit as 1 1942 USD, then each brick weighed 8.2 pounds

b3982 No.81802

"Mass Deportation.except for the changelings. and if any resist well.. it wouldn't be good for them."

9e2a8 No.81803

"I take it you have something different in mind for the Changelings? And mass deportation to where exactly? The Blackhooves already control a substantial amount of Griffin, Minotaur, and Zebra territory as colonies"

b3982 No.81804

"Yes i do. Perhaps, they could be deported to a specific Provence."

9e2a8 No.81805

She laughs malignly
"There are many such suitable provinces. But first, I would like to return to the concept of the good Griffin. Surely you've seen Jacques, the white feathered griffin at headquarters? His family was a part of a set of nobles murdered by Revolutionaries and Iconoclasts in Pridea. He was given political Asylum, even as resettlement for non-ponies tends to steer away from Metropolitan New Mareland. He is now a loyal agent of the Order Police. I can assure you of that, because he is among the creatures I have spied on to test their loyalty. Tell me, should he and those other creatures like him - like the Minotaur Felipe Polemistís who you can often see in the main lobby - be rewarded specially for their service?"

85011 No.81806

Wait, shit. It's actually Comte Burgher, not Larry Berry. Never fucking mind.
Iron suddenly realizes that it was not Larry Berry but someone named Comte Burgher. He relays this information to Skies.

b3982 No.81807

"As Long as they are 100% Dedicated to the cause. and so long as they know that being here is a privilege. i dont see anything terribly wrong with them staying."

9e2a8 No.81808

"I see. I had figured taking down the mayor himself was too good to be true. No matter. A city councilmember is a high prize. This will hurt not only him, but all those around him"

9e2a8 No.81809

"Interesting. Now, what about the Changeling Question?"

b3982 No.81810


85011 No.81811

"Sorry about that. You can add it up to the 'punch Iron in the face' debt if you would like." Iron takes off his helmet and places it on the floor. "Anyways, are you up for a bit of political disruption?" Iron extends his hoof, expecting a hoofbump or shake.

85011 No.81812

*his unarmored hoof

9e2a8 No.81813

She takes the hoof

"You see no room for any kind of coexistence?"

b3982 No.81814

"they are giving me no choice on the matter."

49ccb No.81815


As far as her point goes though, 1500 gp is still a fuckton of money. It's radsome-tier money. It's not the kind of person that an average person would be able to make in a short amount if time, unless they'd just murdered someone for it.

And for the sake of in-character continuity in why she would have said something like that, just consider that Sister Ash just believes that a small house shouldn't cost that much by her standards. She comes from a rural jungle community that lived in mostly medieval, wood-thatch cottages; a community who lived just a few dozen klicks away from an active Dragons' Lair and only lived peacefully right next to them because they were polite and had hardly anything worth plundering. That, and she considered even that meager level of wealth to be too fancy for holiness; and she opted for the life of a homeless hermit because she considers wealth as a concept to be little more than a distraction from faith and intimacy with the natural world.
When she thinks of a "house" she thinks of four walls, a thatched roof, a medocre floor, and the effort it takes to slash and burn the surrounding brush. She's clueless to the concept of real estate inflation because she doesn't really believe that land is something that can be idealistically owned.

Anyway, I'm back now.
Back to the conversation then..

49ccb No.81816

>political disruption
*Ears twitch*
".. That could be quite interesting." She

85011 No.81817

Iron smiles. "Then it is settled. You, Star, Silver and Spark now are in this foal rescuing business, at least on the Comte Burgher side of the mission." Iron then puts his helmet back on, being sure not to get any dust inside the helmet.
Should I add Onyx to this list later on?

9e2a8 No.81818

File: 1547168588231.png (2.96 MB, 2600x3200, 4d9.png)

"I guess that statement is indeed true of Chrysalis's Imperialism"

Hopefully, probably on weekends only though

"You've done it before"

49ccb No.81819

So long as Onyx isn't playing, we may as well tie him up in a bundle and carry him around wherever we want, until he gets back.

49ccb No.81820

"Sometimes a bit disruption is necessary, for the growth of a herd."
I was going to say "a people", but herd seemed more appropriate.

85011 No.81821

Iron leans on Ash and whispers. "How should we deal with the mademares? I got some information on their interests that could potentially increase the odds of negotiation for the foals."

b3982 No.81822

"i Dont want to have to do it."

49ccb No.81823

"The Changelings' reckless expansionism is certainly cause for concern. In recent decades, they've been as tenacious as Formians, and frenzied as locusts, casting aside their nature as infiltrating parasites and swarming over vast regions of land. Many creatures and environments have suffered from this trend, and their insustainable methods are sure to cause turmoil for their own hives within their occupied lands as well." she
"They are unable to nurture the land for resources. They need, creatures, particularly ponies, to survive. If they continue expanding at this rate, they'll find that the sustenance they're able to extract from their tortured captives is no longer enough to cover their empire.. And then.." her tone grows dark
"They'll be attacking and swarming their neighbors even more viciously; waging greater wars not merely for the greed to their queens, but for survival…" She says, her voice serious
"If the trend does not reverse, continental wars may be inevitable."

85011 No.81824

Iron does not understand. "Why should they attack ponies directly? Will that not just deplete love reserves for them to feast upon?"

b3982 No.81825

"The Day Of The Bug Spray will come soon enough."

9e2a8 No.81826

She gives her her smile
"Like a forest fire that clears out the old growth, to make room for the new?"

"Its a question that won't need answering until after the backbone of their military has been broken. You'll have plenty of time to consider it."

"I do not think you give Hymenoptera Proteus Succuba enough credit. Their breeding is the most strictly controlled of any creature on the planet. They know not to exceed their carrying capacity. Where you are terribly right is that they fully believe and intend to increase that carrying capacity by Imperialism over greater host populations. We've already seen Continental wars. What you must prepare for, is a World War.

"That's only the first assault. They lull the host into a false sense of security thereafter. That, and love is not so easily banished from the heart, as it manifests in times of great danger just as surely as in the most tranquil peace"

40988 No.81828

Sorry, phone posting. One minute.

b3982 No.81829

"A World War? Thats impossible."

b3982 No.81830

9e2a8 No.81831

"It is all too possible. Pray it happens on our terms, and not on theirs"

b3982 No.81832

"Is the Duke Preparing?"

9e2a8 No.81833

"He has been since before they invaded Equestria"

b3982 No.81834


2c06b No.81835

"Who is this duke you mentioned?" Iron is curious.

9e2a8 No.81836

"Duke Erebus Haygle, former professor of the Philosophy of History at the University of Sunset, elected first president of the New Mareland Commonwealth after independence, and granted lifetime executive powers by the congress of the New Mareland State. The leader of the Blackhooves. By extension, the highest authority over all of the Baltimare Autonomous Region."

2c06b No.81837

"Is he strong?"

9e2a8 No.81838

"He values strength and purity of the national spirit first and foremost as the vanguard of all else of value. He has been strong thus far in protecting his people. Is he as strong as Chrysalis… Well, that remains to be seen."

2c06b No.81839

"So can he fight physically? I can see he at least he values it."

9e2a8 No.81840

"Him? Personally? No. He is much too old for that, and in any case he is a bone head. That does not matter, because he does not believe that strength lies in the individual.

After all, how strong is an individual? As an infant, could you fight? Could you even think properly? No. You needed your mother to nurse you, parents to feed you later. You needed ponies around you to learn how to talk and how to reason, and you need them still as friends and family. And even after all of that, you are still mortal.

You see, really, the individual is not the base unit of ponykind. That title belongs to the Nation. The Tribe, if you will. It is the Nation that is weak or strong. It is the Nation that has a long history and a long future. It was here before your birth, it has shaped you since your birth, and it ought remain long after you are gone.

None of this is to say the individual has no relevance. Quite the contrary, the nation is nothing without the individual, and they must assume many distinct roles within society for the nation to function properly. When individuals are weak at the roles for which they are required, the nation as a whole is weak. And that is why every individual must be strong in their own particular role, though it would be foolish to think that one role alone could a society make.

And now, is his Nation strong? Yes, it has gone up against many, and fallen to none. They are damned fine fighters. Ask anypony around here."

85011 No.81841

"Makes sense. No group can shrvive if they are not proficient at their jobs." Iron scratches his muzzle. "Say, can I get into a hooffight with some stallion from your party? I want to see the strength of said ponies. This does not mean your group is not strong. I just want to see for myself the strength of your best fighters in a simple hoof-to-hoof combat. It is not asking much, is it?"

85011 No.81842


8e794 No.81843

She gives him her smile
“Perhaps Fillipe will take you up on that”

b3982 No.81844

"ill fight you."

8e794 No.81845

She puts a hoof on him
“Oh Dark Star, is that wise?”

85011 No.81846

Iron raises an eyebrow. "Is there something special about Fillipe? You seem to see him in a special light judging from your… smile."
"While I do like your courage and will, and you did beat me at hoof-wrestling, I suggest taking up Skies offer and reconsider."

8e794 No.81847

“Have you ever seen a Minotaur?”

b3982 No.81848

"Wise? i can say that its not. But im up for the challenge."

85011 No.81849

Iron thinks. "I heard that they have cow-like bodies and are usually very muscular, but I have never seen one before."
"Well, if you insist. I need permission from Skies for me to fight you though. She may not like you beaten to a pulp and try to drug me or something."

8e794 No.81850

With an expression of dissapointmemt that seems feigned
“Now why would I drug you?”

85011 No.81851

"To drag and tie me up to be used as a punching dummy by some of your friends. What else?" Iron deadpans at Skies.

8e794 No.81852

Her look changes to one of contemplation.
“Hmmm…. I will admit, that is s big more substantive than just leaving you drugged and in a ditch”

85011 No.81853

Iron smiles. "See? I knew you would like it." Iron looks to his sides "Do you let Star fight me, then?"

9e2a8 No.81854

"Oh it wouldn't be you I would stop"

85011 No.81855

Iron is confused. "Who will you stop, then?"

9e2a8 No.81856

"Dark Star, of course"

85011 No.81857

"Ah, so you do not let him. Well, I guess that is reasonable." Iron strokes his chin. "So who is this Fillipe, apart from being a minotaur?"

9e2a8 No.81858

"A guard of the Blackhooves Baltimare Headquarters"

85011 No.81859

"Would he accept the fight all willy-nilly? I am unsure that he can leave his post if he guards something." Iron pops his back bones, elicting a small pleased sigh.

9e2a8 No.81860

'Probably not. But he may accept one after his shift."

85011 No.81861

Iron is excited. "When is that? Where could I meet him? Will he be tired after his shift to fight?"

b3982 No.81862

"She said would. she didnt say she will."

49ccb No.81863

Sister Ash seems to have finished her funeral services for each of the individual jars.

"… Changelings.. are peculiar creatures. Native to the wastelands North East of the Crystal Empire, they're a breed of creatures that are capable of sustaining their bodies without food or water; Sustenance.. it is a capability similar possessed by many living creatures of the outer planes, like the Formians, but by few in this world. I studied it for the sake of immitating it myself one day, and have found that it is possible for certain creatures to sustain their bodies through.. intrinsic sources.." she clears her throat
"The Changelings however do not possess such a perfect ability. Their Sustenance is derrived parasitically, in a manner that is in appearance similar to the life-draining powers of certain undead, but different on a profound level, and much less sinister. Changelings sustain themselves on 'love', not love of the land or love of eachother, but the love of loving creatures. Ponies, in particular have been a primary source of sustenance for their hives, and have been for eons.."
"It's not in accurrate to say that the Changelings fill a niche similar to wasps. They live in hives, surrounding a fertile queen. Hive members fly far out into Equestrian territory to collect love for their queen and her offspring, the same way bees collect nectar from flowers. Ponies, so radiant, charming and gentle natured, and so unconditionally loved by creation, are an irresistible source of love for the hungry Changelings. The Changelings would fly to great lengths to collect love for their hives, blending into pony society for years on end to build up love within their bodies, their loyalty to their queens never waning, returning to the wastelands when they'd built up enough power. The Changelings, through extensive deciet, are loved by ponies, and the Changelings share their love with their queens; the queen is able to grow stronger, and the health and safety of the hive is secured…. Or that's how it should be.."
"Greed." She says flatly
"The Changelings are only able to survive as a race because all members of the hive unconditionally love their queen. The Sustenance they are able extract from ponies is only barely enough to sustain them; their bodies are full of holes, emaciated by starvation, Despite this, the hive is able to live on because Changelings give their unconditional love to their queen: their mother. Changelings obey their mothers with utmost loyalty, following her commands precisely, all individuallity stripped away by the necessity of the hive to share enough love.."
"This lawful, Formian-like hivemind has a downside, however. If the Queen of a hive is rash, greedy, or naive, all the members of the hive will follow suit. Chrysalis is a prime example of such a queen: greedy, naive, power-hungry and completely willing to sacrifice the safety and sustainability of her hive to collect more love from her loyal hatchlings and burn it for the development of her own powers…" She says, her voice growing ever darker.
"Her aggressive actions in the past have only led her to humiliation and loss, but the fleeting rewards of what she gained in those minutes of success were enough to feed her ego and naivity. Her first for sustenance is far more predatory than the average wasp: it is a voracious as a spider-eater. By capturing ponies bringing them back to their hives, Changelings are able to extract greater bursts of 'love' through forced contact and feed it directly to their queens. It is an avant garde and unsustainable method. Ponies, in prolonged states of despair, do not produce love in the same richness that Changelings are able to collect. The ponies that they capture grow detracted quickly, and the Changelings are forced to capture more ponies to sustain the greed of their queen. Similarly, ponies in the state of war become far less suitable as hosts for the Changelings: war-battered ponies grow paranoid, bitter, and vengeful, making it all the more difficult for the parasitic Changelings to extract enough love to bring back to their queen. The fact of this only encourages even more violence, the war-starved Changelings needing to capture even more ponies to maintain the sugar high of their queen… The wars they start create the need for even more war. They're able to swarm quickly, and attack in shocks, but their current lifestyle cannot sustain them forever. It was in Chrysalis's nearsighted greed and arrogance that she did not realize that the most abundant source of Sustenance for her hive lied in a happy and peaceful population of nearby ponies. She has ravaged her own race's primary source of food, and now she has doomed them all to go to war forever, until there is not enough left to fuel them… It won't happen immediately, but it will eventually, and the entire world will despair from the catastrophe caused by those who disturbed the harmony of nature."

49ccb No.81864

(Fuck, I wish I had my computer so I could respond more quickly)
Sister Ash turns, unconvinced.
"It is the Changelings that give themselves too much credit, particularly Chrysalis. She believes that Changelings are capable of surpassing their natural niche, when they've only changed their tactics: she believes herself to be a predator, when she can never be anything but a lowly parasite. Even if she were a predator, she could never safely outnumber her own food supply. Her power and greed are unsustainable, and her entire race will suffer for it."
She continues
"She arrogantly believes that she is suited to rule the entire world alone; And if the way she's regarded the safety and well-being of her own hive in the past is any example, she is by no means a competent ruler. She takes the unconditional love of her hive, the foundation of her tribe's survival, to be a testament to her own supremacy. She does not love them the same way they love her: she only continues laying at increasingly monstrous rates with the state of mind that she's only producing more slaves for her war machine; she'd gladly sacrifice a hundred swarms for a mere tactical victory. Her pathetic aggressions on ponykind in the past are only a glimpse of how vain she can really be."
Sister Ash's eyebrows have once again started to glow
"Her rapid burst of power in recent years is far from legitimate. It doesn't stem from competant leadership or wise governance, but senseless greed. She has somehow finally managed to get the other Changeling queens of the wastelands to adopt her foolish practice, getting them high on short-lived bursts of sustenance, delivered by the bundle. Changelings we're always strongest when they fought and fed in numbers, and the recent advances to modern warfare made it all the more easy for their United powers to cause enormous amounts of damage at once. Now they've all grown fat, reclining on their thrones, having sustenance delivered to them by the bulk as their overies go into overdrive to increase their , all the while their armies die off by the swarm in battles that slowly but surely destroy their tribe's only supply off food!"
>More smoke
"The current expansionism of the Changelings has the potential of a plague of biblical proportions. They've taken up the niche of a swarm of locusts: usually semi-solitary creatures, on rare occasions they swarm; their horemones raginging in an ever-growing frenzy of food and sex, depleting everything the land has to offer, until eventually their swarm collapses and they die off by the millions. Changelings are the same; as soon as their queens find themselves unable to maintain their perpetual sugar-highs, it will don on them how dependant they've become on war. At that point, global war will be inevitable, for the Chrysalis and her possy will for the first time in their race's history, find themselves genuinely desperate for love."

And now, another perfectly fine nun's habit has been burned to dust. Only an angry black dragon-pony, with shiny golden armor (the spell), and a collum of ghostly fire
"The state of the Changeling empire is more than just a threat to ponies and their livelihoods. It supercede politics, for it has the potential to become an existential threat to all life in this world!"

85011 No.81865

Iron takes it all in, somewhat unfazed by her now firey form. "I see. So this ruler, Chrysalis, is dooming their own kind just because they want the sweet sugar cane that love gives them. Truly a stupid ruler." Iron shakes his head. He attempts to touch Ash's body, see how hot it is.

85011 No.81866

Iron is not convinced. "Well, prove it to me. Make Skies give you permission and then we shall fight hoof-to-hoof."

16905 No.81867

Holy hell, I've got a lot of backreading to do.

9e2a8 No.81868

She sighs slightly
"His shift varies by day, but today I believe it should end at 6 PM, and he could be found at the Grand Baltimare Hotel as he leaves. I must say that I have never stalked him, so I could not tell you his routine after that."


>All of this about changelings
Alright, there is no conceivable way I could be silent on this

01b1b No.81869

85011 No.81870

"What time is it, then? I would certainly want to fight someone else today, specially with such a reputation."
Heyo, you missed quite a bit

01b1b No.81871

Sorry. Today has been hectic.

85011 No.81872

It's fine. No need to devote your life to this. It's just a game.

49ccb No.81873

"Exactly." She hisses
"She cackles in bliss as she crushes her enemies, but she stands, it is own tribe that faces destruction in the long run." She says, the combined light of her armor and fire looking like a miniature sun
That's really just an accumulation of what I've gathered from details of the show, what I've gathered in game, a few mlp/bug/ general headcanons, and what little lore I've read surrounding the Hearts of Iron mod. It's supposed to reflect Sister Ash's beliefs and understanding of the situation; she could be wrong…

b3982 No.81874

"Shes not my mother iron."

b3982 No.81875

Dark Star Strokes her mane

01b1b No.81876

"So… Looks like either my diplomacy skills are decent, or we just have really good friends. Now to ask Silver."
I walk over to Silver.

85011 No.81877

Iron squints at this amount of light. "Yes, can you stop the fire already? I cannot see anything."
"Eh, it is more for my safety than your pride, Star. I would rather not give her any incentive to do bad stuff to me." Iron shrugs.
"Yeah, friends." Iron is unsure to call this group a couple of besties.

49ccb No.81878

>He attempts to touch Ash's body, see how hot it is.
… Roll a reflex save..

85011 No.81879

Dice rollRolled 6 + 1


85011 No.81880


16905 No.81881

Silver seems to have been lost in the conversation about changelings that had been taking place, but he notices Spark trot up to him in time to hear what he has to say.

49ccb No.81882

It's a 15 DC save.. to resist catching fire.
… Roll a touch attack to see if you actually touched the fireball, because she would have tried to avoid it.

85011 No.81883

Dice rollRolled 15

I'll roll a normal 1d20 and then add the necessary modifiers.

01b1b No.81884

"Are you willing to help us save missing foals?"

85011 No.81885

Ouchie wouchie

16905 No.81886

Silver looks a bit thankful at how straightforward the question is. "I am still technically in your employment. Until this business at quarry is finished, what you do, I will do."

49ccb No.81887

Dice rollRolled 6

"Wait,W-What are yo-"
Iron, in touching the raging blue fireball "to see how hot it is", has now caught fire, and takes 1d6 fire damage.
"Y-y-you baka fool!" She gasps in concern, stepping several paces back as she tries to put herself out.

9e2a8 No.81888

>Native to the wastelands North East of the Crystal Empire
"Technically false, but I can see why you would think that"

>capable of sustaining their bodies without food or water

"Not entirely true, and certainly not true for developing hatch-lings, but neither is it wholly false"

>I studied it for the sake of immitating it myself one day

"Why would anyone want to suffer the life of a Changeling?"

> Hive members fly far out into Equestrian territory to collect love for their queen and her offspring, the same way bees collect nectar from flowers


>all members of the hive unconditionally love their queen

"That I can tell you is false. The Equestrian government even sheltered defectors prior to the War."

>Despite this, the hive is able to live on because Changelings give their unconditional love to their queen: their mother. Changelings obey their mothers with utmost loyalty, following her commands precisely, all individuallity stripped away by the necessity of the hive to share enough love

"It is true that a Queen like queen Chrysalis is a queen in the sense that that is her biological sex, and it is true that Changelings have a devotion to their mother, their brothers, and their sisters. However, Changeling collective loyality is more abstract than that. They are perfectly capable of following a queen that is not their personal mother. That is how Chrysalis became queen not just of the hive she is the mother of, but off all of the hives on this continent. Really, Changeling collectivism is like pony collectivism, only stronger."

>war-battered ponies grow paranoid, bitter, and vengeful, making it all the more difficult for the parasitic Changelings to extract enough love to bring back to their queen

"This is not necessarily true. A combatant in action often fights to defend those he loves, and the country he loves. Indeed, it is a very strong form of love. Besides, the intent is not eternal love, it is to bring about peace under a changeling hegemony, which means ponies will go back to a sort of uneasy normalcy. What Chrysalis believes is that even if the ponies are less loving and more fearful under Changeling domination, then at least the Changelings can suck their love directly, which she thinks would be more efficient than sending 'honey bees'. Whether she is right of course, well, remains to be seen."

>Ecological collapse

"I… don't know. If it doesn't happen, do you think she would be content with what she has?"

>A predator
"She is simply following the pattern of Colonialism taken up by other species. After all, it is how the Equestrians have dealt with the Buffalo and their own fellow ponies in the Crystal Empire and the Dominion. Changelings like to mimic the behavior of others, after all"

>she is not a competent ruler

"She defeated Celestia and the elements twice. Do not dismiss that offhand"

>She only continues laying at increasingly monstrous rates

"That I am… not…"

>She'd gladly sacrifice a hundred swarms for a mere tactical victory

"And a hundred swarms would gladly sacrifice themselves for their hives. When a bee stings, it pulls out its intestines along with its stinger. It sacrifices itself to defend the hive"

>all the while their armies die off by the swarm in battles that slowly but surely destroy their tribe's only supply off food

"It remains to be seen just how strong or weakened they will be in the war to come. But I will tell you this right now: you never, ever, win a war just by assuming that your enemy is weak and a pushover"

>They've taken up the niche of a swarm of locusts

"My dear, please stop for a moment to look at it from their perspective. They believe that they are engaging in Animal Husbandry. You raise cows for milk, don't you? And sheep for wool. That is what they think they are doing. Raising ponies like sheep and fleecing them, or like cows for milk. They are doing to ponies what ponies do to the other animals of the land."

>The state of the Changeling empire is more than just a threat to ponies and their livelihoods. It supercede politics, for it has the potential to become an existential threat to all life in this world

"Just so long as that means you are willing to cooperate with the Blackhooves"

"No. Imagine a pony having its life force slowly drained from it forever. That is the future you face."

*narrows eyes*

49ccb No.81889

Okay, I know I was totally overstepping my bounds in tying all those assumptions together, but how does Blue know all of this?

01b1b No.81890

"I appreciate that Silver, but you are free to accept this or refuse without any penalty to your pay. It is your choice."

49ccb No.81891

>You raise cows for milk, don't you? And sheep for wool
Do we?

b3982 No.81892

"What? i didnt mean any disrespect."
Dark Star pats her head

9e2a8 No.81893

She said she was an agent of anti-subversive activities for the State Security apparatus of the Blackhooves. It's a part of her job

Uh… Probably? They raise livestock in the show

She just looks at him

85011 No.81894

"Ow! Your fire is not for show!" Iron exclaims as he gets burned by the fire. He is now rolling on the ground to stop the fire from hurting him more.
"Does the process hurt like this?" Iron is currently rolling on the ground trying to put
the fire out while her counter speech was taking place.

9e2a8 No.81895

"That I don't…. know…."
She finds this strange

85011 No.81896

Does my quick thinking put the fire out?

b3982 No.81897

dark Star Scratches behind her ears

49ccb No.81898

Dice rollRolled 10 + 5

>"She defeated Celestia and the elements twice. Do not dismiss that offhand"
Tbh, she always seemed pretty naive and foolish to me in the show. Not to underestimate her, but she's a pretty greedy Butch, and doesn't seem to actually give a fuck about her hive: not a competent ruler to me.
Sister Ash would think the same, from stories she's herd.
That requires another reflex save…
Caleb rolls Aid Another, to try to put out the flames with some of her spit.

49ccb No.81899

*His drool
Iron can add an additional +2 to that save

85011 No.81900

Dice rollRolled 15 + 1

Rolling. Literally.

16905 No.81901

"It is fine. It does seem like noble cause, to at least make sure these foals are safe." After a couple seconds of silence, he sighs. "It is also that I…do not have much else to do until we head back into catacombs."
"I see you have done your research."
I'm about 80% sure that Blue Skies is actually a changeling. Whether or not she's a good or bad one remains to be seen.

9e2a8 No.81902

And yet for all of that, she was the toughest enemy the mane six had faced besides possibly the literal god Discord

*pegasus cooing*

Now it does

"Do you think we would stand any chance of holding back the darkness if we did not? Have some faith"

49ccb No.81903

I believed she was a multiclass ranger or something who had them as her favored enemy plus the knowledge ranks to know all the facts
It could be a plausibility though.

01b1b No.81904

"Understandable. If you ever need things to do, I will help you scout out something worth your time. Hopefully I won't come across a legion of undead next time."

49ccb No.81905

Iron is no longer on fire.

Sister Ash is still trying to put herself out.

49ccb No.81906

I'm not underestimating her capabilities, I'm just saying she's not the wise leader that she thinks she is. She's not stupid, just vain.

b3982 No.81907

File: 1547179947565.png (301.09 KB, 520x678, _worried laughter.png)


49ccb No.81908

I was making a character sheet for Discord as a deity. Would you like to see it once it's done?

16905 No.81909

"It is not as if I would expect every member of Black Hooves to know expert's level of knowledge on changelings. Give yourself some credit, in that regard."
"Speaking of legions of undead, I am fairly certain one could call what is in lower area of catacombs 'legion of undead'."
For shits and giggles, hell yeah.

85011 No.81910

Iron, after putting the fire out, chuckles at his own stupidity. "Well, I guess that answers that. Hoo I was not expecting that." He turns to Ash, thinking more stupid shit. "Check if you are not standing in anything that can easily burn and then scream with all of your rage and anger! Do it! Unleash your raw power!" He is clearly too pumped with adrenaline to think straight.
I would like that if it meant Iron can meet up with changelings tbh.[/spoielr]

49ccb No.81911

I used hit dice for an ancient Concordant Dragon (chaos dragon), and gave him the Dragon's ascentant PrC to make him a literal god.

b3982 No.81912

Petting Intensifies!

01b1b No.81913

"I'm tempted to try and move that undetonated bomb close and blow it if that is the case, but with our luck, it will blow up when we touch it, or simply unleash the hordes upon the city. How are we supposed to clear…"
I ponder this for a minute.

9e2a8 No.81914

"Well no, you shouldn't, I'm just in a role that requires more than an ordinary amount of knowledge. You see, the activity I do that takes up the largest amount of my time is loyalty testing of Blackhooves employees, NMAC reservists, local government officials, an so forth. Mostly this means looking for officials who are willing to take bribes, or who may help saboteurs, but because the possibility of Changeling infiltration is a serious one, I am studied to handle that as well"

She leans her head into it, and her wings spread apart somewhat

16905 No.81915

"We are most certainly not going to mess with bomb. I do not want to explode just yet. However, it would be good idea to set up some sort of firing line. Perhaps pour oil on ground and light it on fire. Create killzone in hallway just after stairs."
"It is difficult to find changeling infiltrators without proper spells, or without electrical shock. Especially if changeling comes from hive that specializes in disguising themselves and hiding in plain sight."

9e2a8 No.81916

"Indeed. We have several means"

49ccb No.81917

"I cannot say that I am versed in military tactics, but I understand Changelings well enough as creatures. They're definitely dangerous to the existence of nations, but they can be just as dangerous to themselves in the long run if they continue on their destructive path." She says, crossing her forehooves,having ceased flaming

Plus, in the Hearts of Iron mod, they seem pretty shock-trooperish. Their main strength seems to be that they're able to assemble for war pretty quickly, but they don't look really good at holding ground long term.

01b1b No.81918

"I like your thinking. We will do that once this rescue is over. We should make it a point to stay far back from them as much as that is possible, and keep the flammables away from the Kirin, just in case."

85011 No.81919

Iron is a bit dissapointed. "Oh well, maybe next time."
"I can see why you seem intent on fighting me even with your mare's disapproval."

9e2a8 No.81920

That's because they are outnumbered
"And indeed they are. Just don't understate the danger to East Equestria."

49ccb No.81921

Dice rollRolled 18 + 7

Sister Ash gives a sigh and pulls a funny-smelling plant from her fanny pack and ribs it on Iron's forehoof.
Heal check

85011 No.81922

Iron feels relieved by the plant's effectiveness. "Frankly, I think I did that to feel that sweet plant you put on me." He chuckles. "Maybe it is your touch. I cannot think straight, that I am sure of."

49ccb No.81923

Well duh. They're parasites: they're doomed to be the minority. If they ever spread too far, they wouldn't be able to feed properly.
"That's exactly my point. They're not to be underestimated. Just because they doom themselves doesn't mean they couldn't drag a third of the world along with them, if fate had it."

b3982 No.81924

"oh yea? why is that?"

49ccb No.81925

"Oh you…" Sister Ash mutters, as she treats his hoof

9e2a8 No.81926

"Or maybe it's shock from the burn"

"Then you understand why the Blackhooves must remain strong in East Equestria"

16905 No.81927

"Then I can hope these means are enough. I have heard rumors that there are changelings in Baltimare, somewhere. I do not relish idea of this rumor being true, of Chrysalis spying on major factions in city. Probing for weaknesses."
"She will still have to tell me secret of how she is able to self-immolate like that. I wonder if all kirins can do that without hurting themselves."

49ccb No.81928

She thinks the Blackhooves r gay.

"Hmmph, it is not my place to decide what faction is legitimate to government the Equestrians. I am but a foreign peace-worker, trying to do my best for who I can assist.

85011 No.81929

"Do not make me spell it out. Either way, I would gladly take you on now."
"What can I say? You are quite good at healing." Iron smiles warmly. "Can you take off my armor? I want to show Star how hoof-to-hoof fighting is done."
Iron sticks his tongue playfully. "You would do the same if Star had this magic touch."

01b1b No.81930

"I think so. It has to do with anger if I recall, but how they don't burn themselves… I guess it has to do with being part dragon. Don't quote me on that though."

49ccb No.81931

"Oh, they can all do it…" Sister Ash replies unenthusiastically
"The trick is learning how not to."

49ccb No.81932

Didn't she already do that?
*Spends another 4 minutes taking off armor*

85011 No.81933

I put it all on again after the little spat with Skies.

b3982 No.81934


9e2a8 No.81935

"I can tell you right now that there are. Dark Star here killed one just a couple nights ago. Wait"

She pauses, and pulls out a small flashlight from Dark Star's bag, and shines it between Silver's eyes

"Changeling Empire alright. We found a nest of spies"

"Unless you are willing to welcome your new insect overlords, you must support the one and only government that can resist them"


49ccb No.81936

*Civil disobedience intensifies*
"I am sorry, but I must remain politically neutral for the time being. Perhaps their motives and mine may coincide at some point."

9e2a8 No.81937

"Neutral? You gave Joe Marecarthy a run for his money with your speech on Changelings"

16905 No.81938

"If it has to do with anger, then trick is to learn how to control it like weapon, lest it consume you. Literally, in this case."
The test shows nothing out of the ordinary as he sits still for it. "…This is not