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File: 1513219795093.png (1.59 MB, 1600x1035, season_2_cast_poster_vecto….png)

e7110 No.33360[View All]

So stuff happened, and the party is in a pickle. The resolution of that Rick yes, that was deliberate has yet to be depicted. Its coming soon tho. In the meantime, the thread got super-extra-moldy (breaking the previous bread record) necessitating a new bread. I guess that's what ppl bitch about "generals" for. Oh well. In any case,… let the,… bantz continue, cuz I'm a ways away from actual combat or death-threats (except from one another,… players are welcome to kill eachother).
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1128d No.34410

*teleports behind*

f3f7d No.34411

*Is abducted…. I think*

1128d No.34412

*flies 80-100 ft in the air*

f3f7d No.34413

"Uh… Hi Tracy!"

1128d No.34414

"..Hello, Flashy."

35cdc No.34415

"I love you pony"
*attempts to nuzzle pony*

e7110 No.34416

File: 1513398082194.png (270.73 KB, 900x959, mlfw7625-manlytears.png)

So uh,… what's been goin' on?

35cdc No.34417

Um… I just got abducted

1128d No.34418

*Becomes Ethereal*
I'm starving for XP. Let's fight something already.
Use detect ebil to find shit.

e37aa No.34419

>inb4 omae wa mu shindeiru
How was the movie?
I'm gonna be able to fix my computer soon and thats the first thing I'm doing

35cdc No.34420

Can I mount her?

If so, mount pony

35cdc No.34421


e7110 No.34422

I'm truly sorry you missed it. I'm sure there'll b another stream before long.

1128d No.34423

Use it!
*Wafts the scent of white-knight throughout the plane*

1128d No.34424

We could also revive it, kill it again, and make an undead Triceratops to fight.

f3f7d No.34425

Use detect evil, then
"Tracy… What are you doing?"

e37aa No.34426

Oh, its not the first time tonight I've been robbed of seeing a movie with friends
>laughter turns to sobbing
Youre b8 m8

1128d No.34427

"…….. Flashy… I'm your mount, right..? I'm here to help you on your mission for football or whatever, right?"

f3f7d No.34428

"D'aww! Well shouldn't I get Thez's belt back, or Suiboto back. Or shouldn't we talk to darkie so we can, you know, get our stuff back and "move the drow to a reservation'"

1128d No.34429

"….. Flashy…. I'm feeling… Frisky… (and upset, but she doesn't say why) It's a Paladin's mission to save the world from Ebil creatures, right? Let's do that."

f3f7d No.34430

"Well if you're feeling frisky… Wait. What do you have in mind?"

e7110 No.34431

Oh yeah, no triceratops grinding. Reviving and then killing, lather, rinse, repeat gets no xp.
I was avoiding gushing about that. Truly sorry ;_;
"Oh yeah, I totally forgot!" BTW, the gold/black belt is different than the girdle.
Thez gives Girdle and Sugoito back.

1128d No.34432

I want to fight something…
*ghostly wind blows by* (you're on the ethereal plane)

1128d No.34433

Isn't that the kind of belt only girls wear?
Anon, have you been wearing women's undergarments for power?

e37aa No.34434

You is b8 m8
Why else would she waft your scent
No, you guys are fine. I wasn't expecting to be able to get on tonight anyway

e37aa No.34435

This is topkek

f3f7d No.34436

"Wouldn't you rather go fight enemies in the material realm? They have more… resources. And are actually a danger to society."

Fuck. That's exactly what that is
For the +2 it gives to attack and +3 to damage fuck yeah I'd wear it though

1128d No.34437

File: 1513399536460.jpg (44.2 KB, 720x689, laughs in mofo.jpg)

"…. We're on the Ethereal plane, Flashy… The locals here aren't strangers to the material world… They're regular visitors; coming in and out looking for food.."
>fuck yeah I'd wear it
mfw your standards

1128d No.34438

*ominous ethereal ghost-wind noises*

e7110 No.34439

File: 1513399745361.jpg (42.36 KB, 500x389, 16343_1021608000.jpg)

Its not like a ladies' girdle

e37aa No.34440

>Torc continues being bored as fucking hell
I guess he goes to investigate the machines that do blurrrr

1128d No.34441

>Party finds Thong of Epic Charisma
>Trumpaladin wears it
How do I attract ghosts?
Did Trumpaladin Detect anything?

e37aa No.34442

>Trumpaladin wears it
He fucking would

f3f7d No.34443

I think that's factually wrong, at least in the case of devourers, because the article suggests that they attack travelers on the Ethereal plane and there is no mention of them going to the material plane. But whatever, we'll go with your interpretation
"Well then why are you standing here. Let's go looking for monsters to slay!"
"Yippee kay ay!"

Oh thank goodness. Also pls bake. This thread is causing delay of at least 30 seconds because of size on my laptop

Kek. Try moving forward until you run into something. Do spot checks as well

1128d No.34446

Dice rollRolled 8 + 5

Spot Check looking for ghosts

1128d No.34447

Dice rollRolled 16 + 5

Listen check as well

f3f7d No.34448

Detect evil, but the fucking horse should move if she wants to run into something

e7110 No.34449

<whoooof> "Oh come on then!" Thez grabs Torcuil's shoulder and <shoomp> they both transition to the ethereal plane, some distance (but still in eyesight) of Tracy and Trump.

f3f7d No.34450


e37aa No.34452

Torc then notices his suroundings
"Oh, hi everyone"

1128d No.34453

>inb4, all of the optimal items for him end up being girls' underwear
>Bra of Giant's Strength

e7110 No.34455

This. Trump is chibi again. Thez gibs back the belt and the sword,… but they're too big for him.

e7110 No.34456

OH fine, I can hear you thinking it,… baking

1128d No.34457

File: 1513400497952-0.jpg (41.97 KB, 600x400, tiny-trump-meme-ivanka.jpg)

Did they Detect anything?
He makes a good Halfling.

f3f7d No.34458

Well fuck you too AND MAKE A NEW FUCKING THREAD ALREADY! It took a minute to load this

e37aa No.34461

ITT, Trump is being a dick again
Nigga wtf was that message?

1128d No.34462

File: 1513400858396-0.jpg (161.33 KB, 1023x575, Tiny-Trump-Tours-Boeing.jpg)

What did he send you?

e37aa No.34463

It was a "to show we care" message
I'll post screencap l8r

e7110 No.34465

4ce2d No.34609

File: 1513406986463.png (165.54 KB, 640x640, 1512976060561.png)

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