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8784c No.91000[View All]

Set six years after season 6, Occupied Equestria presents an alternative history where Chrysalis chose a different approach to her second attack on Equestria. The Changelings have conquered half of Equestria, while a former Equestrian colony - soured to Princess Twilight's notion of harmony with all creatures thank to their dealing with griffins - Invaded and took the other half. In Baltimare and the Equestrian Southeast, the magic of friendship has weakened, as Communists, Changeling infiltrators, Fascists, gangs, and corrupt creepy politicians threaten the city. This role play is based in large part upon the Equestria at War mod for Hearts of Iron 4, and uses D&d 3.5e mechanics.

Silver is learning about foreign pony cultures, Dark Star is preparing to put on a play for the children of the Saint Prancis Orphanage, Onyx has received several possible missions from the government, Brie is buying clothing, presumably for a long journey. Ash and Iron are leaving the office of a now enraged gangster… or not.
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3a8e0 No.92952

Well, if you think it's a simple guiding through gentle chain pulls, I'll go with it.
Iron shakes his head.
"Now it seems like a cute kitty."
Iron walks towards the tiger's cage, opening the gate and picking up the other end of the chain tied to the tiger. A gentle tug ensues to guide him along.
"Come along, we are moving."
(Why am I talking to a tiger? I do not think he can understand me.)

92fc7 No.92953

Dark Star's pupils expand slightly and he has the dopeyest smile on his face.
"How Though?"

6c218 No.92954

Brie takes a fork and says to Wesley "Wesley, du isst es so." He cuts a tiny piece of cheesecake and demonstrates eating it. He then turns to Kerr and says "Versuchen Sie es zu beißen, um mit den Zähnen ein Stück davon zu entnehmen." You said cheese, but I assume you meant Kiwi

6c218 No.92955

n/m, I read it wrong

750e4 No.92956

On the way, he sees another of the little things. Though they aren’t that little

“They’ve repeatedly attacked pony nations in Thebes East over the centuries. A perennial threat.”

I think Kerr has the kiwi and Wesley the cheese cake.

Wesley takes the piece, smushes it around in his mouth, and swallows. Kerr gives an expression.of “oh,” then begins to tear off the flesh of the furry fruit, and likewise smush it in his mouth. Both colts seem to like the sweet flavor

56cb3 No.92957

As much as he can understand the reasoning of why Curwhinny did what he did, and even sympathize with him, he still hurts for the victims of his experimentations.

92fc7 No.92958

"i wasn't aware there were Hives in the East. And How Should they be controlled?""

8784c No.92959

This last room on the right is sort of similar to the last one, with tables near the walls, a few containers, and a a section of the wall with restraints on it. On one of the tables is the skeleton of a quadruped.

"I meant the Griffins are a threat, although yes, there are Changeling hives in the East. The Griffins can be controlled by placing them politically subject to pony rule."

8784c No.92960

Roll for animal handling

56cb3 No.92961

Now, just what happened to you? Before taking care of the containers in this room, Silver inspects the skeleton for any sort of sign of its death or identity.

3a8e0 No.92962

Dice rollRolled 13 - 1

I think it's charisma based, so this is the modifier.

8784c No.92963

It seems to be identifiable as a wolf, or possibly a large dog. The cause of death is not easily determined. Parts of the flesh seem to be preserved on it, by some unknown process

It moves out, but only very reluctantly. Notably, it does not try to kill Iron

Iron is literally herding cats, by the way

56cb3 No.92964

Silver doesn't very much like that, or what that could imply. He keeps an eye on the skeleton as he gathers the containers in this room and puts them back with the others.

8784c No.92965

Not very many containers here, and again, far more are broken or shattered than intact. On the ground is a notebook, open and more than a little damaged

56cb3 No.92966

Clicking his tongue in disappointment, he grabs it to see if there's any recoverable text within.

3a8e0 No.92967

I'm herding pussy :3
Iron now guides the kitty out back to the other cage.
(Hopefully the mare does not get too scared to see me bloodied. She seems like a strong pony. Rays better be in her room. I would hate to see her horrified by the scene.)

8784c No.92968

It looks stained and degraded, by moisture and by spilled chemicals. it also is not very organized. but it looks like exactly the kind of material the Blackhooves want

As iron grabs the pussy, he is able to get her up the stairs. But she seems to be, well, almost sleepy. At least she's not running away

92fc7 No.92969

>thinking DarkStar.png

8784c No.92970

"Do you have any thoughts on the subject, Dark Star?"

8784c No.92971

Eventually, the little colts finish eating those two items, albeit after very awkward eating and not seeming to understand either how to use utensils or chew

56cb3 No.92972

Silver takes it. He'll have to mention how a portion of what he's found so far was already in a damaged state when he collected it.

After having put what containers he could recover with the others, he checks his pocket watch again to see how long it's been since he's had his previous potion.

3a8e0 No.92973

Dice rollRolled 4 + 5

Now I have to grab the pussy.
Iron, a little frustrated but thankful that the tiger is a bit calmer than before, goes to pick up the big kitty.
(Hopefully it does not mind.)
I'll roll strength just for funsies.

8784c No.92974

And, not quite. Tigers are lazy as fuck, which Iron is now learning

At least 10 minutes, probably

3a8e0 No.92975

Dice rollRolled 12 + 5

Iron huffs in slight annoyance.
"Come on. You have lifted bigger things before."
(Granted, they were not alive, but still.)
He tries again

56cb3 No.92976

Best to be on safe side. Like before, Silver lifts his mask just long enough to down a potion of Hide From Undead, satisfied that it will renew the effect.

6c218 No.92977

"Ich bin nicht sicher, wie lange wir in diesem Zug sein werden, aber wir können später noch ein paar andere Dinge ausprobieren. Es gibt wirklich nicht mehr viel zu sehen. Sollen wir uns noch einmal in den Raum wagen, oder möchten wir lieber zurückgehen und etwas betrachten, das wir vorher angesehen haben?"

92fc7 No.92978

"Well, on which subject? Them Or Griffons? Because I Think the Griffons Could Potentially Be Reformed. Them on the other Hoof. We Simply Cannot live on the Same World as them. as their actions have shown.if it comes down to being us or them to have to go,i choose them."

8784c No.92979

"Well, that answers my follow up question"

Wesley: "Gab es nicht zwei andere Ponys mit dir?"

Silver should recognize by now that these hallways are roamed by undead. They do not see him, but they do hear him, and see his flashlight

That pussy is grabbed.

There is a wagon - not a powered truck, just a wagon parked in an alley, with a door open, and a set of cage-bars

92fc7 No.92980

"Which Was?"

6c218 No.92981

"Ja, es gibt zwei Ponys, die mit uns reisen. Sie haben eine separate Kabine und entschieden sich, uns nicht zu begleiten, um den Zug zu erkunden, aber sie sind hier irgendwo."
All this pussy grabbing, you'd think Trump was here

8784c No.92982

"Aha. Sie sagen, wir werden Hilfe vom Bienenstock bekommen?"

"What should be done about the respective races"

56cb3 No.92983

>they do hear him
So, did the zeeb brew a faulty potion, or have you decided that it's different from what the wiki says?

They haven't attacked him yet, and they didn't attack him or Star yesterday. Silver doesn't think they'll give him any trouble, at least. He continues down this hallway to see where else it leads. He wants to be sure he gets everything.

6c218 No.92984

"Sie haben dir das erzählt? Bist du sicher? Ich hatte ihnen den Plan noch nicht erzählt."

8784c No.92985

I haven't looked at the wiki, honestly. Silver is clinging a lot of glass, which is more than just foot steps or gas-mask breathing

Just as on the other side, there are two doors to the right, and a hallway to the left

8784c No.92986

"Ich dachte, das hast du gesagt …"

56cb3 No.92987

That makes sense, actually. Carry on.

Silver heads into the first door on the right.

3a8e0 No.92988

Yeh. I finally get some pussy finally! Iron's epic quest is over!
Iron walks over to the wagon and climbs it, looking for the supposed cage.
"Now where is the cage here?"

92fc7 No.92989

"Send the ziggers back to Zebrica. Drive the Diamond Dogs Underground. The Griffons can stay subject-gated.and take the dragon's little island."

6c218 No.92990

"Und das stimmt, ich hatte gerade nicht erwähnt, dass wir noch zum Stock gehen würden. Sie wissen, dass wir Hilfe bekommen werden."
I apologize, something must have gone wonky with the translation, it spit out "They said you were going to get help…."
I should have double-checked it

8784c No.92991

It looks as if it is another library, sort of like the one on the other side, although perhaps with fewer total books.

If the dream changeling had stayed around longer

It appears as if it is supposed to be chained in the back, with a door inside closed. Like a wagon to carry around criminals

She smiles in her devious way
"Oh that last part has already been accomplished"

"Die anderen beiden wissen nicht, wohin Sie wollen?"

92fc7 No.92992

"It Got taken? i haden't heard about that. when was it taken?"

6c218 No.92993

"Nicht genau, nein. Mach dir keine Sorgen, das gehört auch zu meinem Plan"

8784c No.92994

"Why, at the conclusion of the Equestrian War. Or rather, after it. Since it was such a strategic location."

"Wer sind sie für dich?"

3a8e0 No.92995

Truly a sad day when dream changeling just gave him a boner to be wanked off later. Even the sucking doesn't cut it.
Iron, nodding at the simplicity of the design, simply places the tiger near the back and chains it there. After this, he walks out of the wagon and tries to close and lock it.
(Well, that is a job well done if I do say so myself. Maybe the mare has something to help me with these cuts.)
He walks back inside the building and gently knocks on the door where the counter is to call for her attention.

92fc7 No.92996

"Send the Dragons to the Dread Leauge."

6c218 No.92997

"Verbündete in dem Sinne, dass wir zusammengearbeitet haben, und sie haben bewiesen, dass man ihnen vertrauen kann. Sie haben von Ihnen beiden gewusst und ihren Mund geschlossen, und das allein ist heutzutage eine Seltenheit."

8784c No.92998

Replies to the next post to go in the new thread

8784c No.92999

I really feel like making placing the tiger in the cage more difficult
She looks through, her eyes are wide and her ears perk up

"I don't know if I want to give the necromancers dragons"

Kerr looks at Brie
"Wer bist du genau?"
Then he blinks

8784c No.93001

NEW THREAD >>93000

6c218 No.93003

"Ich heiße Brie Achtzig Sechs und habe vor, die U-Bahn von Baltimare zu regieren." Brie says with more than a hint of a smile.

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