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File: 1548289583412.png (160.76 KB, 800x500, smug.png)

99eec No.87000[View All]

The Adventure continues

Six years after season 6, Occupied Equestria presents an alternative history where Chrysalis chose a different approach to her second attack on Equestria. The Changelings have conquered half of Equestria, while a former Equestrian colony - soured to Princess Twilight's notion of harmony with all creatures thank to their dealing with griffins - Invaded and took the other half. In Baltimare and the Equestrian Southeast, the magic of friendship has weakened, as Communists, Changeling infiltrators, Fascists, gangs, and corrupt creepy politicians threaten the city. This role play is based in large part upon the Equestria at War mod for Hearts of Iron 4, and uses D&d 3.5e mechanics.

The Eastside Tavern Gang has broken through the house and pool-house of the politician Comte Burgher. What they found has been nothing short of astonishing. Deeds for properties bought by secret societies, seditious communications, cryptic booklets, concerning academic interests, and above all else, a sex dungeon with two young colts chained up, and traumatized. With these, they found something else: two caged and chained up adolescent Changeling drones. So doing what any logically minded group of people would do when encountering caged life-force vampires, they let the things suck on them, then took them home and hugged them and loved them and squeezed them and called them 'George.'

Dark Star is coming to terms with loss in the Stallion's room of the Eastside tavern, while Iron aids him. Silver dreams of an Equestria that is no more and his long lost family (while sleeping in a fairly awkward position). Ash awaits a new dawn of service, Onyx a new life of possible employment, while Brie and Spark stay in a small room with two strange guests
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e60d2 No.89062

>You'll want to max out int
Really? How come? Is it really that useful? Or is it for the extra skill points?
>2 level 1 spells are meh
Is alarm a good replacement for any of these two?
>No mention of detect thoughts
Should I place glitterdust as better than detect thoughts or no?
Changelings are pretty versatile.

3dd42 No.89063

The role of a Bard is the skillmonkey and "jack of all trades". You want to have lot of Int at the beginning, so you have a lot of skills and are able to max out several different skills.
Alarm isn't that great, unless you expect the DM to try to kill the party in their sleep. Even in that case, it's a Ranger spell too, and it's typpically the Ranger's niche to keep the party from being killed in the Wilderness.

3dd42 No.89064

Who is this?

e60d2 No.89065

How about rune?
Also, should I sacrifice the two extra points in dex I have that gives my bard an initiative mod of +7 with improved initiative, has +6 chance to hit with all missles and has +3 AC for its dex?

e60d2 No.89066

*about Erase?

3dd42 No.89067

Both Detect thoughts and glitterdust can be decent.
Wis is your dump stat, which is kind of sad, but ranking up Sense Motive won't be bad either, if you really want to fill the niche of the negotiator.

3dd42 No.89068

>Improved Initiative
I wouldn't go for that, tbh.

Take Melodic Casting: it allows you to sub Perform for Concentration, and let's you cast spells while you're performing. Pretty much indespensible for a good Bard.

e60d2 No.89069

I was thinking strength is the dump stat since I was planning to go all missle based for this character. Wis is just one point higher than strength and three points behind dex

3dd42 No.89070

Normally, I'd say leave str at 10, but thus game requires 13 str to use automatic weapons.

3dd42 No.89071

Do Bards even get Erase?
It's not important, unless you find the need to remove arcane marks (which you can't cast) to be a necessity.
Read Magick would be a better choice. Let's you read different languages, and activate cryptic scrolls.

e60d2 No.89072

Oh, I was planning a bard marksman, with a bolt-action rifle. So I should pass the wis stat to str and add that extra point at level 4 to it to use an MP40 or whatever other SMG, right?
Yep, as a first-class spell.
Read magic is level zero.
How about Confusion or Hypnosis?
I'll exchange it for Mending

3dd42 No.89073

Before I geek-out over Bard builds, don't you still have a living character to play?

e60d2 No.89074

Well, yeah, but since you and I can't interact with the world for the time being, I think it's a passable time to flesh out a bard character for maximum usefulness in and out of combat when Iron eventually kicks the bucket.

3dd42 No.89075

Tbh, Bard seems like the best possible class for a Skittlebug, since they thrive off of attention and are always so nonchalant.

e60d2 No.89076

To think I almost made her a rogue.
Bards are rather cool.
I think I like character interactions more than combat.

3dd42 No.89077

Rogue sounds like it'd be the favored class of Changelings.
It is in Eberron, and their changlings have similar abilities (a transfiguration ability that functions like disguise self).
Character interactions are the main point of the game. That's what role-playing is all about.

3dd42 No.89078

Bards are a patrician tier class. They're admittingly really not the best at anything at all, but they've got everything a creative jackass needs to have fun.

Also, Glibness is the best spell in the game. A mid-level Bard could take over the world by lying to anyone and everyone.

e60d2 No.89079

Pretty much.
I like charisma-based characters now.
With spells like that, changeling bards would have already taken over all of New Mareland already. Sheesh, that's a huge boost.

3dd42 No.89080

Spoiler, because geek-faggotry. (I've played a Bard before, so I know how good they are at causing mischief).
The stupidest, silliest, most unbelievable lie in the world suffers a -20 penalty to its bluff check. A lie that is self-destructive or hard to believe is -10. A simply bad lie is -5.

A Bard with a +15 Bluff modifier, taking 10 on a bluff check through Glibness would have a total of 55; marked down to 35 if he were trying to convince someone that he were Jesus Christ. It would be unbeatable by most characters of his level, and a lvl 20 ultra-paranoid NPC who took more than 5 ranks in Sense Motive for some reason would still need to roll decently to beat his opposed bluff. It even beats Discern Lies and Zone of Truth.

Add on Improvization and Voice Of The Dragon, and the Bard can start and end wars just by speaking.

99eec No.89081

e60d2 No.89082

That's a bretty good spell.

3dd42 No.89083

e60d2 No.89084

I agree.

3dd42 No.89085

Bards can learn Mass Suggestion: you can make your potential enemies do the Cha Cha Slide for 16 hours, if you're at that level.

e60d2 No.89086

Now that I think about it, should I go for two performance skills? I'd like Acting as the performance but I think that some spells would require a musical instrument.

3dd42 No.89087

It's really not necessary.
I'd suggest something that doesn't require an instrument.

e60d2 No.89088

So acting is a good choice or should I go for the safer singing route?
Both should align with the changeling's backstory.

3dd42 No.89089

Either works, but acting sounds like it'd work for a Skittlebug.
Acting includes poetics and drama, so there's still an auditory component.

e60d2 No.89090

Nice. Acting it is.

e60d2 No.89091

By the way. My bug is not skittle-colored. R00d

3dd42 No.89092

Oh. Idk why I assumed that. Maybe I just subconsciously thought that a normal bug wouldn't spend it's time playing music.

To be completely honest, I don't think the Skittlebug color designs are really that irredeemably bad. It's just the context that bothered me in the show.

e60d2 No.89093

An infiltrator sure would do that to ease her love harvesing.

e60d2 No.89094

I have to get up a little earlier than other days.
Goodnight, you three people.
Let's pray that Star comes back.

99eec No.89095

File: 1549086013118.gif (93.28 KB, 336x336, 1515642826295.gif)

Where are you getting this idea that I would let you play a Changeling character? Changelings occupy a unique place within the larger story and lore, and have unique magical abilities that make them hard to balance with the other races. There is no way I am giving one to a Munchkin player

3dd42 No.89096

What about level adjustment?

3dd42 No.89097

Goodnight, I think I'll go to bed too pretty soon.
Also, Munchkin Bard is almost oxymoronic.

e60d2 No.89098

I did see you challenge Silver's player to feed on love some threads ago if he ever lost Silver. I just jumped into the idea since you offered it to another player.
I can always go for Pegasus, as she was meant to be previously. Maybe she'll need disguise self and other abilities changed, but it should still be fun.

e60d2 No.89099

Sorry, just saw that while in bed. I'll go to bed for real now. Night

99eec No.89100

Maybe after finagling. In the mean time, a ban is simpler

>Munchkin Bard is oxymoronic
Did you even read your own posts in >>89080 >>89057 and >>89078? You obviously know how to abuse the bard class in a way that breaks the game, offends the story, and is a pain in the ass to everyone else playing

3dd42 No.89101

A "Muchkin" refers to a player who cares exclusively about mechanical power and doesn't try to roleplay or creatively play through character interactions.
Bards really aren't that good in combat at all, but their abilities let them cook up some fun jackass shenanigans, which is really all they're
really good at.

3dd42 No.89102

I guess if you really optimize a Bard hard enough, you could get a moderately powerful spellcaster, through the Sublime Chord class, but you may as well be a Sorcerer if that's what you wanted.
The Bard's real strength is being able to open up new options for the party, buff allies, and manipulate NPCs through use of smooth words. It's a class that great for hardcore, inventive roleplay, because it's got a little bit of everything, and excells in the social skills.

Of course, if you don't play in good faith, it doesn't matter what class you're playing. A Bard could derail entire campaigns by seducing every boss, but that wouldn't be very fun for the party.

3dd42 No.89103

Okay, now I'm actually going to bed….

99eec No.89104

"Munchkin" is a blanket term for player behaviors including loot hording, game-breaking power gaming, rules lawyering, cheating, psychopathic non-roleplaying, murderhoboing, metagaming, and trolling, which are all unfun for other players.
Just in your own posts tonight you've used the terms "good at causing mischief" and "could take over the world" in reference to Bard powers. Don't give me any bullshit about "oh, we're not concerned excessively about mechanical power" when your own damned words directly contradict it.

3dd42 No.89105

Well, when I say "causing mischief", I don't mean being pointlessly antagonistic, as to go in the opposite direction of how the campaign is set.

Bards are good at tricking people. If you play a Chaotic Bard, you'd probably be more of a prankster, using his skills, music and spells to fool his enemies. It helps with the good selection of Illusion, enchantment, and divination spells that Bards get; since confusing the enemy can oftentimes be more effective than outright attacking them.
They're also probably one of the best in Urban settings, second only to Rogues.

3dd42 No.89106

You know, I like to talk about meta a lot, but it's never been my intention to break the game or derail the story in a way that wouldn't be fun.
I just feel like it's part of the fun of the game to explore your class features, so that you can better fit your niche in the party. Pointing out powers and abilities, or specializing/optimizing a character shouldn't ever mean using your abilities in an abusive way. Class abilities are fun, but they serve no purpose unless you use them in a way that helps the story develop; otherwise they're

Tbh, if you wanna call me a munchkin-player, just know that's really not my intention. In fact, I made this character with the intention of making her the opposite of a munchkin, since my last character (the greedy, misanthropic, mad-scientist of a Warforged Artificer) kind of was one, admittingly; so I wanted to make this character in a style that valued character, personality and RP over power, kill-counts and loot.
The metafaggotry is mostly supposed to be my way of me trying to be helpful to the less experienced players; since it's easy to overlook opportunities to play a better character, and Fighters especially don't have very much flexibility after they've already decided all of their feats. I can quit it if it really is that bothersome to anyone, although I'll admit that I kind of do enjoy talking about the geeky stuff…

771c5 No.89107

Who is not kill?

3dd42 No.89108

I am present.

e60d2 No.89109

I'm here, just woken up.

0b15d No.89110

I am liv.

3dd42 No.89115

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