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File: 1549132635156.png (646.48 KB, 1024x768, B7956E00-44A4-4260-829C-D8….png)

a91fe No.89111[Last 50 Posts]

Six years after season 6, Occupied Equestria presents an alternative history where Chrysalis chose a different approach to her second attack on Equestria. The Changelings have conquered half of Equestria, while a former Equestrian colony - soured to Princess Twilight's notion of harmony with all creatures thank to their dealing with griffins - Invaded and took the other half. In Baltimare and the Equestrian Southeast, the magic of friendship has weakened, as Communists, Changeling infiltrators, Fascists, gangs, and corrupt creepy politicians threaten the city. This role play is based in large part upon the Equestria at War mod for Hearts of Iron 4, and uses D&d 3.5e mechanics.

Ash and Iron seem to want to head out from the abbey. Dark Star was having a conversation with the rescued foals after doing community service. Silver is having a surprisingly friendly conversation with Blue Skies about politics. Spark is babysitting and Brie is supposed to be doing the same. Onyx is sleeping.

daa2c No.89112

File: 1549133360941-0.png (1.81 MB, 1500x1983, 1872359.png)

[Kirin Noises]

ec5b0 No.89113

>Silver is having a surprisingly friendly conversation with Blue Skies about politics.
Who knew that hating Commies could bring the bitterest of ideological enemies together?

a91fe No.89114

As blue Skies is laying down, Silver must lean further forward to feel her sides. If he places his hooves on her sides between her hips and her ribs, what he feels is soft and squishy. Directly touching the sides of her chest is possible only with her wings spread wide and forward. This part of her is bony, with less muscle or fat than on her hips.

Blue Skies looks back at Silver as she answers.
“Stalingrad has nothing to fear in that penal colony of the old Empire. They can barely keep their government together. They are in no position to be a threat. As for that ‘Tsar’… well, we’ll see who wants to claim these ancient pony lands. Whether it’s the Duke looking for old pony territories, the Archon looking to reclaim the Empire’s colony, or Chrysalis claiming more Liebesraum

0a952 No.89116

Any info on Star?

daa2c No.89117

He's still alive, last I checked.

0a952 No.89118

Do you think it was that poster with a different ID last thread recently?

daa2c No.89119

No, I don't.

0a952 No.89120


ec5b0 No.89121

Silver rubs, presses, and kneads between her hips and her ribs. Internally, he chuckles at the fairly provocative position they must be in right now. "He most certainly would want to reclaim North for Severyana, but whether he can or not is up for debate. He is old, older than I am even if it is only by few years. His Tsarist faction, now transformed into Severyanan Traditional Monarchist Party, has been all but locked out of Stalliongrad's government, with less representation than even Star Children Party, and public shows of support for his party have been outlawed. I have heard rumor Peter himself has been imprisoned on Azkaban island, north of Griffish Isles, and there is also rumor his son, Peter V, who is only other potential leader for party, has been outcast from Stalliongrad, and is currently living in city of Novoczernuszsk, which Black Hooves now control I think."

a91fe No.89122

Blue Skies purrs softly and looks back at Silver, with a somewhat warm smile.
“Even in exile a claimant to rule can be dangerous. Perhaps especially in exile. But I think any chance of him regaining that throne is unlikely.”

ec5b0 No.89123

He smiles back. His voice takes on a dramatic, almost patriotic tone that Blue hasn't heard before, adding a slight flourish to his words. "One can hope. Among mountain of rumors surrounding Stalliongrad, there is one that fills me with hope for my former Motherland's future. During famines that caused Communists to rise up in Severyana, there was resistance. Loyalists, those remained after Equestria was unable to provide relief, joined up with Tsarists in St. Petershoof, and united under one banner, with one purpose: to eradicate Communism and see their Motherland's glory restored. They called it 'The White Army of Severyana'. And during Severyanan Civil War, they fought, and they fought well. Even as their supplies ran out, and Reds stormed their lines, pushed into St. Petershoof itself, they fought. They fought to their last, and proved to world that Communism would not run unopposed. But that was not end for them. Even now, many ponies in Stalliongrad speak in hushed tones and whispers about standing up to the Supreme Soviet. Farmers, former militia ponies, and citizens of all stripes who have been blighted by Communists and their collectivization, or who fear them pushing into Southern Severyana, all speak with one voice the call of the faithful, the loyal, the resistant:

"'The White Army of Severyana lives'."

daa2c No.89124

Is it plausible for Sister Ash and Iron to go on ahead for now?

0a952 No.89125

I think so. Ash should approach Iron, since he's playing a spooky statue still, and relinquish his 'curse'.
And suffer a boop.

daa2c No.89126

Sister Ash finishes gathering everything she thinks she needs for the trip (a few scraps of cloth, and a random stick), calls Caleb, and goes to greet Iron at the entrance of the abbey.

"Are you ready to go?" She asks, after approaching him.

0a952 No.89127

Dice rollRolled 12 + 11

Iron boops Ash's snout, not wanting to break character in front of the foals peeking.

daa2c No.89128

*Snoot scrunches*

daa2c No.89129

Do you remember the addresses of those mademares?

a91fe No.89130

She continues smiling, but there is something different about her smile now. Something more… her. Then she laughs, but there is something devious in it.

“Were it so easy. The those Markists have no respect for history, for culture, or for the natural hierarchy. But they have succeeded in one task. They have turned a nation of ponies away from their free and natural state and into an orderly hive. A hive built for war. A hive of factory workers and drones who fight. When they fight, it is in great steel swarms of metal and magic. They will not be defeated easily by anyone.”

And then she adds
“But the ‘White Army’ is not the only claimant of north Severyana.”

Do you remember the descriptions of the foals?

0a952 No.89131

Iron chuckles a bit at his successful boop. "Sorry, I was acting like a scary booping statue for some of the foals." Iron clears his throat. "Thank you, valerous mare, for freeing me from my curse!" He hollers, making it up so as to not break character with the foals "My life is yours to command!"
I don't. Did the GM even name where they live?

ec5b0 No.89132

He sighs. "No, they are not. And I know it will not be easy feat. But it is possible. Not every citizen supports them, especially farmers and laborers who still make up majority of lower class in Stalliongrad. And their new Secretary General, Vasily Pantsushenko, has not yet dealt with famine adequately, and it is causing dissatisfaction among workers and craftsponies. She's been more worried with building grand monuments and palaces for her party, while also trying to deal with subversive elements within it. It is getting to point where all it would take is single spark to set fire to whole corrupted mess that is their republic."

daa2c No.89133

To be honest, I don't recall their colors. I should gave written it down.. I just know they both have their cutie marks.
Sister Ash has both of their pictures though, and she's personally seen Ollie.

a91fe No.89134

I can’t look it up myself until I get back to a laptop

And now, she looks back at Silver head tilted slightly, with a definite confused expression

“You don’t understand, do you? Well, I will say this. Whatever internal problems Stalliongrad has - whatever food shortages, whatever worker disatisfaction - will soon enough be swept away from their minds. A fire is indeed coming, but it is a fire from without. A great conflagration from the West will soon engulf them”

ec5b0 No.89135

"Oh, I know that. Odds are, however, Chrysalis will wait to deal with Stalliongrad until after she has finished with Equestria. They are still stronger, more concentrated force than New Mareland's forces in Equestria. She will want to attack them at full strength, when she has no other distractions."

daa2c No.89136

I'm trying to search it, but I'm not sure what words to search.

0a952 No.89137

If the gangsters told Ash about who are missing and their coat and mane colors, then search for 'Comte Burgher'. If not, search for 'Marey' or any other nuns.

a91fe No.89138

Her smile is now definitely devious

“Whatever happened to what you said last night? This whole grand idea of speaking to hungry swarms like they were friendly neighbors? Have you no faith in the power of secret diplomacy?”

daa2c No.89139

No. Sister Ash got the descriptions of the foals from photographs in the abbey.

Willowbrooks was the first Mademares, at the East Sixth.
The second was Saintgallop, at Westhaven.

0a952 No.89140

Oh. Well that's the addresses down. Did you find the foal descriptions?

daa2c No.89141


ec5b0 No.89142

The look on Silver's face suggests he's not very appreciative of that smile. "Just because I do not think like Dark Star does in that all changelings are guilty of crime of existing, does not mean that I think highly of all changelings. You and I both know Chrysalis will not stop at just Western Equestria, and I do not believe any amount of 'secret diplomacy' will change that. She does not seek diplomacy. She seeks dominance."

daa2c No.89143

It's kind of difficult to backread with the thread sizes..

0a952 No.89144

I know. It takes a while to load.

a91fe No.89145

Appreciated or not, it’s there. Bright and big
“No. She will not. But that isn’t the question now is it? The question is who’s next

daa2c No.89146

Alright, one was a filly with Sun Rays,the other was a colt with Dumbells. I know that there was a red Earth Pony, and a Black Unicorn.

The one who was picked up by the Manhattan couple was a blankflank. I don't think that one was ever described.

0a952 No.89147

Roger that. Be sure to command Iron to follow you when you're ready to move out. I believe we may have to hoof-fight. He does have some tidbits of info that could help sway one or both the mademares to release the assigned foals, but first I should confirm if Cauldron actually told Iron about the stallion's interest.

daa2c No.89148

Only 4 missing foals left…
Idk which is closer, so we may as well start With Willowbrooks on the East side.

0a952 No.89149

Alright. We shall go there.

Iron awaits Ash's command.

ec5b0 No.89150

"Chrysalis's relationship with Griffonian Empire is well established, and it is known Empire wants to retake their lost colony, so I do not believe she will try for Nova Griffonia. Stalliongrad would put up fiercest resistance out of all options, so I do not believe she will try to conquer them just yet. She could try for Polar Bear Communities and Kingdom of Pingland, but outside of some meager resources, there's nothing that conquering them would provide to Hegemony. All that is left is Eastern Equestria, and it is very enticing prospect for Chrysalis. There are plenty of resources, plenty of ponies to use as food, and it is barely defended."

daa2c No.89151

"Let's head to the East Sixth." Sister Ash says, getting up.

0a952 No.89152

Iron nods. "I will follow."
Iron has begun following Ash, making sure his armor and shield are properly equipped, including his leather belt under his armor.

daa2c No.89153

With him, Sister Ash sets off on course to the East Sixth.

a91fe No.89154

Are those the descriptions of the two foals with the made mares, or of the other two foals besides those two and Comte’s two in the set of six?

“New Mareland has one thing going for it that none of the other states have going for it. An ocean. An ocean, and a navy defending it. Yes, invading West Equestria right now - and all of this is assuming Chrysalis chooses to knock down the front door rather than quietly open a rear window - will be as simple as driving a tank from the border to the sea. So what? They won’t have defeated New Mareland. Their core territories are overseas, as are their main supplies of most resources save rubber. And if Chrysalis tried to invade Stalliongrad after invading East Equestria, she’ll find not only the tanks and infantry of Stalliongrad staring back at her, but the entire New Mareland Army right above them in grand flights of Pegasi and dive bombers, and behind them in formations of artillery”

daa2c No.89155

Wait, Six?

I can't remember what Ollie looked like.

I don't recall what the "adopted" foal looked like. I don't think a specific description was given.

Two of the foals had cutie marks, iirc. I think the rest were blank flanks.

Idk who those descriptions referred to, there was very little to go by in the post.

Compt's foals were two colts, White and Green.

daa2c No.89156

Right now, I'm looking for:

The two foals picked up by the mademares.

The foal who was allegedly adopted.


daa2c No.89157

Unless I've missed one…

ec5b0 No.89158

"Even excusing that New Mareland's navy just got pummeled, and that Chrysalis's own navy has gotten considerably stronger in past months, there is one thing you are forgetting: there is force in Griffonia that is stronger than New Mareland. And they are friendly with Chrysalis."

daa2c No.89159

If I wasn't mistaken, the foals taken by the mademares we're the two who had Cutie Marks, meaning there was a filly with Sun rats and a Colt with Dumbells among them.

0a952 No.89160

If we count Comte's foals, then it would be six. I think you're right.

a91fe No.89161

Then repost exactly what was said in the post

“Have I forgotten? How could any pony of the East ever forget? No, they are still occupied by the Iconoclasts and the “harmonists.” And however cuddly you think Chrysalis is to them, there is nothing she could give them that equals the raw boots on the ground that New Mareland provides against their enemies.”

She moves her head to her shoulder, in what seems to be a faux endearing display

“It isn’t called ‘The Tripple Alliance’ for nothing”

I know they had cutie marks. I am asking if the black unicorn and the red earth pony are those two pony or a separate two

daa2c No.89163

daa2c No.89164

I'm trying. My phone crashes when I try to open the thread.

ec5b0 No.89165

Silver flashes Blue's trademark grin right back at her. "Well, there is fact that Chrysalis has not conquered numerous Griffon nations in past decade, Griffon nations that Griffonian Empire had machinations of reclaiming. And there is fact that Griffonian Empire still benefits directly from Changeling Panzer designs. And that Changeling Hegemony poses less of threat to Griffonian interests than New Mareland does…"

daa2c No.89166

daa2c No.89167

My phone keeps crashing when I try to look at this thread,but idk if there was anything linking the two clues.

0a952 No.89168

I'll take a look on the laptop.
It's chugging hard

d4cf6 No.89169

She rolls her eyes, then looks ahead and pulls her great outstretched wings back to her side

"There is more to be said about which nations New Mareland has colonized and their relation to the Empire, or exactly how happy the Archon is with the prospect of Changelings gaining a foothold on Griffonia should they conquer New Mareland after conquering an entire continent. But really now, what would be the point in saying it?"

Let that be a lesson about why you should stop spamming the threads by constantly replying to your own posts. If you have anything to say to anyone, reply to that person, so they actually know you are talking to them and can sort out the posts among the literal thousands in threads. If you don't have anything to say to anyone and just want to talk to yourself, then don't bother posting. All of us have laptops and phones that crash when we try to open large threads. All of us have difficulty backreading. So don't make it any harder than it needs to be

daa2c No.89170

I don't think there was any concrete description there.
How many posts per thread would you prefer?

ec5b0 No.89171

"Oh, I imagine they already have their own 'secret diplomacy' between each other about avoiding such possibilities, should they kick New Mareland out of this Triple Alliance and decide to turn on them." He stands up to stretch out his limbs. "In either case, I am not sure how much more massaged your body can get."

d4cf6 No.89172

She stands up rather quickly, and walks to the door, opening it for him. She does not look more relaxed than when she came in.

0a952 No.89173

You're right. The pics only say there's three blankflanks and the two cutie marks you described. No mention that the cutie marked foals are the ones being trianed by gang members.

ec5b0 No.89174

"Thank you for seeing me, Blue. It has been nice talking with you." He trots out the open door.

d4cf6 No.89175

She says nothing. The door to the left, the door he came in, is closed

ec5b0 No.89177

He goes to leave through this door.

0a952 No.89178

I think you offended her.
Or she's trying to act professional, not sure
Or trying not to spark rumors of her bedding an old stallion while in a relationship with Star

d4cf6 No.89179

The door is unlocked and opens, but when he does so, a guard on the other side immediately asks "Who are you?"

ec5b0 No.89180

Either Silver offended her, or she doesn't like the thought that the Griffonian Empire and the Changeling Hegemony could both turn on New Mareland at the same time, which could have also offended her.

"Silver Sword. I was let in here by Blue Skies." He points to the room he just came out of.

daa2c No.89181

The question is whether or not the Red Earth Pony and The White Unicorn were the ponies with the Cutie Marks that were sent to the mademares.

The colts we brought back from Burger were a White Earth Pony and a Green Unicorn, who lacked cutie marks: White Orchid and Mint Marine.

If there were three blankflanks, that means that we've found two of them, so there's only one blankflank left, and two with Cutie Marks. Of the two with Cutie Marks, there were was a Filly with Sun Rays and a Colt with dumbells.

0a952 No.89182

Computer crashed for some reason, so I'll phonepost for a bit to ease its burden.

Ah, so it's proven that at least one of the foals has to have a cutie mark. Got it.

d4cf6 No.89183

He squints his eyes, and looks back with a look somewhere between uncertainty, disgust, and judgement
"Alright… I guess you are not a detainee, or at least not anymore. You may go."

I know enough

ec5b0 No.89184

He nods at the guard. "Thank you. Have good day." He makes his way past the guard, back outside the building through the way he came in.

d4cf6 No.89185

And thus he leaves the snake pit

0a952 No.89186

By the by, link your movements to the GM.

daa2c No.89187

Got it.

I'm going to have to leave to eat dinner some time soon though.

0a952 No.89188


daa2c No.89189

0a952 No.89191

We should discuss our plan of action.
As he follows Ash towards the East Sixth, he spaks up. "Do you have any plan on how to deal with the mademares?"

0a952 No.89192

*he speaks up.

daa2c No.89193

Sister Ash is silent for a few moments before she responds.
"… To ask them nicely if I can see the foals.."

0a952 No.89194

Iron nods. "I suppose it is a better plan than just punching everypony." He pokes his chin. "This first pony is a mare, right?"

Phoneposting after this post.

daa2c No.89195

"Perhaps, judging by he name.." she says, a bit unsure
"I want to see what's happened to him.

71513 No.89196

"If she is, then you can use her bar as an advantage. We could either cause some damage to it or try to improve the business she has. I am not sure how we would do the latter."

daa2c No.89197

"It would be preferable not to make a scene. I'll do whatever feels necessary though."

71513 No.89198

Iron nods.

d4cf6 No.89199

File: 1549158758661.png (265.73 KB, 839x691, 4107507-maud_blank_stare_s….png)

Alright, I know I shouldn't comment on player/character choices, but I will admit that the Silver-Blue Skies scene didn't end in a way that felt satisfying
As it started on Tuesday, I thought that it would be a great exploration of Blue's secret admiration of Silver's philosophy of being kind and doing good to those you have previously received only evil from, in the hopes that they too may learn to be good. And in kind, of Silver's desire to make peace with old enemies from the war, and Silver seeing his old Highwaymare in Blue Skies and possibly falling in love with her. I thought there would be a test of how far Skies was willing to go with Silver. Instead, we got a conservation about a geopolitical situation neither would have first hand knowledge of which became an argument after Blue Skies basically told Silver that her country was intending to use his old homeland as a steak to distract a hunting predator, and Silver in turn restarted the argument that's been had twice before where he tells Blue Skies why he thinks her government is too weak to meaningfully resist the Changelings. So I figured that she would just show him the door when it became obvious that he didn't want to be persuaded, but rather belittle the government she works for. Maybe I should have had her make a sarcastic remark, but it would have ended the same. And the massage was neither him wanting to touch her nor him testing her, but repaying what she did for him the day before.
I feel like this would have gone differently if I could have stayed up on Tuesday, but I thought that I may have had stuff to do in the morning, so I went to sleep
I don't think Dark Star's player is returning for a while. This is probably the last time we will see Blue Skies for a long time
Again, I don't want to influence player choices, because you can do what you want to. I just wanted to express my feelings

0a952 No.89200

Understandable. I had a feeling she was testing Silver on some level from how physical the two were being.

daa2c No.89202

Gee, I'm not really sure how to respond to that…
Skies isn't a bad character, btw, despite my character not always getting along with her (for her own, in-character reasons).

Also, if you had a path you wanted my character to follow, I wouldn't be unwilling to try to play the role in my own way. I can be an actor as much as a player, so I don't mind if you wanna influence my character to a slight degree.

0a952 No.89203

I do agree with this. You don't have to be scared of limiting players' freedom to tell the story you want.

daa2c No.89204

I wouldn't put it as 'limiting character's freedoms', but moreso 'quest giving'. If there's a role you want me to play in the story, I'll steer my character towards developing that role.
After all, PCs are effectively protagonists.

0a952 No.89205

I'm pretty sure at this point, it's too late to place limitations on character creation since we're already somewhat fleshed characters that now need to be motivated through their own likes and dislikes.
I suppose Iron can do that too.
Or, you know, make Iron jump off a cliff and start fresh with that unicorn/pegasus bard I keep talking about.

daa2c No.89206

Nah, Sister Ash has plenty of room to change. I actually devised a flow-chart like system to figure out what different paths she can take as a hero. The only question to how she'd mature depends on what the long-term goals of the party outta be. So far, I've focused on developing her as a kind and charitable character, to flesh-creatures alignment as a neutral good ascetic. I was hoping to do some stuff that could make her stand out as a nature-worshipper too, sometime.
Characters can always change. That's what character development is. Goals, experiences, and comradery are all good ways to Stoke character development.

Besides, Sister Ash might eventually have to drop the ascetiscism gig, since she currently has an AC of just 10…

0a952 No.89207

>only 10 AC
*insert pledge to protect meme*
I sure hope Iron can manage. He is kind of a stubborn pony that only respects a good hoof or fist fight first, then words.

daa2c No.89208

Well, Sister Ash is similar, in her own way.

0a952 No.89209

I sure hope so.

d4cf6 No.89210

Iron doesn’t have to follow Ash around like a lost puppy

0a952 No.89211

He's a puppy with a purpose to protecc, like Caleb.
Aside from that, he did promise to help her all the way. Tell you what. I'll go back to Cauldron for some work after helping Ash on her sidequest. Sound good?
That is if this doesn't go to shit and the bar isn't destroyed or the mademares killed or otherwise wishing for vengeance. If that's the case, maybe he can act like a merc for Black Hooves. All of this after fullfilling his promise.

daa2c No.89212

It's very much appreciated.

0a952 No.89213

I don't think he's doing a lot. At least not yet. He's more of a contingency plan of sorts. If the baddies want combat, they'll get combat kind of deal. Apart from that, he's just along for the ride.

daa2c No.89214

Do we have time to play tonight?

d4cf6 No.89215

With just Iron and Ash?

daa2c No.89216

Well, idk if anyone else is here..

0a952 No.89217

I think he's implying we're going to desync again like the cannery job.

cd0b7 No.89218


0a952 No.89219

AY! The mango-fueled bat is bacc!

cd0b7 No.89220

Again, if only you knew. So where are we at, and who's feeling daring?

0a952 No.89221

Iron, Ash and you. GM is so-so, maybe phoneposting. Spark is nowhere to be seen.

d4cf6 No.89222

File: 1549168818523.gif (164.53 KB, 600x600, Eeeeeee.gif)

Last I recall, Brie stepped out. At least I think. Spark has been babysitting the ersatz foals, who promptly started fighting each other. Silver was being nice to Blue Skies at headquarters until he wasn't, he's probably coming back now

0a952 No.89223

Also, Silver and GM did an oopsie on their character exploration, so Skies is going to be absent for some time.

0e352 No.89224

I'm back.

cd0b7 No.89225

The last thing Brie explicitly did was to rest for a journey with Wesley adorably snuggling under his wing.

0a952 No.89226

Jesus Christ, are you multiRPing or something?
Well, now you've unlocked 'Interacting with Spark and the two foals' option. Brie can wake up to see Spark trying to acheive peace while Kerr and Wesley who is assumed to have since gone away from his conforting bat wing are having a friendly scuffle.
Colts will be colts, after all.

d4cf6 No.89227

D'aww, well Wesley was fighting with Kerr, though he probably wouldn't have if he had a pony to parasitize on

daa2c No.89228

So, were we supposed to meet up with any of the others, cuz I kind of thought we were going to see the mademares solo.

0a952 No.89229

We can do that to get Spark's above average diplomacy and bluff skills.

daa2c No.89230

And I'd like to have this figured out sooner than later, because it's getting late, and I don't have the Constitution to stay up until 2am

cd0b7 No.89231

Brie is a sociopath, no lovings to nom on.

0e352 No.89232

I don't think I have any diplomacy. I think that was all Dark Star.

daa2c No.89233

Does he even have diplomacy as a class skill?

I do, but no skill points to allocate…

0a952 No.89234

Oh. Well, I suppose bluff can be useful?

daa2c No.89235


Well, do we go to get Spark or not? I thought he was busy with the changelings.

0a952 No.89236

Right, he is busy with those foals. I suppose if Spark really wants to come OOC, then we could leave Silver as their guardian, unless we can get an NPC to care for changeling foals out of everything.

0a952 No.89237

Hey, Spark, do you want to come or babysit the bug bois some more?

0e352 No.89238

Hmm… I would like to come to reduce the chances of the place burning down, but I should stay with the changelings until they are sent away.
I'm still going to miss them.

daa2c No.89239

We're getting you.

Alright, Sister Ash and Iron detour to go get Spark.

0e352 No.89240

Ok then.

0a952 No.89241

Brie, can you stay with the bug bois for a bit longer?

cd0b7 No.89242

"Yeah, they're fine with me"

0a952 No.89243

Oh whoops, sorry. We weren't there yet. Keep that answer for later.

0a952 No.89244

Just in case you needed to link it.
Calling you out, Ashy.

daa2c No.89245

Wait, what? Now I'm confused…

0a952 No.89246

Remember the whole 'link to the people the post is for' lesson?

daa2c No.89247

I'm sorry, m8.. I'm nearly passed out and my attention span is thinking..

0a952 No.89248

I think the GM's on the same vein, actually.
You two, do you think you can be available on day hours like 12 to 3 or 4 PM? Silver and GM will probably be at the same schedule.

daa2c No.89249

Tomorrow is the Superbowl. Burgers may be busy footballing.

0a952 No.89250

Oh no.
I think we should consider this an end unless the GM props up your prompt of going to the tavern in about half an hour.

cd0b7 No.89251

I make no promises

0e352 No.89252

I should be more often like that now. My schedule kind of went crazy for a couple of weeks, but it is stabilizing now.

0a952 No.89253

The suspense.
Alrighty. Good to know.

daa2c No.89254

Good to hear.

daa2c No.89255

Alright. I'm sleeping now.

0a952 No.89256

I'll follow your example by going to bed too.
I hope I can see you two at the hours I mentioned, as well as the GM and Silver.
Maybe it's a bit too early. I am basing myself upon ART, not your usual timeframe. If you want to compare your times, I'm nodding off at 3:25 AM today.

ec5b0 No.89257

Not sure what I could really add about the whole encounter between Silver and Blue. They were having a fun time together, Silver repaying Blue's kindness from before, chatting about things, and then an argument happened. I guess I could say I also think the ending was dissatisfactory, and that it's not at all the way I would've liked it to end, but that's just how it went down, I suppose. I could add that Silver would be more than willing to make things up with Blue, if she would even speak with him at this point. Other than that, I guess I'll have to live with it.
Of course, a lack of Dark Star and Blue Skies kinda throws a couple wrenches into things, going on from here. Dark Star was a bit like the de facto leader of the group because of his connections and diplomatic skill, and his presence will be sorely missed by everyone. And Silver still has a small quest from Blue that he still needs to finish, or needed to finish but can't anymore. Blue Skies was the group's connection into the Black Hooves, and besides the Black Hooves, there's only one other faction in the city that the group knows how to contact, that being the Waterfront Gang. Most of the group would be hesitant to meet up with the Communists. And there's a distinct lack of Harmonists in the city.

0a952 No.89258

So we gangsta now?

ec5b0 No.89259

Unless something pops up, maybe. It depends on if Iron has connections with a section of the Waterfront Gang that is at least semi morally-agreeable to most of the gang.

0a952 No.89260

I think Cauldron is a good zebra. Maybe a bit specist from her painting of zebras dominating ponies, or maybe it's her father who fought against poners.
As a sidenote to your concerns, there's always going in like Dark Star did, just asking to join the faction all willy-nilly. They're a big organization, so there's a lot of ponies inside the faction to ask for jobs and gain renown.

daa2c No.89261

I was actually hoping to fill the niche of the diplomat, tbh. Diplomacy is a class skill for Druids so she wouldn't have to spend double ranks to increase it, and it's part of why I was playing a pacifist.
Although, she doesn't actually have those skills yet; I was going to give her sheet and overhaul after her first level-up, when it'starts decided whether or not she'll be able to do this Asceticism thing. After that, i'll reflux her skill set.

As for connections to the Blackhooves and the waterfront gang, it would depend on what the party (and more importantly, GM) want to do as the main question going forward. Connections could be reestablished, if PCs proactively tried.
As things stand, the party doesn't have a common goal, whichis why we've had some much trouble sticking together. The party needs to get together and discuss what they want in life, so that they can all head off on a joined adventure.
Sister Ash came to Equestria as a religiosity pilgrimage, to study eldritch and magical places in pursuit of advancing her own powers and becoming closers to nature; as well as to observe the role that ponies play as caretakers of nature. Everfree would be something like a mecca to her, but she would follow the party to any remote forest/cavern/dungeon so long as there was magic/nature/clergy that she could learn from; while everypony else hunts for treasure and plot development.

0a952 No.89266

That makes three people. Who else will come in at this hour? Will it be the elusive Brie, or the reserved Spark? Will the edgy satyr Dark Star appear just like a wizard, just in time? Will the GM capitalize on the appearances of all players at this hour or real life has tied him up and taken him as a hostage?
No one shall ever know.

cd0b7 No.89267

Brie has a plan. I'm not telling you what it is cuz that would be meta

0a952 No.89268

That makes four.
Of course the rogue has to keep his plans secret. Typical rogue stuff.

20e5c No.89269

>cauldron is speciest

Disappointing, but it makes me wonder what exactly I was hoping for

0a952 No.89271

I thought with that painting the restaurant had, there's a little possibility. It could be his father though. Or its just a battle his father had long ago. Who knows, really? Never really asked Cauldron or any of her brothers and sisters.

20e5c No.89272

File: 1549220000497.jpeg (19.28 KB, 300x168, D683C8C1-EB35-4E8A-8637-2….jpeg)

The painting was intended to be a depiction of sort of ponified Battle of Isandlwana, which if you’ll recall was a battle where Zulu warriors defeated a contingent of British infantry. Essentially it would have represented a Zebrican accomplishment and be a sort of symbol of Zebrican pride

0a952 No.89273

Ah, that's new to me. A cool reference. Sorry if I didn't get it before.
Iron never really commented on it, it was just OOC suspicions.

cd0b7 No.89274

Actually, its cuz OOC discussions about what the player's character is going to do, wants, or plans is meta in the extreme

0a952 No.89275

Ok then.

daa2c No.89278

It'd be nice for characters to talk about what they want though, so they can cooperate.

0a952 No.89279

We could if we were able to transport ourselves to that tavern and meet up with Spark and Brie.
Maybe Silver, if he is able to reach the tavern at the same time.
I want to aggressively hug Kerr again.

cd0b7 No.89280

This. Brie hasn't moved since the last mission.

d4cf6 No.89281

I'm not entirely sure how the argument is supposed to go down. This is at least the third time its happened

"Your country is too weak to defeat the Changelings!"
"No it isn't"
"Yeah huh!"
"Nu uh"
"Yeah huh!"
"Okay. Fine then. Tell me how you will defeat the Changelings with no way to stall for time, no army, no navy, no airforce, and nowhere to run"
"I won't. All hope is lost"
"Okay. Then go be a feeding thrall"
"Well maybe I will!"
"There's a corner for you to sit and wait"
*conversation ends*

0a952 No.89282

That's kinda funny.
If you're up for it, Iron and Ash are going to the tavern to fetch Spark. We could have some PC discussion time while we wait for Silver to arrive.
Are you guys also up for it or is real life blocking your attempts?

daa2c No.89283

Well, let's do that then. I wanna get this side quest finished.
I don't have anything to do at this very moment.

daa2c No.89284

So, Iron and Sister Ash are going to meet the rest of the party at the tavern, right?

They go straight there then.

0a952 No.89285

Remember to link your post to the GM.

daa2c No.89286

d4cf6 No.89287

It is so. Basically no one is there

0a952 No.89288

"It is rather empty for a tavern. Maybe ponies only go here at night?" Iron scratches his helment, then shakes his head. "Nevermind. Follow me, I know where Spark might be." He proceeds to go upstairs, motioning Ash to follow.

daa2c No.89289

",You think they're here?"
Sister Ash follows him, up the stairs, gripping the sides of her shawl to avoid tripping.

daa2c No.89290

Role call.

Who was going to come find the foals?

0a952 No.89291

"At least one of them should be in his room due to our mission last night." Iron proceeds to walk towards Silver's room. "You shall see when I open the door."
The ponies inside Silver's room can hear a strong knock on the door, asking to come in.

0a952 No.89292

Of course I'm here. GM is here too. Brie might still be here. Spark and Silver are unknown variables.

daa2c No.89293

"It couldn't hurt to look." Sister Ash replies
Is Caleb allowed inside the tavern?
If not, he knows the 'Stay' command, so he can wait outside.

0e352 No.89294

I’m back. Sorry for the wait.
I go to the door and open it slightly to see who is there.

0a952 No.89295

He can see a wolf-head, armor wearing Earth Pony with a shield equipped. "Hello Spark. How are the foals doing?"

0e352 No.89296

“A bit on the restless side, but fine.”
I open the door to let you in.

daa2c No.89297

"Good morning, Mr. Spark" Sister Ash says, with another of her routine, Oriental bows

0a952 No.89298

Iron takes the invitation, letting himself in.
"Be prepared to see some of the strangest foals yet." He motions Ash to follow him inside.

0e352 No.89299

“Good morning. Are the other goals we rescued doing ok?”

daa2c No.89300

"I already saw them." She replies
"No." She says, flatly
".. but they may recover.."

d4cf6 No.89301

File: 1549228257655.png (149.69 KB, 749x1066, 0723AA29-2DEA-4B5C-A181-94….png)

A light grey Pegasus colt with dark grey mane walks up to Ash

0a952 No.89302

"Oh. I suppose it was obvious since you were there with them." Iron proceeds to sit in a corner, unsure if the foals are now going to cower under the bed due to his different appearance.

d4cf6 No.89303

File: 1549228506731.png (323.65 KB, 2162x2424, 1499103781952-2.png)

It looks as though the corner to the left, furthest away from the door has already been claimed by a small blue unicorn

0e352 No.89304

“We really need to find the other ones that are still missing before they are beyond recovery. For now though, Silver has left to find out the best course of action to return these little ones home. Hopefully he will be back soon.”
“Any idea on where we begin to look for the other foals?”

daa2c No.89305

*Looks down*
"Hello." She says

d4cf6 No.89306

File: 1549228749986.jpeg (18.95 KB, 236x273, 71253B2C-7120-43D3-97E4-3….jpeg)

The colt does not speak, but sits down in front of Ash, sort of wagging his tail, although his position sitting on the ground makes that difficult

daa2c No.89307

*Looks down*
"Hello." She says

0a952 No.89308

"Yes, actually. We were going to pay a visit to one of the mademares. Somepony at East Sixth named Willowbrooks. I was hoping you would be able to come with us, but you seem to be busy for now." He waves his hoof. "We can wait here until he comes back." He smiles mischeivously.
Cute ICE pony. I think it's ICE pony.
Iron decides to test this unicorn's courage. He slowly walks towards the foal himself for a staredown.

d4cf6 No.89309

This foal looks determined. He is not giving up his spot

daa2c No.89310

"There are four left. Two of them were sent off to the leaders of the low-lives who kidnapped them. One was supposedly adopted for an absurd amount of money. And one was spotted near the soup kitchen.."

0a952 No.89311

Iron now stands right in front of him. He lets his shield fall down to the floor next to him, obviously away from the brave unicorn foal so that it doesn't fall on him.

0a952 No.89312

Rather r00d to keep a bug boi waiting, Ash

daa2c No.89313

"Yes. I would like to visit them both before the day's end though. There really isn't any time to spare."

0a952 No.89314

"Understandable." He nods. "The moment Silver comes, we can leave with Spark." He wonders if a certain bat would be here still.

daa2c No.89315

"Where is Silver, exactly? Did he say he was coming back here?"

0a952 No.89316

"I think Spark said as much before, if I am not mistaken." He does not change position from his staring down at the unicorn colt.

cd0b7 No.89317

Sorry, was doin' stuff, catching up now

d4cf6 No.89318

Iron is staring down Kerr for some reason

The foal does not move nor blink. It's almost like he's accustomed to not needing to blink

daa2c No.89319

I don't really like vampires, tbh..

cd0b7 No.89320

Brie looks up at Iron, then at Kerr. "What's eatin' you Iron?"

0a952 No.89322

Iron smiles from under his helmet, patting him on the head. Such a brave little colt he is.
Iron shrugs.

cd0b7 No.89323

"Awww come on, it was funny. You know, changelings, eating,…"

0169b No.89324

Onyx decides he actually has to wake up for once.

d4cf6 No.89325

He looks like he resents being pat

Think of them as Incubi then, just not necessarily sexual

d4cf6 No.89326

File: 1549229988354.jpg (115.11 KB, 512x512, 3f0c-1530440146-128899-512.jpg)


0169b No.89327

>The legend never dies
Not true, I'm just really good and coming back

daa2c No.89328

He wakes up to see a dog in front of him, staring at the pretzels on the countertop.
That's kind of worse, tbh..

0a952 No.89329

He cocks his head a bit, not knowing how to respond.
"Sorry." Iron chuckles. He picks him up for a hug.
"Anyways, we were planning on taking Spark away for the day. Do you think you can stay here and take care of these little rascals until Silver arrives?"

0169b No.89330

Onyx looks around for the dog's owner

cd0b7 No.89331

"Fine by me, I've still got some thinking to do." Brie says, stretching his arms and wings in a single motion.

d4cf6 No.89332

He seems resistant. Then not resistant. Then very cold and almost holding a static charge

Why is Incubi worse? It's only sexual if you want it to be

daa2c No.89333

The dog appears to be alone, sitting patiently.
Sister Ash nods in agreement.

daa2c No.89334

Incubi are literal demons who manipulate people to leech off of their lifeforce.

0169b No.89335

"Git dog"

0a952 No.89336

Iron does a little nuzzling as an added bonus.
"Alright then. Give me a second." He appears to be nuzzling and hugging the unicorn colt.

d4cf6 No.89337

These are not true demons though. These are Changelings. They are pony-like insectoids that manipulate and deceive ponies to leech off of their life force

He can hear a cold wind blow

daa2c No.89338

The doggo just sits there panting, looking directly at Onyx.
Yeah, although the archytype still fits.

0a952 No.89339

Iron decides to increase the huggle intensity. He's going to make him react if it's the last thing he does.

0169b No.89340

Onyx steps up to the dog
"I said git"

daa2c No.89341

"Woof." The huskie replies stubbornly, staying steadfast, as if chained to the spot.

d4cf6 No.89342

File: 1549230981901.jpg (162.4 KB, 1898x1399, 1528324336145-3.jpg)

*Insectoid noises*

0169b No.89343

Do I have to roll to slap the damn dog?

0a952 No.89344

"That is more like it." Iron gently plops down the unicorn foal on the corner he was in with a big smile on his face.
"I am ready to go. Shall we?"

0a952 No.89345

Fluffy boi gonna bite u. Don't try it.

d4cf6 No.89346

Roll for fortitude save

0169b No.89347

damn the fluffy boi

0a952 No.89348

Dice rollRolled 18 + 5

Oh boe.

daa2c No.89349

That may be counterproductive.
The dog has been handled to perform the 'stay' trick.

0e352 No.89350

“I believe so.”
Spark waves goodbye to the changelings, though hoping they aren’t sent back home before he returns.

0169b No.89351

Does the horse seems like he knows that? He just wants it out of the damn bar. No dogs where people eat and drink.

d4cf6 No.89352

All items of color in the room flicker grey, and Iron can feel a sense of dread as a sort of tinnitus sound fills his ears… Then it stops, and everything seems normal, mostly, although at the moment it's as if the joy has been sucked right out of him

daa2c No.89353

"I'm ready." She says, turning towards the door
No u

daa2c No.89354

Dice rollRolled 9 + 8

Spellcraft check, to recognize the supernatural effect created

daa2c No.89355

0169b No.89356

Damn this dog….

Meanwhile, last I remember Onyx was mentioning something about him or Blue being able to get him citizenship

0a952 No.89357

Iron pats that 'unicorn foal' on his head again. "Hope you liked it, Kerr."
"Alright, we should be good to go." He says, a bit more of a monotone voice. "Lead the way, Ash."

cd0b7 No.89358

So since Brie is bug-sitting, you guys don't need me right?

d4cf6 No.89359

Harmonic magic drain. The reactions are simply the result of a brief deficit of important psychic energy in the soul as portions of the psyche are literally sucked away. Think of it sort of like a lack of oxygen in the brain, including the potential to cause fainting


The foal purrs, and closes his eyes, smiling

0a952 No.89360

Not really. If you need to go do IRL stuff, you can.
Just don't disappear for weeks on end.

0169b No.89361

>Waits for someone to arrive that has knowledge of naturalization ceremonies

0e352 No.89362

I follow Iron.
You could play with the foals some, and make sure they don’t bust out of the place.

daa2c No.89363

Sister Ash's eyes widen, then narrow, as she recognizes what seems similar to very powerful necromancy. She stares directly at the parasite for almost 30 seconds, before leaving in a huff.

cd0b7 No.89364

Not doing stuff no, but I'm catching up on stuff and I don't want a bajillion windows open,… I'm not GM

0a952 No.89365

He chuckles at the foal. "Be good with Brie, little guy."
Iron follows Ash out of the building, Spark in tow.

daa2c No.89366

The dog turns his head towards the far side of room and wags his tail, as a weird unicorn-thing in a nun's habit descends from the staircase.

d4cf6 No.89367

Ask them

He looks back, unimpressed. Like he expects to be hated

>waiting for some one to come to him
That could take a while

0a952 No.89368

Don't worry. We'll be fine. Whenever you want to come back, you can play with the foals and wait for Silver to arrive.
Her appearance is followed by an steel-covered stallion with a wolf helmet and Spark.

0169b No.89369

"Hi Ash, Hi Iron, Hi Spark"
>Implying Blue isn't an alcoholic that'll show up at the bar soon

daa2c No.89370

"Hello, Sir." The dragonlady calls back, stopping to pet the dog, who promptly stands up and wags his tail.
This strongly depends on whether or not Dark Star succeeded in actually knocking her up.

0a952 No.89371

"Hello." He nods at him, acknowledging his existence.

d4cf6 No.89372


Do you think she'd be more inclined to drink?

0169b No.89373

Onyx narrows his eyes, but decides to just go back to working.
After all, they aren't the strangest acting people he's seen around.

daa2c No.89374

"I wanted to stop by the East Sixth first. After that, we can head to Westhaven." Sister Ash says, as she leaves out the doorway.

daa2c No.89375

I thought less-so

0a952 No.89376

"Roger that." Iron proceeds to follow Ash, with Spark right behind him.

daa2c No.89377

She marches into a trot as she makes her way towards the designated destination.

0a952 No.89378

Iron tries his best to follow. He checks the time of day to see if her hurry is justified as they travel to their destination.

d4cf6 No.89379

Not really. It's sometime before noon, approximately 11 AM

0a952 No.89380

He shrugs. The sooner this ends, the better. He decides not to comment on her hurried state of mind, only wondering when they'll reach their destination.

daa2c No.89381

Sister Ash leads the ways, Caleb beside her, heading straight to her destination.

0a952 No.89382

I think you should link your movements to the GM.

daa2c No.89383

0169b No.89384


d4cf6 No.89385

It occurs to onyx that unless Dark Star will walk through that door, he can gain more opportunities by going outside than wait for things to come to him

This is an older part of town. Some of the buildings seem a little more worn down, broken windows seem never to be replaced, and more than a few shops are closed. The ponies on the streets look less trust worthy, and the streets themselves are less clean

0169b No.89386

It also occurs to Onyx that he's better off with a job than without, and shouldn't miss more time.

0a952 No.89387

Iron readies himself, gripping his shield on his armored hoof. Any possible pony who tries something funny gets the fist.

daa2c No.89388

Sister Ash trots through the streets warily, looking for any signs of the place she's looking for.
She takes 10 on her Handle Animal check to command Caleb to perform the 'defend' trick; and Caleb sticks to her side, guarding against any potential aggressors.

d4cf6 No.89389

And there she see's it. The establishment on East Sixth: The Caravan Night club. A brown brick exterior with strung up lights and two floors.

0a952 No.89390

Uh oh. I hope it's not what I think it is.
"Are you ready?"

daa2c No.89391

Sister Ash approaches the building slowly.
She takes the scrap of cloth, and the picture from her satchel, and presents them both Caleb once more to, handling him to perform the 'track' trick, and seek out either the foal or traces of his scent if it comes up in the area.
"Ready as I'm going to be." Sister Ash says, summoning up her courage as she enters the building

d4cf6 No.89392

Oh Caleb smells him all right. Smells him all over the area

0a952 No.89393

I think you have my hide armor still.
Iron nods.

daa2c No.89394

He's detected the colts scent?
Alright, well, if he's within 60 feet, Caleb can take a move action to determine his direction.
She came only wearing the habit

daa2c No.89395

What does this nightclub look like? Are there a lot of ponies around?

d4cf6 No.89396

The description of the nightclub exterior is on >>89389. No party member has moved inside. The exterior is not terribly impressive. Yes, ponies walk by on the street

0169b No.89397

Ugh, fine. I'll actually do something.
Onyx goes looking for Blue.

daa2c No.89398

Sister Ash approaches the entrance to the building, and walks inside.

Is it a large building?

daa2c No.89399

Ah, shoot, I'm going to need to step out for like 20 mins.

d4cf6 No.89400

Well, since he knows that she's Blackhooves, Black Hooves local headquarters is a good place to start

Yes, yes it is. When she enters through the door, she sees that it is better on the inside. Red carpet floors, Leather booths, cherry wood walls, more than a few tropical plants around, a large aquarium, a very high ceiling with the railing of a second floor over top. A worker cleans the floor. There are only a few ponies that look like customers, but the older Unicorn in black suit and his younger earth pony companion with a well maintained mane looks important. No pony immediately greets the entrants

0169b No.89401

Well then I guess he heads there, what did you expect?

daa2c No.89402

Wait, maybe not that long.

0a952 No.89403

Iron follows her inside, with Spark behind him.
Unless she wants us to stay outside.

d4cf6 No.89404

little less than midday. It's a large building that was clearly a luxury hotel very recently, with two griffins in military uniform standing guard outside. As Onyx enters, a minotaur guard greets him

"Can I help you?"

0169b No.89405

"I'm here to talk to Blue Skies"

0a952 No.89406

Blue Skies is very popular among the stallions, amirite?

d4cf6 No.89407

He chuckles briefly

"She's a popular mare this morning. Let me go summon her" He walks off

d4cf6 No.89408

In walks the Minotaur and the semi-familiar light-blue pegasus from a door on the left.
"If he didn't want a hangover he shouldn't have drunk so much"

She looks over at Onyx, and seems to immediately recognize him
"Well hello"

0169b No.89409

"Hi, Onyx said I should talk to you for certain papers. Do you have a minute?"

0169b No.89410

Dark Star, not Onyx. But while I'm posting…
"And a better place to talk?"

0a952 No.89411

Ooh. I hope that's Fillipe.
Be sure to respond to the GM post related to you when you come back, Ash.

d4cf6 No.89412

She smiles. It's a smile that's accompanied by a certain narrowing of the eyes, like the eyes suggest anger but the smile suggests joy. It's a bit strange.
"Oh, so you must be the guy wanting papers"

0169b No.89413

"Uh yes, that's why I'm here"

daa2c No.89414

Is there a front desk?

d4cf6 No.89415

“Walk this way,” she says with a sweet, high pitched voice, as she walks towards a door in the back past a set of counters and through the lobby

0169b No.89416

Onyx follows

d4cf6 No.89417

She opens a door, goes down a short hallway and enters a door on the right. The hallway is white and looks like the inside of an office building. The room she goes into has a window from the hallway, and a black door. When she goes inside, it can be seen there is a desk and several file cabinets. Without looking back at him, she asks

“So, what is it exactly you want?”

0169b No.89418

"Citizenship preferably"

d4cf6 No.89419

“I see. Tell me, what is your name, where do you come from, and how old are you?”
She picks out a particular drawer, then a particular file, pulls out a sheet of paper, places it on the desk and picks up a pen

0169b No.89420

"Onyx Steel, Crystal Empire, and 32"

d4cf6 No.89421


Talking to herself, she says
“Onyx Steel… 980… Neighagra Falls”

She then asks him
“How did you get here exactly?”

0169b No.89422

"Prisoner boat"
Onyx takes a seat, realizing this could be a while

daa2c No.89423

Dice rollRolled 1

Dice rollRolled 19 + 14

Sister Ash looks around for anypony who could possibly help her find the lost colt, asking anypony who looks like a clerk or otherwise helpful individual.
Caleb similarly tries his best to make out strongest trail of scent that could lead to him, taking advantage of his racial bonus when tracking by scent.

Rolling Gather Information for Sister Ash.
The roll with the +14 modifier is Caleb.

d4cf6 No.89424

“Oh. One of the Marelitos. Tell me. Have you ever been convicted of an aggravated felony? Have you ever been a member of any communist or left wing party? Have you ever participated in persecutions against ponykind?” Looking directly at him “Have you been replaced by a Changeling since I checked you three days ago?”

daa2c No.89425

This is what I get for being greedy and rolling two dice in one post…

0a952 No.89426

Oof. At least Caleb will find something concrete.
Don't forget the important duo he mentioned in the description if you want to talk about the whereabouts of the colt.

0169b No.89427

"No, no, no, and if so it's news to me"

daa2c No.89428

I thought it'd be unwise to just approach them directly, but that crit failure implies drawing attention…

30850 No.89429

I'd think it implies walking into a wall, if you want to go the comic route.

0a952 No.89430

That sounds more like a fail of spot or other perceptive ability

daa2c No.89431

Forgive me for asking, but who are you exactly?

20e5c No.89432

“Alright. Only one more thing. Smile!”
She pick up a Polaroid on the edge of desk, and quickly snaps a picture of Onyx with a bright flash

0a952 No.89433

Spectator. Maybe it's the GM under a persona. Who knows?

daa2c No.89434

File: 1549240749624-0.jpg (31.71 KB, 500x375, Driver's_License.jpg)

>Pic related

20e5c No.89435

Ash moves forward, as does Caleb. As Ash goes forward she… slips on water, hits her head on s table, and knocks over a glass, which breaks. Two ponies come out, one short maned multicolored hair blue female Earth Pony, and a big black Earth Pony. They seem uneasy about Ash, and instantly take a disliking to Iron, whom they are very suspicious of.
“You can’t take dogs in here. Or police shields”

0169b No.89436

Onyx rubs his good eye
"Lil bit of warning next time?"

20e5c No.89437

She continues that smile
“Such is life. It comes at you without warning. One moment”
She leaves the room

0a952 No.89438

Iron shrugs.

daa2c No.89439

"Oh, pardon me, sirs.." sister Ash says, with a bow
She looks at Caleb briefly
>".. Did you get his trail?"

0169b No.89440

"SuCh iS lIFe, like I wouldn't know"

ec5b0 No.89441

I would have preferred if the argument hadn't happened in the first place, but whatever.
Also, you keep saying both IC and OOC that Silver's argument is that they should just give up, but he's never said anything of the sort.

daa2c No.89442

Was Caleb able to make anything out?

0169b No.89443

Do ponies eat fish at all? Onyx is curious about obtaining some fish for reasons

0a952 No.89444

Another meat eater? Blasphemy!
I think it's taboo, but I'm not sure.

0169b No.89445

I guess we'll find out

daa2c No.89446

Eat kelp like a normal horse.

0169b No.89447

Did I say eating?

cd0b7 No.89448

My fishfucking senses are tingling

0a952 No.89449

W0t? Like dolphins do when they're horny? Or Nathan Drake kind of fishfucking, which involves slapping ponies' faces with a fish?

30850 No.89450

Fish isn't meat. Ask a Catholic. Also, gotta get those Omega-3 fatty acids somehow.

ec5b0 No.89451

I imagine in some places it's considered acceptable to eat fish, at least more so than poultry or mammalian livestock. Especially if, for example, you're in a place like Severyana/Stalliongrad where the ground is frozen solid for half a year yet all it takes to get fish is to cut a hole in the river ice.

cd0b7 No.89452

More like how anon does when he sees a sexy fish

0a952 No.89453

But fish isn't a hervibore meal either. You can't hide with the fact that horses are omnivores 'since they eat insects sometimes'. No horse eats fish unless its a degenerate.
So the dolphin route, got it.

20e5c No.89454

She returns, holding a special piece of laminated paper
“And here you go. A visa. Your place of birth is now Neighagra Falls, year 980”

Make out what?

Again, they seem uneasy
“What is he doing here?”

0169b No.89455

"Thank you very much for this, if there's anything I can do in return please just let me know."
Onyx nods before heading to the market and looking for a fish vendor.

20e5c No.89456

well, he’s never articulated an alternative
Even after it happened, he didn’t have to say “massage is over either way” which was guaranteed to end the conversation then and this leave it on a bad note
If he had touched her pussy, that’s guaranteed to change the conversation, regardless of how well it’s recieved

She looks at him and bats her eyes
“Do you need anything else?”

daa2c No.89457

Sister Ash leans on Caleb for a bit, tapping the square around her with her cane, before turning to face the ponies, squinting hardly through her long eyelashes.
".. Pardon me.. I'm not the best at getting around by myself, so I rely on this one to support me.." she says, not making eye contact

ec5b0 No.89458

I figured the alternative is the blatantly obvious "we fight" option. He's mentioned it before, if briefly.
Also, fair enough on the whole leaving the conversation there part. Not sure if Silver would do anything particularly sexual, but it would still probably be a good idea for him to check up on Blue and apologize for any hard feelings.

daa2c No.89459

I meant if he could make out a trail leading to the colt.
He had a modified 33 on survival, tracking by scent.

0169b No.89460

"Not really, that sets me up; unless you can get me a job."

0a952 No.89461

The only thing hard is Silver's DICK.
Or the difficulty of mending this relationship.
Iron simply nods, confirming Ash's words.

0169b No.89462

the spoiler has me laughing

20e5c No.89463

File: 1549244412080.png (168.66 KB, 550x600, 4B1E9BEC-9E2D-4472-8AC5-6D….png)

They look somewhat concerned
“Are you lost?”

He seems to be inside of the building at the moment

I don’t have s job for you now. But the Governate is always short staffed, I am sure some pony needs something”

ec5b0 No.89464

Well, if there's anypony alive who could make Silver's dick hard, it would be Blue.

0a952 No.89465

Ah, you seem to like cuckolding ponies. What a naughty old pony.

0169b No.89466

"Short staffed? I mean, I'm not used to office work and such but I guess I could help someone"

daa2c No.89467

"I'm looking for somepony…" She says, hapazardky fishing out the photo of the colts and levitating it towards their general direction, upside-down.
".. Have you seen this foal? It's very important that I find him.."

20e5c No.89468

She heads out through the door of the office, down the short hallway and into the main lobby
“Hunter here may have something for you”
She stands next to a red smiling Pegasus on the other side of the counter

“That’s Willowbrook’s apprentice. What do you want with him?”

0169b No.89469

"I'd be happy to help"

20e5c No.89470

The Pegasus is kind of young, but answers back
“Alright, what is your background and experience?”

daa2c No.89471

"To speak with him." She says
"Is he present?"

20e5c No.89472

“Let me check with Willowbrook”
The blue pony with the short mane asks
“Why does he have a police shield?”

0169b No.89473

"Well, by need I'm a soldier. By cutie mark I'm a smith…"

0a952 No.89474

"I bought it at the Jungle Rush," Iron explains. "It saved my hide yesterday."

20e5c No.89475

“Well, there are a few factories hiring…” She looks through a stack of papers
“I see that Revenue and Immigration each have jobs they are looking for help to clear”


daa2c No.89476

"Ghasts." She interjects

0a952 No.89477

Iron nods, confirming her assertions.

20e5c No.89478

“Does he need it inside?”

0a952 No.89479

"In order to ensure the safety of my client, all measures have to be implemented. The heavier the armor, the less amount of wiseponies will try to threaten her."

20e5c No.89480

“Great. The both of you can wait outside”

0169b No.89481

"Sounds good to me"

20e5c No.89482

She hands over two distinct documents
“You may want to bring along friends for this”
She opens the first one
“Immigration and Naturalization believes that intense smuggling of aliens is occurring in the Red Hoof area or the south Waterfront. A pony by the name of Robert Sweeten is believed to be involved. There is a desire to stop it”

0a952 No.89483

Who do you mean, exactly? Ash, Caleb and Iron?
Iron is unmoved for the time being, awaiting Ash's decision.

0169b No.89484

Onyx snaps to soldier like attention.

20e5c No.89486

“Here’s a dossier with more information”
She hoofs over a document

“Our second job here is from Revenue Services. Out in Coppervine, south of the city in the Hayseed forests, there are confirmed accounts of the manufacture of alcoholic spirits without payment of the required taxes”

“Sir, we are protecting our client. If you need to wear thick steel and a police shield, you cannot be trusted to have good intent. Please go outside before we have Spot bring out the Manticore gun”

daa2c No.89487

I need a few minutes before I can respond

0a952 No.89488

"Like I would try to hurt anypony in here. I would rather not hurt any potential friends of Cauldron in here."

0169b No.89489

"Luckily I think I've got some guys to help me"

20e5c No.89490

The blue pony dies not know who the hell he’s talking about. The Black pony…
“You know Cauldron? The Zebra mare who always likes to sneak up on you when you’re looking for her?”

“Excellent. Here’s the dossier. Should you choose to complete these, just return here. But beware. They know the government is after them”

0a952 No.89491

Iron nods. "Yeah, that one precisely."

20e5c No.89492

If you want Silver to apologize to his not-girlfriend…

He smiles
“Oh. Well in that case. Henhill is in the back, and so is Willow Brook”

0169b No.89493

"It is noted, thank you"
Onyx heads back to the bar, doing his day job and considering how to go about his missions

0a952 No.89494

Iron smiles back. "Thank you. Be sure to send my regards to her. She cooks some delicious meals." He starts walking towards the back, following the Earth Pony's directions.
Iron beckons Ash to follow him along, with Caleb if possible.

daa2c No.89495

Sorry, a bunch of shit came up.

Sister Ash follows Iron, leaning on Caleb and tapping the ground before her with her cane.

daa2c No.89496

Nice job, btw.

20e5c No.89498

The blue pony is not pleased. But the black pony leads them towards the back. They are lead to a young looking brown earth pony with short black mane and a black jacket. He looks like Dark Star, really, with a different coat color and a bit more muscle

He takes a cigar out of his mouth
“And who might you be?” He asks

daa2c No.89499

Sister Ash does not look up, until the pony speaks, then she tilts her head towards him and bows politely.

20e5c No.89500

“A nun? Where are you from. You look different”

daa2c No.89501

"I'm from the East, the far East." She says, bowing harder
"I'm not actually a nun myself, but I recently began to volunteer at the orphanage on the hill."

20e5c No.89502

IT’S THE SOUTH, GODDAMNIT. The “Far Far East” is the Changelings of Greneclyf, the Republic of Nimbusia, and the reindeer of Nyutt Radjurland

“I see. So tell me, what brings you here. To my back office”

daa2c No.89503

Idk what the dimensions of this planet are, or how much is included. I just said something that sounded Oriental.
"Have you seen this colt?" She says, levitating the photo like she did before
"I've been looking for this pony for quite some time now, and I heard he might be here."

20e5c No.89504

He looks at her with a blankish expression
“You’re looking for Henhill?”

daa2c No.89505

Is that the name of the pony I'm looking for?

0a952 No.89506

Pretty sure he is.

daa2c No.89507

Just checking
Sister Ash nods slowly
"Yes.. That child."

20e5c No.89508

“What do you want with him?”

daa2c No.89509

Sister Ash's expression becomes serious
"That child was taken forcefully from the orphanage on the hill two weeks ago: nopony even knew if he was still alive. It has been my journey to find him and ensure his well being." She says

20e5c No.89510

“Well I don’t know about any orphanage, but I can tell you that Henhill has never been better.”
He gets up from his seat, and goes to a door in the back of the room, opens it, and calls through
“Henhill! Come here”

0a952 No.89512

Iron feels like there's going to be a mental conflict in Ash if what Willow Brook says is true.

20e5c No.89513

From the back door, a sand colored Earth Pony with ashen mane cut short and sticking up like Willowbrook. His eyes have this sort of half closed appearance

“I got the wallet off that guy who wasn’t paying up. He should have guarded his bag as much as his drink”

Willowbrook speaks to him
“We’ll talk about that later. Stay there by the door”

daa2c No.89514


0a952 No.89515

Iron is pretty disappointed in what this colt is becoming so far, judging by his slip of the tongue. He should be focusing on increasing his strength, not just stealing through dirty tricks.

20e5c No.89516

He shouldn’t be. This earth pony has big strong muscles on him, even for his age. He’ll be breaking legs in a few years if he isn’t already

daa2c No.89517

Sister Ash remains motionless until she hears the colt's voice (still pretending to be visually impaired)
She approaches the colt slowly.
"Hello." She says
Also this.
>Not seeking the ultimate power
Tsk tsk.

20e5c No.89518

He has a kind of irritated look on his face. He says with a subtle hint of disgust

0a952 No.89519

At first, he nods at his physical capabilities, admiring his physique.
But then he has to pull out the 'I am a tough colt' voice that reminds him too much of himself, which he really doesn't like. He has a long way to go until he matures. He also feels the need to challenge him to a spar to make him drop the tough pony attitude.

daa2c No.89520

She steps closer
"My name is.. Ash.. Sister Ash.." she says
"It's a pleasure to meet you."

20e5c No.89521

“You’re not from that Prancis orphanage, are you?”

“You see anything you like?” He says sarcastically

daa2c No.89522

"I'm not a member, actually.." she replies, folding her shawl a bit
"But I have been volunteering there, on my own behalf." She continues
"For the past week, I've been trotting around this city to find the foals who were taken from the orphanage; I cane here to find you."

0a952 No.89523

Iron remains stoic to the colt's remarks. He is lucky his mademare would call all the ponies at the slightest bit of physical conflict between the two.

20e5c No.89524

“So you are” He says. “Who is this Indio lackey you brought with you who hides behind a policemare’s shield and under 50 pounds of steel?”

daa2c No.89525

"This is a friend of mine. His name is Iron. He's been very helpful these past few days."

daa2c No.89526

Hey, arbitrary question. For the purposes of spell that effect and are concerned with the afterlife and ressurrection, are we treating this system the way d&d normally handles afterlife's?

20e5c No.89527

The colt looks directly at Iron
“I’ve never seen a colt so afraid of getting his ass beat. Even the police do not wear so much metal.”
He laughs
“I can see why. The way he wears that dead animal over him he must get bullied often. Look at that, he walks around in public like a theater actor”
The colt looks pleased with himself. Willowbrook has an angry look on his face and looks like he may interject at any moment

0a952 No.89528

Iron looks at Willow Brook. "I suppose you do not mind if I leave some bruises on the colt in an unarmored spar, do you?"

daa2c No.89529

Sister Ash shrugs
"I have my own opinions about expensive metal suits, bit the shield did come in handy. We had to walk through several shotgun traps to get the others in that warehouse."

daa2c No.89530


0a952 No.89531

Can't help it. Colt's getting on Iron's nerves here.

20e5c No.89532

“I’ll lock him in a freezer later for smarting off. Besides, I don’t want you getting hurt

Henhill: “Does all that metal chafe you?”

This gets his attention
“You went to the warehouse?”
Willowbrook looks like he too wants to hear the answer

daa2c No.89533

>lock him in a freezer
Sister Ash's ears twitch at this

Sister Ash nods
"We did. It took us a while to find it, but we eventually got there.." she says, a bit sadly
"We took everypony there back with us to the abbey, but a few, including you, weren't there, so we've been trying to find them."

0a952 No.89534

Iron shakes his head. "I do not mind getting hurt. Still, I understand. He would not be useful for days if we were to fight." He feels calmer after asking him. "However, you should let him get beaten up from time to time for his attitude, not just lock him in a room. That does not work in the long run. Trust me. It is ineffective."

20e5c No.89535

Willowbrook: “He’ll get his ass kicked. I assure you, I know how to raise colts”

Henhill laughs
“Do your coltfriends beat you, theater actor?”

Willowbrook speaks
“And what do you want here?”

0a952 No.89536

Iron nods. He does not respond to the colt's remarks, knowing that Willow Brook will not let Iron fight him.

daa2c No.89537

"I came to find this child." She says, turning

20e5c No.89538

He gives a slight smile
“Well, you found him”

daa2c No.89539

>is still trying to figure out where to go from here

0a952 No.89540

I suppose you can roll sense motive to see if he actually likes it here or is just putting up a tough colt charade.

daa2c No.89541

Dice rollRolled 8 + 3

I don't see why not.

Rolling Sense motive, to get a hunch of the colt's attitude.

d4cf6 No.89542

Willowbrook signals to Henhill to come closer. Henhill does so, and Willowbrook tell him “give me that wallet,” which he does so, then Willowbrook sends Henhill back away to the end of the room. Willowbrook addresses Ash
“Do you know why they gave me this foal?”

Would you rather be bullied, or be the bully? So seems to be the colt’s demeanor. Whatever deeper feelings or thoughts the colt has, they are not apparent from his face

daa2c No.89543

Sister Ash
"I didn't bother speaking with the ponies in that place longer than I had to. I was told he was sent here as a laborer."

0a952 No.89544

Do you know what to do with bullies?
You kick their ass when they try to bully you.
I suppose that's wrong, unless he's like 16 or more.
Iron wonders if Henhill would actually put much of a fight against him.

d4cf6 No.89545

"Well then, I shall tell you. They gave me him because they knew no one wants a fatherless, motherless teenaged colt. Society has no place for those like him. So I did what no pony else would do. I offered to mentor him. To help him grow up. And to give him a future where he can actually make a living and be respected. Nopony else will take him, so I took him."

Henhill looks at Iron like he is afraid that Iron's wolf costume is infested with lice and it may spread. In any event, Henhill does not have Willbrook's permission to come near Iron

daa2c No.89546

It's 2:00 AM, and my body is shutting down. Can we finish this scene some other time?

d4cf6 No.89547

0a952 No.89548

I have some troof bombs to throw at this poor Willow Brook. He's going to see how bad can these foals like Henhill actually be in the long run.

0a952 No.89549

Not now, of course. I need Ash to be awake for that. She's probably going to faint from what he has to say.
It's not gonna be pretty.

14ba3 No.89553

Today was the first day in a while were i didnt wake up hating myself for being a piece of shit.
For some Reason Dark Star feels offended

0a952 No.89554

Ay! Good timing, too! Welcome back, my guy. I hope you're feeling better.

0a952 No.89555

Also, I think I might have overhyped my response in a tired stupor. I still believe it could hurt someone's feelings, though.

14ba3 No.89556

Better might be a bit strong of a word. but im back to normal.

0a952 No.89557

Wait, are you with us?

14ba3 No.89558

i think i'm still at the orphanage.

0a952 No.89559

We're far away from you now. At a nightclub. You're essentially alone right now.

14ba3 No.89560

Ah ok, Dark Star still feels offended for apparently no reason at all though.

0a952 No.89561

Good to have you back, buddy.

0169b No.89562

Yay! He's back

14ba3 No.89563

File: 1549299530074.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 24.91 KB, 375x523, _boop card.jpeg)

d4cf6 No.89564

File: 1549300013353.jpg (49.7 KB, 900x900, unnamed.jpg)


14ba3 No.89565

For some reason or an other i am.

0a952 No.89566

I wonder how Ash will react to the mademare's argument.

ec5b0 No.89567

Oh he's back.
Back again.
I mean, can he?

0a952 No.89568

Of course. You just need to admit that she's part of the hope of ponykind and you should be more appreciative of her and her factions' efforts.

daa2c No.89569

Good to see you're alive, fgt.

d4cf6 No.89570

I mean, he got past security the first time. He could probably go in again

daa2c No.89571

Hey GM, could I roll a few Knowledge (religion) checks to see if Sister Ash can recall anything about the Princesses, and other deities in this world? I don't need any specific details, like rank or domain, but knowing their alignments, and some hint about the kinds of creatures who follow them, would be helpful for what I'm drafting.

See, I've been thinking about what Sister Ash was going to say to Abby Willows next time she saw her, since she obviously doesn't yet understand what the long term ramifications of being evil mean for a creature's soul. I thought Sister Ash could give her a lecture on why creatures of all kinds worship favored deities in the first place, as well as why religion is practically a necessity for creatures in the next life.

0a952 No.89572

Shouldn't you think about Willow's argument, or is that colt considered a lost cause?

d4cf6 No.89573

Um… Sure?

daa2c No.89574

I'm still thinking of that, tbh.
The thing is, Sister Ash still hasn't determined if Willowbrooks is evil or just neutral.

daa2c No.89575

Dice rollRolled 12 + 8

Alright. Rolling to see if I can at least get some alignments and a vague demographic scope of followers.

0a952 No.89576

Understood. I might just come out and say something along the lines of 'having a colt who's not your son will eventually betray you' speech.

0a952 No.89577

Link it to GM, man. I'm not GM.

daa2c No.89578

14ba3 No.89579

File: 1549311778135.jpg (Spoiler Image, 35.31 KB, 448x501, _Dexter.jpg)

daa2c No.89580

The alignments of political/religious entities in this world has been the most confusing part in researching setting for me, tbh, since it's actually pretty important to my character..

0a952 No.89581

The suspense. What religion should Ash support? Which ones will want her to be used as sacrifice? Who knows?

daa2c No.89582

I'd have to look at available religions and potential favored deitities. I still need to figure out what alignments different factions of this world may be, as well as what the references to any extra-planar creatures are. I'm still reading the lore of the setting, although I find some of it confusing.

Sister Ash mostly keeps her own religious practices to herself, since she knowsaid that many creatures are better off worshipping deities who preside over their own nations or races; although her general worship of nature dwarfs most of her personal individual beliefs.
If this were another setting, she would be likely to put her faith in neutral good deities with Druid levels, like Lurue or Talisid of the Five Companions; deities who uphold the cause of protecting the world and fighting evil wherever it stands.

0a952 No.89583

I suppose that's okay.

0a952 No.89586

Is anyone here still?

ef04e No.89587

You'd be surprised how little I'm not

daa2c No.89588

14ba3 No.89589


0a952 No.89590

Do you still remember your talk with the rescued foals that you need to finish?
Oh. Well, you can still play with the foals for funsies in the meantime.

ec5b0 No.89591


14ba3 No.89592

i think.

0a952 No.89593

You should finish it, then we can meet up at the abbey later.
I wonder if Ash will try to check up on the other mademare…

daa2c No.89594

If she has the time. Gotta do this one first.

0a952 No.89595

So we're not going to let him stay there, right?

daa2c No.89596

I'd rather not leave him.

0a952 No.89597

Noted. Will try to convince him then.

0a952 No.89598

Well, I'll be going to bed. Night you guys.

0e352 No.89599


ec5b0 No.89602


0a952 No.89603


fd794 No.89604

Dice rollRolled 7, 10 = 17


0a952 No.89605

Dice rollRolled 12 + 11

Ow. r00d.
*boops back*

ec5b0 No.89606

File: 1549389873352.png (67.18 KB, 673x609, 1663019__safe_artist-colon….png)

Dice rollRolled 9

Oh shid, better activate the tactical defense boop.

d4cf6 No.89608

File: 1549390217349.png (759.35 KB, 1345x2702, 1610205.png)

0a952 No.89609

I would still do it.
Stopping yourself from booping snouts requires a DC 20 will save.

14ba3 No.89612

Dice rollRolled 12, 5, 6, 3, 13, 10 = 49


0a952 No.89613

Dats a lot of boops.

14ba3 No.89614

File: 1549391207512.png (67.74 KB, 512x270, _filly boop (2).png)

For you

0a952 No.89616

Dice rollRolled 11 + 11

Ow. R00d. I will boop your snout until your character becomes female.

14ba3 No.89617

Dice rollRolled 15 + 7


0a952 No.89618

File: 1549391629832.jpg (79.31 KB, 319x319, 1519431946035.jpg)

Dice rollRolled 16 + 11


14ba3 No.89619

Dice rollRolled 16 + 7

NEIGH THEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

0a952 No.89620

Dice rollRolled 10 + 11

NÃO VOCÊ!!!!!!!!!!!
It means no u in portuguese.

fd794 No.89621

Brie boops Wesley and Kerr

14ba3 No.89622

Dice rollRolled 19 + 7

KEIN U!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

0a952 No.89623

Dice rollRolled 6 + 11

NON U!!!!!!!!

0a952 No.89624

Why are we still here?
Just to suffer?

14ba3 No.89625

Iron Is now a mare. also was Argentina a Portuguese colony?

d4cf6 No.89626

File: 1549392325283.png (816.6 KB, 1280x720, Thorax_hissing_at_Princess….png)

Dice rollRolled 5 + 2

Kerr bites the hoof with his fangs

ec5b0 No.89627

Spanish, if I'm remembering correctly. It was part of the La Plata colony, alongside Chile, Paraguay, and Uruguay.

0a952 No.89628

lolno, but we are next to one.
Así es como hablaría si quisiera hablar mi lengua.

Every night, I can feel my dick. My balls. Even my scrotum.
Like they're all still there.
I see you're a man of culture as well.

14ba3 No.89629

>american education
So yea i think dark tar opened the chest right?

d4cf6 No.89630


I thought you were joking when you asked "was Argentina a Portuguese colony"

ec5b0 No.89632

I'm a history buff, so I remember random history facts like that all the time. You can basically condense South America into four regions: La Plata, Peru-Bolivia, Gran Colombia, and Brazil.

14ba3 No.89633

>I thought you were joking when you asked "was Argentina a Portuguese colony"
and He asked who those were for right?

fd794 No.89634

>lets him bite.
"Du ist sehr schon"

0a952 No.89635

Pretty much, except it's more like El Virreinato del Río de la Plata in order to catch Chile, Argentina, Uruguay and Paraguay. Maybe Bolivia too, if I recall correctly.
To be fair, american students always asked where was Argentina on the map when they interacted with my classmates that went to the US, so it's not too far-fetched for some burgers not to know.

0a952 No.89636

Actually, no. It was called the Great Peru or something that encompasses Peru and Bolivia.

14ba3 No.89638

I know where Argentina is because uncle Adolf escaped to there.

0a952 No.89639

Kek. I suppose you're right about that.

d4cf6 No.89640


The little drone is far smaller than a full-sized drone, and a pony hoof is harder and sturdier than many limbs. Despite that, the bite hurts, with one of the fangs hitting above the hoof itself onto fur and sinking in, while the other deflects off of hard keratin. Blood trickles down.

With these words, Kerr looks directly at Brie and tilts his head in an expression of curiosity

ec5b0 No.89641

I can certainly say us Americans never had a region with as fancy a name as "The Viceroyalty of the Río de la Plata".

14ba3 No.89642

"There for all the foals here."
Dark Star leans down and whispers to him.
"But they are mostly for you and your friend. i was thinking about you two when i bought them."

0a952 No.89643

Spanish are fancy like that with naming.
That's one of the spanish stereotypes, I think.

d4cf6 No.89644

"Insular Government of the Philippines" and "Dakota Territory" is about as pretty as it gets here

He (White Orchid) tilts his head
"So can I keep it for myself, or…"
Mint Marine moves closer

0a952 No.89645

Oh, now it's not as fancy. Most provinces are names like Santa Fé or San Luis, Santa Cruz, San Juan, etc. Most fancy names are reserved to capitals, like Ciudad Autonoma de Buenos Aires, for example.

14ba3 No.89646

Mint marine is the blue unicorn foal?

d4cf6 No.89647

Mint Marine is the green unicorn. The blue unicorn is a completely different "foal"

14ba3 No.89648

ok i was just making sure.
"You have to share but yes, i bought them for you 2 specifically. but that doesn't mean the others cant play with them as well, there are plenty of toys to go around. both of you pick out some toys you like. and if you two ever need anything and its within my power to get it for you i will."

d4cf6 No.89649

"So they're not for us?" White Orchid responds, almost touching his mouth with his left hoof in gesture.

Mint Marine speaks up for the first time
"Thank you."

14ba3 No.89650

"I Didn't say they weren't for you. in fact quite the opposite is true. i bought 100 bits worth of toys,there are plenty. i'm sure you boys will find something you like."

14ba3 No.89651

"you're welcome."
dark Star smiles at him then rustles both of their manes

d4cf6 No.89652

File: 1549396434674.png (1.91 MB, 680x611, 83D5359F-2D76-480E-863C-E4….png)

White Orchid gives Dark Star a non-comprehending look, before diving down grabbing a train locomotive, with the same fevered rush to lay exclusive claim as a prospector may claim a section of river, or a homesteader his 20 acres of land

Mint Marine smiles for the first time, and looks up at Dark Star as his mane is rustled

14ba3 No.89653

"I'm gonna volunteer around here so you colts should be seeing me around a lot more."

d4cf6 No.89654

File: 1549397354308.gif (32.04 KB, 250x241, 47EF0E26-4D78-4B3D-86ED-D7….gif)

Neither foal responds immediately. Then Mint Marine says “We are glad to have you. Very glad.” White Orchid’s mouth contains a locomotive as big as his head, which he places down between his forelegs, almost the way a dog will claim a bone or a toy to keep it away from the other dogs. Then White Orchid wags his tail and looks up at Dark Star
“We’ve been needing a big strong pony to protect us”

0169b No.89655


0a952 No.89656

That sounds really dirty for some reason.

d4cf6 No.89657

I see you and Comte have similar thought processes


0169b No.89658

>Neighs in response

14ba3 No.89659

"I'll do everything i can to protect you two and all of the ponies of baltimare, and Equestria."

0a952 No.89660

Good thing I would not enact on dirty hints unlike Comte.
Unless it's a mare.
Not a filly. A mare.
After this mademare business, I would go to BH HQ later to see his fate.

0a952 No.89661

d4cf6 No.89662

Anyways, Onyx is free from the building. Silver should have left a while before Onyx, but Silver is MIA

Both ponies look up at Dark Star with wide awaiting eyes, although Mint Marine’s slightly lowered head and greater distance still suggests a degree of reserve. Then, White Orchid dives his head into the chest to lay claim to a set of tracks.

ec5b0 No.89663

I have no idea why I'm having so much trouble getting Silver to go back and apologize Blue, especially when it's exactly what I want to do.

14ba3 No.89664

"you colts enjoy the toys."
Dark Star watches them remembering the good times of his Foalhood.

0a952 No.89665

Pretty sure it's because you feel like you're going to screw up again.
Protip: Stop discussing politics with her unless she wants to sell you her faction again. If that's the case, restrict yourself to questioning her powers in a cordial manner, something like "How are you going to stop the griffons from attacking us?" or "How do you plan on defeating the changelings?" Do not, I repeat, do not try to shill for not-Stalliongrad.

d4cf6 No.89666

“Thank you” says White Orchid, before his mouth is full of train tracks. He seems intent on claiming the train set, the most coveted and expensive of the toys. Mint Marine now moves in himself and claims a painted tin tugboat.

With no emotion, nor looking at anypony, he says
“I didn’t think we’d ever get out”

I mean, he doesn’t have to apologize to her

14ba3 No.89667

"I'll make sure he never does that to anypony ever again. He will Pay With his life."

0169b No.89668

Where exactly is dark star currently?

0a952 No.89669

The abbey. Pretty sure Onyx can't go there unless you roll a d20 luck to stumble in there.

0169b No.89670

Yeah, I'm not gonna try then.
To the bar it is! Onyx needed to rank up in day drinking anyway.

ec5b0 No.89672

I still want him to. And he would want to if he realized that he actually made her angry.

What are the odds Silver manages to catch Blue while she's in the Hotel's reception area if he leaves to apologize right now?

d4cf6 No.89673

Mint Marine stays silent for a moment. The he lurches forward and snaps, almost in a bite

White Orchid moves back from the chest for a moment. He stands astride a complete toy train set, like a Baron or warlord watching over his fiefdom. He looks uneasy.
"Is that really necessary?"

As Onyx walks back, he hears the loud sudden pop of a backfiring engine. And for a moment the grizzled veteran of the Great War feels as if he were taken back to that horrific day he lost his eye to a firecracker

I mean, Onyx was in there with her for probably at least 10 minutes

ec5b0 No.89674

Fuck it.
Silver halts in his tracks, the meaning of a small number of social queues made by Blue finally clicking in his mind. "…Дерьмо." Upon this realization, he makes a 180 degree turn and heads back for the Grand Baltimare Hotel.

14ba3 No.89675

Dark star with the coldness of the arctic in his voice utters one simply phrase.

d4cf6 No.89676

The skies are cloudy and a wind blows in, feeling a bit like early fall in Saint Petershoof. Pedestrian traffic on the streets is at a bit of a lull, being too early for lunch but too late for getting to work. There it is again, the Grand Baltimare Hotel

0169b No.89677

Onyx immediately drops on the ground, front hooves over his neck.
After the flashbacks ensue, he realizes it was just that. He returns to the bar a bit more somber than before.

0a952 No.89678

Nice pathetic fallacy.
I think it's called that, right? The process of writing a character's feelings through the weather?

ec5b0 No.89679

A brief, distant memory of his foalhood days crosses his mind. Silver doesn't pay much attention to it as he mutters to himself about being a Celestia-damned idiot. He nods at the guards outside before entering.

Onyx is missing an eye?

0a952 No.89680

Yep. Hinted it way before.

d4cf6 No.89681

White Orchid looks a little unsure
"I hate the guy…" he eases up a little some tears in his eyes, and after a delay of a little too long he says
"But the nuns told us that to take a pony's life is very serious"

Actually no. I was just trying to say "It's winter in a place too far south to have an actual normal winter" without actually saying it

Thankfully, there are no firecrackers, fireworks, or any other such explosives that ought to be banned. When Onyx gets back to the bar it's pretty early. Few drinkers, and preparations are for any possible lunch crowd

Security is probably supposed to stop Silver, ask his intent, and see if he has any weapons on him. Instead, the guard laughs when he sees him
"Coming back for seconds already?"

ec5b0 No.89682

Must not have been around for that, 'cause I had no idea.

He replies as he passes, a little amused at the statement. "Yes, that I am."

0169b No.89683

I mean, the eye isn't gone, but there isn't a pupil, it's all iris

14ba3 No.89684

Dark Star walks over to white orchid and sits down next to him
"He is a very bad pony. what he did to you 2 makes his life forefit. he will be in pain for the rest of his pathetic life and then it will be snuffed out and he will go to Tartarus where his soul will be destroyed forever,for what he did to you two. i will make sure."
Dark Star wipes the tears from his eyes and calms his voice,Dark Star pets white orchid and then helps him set up the train tracks
"So,what do you want to be when you grow up? do you want to be a train conductor?"

14ba3 No.89685

>tears from his eyes=white orchid
>calms his voice=Dark Star

0169b No.89686

File: 1549402764146.png (Spoiler Image, 42.12 KB, 285x344, OnyxSteel2.png)

Found it

ec5b0 No.89687

One of these days I'll see if I can into art and at least draw a portrait of Silver.

14ba3 No.89688

0169b No.89689

Ha, no. I used what >>89688 posted

d4cf6 No.89690

File: 1549403328931.png (512.83 KB, 1427x1968, 1482200.png)

Mint Marine answers, with a bitterness in his voice
"May he rot in Tartarus"

White Orchid does not respond. He wears the pain on his face, though he does not look at Dark Star. He seems conflicted, not sure if he believes Dark Star is correct or he is wrong. He is certainly not willing to argue with an adult. He does answer the second question. As he is pet, he says "I don't know… I do like trains"

Blue Skies is actually visible in the lobby, towards the back. She is doing something with paperwork at a counter

If he were a unicorn I'd say he looks like a Changeling that was too lazy to completely disguise himself

ec5b0 No.89691

Reeee, but I like drawing. You know, even if I'm not very good at it.

He trots towards her, calling out to get her attention. "Blue. Hey Blue!"

0a952 No.89692

I think it was meant to the tinted with coal from working at a factory, if I recall correctly.
His coat gets shiny if he actually bathes.

Stinking pony he is.

fd794 No.89693

File: 1549403799870.png (27.44 KB, 379x390, Screenshot_2019-01-23 Pony….png)

While we're posting character pics, here's an updated Brie

0a952 No.89694

He's way smaller than the other pic
Looks more like a mare than a stallion, though.

14ba3 No.89695

"yes,mint he will."
"its okay to cry if you need to, no one will judge you. having emotions is what separates us from the changelings. I Think you'd make an excellent train conductor."
Dark Star pets his mane

0169b No.89696

He's a crystal pony, he sparkles like onyx get it? when he's happy.
Oh I didn't mean you couldn't, I just thought you were implying I drew onyx.
The similarities just hit me, and they hit like a truck.

0a952 No.89697

Oh whoops.

0169b No.89698

Understandable, have a nice day

0a952 No.89699

Wait, did Onyx somehow get happy after being saved by Iron/the dolphin?

fd794 No.89700

File: 1549404251084.png (27.36 KB, 427x399, Screenshot_2019-01-23 Pony….png)

I didn't like how the other one turned out, and yes he has less overtly masculine traits/appearance due to both the pony creator and his stats and attributes

0169b No.89701

That was happiness cause by greed at gold

0a952 No.89702

Sounds like you wanted to reveal you had another coat hidden under a coal-covered body.
I digress. I guess it makes sense.
Understood. Brie is now a femcolt.
JK, he looks cool still.

0169b No.89703

He shed his winter coat in favor for a summer coat xP

d4cf6 No.89704

File: 1549404535829.png (Spoiler Image, 46.31 KB, 900x650, Take 3.png)

An attempt was made some weeks ago at making Blue Skies in pony creator

She is standing from a hallway with one hoof over with a pen over the counter. She looks back at him, not entirely pleased
"Did you leave something behind?"

>Casual racism
I love it
He does not break out crying. He does continue to shed tears in silence, some now flowing onto the floor

"That… That would be nice"

In retrospect if you had posted that image shortly before the visa scene, I would have had Blue Skies question her own diagnosis of Onyx as "not a changeling," and do more tests

0a952 No.89705

She looks way taller than I would imagine she would.

0169b No.89706

This is far from the first time I've posted the image, blue skies only has herself to blame

14ba3 No.89708

"Let it all out."
Dark Star continues petting his mane.
"Maybe i can get you colts a tour of the trainyard. would you 2 like that?"
Dark Star looks at Mint then to White orchid

d4cf6 No.89709

File: 1549404969878.png (Spoiler Image, 46.32 KB, 900x650, Take 5.png)

Here's a version with fatter legs

The look of bitterness fades from Mint Marine's face

White Orchid looks up, still sad and with tears streaming down

ec5b0 No.89710

He stands tall before her, like a soldier brought before a trial. His speech sounds repentant. "I am sorry for what I said earlier, and for how I said it. In another universe, I would not have acted so rude towards you in what was otherwise very friendly conversation between friends. But that is not this universe, so all I can do is apologize, and hope you will accept it, but I will understand if you cannot." He looks her right in the eyes. "If there is any way I can make it up to you, to help show not only how sorry I am for what I said, but also to show you just how much it means to me to have you as my friend, do not be afraid to ask, whatever it may be. It is least I can do to make up for my mistake."

14ba3 No.89711

THICC, nice
"would you like to see the Docks,mint? i could take the two of you to both places if you would like that."
Dark Star motions for Mint to come sit closer to White orchid and he
Dark Star continues petting the sad foal
"its ok,buddy."

0a952 No.89712

That fixed the issue.

d4cf6 No.89713

She looks directly into his eyes, firs losing any expression of emotion, then flapping her right ear down, then lowering her head.

She smiles at Silver in that way that is normal to her

Mint Marine does move closer, and for a moment he moves his tail and then looks Dark Star in the eyes
"That sounds good"

White Orchid continues to sort of cry, and looks down at the train set

0a952 No.89714

Yay! Skies has blackmail now!

ec5b0 No.89715

He doesn't falter, and maintains his eye lock with her. He's waiting on Blue to pass on her judgement, or make a request of him.

d4cf6 No.89716

"Did you have anything in mind?" She asks

14ba3 No.89717

Dark Star Hugs White Orchid and then pats mint marine.
"Just let me know when you to want to go. and ill take you when you want to."
Dark Star Smiles at both of them
"that sounds fun,huh?"

ec5b0 No.89718

"No, I did not, but I would be prepared to do anything you would request of me."

d4cf6 No.89719

"And why would you be so willing?

Soft, but sore in areas
WO "It does…"
MM "Yes"

14ba3 No.89720

"Ok. i have to go find sister marey. im gonna talk to her about volunteering here."
Dark Star Stands up.

ec5b0 No.89721

"Because I have wronged you, and I am determined to see that wrong righted. And because you are my friend. I would do anything you requested of me in good faith."

f409a No.89722

Fun fact: "Blue Sky" was the nickname of a 19th-century Chinese governor-general named Lin Zexu. He was high commissioner in charge of stopping the opium trade and was noted for his honesty.

d4cf6 No.89723

"What, to you, is not in good faith?"

And thus he does. Careful not to step on the toys laid out

ec5b0 No.89724

"Something so antithetical to my beliefs, that I could not under any circumstances go through with the action. Those crimes against ponykind so heinous, not even death is due punishment for committing them. In other words, nothing I would ever imagine you would request of me. In hindsight, I do not know why I added that."

d4cf6 No.89725

"What do you think I might request of you?"

0169b No.89726

Interesting to know

0a952 No.89727

Put some makeup to becomes Storm for a day and tease him.
Of course, she would do it without making her coltfriend jealous again.

14ba3 No.89728

Dark Star hugs Mint Marine and then heads out of the toy room.
Are there any sisters watching them? if not Dark Star trys to find one to stay with them while he goes and talks to sister marey.

ec5b0 No.89729

"I do not know. It could be anything, and I would be prepared to do anything."

A little part of Silver deep inside of him is dying just a little bit more with every question asked, like this will inevitably end badly for Silver by him stumbling somewhere and ruining his friendship with Blue permanently.

d4cf6 No.89730

"Let me ask a different way. Why do you care if you feel you have wronged me?"

He's a little smaller
There are no sisters around

ec5b0 No.89731

"Because you are my friend. I care about you."

14ba3 No.89732

Dark Star looks at both of them and says "i'll send a sister to look after you two while im talking to sister marey. be good until she gets here."
Dark Star walks out of the room and looks for a sister.

d4cf6 No.89733

She blushes

"Let me ask you this, what do you want?"

ec5b0 No.89734

"I just want to make you happy."

d4cf6 No.89736

She smiles warmly, and looks at him with searching, inquisitive eyes. But she relents
"Thank you"

ec5b0 No.89737

He nods. She can see in his eyes the primary reason his answer was so vague: it appears he wants her to choose something to do, if she wants to choose something at all, either out of some odd respect or from him simply not really knowing what he would like to do with her.

d4cf6 No.89738

She looks at once willing to cash in on the offer, but uncertain of what

"Is there anything you need from me today?"

daa2c No.89739

>tfw last 50 posts isn't enough

0a952 No.89740

Nothing important for now.
Silver is trying to apologize to Skies, and is succeeding for now.
Onyx had PTSD due to motorized vehicles.
Star is being an edgy boi in front of the saved foals, saying Comte should die and stuff like that.
Brie updated his pony, now looking more like a rouge.

ec5b0 No.89741

"Well…" He puts a hoof to his chin to take a couple seconds to think. His eyes light up in an 'Aha!' moment. "Oh! I have just thought of something I would like to ask you. Would you like to go out later, maybe get some drinks, or see maybe…one of those movies, they have out now? You know, do things as friends normally do?" At the moment, it really shows that Silver has not had a friend to hang out with in a very, very long time.

d4cf6 No.89742

He is eventually able to find Sister Marery

She laughs, "Afraid the train was going to hit you the first time you saw a moving picture?"

Then she smiles deviously, and says
"Yes, that would be alright. I may still want ask you for something else later though"
She walks past him and rubs her coat, then her tail against him. In that moment she shows that she too, does not know how to make or keep friends, especially of the opposite sex

0a952 No.89743

ec5b0 No.89744

He chuckles, watching her closely as she trots past past him. Silver very much understands this fact, with it being paraded gloriously in front of him. "I did say you could ask for whatever. And hey, I will be honest, I have never actually seen movie before. Or at least real movies, like they show in theaters. So I imagine it will be fun."

d4cf6 No.89745

"Is that so? She says, still smiling
"We'll have to change that"

ec5b0 No.89746

Silver chuckles some more. "Well, I am excited already."

0a952 No.89748

iS tHaT a FiRe HoSe Or ArE yOu HaPpY tO sEe Me?

d4cf6 No.89749

She nods slightly in respecting acknowledgment of Silvers double entendre
“When do you want to meet?”

0169b No.89750

My fucking sides

daa2c No.89751

Top zozzle

ec5b0 No.89752

"5 sounds good to me. How about you?"

d4cf6 No.89753

“I’m available then” she looks up and to the right, as if sure were not sure that statement is right

“Do you have plans for lunch?”

ec5b0 No.89754

Silver is slightly worried about whether that statement is right or not. "I do not. I need to head back sometime, but I am free for lunch if you want to go get some together." Despite his worries, he smiles at Blue.

0a952 No.89756

Have you actually thought out about the mademare telling you his purpose of his foal recruiting?

d4cf6 No.89757

“Well then, I’ll see you sometime”
She turns her back to him, then looks over her shoulder at him with her smile.

ec5b0 No.89758

He smiles back, still watching her. "I will see you sometime."

daa2c No.89759

Yeah, a bit

0a952 No.89760

Alright. Remember he is pulling the 'orphan children are useless in society' card.

d4cf6 No.89761

She walks over back to the counter. Evidently she does not intend to leave the room now. She starts to write on the same paper as when Silver approached
“There’s an empty hotel room upstairs that I have commandeered as my own, if you need a room for anything”

ec5b0 No.89763

He looks at the route upstairs. "Which one, might I ask?"

d4cf6 No.89764

"Down the hallway on the left there is a stairwell immediately on your left. Go to the fourth floor, and it is the third door on your left. Room 416. That floor isn't really as heavily locked or guarded, since it isn't really being used for anything, at least on the western half of the building"

ec5b0 No.89765

He nods at Blue. "Thank you." Silver decides to follow her directions and see what her room is like.

0169b No.89766

>Onyx washes dishes

0e352 No.89767

The sorcerer… um… I lost track of where I am in the story.

0a952 No.89768

You're with us, talking currently to Willow Brooks, a mademare who has adopted Henhill, an orphan foal taken by the Waterfront Gang who may or may not have Stockholm Syndrome. Current objective is to convince the mademare to release him from his training and take him back to the abbey.

0169b No.89769

Just say you're at the bar

daa2c No.89770

Roll for it.

0a952 No.89771

No. I precisely took him to the bar Iron and Ash are.

0e352 No.89772

I do remember getting to the destination, but I don't remember if I was allowed in.

0169b No.89773

Make me not-GM

0a952 No.89774

You came along just fine, now knowing that Cauldron's friend was here.

d4cf6 No.89776

As he goes to the left hallway a guard watches on, with a damned near voyaueristic expression. The first hallway is a little curious in its new paint scheme and black doors, and Silver May feel like going any further down in than the stairwell would provoke a response by watching guards. The stairwell has relatively wide steps, goes down to a lower level, and four levels above ground. The doors for levels two and three are closed. The top door is open.

When he goes onto the fourth floor, he sees that it is unmolested, not changing much at all since it was a hotel for wealthy travelers. The walls keep their floral patterns and the doors are hardwood. There’s room 416, unlocked

0a952 No.89777

By the by, are you looking for the post or still thinking about it?

daa2c No.89778

I'm watching the state of the union atm.

0a952 No.89779

Oh. Carry on, then. Should be important.

0a952 No.89780

I'll go to bed now. Night.

daa2c No.89781

I'm about to sleep too.

ec5b0 No.89787

File: 1549464741658.png (164.88 KB, 539x467, 1950923__safe_artist-colon….png)

I wonder if this is representative at all of the flags of the upcoming kirin nations.

0a952 No.89788

Is that a Manchukuo flag with a kirin in it?

ec5b0 No.89789

File: 1549470392166.png (3.46 KB, 900x600, Flag_of_Manchukuo.png)

I don't think so.

ec5b0 No.89790

File: 1549470462928.jpg (Spoiler Image, 84.22 KB, 497x681, SilverSwordWIP.jpg)

Also, an attempt is being made. Sorry for the shitty quality. Don't have a scanner, and there's a window literally right behind me letting in too much light for even a half-decent picture.

0a952 No.89791

He looks nice. His uniform is the best drawn thing for some reason.
Now I remember. I saw that flag on Battlefied Vietnam as a sort of non-communist side of Vietnam, I believe.

ec5b0 No.89792

Thanks. I liked that part as well.
From a quick look at Jewgle Images, it does indeed look like one of the flags of South Vietnam.

0a952 No.89793

Next time, turn on a lamp desk if you have any. The light is way too dim.
Or is it just a sort of soft pencil drawing, then you're passing a marker to highlight the lines?

ec5b0 No.89794

Light's gonna remain an issue in the future.
Might do that. I don't know yet, I'm not much of an artist.

0a952 No.89795

No exposed lamplights to put the drawing near it?
On the marker issue, just trace your pencil drawings with a thin black marker.
I know. It's tough, but it usually makes the drawing looks cleaner. Caution: It may also ruin it if you're not experienced at it. Judging by how you wanted to draw it, I think you have basic tracing capacity.

ec5b0 No.89796

I mean, we'll see, but I'm not certain I'll be able to solve the lighting issue. I guess I'll see sometime after the sun goes down and I can better manage.
I'd try tracing it digitally, but I can't into digital art at all.

0a952 No.89797

We'll see how he looks after the trace.

d4cf6 No.89798

Where is the horn?

ec5b0 No.89799

Like the filename said, it's WIP. Give it time.
Plus I kinda forgot.

0a952 No.89800

Oh shit, I didn't see that.
His horn is smol, cuz he buff pony

0a952 No.89801

Hey, does anyone remember how to roll dice inside the post and not on top of the post like the 'dice (number)d(number)' on the email slot?

ec5b0 No.89802

File: 1549483702927-0.png (932.14 KB, 1092x630, 1556389__safe_artist-colon….png)

File: 1549483702927-1.png (1.06 MB, 1404x630, 1792066__safe_artist-colon….png)

File: 1549483702927-2.png (1.15 MB, 1404x630, 1792067__safe_artist-colon….png)

It's [xdy], where x is the number of dice you want to roll and y is the number of sides to each die. For instance: 1d20[ 1d20 = 17 ]

Also, I figure after the sun goes down I'll make Silver into a horny boi like he actually is. And if it wasn't already obvious that I used Mr Scroup's EaW artstyle in that drawing, I figure I'll give him some ear fluff, because why now?

Is it odd that I like Rosa Maledicta's design after she gets turned into a lich and becomes the Queen of Bones?

0a952 No.89804

A strange characteristic.
Also, floof is never a bad thing on pony, specially since you're supposed to control a cold-weather pony.
Lastly, let me roll an unarmed attack for example

1d20+11[ 1d20+11 = 20 ]

ec5b0 No.89805

I don't know why, but it strangely works. It's also why you can instantly pick out one of Mr Scroup's leader portraits from someone else's in the mod. I know Silver would definitely not be as floofy as Blue, or Ash.

0a952 No.89806

No no. I didn't mean the use of this artist's style for drawing Silver. I meant the increase in libido at nightfall for Silver.
Are you going to handicap your will save at night?

ec5b0 No.89807

What, Iron doesn't get like that at night?

0a952 No.89808

I know. My character literally went out of the abbey and wanked for eternity after one kinky dream. He's just a horny boi in general, just that he knows never to indulge himself on just having sex, unless I want to be a black father stereotype.

0a952 No.89809

*I want Iron to be

ec5b0 No.89810

Wait, you're talking about sex? Weirdo.

daa2c No.89811

Floof is proof that a pony is able to grow a proper winter coat when the weather gets cold.

0a952 No.89812

W0t? Are you trying to imply Silver becoming a 'honry boi' by your words is like increasing magic prowess or something?
If you are, I won't believe you.
>tfw no floof since I am jungle pony.

daa2c No.89814

Most ponies should grow extra floof when placed in colder weather.

0a952 No.89815

Oh, I guess that works. Baltimare or Baltimore doesn't sound like a cold place, so I doubt my floof amount would increase.

ec5b0 No.89816

The joke was supposed to be that I would actually remember to add Silver's horn to that drawing after the sun goes down so I don't have to deal with the sun messing with the lighting in the room.

Silver should probably have some floof, then.

0a952 No.89817

Puns galore, I suppose.
I hope your drawing comes out even greater than your first.

ec5b0 No.89818

Hopefully, but you never know with my lack of skill.

d4cf6 No.89819

>knows never to indulge himself on just having sex
Good boy. This is a wholesome G rated pony setting where even the succubi aren’t content to have sex without love. Sex out of wedlock is frowned upon, and everypony and every bug wants you to commit part of your soul to them before laying with them

daa2c No.89820

I partly don't want my character of get knocked up unexpectedly (..again…); but that's what my character believes in-character.

ec5b0 No.89821

I feel there's a story behind that. Mind sharing?

0a952 No.89822

Good thing everyone else agrees, thankfully.
Oof. That sounds like bad yet uneventful.

daa2c No.89823

I'd actually rather not, because it's giga cringe, and I don't have the energy for it. . Maybe some other time.

ec5b0 No.89824

Well, whenever you have the energy for it, I would actually like to hear. No matter how cringy.

daa2c No.89825

See, being pregnant kind of sidetracks character development, because said character has to focus on future motherhood, and won't do things that would threaten their lives. Things like heroic courage or martyrdom become out of reach, because the life of the unborn child takes priority.

d4cf6 No.89826

Just get an abortion, you won't have to worry about it. Or alternatively, just don't worry about it

0a952 No.89827

I think the book says something about that, iirc.
I'll be careful.
And give money to (((them)))? I don't think so. The latter is better.

daa2c No.89828

Abortions are for niggers.

d4cf6 No.89829

So is stealing shit you don't need, robbing people, and murder. But that doesn't stop you from doing those things in character. There's not really a logically consistent moral reasoning for not having at least an evil-aligned character consider it

daa2c No.89830

Oi, I said I didn't want to talk about it.

Also, it's not that I regret past characters being knocked up at all; it's justhe that i'do rather not do it again with this character, because her goals require putting others before herself at all times and do what she can to save the world, instead of being content to build a family of her own.

0a952 No.89831

Uh oh.

d4cf6 No.89836

Should he open the door and go through it, this is what he would see:

To his right is a small closet. A single door is cracked open, allowing a small amount of clothing and some other object, probably an umbrella, to be seen. To his left are some counters and a small kitchen like area. The only part that seems to have experienced much use is a kettle, two unclean looking cups, a container of honey, and what look like a few unused tea bags. Further down to his right is a door to what seems to be a bathroom. The door is cracked open.

Further down still is a small dining table with two chairs at it, one pulled out slightly. The chairs and table are fairly high-end, and are made of hardwood. Many papers are strewn about in largely disorganized fashion on top of the table, as well as a couple pens, and one jar containing an unknown substance. By the wall is a brown leather suitcase, and another jar. Hung on the chair that is pulled out slightly is a black uniform jacket. There is a coat rack, which has a shash of light orange and black hanging from it.

To the right is the actual bed. It's kingsized, and completely unmade with the covers disrupted and pulled around. The bed covers seem to have a simple white design, and the same is true of half the pillows. The other half of the pillows have a blue and white floral design on them. The carpet, it ought to be mentioned, is a non-intrusive magenta color. Next to the bed is a night stand with a single book on top of it, a black and white picture in the frame, and two books underneath. To the left of the bed is a lamp and a radio, as well as a chair with a redish color scheme. Further down still, next to the window, the wall intrudes on either side as if to mark the far end of the room off as a separate room. There is another seat of skeletal design, a love seat, and a small door leading out to a balcony. The drapes are a maroon color and the window has a view out towards the street

daa2c No.89838

File: 1549502841856.png (Spoiler Image, 66.75 KB, 326x407, Sister Ash.png)

Testing first attempt at a color scheme.
How does it look?

d4cf6 No.89839

>copy pasting Aryanne scheme onto a Kirin

0a952 No.89840

A strange combo. It would fit the alignment, but lacks the 'I'm a druid' part. Maybe if the mane color is green or brown it would fit better.
You can edit the color, right?

daa2c No.89842

I've come to accept that every possible color scheme has already been taken, so that doesn't bother me. I don't mind her having an aryan aesthetic: it makes her look like an angel.
Besides, her colors aren't actually the same. Her mane is gold, not blonde, and her coat is gray instead of white.
See, i thought it lacked the "Druid aesthetic", but then i considered that she shouldn't necessarily be born in colors that match her spiritual practices, so i ma as well just make her look like how i want her to. Besides, she's not just a Druid, she's an exalted druid who worships guardinals, and mistletoe (her holy symbol) has golden leaves that match her hair. Also, i simply didn't like the green hair idea.
After i changed her scales to silver, i felt free to make her mane gold, with a nice "golden fleece" aesthetic that i thought had a nice connotation.

d4cf6 No.89843

Fuck off

daa2c No.89844

0a952 No.89845

Ah. So the coat is still grey, her mane is gold and her scales are silver?
I suppose it looks good, but I would want visual aid to confirm it.

ec5b0 No.89846

With a cautious step, Silver enters the inner sanctum of the pegasus known as Blue Skies. He looks at the disheveled bed, the mess of papers, the unused kitchen. He smiles: it all just absolutely screams Blue. His mind silently works out some things to note from this observation as he peaks into what is presumably the bathroom.

She looks a bit like a kirin Cleric.

daa2c No.89847

Well, I thought it had a nice aesthetic for an exalted character.

d4cf6 No.89848

This room is indeed a bathroom, with white tile floor and great big counters of marble, colored a redish color that can't quite be placed among the colors of the Sherman Williams paint catalogue. The fixtures are a fine stainless steal. There is a fairly large bathtub, that looks like it can serve as a sort of Jacuzzi. The shower is very large with slate-like tile floors and a translucent glass door. There are symbols of dolphins on the walls. There are several containers of various body washes. And yes, there is a container of olive oil, and a container of lavender oil

0a952 No.89849

I suppose you haven't thought about the mademare situation Ash has on her hooves, right?

ec5b0 No.89850

Fair enough.

Silver's jaw drops at the sight. This bathroom is the stuff of legends to the Severyanan unicorn, who over the course of his life has gotten used to simplicity. He can safely say he has not seen much less been in a bathroom this grand. The hotel certainly lives up to its name.

He trots over to the bathroom mirror, taking a fair look at the image before him. For being as old as he is, he feels he's aged very gracefully. He'd say he's still almost as handsome as he was back when he was 20. Shiny coat, smooth mane, ears just as perky and floofy as they were back then, few wrinkles. But after a further examination he can't deny the signs of age are there, even if they're mute compared to others of his age: his mane certainly wasn't that shade of grey when he was younger, at least; the bags under his eyes look heavier than he thought they were; a deep gouge scar from a bandit's knife underneath his right eye, after having remained only partially healed for nearly 50 years, has almost faded entirely; his eyes, the more he focuses, carry the look of a pony who's tired, or whose spirit has nearly, but not quite yet, reached that point. He briefly wonders how many more winters he has in him before he wakes up and decides he's too tired to go on. Only briefly, however, as he quickly shakes his head clear and looks at the mirror once more. It's a thought for another day. "Looking good as always, Silver."

After he's done reflecting at the mirror, he looks at her collection of oils and bathwashes, alongside trotting over the bathtub. He understands exactly now how she's able to keep such good care of herself, and smell as nice as she does, seeing all of the different bottles. At the side of the tub, Silver gets an odd urge to shed off his clothing and take a bath, despite having already had a quick wash back at home. Maybe just to see what bathing in such a large tub would be like. The idea of doing so in another pony's home, however, especially in Blue's home, makes him naturally hesitant to do so.

d4cf6 No.89851

The mirror is more or less pristine. Any vapor or moisture that may have accumulated on it this morning is long since gone.

To call a commandeered hotel room a home is a bit generous

ec5b0 No.89852

"Трахни это." He breaks his silent contemplation to decide that it doesn't really matter if he's already here, and deciding that Blue Skies probably wouldn't be upset if she came across him bathing. He turns the tub's faucet on, getting the water to an acceptable, warm temperature before letting it fill. Small wisps of steam come off of the water, a result of the temperature difference between the water and the surrounding air. As he sheds his olive-drab fatigues, he makes a quick note at how his winter coat is coming in, his Severyanan biology still adding a layer of floof and fluff to his coat despite currently residing in an area with no real winter. He even plays a little with a tuft of chest fluff before entering the tub.

Once the tub is filled, and his clothes are set to the side, he lays down in the large tub, letting out a sigh as his body makes contact with the water, and as a couple shivers pass through him.

d4cf6 No.89853

A note about temperature: something about the temperature on this floor seems a bit off, like they weren't quite intending to use it. The air is a bit warmer, probably due to heated air from the rest of the building rising to higher floors. The water, however, is at full pressure and heated where appropriate.

As for winter coat… Baltimare probably gets snow at least once a winter, but it is more an exception than the rule

ec5b0 No.89854

He's content to lay there and let the warm embrace of the water wrap around him for a few minutes. He levitates a couple bottles of body wash over to read what exactly they are.

0a952 No.89855

Don't slip on the cum stains.

ec5b0 No.89856

If only Silver knew what kind of things have gone on in that bathroom…

d4cf6 No.89857

Her bathroom contains a cacophony of body cleaning agents. There is a shampoo container, as advanced as the times will allow, as well as a separate gel soap, and a conditioner, besides bar soap. She has a luffa sponge, as well as a pumice stone. Yes, there is a container of lavender oil, although in such small quantities she might be either mixing it into the water or into conditioner. She also has good old fashioned olive oil, and it’s the only product here besides the pumice stone that doesn’t not reflect an assimilation into the Equestrian high life

Oh hush, she made him cum inside so as to get only a little on the shower floor

d4cf6 No.89858

If it wasn't self evident, more than half the names are Canterlot brands with fancy foreign words in the titles, while a couple seem more mundane

ec5b0 No.89859

Curious, Silver levitates the pumice stone over, having not even the slightest clue as to what the object is for. He turns it over in his telekinetic grasp a couple of times for his examination before he sets it back where he found it.

Silver dunks his head into the water a couple of times to wet his hair, selects a conditioner, and uses his hooves to work it into his mane and scalp. Once that's done, he returns to relaxing to allow the conditioner to do its work.

Kinda figured already, with as fancy as this place is.

d4cf6 No.89860

Separate conditioners for mane and coat, naturally. The bathtub is not the size of a hot tub, but it is wider than a normal rub. Silver could fit a full sized mare next to him in the tub, just not with any degree of personal space. The water is as warm as he wants it to be, with no short supply. She also seems to have bubble bath around, as well as citrus wash and bath oils

As Silver uses the girly conditioner, he discovers the dark, deep secret that Dark Star stumbles upon in his own bathing the day before: Blue Skies has mixed lavender oil into the conditioner. Congratulations. Silver’s mane now smells like lavender

0a952 No.89861

Going to bed. Night.

ec5b0 No.89862


Well, in Silver's mind, it wasn't like he was going to escape the fact that he had taken a bath in here anyways. He's fine with the smell of lavender, never really associating it with anything exceedingly feminine.

He dunks his head again to clear it of the conditioner once it has had time to do its work, and finishes it off with using his hooves to work the rest of the stuff out of his mane. Looking at how wide the tub is, he can imagine Dark Star and Blue Skies having some "quality time" together. A thought he quickly expunges as he realizes he might be able to do something with the amount of space he has. He turns to lay sideways in the tub, with his hindquarters sticking out of and above the water, his hindlegs hanging above him, and his short tail draped over his genitals. He does much the same to his tail with the conditioner that he did with his mane. He starts to think he could get used to this sort of thing, if he lived in a place as fancy as this.

While he washes, he starts to sing a song from his homeland in Cyrillic. It's nothing of professional quality, and anypony hearing who is unfamiliar with the language would probably be more than a little confused by it, but it's serviceable for Silver as a bathing song.

d4cf6 No.89863

There is, after all, a radio in the other room. The color of the water changes slightly as the conditioner fills it. He can feel his tail becoming softer and smoother with the conditioner, or at least, if he uses the frog of his hoof to touch it

Roll a d20

ec5b0 No.89864

Dice rollRolled 3


ec5b0 No.89865

Well, that's an F.

d4cf6 No.89866

He can hear the door open, then close

ec5b0 No.89867

Silver ceases his singing, and looks over his tail at the bathroom door, effectively remaining in his exposed position in the bathtub. "Anypony there? Is that you, Blue?"

d4cf6 No.89869

The door opens slightly, then a small blue muzzle peaks through, then the whole head of the pony. She looks around into the room before settling her eyes on him. She looks at him with a smile that soon turns into overt laughter
"Is that why you asked where my room was?"


If it had been the shower, he may have slipped on a patch of semen and hurt himself with a 1

ec5b0 No.89870

He gives her a sheepish grin. "No, but I could not help myself once I saw bathtub." He wriggles around a little where he's laying down. "I must say, I am just little bit jealous."

d4cf6 No.89871

"Haha, like certain dogs around bodies of water" She says, as she walks more into the room
"Nice to see you are enjoying it so far"

ec5b0 No.89872

Silver is grateful his tail is just long enough to cover everything sensitive. It's embarrassing enough to just have his ass stuck up in the air like it is. "I do not think my mane or tail will have ever smelled as nice as they will after this. I see now why you always smell of lavender."

d4cf6 No.89873

"hehe, do you like my smell?"

ec5b0 No.89874

He nods vigorously. Figuring he's given the conditioner in his tail enough time, he shifts back into a normal laying down position in the tub to wash the conditioner out. "This place lives up to its name. You know what they say: hotels live and die on quality of their bathrooms."

d4cf6 No.89875

She laughs once again
'Yes, it's a great place to come and either relax and finish the day, or to prepare for the coming day. I take it your… room doesn't have as fancy accommodations?"

ec5b0 No.89876

"Well, you have seen it already, outside of fairly basic shared bathroom it has. It is by far not worst place I have spent time in, by several orders, but it is most certainly not as fancy place like this." He grabs a shampoo, and squirts some into his mane, working it into his mane and scalp like he did with the conditioner, if a bit more rigorously than before. While he does so, he levitates the pumice stone over. "May I ask what purpose of this stone is? It looks light, with as porous as it is."

d4cf6 No.89877

She giggles yet again
"It's for washing. Rub it on feathers or hooves. Even softer surfaces like coats can with with it. It was more common in the east…" She has a slight from for a moment, perhaps from memories of the old country, perhaps from the conditioner. Then she smiles slightly
"The way you squirt that shampoo into your mane…"

ec5b0 No.89878

He raises an eyebrow at her, grinning. "What, are you trying to say there is something wrong with way I squirt? I would say I have had more than enough squirting practice in my life to know thing or two about squirting."

d4cf6 No.89879

She giggles again
"Whatever you want to squirt in your mane…"

ec5b0 No.89880

He chuckles with her. "Ah, it is likely I am doing something wrong. As embarrassing as it would be, having somepony to guide me in finer points of high-class bathing sometime would be nice."

d4cf6 No.89881

No…. That isn't what I meant. You clean your mane how you like. Even if I think some of your previous choices of 'oils' is a bit… odd"

ec5b0 No.89882

Silver chuckles some more from remembering that particular highlight of that conversation. "Ah. Then ignore senile old stallion who is currently taking bath in your bathroom." He once again dunks his head into the water, quickly using his hooves to work out the shampoo in mane before he resurfaces again.

d4cf6 No.89883

She gives an uncertain look

The water is a little clouded, containing the conditioner he used for mane and tail earlier

ec5b0 No.89884

He frowns slightly, upon seeing this look. "I am sorry, I am not very good at conversations. Just forget I said anything."

Silver returns to his other position in the tub, now taking the time to shampoo his tail.

d4cf6 No.89885

Okay, so I know autistic meta generally hurts… everything, but here is what I think I saw. Silver squirts white liquid shampoo into his mane in a way looks like ejaculation. Blue Skies makes a joke about it. Silver gets that it is a sexual joke, but does not acknowledge the fact that it places Silver on the receiving end. She then restates the joke more explicitly. Silver gives some sort of cryptic response that might have been an invitation for her to come up and aid in his bathing, but is most note worthy for placing Blue Skies high and degrading himself. Blue Skies tries to back off from the 'pedestal' and a third time makes the semen-shampoo comparison, although this time by means of referencing a statement silver made to her earlier. Silver responds with a statement that might be a retraction of any possible previous invitation, but certainly includes more self degredation. Most probably, this self immolation is a form of deliberate humility intended to be friendly and disarming, or even a sort of way of giving a complement by comparison. But it could be a stealth insult - a sort of way of saying 'back off you arrogant bitch.' And that possibility is unsettling. Of course the chuckling implies the better possibility, but it's not translated well in the text.

She answers somewhat sadly
"It's okay, I'm not either. Mostly I just say things to try to charm stallions who want to be charmed. That is why I keep my coat so pretty."

daa2c No.89886

Aren't these two getting kind of touchy?

ec5b0 No.89887

Jesus. I mean, I'll just say that, if Silver was trying to insult Blue, it would be in a much more direct fashion. I don't see why Silver would come out of left field with an insult like that when they're having a friendly conversation.

He works the shampoo through his tail using his hooves, a fairly awkward sight to be sure, though a portion of him performing the action is just done to give his hooves something to do while they chat. His mind travels back to their conversation at the end when Blue was giving Silver a massage, and how she was speaking and acting then. "And what would you say if you were not trying to charm stallions?"

Can you be touchy without actually touching each other?

ec5b0 No.89888

File: 1549550964193.jpg (Spoiler Image, 75.27 KB, 517x697, SilverSword(2).jpg)

Silver Sword, version 0.2

-made him into a proper horny boi
-added ear floof for extra warmth on those cold, St. Petershoof winter nights
-now visible to the naked eye

0a952 No.89889

Did you even go to sleep?
The floof seems odd, like it would make him deaf or something. Granted, I don't know how ear floof work, so it may be purposefully placed there since other poners have floof there.
Horn is a little too thin for my tastes.
No idea what LUX FIAT means

ec5b0 No.89890

I did, believe it or not.
*shrugs* Ask Mr Scroup about the ear floof and the thin horn, I suppose.
Translated from Latin, it means "daybreak" or "let there be light". Literally "let light". One of the few things I remember from back when I took Latin lessons from my mom.

0a952 No.89891

For two hours?
Anyways, I suppose if it works, it works.

ec5b0 No.89892

7 hours or so, when I slept between >>89884 and >>89887

0a952 No.89893

Oh, then it's ok.

d4cf6 No.89894

It’s just the way my mind works
“I don’t suppose I would say much at all. I certainly would not be as friendly”

She moves forward. Closer, then closer, then next to Silver
“Do you want help with that?”

ec5b0 No.89895

I'm not criticizing, as my own mind works in its own mysterious, autistic ways.
He looks at her, a friendly look on his face that doesn't quite approach a smile. "You have friendly side to you, whether you realize it or not."

His vision returns to his sudsy tail. "You are more than welcome to help if that is what you want. All I have left to do is to shampoo and wash my coat."

d4cf6 No.89896

She takes his tail, gently lathers it, then dunks it into the water, all without saying a word

ec5b0 No.89897

The sudden action and his subsequent exposure surprises him a little. "Hmm. Well, that is also option." He looks once again over to her, wondering if she has that same emotionless expression she had when she first saw him in the hotel.

d4cf6 No.89898

How exposed is he? Was he laying on his back?

0a952 No.89899

I think his cock and balls are exposed, judging how Silver said his ass was up in the air.

ec5b0 No.89900

d4cf6 No.89901

Nope, it's that smile of hers

ec5b0 No.89902

Silver's not sure if that should be reassuring or disconcerting. "So, do you need me to stand up, now, or…?"

d4cf6 No.89903

She back away
"No, that's quite fine. I will go make some tea."

ec5b0 No.89904

His ears perk up a little. "Tea? What kind?"

d4cf6 No.89905

"Don't get too exited. A Minotaurian variety, fairly simple"

0a952 No.89906

I'll just put this here. Don't mind me.

ec5b0 No.89907

"I suppose I should save my excitement for later, hmm?" Silver lets out a small chuckle. "In either case, it is new thing to me. I think I can get at least little bit excited to try this Minotaurian tea."

d4cf6 No.89908

"You can do that" She pats him with her hoof low on his belly. Very low. "Surely you've had tea before?"

ec5b0 No.89909

A blush breaks out on Silver's face, and she can see him doing his best under the water to cross and hold his hindlegs together. Even when weighed down by the bathwater, his winter coat proves to make his belly fur surprisingly soft, though the water does make it feel thick rather than floofy. "Couple of times, yes, but I have never had tea from Minotauria."

d4cf6 No.89910

"Didn't mean to make you uncomfortable… Well, I guess I will have to share some tea with you then"

ec5b0 No.89911

He grins sheepishly, trying to backtrack a little. "No no, it is alright. I just, uh…had itch." He uncrosses his legs, summoning every ounce of willpower he has in the process to not embarrass himself. "See? Everything is fine…"

d4cf6 No.89912

That smile returns to her face. If you've ever seen a cat slowly creep up, and then pounce on something, you've seen just about what Blue Skies does next, as she moves just a little forward, moves a hoof up, and then scratches the itch herself

0a952 No.89913

Skies is going to sin.

ec5b0 No.89914

If I suddenly disappear for an extended period of time, it's because the power went out. It's storming like the dickens here.

"Oh!" A shiver passes through Silver's body at the contact. It doesn't take long for Silver's 'little buddy' to properly poke its head out of its sheath, giving Blue a little greeting as it slowly extends outwards.

d4cf6 No.89915

File: 1549559379596.png (292.81 KB, 900x1136, kisspng-rarity-pony-annoye….png)

Blue Skies do something unethical? She would never

At first, she moves back a little. Then, she starts laughing.
"Shall I go make tea?"

0a952 No.89916

Fair enough.

d4cf6 No.89917

File: 1549559498004.jpg (52.6 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault (3).jpg)

And a pic for Blue Skies as Silver's Sword comes out from its sheath

ec5b0 No.89918

"…Yes, that sounds lovely…" Silver frowns at his 'Sword', now extended out a fair ways and resting on his abdomen, yet still flaccid. He looks a little cross at it as it twitches a little.

d4cf6 No.89919

"Tell me if you need any further help in your bathing" she says with a smile.

ec5b0 No.89920

"Oh, I most certainly will." He gives the head a boop using one of his forehooves, causing it to stiffen a little in response. "Normally, I have better control over my 'Sword' to keep it sheathed. I guess he must have been just little bit too excited to finally see somepony new."

d4cf6 No.89921

She smiles, but she leaves the room, presumably to set water to boil

ec5b0 No.89922

Silver settles back down into the normal laying down position in the tub, placing his hindquarters back underneath the surface of the bathwater. With the bath still remaining warm, and his member now fully exposed to the water's warm embrace, it quickly excites and causes more blood to rush to Silver's Sword. Before too long, the head and flare of the erect member stick out of the water like a submarine's periscope, followed by a portion of the upper shaft. Silver lets out a sigh, looking at the dark grey flesh torpedo. "What am I ever going to do with you…" Its only response is to quiver at him.

d4cf6 No.89923

roll a d20

ec5b0 No.89924

Dice rollRolled 3


ec5b0 No.89925

What the hell is it with these threes?

d4cf6 No.89926

After one minute, she comes back in, still smiling, but with an awkward expression as well
"Silver… Sweetie. I don't mean to be rude. If I didn't have a coltfriend, or if my coltfriend were not in the Party, I would jump all over you. But I don't know how much contact Dark Star is okay with, and I actually work with Dark Star and respect him, besides the fact that he knows you as well… So… I would rather not finish you. Not right now, anyways"

ec5b0 No.89927

He nods, understanding perfectly. He doesn't look too worried about it, from Blue's perspective. "It is nothing to worry about. I just hope my 'buddy' here decides to retreat back into his sheath soon."

d6edb No.89928

She walks up behind him, and starts to rub his completely wet mane. “You wouldn’t want to get anything on your coat anyways”

ec5b0 No.89929

He closes his eyes in contentment. His little buddy remains standing at full attention for both Silver and Skies to see. "It would not be first time."

d6edb No.89930

She continues rubbing his mane, going through the motions of washing it, though it has already been washed. With a tone of disgust, almost a growl, she says “I hate getting it in my coat. That’s why I always swallow”

ec5b0 No.89931

He turns his head slightly to look back at her. "Unless you are skilled with deepthroating, there is still threat of overflow coming out of your mouth and nose."

d6edb No.89932

“I take it this was a frequent occurrence in your past?@

0a952 No.89933

That would work if he had not had a marefriend

ec5b0 No.89934

"…Maybe just little bit?" He smiles, a couple memories resurfacing. His member twitches a couple more times, evidently not going down any time soon. He puts a forehoof to it, pushes it back down into the water, and holds it there.

d6edb No.89935

she was a Waifu, not a marefriend. Reee. Also, the question is ambiguous enough to apply to any female sexual partners

She laughs at Silver’s movements
“When the tea is ready, do you want anything in it?”

ec5b0 No.89936

He smiles at her, glad that she's finding enjoyment out of him trying to keep his erection out of such a public view. Though the warm water combined with the contact with his hoof isn't helping things, as evident by how his blush spreads a little more. "Whatever you like to have in it is fine with me, I do not have preference."

0169b No.89937

Dice rollRolled 14

>rock noises
Oh boy, time to play bartender simulator again!
Rolling to wash a shot glass

d4cf6 No.89938

She looks at him contemplatively. “Careful not to perish from from embarrassment”

okay, roll another die

The glass, thankfully, is not a mimic, nor does it break in his hoof. A spot comes out

ec5b0 No.89939

Dice rollRolled 19

Ready for another 3?

0a952 No.89940

Oh this is gonna suck.
I hope nothing bad comes from this event.

0169b No.89941

Dice rollRolled 4

Nice, Onyx washes another one

d4cf6 No.89942

File: 1549565657595.png (781.17 KB, 4178x5460, 209626.png)

"Let me check and see if the water is boiling"
She says this, despite the absence of the well known whistle of the boiling kettle. She briefly leaves the room

Oh dear. Well, this one does not wash as cleanly as the last, by any means

0169b No.89943

Oh no…

ec5b0 No.89944

Hey, you stole my low roll!

"…Okay?" Once she leaves, he relinquishes his hold of his stallionhood, letting it swing back and smack against his wet abdomen before it returns to standing at attention out of the water. It flings a little water into his face during the motion, causing him to close his eyes and flinch.

0a952 No.89946

It's… chewing gum.
I think that existed by this time.

0169b No.89947

"How many times to I have to SAY NO MILK IN THE SHOT GLASSES"

ec5b0 No.89948

"Shoot my…" He looks confused as to the meaning of this phrase, though Blue can't see this.

0a952 No.89949

With a rifle like yours, it's quite plausible.
I think you're acting innocent.

d4cf6 No.89950

Ever wanted to attach a picture of anime girls with grotesquely disproportionate breasts, but found that you didn't have any in any of your image folders, so you just attach an unrelated image of French Yellow Vest protesters?

Fuckers put it in there anyways. This will require a few more rubs

Whelp, she's away now

ec5b0 No.89951

RIP my sides.

He sighs, wondering what she could be doing right now. He puts the frog of his forehoof against the exposed shaft of his member, giving it a stroke. "Well, it is just you and me, now, buddy."

0169b No.89952

Dice rollRolled 8

Quite the opposite, I look for yellow vest protesters and get large breasted anime girl

Onyx scrubs with the might of alicorn magic

0a952 No.89953

Freedom is a boner inducer, so it's okay.

d4cf6 No.89954

When the cat is away… do the mice play with themselves?

Onyx rubs with greater might than Silver right now. It's more effective than not… but some of the residue remains

0a952 No.89955

How do you think they have like 25 children when they're alone?

0169b No.89957

Dice rollRolled 6 + 1

Onyx resorts to desperate measure and uses a sponge instead of a dishtowel

d4cf6 No.89958

Even though his rubbing leaves something to be desired, he manages to finally remove the last traces of residue from the glass. Fucking milk drinkers

0169b No.89959

Onyx breathes a sigh of relief and and decides to poor himself a drink without milk

d4cf6 No.89960

Well, there are plenty of options. The bar is not very crowded at the moment

0169b No.89961

Vodka, 1 shot

ec5b0 No.89962

An interesting philosophical question that a pony like Blue Skies would probably contemplate for a time. For Silver, he's currently involved in a one-sided conversation with his penis. "It has been while since you last decided to show up. I am sorry for keeping you neglected for so long." He gives it a couple more strokes with his frog before he leans back, focusing on the fleshy rod in his mind's eye. "Well, you are here now, so I will take some care of you while you are." His horn lights up, and a blue telekinetic glow forms around his member, stroking it at a slow pace designed to induce pleasure rather than bring him closer to orgasm. The pulsating field lights up his side of the bathroom with a faint blue glow. He maintains the motion, occasionally letting out a pent-up moan or thrusting upwards subconsciously.

0a952 No.89963

That person who asked us to never change is having a blast right about now.

d4cf6 No.89964

"Guess I got what I deserved
Kept you waiting there too long my love
All this time without a word
Didn't know you'd think, that I'd forget, or I'd regret
The special love I have for you"


Blue Skies has not returned yet. She must either have found a task for herself or is deliberately avoiding the bathroom. Silver, by contrast, is directly benefiting from and enjoying that Unicorn privilege

Only one? I guess it is morning. What a beautiful day. He'll definitely need more later

ec5b0 No.89965

Sides Status: In Orbit

Oh, he very much is enjoying that Unicorn privilege.

d4cf6 No.89966

From another room, he can hear the beginnings of a whistle, which lasts only a few seconds before subsiding. But in the warm waters of the luxurious bathroom, where Silver has plenty of room to himself, he can contemplate how the other half lives. Is that why the Earth Pony population is so high? Because they can't do this? It would suck if you had to try to do this with only the soft part of the hoof. Or, he can just enjoy himself.

0a952 No.89967

Iron would know.

ec5b0 No.89968

It's an interesting thought, and in Silver's mind he can see it extend to every part of an Earth Pony's life, and why Earth Ponies have been behind many of ponykind's greatest inventions. Without Unicorn magic or Pegasus flight, they have had to figure out how to do the same things Unicorns and Pegasi can do using only their hooves. So, they became adept at building tools to do those things they can't themselves do, and these tools have really taken off in the past couple decades, allowing them to do things like fly with airplanes or cast spells with magic rifles. Sometimes, these tools even allow them to do things the other races can do, only better. Part of him wonders if Unicorns and Pegasi will eventually become phased out by Earth Pony ingenuity, or if Earth Ponies really are the superior pony race.

As a particularly long, milking stroke of his member causes him to let out a semi-loud moan, and as his member spurts out a small amount of pre, he wonders if Earth Ponies will even be able to build a tool in the future to do what he's doing now to themselves, and if they'll even make it better than this.

d4cf6 No.89969


Perhaps the ingenuity of Earth Ponies will someday make mares obsolete. Perhaps a cabal of deceitful creatures who thrive on Earth Pony sexual repression will try to kill any such innovation in the cradle.

Laying there, gloriously outstretched in the bathroom of his employer's marefriend, he may start to see part of the appeal of the Blackhooves. At least, what is presumably the appeal to some of its members. The beginnings of Alicorn were favorable to the Unicorn race, as they were early on promoted to feudal lordships. The rise of Capitalism leveled the playing field significantly, as the "new money" of Equestria became disproportionately Earth Pony. That slight in itself would be tolerable but for the more recent changes in the government. In less than a decade, the size of the Alicorn ruling class quadrupled, while the pony races were now to suffer being placed as equals to literal insects and beasts of burden. As Unicorns were cast out of ruling and equated to Yaks and Griffins, some may yearn for a change in government. Blue Skies still clings to the nostalgia of a time and place where Pegasi were on top, but even she knows that those days are gone. She obeys Unicorn commanders in a chain all the way to the top. If she wants to make jokes about "mud ponies" in front of her Earth Pony boyfriend, all he need respond is "suck my cock," and she must obey as if it were a literal command.

It is now the era of the Unicorn. From the fighter for "equality" who leads Stalliongrad, to the self-styled "defender of ponykind" in the Duke of New Mareland, to the alleged "leader of the Harmonious world" in the River Republic, and now, even the elected leader of the newly minted Republic of Nimbusia, they are Unicorns all.

It's a masturbatory thought to be sure, but what else is appropriate in this exact moment?

0a952 No.89970

You know what goes well with masturbation?
Thoughts about economic deficit!

daa2c No.89971

Alright, I don't have very much left to do today.

0a952 No.89972

I linked the post where the mademare proposes his argument here.

daa2c No.89973

Hey, would it offend you if I showed you the Strength-based unarmed build I made?

0a952 No.89974

Not really.

d4cf6 No.89975

>Metagaming a combat whatever instead of actually acknowledging the game when explicitly asked about it
Yes, it would offend me

daa2c No.89976

Name: "Iron"
2nd level Ranger (Warrior Variant)
1st level Battle Dancer
1st level Barbarian (wolf totem)
1st level Fist of the Forest

Hit Points: 2d10 + 2d8 + 1d12 + 20 (49 hp)

Str 18
Con 18
Dex 13
Wis 12
Char 8
Int 8

BAB/Grapple: 5/9

Skills: (32 points)
Handle Animal - (4)
Survival - (5)
Spot - (8)
Tumble - (5)
Open Lock - (1)
Jump - (5)
Perform - (dance; 1)
Knowledge - (geography; 1)
Knowledge - (Nature; 1)
Knowledge - (Dungeoneering; 1)

Cutie Mark (Smashed Boulder): Autohypnosis; "Harder Than Rock"

Favored Enemy: Changelings

Unarmed Damage: 1d8 (as a 7th level monk)

Unarmored AC (shields still okay): 15 (+1 Dex, +4 Con)

Land Speed: 50 ft

>Bestial Instinct

>Improved Unarmed Strike - (c; Battle Dancer)
>Track - (c; Warrior Ranger)
>Two-Weapon Fighting - (c; Warrior Ranger)
>Power Attack - (r)
>Great Fortitude - (f)
>Cleave - (f)
>Combat Reflexes - (f)
>Improved Grapple - (l)
>Ascetic Hunter - (l)


Wolf Totem Barbarian
Flying Kick - (l)
>Chivalrous Courtesy

daa2c No.89977


daa2c No.89978

0169b No.89979

Holy shit that's impressive

daa2c No.89980

Sister Ash raises an eyebrow, then narrows her eyes somewhat.
"… So, you mean to tell us that you took in this colt for his own good?" She implores

0a952 No.89981

That's some complex character you did there.
Lemme see if I can see its value.

daa2c No.89982

It took me 4 days, tbh.
It effectively let's him have the benefits of being a monk, without being a monk or having intelligence, minus the spell resistance, Will, and immortality of course.
Another Level in Wolf Totem Barbarian will let him get Improved Trip, despite his lack of intelligence. The Ascetic Ranger Feat will mean that ranger levels will increase his unarmed damage. It also has plenty of room for prestige classing, and more classes (the first 2 levels in fighter are the best levels in fighter).
Warrior Ranger does not get any spells, but it will give him Improved Speed if he pursues 6 levels in it, plus it gets d10s. That way he can increase his damage and his number of attacks while still maintaining full BAB.
Battle Dancer is normally a stupid homo-queer failure of a charisma-based class (imo), but that level is indespensible for this build.

It's not awesome, but it's best for an unarmed build that lacks both dex and Wis.

ec5b0 No.89983

Good to know I wasn't the only one.

From what he remembers of the few history lessons he had as a colt that weren't focused solely on Severyana, Unicorns have always leaned more towards the path of leadership. It is something about their biology, or the way they interact with the innate magic of the world around them, he thinks. Funny, as he himself is following the orders of an Earth Pony. But that is the point, he supposes, of each race having different abilities. They aren't equal, they are all different in their own unique way, with their own strengths and weaknesses, advantages and disadvantages. And, he also supposes, that's a good thing. Together, they compliment each other, all three races combined, making their strengths stronger and their weaknesses weaker, and allowing them to reach heights that other sapient races - the Buffalo, the Minotaurs, the Changelings, the Deer, the Griffons, the Polar Bears, the Penguins - could only dream of. Even with the pace at which technology is advancing and blurring the lines between the races' different abilities, there will always be a place for Earth Pony strength, Pegasus flight, and Unicorn magic, because no matter what, that is what these races were born with, and no others can claim the same. It's a branch of Harmonic thought that has largely fallen out of favor compared to the more recent socialist variations that have come into existence to try to compete with Communism, but Silver holds to it almost religiously, as his father did before him.

He watches his telekinetic field stroke his member up and down, up and down, in a constant cycle of self-pleasure. What kind of odd thoughts he has while masturbating.

Random question: which side won the Longswordian Civil War in this universe? Every time I've played with Historical AI Focuses on, the war has ended differently, sometimes with the Non-Aligned "Longswordian Governate" winning, sometimes with the Communist "Socialist Republic of Longsword" winning.

0169b No.89984

The real question is why there are so many damn longswords

0a952 No.89985

Literally jacking off to his ideals.

d4cf6 No.89986

Pfft! Halberds are for combat infantry. A real rearguard officer has a ceremonial sword

>Unicorns are biologically inclined towards leadership

Now that is a sexy thought. Keep on going, and it shall end gloriously. But I guess he can think about a sexy pegasus instead if that is more stimulating

Uh, in one of the playthroughs I tried to base this game on who ever won was conquered by the Reformitsen of Hellquill shortly thereafter, who in turn were killed by New Mareland at the very end of the "Gryphyian March" campaign

0a952 No.89987

It sounds like a good character. A shame we can't use this one since it probably would make the GM have to consider many more books than vanilla and is rightfully scared of balancing all of the books you've used.
If it's taken though, I suspect that most Natives should be like this. It is oddly fitting

daa2c No.89988

The "Beastly" flaw came to my mind when the idea that wild empathy might influence natives. The flaw makes your mind vulnerable to spells that would normally only control animals, and any creature with Wild Empathy can see this, so enemies will use it to exploit your weakness. Because of that, the Barbarian levels help, since the Rage bonus to Will saves is most beneficial to keeping barbarians from being turned against their allies. The Rage enhances the Fist of the Forest's Feral Trance, so you could stay in Ultra Instinct for 9 rounds per day, and go into it once per day. The Strength bonus to rage is really helpful unarmed, because it'll help you grapple, and all ranged attackers and spellcasters are bitches when it comes to being grappled.

ec5b0 No.89989

Silver ends up deciding "why not both?", and mixes the two fantasies together. His telekinetic field strokes on with a renewed vigor.

I've seen the Communists win the civil war in one campaign and manage to push the Hellquillians back after a few months of a stalemate at the border. It helped when the location there the Hellquillian lines finally broke was at the city of Hellquill itself, allowing several Longswordian divisions to push into the city and flank the Hellquillians from behind.

0a952 No.89990

I see. It looks like he's way more powerful than current Iron.
Not as powerful as many wizards or other spellcasters but he's quite good at his role.
Anyways, you should probably relink your response to one of the GM's current posts. For some reason his ID changes between days. It may be why he did not respond to Ash yet.
Or is having trouble having to spill out lore and arguing about orphans' true value at the same time.

daa2c No.89991

d4cf6 No.89992

File: 1549577811478.gif (347.42 KB, 1024x720, full.gif)

Whatever challenges Silver's ideas of Liberté, égalité, and fraternité may face in the wider world, none dare challenge him in his private palace of marble and porcelain. From a sound near the door, it seems as if Blue Skies contemplates the politesse of walking in on Silver at the moment, and she seems to give him his space.

In both most recent playthroughs, it seems that Hellquil conquers Longsword. This is more likely, I think, if the 'moderates' win the civil war. This would have the consequence of New Mareland attempting to conquer that area itself, which may be unfortunate as it would create a border against the Griffonian Empire which would be avoided if New Mareland only takes "most" of the Marchlands

d4cf6 No.89993

I'll be sure to include an adversary with stats like that. Soon.

He laughs slightly
"I hope you don't mean to tell me he'll find any better. I get help, and maybe even a pony to take my place in the Capri Cabana when I'm on a beach in Sicameon. And he gets a chance at wealth and respect, something that otherwise would be denied him"

0a952 No.89994

You do know that you'll probably take stuff from books other than vanilla, effectively nullifying the ban against said books, right?
That is, unless you are one crafty GM that can vanilla his way across everything.

ec5b0 No.89995

He grunts in exertion, his telekinetic strokes now with a purpose and a fantasy behind them. They get faster, and harder, as he imagines himself looking down at the most and second-most beautiful pegasi, together and working on polishing his great 'Sword', one taking long licks from the base to the tip before very lightly pressing her teeth into the flare, the other suckling on his round, juicy balls like they were made of candy. He thrusts his hips up in the tub, a large spurt of pre squirting out of his urethra and landing in the tub with a solid ploop sound.

Seems like it. It also seems the outcome of the civil war depends on if the Communists can force the Moderates to capitulate before they run out of Infantry Equipment and Ponypower.
Also, I'll be right back. Dinner calls.

0a952 No.89996

>audibly ejaculates
It reminds me of an /mlp/ green I read.

daa2c No.89997

Sister Ash nods slightly
"So, you say that you meant to take in this child right here, for his own well-being, correct?"

d4cf6 No.89998

No, I'll just give it higher numbers. Jesus, that post looks like a law review article with all of those citations to it.

He ain't done yet

How long has it been for him? How long has he kept himself pent up? How long has it been since he laid back and relaxed?

"You cannot sell an older teenage male for more than 1000 bits. You can't even give them away for free, really, as you should know from the orphanage. You can say that we run a charity of sorts. We take in the lower classes, the unfortunate. And we give them hope"

daa2c No.89999

File: 1549579250765-0.jpg (71.8 KB, 811x1101, 0116f61631b64c268fab7dabb7….jpg)

Praise Football. Praise American.

0a952 No.90000

Praised, as our lord and saviour Elway grants us this pleasure.

daa2c No.90001



daa2c No.90002

>Selling children
[Reeeeeeees internally]
If Sister Ash was frustrated by the pony not answering her question directly, she does not show it on her face.
She's silent for a moment before she speaks up.
"… And the ponies from that warehouse.. were they subordinate to you..?"

d4cf6 No.90003

He laughs
"I'm flattered that you might think so, but no. I'm just a friend in another part of town under a different underboss"

daa2c No.90004

Her eyes narrow further
>Full Asian
"And who might that be?"

d4cf6 No.90005

"The underboss? I'm not certain he would appreciate me giving his name out to random strangers who walk into my office"

daa2c No.90006

I gotta step out for a few minutes.


ec5b0 No.90007

It has been far, far too long. Years, it feels like to him, spent in service to the whims of one pony or another, be it a group of simple citizens in desperate need of help, a noblepony who needs somepony to do the dirty work they themselves could neither do nor bring themselves to do, or his own country in its time of greatest need, he has worked tirelessly, with little time to spend on himself for pleasures such as this. His balls ache already from seeing some of the heaviest use they have seen in a long while, chugging out what feels to Silver to be gallons of pre before even getting to the main event. His member spits it out with a pressure he hasn't seen or felt since he was a young adult, creating a rhythm of sound with each stroke his magic makes as each glob gets ejected from his member, soars for a second in the air, and comes down heavy into the water: splurt, plop, splort, plap. Some of it lands on his lower abdomen and his pubic area, sticking up the floof in this area of his body. His cockhead is already covered in the stuff so much, he's not sure if it's wet from water or straight pre.

In the fantasy, he sees one mare run her tongue across the whole of his head, popping it into her mouth for but a second before returning to ring his flare with her tongue. She starts to focus on his urethra, spreading it and opening it very slightly with her tongue as if she was going to stick it inside. The other mare opens her mouth as wide as it can go, her teeth scraping along one of his testicles as she attempts to and manages to put the whole thing in her mouth. She uses her tongue to wrap around and wet the whole orb, making very audible vacuum noises as she sucks on his heavy sack. He congratulates the mares on their performance so far.

Blue can hear a particularly deep groan from the other side of the door. "Auuuuugh!" He feels his balls clench in anticipation. He's close. Very close.

d4cf6 No.90008

The door cracks open, and a head looks in. She smiles, but keeps a cautious distance. The way you may keep a distance to others setting off fireworks

But which mare is it who caresses his member with her tongue and lips, and which mare is it who nibbles his sack?

0a952 No.90009

Obviously Storm is the main dick muncher while Skies is the added bonus.
At least it's what I would imagine.

ec5b0 No.90010


His breathing gets heavier, his strokes get even harder, his thrusts into the air get more needy, he stops shooting pre in preparation for the coming ejaculation. He doesn't even register Blue's presence, he's so caught up in both his pleasure and his fantasy.

Two things happen at once:

In his fantasy, Storm sticks her tongue into his urethra, playing with it, while Skies manages to fully deepthroat his testicle.

In real life, he releases his telekinetic grip on his shaft as the vice grip pressure he felt on his balls finally releases.


He gives a single, mighty thrust into the air, as a long, thick, powerful rope of pure white cum spews from his member and soars high into the air, splattering against his barrel and abdomen when it comes down. He thrusts again, and a second, equally large ejection lands on his lower abdomen, his cock, and into the bathwater. He does this several times, each getting slightly and progressively weaker, and each with an audible squirt sound. His chest and abdomen get absolutely plastered in foal batter as rope after rope lands back onto him. An errant stream lands on his own face and in his mane, forcing him to close his right eye to avoid cum leaking into it. And the rest lands in the tub, messing the bathwater even more than it already was.

When it's all over, he settles back down into the tub with heavy breaths, and stares at the ceiling. He's got a healthy afterglow in his face, visible from behind the errant cumstring that landed on it. His cock remains fully erect and covered in semen, but somehow manages to look satisfied to Blue. His coat looks more white than grey on his barrel and abdomen now, and the extra fluff from his winter coat has been quite effectively messed with baby gravy. Ropes of ejaculate are visible in the bathwater, floating around with little care.

All-in-all, it looks as if Silver enjoyed himself.

0a952 No.90011

Sheesh, you like dirtying other ponies' places, do you? You know how hard is to clean off semen?
Try to cut a tree next time with your ejaculation next time.

d4cf6 No.90012

With Silver, she is the chance to live and love again after so many years; the chance to feel young again. But there's also the constant reminder that she wasn't the first, and that she is not and never will be the best. She will always be the inferior replacement, no matter what she does. With Dark Star, the situation is very different. Dark Star is years younger than her, and she is his first love it seems. She is the high school sweetheart he missed out on as a teenager. To him, she is everything. She is the best to him. But there's always the lingering fear that this love is the product of youthful inexperience and emotional immaturity; that it will sour as they get to know each other better, and as time progresses.

ec5b0 No.90013

I can only imagine what Blue would think, being in the middle of something like that. Talk about a love triangle.

Like Iron did back at the orphanage?

d4cf6 No.90014

Well, that has to be a very large amount of fluid. Now, hopefully none of it escaped the bathtub…

Now Blue Skies comes into the room, looking almost concerned
"Did one of my shampoo bottles just explode?"

0a952 No.90016

I suppose? He does have the experience on how to handle a mare, both sexually and maybe emotionally. Star is a bit meh as a partner. Only looking for sex and comfort from his past while Silver gives out comfort and sex like a millionaire in a villa throws money around in a charity event.
Silver is undoubtedly a good stallion to form a relationship with as a mare. Star is more of a long term investment that, in reality, most women would not really take. They like, most of all,
constant happiness and economical comfort with his stallion/man. One who understands her concerns and insecurities and makes them feel like they mean something. Silver is such a good candidate for that. Star is more of a loose cannon, and I would feel the same fears as Skies if I were a woman handling him.

Of course, dummy. Trees like protein.
I wonder if a nun found a 'new species of tree' that 'lets out white maple syrup'

daa2c No.90017

Sister Ash's eyes narrow into the expression that Japanese women make when they're about to murder their kids.
"Are you aware that this child came from came from an abandoned warehouse, taken by ponies who were in business of kidnapping foals?"

ec5b0 No.90018

Silver looks towards her with his non-semen-covered eye, barely able to turn his head to do so. He looks almost more cum than pony after such a workout. His words are broken up by the heavy panting and breathing such an activity he just went through entails. "I *pant*…think *pant*…I…I will need *pant*…I think I will need bath…*sigh* for this bath…*pant*"

Didn't realize Iron was such a botanist.

0169b No.90019

Dice rollRolled 13

>washes plate

0a952 No.90020

lolno. Iron is not the botanist here.
It was joek. Plants eat light, u no?

d4cf6 No.90021

"You weren't just attacked by a succubus demon, right?"
She edges closer, then picks up a container of soap
"I think you will need this"
She looks almost concerned by the scene. Perhaps it's a good think she didn't try to suck him off. That may have *drowned her*


A good thing too, since lunchtime is coming up

d4cf6 No.90022

"I am aware that they were secured as collateral for an unpaid loan, and that they neither had nor have living family members or close relatives as caretakers"

ec5b0 No.90023

"No, no…succu-whatever *pant*." He collapses into the cum-filled water, apparently fine with remaining there for the moment while he recovers. His 'Sword' slowly softens, and retreats back into his sheath, disappearing underneath the surface of the water. "I may have…been pent up…just little bit…"

d4cf6 No.90024

"You should probably… drain that water. Then wash off. Again"

ec5b0 No.90025

"Probably…" His horn lights up as he uses his magic to remove the drain plug. He looks again over to Blue as the water slowly drains away. "So…how are you?"

d4cf6 No.90026

Her expression towards him is still somewhat stunned

"Tea is ready"
She pulls up two cups

daa2c No.90027

Oh shoot, I g2g to dinner soon. I finish typing later.

ec5b0 No.90028

He nods, and stands up in the tub. The ejaculate still on him appears to stick mostly to his thick coat, as it only drips slightly back down into the tub. He uses his magic to grab and hold onto the cup without getting it any more dirty than it needs to. "Thank you…I think I am in need of hydration, after that."

d4cf6 No.90029

She giggles at his appearance, then smiles
"How do you feel?"

ec5b0 No.90030

"To be honest…I feel great!" He smiles wide, absolutely beaming with a youthful vigor. The effects of his afterglow are still very much visible. "I feel like I just got done with 10 kilometer run…but I feel great!" Silver takes a sip of the tea Blue made for him. He uses a forehoof to poke at the tuft of chest fluff he played with previously, which has now been covered in ejaculate. He brings a string of the white liquid along with his hoof, looking at it. He suddenly laughs. "You could say I am getting into spirit of season, with as white this winter day has been for me thus far."

d4cf6 No.90031

She looks simultaneously amused and a tad bit disgusted with her smile

"I put honey in the tea, I hope you don't mind"

0a952 No.90032

You mean aphrodisiac?

ec5b0 No.90033

He wipes the hoof off in a clean bit of fur. In this moment, he realizes he's stuck inside the tub until he cleans himself off. "Ah, that is fine. It tastes nice." He takes another sip, a question coming to mind. "Blue, this will sound like weird question, but what kind of cookware do you have in your kitchen?"

Does Silver need aphrodisiac after cumming that much?

0a952 No.90034

For reinvigoration, yes.
Apart from being more… accepting to any body stimulus.

0169b No.90035

>Washes a spork

0169b No.90036

Dice rollRolled 2

Uh, shit

0a952 No.90037

>inb4 plate is broken and gets fired.

d4cf6 No.90038

"My kitchen?" She tilts her head slightly. "You mean the meager supplies this hotel room comes with? Not much, actually"

Staying in the bathtub for the moment is probably the right choice

d4cf6 No.90039

File: 1549587420741.jpg (40.85 KB, 500x522, 18d4v7.jpg)

>Rolls a 2 while washing Satan's instrument

d4cf6 No.90040

"Excuse me mister? Did I give you permission to touch me?" The droning noise seems to be coming from the spoon. I mean, fork. I mean, Fork spoon… thing.

ec5b0 No.90041

He nods, looking slightly disappointed. "Ah. That is disappointing to hear. I had idea of something from my homeland I could cook for you, as something nice I could do."

0169b No.90042

Onyx drops it to the ground

d4cf6 No.90043

She batters her eyelashes, clearly flattered
"Why might you have cooked?" She asks

d4cf6 No.90044


0169b No.90045

Onyx violates the first law of Libertarianism and steps on the spork demon

ec5b0 No.90046

Was that meant to be a "Why", or was it meant to be a "What"?

d4cf6 No.90047

>Stepping on a cross between a spoon and a fork
Is that even safe? Roll Die


A "what." She's just going to assume that he wanted to cook for her as a way of trying to take possession of her or something

0169b No.90048

Dice rollRolled 7


0a952 No.90049

What streak of bad rolls we're having.

d4cf6 No.90050

Well, he avoids hurting himself, as the spoon fork… abomination curls up slightly. It doesn't look hurt either


ec5b0 No.90051

That's actually kinda funny to me. I don't know why.

He beams at her. "Stroganoff! I mean, it is not exactly fancy meal you would find at high-class eateries, but it is very filling, delicious casserole dish I loved as little colt."

0169b No.90052

Dice rollRolled 4 + 9

Onyx picks up a knife in his hoof and stabs

d4cf6 No.90053

I mean…. It's made of metal. But sure, I think you hit it. Roll damage


"Huh. Tell me more about this Stroganoff, and your days as a colt"

0169b No.90054

Dice rollRolled 1 + 4

Onyx's eyes are rolling violently

d4cf6 No.90055

Close. Not quite
"Gah! You think you can keep me down forever? Do you!"

0169b No.90056

Dice rollRolled 15 + 9

Onyx just kicks it at this point

d4cf6 No.90057

It's kicked right the fuck across the room

0169b No.90058

File: 1549589064091.jpg (6.02 KB, 425x260, 71stOKw0rTL._SX425_.jpg)

Dice rollRolled 1

"Now that I don't have to hear that abomination…"
Onyx sets to work cleaning pic related

0a952 No.90059

First wave Silverwareism created by black pony.

d4cf6 No.90060

>Rolled a one

0169b No.90061

Onyx wonders if the sorcerer could give them a better attitude

d4cf6 No.90062


daa2c No.90063

Holy shit.

0169b No.90064

File: 1549589581986.jpg (41.54 KB, 768x1024, bambu-spork.jpg)

Dice rollRolled 15

Onyx takes both the sporks up to his room and sticks them in his nightstand.
Then he washes pic related

0a952 No.90065

Welcome back. It seems Onyx is dealing with third plate utensilism.

fd794 No.90066

All this just from washing utensils

0a952 No.90067

When you roll for stuff and get 1 and 2, you fail in a usually funny result

fd794 No.90068

Trust me, I know too well

0a952 No.90069

Are you Sardo, or Sparko?

fd794 No.90070


36365 No.90071

Of course, Brie has little insect pie incubi. One just bit him, drawing blood, and then was confused when Brie said he looked pretty

0a952 No.90072

Oh, it's the screeching master himself.
Brie suffered a hoof injury, if you recall. You'll need to bandage that shit later.

daa2c No.90073

Sister Ash's expression darkens.
"Just yesterday, I had to free two of those children from the clutches of a child molester. Two of the same children that were forcefully taken from the orphanage on a hill. The ones I took from that warehouse were starving in metal cages by the time I arrived, and all had to be treated for mane lice." She says
"To whome are foals taken and 'sold' in this manner supposed to be marketed to?"

What is this heresy? It's like he wants to be cursed.
>Using sporks

fd794 No.90074

I meant he's adorable, but mein deutsch ist shlecht

ec5b0 No.90075

"It is fairly simple meal to prepare. You brown some ground hay in skillet, add in cream of mushroom soup, sour cream, salt and pepper, and while you cook this you boil egg noodles in pot. When noodles are done, you just mix them into dish, serve with extra sour cream to put in to taste, and enjoy. It is really simple and easy, and it is very popular dish in Severyana."

He sits down, taking another sip of his tea while memories of his time in Severyana are brought to mind for him to share. "There is not much to note about my time as colt, I suppose, but it would be good idea to start with my parents. My father was blacksmith, in St. Petershoof. He was this massive, hulking Earth Pony. Bay-colored coat, dark brown mane, brown eyes, and dark brown stripe running down length of his back, almost same exact stripe I have myself. He said it was family marking that all colts and stallions in his family had. To this day, I have not seen one pony who was ever as big or as strong as he was, but despite his size, he was really gentle pony. At least, unless you got him mad, and I mean mad, then he was rather scary pony to be around, and very scary to those who made him mad. He used to be Quartermaster for Equestrian Royal Guard before I was born, so he got to travel all across Equestria, meet different ponies, learn their customs, help them when they were in need, and generally get much clearer picture of world outside Severyana than if he had stayed in one place. He often said it helped to shape who he was.

"I never got chance to meet my mother. Apparently she was daughter of noble pony near Trottingham. She was weak and frail, exceptionally so even for unicorn. My father said once her mane was as golden as sun, her coat as fair as winter snow in St. Petershoof, and her eyes blue like pristine sapphires. Her family often kept her locked away in their manor house, as she was most frail of her siblings and they thought she would give their family bad name. All she wanted to do in life was to see some more of world beyond windows of her house, and to experience all that life had to offer. She got her wish when one day, her family's manor caught fire, and my father was part of local garrison that was called to help. He rescued her from burning wreckage, and they fell in love from that moment on. She absolutely adored how he had traveled all across Equestria and had all of these stories to tell her, and he enjoyed having somepony to take care of and who would care for him in turn.

"After couple years of living together, they decided to have foal, even though they both knew, with how weak she was, of risks it involved to her. As it turns out, those risks did exist after all. She died couple of minutes after she gave birth to me. Toll on her body was too great from birth, it just gave out. My father said she got to see me before she died, and that it…made her happy, before her end. That I helped her to pass away calmly into next life. I…do not know if I miss her or, or if I am supposed to miss her even though I do not. It is hard to miss what you never had in first place."

36365 No.90076

Just so you know, I am in transit now and will be for most of the night

ec5b0 No.90077

Kinda figured from your change in ID. Have fun on your trip!

daa2c No.90078

See ya

0a952 No.90079

Good luck.

0169b No.90080


0a952 No.90083

You forgot the accent at the o
It's Adiós

0a952 No.90085

Going to bed. Night.

daa2c No.90086

Goodnight, Anon.

82b2e No.90087

F in advance for the first whiff the Death Star takes of SS boy

Also, this may be helpful for future role-play.
Just remember to keep incognito mode on:

b7907 No.90090

At least he doesn't smell like Lavender and pussy

fd794 No.90091

Eeee's in bug-sitter

ec5b0 No.90093

Fair enough point made.

0a952 No.90094

A scary prospect.
Will we reach the point where Dark Star intentionally kills another PC?
Shot on the balls, maybe? That sounds edgy enough for mature ratings.

497c5 No.90095

Tbh, I wouldn't blame him.

0a952 No.90096

It's understandable. No one really wants to be cucked. Even the ones who pretend they want it.
GM will probably explode if it ever happens and maybe will use Skies to kill Star if Silver is killed.

497c5 No.90097

Just have someone kick Silver in the balls, so his balls finally drop.
Stallions don't always kill eachother in the wild, but they will try to castrate eachother.

ec5b0 No.90098

I'm still here, you know.

0a952 No.90099

Well, hello there. Be sure to amp up your armor. You'll need it when Star goes apeshit.
Ah, civility always wins in the end.
Silver is treading a fine line with teasing a potential romance between him and Skies.

497c5 No.90100

Sorry.. hehe..

497c5 No.90102

>civility always wins in the end.
This is not even close to true irl, but my character believes that violence can almost always be avoided.

0a952 No.90103

Civility has to win in the end or else everything would go extinct. That's why muh social contracts exist in the first place.
Whether the type of social contract is from Hobbes or Rosseaux's way is not important.

497c5 No.90104

I would say that humans generally maintain some kind of eternal strife between civility and barbarism.

0a952 No.90105

Understandable. Most real life balances are dynamic.

497c5 No.90106