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8784c No.91000[Last 50 Posts]

Set six years after season 6, Occupied Equestria presents an alternative history where Chrysalis chose a different approach to her second attack on Equestria. The Changelings have conquered half of Equestria, while a former Equestrian colony - soured to Princess Twilight's notion of harmony with all creatures thank to their dealing with griffins - Invaded and took the other half. In Baltimare and the Equestrian Southeast, the magic of friendship has weakened, as Communists, Changeling infiltrators, Fascists, gangs, and corrupt creepy politicians threaten the city. This role play is based in large part upon the Equestria at War mod for Hearts of Iron 4, and uses D&d 3.5e mechanics.

Silver is learning about foreign pony cultures, Dark Star is preparing to put on a play for the children of the Saint Prancis Orphanage, Onyx has received several possible missions from the government, Brie is buying clothing, presumably for a long journey. Ash and Iron are leaving the office of a now enraged gangster… or not.

8784c No.91001

"Yes, those ones. They are more liberal than most in the area, and suppose themselves to have a right to rule over the entire drainage basin as if it were their own personal property. With Equestria gone, they think of themselves as the 'leaders of the Harmonic world.' As for Wittenland… a bunch of Unicorns prancing around in their high castles wasting their time on wine and parties."

You could just, you know, roleplay diplomacy, rather than treating it like it's a form of mind control

8784c No.91003

"Please allow me"
Trim fit pulls out a measuring tape, and starts to take measurements of Brie's neck, shoulders, waists, chest, wings, and so forth, all in a rather invasive way.

Next comes the little foals. Wesley stands still enough for it, although he looks as Trim fit with a wierd, predatory glare, until Kerr boops him into stopping. Kerr stands for it, but not without squirming, being both annoyed and unnerved by the process

"The ballistic Nylon itself will help to keep much of the heat, and it will certainly appear thick. But we can prepare a version for even colder climates"

a057f No.91004

I would also like to have it as a skill.

56cb3 No.91005

"From what I have heard, there are three rivers that meet in Rijekograd. Their names I think are…" Silver looks towards the ceiling while scratching his chin in thought, as he tries to remember what he's heard of the River Republic. "Griffking, Gold, and…Green? And these rivers I imagine run through many of their neighbors. So I can see why some would think as such, even if they do not have rightful claim to region. I have heard it is beautiful place, with lots of hills and forests beside its grand rivers. I have also heard Rijeka is almost like brother language to my native Cyrillic. It makes me wonder if Rijekograd and Jezergrad ponies originally came from Severyana, many millennia ago.

"Wittenland sounds like some of old aristocracy in Canterlot. Somehow, I do not feel I would have good time there."

8784c No.91006

"The Griffking is the main river. The Gold and the Green are it's most easterly tributaries. It is a hilly area, yes, and mostly forested where there are not farms. It's not as beautiful as the green mountains and mountaintop cities of Nimbusia, though. I guess it is possible that there is some relation in the lettering. They say the ponies of the East came from the far north of the Equestrian continent, originally… Does Wittenland not sound 'exciting' enough for you?"

56cb3 No.91008

"Well, for instance, 'Rijekograd' comes from Rijeka words for 'River City', literally 'rijeka' and 'grad'. Cyrillic translation for these words are 'река' and 'город', but if I were to use Ponish characters, it would look like…" He grabs a simple pen from his saddlebags, and uses it to write on a napkin provided by the diner. In particular, he writes down 'reka' and 'gorod'. "…do you see resemblance?"

8784c No.91009

“Uh huh…” she says, looking down, and seeming a little confused. She hasn’t really eaten much of the food she ordered

56cb3 No.91010

Silver's left-side ear and eye lower in confusion at her own confusion. "Is something wrong?"

8784c No.91011

“No… no. Carry on”

56cb3 No.91012

He doesn't look like he believes this statement. "Well, okay. If there is something wrong, it is okay to say something to me, you know.

"Anyways, no, I do not think I would really fit in among Wittenland crowd. I am no Pinkie Pie. Outside of purpose of gathering information for some job or another, I have not been to many parties at all."

8784c No.91013

“That’s neat that the languages are similar. Perhaps there is some connection between the two nations. One that has survived after all of these centuries”

a057f No.91014

56cb3 No.91015

"I have heard of more far-fetched possibilities than that, so it very well could be." He looks at her barely-touched food. "Do you need take-home box for that?"

8784c No.91016

So you’re telling me that you care more about some character skill than actually doing role play - particularly since the skill in question is one that can actually be role played

8784c No.91017

“I don’t… I don’t think so”
She pokes it with a hoof, sticks her muzzle down, and takes a small bite of the bread

56cb3 No.91018

Dice rollRolled 2 + 3

Sense Motive: With searching eyes looking for any sign of what's wrong, Silver decides to push a little harder. "…Is something the matter, Blue? I am your friend, I am here for these types of things. You can tell me."

56cb3 No.91019

6162f No.91020

8784c No.91021

She absolutely despises Silver’s choice of food, that’s definitely it

56cb3 No.91022

Silver looks down in disappointment and sadness. "I mean, I thought it was good food…"

8784c No.91023

“No, it’s… it’s good food.”
She takes another bite, chews, and tries to swallow
“I’m just not used to Equestrian food, and I don’t eat that much anyways”

56cb3 No.91024

"Then what are you used to? Maybe next time we go out I can find someplace that you will enjoy."

8784c No.91025

“Well… Salads, bread… it was a bit different growing up. You are fine”

a057f No.91026

Well, no, but said skill is easily one of the more valuable skills for PCs concerned with anything but killing everything in sight. NPCs with opposing motives, intents, or alignments may be difficult to convince in ways that can't really be explained other than how eloquently the character words his/her speech. Also, I suck at this kind of stuff irl, but my character shouldn't.
Diplomacy doesn't necessarily make NPCs do whatever you tell them to, but it does improve their dispositions and attitudes.

8784c No.91027

Okay, reassign skill points from wherever you have it to Diplomacy

56cb3 No.91028

"Salads? I take it that is common meal in Nimbusia?"

8784c No.91029

“Well, among other things. Various beans, bread, figs, and olives would often provide the basis of common meals”

56cb3 No.91030

"There must be very many olive plantations in Nimbusia to not only have them as staple food item, but also to clean yourself in olive oil."

8784c No.91031

She laughs slightly
“Indeed there are. The land is mountainous, and not much else will grow in most parts”

56cb3 No.91032

To Silver, it sounds a little bit like the situation in Severyana, if you replaced 'mountainous' with 'frozen'. "But here is question: for how long can crops be grown in Nimbusia?"

8784c No.91033

“If you mean grain, I think one harvest worth of grain can be grown during the year. Sometimes clover can be planted in the winter, or even beans. Obviously fruit trees grow year round. But I never handled farming. The helots did that”

56cb3 No.91034

"It sounds like Nimbusia never had many issues with food, thankfully."

8784c No.91035

“Well, not usually. If food did begin to lack, it would be the helots who would pay the shortfall”

56cb3 No.91036

"I suppose that was incentive to grow as much food as possible. Still, it would not be very fun to be helot during food shortage, I imagine."

8784c No.91037

She leans back, and a smile returns
“I never had to find out”

56cb3 No.91038

"Yeah, I suppose you never had to." Silver silently contemplates how Blue would have turned out if she had some of that perspective.

8784c No.91039

If she were other than as she were, would she even still be Blue Skies?

56cb3 No.91040

It's a fair enough point for Silver.

"I would like to hear some more about Nimbusia, if you would not mind."

8784c No.91041

“We Pegasi built our cities on the hilltops, above the valleys of the east. We were not so wealthy, nor so industrial. Our roofs tended to be thatched, but our temples were made of fine stone columns with elegant and ancient friezes depicting the glory of past battles and of the settlement. Life was very communal, and emphasized relationships with other Pegasi. I guess it has that in common with Equestria. The state-run Education emphasized physical combat, but many of the wealthy purchases tutors to teach rhetoric and public speaking. We would often meet in the amphitheaters of the larger cities, where the citizenry would hear and vote on proposals for public matters, or watch plays. The markets, likewise, were big communal areas. And the temples to the gods tended to be the grandest in the cities. Soaring over the valleys, or the long coast lines, the hills were covered in grass or olive groves. It was beautiful…”

56cb3 No.91042

"It sounds like it. I imagine I would have liked very much to see it in its prime.

"You have said before that Nimbusia has its own religion. What is it like?"

8784c No.91043

“That the world had an order to it, shepherded by various spirits. Notos over the winds, Bellephoron over warriors, and Posedidon over all ponies. Sterope, Euos, Aithops, and Bronte pulled the sun across the sky. Each temple had a priest or priestess called a Poloi. Small sacrifices, especially of food items, were often asked for”

8784c No.91045

“The hills and the old buildings are still there. Only the spirit of the country was broken. Like an old mare who dies quietly in the night, without much fuss, leaving behind a more or less pristine, lifeless body”

56cb3 No.91046

Silver's eyes partially glaze over at all of the names of the different gods. "It does indeed sound foreign to Celestialism, at least. I think we used to have religion, or religions, before Celestialism that sounded little bit like what you described."

Silver looks at her with an odd expression, after her second statement. "So, it is little bit like Severyana? Everything is still there, mostly, but it is not actually Severyana."

8784c No.91047

She smiles, and seems to be a bit emboldened
“Sounds about like typical. An invading foreign power replaces the world views, customs and cultures of the natives with a philosophy that places the new rulers at the center of order., In time, the natives cannot even think of their world without its rulers and their own subjugation as an undispensable part of their existence. So died the native religions of the Equestrian continent at the hooves, wings, and horns of alicorns rule.”

Then she pulls back in
“Well, I’ve never been to Severyana. I think you said they burned churches. That didn’t happen in Nimbusia. It was a much quieter revolution”

a057f No.91048

Alright. I'm heading to bed now.

56cb3 No.91049

'Sounds a little bit like New Mareland' is what a small part of him wants to say. However, he decides to scale it back to a much more reasonable: "I am not sure if Celestia ever actually sponsored worship of herself. You certainly got idea from listening to how she acted that she was not very fond of that idea, and it was just her ponies acting independently.

"As for Nimbusia…well, as far as I know, it was not Communist revolution that took your country over."

8784c No.91050

"No… That's one the Communists didn't destroy"

56cb3 No.91051

Silver suddenly lets out a laugh that's just a little bit too loud for the situation. "Communists not destroying nation? That is first for me."

8784c No.91052

"Oh no, they destroy everything they touch, like fire or locusts. It just so happened that they weren't there this time. No, this was the work of 'moderate' reformists" She gives a look of serious disgust, like she is about to gag. "More L=like Aquileia than Stalliongrad"

56cb3 No.91053

"Aquileia…that name rings bell. Were they ones that had revolution back in '08, '09? I thought it was Harmonists that won in end."

8784c No.91054

"That's my point. It wasn't the Communists that killed that old nation"

56cb3 No.91055

Silver gives her an odd look. "No, I think New Mareland killed that particular nation."

8784c No.91056

She gives him an even more odd look, and raises an eyebrow
"The state of The Aquileian Second Republic is still there"

56cb3 No.91057

"Really? I thought I heard…" He pauses in thought. "…nevermind then, I thought they had been annexed by New Mareland. My mistake. Still, I do not think Harmonists destroyed Aquileia. I do not know much of state it was in before revolution, but I heard that Discret family was completely unable to even manage their own countries, let alone deal with Republicans once they came back. And there was still pride in Aquileian after they became republic."

8784c No.91058

"To be sure, the Discret family was incompetent and corrupt. What else can you expect of the Griffin 'nobility.' But the Clergy were intact, the system of land ownership was intact, the old system of laws were intact. All of that was destroyed in the Revolution. Often very literally and physically by the communist allies of the Harmonists. Yes, a 'national pride' of sorts still exists. But it is like a Snail infected with a mind controlling worm, leading the snail astray, controlling it from its infected, horrid pulsating eyes, and leading them only to be eaten by a bigger bird. The pride of the republic is a false belief in a rule over all of Griffonia, not for appreciation of the History and culture of their nation. They are destined for conflict with Griffinheim, and it will not end well for them"

56cb3 No.91059

If the snail image was meant to disgust, it has succeeded. "Destroyed, yet rebuilt anew, I would imagine, much like what happened with New Mareland."

He looks out of the window nearest to where they're sitting. "It seems as though everyone is wanting to go to war with Empire."

8784c No.91060

"The Duke never destroyed churches or humiliated clergy. Go ask Jacques what he thinks about it being 'much like New Mareland.' He has lived through both.

As for the Empire, not enough"

56cb3 No.91061

"No, that is quite opposite of problem: there are too many who want war. We should be prepared for it, but we should never wish war upon ourselves or other countries. It is wasteful, costly, and pointless, even if it is occasionally necessity."

8784c No.91062

She stares onwards, and seems to bite her tongue. As she is about to speak, she stops herself

56cb3 No.91063

"You were going to say something you were afraid would upset me or sour our relationship, I take it?"

8784c No.91064

Then, she speaks
"Do you believe that war with the Changeling Hegemony is necessary?"

56cb3 No.91065

Right for the throat with that question. For his part, Silver's answer comes short, simple, and quick: "Yes."

8784c No.91066

"Then you understand why I think it would be a great evil to forgo war with The Empire. Even if my government does not feel the same way"

56cb3 No.91067

"But do you want war with Empire?"

8784c No.91068

"Do you want war with the Changelings?"

56cb3 No.91069

Silver's just a little annoyed by how she refused to just answer the question herself. "Of course not. I do not want any war, even if we must war with Changelings, even if it is absolute necessity in order to protect ourselves and rest of world. We must, and we will, go to war. Because even if we do not want this war, this war is coming to us regardless."

8784c No.91070

"Very well"

56cb3 No.91071

Silver raises an eyebrow at her response. "You did not answer my question."

8784c No.91072

"Does the distinction between doing something begrudgingly out of a sense of obligation, and doing something out of a desire to do the act in itself, really matter so much? The end is the same, and the intent is the same"

56cb3 No.91073

"I would say so, yes."

8784c No.91074

"Why is that?"

56cb3 No.91075

"War has a price, a very costly price, one that transcends mere currency, and we all will have to pay it. I do not want to see my fellow countryponies pay for it, if it can be helped."

8784c No.91076

"I've noticed that. You do not want to see your country ponies help the present administration at all. Not even for self defense against the Changeling invasion you consider imminent"

56cb3 No.91077

And thus begins the point at which Silver must tread upon thin ice. "We will fight, and we will defend ourselves. That is not question. It is question of whether New Mareland will fight alongside us, or if we will have to fight alone."

8784c No.91078

"I assure you that if they wanted to hand this land over the Changelings they would have already done it, rather than stare down Chrysalis and deal with a rowdy and ungrateful population"

56cb3 No.91079

"Either way, I would prefer if we did not continue this conversation. I have seen where it leads before, and I would prefer if it did not go that far."

8784c No.91080

"Very well. Want to get the bill?"

56cb3 No.91081

He nods. "I did suggest this idea."

8784c No.91082

The purple maned unicorn zony is flagged down
"How do you want to split the check?"

56cb3 No.91083

"Ah, do not worry about it, I can handle bill."

8784c No.91084

She smiles slightly, and seems to purr
The total is 12 bits for the two of them

56cb3 No.91085

He fishes out 12 Bits from his saddlebags, plus 5 for a tip for the zony waiter.

8784c No.91086

"Thank you" says the zony, smiling and nodding at Silver

56cb3 No.91087

Silver nods back, and stands up from his seat. "So, Blue Skies, would you like me to escort you back to your place of work?"

8784c No.91088

"Didn't you have something you needed to do today?"

56cb3 No.91089

"Yes, but I think I can spare enough time to see you back to work. Unless you would rather I simply get onto what I need to do."

8784c No.91090

"Alright… Then let us go"

56cb3 No.91091

Like a true gentlestallion, he opens the diner's door for her.

8784c No.91092

She prances right through, nodding to Silver

56cb3 No.91093

And thus, Silver trots with Blue on the way back to the Grand Baltimare Hotel. "I may try to see if I can not explore more of catacombs, if Spark is okay with watching little ones for little bit longer. With luck, I will have found rest of those books for you."

8784c No.91094

"And that is very good. You are really keeping those drones?"

56cb3 No.91095

"Not forever, no, but I have not yet run plan by them."

8784c No.91096

"What plan?"

56cb3 No.91097

"Plan to run them through immigration and have them sent back to Hegemony. One I asked you about earlier today."

8784c No.91098

"How much longer do you expect to keep them?"

6c90f No.91099

Silver's going to have a stroke.

56cb3 No.91100

"Not long. Two more days at very longest."


77d42 No.91101

"No need, if it is too cold, we'll just use a cloak. We're not flying the whole way,…"

a057f No.91103

I have time to play today, if anypony is ready.

58fc5 No.91104

"Do you carry fine cloaks? Perhaps magical ones? After the suits I have a budget of about 1250 bits"

6c90f No.91105

Sure. I'm with you.
R.I.P Spark. He liked books and vodka bottles.

a057f No.91106

His player is probably busyou or something.

8784c No.91107

"Then the standard will likely be sufficient"

"Indeed we do. What do you need?"

58fc5 No.91108

"A disguise enchantment, if something along those lines is available"

8784c No.91109

The only thing I'm seeing is 'Hat of disguise.' What did you have in mind?

58fc5 No.91110

Hat of disguise is a template, there's no reason such an enchantment couldn't be placed on a cloak IMO, and it would make more sense than a hat if you ask me

8784c No.91111

"In the back, yes. It appears to be light white silk with fluffy trimmings, but at will, it can change shape, or alter the appearance of the wearer to any similar creature. It's not as extensive as, say, a Changeling's shapeshifting, but if you're going for subtlety it can get you far"

58fc5 No.91113

Quiet you!
"Sounds perfect,… can it be had for the budget I've indicated?"

58fc5 No.91115

If you ruin this for me, I'm coming after you

a057f No.91116

Wait, who is who here?

a057f No.91117

Wait, on second thought, the Cape slot would count as a "transformation" slot, so it's actually more appropriate than a hat, and should not increase the price.

a057f No.91118

I'll mind my own business from now on…

58fc5 No.91119

No no, please go on

a057f No.91120

Nah, i'll save the meta talk for stuff that actually matters.

8784c No.91121

"Just to clarify, what is your budget?"

58fc5 No.91122

"Well with the suits, I'm seeing 1050. I can afford an additional 1200. I said 1250, but I'm not the best at math."

a057f No.91123

Where exactly did we leave Spark anyways?

6c90f No.91124

Sorry, I'll have to be out for today.
Some heat on me.
Be nice to Willow Brook pls.
If not, you can roll for attack for me.

8784c No.91125

"The Cloak itself would be 2000. The mundane and innocuous reinforced suits would be 300 for you, and 250 each for the little ones. That is, should they be reinforced as well"

a057f No.91126

That's alright. Take care of what you need to do.

56cb3 No.91127

I'm here. Silver has taken the time to learn all about the ponies of Eastern Griffonia.

a057f No.91128

Shoot, I thought the other guy was silvery for a moment..

a057f No.91129

I don't precisely remember what wherected we left off. I only remember Sister Ash being flustered and getting ready to do something a bit drastic.

58fc5 No.91130

"They would, I won't be having any timberwolves or ruffian ponies maligning these colts. Perhaps another time on the cloak then. In that event, a trio of fine cloaks for the 3 of us."

a057f No.91131

*where exactly we left off

8784c No.91132

"Very well. Any special requests on color or appearance?"

58fc5 No.91133

"Swank will be fine." ^_~

8784c No.91134

And they are indeed swank. Black, though not quite a solid black, as if dotted with grey. Appropriate white shirts several varieties of bow ties come as accessories. The suits are rather thick, and aren't as light or as breathable as they could be. But given that they are designed to give some measure of protection against Anti-Aircraft Artillery, that's kind of to be expected

58fc5 No.91135

"Splendid. So where does that leave me on price?"

8784c No.91136

"800 Bits"

58fc5 No.91137

"Hmmm. You seem a decent chap, might I put the disguise cloak on lay away?"

8784c No.91138

"Unfortunately, that is against store policy. In fact, considering the nature of the item, we can only take cash"

58fc5 No.91139

Dice rollRolled 16

"By layaway, I only mean to supply funds to reserve for in future. With my current total I can offer 1700 of the principle, but I'll need to retain for our travels. I have the full amount otherwise."

8784c No.91140

"You say you can offer 1700 now?"

a057f No.91141

Nice roll

58fc5 No.91142

"Correct. Again, I could offer full payment but I prefer to err on the side of caution. I'm expecting a rather 'exciting' journey."

8784c No.91143

"Very well"

58fc5 No.91144

"I appreciate the accomodation." Brie counts and offers 2500 bits. "Will the suits need further modification?"

8784c No.91145

"They are specially made to fit comfortably to a creature of your dimensions. Our tailor has already made the modifications"

a057f No.91146

Am I supposed to continue without Iron?

58fc5 No.91147

"Splendid. When our business is concluded, I shall be certain to return to resolve that cloak. Good day gentlecolt, I appreciate your propriety and will come make a point to bring my business here in the future." He takes the suits and cloaks (I assume they're boxed). "Colts, shall we go?" he says to the Lings, with facial gestures indicating that they should go along.

8784c No.91148

He nods
"Thank you, we appreciate your business"

The little foals follow

58fc5 No.91149

Upon departing the shop, Brie ushers them to the side. "Nun, wir haben das, was wir für die Reise brauchen werden. Ich hoffe, es macht Ihnen nichts aus, dass ich mir die Freiheit genommen habe, einige schöne Kleidung für Sie beide zu erwerben, aber es ist praktisch und stilvoll, sollten wir in Schwierigkeiten geraten, … um ehrlich zu sein, denke ich, dass wir das tun werden. Möchten Sie ein bisschen stöbern?"

6c90f No.91150

Things have calmed down for now. I'm here at your command.

8784c No.91151

"Ich weiß nicht, dass ich etwas brauche" replies Wesley. Both foals look curious at the suits and articles of clothing, Wesley batting his hoof against one of the suits

58fc5 No.91152

"Abgesehen von den Fahrkarten, die wir noch brauchen, möchte ich wissen, ob Sie Colts einkaufen möchten. Ich nehme an, Sie hatten keine Chance, also zögern Sie nicht, ein bisschen zu wandern und zu sehen, ob in den Läden etwas ist, das Sie auffällt. Ich bitte Sie, sich umzusehen und für einen Moment zu entscheiden, was Sie wollen."

8784c No.91153

Kerr looks intrigued by this notion, and Wesley wags his tail
"Kann ich ein Fohlen kaufen?"

58fc5 No.91154

"Ich denke nicht, dass sie diese verkaufen, zumindest nicht legal, und ich habe keine Kontakte in Baltimare, um Ihnen dabei zu helfen." Brie says with a pinch of aghast.

8784c No.91155

*disappointed alleged pony noises*

a057f No.91156

Whups, I stepped out for a bit.

a057f No.91157

Do you recall where the conversation dropped off?

8784c No.91158

"I was going to say that if you were keeping them for longer… Well, it doesn't matter now I suppose. Remember that we do need those books. Or 'want,' in your parlance"

6c90f No.91159

Basically Brooks is telling us to get the fuck out of the office due to Ash's beratement of his profession.
Some more ponies have entered the facility, clearly impling he's going to use force to get us out. Maybe go for bone breaking if he feels like it.

6c90f No.91160

*out if we don't comply

a057f No.91161

Hmmm, I recalled that much.
Idk what to say in character to fix it at this point, but I'm consideringredients casting something…

6c90f No.91162

A suggestion could be for you to comply while Iron tries to stay inside long enought to buy the foal from him. However, separation is super risky and may cause negative effects later. When you're ready to cast, just do so.
Remember we have Spark as a meat shield at least.

a057f No.91164

Give me a sec to type.

6c90f No.91165

Sure thing.
Just try to condense your posting. You're being too trigger happy.

58fc5 No.91166

"Ponys sehen nicht gut mit dem Besitz von Ponys aus. Das hat viel damit zu tun, warum Comte zerstört wird. Wenn wir können, werde ich Sie sicher von einigen ernähren lassen. Apropos: Kann man Ponys füttern, ohne sie zu erschöpfen? Könntest du etwa 3 Ponys für ein bisschen Futter und nicht ein Pony für eine volle Mahlzeit?"

8784c No.91167

"Okay…" Wesley slumps down in acceptance

Kerr answers the other question
"Wir können so viel oder so wenig nehmen, wie wir wollen. Wir möchten alles mitnehmen."

a057f No.91168

Sorry, I hesitated a bit when I considered that I may not have accurately judged this guy's alignment, but he seems non-good, so it shouldn't matter for what I'mean doing.

8784c No.91169

It's been an entire week, hasn't it?

6c90f No.91170

I think so, yeah.

a057f No.91171

File: 1550962079702-0.png (2.46 MB, 1300x1000, 1574014.png)

File: 1550962079702-1.jpg (554.08 KB, 1000x997, Amerimutt _6f411615e474f42….jpg)

Okay, here's a good distraction: If it doesn't scare him out of his wits, we can just roll initiative, because idk what to say or do anymore, and I'm sick of this scene.
Besides, I wanted to cast it on somepony anyway.
Still staring Willowbrooks in the eye, Sister Ash does not flinch at the site of the two new arrivals, either unintimidated by them or too distracted by her moral tirade to care. If one looked closely, they might notice the slightest bit of steam rising off of her clothes.
Her eyes seem to peirce into the stallion judgmentally, before she nods her head subtly as if making an decision, flicking her now unshawled ear back to reveal a small, glittering rosary of holy and mistletoe behind it in her mane.
After a brief moment's silence that feels like a week (pun intended…), she speaks.
"… I don't think you understand.. Why don't I show you!"
She casts 'Vision Of Punishment'.
The last words almost seem to resonate as the verbal component to a spell, and for a moment Willowbrook finds himself not in his chair: Not here, not now, but somewhere horrible in the future.

His body is pressed into the earth, all four of his limbs having rotten off into oozing sores, his carcass strewn about the ground like a maggot, flesh boiling. All around him he can see volcanic phumes spewing out of cracks in the searing hot volcanic rock.
Searing pain jolts into his back as a voice shouts at him from behind in a language he does not understand, but nevertheless, his desecrated body inches forward mindlessly like a caterpillar, it's flesh boiling and stripping off as it scrapes against the superheated earth. Thousands of other maggots crawls alongside him down into a vast and dark crater in the the rock, all the while beling kicked, lashed-at and impaled by dark figures too tall to see, cackling in the same untintelligible language. At last, his body makes it to the center of the crater, and without further command, drops into the darkness below.
After falling for what feels like an eternity, he realizes the true nature of his nightmare: he's not in Equestria anymore; he's in Tartarus.

The vision feels like a thousand years, but it only lasts a few seconds before he returns to the present in cold sweat.

This isn't an illusion or enchantment spell, but a divination spell: there is no will save to disbelieve, because it's an actual reflection of what punishment awaits his life without the salvation of a deity.
He gets a 15 DC Will save to avoid vomiting, otherwise he'll just be sickened for two rounds as his mind recovers from the trauma.

Sister Ash's legs visibly tremble as the sacrifice component of the drastic spell deals 1d3 strength damage to her body.

a057f No.91172

Dice rollRolled 3

Rolling strength damage

a057f No.91173

Oof, that cuts her down to 5…

8784c No.91174

Dice rollRolled 1 + 1

I'm not sure that's what the Equestrian afterlife looks like, but okay

Willowbrooks sits in his seat, a look of pain and fear across it. He digs his hooves down into his chair before him, as his rear legs tremble

The other two, however, are not happy. They reveal from behind the doorway that they are indeed holding big guns.
"What the fuck did you just do to him you witch?"

A pony always has the option to disbelieve a vision as either a hallucination, or a lie from evil magic

a057f No.91175

Is that enough to believe it?

8784c No.91176

Well, he's definitely failed his will save, as he vomits onto the floor. Henhill tries to fit himself through the door as the butch mare and the diamond dog try to enter. It's almost a three stooges situation

58fc5 No.91177

Carry on, I'm compromised for the moment

a057f No.91178

Sister Ash swivels her weakened shoulders in an unapologetic shrug, leaning on her cane a bit.
"A little prayer for… you could call it guidance. Just a little flash forward to what the future is for him by the way he'said lived thus far."
Her eyes snap back towards Willowbrooks with a solemnly serious expression as she takes a few steps towards him in her remaining move action, taking a handkerchief from her pocket.
"Judging by your response, it was not very pleasant." She says, almost quizically

Fuck! Now I gotta go again. Brb in 20 mins.

a057f No.91179


a057f No.91180

Willowbrooks would only remain Nauseated for about twelve seconds.

a057f No.91181

Sister Ash wipes his chin telekinetically, payinformation the stooges no mind.

a057f No.91182

*paying the stooges no mind

8784c No.91183

Henhill leaves the room, and the two underlings rush in. They point the guns threateningly at Ash.
Perhaps they do not understand Ash, do not believe her, or what she said did not register with them
"What did you do to him?"

I don't really like the idea of punishment in the afterlife as moral judgement of moral deeds done in this life. It's too Catholic

56cb3 No.91184

Silver raises an eyebrow at her. "Well, now I am interested. What were you going to say?"

8784c No.91185

She looks up, as if in contemplation for a moment, then she asks
"Were you having difficulty feeding them?"

56cb3 No.91186

"They bit hard when we first rescued them, but other than that, no. Well, at least I have not had issue with feeding Wesley without him biting. Kerr, however, is less than willing to do so. He seems to find it degrading."

a057f No.91187

File: 1550967083331-0.png (1.74 MB, 1500x1000, 1196248.png)

In d&d, it's not a clear dichotomy, but your petition in the afterlife is reflective of your alignment upon death, unless you have prior arrangements with a deity. The outer planes are geographic manifestations of the moral aspects of the multiverse: souls are reincarnated as petitioners in planes that correspond to their alignment, if gods don't do something with their souls first. That's why evil characters worship evil gods: for salvation from an otherwise horrific fate. There are planesthesia for every alignment, but most of the non-good planes aren't very fun to end up in.
I think it's actually closer to the Norse or ancient Greek model, but quite a few (almost all) religions have a model in which souls are judged in the afterlife by how they lived their lives. Hell is not a concept that originated in catholicism.
The scene i described was something between hell and hades, as i figured Tartarus to be something similar; since I guessed that this guy spent most of his life helping himself at the cost of others, so if he were more evil than good he'did end up as a larvae or lemure and work as a slave for fiends for all eternity, or until he were destroyed. Unless, of course, he turned his life around and trI'd to become a good poner, or at the very least a neutral individual.
Anyway, this is the reason why Sister Ash sees evil creatures and creatures that live depraved lives as "pitiful", and why she took a Vow never to take a life, since letting evil creatures live gives them a chance for redemption and exaltation.

She looks up, with an ominously calm expression.
"I showed him his future, how he'does be judged for his life until this point."

8784c No.91188

"You've named them already… Well, I'm not terribly surprised that a male would find it degrading. I guess you have the situation handled"

"Catholic" is a metonymy. Don't take it literally. I don't care if Judiasm or Zorastrianism or Plato's Myth of Er or what the fuck ever use the same concept, it's all the same.
I had something different in mind, but whatever

Willowbrooks himself now speaks, though he remains shaking. He points a hoof up, and repeats his former demand
"Get out"
There's something very different about this demand. It isn't rooted in anger and indignation, as before, but out of fear. More like a desperate plea, really, than a demand. The mooks, however, are more responsive to Ash than to Willbrooks, for once
"Are you a witch?"

56cb3 No.91189

"As I said before, I did not name them. Changelings have names all on their own, much like ponies. I just asked them what their names are."

Now I'm actually a little curious, what did you have in mind for the pony afterlife?

8784c No.91190

"I know that, I was just joking. you are getting surprisingly attached to them"

a057f No.91191

Sister Ash looks at him somberly, the sadness in her eyes acknowledging his fear. She nods her head slowly, as if responding to something he hadn't yet said.
"Fear of the next world.. is nothing to be ashamed of… But not needed.."

She turns to the mooks.
"A witch, you say..? I prefer the term 'Druid', but I'm not entirely familiar with the spiritual terms of your dialect.." she says, waving a hoof dismissively
"I'm not a Celestian myself, that's the vehicle of the ponies, but I still know five or six things about the divine.."
She glances back towards Willowbrooks
"..And, particularly, why it's so important for ponies to try their best to lead good lives."

56cb3 No.91192

"Ah, I did not know it was joke. Sorry. I suppose it is fatherly side of me. This desire to protect foals, even those that are changeling drones, just comes naturally."

8784c No.91193

For a moment, she just stares at him, in combined confusion and awe

"What did you do?" Willowbrooks repeats, as if Ash hadn't already answered

Now the mooks are curious. The butch Unicorn asks
"Why are you here?"

56cb3 No.91194

Silver can sort of understand her confusion. "I suppose it is something you would need to become parent to understand. I certainly do not think I did before I became father, myself. You would do anything to protect your foals from harm, even if it would come at cost of your own life. It is not hard to extend it to all foals, once you understand exactly how precious having foals of your own is." His expression grows visibly darker as his thoughts travel back to what he found at Comte's house. And remembering that he was a father, too. "Well, some ponies would find it hard."

a057f No.91195

"I only showed you what the future holds, if nothing is done to turn it around. What you saw was your fate, but it's not cast in stone, because the path is yours to choose." She responds, calmly
She turns to the dyke mare.
"I came here to find a missing child, but it seems as though I got sidetracked." She says, levitating her shawl off of the floor and inspecting it, a slightly annoyed glance flashing on her face as she regrets the damage she did to it moments prior."

8784c No.91196

>election being at the choice of the created
“WHO THE FUCK ARE YOU!” Willowbrooks demands

“Yes, some ponies do find it hard…”

56cb3 No.91197

Silver looks at her for a few seconds, before smiling at her. "You know, I think you would make for very good mother."

58fc5 No.91198

Okay I'm back

8784c No.91199

She blushes
“Why… why would you say that?”

Well, I think Brie was disappointing the Changeling drones by telling them that no, they cannot have a pony for Christmas

Also, this post >>91167

a057f No.91200

>implying all humanoids are not created with the inherent nature that grants them the potential to choose and change their own alignment
"I go by the title of Sister Ash." Sister Ash replies, calmly
"I am a poverty worker, and part-time healer. I came to this land to help those who were made destitute by the war, so that they may have the chance to lead good lives."

6c90f No.91201

Iron stares at Willow Brooks confusingly, cocking his head to the side. What is he worried about, he wonders to himself.

8784c No.91202

>Implying that nature hasn’t been corrupted such that none can choose the appropriate food without divine grace
“Get our of my office!”

He’s sure as shit worried, that’s for sure

58fc5 No.91203

I said they can't buy a foal for christmas, I didn't say they couldn't have one.
"Nun, Colts, sollten wir uns die anderen Geschäfte ansehen?"

8784c No.91204

“Okay” answers Wesley

58fc5 No.91205

Brie lets them lead their way down the district, waiting for signs of interest and intrigue from the Colts, also keeping an eye out for pickpockets and thieves who undoubtedly ply their trade along said streets.
spot check

58fc5 No.91206

Dice rollRolled 13

a057f No.91207

Wait, what? What is it about food, and what does that have to do with just trying to be a good person in life?

8784c No.91208

No thieves can be seen, or at least, none that are instantly recognizable as thieves. There is a drifter pony walking around

56cb3 No.91209

"Well, you have very caring, almost motherly side to you. You have crucial balance of gentle yet firm handled well. You are good pony, with good values that you stick by." Silver steps close to her, and gives the side of her neck a little nuzzle. "It will take acclimation period, but once that is over with, I get feeling you would be excellent mother to your foals."

a057f No.91210

I'm contemplating the next course of action right now.

58fc5 No.91211

Brie keeps his distance from the drifter, keeping his eyes on the Lings. He wants to give them a chance to wander about and see what they can/will see.

6c90f No.91212

Iron feels strange. What is Brooks so worried about?

6162f No.91213

Onyx quietly sings to himself while washing some plates
"When the sporks start a talking,
Then it's time to start the balking
But now Luna knows
Anything goes…"

8784c No.91214

Wesley seems fascinated by the busy street. He watches ponies, and stares into windows. Kerr doesn't seem quite as fond of the commercial sector, and looks around as if for potential threats.

Wesley says, too loud for comfort,
"Schau dir das an! Ein Hund! Können wir einen Hund bekommen?"

She blushes, and curls up her tail over Silver
"D'aww, I haven't heard that much"


a057f No.91215

Roll to get a hunch

6c90f No.91216

Dice rollRolled 12 - 2

Eh sure why not
Iron attempts to get a feel for Brooks' fear of Ash. She would seem harmless to him, even with the fact that she can turn herself into fire.

a057f No.91217

That's a Wis check, not an int check.

8784c No.91218

She just cast some kind of mind control spell on him, that's what has him spooked

6c90f No.91219

Abrasive lets me add +1 to intimidate at the cost of -1 to sense motive and bluff/diplomacy. Not sure which is which.

58fc5 No.91220

Brie keeps an eye out for any recognition of Welsey's dialect.
>Don't worry, the only ponies who should recognize Changeling are those who have contact with or ARE changelings. Raising an alarm would be as detrimental to you as it was to them, by and large
B>I hope you're right, crazy voice #2
"Bist du sicher? Hunde sind sehr liebenswerte und liebevolle Tiere." Brie says, coming close so as not to make it a proclaimation in changeling.

58fc5 No.91221

"Die Versuchung, sie zu essen, könnte stark sein"
He says as his faggot determines limitations to google translate What, you didn't think I just started speaking ish perfect german did you?

a057f No.91222

Ah, Traits. Important to remember.
Honest gives Sister Ash -1 to sense motive and Bluff, but +1 to diplomacy.

56cb3 No.91223

Silver mimics the action to her using his own tail, effectively linking the two together. "Well, now you have. You will undoubtedly make whoever you decide to have foals with very happy."

6c90f No.91224

Iron seems a bit amazed at how he was mind controlled. Who could've possibly done that to him?
"Are you well, Brooks?"

8784c No.91225

A pony should be able to change a diaper, plan an invasion, butcher a hog, conn a ship, design a building, write a sonnet, balance accounts, build a wall, set a bone, comfort the dying, take orders, give orders, cooperate, act alone, solve equations, analyze a new problem, pitch manure, program a computer, cook a tasty meal, fight efficiently, die gallantly. Specialization is for insects.

Judging from the strange looks of a passing mare, it kind of looks like she heard… something. She was probably too far away to understand what she heard, though. Probably

"Ja! Ich will einen Welpenhund. Ein freundlicher Hund"
I noticed you abandoning your principles

She opens her mouth, as if to speak, but then decides not to. She moves a wing out slightly, touching his side

"I am not! This lizard thing cast a spell on me"

56cb3 No.91226

The look on Silver's face suggests he enjoys even this little bit of friendly contact from her. Him responding with a further nuzzle into her neck reinforces this idea.

6c90f No.91227

Dice rollRolled 10

I get it.
"Huh? When? You seem absolutely fine physically as far as I can see."
Nevertheless, he looks for any sort of abnormalities on Brooks just in case.

a057f No.91228

Well, it wasn't a charm or a compulsion, but it was certainly mind-affecting.
Sister Ash appears to be straightening out her shawl, hoping it's salvageable for the day.
"You're in no danger, for now.. Consider it something like a parting gift." She says, calmly, but coldly

58fc5 No.91229

"Gut, wir können Ihnen einen Welpenhund geben, obwohl Sie sich darum kümmern müssen, wie Sie es selbst tun würden. Welpen brauchen Liebe und Zuneigung genauso wie Sie, wenn auch nicht ganz so."

8784c No.91230

No abnormalities, only fear

He seems to mouth something, yet says nothing. He looks at her fearfully. The mooks look on in anticipation

Wesley frowns slightly, and tilts his head
"Ich wollte es nur essen"

She lets off a purr, and tries to nuzzle his muzzle back

a057f No.91231

Sister Ash turns back to him, having straightened out her slightly-discolored shawl.
"Is there something you would like to say?"

6c90f No.91232

D00d, lewd!
He sniffs loudly, not really feeling the suspense everyone else is.
A scratch on his side further cements this.

58fc5 No.91233

Brie gets a slightly distasteful expression. "Ich bin nicht darüber hinaus dabei behilflich, Ponys für Sie zu finden, aber Tiere sind untadelig und fehlerlos. Ich würde eher zulassen, dass Sie von einem Tier fressen, da ich Ihnen erlaube, bei Comte zu bleiben. Wissen Sie, dieses Pony, das … … ähm, Sie und Kerr "gehalten" hat."

56cb3 No.91234

"You make cute noises when you are happy, you know?" Silver reciprocates this intense nuzzling action, so that they both end up nuzzling each other's faces.

8784c No.91235

Wesley is sad
Kerr asks
"Warum sollten Sie sich mehr für das Wohlergehen eines dummen Tieres interessieren als für ein Mitglied Ihrer eigenen Spezies und Landsleute?"

"What are you"

She wraps her wing over him, and silver is now covered in a feathery wing

56cb3 No.91236

Silver is content for them to remain like this for the rest of their journey. He enjoys Blue's loving and caring side.

6c90f No.91237

Iron just looks back and forth at the two of them.

a057f No.91238

"Only a humble kirin mare." She replies, with a slight bow
"As well as healer, a foal caretaker, a spiritualist, and a part-time nun."

8784c No.91239

Still close to him, she asks
"Do you need to get back?"

"What do you want?'
as if the question hasn't already been asked and answered twice

56cb3 No.91240

Much the same as Blue, Silver stays close to her. "Get back to where?"

a057f No.91241

"I came here for the colt." She replies
"I sought out to find him, and bring him back with me; I had made a commitment to find the foals who were taken from the abbey, but only if for their own sake." She says, with a shrug

6c90f No.91242

"Only place I'd rather be is here, at your embrace, Bluey."

8784c No.91243

"I guess that is true… I know I had something to show you back in my room"

"And I told you, he is good here"

56cb3 No.91244

He whispers gently in her ear. "I would love to see it, real quick."

6c90f No.91245

"My boat collection!"

a057f No.91246

Sister Ash nods
"If you do indeed say so.."
She then turns to Henhill and looks him right in the eye.
"Are you, indeed, good here?" She implores

6c90f No.91247

Be sure to roll sense motive as well. Just in case he's lying.

a057f No.91248

I thought I already did. Wouldn't want to be abusive..

6c90f No.91249


8784c No.91250

She looks up, then pulls her muzzle up, still making contact with Silver's muzzle
"Should I though…"

Henhill has left the room

a057f No.91251

6c90f No.91252

Hm. Well damn.

a057f No.91253

Is he in the hallway?

a057f No.91254

8784c No.91255

He is out of line of sight

a057f No.91256

Well, I don't feel like rewriting that last comment so…

"Are you, Henhill?" she says, much louder this time, facing towards the hallway where she believes Henhill to be lurking around.

58fc5 No.91257

"Sind sie "meine Spezies"? Meine Spezies besteht aus denen, die einander oder anderen draußen nicht schaden, zum Nutzen oder Nutzen. Meine Spezies sind diejenigen, die nebeneinander Recht haben, auch wenn sie von Ponys nicht als "richtig" oder "richtig" betrachtet werden. Für mich sind diese "dummen Tiere" eher meine Art als Ponys." Brie says with a grim face, his eyes darting around the crowd. "Ich hätte dich vorher von Ponys und Tieren gefüttert."

8784c No.91258

An eye pokes out from behind the doorway

Kerr does not seem to fully understand. Wesley volunteers an explanation to Kerr
"Die Bruderschaft ist ein wert der Wechselbalgs. Ponys haben nicht die gleichen Beziehungen zu ihren Kameraden und haben kein Pflichtgefühl. Sie haben keine Hingabe an den Bienenstock und teilen nicht die wenigen Mütter."

a057f No.91259

"It's alright to come in, unless you'd like to speak out there." She says calmly

58fc5 No.91260

"Er hat recht. Ich weiß nicht, wie das Leben in oder für den Bienenstock ist, aber obwohl Ponys für ihre Liebe bekannt sind, zeichnen sie sich durch Grausamkeit und Missachtung aus. Das Leiden eines Ponys ist für das nächste nicht relevant. Sie werden sich auf der Straße sterben lassen, wenn es für sie selbst und für die, die sie für „würdig“ halten, einen Moment des Glücks bedeutet." Brie is looking about with steely eyes at this point, reminded of who and where he is.

8784c No.91261

"What's… going on?"

They nod in understanding.

That same mare looks on, but trots slowly past

a057f No.91262

"Nothing is going on right now." She says, folding up the vomit-stained handkerchief
"I would like to speak with you, if you would please."

58fc5 No.91263

"Miss, is there something I can help you with? You seemed captivated by my conversation. I wonder if perhaps you had some interest in what I was saying." Brie says tapping her on the shoulder, not aggressively, but with subtle weight to his words.

6c90f No.91264

Sudden pounce into love sucking.

8784c No.91265

He moves his head out to look at Ash, but does not come through the door way. The two mooks are effectively in front of him, and have come to understand that nothing short of murder will make Ash leave. Willowbrooks continues with an odd mix of terror and curiosity in his expression

Well, she's not close enough for touching, but she does stop looking at him, and trot off

56cb3 No.91266

I'm fighting really fucking hard against my own autism right now.
Silver brings his own muzzle up, putting his lips but a hair's width from Blue's. She can feel the warmth of his breath, and the soft radiating heat from his lips from the extraordinarily short distance between them. He looks deep into her eyes. "You are very beautiful mare."

6c90f No.91267

Roll for spaghetti spill.

a057f No.91268


56cb3 No.91269

Reee, don't chance fate!

58fc5 No.91270

Brie fixes his gaze at Kerr and Wesley. Staring sternly at them, he looks to the mare and then nods his head in her direction, and then slowly follows her to allow them to catch up.

6c90f No.91271

>inb4 Silver slips into Skies' pussy with some magestic acrobatics fueled by autism

a057f No.91272

>nothing short of murder will make Ash leave
Damn right about that.
Sister Ash nods at him encouragingly, glancing at either mook expectantly for a moment.
"It's alright now. I came hear to hear what it is that you felt."
The dice gods demand blood!

58fc5 No.91273

Blood for the blood god!

6c90f No.91274

8784c No.91275

She smiles, in that devious sort of grin that sort of defines her. And she stares right into his eyes. Her eyes are on the darker green side of turquoise. She moves away, just a little to position him in front of her. She says softly, without moving her lips too much,
"I try"

She moves along, on a sidewalk. She moves her head back, evidently just enough to look back, and then she speeds up, her trot becoming a canter

He comes through the door. Sort of between, and still behind either mook

6162f No.91276


58fc5 No.91277

Brie whistles briefly. Where are Kerr and Wesley?

8784c No.91278

Right behind Brie

a057f No.91279

Sister Ash walks up to him, slipping between the two to get to him.

56cb3 No.91280

"And you succeed…" Without much of a second thought, Silver thrusts his head forward, pressing his lips against hers in a kiss.

6c90f No.91281

Dark Star cucked into oblivion!

58fc5 No.91282

"Jagen" is all he says, before increasing his pace in pursuit of the mare.

a057f No.91283

File: 1550980169838-0.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 82.87 KB, 531x589, 1748136.jpeg)

That sounds like it requires a touch attack roll.

6c90f No.91284


8784c No.91285

File: 1550980322590.png (Spoiler Image, 264.72 KB, 621x367, 413624.png)


At first, she is entirely passive. He mouth isn't as warm as he may have been expecting, but her lips are soft, and she pulls her tongue back. She holds her breath, and the wing over him pulls up slightly

"Where are you going?" the butch mare asks

She runs faster

6c90f No.91286

Your autism has conquered you. Skies is just a tease around stallions because she finds it thrilling and you fell for it, you old fool!

a057f No.91287

File: 1550980508349-0.gif (Spoiler Image, 250.15 KB, 336x440, 720487.gif)

>not making him roll for it first

"Right there." Sister Ash replies, gesturing at Henhill just a few paces ahead of herself

58fc5 No.91288

Dice rollRolled 3

Brie matches speed but does not attempt to close, he's more intent on keeping a visual on her.
B> Hopefully she will wear herself out in her flight
>Don't get yourself killed
>Seems kind of mean to me
>Comrades before kin
>Kirr, she's a riabirity
Brie scans ahead to determine any possibilities to close distance without drawing unnecessary attention
spot check

58fc5 No.91289


6c90f No.91290

Oh that sucks.

56cb3 No.91291

He keeps into it, leaning forward and parting her lips slightly to try to encourage her to contribute.

8784c No.91292

She pushes into him, and then, places a hoof over his shoulder. She opens her mouth a bit more, then licks her tongue against his


It doesn't seem to be. There are a number of ponies on the streets. The shops are arranged in a block fashion, with straight lines and 90 degree turns

56cb3 No.91293

Dice rollRolled 19

I'm ready to roll a 1, are you?

6c90f No.91294

Good reverse psychology on the dice there.

8784c No.91295

Oh fug

Well, she pulls him closer

56cb3 No.91296

Nevermind then. I guess I'll BRB to continue after I take care of something real quick.

a057f No.91297

File: 1550981217987-0.jpg (Spoiler Image, 131.2 KB, 900x582, 694564.jpg)

You escape this time…

a057f No.91298

Sister Ash ignores the dyke and walks right up to Henhill, so that she can speak to him eye to eye.

8784c No.91299

The dyke is not afraid, and is very close to Ash

a057f No.91300

>Not afraid
Good then, neither is Sister Ash.
She walks right past her.

6c90f No.91301

Iron remains in place, looking at the dyke closest to her.
(Oh great. It's that mare. Hopefully she doesn't try to act like a stallion.)

8784c No.91302

The Diamond Dog looks over at Iron

a057f No.91303

Roll seduction, just for shits and giggles.

a057f No.91304

Sister Ash makes her way past the two until she meets Henhill face to face.
"If I may get to the root of why I came here.. Are you, in fact, fine with staying here, Henhill?" She asks the colt

8784c No.91305

"Where else would I go?"

6c90f No.91306

Dice rollRolled 10 - 1

Eh, fuck it why not. Diamond Dogs can be cute.
Iron decide to admire her physique while he's at it.
He finishes with a nod.
"You look good."

a057f No.91307

I meant the unicorn mare…

58fc5 No.91308

Brie maintains pursuit regardless, intent on keeping her in his sights.

6c90f No.91309

Oh whoops. Eh, if she's female, I'll roll with it.

a057f No.91310

"Would you like to come back to the abbey?" she asks, calmly

8784c No.91311

The Diamond Dog responds
"You really think so?"
The voices of diamond dogs can be strangely high pitched, but this one's is more so


"And be sold again? Why would I?"

56cb3 No.91312

Okay, no fucking joke, someone just took a shit that was so bad, I lit a match to try to cut the stench, and the match went out after a second of use.

Silver locks his lips against Blue's, and starts to push his tongue into her mouth, using it to feel around in her oral cavity, and rub up against the length of her own tongue. In direct contrast to Blue, his mouth and tongue are surprisingly warm. He seems just a little out of practice, but it's obvious he's trying.

a057f No.91313

At this her expression turns serious, her eyes almost glowing
"Nopony sold you." She says, quite sternly

6c90f No.91314

Iron nods.
"Yes. Your voice is quite cute too."
He smiles.

8784c No.91315

The inside of her mouth is rather soft, and she lightly rubs her tongue against his. She doesn't have a particular taste, besides a lingering taste of honey and tea. She opens her mouth slightly and moves to embrace him a little bit more

"It's all the same for me. What future do I have there? Here, I can become respected. Make money"

"hehe, thanks"

a057f No.91316

She nods in a knowledgement
"Is that really what you want?" She asks

6c90f No.91317

Is there another female in the room aside from Ash and kyoot doggo?

a057f No.91318

There's a butch unicorn mare.

8784c No.91319

Yes, the Unicorn

"Whatelse would I do?"

58fc5 No.91320

I gotta take care of something for a bit, carry on without me

a057f No.91321

"If you wish ever to come back to the abbey, you would always be welcome." She says with a slight bow
"But I will not force you to come with me if you do not wish to."

6c90f No.91322

Dice rollRolled 5 - 1

Iron keeps his smile, turning to the unicorn mare.
"You look good as well. You seem to have made your mane today, am I right?"
This is mostly why I want to go full charisma tbh

6c90f No.91323

Oh well. It was fun while it lasted. Good thing she was the one that was not liking me armored.

a057f No.91324

Charisma is a fun stat if you have the skills for it.
It's optimally a dump stat for Druids, but I kept it at 10 just because I want it to be at least average.

a057f No.91325

She was probably gay anyway.

8784c No.91326

"Is this a fucking joke to you?" she responds


56cb3 No.91327

He wraps a foreleg around the back of her neck, and pulls her into the kiss further. He doesn't have much in the way of taste besides a faint taste of hayburger, so it seems he's managed to keep his mouth clean.

After a few seconds of this, he pulls back, looking once again into her turquoise eyes. He looks rather smitten. "So, what is it you wanted to show me in your room, then?"

8784c No.91328

She has that "I'm planning something kind of epression. It doesn't seem to follow through in her response to Silver's question, however
"Oh uh… I guess I could show you, if you really want to see it"

6c90f No.91329

Iron shakes his head. "Not at all. It's just a situation that has blown out of proportion."
He decides to take a step closer to the Diamond Dog in attempt to calm the tense mood.
"So, how's the day going?"

8784c No.91330

*I'm planning something devious

56cb3 No.91331

He smiles, and plants a kiss on her neck. "I would love to."

a057f No.91332

Her ears twitch cutely at the response, as she tries to hide the unsurmountable relief that washes over her in that moment.
".. I'm relieved to hear that. I'm sure that the other children would be glad to see you again after all this time. Everypony has been so worried."

Then, she turns her head to look across the room and directly into the eyes of the Soon-To-Be God-Fearing Catholic lunched over at the desk.
".. If that is okay with you, right?" She asks, her eyes glowing with a distant fire

8784c No.91333

"Well, I woke up this morning to receive a phone call from Karen to hear that her dogfriend just broke up with her. And I told her "Bitch, you don't need Marley. You are good on your own." But by this time it was time to come to the club, so I had to get ready quickly so I took a shower and shook off, but I was still here 20 minutes late. And Mr. Willy complained, but I told him that no pony comes to a nightclub at 9 in the morning, and he was like, 'I don't care, start cleaning up the mess everypony made last night.' So I did, and it was uneventful until you showed up"

She smiles
"Alright, lets go"
She pulls ahead of him, waves her tail, and then proceeds onwards

"Just get out of my office"

a057f No.91334

"I thank you for your kindness and understanding." She says, clasping her hooves together and bowing
"We'll be leaving immediately. Thank you for your time."
She looks over at Iron
"It looks like we're ready to go." she says, smiling warmly
But then she looks at Henhill for reassurance
"Are you ready to go?" she asks

8784c No.91335

"To go?"

a057f No.91336

Did I grossly misinterpret what the "okay" from him was supposed to mean? I thought that was the answer to he question as to whether or not he wanted to leave.

6c90f No.91337

Iron nods.
"I see. An interesting day you are having. Sorry if it caused any sort of problems to you or your coworker next to you. Clients clashing sure is tough on us bodyguards."
He chuckles.
Iron cranes his neck towards Ash. "Right, you lead the way. I shall guard the rear."
More like guard her flank, amirite fellas?

a057f No.91338


56cb3 No.91339

Silver watches her tail swing back and forth as he follows. He's a little mesmerized by the motion.

a057f No.91340

Like, did he just agree to leave with her earlier, or was I being overly optimistic?

8784c No.91341

Ash asked if he would be okay coming to the orphanage at some indistinct non-specified point in the future, he says okay, then she says 'we're going now,' then he says 'what the fuck, you just said I could stay'

I think it's a fairly normal horse thing
They go into the building, up the stairs, and into the room

a057f No.91342

Okay, idk what he meant earlier, but I'll roll with it

She nods her head slowly
"Would you like to come with us now? We're leaving to go find the others."

a057f No.91343

I misunderstood due to wishful thinking. Let me back-track.

a057f No.91344

Okay, disregard what I had her say a few moments prior.
Sister Ash picks up her cane, seemingly ready to go after glancing at Iron.
She addresses Henhill
"If fate allows, I will have the lost children gathered back at the abbey in only a couple days time…" She says, although her tone betrays a slight sense if nervousness at the daunting task
"If you wish to stay, please come visit us some time after that, to say goodbye to the rest of the children." She continues, with a bow

56cb3 No.91345

Silver sits down on the bed, enjoying the (presumably) soft mattress cushioning his rump. "Just how fancy is this place, compared to what you are used to?"

6c90f No.91346

It's time to pack up the bags, 'cause Silver's having three more children again.
Hopefully she doesn't end the same as Silver's waifu.

8784c No.91347


Blue Skies heads over towards the table and picks up a jar, and then looks over to Silver. She trots over to him, and sits next to him
"It's a step up. The house I grew up in was more austere"

6c90f No.91348

Aw, no doggo response?

a057f No.91349

She nods in acknowledgement, saddened, but accepting
"We'll be leaving to go find the others now.. I pray to see you back with us soon." She says somberly, with a polite bow
"Alright, Iron.. Looks like it's time to go now…" she says, picking up her stick and fastening her shawl
"Woof!" Caleb barks impatiently from the hall, making his presence painfully clear

56cb3 No.91350

As Silver speaks, he takes a look at the jar she's carrying, in an attempt to see what it contains. "I suppose for warrior culture, I would expect that."

6c90f No.91351

Iron nods.
"After you."

He chuckles, then pats Caleb's head with his unarmored hoof.
"Hey there, little one. I did not forget your efforts at the 'tax-ee'."

a057f No.91352

"Woof." Caleb replies, clearly appreciating the attention.

8784c No.91353

She has in her hoof a glass jar of familiar shape that is more than half filled with a pinkish jelly looking substance. On its lid, it has the words "Абрикосовое желе микс один" imprinted

Willowbrooks still looks concerned

The diamond dog wags her tail slightly
"It's okay. This is relatively normal. Except for the mind affecting visions spell. That was new"

6c90f No.91354

Iron cocks his head, stopping on his tracks.
"Oh? What kind of visions are you talking about?"
He believes she may have met the changelings from his dream or… his nightmare. He shudders a little, not liking the memories.

56cb3 No.91355

Silver is actually a little surprised to see Cyrillic used on the lid. "'Apricot jelly mix one'?"

a057f No.91356

She looks up at him
"Is something the matter?" She asks

8784c No.91357

Now don’t play daft. It’s a Kissel container. Stalliongrad must really have changed their cuisine during the famine, because the color looks off. It’s a light pinkish color, with almost a purple tint, rather than the orange red you’d expect from apricot. That, or it’s labelled wrong

56cb3 No.91358

I mean, you're asking me to not play daft when I have not the foggiest clue what the hell Kissel even is.

a057f No.91359

Some kind of fruit drink, it seems.

6c90f No.91360

Like Kompot?

8784c No.91361

6c90f No.91362

So refined Kompot, got it.

8784c No.91363

Like, what the fuck is kompot?

6c90f No.91364

It's supposed to be some sort of slavic juice.

a057f No.91365

56cb3 No.91366

That helps. Thanks.

He looks at the odd color of the jelly. It certainly doesn't look anything like apricot. "I do not know if I have ever seen кисель of that color."

8784c No.91367

“I don’t believe you have”

On second look, it’s not that different from strawberry. Lazy bastards must have put an apricot label on strawberry. It does look about like Kissel though. Translucent pink, rather smooth

Of course not. He simply points to the door

a057f No.91368

She nods, makes the same praying gesture she made before, and leaves towards the door.

… And she gives Henhill a big warm hug as she passes by him.

56cb3 No.91369

Stalliongrad being lazy. Sounds familiar to Silver. "I have not had that in…ages, it feels like. Where did you get this? I have not seen anypony sell these in Equestria, at least outside of places like Baicall, Novoczernuszuk, or Krupchkino."

6c90f No.91370

Iron shakes his head.
(Well, hopefully this does not come and bite me in the ass later.)
He gently bows down at the nice Diamond Dog, smiling at her.
"Well, it seems I have to go. Have a good day."
He follows Ash out without any incident.

a057f No.91371

8784c No.91372

Well, Henhill is in the opposite direction from the way out

She continues smiling
"I acquired it in the course of work"


a057f No.91373

Fine, he'll have to come to the orphanage for hugs then..

Sister Ash silently signals Caleb to follow, and leaves with Iron out the door.

56cb3 No.91374

He laughs a little. "Of course. So, have you had any of it? Is it any good?"

8784c No.91375

She sits there and ponders what to do at this moment

And thus, they leave. The mooks do not follow

6c90f No.91376

He waves at her as she follows Ash out.
As they exit the building, Iron doesn't feel so confident that he's helping Ash.
(Why did it have to be gang related to Cauldron? Ugh. I could have stomped them.)

a057f No.91377

Okay, that little scene is over, finally. Too bad it took so long.

As the two finally make it outside, Sister Ash audibly sighs in frustration.
"That.. was an ordeal.." she says
"But, I still got to talk to Henhill, and that's good enough for me.." she continues

6c90f No.91378

Iron's lips purse in frustration, eyes deadpanning ahead.
"I agree."

56cb3 No.91379

As she ponders, Silver looks over to her, placing a hoof onto her flank. "So, was this what you wanted to show me?"

8784c No.91380

She continues smiling
She opens the container

6c90f No.91381

Oh well, let's just drop all pretense, then. I knew you were going for pussy.

56cb3 No.91382

Silver sniffs at the air, trying to see if he can catch any whiff of strawberries, or a similar fruit.

Honestly, my mind is mush right now. You're not going to get anything close to high-quality dialogue from me for a while.

a057f No.91383

Sister Ash tries her best to hide her frustration.
"I only wish that stallion had given me a straight answer when I asked him if he'd willingly allow Henhill to leave on his own terms, otherwise things wouldn't have turned so ugly…" She says
"Anyways, I have my doubts that he'd go so far as to prevent Henhill from leaving now… Henhill may have been unwilling to come back with us, but I'm confident he'll stop by if not just to see his friends one more time.." she continues, inhaling deeply to gather her faith, as her weakened legs tremble

8784c No.91384

It does not smell like strawberries. It smells something like roses, or perhaps lavender.


58fc5 No.91385

Okay, I'm back again

6c90f No.91386

Iron hums.
"Do you need any help to walk? You seem to be tired."
He does not wait for an answer, as he moves next to Ash, trying to place himself in order for her to lean against him.
Spark boy decided to join the mafia or is still following us like a damn zombie.
When people are tired, they show their real face! You were always a perv!

8784c No.91387

Brie was last hunting down a witness

56cb3 No.91388

The smell makes him pause, and give the jar a confused look. He's certainly never heard of rose or lavender kissel. It makes him wonder if this even is kissel.

>implying my dialogue was ever high-quality in the first place

6c90f No.91389

Yor description are nice. GM is probably cumming every time you write a paragraph.

8784c No.91390

Should we wait until tomorrow?

56cb3 No.91391

If you want. Otherwise, I'll just try to muddle through it.

b70c6 No.91392

My work has me covering for several people recently. I apologize for being absent so much.

58fc5 No.91393

Yes, I recall. He was keeping pace with her but not trying to close distance, figuring she would wear herself out, or make a mistake.

a057f No.91394

"..Oh, I think I can manage.. It's not the first time I've cast a spell like that.." she replies
**Caleb is dragging Spark by his mane.*
I'm getting ready to pass out.

Goodnight, everypony. Here's to finally finishing that awkward scene.

6c90f No.91395

Iron looks unsure.
"You know I can carry out at any time, Ash. Do not be afraid to ask."
(Or I would be forced to carry you myself.)

Have a good night then. Cheers, for we have defeated the first boss of Ash's adventure!
Not really tho.

6c90f No.91396

Understandable, everyone has a life.

8784c No.91397

rather abruptly, she prances across the street


Anyways, Silver is smelling rose scented Kissel with a leg over Blue Skies' flank

58fc5 No.91398

Still following, looking back to make sure the Lings are keeping pace with him.

8784c No.91399

They are, if a bit slower. Crossing the street isn't necessarily straightforward, given the movement of carriages and vehicles

b70c6 No.91400

I might be alive, but I don't think I can do much tonight. I have lost track of where I am, and it's getting late.

58fc5 No.91401

Rather than continue to follow her, Brie continues going the way he had been, slowing so the other two can catch up. When they have caught up, he whispers to them.
"Wir werden ein bisschen leichter beten als dieses. Wir haben genug Grund dafür gegeben, dass wir, wenn sie etwas hören würde, in der Lage sein würden, sich auszusprechen, wenn sie konfrontiert werden. Lass uns zum Bahnhof gehen."

8784c No.91402

“Okay, wir werden folgen” answers Wesley, with Kerr evidently silent complying

58fc5 No.91403

Is the tavern (the 'main' hideout) or Brie's hideout on the way, with a reasonable detour, or would that be in the opposite direction?

8784c No.91404

Brie is currently a little south of center. The tavern is a bit east, and Brie’s hide out a bit more north and east, while the passenger station is a bit north of center

58fc5 No.91405

Hmmmm. We'll proceed to the train station then, we can change into our clothes there.

8784c No.91406

The train station is a large building in the north-center of town. Named "Murchison Station," it is a rectangular 3 or so floor tall building built in the Beax-arts style, with both flat and blunt granite faces and doric columns along its front.

58fc5 No.91407

Brie enters and leads the Lings toward the bathroom, handing each their new clothes, whispering "Zieh diese an".

8784c No.91408

Entering through the main entrance leads into a grand hall, with ticket booth over to the right, and over towards platforms on the left, with a large open area with high ceiling and tan marble floors in the center. Bathrooms are further towards the end and to the right

Kerr: "Wir müssen?"

Wesley: "Wuzo?"

58fc5 No.91409

Brie looks at Wesley uncomprehendingly, then addresses Kerr. "Zur Zeit. Sie helfen uns, Tickets zu bekommen und in den Zug zu steigen, und sie schützen Sie, wenn wir in Schwierigkeiten geraten. Außerdem sehen Sie noch entzückender aus, und es kann bei der Suche nach Nahrung helfen." he says in a whisper, leading them toward the bathrooms, then loudly "Come along colts, we'll want to change before we buy our tickets."

8784c No.91410

Damn it, that was supposed to be "Wozu"
Kerr looks a little anxious
"Wo bringst du uns hin?"

58fc5 No.91411

"Zum Bienenkorb Ich möchte, dass ihre Hilfe bei Comte und seinen Verbündeten hilft."

8784c No.91412

Alright, I have to go to sleep now. i shall respond later

58fc5 No.91413

K, goodnight

56cb3 No.91414

I'm thinking Jewgle Translate messed with the meaning behind your answer.

6c90f No.91415

You know what's funny? I actually didn't see your post where you casted the spell, so I was genuinely confused when he called Ash a witch.

a057f No.91416

Kek. It was a pretty long post too.

8784c No.91417

File: 1551054621809.png (1.7 MB, 2000x2200, 72E5C128-8EC2-42CE-9452-18….png)

Is anypony here?

6162f No.91418

6c90f No.91419


58fc5 No.91420

Corrected statement:
"Zum Bienenstock möchte ich ihre Hilfe, um Comte und seine Verbündeten zu bekommen"
Also, don't think I'm here yet

56cb3 No.91421

That's a very tactical pony-ling hybrid.

a057f No.91422

Shit, sorry.
I'm here now.

a057f No.91423

Does anypony have a good source to read about the Equestria at War mod? I'm having trouble finding details on the other Changeling queens.

6c90f No.91424

Is the wiki not enough for you?

a057f No.91425

Like, how many Queens were there supposed to be? I read here earlier that there were supposed to be several of them in he united region, but I can't find anything about them.

8784c No.91426

The Wiki and the wiki alone. Aside from Chrysalis, there are only two Changeling queens: Queen Gytha is the Harmonist leader of Greneclyf, and Queen Oiren is the Fascist leader of Greneclyf. Note that the mod styles these as leaders of “clans” rather than gives, I guess as an adaptation of the Irish culture Greneclyf represents

There is no information on any other queens in the Changeling Lands

a057f No.91429

>Queen Gytha is the Harmonist leader of Greneclyf, and Queen Oiren is the Fascist leader of Greneclyf.
Hmmmmm. That's helpful. I think stuff should have been written about their personalities somewhere.
Are the queens necessarily the proginators of their respective clans? Like Bees?

a057f No.91430

Shit, didn't mean to delete this one
No. The Wikis are good for game stats, but i'm concerned with backstory, particularly the points where they differ from FiM setting.
The biggest concerning factor to the story is the presence of other queens besides Chrysalis, because that makes ending the war a lot more complicated.

I guess History Knowledge isn't a class skill for my character though.. so I guess it's a bit too meta to try to read into it too far…
Knowing some names would be a bit helpful though. I keep mentally approaching the world like it's FiM, but it seems to have meticulously deep background in some areas.

58fc5 No.91431

Which one was the one that is the leader of the Ling's hive? I know Silver told me, but I don't want to have to go digging through several multi-thousand post threads to find it.

8784c No.91432

File: 1551062312894.png (140.32 KB, 511x600, 2771C3FE-037C-4929-B4FC-44….png)

It’s really a question of how seriously you want to take the Changeling race. Changelings have three defining characteristics:
1. Parasitic/Succibi
2. Shapeshifters
3. Bee-like

All of these traits, I think, make them an interesting Always-Chaotic-Evil antagonistic race, but make them harder to normalize and make comparable to the other races. The show itself completely abandoned the parasitic nature of Changelings because that factor by itself is sufficient to make them dangerous and eternally anatagonistic. Any fan fic that tries to have good changelings can be guaranteed to downplay the parasitic aspect. Their nature as shapeshifters also varies. I think that having the ability to shapeshifters runs counter to the bee-like aspects. If you can disguise yourself as the enemy, and even walk right past them, why would you even bother to swarm undisguised? A Canterlot Wedding, interestingly, had a swarm of literal hundreds where every single Changeling took a disguise as one of the mane six. Other materials have tended to have changelings forgo the disguise in favor of just attacking en masse, like the later comics. Alternatively, they exclusively use the disguises to infiltrate, like in “To Where and Back Again,” and in the first comics. The show doesn’t seem to have any real limits on Changeling shape shifting: they can be rocks and they can be giant monsters. That seems kind of OP to me. Compare this to the Scootertrix Abridged, where changelings are restricted to taking the shapes of creatures of about the same size - which helps identifying one of them. The show entirely glosses over the fact that Changeling shapeshifting would allow them to basically get away with any crime, which ought to be a serious impediment to every trusting changelings in society even if they are not parasites.

How Bee-like the changelings are also varies. Generally, the more bee-like they are, the more “evil” they are, and vice versa, probably because being insect-like is alien, and the more difficult it is to sympathize with, the easier it is to place them in the Always-Chaotic-Evil role they fit so well. Some fan fics depict the changelings are basically the Borg with perfect specialization or conformity. In the show, we see that changelings hatch from eggs like insects, and there is a scene where we see a dozen of them crawling on (and in, since they go through her leg holes) queen Chrysalis, which is the closest thing we get to a confirmation that she is the literal biological mother of the changelings. But the season 8 Hearthwarming episode shows what is unambiguously intended to be a nuclear family, probably to make them seem less evil. Then there is the question of how much of a “hivemind” they are, which I will be honest and say I do not understand what that term is even supposed to mean, except that I think it means that individual creatures are linked telepathically and share a single consciousness. Before the Changeling transformation, all changelings share basically a single model. Afterwards, they vary in a number of particulars. I don’t think a single female model besides Chrysalis is seen prior to the transformation. In bees, all fertilized eggs result in a female bee, and all un-fertilized eggs result in male drones. If Changekings are like bees in regard, that would imply that the changelings are born of a virgin queen.


58fc5 No.91433

8784c No.91434

Kerr: “Gehst du den ganzen Weg in die Länder des Wechselbalgs?”

Wesley: “Wie trägst du diese Kleider?”

58fc5 No.91435

to Kerr: "Ja, das ist die Idee. Wie heißen die Länder Ihrer Königin? Lacinia, IIRC"
to Wesley: "Lass mich dir das zeigen"
Assuming they're in the bathroom now, Brie begins by showing them how to put on clothes, exaggerating the process and describing what he is doing as he does so.

8784c No.91436

File: 1551063811299.png (206.33 KB, 1024x1214, DCA99733-6B7D-4F57-AF97-5F….png)

Kerr: “Wir wurden in Vraks zu unserer Mutter Lacinia geboren”
Kerr is trying to put on the suit, but is having difficulty with his new body, specifically, the bat wings, which he struggles to place through the rear holes

Wesley: “Oh… okay”
He places it on, first almost putting in on backwards, before putting it on correctly. He looks uncomfortable, but smiles anyways

a057f No.91437

>If you can disguise yourself as the enemy, and even walk right past them, why would you even bother to swarm undisguised?
It could be that maintaining a disguise requires a degree of concentration.
Either that, or "average" changlings just aren't very clever when it comes to swarming: Locust-like mentality.
>Giant monsters
Only a couple changlings expressed the ability to turn into things bigger than themselves, and for game statistics, you could chalk that up to levels in Sorcerer or Warshaper. Most normal changlings seemed to have had a purely cosmetic disguise capability.
>the more bee-like they are, the more “evil” they are, and vice versa
In the game, they don't seem to have any group ideology other than their queens leadership. It wouldn't be far fetched to claim that their mannerisms could be influenced by their magical connections to their queens. Since the queen is evil, all of the hive are evil; like wasps, only the synchronity is magical instead of purely hormonal.

58fc5 No.91438

to Kerr: "Hier, lass mich dir helfen." Brie assists him in placing the clothing on properly.
To Wesley: "Keine Sorge, dies ist eine vorübergehende Maßnahme. Irgendwie erwarte ich, dass die Reise kein Problem sein wird."

a057f No.91439

>I don’t think a single female model besides Chrysalis is seen prior to the transformation.
To be fair about that, they did all have a uniform appearance. The only thing masculine about their bodies was that they weren't at all pretty.

58fc5 No.91440

>implying changelings have any non-queen/leader females
>implying that all the pastel changeling 'females' aren't just super-gay males

a057f No.91441

Well, there have to be some females, to become queens later on.

8784c No.91442

No, look at their muzzles and tails. It’s clearly a male model

Kerr briefly resists the close physical contact, then allows Brie to pull the clothing over his wings
“Wie lebst du mit diesen Dingen?”
Wesley: “Es war mehrere Tage mit dem Boot”

a057f No.91444

Yeah. I guess they didn't bother diversifying them in that regard.
I must concur on that note though: the tails were supposed to be rotten wings in the first place, and when they changed they were all replaced with longer wing-tails.
It still looks like a masculine-looking model though, or at least a model devoid of any feminine traits.

a057f No.91445

Also, why do changlings have better military tech in the game anyway? Shouldn't ponies be better at that kind of stuff?
Changlings on average never appeared to be very inventive creatures in the show, so it feels weird that they gave them that attribute in the game mod.

58fc5 No.91446

Wesley: "Wir werden mit dem Zug fahren"
Kerr: "Hast du gesehen, wie ich heute Kleidung trug? Ich mag sie auch nicht."
Brie says with a wink.

6c90f No.91447

I suppose it's because changelings were the nazi parallels or something.

8784c No.91448

How many ponies do we see doing inventive things in the show? Basically fucking none, so given the fact that we don’t see many changelings at all it’s not surprising we haven’t seen Nikolai Tesla or Alexander Grambell on screen. They wear the sane armor as the Equestrian Royal Guard or Crystal Guard, although sometimes styled a bit differently. Who is to say that they don’t invest more into research than ponies? Or less. And if you bother to play the mod, you see that they actually have fewer research slots early on than most pony nations.

Kerr: “Ich meine diese Flügel”
Wesley: “Es wird eine lange Fahrt sein. Wie kommst du zurück?”

a057f No.91449

>Nazi parrallels
This irks me, but idk what I would have expected…
Still it doesn't really suit them at all. They never seemed very clever in any sort of way that didn't involve tricking people. They never really used any sorts of complicated tool, machinery, or infrastructure in the show.
Ponies on the other hand seemed much more inventive. They had all sorts of tools, and even railroads. Equestria always seemed to be the most developed region in the known world.

a057f No.91450

>And if you bother to play the mod
I don't have access to a PC atm, so I'm only reading about it in terms of lore that may concern my character or the current story as it relates to d&d.

58fc5 No.91451

Kerr: "Diese Dinge haben mich aus einigen harten Kratzern geholt. Sie mögen unbeholfen wirken, aber sie leisten ihren Teil."

Wesley: "Meinen Sie nicht, wie kommen wir zurück?"

8784c No.91452

File: 1551068179128-0.png (539.17 KB, 4231x2771, 1514363002478.png)

File: 1551068179128-1.png (336.22 KB, 512x576, 1477627.png)

>Doesn't like Changelings as Germans
What the fuck are they supposed to be like?

Did you know that German culture is one of only two cultures on the entire planet to have Changelings as a deep part of their mythology? Yes, that's right, Changelings are a subject of German folklore and not many other cultures. They have fairies that exchange human children for their own children. You can get Changelings to give you back your child by abusing the changeling, causing them to swap it back, and one way of discerning a Changeling from a regular child is by placing the suspected changeling in an oven. Changelings have a place in German culture, and they even have a word for it: "Wechselbalg." The only other culture with a strong Changeling mythology is Ireland. But in this universe, the Ireland parrellel is already taken by Greneclyff, and Ireland doesn't exactly make for a good, imperialistic, militaristic, hegemonic Empire. The only other culture with any serious Changeling mythology is Norway, but those are technically trolls, and in any event, Olenia is the Norway Parallel.

Whether you like it or not, and whether you want it or not, this is a WW2 based universe. That means that the antagonist must parallel one of the big empires of WW2. Germany and Japan are obvious, because they are hierarchical with strong leaders, collectivistic, aggressive, expansionistic, and Imperialistic. Using the Soviet Union wouldn't work as well because the role of Soviet parallel is already taken by Stalliongrad, and the Changelings, unlike the Soviet Union, are unashamed and upfront about their imperialism and hierarchy.

In some ways, Japan is a closer match for the Changelings than Germany. The ideology of the Changeling conquest is fairly close to Japanese style Imperialism, and they are also more "alien" to the main races in the way that the Japanese were to the Americans. But there was no way I was going to use Japanese as the language of teh Changelings. The reason is because I knew damned good and well that for dialogue, I would be reliant on Google Translate. I don't trust google translate as it makes many errors, and I cycle every translation through it many times to make sure that it actually says what I want it to say. I do not trust Google translate to very accurately translate english into a non-indo-European language and back again. Japanese also has the further problem of not using Roman lettering, which makes it harder to manually single out words to try to manipulate translations. So I figured that the best language to use would be an Indo-European langue that uses Roman lettering, because anything more foriegn may have translation issues. I can read and sort of understand Spanish, but in Texas, Spanish is a language of poor immigrants, a connotation that I can't easily shake from my mind, so I wasn't going to use that. Nothing seemed more appropriate than using German.

And yes, the Changelings in the mod are German. they use German tank models, German aircraft, and they even have a national spirit called "Canterlot defeat" which is a parallel to the national spirit in the vanilla game that represents the German defeat in WW1.

Further, there is a fascinating line in the Equestria at War mod that stuck out to me. It said that Chrysalis is from one of the northern hives, and "united all of the other hives." This makes it sound like the hives of the Changelings were were like the states of Germany, disunited into hundreds of little states, until one very strong, very aggressive, militaristic northern state - Prussia/Chrysalis - forcibly united all of them into a single superpower.

The Changeling hives, in that way, are like the German Kaiserreich. Many smaller states united under the hegemony of a monarch and a culture that is Imperialistic and Militaristic.

And if you don't like that, propose a better fucking solution that is actually logical, would work, and is interesting.

8784c No.91453

File: 1551068427012.png (28.57 KB, 945x945, 969fb5f8aecaf913a679139ef3….png)

In short, Germany
1. Actually has a Changeling mythology
2. Is similar to the Changelings with regards to being a threatening military power that tries to expand itself and take colonies
3. Has a language that I can trust to go through google translate
4. Had a kind of comparable ideology and political structure in the time of the Second German Empire

There is not a single culture on Earth that has all four of those things besides Germany. Not a single culture. Prove otherwise, or shut the fuck up

8784c No.91454

Kerr nods understandingly
Wesley: "Es ist einfacher einzusteigen als die Hegemonie zu verlassen"

a057f No.91455

I wasn't reading into it that much. I was only slightly irked to see Germans compared to the main villains of FiM for reasons I assumed to be none other than that they were "evil".
>And if you don't like that, propose a better fucking solution that is actually logical, would work, and is interesting.
That wasn't my intent, but even if it was, it wouldn't matter.
>4. Had a kind of comparable ideology and political structure in the time of the Second German Empire
Ehhhhhh, maybe in an abstract, xenomorphic fashion.
>2. Is similar to the Changelings with regards to being a threatening military power that tries to expand itself and take colonies
I would argue with this point, but I feel it's best to agree to disagree for now.

8784c No.91456

>Doesn't agree that the changelings and the Germans wanted to colonize vast tracts of land
How is this even disputable? Chrysalis obviously wanted to conquer Equestria. kaiser Wilhelm and Hitler both wanted to carve out an empire in the East, turning the Ukraine, Belorussia, and the Baltic into German colonial territory. For example, after the treaty of Brest-Litovsk, the German Army left a million and a half troops in the Ukraine and other territories to garrison these as German vassals. In particular, they hoped to take the wheat harvest of the Ukraine to supplement their own inadequate food supply. That million and a half troops that never made it to the Western Front in 1918 - in my opinion - probably caused them to lose the war. Hitler also annexed the sudentenland, western poland, Alsace Lurein, and took Bohemia, central Poland, and Slovakia as vassals, besides the beginnings of an attempt to do the same to the Ukraine, Belorussia, and the Baltic. I really don't see how you can deny the Imperial ambitions of either Chrysalis or Kaiser Wilhelm.

58fc5 No.91457

"Sie ließen mich darüber sorgen. Ich bin schon früher aus schlimmeren Situationen gekommen."

8784c No.91458

Wesley nods his head

56cb3 No.91459

So that's why the Greneclyf Changelings are Irish.

Anyways, if I remember correctly, Silver was sharing a moment with Blue over a recently opened container of what is presumably a rose/lavender flavored kind of kissel.

a057f No.91460

First of all, "colonizing" is far too friviloy of a term to describe the Changlings' invasion, because it assumes that a changeling enclave is anything but a a clear and menacing existential threat to all sapient creatures in the surrounding region. Changlings and ponies can never live peacefully with eachother, so a changling colony in pony territory is nothing more than an ongoing act of aggression to all adjacent ponies. Ponies cannot be converted into whatever excuse of a Nation that changelings possess, so a changling invasion is less of a colony than it is a highly organized program to torture and enslave the local population.
>Hitler also annexed the sudentenland, western poland
That was already German territory on a cultural standpoint.
And still, it's not comparable to changlings who, being literal monsters, only sought expansionism for the sake of subjugating any and all intelligent life around them for the sake of sucking the life out of them. Changelings don't have ideological or cultural reasons to expand their influence; their motives are purely malign and predatoy. They view ponies as food; as herd of resources that they can steal. When they annex pony territory, they obviously care more about the slaves than they do about the tracks of land. They're not colonizing nearly as much as they're hunting.
I can agree that she would have had some similarities to Wilhelm if she did have a backstory that revolved around unifying the existing changling kingdoms though.

58fc5 No.91461

So assuming that both the Lings are fully dressed, Brie offers them a cloak. "Behalten Sie dies bei sich, falls Sie kalt werden". Unless they have further comments to interject, he would lead them to the ticket booth.

8784c No.91462

Indeed he was. It's Silver's turn really, to make the next move

I thought it the greatest thing ever when I discovered that Greneclyf was Irish. It got a laugh out of me


>That was already German territory on a cultural standpoint

Yes and no. Germany had asked for Danzig, and part of the western area of Poland, around Posen, had been German territory for around a few hundred years. These areas were integrated into the German Reich. Central Poland, however, was not culturally German. As a reflection of that fact, Central poland was placed under military administration. The same is true of Czechoslavakia. The German areas were annexed, the Slovakian areas were made into a puppet, and Bohemia/Czech areas were placed under military administration. Basically the same is true of everywhere the Germans invaded, with areas that were actually culturally German being annexed, some areas puppeted, and some places placed under military administration.

>changlings who, being literal monsters, only sought expansionism for the sake of subjugating any and all intelligent life around them for the sake of sucking the life out of them

Changelings in Equestria at War are not really existential or want to destroy everything. Really, they are more like brutal imperialists, but they are not genocidal. I think that the reason for this is that the base game - Hearts of Iron 4 - is pretty whitewashed, with no bombing of civilians, no POW camps, no Holocaust, no war crimes, no Japanese internment, no gulags, and so forth. The My Little Pony mod abided by that. At first. Later on, genocide, slavery, cannibalism, and sapient sacrifice were added into the game. But the Changeling hegemony was one first nations added into the game, so it is the cuddly white-washed version. It's kind of like NDSAP Germany in the vanilla game, which has no Holocaust, no war crimes, and is a nation the game makers actually recommend reviewers to play when testing out the game. Hearts of Iron 4 is the lighter and softer version of WW2, and the Equestria at War mod only became darker and edgier than the base game later into its development.

>it assumes that a changeling enclave is anything but a a clear and menacing existential threat to all sapient creatures in the surrounding region. Changlings and ponies can never live peacefully with eachother, so a changling colony in pony territory is nothing more than an ongoing act of aggression to all adjacent ponies. Ponies cannot be converted into whatever excuse of a Nation that changelings possess, so a changling invasion is less of a colony than it is a highly organized program to torture and enslave the local population.

Because you bothered to type out those words, I'm going to assume that the words "General Plan Ost," "Einsatzgruppen," "Auschwitz," and "Final Solution" are words that have no meaning to you, and that you refuse to believe that 1.5 million poles were killed by the Germans, millions of Soviet POWs were killed, or that there was a plan to deport and depopulate vast areas of the Soviet Union. But I don't see how you can deny that the NDSAP saw the struggle with the Judeo-Bolsheviks as an existential war where one must win

The ticket booth has a great table of times and departures above it

6c90f No.91463

Go straight for the dine & dash, Silver! Show her how age is important due to higher experience!

56cb3 No.91464

I thought it was neat when I learned that Pondihean (really hope I spelled that right) was Scottish.

Silver turns to Blue, still looking confused but hopeful at the chance to try out a flavor of kissel he's never had. "This will be new experience for both of us, if you have not had this before. I can say I have never had flowery кисель before."

8784c No.91465

She looks at him confusedly
"I'm… actually not sure if you should eat this or not"

56cb3 No.91466

His expression matches her own confusion. "You…mind explaining why?"

6c90f No.91467

"It has… uh, a special juice only mares have.
You get what I'm saying?"

8784c No.91468

"The harder and more painful the bee stings, the sweeter the honey. Is the honey of the most ferocious of all bees too sweet for ponies?"

56cb3 No.91469

They say his confusion grew three sizes that day. "I do not believe I have ever heard that phrase before, but it would suggest that it is at least edible, or not poisonous."

a057f No.91470

>Really, they are more like brutal imperialists
For what cause though? To make all other creatures as loathesome and devoid of life as them? Chrysalis never expressed any willingness to rule over ponies; she only ever wanted more power for herself, and more livestock to feed her offspring.
Without the intent to create a greater society with those you spread your influence to, impetualism is only the brutal extraction of resources at the expense of the nationals. It seems like they have very few motives than to expand their access to resources (see: ponies), all the while causing misery to all creatures in their wake.
>they are not genocidal
Yeah, but capturing their enemies and enslaving them so that they may suck their souls out is nearly as bad; it may not be genocidal, but it's still mass-scale predation. And changlings are only not genocidal because they're a perpetual minority and they'd be doomed if they burned out their own prey.
However, any creature with a brain should have a good reason to fear and oppose rule by the ruthless and barbaric creatures who aren't capable of feeling love and care for nothing more than to extract love from their beings.

But if I may get to the root of my point:
An imperialist has a cause; a desire to build greater a society, and ideological reason to spread it to neighboring regions. Impetialists can at least pretend to have good intentions for the people they spread their influence to. Changlings do not have the benefit of supposed benevolence, in any way shape or form.
Changlings do not express any willingness to become anything greater than themselves, nor are they seeking to make the world a better place in the making of their empire. Their militarism and feudalist expansionism is evidently rooted in the fact that they're not really culturally capable of living any other way as they currently are.

And while I meant it as just a brief side note, I was just slightly peeved to see the Germans, whome I admire, be so nonchalantly compared to souless, parasitic insectoids. But again, it happens in a lot of different franchises, so I'm not surprised.

8784c No.91471

She smiles again
"This is Changeling honey. Taken off the possessions of a Hegemony operative posing as Stalliongradian Special Operations

The Changelings in Equestria at War are toned down relative to the Changelings in the comics. Okay? They don't eat souls, or if they do, it's not as explicit as in the comics

56cb3 No.91472

There's a couple seconds of silence, though it is less stunned as it is just letting that particular bit of information soak in, followed immediately by just the faintest widening of his eyes. A solitary "Oh" escapes his lips as he begins to regard the jar as not so much a potentially delicious desert from his homeland but as what he now knows it actually is.

I imagine Silver would know what that is, but for me I am going to take a wild guess here and say "aphrodisiac".

58fc5 No.91473

6c90f No.91474

I feel like this might be bait.

58fc5 No.91475


8784c No.91476

She breaks the silence
"Since you were keeping a couple young drones, I thought I would show you this, since it would help with the special dietary needs"

56cb3 No.91477

"Well, I appreciate it, thank you. I…especially did not expect this to be Changeling honey." He looks at the jar once more, still with some level of confusion. "I am little bit interested in what you said though: is it edible for us ponies?"

8784c No.91478

"It's nothing other than condensed love extract. I don't know."

a057f No.91479

>They don't eat souls
Then why does their parasitism cause level loss?
Whatever Changlings are eating that us called 'love', it has to be a sort of spiritual essence that they have to steal from ponies because they were created without the means to generate it themselves. Chrysalis used the love she took from Shining Armor to empower herself, so she was at least siphoning some kind of magical property.
But what would be happening to all the ponies they've captured though; like the princesses and the mane 6? Are they being chained and tortured so that Changlings can whittle away at their sanity day after day while they feed off their essence? Or are they being kept in giant disgusting green cocoons so that their life forces can be harvested for energy? Maybe they're being forced to labor at the expense of their captors, treated like animals as a slave cast. Only time could tell, but it doesn't sound that good, because I doubt that the Changlings would have had any plan to just hand all captured ponies free citizenship in their expanded empire.
If Chrysalis is anywhere near as evil and sadistic as she is in FiM, she's almost certainly not treating them well.

Obviously, war games don't go into detail for this kind of thing, but the ramifications of living under the imperial rule of loveless parasitic insectoids who have no concern for your well being is absolutely horrifying when you think about it. It'd be like the Holocaust, except it would actually happen.

Anyway, Changlings are malignant, evil and fundamentally predatory creatures who are an inherent danger to ponies and their way of life in their conquest. The Nazis were absolutely not, even if they've been smeared by (((historians))), and I just felt like pointing it out for some reason… I'll shut up now…

6c90f No.91480

I don't think it's explicit level loss. More like complete apathy if enough love is succ'd. He never specified it when Iron, Silver or others got their love sucked.

56cb3 No.91481

"…" He looks to Blue, a friendly smile plastered on his face, though she can tell there's something else hidden there. Mischievousness, perhaps? "Well, why do we not try it and see?"

Nah, the actual Holocaust in this universe took place in Hellquill and Longsword.

6c90f No.91482

inb4 it's an aphrodisiac and sex ensues.
Or, more likely, it's just honey that makes Silver feel sick.

8784c No.91483

I've already explained this to you repeatedly. The Nazis in Hearts of Iron 4 are extremely whitewashed with no holocaust, no Einsatzgruppen, and no systematic starvation of POWs of Slavic descent. The Changelings, based on the Whitewashed Nazis, are kind of also more so brutal conquerors than explicit war criminals.

>It'd be like the Holocaust

Jesus fucking Christ, that's my point. The company that makes Hearts of Iron 4 has very explicitly stated that they do not want their game to be a "Holocaust simulator" or banned in the German market. As such, the game - and we are talking about a widely sold real time strategy game here - does not have concentration/POW/Internment camps, or firebombing, or rape, or whatever. In fact, talking about those things on the official Paradox forums is banned. The original My Little Pony mod mostly obeyed these restrictions. It has no genocide, only mild war crimes, and the soul-eating aspect is not explicitly mentioned and at best implied. They stopped abiding by the "not a Holocaust simulator" rule after about a year of writing and modifying the game. If you want a real Nazi parallel, play the Reformisten campaigns of Hellquil and Longsword. Those are very explicitly genocidal.

>The Nazis were absolutely not

You know the Einsatzgruppen were a real thing, right? Right?

"That… isn't what I had in mind when I thought of showing this to you, but… sure?"

a057f No.91484

Energy Drain is level loss. It's the draining of the soul. If you lose more levels than you have, you die.
Either way that's still awfully close to vampirism when coupled with the fact that they're hollow creature that are inca. Changlings are evil on a fundamental level; and they were definitely meant to be portrayed as loathesome and incomplete creatures in the show.

a057f No.91485

What happens to ponies after they're conquered by Changlings? Do they just disappear?

56cb3 No.91486

"It is made of same life energy changelings draw from us when they feed, if I remember correctly. Right?" He trots over to Blue's kitchen, looking for a pair of spoons for them.

8784c No.91487

They are oppressed under Changeling rule, with a news event mentioning that food is stolen, among other things. Zecora launches a resistance, which is swiftly crushed. You can tell from Changeling focuses that they are conscripting ponies into work-battalions as essentially slave labor, and moving some of them into Changeling territory ( like Poles in Nazi Germany). But really, it's a grand strategy game. You never see individual ponies. You only see states and divisions of tens of thousands of them. You can't tell what is happening. Changelings do have technologies relating to "improved love extraction"

"Yes, in condensed form"

Blue is fairly messy. The tea spoons from earlier were never really put away, just placed in cups in the sink

a057f No.91488

Do you seriously think that the Nazis in their cause were really comparable to a swarm of evil, soulless insectoids invading other lands for the sole purpose of feeding off of their captives?

56cb3 No.91489

Silver wonders silently to himself if it would be rude, next time he visits, to do her dishes for her. For the sake of the here-and-now, he just grabs the pair of tea spoons and gives them a quick wash to avoid contamination of the honey. "Perhaps, then, it would even have beneficial effect on us?" Once he's finished, he returns back to the bed, holding out one of the spoons in his magic grasp for Blue to take.

8784c No.91490

She is smiling, strangely. It appears he's taken her by surprise
"I do believe it's been eaten by ponies before, it's just very hard to come by"

The severity of the effects of the love draining process vary by interpretation

56cb3 No.91491

"I can imagine why. I suppose we should consider this rare opportunity." He scoops out a spoonful of the honey, waiting for Blue to get her own so they can try it together. "Cheers."

a057f No.91492

No, I mean in the metaphysical and unequivocal evil of their intentions that supercede any promise of a better future.

Love feeding, no matter how severe or light it may be, is still absolutely evil if it's done through forceful military means. Changlings have no good intentions when attacking ponies.
Ponies should be ruled by ponies. Changlings exacting their rule over ponies is nothing short of the enslavement of an entire people, with no fleeting promise of potentially bettering their lives.

8784c No.91493

She smiles, and laughs a little, then sits pulls her rear legs up as she sits on the bed
She takes a spoon of the substance in hoof

56cb3 No.91494

With a shared smile, Silver places his spoon of the Changeling honey into his mouth, flipping it upside down and taking all of the substance off the spoon with his tongue, before pulling the spoon from his mouth with an audible pop. He plays around with the honey before he swallows, getting a feel for its taste, texture, and consistency, before leaning his head back and swallowing it down.

a057f No.91495

I mean, seriously…
Nazis had good intentions, and people who appreciated them for what they did.
Changelings do not yet any means.

8784c No.91496

Actually, it's not very good. It's kind of disgusting tasting, actually. The honey tastes sweet. Very sweet. Much sweeter than sugar. The most accurate comparison would be if Silver had placed a concentrate of Saccharine right into his mouth. For something he's more likely to have actually tasted: the water of rotting fruit


Completely smooth, and a bit gooey. A little sticky


It's a pure gel. Basically, it feels the same as bee honey in his mouth

6c90f No.91497

Hah! I knew it!
So no side effects, strange.

a057f No.91498

I'm going to bed.

6c90f No.91500


a057f No.91501


56cb3 No.91502

Silver gives the spoon he used for the Changeling honey an odd, sour look, obviously not having expected the taste. "…Ponies who ate this in past might have called this 'delicacy', I think."

8784c No.91503

Now it hits him. A feeling of complete Europhoria, joy rushing in. The colors of objects around him shine more brightly. The tiger orange of the wall paintings shines more intently, Blue Skie's mane glimmers almost like Luna's, the lavender color of the honey itself seems to glow. And the feeling… Well, to say that it feels like the passion of love in youth would be trite… but really, there is no better term for it. In that moment, Silver can feel a greater connection with those around him. A feeling of connection to the world as a whole. A feeling of higher purpose, of bonding with that higher purpose, of bonding with the ponies around him. An almost youthful vigor flows into him

a057f No.91504

You're eating souls, you cannibal.

6c90f No.91505

Kinda like an aphrodisiac, but we'll see if he has to roll a will save for him to control his actions yet.
The Devil's Honey.

a057f No.91506

Reminds me of Liquid Pain from the BoVD. Maybe he'll get addicted to it and spiral into madness.

a057f No.91507

>Changelings do have technologies relating to "improved love extraction"
I still can't stop thinking of The Scream Extractor from the Monster's Inc movie…

6c90f No.91508

Now now. No need to act so negatively towards bug monsters that literally suck the joy out of you, although it's a good thing because I'm pretty sure the GM wanted them to be one of the baddies.
Apart from commies of course.

a057f No.91509

I dislike vampires…

56cb3 No.91510

Silver drops the spoon in his magic grasp in surprise. He almost chokes at the sudden feeling, and he might actually have if it weren't for him shouting in his native tongue: "Ебена мать!" He lets out a small joyful chuckle, patting his clothed chest with his forehooves as he practically savors this new, wonderful feeling. Is this what changelings feel like when they feed? Is this what the pure life essence of ponykind is like?

He looks to Blue, admiring how her mane seems to glimmer, and how her blue coat shines. He reaches out to her with this newfound desire to get to know her better, to bond with her. There's so much he doesn't understand about her. He hardly understands her, the more he thinks about it. He wants to understand his friend. "Blue…are you seeing any of this?"

6c90f No.91511

Understandable. Leeches and other parasitic relationship usually makes people think a sense that the parasite is uneeded overall. Apart from that, vampires were meant to be portrayed negatively, since they were a symbolic representation of the high class draining the life of the working class.

a057f No.91512

Pretty sure Changelings were meant to be an allegory for selfishness,in that they're hollow, and they take love without sharing it.

6c90f No.91513

Well yeah. That one episode where Discord gets cucked of his magical powers by some throne shows that explicitly.

a057f No.91514

Yeah. That BS kind of bothered me until I remembered that Discord is aware of the fourth wall and is powerless whenever plot demands. Like how he didn't lift a finger to stop the storm king.

8784c No.91515

This is indeed what the essence of a pony tastes like, apparently. An almost repulsive sweetness on the outside, but on the inside - Pure joy

Her eyes almost glow a jade green. Her coat is a color mist, almost.
"Come again?"

The effect continues, giving a sense of exhilaration , and perhaps causing involuntary giddy laughter

8784c No.91516

File: 1551080445289.png (199.09 KB, 640x360, abc38f9e917250ad0b00a70ff7….png)

a057f No.91517

Repent, heretic.

6c90f No.91518

Shush for now, he's getting into the weed-like substance.
You can make Caleb bark at him later if you want.

a057f No.91519

I'm glad I have Remove Substance Addiction as a class spell…

6c90f No.91520

Don't just say that. You'll encourage the players to go for drugs more.

56cb3 No.91521

Silver looks at her, enraptured by the radiance before him. There is so much he wants to say, and so few words to say it with. He wants to tell her everything about himself, and ask her about herself, to discover the core of who Blue Skies really is, to understand her as no one has understood her before.

For a couple seconds he just sits there, wordless, staring deep into the jade colored pools of her eyes. After what to him seems like an eternity in those couple seconds, he breaks his silence with a laugh, one that speaks of a youth he once had and enjoyed, full of joy and love and everything good and wonderful in the world. He suddenly flings himself forward towards Blue, wrapping his forelegs around her in an embrace. This mare in front of him, this wonderful mare, she brings out so much of this almost ancient good within him. If only he could find the words to tell her so…

You should try it sometime, eating souls.

6c90f No.91522

Don't tempt the innocent nun into dark magic,

a057f No.91523

File: 1551081667371-0.png (345.8 KB, 625x941, 633.png)

This is sin of the highest degree.

6c90f No.91524

Player hinted it way before with his diet.
The meat eater he is.

8784c No.91525

She sits there passively. She smiles at him warmly and looks into his eyes. Surrounded by white bed covers, she radiates blue colors from her mane and coat, and blue and green from her eyes

In the Greneclyf campaign, the Greneclyf hives reach out to establish diplomatic relationships with a nation of unicorns, and they say that they would like to study changeling magic. The text in response for the event is "Is ponies studying our magic really such a good idea?"

a057f No.91526

File: 1551082175405-0.png (140.66 KB, 640x797, bb1.png)

Yeah, but imagine putting that wretched stuff in your mouth knowing that it was condensed (probably forcefully) from your fellow ponies' essence… Fucking gross…

56cb3 No.91527

"Blue, I…I…" As she looks into his eyes, he stares into hers, as if trying to understand her simply by looking through the windows to her soul. His own coat and mane shine like purest silver, radiating as if they were polished for months on end. His eyes are the color of the deep blue sky, almost like sapphires in his eye sockets. He stares into her jade eyes for what feels like an age, trying and failing constantly to find something, anything, he could say to explain everything to her.

His face edges ever closer to her own, reaching within an inch before suddenly thrusting forward, closing the gap and locking lips with her once again.

8784c No.91528

She tastes sweet. And not a Saccharine sweetness, but sugary. Like honey. She closes her eyes as their licks lock, and she pulls in, to let her tongue rub against his

Silver still has that feeling. The desire to unite with the world. Or at least, with somepony nearby.

a057f No.91529

File: 1551082959445-0.png (416.5 KB, 1038x936, 1494116050650.png)


6c90f No.91530

I wonder what Skies feel right now.

a057f No.91531

How long ago in game was she on a date with Dark Star? Was it really just yesterday? It feels like it was longer.

6c90f No.91532

Yep. I knew she meant bad business to have a stable relationship.

a057f No.91533

Lol horse joke.

6c90f No.91534

Fugg, didn't notice it.

56cb3 No.91535

There's a passion behind his part in the kiss that wasn't quite there before, like he's putting everything behind it now. He telekinetically grabs onto the jar of Changeling honey, setting it aside somewhere safe as he continues the oral embrace.

He pulls her down into the bed, standing over her in a dominant position. He breaks the kiss after a few more seconds with a deep breath, looking at her once again. "Blue, I want to get to know you, at your deepest. I want to understand you and your very being. I want us to unite and become one."

6c90f No.91536

Here we go… again.

8784c No.91537


She looks at him with just a bit of worry
Then, she pulls him to take another kiss

56cb3 No.91538

He gladly accepts the kiss, getting to be very familiar with the inside of her mouth by this point. His tongue almost caresses hers as they perform their intimate dance together.

8784c No.91539

As he feels her soft, cool, sweet mouth, the more severe effects start to fade. Love is a strangely fleeting emotion. The stronger effects of the euphoria evaporate from Silver. But she's still there before him

56cb3 No.91540

He doesn't let the fading effects bring him down. After all, Blue is still here with him. Right now, she is his only focus, his only desire.

After a few more seconds, he breaks the kiss again, a small trail of saliva linking them together. But he hasn't stopped just yet, as he begins to travel down her neck and body slowly, planting kisses all along the way.

8784c No.91541

The feeling goes from a hot passion to a warm feeling. blue Skies looks at him, with glowing jade eyes. He can sort of taste the lavender on her. Certainly, her fur is soft, cool, and clean, almost like a fuzzy blanket

56cb3 No.91542

The benefits of excellent hygiene, no doubt. As he continues to travel down her body, he looks up, maintaining eye contact with her. He wants her to watch him as he shows her body the love and care it demands of him. When he reaches her teats, he makes sure to plant a large kiss on both of them, almost completely taking each small motherly mound into his mouth.

8784c No.91543

She watches him. Smiling, now devious from warm, she watches. Her teats are fairly soft, save for the nipples themselves, which are firm. Still fairly small, a reflection of her maidenhood. they fidget when touched by his tongue. Her skin is sort of a grey, almost the color of Silver's coat

56cb3 No.91544

Silver gives them both one more lick before continuing down the last few inches. As he plants one final kiss on his path down her body, on her pubic area, be breaks eye contact with her to gaze downward, between her hindlegs at her most private areas. He takes in every detail of her marehood he can, almost like he's admiring a piece of art in a gallery.

The bed calls to me. Goodnight.

a057f No.91545

Fug. I stayed up way later than I promised myself last night…

56cb3 No.91546

6c90f No.91547

F indeed.

a057f No.91548

Remind me; where did they find that jar of Changeling 'honey'?

56cb3 No.91549

Blue confiscated it from a Hegemony infiltrator posing as a Stalliongrader Special Ops operator.

a057f No.91550

So they're eating contraband?

56cb3 No.91551

Nothing like contraband concentrated pony souls.

8784c No.91552

Blue Skies had been sitting up on the bed at the start, but pushed herself away as Silver went lower. Now, she falls onto her back. She folds her forelegs up, and her rear legs spread slightly, while also folding. Her dark blue tail, long and straight, falls down onto the floor. Her mane and tail have the color of the mid sky in the afternoon, where the blue is tinted darker by the vast empty space beyong it. Her azure white looks most like the sky at the horizon, tinted a strong white color moisture, and looking almost as much like a cloud as clear skies.

And now Silver can see what he had not seen before. Though Skies loved to trot in naked majesty, she covered herself. Until now. In the middle of her azure white rump is her rather thick dark grey vulva and poofy anus. Both are closed, admitting no view of her insides, but her labia is a lighter grey. She leans her head back

Would you rather she say "I cut a succubus's stomach open to get to the goodies inside"?

Civil Asset Forfeiture

a057f No.91553

File: 1551121559715-0.png (1.3 MB, 1440x1080, 1465565900614.png)

Have fun in Tartarus…

6c90f No.91554

I wonder if we're going to get a retribution-filled nun hunting down Silver for this debaucherous and Dionisius-worthy action.

a057f No.91555

File: 1551122275510-0.png (592.9 KB, 1185x1029, 2a6.png)

Well, she hasn't actually seen any of it, so there's no reason for her to be concerned with the matter.
Holy shit though.. You don't have to be a Paladin to recognize that kind of depravity as an obvious taboo..

6c90f No.91556

I suppose.
But insert religious figure here is always watching us.
I wonder if Iron would do the same in this situation…
I wouldn't think he'd keep on molesting her consenually, that's for sure.

8784c No.91557

Remember that campaign where you had your character try to eat human flesh, and I got upset because I was playing a paladin and wouldn't have approved? And you just responded 'oh please, your character wouldn't know about it, stop it'? How does it feel to be in that situation now?

6c90f No.91558

The lore expands.

56cb3 No.91559

"I imagine I would feel I was given false bill of sale, otherwise."

Perfection. Silver smiles slightly at the sight, his horn lighting up in its brilliant sapphire glow. It appears he wishes to share some of that unicorn privilege of his as Blue feels an almost electric feeling flow through her nethers as a magic field forms around them, fondling them and stroking along her vulva. It pokes and prods around the entrance to her anus, and spreads her pussy open slightly to give Silver a clearer view of the fleshy insides.

8784c No.91560

The light grey labia is stretched aside to show Skies' pretty pink vagina, going in several inches. Her pink pearl clitoris now pops into view, and is thrust up in a winking fashion. Without a fuss, her anus stretches aside easily to show pink folds on the interior, and a non-illuminated interior

But Silver also experiences the drawback of the unicorn magic: though he can move things, he does not have a sense of touch through it

a057f No.91561

Sister Ash isn't concerned with what gods cteatures choose worship, but she cares primarily about rightousness. She only believes that the world was created to be a good place.

Eh, I'm not up to the task of being the moral-cuck of the party in-character anyway, since all these religious Vows already make her a high-difficulty character to play. Besides, everypony outta play their own chosen alignment without other PCs trying to cuck them out of good development.
I don't disagree with how Silver is playing; im fact, the edginess to it is actually pretty cool, and certainly entertaining to watch. I was just posting Christ-chan memes because it's fun to do so.
However, if she ever found a jar of that soul-juice, she'd be pretty quick to destroy it.

a057f No.91562

Silver would make for an excellent Blackguard.

6c90f No.91563

Understandable, I suppose.
I'm ready if you want to continue to the other mademare or just do whatever.
Maybe a walk on the forest to be ambushed by dire wolves again.

a057f No.91564

I have some stuff I gotta finish typing first. Maybe later.

56cb3 No.91565

Well, Silver supposes he should fix that, shouldn't he? Closing his eyes, and with his tongue flattened into a broad surface, he bends his head down and gives her nethers a long, slow lick, from her anus all the way to her clitoris. There, he finishes by wrapping his tongue around the pink love nub, placing his lips around the winking pearl, and sucking on it. His tongue rubs and circles on and around her clit. If she focuses, Blue can feel something like a pattern to these motions.

Looks almost like the evil counterpart to the Paladin.

a057f No.91566

File: 1551124378920-0.jpg (86.15 KB, 600x750, 1400058620358.jpg)

That's pretty much it, although not as polarly opposite as Paladin of Tyranny or Slaughter.
They're basically heretic knights, usually ex-paladins and often Fighter-Clerics or Rangers. Incredibly blasphemous.

8784c No.91567

The exterior of her anus, thankfully, and perhaps thanks to the magic of horse anatomy and her concern for hygiene, has no more unpleasant taste to it than a sort of sweat. As his tongue traverses the set of skin and settles upon her clitoris, her leg twitches and her clitoris winks again. It's fairly soft, but only gives so far. A warm liquid flows down with its own peculiar taste, and perhaps, a salty taste that is the lingering remnant of Dark Star's efforts to turn Blue Skies into a mother

6c90f No.91568

>lingering remnant of Dark Star's effors to turn Blue Skies into a mother.
And this is why I'd rather go for virgins.
Just try to keep your love interest's foal safe.

56cb3 No.91569

Silver tries not to think that he is tasting the lingering ejaculate of another stallion while caressing the love-bud of the beautiful mare before him. His teeth press ever so slightly into the winking clitoris as it exposes itself, giving it a gentle squeeze while his tongue works its magic. Now Blue Skies can definitely recognize a pattern, that of the Ponish alphabet, spelled out on her clit using only his tongue. A, B, C, D, E, F, G…

8784c No.91570

She giggles slightly, and her vagina tenses up, before easing again. He can smell the definite smell of vagina and sex as he breathes in next to her, almost inside her, and new liquid rushes in to replace that which is liked up. She definitely likes this friendly version of Silver more so than the one that tries to belittle her beliefs and government. Don't forget the Ampersand and any special characters.

a057f No.91571

File: 1551125966006-0.png (Spoiler Image, 153 KB, 1280x720, 1779488.png)

This, tbh.

I have some time to RP now.

56cb3 No.91572

Let it be known that Silver is a gentlestallion in the sheets, even if he's a little crude on the streets. He eagerly licks up the fresh juices as they come while continuing his clitoral orations. H, I, J, K, LMNOP…

He forms a magic field around her maiden teats, the electric feeling passing through the mounds and stimulating her small, firm nipples.

a057f No.91573

Yeah, the second mademare sounds like a good stop.

Sister Ash takes 10 on her Handle Animal check to push Caleb to drag Sparks unresponsive body to the other side of the city.

8784c No.91574

She moans. Softly, not too loudly. Her teats start to perk, and become even firm as he molests them. She moves her legs a little closer to together, and brushes her legs against his shoulders

6c90f No.91575

Iron follows her along, making sure he's at her side just in case she decides to fall over or something.
Remember to link either this or your next post to GM-man.

a057f No.91576

With Iron, Caleb and Spark in tow, Sister Ash makes her way towards the other mademare's establishment.
Do we need to roll to make our way to the other mademare, or is the location easy enough to find?

8784c No.91577

Leaning towards roll

a057f No.91578

Dice rollRolled 10 + 14

Rolling Survival.
(Not including her knowledge synergy bonus, since this is an urban environment).

56cb3 No.91579

His tongue's movements become more intense as he continues and the alphabet itself comes to a close. Q, R, S…T, U, V…W, X…Y…Z. The final letter is almost lashed across her clitoris, and he begins to move onto special characters. !, #, %, ^, &, *, (, )…

His magic gives her teats a little squeeze, and it begins to feel as though something were rubbing up against them. A small tendril of magic snakes its way past Silver's muzzle and into Blue's vaginal cavity, sending the electric feeling through her inner folds and vaginal walls. It widens once it enters, almost feeling as though it's attempting to fill her up, like a stallionhood made of nothing but pure energy.

8784c No.91580

Silver has, by now, made hundreds of movements with his tongue across her clitoris. A shake from her shows that she appreciates the love given to the rest of her vagina as well. The walls part, leaving enough room to look down several inches. She continues moaning, and presses her legs harder down into Silver's shoulders

South east side of town

a057f No.91581

And they make it there safely?
Okay then, they go straight there.

8784c No.91582

This location is a little different. It is a wooden building with a high arched roof. brown exterior. something like a shack of curiosities

a057f No.91583

Sister Ash approaches cautiously.
Are there a lot of ponies around?

8784c No.91584

Urban area, noon to 1 PM, in a location where walking is the main way of travel. Yes, there is pedestrian traffic

56cb3 No.91585

This ethereal horsecock he's made trusts into her cavity, an odd sensation to be sure as it's nothing but formless energy pressing against her walls to feel like a real horsecock. Silver angles his head as best as he is able with her hindlegs squeezing into his shoulders to be able to peer down inside of her while he works his magic. The magic stallionhood slowly pulls out, then thrusts back in a little deeper than before. It continues this cycle, pushing slightly further with each dive into her love tunnel.

-, _, =, +, [, ], {, }, \, |, ;, :, ', ", ,, ., <, >, /, ?… Reaching the end of the special characters he knows of, he reverses the cycle, going through the list of characters backwards until he reaches Z once again. It's tireless work for his sore tongue, but it's worth it to give Blue the love she needs.

a057f No.91586

What about the building itself? Does it look particularly busy?
Sister Ash approaches the entrance with Caleb by her side, leaning on him slightly due to her weakened body.
>tfw 5 str

6c90f No.91587

Iron follows the three of them, a slight slouch to his movements.
(Here's hoping to no more dumb mishaps like last time. I'd hate to see Ash hurt.)

8784c No.91588

She spreads her wings out on the bed, and coos softly. She evidently enjoys the feeling of being force fucked. The walls stretch out well to the immaterial horse cock, and Silver is able to see the walls, illuminated by his blue magic. More lubricating fluid flows down, eventually to the lapped up by Silver's tongue

Not a rush of ponies, but if there is at least one pony inside, or none, who can say from here

a057f No.91589

Well, I have a workable diplomacy mod now, so there's something. With any luck, we might get to negotiate with NPCs who have a positive attitude.
I definitely don't want to drag it out like last time though.

Sister Ash walks right up to the entrance, trying to look in, if not enter.

56cb3 No.91590

And lapped up it is, as the forcecock continues it's steady pace of thrusting, freed from the shackles of being linked to a physical body to be able to go as deep as it needs without being stopped. It makes wet squelching noises as the mare juices produced by the stimulation are squeezed out of her pussy between the magic penis and Blue's soft, fleshy walls into Silver awaiting maw.

8784c No.91591

Curio's Corner on Westhaven it seems to be. There are a number of items on shelves that seem to relate to cultural artifacts or magical items

The substance damned near squirts into Silver's maw as her walls expand outwards. It looks as if she could take a very big stallion, as the forcecock goes rather deep before meeting adequate resistance to force it back. Then, it meets sterner resistance as the walls close in, and skies lets off a moan. More liquid rushes in, and the clenching stops, before starting again

a057f No.91592

Sister Ash looks around the shop for any signs of the filly she's looking for.

8784c No.91593

Staring into the store from the window does not allow her to see a filly

a057f No.91594

Oh, I thought she was inside already.
She enters the building.

a057f No.91595

forgot to link

56cb3 No.91596

I'm gonna start using that term from now on: forcecock.

Blue must be damned close, Silver figures. He doesn't stop now, as he makes the forcecock thrust on despite the increased resistance. He pours more magic into it, not only increasing its tingly, electric effects, but also expanding it to fill out what he can of her moist depths. He owes it to her to bring her to climax, to give her the adoration and love she demands of him, that he demands of himself to give to her.

His clitoral spelling bee subsides slightly as he focuses more on simply creating contact and friction on the love bud. His teeth give it a soft yet firm squeeze, and with his lips locked around it he sucks as if it were a lollypop.

8784c No.91597

She moans and coos, as resistence stiffens. For all of the advantages of the force cock, it does not quite have the full force and power of a pony behind it, as would the real thing. Thrusts proceed a little less, well, forcefully. It expands outwards never the less, wider and deeper inside of her, with a blue luminescence that allows silver to see her insides well. She's a little needy in terms of adoration. As silver licks on, he begins to discover how many licks it takes to get to the center of Blue Skies's affection.

Then, more moaning, and she squeezes her legs, forcing Silver's muzzle in. She clenches, then the walls try to pull the force cock in more deeply, as a set of liquid squirts out
It seems he has brought her to orgasm, perhaps not for the first time

A number of items are on the shelves. Zebrican masks, voodoo dolls, wands, vases, a suit of armor in the corner….

a057f No.91598

What about ponies?

8784c No.91599

Where is she looking?

a057f No.91600

Around. Anywhere in the shop.
She enters the shops and looks for the nearest creature she can find near the entrance.

8784c No.91601

Near the entrance, not so much, but further back…

A peach colored, blue maned unicorn female sits at a register

a057f No.91602

The filly I was looking for was white, right?

8784c No.91603


a057f No.91604

If I may get to the root of my question, does this pony match the one in the photo; or is she somepony else?

Sister Ash approaches the pony.

56cb3 No.91605

Silver rides out the waves of her orgasm, letting the fluids gather inside his maw. As the forcecock is pressed against her cervix thanks to the milking motions of her vaginal walls, Silver focuses on the magic that makes it up, concentrating it into a semi-physical, liquid form of pure unicorn magic that squirts out of the forcecock's ethereal urethra like semen into her awaiting womb. For a second, she feels as if her womb is on fire, but soon it's toned down as her body become acclimated to the feeling, now making her feel as if she's taking a nice, hot bath. The tingling from before now spreads, sending shivers through her everything.

As her orgasm comes to an end, Silver looks up at Blue, making eye contact with her. He opens his mouth slightly to show it full of her marecum before closing his mouth and swallowing it in an exaggerated action. He makes an audible gulp, and lets her see the bulge in his throat as the marecum travels down his gullet. He tops it off with a satisfied Ahhh… If we was thirsty before, it has certainly been quenched now.

I'll be right back.

8784c No.91606

This is definitely, unambigiously, clearly, surely, and certainly not the pony in the photo. She's at least 15 years older

8784c No.91607

She eases up, and she lets her legs fall down over to the sides. She places her forelegs behind her to pull herself up, and she looks at Silver with a satisfied smile

a057f No.91608

Just making sure.

Sister Ash walks up to the desk.
"Good afternoon." She says
Then she produces the photo
"Have you seen this pony?"

8784c No.91609

She looks up at Ash, but she doesn't seem to hear or register her question. At all. A giant smile comes across her face
'Are you a Kirin?"

6c90f No.91610

Iron walks at her side, and feels like this mare is going to kiss Ash's hooves judging how excited she's appearing to be to him.

a057f No.91611

Sister Ash looks slightly confused, telekinetically jostleing the photo in the air a bit in case the mare hadn't seen it.

"..Y-yes…" she replies

8784c No.91612

"What brings you to my shop?" She asks

56cb3 No.91613

Silver smiles back at her, a lot of Blue Skies plastered to his muzzle. "I hope I was able to service you adequately."

a057f No.91614

"I'm looking for a pony. This filly to be precise. I had heard that she may be here." She says, floating up the photograph
"Have you seen a filly that looks like this?"

8784c No.91615

"You've done well, Pickle head"
She smiles again, more deviously
"How long has it been since you mounted a mare?"

"She doesn't look like a relative of yours. Who is she, exactly?"

a057f No.91616

>Dodging the question
Sister Ash's eyes narrow
"A child that I'm trying to find.. She went missing a couple weeks ago, and I've made it my mission to find her." She says

8784c No.91617

"Who are you?"

a057f No.91618

"I go by the title of Sister Ash."
She persists to find her answer
"Have you seen this fill?"

a057f No.91619

*This filly

8784c No.91620

"Perhaps, at some point. Where did she go missing from?"

56cb3 No.91621

That nickname will never stop being funny to Silver. "Oh, you know, it has been few years, I suppose."

6c90f No.91622

Dice rollRolled 6 - 2

I'm smelling a sense motive check is in order.
Iron, suspicious of this mare's question dodging, tries to inspect her to see if she's hiding something.

a057f No.91623

"The disappeared from the orphanage on the hill, or rather, she was taken.."
She presses on
"When did you last see her?"

6c90f No.91624

Sorry, no sense motive penalty. Still bad sense motive roll.

8784c No.91625

"A few years, you say"
She rolls over from her back, and onto her stomach, wagging her tail
"How do you feel?"

"It's hard to say precisely. Could you give me some context to help me?"

a057f No.91626

"She could have been here any time within the past two weeks. Had a filly that resembles her been here recently?" She implores

8784c No.91627

"Come to think of, it maybe"

a057f No.91628

I need to step out for 20-30 mins.

56cb3 No.91629

"I feel like I would still like to get to know this beautiful mare before me." She hears the sound of a belt buckle and a zipper being worked around where Silver is. If she's looking behind her, she can see him using his magic to unbuckle his belt and unzip his pants. Currently, they're containing what looks like an uncomfortable-looking bulge, though Silver looks like he's wanting to change that.

8784c No.91630


Roll die

6c90f No.91631

inb4 roll 1 and cockblocked by mariachi. Or mareiachi, busting in the room.

8784c No.91632

She turns and looks back to him, a bit startled and unsure

56cb3 No.91633

Dice rollRolled 13

Okay, this is probably the point where I roll a 1.

8784c No.91634

She looks back and smiles, though with still a hint of unease

"Well, I guess we can get to know each other a little better"

56cb3 No.91636

"I think I would like that very much." He drops his pants, letting his Sword fly free, already at full staff. He clenches, causing it to slap firmly against his shirt in a minor bid to show it off to Blue.

8784c No.91637

"Hehe, and how do you want to go about it?"

56cb3 No.91638

Using his magic, he moves Blue's tail aside, letting him have a full view of her nethers once again. His Sword twitches, as if it can smell the scent of the mare near it. "I think my Sword is jealous of seeing magic perform job Sword is meant to do." Using his magic, he spreads open Blue's vulva, exposing the outside of her vaginal cavity to the open air.

8784c No.91639

Pretty and pink
Her legs move a bit

"Just… don't get any seed inside me"

a057f No.91640

Sister Ash narrows her eyes even further
".. I do not have all day, ma'am. If you could be just a bit more clear, that would be much appreciated." She says

While Sister Ash has the mare distracted, she takes 10 to handle Caleb as a free action and orders him to perform the search, seek, and track tricks in that order; Caleb promptly sneaks towards the back and begins sniffing around for any traces of the filly's scent, or sounds of creatures in the next rooms.

56cb3 No.91641

"I will shift to other hole when I feel myself getting close, do not worry." He steps over top of Blue, his presence surely felt by her at this point. With the aid of his magic, he aims the tip of his Sword over the target hole, rubbing on the outside of her vulva and using the mixture of secretions and saliva on the outside to get it nice and wet.

8784c No.91642

"I'm afraid we don't allow pets inside 'mam."

a057f No.91643

The pull-out method only succeeds on preventing pregnancy 50% of the time in the BoEF.

a057f No.91644

Did she see him before or after he left to perform the tricks?

"Oh, he's not my pet. Just a friend of mine."

8784c No.91645

Her worry is replaced with a large grin
"I was about to suggest that"
She's a little dry after having been sucked clean of lubricating fluids, but she moistens up as Silver rubs her

That doesn't make much sense. Pre-ejaculate doesn't have sperm in it, only the fructose-mixture. A male can tell when they are about to orgasm.

It's a giant dog sniffing around. Obviously she is going to see or hear him
"Very well, but please take him outside. This is a no-dog zone. Except for Diamond Dogs with coin of course"

6c90f No.91646

I can make Iron pretend to be clumsy and break stuff if you want a distraction.
Armor and sweat makes ponies slippery.

56cb3 No.91647

"They say great minds think alike." Feeling the head has been lubricated enough, he takes a deep breath, and pushes it in past her lips and directly into her pussy. He lets out a groan as his cock is slowly surrounded by Blue's moist folds.

Once again, I'll be right back.

a057f No.91648

Dice rollRolled 15 + 18

>a giant dog
He's actually only a pony-sized dog: a normal Huskie. They're called riding dogs because Halflings ride them.
Sister Ash scratches her head, seemingly confused actually just stalling
".. But.. Is he really that different from a diamond dog? What's the difference really?"
All the while they're speaking, Caleb continues his search dutifully.
Rolling Survival to try to find any traces of the Filly's scent.

There were a few tables regarding the matter. It was supposed to be the least effective method though. I just felt like citing books out of bordom; don't mind it.

8784c No.91649

How does Silver stand in relation to her? Does he stand at the end of the bed with his forehooves on the edge of the bed, and leaning into Skies, or does he place his hooves to the side of her shoulders, getting close to her and over top of her?

She feels even better than she tastes, as the warm walls grab onto Silver.

"Just, please, don't get any inside…"

"Diamond Dogs can talk. And pay money. And don't inadvertently knock over items. And if they do, they are banned too. Now please take him outside"

a057f No.91650

Caleb looks up as if offended.
Did he detect anything within 60 foot radius?

a057f No.91651

8784c No.91652

He smells a Filly

6c90f No.91653

Not 'the' filly. Watch out, Ash. He may be led to an unrelated foal here.

a057f No.91654

The same filly that Sister Ash is looking for? He should be able to recognize/track her dcent from the clothes that Sister Ash had him sample earlier.

8784c No.91655

It seems to be

56cb3 No.91656

"I will, do not worry." As he stands over top of her, hooves to the side of her shoulders, he takes another deep breath. His hips involuntarily thrust a tiny bit into her from the sensation, but other than that he doesn't yet move. If Blue listens closely, she can barely hear Silver speaking to himself.

"26 years, 26 years since you last did this…come on, Serebry, come on Silver, you can do it!"

He lets his breath out in a sigh, spreading his hindlegs slightly and repositioning. He pulls out until only the flare is left in her marehood, and, with a moment's pause, thrusts back inside. He lets out a grunt just as he reaches the apex of the thrust, resting a moment to enjoy the feeling of being inside her before continuing the cycle anew. In, and out. In, and out. After a couple more thrusts, he gets deep enough for his ballsack to make contact with her pussy and winking clitoris, making a meaty splap each time they connect.

a057f No.91657

As soon as he finds the scent, Caleb's entire body turns rigid; he instinctively "points" his snout and body towards the strongest direction of the scent not unlike a compass, and lets out a sharp but subtle "woof!" to confirm his find.
At this, Sister Ash's ears twitch, and she nods back towards the dog.
"She's definitely been here." she declares

8784c No.91658

Her smile recedes at the dogs back, Ash's declaration, and the attitude
"I see"

She looks ahead, still uneasy, but relaxing a little. From her blush, just visible, Silver could see that she seems to be enjoying it so far

56cb3 No.91659

Silver leans down, planting a kiss on the side of her neck to reassure her. He picks up the pace of his thrusting. With each dive into her depths he takes, the sound of his balls slapping against her entrance gets wetter, now making up the majority of the sounds of their copulation.

a057f No.91660

Sister Ash tilts her head
"I pray, has your memory been refreshed?" She inquires

Meanwhile, Caleb continues to sniff the air for the first, trying to judge how recently she's been here.

8784c No.91661

She eases a little

When Silver entered, her insides felt less warm than the interior of a pony ougt to be, probably because of how they had been exposed to the air from the forcecock. But now, they are warm and wet, embracing him.

She places a hoof out and forward, and then stretches a wing out. Then she moves her head back, to look into Silver's eyes

"Who sent you?"

a057f No.91662

File: 1551143966837-0.gif (1.26 MB, 600x540, 1851888.gif)

>More question-dodging
[Suspicion intensifies]
Sister Ash tilts her head even further
"I'm simply a volunteer."she replies

6c90f No.91663

Iron shakes his head, knowing why she's asking this.
(I swear, ponies here are so paranoid.)

8784c No.91664

File: 1551144140461.png (336 KB, 3000x3260, 1548580850552.png)

She tilts her head in kind
"Why did you bring a tracking dog into my shop? What are you accusing me of?"

a057f No.91665

If my hunch is correct, she's a pony-trafficking recipient. Of course she'd be paranoid.

56cb3 No.91666

And Silver stares right back into hers. If he could, he would remain like this all day. But, as he hilts, and as he is almost forced to look away from a moan brought to the surface, he is reminded he doesn't have forever, not when the mare he's in feels this wonderful. He gives her three small, needy thrusts, before unhilting and returning to his normal gyrations. She feels some pre squirt out from the tip of his cock and into her, with some measure of pressure behind it. The sounds of their union continue. Splap. Splop. Squelch. Squick. "You feel so amazing, Blue."

a057f No.91667

Sister Ash tilts her head in a what that seems like it shouldn't be medically possible.
"I came here to find a missing filly. My friend here has the skills for the task, so I brought him along." she says, gestureing to the dog who is still tracking the scent of the filly as they speak

a057f No.91668

Dice rollRolled 14 + 18

Rolling Survival for Caleb to determine where he scent leads.

8784c No.91669

She lets out a breath, trying to relax.
She tries to pull a hoof around to pat Silver on the neck and around the ear, although from this angle it is very difficult.
"Do what you feel you need to do"
She starts to cooperate more than before, now clenching and releasing on Silver

"Are you okay there? I don't believe I have any fillies that are missing"

Out back it seems. Must be like the situation with Henhill

6c90f No.91670

Iron raises an eyebrow at her phrasing.
(Oh, she is extremely nervous. Hopefully she does not pull a gun from under the counter yet.)

a057f No.91671

Her ears twitch once more, and she turns her head and stares towards the back.
"I'm quite certain that this filly in particular has been here though, possibly even today…" She says, with extreme certainly dripping from her voice

6c90f No.91673

Iron shakes his head and looks at the mare with a smile.
"No need to worry. We are not with the police. I am friends with Cauldron, and I would never betray her or any of her friends."

6c90f No.91674

Ah crap. Sorry.

56cb3 No.91675

Silver does his best to angle his head to help Blue. He does enjoy patting, after all.

He keeps the pace he's going at steady. No matter how good it may feel or how much he wants to let loose, he wants to go on for as long as he can, and to do so requires him to pace himself. His breathing, though heavy, remains stable, the same going for his heartbeat. Occasionally, he'll hilt for a few tiny thrusts before continuing, just to fully appreciate the sensation of her warm, moist insides. Each clench on his member coaxes a grunt or moan from him, and sometimes milks some pre from his shaft if she catches him as he tries to slide out of her. She feels him twitch from inside of her each time a glob of pre shoots out."

6c90f No.91676

You want to go forever? Just roll a con save!

8784c No.91677

She smiles, then opens her mouth a little, letting out a soft moan
"You're good with magic, and you are good with your sword"

a057f No.91678

Sister Ash is unresponsive for a moment as she watches Caleb boldly stride towards the back if the shop where the scent emanated from, as his search continues.

8784c No.91679

"Are you now? Who is she?"

8784c No.91680

He is met with a door

a057f No.91681

What kind of doorknob? An earthpony-usable door?
He attempts to open it.

8784c No.91682

Is he a Jurassic Park Raptor now?

6c90f No.91683

Iron smiles, knowing the test he's being presented.
"The most silent zebra you have ever met. She always sneaks up on you. She did that to me when I first met her."

8784c No.91684

"No no, I know who Black Cauldron is. Who is she?"
She points to Ash

56cb3 No.91685

Silver let's out a laugh, Blue feeling it resonate through her through how his cock quivers. "I should hope so! I have had many years of practice to perfect my trade. But, thank you, for compliment." He seems a little relaxed, himself, from stress he didn't even know he was holding onto. A particularly powerful thrust into her leaves him grunting in exertion, his cock head twitching dangerously for a couple seconds before calming back down. "…How close are you, by any chance?"

6c90f No.91687

Iron shrugs then comes closer to the mare, whispering to her.
"She is just a kirin who wants to find some foals to see how they are doing. I think she comes from an abbey in this city, but I do not remember the name right now."
He pokes his chin.
"I do know that the abbey toook some foals for some debt between it and the gang."

a057f No.91688

I couldn't call a raptor until lvl 7, but a dog sounds more helpful in this campaign.

I only assumed that doors accessible to Earth ponies would also be accessible to most quadripedal creatures of the same size.
Caleb was instructed to go further. Is he successful?

8784c No.91689

"I am… not so close. It took me a moment to get into the mood"
When Silver first entered, she was very tight, and a little dry. Now, she is looser and wetter, probably a reflection of her having eased up as a whole. She tries to grab him at the end of his trusts, to make him work each time he pulls back out. She can't quite get the timing right, but she's trying to match him

"And who are you? I can tell you've met Black Cauldron… the jump-scare Zebra"

6c90f No.91690

Still whispering to said mare, not wanting Ash to listen.
"Me? I am Iron. I have not done much in the business apart from just thug work but I plan on taking up some jobs after my contract with the kirin is complete."

8784c No.91691

"What is your contract with the Kirin?"

a057f No.91692

Sister Ash does not respond; she seems extremely fixated on the back door, knowing that there's little chance the filly would have gotten back there without her remembering.

a057f No.91693

Dice rollRolled 8 + 5

Caleb makes a Listen check to detect creatures on the other side of the door before he attempts to open it.

56cb3 No.91694

"Okay…" He takes a deep breath, regaining his composure. He almost had an accident on that last thrust, he can't let that happen again. Trying to keep himself under control, he makes to move like he's pulling out, to get her to grab onto him at the right moment. Once he feels her vice grip grab hold, he resumes at his previous pace, pressing his mouth against her neck and moaning into it. The extra sensation is amazing, almost like she's trying to milk him dry. Another squirt of pre lands in her vaginal cavity, only adding to the feeling as his cock passes over it on the way in. "O-oh fuuuuuck…"

8784c No.91695

Seriously, why is the Dog opening doors like a Jurassic park raptor

As he moves in and out of her slowly, she moves her muscles to grab onto him, pulling down on him in his outward movements
She opens her mouth as if to give out a silent moan
"Keep going"

6c90f No.91696

"I think her job was to find some foals kidnapped by ponies. Thought it was a rather easy job, maybe get some action going."
He chuckles a bit.
"A bit impulsive on my part, since I was not informed that it was done by your gang until we met the ponies who were guarding them. Do not worry, though. She is not with the cops. She has not interacted with anything resembling that. At most, she is connected to the sisters and they do not trust the government to help them."

a057f No.91697

File: 1551147359400-0.gif (466.58 KB, 220x156, tenor.gif)

File: 1551147359400-1.gif (3.38 MB, 270x378, Dog-Opens-Door-By-Himself.gif)

File: 1551147359400-2.gif (1006.71 KB, 471x238, dog-do-themselves.gif)

He's a clever boi.

8784c No.91698

"She is being evasive. What does she want"

Fine, he can open a door

8784c No.91699

"I told you dogs are not allowed. Keep it up and I will add Kirins to the list"

a057f No.91700

Sister Ash ignores the pony, only nodding towards Caleb to further her command.
Caleb opens the door menacingly.

8784c No.91701


6c90f No.91702

"She just wants to see the filly she is asking about. Possibly bring it back to the abbey."
Iron looks in mild suprise.
(Breaking and entering, seriously?)

56cb3 No.91703

He nods silently, continuing his thrusts. He would speed it up slightly if he could, but with her grip on his shaft, he fears it would cause issues for him. So, he maintains this slow, steady pace. He plants a gentle kiss on her ear, giving a lick behind it to the tip.

a057f No.91704

*shrugs* What can I say, she's AnPrim.
This mare is obviously hiding something.

8784c No.91705

"Ma'am, I don't know what things are like in your country, but in this country, when you are in someone else's property, you abide by their rules. First of all, no dogs are allowed on premises. Second, that door leads back to my inventory and my private residence and are not for customers to enter

Her ear twitches with the kiss

She relents, stopping the grabbing. After all, if would be her to suffer if she forced him to orgasm before he wanted

a057f No.91706

Sister Ash now turns to the mare with a deadly serious expression.
"That filly has definitely been back there." She says adamantly
"And I'm certain that you would have remembered it. So what kind of game are you playing here?"

6c90f No.91707

Iron shakes his head.
"Just let the kirin see the filly you have. We know you have it. The guards spilt the beans. Trust me, she is not going to call the cops on you."

8784c No.91708

Dice rollRolled 2

"What kind of game are you playing?"

"I do not trust this Kirin. She marches in, demanding to know about some particular filly as if she were a police interrogator, then invades my quarters"

a057f No.91709

>more question dodging
[Suspicion turns to conviction]
A wisp of smoketrails from the corner of Sister Ash's eye
"I'm looking for a filly. When was she last here?"

56cb3 No.91710

He slightly steps up the pace, now without the fear of premature orgasm. He gives her ear another kiss and lick before whispering gently into it. "Thank you for this. I have not felt so wonderful in years."

8784c No.91711

"Ma'am, you came to me. I do not owe you anything. I do not know who you are. I have never dealt with you or your relatives before. I have done nothing to harm you. You will be polite and courteous, or you shall get nothing out of me. Because right now, I do not trust you around my apprentice"

"What else are friends for…"
Soft, slick, and warm

6c90f No.91712

Iron nods.
"I will try to calm her down, but you need to show the filly to her. She is one rowdy mare. Her conviction is strong, and will not stop until you show your apprentice to her. I know this because I saw it."

a057f No.91713

And here I was about to start setting things on fire to get a straight answer…

Sister Ash's eye stops smoking
"So she has been here."
Caleb gives another 'woof'
"Is she here now?"

8784c No.91714

"Do you think I am going to let you just steal her and sell her to a brothel?"

56cb3 No.91715

He hilts inside of her, repositioning again so he's more resting just on top of Blue. She feels him pull out and angle his hips in the air above her own, his hindlegs spreading slightly more than they were. He's adopted a sort of mating press position, and she can definitely tell as much as he thrusts back down into her, pressing her into the mattress. His fucking resumes at a moderate pace, each thrust as hard and deep as he can manage. His hips and balls smack meatily against her ass and lips with each dive into her depths.

6c90f No.91716

Iron's mind skids to a halt, stunned by her statement.
"Wait, what?"

a057f No.91717

[Smoking resumes]
Sister Ash seems enraged at the mere prospect of what was just said
"What kind of degenerate low-life would sell a child?"
She slams a hoof down on the counter
"Two weeks ago, that child was foalnapped from the orphanage on the hill. I managed to track the kidnappers back to the warehouse where they were keeping them, but by the time I got there half of them had already been carted off across the city." she growls
"And so, I traced her back to this place."

8784c No.91718

"Then what do you want to see her for?"

She's definitely soft and furry, like a large pillow or blanket. She closes her eyes and opens her mouth again

6c90f No.91719

"I already told you. She just wants to see your apprentice."
Iron nods with a smile.
"Although you seem to care about her, which is nice. The kirin only wants to ensure her safety, as far as I'm concerned."

8784c No.91720

"Very well…"

Behind her, she pulls a string

56cb3 No.91721

A splash of pre hits her cervix on the apex of a thrust, a bulls eye. He kisses the back of her neck, pressing his lips against the soft fur and giving it a lick. The heat of his breath hits the back of her neck as he starts breathing heavily out of his nose. The sounds of copulation resume. Splap. Squelch. Squick.

6c90f No.91722

Iron awaits the moment when either the filly appears or a club attempts to strike his head.

8784c No.91723

Through an alternate door, the filly enters behind behind the register, to the left of the mare - who is presumably Saint Gallop. She whispers something into the ear of the filly

She purrs a bit, then moans. She look back at him, and tries to kiss his mouth

6c90f No.91724

Dice rollRolled 8

Well I wasn't expecting that. Ash is going to be pissed.
Iron nods. "Thank you for your understanding."
He decides to look at the filly, maybe see how she's doing.

8784c No.91725

Well, she doesn't appear traumatized or physically injured, although either of those may still be true, and not obvious

a057f No.91726

Dice rollRolled 13 + 6

Rolling Listen to overhear.

6c90f No.91727

Iron shakes his head.
"Sorry, but my appearance is not foal-friendly, as you can see. Let me call the kirin, she should be nicer to look at."
He chuckles.
"Hey! The filly is here. Do you want to talk to her?"

56cb3 No.91728

He gladly moves his head over to accept the kiss, slipping his tongue into her mouth and wrapping it around hers. He maintains this pace of fucking, finding it surprisingly manageable.

a057f No.91729

Sister Ash is visibly relieved, and abruptly stops smoking.
Sister Ash never left. It was only Caleb who moved.

6c90f No.91730

Why do you need to overhear, then?

8784c No.91731

Probably something like
"Angry Kirin came in wanting to…. I don't know if she is police…Have you seen her before? …. [unintellgible]"

She looks at him strangely

All of this licking and fucking has been just a little tiring, but her mouth is warm. She grabs onto him again, just cause

6c90f No.91732

Noticing Ash next to him, he scratches his side.
"Sorry, I guess I got too focused on our talk."
He smiles sheepishly.

56cb3 No.91733

Silver hopes she's close. He's not sure how much longer he can go. He hilts once again, breaking the pattern with some short, deep, needy thrusts. Barely any of his balls-deep shaft leaves her vaginal cavity, but the rapid pace of the needy thrusts ensure there's constant friction.

6c90f No.91734

Roll that fortitude save!
Roll it! Roll it! Roll it!

8784c No.91735

A moment, a moment, a moment… and… There
"uh, uh…" she moans, and then winces, and an ear twitches
She closes in on Silver, and grips down on him, trying to suck in his juices. Yep, she definitely came

Roll Die

6c90f No.91736

Because she fucked the entire world. XDXD

56cb3 No.91737

Dice rollRolled 1

Here's hoping he doesn't accidently cum inside.

56cb3 No.91738

6162f No.91739

Press F to pay respects

6c90f No.91740

RIP in pasta

8784c No.91741

Everything that Silver had left inside of him after his fun time in the bath an hour and a half before - everything - just came out

a057f No.91742

Ya done fucked up

6c90f No.91743

Wee! Off to pregnancy for you! You have Storm 0.5 now! Enjoy quadruplets!

6162f No.91744

Now that's a lot of damage! How about a little more?

6c90f No.91745


6162f No.91746

Dice rollRolled 7

Hoofston, we've had a problem

While Silver is screwing over his life for the next 18 or more years, Onyx cleans a tankard.

8784c No.91747

Onyx successfully cleans the tankard, and does not impregnate it in the process

6c90f No.91748

You should specify that he doesn't coat the tankard with semem tho.

a057f No.91749


6c90f No.91750

>inb4 Silver's orgasm causes all stallions in a 100 meter radius to cum on whatever they're holding.

56cb3 No.91751

All Silver can do, as his eyes go wide and his balls clench much faster than he anticipated, and with much greater intensity than he expected, is pray that it's such a minute amount that Blue won't notice.

Unfortunately for him, it seems no one heard his prayer.

He lets out an almost feral moan as the milking motions of her vaginal walls cause him to involuntarily thrust deep into her, letting loose an almighty stream of cum that completely splatters her insides white with his seed. It comes so fast and so hard, it almost immediately overflows, only a little entering her womb. But he's not done yet. The primal instincts left inside of him make him thrust once again, overriding his almost pitiful mental pleas to stop and pull out with a single, all-encompassing desire: to breed Blue, and make her his. To so thoroughly mark this mare with his seed that no other stallion will ever be able to rut her without knowing that Blue is Silver's property, first and foremost.

The next stream is slightly less powerful than the first, and more accurately aimed, actually doing its job of filling her womb, and finally spilling a small amount of semen out of her tunnel of love and onto the bedsheets. Three more times, he thrusts, each slightly weaker than the one that came before, and each time more baby gravy squirts out of his cock and into Blue's awaiting vagina, overflowing even more and leaving behind a small white puddle of foal batter behind them on the bed.

Once the deed is done, the first part of Silver to return to normal is the feral, primal part, leaving him shivering and regretting what he just did. "О сукин сын, я так мертв…"

a057f No.91752


Well, so much for not knocking her up…

6c90f No.91753

He's forced to do this. Don't judge the poor Silver boi.
Besides, he knew the consequences. Watch more PSAs about condom use, perv.

8784c No.91754

File: 1551153022095.png (1.49 MB, 2000x1746, 856171__grimdark_artist-co….png)

The female plays a passive roll in this part. And for a few seconds there after

6c90f No.91755

Silver's the perv, not you. Ash is a clean, holy kirin.

56cb3 No.91756

"I…I am sorry, Blue…I am so sorry…" He looks absolutely ashamed of himself, right now, and of the actions he's taken.

8784c No.91757

She looks back at him, with a more angry look, then leans in for a kiss

56cb3 No.91758

He's not sure of himself, or if he should accept it, but he leans into it as well either way.

What're the odds that was the roll where I rolled a 1? Was the universe laughing at me just then?

6c90f No.91759

Good thing she's a deviant too.
I bet she would even take Iron if he forced himself on her.

6c90f No.91760

Just punishing you for cucking Dark Star.

6162f No.91761

This tbh

a057f No.91762

All glory to the dice gods!

6c90f No.91763

Dice know what's best.

8784c No.91764

File: 1551153619042.jpg (94.84 KB, 634x960, Reees Internally.jpg)

It's not a full passionate kiss. More of a recognition-of-status kiss. Certainly not as pleasant as before. After some seconds, she pulls away, with a look maybe like pic related on her face. Silver is perhaps a little tired by now after 30 minutes of liking and thrusting, and the rejuvenating effects of the honey have worn off. Maybe even reversed his situation. Well, maybe not that far, but suffice it to say he is no longer feeling it effects, or at least, nothing good from it

56cb3 No.91765

He looks sadly at Blue, understanding exactly how much he's just fucked up. He sits up in the bed, taking a look at his sore limbs, not knowing what to say to Blue. "I, uh…"

a057f No.91766

Don't do drugs, kids….

8784c No.91767

File: 1551153958528.png (807.03 KB, 1280x1120, tumblr_oqf4vocZHo1u4g684o1….png)

She remains at at a silent, angry expression for at least a few more seconds. Perhaps in this act, she is more like old Storm Warning than her usual manner of behavior

6c90f No.91768

Winners don't do drugs.
Just pretend it was intentional, maybe she'll find it attractive.

56cb3 No.91769

For his part, he takes it like a stallion. He doesn't back down and cower. "I am sorry, Blue."

a057f No.91770

She just hot knocked up by a 68 year old stallion she's only known for 3 days. Of course she'd be having regrets right now.

8784c No.91771

File: 1551154506276.png (42.35 KB, 900x650, Take 4.png)

Her ears, which had been firmly down, perk back up, and the smile returns to her face. Albeit, that malicious smile she wears so commonly.
"Don't worry about it Silver. I know you are a bit older, that you've been out of the game for a while, and you just wanted to experience a bond you hadn't felt in a very long time. It's okay"

6c90f No.91772

She knew what she was getting into.
And there you go.

56cb3 No.91773

"Right." Somehow, Silver doesn't believe she thinks so.

6162f No.91774

6c90f No.91775

Yep. Either she stabs him on the neck for disgracing her so badly or is a super slut who loved old male widow dick too much to be mad.

8784c No.91776

She tries to pull her smile down to a more nuetral form, as she starts to get up, hoping not to get any mess - well, any more mess on the bed
"No, I know you are still sweet Silver. Change the bedsheets from the set in the closet."

She canters off into the bathroom

6c90f No.91777

Hah, she loved it too much.

56cb3 No.91778

He's still miserable about what happened and failing Blue's request, but he is, at least, a little happy that she hasn't kicked him out yet. He complies with her demand, gathering up the bedsheets in a way so they don't spill onto the floor, and replacing them with the bedsheets she directed him to. He makes sure they're extra neat and tidy as he puts them on, almost as if he was in the military.

a057f No.91779

Dark Star would probably murder you if his player comes back.

6c90f No.91780

This. You just did what you claimed you won't do.

56cb3 No.91781

Probably, once he'd find out.

a057f No.91782

Seriously, he may be pissed in and out of character…
Kissing was already far over the line.

56cb3 No.91783

I wouldn't exactly be able to blame him. I likely would be as well if I were in his position.

6c90f No.91784

Yep. Silver just wanted pussy and now he shall suffer the consequences of following natural instinct when society isn't natural.
Time to demonize civilization again.

6c90f No.91785

Well why did you follow up on this if you knew this was going to cause backlash?

8784c No.91786

She doesn't come out until some time after Silver has finished. She walks out wearing an expression of indignation. She starts to say something, but then closes her mouth, and says nothing

a057f No.91787


56cb3 No.91788

There's a couple reasons in Silver's mind why she would be upset all of a sudden. He mentally prepares himself to be kicked out of her room, while looking at Blue to receive what judgement she's going to pass onto him.

6c90f No.91789

More like stagnation, but yeah.

8784c No.91790

"You recall the deal we made?" She finally says

56cb3 No.91791

"To get books from catacombs for you, yes."

8784c No.91792

"Good. That deal is still active, and I still expect you to honor it. And another thing. Your more touchy feelly escapades over the past hour are not to be mentioned to any other living soul. Am I clear?"

56cb3 No.91793

He gives her a single, firm nod. "Crystal."

6c90f No.91794

Oh Iron will find out and act smug about it, don't you worry.

8784c No.91795

"And one more thing for notice: A mare asking how long it has been since you've had sex, and righting herself after laying on her back, is not necessarily giving you consent to unprotected vaginal sex. Do you understand that?!"

6c90f No.91796

Aw, she's going tsundere.

56cb3 No.91797

For the sake of not angering her any further, he simply nods.

8784c No.91798

File: 1551157681060.gif (251.14 KB, 311x288, 1507355229015.gif)


"Good. Then we are understood."

56cb3 No.91799

"Right. I should go check up on Spark and drones, then grab my equipment and honor our deal. Do you want to keep Changeling honey, or do you want me to take it?"

6c90f No.91800

And now for Silver to have a heart attack, leaving Skies with a foal she can't support by herself.

8784c No.91801

File: 1551157964185.jpg (59.99 KB, 1920x1080, Luna is not pleased.jpg)

"No you can't have the honey"

6c90f No.91802

She's scared of making Silver horny again.

56cb3 No.91803

He doesn't seem too bothered by this proclamation. "Very well. I will see you at 5, then. After I have books in my possession."

8784c No.91804

Her left ear twitches, and she stares into him silently

6162f No.91805

Onyx feels slightly forgotten, though he pauses to consider why.

6c90f No.91806

u drunk hoers.
You're not in the room with the lings, do you?
That's why. Does Onyx even know where they went?

6162f No.91807

Onyx doesn't even know about the lings or he'd be raising absolute hell

92fc7 No.91808

Fuck this game,and fuck you faggots.

6c90f No.91809


56cb3 No.91810

He quickly checks that his crotch region is at least passably clean, before putting his pants back on and leaving, intent on heading back home and preparing for a solo adventure into the catacombs.

6c90f No.91811

or, you know. Feel guilty for cucking Star ingame.
You dumb old dummy.

56cb3 No.91812

I'm sorry. I don't know what else to say besides that.

8784c No.91813

That actually kind of made me laugh

Is Onyx pro or anti-changeling drone?

Considering that you haven't spoken to us in a week, and haven't given any reason why you've been absent, Okay

Should he walk past Skies, he would be pleasantly surprised to find that he is not stabbed or shot in the back or the back of the head

6162f No.91814

Well, I mean he is kinda from the crystal empire…
where they invaded his home…
and replaced his princess…
and basically kidnapped the queens….
So, uh… Guess?

56cb3 No.91815

Indeed, that is a pleasant surprise. He might find himself suddenly missing his cranium after he gets Blue her books, but Silver supposes that's something he'll have to deal with in the future.

6c90f No.91816

Justifying Skies' promiscuity already? You should've known better than to allow Skies to get fucked by Silver.
You should've guessed this was gonna happen if you essentially become a living corpse tbh.
I feel you man. I really do. You just needed your character to at least RP breathing.

8784c No.91817

I was going to have her refuse to place herself in that situation. Then Silver kind of just forced himself on her after she made a statement that it seems was misinterpreted to mean 'mount me.' And I figured, well shit, he's basically already on her, which she doesn't want, but she also doesn't want to upset silver, so she won't really kick him off either. So I had her act uneasy for a few minutes, then I figured that that would not work either, so it became 'fine, but damn it, don't you dare cum in me.' And then he failed that

6c90f No.91818

I warned you, both in and out of character, that this was going to happen from how physical the two were being. But Skies nor Silver listened. She didn't take the hint from Silver's kiss that she was pushing it too far and enticing him too much to fuck her. Now we'll see what happens.

8784c No.91819

That’s future Silver’s problem. Well, he’s gotten away from her for now

So… he’s into healing old wounds and forgiveness?

56cb3 No.91820

Indeed it is. Onwards to Silver's Tavern room!

8784c No.91821

The journey there is mostly uneventful. When he gets to his room, he opens it up to find… weren’t there supposed to be changelings there or something?

6162f No.91822

Haha, no

36669 No.91823

Brie adopts a comfortable gait that would accompany his appearance and approaches the ticket booth, inspecting it.

8784c No.91824

The stallion at the ticket booth - Dark orange earth pony - looks like a fairly typical worker of the Celestial Railway

56cb3 No.91825

Dice rollRolled 6 - 1

"Sorry I…wait…Kerr? Wesley?" Silence. His eyes widen, hoping now this is just some prank, or that he was put under a spell, or something. What happened to the changelings? Did somepony take them? Where are they!?

Search: Silver starts looking around the room for signs of the changeling drones as he continues to call out the them. "Kerr? Wesley? Kerr…Wesley!?"

6c90f No.91826

This is your punishment for your sins. Repent!

8784c No.91827

Well, Silver’s search isn’t the most thorough. There is nothing under the beds, and no suspicious “rocks” or anything in the room, but there is s crumpled up note:

“Took the changelings to get help. Will be gone for several days. Hope we don't die. - EEE"

56cb3 No.91828

"…" He stares at the note for a few seconds, it shaking in his magical grasp. He lets it fall to the floor as he raises his head to the ceiling, letting out a screech of pure anguish. "BRIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!"

8784c No.91829

File: 1551162033645-0.png (369.54 KB, 946x1024, 4962AAF2-98A6-4702-B9DC-1E….png)

File: 1551162033645-1.png (136.52 KB, 338x338, B6DE3888-24B7-4F62-B526-54….png)

What kind of horrible person would just take somepony else’s NPCs from them? Don’t they know that those are his?

6162f No.91830

Onyx wonders why the pony upstairs wants cheese so bad, but decides that he isn't paid enough to deal with screaming customers.

8784c No.91831

Are you shitting me? That’s exactly what they are paying him for. Chop chop!

36669 No.91832

"Good day to you gentlepony. I would like three tickets."

8784c No.91833

“To what destination?”

56cb3 No.91834

"Этот идиот! Что, черт возьми, эта летучая мышь пони!? Кого, черт возьми, он пытается получить в качестве помощи!? Для чего!? Луна, черт побери! Он собирается убить дронов!" He lets out another cry. "AHHHHH! Я понятия не имею, куда они пошли! Они могут быть где угодно, они уже могут быть за городом! ЗАЧЕМ!? Почему сейчас!? Селестия, черт побери! У меня нет времени на это, я должен достать для нее книги Блю! БЛЯДЬ!" And thus, with little choice at his hooves, Silver angrily begins the process of putting his armor and equipment on in Cyrillic. "СУКА!"

6c90f No.91835

*intense coughing fit*

6162f No.91836

He's paid to serve drinks and clean dishes, not run around cause someone is screaming for cheese. He'd never get anything done.

8784c No.91837

If I’m understand this correctly, this music starts playing:

True… but what about tips? Do people who ask for cheese tip?

6c90f No.91838

*cheese dip
Who doesn't like dip?

36669 No.91839

"Vracks. Vracks?" He asks, looking back. "Yes, that was it." he says, reaching in his coat pocket for a bag of bits,…
… and a knife.

8784c No.91840

In America, restaraunt waiters a d bar tenders are not paid by the hour or by flat salary. They are given a very low hourly wage, and are expected to make most of their income from customers leaving tips, which is a culturally mandatory practice. Thus, Onyx, as a Bar Tender, could be expected to make most of his money from customers leaving tips. Including those who ask for Cheese

Do your research

“We don’t run trains into the Hegemony”

6c90f No.91841

I somewhat knew that, but it's more likely he's asking for cheese dip than what you're implying.

56cb3 No.91842

It's a fair assessment, even if it's the wrong ideology. "Я клянусь, если я получу свои копыта на этом пони летучей мыши…" He takes a few seconds to compose himself so at least he won't frighten everypony he passes by looking like your typical angry Stalliongrader here to invade and convert their foals with his dangerous communistic ideas. Once he looks at least semi-cordial, he heads out, with two stops to make before heading to the catacombs: first to a general goods store to buy a simple cheap pocket watch, second to the potions shop to buy four Potions of Hide From Undead.

36669 No.91843

"Well surely you must have trains that pass near it?"

6c90f No.91844

I think you need to roll intimidation if you want him to take you seriously.
Or a bribe.

36669 No.91845

I'm getting to it

36669 No.91846

You act like this is babbies first RPG

8784c No.91847

"You can take a train to a border town, then cross and take a rail service in the Hegemony. Be advised that coming back is not as easier as going in"

56cb3 No.91848

As he browses the pocket watches, he remembers he should also pick up a flashlight, and adds one to his list of purchases.

8784c No.91849


Onwards! To World Revolution Shopping!

36669 No.91850

"Yes, well, I have family that borders the area and it is a most important engagement. It is imperative I be in attendence and we'll be safe in hoof, rest assured. So tickets then?"

8784c No.91851

"Well… I can get you on a train to Canterlot… There's the Crossings at Ponyville, Hoof city, and Hoofington. There's also Bales, but Bales is further north…"

56cb3 No.91852

Fun fact, the name for Severyana comes from the Russian word for "Northerner": северянин. Pretty neat.

8784c No.91853

So… a Flashlight and a Pocket watch

I think it's more than that. There was a tribe named "Severyana" I believe in an area around the Ukraine

36669 No.91854

Dice rollRolled 7 + 5

"Bales, I think that wa where I stopped years ago. I was very young then but it was still a delightful trip."

8784c No.91855

"Alright, that's another 4 hours further away"

36669 No.91856

"Its a remote estate, its actually more convenient for us."

56cb3 No.91857

Yup. A flashlight and a pocket watch.

It's still interesting that the Russian word for Northerner is "severyanin".

8784c No.91858

"Very well, two tickets to Bales? I take it you want the Overnight train leaving today?"

"20 bits"

36669 No.91859

"One adult and two colts, please, but yes."

56cb3 No.91860

Silver pays the pony 20 Bits, taking his new acquisitions and moving on to the potions shop for his four Potions of Hide From Undead.

8784c No.91861

just so we're entirely clear, going to Tall Tales, Vraks, or the Border via Bales is going to take longer than going to any of those destinations via Canterlot
"Alright. What sort of accomodations do you want? Roomette, Compartment, Family Bedroom, Coach?"

"2 Strong 4 You" is a reasonable nearby Potion shop
The Zebra asks "What would you like to buy, my big armored fighting guy?"

36669 No.91862

Cuz Brie knows that,…
"A Family Bedroom is preferable. This is the Colt's first train ride and I would like for them to have the chance to fully enjoy it." Brie says with a smile, glancing back at the two totally not changelings.

56cb3 No.91863

Silver smiles slightly, finding a minor bit of enjoyment in the odd custom displayed by this zebra, even if the cultural reasons behind zebras rhyming are lost to him, and seem just a little odd. "I need four potions of Hide From Undead. I am going into catacombs beneath Curwhinny Farm, and I would rather not become next meal for those monsters Curwhinny made."

8784c No.91865

"Very well. 100 for a bedroom, and three tickets for the lot of you. The train leaves soon"

"When travelling through an old abandoned tomb
Don't let them see, else you'll meet your doom
I have just the thing that will keep you from harm
when travelling underneath that ancient farm
one shot of this hide from undead potion
just take a swallow and keep in motion"

56cb3 No.91866

He nods. "Exactly. Here, I think four of these is…200 Bits, yes?" He takes a very large portion of his remaining Bits, 200 of them, in a sack, and places them on the counter.

36669 No.91867

"Excellent. Are refreshments available on the train?

8784c No.91868

"If four potions is what you need
The price will be 400 bits indeed"

"Of course. The Panamare Limited has a two-part dining car, and is known for its services"

56cb3 No.91869

Silver gives the zebra an odd look. "400 Bits?"

8784c No.91870

"It appears when I 400, it was in err
The price is 200 bits, as you declare"

36669 No.91871

"Splendid." Brie says, piling 100 bits on the counter. "Are there any,… extra services available?" he asks with a bit of emphasis.

8784c No.91872

"What do you have in mind?"
He doesn't seem to understand Brie's meaning

56cb3 No.91873

Silver sighs in relief. "Almost had stroke there. Yes, I do actually have 200 Bits for four potions." He motions to the sack of Bits he's placed on the counter.

36669 No.91874

"Forgive me, I was thinking improprietously. I used to take train rides with my wife before she passed, and the thought of taking such a trip invoked feelings of desire. This will be my first such trip alone, and wistful thoughts,… you understand."
He says, adding 5 extra bits. "I appreciate your consideration."

8784c No.91875

“With these potions in hoof, you may begin
Your work in safety, so please, come again”

“Thank you, sir”

56cb3 No.91877

"Thank you. I will most certainly keep this establishment in mind." With his shopping needs fulfilled, he finally makes his way towards Curwhinny Farm.

36669 No.91878

"No, thank you sir."
Brie ligtly bows, before gently gesturing the 'colts' toward,… the indicated departure point, which should be indicated on the tickets,… grumbling internally about having should have bought the disguise cloak when he had the chance, but not allowing it to distract his demeanor.

8784c No.91879

Wesley asks: “haben wir auf der reise etwas zu tun?”

Directly there, does he?

56cb3 No.91880

Not directly. First, he heads to the quarry, finding a way down to the other side of the tunnel he blew shut.

36669 No.91881

"Ja, ich kann mir vorstellen, dass Ihr Jungs hungrig sein muss" Brie whispers back.

8784c No.91882

“Ein kleines Ja. Dies kann jedoch eine lange Fahrt sein und es kann mir langweilig werden”

Not too long past noon, the light allows a view into the quarry, which is half submerged, and half above water. There is a pathway going down, even if its upper most area had been blocked. He can see the rubble of the damaged hole

b70c6 No.91883

So…. It may not be the best time to finally get a couple of days off glancing over all I missed… I am completely lost to begin with.

36669 No.91884

"Nun, wir haben einen ganzen Raum im Zug, und sie neigen dazu, ihre Gäste zu unterhalten. Lassen Sie mich wissen, wenn Sie etwas finden, das Ihnen gefällt, aber essen Sie bitte keine anderen, ohne mich vorher wissen zu lassen. Ich sage nicht, dass Sie nicht sollten, ich möchte nur darüber Bescheid wissen."

8784c No.91885

Ash sperged out during negotiations over a foal, forcing them to leave without the goal, then went to find the other goal where she *immediately* sperged out, and whether she fucked herself over by doing this like she did last time remains to be seen. Silver tried to claim Blie Skies as his own personal waifu, eventually penetrating her without really asking her permission first, possibly impregnating her, and ultimately seriously pudding off Dark Star’s player and Blue Skies. Brie foalnapoed the two changelings, bought them bulletproof fancy suits, and now is evidently about to embark on a trip across the country with them.

8784c No.91886

Begrudgingly, Kerr says “okay”

Wesley: “Was ist mit all den Spielsachen, die das nette Pony uns gekauft hat?”

b70c6 No.91887

Well… not sure what I should do then. Seems like everyone is completely split up now. I can't tell where I am in relation to all of this. Last I remember I was being dragged somewhere, but then Silver made it seem I was nearby or something. I'm just completely confused…

6c90f No.91888

For context, you're currently being dragged by Caleb. You're in a sort of shop with Ash, Iron, a blue-maned unicorn and maybe a renegade nun whose motives is unclear for now as to why she's here.
Silver doesn't know this. He seems to think you were at the room still, but Brie took your place as the foalsitter, therefore setting off Brie's current story path.
We'll see what he does. Will he sell them? Will he be succ'd? The outcome is currently unclear.

6c90f No.91889

Oh, and there's one of the fillies.

6c840 No.91890

Was away for about a week. I knew Silver had the hots for Blue Slut but I wasn't expecting >rape. I was expecting the spergery though. I'm wondering if this party is using TGWTG as a role model set.

I wish I could catch up but due to rather urgent commitments I cannot just yet. Glad to see our intrepid band of autists isn't disappointing.

92fc7 No.91891

>A mare asking how long it has been since you've had sex, and righting herself after laying on her back, is not necessarily giving you consent to unprotected vaginal sex
>DS "of course thats what it means you dumb slut." Is what dark star would say.

a057f No.91892

This, tbh. It was very strongly implied, and she didn't really try to resist it…
Saying that isn't an open invitation to fucking her would be SJW tier logic.

6c90f No.91893

We all knew it was going to happen.
Too bad every player is so horny not to think of the consequences of sex.

a057f No.91894

>every player is so horny not to think of the consequences of sex
This is the first thing they warn DMs about in the section on questioning whether or not to allow/include sex in a D&D campaign the BoEF… Jealousy between partners, heartbreak, diseases, unintended pregnancies; sex can complicate things quite a bit when it comes to RP.
I'd say to cross fingers that she wasn't in heat, but we all know she was..


6c90f No.91895

Whoopsie daisy: The thread.
I'm kinda iffy about Iron's tribe way of managing relationships, because it's going to cause some blowback if he actively follows it.

b70c6 No.91896

The trips suggest truth, but it only leaves me more confused. I guess it will make more sense if I ask for info about the place to the GM.
Spark looks around his current position. Can he see anypony from where he is?
>all of this drama
You guys aren’t going to piss each other off over this are you?

6c90f No.91897

Uh, no? At least I won't actively throw shit apart from simple in character shaming if Iron ever found out.
Not much of note. It's a simple shop. The point is that the filly we're tracking is here.

8784c No.91898

It was not intended to be open, especially when there’s a massive difference between sex with a condom (or anal) and unprotected vaginal sex

8784c No.91899

Roll a 1d2

b70c6 No.91900

Dice rollRolled 2


6c90f No.91901

>inb4 he's in a ditch somewhere
Not possible, but your mane is sure to have slob on it due to dog pulling.

a057f No.91902

I don't intend to piss anypony off.

36669 No.91903

If only you knew
>You should totally read the D&D sex book,… for science

6c90f No.91904

I already did. Get on my level, skrub.

36669 No.91905

Oh god, theres two of them

6c90f No.91906

I'll pester you with sex precautions and specific skills to woo an NPC, OoOoO~

92fc7 No.91907

uh huh

a057f No.91909

I can't tell anyone apart without names…

36669 No.91910

You could try clicking their ID

a057f No.91911

Yeah, I just keep getting mixed up..
It's no biggie though.

6c90f No.91912

Time to shoot the mare he thought she loved due to infidelity.
Maybe Silver if you want to punish him too.

8784c No.91913

I’m retiring that character. No more

a057f No.91914

Purple platypus

Reposting this requested build, so I can find it on my phone.

"Sister Ash": lvl 5
Class: 5th level Druid
Alignment: Neutral Good
Total XP: ???
HP: 30
Race: Kirin (humanoid; reptilian?; dragonblood?)
Sex: Female
Age: complex
Religion: Druidism  (worships gaurdinals and the good aspects of nature)
Languages: Ponish, Draconic, Celestial, Sylvan, Druidic

Wis 18
Str 8
Char 10
Int 14
Dex 10
Con 13

>Love Of Nature (must make a will save every time to attack any animal, plant, or vermin; or else lose the action; prone to get eaten by wolves)
>Unreactive (-6 to initiative; hesitates because she hates fighting)

>Sacred Vow
>Vow of Poverty
>Subduing Strike
>Nonlethal Substitution

Exalted bonus feats:
>Nymph's Kiss
>Vow of Nonviolence
>Holy Subdual


Skills: (56 points)
Concentration - 8
Spellcraft - 8
Knowledge (Nature) - 8
Diplomacy - 8
Handle Animal - 8
Knowledge (Arcana) - 5
Knowledge (Religion) - 3
Survival - 8

a057f No.91915

I'll just scape this altogether and make a new build if it's denied.

Diplomacy would be very helpful right now though.

b70c6 No.91916

I have been waiting for some time for what this roll meant, but maybe it was just an internal choice that I wasn't meant to see until it unfolds.
I look to see if Iron or Ash are nearby.

a057f No.91917

They went inside the shop.

b70c6 No.91918

I go inside the shop to talk to Ash and Iron.

a057f No.91919

You see them at the counter, talking to a unicorn.

Caleb hears you come in and atops to sniff at you, before heading out the door and sitting on the sidewalk like a sentry.

b70c6 No.91920

Those numbers though.
Spark is about to tap Ash on the shoulder, but remembers that she tends to quickly rise in temperature.
Spark instead taps Iron on the shoulder.

8784c No.91921

Fuck you

Fuck you too

Go fuck yourself

a057f No.91922

File: 1551215708205-0.png (567.82 KB, 1668x938, 1968378.png)

3a8e0 No.91923

Iron turns around, a bit surprised.
"Oh hello. Is there something you need?"
I get it. Go for broke and start over if you'd like. Be sure not to pick yet another fighter to add to the line.

b70c6 No.91924

"Just seeing how we are doing… and what we are doing. What happened to the one foal we were saving?"

3a8e0 No.91925

He comes closer to Spark, trying to engage conversation with him not wanting the counter mare, nun or filly to listen in. He talks softly, almost even a whisper, to him.
"For now, everything is somewhat alright. First visit do not go as well as expected, but we managed to maintain relations with the owner… somewhat. I will have to tell you later any details later. For now, just know that the filly is here and seens to be secured. No idea why a nun is here though."

b70c6 No.91926

"Secured? Does that mean you don't need me anymore?"

3a8e0 No.91927

"I am not sure. The filly is safe is what I meant. We shall see if Ash is content with the filly's treatment here, but so far they both seem responsible enough and care about her. We do not need you when this visit is over, so stick around for now."

b70c6 No.91928

"If there is no present danger or foal that needs saving like I thought, then I need to go back and check on the… other little ones we have. Come get me if I'm needed."
Spark opens his map and heads back to the tavern.

3a8e0 No.91929

He shrugs.
"See you later, I suppose."
Iron walks back to Ash and the trio of ponies, including the filly.

a057f No.91930

I'don't hate to disappoint, but i'm not really feeling it today…

3a8e0 No.91931

I understand. Another day, another drama.

a057f No.91932

I'm sorry, it's just that i'm feeling really sick and I don't have the energy to play every day if every week like I used to. Plus, real life has been kind of shit lately.

Besides, I entered this thing without a plan again, and it feels unwise to continue without even being sure what my own characters' stats are yet, lest it persist for a whole week until it boils over like last time.

I'll try to get this quest overwith some day, but not today…

3a8e0 No.91933

It's purgatory. When the quest is done, she'll finally connect with nature at last in the afterlife.
Get well soon, man.

8a720 No.91934

You got the AIDS?

a057f No.91935

Heh, sure feels that way…
Funny, since she's supposed to have spent the past 10 years preparing herself for the afterlife…

3a8e0 No.91936

She a good, clean kirin. No AIDS on her mang.

Afterlife is something you can never prepare for.
When Ash's sidequest ends, we will only become aimless spirits, their purposes alre