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Welcome to /ub/ - Überhengst
German for "over stallion," and a reference to Nietzsche's "Übermensch," /üb/ - Überhengst is about bettering yourself physically, mentally, spiritually, and emotionally. It is about self-improvement, constructive self-reflection, and seeking advice from others. You may discuss here those personal hobbies through which you develop your creative energies, and the efforts you take to improve your talents, artistic and otherwise. And of course, this is a board for fitness and literature, as they are parts of the backbone of physical and mental wellness. This is also a board where we may discuss Western culture - history, literature, architecture, and philosophy - as when imbibed, culture improves the mind and spirit, sharpening mental faculties, and providing a greater connection to those around you and to civilizations millennia old.

As this is a self-improvement board, discussions of personal problems should be constructive. No wallowing in self-pity. We are here to become better, and while seeking company in misery may be a helpful part of the process, the process does not end there.


ITT: We post artists, songs, albums, and discuss the merits and shortcomings of various musical projects. The music discussed need not necessarily be right wing, as there is currently a thread on /mlpol/ housing discussion and updates regarding that.

Attached is the latest /mu/-core chart I could find, but that hardly means the thread needs to be restricted to discussing movements made in the last couple decades.
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You're welcome, by the way. You can thank me later.
As any proper metalhead could clearly see, I'm not very well versed in brutality, I just liked the meme idea and the colors (wish Rainbow Explosion had some green in his hair though, the background could be a bit darker as well for a bit less of a stark contrast[?]). Also you should listen to Animals as Leaders if you don't already, they're pretty good, and if some poner comes by and likes metal please post some facemelting albums, I could stand to delve into that genre a bit more. I've heard Opeth is pretty good, but I never could get into them. Maybe I can take another look.
Come to think of it, Dillinger Escape Plan was something I could find agreeable to my tastes back when I listened to a lot of Math Rock, but I was really looking more for something more purely, bleakly, ragefully Metal. Guess I can start there for now, anyway.

0 note to self edit black speech to be more accurate to real deal.jpg
Should I get therapy?
3153 3155 3174
Is therapy just a joke, or is it worth getting? Who should I do therapy with? Can I trust my entire life's story with anyone who's not on this site?
Maybe if I tell you my life's story, you can give me life advice.

I was raised by abusive lefty parents who hated their smart white son and often tried to push me towards trannyism. Never fell for it.
First I was sent to a shit primary school. A few kids bullied me there and teachers punished me whenever I fought back. I was a fat angry kid who could punch hard when pushed, and they liked attacking me and then running away. But when we fought properly I'd kick their asses. One time I kicked their asses hard enough to make them stop bothering me.
When I graduated from this school I was sent to the special school of a catholic school, and made the personal property of one old bitch there who hated autistic kids. Around that era I got interested in Game Maker and pokemon romhacking but that interest never amounted to anything, though I did have a USB full of GBA roms and romhacking tools and the fact that I was able to code at such a young age when not all kids were learning that should have shown somebody that I had more to offer the world than shitty schools thought I should.
Thanks to that school, my schedule looked like this: Enter a side building, wait for the day to end, sometimes get insulted by the teachers if they felt like abusing me, usually get to eat lunch at lunchtime but sometimes they wouldn't let me (and it didn't matter whether I brought a packed lunch to school or brought money for the school cafeteria) and eventually go home to a house with parents that, when told the right words by my boomer bullies, would freak out and abuse me at home too. Rarely I'd get to join in a classroom... but class clowns would act up until I'd get blamed for it and sent out.
If I had a tape recorder or decent phone, I could have gathered evidence of the shit said/done to me (audio files of verbal abuse, pics of bruises, etc) and posted it online. But I was never allowed anything like that, because my parents feared I might use it on them. One day at school the art teacher bumped me with her car while backing up into a crowd of kids, I was fine but pissed off and the art teacher shrieked and blame-slinged feministically at me until I lost my patience and started barking back, then she put me in front of the headmaster and I told him about the abusive staff members and called him terrible at his job, so he kicked me out.
Then I was sent to a worthless "speshul" school where a few teachers abused me and the students usually watched in confusion when they weren't joining in. Whenever I trusted an adult enough to tell him or her what happened at home, that adult decided to call child protective services, who sent the same fucking boomer woman over to warn my parents that I was talking about what went on at home again. I couldn't get away from my family until I became the problem of Adult Protective Services, where the slightly less retarded and lazy people go.
A woman my age at the autistics-only youth club I attended got mad at me over retarded internet roleplaying nonsense-drama that didn't even involve me, and she lied about me to the cops and accused me of abusing her, even went to some clinic to fake signs of a concussion she didn't have because she's a spoilt bitch who knows how to play her rich parents like fiddles, she was a low-functioning sociopath woman with histrionic personality disorder and every retarded boomer's sympathy. She lied and got away with it, because the cops weren't interested in this case after she cartoonishly fucked up and started gloating about physically assaulting me without realizing it hurt her case. But even though I said to the managers of the youth club and the friends I knew there "If what she said about me was true I'd be in jail so you know she's lying" they couldn't believe me because they were dumb. There was one weird creepy fucker I used to talk to online because his "woe is me, asian school life is sooo hard" shit kind of reminded me of me at the time, but he got severe TDS and stopped being a person once he stopped viewing me as a person so I'm glad I didn't tell him anything sensitive or identifiable that could fuck me over later in life.
Anyway when I went to college, I was lied to and exploited by the staff until I dropped out. They even tricked me into taking a worthless course that turned out to be the dump where they dump the autistic kids and give them a useless fake newspaper to write. I wish I dropped out sooner, trying to live on barely fucking anything is hard enough when your mom took govt money meant for you, but it's harder when you're forced to spend most of your cash on train rides between your college and shitty home every two weeks and all your cunt government can offer is a discount pass. Now that I'm living alone, I've got a free bus pass I can barely use. Government priorities, am I right?

I am an autistic man, I'm 24 years old, I'll be 25 next year, and I've spent so much of my life as property of someone else that I find it hard to notice when I'm hungry or tired and remember that I should eat or sleep without someone or a phone alarm telling me to. I shower every night before bed but sometimes I miss meals, it's what helped me go from obese fatty to only-slightly-overweight. I don't think I know what it feels like to be loved by someone else. Learning makes me happy and I love documentaries but when I tried an online free learning site it reminded me of school and I couldn't do it. Sometimes I talk to people and act charming like those "Charisma on command" youtube vids told me so they'll like me, but I've never given anyone my full backstory before. The only woman in my life I ever kissed was that bitch who falsely accused me and got away with it. I want to say I have no interest in modern women but I still feel the urge to wank to them. But I don't wank any more because of nofap.
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Most (mostly meaning most) who are outspoken about the supposed benefit of a certain nameless deity yet cannot prove the evidence as being better are to be taken with a pinch of snake salt. It is best to observe rather than partake in the deed, as it is easier to lie than to be honest.
As commonly enough they tend to be the ones promoting an 'agenda' of sorts, a tool or puppet to manipulate others but are being manipulated themselves, despite their knowledge (lack thereof) of the delusion or not.
It is often for them to be under the spell of a psychosis, being unable to distinguish fantasy from reality. There again, reality does not always have to make complete sense, neither does the human mind.
Indeed. Still waters run very deep.
ur a fagget.png
You're right. Btw, still exercising. Increased weight in my weighted vest.

I don't care about this since it's not much of a loss, but turns out I've been banned from some unimportant ben 10 fanfic's discord fanserver for being "far-right".
I asked specifically what I said that got me banned since I don't remember it and haven't used it in months, maybe a year or two. I got the tard's personal definition of far-right in response because I didn't actually do anything wrong, I was just considered an undesirable.
I don't remember much about the server at all but I remember how that server had a handful of annoying commies who'd say commie shit and then cry "Wah no politics this is a media server!" when debunked. Or cry other assorted jew-tier lies to try and dupe retards with no reading comprehension and a desire to jump on the bandwagon someone else's fight creates to look moral. If some faggots are having a slapfight and it's your job to tell them "Shut the fuck up" or "This one's right, the other one's retarded, now shut up" you gain nothing. But if you believe the one with the more tempting lie about how the other one's some eeevil little bastard, suddenly you gain something. You get to feel like you're a hero for once, by taking the wrong side in an argument you don't feel obligated to read in full before passing judgement on it. Discord moderators, am I right? At least when they're doing this they're not grooming little boys and calling them "femboy transgenders" or grooming little girls and calling them "kitten".
If everyone on the planet was intelligent enough to see through basic lies and understand real science, or smarter, the world would be a better place. Maybe if everyone had to have at least a certain level of intelligence to be considered human, we'd be better off as a species.
Then again, it's not like dumbasses asked God to be born dumb. We can't prove God made them that way because they'd do more damage if they were smart. Besides, culling the bottom percentages of humanity is the kind of thing only a fictional villain would want to do in some cliche sci-fi novel that wants to pretend eugenics is the ultimate unthinkable evil, rather than rape or murder or the slow and ever-accelerating intellectual and societal rot caused by idiots and the leftists that use them for their own benefit. Besides, giving the government the power to decide the legal minimum IQ would get that power abused.
Rich retards would bribe government officials to have their children spared, while having too many kids would become a point of pride for the rich bastards that can afford countless bribes so they can pretend they have a high-IQ bloodline when they don't, the bar would be set high enough to fuck over normal people yet ignored whenever it would inconvenience a race the ruling class likes more, the IQ test would have a load of "moral score" or "emotional intelligence" bullshit added to it to cull sane people and spare overemotional leftist retards and sociopaths from the govt culling since they're both more useful to corrupt govts than humans are, a sex slave market would probably be created out of retards and average people not deemed special enough for the elites... This sort of thing would make a neat alt-history or dystopian sci-fi concept but the only valid government's the kind that keeps its dick out of the asses of its people and protects the asses of its people.


I've been thinking about how so many people I know are obsessed with media to the point where they get into daily internet slapfights across all sorts of jewish social media platforms, complete with slander and harassment and harassing friends to try and get them to disavow "thoughtcriminals", all over fucking cartoon characters.
Sometimes they try and get me involved in their drama. Some of them get butthurt at me for not wanting to dedicate hours of my life to joining these slap-fights, as if I'm the bad guy for having dialogue to write and levels to code and bouncy boobies to animate. A life this filled with conflict seems like a massive drag, and conflict over what, the opinion children and teens and childlike adults dare have over cartoon characters? When did 1984 sjw fear-tactics become the norm for playground-tier arguments over the sex lives of moving doodles voiced by middle-aged japanese women?
Doesn't anyone else want a quiet life any more? I've had debates over gun rights that seem more respectful and respectable on the surface(either those who are anti-gun shouldn't have their opinion enforced or protected by law enforcement, or being a nazi should be legal and legally protected, pick one) than any of this shit-flinging nonsense over fucking Ben 10 lore or who Sonic The Hedgehog should have shagged.
Maybe it's a sign that I'm maturing and have improved my life, since I genuinely have better things to do than worry over what faggots think about my waifoo or husbandou or whatever. But I also feel like I'm drifting away from the people who have "media madness" consume their lives. Like I'm growing up and they're staying the same age, with the same shallow interest in the same shallow interests and same repetitive NPC dialogue lines whenever I press A on them. The DBZ fan will say tomorrow what he says today unless there's something happening in that tiny little bubble of aimless nerd culture that changes his programmed dialogue lines. "nerd like android 21. android 21 have the big boobas. majins r so kewl. oh em jee, wouldn't it be kewl if they made another DBZ that was just like DBZ but with android 21 in it? android 21 is so sexy. i suddenly like vore because she turns people into candy and eats them. i'm basically a blank sheet of paper and jews write whatever they want on me. btw i wish sega made another sonic game thats just like sonic advenchur 2 but more! just more, you know, like star wars. more. no i wont play fangames or indie games like sonic but better. i am a loyal corporate whore."
Jesus fuck nigel, at least offer a tl;dr
Glad to hear about the gains. I'll read the rest when I'm bored, but jesus christ a tl;dr please?


im getting buff. Weight up.

Today i learned i was banned from some dicksword server for being "far right"

but that is fine because they are a load of faggots

maybe if the world had less retards there would be less of an incentive for evil individuals to mislead and misuse them for personal and political gain, but I wouldn't trust any government that would actually want to cull healthy citizens.

Nerdniggers obsess over media so fucking much that it makes up their entire identity and a handful of my friends make me sad because every fucking day they're typing their hearts out in some twitter or discord or tumblr war over whether Ben Tennyson should have ploughed stretchy alien pussy or wasted his life with that stupid selfish cunt Julie or that obnoxious fucking creator's-pet Kai or whatever the writers decide to do with that joke Charmcaster this season.

jsus fucking christ I know I talk a lot about media but I tend to have something to say about it. A man analyzes bioshock and undertale, a slave cooms for it and obsesses over its characters without learning anything. I couldn't imagine just sitting around occupying your time with assorted distractions like internet arguments over the sex lives or moral values of fictional characters until it's time to suck up whatever slop the corpos feed you then get into shouting matches where you try and rationalize away a bad show's shitness. NIGGERS SHIT INTO THEIR OWN MOUTHS. FUCK.

Ben 10 is a toy franchise with a cartoon that was good for a while. If it's the biggest deal in your life, find God. My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic is better anyway. At least Twilight didn't have to re-learn "friends are important" every four episodes from season one to fifteen or more. I want to cum inside Twilight Sparkle but you won't see me writing a new essay every week to "defend her honour" just because some faggy tween's calling her every bad word she/her/it knows.

Maybe it's weird for a man my age to talk like he's becoming an old man. But I don't think I'm becoming an old man. I feel like I'm becoming a real man. A man who sees things clearer every day. Must be the healthy food, or perhaps the exercise. Maybe planting real-ass food made me level up as a man. Maybe a combination of all three. I'm used to thinking in meters and centimeters. Feet? I use a calculator to turn it into meters. And inches? Whenever someone gives me a measurement in inches I imagine my dick and how many of those copies of my dick are equivalent to whatever's being measured in inches, and that's because meters and centimeters are the superior way to measure shit and everyone fucking knows it. Inchniggers just pretend to hate meters because they love feet too much.

Tldr the enlightenment was a misnomer, denying God and the value of his teachings leaves you vulnerable to subversion. Without an argument as solid as "because God" all you're left with are feelings to back up moral arguments whenever the rational loss-minimization optimization mindset gives you an answer that feels icky. I know this sort of talk's a meme in the warhammer 40k community but it's true: An open mind is an unguarded fortress.

Do you ever think people would like christianity more if it had its own kung fu and alternative medicine practices? Bullshit stretches and lies about magic and silly cures for issues with more scientific fixes... Maybe that would appeal more to normies. Then again, aside from the occasional self-serving faith-healer scam artist who'd imitate any religion if it was big, Christianity doesn't have alternative medicine because it helped birth real medicine and science and rationality and whatnot. Christianity is the greatest religion in the world. Sekai fucking ichi. We are number one.
Oh also

it's always bugged me that Neon Genesis Evangelion wants to be this story that says "fuck escapism" but the author's made his story so divorced from reality that it can only be taken as a fantasy. Eva isn't the story of a boy who grows over time. It's a story that says "it would actually suck to be thrust into the pilot seat of a giant robot and forced to battle monsters while surrounded by weird women with mental disorders". I appreciate its deep writing and symbolism. The author clearly knew his shit when it came to mecha anime and storytelling. Asuka represents the headstrong angry woman who mostly hates everyone and Rei pisses on the Yamato Nadeshiko archetype and that drunk chick is kind of a loser, and this is legitimately smart writing. He clearly has a message he wants to give the audience. But he doesn't know how to get that message across to the audience in a way that matters because it's basically just "lmao stop being depressed". A man doesn't just spontaneously get bitches and healthy relationships the second he takes his sony walkman/ipod headphones off and decides to "embrace reality uwu". It's not that easy for men these days. Dancing in a giant robot is as much of a fantasy as meeting several hot bitches that would be perfect if not for personality flaws some horny dudes are into after a lifetime of simping over fictional characters. Losers choose escapism because it's easy and they think they will never be sufficiently rewarded for a life of struggle and pain and growth. Anime figurines can't divorce you to become millionaires while stealing your kids and leaving you homeless. Feminists turned marriage into a mockery of itself and jews turned women into mockeries of women. They wouldn't have undue levels of power and influence if it wasn't for divershitty hires and govt programs meant to make life even easier for wamen. And what does society get out of it? When society pays women to be mothers they get mothers and children. When society pays women to be men and makes stealing jobs from men too easy all they get are jobless men and inferior imitations of men. Eva's creator might think there's a problem with japanese men these days and men in general but he's a coward for failing to look deeper into why not all boys want to sacrifice themselves for a system designed to rob and sabotage them. If he made another season of Evangelion that calls out the jewish lies subtly, he could make a significant impact on the world. If he made another season of Eva that subtly pokes holes in feminist lies... even including entry-level redpills about birth rates and privileged projecting feminism's hypocrisies in something with such a massive audience would help his country and other countries that love Eva. He could do yet another evangelion rewrite rebuild thing except this time Shinji grows a pair and teaches Rei how to smile and enjoy life while Asuka realizes she'll become a bitter drunk cat lady unless she loosens up and treats others better. He probably won't. I guess I'll always see the eva franchise as a massive missed opportunity. The guy gets how to deconstruct mecha anime and media cliches he doesn't like but he doesn't understand the issues the youth are facing well enough to say anything smarter than what you'd expect to hear from the average boomer who thinks "lmao try harder" is the best advice anyone can give.
Increasing the weight on my weighted vest.

Sometimes I talk about my friends here, but I don't wax lyrical about how awesome some of them are because I don't think anyone would want to read that. I love and cherish these fuckers but this isn't some teenage girl's diary. It would be bad for opsec if I deeply explained everything that makes my closest friends great people, since anyone could formulate a list of my friends and figure out who I am by guessing it's the person I don't have many nice things to say about.

1967 2046 2302 2921
ITT we share wisdoms that we have gleaned through our own experiences with our fellow Anons, that they might live a better life. I'll start:

NEVER ask a question unless you are %100 that you want to know the answer. Whatever happens, you literally asked for it, so you better be damn sure you really wanted to know. Remember this and it will help you with friends, family, lovers, and even children. Live your life by it.
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Don Juan Matus -- The 4 natural enemies of a man of knowledge(mirrored)


Better yet, raise your kids to be normal, functional children who like to go outside and use their imaginations for entertainment. Then, if you really need to punish them, you can just give them a phone and make them read vapid tweets written by celebrity idiots for an hour.

Programming and Computing
ITT, we sharpen our programming skills and talk about the theory behind computing. All languages and skill levels are welcome. Please see the options page on how to present code in a post.
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3649 3651 3663
Best way to learn programming is just to do it. make up a project that's sane for your level, then research how to do it, then do it. repeat until you've built knowledge.

C gives you complete power while being so simple. It's not just low level, it's effectively comfy assembly. Linus has described it as him being able to "see the assembly" when he looks at the code.
Almost 50 years old and still the best language around. (Pointers are also extremely fun)
>Are there any general tips out there?
I could give a few. Any topics and how advanced are you?

Right now I'm learning OpenGL in order to make a game engine in C. It's fun.
been playing a lot of classic Doom lately, experiencing different mods and wads.
the Isabelle Companion Mod is brilliant! I wish there was a pony companion mod. What I wouldn't give to face the armies of hell with Twilight, Aryanne, or Rainbow Dash at my side.
>Pointers are also extremely fun
Playing with pointers in C and do typecasting of arrays or other objects to pointers is as you say truly fun and a zen like experience. I miss malloc and realloc and having full control of what happens instead of relying on the language to do the GC for you. I should find a project to do to get into C again for the simplicity and beauty of the language.

>Right now I'm learning OpenGL in order to make a game engine in C. It's fun
I can recommend looking into the "Game Programming Gems" book serie, and also GameDev.net for info and nice tidbits.
>Game Programming Gems
Found 4 of the books on archive.org
>I could give a few.
Any would be appreciated.

> Any topics
None in particular, really. Maybe if there are some in "The C Programming Language" book that's been mentioned above, or if you could point me in the direction of certain tools to use, like gdb.

>and how advanced are you?
Not very. Would it be enough in giving an accurate idea to say that programming assignments took the most amount of time, for all the wrong reasons?

>make up a project that's sane for your level, then research how to do it, then do it.
That doesn't sound too bad, when you put it that way.

History of Pone
3418 3419
This thread is meant as a repository for the history of pone. If any anons would be willing to relate the historical nature of the many memes that have been spawned, the state of the fandom in general, whatever happened with /mlpol/ on 4chan and generally how we horsefuckers got to where we are now, please do so here.
The level of baseline knowledge to assume would generally be that the individual being educated has seen the G4 vanilla show in its entirety, from seasons 1-7, but has been largely if not completely cut off from the fandom until now.
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If memory serves, the images uploaded on the MLP page of Know Your Meme serves as a surprisingly decent summary of MLP history. It captures a lot of the general trends of the fandom over time.

Just start from the beginning and sort the images chonologically.


I just popped in there, and it looks like they don't have a very good UI for it. At least it's there.
One person decided to do a weird and stupid thing. It turned into a meme.

For some reason, the women who smear their menstrual effluence over paintings and put it into food to feed to unsuspecting people under the guise of "female empowerment" didn't get any momentum for average people talking about the stories and being disgusted at their habits, but the literally just one person doing a weird thing in the section of the MLP fandom that goes out of it's way to think of weird things to do somehow gained prominence.

People literally treat the MLP fandom by different rules than they treat any other group of people. Individual actors doing weird stuff are seen as representative of the whole while actual representative actions by large organized groups of people like all the charity drives, are ignored. Meanwhile, the reverse is true for any other group, even when the other groups have a traceable and clear negative impact on society and the world around them.

So, to summarize: One weird guy did a weird thing this one time. That's about it.
3656 3658
>One weird guy did a weird thing this one time
>some people did some things
I looked it up and turns out one guy filled a jar with cum and a Rainbow Dash figure to see what would happen but he left it near a radiator, caramalizing the natural sugars in the jar.
But it's really just one guy who did something weird once. I expected it to be something a bunch of people did. There are entire fucking communities on the internet where Blue Avatar and Scifi and Pokemon LOTR and Anime fans talk about how much they hate humanity and how much they wish they were aliens on alien worlds and how much they wish they could "Isekai" and this was before "reality shifting" groups on facebook and tiktok and amino took off. You know, groups of adults and kids who try to lucid dream about being in Harry Potter Land or My Hero Academia or Gravity Falls while bullshitting themselves about parallel universes. Nigger the only parallel universe travellers I respect are the ones with aligned Quarter Parallel Universes.
Thanks anon.
Also since we're on the subject of quantum physics and >>3655 has a picture related, please enjoy some ponified OC that I've been sitting on.

Bible Study Thread
3415 3480 3496
IIT we discuss and study the Bible. I will be using the King James Version and will take the stance of a fundamental literalist, which is a bit redundant, but these days there exist many that claim to be fundamental but reject the literal interpretation of Scripture when they encounter something they don't agree or understand. I am not a Bible scholar, I'm not a pastor, I don't currently attend any denomination's church service. I'm just an anon that really like to study the Bible. Feel free to argue with me, I could be completely wrong and I hope to learn more about the Bible along the way.

I will post below my first study topic and what I have researched about it. Hopefully it will be interesting and somewhat engaging.
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That would be a combination of many things. First would be that the older, indoctrinated generation is what largely remains of the faith, as they failed to teach their children in the way they should go, leaving a mainly godless generation in their wake (Proverbs 22:6, 2 Timothy 3:1-7). This has drastically decreased how many Christians you can find that are not boomer age range.

Second, the majority of Christians that care about the religion are slightly right of center, of which the prevailing political beliefs are light conservativism with a helping of distain for racism, unless it is pro-Israeli racism.

Third, the Bible says God doesn't discriminate in faith, allowing all that believe to be saved, and will judge based on this alone and not race, which leads people to take the opposite extreme and believe God is saying to destroy our home and race to appease other races. They forget that God commanded the separation of man across the world, effectively commanding the races to be formed, but the rebellion to create the Tower of Babel forced God to fast track the race creation by altering the languages of the people, forming new base languages and undoing the ability to cooperate effectively to form a world government in defiance of God. (Genesis 11:1-9)

I suppose it is impossible to engage directly in a way you might be used to, by posting and sharing quickly and efficiently. It would take studies that slowly reveal to them the truth of the Bible in full, should God help reveal it to them. People that try to understand the Bible without divine aid by the Holy Spirit and study are doomed to get lost in misinterpretation and will dive into heresy and worship of Satan, either directly or indirectly (2 Peter 3:16-17).
The Five Solae & Trinitarianism roundly sum up true, Biblical Christianity:

Jesus, the Father, and Holy Spirit are all God & One

All beliefs must be founded upon Holy Scripture, which is the ultimate authority. Traditions can be healthy but must not add to or take away from Scriptural doctrine.

We are saved by the Grace of God & faith in Jesus alone. Good works are the fruit, not the means, of salvation & are done to please God & extend His love to others.

Jesus was the final atonement for our sins so that God can forgive us and grant us eternal life by His conquest of death itself. We need not atone for our sins with our works anymore.

All glory & worship belong to God alone. Not to Mary, not to any saints, no one else.

Jesus' blood spiritually washes us clean of sins & makes us, in God's view, righteous & worthy of Heaven. Our spirits are righteous (thanks to God, not ourselves) although our flesh is not because we are all born in sin.

Any beliefs that contradict these are not Biblical & therefore not Christian.
Communism is Christianity for Atheists.png
>Feel free to argue with me
Not my intention to argue, but just to draw your attention to some Bible drawbacks regarding the ongoing subversion in the West.
Every you need to know about Hitler and Christian

















Hitler actually talks about these quote in mein kampf here about it, it's the last video btw
File (hide): 091694F03BF272932016A56F90BBA44F-5665190.mp4 (5.4 MB, Resolution:854x480 Length:00:03:39, THE TRADITIONAL CATHOLIC CHURCH.mp4) [play once] [loop]
The traditional Catholic Church vs the satanic jews.
The majority of people worship Satan, but don’t know it..mp4
The majority of people worship Satan, but don’t know it.

Getting into fitness
1101 1104 1132 3119
Are there any /ub/-approved starter workouts? Preferably one that would not require buying a gym pass.
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I don't know how I would get these things checked out
I feel ready for the next level.
What's the next level of diet and exercise?
How do I become the chad?
3614 3615
All this shit is stuff an untrained beginner does NOT need to worry about. (And the "body can only process so much in a day" stuff is a myth, barring exceptional cases)

Everyone that is untrained starts the same way: get under a barbell. Learn the Big Four and do linear progression with them, 3 sets of 5 reps, 3 times a week (SS basically). Start very light and add weight every day. No shame in starting with a 95 lb squat (I did). There is shame in not improving. Get help if you need some coaching with the movements (you probably will). For diet, you only need two rules: adequate protein and maintain a calorie deficit. This works for EVERY fatass that is completely untrained. Even you.

Go fucking lift.
>Go fucking lift.
I agree.
File (hide): 184D06F556E1F39D7682297C0E7BFDAD-563690.m4v (550.5 KB, Resolution:640x480 Length:00:00:10, yooooooooooo.mp4) [play once] [loop]
Yes. Great pic related.
Especially if someone plans to be [-[a sumo wrestler[/-] anything.
Sumo is a meme. I want to be buff like a MMA fighter.

Cook your food
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One problem plaguing a lot of people these days, especially burgers like myself, is that many people eat out at restaurants too much instead of preparing home cooked meals. Eating out is frequently both more expensive and less healthy for you than a home cooked meal. Furthermore, many people live with a limited library of meals that they know how to prepare and don't realize the culinary possibilities that are right in front of them.

The purpose of this thread is to try to break that habit of eating out and to make cooking at home become the norm in our lives. Please share meal ideas and how to prepare them here. All meals are welcome, although preferably we should post meals that are easy to prepare so that novice cooks will not be intimidated by the prospect of preparing them for themselves. Even simple sandwiches are fair game. Sometimes that may mean cutting corners with pre-made mixes instead of preparing everything from scratch.

Remember that the goal isn't necessarily to post the most inexpensive meals or the healthiest meals, although those meals are certainly very welcome. The goal is to encourage people to dust off their kitchen appliances and flex their atrophied cooking muscles. I realize that this opens the door to culinary nightmares like /tg/'s infamous meat-bread, but so be it. Let's get cooking!
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Many nuts, as well as seeds (flax, hempseed, etc), yes.
Juicing (masticating, not centrifugal) of dark, rich (re: micronutrient content) vegetables (cabbage, mustard greens, etc) and as many cost-effective superfoods as is feasible. Farm fresh produce is highly encouraged, as is raw dairy, honey, and free-range non-organic chicken eggs.
For meat, it is worth saving up and buying 1/4, 1/2, or even a whole butchered cow, both for quality, freshness, proce/quality, etc. Get a chest freezer if you can especially re: the previous.
Also, LEARN about nutrition, nutrition typology (specifically, yours and those who you prepare food for). Be aware of nutritional sensitivities and concerns.
PRACTICE (rlike, 90+% of the time) preparing healthy foods to the capacity of your means.
Sky's the limit, anon
Tl;dr Git gud

organic chickens can only be certified organic if they have been given a diet of exclusively organic food, which is chicken feed, which means they're not eating bugs (which are a chicken's natural diet) which is bad. Also avoid GMOs like they were a covid vaccine
If chickens can eat bugs why do the jews want us eating bugs instead of chickens?
3608 3609
You guys think dry coconut would count too?
There are a couple of reasons behind the notion of eating insects. The chickens are designed to digest insectoid proteins whereas we are not.
Sure, go coconut crazy.
>go coconut crazy
This, especially with coconut oil to cook with

Nofap tips
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I'm coming to my wits end with this shit. I'm getting tired of feeling drained and passionless towards what I used to love. I want to write again. I want to enjoy playing games again. I want to wake up and not feel like I got to fap first just to get out of bed. I want to feel something other then nothing.

The thing is when I try I always fall right back in. I've made it three days and I saw some cleavage and suddenly got horny I thought I would collapse. I left and had to drive home but the urge would go away! I couldn't fight it and I felt so disgusted with myself. The moment I got home, I had to jerk it.

How do you guys deal with these urges? How do I get a life back?
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3550 3556
Had a wet dream during a nap today. It was a non-erotic dream, then suddenly "oh hey I'm cooming" and I woke up. I'm not sure if the clock needs to be reset, but I don't feel 100% anymore. Otherwise I'm doing fine, lifting again and I bought this back strap thing and some mastic gum to help with my posture and jawline.
>I'm not sure if the clock needs to be reset
I wouldn't say so. Grats on making it to phase 2.
Posture is good thing to be concerned with. It's vital.
Mostly you don't need that junk, sorry. It could be useful and fun I suppose for a while. An interesting thing.
These old guys have interesting stuff. They also sell stuff, but there are lots of alternatives. Posture is really extremely important.
thanks, good luck with your own streak.
I'll start doing these exercises now, thanks for posting them. If there's any changes within the next couple of months I'll make a note of it.

Day 40 is coming up soon. The last 10 days have been high energy for me, but it hasn't been fun. I have a burning desire to change. I think a lot of the "benefits" from nofap come from making oneself uncomfortable enough that it triggers some kind of self-reflection. Still, it's been better than it has in a long time.

Had another damn wetdream last night, and it was a lot worse than the last one. No dreams like the previous wetdream, except I woke up to it being fucking everywhere, including my shirt, blanket, and sheets. Absolutely disgusting. So far, there hasn't been a chaser effect or any other negative changes, only more muted today.

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