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ITT we share wisdoms that we have gleaned through our own experiences with our fellow Anons, that they might live a better life. I'll start:

NEVER ask a question unless you are %100 that you want to know the answer. Whatever happens, you literally asked for it, so you better be damn sure you really wanted to know. Remember this and it will help you with friends, family, lovers, and even children. Live your life by it.
Anything offered for free usually has equal or lesser value. That which is worth having is worth paying for, and its worth full price.
Always control anger when talking, escalating a conflict only makes it worse, if someone pisses you off, give a calm normal answer and things will sort themselves out.
Don't be afraid of making questions.
God/evolution gave you a mouth. Using it for the riggt reasons at the right time can make a great difference between education and learning
When you put a piece of toilet paper in the water before shitting, it wont splash as high when you take a dump.
Buy the powdered Gatorade and mix it into bottles of water, then use that as your chaser when you drink. It'll keep you hydrated, give you your electrolites back, and if you drink it in equal portions, you will never get hungover.
Write to all your local/state officials on a regular basis.
It help you keep track of what they're doing, and it can yield significant results if done correctly.
Never do exactly as you are told
The real MVP

A good friend is worth holding onto, no matter what. Even if you cant set aside any differences now, just remember all the good times and separate peaceably.
If you plan on taking an important decision, always have a second, third and escape plan.
Write the plans with details so you can look them up if you feel worry.
Acknowledge for any posible problem in the plan and don't take things for granted.
If you get a nose bleed, do not lean back.
Leaning backwards causes the blood to run down your throat and it can enter your lungs at this point, causing even worse problems.
Lean your head forward and just catch blood with a tissue or something.

put a cold bottle of soda (or a similar cold liquid) onto your neck during nosebleed, the blood veins in your neck will contract from the cold and stop the bleeding almost immediately
235 236
Always carry a pocket knife in your belt, make sure you can get it ready quickly; It doesn't need to be specially big, 2" should be enough, make sure it's always sharp.

The reason, a knife is always an useful tool, she can save your life in dangerous situations.
>For example if a dog takes you down and bites your neck, if your clothes got stuck in machinery and it's slowly pushing you to your doom, self defense, cutting things in general, etc..
But never escalate a fight with a knife, if someone threats on you unarmed don't you go pushing a knife on him.
shamefur dispray anime girl.gif

>The reason, a knife is always an useful tool, she can save your life in dangerous situations.
>don't go pushing a knife
Pardon the bants, but I disagree; if someone threats on you you can't assume they AREN'T armed, and need to be handled as quickly as possible
Thought I didn't have any advices other than "Don't be like me".

But after a few minutes I remebered something.

If you buy something, buy something good.

The 3 most important posessions of a man are a good bed, a good chair and good boots.
I dunno about that. I'm never willing to threaten something that I'm not willing to follow through. I guess it depends on who you are dealing with though. There are people out there who like to fight and talk shit and whatnot; go to bars and get belligerent and threaten to fuck people up and kill them and such. But, I'd never do such a thing, because I firmly believe that you should never bark if you aren't willing to bite. If you tell someone you are going to kill them, you better be ready to either kill or die. Furthermore, you should never bark if you don't have to. Don't pull a gun at a fistfight unless you have already decided to kill the opponent.

That said, if you are in an actual fight, NEVER play fair. If Tyronne decides he's gonna fuck you up (this would never happen, because niggers always run in packs), you do everything possible to kill him. You got a knife and you can use it effectively? Stab him. Cut his arteries. You have a gun? Shoot him three time center mass. Got a glass or a bottle? Smash his head. A brick? Same.

NEVER escalate if you don't have to, but once things kick off, NEVER stop short of ending it entirely. Existence is life or death. Remember that when someone threatens yours.
Yo what float is that huntsmen?
styx with knife.jpg

0,00 - 0,03
Life becomes a lot easier when you realize how silly modernity is.
Everything around us is just a shared delusion, what society says is just what the "group" says and once you choose not to follow the group, you become an outsider, someone from other social group. This means that with some charisma you can make your own social group within society, a social group that can turn into an organization and maybe even a whole society of it's own, with enough time and resources.
File (hide): 2C52BB06AB11373D43AA76C8328315BE-9477668.mp4 (9.0 MB, Resolution:854x480 Length:00:05:24, Nick Fuentes' take on simps and the 'Friend Zone'.mp4) [play once] [loop]
Nick Fuentes' take on simps and the 'Friend Zone'.mp4
>Nick Fuentes' take on simps and the 'Friend Zone'
Listen to the Chad.
If she's "Friend Zoning" you, it means she's "Pocketing" you.
She's putting you in her pocket to use as a tool whenever she wants.
A tool to fight her battles? A tool to soothe and feed her fragile ego? A tool to bring her things and feed her?
Women take things for granted, they don't feel obligated to repay things like good men do.
When someone's nice to a woman, she assumes it's because she deserves it.
When someone's mean to a woman, she assumes it's because she deserves it. That's why abusive men turn trash women on, dumbasses legitimately think only the abusive men treat their trashy asses "properly". Plus the thought of a big scary brutish man who takes what he wants and can't be controlled by them turns women on.
File (hide): FE81E2B209786A7C4B76244594D4407A-6430388.mp4 (6.1 MB, Resolution:854x480 Length:00:03:48, Ancient Greek Quotes to Strengthen Your Character.mp4) [play once] [loop]
Ancient Greek Quotes to Strengthen Your Character.mp4
I found something that qualifies for this thread.
>Ancient Greek Quotes to Strengthen Your Character
"Cuando venden, compra. cuando compran, vende."
when they sell, buy. when they buy, sell.

when someone is trying to get something off their hands eagerly, buy it at the lowest possible price or lower and they will sell. when people are eager to buy something you have, name your price and they will buy.
File (hide): 0F4EFD21F6CFB36D600EC72F45F99093-6433026.mp4 (6.1 MB, Resolution:854x480 Length:00:04:31, LIFE CHANGING Quotes - Seneca.mp4) [play once] [loop]
LIFE CHANGING Quotes - Seneca.mp4
LIFE CHANGING Quotes - Seneca
Timeless simplicity.
Marcus Aurelius - Meditations.
>Marcus Aurelius' 'Meditations' wasn't intended to be published, or even *seen* by anyone but Aurelius himself... yet it contains some of the most powerful and sublime wisdom ever penned.
>For those who haven't yet read - I strongly recommend.
I am interested in sayings.
"All happy families are alike."
"A stitch in time saves nine."
Spoken memems that have some deeper meaning.
pls post
1.The most irreplaceable things in life are those you get for free.
2. It is difficult for a person to be angry at you if you can make them laugh.
3. Doing it the right way is built to last, relying on cutting corners to get you through will lead to collapse.
4. Something I came across from another anon, word for word, it's;
"exercise bike"

Aerobics people are showoff faggots who don't realize that the pattern of activity, for most creatures, is long periods of low intensity and then extremely short periods of high intensity/conflict

Which is why running more than 4k a day is correlated with a reduced life span (excessive aerobics literally damages your myocardial/heart tissue over time.).

It's far better to maintain, control, and grow in something that actually makes you healthier into old age. aka Weight lifting. It's so fucking easy too but people are faggots about numbers and insecurities. They don't realize all that matters is
1. You do the form correct
2. You control the motion the entire way through. Most people in the gym cheat by letting gravity and momentum do a lot of the work. Which is stupid because that's stress that should be controlled by good form. It hurts a lot more when you control your reps the entire way through.
3. You lose weight, gain muscles, and become a bit less clumsy because you're actually practicing on controlling a load the entire rep, not awkwardly trying to show off quickness driven by gravity and momentum.

My religion is that cardio is a fucking waste of time and that you should walk a few miles each day. That's when you let gravity and momentum reduce the energy the body would have to expend.
5. Another one saved from another anon
Anonymous (ID: Ac02dnLX) AN 07/27/17(Thu)16:38:17 No.135181630?

In my experience, that people who don't have a calling, don't know what they are good at, never really tried anything or doesn't give a shit about skillsets, mastery of things or emotional/philosophical widening of knowledge.

You can be the pencil pusher from monday to friday, have sex at saturday with your bored wife, then get spanked by a latex uggo in your basement biweekly and claim you are an republican, while secretly voting green because it gives you kicks.

If there is a grand scheme, not everybody is important. There must be small cogs, the front line of idiots you play bullet catchers in wars,
the guy that cleaned your doorway for 40 years and died silently. Nobody knew his name.

You can simply exists for existences sake, like a human fruit fly. Nothing wrong with that. A psychological, metaphysical or even religious footing is as valid as living in a camping mobile and enjoying life at parks, while violently stealing money from drug dealers.

The search itself might be a reason enough to question everything. The necessity of thinking about things, that crawl up your spine regularly should be reason enough to try new things.
6. I have a lot of these I saved through the years;
Reading books is good, but it is only as good as doing anything else. Going by the type of people Quora attracts, this point of view might not be shared by many over here.
There are some things that are common to every human society. Speaking is one of them. Reading and writing are not on that list
~Marc Prensky
Reading books takes time. You gain knowledge and all, that is fine. But too much time spent on reading deprives you from doing other things.

Generally (sterotyping), people who read a lot, especially kids (contradicting), don't stretch their muscles and end up either too weak or too fat.

Once you are old enough, too much of reading can affect your creativity and capacity to carry out researches.

Reading, after a certain age, diverts the mind too much from its creative pursuits. Any man who reads too much and uses his own brain too little falls into lazy habits of thinking.
~ Albert Einstein
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(93.41 KB 845x650 Haifa,_Construction_of_the_Technion...)

Great post. Parents lives matter.

Honestly in answer, I was home schooled from grade 5 up, got my diploma at age 15, went to work as low wage prole right off the bat. I am fully vested in Social Security they owe me some 50,000 USD which I cannot claim yet unless I disable myself or actually become disabled. I mention this all, simply because, a life of education and fun work, is not enough, I can tell you that much. All the work I did in IT sector is for nothing, tecch came in, Zuckerturd came in, all that we did, as regular workers, was for nothing. Collegiate greekfags and their interlocking networks of shame and power, are what is the clockspring of this diseased planet, at this time. However, as your post makes clear (on a 'news' forum) parents are waking up. I would say worry less about common core as defined by dumbfucks corporations and other inhumans. Core competency means knowing history, and understand how the bolt of a rifle works. Common core kids of the future, will have a common core of being able to swap rifles interchangeably and to have good response to ambush under fire. If you as a parent, cannot raise a soldier in that homeschooling environment, you may as well send them into the machine with just good values. Because the machine will teach them to be a soldier for the bad side, if you dont understand what the battlefield looks like at this time. Parenting is like becoming a Army Commander, and you have to wait 30 years to see how good your training ideology was. A lot of parents have great kids, I know because I live in America.
The early bird gets the worm but the second mouse gets the cheese.


Why You WILL NOT & CAN NOT Wake People Up - It Appears To Defy Nature's Law For HOW Man Learns.
>Marcus Aurelius
Be grateful of what you have.
So Aion by Carl Jung interesting book. The red book too.
Has some topics and ideas that have relevance. I need to read it fully, but so far it's interesting.
For someone deciphering the experience he had to see the deeper meanings is neat.
File (hide): 05A3B73D7811E65BB3B17A2F957E4DEA-45595990.m4v (43.5 MB, Resolution:426x240 Length:00:16:47, Heavy Equipment Will Improve Your Life240p.mp4) [play once] [loop]
Heavy Equipment Will Improve Your Life240p.mp4
A good tool in the right place saves lives. Work smart, and work hard.
Sometimes you just have to have the right chooch to get the dingle dangling dandy.
Use the investments wisely.
Very interesting. I learnt something.
luna not want.jpg
Humans are exactly like magnets, whatever emotion you are putting out you will always bring it back in, act positive and good things will happen to you, act negative and bad things will happen, as above so below, karma exists but it exists within yourself so you cannot see it clearly without self exploration.
If you are being shit talked to do not escalate things faster than the pace it is currently going at, a fight can be prevented if you are in control of your emotions so master your spirit and you will become a true warrior, a good samurai doesn't let his emotions guide him but instead leads his own ego.
Magic exists and there is nothing you can do to get it out of your life, demons are attracted to negativity and fear thus they thrive from it, do not give them your emotions unless you want to give your life away, same can be said about evil people, they thrive from (You) and feed from (You) so do not give them any more than 3 chances, if they show themselves to be filled with hate and are deceiving then drop them immediately, do not pity he who cannot control himself for they are unpredictable and unwise.
It is possible to completely change your personality by focusing your thoughts, don't forget that if you want a change of heart only you can make the change, you are your own god so do not take this lightly because it is your own choice if you wish to be a devil or angel.
Most men do not understand themselves due to ignorance, explore yourself and break the boundary's you set for yourself by doing what you once deemed impossible for you to do, go out of the box and only then will you find true treasure, it is all waiting for you specifically before it can be unlocked, there is lots of ways to learn yourself through many methods of meditation, just spend a portion of your day to look at what path you are currently taking, don't walk blindly into something that does not suit yourself for it will only bring back badness from the choosing of a wrong decision, learn from your mistakes so that you can become better, don't forget your thoughts or what you have done in the past lest it repeat itself in the future.
Do not trust immediately, let time take it's course and wait for consecutive feedback to indicate if someone is trustworthy or not, if all signs are green to go then take that person and don't let them go if you are absolutely sure that they are for you.
Forget everything that everyone told you and learn yourself, do not let other people tell you who you should be and call you names along with other false titles, make sure that you are not to be messed with unless they want no mercy, if someone is to truly threaten you then use everything in your power to outdo them in their plans to disrupt yours.
Learn what you can because true knowledge is not taught openly, do research and base your own thoughts, feelings and judgement's from personal experience, do not let other people's bad experiences guide you away from potential good ones, do not let other people influence your own domain of thoughts and feelings.
Peace brings war and war brings peace, there is always periods of peace and wages of war, you cannot fully get away from the bad things in the world as they will always follow you and there is nothing you can do to stop it, so do not fear it but embrace it instead as it is a natural part of life along with death.
Do not worry about worry's as that leads into a mirror pit that constantly reflects negativity back and forth which will eventually lead to you climbing out of the pit or rotting in it, worry about your current tasks and do not be led astray from your present goal as if you are constantly being distracted then your chores will never be finished, complain all day and war will follow, be angry all day and death will follow, eat all day and famine will follow, sloth all day then pestilence will come and so on so forth.
Make sure you can distinguish between false and true, do not falsely follow comfortable lies as your life will never know truth if you choose the path of the blind, take your blindfolds off and gaze at the world from an outsider's perspective, you are only part of the program because you have been told that you are, your chains are only self imposed from the word of others and are easily breakable with the right key as long as you know which key it is.
Everything ties into one and the world is a big mirror constantly reflecting in a kaleidoscopic fashion that never fades, learn the fruits of our forests and harvest them, do not let hidden gold go to waste when things are waiting just for you to come collect them, food exists to be eaten, we exist to live and die as that is why we are here.
Star signs are accurate, did those astrologists over 2000 years ago know nothing of the stars when they spent their whole life's studying the stars? Everything has a meaning and learn each meaning if you wish to achieve greatness, the zodiac signs are already learned so that we may know them but no one looks to what isn't a lie anymore.
Act manly and make yourself a man, do not let feminine attitudes role you if you call yourself a man, so do not let weak emotions take you without your want, only a woman is raped by her own emotions, do not become a sissy faggot who only looks to his feelings for guidance who then is doomed to forever fail in all his goals.
Become a man by finding out what a man truly is, did Adam not bite the apple of sin? He did it as a sign of how man is forever tied to his own emotions, emotions create sin and unless you can control them you will forever be chained to desire, emotions are inherently feminine, they serve no meaning other than to please the primitive brain that we were given, break your ego and you will free yourself, break the mental chains withholding you from yourself and flourish like a fountain, only you can decide your own fate.
Will you be a pussy and let false feelings dominate you? Or will you take the reigns and guide yourself instead?
File (hide): 5019FFF47E61113B427F339018B69DA0-7086353.mp4 (6.8 MB, Resolution:854x480 Length:00:05:14, Miyamoto Musashi Quotes - Dokkodo - The Path of Aloneness.mp4) [play once] [loop]
Miyamoto Musashi Quotes - Dokkodo - The Path of Aloneness.mp4
Miyamoto Musashi Quotes
Dokkodo - The Path of Aloneness