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Welcome to the new /vx/ board - Videoganes and Paranormal! Just as mlpol was born of the merging of two wildly different topics into a single merged board, this board combines the topics of 4chans /v/, /x/, and /tg/ boards. And while /vint/ did not live on as we did, this board pays homage to the board, created and killed by an indifferent 4chan administration, in the flags that adorn this board.

As this is a new board, it does not have a firmly established set of rules. Unlike 4chan, this is a user driven site, and we are looking for user input into what the rules of this new board should be. Post your suggestions in the comments
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It's Harmony Day!!!
Why does this board have flags and image IDs anyway? Neither /v/ nor /x/ had them. I guess the flags could have been in the spirit of our sister board /vint/, but /vint/ didn't have poster IDs either.

Kaverns & Kobolds Two: The Electric Boogaloo
Welcome to the Kaverns & Kobolds Klub (/kkk/).

This source will be dedicated to posting resources and session logs for a whacky low-level 3.5e adventure featuring an all-kobold party, with the recurring theme of (((gnome))) genocide.
The game begins at lvl 1 using standard 3.5e rules, with a few houserules. The setting is generic and uses elements from various d&d settings. Characters begin at lvl 1 with 40 point buy stats, and all PCs recieve Dragonwrought and Dragontouched as a bonus feat!

Adventure Synopsis:
>For centuries, the kobolds of the Spawncamper tribe lived in rugged peace, amassing great wealth in the mines and only suffering occasional mass casualties from battles with neighboring goblinoids, gnomes, gnolls, dwarves, and really everything else. However, that changed just a months ago, when the tribe's clergy stopped recieving bonus spells from their almighty Lord and Savior: the Devil Kurtulmak. The Silence of Kurtulmak lasted for only one week, but the event shook the core of the tribe. In their search for answers, the tribal leadership determined that the cause for the silence was for the fact that they had failed to wage war on the neighboring gnomish kingdom of Glimmersburg for too many years. Intent on proving their devotion to their lord, the fanatic kobolds rallied their forces and planned an all out assault on Glimmersburg and its neighboring villages.
>The invasion resulted in catastrophe. While the Kobolds fought well and were skilled in the arts of gnome-slaying, they miscalculated the strength of the gnomish kingdom's alliance with the nearby dwarven clans, and were forcefully pushed back and outnumbered. They also never expected to be flanked by svirfneblin from the underdark blocking off their path of escape. Outnumbered and surrounded in three dimensions, the Spawncamper tribe suffered casualties like they'd never seen before, pushed to the bring of extinction. What's more, the war revealed veins of rich mineral resources that the kobolds had been mining, and the gnomes of Glimmersburg decided they would annex the territory of the spawncampers and get rid of the kobold nuisiance once and for all. In a last bid effort, the tribal leadership set off a series of explosive traps that collapsed the majority of the mines that had been taken over by gnomes, causing mass casualties on both sides, but buying some of the remaining kobolds time to escape. Spawncamper tribe was all but destroyed, with the few that survived scattering in every direction for survival. In a The Gnomes currently occupy what remains of the mines, and are intent on slaughtering every last one of them.
>But as the mighty Kurtulmak taught them, no battle with gnomes is over so long as one kobold survives. Soon, the gnomes of Glimmersburg will once again face the wrath of Kurtulmak and the blood of Tiatmat.
>And so, we begin with the position of our heroes. They are brave kobold warriors who fought in the Glimmersberg assault. Ranking high in their respective warbands, they've seen their share of work and battle following the three K's of Koboldism: Kruelty, Kowardice and Kunning. After strategically pushing their younger comrades into the meatgrinder, they set off a powerful Wyrm ditherbomb that collapsed the cavern of a battlefield while they hid in a storage cache where they stayed for days.
>Running low on resources, our heroes are set to emerge from their little fishbowl and make their own path. Perhaps they will seek revenge on the gnomes who destroyed their society. Perhaps they'll search the rubble for survivors. They might rebuild and repoulate the mines themselves, or leave the kaverns in search of better luck elsewhere. They might just cower in place until they run out of dead corpses and eat eachother. Perhaps they'll set off on their own adventure and the honest life of the average murderhobo. Only time can tell.

The /kkk/ runs on discord (for now) as a corner of the 'Official' /mlpol/ Horseplay Initiative. I started this adventure as a joke, but I've decided to use it to test methods and media for a multi-media Westmarches that I've been planning to create for this community. New members/players are always welcome:

This setting uses Action Points (Eberron style, not UA style), and any character who writes a log, session summary, in-character anecdote, artwork or other substantial contribution gets one free action point at the end of the session, so please write logs.
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Kisara's Player
>The Quaraphons Bullmaster wasn't dodging anything
I didn't say he was dodging anything, I said he was getting the fuck out of dodge (AKA running away as if his life depended on it)

Off we went to find a new home. Before we left, we had to choose which path to take. After some divination magic and a vision of blue horses and a giant serpent, I determined we should go through the plains. This may not have been the safest decision, but it was one of the faster paths, taking a week rather than spending a month or two traveling.

We left after a few days. Kisara, Zags, Akara and I were scouting ahead of the main group. Everything was good for the first few days, but then we came across a series of gashes in the earth, as if something had tunneled out, killed something, then tunneled back into it. Some divination later and I'm certain that going forward would lead to our deaths and changing course would only be dangerous, so we change course to the east and continue on.

When darkness fell, we could tell something was wrong. I cast clairvoyance directly behind us just outside the range of my darkvision and saw... something. It was a blue four legged two armed... something. I couldn't get a good look at it, but I knew we were being hunted. Together we moved back to the main group. Thankfully we weren't attacked when outside the protection of the circle of spears.

Not that we had much chance to rest. There was a magic storm above when they attacked. I got a better look at them and they sure were some ugly fuckers. It seemed as if their eyes were placed randomly on their faces and they had a few too many mouths. We took a few casualties but we managed to fight them off, with only one of them roaring and putting 30 kobolds to sleep. The storm was getting worse. Yusdrayl saved us by dispelling the the strikes of the storm. We managed to kill 3 of those things when the largest among them leaped into the center of our circle. It was much more powerful than any of us. It could've killed us all, and put several kobolds to sleep with a roar, but soon after it arrived it ran away because the serpent appeared.

It appeared from the storm. While I was tending to the wounded, some koboldss tried speaking to it and immediately fell unconscious and started convulsing. Thankfully they all regained their senses within a few minutes. They all claimed to have a shared hallucination of being welcomed to a stone circle. Then as quickly as it appeared the serpent disappeared.

Many kobolds didn't survive the trip. It's my fault, as I saw the vision and decided we should go on this path anyway. I was able to save some of the more injured kobolds, but that's a small consolation for the lives I ended.

Fearing another attack from the blue things I encouraged the tribe to march without rest until we reached the end of the plains. We probably wouldn't be lucky enough to have another giant magic serpent appear from the sky to scare them away.

After another day or two of travel we finally reached the end of the plains. We found a small cave hidden away, barely big enough for all of us. We'd stay here while everyone rests. Yusdrayl seemed to be suffering from internal hemorrhaging and kobold hypothermia as a direct result. I used many spells to keep her alive. No kobold would lie about needing medical attention, would they?
>putting 30 kobolds to sleep
Correction: it didn't put them to sleep, it knocked them out with sonic damage.
Screenshot (512).png
Screenshot (510).png
Highlights from today's session:
(don't worry; they survived, barely)
Kisara's Player
Okay, so it's been a fat while since I've posted here. In that time, we've almost died after wandering into a dwarven nuclear dumping site, we snuck into a bar and got hammered while learning of some quest hooks, and then we rescued some halflings from our weasels after the little shits broke free and decided to do their own thing while we were getting hammered. Meanwhile, IRL I have no real excuse for forgetting to do this shit, I just legitimately forgot for a while. Anyway...

>Where we last left off, all that shit above!

>This time, we've gotten back to camp and Kisara's still a little smashed from her time at the bar, one of the weasels is still snacking on a halfling corpse, and the rest of us are fine
>Anyway, we go to report on our findings to Ukri and how there's a kobold tribe nearby that we can talk to and potentially integrate, as well as getting free booze from the bar we visited and a bunch of money from a silver skeleton we can potentially trade in for stuff
>All of this is interrupted though when a holy Aztec turducken pops in out of nowhere, presumably from one of the halflings that we let so mercifully live after all that!
>Looks like we won't make that same mistake again...
>Anyway, all of us get together to face this thing down and Vyth tries to be charitable and negotiate with it, but it chooses violence and attacks Kisara for making a comment and trying to explain our side of things better (but she was still drunk, and it came out more rude than she expected lol)
>The bird then picks her up and ragdolls her through a grapple attack while everyone else similarly acknowledges that violence is the only answer here
>The turducken puts up a good fight through its first stage, even swallowing Kisara and causing her to have to accept her fate again, except Akara ends up coming to her rescue yet again (he was the one responsible for saving us from the TPK in the nuclear dump), imprinting him even more onto her mind than he already was
>This totally won't become a thing, will it?
>Time will tell
>Anyway, the turkey is eviscerated and the duck is up next, with the wounded Kisara fleeing to the safety of the warrior line while everyone else continues the fight
>The duck doesn't like this though and chases down the fleeing kobold until it's once again struck down by Akara, leaving only the chicken to be butchered
>With the mandatory holiday bossfight over, we get in a rest and Yusdrayl finally lays the eggs she's been carrying
>With those matters settled, we head out to go find that new tribe with the advance party of Vyth, Yusdrayl, Kisara, Meepo, Akara, and Snogla (the chief torturer of the tribe)!
>Kisara also levels up, and I handle all the numbers of that before working out the actual matters of new spells and whatnot
>We start climbing the mountain nearby that houses these kobolds, and we eventually come across some giant planar rock crabs that try to bury us under mudslides
>We don't let them, and I make the embarrassing discovery that scintillating sphere is a much higher level spell than I thought it was...
>The crabs do go down though, thanks to our efforts as well as Vyth summoning an ogre zombie to block rocks and drag us through the mud
>Akara gets swept away in the mud though, which has everybody panicking and also gives me an opportunity to choose a new spell exactly for this situation!
>The spell lets me search a 30ft. cube for things, including people, and with its help and the help of Yusdrayl blowing some levitate spells, we're able to find Akara and save him from a muddy fate!
>Anyway, we continue up the mountain and eventually come across a promising area
>Unfortunately, before we can investigate further, we're ambushed by a pair of mountain drakes (I think?)
>Anyway, one of them chunks Vyth and the other chunks Akara, and Yusdrayl and Meepo go to Vyth's rescue while Kisara and Snogla go to Akara's
>It turns out that these things are intelligent and can be reasoned with though, so Vyth trades away the corpse of the rock crab for safe passage
>They accept, and they take the crab and feed it to their young waiting nearby while we advance forward
>Of course, after heals were applied to make sure we're equipped for what may lie ahead
>And that's where the session ended

Quite a fun session, if a bit worrying because Kisara almost died again despite my best efforts... Although it is opening up new avenues of potential RP for her due to Akara being the one to save her ass twice now, but I'm still not entirely sure what direction I'd want to take that (either some form of romance or a possessive dependence, I'm not sure which would be better and/or more fun). Either way though, it seems that this ambitious mage is now at odds with the tribe's head martial for the attention of a kobold that thinks himself a dwarf ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
>everyone else similarly acknowledges that violence is the only answer here

Ponymon: MLPOL
265 521 72480
Remember Ponymon, an ambitious but unfinished romhack?

Remember Pokemon Clover, the 4chan Pokemon romhack?

Ponymon: MLPOL edition.

Romhacking the Pokemon games is easy as fuck, all we need to do is decide on the new ponymon, their stats, if we alter the story in any way, if we change the Gym Leaders, etc.
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165887 165888
>Green means the attacking type is super effective on the defending type being attacked, dealing 4x damage.
>Red means the attacking type is Not Very Effective, dealing 0.25x damage.
>White is neutral, dealing 0.5x damage.

I believe this is a mistake without any other gameplay-defining design decisions. With 4x damage on Super Effective hits (16x if double weak), most Super Effective hits will result in overkill with practically no consideration for STAB or the offensive/defensive stats of either party. As such, there's no real point in building a traditional offensive threat or sweeper when a bulky Pokemon with good offensive type coverage will do just as well. Even if you choose to play a strong offensive sweeper, it won't really threaten an enemy that it can only hit for Neutral (.5x). The only time there is a real question of whether a hit can KO would be against a foe that is foux-Neutral (4*.25), which isn't sufficient justification for an actual offensive build.

Speed becomes extremely important, but setting up any traditional speed control (Tailwind, Icy Wind in doubles, Trick Room, etc) will almost always either be mirrored or traded for a KO. If it's not mirrored, the player with Tailwind is practically guaranteed to win, as the other player won't be able to attack for the duration. Pivoting is emphasized, and Pokemon with strong defensive typing (Electric, Fighting, Fire, Flying, Normal, Poison, Sound and Water) become extremely valuable, especially Normal because of the wide variety of moves generally available to them and Fighting and Electric as strong offensive types in this paradigm. Offensive Bug moves are a must, as that is the only type to which Sound is vulnerable. U-Turn as a Bug move and Volt Switch as an Electric move would both be very strong, along with priority moves like Mach Punch and Ice Shard.

Since attacking is generally a high-risk endeavor, punishing switches is highly valuable. While Pursuit isn't likely to find a good target, a Prankster setting up Stealth Rocks, Spikes or a single layer of Toxic Spikes (the second layer is actively a detriment since Pokemon aren't going to stay in long enough for Toxic to out-damage Poison).

Games will be effectively over in the first couple turns, but actually finishing a game by KOing an entire team will tent to take a while.

Pokemon games aren't known for their difficulty, and NPCs are generally not strong on switching, so any NPC locked to a particular type as is common in Pokemon games become entirely trivial.
Shit, I should have mentioned this earlier.
>All Pokemon ingame only learn two attacks, they match the type of the user and become physical or special depending on whether their user has higher Atk or SpAtk
>There are extra attacks you can teach to your Pokemon: A strong physical move, a strong special move, and two moves that become physical or special depending on whether their user has higher Atk or SpAtk: A draining move like Giga Drain (60 base power) and a Priority move like Extremespeed that has 60bp and +2 Priority.
>Each of these attacks has a typed variant.
>Coverage moves are heavily nerfed, a 0.1x modifier is on every move that doesn't match your Pokemon's move. I was going to make Adaptability give Same Type Attack Bonus to all moves but Adaptability Eviolite Eevee was OP. Now Adaptability reduces the penalty to 0.5x from 0.1x,
>You can give your pokemon any of my new attacks or one of several status moves like Trick Room, Toxic, Will O Wisp, and others but the STABless penalty keeps coverage moves from being too OP.
>Super Effective STAB attacks guarantee crits (just ignores enemy defensive buffs) and if they hit before the target takes their turn and does a move, they guarantee Flinches which make the target miss their turn.
>All NPCs ingame automatically use the highest-level AI that will understand the value of held items/weathers/abilities and switch if it feels it's necessary, even random low-level trainers.
>Poison and Toxic Poison gain a bonus Heal Block effect
>There are Held Items and Abilities to set things like Spikes, Stealth Rocks, Tailwind, and Trick Room when switched in.

How does this information change your view of the mechanics?
I think I should remove the damage penalty to neutrally effective attacks, as it makes dual-types better than single-types for no reason.
Also the Gym Leaders can be fought in any order and they use tougher teams the more Gym Badges you have, but after beating each Gym Leader you can rematch them with their max level team, which have dual-types who resist what usually beats their type and can crit them.
And I buffed Weather. Weather effects double the offense and defense of the Pokemon their weather benefits.
Sun boosts Grass, Fire, and Dragon.
Rain boosts Water and Electric.
Hail boosts Ghost and Ice.
Sandstorm boosts Earth and Steel.
I took Shuckle, which has some of the weakest offensive stats in the game, and ran a damage calc with Adamant 252 Attack EVs and the 60 BP Bug Bite into the default Abomasnow. Abomasnow doesn't have the best BST or stat distribution, but it's not all that bad. With 4x damage, it is guarenteed to 2-hit KO. With 16x, the Shuckle overkills by over another health bar.

>There are extra attacks you can teach to your Pokemon: A strong physical move, a strong special move, and two moves that become physical or special depending on whether their user has higher Atk or SpAtk: A draining move like Giga Drain (60 base power) and a Priority move like Extremespeed that has 60bp and +2 Priority.
Drain is completely worthless when any offensive move from a Pokemon with more than 10 Attack can 1-shot you, and giving everyone a Priority just means you're playing the speed game at +2 Priority.

>Coverage moves are heavily nerfed, a 0.1x modifier is on every move that doesn't match your Pokemon's move.
Makes non-STAB attacking moves completely worthless.
>Super Effective STAB attacks guarantee crits (just ignores enemy defensive buffs) and if they hit before the target takes their turn and does a move, they guarantee Flinches which make the target miss their turn.
So on the off-chance Galvantula can't kill whatever it's attacking in one hit, it can flinch it and guarantee the 2-hit KO.
>I think I should remove the damage penalty to neutrally effective attacks, as it makes dual-types better than single-types for no reason.
At least offensive built Pokemon wouldn't be completely worthless.

>And I buffed Weather. Weather effects double the offense and defense of the Pokemon their weather benefits.
Double is way too much. You can balance BSTs around the boost, but I think anything over 15% is unreasonable. At double, you need to choose between a Pokemon being worthless outside of weather, or unbeatable in it.
I removed the neutral damage penalty.
I wanted to make non-STAB moves useless to offset how any pokemon can learn any move.
I also removed OHKOs like Fissure and added perfect accuracy to all moves to minimize RNG.
What would be more reasonable multipliers for super effective and not very effective? I wanted typing to play a bigger role in a pokemons battlefield usage but I think I went overboard with the offense.
That new pokemon scarlet and violet didnt look good. I'm glad more fans matured and remembered it's okay to criticize big corpos. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=rttu6MzW4Ws

Also this was gay https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=zkBHSaukjq8
Not the guy, the challenge concept.
It's not a "challenge" to go through the whole game with the strongest pokemon in Sinnoh on your team, a pseudolegendary so strong he was banned to ubers, who even has Dragon Rage to make the early game a cakewalk. I'm surprised his 600bst dragon actually died but it was smart of him to put an Altaria on his team and call this a Dragon Monotype challenge instead of a Solo Run. Saved the run.

You know what would be a more hardcore challenge?
A pokemon hardcore nuzlocke with all the usual rules plus a new one: If your pokemon faints, it dies AND your maximum party size is reduced by 1 for the rest of the game. That ball is inert. That slot on your belt is permanently blocked by an inert ball. Even if it means you will fight a trainer with more pokemon than you. No redos. No second chances. No losing a party and retrying from the pokemon center with a backup party. You lose one party slot with each death and after 6 deaths the run is dead.

Post to this thread every time you visit /vx/
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One of these threads.
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File (hide): 520C89FF1C1A1762172ECC2DCBF0851C-6295673.mp4 (6.0 MB, Resolution:960x1706 Length:00:00:11, D2X3V9w.mp4) [play once] [loop]


File (hide): 62C2A2A2D804126DE1F6FF20C84D5D82-12769582.mp4 (12.2 MB, Resolution:1080x1920 Length:00:00:14, 20221102-105418-865.mp4) [play once] [loop]

image (51).png
Most normal HoI player

Fuck minecraft 1.19.84. Play Vintage Story.
166159 166184 166202
~ Vintage Story shill thread ~
Today I am going to take the initiative of enlightening you autists on a better Minecraft alternative called Vintage Story.

What is Vintage Story?
> Vintage Story is an uncompromising wilderness survival sandbox game inspired by lovecraftian horror themes. Find yourself in a ruined world reclaimed by nature and permeated by unnerving temporal disturbances. Relive the advent of human civilization, or take your own path.
> Trailer: https://youtu.be/NJjifFq1NGY

What are its features?
> Microblock chiseling to fullfill your every antisemetic or autistic desire
> Beyond sexy world generation with REEEalistic geology and mineral dispersion
> Written in chad C++ instead of virgin Java
> Anarcho-Primitivism!
> Seasons and climates
> Automatically managed server mods
> Based community
> Native land claim support

So what are you waiting for anon? Spam NIGGER on your minecraft account, get banned, then come and play Vintage Story today!
Free Key: https://account.vintagestory.at/createaccount?gamekeycode=vHm21EG4nPTKaDylgQsWju7yVx%2BT%2FpwPLdt4eRMMAqM%3D
Crack: https://thepiratebay.org/description.php?id=63310107 (use at own risk)
Servers: /vm: Dove's:

VVV Minecraft/Bill hate thread or questions/comments below VVV
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I'm pretty addicted to it. Still learning the basics, but even early game is pretty fun when you have nothing and are trying to make clay items. It has a lot of potential and maybe given enough time I will be able to engineer a pony mod for it.
>there will never be a Minecraft style game in Holy C
Feels bad man
You guys know there is a minecraft-alike that is open source and written in C++ with plugin support for lua...
its called minetest
166209 166211
It would be already hard enough to code in regular C
I mean very few 3d engines support regular C and those who do are pretty fucking old, i mean Duke nukem 3d and goldsource old.
Course there's also C++. not a big fan but many engines support it and it's pretty much just C with a bunch of bullshit added on top of it so it aint thaaaat bad if you stay away from OOP.

It really is fun, did you guys set up a server or something?
Not yet. OP says there is an existing server, but I don't feel I'm good enough yet to join, especially since survival is a bit tougher and combat less forgiving in this game. As I get more used to the game, I'll look into what it would take to host a server and mod the game as servers support modding.
The "OG" server as we call it is starting to get populated again after being pretty deserted for a while. It tends to go through cycles of activity and burnout. Don't hesitate to join. Most everyone is pretty friendly and can help you learn the more obscure facets of the game. There is no limit to the map size so if you wanna be a lone wolf you still can. The owner is very serious about keeping the server up indefinitely so building your first base on it just helps add to the history.

Anyway I wanted to bump because the server owner is doing an event:
>Also I am gunna do an art competition in og soon like last year. Winner gets a 60 dollar steam game, three vs keys donated in their name to the bread, or maybe cash like I did last year but paypal is attached to my name so eh.
>3x3x3 is the max size (can be smaller). Last year was 3x3x1 and was gunna be paintings but mael won with a lake monster. Ideally religious art is going to be the theme. It will be around Christmas time. So any in server religions (cult of the bee, seasonal offerings, order of chef) or irl (orthodox, zoro, buddhist, really whatever). Can be like a in game pixel art painting or sculpture. I will do the same as last year prizes and up it. It. 100 dollars worth of games, keys, or maybe btc/cash will be first place. Second will be 30 dollars worth. I forgot who got second but you can ask either winners I did deliver. Maelbek got cash.
(not the same thread but I will be competing on behalf of mlpol by making an Aryanne statue)
The deadline for the competition is Dec 18thish and you may start whenever.
Server IP:

Origin of what is unreal.
The Crucified
Paranormal activities, become a glimpse of what is true to you, when using mind alternating forces.
Our brain is capable of doing more and receiving more from its environment than the most people think and a way to activate more Brain capacity is state prohibited.
They threw us into the world, raided of it's magic, stuffing us into the society like the slaves of Moloch.
We should dance and sing and feel the fresh of nature. There the paranormal lies. And it should be our goal to recapture this magic to truly live the experience of the earthly-mage. Oh, oh, brothers, trust me in sincerity, when I tell you of the beautiful fields of blossom within our mind. Let it grow.

Element of lust game discussion thread
141769 142287
Element of lust will be an rpg game about berry punch trying to survive in the new apocalyptic world. some previews, screenshots and other stuff will be occasionally dropped here.
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>Filly and Elkie.exe
what have you done to me, /mlpol/? Like, wtf is this dialog even?
166194 166200
And of course there is this gem...

That counts for a sneekpeak quota, right? Okay, cool, see you next year.
I'm genuinely happy that you haven't been killed by globohomo.
I may be a newfag and a shy little lurker but I can stay silent no longer



Did you know it was going to be Puckman but because the guys in charge expected people to deface Puckman and scratch away part of the P to make it say Fuckman they decided to change the name to Pac-Man?

Occupied Equestria - Last Broadcast
165002 165005
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Yes. Silver sees a bank of several televisions playing broadcasts, along with a large control panel, and black tables with several reels of film.
Amber goes further and further, but the night drags on. Amber's claws drag on too, as the ground goes from damp to outright covered in water. Eventually, the terrain is more or less impassible, becoming sunken forest.
Silver "The Floof" Sword
Oh, televisions! This is the first time Silver has gotten to see so much television broadcasting. What are they playing?
Amber Sunset
This is an unfortunate development, and Amber becomes worried that, despite the assurances of her friends, it will be impossible to traverse anywhere in the direction they need to go. Nonetheless, the party turns right and skirts the edge of this impassible terrain.
Just a little post to show this isn't abandoned. I'll continue the story sometime soon, when I am less busy
It's ok fren, take all the time you need!

maxresdefault (2).jpg
File (hide): 721F22539ADDA9BEEA97291DB3C993ED-32419.gz (31.7 KB, Listing of : Crescent Chasm.h3m Size Date Time Name -------- -------- ------ --------- 0 01-01-70 00:00 , Crescent Chasm.h3m)
Crescent Chasm.h3m
Heros 3
So I actually make heroes 3 maps sometimes. This is the best one I have ever made. So yeah, download it if you feel like it.

There are some minor errors that I know but they do not ruin the map. Will adress them later but right now, I don't feel satisfied with any cahnges I make to the map. It's still too precious to me for change right now.

>Have ou notice how in pic the defending army has lower moral due to the mixing of three different aligenment
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I messed up should have been return with shackels of war. Oh well.
Are custom units possible?
Yes, but not from the editor alone. You have to be more skilled with programming than I am and such. But there's proof of it since the Hota and Wog mod exists with custom units.
He Who Strikes.png
HWS Details 1.png
HWS Details 2.png
File (hide): 601E76D15575054B1E87DD98DAC33F23-22062.gz (21.5 KB, Listing of : He Who Strikes First Wins.h3m Size Date Time Name -------- -------- ------ --------- 0 01-01-70 00:00 , He Who Strikes First Wins.h3m)
He Who Strikes First Wins.h3m

2v4 upside.png
2v4 underground.png
File (hide): B7B85E2C03057FBE00223D4FE3D27B50-30788.gz (30.1 KB, Listing of : 2v4.h3m Size Date Time Name -------- -------- ------ --------- 0 01-01-70 00:00 , 2v4.h3m)

Have any Heroes 3 maps ever done the idea of "multiple continents" right?

chad meat points.png
RPG/Tabletop Memes
Post 'em
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>they accomplish fuck all even with incalculable riches
Iirc, that's not unlike what the Tolkien dwarves were like before they lost their homeland: happy, merry go-lucky folk who spent their days making toys and singing songs and whatnot. Their rugged and tough demeanor was a consequence of centuries of strife and hardship.
In d&d, that niche was given to gnomes, which is part of why I consider d&d gnomes to be a bit poorly designed for being too similar to many of the other races, particularly dwarves. Pathfinder does them better.




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