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Welcome to the new /vx/ board - Videoganes and Paranormal! Just as mlpol was born of the merging of two wildly different topics into a single merged board, this board combines the topics of 4chans /v/, /x/, and /tg/ boards. And while /vint/ did not live on as we did, this board pays homage to the board, created and killed by an indifferent 4chan administration, in the flags that adorn this board.

As this is a new board, it does not have a firmly established set of rules. Unlike 4chan, this is a user driven site, and we are looking for user input into what the rules of this new board should be. Post your suggestions in the comments
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Why does this board have flags and image IDs anyway? Neither /v/ nor /x/ had them. I guess the flags could have been in the spirit of our sister board /vint/, but /vint/ didn't have poster IDs either.
The flags should go.
The flags are a testament to /vint/, but /vint/ notably did not have IDs.

Occupied Equestria - Get Away
Now, on Occupied Equestria: Silver is storming the Ministry building to find a changeling bomb. Posey is making her get away from unknown hostiles after an adventure in the city. Amber is trying desperately to flee the country. All of that, and more
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Posey will likely return to converse with Lament tonight.
At some point around dawn, she'll rest for the day, to take care of Gloomy (feeding, bathing, playing, cuddling, etc) and recover her Arcane spell slots (takes 8 hours of non-adventuring).

For now, I sleep, because I must wage-slave again tomorrow. Let's maybe pick up at the next point Posey meets Lament and start the conversation from there.
If nothing of note happens before the end of the night (Lament not having anything new to say in conversation), or during the next day, I would like to list Posey's spell slots as recovered.
Posey encounters Lament standing in the manor, between the entry staircases of the foyer, and looking back through the hall towards the entrance that opens the manor to the garden. Precisely when, how, or under what circumstances this meeting takes place, and what, if anything, was said before, are not so important as what he says.
Lament wears a persistent smile that is expressive not so much of an intent to smooth relations with those around him, as of the joy of a mischievous plan well executed.

"Tell me, Posey. Do you wish to harm the enemies of the Dread League, or to enrich yourself by robbing the graves of those who came before?" He blinks, and a brief pause my cause Posey to think the answer sincere. But then he continues

"As I thought. As you well know, more necromancers and vampires of the dread league come from Equestria than any other principality, at least besides the Dread League itself. And yet, Equestria is, or rather, is very nearly, Lich and Vampire free. Why is that? Why would lords and mages choose to live in the frozen wastes, rather than the mansions, castles, and holds they built for themselves, or inherited by right of blood?" He blinks again with that same smile.

This time, he actually waits for Poesy's reply
169443 169444
>"Tell me, Posey. Do you wish to harm the enemies of the Dread League, or to enrich yourself by robbing the graves of those who came before?"
"My duty is to forward the interests of the League, through diplomacy, infiltration, subversion and conquest. Killing and plundering are... perks of the job." Posey replies
"So, yes, yes indeed."

>why is that
At this, Posey's expression sours, almost glum. She shakes her head slowly, as if
"... I would say, hubris, and apathy." She begins
"I think you're mistaken, vampires and liches do inhabit castles and mansions all over the world; it's because of that that you never hear about them. They lock themselves away and revel in their powers, lifting not a single hoof to change the war around them. Vampires especially prefer secrecy over infamy: they're content to feed off of populations of ponies, hiding in plain sight. They're selfish and hubristic creatures, who care not of the world of mortals beyond their personal enjoyment, and notoriously hate the prospect of creating more of their kind, beyond that which they can personally control." At this, she grits her teeth, with a bit of a grimace, the topic
"Liches are perhaps the opposite: having spent centuries in pursuit of knowledge and greed, they lose sight of themselves. As their senses dull and all worldly pleasures become but distant memories, they lose all ambition. They lose passion for what they once valued, and forget the reasons for why they transformed in the first place. With nothing left to live for, they lock themselves away in their towers and dungeons, pouring over their tomes and gathering dust for all eternity, or perhaps in fruitless pursuit of whatever research they never completed in their lives." She continues
"Vampire Lords... Liches... Within this world, such beings could use their powers to change the world, and yet they squander it, having their decadent parties or wallowing in self-pity..." the frustration in her face is now obvious
"The purpose of the league was to wage war on life, but until recently, it was plagued with infighting, between hubristic Lords of the Coven so gluttonous and self-serving that they're hardly better than changelings, and the liches who so jealously guard their research that they forget what it was for in the first place..."
Wow, that came out horribly. It's what I get for typing it over the course of two hours.
"Correct, dear Ring, but you evade the question. Why do we prefer secrecy to infamy? Why hide at all? The reason is obvious. The elk, hunted by the wolf, kicks back. It sometimes kicks the alpha predator in the teeth, dooming it to slow starvation. So too it is with the ponies. They've wisen up over the generations; Equestria had not even formed before the first professional monster hunters and vampire slayers came about, with their special prayers and enchanted weapons. Worse, they began to organize. First it was a hunters guild. Then, the Equestrian Inquisition launched a special subsection to look for necromancers and vampires. But the last few sets of nails to keep the dead in their coffins - for a while, anyways - came when a combination of guilds were given monopoly to work as a single organization under the blessing and direction of the Princess. It was known by several names, but always the same acronym; founded as the Secret Monster Interdiction League of Equestria. Its force of well trained, well-funded, and well equipped slayers and hunters completed the exodus the Inquisition had started. Every unsanctioned necromancer, and every single vampire that dared give a hint as to its own existence found a stake driven through its heart by their agents. Not to imply the Princess stopped with the undead..."
He sighs

"Just over twenty years ago, the organization celebrated killing the alleged last vampire in all of Equestria just a couple hours east of here; a vampire from a family in White Severyana who holed up in the forest southwest of New Horseleans. It gives me no small amount of joy that the organization was just last year finally splintered into a thousand pieces and scattered to the winds. But some of those pieces still remain. I have my sources... I have it on good authority that the agent responsible for killing that last vampire has been hiding in Fillydelphia. He is making the trip back to the Hayseed Forest to locate the lair of that last vampire. It was missed, or at least, ignored by the hunters two decades ago, and he believes that he alone can find it. That lair, he says, holds a large amount of gold belonging to its former inhabitant, among other things. He intends to retrieve it."

“Now tell, me, Rosie Ring. Would you have any interest in perhaps engaging in a little interdiction of your own?”

Spiritual War as a Christian
6745 166843 166863
Forgive them.
Command that which ails you thus:
"Go to my GOD, and to my lord Jesus Christ and pray with all thine heart, all thine mind, all thine spirit, all thine faculties, all thine body, all thine strength, all thine being, and all thine self. Pray as one ought. Pray GOD turns your heart to GOD. Pray GOD turns all you are towards GOD. Amen."
Peace be upon you.
You shall know them by their works, send them. By name, by being, by identity, by identifier, by fruit, by work, or by which you name It.
Speak/Think at It.
Send them.
Be not glad you command such, be glad your name is written in heaven.
Be glad.

Partake in the Good Word. Pray so as to talk with GOD, Jesus Christ, your guardian angel. Turn towards GOD and give everything and more.
For your Wife/Husband, your children, your mother, your father, your brother, your sister may also be prayed in this way.
For Catholics they must be by Blood.
For everyone and everything else.
Do thus:
"My GOD, I ask to be in accordance with your will. I ask that my words and works are in accordance with your will. I ask what ought I do?"
-t. Anonymous. Source: in accordance.
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>a non-White self proclaimed prophet
>God speaks to him and he relays the message to us
Ahem. Don't you think this is going too far?
All self-proclaimed "prophets" in the modern day are full of shit.
>Going too far.
Fair enough.
I'll stop imitating the flat Earth thread from now on.
Why was I acting like a fag? Because I'm OP, more to the point spiritually hungering because I lost sight of what actually mattered.

--Long and Short so nobody has to trawl through the rest of the thread--
That said read the Bible Jesus the Word He's your friend. I'm fallible.
So on one hand God has already won. On the other God wants to invite us to do some winning.
Belief in Jesus and His finished work reunites all of us to be able to hang out with God, and Jesus, and the Holy Spirit.
Everything God has is Jesus' and now is also yours.
There's one requirement for any of the below to be rewarded.
It has to come from the Heart.¹
Partaking in the Scriptures (Bible, God's word) also counts.
Talking and listening (prayer) with God(Father)/Jesus/Holy Spirit is rewarded.
Thinking (meditation) about/with God(Father)/Jesus/Holy Spirit is rewarded.
Doing loving actions towards people (and hostile infested people who would do us harm) is rewarded.
Suffering properly, is another rebuke towards the Adversary, which is rewarded.
Resting in God, it's the active way of relying on God, is rewarded.
Trusting God is rewarded.
God knows, that where your treasure is your heart is too. By having God your greatest treasure he pours forth His riches, in the most important way.
By deepening the relationship (He's Love and Good and Wise and Power and Cares), then other rewards that are forever, and then minutia required where it's temporary.
God wants to lavish you in/with everything, as we currently are we'd have some issues of sorts.

On the subject of belief/faith with a more than all powerful and wise and loving God.
The Adversary and everything is on the leash by God. As in God's sovereignty is never in question.
Which means all this is to refine, remove defects, dispense rewards, help others and build the relationship with God.
The best way is to be pliable clay for God.
How? By thinking/praying to God. God already knows us all better than we know ourselves.

¹Heart is there due to the Holy Spirit moving upon you also in you.
The scripture is the required diet so the soul has the properly set foundation and healthy everything.
God literally thinks about sees and maintains everything while also being God.
By having God as number one as it should be. Everything works.
Trying to put anything else in number one spot, God will give your experiment a go and let that try running mostly everything. As you might expect shit hits the fan per se.
When God is number one God is 'allowed' to 'properly' be God in you. As in The One Who Loves You is 'allowed' to love you.
Which brings us back to The Heart of the matter, The Holy Spirit is working like God all the time (if it's for your loved one is it really work?) Ensuring prayers are as they ought to be rather than some monkey paw retardation, showing how awesome Jesus and God is, doing much more integral work.
God loves cooperation so does Jesus and so does The Holy Spirit.
When reading the Word (Jesus), the Holy Spirit has the internal material to do His thing. With God (and Jesus and The Holy Spirit) as number one, The Holy Spirit is 'allowed' and welcomed to do so.
Which means He lives in you doing house keeping and renovation.
Which means better relationship with God and God's more present in your life.

<What happens if that's not the case.
God's going to remove the person's head from their ass one way or another.

>Prayer topics.
Essentially what God already promised.
(God isn't LIMITED. Time doesn't factor for this past present future. God wanting your cooperation though is a different matter.)
<Our Father, prayer.
<Praying for more of God.
<Those in Captivity/Bondage/Slavery/Yolks are Freed (Chucks out Spiritual evils because you asked. God is not LIMITED so be sure to specify God has free reign.)
<For the bruised to be healed. (Spiritual, Soul, Body, Mind, Relationships ect.)
<For God to go before and behind them. (Keep hostile Spiritual forces out and away.)
<For them to know Jesus and believe and accept His completed work. (Glorifying the Son and the Father and the Holy Spirit and loving one another.)
<For them to be loved by God (which God already does it's part of the cooperating in doing reality stuffs, also nice.)
<For God's will to be done. (As usual re-covers everything.)
<Just saying Thank You. (God likes that.)
Thank (You) All for putting up with my bullshit.
Here is a random hand picked Bible verse(s), because it was between two verses here they are.
Joel 1:20
Joel 2 (in full?)
>So typing into my note collection. Pasted as is.
A Biblical Meme (should) operates like a pamplette or stained glass or a painted interpretation or a song.
I would guess that a Holy Spirit lead Meme would be a unique category of expression.

<Right now 11:51 28 thurs sept (image popped into my head)
<A Cut out of the Cross, the inside of the cross has a mirror/reflective surface.
<Background is how it all should be.
<Edge of the cross is rough wooden wood.

Flat Earth.
1509 4019 5913 148618 148626 148828 149171 150423 157834 158095 163824 314360 316874 316929 317121 329047 334990 360796 360797 361909 363949 363950
This thread is meant to debunk the deranged idea that our realm is a planet floating in space.
If the so called established science can't be challenged, then it's not science, but religion.
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Do you feel clever screenshotting the same post that I can already see in front of my own eyes? You think that proves anything that hasn't already been said?
169420 169422
>Do you feel clever screenshotting the same post that I can already see in front of my own eyes?
Actually is kinda charity I'm doing with you. By helping you to see what you refuse to see, I'm doing doing the Lord's will. Even if I only get scorn in return.
I can already see it quite well. I just disagree with your implication.
You can see this stuff on earth. If you look down at a salt flats from the top of the hill, the white plane looks so bright it's blinding to look on that direction, but if you're standing in the middle of the flats it looks normal and unremarkable.
>God made me do all what I do
Please stop slandering God's good name.

Fuck minecraft 1.19.84. Play Vintage Story.
166159 166184 166202
~ Vintage Story shill thread ~
Today I am going to take the initiative of enlightening you autists on a better Minecraft alternative called Vintage Story.

What is Vintage Story?
> Vintage Story is an uncompromising wilderness survival sandbox game inspired by lovecraftian horror themes. Find yourself in a ruined world reclaimed by nature and permeated by unnerving temporal disturbances. Relive the advent of human civilization, or take your own path.
> Trailer: https://youtu.be/NJjifFq1NGY

What are its features?
> Microblock chiseling to fullfill your every antisemetic or autistic desire
> Beyond sexy world generation with REEEalistic geology and mineral dispersion
> Written in chad C++ instead of virgin Java
> Anarcho-Primitivism!
> Seasons and climates
> Automatically managed server mods
> Based community
> Native land claim support

So what are you waiting for anon? Spam NIGGER on your minecraft account, get banned, then come and play Vintage Story today!
Free Key: https://account.vintagestory.at/createaccount?gamekeycode=vHm21EG4nPTKaDylgQsWju7yVx%2BT%2FpwPLdt4eRMMAqM%3D
Crack: https://thepiratebay.org/description.php?id=63310107 (use at own risk)
Servers: /vm: Dove's:

VVV Minecraft/Bill hate thread or questions/comments below VVV
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It is definitely a time sink. Resources are not homogeneous like minecraft. Each place has unique mineralogy and it is very easy for a new player to be stuck in the stone age from lacking a particular thing. For example sometimes you must travel thousands of kilometers to find limestone or hematite which is needed to craft with leather and make iron tools respectively. There are also alot of chores to do when playing solo just to maintain your base. If I were you I would pirate it or something just to give it a quick glance. Then if you want to play in earnest come to the grassless server and anons can give you a hand. (I think pirate accs work but maybe not cause we have had issues recently) The game is much more suited to groups as people tend to fill various niches and scale them up so that the excess can benefit everyone leading to more free time. It is easier for once person to scale up what they are good at than it is to solo everything constantly switching gears only to scrape by.
File (hide): 361ECBD423F59E059E04A25AC8C29E7E-10427617.mp4 (9.9 MB, Resolution:1280x720 Length:00:00:38, 3zy5dn.mp4) [play once] [loop]
Small update. Pony mod is in the hands of a severe autist so it shouldn't take too long but we'll see.
Amazing. I would play the game non-stop with ponies around.
Well, holy moly. I'm doing a bit of research on the game before turning in, and it looks like it's on the Humble Store. That makes it a lot easier to bite the bullet and get a copy of the game.
File (hide): E4EA75B966C4562F1FD144757B8E0616-15905237.mp4 (15.2 MB, Resolution:1920x1080 Length:00:00:48, cz8awg.mp4) [play once] [loop]
Ourguy says it's progressing good. Looks like the basic classes and flying stamina is set up.
It's going to be fun. Can't wait to get the whole package.

Post to this thread every time you visit /vx/
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One of these threads.
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169281 169282
People latched onto The Matrix as a symbol of counterculture and conspiracy because it's easy to get into and it's low-effort to read.

It's fun movie, but it's neither a bastion of truth, nor a good translation of the spiritual landscape at large. The low-effort-premise is both what caused it's rise but its ultimately it's greatest weakness too. The premise of "the modern world" being a simulation, while "the real world" is a post-apocalyptic hellscape runs fundamentally backwards to the Astral Plane and it's existence.

"The real world" in the matrix is a sterile, broken, shattered world where there is nothing but ash, blackness, scattered rocks, and machines dependent on humans to keep them powered. The Astral is a multidimensional, flourishing, complex, vibrant, and varied infinite that contains just as much good as it does evil. The "agents" of the Matrix are malicious entities whose only goal is to destroy dissident, they are emotionless, unfeeling, and seemingly-all-powerful. The Astral is spectal in it's entity hierarchy, there are beings that range in all power-levels from weak little insects all the way up to literal-not-hyperbole-gods, their nature of good and evil being all over the place, from black and white to all sorts of weird shades that seemingly make no sense to mortals.

Even then, the entire premise of the matrix being about "needing humans as a power source" is completely insane, given that nuclear energy could power the entirety of the machine network without the need for test-tube babies and their "perpetual warmth". But then again, this is a fault of low-effort writing looking to make things more cyberpunk-dystopian-conspiracy rather than actually thinking a universe through.

Despite all the spiritual themes and all the religiousness of humanity in "the real world" the rest of humanity seems to have forgotten about all the mental work that spiritual gurus from many religions have taught. This would allow them to effectively work around or even nullify the whole "your mind makes it real" problem that causes people to get hurt or die in the matrix, the only problem is, this would basically a cheat code that undoes any stakes the series needs for plot convenience.

Believe it or not, the "balancing the equation," stuff in revolutions, which is criticized as one of the dumbest parts about the matrix franchise, is low-key one of it's better ones, spiritually. If not because of dumb luck on the writing's part. The thing about "the equation," is actually that IRL it's Karma that is equivalent to "the equation" in the matrix. Karma is also, really, really weird, and is often given credit for doing things that justice should be given credit for.

Also, Mr whats-his-fuck who programmed the girl in the red dress, and his spiel on "tastes like chicken" is dumb as fuck, because anyone who actually eats different meats knows that most meats usually have distinct tastes on their own. The "tastes like chicken" trope only exists either as a shitty joke in movies or television, or because people actually, functionally have no taste.
169286 169309
>Even then, the entire premise of the matrix being about "needing humans as a power source" is completely insane, given that nuclear energy could power the entirety of the machine network without the need for test-tube babies and their "perpetual warmth". But then again, this is a fault of low-effort writing looking to make things more cyberpunk-dystopian-conspiracy rather than actually thinking a universe through.
This has always been the stupidest part. The machines could just use nuclear or geothermal energy to power themselves. No matter how much energy that humans bodies produce, it would take more energy to keep them alive.
The Matrix is based on Plato's allegory of The Cave, with the machines being the Form Holders. The "humans as fuel" world-building may be lazy and stupid, but the point is to create a motive for the matrix to exist: the concept that somebody benefits from keeping you in the cave and stopping you from experiencing the true reality.
>anyone who actually eats different meats knows
In his defense, he's never eaten real meat. Maybe in the matrix chicken really does taste like everything. I thought he was funny.
It's actually middle managers and looming bosses saying that machines use Brains as processors or RAM is too complex for the small brain audience to understand.
So forced to change from what makes sense to that or else.
Why would they use brains when they could just use computers?

General Paranormal Happenings Thread
107203 107204 107206 107207
This board has vidya, this board has gaymes, but this board doesn't have any active paranormal threads as far as I can tell.
>Post Paranormal experiences!
>Post spooky pictures so that people don't forget this thread exists if you don't have any of those!
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>But do not just call users "shills" for no reason other than that they disagree. We don't need that here.
You can be sure I will when shilling is detected. Disagreement is one thing, apologizers and defenders of the indefensible are a totally different matter.
That's still not shilling.
Call it that when you find evidence that shareblue is targeting us. Then we'll talk about the skills.
Nope if that anon ignores the evidence and, as you said, gives opinions. Then the shill labels is well deserved.
You're ignoring the evidence of the definition of a shill. You're ignoring the context it's supposed to be used in. You're ignoring the severity of the term and how excessive use of it relates to this site's history and the downfall of 4/pol/. You're ignoring the actual damage you're doing to this site's community by misusing the term. You're ignoring the opportunity to make a coherent and convincing argument by flinging ad homenim.
If you spent even one quarter of the time you spent arguing the necessity of the term "shill" on an actual argument to refute Anon's post, maybe people who read this thread might've actually been convinced by it; maybe you might've taught them something. But you did not do that, because you prefer ad homenim to actually arguments and you feel so sure of yourself in your petty meme-speak that you ignore how misusing terms like "shill" has eroded its meaning and encouraged other retards to say it whenever they fucking want.
>In that respect, Alex Jones is not schizoid at all and redpilled millions. In any case it is you who is suffering from Stockholm Syndrome and talk like a good automaton.
Reread my post next time, please. I was saying --the lady-- was schizoid, not Alex Jones. Alex Jones knows exactly what he's doing, but he's saving nobody but himself.

>It looks like you know the inner works of the cult but you are being forthcoming neither honest. Shilling perhaps?
Nah. I've simply heard enough of the organization and have seen enough to not to assume that every human being in that organization is evil, or enabling evil. It's just like the churches of abrahamic religions, police departments, schools, businesses, etc.

Every group has it's branch that is complete shitheads. Just assuming everybody in a single group-order or job style is letting fear make your decisions for you.


Why did you need two different posts to reply to my single post?
I need to proofread before I post more often.I meant to say:

"Just assuming everybody in a single group-order or job-style --is evil-- is letting fear make your descisions for you."

Occupied Equestria - Awakening
167005 167012
Ambergriff wonders her way through the bog at night, looking for safety. Silver leads a heroic assault on the infiltrators before they can destroy the city. Both will have to wake soon...

Hopefully Spark's line will continue soon as well.
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Amber Sunset
"Frequencies can be imitated. Bandits have become more bold and clever, learning from Blackrock. A few trains have been ordered to stop and then robbed by bandits pretending to be the authorities. This is why codes have been recently introduced."
Rolling diplomacy: [1d20+4 = (11+4) = 15]
168996 168997
"Yeah, yeah. I just want to be clear of there. If we go north, we'll probably have one more check point, but we should be fine." He answers, still driving, though if Posey thought they had any likelihood of being ambushed, she'd be uncomfortable with these streets that are more cramped than the ones she left.

Bluff. It's called Bluff.

He looks anxious and uncertain. He picks up a receiver, and calls into it.

"This is HB 211. Can you give me the confirmation code. Over."

Response, a few seconds later,
"Confirmation code? This is Germar Grismonde of the Imperial Inquisition. You are to stop the train immediately. There may be fugitives aboard."
"Hmmm, fair point. I'll leave it to you, Mason." Posey says
She takes a moment to recline, counting the spoils of her adventure
Amber Sunset
Amber puts on as serious a demeanor as she can manage while feeling so jittery.

"Look, if he was telling the truth, he won't keep his job long because the blame for not stopping will fall on him. But if we stop and it is indeed bandits–because this is exactly the sort of thing they would try–every single passenger will be robbed or worse. Do you want that weighing on your conscience?"
"Are you sure they will always have a confirmation code?" He asks Amber.

But they barely have to wonder. Just ahead, looking out the window (of course through the side, the boiler is in the way directly ahead), they can see the alleged officers. Or at least, the engineer can. The train is almost stopped, though not quite.

"Oh look. They look like they have police uniforms to me." He says
New Thread!

She finds that she has a knife, an 8-inch pot, a mask, a small... fetish? totem thing? and a bracelet.

Hoi4: Equestria at War Modding
I might as well make a thread in preparation and to encourage me to keep focused.

I am working on restoring the Aryanne mod for Equestria at War. I plan to do a bit more with the concept to expand what you can do with the choice. I have so far copied the MARESOC event so when Aryanne is picked, it should launch a new focus tree that is a direct rip from that tree.

I need some practice with the system still, so I can't promise when it will be ready. I am testing several different aspects of the mod like ideologies and music, nothing super fleshed out yet. But it is slowly coming together. I will update with more info as I go. Also, I can add just about any music to the game, so share your songs and any ideas you have that you would like to see.
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Luckily, this game is built around text for the most part. A whole system of making pop-up boxes appear which the Equestria at War devs use to make whole fanfics about the world. Flavor text is the main feature outside the actual gameplay of moving units across a map.
>first days on /mlpol/ when someone had expressed each of the Elements as an aspect of optimistic fascis
I would be greatly interested in a thread on this, if you're up for the task.
Really! I guess what I saw of Civ with Gandhi is kinda similar to HoI4 then, hell if you want someone to help in writing for that mod then hit me up! (You know which nig I am, haha~)
I dunno about a whole thread dedicated to it, unlike some people I don't think every singular commentary deserves a whole thread to argue about it. But I'll certainly offer a basic sort of summary for you, from memory.

Good humor, positive stoicism of sorts. During times of hardship this may be the most valuable of all the elements, save for Loyalty. Everypony has their limit, when it comes to hardship, but with Laughter bonds are strengthened, and in sharing their burden with those who sympathize and can offer some mirth, their burdens are shared and all can aid in lifting their spirits.
Arguably the most important of the five elements beneath Magic. Without Loyalty, individuals have no one to look to, no shoulder to cry on, no support in trying times, nothing to fight for or to believe in after their death. Loyalty to family, blood, empire, culture, or to religious order, whatever it may be, as long as the fascistic order unites everyone under some banner, their unity is the very glue that keeps the civilization alive, and as such deserves a spot near the top of the list.
While pride in the people around them may be important, without Honest reflection on one's mistakes, one is doomed to repeat mistakes, whether personal or civilizational. Honesty keeps all on a morally righteous path and defends against the dishonesty and immorality that often rots at a people. Openness to new information and willingness to set aside one's pride means advancing many things, from culture to scientific understanding. Honesty, in another word, is humility. Combined with Laughter, it allows a people to keep themselves focused on what's most important: connections with their folk, through thick and thin. Honesty and ambition together allow for industry to grow, and Honesty and Kindness ensure that nobody's nurturing nature is taken advantage of. A well oiled machine fueled by Honesty is one with as few bad gears as possible, meaning less difficulty in things such as law enforcement or business regulations.
When you are among doves, act as a dove. The Loyalty and Laughter of the folk are accented by an underlying Kindness. All ponies are attuned to the fears, anger and hardship of their folk, and do their best to spread that kindness around by looking after one another. In hard times, there must be outreach for the disadvantaged, and in a functioning society, this Kindness is reciprocated to those who initially gave it; no social debt ought to remain unpaid. Do not let this manifest in an expectation of repayment, of course; Generosity is that which fuels Kindness.
Hoof in hoof with Kindness, Generosity is the other side of the coin. Where Kindness is nurturing however, Generosity is the willingness to treat what you have as unnecessary and offer what you can to others, not with expectation but with the satisfaction that your offerings will bring in itself. Your karma will be repaid in due time, as all acts and things are destined to trend toward entropy.
All the Elements together come together to create Magic, and empower it greatly. Your fellow pony's adherence to Harmony manifests in Magic, which permeates all life but is most greatly shown in ponykind. Think of it as Thumos or Vril; it gives life meaning, gives individuals great power, and holds groups together. Magic is how cutie marks manifest, through working together for the mutual good of the folk and oneself, which give your fellow pony purpose and empower the spirit. When attuned to your talents and given purpose, the fruits of your labor are all the sweeter.

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Prove to me spirits exist
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Without using eye-witness testimony. I'm an atheist and want to see if you spirit believers can show evidence.

Documentations of others being "possessed" isn't evidence, could just be a matter of mental health issues.
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I wouldn't consider Satanists to be a credible authority on anything spiritual.
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Well, the satafags tinker with the spiritual world all the time, on the christian side only exorcists adventure in it, and atheists have no idea what they are talking about.
Atheists are the only ones who don't claim to have knowledge outside of the material world.
Technically the agnostics as well.
You have no idea what you are talking about as well.
This kind of stuff is just larpy bullshit designed to trigger easily-baited Christian boomers, same as the “after-school Satan clubs.” For one thing there’s nothing especially noteworthy or difficult about summoning demons in the first place, you can do it in your living room if you really want to. Second, there’s no reason to summon one unless you have some specific objective or task that you want it to carry out. Making a mass spectacle out of summoning a demon just to say “hi” to it and then send it back makes no sense and probably wouldn’t work. Also, it looks like there’s a lot of silly new-age cat lady bullshit baked into this too, how to “trap” demons that cause negative thinking and that kind of nonsense. Nobody who actually understands or practices any sort of magic/evocation would waste their time on anything this silly. This is just a publicity stunt done for the amusement of normies, ignore it.

“Satanism” doesn’t actually exist, at least in the sense that there is no actual religion devoted to the worship of an entity called Satan. Satanism is basically just secular humanism or atheism with edgier aesthetics.
>satafags tinker with the spiritual world all the time
No they don't. They're larpers.

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