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File: 1545163160025.png (2.36 MB, 1500x2000, 216304__safe_artist-colon-….png)

f23d8 No.72927[View All]

Welcome back to Occupied Equestria, an RP set in a conquered Equestria, using D&D 3.5e mechanics, and based in large part on the My Little Pony mod for Hearts of iron 4, Equestria at War

The party has successfully stopped the Communists of Baltimare from importing guns and foreign advisers in preparation for a revolt. They have also raided a Griffin freighter involved in arms trafficking, and are prepared to leave and end their long night.
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9cdc0 No.74648

Let him enjoy his meat.
He takes a quick look at the menu, to see if they have some sort of roast available.

e528e No.74649

File: 1545525775257-0.gif (61.58 KB, 475x560, 1487546__suggestive_artist….gif)

e528e No.74650

File: 1545526196752-0.jpg (123.75 KB, 500x888, 347170__safe_edit_edited s….jpg)


f23d8 No.74651

For Ash and Iron, the sunset is coming soon. This facility is abandoned, and dominated by grey walls and roofs. It looks a little larger, and has some concrete areas around it. The whole lot has a chain linked fence around it that is locked

A couple ponies prancing by give him dirty glances through the window… Even though he is not the only pony inside this particular shop. At least he's not a Changeling.

Yes, there is a roast. Cow flesh. A polar bear at the other end seems to be enjoying the roast. A griffon waiter takes the order

"Glimmer by Starlight" by Frank Sintrota, a popular love song, is played by the band

Blue Skies: "D'aww"


e528e No.74652

File: 1545526558417-0.jpg (61.07 KB, 798x425, comet-ping-pong-pizza-pizz….jpg)

Dice rollRolled 11 + 14

>This facility is abandoned
Sister Ash looks around furiously for any signs that might lead her to a clue, as does her dog.
Rolling survival
>Cow flesh
Wtf?! Burn this satanic hellhole to the ground.

abad3 No.74653

Iron is not that bothered. "We can go inside. I will just jump over the chain link fence and buck the lock there. After that, it should be easy to explore for clues." Iron starts unstrapping all of his armor for that inmediate jump.

9cdc0 No.74654

Dice rollRolled 12 + 3

Listen: While he waits for the roast to be cooked, he decides to see if he can't overhear some of the other patrons' conversations.

e528e No.74655

At this point, she's so frustrated that she just walks through the fence by melting it.

f23d8 No.74656

Alright, I'm definitely starting a new thread soon

A set of tire tracks appears more recent than the evident closure of the facility, and disturbed dust and dirt suggest hoof prints

Alright, I want to see this dice roll

REEEEE! I want to see iron attempt to jump over a fence

e528e No.74657

Melting sounds funnier though…

98f09 No.74658

"i thought you'd like that."

9cdc0 No.74659

>Alright, I'm definitely starting a new thread soon
That sounds like a good idea.

abad3 No.74660


Iron is a bit taken aback by the sudden melting of the fence, but shrugs it off and reattaches all armor pieces and picks up his shield. "I guess that works too."

f23d8 No.74661

Not nearly as funny as Iron rolling a 1 on a jump roll, getting caught on the fence, finally getting over, bucking the door open, and then realizing that he could have just bucked the door open from his side without needing to jump over to the opposite side of the fence to do it

Like I'm seriously considering nullifying that action

abad3 No.74662

I guess that would've worked too.

9cdc0 No.74663

Do it.

a0f69 No.74664

I see your "Starlight by Glimmer" and raise you "Starlight Glim-nata by Beethooven"

e528e No.74665

I mean, it takes 4 minutes to remove Full Plate, and 4 minutes to put it back on (plus, you take the hasty donning penalty for doing it without help). In that amount of time, she would have run out of patience.

9cdc0 No.74666

It's not like Ash isn't around to help with the process.

e528e No.74667

Well, that would be the point where she just goes "fuck it" and melts through the fence.

Also, checking those satanic trips.

abad3 No.74668

She's just embarrased because when she goes to take out the hoof armor, she would be inadvertinely hoofholding.

e528e No.74669

>Enough to significantly raise body temperature

9cdc0 No.74670

Come on, Iron, don't be lewd like that.

f23d8 No.74671

You know, this isn't paper we're talking about. This is a steel fence. You want to melt steel. Nirik fire may burn your bread, but does it burn hotter than Jet fuel?

The thing that amazes me about it is the felt need to jump over the fence in order to buck it. Like I get that there is probably some sort of logic behind it concerning which side the lock is on, but if we are being real, it's just as easy to buck open on one side as the other

>8 minutes
The South Tower was burning for 56 minutes before it collapsed. Can Ash burn through faster than that?

e528e No.74672

Well, it's just a chain-link fence. I envisioned her walking through it like it was nothing for comedy's sake, but whatever you say goes.

98f09 No.74673

Ash's magic cant melt steel beams

a0f69 No.74674

Illuminati confirmed

e528e No.74675

Either way, I just want to get past this thing. It doesn't look like a complicated obstacle.

f23d8 No.74676

She bats her eyes at him

Reeee don't get better puns than me

98f09 No.74677

"Do You like your sandwich?"

f23d8 No.74678

She's only just barely touched it. "Not bad. And your spaghetti?"

e528e No.74679

So? What do?

a0f69 No.74680

Fear my puns.

f23d8 No.74681

Send it to the dice gods for arbitration

98f09 No.74682

"its alright."
Dark Star reaches over and hold blue's hoof

a0f69 No.74683

That's lewd

e528e No.74684

Dice rollRolled 17


f23d8 No.74685

File: 1545529396323.jpeg (121.89 KB, 1280x720, 30C98375-E588-498B-ADF9-C….jpeg)

I’m going to assume that this was done underneath the table…

She looks over at him with wicked smile and intense blue-green eyes. This, she likes

f23d8 No.74686

Aww…. They make it through the fence

abad3 No.74687

Well, Ash's flames seem to be able to melt steel beams.

abad3 No.74688

"I suppose by your display of flames, you seem to be in a hurry. Where to now? Any idea as to where there is a clue?"

e528e No.74689

She cools down and heads toward the building.

e528e No.74690

"This place might not be empty. I'm going to check it out." She replies, her tone dead serious

abad3 No.74691

Iron is a bit annoyed by her lack of actual answer. "Alright, we shall go wherever." Iron follows as fast as she's going.

e528e No.74692

"I really don't know where this will lead next.. those tire tracks look fresh. Anyway, i'm almost certain they've been here at some point. This place looks like the perfect place for a gang to hide out." She continues

abad3 No.74693

"I see." Iron continues to follow, preparing his police shield on his armored off-hoof.

e528e No.74694

"Be prepared.. I don't think these ponies will be very easy to negotiate with.."

98f09 No.74696

Dark Star Strokes her hoof

f23d8 No.74698

e528e No.74701

Ash seems hesitant for a moment
"… Let's decide that after we meet them …" She says, her tone growing dark

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