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File: 1545531192779.jpg (77.95 KB, 604x700, 63ac69d058432e45fb4499a7b1….jpg)

29289 No.74695[Last 50 Posts]

Welcome back to thread number like 5 or 6 of Occupied Equestria, a My Little Pony RP based heavily upon the Equestria at War mod for Hearts of Iron 4, and using the mechanics of D&D 3.5, and set in South-East Equestria after it has been conquered and split between the Changelings and a foreign fascist power

Onyx is cleaning glasses, Spark has secured a contract to clear a quarry of Zombies for a real estate developer, Silver is eating meat, Ash and Iron are trying to raid what they believe to be a gangster's den, and Dark Star is holding hooves.

5533d No.74697

File: 1545531330239-0.png (166.9 KB, 400x400, 1912861__safe_screencap_ci….png)

[Determined kirin noises]

ad2df No.74700

Iron is wondering when him and Ash will reach the destination to fight. "I will be ready by then." He makes sure that he did not put his other hoof's armor as he wants to feel the hit. "Do you want ponies to be alive or dead?"

5533d No.74702

c689e No.74703

ad2df No.74704

Iron nods.

29289 No.74705

She audibly purrs, and continues smiling

And thus the facility is before her. It has many ups and downs in its roof, and 4 separate doors, one on each side and two in the center. As with the Darrien Cannery, the north side has a dock, and no ship masts can be seen over the roof of the building

d08cc No.74706


ad2df No.74707

"Shall we knock on the front door?" Iron whispers to Ash

5533d No.74708

Sister Ash enters the building through the nearest entry.
Listen check to detect creatures
>Doggo is also sniffing
"I don't think that's necessary.." Sister Ash responds

5533d No.74709

Dice rollRolled 15 + 5


c689e No.74710

What color are her eyes*

29289 No.74711

This particular glass is not a Mimic. This glass

The closest one is an entrance on the South to the right. It looks like it was once a worker's entrance

She has blue-green, same as Onyx

ad2df No.74712

What about the listen check my GM?

5533d No.74713

Sister Ash takes a deep breath, before treading into the building
".. Here goes nothing…"

d08cc No.74714

Onyx moves to the next one.

ad2df No.74715

Iron nods, then enters with her. Shield ready and hoof unarmored to punch some ponies.

c689e No.74716

"Your Eyes Are Beautiful, they're like a never ending forest."

29289 No.74717

She can here some sort of movement, deeper in the building

She is not shot nor does she spring a trap as soon as she enters the door. It's dark… This hallway is illuminated. It goes off to the left as well as the right, with a door in front of them to what looks like a normal room. The hallway to the left extends 40 feet before turning, while the one to the right extends 30 feet

29289 No.74718

"D'aww… so sweet"
Yes, she is liking this

29289 No.74719

The hallway is not illuminated by artificial light. It has windows

I feel like you should start making dice rolls on this

5533d No.74720

Dice rollRolled 3 + 3

Doggo goes ahead of the other two, going to the right.
Rolling for stealth

5533d No.74721

ad2df No.74722

>inb4 wolf crashes onto a small pile of cans

5533d No.74723

c689e No.74724

"How long before you have to go back to work?"

29289 No.74725

"I mean, they let me take an hour and a half, though it's technically one hour. We can stay here longer by maybe 20 or 15 minutes, but if you want to do anything quickly in the room before I have to go back, you need to pay and go now"

How far does she send him?

d08cc No.74726

1d20[ 1d20 = 16 ]

5533d No.74727

Far enough to peek around the corner.

29289 No.74728

Dice rollRolled 8 + 5

This glass is also not a mimic. The bar patrons are safe for another glass

When he gets to 25 feet - not yet to the corner - you can hear a very loud gunshot

d08cc No.74729

Another one
1d20[ 1d20 = 5 ]

5533d No.74730

His AC is 19.

ad2df No.74731

Iron puts himself in front of Ash. "It seems we have some company." He whispers to Ash.

29289 No.74732

Hmmm… Technically, this would not pierce the dog's hide. But it doesn't feel right to think of a shotgun blast as not penetrating dog hide

This glass is also not a mimic. Bar patrons can breathe easy

5533d No.74733

Half of that is Dex AC…
>Pierce hide
B-but.. much magic skin!

d08cc No.74734

Because I'm bored
1d20[ 1d20 = 13 ]
1d20[ 1d20 = 19 ]
1d20[ 1d20 = 2 ]

5533d No.74735

It's not just thick hide. It's magick.

29289 No.74736

Thankfully, none are Mimics

Doggo trips on something and flips the fuck back before a shotgun blast is heard. Each of you roll for luck

d08cc No.74737


5533d No.74738

Dice rollRolled 17


ad2df No.74739

Dice rollRolled 17


2a0c3 No.74740

"Hey bartender."

ad2df No.74741

Truly made to be together.

29289 No.74742

Neither is hit by ricocheting pellets, but stealth is gone it seems

40033 No.74743

"Oh hey! I got something for you"
Onyx sends the bag of 3500 bits flying at the magic hoers.
1d20[ 1d20 = 1 ]

ad2df No.74744

Iron approaches closer to the side where the shot went off and prepares to attack if the bastard goes through the corner.

5533d No.74745

Sister Ash calls her dog back moves forward with determination, hold her tower shield ahead of her as total cover.
>Is glad she brought this thing.

29289 No.74746

No adversary is seen coming around the corner

29289 No.74747

Sorcerer, roll for reflex save

29289 No.74748

Alright, to where does she go?

2a0c3 No.74749

Dice rollRolled 7

Reflex roll

5533d No.74750

She turns the corner, still using her shield as cover.

5533d No.74751

Wherever the hallway leads.

ad2df No.74752

Iron goes the corner opposite of Ash.

c689e No.74753

Dark Star Smiles
"We better hurry back then."
Dark Star motion at the waiter

5533d No.74754

Good idea.
Remember to hold up that shield. They can't shoot you so long as you have cover.

ad2df No.74755

He uses his shield as cover, then.

29289 No.74756

Dice rollRolled 2

Dice rollRolled 12 + 6

Spark is hit squarely in the chest by a huge set of bits, knocking him down

Rolling damage

It's getting dark this way, as there is no illumination. There is a door to the right, and it seems more down the hallway as it is straight. It is hard to see, and there are no visible enemies

As he nears the corner, he hears a loud damned bang. It comes from the side and thus is not protected by the shield

Maybe 50 bits for the set, including the band

ad2df No.74757

It does not seem to penerate, right?

2a0c3 No.74758

"Ow! The hay was that for?"
The sorcerer slowly gets up after the hard hit.

d08cc No.74759

"It's what I had extra"

c689e No.74760

"The Spaghetti was Fantastic."
DarkStar pays the bill plus the tip

ad2df No.74761

Also, you added an extra hit bonus for some reason.

2a0c3 No.74762

"So you decided to throw it at me?"
I gather them up before some other patron decides to swipe it.

29289 No.74763

Dice rollRolled 6, 3, 5 = 14

Iron is hit by a shotgun blast that comes from beside him. The pellets just barely pierce through the side of his armor.

This happens 5 feet before he gets to the corner, in essentially the same position as where the Dog got shot at by the same method

Well, equaling the AC is a penetration. If the shot had come from in front of him, it would not have beat the shield

d08cc No.74764

"It was the easiest way to get them to you"

5533d No.74765

Your AC is 22, right?

29289 No.74766

If that had been a pitfall trap instead, it would have been a +10 bonus on the daggers

From the front, yes. From the right side, no

5533d No.74767

Wait, are you saying that flanking negates shield bonus?

29289 No.74768

Doesn't it?

5533d No.74769

Not normally.

5533d No.74770

Dice rollRolled 12 + 5

Listen check, to hear how many shooters there are

ad2df No.74771

I guess I'm not hit then.


29289 No.74772

Blue skies canters back quickly, but still enjoys the benefits of a government job

The air in the immediate area is silent. Further away - and I mean much further away, there is movement, but the shooters either don't exist, or are perfectly silent. Ash was not shot after passing the location where the dog was shot at

5533d No.74773

Ash takes off a bucker and tosses it down the hall ahead of her, still using her door-thing as cover.

29289 No.74774

The shot comes from the side

Roll to see how far

5533d No.74775

Dice rollRolled 5 + 4


c689e No.74776

Dark star heils a taxi

ad2df No.74777

Can I attack the pony, then?

29289 No.74778

She only manages it 15 feet. It clanks, but nothing else happens

Well that's precisely the thing. There is no pony

And one comes

ad2df No.74779

Great. Just great.
Iron turns his shield around to where the shot hits him, protecting him from further shots.

29289 No.74780

It looks to be a wall, with no slots in it for an attacker to shoot through

Also, Iron is not shot again

5533d No.74781

Dice rollRolled 4 + 4

She hurls a sling bullet down the hall

5533d No.74782

Fuck you too dice!

5533d No.74783

Whatever, she uses her remaining move action to advance 15 feet in that direction.

29289 No.74784

Ash advances 15 feet. If she is only 15 feet past the turn in the hallway, she is still in the light area

ad2df No.74785

Iron slowly follows Ash, backs against eachother. "I cannot see the attacker."

29289 No.74786

Didn't you go to the opposite hallway from Ash?

ad2df No.74787

How far am I from her?

5533d No.74788

Dice rollRolled 1 + 4

"Neither can I…."
Ash hurls another stone blindly into the hallway, still hiding behind her shield

29289 No.74789

That's my question. I've had Iron advancing down the hallway opposite of Ash

ad2df No.74790

Then he back away from the corridor and go to Ash's corridor. I am backtracking my movements, still facing the corridor that I was going through.

c689e No.74791

He Gets in
"To the Hotel on [Enter Street Name Here]"

29289 No.74792

The journey to Ash's corner is uneventful, until shortly before he gets there, where he sees a stone fly back from Ash's direction and hits a window

And thus the pony takes them there. It feels a bit dangerous, but it is quick. They arrive at the steps

5533d No.74793

Dice rollRolled 4 + 4

Ash tosses one more rock, before moving another 15 feet

29289 No.74794

The sling fails to open at the proper time, hurling the stone backwards

c689e No.74795

this is what you get for saying "fuck you dice"

5533d No.74796


29289 No.74797

This one…. also fails to go very far

c689e No.74798

"Thanks Colt. How much for the ride?"

5533d No.74799

Dice rollRolled 16 + 4


29289 No.74800

"6 bits"

29289 No.74801

Now that one goes far. She eventually hears it hit what must be a wall or door

ad2df No.74802


Iron follows "Alright, let us stick together and go for one corridor. When we reach the possible door, we enter shield facing each side." Iron whispers to Ash while she does her actions.

ad2df No.74803

Position is still walking backwards, protecting Ash from flankshots.

c689e No.74804

"Here you go."
Dark Star gets out of the taxi and walks towards the hotel

29289 No.74805

Four directions. Forwards, left, right, back. Which position does Iron take?

The 15 feet is uneventful. She is now in a sort of Twilight zone, where she can't see the floor that well, although shinier objects would be visible

And thus it is so
"I had a good time" Blue is walking towards the hotel

5533d No.74806

Sister Ash continues this process, throwing rocks pathetic distances and taking short steps, all the while using her shield for cover as she makes her way down the hallway.

ad2df No.74807

Basically, the opposite of Ash's direction. If she is forwards, I am backwards.
Iron follows while she does it.

5533d No.74808

She casts Light on a rock and moves forward, levitating it ahead of her.

c689e No.74809

"i did to,i always have a good time when im with you."

29289 No.74810

Door at the end of the hallway is 50 ft down from her 30 ft, and the hallway is illuminated…. well enough

29289 No.74811

Alright, now does Dark Star enter the building with her?

ad2df No.74812

What does that even mean? Is there a door at 50ft or what?

5533d No.74813

She doesn't see any shooters or traps?
"That's… Odd…" She says, still holding her shield in front of her for cover as she creeps towards the door.

ad2df No.74814

Iron keeps her back secured with his shield as he follows her.

29289 No.74815

Roll a spot check

Door 50 ft away from her position after going 30 ft down the hallway

ad2df No.74816

Dice rollRolled 15

"Remember, there will probably be an ambush on the sides. Prepare formation when ready to breach." Iron whispers to Ash, concerned. This is an ambush haven. He decides to spot for anything that may seem dangerous.
Ah, now I get it. Thanks.

c689e No.74817

5533d No.74818

Dice rollRolled 8 + 5

Rolling with the dog instead, since he has low-light vision.

5533d No.74819

Dice rollRolled 20 + 5

… Although, 2 spotters couldn't hurt

5533d No.74820

"Got it." She replies

ad2df No.74821

I wish these were combat rolls, but if the enemy is going to be a pussy…

29289 No.74822

Down the hallway, 15ft from the door, (s)he can see in the dim light a red object and a beige object. He looks closer and can see that there is a shotgun shell affixed to a board, with a mouse trap. Even more closely, (s)he can see a fishing line strung across the hallway

Seabreeze sees the two, and Blue Skies shows a badge that she kept in her folded wing to a security officer. To the room I take it?

ad2df No.74823

"Spotted a trap. 15 hooves away from the door." Iron calls out silently.

ad2df No.74824

Geddit? Cuz ponies have hooves?

5533d No.74825

Sister Ash picks up her stick, and breaks s piece off of it as torch.
She moves ahead slowly, still using her shield as cover as she burns the threads one buy one.

5533d No.74826

*Levitating the torch

c689e No.74827

"There's Sea Breeze. He'll Probably want to talk to me. ill meet you in the room."
Dark Star pats her head

c689e No.74828

File: 1545537229409.jpg (8.11 KB, 225x225, _Comedy gold.jpg)

5533d No.74829


29289 No.74830

She can barely see the fishing line, but she does see that it burns and breaks. The one trap is neutralized

"Alright, but I have to get back soon so if you take too long I will need to go back anyways"

I take it he approaches Sea Breeze

ad2df No.74831

Dice rollRolled 14

Iron, paranoid because one of them got him, spots again for any traps.

c689e No.74832

"Good Evening,Sir."

29289 No.74833

"Dark Star!" He seems genuinely warm to him
"We've been working with the fruits of your success all morning, and we'll still be working on it for several days. Do you mind coming with me?"

5533d No.74834

She takes off her other buckler, then cowers behind her tower shield as she waves the buckler blindly all over the hallway to trigger more strings.

c689e No.74835

"uh, yes sir. right away." he looks back towards blue then looks back to Sea Breeze "um, you aren't mad about the fire are you?"

ad2df No.74836

Iron still follows, still looking backwards.

29289 No.74837

If there are any traps down that hallway, then they must be either magical or rather well hidden, because he can't see any. The one he saw earlier, and the two that have been set off, were decidedly neither magical nor carefully hidden

No shotgun sounds, nor do spikes fall down from the ceiling, nor falling rocks

He laughs
"We'll talk about this in private"

He looks to Blue Skies
"Blue, your lunch break ended 15 minutes ago. Come with us"

Sea Breeze gets up, and tries to limp towards the hallway, using his magic to lift his rear prosthetic leg

There is no one behind him. That he can see.

c689e No.74838

Dark Star Gives Blue An apologetic look

5533d No.74839

She continues to flail the buckler about as she creeps forward behind her tower shield, now taking off her medium shield and flails it through the air along with it.

ad2df No.74840

Iron notes this trap for later, ensuring he will not trigger it when they explore the corridor opposite of this one. "We seem to be safe from traps, for now. Hope we did not spook any remaining members that were stationed here," Iron whispers to Ash. "The fact that they rigged this place with them means we will find information, probably for finding your target."

5533d No.74841

"It can't hurt to make sure…" Sister says, still flailing her shields around the hallway until she reaches the door.

ad2df No.74843

Iron follows. "It is true."

5533d No.74844

Do they make it to the door?

29289 No.74845

She sighs, and lowers her head as she trots forward

Sea Breeze limps to a room that is 3 doors down, opens it, and lets the two in. Blue Skies takes a seat in the center, and Sea Breeze sits down in a chair across from where Dark Star would be sitting.

Sea Breeze says "This one here has been giving reports of what she saw and heard all morning. Well, much of the morning, but we have not heard from you.

We counted 15 dead ponies, 5 critically injured, one who died this morning and 4 in our custody, two live prisoners, 10 dead griffons - 9 of those from a sea crew - one critically injured griffon, 3 unconscious griffons who were waking up as our teams came in and taken prisoner, and one injured griffon crewgrif taken prisoner. And a Changeling with a severed head…"

Yes. It is locked

5533d No.74846

What's it made of?

ad2df No.74847

Iron pokes Ash. "We may be dealing with another one of these traps the moment we open it. If you are going to open it, then stay away from the door and specially avoid the narrow gap when opening it."

c689e No.74848

When he starts tallying of the body count dark star gets a big grin on his face and it gets even bigger when he mentions the changeling.
"yes that seems accurate to what i saw,Sir."

5533d No.74849

"It's locked…" Sister Ash replies
"I think our only option may be.. breaking it down.."

29289 No.74850

"And two dead Baltimare police officers…"

29289 No.74851

Wood and steel. And by "steel" I do not mean one of those big freezer doors, just a relatively ordinary door

ad2df No.74852

Iron is a bit annoyed. "While I can break it down, at least the lock, I may be shot by that kind of trap again. Maybe I can hit it with my back hooves while you hold your shield with telekinesis. You can do that, right?"

5533d No.74853

Dice rollRolled 20 + 5

"… It doesn't look that tough.."
"Let me try something." Ash replies
She stands back, using her shield as cover once again, levitating her greatclub, before hammering it into the door.
Roing to sunder

c689e No.74854

Dark Stars smile melts off his face
"The Changling that was impersonating marecuse gunned them down before she…it could be stopped."

5533d No.74856

ad2df No.74857

Iron clearly can see that the door is being damaged by Ash. He prepares his shield, pointing it towards the door, awaiting the incoming trap.

29289 No.74858

The door splits right down the middle. No shotgun blast goes off, and there is light on the other side

Blue Skies interrupts
"'Worker' is the term for a female Changeling"

Sea Breeze continues after that. "It looks like in terms of the objectives, the mission was a complete success. Both advisers have been killed, and 1500 rifles were intercepted and destroyed. We know Prywhen sent the Griffin, and obviously the Changeling adviser is suspected as being fro the Changeling Empire. We are still awaiting data on who sent the guns. We know now that they intend to strike in the south, although it appears that this opperation has delayed that plan significantly. We have not located all of their safehouses in the city.

The decision to send in the troops made by Blue Skies here has had, shall we say, mixed results. It allowed us to not only capture the live prisoners in time, but several that had been shot and… bandaged up? Anyways, they will be interrogated soon enough. Unfortunately the troop presence has caused suspicion among the Leftwing activists of the city, who think that we did it. But we made sure to send in reserves with, shall we say, 'unloyal' griffins, who will report back that the seen they saw included deaths caused in ways the Blackhooves don't do. I mean, two eyes stabbed out? Impalement? We are doing are best to try to avoid tipping off the Communists that we knew about their operation. Right now, we want all eyes on the Waterfront gang and on griffin shipping"

ad2df No.74859

Dice rollRolled 4

Iron does a spot check for any traps from the door onwards.

5533d No.74860

Dice rollRolled 15 + 5

Sister Ash dons a slightly smug expression as she watched Hal the door disintegrate from her strike.

She finishes jabbing away what's left of it until the hole is big enough to trot through.
Then doggo peers his head in.
Spot check

ad2df No.74861

Iron is surprised by these events, but still thinks that he could do it better. "That is some luck there."

29289 No.74862

They are in a new room now. this room has some conveyor belts in it, and seems to have once been a location where cans were packed. The room is large, at least 50ft by 80ft. No pony is immediately visible in the room. The room is illuminated by natural light coming in from over head panels

The room has a number of objects in it none of which he can identify as traps or not

ad2df No.74863

Iron awaits for Ash's recon to come back. "I think we may need that trick of light again just in case."

5533d No.74864

Ash and her dog slowly enter the room, Ash holding her shild up defensively as soon as she passes the threshold.
"I don't know what's going on here now, but somepony definitely hide.." she mutters, her tone low

5533d No.74865

*Definitely had something to hide

ad2df No.74866

Iron steps up to be next to Ash, following her sideways. "I have no idea what this is."

5533d No.74867

"Neither do I.." she replies
"But I intend to find out."

c689e No.74868

"Yea the ponies that accepted the job, were strange to say the least but they all did very well. and sir may i suggest a bonus for Miss Skies here. i would not have been able to complete the mission without her. How would i fit into the current situation,sir? Want do you need me to do?"

29289 No.74869

The conveyor belt has an L shape and sort of cuts the room in two, being 25 ft away from the wall closest to Ash, and the right wall. When Ash enters the room, she can see that there is a railing of a second floor above them over the wall where they came from. Against the far wall are a few crates, a few jugs, and cages. This room does not have obvious pony presence, and most of the floor is open, although there are some boxes closer to the center

5533d No.74870

Dice rollRolled 2 + 14

Ash looks around for any sign of recent activity, her dog sniffing to detect any scents.
Rolling survival because that's my highest mod

ad2df No.74871

Iron inspects the crates, see what's inside and other small details of importance.

5533d No.74872

Sister Ash, likewise, appears interested in the cages

29289 No.74873

Skies takes the complement, with a "D'aww"

"Well, it looks like you can be promoted to a full officer, if you so desire. We know the location of one safe house, and of some of the communists involved. We will be releasing some of the prisoners soon enough in a controlled manner, hoping they will feed back false information about how much we know, as well as following them. Unfortunately, these have seen you and your team. We will be gathering more information about the whereabouts of the communists, but we don't want to attack again in a similar manner so soon, less we tip off what we know

What sort of deployment would you like?"

This varies. Some are empty. Some have jugs of who knows what. And some have Ammunition.

Doggo quickly wiffs up a smell of something dreadful, which hurts his sense of smell

These vary in size. A large one on the far side of the room could fit a Manticore. Most are smaller. Pony sized, or bunny sized. Black painted metal.

5533d No.74874

Dice rollRolled 7 + 5

"They wouldn't have booby-trappee this place if there were nothing to hide.. They must have been covering their tracks.."
Rolling Listen to detect any creatures

ad2df No.74875

Iron shrugs and picks the ammunition up. It may sell for that vendor at Jungle Rush.

5533d No.74876

>something dreadful
What kind of dreadful?
"What's that, boy?"

29289 No.74877

Sounds coming from a different room to the far left

Anything from oil on the floor to particularly rotten fish

f6d4b No.74878

[Omnivorous Horse Noises]

5533d No.74879

"They were holding a lot of different kinds of creatures here.. more than just ponies."
*Ears twitch*
"Something's there." Sister Ash whispers, making her way towards that side of the room, with her shield up.

5533d No.74880

*Smites heretic*

c689e No.74881

"The Nun i Brought on mentioned that the water front gang foal-naps foals,i think i would like to be put on their case."

ad2df No.74882

Iron stops what he's doing and regroups with Ash. He stores all ammo picked up and stores it in his bit pouch.

f6d4b No.74883


5533d No.74884

Ash puts her glowstone in her sack to delay it's effect, taking advantage of her dog's ability to maneuver in the natural light with it's vision and smell.

ad2df No.74885

"Where is the noise coming from?" Iron whispers to Ash.

5533d No.74886

"It sounds like it's coming from that room over there. Let's check it out."

ad2df No.74887

"I do not think we can be stealthy, I say we rush the position." Iron whispers as he slowly moves towards the room Ash pointed. "When you're ready, we run for the noise."

ad2df No.74888

*you are

29289 No.74889

As Silver continues to violate the natural law with his beef roast, he can hear a couple conversations

"Did you hear about the Skyfall grand fleet?"
"Yes, It's going to affect the shipping routes for sure"

"Bullshit this herring is as good as they serve in in Nouvelle Aquellia"
"It isn't too salty though"

"That son of a mare killed my brother, and the police couldn't even arrest him"
"Well, do you expect them to? They can barely control crime as it is"

"Foal-napping, at the end of the day, is a criminal matter left to local authorities. That is not within our juridiction. One of those foals, I was told, is being held by a group of communists. We could take that child away. And if messing with the gang is you aim, there may be ways to get involved"

She can go to her left and eventually get to a door

If only you were a paladin

5533d No.74890

She makes her way over to the door quickly, holding her shield up in front of her, knowing that she's won't be able to operate stealthily anyway.
"Let's go then." She says, rushing for he door

c689e No.74891

"Ways such as?"

ad2df No.74892

Well, IDK how to paladin and fighter is a newbie class so I picked that. Next time, maybe.

ad2df No.74893

Iron rushes along with her.

29289 No.74894

What do you mean by "rushing" for the door?

"Well, we believe they are facilitating arms trafficking. We may be able to cause a war within their ranks if they believe the robbery was perpetrated by one of their own, or make the Police crack down on them. And of course, you can always try to infiltrate again"

I linked the wrong post there, that was a mistake

ad2df No.74895

Running straight towards the door, maybe even crashing through it if you want. Rush=Go quickly and without stealh

29289 No.74896

Alright. Iron goes to the door at the end of the room, and does so quickly

ad2df No.74897

Don't forget Ash does this as well.

5533d No.74898

I say just going for it quickly.
I don't intend to crash into anything, yet.

29289 No.74899

They are at the door, and got there quickly

5533d No.74900

Ash stands back 10 feet and attempts to open the door with telekinesis.

29289 No.74901

The door opens regularly, as it was unlocked

f6d4b No.74902

He perks his ears up at the third conversation, trying to listen in further.

ad2df No.74903

Dice rollRolled 10

Iron rushes inside the room and looks for anything that could do a loud enough noise for Ash to hear.

5533d No.74904

The dog follows shortly behind, followed by Sister Ash.

29289 No.74905

Yep. Two ponies standing before him. Several more standing around. They must have been alerted by the shotgun sounds, because they were ready at the door

"Who the fuck are you?"

5533d No.74906

The dog follows shortly behind, followed by Sister Ash.

29289 No.74907

This conversation comes from two diamond dogs, one of whom is charcoal grey, and the other a white. The charcoal dog is angry. Yes, their voices are unusually high pitched for a creature of that size
"They want to say it was 'self-defense' or something. He had the weapon out first"
"That shopkeeper must have lied to the police"

ad2df No.74908

"We came here to fetch somepony." Iron states as he slowly backs up, shield facing towards the ponies. "I have no clue who you are as well."

5533d No.74909

"…Just a couple poverty volunteers.." Sister Ash replies meekly
"And who are you?"

29289 No.74910

There are five of them visible. Two have shotgun, another has a sawed off rifle, and the two closest have crowbars

"We are the ones who are supposed to be guarding this place. Who are you?"

"And you went right through several shotgun traps? How are you… This is private property. It is off limits"

5533d No.74911

"Private property? It looked abandoned to me." She says, sternly, although she's only barely peaking past her shield.
"We came here looking for someponie. A several foals, and a nun by the name of Sister Sage."

ad2df No.74912

"I may only tell you until you tell me who do you work for. " Iron still moves backwards, also ensuring to protect Ash with his shield. "If you tell me, I will tell you who I am."

f6d4b No.74913

He puts this collected knowledge into the expanding mental notepad he's keeping, and attempts to see if he can catch the tail end of the first conversation.

c689e No.74914

"theres one more thing of interest i forgot about in the heat of battle. the guns were being guarded by members of the waterfront gang. the muscle i hired on seemed to know the zigger guarding them. i dont know if ill be able to infiltrate the zigger saw my face."

ad2df No.74915

If you say my name to this guy, I'll punch you in character when he finds out.

5533d No.74916

I don't want my name floating around either, tbh.

c689e No.74917

29289 No.74918

One of the ponies levies a shotgun at Ash. The one speaking says. "I don't know who a 'sister sage' is"

"Mr., you are on our territory. We set the terms here"

"Shit, this changes the war significantly. With the fleet defeated, New Mareland rules the waves"
"I wouldn't say that, they took a beating as well. They will be out of commission for a while"
"Still… this is a significant set back"

"Did she see you shooting ponies or acting hostile? Because if not, she might think you were just another pony that was attending and fled the scene or left early."

Blue Skies alone among the Blackhooves knows who the party members are

5533d No.74919

Ash seems unconvinced
"Are you by any chance associated with the Waterfront gang? We came on the hint that several abducted foals had been brought here."

*Ducks behind shield cover*

29289 No.74920

"Yes. Yes we are. What foals are you looking for?"

ad2df No.74921

Iron places himself on the left flank of Ash, protecting from any attacks diagonally left with his shield. He does not respond, opting for Ash to do the talking.

ad2df No.74922

That is, until he picks up the word "Waterfront Gang. Iron drops his shield. "I am a friend of Black Cauldron."

ad2df No.74923

*"Waterfront Gang"

5533d No.74924

"The ones from the orphanage, on the hill." She conty, still behind her shield
"They've been foalnapped. I came to negotiate a ransom."

5533d No.74925

Reeeeeee no drop shield!

c689e No.74926

"no she did not see anything of the sort. I Did tell her i was a communist, so maybe she would think im with them."

ad2df No.74927

Fine, fine
*lowers his shield

29289 No.74928

Most of them look at him with a "are we supposed to know who that is expression." But one says: "Oh yeah, I know her. She's a made mare of the east side" This definitely calms them. Two put down their weapons from the ready position

One of them interjects
"You mean the foals from the Order of the Sisters of Saint Prancis?"

"Well, for the time being, they all should, which is what we want. You should be safe among the communists for at least the next few days, probably much longer"

f6d4b No.74929

A war? Between New Mareland and Skyfall? This is the first time he's heard about such a thing. He wonders how many of their forces are split between trying to keep order in East Equestria and fighting in this foreign war, and how much of an effect it's having on their security operations.

ad2df No.74930

Iron nods. "I suppose we are, right?" He looks to Ash when saying that.

5533d No.74931

"Yes. Those foals precisely." Sister Ash replies, still not budging from behind her little wooden fortress.

5533d No.74932

"Do you have any idea where they are?"

29289 No.74933

Iron hears two weapons above him set down from a ready position. This room, it turned out, had a railing on the second floor the same as the last room, and there were two ponies with rifles above them and to their left. There are 7 in the room in total.

From his basic background knowledge, he knows that virtually all decent forces are overseas on Griffonia, with native recruits and non-pony garrisons being the majority of the garrisons of East Equestria. There is almost nocreature to oppose a Changeling invasion, with New Mareland's greatest security being that an invasion of East Equestria would start a war the Changelings could not end without superior naval power. It is very bad for their security.

"Those foals were taken because the Order did not pay what they owed. One ran away, 5 have been sold, and 6 are here"

5533d No.74934

"Sold?! To whom?!" She replies, a wisp of smoke rising up from behind the large shield

c689e No.74935

"i will stay in their 'good graces' for as long as i can."

ad2df No.74936

Iron is a bit perplexed by this. Who would let their children to be taken just like that? It didn't make sense. He still had a mission. "We come to take the 6 remaining children as well as the name of the buyers for the remaining five."

5533d No.74937

How far apart are they, precisely?
Is this a big room?

f6d4b No.74938

He grimaces. Why the Changelings haven't yet invaded, he doesn't know, but he starts to get the feeling they would quickly take over all of Equestria if they did.

29289 No.74939

Another speaks
"'Sold' isn't necessarily accurate. One was placed with a Manehattan family for a fee. They wanted to adopt but couldn't get around certain regulations. Two of them were sent down to mademares in the Eastside as laborers, with the intent of inducting them into the gang. And two went to… well, there is this a, big individual. Big in politics, if you will. And he likes foals. And let's leave it at that"

Officially, New Mareland, The Griffionian Empire, and the Changling Hegemony form a three part alliance

It is a very big room, sort of the mirror of the last. But the 7 here are pretty close, at least within a 30 ft circle

"Well that is very good. Is there anything else we should know? Some information you have?"

5533d No.74940

>tfw you realize Call Lighting also works indoors

ad2df No.74941

Iron feels this is not going to end well. He slowly picks up his shield and readies it casually.

f6d4b No.74942

Despite this, he gets the feeling the Changelings will not be satisfied with this arrangement forever.

c689e No.74943

"i think i have told you everything,sir."

5533d No.74944

*Smoking intensifies*
"This.. big individual.. what is his name?" She implores, her tone growing venomous

>30 ft circle

They'd all be dead by now if I weren't trying to be a pacifist

29289 No.74945

Well, he's not really alone in this belief

"Aldermare Comte Burgher. Well… Alder-stallion"

"Alright, I guess you are free to leave if you like. We'll have Blue Skies here contact you when there are new jobs that need to be done, and you can take the day off"

29289 No.74946

The two holding crowbars backup from the position

5533d No.74947

"…Thankyou..." the dragonmare replies, her tone now alarmingly polite, despite the smoke which has not stopped
".. and these 'Mademares', as you call them.. Who were they..?"
*Smoking intensifies, with a few cinders and ashes*

c689e No.74948

"Thank you,sir. ill be at the eastside tavern if i am needed."
Dark Star looks longing at blue for a second then gets up and leaves

ad2df No.74949

Iron is fully ready to strike at any of these ponies, shield on his armored off-hoof.

5533d No.74950

So am i

f6d4b No.74951

He sighs, knowing full well where that train of thought will lead, and he doesn't want to think about anything related to the war or politics or these short-sighted New Mareland occupiers right now. He has a quality meal to look forward to. Speaking of, he looks in the direction of the kitchen, wondering when the roast will be ready.

29289 No.74952

"I take it you're not asking simply because you are curious"

Those two exchange their crowbars for handguns

She smiles with a "have a nice day"

Sea Breeze adds "If you want to check out something, there is a Soup Kitchen on Vine and Main that is known to be operated by Communists"

Roast is indeed ready. Sicko

5533d No.74953

".. No.. I am indeed much more than just curious.." she says, more smoke rising from behind the shield

c689e No.74954

"a Soup kitchen?? where do they get the food? they're communists."

f6d4b No.74955

He enjoys it tremendously, leaving after paying with a full stomach and a satisfied sigh of relief. With the rest of his day clear, he makes his way back to his room at the tavern, whistling yet another old marching song along the way.

29289 No.74956

"Do you wish to negotiate something?"
The smoke makes them uneasy

Sea Breeze chuckles
"It's their way of recruiting from the poor. That soup kitchen is run by a pair of stallions, who also raise a foal whom they have indoctrinated into their ideology. As I understand it, this is a violation of Governate family law, as two stallions may not raise a foal where both do not have a blood connection to the foal. So there's a foal to be removed, but I think that you'll be better off not making that child custody intervention yourself. Nevertheless, we know that these two were at the scene last night"

Celestia herself would express disgust

5533d No.74957

Sister Ash takes s 5 foot step outside the doorframe.
Are any of these ponies within 5 feet of each other?
".. Preferably…" Sister Ash replies, still smoking
"However, I would much like to see the remaining foals first.."
Holy shit dude.

f6d4b No.74958

As far as Silver goes, he has no regrets.

ad2df No.74959

I bet you take cannibalism on Fallout New Vegas, bastard.

5533d No.74960

*Throws holy water at u*

f6d4b No.74961

If it was actually a good perk, I suppose I would, but as it is, it's garbage compared to literally everything else you could take.

29289 No.74962

"I believe they should be here"

They are not quite that close

If you were playing that Changeling character I would so make you RP feeding

5533d No.74963

"Show them to me." She demands

c689e No.74964

Y-you monster
"I will scope out the place a little later today.sir. Good Day Sir. Good Day miss Skies."
Dark Star leaves the room and heads for the eastside tavern

29289 No.74965

It is so

"What are you offering for them?"

5533d No.74966

"It depends on their condition." She hisses in response, a couple sparks flying out from behind the shield
"Show them to me."

f6d4b No.74967

>have to maintain realistic friendships with other ponies and siphon off excess love magic coming off of them
>is socially awkward IRL and struggles to maintain more than one friendship
Y-you wouldn't!

c689e No.74968

Do i run into anypony on the way there?

ad2df No.74969

Oh come on. It cannot be that hard. Just say nice things and pay attention to their wants and needs. If I could control two characters, I would show you how I can RP that shit with ease. If I get 18 Charisma and high dex

29289 No.74970

File: 1545548482901.jpg (12.67 KB, 600x341, FXLThSZ.jpg)

Well, Changelings are dicks, so it would be more like non-functioning parasitic relationships than great friendships of the kind you write to the princess about

A pony gets up from the line, and goes into the room behind him. This takes a few minutes. He comes back with 5 foals. Three fillies, two colts. The foals don't look particularly happy. They are not malnourished. If they have bruises they are not visible from 15 feet

No. Spark, Onyx, and eventually Silver should be at the bar

Pic is for you

c689e No.74971

Friendship is important anon

ad2df No.74972

I-it's character flaws, not IRL.

c689e No.74973

"Hey barcolt. one double shot of apple whiskey."

ad2df No.74974

Iron feels confused. "Where is the sixth one? You said there were 6."

29289 No.74975

"The sixth foal is, well, a bit difficult. He behaves wildly, so we don't let him out much"

Would this be Onyx or Glistening Glass?

5533d No.74976

"Bring him here..!" Sister Ash hisses, the smoke now at a level that begins to make it difficult to breath

ad2df No.74977

Iron does not feel like Ash would restrain herself if she had to witness that foal. He is mostly assured there was beating.

f6d4b No.74978

I imagine some hives would follow a slightly different approach to handling ponykind, compared at least to the Changeling Hegemony. Though those hives would most certainly be exiled from Chrysalis' lands.

c689e No.74979

i assumed oynx was out. so glimmering glass i guess.

f6d4b No.74980

Anyways, at what times did/will Spark, Dark, and Silver arrive at the bar?

29289 No.74981

This foal is a bit smaller, and wiggles around in the hooves of the pony.
"I need more attention" the foal says, evidently to his handler

He looks happy to see Ash

"Coming right up"
He pours the glass


Yeah, that's fuzzy. Let's say "earlier"

f6d4b No.74982

No, more like changeling farmers taking good care of their livestock in the hope that doing so will provide higher-quality yields than just hooking them up to machines.

ad2df No.74983

Iron almost laughs for a bit there. He decides to look at the foals, see what their physical state are. If they are wounded or something.

5533d No.74984

Sister Ash walks into the room, her dog alongside her.
She inspects each of the foals closely, one by one.

29289 No.74985

Two of them look like they might have a bruise. One is carrying a blanket and normal, and two of them seem normal enough. The sixth colt, or the problem one, is making a number of requests, and is very energetic. None are malnourished save the sixth

All changelings in this game must be parasitic

c689e No.74986

"Hows it going? anything interesting happen while i was out?"

ad2df No.74987

The fact that some of them are bruised puts him on edge. He thinks this will blow up badly.

29289 No.74988

"I saw that scrawny guy who always carries a glass get hit with a sack of coins by the homeless veteran. That was new. Also I believe there is a guy looking for you"

2a0c3 No.74989

My ears perk up when I hear this.

c689e No.74990

"Whos looking for me?"

c689e No.74991

my owl goes "Who? Who?"

29289 No.74992

"He goes by the name Silver Sword, I believe"

I had forgotten about the owl…

5533d No.74993

"….. Very well then…" Sister Ash declares, after a long pause
"Iron, gotske these children outside, while I reply these kind ponies.." Sister Ash says sternly

5533d No.74994

*Go take

2a0c3 No.74995

So, am I there, or is the time line all funny again?

f6d4b No.74996

After an uneventful walk, Silver finally arrives back at his room at the tavern to take inventory of his supplies, mark the locations he visited on his map, and have a smoke.
Nobody knows at this point.

ad2df No.74997

Iron nods and beckons the children to follow him. "All of you, on me. Do not go in front of me, only behind me." Iron walks until he reaches the door to this room, waiting the children to follow.

29289 No.74998


"Do you think we are just going to let all of them go with you just like that?"

c689e No.74999

"is he here? What was he like? did look like a communist?"

2a0c3 No.75000

"Ah, hello again."

29289 No.75001

"He had the accent of one, but he insisted that he wasn't"

5533d No.75002

"Let them go." Sister Ash replies sternly
"I would prefer to see it that they leave safely before I finish." She says, rumaging through her sack
"Now tell me. Just how much did those poor sister at Said Prancais owe you?"

29289 No.75003

"18000 Bits in total"

ad2df No.75004

Iron stands by the door, awaiting the children to follow. "You do not need to follow those ponies' orders, come on." Iron beckons the children again.

5533d No.75005

>18000 bits
What bullshit.
Sister Ash awaits for all of the children to cross the threshold before she replies.

29289 No.75006

One pony places a hoof on the shoulder of a foal
"You have no more reason to trust them than you do us. Do you think that someone who has to hide behind so much steel has faith in his agreeability?"

ad2df No.75007

"I could say the same to your guns." Iron looks defiant. "I say you let the children go and we can talk about payment. After all, she will be here still, and I do not plan to do sacrifices."

29289 No.75008

Do you think they would place a low value on children?

The chances of these ponies just handing over the children are between zero and zero. If any feel inclined to run over, they are paused, and most do not attempt it.

Except the sixth foal. This one runs over to Ash and demands to be hugged

"We don't believe you"

5533d No.75009

*Hugs poner*

29289 No.75010

This pony wants more hugs

ad2df No.75011

Even if I threaten them to do it? If I successfully intimidate every single pony in this room, do I win this?

29289 No.75012

ad2df No.75013

Yes to the first question or the second?

5533d No.75014

"I will be sure to repay you." Ash says, through gritted teeth
"But not a moment before the last foal steps past that threshold."
*Gives poner generous helping of hugs*

c689e No.75015

"oh hi Spark."
its totally not a room reference

29289 No.75016

"If you weren't planning on trying to kill us before they left, then why would you demand they left first?"

If you intimidate all of them you win

29289 No.75017

*After they left
Damn it

ad2df No.75018

Iron awaits the moment Ash is done with negotiations to do what he does best in terms of rank ability: Intimidate every single pony.

2a0c3 No.75019

"What's going on today?"

29289 No.75020

If the intent is to make them release the children, he need only intimidate the 5 on the floor

5533d No.75021

"Ifi had intended to attack you. I would have done so before you brought them out."

ad2df No.75022

I guess I can flex a bit and go all in on this and get them for free if I try it. If it doesn't work, a battle starts anyways.

5533d No.75023

Go ahead

29289 No.75024

"What do you look to offer?"

ad2df No.75025

Wew, don't just go for it. This is dice territory here. Luck will decide the winner here.

5533d No.75026

"What you're owed." She says, producing the two gold bars
"What you weighed, for the price of six foals."

29289 No.75027

File: 1545551303613.jpg (31.49 KB, 505x490, 215.jpg)



5533d No.75028

File: 1545551377987-0.png (156.15 KB, 334x267, 922img7gmywy.png)

Both of them.

29289 No.75029

Alright, I need to go to sleep. I will be travelling pretty much all of tomorrow, so do not expect consistent responses

5533d No.75030


5533d No.75031


f6d4b No.75032


29289 No.75033

The foal wants more hugs

Okay, I am questioning the "2 bars" thing. I had it as Ash getting 1 bar. I mean, I guess she could have?

5533d No.75034

I could have sworn….
Idk, I'll deal with this in the morning.

*Hugs poner affectionately*

ad2df No.75035

OK, I'll sign off for now. Tomorrow, I'll roll for intimidate.

c689e No.75036

"not much" he leans in and whispers "im an officer now! i got accepted because we pulled off the mission. and you remember Blue Skies? she and i bucked last night. i think im in love."

c689e No.75037

Night Fren

ad2df No.75039

I am present.

5533d No.75040

As am I.

ad2df No.75041

So, if they don't let go of the children after that display of monetary power, I will intimidate them to do it. Right?

5533d No.75042

I guess so.. I kind of wanted to at least get the kids out of the room though, lest bullets start flying.
..Fucking gunz.. I think I'm turning into a liberal
kermits sudoku

ad2df No.75043

File: 1545585039686.jpg (363.9 KB, 1280x1287, 1520148551450-2.jpg)

Pic related is me.

Alright, plan is settled. Prepare for the bullets to start flying anyways.

5533d No.75044

That's why a brought the shield, despite not being profficient in it.

ad2df No.75045

You seem to be profficient in it according to the wiki.

5533d No.75046

Nope. A tower shield is an exotic shield. Only Fighters and Blackguards get automatic profficiency.
I can still use it, but I would take a penalty to Melee attack rolls with my off hand. However, Sister Ash doesn't really use her forehooves for anything other than walking, or the occasional somatic component.

ad2df No.75047

Oh. So I don't get a -4 penalty to my attacks then?

5533d No.75048

You don't.

ad2df No.75049

What is the standard penalty then?

5533d No.75050

-2 to attack rolls, while guarding.

ad2df No.75051

Cool. Thanks, now I feel a lot more confident on future rolls.

5533d No.75052

>that feel when you find some of the foals, but in doing so reopen 3 other sidequests
It's going to take a while to get all these foals back.. I still need to find Ollie too..

ad2df No.75053

I guess this is our downtime. Should give the GM a lot of time to think up another big quest.

5533d No.75054

I guess it was to be expected that they wouldn't have all been in the same place.
Also, no way these low-life NPCs collectively had 18000 gp to give away (unless bits are silver, idk). There had to be someone else involved in the matter.

ad2df No.75055

Well, they did say they were part of a prolific gang instead of some nobodies without group affiliation. Gangs usually have a little more worth than just these guys.

e18b9 No.75056

“Wow. That’s pretty impressive. I’m really happy for you.”
I look toward Onyx, passed out on the bar.
“I was about to get our sleepy brute bartender here to help me with a monster problem. Are you too busy to join us?”

I’m going to be mobile posting and pretty busy today. Sorry if I don’t respond quickly.

41ac4 No.75057

I wonder who could be behind so many bits

5533d No.75058

Obviously (((someone))) who'd be the most interested in pony-trafficking.

ad2df No.75060

He really wasn't joking when he said he would not respond for this day.

5533d No.75063

It seems so.

ad2df No.75064

What was that gif you probably posted? I saw it for a bit then dissapeared.

5533d No.75065

File: 1545601319906.gif (238.14 KB, 652x553, 1523144111523.gif)

I didn't mean to post it here, so I deleted it.

ad2df No.75066

Oh. It's cute. Sorry for the intrusion.

5533d No.75067

What do you think the CR is for a shotgun trap? Like, a Wyvern arrow trap?
We triggered 2, and disarmed 1.

ad2df No.75068

Well, the GM said it's not carefully hidden. It's just a string that connects to a shotgun trigger, so a somewhat faithful comparison is arrows. Remember that the GM increased 1 extra hit chance because I triggered the trap instead of the dog. He compared it with daggers, which would have added +10. Maybe it is just a simple arrow trap turned gunpowdery.

5533d No.75069

If it had hit me, it would have taken out half my health, and I would have had to retreat to remove the bullets. Idk.
If the damage we're equivalent to daggers, then I'd consider each to be like a Fusillade of Darts.
Just wondering though.
because reasons

ad2df No.75070

I am still salty about the trap triggering just enough to bypass the fullplate. I should have bought some light armour too.

5533d No.75071

Muliple armor bonuses don't stack. Wearing two suits of armor won't help.
No need to be salty. Danger is good. Think of it this way: the more dangerous the trap, the more XP you get. It's only two ponies adventuring, so the CR is higher.

ad2df No.75072

Oh, in that case, I like traps that blow up on my face now. It's not going to be any tougher without 14HP when I have 42 in total.

5533d No.75073

Don't get cocky. You're a Fighter, not a rogue/barbarian. Some traps will kill you, or otherwise use up half your resources (including hp).
I could really go for a level-up though…

ad2df No.75074

Oh no. I'm not getting super cocky. I picked up the habit of spotting everything real quick with that trap. I have the tools necessary to take out many of these goons, just depends on the dice.
The health boost and extra feat would be nice. I agree with you.

f6d4b No.75075

I might be on later, probably sometime after 7, in case anyone is wondering.
I'm fucking tired.
Also, still confused as to when exactly Silver, Spark, and Dark Star arrived at the tavern, in addition to who arrived when.

ad2df No.75076

I think that's the order in which everyone came to the bar.

d1b94 No.75077

File: 1545606215866.jpeg (740.4 KB, 1155x893, 54E0918D-075F-4149-BCCE-5….jpeg)

Alright, I’ve thought about it and if 2 bars go to Onyx, 2 to Iron, 1 to Dark Star and 3 are the Devil’s Cut, that leaves 2 bars, both of which could go to Ash
I was hoping Brie would claim it… or Silver otherwise

Guns are a fairly easy way, in addition doubling and tripling HP, to make a 1/2 CR threat into a real threat, as they have much bigger damage die. To make an enemy with a longsword as damaging as one with a revolver would require giving it 14 strength, which is well above the standard template

Onyx and Spark were already there, then Dark Star and Silver arrive. All 4 are at a bar.

The spring shotgun trap that has been pretty commonly used by Americans to secure abandoned buildings, so much so that states have had to ban it specifically

5533d No.75078

Well, I only would have picked up the bars for the sake of freeing the foals, or donating them.

Sister Ash drops the two bars out of her wrags before her.
"Do we have a deal?" She implores, coldly

d1b94 No.75079

File: 1545608080013.png (577.82 KB, 1280x1142, 9133C579-2CEC-40B1-9EF7-E2….png)

The Stallion looks at the bars from a sort of distance, and then says
“Yes, two gold bars will cover all of the expenses. Normally we’d value these foals at much more, but, considering…” He is looking specifically at the foal attacking Ash. “I think we will take a loss on this.”
“You two, go over to them.” Two female foals are sent over towards Iron.

The colt in Ash’s legs wants even more affection

5533d No.75080

"Very well then." She says, relieved, but doing a poor job of hiding her disgust in the matter

".. Now that that's settled.. would you so kindly tell me who these two 'mademares' you referred to were?" She inquires, tilting her head clockwise

>even more affection

Ask and he shall receive.
*Tickles poner with telekinesis*

5533d No.75081

>Smoke has settled down slightly
She gestures to Iron to lead the other foals out of the room.

ad2df No.75082

Iron nods. "Come on, children. We shall go outside." Iron starts heading out of the door and stops at the door, expecting the children to follow him.

d1b94 No.75083

File: 1545609929628.png (125.71 KB, 1080x1080, F895EEE1-FEAF-4642-A79C-1E….png)

The Stallion comes and picks up the two gold bars. “Send them over.” And the three remaining foals are sent over towards Iron.
“One is named Willowbrooks. If you want to find her, go to an establishment called Windywillows on East Sixth. The other is named Saintgallop. You may find him along the streets of Wasthaven if you ask around.”

The colt giggles, and responds with some sort of magical something. He wants more.

5533d No.75084

"… And whatever happened to the sister that was abducted..?"

d1b94 No.75085

File: 1545610459801.png (330.05 KB, 1426x942, 81D1DE94-030D-44D0-84D2-A3….png)

“Your sister was adbducted?” He sssms to not understand

The foals leave the room as directed by Iron. Except for the sixth colt, who remains on Ash
“That one will need to be restrained.” Says the Stallion

ad2df No.75086

Iron looks at Ash. "Do I need to take active measures to take the colt or is it alright for him to stay with you?"

5533d No.75087

".. Yes.." she says
"She was taken from the orphanage not long after the goals were."
"I can handle him for now." Sister replies

ad2df No.75088

Dice rollRolled 5

Iron nods and leads the children out of the room to outside, always looking for any traps along the way. Rolling spot to determine his success in detecting them.

5533d No.75089

Just go back the same way we came: that route is clear.

ad2df No.75090

Guess he can do that. It's just a precaution.

97d08 No.75092

And here I am once more.

263f0 No.75094

I’m back. Is your character in the bar right now?

5533d No.75095

[Kirin noises]

ad2df No.75096

I think my character is travelling through limbo to reach his destination.

5533d No.75097

ad2df No.75098

Dark Star, Silver, Spark Shimmer, Ash and Onyx are floating in limbo, unable to see eachother. Brie is a pile of bones next to a bag of mangos. Dark Star has the bliss face when ejaculating from all that hoofholding, Silver is eating raw elk like the cannibal he is, Spark is reading a book and Onyx is throwing deadly bit sacks to people. Iron is confessing feelings of attraction to every mare he is acquaintanced and promptly gets slapped for it and Ash is coddling every foal in the world while burning every steel beam around her.
>Living the dream

5533d No.75099

263f0 No.75100

Did Tipsy not make it?

ad2df No.75101

Tipsy is inside the book.

ad2df No.75102

Hey, racially speaking, are changelings bisexual, as in they have the capacity to use both male and female sexual organs according to the changeling's needs?

5533d No.75103

If they're anything like doppelgangers,they could be genderless.
I think an average Changeling's reproductive orhans are vestigial and underdeveloped, since they're hive creatures.

97d08 No.75104

He's outside at the rear of the tavern, having a smoke. Then yeah, he'll head into the bar.

ad2df No.75105

In other words, they don't work as reproductive organs and they are very small/thin for sexual encounters, right?

5533d No.75106


5533d No.75107

*pets colt some more*

97d08 No.75108

I'm just not sure if you're waiting on Dark Star and Onyx or not.

263f0 No.75109

I will, but we could have in character conversations if you would like.

97d08 No.75110

That is true.
After a final draw on his cig, Silver stamps it out underneath his hoof. "Onto next bit of business." He steps into the bar to see if Spark made his way back after losing track of each other, looking at the counter and at the various tables.

263f0 No.75111

I am talking to Dark Star and Onyx, both passed out at the bar, when I notice you and wave.

97d08 No.75112

He lets out a sigh of relief before trotting over to greet him. "Finally found you again, friend."

263f0 No.75113

“Sorry that I fell behind. I got distracted by a conversation these ponies had about monsters. I’m going to ask these guys to help me do it while there is a lull in actual assignments.”
I turn to point them out and turn back to you.
“So, what have you been up to?”

97d08 No.75114

He takes a seat next to Spark. "Well, I have been investigating incident on pier from last night. So far I have not learned what caused it, but I have heard…'interesting'…theories on matter."

263f0 No.75115

“Ah. And what theories are those?”

c689e No.75116

"Monster Problem?" Dark Star asks while rubbing his glazed over eyes

263f0 No.75117

“Yeah. Apparently some kind of necromancer left a ton of things in a quarry that are supposed to be dead, but aren’t now.”

97d08 No.75118

"Everything from police, to gangs, to changelings. None of it is really concrete, mostly just rumors, and I could not get close enough to site to actually investigate it." After a couple seconds of silence, he leans in and speaks in a low, quiet voice as to avoid being overheard. "Between you and me, I am little spooked by idea that changelings are here. It is not good if that rumor is actually true."
While talking to Spark, Silver notices Dark Star finally get up from being passed out on the bar. "Sleep well?"

5533d No.75119

*pets poner some more*

263f0 No.75120

“Interesting. I got my own theory, but I’ll fill you in later. Are you interested in joining us in our extermination mission? I hear it will pay.”

97d08 No.75121

He nods. "Of course. Give me five minutes or so to gather my supplies."

c689e No.75122

"Necro What?"
"Yea i had some nice dreams"

263f0 No.75123

“A bad sorcerer apparently. He isn’t there anymore… so they say, but left a ton of monsters there that were dead, but not anymore.”

d1b94 No.75124

File: 1545624257438.png (192.09 KB, 1024x1234, 0B136AC7-E556-4F93-A662-2F….png)

I’ve been waiting like a week to talk about changelings, it just hasn’t come up in the story

Changelings are essentially the same as bees sexually. They have Drones, which are males, Workers, which are infertile females, and Queens, which are fertile females. Workers that are away from the presence of queens for long enough can become fertile to lay eggs that will necessarily become drones. (Same as bees). A Changeling’s shapeshifting will give it the genitals of the creature it has turned into. (At least if it has bothered to change with that much detail).

Every Changeling besides Chrystalis seen in the show at least until the very end of “to where and back again” and perhaps even “To change a Changeling” has an unambiguously male model, which I think implies that Drones are a sort of military force.

c689e No.75125

A wave of confusion washes over Dark Star
"if they are already dead whats the problem? and whats a sorcerer? like a unicorn?"

ad2df No.75126

So changelings are bees. Ok.

5533d No.75127

Dice rollRolled 12 + 13

Queens plural?
Rolling knowledge (vermin) to see if Sister Ash has heard of how many queens there are.

263f0 No.75128

“I’m a sorcerer. Some unicorns aren’t, such as my friend Silver here. And the problem with dead things is they are not dead now. They are minsters attacking ponies. We can’t let that happen.”

5533d No.75129

c689e No.75130

"Hmmmmmmmmmm But if they are already dead….. how are they not dead right now?"

97d08 No.75131

Silver nods as he gets up from his seat. "That is good to hear." As he leaves to grab his things, it occurs to Star that his voice has an unmistakable Stalliongrader accent, and that he's seem him in the tavern the night before.
When Silver comes back after getting his supplies, he looks kitted out for an adventure. His white button-up shirt has been replaced by worn olive drab fatigues, rubber military boots reinforced with metal plating, and a thick battle-scarred metal cuirass. "I believe I am ready when you are. Now, what are details of this job?"

c689e No.75132

File: 1545624824075.png (230.21 KB, 1500x1894, _DarkStar.png)

c689e No.75133

"Hey youre silver right? i heard you were looking for me?"

263f0 No.75135

“The mission is pretty simple. Clear out the quarry. All ponies have been removed from it so anything that moves in there is a monster. They seemed pretty scared, so I would be this isn’t going to be a trot in the park.”
“Magic, as always.”

97d08 No.75136

"I suppose looking is word for it. Heard from Glass that you were in here with pegasus mare hiring ponies from bar for job of some sort couple days ago. Got me curious."

97d08 No.75137

"Then it is good thing I have sword with me."

c689e No.75138

"Magic is strange"
"Thats true. Spark here was one of the ponies that accepted the job."

97d08 No.75139

He looks at the passed-out Onyx when he says this. "I also heard you hired other bartender, Onyx, onto job, whatever it was."

263f0 No.75140

“Alright. We just need to carry the bartender with us if we are traveling there now.”

97d08 No.75141

Already looking at the comatose barkeep, he performs a double take. "…We will carry him?"

c689e No.75142

"Yea he may not look like much when he is passed out but that Pony is a killing machine."
"So where is this Neckrowmencer at?"

c689e No.75143

"we could stuff him into a taxi."

97d08 No.75144

"So I have heard. Pricey, too."

97d08 No.75145

It's the first time he's heard the term. "What is taxi?"

263f0 No.75146

“We are going to need this pony when the fighting starts. He has quite the reputation of being the hardest and toughest in the city, at least as far as any of us have heard.”
“He is gone, at least that’s what I understand. It’s the monsters left behind we have to clear out.”
“If it has to do with taxes, I’ll pass.”

c689e No.75147

"its a vehicle we can rent to get from place to place without having to drag an unconscious pony with us while we are walking."

c689e No.75148

"Where are the monsters at?"

97d08 No.75149

After a couple seconds of silence, he speaks up. "I see. Let us hope he wakes up in time for battle, then."

263f0 No.75150

I pull out my map with the location marked on it.
“Here it is.”

c689e No.75151

Dark Star Walks over to Glass and tells him
"Hey if anyone from the Black Hooves come looking for me,especially Blue Skies. Tell them ill be at [location marked on Spark's map]"

97d08 No.75152

Silver leans in to see the marked location as well.

c689e No.75153

"im ready to go when you colts are."

97d08 No.75154

He looks up from the map. "As I have said, I am also ready."

5533d No.75155

Okay, it's nearly midnight, and I haven't slept right for 2 days.
Goodnight everypony.

c689e No.75156

"Did you Want to know about the job?"
Night Fren

263f0 No.75157

Unfortunately without GM and Onyx, and with my traveling for Christmas… I think I need to call it a night this time. I’ll hop in the taxi as my next action if you guys set it up so I can get there and set it up for tomorrow. Or if GM gets here before then, so I can join you guys in the quarry tomorrow. See you then.

ad2df No.75158

I'll jump in the Night wagon and say I'll go to bed too. Night everyone.

c689e No.75159

Night guys

97d08 No.75160

"About this job? Spark has already told me some about it."

c689e No.75161

"no you seemed curious about why i was hiring ponies for the job i did."

97d08 No.75162

"Oh, that job. Yes, I am curious about it, but I felt it would be rude to ask of you so early."

c689e No.75163

"all im allowed to mention is it was at the docks. and stuff kind of got out of hoof if we do a few missions together, i might tell you a some more."

97d08 No.75164

A number of pieces of the puzzle he's been trying to put together snap in place with the addition of this new information. "…So, your group was at pier when incident last night happened?"

c689e No.75165

"it seems that way."

c689e No.75166

"Howd you hear about that?"

97d08 No.75167

"There was protest about it in front of city hall. Went from there to pier to see what had happened, but police had area guarded."

c689e No.75168

"Protests? who was protesting?"

97d08 No.75169

"Mostly griffons, diamond dogs, and other non-ponies. Some had strange red and black bandanas on. Had signs saying Larry Berry is 'not true socialist', whatever that means."

c689e No.75170

"Red and Black? and them saying that the Socialist mayor isnt enough of a socialist,Sounds like Anarcho-communists to me."

c689e No.75171

"So What did you do last night?"

263f0 No.75172

“To be honest, I don’t know. I just remember going to sleep. I guess that wound took it out of me.”

c689e No.75173

"yea Speaking of that i need some more armor. mine got turned to cheese."

263f0 No.75174

“Hmm… well, since the bartender is asleep, we can run by an shop to get some I suppose.”

c689e No.75175

"Do you and silver need some? i could get some for you two."

263f0 No.75176

“I’m sure Silver would appreciate it, but I don’t like armor.”

c689e No.75177

"are you sure? you look kinda banged up."

263f0 No.75178

“That’s because the bartender threw a bag full of bits at me. That pony can’t control his strength. But if you can find something something light and not too expensive, maybe I will take it. Just hate stuff that weighs me down.”

c689e No.75179

"I think my tailor could help us with that problem."

263f0 No.75180

“That’s really nice of you. Thanks.”
I reach behind the bar and pour you a drink.
“Go ahead and have this. It’s on me.”

c689e No.75181

"Ah how Gracious, thank you."

c689e No.75182

Dark stat takes the drink and sips it

97d08 No.75183

Roll call: anyone here?

c2c0a No.75184

I'm here

ad2df No.75185

Roger that. Iron is on standby escorting children out of the building from where he entered.

c689e No.75186

im here

97d08 No.75187

>Your Most Humble Agent

ad2df No.75188

It's the GM I think

c689e No.75189

Yea its him

97d08 No.75190

Ah, I'm unfamiliar with the name.

97d08 No.75191

Silver looks down at the armor he's already wearing. "…Is there problem with my current armor?"

e18b9 No.75192

“Nothing wrong with it. Doesn’t mean you can’t get more if you want. What do you think?”

5533d No.75193

I'm here for now, but I might be busy soon.

e18b9 No.75194


c689e No.75195

"I hadent noticed it, but if you want some more i know a pony."

97d08 No.75196

He inspects his armor some more, at the damage it's taken over the course of its lifetime. "…That is…nice of you to offer, thanks. But, why? I feel as though I have not earned this offer."

c689e No.75197

"I try to help out the ponies around here."

e18b9 No.75198

“If you are going to help us fight monsters, then you are going to earn it. Don’t worry.”

5533d No.75199

Did the pavement equines have anything to say about Sister Sage?

97d08 No.75200

After a couple seconds, he nods at Star and Spark. "If you are offering, and if it is not too much trouble, then I suppose I should at least look. I appreciate it."

c2c0a No.75201

"Oh yes, her. She left of her own accord"

He cannot see any traps. A stallion says to him "Are you really intend to take them through the closed off portion? That area has traps."

The colt wants more attention

All physical armor gives a chance that arcane spells cast by the wearer will fail

These magical parasites are more like Vampires than rats, but I'll buy it. There are at least 100 queens of the Western Hives under Chrysalis and 10 under the Eastern Hives. The number has gone down in the past 20 years as queens have been killed in the wars of consolidation, and in the Thoraxian rebellion

ad2df No.75202

Iron is a bit dissapointed that he went the wrong way. He turns to the door that he previously stormed through and returns the way he came, obviously stopping at the crates to pick up some ammo if he can.

c689e No.75203

File: 1545669593932.jpg (109.01 KB, 736x887, nig horse pepe.jpg)

>Pavment equines

c689e No.75204

c2c0a No.75205

"Do you wish to buy that ammunition? The door is to your left"

"I will do so. Have a good afternoon"

5533d No.75206

Sister Ash seems confused
"When? And to where?"

c689e No.75207

"Follow me, somepony grab oynx."

ad2df No.75208

Iron shakes his head. He decides not to pick up the ammo then.

5533d No.75209

>at least 100 queens
Fug. That's a lot more than I thought.
Didn't think parasites could be so numerous.


*Cuddles colt*

97d08 No.75210

Silver does so, putting Onyx on his back. He grunts as slowly trots to Star.. "He is…heavy pony…"

c689e No.75211

"Yea hes a pretty big horse."
Dark Star heads for the bar door

97d08 No.75212

Silver follows close behind, struggling a little with the heavy weight on his back. "I hope taxi is…close by."

e18b9 No.75213

The sorcerer follows as well.

c689e No.75214

"they're usually all over the place."
Dark Star holds the door open for silver an Spark

97d08 No.75215

Silver nods his head in thanks as he passes.

ad2df No.75216

In the distance, someone screams internally as the meat eater takes captive a pony to eat later.

c689e No.75217

c2c0a No.75218

It is so

"She was not at all happy with Sister Marery's dealing with us nor selling foals. When she was causing too much of a fuss we took her from the Orphanage with the children. The police were bribed off and she was never going to go to the Blackhooves, so we did not need to kill her. She stayed here for at least a week or so tending after the foals. She left here last week, disgusted. She said something about joining ponies who were 'going to do something' down south."

A bare minimum of one-half million hissing drones, and likely far more

If you haven't gathered by now, the colt wants more cuddles

It is so

5533d No.75219

*Cuddles foal*

ad2df No.75220

Of course, Iron waits outside for Ash to come out with all 5 children.

e18b9 No.75221

I head out the door and hold it with magic for Dark Star

ad2df No.75222

*all 5 children around Iron

c689e No.75223

Dark Star leaves the bar and looks for a taxi

c689e No.75224

File: 1545670964467.png (44.58 KB, 202x202, _angry filly.png)

c2c0a No.75225

One is hailed quickly

The foals are anxious and looking around

The Stallion gives the foal a strange look and the foal gives a "hiss!" right back. The foal doesn't seem to want to move from Ash's embrace

ad2df No.75226

Iron is a bit uncomfortable, but feels the need to guarantee their security. "Do not worry, nopony will hurt you when I am around. It is just waiting until the mare comes out to escort you back."

c689e No.75227

"Here we are colts, get in."
Dark star opens the Taxi Door for them

c2c0a No.75228

One speaks up
"Where are you taking us?"

And it is so

97d08 No.75229

Silver sets Onyx in the farthest seat before he gets in himself. "Ugh. I really hope he gets up before we reach destination."

ad2df No.75230

Iron shrugs. "I only know that the mare in charge will not take you back into those kinds of ponies that captured you. I think she will take you to a religious building, maybe."

c2c0a No.75231

A fillie screams
She runs
Another one runs
Another one looks like he might, and another two just sit

ad2df No.75232

Iron huffs in annoyance. Iron follows suit as fast as his armor lets him, motioning the children to do so as well, as to not spearate the group too much. "You think that such a mare will hurt you for a god? She is too good to do that! She sacrificed two gold bars for your lives, so be grateful for her!"

5533d No.75233

Sorry, I had to step out.
Sister Ash picks up the foal by the scruff and leaves with him without a word.
"Let's take these foals back where they came from…" She says somberly

ad2df No.75234

"Oh hey, some children ran off after telling them you were taking them to a religious building. Think you can calm them down?"

c2c0a No.75235

"Two gold bars isn't the only thing she would sacrifice!" says the fillie, having run to a wall, and looking for a way out of the room.

Iron's speed is reduced by the weight of the armor

Two foals have run

5533d No.75236

Sister Ash lets out a tired sigh and walks after the children.

ad2df No.75237

Iron is a bit irritated. "Why would she do that? She would not hurt a fly even if her life was at stake!"

5533d No.75238

How far did they go?

c689e No.75239

Dark Star help Spark into the taxi then gets in himself

97d08 No.75240

I mean, she did set a dock worker on fire…
Silver looks around the inside of the taxi. "Hmmm…is nice."

c2c0a No.75241

The fillie seems to have found the busted down door, and is now running for that after having run towards a wall, then around conveyor belt in the room. The colt that ran seems to have cowered up near a wall on the left side

>Would not hurt a fly
I think Marecuse would beg to differ
"Mar will only be satisfied by the blood of innocents!"

ad2df No.75242

Iron is getting a bit tired of this nonsense. "You need to calm down, we are not going to sacrifice any one of you. It is stupid to kill children anyways!"

c689e No.75243

"yea they usually are, unless you get one thats been partyed in."
"Hey cabby, take us to the quarry that is at [Insert address here]"

5533d No.75244

Oi, I only sicked the wolf on her because the bullets wouldn't stop flying otherwise.
Besides, it wasn't the bite alone that killed her.
Also, I can't do sacrificial rituals because of alignment restrictions.
I wanted to be exalted anyway. If anything would have a cost, I'd rather pay for it in XP.

Sister Ash walks after the foals slowly, the colt wrapped around her leg taking a chunk out of her carrying capacity (I do have a doubled carrying capacity because I'm quadripedal, right?)
"Don't go hurt yourselves now. It's quite a long walk back." She chides patiently

97d08 No.75245

He tilt his head his head in confusion. "Ponies have parties in here? But it is so small…"

5533d No.75246

And I couldn't take Vow of Nonviolence because I didn't have the space. I've been trying to follow it though.

c2c0a No.75247

The fillie is not persuaded, and has found the abandoned hallway. She is running down it now. The colt that ran is now cowing by a wall. The other three are sitting down

"Yes, I can take you there"
The cab advances towards a location in North Town
I am kind of wondering how you are fitting 4 ponies in one taxi though

c689e No.75248

"Well they dont necessarily party in here but after the party is over they can take one of these and when they're drunk they continue to try and party in these and generally get kicked out."
Dark Star sounds like he is speaking from experience

97d08 No.75249

We sucked in our guts to make room.
This explanation doesn't serve to do anything but make him more confused.

c689e No.75250

onyx can go in the trunk if necessary

5533d No.75251

Sister Ash sends her doggo to move after the filly slowly, just to ensure she doesn't get herself hurt or run into danger.

Ash steps towards the cowing colt slowly.
".. Are you hurt?"

ad2df No.75252

Dice rollRolled 10 + 7

Iron has had enough. "If you keep running away, I will show you some discipline when I catch you! Do not force me to do that! I dislike spanking bad fillies!"

If this doesn't work, I'll just jump into some more shotgun traps without any armor

ad2df No.75253

If she beats this, I swear…

c689e No.75254

"When ponies get drunk in small areas they tend to break things."
Dark Star sips his whiskey

97d08 No.75255

This much Silver understands. "Oh."

c2c0a No.75256

While the fillie may not be nearly as fast as an adult, and she can't fly yet, she clearly has no intention of being a sacrifice to the blood god Mar

Cowing colt: "No…"

It is so

This would have worked if she were in the same room as Iron. It scares the piss out of the other foals though. Literally in at least one instance

ad2df No.75257

Dice rollRolled 20

Iron huffs in annoyance. "Great, that did not work anyways." He looks at the cowering children. "Take my word for it. Do not run away or will do the same to you." He runs off after her last known position.

ad2df No.75258

Take that as a luck roll to find and catch that filly for once

5533d No.75259

The dog follows after her, keeping his distance but not letting her get more than 60 feet away.

Ash walks just a bit closer to the colt.
".. Are you afraid?"


ad2df No.75260

>No scare kids
>Filly running off already is already scared
No change of emotion there.

c2c0a No.75261

Well shit, it looks like he caught her and has her in the air. She will do nicely for Mar

This colt, like the other three in the room, is laying on his stomach with his head down, and ears lying back shaking

5533d No.75262

*Reaches out slowly*
*Pets poner*

ad2df No.75263

Iron pants a bit, clearly annoyed by the filly's antics. Iron looks at Ash "I hope these children do not act so scared for nothing. Next time, I deal with the adults, you go for the children."

ad2df No.75264

*Iron returns to the other children and looks at Ash

c2c0a No.75265

Dice rollRolled 17 + 2

The rust colored earth pony colt can be felt shaking under her hoof

You need to roll for grapple, because fillie is rolling for escape.

ad2df No.75266

Dice rollRolled 14 + 10

Fine, rolling.

ad2df No.75267

Thank goodness.

c689e No.75268

"Wait cabby, take us to the tailor first we need to speak to him before we go to the quarry."

5533d No.75269

She picks up the poner and Pat's his back
"…Shhhhhhhhhhhh… It'll be alright.."

c2c0a No.75270

He's… a little calmed

She has failed to escape thus far. The corn harvest will be good this year

Alright, a couple things. First off, any physical armor Spark wears will cause him to have a chance of messing up his spells (he can wear magic rings though). Second, Dark Star has not exchanged his gold bar for bits yet, so he only has the bits he started with

c689e No.75271


5533d No.75272

Where did this sacrifice idea come from anyway?

She places the colt on her back and (very) slowly treads over towards the other colts.
".. Are you all okay?"

ad2df No.75273

Dice rollRolled 12 + 7

Iron is further annoyed by the stubborness of the filly. "Listen, if you want me to discipline you, I can. Do not test me." Iron whispers to the filly.

5533d No.75274

"… Please just put her down.. She's not going to get very far on her own anyway.."

97d08 No.75275

It'd be kinda funny if Star only realized that too late.
Also, I think we need to wait for Spark to get back.

ad2df No.75276

"I don't think so," Iron tells to Ash. "This filly thinks you are cultist. She will run really far if we let her."

c689e No.75277

we could wait for him at the tailor

ad2df No.75278

*you are a

97d08 No.75279


c2c0a No.75280

Dice rollRolled 5 + 3

Rolling against her will not to become a sacrifice

Well, Iron told her that he was gathering the fillies for a mare who "would take them to some religious building," and the universe I am basing this on has religious sacrifices as a thing (in non-pony lands)

You have a point there, it's probably best that I let players make mistakes rather than telling them before they do

c2c0a No.75281

The cream colored pegasus filly's ears droop, her wings fall down to her side, and she submits to her fate

ad2df No.75282

Iron nods. "Thank you. Ash will treat you well. Do not worry."

5533d No.75283

Didn't they come from an orphanage?
Also, do the other foals respond?
"Just let her go. She'll tire herself out anyway, and we can't just drag her kicking and screaming all the way to the orphanage."

c689e No.75284

>it's probably best that I let players make mistakes rather than telling them before they do
pls no

ad2df No.75285

Iron looks at the filly and shakes his head. "I do not trust her enough to have rational thoughts at the moment. I will just carry her to the place we are supposed to drop them off."

c689e No.75286

File: 1545677156767.jpg (32.24 KB, 960x960, 0ba.jpg)

>her feel when

5533d No.75287

"She'll only run away. Let her go."

ad2df No.75288

Iron does not budge. "Running away in a place like this would lead her to worse fates than simply being carried around. Do you want her to get shot or worse, kidnapped again?"

c2c0a No.75289

Nuns don't typically wear steel plate or have shields of steel, and nuns also don't have scalely backs or antler-like horns. But a foreign witch with a hired mercenary? Now she just might. One of them seemed to believe her, and three did not evidently.

At this moment, all of them are cowing and submissive. At least one has peed on the floor. The sixth colt just gave a "hiss!" at Iron, and continued to cling demandingly to Ash

ad2df No.75290

Iron disregards the hiss. 'At least he is not running away' he thinks.

5533d No.75291

>shields of steel
Just fyi, it's a wooden shield, handmade. I'm actually prohibited from carrying any metal shields at all.
Also she would have dropped it by now, since she doesn't need it anymore.

Sister Ash pets the colt with her magick as she slowly steps over to the others.
".. come on now.. There's no need to fret.."

"I didn't intend to let her out of my sight.." she says softly, referring to the dog, which is standing by
She'll be fine.

ad2df No.75292

Iron is unconvinced. "You think a wolf will give the filly safety and not make her run away even further, make her do even more extremely erratic decisions? Give it a rest. I will carry her."

5533d No.75293

Sister Ash sighs in response
"… Just don't marehandle her too much…"

c2c0a No.75294

Iron has a steel shield and Ash has a giant attack dog

He's calmed down a little more. The sixth colt seems to be jealous. The other three are definitely cowing

ad2df No.75295

Iron nods. "Whenever you are ready, we move out. Lead the way. I will tail the remaining colts from behind. Just in case anyone else decides to be irrational." Iron stands by, ready to move.

ad2df No.75296

c2c0a No.75297

The foals' ears raise at that. They have heard Iron's threat

5533d No.75298

"This could take quite a while." Ash replies, sternly but softly
"Either way, you're going to have to put her down once we're outside eventually."
Sister Ash kneels down between the colts (away from the pee), and lays there between them for several minutes

5533d No.75299

*Between the foals

ad2df No.75300

Iron looks at the foals. "If you do not act like this filly, then you have nothing to worry about."
Iron shrugs. "Alright. I guess I can wait."

5533d No.75301

At that first statement, she snaps at him (softly)

c2c0a No.75302

This gesture of solidarity reassures them, even as Iron's threat does not. These foals are older, and so more mature

They understand the threat

c689e No.75303

Dark Star Start Day Dreaming About Blue

5533d No.75304

"Would you like to come back with me?" She asks soltly, after some time

ad2df No.75305

Iron nods. He then remains silent.

97d08 No.75306

So, what's going to be Ash's plan for freeing the foals that have been already sold?

c2c0a No.75307

She flies down from Yellow Mountain
O'er a dark, flat land she glides
With a fellow agent named Wildfire
And a whirlwind by her side

"W-Where are you taking us?" one asks

c2c0a No.75308

*On a cold Neighbraska night

5533d No.75309

Track them down one by one and get them.. I guess…
>tfw five sidequests
"Back to the orphanage, if you'd like. Your friends are all worried about you.."

c689e No.75310

You Could ask Dark Star he'd be more than happy to help. >tfw was an orphaned foal

5533d No.75311

She's less than eager to talk to the Blackhooves.

ad2df No.75312

Nah, you don't want Skies to become jealous now, do you?

c689e No.75313

Fine then, Forget i mentioned anything

c2c0a No.75314

They nod, and are willing to comply

Why would she be jealous?


ad2df No.75315

Becuase she will next to best waifu. Who wouldn't just drop all romantic relationships with best waifu? Skies cannot compare.

ad2df No.75316

*for best waifu

97d08 No.75317

He's implying she'd be jealous from him talking to and working with other mares.
Well, I suppose that leaves a few ponies still she could ask.

5533d No.75318

Oi, it's for the same reason the other nuns don't want to.

"Come along then." she says, getting up and slowly approaching the other filly
"..Please put her down now." Sister Ash says

ad2df No.75319

Iron finally budges. "Fine." He places her down gently around the other foals. "Do not run away."

c689e No.75320

>best waifu

ad2df No.75321

Will your waifu take care of children as expertly as Ash does? I don't think so. Best waifu confirmed. No matter how wild Skies is in bed.

c689e No.75322

>Will your waifu take care of children as expertly as Ash does?
why yes, yes she will.

c2c0a No.75323

They get up

He can see in her eyes that her will may have receded and complied, but it has not been crushed fully

5533d No.75324

Sister Ash approaches the foal, and speaks to her softly
".. Would you like to come with me back to the orphanage?"

c2c0a No.75325

When you say the foal, I'm assuming you mean the cream colored pegasus fillie who ran away and was being held by Iron.

She stares somewhat defiantly in the direction of iron, before saying. "Yes, I would" to Ash

ad2df No.75326

>yes, she will
She will probably cry about her past more than raise your children. Skies cannot compete against the mighty Ash, the lifebringer and keeper.

ad2df No.75327

Iron disregards the defiant look given to him.

97d08 No.75328

Neither of you could have best waifu, because Silver had best waifu.

But then she died.

5533d No.75329

Ash carressses her mane
"Let's go then. It will be dark soon."

And with that, she leads the small herd outside.

5533d No.75330

Long post

is long.

ad2df No.75331

>had best waifu
Well, it doesn't count since she is not here, but I'll take your word for it.

c2c0a No.75332

Like seriously, do you have to start a waifu war out of character?

"How do we know that is where you are taking us?" one asks
They follow her anyways. The door here exits to the left and onto a small area of land before the sea. You are on the North side. You can see that there was a small yacht docked at the pier. It is sundown

c689e No.75333

the foals she bears will be natural warriors.
>Vow of Chastity
How Can you think of violating a nun thats sick!

ad2df No.75334

Absolutely fucking yes.

I don't think it will last that long, really.

5533d No.75335

Sister Ash shrugs in response
"You'll have to trust me…" She says
"Will you trust me?"
I won't be able to get that feat unless the GM changes his mind about letting me take the Vow of Poverty.

ad2df No.75336

>natural warriors
Like they can pack a punch with both your low strength stats. Bet they can't shoot straight because the guns weigh too much for them.

c2c0a No.75337

Can you not?

The foals look at Iron, and then back at her
"I guess we don't have much choice."


5533d No.75338

"Of we go then."
And so, she leads them on the long journey towards the orphanage on the hill.

ad2df No.75339

Iron follows behind all of them, watching for any attempts of escape.

c689e No.75340

The contents of this post have been removed due to the gm asking nicely, however rest assured it was a sick burn

c2c0a No.75341

The prisoners do not attempt an escape, although given how some of them look around he can see that a couple of them are thinking about it

It's a very long journey, well over a mile by walking
"Are we there yet?"
"Are we there yet?"
The Sixth colt wants more attention

She's willing to work with a waterfront gangster though

Okay I'll stop

ad2df No.75342

Ok. I'll drop it too.

5533d No.75343

Among Sacred Vows, Vow of Chastity is okay, because enchantments are a bitch and the trade-offs isn't that drastic. It's not that useful though, because the classes that would benefit already have decent will saves and don't really benefit from it as they would from other feats, thus, it's only really worth the slot if you take the Vow of Poverty for the bonuses, since having enough ascetic Vows might make it easier to qualify for Sainthood.

5533d No.75344

She gives all of the foals plenty of attention on the long journey.
>Core character belief: all foals deserve love

ad2df No.75345

As long as they don't run away, Iron does not react to the children.

c2c0a No.75346

The sixth foal believes you have misunderstood him. He thinks that what you heard is that he wants a lot of attention. But what he actually wants is all of the attention

Does Ash know how to make it back?

5533d No.75347

Dice rollRolled 13 + 14

But then again, that's really what Sacred Vows are all about: becoming closer to godliness, even if the benefits aren't that great.
Vow of Nonviolence and Vow of Poverty are both prerequisites for the Apostle of Peace prestige class, and they're the hardest Vows to keep. Apostle of Peace is like being Jesus though.
*Gives foal extra attention, and tickles him until he's all tuckered out*

>Does Ash know how to make it back?

I take it that means asking for a roll

c2c0a No.75348

She finds her way to Percheron Avenue, and from Percheron down south to a location she is familiar enough to walk to the orphanage from. It is a long walk, and the foals don't like it. The environment is more urban now, so there are more ponies around. It won't be that hard for one to be lost, or to run away under cover.

The colt is indefatigable

97d08 No.75349

Ash should get a map whenever she gets a chance.

ad2df No.75350

Dice rollRolled 4

Iron keeps a vigilant eye on the children, having a watchful eye on every single foal. Rolling spot for efficiency.

5533d No.75351

Dice rollRolled 3

Rolling non-lethal tickle damage for this round.

Also is there a detour she could take that's safer?

ad2df No.75352

Ash, please roll spot in case the GM does make us look for a lost foal again.

5533d No.75353

Dice rollRolled 12 + 7

Ash is preoccupied, so rolling for the dog.
He can also sense creatures within 60 feet by smell.

c2c0a No.75354

Not very. It is dark and there are other ponies around

The dog is no New Mareland Shepherd, but he's able to keep stray foals from getting loose out of the herd

The foal is tickled, but not down. There are roads that would not take them through urban areas (and this less likely to be lost) but Ash doesn't know the road routes so these are not immediate options

5533d No.75355

Also, I'm going to call the dog Caleb. I had held off on naming him, because I had intended on giving him to the orphanage as a gift to the children.

ad2df No.75356

Iron is a bit dissapointed in his lack of spotting qualifications, but remembers the dog, and now he feels a bit safer that all the children are being kept in the convoy.

5533d No.75357

I lost my text when the page refreshed!

5533d No.75358

>The dog is no New Mareland Shepherd
He's fully trained for the general purpose of guarding. I summoned him for that reason.

c2c0a No.75359

This isn't guard work (you're thinking of the Griffenhiem Shepherd). This is sheep-dog work

So far

ad2df No.75360

Dice rollRolled 17

Well if you want me to reroll spot so badly.

Rerolling spot again.

5533d No.75361

Ash continues down the route, signalling to all the foals to stay close by her side as she trots towards the orphanage discreetly as possible.
She also signals Caleb to guard each of them.

More tickle damage, to see if I can get this greedy boi to pass out fall asleep.

ad2df No.75362

I could punch the child to sleep if you want.


5533d No.75363

Dice rollRolled 1

What would sheep dog work qualify as, under the Handle Animal skill?

c689e No.75365

File: 1545683666023.png (19.59 KB, 500x461, 1323642227001_1.png)

>i know those feels

5533d No.75366

… You don't need to answer that question for now. It's irrelevant.

5533d No.75367

Dice rollRolled 1

And another round, while I'm bored.

5533d No.75368

[nun noises]

c2c0a No.75369

The colt giggles and has some sort of magical spurt

One of them is about to fall behind, but he can glare her into submission

The sixth colt is finally put out. For now

ad2df No.75370

Dice rollRolled 1 + 7

Iron does so.

ad2df No.75371

Fucking one.
Tell me I can reroll that.

5533d No.75372

Caleb falls back and coaxes the fillie towards the rest of the group.
"Do you want to slow down?" Sister Ash inquires?

5533d No.75373

Staph trying to scare the kids

ad2df No.75374

I can't stop myself.

c2c0a No.75375

When a pony passes in front of the fillie, she is not there when the pony moves

"A little" the 4 foals answer. Baltimare be a little far south for the Equestrian East coast, but it's still Winter. Ash is feeling a bit cold

ad2df No.75376

Dice rollRolled 15

Iron is upset. Rolling spot to find filly again.

5533d No.75377

Aww fug.
Which direction does the dog smell her in? He proceeds to follow her.

Ash slows down, holding them all close to her.

c2c0a No.75378

Across the street

ad2df No.75379

Dice rollRolled 11

Iron starts heading there with a quick step. Well as quick as a full-cladded pony can do. "Hold up. Filly ran away to across the street. I will fetch her." He tells Ash

5533d No.75380

Caleb looks both ways to cross the street before going to fetch her.

ad2df No.75381

Disregard dice.

c689e No.75382

Continues day dreaming until we get to the tailor.

c2c0a No.75383

It's a good thing he does, because the "automobile" drivers don't

Roll to grapple

ad2df No.75384

Who grapples who?

c2c0a No.75385

By the dark of the moon he planted
But there came an early snow
His owl's been howling by his window now
For six nights in a row
Blue's coming for him, he knows…

He may be at the tailor now

Whoever wants to grapple the filly may grapple the filly

5533d No.75386

Dice rollRolled 15 + 7

Wait, she resisting.
The doggo tries to stop her by putting a paw over her shoulder.

97d08 No.75387

You need to grapple the filly, Anon.

c2c0a No.75388

Dice rollRolled 12 + 3

Rolling opposed, but I am suspecting this will end with her being knocked down and tackled

ad2df No.75389

I already did once, I'll let the dog do it this time.

c689e No.75390

Dark Stars eyes return to normal and for a breif second he has a look of fear on his face
"Ah here we are Colts.Cabby heres what we owe you. stick around though. we still need a ride."

5533d No.75391

Caleb nuzzles her, almost chidingly like a nanny

e18b9 No.75392

I get out of the taxi.

c2c0a No.75393

Takes 7 bits, and there you are.

Trim Fit: "Welcome back. How may I be of assistance?"

She actually tries to pet him, though a bit afraid of the dog

c689e No.75394

"ah good to see you trim. my friends need some of the "Good stuff"."

ad2df No.75395

Iron, seeing the dog handling this, only stands by if the filly does any rushed moves.

c2c0a No.75396

"What sort of 'Good stuff' do they require?"

ad2df No.75397

*by until the filly

5533d No.75398

File: 1545686329709-0.jpg (66.16 KB, 600x400, face-eyes-cute-husky-photo.jpg)

Sister Ash has now slowed down considerably to give the foals a breather.

Caleb croaches down on his forepaws ridiculously, pressing his face to the ground as he looks up at the filly from his prone position.

c689e No.75399

"Spark here is a magic user. so i think he needs something different than just a flak jacket. and silver's armor here, needs an upgrade."

5533d No.75401

Dice rollRolled 13 + 5

His tongue stretches out hilariously as he tries to lick her hoof.
Rolling a touch attack (-2, cuz prone)

97d08 No.75402

Just pretend Silver was with you guys for that. Sorry, I keep getting distracted by IRL stuff.

e18b9 No.75403


ad2df No.75404

GM is doing the same, I garner.

c689e No.75405

its fine, you dont have to apologize.

c2c0a No.75406

The foal is a bit scared, but she does try to pet him

The hoof is licked. It does not taste good. The foal takes this as a friendly sign

"Well, we have magical equipment in stock, but that is expensive. What sort of upgrade does he need? And how has your flak jacket been working?"

97d08 No.75407

While Star and Spark deal with the tailor, Silver takes a gander around the store to look at their selection.

ad2df No.75408

Iron awaits the dog to escort the filly back to the convoy.

c689e No.75409

"it saved me from a couple of shots, it got destroyed though. how expensive is the magical equipment?" What was Silver's current armor?

5533d No.75410

Caleb points towards the rest of the group comically, and gestures to her to follow.

c2c0a No.75411

In the front, they have a great many fancy suits. Stallion's formal. It's in the back that they have the selection Silver is looking for

"That's too bad, but we have more. Magical equipment costs…. thousands more"
Probably should have asked Blue or Sea Breeze to cash out that gold

Reluctantly, she abides

5533d No.75412

Sister Ash has practically slowed to a stop, as she looks after filly and Caleb, with the tickled-to-sleep colt on her back.

97d08 No.75413

Can I ask the GM to magic up that Silver took Onyx out of the trunk of the taxi before he went inside the store? Otherwise I think we might have left Onyx in the truck of the taxi.

ad2df No.75414

Iron returns to the convoy as the filly goes, repositioning himself at the very back of the convoy.

5533d No.75415

"Woof" Caleb exclaims enthusiastically as he leads her across the street (looking both ways for inferal driving machines, of course).

c2c0a No.75416

She rejoins the group, and they go

Onyx is removed before the taxi drives off with him in the trunk

This reassures the foals

97d08 No.75417

He takes a more detailed look at what he has in the back.

c689e No.75418

"im not very good with magic, what would be the cheapest magical item you have that grants protection?"
i was thinking about bringing it to a forge

97d08 No.75419

I mean, he could ask Silver if he knew where to take a gold bar. He's had to deal with stuff of that nature before.

c2c0a No.75420

"Just a basic protection ring would cost 2000. You can also add magic to protective armor"


c689e No.75421

"ok get me 1 ring, and 2 flak jackets. how much for protection on one of them?"
would a flak jacket be better than silvers current armor?

5533d No.75422

Sister Ash let's the foals rest for as long as they need to, before heading back to the orphanage.

c689e No.75423

hmmmmmmmmmmmm, maybe.

97d08 No.75424

"Anything" covers a lot of things.

ad2df No.75425

Iron just follows along, only watching for any incoming trouble at the back of the convoy.

c2c0a No.75426

Fortunately for her, they get restless soon

A flack jacket would not
"Are you sure you don't want to consider your options?"
Also I need to think about how much of his brother's inheritance Dark Star has left

Look at the armor list https://www.dandwiki.com/wiki/SRD:Armor. Be mindful of magical enchantments

5533d No.75427

"Just a bit more. I'm sure your friends at the Abby will be glad to see you."

5533d No.75428

As a guy who's played an Artificer, I've memorized almost every kind of core weapon mechanic, and several non-core items to boot.
Just ask what kind of thing you're looking for, and I can find it.

ad2df No.75429

Iron smiles for a bit. She looks so beautiful when she shows compassion for children. Truly the most fitting mother any stallion could ask for.

5533d No.75430


97d08 No.75431

Ah, that helps.
He's seen flak jackets before, but he's never really thought much of them. To him, they seem like they're just made of really thick cloth. However, one that's been reinforced with metal catches his eye.
"Star, what about this one?"

97d08 No.75432

I think the GM mentioned before that something of this nature would be the WWII equivalent of a Brestplate.

ad2df No.75433

Iron snickers. Yes, she is gorgeous.

c689e No.75434

"sure,Do you have any flak jackets that have protection on it?"

c689e No.75435

"What one?"

97d08 No.75436

He points at what he's looking at: a flak jacket reinforced with metal plating, providing a good balance between protection and weight.

c689e No.75437


a9804 No.75438

Are they able to make it back to the orphanage?

ad2df No.75439

I could ask the same thing.

c2c0a No.75440

Yes, after around an hour.

"With magic? Yes. We can also get light titanium armor as well"

What is that on the armor list?

ad2df No.75441

Silver said it was a breastplate, I think.

c689e No.75442

"Light titanium sounds interesting. whats it capable of withstanding?"

97d08 No.75443

This. I thought you mentioned around the time that Iron was getting armor that something of that nature would be the equivalent of a Breastplate.

ad2df No.75444

Oh, that magical breastplate enhanced by magic 2 or 3 times.

97d08 No.75445

Nah, the thing I'm talking about is that before all the enhancement and stuff.

ad2df No.75446

The thing I bought was normal fullplate armor.

c2c0a No.75447

"It's a little stronger than the flak jacket. What makes it different is the light weight on it"

Iron got basically regular full plate armor

would give enhanced titanium breast plate to Blue, but not enough money for the character after Ash destroyed her most of her equipment

97d08 No.75448

I know, but you also described a flak jacket with metal reinforcement before he purchased the full plate.

ad2df No.75449

Breastplate with magical enhancements, 2 tiers of it. That's what the stallion offered Iron.

c2c0a No.75450

I believe that refers to any of the medium armors

97d08 No.75451

Yeah, what I'm talking about is essentially that, without the enhancements.

ad2df No.75452

Well, we arrived. You should enter the Abbey and all.

c689e No.75453

"that sounds like it could work. get me one of those with protection on it, the ring Spark and the reinforced flak jacket for Silver."

97d08 No.75454

I could have sworn you explicitly mentioned Breastplates during that whole thing.

5533d No.75455

Wow, heat metal doesn't destroy items. It just heats them up and deals damage.
I guess it's kind of my fault that she lost her bag in the fire though.
Still, at least they're both still alive.

5533d No.75456

You're right.
Sister Ash knocks on the front door of the orphanage.

97d08 No.75457

The fire and explosions from the heated metal did kinda destroy them, though.

c2c0a No.75458

Probably. I like breast plates because if you get them in Mithryl, you can put them on a rogue/ranger/flying creature without proficiency negatives/losing class abilities/losing the ability to fly, besides the fact that they won't slow you down. But if you're playing a warrior class you may as well go all the way.

A sister answers, then hail's Marery
"Oh! Thank Celestia you are okay!"

"A titanium breast plate is 4200 bits. A ring, 2000. An enchantment, 1000 at the lowest level"
I think I need to backread to see how much Dark Star has spent….

5533d No.75459

It wasn't my intention, but I guess it was my fault.
Sister Ash is one to prioritize lives over property though.

c689e No.75460

he hasnt spent more than 1500.i dont think

5533d No.75461

Sister Ash bows her head as she greets the sister.
"I.. We.. we weren't able to get them all…" She says solenmly
She ushers the foals in

ad2df No.75462

Iron stands back, not wanting to intrude.

c2c0a No.75463

1000 to the bar tender for part of the tavern, like 700 for the first two flack jackets, maybe 300 (at most) for fancy jackets, 100 in tip for waffles, a little less than 100 for the date, taxis, and supplies at the general store

Like she's seen a ghost, she stands silent in amazement at the foals. They walk inside. Except the sixth colt, who knows where he wants to be

c689e No.75464

does that leave enough?

5533d No.75465

Sister Ash sighs as she walks in, with the foal around her ankle.
She gestures to Iron.
"This fine stallion is named Iron. He was very helpful in supporting me." She says, introducing the stallion

c2c0a No.75466

"Are you with the Government?" Marery asks Iron, more than a little suspicious of his appearance

Sister Marery is a Grey earth pony mare in full nun attire

He has something like 5950 bits in cash plus an uncashed gold bar with a melt value of 4200. What is he trying to buy?

ad2df No.75467

Iron is a bit uncomfortable. "No. I am just acting as a bodyguard for Ash."

c689e No.75468

all of the stuff i said earlier. hopefully he'll accept the bar

5533d No.75469

Sister Ash begins the long process of explaining how she found Ollie and the other foals, as well as the clues she found for the other foals whereabouts, and what she heard about Sister Sage.

c2c0a No.75470

Can you be super specific using names from the SRD armor list as to what he wants?

"Very well…"

"Where have you been? We were a bit worried. And how did you get these foals?"

5533d No.75471

"I gave those low-lives what they wanted.. They shouldn't be a problem anymore.." she says vaguely, with a disgusted sneer as she recalls it

c689e No.75472

titanium breast plate(no enchantment), ring of protection, im also paying for what ever silver got if i can.

ad2df No.75473

Iron reluctantly follows Ash inside, guessing he should enter too.

c2c0a No.75474

>The six foals
"What great fortune you've brought us! I was afraid we'd never see these foals again, but here they are. And we can afford to take care of them now. Looks like one of them has taken a particular liking to you"

>The other six

It sounds like things have been as bad as I feared for some of them though.
"A terrible shame the Atheists got that one foal."
>Comte Burgher
"And that Burgher… I never had a high opinion of him. Some 'servant of the poor.'"
>the two made mares
"About what I expected. I was hoping they could go to better life than that"
>The Manehattan Adoptee
"At least she has a family now. I hope they are a loving one. The fact that the Fascists wouldn't let them adopt through their policies makes me wonder, but maybe it is a loving family"


"I can't say I'm entirely surprised, if those gangsters were telling you the truth"

"A very good thing. The stallions from Sunset coming here must have scared them off, and so long as we don't owe them anything they will stay away."

Foals run away and hide from him inside the orphanage

Titanium Breastplate is 4200 and another 1000 for a basic enchantment bonus. A ring is 2000 (spark has 3500, by the way). Silver hasn't responded on anything

97d08 No.75475

Am I just going crazy or something? I swear to god I keep saying the same thing over and over again.

ad2df No.75476

Iron is more uncomfortable of the situation.

263f0 No.75477

>3500 bits??
I had no idea I had that kind of money
“Hey, that ring is pretty expensive. You might have me handle that one so you can afford something for Silver.”

5533d No.75478

>Some 'servant of the poor.'
I fucking hate rich, hedonistic fucks who pretend to be charitable for politics/image.

Sister Ash similarly snorts in distate, much like a horse would.

I'm going to have to go, bye.

c689e No.75479

"Are you sure you want to do that? i could help if you want."

97d08 No.75480

It's a flak jacket reinforced with extra metal, and as far as I know it's the equivalent of a Breastplate.

c2c0a No.75481

I don't know. It's hard to keep up with everything and a family that wants to watch "It's a Wonderful Life" at the same time.

A cheaper option would just to be to use Onyx, Iron, or Silver as your Armor and find something else worth the money

*respectfully presses F*

ad2df No.75482

With Ash gone, I should go on pause too, but I'll be here for a little longer.

97d08 No.75483

>It's a Wonderful Life
That's actually my dad's favorite Christmas movie.

ad2df No.75484

Sorry GM, I am Ash's armor already.

c2c0a No.75485

What is Silver's Dex bonus? I feel like I gave him at least Banded Mail just as starting armor - maybe full plate - so I want to figure out the benefit of the medium armor

263f0 No.75486


I go up to the tailor.
“So, what does that fancy ring even do?”

97d08 No.75487

c2c0a No.75488

Play with the rest of the damned group so I don't have to create twice as many NPCs, scenarios, quests and settings

"It offers a slight magical deflection against attacks"

ad2df No.75489

Dice rollRolled 10 - 1

Ok, but only if you genderbend Spark.
Rolling diplomacy check for the lulz

263f0 No.75490

“Only slight? Hmm… I might have to come back for that one when I save up some more.”

c2c0a No.75491

With stats as awesome as you have you should have played a Paladin. Yes, Medium armor is better for him than heavy.

Basic breastplate is 200, a +1 enchantment is 1000, a +2 enchantment is 4000. Titanium costs 4000 more and lets him move faster

You fail to seduce Spark.

You'll get 'em next time

ad2df No.75492

>seduce a stallion as a stallion
Miss me with the gay virus.

97d08 No.75493

Maybe, but he would have to be Lawful Good if he was a Paladin.

Probably just a basic breastplate, considering he doesn't want to be a burden on Dark Star's funds.

c689e No.75494

"Trim excuse me one moment i have to go foor a bit ill be back.in a few minutes."
Dark Star leaves the tailors and heils a taxi and heads back to the HQ

97d08 No.75495

Silver stares at where Star was just a moment ago. "…What?"

263f0 No.75496

What did you expect to happen with that roll?
“I think he is going to ask for a favor from a friend.”

c2c0a No.75497

>Thinking a genderbending is better

It is so

Paladin, to me, is the best warrior class.

Well, it looks like Silver has more time to look around

ad2df No.75498

A funny.
Ok. Now I am signing off for real. Before I go, is there going to be any complications due to the holidays?

ad2df No.75499

It wasn't really serious to begin with. Besides, who would want a mare who obesses for a bottle of liquor anyways?

c689e No.75500

Dark Star walks over to Sea breeze or Blue Skies whomever he sees first

263f0 No.75501


c689e No.75502

97d08 No.75503

"It is interesting time to ask for favor." He looks around a bit more at the various armors available for sale.
Fighter just seemed like the simplest to learn. Might level him up a bit as a Paladin eventually, once I feel like I've got a hang of how to play as a Fighter. And if his alignment shifts more towards Lawful Good.

c2c0a No.75504

Maybe? Only tomorrow I would think

It's a glass, and it's a habit like Julian from Trailer Park Boys. Also don't insult other characters

"Hello again"

I mean, he's already a restorationist sympathizer

97d08 No.75505

I'm going to be having a bit of dinner, so just pretend I'm with you guys while carrying Onyx until I get back.
It doesn't necessarily mean he's Lawful Good, though.

ad2df No.75506

I am merely stating facts. Like how Iron is bad at talking to mares without earning a slap on the face.
Only happened once tho

c689e No.75507

"i need to bit in some gold that we found on the ship on the docks,sir. could the Party help me out,sir?"

c2c0a No.75508

"Oh, yes." He moves his chair back
"We cracked the dossier of you-know-who. Skies will have more information for you on that"

5533d No.75510

Sorcerers can wear magic robes in their body slot. Some robes create supernatural effects that may be equivalent to armor.

5533d No.75511

>you should have played a Paladin
Cannibals cannot be Paladins.

c689e No.75512

He smiles slightly when blue is mentioned
"where is she,sir?"

c2c0a No.75513

This. I can't believe I forgot

"We've had her interrogating prisoners, down the hall"

c689e No.75514

"Good Day,Sir."
he heads down the hall

c2c0a No.75515

There are several doors

c689e No.75516

Dice rollRolled 11 + 7

Listen check

c2c0a No.75517

Sound from the 4th door on the left

c689e No.75518

Dark Star opens the door

97d08 No.75519

Omnivore, not cannibal. It's not like he ate another pony…yet.

263f0 No.75520

I think I found my new armor

c2c0a No.75521

It's a hotel room modified to be sort of like a standard interrogation room, although only in part

It looks like he has stumbled in on something secret, because the occupants are startled. He does not see blue skies. It is one stallion who he has seen before being interrogated, and that Stallion is wondering why the actual fuck he is seeing you again. He was one of the unarmed stallions that tried to go for the second truck before its driver was killed. And the mare is in a Baltimare Police Uniform…. Now hold the fuck up. Has he seen this mare before?

ad2df No.75522

Roll a bluff check to see if we believe you.

Phoneposting now

97d08 No.75523

Dice rollRolled 7 - 1


ad2df No.75524

Well, I don't believe you.

c689e No.75525

File: 1545698121123.png (230.15 KB, 1500x1894, _DarkStar_.png)

>Has he seen this mare before?

38675 No.75526

I have a Flight tomorrow.

c2c0a No.75527

The policemare gets up. Yes, he recognizes her from one of the leftist rallies, where exactly he cannot say for sure. She is a White Unicorn with rose colored hair. She looks very angry that he is in the room, and gets up immediately

"Sir, you're not allowed to be walking around."
She turns to him and seems to growl 'get back outside' and walks over to Dark Star
"The Bathrooms are down the hall, I'm not sure how you got out of your restraints, but prisoners need to go this way"

ad2df No.75528

So you'll be absent for three days or just for tomorrow? Nevertheless, I understand. I have a dinner to attend to as well, and may take until tomorrow to come back. Merry Christmas, everybody, and remember, Christmas is to remind ourselves that Jesus sacrificed himself for our sins, not that Santa shit.

c689e No.75529

Dark Star immediately runs out of the building without a second though

c689e No.75530

Deus Vult

c2c0a No.75531

Alrighty then

38675 No.75532

Idk actually, I'm just following the herd.
I might be able to play here and there, but I've got family gatherings.

ad2df No.75533

Ok, I'll be on the lookout for you.

5533d No.75534


5533d No.75535

I can still RP for a little bit though.

1e5dc No.75536

I can RP too to give some closure to this part of the side quest.

c2c0a No.75537

Last I recall, Ash was expressing disgust at Comte

5533d No.75538

>side quest
Well, this is basically her main quest, until she becomes invlved in something bigger.

"You're not surprised, you say? Where do you think she went?"

1e5dc No.75539

Iron stands next to Ash.

5533d No.75540

"… Iron.. let me get you out of that armor.."

1e5dc No.75541

"I guess I should. It must discomfort the children greatly" Iron is blushing a bit, not considering the rules of this place in his own discomfort.

5533d No.75542

Sister Ash takes 4 minutes to undress Iron from his armor, while she talks to Sister Marey.

1e5dc No.75543

Iron grimaces when she takes off the chestplate by the slight friction between the armor and his left side of the coat that was shot.

c2c0a No.75544

"During the war, she would… make statements. Statements about wanting to get more involved. To do something to help the princesses. Now, we would help you see. Helping gather metal for recycling, or raising war bonds. But she wanted to do more. And we told her that the work we were doing here was important, as we were helping the helpless here at the orphanage. We all watched as the number of orphans grew. We lost contact with Manhattan, with Canterlot… After the war ended things didn't get that much better. In all of this she seemed to hold firm. It was after the closure of the Moonlight Shores orphanage, when our real financial difficulties began, that she began to be truly restless. She didn't like dealing with the gang. She definitely didn't like it when we contacted Sunset. And when we explained why it was necessary, it just made her angry at the state of the world."

She looks now at Ash more firmly
"I think she blamed me for what happened. For losing the foals. And she made quite a fit when they came that day….

I think she is chasing rumors of resistance fighters down south. Fighting directly against the occupation."

Which is how long at least that she would be talking

The foals peer over from hiding positions

There should be visible blood

5533d No.75545

Dice rollRolled 2 + 5

>Cure Light Wounds
Rolling damage healed

c2c0a No.75546

One half of the 14 damage he took has been healed

5533d No.75547

Dice rollRolled 3 + 5


c2c0a No.75548

That is all of the damage, and all of her cure light wounds potions for the day

Sister Marery is…. well, surprised

5533d No.75549

Sister Ash seems interested in Marey's story
"Rumors, you say?"

1e5dc No.75550

"Thank you. I needed that, Ash." Iron strokes her mane softly.

5533d No.75551

"… It's the least I could do."

c2c0a No.75552

They are somethingmajiggers

"Who is this stallion exactly?"

1e5dc No.75553

"Like I said, I am a bodyguard for Ash."

5533d No.75554

"Someone I met while I was looking for the foals. He's been very helpful."

5533d No.75555

File: 1545706313673-0.jpg (101.92 KB, 599x695, power-force-john-elway-ico….jpg)

Praise Football.

c2c0a No.75556

"I see…." She seems unsure about the scene and him, and the fact that he seemed to have been shot, but evidently trusts Ash in the last analysis

"They say there are forces down South that never surrendered"

97d08 No.75557

Appropriately praised.

5533d No.75558

"Hmmmm interesting.." Sister Ash replies
"There are still ponies fighting?"

1e5dc No.75560

Iron raises an eyebrow. He may need to fight after all.

c2c0a No.75561

"There are some who say so. The southern jungles were conquered months before the war ended, and the final surrender occurred here in Baltimare. But the Jungle keeps her secrets."

5533d No.75562

>the Jungle keeps her secrets
It takes all of Sister Ash's willpower to resist grinning at that statement.
"Hmmmmmm, so it does. That is just how the jungle is." She muses whimsically

c2c0a No.75563

There are oh so many fights to be had

"What we do know is that bombers take off from Stableside at least twice a week. They say it is training, but a rainforest is quite a dangerous place to train"

a27de No.75564

Iron really hopes they are not harming tribes in the process, but remembers the weaklings tried to cause strife against the tribes, which calms him a bit.

5533d No.75565

Sister Ash nods at the information, visibly interdasted

".. Tell me, who is this Comte Burgher?"

c2c0a No.75566

"Uck! They say just call him 'cheese'…. He is a city official of the Social Democrats, and he represents the South East of the city. An Aldermare, as the say, or a city councilmare. City councilstallion I guess. He's part of Larry Berry's movement and party. He talks about how he came from a poor family right here in Baltimare, but his wife is the daughter of a wealthy industrialist, and he's definitely living big now. He helped institute the Health Care system and says to represent the unions. Or used to anyways. He was a very vocal critic of New Mareland and their wars with the griffons, and he supported the war against them. Until they were literally knocking on his door. That shut him up real quick. Shut them all up."

As he recalls from the mare on the docks, the Blackhooves are more popular in the jungles than they are in Baltimare

b11a6 No.75567

>Social Democrats
Why am I not surprised?

a27de No.75568

He vaguely remembers Cauldron saying something about humility, which clearly shows that this pony in politics is very weak justt like those communists.

b11a6 No.75569

>wanted to kill a pedo
>Turns out he's a politician
This could take more time than I initially thought…

c2c0a No.75570

She has more to say on the subject

This is the kind of mission you'd want to invite Dark Star for

Nah, the guy is probably an arrogant asshole

c2c0a No.75571

Or, just send Dark Star to do

a27de No.75572

Iron still feels like this pony is a weak, arrogant asshole.

5533d No.75573

Yeah, probably..
Sister Ash shakes her head
".. What shamefullness…"

c2c0a No.75574

"Well…. What can I say. When ponies stop placing their faith in Celestia, all the rest follows"

5533d No.75575

She sighs in response
"..Some fools value money over humility.. it's a shame for them."

a27de No.75576

Iron is not really convinced of the validity of this statement but does not seek a discussion on religion.

c2c0a No.75577

"Money, power, sex…. These distractions have always held a power over ponies and other creatures. But friendship, laughter, generosity, honesty, loyalty kindess… It is harmony alone that will bring you happiness and fulfillment. We knew this lesson. We've taught this lesson and lived by it. But ponies forget"

5533d No.75578

She smiles and nods at this
"So it is."

c2c0a No.75579

"I think you've seen what we're up against. And I hope you understand what it is we try to preserve. What we try to restore."

5533d No.75580

"I hope so too.." she replies
Then her eyes droop
"But for now… I'm rather tired…" She mutters

It should be like 10:30-ish, right?

c2c0a No.75581

By this time it may well be

Also, the colt wants attention

5533d No.75582

Sister Ash looks down at the colt
"… You never get tired, do you?"

c2c0a No.75583

"Hug me" says the little green-eyed brown unicorn

5533d No.75584

"Don't you want to see your friends?"

c2c0a No.75585

He tilts his head
"friends? No. I need attention"

a27de No.75586

Iron is not so convinced. It sounds too good to be true. His tribe is strength-based for this reason, because evil people will always exist. He must be missing something important to this, because faith that everyone is good is stupid.

5533d No.75587

She frowns at this, picking him up by the scruff
(gently) with her magick
"You didn't miss your friends? Your friends missed you."

5533d No.75588

Sister Ash just prefers to agree where she can agree.
Her practice of faith is different than the Celestians, but she can agree that faith, virtue and self-discipline outweigh the value of any material wealth.

c2c0a No.75589

And thus we see why the Fascists get further with the tribes of the jungle than the Restorationists

He can argue with Sister Marery if he likes

"I don't really have any friends"
Says the colt. He looks to be in physically better condition than he was 4 hours ago. He is still small, and probably younger

a27de No.75590

Iron is feeling a bit childish from this exchange. He whispers to Ash. "Want to make him jealous? I think he needs to put a little work for his hugs to feel really the value of your attention."

5533d No.75591

She turns to Iron
"Some ponies can be foolish.. they'll look for money to fuel their desires, a instead of teaching themselves to become better ponies." She says, with a smile
*Frowning intensifies*
"You don't have any friends here? That can't do. All the foals here are so full of energy, don't you ever play with them?"

5533d No.75592

She turns to him.
"Would you like a hug?"

c2c0a No.75593

"No." Says the colt flatly

5533d No.75594

Dice rollRolled 4 + 3

"So you only play by yourself? That's a shame, I'm sure you could get along if you tried."
Sister Ash narrows her eyes and considers that this colt may have some form of autism
Dice are Sense Motive, to get s feeling of

5533d No.75595


5533d No.75596

She turns to Marry, slightly concerned
"This one hasn't been bullied, has he?"

c2c0a No.75597

The colt keeps his secrets. Except that he wants a hug. He tells Ash that explicitly.

7160b No.75598

"Aw, I wanted to be the big bad pony that took the beautiful maiden and is bested by the young stallion." Iron mock-whimpers on Ash's ear

5533d No.75599

*Hugs Iron*
"You've been irreplaceably helpful these past couple days. I greatly appreciate it. Thank you."

5533d No.75600

Ash withholds hugs and continues prying.
"Are you lonely here? What do you do all day?"

c2c0a No.75601

"He very well may have been. He has not been very sociable with the others. He was found near the docks during the war. We think he must have come from a family on one of the refugee ships from the west. They probably didn't want him and abandoned him here."

*hoof tap*

7160b No.75602

Iron definetly was not expecting that. He is a bit taken aback but returns the hug. "Only for the cutest of mares." He whispers to her ear.

c2c0a No.75603

"I've play with the ball alone here. The Stallions with the sticks kept me in a crib all day but it was upside down. They would not hug me"

5533d No.75604

>hoof tap
Oi, Ponies hug eachother all the time, ffs. It's a courtesy.

c2c0a No.75605

The colt seems to be convinced that hugs are a zero-sum game

5533d No.75606

Sister Ash retains her core beliefs: all foals deserve hugs.
She hugs the colt for a little bit longer, before stepping back.
"It's bedtime soon. Don't worry, I'll still be here tomorrow."
>In direct conflict to core belief
As Sister Ash absorbs this, she picks up the colt and looks at him sternly (but warmly)
"Everypony wants to be hugged, but there will always be enough to go around so long as everypony is nice, so be a good pony and you won't be missing out." She says

ad2df No.75607

Iron whispers to Ash again. "Are you going to sleep outside like yesterday?"

5533d No.75608

"… Possibly…"

c2c0a No.75609

"But there wasn't enough to go around with those stallions. They put me under the crib. I nearly starved. They did not think I was a nice pony. I want more hugs"

5533d No.75610

>tfw you're ascetic and like sleeping outside, but you'd rather not wake up in the middle of the night to chase wolves away

c2c0a No.75611

"We have rooms for you and your… bodyguard, Ash"

ad2df No.75612

Iron can guess why pretty accurately from his personality.

c2c0a No.75613

The gangsters only charged Ash half as much for that foal

5533d No.75614

Dice rollRolled 1 + 5

Good fucking dammit, I knew it, I just didn't want to break character.
Spot check.

5533d No.75615


c2c0a No.75616

A piece of hair falls into Ash's eye

5533d No.75617

*Blinks profusely*
"I would accept, if you'd be so kind."

ad2df No.75619

"I guess I will accept the offer, then. Are we sleeping in the same room?" Iron asks the other sister.

5533d No.75620

She didn't bring any money with her when she left. She only considered those bars to be a convenient means to an end.

c2c0a No.75621

"But of course, we can give you the same room as before. And he can take a room over in the west wing. Along with his… equipment. Your dog… Well I'll admit I am not sure. If he is trained for indoors he can inside"

"… No…"

If you value each foal at 1500, then the 8400 Ash offered is only enough for 5 and half foals. I figured they would take a loss on foal number 6

ad2df No.75623

Iron is confused. "Why not? I am her bodyguard. I do not want to slack off even in the safest places."

5533d No.75624

1500 is kind of a lot for a slave, isn't it?
"The dog is trained. He can sleep anywhere you have available."

5533d No.75625

"Rules in this place are somewhat different…" Sister Ash says with a sigh

c2c0a No.75626

"We keep the mares and the stallions separate"

Is it? It would be really insulting if they were sold cheaply.

"That is good. He may stay where you wish him to stay"

ad2df No.75627

Iron doesn't understand still but wants things to be civil. "Can I at least get a room next to her?"

c2c0a No.75628

"Say, where are you from, bodyguard?"

5533d No.75629

Slave traders wouldn't value pony lives intrinsically. They'd treat them like livestock, and value them for practical application.

ad2df No.75630

Iron is a bit surprised by the question. "I am from the jungle. Why do you ask?"

c2c0a No.75631

If I wanted to make them really villainous, they'd sell for 50 bits

"You seem a bit… different. Tell me, what does your tribe know of the Sisters who raise the Sun and the Moon?"

5533d No.75632

If you go by biblical reference, the life of a gentile slave was worth 30 shekels of silver: That's comparable to the price of a pig. By game rules a cow costs 100 shekels, and an ox is worth 150.

5533d No.75633

Sister Ash would have given them all of the money whatever the price was. If that wasn't enough, that's where things would have gotten violent.

5533d No.75634

Sister Ash cringes s bit, as Marey brings up the subject.

ad2df No.75635

Iron shakes his head. "Not much. I only heard of the Sun sister on this city."

c2c0a No.75636

She looks over at Ash
"What is it, deary?"

"What do you know of Harmony?"

5533d No.75637

"… I'm just tired… I've been galloping around all day.." she replies

ad2df No.75638

Iron is lost. "Harmony? I guess it is the order of nature, is it not?"

5533d No.75639

Sister Ash nods in agreement
"You could call it that."

c2c0a No.75640

"Why indeed, it is the order of nature. The sun rises at day and sets at night. The rains come and they go and this happens all in its allotted order and time. But it is the same with relations among ponies"

ad2df No.75641

Iron is scratching his head. "So, is this a reason not to sleep on the room next to my client?"

c2c0a No.75642

She laughs
"In a way, you could say that"

ad2df No.75643

Iron does not get it at all. "What is funny about this?"

c2c0a No.75644

"You are new here, very new. That's okay though. We've had decades to learn the ways of this land. You will take some time to get used to it"

ad2df No.75645

Iron is not amused, but it's their land. "Fine, I will take your apparent reason. Could you show me to my room?" Iron picks up his armor and shield, as well as his leather belt with his rock and bit pouch.

5533d No.75646

*polite yawn*
"… If you'll excuse me, I'll go drop this one off and head away to my room…" She says, dragging the child stuck to her leg

c2c0a No.75647

File: 1545716096332.jpg (68.17 KB, 1280x720, Were it so easy.jpg)

"Why yes"

Iron is taken up a flight of stairs and down a corridor to an area of the orphanage that seems to be main dormitories

He is given a room with a single bed with white covers and dark wooden floors, besides dressers. It is less austere in decoration than some areas, and there is one lamp, with a window.

"Here you go"

c2c0a No.75648

The "here you go" should be attached to the post to iron. The fluid dragon horse only gets the pic

5533d No.75649

Dice rollRolled 7 + 8

Rolling Telekinetic grapple to pry him off.

c2c0a No.75650

Dice rollRolled 11

Rolling opposed

5533d No.75651

Dice rollRolled 13 + 3


ad2df No.75652

Iron looks around along the way to see if he can find a stallion moving about. Something is not right. "Thank you." Iron enters the room and carefully dumps all of his items on the floor next to the bed except the leather belt, which he equips.

c2c0a No.75653

"Hiss!" the colt grapples at the air, but is pulled off

5533d No.75654

She deposits him in bed sternly.
"Goodnight." She says, Ash she leaves the room

5533d No.75655

"Good ponies don't ~hiss." She chides as she shuts the door

c2c0a No.75656

There are absolutely zero Stallions around

"But I want to go with you…"

5533d No.75657

"Tomorrow is another day." She calls though the door

ad2df No.75658

That, indeed, is strange. Why are there not any stallions to physically protect the premises? This leaves him worried. These ponies may try to kidnap more foals or worse, Ash. He starts pacing a bit around the room, thinking of ways to calm down.

c2c0a No.75659

I really want to have Blue Skies interject "You saw 'Gone with the Whinny' too?!"

The room is not the smallest he's ever seen, but neither is it big

ad2df No.75660

Dice rollRolled 19

Iron cedes his walking after some minutes, about 10 to 15. He becomes tired of all this worrying. He lays on the bed and tries to sleep. Rolling luck for successful sleeping.

c2c0a No.75661


I wish I could sleep like that

5533d No.75662

I should really go to bed…

Merry Christmas, faggots.

263f0 No.75663

Merry Christmas

ad2df No.75664

After soothing memories of Ash's voice calming him down and her hug before bed, he finally has peace of mind for the time being and gently goes to sleep.
Merry Christmas and good night. I'll jump off too.

97d08 No.75665

Goodnight, and Merry Christmas!

5533d No.75666

Whups, guess the flight was tomorrow.

97d08 No.75667

Satan has checked your flight and has had it delayed.

5533d No.75668


ad2df No.75669

Well that sucks… maybe.

5533d No.75670

No, I just got the date wrong.

ad2df No.75671

I was expecting you to travel yesterday since I believe you are doing this for family meetings, right?

5533d No.75672

Yeah. I'm going to see family.

ad2df No.75673

At least, you've slept some time, right?
>tfw character sleeps better than me

5533d No.75674

5533d No.75675

5533d No.75676

What do you all think the classes of characters in the show would be if they played?
I would say:
>Fluttershy: Druid
>Pinkie Pie: Jester (or just Bard)
>Twilight Sparkle (pre-alicorn): Wizard (Loremaster Prc)
>Applejack: Ranger
>Rainbow Dash: Fighter/Rogue (maybe >Duelist Prc or Thief Acrobat Prc)
>Rarity: Sorceress
>Tempest Shadow: Warlock
>Starlight Glimmer: Wizard (Enchanter Specialization; Mindbender PrC)
>Sunburst: Also wizard (evoker)
>Shining Armor: Paladin, maybe Battle Sorcerer
>Princess Cadence: Favored Soul
>Celestia: Cleric (Sun and Celestial Domains)
>Luna: Cleric (Dream and Mind Domains)
>Zecora: Druid
>Meadowbrook: Also Druid
>Sonambula: Cleric
>Mistmane: Sha'hir (Chink Sorcerer)
>Starswirl: Vanilla Wizard
>Rockhoof: Barbarian
>Flash Magnus: Fighter; possibly Paladin

For OCs
>Aryanne: Urban Ranger
>Fireaxe: Paladin

ad2df No.75677

Discord is surely taking the GM spot.

5533d No.75678

File: 1545760796534-0.jpeg (310.39 KB, 800x1132, 353549__safe_artist-colon….jpeg)

Discord is seemingly the most powerful being in the Equestrian universe. I'd judge roll him out as an concordant dragon (great wyrm) who becane a literal god of chaos by taking the Epic Dragon's Ascentant Prestige class. Dragons of his age could naturally become deities through their own power (after all, they're the strongest creatures).
He's at least a rank 5 demigod, possibly a greater Deity. Considering his ability to manipulate his form and reality around him at will, it would suggest that he's a Greater Deity, possibly ranked 6 through 16.
His Salient Abilities (if rank 6) could include:
>Alter Reality
>Alter Size
>Alter Form
>Shift Form
>Waves of Chaos
>Divine Spellcasting
>Automatic Metamagick (quicken and sculpt spell)

97d08 No.75679

If Discord is the most powerful being in the Equestrian universe on his own merits, would that make the Elements of Harmony the strongest weapons?

ad2df No.75680

Are the salient abilites from the illusion school or the transfiguration school of magic?
Apart from that, I have a few more additions
>Trixie: Sorcerer (Illusion magic+crafting specialization)
>CMC: All bards, cuz they are good with words. (IDK how bards really work)
>Moondancer: Wizard (evoker, just more NEETy)
>Minuette: Cleric (something akin to healing cuz white teeth meme)

5533d No.75681

File: 1545762573631-0.png (4.43 MB, 750x4354, 4797__safe_artist-colon-co….png)

Well, the elements of Harmony are by definition the only power that could trump his chaos. The tree of Harmony itself served as an artifact-tier eldritch machine with the purpose of suppressing Discord's terror.
There are few ways to defeat Gods, because they're immune to so many things, have divine insight, basically the unlimited magic (if spellcasters), and are generally awesome by definition. Sealing/suppressing/disempowering/convincing/defeating a god quanitifies as an epic quest, and the Tree of Harmony easily fits as an Eldritch machine serving as a plot device in such a quest.
He seems to enjoy the school of Transmutation, but his abilities seems more universal, literally bending the universe to his will.
Being an epic dragon god, he has plenty Charisma XP to spare, so he could cast Wish and Limited Wish in the fly with minor relative consequence (because what's 5000 XP when your XP is in the billions?)

Trixie would be Beguiler (simlar to a Bard).
Moondancer is obviously a wizard because
Minuuette seems like an NPC class tbh; probably Magewright (proffsional caster) or Adept.

ad2df No.75682

>Minuette is an NPC class
I cry.
I guess if she would pick a class, she would pick healing anyways.

5533d No.75683

In all technicality, only a small minority of creatures should advance as elite PC classes. The rest would be "background ponies".

5533d No.75684

She could also be an Expert (professional NPC), who took Knowledge (local/medicine), Profession (Dentist), Craft (pharmecudical) and Heal as her class skills. Expert is a good class for NPC creatures that work nonmagical day-to-day skilled jobs (merchants, Carpenters, blacksmiths, sailors, etc).
A healing class would mean Cleric or Adept, but she doesn't really seem extrordinarily devout. Non-magical healing could be a thing too.

ad2df No.75685

>Non-magical healing
Which classes can do that? I don't think potions count because you need to infuse a spell in the potion to have an effect.

5533d No.75686

>Which classes can do that
Rangers, Paladins, Druids, and Clerics all get Heal as a class skill (which makes it useless, because all those classes get healing spells).
Expert is a class that can have any set of skills as class skills: it's convenient for making NPCs who fill a professional niche.

There could also be a Magewright class from Eberron (professional caster). They get int-based spells that are useful as PCs. With the Magecraft spell, a magewright can get a +5 competance bonus to a profession or craft skill check, meaning that they can produce masterwork items and pass high-DC skillchecks at relatively low levels. It's good for PCs that produce consumable alchemical items, or use professional skills that require expertise.
I'm just nerding-out now. Half of this isn't even actual core material, so don't take it to heart.

c2c0a No.75687

>Background ponies
The only reason I don't give enemy NPCs full classes is because of laziness. And I actually did do that for the advisers and the faction liaisons

ad2df No.75688

I mean, they are only the NPC variant of rangers since everyone uses guns and shit. And for what I know, guns are exotic weapons, meaning they would need the specific exotic weapon proficiency feat

5533d No.75689

NPC classes exist mainly because their simple and easy to advance. NPCs can be made in a cookie-cutter fashion. Making a 9th level adept for the PCs to make revives for is much easier than making a 9th level Cleric. There are even guides that make them easy to mass-produce.
It's usually only special villains or recurring NPCs that may advance with heroic/elite PC classes; the others are usually just NPC classes or s combination of the two.
Giving NPCs classes blank classes like Warrior or Commoner are mostly to determine how many hit points they have (in the case of warriors), or how many hit dice they have (to keep Enchanter from just enslaving a billion commoners at once).