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Yea, for the Denver Broncos are Football Now and Forever
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File: 1500284069996.png (1.49 MB, 2222x2222, rules of denver.png)


This is a board for the discussion of Football, the Denver Broncos, and John Elway.

The Denver Broncos are themselves Football, and John Elway is The Denver Broncos. This Divine Trinity is at the center of our faith. Do not forget the words of the Prophet Elway, conceived by Dan Reeves, born of the Lady Dash, the alpha and the omega, the first and the last:

Know thee that I am Elway. Look upon my glory and know that none of thee are worthy of Football. However, the Denver Broncos are merciful, and Football is Love and Life itself. And so, unworthy as thou art, Football has nonetheless chosen to shine its countenance upon thee. Heed now the Word and Commandments of the almighty Elway:

>Thou shalt have no other gods before Football

>Blasphemy against the Denver Broncos shall not be tolerated
>Honor thy Elway and thy Football
>Thou shalt not bear false testimony against football
>The name of the Oakland Raiders shall not be mentioned here
>Football is Love
>Football is Life

File: 1513249845983.png (108.91 KB, 650x651, AngelGummy.png)


It is 5 A.M.! (At least where I am at.) Can not seem to get any sleep… Time to shitpost!

(Posted on wrong board originally. Sorry, REALLY tired…)


Where are the Lewds?


File: 1513367757740.jpg (46.3 KB, 600x600, 1489939810149.jpg)

>tfw not 5 am


File: 1513495693163.png (246.33 KB, 1280x1280, 1512195296737.png)

>mfw not 5am
>mfw I post anyway

File: 1513410979309.jpg (39.05 KB, 334x192, 1g4f3s.jpg)


>mfw newfags can't orangetext
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File: 1513452842879.png (Spoiler Image, 1.74 KB, 151x21, iridium_2017-12-16_14-33-1….png)

>tfw don't want to orange text anyway
>tfw OP gave it away with the original post.


>newfags can't pinktext


…sorry overlooked bug in code…
Fixed now.


>OP is a faggot



File: 1513397971112-0.jpeg (400.02 KB, 1280x960, 1598719__safe_artist-colo….jpeg)




Kek that guy kind of looks like a friend of mine


I feel sorry for your friend now


to be fair my friend doesn't look quite that bad, he just has similar features. Like that guy could be my friend's cousin with down syndrome or something.


alright, that seems manageable.

File: 1512653774570.jpg (247.26 KB, 1066x885, 529968_schwangau.jpg)


So, when are we buying an mlpol Castle to start our empire?
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>Buy house
>It only lasts for like 50 years and then it starts falling apart
>Buy Castle
>Still standing hundreds if not thousands of years later
Fuck this.


We could have one built or build one ourselves. Depending on where we build it and what we build it out of it could be cheaper.


I did too. The 300,000 Euro ones are the best in both price and in condition.


castles are cheap but the upkeep is rough


keep in mind though, this board has AT LEAST 20 active posters. I'm pretty sure 20 people is enough to keep a castle in at least decent condition.

File: 1512846343198.png (2.19 MB, 2480x3507, wendys_and_moonman_transpa….png)


Moonman - Right Wing Death Squads
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File: 1512848084336.jpg (155 KB, 1020x717, kebab remove cube.jpg)

Remove Kebab - Serbia Strong (God is a Serb)- with subtitles


File: 1512848208406.gif (1.81 MB, 390x300, tfw 4chan.gif)

Understand the concept of love




File: 1513299508100.png (1.13 MB, 1587x1600, fc36a2c53c9a01e64537622c38….png)


File: 1507949081428.jpg (133.37 KB, 1134x852, 786befbc6d89d5331e8ac3a9d9….jpg)


>October Friday the 13th
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>month too late, worth the wait
but seriously, that's adorable


File: 1511623043512.jpeg (330.28 KB, 700x2800, image.jpeg)


File: 1511635278724.png (277.08 KB, 491x551, 1506302350600.png)

Good job anon!


File: 1511635493538.jpg (361.26 KB, 1040x1079, 1509885784910-0.jpg)

Love it


Fucking A+ anon.

May I direct you all to

File: 1512682864131.jpg (82.22 KB, 800x670, fucking abomination.jpg)


This is one of the ugliest things I've ever seen in my life.

How many levels of shit OC do you want? Black hair? Rainbow hair? Rainbow hair contrasted with jet fucking black? A fucking rat tail with a paintbrush-shaped end? Oh, and what justifies her Alicorn Suehood? "I'm not a REAL alicorn, I'm a weaker mutant halfbreed! Pity me!". Give me a fucking break.

I know this is just a princess-ified pic of the OC, but the actual OC is still just as ugly.
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File: 1512699766900.gif (435.61 KB, 450x450, 1368226__safe_artist-colon….gif)

No, because they're not niggers and homosexuality doesn't exist in Equestria.


The "Artist" of this OC is one of those circlejerking "Brony Analysts Playing Tf2" faggots.


Also our world has no equine AIDS variant, monkey-fuckers in Africa never got close enough to their Ziggers.


holy shit I love this gif



File: 1513231382369-0.jpg (107.07 KB, 848x1024, 1513131794022m.jpg)

File: 1513231382369-1.jpg (109.34 KB, 452x798, 1513131577094.jpg)

File: 1513231382369-2.jpg (50.82 KB, 199x1024, 1513142449784m.jpg)


Boast amerimutts

File: 1503195155350-0.jpg (927.65 KB, 1280x960, 1444983606556.jpg)

File: 1503195155350-1.jpg (128.25 KB, 720x960, prehistoric-turtle-.jpg)

File: 1503195155350-2.jpg (106.88 KB, 736x1035, 1447572836340.jpg)

File: 1503195155350-3.jpg (153.01 KB, 1098x727, escape_to_the_stars_by_lyr….jpg)

File: 1503195155350-4.jpg (104.83 KB, 1920x1080, Morshu.jpg)

 No.659[Reply][Last 50 Posts]

Post a couple of random images from any of your folders.
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File: 1512778542138.jpg (296.23 KB, 1057x897, 21345678.jpg)

>1st image


File: 1512959746819-0.png (33.82 KB, 1093x797, 1425263065139.png)

File: 1512959746819-1.jpg (54.42 KB, 638x854, 1444179426194.jpg)

File: 1512959746819-2.jpg (545.18 KB, 650x864, 1393317001374.jpg)

File: 1512959746819-3.jpg (22.19 KB, 300x300, 1418156379589.jpg)

File: 1512959746819-4.jpg (33.17 KB, 500x551, 1448035979741.jpg)

something mlp, something pol, something fap, something funny, something random


File: 1513009120098-0.gif (4.12 MB, 546x446, 1511086__suggestive_artist….gif)

File: 1513009120098-1.png (3.27 MB, 1417x1742, 893742__source needed_ques….png)

File: 1513009120098-2.jpg (72.63 KB, 508x720, 1513002526883.jpg)

File: 1513009120098-3.jpg (87.57 KB, 615x800, 4bd058a4951a45541569439821….jpg)

File: 1513009120098-4.jpg (54.07 KB, 724x341, dc41e1b977d2143d9379c7db37….jpg)


File: 1513053376718-0.jpg (114.05 KB, 700x800, 1511720740287.jpg)

File: 1513053376718-1.jpg (181.04 KB, 800x850, 1511719422248.jpg)

File: 1513053376718-2.jpg (58.71 KB, 1006x522, gut-brain-axis.jpg)

File: 1513053376718-3.jpg (116.96 KB, 843x568, Probiotics.jpg)

File: 1513053376718-4.png (103.36 KB, 2444x2667, 3a2.png)


File: 1513132327963-0.jpg (290.88 KB, 1052x789, 7a71b2ed4e88f9a23a5fa69ab0….jpg)

File: 1513132327963-1.webm (7.59 MB, 720x720, 67d77b09825f136198dc33d96….webm)

File: 1513132327963-2.jpg (153.74 KB, 743x1150, 7c13f7c283ab649fa7ad74ea2e….jpg)

File: 1513132327963-3.png (220.91 KB, 454x720, 04110d7fd870c7f4b9e21f5c39….png)

File: 1513132327963-4.gif (387.55 KB, 500x363, b2cb060b3780bac42f602db48d….gif)

File: 1513124690773-0.jpg (2.71 MB, 4032x3024, IMG_4505.JPG)

File: 1513124690773-1.jpg (1.05 MB, 4032x3024, IMG_4506.JPG)

File: 1513124690773-2.jpg (1.31 MB, 4032x3024, IMG_4507.JPG)


Who here /bluejackets/?

File: 1512766307551.png (424.18 KB, 1600x1146, excited_cutie_mark_crusade….png)


What is your cutie mark?
What talents do you bring to the /mlpol/ table?

Are you a artist?
A philosopher?
A you a jounalist diging for information all hail awoo
Are you a meme-soldier bringing fun to this board?
Are you an IT-guy?
Are you getting fit and prepping?
Are you arguing to find truth?

t. blank flank that tries to get skills, insight and knowledge
inb4 datamining
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File: 1512899768177.png (200.63 KB, 669x556, me irl.png)

This is what I would look like if I were in My Little Pony Friendship is Magic. It includes a fire mane and tail to represent my warm personality, my favorite fedora, a bowtie, and my necklace. The cutie mark would be a cross with a headset, to represent both Jesus Christ and PewDiePie. My favorite person on YouTube and my favorite person in history.


I think I will forever be an blank flank. "I am the patron saint of mediocrity" (to steal an quote). I can do "many" things but I don't excel at any. I do hope I find my niche one day, but I am starting to become an really old filly.


Should it be even more rounder?



File: 1513034450483.png (53.52 KB, 590x353, 1481236845833.png)

File: 1512755856793.png (94.88 KB, 800x600, daydream waveshine.png)


My sister made this and sent it to me. I didn't even know she liked MLP, but she asked me to draw her OC better.

What do?
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is shit


is your sister autistic or is she just young?




It's supposed to be a bunch of blue snowflakes.

File: 1512867015281.jpg (661.93 KB, 983x1464, Ultimate Spider-Man #014_U….JPG)


So I've been reading through the Ultimate Spider Man comics, because fuck, I'm a NEET, why not?
And came across this lovely page.
Where Peter tries to defend mutants, by comparing them to the jews.
Normal people = Germans
Mutants = Jews
Did they really not see this flawed logic, or did they let their shroud slip for a second there?
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Also I really hate that banner pic where Nightmare Moon smokes. She's not a degenerate smoker and smokes would never be allowed in a perfect-ish world like Equestria.


File: 1512925237258-0.jpg (450.96 KB, 986x1465, Ultimate Spider-Man #014_U….JPG)

Honestly it just sounds like two different writers to me. Like one is trying to shoehorn his holocaust in, and the other is saying "Don't let (((them))) intimidate you." Which might actually be the case because a lot of media has different writers for different characters.


File: 1512925301205-0.png (1.15 MB, 971x464, MComix_2017-12-10_11-55-55.png)

Peter's Jew Comment actually causes this guy to realize he's Spider-Man, as well.


And as one last note, the comic tries to appeal to kids. It bashes MTV, gays, etc. So the jew comment is actually really out of place, where as Gwen Stacy's Comment about not letting (((Them))) put you down is more on-par with the rest of the comic. I think it might have been a case where Stan Lee used his authority to insert a Jew sympathy moment.


remember that one old pony with the pipe for a CM though?

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