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American IQ
Poners, It has come to my attention a disturbing video made to prank college students that actually turns into the Idiocracy movie 2024 version.
Browsing the video's jewtube channel for additional content I found that this situation is far more common than expected.
Beyond bizarre and fucking surreal. And considering that this kind of humanoids are the neighbors next door, keeping a prudent distance might be advisable.
I wouldn't give a fuck if it was only the American IQ in decline, because it's all of the west.
Society is levelled by the low according to the same doctrine. consumerism and equality, getting a uber eats instead of cooking, not reasoning, not thinking without asking Google what to do. And the “AI” will amplify the disasters created by television and smartphones.

Forcing the retards to be more governed and de facto more prone to obey blindly.
Illiteracy is increasing ? There's an app for that, more and more phones are just using voice recognition, I see trisomics and negroes spelling to Google the message they should send privately all the time around me.

I really hope for a WWIII or if we go on like this, we will enter in the darkest of ages.
>we will enter in the darkest of ages.
If not we're already in, by the media, school, lies and being assisted in anything for a good decade of decline now.

Here goes nothing, a collection of Facebook users in which, compared to the same sample on say, MySpace, have a clear change in appearance, vocabulary and more.

Are we being surrounded?

On one hand the design of making the video is geared to finding tards then laughing at them.
A cherry picking effect of sorts.
With even more ability to show yourself and others anything anywhere at anytime, retarded fuckwits outnumber any kind of intelligent person.
On the other hand we live in sick times.
Long term recollection is not exercised in any way ever. Tests are designed to be remembered for a short while then forgotten. Schools are to produce obedient cattle just cramming enough to technically increase GDP and for retarded metrics and to get a submissive population.
Anyone not handicapped in the IQ has been shown positions that absorb time, effort, attention and the goodie train hasn't yet left them by just yet.

But it's leaving, and a significant portion of the population is sick mentally, physically and or spiritually.
And yet somehow all is not lost.
Even in countries of the lairs and the lied to.
It'll get dark. Really dark.
Or so it would seem.
>a significant portion of the population is sick mentally, physically and or spiritually
I totally agree.
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I think this is an even more important topic than we think and it's important to address it so here's a bump.

What's even more worrying is the eruption of absolute retardation about science, especially from so-called right wing guys on the internet. Facebook is a nest for this crap, so are tiktok with more politically diverse kind of mongoloids believing earth is flat and similar bullshit. I'm not going to study it any closer, it inspires me genocidal methods of resolution which are, unfortunately; illegal and banned by UN conventions.

And it's comprehensible why people no longer believe in the most right wing practice. Science has ben interfered with cultural and political narratives for decades, misused for propaganda mostly and not a methodology anymore. Many normal people feel alienated by what they perceive as elitist attitudes from scientific institutions and media outlets especially, This sense of alienation is what leads to questioning established facts. Are we willing to stop idiocracy and bring back sense and intelligence or let the retards lead and intoxicate the narrative forever? This is a huge concern.

Trust in traditional institutions is dead, thanks again to the state-funded ‘research’, which is now ideology. The whole climate change being man-made and silencing the factual opposition, the pfizer vaccine and the bullshit surrounding COVID backed by absolute retards if not criminals that should be tried, the investigations around the WTC attacks that spawned a ton of conspiracy theories, the lack of transparency in anything and the propaganda from the US government which itself has been alienating its own population with alien and roswell bullshit for several decades to keep people scared.

People see scientific institutions as part of a broader establishment that they distrust for valid reasons, this hate and distrust is the cause of this loss of faith in science and anything related to it. See this as anything the government touches turns to shit. Art and culture especially. This can lead to questioning even well-established scientific achievements, and it's what happens when trannies or complete morons calling themselves atheist nerds citing a science article they cannot comprehend or explain because they are complete retards. ‘I fucking love science’ but cannot comprehend a single theory or any principle or process. Let's face it, your Bill Nye is a complete retard, same about Greta Thunberg or your average fact checker soyboy masturbating to some Kutzegatz episode.

Ironically every single great scientist that ever existed, almost all of them were deeply religious, myself I see science as a method to understand God's universe and how he made it, going deeper in the art of His creation, the simplicity of connecting some quarks together creating light and time itself should make anyone shiver and understand that atheism may be just inane.

Let's make a quick recap.
>White men really went on the Moon and back six times because they had the technology and man power for that. It's not about science and theory to build space rockets and ships, it's about men with skills in soldering and riveting. Yes it happened and it's undeniable, the world agreed to it and there's evidence. The ISS is real too.
>Earth isn't flat. It's been proven by Greek scientists thousands years ago.
Evolution happens but it's more complex than you're taught in school. Genetics is a complete discipline, you don't learn anything but crap in school.
>There's two sexes so two genders and this can't change in any known mammal species.
>Actual vaccines saves lives and prevent diseases since centuries, so does antibiotics and a healthy environment.
>Yes, climate change is real, has always been, and it's impossible it's being man-made no matter what the narrative will pretend, and it will ever change again hopefully.
>The CERN and similar centers with particle accelerators across the world aims to research atoms and matter, not to create a blackhole or open a portal to Equestria (yet).
>Nuclear energy is the cleanest and safest method to produce electricity and wind turbines are an ecological disaster more worrying than electric cars's batteries.
>HAARP is a radio transmitter that's incapable to have any effect on climate. Why even do I have to write about it. Unless you think in shortwave band it's not going to mind control your brain.
>No alien ever set the foot or tentacle on Earth, all of the videos you see released by the USAF are bullshit and the testimony is propaganda to inspire fear.
>5G is good in the UHF band now analog TV is gone. It gives longer range, faster bandwidth, but yes I concede the high band of 5G in the 20-30GHz is absurd and makes me more worried as a physics nerd and needs further research. Unbiased independent research. Just use wifi at this point unless you point at a satellite with a dish.
>Pyramids were built by mens because they had the necessary human resources, infrastructure and whips. Huge whips.
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Back to the idiocracy uprise. Of course yes, social media has amplified the spread of bullshit as a form of control. Retards are easy to control so they aim to turn people into absolute retards. The so-called anti establisment, lolbertarian or hippie type individuals encounter alternative narratives online that shits on scientific consensus, such as the Moon landing or the shape of the Earth, or new age hippie shit about chakras and other woke bullshit aimed at nature lovers. They exploit the lack of trust spread by pseudoscience and government funded ‘research’ which is literally manipulation, burying the logos and jerking the pathos.

Thre government is also doing this because it wants you completely retarded. Again, retards are easy to control, influence and manipulate. It's in fact better to have morons who believe in aliens and flat earth bullshit than questioning and supporting actual research. This is what universities produces now. Gender studies, social sciences, brainwashed by Marx, Engels, Derrida, DeBeauvoir and Sartre, Debord or Lyotards' narratives, and calling anyone studying Kant, Heidegger or even Nietzsche, Mises or Rand as dangerous nazis. So they get out of overpriced colleges and can't even use a computer that's got no touchscreen.

People-and not just the left and their 255 genders tend to seek out information that confirms their existing beliefs. this ids what Google literally does, it is not bringing results, only showing people what they want to find to their interests. Bubbling is real. In today's polarized media landscape, individuals may be more likely to encounter and believe fringe theories that align with their worldview, like conspiracy theories about the moon landing, existence of space, flat earth, chemtrails, and countless bullshit pyramid alien mysteries BS I mentioned. I'm not blaming this on religion and no one should, nowhere in the Bible the Earth is described as flat or being the centrer of the universe. That's in the Coran and I'm not even sure if it's a religion but a sect.

If we want to leave idiocracy, scientists must work to rebuild trust with the public, especially those who feel disconnected from mainstream science. This involves transparent communication, empathy, and actively addressing concerns. What was brilliant with the recent Climate movie despite a couple of misplaced graphs is how it explains the exact point of science being about questioning and not affirming facts. Nerds should be the school bullies. Teachers have to be more rational and back in the postwar era where there were none of these bullshit.

Education systems should motivate critical thinking. Not learning to repeat the bullshit like a robot. Encouraging skepticism while also teaching how to sort out facts, evidence and sources is how you redpill your kids about the whole bullshit. Don't expect schools to do the fucking job, this is your role as a parent to educate your kid into this method of thinking to fight the woke brainwashing going on for several decades now.
Fact-checking efforts and media literacy programs aren't left to scientists but the media, and your school teacher is not a scientist, just echoing more bullshit he's not understanding. You learned Newton? Good you have the base. You want to really comprehend Newton and just Newton? You will spend a year on the topic. And let's not even go with General Relativity! Let's just be clear to understand the basics.

There will be a huge effort to do to separate science from the state and its political agenda. Science must remain a tool for understanding the world, not as a partisan issue or an institution that will regulate anything. Every scientific discipline must be funded equally, not just one version of the history to have neutrality. None of the shit we see these days can be qualified of scientific. There are billions spent on researching climate change or more bullshit like say, dark matter, because it's going absolutely nowhere. There's alternatives theories scientists are working on that don't get a percent of the research for monstruous particle detectors or smartly placed thermometers to enhance a confirmation bias that we are the cause of climate change. Same about cancer research, medical fields, agrochemical research, the green bullshit is just communism. And science as a method, and critical thinking can help and will help get us out of this.
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>the scientific consensus is le good depending on what i deem acceptable skepticism of it
you retarded as nigga, you basically said nothing here. the majority thought on what constitues scientific validity doesnt mean shit. what most people think about science doesnt matter. what matters is having competent leadership by one man, despite how many "schitzo" beliefs that man may hold.

the organism of the social mind is fallible, stop crying and seething over based space and nuke deniers
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>what matters is having competent leadership by one man
Leftoid mindset summed up in one sentence. Well played.
I guess this has something to do with the fact that education has been reduced to an obstacle course that you need to overcome in order to apply for one of the good jobs - jobs that don't require any sort of straining, physical or mental.
In my country it's pretty amusing, the school curriculum is objectively made to be as little interesting as possible. One of the most vital skills there are, reading, is discouraged by having the high schoolers' introduction to it be classic books from two centuries ago. Then you have a plethora of contents that have no pratical application on the daily life, and the few students who wonder why are they learning that are merely told that they need to memorize it for the college application test they'll be taking in the future.

Then when you finally reach college and it's time to learn how to think by yourself, you learn that there's only one idea strand that is allowed there and if you disagree, you're simply wrong.
If instead of learning useless crap they learned more life practical skills.
Manage a budget
Make your own business
Find and develop a skill
Fundamentals on word, excel and computer secu.
Fundamentals on fixing things and DIY
Fundamentals on driving and travelling
Health and biology basics.

The rest must be personal development.
School is no longer teaching the basics to be hired, colleges manufactures incapable marxists without a single qualification, even programming and IT is out of date. learning databases and programming is what you must do and focus on professionally.

What even are americans qualifying into? They're clueless with marketing, with tech, with how society works. All they learn is to have a big mouth!
Hell, we even have Ponzi majors - courses where the only feasible application of your degree is to become a teacher for that specific course.
In the same mood:
The problem I think is not so much that people don't trust science as a concept or trust scientific research, the problem is that scientists have lost their objectivity and thus nobody trusts them. At the same time, most people don't have enough of a background in science to refute any of the "consensus" opinions.

Imagine you have a doctor, and you've gone to him for years; he's a nice guy, he's always given you good advice, and you trust him. One day, he diagnoses you with some illness, and tells you that there's an experimental drug trial going on that he thinks you would be a good candidate for. He gives you a bunch of valid-sounding medical reasons and you decide to take his advice. However, a few months later you find out that he gets $100,000 for every patient he signs up for that trial.

Here's the issue: you don't know for a fact that your doctor is doing anything malicious. The drug trial might actually be a good option for you, and your doctor still has the same amount of medical knowledge he always had. The only thing that's changed is you now have cause to doubt his motivations. What's more, you don't know anything about medicine, so you can't independently evaluate anything; all you can do is choose to either take his word or not take his word. It's an uncomfortable position to be in, because someone you've always trusted has suddenly given you cause to doubt him, and you don't have enough of a background in his field to evaluate his advice on your own. This is basically the position most people find themselves in these days with the consensus science.

The body of human knowledge at this point is immense enough that no one person can know everything about every subject, so there need to be specialists and experts. Most people, for most of their lives, have just blindly trusted expert opinions on subjects they don't know anything about, and in an ideal world that's as it should be. The basis of this trust was that experts deal in objective facts and are ideologically neutral. They lost this credibility when it became apparent that they had lost their objectivity and were abusing people's trust to push political narratives. Now people who used to just accept what they were told are wary of anything the experts say. They're doubly wary because they don't necessarily know anything more than the expert does, so they don't know for a fact that they're being lied to.

A certain percentage of the population will always overreact to this, and go to the opposite extreme. In the case of our doctor example, this would be someone who, upon learning that his doctor might be lying to him, immediately disregards every piece of medical advice he's ever been given, and goes to the local quack who wants to put leeches on him to correct his humor imbalance.
I have a good friend of mine, a brilliant guy who had been diagnosed with another cancer.
He's been on an experiental treatment, he had 4 total. 4 different cancers. skin cancer, liver and throat and anothrr idk.
He's in remission thanks to an experimental treatment, my guy lost several kilos, but he's walking his dog, doing some DlY and enjoy life.

This is good, we can thank science, research and medical advances for this.

On the other hand I'm vaccinated, just not taking the mRNA vaccine. This smells like shit, it's not an attenuated virus.
People around me, a friend she had a stroke, she's lost a lot of faculties and only in remission.
My uncle, got the jab. cardiovascular issues, thrombosis. Yes there's a link. healthy people who took it have now problems of elders with obesity. pfizer/moderna is responsible, there are a cause to effect linked to this because tlthat company had 0 deontology.

i would have taken the Janssen or SputnikV or any real vaccine but it was not available.
«yeah see pfizer is providing the market and it's the same»
No it's not, there are proven methods that works and theirs hasn't been proven.
Yes making a business out of people's lives is awful, but when a doc invents a solution to save lives and be safe, he deserve to be paid a fortune.
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i consider myself extremely far right, just dont believe in the idea of republic or democracy or individualism
you sound far wrong. And you're missing the point.
24591 24596
Slavecattle mentality.
>Rainbow Dashy
Not an argument.
Here's ponies just for you.
And the movie became real.
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You have the right to be retarded in a democracy.
I am against this democracy and your kind should be neutered or neutralized. you're a naturophile, hillbilly closet woke brainwashed into believing what white man achieved is a big lie.
Your inferior race deserve an immediate execution to preserve our civilisation.
The Moon Landing Hoax is Communist Propaganda.
Thanks Nixon We Made History.
Reminds me of Wendy's 1/3 pounder burger they came out with in the 1980's to compete with McDonalds quarter pounder and it failed because most people thought 1/3 was smaller than a 1/4 LOL
I don't think Americans are very smart. As DT mentioned all the bullshit and pseudo-science, retarded gender and critical race theories emerges in the U.S.
U.S as a democracy supports too much equal rights. romanticizing the retard, using Hollywood-like feelings and pretending thinking outside the box is special.
Flattards are the equivalent of troons. The origin of this is the need to be an individual at all costs, and it's the base of American culture.
"I am different look at me!" the trisomic transgender therianthrope screams, while the normies applauses. America has been a cradle for degeneracy.
>you have the right to be retarded in a democracy
the problem is individual rights are retarded. what matters is strategy, strength, and execution. stop thinking that freemasonic lies are representations of white accomplishments, its still possible for whites to deserve credit for everything else. im sorry that starwars and dragonball z are never going to be real
Bold of you to dismiss the accomplishments of white men as "freemasonic lies".
I believe in rights, although I don't think they're some esoteric force, but a concept that only exists so long as we preserve it.
I can agree that "democracy" as we have it today is retarded. I'm actually ideally closer to a national socialist, although in practice I'm a libertarian because I believe that the current regime is the enemy of my people and that it doesn't deserve any kind of power.
It takes more than a strong leader to make a nation work though: it takes participation by the people at every level (military, business, education, art, media) to make a nation function, and institutional education for people to believe in the nation. A nation is made of its people, and their participation is what makes the nation work.
>Flattards are the equivalent of troons.
Do not derail anon.
>>>/vx/148613 →

I don't agree, people have the right of belief even if it's false. Not believe in the state or in science things or not even in God. Seriouslyhat's harsh like now you wanna kill anyone, but hey calm it down. You see, Anon, I ain't sayin' I believe in the whole flat Earth thing, I know it's bullshit but it's all about keeping things in balance you know? We gotta keep some room for belief alongside all that truth stuff. It's like, even if I ain't religious, who cares? We'd all go bonkers if we start knowing every damn thing, and we gotta keep a little mystery in the world, keeps us on our toes. So yeah, flat Earth or not, Moon hoax, Aliens, Bigfoot it's all about that fine line between what we know and what we think we know, you dig it? No you wanna kill me for being retarded, I'm not retarded but if I were I'd have that right, just like the right to be a fag, the right to be anything and believe in anything I want. I have rights, just like you have the right to say that shit but come on, killing everyone will make a boring place full of boring nerds.
24607 24610
>I don't agree,
I don't give a fuck
>people have the right of belief even if it's false.
Negroids and retards mustn't be called ’people’.
>Not believe in the state or in science things or not even in God. Seriouslyhat's harsh like now you wanna kill anyone,
Reading this makes me want to prescribe you two grams of Pavulon.
>but hey calm it down.
>You see, Anon, I ain't sayin' I believe in the whole flat Earth thing, I know it's bullshit
So it's worse than being a retard, because you're precisely reasoning like a tranny, about to say ‘‘I need flat earth or I will kill myself so let's pretend it to be true.’’ or a green faggot screaming ‘‘Even if climate change isn't real we need socialism’’. Thanks for this confession, it's important for the rest of the plot.

>but it's all about keeping things in balance you know?
Keeping what in balance, you retard?
>We gotta keep some room for belief alongside all that truth stuff.
I will force-feed you reality, especially if you hate it. We (whites, essentially) must destroy your little world, and your illusion.
>It's like, even if I ain't religious, who cares?
You fucking need Jesus Christ. You need to believe in something, believe in something of values; right now you reason like an arab or a communist.
>We'd all go bonkers if we start knowing every damn thing,
You don't say, but there are people who need to.
>and we gotta keep a little mystery in the world, keeps us on our toes.
You literally confess your love and support for kikery and obscurantism in one sentence. I'm impressed.
>So yeah, flat Earth or not,
>Moon hoax,
Moon confirmed in visual, argument destroyed.
We should have borders for that.
I loved Monster Truck Madness. Don't say anything bad about Bigfoot.
>it's all about that fine line between what we know and what we think we know, you dig it?
>No you wanna kill me for being retarded, I'm not retarded but
Start digging, Anon.
>if I were I'd have that right, just like the right to be a fag,
Even a fag don't have that reasoning.
>the right to be anything and believe in anything I want.
Tranny logic again.
>I have rights,
I refuse.
>just like you have the right to say that shit but come on, killing everyone will make a boring place full of boring nerds.
Dig your fucking hole while I'm listening to Monster Truck Madness soundtrack again.

Democracy works when the people are smart, and educated. It isn't the case anymore now our retards are more and more motivated to vote and slow down any form of advance or insult what our civilisation has achieved. The more things goes on, the more I really think what America, and many countries in the west requires is at least a fascist regime, or a dictatorship to override the organized dumbing-down and fix it. Putin does an excellent job at this, so it has to be reconsidered.

Every dictator exists for a reason, and the reason the US wants to neutralize dictators is to free the retard, the consoomer, the coomer, the nigger and the tranny. I am aware a lot of these posts about aliens and flat earth are trolls, but the followers should really be considered all the same.
Dear anon, I assume you are a believer of the ball, please leave that topic for its containment thread. Thank you.
I gave you instructions to follow there in your actual psyop appreciation thread.
Do it.
2299563 (1).png
That's one of the hardest burn I've ever seen.

>Psyop appreciation
Which org do you think is behind Flat Earth?
>Which org do you think is behind Flat Earth?
It is genuinely grass root. On the opposite side we have the pushers of the ball: jesuits and freemasons.
Are there any jews or freemasons here with us right now?
The proliferation of AI is being celebrated as a revolutionary force, poised to improve everything, in industries, boost productivity, and solve complex problems even geniuses, scientists are lagging at. That was the promise. Now, as we deliver average tasks to AI systems, mostly creative ones yet dealing with repetitive tasks, we just opened an era of intellectual stagnation, oversimplification, and the decline of civilisation by the erosion of cognitive skills that will pave the way to a faster decline than your children's brainrot from youtube shorts or skibidi memes on tiktok.

Let's be honest. AI systems aren't intelligent nor can make anything or anyone intelligent-on contrary, we're talking the opposite. Those handle tasks that once required human intellect and effort of comprehension and thinking. From basic arithmetic to complex problem-solving, AI algorithms manage these tasks effortlessly, leaving humans with little reason to engage their own cognitive faculties and decision-making.
Just consider the once-common skill of mental arithmetic. In the pre-digital era, individuals regularly performed calculations in their heads or on paper, sharpening their mathematical abilities. We all grew up with at least a pocket calculator and we don't even practice even a basic multiplication, however we need it because the calc will give precision, as the brain gives an average, a rough result, just like a ribbon to measure distance. But still, the same trend is observable across various domains, from navigation to language translation, where AI tools have rendered human effort redundant or replaceable. The consequence is a generation less adept at critical thinking and problem-solving, having never fully developed these skills.

AI's ability to process and present information in easily digestible formats is often touted as a benefit, but carries significant drawbacks. In the pursuit of user-friendly interfaces and more bollocks for the average mong, AI systems tend to oversimplify complex issues, reducing them to bite-sized chunks that lack depth and nuance. This oversimplification fosters a superficial understanding of topics and discourages critical thinking or even advanced features that were common on previous software.
For instance, AI-driven news aggregators and social media platforms prioritise brief, sensational headlines over comprehensive analysis, predigested information that isn't verifiable but trusted because it's from some AI. This not only skews public perception but also diminishes the incentive for individuals to seek out and engage with detailed, well-researched content from various sources the AI was designed to exclude, hence boosting manipulation and more garbage. As a result, public discourse becomes shallow, driven by sound bites rather than substantive debate like a bunch of tweets and catchphrases out of context. The erosion of critical thinking skills and reliance on simplified information create a populace that is less informed and more susceptible to manipulation. That was tech for a decade, AI will accelerate this.

AI's encroachment into creative and analytical fields poses another significant threat. AI is literally stealing human creativity. AI-generated content lacks depth, emotion, and intent that characterises art. This is the most visible example we have of intellectual great-replacement now an average retard can prompt something and deliver a masterpiece, and jerk off it.

Now in analytical fields, AI based software prevents all form of progress or innovation ironically. AI algorithms excel at optimising existing processes and solutions based on historical data, but they are inherently limited in their capacity for genuine innovation. Nothing new will be created or discovered, AI isn't the future, AI only gather its sources from the past. Breakthrough and innovation come from human intuition, serendipity, and the willingness to challenge established paradigms—qualities that AI lacks. By over-relying on AI for problem-solving, we may inadvertently constrain our potential for innovation and progress. Why thinking since everyone uses machine learning to do it? Why inventing since there's an algorithm to make something that says ‘let's not change a thing’.

The societal impact of AI dependency extend beyond individual cognitive decline as AI take on more roles traditionally performed by humans because it's cheaper or more neutral, more politically correct and never ask question. Also there is a growing risk of economic and social upheaval. Job loss, increased economic crisis, woke bullshit, propaganda, and the erosion of privacy are just a few things we had since the rise of Google and MS, sadly normalized and accepted by the masses, and it's only getting worse.

The centralisation of AI technology in the hands of a few powerful (((corporations))) raises concerns about control and accountability. These entities wield immense power over the flow of information and the functioning of essential services, creating vulnerabilities in our social and political systems. The potential for misuse or unintended consequences of AI systems further exacerbates these risks, threatening the stability and integrity of our civilisation.

Too many retards claims AI is a new tech revolution, as someone who deal with software I have to endure this everyday. I have been working in tech for the past 25 years and I assure you it's not a revolution, it's a regression. Smartphones and social media eroded the promise of an open internet bringing an age of enlightenment into a new dark ages, and AI will further contribute to a dumbing-down of humanity as it directly threatens critical thinking, creativity, and problem-solving skills. We have to prevent it.

We must ensure that AI is used to facilitate repetitive tasks and leave the required human capabilities of thinking and analyzing critically rather than replace them like we do today.
24779 24792
luddite mald, you will have to get a real job instead of drawing furry porn
me the based guy who will never work and has infinite free time but still did not read your post
trisomics please leave.