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4236a No.112[Reply]

Welcome to the new /vx/ board - Videogames and Paranormal! Just as mlpol was born of the merging of two wildly different topics into a single merged board, this board combines the topics of 4chans /v/, /x/, and /tg/ boards. And while /vint/ did not live on as we did, this board pays homage to the board, created and killed by an indifferent 4chan administration, in the flags that adorn this board.

As this is a new board, it does not have a firmly established set of rules. Unlike 4chan, this is a user driven site, and we are looking for user input into what the rules of this new board should be. Post your suggestions in the comments
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File: 1560749068667-1.png (806.79 KB, 982x980, 1403177199643.png)

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e117a No.102685[Reply]

Exo-Space : The Ancient Prison

>There exists another "spectrum" that is the negative of the conventional, Newtonian spectrum (RGB). A great deal of effort was put in my the Royal Societies of Britain to keep this spectrum hidden from science and the public and known only to the practitioners of dark magick. This "occulted spectrum" is based on BLACK PHOTONS--not shadows, but a form of light that is actually BLACK. (Ever wonder why all those evil sorcerer's mirrors are made of black obsidian, rather than white silver??)

>While researching this occulted spectrum, which runs from infra-yellow to ultra-cyan, a hidden domain was revealed--the realm of Exo-space (E-space, from Dr. Who) that coexists with our conventional space but remains completely invisible to normal observation. Exo-space is not a "linear" space as our conventional understanding is, but is based on angular velocity (turns and shifts)--in essence, it FOLDS BACK upon itself, making a type of "pocket universe."

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File: 1561200730165.jpg (59.35 KB, 705x360, 1561158993222.jpg)


>But there is one common factor to both linear and angular speeds: vibration. A vibratory system of sufficient magnitude and structure will cross both realms and allow inversion to take place. In terms of Doctor Who (Tom Baker, "Full Circle") it creates a "charged vacuum emboitment." Structures that pass through this CVE are restructured into the negative form--and this is the danger. It opens a door between the realms where things can pass without being distorted. And remember--this door goes both ways, what is now in can come out, and what is now out can be thrown into that prison.

>Global implementation of 5G wifi seems to have all the characteristics of a system to form a CVE. This is not good.

>[…..] Visibility (of daemons) will continue to increase as Wi-Fi dominates our lives.

>I've been researching the Archons from 16th century texts and I've noticed that their modern behavior is not the same as it was then. It is almost like the demons have gone mad in their imprisonment and have become desperate for release. I don't think the NWO is aware of this; all they see is the sparkle of promise of godhood.

Also pic related.

e117a No.102690

File: 1561200906570.png (325.22 KB, 778x778, 1535269344874.png)

This single article DESTROYS pro-5G kykes and their subhuman lackeys:

>5G Danger: 13 Reasons New Millimeter Wave Tech Will Be a Catastrophe for Humanity


>[01] - Hijacking Your Sweat Duct Antennae

>[02] - 5G Amplifies EMF Damage via VGCCs (Voltage-gated calcium channels)
>[03] - Pulsed Wave Far More Damaging than Continuous Wave Radiation
>[04] - 5G Promotes Deep EMF Penetration
>[05] - 5G is a Weapons System Disguised as a Consumer Convenience
>[06] - Los Angeles Firefighters Develop Ailments After Being Too Close to Towers
>[07] - Same Frequencies as used for Crowd Dispersal
>[08] - Mutagenic (Causing DNA Damage) and Carcinogenic (Causing Cancer)?
>[09] - Phased Array Densification
>[10] - Killing All the Insects?
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97c2d No.102691

Great find anon!
I'd argue that 5G it's self isn't the Black Photons, but I do agree that few people are ready for the physical, and occult consequences.
The change it produces (a turning or angular motion) should increase their power slightly.
If they 'tune in' just right with enough stuff going on, and with enough power I think that technically they could cross to the physical making them slightly more immune to us. More importantly they Gain Better Access to our realm.
If they do so under their own power instead of just being NEGATIVE space oriented they can access all of normal space with fewer limitations, and with allies working in Exo-space. Either making the boundary nonexistant, or opening it wide enough that they don't need the intermediary meat bodies.

Good shit anon.
INB4 tinfoil confetti to really fuck with 5G devices.

e117a No.102774


It's similar to the DooM franchise games, and of course spamming this on cuckchan gets their ayyy threads deleted.

1ef73 No.102827

File: 1561374163560.png (239.8 KB, 1280x960, 1040183__safe_artist-colon….png)

This smörgåsbord of schizoposting reads like someone who has no conception of what they are talking about (the occult) deciding to smash together something else they have no conception about (technology) in both an exercise in classic apophenia and an attempt to appear more intelligent than they actually are.

>1. 5G Danger: Hijacking Your Sweat Duct Antennae
>“[The 5G frequencies] will zap [us] with wavelengths that will interact with the geometrical structure of our skin … We found that sweat ducts work like helical antennas … the sweat duct was an integral part of the mechanism for the absorption of energy, electromagnetic, between 75-100 GHz, and that if you changed the character of the sweat duct, i.e. made it work, you could actually change that absorption at some point, and if you could do that you could trace how a person is under stress.“
Congratulations, you've discovered the mechanism behind the Active Denial System.
>The ADS works by firing a high-powered beam of 95 GHz waves at a target, which corresponds to a wavelength of 3.2 mm.[13] The ADS millimeter wave energy works on a similar principle as a microwave oven, exciting the water and fat molecules in the skin, and instantly heating them via dielectric heating
Too bad no 5G transmissions occur above 52.6 GHz. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/5G_NR_frequency_bands
But hey, no need to mention that! That might make our tenuous connections look unfounded or something!

Might come back to this later, but getting something so fundamentally wrong in the first point is pretty much grounds for outright dismissal in my books.

File: 1502146623040-0.png (261.23 KB, 405x818, An Explosive Meteorite.png)

File: 1502146623040-1.png (92.85 KB, 200x266, 1871ufo.png)

File: 1502146623040-2.jpg (22.84 KB, 409x599, the_great_comet_of_1881.jpg)

File: 1502146623040-3.jpg (56.75 KB, 500x356, sanfranciscocall17nov1896-….jpg)

File: 1502146623040-4.jpg (63.55 KB, 512x483, 1897mystery-airship.jpg)

7b706 No.750[Reply][Last 50 Posts]

This post is inspired by >>>/mlpol/59382.

I have been researching UFOs and aliens for decades. I have found the best way to understand the phenomena is to time-line it and then see what else was happening around the same time. Time-lining it allows the evolution & origin of certain aspects to show up which means you can trace things back to origin points.

I don't concern myself with if each UFO/alien report is real or not real, but I look at it in a wide ranging meta-view and this shows a sensible evolution which implies it is real and therefore the reports are generally mostly real.

I am not sure what the best way is to do this data dump. I have decided to do a succinct 300 year history which can be expanded on by me asking questions. This allows me to keep my efforts in proportion to actual board interest levels.

This initial section is to show the development of human sky technology and also shows that nothing ET UFO like is happening yet.

1758 - Book: Concerning Earths in the Solar System, in which Emanuel Swedenborg detailed his alleged journeys (spiritual) to the inhabited planets (up to Saturn + 5 exo-planets), solar system barrier, suns are black.
1783 - France: Manned balloons
1803 - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Utsuro-bune
1850 - and onwards triangular shapes are reported in the sky but when researched most of these can be associated with comets and comet fragments (comets tend to break up near Earth, Sun and Jupiter into sharp angular fragments).
1851 - Dr. William Bland sent design: steam engine driving twin propellers suspended under airship to Great Exhibition, London
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7b706 No.102272

File: 1560708678256.png (156.09 KB, 791x714, UFO sightings vs Sunspots.png)

>>102249 Update

Black Triangles are the man made cause of the deviation of UFO sightings rise and sun spot fall.
There is also a natural component. The return of the Flying Discs of the 1950s after an orbit of the sun. The orbit was calculated by getting the ratio of travel time between Mercury and Earth for both 2002 XM35 vs the 1947 Flying Disc wave. I then used to ratio to calculate the expected return of the Flying Discs.

Black Triangles go back to 1977. And the Discs are expected:
1946(Ghost Rockets) + 52.8 = 1998.8
This matches up okay with the UFOCAT heat matrix ( >>70176 )

UFOCAT has the peak of the Flying Discs in the 1950s and so the return peak is in the 2000s.

and may explain:

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

7b706 No.102352

7b706 No.102510

7b706 No.102679

UFO Wave in 1965/08/01-04 (3 days) as per UFOCAT:

CE2-5 Details

* PRN 39181 - 5 children saw a brilliant, round object without wings, close to the ground, in the 600 block of Oklahoma City on Northwest Route 63. / Physiological effects: UFO shot ray at 6-yr-old girl, burning >50% of her body. USAF ambulance took girl from ambulance to Tinker AFB, then flew her somewhere. Fate unknown.
* PRN 60815 - Saucer descends, lands nearby, 3.5' tall being emerged. It was “greenish” w hair covered w green lights, “looking like a toad.” Boy fled, light shone on him.
* PRN 67991 - Photos. RF interference. Metallic domed disc 30' diameter, hovered 30' above ground. Moved over road in front of pickup.
* PRN 90724 - UFO swooped over grain truck from behind, landed on highway ahead. Headlights failed but diesel engine did not. EM effects, sound like wind blowing through trees, bluish sparks. / Metallic, domed disc with orange glow swooped low from behind and dove towards grain truck, then landed on the road 30 meters ahead causing a car coming from the opposite direction to leave the road. / EM effect: vehicle lights died, but diesel engine unaffected. 15' diameter domed disc w windows landed on road. >SW. / Windows. Domed disc w square windows around top; descended ahead of truck. / Windlike rushing sound + bluish sparks as domed disc took off from on or near road surface. / EM effect: lights; diesel truck, domed disc swooped over, landed on road, blocked passage. / etc.
* PRN 90725 -Disc hovered over road ahead, driver got out of car to look. Motor sound heard, UFO had red+green lights that flared up to brilliant colors as object shot straight up. Car would not restart for 5 min.

CE1 Details

* PRN 39188 - 2 deputy sheriffs of Tarrant County saw an object as bright as burning magnesium, which landed as they were on a patrol near Wagle Mountain Lake
* PRN 39237 - Disc 50 m diam landed in Trapua, Brazil with a distinct sound, although no traces were found afterward. The object illuminated a wide area.
* PRN 39267 - Bright, silvery object landed on a hill in Chena, Chile for 45 minutes. There were numerous witnesses, among them military men.
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7b706 No.102696

File: 1561238576677-0.jpg (302.18 KB, 784x936, 1965-09-03a.jpg)

File: 1561238576677-1.jpg (228.88 KB, 518x948, 1965-09-03b.jpg)

I'm examining the 1965 Flying Disc wave as an assumed "echo" of the 1947 wave as a result of the 1946 Mercury collision. What is emerging is that these magnesium objects are thermite reactions waiting to happen. In space it seems they can be dormant, but when in the atmosphere the atomised magnesium in the core can violently react with oxygen or nitrogen. It can also react with the silica and silicon of the object. Temperatures can reach 3100C. There are thermal, magnetic, EM/light, erratic motion and buoyancy effects. These things are dangerous.

The Taurid Meteor showers as we known them today did not exist prior to 1946. There was a brief shower in 1937 (Ghost Fliers?) and an absence for decades before that. Meteors and these objects have the same source.

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File: 1551426758708.png (46.41 KB, 500x250, Oekaki.png)

b8e00 No.92439[Reply]

ITT: we use Oekaki to draw characters from games and try to guess them, i'll start
Clue: Busta
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File: 1560754241782.png (5.53 KB, 513x241, Oekaki.png)

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90723 No.102695

Yes agar.io.

File: 1558984225990.png (1.62 MB, 1920x1080, 1472367.png)

038a3 No.101000[Reply][Last 50 Posts]

Set six years after season 6, Occupied Equestria presents an alternative history where the Changelings have conquered half of Equestria, while a former Equestrian colony - soured to Princess Twilight's notion of harmony with all creatures because of their encounters with griffins - Invaded and took the other half. In Baltimare and the Equestrian Southeast, the magic of friendship has weakened, as Communists, Changeling infiltrators, Fascists, gangs, and corrupt creepy politicians threaten the city. This role play is based in large part upon the Equestria at War mod for Hearts of Iron 4, and uses D&d 3.5e mechanics.

The long train ride to Bales is over, with Brie, Onyx, and Spark reaching their destination a little bruised but not dead or arrested. Before them lies a new and unfamiliar city and world, at the crossroads of Equestria's past and present, and also the Changeling Occupied Zone and East Equestria. In Baltimare, Dark Star prepares to set out on a mission to track down and arrest unfaithful and unreliable local law enforcement that have been leaking information to rebel forces. Silver may finally have a new toy he can use to clear the Catacombs of their undead presence. Iron, meanwhile, has drifted further into an temple in his search for a treasure sough by an archaeological expedition that was ambushed by bandits.
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038a3 No.102822

The Zoo is also located on the West side, towards the South

b800b No.102823

Then that is where Silver heads happily. He looks at the buildings in this part of town on the way to get a feeling for this area.

038a3 No.102824

Hmmm… Not sure if I can make myself compose the detailed responses tonight

b800b No.102825

That's alright. Whenever you're ready, we'll be ready.

37e4f No.102826

Coolio. You get some sleep then. Sanity is important.

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File: 1555492192969.png (76.43 KB, 500x500, full.png)

234fe No.98688[Reply]

A bunch of users wanted a run down of magick and thoughtforms and all that jazz. I figure I'll do large post explaining the practical basics of everything. This thread is going to be a general for magick, a place to chat with people also practicing and finding practical advice. This article will be from a baseline bare skeleton pov. There's literally an infinite amount of ways to do magic. So we're going to talk about the core.

My base was a mix of psionics and chaos magick, broke into impromptu sympathetic magick. Took a break after a heavy loss. But I've since restarted by dabbling in evocation. WTF does that mean? It means I made thought forms and egregores, then started using sigils, then started doing voodoo stuff with random objects within reach, then took a break, and now I summon demons and mlp ponies. WTF does that mean? Read and find out.

What is Magick? Lets Plow Through This…

Magick is a methodology of imposing your will on reality to cause changes within it by utilizing an inherent power. The mechanisms remain the same. Even though there are 6 gorrilion types of magick.

Law of attraction, chaos magick, planetary magick, voodoo, wicca, hermetics, devil worship, psionics, pop culture magick, sigil, candle, shamanism, magick of solomon. On and on with the hidden fringe magicks. You could literally read every waking hour for the rest of your life and never run out of information.

By far the most popular is Kabbalistic Magick. The secret jew magick taught in synagogue to true believers. Why do you think all the celebrities are fucking Kabbalah practitioners? Why the fuck do you think the jews control everything?

Hell there's even a dark reflection to Kabbalah. Kabbalah uses the tree of life, while this other art uses it's opposition, the Qliphothic Tree of Death. If you really wanted to stick it to the jews, learn that shit. Its heavily demonic and overkill esoterically edgelord. But do it in your own time.

There are two paths of magick, high and low. High is basically self improvement, purifying your soul and reaching for godliness, low is making fat bank and banging sloots …. err earthly desires. Regardless of your path, both are exercising your soul's ability of creation (even if it's destruction). You are commanding and creating a new reality. You are assuming some of your power and becoming one with “God”.
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29c37 No.99098

File: 1556338424517.jpg (255.34 KB, 400x800, IMG_5588.JPG)

>MFW unconsciously casting magic as a kid.
>MFW edgy atheism ruined it.
Was this all part of (((their))) plan?

63ff0 No.99387

Monroe Gateway link for you all. It's actually really good. Keep in mind only You can change and manipulate your mind.
The beginner section teaches you the basics. What is vibration (it's everything, in parts and combined), using hypnosis and binaural sounds to teach you how to relax, control/master your own vibration (body, mind, soul, outside/inside stuff), quick access to deep relaxation, bubble shield and energy concentrator.

The TLDR: hypnosis, an explanation of what the fuck vibration (the vibration duude, feel the vibes mannn, kind) is, binaural waves, ambient sound. Then You Do Stuff With It!

63ff0 No.100005

File: 1557157221244.gif (1.45 MB, 436x579, 1538486916650.gif)

It's a magic uniquely tailored to (You). The most extreme cases means that others attempting to use or understand can not.
It's Occult (hidden) by being tailored to You.
It can be long complicated worn formula and treatise during a ritual or a simple command. I don't know what it is, but it's yours.
Only you can find out what it is and how you use it.



467af No.100122

thanks a lot frens, wish I could contribute

63ff0 No.102305

Disclaimer: This specific video does not have real life consequences. Yet.
Today I came across possibly an example of a fictional world turned slightly more real.
It might be an egregore. Or it could be something else.

Instead of a couple of people around a table. It's thousands of people watching the video. With the video makers, and editor conducting if unknowingly conducting, and shaping the magic.
There is room to doubt, and several explanations that isn't simply magic.

The Quick Rundown: Dudes commentate on vida game tourney controlled by CPU contestants.

The current linked: Dudes have a hard time taking the outcomes seriously.



File: 1556435951635-0.png (781.24 KB, 1280x987, SpaceStation13PonyExplosio….png)

File: 1556435951635-1.png (680.84 KB, 1500x391, SpaceStation13PonyWalkingD….png)

File: 1556435951635-2.gif (200.84 KB, 512x512, TwilightAISpaceStation13.gif)

cb5e4 No.99292[Reply]

Space Station 13 is one of the most autistic and perpetually chaotic games ever made. You're one of up to several dozen crew aboard a fully modular, destructible space station, all trying to work together to get stuff done and not die horribly. Meanwhile, there are random events, powerful monsters and player-controlled antagonists trying to ruin your day. Those are nothing, however, compared to the difficult UI, complex mechanics and general incompetence of your crewmates. Think Dwarf Fortress but multiplayer.

You can download the engine it runs on here: https://secure.byond.com/ (It's not malware, I promise) Once you install it you can join any SS13 server. The engine itself runs about as well as an old jalopy but it allows connection to servers with radically different codebases, meaning nearly every server has its own surprises. Servers's development teams code and implement new elements into the game meaning SS13 basically has competitive evolution.

Here are three videos to give you the gist of it.

To get you in the mood: www.youtube.com/watch?v=ejcanHLcpPs
SsethTzeentach's (/ourguy/) review: www.youtube.com/watch?v=URJ_qSXruW0
A dramatic re-enactment of the typical first round (in 3D!): www.youtube.com/watch?v=wX7GQT_ZQdA

Kek smiles upon you if you play SS13 because it turns the logic of video game design on its head. It was born in a primitive state in the early 2000's but has been continually built upon by its core community to have more depth and F.U.N. than almost any other game. There is an insane skill-cap due to over fifty areas of game mechanics to learn, meaning even seasoned veterans always discover more. It also means you have to rely on the rest of the crew to do their jobs, resulting in hilarity if when they fail to do so. Absolutely check it out if you can.

I used to play this game religiously several years ago but had to stop due to switching internet providers. It's something I miss dearly but new SS13 content never disappoints. It would be nice to set up a /mlpol/ community, maybe on Discord. If you wished hard enough you could maybe bring ponies into space.
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cb5e4 No.99295

File: 1556437670500.jpeg (229.75 KB, 636x914, Space-Station-13-clown-15….jpeg)

BYOND barely pretends SS13 exists, let alone polices anything. Servers have their own rules which are the only ones enforced and they generally couldn't care less. On most servers you can call lizardmen "liggers" and that passes for normal.

It's all about clowning around.

a2a04 No.99296

No fun allowed amiright?
Calm down man

609d1 No.99297

File: 1556445746089.png (179.41 KB, 1024x1024, 83159cd793d.png)

All right.

7bc16 No.101384

It's been forever since I played this game. I might need to dust it off. I mostly stuck to the goon servers since I found them more fun.

I mostly played as an engineer since it had ~90% of the power of the chief engineer but none of the responsibilities. Just turn on the engine and then I'd have free reign to do whatever I wanted…which was normally converting the engine room into a bomb lab.

e564f No.102177

Engineers have a lot of power (quite literally, too) and good ones make great traitors. If you know what you're doing you can manipulate the station itself to destroy your enemies. The only problem is getting your hands on directly lethal weaponry. Your best option is breaking into the armory itself. Back when the armory bordered space and before movement-detecting cameras existed I used to do this all the time while "wiring solars."

Science is practically the opposite. You can make all sorts of cool stuff (except for insulated gloves, sadly, but to get those you can put a coin into a YouTool vendor), but are essentially confined in Research. As soon as you step out with a bomb half the station will be all over you. Also getting a space suit is hard unless if the director is a pal.

Every department has its perks and downsides. I've tried them all except security, because my connection forbids me from being actually robust, and command, because you're expected to know the advanced game mechanics and because of whitelists.

File: 1497314645147.png (2.36 MB, 3200x3000, 1496636712929.png)

868bc No.185[Reply]

What are some games that someone could easily get over 200 hours of gameplay from that you would recommend?
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527a5 No.90251

I agree that it's a great game. To make the installation easier it's better to use a wrapper, though (http://aurora2.pentarch.org/index.php?topic=5663.0). Also, soon it will be rewritten with C#, so many bugs and slowness of calculations will be removed.

41301 No.90253

>Also, soon it will be rewritten with C#
I am so looking forward to when the C# rewrite is completed. Going to be fun.

75616 No.90870

You a NEET? Go outside, lol.

I'll assume this is all offline? Mount and Blade is decent. Civilization is good. My Summer Car is good, if you really have nothing better to do. Spore. RimWorld. Silent Hunter III is alright, kudos to you faggots for even knowing that one. I spent a ton of time on that, but it's been years, so I wouldn't even know where to get the mods anymore. How big of a nerd are you? Falcon 4 AF/BMS can keep you busy forever if you like airplanes and stuff. BMS is better, but I hear they got shut down recently.

c0cea No.101112


b3508 No.102084

This. I've recently Got it. Its very Good, there are near infinite possibilities with Mods.

File: 1560542038090.png (427.09 KB, 612x943, waterfox_MDu0pBvYOl.png)

edb13 No.102078[Reply]

So I just got an email DEMANDING that this game be banned.
Of course all this did was provide free advertisement to a small game.
Personally I've never heard of this game and would never even consider buying a game like this if not for change.org
It looks awful, meme-tier shit. But the retards of the left actually make me want to support these people.

So my question is… Which one of you mad lads is responsible for this?

57e45 No.102083

I Wish i could take credit, but it wasn't me.

File: 1559791039271-0.png (271.75 KB, 854x480, 321573.png)

62b2b No.101730[Reply]

Alright, so there's this great game called SCP Secret Laboratory. There used to be a bunch of fun fuckery on /v/ with it, then the threads were forcibly moved to /vg/ and now they're dead.
The server is still up.
If you want an opportunity for some of the most fun organic encounters you can have with fellow Anons, check to see if there are any players on the server here: https://memesystem.party/scp/
And here's the server IP: twocows.mooo.com:7777
Have fun my brothers, I really don't want to see the only fun server for this game to die.
Below is the original OP so that you can read the guide and get an idea of what the fuck the game is:

The game is FREE and only 4~ GB to install

Read this handy FAQ if you're new or are just coming back after some time:
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

4ddcc No.101731

Should we organize a game day? Looks like fun.

a124f No.101732

Are We Cool Yet?

bd7ed No.101956

Gamers Against Weed approves

b49ea No.102080

How about this Sunday at 6:00 EST? I'll be free then.

File: 1496728864330.png (190.21 KB, 912x930, 1488228254475.png)

f0965 No.35[Reply]

This goes for traditional games or video games. You choose.
Currently no lifing Final Fantasy XIV
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b7c80 No.94516

Well,i've learned to appreciate rarity more then i used to. and on the political front, i've been feeling rather blackpilled.

b7c80 No.94517

Which banjo kazooie?

e38ce No.94614

>i've learned to appreciate rarity more then i used to.

In my case, I've always prefered Celestia, but if I was forced to choose between the mane 6 (mane 7 now?), I would pick Applejack.

>and on the political front, i've been feeling rather blackpilled.

>I might be blackpilled as well, but in my case it stems from the fact that I'm the only person, out of all the people I know including my closest friends that supports more ethno-centric views. It might be due to the fact that the country I live in still hasn't been majorly hit by the current wave of "migrants". Most leave due to living conditions and subsidies being sub-par compared to France for instance. Another factor, but I'm not quite sure on this one, was that relatively recently my country had a dictatorial regime that ended in 1974, so that might still be fresh in most peoples minds. That's also why most political parties in my country have socialist references in their titles, like PS (Partido Socialista) - Socialist Party, PSD (Partido Socialista Democrático) - Democratic Socialist Party, BE (Bloco de Esquerda) - Lefts Block, CDU (Coligação Democrática Unitária) - United Democratic Coalition, etc…

e38ce No.94615

ups, accidental greentext

ec93d No.102079

hey portugal anon are you still here?
i just wanted to ask if you had any more pony fortress images

File: 1559279525725.png (116.12 KB, 645x667, autismfilly.png)

a3b67 No.101286[Reply]

Had a few of these happen.
>Be me, little autistic kid
>Not technically autistic, but sure as hell had something wrong with my fucking head.
>Still do.
>Sitting in the back of classroom during snack time eating some good snacks.
>Had recently been shown a magic trick by a kindly old man in an ice cream shop.
>The way the trick worked was that you hid a tissue in your hand, ripped another tissue in half, and then pushed the ruined tissue through your hand and pushed out the pristine one, thus making your hands appear to have magical tissue healing properties.
>I'm sitting down at the table, sperging out and eating my snacks alone.
>I was always alone, but not important.
>Start pushing paper towels through my hand after ripping them up.
>Didn't do the second part where you put a whole one in because I wanted to see if I was magick.
>I feed a ripped one in, and it fucking comes out the other side whole again.
Anybody else feel like they wasted their one shot at being a reality-bender?

8176e No.101612

Yea i Got one for you
>Be Me
>Be 8 Years old
>Be in Bed
>Watching T.V
>Eating Food
>Mom Sitting on Edge of Bed
>Look At Door
>Mom Walks in
>Look Back at edge of Bed
>No Mom

File: 1556142490875.png (3.58 MB, 3507x2481, 1144359.png)

517f7 No.99000[Reply][Last 50 Posts]

Set six years after season 6, Occupied Equestria presents an alternative history where the Changelings have conquered half of Equestria, while a former Equestrian colony - soured to Princess Twilight's notion of harmony with all creatures because of their encounters with griffins - Invaded and took the other half. In Baltimare and the Equestrian Southeast, the magic of friendship has weakened, as Communists, Changeling infiltrators, Fascists, gangs, and corrupt creepy politicians threaten the city. This role play is based in large part upon the Equestria at War mod for Hearts of Iron 4, and uses D&d 3.5e mechanics.

The long train ride from Baltimare to Bales has been interrupted by a group of partisan fighters, claiming to be looking for none other than Pinkie Pie, who has been kept prisoner since the end of the war. They don't seem to have found their prize, but they do seem to have found a very pissed off Brie, Onyx, and Spark, as well as another Bat Pony, and both groups have been interrupted by a new set of intruders. In Baltimare, Silver, Dark Star, and Iron await a new and uncertain dawn.
1956 posts and 101 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

e3e70 No.100999

Edge Horse needs to show up more regularly

c53cf No.101001

That goes for Spark and Onyx too, but we can't really keep track of eachother in the horsefucker forum.
Speaking of keeping track, what about Iron's dream sequence? I'm rather surprised it's still not done yet.

05392 No.101002

Agreed. Should we wait for him before we continue, or are we good?

e3e70 No.101003

No, you can continue.
New Thread >>101000

Do you want to finish it?

c53cf No.101009

What a strange question.
Why not? It's supposed to be an epic about exploring an ancient temple in an attempt to both get some riches and beat up some 'bad' guys.
Problem is, I thought you were still plotting where to go next after my responses went unseen about 2 or 3 times. I made Iron go back to the wall that Cauldron and Pear would be as the last action. You can pick the thread up from there.

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File: 1530264274883.png (2.25 MB, 1024x768, unnamed.png)

747df No.65836[Reply]

terraria thread
8 posts and 2 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

6872f No.66361

I have been wanting to play some terraria again for a long time now I am more than down if anyone wants to play.

0aab3 No.67877

Anyone else have a problem with the game getting dull after a boss or two? Also it seems i made the mistake of playing on a small world instead of a medium, which made it impossible to fight the brain of cthulhu since the openings to all the tunnels were were never created for some reason.

525d8 No.67879

yea, playing co-op helps though.

7b3f6 No.97953

There are no tanks in Terreria

57ab9 No.100633

File: 1557703444560.png (2.16 MB, 1920x1080, 1557692310272.png)

4faad No.100230[Reply]


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