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File: 1501525151235.png (585.32 KB, 1215x712, TF2 MLP.png)

495f6 No.733[Reply]

mlpol.net has partnered with the Legion to bring you our official partner TF2 server! It is a server with both hang out maps like canterlot, clocktown, and the normal TF2 maps if you guys want to play some normal TF2

The direct IP to join is

This is the direct connect link, click here and it will open TF2 and join you to the server.

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File: 1517968245403.jpg (26.1 KB, 472x482, 1513573921495.jpg)

so im guessing this is dead?

File: 1497304051090.png (23.75 KB, 1100x551, image.png)

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Welcome to the new /vx/ board - Videoganes and Paranormal! Just as mlpol was born of the merging of two wildly different topics into a single merged board, this board combines the topics of 4chans /v/, /x/, and /tg/ boards. And while /vint/ did not live on as we did, this board pays homage to the board, created and killed by an indifferent 4chan administration, in the flags that adorn this board.

As this is a new board, it does not have a firmly established set of rules. Unlike 4chan, this is a user driven site, and we are looking for user input into what the rules of this new board should be. Post your suggestions in the comments
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File: 1505309978916.jpg (77.82 KB, 600x860, bait master.jpg)


💪 Videogains 💪

File: 1518857000217.png (772.8 KB, 1024x604, Season-4-Character-Cluster….png)

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ITT Roleplaying
Classic Tabletop D&D (3.5e mostly)
New players welcome, most especially our recent pony addition

Its always some level of nuts in this thread, and this moment does not disappoint.
All kinds of things have happened, the result of which is that with over a week passing in meat-space the party is still right where they left off at.
Tracy is venturing to the mountains with her floofy-faced, hutungous birbs in an oversided wagon, hoping to give them a chance to have a moment with their biological father.
Trump, for some reason, is quite butt-hurt by this. What? Its true,….
Thez is enjoying the first decent night's sleep in over a week, Infernius contemplates (((genocide))) (does it work in that context? I mean he's contemplating their genocide of course), and Torcuil learns that Death is a pretty cool chick with a morbid sense of humor in an absurd job that you wouldn't think is a job, but its literally a job. So yeah, next time he wants to hit her up, just blow ur brains out or something.
Last thread got to over 1800 posts <trumpet fanfare> but that shit is impossible on mobile and cumbersome at best otherwise so,….
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d1938 No.54659

File: 1519075781297.png (628.64 KB, 799x601, 1515988391260.png)


It's the charm domain special power. A +4 charisma bonus for a minute

ffe9c No.54660

Dice rollRolled 7

Well i might aswell do stuff too.
>gives speech on the glory and righteousness of national socialism.

ffe9c No.54661

I dont know why i suspected i would succeed.

554ad No.54662

Dice rollRolled 4 + 4

Stop touching the bump limit dammit
Torc gives a TED talk on the magic of memes

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File: 1518934697234.jpg (47.78 KB, 396x353, 7ba2f364aee08442e5ff168d0a….jpg)

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Who the fuck's idea was it to put /v/ and /x/ together
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92cc2 No.54315

Lol but why tho? The end result is an absolute disaster of a board

0dea3 No.54342

Why do you say that?

8105f No.54456

File: 1519007472444.jpg (27.67 KB, 601x508, 2f7.jpg)

33b22 No.54631

I always thought it was because 4chan's /v/ and /x/ boards were combined during April 1st

e41b3 No.54632

They weren't, newflap.

File: 1517709661415.png (183.47 KB, 560x560, surprise!.png)

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Can the party avoid tearing each-other's throat out? Can they successfully complete the dungeon and rid Port Barry of the giant glass octahedron that sits motionless a short way off the docks? Will GM have an aneurysm from it all?

Welcome back to the Nuts RP thread, where new faggots (players) are always welcome and previous faggots interact based increasingly loosely on D&D 3.5e core rules.

This thread begins with Thez completing a marvelous and unplanned concert now that she can cast "Dancing lights!" again, and a large crowd has formed around the square, where both Infernius and Trump appear to be intending to address the crowd, Thez having vacated the impromptu stage with several bouquets of flowers and adoring cheers from the crowd.
She has obscene skill pertaining to "Perform"
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29c69 No.53725

It looks like GM went to bed, so I will as well.
Goodnight m8s.

5b339 No.53726

I'm good at sensing trends
Season 4
Nah, I just finished a night crew schedule for the week. I'll be on days next week

5b339 No.53727

File: 1518853118332.png (89.96 KB, 500x500, pretzel.png)

Welcome to our newest player, I'll be happy to walk you through it at earliest.
I'll be happy to bake a new bread since this thread probably has the uncontestable Mlpol post record Xp

5b339 No.53729

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File: 1515116592133-0.jpg (57.34 KB, 414x246, 1.jpg)

File: 1515116592133-1.jpg (43.57 KB, 446x500, 2.jpg)

File: 1515116592133-2.jpg (76.83 KB, 450x549, 3.jpg)

File: 1515116592133-3.jpg (71.33 KB, 960x712, 4.jpg)

File: 1515116592133-4.jpg (226.31 KB, 776x1032, 5.jpg)

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The Work you see is a work in progress in a subject as vast and extensive as this one.
Mister Vril Society Made a thread in which he asserts his premise that UFOs are man's doings & aliens man's imaginings. I am at odds with this for I have found possible evidence. In picture 1 counting from right to left we see to the right what is known as the The Starchild Skull next to an ordinary skull.
>The Starchild Skull's provenance begins in the 1930s.
>During the 1930s an American teenage girl >went on holiday to Mexico with her family, >who were of Mexican heritage. While >visiting a small village in Mexico's >Copper Canyon region she went exploring on >her own and discovered an abandoned mine >tunnel. Inside it she found a full human >skeleton lying on its back. Beside it was >an area of disturbed ground with an arm >bone sticking out of the dirt and the hand >bones wrapped around the upper arm bone of >the skeleton lying on the surface. Using >her hands she dug the buried skeleton >which she described as smaller than the >other, and "misshapen" out of its shallow grave.
>The girl gathered up all of the bones, and >hid them nearby with the intention of >returning for them later during her >vacation. She claimed that at some point >soon afterwards there was a flash flood >that washed most of the bones away, >however the girl found the two skulls, the >misshapen one now damaged, lodged in >debris along the flood path, and took them >home with her back to Texas, USA, where >she kept them the rest of her life.

Pictures 2,3,4,5, & 6 are the so called elongated Paracas skulls, potentially not of this world.
There is variety among tPost too long. Click here to view the full text.
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6f8c5 No.48103

File: 1516476993647.jpg (259.51 KB, 1200x800, mummified-human-body-with-….jpg)

>You know, I would accept cloning or human experiments any day over this.
It doesn't matter whether you accept it or not facts are facts (this is a logical fallacy the markings of a belief system). Now don't misconstrue my words I'm not saying that the existence of space aliens is a fact.
>Bigger brain=!more intelliegence…
human like creatures should have human like brains, therefore one can speculate that if they have 25% more cranial volume
they should be more intelligent.
I don't thick this is the case with the Paracas skulls, why would they all
be concentrated in one place. Some other anomalies are larger orbital cavities, several molar teeth are nonexistent, and the obvious longness of the skull.
>You made me look at a lot of deformed kids. Something I kind of wish I didn't.
I'm not sure if that was necessary.
study the Pracas skulls too. Craniosynostosis make the skull elongate back not up. What about the baby long skull and the fetus with the long skull? (Image 5 & 6 thread starter.)
>That's clearly oxidation changing the colour of the hair to red over the years.. You see, when left out for centuries hair loses it…
That's preposterous. The hair oxidized in one of the most arid most dry of places Paracas Peru, they wasn't left out they was buried duh. Lo the picture, hair still black. https://frametoframe.ca/travels/peru-travelscapes/mummies-chauchilla-cemetery-nazca-peru/
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

6f8c5 No.49188

File: 1516650469925.png (260.37 KB, 473x340, 1506087129771.png)

The absolute Fremdschämen I feel from the respondents, almost brought me to tears. Makes me embarrassed to be a part of the human race.

6f8c5 No.50577

File: 1517265745590.png (9.96 KB, 672x479, Derpibooru No. 874954.png)

Ah the silence of my victory.
You know I simply must declare so.
As my argument does hold water.
If one were to look at the world without a mindset of stone one would see it more for what it is than not.

1f819 No.53225

File: 1518142806167.jpg (25 KB, 570x428, Paracas_Schädel_eines_Kind….jpg)

>If those last two names sound familiar, it’s probably because they had a similar “this changes everything!” moment in 2016 when DNA tests were reportedly conducted on the Paracas elongated skulls of Peru. At that time, they revealed that the test results showed the skulls were not from Peru but were not alien either. The humans were believed to have come from Europe and Mesopotamia, especially Syria. That was interesting and certainly added a twist to which humans first arrived in the Americas, but not a game-changer.

>“It appears that the largest elongated skulls on the planet have been found, “A” in Paracas, Peru and “B” in the Caucasus area in between the Black Sea and the Caspian Sea… so my theory is that there was a sub-species of human which we are going to be eventually calling Homo-Sapiens-Sapiens-Paracas, and they were living in the area in between the Caspian and Black Sea.”

>“They were invaded by somebody… and so they were forced to flee.”

>“ … because of the abnormalities found with some of the Elongated Skulls from the Chongos cemetery in Peru they have no other choice but to state that some of these ancient Paracas were a sub-species of humanity… it had to be genetic, they had to be born with these abnormalities. They had dark red hair… the royal Paracas were the ones with elongated heads, not the common people… the royal family of the Paracas, they lived in subterranean underground houses and I think the reason for that is that they had light-colored skin, probably sensitive eyes because of the extreme sunshine…”


6f8c5 No.53535

Now you doing my work for me.
>crosses the long skulls off as being space aliens.
Though there is still much to figure.

File: 1518030488556-0.jpg (722.72 KB, 2576x1910, Game Collection.jpg)

File: 1518030488556-1.jpg (228.78 KB, 866x754, MINI SNES.jpg)

File: 1518030488556-2.jpg (125.02 KB, 1050x700, SNES 9X Controller.jpg)

b0dc7 No.52835[Reply]



This Toolkit includes:
~ 250 Retro Games
- Console Engines for 14 Systems (Windows 64 Bits)
- 3 Variants of Patching Programs
- 2 Essentials for MINI SNES Modding
- 1 Piece of Emulator HUB Software


+ + +
I - Introduction
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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b0dc7 No.52841

File: 1518031209863.jpg (2.01 MB, 2100x1534, Phalanx Box Art.jpg)

What to be aware of

There are some things you need to consider before getting started. False expectations can lead to unwarranted disappointment, so get the biggest of those monkeys off your back.

Processing Power - All Memes and Marketing from Sega Aside, the SNES is in fact objectively slower than it's competitor. While this isn't that much of a deal breaker in most games, it can lead to issues with Racers, Shooters and Beat 'em Up's.

Ports and Sister Games - The SNES has an overall great library of games, there were however some titles that were never released on it. Some were complementary pieces for handhelds, some were released on competitor consolers as completely Original Titles. Check on those to support your system with quality games. Some of them are even better than on the Super Nintendo, no shame in playing those.

Roleplaying Games - Even when compared to today the SNES had a vast, sprawling library of RPG games, including turn based, real time and strategy titles. However, One of the biggest beasts is not here: Pokemon. There are no Pokemon games on the system, that was after the Systems lifespan. If you still have an itch for a Pokemon-esque game, take a look at the Dragon Quest Series and Robotrek. If you got to have a Pokemon game, use an Emulator and Play Silver from 2001 or the Leaf Green remake from 2004.

Licensed Games - Licensed Games based on other Media have a generally bad reputation. For very good reasons. Many of those games are cheaply produced uninspired cash grabs from studios who could not make a fun game if their life was on the line. Every now and then there is a beautiful flower growing out of this dungpile. Keep a look out for those. Generally speaking, Take Disney over Warner, DC Over Marvel, Star Wars Over Star Trek and ignore anything else out of Hollywood. If the AVGN made a review about it, you probably don't want to play it.

Controller - Good Periphery hardware is the hallmark of good design and quality craftsmanship. The Super Nintendo Controller is no exception to that, to the point where sheer shape of the thing has become a symbol for gaming in itself. If you choose to play on PC and want to enhance your experience, i strongly recommend that you make a small investment and buy a USB Reproduction controller, (if you dont already have one.) You can get decent ones for less than 10 Euros each and they will make it Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

b0dc7 No.52842

File: 1518031403952-0.png (107.35 KB, 1472x628, Vimms Lair Logo.png)

File: 1518031403952-1.jpg (257.83 KB, 888x796, Video Game Music.jpg)

VI - Source Links & Videos


>The applications You need to play on your Computer or to mod your console.

Main PC Emulator for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System
Active since 2006

Main modding tool for the Mini-SNES
https://github.com/ClusterM/hakchi2/releases - (download the ZIP File on top of the list)
by ClusterM - released on 12 Oct 2017

Minor Modding tool to run Non-SNES on the Mini-SNES
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

b0dc7 No.52843

File: 1518031546973.jpg (117.09 KB, 1000x470, Console Wars.jpg)

VII - Disclaimer

All Software and Files in this package are avaiable for free on the Internet and not intended for commercial purposes, this guide and all images that come with it included.

I am not affiliated with any companies, stores, magazines, websites, communities, Youtube Channels or Law Enforcement related to Video Games or Video Game Emulation whatsoever. Source Code For Games, related characters and Storylines belong to their rightful developer and/or publisher (should they still be a corporate entity).

I am not responsible for any technical damages or legal ramifications that occur for using any of the items in this package. Everything implored by you at credit of any offered guidelines is done at your own risk and volition.
That said I did perform every action instructed here successfully by myself (in some cases) several times and have created working systems completely without prior knowledge of the subject, Programming or Modding in general.

All Files have been checked by paid Antivirus Software and are - at least to my experience and knowledge - Free of Malware, Viruses and Fully Functional after playtesting. Please keep in mind that Minor technical errors are always to be expected when using third party products. I DO NOT guarantee functionality for anything, especially fan made games.

I do not support Internet Piracy, I have never pirated a single game in my life outside of Emulation, I do not produce or peddle ROM Files for profit. I would recommend to anyone with sufficient funds, time and interest to start a physical Retro Game collection by themselves, regardless of the fact that many of the items in question are no longer avaiable for first hand commercial purchase or that their rightholders have seized to exist. Furthermore I'd like to point out that - again to my knowledge - no private entity has been dragged to court or put behind iron bars over 25 year old game files.

All experiences and opinions expressed here are my own as a private undetained travelling vessel. (^._.^)/)
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

f8e93 No.52950

How do I get a PS4 controller to work on an NES emulator, and have certain touchpad gestures perform macros?

b0dc7 No.53133

File: 1518113375450.png (62.11 KB, 1460x876, WqTemFH.png)


I have no personal experience with Sony or Microsoft console Periphery whatsoever.

Assuming Your controller is otherwise functional and You are using the FCEUX NES Emulator from the Toolkit, follow the steps as pic related.

Every Emulator has of course a different interface, so this procedure will vary depending on the program. Look out for the tags "Input, Mapping, Controller, Game Pad, Configure" etc. and you should usually be successful with little effort.

In Regards to touchpads or macros I can give no advice at all. I dont think most Emulators work with either of those. Consider contacting the Developers of the Emulator in questions or read up on a FAQ to learn more about this.

File: 1502146623040-0.png (261.23 KB, 405x818, An Explosive Meteorite.png)

File: 1502146623040-1.png (92.85 KB, 200x266, 1871ufo.png)

File: 1502146623040-2.jpg (22.84 KB, 409x599, the_great_comet_of_1881.jpg)

File: 1502146623040-3.jpg (56.75 KB, 500x356, sanfranciscocall17nov1896-….jpg)

File: 1502146623040-4.jpg (63.55 KB, 512x483, 1897mystery-airship.jpg)

7b706 No.750[Reply][Last 50 Posts]

This post is inspired by >>>/mlpol/59382.

I have been researching UFOs and aliens for decades. I have found the best way to understand the phenomena is to time-line it and then see what else was happening around the same time. Time-lining it allows the evolution & origin of certain aspects to show up which means you can trace things back to origin points.

I don't concern myself with if each UFO/alien report is real or not real, but I look at it in a wide ranging meta-view and this shows a sensible evolution which implies it is real and therefore the reports are generally mostly real.

I am not sure what the best way is to do this data dump. I have decided to do a succinct 300 year history which can be expanded on by me asking questions. This allows me to keep my efforts in proportion to actual board interest levels.

This initial section is to show the development of human sky technology and also shows that nothing ET UFO like is happening yet.

1758 - Book: Concerning Earths in the Solar System, in which Emanuel Swedenborg detailed his alleged journeys (spiritual) to the inhabited planets (up to Saturn + 5 exo-planets), solar system barrier, suns are black.
1783 - France: Manned balloons
1803 - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Utsuro-bune
1850 - and onwards triangular shapes are reported in the sky but when researched most of these can be associated with comets and comet fragments (comets tend to break up near Earth, Sun and Jupiter into sharp angular fragments).
1851 - Dr. William Bland sent design: steam engine driving twin propellers suspended under airship to Great Exhibition, London
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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7b706 No.49186


I don't buy the Solar Warden story. From past readings of this the story IIRC was McKinnon was stoned and entered the NASA computer that had no protection, saw spreadsheets of the transfers between space fleets etc. etc. This is all as believable as Roswell aliens. This then becomes mythology mixed in with Ra and the Sphere Being Alliance.

It is logical that humans have a space fleet, if we assume Nazi's did discover "anti-grav" and aircraft are far more sophisticated than reported.

Also while I have your attention >>/mlpol/109067 MIC vs "World Monachy"?

7b706 No.49193


I don't buy the Solar Warden story. From past readings of this the story IIRC was McKinnon was stoned and entered the NASA computer that had no protection, saw spreadsheets of the transfers between space fleets etc. etc. This is all as believable as Roswell aliens. This then becomes mythology mixed in with Ra and the Sphere Being Alliance.

It is logical that humans have a space fleet, if we assume Nazi's did discover "anti-grav" and aircraft are far more sophisticated than reported.

Also while I have your attention >>>/mlpol/109067 MIC vs "World Monachy"?

7b706 No.49194

>"Scoop marks" are representative of a medical device that has gone virtually unnoticed

Can this device be pointed out?

88bd4 No.49239

Of course not, McKinnon was compromised from the start regarding his access. There are some subtle hints dropped in straight from PBB's disinfo book. Add this to your timeline then begin poking holes in the stories. Then again, a certain presidential order dictating a public satellite blackout is still in effect. At least, until 2021.

There was no such organization or group that has ever been identified as "Nazi", except in war propaganda films. The word was taken from the several hundred thousand AshekeNAZI infiltrators into the German industries, political circles, and military. This is also related to Stalin's Torch Men Command, creating the enslavement, or should I be nice and call it crippling, wheat/farming deal against the US and a number of countries.

If there was a list of every medical device created since 1962, there is a high probability, yes.

7b706 No.52823


Holograms in the air by making the air a plasma where the laser achieves focus.

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File: 1517853350325.png (166.58 KB, 1025x602, Recruitment drive picture.png)

48e80 No.52291[Reply]

Dear fellow denizens of Equestria, the time has come for the ponies to rise up. Rise up and usurp the Democrats from power. For too long they've had an iron grip on America, and their flimsy president has stayed in office for far too long, so much so that he has become corrupt with absolute power. Together, my little ponies, we can aide the Republican party and wrest away America from the Democrats once and for all! Together, we are stronger! Together, we are better, together, we will make America pony again! https://discord.gg/qupxDDk

48e80 No.52292

Power is a political simulation game where you join as a politician in the United States of America. Starting from nothing, you can seize the highest offices in the land through free and fair elections, or dirty tricks and deals.

db14b No.52293

Join us rn. We hold Kansas and Idaho. Wisconsin will soon be ours too.

File: 1517230957997-0.png (450.39 KB, 1600x1366, 184918 - artist HemmaMann ….png)

File: 1517230957997-1.png (704.03 KB, 1280x720, ghostbusters-1984-movie-st….png)

c11ee No.50540[Reply]

I may have seen a ghost about fourteen hours ago. I had just woken up from a very strange dream: I was at a house in Florida or another foggy, tropical place with an elderly couple. They had lots of plants and pets but what surprised me most was that they had a fully-functional, intelligent robotic Sweetie Belle who could even cast "spells" through computer programs. Anyway, I had woken up from this strange but somewhat pleasant dream when I saw a spectral being hovering over the foot of my bed. Its head was bowed down and its hands were clasped as if in prayer. Its arms and hands were very pale and extremely bony–almost skeletal–and it had a black cloak so that I could see no face nor head nor body; this tapered to a swirling tip, as if it were flying through the air. Upon later consideration I realized that it was tiny; it couldn’t have been any longer than a foot and a half from fingers to swirling cape. I had been utterly surprised and terrified at the discovery; I tried to speak but I was practically paralyzed. I looked up towards my cross and tried to pray the Our Father out loud, but although my mouth was moving no sound would come forth. After trying at this for several seconds and blinking several times I looked back down and the apparition was gone and I soon regained my speech.

I am conflicted as to whether this was real or a figment of my imagination. I am a bit skeptical, if only for its cartoony–almost Ghostbusters-like–appearance. It was certainly too definite to be a trick of the wavering early-morning shadows upon the eyes; I could see it distinctly in front of my tv and it was there for several seconds. However, I may have hallucinated the whole thing, given my over-active imagination and the fact I had a bit lot of brandy the previous night. I also noticed little or no transition between my dream and my early-morning visitor, so it’s likely that my brain had forgotten to switch off REM mode and interpreted the early-morning shadows as a ghost. Sleep paralysis could operate on the same principle, although that has not happened to me for years.
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aed77 No.50687

Well i suggest cleansing your house with white sage, and pray for this to not happen again.

998d3 No.50846

Prayer will have to work, I have no idea where to get white sage in China and I'm not about to follow the locals' superstitions.

2ec4a No.52022


It is not possible to say that no spirit was involved here but when we sleep we are paralysed so we don't act out our dreams and also we see visions. Because you experienced both these things you might have become conscious and open-eyed whilst still partially "asleep".

8dc86 No.52023

Yeah, that matches up and it's what I thought. Thanks. Still sleeping on my side though.

1a584 No.52273

I've never seen a ghost, but I saw a Jew under my bed once.

File: 1517189267062.png (331.97 KB, 900x771, scieince__by_adamscage-d58….png)

a2528 No.50370[Reply][Last 50 Posts]

This thread begins with Tracy and Trump stuck in a curious sort of trap, their only hope of escape being Infernius who is operating a control panel with around 40 buttons, only one of which will set them free and most of which result in some form of torture or death. The buttons bear the same obscure script as elsewhere which Infernius couldn't read even if it was comprehensible.
Welcome back to the Nuts RP thread, where we're about to go Saw on 2 of the party members!
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2b6db No.51838

I was going to give a speech. Did you think i ask thez to gather the crowd so you could give a speech?

a2528 No.51839

Infernius does have first dibs technically. The only reason that he isn't there already is because his business w/ the Gestapo keeps getting sidelined. Cuz reasons.

2b6db No.51840

Would you mind stateing the reason?

a2528 No.51842

a2528 No.51844

Cuz players won't stop being douches to eachother desu

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File: 1517178221270.jpg (99.19 KB, 634x765, article-2510064-1983B6EF00….jpg)

3e452 No.50273[Reply]

Can we make a mental virus?

Like, the game?
>Hand related

7da24 No.50300

Possibly,we could try to make a memetic virus.

2bcde No.50354

Interesting one Alex, im gonna have to go for "What is Roko's Basilisk

c2135 No.50378

I remember when the game was just on the internet…

File: 1516595862173.mp4 (180.41 KB, 480x268, giphy.mp4)

f7f2f No.49077[Reply][Last 50 Posts]

This thread begins at the start of the week, where developmental/story activity is minimal/nil and shitposting/meta is at its most emphatic.

This is an RP based on classic D&D, if you've looked at the catalog you might have noticed a trend. New players, random posters, and shitposters alike are welcome.
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9c78e No.50366


0e912 No.50367

File: 1517189113219.jpeg (56.07 KB, 625x417, 687474703a2f2f312e62702e6….jpeg)

4a327 No.50368

*Tries to write in Journal, but a pony appears to be in the way*

ef55d No.50369

What kind of pony

4f3b9 No.50371

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File: 1515615540278.png (92.45 KB, 1873x825, 1515512580550.png)

4b227 No.44088[Reply]

I'm starting to question if these ponies are real..
I thought I was the only one that had this kind of experience, until I readed pic related
>I saw princess luna one day, almost dying from a 40+ fever

Did any of you guys had an experience like this?
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26f63 No.49968

I'm not that autistic, can't speak for the other anon.
A tulpa is a completely useless thing, it's a waste of brain power.

f47a8 No.49985

according to the citation and I quote "Back in December of 2013, I was involved in a car crash that ultimately ended in my being pronounced brain dead." End quote. Thus ruling out that it was a tulpa.
That is if the events truly did occur in the cited.

f0432 No.50068

So you’re telling me angels will come to you as a something that comforts you does the same thing happen when you go to heaven

25cae No.50077

Probably. Thats beyond my knowledge.
Im not saying the anon created one, the creators of the show or writers may have accidentally made her real, or all the people waifuing her could have done it.

69c1f No.50132

Welcome to the wonderful world of Dimethyltriptamine

File: 1515879934637.jpg (97.11 KB, 381x393, dmtentity_roger_essig.jpg)

f0fb0 No.45768[Reply]

Hey /vx/ have any of you ever tried DMT? If so what was your experience on it?

10147 No.45910

Thank you for the detailed explanation anon, that is very helpful.

4bbf7 No.46121

File: 1515906515541.png (7.21 KB, 236x139, 236px-DMT.svg.png)

DMT or Dimethyltryptamine (sometimes refered to as the "spirit molecule") is a powerful psychedelic drug capable of producing tangible hallucinations. Users often describe trips that last several lifetimes, meeting with God(s), spiritual entities, or "Machine elves", synesthesia (a merging of the senses such as taste and sound), ego death, even colors that don't exist.

10147 No.46245

So basically a suped-up LSD? I don't do drugs, sorry.

076f6 No.46246

>meeting with God(s), spiritual entities, or "Machine elves", synesthesia (a merging of the senses such as taste and sound), ego death, even colors that don't exist
Magical shrooms would be ingested ritually for similar spiritual reasons. Alcohol founds its purpose a connection to the gods. It's effects seemingly would have caused one to communicate or "feel" them. The word "wine" has its root to something similar of meaning to "to ascend" in a sort of way or speak, similar to how a libation is used.

fc4a5 No.49255

File: 1516728848231.png (116.96 KB, 873x915, 1705219ded28d639a167418451….png)

I made some last year out of some powdered Mimosa, about 12gs. I really enjoyed the trip compared to LSD or mushrooms because it was only a 15 min duration.

The best way i could describe the experience is to say its almost like having Celestia's hoof grab you by the back of the head and drag you into the spirit world. thats about what the comeup is like a very rapid pull.

No two trips have ever been the same for me sometimes it feels like im underwater conversing with fish, im speaking to god-like entities, im hovering above a field watching the poners play in the fields. No matter what there is always this strange humming sound that you somehow instinctually know is the voice of the gods trying to converse with you, but you do not know their language.


Oh and dont forget the sensation of flight, i have flown many times in DMT trips sometimes with wings.

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