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Happy Birthday

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File: 1501525151235.png (585.32 KB, 1215x712, TF2 MLP.png)

495f6 No.733[Reply]

mlpol.net has partnered with the Legion to bring you our official partner TF2 server! It is a server with both hang out maps like canterlot, clocktown, and the normal TF2 maps if you guys want to play some normal TF2

The direct IP to join is

This is the direct connect link, click here and it will open TF2 and join you to the server.

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e22c8 No.52793

File: 1517968245403.jpg (26.1 KB, 472x482, 1513573921495.jpg)

so im guessing this is dead?

File: 1497304051090.png (23.75 KB, 1100x551, image.png)

4236a No.112[Reply]

Welcome to the new /vx/ board - Videoganes and Paranormal! Just as mlpol was born of the merging of two wildly different topics into a single merged board, this board combines the topics of 4chans /v/, /x/, and /tg/ boards. And while /vint/ did not live on as we did, this board pays homage to the board, created and killed by an indifferent 4chan administration, in the flags that adorn this board.

As this is a new board, it does not have a firmly established set of rules. Unlike 4chan, this is a user driven site, and we are looking for user input into what the rules of this new board should be. Post your suggestions in the comments
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a5302 No.1765

File: 1505309978916.jpg (77.82 KB, 600x860, bait master.jpg)


💪 Videogains 💪

File: 1523062579059.jpeg (112.82 KB, 820x640, 1520054123998.jpeg)

b2685 No.62255[Reply]

>What are tulpas?
A tulpa is an entity created in the mind, acting independently of, and parallel to your own consciousness. They are able to think, and have their own will, emotions, and memories. In short, a tulpa is like a sentient person living in your head, separate from you. Think of your brain as a hard drive, you're a partition and your tulpa is another.

>What guides do you recommend?


>What's this thread for?

This thread is a place for normies, people with tulpas and the tulpas themselves to communicate, share tips, talk about their days and just plain old shit post. The tulpa community has frequently lost it's home, being unwelcome at /x/, /mlp/ and /r9k/. Site staff have agreed to endorse the existence of this thread. You're home.
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6ecbf No.62257

Don't doubt that she will become autonomous. For me it was important to treat her like a real person through the entire process of creating her, because otherwise I'd probably get disillusioned and treat it less seriously.

f8c82 No.62258

Did you hit that point yet?

6ecbf No.62259

Yeah, it took a little over two weeks. it's not like I was doing anything else though as I am a repulsive NEET.

df7e8 No.62263

"Hiiiiiii fags!"
This is Thez (pronounced Tez). She's obnoxious, so I don't let her post except in rare instance (and a particular set of exceptions).

983f7 No.64132

File: 1524522770456.jpg (136.58 KB, 750x1070, IMG_1867.JPG)

archetypes hidden by fear are controlled with loc cycles in your waking conscious control
waking unconscious control is similar but manifested by control unconsciously
also dont consciously recall fear archetypes unless you want the truth

File: 1523757449683.jpg (38 KB, 540x474, more.jpg)

c5dac No.63085[Reply][Last 50 Posts]

>Mixed Nuts
To some, its a delightful role-playing venture based (loosely) on 3.5e D&D rules. To others especially a particular german poster,… love you btw its the worst thing to happen to Mlpol (which is saying something, cuz there's,….).
>What it do
On weekends we engage a dynamic storyline based largely on the GM's capacity to create and illustrate the situation. Sometimes he's a faggot tho.
>What about me?
New players and shitposters are always welcome. We have prohibited excessive >lewd, but it does still happen, and non-players can assume casual roles as available (at the moment the world is a desolate wasteland tho so not for a bit). If wanting to play, make a post about it in thread and there's plenty of anons who can steer anon in the right direction.

At the moment the party is starting to appreciate that - from their future-jumped perspective - the worst has already happened. All that is left is the denouement, but at the same time there's still a glimmer of hope. Deep within the ruined city of Durpistan, where Thez has made a last vestige of resistance against the forces of George Soros, the party contemplates their next move.
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6c55e No.64127

Trumpaladin does the same except he left long before Tracy, so he is ahead of Tracy

c5dac No.64128

Beyond the Y split, the upper path angle toward what is unmistakably the tower,… except there are no lights on within

3142c No.64129

Dice rollRolled 5 + 25

>no lights
Tracy, despite the lack of activity, proceeds carefully, knowing that the enemy can more-than-likely see in the dark.
Holding her hoof out to pause the parade for a moment, she proceeds ahead in stealth.
"I'll tell you when the coast is clear." she says
Rolling to Move Silently towards the tower's entrance.

3142c No.64130

.. Is she able to see anything as she proceeds closer?

4721f No.64131

Uh, GM had to step out for a moment.
But I have a message to relay:

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File: 1521008336865-0.jpg (265.32 KB, 1920x1080, stellaris_apocalypse.jpg)

File: 1521008336865-1.jpg (377.3 KB, 1920x1080, star kingdom of MLPOL.jpg)

File: 1521008336865-2.jpg (270.27 KB, 1920x1080, mlpol_game_settings.jpg)

e0839 No.59959[Reply]

Hello /mlpol/. Is anyone out there in /vx/ to read this?

I'm starting up a new game of Stellaris using a custom civilization where I'm trying to capture a representation of /mlpol/. As the game progresses, I'm going to provide updates to the state of the game.

My apologies for the lack of ponies in the civ. I had contemplated modding in a custom race where the males used the human portraits and females used pony portraits, but it was a bit beyond what I could cobble together in an evening.

I chose the following as the race's positive traits:
*Traditional, representing a strong sense of pride in one's history and culture. In game this grants a bonus to the generation of the "Unity" resource.
*Natural Engineers, representing good old fashioned german engineering and nazi wunderwaffe. It applies a bonus to engineering research.
*The adaptive trait represents a history of preparedness born from preparing to survive the harsh winters of Europe. It provides +10% habitability to all world types.

The following negative traits were chosen:
*Sedentary, which slows down the rate of migration away from the homeland and increases the cost to forcibly resettling a citizen. This represents a strong attachment to one's homeland and a reluctance to abandon her.
*Slow breeders, because why no nazi pony gf? As the name implies, this slows down the population growth rate.
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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e0839 No.63572

File: 1523854339594-0.jpg (487.53 KB, 1920x1080, 20180415235108_1.jpg)

Wonderful. Remember how I said that the UHS's pacifist tendencies would stand in the way of them being overtly aggressive against us? Apparently there has been a shift of power within their government. They seem to be abandoning pacifism for militarism.

4945a No.63580

Why are you ignoring that vast swath of space counter-clockwise on the Galaxy, which has not been colonized? I know there are modifiers that make colonization slower than normal, but if this were a civilization game taking up that land would be the first thing I'd do

e0839 No.63830

File: 1524356389333-0.jpg (327.18 KB, 1920x1080, map_galaxy.jpg)

File: 1524356389333-1.jpg (406.55 KB, 1920x1080, map_circled.jpg)

Please circle the location that you're referring too and I'll try to explain and provide some zoomed in pictures to depict the resource nodes at the section of space in question. But it

Extending our borders to encapsulate a new star system has the following costs:
* 52*X influence (the purple resource), where X is the number of jumps that the system is from out border. I think that it's 75*X by default, but we have some bonuses giving us a discount.
* 100 minerals
* An upkeep cost of 1 energy per month (We've got this reduced to 0.8 per month thanks to one of our tradition bonuses).

Influence is also spent to activate edicts, which are planet or empire wide buffs. At the time that this map picture was taken, I was saving up for the 240 influence necessary to secure our nation a 20% boost to energy production for the next 17 years.

Additionally, once the territory is within our borders, its resources are not worked automatically like territory in CIV. We need to make additional expenditures to build mining/research stations to harvest each resource node within the star system. Each of those orbital facilities has a base cost of 100 minerals and a monthly upkeep cost of 1 energy. Our little corner of space has been plagued by very small resource deposits. For example, I might see that a star system has mineral deposits in it equal to 6 minerals per month. However upon closer inspection, those 6 minerals are split between three distinct 2 mineral nodes. So it costs us 300 minerals and 3 energy per month to harvest that system's minerals. It takes awhile for that kind of mineral investment to pay off, and the energy cost for those minerals is pretty steep. Meanwhile, over in UHS space, I've been pretty jelly of all of the 4-5 mineral deposits that were within their reach. The bastards even have a 7 mineral node.

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

e0839 No.63831

File: 1524356501025-0.jpg (410.5 KB, 1920x1080, map_circled.jpg)

I forgot to save the circled map after adding all of the circles.

Here's the circled map that I was referencing with the other colors beyond blue and lime green.

e0839 No.63845

File: 1524358587848-0.jpg (400.96 KB, 1920x1080, map_galaxy_circled_2.jpg)

File: 1524358587848-1.jpg (445.44 KB, 1920x1080, 20180421194630_1.jpg)

>He said COUNTER-clockwise you idiot
I feel dumb.

You're probably talking about this red area? There were no desirable colonizable planets within that territory to make that area of space a priority. There is the site of the automated mining hub (an orange hexagon surrounds it on this map), but it's really close to UHS space and I wouldn't be able to hold onto such a claim against them.

As a reminder, the UHS is by far (BY FAR, I feel that I need to emphasize this) the most powerful nation that is currently actively expanding their borders. I'm a bit afraid of getting into a war with them at this point, especially if another party attacks me on another front. Normally relative power indicators of "Overwhelming" are reserved for describing fallen empires, but in this case it's because they have "superior" in each sub category. They are without a doubt the most powerful expanding military force in this galaxy. The fallen empries and marauders dwarf the UHS military, but they're not expanding their borders.

So I honestly just want a big buffer between me and them so that the UHS's attention isn't sent my way for awhile. I want that purple nation to fatten up a bit and grow into that territory so that it can be a more substantial speedbump to UHS expansion. Purple will never be a significant threat to me or the UHS, but I want them to grow big enough so that I'll get some warning when the UHS starts deploying significant military assets to that area of space. I might ultimately decide to gurantee purple's indepenence, in which case they'd become essentially North Korea to my China and the UHS's American posturing.

The people clockwise of me are either weaker or comparable to my strength. I think that I'm already economically stronger than those clockwise of me, and my three planned new colonies will cicnh that. I intend to conquer them and add the infrastrucutre that they've built to my own strength. After those wars of conquest, I should be able to stand against the UHS on more even footing.

File: 1523331844323.jpg (325.57 KB, 1600x900, 20180409205035_2.jpg)

dd914 No.62867[Reply]

is /mlpol/ hype for darksouls remastered?

65d83 No.62868

File: 1523359788430.jpg (Spoiler Image, 75.46 KB, 678x1024, 1523284114418.jpg)

I never played dark souls

a5c59 No.62869

Never played dardsouls since it ran like shit on my PC didn't matter if it was my old Phenom II X6 and HD 5770 when I bought it or my R7 1700x and 980ti it just runs like SHIT!

97c08 No.62878

I am ashamed that I never got around to playing Dark Souls. I have played Dark Souls 2 and 3 through the completion of New Game, but I haven't completed all of the DLC bosses or advanced through the assorted New Game+ runs.

I will probably play the remaster so that I can enjoy the game alongside a bolstered playerbase. I've heard that the map was wonderfully put together. Well, wonderfully put together prior to some point near the endgame where allegedly everything after it feels rushed.

9b02b No.63267

I haven't played the remaster but i've beaten 1 and 3 multiple times and i'm working on 2 atm.

If it is just DS1 but with better graphics and a better online then definitely.

6dc8b No.63781

File: 1524342795390-0.jpg (533.89 KB, 750x1200, __emerald_herald_and_solai….jpg)

File: 1524342795390-1.jpg (1.02 MB, 1000x1577, __jeanne_d_arc_jeanne_d_ar….jpg)

File: 1524342795390-2.png (9.45 MB, 3300x5100, __priscilla_the_crossbreed….png)

File: 1524342795390-3.jpg (1.11 MB, 2480x3507, __priscilla_the_crossbreed….jpg)

File: 1524342795390-4.jpg (220.49 KB, 800x1064, __queen_of_sunlight_gwynev….jpg)

i played and finished every Dark souls game on PC several times. I was afraid of the games before i started them, but i eventually grew attached to them from 2013 forward.

While I can say that i was both expecting and wishing for a remaster of DS1, i am cautiously pessimistic that Bandai/Namco will ruin this game. From the rumors i heard they wont improve any of the (admittedly) rushed content that made DS1 into the flawed masterpiece it ultimately became.

I am unsure if i will buy it and if so, only if it is on sale. No king rules forever and i think it is better to put this series in the ground before it becomes zombofied like so many other great games.

On a sidenote, i always imagines the Healing item was female horse cum.

File: 1521239038409.jpeg (62.2 KB, 300x300, image.jpeg)

0c710 No.60344[Reply]

D-does anybody want to play Age of Empires 2? CD release only HD fags GTFO

d1676 No.62236

Yeah sure! Just let me load up windows XP…

b1572 No.62237

I actually do sometimes, I used to have a group of friends but they disappeared.

7008d No.62251

>tfw I still have the CD and guide book for this somewhere
I don't even like RTS games, but this one is a fucking classic.

0c710 No.63765

If you have the collectors edition it works on win 10

c2fc9 No.63779

I have the PS2 version of this

I beat the campaign mode, mouseless, with just a controller when I was a kid.

File: 1521994757748.jpg (57.89 KB, 600x445, nuts5.jpg)

c91a1 No.61616[Reply][Last 50 Posts]

That Bitch stares at Trump thoughtfully and appraisingly. At several moments she begins to speak, but then stops. Trump isn't sure if she's having difficulty formulating the words/response, or is unsure how to respond at all. At last, she appears to make some sort of mental connection, and her face brightens. She punches in her ID for a few moments, and turns back to Trump.
"You can have both," she says. "At first I was having trouble recalling this collection of knives, but then I remembered the meme that was shared," she says, holding up her ID to show them.

This thread continues the continuing RP thread that has been continuing - essentially every weekend (and much throughout the week) - and now continues. Playersfaggots are welcome to join, and shitposting/bantz - within reason - is open to faggots and spectators. It's D&D 3.5e+ rules (+ = whatever else we throw in), and since there's so many previous threads with far more effective OP descriptions I'll just get back to it.

Looking at the ID, Trump and Tracy can see a still image of a uniformed individual holding Tracy's Efficient Quiver, with a perplexed look on his face, facing the camera man. Pushing the screen, the image plays and displays the man slowly turning the quiver over and a broom closet full of assorted knives, daggers, kunai, and other assorted blades falls out onto the ground, along with a few pieces of ridiculously elaborate jewelry. As the last of the knives falls out on the floor in a pile about 8' around at the base and 3-1/2' tall, the uniformed man looks back at the camera and says, "What the fuck," before the video stops.
Did I mention that Trump is disguised as an Orangutan (a fashionable one named Clyde), and Tracy as a monster truck?

Meanwhile, Torcuil has been on an enjoyable impromptu date with Death, and has had a delightful time of it all. She's much less intimidating in a hoodie and sweat pants,… and without the skull-face (which is really just a mask that goes with the cloak) she's a pretty down to earth chick,… who goes around and collects the souls of the dead vocationally. They walk together through town after a lovely meal, returning to Trump Tower.

Stix and Snek are likewise returning to the Tower, having located Stix' prized dagger from the previous encounter/scrimmage with Thez.

Elsewhere, an adorable filly adds more sticks to her bundle. A statue of AlePost too long. Click here to view the full text.
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6038e No.63080

Use the "Last 50 posts" button

612de No.63081

I like to back read too sometimes…

9f6d1 No.63082

Damn it

After silence, Trumpaladin responds almost mechanically

"The unfavorable? I had figured the Court City Official must have done this… They removed us from the timeline just as we were trying to Purge them from Cardishore"

9c362 No.63084

"No, they're not that powerful. Until today, I'd have thought that nothing but a devil was that powerful. I was wrong, but still, therein lies our chance. A devil is that powerful," she says somberly.

9f6d1 No.63086

"I think I recall you once said that the Golden Lady - or someone in the Abyss - owed you a favor?"

[Last 50 Posts]

File: 1515615540278.png (92.45 KB, 1873x825, 1515512580550.png)

4b227 No.44088[Reply]

I'm starting to question if these ponies are real..
I thought I was the only one that had this kind of experience, until I readed pic related
>I saw princess luna one day, almost dying from a 40+ fever

Did any of you guys had an experience like this?
30 posts and 2 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

9e7e7 No.62275

Luna deserve to to serviced.

08aa0 No.62277

File: 1523137119157.jpg (44.86 KB, 480x480, simpsons idaho costume.jpg)

bedc6 No.62376

I died once in a car accident getting t-boned by someone running a red, experienced the accident and pain. I fully remember being unable to move in agony as I felt my warm blood all over me go cold, my vision faded to black and I blanked out. I was in this black empty abyss not really aware. I don't know how long I was there. Then I became conscious again when I heard the radio playing the song before I'd been hit. I opened my eyes and I was in my car again, it was totally fine, I was in the driver's seat stopped at a red light, at the intersection I'd just been struck at. But I was fine, I saw the car that hit me go by on a green and I fucking believe from the bottom of my heart that reality rebooted, or I jumped to a different reality or something, where I didn't die that day. Can't tell anyone IRL about this.

>no ponies though.

9e7e7 No.62490

You experienced deja vu.

6602c No.62497

No idea what happened but that sounds really cool anon.

File: 1519340700389.jpeg (8.75 KB, 259x194, download.jpeg)

7b02e No.55430[Reply]

Without using eye-witness testimony. I'm an atheist and want to see if you spirit believers can show evidence.

Documentations of others being "possessed" isn't evidence, could just be a matter of mental health issues.
27 posts and 13 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

abaf5 No.55704

No tricks now.
I'm busy now. but later maybe.

26345 No.55705

File: 1519504340149.png (213.67 KB, 1158x554, Bildschirmfoto vom 2018-02….png)

8b4d9 No.62127

c0476 No.62128

Well, no one can prove the existence of ghosts, it is quite easy to disprove too, all you have to do is call it a trick.
Yet, there is some pretty fucked up stuff when you realize dimensions come into play and we only see what our eyes allow us to see, as in, the light spectrum.

Maybe we call them ghosts, but we only do so to try and explain events where do not fully understand.
We call them ghosts so we don't have to think about it, about sharing reality with beings we cannot see, nor touch, while they silently stalk us.

a4316 No.62260


File: 1522741826516.png (931.42 KB, 1068x1080, serveimage.png)

ee9c2 No.62240[Reply]

Did you buy my game /mlpol/?
5 posts omitted. Click reply to view.

1d6cf No.62246

File: 1522766530829.jpg (294.9 KB, 707x676, why israel is evil zionism.jpg)

I bought 2 games from this scam artist and both of them were kind of bad. I had no idea at the time that he was kind of a meme, but i have learned my lesson. Never bought something from him again.

86a9c No.62247

File: 1522888806489.png (281.13 KB, 931x922, 1462652225125.png)

Well, yes
I bought new vegas ;)

2255d No.62248

No, Kingdom Come Deliverance is better.

53ce6 No.62249

Bethesda is too busy being full of (((them))) and stealing your money for VR right now.
>Be me
>Already own Skyrim and Fallout 4
>Own HTC Vive
>Play said games with mods on VR, not quite perfect, but works
>Announces official VR
>Charges full-fucking-price for each VR version, with no goddamn discount if you already own the non-VR game.

86a9c No.62250

File: 1522948494786-0.jpg (190.48 KB, 1050x899, 1500013465328.jpg)

File: 1522948494786-1.jpg (329.98 KB, 609x1394, 1500013061960.jpg)

File: 1522948494786-2.png (946.28 KB, 924x1803, 1468821476486.png)

bostin more assaultron
fuck you tood

File: 1515116592133-0.jpg (57.34 KB, 414x246, 1.jpg)

File: 1515116592133-1.jpg (43.57 KB, 446x500, 2.jpg)

File: 1515116592133-2.jpg (76.83 KB, 450x549, 3.jpg)

File: 1515116592133-3.jpg (71.33 KB, 960x712, 4.jpg)

File: 1515116592133-4.jpg (226.31 KB, 776x1032, 5.jpg)

41679 No.41383[Reply]

The Work you see is a work in progress in a subject as vast and extensive as this one.
Mister Vril Society Made a thread in which he asserts his premise that UFOs are man's doings & aliens man's imaginings. I am at odds with this for I have found possible evidence. In picture 1 counting from right to left we see to the right what is known as the The Starchild Skull next to an ordinary skull.
>The Starchild Skull's provenance begins in the 1930s.
>During the 1930s an American teenage girl >went on holiday to Mexico with her family, >who were of Mexican heritage. While >visiting a small village in Mexico's >Copper Canyon region she went exploring on >her own and discovered an abandoned mine >tunnel. Inside it she found a full human >skeleton lying on its back. Beside it was >an area of disturbed ground with an arm >bone sticking out of the dirt and the hand >bones wrapped around the upper arm bone of >the skeleton lying on the surface. Using >her hands she dug the buried skeleton >which she described as smaller than the >other, and "misshapen" out of its shallow grave.
>The girl gathered up all of the bones, and >hid them nearby with the intention of >returning for them later during her >vacation. She claimed that at some point >soon afterwards there was a flash flood >that washed most of the bones away, >however the girl found the two skulls, the >misshapen one now damaged, lodged in >debris along the flood path, and took them >home with her back to Texas, USA, where >she kept them the rest of her life.

Pictures 2,3,4,5, & 6 are the so called elongated Paracas skulls, potentially not of this world.
There is variety among tPost too long. Click here to view the full text.
58 posts and 73 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

424fc No.56165

Some, but little physical evidence. The human deformities you are using in OP certainly aren't examples.

But there have been a very few cases where inexplicable phenomenon have been documented. Every one of these cases have all had one single thing in common: The individual(s) involved in the phenomenon have all been involved with the occult. There ''are'' ayylmaos alright, and they are all demonic beings.

6f8c5 No.56183

All I can say to you is take a thorough read through my thread.
>The individual(s) involved in the phenomenon have all been involved with the occult.
I would like you to prove that.
even vril the blockhead he is, finally found out that true long skulls (which have not been elongated but) are indeed naturally so! See >>53225
Be logical. Logic is the ability to reason without believe systems which interfere.

6f8c5 No.62140

File: 1522733637728.jpg (182.99 KB, 900x900, 5g-networks.jpg)

It's good to learn about Space aliens, however the posthumanist agenda is more worrying to me than space aliens. It poses great peril to life; our existence as we know it and freedom.

e142a No.62141

>Have We any evidence for other worldly beings?
I think there are still a few of those "jew" things running around.

6f8c5 No.62142

Eh? Whatever that means, it doesn't inspire me with much hope for the human race.

File: 1521609257054.png (205.51 KB, 484x403, ff58d4dc9a825c4b836984d312….png)

0500d No.61229[Reply]

Why do bineral beats make my nuts ache?


747d9 No.61808

It was invented by a jew.

File: 1521230694532.jpg (160.64 KB, 1000x591, nuts4.jpg)

b6639 No.60316[Reply][Last 50 Posts]

This thread continues the ongoing RP/Shitposting game. Its based on D&D 3.5e core rules with exceptions made for just about anything. Its essentially a play-by-shitpost RPG with structural additions. Games get hairy on Saturdays, but weekends in general; weekdays are for meta and shitposting.

Most pressing of the situations is that involving Infernius, Trump, and Tracy; the former finds himself being surrounded by robots, while flying robots seem to have cut off his escape. As nimble as Uatchit is, his situation doesn't look good. Trump has fled outside the Cardashil wall, and his pursuit disengaged to secure the perimeter of the city. In short, Cardashil is now a Panopticon. Meanwhile, Tracy - er, a praying mantis who is clearly identifiable as Frank (or any of 3 other identities) - is amongst a throng headed for the teleportation gates along the perimeter of the park area.
Oh yes, and those grenades. One of the robots has char marks and scraping on it.

Meanwhile Stix, Torcuil, Snek, and Thez are having an otherwise constructive conversation in the Tower.
1208 posts and 111 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

dd6a8 No.61609

Why is dashie black?

86a1e No.61610

I can only guess limited edition

7fbf2 No.61612

Stix summons the power of cinema to retrieve his dagger.

86a1e No.61613

>"oH so you have me come with ye, then just pull it out of yer ass anyway? Fuck this…"

7fbf2 No.61614


GM has been harping on me to do this… stop the drama…

[Last 50 Posts]

File: 1521248879132.swf (6.28 MB, Arachnophilium.swf)

20b1b No.60359[Reply]

Flash test

20b1b No.60360


55,000 points

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