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>Nazi Horsefucker Edition
Vent frustrations and life issues that don't deserve their own thread here.
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>Said anon would either get murdered by one of his own /pol/tard serfs or black bagged by feds
Either attempt would be hilarious, Ill let you know in such a case
If faggot roommate isn't watching copaganda on tv he's watching Netflix jew fantasies about blacks being enslaved by whites and mistreated. It's loud, it's obnoxious, it's divorced from reality. It's another shameless display of his failure as a man. He feels guilty for being a spoiled rich bastard now and then and if he doesn't feel like acting feminine and shopping his woes away, comforting his habit of purchasing overpriced clothes by telling himself second hand purchases of overpriced clothes makes them a good deal and not a massive waste of money, he watches something to make the world feel safe and reasonable and orderly, like tv shows where the cops hurt unruly poors, or """true stories""" of fictional white people long ago acting almost as badly as the BLMafia niggers today. If only I had any say in who my chicken-hating cunt landlord chose to be my roommates.
I hate your roomie, too. He sounds like an over socialized fagazoid. You know what you have to do, Anon.
Bleach+Ammonia=Mustard Gas. Make it look like he somehow accidentally locked himself in the bathroom while cleaning it.
Lmao no.
>>>/vx/165476 →
I don't consider myself particularly smart. Not dumb either, just...unbalanced when it comes to intelligence types. (If those are actually a thing.) I am partially Jewish, so that's probably why I suck at math, heh heh.
But as a kiddo, I was smart enough to ask the wrong questions to the clerics around me. My family was and still is a hard-lined Evangelical Christian family. Most of my questioning came from the perspective of "LHP", and the more they dodged the questions, the harder I pressed.
Needless to say, as a twelve - fourteen-year-old boy that was already deep in the shit with the mexas; ´nother story for another day. Let's just say they weren't exactly pleased with the only filthy "gringo" on the classroom. I basically further ruined my childhood. My family almost treated me as some sort of demonic possessed dipshit.

I dunno what to say Ninjas. Most of what you've said about this, resonates with me positively. But at the same time, I had a dream so vicious that slowly materialized into my life. And it send me straight back into Christianity, albeit with mayor disagreements with the Evangelicals.

If you are to answer seriously to this one, I ask for you to think thoroughly before posting. Not implying anything regarding your previous post; but empathizing the importance I give to this situation.
Your cow is not a chicken.
Chickens have old lady names like Agatha and Edith and Henrietta.
Theres definitely something to be said for the correlation between being an outcast of sorts, and adopting a Lhp philosophy. When an 'in group' both refuses to admit an individual while also condemning a certain course of action - especially for reasons not clearly innumerated - it becomes natural for the individual to go against the grain in pursuit of some degree of self-agency. Though, with certain groups one is anathema simply for diregarding the positions of the group. When a person is effectively shunned they quickly learn to devalue the group in question and whatever prescriptions and prohibitions the group maintains, effectively defying any presumed authority of the group or participation in it.
Can be a powerful impetus, no doubt. Im curious to pick your brain about the dream, tbh.
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Thanks Anon.
>Im curious to pick your brain about the dream.
Sorry for being vague about it, I felt like I was already abusing it. Me! Me! Me!
About the dream. My friend was present, I had managed to make some friendships. Or rather, agreements. (They still needed my help for a lot of subjects other than Math) He stepped outside of the walled backyard in my parent's house. And turned back staring blankly towards the house. I asked him what the heck was going on, he wouldn't reply. I said fuck it and went to check it out by myself. There was a satyr and the moment I saw it I felt dizzy as hell. I walked back inside with my hands on the wall, trying not to fall.
When I woke up, I started searching about interpretations and what not. Turns out is rather varied, most obvious one is le Satan.
I just said, oh well, whatever and call it a day.
The dream was only the beginning tho.
Barely 8-ish months passed, and I was eating alone everyday at school. My friends either died in the middle of a gun-fight as unlucky by standers, or they were diagnosed with some late form of cancer.
I could barely sleep at all. I couldn't eat cuz I struggled to swallow anything. gimme a break Nigel.

Later on I started having sleep paralisys. At that point, I just couldn't take it anymore. I prayed to God for forgiveness.

Afterwards, it was a complete 180 tbh. It was at that time when my Sis became a giant source of peace for me. As the only one I could trust and talk to. She's a smart girl, Mensa-tier in fact. She did, and still has influence over my family. It helped me a lot.

Am I just a pussy? Perhaps, then again; I did probably went a bit too far even for you.
I did blasphemed against the lord quite extensively. Yes, I know what the Bible says about blasphemy and I deeply regret it everyday. But there is nothing I can do about it.

I dunno what am asking from you Anon, sorry. You don't owe me an answer.
But if you have anything to say, I'd like to hear from ya.

>Pic unrelated
>My friends either died in the middle of a gun-fight as unlucky by standers,
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>most obvious one is Satan
I assume you mean Baphomet, specifically; my first thought was Pan from Shakespeare, but idk. And not that you necessarily asked, but the following obervations occur.
What is it about your parent's house that you unconsciously associate with the devil? It depends on what your mind associates with your parent's house. A house is a very significant image, usually used to illustrate safety, shelter, security, etc., but just as easily one can have a 'complicated' situation wherein their parent's house might be associated with anxiety and an absence of security. And in the dream, your friend effectively notified you by noticing first.
Your friend also means more than simply the personification of the indivdual, its a symbol of a trusted, reliable, etc. person. An easy trick to interpreting dreams is to pretend that the dream is a book or movie, and apply creative/symbolic analysis.
Yeah, that one.
>What is it about your parent's house that you unconsciously associate with the devil?
Oh, sorry, I should have cleared that up. I was like 14 or so. In that case, it makes sense I'd dream about my parent's house, cuz I still lived there at the time. Or does it?

Otherwise, I would say I generally have bad memories about that place. Either by what I already told you or the general behaviour of my parents. They are certainly Narcissistic people, nothing you wouldn't expect from that statement.
It didn't involve physical abuse tho. Overblown threats of violence were made, but I never pushed any further once it got to that.
By overblown I mean that my parents frequently started discussions about anything religious or political with me. Only to shut me with threats of violence after the most minimal sign of discrepancy.
I mean, I was respectful and everything. At least no other adult felt offended or even mildly bothered by the way I conducted myself.
This was already the case way before I even started questioning the idea of submitting to God's will. But it just got unbereable afterwards. I still remember my Dad yelling to the sky, "What did I do to deserve this?". He went back and forth from the living room to my bedroom, ranting about it for hours.
I genuinely thought he was going to kill me, and my mother, and my sister, and then probably himself.

Naturally, I tried to cool it off by then. But they weren't stupid, they knew It wasn't genuine. And they let me know I must prove it to them.

>your friend effectively notified you by noticing first. Your friend also means more than simply the personification of the indivdual, its a symbol of a trusted, reliable, etc. person

Yeah, I guess that ONE friend was genuine.
Thanks for the help Anon.

Not that I can't see human value on them. But they weren't exactly my friends. They expressed their disdain towards me and all gringos. Lmao. They tried to screw me over like everyone else. Until they saw I could be useful to them, I was kinda forced into it.
>Inb4 Why didn't you told yer parents.
Despite my relationship with them, I did. And when I finally got beat, hard. They started to help me. (pretty much by complaining to the school.) They insisted on the idea that racism only goes one way tho. So they refused to believe it was racially charged, despite the increasingly creative slurs. I said, "alright that's cool". Atleast I was getting helped.
They eventually got tired (under two or three weeks, lol). So they assumed I must've been the problem. They did not even changed me from school, I wasn't despised in 109 schools or something like that.
I got beat a couple more times, nothing as bad as that other time.
Enough blogpostin' for the entire year. Consider it curbed.
Thanks a lot fren, I really appreciate your input. I learned a lot.
I learned alot too. In a way, I was set on a Lhp from a very early age. Long story short I was 4, and for about 8 mos my 5d/wk babysitter physically and sexually abused me. It wasnt about sexuality or anything for her, she just felt that 'proper positive reinforcement' amounted to playing with genitals, and 'proper negative'was pain compliance with a large wooden spoon.
But it was okay, cuz she was a high school cheerleader, right?
Suffice it to say, I lacked the vocabulary to effectively communicate the situation, so she had an easy time convincing my parents that I was just having tantrums. Until I showed up to swimming practice covered with leopard spots.
As such, I've had a distrust of 'authority' as long as I can remember, and Im really good at sussing out evidence of insufficiency, whether familial, social, religious, etc.
In all honesty, I cant say that my aversion to authority isnt a result of those experiences, and that has everything to do with my motivation to figure my own way, on principle that MY way has proven far less injurious/consequential than what has been prescribed or insisted as 'correct', and that includes social integration.
You know how Jordan Peterson absolutely insists that parents not let their child become an outcast by age 4 or thats it for them? Yeah, he ain't lying.
And to that end, I CAN say that whether one opts for the Rhp or the Lhp, both roads lead to the same conclusions/realizations. Or at least, that was the apparent consensus between Anon27 (Catholic) and myself (Luciferian) during a very animated (though entirely unantagonistic) discussion/debate.
So, while I promote Lhp-ideologies - mainly to oppose the idea that theres anything wrong with it - I acknowledge it's not for everyone, and there is plausibly an element of conditioning involved in which path lne gravitates toward.
Sorry for taking that long Anon. I read your reply the day you posted it, but I had to sort out something important. God knows I hate having to take these long pauses.
Sorry to hear that Anon. I honestly don't think my own childhood was as rough as you guys'. Seen that bread. But I am relieved to see that everything about you indicates you don't need my pity.
>In all honesty, I cant say that my aversion to authority isnt a result of those experiences
>and there is plausibly an element of conditioning involved in which path lne gravitates toward.
This. Obviously my own views on the subject can't be exactly objective; for they were most certainly influenced by a traumatic event. Which is kinda what has been bothering me. Am usually very good at disposing from emotions and feels when making a call. Which includes developing my worldview. But this is the one that's beaten me. Religion has always been my neglected arm at that, but I'll make sure to change that.
>You know how Jordan Peterson absolutely insists that parents not let their child become an outcast by age 4 or thats it for them? Yeah, he ain't lying.
Yeah, it’s tough. But I assume you’ve been able to improve enough to hold youtself. The good news is that it’s perfectly possible to do so.
I do remember him, not the discussion tho. I'll make sure to check it out, thanks Anon.

This has been very constructive, thanks. You are surprisingly chill when you try it. (No bully)
I hope I can count of ya if I have another inquiry in the future.

Deleted cuz original clip was heavily buffering.
>But I assume you’ve been able to improve enough to hold youtself
Certainly, and in recent years Ive bee able to provide a situation for a handful of people spoiler alert, ALL the guys who work with me have deep-rooted scars that otherwise render them undesirable to normalfags. This is why Im so unreservedly proud of what I/we have been able to accomplish, because left to the devices of the aggregate, all of us would remain zero solvency, zero upward mobility, corporate wage slaves with a good chance of suicide,statistically speaking.
The discussion with Anon took place during a Rabbit stream (Passion of the Christ, fittingly), but his ass is still kicking around if you know how to getin touch with him. A pity he left imo, but he's all about his business (no criticism) so no fakt in that.
>You're surprisingly chill
Shhh, I have a reputation to uphold. I default to tough love, but I also mirror the apparent disposition of my interlocutor; Im wholesome to wholesome ppl and toxic to toxic ppl (to steal the line from Nux).
Feel free to stop back by here, or the pub; these are both my threads ^_~
>Certainly, and in recent years Ive bee able to provide a situation for a handful of people
Yeah, and I can congratulate you on that; as it does sound like an actual contribution. Btw, I meant no offense when I called it a white plantation. It's just the type of humor am into. It's actually a pretty neat business you are running.
>Rabbit stream
Oh, guess that's why I missed it.

>Feel free to stop back by here, or the pub; these are both my threads ^_~
I will, thanks. Am "Carlos" here, If it wasn't obvious already. Oh, and the clip isn't hentai either.
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It's great that DMC is reaching a wider audience but isn't this repeat of the "rickroll" meme just an excuse to show someone much of or even most of a porn animation before the cutaway? Doesn't seem like much of a bait and switch if the bait is something pornographic that would be hard if not impossible to put on youtube.
Thank you for your input, anon of a specific geography and bent that shall remain nameless. I know its hard reading into subtlety and all, but anon's video post is quite on topic and relevant to the discussion, in its own right.
Yours,... well,... is consistent with your other posts, though I credit that you've grown less obnoxious than you have observably been.
Still, if you have nothing to say, you're best suited to saying nothing.
Let's not revive the saga please
Will get back to you in a moment.
Be quick about it, then
>Two hours later.
Never change paco.
"Get back at you" was not the phrase I was looking for heheh. Am still ESL ye know?
>>>/ub/5879 →

No need to worry.
Mares are marvelous!
This is mostly a reiteration of what I have posted in this place during the past, anyways, I felt like typing some stuff because it is somewhat relieving in a way.
In solitude from girls during my youth and an absence of education in the teenage stage has resulted in my urges being led down a path of deviancy, within the passing of time, it has degenerated into a insatiable obsession and a frantic fixation. In the personal perspective of my eyes and thought, equines are a logical sexual substitute for this perverse predicament of modern women in the western world.
My views, or rather, my Weltanschauung on the relationship I had and currently have with mares and filly's, is that it's more a want than a need and has become a kind of erotic addiction but I admit I glory in the bestial deed greater than I ever would in masturbation. In reflection of my acts, it is superior to using my hands and due to being in daily contact with a pony I have been doing nofap for more or less 8 weeks without really trying since the outlet I have right now is more pleasurably rewarding than touching myself, thus it is a larger hit of dopamine. But I digress.
I seem to be under the spell of love with a filly at the moment and the emotions I undergo around her when I'm alone are intense, she gives me a type of motivation and purpose to do things. Everyday I question if what I am doing with this pony is in some way beneficial to me or her, if it is worth it, then I recount all the times I ejaculated inside that young womb and all the hours of happiness I have had from those orgasms. On the other hand of my self interrogations. I see the taboos and wrong-think that normies perceive upon this kind of interspecies romance. I consider the dishonor of being degraded to what I am now, the dread regarding being shamed for having a clandestine affair with mares.
There is something so enticing about those pretty ponies...
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>343 replies
What a shit company, ain't it? Some kike gets fired and is replaced by some ape nigger.

Man is literally just a fucking animal after all. There is fundamentally no fucking difference. Human consciousness is nothing but a glorified orgy of chemical substances from which no higher value can be derived. Science was right all along and everything else was a gigantic cope. Only practical and material reality truly matter. All phenomena that might've ever hinted towards the other direction was a byproduct of the same meaningless chemical orgy.
Remove the "human" factor, and you can still achieve the same or better.
Only the animal purpose of self-preservation justifies our continuous existence.
To think that so much of it, or rather, everything was resting in such a weak foundation for so long.
Whomever is stupid enough to even bother anymore?
6175 6180
Ah, but the details matter. Alphabet glowies will say"ah everyone is the same, because we do these things in these ways and we get the same results." In the same breath they exclaim as well "yet, if they are irregular, abnormal, different somehow not the same these things that are tried and true don't work."
In chemical orgy there not yet remains a more eldritch spread than humanity and the various breeds. Doubtful such an orgy arises in such a rapid manner with the exquisite physical interactions at play which may at some strange eon be different from this point of time.
Yet.... There is a vast gulf of all knowledge and what the smallest iota there is now.
On a different vein although similar, if it's all meaningless that means you can supply meaning. Such a bizarre happenstance with an organic cocktail by many measures cease to be decide to be contrite instead.
What is real? Once people find the right ingredients could it be possible to feel, be, exist, know, learn anything? Possibly, but does that change anything?
Not really, a bundle of chemicals making more chemicals using other chemicals.
What it boils down to is this simple yet effective idea.
Enjoy mare.
In absence of spiritual highs?
Enjoy mare.
In the infinite of what may be more?
Enjoy mare.
With the option of not enjoying mare and enjoying mare.
Enyjoy mare.
Severed with a side of horse pussy and pony donut.
From one chemical amalgam to another. You are loved.
Terrible lie.mp3
Good. Embrace materialism and laugh at hysterical fags and women who believe in supernatural shit.
>Embrace materialism and laugh at hysterical fags and women who believe in supernatural shit.
Your training on disrupting chans won't work here, kike.
Just saying.
Cool story, schizo.
Nice to see you alive and well too. I wish this was the first time I've come to this conclusion. The abyss is right there however much people refuse to see it, it won't chase it away. I imagine if things continue down this trend more anons will soon follow.
Even (you)
You have to go beyond the abyss. For that you need spirituality or psychosis or paranoia or something else, along with preparation, causation, caution and luck. I found horse pussy after and by crossing.
I recommend having her with you.
Being invisible, untouchable, infinite and more to safe guard yourself. Yet also here else that trip yields lackluster results.

The end goal, no A Goal is knowing that the abyss ends, because in strange eons even death may die.
Going further and further you'll find that barriers, and things, and whatever else again are small.
A hazard, but no matter their presentation there is a reason why they have not done as I have or expanded in their own ways.
I would suggest a unity of self. Of absolute trust and love.
The bullshit /x/ crap happening in about eight years (2030) if true opens some wack ass nastier shit upon the world.
The barrier thins, they plan to rip open a gaping wound. The entrance for all beings from elsewhere/elsewhen/whatever.
Guess who's schizo alliance is waiting in wait, having a functioning border customs area.
That's right, Ponies. Letting in pone and actual friens.
So as always with /x/ predictions it's wait till it happens but nothing ever happens.
I hate the niggers so fucking much I think I'm going to have a fucking seizure every time I see one of those cunts saying anti white shit. Can rage give you a seizure?
Well, Valentinian died whilst he angrily yelled at the Germaniggers.
I fucking hate niggers and other invaders with a passion. Every time I think "Oh it ain't that bad" the next thing I see online are countless of recent videos of niggers and muslims stealing, fighting, and all other kinds of criminal activities these invaders specialize in. Point that problem out and you are a "rAciSt". And I fucking hate them cluttering the streets with their army of children that will try to fully replace us one day. And also fuck kikes.
I've spend my entire life trying to go beyond the abyss. Yet, when I thought I've finally find peace. There was nothing there. There has never been anything there.
This human need to latch onto something. To have a purpose and an objective. It might as well be a more sophisticated manifestation of the animal instinct for self-preservation. It achieves the same objective. You do your damn best to keep going, just to see what's on the other side. But then again, there was nothing.

<"creativity! The only true white religion!"
Funny how that one turned out.
But hey! Atleast you built your own cock cage. You should be proud of yourself!
That faggot must be twisting on his own grave rn. If not, I might even pay his rotten remains a visit.
I wasn't kidding. Effort of futility, or maybe the timing is right. Are these even my own thoughts?
Regardless, this bloodlust is unlike anything I've ever experienced. Yet it feels as tho I could actually quench it if I tried.
Hmmm... Very interesting. So, cartoon horse pussy doesn't help at all? You should consider suicide.
I have horrible secret that I'd never dare tell anyone irl and I'm posting here since no one will read all this shit: I'm hopelessly addicted to cartoon mares. I think about them all day everyday to the point that I question my sanity. I never thought that I could be autistic, yet I'm blessed with what could only be called an autistic obsession with mares and their superior mare butts and kind mare hearts. Driving to town for groceries? Mare butts. Mind droning while working? Smooching cute mares. I daydream about courting mares all day.
I realized it was advanced when an attractive former friend that I hadn't seen in a year randomly called and told me that she was back in town and wanted to catch up. She was always flirty and we've made out before, so I'd probably have decent chances. Two years ago I would've leapt at the possible romantic opportunity. Not anymore. I lied and said I was sick. I was slightly perturbed at the notion that she might distract me from my 2d pony waifus. Genuinely offended. I've also completely abandoned all of my past friendships and have effectively ghosted them all. It felt bad turning my back on them at first, especially when the phone would keep ringing and ringing. It probably sounds gay, but I felt guilty as if I had abandoned them all somehow. Eventually the calls became less frequent before stopping altogether. The guilt dissipated over time.
That's when I knew for sure that I was a lost cause.
I have stopped taking jobs the require me to leave home for anything other than materials. My income has dropped and I'm getting by on what little I still make. I hardly work at all anymore.
I'm such a far-gone degenerate that I haven't been interested at all in women whatsoever in a while. I beat off thinking of the only two women I've ever had sex with, and I imagine them instead as mares. My heart beats only for the mare. In my isolation, I've developed impossible sexual and romantic standards to the point that I'd rather vacantly stare into screens with mares on them rather than pursue actual relationships anymore. Human females can never compare. I will die a non-reproductive genetic dead end. I cope by telling myself that at least my siblings have all reproduced in abundance, so at least my family has done their part to maintain the birthrates, if it even matters anymore. I don't even want to have anything to do with my family since that would draw me away for my newly hermetic lifestyle. I still think of them from time to time and I hope everything works out for them and their families. I hope they don't think about me. They would never understand and they're better off forgetting about me. I keep hoping that our shared memories will fade over time.
The cherry on top is that I actually feel happier in some ways now and have gradually come to resent the idea of normalcy. I just want to be left alone and live a quiet, solitudinarian lifestyle for the rest of my days with very little interpersonal emotional burdens.
If you actually read that massive wall of mental illness, then thanks for hearing me confess into oblivion. If not, then congratulations; you're better off mot reading my wankfest.
Mares. Smooching mares. Romancing mares. Mare butt.
Red-skins found their poison on alcohol. Take your hors bussy if you will. Embrace your meaningless existence and drown yourself with instant gratification. Whomever told you having a "higher purpose" was anything else than a cope, was an absolute nigger unwilling to get a grip on reality.
6209 6210
What if DNA and evolution exist because man was meant to evolve more, and do whatever it takes to keep those with inferior genes like jews and niggers from sabotaging true humans?
>keep those with inferior genes like jews and niggers from sabotaging true humans?
It's done a shitty job so far. I can't think of even a single aspect of life that Jews and niggers haven't pissed on.
If anything. /cyb/-shit is at least theoretically the easiest, most realistic way to eliminate the consequences from degeneracy and social-parasitism. Without getting rid of the degeneracy itself. A lot of the biggest points certain poners hold onto, will be proven irrelevant if that's the case.
Think of picrel but expanded far beyond economics.
What do you mean?
Human leaders decided at some point the most important thing was quantity, not quality, so they chose helping niggers and sandniggers overpopulate the world over helping the best whites have more children or creating a system where the highest qualitu eggs and sperm can be bought by the state and frozen for future generations and their perfected test tube babies. Humanity just needs to stop lying to itself. Not all humans are human. Some humans are more human than others. Niggers and sandniggers don't deserve our help, our mercy, or our tolerance. No enemy faction does.
>Quantity not Quality
They want slaves, not people.
People are too unruly, too dangerous, too overqualified.
If you replace them (those 'leaders') with someone else there would more than likely be a large positive change.
A thinking and actualized action doing population is essential for freedom having people.
That's why they import, because they'll use them as the means to remove those they don't like.
Those most likely to overthrow tyranny would possibly be those who have done so in the past.
If they have the option they'll remove the genetics and population that made it so.
Importing, breeding, mixing, mental conditioning, exporting, ect.
They distribute production across the world so any nation can't rebel.
They want synthetic meat so there will never be a 'self-sufficient' group ever, livestock would be removed from general consumption.
A weak slave class makes it harder to rebel.
A weak slave class needs tools to do jobs. That requires oversight to operate those tools.
That's what they want strong algorithms for is behavior oversight at all times.
They want to be able to pull the plug at any time resistance appears in any way.
Even if not short sighted cucked 'leaders' take the given benefits of obeying this farce.
Low IQ criminal class is a problem, but they're used as the meat shields for those who actually run that damming show.
A slave class will never speak, that's the defining characteristic. Communication and aligned goals.
Jews are flooding ConsumeProduct.win with jewish shills reading from the same script.
The trolls post pedoshit to make the site look unappealing to outsiders.
They say "if the age of consent and marriage was lowered, white girls would marry white men and be good wives instead of sleeping around and becoming feminists".
What a load of obviously wrong bullshit.
Women do not get smarter or stupider as they age. They are always stupid selfish little girls mentally. Let them marry at 14 or 12 or 10 and they will marry people their age and divorce them for money. If they do not marry older people for money or divorce them for their money.
Letting women have access to the marriage divorce alimony scam pipeline earlier will not do anything to make marriage a better deal for white men.
No matter the age of consent, Men will still have no power over their families, their children, and their wives compared to the state.
Reducing the age of legal marriage is obviously a horrible idea.
Hell, there isn't even any point fighting for it since there are already tons of places where little girls can marry with the consent of the parents. This entire line of "debate" is solely jewish pilpul.
Only pedos obsessed with the fantasy of raping little girls at 10 or cucks obsessed with the fantasy of forcibly marrying their 10 year old girls off to superior men who can raise them properly genuinely want this.

Pedos belong in woodchippers. Only Jews trying to make it look like "we groom too" disagree.
I've been forced to "coexist" with these hominids for far too long. It's honestly, so fucking tiresome. No one should be forced to make compromises. And weight their options in a maze of drooling, pack animals.
Am genuinely fucking done with these people. I've been done with it, even when I was still a commie.
There are some honest to god. Decent, great people here. But holy fuck man.
Secretly I am very insecure
This thread would be better if it has no IDs.
Everyday I stray further and further away from 3DPD and closer to my pony waifu.
Wish I could just take a pill that would delete all my monkey urges