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Its /sp/, so you know theres no REAL rules aside from governing laws, but its also public so use a BIT of discretion.
Beyond that, here you can sit with a pint and link-to/roast ANY thread/post on the board and say what you think about it WITHOUT derailing, and theres no IDs to filter, so you can be as much of a shit as ye want. Cmon anon, let's get pissed.

>In the interest of providing an alternative to thread derailment by honest and organic conversation, this thread is dedicated to anything off-topic that is desired to be discussed
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>>>/mlpol/330215 →
>pic related
Probably me
>'the' faggot
Yes, that was a direct citation of a declaration Atlas had made during,... I wanna say it was tea time 3 or 4
<pic related
>Probably me.
>Show pic of meat?
Or did you mean the greentext in the other post calling Lotus a nigger? as in you were the author of that. What awas the context of the mod-green anyway? Or did you mean, that it was you who posted that post about Nigel being the faggot?
I meant the greentext, I probably wrote that. The time is right and I wouldve been pretty pissed by that point, in the British sense of the word.
Also, to your question
>what were you going to say
In the past year, I have found I have more influence in affecting what I'd describe as progress as an anon as opposed to a staff member. There are expectations - and not unreasonable ones - of decorum for staff that rightfully limit the individual's ability to make statements or take actions that display a bias not agreed to by council, even if two.
Not being subject to those expectations has enabled me to take a more direct approach to an instance or context as it occurs, case in point.
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Anyway, it was a good idea to move this discussion here because I realized how pissed I am.
Fuck, Nigel man.

Reading through the old archived thread, especially my own criticism (Like I feared it would cringy but it was kinda stellar advice tbh, at least of what I've read so far.), but others as well; makes me just angry of the fact that Nigel still writes crap after all the help he's got.

Like have you read his new Sparky story. It have skimmed it some and found shit like this,
>"What a load of shit! I know you just turned twelve years old, so my expectations were lowered, and they were already low for any work penned like a mindless meat-munching half-breed war-beast like you, but holy fuck! This novel isn't even remotely salvageable! Just give up on your dreams of being a writer, little Lion. Writing isn't for you, it's for us. We Nobles are cultured, and that's something a simple animal like you couldn't possibly hope to understand. This Stable isn't a place for baby-eating monsters with something pitiful and pathetic like dreams. It's a place for good little workers who stay quiet and do as they're told!"
>Just give up on your dreams of being a writer, little Lion. Writing isn't for you, it's for us.

While this specific example is just funny and less bad, which I have other examples of.
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Nice pali
Havent read his latest, I cant seriously read/critique something under the password TwilightsAsshole, that just screams "Im not taking this seriously, still". Considering the first thing I read was the 'nothing personal kid, teleports behind you like 7 goddamn times' shit, I wont read any more of his work until someone else says its worth reading, unironically
Twilight's ponut is a very serious topic.
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I can see what you mean but you were about to say something about Nigel, on how your sperg more because his gotten more brazen about his something...

>“The PipBuck SurVivor, with a big capital V in the middle to let you know this is the fifth model that matters, but in a subtle way that won't chase away anyone who got the fifth model without also getting previous models, is like a regular PipBuck three thousand but better,” He explained. “It's a small computer, but you can't create new programs or files with it, because it's designed for a bunch of total- I mean, it's designed for maximum ease of use, at the expense of more esoteric advanced features the average consumer won't miss at all! It can technically still transfer files, it just can't do that on demand, but who cares about missing features like that? It can track everything in your assorted bags and backpacks and whatnot, and everything you've stored within the device's datascape itself, which is a magically created pocket dimension full of all the data it contains. It tracks your health, it tracks your bodily functions, it tracks your every movement and constantly transmits it to the company that made these things, it can tell you how many steps you've taken in a day and analyze the turds you take to tell you more about your health. It also shares this information with the makers of this machine, as I mentioned. It has a radio, it decrypts radio frequencies, you can use it to instantly consume items stored within it to repair weapons and armour or instantly reap the benefits of consuming health potions or digesting food, but there's a safety lock in place so you won't use this to digest fourty cakes in a second and immediately suffer the consequences. Of course, much to the pleasure of fat fetishists, this safety lock is disabled with a simple password. I can't recommend you do that, but it's an option. It also automatically creates a text copy of every book or note you've ever read, and sometimes people will plaster walls with post-it notes just to fuck with PipBuck users and fill their database with garbage. You can't delete multiple notes at once, you can't even delete any notes, so you'll need a professional to perform a factory reset if you want your clogged data banks cleared. There's also an advanced Vision-Augmenting Gauge system, where a meter will appear in the corner of your vision to represent your health, and another meter will appear over the heads of everyone you see to represent each and every individual's health, and tell you their names, and-”

If you can't tell, I just wanna shit on Nigel.
>Green,” Sparky lied. “And the PipBuck also adds a coloured outline to everyone based on whether they're a friend, enemy, or neutral party, which helps with visibility too. Anyway the health bar also assigns a number to you and each health bar using the same technology as the Stable-Tec Vigor Testers, these are called Levels or Power Levels. And there's also a mini-map in the bottom-right corner of your vision where you're represented as a little arrow, green circles are friends, blue symbols represent your objectives and they'll flash white and blue if they're an objective you're currently working towards, while their shape represents what type of objective they are, the locations of shops and other useful things will also be marked on your map, yellow squares represent people who are neutral on you, and red circles represent enemies. Markers that represent others will be upwards arrows if they're above you or downwards arrows if they're below you, and the shade of each arrow's colour will change in hue to symbolize how above or below you they are, which is way better than the PipBuck 4500, which would have the markers representing enemies not on your horizontal plane fade away more and more the further away from you they were. Now they'll still fade more the further away from you they are, but they'll fade much less overall, which helps with visibility. There is also a compass bar beneath your mini-map, which can display up to three of the four cardinal directions at once, and you can use this compass to spot enemies because each tick of the compass that represents an enemy will have its own little number on it to tell you how far away the enemy is, along with an upwards-pointing or downwards-pointing arrow symbol, you know, like the shift-six arrow thing, to tell you whether your target is above or below you. The PipBuck SurVive will also put yellow, green, or red markers over the heads of allies, neutrals, and enemies respectively, along with a number to tell you how many meters away from you they are. So if your senses aren't exactly the greatest for detecting enemies, this can help. You can even assign specific colours and symbols to friends. It even has the Stable-Tec Assisted Targeting System, which magically possesses you and makes the whole world seem to slow down as you perfectly shoot guns, swing melee weapons, perform grapples and takedowns and stabs, whatever works. It can even augment your vision when aiming guns to tell you what you're aiming at and what your chance to hit is. SATS uses an AI built for killing, and while it only lasts for a few seconds when turned on and takes a few more seconds to fully recharge before you can use it again, it's excellent for unexpected bursts of violence. It's the perfect murder weapon for equalizing the gap between skilled hunters and rank amateurs, and a symbol of our hedonistic society's love of purchasing power in an attempt to surpass nature. It's also got a flashlight function that can and will cause permanent retina damage if you ever look directly into your PipBuck screen when it's on. Oh, and it's got less memory space than the PipBuck 4500, even though it costs twice as much. It's also got a magical library upgrade called the Twilight Engine, which utilizes a magical reactor core to generate power and store it in on-board capacitors while an AI eager to tell you the best spell for each situation and exactly how to cast it can read from an internal database of countless spells and cast this spell for you, even if you lack a functional horn! Of course, it won't work on floors where anti-magic gems were set up. Order now, it's a brilliant murder weapon and the perfect gift for a little loved one if you want to secure their safety!”
This one comes only like a few paragraphs after the other.
Five really small, even one words sentence paragraphs between them.
Sorry bro I thought the password TwilightsAsshole would be funny. If you want I could repost it with a cooler password like DestinysBurden or TyrantRave.
>Twilight's ponut is a very serious topic.
It sure is but not as important as Pinkie's, Fluttershy, or Rarity's. They have a higher rank if you ask me.
Didn't realize at first but IDs are off so you can't tell who is who.
>I wanna shit on Nigel
It do be like that sometimes
My point is, I have a certain 'way' of sperging that is cringey and awkward, while drawing attention to something I feel needs addressing. While being socially humiliating, it nonetheless incentivizes an addressing of the issue. However, sperging in this manner is not permissible for staff, and thats one of many reasons that its perfectly appropriate that Im not on staff anymore and left voluntarily. Beyond that, Im not concerned with reputation or appearances so Ill gladly act a fool if it will benefit the site long-term.
/sp/ doesn't have IDs. I don't really think we need them anyway.
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Was the exposition too obvious there?
I considered making the libtard teacher just say "wow your story fucking sucks" and the class laughs at Sparky. Then the teacher gives a writing lesson where his hatred of sparky seeps in subtly. But I wanted to get on with the part where Sparky is an adult whose life is shit. There could be flashbacks to him as a lonely child on a swing later.
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I haven't read the story, but this story reminds me of something.
I have nothing to add. Seems very solidly thought out.
It's just author characters in stories is one of my pet peeves but more than that this line:
>"Writing isn't for you, it's for us."
Seems like something you would translate our advice towards you so I thought they were a representation of us in the story.
Lmao nice. I thought about making Sparky a skilled painter kicked out of art college for not drawing ugly shit but that seemed too on the nose.
Making him a writer called a faggot for writing something similar to Fallout Equestria literally used as toilet paper in a scene partially inspired by Shrek seemed funnier.
No way, the Nobles aren't you guys. They're libtards. Diverse vegan libtards who hate meat-eaters. They gave themselves a nice sounding name with a nice sounding word (liberal, noble) but they oppress the male workers and lie to their faces about it from their ivory tower circlejerks and radio propaganda lie networks. Nobles wear "down with the system" shirts made in sweatshops kept going by the Noble system. They treat workers like shit and kill babies and they're smug pseudointellectual cunts who think they're entitled to your respect and admiration no matter how they treat the world or you. They're rich assholes pretending to be rebels against an imaginary second system so their corrupt non-imaginary system can demonize the poor and blame them for everything bad their globalism has done to capitalism.
Oh also they're literally the end result of a "great experiment" that would only sound good on paper if you ignore the obvious downsides, especially what it would do to a democracy.
>>>/mlpol/330220 →
Because it's not immidiately obvious which thread it was about by context and by year. Yeah, okaaaay."

If you actually haven't read this story, it's kinda funny that you could so acurately decribe the characters. You called them stupid-evil cardborad cutouts and therefore unintresting. Holy shit.
>"Can you believe that rebel scum?" A rich half-white black rabbit in a puffy pink dress asked the Golden Retriever whose black leather leash she held, a leash connected to the same type of shock collar all carnivores wore down here. "How dare those filthy peasants desire a world where we Nobles are not in control of everything! How dare they want their families freed from our work camps! How dare they desire freedom!"

>"Those rebels are stupid for wanting freedom!" The dog mirrored her, panting hopefully. "Stupid and evil! I hope they all get cancer and die!"

>The rabbit smiled and gave him headpats, making the dog wag his tail. "Good boy. Resist your instincts, resist those evil meat-munching monster instincts! You don't want love! You don't want freedom! You don't want to put your own kind's lives before our desires, do you? You don't want to be a Nothing! You want to be something for us. You want to be a part of our system. You want to live, right? You want to live in our world. You want us."

Of course, I haven't read the context of this but what could it possibly be that excuses this shit dialogue.
Heres what rubs me about trying to make a political statement in a pony fanfic on mlpol. The only people who are likely to read it and be swayed by it are probably already here, and get it. Moreover, if you're putting horse and lion sex in it as well as other varieties, its degenerate. Congratulations, you just parodied degenerate stories by writing a degenerate story. You literally parodied yourself on that one. Thats a horrible basis on which to even start a writing project.
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I was going to talk about the braindead fagjew anon shitting up the crimes listing threads. I was also going to talk about the whole Nigel thing.

But then, a strange idea came upon me. A weird correlation I can't shake, because it keeps growing.
This is where it started.
Oh no
A Hentai anime covers the political topic better accidentally. Fuck.
>tldr mc dude gets druged, raped and abused. Gets a second chance. Murderhobo but very rigid moral structure that grew from the bullshit. Showing abuses that would not fly with the BBQ+ agenda.
What the hell. The mc of the hentai lines up one for one with what Nigel wanted to do, but also shows subtler nuances of the problems.
Of power, of races, of LGBTQ ect, of Rape (gay, straight, torture), about political aspirations, about abuse, about doing what is necessary to reach the desired result (revenge), brainwashing, about also failing what is important for the sake of revenge alone, about how some people get twisted into monsters and the way the monster emerges triumphant over the human.
It's silver star and lionpon but more and less of a fag. Everyone wants him (in hentai land because he's a literal resource for other to grow stronger from, and also a chosen one, but also more humanized because of the fuckery the power makes him go through).
Much of the reason is both because of people being fucking dumb and malicious and self righteous at the same time.
MC lost moral restrictions and is high functioning detached deranged murderhobo that's willing to take one for the team (ie revenge no matter the personal cost). The lesson learned is don't be in shitty situations in the first place, be powerful (multiple different ways to be that), don't be a massive dick, don't be a fucking tool, and being dumb is painful.
It shows a potential way how (((they))) could do it if they were already at the top with trusted devotees. It also shows that anyone could be culpable.
MC gets what he wanted and more, but pays because he's still somewhat dumb. Too hyperfocused to realize what he really needs to do to get everhthing he wanted.
But then the hentai anime has a solution for fixing the errors caused by hyper focusing.
On the face it's humanity bad everything else good. Everythinf bad that happens is when people (and non-humans) behave like (((them))). And those problems last for very long periods of time.

It's name is Kaifuku Jutsushi No Yarinaoshi in case anyone wanted to watch fetish degeneracy. Other than the sex and rape scenes it's like any other anime.
>make a political statement in a pony fanfic on mlpol.
Isn't /mlpol/ kind of the only place to post a political pony fanfic?
>The only people who are likely to read it and be swayed by it are probably already here, and get it.
I don't see the issue with this. As a long-time /pol/ user, I can confirm that there's no shortage of /pol/acks who'd gladly read things they already know or agree with.
>isnt mlpol the only place
Yes, which is why the feedback of such a painfully small audience is so crucial. Anyone here want to be propagandized to about globohomo and communism (preaching to the choir) using Mlp and a not-furry MC?
I mean, I don't really have that high of a standard of quality when it comes to stuff I read on chansites. If somehing is even vaguely based/funny/sexyI'll probably read part of it.
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I wanted to say this before, but i've never saw a good chance.

>pic related
It may seem that anon in the screenshot there is just having a stroke, specially when presented THIS out of context, but i want you to pay attention to the highlighted portion.

There is something going up with anime in general, i would say it is the weeb equivalent of gamergate, and there's a lot of opportunity there, raging-golden-eagle had a huge ass stream of like eight hours, and between all the garbage he had an interesting conversation during a metal slug 3 gameplay,

Point is, he kinda spilled the beans there, and talked about his real intentions with his comic, which are actually pretty much yours. It was a tiny segment of a long ass stream that is no longer there and only a few people actually got the chance of hearing, i literally got in just in time to see it.

What do i want to say with this?, do it anon, you are actually not alone.
Was thinking again about the PipBuck infodumps in my story and this video

The PipBuck is a monumentally stupid device.
It aims guns and spells for you. Holds maps and tracks objects for you. Changes your equipment and equipped gun. Maps out environments and shows you enemies through wall. Lets you cheat at life.
You could only make it more OP if it could fire lasers, make you bulletproof, and turn you into a Celestialsapien.
Littlepip's got a PipBuck cutie mark because the author thought he was being clever when he gave the overpowered telekinetic boxcar-tossing bulletproof waterbender and rookie gun-user a device that makes her even more OP and a cutie mark that makes her the best at utilizing her PipBuck to its full potential.
I don't like the pipbuck.
it is a symbol of equestria's military industrial complex in the bastardised FE setting.
And from a writing standpoint it is an excuse for Littlepip to suddenly be the best at everything a stereotypical Fallout 3 protagonist is required to be.
So my hero shouldn't be empowered by such a device... right?
He should have his own completely different watch.
Something homemade and indie with gamer LEDs.
Just not sure what it should do yet.
The PipBuck focuses on making its wearer OP.
the ultimate murderhobo with a gun who has where to go and who to shoot spelled out for her.
A metaphorical slave collar, as God from FNV once put it. (makes sense in context)
But it would tie better into themes of friendship and teamwork and standing united against degeneracy if the SparkBuck (better name pending) was designed not to make you the ultimate roaming murderhobo, but instead the ultimate military general. Something to let you remotely contact troops, give them orders on the HUDs they have if they're wearing SparkBucks, see what they see to give them better orders in the field, call in drone strikes and bombing runs and artillery barrages once he's earned those by building the shit required to make that possible, and more.
>Just go back to sleep nigel...
18809 18812 18815
All shitposting aside, this. My criticisms and negativity are based around trying to eliminate shit that I as a reader would not want in a story I was reading. I stand by those criticisms, however he will get closer to a palettable story by writing rather than not.
Im still gonna tell him its shit when its shit tho
>My criticisms and negativity are based around trying to eliminate shit that I as a reader would not want in a story I was reading.
Would you still be interested in reading his stuff if he wrote what you told him to?
18823 18832
Interesting question, with several others lurking not far behind.
I cant answer that question, so Ill answer a slightly different question.
Its not what he writes about but how he writes, that engenders my disinterest.
granny smith - wondering.png
So, is it about shitposting /sp/ style?
Agreed, i just felt like talking about the hentai fags because the post in the screenshot is quite literally the only post to draw attention to it sitewide, and i've been following the situation since early 2020.

I will stay away from the drama cuz i'm new to the writing goys and i don't have the big picture to be of any help.
Well yeah. He doesnt respond well to criticism unless beaten down in advance, and Im observably not the only person affected, and I have a more candid look than your average bear, so I will try to make it fun for myself and others. Its the principle behind heckling
lotsa fun digits ITT, just sayin
>It may seem that anon in the screenshot there is just having a stroke, specially when presented THIS out of context
Topkek. I should have edited the post a bit more back then.
>do it anon, you are actually not alone.
I was recalling the fetish anime hentai Kaifuku Jutsushi No Yarinaoshi and how that accidentally was a redpill despite the fuckery. The realization only came now after the fact. Yes a real hentai anime that currently exists. Came across it by chance which mean for me paranormal stuff.
>i would say it is the weeb equivalent of gamergate
Well Netflix kills anime with its 'live adaptation' bullshit. Throughout the anime history it's basically been sailing the seven seas just to watch something, or play over seas games. And then they have to subtitle or dub both. Or go through the big gatekeeping behemoths waay back when such as 4kidz doing bizarre changes and shitty localization. Not to mention the uncensorship required just for fun.
Also the whole comics industry being murdered by (((activists))).
Also RGE advocates for gatekeeping (dictatorship style ban/muting) for communities to safe gaurd them against (((detractors))).
There wasn't really an appropriate time or place for it to be mentioned.
>since early 2020.
Been lurking in RGE videos since... before current year minus 6? to get a wider perspective. (MGTOW -> YellowFlash -> RGE ect.)
I also agree with you because forcing people to create bullshit they actively is against core beliefs that they don't want to do isn't great.

<moving to an assortment of different topics
The thing about hentai fags is they are in the same boat, while more degenerate they arn't usually sjws (the pawns, such as BLM, ADL,.ect ect ect) or (((evil real life mass child torturers))).

Hell the second problem also related to (((them))) is otherworldly hostile invaders (/x/ shit). Think of it like (((their))) version of memes, that seek to end everything good.

But the really fucked up thing is that shit is reflected back into smaller meta structures (the family unit, group of friends, range of influence, celebrities, the way you think ect).
The same /x/ stuff is what (((they))) do with the children too. They curse the media they can and other bullshit.
That's a part of why they try so hard to get rid of /pol/ and /x/. Well paranormal is and was a shitfest of dumb things.
>Also RGE advocates for gatekeeping (dictatorship style ban/muting) for communities to safe guard them against (((detractors))).
I mean, look at 4chan, the destruction of 4chan was the normification of 4chan, gatekeeping is a must at this point.

>There wasn't really an appropriate time or place for it to be mentioned.

>Been lurking in RGE videos since... before current year minus 6? to get a wider perspective. (MGTOW -> YellowFlash -> RGE ect.)
Great, pretty good anon, it's nice to know there's more poners in the game
Controversial question: What if criticism of the work was presented up front without any attempts to "beat down" whoever posted the work? Wouldn't that be better for writers and reduce drama?
18820 18824
Was thinking...
Indiana Jones is jewed propaganda.
The one with the Holy Grail? The good christian artefact heals the sick and it's destroyed by bad christians.
The Ark Of The Covenant? Melts jew faces for being evil. Just kidding it melts nazi faces.
Crystal Skull? A nazi asks the aliens to give her all her knowledge and it's so intense, her face melts off, she dies. She's like "dude, I can't handle it". Except not really.
these little "hidden jew nuggets" are swallowed by the audience because all the fun straightforward masculine smart adventure shenanigans lowered their guard. It's good clean pulp fiction fun you can trust... right until it whispers lies into the unsuspecting audience.
Now imagine a modern Indiana Jones sequel where Indiana is lectured by and abused by a woke-haired dyke hambeast for the entirety of the film for being a sad pathetic old man whose successes amounted to nothing according to this new film. Nobody would like it. If the film slipped in lies about pissrael or the need for America to fund it, dissatisfied audiences mocking the film on twitter would be more receptive to memes mocking the propaganda.
This means the classics are more effective methods of delivering propaganda.
The heroic man's story attracts them.
But what attracts today's audiences?
Sex and rage but mostly sex.
Sex and rage and sometimes interesting settings with deep characters and excellent worldbuilding but mostly sex.
Man's healthy drive to reproduce has been perverted.
The modern man doesn't want another generic heroic guy straight out of most AAA games because they are so many of them. The generic AAA guy is better than nothing. And it's better than something shit like whatever the fuck what Battlefield V-Gina is called. But most of all they want a cute girl to play as or read about. They want a cute girl with big tits. Maybe she's a lesbian so the female POV character can lust over titties and date someone the men in the audience might want to date. But most importantly she must be awesome. Generations of men were raised to believe in the ideal of the strong smart brave heroic independent women and as real women utterly fail to live up to this men find their ideal girls in fiction. They want a waifu and/or daughteru.
If a story today needs to draw people in and get people ready to be told the truth it uses sex.
Therefore the hero of my story will only stop being a manwhore once he embraces Twilight Sparkle, best pony. A good wife is a good argument for monogamy.
She will help him become Christian and slaughter the heretics. Deus vult.
Some audience members are brainwashed cucks and some are not. The cuck is programmed to think only those at the bottom of this society would hate it, and only because they are at the bottom therefore his rage makes him a dumbass. They simultaneously believe this and lies about women or niggers being on the botton. Only those loathed for being ugly would in turn loathe women... right? That's what the retard thinks. But... There are reasons to loathe modern women besides sex. So the hero of my story must get laid or people will call him a virgin and incel. Incel is actually a mispelling of insolent as in "insolent slave" but those who call others incels don't realize that.
Is a sexless piece of media really the most effective thing at combating sexual immorality in society if it makes its political leanings obvious?
or... is it a piece of media that draws the target audience in with sex only to show them everything the lies claimed to be and how the truth differs from these lies? For example, media could show strong heroic kind admirable fictional women while pointing out the villainy in the worst females by making them the baddies who oppose the heroic women. It could get you to want good Catgirl immigrants you want in your land and then sell you a tale about saving them from awful Demon immigrants you don't want alive or expose some problems inherent in an overbearing government bureaucracy bound by red tape and political correctness. Sonic and Eggman could awkwardly start arguing over libertarian vs communist talking points halfway through a kid friendly adventure about stopping Eggman from blowing up the world in the middle of a mediocre fangame made on an obvious budget.
Fucking kill yourself
Allow me to reiterate, with emphasis.
If you think anyone wants to read that autistic sperging bullshit, then you should probably kill yourself. If you think sperging like that was the correct move after all this, you should kill yourself. If you think that was cute, or witty, or appropriate, you should DEFINITELY kill yourself.
And lastly, if you think you will ever write something worth reading, you might as well kill yourself. You will never be a real writer.
No, Im serious. With that level of abject disregard, you have as much chance of being a writer as a self-mutilating specimen has of being a real woman. Let me rephrase that for you.
You have as much chance of being a successful writer as a dude has of having his penis and testicles surgically altered into the shape of a vagina, and then trying to pass as one.
You trying to pass as an author is as credible of a trap passing as a female. Just stop, youre shit.
This. It's his execution of his premises that fails so hard.
>Some audience members are brainwashed cucks and some are not. The cuck is programmed to think only those at the bottom of this society would hate it, and only because they are at the bottom therefore his rage makes him a dumbass. They simultaneously believe this and lies about women or niggers being on the botton. Only those loathed for being ugly would in turn loathe women... right? That's what the retard thinks. But... There are reasons to loathe modern women besides sex. So the hero of my story must get laid or people will call him a virgin and incel. Incel is actually a mispelling of insolent as in "insolent slave" but those who call others incels don't realize that.
I sorta like this part but just fuck off. You do realize that you haven't even written a simple adventure story well even once but now you're gonna change the world with your niche crossover fanfic. Kek.
You can't even face criticism because I've been slapping you in the face with those walls of text Fuck you if you pretend to not know what I talk about. multiple of times along with the rest if my other points.
Your story reads like a parody with emphasize on snarky meta commentary at every corner yet you claim that it's typical Indiana Jones adventure story vehicle?
This fucking guy lmao
You know, I was a kid the first time somebody told me to kill myself. It was on youtube. I think I was ten or less. I called him an idiot and ignored him. Because at the time, I didn't like using the word faggot. Anonymously saying "kys" isn't really shocking at all.
I never claimed my story was Indiana Jones or like it.
Funny how that works.
A pity you didnt take their advice, your writing would have improved exponentially
>If a story today needs to draw people in and get people ready to be told the truth it uses sex.
>Therefore the hero of my story will only stop being a manwhore once he embraces Twilight Sparkle, best pony. A good wife is a good argument for monogamy.
The way you wrote it made me think that was the case but I guess I was wrong.
>Funny how that works.
Funny how it really changes nothing considering that so far from your posts about your story I've got the impression that you're writing a serious story but it has dialogue as shown above.

And pointing out that I assumed wrong still doesn't change the truth in my words about your retarded walls of text, bitch.
You know who else has been kicked out of everywhere they have been, but but posture as though everyone else was the problem? The jews.
Okay, but if he wrote it well, as you see fit, would you be the person who reads it?
If a bunch of anons start going "Holy shit, this is surprisingly good", then yes.
18835 18839
I think you should reconsider if you're really part of the audience at all then, tbh. Maybe wait until it's finished before you devote too much time to critiquing it.
Youre entitled to that position, and if that was my position across the board I would agree with you. Nigel is an exceptional case for whom an exception is appropriate.
liber 777.jpg
= 3
Ask yourself why you made the assumption.
18840 18842 18846
>I think you should reconsider if you're really part of the audience at all then, tbh.
Reminds me of how he claimed that we, on /mlpol/, weren't his target audience. You know, a story about my little pony + politics, is oviously not at people on /mlpol/ so we can't criticise it.
>Maybe wait until it's finished
>It rests now on, 58080 words
Kek, and why would we? He posted it thread for it to be criticised so what's the problem with us just doing that.
>Ask yourself why you made the assumption.
I already explained why that is in the greentexted part and I pointed out how little it actually changed the validity of my question. Has he not presented his story as a serious work all this time yet it reads as some form of shitty parody.
In fact, I don't even believe my assumption is wrong, but I can't prove it. That's all, which I admit but that post is totally Nigel talking up the concept of his current fanfic. He just saw that I couldn't prove it and from that he wanted to make it out as if all my criticism against him is invalid because muh bias. Obviously, it doesn't work like that.
>story about my little pony + politics, is oviously not
>at people on /mlpol
>as if all my criticism against him is invalid
This. As Ive pointed out, its pattern recognition
shitposting - Schedule of things to do on mlp.png
>In the interest of providing an alternative to thread derailment by honest and organic conversation
18847 18848
I didn't claim that. Why does this thread have IDs turned off? Whose idea was this?
Although, come to think of it, people who already know right from wrong aren't the target audience for truth-propaganda at all.
Is there a word for propaganda that seeks to tell the truth?
Its /sp/, IDs and flags are disabled. Not everyone ham-fists everything, some of us are deliberate and methodical.
>is there a word for propaganda that
Allegory and metaphor. The former being entirely fabricated, the latter observed and correlated.
Example, Plato's Allegory of the Cave, a fictional depiction of humanistic behaviors
>I didn't claim that.
Claimed what?
I know I wasn't talking to you. What are you talking about?
>>>/mlpol/330340 →
>it's hard to tell which part of this is Nigel's nature and which part is a result of his life experinces
Narcissist8c traits typicall form during childhood and adolescence, and with this much conditioning its kinda moot to make the nature vs. nurture distinction. And the prognosis isnt exactly affirming either, as only with willingness and prolonged deliberate action can a narcissist learn to manage their tendencies and learn to be more communitive-focused and less self-centered. And, whe I know about the process, its not one I can claim experience in; my neuro-atypicality favors sociopathy.
Yeah, maybe. Sounds reasonable enough. One thing fo sure is that he isn't like at all anchored in reality when it comes to this.
>dishonest baseless accusations or whining about misremembered past event
I mean, what the fuck?
The irony being that when he says this, he proves us right that he's gashlightning, though I wouldn't call it as much gashlighting - though it is - as just straight up lying.
Indeed. Which is why - even though Im PAINFULLY aware that doing so will continue the 'cycle' - I make it a point to counter his attempts at revisionist history on such occasions. Its not something I enjoy the experience of, but in each instance its something I can be glad for having done.
18855 18856
But I will reiterate, while he is observably narcissistic he does not display any degree of malevolence, which is why I dont hate him.
>he does not display any degree of malevolence, which is why I dont hate him.
Yeah, this. He just lies to defend his ego which is better than to lie in the purpose of hurting someone.
These. When he lies and breaks promises it is harmful. That's not malicious as said before it's a by product.
The second thing is that his conclusions reached have at least one fatal flaw. I've been reading his posts and knowing the characters and situations that are being shot out by the dozen. It doesn't condense the wall of text, it pays no mind to the fundamental story blocks which he is trying to convey his reasoning, and because of that everything he says is off topic. When it is fully on topic it's fully autistic and reading it is irritating. When part of it is incorrect it's all wrong in the point(s) he's trying to make.
Knowing recurring story block (tropes) would help... for that part. Maybe.
>>>/mlpol/330350 →
>ligma balls
And of course, this is how he contests an unassailable position. Not only is that an improper citation of 9 year-old meme, but it illustrates that he will embrace nonsense as long as he can maintain his self-image.
This exposure could be invaluable, should one ever cross paths with a malevolent narcissist.
18861 18862
What the actual fuck are you talking about?
Why are you like this? Why do you talk in such an overdramatic and exaggerated manner and why do you exaggerate what you have to say about others? A narcissist would get pissed at anyone who criticizes his story. A narcissist would half-ass it and call it perfect. Or he'd spend so long planning out something impossible and masturbating to the thought of it being the biggest X ever he never actually brings that impossibly huge idea into reality successfully. Maybe he'd make a discord full of regular donators and fanboys duped into thinking the dream project could be completed if enough cash and free labour of others is dumped into a mismanaged bloated project with no idea how to scale shit back and save things for sequels.
If I was a narcissist I wouldn't be doing what I'm doing: Openly offering my story up for criticism and considering what I could improve about it.
18866 18879
Totally Unrelated.PNG
>A narcissist would get pissed at anyone who criticizes his story. A narcissist would half-ass it and call it perfect. Or he'd spend so long planning out something impossible and masturbating to the thought of it being the biggest X ever he never actually brings that impossibly huge idea into reality successfully.
>Why do you talk in such an overdramatic and exaggerated manner and why do you exaggerate what you have to say about others?
Explain how with examples. I'm not seeing what you're seeing.
Now, because he cant refute my arguments but refuses to recognize the accuracy, he is choosing to object to the surgical precision and decisive meaning of the words Im using expressly to eliminate any legitimacy to attempts to 'misinterpret'.
Something different.
18867 18868 18873
Pretty sure the original Silver story was posted here by me when I was looking for critique. It was a bit annoying how so many people were critiquing it incorrectly by saying anti-me shit like "this scene must be his revenge fantasy, that character must represent a childhood friend who got sick of Nigel and stopped talking to him, this scene must be based on real life tragedies that happened to Nigel or real life sins he committed probably, nigel you are (insert assorted negative descriptors and my word of the day here) because I say so, so there"
instead of something pro-writing improvement like "if your goal with this scene is to establish his unusual competence as a smart businessman he should be doing the impossible, not being an unlikable insufferable smug cunt. And if his money and business skill never comes up again it's fine to just tell people he's a great rich businessman and move on to WHO he is instead of wasting so many words trying to impress people with how obnoxiously rich he is. Holy shit dude I know you planned on making him character grow into a nicer person but he's so off-putting at the start, nobody is going to be able to stand this fucker long enough to see him improve. Here's a short fic I wrote where your character is a cunt to everyone and then gets raped to death by glimmer. Nobody is going to get emotionally invested in this confused clusterfuck of random superpowers and half-baked ideas. Did he really need to be a fucking ninja too? Subtract some powers and give him flaws and challenges to overcome. Early on you need to add scenes where he displays a hidden heart of gold fans should want to see more of".
I know it's easy to view all criticism as an attack, but "Your scene isn't having the intended effect because of the way you framed this event, try adding this and that and add more scenes where he is nice" is way more helpful than "write something entirely different also you're fat and smelly and if you disagree you're either deflecting or a narcissist, I haven't decided yet".
There were helpful pro-writing improvement people at the time, their assistance was appreciated.
>It was a bit annoying how so many people were critiquing it incorrectly
Pull up the posts since suddenly you remember them all.
<Also just changing the color of the curtains without regard to everything else is pointless
Writing the thing back seat style isn't great critique. It's pointless conjecture.
The new story still has the same issues the old threads covered in more detail on writing and crafting and creating.
Another issue is that it's not just the story.

Looking back in one of those threads... it's only three years and I'm nostalgic for a time that was fairly recent.
I should have taken Atlas' proclamation to heart.
Witness the mental gymnastics, the rhetoric, all to maintain his 'I are a gud boi' self-perception
18877 18879
>that character must represent a childhood friend who got sick of Nigel and stopped talking to him, this scene must be based on real life tragedies that happened to Nigel or real life sins he committed probably, nigel you are (insert assorted negative descriptors and my word of the day here) because I say so, so there"
People said these things?
>It was a bit annoying how so many people were critiquing it incorrectly
While funny, it's also not incorrect if aimed at (you). Even if we were to agree that Ninjas has an exaggerated way of expressing himself, which I can agree with at times; his big words still communicate why you suck Nigel.
18876 18879
Also, is this Sparky's character design?
18878 18879
Why does all your male unicorn self-inserts look like they smoke weed?
>People said these things?
No, thats just the distorted way he mis-remembers it so he can posture as though there's no merit. He literally has nothing to fall back on beyond denialism and revisionist history. I keep hitting him with psychology, so he interjects his revision to be about psychological tropes. Its all there, in the "Pony Savagely Beats" thread, and the "I Think I Have a Problem" thread in /go/
I might suggest thats narcissistic stare that he is subconsciously projecting on his self-insert, who totally isnt a stand-in for how he perceives the world should relate to him, able to do effect8vely any skill or trade or ability either through magic or iron-man levels of wealth and technolog8cal sophistication.
But Ill admit, I pulled that one out of my ass.
Doesnt mean its wrong though
recommended 1.5x speed
18880 18889
Hey if the new story has issues, can you tell me what they are? You know, so I can try to correct them?
That guy's a hater, I've tried figuring him out over the years but this is his hobby.
In that pic >>18861 the guy critiquing my story assumes my story dicks on a failed coffee shop owner because I was overcharged at a hipster shithole or something. I wouldn't go to one of those if I was paid to do so. Maybe it's serious, maybe it's a joke. But trying to psychoanalyze the story to find material to use as an argument for hating me won't improve what I write.
lmao what was I going to use that design for again? Why is his Cutie Mark a fucking rectangle
I think I was inspired by Big Mac's eyes for the half-lidded calm expression. As a teen I thought it looked all cool and aloof, but these days I prefer vibrant and exciting characters who wear their emotions on their sleeve.
Fuck off, the writing improvement thread is over there. This is the pub, where we speak the real
As for why I am often eloquent to a fault is simple; I have no reason to assume that what I say will be comprehended, on the basis of the aggregate misunderstanding of the words that comprise their native language and the abundance of misuse and misinterpretation.
Isnt it ironic, for example.
The observable lack of comprehension tells me that the odds of a person fully and accurately interpreting what I would convey is never 100%, and indeterminably lower depending on the individual. As such, the less specific I am in my conveyance, the greater magnification of the probability that I will be misinterprrted. Ergo, I have a vested interest - in maximizing the probability of comprehension - to be absolutely surgical in the terms I use. Its troublesome to do, so usually I shitpost as vaguely as possible.
Sidenote, its not unlike the levels of precision I allude to in the flat earth thread.
To that note, the same levels of precision apply to machining, as they do to cosmology, as they do to metaphysics. The whole pursuit of metaphysics is to increase the precision of the individual through a variety of observances, practices, and literal experiments, some of which involve theatrics and acts that produce a variety of psychological effects in a controlled environment.
Just an fyi
As a result, NOT applying the same levels of precision toward a working (a 'spell', if you will) can and will have psychologically disastrous effects on the practotioner, which is how really sick people sacrifice babies and shit (((ahem)))
Understanding Narcissists, Sociopaths, and Psychopaths (yes, one can argue that they're variations on a central theme, but for sake of generalized specificity) as well as psychology in general is essential for maneuvering through life effectively, ESPECIALLY if/when one walks a path of 'magic'.
Yes, Im rambling, deal.
Look at architecture, such as the vatican. The layout of the park leading to St Peter's cathedral. The layout is not to worship 'the devil', its a precisely and sophisticatedly designed metaphysical structure with a bottomless well of meaning and reference. It is a design upon the earth in celebration of the creative force, of God. And its magnificent. The same goes for the Pyramids, all around the world. The precision that the Egyptians used is beyond our modern ability to duplicate, as a tribute to their celebration of their pantheonic traditions.
Yes, there are traditions that celebrate entropy, who ritualistically prey on various demographics. I agree that they can be said to worship 'the devil', but even that is far too general a term.
>inb4 cool story bro
The point I'm making is that Luciferianism - which is the truest name for the tradition of metaphysics - is not devil worship it is the spiritual pursuit of knowledge. Lucifer is not the devil, or satan, or anything of the sort, he's the archetype of the pursuit of knowledge. And if you learn it properly, it is 100% congruous with every tradition, bar none.
Whatever Styx, now keep shitting on nigger-nigel
taking digits
Fix yourself. Read and comprehend these things nigger. If you did as I did and read shit with an open heart and mind you'd find all your answers lickity split.
>can you tell me what they are?
Read the old threads. Read the point by point glimglam did. Read everything because it all still applies.
>As a result, NOT applying the same levels of precision toward a working (a 'spell', if you will) can and will have psychologically disastrous effects on the practotioner, which is how really sick people sacrifice babies and shit (((ahem)))
The (((issue))) is on all fronts the genetic failure, the moral sickening everywhere (((they))) go, the origins and more. You are correct precision is one factor for failure.
The problem arises from false hoods intentional, accidental, incidental, and systematic. No mater how precise it is, if it's operating on faulty origins, drift and error increase.
The thing thing about great works is the interconnected requirements to achieve them both in detail (the small, and the intricate) and at large (the infrastructure, the checks and verifications and a slew of what is needed). Precision is needed, it is the how, who, what, where, why, and some luck that guide the fine point to the full fruition.
(((They))) aren't imprecise that fully causes the shitty behavior—though it is a factor—they have rejected the (most important and seemingly inconsequential) parts of humanity.
It is the heart and core and the subsequent derivatives that make the whole and the parts that great issue.
The anti-solcial fren here is not (((them))). Even nigel is not (((them))).
While there may be similarities in the grand or in detail structures it's not like (((them))) enough to make ours (((them))). While a lack in precision will increase the percentage for error, being fuck tardedly wrong and being imprecise could have the possibility for the best outcome.
>The precision that the Egyptians used is beyond our modern ability to duplicate
It's within the relm of possibility, the means, methods and whole is different to achieve works of extraordinarily high quality.
<I'm tired of seven-D kangaroo chess, but that's how hostiles operate
<They destroy the will.
<Effectively they remove those that could do amazing works
<By breaking things like that the natural structure for cooperation is withered away leaving a makeshift game of shit chess.
<It's stagnation
<Everything (((they))) do is to get people to stop.
18892 18896
>Nigel is not (((them)))
True, however in the sense that 'you are what you repeatedly do' he further and further conditions himself to engage in non-conducive thoughts and actions every time he practices them, to the direct benefit OF the Jews.
Oof, I concede defeat
woo hoo.png
You can't argue against that card.
Fine Ill stop, but this 'fuck-Nigel' dialogue can and will serve as an easily-indexed reference for when he starts smearing his shit across the board again.
I really hope everyone saw what happened there, it was awesome. Discord fool card. Its excellent in all contexts. Anon, take a bow.
Oh, give me a fucking break. He's just an autistic shitposter. If you meta-analyze a person's behavior that hard anyone could look like they're benefitting Jews.
Thanks freins for shitposting. Who's ready for movie night?
>this 'fuck-Nigel' dialogue can and will serve as an easily-indexed reference for when he starts smearing his shit across the board again.
As it should. What you said was and is needed.
>Its excellent in all contexts.
Thanks. We (me, myself and I ect.) appreciate that. Even if 'I' don't understand 'me' and 'myself' are quite proud of that multimeaning message.

It's hard to completely remove one's self from (((their))) various degrees of influence. Just patterns of behaviour that is accidentally cooperative to (((their))) tried and true strategies.
So yeah it's just as it is. Issue being is that (((they))) will exploit everything they can.
<Something tangentially related
Playing the 'long con' to establish a behavioral pattern (((they))) recognize when / if so that when need be as the psychological predictions set in the shown 'weaknesses' are what they go for. Leading them to designated zones for... repurposing, usually decommission.
No matter which story they come up with to try to predict the behavior(s) they all fit except when it'll matter most for (((them))).

>>>/mlpol/330458 →
>now that I know what I know about politics and writing
I cant be the only person who's noticed that the russian spammer tends to appear first thing in the morning can I?
>I am often eloquent to a fault
This line and the whole post are among the most narcissistic things I have ever read
As OP, Ill elucidate the going-forward intent of this thread. Mods, if you could amend this into OP, it would be appreciated.


Its /sp/, so you know theres no REAL rules aside from governing laws, but its also public so use a BIT of discretion.
Beyond that, here you can sit with a pint and link-to/roast ANY thread/post on the board and say what you think about it WITHOUT derailing, and theres no IDs to filter, so you can be as much of a shit as ye want. Cmon anon, let's get pissed.

Yes, I stole this image from the drunkfren thread.
Also, Sage can and does go in all fields.
Just dont forget to Sage when you Sage
## Admin
Nice. Sincerely appreciated.
>>>/mlpol/330726 →
Serious question, which one are you? I know you call him Niggel, but I cant differentiate beyond that. Eh, forget it, on both counts. Vril? Is that you? Its not a secret that I thrive amidst conflict, and while I dont feel a confrontational approach is bad (watch Dragons Den and then complain about negativity) I appreciate tbats not for everyone. Dont sweat a thing, I quite enjoyed it actually.
Now then. Loathe though I am to come to Lotus' aid, I can speak to a few things.
First point, Lotus was NOT entrusted by the members of the site, Lotus was entrusted by Atlas, and then staff by proxy. Users have not been given a say. It is what it is.
Secondly, Atlas first and Pupperwoff now, have a very libertarian position wrt posters; if its not illegal, technically its free speech. Theyre not wrong cuz subjectivity, but Pupper doesnt feel that staff should actually steer/control the course of mlpol's development ad operation.
Obviously, I think thats absurd; we're glorifying Nazis yet saying "golly shucks", and allowin people to dilute board quality? No, Im not going to actually use this soapbox, I just keep it with me just in case.
Its sociopathic, not narcissistic. Im a high-functioning sociopath. Deal with it.
Lol. At first I was gonna post, what the hell are you talking about. Instead, I did some digging. It seems you're right. I havent watched Sherlock, so I didnt realize I was making a quote/reference. Mea culpa.
Having said, its not a reference if you arent trying to reference something youre unfamiliar with.
Now, while the WONT (wont, not won't) to ascribe the same sort of plagiaristic efforts that (you) practice is easy to suss; you cant imagine any other motivations, inspirations, etc.
In a word, you couldnt come up with something original, so when you see someone say something that is not unique, you assume that its a quote/reference/imitation.
Unfortunately for you, my assertion comes from years of working over MY issues with a qualified professional, alongside months of research.
So it will come as no surprise that you're wrong. Again.
Also, now that Ive broken hearts with Anti-derail threads, you really should get your game on tight.
>Lol watch, Im gonna posture like hes derailing and Im trying to keep things on topic. gigabrain/10
>Lol, no one will notice how much of a flaming faggot - who literally idolized penises theres a really great Silver Star meme going around with a quote from Nigel about how iirc: 'picturesque the penis is, how could you not admire it?' - I am. Im so smart
18920 18922
>theres a really great Silver Star meme going around with a quote from Nigel about how iirc: 'picturesque the penis is, how could you not admire it?
Big if true. Plz post.
Working on it, I lost my whole cache when my laptop bricc'd. Standby
18923 18924 18927 18932
Here ya go
Lol what was the context there?
18925 18929
Someone in one of the early GG tnreads (mightve been me) made a quip about Nigel's affinity for futa shit. The implication being, he has a f8xation with outting penises on wamens, but somehow thats not gay.
Unironically, he posted the quoted text. 'Someone' ran off with it (not me, and not telling) and the meme was born.
Sorry, meant to quote yiu with this
Thanks, poner. Kek. Freud would have a field day with our dear Niggel.
I thought the topic was architecture. Or lesbians.
Those were involved, thats true. However, youre the one who decided to write a sonnet about dicks.
>Sonata Dicks
18933 18934
I found the context https://mlpol.net/mlpol/archive/294032#295375

I'm still right about the lesbian thing, it's bad writing for LP to be so cartoonishly repulsed by straightness and cock while being so excessively horny for bitches. Tons of lesbians use strapons and dildos because they still like penis. LP is so gay, she's almost as gay as Kkat. Sure gay characters are this gay and gays whose idea of how gay they should act is shaped by groomers and Hollywood and homofetishists and Homofetishizing groomers in Hollywood but there are tons of gays out there who don't make "gay" their Jungian Mask's only personality trait.

What's the name of that bird species that lacks a penis due to being a bird, yet still has an artificial cock because nature craves cock almost as much as Kkat?
>What's the name of that bird species that lacks a penis due to being a bird, yet still has an artificial cock because nature craves cock almost as much as Kkat?
Nigel, I reckon
Ducks have penises.
For real?
Yup. Male and female ducks have evolved into some sort of reproductive arms race where female duck are deep and twisted while the males have corkscrew-like penises that they use to rape female ducks.
t.duck genitalia expert
18941 18958
Huh, neat.
Nature is strange sometimes.
So what do we talk about now? My haters already reminded everyone what they think of me in this thread and the writing thread. I don't think much of them, so what else is there to say?
Shut the fuck up you insufferably self-serving twat. Imagine going to a bar, peopled with anons who are quite adversarial already and thinking you can just spark conversation and will be taken seriously. Thats not what this thread is for.
This thread is about engaging in conversation and otherwise derailing segues. The idea being, say youre in a topic thread, and you want to inquire, theorize, or turn the conversation to a different discussion unrelated. Instead of deliberately derailing with this side discussion you make your topical points in the appropriate thread, you crossboard link to their post in HERE and then make your unrelated conversation here.
That was kind of the point behind GIOYC but youre so fucking undisciplined you cant be bothered to do it there, let alone your own THREADS. So, any of the times you are wont to sperg out with unrelated shit (so 95% of your posts), this is the thread for it. The catch being, no one is obligated to respond, take anything you say seriously, or be nice in any way. Theres no actual topic, theres just an overall theme; hence you are NEVER posting on topic OR derailing. No ids/flags = no filtering posters (and consequently no ability to claim Glimmerniggers or who TF else u think is in the room with us following your flag).
What you will find ITT is that people always know when its you, and responses to you will be consistent with how considerate or not you are to posters.
You better start learning quick.
"You gon' order somethin, or am I gon' have ta git you thrown out?"
18949 18958
Its also a place to drop shit like this, since the banlist was hidden

Cuz see, its not off topic to post things here, and on-topic references to off-topic comments can also be cross-boarded anywhere on the site. Say, if I wanted to later reference the above post in /qa/, I could do so.
Or if another thread gets derailed with your sperging and you try to gaslight about haters, theres plenty of paragraphs here that can be immediately referenced to btfo any cognitive dissonance youre undoubtedly operating under.
Would everypony tone it down?
"Who ordered the softy tears?"
What was that?
Did you asked why the posts in writefag thread were deleted?
18953 18958
I didnt ask anything. Im just making it evident how trigger-happy certain staff members are.
Id love to see 'causing drama' in the policy, expressly or implicitly.
18953 18958
And to that end, I'm NOT opposed to ammending the policy to include disruptive sperging, but if any/all rules are to be enforced they should be in writing.
I guess Im special?
Nigel. No one believes you. Your behavior has been painstakingly documented. The findings are incontravertable. Give it up. And stop derailing. You want him to stop reeeeeing at you? Stop being insufferable to the point that even the lurkers get tired of your shit. You probably think when you get piled on that its unprecipitated. Just stop.
18954 18958
Well, i just wanted some context

>Im just making it evident how trigger-happy certain staff members are.
They seem to be handing one-day bans these last two years or so.
>And to that end, I'm NOT opposed to ammending the policy to include disruptive sperging, but if any/all rules are to be enforced they should be in writing.
Agreed, it's a good policy besides that fact, nigel should have gotten a few bans these last two weeks tho, just for the sake of consistency
18955 18957
Not to mention such a policy could be interpreted to affect the jewfag, not that he (and Nigel for that matter) wont vpn-whore.
I don't think vpn's are even necessary, i think i've dodged 4chan bans by erasing the network connection and typing the password again
Why does this thread lack IDs?
but yeah, the jewfag should have also received shit from staff by now, i want to believe they don't want him to feel special tho

I still can't believe the fag in the clop-thread was actually legit lmao
## Admin
18959 18961
You’re on notice.

Take your own advice, and say nothing at all.

You are on notice, it is “implicit” policy, and has been to some degree or another since Glimmergate back in 2017. This is written.

So generally what happens is that before any bans are given, there is a warning, either in a capcoded post, a warning message, or both. A ban is given only after warnings are ignored. Nigel, as a general tendency, stays back when warned. Some decorators do not.

It’s /sp/

Very possibly. He tends to be much milder in his posts, which is why he’s (mostly) slipped under the radar.
>on notice
Oooh, scary!
Very well, please indicate where in the policy its implicit, unless youre using Rule 0 the staff decides the rules clause. Is that it?
## Admin
I’m not going to deal with any bullshit from you, from Nigel, or from anyone else. Behave like an adult, or your posting privileges on this site are revoked. I have vastly more important things in real life to deal with, and so do most staff. Behave, or you’re not posting, but we’re not doing any more drama.

If you do not accept these posts as adequate, then I will ban you and explain to the rest of staff “hey I put x in time out,” and they will not even shrug. I’ve already explained to them that I am going to be taking a harder line, and everyone agrees.
18962 18964
Look, i do not mean to antagonize you, and i point this out first cuz this whole situation might have you on edge by now.

>So generally what happens is that before any bans are given, there is a warning, either in a capcoded post, a warning message, or both. A ban is given only after warnings are ignored. Nigel, as a general tendency, stays back when warned.

I must sound like a whiny faggot here, but nigel stays back for how long?, ONE post?, if anything he's been ignoring the warnings for like a week now.

Again whiny faggotry, but it's just true goddamed!
And am not nigel's biggest hater, in fact i've never given him shit because i know how he must feel, the guy strikes me like a version of myself that just doesn't know how to control himself, if i don't, am usually as annoying and retarded as he is if not more.
## Admin
Please report Nigel posts that step over the line, especially if they occur after a warning on the exact behavior has been given. If you feel that is inefficient or ineffective, if you see a capcoded post (especially by me), please reply with a link to the offending post in question.
>Behave like an adult, or your posting privileges on this site are revoked
That wont age well
>Im going to be taking a harder line, and everyone agrees
Oh NOW u want to take a hard line. NOW everyone agrees. Theres such a thing as a stitch in time, and if you hadnt been wibbling for years and let me address Nigel uninterrupted, we could have avoided how many months/years of unresolved shit?
>that refuses to learn how to control himself
Kay, much appreciated, i think this is a good example >>>/mlpol/331042

Considering how close it is to the warning here >>>/mlpol/330878 →
18968 18970
Nigel stood back for literally ONE of his posts

Had to delete first one cuz i fucked cross-borderino like a true spic
Precisely as I have written.
Real talk; I started acting a fool deliberately because Nigel is being allowed to act a fool without any real consequence, because he does his 'lay low for a second and then back to the races' shit.
Read: my deliberate 'misbehavior' (for simplicity's sake) is to illustrate that it if its good for the goose, its good for the gander. Nigel makes an interesting goose, and if his behaviors are to NOT be interpreted as acceptable, then start with patient 0.
That IS the threshold for a scientific determination after all, the ability to make a predictive model
18971 18972
"Nigel" isn't allowed to defend himself but we are allowed to sat whatever we want about him wherever we choose and how others choose to treat him is exclusively his fault because personal responsibility is a spook. If we call him a faggot for posting on this site that's on him and we won't feel satisfied until those in charge make an example of him for upsetting us!
That's my impression of my haters, was it accurate? It would probably be more accurate if I repeated a useless buzzword over and over hoping it'll stick without providing any solid argument for why I feel that word applies here.
Wrong. Youre entitled to try to defend yourself, but your position - including now - has been thoroughly documented ITT and elsewhere. And, if you need validation of the terms herein, check the ample videos in the narcissist bread.
Cope and seethe, faggot.
Nigel, the other anon had already been banned for doing the exact same thing you did, it's just consistency, besides you just got a warning, not a straight ban anyways.

>"Nigel" isn't allowed to defend himself
You are allowed to gaslight all you want in this thread, go off nigger
18974 18975
I'm not really interested in defending Nigel's behavior, but I think it's important to point out that in a sense he is not afforded the same degree of anonymity that the rest of us enjoy, because of his flag. There is a nonzero chance that a lot of us might have garnered similarly difficult reputations if all of our shitposts were tied to a flag/name/image.
Notoriety of the flag is a consequence of behavior
It's not his flag. There are other British flags here who don't get the same treatment. Nigel would be identifiable no matter what he set his flag to, because of his writing style. Every single post is a giant wall of text with no spaces in it, that is usually almost impossible to read and contains nothing worth reading for anyone brave enough to put forth the effort. You could spot a Nigel post from space.
Careful anon, apparently space isnt real
>>>/vx/158094 →
Seriously, the only evidence of space is a leap of faith. There is nothing concrete, but hollywood and propaganda.
>The bartender looks over
"Sir, ah think ye've had a wee too much. Shall I call ye a cab?"
>>>/vx/158118 →
You couldnt be more mistaken, Im quite enjoying myself, while arguing the thread topic. It seems more like (you) dont like it, but have reservations against admitting it?
>>>/vx/158121 →
And if I dont?
>The murmurs of the pub are suddenly accented by a telephone ring. A landline, uncommon these days, but alluding to the place's old fashoned atmosphere. They make a good Old Fashioned, as well.
>The bartender looks up, wanders over, and answers the phone.
<Aye? Aye. Whositnow? Ill fin out for ye, just one sec."
>The bartender places their hand over the receiver before turning toward the customers at the bar and throughout the pub. Sighing visibly, they close their eyes before exclaiming
<Theres a phonecall for a Mr. Sneed! Is there a Mr. Sneed in the house? Sposed ta run a Sneed's Feed and Seed?
<Ah shite, someone grab the bug zapper
Okay, but this is the only time
>>>/mlpol/331125 →
>It appears as though 4/mlp/ is trying to get a jump on us by doing the exact thing we are doing. How necessary are those fixes if we want the other pony threads?
Hoo boy
>mulp is trying to get the jump on us
Its pretty apparent that (you) are veritably the only anon pushing for /mlpol/ to be more attractive to newfaggots, so who are they getting a jump on? Cuz it isnt 'us'.
You can have pony threads here, have you read the policy page?What you cant have is the largesse to make the board more accommodating to mulp at the expense of what is fundamental to /mlpol/. Moreover, that you are so concerned with mulp and ignoring the overwhelming consensus of THIS board suggests you havent learned the culture here before trying to change it.
And if you're trying to change it without learning it, can you credibly say >us?
18994 19011
I don't want /mlpol/ to be attractive to newfags; I want it to be attractive to the oldfags who made /mlp/ worth using back in the day.
18995 18997
>mulp oldfags arent mlpol newfags
Thats where youre wrong kiddo
>no hooves
what a faggot
no >>18995
You're retarded.
Socially, thats true. We play the hand we're dealt. Unforuntately, Im not wrong about mlpol newfaggots, hence why no one is trying to argue the point.
/mlp/ oldfags are /mlpol/ originalfags: the ones who made the memes on April 1st 2017 that laid the foundation for this community.
And yet, a significantly observable percent (majority) wanted and want mlpol to fuck off, and we did almost 5 years ago. To neglect that an independent board cukture has cultivated is ignorant. Ergo, one can be an mlp oldfag and yet be an mlpol newfag.
For example, a newfag would think that having lots of horseporn is a bad thing, unappreciative that horsepron is part of mlpol's foundation, and that catering to anons who want less is not what we do.
>less horse porn
No /mlp/ horsefucker wants this. Idk where you came up with that.
19005 19006
>>>/mlpol/330638 →
>>>/mlpol/330645 →
>You see, it costs money to run a site like this and it costs the owners of the site money to hire admins and mods to run it. If site traffic drops, then the people who run the site could possibly see no reason to run a site that sees such low traffic or charge subscription fees to the few who do use it, especially if they have to pay out-of-pocket to run the site.
>>>/mlpol/331125 →
>mlh fag, that makes the most retarded posts in the documentation threads
Oh, you didnt notice any of the 'why is there so much porn' posts? And the 'we need more newfags, who totally arent newfags cuz reasons'? Ones alongside these >>19004 with correlating ids? Consider paying attention
That doesn't mean that /mlp/ oldfags are put off by porn, nor would it mean that those same oldfags couldn't be good posters here.
I do agree that we need more pony threads though.
Follow along. I didnt say they wouldnt make for good posters, I said that because they are new to mlpol, they are by definition mlpol newfags. Nor am I suggesting new/old faggots would be put off by pron, I was pecofocally referring to the fag(s) who previously (in recent and distant memory) who have attempted to petition, request, and even demand either a reduction in pron, specific accommodation, or 'making the place more like mulp'. Mulp is over there, this is Mlpol.
I also feel its evident that the site caters to mlpol posters more than it concerns himself with what theoretically might draw in newfags, as they have had 5 years to come along and see, through/with a number of fishing and promotional efforts.
Im not saying you're wrong, but I am saying that plenty of anons have tried appealing to mlp-posters, and emphatically the oldfags among them. Indeed we have drawn a number of good posters, but the law of diminishing returns is still a thing.
Reiterating, if theyre new to mlpol they're newfaggots.
>Mulp is over there, this is Mlpol.
/mpol/ is a community, not just a site. /mlpol/ can be anywhere; and it resently exists on /mlp/ and /pol/ in addition to his site.
Also, if you didn't notice, we had a lot more posters 2017-2018 than we do now, back when mde fresh content every day. Those were the /mlp/ posters who gradually wandered off over the years; they're also posters that might return if they have good reasons to.
>Those were the /mlp/ posters who gradually wandered off over the years; they're also posters that might return if they have good reasons to.
So, you're saying that time/effort/resources should go into trying to possibly make the site more appealing to those who have left? Theres nothing stopping you from making threads you think will appeal to said hypothetical new/returning 'old' fags, but neither is there anything compelling others to comply or agree. Moreover, many quality content producers have left the fandom entirely; trying to 'lure' them back is both futile and disrespectful.
>hao disrepekt
Ignore the negative stereotypes - its a metaphor - but its like a drug user trying to offer drugs to a recovered drug user.
I do make those threads. I'm onlyone person.
But having a finite target audience like that will only make the site see less and less traffic.
I really don't think it's as finite as you think it is. I meet posters on 4chan and discord all of the time who are basically /mlpol/ in spirit save for using this site.
19014 19015
But you are ignoring the issue of whether the owners of this site will be willing to continue to spend their money on managing it if it sees such little traffic.
I'm trying to increase traffick in my own ways, which includes making more threads and hopefully drawing some 4chan oldfags back to this board.
Money hasn't been an issue for a while. If it becomes one we'll work it out.
Yes, because its not an issue. The site annually costs a little more than a gym membership.
Dont sweat it. As the staff's reigning fiercest critic I know that of all the concerns, that isnt one of them.
19017 19018 19022
Would you occur to you that all these recurrent questions among many breads are nothing else than pocking /mlpol/ to gather intel?
I sense that the interrogators are abusing /mlpol/'s good will.
descarga (3).png
Well, with things like "you know guys, the servers are in 'x' place, which means they could fuck us in several different ways, i know this is private but whatever, i sure hope the shills don't see this..."

I think it's fairly suspicious anon
And what would you do if you can’t get them to return?
If muh kaygeebee or some other malevolent actor were the one doing this, then wouldn’t Cloudflare have stopped him already? Though the server’s security fixes may still need to go into effect soon.
So what do you think should be done to improve security measures? Though shills, etc. on /mlpol/ seem to be rather rare.
I'm calling the Ponkers Inquisition. Lament your choices.
Everyone else enjoy the party.
But I thought nopony expects the Ponkers Inquisition.
You wanna know how I know you're a newfag? Cuz I remember how recently the last newfag asked these questions.
19025 19026
The point being, this information isnt 'being revealed/exposed' its been publicly available and openly alluded to since the site went up. Its not openly discussed because its basically common knowledge, excepting newfags. This is probably the dozenth time or more we've had this discussion.
Pretty much. The issues here seem to be issues of unauthorized access and use, i.e. hacking and/or spamming/shilling, as well as content moderation. There is always going to be public access to /mlpol/, so there is really not a whole lot to hide if there is no account-based system.
19028 19030 19033
How naive you have to be? Huh?
If you really want to hide the activity going on here and starve the rest of the world from the glory that is increased access to horsep*ssy, then the site should not be open to the public at large. Though I think I may one day start a separate discussion about this in the /qa/ thread if I finish the materials necessary to show.
Wrong, you are confusing shitposting with the inner workings of /mlpol/
19031 19047
You missed it, 'dont talk about mlpol' used to be rules 1 and 2. That was years ago.
Thats right, we've been doing this for years.
Since inception Mlpol has had:
- Off and on CP
- A shut down Patreon AND Paypal
- Various shills/spam/bots
- More and less successful raids

I know? you mean well anon, but your insistence strikes as a backseat driver on their first time down this road. The site has been effectively unmolested since the proprietary code, outside recurring CP and spam bots.
>You missed it, 'dont talk about mlpol' used to be rules 1 and 2. That was years ago.
Not, quite. And I want it back.
Lol to what end?
To the implications of this end >>19026
To what end. What will not talking about mlpol achieve?
How does not talking about mlpol = safety?
Keep in mind, the cat is out of the bag. Theres no pretending it doesnt exist at this poiny, and that it exists - even if wr all stop talking about it - is public record.
>How does not talking about mlpol = safety?
Better said, the inner workings of /mlpol/
What inner workings? This is all public info and has been for years
>What inner workings?
If that has to be stated, then you must lurk moar. Faggot.
>If I have to state how public info is inner workings then (you) need to lurk moar
Imagine thinking this makes sensr
19042 19049 19058
Heres a question:
Why are you so opposed to transparency?
19043 19046
Don't you have to shitpost something?
19049 19058
Why are you so opposed to transparency, anon?
19049 19058
>>>/mlpol/331199 →
My opinion is you are trying to start an unrelated discussion in a very clearly desgnated horsepussy thread, without posting horsepussy (read:derailing) and 'totally not to obfuscate other goins-on on the site'.
Why are you so opposed to transparency, anon?
We got rid of rules 1 and 2 for a reason, tbh.
I concur, and until just now I didnt think there was any controversy
19050 19051 19054
Where have i've seen this before?
>>>/qa/5516 →
>>>/qa/5810 →
In the policy page, faggot. No, Im not OP of either thread, but to denigrate something that the site was committed to at its inception doesnt paint you in a positive light.
Oi, I made that thread, and I made it as a single-issue discussion. It's not relevant to what the other guy said.
it's...just a shitpost, anon
What is this I'm reading abut intel-gathering?
Since when is transparency a bad thing?
It's never been, but a certain nigger made like three threads when it was revealed that Atlas had left, he continued for weeks with multiple threads, both in /qa/ and the main-board, at some point, it became clear that such a nigger had a desire to start shit up when most people had already made their minds.

I am sorry nigger, but this is way too much of a deja vu
I made one thread about Atlas leaving, the one you linked, because I was alarmed that it happned so suddenly and upset that it wasn't announced, because up until that point I had trusted the staff to tell us well in advance about something as important as that. To me, who had no other information on the matter as a site user, that was quite alarming and upsetting.
There were definitely niggers shitting up those threads, but I don't really think you're accurrate in your assumption of "trying to start shit", or at least not for what I was geting at.
>the one you linked
or, the one anon linked. Idk who anyone is.
Still waiting for an answer sweet-cheeks
>Agent Provocateur
Keep waiting faggot.
Bitcoin NEO - BNEO - New era of Crypto!

Even if these two aren't shills
>>>/mlpol/330952 →
>>>/mlpol/331125 →
They are still flaming retards, there's no point for any of this
>agent provocateur
Lol no. You're welcome btw, for everything I (not exclusively) did to establish and maintain this quaint little nook on the interwebs, where you can posture and imply, and then balk like a faggot when you get called out on your shit.
I guess THIS is why you're so opposed to transparency, cuz then you'd have to gave some integrity
I can only say I didn't post either of those.
.... Although I guess it doesn't really matter since this is anonymous.