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Mass Immigration / Invasion
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It is clear that the American ruling class is determined to dispossess and genocide the historical American-European nation. This crime begun in 1965 when those in power initiated the multicultural and multiracial experiment, without consult and enforced at gun point.
Now the government is accelerating the foreign invasion at the levels seen in Europe while at the same time collapsing the economy that supposedly would sustain the invading hordes.
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How do we stop this?
What will be the damages of it getting to this point?
If enough whites want them gone, enough whites will work together to save their children from this failed experiment.
>How do we stop this?
We can't
>What will be the damages of it getting to this point?
Think of South Africa.
White people won't want them gone until it's too late and they're completely outnumbered.
>Gov Greg Abbott EXPOSED, Order Allows Illegal Aliens Enter U.S. Freely
>EXCLUSIVE! John Dice is a former lawman who has been actively documenting activity at the border, and has confirmed through multiple sources that illegal aliens are entering the United States via Texas, unchecked by law enforcement, due to orders that came directly from Governor Greg Abbott’s office.
Video: https://rumble.com/vkx299-gov-greg-abbott-exposed-order-allows-illegal-aliens-enter-u.s.-freely.html
They want a crash (technically several cascaded crashes) to destroy the line between their total controlling rule and the freedom in humanity.
There are three main ways to make the most of this generous ideological blood slaughter they are conducting.
Make no mistake, never sup from their teats as if they have made a fine meal of boned bread. I want to win, I'm sure many have this desire.
The older generations won't see this opportunity. The youngest ones are trying admist the muck.
That doesn't matter.

What matters is (You). And yours, and your friends, and your family, and those you love, and those you cherish, and those that you enjoy, and those that have yet to fill in.
So the solution is quite simple. They want to clear away everything except themselves.
Between now and the winter is the low tide. The bear in Real Materials. They will do everything they can to choke the life out.
Even this isn't the main point.

They want to crush everything and everyone forever. With their boot stomping down repeatedly and without stop.
So I'll generously accept their leg they wish to repurpose towards my own ends.
Why? They wanted to be the consummate vampiric cannibalistic overlords. They wanted to be the rot. They wanted to decay. They wanted to ruin all they touch.
So I'll accept their own ruin they do to themselves.
Boots, blood, blades, banner, belt, buckle, belly, barf, bile, brigs, brain.
They wanted this.

So you might be asking 'Anon, how the fuck are you going to do this?' My answer is thus I'm going to stand on top of my trap and smirk at their fear. When they can't resist the stomp, they loose everything. When they tip toe around they lose everything.
'Yeah yeah yeah, but how faggit.'
Alright fine, that's not satisfying enough how about using what we know about their systems they have always implemented forever in the same way with different coats of paint.
They love to self destruct. What I love is seeing something good healthy growing.
It's a win-win.
No matter what they do, despite the grievous damage to be enacted they will try to make it so painful. First and formost they are creatures (even that is generous) of habit.
There is three parts.
The Pit. No matter how hard they stomp it'll be fine with the cushion in place.
The Gank. Falling further they lose all balance (they despise balance) they will try to stomp their other leg. During that time they have NOTHING. Inside the pit (saftey zone) their juices and stolen energies rush down and through. Preparation is key, they will try to drown you. Then swat you if you surface. Taunting them is sacrilege, plus and more importantly it's funny. On the topside they are too preoccupied.
The Mobs/NPCs. They too are predictable. They will swarm the Legs if goaded. BLM indeed.
What to do?
The Harvest and repurposing of sheded energy and resources.
Those that are above see and collect out of the way.
Those that are under goad and thrive in the rice tunnels of 'Nam.
>To Be Continued
Ghosts above and below. They want clear targets. The solution is an old cartoon trick of putting a big fat bullseye with noises and sounds. Every single time.
>What about the real masterminds?
They'll have nothing, and they'll enjoy it till the last moment. Because turn-about is fair play.
In The Pit, noises and sounds and bits of air of a seemingly false life is the bait. They will smash until it's dead dead dead. They always do it, but sometimes they have attention issues.
Lots of attention issues.
Outside is setting targets on the legs. Whatever is in reach, and being out of mind and out of sight and out of hearing.
Inside The Pit mocking their failure pushes them to the ends of what little they have.

Roughly two years, I mean that in complete restoration. The thing is they believe they are too big to fail, so they fear that.
>The Pit
Depending on the front you need places to move about, and places to relax as the gushing mess glows and flows through tunnels. They will try to send specialists in, but with the right mockery they too will be stomped by themselves.
>The No-Mans Land, Outside
Every effort to reclaim what has been taken must be done without any of (((them))) the wiser.
As such NPCs and Mobs they have made are the perfect autonomous force to cleave (((them selves))). That sounds insane, this is because it is.
They are insane. All of (((them))).
<PlAnS PlOx!?
No. Because they always crumple plans. Instead there is advice. It boils down to this.
When in the Depths, seemingly crushed Yell Loud and Free so all must hear your joyous rancor!
When in the midst, Point as of they are you and you are them. Set the orders they will do the rest. That's what they do.
Regain what they so willingly cast off away from them. No matter where, just away. What to do is yours as always.
>So what are you going to do?
I think I might open up a Freedom store, kind of like a recreation center, but with hosrs and magic.
>Will it succeed?
<Does it matter if it does?
Either way it's true success. Much like these magical places.
I've been too much of a dumb for a while to get it. I think we're all gonna make it.
It sucks knowing what's necessary to break the wheel because the left would have me arrested for stating the obvious.
It's actually really sad how you guys don't have freedom of speech where you come from.
At least in America we get to complain about our problems.
>At least in America we get to complain about our problems.
Every day less and less, as thousands of Americans rot in cages for to show a Confederate flag to a nigger or even call a nigger, a Nigger.
>How do we stop this?
I wish we could. Maybe there's a glimmer of hope but we're powerless at this point. They're brazen about it because they know we're powerless.
erosion of national identity and pride, enormous debt due to lowered productivity and increased gibs, etc. You can already see it. The migrants don't give a shit about this place. ask me how I know
That's false. There isn't direct power, but there is ALL THE SOFT POWER THEY KEEEP REJECTING.
>They only use soft power though...
That's true and (((they))) are dumber sand nigs. As we all know they want complete control that demands hard direct power toforce others into servitude. Soft power keeps the whole thing self sustained without falling apart.
They know that during the shipment of slaves.
What's going on now from their perspective is to remove the old slave caste. Nothing new there yet.
So soft power is a akin to a coaxing pone. Hard power is the D.
If you want them to put (((their))) rotting D somewhere tease 'em and ensure an escape where they think you're just 'this' close to being fucked over.

I'll put it this way, they are going to provide the drive and power. Their direction is based on what they've programmed.
The Orange Man Bad they've conducted was to see the start time to the end of how soon and exact they can get their Golems moving.
It's Okay To Be White is a Target.
The direct power against the current direct power would be asinine to compete with directly.
Because we can use our fucking minds to out think and out flank them. While doing almost nothing, as they go about destroying themselves.
<But were only a couple of people
Being a person isn't the prerequisite for being a massive target for them.
Directing the mobs has a token show of force at least that's what they want to be seen as. The rioting niggers burning looting and murdering stick to cities because that's where all their support is at.
They are trained to only act in supported areas.

That means they bite the hand that feeds them. That's what they are trained to do. Show them a nice juicy hand to bite and they will chomp and chimp.

>Okay but they're at the door step with fire and stuff that's bad.
Yes that's bad. Ideally you have ample time to move elsewhere doesn't have to be very far. If you're in their wave pretend and disguise yourself to safely extract yourself.
>Ohshitohshitohshitohshit Ahhhh!
At that point hope your plan using their own force to push you out of harms way works. For that to work needs to accept their help, by being positioned in the right spot.

They can't handle the fact all of their tricks are known. Of you know them, and you prepare in such a way that you'll make it, they can't ever do any lasting harm on you as a very important person.
>... wait
That's right this is out jewing the jew. Everytime they strike out yell in 'pain'. Hiding in plain sight. Ect.
It's because they CAN'T help themselves. Totally void of real energy and power.
It doesn't matter how big or 'powerful' they may be it's about how much they want to stomp down and how hard and how many times.
Tell them to jump, and they will do it. Goad them into going harder and restlessly even after they tire of exhaustion. They'll love to do that too.
But first you have to be prepared and understand just what is about to be endured and journeyed.
It boils down to this one axiom.
>"Just don't get hit forehead."
315318 315424
What we need is secession. Whites can prosper when nigs and jews don't get in the way. A small community like Waco would be Waco'd again but a state actually following through with threats to seceed? Leftists would flee and take their nigs with them to escape a nation of terrifyingly aware whites ready to fight for their rights and fortify the state against invaders to the point that any Weimerican attempt to crush it would be too costly (in terms of money and PR) to consider.
>Reenact Germany
Yes, but no.
The point is in the hearts, minds, and soul of people.
They will do everything they can to destroy such a thing. Because that's making a big target where we put many cherished things and people.
Once they are preoccupied such a possibility is more than likely.
>Inna overpopulated shithole.
Same thing still applies, you don't shit on the table to spite the broken toilet down the hall.
You want what you can have ready be ready to grow right.
How do you suggest we win the people's hearts and minds? Spreading truth in places the enemy doesn't expect? Trying to get normies off enemy social media?
You tell me. Do people really care what political campaign is going on, who is trying to be cancelled, what new scary varus is going on?
They're just trying to live their lives, maybe avoid being a massive dick all the time, but that's more of an afterthought.
They just want to grill. That's all. Maybe make it to the end of the week. They don't want to have the burden of knowing everything they do is a lie. Because they look outside see every single person. They see them, that's real for them.
As it is right now it's tolerable. They have too many things and people that will break with the slightest of pressure.
They just want to grill.
If they want to grill then so be it. There will be a grill, information and wholesome characterization is where they see this. Where they enact it.
Truth? Can you grill it? Does it go good at the BBQ? They care when there is no more grilling by then it's too late.
They look for someone to make the choice for them. The easy simple choice.
Because all they want is to grill in good company. You want to be the best company they've ever had the experience of grilling with. You can let them know about the horrors in the world, but you have to be able to grill.
(((They))) can't grill. (((They))) can't meme. (((They))) are keen on total control and destruction.
Can't grill if everything is destroyed, they can't grill how it used to be if everyone is shackled to the wall.
People have a tendency to do favors for people they've already done favors for. The grifters will always steal, but people see you trying. Sometimes thats worth more than what you've lost.

In actual terms the grillers aren't going to help in a large way.
The opposition provides everything required for their own self dismantling. That's all that's needed. Maybe you could ask a griller to hold a beer, or hold a door, or have a pleasant day. Because then you blend right in.
No matter where or when you can disappear in an instant. Just another face in the crowd.
So what you want is little folded papers that have tips and tricks for grilling. To survive, and thrive. Neat little grilling tips that make life just a little nicer.
When (((they))) come stomping at your door everyone sees what is taking place. You must laugh and live and party. People love a good party.
(((They))) are more than just a party pooper. They suck everything enjoyable away if they can. They could offer anything else, but since they are keen on destruction they won't have that either.

All you need is people wanting to do normal life stuff, and no matter how much mayhem (((they))) do to (((themselves))) you win.
What are you saying?
Britbong cant into plain English
>Truth? Can you grill it?
>plain english
File (hide): 8432875F004C0ACCCBAAF960BAC7D21C-5273372.webm (5.0 MB, Resolution:671x1190 Length:00:00:00, raven.webm) [play once] [loop]
A lemming can't eat truth as part of an unhealthy balanced meal. The average joe, the dude that's right there, the guy next door.
They aren't going to be the hard power and it's doubtful they'll ever be hard power.
They can help in other ways besides directly.
Take a step back and look at this literally and metaphorically what I am saying is funneled through intensive altered state of consciousness.

What you want and what needs to happen and what they are doing are all together perfectly.
Normal fags are true neutral give them something easier than doing nothing and that'll help.

You can't force an anemic mind to chew on steak of the highest thought processes. They will hate you. You must tease their appetites and coax them into the realm of hardy thoughts. For a fulll course meal of cognitive delights.
Some will only ever eat the preprocessed mush pretending to be food. Even those are useful.
I am saying for my sake what I think the most generalized course to consider that can be applied anywhere at anytime in any situation.
The real rebounding comes later now is the time to prepare the trenches and hide away for booty. The goal is to thrive and survive. The goal is to have (((their))) insanity end. The goal is to have a world where honestly good people can live.
What else is there to say? That I ought to dictate your life? That every fumble and misstep is solely on me. Maybe I'm not clear enough.
You need to do what needs to be done before, during, and after.
You must repurpose (((their))) shed bullshit into fertile grounds.
You must have options everywhere.
You must survive.
You must smile and thrive.
No more no less. All is according to your ability and what you are able.
The HOARDS are your blade, your call is the action to enact that blade, yourself is where you must make the wise choice to help those in your reach in a meaningful way.
The (((left))) always eats themselves. Every time. How else can I explain this?
You provide them a buffet of ((())) and they will do so without a thought.
The other side is quietly secreting away what (((they))) drop or is sundered.
Merely hiding in a hole for this to pass over could work. Sure. Almost everyone is doing that.
This is proactive hurrying up and waiting.

You know that one movie in uncle bennies mine that is decked out in prepping gear? This isn't that. This is you being literally anywhere in the world even in the space stations all extremely silent or extremely loud.
(((The masterminds))) will do what they can to usurp their own control schemes, and that too further removes them from play. It's too late for them now.
It's just right for good people.

Which part needs more explanation?
This is the reenactment of the Titans and the Gods. Will you be eaten or will you take your rightful place as fellow human beings.
The greek gods were eaten, so some damage was had to them. Partially why they have such deep flaws.
You can go in the belly, the bag, your spaces, or around the place.
Choose what you you can make the most of what will happen. Go forth and prosper. Bring the Fire Torch of the Gods whomst Prometheus brang to Men.
Emulate the elements of friendship. Become your personal myth. Rise to the occasion. Every action must be wise.
Ask yourself what is real.
There's not really anywhere to secede to. I guess maybe you could creatively divided up the US somehow. There's not a good clean border anywhere.
We need to build up our technological abilities first to be able to resist the anti white states. Like think payment processors and information flow. We can't do shit if everything is monitored. We're in an white white, corporatist government. There is no clear separation between government, corporation, and non profit.
The only way I can think of is to either get a state to sue the US government for a LOT of money in damages or if enough people stop paying taxes and the government runs out of cash to bankroll itself. They will print money but that will cripple their corporate friends then, I think. Surely at that point they lose a lot of power.
>either get a state to sue the US government for a LOT of money in damages or if enough people stop paying taxes and the government runs out of cash to bankroll itself.
It won't work.
To sue means to rely in the judiciary which is packed with freemason members, then as usual, the lawsuit will go nowhere.
To stop paying taxes will make the bureaucracy to trigger the kinetic solution which always has been to send their gangs to punish and make an example of those not willing to surrender. The People is not ready yet to confront the thugs.
>rely in the judiciary
correct. But I wasn't thinking winning the lawsuit would be the way out but maybe. Ideally if a state sues for damages from illegal immigration, the lawsuit is likely thrown out like you said, but then the state escalates to secession. I think that is how that might play out for good.
>stop paying taxes
you're probably right, a physical confrontation would happen. The question is, how do they pay the thugs who come to take?
Like a damned fiddle. They're going to try dismantling their little NPC armies. As evidenced. Now they're trying to support their zog bots.
Thing is the zog-bots are also planning for (((their))) demise because (((they))) don't have the monopoly on force.
Which means (((they))) are going to try to pressure armed and ready zog bots. That's going to end about as well as you expect it to.

Don't even get me started about the various secret societies (((they))) have their fingers in. Honestly this is going to be hilarious.
>We can't
Not with that attitude.
>insert fedpost here
315589 315591
I tried making some shitty propaganda to spread it to normies about the border.
I thought I could link "open border" with "coronavirus" and "masking" since we only hear about that. There is actually a link. I would bet at least 99% of people in hospitals in Texas for covid are illegal immigrants right now.
It didn't catch on. Maybe I am a shitty artist or maybe just not good at propaganda.
That's really all I can do. I have no other plans right now.
>I would bet at least 99% of people in hospitals in Texas for covid are illegal immigrants right now.
Anyway, covid doesn't exists. It's is a very wide collection of symptoms for which the government pays wholesome bounties for its diagnostic. Then rest assured that 95% of hospital are jumping at the opportunity to get the federal shekels.
Also, how the doctors can assure it's "covid" when the test is a demonstrated fraud?
Covid exists. It is another Sars virus like we've seen before. It's just been overblown out of proportion by the media and government to grab power and sow panic.
Letting illegal immigrants storm over the border doesn't help prevent diseases of any kind though.
>Maybe I am a shitty artist or maybe just not good at propaganda.
>That's really all I can do. I
Show it to us.
315674 315676
Satan digits might mean it was cursed to not take off, but it is a decent attempt. I think the colors don’t pop very well to be propaganda, but the message is solid enough to be passed around. Nice work anon.
What you have there is an info slide that goes into a powerpoint. Most people when looking at power points sleep through 'em.
It's directly to the point so it's a very good power point picture. As a visual aid it's good.
Standing alone loses efficacy. As part of a larger collection it is decent. Then again I don't do propaganda campaigns.
But what alternatives do these people have? The Taliban is overrunning their country and has no interest in peace in the region. If a terrorist group were in charge of your country, wouldn’t you want to get the hell out of there before they could do any real damage?
>inb4 a real brave man would stay and fight!
How would that work when the terrorist mafia takes away your weapons and your gadgets?
Before I dig up citations, what sources would you even be willing to believe?
I didn't say anything about masks.
Ten Seconds to Sunshine.txt
Ten Seconds to Sunshine


"Why so down in the dumps chumps? It's a brand new day and everything is just grand!"
A man by the name of Tripolie glared "everything is about to be in ruins and you're laughing at it?"
"Yes, because this is the one time everything fundamentally changes because everything is the same as always."
A gesture to the crumbled ruins dashed about.
"This isn't what I'm talking about it's the roots. The trees. The man named Tripolie. A swan gracing the lakeside. You see once the view expands so much and your mind is over seen that it goes past even that."
"Explicative, stop right there go lay down and just keep your madness to yourself."
"Madness? Well I suppose, but you see we are ten seconds till the sun shines the roots of rot becoming too emaciated even a mere babe could rid of the slime easily let alone their own rotted roots."
Tripolie frowns, what a disappointing story. "So that's all, just sit back and relax?"
"No, you have to be everyone and everything and just never be hit."
Tripolie glowers at the mere reference that something as vast and complicated could be compared to a simple video game boss strategy guide. "Oh sure, just don't be hit anywhere ever brilliant advice."
"I know right! You see they aren't much in terms of prowess or anything really. What they have is a head start and that's about it. A head start that took over twenty thousand years just to get a foot hold."
Tripolie couldn't believe this Explicative. "But they have—"
"A lot of everything yes. That's what makes this so easy you see."
Tripolie finally with sad trepidation asks what he didn't want to ask. "Well what is?"
"Nine seconds to Sun shine."


Tripolie and Explicative watch as the blood and gore splatters on the digital device.
"See they can't help themselves. No matter who or what they must have their sacrifices and tortures and examples."
Tripolie is unamused, "so what, it's nothing new and they'll do that to anyone and everyone! Including and especially us!"
"Exactly! It's nothing new. Ever. Their development cycle is in the thousands of years and even that is just to find out which coat of paint to use. Everything under the hood is and has been the same."
Tripolie frowns ever greater. "You missed where they do that to everyone especially us!"
"No I didn't. Look across this garden they aren't there right this second—"
"—they could be!"
"They aren't even if they were they are still just one person like you or I. Even that is generous to call them a person. When they are hard you must be soft. When they are soft you must be hard. Always you must never ever be hit. To be a ghost on the wind."
Tripolie glares, "None of your schemes I can't have any of it!"
"No schemes. Do what you can when you can to be a good person. Because it's the little things that add up."
"A lot of little things add up, and as automatic like things they do their things unconcerned of the little till they run into programming errors."
Tripolie frowns again. "They're still people."
"Say it again with a straight face, then with a grin. You'll know a joke when it's told."
Tripolie still frowns. "But they'll do awful things."
"They'll always do awful things. That's their steadfast choice time and time again. That's why I say you must always avoid their blows and hits by just being out of the way."
Tripolie glares. "Then you're doing nothing!"
"No, were doing much more than that."
"Eight seconds to Sun shine."


Tripolie watches as the crumbs are put into a water pot. "Well here we are I suppose."
"Isn't this grand! Here we are existing despite the seemingly insurmountable odd and we're winning!"
Tripolie can't even muster a glare. "We're desolate."
"We're under noticeability all we have is our labor, bodies, and spawn they would want to use."
Tripolie glances down.
"Well, mostly in any case. Look at what they dropped for us."
Tripolie's eyes widen. "When they catch us we'll be drawn up and tortured!"
"They'll do that anyway with or without this. Anyway if we have it they don't."
Tripolie frowns. "Your playing with fire."
"No you are. Fire must have the due respect and proper places to go. As such we must hold the fire and keep it a nice hearth for us all."
Tripolie gestures to the subpar conditions.
"Exactly! What's one hole to another?"
Tripolie glares with heat. "We're living like rats!"
"Ah ah ah! Rats don't have fire, nor the spoils of their self destruction."
Tripolie sighs. "Lot of good it's doing us now."
"Look at what is going on as a story. More exactly a mythology—"
"I hear them."
Nothing is found.
"Seven seconds to Sun shine."


Tripolie looks with the deadened looks of many. "Well what now."
"We make merry my friends! A ghostly chortle always at their ears everywhere they go. Bring what they can't ever provide to people in the humanity within."
Tripolie frowns. "I don't know if I can."
Tripolie frowns some more. "What if I mess up?"
"Look around there are always little things. And being grateful especially for the very little things changes the world around you."
Tripolie frowns yet again. "So what about all this fear and desperation."
"Is it ours or is it theirs? They always use and wallow in fear and control."
Tripolie grimaces. "It looks like it's working."
"Exactly, it looks like it's working. Nothing is. The game is to win. We're winning."
Tripolie saddly glances. "You're sure we are?"
"Yes. In every single position we are there as just another cog. In every single movement we are heard. In every single haunting ghostly laugh we are felt. With every position and little portion we have regained what matters. We're not done yet."
"There is more to do. So let us make merry."
"Six seconds to Sun shine."

Explicative looks at the gallows nearly dead himself. "What did I tell you works like a charm."
Tripolie pale and sweating. "A bad luck charm."
"For them perhaps, because now I'm a dead man walking. A living dead. Ahh who am I kidding I'm just a man like anyone."
"Besides the forces are fighting themselves and the ground is now enriched with the rotten bloody remains of them."
Tripolie pants. "Lot of good that does."
"Yes a lot of good. You see this is for everyone the ground is fertile so what is to happen to distract them from our gains."
Tripolie glares half heartedly. "Our neighbor was almost flayed alive."
"Good thing we pulled an ol' switcheroo."
Tripolie groans. "Who even prepares for something like that! It's a dead body covered in blood!"
"Someone who wants to win. With everyone of their friends and future friends intact."
Tripolie sighs harder. "Well what insanity do you have in store this time."
"My insanity? What about yours, I'm sure you can think of something. What about planting some seeds and yelling as if one of them."
Tripolie grumbles. "Fine, fine. I still don't understand why so many even go along with this."
"It's this or we all are tortured and maimed. I'd like to think the little things matter in these circumstances. A little missing here or there. A little extra popping up here or there. A little whisper. All unseen and unheard and unknown."
Tripolie mumbles. "So what a secret society."
"No, a public society on decency. Just undercover."
"Five seconds to Sun shine."


Tripolie and Explicative watch the figures fight over the shadow hierarchy.
"Funny isn't it? They play themselves like a fiddle."
Tripolie snarles. "A lot of good people died in the cross fire."
"Well yes. Many more were secreted away to make it one more day."
Tripolie growls. "How much longer!"
"When they are checkmated. When we win forever more. Our fields are ready. Our places are filled. Our friends who are alive are alive. And our friends who passed fight even then. We have them surrounded, but they must be occupied with them selves."
Tripolie scowls. "We're not even half way to anywhere!"
"Our friends have been giving cards and stamps. Just water for those inside. A stock pile scattered around everywhere. Everywhere. And none of us know anyone else. There is simply good people doing good things silently and out of their attention."
Tripolie rages. "So when?"
"We need a clean sweep to get them all. To have everything that they so willfuly gave for their own amusement."
"So not yet, we keep on keeping on. To exist and thrive despite them."
Tripolie breaks. "What is it four seconds to Sun shine?"
"Four seconds to Sun shine."


Tripolie confusion on the face. "What does that even mean?"
"Does it matter?"
Tripolie looks unamused. "You keep saying however many seconds to Sun shine and it doesn't even relate to anything."
"Sure it does, but the thing is it's a metaphor, a myth, a legend, a folk tale."
Tripolie responds. "Something you made up."
"Something that has always been here. Want to know why?"
Tripolie grumbles. "Fine whatever."
"Hope is usually kept in a box never to be opened. That is a fools errand. Under hope deeper down than the horrors is the spirit of what makes being human, human."
Tripolie used to this nonsense glowers. "Sure."
"You know what has happened? Ninety percent of people are generally better people if they met us."
Tripolie scowls once more. "So what!"
"What were doing is working. That scares them. And if that scares them it's funny. And if it's funny light of the soul shines through. And if the light is blinding they will try to hit it. So we'll have them hit themselves."
Tripolie mutters. "Lot of good in these times."
"It is a lot of good. Everything counts. The smallest kindness to the faintest smile or nod. A joke told only in hearts and minds. A small little thing. Only as much as you can bare and no more."
Tripolie grunts. "Only as much as you can bare and no more. Yeah right!"
"Do you expect everyone to do what you do? It's impressive what we've done with what little there is."
Tripolie askes again. "So what does the Sun shine count to?"
"Three seconds to Sun shine."


Explicative pulls Tripolie off the cell as if they are always supposed to be leaving.
"Always avoid being hit."
Tripolie says nothing.
"Always. You're important too. The difference between a flower and humanity is that humanity needs you."
Tripolie clenches.
"They use the same tricks. That's no reason to be lax or slothful. Prepare as nothing has happened."
Tripolie says one thing. "Thanks."
"You're welcome friend."
Nothing is said for a long while.
"The spoils await us. Tidbits of information, material, locations and positions."
Tripolie sighs. "I'm tired."
"Just a little longer. In ten seconds. And ten more seconds after that. And ten more seconds."
Tripolie squares away. "Fine ten more seconds."
"They sit doing nothing, holding strings. Almost all of them have botched each other. Due to fear. So we must laugh."
Tripolie almost laughs. "Laugh? About the destruction of everyone who matters?"
"No, about the success we are having. Little steps. I got a scrap of cloth from them."
Tripolie is confused. "Scrap of cloth? What good is that?"
"You tell me. Is it better in our hands or theirs?"
Tripolie nods. "Fair enough. So what will we do with the stockpiles of junk?"
"Continue being good people."
"Two seconds to Sun shine."

Explicative is hanging.
Tripolie watches.
Tripolie has tears. "You had to avoid being hit. Now what will we do?"
Tripolie frowns. "Well?"
Tripolie yells. "You think this is funny!"
Tripolie shakes. "That I could have done more! Prepared more! Laughted more! Smiled more!"
Tripolie clenches teeth. "Fine! I'm laughing. I'm smiling! I'm being a good person!"
Tripolie sighs. "It's too late isn't it."
Tripolie mutters. "The little things hunh?"
An explosion ripples through the air.
Tripolie glances side to side.
"Well come on. We have work to do. Just a little more. To win everything."
"One second to Sun shine."


Explicative watches. "You're here. Must have been quite the ride."
"When doing clean up of someone's toxic global mess everything has to be spotless."
"Up and down, left and right, inside and out. Cleaned and purified. There is no more room for the rot. The rotting corruption and its ilk is decomposed to feed the soil."
"Sounds a bit harsh. It isn't, we're just returning what they desperately wanted. Total destruction and control."
"Being a good person is all it takes. Sometimes that means doing what is thought to be impossible. Usually the impossible is very possible."
"More than possible really. What's this all about?"
"Oh just a little fable of you and me. Of monsters and people. After all every little thing counts. Even when they organize and pretend to be in solidarity it's with knives in the back and a dead soul at the helm."
"For them it's a show for the peons. To lavish in their control and fear."
"A little more than this? Well it's time, you'll have to listen carefully and take good care. What else can one say?"
"Ah I suppose there is one last thing."
"You have everything within. Express it with care and wisdom."
"Zero seconds to Sun shine."
>WashPo's Jennifer Rubin: White Population Falling And Becoming a Minority is 'Fabulous News'
>Washington Post columnist Jennifer Rubin on Thursday celebrated the "fabulous news" that the 2020 Census showed whites in America were becoming a minority at a rapid pace and had their total population numbers decline for the first time in our nation's history.
>"A more diverse, more inclusive society," Rubin commented on Twitter. "This is fabulous news."
>"Now we need to prevent minority White rule," she said.
File (hide): B9E34A9CDD12B5665710F7B18E3CE95B-5992126.webm (5.7 MB, Resolution:1280x720 Length:00:04:44, hava_nagila_remix.webm) [play once] [loop]
>BREAKING: Biden Regime Promises To ‘Accelerate’ Mass Migration Of ‘Thousands’ Of Afghan Refugees Into The U.S.
>"And we will accelerate the evacuation of thousands of Afghans eligible for U.S. Special Immigrant Visas, nearly 2,000 of whom have already arrived in the United States over the past two weeks. For all categories, Afghans who have cleared security screening will continue to be transferred directly to the United States."
>More than 400 U.S. counties are now minority white
Injecting shit directly into the country
>U.S. Tells Refugee Aid Groups to Get Ready for 50,000 Afghans
>The Biden administration has asked refugee aid organizations to prepare to receive and resettle as many as 50,000 Afghans evacuated under a stopgap program as the U.S. accelerates flights out of Kabul ahead of an end-of-August deadline, according to three people familiar with the discussions.
>The program, known as humanitarian parole, would target Afghans likely to be at risk under a Taliban-led government and who haven’t already requested, or wouldn’t qualify for, the Special Immigrant Visa program used to evacuate people who aided American military forces or diplomats. People who might qualify for humanitarian parole include women leaders, journalists and others from high-risk groups.
Israeli NGO bringing Afghan migrants to USA... but not to Israel
>NGO Helps U.S. Forces in Afghan Evacuations
Mirror: https://www.bitchute.com/video/Cd9TKXHDs8WK/
File (hide): 2E016713D641A27C51EDF59BB1BAE6D1-2847284.mp4 (2.7 MB, Resolution:480x360 Length:00:01:52, 52ddf1.mp4) [play once] [loop]
>White Genocide
Farrakhan NAILS IT!!! Need more be said?

>Biden Administration Allows Border Invasion to Continue – Massive Crisis Overwhelms Del Rio Border Sector in Texas
>The efforts of the Biden administration to collapse the U.S. immigration system and open the borders to unrestricted illegal alien migration are being extremely successful. Tens of thousands of illegal border crossers are now assembled in Del Rio, Texas, hometown to the Chief of the U.S. Border Patrol, Raul Ortiz.
>The issue has become so overwhelming Ortiz told Houston media, “We’ve never seen a migration population explode so quickly on the immediate border like we saw over the last 72 hours.” Approximately 13,000 illegal aliens are now encamped underneath the overpass of the international bridge connecting Del Rio, Texas, to Ciudad Acuña in the Mexican state of Coahuila.
>Among the invasion forces are massive numbers of Haitians, thousands of them, who previously fled their homeland to South and Central American countries like Brazil and Columbia. After gaining visas to South America they work their way through Panama, Central America and into Mexico where they take organized buses from left-wing open border aid groups and eventually taxi cabs to Del Rio where they walk across the Rio Grande unimpeded.
this is getting depressing honestly but I don't like being depressed about it because that's what they want right?
>We've got republicans doing absolutely nothing
>general populous doing absolutely nothing
>niggershits streaming across the border
the propaganda I posted earlier probably won't work because no one cares.
I'll make whatever you want, just propose an idea.
The best chan users can do anonymously is maybe convince Europeans from white countries to flood the border also. Dead serious. Let's call it a Catholic Charities paid for vacation for white people in Europe. Bring da womenz. What? The ADL isn't misogynist are they? Just come and use up the NGO money and stay for a while until they realize whites are fucking up their immigration plan and shut it down. yes? no?
Farrakhan might be a nigger, but he's alright.
the black population is also declining, even more rapidly than the white population. We'll outlive these niggers.
That said, the brain only contains X inherited chromosomes. So Obama's brain was inherited from his white mother only.
>this is getting depressing honestly but I don't like being depressed about it because that's what they want right?
Yes, but it is more important for the jews to get you angry, in that way you will show your colors and then their mercenaries will put you down.
Stealthy and smarty is the way.
If foreign aid to Africa ceased, the unsustainable black population would go to war with itself or the nearest whites for food, which could justify based military action in africa to turn the continent white.
320332 320333
File (hide): DDC43DA1441C78056880B650330920F2-7004232.mp4 (6.7 MB, Resolution:464x848 Length:00:01:31, McAllen Texas.mp4) [play once] [loop]
McAllen Texas.mp4
>Stunning scene from Texas airport…
ZOG is running a travel agency out of McAllen, Texas.
It's interesting to note that Stacey Abrams had that "race will win the race" presentation in 2014 that called for immigration and redistricting to remove the white vote by 2021. Bizarre. If you try to find the video it was purged off the internet.
Also, I figure you could make one of those low populous red states blue without even having to bring a lot of immigrants in and pick up two more senate seats. Wyoming population is only around 500,000.
That reminds me that Stacy Abrams is on the steering committee for bilderberg
>TUCKER ISSUES DIRE ULTIMATUM! Tucker Carlson Demands that Governor Abbott Explains Why He Refuses to Deploy Texas National Guard to Border… OR ELSE GET PRIMARIED! (VIDEO)
>Fox News host Tucker Carlson has had enough of all-talk-no-action Greg Abbott of Texas, who refuses to lift a finger to ameliorate the deteriorating border crisis.

>Two Afghan Evacuees Charged with Federal Crimes, Including Sexual Assault of a Minor
>Two evacuees from Afghanistan have already been charged with federal crimes committed at a Wisconsin military base, in a development likely to raise concerns about the more than 100,000 persons brought to the United States in the wake of the country’s capitulation to the Taliban.
>Bahrullah Noori, 20, is charged with attempting to engage in a sexual act with a minor through the use of force. Court documents indicate the victim was less than 16 years old. The serious federal felony could potentially merit him a life sentence in federal prison.
>Mohammad Haroon Imaad, 32, has been charged with felony assault against his spouse, with an indictment alleging the Afghan national strangled and suffocated her.
>Both men, who were lodged at Fort McCoy as recent evacuees from Kabul, made their initial court appearances in the city of Madison and are being detained at the Dane County Jail. They’re scheduled for arraignment before a federal magistrate judge on Thursday, and the Department of Justice says the criminal cases aren’t related.
>Tucker Carlson Exposing The Point Of Biden's Border Crisis & Mass Immigration
>"To change the racial mix of the country, that's the reason."
>"In political terms, this policy is called the Great Replacement."
>"Religious Charities" (AKA Refugee Contractors) Praise Biden’s 125,000 Refugee Admission Plan
>This new batch of poor people from all over the world could begin arriving a week from tomorrow!
>See my post on Tuesday where I pointed out that the new wave is over and above the millions of impoverished people arriving through various means since Biden took office.
>Indeed, the now-arriving Afghan evacuees are not included in the 125,000—they are over and above that number!
>Michelle Malkin -- Catholic Church Facilitates Migrant Invasion
who could have foreseen this?
>Border Patrol Agents Accused Of Patrolling Border - (satire)
>DEL RIO, TX—Americans are outraged after whistleblowers produced credible evidence that the U.S. Border Patrol has been patrolling the U.S. border and doing so with impunity for many years.
>"How have we allowed our border to be patrolled unchecked for so long?" said AOC on her TikTok channel after viewing harrowing footage of agents on horseback doing their job. "Also, who cut off the horns of those unicorns and put saddles on them? It's so inhumane! This is actual, literal fascism, people. Just like Hitler and slavery."
>She then donned her fancy white crying suit and wept in anguish.
>CNN broke the story, which included disturbing footage shot by citizen journalists of border agents riding on large, scary mammalian creatures, up and down the border, as if they are trying to prevent people from entering the country illegally.
>"Just horrific," said CNN anchor Jake Tapper. "It's hard to believe such a thing could happen in our country."
>Former President Obama also weighed in, saying: "This is...uh...not, who we are."
>The Border Patrol has apologized, saying the offending agents will be placed on unpaid leave immediately pending investigation. The rest of the officers will be tasked with handing out voter registrations and government food assistance cards to incoming Democrat voters.
320694 320863 320887

>Tucker Carlson Hits Back At ADL After They Demand He Be Fired – ‘F*** Them’
>Tucker is not alone in his sentiment
>Fox News host Tucker Carlson responded on Friday after the Anti-Defamation League’s (ADL) called for him to be fired.
>The ADL called for Carlson to be fired after the Fox News host referred to President Joe Biden’s immigration policies as “the Great Replacement” on his show on Wednesday. The Counter Extremism Project has claimed that “the Great Replacement” is an alleged Ethno-nationalist political theory warning white people that they are being replaced by non-white immigrants.
>"The ADL was such a noble organization"
When was that, Tucker? When they were denying the obvious guilt of a child rapist and murderer?
That said Pope Francis is a hypocrite on this issue.
>(Jan. 6) we must strive to uphold the values of democracy
>(4 years prior)border walls are evil said Pope Francis as he stood outside the US border in Mexico
which is it franky? Are we gonna have a democracy or lawlessness
Cucker forgot to praise the ADL and AIPAC for all of those lovely donations to Matt Murdoch, thus funding his pro-zionist channel. Let us not forget that he dismissed PizzaGate entirely by calling it a "blatantly misdirecting hoax", AND continually says that there's evil white nazis... somewhere out in the world.
kid you not.jpg
Tucker Carlson = Normies' gatekeeper
Alex Jones = Semi-redpilled's gatekeeper
Precisely. There's a few dozen gatekeepers that should be watched, carefully, but the worst ones I've seen so far tend to be:
-Benjamin Shapiro for all the "hard alt-lite-righters" religious crowd that are pro-zionist
-Glenn Beck for the not-so-fundie religious alt-lite-righters that are pro-zionist
-all of those cucks on the Timcast IRL for the slightly anti-fundie religious alt-righters that aren't sure what to make of zionists
-Soygoy of Cuckadd for the """LoL iM sO gAyThEiSt""" crowd of crypto-zionists that fall on all sides of the judeo-marxist, judeo-communist, or judeo-socialist schisms

Here's a neat trick: pick anyone on (((Fox News))). Seriously. Anyone. Dig into them even the tiniest bit and you will find they run the gamut of quiet crypto-zionist to rabid anti-anti-semitic. All of them have "friends that are jew(ish)". All of them heavily invest in military industrial complex corporations and chink companies. >90% of them have stated that they don't see a difference between fascism or nationalism. >80% of them have "close friends" in the alphabet soup agencies. >75% of them formerly worked for CNN/CBS/NBC/Jew York Times/LA Times or other kike agencies. >60% of them have contact with some of the most rabid pro-zionist former/active military officers in the US. >40% of them unironically use the words "white nationalist" and "nazi" in a derogatory manner.

Here's the real kicker: >20% of them are half-jew or less, <10% of them are 3/4 or more jew, but >30% of them are full jew.

Alarm bells going off yet?
320878 320886 320907 321009
my parents are not from the US but they're boomers and very religious. Keep in mind that being pro Israel is really mostly an american thing. They don't really understand the support for Israel or why it is linked with their religion. In their country, in their culture, being jewish is seen as a scandalous, bad thing. I've seen american propaganda spreading to other places but I have two points.
1) religious people in other countries do not feel any need to support Israel - only americans do this
2) there is no link or principle between any of the fundamental beliefs the american soft right has and support for Israel. The Israel stuff, or more broadly, the anti-anti-semitism was stitched onto the american right. If you followed constitutional principles, even american principles, you would not by default for some reason be a strong anti-anti-semite. Why not be an anti-anti-Rwandan or an anti-anti-armenian?
I've seen that oxymoron posted in the last two weeks more and more.
Jews are not semites, Arabs are.
320889 320901
>mostly an American thing
Fair point the subversion plus the propaganda is oozing out of every institution and place of politics or law. But that's not always the case. Anyone in league with (((them))) incidentally or otherwise push their agenda. Banks, businesses and leaders.
>religious people in other countries
That's not always the case regardless a small hole to worm (((their))) way through is what they use hiding by any means even and especially in the garments of other religions, races and creeds.
The Pope is a leader guess who's (((pocket))).
>principle between any of the fundamental beliefs
It's decades of mind blasting propaganda available all the time.
>there is no link
There is a link. Multiple (((links))). The average American is largely (heh) caught up doing other stuff when the choice between supporting an ally comes up it's met with apathy or sure whatever. Sometimes it's the (((surface))) level take on the situation. They are busy doing whatever it is.
In any case you missed the point of the post you're replying to. The (((link))) and why is there, (((they))) need to control all oppositions and sides
As the common vernacular that jews use all the time it's understandable the contention of why it's used that way when the emptimology of the word indicates otherwise (sure sound like something (((they))) would do).
>The Counter Extremism Project has claimed that “the Great Replacement” is an alleged Ethno-nationalist political theory warning white people that they are being replaced by non-white immigrants.
>oy vey this is a white supremacist theory that we're slowly genociding them
>it's 100% factually correct, but that doesn't matter, you're racist just for knowing the plan
>oy gevalt
>(sure sound like something (((they))) would do)
It's identity theft and cultural appropriation.
The self called jews are not jews at all, they are Turkish of Khazarian ethnicity who migrated to Europe. They are not related to Palestine in any sense, except that they adopted the wicked ways of the Pharisees around the VI century AC.
my point was more that it should be really easy to convince people to drop support for Israel and jews broadly. It wasn't even long ago that most americans would have put their own morality above making sure jews are comfortable. My parents are like that. They are religious, pay taxes, typical boomer stuff. Except they have no special compassions for jews. I feel like they are more american than most americans.
ya it's silly. I was wondering what would happen if whites just en masse started identifying (i.e. pretending) as jewish and then demanding the same rights jews get and accusing everyone of being anti semitic. We could then argue for border walls like Israel has. Imagine the ADL having to write to the FBI about how it's unacceptable to identify as a jewish person.
Hitler pointed out that America is the current base of operations for the jews, so this should not really come as any surprise, however, it seems like the jews are moving their headquarters to China despite the Chinese having some awareness of their more visible shenanigans, though still, aside from being a hostile force, I wouldn't trust China until they at least drop the communism and become fascist to prove that they're for real (as unlikely as that is).
320911 321009
China also has a fake space program, then everything is said about who really is in charge behind the curtains.
You are correct and the reason why those with power lie to us is because they themselves believe in and are a part of Jewish founded (or infiltrated) secret societies whose ideologies are based on Jewish mentality and beliefs.
In a sense they are made in the image of the jews, behaving like jews and are kind of like machines fulfilling Jewish plans in an automatic fashion, even without the jews there to secretly direct them, it's quite genius actually. I mean, why else would they view themselves and the (deep) state as separate, external, international and hostile to the people they are ruling like they are a separate class or race? In this Jewish "western" civilization the scum (who, along with their families should be killed due to crimes against their own peoples) who are raised up to power through these secret societies are even more indoctrinated than us little people used to be. They are unironically so up their own ass that they cannot see the jew pulling the strings and instead only see "the state of Israel" as a major player among major players in the international deep state and the few of them who really hate the jews in general don't even realise that they are fulfilling the jews plans for them. The Jewish strategy always relies on mind control and illusion.
No, being pro-kike is not 'murican'. Being pro-kike is the result of subversion, propaganda, and indoctrination. You may not "see" as much based on the small worldview that you have experienced, however the statistics of those highly religious, specifically judeo-christian schisms, of Europoors do not even realize that their churches are pro-zionist. The US is indeed more OPENLY cucked than Europoors. That does not excuse anyone from secretly, tacitly, or "unknowingly" supporting jews. #2 does not matter. ANYONE that supports a single jew is a traitor, end of fucking fact. I cannot be anti-Semitic as I am BDS and pro-Palestinian. The kikes are not Semitic. In absolute fact the highest amount of Semitic DNA that any kike has ever been tested to have is... <3%.

Let's play a game, Anon: suppose you have <5% DNA lineage from X culture. Does that mean YOU are automagically "muh chosen culture"? No. You are far less than 1/2. You are, at best, a 10th generation """descendant""". In the same measure that your points are flawed on objective context alone, kikes do not belong in Palestine since they are not direct, nor even indirect descendant.

That is quite amusing since the "space" agency in chinkland WEIRDLY has virtually the same name as the one in the US, that being "nasa". In the kike language, "nasa" means: "to lie/lie greatly/deceive/greatly deceive/fool goyim/greatly fool goyim". Look it up.
you're really twisting my words and I don't even know why. So let me put your stupidity on display for a moment here.
>me: Keep in mind that being pro Israel is really mostly an american thing.
>you: No, being pro-kike is not 'murican'.
>also you: The US is indeed more OPENLY cucked than Europoors.
so you're really just repeating what I said. Let's see, which country has AIPAC and CUFI? hmm, not europoors.

>me: religious people in other countries do not feel any need to support Israel
>me: In their country, in their culture, being jewish is seen as a scandalous, bad thing.
>you: Europoors do not even realize that their churches are pro-zionist.
>also you: You may not "see" as much based on the small worldview that you have experienced,
I know what you are getting at. You are going to tell me that their religion was invented by kikes to subvert whites which is fucking bullshit and has no historical basis except some propaganda ministers stated this once. The funny thing is that even the propaganda ministers knew the claim was false. They just didn't like Christianity and acknowledged they had to come up with a way to change it. It would be more effective to just directly be critical of the religion rather than try to rewrite its history as a deliberate plot to subvert whites because that isn't historically supported and the people who invented that claim knew it.
So the irony here is even though you have never talked to anyone from those countries and possibly never even been to them you are telling me I have a small worldview.

>me: The Israel stuff, or more broadly, the anti-anti-semitism was stitched onto the american right
>you: Let's play a game, Anon
I don't really want to get into semantics arguments and that wasn't even how I used the word. There is a small group of white nationalists who are called 'philo-semites' or 'anti-anti-semites'. Since that is what they call themselves, I think you should direct your argument to them and not me. I was originally talking to that other anon, maybe you, about how people have an aversion to hating jews but it should be possible to convince them that true American 'constitutional' principles do not imply support for Israel. The american right loves constitutional principles so removing Israel and any other foreign bullshit should not be that hard. That was my argument and focus alone. I am only responding to you because you took the time to act condescending and smug about your knowledge of things without really seeing what my point was since you're addressing something completely orthogonal to what I intended.
>Ugandan family that paid a smuggler $5K per person to cross border from Mexico City to TX are caught on camera boarding American Airlines plane in McAllen, TX w/ NO ID, Passport or Visa.
>TSA allows them to pass through security w/ only processing paperwork from US Border Patrol.
>White House Admits To Secretly Trafficking Planes Full Of Illegal Children From Border In Middle Of The Night
>“It’s no surprise that kids can be seen traveling through states, not just New York.”
>White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki was forced to admit Tuesday that the Biden administration is shipping planeloads of illegal immigrant children to New York City and elsewhere in the middle of the night after photos and footage was captured by The New York Post.
I just heard of this today, and it's infuriating. They've been shipping shit skins all over the country.
That's not news at all, the railroad for invaders paid by the citizens has been running for many many years.
Thousands of government employees, NGOs, religious charities, law enforcement and of course politicians are accomplices and keep quiet because of the sweet money they are getting.
Treason runs deep and reaches even next door neighbours.
>JEWS AT WORK: Why is White Fertility so low … why can’t Whites have CHILDREN?
>The reason is simple. THEY CAN”T AFFORD CHILDREN. Why?
>Because the jew takes almost all their income in taxes, open and hidden through debasement of the currency, price inflatioon, property taxes, fees, and give it to the non-whites. Free rent, free food, free education, free homes, free cars, free vacations, you name it.

Great Replacement is a conspiracy theory.jpg

>Le Pen Warns Hungarians: ‘Avoid the Fate of France’
>“Take a good look around the world at what is happening now.”
>Presidential candidate Marine Le Pen has warned Hungarians to avoid the fate of France by refusing to capitulate to mass immigration.
>The National Rally leader made the comments during an interview with Mandiner.
>“(Viktor Orbán) is not exaggerating at all. Eighty-five percent of French want to stop migration. If I could give one piece of advice to the Hungarians: take a good look around the world at what is happening now, and be careful not to get to the fate of France,” she said.
>Le Pen has vowed to hold a national referendum which would put a halt to immigration if she wins next year’s presidential election.
>Republican Indiana Gov. Eric Holcomb Offers ‘Hoosier Hospitality’ to Refugees on Thanksgiving
>Republican Indiana Governor Eric Holcomb issued a Twitter post extending “Hoosier hospitality” to third-world migrants being resettled into his state subsidized by the U.S. taxpayer.
>Holcomb wrote that “we’re so proud to extend our Hoosier Hospitality to our newest Hoosiers,” with a t-shirt of Indiana featuring the text “refugees welcome here” alongside a heart.
>Due to the Seriousness of the New Omicron COVID Variant the Biden Admin Has Decided to Leave the US Southern Border Completely Open
>The news of the Omicron variant shook the world. Joe Biden immediately banned travel from 8 countries in southern Africa.
>In fact, the Biden administration was so shaken by the news that they decided to completely leave open the US Southern border with Mexico.
>Tens of thousands of illegal aliens will be crossing the US southern border in the coming days.
>But please wear your face masks.
File (hide): E8761ACCC924106AC5D2EA026BEAFAD0-6786561.mp4 (6.5 MB, Resolution:878x480 Length:00:02:20, US NATIONAL GUARD.mp4) [play once] [loop]
US National Guard helping invaders at the border.

where did chinese immigrants come from in the mid 1800s?
>Border Patrol Agent Submits Scathing Resignation, Remarking Agency Has Become “Handmaids” for Illegal Immigrants
>The Washington Examiner’s Anna Giaritelli published the colorful resignation letter on Friday. In the email, sent from CBP Agent Joseph Mustafa to his supervisor Raul Ortiz, the former identifies what he sees as the full nullification of the Border Patrol’s border security mission, replaced instead with concierge services for illegal immigrants at the behest of the Biden administration.
>Mustafa, a Navy corpsman veteran, explained that he could no longer morally comply with a gutted system of immigration enforcement that entailed merely clocking in and out for a paycheck. Mustafa cited constitutional decay with the United States Supreme Court, as well.
>Biden Regime Forces Border Patrol Agent to Delete Tweet about ‘Potential Terrorist’ Apprehended at U.S.-Mexico Border
>Yuma Sector Chief Patrol Agent Chris Clem wrote in a Dec 20 tweet that agents in the area had “apprehended a potential terrorist who illegally entered the U.S. from Mexico.”
>“The 21-year-old migrant from Saudi Arabia is linked to several Yemeni subjects of interest,” he added.


Whitelash. They'll pick up and leave: https://archive.ph/IYiGn

It's small now, but as circumstances change, the phenomenon will grow, and we'll have our homes again.
>we'll have our homes again.
I beg to differ. Take a very close look to the picture, it comes from the past, and the present is still worst.
I never said it was going to be smooth or easy, I simply believe it's the logical conclusion.

Behold: https://archive.ph/5RUZj

>84% of Trump voters are concerned about anti-Whiteness
>34% of BIDEN voters agree

Once the normie Whites start realizing their predicament and that the 1960s notion of "not seeing race" failed abysmally, what do you think they'll begin to do? What did you do?

You also forget, the average non-White... doesn't want White genocide. They want a better life, that's all. They'll go wherever they can find it, that's why they're coming here in the first place.
>You also forget, the average non-White... doesn't want White genocide.
I beg to differ again, while the average 85 IQ adults couldn't care less about Whites, their children getting education from the State are well aware of Whites since they are being brainwashed to hate them.
Which will just further radicalize White people once they get increasingly exposed to anti-Whiteness. Then there will be backlash, more backlash than the anti-Whites would be willing to take. Their roots don't run as deep as ours. We don't have anywhere to run to while they do.
Whites have no political power, organization or representation. Even if a miracle can undo the spell on them, they'll find out it is already too late. The engine of this society is jewish money, and for it Whites and non-Whites will do anything, even to kill their own.
Think about it. Do you think that a White leader has a chance to show up and lead without to be jailed or assassinated?
I don't think it will be a leader, not at first at least. I think it will be just 6,000,000 little actions piling up like snowflakes on a mountain. Then, in some small races pro-Whites will begin winning local elections (which aren't all rigged). More and more Whites will speak and tribe up. The more White people rebuild their racial identity, the more political clout we'll have and then we will have political power, one way or another.

I don't really know how to convince you. I simply can't see how this level of increasing anti-Whiteness cannot result in anything other than significant cultural, economic, and political backlash. I absolutely refuse to believe that the average normie is truly that much of a sheep. They're not. Not once it impacts them too much. We saw this with the school boards, entire boards resigning because they didn't want to deal with it. Yongkin proved that giving White issues lip service is a winning strategy. They're going to demand results.

I just don't see Whites going quietly into the night. You saw how they freaked out over pieces of cloth over their faces. I just don't see it.
Yes, I agree Whites collectively will do a fuzz, until... a new jewish funded "leader" pops up to lead and pacify the sheeple while taking them to the slaughter house. Hopium is a very powerful drug. We all know the drill.
>a new jewish funded "leader" pops up to lead and pacify the sheeple while taking them to the slaughter house.

Not gonna keep working.

>Hopium is a very powerful drug.
There is but one certainty as to our future: the Blackpill = defeat.
330751 347975
Blackpill = reality
My point is not to introduce a defeatist mindset, but to reshuffled the whole approach to the issue.
Obviously the democracy game won't make it and violence either. Then a new course must be plotted.
What? Balkanization then Reconquista? That's plan B.
330753 347975
I believe that's the kikes' plan, to pit a group against the other in order to break the US. For them is a walk in the park, their golems already tore apart so many regions around the world that the US will make no difference.
So what's your plan, if you're not some sort of defeatist.
None, it is just a very likely scenery and I'm analyzing the elements at play.
331073 331255
File (hide): B23B2AF159144D1ED7F90E00D1B7EA52-15002640.mp4 (14.3 MB, Resolution:854x480 Length:00:06:39, 4894651.mp4) [play once] [loop]
Repost from >>331000 → and screenshot of the replays. It belongs to this bread.

>White Americans could flee to Siberia – top Russian MP
>According to the ultra-nationalist leader of Russia’s LDPR party, tensions could cause a new mass migration
>Supposed inter-ethnic conflicts in the US could force millions of white Americans to request that Russia resettle them across the vast and snowy expanses of Siberia, one of the country's most notorious nationalists has claimed.
>Taking to his Telegram channel on Tuesday, the leader of the ultra-nationalist LDPR party, Vladimir Zhirinovsky, well-known for his populist views and confrontational political style, alleged that America is in dire straits.
For the record, this is trolling and if not, it's a deadly trap.
Vladimir Zhirinovsky is a jew and a very important member of the Russian zog. Watch the smol vid and tell me that most of world affairs, if not all, are not scripted.
>GOP Doesn’t Offer White Voters Much of Anything
>Republicans may take Congress simply because Americans are disgusted with the Biden Administration, but the GOP won’t repair the damage. That’s the story of American politics since Nixon. Even when Republicans win, the country keeps moving left, especially on racial, cultural, and sexual issues. This is no surprise; the conservative movement is arguably dedicated to avoiding using government power.
>Republicans offer rhetorical opposition. Democrats use power. They are preparing to use the national security state against whites. You may yet face prison or persecution because of your views. Whatever you think of them, what the federal government and private companies have done to Nick Fuentes or Laura Loomer is deeply disturbing.
>Republicans have accepted leftist cultural victories rather than reverse them. We must tell them what we expect, or they don’t get our vote. Third parties such as the American Freedom Party or the National Justice Party may be “fringe,” but whites cannot survive another 50 years of winning at the ballot box but losing everywhere else.
>Here are five things most Republicans want.
>- Abolish all affirmative action and racial preferences in law.
>- Require platform access as a civil right for all lawful speech. (If this can’t be done because private property is sacred, repeal the Civil Rights Act, allow restrictive covenants, and restore freedom of association.)
>- Enforce all immigration laws and pass President Donald J. Trump’s 2016 immigration program, including mandatory E-Verify, ending birthright citizenship, and building a wall.
>- End Critical Race Theory in public school and give money to families that don’t want to send their children to failing, unpatriotic public schools. Make a free market in education. The GOP plan only hints at school choice.
>- End the DOJ’s war on “domestic terrorism” and fight real crime, especially violence.
>White advocates on the vanguard must direct our fire against so-called conservatives who have failed us for so long, not just “liberals” and their media.
>It’s dangerous when people who say they are your friends represent you but act like your enemies. Politics is the art of the possible, but if the GOP can’t even be counted to stand for white equality, voting Republican and hoping things will get better is pointless. Secession, proposing a monarchy, or declaring Nick Fuentes the pope are all more realistic.
>There is a time limit before whites are reduced to a powerless minority. What is at stake is the survival of our nation, people, and civilization. If Kevin McCarthy doesn’t get that, he won’t help us. If no Republicans get that, then there is no reason to support the Party of Lincoln at all.

>The Decay of America
>A dire warning from Russia about the role demographics could play in the decay of America.
>Vladimir Zhirinovsky, leader of the LDPR party, sensationally claims that inter-ethnic conflict in the United States will lead to white Americans fleeing to Canada, Australia, and even Siberia.
>Zhirinovsky says the US is on the same crumbling path towards collapse that the former USSR stumbled upon decades ago.

Giving middle east immigrants work in America build back better program by US taxpayers..mp4
Giving middle east immigrants work in America build back better program by US taxpayers.
331256 331258 331260
First, why would anyone move to such a deserted place? It is pretty much colder than everywhere else year-round and travel outside of one’s home, especially during winter, is tough, especially if access to a method of public transport or a 4x4 vehicle is tough.

Second, if Russia is in the spotlight for preparing to invade Ukraine again and for spying on innocent Americans partially via their air campaign near Alaska, why would anyone move there at all now? No offense, but Putin and his Soviet-era policies are apparently keeping Russia without much desire for immigrant workers from most countries and thus in population growth stagnation every so often.
>"You can tell I'm smart because I regurgitate CNN talking points"
>First, why would anyone move to such a deserted place?
Ask White South Africans. If they would have that chance, I bet many would take it.
>Russia is in the spotlight for preparing to invade Ukraine again
It is posturing and BS, an invasion cost money and if you know anything about the ruskies, the economical factor is #1 priority.
>invade Ukraine again
This is western propaganda again, Russian never invaded Ukraine, but armed and supported the local militias with heavy weaponry indeed. Russia did it so well that the militias swept the Ukrainian army many times.
Oh, really? Would you really want to live in a place where this kind of weather is the norm all winter?
You may want to learn about the Russians involvement in Ukraine from an American point of view.
Be aware that in the video there is plenty of exaggeration, for example, the lecturer states that Russia had many anti-air batteries deployed in the Dombass region and those were responsible for the destruction of the Ukrainian air force. Reality and videos from the combat zone showed a very different scenery; the overwhelming majority of planes and helicopters were shot down with MANPADs (a bazooka style portable anti-air missile) able to reach almost 5,000 meters high. Yup, the Russian imposed a very cheap and flexible way to deal with hostile air-forces. Another particularity was 24/7 heavy jamming, so heavy that the militias were using in some sectors WWI wired campaign telephones for comms.
There are places in New York that get this cold during winter at night/morning. While not normal, i wouldn't exactly consider it rare either. It usually hovers around -30 and -10 through the coldest days. Fun fact -40F and C are the same temperature.
I lived in one of these places for about 6 years. The wind was more of a problem than the cold after living there a number of years. You do get used to it. Girls from there would still dress like whores.

It is certainly normal weather for Siberia, though.
>Democratic Judge Rules Trespassing Is Legal In Texas...If The Trespassers Are Coming From Mexico
>Foreign Elites Abusing American Birthright Citizenship VDARE Video Bulletin
>As the Governor of a Mexican State, Ávila Olmeda has plenty of access to safe hospitals for childbirth. Instead, the Mexican Governor traveled across the border to Brawley, California for the birth of her son.
Video of secret government flights.

>‘Betraying the American people’: Leaked video reveals Joe Biden’s ‘hush hush’ migrant invasion
>While Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi go all out to protect Ukraine’s national sovereignty, at the same time they are orchestrating a clandestine invasion of America across the southern border.
>Two million illegal immigrants from dozens of countries crossed over from Mexico last year, and the Biden administration is facilitating the cartels’ people-smuggling operation — at taxpayer expense.
>Under cover of darkness, every night the federal government is transporting illegal migrants as fast as it can away from the border on secret charter flights into unsuspecting communities around the country. Officials have lied and obstructed the few journalists who have tried to reveal the truth.
>This is nothing short of a betrayal of the American people.
>Contractor Says Biden Administration Secretly Flying Illegals into New York
>How United Nations Funds Migrant Wave Flooding To The US
>The United Nations is funding a migrant wave into the US and the evidence of this is frustratingly overwhelming. Unlike other efforts of immigration into the country, this one is significantly more organized.
>According to Bensman, the migrants are sensible and really want to work. They are aware that President Joe Biden’s pro-migration border commander, Alejandro Mayorkas, is secretly enabling many, but not all, of the worldwide migrants who appear at the US border to be caught and released.
>United Nations Grantee Uses U.S. Tax Dollars To Fund Illegal Immigration
U.S. "gov" not only supports illegal immigration but is also involved in illegal immigration - video
>Bombshell footage reveals Biden admin's undercover migrant flights
>MUST SEE: Leaked Video Shows Border Patrol Agents Eviscerating Biden’s BP Chief Over Failure to Secure The US Border (VIDEO)
>Thanks to Biden’s state-sponsored illegal invasion, the situation on the border is worse than it has ever been before. Millions of illegals have come over the past year and more drugs are pouring across the wide-open southern border than the handcuffed Border Patrol agents are able to handle.
asuka headache.jpg
>every hour ever:
>actually the THINGSIDONTLIKE began at this year! because i just found a wiki article that said so!!
wh*te people.

>Are Mayorkas and Garland planning for mass killing and looting of White people by illegal migrants?
>Grudges against Europeans based on false narratives may fuel hidden, vicious revenge motives
>What’s the end goal of these chosen leaders?
>Owen Benjamin || Nationalism vs Globalism
>Foreigners, an unprecedented invasion
>EXCLUSIVE: The head of the largest NGO along the border, Catholic Charities of RGV explains they are getting reimbursed with taxpayer dollars & they do buy some plane tickets for migrants. She says they help migrants continue their journey otherwise they are left on the streets
>Kellogg Foundation Paying New Mexico Illegals $500 Per Month | VDARE Video Bulletin
>The far-left Kellogg Foundation is now funding a global basic income (GBI) pilot program in New Mexico that would provide monthly payments of $500 to 330 families of illegals across 13 counties. The program, named the New Mexico Immigrant Global Basic Income Project, is led by The New Mexico Economic Relief Working Group (ERWG), made up of Somos Un Pueblo Unido, El Centro de Igualdad y Derechos, NM Voices for Children, NM CAFé and Partnership for Community Action.
why do immigrants strengthen our country, but not their own.png

cultural enrichment.jpeg


Journalists Detained At Gunpoint By Border Patrol For Filming Biden’s Open Border - video
Jared Taylor  Former French intel Chief Warns Mass Immigration Leads To Civil War.mp4
>American Renaissance broadcast
>Former French intel Chief Warns Mass Immigration Leads To Civil War
>Multicultural societies are doomed
https://www.bitchute.com/video/AzA2lVTuhKby/ [Embed]
The French case.
>Secret plan to flood America with millions of “economic migrants” exposed as Biden regime declares war on American citizens
>The Biden regime’s plan to completely wreck America, begun in earnest under Barack Obama, is moving forward, as evidenced by the discovery of a secret plan being implemented by Department of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas.
>According to Breitbart News, at the behest of Obama’s people who are really running Biden’s White House, Mayorkas has directed his agency to ensure that ‘economic’ migrants are provided with every opportunity to stay illegally in America after Title 42 is lifted in early May, regardless of the massive harm he will cause American citizens.
"Arriba, Arriba! Ándale, Ándale!"
civilization takers.png

The one in the orange shirt looks like she can take a civilization pretty deep, if you know what I mean.
>you're really twisting my words and I don't even know why.
<The Jew is immunized against all dangers: one may call him a scoundrel, parasite, swindler, profiteer, it all runs off him like water off a raincoat. But call him a Jew and you will be astonished at how he recoils, how injured he is, how he suddenly shrinks back: “I’ve been found out.”
>so you're really just repeating what I said.
no, you posted some cringe leftist "america bad cus it's white" shit
>has no historical basis except some propaganda ministers stated this once.
uh... what? do you have any source for that claim, or are you just making stuff up now? typical CIA tactics on full display here.
> true American 'constitutional' principles do not imply support for Israel.
>muh (((constitution)))
ok buddy
>replying to a Jewfag post from October


white genocide.png

How do you stop it? Do this but in a massive multiplayer way. If the admins come, grief them out of their own server and back to wherever they came from.
>Paul Gosar Calls for a 10-Year Immigration Moratorium
>Gosar tweeted,“Immigration moratorium NOW, for 10 years – bare minimum. Build the Wall. Mass deportations.”


File (hide): E3D786530FD5FE31EF0774EDAC7BECB1-3767493.mp4 (3.6 MB, Resolution:480x480 Length:00:02:20, non-citizen invaders vote.mp4) [play once] [loop]
non-citizen invaders vote.mp4
Treasonous jew Jerry Nadler admits letting non-citizen invaders vote.
>Tucker Carlson Tonight 05/16/2022 Opening Monologue
Well, it is mainstream now, the crime of ethnic cleansing is out in the open.
The Great Replacement Fact or Theory  VDARE Video Bulletin.mp4
>Was The Buffalo Massacre (Bad!) Caused By The Great Replacement (Undeniable)?
>The Ruling Class’s problem is not that guerrilla Dissident Right websites, and the heroic Tucker Carlson, have Noticed the Great Replacement.
>It is that the Great Replacement is undeniably happening—and that it is the result of Federal Government policy.

>The Great Replacement Fact or Theory VDARE Video Bulletin
Tbh, the statistics on the furfag's manifesto, have not been heard of on /pol/ for ages now. While they were very commonly used back in the day, they were dropped somewhere around 2019 surely by 2020.
Perhaps the most important reason for this, was the fact that even the MSM was celebrating the replacement at that point. let alone BLM and pantyfa, polack's rightfully felt like it was kinda pointless to keep spamming those any longer.
It was unquestionable, beautiful and worthy of celebration in fact. The way this is being memory-holed into "conspiracy theory" once again is ridiculous. Then again, they tricked these babbling, mentally quadriplegic fucks into supporting a neo-nazi larp-militia on the other side of the planet. What can you expect at this point?
>House Democrats Dared Republicans to Oppose White Supremacy Measure. They Obliged.
346347 346349
Libertarians think that they should give up defending freedom because Americans hate liberty, but Libertarians should keep resisting tyranny for selfish reasons.

While the elites control the money, government, and media, the 99% have the numbers.

One Libertarian may not be able to resist being sent to the concentration camps, but one million people might.

Are you that fucking bot again, making random statements that sound like an AI churned them out?
Just say nigger four minus one times if there's a person behind that screen. Also libertarians who go nazi understand only nazi solutions for weimar problems work.
Yes anon, it's that bot again. The best response is to report the post and/or to publicly call the post out to increase visibility.
Beyond that, the only thing to be done might be to chart the times and frequency of posts and then conveying that info to someone on staff.
346351 346352 346354
Bot posted on Saturday, 11th Jun 2022 23:20:50
What is the bot's purpose? It's just making statement after statement, unable to tell if they are wrong. Is it supposed to drive a wedge between libertarians and nazis? Won't happen. Even if we had nothing in common politically we'd still have an enemy in common out for our blood.
>What is the bot's purpose?
It is about to train the A.I.
Studious, but not what I mean. Observe the times, jot it all down, analyze the data, and determine the bot's 'operating times'.
>It's just making statement after statement, unable to tell if they are wrong.
Those statements are designed to trigger responses to be feed into the artificial intelligence.
Does this mean we can fuck with the AI by saying retarded shit
Do you think this bot is related to the guy on YouTube saying he trained a bot on 4chan? I can imagine others trying to send bots to other chan sites to try get them to gather info but who knows https://youtu.be/efPrtcLdcdM

Also we should probably get this thread back on track too
It seems the bot can't understand replies to it and accept challenges like "Say nigger four times"
And it probably wouldn't be coded to read or copy posts that don't use post codes to reply to posts made by the bot. If it did, it might look at posts unrelated to the bot.

Also, fuck niggers and immigrants, send them all back. Not even the best immigrants are worth all the shit ones. America would save literal billions per year if it exiled all blacks serving life sentences to Africa or Brazil, and handed out life sentences in prison to illegal migrants.
There's all of >>>/cyb/ to talk about AI on.
ethnic cleansing.png



File (hide): E502A86605E59F7E5651A33FC7B96418-2365152.mp4 (2.3 MB, Resolution:854x480 Length:00:00:40, VDARE Video Bulletin_EDIT.mp4) [play once] [loop]
VDARE Video Bulletin_EDIT.mp4
A clip.
Let us know when you can start ensuring your people's survival.
Lord knows the Jews aren't going to be happy with just destroying the White race.
>Let us know when you can start ensuring your people's survival.
Right back at ya. Better yet, post a new thread about it in /üb/, oh based Savior of the White race.
If violence, democracy, and balkanization won't work, what other options are there?
If every choice appears to end in death, then it is up to you to decide the context/means/pursuits that lead to that death, and live in one's own measure of integrity until that time.
If failure is inevitable, decide what achievable goals - if any - are worth achieving.
Ffs, why doesn't this thread have IDs? I can't tell who is making what arguments.
>why doesn't this thread have IDs?
To level the field against shills. They have unlimited disposable proxies and can profile the anons.
If anything, it's like glow-bois don't even have to bother about changing their IP address anymore.
It's not just flow glows, but any conversational continuity whatsoever.
>"Suck It Up": CBS News Brags About The Great Replacement Turning Allentown, PA From 97% White In 1970 To 31% White In 2022

348298 348307
download - 2022-07-19T190501.254.jpg
I'll regret posting it but here https://t.me/politics_news_debates I shilled by nsg telegram. I am collecting anons over the internet to discuss what the fuck to do and centralize some kind of activity, if you are against WHO's 2030 plans, think of joining. The group is somewhat secrets from utter normies like cuckchan faggots, either way it is sort of centralization revival process. I won't ban bronies.
Why? I am just wondering what the point even is. Centralized approaches will never work if we are actually anonymous. Discussion against 2030 works just fine here. Collecting many anons openly will draw in unsavory types that will ruin a project, so only personal friends you know won’t betray are useful to discuss with if you plan to work together to make a homestead or something.

Plus the fact you called us bronies and you just downloaded the image you used for your singular message with no other activity in this thread, and by the looks of your flag elsewhere on the site, I am more than a little suspicious about your use of the word collecting.
How to proceed is already established.
348320 348330 348371
>Tucker Carlson Tonight 07/19/2022 Opening Monologue
Talking about the 1965 immigration bill and birthrates is a hell of a redpill. I wish Tucker the best of luck in staying on the air. Feels like only a matter of time before they remove him.
>Talking about the 1965 immigration bill and birthrates is a hell of a redpill.
/pol/ is getting main street.

The commies keep lying and gaslighting.

>- "It is a conspiracy theory"

Podcast commenting the Tucker's White Genocide Exposé.
>Duke & Slattery – Tucker Carlson Proves White Replacement Scheme – But Does not Mention the Jewish Cabal Behind It!
Podcast (53:01 long):
>Potemkin village
potemkin village.jpg
BNB40_-CQAAwum6.jpg large.jpeg
>Potemkin village
Thank you.
UR welcome.
File (hide): BA1FF8A63D570AA844FE19B7463A5F8B-682939.mp4 (666.9 KB, Resolution:270x480 Length:00:00:27, How To Talk To Foreigners.mp4) [play once] [loop]
How To Talk To Foreigners.mp4
How To Talk To Foreigners.