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Magick Guide/General
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A bunch of users wanted a run down of magick and thoughtforms and all that jazz. I figure I'll do large post explaining the practical basics of everything. This thread is going to be a general for magick, a place to chat with people also practicing and finding practical advice. This article will be from a baseline bare skeleton pov. There's literally an infinite amount of ways to do magic. So we're going to talk about the core.

My base was a mix of psionics and chaos magick, broke into impromptu sympathetic magick. Took a break after a heavy loss. But I've since restarted by dabbling in evocation. WTF does that mean? It means I made thought forms and egregores, then started using sigils, then started doing voodoo stuff with random objects within reach, then took a break, and now I summon demons and mlp ponies. WTF does that mean? Read and find out.

What is Magick? Lets Plow Through This...

Magick is a methodology of imposing your will on reality to cause changes within it by utilizing an inherent power. The mechanisms remain the same. Even though there are 6 gorrilion types of magick.

Law of attraction, chaos magick, planetary magick, voodoo, wicca, hermetics, devil worship, psionics, pop culture magick, sigil, candle, shamanism, magick of solomon. On and on with the hidden fringe magicks. You could literally read every waking hour for the rest of your life and never run out of information.

By far the most popular is Kabbalistic Magick. The secret jew magick taught in synagogue to true believers. Why do you think all the celebrities are fucking Kabbalah practitioners? Why the fuck do you think the jews control everything?

Hell there's even a dark reflection to Kabbalah. Kabbalah uses the tree of life, while this other art uses it's opposition, the Qliphothic Tree of Death. If you really wanted to stick it to the jews, learn that shit. Its heavily demonic and overkill esoterically edgelord. But do it in your own time.

There are two paths of magick, high and low. High is basically self improvement, purifying your soul and reaching for godliness, low is making fat bank and banging sloots .... err earthly desires. Regardless of your path, both are exercising your soul's ability of creation (even if it's destruction). You are commanding and creating a new reality. You are assuming some of your power and becoming one with “God”.
Ugh Sermons, What Can Magick Do For Me?

Fuck weren't you listening? It lets you use your will to edit creation... Can you do anything you want? Not really, you can't do something physically impossible. But as long as it can be born from the current state of the natural world, you can cause it. Watching it in action is like watching a highly unlikely causal chain reaction that leads to an outcome. It nudges odds of things you didn't even know were happening, causing slight changes in “fate” that leads to the event.

Magick has certain behaviours.
1) If a spell is successful, its outcome is now fated. Only another overriding spell can stop it.
2) Only events that can be born of the current reality can occur.
3) You program the outcome, and it's conditions for coming about.
4) It takes the path of least resistance based on those conditions.
There are some repercussions to these behaviours. You probably understand the basic idea of Law of attraction, what you give mental energy to comes about. It's essentially a new spell. So if you worry/doubt yourself, or constantly think about and adjust the outcome you want in your mind; you're fucking your spell up. You're impeding the main spell with shitty midwife teir pussy spell. Set and forget baby. If you do that; no matter what actions you or anyone else takes in life, your outcome will come about. Assuming your outcome can be born out of the situation. You can't set and forget a spell to find a job, then stay at home watching anime every day for a month... .... unless there's a path for the spell to take...

Random aside:
...Ok I did do that and successfully got a job, but there was a path... I sent the spell out, watched anime and did fuck all. My estranged uncle was talking with an old friend of his that he randomly ran into in a coffee shop he never frequented (note: in a city 14 hours drive away from me). He found out his friend bought into a start up that installed something tangentially related to what I'm trained in. He mentioned me because he remembered I might have training in that, and the guy wanted my resume. Uncle called me. I was apprehensive because I have barely any understanding of the field. But I send my resume in because I felt obligated to family.

I get a call saying I'm exactly what they're looking for for their new installations. They fly me out for an interview. I purposely do mediocre, I'm literally not wanting this job. I find out that I “Blew them away” and got offered a $50k a year job plus moving expenses. Now I was currently basically unemployed so my hand was forced. I had to take the job. I did not like the job, I was highly unqualified and hated the feeling of not knowing what the fuck I was doing and quit after 5 months. They would have kept me around forever though. It was fucking weird. I think I replaced someone who just up and walked out with no warning too.

(I forgot proper conditions which you'll read about soon, probably including things like “Like my job” would have been fucking grand)

The now fated path only culminates in the willed outcome. This is hella important. Never fucking cast a spell with an alternative motive in mind. It just never fucking works. Example lets say you want a raise. Dont fucking cast a spell for the boss to love this project you're working on and expect it to lead to a raise. Lets say you want to be in a relationship with a girl who's currently in another relationship. Don't fucking cast a spell to break up the relationship and expect her to fall on your dick.

Here's what separates the good spellcasters from the shit ones. I just gave you two sides of the puzzle. Don't cast a spell for Daisy to fall on your dick if shes in a relationship because it can't be born of the situation. Dont cast a spell to break up the relationship and expect her to fall on your dick? What the fuck do you do? Easy, cast two spells.

If you want something you have to figure out how far removed you are, and actionable realistic steps. You're essentially planning your game plan to your goal. It's time I teach you about making smart goals! Hah, half kidding. This shit will literally break reality. But you do need to do it in “possible” steps.

How do you tell what's possible? Just fucking guess. If it seems like somethings in the way, move that something out of the way. Your intuition is probably right. There are a few magickal solutions though. The first is divination to see what's necessary. I haven't really learned divination but I know chaotes who have who use it to improve spells. I've also heard as you get better at evocation, the spirits will point out issues they cant handle and suggest alternative spirits to enlist to help.

Another potential solution I'm not entirely sure of (see next paragraph) is that you launch the spell, and if it isn't budging figure out what's blocking it, and move that obstacle, repeat until the stack resolves..... (MTG humor)

Yet another Quick aside:
This whole paragraph I'm not entirely sure on. INB4 wall of text crit. It's mainly musing based on personal anecdotes. I can't say for sure that an impossible spell fails. I'm talking about a spell that can't occur due to current circumstance, not impossible circumstance. My general inclination is it will not attempt to solve the prerequisite circumstances. But the spell seems to go into hibernation until it can occur. I have had spells come into fruition years after the cast when it was long since forgotten. The outcome occurred eventually and behaved in it's usual zany coincidental nature. It happened as soon as I had set up a situation it could be born of. I just don't know if I was the one who cleared the prerequisites or if it did. Either stance could be taken, but tbh I don't think it did. Building the foundation didn't have the “signature” of weird chaotic coincidences of a spell. However the outcome was indeed fated.

Another extrapolation is spells can have as many conditions as you want, but those conditions can make the spell impossible to occur. Likewise less conditions give the spell more leeway to cause the outcome. But that's inviting in the unforeseen chaos that most definitely ensues.

Did I mention this shit will break reality? Did I mention it will take the path of least resistance? Did I mention chaos will likely ensue if you don't lay conditions on your spells?

>I want to lose 10 pounds in the next week.
This spell has so many fucking ways to go wrong. Have fun living on the toilet with the worst stomach flu of your life, or better yet that freak accident that amputated your arm.

>I want to lose 10 pounds of fat, while staying healthy and without harm.

I started this off with the general idea for safety. Conditions, and proper intentions from the start. Every spell needs these. High or low magick IDGAF. Make conditions based on your own morality and what you can live with. I lived on a Chaos Magick forum when I first started back in 2004. One story stuck with me.

A simple protection spell! Ok simple might be a stretch, a chaote summoned Michael the Archangel. Yeah the one mentioned in the bible, but it has a lot more power that just Judeo-Christian interpretations. He tasks it with protection from harm in his life. Run of the mill mundane shit really. A few weeks later he's fucking this girl. She's cheating on her boyfriend with the chaote. A few days later he gets a call from the girl, she's sobbing. The gist of the conversation is “I felt so guilty I told my boyfriend. He lost his shit, grabbed a gun and threatened me. I had to tell him you where you live, he's on his way, I'm sorry.” So chaote freaks out, gets in his car and drives to a friends house to lay low. A few hours later he gets a call from the girl. This conversation went: “Chaote you don't have to worry anymore... Boyfriend died in a car accident on the way to your place... we were going to get married... incoherent crying-”

There's tons and tons of stories like this, “I wanted a promotion at work, so I got my boss' job when his kid got cancer and he got fired for shoddy work due to stress. I wanted a fuckload of money, and now my dad's dead, but I got his inheritence. I cast a lust spell on a girl I just wanted a one night stand with, now she's losing her damn mind, super possessive, keying my car and threatening to kill herself if I dont get with her.


If something you don't want to fucking die, get destroyed, or get cancer is blocking your spell all hope is not lost. Remove the thing humanely. Example: I want Mark's fucking job. Cast a spell for Mark to receive an offer for the job of his dreams. I want Stacey but she's got the hots for Chad. Cast a spell for Chad to get in a relationship with anyone but Stacey. Etc.

The universe is your chess board, create your destiny with intelligent design
I'm super busy creating my own reality, I'm doing this on the side. Updates will be slow to this thread. Perhaps that's for the better. People will be able to practice the foundations before I bring up the more intense stuff. So I'll leave this thread with a how to guide on reaching gnosis and what it is.

Gnosis – The Magickal Mental State

Gnosis is essentially a mental state where spellcasting becomes possible. Sure all thoughts and desires/fears shape your experience. But outside this state you're merely offering meek suggestions to reality. Inside this state you're commanding the power of creation. Once you get this down you can cast basic spells!

AFTER YOU LEARN GNOSIS. If you want to go ahead and learn some magick on your own. I highly suggest looking at candle magick or Law of Attraction tm. I shit on LoA because it's commercialized midwife shit. But it's only commercialized midwife shit because it doesnt teach gnosis. LoA + Gnosis is not a pussy spell. Remember to set ground rules and your actual intended outcome, one that's possible in your current situation.

Ok gnosis is a state of mind where you're pretty deeply relaxed but still conscious and able to concentrate. I've heard it's similar to hypnosis. The better you get at reaching this state, the faster and deeper you'll be able to go. Eventually you will begin to hear and see shit in this state. All the fucking woo-woo shit like auras, entities, spirits thoughtforms etc. Very recently while in this state I watched all the shadows on my wall move and take the shape of giant wings, then an angelic shadow swooped down right in front of me. I freaked the fuck out and went fully conscious and it was gone.

There's a big debate whether magick is just internal subconscious shaping reality, or if it's legitimately external. I personally think it's both, and it doesn't matter as long as it gets results. My advice, go through the motions and receive this potentially fabricated information from your semi-dream like state and fact check it later. If you accept it's an angel in front of you, and you ask it to cure your chest cold. Well at the very least you're giving a command directly to your unconscious.
Quick guide on Gnosis:
Please try and do this for 20 minutes a day until you can consistently get into the state.

1) Relax, clear your mind.
2) Gaze at a point. Idgaf what it is as long as you're gazing. Not staring, not looking, not trying to do anything. Gaze like you're looking at your lover, if you've never had a lover, gaze like your looking through something, or at the air infront of it.
3) Let thoughts pass through your mind without thinking about them. The main goal is no mind voice at all. No thoughts. But don't get anxious if you have thoughts, just notice them and let them fade away.
4) Eventually you'll start noting visual distortion. Some people report static, white orbs, slight wiggling like you're on LSD. For me it's heavily light based, shadows move and the room dims and gets brighter and stuff wiggles. Congrats you're in gnosis.
5) Gaze at that, for a while and relax more.
6) When you feel a shift you're there. I can't describe it. Everything is just different. Cast your spell.

Note 1 and 6 say relax. I have a personal relaxation ritual that helps with visualization. Yes I do it twice You can do literally anything any new age fag says to relax. Here's my faggot method:

1) Eyes closed I imagine im in a movie theater.
2) I imagine the screen goes red. As vividly as I can. When I consistently have the screen in my minds eye I move on. That goes for every step following.
3) The screen goes Orange
4) The screen goes Yellow
5) The screen goes Green
6) The screen goes cyan/light ocean blue
7) the screen goes blue
8) the screen goes purple.
9) Its the fucking rainbow faggot did you figure it out?
10) While staring at the purple screen in my minds eye I state: when I hit 1 I will be in a magickal state.
11) I then slowly count down from 20. Relaxing myself physically and mentally. Feeling more and more relaxed with each number. All while maintaining that purple screen.
Thanks anon.
I will practice it.
Remember, good times make weak men. Be careful what one wishes for, because getting what one wishes for can be the biggest challenge to their character and integrity of all.
When one can manipulate and affect their reality and destiny, it behooves them to choose the most difficult and arduous path that they can stand. Additionally, one is what they repeatedly do. This is why habits like lifting, learning, and cleaning one's room are so important, especially all three.
When one lifts, they strengthen the body. When one learns, they strengthen the mind. When one cleans their room, they macrocosmically clean the microcosm of their spirit. All three are essential elements of magic, and magic is well applied to the development of all three.
Good work everyone!

>Binding an entity to cast spells on it.
In this case corporations. (This can apply to anything.)

A corporation is corrupt and possibly inept? Some company you want to change or alter?
You came to the right place. Companies are entities in their own right (some even become egregores).
Step one getting something that is (in your mind/thoughts) related to that company (or entity).
Step two Magical Link. To connect you to it to change it. Strong connections work better than weak ones. (Unknown if feedback occurs if YOU are changed from the connection)
>Alternative use evocation to do what you will. Or a protection spell.
Step three enacting the effect you want.

You got a basically a voodoo doll and a means to enact the change. This can also be used to send sigils through to the other party.
(No idea what could happen if they have defences in place.)
If it is taking too long do other methods or repeat until satisfied.

Instead of destruction you could do creation or manipulation.
File (hide): 7AA238543C5A0A3462A6FCB95CC22D79-3583423.mp4 (3.4 MB, Resolution:854x480 Length:00:03:13, Siegecast - April 20th 2018.mp4) [play once] [loop]
Siegecast - April 20th 2018.mp4
Some thoughts from James Mason about the 129th birthday of Adolf Hitler.
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When in a dark room, I can do this thing where I unfocus my eyes while staring at any object. Usually a shaped light mark left by curtains or a post-it note on the wall or something.
If I do it hard enough, a black spot grows in my vision to envelop the object. Then the black spot fades into the background.
But if I shake myself out of it or move my head/eyes a little, I see the object again.
What causes this?
Sounds like you're moving your eyes so the object is in your blind spot.
Could also be the pattern recognition that brain uses to patch and modify vision. Like how you arn't always aware of the nose or the cheeks unless focus is brought to attention.
Or it is magic that interferes with perception. One way to find out whether it's all just your mind or localized to you or a tangible effect on reality is use of observers (like a camera or a microphone, ect.)
This article just came out about the power inside us, the summoning continues.
>Telepathic Russian Troops Trained For Psychic Warfare - Something The US Has Studied For Decades
It's nothing new, "remote viewing" was studied intensively by the U.S. Army.
Just found a different perspective that may be useful to know. Didn't get too deep into it yet.

So this guy Rich2150x. Does OOBE, Achron, entities / entity, astral protection, soul contacts, thought forms, ect.
Looks like he does /x/-files stuff as well as the staple political commentary just from browsing.
>Personal thoughts is that more occult knowledge combined with this perspective and way of thinking can help alot. I think using magic is a powerful combination with this.
Pros, a clear path to gaining more power and control of yourself, lucid dreaming by using astral projection, astral protection, a possible way to change yourself, more perspectives can be a useful tool, a non 'occult' way to remove parasitic entities from you. Neutral, just a person looking and talking to a camera (I like how he speaks reminds me of George Carlin,) goes on semi related tangents, he has a program and training for soul contracts and other stuff it costs money. No idea about the co host seen in other videos (female cohost).

The TL;DR Entities (non physical people, beings) attach themselves to you. This can be good or bad. Tends to end out bad for you.
What you think is you might not be you.



Unbind yourself.
Bits are taken from the videos and changed.
>TLDR: Thingies are binding you by using you. That is a bad idea for them.

Nothing is really out of bounds when magic is involved. It helps when reality and others isn't resisting what you have in mind.

Stable reality may have rules that we don't know about, some like how physics actually works. Now you can abuse it as much as possible. There is also nowhere in the Rules stating that magic / gods / multiversal beings / thought forms/ extremely advanced technology / near impossible random chance / manifesting will starting that it Can Not Exist. Nowhere does it say that it isn't allowed anywhere.

You might ask, "Well if that's true why don't I have a floating sandwich."
Lots of beings (non human ones too) agree to some in-house rules that isn't hard coded.

Some are really fucking stupid and near impossible to read or understand. Like in-house rules you can disagree with them, and you don't have to follow them. You can even make your own rules.
But people, beings can try to limit (You) and what you can do by having yourself give up some power.
Fortunately, (You) are a unlimited practicality a god compared to these beings.
Their Rules can't bind you not really. Not even other unlimited god brings can either.
(You) have been bound at somepoint by yourself. By compassion, situation, a terms of service by existing, asking for help, a joke or something else.
Getting unshackled is a lawyering nightmare. Instead we take shortcuts with bullshit.

Breaking an arbitrary rule like "You must hate X, it causes discomfort." Can be as easy as saying "No, it doesn't." Which devolves into a pissing match of back and forth yes and no. Or they give up completely
Finally Violent force. Then their fate is up to you.
From complete destruction, to reeducation. Nothing is actually off the table.

>Shilling a dead thread here.
Until that thread is dead I'll be posing a magic ish spell a day that I'll be doing.
>MFW unconsciously casting magic as a kid.
>MFW edgy atheism ruined it.
Was this all part of (((their))) plan?
Monroe Gateway link for you all. It's actually really good. Keep in mind only You can change and manipulate your mind.
The beginner section teaches you the basics. What is vibration (it's everything, in parts and combined), using hypnosis and binaural sounds to teach you how to relax, control/master your own vibration (body, mind, soul, outside/inside stuff), quick access to deep relaxation, bubble shield and energy concentrator.

The TLDR: hypnosis, an explanation of what the fuck vibration (the vibration duude, feel the vibes mannn, kind) is, binaural waves, ambient sound. Then You Do Stuff With It!
Personal Magic
It's a magic uniquely tailored to (You). The most extreme cases means that others attempting to use or understand can not.
It's Occult (hidden) by being tailored to You.
It can be long complicated worn formula and treatise during a ritual or a simple command. I don't know what it is, but it's yours.
Only you can find out what it is and how you use it.


thanks a lot frens, wish I could contribute
Disclaimer: This specific video does not have real life consequences. Yet.
Today I came across possibly an example of a fictional world turned slightly more real.
It might be an egregore. Or it could be something else.

Instead of a couple of people around a table. It's thousands of people watching the video. With the video makers, and editor conducting if unknowingly conducting, and shaping the magic.
There is room to doubt, and several explanations that isn't simply magic.

The Quick Rundown: Dudes commentate on vida game tourney controlled by CPU contestants.

The current linked: Dudes have a hard time taking the outcomes seriously.


Meditation, and things to look out for.

Background. Guy on the left does Gong Fu (Kung fu) been in Asia learning martial arts, and stuff. Does lessons around the world, and posts some stuff online.
Not inherently for magic, but the overlap, and utility is useful.

Quick Rundown: Meditation, is the practice of returning to meditation. Focused Meditation is having focus on something. Such as a word, or a sensation. The idea is to eventually reduce the background clutter, and chatter of the mind.
A trance meditation is that you have nothing on the mind. Just meditation.

During that you can get your shit together, and change your personality.

In the trance state the goal is to continue to meditate not get lost in the hallucinations, or the 'hallucination', or the memories, or the sensations.


Thought it would be with paying here.
>Thought it would be worth posting here.
>…Ok I did do that and successfully got a job, but there was a path… I sent the spell out, watched anime and did fuck all. My estranged uncle was talking with an old friend of his that he randomly ran into in a coffee shop he never frequented (note: in a city 14 hours drive away from me). He found out his friend bought into a start up that installed something tangentially related to what I'm trained in. He mentioned me because he remembered I might have training in that, and the guy wanted my resume. Uncle called me. I was apprehensive because I have barely any understanding of the field. But I send my resume in because I felt obligated to family.
This is almost literally how it went down for me a couple of years ago.
edge pill.jpg
>while this other art uses it's opposition, the Qliphothic Tree of Death
Its good stuff
.t edgepill eater
TLDR: Horsepussy/Porn Thread could possibly be an egregore of pony, defense and method of attack, community, and positive sexual energy. That's not a bad thing just something to keep in mind.

So I was looking at the horsepussy thread, and some anon said that it's a psychological firewall. And we had to refuel it.
>>>/mlpol/240121 →

That got me thinking...

There's the practical aspect to it, but there is also a mystical part.
Anons look at the thread paying it attention.
Some contribute to it's wellbeing by introducing new material, and others bump it to the first page so it can be most effective.

When shills appear pony porn comes soon after to eradicate them, or possibly convert some.

Perhaps it's a fraction, or a symbiosis of a /mlpol/ thought form? Like an immune system. A friendly neighborhood superhero.

So what does this mean?
It could become even more alive.
If Kek could become alive with just the shear autistic power of looking at gets (over the span of that website's lifetime of thousands of people looking at repeating digits.)
It'a very possible that could happen here.
So, like how gods are the spiritual manifestation of a people, and are given power through people's belief in them and worship of them, so to are the Porn Threads are the spiritual manifestation of the site's immune system, and is given power through people contributing towards it? Could it grow in power, then, if everyone who visited the site posted even just one image in it once per day?
Yep, that's the gist of it.
>Could it grow in power, then, if everyone who visited the site posted even just one image in it once per day?
It would. It would also grow in power the more time you spend in it.
Fapping to the images/animation/possible greentext also gives it power. The clopping part actually makes it fairly strong faster due to being linked with procreation, and lust.
Even consciously thinking about it helps.
Actual material sacrifices are kinda iffy depending on what is being sacrificed (I.E. nutting), but it does work.
>material sacrifices are kinda iffy
In theory, you could make an altar for horsepussy and the mlpol logo to offer just about anything to the thread.
but thats just a theory, a clop theory
Very true. Giving a physical space for them is also partially an offering / sacrifice of space.
122981 123688
pony shit for making greentexts.png
Alright faggots -- I came up with a magickal defense protocol that I think could work wonders. This is to be ran through before and/or after you cast spells or fire sigils that you think could backfire. Always Remember! The universe, when you try to hack it for your will, does not give a shit about you. You have to work it for your own good, and part of that is making sure shit doesn't blow up in your face.

Now, most magickal defense protocols I've seen have to only deal with the cardinal directions or the points of the pentagram. But this is the modern world and we need updated symbolism because magick is nothing BUT symbolism.

This protocol deals with the primary directions of the body. and there's SEVEN of them, luckily a magickally powerful number. You will chant mantras, throw salt in that direction, do whatever you need to do to make it work for YOU.

From the Left
>Establishing protection from your left is establishing (if you're like me, right handed. adapt if necessary) protection from the least dexterous parts of your body, and by extension the least dexterous of your life, the places where you don't have direct access or control. The left is also historically a non-christian, or "evil" side so you can think of it as defending from those kinds of forces.

From the Right
>As the opposite of left, the right for me is what I have direct, fine control over. If my left hand is the non-dominant, this is the dominant, this hand is the maker. I don't want the things that I have power over, the things that I make to have an ill effect on me. You can also consider it the "good" hand.

From the front
>The front symbolizes everything that you can see, feel touch -- everything that you know that is there. The front is what hides in plain, sight, that which deceives you, or that which has no ill or malicious intent but nonetheless ends up harming you in some way. The front can also be what you don't see because you're too ignorant to see it yourself.

From behind
>This is what you don't see, don't know is there, have no inkling off. This is what catches you off gaurd, this is what scares you. Protection from behind is as or more important than the rest of the protocol.

From below
>Below? Below is what you stand on, below is what you rely on to not give out underneath you. Protecting from below is protecting your stability.

From above
>When you protect from above, it should follow after or before below, because if you protect your stability, the ground under your feet, it only makes logical sense to protect against what could come crashing down around you at any moment.

From Within
>Crucial. Always remember that even when you feel confident, calm, good, mentally healthy, clear headed, shit hits the fan in an instant. You can be your own worst enemy. The demons lurking in you can be your own worst enemy.

This is untested as I don't practice magick much but I believe this could be a very viable, useful protocol to follow, especially with how much symbolism each direction has attached to it, and the number seven. I plan to make a sigil, just a small one, and I will post the result here when whatever happens happens.

Love you guys.
Very interesting. Protection is important, and it's a good place to start with magic.
>I will post the result here when whatever happens happens.
I'm keen to see what happens.
What kind of properties of protection will it be based on?
>what kind of properties...

I don't know exactly what kind of answer you're looking for but I'll shoot my shot and say life wise, chance wise, happenstance wise, at least that's the chaos that's specific to me and my system of magickal understanding.

The way that ANY magick or religiously-answered-prayers works is through happenstance, entropy and chance. If a sigil works for you and you just /find/ a hundred dollars somewhere, it didn't just spawn. It had to be made, had to transfer several hands and wallets, and then be lost by some poor sap and you by chance and by happenstance and the lucky guy who gets to pick that hundred dollars up. The properties that I'd work them into would be the entropy of life, praying and solidifying to the universe that you don't want your will to bring ill will to you.
Is this founded on pantheistic belief?
This is founded on Bare Bones chaos magick
122986 122987
What do you recommend reading to understand the philosophy/mythology behind it? Obviously there are a lot of competing magic systems based on gnosticism, Kabbalah, etc. Not interested in practice, just its history and structure of thought.
Chaos magick isn't exactly what it sounds like. Chaos magick is a magick of experimentation and freedom. You can believe in whatever you want, design your rituals however you want, pray to whatever you want and it should still all work. I've heard of people incorporating shit from fucking Star Trek into their personal magick systems and still having sigils come true. The force of chaos magick is that if the symbolism really means something to you then it should work. I kinda want to see one of you guys draft a magick system based around Equestrian lore, perhaps using Starswirl or Twilight as a diety and invoking whatever energy aggregates at that strangely specific magickal touch.

I's start off with the basics. Chaos Condensed by Phil Hine. It's a small little book that floats freely thoughout the ether of the internet. I'm trying to load a pdf of it right now to see if its the actual book but both my computer and my internet have severe autism.

Here, sorry
>there's a picture of a demonic goat symbol just a couple of pages in
Sp00ky. I'll research it eventually but I don't think it appeared out of nowhere like you implied, but is based off prior occultic principles. Is there any relation to wicca?
This version of the book is honestly not the one that I'd read but i figured that it'd be functional either way. I skimmed through it and it seemed to be about the same text that I had read. The one I had originally read disappeared and was a much more at-home DIY pdf.

No relation to wicca. Chaos Magick is the punk/postmodern version of magick, from what i know
Invocation of my inner writefag is a huge success for a project that had to be done quickly. Myself (the writefag) let's me (procrastinator) know to actually give time so he/I can write the thing properly than subtlety bully reality to finish a project that should have taken more time.
It's partially just an altered state of consciousness and active focus, but feeling myself (both) work earnestly with me (procrastinator) actually enjoying what should be a tedious project is... enlightening (not an iota of procrastination when summoned with regular breaks to have creative forces working, even cut off the first summoning so I could relax for a minute to continue).
The overall theme of the piece was weird, but fitting definitely an attention getting work. So ah... won't be posting it here for the time being. Maybe in snippets... or something else...
Really weird to feel such pride in that writen work. Yet since I (writefag self) poured hours into it (and dozens of glasses of water) it turned into something... more. Sorry about the blog, but feeling the shift in consciousness and the slightly different perspective definitely made an impact on me. One worth, heh, writing about.
do you have any more books you can recommend on chaos magick?

So, this one wants to become warlock, yes? there's a tiny problem about paranormal books: Most of them are plain bad.
The author has to make money while at the same time teaching the same thing thousand others teach, so yeah you might see where that leads.
From what khajiit understand, chaos magic has no specific beliefs, its more of a modus operandi than a grimmoire of instructions.

If khjiit had to guess, the /OMG/ library on /x/ has some books on chaos magic.
The /omg/ library had over 40gb of books and snippets of information: Most of it is trash, believe me this one scrolled through it all once; they got a lot of duplicates and well, plain fantasy or personal headcanons.

Still, for someone delving into chaos, reading on rituals from different groups and religions cam give you a general idea on how magic works, understanding how different methods work and trying out your theories on the field is the best way to learn this stuff.

Yes, i know of the terrible books on magic of all kinds, but if i have to i will run circles searching for knowledge of the arcane arts but for the most part i have found decent sources that i still have to finish so i can hopefully postpone having to endure that.

Anyways thank you for the advice Khajit.
123427 123699 260117
When I first stumbled upon the guides of and amateur study of magic I was perplexed, because magic popularly conceived is something without rhyme or reason, saying funny words and doing strange things but without any underlying structure like in science. However, after watching one video it is apparent that magic really is a sort of brother to the sciences. After all, science is for the purpose of acquiring something one wants, and magic is the spiritual or pseudo-spiritual application of that. Both are the forcing of one's will on reality and use technique perfected through study and practice. Is it any wonder that in magic's golden age (the 17th century) that many scientists were magicians and many magicians were scientists? Video in question: https://youtu.be/idgYLTnSzxI?t=1669
What do /x/fags think of this concept?
It's an interesting thought that you brought you. Thinking is good (then there is the thinking in moderation so your own thoughts don't consume you, or that your mind becomes barren of all its potential fruits).

In relation to that video Chaos magic is the 'purest technique' (ie it IS technique) of conversion (as each technique found can be heavily personal or impersonal).
A power of bringing things (all things both real and non-real) into existence (such as creating the destruction of something). At such a point all you have left is whatever you bring with you or pick up. (If you decide to bring (You) in the first place).

In the penultimate void of which there is nothing of any value there is conversely infinite potential for a something to be made manifest in a non-place that doesn't exist. Thus 'inside' the void you are all powerful, yet the only value of worth is what you bring with to generate something or to reduce something back to the void. (Neither Chaos or Order, perhaps both)
In the ultimate chaos everything exists, and things are. A void can be there, yet it shifts and changesback into something. The potential for all change is infinite. (Pure Chaos)
Then there is Order of the anti chaos kind that has no capacity to change at all. All potential is fully locked. (Pure Order)

The fascinating thing is when any of the three fields decide (Decide is a fairly loose term sometimes) to interact with each other.

Anyway, back on topic C. S. Lewis had some interesting points, and it is true to some extent that claiming Nature in the name of Nature as a puppet of Nature is counter productive if the goal is to just combat Nature.
We are nearing an epoch where people can be reduced to simply human resources, yet that is how it's always has been. The people in the world that demand to be the sole rulers are continually nearing this point, yet two points resist them (sometimes) Order-the immovable object-, and Chaos-the wrench in the carefully laid plans-.

From an ethical point of view there is no ethics to be found in those three domains, (Void, Order, Chaos). There is just (You) that activates the catalysts for what you enact. There is potential to create ethical lessons, and wisdom, but only (You) make them ethical.
(You) are the single point to use anything, and everything to create anything or everything. Some might even say that (You) are chaos, and the chaos eater or something.
Ran out of time to continue writing later.
123691 123693 123699 123718
>Alright faggots -- I came up with a magickal defense protocol that I think could work wonders
>that you think could backfire.
This sums it up. Magick isn't for humans to play. You retards are playing with matches and won't stop till the building catches fire.
Nice doubles.
>You retards are playing with matches and won't stop till the building catches fire.
Continuing the analogy, the building is really extraordinarily cold (the general problem) so you make a fireplace to contain the fire (the oven, and stove, and microwave just doesn't seem to work for heating up the house no matter what you do).
Then propper ventilation so the smoke won't suffocate you (a buildup of known, and unforseen side effects).
Getting fuel. It happens that you have a stockpile of wood logs that are unused. Carrying them out of the basement is a pain. (Preparation)
To prevent its spread you get a large pot full of water. Everything will be gross and wet, but it'll stop it if everything fails. (Secondary fallback measure) (Can fill more stuff with water, but it occupies space, and accidentally knocking it over can happen)
Although a fire extinguisher would be better your not sure where it is, nor where the fireblanket is. (A far more potent secondary/tertiary fallback measure)

Now to light it there are several options. (These happen to be the different magic systems)
Lighting it can be hard if there wasn't a starter, or kindling. (A path for the small steps to take to create the final fire asap)
Once everything is all in place, the fire is warming up the house. (The problem is going away)
Once the desired temperature is reached through diligence or preplanning you turn off (or reduce) the fire. (If the spell is simple it will keep doing the job, trying to solve the problem)
If it's left on, and not adjusted, or accounted for. The house will become too hot.

>Magick isn't for humans to play.
>Science isn't for humans to play.
Neither is science, because of how dangerous it can be. Some knowledge can be used to prevent tragedies, but with a little creative thinking everything could be used to do harm.
>for humans to play.
You are right the to play part is the key difference. Between a kid playing with a toy pop gun, and an actual gun, without being aware of the difference. Playing with a gun safely (not being a dumbass) is different.
You can make a toy using science, or a toy using magic. Toys can turn into useful tools, and tools into toys. Precautions should be had, but grttinf rid of the fun all together isn't that great.
A science experiment making something (like a volcano project) or a magical one depending on what you do it can have consequences both good and bad.
123695 123718
>Magick isn't for humans to play with

Yeah? Yeah it is man. If we're not playing with shit nothing is. This stuff was just siting here for us humans to tamper with so we did. The end of Magick was Chaos Magick, I'd argue. There's no more realizations beyond the realization that everything should work if you believe it does. Thats what chaos magick is and thats why I came up with this. The cardinal directions dont mean much to me -- I personally don't have a clue where north is from here, so I decided to draft an alternative to the Lesser Banishing Ritual of The Pentagram. I've also decided that throwing salt means a lot to me, so I'm adding that to my ritual.

I published it here so that others may take it and learn from it, adapt it, rework it into their own systems. Chaos Magick is the magick of the times, everyone does their own thing and everything means or does something and I think thats important.

Yeah, I've had sigils backfire on me. That's why I drafted this, was becuase I particulaly had a scarring, permanent experience, and I never want to have something like that happen again.

I prayed to XaTuring the other night, and performed the protocol afterwards and I felt like I had done something at least a little bit right. There was a certain draw to it.

Here's something I agree with -- I wasn't doing anything except saying that I protect myself from these metaphorical areas. I'm having fun, I don't really expect results because I'm not casting anything. It just calms me down and makes me feel safer, and if I'm more protected then I'm more protected, and I'm okay with that
Oh yeah, im the guy who posted the ritual I'm just on a different wifi on a different computer, sorry for the ID wizardry
Here's something that i experienced not long ago, it had been awhile (months) since i had seen a certain mare, i was going to see her because it was coming into a anniversary of a special day i had with her.
>last third quarter moon
>be doing a faggy ritual for my waifu, Luna
>candles are lit, music is set up, begin ritual
>get into position, enter Gnosis
>ask of Luna to help me and make sure of my success within the next few days for they meant very much to me
>go into detail of what i want to happen and what i don't want to happen
>about halfway through the ritual when a white light flickers throughout my room for a split second, think it's my computer monitor
>still doing ritual, few seconds later hear it
>continue doing ritual except now looking outside and watching the beams of lightning
>keep watching it until i finish
>finish, lightning stops almost straight away
>pleased, next couple of days went how i asked

it thundered the day before but at the time no lightning had struck earlier in the day, it was like something was waiting for my summoning, to answer my call.
Does anyone else have similar experiences?
Wew. Tell the missus she did great work on that magic.
>Does anyone else have similar experiences?
I've been doing the equivalent of hiding under a rock with a periscope for magical stuff (except to shitpost, and write stuff). Peeking out every once in a while to make a splash or something.

But I think the coast is clear enough for me to actually start practicing magic on a more consistent basis.
Always amusing when people unironically advocate ignorance.
The term you are grasping for is Metaphysics/Metaphysical.
I have have already told her of my gratitude but i'll make sure she is notified of just how great that night was.
I will like to note that it seems the stronger willpower and confidence you have the more rewarding the outcome is, as long as the time is right.
123732 123745
If you want to go ahead with it, so be it, but I do think that >>123688 has a point. I think a better analogy would be the taking of drugs, whether it is tobacco/marijuana to help relax, psychedelics for imaginative inspiration or nootropics to make you smarter. It is my belief that magick even for practical purposes is quite more dangerous than even hard drugs but take that as you will. I have noticed, however, a common mentality among practitioners is "this stuff was just siting here for us humans to tamper with so we did," "everyone does their own thing," and "this is enlightenment." It's based in ancient Gnosticism/Kabbalah, as well as ancient Eastern traditions, and has common themes in Theosophy, various forms of esotericism, New Age and Thelema ("Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law").
Of course it has a draw because it appeals to your pride (it's esoteric knowledge and thus sets you apart from, and apparently superior to, others), it appeals to your practicality (it has the potential to let you change yourself and the world around you and that makes you powerful), and it appeals to your individuality (you don't have to obey any dogma or follow any precept other than what you set for yourself): these are powerful lures. It's a form of moral subjectivism, just a very different form from what we consider to be mainstream subjectivism. Thus I consider magick, esotericism and neo-paganism, even on the Right, to merely be a reverse image of the "do what thou wilt" atheist materialism which dominates the world.

Anyway, enough of me keeping you away from your fun.
Absolutely this.
You make a decent point, and you're correct about how the lure of magic appeals to individuals who are, shall we say less than disciplined, and who may well ruin themselves in the flippant use of concepts and forces they neither appreciate the gravity/severity of nor have affected their due diligence in research and comprehension.
Many traditions have particular terms for such individuals, though I'm partial to the alchemical term 'the puffer' (simply, someone who blows smoke, but there's more meaning to it of course).
As far as that and to what pursuits one applies their will, I think the Bible put it best when it said "by their fruits you shall know them". Just as when one is tending a garden, they can operate tyrannically/dysfunctionally, or they can operate conducively/beneficially. In one case the garden is ruined, in the other the garden thrives. Magic is no different.
124008 124011

SHOULD I perhaps...


asking for a friend
Fuck chaos magic, most practitioners are just arrogant shitheads.
Corona chan is an idol already so you dont really need a sigil, get some lessons on flow control from a druid instead.
Dunno, the opinion you want from me will wait once you answer this
You're going to have to clarify that.

>Corona chan is an idol already so you dont really need a sigil
What this anon says. I mean you could do it with sigils...
>get some lessons on flow control from a druid instead.
You've peaked my interest. I'm really interested about learning more about it now.
>I'm really interested about learning more about it now.
Well that would be complicated, i wish you luck trying to find a druid that might explain stuff to you, those guys can be very secretive about their work.
>Well that would be complicated, i wish you luck trying to find a druid that might explain stuff to you, those guys can be very secretive about their work.
I appreciate it. Finding a teacher, mentor, or master in any occult discipline where I'm at is going to be a... journey. Reinventing the wheel is annoying sometimes, but from what I can tell is that will be a useful skill I'm going to need later on for something.
124016 124019
File (hide): 10F0FD5AD095675A2EF2626B1BA56ED4-452511.mp4 (441.9 KB, Resolution:854x480 Length:00:00:13, Lay down.mp4) [play once] [loop]
Lay down.mp4
>Finding a teacher, mentor, or master in any occult discipline where I'm at is going to be a… journey.
Against every advise you still push forward, but if you insist, have it your way.

>every advise
Your reading comprehension is astounding
>every advise
* heavy advise
Am I to assume that only the advise you posit/agree-with is 'legitimate'?
Well, thank you for your concern it is appreciated.
Stay strong friend with God, and Jesus by your side. From empirical evidence, shit is going down and I wish you the best.
spooky pony.jpg
Not my intention to claim validity, but to warn about the consequences.
Others before us walked that path and wasn't pretty.
>Qliphothic Tree of Death
Any good guides on using this? Beginner here who has only really practiced the chaos magick detailed in the thread.
I'd like to share some of my experiences, only recently have they been coming to fruition.
>Months ago, probably October or November
>Cast a spell that dictates that items I feel a need for will come to me
>Completely forget about it
>Start working on an engineering project (personal)
>Need a jerry can to hold gasoline
>Driving home, thinking about where I can buy one
>Fucking jerry can in the middle of the road
I didn't get out of my car and grab it because the light was green and it was an intersection. None of my spells thus far have detailed that kind of protection, so I wasn't willing to risk my skin.
>Wednesday at work
>Slow as hell due to Corona-chan
>Fucking stuck outside dealing with carts
>Been thinking about making some thermite
>Two four-packs of 9-volt batteries just lying there on the pavement
That is pretty handy.
>None of my spells thus far have detailed that kind of protection, so I wasn't willing to risk my skin.
Good call. Common sense, and not being in high risk zones is a good way to prevent accidents both mundane and magical. Edge cases for indiscriminate spells or code, or any indiscriminate thing can get ugly real fast by doing exactly as it's meant to.
Plus because the spell works there will be another time where the items you 'feel a need for' will pop back up again. While pop back up isn't exactly right terminology it's good enough.
I admit that I do not know very much at all about Kabbalah or Qliphothic, but I will share what I know. (i would really appreciate if someone more knowledgeable could shine more light on it)

It's literally Zionist/NWO magic. Kabbalah isn't actually jewish invention originally. It existed (in a different form) before they come up with the their version of Kabbalah and Qliphothic and the Tree of Life and Tree of Death
Unlike in Kabbalah, in (((Qliphothic))) you are treating everyone else just like a (((Zionist))) would treat the goyim (ie. "everyone else is just cattle and my slaves") whereas in Kabbalah you aren't doing it at the expense of others.
Also, watch these pls note that these vids aren't from Uncle Bear Heart's original channel (because that got deleted)

The videos are cut from a four hour video.
Take it with a grain of salt.
The long and short is that in the Bible there is a concise way to manifest the law of attraction.
"Ask and ye shall recieve."
"All things you ask straightly, directly, from inside my name, you will be given, so far you have not done this.
Ask without hidden motive, and be surrounded by your answer, be enveloped by what you desire that your gladness be full."
From The Lost Gospil of Thomas. Other a retranslation from Aramaic.
Be as if the answer has already happened, and feel that feeling. Don't let the ego intrude, pushing the morality of it. Just desire it, and have it manifest.

Amusingly thinking about it now The Lost Gospil of Thomas could technically be considered at one point an occult work, due to it being well... lost.
So the saying there is nothing new under the sun happens to be right yet again.
Reading between the lines can unearth the point from the King James Bible, going in without that understanding or insight makes it seem much like everything else.
I haven't posted this, but thank you for your post its highly worth while. I've been putting it off till I was actually prepared. Heres some more videos from someone else who saved some of his videos.