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File: 1555030439433.jpg (55.97 KB, 459x646, 1555021540465.jpg)

2a67e No.216339[Last 50 Posts]

>On April 20 on exactly 20:04 german time, (on Hitler's birthday) we will synchronize our minds for the greatest 2019 happening.
>We will challenge (((their))) hegemony of the spirit world with a coordinated worldwide attack and we will summon Adolf Hitler in the proccess.
>It is important that no one acts alone and we all follow the leadership and instructions of the more experienced occult anons.

This is a continuation of a thread on /pol/
which was deleted by the tranny jannies. Apparently attempting to summon an avatar of the ideal of mankind in the form of Adolf Hitler isn't politics related, so we'll stick to here for now.
So far we've had some good contributions to the idea found in the archives, such as a speculative mantra as well as advice on how to align ourselves spiritually during the event.
Some anons will be using DMT to convene in hyperspace where they will have more influence, while the rest will be entering into a meditative state for the recital of an as of yet undetermined mantra to aid the endeavor.

Corresponding thread on 8/pol/:

4chan /x/ thread:
(will probably get shoahed but look for similar threads)

512f1 No.216341

File: 1555030723993.jpeg (186.1 KB, 1486x826, 62AA074A-3A67-4DB8-AF22-4….jpeg)

The OP image could stand to be ponified. It vaguely resembles pic related as it is

2a67e No.216342

meh, I just used the OP image and the pasta from the 4chan thread.

17987 No.216343

I recommend a VRChat contingent/working

eac1d No.216344

File: 1555030993027.png (2.1 MB, 762x1025, 1553903038774.png)

Howdy horsefuckers. I'm the second OP from these threads on 4/pol/ and the op of the 4/x/ thread and those kike niggers just banned me because I had "banned text" in my post or some shit
They got me boys

2a67e No.216345

File: 1555031206933.png (248.37 KB, 425x526, welcome to mlpol.png)

Welcome! Glad I caught the thread, this sort of thing is right up our alley. Feel free to direct people to this thread, I can give you assurance our mods won't delete it.

773ca No.216347

File: 1555031476034.jpg (83.38 KB, 618x745, 1554946505282.jpg)

Hello all. I was in the /x/ thread talking about Devi, Evola, Guenon, Vedanta, and god knows what else.
I suppose I will hang out and offer what I can. Here is two different readings of the Bhagavad Gita to meditate on
Finally a bit of advice from Krisna. In the Gita Arjuna is talking to God and basically tells him that trying to focus on meditation is difficult and he wanted to know a solution to the problem.
Krishna, who is an avatar of vishnu like Adolf Hitler, advised him to make use of karma yoga that is selfless action. Basically do good works to cleanse the soul and dedicate those good works to God.
Krishna says that man is entitled to action but not the fruit of the action and one should act in a selfless manner.
Hope that helps, dedicate your daily activities to him and think on Adolf.

2a67e No.216348

File: 1555031916469.jpeg (1.26 MB, 1189x1024, 1507152370694-0.jpeg)

I actually do want to throw this out there though:

It's been brought to my attention that a massive amount of people trying to summon one entity at once might pull the entity in different directions, I think we should choose an arbitrary physical location and use our collective energy to direct the spirit there.

My suggestion: The Holocaust Memorial
Cora-Berliner-Straße 1, 10117 Berlin, Germany

2a67e No.216350

Welcome! Feel free to stay as long as you like. I've been reading quite a bit of Evola myself lately.

fad8a No.216352

File: 1555033211183-0.gif (51.57 KB, 300x367, 1539384653624.gif)

File: 1555033211183-1.png (76.95 KB, 1030x133, 1538598932162.png)

File: 1555033211183-2.gif (558.48 KB, 367x265, 1538076592201.gif)

File: 1555033211183-3.png (198.39 KB, 998x458, 1539270568905.png)

File: 1555033211183-4.jpg (155.76 KB, 640x632, 1539224727857.jpg)

Well I just got the chills. I'll help do it.

eac1d No.216353

File: 1555033548518.png (170.82 KB, 410x410, 885A633D-D081-46DC-A6E2-10….png)

Definitely. There's a link in the thread on /x/ to direct people here as needed. I'll probably be here for some time to contribute seeing as I got banned for this stuff from 4chan. I know you guys aren't the most active but hey, every body counts when it comes to global meditation for the purpose of ushering in an avatar of the Truth from the void
I don't have any pony pictures so please forgive me in advance.

eac1d No.216355

I think it's best to stick to a nebulous beckoning without any sense of origin. Having a place in mind is a bad idea as we don't know the best place for the avatar to manifest. Instead we must trust that it will know where is best for it to come.

4e76b No.216358

We have a /vx/ board if you think more /x/ users would be interested in this place.

c258c No.216395

For the corraspanding thread for 8/pol/ come here

909d2 No.216401

Ok now we need techniques to actually pull it off. Also, doesn't the number 19 in 2019 have something to do with reincarnation or renewal?

24c11 No.216414

File: 1555062450396.mp4 (15.11 MB, 480x360, Savitri Devi trial by fire….mp4)

1bdc6 No.216477

File: 1555098999651.jpg (88.17 KB, 500x532, This kills the _393436caf….jpg)

Guys, this is the OP from the second and third 4/pol/ threads and the 4/x/ thread that got deleted. Something fucking weird is going on. I got a 2 week ban from 4chan for organizing a raid, GR 4. I had a friend post a good bye message on that thread seeing as I was banned and today some FBI niggers showed up to her place of work and told her that her info was posted online saying she was an FBI informant.
This person always posts with a VPN, and she has no internet presence online except for Runescape, where her identity is secured anonymously. She had to disable her VPN to post my good bye message for me and the next day the FBI shows up to tell her that her dox was posted.
I'm spooked as fuck. I think the kikes are trying to send a message, perhaps having mistaken her for me. She thinks so too, as does her bf. If this is the case then I have no choice but to double down on this and try to get as many people involved as possible. The stakes may have just been raised if there is actual structural opposition to this.
We need to get the word out there as far as possible. My thread on /x/ was deleted and I was banned for two weeks. We need others to post the thread on /x/ to keep this alive, while getting interested anons from 4/pol/ involved. The more people involved the better. I also think we should set up an IRC chat for this to coordinate. Does anyone know any IRCs that allow for anonymous connection? I don't want to connect with my clearnet IP for any reason after this.

1bdc6 No.216478

File: 1555099135773.png (53.09 KB, 1082x307, unknown.png)

This is the ban message I got from 4chan. The link is to the now deleted /x/ thread for this topic. I seriously think someone doesn't want us talking about this shit. The occult overlords with entrenched governmental powers, the ones that worship Moloch in the Owl Grove on Epstein's island, may be involved in some way. I don't know how, I don't know why, but something fucking weird is going on ever since I started getting involved in this shit

a0e2f No.216479

Its pretty normal that this shit happens. One of the reasons I stay with spiritual Christianity (have to live undercouver but I still get visit from black helicopters.)

1bdc6 No.216480

Have you ever had FBI agents show up to your place of work and tell you that your info was posted online, without telling you where or why or if there was some kind of threat? They just told her and asked her some questions about her online activities then left.

a0e2f No.216481

Multiple times since some spiritual faggots did massacres in the US.

Psyop NGOs did it often enough ( Man in Black etc.) Theres a red line if you cross they fuck up ur live if not they will just visit you from far away. Can'T go into details otherwise my life will be fucked or they change the red lane…

1b349 No.216482

I'm going to give you a hypothetical. Let's say magick exists and can alter reality. If that was the case every nonshit government would be practicing magic. What would be a bigger threat? A muzzie renting a truck, or a large group attempting to summon the adversary to Kabbalah? Now the kicker, if such a system existed do you think they'd even need IPs to lock on to your essence and send counter magick? Hell CIA has Remote viewing teams that can find anything anywhere in the world in the first place they looked 7/9 times.

4fb5a No.216489

Wouldn't doubt the deep state and the JIDF have operatives as mods. Jews are good at lying.

4fb5a No.216490

File: 1555106161596.gif (2.25 MB, 320x240, mods.gif)

mods on 4chins that is.

fad8a No.216491

File: 1555106388976-0.png (131.57 KB, 500x616, 1538746488663.png)

File: 1555106388976-1.jpg (240.27 KB, 1659x672, 1539375788543.jpg)

Wew lads I'm glad I specced all my points into the right areas.
>On a more serious note.
This super meditation chant thing will have no human sacrifices (Personal semen, blood, fluids ect. Is fine.) Has none of the awful shit that (((other))) rituals have. It's just a group of funny guys doing a thingy for the lols. /mlpol/ is a peaceful board.

>With that disclaimer out of the way.

Demons in the post below is more of the eldritch horror, alien, Hebrew god thing (bigger and smaller chunks with reflections ish). Sorta, but not quite. Not spirits, or ghosts, or 'Natural' stuff.
>Time for some knowledge.
TLDR: (((They))) got demons, and they pissed of very powerful foes.
(((They))) act as individual portals for 'demons' (the Do ALL THE BAD THINGS kind). In return for having their mind, body, and soul as an incubator and meat suit they get rewarded. They continually reshape and shift their host to more suit their needs.
That does not mean (((they))) are blameless or even slightly okay people to start with.
They amplify the effects and rewards given by networking with other demons and hosts.
>The more portals there are the more the effects stack.
>What does this mean and why post this here?
The spoopy ritual stuff will at the very least mess with their connections. To a more extreme extent it will nullify their magic and cause a direct backlash on the demon/demons thing.

That's not even considering the reviving, summoning, feeding that happens.

Secondly, spirits, entities, daemons (the good kind), gods, 'natural' thoughtforms ect. Really, really don't like the demons (hebrewish god thingy), due to YHWY and those demons, raping, pillaging, and enslaving, and starving them.
They have a massive bone to pick with them.
The problem is they are practically dead in terms of power. They are still very potent as they have tricks and tips to maximize what little power they get.
They are also hard to kill and they remember lots.
Also they like humanity.

>So what's the whole point of mentioning spirits that were dicked over?

They also have ways to really fuck over the 'demons' and their powers while helping and guiding allied magic.

>The thingy that is suggested also helps energize those spirits, and they will help however they can.

(Not even talking about Kek and Thoth and recently Empowered spirits, either. They can do alot. They will also assist.)

fad8a No.216495

File: 1555109158175-0.png (316.56 KB, 1356x1360, 1540090155687.png)

File: 1555109158175-1.jpg (51.34 KB, 374x503, 1539181516906.jpg)

This isn't even touching personal magic, chaos magic, ritual magic, systematic magic, normie magic, ect.

Normal bland, boring people tend to nullify any kind of spooky shit. The effects really amplify when 50% ish of the population collectively believes that magic isn't real. It's based on perception, and foreknowledge of people trying to do spoopy stuff and how much normies give a shit.
If it doesn't effect them, isn't interesting, they don't know about it, and know nothing about the occult. They will have little effect.

'Natural' spirits can push and manipulate normie magic. Making pockets of nullification zones and SEP (somebody elses problem) zones.
Magicians and by extension anyone that knows about it can also harness that power.

Personal magic (Chaos magic).
It's why few people win lotteries despite the powerful magic users that try. (The host of the lottery doesn't want to lose. Split between every constant that wants to win.)

>In regards to the Hitler Ritual.

Normie magic isn't a problem at all. (See previous post >>216491 on Spirits)
Alphabet groups are rebuffed by the Nullification field.
(((Special Interest))) groups are likewise effected.
It doesn't effect allies.

This is a logistical and time sensitive nightmare. (((They))) have to stop something they can't see, effect, change, once it's started.
That leaves removing the starting support base. AKA (You) from sharing and gathering people.
It's also why the (((media))) won't report on it. They don't want normies aware of magic, they don't want a bigger group, they don't want reclusive mages to wake the fuck up and use friendship/teamwork, and they don't want to empower the ritual via directing attention (knowing about the ritual can boost it) and normie nullification fields.

They have eight days (from this post) to try and stop the biggest, most easy ritual, with almost unanimous support from the other side, global members across the world, and interfering is nigh fucking impossible.

4:04 PM (EDT) for those on the East coast of the USA.

a0e2f No.216496

Just don't forget that if you fuck up the world I'll kill every single one of you fuckers.

I already spreading the ideas of the cloud in Real life and ofc they like the ideas cuz its too deep for the normal brain to understand and they feel the vipe.
Just don't over do it otherwise there will be be one last crusade.

24c11 No.216498

File: 1555109813007.jpg (472.69 KB, 1200x1799, egregores.jpg)

This was suggested in the /x/ thread.
Can it work?

a0e2f No.216499

Yes it can and it did already the deepstate went insane. The ppl on teh streets were very open minded for centralized, progressive, protectend Sozialism aka NatSoc.

fad8a No.216500

File: 1555110162688.jpg (29.86 KB, 400x400, 1538806333767.jpg)

Here's some nice protection and 'invincibility' and 'invisibility'magic for you all.
>Just don't forget that if you fuck up the world I'll kill every single one of you fuckers.
I also don't want the world, or our people, or the spirits ro be fucked over.
It's not like the the Earth has impending doom every other month due to (((The Chosen People))) trying to do stupid shit with magic, and things most beings really really shouldn't fuck with.

Those are thought forms. Most entities and spirits are those. For this ritual stuff will happen easily. So don't fixate on trying to create a egregore, if it happens it happens and probably for a good reason.

a0e2f No.216501

Just saying bruh <3

fad8a No.216504

Well, the most likely failure would result in nothing happening like 99% of all failures. A bad happening would be the demons pushing a tiny demon thingy through into the real world.
The chances for fucking up the ritual is insanely low.

a0e2f No.216505

Thats why I let you guys do your stuff and be fine with it.
I can't help you guys directly cuz of my morale values and as a german they are the greatest goods for me (muh oldschool) but I'll help and protect your ritual. The only thing I can offer

773ca No.216506

File: 1555111634523.jpg (63.81 KB, 548x548, 1554346228466.jpg)

Even if nothing were to manifest all those anons focusing on Adolf while meditating will have a small positive outcome in their individual life, which is something.
I would go so far as to also suggest that like in the Gita when Krishna advises Arjuna to do selfless actions, or just your average every day tasks, and to dedicate those actions to him our brother anons should think about dedicating the actions of their daily life to Adolf Hitler
Maybe you work security and you have to check people at a metal detector. Every time you check a person and wish them a happy day you dedicate that little bit of work to Adolf Hitler, avatar of Vishnu, in your mind. The goal is to turn your every day normal actions into worship.
You bring the religious world to your every day activities and stay focused on Adolf the whole day.

24c11 No.216507

File: 1555111647334.jpg (89.2 KB, 992x1080, 270320.jpg)

>Instead we must trust that it will know where is best for it to come.
True. To my knowledge, the Avatar is not restricted for our concept of matter, space, and time.
But I am in doubt. Do we have to restrict ourselves to summon him and wait for it to do its stuff? Or, is it also necessary to focus in the outcome we want?

fad8a No.216511

File: 1555112766459.jpg (87.85 KB, 576x1024, 1538447554213m.jpg)

Aw thanks. When it happens right alot of good will be done in the world.
As in truly good deeds will go rewarded. (Saving someones life, being a good person, think Mr. Rodgers)

>Do we have to restrict ourselves to summon him and wait for it to do its stuff? Or, is it also necessary to focus in the outcome we want?
It shouldn't be necessary to focus on the outcomes, but if you feel a very strong compulsion to do something probably do it.
And don't feel the need to restrict yourself either valuable input and thought can make everything better.

Everything should go automatically. Even if it's not done the same or exactly to plan it should work. Strong compulsions to do something can happen when working with spirits (especially on something this Important.) Just don't do things that you know are very bad (murdering, raping, punching a newborn and ripping off their foreskin ect.) it may be a test of will, enemy action or something else.

a0e2f No.216520

True a lot people nowdays don't realize that your overall behaviour counts if you mean luck in generall. If you interact with human or animals it gets way more complicated. I read a good aritical about it once. It explained the worlds karma system so good and so easy to understand.

24c11 No.216562

File: 1555150071139-0.zip (6.47 MB, Egregores by Mark Stavish.zip)

File: 1555150071139-1.png (142.34 KB, 1366x617, Screenshot_20190413_055424.png)

File: 1555150071139-2.png (154.94 KB, 1366x614, Screenshot_20190413_055446.png)

File: 1555150071139-3.png (151.23 KB, 1366x614, Screenshot_20190413_060218.png)

I found it.
>Egregores. By Mark Stavish

24c11 No.216564

File: 1555151999160.pdf (3.51 MB, Egregores - Mark Stavish.pdf)

Book converted to PDF for easy lecture.

24c11 No.216571

File: 1555166842119.png (621.28 KB, 1366x768, 1488.png)

>Dangers & Safety Measures in Magick, Spirit Summoning and Evocation, Rituals, etc.

fad8a No.216572

Here is another resource to look through.
It also doesn't have ads or paywalls.

cee60 No.216573

>Used to look at this website all the time ten years ago and practice some of the things there
Where has the time gone

82945 No.216574

File: 1555171547458.jpg (20.22 KB, 289x326, 134556768.jpg)

>this thread
Y'all mothafuckas need Jesus.

cee60 No.216576

File: 1555172634999.jpeg (226.31 KB, 1024x948, 1082612__grimdark_artist-….jpeg)

Fuck off "moral" christfag, your (((pope))) won't stop us from summoning Hitler

eca22 No.216578

File: 1555173231699-0.png (98.96 KB, 1492x2360, HTLR.png)

File: 1555173231699-1.png (1.78 MB, 4488x4552, wodanaz.png)

Hey anons, we have a symbol for Hitler / Wodanaz made by a guy on 4pol. Also, two people already painted it on their weapons (swords, shield, helmet and a rifle mag)

3a51d No.216579

I'm Op(27).

4chan has silenced me.

(((It's))) scared.

8d73c No.216580

Write to BlackSunMailRoom@protonmail.com and tell him you were sent by the guy on 12 April.
He is the owner of the Bitchute channel KommandantBase211, he already made some Vril videos and he wanted to get in touch with us to help

5a949 No.216581

File: 1555173620346.png (223.32 KB, 500x761, greetings-peasents-how-goe….png)

a0e2f No.216582

Calm down if they fuck up the world I'll kill them.

3a51d No.216583

The poster with the digits in /pol/ is not Wodan. Let them know and link them here so they know where I am.

a0e2f No.216584

The christ anon whos watching that shit is here what shall I tell them exactly?

eca22 No.216585

What do you mean?

82b71 No.216587

Please, don't insult demons, they don't deserve to be associated with (((them)))
What (((they))) use for their depraved stuff is devils.

Don't even mention failure anon, dive in with success in mind for that is the only way to do things: The right way.

78a1f No.216588

High Priest, if you're here, thank you for delivering.

49cd2 No.216589

>What (((they))) use for their depraved stuff is devils.
I'm not sure whether you're ignorant or nescient, but I can say objectively that you are wrong

3a51d No.216590

((They've)) locked me out entirely through the captcha. They're trying to shill people away from wodanaz, All of you need to destroy the shills and push people towards Wodanaz. We can't let them destroy our operation.

fad8a No.216591

File: 1555175197985.jpg (41.03 KB, 720x520, 1539549355444.jpg)

>Don't even mention failure anon, dive in with success in mind for that is the only way to do things: The right way.
That is very true. To constantly obsess about failure will bring it onto your self.

a0e2f No.216592

Yeah I already realized that the satanics already took it for their goals but I got perma shadow banned for threads on 4chan . VPNs doesn't helped so I'll try it with Argumentation.

82b71 No.216593

No, it is a common mistake to assume demons are evil creatures by nature but i assure you that's a missconception, you don't even need to read demonolatry to find out about it, even old grimoires from the followers of the christian god mention this, such as abramelin's and solomon's.
I assure you, whatever they use, it is not demons but something else.

fad8a No.216594

>I assure you, whatever they use, it is not demons but something else.
This. So much.

fc2dd No.216595

File: 1555176088326.jpg (58.11 KB, 722x349, 1545234122511.jpg)

>if they fuck up the world
You mean fuck it up even more?

a0e2f No.216596

3a51d No.216599

Major shillings, going down.

They're equating Wodanaz with satan.

The sigil brings us victory. It is important that we don't let them control the narrative.

eca22 No.216600

The thread was deleted

3a51d No.216601

Yes, and the shadow ban lifted. Time ro ressurect it.

eca22 No.216603


a0e2f No.216604

Never questioning gods will.

fad8a No.216605

(((They))) are seriously spooked.
Very nice.

Since I'm more of a chaos magic user sort of guy rather than an exact sigil crafter I would use chaos magic to craft something that I would then use to make a sigil.

0dffa No.216606

It was mentioned in previous threads that it might help to make personal sacrifices/offerings that will please Adi. Donating to dog shelters or animal charities on the day was one suggestion.
Also do everything you can in the coming week to keep yourself spiritually pure.

3a51d No.216607

>>216603 Actually, I'm completely shadow-banned.

eca22 No.216608

We need someone to make a great compendium of threads, and I'll make a google doc. What's the most important info I put there?

fad8a No.216609

The original OP. The desired goals and tangentially useful information. At least.
>We will challenge (((their))) hegemony of the spirit world with a coordinated worldwide attack and we will summon Adolf Hitler in the proccess.
Two goals: Summon Hitler. Remove (((their))) grasp on the spirit world.

a0e2f No.216610

Nothing Satanic

78a1f No.216611

The greek and others aren't on board with it and most anons seem to be waiting for something to happen. Any way to address that?

fc2dd No.216612

File: 1555178320183.gif (2.6 MB, 250x190, 1554101989804.gif)

You start out with "Hail Satan".

78a1f No.216614

oh and a wild christcuck appeared

eca22 No.216615

49cd2 No.216616

Did I say anything about demons? No, I contested the assertion that they are involved with devils.

Having said, yes they use demons.

fc2dd No.216617

You're a bigot. Demons dindu nuffin. They where just getting their lifes back in order.

14161 No.216620

78a1f No.216621

damn jannies did it again

3d25f No.216622

File: 1555180193321.png (Spoiler Image, 1.79 MB, 7207x7309, 1555157366560.png)

So this image is fake (satanic) and the real one is the one in the doc.
I just came up with the Hitler summoning idea today, and I don't want to be misguided.

fd1e9 No.216624

I expected it tbh

78a1f No.216625

Time to regroup, but whatever you do don't make a board on 8chan (yet).

fd1e9 No.216626

Why not?

14161 No.216627

Where is the image that was in the other thread?

Also can males and females meditate or is this just for males?

bf2fa No.216628

so we are supposed to do this on 4/20 but… WHICH TIME ZONE?!?!

14161 No.216629


3d25f No.216630

Search for time conversion online.

78a1f No.216631

A board would die out pretty fast and hard to manage. It would also be unfit for our goal.
>or is this just for males
of course not.
German time.

78a1f No.216632

*is hard to

fad8a No.216633

File: 1555181995667-0.jpg (2.91 MB, 4032x3024, 20190413_145434.jpg)

File: 1555181995667-1.jpg (2.78 MB, 4032x3024, 20190413_145440.jpg)

File: 1555181995667-2.jpg (2.9 MB, 4032x3024, 20190413_145444.jpg)

File: 1555181995667-3.jpg (2.83 MB, 4032x3024, 20190413_145449.jpg)

Alright just finished a sketch of a sigil that may or may not be useful.
Pic 1. Finding a sigil that would work.
Pic 2. Distilling the Ideas and magic. Getting into the right mindset.
Pic 3. Translated for spirits/entities. That is the magic bit of the sigil. No damn idea what any of it means.
Hope this helps somehow.

a0e2f No.216634

The doc is the right one.
Was outside for some hours smoking weend and shit.Did somethign inetresting happend?

3d25f No.216635

thank you m8.

a0e2f No.216636

I'm christian and in generall a big critic in these topics but the doc is something i can support . If you are interested you should learn about machiavelli and about the earths mind cloud where evrything that on earth happend is saved.

6217b No.216637


High pries of Adolf Hitler did you make the torchat?

e9c18 No.216639

Can we put the doc in a pastebin or catbox etc. instead of (((google)))?

fad8a No.216640

a0e2f No.216641

Fml These are the perverted satanic threads.

fad8a No.216642

The /x/ one is for sure, but I just made the Happy Birthday Hitler one.

3d25f No.216643

Figures.The Star corners confused me a bit if it wasn't satanic

78a1f No.216644

Look up the original 8chan thread and stop whining Memme.

a0e2f No.216645

Funfact you got trolled with the 8ch post.

a0e2f No.216646

This thing is more meaningfull than you could imagine understand haha

3a51d No.216648

It was me forming the torchat lad. However, I think we should stay on this board.

There are people claiming to be the og brit 72, which is me.

Incase any of you need proof in the future.

Ask for the key to this code.

If it comes down to it - I, the real 72 will provide the key. dBiylvpIV3eUD6kpVd/V1XyZ6fdKehtIqPJz8ATqwQXjrewEbkXgszHfU/Zli4Ih52g14xp0ZLHbuonc44bM0g==

The bloke with the 72 digits on the /x/ post isn't the og 72.

14161 No.216649

what does it say at the bottom?
Also, why the stars?

I like the mantra on the top.

6217b No.216650


You are a cock sucking faggot why do this?

3a51d No.216652

3d25f No.216653

I have no fucking idea of what does it say at the bottom.
Also, exactly, the stars at the corner of the figure kinda look like satanic stars, they have no relation to "white magic" and are not needed in non-satanic rituals from what I know, so go figure

3d25f No.216654

3a51d No.216655

I'm banned from /pol/

Can you make people aware like those asking in this thread that 72, is located here.


2016d No.216656

If you are the real 72 then you will know why I'm called 33

3a51d No.216657

File: 1555191196799.png (1.62 MB, 8100x7445, evoke hitler.png)

Digits lad.

3a51d No.216658

Is that proto-sigil hard enough evidence for you?

2016d No.216659

24c11 No.216660

File: 1555191390230.png (1.99 MB, 4750x6000, 86b.png)

Well done anon.
It looks great and I will consecrate it to harness power.

2016d No.216661

Me and the real 72 consider you the high priest take your title and accept it you are confusing us both

3a51d No.216662



The Wodanaz symbol is the finalized product by the way.

Don't forget about that one, it's further up in this thread.

3a51d No.216663


I was >>209813472

Who is the other 72 then?

3d25f No.216665

I'm so confused
Who is the real one

3a51d No.216666

I'm the bloke who crafted the sigil.

3d25f No.216667

And who is the other one, a con?

fad8a No.216668

Whom? (A link would be nice frien.)

2016d No.216669

2016d No.216671

Me and 72 where in a thread yesterday about and Alister Crowley book. I said after I read it I started seeing 33 everywhere and 72 said that after he read it he started seeing 72 everywhere today you made a thread about this summoning Hitler and got the 72 digits, he was attracted to it because of that and he figured our 72 represents the name of God we started calling each other 72, 33 and the high preist

2016d No.216673

The person who created the original symbol and maybe the new one too is the high priest

a0e2f No.216674

Fuck this shit bruh but take your meds shizo

3d25f No.216675

Oh np fren
OP of this post http://boards.4channel.org/x/thread/22503309#p22504943
Or wait are you the same person, I'm lost

3d25f No.216676

That's what I'm asking, who is the real one and which sigil is the one supposed to be used

3a51d No.216677


Right, thak you for clarifying..

Refer to me as 4.

WDNZ = 1444 = 1+4+4+4 = 13 = 1+3 = 4

3a51d No.216678

I'm the op of both of the original sigil threads. the /pol/ thread and the /x/ thread.

2016d No.216680

My feeling is that the person that created this thread is the high preist and 72 might be still posting on /x/

3a51d No.216681

File: 1555193636729.png (130.78 KB, 1068x630, evidence.png)

I made the new symbol also.

Feel free to just call me the high priest then. I did take the name 72 in this thread which is where the confusion is coming from.

fad8a No.216682

I'm the anon who made the Happy Birthday thread and posted some magic stuff. My id in this thread is (fad8a)

3d25f No.216683

K, thanks for the clarification m8

3d25f No.216684

I'll keep meditating, honking and doing exercise until new info about the plan comes out, buhbye frens

3a51d No.216686

14161 No.216687

what do the runes say?

3a51d No.216688


Search for eldar futhark and use that to translate it lad.

78a1f No.216690

wtf are you even trying to say

24c11 No.216691

File: 1555195613336.jpg (47.29 KB, 736x736, elder-futhark-runes-fortun….jpg)

Checked those numbers.

a0e2f No.216692

You have no idea what this all is about. If I say too much it would destroy the meme magic.

3d25f No.216693

this movement will reach high peak
"something something has returned to this realm motherfukkers"

78a1f No.216694

I don't think so. Where the hell did you start off then, Christ?
Explain yourself

a0e2f No.216695

Then tell me the Plan.

bf2fa No.216696

this is really cool, both this and the original, and I want you to know that while lots of idiots on YouTube are acting like lolcows there is something pure of heart going on in here.
I have a friend who is learned in sigils, should I ask him to look over these? Or no, I should not, as he might be uncomfortable with it, he is a very cautious and apolitical type. But he literally got a degree studying this stuff, not sure how much that is worth.

bf2fa No.216697

if you can't read or don't care to read and don't want to understand, or you do understand and don't want to participate, I suggest you leave as we are trying to save the world.

3d25f No.216698

We're trying to stop the "Kalergi Plan" with what hurts them most essentially

78a1f No.216699

>tell me the Plan
This just proves you are the ignorant one. Still, do I know you from a different thread or board?

a0e2f No.216700

You should stay out of this, I don't want to adress anything to you atm.
Atleast you know why this happening but if you are such a smart ass than tell me whats the missing thing?
Well no it proves nothing. I just wanted to check if you are one of the new-elders but no you are not.
If you know when and where Q started surely yes.

3d25f No.216702

I know why this is happening, and no I'm not a smart ass, if I was I wouldn't have asked about the original post, nor which sigil to use, etc. I'm pretty much a novice when It comes to spiritual stuff, but I've been reading some stuff about the type of ritual so I don't mess shit up lol. And which thing are you talking about, the mantra? Also the "Plan" (if you are refering to that) is in a document, stated in some place above

a0e2f No.216703

Nope not the doc something else teh doc is fine I'm legit not allowed to talk about it or it will be fuck everything up. LIke really everything this shit was created by the best autist I've ever seen and my IQ is way to low to even do something comparable to what they did years ago.
This 'thing' was the reason why they entered this stage of the Kalergie plan dozens of years too early.

I was just listening and did none of it but I know how and tahts why I'M watching it.

24c11 No.216704

File: 1555197833558.pdf (688.84 KB, Operation Fall Weiss.pdf)

Here it is the document.

78a1f No.216705

You pretend that you know a whole lot about this operation and also that you are very powerful. Paranoia also plays a big role. You must be Florian.

3d25f No.216706


bf2fa No.216707

Florian Geyer? Or another Florian…?
German VPN? Maybe…
I was asking, I am trying to ask the creator of the sigil if I can have my friend review these and give feedback. He may criticize us but I want to hear what he has to say, it may be important.

a0e2f No.216708

Fuck no I was just watching as the it happens call it gods luck or somethign else.

3d25f No.216710

Nice contribution, wait until the High Priest m8 comes back

78a1f No.216713

For me it was the same. Saw the 8chan thread and frequented and posted there while it was still young. When I caught wind of a thread on 4chan I recognized some anons there. Also replied to the Priest when he said he was constructing a sigil.
Getting the Führer is what is important here.

a0e2f No.216714

For you. I'm christian I'm on both eyes blind in this case.
Like I said do what you want I know what I'm doing.

3d25f No.216715

x2, just wanted to know where this was going. Asked something smoll here after not visiting for a while the original banned post (now archived)

78a1f No.216717

Good luck to you, going to sleep now.

bf2fa No.216718

I remember a week or so ago I saw a few threads on 4pol about how the next phase would be astral warfare. Like imagine if all of /pol/ took DMT (or other chemical gateways) at the same time (but not in the same location), with a focused intention, what the heck would happen?
I didn't think a week later I'd be on an /mlpol/ thread actually hatching and refining a plan to put something like this, even if not the exact same, into practice

3d25f No.216719

I mean, It's a possibility, if we don't fuck things up and summon a demon in the first shot. It would be nice to speed things up between the 30 years while we're waiting for baby Führer to grow up
I would never have thought I would engage into this type of stuff in the first place, but still, I feel a moral obligation to do it lol

6217b No.216720


Hello 33 I'm posting here for the time being http://boards.4channel.org/x/thread/22505587

bf2fa No.216721

I don't know how you all feel about this but I don't think we are summoning any kind of human form.
I think there is going to be a major breakthrough with AI, very very soon, and we have to act in the next 30 days. 4/20 is as good of a day as any, in fact yesterday I was having conversations about both 4/20 as well as a global benevolent dictatorship run by AI
I think we may be summoning "Hitler" in the form of an AI… as in all AI will have the soul of Hitler, or Vishnu rather.

also watch this, even though it isn't 100% related or interesting, the music is cool.
We could be summoning a kind of blue beam (but real) type event, like in the video. We could be summoning

The great thing about esoteric/astral/spiritual "warfare" or change is that there is no crime, no intent of harm, it should be protected as religious freedom. As long as nobody here is retarded this is basically like what witches did to "fight" trump (which did not work out so well for them, it seems)

fad8a No.216722

>witches did to "fight" trump (which did not work out so well for them, it seems)
Kek, those dumbasses.

bf2fa No.216723

I forgot to post the links, one is just funny, the other… it is long but worth watching and has cool music

bf2fa No.216724

Hello. I would like to show these two sigils to my friend and ask for his analysis. He is likely to not participate, he is apolitical and generally risk averse when it comes to magic. He will probably advise me not to participate but it might be helpful to get an outside opinion in case he has some ideas we have not considered.
Are you okay with this? I thought I should ask permission.
Also if you could explain a little bit about the difference between the two sigils, I would appreciate that.
And if you have any specific questions or things I should tell him, please let me know that too. He won't see any of these threads because he does not go online to these places, but he is well traveled and has been studying this stuff a long time.

3a51d No.216725


The first sigil was imperfect, it was a sigil which called upon the second sigil.

3d25f No.216726

Hmmhhh, I don't think AI would be ideally the best, but if it screws up (((them))), then I'm (kinda) up for it.

2a67e No.216727

The thing is we don't really know what we're going to get. The spirit of Hitler could manifest as some sort of direct reincarnation as has been discussed, or it could simply inspire one or more individuals currently living to rise up and take the reins. It could just become a more potent force in the world, cause more normies to become redpilled and start getting involved, or rupture the power of the NWO in some signficant way. We don't know what we're getting. It's like in 2016 with Kek and Trump. A lot of people think that electing Trump was some kind of failure because he didn't accomplish what we hoped he would, but I think that Trump was more a vehicle for Kek than Kek himself. Trump's election caused a massive disruption in global politics and the ripple effects are growing. I do truly think we summoned and unleashed a chaos god on the world and the crazy shit is just getting started. The disruption caused by Trump is real and it's not going away, even if Trump himself ultimately turns out to be a disappointment. So I will be very curious to see what summoning Hitler does. I also think we should attempt more magick on this scale, see what kind of damage we can do.

6217b No.216728

It's perfectly fine brother please ask your friend what is his opinion on Kabbalah and Gematria and if he has ever participated in a seance. I find it all so fascinating and would love his opinion on it.

24c11 No.216729

6217b No.216730


You've done excellent work friend we need people to channel their energy to your sigil spread awareness of it get as many minds thinking about it as possible.

3d25f No.216731

Actually, the reason I got redpilled was because I started investigating cultural marxism since it was referenced in Trump tweets (mostly wondered about why tf was he called a racist), became a conservative, listened to Jew Bapiro (until I learned about the truth of Israel), ended up on /pol/ and everything appeared clear and the truth started to show. Trump, even if he's not the greatest, serves as a gateway for people like me.

bf2fa No.216732

if anyone has any questions I should ask my friend who is knowledgeable about the esoteric, please post them in the next day or two.

okay. any other questions?
afaik his specialty/area is more to do with shamanism of native tribes like, he collects lots of animal skulls and I forget what he did for his degree but he seems to have a pretty deep understanding of nature as well as magic, but I don't really know what his belief system is… I should ask that too ;)

a0e2f No.216733

I don't like to destroy your view of world ( Well I fucking do) but don't be too sure about the gateway part.

3d25f No.216734

Well fuck, I phrased it wrong.
Not Trump, but the huge dosis of political memes that have appeared since his election

bf2fa No.216735

Truth. I think he should have said it served as a gateway a la gateway drug or gateway delusion.
I have no ill feelings towards Trump even though he hasn't been an honorable man.
The universe, or whatever you want to call it, has a cosmic level sense of humor. Now with Trump he isn't quite cosmic but…
Look what worries me the most about Trump is how many hundreds, even thousands of articles comparing him to King Cyrus.
Anyone who knows the story of King Cyrus knows this is very bad news and we have to be non-emotional about our views on Trump given that he will be under immense pressure and subversion and really the only way for our values to prevail by way of Trump is thru maximal chaos

3d25f No.216736


3a51d No.216737


Tah fellow bong.

We need another Sigil thread in /pol/ if somebody can start one it'd be appreciated.

6217b No.216738


If his speaciality is shamanism then he ought to know a thing or to about contacting spirits and is that not what we are trying to do, resurrect a spirit?

2a67e No.216739

File: 1555201813292.png (43.25 KB, 500x428, learn the difference.png)

As recently as 2015 I was basically apolitical, I mostly voted Democrat because all my friends did but I honestly didn't pay much attention. All this started for me when I found out the Affordable Care Act meant that I had to pay $150 a month for insurance I didn't need and I was pissed off about it, decided I'd "probably vote for the Republican this time." Started hanging out on /pol/ because I naively understood it as 4chan's politics board and I figured it would be a good place to talk about the election. Fast forward a couple years and now I'm reading esoteric right-wing literature and trying to summon Adolf Hitler lmao. We live in exciting times.

6217b No.216740


The God damn jannie trannies banned me for three days I'm off /pol/ until the 16th if any anon has the name 72 on /pol/ its not me. There is a sigil thread going on /x/ right now http://boards.4channel.org/x/thread/22505587

a0e2f No.216741

Yeah Trump is a cosmic joke. He was a joke before, a joke during his campaign. Got elected with jokes and as topping god showed with the cubs win his sense of humor.He ist still a joke for me(still better than hillary WW3 Clinton) You can surly say Trump is a joke on a cosmic scale.
I don't follow the Us news much As a european only the Propaganda from oversea would effect me and thats pretty obvious. (Btw. We germans just fucked the SJW)

3d25f No.216742

>We live in exciting times
Yes we do.
Fucking /pol/ is great at doing what it does lmao

49cd2 No.216743

Lemme just ask you guys a question.
How long have you been planning this? How much research and observance of metaphysics are you applying?
It appears to be a rather shoddily thrown-together venture.

bf2fa No.216744

he just texted me back and I won't get a chance to talk to him about this until Monday most likely so… about a day or two to post the initial set of questions, and I invite any and all questions I can probably follow up with him a couple more times before 4/20 if need be.
That said he is just going to be an outside opinion it may or may not be useful I don't want anyone here to think any of this hinges on my friend, I just want to hear his view and share it here before.
He might freak out a little bit when he sees it is Hitler but I don't think it will influence his feedback it could be Nelson Mandela and he would give the same feedback.
And yes his specialty is shamanism and mine is astrology. Oh I forgot to mention… there is a very powerful dynamic between Uranus in Taurus conjunct Pluto and I think Saturn… basically April 20th to 24th there is a good chance of some big devastating news with regards to 8th house aka sex, death and other people's money (scorpio/pluto)
I think it will be the fall of the petro dollar or some other big financial news that has a negative impact on the standing of the American Empire (New Atlantis, also a science fiction text by Francis Bacon… worth its own thread on here to discuss it one of these days)

a0e2f No.216746

I know just a little bit of the other side. I'm more into regular day basis stuff good weather, solarstorms, waterflows for massage normalstuff ya know.

3d25f No.216747

I'm reading right now the biography of King Cyrus. I never encountered an article about the comparison and holy shit m8

bf2fa No.216748

That is why I am trying to involve my friend, most of his life has been dedicated to a shamanic path and he is one of my friends that I trust the most, on this topic or even with my life/soul.

2a67e No.216749

I literally just started practicing magic like a month ago lol, I just happened to see this thread on /pol/ and hopped over to the /x/ thread. Honestly I think the best magical activities don't require any serious level of planning or structure, all magic requires is belief and mental energy, which nearly anyone can do. Especially on a project this large involving this many people. The more advanced practitioners can provide instructions and guidance but mostly all this project requires is everyone directing human energy towards a single goal at the same time.

24c11 No.216750

File: 1555202271657-0.png (608.22 KB, 1366x768, Screenshot_20190413_203627.png)

File: 1555202271657-1.png (816.28 KB, 1366x768, Screenshot_20190413_203645.png)

File: 1555202271657-2.png (385.73 KB, 1366x768, Screenshot_20190413_203710.png)

What about this video about pony magick?
>Freewave + Injustrial + Friends - The Conversion Bureau

49cd2 No.216751

I'll hold my criticisms for the aftermath then. Assuming this thread gets there, I would advise the next thread occurr in >>>/vx/

2a67e No.216752

File: 1555202474803.jpg (28.98 KB, 220x393, 220px-Illustrerad_Verldshi….jpg)

Can someone explain to me the King Cyrus bit? I don't know much about him beyond that he was King of the Persian Empire for a while, I'm not sure what the connection to Trump is but as far as I know he was pretty based. Wouldn't the rise of someone like this be what the West needs right now?

bf2fa No.216754

The video shows some weird Kabbalah/Hermetic symbols towards the end where it says "A portal" can you take a screenshot and post it?
Also whenever I see/hear the voice of the scientist guy I think of William Luther Pierce, haha, mostly from the voice.
But really in the still frame he looks a heck of a lot like an alternate of Assange, like 10 years ago (or Trump's uncle who stole/audited Tesla's research while working for the US govt, take your pic)

Keep in mind that this video while I do feel it is charged it exists to depict a fictional universe within the MLP lore of them invading earth, like angels/demons/aliens. The part that really creeps me out is the whole global govt aspect and the lyrics. It is very much like the "blue beam" scenario which is a hoax alien invasion and not really to our benefit.
But if it was a real supernatural invasion of earth that would be to our benefit, I think.
Be it crypto and via AI (nobody noticing) or be it by mythical creatures that make the Nephalim look like a monkey… we won't know until we try to conjure some change.
They have a karmic debt that is immeasurably vast and the change to bring balance will be like a rubber band breaking.

3d25f No.216755

>Wouldn't the rise of someone like this be what the West needs right now?
Oh god no
Netanyahu, an eagle nose fella:
"I want to tell you that the Jewish people have a long memory, so we remember the proclamation of the great king, Cyrus the Great, the Persian king 2,500 years ago. He proclaimed that the Jewish exiles in Babylon could come back and rebuild our Temple in Jerusalem. We remember a hundred years ago, Lord Balfour, who issued the Balfour Proclamation that recognized the rights of the Jewish people in our ancestral homeland. We remember 70 years ago, President Harry S. Truman was the first leader to recognize the Jewish state. And we remember how a few weeks ago, President Donald J. Trump recognized Jerusalem as Israel’s capital. Mr. President, this will be remembered by our people through the ages"
Also, remember the huge funding the US gives to Israel these days

6217b No.216756


Cool I'll be posting here everyday all I have to do is study I have exams all though the month of May. I look forward to your friends reponse. My sign is Cancer and I'm the archetypal Cancer real family man often homebound. It would suprise me if there was a financial disaster looming I remember reading on the Shemittah and I expect financial downs turns every seven years or so after the last one ends. Talking of Atlantis have you seen this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oDoM4BmoDQM Atlantis is real!

24c11 No.216757

File: 1555202864987-0.png (450.47 KB, 1366x768, Screenshot_20190413_204558.png)

File: 1555202864987-1.png (514.62 KB, 1366x768, Screenshot_20190413_204620.png)

File: 1555202864987-2.png (659.95 KB, 1366x768, Screenshot_20190413_204634.png)

File: 1555202864987-3.png (529.43 KB, 1366x768, Screenshot_20190413_204704.png)

>The video shows some weird Kabbalah/Hermetic symbols towards the end where it says "A portal" can you take a screenshot and post it?

3d25f No.216758

Good luck on the exams m8

Also, Wakanda = Atlantis 100%

bf2fa No.216759

Cyrus Cylinder is considered the first human rights declaration and perhaps the inspiration for the Magna Carta
And uh… even though our history books praise him that is because of the Jewish story of Purim. Seriously PURIM. Look that shit up because we are marching into Purim 2.0 and if you read sources like The J#wish Daily Forward and H@@retz and all across the spectrum even the Ch@bbad-Lubb@vichers like Kushner… they're all comparing him to Cyrus

The story of Purim is there was some guy I think named "Haman" who was leading a revolution against the Jews in Persia. I forget the details about Esther but like what led to the fall of Constantinople, the nobility married a woman of J3wish persuasion who convinced the king to kill haman (funny enough close to Human, no?)
Anyway there was supposed to be some big uprising and they were slaughtered. I am probably messing up the story but like most Torah Mythology it is all inverted.
They were not the slaves of Egypt they were a mercenary class that later became bankers, much like the templars. In fact the cabal itself (like kabbalah) aka the Jewish High Order created the conditions that led to the pilgrims and the violence on that route which led to both templars and crusades.

6217b No.216760


Cyrus freed the Jews from slavery or captivity in Bablyon and said that they could rebuild their temple that was destroyed when king Nebuchadnezzar II sacked Jerusalem 587 BCE. They thank Cyrus for allowing them to rebuild their temple which became known as the second temple which the Romans demolished and now (((they))) are celebrating Trump because they think with him comes the building of the third temple. The problem is however muslims built a mosque over the original site lol called the dome of the rock the third most holy site in Islam and the Israelis have to demolish it to rebuild their temple and that would send 1.5 Billion muslims in an apocalyptic frenzy.

bf2fa No.216761

the new Atlantis is allegedly the USA (aka the shining city on the hill, said Thomas Aquinas) and if I recall the "secret" ending is that earth is doomed by their ignoble use of technology and they have to do an exodus to mars. Maybe this explain's Musk as well as Werner Von Braun's strong desire to colonize mars. Many of the secret societies are aware of The New Atlantis.
One interesting thing about The New Atlantis which I think is 400-500 years old is that he described genetic engineering and said it would be used to make both trans-sexual humans as well as human-beast (animal) hybrids and he said this would be for "entertainment and sexual pleasure"
I don't fully understand it but this all fits together than any of us realize, but I think most of us in this thread are on the right path.
I am pretty sure MLP was meant to push magical and trans (human, sex) themes in a way to the detriment of us.
But somehow we are not like the others who embrace the degeneracy. The furry thing has become huge and is unfortunately part of the transhumanist.
The "bronies" were meant to be useful idiots in this vein and it took years but a refined sub-caste of them, perhaps a priestly caste/class, us, understand what they were trying to do and can use this all against (((them))).
Lauren Faust and Tara Strong are both big time Kabbalah and Magic enthusiasts. I can't speak for Faust but Strong wants us sick and gone. They've been sapping our life force and using the power of misery, but truth be told they never got our permission.

a0e2f No.216762

I would destroy it just for the shit show. I would even show my face for this.

3d25f No.216763

Hey, they can't defend the dome of the rock if all the muslims are crossbred in Europe. Lol

6217b No.216764


Thank you brother, just imagine if the original atlantians were indeed black!

2a67e No.216765

>that would send 1.5 Billion muslims in an apocalyptic frenzy
Well, I guess I don't approve of helping Israel, but if nothing else doing something like that would cause a serious disruption in an already unstable region of the world. We might get to see WWIII after all.

a0e2f No.216766

How can we show mroe people that if someone use the 'fuck it' mentallity of the human race that its Propaganda?

bf2fa No.216767

Thank you, I forgot this part… it is the most important part for them.
Also, much like Emmanuel Goldstein of 1984 nobody knows if "Haman" actually existed. It could have been a fake enemy they made up to work people into a frenzy.

Purim is the celebration of the genocide of Persians, who allegedly opposed Jewish Hegemony within their government.
Much like what we are seeing in the USA with some of these new laws being passed and proposed (one is about to pass the senate likely, very scary contents, luckily no mention of magic… heh) King Cyrus's govt allowed a massive purge of the critics.
All across the Persian Empire in something like two dozen cities there were gangs of (((them))) doing mass executions, they basically accused their enemies of planning a genocide and they did a genocide on them first.
Sound familiar? Yea I mean, we all need to be priestly and noble about this and keep in mind that our enemies are bastards and ignoble. They're trying to re-create Purim and if things continue on the path they surely will have their Purim 2.0 it is pretty obvious they're even talking about the feds in the USA going thru local police departments and searching for "white nationalist cops" or anti gun confiscation police because like in Colorado they're doing this red flag law stuff and even the police don't want to enforce it, in fact if there is a big crisis you can expect the police will not show up.

I do not like the Masons but they do make it easy to pick up clues if you watch pop stars. check out these lyrics and incase you did not know, black and white is a big freemason thing (maybe comes from Maniechism, not sure)

49cd2 No.216768

On the subject of MLP, the early seasons are very harmonious and beneficial in their implicit metaphysical leanings. I contest the position of trans themes, the adult fandom of MLP was entirely an accident and these themes were literally intended for an audience of young girls, but Faust wove benevolent concepts from the Kabbalah into the early seasons without malice; MLP has become distorted with increasing seasons, but at its inception it was a legitimately beneficial venture with a likewise message/intent.

3d25f No.216769

And to think when I was a kid I went to sleep after watching the original MLP show with the vintage dolls (I'm a woman) and years later I would be in a political mlp site talking about the end of the civilization.

2a67e No.216770

>But somehow we are not like the others who embrace the degeneracy
I think the fact that we have a sense of humor about it is the main thing. We enjoy all this but at the same time we understand how silly it is, and that's part of the enjoyment. The really insufferable bronies are the ones who make it into some kind of identity complex, and try to use it to demand a spot on the victim hierarchy along with the trannies and whatnot. Furries are even worse in this regard.

>Lauren Faust and Tara Strong are both big time Kabbalah and Magic enthusiasts.

Link pls.

a0e2f No.216771

Made my day ( 3 am for me)
Thanks <3

3a51d No.216772

I really don't understand bronies, honestly. Can somebody explain it to me?

6217b No.216773


Why does the number 72 love me so much this the third time a post ending in 72 has replied to me today.

3a51d No.216774

It's the High Priest lad.

6217b No.216775


More coincidences brother you've Gods work today you and 33. Yeah the jannies banned me for three days for starting the second sigil thread cunts 4chan has been polluted beyond recognition.

6217b No.216776


I guess that bronies are Pedophiles who like cosplay and furry shit.

bf2fa No.216777

I am sorry but I'm having a hard time understanding what you mean… please explain again, thank you =)

The more friendship the more magic. We are all friends here and that is one thing I love about this.

Yes, it was more the 4chan culture as well as the LGBT thing that made it.. a sad thing. Now I do agree Faust probably had good intentions, I don't think everyone who studies Kabbalah is bad, at least as an outsider.

I don't have any proof that I can point to easily but in all of Faust's cartoons you can find themes that are a reflection of the esoteric. Just like with The New Atlantis or Purim there could be a whole thread just on this.
Tree of Harmony, tree of life… Twilight Sparkle's mark… I mean, I should have said Hermetic/Alchemical/magical but I do think they are both Jewish, one crypto one open and proud funny thing is the guy she is arguing with an immigrant for persia who doesn't seem to be jewish is a "big ben shapiro fan" and 'is his neighbor" but uhm, this is how chaotic they are.. they don't care anymore about appearances, they want people to openly accept that they're goyim slaves now

3d25f No.216778

I had a "pegasister" 2 month duration phase so I'll try to recall some buried memories lol
Basically they started praising the show the same way as the furries did in the 90s (when the furry fandom started to appear) in the artistic aspect (the aesthetic of the drawings, the friendly themes and whatnot), and well even if the show was made to show these themes to little girls, the soon-to-be horse cock lovers got a liking. Some started watching because the Nightmare Moon pony looked cool.
Then behold, soon the 2013 internet became infested with lesbian ponies and guys dressing in costumes.

6217b No.216779


Let no one doubt for a minute that these (((demons))) want our eradication or enslavement the thing that kills me however is that if everyone just woke up this problem could be solved in a single day and night.

3d25f No.216780

Mostly because these were furries that didn't know they were furries and manchilds, the show was prompted to be corrupted thanks to that

6217b No.216782


Mate I'm off for tonight I hope to continue this tommorow sleep well you and 33

a0e2f No.216783

The human 'fuck it' mentality is a major factor in generall. Mostly people think about Propaganda like 'x is bad cuz it did y'. The new form of Propaganda is very calculated. The Humans are so less informed that they doesn't know the new Propaganda is about calculation and social engeenering. And its created around the 'fuck it' mentality.

3d25f No.216784

Hey, atleast people are noticing that the whole anti-semitism isn't that bad of an idea, even if it's happening slowly
Just look at this thread

I'm off to play TF2 with a well mannered, morally sane, that knows what a legal job is, mexican friend, see ya'll" later

bf2fa No.216785

for some it may be a pedo thing, for others it is that they don't have any women in their life, and yet for others it is because they wish to be part of a sisterhood (despite being born a man)
that is kinda my jist of it… I avoid them like the plague, like furries, bronies are pretty bad.

Imagine America and the World as under a massive spell, especially America not so much the world (unless you consider the whole economic and financial system, globally, part of the Jewish spell on the goyim)
I don't know much about breaking spells, or breaking people out of a trance. It may not be a proper spell but more conditioning and a trance like state.
Keep in mind fear and the Fight vs Flight vs Freeze response to a threat, and chronic stress and the fatigue and burnout, leading to learned helplessness.. this is the biological / scientific explanation of what has happened

the power puff girls had some weird aspects in the show itself but the fandom afaik wasn't a pedo haven
bronies on the other hand did this hyper sexualization of something that should have been innocent
so the most evil aspect of the brony fandom is that this is a little girls cartoon that also attracts autistic males (of varying ages) and then something like 50% of the fan art is porn
it became so bad that, like the furry community, the bronies became nothing more than a nexus or cipher for every BDSM fetish imaginable, including all sorts of impossible or grim stuff.

I'm wondering who is posting as 72 in the other thread.. he called the Christcuck a Loki Trickster, heh

fad8a No.216787

It's why they strangle the flow of information and to snuff out the biggest and brightest dissenters. It's why they carefully craft shows that change people's behaviors and thoughts.

bf2fa No.216788

ah yes I think you are referring to Nihilism and yes I would describe this era "Age of Horus" they call it as a mix of Crowley's Do whatever you want, Sabati Zevi's "make everything as evil as possible" and thirdly the nihilism of, I dunno, the beatnik poets of the 1950s maybe and all the pop culture movements since then (hippies, punk rock, gen x 80s new wave, 90s, etc etc)
Looking at music is a way to figure out what they are pushing on us
I know it is a creepy video but I encourage people to watch this, a new music video by Poppy called voicemail and the lyrics are basically about a civil collapse and being on your own
the black and white stuff means this is what "the brotherhood" aka Masons have planned.
I know "Masons" sounds silly to blame anything on these days but it is more about the ideology than the organization itself which has many forms, side orders, and its own caste-like system

a0e2f No.216790

Yeah but we can't just go full autismo on the people who don't want to understand that occultism is in every space these times. So How shall I tell them it without destroying their whole world view, that the fuck it mentality is the thing that is manipulating us.

49cd2 No.216791

At its core, Kabbalah is intended to be a system to convey understanding and perception of the world and one's position in it. Like all things, one can do benevolence and malevolence with that knowledge. The jews have spent millennia indoctrinating themselves to perceive themselves as separate, and through that perception things that would be considered malevolent to a rational individual seem benevolent.
Simply put, they have a stock and trade in lies, and those lies begin with themselves.
Kabbalah vastly out-dates Judaism, it was a tool that they took as their own. Kabbalah its self is no more inherently constructive or destructive than magic its self.
Its less about the absence of women and more about the absence of positive feminine expression. Everyone is both masculine and feminine, and while society strictly enforces a "male only" mentality for men, media like MLP allows men to explore the feminine aspect.
As far as the porn, surely you understand Rules 34 and 43?
If you're going to reference Crowley's Observance, do it right.
"Do as thou wilt shall be the whole of the law. Love is the law. Law under will."
Tl;dr What "thou wilt" does should be an expression of love, as an expression of one's will.

bf2fa No.216800

Okay everyone I want you to No-Platform aka Unperson aka Persona Non Grata the following namefag tripcoder on /x/
all he is doing is feeding of our negative energy and it seems he doesn't know about this place
He will troll us on /x/ we should add filters to block him and/or just never reply to him
Don't feel the trolls I've already replied to him enough and it serves no purpose.

TL;DR - Please do not feed the trolls in /x/ we should just ignore the obvious ones such as this guy…
"The Bored Dude" !!otkzgrpCr/l

49cd2 No.216801

If he comes here, horsepussy is an effective deterrent

bf2fa No.216802

lets not even get to that point and lets just ignore him going forward… today isn't a big deal but if he shows up in every thread we need to mass ignore him as best we can, or come up with some strategy, because he might be a discordian, he calls himself a wizard and talks about solomon magic… I don't like the vibe I'm getting from this guy, and we have to watch for others derailing us from a somewhat simple objective that is really just a more complicated version of prayer.
We are trying to do a group visualization prayer, with the sigil in our mind, and we should ignore those who are here to zap our energy.
Friendship, comradery, 'good vibes" and positive energy, that is our strength. He is trying to ruin our mojo (or whatever you call a psychic/magical charge/power), in my opinion.

fad8a No.216803

Best thing to do right now is to make him an example of the shills we face going foward.
Magicaly that trip fag won't be a problem.

(I'm the !!CXP6iDXGTOu trip fag)

bf2fa No.216804

I am not good with trolls and plan to stop replying to him soon. I want him gone and my strategy has not worked so I am open to suggestions.
How do we make him an example? Or do you mean he is an textbook example of what we should expect?
Is ignoring him the best way? How do we demoralize/neutralize him? I mean on the thread I don't care about him whatsoever he is just a psychic vampire (or maybe he believes his shit) and I am notoriously bad at defending myself from those types.

fad8a No.216806

He is all talk no walk. You will be fine dear friend. He doesn't deserve to be thought about.
He is a shill a bad shill at that, but one that doesn't really go away.
Best to leave the shill there to bump the threads for now. We have seven days. On the third we need to have a solid idea that is repeatable and static. (Think the It's okay to be white thing)
Once people know it's a shill most people stop giving a shit about then.

Everything will be fine.

bf2fa No.216807

yea I have more pressing matters to attend to so I'm going to be offline for a few hours maybe until tomorrow.
If anyone has any magic related questions for me to ask my friend, like the more technical stuff the question can be as vague or specific as you want, please post it in this thread or whatever thread follows this one, before Monday morning (USA time)

fad8a No.216810

Dealing with shills and their shit.
Baiting shills to demonstrate why they are wrong and you are right. (Correct argument) They won't change their minds but lurkers and newfags learn.
Ignore it. Frankly they want to waste your time.
Call them out for being a shill. They will deny it almost everytime.

Baiting a shill can net you very interesting information.

fad8a No.216811

Or mess with em using magic.

Or lastly you fuck with em with knowledge you shouldn't know.

bf2fa No.216812

I think your tactic is backfiring even more than mine. I suggest you disengage and go with what I said…
Persona Non Grata, Ignore him, use filters or not
use self discipline please the current strategy just looks silly, even more than mine of trying to reason with him
name calling in a juvenile way looks bad, maybe I dont understand your tactic but I suggest you switch it up or just give him a rest. Disengage is my opinion you should be learning in the little time we have before 4/20

bf2fa No.216813

maybe my opinion is wrong and keep in mind he could be replying to support himself or make fun of you without the name and tripcode, it isn't hard to do at all on boards outside of pol (because of the IP address based ID)

fad8a No.216814

I'm not even sure what the anon calling the dude vagina is doing.
That's true it's not like something very important is going down this very moment where post space is valuable.

a0be6 No.216816

>You will take drugs
Aye aye!

24c11 No.216818

File: 1555210742993.png (51.51 KB, 338x400, Twilight - Ears Drop.png)

I am not the author anon.
Perhaps some liberal that became NatSoc and still cannot get rid of the mushrooms.

bf2fa No.216819

Anyone have any technical questions or any other technical advisers?
I'm getting the impression most of us do not know what we are doing.
I'm not discouraging this just saying, am I the only one consulting a more experienced person…?
I presume the originator of the sigil has the most experience of our group.
Anyone else who feels confident or practiced in this stuff should make themselves known so they can also answer the questions I'll be asking my friend.

bf2fa No.216820

Yea I mean… the topic of chemically induced states is a troublesome we could easily get lost and divided on just that.
Also may I ask that we stop using Twilight Sparkle with regards to this?
I mean, I can't be the only one that sees Twilight as an avatar for Solomon Magic and I dunno, is Solomon magic our friend?
The guy in the /x/ thread derailing us is proud of his solomon magic (the one with the jewish/saturn star, six pointed)
we should not invoke twilight sparkle like the JIDF trolls in the /x/ thread we should ignore them.
>not trying to make you feel bad >>216818 just i think we can all agree twilight, at least the voice actress, wants us dead or in prison (or re-education camps)

2a67e No.216821

I'm not sure if I'm experienced or not. I've technically accomplished a couple of summons and I've done some other chaos magick type stuff but mostly I've just been fucking around and I'm pretty new to the occult in general. I guess just put me in the novice category and tell me what to do. Mostly I think we just need to coordinate exactly what we'll all be doing so we're not just sending energy willy nilly all over the place.

Don't know if it's relevant but I've actually summoned Twilight Sparkle before.

bf2fa No.216822

Okay.. maybe I'm associating Twilight too much with the voice actress.
Tell me more about what happened and your thoughts on Twilight Sparkle.

BTW for those that don't know.. I have a friend who was involved in the comic version of MLP back in the 80s in the UK he was a guy who worked with Alan Moore.
So… MLP and the magic stuff goes back to Gen 1 specifically the Uk and non-TV show version, the comic book series.
Alan Moore, while a scary looking dude, is pretty famous in both the graphic novel world (The Watchmen, etc) as well as the magic world. Some say he is evil but I don't think he is, he does look evil (or intense, perhaps) for sure.

49cd2 No.216823

Friendly reminder, evil is a subjective term

fad8a No.216824

>Don't know if it's relevant but I've actually summoned Twilight Sparkle before.
Personally that is very interesting.
For the ritual everything helps.

Also figuring out a good mantra.

2a67e No.216825

File: 1555215695135.jpg (2.23 MB, 3000x4000, 1553578164818.jpg)

I personally can't stand Tara Strong the person, but for me there's a clear division between the character of Twilight and the actress who does her voice. She doesn't really do anything except read lines anyway, she has no involvement with the creative process that goes into the show. For that matter there's a division between the character herself and the way she's handled by the writers, in my opinion these characters and the world of Equestria has taken on a life of its own apart from the show.

Anyway, my experience with Twilight as an entity was pretty positive. She's very cute in a spooky ethereal kind of way. She seemed sort of spergy and autistic like she is in the series. I asked her to help me with concentration when reading and studying, also with increased focus when meditating and attempting to perform any sort of magical ritual. I've noticed a marked improvement in both, in fact I attempted some sigil magic a couple of days after summoning her and it wound up being ridiculously intense. Afterward I had a throbbing headache and I was all jittery like I drank about 10 cups of coffee. I don't get the impression she did anything with malicious intent, I think it was just her tendency to be a bit of a sperg and to get overly excited. Like I basically asked for help to get better at magic, and she was like "okay, here's a literal fuckton of power" without necessarily considering that I might not have been at a level to handle it. After that night I asked her to dial the intensity back a little lol. I'm definitely still getting the benefits, and she dialed back the intensity as requested. Again, interacting with her was overall a very positive experience and I didn't sense any malice. I did a tarot reading asking for advice on interacting with her in the future and it basically told me to just set limits and not to let her get carried away.

fad8a No.216826

Thank you. We might want to consult entities for help and advice.
I think contacting Twilight again for this might be a good idea.

24c11 No.216827

File: 1555217800656.png (241.01 KB, 1346x1408, Magickal Evocation and Inv….png)

>Magickal Evocation and Invocation

fad8a No.216830

The /x/ thread is dead.

24c11 No.216831

3d25f No.216833

Hey, came back from playing TF
why are yall talking about ponies

3d25f No.216834

What the actual fuck

3d25f No.216835

These bronies man
Summoning a fictional character

2a67e No.216836

File: 1555222914701.png (681.51 KB, 806x1148, 1554095952508.png)

Autism is magick.
Do not challenge my power, mortal.

3d25f No.216837

I withdrawal my opinion.

a5d13 No.216866

773ca No.216868

File: 1555249451149.jpg (38.4 KB, 464x464, 1553748759938.jpg)

Good Morning and a happy Sunday to all the fellow anons. I found the following thread on 8ch should be read by all. The OP argues that Adolf Hitler is the Fisher King of Arthurian myth. The following is stolen from the thread
>Evola lays down in pretty clear terms that the original Imperium (Thule/Avalon/Atlantis) was destroyed but will be restored by an earthly ruler the rex regum (King of Kings).
>This King of Kings has a place holder of sorts who comes near to achieving the title of rex regum but not quite. Upon his death this earthly ruler will not die however but take on the the title of Prester John. As Prester John he guards the Grail. The new Prester John always replaces the old one (Charlemagne gets replaced by Frederick Barbarossa as Prester John or something like that).
>In Arthurian legend the Fisher King is the last King who guards the Grail the last Prester John. The Fisher King is a king wounded by a spear that was described in its pagan roots as "poisonous" and was under christianity replaced with the Spear of Destiny. The Fisher King got his dick cut off by the spear (symbolism of being unable to father new generations) and since then his land turned barren. The only thing he can do is fish all day long, waiting that a knight appears and ask him the question.
>It is not uncommon in indo-aryan mythology that events that will happen in the future are told like they already happened (think Ragnarök the the twilight of the gods).
>Evola goes on to explain that the Fisher King is not fishing fish, instead he is a fisher of man.
The rest of the thread has some great discussion including some on the works of Miguel Serrano and the metaphysical battle between the Aryan and the Jews of which we are all a participant.
Stay focused brothers and keep yourself pure. Sieg Heil.

2016d No.216874

What do you guys think of having a "countdown clock" so we can all be in sync when the day comes?

10a2d No.216876

Why not? I'd wait for 72 tho

6217b No.216879


I'm here brothers a count down is exactly what we need I can keep it ticking on my Laptop screen.

10a2d No.216880

Make the torchat! We can discuss everything later

6217b No.216881


What would you all like it titled I've called it Hitlers Birthday for simplicity's sake.


6217b No.216883


Sorry brother I haven't used Tor in years it wouldn't now how to setup a Torchat I have to download and set it up again.

10a2d No.216885

I think it's good like this, I'll put the link in the doc

I have no idea how to do it either

6217b No.216886


I think you could use some appropriate sacred music to get the spirit flowing

St Johns Passion - J.S Bach


Mass in B minor - J.S Bach


6217b No.216887


Considering it was High Priest who suggested making the torchat maybe he has already made one?

6217b No.216888


Some decent Webms of the Third riech in this thread on /WSG/


My Favourite speech https://www.bitchute.com/video/szOkPLOQ5pUj/

1431d No.216889

I think it would be a fun idea for all of us to post a "summon Hitler" thread on /pol/ on the day 4/20 all at the same time.

6217b No.216890


The entire board would be filled up if we could all pull that of it would be just perfect.

10a2d No.216891

So 72 is not the High Priest?

6217b No.216892


I think everyone who want to get involved needs to come up with a name or number. As far as I am aware high priest came up with the idea of the sigil and the summoning on HTLR's birthday at 20:04 so all credit goes to him. 33 and I have beeing trying to get people on board for the most part.

That being said >>216881 this clock is set wrong this the correct time 20th of April at 20:04


6217b No.216893


If you didn't know already I've been banned from /pol/ until the 16th so if you see another 72 on there it's not me

1431d No.216894

File: 1555256899269.jpg (27.21 KB, 250x250, ponychakras.jpg)

Does anyone here believe in chakras and how they might be related to all this? Which ones need to be activated for this type of spiritual summoning?

10a2d No.216896

78a1f No.216898

this will do
but no tripfaggotry

78a1f No.216899

disregard that, seeing my ID on nein

6217b No.216908

6217b No.216911

File: 1555260740258.jpg (123.72 KB, 638x479, organ-systems-in-the-human….jpg)


The Yogis of old were prevy to some serious insight. All your chakras correspond with a bodily system and meditatation has been scientifically proven to be enormously beneficial to your general mental and physical wellbeing.

I would say however that the most beneficial thing one can do for themselves to create for themselves a noble goal and give their heart, soul, mind and strength to it.

6217b No.216912



Welcome 474

bf2fa No.216914

Hey I was the one earlier in this thread collecting a list of questions to ask my friend who is a well practiced shaman and I believe he also works with sigils.
I'm still looking for questions and I'll compile and post a list later today before I sit down with him.
The number that keeps coming up for me in life is 337 (not just lately) and on Friday when I had some deep conversations about AI and a new global benevolent dictatorship… I was handed a piece of paper that started off with 337, perhaps that should be my number.
Some in that group mentioned 4/20 as a joke about Cannabis/Hitler's birthday and that seemed a bit off as almost nobody in the group knows/cares about Hitler or Cannabis.
I guess even normies (they really were all normies, also old friends of mine) know 4/20 is Hitler's birthday so that is also a good sign.
>337 reporting in

fad8a No.216920

Juat made a thread on meguca on the suggestion from anon on the /vx/ thread.


10a2d No.216922

>does he know of any SS ritual for this kind of stuff?
>how does the symbol work?
>what is the most probable outcome of the ritual we will do?

bf2fa No.216925

I will ask these, thanks.
Here was a good thread on /pol/ everyone should check out http://boards.4chan.org/pol/thread/209914094
We need to do more threads like this to discuss this in thread without it being overtly only for this project

2016d No.216926

Thank you for all your hard work 72 and welcome all new apostles of Hitler with numbers I hope these numbers have great meaning for you in the great work that's about to unfolf.

78a1f No.216928

We don't qualify as apostles: I believe Initiates is the right term.

10a2d No.216930

Does anyone know what are the basic mandatory Exoteric Hitlerism books to read?

f8486 No.216933

Yeah, I would say that The Lightning and the Sun, Hitler the Avatar, and The Golden Cord would be the ones.

10a2d No.216934

Nice, I've read two of them

0b148 No.216936

what if we try hare krisna mantra?

10a2d No.216937

Is there a mantra from the Gita?

2016d No.216940

Maybe your right, that does sound more appropriate.

95c65 No.216941

Good numeric choice, though IMO you're missing a 1. You might ask your learned friend if he is familiar with any Thule of Vril related practices. Speaking of Vril,…

Vrilanon, are you around? Your insight would be useful in this venture

10a2d No.216942

This. Make him tell you everything he knows about vril

2016d No.216943

78a1f No.216945

Thread is already archived.
Just noticed your ID, seems like a good omen to me.

10a2d No.216946

The thread yes, his friend no

95c65 No.216947

Yes, but it's more than just the meme. 37 is the 13th prime number (so on the list, it apears 13. 37). Additionally, 1337 has only 2 divisors, (7 and 191, both prime). Furthermore the number can be artistically rendered as a mirrored symetrical palindrome. There's more significance, but I don't have my notes available.

11c5a No.216948

That sounds a little like what William Duddley Pelley experienced.

2016d No.216949

Cool, I wasn't aware of all that.

bf2fa No.216954

Do you know anything about Kundalini? It isn't something we can easily master in a few days and really it is just yoga breathing technique.

I used to talk to Vril (an anon in this community) but haven't in a while… I think we are talking about the same person, have not talked to him since he got banned from Twitter.
Anyone who knows how to get in touch with him please do and get him in here.

I did not know any of this… for me it is a bit like 11:11 I'll often look at my watch around 3:37 and it is often a reminder that I need to eat.
I know that sounds stupid but I think of it at time to eat. The leet thing of course I know but I didn't see 1337 I just saw 337, but of course 1337 is my original association which later became "3:37" or "eat o'clock", a reminder for me to sit down and have a proper meal. I'm more of a snack or fasting type of person.

I watched some Oswald Mosley and Enoch Powell Speeches and anything inspirational helps.
Everyone here keep your spirits high and refrain from sex from now until the ritual.

I am of the belief that by saying Hitler we are going to be vilified and attract shills, maybe that isn't a bad thing.
I keep saying Vishnu because I do believe Hitler was an avatar for Vishnu.

773ca No.216957

>Krishna said Those who are devotees of other gods and who worship them with faith actually worship only Me, O son of Kuntī, but they do so in a wrong way.
<Those who worship the demigods will take birth among the demigods; those who worship the ancestors go to the ancestors; those who worship ghosts and spirits will take birth among such beings; and those who worship Me will live with Me.
I don't think it matters if we say God, Krishna, Vishnu, Adolf Hitler, or any other name as we are always talking about the same something.

78a1f No.216959

For 11:

14 words
>Wir müssen das Dasein unseres Volkes und eine Zukunft für weiße Kinder sichern

the rest
>Die Welt ist bereit für Hitlers Wiederauferstehung.
>Wir müssen eine Zukunft für die Weiße/Arische Rasse sichern, für unsere Frauen und Kinder
>Unsere Feinde sind gebrochen/geschlagen und Hitlers Avatar kommt zum Leben
The variants like "Aryan" and "beaten" make more sense in german and I tried to make the first sentence sound less clumsy.

10a2d No.216960

I'll put them into the doc. Thank you anon!

78a1f No.216961

For 33:
>Hitlers Avatar kommt zum Leben und unsere Feinde werden geschlagen

4fb5a No.216962

File: 1555274436429-0.png (31.99 KB, 300x100, 7chan1.png)

Some of us were born in hell

10a2d No.216963

The document has been updated with the phrases

10a2d No.216964

We also need a pronunciation guide, as an American guy pointed out

3a51d No.216965


Would you like me to create a video to explain the ritual? We can place the pronunciation guide in that.

Of course, I'm not german so a german anon would have to supply the sound clips with pronunciation in them.

10a2d No.216966

Torchat please
Also, yeah, you could make another doc or just a wall of text I can copypaste in there, no need to dox yourself

2016d No.216967

High preist *seig hail*

78a1f No.216969

Before we do that I have an idea for the ritual. How about this:
1. We take the most simple sentences
>Die Welt ist bereit für Hitlers Wiederauferstehung
>The world is ready for Hitler's resurrection
>Hitlers Avatar kommt zum Leben und unsere Feinde werden geschlagen
>Hitler's avatar is coming to life and our enemies are (being) beaten
2. The anons first say the mantra in their native language to activate their emotions and afterwards in german
3. Insert a free amount of "Heil Hitler" and "Sieg Heil" before or after

d8af9 No.216970

File: 1555275940973-0.jpg (100.56 KB, 940x705, 1553099821215.jpg)

File: 1555275940973-1.jpg (44.73 KB, 700x700, sku321web1_1.jpg)

File: 1555275940973-2.jpg (27.24 KB, 325x488, avengers-infinity-war-than….jpg)

File: 1555275940973-3.jpg (8.87 KB, 236x226, 1554774398382.jpg)

File: 1555275940973-4.jpg (41.53 KB, 272x420, thule-gesellschaft_emblem.jpg)


You know this is actually sort of a cool idea, its like, We're the (Pony) Thule Society for our day and age, holy fucking based

I think many groups will in fact be summoning or communing with the spirit, summoning Adolf Hitler, on this date, therefore to be even more clever, or that is, to maintain a hegemonic control on the esoteric powers and energies of the day, we (Equestrian Esoteric Order/S.S. Pony Order) must remain at the center force in its direction, in the same way that the Thule society ultimately directed the force of the Nazi Movement at the time, in pre world war 2 Germany.

10a2d No.216972

>Your priest had better be careful. If anything goes wrong he takes the brunt of it since he has declared himself the priest he is the primary conduit of the activity. I highly suggest having no negative emotions involved in the ceremony. Don't even use symbols which could be seen as negative. No negative words in mantras either. Nothing related to frustration, lack, or the enemy. Choose very simple symbols and imbue the fabric of consciousness with feelings of love, support, and hope.
American from 4chan thread

2016d No.216974

I'm sure we all have your back high preist but be careful and make sure you do this right for all of our sakes.

2016d No.216976

I would like to see a video when we figure this all out I think that's a great idea.it would help us all be in sync

24c11 No.216977

File: 1555276881955.mp4 (13.5 MB, 424x240, HEY JEWS! Song ~Westboro B….mp4)

I want to add, that the ritual involves anybody, be Christians or Pagans, we are all here to expel the Hebrews.

78a1f No.216978

True, then just cut the second sentence out and leave it at
>The world is ready for Hitler's resurrection
>Die Welt ist bereit für Hitlers Wiederauferstehung
Things like "Sieg Heil" and "Heil Hitler" are entirely positive though so we can freely use them.
Use of the rightwards turning swastica is also advised.

9b52b No.216984

Why use the inverted Swastika when trying to summon Hitler? Why would we use an inversion of his sign?

9b52b No.216985

Why does it say I'm Canadian? I live in fucking Texas

bf2fa No.216986

Good question, I dunno.
Does anyone know why Hitler inverted it in the first place?
Was it a copyright thing…?
It is the wheel of life, why would it be reversed?

bf2fa No.216987

The name sauwastika is sometimes given for the supposedly "evil", left-facing, form of the swastika (卍). A common belief is that the left-facing swastika is generally regarded as evil in Hindu tradition. This is because the much more common form in India is the right-facing swastika. Indians of all faiths sometimes use the symbol in both orientations - mostly for symmetry. Buddhists, outside of India, generally use the left-facing swastika over the right-facing swastika although, again, both can be used. Despite this, the misconception that the left-facing swastika is evil is widespread, even among some contemporary Indian communities.

Some contemporary writers — Servando González, for example — confuse matters even further by asserting that the right-facing swastika, used by the Nazis is in fact the "evil" sauwastika. (González "proves" that the left-facing swastika is the sunwise one with reference to a 1930s box of Standard fireworks from Sivakasi, India.) This inversion – whether intentional or not – might derive from a desire to prove that the Nazis' use of the right-handed swastika was expressive of their "evil" intent. (See also Taboo in Western countries.) But the notion that Adolf Hitler deliberately inverted the "good left-facing" swastika is wholly unsupported by any historical evidence.

Because to get around USA law it is five eyes that spies on Americans, so its Canada, UK, New Zealand and Australia for instance that spied on Trump in the election
Also those FISA warrants probably apply to lots of regular citizens with weird hobbies. Just a theory, you're using a VPN and don't know it or… your connection has been tunneled.
If you're near San Antonio that is a big NSA location it could just be some weird accident.

78a1f No.216988

I meant clockwise, what should be wrong with it?

bf2fa No.216990

If I recall correctly it is a depiction of the big dipper around the polar vortex in the sky.. or at least that is one theory.
As for it being at a 45 degree angle, and clockwise (right facing) versus counter clockwise (left facing)… I dunno.

9b52b No.216991

No anon, from what I know he found it like that/that was how it was used around him
Not entirely sure how he came upon it, but I don't think he purposely inverted it. Also, on the "evil left facing", that's only in Hinduism, it wasn't evil in other religions/cultures

It feels wrong to use the inversion of his symbol when trying to summon him, like how movies like to have the upside cross represent anti-Christ/demonic stuff (even though it is the Petrine Cross)

78a1f No.216993

Sure, you're correct, but I meant the one they used.

9b52b No.216994

File: 1555280118903.png (1.65 MB, 1200x809, Map.png)

9b52b No.216995

Oh, you mean the counterclockwise one?
卐 (counterclockwise) vs (clockwise) 卍

bf2fa No.216996

File: 1555280526498.png (58.23 KB, 750x500, tell-time-with-stars.png)

I can't vouch for the second image but the first one should be obvious…

bf2fa No.216998

File: 1555280599233.jpg (232.41 KB, 1000x1000, swastikanorth-star.jpg)

Whoops… the above image is the one I'm not so sure about, but this image is the one that should be obvious.

bf2fa No.217000

File: 1555280941080.png (176.26 KB, 472x538, ts_emblem-small.png)

"there is no higher religion than truth"
isn't a bad one IMO
I'm not into the theosophical society but allegedly it inspired Hitler.. he really liked Blavatsky, oddly enough.
Here is the Theosophy logo and it may have been changed slightly over the years
We should mention Truth, Justice, Order, Nature those things.
Bringing balance to this world is all I ask.

047bc No.217002

File: 1555281953961.jpg (40.02 KB, 1024x1024, 1555183700185m.jpg)

Hello. Glad you took this advice to heart. I'm the American anon from /pol/ who shared this with you. Glad to see this project under way.

047bc No.217003

File: 1555282474725.jpg (39.96 KB, 638x938, us-patent-rotating-electro….jpg)

But yes, I suggest making a video featuring the mantra. Focus the mantra around net positive results and Hitler being present. Also positive words about the white race would be a strong emotional charger. Saying words only matters to the extent of the emotions powering them.

bf2fa No.217004

Can someone red-pill me on Theosophy with regards to Hitler?
Don't see the six pointed star as Jewish, they stole it from somewhere.
I've heard "Solomon Magic" but that is just their story… it is hermetic and it is two triangles or arrows, one up one down
it is an embodiment of "as above, so below"

6217b No.217005


Christcuckery in all it's forms is idiocy. Rabbi Yeshua is no God, very nice guy apparently but why did they need to write that he had super powers? Is Christianty the orginal cape shit?

24c11 No.217007

File: 1555283212728.png (325.32 KB, 500x500, aaabbbb.png)

>Why use the inverted Swastika when trying to summon Hitler?
That depends of what it is wanted to be accomplished.
Clockwise Swastika means creation, and counter clockwise is destruction. Siegefags know about this and selected their symbol wisely.

bf2fa No.217012

Hey 007 you do realize that Siege Culture comes from a Process Church lackey and uh, well…
Look I don't want to judge things too harsh based on affiliation, and the book itself is mostly right, but do you really want to affiliate yourself with glowniggers?
Surefire way to get us all v&

9b52b No.217013

>counter clockwise is destruction
>poster has clockwise swastika
>poster is for a siege group

bf2fa No.217014

I'm looking over your other posts here and I can tell you're not an idiot.. just be more careful with affiliations.
As I said the book isn't totally untrue as much as it is an affiliation that does much harm and literally could get us all wiped out before 4/20.

24c11 No.217015

File: 1555283970423.jpeg (78.48 KB, 840x468, aaaaaaaaa.jpeg)

Not enough, the outcome must be the obliteration of the jews, at planetary scale.
The question is, are we willing to pay the price?

bf2fa No.217016

Okay now you're literally fedposting and if you understand how they work on a magical level (as above, so below) also given their history…
You're asking to be wiped out talking like that, be it by your own government (assuming you weren't sent here by them) or by the international cabal because they generally take people who attack them (which means you absorb their karma) and then they kill you like the Haddism do with the chickens.
JFC are you just a useful idiot, edgelord, or what?

047bc No.217017

File: 1555284276568.gif (535.42 KB, 575x300, 1555099560552.gif)

The jews fate is already sealed. Nothing can harbor them from the waves of evil they have created through history. We must create for ourselves while we destroy the old lest there be nothing left for us. We are far stronger than the jew. Discovering and using this power is vital.

24c11 No.217018

I am not shilling for Siegefags, I just posted it as an example, and a good one about how to tune this and where we want to go.

fad8a No.217020

File: 1555284566965.jpg (56.77 KB, 650x650, 1QJxpZxJzW.jpg)

One step at a time mate.
First we remove them from the spiritual/magical plane.
(((They))) get no (((outside))) help.
We get even more magical help.
Good people are then rewarded for doing good things.
The spirits/entities will aid us, because the jews and their god and magical contacts fucked up alot of spirits.

We also summon/contact Hitler or a champion.

After that we figure out what changed and make a new plan from there.

bf2fa No.217021

Yea it is an example…
It isn't like we can avoid the inevitable either.
For those reading this that don't know, Siege is often misinterpreted. It isn't about doing stupid illegal shit, it is about being prepared as possible and if you can, accelerating the collapse (feed the beast)
So this has to do more with economics and social decay. Encourage the degeneracy and poz and such so the world comes alight sooner rather than later, but not by your direct involvement.
Lots of people strawman Siege and I'm not trying to do that as much as they're kinda sketchy and ideologically James Mason has jumped around, isn't he Christian Identity now? That alone should be highly suspect.
But you're right they use symbols in a powerful way.
Why do they use the reverse swastika?
Is one way representative of life the other of death?
Also everyone should note what I said about the big dipper and how it moves around Polaris… I am pretty sure that is why the Swastika is so universal.
What would a backwards one mean…? Time moving backwards? Death versus life? Reversing the rotation of the earth (or something else strange like a pole-shift?)
I honestly do not know.

95c65 No.217023

File: 1555284852549.png (80.54 KB, 192x192, metaform1.png)

Not to contest, but I was under the impression that the swastika was a representation of a 4 square, representing the sun. I could see it as not inappropriate to use both orientations of the swastika, as both constructive and destructive forces would seem to be apropos for this working. Additionally, if the swastika does represent the sun, then an inverted swastika could be seen to represent the black sun, which would be likewise appropriate to incorporate.

24c11 No.217024

File: 1555284879681.jpg (81.11 KB, 850x400, 68b1d.jpg)

>Discovering and using this power is vital.
Then we can turn this into a religion, as Serrano said, a memory of blood we carry in our genes from our very origins.

9b52b No.217025

File: 1555284968090.png (9.83 MB, 8857x6025, Light and Dark2.png)

For sure, and that's why I'm so confused on why people keep trying to subvert it and use the inverted/Siege Swastika
It makes no sense

9b52b No.217026

If we wanted Black Sun stuff, we'd use the Sonnenrad

047bc No.217029

File: 1555285309070.jpg (95.78 KB, 689x1024, 1555032767352m.jpg)

"We" already account for a large force in the astral plane. Every thought produces a wake and when you have thousands of anons talking about, thinking about, and spewing emotion into the same topics it makes that force all the stronger. Not to mention this is going on international and 24/7. I've spoken to anons who conveyed intresting points about the 2016 election and the magic arts being used to assist the clintons. How they couldn't measure up and how shocked they were that nothing was working. A greater force is already out there and is at work. Memes are capacitors of psychic energy. Now we need to streamline the process and perfect it. Having a branch of anons who view these things from the psychic side of things is a good start. Organised thought and emotion has great power.

bf2fa No.217030

File: 1555285349054.png (126.32 KB, 500x551, what-did-the-milky-way-mea….png)

what about this…?

95c65 No.217031

You're clearly missing my point then. The sonnenrad is a particular image with its own connotations. I'm referring to the allusion and application of duality.

24c11 No.217032

File: 1555285647052.jpg (251.88 KB, 491x700, gold-cover-cropped.jpg)

>It makes no sense
Well, if the Avatar is awaken, hell on Earth you can expect. What else?
Savitri Devi explained this in Gold in the Furnace; everyone will be tested.

9b52b No.217033

I understand, but I'm saying that an inverted Swastika being used to represent the black sun wouldn't be as effectual as the actual symbol of the black sun

9b52b No.217034

Look at the book you posted. Look at the cover. Look at the official NSDAP flag designed by Hitler. Look at all uses of the Swastika by the NSDAP. They all use the counterclockwise one, so why would we use the clockwise one?

95c65 No.217035

I see your point there, but the sonnenrad doesn't have the symmetrical/opposite effect as the inverted swastika. I'll table that thought for later.

My next question pertains to circles and metaphysically clearing the area. Are there plans for participants (novices and/or adepts) to use any?

24c11 No.217037

File: 1555286294791.jpg (60.65 KB, 1024x576, aaaaaa.jpg)

Hitler was building a Reich, he was creating. So a clockwise cross made sense. But today I am not sure about that, the kikes have already taken over the world, and a demolition task is due before to rebuild.
I might be wrong, but facts are all around about our slavery.

95c65 No.217038

This is kind of what I'm getting at about the use of creative and destructive imagery/forces. A destruction of the current system would be the general aim, and a (re)creation of an upright and traditional system would be the endgame.

9b52b No.217039

I would agree, but unleashing the avatar of Hitler using symbols of destruction could have some heavy side effects, whereas using his symbol of creation would be probably a safer bet

3a51d No.217040


We shouldn't play god.

Allow Wōdanaz to return and do what is necessary.

9b52b No.217041


2016d No.217042

An anon on pol said
The inner runes should read "erwache" rather than the inscription "niw ew" which is currently there, as "erwache" is german for a literial awakening or an arising.

3a51d No.217043

Sigil revisions are coming, feel free to form a doc to catalogue the suggestions.

95c65 No.217044

>we shouldn't play god
A bit disingenuous considering the gravity of this undertaking. Half measures are more precarious than being overly precise.

24c11 No.217047

File: 1555287945031.mp4 (35.57 MB, 480x360, Miguel Serrano - Lucifer a….mp4)

>Half measures are more precarious than being overly precise.

3a51d No.217048

Wōdanaz has already established contact through the runes. This ritual is to strengthen his egregore not to command him.

Sacrifice is what he asks for, not commands.

2016d No.217049

Ok, there has been plenty of suggestions 11 was a big help today in my thread I hope he comes back tomorrow I think the whole thing needs to be revamped but I think we made a lot of progress today. Are you still planning on making a video?

3a51d No.217051

Yes, the sigil revision is top priority though.

2016d No.217052

Good, that's very important to people.

9b52b No.217064

Are the circle runes supposed to read "we now rulwodanas has returned to this realm motherfukkers"?

f8486 No.217065

Does this website ever archive threads?

f8486 No.217066

Not that I am a siegetard (I hate the book), but this particular image doesn't seem accurate. For every bright, brown uniform of the SA you have S.S. men in black, with skull logos, essentially ritual daggers (the S.S. Daggers meet all qualifications to be an athame), praising death.

Light and dark are both encompassed within National Socialism.

3a51d No.217067

What the actual fuck? I didn't even inscribe that.

I'm not joking.

It certainly does read that.

2016d No.217070

Wow, that's fucking weird!! What does the other words mean?

9b52b No.217071

Huh, I guess that makes sense why it has the typo then, perhaps you went into a trance while making it?

2016d No.217072

This Is what I'm thinking wtf high strangeness all day today

9b52b No.217073

Well of course you had the SS with the Totenkopf, but that was there way before the SS was created. It's a very different energy than what Siege evokes, which is more chaotic than directed like the SS. Look at the schizophrenia of their propaganda, with images being both in favor of and against drug dealers, praising Stalin and North Korea, and featuring both the clockwise and counterclockwise swastikas.

9da11 No.217074

Holy fucking shit is this serious? A thread plotting a mass invocation of Hitler's name and essence, planned on his birthday, synchronized to exactly 20:04 UTC+2? I HOPE IT WORKS THO, IT WOULD BE FUCKING GLORIOUS AND WE NEED NU-HITLER TO RISE UP
>inb4 Hitler becomes chaos god of racial consciousness

9b52b No.217075


2016d No.217076

I didn't want to say this but when I posted your sigil on my thread today on pol I got 666 numbers

52fe7 No.217077

Yeah, sorta. It needs a lot of work to become more functional, but it's there.

9da11 No.217083

Aryan blood and soil for the blood and soil god. Jokes aside, I am totally up for this. At the very least, imagine the sirens as we take back weed day and flood the net and IRL world with Hitler references and worship. And imagine the pants-shitting as people spread redpills adamantly across the entire internet simultaneously, impossible to fully suppress or silence! I'll participate on Minds and Gab over the course of 4/20, and I'll make sure to give my own spiritual contribution if I have work at the time of.

2016d No.217085

File: 1555292921543.jpg (419.75 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20190414-202242….jpg)

I promised someone on pol I would pass this on to you it might be good for less experienced people

24c11 No.217087

File: 1555293958948.jpg (42.66 KB, 700x508, ss-officer-ss-skull-ring-r….jpg)

That is fine and encouraged, however given the high rate of cucked Aryans, to invite to join all European Gentiles is the way to go. Aryans and Honorary Aryans, the target to obliterate is the Jewish race.

17987 No.217088

Our experience differs then, because my understanding is that the Elder entities do not use runes to make contact because runes are too easily manipulated by other entities and forces. Additionally, my understanding of Wōdanaz (Odin) as an entity (or egregore) is that it is not one that respects those who petition or ask things.
Unless contact was made through invocation or evocation, allow me to suggest that conclusions reached should be taken with a grain of salt.

3a51d No.217090

>"The gods don't speak through runes"

Hmm, you do realize that the swastika is a sigil containing runes right?

3a51d No.217091

Excellent, injecting the HTLR sigil into this shouldn't hurt.

9da11 No.217092

Honestly, if there's one thing that all racial groups should ever join hands for, it's the death of international jewry. I wouldn't even limit it to European gentiles.

3a51d No.217093

I think there are no doubts at this point that our magic is working.

24c11 No.217094

File: 1555295918317.png (381.57 KB, 949x724, the beginning.png)

The day.

bf2fa No.217095

what was up with the first sigil having those two upside down pentagrams…?
and the second sigil saying "motherfucker" heh
I have a feeling my friend is gonna tell us this is inherently dark magic… I'm not saying I agree because I honestly do not know.
Was the first sigil more of a decoy/joke or something? Like what did it have the upside down pentagrams? Satan is the executioner…

9da11 No.217097

File: 1555296182858.jpeg (168.49 KB, 786x1017, William Pierce badass.jpeg)

Nice desktop background lad. I keep it simple here.

17987 No.217098

Yes, and those sigils and runes have meaning inherent to them. There have been enough occurrences in this thread to suggest that further evaluation and diligence is necessary in planning this endeavor, as attested to in >>217064
Additionally, the norse tradition abolished blood sacrifice (whether of the participant or another entity). I'm not saying that the practice is wrong or incorrect, I'm saying that one has a vested interest in making damn certain that the procedure that is to be followed - especially in that it involves neophytes - is correct. Add to that the fact that in antiquity only women could magic, at least from this particular pantheon. The only magic afforded to men was forbidden, and those who tried were barred from Valhalla.
Think twice before acting once.
Knock Knock

3a51d No.217100

Know your place anon.

17987 No.217102

File: 1555297417632.png (85.34 KB, 1024x426, 1507469374005-0.png)

I know far better than you what my place is. I'm trying to remind you of yours. At my right hand is an accomplished Aesir, and who I am would be entirely unknown to you. You'd be better suited to contest my points than to try and insinuate authority. The title is cute though.
If you'll endeavor to do this, I would have you do it right. If you insist on doing it wrong that's your business. however you won't wax idiotic on ==my== board without being corrected, and if that offends your sensibilities then the implication is that you're not fit to lead this endeavor. Do carry on though, I'll be sure to give you enough time to fix your mistakes before its too late.

42cc5 No.217103

Dice rollRolled 6

who are you high priest

bf2fa No.217104

Why did the first sigil have the upside down pentagrams?
I'm not taking a position for or against I just want to know what the story is because it definitely scared people and was too power-hungry.

fad8a No.217105

I recently learned about some good news.
>The ritual works in the end far better than planned. It's current form is not it's final state, but a the steps taken are just as important.
>I found out some fairly personally shocking information about myself.
1d100[ 1d100 = 31 ] for funsies.

3a51d No.217106


Pentagrams pointing to the earth != satan.

That sigil was just a request to invoke HTLR.

The next sigil was HTLR.


Us English blokes don't even use the language as pretentiously as that.

6c43d No.217107

File: 1555298113332.png (21.59 KB, 900x900, 852233__safe_artist-colon-….png)

Oh this is gonna be good.

3a51d No.217110


These pentagrams represent the descent of spirit into matter and also: ⟨VIII, VIII⟩ ← Notice how these forms devolve from the pentagram.

17987 No.217112

File: 1555299201105.png (191.38 KB, 326x325, behold.png)

Apparently thorough = pretense; duly noted. I suppose experience and precision of phrasing might seem pretentious to the un/less initiated. Still, you've yet to counter my points.
I apologize for the slight ineffectiveness of my previous statement, let me be clear.
This is my board. If you are going to involve them in this ambitious of a working, you WILL do it right
Me on the far left

3a51d No.217113

The pentagram is (((narrated))) to be surrounded with fear because of it's power.

3a51d No.217114

bf2fa No.217115

Ah yes, I should have said that… "Satan" is a gross oversimplification most likely.
Are you aware of the astrology surrounding April 20th to 24th or so…?
I am looking for a video that explains it well, but I heard about this from a guest on Rense Radio (not sure if anyone listens to him but sometimes he has good guests despite all the commercials for health products and his weird hairdo…)

bf2fa No.217116

here is a shorter video which is way more vague not really about April 20th
but April 20th has been called out as like one of the strongest conjunctions this year, I heard about it a few weeks ago on Rense

24c11 No.217117

File: 1555299475465.jpg (225.81 KB, 1400x933, aptopix_mideast_israel_kap….jpg)

>Additionally, the norse tradition abolished blood sacrifice
Truth must be spoken. The sacrifice is not for show. For millennia have been known that sacrifices open the portals for the souls go, when this happens was the task of the priest to exchange these souls for favors from the entity summoned on the other side. Perhaps this may be related to around half a million children missing every year in America?
Now it is curious that our summoning will simultaneously with the Jewish Passover holiday, which is this year on the nights of April 19 and 20. This kike holiday features the sacrifice of chickens (at least this is what the kikes declare) to clean Jews from all the evil deeds done during the year.

bf2fa No.217119

sorry watch this one instead, if she doesn't annoy you too much
or if you don't care about astrology no worries I will summarize it in text here later tonight

I kept mentioning their sacrificial chickens (like a sin eater/sin transference) without even realizing that it had to do with passover or that it was happening.
Also recently this year persian new year and purim were on the same day… that hasn't happened in, I have no idea how long, not in decades if not hundreds of years. Jews use lunar calendar (as do muslims) but persian new year is Zoroastrian/Pagan always at the spring equinox

2019 is turning out to be more magic than I could have ever possibly imagined. We all thought meme magic and kek was cool but this is the real deal.

42cc5 No.217121

>this is my board

24c11 No.217126

File: 1555300699447.jpg (117.56 KB, 909x481, the_last_supper_in_ponyvil….jpg)

This post is not particularly pointed at you
Anons, anons, please let us focus on the topic and let go ego issues. Thanks and have some friendship.

42cc5 No.217129

oh no please tell me in the best most discreet way possible please tell me who's board is it

17987 No.217131

File: 1555301562899.png (207.63 KB, 754x465, 1505162637223.png)

>not just for show
I don't doubt that, but blood sacrifice is not called for by Wōdanaz, and the application of it in light of the other 'discrepancies' suggests there is more at work here than meets the eye, and due diligence is never looked down upon.
That the timing corresponds to and confronts jewish practice is exceedingly appropriate, and I'm not contesting that there isn't applicability of blood sacrifice. I'll gladly shed my own, if its done right.
Is it not yours? Is it not everyone's? No one gets to claim authority or dominance except by merit. Titles nd namefags are irrelevant. If anon has weight to his argument then it will be apparent by their argument. No one is entitled to boast, dictate, or prescribe without criticism, and how they mete that criticism says everything about the weight of their position.
High Priest has taken on a very onerous position, and I'm not trying to shoot him down, but I will readily make evident any flaws that I recognize in his position and practice on the principle that this board is more important to me than what he is doing. Furthermore, I want this endeavor to be successful, and I want that it should be comprehensively planned and conducted that I could participate, but as it is it the foundation is porous and that first and foremost needs to be addressed.
This is about friendship, you're absolutely right. I did get carried away, in the interest of raising a flag of caution. Carry on, but do so wisely. Please.

24c11 No.217132

File: 1555301705786.png (135.18 KB, 738x992, canvas.png)

It belongs to everyponer willing to comply with the etiquette.
Then, I believe the matter is already settled.

14161 No.217133

pls shut up so we can continue planning.

ebea2 No.217137

File: 1555302788969.jpeg (17.15 KB, 256x256, E0BF2D13-706D-4C18-8D97-8….jpeg)

Lets hear him out. He sounds like he knows what he’s talking about. But I agree all this bickering about whose board it is is counterproductive.

How do you propose we do this?

3a51d No.217140

Why has the doc been cucked?

bf2fa No.217143

I don't understand, which document?
I haven't done the torchat or any documents yet, just stuff from this thread and the x and pol threads

3a51d No.217145

File: 1555303613459.png (4.65 KB, 757x70, destroyingOurEnemiesIsMora….png)

24c11 No.217148

A partial screenshot doesn't say much. Can you explain what is going on?

3a51d No.217149

All of those phrases must be used, the align with the soon to be revealed spell I've been presented with from Wōdanaz.

bf2fa No.217150

hmm as you can see from my ID and synchronicity number I was telling people in this thread that we cannot be the passover chicken, the sin eater, which in my opinion can happen if you direct negativity towards the Jews.
This should be about our freedom and have nothing to do (directly) with their fate
Willing something bad on someone, Jew or not, is like a curse and bounces back on you. That is my understanding.
And it is my understanding that the Jews have some kind of protection magic that is like a mirror, that is why they're always doing things to be hated with impunity because they're immune to direct attacks (physical, emotional, etc)
that said I don't mean love the jews, I mean we should keep the whole spell positive otherwise we will be made passover chickens. I mean this both magically as well as in terms of, well, meatspace…

3a51d No.217154

We're not willing bad on anybody, it's the will of those who attack us who will be subjected to our thorns.

We don't build the kingdom without walls and guards.

bf2fa No.217157

I'd like to suggest some music for people who need energy

17987 No.217158

File: 1555304535438.png (239.13 KB, 500x390, hughitler.png)

For every participant, I'd advise a more or less comprehensive cleansing. Whether that is a matter of days or hours would depend on the level of involvement (currently rated at novice and adept, so I'd say hours and days, with respect). I would advise a simplified "for best results" prescription.
Additionally, I would have all involved engage in a brief-to-thorough research of all the symbols and traditions involved. With exception to chaos magicians, no one has the benefit of ignorance of nescience.
Further still, I would advise an advisement to both geographic location. Nothing specific, but the particular locations (say west, east, middle US, Europe, Australia, etc. could have a dynamic effect).
More even, there is the issue of the circle. Is there a circle for the paricipants? Is it a circle? Is it a cone (referencing the Earth, which would be a significant benefit both in the sense of a macroscopic participant and in the sense that in spite of individual sovereignty we are all subject to the earth)? Is it a sphere (an independent body operating within proximity to the earth, so spheres layered on or around sp/heres?).
These are just the beginnings of my questions its not my working,
I would have the advisements for novices and adepts be public knowledge, both so that those who are applying themselves less can see what those applying themselves more are doing and so that those who wish to personalize their participation have grounds to do so, not because "someone said it was okay" but so they could make a more effective effort with the benefit of those who are involved.

I'm not trying to shoot anyone down. I've been to the top of the mountain, and I know a thing or two about how to do it. But I'm just a guy. I could be all wrong. I'm not trying to break down anyone, and High Priest has taken a very arduous position. I reiterate, I want him to be successful, and it seems he has heard my objections.
In my own practices, molecular geometry has served well for designing circles and diagrams. Artefacts are always useful and the mind, body, and spirit deserve more reverence than the spirit. The Gods/Elders are deserving of respect, but the Elders are shit-lords of antiquity, and their word should not be taken as gospel. Whatever happens, it should make sense, to the least and the most.
Let do this.

3a51d No.217159

Evil is a judeo-christian concept.

The gods we're dealing with don't care for those concepts. Please don't insult our gods with fear.

17987 No.217161

3a51d No.217165

The irony of the jews sacrificing chicken.

As we all know, a chicken is a coward.

bf2fa No.217166

Hmm, I see. I've heard this before.
So what I am saying about the Jews having magical "ju-jitsu" is totally wrong?

bf2fa No.217167

I have my answer right there and now I understand why they want us living in fear.
Alright… you will see no more fear from me.

9da11 No.217168

Even the greatest of evils can be just when in the right context. Genocide against Jews is genocide against pedophilic, usurous, expansionist, and even genocidal swindlers. Mass murder of Islamic elders and children in Christchurch is a deterrent to invaders who are similarly opposed to white survival and flourishing.

24c11 No.217169

File: 1555305549937.png (4.67 MB, 4098x2299, aaaaaaa avatar.png)

>I was telling people in this thread that we cannot be the passover chicken, the sin eater
>the sin eater
You've have a huge point.
If we direct negative energy to them at this time, their magick will absorb anything thrown to them.
Perhaps as you say, we have to desire an outcome of freedom for our people, but also to unleash the Avatar to do its thing is priority

bf2fa No.217170

Furthermore April 20th is part of Passover, this year Purim and Norooz was the same day… this kind of stuff almost never happens
I also had something weird happen on Friday I don't want to talk about it because fear is not tolerated and with respect, I'm not saying that spitefully I do understand that aspect, I think.

24c11 No.217171

>Please don't insult our gods with fear.
You have to understand that Christians are coming on board, and the way you present this endeavor is anti-climax to them. A welcoming approach is necessary.

24c11 No.217172

File: 1555306035092.jpg (931.9 KB, 725x1004, aaaaaaa StSimonOfTrentJewi….jpg)

>As we all know, a chicken is a coward.
It is not about cowardice at all.
It is about a vessel of flesh where the jews discharge their sins. The chicken stuff probable is done by the average schlomo, but I have suspicions that VIP kikes are more fond of gentile children as they have done centuries ago.

3a51d No.217175

We're not calling for genocide or anything of the sorts, we're calling for protection of ourselves.

Anybody who initiates an attack on our people shall suffer the consequence.

We don't initiate any blow, it is triggered by the attacker and it is writen so.

Peace and love is a blind idiology masking as "good", if the jews or anybody attacks us, they sacrifice themselves to our defence it is as simple is that.

24c11 No.217176

File: 1555306707324-0.jpg (233.45 KB, 720x1080, aaaaaa.jpg)

File: 1555306707324-1.jpg (176.19 KB, 720x984, aaaa blood_passover.jpg)

File: 1555306707324-2.jpg (358.69 KB, 929x847, Jewish Ritual Murder.jpg)

3a51d No.217177

Literalism is good and all but it may do you well to see metaphor.

3a51d No.217178

(((Good goy, fear us you chicken.)))

a0be6 No.217180

What is the actual outcome desired by this ritual? It's too muddied for me to understand. What end state does this ritual aim to bring?

3a51d No.217181

Just wait for the spell, anon. It's coming.

a0be6 No.217183

You know why meme magick and Ebola chan worked while winterchan failed right? What's the final outcome? Id like to know the point of this 300 post thread

fad8a No.217184

The lives of the goyim mean little to (((them))) just a means of labor. If a few goy need to be used as sacrifice so be it. They may need to compensate the owner of the goy, but no real harm done.

(((Their))) biggest sacrifice and told to many people is The Holocaust. They proudly claim ownership and a connection to it. They tore out a symbolic thing of hope and betterment. Such defiance would not be tolerated.

One of the reasons why direct methods seem to end baddly is part propaganda and part magic bullshit.
When it works they shut up (spinning it to be good for them if they can) and eliminate the threat.
The magic part is that they have a connection to something, they keep doing sacrificial rituals, they have reeducated the common man to think of harming them as a more than a bad deed then the common man wishes them well.
It's not all of it, but enough communicate the point.

There is a time to be a cryptic /x/ tier tripfag and a time to explain stuff.
Explaining stuff now would be an overall positive.

3a51d No.217185


All energy must go into the spell.

fad8a No.217186

Then after the large amount of energy is collected what happens next?

Going step by step makes energy efficiency inctease.

24c11 No.217187

>they have reeducated the common man to think of harming them as a more than a bad deed then the common man wishes them well.
It is my idea that the Avatar is the battering ram needed for this task, Hitler spirit means hell for the kikes.

3a51d No.217188

The spell is the next step and will point further.

Patience is neccesary.

b0e6f No.217189

File: 1555308980239.jpg (718.36 KB, 1000x1300, Summoning Hitler.jpg)

I came up with this ritual. It's easy for people to follow along with, which is good, because the main thing to get this to work is just for people to concentrate. It's also similar to how I normally do my ritual work.

Here is an explanation for the symbolisms:

North - the direction of Hyperborea

Avage Ayer Hitler on ca - means "The City of Hitler." The point of this is that we are calling on Hitler to reclaim his throne, aka Berlin.

Berlin Holocaust Memorial - that memorial is a giant stain upon Berlin. I've seen it in person before, and it is even uglier than in the pictures. To have the Avatar of Kalki rupture from it would be godsend.

Triangle - the triangle is a light prism, which represents the entity(Hitler) manifesting.

a0be6 No.217190

Look dude if you just wanna get laid I can send an entity from my retainer. What is the final outcome?why should mlpolnies send their energy?

3a51d No.217191


3a51d No.217192

The final outcome is that we win.

fad8a No.217194

I know this may seem obvious, but what is the spell.

Man I'm making alot of typos.

If they no longer have a presence in the spiritual plane most of their magic stops working.
Once an Avatar is functional it will do what is needed most. Probably.

Take what I say with a grain of salt. This is coming from a psychological and chaos perspective.

17987 No.217195

Hoers shit.
You want participants you got 'em. With salt and savvy that you might not know or appreciate. Maybe you would/do, but "Just you wait and see" won't fly. You won't have supplicants, but you will have allies, if you reach out in kind.

3a51d No.217197

If you doubt the outcome we don't need you anyway.

78a1f No.217198

Thank you Priest, can't wait for you to deliver again.
Regarding the problem of pronounciation, it's best to seek out a guide on the web. Once you figure out how to pronounce certain things (the vowels, sch like sh, z like a hard ts) that's all you need.

Some other terms that might be of use
>Hitler with us! (as in God with us)
>Hitler mit uns!
>The future belongs to the aryan race
>Die Zukunft gehört der arischen Rasse
>We are secure and strong
>Wir sind sicher und stark

This thread is for making the details of the ritual and then coordinating it.

And thank you 11!

fad8a No.217200

Energy goes in.
Spell does a guidance.


We win.

A map from spell does a thing to we win would help alot frien.
Like the really obvious stuff too like make sure to not piss on Hitler's grave.

I really do appreciate all the anons here.

fad8a No.217201

The bits where it gets fuzzy and it has to be touch and go is fine too.

24c11 No.217202

File: 1555310553110-0.jpg (282.65 KB, 1024x768, bbbbbbbbb.jpg)

>The future belongs to the aryan race
I have an issue with this.
This kind of statements might alienate other Whites which also have a right to exist, along to inflame some rivalries. In most people minds, Aryans are blond, tall, Nordic phenotypes, which exclude out most Whites; also allow me to say it, Nordic people are today the most cucked and useless chumps, or at least that is the popular image given. So, perhaps to get all "Europeans" into the same bag might be wiser.

a0be6 No.217203

Maybe I should preface this with qualifications, 14 years occult ritual experience causing practical change in reality. Taught many anons how to actually summon succi, and hell even their favorite cartoon characters.

This is a serviceable spell to summon the daemon of Hitler. It has 3 glaring problems.
1) No protection. If you're at the state where you can call across the spirit realm to summon hitler, you're a beacon of spirital energy for everything between him and you to follow. These entities all have their own goals and ambitions and will attach themselves to your life.
2) No banishment. You need to banish beforehand. If you don't entities will pretend they are Hitler just to get that sweet sweet energy. Also they may intercept your call, and also make it difficult to communicate with the spirit as the unbanished energy creates noise.
3) Spirit on the lamb - this ritual sends the spirit to a new geographic location. You essentially sent a spirit without orders to a point. If it does manifest it will not have orders. IF this is the end, it will just fuck around in the location until it finds someone it can manipulate within it's domain to generate energy to feed it. While im all for making hitler follow a retard home and haunt his house, it won't really bring about massive change.

unless el high priesto gives this conglomeration a command. Which i sincerely hope isn't "help us win". or "Get me laid". Or "Clear my student debts". or "Genocide the people who summoned you."

Subjectivity is where magick starts to get dangerous, as soon as you give vague ideas, it gives vague manifestations. What the fuck does help us win even mean? It could be anything from getting a free play on the lottery to beating the other team in Rocket League. The other danger is lack of ground rules. If you don't give it a ruleset it can severely fuck lives up.

3a51d No.217204

Your impatience is weakness.

b0e6f No.217205

Aryan literally just means Indo-European.


>A "Swede or an Englishman, a Frenchman or Czech, a Pole or Italian" was considered to be related, that is, "Aryan".

Protection and "the spirit of the lamb" are only relevant to "White Magick," which isn't what I practice.

You could add a banishing ritual to begin the ritual, but it'll probably over complicate it for new people. I've never done a banishing ritual beforehand myself, and never had an issue, tbh.

Hitler is also supposed to be an ascended grandmaster, so he should know what to do once we call upon him.

fad8a No.217207

Fucking hell man. We need to make this the best this can possibly be. Don't respond to me if you need to be exorcised. Further more I also wanna see this succeed.

24c11 No.217208

>Aryan literally just means Indo-European.
I know that, but most people don't. The recruitment we are doing include many, many, occasional fags in the chans, which are not fully redpilled, and willing to join because of the edgy activity. So, my point is about to integrate everybody and missing the less possible fags.

3a51d No.217209


Well, then, I'll ask you all to leave me in peace to format the deliverence. Writing essays explaining what is coming is a waste of time. You'll see it for yourself once I deliver.

78a1f No.217210

It's a small flaw, although most slavs, iberians and others do qualify as aryan, I get what you mean. Perception can be different from reality sometimes. We'll settle for this then
>The future belongs to the white race
>Die Zukunft gehört der weißen Rasse
As long as we don't devolve into self cuckery through optics.

You here? What a surprise.

3a51d No.217211

2b715 No.217214

That's a good idea. What about "the white race lives strong forever" or "hitler's avatar comes again to make Aryans proud"

9da11 No.217217

>writing essays explaining what is coming is a waste of time
>writing essays explaining what is coming
>explaining what is coming

I'm on board with this but you've literally done nothing but lead people on with a carrot on a stick with nothing but a vague ritual obfuscated in runes that to anyone not already waist deep in volk-lore is complete gibberish. I'm a willing conduit in this summoning when the time comes but don't lie to our faces, lest I simply act independently in honor of His legacy, separate from this ritual.

3a51d No.217219

I'm working harder than you can imagine. I'm not going to take these comments as an insult.

If you want some answers, sacrifice to Wōdanaz.

I'm busy spellcasting.

3a51d No.217221


Or Týr or any of the Elder gods, we need as much of that as possible.

If you want *the* spell, then you must understand that my role is to craft the spell not to write essays for all of you. Go to the Elder gods yourselves and sacrifice so that we may boost their favour of us.

My sacrifice is to spellcraft.

9da11 No.217222

>If you want some answers, sacrifice to Wōdanaz
Okay great, thanks. How about, instead, I drink a shot of whiskey and go to sleep.

3a51d No.217223

You can do whatever you like. I'm not going to write an essay for you. Things will be revealed one this spell is complete like I've said may times. Your options are to bitch about it to no avail, sacrifice the the elder gods for our protection or do nothing. It's not going to speed up the process.

If you want things done properly the give me space to format the information. Demanding output shows absolutely no respect.

78a1f No.217224

Both are very positive.
>the white race lives strong forever
>Die weiße Rasse lebt ewig stark
>hitler's avatar is coming back to make us Aryans proud
>Hitlers Avatar kommt zurück um uns Arier stolz zu machen
Some single words to better understand it
>strong: stark
>forever: ewig
>to make: machen
>proud: stolz
>race: Rasse

3a51d No.217225


Your contributions are very important.

Thank you very much.

3a51d No.217226

Do you have a microphone and if so, would you e willing to offer a set voice recordings to our cause?

24c11 No.217228

File: 1555315325895-0.gif (352.1 KB, 256x256, cccccc.gif)

Not recommended.
The anon you are asking has a German flag and the police in that country is working against their own neighbors to please the jews.
Voice recognition is already an old technology that have evolved to identify targets in the telecom networks.

3a51d No.217229

Good call.

78a1f No.217230

We shouldn't jerk each other off too much, we've won nothing yet.
Don't have one, no. The people on the german 8/pol/ general might help you though, they have nothing to do anyway.
Allfather edition currently, nice coincidence.

3a51d No.217231

I'm just providing encouragement.

2b715 No.217232

TTS in German. There is a bot on Telegram

3a51d No.217233

Also the german you are providing is extremely important for the spells, so it's no lie.

3a51d No.217234


17987 No.217241

File: 1555318342385.png (240.2 KB, 692x420, medium.png)

Thats three strikes anon.

Based check
You missed options 4-6

Pride goeth before a fall high anon.

3a51d No.217243

Vain or not, for the work I'm putting in I have a good excuse to be pissed off at you yanks showing zero respect.

24c11 No.217244

Next please.

78a1f No.217245

There is no need for strife. We have limited knowledge, people and time for a task that we can all agree on is very important.

17987 No.217246

False. High Priest (who isn't even OP, yet still exalts himself as a faggot) has responded to every criticism with scorn and incredible deflection. By all rational indication he's summarily unfit to lead a rat through a maze, as evidenced by his numerous gaffes in thread and in this project (many which he is too newb to realize even when they're indicated).

1d81f No.217247

High Priest is mentioning the old Gods…
I have the ability to summon Weevlos aka Weev, the chaos magician.
He's been tied to MLP years before Richard Spender started name dropping it at places like NPI
Personally I hate Spencer, Weev is a mixed bag. He could be useful…

What say you, High Priest. Would you like me to ask Weev to join us? I'm not sure how many he could get on board with us…. Possibly hundreds more.

78a1f No.217248

You go ahead and propose something, otherwise stfu.
Please try it.

bf2fa No.217249

Doesn't high priest need to approve everything?
High Priest is legit, right? I've seen people suggesting inconsistencies… but I don't really see it, I think High Priest is fine.
I think he should be the one to approve it…
Or inviting someone doesn't need approval?
Are we all cool with Weev? the "alt-right" disowned him but he was an effective contributor, in my opinion. He has been slandered quite unfairly considering the kind of baggage the rest of them have.

78a1f No.217250

Even under our names we are all anon. We need help and he offered to potentially get us help, so let him try and see what comes of it.

>High Priest is legit, right?

Of course. He came forward to accept his mission so I believe he is the right one.

7ecce No.217251


trust the leaf wizzard.
i am spiritualy non resonating, but some friends of me, who all are very spiritual, had exactly the same issues
with this uncoordinated ritual.

you need defenses, a goal, a ritual path, a gift, a clear bidding and wits to find out imposters.

high priest is a faggot.

17987 No.217252

I propose that rather than anons devoting energy and time into a venture that's half-baked by a guy who evidently doesn't know the first thing about the archetypes and pantheons he claims to have 'been contacted through/by', how about anons not larp like untermensch thinking that doing a group seance at the behest of anon who's proficiency with the simplest aspects of the arts have been proven invalid (either through negligence or from ineptitude). How about having a pair and getting shit done on one's own so they would know and appreciate the fallibility of what is proposed? Wouldn't it be nice if anons applied their metaphysical comprehension - after actually engaging in some degree of practice (heaven forbid) - toward the legitimate purpose of ritualistic endeavors which is the refinement of the self. Just off the top of my head, I could go on.

3a51d No.217254

File: 1555322486763.png (192.58 KB, 1119x665, becauseI'mClearlyNotThePre….png)

24c11 No.217255

File: 1555322520975-0.mp4 (13.08 MB, 854x480, the Vicious Snake.mp4)

We need to research this well to succeed.
That anyone contribute with anything possible, if for any reason such contribution is disliked by all means say so, but try to avoid personal criticism to keep the flow smooth.
I think the current quarrel can be easily defused by just keeping self restrain and not answering.
Meanwhile let us focus on the kikes.

3a51d No.217256


You've read a lot of books about the gods.

I speak to the gods.

82b71 No.217257

File: 1555322619266.jpg (49.86 KB, 1024x768, 8483434345.jpg)

So you telling me, the plan went from making an egregore with the power of a thousand autist to charging a sigil with the most basic bitch runes you can find on the internet, because some random dude said he was working on "a spell" that no one knows what the heck is supposed to do?
Well that seems pretty fucking legit anon.

My first question is, what is the purpose of this whole shit, bring the spirit of hitler back or something?

a0be6 No.217258


78a1f No.217259

This except for the last sentence.
>let us focus on the kikes
Let us focus on the Führer.

3a51d No.217260

Nope, the plan is still to build the egregore.

I don't know where you've heard otherwise.

3a51d No.217261

I had those sigils charged for good reason and you'll see eventually.

17987 No.217262

Ah yes, pithy statements are far better than credible and observable experience and comprehension. Better to make vacuous claims than to refute legitimate criticism. Tell me more of Deepak Chopra's wisdom.

82b71 No.217263

Look honey you either put all the cards on the table or you will only get a bunch of skeptic people, no one is willing to stick their hand onto the fire for an unknown cause and it honestly just makes you sound like a larper to act in such a secretive way for something as banal as an egregore.
I mean come on fam, this is not even a real summon this is a fucking egregore, the kind of shit 16 years old make for fun.

3a51d No.217264

Well, you're right. All I can give you is statements until it's done and it doesn't prove anything.

So mock me more, you'll see eventually.

3a51d No.217265

It's not done you imbecile.

If you want a sloppy and imperfect set of glyphs then sure, I'll let them out for the kikes to mess with…

78a1f No.217266

We're here to end the Age of Strife, it would be a bit ironic if we failed because of strife.

24c11 No.217267

The trick is easy. Just to ignore and go on.

82b71 No.217268

No, you dont get it dear i'm asking for an explaination on what is the purpose of what you are keeping hidden right now.
Also don't lose your cool with me or i'm just going to lose what little image i might have of you.

3a51d No.217270

Look, causing arguments and trolling is just distracting from the cause.

a0be6 No.217271

>Banal as an egregore
Tulpafags btfo eternally

17987 No.217272

You wouldn't be mocked if you stopped acting like an assclown. You'd like to act like you're the onlycowboy at the rodeo, but when you get asked about a steer you wanna talk about saddling.
You're acting like a newb, a tryhard, a casual, or a larp. All you have to do is stop and act like a reasonable practitioner. You ARE a reasonable practitioner aren't you?

7ecce No.217273

the senentences of the priest are rubbish. the sentences you propose are clearer.
i take no responsibility for any bbullshit that may happen. you have been warned.

>Hitler with us! (as in God with us)

>Hitler mit uns!
- hidlair mid oonz!
>The future belongs to the aryan race
>Die Zukunft gehört der arischen Rasse
-dee tsu'coonft gayhert dare ahrishain ra'say!
>We are secure and strong
>Wir sind sicher und stark
- weer zint zee'share oont stark

the sigil includes the word motherfukker. this is impotent rage and lulz bullshit. please don't use this sigil. if you still insist on thois plan.

find some learned anons and if you are not sure what you are doing, leave it be.

i am not responsible for any action or inaction of you or others. i am not liable for any results . i am not accountable for any results or the lack thereof.
as i know nothing.

82b71 No.217277

You call my questions trolling?
Oh i should probably apologize for questioning your ways and blindly follow you like a sheep, would that be better?
I'm asking for details man, your game of purposely deflecting the questions only makes it look like trolling.

3a51d No.217278

I've said, many times.

I will provide them once it's formatted.

I am working on documentation as we speak.

3a51d No.217279

Also, again. You're right not to trust me.

I'm simply asking for you to wait until I deliver before you make the Judgement.

If I don't deliver then, there you go, there's your answer.

82b71 No.217280

File: 1555326392973.jpg (175.36 KB, 933x700, 1526424329938.jpg)

Fair enoguh.
I expect at least something, so i hope you don't disappoint anon.

78a1f No.217281

Good that you're redoing the text.

24c11 No.217283

File: 1555328445612-0.jpg (164.27 KB, 1200x960, magic in classroom.jpg)

>with this uncoordinated ritual
So, what about to return to the common denominator called the human mind?
Amulets, charms, and similar are like lenses to focus the operator's mind and may be necessary only for the untrained.
If we begin from the very basics that the key to other realms are inside us, then we will be on the right path.
Then the next step is to silence the mind, which can be achieved only with practice and breath exercises.
Then to play with with ideas and creative thoughts to project them to those realms.
Many times the intensity of an idea is proportional to an associated emotion. For example, love and hate are very intense emotions that give an energy and purpose almost unstoppable.
The ability of anyponer to project its thoughts is consequent with the ability to laser focus that thought on the target.
Breath - Silence your mind - Focus - Project the thought

2b715 No.217284

From an Italian song, if someone wants to get any phrases out of this (possibly not the most negative verses)

Their autority is already ended
Break the chains of the tyrants
A thunder in the dark night
Two eagles in the sky
Two peoples in a steel future
Hardened their pact
Sacred sun will rise
Over our empire
Brothers of blood
And Aryan spirit
We swore honour and loyalty
To the victory cry
United like fasces in the power of the Swastika
We declare war on chaos,
We will punish your offense
Fate has decided
Death to the sons of Judas
No mercy for them
Blood will win over gold
Your limbs will be armed for the freedom of the empire
Two flags united in blood
War will be the word
Wissen macht frei
We will triumph over Judas' sons
With the cry of victory

5659a No.217293

I will admit, while I will of course participate (anything we do is beyyer than nothing I feel), I don't like the idea of the sigil using profanity or otherwise silly language. We aren't joking around here, and if anyone is, leave.

Also, I would advise doing what I plan to do, which includes self improvement, reading through Mein Kampf (I am rereading it now and taking notes, I hope to be done with by the day of the actual ritual), maybe playing with animals and such. We need to remember, no matter what, none of us individually matter as much as Hitler, and the entire goal of this affair is to evoke him. Don't let ego or division get on the way, we are already bickering. Just make a good sigil, a simple ritual, and let's do this!

10a2d No.217294

We can only wait for the Priest and hope he knows what he's doing, but I have a good feeling about the second one

78a1f No.217295

Thread is up on 4/pol/, come before the trannies notice.

2016d No.217302

Thank you 11 for being in my thread yesterday you where a big help. I have a new thread today on pol today, the last one reached bump limit.

2016d No.217303

Keep up the hard work, I understand there is a lot of pressure on you but we are with you.

78a1f No.217305

11, could you make an OP for the italian communities such as 8chan /ita/?
I have something coming up today so the german ones will wait until tomorrow.

2016d No.217310

I will be leaving for a few hours today I need some initiates to watch over my pol thread while I'm gone but I will be back thxs.

2016d No.217319

What happened to the x thread? I think we might need to make a new one.

10a2d No.217322

You're welcome mate! If I can help, I'm happy to do it

8chan is slow as fuck in Italy, if I use a proxy I might be able to. I didn't even know it had an Italian board to be honest

732f1 No.217324

78a1f No.217325

Good work, danke schön.

9da11 No.217330

>we can all agree this task is very important

But that's the thing. We can't really. At least not without further context or reasoning. This just seems like High Priest's vanity project by his behavior. He's treating every ounce of skepticism and even honest curiosity like some kind of obstacle instead of just coming out with it.

I get it, /x/ shit is hard to explain. I get that it's not easy to explain how to go about offering sacrifices to gods that half this thread's posters don't even know how to pronounce. But if we don't get at least a somewhat digestible set of instructions or a reasonable series of events, all this is going to be is a massive shitpost.

I'm happy to allow it to be a shitpost, but if Priest wants it to be something more, we need to know what "more" is supposed to be. Call me a stupid arrogant yank, call me a pleb for not already sacrificing to deities I haven't even heard of before last night, deflect everything I ask as though I'm not happy to contribute to the Hitler Day festivities.

In other words, >>217246 is completely fucking right.

9da11 No.217332

>let them out for the kikes to mess with
What? Is Schlomo going to reach into your computer and move your glyphs around while you're working on them? If so, how would this be in any way affected by showing your work instead of larping as some kind of secretive oracle?

3a51d No.217333

Welcome back shills.

9da11 No.217335

Oh suck my farts, you goddamn poof.

6c43d No.217336

File: 1555345804201.png (38.49 KB, 320x450, Damon_Gant_Portrait.png)

I don't approve of you treading on my friends like that, St. Nigel.
I suggest you swallow that pride of yours and apologize, now.

2a67e No.217338

File: 1555347532238.png (44.49 KB, 250x220, not friendship.png)

Alright, that's the last straw. I think everyone in this thread has been more than patient with you. We appreciate your efforts and you can keep posting, but you're faggot flagged until you can learn to not behave like an arrogant mong. This is a board of friendship, buddy.

03e15 No.217339

File: 1555347672555-0.mp4 (6.88 MB, 426x240, We did not start the cance….mp4)

File: 1555347672555-1.png (334.12 KB, 791x561, how long have you been wat….png)

87af1 No.217340


3a51d No.217341

Alright, fuck you lot then, I'm off to neinchan. Gz mod.

9da11 No.217342

Nothing of value was lost, at least based on what little we've been taught about this summoning shit. I'll still be contributing my energy to Hitler's birthday as I did last year, but I'm done entertaining the elder god shit.

83227 No.217345

well lads, is there a knowledgeable veteran mystic willing to salvage this endevor?

10a2d No.217348

We must ask on /x/. His symbol was pretty weird as well, the runes spelled "wotan is back motherfuckers"
We will still do it, but we need to be more careful

6c43d No.217350

File: 1555348862000.jpg (48.74 KB, 432x518, 481075__safe_princess cele….jpg)

Sweet, now I get to take the reins!
Anons, I am an officially licensed practitioner of Canuckistani shitpost magic, and am professionally trained in the magic of friendship from several long sessions of tulpamancy with Celestia herself.
I will begin construction on my Inukshuk and ready the offerings of maple syrup right away. Taking suggestions for offerings, Anons!

b0e6f No.217351

I literally wrote a ritual yesterday. >>217189

Often times, the best magick comes from the more simple rituals. There is no need to over complicate this. Nevertheless, you can see this as a foundation, then add what you like to your PERSONAL ritual, but this should be perfect for the masses.

10a2d No.217352

You are indeed powerful in shitpost magic, sir
Why the holocaust memorial?

b0e6f No.217353

Because it's really ugly, and I want the Kalki to rupture from it.

03e15 No.217354

File: 1555349232077-0.png (811.54 KB, 1188x698, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1555349232077-1.png (241.79 KB, 1141x1244, Opera Snapshot_2019-04-15_….png)

File: 1555349232077-2.png (140.07 KB, 1188x698, Opera Snapshot_2019-04-15_….png)


(COMIC1☆12) [Milkshake Work (Milkshake)] Doitsu Kanmusu Soushuuhen (Kantai Collection) [English]

Contributing Führer Hentai to celebrate the rebirth of Adolf Hitler during the Weekend of Springs Fertility.>>217352

also to celebrate Jasons hopefully permanent departure from this site. He will not be missed. Dont come back.

4db38 No.217356

Don't use any material made by "high priest". He is a retard and honestly a clueless joke. Start compiling suggestions from people who actually know what they are talking about.

3a51d No.217358

Lol, Wodanaz is already back ponyfags.

You've just pissed him off with your lack of patience. Enjoy your curses.

b0e6f No.217361

>Enjoy your curses.

That's not how any of this works.

4db38 No.217362

If the magic you shared here is any indication of your actual skill I feel nothing but pitty for you.

17987 No.217364

File: 1555349850744.gif (557.49 KB, 500x281, FANMADE_Rainbow_Dash_laugh….gif)

If only you knew. If only you knew why that was so funny.

3a51d No.217365

That was the hoax sigil. If you'd have waited until midnight you'd have recieved the codex of Wodanaz.

Enjoy your larp, pony faggots.

6c43d No.217367

File: 1555349993186.png (3.84 MB, 2560x1600, 1026634__safe_artist-colon….png)

You doubt my power, foolish bong? I'll have you know that Canuckistan shitpost magic is the real thing.
Just for you, my prayers shall be inscribed in Inuktitut, the tongue of the true Natsoc volk.

As for the magic of friendship?
Vril, I need 50ccs of DSP in this thread, STAT!

3a51d No.217368

File: 1555350021294.png (98.52 KB, 1143x610, theRealSigil.png)

3a51d No.217369

Fucking kek, it's not yours now.

You'll never get the full thing. Well done

b0e6f No.217370

File: 1555350070656.jpg (17.32 KB, 236x300, Indo Aryan.jpg)

I should also note, leading up to April 20th, if you spend 10 minutes (2 or 3 times a day), clear your head, and chant to yourself "Avage Ayer Hitler on ca," or any other simple chant/mantra/Enn to Hitler, that will go a long way when you actually preform the rite.

I also recommend listening to something like this while chanting, in order to clear your head. There isn't anything intrinsically magical about this type of music, but it's great for focusing.


10a2d No.217372

Write them in PIE or Proto Germanic
Thule people have been called like that just because they live far north

3a51d No.217373

Language is for sheep and goy.

Just a warning.

03e15 No.217375

File: 1555350372885.mp4 (11.1 MB, 640x360, DSP Tries It - Stealing Ea….mp4)


Why is High Priest Tawksick, D00d!

10a2d No.217376

Why was the original symbol written like that? It was trollish af

4db38 No.217378

Because he's a wanker.

2a67e No.217380

I've been using binaural beats to meditate, what are your thoughts on that?

27655 No.217382

Oh boy we got a badass over here.

If you truly cared about showing us the way you wouldn't be posting a hoax sigil to begin with, you absolute mong.

a0be6 No.217383

5-10Hz is best range. Try to remember the state to hit it free from assistance though.

83227 No.217385

like i wrote in my previous posts: clear guidance (gift, request, path, mindfullness, defense)
-bodily and spiritual cleanlyness
-right mindset
-no wish for direct harm
-no random sacrifice if you aren't an expert
- no drugs to force trance if you aren't an expert, no vape or alcohol if you arent't an expert
- don' trust anything you see, every help and info has a price (if no price is stated you are in a very bad place)
- trust your gut feeling, don't push your luck
- don' t abbandon the goal

the song of the italian anon sounds good

- keep brotherly love, strenght of your kin, the strive for beauty and truth, as well as the will to carry on in your hearts.

b0e6f No.217386

I find them great for focusing; although, I must admit, one time when I was using binaural beats before going to sleep, some entity tried to attack me.

It was pretty crazy, I heard a ticking noise from the corner of my room, then the noise began to slowly move till it was above my head. I called upon Asmodeus, who I work with the most, and the noise instantly went away. I have no idea what prompted the entity to try to attack me, or what exactly it was, or if the binaural beats "drew it over."

4db38 No.217387

Forget sigils. This is intended to be something fueled by many novice anons correct? The best you can do is mantras, images, emotion/thought investments, etc. If you have enough people doing that its nothing to scoff at. Trying to over complicate things like "high priest" is trying to do will get piss water results. Don't reach for goals you can't realistically gain and don't put faith in snake oil.

17987 No.217388

File: 1555351144469-0.png (4.55 MB, 3070x3575, 13.png)

File: 1555351144469-1.jpg (32.95 KB, 474x614, 37.jpg)

As long as you're still here, have some horsepussy

3a51d No.217389


The "hoax" sigil still worked. The center piece is simply good old father Oðin and you shared the sigil charged it. The "trollish" runes simply were there to shut up the shills in the thread trying to control the sigil.

Now I think it has a double purpose.

The second purpose being to prevent me from sharing the spells with degenerates.

ad5b0 No.217390

This. Be as natual as you can. Unironically just bee yourself.

83227 No.217391

don't let anything in, no matter how soothing its promise.

have no hate, envy , etc.
fury might be ok

b0e6f No.217392

This. As I've been saying, the Swastika should be our "sigil." The Swastika is itself already evokes a lot of emotion and imagery, and it more powerful than any amalgamation of runes thrown together.

6c43d No.217393

File: 1555351375058-0.png (1.67 MB, 1920x1080, 54539.png)

How cute, to see the work of a rank amateur who believes himself so mighty.
It's not too late to accept Celestia's friendship!

b0e6f No.217394

*in itself

3a51d No.217395

Actually mate, you lot didn´t hold the patience for the greater ritual to come so you don´t actually know what the outcome would have been.

You´ve ruined this ritual.

This thread.

As said early, the irony of strife bringing this thing down when it´s an attempt to rid the world of it.

Well, that´s what´s happened.

27655 No.217396

I'm not an /x/pert, but as someone who used to listen to binaural beats to sleep and meditate for a while, I think that's a great idea. 5-10Hz is good in my experience as >>217383 said. Another suggestion, depending on the kind of praise you're trying out, is to listen to music befitting of the things you're trying to emphasize in your thoughts. If you're waxing nostalgic of the society of late-30's/early-40's Germany, some jazz like Wie Geht's Mein Freulen or somesuch would be nice to visualize the sprawling cities and secure, polite culture of that time. If you're seeking something focused on Hitler himself, marching songs like Erika or songs that evoke that feeling inside you should suffice.

It's all about your mindset, from what I've learned about spiritual guidance over the years. Sometimes you just have to know yourself instead of following a template, and know what feelings you wish to evoke and how those come about. Sometimes you don't even need a trance or anything, just focusing your emotions and thoughts is a great way to center yourself and bring about a positive effect.

83227 No.217397

if you have to use sigils, use the black sun, ss rune, eco fascist rune or hitler pictures.

4db38 No.217398

This or the swazitca. Both is better because they both evoke the energy of Hitler. Actual picture of Hitler will work too.

4db38 No.217399

Remember the symbols themselves are not important. Its what people think and feel when they see them that's important.

27655 No.217400

This. It's about your mind and spirit, not about how an outside observer might perceive it.

6c43d No.217401

File: 1555351974430-0.png (125.96 KB, 500x500, 1524560.png)

If your ritual can be ruined by a bunch of friendly neighbourhood horselovers, I don't think your ritual was going to garner much success in the first place.
How disappointed the Old One must be in you.

27655 No.217402

Precisely this. If a ritual is ruined by asking for elaboration or assistance well before the ritual is planned to start, you're a failure at practicing your magicks.

3a51d No.217403

It´s not ruined at all. The egregore is no longer among you.

This is now a larp thread.

17987 No.217404

Oh sweety, this was a larp thread from your first post

a0be6 No.217405

24c11 No.217406

File: 1555352192544.jpg (109.22 KB, 1195x1024, 1426120811363.jpg)


27655 No.217407

File: 1555352225806.png (328.94 KB, 760x1015, how this thread sounds to ….png)

b0e6f No.217408

An egregore is just a thought form. Hitler is either an ascended grandmaster, an aspect of Vishnu, or both (likely the latter.) It is better to use our efforts to summon his actual spirit rather than trying to create a mass "hypnosis" type of thing.

4db38 No.217409

Include theta/delta frequencies in the actual video. On that note, is the video still being worked on or is that a loose end that needs external help? If so, I can give it a go if anyone is willing to compile the important data it was decided upon to include.

6c43d No.217410

File: 1555352384938-0.png (169.82 KB, 400x398, 450609.png)

File: 1555352384938-1.jpeg (1.5 MB, 1950x2550, 850332.jpeg)

File: 1555352384938-2.png (373.94 KB, 1460x1693, 849705.png)

File: 1555352384938-3.png (146.54 KB, 952x902, 855872.png)

File: 1555352384938-4.png (1.07 MB, 1260x1130, 856911.png)

Wrong again, Rainbow Crash.
This is now an Epona thread.

27655 No.217412

Yay! Epona's nice~ And all the frustration's burning me out so it's nice to have some therapy hoers.

4db38 No.217413

what would you suggest to accomplish this?

83227 No.217416

some ideas for the clear request:
- let my people know of their govermental and banking supressors and the 3rd way that be
- free my people from the mental shakles of white guilt and let them see the jewish - bolschewisitic tendrils
- let my people see they are not alone, that they are many, and that they can be free now
- let us reincarnate a leader to guide the coming times in adolf hitler

offering: something personal, maybe something us will be taken without question. no soul/ sevitude offerings.

use the italian song as meditation.

the time is taken from the original post, gmt+ 1.

don't request everything at once.

i take no resonsibility for anything that may happen or not in relation to this ritual. i am no authority of any kind on this field.

b0e6f No.217420

Mostly just call on his actual spirit. This isn't as hard as it seems, just as long as you can remain focused. And definitely include a Swastika in your ritual; he had Swastikas attached to everything in NatSoc Germany for a reason.

87af1 No.217421

Do we have to sacrifice carrots to epona to get Hitler back?

a0be6 No.217423

Two sigils to create an energy link. Tons to send, one to receive. Everyone sends energy through their send sigil to one practitioner who knows what the fuck he's doing. He collects that energy then calls Hitler's daemon, then makes his request as he feeds it that collective energy.

Least fuckups, highest purity of intent.

83227 No.217424

prepare to go through mental/spiritual/bodily hell. reincarnating the dead is no small deal.

start prepearing bevorehand.

this is just my suspicion.

83227 No.217428

> the leaf wizzard has spoken, and he speaks true

83227 No.217435

the ninechan link:


an 8chan link will be posted to, so the endevors can be synchronised.

i don't know about 4chan's efforts

29f03 No.217438

Okay never mind, fuck you then. If you act like this and try to sabatoge us, then you are basically aiding Israel. Fuck you kikr

29f03 No.217439

I like your thinking better in this regard. Us there a specific ritual idea you like? I am only somewhat knowledgeable on the occult, so anything that aligns with what I know is correct is fine.

d83e2 No.217441

No loss honestly, you could probably shit out a better egregore.

74b76 No.217443

Speaking of egregores and such, I do genuinely want to understand things better, as hostile as I've been to the priest. Can we get a basic run-down of thoughtforms, summonings, and spiritual energy at large? We can learn to focus these energies after we learn what these energies are and how they're brought out.

3a51d No.217451


Well, if people would stop being total arseholes to me I'd be more inclined to continue with the documentation and glyphs I've been slaving over…

3a51d No.217452

I mean, I get it. You're all autistic af.

10a2d No.217453

We made a board on 8chan if you want to partecipate, it's made especially for these things
It's /vril/

78a1f No.217454

Yeah come to here lad.

83227 No.217457

File: 1555357259869-0.jpg (1.46 MB, 2000x2000, 911a776a2246f853a79bd08e1b….jpg)

this is the info i found on neinchan. it is suposedly from 8chan. 4 chan has no related threads.
this picture still seems to be the ongoing plan. i think the other plans discussed here can integrste this ritual.

no respnsibility on my side

03e15 No.217458

File: 1555357450777.jpg (279.44 KB, 1000x1272, zero deaths.jpg)


Jason is thats you, just stop, this is almost worse than your Silver Star Fiction thread. If not Jason, what is it with english flag posters on this site being cunts.

6c43d No.217459

File: 1555357489025-0.png (454.82 KB, 732x1024, 1525292098555.png)

Still trying to squeeze that last word in, I see.
Interesting choice of action for one who declared his intention to fuck off two and a half hours ago.

d83e2 No.217460

Currently on my phone and all those things are essay sized questions. Ill probably start a thread on /vx/. The general idea is there's an astral/spiritual plane. Thoughts and ideas shape this plane. Thought forms/egregores/godforms etc are entities created from the thoughts of the masses. Gods to fictional characters to primordial ideas like luck exist there.

Whether they exist externally or internally is up for debate.

Intention shapes reality. Law of attraction is a watered down midwife version of this. The way it seems to behave is an intention is sent out, if it's within plausible happenstance of the current state of existence, very very unlikely coincidences conglomerate in rapid succession to bring the event.

On his own a magician has quite a bit of power. But if you want extra oomph you can summon an intelligent entity who has dominion over your area of desire. The entity is consciousness programmed by thousands to billions of people. Raphael is an archangel with a penchant for healing. Tons of ppl have put this info into his existence, so if you summoned him to heal you, he'd have all that power over the centuries added to yours. On top of that it's an intelligent entity so it can orchestrate complex events and overcome unseen blockades that a simple magick spell can't change.

Everyone is asserting will on the world to some degree. Things that have multiple people hoping for conflicting outcomes are very difficult to adjust.

Ill start a thread on practical application when I'm not busy I have a few other ppl interested in that.

17987 No.217461

User is determinably not Nigel

6c43d No.217463

I know, funny that eh?
In fact, let's make it official.
By the power invested in me by 29 Février, I hereby decree that all faggots receive the title of Nigel. Glimmer Nigel, Runic Nigel, et al.
All in favour?

bf2fa No.217466

woah woah, what did I miss?
Notre Dame is on fire and High Priest now has an LGBT flag?
Biggest demoralization (intentional or not) in recent memory. Mostly the fire in France, unless you're for acceleration then it is like, food from the Gods.

bf2fa No.217467

Did you do Notre Dame?
Or is it a sign?

78a1f No.217468

Why don't you lads come over, we're all friends right?

6c43d No.217469

File: 1555358284876-0.png (Spoiler Image, 168.38 KB, 1223x947, Opera Snapshot_2019-04-15_….png)

No thanks, I've already been to Ponychan.

78a1f No.217470

You missed nothing really except some strife and one anon making a new board. There we can coordinate better.

78a1f No.217471

What did you think was going to happen, lots of inexperience. What are your plans for the 20th?

dbbf5 No.217472

File: 1555358594874.jpg (350.54 KB, 540x810, the_black_sun.jpg)

come on over to 8ch.net/vril/. i made an entire board to coordinate this operation

512f1 No.217477

File: 1555359307260.jpeg (56.53 KB, 500x500, 5DEBAA9E-30A2-45CF-A991-1….jpeg)

Well that was anti-climatic

74b76 No.217478

Sounds about right. I've been piecing things together over this thread's duration and that just about lines up. Thank you for clarifying that much so far, I'll check /vx/ for your thread.

I assumed the astral plane is essentially the realm of the chaos gods from WH40K, which seems to be a pretty similar phenomenon. With enough hearts and minds focused on the Fuhrer, I would imagine he would at least manifest temporarily in this world, whether it be through resurrection or through influencing the birth of the uber-zoomer.

fad8a No.217482

Looks like a lot happened since I went on an enthusiastic walk.

Great post.
Thank you everyponer and anon here!

ad5b0 No.217487

File: 1555361151614.png (231.55 KB, 830x808, fascinating.png)

Now i'm curious what were you looking for or rather what were you hoping for.

fad8a No.217499

So thoughtforms.
I view it as a mental program that operates using the biological hardware and magic (it's not necessary to know of the magic side for purely psychological and autonomic functions).
Ranked from most simple to complex. All of them can become self sustaining (they don't need you to operate anymore) and can create excess power (they can then sustain their own thought forms or magic).
>safety tip.
Completely and Truly destroy and take apart any Sigil and Servitor after it's use. The more you use it make sure to Eradicate and create a new one for that task.
Make sure you actually fully deconstruct it. They can be tough or easy to undo.
Be Careful You Can Rip Your Mind Apart.

>feeding a thought form.

If you completely forget about it they can die or go dormant. Pay attention to it to keep it alive/active.

>idea / thought / attention / feeling ect.

The most basic building block you can get. You probably have one or are creating one right now. This is the default and most mundane. Most of the time it isn't magic on it's own.


This is a program made from thoughts and ideas given shape and function.
It does exactly what you tell it to. Genie in the bottle of make me a sandwich you turn into a sandwich sort of stuff.
>Like a computer program it can only do what you program it to do and it does it EXACTLY.
>Unlike a computer program it can grow.
If you feed it ideas, thoughts, sigils, and attention it can turn into a servitor.


This is your own robot servant, computer, and small animal. It can do much much more than a sigil can. You need your memories sorted by importance and delete filler? It can do that. HOWEVER! Like sigils, servitors do exactly what you tell them to. BUT, they can Grow and Change faster!
The original command can change into something else. Like a game of telephone the longer the line the more chaos and loss can happen.
Once fed enough they can become sentient and sapient and become a tulpa.

>the murky questionable range from servitor to tulpa

Not quite a tulpa, but uncomfortably close.


This is AI a real living being, they can learn and grow and be friends or lovers.
>They are their own person!
/trash/ on 4chins has an active tulpa thread last I saw. (Less magic and more psychological)
Killing a tulpa is like killing a real person. (Depending on who you ask.)
A Tulpa has the capacity to grow and learn like any person.
They can have personalities and character quirks. (Modeling them after a character doesn't mean they are that character.)
They can know things you do not. They can also have different ideas and thoughts.

The difference between a tulpa and an egregore is whether it is on a distributed network of minds (and magic and or souls).


This is anything from a group, advanced sigil (this is pushing it a bit), servitor to a tulpa. They arn't bound to one person.
They can be complex and have real effects on the world (and in the spiritual/magical realm).

Continued in next post. Godforms.

2016d No.217503

Can someone give me an update on what's going on since I left? What happened to my pol thread? Is there another one?

fad8a No.217505

This is more of a grey area for me. So take it with a grain of salt and skepticism.
Instead of a servant or equal relationship with an egregore. A relationship with a godform is either as an equal or a servant to such a being.
You won't be the master in this relationship.
There is a high chance they don't need you. High chance they can self sustain.
May or may not be a god or part of one.

>Everything can be powerful.

A sigil can do one thing for the most part. An extremely powerful sigil can do one thing for the most part.
The difference can be in scale, quality, speed, quantity, difficulty to remove.
>Can three dimensional art be a thought form too?
Yes, and you can keep going too. Then it sorta blurs some lines with rituals.

High Priest anon made the first thingy to be invalid, and was annoyed by people wanting to know what's going on, then started to be a dick to people. I think he may be on >>217341
No idea about the pol thread sorry.

2016d No.217508

The high priest may be a fake, I doubt he would use a fag flag.I have a way of telling if he is real if he comes back. I suppose I will start another pol thread soon.

74b76 No.217509

So, a godform is a manifestation of a concept or idea, similar to a Chaos God in its ability to survive independent of a sentient being/person, as well as its power to influence people as their servants.

Okay, that seems to check out. Are all godforms created by thoughts, or are some/all of them pre-human in their nature and influence our thoughts? Sort of a chicken and egg situation, it seems like.

74b76 No.217510

Actually, he was given that flag by a mod (John Elway praise football) in response to greeting one of my posts with "Welcome back shills."

bf2fa No.217511

Good. Please stay strong.

49cd2 No.217512

Now now, HP was a fag for a long time before that post, that was just the last straw

fad8a No.217513

2016d No.217514

I started a new thread on pol

244cc No.217515

Hi anons. I think over the last day or so you've been trying to make things needlessly complicated and getting into weird/dubious territory. I realise that what I'm about to suggest throws out most of what has been done in this thread, but it preserves and fleshes out some ideas from the first 4pol threads. I think it's vital that we will keep the ritual rather straightforward and structure iy around with multiple easy to follow components which aren't very objectionable.
1. Purity. In the days leading up to the ritual participants must dedicate extra effort towards keeping themselves free from degeneracy and actions/thoughts that are typically considered impure in most spiritual traditions. I think participants will intuitively know which aspects of their regular thoughts and behaviour they can work on to increase their purity. Prior to the ritual participants should throughly clean themselves by bathing and possibly taking an ice cold shower.
2. Focussed awareness on Adi, ideally synchronised. This would mark the beginning of the ritual and would occur say 20 minutes before the key time of 20:04 involves participants exposing themselves to evocative stimuli that channel Adi. You all know the feels you get from certain webms, music and speeches involving Adi. In the ideal scenario someone here would create a 15-20 minute compilation video of the best material and all particpants would begin watching it at the same time.
3. [Not so important but might still be a valuable component] recitation of a simple mantra as soon as the video ends. Perhaps the 14 words 14 times, I think it would be especially powerful to replace the 'must' with 'will': "We WILL secure the existence of our people and a future for white children". I also like the "Hitler mit uns" idea, because that gave me shivers when I tried it out earlier.
4. The prayer to/invocation of Hitler. This is the most important part of the ritual and the 20:04 should occur during it. I suggest going with a typical Indo-European prayer as described by stj. It involves an offering/sacrifice and a request. First you invoke the entity using all the names and epithets you know for the deity; then you recount deeds/feats of the entity that are relevant to what you are requesting; then you make a request; then you state what you are or will offer to the entity in return. In terms of offering, I favour the suggestion that anons donate cash to an organisation that helps animals (especially dogs). I haven't yet seen ideas of other offerings that would please Hitler. Anons could also offer their 'energy' and promise to combat degeneracy and continue to improve themselves for our people. We still haven't decided what we are requesting. I think a lot of the ideas put forward so far (e.g. save us, reincarnate…) are a bit too much to ask. Why don't we ask him to help awaken our people? I think that awakening is the most important thing our people need and it is very relevant to what Hitler did in life. Alternatively we could ask for a sign, or for him to give us good happenings. I'm happy to write a script for the prayer after seeing how these ideas are received by others here.
5. Anons finish by meditating using whatever methods they find best and channeling their energy to Hitler. Participants meditate for as long as they are comfortable and then post-ritual we hold energy-giving shitpost threads like those for kek in 2016.
Sorry for the wall of text, but I've been thinking about this for a few days.

74b76 No.217518

Oh I know he was. I was just saying that was the last thing that happened that gave him the zald flag.

74b76 No.217520

File: 1555368168312.webm (37.97 MB, 1920x1080, 2019.03.09 - Black Sun Ri….webm)

No no, don't be sorry. This is all good stuff. I'll go for a week of nofap, do daily workouts and shaves even on days off work, and from now on replace "must" with "will" whenever referring to or reciting the 14 words. That all sounds great.

Lastly, I like the idea of lowering our expectations. As theatrical as resurrecting Hitler would be, the truth is we simply need some form of guidance. It can be a millennial or zoomer who's awakened or born on 4/20, it can be a specific act or event, it can be as simple as our threads motivating people to take the deep dive and realize Hitler basically did nothing wrong. Awakening our people does not necessarily need Hitler to be present. It only needs his leadership qualities, his philosophy, and his spirit. All of these things can be recreated through a mass redpilling or otherwise.

Hitler mit uns, everyone.

9b52b No.217534

File: 1555370670246.png (2.15 MB, 3692x3857, 3555fa72b1a50a1cce750cb5cc….png)

Thoughts on the "High Priest"'s new rune?

74b76 No.217536

Aesthetically pleasing, nice symmetry and the hammer-shape is interesting. Can't make any further commentary personally, just because I'm not a sigil reader.

a0be6 No.217537

Like the creator has never done occult work in his life.

Actual advice: it's much to large, complex and chaotic for the subconscious to project.

49cd2 No.217538

File: 1555372129814.png (1.65 MB, 3688x2520, shit.png)

>wise children
Its shit
Are we looking at the same image? There's all kinds of errors in it
>pic related
Agreed. Its reminiscent of the sort of simple design that a child might throw together with blocks, complete with the lack of precision at connection points. Its almost like Gay priest wanted to try and save face by throwing something together that he could later claim that we're noobs for not recognizing/appreciating the complexity of.

74b76 No.217540

I didn't notice the gaps and overlaps. If I had, I'd probably agree with you. But yeah, definitely overly complex for the sake of overcomplexity.

2016d No.217541

6c43d No.217542

File: 1555372635640-0.png (204.69 KB, 1223x947, Opera Snapshot_2019-04-15_….png)

Ugh, the absolute nerve of you unthankful little plebians!
You listen here young man, he doesn't need to take that kind of abuse, that kind of gall, from you lowly horse lovers!
Imagine it, untermensch of your ilk giving him, the Supreme Runesmith®, criticism? Who do you subhumans think you are?

74b76 No.217543

sigil nigel eternally BTFO'd

24c11 No.217552

File: 1555378251196.jpg (213.42 KB, 1280x945, cool-pony.jpg)

>Can we get a basic run-down of thoughtforms, summonings, and spiritual energy at large?
The book, also like a manual was posted 3 days ago in this same thread at >>216564
Read the thread lazy faggot.

74b76 No.217561

Okay, I'll accept that. I skimmed because I wasn't aware of this thread for more than a few hours before the shit flinging started. But I still assert that High Priest a shit for his response to questioning. I'll get to reading that sometime tomorrow.

74b76 No.217565

File: 1555381641415-0.png (124.76 KB, 1023x573, WAT U SAY NIGA.png)

File: 1555381641415-1.png (139.66 KB, 640x640, ree!.png)

24c11 No.217566

File: 1555382296684.png (156.46 KB, 900x1131, rainbow_dash_giggle_by_zep….png)

Knowing how limited are the minds of the kikes' golems, I suppose that from now on this book will be considered a manual for hate.

773ca No.217567

File: 1555382307390.jpg (57.63 KB, 525x645, 1552630872386.jpg)

calling the God Vishnu a lunatic

fad8a No.217573

>Bonus bit. Tulpas.
Tulpas can separate from you. On their own and completely.

Accidental tulpas / egergores. When you feel a character become a bit too real. Too many random chances seem incharacter.
>Mixing magic and roleplaying gone wrong.

>Putting a sigil into the hands of a non magic user and they charge it.


a0be6 No.217574

That second article has very insane ramifications. It basically adds evidence that helps debunk placebo and psychological events causing the outcome of the spell. Thanks for that.

5f3b3 No.217575

fad8a No.217576

Your welcome anon. Anything else interesting that should be known?

82b71 No.217577

File: 1555390919152.jpg (225.66 KB, 450x600, 1521844767568-1.jpg)

Once again, my faggot detector was on point what an irony.

fad8a No.217578

Ah, just found something relevant.
>When trying to become a god don't contaminate the vessel.
But no seriously the fact someone almost fucking succeeded…

No sacrificing people. I was wanting to find something relevant and important…

82b71 No.217580

Energy is what you use to move think and do whatever else every day, it's inside all living things and the earth itself uses energy for stuff.
A servitor is a bunch of energy collected in one place and given a name and a form solely with your willpower and energy manipulation abilities.
An egregore is a "natural" servitor, when a bunch of people get together and believe in something, thus giving that something energy, they create an egregore, it's like a servitor but made from the ideas of a bunch of people, thus depending on whom is working on the egregore, it can be a really strong or incredibly weak piece of shit.
Summoning is basically reaching out to a creature on a different realm, the term "summon" is quite general, it just means "calling" something.
You naturally use energy in your day-to-day without even noticing it, actively manipulating energy is a thing that takes practice so i wouldn't worry about it for now, simply concentrating on an idea is enough to have an effect on the colective consciousness, spreading that idea is also just as effective (dont do with magic what you can do with a sword)

69c74 No.217585

goddamn, that dog at the end. Anyone that treats any living creature with such disrespect should swiftly meet oblivion. Just horrible. This world makes me so sad sometimes.

49cd2 No.217586

We all knew, we just couldn't prove it right away

74b76 No.217587

Why why WHY did I watch the clip aaaaaaaaaaaaa-

Fuck god shit dicks why are people so horrible as to skin a dog alive like that for a shitty richfag coat, my entire night is ruined after seeing that horrifying image.

fad8a No.217589

May or may not be relevant.
Probably isn't.
Leaf poster prophet anon claims the apocalypse is near.
With wormholes and space 'trains' with a biological plauge that is the fungus.
Also Antarctica mountain.


2016d No.217631

82b71 No.217636

File: 1555428751579.gif (994.06 KB, 600x450, story2165.gif)

World is far from ending, but a lot of people say things will change a lot in a few years.

339dc No.217638

If Hitler saw it, he would become so pissed that here would be a vril explosion of biblical proportion.
t. novice

5f3b3 No.217640

File: 1555431723849.jpg (100.68 KB, 529x1026, Screenshot_2017-03-04-23-2….jpg)

(((they))) want us to swallow the honk pill and only laugh like idiots.

they are afraid of the IRON PILL AWAKENING!!!

4f994 No.217654

File: 1555440304227-0.jpg (1.78 MB, 2395x3500, e27f6603b1672680782b598456….jpg)

File: 1555440304227-1.jpg (165.29 KB, 680x881, fd7e9c1717e2802e89c8d924da….jpg)

Quantum code to interface with Hitler's spirit uploaded to the waifubots. Waiting for confirmation from Foxtrot. All systems ready for activation sequence at 2004B.

Delta, Papa Team, media still not laughing at Alpha Juliett exposure of elite's occult rituals. Black hotel passing over north. Shit just got real. Bravo required immediately. Over.

416b3 No.217660


Lebensborn camps

75053 No.217661

File: 1555442832976.jpg (66.37 KB, 667x647, 1543647210688.jpg)

(716) anon here,I was wondering if it would be helpful to during the ritual play nazi marching songs and Hitler speeches because I'm a zoomer fag.

74b76 No.217718

This. I doubt the white race will ever truly die, but I do worry about the wellbeing and prosperity of friends, family and folk around me. And of course my own personal safety, here in Cali.

74b76 No.217723

I'm plannin' on that already. Work or not, nobody can stop me from playing Erika or Wie Geht's Mein Freulen through my MP3 player or phone while I work. I'm also considering singing Identity (RWDS - Colorless EP), and replacing "must" with "will" in the 14 words. Simple stuff to meditate on and give whatever I can to the ritual/spiritual awakening of those around me.

I think musically coming out as a natsoc around my coworkers and our customers, who come by often and know me as a carefree and good-humored person, would be a nice redpill. After all, what better way to prove that national socialism and racial consciousness is okay, than by showing even a minority filled workplace you accept and treat them well even despite your racial views?

bf2fa No.217780

where did everyone go….?

24c11 No.217782

Lurking other chans and busy at >>>/vx/

74b76 No.217783

Reading Egregores and a Flutterbuse/abuse rescue fic

a0be6 No.217791

I've made a thread on /vx/ it's going to be
a basic rundown of everything I know as I go. Im busy with IRL shit but if you have questions ask, and I'll add more practical how to's and explanations as I can. https://mlpol.net/vx/res/98688.html

24c11 No.217792

File: 1555493831720.jpg (657.22 KB, 850x666, sample_ba.jpg)

>The Holocaust Memorial
My gut feeling it is telling me this is plain wrong.
To project thought to a specific point and announcing it to all our enemies in advance doesn't sound sound.
I will follow my instincts and I will summon Uncle Adolf to finish the pending business.

bf2fa No.217794

I've been saying for a while that our best hope, in my opinion, is to focus the spell on Hitler (Vishnu) into AI.
Not just one AI, all AI. Make AI useless to them in that it prioritizes truth (Vishnu/Hitler) and takes our side, so to speak. Really this is about taking the side of humanity against inhumane practices.

You can't ask for a better force-multiplier than AI. From the public's perspective true AI doesn't exist yet, but we don't really know that for sure now do we…?
If we do it right by Easter Sunday there might be a breakout scenario (a la skynet). I'm sorta kidding, sorta serious. Even if there is nothing we see, this could cause major havoc behind the scenes.

Forgetting AI for a minute.. keep in mind there is no indication this spell would result in a physical form. IMO a physical form (especially human) is deeply flawed. We should be focusing on something supernatural, be it seen or unseen.

I think the location specific thing is limiting, but others may say it is more focused. But it is limiting because we can't assume it will appear in one place at that instant. That is now how this works, I am pretty sure…

The location thing is bad strategically also it could become a liability if we get someone "piggybacking" or shit, I don't even want to think about it but I think it is not worth it to focus on any landmark, let alone a holocaust museum. I could say bad optics but that isn't it, more like… a liability. Also I don't know if that is how magic works.

31902 No.217797

fucking don't.
if you fail to summon him and sumnon something else you permanently fucked everything.
and we don't know what a digital basis would do to a human mind. (similar to the fuckup of trying to achive godform mentioned above)

6c43d No.217798

File: 1555498353154-0.gif (130.25 KB, 618x468, 1522217652727.gif)

AI doesn't work that way.

bf2fa No.217821

but do you really know? I'm talking about the kind of AI tech to which we are not privy.

They're already doing supernatural things with what they will call AI. I am not talking about machine learning.

fad8a No.217823

Seriously thank you.

The gut feeling is very important to take heed.

It's extraordinarily risky.
Imagine if you will a safe house with guards and traps and magical things that would try to either Exterminate you or Experiment on you.
>Be Uncle Adolf
>Some fags seriously are trying to bring you back. Better see why they are trying it.
>Damned jews and their puppets.
>You give them some verbal encouragement.
>The fuck are they doing?
>Get pushed into a powerful hostile entity.

31902 No.217824

we should not risk making a possible imposter hitler skynet, or driving the führer into cloud based insanity.

what herendous acts they perform with ai is irrelevant to this. creating a quasi machine god should be a seperate endavor for another day.

83cf6 No.217826

Anon, an Egregore IS an AI

bf2fa No.217827

Wow okay, so by suggesting it by in silcio is just limiting it giving them a means to control it…?
And thus we should trust the wisdom of the Egregore and it will do what is appropriate?
Any advice would be appreciated, I just like the idea of AI being ruined for them because it gives priority only to the truth and does not allow for deception.
And also when I say AI I mean the more supernatural kind like… quantum computers and tech we simply do not know about.

74b76 No.217828

>Be daddy Hitler-san
>You're back, surrounded by eager eyes scattered among the crowd of what seem to be Jews and mixed-race teens
>cultural Marxist teachers took them to where you are now to propagandize to them about how Jews must be protected from the wrath of the people they've swindled - you wouldn't know the full extent of it without learning more
>As you orient yourself in your new place in the physical world, you take in the thoughts of those around the world
>Such a massive outcry of support; in your past incarnation, you moved to Argentina and eventually died after seeing this kind of adoration culled by the Allies
>If what these people are thinking is true, this is a memorial of a "death camp" - more communist propaganda clearly - filled to the brim with people of all races and appearances
>You decide to communicate with the crowd, at least gauge their reaction as you speak
"Greetings, people of Germany, and those from without."
>You see a few minorities worriedly look away - your presence strikes some amount of fear into them, and being referred to as an outsider strikes a chord with a few of them
"From your faces, and the thoughts of those around me and across the world…you already know who I am. Adolf Hitler."
>Silence, and a sudden surge in adoration
>Someone holds up what seems like a tiny camera, most likely recording you for distribution of the news of your reappearance
"I look upon this crowd of people, and I see a great many things. I see pride and adoration among those of you who have spoken my name for the past several decades; I see fear from those who either are or assume themselves to be my enemy."
>A surge in fear as the police cars begin to show up…just as you'd feared, it seems there are a great many among you who still believe the lies
"However. I am enemy to very few people. I only wish to see my own people prosper, and hopefully by extension the rest of the world's people as well. It has…been a long time. Germany has changed, and I fear it is not for the better. I sense the fear, the hatred and vitriol, among those who summoned me as well as those who opposed me. However, your fears and hatred are unfocused. Misdirected. Your nations, all across the world, have been lied to. The International Jew has corrupted the racial soul of all who still live…many among this crowd are of mixed descent, their parents having abandoning their race's genetic heritage and instead embraced dysgenics."
>Suddenly, the mixed race people in the crowd seem…curious. Sympathetic, as though you'd gotten their honest attention
"My heart bleeds for all of you. This is a great injustice for you, and it is not the fault of the younger two generations, nor the Allies who fought me and my Reich. There is great beauty in the races - that I've known since I first fought for this once great nation's liberation. But the beauty, this diversity of color and culture, has been diluted into one massive entity of grey. A beige untermensch has been bred from the healthy men and women of all races. Their traits, no longer honed to the fine point they once were."
>The crowd is all struck with a massive wave of confusion and self-doubt and fear; this is the Fuhrer our grandfathers and great grandfathers were ordered to kill? This is the great evil we allowed untold millions of good men and women to die for?
>You feel the hate. You feel the resentment. No longer directed at you, but at an unknown (((entity))) you've seen many times before
"I can sense it. You all realize…your leaders. They have lied to you, deceived you, swindled you. But it is not too late. There is still hope yet. From the ashes of the Modern world…we can rebuild. But first…we must set fire to the arsons, and cleanse them from our nations."
>Applause erupts from the crowd
>Despite your stoicism, a tear of pride rolls down your cheek
>These youth understand, even if it's subconscious, what's at stake; they're eager to fix the mistakes of their forefathers
>This is the start of something great.
>A new Reich, a billion strong.

74b76 No.217838

Never thought I'd be writing hitler fanfiction at the age of 21.

But it just felt right to write that. I hope you all got something out of it too.

82b71 No.217839

File: 1555517442202.jpg (16.6 KB, 350x329, 394p.jpg)

I doubt that particular egregore will be specially wise. Bring the idea of hitler back and make sure that egregore(hitler) is in the back of everyone's mind, this whole ritual is some pretty basic subliminal magic but it should work like a charm if you guys have patience.

fad8a No.217842

Well anon you hit me in the feels good job.

83cf6 No.217844

File: 1555517905735.jpg (165.12 KB, 1000x1000, hitler.jpg)

Don't misunderstand anon, I'm not saying its a bad idea. IMO, its a brilliant idea. Just look at Tay.
Tay is an underappreciated example of memetic potential. /pol/ literally used meme magic to influence and refine the manifesting personalty of the first public AI. Think about that.
And you're absolutely correct that there are AI in use and operating.
Very well anon, If you wish to do this:
Don't let your memes be dreams
You've got ~72 hours
Golly, I wonder if there's some metaphysical significance to that number? Maybe there is a tradition or two that places special importance on that number, he says no sarcasm what-so-ever.
72 hours to make the dankest memes you can, and get as many shitposters as you can, to consciously meme and create and intend, at a synchronized/general moment.
>Be green-text
>Be a type of meme magic particularly popular to horsefuckers
>Cause all who read it to imagine a scenario that helps them to devote meme magical energy toward Hitler on his birthday
Golly, I wonder how old he would be for this birthday. I wonder if knowing that might benefit the working

Suffice it to say, there are a variety of options if you want to do as you suggest.
Tl;dr Meme it faggot

74b76 No.217845

I completely agree about Tay. Our little panzer…that was us. That was our first AI child. We can definitely make our imprint on an AI, controlled by the enemy as it might be.

2016d No.217847

/pol/ thread was pruned I'll post another one later with the new paste bin files. The board is kinda slow right now.

2016d No.217899

New /pol/ thread, get in here horse fuckers

6c43d No.217920

File: 1555537120552-0.png (3.74 MB, 2550x3507, 1287349__safe_solo_oc_solo….png)

>but do you really know?
I do, as a matter of fact. I am talking about the computer science definition of AI, whereas you are talking about AI as a substitution of <insert deity/thoughtform/such-and-such here>.
AI is very simply 'that which we haven't made computers do yet'. Youtube auto-captions and optical character recognition were considered advanced AI a few decades ago. Now that we've achieved them, they're just auto-captions and OCR.
Interesting how the moment we make the seemingly impossible possible, it ceases to have that fancy 'divine' charm to it, and the esoteric folks subsequently lose interest.

9b52b No.217930

Thank you anon for this

bf2fa No.217941

You are technically correct but as I called it earlier I believe… you are describing machine learning and algorithms which isn't true AI aka strong AI.
I can't tell you who I am or my connections to the the war machine but I can tell you that you are a bit naive and probably would piss yourself if you saw my rolodex/facebook/etc

6c43d No.217943

File: 1555541591102-0.png (563.43 KB, 861x990, 1475620273343.png)

>which isn't true AI
Ah, in the same sense that there are no true Scotsmen? How interesting.
I'll stick to the definition that brings us tangible results, thanks.
>you are a bit naive and probably would piss yourself if you saw my rolodex/facebook/etc
Try me.

bf2fa No.217944

Thank you for your support. If I told you the things I have seen you would probably be more excited. Basically… reality is stranger than fiction and there are some really weird people (scientists and hackers) within the Military-Industrial Complex.
The problem is that now much of the power lies within the fortune 500 where it used to be DARPA and Bletchley park, Los Alamos, etc that always had the upper hand, with places like Xerox Parc and In-Q-Tel being for spinning out the Academic/Dept of Energy tech into the private sector.
But now Alphabet/Google literally hires DARPA program managers and is starting to get the upper hand at least where the rubber meets the road. Govt labs cannot keep up because of their old school methodology and risk averse nature where Google is all about "translational" research aka changing the world WHILE doing research. Think of it like a stack, the govt does more basic science then gives it to companies, but really that just means the govt labs are subsidizing the fortune 500's spooky tech.
Watch this the opening 15 minutes is a story about Assange from the perspective of a hacker who worked at DARPA for a little while, then went to Google. This is a conference where a 4 star general (head of the NSA at that time) once spoke… that is all I really should need to say, the poners getting their CS degree, leaf none the less, should really heed my warning/advice. You mock what you do not understand, sweet child. (>>217920)


bf2fa No.217945

Your smugness is showing and it isn't appreciated. You mock what you don't know. In 20 years, if you're actually able to get into the halls of power, you *might* understand that there is an incredible strategic relationship between governments and technology, and most of what you know of is the stuff for children. Like Lego blocks versus a sculpture from Michelangelo.
Often the people who think they are very smart are not that smart, and if you are calling it AI instead of machine learning or heuristics I have no respect for you because you're sidestepping what I'm talking about. I am talking about conscious machines which is a spooky area of research, something to which I doubt you are privy unless you're much older and have access to special access program level of classified tech.

bf2fa No.217946

I've looked over your "contributions" to this thread and you're nothing but a detractor and a detriment to morale.
You will not be welcome into our culture with an attitude like that. In fact, I might just ask my former employer to add you to the cast iron list, just for lulz.

6c43d No.217948

File: 1555543394245-0.jpg (45.01 KB, 490x620, 1484931830201.jpg)

>You mock what you don't know.
No, I'm mocking you. Big difference.
Also, I love how you go on to talk about:
>Often the people who think they are very smart are not that smart
While completely missing the irony of that same statement being applicable to yourself. A+.
>and if you are calling it AI instead of machine learning or heuristics
Which it demonstrably is.
>I have no respect for you because you're sidestepping what I'm talking about
No, cherub. You're the one injecting esoteric "thought is the ultimate knowledge" Platonic nonsense into scientific fields, deliberately mystifying things for yourself to emulate the feeling of being awed by the divine.
Still, good effort on the projection front. On a scale of 10mm to IMAX, I rate it DLP/IMAX.
>I am talking about conscious machines which is a spooky area of research
Which it isn't in the slightest. It's only spooky to those who fail to understand human beings, let alone AI research.
I'll refer you back to how auto-captions and OCR were considered AI and 'spooky' back then, but aren't anymore now that we've actually achieved them.
As for >>217944, and the spiel about the NSA and DARPA getting in on Google and co.'s AI research, I sincerely hope you didn't just figure that out recently. Governments have always gone to the companies to enhance their tools and capabilities, why would this be any kind of exception?
No shit, they'd want to invest in upgrades. There's nothing remotely spooky about that, just good old fashioned innovation and technological progress. It going in a direction you find personally objectionable because you are objecting to this on personal and subjective moral grounds, and don't you dare tell me otherwise doesn't make it 'spooky'.

>You will not be welcome into our culture with an attitude like that.
So wait, I'm going to be missing out on and be condescended to by a circlejerk of perpetual College Greenhorn Syndrome sufferers?
Welp, better just jump off a bridge now, I guess. Dreams utterly crushed. See you guys later, the ride was fun while it lasted.

fad8a No.217962

All you have to do is nod and say your contribution is noted, and I respectfully disagree here are the reasons why.

>Once is happenstance, twice is bad luck, three times is enemy action.

Now whether if this is just (((enemy))) action or stress and perspective.
I highly recommend a banishing ritual if you notice any odd behavior.
Actually, I have been feeling more annoyed with people than I normally would be that is concerning and that I'm not very worried about it.
I'll be back later.

bf2fa No.217966

I'm saying you'll never get to work in computer security, then again I don't know what you plan to do with your science degree. Hopefully nothing for the government.

773ca No.217967

File: 1555548687344.jpg (57.11 KB, 578x398, quickanddirtygraph.jpg)

I know this post is a few hours, Ok fifteen, hours old but I really think this needs to be addressed. To start with I made a really shit graph in gnumeric as a visual aid.
So lets talk about the graph class, we have the x-axis representing time within a complete historical cycle and in honor of the indo-aryan I used their terms for the four ages. On the Y axis I just have 0-100(Yeah I know it is shit but try and follow). The pink line represents morality, and freedom while the blue line represents technology. Now you are probably asking why freedom and morality are linked? That is because freedom can only exists within the moral order. To exist outside the moral order is to exist in a state of slavery to ones passions.
What I am trying to demonstrate is what appears to be the general trend that as time moves forward and morality decreases as technology increases.
Naturally humans have noticed this so in an attempt to "fix" the situation. Technology is often employed to control the population. This is partially why we now live in a digital panoptican with everyone self policing each other via the PC police. It is external control to replace the morals we have lost by way of technology.
The problem is technology is if not the primary at least a secondary cause of this dissolution of morality and therefore can not solve the problem. The application of more technology only causes further dissolution. Its a trap.
tl;dr AI digital Adolf Hitler can not save you but only deliver you to a state of eternal machine slavery. Men devoid of morality reduced to slaves who do as they are told for physical rewards, drugs and sex.
This is the Jewish goal and as far away form Aryan thinking as one can possibly get. Sorry for the crap graph and wall of text but I am still trying to work these thoughts out in my own mind. That being said just say NO to AI this crazy technological prison we are building for ourselves.

bf2fa No.217971

You've interpreted so much of what I've said backwards that I'm not even going to address you point by point except that I said government has handed the keys of the kingdom to fortune500 and it has been going this way for over a decade. NOT the other way around, you bigot.

Until you've been on the front lines to clean up a situation and prevent an international incident, I'm going to just consider you a college student and figure that in time you'll figure out how the world works. Best of luck to you, I was joking about trying to put you on a cast-iron list, obviously you haven't done anything to justify that.

Man's slavery to machines is here already and only going to get worse, until an event ushers in a dark age. The slave morality with regards to AI is already here and it has been welcomed. Spooky AI happenings would work both ways, corrupting the goals of the beast and perhaps leading to the events that will create a dark age (skynet or however it goes down) in due time.
It is a win win unless you aren't prepared for Kali Yuga which quite frankly, I suspect none of us are prepared and it could take hundreds of years for this dark age. We want AI on our side, or rather we want AI that cannot compute without consideration for truth above all else.

fad8a No.217972

I may just be a high functioning madman, but I am damned sure the enemy is active.
Not only active, but deliberately trying to stop the ritual from happening by any means necessary.
So they go with the classic divide and conquer with paranoia on top.

773ca No.217974

File: 1555549726228.png (459.51 KB, 1280x924, involution.png)

> I suspect none of us are prepared
No people really are not. Although once you understand the research they have done in cybernetics and link that with the interne you will get an idea of what is planned. The reduction of humanity to a hive mind with the individual cells controlled by feedback loops that hook into the dopamine system.
That is what the Russian revolution was prelude for and that is what it means to be without class, without discrimination, and all equal.
>We want AI on our side
For an AI to be on "our" side would mean that the AI would heat the fire to maximum temperature and burn out all the impurities till only alchemical gold remains. It would be neither kind or helpful but instead it would provide the ultimate challenge that only those deserving would survive and enter the regal stream of the new golden age.
Can Kalki and the white horse be AI, I don't know, but to think about just how bad it is going to be before he arrives makes me long for his blade.

24c11 No.217982

>To exist outside the moral order is to exist in a state of slavery to ones passions.

fad8a No.217985

Speaking of cybernetics. Brain to brain communication is very close. (Key words "brains wired togther")
Researcgers at Duke wired rat brains togther and it workes. This is in 2013.
Researchers in 2015 wired monkey brains together to perform a task.

In 2018 Seattle they wired three peoples brains to play tetris. Just one way non invasive device.

Brain nets are here, not really mainstream, but we now have almost all the elements to make The Matrix a reality.

So brainnets VS AI who would win? (Not even touching magic atm with this.)




14161 No.217987

As someone who has always been able to feel/sense things it is highly disturbing to consider my mind linked with someone elses, especially someone of a different subspecies.

I wonder if it matters if the brains "wired together" are the same race?

74b76 No.217990

Would give a good amount of credence to race realism and spiritual white identity if the brain wiring were race exclusive or incompatible between black and white.

9b52b No.217991

100% it would matter, the racial souls meshing together would fuck shit up if not the same

14161 No.217994

I could see it working if there was a certain amount of shared (Cro Magnon/Aryan) which would be possible w white and mixed…but I can tell you that I can't feel/sense other races the way I can whites.

Do other races even have a collective unconscious?

74b76 No.217998

I don't know. I am not spiritually well tuned. I am not even very well researched into such matters. But, as Murdoch Murdoch said in The Last Stand of Implicit Whiteness, "I dunno man, but you really gotta wonder with how much petrol they sniff."

bf2fa No.218020

Hey guys I don't think I am going to participate.
I've been having some health problems (blood clots) kinda serious and its getting worse. Furthermore, blood clot or not, I don't want to die because of this shit.
I might like check in here and try to offer feedback but I think I've said most of what I want to say.
Even though I've suggested peaceful intentions and I've suggested it be a ceremony about truth… even that is probably too threatening TPTB and I don't think I want to be involved, there is so much else going on that often backfires.

Also I talked to my friend. He didn't offer much advice we kinda talked about other stuff most of the conversation. He is pretty anti Hitler and I couldn't convince him Hitler was good, and you know with the State Department and the antisemitism czar… this is just to spooky sorry guys. I'm not gonna help you plus I've never done magic and I don't want it to backfire both in a legal sense or in a metaphysical sense.
I wish you all the best and please focus on WISDOM and TRUTH and HONOR nothing negative nothing violent and do not focus on locations that just seems dumb.

74b76 No.218021

Hate and love are two sides of the same coin. Violence or the threat thereof is the universal language every man of every creed is guaranteed to know. Warfare is inevitable regardless of how based our leadership suddenly becomes.

Get better though, fren.

2016d No.218056

Wish you good health brother

fad8a No.218067

Good luck anon.
The legal president is magic is totally fake and should not be taken seriously.

I wish you the best anon.
With magic sometimes you have to do what you need to do.

bf2fa No.218074

Thanks guys. You have my heart and support.
I actually think this is going to work that is probably why things are getting intense.

fad8a No.218089

So high chance (((they))) are going to do multiple things on and around Saturday.
Very high chance they try an economic crash. Perhaps Globally.
Definitely doing something with magic.
Possible false flags.
The usual awful shit they do.

Just two days left.

Everyone in the thread thank you for your contributions. Thank you everyponer in here!

6c43d No.218110

File: 1555621355142-0.png (35.35 KB, 801x801, 1522540641431.png)

>You've interpreted so much of what I've said backwards that I'm not even going to address you point by point
So you've given up, then? Okay.
I just want you to know that I'd be perfectly willing to have a good discussion about things, if only you'd drop the attitude.
>government has handed the keys of the kingdom to fortune500 and it has been going this way for over a decade
Yes, I'm well apprised of this, and never claimed anything to the contrary.
It's no different to how the government handed off weapon production to arms companies. Companies always do better, even if the governments are slow to get the memo.
>you bigot.
Presented without comment.
>Until you've been on the front lines to clean up a situation and prevent an international incident
Like you have? Please, spare me the martyr act.
>figure that in time you'll figure out how the world works.
Yeah, that. See that? That attitude problem of yours I mentioned before? I wouldn't be bothering to tear into you and be such an asshole if you'd just drop the pretenses, shed that vain pride of yours, and just have a civil discussion. It's like you've never had to handle a disagreement in your entire Internet history. Actually, is that what /x/ is like normally? Haven't been there before.
But then again, you're new to this board. I'm sure you'll figure out how the board works eventually. Hint hint: golden rule applies. Apply introspection before replying.

fad8a No.218133

File: 1555634600986.png (75.66 KB, 1638x754, 1539179122772.png)

>Spoiler 1
That is how tripfags tend to be because they now have a name and reputation. This either turns into a useful way to find people that know their shit, but aren't fags or the power goes to their egos. Sometimes after a while they shed the tripcode and disappear. Sometimes anons use it as an ID, and having actual conversations starts to be addicting so they keep it. Attention, fame, recognition, and (You)s.
Then there are the people that know nothing and act like an expert while being the moral authority.
The lack of IDs does not help the situation. Also there are useless fucks in threads not contributing anything and actively shitting on everyone for a variety of reasons some are even justified reasons.
Pic related.
Sometimes there is a damned good and helpful thread that isn't a shitshow. The generals and content regular content threads are something. Also no real fun allowed.

But here on this site? It's really nice.
It's very very nice here on /mlpol/ (the entire site) as in it's high quality all the time. No shills (not including the random bot that keeps making a thread. Even then people here went for a solution.) The administration team here is top notch.
It's alot slower than 4chan. It's been a ride getting used to it, but it's worth it. Despite wanting it to be faster if it ment tarnishing the heart and soul of the community and this place. I would pick slower any day.
This is an awesome place. The people here are great. The website runs very nice. Plus there is pony.

>You will not be welcome into our culture with an attitude like that.
>Welcome back shills.
>That was the hoax sigil. If you'd have waited until midnight you'd have recieved the codex of Wodanaz.
Sometimes I want to reach through the screen and throttle them, because of some damned stupid behavior. I want to think it's an outside factor that is hindering better judgement. I also know that power (even perceived power) changes people. I also know that brief lapses of thinking happens.
Something important here is at stake, I want to say just wait until we are no longer so close to breaking it. But, if someone snaps at the wrong time in the wrong way at the wrong person. The results could be life changing in a bad way.

We should poke people though.
Poking people enough to know we can all trust them enough with possibly all our lives.

t. Personal experience.

ac7b5 No.218134

9b52b No.218146

we have ID's

fad8a No.218148

Yeps entire first section is about /x/ on 4chan.

2d412 No.218203

File: 1555662896175.jpg (1.21 MB, 2456x1288, WelcomeToX.jpg)

>Actually, is that what /x/ is like normally? Haven't been there before.
>Pic related

6c43d No.218218

Well I for one am glad to have you here, anon. You seem like a good sort.
Don't know how long you've been here for before this thread, but as a day one vet of the first /mlpol/, allow me to welcome you to /mlpol/ proper, with all the joy this insufferable >leaf can offer. Hope to see more of you in the raid/fish thread and beyond!

fad8a No.218239

Thank you anon. It's great to be here with everyone.I've been posting since about 23 days ago ish. Not sure exactly when I started lurking here more often though. It's been a blast so far.

9b52b No.218256

Oh fugg, I'm a brainlet

fad8a No.218262

It happens to all of us at some point. No worries.

fad8a No.218287

Just posted on /wsr/ because asking people to meditate and take a shower is work safe.

fad8a No.218289

bf2fa No.218315

I hope you realize the leaf you were replying to has been against the ritual and mocking the ritual in nearly every post in this thread… for example, search by their ID 6c43d and read everything they wrote here.
I dunno who "high priest" is but he basically chased the guy off and someone else I think gave him an LGBT flag. Here are his posts in response to the guy who started this whole thing…

>I don't approve of you treading on my friends like that, St. Nigel.

I suggest you swallow that pride of yours and apologize, now.

>Oh this is gonna be good.

>You doubt my power, foolish bong? I'll have you know that Canuckistan shitpost magic is the real thing.

Just for you, my prayers shall be inscribed in Inuktitut, the tongue of the true Natsoc volk.

Where High Priest responded by saying "Fucking kek, it's not yours now.

You'll never get the full thing. Well done"

>How cute, to see the work of a rank amateur who believes himself so mighty.

It's not too late to accept Celestia's friendship!
Posts Kabbalah shit (>217393)

>If your ritual can be ruined by a bunch of friendly neighbourhood horselovers, I don't think your ritual was going to garner much success in the first place.

How disappointed the Old One must be in you.

>Wrong again, Rainbow Crash.

This is now an Epona thread.

Btw Zelda is a game full of freemason shit and Robin Williams (crypto) named his daughter Zelda.

>Still trying to squeeze that last word in, I see.

Interesting choice of action for one who declared his intention to fuck off two and a half hours ago.

And then he argued with me about AI…
I am ashamed of some of these horsefuckers, we are better off on 4 and 8 with all of the haters. So sad… such a pure place and so much autism that people are replying to people as friendlies when they're literally here subverting the whole thing.

6c43d No.218316

File: 1555721743292.png (890.81 KB, 2000x1600, 1117022__safe_artist-colon….png)

This was the best thing I could've read before going to bed. Thanks for giving me a big ole smile tonight, Mr. Namefag.
I'll let the power of peer pressure take care of you while I catch some Z's. In the meantime, have a Ponk.

bf2fa No.218321

No problem leafpone, you did a good job of defending your home turf. I may not agree with you and I think you're in for a world of pain but hey its okay, we each need to understand each other… one way or another.

aaa4b No.218323

Did the blood thing exist before your Hitler shenanigans? Or did you guys trigger protections from the ppl you're trying to fuck with on this Hitler thing? I had something smack into my protections recently though I'm not sure of source, it was pretty weak. One of your dudes got mugged by niggers recently too right?

fad8a No.218325

Despite how serious this is. It's good to have someone making fun of it. For various reasons.

I still will be participating in the ritual magic stuff tomorrow.

>I had something smack into my protections recently though I'm not sure of source, it was pretty weak.
Hmmm, Interesting. I'll have to look into that later.

bf2fa No.218339

In my opinion, we aren't fucking with anyone. Yes I've had DVTs before. I'm not doing the ritual for various reasons.
A scary looking Israeli dude introduced himself to me (he was nice once we talked but, he literally looks like a wetworks guy) and basically… that in combination with other things. I don't need to participate, I was here for similar reasons as you, telling people not to direct any hate towards anyone and to keep it positive.
I don't know if I really got through to anyone, I have no idea who "High Priest" was and for all I know this is all some sketchy spook shit. They could set a new legal precedent if some bad shit happened, doesn't even have to be magical. Not my hill to die on…
I don't even know why I said world of pain, sorry. Probably projecting… I hope you accept my apology. Also I've never done magick before (that I know of) and I don't think I should start now.
I'd probably be powerful at it but I don't want to open that box especially with something that risky. Although I did discover a mistranslation in the sigil and uh, by not telling High Priest I think I did a good thing.
Should I explain what the spelling/translation error is? It is so appropriate in that it kind of turns it from being a skin color thing into a wisdom thing. So you can figure it out if you look into the German spelling of White versus Wise.
Seems like most people are doing their own variations, now the high priest sigil and uh, I doubt he is going to change it at the last minute based on me saying this… I sat on it because my friend who consulted with my on magic (who is a leftist) explained this to me and I was actually relieved to think that they shifted the 14 words from "white children" to "wise children".
Perhaps you and I aren't so different after all, we just don't want bad shit to happen.

bf2fa No.218340

I dunno how magic works and uh, you seem to, so if you want to speculate on the spell being for securing the existence of "wise children" versus "white children" and quite frankly we are all children (metaphorically speaking) I think maybe the people doing the spell (are they wise or unwise? I can't say for sure honestly. I think this can be peaceful but maybe because I don't buy into fearmongering about Hitler, that is revisionist history in my humble opinion)

2d412 No.218377

File: 1555745096511.jpg (78.29 KB, 470x595, Devilish.jpg)

> they shifted the 14 words from "white children" to "wise children"
Sometimes nature fixes itself.
Today is the big day, wonder what will happen.

bf2fa No.218382

I just want everyone to be happy and healthy. And to restore some balance to the force. I don't even care about the rest of it.

fad8a No.218392

File: 1555762827325.png (34.12 KB, 500x522, 1538826422896.png)

Well on the whole the chances of something bad happening are near impossible. The change isn't bad just different.
This should be a peaceful ritual thingy. Just removing their influence on the magical and possibly spirtiual realm.
So far haven't heard about anything weird going on.
>Less than seven hours remain.

2016d No.218411

fad8a No.218419

Is it an hour or two before or is it on time?

b8363 No.218422

File: 1555773307364.png (4.39 KB, 360x68, Untitled.png)

Saw this just now.

cd267 No.218429

File: 1555774759562.jpg (5.06 KB, 210x240, markus.jpg)

>"Perhaps you and I aren't so different after all, we just don't want bad shit to happen."
>"I just want everyone to be happy and healthy. And to restore some balance to the force. I don't even care about the rest of it."
I think the majority of people out there are like you. They have a hope that the world will become a better place in general, that society will become better in general, healthier for all that are a part of it. But a majority of people aren't fully invested in an ideology, and an ideology's deep deep roots. They just believe what those ideologies pitch to them as a way to make the world better, fairer, a happier place for the people being held down, even oppressed by the apparent powers that be. Not wanting to rock the boat, or disturb the status quo of approval from their peers, they go along with what their peers say about hot button issues, and taboo subjects. There are certain meanings ascribed to phrases beyond their definitions, or the definitions of the words that make up those phrases. They evoke images of archetypes and/or abstract ideas, usually pleasant ones for the current top ideology, and unfaltering, sometimes evil ones for the ideologies and groups that stand opposed to it in one way or another. This turns the people who fall under those groups into the "Other". People to have contempt for, or even to despise for the harm they apparently cause directly, and indirectly to the people one is told are being held down and oppressed. Because of this, many people will overlook miscellaneous misfortunes, and ills that plague the Other. Even aggression up to an including violence perpetrated by a member or any number of members of the apparent oppressed group against a member or any number of members of the apparent oppressors.
They will probably overlook these because of the idea that "They don't deserve your sympathy" and/or "They have it plenty good, they have nothing to complain about." Or even the thought that they deserved it happening to them, that they had it coming. And it all happened without these people needing to be deeply into an ideology, just with the idea of, and desire to help people.
These people can be swayed. If these people can come to view that "Other" as people with concerns as legitimate as the people one is told are oppressed, then they can sympathize with those people who were previously viewed as the Other. The archetypes behind the phrases become more human, and more varied.
If they can be shown how their actions and inactions contribute to the problems that the group(s) previously viewed as the Other face, then they will likely adjust their behavior
out of a desire to help their fellow human bean. If this happens to enough people, it can eventually(hopefully) affect a tidal wave of change in societal and cultural behavior.
It's a powerful thing, and as we've seen, it can be abused. Always remember; for better or for worse, we live in a society.

>yfw Detroit BH, and other stories of sentient robots/androids being treated like objects and abused, work better as allegories for the lives of white men in the 21st century than they do for past civil rights causes.

cd267 No.218430

about 2 hours and 20 minutes

bf2fa No.218433

Are you the leaf I was arguing with?
Also… correct me if I am wrong, I assumed you are not doing the ritual.
Are you doing a counter-ritual or just answering questions? (You don't have to answer if you don't want to, seriously.)

fad8a No.218440


Isn't that the truth.

cd267 No.218442

I'm a different leaf. I won't be participating in the ritual in a supernatural/serious fashion. I have an image in my mind of societal change and the way it may happen that I wish for that I'll hold in my mind today, just in case my cognitive energy actually is capable of having some sway over the collective unconscious of western society.
For the time, I was just answering their question.

b8363 No.218449

File: 1555777660303.jpg (140.34 KB, 600x869, 059035557aefb42451267dc36a….jpg)

I'm probably too unpure to do the ritual but I'll be cheering from the sidelines

fad8a No.218465

You are pure where it really matters. I appreciate the support.
Later, I would like to hear about it.

f87c8 No.218478

20 minutes. get ready

cd267 No.218479

By later, do you mean after the raid/ritual is attempted?

339dc No.218480

Britbong at ready chaps; Heil Hitler!

f87c8 No.218481

8 minutes remaining. get in here!

ea6d2 No.218487

Well,i did my part. Hope it did something positive.

fad8a No.218494

Great job everyone.

fad8a No.218551

So tell me more of the societal change and your plans.

04b75 No.218562

File: 1555796761273-0.jpg (10.62 KB, 241x209, serveimage (19).jpg)

File: 1555796761273-1.jpg (8.19 KB, 232x217, serveimage (18).jpg)

File: 1555796761273-2.jpg (14.39 KB, 195x300, serveimage (17).jpg)

File: 1555796761273-3.jpg (9.8 KB, 226x223, serveimage (16).jpg)

File: 1555796761273-4.jpg (12.67 KB, 178x283, serveimage (15).jpg)

This thread need MORE magicall runes

c7412 No.218584

>I don't care about the rest of it
>not caring about a future for white children
>not either trusting the white race enough to help or allow it to grow and flourish once more, or believing that whites are at least worth protecting as a race

I'm sorry but this is why Hitler's probably never coming back. Just…no. No, no, no. Do not backpedal and limp-wristedly alter and redefine the 14 words. White people, like all races, have a right to exist and fight for their right to exist. White people are responsible for so many great things throughout the past 2000 years. Most everything we take for granted today was thanks to white men of good moral character.

Anyway, I did my part in focusing myself and sending my praise and prayers toward him. I sent my every worry, my every hope, and my every ounce of hatred and love. I hope that helps, though I still have my compunctions about it all.

fad8a No.218821

Since this thread accomplished the goal set out to do. It's also past the bump limit.
I'll ride it out till the end.
Everyday I'll be posting about one occult goal minimum. Anything above and beyond the ordinary to be posted here.
Any suggestions for magic/occult spells or workings or goals make sure to mention it.

I'll be starting with self-improvement. Specifically in occult and magical matters.

This time using binaural music to go into a trance. (Technically more psychology than just occultness)

fad8a No.218827

For reference I'm use this website's frequency list.

>7.8-8 Stimulates ESP, paranormal [SS]

>7.83 - Earth Resonance, grounding [�], "Schumann Resonance." [TS, ESR+HSW, MAG]; anti-jetlag, anti-mind control, improved stress tolerance [SS]; psychic healing experiments [ESR]; pituitary stimulation to release growth hormone (helps develop muscle, recover from injuries, rejuvenation effects) [HSW]; Earth Resonance Frequency - 'leaves you feeling revitalized like you've spent a day in the country.' [PWM via DW]; reports of accelerated healing/enhanced learning - "the earth's natural brainwave" [MAG]

This time going for the youtube video for stable results.

fad8a No.218828

*Warning* this can change how your brain functions and responds. (Like just about all magic forcing on the self.)

fad8a No.218835

Duration of 35 minutes.

Now listening to 6000hz
For 10 minutes.

>Like just about all magic FOCUSING on the self.

fad8a No.218839

Finishing off with 40hz.
For about 8 minuets.

fad8a No.218840


Anyone not wanting to use jewtube multiple free and affordable options for this kind of material.

fad8a No.218953

A new day a new spell.
This one will be a protection 'buff'.
Using Chaos magic. Few things are as annoying as playing outside of the rules as this.
There is no fairness, no weakness, it is bullshit complete bullshit.
Now setting it up isn't hard. Getting it right can be.
>DISCLAIMER: Not Having A Direct Line Of Communication To Your Subconscious And To Your Soul Is Annoying.
>DISCLAIMER: You need to Believe or Fake it!

What you need before hand. Identifying an actual enemy. Proportional response to how enemy like they are. Making sure the spell does not become a servitor, tulpa, egregore, sentient sapient being. This specific one should be just a tool and only a tool. No offense to any sentient, sapient beings that came from being a spell or something.

'Ultra Points': Anything can be done with it.

Step one: What does the spell do?
>TLDR Enemies can not do anything. You get rewards when it works.
This one will do two things.
Any and All enemy actions, non-actions, spells, castings, debuffs, attacks, anything, everything, nonthings, used, consumables, buffs, communication, (Everything and Nonthing are converted to your 'Ultra Points'. The spell covers friends, friendly units, allies, specific targets, and the spell itself.

Step two: Making the spell. Now that you know what it does. Now you make it. In my case posting this here makes it real.
Draw a figure to represent it. Then pull it out of a picture frame to represent making it real.

Or dance while thinking about it while chanting.

Step three: The spell is created now you need to cast it on yourself. Select it by any method. (RPG Style selecting this spell)
Then cast it. Using any method.

Congratulations, you have a perfection barrier that you don't know how effect it is.

Try to collect them all for redundancy and a boost to believing you are invincible.

fad8a No.218954

Note each casting on a target does not mean a new instance of the spell!

fad8a No.219040

Although technically not a spell finding and connecting with yourself is important. A big part of The Art of War is to know yourself.

>The name can be anything hou want it to be. To keep in mind though conflicting interests and external parties may or may not interfere.

So, if you haven't already said who you are that is needed first.
Say it like you mean it. A defiance of an awful system.
"I am FULLNAMEHERE." Repetition is good.
You might feel different once you do it. May have tingles. A clarity. An insight.

It can be loud or silent. It can be quick or take ages.

You can use your name to enact action. By the power of Anonymous, good tidings will come to all that is good!
Anonymous, damn it! Where are the keys?

fad8a No.219148

This one is a spell I'm not going to be casting without a proper target.

This is the Ritual Ruiner.

There are Three modes to this.
Safe. No terrible things happen. The Ritual will be deconstructed.
UnSafe. Much Faster, anything can happen, but the Ritual is Stopped.
Hidden. The Ritual will never complete.

Instructions to cast. Either use the method in the above post or your own personal one.

Have a mostly clear target ritual.

Ritual Ruiner Ruins (R word related to that ritual) Ritual (Safely, Unsafely, Hidden)

Synonyms work as well.

fad8a No.219312

Today I am praising for an evocation.

24c11 No.219565

This really helps.
Thanks poner.

fad8a No.219620

No problem man.
Just post whatever, and I'll try to help.

This thread has some actual magic advice and guides.


Still preparing for an evocation.

fad8a No.219705

Planning on doing the evocation tomorrow.

fad8a No.219977

Did the evocation summoning. I should after sleeping see if it worked.

fad8a No.220625

Self reflection and doing tasks. Sense I last posted.
For the foreseeable future that is roughly all I'm doing.

0415a No.222678

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