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Becoming better
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Go /mlpol/. It's our birthday. Go /mlpol/. It's our birthday.

Happy Birthday Everyone!

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File: 1504643739880.png (29.74 KB, 200x295, a24.png)

78cb6 No.291[Last 50 Posts]

When you see this thread, do five push ups.
if busy do ten later

f50e3 No.292

I already my workout

whatever I'll do ten

807a8 No.295

Its bad to exercise before bed but five is five.

c7ba3 No.296

File: 1504651776609.png (525.52 KB, 1987x1824, late_nights__cigars__poker….png)

Well played anon, well played.

c7ba3 No.308

This thread deserves a sticky

f50e3 No.309

File: 1504733709700.jpg (140.68 KB, 695x900, 1485724649391.jpg)

Fuck you OP.
You sly cheeky nigger got me again.

dba1d No.310

File: 1504734063307.jpg (21.17 KB, 500x331, T.jpg)

>delay the pushups
>Keep seeing thread
>Do 50 pushups

c69b2 No.311

File: 1504734230031.jpg (69.46 KB, 605x591, evil queen gf.jpg)

It keeps appearing on the overboard, so there's no need.

e8d53 No.332

Bampu because saw the thread.

f50e3 No.336

and again

c69b2 No.337

Dammit! Ya' got me again.

bd4fd No.339

File: 1504904894959.png (239.18 KB, 1024x898, boop.png)

>when this thread is forcing people to improve

c69b2 No.340

File: 1504905137919-0.png (1.03 MB, 1920x1080, 1412123__safe_screencap_bu….png)

Fucking thread-bumping faggot, forcing me to improve!

c7ba3 No.345

every time

c69b2 No.346


ea53a No.359

File: 1504979389015.png (638.62 KB, 1280x720, Applejack_and_Rainbow_Dash….png)

If I have to do 5, somepony else is too damn it

c7ba3 No.360

>not using overboard anymore
this is supposed to be my day off

f50e3 No.361

This thread is mean

c69b2 No.362

File: 1504984567235-0.png (3.94 MB, 3000x3000, 1518348__safe_artist-colon….png)

Think of how swol you're getting because of it Anon.

a6515 No.363


a6515 No.364


ad055 No.367

File: 1504991266985.png (622.81 KB, 564x757, 1497655670300.png)

Time to kickstart those gains /mlpol/.

c69b2 No.368

File: 1504991463945-0.gif (172.9 KB, 250x227, GnwEBE9.gif)

You have no power here!

7f35d No.369

Rattle eat more cattle

7f35d No.370

It's been awhile since I did 45 pushups in one session.

a6515 No.371

Rattle rattle gas the niggers and jews

beb37 No.372

File: 1505005558935.png (279.53 KB, 640x360, Yeh!.png)

>Be op
I'll do it with you anon, with you anon!
We can all make it, 5 at a time

e6482 No.373


ecde2 No.374

Hey cumfaggots it's time to fucking rape your floor with your hand penises until you get as ripped as me.

c69b2 No.375

Fucking thread-bumping nigger..!

e8d53 No.380

Put off doing it earlier, so time to do 15 myself.
Get to work faggots.

c7ba3 No.387

File: 1505149795661.png (334.5 KB, 700x800, atg_9___athletic_ponies_by….png)

>mfw I gotta be ready to push just to browse /ub/

058e9 No.399

File: 1505230929106.jpg (29.06 KB, 600x600, opticalFlares_1505230897.jpg)


c69b2 No.401

You fucking brat!

c7ba3 No.403

Yeah, he got me too.

c69b2 No.406

>*bumps thread*

03fa0 No.416

Do them slow. All the way down all the way up. Straight like a plank faggots.

058e9 No.417

This is comical now, I hope tiny anons are improving

c69b2 No.435

File: 1505524698480-0.jpg (253.3 KB, 1052x1220, 1190299__safe_oc_oc-colon-….jpg)

>He hasn't done even five push-ups today.

c7ba3 No.436

File: 1505591175988.png (148.09 KB, 1001x798, twilight_and_tirek_screami….png)

Cry some moar!

c69b2 No.437

File: 1505591827492.jpg (185.01 KB, 1200x675, hightest.jpg)

>tfw I see this thread again

8b92e No.438

File: 1505599368086.png (810.13 KB, 1280x720, Raras horn.png)

I made 8 series of 5 just today, for the love of God please stop

c69b2 No.439

File: 1505599493988-0.jpeg (109.46 KB, 1081x1100, 617218__explicit_artist-c….jpeg)


7f35d No.440

File: 1505602370772.gif (387.07 KB, 382x379, b3c30b6824a2d9da05681024bd….gif)

It would be a killing to make a points system off this.

c69b2 No.441

I pray that Niceposter returns home safely, lest this board devolve into something truly ebil.

7f35d No.442

File: 1505607791561.png (215.61 KB, 527x456, 1505063718681-1.png)

Niceposter can never die, as he is in all of us. I can only hope that we too become niceposters.

c69b2 No.443

>bumps thread

c69b2 No.444

Everyone do 40 pushups.

c69b2 No.445

File: 1505609120918-0.png (274.01 KB, 860x823, 83861__artist needed_safe_….png)

>mfw finished

8b92e No.446


c4eb6 No.447

>usally can barelly do one push-up
>just got down and did fucking 5 without dieing
The fuck is this witchcraft?

c69b2 No.448

File: 1505678647810-0.gif (1.82 MB, 576x324, 616473__safe_screencap_bul….gif)

It called progress, Anon.

c4eb6 No.449

I like it

c7ba3 No.450

Friendship is magic anon, NOW DO 5 MORE!

c4eb6 No.451

*screams in gains*

e6482 No.472

Bump so you fatasses get off the couch

7f74f No.473

The board is so slow, I hope it's not this thread's fault

f50e3 No.475

>work out everyday
>sore muscles everywhere
>check /üb/
>click thread
>switch tabs
>switch back
>gotta do 20

Why do you do this op?

c69b2 No.476

No pain, no gain!

56705 No.477

Be sure to give yourself enough time for your muscles to recover anon, OP will do 40 for every 10 you do as a sorry

1528e No.479

>puts another tally on a post-it next to the computer

c69b2 No.481

I'm bored.

22048 No.484

Hi bored, I'm dad.

c69b2 No.489


1528e No.490

u bastard

c9059 No.567

File: 1507044642459.png (351.49 KB, 600x600, 1506716626939.png)

Guess who's back

dee64 No.573

What would you be doing without this thread? Nothing.

e987a No.574

I wouldn't hurt enough. I like pain.

72bfc No.575

Tbh this is a great thread for self improvement, if you actually follow the rule you can get some descent exercise everyday.

c69b2 No.591

6578b No.626

Rattle Rattle eat more cattle.

c69b2 No.666

File: 1508204203047.png (194.01 KB, 900x900, awooebil.png)

f9c8c No.689


Is that Satan awoo?

24508 No.690

Looks that way
Push moar!

7c53e No.698

File: 1508475441495.png (999.5 KB, 1920x1080, 1486309202862.png)

actually, I think it's a beary ebil awoo.

>that get

beary ebil indeed.

731a7 No.707

File: 1508591700546.png (629.98 KB, 1360x824, Ultimate life form vs glim….png)

Hitler did nothing wrong

24508 No.708

You better be pushing, bringing that shit up in here

c69b2 No.732

Did you exercise today, Anon?

867c2 No.733

A lot actually, I'm working out 5 times a week, I can see a 6pack starting to take shape.

4e6b1 No.734

File: 1509052608279.png (669.65 KB, 753x1050, __celestia_ludenberck_dang….png)


nigel pls

51c34 No.760

File: 1511048200507.jpg (265.39 KB, 1400x600, 81a.jpg)

Are you ready to push up Anons? Let's do 10 instead

ad055 No.761

Fuck you.

But sure, why not.

24264 No.762


24264 No.767

File: 1511286566296.jpeg (225.1 KB, 1200x843, full.jpeg)

What do when forgot to do push ups because too drunk?
x2 penalty?

441a4 No.770

I would say ten pushups but since you ask so nicely, do 20, we have to get all that alcohol out of your bloodstream (plus the brewers yeast will boost your gains)

24264 No.771

Oh shit that really adds up.

Guess no fap for ne next few days…

24264 No.772

How was the relation between reps and muscle density?

f6b06 No.777


628b1 No.778


0b50e No.779

File: 1512578363872.jpg (26.34 KB, 600x616, Ive fought mudcrabs strong….jpg)

0e379 No.783

Time to get up, Anon.

ecacf No.789

I need some advice: how do I gradually strengthen my wrists? I can't do my daily pushups without ending up with a sprain that keeps me from exercising for several days.

I figure it's partly because I don't eat much and rarely go anywhere: I'm starting to look like a greyhound and I can wrap my thumb and pinkie around my wrist.

72972 No.790

You might have some more problems than just your wrist, but there are exercises to make your wrist stronger and thicker.
I could explain every single one to you, but i will give you an useful link instead

I didn't read method 2, but method 1 is all you need, specially the part about chin ups.
Seriously man, pull ups are great.

8c3bd No.848

File: 1515951052772.jpg (8.75 KB, 224x225, images.jpg)

db111 No.888

Check these fucking digits while you do it anon

d62a8 No.890

>hitler trips
>ID trips
Mah gawd, I r8 that's worth 50
>gains intensify

fe158 No.893

i feel violated, i will do 40 then

e8d53 No.914

/ub/ could use some attention.
Here you go, all you Overboard users.

1ef97 No.943

File: 1519581099966.jpg (224.44 KB, 979x1387, 1505663438380-1.jpg)

Felt lazy so time to force some others to get unlazy with me

7c4c9 No.945

You've neglected this board, Anon.
Give me five.

ffa8b No.952

File: 1521666577794-0.gif (145.64 KB, 550x400, 1105660__safe_artist-colon….gif)

No pain, no gain.

3e8ed No.954


a5254 No.955

I. Am. Pumped.

fe473 No.974


c9592 No.975

File: 1524858154248.gif (276.9 KB, 715x1024, 1426304815651.gif)

Okay, you win.

e0f57 No.1026

File: 1526158059948.png (429.97 KB, 1489x958, 1498932709451.png)

Be glorious mlpol.

ffa8b No.1027

Ma'am, yes ma'am!

bef91 No.1036

You should be doing twenty by now, motherfucker.

354e7 No.1091

File: 1529614375003-0.png (6.13 KB, 78x65, Weakness.png)

>never visit /ub/
>it's never time
>visit /ub/
>>1036 tells you to do twenty

I managed a pathetic 18.
Deport me already.

a4005 No.1113

File: 1532537908245.png (272.38 KB, 1600x1548, faget.png)


05a4c No.1114

I like her.

05a4c No.1115

By the way, my apartment is too small for pushups so I did 20 lifts of a ten pound weight with each arm.

b1286 No.1117

File: 1532637819943.jpeg (12.68 KB, 266x190, index.jpeg)

Do faggots avoid using Overboard because they fear seeing this thread?

b5ac5 No.1118

I don't fear seeing this thread - it helps a lot actually. I just stick to a small set of threads for periods of time and I don't browse often enough.

cb472 No.1140

I just did 25.

Earlier today during my thirty-minute lunch break at work I did 22, then 10, then 2, then 2, with roughly 5 seconds in between each round.

Or, I think it was a measly 22. I was either in the 20s or 30s. I often make it to 40 for the first round.

I am 5'9" and about 111 to 112 pounds. That apparently makes me rather underweight. It could be my metabolism.

faf3d No.1152

File: 1534444933394.jpg (157.06 KB, 1024x640, 1534442409486.jpg)

Get off your asses.

29a4a No.1153

tks 4 that image

7f19f No.1222


716b2 No.1308

Have you been doing your pushups while i was away /üb/?
It's time to start again, you lazy faggots

5e44e No.1313

Every fucking time

faf3d No.1326

File: 1547657782199-0.png (672.86 KB, 1024x576, 237cd8decb1bcd79cb8b0c780b….png)

Reminder to reject degeneracy and strive to become a better person.

125ec No.1368

c6391 No.1369

File: 1553359809024.png (1.51 MB, 1775x681, something greater than see….png)

Prepare for the holy war on Islam soon, brothers. Bump!

And I expect you maggots to bump this daily, until each and every one of us has achieved the pale goblin physique! Never slacken! Never tire! Never lose faith! The war needs YOU!

I'm sorry this New Zealand shit's getting me really fucking angery, especially the prime minister leading an Islamic call to prayer on TV after it was discovered that Christchurch has a jihadi problem. Please though, do get in shape anons. We need to act soon, and I want to meet all of you in person when the dust settles, you hear? You're all too good to let die, no matter how many of our shared interests may or may not be axed in the ethnostate.

c6391 No.1370

On the topic of never slackening and never tiring, I weighed myself after finishing with some chores. I'm 195, where less than half a month ago I was nearly 210. All I had to do was not eat bread or foods with high fructose corn syrup for lent. I still had alcohol on Saint Patrick's Day, I still had a cookie or cupcake or elsewise every few days, and I didn't even work out that hard. That's all it takes goys. So I repeat myself!


09020 No.1371


8a7e3 No.1378

File: 1555250314229.png (593.08 KB, 564x940, 622dfcac3776574e300c001d45….png)

No pain, no gain.

81fed No.1379

Thank you, anon.

8f4f7 No.1380


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