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Questions That Don't Deserve Their Own Thread.

What are the bump limits for each board?
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I'm gathering material to post it. It will take a while.
Good luck with the thread.
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Boil water. Let it cool until it is somewhat hot. Use it and a rag to clean it well. If it smells vile, you're eating something wrong or you're taking too long to clean it.
It looks like the spammer took the weekend off.
More pone is needed.
Post hoers faggots.
/mlpol/ pass when?
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>>7644 → Why is this thread locked? I have stuff to say about it.

>Tbh, if the guy wants his posts removed for the sake of privacy, it's not a completely unfair request.
>Can't mods view posts that came from the same hashed IP? Doing that a couple times shouldn't be that difficult.
7714 7720
I might make a separate thread to reply to these posts in a usable format.
## Admin
7713 7715
Your questions have been answered in our previous answers to the deletion request >>7695 → >>7696 →. We’re willing to delete personally identifiable information. We’re not willing to delete multiple entire threads containing hundreds and even thousands of posts by many people on the pure allegation that there’s totally some identifiable information in there somewhere trust-me-bro-but-I-don’t-trust-you-enough-to-tell-you where-it-is. The request for deletion has to be more specific, and narrowly tailored.

We’re not deleting a minor book’s worth of posts and we are not going to read a minor book’s worth of posts to find deletion worthy material.
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>not willing to delete multiple entire threads
Why though? The threads themselves are already in the archive, and most of them were nothing special, except maybe just some cringey shitflinging; I was there for a most of them. I doubt that anyone would miss them. Nobody is going to read them unless it's to make a kiwi farms article or something. Overall, an OP should have some degree agency in deleting their own threads, but he's just unable to do so because his password has since changed.
>delete personally identifiable information
>request for deletion has to be more specific, and narrowly tailored
Wouldn't that just make it more tedious? It should be easier to just Control+F the threads that came from the same IP in a certain time periods. It could be over in a few minutes.
Thread made: >>7710 →
>We’re not deleting a minor book’s worth of posts
That would be a minor book that nobody would ever read in the first place. I can't imagine anybody ever digging any of Nigel's shitty threads out of the archives with good intentions for him.
>not going to read a minor book’s worth of posts to find deletion worthy material.
So just search the threads made by him (idk if this is done by IP hash or by post password) and then delete them all at once without reading them. Hardly any of the threads were /go/ material. It's a thing he would do himself if he still had the passwords. You could just think of it as assisting a site user to recover their password, in a way.
I just don't get what the point is for keeping the old threads. If the process of removing them is too difficult, then that's a fair point, but I don't see this logic of needing to keeping the threads on principle or whatever: it's basically just old garbage.
## Admin
Why not delete entire threads? First of all, these are not in the archive. They are active on the boards and have been posted in as recently as a week or so ago.

But let me answer your question directly: when you post in a public forum for all of the public to see, and then people respond to that, and then you reply, others reply, and find goes on - what you’ve said is no longer yours alone. You have forfeited, by the act of knowingly posting publicly, by the act of others replying, by the act of continuing to post public ally over a period of, in this case, three years… any kind of right to privacy. It’s no longer yours. It doesn’t belong to you any more. It belongs to the great mass of human discourse and culture now. It’s a part of that collective mass now - not yours. I could imagine exceptions like if you just posted it less than 24 hours ago, or if it’s been more than 10 years since you last posted, or if no one replied. But this isn’t that.

Chans do have passwords to delete posts. But those passwords change pretty quickly. Because you’re not meant to be able to delete your posts forever.

And let me ask you this: if I post something, then you reply to me… and this goes on for a while with both of us speaking, do I then have a right to remove your replies to me without your consent or even consultation, just because I regret my earlier posts? Because that’s what’s being asked here.

>editing posts versus deleting them
I think this would be a worthy discussion to have… if any posts containing such information had ever been reported. Instead, we only have the OP of a thread.

Again, Elway has already answered these questions in detail in >>7696 →
>They are active on the boards and have been posted in as recently as a week or so ago.
Ah, I was mistaken then. That puts things in perspective. That actually changes my opinion a bit here.
>It doesn’t belong to you any more.
It's a fair point, although we wouldn't even be having this discussion if he hadn't lost the passwords to delete said threads: an ability that OPs have by default, and I don't think there's any real statute of limitations on that except for how long one keeps the password (which he has of course lost, and thus lost the ability). Someone else deleting a thread isn't that different from him deleting them himself.
I guess he shouldn't have lost the passwords, but threads on this board then to stay up for weeks and it's very easy to close a tab or change IPs to lose that password.
>But those passwords change pretty quickly. Because you’re not meant to be able to delete your posts forever.
I really don't think this is by-design, but you could consider it a consequence that posters have to deal with. He should have thought before he posted.
>if I post something, then you reply to me… and this goes on for a while with both of us speaking, do I then have a right to remove your replies to me without your consent or even consultation, just because I regret my earlier posts?
Lotus... I'm not sure how you want me to reply to this, but I know you've done exactly that several times before in the past. It wasn't cool at the time, but maybe it shows that sometimes things are nuanced. It's not really relevant to the principle of it, but I hope you can understand Nigel's perspective here.

Maybe I'm being overly sympathetic to Nigel here, but I can sympathize with a person having posted cringe to a site for years and simply wanting to be forgotten when he left it. I had my own problems with DeviantArt and boorus and other stuff in the past, so I can see where he's coming from.

However, now that it comes to my attention that all of the threads are still active, and not in the archives, I can't confidently say there's no harm in removing them because posters might still want to reply to them. I, for one, wouldn't miss those threads, but I cannot speak for the board, so idk.

That's just my two cents on the matter. Do as you will.
John Elway
## HorseWhisperer
I've posted an answer to your question in the thread you made. >>7719 →

>The threads themselves are already in the archive
This is actually not accurate. All four threads were in the catalog. One of them had hit bump limit, but since /ub/ is a relatively slow board it hadn't fallen out of the catalog. Despite the thread being several hundred posts past bump limit, the user in question was still replying to it as recently as last week. We're not talking about archived threads, we're talking about basically active threads that have hundreds of posts in them. I know this misunderstanding has already been cleared up, but I just want to clarify it again for emphasis.

>I doubt that anyone would miss them.
This is probably true tbh.

>Overall, an OP should have some degree agency in deleting their own threads, but he's just unable to do so because his password has since changed.
Ordinarily I'd agree, and if this were any other user making a similar request we'd likely just honor it. You have to understand though that this guy is a special case, and by "special" I do in fact mean short-bus special.

The amount of drama and bullshit generated on this site by this one guy has just been unreal. Even if you've been following the drama closely, you still have no idea just how bad things really are. Have you ever seen that old 4chan screencap of moot complaining about Australians, talking about how he wishes he could just rangeban the entire continent because 90% of the shitposts come from there? That's basically Nigel. Nigel is the entire continent of Australia distilled into the personality of one human being. Even that may be giving him too much credit. Aussies on 4chan can at least be funny. Nigel is occasionally good for laughs, but he's never been funny on his own.

I'm fairly certain we've had actual user attrition due to Nigel's nonsense. I know for a fact we've had actual staff attrition over it. Staff have quit over disagreements on how to handle this one poster's endless autism constantly flaring up. I personally have invested more time than I'd care to admit into arguing with him, giving him advice, trying to help him with his stupid god-awful writing projects, trying to explain to him why he comes across as so obnoxious to people and what he could do to improve...literally nothing ever sinks in.

>Wouldn't that just make it more tedious? It should be easier to just Control+F the threads that came from the same IP in a certain time periods. It could be over in a few minutes.
Again, if this were any other user we were talking about I'd agree with you here. However, with Nigel, it's just never going to be over. He's never going to fix himself and he's never going to go away. If we delete his threads he'll just be back in another week or two posting the same kind of garbage. There's nothing to be gained from acceding to his demands, and his demands are unreasonable for reasons that I and Lotus have already detailed.

Anyway, as an aside I went ahead and unpinned the threads from /ub/ since that was probably overkill done in a fit of anger. They'll fall off the catalog in their own due time if no one replies. Beyond that, Nigel is on his own.
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Are any of the admins/mods globohomo assets? I remember Ninjas mentioning that a mod was an attorney (presumably Elway) and I know that Canuck honeypots are pretty common, if 420chan and others can be used as examples. Is 'Pupper' an RCMP asset?
This place seems really fishy asking for my upcoming KF thread.
>my upcoming KF thread
What is that?
John Elway
## HorseWhisperer
>Are any of the admins/mods globohomo assets?
If we said no, would you believe us?
7768 7769
Testing apparent unban, or failure of ban to apply to current phone.
Yes, one of staff is a prosecuting attorney. Fun fact, he's the reason the site is insular against legal issues. He's still a bag of dicks tho.
To my knowledge, no one of staff is a globohomo.
Can criticize all of staff (not that anyone cares) but to my recollection, Elway has never misrepresented himself.
>Hurr, ur just namefagging
Try me. I'll be happy to vpn-unleash Thez just to prove a point. That goes for staff as well.
Glad to have you around Mr.
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Just saying.
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Pupper Woff can you add a toggle in the options menu that disables out going links?
Or an out going message page confirming that a link is clicked.
Thanks for listening.
## Admin
I will add that. Might take a little while as I am traveling at the moment. But I will see what I can do from here if I find time.
Thank you. No worries however long it takes works I don't mind this being a backburner project. Months or years is alright with me.
## Admin
Should not take that long. But might be a month or two until I get time to add it (but I will see if I get to do it earlier).
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I miss the meme spamming.
7869 7870
Nobody else does. Did you know that?
Kinda, I had some feedback before.
Ok, I go to study C meantime.
Most anons probably wouldn't care if you chose higher quality content instead of spamming recycled faceboomer memes. Otherwise, it shits up the site and makes it a pain in the ass to find decent kahntent. May as well hang out with the bots, feds, and discord trannies on 4cuck at that point.
Just some constructive criticism, Anon.
7958 7959
Can we range ban Vietnam? That's where all the CP spam is coming from.

While we are at it could we also range ban Israel?
You know what proxies and VPNs are. Right?
John Elway
## HorseWhisperer
7960 7962
Pupper can give you a better and more technical answer, but my understanding is that because we hash user IPs we are unable to rangeban. If we stopped hashing IPs we would be able to cut down on the spam, but it would also mean that there would be a record of every user's posts that could be correlated to a real IP and potentially expose the user, in the event that the site was ever compromised or the Feds demanded our logs, or something like that. Basically it's a tradeoff between convenience and security.
I'm a mod on another board and we get the same spam as any other of similar size and software, and as far as I can tell there's no consistent pattern in the IPs that post short women pix. The third world countries from which this spam comes that didn't get real internet going until recently don't have large sequential ranges for their ISPs, but rather a scatter of random leftover IPs. The only thing all the IPs do have in common though is what >>7958 suggests; our lookup system says the IPs that post the pizza are all registered in a VPN database. So even if rangebans were possible, it wouldn't do much to quell the spam.
Imo, the only way to control CP spam is to fill gaps in active moderation, either by appointing more mods or by having the existing mods divide their workloads/hours more efficiently. There is quite visibly a "graveyard shift" in the late evening and early morning where CP lingers for hours because mods are asleep; if there were at least mod active at that time every night it wouldn't stay up.
Short question.
The post >>>/sp/21367 → might actually belong to the Garbage Can thread at >>>/mlpol/362938 → but given that that thread is not wanted, then I didn't bump it and posted at /sp/ instead.
So, is that fine?
/sp/ is a shitpost board. It doesn't matter what gets posted there.
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Gentlecolts, I was thinking about how much energy you engaged to oppose me yesterday, pretty impressive indeed. So I'll retreat for a while to give (you) some breathing room and time to temper your animosity.
Kindly don't pretend to act retarded or illiterate.
7982 7984
I knew it that my intentions would be misconstrued!
Well, be well and calm down, in the end, everypony has the right to shitpost, remember that.
Execution could use work. /mlpol/ is a high quality site.
The intentions to increase post count via adversarial techniques isn't sustainable.
Riveting engagement using observations, shitposts, humor and questions do work.
And this is like the friendly mono-'ethnic' horspainter enthusiast neighborhood of chat sites, high quality no redditards or shills or jdf in sight amidst a people would engage intellectually with intellectual posts.
>The intentions to increase post count via adversarial techniques isn't sustainable.
Yes, it works pretty well for a while, but I see the exhaustion.
## Mod
>I'll retread for a while
>two hours later
Welcome back
7986 7988
Okay. Bye.