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Questions That Don't Deserve Their Own Thread.

What are the bump limits for each board?
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Technically yes. Theoretically doing it is the thing though.
That can be done with any hardware with an internet connection and somewhere to store data, and a degree of cpu/ram to handle the server side software of things.
There are also mesh networks and other stuff too.
If they see large data being passed through that is too big to be movies or porn cutting the connection outright would be cheaper for them. It's sending AND recieving, issue is the wide array of connections going to it as a hub of sorts.
>t. random asshole
What if there were two spoiler tags, one for jokey ironic spoilers that don't actually spoil aything and one for genuine spoilers related to books/shows/movies/whatever? Ironic Spoilers could be a light greyish colour to distinguish it from real black spoilers. Right now when you see a post with a spoiler tag you never know if it will say something funny or a genuine spoiler.
Then anons would use them interchangeably and you would be back to square one. Context is usually how you can pick out what is spoilers for something or if you ought not reveal what is hidden.
You're right.
Come to think of it, what if you could spoiler-tag text with any colour you want? Then pixel art could be drawn in coloured spoilered text blocks.
>its not actually broken, so theres no real fixing it, and trying to would only increase the problem
>I know, let's do way more of that, so it can be even MORE of a problem!
Would a toggleble semi persistant quickreply (or thread creation) be secure?
Because I'm too much of a fuck up right now I burned another hour's worth over thinking putting super sexy and hoers pussy, and then accidentally'ed the whole thread post.
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Multicoloured spoiler text blocks could be used however anyone wants without any unified standard of colour coding like "pink spoilers means joke spoilers and black spoilers means real ones". As long as there's no option to make spoilered text blend into the default post background any colour is good. Nice bright colours would be best for pixel art.

Can you add a colour code function to make text cycle loopingly through all the different colours of the rainbow at max saturation, so someone could write something in colour-changing text that's like a rainbow gaming keyboard's colour changing letters?
## Admin
We've been working on a text color cycle, so yes. That is probably going to be added to the code soon
## Admin
>Can you add a colour code function to make text cycle loopingly through all the different colours
Functionality added >>6180 →
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Are randomly generated salts used in the hashing of passwords, and if that is not the case, would that be something that could please be retroactively or non-retroactively introduced to the shadow file, assuming there is one of those?
Based Pupper. i like the New Colors. Would it be possible to be able to Embed Archive.org links?
Not a mod or anything, but I can say that you can't retroactively salt hashes
Good catch, I didn't think of that one until after I had already posted it.
## Admin
I assume you talk about the passwords used to create posts. As for now the password used to create posts are not hashed or salted (identical to how it was in vichan/NPFChan). But I can always look into changing that to the code.
One of the cons to doing it this way is that it will make it hard for us to protect against posts being deleted by others, by manually changing them in the database, if people accidentally post screenshots of the password used to make posts (only happened once so far). It would prevent me from changing a specific password and instead I would have to do it for all posts by IP. And the password is not something super critical security issue as it is only used by users if they want to delete the post they made.
But there are some pros to this too so I will do some pondering and discuss with other staffs on what they feel is best.

So summed up the disadvantage if hashing and seeding is that:
* hard to change a single password if accidentally posted screenshot of it
But the advantage hashing and seeding is that:
* If database is leaked no one can delete posts using the password seen in the leak

But I will do some thinking and see if there is a middle way of only doing hashing which would protect against leak and also make it possible to change single passwords (hash).
>I assume you talk about the passwords used to create posts.
Yes, that's what I meant to say.

I would certainly not like to speak out of turn, and will respect any decisions made by staff, however if I may I'd like to make a brief case for salting and hashing passwords that the moderation team may use as a reference of the opinion of an anon within in the community during their deliberations.
The reason the topic of salted hashes has been brought up was due mainly to the effect, should the password file wind up in the wrong hands, not be able to ID a poster based upon their password; for those maybe not as well versed in how salts or hashing works, basically, as the original password is passed through a hash function, come out as what looks like gibberish on the other side, and any change whatsoever in the original password, be it as small as a single flipped bit, will completely change the outcome of the string on the other side of the hash, effectively scrambling the passwords such that they're not able to be compared to other posts to find someone that's been presumably using the same password to post across the site, and if they were hashed an attacker with the password file would also not be able to go and launch an attack and delete a lot of posts from all kinds of anons all at once, just for an added layer of security practice.
As for deletion of posts with a leaked password, I myself am of the opinion that I don't really mind altogether too much if someone deletes a post of mine should a password be accidentally leaked; it'd be a sacrifice that I think could be worthy, for the added bit of security as a whole.

>due mainly to the effect ... not be able to ID a poster based upon their password
of not being able to ID
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Well, if the porn thread won't appall the normies, this will do.
Does anyone here have the "Ponk copypasta" that takes the "Pomf pomf" song and changes the lyrics to be about Pinkie Pie?
If I post a mega file that contains a PDF for content that may or may not be pirated, does that cause any problems for the board?
how do we get rid of the flat earthers? I'd rather our community not be associated with their ilk, especially since we're supposed to be a place for intelligent discussion. Also, why are they suddenly showing up on our site? Are (((they))) trying to discredit us by pairing us up with a group of retards that (((they))) already control as a form of advanced shilling, or is it just a wandering group of parasites trying to enact mental dysgenics against us to fuel their """"""""""movement""""""""""?
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It wouldn't be nearly as annoying if they stayed in one thread.
Other than that, just make new threads to slide them. Nobody has made an Afghanistan thread so far.
A wonderful idea!
thread has been made, by the way
Would Luna's period be on the Full Moon, or the New Moon?
Is Saint Valentine based or cringe? I hear he was made a saint for advocating for keeping the Christian institution of marriage alive in the roman empire.
Can you add the ability to auto-hide all posts from a chosen ID in the Archives?
I noticed the "Add Filter" option doesn't show up in archived threads.
Why doesn't posting .webp images work?
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Could every thread made by me just get nuked on /ub/? I know it's difficult to show my IP matching certain posts when I've been damn near all over the state of North Carolina. Frustratingly, I can't even delete my most recent post, even with the password; it just 404s. It has a contact email, and I was intentionally going to baleet it today.

I don't want to be a part of the board, or this site, anymore. It's not that I'm scared some kike or commie will find me, or of any kind of real life consequences. I just give up on everything. Every topic from every thread. Every discussion, every pointless argument I've wasted my effort in losing in disgrace. It's all so tiresome. I am days from drowning in my debt fully, and a week from getting my payday, and I just want to walk away from it all. The last five years was a mistake. If I can't get my fellow autist boyfriend to meet me in the middle and help me out, I'm going to die in this cold. I'd rather have never had any footprint to begin with.
Don't lose hope, anon. You'll pull through this
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I'll expand my request to every post I've made sitewide (primarily on /ub/, /mlpol/ and the Anonfilly Thread) that talks about California and NC. It's a long control-F for you guys to delete, but at least it would make me feel a little more secure in my insignificance.
> I'm going to die in this cold.
Alright you fuck, explain what you need and where. And when
The ride doesn't end.
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I don't know. I've got three layers of thick blankets, long johns and an insulated jacket. They don't help. I got a fulltime and part time job, neither will pay me a red cent until at least next Friday. Even with this work, my wages don't total more than triple of what average rent is here, so I'm not likely to be accepted on my own. I had my car refueled a few days ago by him, so I don't need gas. What I need, nobody here can give me even if they were willing. I need a rental that either costs under $700 or accepts people who make 2k a month or less.

I'm tired of venting because it accomplishes nothing and only worsens my mood. I'm tired of being around other failures because they can't provide anything in the way of help. I'm tired of this belief system I hold because it makes me feel deep shame for the lows I've sunk to. I'm tired of sobriety because it leaves me alone in my car with my thoughts and the cold.

If you are near Fayetteville, NC and willing to risk your anonymity, you could meet me and buy me a drink at Jumpers on S. Reilly. Otherwise, just leave me be. I'll be gone before you know it anyway.
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Are you able to last at least one or two nights or more?
The situation for me is going to make meeting hard I'm at least two hours away with great road conditions.
I won't rush you. Second job has me working late nights for a while, and I don't have a schedule written out yet. Plus, I have a week before my first paycheck from the main job comes. I don't know if I'll make it all that long, but we'll see. Hit me at the email on the nomad thread on /ub/ before mods delete it, maybe we can talk at length.
I'd recommend a sleeping bag and candles. Preferably a heating element such as an electric blanket or space heater.
While burning candles in a small confined area is bad if you are going to freeze to death it'll save your life.
Meals are important right now you are the only thing heating up a cold metal box.
Wool works wonders.
Alcohol makes you open up your blood vessels meaing you'll feel warmer, but you're expending more heat.
Also emails have been sent.
Other thing is to ensure the space you are in retains the heat.
You can burn crisco/vegtable shortning. Remember fire is dangerous.
Also sealed hot water can make a difference.
>This is the thousand year old ancient camping secret to stay warm: Sleep in a sleeping bag that is inside of a bigger sleeping bag and you will  be warm like the proverbial bug in the proverbial rug. If that isn't enough, slide a few aluminum survival blankets in between the two. In the morning you will be like the steamed clam (or poached scallop, depending). Skip all the flame game torch scorchery, or is that scorch torchery?

Does anybody have the Ponytariat doxxes on hand? I've been out of the loop on site activity for a few months and I heard you all did some hilarious shit to them. Feel free to share the stories as well, but the main things I'm looking for are the doxxes.
>I heard you all did
/mlpol/ did nothing wrong.
Nah it was fucking based.

If a mod/admin won't do this or simply can't do it, I understand. This last few days, especially thanks to a night at Jumpers with a certain anon, things are at least tolerable enough. And I was being rash in wanting to erase my footprint on this site. Like it or not, I'm a fixture here, so I shouldn't be a bitch about it...the ride truly never ends.
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Its probably a mix of won't and can't. I mean, for a savvy developer (all other criticisms aside, Pupper IS that) nothing is technically impossible. I mean there might be a way, depending on how many IPs you used and how many post-deletion PWs youve racked up but what you requested would be prohibitively labor intensive and really not serving any purpose other than satisfying you at a down moment.
No offense, but thats really not part of the underlying purpose of the site.
For one, that would remove threads and posts in discussions which would likely fracture and render difficult any later readings of what threads remained. No offense, but 'your feels' do not justify destroying site content.
For two, the only time I can recall staff requestedly removing content is when it accidentally contained doxx or illegal materal; and when I say that, there was an artfag once who requested all his posts/OC be wiped cuz reasons, and the general reception was 'sorry u feel that way but no, lul'. Hope you feel better though
>the ride truly never ends
omori comic 4 and relevant question.jpg
It's alright. No offense taken. I know I've been a dramafag, bordering on sadcow, ever since I started using this site. I guess I felt guilty over the years for providing so little insight or entertainment in exchange for dumping blogposts and drama on people. Not even just here, but Discord, Ponytown, 4mulp, 8mulp...you guys aren't paid enough to be my therapist, so I'll do my best not to burden you with it from now on. Pic related to that though.

Egh. Anyway, I understand I can't just banish the past. It just means that I have to make something good of it or let it fade into obscurity.
>how many IPs you used
Uhhhhh. Let's see. Dad's, grandpa's, mom's, two different phone plans, a broadband plan, at least three dozen separate public wifi sources, my current workplace...all spread out over CA, OR, and NC from 2017 to today. Plus I've phoneposted, laptop-posted, and desktop-posted. So. Yeah. It would be a really convoluted hunt to find every post mentioning homeless life or life in Cali/NC.

Thanks again for responding, Ninjas.
>Still namefagging like his name carries weight or is relevant
>cant be arsed to answer a goddamn question, but gets mad when someone else does it
I gotta differentiate myself from (you) somehow
It's relevant to his knowledge of the site and its inner workings. I know namefagging is gayer than me, but it has its place. Calm down.
(oops, meant to reply to >6388. But I think I'll rob him of his ( You ) anyway.)