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Questions That Don't Deserve Their Own Thread.

What are the bump limits for each board?
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## Admin
I fail to understand what you want on a "pony discussion only board" that is impossible on a "pony and political discussion board." In what way is /mlpol/, and specifically the board /mlpol/, too much like 4chan's /mlp/?
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>Not tranny related
Is this a shit post?
>your words not mine
No those are your words. I don't see any problem with free speech. I consider it a severe problem to quash dissenting opinions. The reason 4chan is so fucked is because they have been bought by the deep state and actively use moderation to silence the websites natural immune system.
>You are basically saying that
Two can play at this false dichotemy. You are effectively saying /mlpol/ has no appeal if both /pol/ and /mlp/ exist separately.
The idea is not a dedicated pone board, but a dedicated green board. I'd appreciate it if you didn't swerve on what I'm even suggesting and bringing up this shit.
The other person was suggesting that you don't want any boards that would overlap with mlp. You didn't seem to be disagreeing.
As for what it can do that mlpol doesn't do; I already said as much, capture the remaining mlp audience. Most are quite tired of mods and jewish bullshit, they just want high post counts and to use it as a refuge from black pills. Nevermind the general rule. If you two purposely can't understand that, or can and just don't want to, I won't further push. I never expected to get my way as is.
## Admin
>You didn't seem to be disagreeing.
>You two
Frankly, I am not reading the other poster's posts. His words are his own, and my words are my own. I am not working in concert or against his words. I do not know what he tells you, and I am not here to back or oppose his words.
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Navy Seal copypasta
If you want dedicated green threads you can do it! I know you can. It can be right here on /mlpol/ it doesn't require a whole 'nother board. The boards already here capture a wide array of interests. Dedicated greentext is a nice thing,
We have writefag threads, on multiple parts here. If you think it can be done then do it. The Rust Shackleford thread green is great.
I'm not seeing that necessity. There exists filtering amd what have you here. Nearly all posts aren't nigger tier. Expending outside of one's comfort zone is good in the right places.
You know who makes greens (You) do. I've seen it with my own eyes. A subpar doughy thread without the heart and soul of Anons simply won't last. /mlp/ have been going through a routine it's a familiar one, but that isn't needed here. If anyone has a damn good post it'll be seen by everyone and as a pinnacle of content.
/mlpol/ has both and are not mutually exclusive, and is better from this synthesis. Two seemingly polar sides from a far away perspective, but the common ground is so near and dear and so similar are the core both complement the other.
Then you haven't delved deep enough into the threads. Into the psyche of what it means.
Merry Christmas, and a Happy Hearths Warming. You can always be the change you want to see, so make the best of what you wish to see.
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it's going to be one of those days.jpg
thats fair. I thought it strange to see responses in an official capacity as it is and I know it can be a tricky balance.
>if you want
You're now transcending to deliberately missing the point.
Again, this is to capture a type of user who isnt interested posting on /mlpol/ but is interested in getting away from 4chan.
>Then you haven't delved deep enough into the threads. Into the psyche of what it means.
I was a regular before they where shoaed. I know how both the people in the thread acted and the board as a whole did. It and tf are the tranny laughing stock of the board.
>You can always be the change you want to see
Competing against this site isn't something I am interested in doing but it's always an option I know. maybe when I know about more about server hosting and have some cashflow. /mlp/ needs a home away from the (((mods))). weather you like or not, care or not, its never going to be directly mixed with political news. That is a based idea but it does not appeal to every horsefucker.
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Hard times make strange bedfellows. This is my second post in relation to this discussion.
>Competing against this site isn't something I am interested in doing
I'm saying post the /mlp/ part of /mlpol/ here.
4chan is by all means technically not dead, and there is still the apolitical here. All I am saying is make a thread on /mlpol/ the board and that's all.
>4chan refugees and the 'nonexistent' alternative
That's what /mlpol/ is, transcending the trappings of moot and gook moot and the murky depths.
>I was a regular before they where shoaed. I know how both the people in the thread acted and the board as a whole did. It and tf are the tranny laughing stock of the board.
All I know is /mlpol/ Anonfilly, and the archived greens right here.
For general 4chan users this has the boards to handle nearly every topic. The demand for a /po/ origami can be squished with /mlpol/'s /a/, maybe /vx/ and music can be analyzed posted in /üb/ or /mlpol/, /vx/, even /cyb/ if applicable.
I'm not seeing the issue. If politics is the issue then the whole point is for discussion and points to be made. If someone doesn't even want to confront that then so be it, but it'll be there for those that take notice.
Plus there is one thing 4chan doesn't have.
/sp/ praise Football.
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>anonfilly is tranny related
>pic related
Please, point to me where in the anonfilly material (here) there's a tranny-promotion agenda. Go ahead, I'll wait.
>no those are your words
Gaslighting. Go back and see who said it first. I said off the rails, you're welcome to argue that point but now you're being either deliberately or subconsciously disingenuous.
>You are effectively saying /mlpol/ has no appeal if both /pol/ and /mlp/ exist separately
Not at all. I'm saying if /mlp/ and /pol/ exist separately, its NOT /mlpol/. If you want them separate, theres always 4chan and other sites.
>a dedicated green board
Oh, cuz that's not asinine at all
This dude gets it
>nuh uh, I saw stuff on 4chan
I've been monitoring /filly/ since they migrated. Whether the fillies are trannies or not, they're not pushing an agenda. Unless you want to insinuate that it's a tranny htp (that's human to pony, since you seem a bit slow) agenda, which is absurd on its face.
>it does not appeal to every horsefucker
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>I'm saying post the /mlp/ part of /mlpol/ here.
That is indeed the problem, you are saying but you aren't listening.
>that's what mlpol is
It isn't, by vote of the majority of mlp not being here.
>All I know is the stuff of anon filly right here
The opening thread talks about wishing to be the little filly, ie the old wishing to be the little girl. It's not exactly cryptic. No one there is dumb enough to shill for actually trans right bullshit, but there is a difference between not being a political demagogue and being a healthy heterosexual male with a firm identity.

>if politics is the issue then they should just argue
Why would they argue? they would just continue to live happily in their concentration camp on mlp. no matter how you may wish it was different, these people are not soldiers. they can lend us aid, and we can shelter them in return from tyranny, but what they want is something you/this board is refusing to sell them, and so far the only one who is doing so, 4chan, is deliberately taking advantage of that monopoly.

You may refuse to on any grounds you like, but the issue is not with me, I am not "refusing to see the light", you are refusing to cast it on a whole group of people who are in darkness. If you can be satisfied with that then be my guess, but don't look at me as if me posting some green will magically make political threads appeal to the vast majority of users.

>point me in the direction of the propaganda.
Nice goalpost moving. define what you even mean by propaganda, because it's obvious to every casual observer without a hint of an agenda and dog in the fight would find a lot in common with people fantasizing about being a sexed up 9-12 year old filly with trannies. If you want to split hairs around this definition like a jew you wont find a partner in me. Name your requirements blatantly. I'll wait.

>not at all
yes that is exactly what you bring up every single time.
>You can always use the other sites
You are literally arguing at this point against admitting you don't want to offer any overlaping service to these boards and then blatantly admitting that is your desired intention not to do so.
Sorry but this is the final straw. I wish this board had Id's but even without them I will do my best not to read any more jewish tripe from your posting. It should be obvious to anyone that your only goal in this topic is to get into an entirely unessiary shit fit because admitting to the no frills truth hurts your ego. You cant bare to admit it from a position of openness and integrity so you hide behind the tactics of a jew after I had laid down my arms and just asked my piece openly in the first place. Go fuck yourself.
## Ninja
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How many times are you gonna deliberately (this many times it cant be unintentional) misquote, misinterpret, or gaslight posters?
I hope the fact that you mention moving goalposts isnt lost on anyone. You obviously have an axe to grind, and your posting history suggests that you're either a newfag or using a VPN. In either case you really need to lurk moar if you think that what the majority of 4/mlp/ wants/thinks about /mlpol/ counts for shit.
No one is stopping anyone from posting greens except for the posters themselves. No, we're not making a board exclusively for greens. Deal with it.
You're entitled to whatever delusions you're interested in entertaining, but the evidence is overwhelming in spite of your refusal to acknowledge and admit it, and psychological transference will do you no good in the long run.
>this is the final straw
Cry more you turbo giga nigger faggot.
What is the whole point of this then?
That I in my generous glorious self shall enlighten those poor deluded fools or something by force? People don't like being directly herded.
I'm saying as a product and service /mlpol/ has everything. I'm also saying that they don't want a tatse of /mlpol/ because it has features to weed out malicious posts.
/mlpol/ has conducted fishing expeditions, advertising campaigns if you will. 80% of 4chan /mlp/ didn't want that and are still content with that is there right now.
As a product they find the featuress of /mlpol/ distasteful, it narrows down personality types and other factors. /mlpol/ is self enhancing.
If they wanted just 4chan but without the administration abuse that's fine, but those that left have. To various chans.
4chan is getting an influx of 'free' advertising from the general populace. The quality and userbase is shifting like demographics and importing from shit holes.
A big broadcasted image board that is set up to be an 'alternative' or successor to 4chan have met ends.
>these people are not soldiers. they can lend us aid, and we can shelter them in return from tyranny,
>lend us aid
How so? In what way? If they wanted to enter they could freely, even at personal expense to the admin team here.
>No one is stopping anyone from posting greens except for the posters themselves.
Have a poner.
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>I'm accusing you of what I am actually doing
Heres a run down of how this conversation could have gone faggot.
>I typed out a bunch of shit but I deleted most of it because I just cant fucking understand this on a conceptual level, even if it makes sense. You guys are just genuinely okay with 4chan as it is and dont care or want to provide any kind of alternative to it... To me this whole topic was brought up because 4chan has gotten horrible, and 8chan was executed. this board isnt part of smuglo.li so its afaik the only place where a viable mlp alternative could exist. But if I'm reading you right you guys are completely fine with the absolutelly pozzed way mlp is and choose not to offer any service that would potentially overlap it....
>Yeah faggot, we don't care. if they want to stay on 4chucks thats their own problem not ours.
the fact that this wasnt your collective simple reply, let alone something more polite given the fact I was taking pains to, but a bunch of contrived bullshit about how /mlpol/ really could serve the purpose of attracting posters that really obviously aren't attracted to it, is all the evidence anyone with a brain in their skull needs to realize you're the one full of shit here, not me. Your house, your rules, you don't need to justify anything, but for the past what I dunno, 5 reply chains, all I've gotten was a sea of posturijng when any of you could have just said

>m-muh vpn
It honestly severely disappoints me that you think I do this. On an administrative level, seeing you work to purge this place of javascript for people who want it that way, I'd expect better than this kind of bullshit. But then hey, you have a pinned thread telling people to install unsecure web browsers. Maybe I am giving you too much credit, but I wanted to believe you where smarter than this.
## Ninja
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>It honestly severely disappoints me
Thanks for the compliment. You're clearly laboring under some major delusions, but by all means continue illustrating them. Shadenfreude has its merits.
>I'm just going to keep being a faggot anyway.
## Ninja
5350 5357
>Previously, ITT
Who's the goalpost-moving, propaganda having, disingenuous, unnecessary shit-fit starting faggot? It's not a 2-letter word, it's actually a 3-letter word that appears next to all these posts, but only the person can see them.
You seem confused
see >>5346
for how to have a productive and short conversation.
if you want to talk in circles
Wtf is even happening in here?
## Ninja
5353 5355
A newfag is being a newfag, and getting thoroughly demolished for his attempts to backpedal. He asked a question, didnt like or agree with the answer, tried gaslighting and manipulation, got btfo, and now hes trying to tell how the conversation 'should' have gone (cuz he's in that position, doncha know).
You make an interesting point though, this has gotten way out of hand. This fag has gotten his answer, so that should be that.
He thinks all the posts he linked were mine. Hes half right

If you're reading this newfag, you really ought to start a thread since continuing here would serve to derail this thread into a discussion thread, which it's not intended to be
But srsly, lurk moar
Thanks for the explanation!
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Sooooo in short the guy was asking for a only pony board right? Even though you can simply just make a pony thread on /mlpol/. Sure its mix with politics but individual threads dont have to be. Dont know whats so hard to understand about that.
5356 5357
literally delusional, no backpeddling was done by anyone other than you fags. All I did was ask a simple question, see >>5346 once more for how it could have been answered.
The goal of it is to capture the rest of the mlp audiance who would actually be bothered. Inbetween sucking copious ammounts of dick though, ninja already said no.
I think the fear is that creating a /pone/ board will spread out the users and end up with two really slow boards. /overboard/ can probably alleviate this a bit, but /mlpol/ don't have the biggest userbase and creating a /pone/ board might be a gamble that could end up in even slower participation if it don't pan out.

But you got one thing right. This discussion is over.
Make a thread. This is for meta questions that dont deserve their own thread.
>there no dedicated pone discussion board
But there is! On /mlpol/, both /pol/ and /mlp/ are on topic. Creating more boards would divide the community and no one wants Reddit or 4cuck here. Imo, /mlpol/ acts as kind of filter that keeps jews and Reddit/4cuck out.
Was thinking of making a fully encompassing Fit thread on ub and a table top thread on vx is that a good idea? I dont see any right now but i might have just not seen it.
Which mod gets all the mares?
## Admin
What kind of hardware does mlpol run on?
Is it theoretically possible to plug an old smartphone in to a charger and use that to host a website?

Using things like the carrier's internet connection and the phones internal memory, I imagine it would be able to host an imageboard. Not one with a lot of traffic, I'm sure.

That might be a stupid tech question, but in my defense, it's past 3am.
Technically yes. Theoretically doing it is the thing though.
That can be done with any hardware with an internet connection and somewhere to store data, and a degree of cpu/ram to handle the server side software of things.
There are also mesh networks and other stuff too.
If they see large data being passed through that is too big to be movies or porn cutting the connection outright would be cheaper for them. It's sending AND recieving, issue is the wide array of connections going to it as a hub of sorts.
>t. random asshole
What if there were two spoiler tags, one for jokey ironic spoilers that don't actually spoil aything and one for genuine spoilers related to books/shows/movies/whatever? Ironic Spoilers could be a light greyish colour to distinguish it from real black spoilers. Right now when you see a post with a spoiler tag you never know if it will say something funny or a genuine spoiler.
Then anons would use them interchangeably and you would be back to square one. Context is usually how you can pick out what is spoilers for something or if you ought not reveal what is hidden.
You're right.
Come to think of it, what if you could spoiler-tag text with any colour you want? Then pixel art could be drawn in coloured spoilered text blocks.
>its not actually broken, so theres no real fixing it, and trying to would only increase the problem
>I know, let's do way more of that, so it can be even MORE of a problem!
Would a toggleble semi persistant quickreply (or thread creation) be secure?
Because I'm too much of a fuck up right now I burned another hour's worth over thinking putting super sexy and hoers pussy, and then accidentally'ed the whole thread post.
6179 6181
Multicoloured spoiler text blocks could be used however anyone wants without any unified standard of colour coding like "pink spoilers means joke spoilers and black spoilers means real ones". As long as there's no option to make spoilered text blend into the default post background any colour is good. Nice bright colours would be best for pixel art.

Can you add a colour code function to make text cycle loopingly through all the different colours of the rainbow at max saturation, so someone could write something in colour-changing text that's like a rainbow gaming keyboard's colour changing letters?
## Admin
We've been working on a text color cycle, so yes. That is probably going to be added to the code soon
## Admin
>Can you add a colour code function to make text cycle loopingly through all the different colours
Functionality added >>6180 →
6223 6226
Are randomly generated salts used in the hashing of passwords, and if that is not the case, would that be something that could please be retroactively or non-retroactively introduced to the shadow file, assuming there is one of those?
Based Pupper. i like the New Colors. Would it be possible to be able to Embed Archive.org links?
Not a mod or anything, but I can say that you can't retroactively salt hashes
Good catch, I didn't think of that one until after I had already posted it.
## Admin
I assume you talk about the passwords used to create posts. As for now the password used to create posts are not hashed or salted (identical to how it was in vichan/NPFChan). But I can always look into changing that to the code.
One of the cons to doing it this way is that it will make it hard for us to protect against posts being deleted by others, by manually changing them in the database, if people accidentally post screenshots of the password used to make posts (only happened once so far). It would prevent me from changing a specific password and instead I would have to do it for all posts by IP. And the password is not something super critical security issue as it is only used by users if they want to delete the post they made.
But there are some pros to this too so I will do some pondering and discuss with other staffs on what they feel is best.

So summed up the disadvantage if hashing and seeding is that:
* hard to change a single password if accidentally posted screenshot of it
But the advantage hashing and seeding is that:
* If database is leaked no one can delete posts using the password seen in the leak

But I will do some thinking and see if there is a middle way of only doing hashing which would protect against leak and also make it possible to change single passwords (hash).
>I assume you talk about the passwords used to create posts.
Yes, that's what I meant to say.

I would certainly not like to speak out of turn, and will respect any decisions made by staff, however if I may I'd like to make a brief case for salting and hashing passwords that the moderation team may use as a reference of the opinion of an anon within in the community during their deliberations.
The reason the topic of salted hashes has been brought up was due mainly to the effect, should the password file wind up in the wrong hands, not be able to ID a poster based upon their password; for those maybe not as well versed in how salts or hashing works, basically, as the original password is passed through a hash function, come out as what looks like gibberish on the other side, and any change whatsoever in the original password, be it as small as a single flipped bit, will completely change the outcome of the string on the other side of the hash, effectively scrambling the passwords such that they're not able to be compared to other posts to find someone that's been presumably using the same password to post across the site, and if they were hashed an attacker with the password file would also not be able to go and launch an attack and delete a lot of posts from all kinds of anons all at once, just for an added layer of security practice.
As for deletion of posts with a leaked password, I myself am of the opinion that I don't really mind altogether too much if someone deletes a post of mine should a password be accidentally leaked; it'd be a sacrifice that I think could be worthy, for the added bit of security as a whole.

>due mainly to the effect ... not be able to ID a poster based upon their password
of not being able to ID
aryanne - blushing.png
Well, if the porn thread won't appall the normies, this will do.
Does anyone here have the "Ponk copypasta" that takes the "Pomf pomf" song and changes the lyrics to be about Pinkie Pie?
If I post a mega file that contains a PDF for content that may or may not be pirated, does that cause any problems for the board?
how do we get rid of the flat earthers? I'd rather our community not be associated with their ilk, especially since we're supposed to be a place for intelligent discussion. Also, why are they suddenly showing up on our site? Are (((they))) trying to discredit us by pairing us up with a group of retards that (((they))) already control as a form of advanced shilling, or is it just a wandering group of parasites trying to enact mental dysgenics against us to fuel their """"""""""movement""""""""""?