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So here's a not so smart guy thinking he can dox half of the community because faolcon is bad, but can go away with it without issues.

tl;dr FiMFetch archivist went full retard and made a list of all the "pedos" in the fandom, utilizing only the most infallible methodologies and foolproof data research.
Spoiler alert: it's all fucking bullshit, and most of all the "data" he pulled were """reports""" from a discord server trying to be the police of the fandom.


Social media :

Ponycrush account: https://www.ponycrush.com/profile/1481/DataByteBrony
Fimfetch: https://databyte.fimfetch.net/
Reddit account: https://www.reddit.com/user/DataByteBrony/
Imgur account: https://imgur.com/user/DataByteBrony
Fimfiction account: https://www.fimfiction.net/user/62188/DataByteBrony
Twitter account: https://twitter.com/databytebrony
Twitch account: https://www.twitch.tv/databytebrony
Derpibooru account: https://derpibooru.org/tags/artist-colon-databytebrony
Deviantart account: https://www.deviantart.com/databytebrony
Patreon account: https://www.patreon.com/fimfetch/about
Personal blog: https://blog.bronytales.com/
YouTube account: https://www.youtube.com/@databytebrony

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Kiri's probably got nothing to do with the list. She was definitely important on BT, as they've got a long dramatized blog post about defending her from an art thief (https://blog.bronytales.com/drama-blog-the-princess-and-the-art-thief), but of course you're going to see your kid-focused MC server coddle a 13 year old artist.
The crazy thing is that they would delete things based on a 13 year old's idea of what's saucy.
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Summaryanon here.
Updated the summary with the newest information. Also, there's been a Derpibooru thread that I only became aware of today, so that's nice, ig.
I've also added a dictionary to it, with some relevant words explained. (also some very trivial things too, like what a brony or horsefucker is). Any suggestions for what to add to it? And suggestion in general?
Mmm, juicy.
But could do with some proofreading, you've got some parts just copypasted from Nebbie without changing pronouns ("defend me"), and "hyporite" on the Databyte image at the end.
You should probably go over his info again and summarize as well as cross-verify what you can.
Thank you, fixed!
Also added some tags to match those of Compiler_Anon.
>Fimfetch Owner outed to be a LOLCOW
>11 pages

I'd hope he was an actual lolcow so he would get in Kiwifarms' radar.
What an entertaining thread. I won't be participating but having more people aware of the list is always good.
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Also looks like Nebbie updated the FiMfiction post with more info. Something about Daring going full Homeowner's Association on Nebbie for building pony/timberwolf statues that had oak logs beneath their tails instead of being silky smooth, and some baticorn farting.
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With regards to previous versions of The List™, Rome Silvanus's archive has all known revisions since the start of the drama, starting from the March 31 revision but not including the current password-protected version.
Rome's archive also has a lot of additional files he's captured, mostly from April 2 when the drama was still very active.
>saved copies of the chatlogs from catbox
>downloaded copies of all image urls from said chatlogs
>web capture of the first /mlp/ drama thread
>screencaps of fimfetch's patron, pre- and post-drama
>the april 3rd version of the summary paste
>zipped archive of three foalcon servers' chatlogs
>the shell script Rome uses to save new versions of the list
>a twitlonger-style PDF "dossier" by daringshepard about a user called "flutterzky"
>the dox of both phoenixfire and databyte, because Rome gives zero fucks
The image URLs from the chatlog leaks are especially interesting, since even if Discord image links didn't expire after 24 hours, they would most likely have been deleted regardless when PhoenixFire nuked most of PCL. I haven't had much of a chance to look through the images, but there could be some interesting finds there.

With regards to the CP poster, that is definitely not related to PCL or BT: that is the work of a CP spambot that posts images and paste links on a regular basis to not only /mlpol/, but to other altchans as well. The mods and jannies are usually very prompt about deleting those threads whenever the bot is active; just report and hide them as they pop up.

On an unrelated note, it's been a very long time since I've posted to /mlpol/; back when the site still ran on NPFchan, in fact. How's everypony been?
He updated it again, looks like he has months for almost everything now. Timing of all this shit looks pandemic related, sudden panic in early 2020, then a while where everyone's chill in late 2020 as kids get on celebrating the lack of school, then it all goes tits-up in 2021 because they've been cooped up too long with abusive narcissists instead of touching fucking grass.

I dunno when this happened, but it looks like Phoenix blacklisted himself and his family from whitepages, nuwber and thatsthem.
Summaryanon here.
Indeed, it is!
Spelling fixed, new info from Nebbie incorporated.
Link added, the CP situation clarified.
Technically speaking, during the start of this whole debacle, Kiwifarms somewhat got on board, and someone posted DataBytes's dox on there. Didn't take long for them to get distracted by the Flufflepuff drama, though. After a brief period of inactivity, it seems they might return to talking about this happening, more specifically, the let's-take-The-List-seriously thread.
Make of that what you will.
## Admin
Today came the fifth claim of abuse and the fourth to claim Copyright Infringement

At least the reported post this time actually exists, >>23812 but it contains no identifying information and explicitly admonishes people not to harass him.
When you start unnecessary horsefucker drama and you get yourself doxxed by the people you tried to unperson, then while trying to get it all swept up KiwiFarms archives it all, you might think you're in a tight spot. However tight it seems, it will never be as tight as Scootaloo's foal pussy.
Congrats on 666th reply, may the devil of Scootabuggery guide your cock when her fudgehole is dry.

New Nebbie post just dropped on fimfic. Seems like Daring left off a bit from the list to not mention that someone mistercokehold8 recognized was from BT. The real juice is Databyte bought Scootaloo plushies from a con, and reasoned that mistercokehold buying an Apogee plush is evidence of being into foalcon.
So by his own soyboy reasoning he's into Scootaloo. And Databyte was still following Shinodage on DA not long ago, so it goes double! Kek, have a shitty edit.
I hope he keeps going to cons, being a retard people can easily recognize by how fucking ugly and stupid you are and then going to cons in the fandom you tried to usurp control of is genius. It's why they wanted to own all of the con leadership because their original plan was 100% to spin this into them being installed as foalcon jannies in every convention sweeping it up and probably getting paid somehow as well or grifting off of it. Jacob is fairly retarded, even for a nigger like he literally is, and it's even better since they got doxxed by their own bullshit but the people that they pissed off are largely not doxxed nor known to them. I'm not implying anything should be done to this ugly retarded nigger, because his whole effort already collapsed on itself due to incompetence in leadership (since he is a nigger), but people definitely will not largely be supportive of his stupid fucking face if they see it I would imagine. Not even if they like niggers, or tranny-nigger-anglo abominations like he can appear to be at first glance until you realize that's still just a nigger anyway.
It's a shame he never got to fav porn on https://inkbunny.net/jascotty2
It would have been hilarious if it was confirmed he was into lolis too.
>MarsMiner pfp
>11 year account, predating BronyTales
Summaryanon here.
I've got little time rn, so I'll keep things brief, won't update the paste for now.
-mistercokehold8, an associate of DataBytes and Daring since BronyTales who got on The List, is holding (or at least plans to) a QnA on the topic of this happening. Links:
-New story got posted on FimFiction on the subject of The List. Haven't read it yet, but it's made by a lister. Link:
He should hold it here because Derpi is rulecucked and will sweep it up for DataByte even though they are on opposite sides, as they are all Reddit brained cucks.
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>it's real
a dozen foals.png
out fucking skilled
Looks like it's just that one of his, https://www.patreon.com/BronyTales is still up. Almost certainly either caused by the list or caused by someone pointing out various foalcon/rape/incest fics to Patreon spitefully, rather than something Patreon has against him specifically.
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Summaryanon here.
Sorry for still not updating the paste. It's been a rather busy week, but, hopefully, I'll have more time in the near-future.
So, here are some things that happened (not in chronological order):
-The fifth false claim about abuse has reached /mlpol/ >>24552.
-FimFetch's patreon becomes under inspection. Whether this will lead to it taken down or not remains to be seen. If it does, it unfortunately probably won't do much damage to FimFetch, as he'd either migrate to another site or maybe even pay out of his own pocket.
-Yet another story based on The List! https://www.fimfiction.net/story/557001/ive-got-a-little-list
-A concerning thing is posted on FimFiction by the writer Bad Dragon:
>[...] Apparently, there's another List out there since I'm not on the first one, yet have just been denied up to $150 simply for being who I am.
>Here's the short summary of events:
>I've entered a writing competition with my story: [link to story]
>The story followed all the rules of the contest, yet it has been disqualified simply because it was written by me. To be more precise, because I've published foalcon in the past.
Full statement: https://www.fimfiction.net/group/12/clopfics/thread/536499/fimfetch-owner-declares-jihad-on-foalcon-doxes-hundreds-of-users#comment/7968323
My personal thoughts: I think that there does not exist a second list. Instead, either of these things happened:
1. The contest runner did a background check of some kind on all the participants, found this writer in the DataBytes thread, read his thoughts, disqualified him;
2. Technically speaking, The List still exists and is probably still updated; it's just behind a password. So, who's to say that DataBytes didn't simply give the password to the updated list to the contest runner for them to verify the "innocence" of all contestents?
-The QnA with mistercokehold8 doesn't really happen (except for a few semi-early posts on FimFiction about what BronyTales is or whether that infamous >hypocrite.png image is real) because no one had any questions for him. However, there's no formal statement, so you're still free to ask him anything you want! (as long as it's related to the subject at hand, ofc)
-Y'know that paedophilia thread? It uh... well, I first thought that it had actually left behind the constant off-topicing, but uh... no. It started out with some things on the Russo-Ukrainian war (or, well, Russia in general), but that didn't last for long. But what did, though? Some random anon posted about how this whole thing made him, for a lack of a better word, "depaedophilify". Now, that thread has gone full off-topic and is now a fight between the "christkikes" and the "however-the-fuck-the-other-side-gets-called-by-their-opponents". It's an... interesting read, that's for sure.
-At this point, I think it's safe to say that KiwiFarms doesn't care much about this happening anymore (not like they did in the beginning either). They're back to discussing other shit, like the Flufflepuff drama (that's still ongoing?) or some random patreon creator.

Maybe some other things happened too. If so, I missed 'em.
>interesting read
NP Anon I try.
You're doing a good job.
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>Some random anon posted about how this whole thing made him, for a lack of a better word, "depaedophilify". Now, that thread has gone full off-topic and is now a fight between the "christkikes" and the "however-the-fuck-the-other-side-gets-called-by-their-opponents". It's an... interesting read, that's for sure.
I'm the anon from that thread who went to a psychiatrist last week and I seriously have no idea what's going on there anymore, been thinking I should get my head checked for a while and it's now in progress. I have to say seeing myself on a pedo list didn't help and I really needed that. (Turns out I'm not one, thank god.) But the posts about the guy seething because I'm doing therapy, bumping it again, saying I'm going to be more in trouble all that are plain fucking weird. I'm not even sure the guy's been around here and tries just to make up buzzword to blend into MLPOL. I'm not gonna add a layer of paranoia but I have a feeling they're on this board trying to troll as hard as they can, not like it's going to help them.
But the whitchhunt is real, however raising a list accusing members is severe and dehumanizing. I'm tough but I'm thinking of a LOT about the consequences it can have. Like Anon said on the other thread, Databyte fits totally the sociopath category, manipulative, using gasligthing techniques, not thinking of the consequences.
Thanks again Summaryanon and everyone. You guys are doing Celestia's work!
To save some time for others, as a rule, if you have to go to a therapist to determine whether you're a pedo, you aren't, no matter what twitterites like Databyte say.
Types like that say that stuff BECAUSE they lack a basic understanding of actual psychology.
People with actual education know damn well that people are generally weirdasses capable of separating reality from fiction, and that the real dangers are people like Databyte and all the twitter "antis" who start talking about doing real harm to real people over fictional harm to fictional people, not the people doing fictional harm to fictional people.
lmao you should try harder, retard
dubs of >>24720 is a faggot cuck writing posts I will not read
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Summaryanon here.
Paste is finally updated! Besides being made up to date, it's main improvement is the addition of precise dates (whenever possible) to the events. Also a QnA section.
As always, suggestions and corrections (both factual and grammatical) are always welcome.
For now, I have two questions, if anyone can answer:
1. What time zone does KiwiFarms use?
2. Is it possible to see when precisely a user was banned on FimFiction?
please can you tell me the name of the server princewhateverer runs. i wanna know
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Artists you miss. - Art Chat - Forums - Derpibooru - Post #5567358.png
mlp - Pony » Thread #40657675 » Post #40668858.png
mlp - Pony » Thread #40623136 » Post #40643648.png
DataByteBrony - Fimfiction.png
>[As late as Jan 22 of 2024, probably earlier] Crackdowns on foalcon and rape stories begin on FimFetch, and only escalate further as time goes on.
The earliest report of stories being removed from FiMfetch I could find across multiple sites is this one from WyrmSpawN on Derpibooru, dated January 7: https://derpibooru.org/forums/art/topics/artists-you-miss?post_id=5567358#post_5567358
At the time, everyone assumed that it was just because of Patreon, which had already banned Fimfiction over story content.

Any earlier reports I could find were several years old and usually refer to stories being missing/outdated due to FiMFetch not scraping them properly in the first place, which is beyond the scope of this drama. (though it does further justify FoalFetch's existence, as most of those stories are now properly archived on it)

I also found a /mlp/ post dated December 24 which references one of the deleted stories: https://desuarchive.org/mlp/thread/40657675/#q40668858
The post & replies would indicate that it was still available on FiMFetch at the time (the "deleted" in the post refers to it being removed from Fimfiction, not Fimfetch)
Note that it was a BLATANT foalcon story, so it would most certainly have been part of the first round of content purges.

There is also another /mlp/ post dated December 16 which clearly references a now deleted story: https://desuarchive.org/mlp/thread/40623136/#q40643648
(although this time it was for incest, which wasn't the first kind of content targeted)

This would place the big content purge sometime between December 24 and January 7.

>Is it possible to see when precisely a user was banned on FimFiction?
HK-FortySeven appears to have used the "last seen" date on DataByteBrony's Fimfiction profile, which does say "April 14th". You can actually get a full date & time by hovering on it.
Fimfiction doesn't give much information about bans. In fact, the mobile version of the profile page doesn't even show that a user is banned unless you check out their username from a different page.
Under other circumstances, the "last seen" date would be a poor indicator for when someone got banned. But here, that happened while the the drama was still very active, so there is a good enough chance that DataByte was regularly checking Fimfiction to see what others were saying in the Clopfics forum thread, right up until he got the ban. If that was the case, his "last seen" date & time would be just a few hours away from his actual ban date & time.
It's hard to rely on obviousness to say a fic wouldn't be missed, as early in to noticing stuff about missing fics (around March 29th), I searched "foalcon" on FiMfetch and got the one Iron Will story I think titled something like "Iron Will's Foalcon Necrophilia Sex Rampage".
Whatever criteria Databyte was using was probably initially based on what Patreon told him, and reports from others, not searching his own site.
That is to say that it's possible the purge happened well before December 24th, we'd need clear evidence of a particular story disappearing somewhere before January 7th to place the start.
you can still read the threads on fimfiction through
incognito mode and as for the likes of tour i have no idea.
basically his account being banned doesn't mean he wasn't paying attention elsewhere.
He was banned between April 4th and April 16th. I'd assume they banned their account when he got banned from the Discord server, which was on the 15th.
It's his own personal server, can find it on his socials
thanks the das list worded so ominously.
if you were wondering.
ab jail confermation.png
i can confirm that Allyster Black is indeed in jail.
the fimfetch patreon i back up and running
Summaryanon here.
Wanted to post that :(
On a brighter note, when comparing to his previous patreon income, he makes ~2 dollars less! WOW!
Wait, should've posted a pic too
>59.3 euro a month
why anyone cared about this in the first place tbh
Summaryanon here.
So, I've been rather lazy with updating the paste recently (especially since everything's developing rather slowly now).
However, that's not the point. The point is: around yesterday, this lack of updating caused a brief misunderstanding on FimFiction. Sorry 'bout that.
In other news: DataBytes now makes 26.65€ per month, or a decrease of a whopping 32.65€ (about ~55%) from before.
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Made a lil' meme. Had a bit of a problem properly screenshotting it though, so it's a bit cut off at the right edge.
Still going BTW
Can I has an invite to the anti-PCL discord? [darkdoomer] haven't had time to pay much attention to it lately, sorry bout this.
since my banning from G5, EQD and Manechat, i've seen my interest in MLP take a nosedive
Love mares for the sake of mares, you don't need anyone else
The pedo thread got quickly taken over, supposed to be a literal exposing, counter thread as if the PCL had anything to post, turns out it has clarified more than an attempt at harming the discord users.

‘‘Yes /mlpol/ will be offended and will not take time to check anything, they won''tt read the logs or the cherrypicked screencaps’’