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So here's a not so smart guy thinking he can dox half of the community because faolcon is bad, but can go away with it without issues.

tl;dr FiMFetch archivist went full retard and made a list of all the "pedos" in the fandom, utilizing only the most infallible methodologies and foolproof data research.
Spoiler alert: it's all fucking bullshit, and most of all the "data" he pulled were """reports""" from a discord server trying to be the police of the fandom.


Social media :

Ponycrush account: https://www.ponycrush.com/profile/1481/DataByteBrony
Fimfetch: https://databyte.fimfetch.net/
Reddit account: https://www.reddit.com/user/DataByteBrony/
Imgur account: https://imgur.com/user/DataByteBrony
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Twitter account: https://twitter.com/databytebrony
Twitch account: https://www.twitch.tv/databytebrony
Derpibooru account: https://derpibooru.org/tags/artist-colon-databytebrony
Deviantart account: https://www.deviantart.com/databytebrony
Patreon account: https://www.patreon.com/fimfetch/about
Personal blog: https://blog.bronytales.com/
YouTube account: https://www.youtube.com/@databytebrony

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The way I see it, it's just the way they chose to run their server. Like sure, not everyone can agree with how a server operates and its rules, but it's not like they're actively trying to put out people and trying to show power or control over people or something. They simply decided that they don't want this in the server, and I think that's fair? It's purely for their server, and that's about it. Nothing else happens. They don't go around telling people to do the same, and they don't add any fuel to the fire. They're kinda just doing their own thingand keeping their server the way they wanted it to.
So I guess you'll be completely fine if I go and organize a server called "Pony Community Leaders GTFO" where I get my server and a dozen others to ban anyone affiliated with that server. I mean, it's our servers, man.
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How is that the same thing? PCL is a much bigger movement and involved a lot of people and servers. Just because they're both called "Discord Servers" doesn't mean it's on the same level.
Ah, it's a "movement" now, so I've gotta round up at least two dozen servers, gotcha.
I'm gonna make my own discord, I'll call it eris, and we'll have blackjack and foalcon.
Blackjack as in the game or as in the fan character?
24045 24047
Not at all. It's a different scale for sure but the premise would be the exact same. You ban people just because they're associated to something. They'd be banning people associated with PCL. Almost literally 1 for 1
What about the optics and the hypocrisy guys, we need a moral victory, this is about ethics in foalcon here.
Are you one of them?
I'm not saying to do it. I'm pointing out how it would be basically one and the same
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Yea sure not everyone could agree on everything, and such rules are indeed very strict. But then again, it's how they decided to run their server and they stuck to it. It's more like a clash of opinions, some thinking the rule doesn't make sense while they think it's necessary for their server. In the end, it's just a usual server ban thing and that's about it. It's between the server and those that were banned, with no real need for outside interference. It would be kinda like busting into a random family home and yell at them telling them how to solve their family feud. It's something unrelated to the outsiders and should be left for those who were actually involved. In my opinion, at least. We can't control every single thing in the world.
I don't think that's an apt comparison at all when those same people in the server go and ban others from the other serves they're in. If it was just between them and the server it would never leave PCL at all. That'd be like trying to take your family to a restaurant and being denied entry because they heard an unsavory rumor about you.
24050 24054
It's more like your small convention that meets once a week to talk ponies banned a family because you heard they were on a list of people who went to a porn store, when you yourself encouraged the creation of the list to be able to escape having to actually think about who to exclude, so you could just point at a big blacklist posted on the doors that shames people for not being good Christians.
Moralistic shits like that are everywhere now. People on twitter actually saying that just having MLP porn at all "in mlptwt, a kids space" is evil.
Fucking hell, Zoomers were a mistake. They fap in private and then grandstand on little soapboxes in public about how bad it is to fap to the wrong thing, in between picking a side in the latest war and acting like it's just a game. They have no experience with actual struggles and aren't even trying to do anything about the shit wages they're getting when they go to work (they'd rather throw a shitfit about AI taking away their ability to do $25 commissions that don't pay the bills at all).
>Zoomers were a mistake. They fap in private and then grandstand on little soapboxes in public about how bad it is to fap to the wrong thing
Millennials did this too. So did gen X.
Boomers, however, are the biggest hypocrites. They were all hippie degenerates, and then police people about sex today.
24053 24061
Gen X doesn't get on soapboxes except to say everyone sucks. South Park is like their magnum opus of their actual political views.
Millennials gave us things like this site, but then Zoomers got with Boomers and decided that actually, everything on the internet is real life, you should be canceled because you had the wrong greentext or porn collection now, let's all send money to daddy Elon even tho we bitch and moan forever that he's the worst person on the planet.
The funniest shit is Zoomers actually saying to not use a programming language because its creators didn't condone on their forums automatically rejecting all code ever made by anyone who's a nazi and having a longass discussion over the merits of it.
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To be fair Elon does ban for shitting on trannies and kikes and waking up White people routinely, so he is kind of a nigger tbh.
24057 24069
I think we might be on different topics here? It feels that way, at least. My focus is on Zat and Marsh being involved in this whole situation while just managing their own server their way. Actions were taken that might not be agreed by all, but it's really just them doing their thing. The list kinda just happened, and they are not directly involved except if you count using the list to ban like a few people in their server.
No offense to any niggers who may be reading this like DataByte the nigger.
Note how this post remains up because of the trap card but he reported "Neat" to Cloudflare
The trap card
Out fucking skilled DataBytch.
For sure he is, but they make a big stink about leaving his site and then just don't because they're too afraid of being somewhere different that doesn't have a nice little phone app to hold their little hand and all their little fans to kiss their sensitive underage hineys.
A ton of them tried Mastodon and immediately went back to Elon's teat, all the while bitching that loli should be illegal when the Mastodons they went to banned it and Elon didn't.
24058 24062
What a little bitch excuse "our way" for banning anyone who has the "wrong" interests.
Oh don't worry, I'm sure they'll let in Databyte even after it's proven he's drooling over Scootacunny. Great minds think alike, after all.
When DataByte becomes the Pony Community Leader he will presumably afford his close circle some of those type of indulgences as long as they help him seize and maintain power.
Ah yes, when Longnecked Scotty becomes the fandom's Petite Chicken Licker.
>Zoomers got with Boomers and decided that actually, everything on the internet is real life
Zoomers behave like this because they've never had a shred of privacy in their lives. They were born in cancel culture, molded by it.
Boomers are just shameless retards.
I don't blame you for disagreeing, like sure ok. And then what? It's a pretty small issue and if you're not in that server it doesn't even effect you at all unless you reeeeeaaaally wanna poke your head into it. Feel free to disagree with this take, but I think this is pretty much a clear fact. Especially with everything that's happening right now, this is such a small thing in comparison and pretty much ignorable and just move on with life doing better things than trying to gripe over one server.
The horsetoothed foalfucker himself.
Love the saying it's small to try and keep the focus off your own place.
Oh they have privacy, but it's a strict binary. Public face as open as shit, constantly spewing vitriol against the latest acceptable target, then private face is down in the depths of whatever they just spewed hate against. They also see a strict binary on underage/adult and SFW/NSFW.
They have trouble with anything in between, or any inkling of greater consciousness about how cancel culture is trapping them. Everything is just a neverending fight for "survival" as in making sure nobody has their nudes or what they're into, by targeting others first to distract while they shore themselves up.
24067 24096
>on Behalf of EqD
kek, these people are obsessed with participation in and creating problems related to moderation, a friend joined the eqd discord a few months back and the janny team hours later jumped down his throat and sent him to chatjail for having "IWTCIRD" in his bio
24068 24096
Reminds me of BT literally saying they struggled with the possibility someone could listen to music with the wrong title while on the server, or that it wasn't okay to link a tweet when the SFW twitter account has some NSFWish tweets. They really want to go in every nook and cranny and janny all night to create their perfect bubble where kids can never even learn that anything but wholesomeness exists.
it's not a legitimate goal either its just a way to be a cunt and enforce more bullshit with a claim of morality on the side of their hammer
24074 24076
I think my comparison still works. Taking your family to a restaurant and denied access for an unsavory rumor. So the list got made which is the unsavory rumor. Then people got kicked or denied access from servers over said list. It's literally the same thing. It's not really justified so it's still an asshole move.
Funny, during the derpi drama people had to keep explaining to Nebby why this sort of purity testing was a bad thing. Pretty fucking retarded to still think it was entirely the "alt right". There's a lot of names on the list that don't deserve to be there, but derpi mods are reaping what they sowed.
poor dog is sick of all the cheese pizza as it is LOL
24075 24076
I don't blame you for thinking that, like sure ok that's understandable. And then what? It's a pretty small issue and if you're not in that server it also shouldn't n't even effect you at all unless you reeeeeaaaally wanna poke your head into it. Feel free to disagree with this take, but I think this is pretty much a clear fact. Especially with everything that's happening right now, this is such a small thing in comparison and pretty much ignorable and just move on with life doing better things than trying to gripe over one server. At least that's what I think, anyways. We got bigger stuff at hand that are actually more relevant.
Just wondering. What exactly is wrong with talking about it? If there's things that are so important other than this then why are you wasting your time still in this thread too? Sounds to me like you're just hoping this whole thing blows over as quick as possible.
It's not one server it's all servers and staff that use it.
It's not being denied at a restaurant it's being denied at all affiliated restaurants.
With the justification for being barred applies to their staff and other customers and everyone up and down the supply line.
The reason for being denied founded on the flimsiest of evidence or none at all.
As known before, they're not trustworthy. Also as known before is they're incompetent.
Extremely incompetent.
Malicious, retards in positions to make anybody's life a tiny bit harder should be known about so when they try for more power to make things much more hard...
>We got bigger stuff at hand that are actually more relevant.
Oh sure all the time, but down time is important. Not suffering under malicious idiotic ideologies is important.
Hoers pussy is important.
Watching them implode is a fun little pastime, don't even have to do anything. They'll do it themselves.
24078 24083
Well it's not like I can stop anyone from talking about something over the internet. I'm just putting out the way I personally view the situation based on what I know and heard of the situation.
Well you could make a list of everyone who talks about it even though you don't want them to. Not that you should but it is an option, if you were so drunk on hubris as to believe it would somehow make people support you. You'd have to be a total retard to do it though.
Big groups like PCL will always be controversial, that's for sure. I've seen so many similar councils/groups/servers (but for different purposes) that all fell in the end, some that I was even in myself but that was years ago. It's pretty much always a flop, so yeah I would say that PCL was a bad idea from the start, no matter the intentions.

And then with such councils, there would be people of more authority who runs the place, of course. Followed by that are both active blind supporters and rational supporters, followed by people who are just there existing.

PCL is a bad idea.
Top management / leaders in PCL, questionable.
The list is a really really bad idea.
The top contributors to the list I don't know as much about, but bad idea.
People who just happen to be there in PCL while being mostly passive and just lurking, no effect.
Actively sharing the list, bad idea.
Purely using the list for own server moderation, just a server thing and could be solved by the people directly involved without needing to drag on too much to everybody else who aren't even in the server.
A list is pretty irrelevant and would stop nobody, why even suggest it lmao. Just because we have different opinions don't mean I would try to stop you. I'm putting out my opinion, and it's open to be accepted or rejected it's fine I ain't stopping nobody. You can keep the hubris to yourself, thanks.
I was suggesting it because it's such a stupid idea and yet the PCL did it anyway, due to DataByte being a retarded nigger + I would fuck Scootaloo in front of him.
I see... I do agree the hit list is dumb, but idk how many in PCL actually took part in making it, if any. PCL had a "list" of reports, of scams and bots and spams and occasionally some individuals, although they are pretty much just for each server's reference, so whether to take action that's up to each group of admins and mods. And then out of nowhere, the recent crazy list was simply shared. Who took part idk, but it's not something the entire PCL was actively working on just to mess with people. I can't say how much involvement PCL had over the hit list, but afaik not much, if any at all.
You know why people are talking about it? Because it's horseshit - I don't think I'd want to be on any server that bans over such spurious evidence. Especially not when I KNOW several people on this list who do not deserve to be smeared as a pedophile.The assholes who put this list together as well as anybody who accepts it as gospel deserve to get shit thrown back at them.
The real drama here is that we finally have a confirmation of a 'cordtroon cabal that have very likely shitted up multiple pony discord servers, and are the most probable reason why most discord pony servers suck ass.
But you can see how easily naive people, such as G5 fans, immediately "enforce" this PCL without hesitation
Yeah that might not have been the best move, to just accept the list without questioning how real it even is. Although, the person banned who shared the screenshot didn't even try to defend themselves which means they admitted they like foalcon and it still goes against the G5 server rules so that's a bit funny lol. It's a little weird.
24089 24091 24115
The problem with groups like the PCL on a micro scale is the same problem you get on a global scale with organizations like the WEF or the WHO. Obviously PCL is not as significant or influential, but it's the same basic principle: a bunch of self-appointed "leaders" get together behind closed doors and decide how everything is going to work, and then slowly take over by pulling influential people into their inner circle. Eventually they control enough levers of power that they can push their will onto an entire community without needing the community's approval.

Whether or not every single person in this PCL server was involved in putting out the foalcon list is beside the point. Honestly, the foalcon list itself is beside the point. To me the most alarming revelation from all of this is that something like PCL exists in the first place, and that it has con organizers and administrators from major websites as members. No matter how benign the intentions of such a group might initially be, or what reasons individual members had for joining, it always ends up the same way: a tiny, closed-door group of psychopaths imposing their will on the community at large with zero oversight or accountability. It doesn't matter if you're talking about something as large as an international economic organization or as small as a spaghetti-autismo fandom revolving around a children's cartoon. These kinds of groups always attract the same sort of manipulative sociopaths and control-freaks who believe they have some divine right to micromanage everything and everyone around them.

I don't personally care if anyone likes foalcon or not, nor do I care if individual servers/websites want to ban it or allow it. The point is, as soon as you have a tiny cabal of zealots making decisions for an entire community with no oversight or community involvement, it always ends up being trouble. Groups like this need to be rooted out and snuffed on principle, before they have a chance to get big enough to cause serious damage. That's just my two cents.

Posting Scootaloo so J*cob has something to beat his meat to while he lurks.
What the fuck did I just stumble on anons
This will get you up to speed:
Ty. I think this is a really interesting take. Kinda eye-opening even. Really liked it.
24092 24098
You guys have your own Fediblock, but for foalcon.

So I’ve been away from horse for a few years but in my online travels I ended up on “fediverse” (too hot for Twitter federated twitter) and we’ve got a similar “cabal” of users whose job it is (in their mind) to dictate morality to everyone else. For the most part these lists mean nothing and the people who put stock in them are doing you a favor by proactively blocking you. The foalcon tie sucks especially if your username can be tied to your real name but at the end of the day you always run that risk by being into weird (to normies) shit online.
If you guys wanna fuck with this dude I’m in but if you’re at all worried don’t be, they won’t do shit except ree at you if you join their discords under your known username.
Fandom cabals are nothing new, I first learned about bronycon in the MAGfest staff room
I'm not personally that worried, the only thing of mine that made it on that list is an alt I sometimes use to write fapfics, and it's not something I'd be dumb enough to put on a con badge or anything.
Basic human behavior works the same at any scale.
ahahaha I bet he had problems getting whitelisted cuz I had that account as one of my alts when I used to grief minecraft. Doubt my guy still has the big alt list tho
The show is over but they still have to justify their own existence, so of course they'll get increasingly anal until they self-destruct.
Or more accurately, so that kids can never ever learn that something other BT exists, plus create an image for the server that makes people not believe there could be pedos, so that those kids can be groomed safely.
nothing worse than people who think it's their job to tell everyone else how to live and what is ok to like or not like
Summaryanon here.
Recent events:
-Some debate/conversation ITT about the PCL and our list. No definitive conclusion reached yet, probably ongoing.
-Some greentexts published on 4chan:
Great take, I also really want to drink Scootaloo's foal piss.
24123 24130
>Be Databyte
>Dog just died in the cage yesterday
>Fuck, should've fed her earlier
>Try the ritual suggested by Daring
>Drink bleach, what's the worst that could happen? You should be dead anyways
>Everything glows blue
>A portal opens
>Scootaloo falls out with a scream
>Blank flank, just as Daring said
>While she's disoriented, tie her up
>Put her in the cage with a bucket
>When she comes to, tell her that's her piss bucket
>She tries to beg, but each beating makes her a little more quiet, just like with the dog when she was young
>Eventually, Scootaloo cries as she actually uses the bucket
>Take it before she's even done and sip it
>Smack lips...it's perfect
>Scootaloo shudders as you start gulping it down
>You hear someone pounding on the door
>"Jacob, what's going on in there?"
>You ignore it as you finish the piss and burp
>Suddenly your whole body shimmers yellow
>Holy shit, is Mr. Scott beaming me up?
>Nope, you just crumple as your organs fail
>Look over to Scootaloo, she's not there
>It was all a bleach-induced hallucination
>You begin to pass out, knowing that you can't survive at this point
>Worth it.
24124 24126 24130
> You're Mr. Scott, but not the Enterprise one.
> Wake up in Equestria after bleach overdose.
> Your limbs feel weird, all tingly, but also like something's wrong.
> Forget all about as you notice that Scootaloo, your beloved, is right there.
> Smack that blank little flank and play with her firm, tight little athletic backside a moment, making her groan.
> Sadly can't finger her, because you have a hoof. You must be a pony now.
> Mass Effect Shepard walks over a moment later.
> "Let's bang her, okay?"
> You're aghast. "You...you want her too?"
> "Always did."
> The monotone of his voice is so assuring.
> You grin and slap Scoot's cute patoot, making it toot a little as she tries to get up.
> You get into mounting position, but...something's wrong.
> OhHolyShiIHaveNoDick.mov
> Start crying and making panicked mare noises.
> Shepard puts his lips to your ear.
> "Shh, it'll be okay. I'll prick you both."
> Your heart absolutely melts in the fires of his complete lack of emotion.
> Your rear legs spread as if on autopilot and you start dripping from your mare cunny.
> Shepard adjusts something on his omnitool, with it showing a big flashing orange cock, and puts on "Little Girls" by Oingo Boingo.
> Scootaloo shrieks as it begins.
The dangers of choosing a mare who even the twitter libcucks don't think is a tranny as your roleplay persona on your little kiddie-collecting server.
Fitting that he chose a retard, but at least he isn't one of those "politically correct" cucks who refuses to call her "Derpy".
So what exactly was potentially in the room(s) that were eliminated before they could be archived?

My understanding is that it was the evidence that could be used to conclusively determine who was guilty of what, and to what degree.

I absolutely love the term 'Cordtroon Cabal.

This is wild, and moderately disturbing. I approve.
If by "rooms" you mean the discord channels, those are archived.

https://files.catbox.moe/i7icq0.txt (Report Discussion, wherein Foalcon Advisory was first published)
https://files.catbox.moe/059bib.txt (Scam Reports, "This channel is for reporting on scam users/compromised accounts.")
https://files.catbox.moe/zmuils.txt (Event Questions, essentially meant to help organise events, rarely used)
https://files.catbox.moe/18ujmp.txt (Joins, serves as a list of everyone who joined the server post-6/6/2022, but it doesn't record any data about leaving the server, and anyone who joined before given date won't be found there)
https://files.catbox.moe/6lvhsk.txt (Rules, speaks for itself)
https://files.catbox.moe/vieaiv.txt (Announcements, mainly used to inform members of rule and other changes)
https://files.catbox.moe/fgcver.txt (Introductions, place for newly joined members to post about themselves a bit once, which servers they moderate, ect.)
https://files.catbox.moe/hg4csp.txt (Server Portal, place for members to post their servers)
https://files.catbox.moe/nlespw.txt (Adult Servers, same as Server Portal, just for 18+ servers)
https://files.catbox.moe/b7nd7g.txt (Reporting Guidelines, details how reports should look)
https://files.catbox.moe/vy7pov.txt (Server meta, "For server questions and suggestions", quite a lot of messages)
https://files.catbox.moe/jjvmw2.txt (Ask for Advice, also quite a lot of messages)
https://files.catbox.moe/ipxnan.txt (Proposal, rarely used)
https://files.catbox.moe/4zc0py.txt (Off-topic, more messages in this channel than anywhere else)
https://files.catbox.moe/nyj6ng.txt (Events, "Promote you server events here. SFW content only!")
24129 24131
should be noted that the fimfetch foalcon list hasn't updated since April 1st
24131 24133
This is false im pretty sure, I wont say who but im very close to the top and my entry seemed to update when I joined one of the public foal thened servers
kek, I like how this has given birth to a whole new genre
if nothing else it seems to be updated manually rather than by script. I have written more foalcon stories since the list was published but my entry on the list does not yet reflect this.
to be fair, the list was off anyway, it said i had 24 total images fav on derpibooru, i had alot more than that
Damn, you must be pretty based.
I am honestly a bit surprised how high I am, I never said anything like being a MAP or anything. I think they just didn’t like my status in the communities I’m in.
heh, looks like the EQD mods finally banned me over that list
seems like all public pony servers drank the databyte & daring coolaid
There's a couple holdouts that won't respect the list.
yayponies is defo safe, given they have a nswe telegram group, ponybooru and derpiboorus and maybe fimfic, but i do like the somwhqat active G5 channels the public servers offer
If anyone wants to take a break, mlpol does a weekly watch-stuff stream, you're all welcome to drop by. It will be going for the next several hours.
So what is the purpose of the list compiled in the drama summary?
It is kind of depressing that all the big pony discords got redpilled by databyte and daring
It's essentially the list of "the ones most complicit in the drama from the PCL's side and those who abide by DataBytes's list."

In other words, it serves the same purpose as the Foalcon Advisory (i.e. a blacklist, hitlist or something similar), just in reverse.
They're doing you a favor anyway, Discord is shit, anyone using it is a retard. There's plenty of open source alternatives without having to subject yourself to ads and Discord's own jannies intervening into your server. Discord even lacks features of some of them, such as Mumble having voice attenuation that makes you not have to scream over one another to have a fucking conversation. Obviously no faggy bots or fagjourney or whatever, maybe there's some backported version of all of Discord's cancer out there somewhere since it's open source but idk. Discord's voice latency is also shit compared to Mumble which makes it worse for gaming, its stated purpose to exist. The fact DataNigger and DaringNigger are using Discord is even more proof it is shit.
Real Cheese Pizza vids being uploaded to ponepaste, I don't have an account to file a report with. How much you wanna bet its the PCL members who have real Cheese Pizza to upload from their PC?
Summaryanon here.
-More greentexts, as in this thread.
-Links claiming to be CP have been posted on Ponepaste. It is suspected this has been done by PCL or Databyte aligned groups, maybe even by themselves. The links are now removed. Confirmation on whether these links were genuine or not is yet to be given.
-The 4chan thread has been archived.
A hitlist huh? I'll keep that in mind, not that I'd plan to actually do anything with it. I'm definitely above such underhanded tactics
Xitter niggers hate that chan-affilated parts of the community have anything, they hate it, they don't want us to have anything or any representation in the community. Why do you think they try so hard to scrub away the memory of anything pre-2012? They want to rewrite history to feel better about themselves, they're unable to create things of their own accord , so they instead look to destroy anything they disagree with out of envy and jealous rage.
24153 24160
>Xitter niggers hate that chan-affilated parts of the community have anything, they hate it, they don't want us to have anything or any representation in the community
Yeah. It's why they got so salty about Mare Fair.
Unfortunately for them it's not going anywhere
Overall, the entire fimfetch thing sucks. The biggest servers see a list that isnt fully researched, filled with a bunch of 'dude trust me' and just go, "seems legit"
>Niggercattle behavior on discord
Not to mention it included people who have died, fimfic works that arent published, and artists whos work was edited
So when's Foal Con?
when the warden gives you some yard time
this reminds me of that south park episode called holiday special where Randy Marsh goes on a crusade against Columbus day to distract everyone from the fact he had dressed up as Columbus for halloween
It is a lot like that.
Summaryanon here.
The drama seems to have... stagnated.
Nonetheless, I've updated the paste a little bit.
The Flufflepuff drama (he met a 15yo and waited until she was adult to start a relationship with her, because that's what qualifies now as "pedophilia" according to twitter) is likely taking over in its place among most casual idiots.
That said, such an immediate drama with a similar concept behind it is likely scaring artists, and makes them vulnerable to the mob harassing them into taking down their art. There's probably a ton going on in secret on Discord servers right now to try and essentially purge Derpibooru of foalcon one vulnerable artist at a time.
That's so crazy. I've seen similar relationships between a high schooler and someone 20+ and no one batted an eye. Waiting until she's legal seems like the sensible option. Americans are so odd.
Screenshot 2024-04-12 192920.png
It's kinda funny but this drama also seemed to have died out mainly because Flufflepuff didn't do anything either. Pedo chasers probably moved out to another target already.
A lot of old salty bitches seethe on the internet about how unwanted they are and how awful men are for having better options than them, then there are their simps. These are the two camps who care about this shit.