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So last week a thread emerged on 4chan’s /mlp/ board. A fedposting or bait thread about a family in Charlottesville who lost their beloved seven-year-old daughter, Maggie Joy Kaufman, to a respiratory illness.
Maggie Joy was a bright light, full of innocence and love for MLP as much as we all do. Her family finds solace in the toy Hasbro made for her, remembering the joy they brought her. But instead of honoring this memory, some subhuman have taken the vile step of creating and promoting foalcon of Maggie’s OC. This is not just dumb and inhuman; it’s a profound violation of a grieving family’s pain. An unjustified attack.

I am appalled at what this place is becoming. This is not based or fun at all; this is abhorrent. Evil. Goes against everything we fight and expose done by the lowest humanity can produce. And to those who joined in this despicable act, understand this: we know who you are. Some of the degens are being doxed as I write this, some even trapped by their own stupidity when some artist they commissioned came up with their non-porn versions and now keep their real life info like a cocked gun.

To make things worse, some anons had the twisted idea to mail the family the porn they collected, including images of suffocation porn featuring Maggie Joy. This was a deliberate attempt to hurt them, pure and simple. What started as an obvious false flag to bait Anon has now escalated to a IRL issue. Many anon drawfags fell for it, hook, line, and sinker. Handed them what they wanted on a silver plate, and now we can expect a backlash. Shit is going to hit the fan soon.

In short, See this is a warning to all. This isn’t about being a moralfag or even for morality’s sake, or for self gratification, it’s about having the common sense not to trample on the grief of a family for sick kicks, for lulz, or for whatever shit. Think twice before you act. This kind of behavior will not be forgiven, nor forgotten. We will not allow Maggie’s memory to be tarnished by such degeneracy.
To the artists and anons who stood up against this, who came up with wholesome fanart in defiance of the OP's fuckery and going through insults, you are the true bearers of friendship. Let’s unite against this depravity and ensure our fandom remains a place of love and respect.


Original thread:

All pony OCs have porn if anyone other than their creator knows about them. It's rule 34. There is no preventing it. It's just how the Internet works.
>Making porn of a 7yo girl who died of asthma or something
Fucked up.
>Sending the porn to the family
Jesus It’s downright vile.
Listen up, and listen good, the anons fucked up, there will be consequences. Sending that filthy pedo crap to a family that’s already broken?
That’s not just fucked up, it’s satanic shit. You think this fandom ain’t a reflection of society? Think again. Think you can mess with a grieving family and walk away unscathed? Think again. There’s a storm brewin and when it hits, you’re gonna feel it. There are folks working on making sure to get the fuckos who crossed the line get what’s comin and it's not gonna be pretty.
I'm willing to defend Rule#34, it's free speech, I will fight for it even to any porn made of make-a-wish kids who are now grown ups and more or less well.
But not on purpose because of an innocent child have died and some small dick nigger needed to prove a point or some shit.

Holy shit that thread.

>To make things worse, some anons had the twisted idea to mail the family the porn they collected, including images of suffocation porn featuring Maggie Joy.

Where do I hire a hitman?
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>Let's attack the mentally fucked anons, not the fed/bait poster.
What an absolutely brilliant idea.
>Drawfags get commissions for an OC out of any kind of context to do, they do what they're paid without asking questions because who the fuck would know it's who ever's OC.
>Some fucked in the head anons who have no self restraint use it to fuck with someone.
This isn't like eight years ago (or earlier) where a minimum of etiquette is had, it's full out psyop fucktard shit going on.
I still think professional nudgers are trying to figure out a way to use those retards as their personal army, this is just another attempt.
I'm going to go one step further and say at least 50% of them are glow in the dark nudgers who realized they have to get their hands dirty to make their own incident.
-Source: God wiggleing my soul in communication, errors in interpretation and writing are my fault.
Bruh. Anons are just autists, retarded kids being told it'd be cool and edgy. But the grim part is how some anon paid drawfags for making stuff.
And the idea to make it known, like to piss off as many people as possible, very funny, a dead white child.
Turns out one of those anons is a tranny leftist with too much money and rage about Hasbro or some crap. Blah corporations should not make a favor.
Id' cause a drawfag preferred to do the right thing than drawing guro-foalcon.
The OP's intention were fucked, and obvious bait but 4chan jannies helped it, protected it despite violating several board rules including: Raiding (blackmailing, targeting Maggie's parents) and underage character porn.
I don't care about the porn. Rule34 is mandatory, but this is something else.
>bribing shitty drawfags to do it because every other drawfags made cute art.
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> creating and promoting foalcon of Maggie’s OC
Kind of a tasteless thing to do, but the internet is full of assholes and all around strange people. If the family is being harassed and mailed porn they can call the cops and they will handle it, it’s not like that kind of thing is hard to trace.

In any case the articles and thread archives look legit, but at the same time this is the first I’ve heard about any of this. Also a little suspicious that the location is Charlottesville. This thread glows brighter than anything I’ve ever seen posted here, and nypa in any case. Go recruit vigilantes someplace else.
>call the cops to handle it
To be fair that's a good point, there are options they can pursue that already exist.
And I'm sure there are lawyers willing to do stuff pro bono for a great PR move or any other reason.
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I made art solely to piss of moralfaggots like you. Also,
>To make things worse, some anons had the twisted idea to mail the family the porn they collected, including images of suffocation porn featuring Maggie Joy.
Is pure history revisionism. The people contacting the family were the ones against it. The people that should be shamed are the retards letting the parents know about it. Notice how around four namefags come out of the works to virtue signal against it, as well as the tool whining about it on twitter. Lol. Threads like these are made solely to weed out the poseurs.
I WILL agree that OP is a total faggot for trying to make a second thread, though.
Cops or feds wouldn't give a shit, really, or care even if it can fall under laws requiring investigation that _may_ giver results, take cyberbullying and all that.
Here a retard without a life thinks about doing this kind of shit because a kike is going like “please do fuck up, come on be a fuck up then we can show the world who you are!”
Journalos have already the script in their possession. Something typical from a sad story to ruin, I know /mlp/ for decades, they are incapable of thinking of something this evil, confirming the theory of a falseflag op from offboarders.
I believe the biggest part of the job will be finding (((who))) really wanted these and started these, certainly not a solo guy to keep the thread bumped by samefagging so hard.
NTR but >>24814 makes a point, artists have been offered $$$ to draw some fucked up shit, trolling the false-flaggers, effectively doxing them instead of delivering, being too confident about their intentions thinking the artists were on his side. That's the moment they found oput they may have fucked up.
>offering to pay artist
>get trolled to pick a sick fuck fillycon guy
>paying upfront based on the reputation
>get successfully doxed and thread goes inertia from there as the theme was no longer forced. Eventually raided as an attempt to hide the mess or get it banned.

Clearly this is the work of a complete newfag to imageboards in general, believing they can lead an op, or less plausible, a psycho who need to jerk off thinking he fucked a family and a board's rep.
What will come soon in the (((news))) will be interesting.
>The people contacting the family were the ones against it
Not exactly, some anon commissioned an artist explaining what's the plan.
As for the OP he has been open to anon about it, a retard doing it because he wanted porn
He attempted a second thread that didn't last.
I am confident the retard certainly don't know what he started.

Yep the artists are known, doing it for popularity and personal satisfaction. Most certainly don't know how their crap are being used anyways.
i like having fun nd offending moralfags, fuck your feelings, politics. morals.
but this is not for hitting feelings or angering some high status, it is the lowest one can go a motherfucker can get.
you're not a 4channer, you're not based, you deserve your face broken for destroying a dead daughter's spirit, what we aim to protect. 14 words, you niggers will get the backfire.
jesus christ what a fucking degenerate moron, creating some porn of an OC of a girl that died, just, take a bullet to the head