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File: 1515968651839.png (1.96 MB, 1914x1069, nuts.png)

88c2b No.46427[Last 50 Posts]

This thread begins with Infernius pushing random buttons on an already random object of ridiculous power.

Welcome to the next page of the thread series that everyone knows about but no one mentions cuz autism.
Its a role-playing thread, welcoming involved/random shitposting in addition to participation.

There's plenty of material if you wanna get a glimpse, otherwise I'll get back to it.

The first effect that is discharged by the rod is a ridiculously compressed stream of air, blowing back everyone around Infernius.
The second effect is that Infernius himself becomes invisible.
The third effect is someone adjacent to infernius is hit by Flesh to Stone.
The fourth effect is that Enlarge Size is cast on the statue-character..
The fifth effect is the rod summons a mouse.

Players should roll a d100

9dedd No.46429

File: 1515968692748.png (103.66 KB, 490x369, cfgfghy.png)

761fb No.46431

File: 1515968735717.png (175.11 KB, 600x600, 934.png)

Dice rollRolled 42


9dedd No.46432


9dedd No.46433

Dice rollRolled 61


adb75 No.46434

Welp, this should be fun
1d100[ 1d100 = 22 ]

761fb No.46435

Goddamnit Infernius

Why couldn't you wait until we figured out what the hell these things are before fucking us up with them?

b52eb No.46437

Dice rollRolled 16


9dedd No.46438

>10 int

b52eb No.46439


adb75 No.46440

>lack of common sense
This is more of a wisdom thing though

761fb No.46441

File: 1515969191334.jpg (93.74 KB, 736x1030, 185b696839edce1def0a28c1d9….jpg)

I hate you

b52eb No.46442

I love you.

9dedd No.46443

File: 1515969245335-0.png (221.89 KB, 1115x600, 1478041843441.png)

>mfw low mental stats, so can make bad decisions and still be in-character

b52eb No.46444

Nah. Its int related.

88c2b No.46445

Easily the lowest role, unsurprisingly. Allow me to amend my previous declaration of what happened.

adb75 No.46446

You sure?
I thought INT was things like textbook knowledge and WIS was common sense

761fb No.46447

File: 1515969390067.png (472.41 KB, 1280x720, Sweetie_\-Not_jaw-dropping….png)

>Trying to thaw my icy heart with a warm island song

88c2b No.46448

Dice rollRolled 49

Rolling for Fae

adb75 No.46450

>inb4 infernius turns himself too stone and the enlarge only effects his one horn

761fb No.46451

Trumpaladin grabs onto his kitty and some portion of the loot as he braces for whatever the fuck was just unleashed

Or does kitty run after the mouse? I am not sure

9dedd No.46452

Roll to see if the mouse distracted her.

88c2b No.46453

Gust of Wind,
Invisible Infernius,
Infernius Flesh to Stone,
Infernius Large Size,
Summon Mouse.
For kicks, I'm gonna say that the visible mouse is staring curious at everyone on a part of the invisible giant statue of Infernius, maybe on the tail.

adb75 No.46454

I call the ring, scroll, and a goat. So can have what ever else you want

9dedd No.46455

So wait, from the party's perspective, Infernius turned invisible, and we don't know what happened to him after that?

adb75 No.46456

Dice rollRolled 14 + 21

"Did he just turn himself into a floating mouse?"
Spellcraft for Torc to know what spells where cast

9dedd No.46457

Does he block the door?

88c2b No.46458


761fb No.46459

Dice rollRolled 11 + 20

Dice rollRolled 19 + 23

Top kek

Sicking Fae on the mouse

Spot, listen, and grapple

761fb No.46460

okay, no sic. Just observe

9dedd No.46461

>inb4 she smacks face first into the invisible Infernius.

adb75 No.46462

For all we know, Infernius is that mouse

9dedd No.46463

He can't be seen, and isn't moving or breathing.

Fug! It'd totally look like that!

88c2b No.46464

I like this one better.

9dedd No.46465

Also, I really want this rod now.

adb75 No.46466

Thats why I did >>46456

761fb No.46467

I was going to have her grapple, bite, and swallow whole figuring even a celestial mouse or demon mouse couldn't beat her, but then I figured "yeah, that'd look bad"

That could definitely also happen

9dedd No.46468

Were you able to detect invisibility?
Gib Fae's reaction.

761fb No.46469

You want everything

adb75 No.46470

With a 35 I'd hope so, but GM hasn't said

9dedd No.46471

I want Invisibility, m8.

761fb No.46472

No shit you do

9dedd No.46473

Yeah, it'd be great. Also, Mouse is /bestsummon/.

88c2b No.46474

adb75 No.46475

Torc's snek staff makes an offended hiss

9dedd No.46476

Until it's clear what just happened, Tracy casts Charm Animal on the mouse to bring it towards her.
"Now where did you come from?"

761fb No.46477

Dice rollRolled 13 + 23

Dice rollRolled 13 + 20


88c2b No.46478

Yes, I missed the roll, but especially with Fae bouncing off shit (giving a bonus to the detect) he can tell there's a large invisible Infernius-shaped object there.

761fb No.46479

I missed the roll for her to grapple because the Email field isn't long enough, so Fae spot checked but never charged

Tracy has called it forward

adb75 No.46480

"Okay, don't fucking quote me here, but I think infernius is invisible and stoned"

761fb No.46481

"Weed is bad for you"

9dedd No.46482

File: 1515970656579-0.png (1.58 MB, 2029x2549, 1198890__safe_artist-colon….png)

Dice rollRolled 1 + 27

Tracy bursts out laughing at the cat-meme.
Sleight of Hand to conceal Hand Of Glory while casting its See Invisibility.

9dedd No.46483

Nope, okay…

adb75 No.46484

I gtg for a while. I would say don't do anything stupid, but then you guys couldn't do anything.

761fb No.46485

Dice rollRolled 7 + 20

Dice rollRolled 20 + 25

Grapple mouse from right in front of Tracy


761fb No.46486

>20 on a swallow
Place a cloak of resistance on Fae just in case she needs to roll a Fort save

9dedd No.46487

Dice rollRolled 48

I assume that's a fumble.
Tracy lets out a growl of frustration as she goes looking for her hand.
Rolling 1d100 to see if she hits her head on the statue.
She K.O. though.

761fb No.46488

I never rolled the grapple earlier (because fucking email field is too short) so the mouse came to Tracy when called

9dedd No.46489

Wait, it's in the animated gauntlet.
"OW! Wtf is going on here?!"
*Uses See Invisibility*

88c2b No.46490

Yes that is a fumble, and in addition to dropping the hand she also falls over and is now prone.

9dedd No.46491

It's in her gauntlet, can she use it while on the ground?

9dedd No.46492

she still would've dropped it, but it wouldn't be hard to get back.

761fb No.46493

I'm still claiming the 20 in >>46485

9dedd No.46494

While still on the ground Tracy uses her hand and peers up at the thing she hit her head on.
"……. OH, for fuck's sake..!"

Fae hit her head on the statue though.

761fb No.46495

No, because the order to run was not complete because the fucking email field won't let me roll three dice with modifiers

88c2b No.46496

Thats fine, the mouse is irrelevant, and Torcuil detected invisible-giant-statue-Infernius (though isn't sure what it is yet).
<whooof> Thez reappears holding the 4 Ivory Goats, which are now clustered with obscene amounts of gems and gold.
"I fixed 'em!"

9dedd No.46497

Whatever. she got the mouse.
Are we in the temple or the tower, I'm confused now.

"The dumb bull fucking turned himself to stone somehow, and he's fatter too" Tracy grumbles, peering through the hand

761fb No.46498

"Just… You know money can be exchanged for goods and services, right?"

761fb No.46499

*pets purring kitty*

9dedd No.46500

"Uh, Flashy, if you will..?"
*gestures towards the general direction of the bull*
"It's a pain to move in here while this invisible fatass is petrified"

88c2b No.46501

As far as I can imagine, they're just outside the pyramid, in the airship, cuz thats where they would have taken the shit to and where it would be transported from. Also cuz it makes sense.
"These were goods, but now they're "betters"!" ^_^

b52eb No.46502

"Um thez what going on?"

9dedd No.46503

You can't talk. You're petrified.

9dedd No.46504

>break enchantment

b52eb No.46505

761fb No.46506

"Uh huh"

"Bippitty Boppitty boop"

Trumpaladin casts whatever spell Tracy's faggot thinks could help this situation, even though he hasn't a clue how to unfuck this

9dedd No.46507

Break enchantment should free him of transmutations.

88c2b No.46508

Thez shows Infernius the "Better" goats. It looks like someone has layered gobs of gold on the surface of the figures, and then thrown a bunch of precious stones all over them. In some cases the gold/gems completely obscures the fact that they're goats.
"I know it looks bad, but I've got a guy for it. He bases the final design off what I give him so I just give him lots of metal and lots of stones." ^_^

761fb No.46509

File: 1515972008232.png (146.47 KB, 1116x1024, 1513040531559.png)

Bippitty Boopity boop Break Enchantment is cast at what Tracy is pointing at

9dedd No.46510

I g2g for an hour.

761fb No.46511

"Now I know you're just doing it to piss me off"


761fb No.46512

I need to move

b52eb No.46513

"You do good job, me think they look pretty."

88c2b No.46515

Requires a caster level check against the caster level of the rod.

b52eb No.46516

Im not petrified right?

88c2b No.46517

I'm not sure about that desu

761fb No.46518

Dice rollRolled 16

Rolling. I don't know trumpaladin's caster level

9dedd No.46519

>A little bit o time
Trump's caster level is 17. What is the rod's?
>Want that invisibility ~sooo hard

88c2b No.46520

88c2b No.46521

K, so Infernius quickly reappears, shrinks down to normal, and turns back into flesh, holding the rod.

9dedd No.46522

Then Infernius is free?

*rubs sore head*
"Good to see you're alive, dumb bull."

I actually g2g nao

761fb No.46523

It's a Rod of wonder Tracy's faggot. It only turns you invisible if you roll an 80 to 84 on a d100. The essence of it is that you never know what you're going to get from it.

Now use your sneak and hide and move silently skills, and all your billions of items if you want to execute le Ebin super sneak attacks. Role play better

b52eb No.46524

"Thanks tracy."
"Thank you ny friend."

88c2b No.46525

"I,… didn't know you were still here tbh."

Insert statue comparison dialogue

761fb No.46526

"And you are very welcome"
*pats and hugs Minotaur*

*stares at pony*

b52eb No.46527


88c2b No.46528

"Careful with that rod, its got lots of buttons on it, who knows what could happen!" ^_~

adb75 No.46529

I wanna goat

88c2b No.46530

So before going anywhere with it, how available will anyone be tomorrow, and/or is there any interest in continuing it through the evening and/or further?
Burgers have tomorrow off is why I ask.
There's 4. One of them looks like its running fast, one of them looks strong with big curled horns. One of them has reaaaaally long and pointy horns, and one of them is very small, like a pet goat.

adb75 No.46531

I want the long horns

Fuck I gtg again

88c2b No.46532

File: 1515974272889.jpg (44.38 KB, 533x800, Cheryl-Brown-Long-Horned-G….jpg)

761fb No.46533

I need to move back to my school year apartment and I have a seminar paper that needs to be completed soon, so if we took tonight and two days off, or just one, that would be greatly appreciated

88c2b No.46534

Take all the time you need. I can't guarantee that there won't be shitposting, cuz I'll be doing some of it, but we won't go nowhere. Maybe.

9dedd No.46535

"… Say.. can I try-out that rod?"

761fb No.46536

"I don't think that rod does what you think it does"

Trumpaladin, terrified of what the foolish pony might summon, carefully removes and pockets the ring shield, and places on the ring with the flame motif

9dedd No.46538

Tracy's faggot likes pushing buttons.

276be No.46539

Dice rollRolled 62

Let Infernius have this one. It's truly the perfect item for him. He is beloved of the dice gods and favored by his patron deity in a way none of the rest of us are

Rolling because I'm equally curious

9dedd No.46540

Did he push separate buttons on it, or did he push a single button several time?
I want to try it out.

9dedd No.46541

What did you roll for?

276be No.46542

It's a rod of wonder. You use it in a standard action and it has a list of possible effects. You don't determine these effects before hand, you roll a d100 to determine what happens

9dedd No.46543

So, you're saying you just used the rod?

9dedd No.46544

Why does it have multiple buttons then?

276be No.46545

Well, to actually use the rod would require stealing it from Infetnius which opens a shit load of possible issues I'd rather avoid. I made a what-if roll to see what would happen if I did have it, however. In this case, it would have grown a field of grass

*Fae lays low in non-existent grass field stalking prey*

276be No.46546

Because how else are you going to describe a rod of wonder?

9dedd No.46547

A rod with a single, big, red, irresistable button on it that does something random every time.

276be No.46548

Tell me what you think the rod is

adb75 No.46549

I guess that goat is really….


9dedd No.46550

A rod with five functions that were generated randomly, with the list of a rod of wonder.
You wouldn't know unless you pushed the same button twice.

276be No.46551

That removes all the fun of randomness and is too OP. Just play the game and stop seeking cheats. Embrace the dice

9dedd No.46552

>too OP
Why? There are plenty of cooler rods.
And why should I stop looking for cool items?

276be No.46553

You can keep looking for cool items, but a rod that consistently has five seperate functions like that is imbalanced

9dedd No.46555

Regardless of whatever it is, I want to press the buttons again.

9dedd No.46556

There are other rods with multiple affects, fyi.

adb75 No.46557

Can Torc roll to decipher that scroll now?

9dedd No.46558

My family wants me to go on a trip tomorrow morning, so I can't play until this evening.

9dedd No.46559

*tomorrow evening
Otr maybe later in the afternoon

88c2b No.46560

Its a scoll of Confusion

9dedd No.46561

What happened when Trumpaladin put on the ring?

adb75 No.46562

Hey, I wanted the ring…
Well thats no fun

88c2b No.46563

Nothing discernable

9dedd No.46564

Dice rollRolled 11 + 16

Rolling to Appraise its value.

88c2b No.46565

Not when its being worn

9dedd No.46566


Does that mean I can't tell how much something is worth until I've already stolen it?

9dedd No.46567

Also, can I use Search to frisk NPCs for what they're carrying?

88c2b No.46568

Not with any accuracy no

88c2b No.46569

Cuz y?

9dedd No.46570

So I can tell if they have anything worth stealing.

9dedd No.46571

Sorry, I meant Spot.

88c2b No.46572

You want to know if Tracy can stop people and then frisk them, so she can then steal from them.
A spot check would work for anything visible, and some concealed stuff (weapons, for example), but wouldn't work to detect other things.

761fb No.46573

Armor that has flame motifs signifies armor that provides fire resistance (to a degree) to its wearer. I don't know about rings, but my best bet is that the guy who is made out of cloth and who surrounded himself with gunpowder dust wanted some measure of protection against fire damage.

That's much better than "roll for will save"

9dedd No.46574

Give Tracy the ring so she can appraise its market value.

761fb No.46575

Why though?

9dedd No.46576

If you know how much it's worth, you've got a slight hint at what it might be.
Also, I want to use my Rogue skills.

88c2b No.46577

>cuz I wanna steal it

761fb No.46578

Alright, fine. I'm betting on a ring that does 5 or 10 fire-energy resistance.

"You may appraise it, but please give it back when you are done. I want to go dragon hunting some day, and I think this ring complements the one you gave me nicely"

*removes ring from finger and hands to pony*

adb75 No.46579

>what it might do
>not letting your sorceror check the magic shit to see what it does
I still want it….
It wasn't gunpowder tho

9dedd No.46580

Dice rollRolled 2 + 16

Rolling once again to appraise

9dedd No.46581

Well fuck!

88c2b No.46582

It looks to be worth about 1200gp

adb75 No.46583

Dice rollRolled 20 + 2

Torc tries an appraise
What stat bonus do I apply to these checks?

761fb No.46584

I'm open to trade, it's just that every character already is using all of their ring slots. Did you remember the ring of protection? That gives +3 or something to AC. Tracy also has one, she just prefers to wear a ring of animal friendship instead. Because you know, the odds of being engaged in Melee combat in a dungeon is much lower than needing to raise animals

761fb No.46585

A Natural 20 works just fine

88c2b No.46586

Its a ring of Elemental Resistance +10, Trump nailed it

adb75 No.46587

No I don't remember that
Yeah, I'll fucking trade.
Future refernece, what stat would I apply?

9dedd No.46588

*gives ring back*
"You're other ring looks cooler."
Tracy will have a ring slot open if she's able to use one of those Mummy hands like she used Kefka's, but that could take a bit.

9dedd No.46589

Wait a minute, if King Doot is still undead, doesn't that mean the curse on his body is still active? Maybe his hands are still dangerous.

761fb No.46590

*pets pony*

I'm not sure what stats would be applied. I think you would apply your number of ranks in the Appraise skill, and either your wisdom or your intelligence modifier

9dedd No.46591

[happy pony noises]
You use your Int modifier to appraise.

adb75 No.46592

Apraise is a feat, I figured wis or int just wasn't sure enough to call it
Ah, so 20+2+3.
Fucking [i]nice

9dedd No.46593

Appraising a rare item would be a DC of 15, 20 or more.

What exactly does a skill mean when it says "trained only?"

adb75 No.46594

Reeee its a feat, not a skill

9dedd No.46595

It's a skill.

88c2b No.46596

Sorry, but you're wrong about that

9dedd No.46597

adb75 No.46598

Wait, my bad. Torc's bonus is from diligence, not appraise. Sorry

9dedd No.46599

Can Tracy press another button on the wand?

761fb No.46600

*puts ring back on*

9dedd No.46601

Which ring? The fire resistance or the Bees?

adb75 No.46602

>Nick Cage noises

761fb No.46603

Resistance, since the odds of summoning a fireball are greater than the odds of summoning a melee fighter that the extra AC will be necessary for

9dedd No.46604

9dedd No.46605

Dice rollRolled 2 + 16

Dice rollRolled 12 + 23

Fug it
Sleight of Hand to gently lift wand from unresponsive Minotaur's hand.

Appraise to determine its value.

9dedd No.46606

the first one is the Appraise.

761fb No.46607

Why do you keep rolling 2s?

adb75 No.46608

>fucking +16 on appraise
Is that rogue?

9dedd No.46609

This is mostly just to check if it's really what Trumpaladin said.
It should be enough if it was what you said.

9dedd No.46610

I put 15 into Appraise so that she could quantify the value of any item she acquired (+1 Int modifier). Yes, it is a Rogue skill.

adb75 No.46611

Fuck appraising
Press a button and rollin a d100 if oou really wanna know

88c2b No.46612

Nice try.
Cuz Infernius turning invisible, giant, and a statue (which was undone in that order so he was witnessed in all three states) wasn't enough of a clue?
How about the mouse?

761fb No.46613

Mods are finally getting around to killing flags. Tell me now if you want to keep custom flags on the VX board so I can try to argue for a board exception

9dedd No.46614

Dice rollRolled 30

I just wanted to see.
*points at open air*
Rolling to press random button.

adb75 No.46615

Can Torc press a button?

I wouldn't mind keeping them, but if everyone else says "Fuck you you little bitch" I would be fine with flags being oone

adb75 No.46616

Ah fug
1d15+5[ 1d15+5 = 12 ]

88c2b No.46617

Also, I am of the mind that immediately after pushing a button, if possessing the means to do so they can mark the button in some way. The rod that Lenos has bears a small cute kitty face finely scratched next to the appropriate button.
If they're killing flags board-wide, I would appreciate an exception for /vx/, and in particular I would go back to the derpy flag. It was to not flag-fag on the board that I got rid of it at all. Desu.

761fb No.46618

Well fuck you too

9dedd No.46619

>they can mark the button in some way.
THIS Is why I wanted to test it.
>Stinking cloud

88c2b No.46620

"The TRUE power of a Rod of Wonder is when you have all the buttons pressed and marked, but you "keep pushing unmarked buttons". Technically, there are unlimited functions on them, and marking each button forces the GM to come up with new properties," Thez says, eyeballing it. "This one doesn't seem to have any marks."

761fb No.46621

That's just free infinite stone skin etherealness invisibility fireball summon monster grass growing etc etc etc

More haxx than all other combined, and it takes away the fun of randomness when it can just be discovered and marked under laboratory conditions

9dedd No.46622

Dice rollRolled 48

>mfw know this is a bad idea but I can't resist pressing buttons
*urge to press buttons intensifies*
>it takes away the fun of randomness
No it doesn't. Watch this.
*presses button like a 9 Wis Psychopath*

adb75 No.46623

1d14+5[ 1d14+5 = 7 ]
"Give me that"
Torc grabs the rod and presses a button 1d100[ 1d100 = 12 ]

88c2b No.46624

Dice rollRolled 3, 6, 4, 6 = 19

Under "ideal" circumstances, you're right. Take this for example.
Thez loses her balance for a moment and leans face-first along the rod pressing this many buttons.

761fb No.46625

Trumpaladin rides Fae the fuck out of the room

88c2b No.46626

Stuff like that happens all the time. Heck, anyone carrying the thing just added a new category to their natural 1 dice rolls.

761fb No.46627


adb75 No.46628

Dice rollRolled 92, 98, 13, 10, 85, 26, 64, 81, 94, 41, 21, 72, 27, 50, 14, 54, 94, 21, 64 = 1021

Oh no
Here you go

88c2b No.46629

TY, I was rolling to determine number of buttons.

9dedd No.46630

adb75 No.46631

This is gonna get out of hand real quick, isn't it?

9dedd No.46632

…. Who was it pointed at?

761fb No.46633

Thez is now permanently color changed, as is something else. Congratulations. Infernius will not be pleased

761fb No.46635

Better start recoloring.

I guess she looks like one of those Avatar women now

88c2b No.46636

Now now, I did say "for example". That was a hypothetical illustration, and not intended to be a lasting scenario.

adb75 No.46637

Rolling d2 to detirmine 1 user or 2 target
1d2[ 1d2 = 1 ]
And rolling d3 to determine color for shits and giggles
1d3[ 1d3 = 2 ]
1 purple
2 green
3 blue

adb75 No.46638

Thez is now green

761fb No.46639

So now you're making an effort to avoid turning into Princess Fiona

9dedd No.46640

>Better start recoloring.
Angry content-producer noises!
Yeah.. sure it was..

88c2b No.46641

I haven't gone down the list, but I know she's the one turned into a statue this time

adb75 No.46642

Your character is green now

9dedd No.46643

And invisible

761fb No.46644

File: 1515987349429.jpg (5.67 KB, 224x224, Thez Now.jpg)

She still looks okay though

88c2b No.46645

A green statue, 'cuz the color-change took place after the flesh to stone
The invisible again too? I figured I'd go over it after a bit.
Ogre Fiona is hotter than human

adb75 No.46646

>System checks show nominal
>retracting arm
>system is go
>We have liftoff on my sides

9dedd No.46647

…. I want the random-rod..

761fb No.46648

Really now?

88c2b No.46649

I know, I'm shocked by this revelation.

adb75 No.46650

Fuck, I wasn't expecting this

761fb No.46651

File: 1515987709223.jpg (32.32 KB, 750x500, gop-2016-trump.jpg)

Do I need to cast a spell on her or something?

I can tan her

Orange Master-race

9dedd No.46652

File: 1515987741641.jpg (24.94 KB, 300x240, 20131013-225633.jpg)

I fucking love pushing buttons, man; even imaginary ones.
I'm pretty autistic that way…

88c2b No.46653

It necessitates a complete overhaul of current strategy, by sheer inconceivability. Who could have guessed.
More secrets, completely unknown before this point

761fb No.46654

Your character can borrow the wand, just don't hurt yourself with it

You'e going to hurt yourself with it though I'm sure

summon another creature, I want to make Fae eat another one

9dedd No.46655

Do we know which button summons creatures though?
*presses button*

adb75 No.46656

1d100[ 1d100 = 4 ]

761fb No.46657

The dice does

761fb No.46658

You are now slow

88c2b No.46659

Dice rollRolled 72

Everyone roll a 1d100; lowest roll just got slowed.

9dedd No.46660

Dice rollRolled 78

I need something to point this thing at.
*summons dire rat*
*presses random button*

adb75 No.46661

Oh fuck
1d100[ 1d100 = 27 ]
Not yet

88c2b No.46662

>summons dire rat
How again?

adb75 No.46663

9dedd No.46664

Blackguard spell.

761fb No.46665

9dedd No.46666

File: 1515988121571-0.png (13.38 KB, 657x527, R14kkDj.png)

Pls fix autism

88c2b No.46667

Oh, snap. I totally missed that, that was before the facepalm even. Fair point, Trump and Fae are clear.

Torcuil then, is slowed.
"Put a snail symbol next to that one!" Thez says

9dedd No.46668

Dice rollRolled 69

*presses yet another button*
carves snail

761fb No.46669

Reeee stop with the haxx!

There's more than enough as is

9dedd No.46670

Dice rollRolled 28

Yep… I just hit the landmine…

9dedd No.46671

Dice rollRolled 39

Oops! I pressed another button!

Tiny Tracy runs away, pointing the rod ahead of her as she continues to push buttons.

88c2b No.46672

You're too small to hold the rod.
Oh, it just bit him in the ass.

9dedd No.46673

What her size category?

761fb No.46674

She was formerly on the borderline between medium and small

Now she's like tiny

88c2b No.46675

Tracy just got reduced to 1/12 her height.

I'm not quite sure the exact numbers and thus the size, but its 1"/foot tall

9dedd No.46676

*assumes monstrous shape*
She should be ~just big enough to press buttons now.
*Presses button once more (if she already pressed one, reroll)*

9dedd No.46677

Dice rollRolled 61

761fb No.46678

You are now five inches at the shoulder

761fb No.46679

The grass is now high enough for Fae, who swallowed whole a creature Tracy's size, to sneak around

88c2b No.46680

Stahp w/ the buttons!
She's literally toy sized!

9dedd No.46681

Dice rollRolled 2 + 39

Rolling to Gide in grass (bonus because size).
"You'll never find me! Squeals a tiny voice."

9dedd No.46682


761fb No.46683

Dice rollRolled 9 + 20

Dice rollRolled 2 + 23

Spot Check Listen Check from Fae

adb75 No.46684

Hey Trumpaladin, your god just declared me Anon Filly. Does this mean I turn anon filly ingame?

88c2b No.46685

"Are you fucking kidding me?"

9dedd No.46686

Dice rollRolled 52

Runs off Pressing yet another button she hasn't marked

761fb No.46687

9dedd No.46688

Dice rollRolled 83

Everyone roll to see who got bigger

761fb No.46689

Dice rollRolled 9 + 23

Dice rollRolled 10 + 20

Sounds and grass movement

88c2b No.46690

9dedd No.46691

>not tracy

adb75 No.46692

I can slightly live with this

761fb No.46693

Okay, so if I'm understanding this correctly, Thez is Green, Tracy is diminutive, and Torcuil is Anon Filly?

88c2b No.46695

Torcuil's Faggot has now been bestowed Faggotry over Anon Griffon Filly.
Thez is lots of things. She took every "against an opponent" effect that was pressed.

9dedd No.46696

The room is also full of elephant grass.

88c2b No.46697

Huh, that fits with the motif of Tracy running off,….

88c2b No.46698

This is what happens by the way, its not crazy haxx that result of such items, its shenanigens.

761fb No.46699

Dice rollRolled 14 + 20

Dice rollRolled 2 + 23

Spot and Listen Check!

So long as the buttons aren't marked

568a2 No.46700

Dice rollRolled 18, 57, 49, 72, 43, 74, 6, 35, 12, 42, 87, 34, 69, 75, 54, 72, 24, 95, 3, 99, 78, 11 = 1109

*mashes a bunch of buttons*

adb75 No.46701

>I now have 3 characters
Is it the real Anon Filly, or just the griffon in disguise?

88c2b No.46702

No one ever gets a chance to mark the "shrink" button.
Can you wait for just a minute?

761fb No.46703

Dice rollRolled 34, 47 = 81

Rolling for the two summoned animals

Griffon? We did have the real anon filly show up, but I think there are many anon fillies

568a2 No.46704

Well now I have.

761fb No.46705

Dice rollRolled 7, 6, 16 = 29

>Two elephants
I can live with that


568a2 No.46706

>tfw button-marking pioneer
[Unwise faggot noises]

761fb No.46707

Dice rollRolled 1, 1, 3, 2 + 7 = 14

Dice rollRolled 1, 2, 4 + 7 = 14


adb75 No.46708

Plz be serious

88c2b No.46709

No, the act of being shrunk made Tracy lose track of which button it was. What happened after the shrinking is subject to a SERIOUS review, and and can be considered 'potential'.

568a2 No.46710

Dice rollRolled 26

*presses button*

761fb No.46711

Dice rollRolled 8 + 16

Dice rollRolled 9 + 16

Elephant on Fae: gore attack and slam

761fb No.46712

Dice rollRolled 12, 11, 2 = 25

I really need to Armor Fae. Neither attack landed. Fae: full attack

568a2 No.46713

Dice rollRolled 69, 14, 29, 62, 69, 48, 89, 3, 94, 57, 100, 65, 32, 57, 30, 55, 92, 48, 97, 19, 59, 33 = 1221

*Trots on remote with all four hooves, pointing it at any random entity, pressing as many buttons as she can*

761fb No.46714

Dice rollRolled 3, 5, 4 + 7 = 19


568a2 No.46715

[insane laughter]

761fb No.46716

Dice rollRolled 4, 1, 3 + 7 = 15


568a2 No.46717

Dice rollRolled 29

I think I preferred being chaotic neutral, desu…
*Presses yet another button*

88c2b No.46718

Thez leans over to GM and whispers, "Crimson Sky."

adb75 No.46719

GM, can I get stats for anon filly?

761fb No.46720

Dice rollRolled 13 + 16

Dice rollRolled 3 + 16

Attack on Fae

88c2b No.46721

Undetermined so far.

88c2b No.46722

The normally peaceful and placcid blue skies above port barry turn a sick and deep red color, as the sun darkens in brightness and intensity.

568a2 No.46723

Dice rollRolled 34, 33, 26, 90 = 183

I need to press EVERY BUTTON!
*Hops with all four hooves, pressing four random buttons*

761fb No.46724

Dice rollRolled 5, 6 + 10 = 21

Poor Fae is slammed. Damn good think she ain't a bitch

>Fae has taken more damage now from her Master's madness than from a room full of mummies, sort of like how her master took more damage from jumping from a horse than a lich, or from sexually assaulting a horse than from a room full of mummies

761fb No.46725

Dice rollRolled 13, 5, 12 = 30

Fae responds with full attack

761fb No.46726

Dice rollRolled 5, 5, 4, 2 + 7 = 23

Dice rollRolled 3, 1, 5 + 7 = 16


adb75 No.46727

Can I at least confirm if it is the griffon?

568a2 No.46728

Dice rollRolled 37, 35, 28, 15 = 115

[maniac cackling]

761fb No.46729

Dice rollRolled 9, 10 = 19

Elephant is almost kill

You are the filly

761fb No.46730

Dice rollRolled 2, 12, 19 = 33

What a hell of a difference those last two AC make. Trachemar would have taken damage

Kill elephant

761fb No.46731

Dice rollRolled 2, 6, 2, 3 + 7 = 20

Dice rollRolled 2, 6, 4 + 7 = 19


88c2b No.46732

It is a griffon wizard (sigh), currently operating under an alter self spell, expressed by faggot to intend to cast wish to break up Infernius and Thez and/or make Thez' baby Trump's.
Thez and Bones are the only characters who know Anon is a Griffon

88c2b No.46733

Where is Trump in all this?

568a2 No.46734

Dice rollRolled 4, 88, 2, 8 = 102

Tracy continues hoping on the rod with all four hooves, spinning the rod like a bottle

*Press, press, press, press!*

761fb No.46735

Dice rollRolled 11

Dice rollRolled 18

Watching the fights like a roman emperor watching a lion kill exotic imported animals. Should he enter the ring? Fuck it, ENTERS RING

Rolling for intiative

88c2b No.46736

Dice rollRolled 11 + 2


761fb No.46737

Dice rollRolled 17

Elephant charges Trump and attempts gore attack

Why the fuck did I not put on the ring shield and the ring of protection

568a2 No.46738

Dice rollRolled 45, 2, 84, 25 = 156

Because fireballs are flying out every once in a while.
Good thing the deck is fireproof

adb75 No.46739

Does anyone see any reason to keep the griffon?
Well I am, I don't think Torc is though

761fb No.46740

Dice rollRolled 7, 6 + 15 = 28

Dice rollRolled 31, 43 = 74

FUCK. Lands against his lower 31 AC rolling for damage and those other two creatures Tracy summoned

761fb No.46741

Dice rollRolled 11, 18, 12, 17 = 58

There are two other new elephants if Thez wants to kill something, besides the one attacking Trump and the one Fae killed

Trump: full round attack

88c2b No.46742

Because that faggot may come back?

Before anyone rolls anything else, can I get a quick rundown?

761fb No.46743

Dice rollRolled 2, 1, 9, 7 + 30 = 49


761fb No.46744

Dice rollRolled 17, 20 = 37

Tracy's Faggot is a Psycho, and Trumpaladin is killing elephants that have been summoned en masse by Tracy

rolling for Gore and Slam attack against Trumpaladin. A 15 or higher lands

761fb No.46745

Dice rollRolled 6

Jesus Christ. Rolling to confirm threat

9dedd No.46746

Tracy is hidden, rolling the rod around the room, using the advantage of her fine size and high Dex to be un-findable.
Every once in a while, she spins the rod like a bottle, and jumps on it with all fours for 4 random buttons.

761fb No.46747

Dice rollRolled 8, 2 + 15 = 25

Dice rollRolled 1, 4 + 10 = 15

THANK GOD. Not a crit. Rolling for damage on Trump

761fb No.46748

Dice rollRolled 20, 4, 7, 3 = 34

Sigh, Full round against elephant

761fb No.46749

Dice rollRolled 1, 9, 10, 3 + 30 = 53


adb75 No.46750

I'm leaving, see you guys later

9dedd No.46751

The room is also full of Elephant grass, making it appear like the jungles of India, and making it easier for the fine-sized psychopath to Hide.

88c2b No.46752

Dice rollRolled 5


88c2b No.46753

L8 m8

9dedd No.46754

Dice rollRolled 5 + 4

Tracy has Improved Evasion. Can she roll a Reflex save?
>already knows she wouldn't make it, but rolling anyway

88c2b No.46755

No, its purely armor class based. Thez has a +43 to attack, and Tracy gets a +4 to AC for size.

761fb No.46756

File: 1515991308107.jpg (49.47 KB, 592x620, 114.jpg)

Dice rollRolled 11, 18, 16, 9 = 54

You're fucking lucky there are elephants to kill. And that I am equally psychotic

Trumpaladin dons the shield ring, and exchanges his engagement ring for the ring of protection. AC is now 38



761fb No.46757

Dice rollRolled 17, 18, 14, 9, 15, 12, 16 = 101

Dice rollRolled 3, 3 + 10 = 16

Fae is slammed. But Trumpaladin and Fae strike back!

9dedd No.46758

File: 1515991410549-0.gif (20.17 KB, 251x200, pX9XYtq.gif)

I'm having so much fun right now.

761fb No.46759

Dice rollRolled 8, 3, 7, 4 + 30 = 52

Dice rollRolled 1, 2, 6, 6, 5, 2, 5 + 14 = 41

All attacks landed and Fae took 16 damage

I am too actually

88c2b No.46760

Ur squished!

761fb No.46761

Dice rollRolled 9, 3, 3, 6 = 21

The elephant is damned near kill, but they strike back

9dedd No.46762

File: 1515991610165.jpg (33.43 KB, 600x337, 54c.jpg)


761fb No.46763

Dice rollRolled 18, 6, 1, 9, 13, 13, 15 = 75

Pls no squish Trump and Fae for gladiatorial combat

Weak ass rolls from them. Trumpaladin targets the next elephant while Fae targets the near death one

9dedd No.46764

Is she dead?

88c2b No.46765

Its not a fatal squish, its a "stopping Tracy from pushing anymore buttons, so I can make sure she isn't unraveling space time by this point" squish

761fb No.46766

Dice rollRolled 7, 6, 4, 1 + 30 = 48

Dice rollRolled 5, 4, 3, 1, 3 + 10 = 26

Fae trips on elephant corpse, but first elephant is kill I think and every attack lands on the other one

88c2b No.46767

Tho I will say, check your ID

9dedd No.46768

File: 1515991854681-0.png (287.53 KB, 816x513, 1061700__grimdark_artist-c….png)

[squished pony noises ]

761fb No.46769

Dice rollRolled 14, 4, 16, 3 = 37


Last elephant attacks. Twice, because Fae tripped and so lose a turn, but Trumpaladin dismounts to face the Elephant alone

88c2b No.46770

An unseen force disrupts Thez' balance, unsquishing Tracy.

761fb No.46771

File: 1515991984114.jpeg (42.68 KB, 559x465, 1510091912910.jpeg)

Dice rollRolled 6, 15, 19, 2 = 42

But an elephant can't Touch Trumpaladin

Full round attack

761fb No.46772

Dice rollRolled 10, 10, 2, 3 + 30 = 55

Even a two lands, and Trumpaladin wonders to himself why he doesn't use Power Attack or Drunken Sword

761fb No.46773

Dice rollRolled 8, 7 = 15

Elephant, with 1 hit point left - no really, 1 hp - attacks back defiantly

761fb No.46774

Dice rollRolled 11, 11, 9, 14 = 45

Weak. Trumpaladin finishes

9dedd No.46775

File: 1515992235053.png (59.33 KB, 305x403, 1391273962625.png)

Dice rollRolled 17 + 15

*urge to resume pressing buttons arises*
"… Heheheheh..! S-sorry about that.." her face betrays her feelings though
Rolling Bluff, because that's what she'd do

88c2b No.46776

Dice rollRolled 15 + 18

Spot-check conter

761fb No.46777

Dice rollRolled 20 + 27

Rolling sense motive on Pony, Because Trumpaladin is a fucking Jedi with his sense motive

I killed 4 elephants! Even if Trumpaladin got gored twice and slammed, and Fae got slammed twice… for 68 and 37 damage respectively

88c2b No.46778

Dice rollRolled 13

Thez' eyes narrow, and throw a darkened kunai next to the rod

9dedd No.46779

she should be invisible

761fb No.46780

File: 1515992507802.jpg (17.32 KB, 512x288, 3cd037a04821e7d657edc13aa1….jpg)

>Natural 20
>My Modifier

88c2b No.46781

This should have been covered in the quick rundown. Who am i kidding, Thez is probably still a statue

9dedd No.46782

You can instantly tell that she's not at all sorry for what she just did.
She's smirking a little bit too.

9dedd No.46783

File: 1515992709187-0.jpg (75.79 KB, 569x813, illuminati_cards___blinded….jpg)

[minimum-sized pony noises]
"… At least I know what all of the buttons do now.."

761fb No.46784

Dice rollRolled 2 + 20

Dice rollRolled 6 + 23


At least Trumpaladin has no problems besides being two thirds dead

Spot and Listen check on Pony, since Fae has only eaten alive one small animal today. And fucking mauled to death two huge ones

You may want to stay quiet

88c2b No.46785

No, in all the commotion Tracy would have had NO chance to mark the buttons.

9dedd No.46786

File: 1515993100326.jpg (267.59 KB, 600x654, tfw bad girl3.jpg)

Dice rollRolled 12 + 39

Hide check

761fb No.46787

Dice rollRolled 1 + 23

Dice rollRolled 10 + 20

You were heard, that's for sure

88c2b No.46788

By your own description/admission, this was all done on the fly and in the heat of the moment. IDEK what happened, given all the buttons Tracy pushed.

9dedd No.46789

File: 1515993371833-0.jpg (79.43 KB, 750x600, choaticneutral.jpg)

She was completely focused on the buttons, looking down at her hooves as she jumped up and down on them.
She did not care one bit what was going on around her.

761fb No.46790

Dice rollRolled 9

Fae has Track damn it! And she knows pony was near the rod

761fb No.46791

Dice rollRolled 8 + 23

Dice rollRolled 6 + 20

Is succeeding on a listen check good enough for a grapple?

9dedd No.46792

No. She is not moving.

761fb No.46793

She spoke a moment ago


88c2b No.46794

Denied. Please. Stop. For one fucking second. I'm not saying "you're restricted from doing anything ever", I'm saying I have no idea what all these fugging dice rolls mean. This gives me 3-ish options. 1. is let it play out, and see where it lands.
2. is stop it here, assess, and continue.
3. is nerf all this shit and go back to before Tracy started,… "acting".

9dedd No.46795


761fb No.46796

File: 1515993844400.png (275.61 KB, 800x452, 1498443949060.png)

But I killed Four summoned African Elephants…

That's probably better than Tracy being permanently changed colors or whatever the fuck she did though

761fb No.46797

You know, I'm sure she shot fireballs straight into the thick grass


9dedd No.46798

She grew more grass.

88c2b No.46799

You know what, no. Nevermind. Forget I said anything.

761fb No.46800


Although there was rain as well. I'm really confused as to what happened

She probably also turned herself green

And then Permanently Blue


761fb No.46801

Dice rollRolled 20, 6 = 26

It returns to the status quo anyways, since none of these are permanent. Except color change. But let's ignore that

*heal check on self and Kitty*

9dedd No.46802

File: 1515994271655-0.png (415.21 KB, 795x1024, 581393__safe_artist-colon-….png)

A fine-sized voice emanates from an indeterminate direction:
"… If I come out now, will you be mad at me…?"

761fb No.46803


Should cure serious wounds anyways, even though I'm sure that isn't enough

*kitty cures light wounds then falls the fuck asleep*

761fb No.46804

*puts kitty to sleep*
*NOW she decides to come out*

"For what?"

Trumpaladin is covered in blood and bandages, but is holding several full sized Tusks

9dedd No.46805

"… I made a bit of a mess…"
"… That was pretty badass of you, fighting all of those pachyderms at once…"

761fb No.46806

File: 1515994659234.jpeg (297.13 KB, 1200x866, image.jpeg)

Trumpaladin blushes at the compliment, then poses like a conquering Brit, with refined expression

"I fucking drove those endangered elephants to extinction"

9dedd No.46807

"I know, and it was ~sooo cool of you."
*humps proportionately colossal leg*

761fb No.46808

File: 1515994805845.jpg (71.8 KB, 500x557, 500px-Emperor_of_mankind_f….jpg)

Tries to pose heroically. Like Pic related, but with a small blue probably invisible pony on his leg

761fb No.46809

File: 1515994835309.jpg (87.4 KB, 646x720, 462.jpg)

Wrong pic

9dedd No.46810

>no peach rings
*turns into monster to fly up onto shoulder*
*reverts to pony form, and sits on shoulder, also posing*

761fb No.46811

File: 1515995007621.jpg (90.44 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault (5).jpg)

*Hair waves majestically in the wind*

9dedd No.46812

*mane flows*
"..I love you, Flashy."
*kisses cheek*

761fb No.46813

File: 1515995300180.png (103.2 KB, 934x832, 1515192087165.png)

*A cold fear goes down his spine*

9dedd No.46814

*humps neck*

761fb No.46815

*does not look at pony*

"You're small now. But you'll be gig again. Yuge, even. And…"


"It's not that my hand was crushed at the exact moment I needed it. It's that I can never do that again without fear of…

I want to have a horse I can mess around with"

9dedd No.46816

"…Is there something wrong, Flashy?" (aside from the obvious)

761fb No.46817


then dialogue in >>46815 begins

9dedd No.46818

>has no memory of crushing his hand
"Well that won't do at all…."
*crawls down arm*
"Come on! Stick your pinkie in."

761fb No.46819

*still feels extremely awkward*

9dedd No.46820

*sticks plot out*
*wiggles a little bit*
".. I'm ~waiting..!"

761fb No.46821

"This is… weird" he says to the Green statue of Thez

9dedd No.46822

Isn't she an invisible green statue?

761fb No.46823

Yes. Yes she is. I think the green came after the invisible though

761fb No.46824

*sighs and sticks pinkie out*

9dedd No.46825

You still have another Break Enchantment for the day, right?
It'd free her of transmutations she might be mad though..

*eases back onto pinkie*
".. Hnnng..! There..! Th-this isn't so scary now, i-is it?"

761fb No.46826

I had to use his second 4th level spell on cure serious wounds because an elephant got several good rolls against a not-fully armored Trumpaladin

*stares at the small horse making love to his pinkie*

568a2 No.46827

Why U no Lay On Hands? It cures exactly the right amount.

568a2 No.46828

*Makes sweet love to pinkie*

761fb No.46829

I hate using up spells. Lay of Hands is an awesome weapon against undead. Also I didn't think of that

*Stares in baffled fascination at tiny pony going at his pinkie*

88c2b No.46830

9dedd No.46831

I gotta stay in-character.

761fb No.46832

File: 1515997245010.jpg (35.08 KB, 603x452, 1511668873065.jpg)


"I still don't know if I trust putting a penis in your larger form"

9dedd No.46833

[strained mimi-pony noises]
She doesn't respond, but she's clearly trying her hardest to impress him.

761fb No.46834

With her humping?

9dedd No.46835

Her motives are unclear.

761fb No.46836

*moves pony around like finger puppet on his pinkie*

9dedd No.46837

[strained micro-pony noises]

761fb No.46838

*pets pony with index finger of other hand*

"I admit you're cute sometimes"

9dedd No.46839

You could've also cast Heal Mount, fyi.

9dedd No.46840

[happy micro-pony noises]

761fb No.46841

On Fae, yes. But for her I just had her cast heal light wounds on herself, do a basic heal check, and send her to sleep it off

*Wiggles pinkie*

"But I still don't feel comfortable"

9dedd No.46842

*sad face*
"Well, I don't know what else I can do for you, Flashy…"
*crosses arms and pouts in frustration, adorably*
"..I wish I could help somehow.."

761fb No.46843


*grabs pony with other hand, and pumps her up and down on his pinkie, so that now she's just about in danger of being harmed by the pinkie*

9dedd No.46844

[painedful moning]
"..A-Ah..! F-flashy..! N-not so fast!"

761fb No.46845

*slows down so as not to hurt pony*

9dedd No.46846

*tears stream a bit, then cease*
[slightly-sore pony noises]
"Th-that's better.."

761fb No.46847

"That's how I cam feel with bigger you sometimes. Be careful"

9dedd No.46848

"D-don't worry, F-flashy..! Your f-fingers are safe with me..!"

761fb No.46849

"They better be"

761fb No.46850

Dice rollRolled 7

Fuck it. Cast dispel magic on pony

Caster check

88c2b No.46851


9dedd No.46852

strained expression

761fb No.46853

Dice rollRolled 11

Dice rollRolled 8

Dice rollRolled 8

Pony should be full sized now

grab, pin, and penetrate pony with amazing modifiers

9dedd No.46854

… I'm sorry…

761fb No.46855

I made it less weird. It's just ordinary human on pony erotic role play now

Fucks pony

9dedd No.46856


761fb No.46857

*humps pony*

9dedd No.46858

File: 1515999420809-0.jpeg (2.21 MB, 2960x4100, 725398__safe_solo_cute_sa….jpeg)

… Are you mad at me?

761fb No.46859

*sexual noises*

*humps pony*

88c2b No.46860

"Oh hurry up already, I wanna beat on both of you." e_e

9dedd No.46861

>tfw deserve to get plot kicked, but have to get up early to assist with a Manatee tour tomorrow

How do we fix Thez?

761fb No.46862

Trumpaladin says to pony

"I forgive you I guess"

Not in words, but in semen

9dedd No.46863

Try Dispel Magick
She we can use Break enchantment to un-green her tomorrow.

88c2b No.46864

File: 1515999887211.png (96.07 KB, 1200x1360, 237_preview.png)

>tfw crimson sky will probably be over before she's fixed
Thez' feels/face when

761fb No.46865

Dice rollRolled 6


Dispel magic on green dwelf that got herself stoned

9dedd No.46866

Does that work?

761fb No.46867

File: 1516000083747.png (255.79 KB, 1116x1024, 1513041690596.png)

I don't know

It's Infernius's waifu, so he can have the honor if it doesn't

88c2b No.46868

File: 1516000111819.png (118.12 KB, 1200x1360, thez1.png)

My bad, I realized it as soon as I posted

761fb No.46869


What's the seduction DC on Thez out of curiousity?

88c2b No.46870

Fail, btw

9dedd No.46872

File: 1516000530801.png (73.23 KB, 1200x1360, thezpone.png)

Cleaned-up a bit
I may've made it too green though..

88c2b No.46873

Satan quads ftw

9dedd No.46874

It originally said "pls gib rod", but Trump's faggot immediately edited it to something a bit more appropriate…

761fb No.46875

File: 1516000632646.png (233.19 KB, 542x493, 1514967126998.png)

It'n his caster level like 7 or 14?

I should ban myself for this post

88c2b No.46876

Thats better. In fact, eyes should be greener still and darker, almost like a really dark jade. AUTISM
Thats,… not as exciting, but still funny

9dedd No.46877

You start casting spells at lvl 5, so I think it's 12.

88c2b No.46878

WIth a 6, he didn't beat the dood who made the rod. Thez-tue is still a thing, and Trump can't try again for 24 hours.

88c2b No.46879

">REEEEEEs in statue"

9dedd No.46880

I gotta take care of see cattle tomorrow, so signing off for tonight.

88c2b No.46881

Night you insufferable bastard who I'm gonna spend hours catching up on ur shenanigens

761fb No.46882

I have to move and complete a paper tomorrow likewise

88c2b No.46883

Both of you, thank you and take care. Blessings of all the entities that witnessed you not get blown up and triumph. Until next; shitposts, meta, and development only.

b52eb No.46888

*boops thez*
*casts break enchantment*

88c2b No.46890

Hitler trips even

adb75 No.46893

Hitler trips are always nice

88c2b No.46894

Yeah, but he still has to roll a caster level check. ^_~

88c2b No.46895

Alright. Just that one facepalm by Thez resulted in the following effects which Infernius is now trying to remove:
Thez was turned into a statue, was covered with faerie fire, will be growing leaves for the next 24 hours, was then made ethereal, could then be detected thinking "WTF, SRSLY", and was then Enlarged.

Also, 2 hits of stinking cloud, Internius was made invisible again, a lightning bolt went off, a fireball, a darkness spell a little ways off. Oh and 3 hits of everyone is blind.

You can see how being blind might have modified the outcome a bit. You can see why I wanted players to wait before spastically running off and declaring action series after action series after action series and continuing on regardless of other players or me having the methodical chance to respond or act.

276be No.46896

Trump and Fae didn't renter the room until an elephant was summoned by Tracy, and then hopefully stayed the hell away from the line of fire. The etherealness does not affect the wielder. It exclusively affects non-living objects.

I like the timeline where Trumpaladin and Fae kill four African elephants better

88c2b No.46897

Thez was made a statue. The only reason her thoughts were detected is because it happened at the same time.
Alright, but that also means that Thez was still an ethereal statue and unable to stop Tracy

276be No.46898


Stop Tracy from… Doing what?

88c2b No.46899

There was a point where Thez stepped on Tracy, to pin her down; that never happened.

5bc29 No.46901

I think while that was happening while I was doing the gladiatorial combat. Tracy probably would have gotten a few more button mashes in before that finished, but when it would have, Fae would have been commanded to play Tom and Jerry with Tracy. Tracy's rampage would have ended instantly with a pounce and grapple, followed by an endless series of opposing grapple and escape artist checks until Tracy eventually both patrolled Fae on a grapple check and a spot check

d5d2e No.46903

Tracy would've only stopped after she'd pushed every button, and then stopped as soon as she came to her senses no longer having random buttons to experiment with.
The elephants we're a distraction, although Fae still would've had to beat Tracy's fine-sized Hide check.
That Stinking Cloud probably would've negated scent-searching.

5bc29 No.46904

>beat her fine sized hide check
When she escapes into the grass after winning a grapple check. Not while she's bouncing up and down on a rod shooting out magic and shit. She'd be easy prey then

88c2b No.46905

And the blindness?

d5d2e No.46906

Wouldn't have stopped her from pressing all of the buttons, desu, but may have stopped her from being able to memorize buttons after that point.

5bc29 No.46908

Does blindness reduce the efficacy of escape artist checks?

Looking back at the record, Tracy would have had an additional two or possibly three rounds before Fae would have been able to pounce

9dedd No.46909

File: 1516051835760-0.png (Spoiler Image, 598.46 KB, 4683x4680, 936636__safe_artist-colon-….png)

>Does blindness reduce the efficacy of escape artist checks?
According to da rules, just a -4 penalty, if any at all.
It normally would've denied her her Dex bonus to AC, but Tracy also has Improved Uncanny Dodge, so she retains her Dex bonus even while flat footed and unable to see or hear her attacker.
She's a slippery little pony.

9dedd No.46910

When the rod say that butterflies blind everyone, does that mean plp couldn't see through the butterflies, or the butterflies had some kind of magic/effect that blinded plp?

9dedd No.46911

File: 1516053325900-0.gif (2.76 MB, 640x360, 416835__safe_artist-colon-….gif)

>mfw I just realized I should've been using Use Magick Device (ranks maxed-out) checks when activating the rod blindly

9dedd No.46913

File: 1516053517618.png (52.19 KB, 1200x1360, thezpone1.png)

>greener still and darker, almost like a really dark jade.
Like this?

88c2b No.46914

Its concealment like the dust cloud.

9dedd No.46915

Noted for the future.
I get all kinds of colors when I look up "jasper", but I knew it was a darkish blue-green.

b52eb No.46917

Dice rollRolled 3


9dedd No.46918

… Infernius has a caster lvl of 17, right?

9dedd No.46919

I g2g

b52eb No.46920

Yea i do.

b52eb No.46921

Stay safe goyim.

88c2b No.46922

For kicks I rolled a live dice; it was a 2. In either case its a fail.

e89a3 No.46923

File: 1516055825480.png (373.08 KB, 1024x576, somnambula_and_the_sphinx_….png)

>That scary AF spoiled image that still startles me when I open it

Tom and Jerry would have been a fun game to play. Fae could first pounce with a touch attack. Tiny Tracy would have had a very high Touch AC because of dexterity and the small size, but Fae should still have succeeded with a 2 or higher. Then, Fae's +25 grapple against Tracy's +23 escape artist. If Fae won that check, Tracy would be held in Fae's mouth the next round. Fae could attempt a swallow that round, which is really just a grapple check. If Tracy won she'd be free but would be next to Fae and would have used her standard action to get free, meaning she couldn't hide and Fae could try to catch her again. If Fae won the swallow, then Tracy would be even more in a hold, and winning a grapple check after that would just return her to the mouth. Tracy should eventually win when she escapes into the Elephant grass and hides, since she'd probably win an opposed spot check thanks to insane modifiers. It would have been fun to play Tom and Jerry with the super slippery pony

Dragonnes don't have the "swallow whole"
special or "improved grapple," but I really don't see why the mechanics can't be applied to a monster who is three size classes larger than her opponent and using the standard grapple mechanics

I just realized while typing this that the game was far more in the cat's favor than the mouse, because escape artist consumes a standard action, meaning Tracy could run after succeeding but would just be pounced again and begin the process again; she wouldn't have time to hide and therefore win the game. Eh.[/s]

b52eb No.46924


b52eb No.46925

Dice rollRolled 13


88c2b No.46926

You can't just roll again
Oh well, next time. There's way too much autism to rewrite it now

9dedd No.46927

Hide doesn't necessarily take so much time. You can do it as part of another action.

b52eb No.46928

Why though.
Ok i bring statue thez back to the tower.

9dedd No.46929

Dice rollRolled 13 + 20

Rolling Use Magick Device to activate the rod blindly and press the right button for the Stone to Flesh affect on Thez.
It gets an additional +2 because Tracy's used the rod before.

9dedd No.46930

The DC should be 25.
Was Tracy able to un-stone Thez?

9dedd No.46931

>should be a 23 modifier, but I fucked up

88c2b No.46932

Where is Thez? She vanished shortly after being made a statue, and I don't mean invisible.

9dedd No.46933

She counts as a non-living object?
Well fug…
I had an action earlier where Tracy became ethereal on her own volition, but that was deleted.

e89a3 No.46934

>tfw there's so much autism you've reached saturation and are unable to add more

I see. So Tracy could have won. Still would have been fun

We'll get 'em next time

88c2b No.46935

File: 1516057648022.png (70.93 KB, 1200x1360, statue.png)

>REEEEEs in statue

9dedd No.46936

Heat the solution.

e89a3 No.46937

File: 1516057790748.png (1.92 MB, 4000x3653, 1512979312642.png)

Is there a bunsen burner I can place under this thread?

b52eb No.46938

"Tracy this all your fault!"
"Gibe back rod, me go to find thez."

88c2b No.46939

You mean other than the wonder rod?

9dedd No.46941

>tfw to the party's best knowledge, Thez may have just teleported away.
… Well, the first step would be for the party to figure out wtf just happened before and since Thez disappeared.
Someone open the the dialogue.
"It's not ALL my fault. Thez was the first one to touch it."

9dedd No.46942

Even if Tracy had a motivation to become Ethereal atm and immediately see Thez, wouldn't she still be invisible?

e89a3 No.46943

Oh that'd do it. It would take good luck to recreate the set though

"Sadly that's true. You go playing around with wonderous powers bad things can happen. Anyways, we can try again when the wizard gets here or tomorrow"

88c2b No.46944

Where is the party right now anyway?

e89a3 No.46945

The party has gone much longer periods without Thez. Much longer. It can wait a day

9dedd No.46946

Last I knew, on the deck of the airship.

b52eb No.46947

Still in the dungeon i guess.

88c2b No.46948

No, I lost track at the airship, which is still possible despite Tracy's shenanigens.

b52eb No.46949

"Gibe back ROD!"

b52eb No.46950

Where was staue thez at? Thats where infernuis is.

9dedd No.46951

File: 1516058538070-0.png (145.56 KB, 500x494, 1515981895219-0.png)


e89a3 No.46952

Dice rollRolled 18

What? No. Why would they be on the airship? They are in the Tower probably

Bitch slap pony

9dedd No.46953

For the sake of continuity, let's assume Infernius just came out of the toilet in the next room.

9dedd No.46954

[unfs in pain]

e89a3 No.46955

"Hey, I killed four African Elephants! FOUR! Fae helped. Also Tracy turned your waifu into a green statue and disappeared her or something. I'm not really clear on what happened"

9dedd No.46956

>Why would they be on the airship?
They were transporting the loot to the tower.

88c2b No.46957

Actually, no green; I went over the rolls twice and she missed the green roll (but got statue'd)

9dedd No.46958

>Tracy turned your waifu into a green statue and disappeared her or something. I'm not really clear on what happened
Thez did that to herself.
And the first thing that happened was her turning invisible, so there's no way for them to know what else happened to her.

e89a3 No.46959

I did not have the airship in mind. Anyays, the airship is too small for Jumaji shit like what went down

"Oh Thank God! She dodged the green bullet"

Eh. I'm not really clear on what happened

9dedd No.46960

>no green
Oh, thank Elway not that.

9dedd No.46961

The airship is like a smallish cruise ship.

b52eb No.46962

It doesnt matter to Infernuis what color she is. She's an honorary aryan no matter what.
"Pls help get rod back from hores so me can find thez."

88c2b No.46963

Also not true, the first thing that happened was she was turned into a statue (well, the first thing that happened is everyone was blinded, the statue was #2). The invis was Infernius, cuz he was the one holding the rod (he's still invisible btw).

e89a3 No.46964


"Tracy… Give the rod back to Infernius"

9dedd No.46965

>first thing that happened is everyone was blinded
Fuck. That makes it moar difficult.

9dedd No.46966

"B-b-b-but.. I love this Rod..!"

e89a3 No.46967

"But Infernius Loves Thez more than you love, well, basically anything. Even more than you love being a pain in the ass for the rest of us, and that's saying a lot. Unless you want it literally taken from your dead body, you should give it back to him"

9dedd No.46968

Dice rollRolled 12 + 23

She used that Ethereal button a couple times since Thez, but she would've only been able to target the grass.
"Let's get rid off all this goddamn salad getting in way first."
Rolling Use Magick Device to press the button to make the Grass disappear across the room, because that's what she thinks it does.

9dedd No.46969

*walks across room, making grass disappear ghostly as she does*

88c2b No.46970

By the way, I would like players to make a choice.

Purple, Red, Light-Green, Blue, Dark-Green, Light-Blue.

First come first serve.

9dedd No.46971

Light blue.

b52eb No.46972

88c2b No.46973

You would need a 45 on a perception check to detect a single blade of grass disappearing in correlation with the rod. Sorry, but roll a 20.

e89a3 No.46974


88c2b No.46975

K. If you're wondering, its cuz I weight-tested my live dice and I picked the sets with the best weight. Those dice will hence be wrt that player.

b52eb No.46976

"Thank you brad."

9dedd No.46977

Dice rollRolled 20

*prays for natural 20*

9dedd No.46978

Tracy goes about the room repeatedly flicking the button with intent to make all of the generated objects disappear.

88c2b No.46979

god dammit
Carry on

e89a3 No.46980

"No! Fuck You! This is MY ivory!"

e89a3 No.46981

Dice rollRolled 5 + 22

Grabs rod from pony

9dedd No.46982

You are carrying the ivory.

*continues to make junk disappear, walking all across the room as she does*

b52eb No.46983

"C- can me have enough to carve ring"

e89a3 No.46984

Dice rollRolled 2 + 22

"Oh we've got plenty"

Grabs the rod

e89a3 No.46986

"And here's the rod"

*hands rod*

e89a3 No.46993

See >>46991

88c2b No.47002

That is a perfectly plausible and incorrect theory

5427e No.47003

Of course she would've undone it immediately.

5427e No.47004

She's ethereal, petrified, and invisible to boot. Nobody knows what happened to her.
… Well fug..

… Miracle..? It can reverse/halt catastrophes; and I think this counts as one.

e89a3 No.47005

For Fuck's Sake, just ask Lenos

5427e No.47006

… That might work..

88c2b No.47007

She's not invisible
She's petrified, enlarged, and has faerie fire cast on her.
Also, one generally has to be able to point toward the catastrophe. The power of christ needs something to compel.

88c2b No.47008

… on the ethereal plane

5427e No.47009

Considering the mess, the entire room could count as the catastrophe…

I guess it's a little too Deus Ex Machina..

b52eb No.47010

Etheral jaunt?

e89a3 No.47011

If only there were someone who knew what a rod of wonder was.A person of Incredible magical ability. So magical in fact, that he had a rod of wonder of his own, except he actually knows how to fucking use it. He even has the buttons marked, like one to summon a stream of cats. A Mystic Theurgist perhaps. And if only such a person were constantly available in the tower.

Oh well. Thez is fucked

e89a3 No.47022

Yeah exactly. Fuck ethereal jaunt to steal shit

You can
1. Ask lenos
2. Point the rod in the direction of Thez and press buttons as a "try everything" to undo it

e89a3 No.47024

Quick draw

9dedd No.47025

>2. Point the rod in the direction of Thez and press buttons as a "try everything" to undo it
GM already said that wouldn't work.

The party needs to be aware that Thez is ethrereal so that Infernius can juant to her and cast Break Enchantment.

b52eb No.47026

Infernuis flies to the tower and looks for lennos.
Is lennos faggot here?

e89a3 No.47028

Give me a reason there would be no attempt to ask a wizard or sorcerer what the rod does. Give me one solid reason. One solid reason

88c2b No.47053


9e8dd No.47056

Lenos's faggot just got here im lost whats going on

adb75 No.47058


What do I win?

e89a3 No.47059

Drama. Just ignore it

They were fucking around with a rod of wonder and got Thez ethereal invisible green and petrified. Now they can't get her back

578b9 No.47060

"We found a rod of wonder"

adb75 No.47061

Torc died once, we killed a bunnch of mummys, a rod of wonder went batshit, and Trump and Tracy's faggots are fighting again

9e8dd No.47062

So we wonder what it does or why we use it?

9dedd No.47063

Currently, Thez is on the airship, petrified, enlarged and ethereal due to activating several effects of a Rod of wonder activating on herself at once. None of the other characters are aware of what happened to her, other than that she suddenly disappeared (could've just dimensional-doored for all they know).
The room fucking stinks and there's tall grass, dead elephants, butterflies, scorch marks, and a whole other list of bullcrap generated by the rod having been activated more than a hundred times since Tez disappeared in an attempt to figure out what all the buttons do.

e89a3 No.47064

Techinally Thez and Tracy went batshit with the rod of wonder, but yes

9e8dd No.47065

Sorry couldnt help making a pun

9dedd No.47066

Tracy has discovered what about half of the buttons do after a psychopathic rampage, but nobody knows what happened to Thez, so they can't even begin to think of how to fix her, since they don't even know where she is.

e89a3 No.47067

So yeah, get Thez back. She seems to have pressed every button. Or many of them at least

9dedd No.47068

We need to know what happened to Thez, and if she's even present first.

9e8dd No.47069

I believe lebos was last seen drinking on the airship correct?

adb75 No.47070

"Fuck this shit. I'm retreating with my snek to the airship."
Torc finds his way somehow to the airship

e89a3 No.47071

There's just no way at all to even know what happened to her. The best we could hope for is just to present the object to her and say "Thez is missing and this thing did it"

88c2b No.47072


9dedd No.47073

I think.

88c2b No.47074


adb75 No.47076

Uh, the airship?
I guess the top deck

9dedd No.47077

Apparently not allowed.
How do (YOU) suppose we fix Thez then?

e89a3 No.47078

Ask Lenos

9dedd No.47079

How would he know what's going on?

e89a3 No.47080

How would the players? Just say "a bunch of things happened to Thez because of this rod and I was out of the room when it happened but she doesn't seem to be there anymore. Do you know what this thing is, what it did, and how it might be reversed?"

88c2b No.47083

Cuz he's got a similar rod desu

adb75 No.47085


88c2b No.47088

Its the same rod that filled the tower with Kittens at one point
Not endorsing, or even tacitly accepting, but consider it a presidential line-item veto?

88c2b No.47091

File: 1516066065696.gif (674.65 KB, 500x281, 983092.gif)

I thought you meant to pilot somewhere.
>pic related

9dedd No.47092

Thyat's exactly what makes it so petty.
I've seen plenty of about 4chan janitors acting like narcissistic, egotistical kikes because it was the only degree of control or security they had over anything in their lives, but you perform above and beyond the stereotype.

e89a3 No.47093

Okay, we get it

You hate me

I hate you

Now can we get back to the situation at hand?

88c2b No.47094

I hate all of you to a certain degree, there's nothing unhealthy about that.

adb75 No.47095

Nah, just wanted to go to check for damage

88c2b No.47096

The second cannon is shot,… literally. The chain-mechanism should be disengaged before the whole place blows up. Other than that, the ship has sustained no damage and everything is normal.

adb75 No.47097

Same. Infernius and his faggot are definatrly the hardest to hate though

e89a3 No.47098

88c2b No.47099


9e8dd No.47100


e89a3 No.47101

I heard before you didn't like that Korak fellow. Can you tell us a little about that?

adb75 No.47102

Dice rollRolled 11 + 18

Chain? You mean the one that fires the cannons?
Engineering check for how the hell to do that
>returns favor
As the one who killed him, I would like too know more.

9e8dd No.47103

The bastard shot me once

9e8dd No.47104

And then ran a2ay before i could return his bullet

578b9 No.47105

I need to go friends meatspace calls.

88c2b No.47106

That'll do, its just a relay-pin to disconnect a cannon. Easy fix. 13 cannons operational, and 1 volley with an extra round. 3 shots remain in the forward cannons.

e89a3 No.47107

Do you think you could fix the cannon? GM tipped his hand in suggesting they were of gnomish manufacture. I think we could acquire projectiles from there

Only once? I'm not sure if that's enough

In fairness, when a player shot me, I had him mauled to death, and then stole his sort of girl friend Which was kind of an extreme overreaction on my part

9dedd No.47108

File: 1516067074240-0.jpg (42.47 KB, 504x398, 8cf9f180b43175fafdfd998757….jpg)

That's beside the point, goddammit!
You take everything so personal that you're willing to stoop to any level to make yourself feel good in the end; that is what I hate about you. You're a narcisistic control freak who gets bent out of shape about rules that don't even exist, because it makes you feel like you've lost some kind of battle.
To be honest, other than your insistence on getting in the way of posters's playing/shitposting, I really don't hate you at all, Anon; in fact, I really don't care one bit, Anon. You're tendency to take everything so personally that you have to use outside influence to interfere with board traffic on the basis of what is (((fair))) is what I find unacceptable though. As long as I'm allowed to play/shitpost how I please, I really wouldn't have the time to bother hating you at all, but your silly insistence on always being in control of of everything always brings all the attention back to you. I'm not angry nearly as much as I am frustrated: I will not be told how to shitpost.
>can we get back to the situation at hand?
I don't know. Can my character go back to doing what she's able to do within the established rules of The Game, or do I have to ask for your permission for everything before I do it?

Infernius is impossible to hate. He really is adorable.

9e8dd No.47109

You do realize what I am right

adb75 No.47110

Au revoir, faguette
Are they standard or magic cannonballs?
Also, could lenos make another gun or should Torc visit the gnomes again?
Especially since it was a shitpost

e89a3 No.47111

>All this sperging
Take your medication anon

Chaotic Neutral?

9e8dd No.47113

Well that and other things

9dedd No.47114

It seems we can't make any progress then.

e89a3 No.47115

I believe it

Not until you take your autism pills

9dedd No.47116

You should take some pills for your chronic anal retention.

88c2b No.47117

>control freak
The makings of a great GM desu
They's precise rounds. They're fired from cannons, but they look more like what (you) recognize as the actual round from a bullet except huge and without powder/brass

e89a3 No.47119

D'aww thanks


>Without Powder/brass
Sounds like the guns Torcuil got from Korak

9dedd No.47121

*drinks glass of water*

88c2b No.47122

>like Torcuil's guns
No, the cannon's powder rounds are mini-keg-sized and are loaded into the cannon separately. That's how they can breach the pyramid, they use a volume of powder about 16/1 "normal" cannons and the rounds are specific to not explode (normally) in the barrel.

9dedd No.47123

*scratches back with stick*

e89a3 No.47124

So it functions like a battleship?

adb75 No.47125

Kinda like AP round style? Whats the composition?
So HE rounds?

e89a3 No.47126

I think we now know what to do with the money

9dedd No.47127

*goes to holodeck*

e89a3 No.47128

Hey can Lenos de-fuck the Thez situation?

adb75 No.47131

Boy I enjoy being a captain
Okay, how the fuck do you get a +23 on use magic device?

e89a3 No.47132

Just let me put my Marines on it is all I ask

>Not Space Marines (yet), but Air Marines

9dedd No.47133

19 ranks in it (Rogue and Assassin), +1 Int bonus, +2 because she's used the rod before.

adb75 No.47137

Thats fine, Torc would be willing to help transport.

GM, can Torc study under the Gnomes to learn some of their craftsmanship?

9e8dd No.47138

i might be able to find her

88c2b No.47141

More like "DAFUQ"
She was tiny, spastic, and unsanctioned at the time. I'm denying any viable recollection of button placement.
Who gave Tracy back the rod? Invalid roll.
Probably not, but I'll try and think of something.
Again, no

9dedd No.47142

When was it taken from her?

9dedd No.47143


Do, where are the characters atm? Including Tracy, because idk where she's allowed to go without getting b8.

adb75 No.47144

HE: High explosive rounds
AP: Armor peicing
HEIAP: High explosive incendiary/armor peircing
>probally not
Maybe just able to mantain Gnomish works, but not reproduce them?

9e8dd No.47145

*casts discern location to attempt to find thez*

9dedd No.47146

"Any idea what could've happened to her?"

e89a3 No.47147


"She was last seen on the deck of the airship after falling over a rod that is similar to a one you possess. I fled the room when that happened, so I can't say what happened to her, and I don't know if she was teleported or vaporized or what have you, but they want her back. Attempts at dispel magic have failed to break the caster level"

It's not your haxx item. Not everything belongs to you and you can't steal everything

9e8dd No.47148

*casts discern location to attempt to find thez*

88c2b No.47150

Hard to say. She's pushed so many buttons who knows what's happened to her or her surroundings.
She's a statue on the ethereal plane.

9e8dd No.47151

did the rod go with her?

e89a3 No.47152

No, it remained and was pushed repeatedly by a different player afterwards

9dedd No.47153

And how is anyone else supposed to know my intentions if you delet every comment I make?

If I can't juant, and I can't try to figure out the rod's functions, what am I allowed to do to contribute to the situation, without offending you in some way?

9dedd No.47154

Well fuck it.

Tracy flies off to another side of the continent, because anything she could do here is prohibited.

e89a3 No.47155

She's prohibited from flying though

9dedd No.47156

Then she'll run.

adb75 No.47157

>inb4 deleted for flying

9dedd No.47158

Dice rollRolled 19 + 23

Rolling first to Hide

9dedd No.47159

Dice rollRolled 9 + 23

To Sneak away.

9dedd No.47160

And she's off, without a word.

Equip Horseshoes of Zepher to avoid leaving tracks.

adb75 No.47161

So, can Lenos fix the cannon?

88c2b No.47162

with a 20

e89a3 No.47163

Dice rollRolled 7

Rolling to fix cannon

e89a3 No.47164

Dice rollRolled 12 + 26

Fae: Spot Check


adb75 No.47165

Well, than I guess the ship is making a trip to thenameoftheplacethegnomesliveandIcan'tremember. Who's coming?
I don't think thats a 20

e89a3 No.47166

Don't we have a dungeon that needs crawling?

adb75 No.47167

Torc already died once there, he can go die again another day

9e8dd No.47168

lenos's faggot is dealing with a nasty migraine and cant look at the screen anylonger so he will hand control back to the gm for the time being so that maybe shit can happen

adb75 No.47169

Ugh, sorry to hear that. See you later

e89a3 No.47170

How the fuck do you "accidentally" blind activate a magical device to a specific function?

88c2b No.47171

In a not dissimilar manner, GM begins stacking his books and sorting his paper-stack after about 2 weeks of off-and-on, unrestricted gaming.
The story is a little bit knotted and will need to be untied at some point, but there will be all week for that as we resume a sane more consistent schedule. I'm not leaving yet, but I just cracked my last beer.
With a 20 unfortunately.

e89a3 No.47172

I'm calling bullshit
"You must consciously choose which requirement to emulate. That is, you must know what you are trying to emulate when you make a Use Magic Device check for that purpose."

And since when are skill checks able to be done in attacks of opportunity?

88c2b No.47173

I suggest taking time to categorize/itemize acquisitions (loot), resources (loot+), and abilities (lvl+).
Don't worry, he's grossly over-estimating Tracy's comprehesion of which button does what, and I haven't yet brought in the extended chart. One roll won't be too bad.

e89a3 No.47174

Without Lenos being here, can I get a Lenos-check on the half-plate armor?

And the Robe?

And the Potion?

And the scroll?

e89a3 No.47175

Also, I know there's not really a way I can make this seem sincere, but sorry for causing so much shit

88c2b No.47176

The Scroll is Confusion CL 7th
The Potion is Displacement
There are three goats remaining.
The Tome is Understanding +3
Staff of Abjuration (prev. fight)
Orb of Storms (p.f.)
Magnificent Half-Plate +4 (+3 Cha)
Cloak of Resistence +2
Ring of Fire Resistance +10
Brooch of Shielding

I know that many are redundant, but there are lots of items that are unused/unexamined. Thank you for Tracy using the sword-wind, it makes for great sea-battles too (wind sails and all).

e89a3 No.47177

I'd like to take the half plate and offer the +19 spell resistance full plate to Infernius

>The scroll really is of confusion


88c2b No.47178

File: 1516074432319-0.png (75.6 KB, 1000x728, 1249795.png)

File: 1516074432319-1.png (203.2 KB, 1600x958, pinkie_pie_wants_hugs_by_o….png)

File: 1516074432319-2.png (258.03 KB, 858x930, pinkie_hugs_dashie_by_grox….png)

adb75 No.47179

What does my long horned goat do?

88c2b No.47180

adb75 No.47181

I forgive you ya little shit
>armor is Charisma
>Torc can't wear armor
End my suffering
I'll take that potion though. Could prove useful.
Spellcraft check for staffs spells? 1d20+18[ 1d20+18 = 25 ]
I made the right fucking choice then

9dedd No.47182

File: 1516075239680.png (322.23 KB, 2320x4000, 1354667207705.png)

WARNING: Toxic levels of Blogpost

"Mrs. Sentry" is going to have to go on maternity leave for quite a while, as her faggot sorts out the remainder of his life.
Tracy's birds are in their personal room with a lifetime's supply of dried elephant meat. Please walk/fly them, even if they're just imaginary..
I'm sorry guys, but I've been putting this off for a while now.. I've had a great time playing with all of you, and I would've liked to act-out and imagine Tracy's baby; but I've got some important things to do that will make my current daily schedule/lifestyle impossible.

Trump's faggot please perma-ban this IP, from all boards. I know I'll come crawling back later, but I can't afford to be distracted by irresistible nazi-ponies, before this body fails me…
*contemplates deleting whole comment and going back to playing*

5bc29 No.47183

I'm sorry to you as well

adb75 No.47184

See you later friend, I'll miss you until you return.
It was fun, thanks for putting up with our autism.

88c2b No.47185

Thank you for contributing your time, intention, ingenuity, autism, and loads of other elements for all this time. If this venture has in any way led to dysfunction - and I say that without judgement - I apologize. I hope you are more creative and tenacious now than you were when we started.

adb75 No.47186

Fuck, now I'm realy fucking sad.
I'm… I'm gonna come back to this in the morning.
Tracy's faggot before you go, I just want you to know it was great fun to play with you. You'll always be one of the ones that gave me my first d&d experience, and I thank you for that. I hope you can sort out what you need too, and return sometime even if it's just to say hi and talk a bit.

88c2b No.47188

"I,… knew it was inevitable. You've all been so accommodating, you don't even know. I've been waiting for a white flag for some time. No criticism, I knew it could never be maintained indefinitely."

adb75 No.47189

File: 1516077577558.png (29.29 KB, 400x400, 1493925868000.png)

5bc29 No.47190

Again, I'm sorry. I know it's me specifically. I figured one of us would eventually drive the other away

adb75 No.47191

No, I don't think it was you. I think it was circumstances outside his control, and it just happened to occur after you two bickered a bit. Don't blame yourself, it won't help.

88c2b No.47192

>>47189 ikr?
I doubt players are a/the issue. I hope not at least. In any case, this thread has another 700 posts before molding over. Players are still permitted and I will continue to monitor, but a re-evaluation is in order desu.

88c2b No.47193

88c2b No.47194

88c2b No.47197

b52eb No.47198

File: 1516104877525-0.jpeg (30.42 KB, 474x474, th (1).jpeg)

File: 1516104877525-1.jpg (28.21 KB, 600x557, 1505070839740-4.jpg)

File: 1516104877525-2.png (89.03 KB, 604x694, 1505070746100-3.png)

File: 1516104877525-3.png (302.55 KB, 724x669, 1505026172875-1.png)

Thank you.
I will sincerely miss you, i teard up reading your blog-post. I've had fun with you and tracy over the last few months. I wish you well and when you get your life back on track come back and post okay? Infernuis is be heartbroken.the tears are flowing now. i Dont know if you are still here but heres my best feels

88c2b No.47199

File: 1516111962998.png (193.3 KB, 500x489, wojak-hoodie-4857993.png)

adb75 No.47200

>tfw when our party will never be the same without the poner murder-hobo
>tfw gamenight will never be the same without Tracy's faggot posting the d&d memes
I don't think we'll ever be able to even

88c2b No.47201

File: 1516114479927.jpg (79.9 KB, 625x415, enhanced-5037-1406834313-8.jpg)

Thats not true, we'll be able to even-tually Ha!
Posting cute spooder w/ cute spooder

e89a3 No.47202

File: 1516139165096.gif (770.27 KB, 450x253, sig-4670161.sig-4667393.e1….gif)

I'm sorry

I'll be nicer to you, I promise

88c2b No.47203

I doubt you are the significant motivator for about 5 different reasons, that without knowing anon's story

e89a3 No.47204

Why do you say that?

88c2b No.47205

Because its true. One can only rigorously devote themselves to a vast and cross-referencing engine like this before realizing ways of applying it in their own situation. There have been several times I've found that some degree of involvement in the game was at the expense of something I could/should have been addressing, not consciously but nesciently.

b52eb No.47206

How does one apply stuff from here into meatspace?

b52eb No.47207

Dubs confirm.

7a625 No.47208

That's one hell of a long answer, but I'll try and articulate.

e89a3 No.47209

File: 1516150056675.png (2.47 MB, 2048x2048, 1512632098297.png)

b52eb No.47210

File: 1516150639500.png (81.48 KB, 640x360, 1513203325328.png)

adb75 No.47211

GM, I fucking swear if you pulls a fucking dimeterium cage on Torc I will go stabby-stabby

e89a3 No.47212

He might as well stab, since he ain't gonna be using his magic, that's for sure

adb75 No.47213

File: 1516158991375.gif (2.05 MB, 450x450, 1489433459558.gif)

e89a3 No.47214

Daggers are one of the few weapons he's proficient with, so it makes sense to get stabby

3a93a No.47215

Kek, this.

adb75 No.47216

>stick size changing dagger in lock

e89a3 No.47217

The missing step is that the lock is also made of dimetrium, so the dagger doesn't grow, and the sorcerer is sold as a sex slave

adb75 No.47218

b52eb No.47219

>inb4 horny female orcs

7a625 No.47220

There could be, really easily

e89a3 No.47221

At least he won't be held hostage and under the threat of rape from griffons, or possibly dragons… again

That post was made at the point in the movie where Twilight was held in a cage[/s]

adb75 No.47222

>terrified screaming

b52eb No.47223

Be very afraid.

b52eb No.47224

Torc is rape personified.

7a625 No.47225


adb75 No.47226

I hate both of you

e89a3 No.47227

*Rape victimhood

Reee! That's supposed to be my thing

e89a3 No.47228

File: 1516166078080.png (3.14 MB, 3567x4488, 1506055721033-2.png)

b52eb No.47229

Im used to being the bad guy

adb75 No.47233

Did Snek get any lvls from the mummies?

e89a3 No.47234

But it was only one encounter

adb75 No.47235

True, but Snek is still lvl 1, and I'm assuming that the mummies aren't exactly low leveled

b52eb No.47236

Level 1?

e89a3 No.47237

I'm not sure how advancement of monsters goes, but I think the racial hit die are counted as character levels for the purpose of xp, so that Snek, with 11 racial hit die and a level in rogue, would essentially be going from level 12 to 13, which is like ~13000 xp

adb75 No.47238

So, in other words he is a level 11 snake and a level 1 rogue, meaning he would level up to 13 next making 11 lvls in snek and 2 in rouge?

b52eb No.47239

He's a level of 11 rouge and shieeeeeeeeeeet.

b52eb No.47240

adb75 No.47241

Don't tempt me with that

b52eb No.47242

Doot Doot

e89a3 No.47243

That's why homebrew is dangerous. The people who created it don't even know what it does

>The party merchant was pissed, as he had spent a whole month world-building

I can sympathize

The essence of cancer is uncontrolled reproduction. And some memes can be pretty cancerous

b52eb No.47244

That wasnt homebrew he used spellcraft.

e89a3 No.47245

To summon skeleton summoner summoners?

9dedd No.47246

File: 1516217434383-0.jpg (17.94 KB, 205x250, thumb.jpg)

I said ban this IP, goddammit.
Now I'm upset.

e89a3 No.47247

File: 1516217776452-0.png (160 KB, 1536x2100, 628557__safe_oc_oc only_oc….png)

File: 1516217776452-1.jpg (23.54 KB, 212x320, The Ride never ends for an….jpg)

File: 1516217776452-2.jpg (81.2 KB, 387x500, 618eMeqTOxL.jpg)

I'm not sure you understand how the ride works, anon

b52eb No.47248

Its good to hear from you anon. How are you?

b52eb No.47249

Yea that can be achieved with a high enough spellcraft bonus.

9dedd No.47250

File: 1516219007577.jpg (1.4 MB, 1523x1970, waking up.jpg)


WARNING: Critical Blogpost Radiation; Contagious Emofaggotry Inbound
I was hoping having nothing to do all day would help me finally find the motivation to make a few last amends to people who were close to me, but I'm not in a state where I can move very easily, yet alone travel…In the past few days, it's been made pretty brutally clear that the people who could've/would've visited would've come when I invited them all over the holidays, so I guess I'm probably never seeing those guys any time soon..

So, it looks like I really do have a while to myself to watch pirated videos and shitpost about nazipones after all..

9dedd No.47251

After Epic level, Spekllcasters can use spellcraft and seeds to invent their own spells that rival divine powers. They're so costly, they're impractical, but literally anything is possible.
That guy's spell probably lifted the restriction on summoned monsters being able to summon other monsters (normally they cannot).

9dedd No.47252

I've been better, but that's not important.
What happened while I was gone?

b52eb No.47253

Nothing. We've been devastated.

e89a3 No.47254

File: 1516219843514.png (98.79 KB, 399x600, 741.png)

I missed you anon

I lost all of my friends when I graduated college. Stayed on good terms, we just all moved to different cities and states and countries… I only made one close friend in law school, and even then I rarely see him now that we have different schedulesI know the feeling of "it would have been clear in the past few days," from the large number of callbacks I never received from interviews..

e89a3 No.47255

File: 1516220055405.png (3.71 MB, 3000x2000, 897007__safe_artist-colon-….png)

9dedd No.47256

Well dammit…
Is Thez still stoned?

9dedd No.47257

Tbh, I was going to propose a homebrew necromancy spell that allowed spellcasters to use the XP of another willing PC for the costs associated with high-level spells, albeit with an increased casting time but I haven't finished writing it.

b52eb No.47258

Yea i was gonna use ethereal jaunt when gm got on.

e89a3 No.47259

File: 1516220475267.jpg (64.66 KB, 640x326, When no one was looking fl….jpg)

Lenos found her. There have been no plot advancements. What did you think was going to happen?

Just so long as I can get greater magic fang for Fae

9dedd No.47260

File: 1516220577077-0.png (102.42 KB, 305x228, 977065_396c8ba5905d4cf8a46….png)

File: 1516220577077-1.jpg (569.18 KB, 1128x963, murderhobos.jpg)

File: 1516220577077-2.jpg (104.3 KB, 750x600, YyRRcZH.jpg)

File: 1516220577077-3.jpg (64.95 KB, 500x500, il_570xN.866122555_6j3x.jpg)

File: 1516220577077-4.png (221.63 KB, 500x669, rpg-murder-hobo-flow-chart….png)

Some classic RPG Murder-Hobo memes in consolation for all that drama earlier.

9dedd No.47261

Magic fang is one of the spells that can be made permanent in canon.
Seeing as how only Sorcerers and Wizards get Permanence, it was probably listed with the intent to buff familiars.

9dedd No.47262

File: 1516220826880-0.jpg (45.98 KB, 430x518, 45f10e6ba847f6b0b95d97fd08….jpg)

File: 1516220826880-1.png (281.3 KB, 1280x457, tumblr_ne339aqkOg1qevmcbo1….png)

File: 1516220826880-2.jpg (39.07 KB, 600x668, rpg_flowchart.jpg)

File: 1516220826880-3.png (52.34 KB, 500x646, 20160531.png)

File: 1516220826880-4.jpg (94.52 KB, 750x600, 097.jpg)

9dedd No.47263

File: 1516220965574-0.png (59.18 KB, 500x646, 20170725.png)

File: 1516220965574-1.jpg (572.85 KB, 1875x927, Murder_hobos_by_markatron2….jpg)

File: 1516220965574-2.png (95.47 KB, 500x391, wereratsscantinfesta-villa….png)

File: 1516220965574-3.jpg (53.66 KB, 480x547, DnD-Memes-conscience.jpg)

File: 1516220965574-4.jpg (445.2 KB, 864x531, catmurderhobo.jpg)

b52eb No.47264

Pic 4 is begging for a party edit.

9dedd No.47265

File: 1516221176422-0.png (71.46 KB, 500x646, 20160310.png)

File: 1516221176422-1.jpg (69.58 KB, 400x400, BAHww8X.jpg)

File: 1516221176422-2.jpg (87.03 KB, 720x480, uZbZpaA.jpg)

File: 1516221176422-3.jpg (22.46 KB, 450x254, murderhobos (1).jpg)

File: 1516221176422-4.jpg (154.13 KB, 750x600, fw52cy.jpg)

9dedd No.47266

Tbh, Murder-hobo is the style I wanted to play from the beginning. This seditarty play-style is a bit too lawful for me.

e89a3 No.47267

Add "public lewdness" to our list

>tfw having sex with a horse where other people can see it is just about the only way sex with horses is illegal in this state

Best state

Reee! I don't want to kill the NPCs. I want to own them

b52eb No.47268

Yea i knew that was your play style.

9dedd No.47269

File: 1516221797744-0.jpg (7.87 KB, 266x189, Murderhobo.jpg)

The problem is that I can't just have her kill everyone to cover tracks because that'll cause drama with Trump's faggot.
I want her to blaze from place to place, consuming everything in her path, grinding XP quickly and gaining ebin loot from the NPCs she kills.
Recently, I've mostly just felt like a craft-farmer.

9dedd No.47270

>I want to own them
Should've been a PoT then, desu.

9dedd No.47271

If he retained his monster hit dice, he'd probably level-up deadly-slow.

e89a3 No.47272

File: 1516222475713.png (1.91 MB, 1680x1120, 241243__grimdark_artist-co….png)

You know, conquest and travelling-mass-murder are not mutually exclusive by any means

Suffer not the Heretic nor the Xenos to live, just let me keep my Imperium of Man

>There are entire tribes of Fire Giants, with sorcerers and 30 members and pet dragons and trolls and hell-hounds

>Entire Kibbutz of Griffons

>A whole damned pyramid in the harbor full of vampires, lichs, and other delightful fellows

b52eb No.47273

Infernuis wants to protect all the Europeans though. Can i ask you limit the murdering to shit skins?

9dedd No.47275

It depends whether or not they have cool stuff to give me.

e89a3 No.47276

File: 1516222723256.jpg (173.27 KB, 652x724, 1507334921623.jpg)


I want my Paladin to be the Savior of Mankind. But everything else, stabby stabby stabby your black heart out

9dedd No.47277

It's not an adventure if you don't go anywhere.

e89a3 No.47278

Have you not noticed that everywhere tends to come to us?

b52eb No.47279

When you say that do you mean inside of the nation state?

9dedd No.47280

Also, did we get enough XP from the last fight for a permanent spell?
That's only because we stay in one place the whole time and wait for stuff to be thrown at us.

9dedd No.47281

What nation state?

9dedd No.47282


9dedd No.47283

I just had her go hunting. What's the problem?

e89a3 No.47284

That's not a reasonable question

I wanna go Dragon hunting damn it

I calculated it out to be about 580 xp or something like that for the player characters

9dedd No.47285

9dedd No.47286

Answer the question, dammit.

e89a3 No.47287

Phasing triggers me

You're in the middle of an undead invasion anyways, so it's unwise

9dedd No.47288

I'll take the risk.

e89a3 No.47289

GM implied very long ago the power is nerfed >>19098

b52eb No.47290

The nation state ive established for us on communist blood.

9dedd No.47291

Then let him nerf it.
Nothing more will be said about it if it's always deleted.

e89a3 No.47292

You've been back an hour. Why are you already picking fights?

9dedd No.47293

You mean the remains of Durpistan?
Might be better to just slash and burn your own village in the forest, desu. The infrastructure was built by commies after all.Jk, it's great idea.
Actually, can I roll a profession check to open a ranch in meadow by the forest?

What attributes to "picking fights" to you?

e89a3 No.47294


Durpistan has more than the usual share of farmland. Strong agribusiness could grow great cash crops there. We could have like a brewery and stuff besides the mine

9dedd No.47295

The forest isn't that far from the port.

Also, answer my question about picking fights.

e89a3 No.47296

I did not understand the grammar of your question. Were you asking "why are you claiming I am picking fights"?

>forest is nearby

That's my point. It's substantially closer to the tower than the Port is

9dedd No.47297

I know you can roll profession to make a living in a vocation, but does that apply to opening your own venues? I didn't put those rank into it for nothing.
That area of the forest could be cleared pretty easily easily. I want her to start with horses.

9dedd No.47298

>"why are you claiming I am picking fights"?
I cannot tell what your issue is.

e89a3 No.47299

Why else would you say "phases through the floor" unless that was a deliberate challenge to me?

GM implied we could use it that way

9dedd No.47300

>would you say "phases through the floor"
Because if I could do that, I'd do it whenever I could. I'm ratherfond of the ability, and the image of a blue pony randomly coming up through the floor just because she can makes me smile.
I don't need your permission to use the abilities Tracy has in game, and using them for mundane reasons should not count as "picking a fight".
>GM implied we could use it that way
What was the DC to open a church again? I think a Ranch shouldn't be any higher than that.

e89a3 No.47301

>Because if I could do that, I'd do it whenever I could.
No shit. You use it as a crux, you use it in place of story, and worst of all, you use it to steal from the rest of us. That's why it ought to be nerfed

b52eb No.47302

Yea we could grow corn,potatos,carrots,cabbages to feed port barry and we could plat apples and lemons and limes to fight scurvy.
I like that idea.

b52eb No.47303

The tower is just outsude the town.

e89a3 No.47304

Sexy choice

>lemons and limes
Sadly, I think the climate just might be too temperate for lemons and limes. Or maybe Im wrong, I'm not sure. But hemp and flax are nice cold weather crops for cloth and paper production. And cotton is a nice warm weather crop. Barley for beer is another one but I also like Prohibition[/s]

It used to be 30 minutes away. Maybe it's been moved closer

9dedd No.47305

Let GM nerf it when it's appropriate. You're not the boss of this game.
I did nothing disruptive, so there's no reason for you to get triggered about it.
>you use it to steal from the rest of us
That happened once. And I didn't even intend to keep it; it was trolling.
I don't need phasing to do that either, if I actually wanted to: she could steal the shirts off your backs with a simple Sleight of Hand check, but there'd be no point to doing that.
>You use it as a crux
And you use your talking mount to reach and administrate a whole church.

You do what you want and I'll do what I want.

9dedd No.47306

*preach and administrate

e89a3 No.47307

Then use sleight of hand and stealth. Play a rogue, not an SCP

9dedd No.47308

I haven't had anyone to steal from yet.
>Play a rogue, not an SCP
I'll play whatever I want.

e89a3 No.47309

You've tried to squeeze like four or so Supernatural Abilities out of this

>No one to steal from

What the hell was that set of stunts with the rod?

Then I'll delete whatever I want

b52eb No.47310

Children chill out.

9dedd No.47311

>What the hell was that set of stunts with the rod?
>I'll delete whatever I want
>Accuses other player of picking fights.

9dedd No.47312

How much XP does an item cost to create per gp?

e89a3 No.47313

What item?

9dedd No.47314

What's the metric?

adb75 No.47315

>Get back
>Tracy's faggot has return
>gets right back to fighting with Trump
Ah, how predictable

e89a3 No.47316

File: 1516226363933.png (465.37 KB, 1000x1000, 829805__explicit_semi-dash….png)

Hard to say. I do not believe they were intended to be interchangeable

Let's tone down the item creation for the moment, since it makes treasure less exciting. We have two more doors to open before we even begin to get to the bosses. I want more encounters

*Detect evil*
It was a heart-felt reunion

9dedd No.47317

>it makes treasure less exciting
What if I want specific treasures?

adb75 No.47318

Good to have you back
Glad to hear

e89a3 No.47319

Then we'll both know that we haven't found it, and you'll have time to get that specific item, after the Dungeon that poses an immanent threat is cleared

*detect evil*

9dedd No.47320

Eh, I'llndecide what I want to do later on.

9dedd No.47321

Where are the characters atm?

e89a3 No.47322

Do you want to go dungeon exploring? I like killing mummies and shit, and we've got several more rooms to clear. Also, some of this loot is just amazing, like that Suit of Armor.

*detect evil*

9dedd No.47323

I think I'd rather have her do a bit of stuff on her own, desu.
Why do you keep detecting?

b52eb No.47324

Infernuis is on the airship.

e89a3 No.47325

They haven't moved from their previous positions. I was going to have Trumpaladin walk the birds but you weren't gone that long

You're serious? You've got a character designed to search for traps and work dungeons and our GM has put together a grand set of places to play through, but instead you want to say "lol fuck your dungeons GM I'm going to make you create more challenges specifically for me right now"?

b52eb No.47326

Which armor did you give me again?

I Dont suppose anyone saved my .txt file did they?

adb75 No.47327

File: 1516227131003.jpg (33.97 KB, 640x565, T5CoWrQ_d.jpg)

We need a Trumpaladin version of pic related
So is Torc

e89a3 No.47328

Dice rollRolled 6 - 14

Dice rollRolled 12 - 14

*Moves stealthily*
Rolling for move silently and Hide

Trumpaladin's old Armor is a set of Full Plate armor with +19 spell resistance

adb75 No.47329

-14? You're fucked

e89a3 No.47330

Dice rollRolled 18 - 14

Dice rollRolled 1 - 14

*Moves Stealthily, even though I don't think there's any cover to hide in. Also he can only move like 10 feet a round*

Armor Check penalty stacks

e89a3 No.47331

A loud clanking sound, like throwing a tool box down a stairs and knocking over a china cabinet, is heard throughout the tower

b52eb No.47332

Jej! If i had some materials i would do it.

9dedd No.47333

What's with the detection?

e89a3 No.47334

Dice rollRolled 11 - 14

Dice rollRolled 19 - 14

Trumpaladin collects himself from the heap at the bottom of the stairs, puts out the fire he managed to set on himself, and continues

*moves stealthy*


9dedd No.47335

e89a3 No.47336

File: 1516228178030.png (590.06 KB, 1130x706, equestrian_inquisition__ml….png)

Dice rollRolled 15 + 23

"Nopony expects the Trumpaladin Inquisition!"


9dedd No.47337

Tracy is still in the woods hunting owlbears, until I can reintroduce her.

Also, I think I might just play her as Chaotic Neutral again, since it'd be easier for stealth, and Neither BG or Assassin have advancement restrictions on alignment.

e89a3 No.47338

Dice rollRolled 5 + 23

You had her come back and deliver a corpse. She's hugged

Rolling to continue hug

e89a3 No.47339

>Until I reintroduce her

9dedd No.47340

The comment where I had her re-enter the scene.

e89a3 No.47341

File: 1516228852228.png (1.09 MB, 2041x1821, 1504288825213.png)

*hugs an absent Tracy*

"I missed you…"

e89a3 No.47342

File: 1516229453226.png (295.37 KB, 3650x2500, 1121386__safe_artist-colon….png)

"I don't want to lose you"

9dedd No.47343

*materializes in front of him*

e89a3 No.47344


9dedd No.47345

*licks nose where boop was done*

e89a3 No.47346

*pets pony and licks back*

9dedd No.47347

[happy pony noises]
*nuzzles chest*

e89a3 No.47348

Dice rollRolled 9 + 23



9dedd No.47349

>Attack of opportunity

e89a3 No.47350

Dice rollRolled 4, 9, 5, 11 = 29



9dedd No.47351

*rolls over and giggles, hooves pawing the air*

e89a3 No.47352


"Now where have you been?"

9dedd No.47353

File: 1516230328840.jpg (1.36 MB, 1360x1748, bearhunting.jpg)

Where was he when he was looking for Tracy?
*wipes traces of blood off of her muzzle*

e89a3 No.47354

I… Don't know. Time is weird here

"Now what are you hunting and why is its blood on your muzzle?"

*seems proud of himself*

"I killed two elephants"

e89a3 No.47355

Oh. You said "where." I would assume to the location specified earlier, where the owl bear was dropped off. I think That's her room. If not, then probably in the vicinity of the airship or on it. Maybe he returned to the bar area

9dedd No.47356

"Some hairy beaked thingy I saw in the woods."
*shows head through bag*
"I normally only hunt on weekends, but this little glutton just always wants moar protein lately."
*holds abdomen*
Say they're in the tower.

e89a3 No.47357

"That's… that's a strange new animal I've never seen before. If you're craving meat we have four elephant corpses that haven't been touched yet.

Also, we have meat of our own"

*Holds up Trump brand Angus Steak, smiling as he does so, like he's posing for commercial or a cover image*

"And we can cook it"

9dedd No.47358

Infernius should Awaken Sparkle before the party delves the dungeon again.

e89a3 No.47359

e89a3 No.47360

>Spakles reveals his last name to be Menendez-Alvaro
>Was smuggled in by pirates, he claims without his consent, at a very early age

9dedd No.47361

Hey, at the risk of sounding like a metafaggot, where does the meat for the steakhouse come from? Is there a ranch/farm near here?
Also, how are the Generals and Gestapo paid? Sure, they're willing followers, but they have to eat and sleep too.

9dedd No.47362

File: 1516231332496-0.jpg (76.82 KB, 634x681, 264DEB2C00000578-2978965-M….jpg)

I want to develop awesome hitler-doggo's character sooner rather than later.
Also, Infernius should probably use Commune With Nature first, to test if he's worth awakening.

b52eb No.47363

File: 1516231563348.jpg (24.8 KB, 480x270, 1515800723762.jpg)

e89a3 No.47364

Well, there are a few possible options. Port Barry itself has farmland surrounding it. Presumably at least some of the city's food supply comes in this way. It's also at a trading cross roads, so importation would be easy. But really, it would be very easy just to send a bus boy to the tower and retrieve free steak from its replicator. At least the steak served in the Tower is probably replicator

>Payment for the Generals

My original intention was that the American Football League would collect tithes basically like a real church, except of course it's a football league, so it's more like cable subscriptions. That and merchandising. Tickets are still free. I also set up Trumpaladin to have partial ownership in industries which would give an income based off of capital. But these were paid for by loans, so interest payments kind of balances it out. And if all that fails, just use treasure money. I looked up prices of things and they mostly aren't that expensive even for many people. The Kiynen money would last many weeks.

Alejandro Menendez-Alvaro will be a fun character to add

9dedd No.47365

Clerics can't have familiars, but Adepts can get them at lvl 2. So If he's an NPC worth having, Infernius can be his familiar.
What's with the Spic name though? He's German.

9dedd No.47366

I want to hire a spellcaster to craft shit for Tracy.

9dedd No.47367

>it would be very easy just to send a bus boy to the tower and retrieve free steak from its replicator.
Anon.. isn't that cheating?

e89a3 No.47368

Well adepts are combinations of several spell casting classes

>Appropriate name

GM said he is a Chihuahua

I'm not perfectly sure what we can do with NPCs, although I think it's very difficult to find high level NPC spell casters. I would like a very basic adept for the Generals to cast "bless" and basic buff spells.

Hire Torcuil. He needs a job

GM needs to learn why it's dangerous to give so much haxx

b52eb No.47369

Torc is a memeber of my gestapo.

9dedd No.47370

>I think it's very difficult to find high level NPC spell casters.
Not according to what I see on the wikis, they're just somewhat expensive. I'm not looking for any kind of spell further than third lvl anyway.
>I would like a very basic adept for the Generals to cast "bless" and basic buff spells.
Both you and Infernius have that spell. It's what the religious PCs do before the start of every battle.

e89a3 No.47371

Well give him more work to do

>We have that spell
And so does Fae. I want someone to be able to cast it right there and go through the process of distributing arrows and such while I'm a hell of a lot closer to the center of the action

9dedd No.47372

>someone to be able to cast it right there and go through the process of distributing arrows
What does that have to do with Bless?
Also, you're the only PC who uses a bow.

b52eb No.47373

Hes supposed to be studying rocketry.

9dedd No.47374

Do sorcerers get knowledge engineering?

b52eb No.47375

I suppose.

e89a3 No.47376

I see the spell I really wanted - magic weapon - is not available to adepts of any level. Eh, the +1 bonus on attack rolls from having an adept makes it worth it

>Giving an employee paid leave to "study"

9dedd No.47377

Tracy has Magic Weapon.

b52eb No.47378

Its not paid leave hes magical support. And i thought you imto space?

e89a3 No.47379

Then I'll ask a stupid question - does she have any interest in buffing Bows or Bolts for NPC archers before larger battles so they can overcome damage reduction

9dedd No.47380

Magic Weapon doesn't last long. You're looking for actual magic weapons.
She can only use it once a day too.

e89a3 No.47381

Yeah it's one minute per caster level… I think. At least a minute is 10 rounds, so there could be time to cast it and move into place before an initiative roll and still have it last for a battle.

It's a Glory Domain spell, level 2, so i believe Fae will be able to cast it when she reaches Cleric Level 3, and since "Glory" is one of the two domains (the other being Law) I thought would be good choices for Elway-Columbia

>Actual Magic Weapons

I think those are relatively difficult to obtain. At least to obtain in quantity. Slovenia or someone can probably produce a decent number of Masterwork bows though

9dedd No.47382

It only lasts 1 minute per caster level.
It's literally only meant for a character to be able to attack a monster with huge DR.
You could, yourself, also use Greater Magick Weapon to buff 50 arrows at once though.

9dedd No.47383

I'm pretty sure Clerics can't be polytheistic, or at least they can't choose domains from multiple deities.
Gllory is definitely Elway's domain though.

e89a3 No.47384

That's really all I need though

>Greater magic weapon for 50 arrows

Now that'll work!

9dedd No.47385

I wish the BG spell list were as big as a Paladin of Slaughter's.. Sure, it's a prestige class, so it nerfed, but they could've given it Unholy Sword.
Then again, I guess that spell didn't exist when the class was written.

e89a3 No.47386

But anon, it's not Polytheism, it's the Holy Trinity! Football, American, Elway. Or the Son, Holy Spirit and Father respectively.

9dedd No.47387

Multiform deities are treated as one god and have the same domain.

e89a3 No.47388

Well that was my idea

9dedd No.47389

I looked into deities quite a bit after killing Kefka, but didn't look very much into the worship aspect.

9dedd No.47390

I found a UA page that Torc might want to read:

9dedd No.47391

The books don't seem to give very much guidance on worship or building religions. You'd think they'd try to help-out Cleric PCs a bit.

7a625 No.47392

File: 1516236901009.gif (154.33 KB, 281x281, 927720-20animated_gif20app….gif)

Will update shortly

9dedd No.47393

*humps leg*

adb75 No.47395

Wait, what is Torc getting hired for?
Yo, thanks for the page.
Now a question for GM when he gets back about it. You said Mr. Snek counts as Torc's familier, and of course Snek is also an item cause snek steff. What would happen if the staff became a item familier?

9dedd No.47397

Hey, can Etherealness be used to materialize ethereal objects? I assume it can, since Devourers use that ability to travel to the material plane.

9dedd No.47398

Tbh, idk about Snek. He seems to bend established norms in several places.

7a625 No.47399

"Oooh, crookneck squash, and brussel sprouts, and asparagus!"
That's the first post we're responding to?
>two more
Yes. Only two. DEFINITELY not more.
>item familiar
A what now?
Yes. Objects get no saving throw.
Oh cuz that's new for this thread,….

9dedd No.47400

>not new
Wasn't say that was new, I just don't know how to apply stuff to him.
Does that Item Familiar UA apply?

9dedd No.47401

>what now
I was reading Unearthed Arcana and saw a variant familiars page: >>47390

adb75 No.47402

See >>47390
>yes I'm aware the answer will probaly be no

7a625 No.47403

I contest this. It should be Football, the Denver Broncos, and Elway
Please do, I've been melancholy for days wondering if Thez' grand conclusion was gonna be turned into an ethereal statue and lost to time.
I know those feels all too well. I'm sorry about the circumstances, but I would be quite the liar if I said I wasn't overjoyed to see dozens of "Mrs. Sentry" as I scrolled the recent posts.

7a625 No.47404

I've only skimmed it, but desu that seems the optimal way to explain Snek as an item/familiar/npc/mobile pistol turret

9dedd No.47406

If he were made intelligent, he could transform into Snek at will.

7a625 No.47407

Again, I've only skimmed, but conceptually that doesn't sound disagreeable

adb75 No.47408

Okay, I have the stupidest question that will be asked all night.
How much bludgeon damage would Snek do if he was swung at an opponient from above?
Also, could Snek wheear a singular ring on his tail?

9dedd No.47409

Can Tracy wear a ring on her tail too?

7a625 No.47410

I'll allow it. Rings don't have to be worn on the hand, though outside a (what's it) Magic Hand, one can still only use 2 at a time.
>bludgeon damage
Is he in Snek form?

e89a3 No.47411

Pony tails don't work that way. Unless it's going on her dock. I can see that

9dedd No.47412

>How much bludgeon damage
Snek is a +1 Quarterstaff, and wizards are proficient in staffs.
tl;dr enough to be considered a decent weapon, despite your weak-ass NEET arms.
>what's it
You mean a Hand of Glory?

9dedd No.47413

Hey, since Kang Doot is still kicking, does that mean the curse on his arms are still active? I want to use his arms to make Mummy Rot weapons.

e89a3 No.47414

That's a good thing, because he'll need it when he's trapped in a Dimetrium cage and about to be sold as a sex slave by Griffons

7a625 No.47415

That's the one.
I know it was only a few days, but gawd I missed you. Yes, his arms are still heinous. One of them is missing (unless recovered), but he's still got one dangling from a small chunk of 'flesh'.
That's what I had imagined

adb75 No.47416

No no no, damage as a snek

9dedd No.47417

Some monsters, like Hecatoncheires, have abilities that make them immune to almost all weapons except those tempered with the blood of a deity: does that imply that god blood can be used as an ingredient to craft superior weapons?
She definitely would've taken those arms.
Improvised weapon. You'd do more damage with the dagger.

7a625 No.47418

I'm confused. Are you wielding a Snek as a weapon, or are you asking his unarmed melee damage?

e89a3 No.47419

Dice rollRolled 19 + 23

Alright, this is probably a terrible idea, but fuck it

Grabs tail of pony

adb75 No.47420

But he's fucking huge
>Snek as a weapon
That's exactly what I'm asking. If I somehow used snek as a club, how much damage would he do?

b52eb No.47421

Am i on the ethereal plane?

9dedd No.47422

Dice rollRolled 13, 18 = 31

*involuntary, instinctive kick* (sorry)

e89a3 No.47423


Just retrieve Thez, get out of there before you get soul sucked by part of the undead army waiting there, and get her where she can be de-stoned

b52eb No.47424

Thats the plan.

9dedd No.47425

>he's fucking huge
YUGE weapons would be impossible for medium characters like Torc to wield.

b52eb No.47426

Dice rollRolled 20

*boops thez*
*casts break enchantment*

9dedd No.47427

*braces for hurricane*

7a625 No.47428

I didn't see the post where you actually declared his chosen action (nor the lead up where Infernius would have an idea where to even go), but sure. As long as the airship wasn't moved or anything, she should be right there, an oversized statue of a dwelf trying to correct their balance, floating in the middle of the Ethereal plane.

adb75 No.47429

I have a method

7a625 No.47430

D'awww, the audience wants them reunited.

b52eb No.47432

Of course, everyone loves a lub story.

9dedd No.47433

Why do you not want Thez to come back?

b52eb No.47434

Reeeeeeee this.

e89a3 No.47435

Dice rollRolled 6 + 23

Secondary Natural weapons have a -5, so attack fails to land.

pulls pony closer and grabs hair near base

Retrieve your waifu. You, unlike the other one, actually heard from lenos where thez is located and ahve a motivation to get her

9dedd No.47438

Also, take off your armor if you're going to fug her, you AC whore.

7a625 No.47440

You think the Ethereal plane is bad, try finding something in Limbo ~_~

b52eb No.47441

So is thez out of the enchantment?

adb75 No.47442

Fine I will reveal my method for using Snek as a weapon.
1:hold staff by the bottom end.
2:swing staff at enemy
3:transform into mr. Snek and let go
3.5: snek keeps momentum from swing

9dedd No.47443

>attack fails to land
Armor doesn't necessarily make attacks fail to land, it only prevents them from doing damage.

e89a3 No.47444

That was never the intent

e89a3 No.47445

Whatever. For a grapple to fail, the attack has to deal damage

e89a3 No.47447


*releases pony*

7a625 No.47448

Nope. A 20 didn't make the DC for the enchantment. Xp

e89a3 No.47449

Lenos did that already

7a625 No.47450

He did? I missed that one too.

e89a3 No.47451

He cast discern location when Infernius and Trumpaladin asked him to find Thez, and found her

7a625 No.47452

That wouldn't have worked. Discern location doesn't cross planes.

e89a3 No.47453

But you said it did in >>47150

7a625 No.47454

And now I know why. Discern Location does cross-planes.

e1896 No.47455

M8, why do you respond to comments you delet?

578b9 No.47456

I gotta go guys.

e89a3 No.47457

Dice rollRolled 14 + 23

Trying again.

Grabs pony's tail little past the dock, but definitely does not "pick up" the pony, or other wise pull strongly on the tail

You got Thez and rolled a 20 on dispel magic. That's as good as we're likely to get

9dedd No.47458

9dedd No.47459

File: 1516244253883-0.png (99.02 KB, 828x965, angel_bunny_by_moongazepon….png)

GM, would you mind chatting with me in rabbit some time later on?
No hurry; I'd just like to do it some time.

7a625 No.47460

Plz pardon my candor, which one are you?
Sure. Just leave a mention and I'll check

e89a3 No.47461

Hash zQ3r is Infernius from an alternative IP

7a625 No.47462

I have a request I would like to make of all players.

adb75 No.47463


e89a3 No.47464

File: 1516248065565.jpeg (49.43 KB, 548x303, 1504585876918-0.jpeg)


adb75 No.47465

File: 1516248250116.mp4 (489.13 KB, 206x222, 9dh1OtM.mp4)

When are we gonna make one of these?

9dedd No.47466

Soon, I hope.
I wonder if the library has any golem manuals.

7a625 No.47467

Kek, I saw that one
Maybe some,… GM says reluctantly, worried he's authorizing something he isn't fully aware of

adb75 No.47468

But what is your question?

9dedd No.47469

I read that Reincarnation or Wish could be used to change a character's race. Is this accurate? I read it in context of a UA supplement when reading about racial paragons, when it was explaining how the UA was different from normal gameplay, so I'm not sure.
>All hypothetical, no ulterior motives

e89a3 No.47470

File: 1516249397753.png (239.12 KB, 986x935, 1515123195106.png)

>No love for the little pony

9dedd No.47471


adb75 No.47472

I'm not saying I'm now considering doing that.


9dedd No.47473

Wish can technically do anything. And Reincarnate by definition transplants an ego into a new body.

e89a3 No.47474

Do you not enjoy being a filly?

9dedd No.47475

Actually, I'm certain Wish would work.
In fact, Wish is the only spell that can reverse Reincarnate.

7a625 No.47476

Reincarnation, yes. It randomly respawns the character in a new originating story, but with the same previous memories.

adb75 No.47477

I-Is Torc the filly? I thought I was Filly

e89a3 No.47478

Fuck yeah I'll fuck the Scottish Unicorn

You are the filly. You are the filly

adb75 No.47479

>you are the filly

9dedd No.47480

What about Wish? Could it alter the bodies of living creatures, like a permanent Shapechange?

9dedd No.47481

Druid is a strange class.

e89a3 No.47482

File: 1516250148326.png (266.95 KB, 1024x1269, ad463a2c457f27701c572b0d49….png)

Trumpaladin recognizes that all unicorns are for lewds

adb75 No.47483

Sound gay to me

9dedd No.47484

*humps leg*

e89a3 No.47485

File: 1516250327081.gif (24.62 KB, 517x500, 1491118975161.gif)

It's a gay old time alright

9dedd No.47486

File: 1516250432382-0.jpg (10.33 KB, 265x265, lNlTRkGh.jpg)

I'm starting to feel like you're literally bisexual irl, Anon.

e89a3 No.47487


*takes pony's tail*

9dedd No.47488


e89a3 No.47489

You'd think so, but no. It's just fun as fuck to chase after player characters

I mean, I like some mlp stallion on stallion, but that doesn't really count. Right? Right?

"It's okay little pony"

*holds tail hairs close together*

7a625 No.47490

Shall not be infringed

9dedd No.47491

>that spoiler

"Wh-what are you doing with my tail, Flashy?!"

e89a3 No.47492

*puts pony's hind over knee*

"I'm going to see if I can help keep you from getting nearly killed like you did with the mummies"

*takes out a ring of protection secured from Nancy Pelosi (since Torcuil already has one) and starts to run tail hairs though it*

9dedd No.47493

"I.. It's a bit tight.."
".. but it's fine, because it's from ~you.." *dreamy eyes*
Tail remains in air.

7a625 No.47494

>cuz Tracy is the one who almost got killed

9dedd No.47495

GM, have you been rolling our saving throws for fear affects off screen? Several of the enemies we've faced had high DC Frightful Presence, but nobody was ever effected.

e89a3 No.47496

*tries to run hundreds of horse hairs through a simple ring*
*finally gets it on*
*dock is kind of large, a bit too big in circumference to really fit well*
*Contemplates stopping*
*Pony is basically presenting herself to him, so it's excruciating*
*figures, "fuck it" and wraps pony hairs through the ring so its held in place on the end of her tail bone*

"There you go little pony"

*tries to force tailbone down*

She actually did.

9dedd No.47497

Gib custom wedding ring later on, to match your Evasion Ring, so they can easily show they're engaged.
[Greedy faggot noises]
*rubs hands together*

e89a3 No.47498

Serious question, what's even desirable? I would think that a ring of protection is pretty great, just maybe one custom sized to fit on a pony dock and with a higher AC rating

7a625 No.47499

This is the first time you're calling me on being lazy with saving throws? We're what, 6 months in?
Depends on the definition of "killed". Thez and Torcuil also fit the bill.

9dedd No.47500

I'm a faggot. Pls ignore.

e89a3 No.47501

Should she wear her wedding ring on her dog collar or on her dock? Both of them kind of say "I own you" strongly, but in different ways

7a625 No.47502

I'm just saying, there've been PLENTY of saving throws I have deliberately/accidentally nerfed,… its probably a long list by now.
The collar is less lewd desu

e89a3 No.47503

>Less lewd
I feel like what you're trying to say is that both should be used

9dedd No.47504

Ring of Sequestering would be /bestring/ for her, but invisibility would be alright too since Sequestering is a bit expensive.
Wedding ring on tail-dock because lewdness.
Animal Friendship on collar because /mlp/ reference.

7a625 No.47505

Like the time those minions of Soros were supposed to have an aura of nauseum, or the time when (insert numerous opponents) should have cast "(insert nerf-spell)" for the umpteenth time,….
What? Its true,….
There's never a day that goes by that I don't stumble across "Hey, you forgot about this shit!"

7a625 No.47506

e89a3 No.47507

>"A bit expensive"
>Costs 300,000 GP and requires 20 caster levels and an epic feat, costing twice as much as the ring with three Wishes in it
I'll see what I can do for ponfu

I like the ring of protection on the dock though, since it would be of "protection" and would rest over top of her vagina (since it's further down the tail bone) but of course she never practices safe sex and is against it on principle

That's how I'm feeling

Good thing I've buffed up saving throws

7a625 No.47508

Trump turns into a newt. No saving throw. Don't worry, he'll get better by the morning.

e89a3 No.47509


7a625 No.47510

See look? He's back to normal. ^_^
Srsly tho, I have to re-re-re-evaluate now. I'm not complaining, but atm none of it makes sense.

9dedd No.47511

Dice rollRolled 16 + 18

When you Sequester something, you hide it so it's safe and nobody but you can find it or touch it, because it's your special treasure.
*greed intensifies*