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File: 1514965213411.jpg (207.9 KB, 1600x1162, robocop (6).jpg)

7159c No.40838[Last 50 Posts]

Is it a RP thread? Is it a shit/fun-post thread? Is it a bantz thread?
Its all 3. Welcome to Mixed Nuts, where we do wtfe and have fun (mostly) doing it, while doing our best to coerce and manipulate one another and see what kinda shit we can get away with, while seeing what kinda shit we can get one another to do.
Don't deny it faggots.
The party's latest venture was BTFO'ing Ruth Bader Ginsberg, Nancy Pelosi, and Dianne Feinstein (who eats poo BTW). There's still an awful-big building floating in the water, and the party has designs to try and get inside, but I'm not about to even start that shit until the weekend, cuz in true form, the moment I leave for meat-space there's another 200+ posts when I get back.
These faggots,….
Anyhow, please note that while players are called faggots, blatant and obvious and unquestionably gay shit is not permitted. It is role-play, but keep it hetero, or u will die.

New players are welcome, to start or just to pop in and shitpost, but don't get mad when,….
Pic cuz I fucking felt like it. Xp

9c6f4 No.40840

File: 1514965250206-0.png (767.47 KB, 800x564, Sleep_Demon_with_Wings.png)

Nightmarish boop

f2e3b No.40841


f2e3b No.40842

>"Me too!"
D'aww, thez likes Trumpaladin
Thanks for the sword and the belt

>so can fug

I mean, it's nice for the hero to have around a girl to charm


But how?

>Al Thez

Is she like a 9/11 Hijacker?

7159c No.40843

It would be more accurate to say that 9/11 hijackers have incorporated mannerisms and customs of hell, than to suggest the opposite.

eb633 No.40844

File: 1514965689393.png (144.21 KB, 297x399, 1549783__safe_spike_my lit….png)

7159c No.40845

Every time I have to wonder "What was said that I clearly missed because the order is jumbled" or "there's a clear gap in posts" or "Someone's been banned" or,….

7159c No.40846

Again (inb4 reeee) I'm not saying don't, though I don't often agree to why when you do.

f2e3b No.40847

File: 1514965886208.png (807.03 KB, 1280x1120, tumblr_oqf4vocZHo1u4g684o1….png)

>keep it hetero, or u will die.
This rule was clearly made because you are afraid that Trumpaladin will steal your husbando. I am offended at this blatant self-serving

9c6f4 No.40848

*Humps leg*

f2e3b No.40849

See >>40837

But he just sexed her

9c6f4 No.40850

*Humps leg*

7159c No.40851

No, it is entirely to do with that trap-faggot who wanted a tight boi-pussy feat way back. If you can have him, you can have him (but u won't keep him).

f2e3b No.40852

reeeee why is she insatiable

eb633 No.40853

File: 1514966092232-0.png (735.51 KB, 710x625, 1514684338470.png)

File: 1514966092232-1.jpg (141.18 KB, 680x839, 1514684314922.jpg)

9c6f4 No.40854

Why'd he get the nickname "Flash"?
She has the Endurance feat: she cannot be tired-out so easily.

f2e3b No.40855

Because he goes from the 50 yard line to the endzone in a flash of course. He's also gone from your bed the next morning in a flash

f2e3b No.40856

File: 1514966605549.gif (652.47 KB, 853x480, 1127139__safe_screencap_pr….gif)

>You can't keep Infernius
*sad waifu thief noises*

*Shakes pony off leg*

7159c No.40857

"Well, you can try,…."

9c6f4 No.40858

>*Shakes pony of leg*
Lol no

eb633 No.40859


7159c No.40860

"What, you think I'm worried? Threatened? If you seem to be distressed or set upon of course I'll jump in, but who am I to fight your battles for you?"

eb633 No.40861

"hes not saying he wants to fight me."

f2e3b No.40862


*lets her finish*

"My poor pants…"

>She's this cocky, because she knows she has nothing to be worried about

7159c No.40863

"But I thought us being together was degenerate,…."

eb633 No.40864

"i told him no."

7159c No.40865

Smiles affectionately. "And if you're willing to tell Hitler no, why should I worry about Trump's advances?" ^_~

eb633 No.40866

"well ya know."

f2e3b No.40867

>Saying no to Hitler

f2e3b No.40868

File: 1514968639589.jpeg (41.04 KB, 600x600, image.jpeg)

>implying you could resist Trumpaladin's charm

7159c No.40869

"What, are you saying that Trump is more persuasive than Hitler?" she says with mock shock and outrage.

f2e3b No.40870

"I have +34 on Diplomacy checks, you know"

9c6f4 No.40871

File: 1514968733041-0.jpg (18.22 KB, 512x288, photo.jpg)

eb633 No.40872

"no me say me love you and if that means me get cursed so be it."

7159c No.40873

She cuts him off at the 3rd "me" with a deep, long, and passionate kiss,… which is quite a feat for her to surprise him with cuz he's like 2x as tall as she is. "A pity I can't enlarge size anymore,…." she laments when they finally break.

f2e3b No.40874

File: 1514969056255.jpg (69.88 KB, 600x448, 2d6bab3375ac8c8571097b988a….jpg)

>In a choice between following the path of righteousness, and stay with his waifu, he chooses his waifu
You lost me there

9c6f4 No.40876

You don't understand love.

f2e3b No.40877

File: 1514969216773.jpg (68.35 KB, 960x960, heresy.jpg)

You don't understand devotion

7159c No.40878

>talks about devotion
>can't choose just one waifu

f2e3b No.40879

Because he's already devoted to God and Country

eb633 No.40880

infernuis understands both.

7159c No.40881

Pull the other one

9c6f4 No.40882

Lecture me on Devotion when you learn to actually follow your Code of Conduct, Mr. Paladin.

*Goes to bed like he should've 8 hours ago*

f2e3b No.40883

I do follow the code of conduct!

I just have a very liberal God apparently

Pull the other one what?

Then why chose waifu?

7159c No.40884

f2e3b No.40885

Um… pulls leg

eb633 No.40886

cause family.

7159c No.40887

Pull the other one

f2e3b No.40888

Dice rollRolled 15

Um… Grapples pony

7159c No.40889

"And you thought you could seduce Infernius,…."

f2e3b No.40890

"Are you suggesting that if I can't keep my legs clear then I can't seduce him? I'm not sure I see your point"

7159c No.40891

Not my point at all. ^_~

eb633 No.40892

"um thez can me have arms back, me killed a lich solo."

7159c No.40893

Thez wonders out-loud. "Hmmmm. I've already given I'nis the best of my equipment, and I give him my time and affection,… there must be something I can give him,…."
Uhm,… I thought,… she already,… did.
"Something is missing," she says, looking him up and down.

eb633 No.40894

"what is?"

7159c No.40895

Dice rollRolled 6


eb633 No.40896

Dice rollRolled 20

"you call that a grapple?"

7159c No.40897

Kek, we have a winner

eb633 No.40898

"infernuis grapple king."

eb633 No.40899

File: 1514972419307-0.png (266.87 KB, 1069x720, 531867__suggestive_screenc….png)

eb633 No.40900

"mein gott! have you seen norfilly sice the attack?!?"

7159c No.40901

Isn't that Granny Smith in the bottom corner? Meta, but still.
"That was,… quite impressive, Hold on tight,…."
Norfilly has been ahem been seen in and around the website, but has not stopped in to the thread, leading me to consume she's not done gathering sticks. It will be an ebin fasces.

And they're suddenly towards the (outside) top of Trump tower. He's still holding her effectively, with a winning grapple. "So do you wanna fight, or do you wanna ahem wrestle?" She says winking at him.

7159c No.40902


eb633 No.40903

"how about we do it while falling?"

7159c No.40904

Eyes light up, then dart around making obvious mental calculations. Eventually they meet his again, enthusiastically. "Kay!" <whoooof>

And there was free-fall sex, perpetuated almost indefinitely because Thez' teleportation abilities allow her to gradually increase in "top" elevation over time,… meaning that without any other spells or abilities they could essentially do portal-sex. Mmmmmm, portal sex.

eb633 No.40905

does this help infernuis falling phobia?

7159c No.40906

I would imagine so, at least as long as Thez is there.

7159c No.40907

Though, technically she should be making concentration checks,….

7159c No.40908

Dice rollRolled 10

7159c No.40909

Don't worry., she's got 13 points in concentration, with +3 for the relevant attribute (Constitution). I'd waive her constitution bonus (cuz pregnant) and its still a flying colors pass.

eb633 No.40910


eb633 No.40911

*sleeps irl*

7159c No.40912

Fug it, you guys have been all "transparency" with me,….

Gilana de Fatima Korragar Al Thez
Age: ~333 actual (more like 1337 when factoring infernal timezones)
H 4'2" W: 284lbs (muscle) Eyes: Jasper Skin: Concrete Gray Hair: Burgandy
S: 22
D: 21
C: 22
I: 11
W: 14
Ch: 19

Hp: 431 (thats what it came out as when I re-rolled after nixing the infernal bit)
Ftr 13
Mnk 20
Horiz Walk 6
Shadow Dancer 6


7159c No.40913

Still free-fall sex tho

eb633 No.40914

File: 1514975032534-0.png (602.99 KB, 738x1054, 1505953761763.png)

yea of course.

eb633 No.40915

File: 1514975074552-0.txt (945 B, Infernuis.txt)

7159c No.40916

I'm not giving away all her secrets,….
Short chicks r volumptuous (at least in this case)

7159c No.40917

Most of them tho:
Climb 33 + 4, +2, +2, +5, +6
Conentrate 13 + 6
Bluff 12 +4
Balance 11 + 2, +2, +5
Disguise 20 +2, +2, +10 (mask)
Escape Artist 11 +2, +5
Hide 33 +3, +5
Intimidate 5, +4
Jump 15 +10, +2, +3, +2, +6
Knowledge - Geography 8
Listen 3 +2, +4, +2
Sneak 33 +3, +5
Spot 3 +2, +2
Tumble 20 +4, +4, +5
Use Rope 2 +2, +5
Survival 5 +2, +2
Perform 21 +3, +2, +2, +4
- Acting 4, Singing 7, Dance 7, Comedy 3
Swim 0 +2, +4, +6

Feats (Ohhhh, shit)
Blind Fight
Combat Reflexes
Die Hard
- Crit
- Grapple
- Initiative
- Trip
- Unarmed Combat
Empowered/Quickened/Silenced/Extended Spell-Like-Ability (Dimension Door)
Improved Sunder
Martial Proficiencies
Self Sufficient
Skill Focus;
- Hide
- Sneak
- Jump
Spring Attack
Two Weapon Defense
Weapon Focus, Greater (Fist)
Weapon Specialty, Greater (Fist)
Stunning Fist
Combat Expertise
Improved Feint
Improved Uncanny Dodge
Improved Evasion

Saves - Fort, Reflex, Will
30, 26, 23

Random Stick of Merciful Resolve +5
Rod of ahem Rulership
Kusari Fundo (Adamantine)
Iron-Darkwood Staff of Ki Striking
Folding Saw of Tron-Murder
Index Bracelet
Master's Belt
Mask of Disguise
-Amulet of Mighty Fists
-Amulet of Non-Detection
Bracers of Spleandrous Protection
Tattoo of Health
Boots of Striding and Springing
Folding Boat (blood-stained).

2bf85 No.40918

Great, now I gotta update my character sheet for reasons of faggoty.
GM, you and Trump gave me different skill points how many do I actually have?
And what levels are in what class?

9c6f4 No.40920

f2e3b No.40921

You have 120 skill points (at level 17), and you have 16 levels in wizard, and one in thaumaturgist

f2e3b No.40922

Having failed either to seduce Infernius or protect his legs from being ravished by the demon pony, Trumpaladin wobbles away in defeat

9c6f4 No.40923

Mystic Theurge. Lenos taught him.

2bf85 No.40924

Expect an updated sheet tonight

9c6f4 No.40925

File: 1514995089019-0.png (145.44 KB, 1348x548, e02.png)

>more like 1337
.. Fucking elves man..

7159c No.40927

Its not an elf thing, its a "various areas of Hell and the Abyss have different timescales" thing. Some of them even work backward.

9c6f4 No.40929

>Some of them even work backward.
What happens to living creatures when they enter backwards timescales?

7159c No.40930

Out of all this, thats the weird part?

7159c No.40931

"Why do you think I look 14?" ^_^

9c6f4 No.40932

Naaw, my brain is just being cooked by fever atm….

9c6f4 No.40933

So, most of thge party is in the mess hall in game right now?

7159c No.40934

Well technically, Thez and Infernius are still ahem in a free-fall loop, but for all intents and purposes, yes.

9c6f4 No.40935

She has so many feats, she's a centipede.

*laughs deliriously with plague-mind*
I hate being sick.. I'd rather be working…

9c6f4 No.40936

>Improved Uncanny Dodge
>Improved Evasion
As feats or as class features? I thought those were just Ex Abilities granted by class.

7159c No.40937

Some of them are. I didn't want to make multiple lists since they're essentially the same sort o thing.
She shares her territories with tarantulas too

9c6f4 No.40938

Speaking of feats, I'll have Tracy go down to the holodeck and train for Mobility again.
She'll take her birds for a walk while she's at it, just because.

7159c No.40939

How many times is that now?

9c6f4 No.40940

Also, can I get a scope of how YUGE these animals are by now? A lot of birds would've tripled in size by this age..

9c6f4 No.40941

I designated this week to mobility. I mentioned it once or twice before.
Does she have the time?

f2e3b No.40942

They're Rocs. Not pigeons or whatever small animals you are used to working with. Be patient if they aren't adults in the four days in game it's been since they hatched

9c6f4 No.40943

>four days in game it's been since they hatched
I thought it's been more than two weeks?

7159c No.40944

Yeah, I figure they're about as big as Tracy is when she's mounted.
That's probably the third time I've seen you mention it, just wanted to make sure I hadn't missed anything.
Only four days? Naaaaah, it had to have been more than that,….

f2e3b No.40945

Oh not even remotely close. Time travels much more slowly in game than IRL.

You should train for weapons finesse, by the way

f2e3b No.40946

Since the hatching? That happened right as they got back from Krenshall, right? The day before they went into the Court City

I can make a timeline

9c6f4 No.40947

>weapons finesse
I thought she already trained for that? It was the week I had her work on finessing her chain.
I even made sure not to craft any items that week, so she'd have the free time.
Time can be inconsistent.
For example, I thought only 8 hours had passed since Tracy left Woody in the grove, but next thing I knew it'd been several days.
Just be careful and be sure to be vocal about any projects you're working on that need proper attention.

7159c No.40948

No, you're right. I was thinking from when they got the eggs, not the hatching point

f2e3b No.40949

You did specify that she was training with her chain, but it's like a solid 40 or so hours to get an entire feat. Less than a week in game has passed, or about one week, and most of that time has been spent killing things, which takes away time from feat training

9c6f4 No.40950

Since these animals are reared, they can be trained at the same time they're being raised, right?
I guess the most responsible training regimes would be "Come" and "heel" but…
>2 Int
Reeeeeee! I want to teach them moar stuff.

9c6f4 No.40951

>most of that time has been spent killing things, which takes away time from feat training
Well, killing things counts as training a little bit, doesn't it?

7159c No.40952

ALright bitches, I'm out for a while. Peace

9c6f4 No.40953

See 'ya

9c6f4 No.40954

Then again, I guess the one justification for giving animals such abysmal Int scores is that they'd be haxx for training. If an animal had even 10 Int, it'd be better for utility than any human NPC you could possibly hire.
That's probably why it takes a whole year to train a magical beast to do one thing.

eb633 No.40957

File: 1515009668121-0.jpg (9.17 KB, 181x182, 1514767621385.jpg)

>Short chicks r voluptuous
pic related
thats muh fetish
dont give up hope keep trying.

f2e3b No.40958

File: 1515010435368.png (265.41 KB, 1280x1922, _first_try__smug_flash_by_….png)


[Scheming Husbando Thief Noises]

9c6f4 No.40959

File: 1515010507614-0.jpg (85.58 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

9c6f4 No.40960

What are you going to do about what Atlas said?

f2e3b No.40961

File: 1515011328749.jpg (92.45 KB, 650x488, image.jpg)

Tracy Cage had expected her husbando to chase mares from Slavic Unicorns to Celestial Chargers to Dragons in Disguise. But him going after the Dwelf's Bull was so out of left field, so "what the fuck," that it took her by complete surprise

9c6f4 No.40962

File: 1515011474323-0.jpg (9.61 KB, 307x237, VQCs4Lm.jpg)

9c6f4 No.40963

Infernius, would your character help Tracy craft some daggers of spell-storing? I wank to have some easy storage for spells like True Strike and Haste.
Actually, for that matter, can non-weapon items have Spell-Storing? Like jewelry?

f2e3b No.40964

File: 1515012064861.png (236.7 KB, 400x518, 1557328__safe_flash sentry….png)

Somepony's Jealous I see

9c6f4 No.40965

Alright, so Tracy has Opportunist and Crippling Strike, so that means she'll be able to learn Sneak Attack of Opportunity and Lingering Damage fairly quickly, once she reaches lvl 4 Blackguard.
After she gains mobility, I think I'll have her move on to Combat Reflexes, she she can learn Spell Casting Harrier.

I just want to get a better hang of her class abilities, because I forget them all the time. I could've made several attacks of opportunity in that last battle, but I didn't for some reason…

9c6f4 No.40966

File: 1515012648617-0.png (214.58 KB, 725x599, a86.png)

No. It's just gay, and we're still on the overboard.

9c6f4 No.40967

Actually, wait, I need to find my sorry excuse for a character sheet… Maybe she could get there faster.
I know I selected Multi-Weapon Fighting and Improved Sunder for her, but Idk what her other feats were…

eb633 No.40968

im willing to be repremanded but if he makes infernuiis do that infernuis will literally fight hitler as much as it will hurt infernuis.

9c6f4 No.40969

File: 1515014750850-0.jpg (68.25 KB, 489x559, my blade will pierce the h….jpg)

File: 1515014750851-1.jpg (86.69 KB, 505x649, seems pretty sharp here.jpg)

File: 1515014750851-2.jpg (77.6 KB, 488x655, dull.jpg)

Wait a Minute, she already has a +8d6 Sneak Attack, she could select Sneak Attack of Opportunity and Lingering Damage right now.
Aaaand it seems as though I've been a massive faggot and haven't even bothered to clarify her feats.

9c6f4 No.40970

I hate how images show up in opposite order of how you select them…

f2e3b No.40971

She can select those feats. When she earns two EPIC level feats

9c6f4 No.40972

She get's them as bonus feats for epic rogue levels (thinking of becoming an epic Rogue for Blinding Speed) to bypass the prerequisites, but I honestly don't want to wait all those levels. Alternatively, she could also select them as an Epic Blackguard, but she already meets the prereqs to select them now.

What are your feets btw?

28ad4 No.40973

>meets the prerequisites
All except that she's not epic level

I sort of neglected to specify Trumpaladin's feats, but I think they are:
Quick Draw
Devoted to a cause
Power Attack

And a sixth one, like Improved Sunder or Run

9c6f4 No.40974

>Devoted to a cause
What is that?

28ad4 No.40975

It's a home brew feat that allows limited access to domain spells, like charm person or calm emotions

eb633 No.40976

28ad4 No.40977

>coming from mr 4 separate home brew feats
At the time I thought it was necessary to mind control the Tracy character

9c6f4 No.40978

We can select homebrew feats?

eb633 No.40979

i know im just fucking with you.

eb633 No.40980

i was able to get mine with gms approval.

9c6f4 No.40981

Even ones that grant an entire list of spells?
That changes everything. I'll rethink my game plan.

f2e3b No.40982

I don't like where this is going. Mine was very heavily nerfed and only grants like 4 spells that have been useful on a couple occasions but not many, and I only asked for it because of all of the bullshit you were pulling at the time. I'd definitely go back on it if there's a slippery slope now

eb633 No.40983

probbaly not and if you did get it, it would be nerfed like brads.

9c6f4 No.40984

>Mine was very heavily nerfed and only grants like 4 spells
So, basically, it functions just like a Divine Emissary's Domain spell-casting (for paladins), only pre-Epic level?

f2e3b No.40985

I do not know

eb633 No.40986

i think.

9c6f4 No.40987

You should have him train for Cleave, at the very least.

f2e3b No.40988

Well, the thing is that "mighty cleave," which is even better than cleave, is an automatic feature of Vanderiem, which is what I use almost all of the time. So it doesn't seem as necessary

9c6f4 No.40989

Does it work for Great Cleave too?

9c6f4 No.40991

I can't figure out what enchantments were used for the Boots of Instant Flanking. How were they made?

9c6f4 No.40992

Tracy puts her birds back to bed and continues to train by herself in the holodeck.

eb633 No.40993

File: 1515025165797-0.png (169.86 KB, 719x930, infernuisxthez.png)

7159c No.40994

File: 1515025806426.png (245.33 KB, 719x930, ff.png)

Well played
more loke >pic related

9c6f4 No.40995

File: 1515026589379-0.png (28.2 KB, 432x510, 195055__safe_oc_oc-colon-i….png)

I'm dying!

9c6f4 No.40996

40 minutes well spent.

9c6f4 No.40997

You said that certain Abjurations could be made Permanent, right?

eb633 No.40998

File: 1515027083841-0.png (379.9 KB, 600x600, 1504805779964.png)

28ad4 No.40999

Female silver dragon for cohort

28ad4 No.41000

Claiming a female silver dragon poner as cohort

9c6f4 No.41001

The waifu-theft was better, desu.

9c6f4 No.41002

Aside from Infernius, Thez and Tracy, where are all the characters atm?

28ad4 No.41003

Do you want me to waifu the dragon?

9c6f4 No.41004

You don't steal dragons, Anon. Dragons steal you.

9c6f4 No.41005

That would make for an ebin plot device, desu.

28ad4 No.41006

I've looked at the numbers. I think Trumpaladin could hold his own alone against a young adult Red dragon. And he'd at minimum have Fae with him, who on her own could probably hold her own against a juvenile

I definitely want to go dragon hunting

2bf85 No.41007

Torc is at the tower too
Top fucking kek

9c6f4 No.41008

File: 1515028401112-0.jpg (Spoiler Image, 36.33 KB, 600x480, ee9c04c1c43ef12a49dfb9f001….jpg)

File: 1515028401112-1.jpg (Spoiler Image, 64.64 KB, 708x563, dmmeme.jpg)

Well, you imply that you're only going to meet young ones wherever you go, but sure, dragon hunting sounds great.

28ad4 No.41009

>steal a dragon or get stolen by a dragon
Challenge so fucking accepted. The only enemy thus far that has had much measure of success has been Tracy. But that took a hell of a lot of dedication and effort to accomplish.

The only reason Kiynen survived was because I fucked up and called in reinforcements, and Torcuil and Thez protected her, when Trunpaladin and Inferniys would have killed her and worn her skin

2bf85 No.41010

Don't forget you all wanted Torc to fuck her

9c6f4 No.41011

I don't regret letting Kiyen live, desu. I liked shipping her with Lenos, and we did successfully remove the threat of the dragon in the end.
On the other hand, I still would've loved to wear her skin.
We want everything to fuck Torc.

2bf85 No.41012

Everything? Even Tracy?
Lenos deserves to be happy.

9c6f4 No.41013

Not Tracy
He seemed happy.

81a4f No.41014

>>41013 oh he is very happy

81a4f No.41015

I might bit sore and raw

2bf85 No.41016

That's a relief
Pali confirms

eb633 No.41017

me know feel.

9c6f4 No.41018

>>41014 >that posting style
Howdy, m8.
I'll bet. It seemed she hadn't had any in the past century.

2bf85 No.41019

Wait, is this GM or Lenos?

eb633 No.41020

i think thats lennos's faggot.

81a4f No.41021

>>41017 of course you do thez has been stuck here awhile

81a4f No.41022

>>41020 yep its lenos's faggot

eb633 No.41023

2bf85 No.41024

I thought GM was Lenos' faggot.
Now my brain hurts

81a4f No.41025

>>41024 *falls down laughing* success thats what we were trying for

28ad4 No.41026

File: 1515030427317.png (211.9 KB, 1116x1024, image.png)

>I don't regret letting Kiynen live
Your character has a reason to keep a vendetta against Trollestia, and mine has a reason to keep a vendetta against Kiynen. Pic related. I guess I like that I got the ion stone and some gold out of it, but damn it felt like RPing Vietnam as LBJ

Hello Lenos

81a4f No.41027

>>41026 hello

2bf85 No.41028

*screaming* GET OUT OF MY HEAD

But anyway, Hi

81a4f No.41029

9c6f4 No.41030

It actually makes me wonder just how many faggots from the previous campaigns GM has called up over the past 7 months..
>Lenos (currently present)
>Korak (salty af)
>Darkie? (plausibly)
>Cecil (tragic)
>Johnny Cash (quizzical)
That's at least three separate players who've had lines in game.

eb633 No.41031

so what kind of exotic metals do you know how to forge?

2bf85 No.41032

Wait, when did Korak's faggot appear?

81a4f No.41033

>>41031 if its metal i can forge it

9c6f4 No.41034

We played against him during the fight in the tower. GM arbitrated the combat.

eb633 No.41035

can you forge goldsteel?

2bf85 No.41036

Welp I'm obviously stupid as fuck cause I didn't realize that

81a4f No.41037

Thats a metal so yes

9c6f4 No.41038

Tracy quits training for the day and heads down to the forge to craft moar ammunition for her crossbow.

eb633 No.41039

will you help me forge a goldsteel greatsword?

28ad4 No.41040

Wait, Johnny Cash is controlled by a new and different person?

How long would it take to forge a set of Mithril breastplate-barding for a huge sized Dragonne?

And the same for a huge sized Cauchemar Nightmare?

9c6f4 No.41041

>Johnny Cash is controlled by a new and different person?
Yes. Cash's creator is also Trollestia's creator, which is why Tracy will never be rid of her permanently…

7159c No.41042

No, I explicitly stated that Lenos was another player at one point, it was just really early on

9c6f4 No.41043

… Does Tracy advance is size due to the dice she gains from the class?
Also, I take it all of the characters are in the forge?

*walks in covered in froth*

eb633 No.41044

i thought johnny cash was gm

eb633 No.41045

free fall sex still.

28ad4 No.41046

You don't gain size from class levels

7159c No.41047

An Abrahamic would say that Johnny Cash is Jesus' character
Funny you mention that

eb633 No.41048

File: 1515031928705-0.gif (754.96 KB, 600x338, 1482258__safe_artist-colon….gif)

>Jesus' character

28ad4 No.41049

Because when the Romans came for Jesus in the grove, Jesus took a random civilian, told them, "hey stay here" and disguised them as him, and let them be arrested and crucified in his place

2bf85 No.41050

28ad4 No.41051

Comparing Jesus to Trollestia

7159c No.41052

Gentlemen, are we operating under the appreciation that the story of Jesus is way beyond 2000 years old?
>derailing my own thread

28ad4 No.41053

>This New Athiest bullshit historical theology that displays an amazing ignorance of the mythologies it alleges to compare

eb633 No.41054


9c6f4 No.41055

Take that bullshit Mudslime scripture out of here!
I get the joke though. Good one.

2bf85 No.41056

You've lost me
Oh hahahhaha
Fuck off

28ad4 No.41057

File: 1515032435495.jpeg (31.5 KB, 480x360, image.jpeg)

It was sarcasm, to show that Trollestia is clearly not like Jesus

7159c No.41058

Not in the slightest. Do you think Jesus would play as "Jesus", or would he troll the shit out of people 'cuz lulz?

9c6f4 No.41059

Maybe, but I think that
>Thou Shall Not Covet Thy Neigh-bor's Waifu
Would still stand in most cases.

9c6f4 No.41060

Just trying to visualize the scene for dialogue and whatnot.

9c6f4 No.41061

Is their infinite free-fall loop situated within the mess hall or the forge?

81a4f No.41062

yes I can
It would take awhile to make all that

9c6f4 No.41063

File: 1515033403279-0.png (262.75 KB, 296x468, 264135__safe_oc_oc only_oc….png)

*ears perk*
"Do you have any tips on forging daggers efficiently? I do appreciate a good edge."

7159c No.41064

Its outside; she can't teleport that often

9c6f4 No.41065

28ad4 No.41066

Was Trollestia coveting a neighbor's waifu?

>God is Evil

Uh… How long for the first set for the Dragonne? I'm guessing the second set would take essentially the same amount of time?

9c6f4 No.41067

>was troll
Close enough.

*lathers body against leg*
"Good afternoon, ~Flashy."

28ad4 No.41068

*looks down at pony*
"Um… Hello"

7159c No.41069

I never said God (another Abrahamic term Xp) is evil, I'm depicting God as being amoral (not immoral mind you).

9c6f4 No.41070

"Have you been working hard, ~Flashy? I have."
*rubs suds on leg*

28ad4 No.41071

"Why are you covered in soap and bubbles"

9c6f4 No.41072

File: 1515034108469-0.png (Spoiler Image, 93.21 KB, 262x194, Ecume_294_194.png)

File: 1515034108469-1.jpg (Spoiler Image, 47.48 KB, 635x641, orb-getting-a-bath.jpg)

File: 1515034108469-2.jpg (Spoiler Image, 153.71 KB, 800x531, shutterstock_114088192_-_h….jpg)

File: 1515034108469-3.jpg (Spoiler Image, 136.93 KB, 1000x577, sweaty-horse_1000.jpg)

File: 1515034108469-4.jpg (Spoiler Image, 247.07 KB, 1200x799, prhp-170300-aminoac-06.jpg)

Hoers sweat lathers with friction. She's just being disgusting.
He would've seen it before, after battles and whatnot.

28ad4 No.41073

File: 1515034130150.jpeg (103.39 KB, 482x641, image.jpeg)

>This whole post
Pic related

28ad4 No.41074

Dice rollRolled 1

>implying he's ever actually ridden a horse before
"You need to be washed off"

Grapple pony. But hold at a distance from clothing. Actually put a towel over pony, then grapple her, because she's too big to be held except right next to the body

28ad4 No.41075

Fuck. Whelp. No bath for Tracy

9c6f4 No.41076

Dice rollRolled 2

"I was just down on the holodeck training. You should join me some time."
[soapy pony noises]
lol she's too slippery to grab

*Full-body hug*

9c6f4 No.41077

Too slippery…

eb633 No.41078

File: 1515034485151.gif (1.69 MB, 480x539, 1512822214293.gif)

9c6f4 No.41079

We just found the active ingredient for Salve of Slipperiness…

81a4f No.41080

Enchantinf them with keeness is a good way to go
Oh at least a month mithril is finicky

9c6f4 No.41081

"Keenness. Thank you very much."

28ad4 No.41082

"Well, that was embarrassing"
*walks off to try to wash off pimp suit*

2bf85 No.41083

28ad4 No.41084

"What about mail chain shirt?"

9c6f4 No.41085

File: 1515035001212.png (145.06 KB, 900x807, stretching.png)

[slippery pony noises]
"If you wanted a bath, Flashy, I'll gladly oblige…"
*latches onto leg*

28ad4 No.41086

As soon as questions are finished about armor and knives, Trumpaladin wobbles to go wash the pony sweat and the pony off with a hose

eb633 No.41087

i see what you are saying now.

81a4f No.41088

Depends on how big and type of metal as well as enchantments if any

28ad4 No.41089

"Well, it would be for a Dragonne of huge size. Could such be crafted quickly and used until Mithril breast plate could be crafted?"

9c6f4 No.41090

File: 1515036284368-0.gif (5.22 MB, 400x225, 1536825__safe_screencap_ap….gif)

Hey, I just realized with a bottle of Salve of Slipperiness, and a fairly high roll in Escape Artist, Tracy can already master Extremely Tight Space checks at this level, because ponies are smol.
I always wanted to destroy an enemy from the inside. Assassinations just got a lot more interesting.
*distills sweat*

81a4f No.41091

About 3 weeks for that if made from regular metal with no enchantments

28ad4 No.41092

Dice rollRolled 8

*Washes off pony with garden hose*

Rolling because dice rolls are fun

eb633 No.41093

punk rara=best rara

81a4f No.41094

*turns to light the bigger forge

7159c No.41095

The forge seems unresponsive for some reason. It doesn't seem to catch.

28ad4 No.41096

File: 1515037086517.jpeg (156.01 KB, 1000x576, image.jpeg)

*sprays down horse*

81a4f No.41097

*scratches chin and then burps into the forge opening*

9c6f4 No.41098

Kek. When it was said she could do it, I mostly just shook it off because I never thought she'd be able to make a check that high, but I didn't realize she could enhance it with items.
Iz sekrit weapon though: only the highest-class targets get the privilege of having the ghost-pony annihilate them from the inside.
[discomforted pony noises]
"Eek! This wasn't the kind of bath I wanted."

7159c No.41099

Lenos hears what sounds like a sizzle(?) followed by a sudden FLASH. That's what he sees.

81a4f No.41100

*rockets backwards into the wall streaming smoke*

7159c No.41101

So like, is Infernius finished? It's taking all her concentration to maintain the Dimensional Door loop, so whenever he's done, let us know.

28ad4 No.41102

File: 1515037665357.jpeg (22.2 KB, 425x282, image.jpeg)

*continues spraying down horse*
*washes various disgusting fluids from pony off legs*

81a4f No.41104


28ad4 No.41105

>ghost pony inside
lol no

9c6f4 No.41106

Dice rollRolled 16

"But I wanted us to go in ~together."
*grows to full hoers size*
Rolling to grapple

7159c No.41107

Lenos bounces off several sufaces, propelled by some sort of fiery apparatus, with a flaming jet shooting out the side. He rebounds along the spiral staircase and shoots out the front door.

eb633 No.41108

File: 1515037956710.gif (570.77 KB, 320x240, 1511222455594.gif)


28ad4 No.41109

Dice rollRolled 19

Counter grapple

9c6f4 No.41110

Dice rollRolled 13

GM said she could do it last time I asked, I just never brought it up since because I thought she'd need to be epic level to make the check, but I didn't know about the salve then.
Rolling to Bull Rush him into the baths

28ad4 No.41111

No you can't

28ad4 No.41112

Dice rollRolled 12

Dodge roll

9c6f4 No.41113

Can ~too!
You are grappling and don't have doge
Make an opposed strength check.

28ad4 No.41114

Dice rollRolled 18


I have more strength than you - 20-18

9c6f4 No.41115

Dice rollRolled 2

>wearing items in the bath
"Come ~oooooon, FLashy. Let's go to the baths."
*pushes harder*
Concentration check to cast Bull's Strength while still grappling.

9c6f4 No.41116

Nope. She's thoroughly "distracted".

7159c No.41117

File: 1515038897093.png (327.74 KB, 2912x2264, ff.png)

9c6f4 No.41118

28ad4 No.41119


*takes pony to the bath anyways out if putty for the horse*

9c6f4 No.41120

[happy pony noises]

9c6f4 No.41121

File: 1515039253209-0.png (661.42 KB, 670x896, 786157__safe_artist-colon-….png)

*dog-paddles in circles*

7159c No.41122

Mind you, Lenos is attached to that device, by happenstance

28ad4 No.41123

*washes pony*

9c6f4 No.41124

*washes hoo-man*

9c6f4 No.41125

Oh dear..

7159c No.41126

Dice rollRolled 10, 4 = 14

Rolling for Thez and Infernius' saving throw

28ad4 No.41127


*soaps up and washes off pony*

9c6f4 No.41128

*crunches popcorn*

28ad4 No.41129

*popcorn is wet*

9c6f4 No.41130

File: 1515040068375-0.png (109.78 KB, 1491x1122, 1405623__safe_artist-colon….png)

[happy soaped-up pony noises]

81a4f No.41131

Do i need to roll for savings throw as well

9c6f4 No.41132

[sad faggot noises]

7159c No.41133

Thez's eyes widen and she is able to say "Uhm," <whoooof> before vanishing to a nearby position. Infernius is not so lucky, with what appears to be a steel keg with tubes and pipes attached carries Lenos along, who's robe seems somehow caught in the device.

7159c No.41134

You get no saving throw Xp

81a4f No.41135

Oooffff da *grunts* damn bull

eb633 No.41136

"what fuck,lennos?"

7159c No.41137

As the tank strikes Infernius, a few other valves and gaskets crack on various parts, issuing a number of flaming streams which

7159c No.41139

Thez engages freefall by disengaging airwalk, and speeds after. Soon after, , a "Thump, Thu-Thump" can be heard from the east.

9c6f4 No.41140

File: 1515040661925-0.jpg (275.65 KB, 900x1200, 1378264746915.jpg)

You devil..!

81a4f No.41141

*groans holding head* thez what did you do

eb633 No.41142

"this your fault."

7159c No.41144

Dice rollRolled 20, 17, 4 = 41

Rolling saving throw for all three. Infernius, Lenos, and Thez

eb633 No.41145

oh no…

81a4f No.41146

Had to be thez she is the only one that messes with my forges

7159c No.41147

As Thez speeds toward Infernius and Lenos, a streak comes in from the east, colliding with Thez, sending her spiralling off erratically. Two more streaks pass by landing dangerously close to port Barry, causing small explosions along the sides of the port cuz explosions.

9c6f4 No.41148

*finishes washing*
>Mr. Bones walks in and hands out fluffy towels
*moves to window to watch fireworks*

eb633 No.41149

"thez no!!"

9c6f4 No.41150

>is watching
"…. Oh shit..!"
*grabs things*

7159c No.41151

Dice rollRolled 4, 1, 2, 1, 3 = 11

"Relax idiot, I punch harder than that, wtf was that?!" she admonishes, still falling but flipping over so she's vertically oriented properly.
Huh, there's a weird shaped thing in the air over there. It looks kind of like a boat, but suspended by a big blob that its attached to.

eb633 No.41152

"dont know."

7159c No.41153

"Uhm, were you gonna?" <whoooof> she vanishes as the ground speeds nervously close.

28ad4 No.41154

Dice rollRolled 12

Oh no you don't!


9c6f4 No.41155

Dice rollRolled 17

Dice rollRolled 17 + 5

"….. Flashy.. We have company.."
Spot and Search checks, to identify figures creatures and/or get a closer look at the vessel (forgot what my goddamn ranks were again… let me get out my sheets)

9c6f4 No.41156

Search and Spot*

81a4f No.41157

*casts feather fall*

eb633 No.41158


7159c No.41159

Where a boat would have a sail, this device has a large balloon and a handful of little propeller things. It appears to be angled at Trump tower and closing.

9c6f4 No.41160

*Doesn't resist grapple, knowing it'll at least be 5 minutes before it's her problem*
"~Teehee!" *giggles like a school-filly*

9c6f4 No.41161

Gotta stay in character.

7159c No.41162

Infernius says the one word that would have avoided waking up in the Entertron, and saved by a dark surf-board of a fly (still with pretty-shiny gemstones, jewelry, and exquisite saddle that would make Rarity blush).

eb633 No.41163

"whos a good girl?"

81a4f No.41164

*looks around while slowly floating to the ground*umm thez does that look familiar to you *points at boat thingy*

6f463 No.41165

eb633 No.41166

"the ziggers?"

28ad4 No.41167

"Say what now? Danger?"

7159c No.41168

Uatchit envelops Infernius' face with her proboscis. Thez nearby is again standing on air, while Lenoa floats down, as though lsying on a giant feather.

9c6f4 No.41169

File: 1515042674696-0.jpg (179.46 KB, 1600x720, montypyhton-1600x720.jpg)

>The lord hath come to punish the heretic
You'd better explain yourself carefully, Infernius. He's not fucking around.

9c6f4 No.41170

Dice rollRolled 4

"Some big flying boat thing shooting explodey-thingies at the Port…"
*turns around*
"..~Now, where were we?"

28ad4 No.41171

"Are you shitting me?"

*is thoroughly distracted*

9c6f4 No.41172

*pushes into reclining chair*

eb633 No.41173

"are we being attacked?"

7159c No.41174

"I don't know yet, but,"
the strange vessel has turned its self, displaying a long and skeek vehicle, with a curiously shaped balloon. Several grey puffs have appeared along the surface.

9c6f4 No.41175

"~Hmmmmmh..! Sounds like they brought the big guns this time…"
*Puff-out chest fluff and snuggles*

28ad4 No.41176

"Well fuck me"

9c6f4 No.41177

"~With pleasure…"
*Slides mare-bewbs against crotch*

28ad4 No.41178

*Is out of the movies and at a different bar now*

7159c No.41179

Dubs, they are getting bigger,

6f463 No.41180


7159c No.41181

Don't worry, all we're deciding tonight is "Who gets blown up?".

28ad4 No.41182

Hooray for horse tits

9c6f4 No.41183

File: 1515045108730-0.png (305.09 KB, 1404x1404, 465933__explicit_artist-co….png)

Pregnancy has its perks.

28ad4 No.41184

Hey! I'm not drinking. Just being socialable. Also, get your caps right



81a4f No.41185

That sounds like fun

9c6f4 No.41186


28ad4 No.41187

*pets horsey to relieve anxiety about whatever is going on that he missed*

28ad4 No.41188

Trumpaladin grows curious, and tests something

9c6f4 No.41189

>talking back to the almighty
[Relaxing pony noises]
*Pets back*

28ad4 No.41190

File: 1515045637142.png (572.37 KB, 630x708, image.png)

6f463 No.41191

that's cute but the conditions of us leaving that little nub in place are that you don't use it to impersonate staff, so don't give that impression to people please

28ad4 No.41192

File: 1515046012365.jpeg (15.45 KB, 300x168, image.jpeg)


6f463 No.41193

i mean i see no harm in using it for rping if you want, just make sure people know ur not staff

28ad4 No.41194

File: 1515046454696.png (346.9 KB, 800x600, image.png)

*is cowing now, before Lord Adolf*
"Um… O-okay… Uh, sorry"

7159c No.41195

As OP, I fully authorize any non-excessive, temporary bans and modifications to the Nuts threads. Bitches are welcome to get salty. but are right in being reminded who has the hammer.


9c6f4 No.41196

>Fully authorize

9c6f4 No.41197

GM, which Abjurations can be made Permanent?

7159c No.41198

Gimme an example

9c6f4 No.41199

Unholy Aura?

28ad4 No.41200

*pets pony's faggot*

Probably a lot of them, but at a high xp cost

7159c No.41201

Yes to both

eb633 No.41202


9c6f4 No.41203

I would burn down a village to gain Armor of Darkness.
Freedom, Stoneskin, and Sequester are pretty goddamn sexy too.

f2e3b No.41204

Vanderiem is a medium sized bastard sword, correct?

9c6f4 No.41205

File: 1515047575564-0.png (1.15 MB, 1350x1500, 1301722__explicit_artist-c….png)

This guy knows where it's at.

f2e3b No.41206

>would burn down a village
The fact that you are intent on playing with interests so contrary to mine, is the reason why we fight perpetually

7159c No.41207

Which stoneskin are you talking about? The one that increases (limited) damage reduction, or the one that gives AC bonus?

eb633 No.41208

the dr.

9c6f4 No.41209

..b-b-but.. aren't there some that nobody would miss?
She'd look awesome as fuck if she could wear shadows.

f2e3b No.41210

Aside from I'm guessing a Wish spell, how could his size be increased to large?

f2e3b No.41211

That Orc village, but I think Infernius killed them all. The trolls dispersed

9c6f4 No.41212

You're a medium-sized character. Why do you want your sword to be bigger?

f2e3b No.41213

For the damage boost.

9c6f4 No.41214

Wouldn't you take penalty for wielding an oversized weapon though?

f2e3b No.41215

Well, Vanderiem is s bastard sword, which is basically a hand-and-a-half sword. My guess is that he'd move up from being a bastard sword to being only a two-hand sword. If you look at the relative weights, a medium bastard sword is 8 pounds while a large sword is 12 pounds, which I don't think is that much different

81a4f No.41217

A bastard sword is in between a hand and half and a two handed sword basically a two handed that is light enough to be wielded with one hand

7159c No.41218

You want Vandereim to increase in size>"

f2e3b No.41219

I checked the rules, and I see what you're saying. I do believe that given his fighting style, there's no reason at all to have a bastard sword over a great sword, but the damage increase of 2d6 over 1d10 probably isn't enough to justify using a wish spell to transform Vanderium from a bastard sword into a great sword

9c6f4 No.41220

>there's no reason at all to have a bastard sword over a great sword
>isn't enough to justify using a wish spell
Normally, wish is going to be your best bet to modify a magic item of that level.

9c6f4 No.41221

I get your point though.

9c6f4 No.41222

f2e3b No.41223

Shields have a lot of disadvantages. The biggest loss is the loss of the added damage from using the non-dominant hand in the attack. Using both hands, the strength modifier is multiplied by 1.5. Using only the dominant hand, it's 1. That's a difference of 10 damage across all four attacks for Trumpaladin at a +5 strength modifier. A second disadvantage is that larger shields, like tower shields, hurt attack rolls. I believe a Tower shield gives a -2 penalty to attack rolls. There's also the fact that Trumpaladin is not proficient in use of tower shields.

Also, very importantly, Trumpaladin already has a ring that projects a force field that grants a +4 shield bonus, and functions as a heavy shield without a penalty. A tower shield, at least without magic, would only provide a +5 shield bonus to AC

>Wish is best bet

That's pretty much what I thought

I guess it may be possible to modify Vanderiem from a medium bastard sword to a large Great sword. He'd receive a -2 attack role modifier for using an over sized sword, and he could on wield it two handed, but Vanderiem would go from having a damage roll with a statistical average of 5.5 to a 10.5, an increase of 5 for a loss of 2 on the attack role, which is much better than most trade offs.

I couldn't help but notice that bastard swords have a critical range of not just natural 20s, but also 19s as well. So both 20s and 19s can be critical hits. How does this affect Vanderiem's Sharpness?

9c6f4 No.41224

Pretty sure if it's not a tower shield, you could just latch a field to your back at any time to stop fighting with it.
Books say it only works with natural 20's not crits, and thus probably wouldn't be enhanced by relevant feats either.

f2e3b No.41225

I'm still taking advantage of 19s by rolling again to see if x2 damage may apply

eb633 No.41226

speaking of critical range gm, what is the crit range on my zweihander?

f2e3b No.41227

I don't know if it's a bastard sword or a great sword, but either way the answer is 19-20 with a x2 damage modifier

9c6f4 No.41228

I say it's similar to a large greatsword, but could be used to make trip attacks.

2bf85 No.41229

Fak u 4 authorizing bans, I'll only exept if they only affect /vx/
Oh, was it me?

7159c No.41230

There was a point behind that, but I forget what it was. I was pretty drunk last night. I was put on a 4 day paid vacation because the "safety coordinator" and several individuals haven't listened to a word I've said for a month, and now I'm out on injury. Blogpost aside, I was pretty fucked up last night.

9c6f4 No.41231

Wish you good health, m8.
>inb4, Lenos's keg-explosion accident was based off of real life

7159c No.41232

Nope, the keg was just a kooky idea.
I'll be fine, I've got an activity prescription that says "Never" 7x, "Zero" 3x, and a "1/8/18" written on it as the earliest for a re-evaluation.
This could have been easily avoided some time ago, has been and is being thoroughly and sufficiently documented. I don't mind a little discomfort if I get a free week of paid vacation out of it. Plus we haven't gotten to the part where I give them (the responsible parties) a thorough dressing-down. I'm not 'over' the people in question, but I have no problems talking to them like I am (cuz I am, as far as experience and expertise is concerned).

9c6f4 No.41233

How unfortunate. Safety isn't a joke.
Careful with those painkillers btw. That shit will mess you up if you use it incorrectly.

7159c No.41234

>urge to blogpost intensifies
Don't worry about the drugs, at my insistence its only tyenol and ibuprofin.

9c6f4 No.41235

Does Darkness Stack with Deeper Darkness?
I want to know, for Tracy's kunai-counter.

7159c No.41236

No, it just overlaps

9c6f4 No.41237

Good for you then.
Pain sucks, but it's better than getting sucked into the (((pharmacy))) opioid death-machine.
If I may get to the root of my question, is it worth casting Darkness and Deeper Darkness on the same object for moar Concealment?
I've been counting each full-day (in game) that Tracy doesn't cast a 2nd lvl Blackguard Spell for Darkness kunai, like the one's she left in the bag for Ponimaru's gift, because they seem better than smokebombs. I've been wondering if it's worth casting Deeper Darkness on those kunai, or if she should just reserve those 3rd lvl spells for item progression.

7159c No.41238

Deeper Darkness has a range of 60' and more effectively counters light producing spells, but otherwise the spells are identical.
The kunai idea is quite good btw, I look forward to using them.

9c6f4 No.41239

Yeah, I gotta say. These Blackguard spells, as limited as they are, synch fairly well with Rogue/Assassin styles.

She gave him fourteen kunai, right? They should all be at second caster lvl.

7159c No.41241

In either case its a fortitude save, the DC is determined by the type of disease

9c6f4 No.41242

Let me rephrase that. If Tracy casts Contagion on a rat, it's treated as though it caught the disease normally, and is thus contagious, right? So if she puts that rat in a blender to make an oil, that oil shouldn't count as casting a spell, right? It'd just be injecting your enemy with contaminated fluid.

7159c No.41243

Yes. They still get a saving throw tho

9c6f4 No.41244

Ah, I see now.
But spell resistance wouldn't play into the matter because the illness was transferred via indirect contact, right? Moreso, is the disease considered magical or normal (relavant since some creatures are immune to normal diseases, but not magical ones)?

I'm also off today, so I'm being a little extra meta-faggoty.. just say the words and I'll just go figure this out on my own.

f2e3b No.41245

Did you say you were letting Infernius and I get creative with how we level and treat our NPC followers?

9c6f4 No.41246

I really should find some land to buy-up so Tracy can acquire those horses.
I wonder what would potentially happen if Tracy tried to establish a permanent settlement (fence) in that grove in the forest.

7159c No.41247

Correct. A weapon that is contaminated by an already incubated disease gets no spell resistance, but also that the disease would be otherwise 'conventional', as far as disease immunity is concerned. Don't worry, I just got the white-flag text from my "safety coordinator" agreeing that I have a week vacation. Metafucker
Not at all. I'm encouraging you to get creative with NPCs. ^_^

9c6f4 No.41248

Can Tracy give her Birds class levels now?

9c6f4 No.41249

She doesn't need Leadership to buy regular horses, right?

f2e3b No.41250

They are strength 31, 207 HP animals that have just hatched a literal 4 days ago. Calm down and be grateful at this moment that you have animals that are literally as strong as a Cauchemar

7159c No.41251

Heavens no, they're only a couple days old. They can have a hit dice if you must though. You can even roll it, its a d8 for each.

7159c No.41252

They don't start out with 31 Str, the most I would give them so far is a 5. They are massive and clumsy (comparable Dex) tho, so don't get squished.

9c6f4 No.41254

Eh, I was just jumping the gun for character development.
Tracy doesn't see them as assets anyway; more like adopted children. It'd take a while before she would even be willing to let them see danger.

9c6f4 No.41255

They sound monstrously cute.

7159c No.41256

I'm figuring that for the first few months, they're gonna be untrained Chocobos

f2e3b No.41257

Does it take a super high dexterity score and special feats for a character using a ranged weapon to have more than one shot in a round, or do they receive additional ranged attacks in a round if their base attack bonus is high enough for ranged attacks?

9c6f4 No.41258

Did I delet this by accident?

f2e3b No.41260

Moderation log says "17 minutes/vx/User deleted his own post #41253 (shadow deleted)"
Well, you deleted it


I see the feats, I just want to know if that's the only way. Like if using a ranged weapon is a lot like using a natural weapon

81a4f No.41261

If i remember correctly from playing arrows get 2 attacks per round but that may have chamged in later editions then what im used to

7159c No.41262

I'll have to think on that. From what I am seeing so far, the only way other than the feat to get more than 1 shots per round with a range weapon is with haste, the exception being small throwing weapons, since one can hold multiple in their hands.

9c6f4 No.41263

When you create an Intelligent Item, do you also dictate it's personality, ego score, or specific purpose?

7159c No.41264

You try,….

9c6f4 No.41265

So, you can create an item with a specific purpose and alignment, but all-in-all, it's its own character, is what I'm getting.

9c6f4 No.41266

Can animated Sentient items move on their own?

7159c No.41267

For the overwhelming part yes, but the dice always get a say.
Desu, I've never seen an in-game representation of such an idea, but the concept is sound. For example, I don't see why an Animate Item spell cast on Vandereim (assuming he waves the saving through, cuz why wouldn't he?) wouldn't allow him to hobble around and bend and twist, while still being a functional sword.

7159c No.41268

"Then I can get meself drunk!"

9c6f4 No.41269

Could he attack on his own?

7159c No.41270

No, he can't swing himself

f2e3b No.41271

Would he be capable of hacking into a locked liquor cabinet on his own if animated?

7159c No.41272

Oh, I'm SURE he would think of something

f2e3b No.41273

With regards to the Generals, the Spartan auxiliaries, and the Gestapo - what are their strength and dexterity scores? I know they are not heros, so they would not have 13s or 14s on probably anything, but the Generals are Football players and the Spartans are Spartans, so they've got to be above human average, right?

9c6f4 No.41274

Vandereim deserves to drink more often.
*brings over over barrel of rich, black Scottish spirits and removes top*
Tbh, the reason why I was asking was because I wondered if it could be applied to Tracy's Everwhirling Chain. The chain can continue to attack its designated target even after its owner is rendered unconscious, so I wondered if it could attack on its own if it had its own ego, so long as it stayed within 60 ft of its wielder. Not that I really wanted a weapon that attacked on it's own, but more of a weapon that would just act as if it were, with a personality.
I kind of wanted to simulate the aesthetic aspects of an AntiPaladin's Fiendish Boon (thinking uber weapon with powers covered in blue ebil fire). Of course, it'd take a lot of time and resources to apply and Tracy simply doesn't have the means to do it, but I thought the concept of investing in a weapon similar to the Ghost Rider's "Spirit of Vengeance" would be really cool in the long run, if she ever finds the means. A chain with the ability to entangle enemies would be pretty useful in high-speed chases.
I think their strength would probably be average, but their levels in warrior would increase their attack bonuses.

7159c No.41275

I'm glad you asked. I hadn't gotten into this (and no, I'm not giving you their stats) but the spartans are significantly more skilled than the Gestapo or the Generals. What is happening is that the Generals and the Gestapo are learning from the Spartans, while the Spartans observe and experience the culture of Port Barry.
However, when it comes to Football, no one knows who will win the upcoming Generals vs. Spartans Football game. Combat skills are one thing, but this is Football, praise Elway.

9c6f4 No.41276

>What is happening is that the Generals and the Gestapo are learning from the Spartans, while the Spartans observe and experience the culture of Port Barry.
I wonder what Baz has planned.

f2e3b No.41277

>No one knows who will win the upcoming Generals v Spartans Football Game.
Elway knows, and Elway is on our side

7159c No.41278

Expressly, he wants these cadets to experience Port Barry, participate as is appropriate and useful to themselves and the Port, and eventually report their findings.

9c6f4 No.41279

So, they're mostly just watching us, so Sparta can get a better understanding of what's going on in Port Barry.

7159c No.41280

"I mean I know he's a squirrel, but he's seriously the best leader and military mind evar."

9c6f4 No.41281

He'd better watch his neck around Tracy, is all I'm saying.

f2e3b No.41282

Should send a pigeon to him to tell him the Court City is more vulnerable than normal

7159c No.41283

The cadets you would be talking to for this exchange to occur start to snicker.
"Our money is on Baz." more giggling.

f2e3b No.41284

File: 1515092799215.gif (1.31 MB, 801x611, wEJyq (1).gif)

We noticed

9c6f4 No.41285

File: 1515092907299.jpg (19.09 KB, 512x512, tfw the ride starts.jpg)

'.. I won't miss that little rat next time…'
Tracy thinks to herself.

9c6f4 No.41286

File: 1515092974102.png (56.86 KB, 687x675, shrug.png)

Gotta' stay in-character..

7159c No.41287

The cadets can hold back their laughter. "Make sure we can be there!" "Yeah, we wouldn't want to miss it!" continued laughter.

9c6f4 No.41288

Just as an approximation, how much shit would the party have been in if he failed that save back then? Would we have been toast?

7159c No.41289

Hard to say. It was a banquet, so few were fully armed, but everyone had a proper blade, and there were alot of Spartans

f2e3b No.41290

"She's a foolish horse, don't mind her"

People who have reputations tend to have done something to acquire it. People who want only one thing, and focus most of their effort on it, tend to have success in acquiring it.

Baz has a strong reputation at being a legendary one on one fighter. Sparintenar is focused on fighting wars. So my bet is that Baz is a superior one on one fighter and Sparintenar is a superior military city

I would not be surprised if the Airship was from Sparintenar, given that
1. The Spartans disappeared during combat but evidently did not shy away from it, suggesting they may have been relaying a message during combat
2. Airships are techne based, not magical, which is more in line with the capabilities of Sparintenar than most of our magical enemies, and
3. The airship seemed to be targeting things around the Port, but not the Port itself

"Neither will his RPG miss you"

Release smoke screen, Mount Cauchemar, Ethereal Juant. That would have been my move. Hell if I know if we would have lived long enough to execute it

9c6f4 No.41291

Would he have actually died then?

7159c No.41292

I take it back, its not hard to say, cuz it was Trump, Tracy, and Taylor. Mincemeat, even without Baz.
"Of course not. I ain't gonna spoil anything, but never bet against the squirrel with a motherfucking bazooka. Just sayin'"

f2e3b No.41293

Reeeeee Trump and Tracy aren't that weak

>never bet against the squirrel with a motherfucking bazooka
That was my guess

7159c No.41294

"And if you're thinking to yourself "I didn't say that out loud", I know but I'm the GM. I've been thinking about haxx on the game, and this is mine. Consider it inspired by DDLC, but I can make anyone say or do whatever." his eyes dilate into black voids. "If I want."
His eyes immediately return to normal and he resumes character, "… I don't know what I was just sayin'. But anyway, we have a saying in Sparintenar. It goes "Baz, he'll whup yo ass."

9c6f4 No.41295

I mean, the mechanics of "rolling to bite the little faggot's head off" are somewhat confusing to me. I guess most creatures that attack by taking their victims into their mouths do so with a grapple check, although most creatures would be close to helpless once their heads are in a predator's mouth in her mouth, even if they do get an attack of opportunity, so I guess it might've been simple from there.. I'm just wondering, because I kind of want to have her bite something's head off next time she gets the chance.
Of course, that squirrel probably has some awesome dexterity, and the skills to slip out of that situation pretty easily. Part of why I rolled was because I didn't expect to even get close to him, just shitposting about the consequences of trying to buy the married ghost-horse.

9c6f4 No.41296

… Who is speaking here?

7159c No.41297

That's more from the pseudo-cadet dialogue

f2e3b No.41298

The people we meet try to buy Tracy. That's just what they do.

I mean, think about it. Wouldn't you want to buy a Cauchemar? Those things are sexy as fuck. In terms of combat, speed, supernatural abilities, and also in the literal I-would-have-sex-with-one sense

>Bite something's head off

A Cauchemar has a +18 attack and 2d6+5 damage bite, and please don't fuck up my diplomatic efforts

9c6f4 No.41299

Yeah, I'll try not to fuck-up diplomatic stuff, but I really had fun that time
>The people we meet try to buy Tracy.
I'm sure they will, although she'll let them know she's a married mare, one way or another.

7159c No.41300

Uh Trump, as an emerging legal authority, might you consider checking the last couple posts of the Dive-grass cup thread for expert opinion?

f2e3b No.41301

I saw that post. Even if the document didn't have the date as "January 4 current year," the person as "Lauren Faust," the location as "Equestria, South Africa," and the suing entity listed as /mlp/ and not the corporation that owns 4chan, I would say it is a joke just because of how ridiculous the claim is

Copyright accrues when a creation is fixed in tangible expression, and then published. It accrues to the person who fixed it in tangible expression, unless contract agreement says otherwise. Basically, the Anon who creates and then posts a work owns the copyright to it. Also, a work needs to be registered with the copyright office (if made in the US) in order for an infringement suit to be made. And none of these are registered

Pretty much all Anon filly and aryanne drawings are derivatives of other copyrighted works. So determining what exactly is protected and who contributed what to a design would be fucked

9c6f4 No.41302

"I am the best mount, aren't I, Flashy?"

f2e3b No.41303

File: 1515095134807.png (1.3 MB, 1920x1080, Look of Doom.png)

>I really had fun almost getting all of our characters killed, and fucking up diplomacy

f2e3b No.41304

reeeee why you gotta use Tracy's racial power of mental compulsion on my character so often

*Cuddles horsey*

9c6f4 No.41305

"~Hmmmm.. I am any you know ~it.
Would another mount do this with you?"
*slides maretits up and down across crotch in a rhythmic motion*

f2e3b No.41306

Dice rollRolled 13

Damn it

Remove relevant clothing

Grapple pony

9c6f4 No.41307

They just got out of the bath and are on a pool-chair, there is no relevant clothing.
"Shhhh.. You relax, Flashy, I'll do the work from here.."
*begins sliding faster*

f2e3b No.41308

Dice rollRolled 13

>Titty fucking
Not a bad idea and I like where your head is, but it needs to end inside her

Penetrate pony

9c6f4 No.41309

She could easily avoid that with a Reflex save, but nah.. She wouldn't do that.
*takes it in*

f2e3b No.41310

"You're the one mounting me, silly pony"

*relaxes, as small horse slowly milks him*

9c6f4 No.41311

*rides hoo-man*
"It's nice to change things up once in a while, isn't it?"

f2e3b No.41312

File: 1515097017960.jpg (3.35 MB, 1900x2000, 1513374655896.jpg)

"Sure, you can ride me, little pony"

*is ridden by cute little succubus horse*

9c6f4 No.41313

"Giddy up!"
*bucks up and down*

f2e3b No.41314

*bucks horsey right back*

9c6f4 No.41315

*bucks harder*

f2e3b No.41316

*bucks horsey back, embracing his new role as mount*

f2e3b No.41317

"You like being the cowboy?"

9c6f4 No.41318

*waves arms bouncing triumphantly*
"I'm a mare, Flashy.
It's fun being on top though. I can see your face from here.."
>insert le meme yandere-stare here

f2e3b No.41319

"Silly horse, you're supposed to wave you cowboy hat around and yell yee haw!"
*grabs pony rump*

9c6f4 No.41320

"But I don't have a hat, ~Flashy..!"
*waves invisible hat*

f2e3b No.41321

*Injects in liquid form his appreciation for his mount into Tracy*

9c6f4 No.41322

"Oh, ~Flashy..!"
*locks jaws*
>'..I love you…'

f2e3b No.41323

*Kisses Pony*
*Hugs Pony*

He may need to wash her again…

9c6f4 No.41324

Not if he doesn't spill.

f2e3b No.41325

She'll leak

9c6f4 No.41326

She's highly experienced in keeping it all inside her (been trying to conceive for 7 years): this amount is nothing for her.
*is filled up*

f2e3b No.41327

Perfect talent, except for the implication of dozens or hundreds of sex partners

*blocks thoughts from his mind*

f2e3b No.41328

File: 1515099957009.jpeg (409.96 KB, 1020x1233, 294121__explicit_semi-das….jpeg)

>Tracy has "cum bucket" as an added bonus feat

9c6f4 No.41329

[happy pony noises]
*peacefully collapses on chest*

f2e3b No.41330

*Hugs and rubs pony, hoping serious shit isn't going down outside*

9c6f4 No.41331

Just fyi, it take 5 rounds to don the chain shirt hastily, and 5 mins to don full plate hastily.
It probably won't be any issue though.

9c6f4 No.41333

File: 1515101136307-0.jpg (49.56 KB, 650x520, 97bf93d0347cfd4dfda8d8dda9….jpg)

>I'm an AC whore
It's better not to be so open about it… Bragging is the worst way to get a situational nerf.. (i.e: the walls of the Court City)

f2e3b No.41334

Excellent point and noted. What happened at the walls of the court city that was a situational nerf?

9c6f4 No.41335

File: 1515102256244.jpg (Spoiler Image, 323.94 KB, 714x535, Untitled.jpg)

Eh, I don't think it really was one, but it's an example of such a situation, since Tracy could've pretty easily phased through the walls of the dungeon if they hadn't been condition against it. The Session would've been kind of bland had they not been, right?It would've been boring.
The point is, if you focus largely on one of your characters traits, regardless of how great it is, you can expect to be put in situations where you find that trait next to useless; because that's a go-to way to make the game more interesting (in fact, I welcome it, somewhat).
Focusing on one style will allow you to excel in that style of playing, but it also leaves you squishy for cryptonite scenarios. Adaptable styles are more of my fancy, because I like to change my mind a lot and change for different scenarios. Think of a bastard sword: it's meant to be a one-handed and two handed weapon to fit the niches of the character wielding it, whether they want to fight with both hands, or use a shield for defense.

f2e3b No.41336

I definitely noticed I wasn't able to ride anything mounted. After committing to a heavy Cavalry fight style…

9c6f4 No.41337

Although, lecturing other players about adaptability isn't much coming from a character who used haxx to become a Shapechanger…
Riding a Huge creature in any kind of dungeon is kind of bullshit desu.
>committing to a heavy Cavalry fight style
How many ranks did you put into Ride btw? Just want to know for the sake of rapid mounting/dismounting.

9c6f4 No.41339

Although, I guess having that many ranks in Ride isn't that necessary when your mount is a PC character. The shoes really do help with it too.

f2e3b No.41340

>How many ranks in ride
Hard to say. At level 17 Trumpaladin would have 80 cumulative skill points (if the additional 1 ability point acquired at level 16 were not placed into intelligence. Otherwise, it would be 81). 63 of those are accounted for, leaving a possible 17 points to allot into Ride (and concentration). Unless I can reallocate the 18 points I put into Profession, which I did to make the "Make Port Barry Great Again" less bullshit, and because at the time I thought Thez was going to cut my character off, so it would be necessary to borrow money.

>Riding a huge creature in a dungeon is bullshit

I estimate both Tracy and Fae to be in the vicinity of five and a half feet tall at the shoulders, Fae being a little shorter at the head than Tracy because of how Lionesses carry their heads lower. That's not impossible, I think

>PC character and shoes
Shoes definitely help. I was under the impression that a Paladin's mount requires a hell of a lot less finesse to ride than a regular mount, because of it's intelligence and special connection to the rider

9c6f4 No.41341

You said Fae was Huge-sized? I thought monsters didn't grow from ranks they got from class levels.
I guess the Paladin's Mount might be a unique character class, even though that implies that most Paladins trot around on gigantic fucking horses.
>shoes help
The shoes really help with attack feats and whatnot, although they don't allow the same AC bonus as the Mounted Combat feat.
He should train with Tracy to get that feat while she trains for Mobility.

9c6f4 No.41342

Not to mention Divine Emissary mounts.. fucking enormous..

9c6f4 No.41343

If you want to be a Divine Emissary btw, it'd be best to put at least 10 ranks into Knowledge Religion.

0d4aa No.41344

>Monsters don't grow from character levels.
That's true, but the size increase comes from the 8 Hit Die added by the Paladin's mount. Dragonnes start with 9 hit die, but advance a size catagory at 12 or 13 hit die.
>Paladins riding huge fucking horses
I don't think horses advance size categories, but that's more or less what historical European Cavalry did. European cavalry horses were about twice or at least one and a half times the mass of Islamic cavalry horses

>Divine emissary mounts
I noticed you can even get a Cauchemar at high enough levels. That would be cool

Oh I don't know what I'm doing with this character after he's gained everything he can from the Paladin class

9c6f4 No.41345

>the size increase comes from the 8 Hit Die added by the Paladin's mount.
Paladin's mount is a character class, like Familiar, Animal Companion, or Fiendish Servant.
Like i said though, it's probably unique in that matter of advancement.
Now that I think of it, shouldn't Torc's Snek be Gargantuan by now? That's a big snek.
>I noticed you can even get a Cauchemar at high enough levels.
I read that too, but only under Nightmare lore on wiki sites related to the books (apparently they're supposed to be special heirloom breeds sometimes awarded to black knights by ebil gods). Where did you read that one?

2bf85 No.41346

So, what are you faggots fighting about tonight?

9c6f4 No.41347

Nothing really yet

2bf85 No.41348

Break out the champagne its a fucking miracle.
>Mr. Snek be gargantuan
How big would that put the snek? He's already ~20 ft

eb633 No.41349

File: 1515108550868.png (154.21 KB, 303x366, 1512673535979.png)

>crotch tits

9c6f4 No.41351

File: 1515108966395-0.jpg (41.32 KB, 960x539, ea4.jpg)


eb633 No.41352

File: 1515109301939.gif (94.91 KB, 279x200, 1492367726806.gif)


9c6f4 No.41353


eb633 No.41354

ive got my (you) already.

9c6f4 No.41355

File: 1515109712403-0.jpg (291 KB, 1003x560, 60791e7967d946cb808c5181ca….jpg)

He should be at least twice as long now…
If you enchant him with enough Abjurations, he could make for a great instant-fortress to hide under.

2bf85 No.41356

Idk why, but that visual is making me laugh so damn hard

9c6f4 No.41357

File: 1515110253709-0.png (200.83 KB, 2000x1333, 2000px-Gadsden_flag.svg.png)

Snek is underrated.
>Be Torc
>be chased by gorgeous women who all want to nail you for some rteason
>Know your fucked (literally and figuratively) if they catch you
>Can run because NEET legs
"D-d-don't tread on me!"
>Staff (spells long used-up) turns into Gargantuan Snek
>Coils around Torc
>Enchant with stoneskin and whatnot to reduce damage
>Impenetrable fortress

eb633 No.41358

File: 1515110276083.jpg (46.84 KB, 680x453, 1504203974139.jpg)

2bf85 No.41359

Holy shit my fucking sides are gone

9c6f4 No.41360

You should make the staff intelligent (AnCap Alignment), so he can activate on his own, and Make some Handle Animal checks to train him for the General Purpose of Guarding.
Actually, that's a DC 20 check. I guess Tracy could train him for you, since she has ranks in it.

I g2g

0d4aa No.41361

>train snake
It's a familiar. It'll do it all at command. Also I doubt it's gargantuan (I can't find the wiki page where I am right now, so I can't confirm)

2bf85 No.41362

I was actually gonna put a cople levels in animal shit anyway cause I still wanna get a couple levels in Ranger.
I'm not finding anything, but I like this
>25 str
I can't find size though

7159c No.41363

Dammit, no spoilers
Its Yuuuge

eb633 No.41364

handle animal is a skill.

9c6f4 No.41365

You don't get any Ranger spells until 5th level. Also, if you want Animal shit, better to go with Druid, then you could advance as a Wizard and a Druid via Mystic Theurge.

9c6f4 No.41366

>It'll do it all at command.
Training an animal for a general purpose gives it the skills and understanding to do shit.

0d4aa No.41367

It's not a real animal though. It's an animated staff that can take the form of a giant snake, and that takes the commands of its magical master

9c6f4 No.41368

If it could function as a familiar, it must count as an animal to at least that extent.

7159c No.41369

>Tracy's faggot wants Torcuil's shit to be by the book

eb633 No.41370

File: 1515112828701.jpeg (14.06 KB, 342x353, 1475157__safe_edit_applej….jpeg)

9c6f4 No.41371

File: 1515113266020.jpg (267.59 KB, 600x654, tfw bad girl3.jpg)

.. Sorry…. I'll shut up…

7159c No.41373

Familiar Hit Dice are considered to be equal to their master's HD, however that doesn't determine familiar hit points, which are equal to 1/2 their masters HP rounded down.

9c6f4 No.41374

Even if the hit points are lower, do they still grow in size via increased dice?

7159c No.41375

Generally no, and specifically not in this case no. The familiar is considered to have a unique and proprietary magical connection, whereas the Paladin's mount is more of a divine partnership.

9c6f4 No.41376

I see.

2bf85 No.41377

Thats what I meant
You gotta do the cooking by the book, if the way is hazy-
I'll stop now

eb633 No.41378

post the meme!

2bf85 No.41379

9c6f4 No.41380

Lazy Town memes are the best.

eb633 No.41381

but its number 1

2bf85 No.41382

>we finally beat a strong ass boss
>Tracy Trump and Infernius begin fighting over who gets what
>post Mine Song
>take all the stuff
>someone asks why
>"do what you want cause a pirate is free,
>You are a pirate"

7159c No.41385

File: 1515117153511.jpg (43.28 KB, 480x320, thieves.jpg)

2bf85 No.41386

Hi GM, how long is Mr. Snek?

f2e3b No.41387

But Fae can be of huge size category, correct?

9c6f4 No.41388

File: 1515117712759-0.jpg (85.53 KB, 564x756, ea7c5e0d87e787111456621b57….jpg)

File: 1515117712760-1.jpg (71.37 KB, 750x600, Rogues.jpg)

File: 1515117712760-2.jpg (62.14 KB, 540x720, 2be4845eed8ec67a3dd2237fb9….jpg)

File: 1515117712760-3.jpg (34.42 KB, 750x600, rogue.jpg)

File: 1515117712760-4.jpg (53.66 KB, 750x600, nwmJ984.jpg)

I love that meme.

7159c No.41389

I cannot detect a metric for determining length. It is listed as a "Huge" creature, and its listed as a "Giant Constrictor"
That's definitely one of my favorites
I don't understand what is in contention

2bf85 No.41391

Shall we say ~25ft long?

9c6f4 No.41392

At least on a racial scale for length, "Huge" should be anywhere between 16 ft and 32 ft I think.
He has a lot of HD, so I'd say at least 30.

7159c No.41393

That works

9c6f4 No.41394

File: 1515118822115-0.jpg (131.99 KB, 1024x663, 7d778f9bf58f6fb62785a53a84….jpg)

File: 1515118822115-1.jpg (58.26 KB, 529x480, badf3bbd76c62ae0eaa0d76dee….jpg)

File: 1515118822115-2.jpg (285 B, 1x1, download.jpg)

File: 1515118822115-3.jpg (69.32 KB, 592x800, f34251952dd64f09f130bf6c53….jpg)

File: 1515118822115-4.jpg (67.63 KB, 740x360, 089e35717fc990bf64e5881701….jpg)

Those out of context campaign quotes are pretty great, imo.

9c6f4 No.41395

File: 1515119424961-0.jpg (221.84 KB, 1280x720, 7f2ef19318d82526d2623f7f71….jpg)

File: 1515119424961-1.jpg (116.15 KB, 1024x576, 49313486d38e99204d7a62a36e….jpg)

File: 1515119424961-2.jpg (55.19 KB, 640x575, addtext_com_MDA0NjA0MjkzOD….jpg)

File: 1515119424961-3.jpg (64.22 KB, 640x395, 01a205700e22d6b52aa8f40d5e….jpg)

File: 1515119424961-4.jpg (132.51 KB, 1024x640, 9e422fb72b32f8a56895b5bf59….jpg)

7159c No.41396

>pics 2 & 5
I know those feels

9c6f4 No.41397

File: 1515120377046-0.jpg (127.97 KB, 1024x706, a7109e529bc329ebd06279cdba….jpg)

File: 1515120377046-1.jpg (45.79 KB, 600x375, 1481713350-3.jpg)

File: 1515120377046-2.jpg (118.39 KB, 1280x720, 74de48d3086cdcb840b0dac4d1….jpg)

File: 1515120377046-3.jpg (90.21 KB, 1024x640, a5c0e50dfe82ea71a7aa209c54….jpg)

File: 1515120377046-4.jpg (54.17 KB, 685x388, f323f2a61593f87cf123f9a336….jpg)

I find these hilarious.
There are a whole bunch just on Jewgle, but the idiots who make them hardly ever bother to pair the quotes with semi-relevant pics.
Posting just a couple more of the good ones.

f2e3b No.41398

Almost all of those quotes could fit into our campaign

eb633 No.41399

>can i summon a kraken at will?

2bf85 No.41400

I have to agree

9c6f4 No.41401

File: 1515121020244-0.jpg (101.16 KB, 1024x438, b34245_5785918.jpg)

File: 1515121020244-1.jpg (124.81 KB, 1024x720, 0bd36a_5785918.jpg)

File: 1515121020244-2.jpg (29.62 KB, 457x256, Out_b4ba39_5785918.jpg)

File: 1515121020244-3.jpg (135.22 KB, 780x626, Out_c06ae1_5785918.jpg)

File: 1515121020244-4.jpg (70.47 KB, 804x552, b56271ba291faa58c71a65e131….jpg)

Okay, just a few moar.

eb633 No.41402

infernuis loves the cannibal pony as a sister.

9c6f4 No.41403


f2e3b No.41404

Pic 5 is sadly too appropriate for this campaign…

2bf85 No.41405

Torc thinks of the party as that sibling you wouldn't hesitate to punch square in the jaw, but he wouldn't let anyone else punch them

eb633 No.41406

File: 1515121772972.png (1.33 MB, 2400x1711, partypic.png)


f2e3b No.41407

Trumpaladin thinks of the cannibal pony as that yandere girlfriend you love too much to get rid of, but who infuriates beyond measure

2bf85 No.41408

5/7 photoshop my dude
I love it

9c6f4 No.41409

File: 1515122134712.png (1.43 MB, 2032x2631, 185983__UNOPT__safe_oc_nyx….png)

Tracy think like this as well.
This is exactly what I wanted.

Love y'all (no homo)

eb633 No.41410

File: 1515122185430.jpg (51.07 KB, 516x460, 934208__safe_flash sentry_….jpg)


f2e3b No.41411

>The autistic revenge plot worked

9c6f4 No.41412

File: 1515122500775.png (484.59 KB, 2956x4000, implying you wouldn't.png)

"I love you too, ~Flashy."

f2e3b No.41413

reeeeee evil succubus demon horse!

2bf85 No.41414

Check this pali for Torc to know where the hell Troll is

f2e3b No.41415

File: 1515123005526.png (45.92 KB, 375x375, 889283__safe_artist-colon-….png)

Fuck that's a nice Pali

>wishes he had stolen the pali to claim his dragon poner

eb633 No.41416

File: 1515123075425-0.jpg (209.95 KB, 1415x1413, 1514338146733.jpg)

File: 1515123075425-1.jpg (56.78 KB, 839x1080, 1512383937121.jpg)

2bf85 No.41417

You should get >>41488

9c6f4 No.41418

File: 1515123195106.png (239.12 KB, 986x935, vector.png)

"Evil about ~you!"
With digits like that, you could scry her anywhere.
Just do it in Rabbit, so you don't spoil it.

2bf85 No.41419

Can I get a uhhhh
Telepathic communication?

f2e3b No.41420

Goddamn it you made her even cuter

Definitely think Torcuil should scry Trollestia

2bf85 No.41421

And a 2 liter of scrying

f2e3b No.41422

File: 1515123533560.jpg (151.55 KB, 1670x1238, rexfeatures_5886121s.jpg)

Why you say it like Jeff Goldblum?

I'm actually not sure if you can do that

>Torcuil will never have the special connection between himself and his waifu that Trumpaladin has with his stalker

9c6f4 No.41424

File: 1515123655786-0.gif (354.51 KB, 612x405, evil_cadence_laugh__animat….gif)

>you made her even cuter
[evil faggot noises]

2bf85 No.41425

Love, uh, finds a way

9c6f4 No.41426

He could do it if he met her, but it probably wouldn't be worth the XP.

7159c No.41427

All he can determine are flash images of a thick, overgrown forest.

2bf85 No.41428

Well thats helpful, does my pali count for nothing?

f2e3b No.41429

Unfortunately that's true for a certain specific blue party member

That's… Actually pretty much the best you can hope for out of scry


f2e3b No.41430

You determined that she is in a thick, overgrown forest. That means you discovered something

2bf85 No.41431

Yeah, I determined she could be almost anywhere

f2e3b No.41432

She is:
Not in the port
Not in the mountains
Not in any other city
Not in the tower
Not in the exact spot of her grove

Now my next step would be to start inquiring about whether the forests you have seen thus far are "thick and over grown" or thinner. This could tell you if it's a nearby forest or one well far away

eb633 No.41433

File: 1515124175143-0.png (Spoiler Image, 1.78 MB, 1680x2240, 1472976__explicit_artist-c….png)

you determens she thicc

9c6f4 No.41434

File: 1515124245880-0.png (156.95 KB, 500x210, swords3.png)

GM, can Tracy craft Bane daggers that turn blue or vibrate when their favored enemies are present?
>hoo-man genitalia

2bf85 No.41435

Useful information, terrible pic
Well, I know it isn't the charred forest by the tower

7159c No.41436

That would take time and research. You mean like Sting in LOTR yes?

9c6f4 No.41437

>like Sting in LOTR yes?
Basically. Just an item that detects certain types of creatures, instead of just dealing extra damage.

9c6f4 No.41438

>charred forest
Apparently, Tracy wasn't actually able to do very much damage, despite her efforts…

2bf85 No.41439

Isn't that what Sting does?

9c6f4 No.41440

eb633 No.41441

File: 1515124743470-0.png (Spoiler Image, 2.25 MB, 1938x1908, 534444__explicit_artist-co….png)

9c6f4 No.41443

Also, Y U spoiler?

2bf85 No.41444


f2e3b No.41445

Damn that's fuckable

I don't think there is a d&d spell that specific, since most of them only do vague things like "detect chaos" or "detect undead." But if GM approves it, make one for dragons. I want to go dragon hunting.

I would ask GM what various parts of the nearby forest look like, or investigate (if I were toruil)


2bf85 No.41446

Much much better my friend
I guess it's exploring time

9c6f4 No.41447

I was actually going to have her explore the area beyond the grove next chance I got, but now I'd feel like a bitch…

f2e3b No.41448

"Little pony, you don't need to obsess yourself with that mare. You have me"
*hugs pony*

9c6f4 No.41449

"I guess I can be content with having driven her off for a while.."
*hugs back*

f2e3b No.41450

"A while? I doubt she'll ever be back. Little pony, I know she embarrassed you, but she's afraid of you now, and she won't forget it."

9c6f4 No.41451

"I know.. but if I ever see her again, I'll erase her."
[happy pony noises]

2bf85 No.41452

Unicorns are easily startled, but she'll soon be back, and in greater numbers

9c6f4 No.41453

>in greater numbers
How many equines is she willing to sacrifice to save her own skin?

f2e3b No.41454

Kek, what's that quoted from

>in greater numbers

*Finds Felicia, and hugs her like a cuddle toy*

Fucking this

9c6f4 No.41455

File: 1515126024725-0.jpg (52.91 KB, 533x400, 46161a72a202acd6468b1b02c2….jpg)

>what's that quoted from
Star Wars

7159c No.41456

>not knowing the quote
I see what u did there

2bf85 No.41457

>what's that quoted from
H-how? How dp you not know?
Hello there

f2e3b No.41458

Well fuck y'all too

9c6f4 No.41459

>not cuddling your waifu instead
[sad pony noises]

eb633 No.41460

*cuddles thez*

f2e3b No.41461

"B-but… she's so cuddly….

*cuddles blue demon pony*

2bf85 No.41462

Are you threatening me master paladin?
Torc cuddles no one because his waifu is hiding in a forest…

This isn't as fun

7159c No.41463

"Oh!" surprise, blushing, hugs.

7159c No.41464

Oh, now she IS waifu?

f2e3b No.41465

*seductive wink*
Making an offer


eb633 No.41466

"me be back,me getting hot chocolate."
*retrieves 2 hot chocolates from kitchen.*

eb633 No.41468

*continues cuddling*

7159c No.41472

"What's all this about, and don't give me the standard "Me love you" line; why all this?"

2bf85 No.41473

File: 1515126996266.jpg (42.28 KB, 960x644, nintchdbpict000369877680.jpg)

>tfw when everyone tells you to take her as a waifu when you don't want too
>tfw they are shocked when you do

eb633 No.41474

"me do love you, and me want to give you and little addy best life possible."
*genuinely happy noises*

eb633 No.41475

File: 1515127255956-0.jpg (Spoiler Image, 1.41 MB, 3840x2160, b6cd9477cb66ab74c9b4c8c18e….jpg)

f2e3b No.41476

File: 1515127336979.png (450.96 KB, 1280x720, Sad_Twilight_D'aww_S2E3.png)

>Trumpaladin will never be loved in this way

Thanks for the unicorn

9c6f4 No.41477

[happy pony noises]
Did you consider the near-Death experience?
Also, Snek deserves some affection.

9c6f4 No.41478

File: 1515127469747-0.png (415.21 KB, 795x1024, 581393__safe_artist-colon-….png)

[sad pony noises]
".. I love you, Flashy…"

f2e3b No.41479

I think of snek as almost a puppet of Torcuil, not a separate being. In any event, snek is cold blooded and an ancap. He doesn't desire affection

*points to Infernius and Thez*
"But that. Did you know he'd consider renouncing National Socialism for the sake of her?"

eb633 No.41480

File: 1515127681400-0.png (571.3 KB, 958x949, 1508027250051-3.png)

keep trying, ponk loves you.

9c6f4 No.41481

>In any event, snek is cold blooded and an ancap. He doesn't desire affection
Who told you AnCaps don't need love?
>renouncing whateverthefuck
"..I'd sell my soul for the sake of our family, Flashy.."

f2e3b No.41482

"Would you purify and save your soul for the sake of your family?"

2bf85 No.41483

>TIL I'm coldblooded and don't desire affection
I guess Torc hasn't played fetch with him in a while…

eb633 No.41484

File: 1515127899121-0.jpg (220.34 KB, 998x475, 1encounterfb_by_ninjatic-d….jpg)


9c6f4 No.41485

".. Well, I could try to do that.."
[confused pony noises]
"…I'm not sure what that means though.."
Wouldn't you lose all of your spellcasting abilities if you defied your god or his scripture?

f2e3b No.41486

Oh I meant the snake is cold blooded and doesn't desire affection if it has a seperate personality. Not necessarily if it has the same personality

Oh don't take it too poorly. We all knew the best Hitler representation was going to one who was sort of rude and a dick when you talk to them. like Rockwell in the Murdoch Murdoch cartoons

"I know you don't know what that means, Tracy"

2bf85 No.41487

But you said it was because its ancap…

>throws ball for Mr. Snek

9c6f4 No.41488

*licks affectionately*
".. I'll always love you Flashy…"
[glum pony noises]

f2e3b No.41489

[glum paladin noises]
*pets pony head, but is sad*

Libertarians are kind of anti-social though

And I love Ponk

You can have Trollestia, but I'm taking Felicia

7159c No.41490

>inb4 whorehouse is rebuilt and staffed with poners

9c6f4 No.41491

*licking intensifies*
".. If I'm with you, I can be happy.."

2bf85 No.41492

>Libertarians are kind of anti-social though
Eh, I won't debate it.
>I can have Troll
Works for me
Torc can summon a bunch of poners for the staff

9c6f4 No.41493

>summon poners
What spell is that?

f2e3b No.41494


"What is it you really want though?"
*pets horse head*

9c6f4 No.41495

"… I want to be a mommy.."

f2e3b No.41496

"Is that really what you want?"

9c6f4 No.41497

"It's what I want more than anything."

f2e3b No.41498

*puts horsey on lap*

"Well, I guess I can give you that. But can you give me what I want, more than anything?"

9c6f4 No.41499

Like, was that creative license from the summon monster table, or what?

9c6f4 No.41500

".. What is that, Flashy?"

7159c No.41501


f2e3b No.41502

"To be the defender. He who protects the weak and defenseless from evil. I'd like to be that way to all mankind, but right now, it's my relation to Port Barry and those in it"

2bf85 No.41503

I figured

9c6f4 No.41505

Can Tracy summon other things too, so long as their CR is within her ability in the Summon Monster table, and they're of ebil alignment?
I thought it was Natures Ally for a moment. Druids can summon Unicorns spontaneously.

7159c No.41506


2bf85 No.41507

Can Torc use Mr. Snek as a mount?

f2e3b No.41508

>Mounting snek
That sounds suspiciously like treading

7159c No.41509

You would have to convince Snek to allow to step on

eb633 No.41510

*nibbles ear*

9c6f4 No.41511

Graft some Wings of Flying onto him too.

2bf85 No.41512

Well there's a difference between randomly treading on private property, and asking for assistance before doing so

f2e3b No.41513

You're wanting snek's help to trespass on someone else's private property?

7159c No.41514

So perhaps a contract then?

9c6f4 No.41515

So, like, ebil creatures with 3 CR or lower?

9c6f4 No.41516

2bf85 No.41517

No, I'm saying you don't violate the NAP if you get permission and clarify first
Pretty much

eb633 No.41518

File: 1515130979641-0.png (181.65 KB, 777x777, 1499538__safe_oc_oc only_a….png)

9c6f4 No.41519

".. I can't do that for you, Flashy, but I could help.."

f2e3b No.41520

*pets horsey*
"I don't need you to do it for me, little pony. I just need you to not be actively hostile to that purpose"

9c6f4 No.41521

".. I've never been hostile to you, Flashy; I just do things differently. No matter what happens, I'll always be you Waifu. If there ever comes a time when you feel lost, know that i, above all else, am on your side."
*Licks cheek*
"Unconditional love… That's what families are for after all, right?"

f2e3b No.41522

*pets pony*
"That's all I want little pony. Is that you are on my side. I wonder sometimes"
*pets pony more*

9c6f4 No.41523

".. No matter what happens, Flashy, I will always love you."
*Lays head on chest*

f2e3b No.41524

*Lays hand on pony*
"And I'll always love you"

9c6f4 No.41525

[Happy pony noises]

>Faggot goes to bed

9c6f4 No.41529

I noticed there are a lot more kinds of Ebil Outsiders than there are Good ones. In fact, there's three times as many, at least for creatures that have the Good/Ebil subtype.

9c6f4 No.41530

>"When the Outer Planes send their creatures, they're not sending their best… They're sending creatures that have lots of problems, and they're bringing those problems with us. They're bringing poisons. They're bringing chaos. They're rapists. And some, I assume, are good Creatures."

f2e3b No.41531

File: 1515164849493.jpeg (30.1 KB, 435x405, 48f.jpeg)

*Builds Planar wall*
*Raises deportation force for said creatures*

9c6f4 No.41532

>Planar wall
I wonder what kind of abjuration ritual that would be like.. It'd take decades to develop and an insanely high Spellcraft DC, but I guess it could be theoretically possible.
Of course, you'd have to deal with the angry mob of Clerics and Conjurers whose spells suddenly don't work anymore…

f2e3b No.41533

I mean, the Golden Lady did it. So why not? I'd guess a permutation of dimension lock would be best

>Clerics and Conjurers

Of course there are special interest groups who benefit from the cheap labor. But they can just use spells and summon creatures from this dimension

9c6f4 No.41534

Well, she's a literal god, who seems to preside over travel around the lower realms, so it's a given she'd be able to.
>they can just use spells and summon creatures from this dimension
I don't think you entirely understand how Divine Spells work. All basic divine spellcasting classes, aside from Rangers and Druids (who draw their power from nature) draw their power from the Outer Planes. Paladins receive their magick (including the mount) from the upper planes, earned by practicing a code of righteousness and discipline. Clerics channel their magick from their patron deities, wherever they reside, who send them power in exchange for spreading their messages. Blackguards conjure their magick from the lower planes, found through contact with fiendish creatures.
All Divine spells are submissive in nature, which is all the Divine classes have alignment restrictions (since the being giving you your magick will take it away if you're not following code); and also why few Divine spells can be cast spontaneously, aside from the Druids Animal-Calling Spells and the Clerics Cure/Inflict spells, since each spell is received directly from a divine source through meditation/prayer.

f2e3b No.41535

>I don't think you entirely understand how Divine Spells work
Oh Please. Spells from this plane are willing to work, they just won't work for slave level wages

9c6f4 No.41536

Ah. Kek.

9c6f4 No.41537

File: 1515167792159.jpg (167.14 KB, 960x1280, burn, baby, burn.jpg)

>tfw next 4CC /pol/eague is HYPE and you can feel the ebil powers coursing through your veins

f2e3b No.41538

But to give a non-meme answer, I'm sure it's possible to be selective as to which planes you close off. Like real Donald Trump ran on a campaign against Latin American and Middle Eastern immigration, but his waifu #3 is a Slovenian supermodel. Likewise, Remoth's band of cats came from a dimension of goodness and Football, and accordingly Fae is an extraplanar who will not be removed. Probably there are others (Trollestia?).

*Casts Dispel Evil*

9c6f4 No.41540

Yeah, but the more complex the ebin spell, the higher the Spellcraft DC. Anything that would be able to completely block planar travel across a continent-wide range would take like seven Epic-level Spellcasters (probably Clerics or Theurges) just to conceive the Abjuration in theory, because that kind of magick is basically god-territory.
Also, it'd be gay because we wouldn't have any demons to fight.
If anything, what you want is just a city-wide Dimensional Lock, and even that'd be a feat in and of itself.

f2e3b No.41541

File: 1515169568325.jpg (98.35 KB, 963x523, border-wall-mexico-trump.jpg)

>It would take like seven ebin level spellcasters
>You can't build the wall
>There's too much property that would have to be seized by emanate domain
>It would take too long
>It would be too expensive
>Oy vey, you can't just build 1300 miles of it
>We can achieve an even more effective barrier by using an (((electronic fence))), goyim. That way, you can watch them as they walk across.
Bitch, please.

You forget that much of Trumpaladin's magic, and certainly most of Torcuil's, is meme magic. It's a magical form that derives its strength not only from singular powerful individuals, but the combined and collective strength of an entire movement. It can be done. Believe me.

9c6f4 No.41542

Good point.
Just don't do it anytime soon. I still want to get XP through combat.

9c6f4 No.41543

File: 1515171969595.png (596.59 KB, 1200x765, 1514417079961.png)

>tfw you spent an hour working on an ebin shoop, but your computer crashes

9c6f4 No.41545

Wrong pic, but I guess it describes the feeling…

f2e3b No.41546

Well, we already had our demonic fighting sequence. The demonic invasion. We gained two or three levels from it. Then the demonic realms were sealed off by the travel ban. We have plenty of enemies to fight still. For example, Trumpaladin still has not slain a dragon.

9c6f4 No.41547

Soros still lives though.

7159c No.41548

He does, and you can bet he hasn't been sitting around going "Awww shucks, they beat me twice now, I better give up."

f2e3b No.41549

File: 1515178246532.png (520.25 KB, 632x520, 1512204899801.png)

I have like a billion questions about the Generals

But am afraid to ask…

7159c No.41550

Fire away
>has covfefe

9c6f4 No.41551

I'll bet.
That kike is always planning something.
He's probably pretty pissed about being eaten from the legs up last time too…

f2e3b No.41552


First question - what are their levels? I'd presume they started at level 1. I believe you said that the NPCs that participated in the fight against the Tarasque gained three levels. And now the Gestahpo and the Generals have each participated in smaller actions even if they didn't kill anything (troll hunt and catching Darkie) but definitely participated in the defense of Port Barry in the undead invasion

9c6f4 No.41553

Is time frozen in game, or can Tracy do things before the next fight?

7159c No.41554

Well, you're not outside, where there's cannonballs, so yes Tracy can do minimal stuffs.

f2e3b No.41555

Stahp. You are relentless. You are trying to make all of our characters forfeit their time in game because you are specifying actions, while we are not

7159c No.41556

Yes. Non-distinguished side-factions (Generals, Gestapo, and Fight Club) are all at level 5. When they start operating individually is when more specific elements can be observed/introduced, but at the moment they can all be seen to have the same stats.

f2e3b No.41557

And can these be considered levels in character classes?

7159c No.41558

Yes. Fight Club gets ranks in Monk, Generals and Gestapo would probably be Fighter, but I'm open to an alternative that makes sense.

9c6f4 No.41559

Tracy goes down to the armory to make another Screaming Bolt.

7159c No.41561

That's not minimal, unless Tracy is not planning on engaging the latest adversaries.

9c6f4 No.41562

Okay then.
I'll have her feed her birds, and re-keen her blades.

f2e3b No.41563

With regards to any ability (strength, Dexterity or whathaveyou) are any points as high as 12?

9c6f4 No.41564

Oh, I'm definitely going to have her fight. I'm hungry for XP.

7159c No.41565

I haven't decided yet. Why do you ask?

f2e3b No.41567

The biggest reason is that certain fighter feats have ability score prerequisites. For example, rapid shot requires 13 dexterity, cleave or power attack require 13 strength, and so forth. A paladin or cleric's spells require a wisdom higher than 10, a Paladin's divine grace is meaningless without a charisma of 12 or higher, and so forth. A dexterity of 12 allows a +1 bonus to ranged attack rolls and a +1 bonus to AC. A strength of 12 allows a +1 bonus to melee attack and damage rolls, and allows special composite bows to be constructed and used that give +1 higher damage. A constitution of 12 gives +5 HP at level 5

7159c No.41568

So are you looking to establish a threshold of possibility, or did you have a particular breakdown that you would consider more favorable? I ask on this one because I would consider the Generals as being more proficient/specialized with ranged weapons (some of them at least), than perhaps the Gestapo who's tactics are primarily coordinated assault.

9c6f4 No.41569

You know you have like 6 different spells to conjure Mounts, right?
Try this one from now on.
It could run/fly/air-walk at 240 ft at your caster level.

7159c No.41570

f2e3b No.41571

Well, yes to both. A "threshold of possibility" for the kinds of feats I could give them now or in the future, with rapid shot being the most useful, but also to know what if any bonuses they would have.

My original intention with the generals was basically to recreate Korak's use of his NPCs - ranged support for the hero characters that is only mildly or moderately effective at dealing damage, but harasses the hell out of an attacker, and is extremely difficult to effectively counter.

I figured the Generals would engage with a ranged weapon first, and would prefer to stay in fortified positions where the enemy could not easily close in for melee range while the Generals are too spaced out for attacks from a distance to take out more than one at a time. From there, the Generals could fire at an opponent with a height advantage and cover or partial cover. Outside of this role, they are mounted infantry, going to the battlefield on horseback but dismounting for combat (for now - maybe if they get the right feats…). They tend to stay back and use ranged weapons, but if there are many smaller enemies, or if the enemy draws close, they pull out a melee weapon like a great sword, and engage with it.

I'd sort of like higher dexterity and strength, because dexterity gives ranged attack rolls and AC, strength gives better melee attack and damage, but also lets you build composite bows that give higher damage, and constitution gives a slight HP bonus.

These people are not accountants or lawyers. They are farmers, hunters, and ranchers who picked up sword and bow and shield to defend their city when it was attacked, and now are physically able enough to be basically professional football players. So I don't think it's implausible that they have higher than average strength, dexterity. I also want to note that if they were being leveled as player characters, they would receive +1 ability point at level 4.

9c6f4 No.41572

Shhhh. We divegrass nao.(USER WAS BANNED FOR THIS POST)

9c6f4 No.41573

File: 1515182335486.jpg (33.75 KB, 440x440, we nightmare nao.jpg)

"…I'm growing stronger!"

7159c No.41574

I don't know that they're at professional level yet, they've only been at it for a season or two, and this is a world that previously did not know Football. I will say that none of them will have stats higher than 13, and not all of them will have 13's, but that the overall abilities and stats would be consistent aside exceptional individuals.

f2e3b No.41575

Alright. Would all or most of them have 12s in strength or dexterity?

7159c No.41576

Presumably, since those are the attributes Trump would be looking for in particular when he formed the Generals.

9c6f4 No.41577

Are there ways to increase your stats in game? Tracy could use some moar Charisma.

f2e3b No.41579

For the purpose adding a strength rating to the primary weapon (a composite longbow), could all be considered to have 12 strength (or possibly 13)?

You get one additional ability point at level 16. Aside from that, items give bonuses, and wish spells can give bonuses

9c6f4 No.41580

Can I get Tracy's Constitution score again?

7159c No.41581

Aside from magical items - the kind that usually involve Wish or the like to craft - only by gaining levels. I think it's +1/4 levels
I have it at 11 in pony form

7159c No.41582

I would put it at 1/4 of the generals have 13, 1/4 have 12, and 1/2 have 11, in both for simplicity's sake.

9c6f4 No.41583

>11 in pony form
That's lower than I thought..
So she's got
>19 Dex
>16 Str
>13 Wis
>11 Char
>11 Int
>11 Con

7159c No.41584

In pony form, that seems about right

f2e3b No.41585


Str 11
Dex 19
Con 10
Wis 9
Int 13
Cha 11

See >>12210

9c6f4 No.41586

>items needing wish
Wish itself can also increase stats, can't it?
That doesn't make any sense.
Why would her Wis be lower than that of a regular hoers?
Poners should get a +2 modifier for Char…

7159c No.41587

File: 1515183503875.png (16.8 KB, 687x675, gala_ep_pony_shrug_by_0_ca….png)

I have so many charts at this point, its hard to be certain if I'm looking at the right one.

7159c No.41588

Because Tracy is unwise

f2e3b No.41589

Why would Tracy's Strength be higher than that of a human three times her size?

f2e3b No.41590

Well, that's what I meant. I messed up the structure of that sentence

9c6f4 No.41591

Tracy has street smarts.
And she knows the games are rigged.
Muh Earth Pony Magick.

2bf85 No.41592


9c6f4 No.41593

Also, see >>41569

7159c No.41594

The rules on wish 4 perma-stats is thus:
+1 to +5 can be applied to a character for one stat, which requires successive casting of wish (meaning, get 5 dudes to cast it at the same time). No more than +5 can be granted in this way, and casting in any way non-successively does not stack.

f2e3b No.41597

Okay, now for the even more real question: when taking the weapon focus feat, does it apply to a type of weapon - like composite longbow - or to a specific weapon - this composite longbow

2bf85 No.41598

Ehhhh, I guess.
First I gotta actually understand half the meta shit you guys talk about before I go deciding on a mount

7159c No.41599

You can do that once per ability score, meaning +1 to +5 for each stat. Good luck finding sufficient ebin wizards who will readily contract for that though. That shit costs alot of exp
It applies to the type

9c6f4 No.41600

It's not a mount, it's a spell to conjure one for a ride.
You could also collaborate with Infernius to craft a Stone Horse, if you want something more permanent.

2bf85 No.41601

>Good luck finding sufficient ebin wizards who will readily contract for are stupid enough to do that though. That shit costs alot of exp
>Stone Horse
I'm listening

f2e3b No.41602

File: 1515184573600.png (98.79 KB, 399x600, 741.png)

2bf85 No.41603

So wait, what stats do you need boosted?

f2e3b No.41604


You don't get a Special mount like a Paladin, nor the Blackguard's fiendish servant. You do get a familiar but snek is your familiar. Trollestia would let you ride her, and she's better than a normal mount, but she is MIA. You can always summon a pony or horse. You can buy a horse. I'm not sure if you can get a pegasus but… get a pegasus. Get a stallion so people don't fight to fuck it

Wait really? Intelligence, Dexterity, Charisma, or Strength are all ones I'd love boosted

9c6f4 No.41605

File: 1515184854731-0.png (389.29 KB, 963x1139, 434666__safe_artist-colon-….png)

>tfw you have higher Char as a man-eating fiend than you do as an adorable poner
"… Flashy.. You think I'm cute, right?"
[self-conscious pony noises]

81a4f No.41606

If i remember correctly you can also increase stats by praying to your diety and hoping that it is in a good mood plus you need a high roll to get it the problem is if you get a low roll it can lower your stat instead

2bf85 No.41607

What the fuck did you think I mean by "a wizard stupid enough?"
You get one, but you gotta think of something good to give Torc for it
>infernius tries to raise int
>rolls 1

f2e3b No.41608

Fuck yeah!

"Well… when you can't see your ribs through your skin, when your pupils aren't like a cat's, when your eyes don't have that creepy dead look, then sure. You look cute. There's no helping that mane style though"

7159c No.41609

So you're just coughing up experience then? One doesn't simply cast wish.
Charisma doesn't equal comeliness
GM would have to be really drunk to allow that

2bf85 No.41610

>he was honest
Have fun when she stirs Trump's haggis

81a4f No.41611

One gm i had required a natural 20 to raise a stat one point but anythong below a 10 lowered it one point

f2e3b No.41612

I already know what I'm asking you for the next time you are drunk and vulnerable

She loves me for who I am. Maybe

Neat. Anything you want?

2bf85 No.41613

>coughing up
Hell no, I'm not a fucking socialist.
Now, if we where to come an agreement where Trump got Torc some cool shit, now we could talk.

Also, did Torc ever find anything out anout his new staff thingy. You said it was abjuration, and thats it

9c6f4 No.41614

File: 1515185452627-0.png (220.57 KB, 1280x879, 580311__suggestive_artist-….png)

>Stone Horse
It's a wondrous item. It takes Flesh to Stone AND Animate Objects though, so you'd need a Cleric or a Bard to help you finish it.
You know what the best part is? It only turns back into a warm-blooded animal with the Stone to Flesh spell, so you don't have to worry about lawless, non-wizard horse-thieves causing drama.

9c6f4 No.41615

f2e3b No.41616

*hugs pony*
"This is my waifu. There are many like it, but this is one of mine"

9c6f4 No.41617

[happy pony noises]

2bf85 No.41618

Torc can do clerical spells, so that should be fine

9c6f4 No.41619

Sound investment, imo.

9c6f4 No.41620

Will we get into combat tonight?

7159c No.41621

Hopefully before then. Technically combat already started and hasn't continued.

f2e3b No.41622

*puts on armor*

9c6f4 No.41623

*dresses husbando in armor, like a big doll*

9c6f4 No.41624

9c6f4 No.41625

Does your Character have Mounted Combat? She could skip the armor altogether if he had it.
>is starting to regret letting those giants walk away.

9c6f4 No.41626

she could ship her armor*

f2e3b No.41627

While Tracy was relentlessly advancing time earlier, Trumpaladin went to comfort, inspire, and generally check with the Generals, to talk to and comfort Slovenia, who did very well the previous day, and of course to help Felicia adjust by helping her to breakfast covfefe, and a set of canvas from the crafting area

*is dressed by poner*

No… A paladin's mount has a massive natural armor bonus, and Tracy's mounted form includes the unreasonably high AC of the 3.5 version of the Nightmare.
Do not mention the giants

9c6f4 No.41628

>Trumpaladin went to comfort, inspire, and generally check with the Generals
I think it would've had to have been within the tower. The Port is literally under fire.
You should have enough time to put on your armor and grab/prepare your weapons though.
Take one of Tracy's lances, and put that tower shield that you never use in her bag.

f2e3b No.41629

I mean in the morning, during that period of time you had Tracy search for Trollestia and hunt and train on the holodeck

7159c No.41630

He specified earlier, not atm

9c6f4 No.41631

Oh, so they're both still in the bathhouse?

7159c No.41632

I don't understand your question. He's saying that well before any of this happened, during various times where Tracy and GM were the only ones active and were doing all manner of things, Trump wants to have gone about the Generals as described. I'll allow it.

f2e3b No.41633

Perfectly hypothetical, but what's the DC on a diplomacy check to have sex with Slovenia. And Felicia while we're speculating

9c6f4 No.41634

I'm just wondering where the characters are.
I know that Lenos, Thez and Infernius are outside.

f2e3b No.41635

I had imagined Trumpaladin and Tracy were in a gold-plated hottub or small pool in the Tower

9c6f4 No.41636

>not using the new bathhouse
Don't worry, they're on the water side.

7159c No.41637

File: 1515190717176.gif (2.79 MB, 850x478, killme.gif)

>mfw having to calculate the answer to this question, cuz I know its only a matter of time

9c6f4 No.41638

Don't cause more drama than is needed.

f2e3b No.41639

I know. That's why it's a hypothetical and not a "roll to fuck Slovenia while she's still excited from Trebuchets"

Well, the purpose of the Diplomacy feature is to improve NPC attitudes. I've buffed the fuck out of Trumpaladin's Diplomacy score, although I never use it because RPing it is so much more fun. But to improve the attitude of an NPC from "unfriendly" to "helpful" is 40 DC, and to improve the attitude of a hostile NPC to helpful is 50. Slovenia seems to already be at "helpful," which means "will take risks to help you." To improve her to "Fanatic," which means "would give life for you," would be another 50 DC. Although I think she's already been diplomacied before, so there may be a limit to how much she can actually be improved

9c6f4 No.41640

File: 1515191935812-0.jpg (79.85 KB, 670x380, 866230__safe_pinkie pie_do….jpg)

… Yeah.. sure….

f2e3b No.41641

Oh come on. "Roll to fuck the barmaid" is such a common occurrence that I'm actually almost surprised it's not already included in the insanely detailed set of 3.5 edition rules. Tell me you aren't yourself curious as to what the DC would be

Also, why is she so mean to him? reeeee let him have a couple more long term sexual relationships

9c6f4 No.41642

*nibbles ankle*
[concerned pony noises]

f2e3b No.41643

File: 1515192614963.gif (1.96 MB, 420x315, FANMADE_cute_Fluttershy,_P….gif)

>pic related
*Pets horsey on the ears*
"What's wrong little pony?"

eb633 No.41644

infernuis is the most useless character.

9c6f4 No.41645

At what level?
That isn't true.
I'm the one who hasn't detected any traps, assassinated any targets, or picked any locks…

f2e3b No.41646

Aww, don't feel that way, you're insanely useful
*pets minotaur*
"You know you're a lot bigger and strong than me. Than any of us, really"

eb633 No.41647

"me only good for smashing things, and Hitler obviously doesn't care about me."

f2e3b No.41648

"Pfft! Smashing is useful. And you are useful for more much more than smacking. You're the best lover here. Very impressive your love is. A great spell caster as well.

Don't be fooled by Lord Hitler's rough, shitposty way of talking. That's just to scare the leftists and degenerates away. He's soft and cuddly on the inside, and he's impressed by you. He's hard on you because he has high expectations for you. He knows you're capable of much. But he loves you. I love you"
*hugs Minotaur*

eb633 No.41649

File: 1515194660425-0.gif (1.93 MB, 237x268, 1514673970820.gif)

eb633 No.41650

"he loves me so he wants to kill my child?"

f2e3b No.41651

"Oh, that's just him being abrasive. He doesn't want you to kill your child. He just has likes things to be perfect and he has high standards. But he knows your love is pure minus the race mixing part. And he knows your heart is great and strong"
*hugs tightly*

eb633 No.41652

"me don't believe you, me be at the sticky wickett."

9c6f4 No.41653

*wraps self around ankle*
"……. You wouldn't ever cheat on me again, would you, Flashy?"
*trusting gaze*

f2e3b No.41654

"Isn't there like explodey shit outside? I'm telling you. Where as Elway only demands of his followers that they be 70% football on any given day, Hitler wants the very best. A demanding deity, but a loving deity."

"D'aww that's cute. What do you mean, little pony?"

9c6f4 No.41655

"I'm your waifu, you don't need any other mares, right? If you ever need it, just come to me.."

2bf85 No.41656

Bullshit kek
In all honesty Torc is, just because I have no idea wtf I'm actually doing.

7159c No.41657

Yeah, you're still being shot at by cannons. If there's enough ppl on, we were gonna get combaty

7159c No.41658

… and with this it looks like just about everyone is here

9c6f4 No.41659

Just try to come up with good quality memes and we'll figure it out.

f2e3b No.41660

I've been begging my family to get us to get food for a while now. So I'll have to leave soon

"Aww… Little pony, me hugging Felicia or kissing Slovenia or sticking Trollestia doesn't mean you're not good enough for me. You're plenty good enough. You're a wonderful little mare"

9c6f4 No.41661

"It means something to me though… a lot.. Please don't mess around with other mares…"

f2e3b No.41662

*Picks up pony*
*puts her on his lap*
*pets pony*
"I mean, I guess if you really don't want me to, I can stop…"

*pets pony*

"I didn't know you didn't want me to do that… what exactly is it you don't want me to do again?"

2bf85 No.41663

So are we starting?

f2e3b No.41664

I'm delirious from hunger but it looks like I won't be leaving for a while

7159c No.41665

File: 1515196355041.png (660.6 KB, 1280x720, 1249616.png)

u could always >pic related
Seriously though, where we last left off, Thez is standing about 1000' in midair, Lenos is floating to the ground like a feather, also from about 1000', and Infernius is on Uatchit. Trump and Tracy are in the tower, and Torcuil is,… uhm,….

eb633 No.41666

tats okay i still walk to the wickett.

9c6f4 No.41667

File: 1515196364289-0.jpg (161.17 KB, 1920x1083, 1920.jpg)

"Flirt, buck, grope, romance, seduce, eat dinner alone with, or otherwise cohort with other females."

f2e3b No.41668

"That's a long list. Baby steps, little pony. I won't have sex with other females though, for you"

2bf85 No.41669

Tower, last I remember he got a meat bun from Tracy

9c6f4 No.41670

"Like I said, if you ever feel like you need to, just come to me.."

7159c No.41671

Infernius, in spite of the moments-ago concluded free-fall sex, which only concluded because Lenos came out of nowhere attached to a flaming keg, resulting in a huge explosion, inexplicably slumps his shoulders and directs Uatchit to the Sticy Wicket cuz,… reasons?
Something like that?

eb633 No.41672

>cuz,… reasons?
cuz the Deity he devoted his life to told him to kill the only thing he wanted in his life and hes having a hard time dealing with it.

9c6f4 No.41673

Tracy and Trump were fucking while the Port was being firebombed, so it's not that bad..
Don't get too drunk though..

f2e3b No.41674

File: 1515196825761.gif (38.94 MB, 700x292, Infernius right now.gif)

*rubs pony in a "whose a good girl" kind of way*
"Alright little pony. And you don't be too evil, or evil in ways that make me have to go after, okay little pony?"

>Satan Trips
Gif related

He feels like Hitler doesn't love him enough

f2e3b No.41675

My excuse is that I was at the movies and then driving and I missed what the fuck was going on and also didn't want to acknowledge the things outside

I don't remember there being a command to kill the child

9c6f4 No.41676

*rolls over*
[happy pony noises]

9c6f4 No.41677

When he asked what to do since Thez was pregnant, his response was "gas".

f2e3b No.41678

Dice rollRolled 2, 7, 5, 18 = 32

Her belly is exposed…


eb633 No.41679

9c6f4 No.41680

>don't mention the giants
Well, I already have, and I can't help but ask why now.

9c6f4 No.41681

[giggles happily]

7159c No.41682

Upon Infernius' about-face, Thez mutters "What the shit," and likewise disregards the cannons and <whooof>.
Leaving Lenos, the most obvious and least mobile target.

2bf85 No.41683

What cannons?

9c6f4 No.41684

The cannons on the flying ship attacking the Port.

f2e3b No.41685

Those posts made me kek very hard

I'm sure he meant delousing

Are you not content to have revived the Tarasque?

*continues rubbing pony*

2bf85 No.41686

7159c No.41687

Missed that bit did you?
Technically they started by attacking the party, and are now firing at the tower

9c6f4 No.41688

The giants won't cause major problems.

9c6f4 No.41689

Are the cannon balls or fireballs?

7159c No.41690

This is true. They are evil, but they soundly got their asses kicked and got revived and well fed before being sent on their way.

9c6f4 No.41691

I figured since they're usually Lawful, they're not dumb enough to stir up shit with creatures who could kill them. Also, figured she'd grown out of that armor.
Tracy might invite them or tea next time she's feeling lonely or nobody wants to eat lunch with her.

eb633 No.41692

you wouldnt be keking if elway told you to be chaste and fuck no more poners.

9c6f4 No.41693

This, desu.
Trumpaladin has had it pretty fucking easy.

eb633 No.41694

everything is easy for trumpaladdin.

2b837 No.41695

Don't care. All evil must be physically removed from this plane of existence, not simply placed in a position where they can be a problem later. Only three evil creatures have thus far escaped Trumpaladin, and he hates that fact enough

>lawful evil
Okay, that might be workable

>when Tracy has to eat by herself

Aw… Aww

7159c No.41696

"I'NIS!!" Thez calls ahead to him as he makes his way (she's gaining on him btw) "What do you think is right?"

9c6f4 No.41697

File: 1515198004396-0.jpg (3.15 MB, 2533x3012, 881289__questionable_artis….jpg)

Edgy horses get lonely too..

2b837 No.41698

If anything, Elway is pissed Trumpaladin has only sexed two poners

I know right? Elway is an awesome God. I made a good choice

2b837 No.41699

"You can eat with me, little pony"

eb633 No.41700


9c6f4 No.41701

" Really? Whenever I ask, you seem like you don't want to.."
*rubs up against leg*

eb633 No.41702

your missing the point.

f8d24 No.41703

*lenos continues watching the ship thingy as he floats to the grounds*

9c6f4 No.41704

f8d24 No.41705

by the way I got my computer working so I wont have to try posting from the damn tiny phone keyboard

2b837 No.41706

"I'm a picky eater. And suspicious if you sometimes. But if you want to get steak…"
*is reminded of their "date"*

Oh, it's only banter

2b837 No.41707

Want your Scotland flag?

7159c No.41708

Dice rollRolled 9, 18, 18, 15, 8, 4, 12, 4, 3, 20, 20, 5, 2, 2 = 140

Thez curses not having wings anymore and <whoooof> appears relatively distantly in front of Infernius.
At this time several of the cannonballs will have made contact with the Tower, determined by dice

2b837 No.41709

Or maybe I misjudged who you are

eb633 No.41710

"oh no the tower."
*unenthusiastic minotuar noises*

7159c No.41711

5 shots make contact, exploding on impact and charring the surface of the tower, and causing minimal dents to the surface. 2 of the shots make deformed bowl-shapes in the surface, about 4-6" deep.
Yeah, f8d24 is Lenos

f8d24 No.41712

yep this is lenos's faggot

2b837 No.41713

"Well fuck"


"Take us outside, and see why there are explosions"

9c6f4 No.41714

It's meta as fuck, but are they actually able to damage this thing? It seems indestructible, but it'll be a pain to repair.

7159c No.41715

They certainly seem to have dented the shit,… cuz there's dents.

9c6f4 No.41716

*assumes monstrous shape.
*leaves on side opposite to where the cannons are being fired*
Bloody hell!

eb633 No.41717

"thez they need you."

2b837 No.41718


f8d24 No.41719

*lenos's jaw drops upon seeing the dents before he growls deep in his chest* you fucking ass clowns

9c6f4 No.41720

I don't know what kind of ship has cans that could point straight up.
Want to go over them and land on their deck?

7159c No.41721

Her eyes narrow. "Fine." She stomps the ground (air, but she's standing on it) in an elongated stance.
"Hokenshou Katsuken."

7159c No.41722

Its an airship

2b837 No.41723

Close enough to engage in diplomacy. I'm betting on a faction that doesn't really desire to be completely hostile. But don't get too close, or they will definitely perceive the incursion as hostile

eb633 No.41724

"are you gonna attack me? or can me continue to the wickett?

7159c No.41725

"Are you just gonna run off, or are you gonna say something?" still holding the technique.

2bf85 No.41726

Srry, technical difficulties
Torc, hearing the comotion outside, teleports out to see what the hell is going on

2b837 No.41727

I guess Trumpaladin and Tracy approach the ship, or at least come closer to it, going around in an round about way that avoids the line of cannon fire

eb633 No.41728

"something about what?"

9c6f4 No.41729

Dice rollRolled 20 + 21

I guess that means it does…
Don't let her get shot…
Tracy makes a bee-line towards the ship.
To hell if it can't be blocked though..
Activate the robe because why not. Smoke is default.
And even though we're out in the open, rolling to move silently.
She's not wearing armor, so make sure to block those hits.

eb633 No.41730

nice roll

9c6f4 No.41731

*blazes toward ship quietly*

7159c No.41732

A brilliant technicolor streak speeds from the tower, trailed by a short burst of flame and an obvious and consistent smoke-trail. Its almost like g-major nyan cat desu.
But no less visually obviously

9c6f4 No.41733

I know, just getting in the habit of Sneaking.
[distinct lack of pony noises]

2b837 No.41734

The beautiful human riding the Nyan cat waives his hand to hail the airship

2bf85 No.41735

File: 1515200011370.jpg (100.82 KB, 1152x864, Spooky_ship.jpg)

Does ship look like pic related?

7159c No.41736

Dice rollRolled 20, 15, 7, 2, 2, 13, 2, 14, 10, 8, 10, 3, 6, 9 = 121

The ship is significantly elevated and distant from the tower. It will take more than one round to get near the vessel.
Another volley of THUMP's erupts from the vessel.

9c6f4 No.41737

He should be totally concealed by the smoke to all creatures more than 10 ft away (is does protect the rider, right?).
I guess she could shirk the smokescreen, if he really wants it though..

2b837 No.41738

Rogue fighting style: be stealthy, surprise your opponent, and try to sneak attack them in critical areas

Paladin fighting style: talk to your opponent, and only attack when diplomacy has failed. Then destroy your opponent with brute fucking force

9c6f4 No.41739

Use your Detect Ebil once she gets withing 60 ft.

2b837 No.41740

While she's flying at 80 mph? No way. All smoke will do is leave a trail that will be visible for miles and last minutes

Yells out at and hails ship

2b837 No.41741

Good idea. And ethereal jaunt if they shoot the big guns at you

2bf85 No.41742

Torc fighting style: Recreation nukes, everywhere
I just realized that the tartan is ancap colors

9c6f4 No.41743

When I said "bee-line" I meant she's moving at full speed.
>All smoke will do is leave a trail
The cone extends 15 ft in front of the nightmare, cloaking its entire body even as it moves.
>Suggesting the E-word
Why not?

2b837 No.41744

Not right now goddamn it! We need to figure out if they are confused Sparintenar allies, a new faction, or who the fuck they are

7159c No.41745

File: 1515200395321.jpg (210.55 KB, 1920x1080, ship.jpg)

More like this, in that the gas-containment section isn't too much bigger than the ship its self.
"You're the last one to run off in battle, you tell me," she says releasing her technique, assuming also that Infernius has stopped moving forward.

f8d24 No.41746

is the ship less then 1040 feet from lenos?

7159c No.41747

>has an idea where this is going

2b837 No.41748

Dice rollRolled 16

Are there any distinctive markings? What is the ship like close up. Anything about the ship. Search check

9c6f4 No.41749

Just juant on deck, detect ebil, then smite if you find anything.

2bf85 No.41750

Aww, now I can't "leedle leedle lee"
Torc looks at the ship and teleports again endinh up next to Thez and Infernius.
"Any ideas for that ship?"

9c6f4 No.41751

Dice rollRolled 4 + 21

Also Searching

eb633 No.41752

"me am heartbroken that hitler wanted me to kill addy. brad gets a free cat and me get told to kill my baby."

f8d24 No.41753

*points at while cussing about them denting the tower before hime and casts fireball*

7159c No.41754

Up close? Good question.
A mechanized device starts up on the ship, causing a "bang" sound about 3x/sec. Which equals 18x/round.

9c6f4 No.41755

Tracy searches for what looks like the cock-pit, then immediately jaunts.

7159c No.41756

"Didn't I say the same thing?"

2bf85 No.41757

Dice rollRolled 6

What class is Lenos?

Rolling for magical detecton on the ship. Does arcane knowledge give me a bonus? I'm assuming full levels in it.

2b837 No.41758

Detect alignment on anything that has an alignment nearby

eb633 No.41759

"he not your deity though the one you have devoted life to."

9c6f4 No.41760

Wait until she gets inside.
She's going to juant inside the cock-pit and give them all a warm welcome.

2b837 No.41761

Just don't cause a faction that doesn't need to be hostile to be hostile to us. I don't know of any presently existing hostile faction that would have one of these devices

9c6f4 No.41762

Just a little surprise, that's all.

7159c No.41763

A voice can be heard calling out as the fireball nears, responded to by a call-back from dozens of voices.
The fireball explodes harmlessly against the craft.
Out of range, and being shot at
"He's,… wait, I'm… not," she says after moments of contemplation, interrupted by pauses.
She would have done so, until she rebounds against a rubbery membrane of some indeterminable compound.

9c6f4 No.41764

[frustrated nightmare noises]
What is it, an energy field of sorts?

f8d24 No.41765

lenos is a chaotic neutral mystic theurge

eb633 No.41766

"fine me kill sky pirates then get drunk."

2b837 No.41767

Very impressive

Force horse to jaunt back, then have her take him over near the deck. Wave and say hello or excuse me to anyone in range

2bf85 No.41768

I like it
I really hope I get a good bonus

7159c No.41769

Essentially yes. It is flimsy, but it while it allows initial movement into the field, it promptly ejects the person caught out of the field at a pace no less than the speed they entered from.
"Fuck the sky-pirates. Those fucks should have an easy time of it," she says crossing her arms on her chest, and tilting her head.

2b837 No.41770

Oh yeah. Detect evil

eb633 No.41771

"then what we do?"

f8d24 No.41772

*growls and casts airwalk before heading to thez muttering the whole way to her*

2bf85 No.41773

>waits for someone to acknoledge Torc

9c6f4 No.41774

Dice rollRolled 13 + 21

Try and make a spellcraft check to determine what's shielding it. Or even better, get close and dispel the field.
Even extra-planar transport?
Well, Tracy peers closer at the ship now that she's gotten closer.
Spot check to identify/count figures on the ship.

2b837 No.41775

File: 1515201870733.png (175.05 KB, 1000x1000, image.png)

2b837 No.41776

Detect evil right next to the ship

I'm eating now - fucking finally - but can you check the wiki to see if a paladin's dispel magic spell may be of any use?

9c6f4 No.41777

Idk what works in which scenario, he'll have to try it out.

2bf85 No.41778

Dice rollRolled 10 + 5

Good idea
Sellcraft check on airboat

eb633 No.41779

File: 1515202207158.jpeg (423.54 KB, 867x1000, 1507766382312-2.jpeg)

f8d24 No.41780

Inferniuos thez lets get on that ship I have a spell that you will both like

2bf85 No.41781

>no hooves
Oh come on, Torc is right there

eb633 No.41782

"thez say they have it under control."

eb633 No.41783


7159c No.41784

Meh not so much. Maybe a light dusting of evil, but nothing impressive or worth concern.
So very out of range. The thing is like 300' as the crow flies
"I'm with him on this one. I haven't forgotten about the time the mechanics attacked,…."

9c6f4 No.41785

*angrily bashes against field*
[frustrated nightmare noises]

Did Trump's Dispel magick do anything?

magick will make it easier to get in


2b837 No.41786

Dice rollRolled 1

Trumpaladin tries to raise horsey higher where they can see onto the deck/talk/find an opening in the force field

Search check

f8d24 No.41787

*shrugs and sits cross legged in mid air to watch*ok if that's what you think

2b837 No.41788

I have t done it yet. Just take us where we can see something and have some idea what is going on

7159c No.41789

You know, I just happened to have stumbled across a handy-dandy Crit/Fail chart. ^_^ Roll a d100

2b837 No.41790

Dice rollRolled 52

Reeeeee!!!!!! Fine

eb633 No.41791

"oh that time only me helped you."

eb633 No.41792

"you can go if you want. wait what kind of spell?"

2bf85 No.41793

File: 1515203157719.jpg (41.85 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

Well you find a deck
Out of range?
Can Trc and Infernius do pic related?

9c6f4 No.41794

Can she roll reflex to stop him from falling off?

2b837 No.41795

We can attempt dispel magic, we can fly up to the deck to see what is there and if the force field stops us, or we can do an elaborate trick with dimension door. What do you want to do?

9c6f4 No.41796

The force field is almost definitely a bubble.
Try dispelling it.

7159c No.41797

No quite astute but she can roll to divert and catch him
I really don't think thats where Infernius' head is at.
"Yeah," she looks sad, then happy, then grim-faced again. "So what of you then? Your god commands you to give me the gas. So, come then." she points to an invisible point in front of her, and then takes a relaxed stance.

2b837 No.41798

And I'm guessing you want to ethereal jaunt inside the hull after that? Okay I guess.

Even if Trumpaladin is blinded from rolling a 1 on a search check, cast Dispel magic with an area effect on the field in front of them.

2b837 No.41799

Action is described in >>41798.

eb633 No.41801

"look thez me dont want to gas you, you have made me the happiest minotuar ever, you give me me child me have to protect her, remember me promised."

f8d24 No.41802

oh just a little buff to help damage anyone you hit

7159c No.41804

"Like you could gas me," she says off-handedly, but loosens her stiff body language and disposition as he continues.
Success, forfeiting any further movement.
Volley of cannon-balls makes contact, the remainder raining down on Port Barry indescriminaately.

f2e3b No.41805

Well motherfucker. Dispel magic on force field

eb633 No.41806

"go help them me am talk to thez."

2bf85 No.41807

Dice rollRolled 12 + 5

Since I can't get a boost, Torc flys at the airship, preforming another spellcraft check when in range

f8d24 No.41808

*walks up towards the ship*

7159c No.41809

K, Lenos is the furthest away atm.
Ur in range for Fireball, Cone of Cold, or Lightning

eb633 No.41810

"me dont break promises."

f2e3b No.41811

Does dispel magic do anything?

2bf85 No.41812

Well, thats not what I wanted, but I'll take lightning

9c6f4 No.41813

7159c No.41814

Those aren't your only choices, you've got lots. Through the staff (of Power) however, - which is the only way Torcuil is doing anything combative - those 3 are his options. Any spell could apply in this situation, since he's not distinguished himself as a threat.

2bf85 No.41815

Yeah, but I was trying to detect the barrier and what it was

f2e3b No.41816

If dispel magic doesn't work, then try to see if there is any part of the ship that is not covered. Try to land on the deck. See if there are open port holes. See if a rear propulsion system exists and is open. Are the gas bags protected? We know it shoots cannon balls, so clearly, something in the shield must open. If that doesn't work, try attacking the barrier or ship to see if it can be damaged. And if that doesn't work, well, we still have a trick with dimension door that may or may not work

f8d24 No.41817

When lenos gets up nest to trumpalidin he will touch him and cast fires of purity https://dndtools.net/spells/spell-compendium--86/fires-purity--4505/

f8d24 No.41818

of course the gm knows which feats lenos will have active

f2e3b No.41819

File: 1515206839556.jpg (5.22 KB, 300x168, images (2).jpg)

Neat. I haven't "fired" anyone yet

f8d24 No.41820

im dying

9c6f4 No.41821

2bf85 No.41822

eb633 No.41823

File: 1515207393719.png (1.16 MB, 3862x4000, 1568174__safe_dj pon-dash-….png)

9c6f4 No.41824

Tracy pounds uselessly against the force-field, making frustrated monster noises as she waits for her next turn.

7159c No.41825

The spell is fine, but trump is about 2/5 distance from target, while Lenos is ~4/5 distance, and Fires of purity is a touch effect.

f2e3b No.41826

Enclose on the target

2bf85 No.41827

[Bored frog noises because idk what to do]

f8d24 No.41828

I know that's why I stated "when" he gets to trump

7159c No.41829

Dice rollRolled 10

Attempt (unless 20) fails. Field was clearly developed by more than one person at the time.
I'm trying to figure out what you mean by "flyby spellcraft check"

f2e3b No.41830

Shoot it with something? Cast a spell on it that will reduce it's magic

f2e3b No.41831

Do you want to try landing on its deck now?

9c6f4 No.41832

It's blocking everything including planar travel. It blocked that fireball too.
She will, as soon as she can get there.

2bf85 No.41833

Well Torc can fly, yes?
This means he can hover, yes?
So why can't he hover into range for a spellcraft check, and figure out what the fuck that fucking barrier is?

7159c No.41834

No, it blocked the Fireball by tactics.
He can, I just missed the declaration is all

eb633 No.41835

hit it with your sword.

2bf85 No.41836

Thats nice to know, thanks

9c6f4 No.41837

*instinctive stabbing*

7159c No.41838

Dice rollRolled 11

Okay, so the party that is intent on the new ship is in position - relatively - to attack. Thez and Infernius are having maritals. Lenos seems to be helping, but don't be too sure. Everyone roll for initiative.

f2e3b No.41839

Dice rollRolled 19