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File: 1513219795093.png (1.59 MB, 1600x1035, season_2_cast_poster_vecto….png)

e7110 No.33360[Last 50 Posts]

So stuff happened, and the party is in a pickle. The resolution of that Rick yes, that was deliberate has yet to be depicted. Its coming soon tho. In the meantime, the thread got super-extra-moldy (breaking the previous bread record) necessitating a new bread. I guess that's what ppl bitch about "generals" for. Oh well. In any case,… let the,… bantz continue, cuz I'm a ways away from actual combat or death-threats (except from one another,… players are welcome to kill eachother).

1128d No.33362

File: 1513219843220-0.jpg (76.44 KB, 600x898, 3c2266d40f43c1c4faace09b17….jpg)

There are no breaks on this train!

e37aa No.33363

>pickle rick
Even I don't shitpost this bad

e37aa No.33364

File: 1513219899595.gif (1.14 MB, 680x849, 1469489893987.gif)

Somewhat relevant gif

e7110 No.33365

File: 1513219922008.png (94.22 KB, 1000x1000, pickle.png)

1128d No.33368

*passes out from exhaustion*

e7110 No.33369

>maybe not kill, but long sexin

f2c33 No.33371

*teleports in*
*distributes unmarked cans*
*teleports out*
>do you dare open the cans?

f3f7d No.33372

*Puts pony in lap*

*Takes a can, but is not daring enough to open it*

e7110 No.33373

"What's this?" Thez taps one of the cans. "Where did these come from?" she positions can 4 smash.

1128d No.33374

I thought you were dea-
Opens can immediately.

1128d No.33375

>Knife functions as can-opener

f3f7d No.33376

File: 1513221069618.png (829.79 KB, 3500x5781, 736172__semi-dash-grimdark….png)

I have my defenses

1128d No.33377

There is no power greater than the Natural 20.

e7110 No.33378

Bantz kills are more figurative. Surely you've seen animes or w/e where characters murder eachother just for keks

1128d No.33379

Did we get back to the tower though?

1128d No.33380

f3f7d No.33381

I banned him before GM noticed, that means I win the saving throw

1128d No.33382

e7110 No.33383

Banned whom pray tell?

1128d No.33384

He also deleted those few posts.

1128d No.33385

I think he means Torc, who hasn't posted since his posts were deleted.

1128d No.33386

This was also edited.

e7110 No.33387

Srsly? This again? Really? Trump, what's your game? Are you deliberately trying to discourage anons from participating, cuz it sure looks that way.

e37aa No.33388

File: 1513221601985.png (113.29 KB, 800x793, Screenshot_2017-12-13-21-5….png)


f3f7d No.33389

Oh hush. If people can attack and kill my character while I'm waiting out walking around and thinking of how to respond to Tracy's faggots post about optimum mount size, then I can use 5 minute bans for fun as well. And fuck anyone who is going to attack me without provication like that


e37aa No.33390

>5 min
That second one was 10
And it was hell

1128d No.33391

Stop deleting posts ITT!

f3f7d No.33392

True. The second one was 15 minutes

It was as a ban and delete, rather than a normal delete. And if people think they can attack my character without reason like that without getting a joke ban in response, they are mistaken

e37aa No.33393


1128d No.33394

Don't just delet the posts though.
*Grows to full size and sits on Trump*

e37aa No.33395

Oh so he can ban me? Just cant delete posts?

f3f7d No.33396

File: 1513221988422.png (603.98 KB, 800x998, 165468__artist needed_sour….png)

>Always Neutral Evil


1128d No.33397

*Noms head*

f3f7d No.33398

But attacking people like that is a really shitty move. If anything should be deleted it's that

e37aa No.33399


1128d No.33400


f3f7d No.33401

You can't nom me pony!

1128d No.33403

Learn to handle the bantz!

*Forces tongue down throat*

f3f7d No.33404


e7110 No.33405

Okkay, I just gotta say. The bans are kinda fucked up desu. Deleting posts is one thing, but restricting anons is cruel desu.
I'll give Trump a choice; stop with the bans/deletions, OR go Blackguard. I mean, thats SO not Paladin decorum,….

f3f7d No.33406


f3f7d No.33407

File: 1513222315513.png (258.1 KB, 1280x720, Rarity_is_ashamed_S1E20.png)


e7110 No.33408

Okay which? Blackguard tyrant, or Paladin not-quite-tyrant?

1128d No.33409

[affectionate monster noises]
*Tongue goes a bit deeper, before retreating*

f3f7d No.33410

File: 1513222593871.png (295.37 KB, 3650x2500, 1121386__safe_artist-colon….png)

Paladin not-fully-a-tyrant

*Hugs horsey*
*Takes breath*

e7110 No.33411

This whole "shamed pony" act is getting as stale as the last thread. XPPPP

e37aa No.33412

And thus, I walked out to look upon the field where my shitposts grew. But when I arrived I found them barren. The plague of bans had reached me. All the signs where there, the warnings should have let me know. But alas, I did not listen, and now as a punishment, my shitpost field is barren. Eaten away by the endless stomachs of the bans.
I look at the sunset, tears welling in my eyes as I realize my crop has failed. And I whisper a single word….


1128d No.33413

*hugs crushingly*
Stop cute-posting and actually try to improve.

e37aa No.33414

f3f7d No.33415

File: 1513222887282.png (322.05 KB, 1280x720, Twilight_unsure_EG.png)

e7110 No.33416

Trump is now a 3' tall chibi-Trump

e37aa No.33417


1128d No.33418

*Hugs chibi-paladin like a baby doll*

f3f7d No.33419

Dice rollRolled 2

*Is too small for Tracy to hold*


1128d No.33420

>Implying you can escape

e37aa No.33421

Dice rollRolled 19

Torc trips tiny Trump

1128d No.33422

*Snatches him up and holds him to her cheek, affectionately*

f3f7d No.33423


e37aa No.33424


1128d No.33425

>Mommy mode
*Rocks him like like baby, holding him to to her chest fluff*

e7110 No.33426

"Awwww, he's so little!"

f3f7d No.33427

Nigger, the demon horse isn't on anyone's team but her's

*pouty face*

*death glare*

1128d No.33428

File: 1513223572146-0.jpg (79.76 KB, 880x495, gqihoduy9ggy__880.jpg)

"He's adorable!"
*Pat's paladin on the back until he burps*
>tfw libshits' memes actually come in handy

f3f7d No.33429

I'm'a vomit on you if you keep that up

1128d No.33430

>Implying that'd do anything but fire-up her maternal instincts

e7110 No.33431

File: 1513223811295.png (50 KB, 144x191, 1493104999100-0.png)

>mfw a quick-nerf turned into a story development

f3f7d No.33432

File: 1513223819712.png (262.74 KB, 1384x1136, 1507909162995.png)


e37aa No.33433

File: 1513223875578.png (224.74 KB, 499x428, 1512881461468-0.png)

This is the best thing since pic related

1128d No.33434

*Beams happily*
"You're so cute at this size, ~Flashy!"
*Holds to chest*

1128d No.33435

That was hilarious.

e37aa No.33436

>hacking up blood
>got banned from /mlpol/
>cockroach in room
>my poor kitty had giant ass tick
Can tonight get any worse for me?
This isn't a challenge GM
Also, it remind me of an idea I had.
GM, besides fucking Death, what else would Torc have to do for a favor from her?

1128d No.33437

>Gib soul

e7110 No.33438

@_@ poor kitten
Which 'her' do you mean?

f3f7d No.33439


Gib size back so I am bigger than Tracy again!

e37aa No.33440


1128d No.33441

I think he meant Death, since it was said that she'd be a recurring character.

e7110 No.33442

Ah, well,… did Torc get her number?

1128d No.33443

*Puts on back*
*Struts about in a regal fashion*
"I can't say I don't appreciate you differently at this size Flashy. I think I could get used to it until you're cured."
[Happy pony noises]

e37aa No.33444

Does she accept sacrifice of a leg for valid calling methods?

1128d No.33445

Those trips have to mean something.

1128d No.33446

If you sacrificed your leg to Death, you probably wouldn't get it back..

e7110 No.33447

Maybe after it was humped

e37aa No.33448

Bruh what the fuck did you think I meant by sacrifice?

1128d No.33449

f3f7d No.33450

I'm not sharing my pony

Maybe you have a child you can sacrifice?

1128d No.33451

>Wizard with a wooden leg
That'd work.

1128d No.33452

>Sacrificing others for deific favors
Self-mutilation ftw.

e37aa No.33453

I am not sacrificing Norfilly
Now, you on the other hand…
I was thinking more steampunkish but that works

e7110 No.33454

You're seriously gonna go all Saw on your shit, just to get a 'girl's' attention? Thats pretty beta desu

f3f7d No.33455

Oh hush. Surely you don't think the powers that beat back Hilary's black magic in the 2016 elections were purchased cheaply?

I was not talking about my stepdaughter!
>Sacrifice me
Nigger, I'll go blackguard and sacrifice (you) before that will happen

He has no idea how to work with girls

1128d No.33456

Torc IS beta, but I agree.
He should at least wait until he actually needs it.

e37aa No.33457

Its not "to get a girl"
Its for the favor of torturing the information we need out of darkie

1128d No.33458

>purchased cheaply?
Of course not. We fed Kek gorillions of memes to overpower Moloch.

1128d No.33459

If Darkie still isn't bored enough to talk, we'll just kill him and let Infernius talk to his corpse.

e7110 No.33460

He's been starving for days, stuck in a body-cast. Have you tried talking to him? I mean I know I was unresponsive when he was first revived, but he would've been all cheek then. Now he's had time to 'stew in his juices' (did I mention body-casts don't permit bathroom breaks?)

f3f7d No.33461

File: 1513225312214.png (253.94 KB, 665x597, 266000ab427ae09d548eaa7.png)

Nigger, this guy ain't afraid of death. If you want to go that route, let Tracy do it, since she does it for free

Only half the story…

1128d No.33462

I almost feel sorry for him…
*Continues to procrastinate*

e37aa No.33463

I may or may not have given part of my soul
My fucking first time dealing with tumblr ass SJWs was campaigning. And they stopped traffic on a busy ass street to yell "fuck you" at me (holding a Trump sign) about a guy holding a "Fuck Trump" sign like it was my fault.

f3f7d No.33464

File: 1513225631695.png (738.93 KB, 915x1123, 738879__safe_artist-colon-….png)

>Having pity for one's enemies

This, although I don't know how much I want to risk the information going stale

1128d No.33465


e37aa No.33466


1128d No.33467

The Drow have probably already spent all of our money..

1128d No.33468

We can just repossess all of their assets though.

e7110 No.33469

Okay, let me make sure I have this right. I need to:
- Orange-text the escape from Court City
- Prepare/determine what's going to happen with Darkie (but not yet, let him stew)
- Get ahold of death for Torcuil cuz,….

Am I missing anything?

1128d No.33470

How long does Tracy get to play with Tiny Trump?

e37aa No.33471

Well fuck, if you guys don't like the idea of Death I'll not it.
Is there a theme that gives me orange text or do I need to do that code thing?

e7110 No.33472

IDK, that was just a warning that if he keeps banning I'll have to get creative. Not that my creativity is that much of a hurdle/threat, given that he's a mod and all, but I am creative enough to make it embarrassing
>inb4 ban

1128d No.33473

I want pinktext, like on /pone/.

e7110 No.33474

User CSS
Copy-paste this:
span.quote {
color: #DB7A18;

p.intro span.name {
color: #DB7A18;

a:link, a:visited, p.intro a.email span.name {
color: #DB7A18;

div.post.reply div.body a {
color: #DB7A18;

div.boardlist a {
color: #DB7A18;

p.intro span.subject {
color: #DB7A18;

e7110 No.33475

Death isn't a bad idea, I was just surprised that you'd be willing to cut your leg off for Death's help in an interrogation that doesn't require either death or leg-cutting-off. You're welcome to proceed.

e37aa No.33476

I love it
>orange has always been my favorite color

f3f7d No.33477

Orange colored text is now an option in the options menu on the top right. It replaces greentext

We can do that. As a replacement for greentext or as [p]text in posts?

Or you can do it the hard way…


e37aa No.33478

e7110 No.33479

Praise Pupper and Anon in Orange-text thread, I just camped on their posts

e37aa No.33480

Wait, can we chnage the colors of text using the [] format?

f3f7d No.33481

We orange text now!

If it's colored like that sure

I asked pupper…

e37aa No.33482

Wait, how do we change text color?

1128d No.33483

I meant the text that starts with a "<3".

e37aa No.33484

I mean, without using ">"

e7110 No.33485

Source posts:
Cuz copy-paste is the "hard way"?
What do you want from me? IMO not 'desu' so yo know I'm serious banning anons is the one thing I won't abide. Deleted posts can be re-posted, screen-capped, or w/e but bans only cause entropy and salt.

f3f7d No.33486

File: 1513226691034.png (27.25 KB, 1147x116, Orangetext (2).png)

Pic related

Uh… I don't know how that text feature works…

f3f7d No.33487

>entropy and salt
So does shooting a player character who has done absolutely nothing against the person in question while faggot is waiting for a new thread and walking

1128d No.33488

It was a bantz shot. Meme-tier.

e7110 No.33489

>mfw ctrl-o is another macro
I agree it was bantz, but you make a compelling argument

e7110 No.33490

[o ] [/o ] Orange confirmed

f3f7d No.33491

Then so is a five minute ban for "oh well fuck you too." If it were a real ban, it would be three days like the one I gave that barneyfag hours ago


e37aa No.33492

I honestly wasn't expecting a 20
Hey, he kinda deserved it for >raping Tracy infront of Torc
Yeah but 15 minutes was hell

e37aa No.33493

Does ctrl+g mean green color?

e37aa No.33494

e7110 No.33495

So wait, Nigel-ban confirmed?
You niggers don't understand how the dice really work I'm gonna love this

f3f7d No.33496

NO! Attack Tracy if you're angry at her stealing your chopsticks or being loud in sex. I did nothing wrong



1128d No.33497

I like oranges.

f3f7d No.33498

No, it was a random brit picked up from /mlp/ or /qa/ or /trash/ or somewhere who was trolling the people in the anon filly thread

1128d No.33499

>I did nothing wrong
You initiated secks, in the middle of a dungeon.
Not that Tracy was bothered by it.

f3f7d No.33500

Do you have a preferred shade of pink for text color?

How the fuck is that punishable by being shot????

e37aa No.33501

Dice rollRolled 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1 = 20

But do you have an orange tree? Cause I do.

>ITT faggots are amazed by site features while fighting about a fictional shooting

Well GM said we could kill eachother….
Is this how dice really work?

1128d No.33502

It's not. But again, it was meme-tier.
He could've been revived 5 minutes later, because reasons.

f3f7d No.33503

File: 1513227442646-0.png (363 B, 100x100, ponk_pink.png)

File: 1513227442646-1.png (362 B, 100x100, Dark.png)



1128d No.33504

I do have an orange tree
>20 1's
*Earth explodes*

1128d No.33505

He did say we could kill each other.

e37aa No.33506

Dice rollRolled 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1 = 50

Torc never died…
I fucking love orange text. Maybe too much
>earth explodes

1128d No.33507

>Sun explodes

e7110 No.33508

File: 1513227671998.gif (58.02 KB, 200x200, fluff.gif)

>tfw was gonna get spoopy
>got shit-posted at instead
Yeah, orange is the new bold/italics

e7110 No.33509

OOOh! Can't wait for the first (legit)


e37aa No.33510

Dice rollRolled 278, 125, 3, 301, 328, 29, 285, 256, 369, 51, 230, 384, 139, 149, 4, 201, 156, 297, 183, 99, 323, 260, 9, 381, 306, 40, 365, 327, 270, 2, 17, 128, 127, 19, 8, 34, 48, 293, 290, 416, 344, 99, 379, 62, 248, 383, 263, 403, 260, 26, 82, 162, 285, 90, 122, 171, 130, 67, 77, 399, 68, 93, 107, 195, 112, 115, 229, 159, 407 = 13067

Rolling 69d420 because memez
RIP black hole at the center of the Milky Way

f3f7d No.33511

We'd have to change the ban message color, or add a new feature for orange ban text

e37aa No.33512

Did I kill everyone?


e7110 No.33513

No worries, I called it first; that's all I was after. ^_^


e7110 No.33514

Alright you loveable faggots, I have to crash so I can get up early to call in sick to work. Try not to drive each-other off in the meantime? You already scared off Ebin,…. Xp

e37aa No.33515

I got shit to do tomorrow so I think I'm leaving to

1128d No.33516


f3f7d No.33517

We have Pink Text now!

e7110 No.33518

P.S. No Trumps were harmed during the shooting in the head.

He's still chibi though

f3f7d No.33519

>No shoot in head
>Is chibi

e7110 No.33525

I didn't say Trump wasn't shot in the head, I said he wasn't harmed by it. It still hurt like a bitch.

35cdc No.33526

No. Fuck that and fuck torcuil

1128d No.33527


f3f7d No.33529

File: 1513257271210.gif (102.17 KB, 640x360, full (1).gif)


1128d No.33530

>'[Fuzzy static sounds]'
[hormonal giggling]

f3f7d No.33531

>"Then Put me down so I may do it myself"

1128d No.33532

Lol no
*Holds on the air and giggles hysterically*

f3f7d No.33533

Fuck It

Contacting better mount
>"Fae, Charge and pounce this NAP Violating son of a bitch"

f3f7d No.33534

Dice rollRolled 8, 8, 12 = 28

Charge, and Pounce faggot

Bite, Claw, and Claw

1128d No.33535

Nice Pali
*Brutal nuzzling intensifies*

f3f7d No.33536

>regrets not buffing kitty with bull's strength
She's got a +18 on that first attack, and I think +13 on all of the remainder. He has almost no armor, so an AC of like 15. I think that means every strike hits

f3f7d No.33537

Dice rollRolled 5, 1 + 5 = 11

Dice rollRolled 4, 3 + 5 = 12

Dice rollRolled 1, 3 + 10 = 14

Damage should be 2d6 +4 plus strength for bite and 2d6 +2 plus half strength for each claw

1128d No.33538

Stats don't matter. We all know Torc is squishy.
*Curls into fluffball around Tiny Trump*

f3f7d No.33539

>Does 37 damage in a single round
>Torcuil has what - 48 HP?
That's a very good kitty

Stats make it a hell of a lot more fun though. Also, Fae has been underated

1128d No.33540

*Strokes hair*

f3f7d No.33541

You're a pony now. You're bigger, but not by a giant margin

1128d No.33542

*Turns into full-sized hoers*

f3f7d No.33543

Should Torcuil be finished off or left bleeding? No way in hell he'd succeed in a concentration check for spell casting that round

1128d No.33544

GM isn't here, so best to assume it's left at "Torc got bitten and clawed really badly", for now.

e37aa No.33545

Dice rollRolled 9

You better hope bitch
Rolling for concentration

1128d No.33546

Snek can still attack.

e37aa No.33547

Dice rollRolled 12

Thx m8
Snek grapple check (idk how to calculate bonuses)

f3f7d No.33548

Grapple who?

e37aa No.33550

>Mr. Snek has 19 strength, whats the bonus
Ayyy lmao

f3f7d No.33551

Dice rollRolled 10, 19, 20 = 49

Great. Dumb Ass

Fae full round attack

e37aa No.33552

Dice rollRolled 8, 4 + 4 = 16

Dice rollRolled 15 + 6

Rolling for Mr. Snek's constrict

f3f7d No.33554

Dice rollRolled 6, 4 + 5 = 15

Dice rollRolled 6, 1 + 5 = 12

Dice rollRolled 2, 2 + 10 = 14

>Rolled a 20
That last hit should be rolled again for the possibility of double damage, but you've got like only 21 HP before you are dead and 11 before you are unconcious, so I'll wait

e37aa No.33555

Dice rollRolled 3, 1 + 4 = 8

Dice rollRolled 5 + 6

Weird, rearanged them
First is 2d8+4 second is 1d20+6

e37aa No.33556

Ignore those rolls, that was an accedent
Yiure the one attacking me after a joke

f3f7d No.33557

The "joke" was an attack. Fuck you

e37aa No.33558

Guess who's going to become Laocoön today?

f3f7d No.33559

I don't know what Laocoon is, but you're dead with a single round past the first

b85e9 No.33560

>tfw trump banned me for 24 hours
serously fuck you trump i hope you get raped by a pack of communist niggers catch aids and die, also im quitting this fucking site because the ucking mods are no better than 4cuck.

e37aa No.33561

Who is u?
Greek mythology, look it up

b85e9 No.33562


f3f7d No.33563

e37aa No.33564

You will be missed friend

f3f7d No.33565

All I have ever wanted out of you people while trying to play a damn game is to be left alone. Instead, you fuckers all shoot me, steal from me, attack me, and attack my cat. Fuck you all

b85e9 No.33566

cry me a river faggot. you are the biggest douchebag her,

e37aa No.33567

If you can't handle the heat, get out of the kitchen

f3f7d No.33568

Well then bans are part of the heat

Fuck off and fuck you

b85e9 No.33569

why are you such a cocksucker?

f3f7d No.33570

Because I want to be left alone by you fucks, and you all won't leave me alone

b85e9 No.33571

you attack torc almost daily, and you expect me to not do anything? i stop evil i dont go along with it.

f3f7d No.33572

No I don't you imbecilic fuck. This is literally the first time ever that I attacked Torcuil, and this after he fucking shot me.
. If you try to stop me after that, then (you) are evil

e37aa No.33574

Lets see, stole shit and then attacked me when I asked for it back

b85e9 No.33575

oh trump please give me back that potion you STOLE from me
fuck you stop attacking me.poceds to attack torc for no reason
oy vey goyim You are the evil one.

1128d No.33576

Everyone else is able to resolve their issues through gameplay and bantz. Why do you have to delet/ban things to handle your shit?

f3f7d No.33577

I'm trying to resolve it through gameplay and bantz. Don't get in my way of doing that

Torcuil was never attacked in that encounter. Nothing happened

b85e9 No.33578

im done, it was fun playing with torc tracy and thez.

f3f7d No.33579

What attacks did I make? Tell me. None.

Fucking leave

1128d No.33580

No you aren't. You delet/ban shit that doesn't go your way almost every session.

f3f7d No.33581

I was trying to in this encounter. Then you fuckers ganged up on me

1128d No.33582

>Ganged up
I didn't do shit, and maybe people wouldn't be so eager to do so if you didn't ban them all the time.

e37aa No.33583

Iirc you drew your sword and slashed
I'm gonna miss you
Didn't know I could get banned for shitposting

1128d No.33584


f3f7d No.33585

You were offering advice
No, I never drew sword and slashed Torcuil

You can get banned on any site for shitposting. 4chan or here. Do a control f of our ban list, you'll see it is true

e37aa No.33586

Bye faggots
I may be back later.

1128d No.33587

>Offering advice to a player is bannable

f3f7d No.33588

Oh it was for like 15 minutes. Cry me a fucking river

1128d No.33589

That's beside the point.
You take this game so fucking personally that you can't bear to "lose" at anything so much that you resort to banning/deleting things just because it makes you feel superior, and it spoils the fun for everyone else.

e37aa No.33590

I would like to clairfy I am not quiting /mlpol/, but I may be quiting mixxed nuts

f3f7d No.33591

Why do you take the deletions so personally? It doesn't stop you.

I want to not be shot for no reason at all, and I want to be left alone to duel players when that needs to happen. And it's no fucking fun for me when that isn't allowed

1128d No.33593

They're annoying, disruptive, and downright insulting. Stop trying to erase everything you don't like.

f3f7d No.33594

Sure, just don't attack me when I am not asking for it and let me duel when that needs to happen

f3f7d No.33595

>Implying all this other bullshit isn't annoying disruptive, and insulting

1128d No.33596

No Anon. That's not how fantasy games work. ANYONE can do ANYTHING they want.
>Implying implications

f3f7d No.33597

If you are going to use the "anything I want to" logic, why shouldn't I do the same right back at you? That's how image boards work, isn't it?

1128d No.33598

Yeah, within the fucking game.
If you just ban Anons for no other reason than that you want to, everyone will just get pissed off and leave, just like what happened to /mlp/.

f3f7d No.33599

People can get pissed off and leave for shit that happens in the game as well

1128d No.33600

I don't have time to deal with this horseshit. See y'all later, maybe

f3f7d No.33601

I'm a maybe as well. I wish I had more self control than I do.

I just want to say Fuck you GM. None of this would have happened had you not actively, explicitly, and deliberately abetted it. No one wanted the players to attack each other except you. None of us had any reason to be strongly mad at each other. YOU caused this

1128d No.33602

What is your problem?! Nobody else had a problem with the characters attacking each other. It was stated that the purpose of the Entertron so that all the characters could explode and dismember each other like Looney Toons, and still go back to adventuring like nothing ever fucking happened. Infernius ate my character's eyeball; I lit his on fire: Nobody but you ever took it so personally, because IT'S ALL IMAGINARY! You get so butthurt about imaginary stuff that happens in game that you resort to retaliating outside of the game through abuse of moderation, and you do it at the risk of the future of not only The Game but the site as well, all because you can't handle the bantz!
Fuck you!

f3f7d No.33603

Is there a future anymore?

1128d No.33604

I don't know. You may have ruined it.
You were certainly eager for Infernius to leave.

f3f7d No.33605

Well, I guess it's my time to ride off into the sunset

Perhaps in a future version of the game, a party going east may come across the MAGA hat wearing black guard. The one with no formal name, but who rides (and sleeps with) a fiendish black horse. Whp has an undead vice-president as a servant. He carries a magic and cursed Warhammer, one like those of the ancient devils who destroyed your old world, and whom you thought you'd escaped. And he's rumored to have not one, but two suits of armor

f3f7d No.33609

Maybe this will help me(USER WAS BANNED FOR THIS POST)

18963 No.33610

How do you orange text?

1128d No.33611

Put a "[o ]" in front of the text you want.

1128d No.33612

Testing can be done on >>>/test/

e7110 No.33613

File: 1513275936380-0.png (95.07 KB, 740x796, sad_spike__please_read_des….png)

File: 1513275936380-1.png (394.39 KB, 1024x600, DJ-storming-hope-s-depress….png)


1128d No.33614

File: 1513276569100-0.jpg (3.15 MB, 2533x3012, 881289__questionable_artis….jpg)

I has sad nao…
Oh well.. The Game was supposed to be on recess this week, with just bantz and shitposting in between.. Idk how long the "recess" will last now though..
I got mad because reasons.. but I still want to play again.. Even if some players want to take a long break..

e7110 No.33615

Thez walks up to Trump and looks him up and down, the expression on her face is a completely blank and emotionless stare. She hits him with a Stunning Fist and removes the Girdle of Giant's strength. She hits him again, and then takes Sugoito. "You can have them back later if you want them."
She then walks up to Infernius, and takes the modified Glaive. After a moment of fiddling with the fittings and rivets, she removes the bladed head, leaving her bare staff once again. She throws the blades aside, which sink into a nearby wall. Unbuckling a few straps from the Glider-harness, the wings fall to the floor.
She then walks to the sout-west door, kicks it open, and <whoooof>.

1128d No.33616

File: 1513280929985.png (240.03 KB, 600x632, mfw Infernius.png)

>mfw Infernius is gone

e37aa No.33617

Same, I'm gonna miss the bastard

e37aa No.33618

Awww fuck.
Well, he's gone for the fucking month.
Whoopty-fucking-doo, that doesn't do anything but make me even more pissed.

1128d No.33619

File: 1513281802718-0.png (576.95 KB, 2000x3000, 1047022__safe_artist-colon….png)

e37aa No.33620

9d044 No.33621

File: 1513282777227.png (307 KB, 676x740, 1501441955213-4.png)

I hope the joy comes back to the game, and that this storm can pass.

1128d No.33622

File: 1513283010991.gif (308.25 KB, 1106x827, 1363522590729.gif)

I don't want to be alone.. not again..

e37aa No.33623

File: 1513283526282.jpg (115.64 KB, 1200x1200, d825235a0b34cbcb8955907202….jpg)

Can another Mod undo the foolish ban of Trump's faggot?

1128d No.33624

I ant to see if Infernius is ever coming back first…

e37aa No.33625

Fair point, I can accept that
But him banning himself was a retarded pity move to get him out of discussing the topic

1128d No.33626

File: 1513284552337.jpg (46.38 KB, 298x304, fuckin...whatever.JPG)

Either way, he's got his finals this week to focus on. He could use a time out…

e7110 No.33627

You can criticize me all you want. I'm not faultless in all this, and I admit to having goaded several parties throughout the process of this downward spiral. As far as not attacking eachother "except me", I find that to be an unsupportable claim. As far as not having had any reason to be strongly mad at eachother, I likewise find that to be unsupportable. As to "me" causing this, again I have some admitted culpability but to claim that I caused this is at least a stretch and at most an exercise in blame shifting.
Let us first indicate that aside from some shit-posting and haxx usage (the stones) no one has ever died in this game. No one. In fact, the most grievous injuries sustained were by Thez and Lenos, who tore at eachother over a bet that Lenos rigged. You can say "both were controlled by you at the time and throughout" and that is correct, but my portrayal of Lenos is/was both accurate and consistent and was later confirmed/validated by Lenos' player. By goading players to attack one another, I was hoping that players might realize "hey, its not the end of the world if we get beaten about a bit, even if its us beating eachother about". As Tracy's player pointed out, there's the Entertron, as well as the spell-casting ability of Trump, Infernius, and Torcuil, which can undo pretty much anyone so maligned.
Tl;dr Its a fucking game. I have a hard time believing that anyone ITT has never died in a game and kept on playing in spite of it, multi-player or no.

As for players who are contemplating quitting and/or not participating - either entirely or in a gameplay sense - take your time and don't feel compelled. This has been the longest running, as well as the most constant and continuous (as in, both overall duration, and density of play during that duration) RP game of any sort I have ever seen, excluding shit like WOW, Everquest, etc. That its been almost entirely text/post-based is to everyone's credit, and no matter how things progress (if) I can state unequivocally that everyone has been phenomenal.

1128d No.33628

File: 1513285373680.jpg (759.03 KB, 1020x1311, trace.jpg)

*contemplates the fragility of existence*
I still want to play…

e7110 No.33629

Nobully, but I hope that you're like me and that after making a declaration of departure from wherever, you can't resist the temptation to peek back and see what the outcome was.
If you wish to quit the game/site as you've indicated, let me just state that your participation has been irreplaceable. All the Thez/Infernius stuff (which I'll get to) aside, your character portrayal made Infernius 'real' and 'tangible', to the point where years from now I will make numerous references to "A minotaur character who…." in whatever game I find myself running or playing in. Top marks.
On the subject of "my fault", you're right for a big reason, but not the reason you may be thinking. Trump's portrayal has been very non-paladin for the majority of the time, and I've turned a blind eye to it because I'm a bit of a softy towards players. For one it amused me (though not always) and for two it fit with the "Random FFA" atmosphere that the game is supposed to have. When watching those "How to B betterer GM/Player", I kept noticing how the absolute devotion to the established rules was purported to be paramount, suggesting that doing so would avoid friction and strife. I felt/feel that being more permissive to players - especially players less familiar with the rules and game 'engine' - makes for a more inclusive, less serious, and overall more enjoyable experience, especially given the image-board nature of this interaction. So yes, among the faults I have displayed, allowing players to run more free than the rules allow is one of them.
You,… you're good you. We haven't had the chance to develop your character mostly cuz timezones and shit. The first week of January I'll be working on an alternate shift schedule, and will be available during hours that more fit your situation. I hope that this will be,… maybe not resolved, but perhaps somewhat repaired by then.
This gives me mixed feelings. On the one hand I feel the same way (in several contexts), on the other hand I am actually quite pleased to see Tracy Cage - as a player controlled character and as an OC idea - showing attachment and fondness for others. I mean, from what I've gathered about the OC, Tracy isn't exactly fond of anyone, and is entirely a loner. TO see her saddened by the thought of being alone is bittersweet desu.
I think that would be an exercise in futility. If he chooses to return, or keep his distance entirely, that's his choice and I respect it. I truly wish him the best. I hope that the past few months have amped up his creative juices, such that he may reign terror down on illegals and criminals with newfound enthusiasm and innovative ability, and if we never hear from Trump again, please know and understand; he will be missed, and like with Infernius, I'll be sharing anecdotes in the future about "Paladin Trump" and his exploits.
Thank you. I'll be wracking my brain for several hours, days, and perhaps weeks to try and figure out how to make that happen, consistent (or not-so) with the story.

9d044 No.33630

File: 1513286771063.png (767.27 KB, 894x894, 1491368848852.png)

Time heals all wounds.

e7110 No.33631

Cute poners help too.

e7110 No.33632

File: 1513287703289.png (244.39 KB, 3500x3000, 062.png)

9d044 No.33633

File: 1513288022082.png (200.33 KB, 900x887, rainbow_dash_and_scootaloo….png)

They sure do

1128d No.33634

File: 1513288208052.png (118.65 KB, 472x335, these things take time.png)

Well I'll be out for a while.. I have a whole bunch of things in meatspace to handle…
I'll still check in on whatever you post here, probably..

e7110 No.33635

I'm still not done text-walling, and I'll be looking forward to your return.

1128d No.33636

Still here. Post away.

e7110 No.33637

The next bit will take me some time, as I'm not finished processing and analyzing, let alone trying to spit it out coherently.

1128d No.33638

File: 1513291935567.jpg (61.74 KB, 483x525, only the dead can know pea….jpg)

e7110 No.33639

One of the things I noticed early on when playing on-board is that the separation of players allowed me to identify with characters more than live/in-person gaming. With the ability to visualize the characters being limited only to input and not interactive human elements, the characters in a way became more authentic even if that authenticity was largely biased by my own understanding of the archetypes and symbols. Basically, I could identify with the characters more because I was interpreting them based on my ability to understand the motivations and actions intuitively and not exhaustively declared or discussed. This led me to develop an attachment to each character individually, as well as the group, as each character represents fundamental dispositions in humans generally and individuals specifically. This led me to develop the interest in seeing characters able to express themselves less restrictively and more freely. I haven't checked the logs, but the only times I recall taking offense at player actions is when they infringed on others, in a meta sense. Specific to Tracy, I particularly identify with her character, in that she has alot in common with Thez. I hope your reasons for playing a dark/edgy character are not comparable to my reasons for playing mine, but seeing Tracy open up did give me a sense of satisfaction I hadn't anticipated.
Which of course brings me to the elephant in the room. Thez. This campaign was created and developed for countless reasons, but Thez is a big one. I've previously blog-posted details about her origins (both in-game and not) and I won't belabor the point with more. That she is an individuated aspect of my own psychological expression is unusual in the least; that purposes and benefits of the game have grown and increased is obvious, but so to is the fact that I just wanted a place to let her play, and that she made allies and friends brought out elements of me which had either atrophied, or had all-but died off entirely. At the beginning, Thez was and had always been aloof, detached, a bit playful but in a dismissive sense, and a shameless rapist. Through interactions with Tracy and Infernius in particular - not dismissing or disregarding Trump or Torcuil - and the story that developed, I found her motivations and interests changing. Tracy was kind of like a sister to her, and Infernius,… well I'm still getting to that. Beyond my own attachment/appreciation of the characters, Thez did too and moreso, which was completely unexpected and threw me for a loop on more than one occasion. As a character and as a dissociated identity she literally shifted alignment, because players and characters became important to her. In many ways, Thez was the embodiment of black-pills, but in all the to-do that has gone on she expressed happiness and joy and excitement for the first time ever.
Yes, there's still more.

e7110 No.33640

Torcuil's presence/participation was very mentoring for her, as he's a character who had experienced significant and damaging trauma, but had led him to a completely contrary disposition. Thez knows that Torcuil's attitude is more conducive for social acceptability and that's part of the reason she was not want to be less contrarian in general form, which was always a self-defense mechanism to avoid being attached and/or involved with others, in game or out.
Trump was very much - not universally but as far as the party dynamic - the villain to her, in that he always seemed to be making demands or generally dictate either to the party or to the NPC society. He was not always this way, but that was the overall impression he made, which touched several nerves for me on several occasions as his behavior and demeanor triggered memories of experiences which led me to develop Thez to the degree that she was Thez. Before many long changes and developments, Thez was Gilana "my Dwelf bitch", and the refinements and gameplay that made her into Thez were a parallel of my personal shifting of subconscious/unconscious motivations and responses (whether recent or distant) into conscious ones (read: long-overdue sorting). As a result of all that, Trump often infuriated her and me, resulting in behaviors which I recognize in hindsight were in error, not that that excuses anything.
At the same time, I identify with Trump in his insistence, resolve, and lack of restraint when asserting himself as either the authority or as an authority participating amongst more-or-less authoritative individuals. He is very much like myself when operating in a professional capacity, and he is also very much like individuals I have both hated and also learned greatly from, even if I curse their names to this day (no, Barry is not one of them).

35cdc No.33641

When I started this game, what I wanted perhaps the most was a second start on this side of the Internet. I wanted to escape my discord username. To me, it represented everything I was and accomplished since I started in late April. And I didn't like it. I didn't like me, who I was, or what I had done in the intervening months. So I was happy to come here starting on a clean slate - except of course that I wanted to draw from my infamy as waifu thief, where I had been happy to play the villain.

But unsurprisingly, a change of nane changed nothing. The person I hated over the summer was not changed with a name change. I fell into all of the same faults, all of the sane errors, and arguably worse habits. I had failed. I have failed.

I love you all though, and I wish it were not as it is. I am sorry, GM. I am sorry Tracy's faggot. I am sorry Infernius's faggot. And I'm sorry even to Torcuil's faggot. I would say more, but I don't think my words have meaning

e7110 No.33642

My gaming experience has been that players can and will always act in an unpredictable manner, necessitating a fluidity and agility in the progression of the gameplay story. That experience did not sufficiently prepare me mentally for the degree that this party has defied expectation. I've spent more hours concocting effective explanations and etymological structures, possible encounters, dialogue, etc. - the bulk of which would never have seen the light of day anyhow - which ended up crumpled up in a metaphorically piling-over trash can than I could ever have imagined. Thats not a criticism, or a lecturing statement, its a credit to the ingenuity, creativity, and authenticity of the players and characters here. I revel (mostly, there have been a few oversized-anime, behind-the-head teardrops) in working to develop the structure so that it makes some sense, while engaging in mental gymnastics to respond to character actions in the moment. To say that this game has helped me to evolve as an individual creatively and meditatively (and psychologically Xp) is the understatement of the year, and that's after/alongside the countless developments I've made in and around Mlpol in general, from Apr 1st onwards. This game has resulted in an observable/tangible shift in disposition and overall demeanor which has been observed and commented on by my friends, associates, and colleagues, and I'll be forever grateful for that even if the game grinds to a halt (which, I hope it doesn't). This game literally makes less desirable aspects of living in this world - with all the red and blackpills I've swallowed over the years - worth it to a degree that leaving it (especially in the midst of an unresolved conflict) often results in a feeling of extreme depression, which I am also able to observe and address all thanks to everyone participating as they have.
Yep, still more to come.

e7110 No.33643

Kidding, I love you to no homo

e7110 No.33644

And without knowing it, you've hit on another element which I might not have thought to address. I know these text-walls are awfully blog-posty, but I'm not going to assume to speak for anyone else so that's that.
With the advent and development of Mlpol, I've been saying "I love you" to anons who I'll never meet, in the sense of "You guys are great, I like being around and interacting with you in a digital sense". Its been years since the last time I even thought the words, let alone expressed them, outside my individual partnership and that with my cats. With those anons in this thread, I can unreservedly say "I love you", to a degree of sincerity that invokes a sadness that I may never meet you in person. While I know very little about your personal circumstances, I do care about your personal success and think about you - especially you Trump, who I am overjoyed at the thought of you becoming a successful and effective prosecutor/deportation-advocate - often and fondly as I spend hours each day working my own profession and mentally neglecting it to contemplate the game.
Tl;dr Your words do have meaning, and seeing you exclude yourself - though I hope doing so is precisely what you need and enables you to succeed better in relation to whatever obligations/aspirations you are tending to - makes me sad. I hope you will come back, but until then, gambatte.

1128d No.33645

File: 1513298029387.jpg (40.12 KB, 343x374, fuck.jpg)

I has sad…

1128d No.33646

File: 1513298160823.png (248.2 KB, 600x632, mfw Infernius.png)

e7110 No.33647

Don't remind me, I'll get to that bit in a minute after I finish some meat-space stuff and do an in-game explain of how Thez is gonna get the party out of this,… nobully but that's a a particularly lethal set of circumstances that have been engendered.

35cdc No.33648

Do you want me here?

1128d No.33649

I want everyone here…

e7110 No.33650

Alright. To start this off, I'll say I am not sure that Fae would respond to Trump's directives in the manner that she did, but there are several reasons why she would. Beyond that, Fae's onslaught would have been sufficient to take him down, though had I been present Thez would have jumped in on Torcuil's behalf. Its a sticky situation that can't be undone by GM edit so I'll just let it have played out as it did and, though NOT without misgivings, I'll say that Thez was distracted examining the room and looking/thinking of a way out of the situation and couldn't respond quickly enough (both from shock and disbelief). In response to the situation (more to the meta than the actual gameplay desu, she's detachedly watched characters kill eachother before since she knows party-infighting death is far from final in this world) she grabbed what she felt she needed and went about it the only way she knew how: tactically, surgically, head on, and on her own. She knows that undead have particular abilities and skills which can have a lasting effect on a character's death, so to avoid the possibility of any of happening - as this was most assuredly a trap - she also knew it was formulated without appreciating her skills and abilities, especially when she's serious,… which she is deadly so at the moment.
And so, she kicked in the south-west door and wasted no time taking full advantage of some of her abilities/tools which the party has seen and knows, as well as a few others she's been saving "for a rainy day". As the door swung shut behind her, the GM smiles wryly, as she completely failed to notice that the modified Glaive stuck in the rock, and the party could have dug their way out with it.
A while passes, almost entirely soundlessly, except for an occasional and highly muffled 'thud' being detectable from another area.

1128d No.33651

Snatches up glaive like a greedy Jew.

e7110 No.33652

Its just the head, Thez took the staff so she could Gandalf-murder

1128d No.33653

The edges are the only part she cares about. I was going to have her do it anyway; themood just wasn't right…

e7110 No.33654

Can has, those blades have been with Thez for fucking ever - including some bad memories - which is part of the reason she tried to give them to Tracy previously

e7110 No.33655

And since I'm being all transparency, those blades were originally one blade, which was broken early on when Thez went to bad places.

e37aa No.33656

Ah fucking hell, I forgive you.
I love you to, and I guess fighting will be a part of this game. As long as we come come teoa resolution I guess we'll be fine. No homo but seriously
Plz gib more adorable ass shit
>people actually like my character
>and on that day, manly tears where shed
Y'all are fucking fun ass group. I don't wanna see us get torn apart over some shitty ideas…

ESPECIALLY MY shitty ideas

1128d No.33657

*Pats back*

1128d No.33658

>she wanted to give them away
Oh, I always thought she actually wanted them back..

9d044 No.33659

File: 1513304292565-0.png (201.99 KB, 800x450, luna_celestia_launch.png)

>playtime senses tingling

1128d No.33660

>Moon Ship

e37aa No.33661

>Torc's father sense tingles

4ce2d No.33662

"the swastika is actually on my chest."

e37aa No.33663

>Chains faggot's soul to /mlpol/ servers

4ce2d No.33664

what can i say these threads in particular are like crack cocaine to me.

e7110 No.33665

You, I've been hoping you might show, if just for a bit. Don't go anywhere if you don't mind me saying.
I haven't explained why yet, but yes, the next part involves everyone getting out of Court City and making their way back to the Tower. Thez will have revived Torcuil with the stick, and though there might be a bit of awkward in the air, everyone is free to operate as desired, while Thez pops herself in the microwave.
Stahp, I am deliberately avoiding favorites by having everyone be a favorite, for different reasons and in different senses, but Torcuil is equally there.

e37aa No.33666

I mean't I actually didn't fail at character devolpment and I'm not completely failing at the game aspect
Corection, a crack cocaine addiction is easier to explain to people

e7110 No.33667

>easier to explain

4ce2d No.33668

trips confirm.

e37aa No.33669

>Yo bro, why can't you hang put anymore
Cause I'm now in the middle of a 3 month long rpg campaign on a website for nazi horsefuckers…
>everyone backs away slowly

4ce2d No.33670

i told an irl friend about the campaign and link him[/p

e37aa No.33671

You are a braver faggot than me

1128d No.33672

File: 1513305602974-0.jpg (57.39 KB, 362x447, 6ad.jpg)

4ce2d No.33673

File: 1513305743931.png (329.58 KB, 540x584, 1513210520107.png)

>tfw we're still friends and he might even want to join
>downside hes kinda a normal fag.

4ce2d No.33674

File: 1513305855908.gif (228.11 KB, 296x272, 1357807__safe_artist-colon….gif)

1128d No.33675

*tassels mane*
You adorable bastard..!

e7110 No.33676

>normal fag
Oh, I'm sure that'll clear up right quick
For obvious reasons, the whole spiel about Infernius and Thez is one I'm approaching with kid gloves emblazoned with "no homo" all across the surface,… but its there and remains un-explained.

e37aa No.33677

>tfw my friend is on the "anyone who like mlp is a gay pedophile" bandwagon
>when I told him about the 4cuck april's first joke he thought it was terrible and stupid

I need new friends

4ce2d No.33678

hes a huge weeaboo

e37aa No.33679

Spongebpb is best anime
It touches the most deep and intresting political and social issues

4ce2d No.33680

go full homo.

35cdc No.33681


4ce2d No.33682

File: 1513306486606.jpg (43.75 KB, 618x367, movies-batman-and-robin-mr….jpg)

i prefer the new season of the duck tales anime.
accepts hug on one condition:Chill out.

1128d No.33683


35cdc No.33684

Nigger I didn't offer to hug you

e7110 No.33685

No fault there, I was a weeb up until Apr 1st.
This, Spongebob made me more receptive to MLP (implicitly)
I'm sorry Dave, I can't do that
old-school reference
That's something that I'll have to do very carefully to avoid offending my own sensibilities. In time tho. "You big oaf."

e37aa No.33687

>I'm sorry dave
I liked the book, Just couldn't really get into the movie.
Can we get out of this cave?

35cdc No.33688

>I'll say I am not sure that Fae would respond to Trump's directives in the manner that she did, but there are several reasons why she would. Beyond that, Fae's onslaught would have been sufficient to take him down
I want more on this. Like if you could give a psychology of Fae, I'd love that. Also, what exactly are you saying did[ happen? That Fae got off one round or two on Torcuil. Mostly because I want to know if 37 damage is enough.

1128d No.33689

Tracy has to feed her birds.
I wouldn't mind a Level-up though..

1128d No.33690

>what exactly are you saying did[ happen

4ce2d No.33691

hurr i geb da reference.
>jerks off to fat ork sjws

1128d No.33692

I deleted it when I realized it wasn't actually funny.

e37aa No.33693

Mixed nuts: shitposting is literally magic

4ce2d No.33694

e7110 No.33695

Ur out of the cave, back at the tower. I just haven't explained how yet.
WIll do gimme a sec
Spoopy magic

35cdc No.33696

Don't worry, Trollestia has you covered

We'll take a level up once we've actually killed H

1128d No.33697

Can you cast Earthquake yet?
I'm eager to just destroy the entire fucking dungeon, and fly out.

4ce2d No.33698

why yes, yes i can.

35cdc No.33699

Will it bypass the magical barriers?

1128d No.33700

I mean, Torc could make a shield, and wouldn't every worker crushed under the rubble count as a party kill? We could such it with Recreational Nukes.
Then, we could just rebuild the Court City from scratch.

1128d No.33701

We could still use magic inside of the dungeon. Why not just destroy it all?

35cdc No.33702

I mean to get out of it

1128d No.33703

Then, we could lead and army to finish off the court, and excavate the rubble for loot. We could collect body parts of executives, and torture them for information.

4ce2d No.33704

File: 1513307830786.jpg (50.24 KB, 535x720, 1512986445222.jpg)

this is a good idea.

1128d No.33705

The barrier shouldn't work if the entire city is kill.
There also has to be a spell Torc can cast to make the Earthquake stronger.

e37aa No.33706

File: 1513307908524.jpg (23.05 KB, 547x402, 1fpxdl.jpg)


e7110 No.33707

Those are all wonderful ideas, but just like you guys like to murder eachother while I'm away, Thez mobbed through the whole place (getting brutalized in the process, but no worse for wear) and pulled everyone out,… though there were much easier ways of doing so than even she was aware. As she leads the party through a mess of gore and bodies - mostly undead but with several abominations and otherworldly previously-living things - the party is guided to an outside entrance which is likewise lined and covered with bodies.
"Most of the heavy hitters were Vampires (who turn to gas when they're killed to avoid dying) and Liches (who you have to find their phylactery to truly kill). They'll be back, but alot of their proficient and useful troops are kill,… but they'll be back."
It is at this point that the party makes their (assumed desired) way back to Tower.
Tracy, I know what you're thinking, no; everything thats strewn about is mundane. You can assume to acquire as many bits and giblets as you like, but nothing fancy is available.

1128d No.33708

And since you can't teleport out of the dungeon, H could plausibly be crushed to death.
Magnitude 10 Earthquake when?

35cdc No.33709

Kek, D'aww

1128d No.33710


4ce2d No.33711

is her womb okay?
*heals just in case.*

e37aa No.33713

>Torc still has bits of dinosaur

35cdc No.33714

It's specifically stated H did teleport out through unknown means. And Earthquake spell could cause damage, but it not a real earthquake with the power of a thousand atomic bombs, it's a localized damage structure spell

e7110 No.33715

No spoilers, but an army may indeed be necessary.
Yeah about that, teleporting in was impossible because the material the compound is composed of prevents scrying and ethereal (through wall) shenanigens. There was nothing preventing teleporting out (as H did so right in front of the party) but Thez is dense in several ways and never put 2 and 2 together. Teleporting out was always an option, but no one tried it.

1128d No.33716

Scrape literally every bit of creature off the ground.
If we can't take/sell them, we'll just kill them again for XP.

Hey, if you take a liche's finger and ressurect it, is the lich destroyed?

35cdc No.33717

If I had that helm I sure as shit would have

e37aa No.33718


1128d No.33719

It should at least be strong enough to take down a building.

4ce2d No.33720


1128d No.33721

Good wizard.

e37aa No.33722

Torc looks for Norfilly. (You still here?)

1128d No.33723

>the you were going to suggest Earthquake last week but you wanted to wait for the right moment
I wanted to destroy everything..
Oh well, did the party drag back anything interesting on this adventure? Aside from the weird red cow?

4ce2d No.33724


1128d No.33725


e37aa No.33726


e7110 No.33727

Liches evaporate when destroyed
You did have that helm. Don't make me look up the helm of flash-step, I am certain it was listed.
A better understanding of an opponent faction, which consists primarily of elite level undead which maintain their own means of self-preservation, and are organized and otherwise difficult to kill.
Shush about swag, you just got an almost complete wish-list handed to you. I don't wanna get too domineering considering the recent, but as the game is concerned, don't get TOO greedy

1128d No.33728

What I meant was, if a piece of the Lich is put in the Entertron, does it resurrect the Spellcaster and effectively destroy the lich?

1128d No.33729

The spells Ressurection and True Ressurection turn undead back into their oringinal creatures.
How powerful is the Entertron?

e7110 No.33730

"The baby is fine. I've been reeling since the news, re-analyzing my strategies and methods. I'll not allow blows, strikes, or spells to my mid-section, and I have enough abilities to guarantee that. I almost lost an arm though, and aside from the Entertron, that doesn't regrow," she says with a handful of salt and a sprinkle of directed sad, cuz she can 'listen in' on meta.

1128d No.33731

*collects lick knucklebones as she escapes* (if it doesn't kill liche's, they'll make for great fortune-telling hocus-pocus)

4ce2d No.33732

*casts cure serious wounds*

e7110 No.33733

Its never been tried, so I really don't know. Initial reaction is no, it would destroy the form of the lich but leave the phylactery intact.
Resurrection made easy
I told you, liches evaporate when killed, there are no lich remains. What you're collecting is dead zombies and death knights

e7110 No.33734

"Don't forget, there were Devourers, Allyps, Wights, and Wraiths in there too."
What she said.

1128d No.33735

Knucklebones of Death Knights it is then. They'll make for nice trinkets.
*stubbornly loots all of their worthless swag too*

1128d No.33736

I wanted to fight those.

e37aa No.33737

GM I have to be serious for second. For what purpose did you introduce Trollestia? Cause I remember she was introduce after I asked for a unicorn mount for Torc.

1128d No.33738

To stop Tracy from murdering horses.

35cdc No.33739

Like legit GM, I am now curious as to what you meant by the comments about what FAE would and would not be motivated to do

e7110 No.33740

Yes that. Originally she was introduced to troll you with. Since you requested a unicorn but assumed that it would be both conventional and iconic (alluding to the stereotypical fantasy unicorn) I decided at the time (which was a while ago and I may have jumped the gun on) to make the unicorn in question a shit-posty troll. She does favor Torcuil, but she has a trollish nature that I have a hard time wanting to diminish because I have a trollish nature.
Also this, she had just been on a murderous rampage and I didn't want to have to keep introducing hoers to make things work.
I won't claim most of it has been for the best, but much of it has been improv and stimulus response.

1128d No.33741

>Being this meta
Ask her yourself. Start a dialogue.

35cdc No.33742

Nigger he suggested it. Also can't dialogue where I am now

35cdc No.33743

I think that character is under utilized because both Torcuil and I are afraid of her

1128d No.33744

"The weeb colt pulled his knife first, and that fat Clydesdale had it coming!"

e37aa No.33745

What does this mean?
I love the shitposting, I just didn't know.
I wouldn't say Torc is "afraid" in a normal sense…
He just doesn't feel confortable around her

35cdc No.33746

I hate to agree with the Tracy character on anything, but this.

1128d No.33747

I had originally planned to kill her, but it's been so long that Tracy no-longer hates her.

1128d No.33748

Well, she still hates her, but not in an imminently-murderous way anymore.

e7110 No.33749

Dragonne are listed as "usually neutral", but I introduce Fae as a sort of 'guardian' type entity, operating amongst a group of varying-species cats who oversee the various planes. As such I have her as Lawful Neutral, which is kind of borderline with regard to inter-party conflict. SInce Torcuil shot Trump, she would probably have obliged to attack him, but I've neglected fleshing out her personality since she isn't often in play. It could go both ways to be honest (and I did go with the "she obeyed and Torcuil got shredded" timeline).
Says the mare threatening another mare cuz she was rode home, without any choice or volition in the matter. Tracy wasn't being friendly, and Ponimaru is a bit of a white-knight.
This is one of the elements that were not planned out, but which seemed like a good idea in the moment. I don't claim they were/are a good idea, she's just one of the elements that hasn't been killed yet.

4ce2d No.33750

"me have healing grass that make you more talkative and calms down, me usually only hand out for medical purposes but that sounds like a serous problem. a man(otuar) should be comfortable around his waifu."

1128d No.33751

*feeds birdies*
"Did you miss me, my angels?"
I had two ebin names for the birds, but I lost the sheet I wrote them on…

4ce2d No.33752

*pinches thez's ass*

e37aa No.33753

>Quest unlocked: date the unicorn<
"Infernius my bro, I don't know what I'd do without you. Thanks."

4ce2d No.33754

"just be sure to give some to her too. ;)"

35cdc No.33755

That should be like real life and cause an int penalty

1128d No.33756

The Entertron heals all status conditions to my knowledge, including ability drain.

35cdc No.33757

So? Should still cause a drain

e37aa No.33758

"Why are you winking? What arent you telling me?"
Talking to anyone irl gives me a int penalty, I don't need that in game too

1128d No.33759

Idk. Don't most potions with that kind of drastic effect also have a saving throw though?
Anyway, if it does, they can always get healed.

4ce2d No.33760

"usually it increases sex drive. :)"

e37aa No.33761

Barly audible "oh"

1128d No.33762

1128d No.33763

Actually, that's not accurate. Torc is a chad.

4ce2d No.33764

"then don't give her any if you don't want to get dick sucked."

e37aa No.33765

>went too play 37 year old cave NEET virgin
>end up playing a chad
Fuck, if only that could happen irl

35cdc No.33766

File: 1513311064121.jpeg (118.67 KB, 640x679, image.jpeg)

1128d No.33767

Learn magick. Bitches love magick.

e7110 No.33768

File: 1513311109873.png (39.12 KB, 945x945, shrugpony___derpy_hooves__….png)

Dice rollRolled 11

"What,… don't,… oooooh." gives dead-arm punch.
>mfw there's an aspergers mod for DND

1128d No.33769

I don't think this Game went as anyone planned it to.

e37aa No.33770

Torc gains a expresion of happy remembernce, then shakes his head.
"No not again…
At least not yet…"
Is this your card?
>pulls out v-card

1128d No.33771

She warned him alcohol was degenerate…

1128d No.33772

Ikr. You'd think it'd go without saying…

e37aa No.33773

Hey, Troll drank it not him

4ce2d No.33774

"me know a field where this stuff grows like "weeds"
"dont act like you don't love it. haha"

35cdc No.33775

Yep. Like how the fuck am I Tracy's baby daddy? I still need to get out of that engagement as well

e37aa No.33776

"I'm not gonna fucking smoke the devil's lettuce ye cunt."
Just marry the hoers

1128d No.33777

>Implying you can escape

e37aa No.33778

Trips confirm
Torc will start decorating the venue

4ce2d No.33779

">implying our lord Hitler didn't make this."

1128d No.33780

How long does it normally take to plan a wedding?

1128d No.33781

Don't put words on Hitler's mouth, Anon…

e37aa No.33782

Considering I've never had to?
Give me and Torc a week

e7110 No.33783

Like anyone planned all this. I had my hand all up in it, but no, this is beyond planning.
That will take some very careful maneuvering at this point, but who knows what will happen next? I have found that the game goes smoother when I prepare for all the potential (to my ability) options and respond to the players.
>blushing glare

4ce2d No.33784

"me now pronounce you man and horsefu."

e37aa No.33785

"I bet you fucking vape"
>amazing grace plays on bagpipes

35cdc No.33786

NO! NO! I do not take her to be my horsefu

e7110 No.33787

>amazing grace
"Oooh! I know this one!" Thez joins in with throat-singing not lewd

1128d No.33788

You've already knocked her up, and she's past her first trimester.
You're a man: make it work. It won't be that bad.

1128d No.33789


4ce2d No.33790

"you need take responsibly and marry horse she pregnant with Aryan baby."

e37aa No.33791

>bagpipes intensify

1128d No.33792

Yeah, sure..
>Wonders what inter-species demigod child will even look like

35cdc No.33793


She's evil and crazy!

e37aa No.33794


1128d No.33795

"Crazy about [i]~you."

e7110 No.33797

Thez, uncharacteristically stops.
"Wait a second guys. We've just stopped beating one another, maybe pushing a marriage is,… premature? I mean,… it doesn't have to be so rushed,…..
I have something in mind

1128d No.33798

[Sad pony noises]
*Rubs tummy*

35cdc No.33799

I prefer human that can wild shape into an Equestrian pony

e37aa No.33800

Minotaur horse?
"Fine, but I'm fucking planning it…
Tracy, what colors do you want? I need to know for the fireworks"

35cdc No.33801

Damn it, don't make her act cute like that! You wear down my resistance! Reeeeee!

4ce2d No.33802


e7110 No.33803

I meant wrt Tracy/Trump, but I dont wanna say yet cuz lulz and potential spite-bans.

1128d No.33804

I want it to be a Demigod/Abomination Rank-0+ deity, with the power to warp reality, because reasons.

e37aa No.33805

I know who you meant
>inb4 someon tries to push a marriage on Torc

1128d No.33806

[Evil laughing nerd nouses]

35cdc No.33807

File: 1513312375147.jpeg (317.28 KB, 1662x1533, image.jpeg)

That reason is you are evil

4ce2d No.33808

i will when you get the message you've knocked up one of the entities you fucked.

1128d No.33809

I'm terrible…

4ce2d No.33810

i would also like a +0 rank in demigod.

1128d No.33811

>Inb4, he knocks them all up, causing drama so potent it threatens to destroy the multiverse

e7110 No.33812

Technically, what I have in mind fits the bill,….
If you do, I give you props
"I love the idea of a marriage, but maybe let them do so in their own time and by their own will. It shouldn't be forced, it should be organic and deliberate. Besides,… no one was there for,… our,… agreement."

e37aa No.33813

Fucking hell, if Torc has to marry Death becaus he knocked her up I'm going to die

1128d No.33814

We Wild Hunt nao.

1128d No.33815

>I'm going to die
A lot more than that, m8. He'll go where no wizard has ever gone before.

4ce2d No.33816

*gets down on one knee*
"thez will you make me the happiest manotuar in world by marrying me?"

e37aa No.33817

Y-you said Tracy and Trump…
Torc sheepishly raises his hand
"I w-was at the agreement"
Well I mean, he already did that when he fucked death…
Torcuil is the ultimate case of "I should have stopped long ago. But too late for that lets see where the fuck I end up!"
"You already married her"

1128d No.33818

I thought they were already married? What about that ritualistic blood-orgy in Durpistan?

1128d No.33819

>Bull is so stupid he tried to marry his Waifu twice

35cdc No.33820

That's actually adorable

Also, the first marriage doesn't count because there was no legal contract or church ceremony

1128d No.33821

Thez said in Hell the massacre counts as the ceremony.
Thez is a dyed-in-the-wool Hellion.

35cdc No.33822

So does the party now consist at core of two never married individuals, a married couple, and a widower? Or do we need something more formal for Thez and Infernius?

35cdc No.33823

This ain't Hell. This is Port Barry

e37aa No.33824

1128d No.33825

The continent is vaguely ancap. Tradition is the stand-in for lawfulness, from what I've gathered.

35cdc No.33826

Well wrong Tradition!

1128d No.33827

Well, it happened in Durpistan.
And The takes He'll with her wherever she goes..
>You can take the fiend out of Hell, but you can't take Hell out of the fiend

1128d No.33828

Damn autocorrect!

e7110 No.33829

Didn't he already?
Pouty-sad-hppy face "You mean, for real? I mean, the last was for real, but like, with more than one witness, and in an actual ceremony that isn't a blood-bath? Where you know going into it what is in store,… I did kinda push you into it after all,,,."
That was an agreement, a verbal contract if you will, but that wasn't a wedding.

1128d No.33830

Wood-elf, Duergar and Minotaur weddings aren't nearly as interesting; they're just more complicated.

35cdc No.33831


e37aa No.33832

>Torc now has two weddings to plan
The joys of being the single one
I have a feeling Thez/Infernius's will be smaller, and more secluded
Tracy/Trump's will be a larger "invite the whole port" type

4ce2d No.33833

"100% yes."

1128d No.33834

Sounds about right to me.

4ce2d No.33835

"and you didn't push me into it baby."

1128d No.33836

>Not 120%
Give it your all, Infernius.

35cdc No.33837

Trumpaladin thinks the only way to get married is to have the whole city come to a ceremony at the stadium, married at the 50 yard line with FAE as priest

Except for a marriage with Tracy. If literally no one saw that, that would be fine

e37aa No.33838

Works for me
>prepares Gandalf fireworks
>not 1488%
Do you even white pride??
>accept for a marriage with Tracy
That makes everything easier

1128d No.33839

*Hugs back affectionately*
"~Flaaashy..! I want to get married right away.."
*Pouty-happy face*

4ce2d No.33840

oh fae huh?
*sad minotuar noises*

1128d No.33841

[Blissful pony noises]

35cdc No.33842

NO. NO. NO. Except! Not Accept! Fuck you IPhone!

e7110 No.33843

A deafening <CRACK> is heard and felt throughout all players and characters, disorienting everyone involved, and causing sight to dim and fade.

As each slowly regain their senses, they find themselves standing solidly, on a backdrop of a cosmic star-field. There are no physical objects or architecture, nothing at all really, except the vast expanse of space surrounding,… except for a smug-faced coyote in a sharp suit, sipping from a porcelain mug.
"Are you here at last? Tired of making me wait?" he says.

1128d No.33844

>Even Apple is trying to get Trumpaladin to marry Tracy
>Using (((Apple)))

35cdc No.33845

Is that Johny Cash from that Simpson's episode?

35cdc No.33846

My parents by the phones. Fuck off

1128d No.33847

"Who the fuck are you?!"

e37aa No.33848

Is the mug giant with 'reese' on it?
"May I ask who you are sir?"
RIP in peace

4ce2d No.33849

"what the fuck are you?"

35cdc No.33850

"TRACY! Be nice to Johnny Cash!"

1128d No.33851

>Reese mug
Kurrent event kek

1128d No.33852

"Who the fuck is Johnny Cash? And what is this place?"

35cdc No.33853

"I never thought I'd see you again"

35cdc No.33854

"You're going to have to listen to my play list on the way back. Now hush. Thez knows where are"

4ce2d No.33855

"who is jonny cash?"

1128d No.33856

*Protectively glues self to leg*

e7110 No.33857

He lounges on a chair, and with a wave of his hand, a table coalesces with cups for everyone. "Do sit, or stand as you prefer. There's sugar and cream if thats how you take it."
Not to my knowledge, but there's been so many indeliberate parallel references that it wouldn't surprise me at this point.
"Who indeed? Would you believe me if I told you? Who likewise are you, and who stands behind you?"
"Sir? Are you sure? Is that an attempt to quantify and define what you see?"
(no, its not a giant reese mug)
"How to answer? Can such a question be answered? While it seems specific, isn't it as vague and open-ended as any question? Don't questions leave themselves open to the interpretation of the person being asked, without really specifying anything?
"Again? Have we met before?"
"I… I don't. This is,… I mean I've seen illusions like this before, but I'm unfamiliar with,…"
"Are you?" the coyote asks with a smirk.

35cdc No.33858

"A God of course"

e7110 No.33859

"And what is a god? Is it a being? An awareness? An entity that is finite or determinate? Is it a will? A presence? A specific thing?"

e37aa No.33860

Torc takes a seat.
"Fine, the politness didn't work. What in the everliving fuck are ye m8?"

1128d No.33861

*Growls at hearing question answered with more questions*
"…. The name's Tracy."

35cdc No.33862

"Just play it again. One more time. 'The Man Comes Around.' You will know."

"Maybe not met"

I'm at a damn movie, I'm limited

4ce2d No.33863

"umm thez where are we?"

e37aa No.33864

What movie?

4ce2d No.33865

remember wat happend last time you were movie posting?

1128d No.33866

>Under breath
"Sounds tasty.."

1128d No.33867

Good times.

35cdc No.33868

"Fuck off"

e7110 No.33869

"Again, would you believe me if I answered you truly? Would you comprehend if I laid plain?
don't worry, its mostly word-games and riddles, but there is a purpose to it, this was an encounter I'd planned for long ago, but it didn't fit with the situation so I put it on the back-burner. With all the recent to-do, it seemed an apt time
"OH ho, then experienced perhaps?"
"You think I don't know who you are? But who is it who controls Tracy, who depicts and determines her actions?"
"I,… this,… I don't,… except maybe in a dream,"
"Is not all of existence a dream?"
He(?) seems on the verge of laughter at this point.

1128d No.33870

She said it in hoers language.

4ce2d No.33871

*charges this faggot*

35cdc No.33872

Don't care. He understood it through empathic whatever/sense motive

"Fuck off"

e37aa No.33873

What did I miss?
"Alright you cheeky cunt, what is your purpose with us?"

4ce2d No.33874


1128d No.33875

>Pissed off expression
"Why don't you just tell us whatever it is you have to say already, and then we can decide if we want to believe you?"

35cdc No.33876

"Can you play from your guitar?"

1128d No.33877

She wouldn't be able to do it even if she wanted to.

e7110 No.33878

He(?) sips his coffee and waits patiently.
What manner of charge, like tackle-charge, or rushing to punch/beat charge, what?
"Perhaps it is because I can't tell you anything. You have to decide to learn it on your own."

4ce2d No.33879

i was saying he most likely understood, not for you to fuck off just to clarify.

4ce2d No.33880


1128d No.33881

>[Desire to eat Johnny Cash intensifies]
[Impatient pony noises]
"Are we supposed to learn something here? Or did you just bring us here to be sarcastic?"

1128d No.33882

You have Powerful Charge as a racial ability. Use that.

e37aa No.33883

Still waiting for both responces

35cdc No.33884

"Be fucking patient. We literally do have all night. Now clan the fuck down, let him tell us why we are here, and no, you are not eating Johnny Cash. I swear to God Tracy"


4ce2d No.33885

Dice rollRolled 19

e7110 No.33886

"What makes you ask that?"
"What makes you think I want anything to do with you? Did I ask you to come here?"
As Infernius closes and makes contact, the Coyote-fellow dissipates at his touch, as though vaporous and non-solid, only to reform as Infernius passes through.
"Have you not learned already?"

35cdc No.33887

"Ring of Fire… Is it asking too much?"

e7110 No.33888

"Are you waiting for trips?"

4ce2d No.33889

"no but we here now. why?"

e37aa No.33890

Torc begins to visably look pissed
"You may not have asked, but I'm pretty sur you are the one who brought us here"

1128d No.33891

>*tips imaginary fedora
"I have birds to feed."

e7110 No.33892

"Can you wait then?" ^_~
"Are you sure that's the right question?"
"Are you sure about that?"

35cdc No.33893

"Sure. Finish off your business with Thez or whoever…

You want a small blue horse?"

e37aa No.33894

Torc decides to bluff
"Yes, I am quite fucking sure."

4ce2d No.33895


1128d No.33896

*points at screaming bull*

e7110 No.33897

He(?) dismissively kicks off of his chair and begins pacing about the room, sipping coffee as he does so, all the while affecting a nonchalant expression.
"What is the question of 'why'? Is it a means to understanding, or is it a demand for understanding? Does answering a question of 'why' result in comprehension, if the individual receiving is not in a position to comprehend? Can you not see where you are, if you don't grasp the specifics? Do you need to be told what is occurring before realizing it?"

e7110 No.33898

He(?) grows more serious for a moment.
"Does anyone recall the riddle of the faggot behind the faggot?"

1128d No.33900

"I recall hearing about it some few months ago…"

e7110 No.33901

"Coffee, and there's plenty of it! Please help yourselves."

4ce2d No.33902

"no you the faggot"

e37aa No.33903

"Listen Mr. ManIsAFeatherlessBird, me and my frieds just want a simple explanation for what the hell is going on"
Torc strokes his beard
"It sounds fairly framilier. Would you mind jogging my memory?"

1128d No.33904

*Helps self*

e37aa No.33905

"No thank you, I prefer tea."

35cdc No.33906

*sips coffee*

"The question of Why is irrelevant, people!"

4ce2d No.33907

i abstain from cofee and i tell thez too as well.

4ce2d No.33908

1128d No.33909

*sniffs coffee*

35cdc No.33910

If you think the coffee can harm you, you do not understand the riddle of the Faggot

*sips coffee*

e7110 No.33911

Its quite a robust blend.
Thez nods in agreement.
With a wave of his hand, there's a pot that says "Tea" that materializes on the table.
"Have you ever wondered who stands behind your consciousness? Who directs your moves? If this were a game, and you were a piece - a part of it - have you ever pondered who stands behind you?

4ce2d No.33912

*turns around*

1128d No.33913

"Nope. Never."

e7110 No.33914

that made me kek
There is no-one behind Infernius
"No? Would you mind being quiet then?"

35cdc No.33915

"Who directs motives? A few days ago I was looking into mind controlling parasites. I found a species of Protozoa that infects mice, makes them more likely to be eaten by cats, who are the real target host. Thing is, it commonly infects human males, and causes behavioral changes. "Increased Jealousy and suspicion." Fuck me. I have no idea why I do what I do. I don't think there is a larger purpose to it"

e37aa No.33916

"Thats meta as hell. And thanks for the tea."
Torc drinks some tea noting that it is something almost, but not quite entirely unlike tea.
"Hmmmmmm, intresting question. I can't say I have thought of it before.
I have had someone appear from the clouds and tell me what to do though"

1128d No.33917

*Grumbles a bit before curling up on the ground like a dog*

35cdc No.33918

"She'll listen when he says it but not me. Well fancy that"

4ce2d No.33920

Dice rollRolled 6

"dumbass fox there no onme behind me."
*attempts to tackle again*

1128d No.33921

e7110 No.33922

"Aren't you the one who always balks when directed?"
"Are characters unaware of meta? Hasn't GM overlapped the two on occasion?"
"Have you tried asking?"
Thez says generally "Its only answered a few questions that were not questions themselves," then directly, "Assuming we can comprehend what you are, what this is, and what is going on, please tell us who you are."
He smiles as Infernius tackles through him, barely maintaining his balance since there's no apparent floor.

1128d No.33923

"Can I eat you?"

35cdc No.33924

Dice rollRolled 8

Bitch smack pony

e37aa No.33925

GM a couple weeks ago: meta gaming is bad
GM now: why aren't you meta gaming?

e37aa No.33926

Dice rollRolled 15

Bitch slap Trump for trying to bitch slap tracy

1128d No.33927

"He pisses me off!"

35cdc No.33928

"Oh hush. The riddle of the faggot was introduced months ago. Like almost as soon as we got here"

e7110 No.33929

"And if I said 'no'?"
"And didn't that player's directions almost lead the lot of you to ruin?"

1128d No.33930


35cdc No.33931

"Why does he anger you, Tracy? We encounter dirties pretty regularly now. This is a friend of Thez, now hush, calm down, and drink some non-caffeinated coffee while we wait for him to tell us what he summoned us to tell us"

4ce2d No.33932

"PanzerKampfwagen! schadenfreude! (more unintelligible German)

e7110 No.33933

He(?) sighs and drains his cup, before placing it upside down on the table and resuming his seat.
"I reiterate, if I told you who I was, what all of this is, what the point of it was,… would you believe me and comprehend? Would you take it in stride and maneuver on as you have had? Would that not defeat the point?" He pauses for a moment. "How DO I convey the point, if there isn't already a commonality which we all share, and can identify with?"

e37aa No.33934

"Alright, this is too much even for me"

4ce2d No.33935

"Did you make the game?"

1128d No.33936

"Because he's smug, and sarcastic, and condescending and I wanna' go feed my birds!" She says, with a childish impatience

e7110 No.33937

Thez looks astonished, "Don't look at me, this is beyond my experience!"
"What… then… do… you… want?"

e7110 No.33938


35cdc No.33939

Dice rollRolled 9, 20, 8, 2 = 39


4ce2d No.33940

*tackles again*
critical belly rubs!

e7110 No.33941

Kek, 20, critical hit belly-rubs

1128d No.33942

*Rolls over and twitches erratically, completely defeated (for the moment)*

e7110 No.33943

Infernius passes harmlessly through again, though succeeds in upsetting the Coyote's chair. He rematerializes as though still sitting on a chair. "Intent on ruining my composure are you?"

35cdc No.33944

Dice rollRolled 12, 17, 11, 12 = 52

"wanna help us kill off all the vampires on our local continent?"

e37aa No.33945

Torc's faggot wants some sleep
I guess to be accepted if we're being honest here"

4ce2d No.33946

*Attempts to pick up chair and hit him with it*

1128d No.33947

"I want to get married and raise a happy family with my husband."
*Giggles at belly-rubs*

e7110 No.33948

Thez, silent throughout (mostly) whispers, "I just want to be happy. I just want to keep going, with all of them. I know it can't, that eventually it will end, that nothing is permanent or completely sustainable. But,… I don't,… these are,… my,…"

Continues to pass harmlessly through, he(?) pays no mind.
"And the others?" he(?) asks

e7110 No.33949

He(?) also notes. He(?) waits on Trump and Infernius.

e37aa No.33950

Torc begins to reflect on himslef, and what he does want as his faggot goes to sleep cause its 1am.

1128d No.33951

4ce2d No.33952

"To have a family that wants me around,why do you care?'

e7110 No.33953

Goodnight, and sleep well. We can't shake hands, or high-five, or any other such, but as much as I am able, I accept you, appreciate you, and look forward to hearing from you again, no matter what you have to say.

e7110 No.33954

"Even if that means enduring a ban over a disagreement?"

e37aa No.33955

>tears well
Aww fuck, I'm honestly unironically touched.
Same to you too, and everyone else in this crzay ass game

35cdc No.33956

Dice rollRolled 2, 14, 15, 17 = 48

"To build something grand and beautiful, to watch over it and claim it as my own. And to not be hated in the process"

e7110 No.33957

"And if I told you that I wanted the same thing for you? For you all? If I told you that I am the faggot behind the GM, would you understand what that means? If I told you that this game is more than a game between faggots over the internet, that it spans multiple dimensions and metaphysical constants, merging ancient technology with modern, to enable faggots just like your players and yourselves, would that make any sense? If I told you that the dice programs that you utilize were based on the aggregate will of infinite entities beyond human awareness and comprehension of the players and characters, that the results are determined by 'vote' per say, of what the audience at large wants to see, would that make sense?"

4ce2d No.33958

File: 1513318335694.gif (834.48 KB, 500x281, tumblr_oouj09ePVX1qj6cmso1….gif)


e7110 No.33959

"If I outright said "This simple game is a means to everything you wish to achieve, if you just set your mind to it", and through sorting yourself in the game you can sort, not only your individual existences to a degree that is beyond prediction, but likewise that of those you encounter, interact with, and affect on a basic and,… dare I say,… spiritual level, would you think my words silly or misinformed?"

e7110 No.33960

He(?) refills his cup, and lifts it again to his lips, taking a deep inhale of the aroma wafting off of it.
"If I suggested that my player, whom you all have come to regard as the GM, has been operating per my dictates ever since this all came to be, utilizing magic and science in a capacity that is only vaguely becoming appreciated, to the direct intent and purpose of metaphysically sending shockwaves throughout the known world of humans, to change the dynamic and scope from one that acts as a prison of the mind and body to one where all individuals are free to responsibly and consciously pursue their goals and aspirations without harming one another,… would that make any sense?"

4ce2d No.33961

"what me don't understand."

e7110 No.33962

"You are not the resident meme-magician, but tell me - use your faggot's knowledge if you like - what is meme magic?"

4ce2d No.33963

"the foucus of many anons channeling there pshyches together to obtain a specific outcome."

e7110 No.33964

"Precisely this. This outcome is dependent on context and circumstance, relating to a vast framework of otherwise mundane details in an otherwise apparently mundane world, coalescing in an overlapping dynamic of individual experience to achieve that outcome. It is an infinite game directed toward a particular purpose, do we agree on that?"

35cdc No.33965

"Say what now?"

e7110 No.33966

"Too soon?"

35cdc No.33967

"Uh… Maybe?"

35cdc No.33968

"Just remember I got a 20 on pinning Tracy, and a 20 on a >rape roll"

4ce2d No.33969

*sleeps irl and in game*
*infernuis falls to the floor(?) asleep*

4ce2d No.33970

"it would seem that way."
*sleep talks*

e7110 No.33971

He places his cup back on the table, vapor wafting lazily from it as he does so.
"Consider this. If I were to suggest that each of you represents a framework of allies, largely unknown and unseen, who despite not knowing one another were seeking the same ends - if the details might diverge from one another, as you as characters have slightly different aims - but were all working together toward a unifying purpose that had ramifications that extend well beyond your scope but achieve the same ends for all more or less involved; if I told you that working together toward the betterment of the game, that resolving what differences you may have personally and coming together as a group might be the catalyst that imperceivably and metaphysically caused the coming together, the responsible and appropriate merging of intent and design throughout and beond your individual scope, what might you say?"

35cdc No.33972

"I don't know if I believe in purpose. An individual may have purpose. But beyond that, I am not so sure"

e7110 No.33973

"Did you not just say you wanted to build something grand and beautiful? I'll tell you now that it is perfectly within your capabilities to do so, and that doing so has more beneficial consequences than you could realize, except that you might have to compromise in order to see it through, would your answer be the same?"

35cdc No.33974

"I'd say that I've see this before. You dream big, and you get really lucky and make a hell of a lot of progress, and then it all falls through, and you don't really know why it died but just feels all disproportionate. I've seen it, lived it, from presidential elections and "populist waves," to internships and job interviews, to alt-chan imageboards.

I'll go ahead and tell you where the weak link is. It's that "working together" part. Good luck."

35cdc No.33975

"What's the compromise? The answer to that question changes everything"

e7110 No.33976

Thez speaks up, "This isn't real. None of this is real, is it?"
He(?) replies "Is it or isn't it? What is real? Is this experience any less real than the one of the faggot who sits at their computer, at their mobile device, or indeed the player who sleeps and dreams, yet maintains a memory of this dream and that?"
"Indeed, compromise is a bitch. In some cases compromise means aspiring to less or different than you initially intended, in other cases it means accepting what is rather than what was aimed at. Is it not still worth achieving, if it perhaps is 'less' than one sought?"

e7110 No.33977

He stands abruptly. "I can see I have outstayed my welcome, please accept my apologies with my assurances that there are profoundly scient entities who have taken an interest in what transpires, both in favor and against. I hope you'll see fit to resolve your differences in the most, and allow leeway for one another in the least."

35cdc No.33978

"'Is it still worth achieving' is a question that necessarily depends upon the facts of the case. You're asking me to do a cost benefit analysis on a hypothetical that has no facts to it. Well I'll give you an answer that's as abstract as your question. If what stands to be gained out weights the costs, including opportunity costs, then it is worth it. If it does not, then no compromise is better"

35cdc No.33979

"What? No need to go so soon"

e7110 No.33980

"Well stated, but know that for all one's intents and purposes, in chess the opponent always gets a counter-move, hence the compromise of outcome."

35cdc No.33981

"Before you go, may I ask who you are?"

e7110 No.33982

"But I told you, I am the faggot who stands behind the GM."

35cdc No.33983

"Don't you worry. I've played chess before. I am well aware of countermoves. The fact remains that there are some things to be given up lightly, some to hold off on trading until a better offer is made, and some to cling to come what may. Always be mindful of the power play. And increase your leverage where you can"

35cdc No.33984

>is a coyote
"I should have known you were a coyote!"

e7110 No.33985

"I'm not always a coyote, but amongst earth-based archetypes and cosmologies, that of the native american is one of my favorites," he says with a wink. "Any other questions?"

35cdc No.33986

"Yes. Can you sing 'I Walk the Line'?"

e7110 No.33987

"Please forgive me if I mistake a few of the words," he says with a smile.
He begins to sing, as he wanders off, in a direction that seems to defy spacial physics, his voice echoing as he goes.

e7110 No.33988

The party however, is still seated in some strange space-universe-domain that doesn't have any apparent limit or room, or architecture.

Good night!

I'm kidding, with a similar <CRACK> everyone arrives back in the Tower, in the stable of all places
Troll> "Banana?"

35cdc No.33989

See the Simpsons clip where basically the same thing happens

35cdc No.33990

"You know Trollestia, I actually have a 'banana' I've been meaning to give you"

e7110 No.33991

Classic episode, but totally different messages. I get the Johnny Cash reference now tho.

35cdc No.33992

File: 1513323092502.png (431.34 KB, 1116x1024, image.png)


Is trollestia willing to receive as well as give?

e7110 No.33993

T> "That depends, are you willing to love on them giant baby chicks over there, even if you don't get the point of them, just cuz Tracy likes them?"

35cdc No.33994

"Um… Okay… I still want one to become basically Sam Eagle though"

e7110 No.33995

"Its not an unreasonable request," she smiles, flipping her tail.

35cdc No.33996

Huzzah! She let me smash?

35cdc No.33997

Dice rollRolled 18

>as if a mare flipping her tail up were somehow ambiguous
Grab her by the pussy

e7110 No.33998

Thez yawns and starts draggin Infernius from the room. "What did I say about asking permission?" As she fully exits the room she calls from beyond, "You can have the girdle back in the morning,… I'll wash it before giving it back, don't worry."

e7110 No.33999

"That's the spirit!"

e7110 No.34000

>rape… ish

35cdc No.34001

Kek! Hell yes. Who ended up on top?

>cums inside horse

35cdc No.34002

Trumpaladin rides out from the stables and away from the tower. He goes on the back of the beautiful, if never tamed Celestial Charger, if she'll take him. He goes on Fae if not, whom he meets regardless at the city gate

e7110 No.34003

>who's on top
Uhm, not sure it works that way with a hooman
Troll prefers the stables, Fae would be best

35cdc No.34004

He stayed behind her then.
*Happy Paladin Noises*

After finishing in Trollestia, he is filled with a new happiness, smiles and says to her
"I appreciate your friendliness. I am expecting to be married soon, and so I don't expect to be able to waifu thieve for much longer. If Torcuil claims what happened was against an agreement, tell him he shot me, and that stunt he pulled let H get away, so he can consider us even. And Tracy… You should talk to her. I never understood why she's so cold to you. But if she saw how much you help with the birds, and how you really care for them, she really ought to be nicer. You really do have a way with animals. I wonder if she was jealous of you at first. Poor girl. Maybe all she wanted was to be ridden"
Smiles again at Trollestia and leaves after she has a chance to make a response

Calls Fae. To Fae:
"Well, you saw what I did in the court city. The architecture is unimpressive, we'll have to rebuild from the ground up. Now we need to prepare our army. Let's go"
Rides Fae to the monestary

1128d No.34005

Wtf did you do while I was passed out?!

e37aa No.34006

>Log on
>first thing I see
Killed a part of Torcuil's soul

4ce2d No.34007

*considers brutally raping Slovenia*

1128d No.34008

File: 1513349913651.png (507.96 KB, 928x861, corrupted.png)

I mean, wtf? She's going to return to the stables to feed her birds momentarily and wonder 'why do you smell like my husbands semen?'

1128d No.34009

File: 1513350152756-0.jpeg (328.97 KB, 918x714, 356371__safe_artist-colon….jpeg)

*keens edges*

4ce2d No.34010

poor tracy.

1128d No.34011

File: 1513350576855.jpg (166.53 KB, 537x610, 3edgy8me.JPG)

Goddammit, Troll..!

4ce2d No.34012

*pets pony*

1128d No.34013

File: 1513351023727.jpg (30.35 KB, 326x283, pissed.jpg)

"Don't touch me!"

4ce2d No.34014

"me just trying to help you feel better something similar happend between him and thez so me know what you going through."

1128d No.34015

File: 1513351356271.jpg (57.56 KB, 322x284, yep.jpg)


4ce2d No.34016

"stuff that made me want to kill myself from the pain of it."

1128d No.34017

File: 1513351523003.jpg (67.75 KB, 509x354, intredasting.jpg)

"………………………………… Oh………!"

4ce2d No.34018

*tears up*
"y-yea but m-me have gotten over i-it."

1128d No.34019

File: 1513351893402.jpg (37.16 KB, 339x344, grr.jpg)

"………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………. hmmm……….."

4ce2d No.34020

"the emotions you feel now will lessen over time little pony, but not even i can fix a broken heart."

1128d No.34021

File: 1513352097858.jpg (89.18 KB, 589x565, oddly chucky-esque.jpg)

"…………………………………………… I'm fine….!"

e37aa No.34022

It's a good thing I don't want Torc to have a waifu….
"You like revenge?"

4ce2d No.34023

"me know that a lie tracy, let out your feelings it not good to keep them inside. me wont judge you."

1128d No.34024

File: 1513352245255.jpg (46.04 KB, 280x308, chyeah.jpg)

*ears perk*

1128d No.34025

File: 1513352361001.jpg (96.94 KB, 803x524, relatively.jpg)

"………… No, really, I'm fine……"

e37aa No.34026

"Knew that would get you intrested. Well we have multiple options, Including polymorph so do you have anything that intrests you?"

e7110 No.34028

"You might try something less direct-affect, Paladins have magic resistance," Thez says, sitting upside-down on the ceiling.

4ce2d No.34029

"do you swear on you're foal that's true?"

1128d No.34030


4ce2d No.34031

"thats what i thought."

e37aa No.34032

Hmmmmmmmmmmm, I'll see what I can do to help
"I never said the polymorph would be on Trump"

e7110 No.34033

"Who then?"

e37aa No.34034

"We'll put it this way.
Imagine that beutiful sleek white unicorn named Solvania was suddenly either fat… way more muscular than you…

e37aa No.34035

I mean "more muscular than Trump"

e7110 No.34036

"Oh that poor girl,… collateral damage,…."

4ce2d No.34037

>inb4 banned

e37aa No.34038

"I never said it would be perminate"

e7110 No.34039

"You could always make her a stallion, then she could keep working on war machines,…."

e37aa No.34040

"Oh, thats what I meant by worse…"

4ce2d No.34041

>perma Stallion.

1128d No.34042

Dice rollRolled 13 + 17

Rolling to Move Silently

e37aa No.34043

"Oh, the worse part isn't his white mare turning stallion."
Torc then opens a pocket of his robe revealing two vials
"Its that he didn't bother to steal all three of these"
"How do you feel about kidnaping someone for us Tracy?"
This is what Trump gets for chetting on Tracy

e7110 No.34044

"What do those do?"

e37aa No.34045

"I guess you weren't there at the time.
Remember when I said Trump took one of my charm potions?"

1128d No.34046

Don't do anything to Tracy's friend.

e7110 No.34047

"So,… they make you like people?"

e37aa No.34048

Wait what? Fine, I'll do it to Troll instead.
"More or less"
Torc waits for Thez to put the 2 and 2 together.
"Actually, I think it would be better to do to Troll."

1128d No.34049

Detect Good

1128d No.34050

As in, find good auras in the Tower.

e7110 No.34051

"I don't get it. You want to make people like eachother?"
Troll> "You know, I'm in the room,…."

1128d No.34052

There it is….

1128d No.34053


e37aa No.34054

"This is the perfect trolling opertunity, now hush."
Torc then turns back to Thez
"Okay, I'll explain this really simple because you don't understand.
Transform on of the unicorns into a stallion, then use the charm potion on them.
Now do you get it?"

35cdc No.34055

I'm back!

e7110 No.34056

Where though? You left for the monastery.

1128d No.34057

Hey, you said Tracy's claws don't have Contagion, but did they have the Energy Drain I asked for?

4ce2d No.34058

you detect me and torc.

1128d No.34059

Torc doesn't have an Aura. Infernius, Troll, and Trump do though.

35cdc No.34060

Yes indeed. Trumpaladin goes to the mill to retrieve the two siege engines, as well as the master carpenter.

4ce2d No.34061

yea but you still show up to detect good.

1128d No.34062

Troll's is so overwhelming (Outsider 15 HD and 7 levels in Cleric) that she leaves a lingering aura wherever she goes.

35cdc No.34063

File: 1513355498460.png (343.72 KB, 992x558, image.png)

I really didn't think people cared this much…

4ce2d No.34064

don't lie!

e37aa No.34065

>not thinking your waifu would get pissed at you knocking up the trolly unicorn

1128d No.34066

Hide check.
Shut up, you degenerate sleazeball! All blood spilled shall be on your hands.

1128d No.34067

Dice rollRolled 10 + 19


35cdc No.34068

I didn't think she'd find out!

>knocked up

Don't give GM ideas!

e7110 No.34069

Like I hadn't thought of it already,….
Ah, you forgot that she has scent-sense

4ce2d No.34070


e37aa No.34071

Fuck my revenge, this is gonna be good
>grabs popcorn

35cdc No.34072

I thought maybe she'd smell it on him, but not on Trollestia…

4ce2d No.34073

"so thez you never answered me question…"

1128d No.34074

Btw, can Contagion be cast on non-creatures? If I use a beaker of blood or whatever, can I craft a potion of Contagion that could be applied as a blade oil? I want AIDS-kunai.
>Implying it's okay if she doesn't find out
That's not very Paladin-like, Anon. The Code prohibits "cheating".
She's a fucking yandere stalker, with the ability to distinguish players by smell AND lingering aura aura in their cases. She would've walked into the stables, sensed the aura and smell all over her fucking plot, and then stepped out devastated.
I wasn't joking when I said she was constantly making Track checks on him as her default.

1128d No.34075

I g2g for a bit to do some work, and also figure out what to make of this scenario…

4ce2d No.34076

remember infernuis tried to help you.

e7110 No.34077

Females have an extra olfactory sensor over males, so they can smell shit that males will miss, particularly to do with pheramones and endocrines. Tl;dr That's what you get for thinkin. ^_~
Thez jumps up and flips down to the ground. "Which question? Sorry, my mind is still reeling, trying to work out what that weird guy in space was saying."

35cdc No.34078

But they aren't married yet… There's no adultery. I don't know how much she cares…

e7110 No.34079

>don't know how much she cares
Wut? Like for real?

e37aa No.34080

>implying because they aren't married its okay, even though they have a child

4ce2d No.34081

this thats nigger tier.

35cdc No.34082

Yes, it was never clarified. It's not like him doing anything with Trollestia makes him less likely to be loving husbando

The child was an accident! It was unintentional

e37aa No.34083

Torc decides to get out of there before everyone explodes in anger…
He decides to see if any events are happening in town

4ce2d No.34084

*looses composure for a second.*
"o-oh u-um re-remember?"

e37aa No.34085

Still doesn't mean it's not your child.

e37aa No.34086

Sounds like Infernius needs some of that 'grass'

e7110 No.34087

"Not exactly,… could you give me a hint?" she says with a hint of playful mischief. "Was it important?"

4ce2d No.34088

*clears throat*
"me asked you to be my wife."

e7110 No.34089

Thez jump-flips up to land with her legs on his shoulders, looking down into his eyes. "That wasn't what you asked me, YOU asked me to make you the happiest minotaur alive," she says, even more playfully. "I dunno, I'm not sure being your wife will make you happy,…."

4ce2d No.34090

"you know thats not true, me want you and only you."

e7110 No.34091

She leans forward and folds her arms on his head, deliberately breaking eye contact and forcing his vision to be obscured by her ahem torso and such. "Let me think,…."

e7110 No.34092

she's still clothed btw, but the effect is pretty obvious

4ce2d No.34093

*tries to contain erection*

e7110 No.34094

Thez suddenly realizes that everyone - who is still in the room - stopped talking, and looks around. "What?"

e7110 No.34095

Okay, so Torcuil ventured into town, Tracy's player is busy (so idle) and Trump is at the mill.
"Hmmm. I guess it IS just you and me."
Trollestia clears her throat.
"And her."

4ce2d No.34096

"get out thot horse."

35cdc No.34097

Is Slovenia at the mill and are any of the constructs completed?

If yes to both, Slovenia is invited to a live fire exercise to test the catapult and trebuchet

4ce2d No.34099

i am nice to Tracy.

e7110 No.34100

Slo> "I thought you'd never ask!"
Yes to both
Tro> "Uhm,… this is technically my,… I don't know why you all congregate here of all places when there's a vast and opulescent tower at your disposal."
Thez> "She's right you know,… lets take this somewhere more,… <whooof> private," she says, porting both to the Forge, which though nothing has been made in a couple days, is still active keeping the room quite warm. She jump-flips off Infernius and slowly steps back coyly. "I don't get you,… I mean we already made an agreement, drenched in the blood of our enemies with,… well not a minister per say, but Torcuil is sufficiently sovereign. What more are you looking for?"

4ce2d No.34101

"monogamy, because me will never love anyone more than me love you.""

35cdc No.34102

I thought you were saying that to Tracy…

So Trumpaladin, the Generals, the Sparintenar trainees, Fae, and Slovenia all proceed to an open area where they can test both the catapult and the trebuchet. Perhaps they use the wall that used to surround the pyramid, or the city wall of Durpistan, to test the efficacy of the shots.

But the way, a group goes in to retrieve the cannons from Durpistan

So are there any important stats that need to be known?

Also, just a lot of beautiful rock throwing from the glorious trebuchet

4ce2d No.34103

"except maybe…..our daughter."

e7110 No.34105

She smiles playfully and leans against,… I dunno, a wall or something. "Hmmmm,… nah. I'm pretty sure this is just a phase."

4ce2d No.34106

"its not a phase me will love you forever!"

e37aa No.34107

Torc married them using his 3 day online minister course.

1128d No.34108

>I don't know how much she cares
She killed Copper over this horseshit. I made a point of setting the precedent there. This is a dozen times worse than that, and it wasn't even >rape. Why did it have to be with the character she hates the most?
If nobody died for something as bad as this, would that be fair to Copper?
>they aren't married
Cheating on your fiance is still cheating.
Reeeeeeeee That's a load of horseshit! You know she doesn't like cheating.
>Implying "accidental" babies don't matter
Tracy has disappeared, from the characters' perspective. She vanished and is now lurking.
Wait, did the characters seriously go to the Stables? Fug, the birds are in there…
Or son*

35cdc No.34109

Well fuck

Empathic link, since they are probably close enough, just barely:
>"Hi Tracy! How are your birdies!"

e7110 No.34110

"Teee,… okay, but what is the point of a big to do? We're already committed or should be - GM so what's the point of a big 'thing'?"

35cdc No.34111

She killed copper because he rode her and not Tracy. But Tracy is a full paladin's mount now and has been ridden by him several times. She has nothing to be jealous of

4ce2d No.34112

"because you are that important to me, me want to Give you the best wedding ever."

1128d No.34113

File: 1513360829041.jpg (40.11 KB, 336x392, ivelostcontrolofmylife.jpg)

He fugged Troll, Anon, consensually! And he did it right in front of Tracy's birds to boot.
(she's found out; she's unresponsive)

Where are all the characters?

4ce2d No.34114

me and thez are in the forge.

1128d No.34115

Actually, screw this for now. Tracy goes to check on her Nithing Pole in the forest.

35cdc No.34116

>"you wanna try out wedding dresses?"

35cdc No.34117

There should have been enough dividers in the stable to block view from the birds…

1128d No.34118

File: 1513361110014.jpg (1.36 MB, 1360x1748, bearhunting.jpg)

Detect good to discern every aura in the tower.
No response. It's to be assumed she's out of telepathic range.

1128d No.34119

It matters, did Slovenia have the stables renovated, like Tracy asked her to?

e37aa No.34120

ALSO, Infernius made Torc an admiral. Admirals are higher in rank than a captain. Captains can marry people.
Therefore Torc can legally marry people
Torc's in town getting away from the clusterfuck

4ce2d No.34121

infernuis is in the forge."

35cdc No.34122

You find Infernius and Trollestia

1128d No.34123

Where though?

35cdc No.34124

Infernius just said he was in the forge, and Trollestia never leaves the stables

4ce2d No.34125

im in the forge shes in the stables.

1128d No.34126

Btw, did Lenos ever return to the tower?

35cdc No.34127

Freaking this. I'm going to have to be cautious getting the cannons from Durpistan, because his damned girlfriend is probably still there

1128d No.34128

She won't hurt him if he minds his own business. Black Dragons aren't exactly trustworthy, but she's not stupid enough to break a deal that her life depended on.

4ce2d No.34129

1128d No.34130

File: 1513361931159-0.jpg (162.2 KB, 632x420, 5-horse-skull.jpg)

Tracy arrives at her Nithing Pole and checks to see if any creature has made contact with it.

35cdc No.34131

File: 1513362097651.png (174.4 KB, 1733x1428, image.png)

>Trusting a bitch dragon

e7110 No.34132

Yeah, but it wasn't that type of vow ceremony. Good point tho.
You should have someone test-fire those cannons first

1128d No.34133

e37aa No.34134

is anything happening in town or is Torc wandering aimlessly?

35cdc No.34135

>Test fire
That sounds ominous. Very ominous. I'll think we'll just take possession of them first, then later get pirates who actually know what they are doing

e7110 No.34136

>energy drain
No. Either contagion or energy drain could be added though
>contagion as a poison
That's pretty much what poison is. Btw, I stumbled across a gnarly poison that does 1d10 con on initial and secondary,… but I don't recall what/where I saw it
>Nithing Pole
Uhm,… maybe? I'm still not sure how to incorporate that. I mean, most of the individuals/creatures that might at this point would enemies to the party anyway.
I think I said there was a dozen yes?
Working on it
GM just ran a quick errand and is getting his head back in the game

35cdc No.34137

I recall there being 24 potential pirates in total

e7110 No.34138

I was talking about the cannons

e7110 No.34139

>best wedding ever
"How about a masquerade ball?"

4ce2d No.34140

"what ever you want baby."

1128d No.34141

>no energy drain
Alright, so they're just regular clawed gauntlets then? They didn't use-up any of Soros's scales?
>Contagion as a poison
What kinds of diseases can she have access to?

Anyway, Tracy folds up her Nithing pole, puts it in her bag, and heads off to explore Port Barry.
Can she go shopping?
Aren't masquerades for nobles from clans that hate each other and need masks just to enjoy the party? What kinds of guests is she planning on inviting?
….. Or I might just be an insufferable history nerd.. don't mind me…

35cdc No.34142

Oh. Well I don't recall the number given. But I guess Trumpaladin goes to Durpistan. The Spartans are told that there is still every intent to train them in Football, but that due to a shift in the political situation they need to be ready for war as well.

Trumpaladin enters Durpistan and yells out to the darkness:
"Kiynen! I know you are there! I know you are among the ruined and burned buildings. Let me tell you. An army approaches. The army is here to collect cannons weapons of war left behind by the city's inhabitants. That is their only purpose. They mean you no harm. Eat your fetid corpses, and you shall be unharmed."

He stares out into the darkness on Fae while spamming detect evil. The soldiers retrieve the cannons. Slovenia is asked to look at the cannons and give an assessment of their condition based upon her knowledge. I guess ask a Spartan Trainee as well, since he might know something about cannons.

1128d No.34143

Shouldn't Killy be at the beach with Lenos by now? She wanted Torc's help in transporting the corpses, but I imagine Lenos would've obliged as well.

1128d No.34144

Btw, a character's possible melee Sneak Attack number is limited to two simultaneous stabs, correct?

35cdc No.34145

I am not sure. I'm not taking any chances though with bitch dragon. You know how your character was pissed that she couldn't kill Trollestia on their first encounter and has had kind of a slight vendetta against her since? That's Trumpaladin and Kiynen

1128d No.34146

>had kind of a slight vendetta against her since
Well, that "vendetta" had been nearly forgotten.. until recently…

e7110 No.34147

Some, that's part of what allows them to be animated. Remember, that was a rush-job
Uhm, diseases take no less than a day to incubate. If you're looking for combat advantages, poisons are the way to go. I mean unless you expect your victims to stay alive long enough for the disease to take effect, it seems like a moot point desu
GM's eye twitches
That depends on how long in advance the ceremony is planned
I'm sure you meant "shift" in political sit.

4ce2d No.34148

e7110 No.34149

You've just given me license for one of the most autistic ideas I've had in recent months. I hope you know that.

4ce2d No.34150


1128d No.34151

File: 1513364610114-0.jpg (10.27 KB, 250x204, 250px-Leukodaemon.jpg)

>diseases take no less than a day to incubate
>you expect your victims to stay alive long enough for the disease to take effect
Well, that's the point. A character wouldn't know they had the disease until the symptoms manifested, let alone what disease they had. They'd probably be sure to get treated for poisons, but they're much less likely to think about diseases they may have contracted. That way, if Tracy fails to kill her target on the first encounter, said target may just as likely die in his/her sleep once the disease finishes incubating inside them.
>eye twitches
I won't even ask…
Alright, Tracy wanders through the back alley of the bazaar, looking for anything interesting.

4ce2d No.34152

pictures for ants.

e7110 No.34153

You don't understand, this is some next-level shit. I mean,… I'm astonished at the level of autism of this idea. Its just,… whoa. Its an idea so autistic and ambitious, it would require mod approval.

1128d No.34154

File: 1513364833390-0.jpg (251.34 KB, 2048x1536, d0b0fae44ac57f0fc7d50c47e5….jpg)

Raven Mocker: a Cherokee Witch.

35cdc No.34155

She was just trying to help Tracy with her birds by making Trumpaladin be nicer to them…

Well, in any event, Trumpaladin is retrieving the cannons. Tell me if a spartan or Slovenia had anything to say about the state of the cannons, or if Kiynen shows herself either in a hostile or non-hostile manner

1128d No.34156

Idk wtf her intention was, but she thought wrong…

1128d No.34158

Be careful with those cannons. They were made by commies. I wouldn't touch a soviet-made butterknife, let alone a cannon.

e7110 No.34159

Dice rollRolled 5

She DID get him to agree to that at least,….
Final warning, this will likely end up with a mention on Encyclopaedia Dramatica,….

4ce2d No.34160

interesting i wish to see this autism take place.

1128d No.34161

Can a blade be oiled with multiple diseases/poisons, if the oil is prepared ahead of time?

e7110 No.34162

5 of the cannons are rusted through, in ill repair, or otherwise unsalvageable. They haven't been used in years, and the rest will need heavy refitting

4ce2d No.34163

infernuis better get his own page.

4ce2d No.34164

this. soviet gear is worse than ching chong gear.

1128d No.34165

Is there even any powder left? The cannon is the easy part.
>inb4, remaining cannons just explode, because they were made by retarded commies.
Did Tracy find anything interesting at the bazaar?
>Bolshevik scum tries to assassinate president by throwing grenade on stage
>Grenade doesn't explode, because it was made by soviets

35cdc No.34166

Possible intentions:
She wanted to be friendly to Trumpaladin
She wanted to protect the birds

She's in heat
She wanted him inside her
She, like Tracy, wants a foal

Or most likely of all
She's a massive fucking troll who wanted to see the shit storm this would cause

Yeah I know. But we have industrial power

Take them all. We need the scrap metal. When they are outside of Durpistan, proceed with live fire testing of the trebuchet and catapult

e7110 No.34167

File: 1513365517065.jpg (70.58 KB, 1191x670, pinkie_pie_rocket_by_lexuz….jpg)

>pic related
DING its a game, don't get too bent about it

4ce2d No.34168

File: 1513366117434.png (434.3 KB, 1280x800, 1513197126875.png)

e7110 No.34169

Pssst, message in rabbit

1128d No.34170

Dice rollRolled 13 + 10

What does Tracy find while shopping/exploring?
Can she find anything interesting with her Detect Magick wand?
Also, rolling Gather Information to find leads about spooky/ebil vendors or places to find them, if that helps. Use glasses to Disguise herself as a young Half Elf.
On that note, players came into the game with no knowledge of the world, but how much local knowledge has Tracy gained since then? Did she earn any ranks?

e7110 No.34171

I do more book-flipping cuz of you, I want you to know that.
Vendor stock is down, apparently the dark elves were using the bazaar as a place to hawk their stolen goods, and no savvy vendors have yet filled the void in their absence. I mean there are trinkets that do things (in a mechanical or magical sense) but nothing combat, attribute, or gameplay modifying. Just little knick-knacks

35cdc No.34172

>dark elves were using the bizarre to sell goods
This is fascinating knowledge

e7110 No.34173

Yeah, I'm kinda running short on new and innovative ways to accessorize the party, outside of do-nothing accessories (like Thez's dragon-tiara which does nothing except look pretty and blink/adjust its position every so often)

1128d No.34174

Dice rollRolled 9

>the dark elves were using the bazaar as a place to hawk their stolen goods
I assumed that, but it's good to make clear. We've got a precedent of behavior for them now.
If the vendors left, they should've either abandoned their kiosks, or wheeled them away. In the later case, wouldn't locals have seen them being shipped out?
Anyway, Search abandoned kiosks.
Also, buy Trinkets, just because.
This is mostly to investigate the Drow. Idk if it'll yield anything, but I felt like gathering info in town and getting to know the area, since it's one of her primary skills.

e7110 No.34175

Does anyone know how to get ahold of Taylor Swift's faggot?

1128d No.34176

File: 1513366911067.gif (991.14 KB, 233x369, 1511980172275.gif)

Post rare Taylors. It has worked in the past.

1128d No.34177

File: 1513366951697.jpg (161.91 KB, 694x1024, 1511982105200.jpg)

Post rare Taylors. It has worked in the past.

35cdc No.34178

Oh. Well carry on. I still recommend asking gate guards and dock workers

I do not. I think we all scared him off

4ce2d No.34179

taylor is pretty autistic its kinda qt.

e7110 No.34180

>voiding a contract
"That BITCH!"

e7110 No.34181

Awww, why'd you delete? It looks like a good pic. It shows that IRL Taylor actually has hips

1128d No.34182

Dice rollRolled 17 + 10

>asking gate guards and dock workers
Why not?
Gather info check
>we all scared him off
Well, it did always become dramatic around those times, for one reason or another…
I messed up..

1128d No.34184

Does a rod really project whatever it does infinitely?

e7110 No.34185

The dark elves used gates and portals, so no transit that would have been observed. There are empty spaces in the bazaar, with the potential for new vendors and wares, but as of now the only allies Port Barry has is Sparintenar.
"Ain't seen nothin'"

Awww, it was deleted again. No hawt Taylor for GM,….

e7110 No.34186

Uhm, what do you mean?

4ce2d No.34187

e7110 No.34188

Hey, it works now. How about that, it was broken before.
Uhm,… Trump if you're not busy, I'd like to broach an idea with you in rabbit.

1128d No.34189

Like, it doesn't have charges, so can a rod really project its function/spell infinitely? There are some rods that create matter/energy like Lenos's kitten rod, or the Rod of Sneezes.
If such a case were true, the crafting mechanic for a rod is merely the transmuter for the near-infinite energy the item is capable of generating and turning said energy into spells (like: "create kittens"). It's true function is "perpetual motion".

I'm being a massive autist today…

35cdc No.34190

Sure. Post it

*autism intensifies*

1128d No.34191

My original plan was to just keep upgrading/modifying her equipment until it matched the persona I was going for, but then I realized upgrading existing equipment is expensive as fuck…

Also, are there any other ways of gaining XP other than defeating enemies?
Can I farm resurrected enemies for XP?

e7110 No.34192

>massive autist
Care to help plan a wedding/ball?
Still reading, but essentially yes, and that's the appeal of rods. With few exceptions, rods don't have charges (as staves do) which while increasing their manufacturing costs, eliminates the "drain" or decay of the items usefulness.

e7110 No.34193

Posted (in rabbit, cuz its easier from this computer)

35cdc No.34194

Jesus. Just be satisfied with what you have been given for now, and patiently wait for more. Like I want level 20 paladin, but it can wait and be earned properly

>I typed this up on my main IP, but forgot I was banned

4ce2d No.34195

speaking of paladins can i take some levels in it?

1128d No.34196

File: 1513369062743-0.jpg (149.7 KB, 1700x691, edaca2_6394666.jpg)

>help plan a wedding/ball
I don't see why not..
Could someone, hypothetically, use a
I really want to level up.

Well, if there's nothing interesting for her to find in the
No. Falling is the only way for them to multiclass. You could become a Divine Emissary at epic level though, and that's basically a Paladin/Blackguard+Cleric combo.
Besides, it'd be pointless; at this level, there's nothing that just a couple levels Paladin has that a level 16 Cleric would want for his optimization. If you want more attack bonus, just go with Fighter or something. Better to get 20 in Cleric first though.

1128d No.34197

>Could someone, hypothetically, use a
*use a mediocre rod to create a device that generates mechanical energy indefinitely?

4ce2d No.34198

i just want some attention from muh deity.

1128d No.34199

Correction: Paladins can multiclass, but it's impossible for a character to advance as a paladin once they have another class.
Cleric is better for that. Try praying at the Cathedral before his statue. You also have Divination spells to receive limited advice from him directly.

4ce2d No.34200

hes being a tsundere and not talking.

e7110 No.34201

Thats my fault, not herr Furher's. I am not savvy at emoting Hitler. I've neglected my duties in that regard. I have watched many videos, but there's something about his message that I can't emulate

1128d No.34202

Gods don't talk to mortals without good reason. You'd probably need a long monologue of prayer to get answers out of the statue.
There's also Augury and Divination to receive vague answers from heaven.
With Planar Ally, you could plausibly summon Angels from WWII, but they'll confiscate all your items, beat you up, write a bad report etc., if you don't have a good reason and an appropriate payment for whatever you're asking them for, so only use that in emergencies, with proper preparation.

35cdc No.34203

File: 1513370188342.png (200.77 KB, 680x742, image.png)

>paladin vow of chastity
This is new to me

e7110 No.34204

>Trump Good
You're fine

4ce2d No.34205

File: 1513370247320.png (185.29 KB, 811x1073, 1507061311170.png)

bost moar ched mems.
pic related
football talked to trump…

1128d No.34206

>Not chaste
Don't worry, it's not degenerate if it's within marriage.
We already have a talking Elway statue.
Nobody talks to it for some reason though… (I don't, because I'm afraid she might just get vaporized, being a Divegrass-playing Blackguard)

1128d No.34207

He's more Lawful than he is Good, desu.

e7110 No.34208

You're missing the nuance. Its not Trump (as opposed to Lawful) Good, it's Trump (is) Good

35cdc No.34209

>Sex is still chaste if it happens in marriage
Fuck, I forgot about that feature of Catholicism, so I have to scratch that idea out

>Tracy is a dive grass player

You know how people convert religions for marriages? You know how Crusaders murdered every Muslim, Jew, and half the orthodox Christians they came across?

4ce2d No.34210

File: 1513370801055.png (154.21 KB, 303x366, 1512673535979.png)


1128d No.34211

File: 1513370899110.png (322.87 KB, 2518x1024, 1513153773526.png)

Most of the others were shitty, but this one's accurate…

35cdc No.34212

File: 1513370954256.jpeg (55.22 KB, 733x505, image.jpeg)

Is true though

e7110 No.34213

Nothing implied, simply illustrating a disposition from which Trump's demeanor is good and righteous, even though it may "somtimes" color outside the established boundaries

35cdc No.34214

Fuck that's too accurate

1128d No.34215

Then what's the restriction?

e7110 No.34216

Kek, Thez is a Chad
I said before, everyone has hax

e7110 No.34217

"We should advertise that there will be cake!"

4ce2d No.34218

"Good" "righteousness."
kek. ive embodied that more than he has.

4ce2d No.34219

"good me glad."

1128d No.34220

Can Tracy learn the Self Concealment feat in the holodeck? How long toes it take to learn a feat?

1128d No.34221


e7110 No.34222

Indeed, thats why you're not Trump Good. Trump Good isn't "better", its just,… more lenient.
>dex 30 hide 30 req

1128d No.34223

>it may "somtimes" color outside the established boundaries
That sounds more like a Paladin of Freedom, desu.

f3f7d No.34224

>I had to unban myself to post this

I always thought Trumpaladin's Lawful Good alignment came mostly from his certainty that his side was the side of right. Which makes a lot of sense, because morality is basically an aesthetic preference that people force on other people violently, and then feel super superior when they pretend like they are better at living by their own self-made standards than other people.

If it isn't obvious I don't quite know what lawful good means, so I've had him always try to talk down enemies before killing them, be protective of protectorates, not steal or lie or at least avoid it where possible, and not engage in gratuitous things like blood baths.

Did this post have any purpose besides masturbation?

4ce2d No.34225

youre lawful evil at best m8

e7110 No.34226

File: 1513371685068.png (10.22 KB, 138x150, THUMP.png)

Desu, I'd put him more at true neutral
again, players not appreciating the grand sublime poetry of GM's machinations

f3f7d No.34227

What am I at worst?!?!?!

4ce2d No.34228

Obama evil.

4ce2d No.34229

oh i understand but its just strange a "good" character can do evil acts.

f3f7d No.34230

File: 1513371923683.png (38.3 KB, 564x592, 1505440546133.png)

DELET THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

e7110 No.34231

File: 1513371944484.png (27.84 KB, 542x758, poli.png)

4ce2d No.34233

sorry i meant Clinton good.

f3f7d No.34234

File: 1513372077717.png (460.16 KB, 600x840, 1510713867867-0.png)

*Takes Breath*

e7110 No.34235

"Any prince who tries to be 'good' all the time is certain to come to ruin among the many who are not so foolish. It behooves a prince then to be proficient in how to be good, as well as how not to be good, as the situation demands."
- Niccolo Machiavelli

f3f7d No.34236

File: 1513372195143.png (221.37 KB, 900x546, 1510714600439-0.png)



THANK YOU! Saint Machiavelli is under appreciated

e7110 No.34237

I'm sorry, those words simply cannot go together with any credibility

4ce2d No.34238

Does Machiavelli also endorse cheating on your fiance with a friends horse wife?

1128d No.34239

Just checking..
Do the Epic bonus feats granted at Epic level for classes still need the requirements?
>certainty that his side was the side of right
That's mostly Lawfulness. Goodness comes from making personal sacrifices for the sake of others, from what the wikis have told me. Lawfulness refers to respect to tradition, boundaries and authority.
>morality is basically an aesthetic preference that people force on other people violently, and then feel super superior when they pretend like they are better at living by their own self-made standards than other people.
Eh….. That's definitely lawful though.
Try reading the Alignments page, to get a better scope of the matter.
Also this. Most gainful alignment.

e7110 No.34240

Torcuil and Trollestia are married?

4ce2d No.34241

sorry Waifu.

1128d No.34242

>Reposting the reaction images he took from my posts about his nonchalance about abortionhe deleted

f3f7d No.34243

Okay, so in retrospect that was an act that was a bit more questionable

Torcuil says he doesn't have a waifu

Huh, I'll think about it

e7110 No.34244

>ebin feats
I will say, he'd make a far better Blackguard than Paladin, and that without taking any penalties. Not taking sides, just commenting on proclivity.
You saw that chad-meme about "always getting cucked by anti-paladins right?
"Waifu" has no lawful standing

f3f7d No.34245

File: 1513372490097.jpg (132.6 KB, 680x653, 1510713516484-0.jpg)

That was a thread derailment if ever there were one. I was doing it because you were funny at first but then you and Torcuil started taking it very seriously…

4ce2d No.34246

you're dodging the question.

e37aa No.34247

>come back
>see this
Bitch no

1128d No.34248

>"Waifu" has no lawful standing
I object! Waifusim is an aspect of nature ingrained in universal law.

4ce2d No.34249


f3f7d No.34250

Are you talking about the waifus I've gained with digits? I guess those are universal law, but otherwise, a waifu is no more important than a girl you want to date but cannot

e7110 No.34251

Okay, desu yes, Machiavelli does endorse engaging in philanderous activity outside of marriage, such that it benefits or trends toward a better situation for the house, the state, etc.
e_e Citation needed

4ce2d No.34252

then Machiavelli is a degenerate.

e7110 No.34253

That's a subjective interpretation, wholly biased, and lacking any objective qualifiers

4ce2d No.34254

objectively moral degradation destroys counties, ask the Romans.

e7110 No.34255

Please don't attempt to apply conventional morality to established Court discipline,… it just doesn't work

f3f7d No.34256

I don't really recall any endorsement of philandery in either the Prince or the Discourses on Livy. I guess it's present in the Mandrake, but I interpret that to be more of a synecdoche for divine based morality

e37aa No.34257

Mixxed Nuts, a summary
TIL I'm wholly biased against Machiavelli whoever the fuck he is

f3f7d No.34258

Machiavelli agrees with you

Machiavelli is against luxury, since it weakens war readiness


1128d No.34259

File: 1513373085268-0.jpg (161.17 KB, 1920x1083, 1920.jpg)

There is no pillar of honor, tradition and faith more sacred than a man's dedication to his waifu.

4ce2d No.34260

then why is he promoting degeneracy?

e7110 No.34261

Luxury yes, but he's not for aesceticism, and he makes numerous mentions that what upholds the Prince and thus the Province is best.

f3f7d No.34262

There is a sacred rule in contract making more sacred than any other


tl;dr get a legal marriage

Ask GM. I'm putting this under CITATION NEEDED. Although I guess it is a plausible interpretation of Mandrake

He casually mentions "abstain from their women" (I think in reference to the son of the last king of Rome raping Lucretia and causing the overthrow of the monarchy…) as a requirement for an established monarchy to continue

e7110 No.34263

Yes, but in general, his position can easily and conclusively be read that "If getting his dick wet prevents tyranny, then let his dick be whet"

4ce2d No.34264

e37aa No.34265

You didn't answer my question

f3f7d No.34266

I mean… sure, if there is some super bizare circumstance where having sex with someone saves the kingdom. But like, when does that ever happen outside of the context of a political marriage, which is not philandery?

You asked a question?

e37aa No.34267

Who is he?

4ce2d No.34268

a degenerate philosopher.

e7110 No.34269

Congratulations, you just proved the opposition's point

4ce2d No.34270

oh that was my next point,Danke.

e37aa No.34271

I don't understand any of this
His name sounds italin

e7110 No.34272

For reference, I wasn't advocating that Machiavelli was entirely correct, I was citing him as a resource that would be largely (though defeatably) accepting to Trump's actions.

e7110 No.34273

You,… don't know who Niccolo Machiavelli was?

4ce2d No.34274

e37aa No.34275

I probally do, but the name isn't ringing a bell

e7110 No.34276

He is famous for coining the adage (bastardized) "The ends justify the means"

1128d No.34277

How long will it take Tracy to learn, Dodge, Mobility, and Spring Attack, in that order?

4ce2d No.34278

the means justify the end though…

1128d No.34279

>legal marriage
Who has the authority to notorize marriages? Clergy?

4ce2d No.34280

f3f7d No.34281

Niccolo Machiavelli was a Florentine Statesman and General who lead the Florentines in war and who was instrumental in the creation and operation of the brief lived Florentine Republic, circa late 1400s and early 1500s

He is best known for being a political philosopher and historian, writing The Prince in 1515 and Disocurses on the First Ten Books of Livy in 1517. He, more than anyone, could be credited with bringing about Modernity in Philosophy with an entirely new way of looking at epistemology and morality, at least since the Greek Classical era

He is a very good model, yes, although I don't think he would appreciate Trump's aversion to lying

Fae is a priest, and we're building a courthouse. I would say the State, if you meant that as a philosophical question

e37aa No.34282

Torc has legal power

1128d No.34283

Anyway, Tracy returns to the stables to nurture her birds, after synthesizing a bag full of elephant meat.
How many severed heads are in the mess hall?

"I've returned, my Angels." Tracy declares softly, before hugging her birds and feeding them.
What gender are these birds? I can tell a chick's gender by their down arrangements, but I can't see these.
>Fae is a priest
Is she?
>The state
What state?

4ce2d No.34284


e37aa No.34285

>What state

4ce2d No.34286

are ravens legal to own?

f3f7d No.34287

Just no damned severed heads, and definitely not in the mess hall

f3f7d No.34288

>Is Fae a priest
I made her a priest very early on

>What state

That was a general answer. It would be the relevant state

e37aa No.34289

Actually, Tracy's faggot what birds are legal to own?
Also, have you raised pigeons?

1128d No.34290

Idk.. A fiendish raven is a lawful-aligned creature.
You're character is chaotic anyway.
Several of the previous characters have their heads in the mess hall, including the last Paladin who owned Vadereim.

4ce2d No.34291

i meant irl.

1128d No.34292

Oh, irl.
It depends on the state you live in, plus zoning bullshit.
I have handled pigeons.

4ce2d No.34293

i have.

4ce2d No.34294

is a Choatic raven a thing?

1128d No.34295

In game?
Idk. Fiendish Raven, from the summon monster table, is a Lawful Evil creature: it counts as casting a Lawful and Evil spell.

e37aa No.34296

What are pigeons like?

GM does anything happen in the town?

4ce2d No.34297

like you'd expect.

f3f7d No.34298

To Tracy

>"Hi Tracy. I'm out today. Do you want me to pick up anything from the forest for you, or get you any food?"

1128d No.34299

>pigeons like?
Well, what about them? They're pigeons.
They're harder to handle than you'd expect.

1128d No.34300

>'……….. I'm fine…'
Nothing happened while Tracy was there..

4ce2d No.34301

so are infernuis and thez still 69ing?

e37aa No.34302

>harder to handle than you expect
Thats what I was looking for

e7110 No.34303

I'd say 1 wk per feat
That depends on who one is appealing to. Marriage typically involves submitting to an authority outside of ones self or their partnership, making those to be married supplicants. You will note that the vows Thez and Infernius exchanged did not require such, only a witness who could be observed as independently sovereign.
There's already a few, just to let you know,….
There's legaities for bird ownership? In Port Barry?
There are increasing decorations and planning, but nothing is particularly popping at the moment
Insufferable bastards you mean,….
I hadn't realized that they were, last I heard they were discussing the prospect of a wedding. She's not opposed to 69, but she'd much rather he tied her hands with her braid and had his way with her.
what? its true,…

f3f7d No.34304

>"You don't sound so fine, little pony. Is there anything I can do for you?"

e37aa No.34305

>port barry
No, irl
Well thats boring

f3f7d No.34306

>The Vows Infernius and Thez did required no outside authority
That's why it is not a valid marriage. The essence of marriage is that the relationship is placed outside of the caprice of the participants by making it no longer belong to them

>Thez's sexual preferences

She has better tastes

e7110 No.34307

True, except that Thez (Gilana) is a standing member of the House of Thez, having and maintaining the authority to engage in contractual and binding agreements so long as witnessed by a sovereign party.

4ce2d No.34308

i was gonna interrogate darkie but sex is a better prospect.
*binds hands*
*smiles fiendishly*
"im going in dry."

e7110 No.34309

Like binding her hands won't provide sufficient moisture,….

f3f7d No.34310

I think he's referring to a different hole

e7110 No.34311

And while things get lewd, GM departs for 5-10 minutes to acquire take-out

1128d No.34312

>1 wk per feat
Alright. Tracy Trains towards the Great Dexterity Feat, in her free time.
Also >>34283
What gender are her birds and how many heads are in the mess hall?

f3f7d No.34313

>"Is there anything I can do to for you, little pony?"

1128d No.34314

>'……………Let's schedule our wedding.'

4ce2d No.34315

i'd like some peach rings

e7110 No.34316

I doubt it, Infernius doesn't strike me as the type who would abide stink-dick

4ce2d No.34317

he would be if thez wanted it.

f3f7d No.34318

I hope not

>"…………… Uh…….. Um……. When would you like it, little pony?"

Kek. So done

1128d No.34319

>'………….. Three months ago…. asap; this month, if possible..'

1128d No.34320

Please tell me the gender of the birds.

e7110 No.34321

Dice rollRolled 2, 2 = 4

Which is why no

e7110 No.34322

Both Female

f3f7d No.34323

>three months ago
Kek. I think she should only just barely be showing any bulge at this state of pregnancy

>"Silly pony, you've got nine months until he's born. No need to rush. We probably have a war coming up. That will get in the way of things. We can perhaps have a celebration once we have crushed our enemies"

REEEEEEEEEEEE!!!! I wanted a Sam Eagle

4ce2d No.34324

*continues aggressive fugging*

f3f7d No.34325


GM, I want an assessment of the Artilery situation. Like what essential numbers do I need to know and so forth. Both wooden weapons are tested, and the Cannons are taken to the Industrial forge for refitting, or scrapping if necessary. Does Slovenia know Ironworking to any degree?

e7110 No.34326

Blame the dice
Thez continues liking it, though displaying a diminishingly astonished expression of false-opposition
>Artillery/machine essential numbers
Uh,,.. I'll get back to you

4ce2d No.34327

4ce2d No.34328

*stimulates clit*
*attempts to make ahego*

f3f7d No.34329

Kek, I'll try to do that

REEEEE! I'll have to go with a Samantha Eagle or something
>No Iron working
Aww… We can assume Port Barry has Ironsmiths, especially since it was mentioned in the two city-improvement posts, right? Also, is Slovenia super adorable when the Trebuchets are fired?

1128d No.34330

If I were to go with how I normally name mythological creatures, I'd give them Arabic names, but I've got better sources for this case.
>moments later
Fine, whatever will make you happy. Sam it is then. I'll name the other one Bunny then… because fug mythology..

4ce2d No.34331

why not Colombia the eagle?

f3f7d No.34332

Better than a 9/11 Hijacker's name
I'll go with that. How does Tracy feel about Trumpaladins's suggestion in >>34323

I did think about that. It's because Columbia is a place name, not really a person's name. But I cam go with it

e37aa No.34333

>has nothing to do

e37aa No.34334

And I got the fucking trips.

f3f7d No.34335


Go talk to your waifu

4ce2d No.34336


e7110 No.34337

>Super cute
If by that you mean, a face of grim satisfaction, yes
Trips confirm

1128d No.34338

I g2g for a couple hours..

4ce2d No.34339

e37aa No.34340

She ain't Torc's waifu. You guys just said it so much so I stoped denying it
He reconsidered after the "date"

35cdc No.34341

>Slovrnia is in fact being adorable, as per usual

Now let's test out the equipment with targets, preferably structures or walls. And with exotic ammunition as well

1128d No.34342

>*Sharp pain in the back of the brain*

Okay, now I actually have to go.

Tracy decides to g check on her Nithing pole on the road to Cardishore and then makes her way towards the city.

e7110 No.34343

And here I thought it was gonna be a recess weekend

e37aa No.34344

The ride never ends

1128d No.34345

I just want to finally get those knives back…

35cdc No.34346

Let GM have just one weekend off after three months. Or at least consider taking another character

1128d No.34347

File: 1513380831339-0.jpg (73.82 KB, 600x750, 2a2e9654aa721f45e582579efd….jpg)

>consider taking another character

e7110 No.34348

Fair, but you know they're not just going to keep a pile of knives out at the security area "In case they come back",… odds are they've been rid of by now.

35cdc No.34349

like why are the knives suddenly critical now?

1128d No.34350

File: 1513381159452.jpg (23.23 KB, 249x458, tracy's knives.jpg)

>odds are they've been rid of by now
Muh meme knives!
I'll take the liver of the customs managing directer. instead if that's the case.
I always wanted them, I just finally got sick of waiting to go get them…

e7110 No.34351

They actually say dark and edgy? That's pretty,… nevermind.

eb969 No.34353

>will REALLY have to go soon
Can the Entertron repair magical status affects, like energy drain and curses?

4ce2d No.34354

File: 1513381600370.webm (6.2 MB, 1280x720, Edge.webm)

35cdc No.34355

File: 1513381605910.png (87.54 KB, 436x482, image.png)