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File: 1510274027740.png (512.48 KB, 1024x492, MLPOL movie night.png)

bd861 No.87059

Movie Night is back! Same time and Same place Friday at 6:30pm PST

Votes will be held every Thursday and The winner called every Friday at ~5pm PST.

bd861 No.87060

253b9 No.87071

Why not "who killed captain alex?"? Kek.

805c2 No.87236

Events guy here at work so no trips sorry about that.

I forgot to mention in the OP there are 2 movie lists that alternate per week. The reason there are two is because strawpoll can't fit all the movies on 1 stawpoll. So I took the master list of movies everyone on the board suggested and cut it in half to work around the stawpoll limitation.

bd861 No.87392

File: 1510366658837.png (47.83 KB, 300x250, Shrek.png)

The MLP movie has won the vote BUT there are NO streaming sites with the movie up yet only download sites, So we will be watching the Runner up Shrek!

The Movie starts in 14 minutes at 6:30pm PST


c66b1 No.87424

dfd3c No.87440

Events guy here at work so no trips. "Who killed captain Alex" is on the 2nd movie list there where so many movies on the list I had to cut it in half since stawpoll couldn't fit all of them.

c66b1 No.87459

What site do yall use? I still need to finish American Sniper but Watch32 only has the first 1:46:00 and its bullshit

dfd3c No.87461

Changes per week all depends on what we are watching and what hosts it.

c66b1 No.87463

Lists, man. Im looking for a new moviestreaming site

24c38 No.87472

>only download sites
So you can't watch videos straight outta your HDD on rabbit then?

61361 No.87809

File: 1510535707058.png (206.69 KB, 900x839, Mlp_fluttershy1.png)

U sound mad. Where you one of those on the old discuck server who wanted traps to be called by their pronouns? Gonna fight for the sjw pronouns next?

bd861 No.88831

File: 1510884890878.jpg (157.44 KB, 1000x1000, 00440364-344049_1000.jpg)

Voting for movie night is OPEN!


545a9 No.88861

That vote reminds me: is it even possible to play videos that on my HDD in rabbit? How does rabbit even work? Where do you find all these streams? This would be VERY useful for properly airing Shrek and the movie that'll win. And, please, wait for a while before airing the movie. I really need to know the winner beforehand so I could get prepared to air/re-air it for everyone else.
t. PrimeAgitator

e0144 No.88868

Rabbit works by using a virtual machine that you remote into and others watch. No you can't stream from a local drive since it is fully contained.

As for the movie votes I will start the vote on wed and then close them Thursday night so you have time to know the winner.

545a9 No.88903

>can't stream from a local drive
Then how am I supposed to play movies and MLP eps that are hard to find on YT and impossible to find on DailyMotion?

12516 No.88908

Host it on google drive.

545a9 No.88909

>15 GB of space
Not nearly enough. I need 512 GB for free to truly have more than enough space for films and MLP and shiet. 256 GB for free might work too.

a76ad No.88916

>movie night
>minimal anime movies


12516 No.88921

Well, you can also run private videos too on youtube I guess. I'm merely offering solutions.

545a9 No.88922

That's what anime night is for

17506 No.88950

The entire movie list was compiled from an open request to the community for what we wanted to watch. If you want some anime movies on the list then suggest some and they can be on a future week's poll.

bd861 No.89019

File: 1510969970965.png (217.62 KB, 1000x957, 1491083296868.png)

LOOK WHO"S BACK HAS WON MOVIE NIGHT! Stream starts in 30 minutes at 6:30pm PST


545a9 No.89048

>tfw I yet again missed it and now have to SOMEHOW re-air the movie, yet I still do not know how can I do it
That feeling sucks, man.

bd861 No.91621

File: 1512097700862.jpeg (127.95 KB, 1252x1252, 83obGTLa.jpeg)



841af No.91777

File: 1512176105838.gif (360.93 KB, 426x318, 1479822930688.gif)

Oh man I've not seen Snatch in years, I hope it wins.

bd861 No.91781

Snatch HAS WON MOVIE NIGHT MOVIE starts in an Hour at 6:30pm PST


bd861 No.91782

File: 1512177972261.png (449.26 KB, 800x1185, Snatch.png)

Snatch won

841af No.91783

File: 1512178087684.png (257.58 KB, 706x492, tumblr_obi1kzovDG1t4fj2vo1….png)

Eyy, feels good man!

bd861 No.93148

File: 1512784882355.jpg (209.4 KB, 1200x969, MLP movie.jpg)

Just wanted you all to know Next week we will be watching

THE MLP MOVIE! Movie starts at 6:30pm PST!

ba1a7 No.93149

Is that next week or is that in 25 minutes?

bd861 No.93150

Next week I wanted to build HYPE!

ba1a7 No.93151

What movie is tonight?

0bef9 No.93152

Awwwww yiss
I ain't gonna miss this one

a079a No.93157

"Hey anon, we'd like you to work Friday ni…"
"We really need you to…"
"You won't…."

043f6 No.95846


bd861 No.95856

Hello EVERYONE! Movie starts in just under 1 hour at 6:30pm PST! Rabbit will be posted soon!

bd861 No.95858

File: 1513388916423.gif (331.71 KB, 500x386, DjKFb4K.gif)


0bef9 No.95859

>computer isn't working
>mobile devices can't get on rabbit
Why live anymore?

bd861 No.95861

File: 1513389308291.jpg (138.14 KB, 1200x675, MLP MOVIE NIGHT TIME!.jpg)

Test again

Also THE MLP Movie starts in ~30 minutes at 6:30pm PST! COME JOIN THE RABBIT!


0bef9 No.95866

My OS has been fucked for about 2 months now…
But enjoy the movie guys
Plz tell me where you are getting it from

bd861 No.95867

0bef9 No.95868

I love you
No homo

dc088 No.95880

Good movie.

91707 No.97413

Hey guys

For movie night we will be doing "how the Grinch stole Christmas" the original one. Followed by Home alone!

c66b1 No.97439

Ill watch Home Alone for Trump i guess

bd861 No.97546

File: 1513994382548-0.jpg (803.61 KB, 1027x1594, Grinch.jpg)

File: 1513994382548-1.jpeg (345.93 KB, 655x1071, Home alone.jpeg)

The movie starts in 30 minutes at 6:30pm PST! Come join the rabbit. We will be watching the original "How The Grinch Stole Christmas", and "Home alone 2"


bd861 No.98878

Voting for movie Night is OPEN!


a4d0a No.98954

I have an idea. Why not just change the schedule because right now it starts way too late and I simply cannot create my own stream, because I have never EVER got a list of sources to use for finding the movies. That means I skipped everything and EVERYTHING must be aired again.

bd861 No.99228

File: 1514598777573.png (3.09 MB, 3000x1950, Full metal jacket.png)

FULL metal jacket has won movie night the movie starts in 38 minutes at 6:30pm PST


bd861 No.101606

File: 1515123425369.gif (79.18 KB, 292x292, aryanne_gif3.gif)

Voting for movie night is OPEN!


9f9bb No.101621

What’s gay nigger from outer space about is it any good

1d096 No.101722

>Koe no Katachi
>1 vote

For the love of all that is pony, this film captures the essence of how friendship is magic better than anything else on list! I urge my compatriot /mlpolacks/ to view this movie and open this year up with an emotional tour de force to remember!

46012 No.102324

File: 1515194595412.jpg (171.44 KB, 591x591, 1483437875831.jpg)

Bump for relevance

f3ec8 No.102365

The dark Knight rises has won movie night!

Movie starts at 6:30pm PsT

64303 No.102367

Blegh. Enjoy folks I'll be waiting for a better preference.

af56e No.102369

>koe no katachi
>the film and not the manga
it's like you're allergic to good taste

cebd9 No.102377


This Rarity looks very mousey with those ears, and I want to cuddle her.

af56e No.102385

did it start?

197c4 No.102386

The movie is having to be moved to tomorrow night my ISP messed up my network and I have been on the phone with them all night I JUST got some network back up. I am sorry for the mistake tomorrow we WILL watch the Dark Knight Rises

72c4c No.102387


771da No.102401

NOOOOO!! Well I'll see you guys tomorrow then.

cbfc2 No.102434

File: 1515219196166.jpg (18.95 KB, 189x267, IMG_5117.JPG)

68553 No.103056

Movie starts in 21 minutes at 6:30pm PST the movie is "The Dark Knight Rises"


c66b1 No.105047

Can i make a movie suggestion to add to the vote?

1321b No.105090

I am on mobile so no trips. Yes you may recommend a movie just post it below.

1321b No.105690

Voting for movie night is OPEN


c66b1 No.105696

File: 1515730859010.jpeg (60.97 KB, 480x720, image.jpeg)

Didn't even notice you replied so quickly
Anyways pic related is suggestion. Good movie

0842d No.105715

File: 1515732839805.jpg (203.17 KB, 750x1053, lotus.jpg)

shit movies tbh

6df89 No.105822

>No Eraserhead
Didn't realize you had such plebeian taste.

1321b No.106065

File: 1515807422604.png (194.1 KB, 1014x788, GOOD MORNING!.png)

GOOD MORNING VIETNAM! has won movie night the movie starts at 6:30pm pst


0e6b8 No.106070

File: 1515808703389.gif (2.81 MB, 448x252, celestia.gif)


shit tier movie.

5d95f No.106077

File: 1515810629748.png (199.07 KB, 1014x788, vietnam.png)


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