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Bitches wish their dev team was as boss as ours

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File: 1495844009852.png (30.2 KB, 635x477, can't post.png)


Can't Post?
email us at mlpolowner@gmail.com
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Just fixed

File: 1493396492930.gif (180.72 KB, 500x700, 473257__safe_artist-colon-….gif)


ITT: post any suggestions and issues you have with this sites programming.
Could we possibly change the "save as original filename" function so that it saves it to the last folder you saved something in? I don't know if I'm the only one with this issue or not, but it's been saving the pics to my main images folder: it defeats the purpose of convenience, since I have to
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I quite like seeing the catalog in strict bump order myself.


Why do some of the threads say "???" as their page number? It's confusing, since that usually only happens when threads have been deleted.


are you the OP of said threads?


Could the file size limit be upped? 20mb usually only allows for a 3-4 minute webm, and most of the good political webms from 8/pol/ are 5+ minutes. It's a real pain in the ass having to break them down into multiple files.

Also, having a thumbnail for webms would be nice.


What size do you need?

File: 1500449534013.png (261.67 KB, 363x327, 1497797722201.png)


A person on the main board has informed me someone out there is advertising here on reddit, is there anything we can do about this?
thread for proof, forgot how to cross-board link.
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File: 1500596879254.jpg (279.5 KB, 1300x892, don-amp-039-t-take-the-bai….jpg)

It's a bit late to make this reply, but you've been played. That poster was not from reddit, nor did he find a link on reddit, nor was there ever any link on reddit. That poster was one of the /sp/ autists, who, after a thread about /sp/ hit bump limit, created an identical new thread because he wanted attention. In the OP, he accused the mods of bumplocking the old thread. And when he was called out for not guessing that a thread with 380 replies had exceeded the bump limit, he went with it and made up a lie about being from Reddit. And many users, rather than reading the OP, and seeing that it must have been made by an a/sp/ie, bought the lie hook line and sinker, and were as triggered by it.

As anons in this thread have shown, there is no link on Reddit, so there is no breach


It's kind of embarrassing, desu.. For a few minutes, I actually took that low-tier b8…


File: 1500598406960.png (969.06 KB, 1431x793, youweredoingsowellcrop.png)

Oooooh, better luck next time


as the original seeker of heresy here, I'm giving this a 100% heresy rating. Glass it from orbit if we can, and DDoS it if we can't.


I don't care if I got triggered and went out of my way to find something that didn't exist, in fact I thought the hunt was actually kind of fun. heresy or no, I'll still seek it out if ever it's mentioned and quell it if it's found.

File: 1500578213155.webm (4.64 MB, 854x480, LibraryAfterStory.webm)


How does it work? Which threads end up there, why, how, who decides?

Does it use the dewey decimal system?

Why are threads important to the site's history, such as the voting threads about gay and loli h°rses and the rogue mod missing? Perhaps the library is not for those threads and I'm misunderstanding its purpose.

I also discovered the per-board archive with featured threads literally halfway into writing this post, and now I am REALLY confused as to what /go/ is about.


Golden Oaks is a board intended to be a sort of library of mlpol. A location to display our most important threads. It was created in the time before there was any sort of archive. It is locked to all posters except admins (maybe moderators can post there, I don't know). If a thread is selected to go to Golden Oaks, an admin may move the thread to that board. Recently, this power was extended to Moderators as well. It is somewhat buggy, and has in the past resulted in only the OP being transferred, or multiple copies of the OP, or a partial transfer. To move a thread, a staff member asks in staff chat if it should be moved, and if there is no opposition, a person with the power to move the thread moves it. Because of what basically amounts to forgetfulness, besides the fact that the ability to move has historically been limited to admins, and probably also historically error prone transfers, it has not been used much.

The threads are organized by the creation date of the OP on its original board, though of course sticky threads are on top.

The threads you named were not been transferred probably for two reasons. The more minor reason is that no one thought to move them. The greater reason is that while these threads represent important events in mlpol history, they are embarrassing. They relate to events no one on staff would like to remember. We have generally intended Gokden Oaks to display higher points in mlpol history, like OC creation and the 4chan cup.

Golden Oaks was created long before the featured thread archive

File: 1495583190040.jpg (370.11 KB, 1680x1050, 1493585269998-1.jpg)


The 16 pages of threads make the board stale and the catalog a mess
I think it is overkill and we have an archive for old threads

/r/ is dead and maybe should become /b/ where requests and off topic shit and musik and whatever it is that is not political can be discussed

pic not related but true
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If by "horse porn" you mean videos or photographs of humans (real ones) engaging in sexual contact with horses or any other animal (real ones), that is banned from this website, and all files depicting it are to be deleted. That is because it is illegal content in our server's host nation (in that the website would be distributing zoophilic pornography).
While we are intending to change the location of our server, this rule is not likely to change, as likely new server hosts ban zoophilic pornography in their terms of service.

However, pictures of animal genitals that have no obvious sexual purpose are not banned per se, as they are not legally "pornography," but are used for more innocuous purposes like animal husbandry. It is staff policy to forcibly spoiler, but not delete, these images.


How about changing the title of /cyb/?
"Cyberpunk Fiction and Fact" isn't bad, but if science and tech threads are supposed to go there we could expand the title a bit to make it clearer. I would suggest "Cyberpunk, Tech, Science Fiction and Fact".


Can we get more janitors?


Atlas himself controls /cyb/. I'd have to ask him. I'm also not sure if it's a general purpose technology board.
mlpol.net already has a very large number of moderators. I don't think I can say the exact number, but it's several times the number of moderators most boards this size or even much bigger have. Spam is deleted and raiders are banned in three minutes or less. Having more janitors and moderators would just cause problems.


Because of promotions, we have added three new moderators, or people with moderator powers, over the past week

File: 1496343240928.png (4.1 KB, 1000x600, Flag_of_the_Legionary_Move….png)

 No.1301[Reply][Last 50 Posts]

Can we have the ability to have ideology flags like old /pol/ used to do? Ones like NatSoc flag, snake one, the Texas flag, white power cross, etc…
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File: 1500222994082.jpg (101.54 KB, 434x665, Frumpy and The Chin.jpg)


we have that thing in our siteflag.


Everytime I see your flag post and remember it the lead developer is offline


thank you


File: 1500402461367.png (438 B, 12x11, black_sun_flag.png)

Hi tried to make a flag for Black Sun, but as I'm no artist it didn't quite convey the style of the original. Problem is that you're restricted to an image of 16x11 (WxH) pixels, and trying to fit a complex symbol while keeping it legible can be problematic. Let me know if you want what I have, or hopefully you are able to make a better flag.
>pic related


ancap me

File: 1498341796229.jpeg (1.2 MB, 1280x764, Trump pone.jpeg)


So I noticed things have been a little dry over the past three day when I wondered: just what kind of threads are appropriate for this board?
To /pol/acks, what kind of /pol/ threads would you like to see moar of here, and what kind of new threads would you like to create? Sure, we have happening threads, but on days with few significant happenings the board can seem a bit starved for content. If you had to create one new thread every day, what kind of thread would it be? What content do you want to read moar about, and where's a good place to get links?
For our friends from /mlp/, how would you go about creating content for this board, without devolving into general-cancer? What kind of content do you want to see here, and how would you go about creating it?
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I may have given a wrong description.
While I teach myself programming and develop one, I mostly develop my skills and knowledge.
Code, music, drawing…
I basically expand on everthing there is from cooking and survival over biology and psychology to mathematics and quantum mechanics. I am shit at everything.

>What kind of things do you like to talk about?
I dunno. I am interested in everthing that helps me expand my understanding of the world.
I like philosophy but not in the normal way. I rarely go through books of the big ones and study what they said but I think a lot about their topics.

If something grabs my attention it just does.


We had some good agitation a couple weeks ago when a pair of communists came and started threads they argued in. Unfortunately it looks like they left
Wrong. Mods are here to ban raiders who come here with the sole intent of agitating. We are not here to protect you from being agitated by people who disagree with you. This is not a safe space.


File: 1498488444797.png (1.43 MB, 1200x1224, 652876.png)


To understand is to think, learn how to think. Thinking is finding meaning, understand what meaning is. Maps of meaning.


File: 1500226348563.png (173.13 KB, 1050x576, 207794__safe_artist-colon-….png)

I'm going to bump this because I want to hear more of your opinions on what you want out of this board.
Horsefuckers, I've gathered that a lot of content was supposedly shoahed after some janitor named Scruffy (I hear complaints about it from time to time as I lurk /mlp/ to get acclimated with the fandom) allowed shitposters to reign free while he deleted popular threads. Is there any kind of good content that you guys want to see here that /mlp/ can no-longer provide you with? Ponies are %100 allowed here, so is there anything interesting you'd like to share with us nufags that the nu/mlp/ no longer supports?
Same thing goes for /pol/acks, desu. What kind of content would you like to discuss here that you have a harder time with on otherchans? I see that we've managed to create a healthy and comfy shill/plebbit-free /sg/. What other kinds of topics would you like to discuss here?


I for one would like to see more horsefuckers come here and talk politics, there was more insightful politics discussion on 4/mlpol/ than I ever saw on /pol/ in the months I lurked.
It seems that's not the kind of people that this place attracts though, I get the sense that it's mostly a subset of /pol/ that has made this place their home.

File: 1499608349489.jpg (Spoiler Image, 9.87 KB, 800x450, hflvykipmc5g22mc3m0m.jpg)


How come mlpol.net doesn't have a captcha to prevent bot posting ?
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We do not have captcha basically because of what this post >>1035 said. We also have not had an issue with bots in over two months now. It is a toggle-able feature, so we could turn it on if needed.

I'd rather ban and delete bot posts than deal with a captcha. I'd rather have spam up and lose a couple threads than have captcha.


What do you mean, trust system?


File: 1500202280828.gif (18.2 KB, 50x50, 05_DA_Emoticon_Mini_Aryann….gif)


Speaking of which, the system has been saying my posts look automated. What kind of phrases are necessarily considered to "look" automated? Any work arounds?


Sorry to hear you had problems posting. Try posting now.

File: 1500272656416.jpg (2.06 KB, 115x124, Fagit!.jpg)


Seems as though they're planning something @mods


File: 1500272694170.png (25.39 KB, 1084x102, Screen Shot 2017-07-17 at ….png)

Seems as though they're planning something @mods


Planning what?


I think they're just trying to make us paranoid but don't let your guards down


I think so too.

File: 1500008086210-0.jpg (159.12 KB, 1159x801, 1491284739647.jpg)

File: 1500008086210-1.jpg (531.56 KB, 1920x1080, 20170713202130_1.jpg)

File: 1500008086210-2.jpg (395.1 KB, 1920x1080, 20170713201906_1.jpg)


Could I create an interactive playthough thread on /vx/ that would be recurring, centered around an civilization 5 hotseat game I'm playing against myself? I'm running all the players in the game, and I'm playing them as fairly and to the best of my ability's as I possibly can. The game would take a few mouths to finish because I'm playing on the slowest speed, but I feel like it has the potential of being a cool ongoing game in witch the anons on this board could lead one of the country's though all the intense volatile political situations that arise as the game goes forward. There are some things in the game I could do to add flavor, like name the religions after things like KEK or Luna, we could name the citys and units to characters from mlp(which I have recently cought up to season 7, and I am a fan).

Just wanted to ask to see, because it would like like a general thread from the outside, and it's a really slow game(1 real game turn = me playing all the other nations first(10), and the game goes on for 1,500 turns(so really 15,000 turns for all countries) I plan on playing 10 real turns a day, so the game will go on for nearly half a year. BUT it would be a consistent evolving game that would be a community effort, something people could get excited about and check back in to discuss what to do next in the game. And there would be memes of course.
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File: 1500066473552.jpg (51.32 KB, 670x377, 1dxet4.jpg)

>Civilization getting boring ever



I started getting bored at 21 minute mark. Maybe its not my thing…


It helps to be more interactive with the game, that probably keeps it interesting


>making the in game time go faster
I wish I could, but for every one real turn I play, I play all the other nations, so if I play two real turns(say a farm takes two turns to be completed), I have to make decisions for the other players, so really, I have to 20 other nations turns before the farm is completed, and it get's tedious fast because early game turns may seem to go by fast, but it takes 100 turns to get ten turns to pass, and I'm playing to the best of my ability.

As for the game getting boring, sure, people might lose interest for a few days, but it would be in the background, others will take up the slack and over time it will be like a episodic show that keeps growing over time.

The latter eras, medieval/renaissance/modern era will be more exciting, especially since I'm controlling all the players, it will be far more interactive then a normal single player game with AI who are brain dead.


If you say so, I don't rmember last time I played civ game so I don't remember mechanics that well.

File: 1499536101942.png (84.93 KB, 728x601, 1452058145660.png)


I've been on this site since it started, mostly lurking and was hoping that I might ba able to contribute.

I was thinking that it might be an interesting idea to port clover to this website, today I was scoping out the code for clover and there is a definate posibility of porting it over.

Before I get too stuck in tho, I wanted to get your opinion on the matter. I know that mobile apps can bring alot of cancer to a website and that as the site lacks any kind of captcha this could prove to be a problem.

If there is interest in this, I estimate that it will take me about a month and a half to port clover (from when I start) and I would be looking to get it added to the f-droid repo.

So let me know what you think.


Atlas said he'd love to have a mobile app, but could not himself make one because of limited time. There may be a warm reception to your cooperation and involvement in making a mobile app, although that would require further discussion among the staff. Do not worry about the lack of captcha or of cancer - shills can be banned easily enough.


I find that pic to be much cuter than I'd normally care to admit..



I don't miss mobile app very much. I sometimes visit funnyjunk but never with app they made.

File: 1499817223978.png (1.32 KB, 211x153, Israel.png)


Can I have an Israeli flag please, in the interest of full disclosure, since I have been unmasked.

Reference: >>>/mlpol/48359
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Really this.
It stopped being funny right there.


But she's so cute with her hat on…


File: 1499861896330.png (396.18 KB, 2500x3301, Aryanne team captain.png)


This (and slight variations of this) is the only hat Aryanne ever needs. Everything else is heresy.


When you can't laugh at yourself all is lost. Sacredness is just an excuse to oppress.


File: 1500055591724.gif (1.88 MB, 332x311, 620.gif)


>excuse to oppress.

File: 1498926444500.png (209.68 KB, 1297x644, Screen Shot 2017-07-01 at ….png)


In case anyone had any doubts about Invisi's intentions, after banning him for repeated harassment his ban appeal states that he was an infiltrator from /qa/ who was sympathetic to freech, his intention this whole time was to damage the site.
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I want to attend, if I have the time.


File: 1498950373337.png (132.89 KB, 1787x815, Untitled.png)

The statement above was an unofficial statement made by one of our staff members. Atlas will be posting an official revision of that statement, along with screenshots of the original messages for transparency sake by this evening.


In the end invisi and the rest of the MLPOL.net had conflicting visions of the future that resulted in invisi leaving the team. We are sorry these issues couldn't be resolved but we are moving ahead now, we thank invisi for his service with MLPOL.net and wish him the best of luck in his future endeavors


File: 1499198199438.png (526.62 KB, 1344x1662, exposed.png)

I was looking at /tech/ today and came across this. Maybe you'll find it interesting.


File: 1499713846819.png (245.42 KB, 1344x1696, 1499663978749-1.png)

Least we have more of a heads up when they start spamming here again for shitechans

File: 1499702709081.png (1.8 MB, 2048x1536, image.png)


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File: 1499712153205.jpeg (249.68 KB, 1143x1498, 1499644451239.jpeg)

I removed the image for now from iOS devices and Safari browsers. Will look into making it visible on Safari in a useful way, but it is an solution for now.


I just find it annoying. This thread motivated me to fix it with User CSS, so thanks OP.

(Changed background-attachment attribute to "inherit" instead of "fixed", and put it at the top.)


File: 1499717666660-0.jpg (63.28 KB, 511x564, PicsArt_07-10-12.26.52.jpg)

File: 1499717666660-1.jpg (75.92 KB, 569x624, PicsArt_07-10-12.25.49.jpg)

File: 1499717666660-2.jpg (63.69 KB, 582x535, PicsArt_07-10-01.13.39.jpg)

I'm enjoying it


File: 1499718990063.gif (148.82 KB, 300x300, Hue Hue Hue.gif)


File: 1499586459062.png (575.05 KB, 894x894, 804123__safe_oc_magic_unic….png)


Can we please get rid of that patreon icon at the bottom of the page? It's useless and counter intuitive to keep it despite the /mlpol/ patreon being removed.


After the Patreon was shoahed, there was a motion to remove the link to the Patreon on the basis that it no longer functioned. Atlas said it should remain up, that way all may see it, and know that mlpol has been suppressed on account of its right-wing views by a major company.

I will bring this up again with staff when they are awake


In that case, I am for this link to stay.

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