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RANDOM NEWS - Thread #6
The old thread >>301564 → hit the bump limit.
Post random news here.
Screenshot from 2021-10-31 19-40-42.png
>New book details Ehud Barak’s relationship with Jeffrey Epstein

>Former Israeli prime minister Ehud Barak was a “frequent guest, almost a fixture” at convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein’s mansion in New York City before Epstein’s death in 2019, according to a new book by journalist Michael Wolff.

>Too Famous: The Rich, The Powerful, The Wishful, The Damned, The Notorious – Twenty Years of Columns, Essays and Reporting, to be released on Tuesday, features Barak’s relationship with Epstein in great detail.

>According to Wolff, Barak worked hard to rehabilitate Epstein’s image following a Miami Herald story in 2017 which broke the allegation of rape, molestation and sex trafficking of underage girls that turned to an arrest in July 2019.

Biden Gas Pump Stickers ‘I Did That’ Trend Goes Viral Heavy.-1.mp4
Biden Gas Pump Stickers ‘I Did That’ Trend Goes Viral Heavy.-2.mp4
Biden Gas Pump Stickers ‘I Did That’ Trend Goes Viral Heavy1.mp4
Biden Gas Pump Stickers ‘I Did That’ Trend Goes Viral Heavy2.mp4
Biden Gas Pump Stickers: ‘I Did That’ Trend Goes Viral.
>Media Calls Virginia Governor's Race For Republican Glenn Youngkin
>McAuliffe refused to concede on Tuesday night and slowly closed the gap with Youngkin after Fairfax County missed their 8PM deadline to count early votes and started "re-scanning" ballots.
>Nonetheless, there wasn't much reason for the establishment to steal this election as Youngkin, a former CEO of the Carlyle group, is just an establishment GOP cutout.
>Letting Youngkin win will likely serve to restore some faith in the system, which has been experiencing a crisis of legitimacy.
>I'm seeing a lot of conservatives acting like Youngkin is Donald Trump 2.0 when in reality he's a lot closer to Mitt Romney.
>He appears to have won by appealing to white suburban moms with his proposal to ban anti-white critical race theory from public schools.
>While we can be damn sure he's going to follow through on his plan to pass a state law adopting the IHRA's extremely broad "working definition" of anti-Semitism, I'll be shocked if he actually does anything to combat anti-whiteism.
>Nonetheless, it's a positive sign that candidates can get elected by leaning hard into the culture war and running almost entirely on banning anti-white critical race theory and transgender mania.
>Perhaps there is a limit to how much leftist lunacy people are willing to put up with.
Torba knows that elections are meaningless and democracy is a sham. The rigged machines are still there.

>Gab CEO: Easy GOP Victories In Virginia Meant To Distract From 2020 Election, ‘Do Not Forget’
>"They want people talking about Virginia tomorrow. Not what happened in Arizona, PA, and so many other states one year ago tomorrow. Do not forget."
>“We are all being PSYOP’ed again by the people who control the outcomes of elections,” wrote Gab CEO Andrew Torba. “It’s no coincidence that establishment controlled “Republican” candidates “sweep” a blue state the day before the first anniversary of the most rigged election in US History.”

another sensor installed in throwaway cars to prevent the car from working when it goes bad. also, literal communism.
I guess you can't use your car now if you wipe your hands down with an alcohol sterilizer and use mouthwash.
>Bergen County, NJ reported 219,894 votes last night at midnight - 100% reporting, with 52% for @Jack4NJ
. This morning Bergen County has 261,528 votes (40k more votes) and now shows @GovMurphy
as the declared winner of that county. Share this. Make them report it. FULL AUDIT.
>Local truck driver ousts New Jersey’s Senate President in stunning Republican upset
>Republican trucker Edward Durr has said that he spent just around $9,000 to unseat Democratic New Jersey Senate President Stephen Sweeney, who raised more $1.4 million for his re-election.
>Durr has said that he spent around $9,000 on his Senate bid, including just $153 – half of it at Dunkin’ – before his primary. His grassroots campaign reportedly knocked on the doors of more than 20,000 people.
>Sweeney, on the other hand, raised more than $1.4 million and spent $490,000, according to Forbes.
>The Republican trucker focused his messaging primarily on New Jersey’s COVID-19 restrictions and exorbitant taxes, which are among the highest in the nation.
>“The Senate President has spent 20 years in Trenton,” he said in a homemade campaign video that has since gone viral. “Higher taxes, increasing debt and the rising cost of living. We deserve better. New Jersey, it’s time for a change.”

>On Thursday, the White House unveiled the timeline for President Joe Biden’s previously announced plan to make all businesses with 100 or more employees mandate vaccinations or weekly COVID tests and for all healthcare workers employed at facilities that serve Medicare and Medicaid patients be fully vaccinated. Those affected by these vaccine mandates will have until January 4 to become fully vaccinated, or otherwise comply with the mandates, or face fines of up to $14,000 per violation.
>In a press statement, the White House said the mandates will affect two-thirds of the U.S. workforce, or about 100 million U.S. workers.
>Biden is bringing forward the vaccine mandates through two executive branch department rules.
>The Department of Labor’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) will issue a rule that businesses with 100 or more employees require they either fully vaccinate or be required to show at least weekly proof of a negative COVID-19 test. OSHA previously indicated noncompliance with its rule could result in fines of about $14,000 per violation.
>In addition to regular negative COVID-19 tests, unvaccinated employees will be required to wear face masks in the workplace. OSHA estimates its rule will affect about 84 million U.S. workers.
>The second department-level rule is issued through the Department of Health and Human Services’ Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS). The CMS rule requires all health care workers at facilities participating in Medicare and Medicaid to be fully vaccinated. The rule covers approximately 76,000 health care facilities representing 17 million individual health care workers – the majority of U.S. health care workers.
Hey but get this Anons, the government has the gall to say that this mandate will INCREASE EMPLOYMENT AND BOOST THE ECONOMY!
>“According to Wall Street analysts, vaccination requirements could result in as many as 5 million American workers going back to work,” the White House press statement reads. “And a survey of prominent, independent economists found unanimous agreement that vaccination requirements will ‘promote a faster and stronger economic recovery.’”
The absolute audacity of these demons.
>VIDEO: Iran Releases Dramatic Footage Of Military 'Stopping U.S. From Seizing Tanker Full Of Iranian Oil'
>Iranian state media has released dramatic footage purportedly showing their military "confronting" American forces and boarding a tanker in the Sea of Oman to block the US from seizing an oil shipment for violating US sanctions.
>FBI Raids Project Veritas Over Ashley Biden’s Diary
>The FBI conducted a raid of two New York addresses of people connected to Project Veritas as part of an investigation on how Ashley Biden’s diary was made public shortly before the 2020 election.
>“The F.B.I. carried out search warrants in New York as part of a Justice Department investigation into how pages from Ashley Biden’s journal came to be published by a right wing website,” New York Times reported.
>New Jersey Dem Refuses To Concede After Losing To Republican Who Spent $153 On Campaign, Says More Votes Must Be Counted
>The losing Democrat apparently hopes more ballots will "suddenly" appear post-election, like 12,000 have already.

>Biden calls Nicaragua elections a "sham"
Talk about projection
What globohomo agents are doing is more like doublespeak.
Screenshot from 2021-11-08 21-43-57.png
>Policeman survives knife attack in French Riviera city of Cannes
>PARIS: A policeman survived a knife attack in the French Riviera city of Cannes on Monday, with media quoting a police source as saying the assailant had said he was acting “in the name of the Prophet.”
>At Least 50 Shot & 10 Killed In Chicago As Police Stalemate Over City Vax Mandate Drags On
https://twitter.com/TheBabylonBee/status/1457709498089422857 - (Babylon Bee satire)
>Capitol Protester On The Run From FBI Is Given Asylum In Belarus
File (hide): C331C1310BF3CF4C631BE5687BD0976B-15632268.mp4 (14.9 MB, Resolution:1280x720 Length:00:01:29, Capture_3 (720p).mp4) [play once] [loop]
Capture_3 (720p).mp4
File (hide): 742F95646DFEFBCC1983B6701367F7EE-6634656.mp4 (6.3 MB, Resolution:1280x720 Length:00:00:39, Capture_4 (720p).mp4) [play once] [loop]
Capture_4 (720p).mp4
>Man shot and killed by police at Bislett, Oslo, Norway
>Police say they think they know who the perpetrator is. According to police, the person is dead. There is nothing at the moment that indicates that there are more people involved, the police tell NRK.

>On the basis of the incident, the Police Directorate has ordered temporary arming of the police across the country until the situation is further clarified.
>- We have a possible ID on the person. There is currently no indication that there are more people involved, says operations manager Tore Solberg to NRK.
>He also confirms that it was the police who fired shots. An official was also injured in the incident.
>- A police patrol encounters this person. There will be a confrontation and a threatening situation, and shots will be fired, says operations manager Tore Solberg.

>Come running for a woman
>It was Nettavisen that first reported the incident. One of the newspaper's journalists witnessed the drama unfolding.
>The man came running after a woman with a knife. He looked completely crazy in the eyes. When the police got there, they tried several times to drive him down. They pushed him against a wall. Then they shot him several times, says journalist Simen Lønning.

>Quoted the Koran during the attack: The perpetrator known to the police from before
>Nettavisen's sources who have heard the video confirm that he quotes the Muslim creed during the attack. In addition, he shouts "allahu akhbar".
>According to VG's information, the dead man has previously been convicted of knife attacks on an open street.

>National threat assessment 2021
>PST (Norwegian Police Security Service) will not confirm to Nettavisen if they have listened to the audio recording where the man apparently quotes from the Koran.
>- PST has been informed about the case and we are in dialogue with the Oslo Police District about this case, says senior adviser in PST, Annett Aamodt, in a short statement to Nettavisen.
>In the National Threat Assessment 2021 , it is considered possible that extreme Islamists will try to carry out terrorist acts in Norway during the year.
>" At the end of last year, the terrorist threat from extreme Islamists intensified. The reason for this is the increased tension between freedom of expression and what many Muslims experience as violations of Islam, "reads the threat assessment.
>"Whether the aggravated situation will persist, worsen or subside through 2021 depends on several factors. Among other things, whether groups hostile to Islam and immigration will continue with actions that can be perceived as offensive by Muslims, and how extreme Islamists will respond, "reads the threat assessment.
324422 324433
(((They))) got to him quick - Probably the Hasidic Lakewood Jews.

Man who spent just $153 to win NJ Senate race says sorry for attacks on Islam and comparing vaccine mandates to Holocaust

> (JTA) — A New Jersey man who defeated the former New Jersey State Senate president in an upset said Friday that he was sorry if anyone was offended by social media posts in which he compared vaccine mandates to the Holocaust and called Islam a “cult of hate”.

> Edward Durr, a truck driver who unexpectedly won the State Senate seat representing New Jersey’s 3rd legislative district in last week’s election, said he supported “everybody’s right to worship in any manner they choose and to worship the God of their choice.”

> “I’m a passionate guy and I sometimes say things in the heat of the moment,” Durr told news outlets, according to the Associated Press. “If I said things in the past that hurt anybody’s feelings, I sincerely apologize.”

> Durr had never run for office before defeating Stephen Sweeney, who served as president of the State Senate for more than 10 years, by 2,298 votes in last week’s election. According to campaign finance filings, Durr spent a total of $153 on his campaign to pay for food and drinks from Dunkin Donuts as well as flyers and business cards. A Republican and a fan of Donald Trump, Durr campaigned on a platform that opposed high taxes and promised voters to “end single party rule” in New Jersey. The district Durr will represent includes all of Salem County as well as parts of Gloucester and Cumberland Counties in the southern part of the state.

> In posts to his Twitter account and Facebook page, Durr compared vaccine mandates to the Holocaust, posting about the mandates with a photo of the yellow stars Jews were forced to wear during the Holocaust, and made Islamophobic comments.

> “Mohammed was a pedophile! Islam is a false religion! Only fools follow Muslim teachings! It is a cult of hate!” Durr wrote in a tweet from 2019.

> Durr also said in a Facebook post that the Jan. 6 attack on the Capitol was “an unauthorized entry by undocumented federal employers” rather than an attack by Trump’s supporters.

> Durr’s Twitter account was deactivated and many of his Facebook posts deleted Friday.

'''Source:''' https://www.jta.org/2021/11/07/politics/man-who-spent-just-153-to-win-nj-senate-race-apologizes-for-comparing-vaccine-mandates-to-holocaust-and-denigrating-islam
'''Archive:''' https://archive.md/cJeTV

hurr durr
Pfft, I don't know why he's worried. He already won, he's got the job. Saying based stuff on social media won't get him fired from an elected position. He should double down on his previous comments.
324426 324481
What I was saying was that (((they))) already got to him telling him his do's and don'ts
Comfy Beach.
And yes it is sadly likely (((they))) whipped him into submission.
Not sure what to do with myself today.
Have a container ship
>His last name is Durr
WOW! that's a cool beach.
Screenshot from 2021-11-09 23-42-52.png
>Anti-Israel activists publish information of Israeli security officials
>Anti-Israel activists claimed that they had published the personal information of high-ranking Israeli officials on a Persian-language Telegram channel over the past month.
>The group, known as Justice for Palestine, began publishing the information of a number of officials from the Mossad, IDF and Shin Bet, in mid-October, including phone numbers, addresses, ID numbers and photos.

>Tucker's monologue last night was one of the best of his I have seen.
YouTube Hides ‘Dislikes’ Following Mass Downvoting of Biden Videos.
Surely just a cohen_cidence.
🤡 This is a real news article. 🤡
Being that childish.
324785 324836
Screenshot from 2021-11-11 22-25-50.png
>‘I’m a doctor and I fear we will never regain the public’s trust after Covid’
>One undeniable outcome of the pandemic is that the public’s faith in scientific and medical authorities is perhaps at its lowest point in living memory – and no objective observer can truly be surprised.
>At the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic, the US President’s Chief Medical Adviser Dr Anthony Fauci and US Surgeon General Dr Jerome Adams told us not to wear masks, until they instructed us to wear one everywhere we went.
>doctors and nurses
Not better than arrogant niggers, literally.
>Tucker Carlson Tonight 11/11/21 | Full Show with No Commercials
Good monologue.
Remember when Maxine Walters openly called for the harassment of Republicans and Republican officials?
Niggers and women and leftists only face consequences for their actions if white men make it so.
324907 324912
>Shadman arrested for assault with a deadly weapon
>Court documents seem to indicate Swiss birth Shadman, Real name Shaddai Prejean, was arrested on October 28 in a city in California.
>The 31-year-old "boy" [quotations mine] was reportedly booked under California Penal Code under Section 245 (A) 1 for being charged with assault with a deadly weapon.
>Section 245 (A) 1 of Parliament states: , Or a county prison for up to one year, or a fine of up to $ 10,000 ($ 10,000), or both a fine and imprisonment. “
>However, details of the alleged attack have not yet been revealed by police and official records.
>Twitter user Kiki Farms has also posted a document that appears to indicate that Shadman has been arrested.
https://archive.md/dgmri (Kiwifarms tweet)

Also, apparently he has a heroin addiction. Unsurprising that someone who destroys the self-control and dignity of others would lack it himself.
Fetishes related to losing control (being fully raped, soft rape like getting unwanted sexual stimulation from a lover esp in a public place) or taking away the control of others (hypnosis, control through drug dependency, body swapping) are common among faggots who lack control of their own lives.
I'm glad I was into normal porn just turned up to 11 when I was in my disgusting coomer phase.
File (hide): FE79D60264785607094FEAB28848903F-544152.webm (531.4 KB, Resolution:640x360 Length:00:00:08, MONEY ISN'T EVERYTHING.webm) [play once] [loop]
Glad I never got into doing porn & fetish crap for money. It's as much poison for yourself as it is others.
Pity about shad. Stuff wasn't my cup of tea but I sorta' respected him as an edgelord. Guess he let getting his next hit turn into self destruction.
I was mostly fortunate my two main things where a goofy cartoon gag and something soft & kinda' prudish.
Cartoon gag? Like wedgies or Road Runner-style explosives?
>WATCH: Biden’s Banking Nominee Calls to Eliminate All ‘Private Bank Accounts’
>Saule Omarova, President Joe Biden’s nominee for the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC), called during a March 2021 virtual conference to eliminate all private bank accounts and deposits.
>During her explanation of her paper, she said that the Federal Reserve, the nation’s central bank, can only use “indirect levers” to “induce private banks to increase their lending.”
>Her paper calls for eliminating all banks and transferring all bank deposits to “FedAccounts” at the Federal Reserve.
>During her conference speech, she said, “There will be no more private bank accounts, and all of the deposit accounts will be held directly at the Fed”
Biden Nominee Wants Private Banks Taken Over by Fede.mp4
Here the clip where she confesses her plot to transition to communism.
325019 325058 325090 325092
File (hide): 1B0B7F3355B0D31B237C3732792183F0-9685455.mp4 (9.2 MB, Resolution:656x1232 Length:00:00:45, Spoilered) [play once] [loop]
American musician femoid urinates on fan's face during live performance at Florida's Welcome to Rockville ... Seems like Weimar Republic all over again.
It seems surprising, but it's actually not when you think about it. Part of it is that a large segment of normies got accustomed to living the neet life during the pandemic lockdowns and don't want to go back to work, so McDonalds has been basically forced to raise wages in order to entice them. The other, more significant part is that McDonalds has also figured out that with inflation spiraling out of control, in a couple of years $21.00 will probably buy what $5.00 used to, so in the long run they're still paying the same shit wage they always have, or maybe even less. They'll probably be able to wring a few years of cheap labor out of whoever signs up before eventually the wagies figure out that they're still poor. Even then, about all the average wagie can think to do about it is bitch and protest to get the minimum wage raised again, which will take several years to achieve and will accomplish nothing beyond starting the cycle over again.

My advice to anyone working at this level would be to take the money for now, live like a monk, and put literally anything not necessary for basic living expenses into crypto, metals, stocks, or pretty much anything that will hold value against inflation. Don't even waste your time trying to build a savings account or buying a new car or anything like that. Then tell McSchlomo to fuck off as soon as you don't need the job anymore or as soon as the money is no longer worth it.
What the fuck did i just watch?
Would also add moving out of the country to someplace less pozzed to that note.

With cryptogains it'd be easier all in all considering how much harder it'd be to leave the states or worse yet canada with half a mil in bills or gold compared to the aforementioned crypto

It costs less to just outright bribe a politician and gang leader in Mexico to fuck off than it does to pay property taxes every year and hope that the government fucks off.
This. I dream of starting a business in Moldova and using it as a vehicle for pan-European nationalism. I would renounce my U.S. citizenship as soon as I could get permanent residency.
Crypto opens a whole new world for WN's and we could actually accomplish something if we could work together, hypothetically.
325063 325092
absolutely weimar.jpg
My thoughts Exactly Professor Goebbels
>Liverpool explosion: Three arrested under Terrorism Act after car blast at hospital
>A taxi carrying one passenger pulled up just before 11:00 GMT - as a national two minutes' silence for Remembrance Sunday was due to begin - and exploded. The passenger was declared dead at the scene and is yet to be formally identified. The male driver was injured and is in hospital in a stable condition.
>The male driver was injured and is in hospital in a stable condition.
Just a big fireworks artifact.
I searched and couldn't find a single bank that wasn't pozzed. not sure what this would really change.

>Band apologizes for singer after she pees on fan's face during concert
This essentially.
As it is now, the major private banks have to balance their sheets at the end of a period. I believe it's every night.
If a bank can't balance it's sheets, they have to take out a loan from another bank.
If no banks will lend to them, the fed has to decide on an interest rate to charge that bank for a loan to cover them.

Every bank is a fed bank already. The main problem is that the banks have more power than the people, which means the economy does whatever the bankers say.
And the bankers are owned by the Fed.

The solution to the problem is obvious once you understand the "German Economic Miracle".
325093 325094 325193
I don’t know what you Cunts are on about, he got a Pussy in his face, I’d let her piss on my face anyway.
There are better ways of 'getting pussy', anon
325097 325098
When was the last time either of you cunts even saw a pussy?
About a month ago, caught an air-bnb w/ my girl while doing a singing gig for an affiliated church, we made a weekend out of it.
Dont be a faggot, anon. You can get women without debasing yourself. NGL, but I would put more value in the piss than I would the dude getting pissed on.
>hungry for pussy
Newfag detected.
You need to do an urgent visit to Überhenst >>>/ub/
Sure you did M8
I’ve been browsing 4chan since 2003 m8
Okay go to back then >>>4cuck/origami/
Truth hurts, dont it?
325106 325107
Woah I’m sensing a lot of hostility here guys. I thought this was supposed to be a friendly place? Friendship is magic afterall
There are some things that you can't tolerate.
It is, but if are going to simp to whores instead of mares, then you've got what you deserve.
325111 325113
Your words, how they wound me. Would it be ok for a mare to piss in my face then?
Don't try to be cute. You already got the point.
325115 325117 325193
Tolerance is a slippery slope my friend, those who are tolerant have spines like jello and cave to any external pressure and forced social change. This is why gays adopting kids so they can rape them and parents forcing their children on puberty blockers at 2 years old became normal. It started with the acceptance of simple things, like this. That is why I do not tolerate it.
I think I’m very cute. But that doesn’t answer the question.
I’m not sure how Sheilas pissing in your face leads to pooftas raping kids.
>Tolerance is a slippery slope my friend,
325125 325175
The acceptance of one leads to another, whenever people notice a change happening they attempt to piggyback an even more foul movement onto it. Just in the hopes it'll slip by, the normalization of sexual immorality lead to gay rights becoming a thing, this is a fact.
325126 325193
Mhm I’m not seeing the connection here. How does poofta rights have anything to do with this?
I explained it, rather thoroughly. It's your own fault if you can't understand it at that point.
Still not sure I understand, pretty sure Moot gets pissed on too.
And he works at Jewgle now, so that explains a lot.
Naw M8 he quit kikel some time ago. He’s also a foot king.
Not surprised.
325176 325181 325184 325193
sorry retard, but I cant agree with this. you idolize a time period of conservatism like it was free of these sins. It wasn't. In fact baring technology I'd argue nothing has really changed in our corrupt selves and the government, not the rape and sex tourism, which was rampant before this, not the drugs, certainly not the food industry, which had been feeding us poison for decades, not the legal institutions which had long since swindled america out of its financial freedom, and many more crimes ignored by the boomers, beatnicks, and silents.

Essentially, what we are witnessing is the limit of humanity and technology, the great filter if you will. if I'm wrong I'd love nothing more, but having began my life hating myself for my degeneracy, I have come to understand that it was like the cowpox, inoculating me against all of these plagues. Meanwhile, these people you are trying to control? the jews are right about them, they are cattle, hell, I'll go one further, even (((they))) and we are also cattle, one look at the israeli paradox should assuage you a bit. But the facts are the facts. The average person is morally bankrupt, contemptable, and more than willing to do the worst things to their fellow man and future children.

It's difficult to call anyone who would do such a thing a person, let alone believe that, in a society absent of the current ziet giest, they wouldn't behave exactly the same way. In fact we have centuries of evidence of just that, from the decadance and indulgences, the excesses of the nobility, the herding of the poor into factories, practically treating them like slaughtered livestock, to our more modern dystopia, flaying our minds instead of our flesh.

The normalization of any of these things didn't cause gay rights, nor did gay rights beget anything else. The evil was always here, bubbling up to the surface, finding the path of least resistance. If you can find a way to push it back down, go for it. but I don;t think anyone can find such a way. I think that is in large part why we are so passive as a race. We know subconciously that there is no way to enforce morality onto the public. it will merely be reshaped into a fascimilie, so you can "feel good" about being moral while doing nothing differently...

And it always comes back to christianity in the end. the religion and the current state of affairs are hardly different. But unlike most gaythiests I don't have an axe to grind against it, and far from it. I think if you break a birds nest and it keeps rebuilding it similarly says a lot about the bird more than the nest is all. We have a race that hates themselves, wants to apologize profusely for existing, and wants to burn anyone to death for the sin of not hating themselves. and we have the Shepard or cattle rancher who is in charge of "receiving" honorably, the tithe of the believers, while enforcing edicts, fatwahs, and dogma, and all of his vile accoutrement, jealously salivating at taking his position of being able to feast on us.

Can you really honestly tell me that this has not been the state of affairs for longer than most people care to look back in their family tree? Do you really believe that the elites that eat children now where nowhere to be found 200 years ago? 300? 500? 700?

Trying to control and fix this mess seems about as fruitful to me as communism, a wonderful idea on paper but in practice, an unending nightmare waiting to be exploited by those with power. The only thing I know how to do is reduce the scope of my existance down to my animal state. to care about my tribe, my communities, my bonds. anything external to this, including moral panic, is and has never been anything more than a leaver for morally bankrupt authoritarians, looking to have sole ownership on printing their valueless moral currency.
I'm not reading your 7 paragraph essay.
To each their own.
Answering a wall of text is pretty unlikely.
Better try in Reddit.
no need to be upset, I heard you the first time anonchan
325189 325193 325201
Pure doomer shit. Our race wasn't destined to destroy ourselves, as you seem to be implying. The problem is largely circumstantial due to generations of of of us slowly being boiled in a pot. Combine that with the spectacular failure of Liberalism and you the the shithole we're in now. Other than that I don't disagree with you. Fascists knew this a century ago. Most whites are moralistic cattle and degenerates, but the same could be said for every single other race. Be the change you want to see or just mope, then. I would rather try and fail than not try at all.
Have a cute mare to lift your spirits, sperg.
I'm a different anon.
That’s one big mare
>bla bla bla humanity is basically evil or useless
So? They are just mere men.
All of them, everyone. Just human. Differences according to circumstances and choices especially the choices. Yet still only human.
The souls of people are infinite. When it's realized and freed from the shackles amazing things occur beyond the wildest dreams.
They have occluded themselves in lies and damned dealings. Their souls dead from what they have done and will continue to do.
But the husk that they are still is biologically mostly human.

Great people are also 'mere men'.
The infinite potential for good and evil is a fact. The cold logic and hard truth demonstrates the infinite amount of positive change, fortitude and freedom should be awe inspiring.
This goes beyond set time periods to the core of the human condition.
>We have a group of mentally ill damaged zealots that hates themselves, wants to apologize profusely for existing, and wants to burn anyone to death for the sin of not hating themselves.
Fixed that for you.
It's not about having equal rights. It's about abuses of kindness and decency they have committed. It's about harmful subversive behaviours that perpetuate it. It's about those gibsmedats and attention whores. It's about real solutions being actively and passively hunted down.
>I’m not sure how Sheilas pissing in your face leads to pooftas raping kids.
Destruction of the individual, the group, the family, the volk.
>pushing for more extreme and 'daring' activities
Social bonds being forcibly mangled. That's what they do. Both the active pushy degenerates and those (((fucks))). It's going on subconsciously.
They shove it down everyone's throats at all times. To rise above others and falling that dragging everyone else down further than they are.
They are mentally contaminated that's the similarity and they will spread that contagion.

Now on the flipside. (Modern puppet) Political Puritanism picks absolutely fuck tarded things to go after. All it is, is taking down a constructed strawman. There is an order of priorities. Common sense stuff, even failing that better strategies in its whole. Oh wait suprise suprise it's (((controlled opposition))).
So there are (uninfected) degenerates critically thinking ones that understand the utility and ethics of exactly what goes on. Those ones still have reasoning and retain the divine spark that resides in the soul.
Lurk more these things have been covered multiple times, so this is just the essence.
It's slippery because three things are almost always never together. Knowing one's self, knowing the other and knowing the situation.
10/10 pones
>fascist knew this
fascism is no cure, you already saw the extent of it. about the only thing it does do is offer a bit more of a fair economic system, but hat economic system is only agreeable if a bunch of elites in your country are disnefranchised, disconnected, and need a way to turn things around in a world that totally hates them, which means theyre literally already dead.

>be the change you want to see
I don't believe in change for our species, but that wont stop me from doing my part for who I can help.

nice larp
>So? They are just mere men.
thats exactly what I mean, this is the state of humanity. not an aberation we have been tricked into taking, but a genetic trap we will need more than quick wits to escape. we are basically talking about reprogramming our entire species, from the angle that "normal" and "natural" will fix things, when it's really those things that end up being the indirect but also original cause of all of these issues.

>souls are infinate
special pleading isn't an arguement
>Fixed that for you.
you didn't fix anything, just proved you lacked any self awareness of your own weaknesses. Worse, your ignorance is gnostic rather than unintentional.
>The solution to the problem is obvious once you understand the "German Economic Miracle".
So true.
325227 325229
>you didn't fix anything, just proved you lacked any self awareness of your own weaknesses. Worse, your ignorance is gnostic rather than unintentional.
Finding and driving out weakness is what I do as an armchair internet assimilatlor.
I know my failings and pitfalls.
I know their failings and pitfalls.
The origin for this is psychology and Political Ponerology. Gnosticism and the like come later as ancient advanced psychology storytimes, with extra stuff.
They are part of a ponerlogical (evil branch) political faction knowing that or not they are responsible for enabling and perpetuating evil.
It's a mental illness because they are sick. If they were healthy the likely hood of them willingly going into any of that is close to nil (besides stupidity which cares not for anything, accidental or otherwise).
Oh and that sickness is spreadable.
They are damaged goods can you look at them and say they have everything together to conduct a good a healthy life for the betterment of themselves and others? Mentally they are fucked.
They are zealots of ponergenic (evil generating) systems. They wil live and die for it, and they will destroy anything in their way to the top of that evil many don't understand why.
They are a problem, but laying out correctly why they are the way they are means accurate plans can be made countermeasures and solutions. Sometimes the sickness can be healed.
Read Political Ponerology.
>thats exactly what I mean, this is the state of humanity
Since the beginning evil forces have tried to enslave humanity. Call it spirits, thought forms, unconscious thoughts, actions of the debilitated whatever. They have a clear common goal of suppressing everyone else to craft their personal heaven by making hell everywhere.
It's thousands of years later, the culling, breeding and slow boil of their actions have lead to this. Weimar light.
This isn't humanities natural state, it's a common state. It is possible to fix the damage, but it requires time and effort.
>not an aberation we have been tricked into taking,
But it is. The grift is long drawn. The flock adapted to the abuses (light at first then increasing).
>but a genetic trap we will need more than quick wits to escape.
It is a genetic, social, psychological, spiritual, resource and logistics trap. It's possibly the greatest problem because failure means multiple eras of enslavement.
>that wont stop me from doing my part for who I can help.
Good. Tread with manifested purpose and caution.
>I don't believe in change for our species
While minuscule now, knowledge and the wisdom of choices does matter. It's a hard recovery, but it's possible.
>The origin for this is psychology and Political Ponerology. Gnosticism and the like come later as ancient advanced psychology storytimes, with extra stuff.
I'm refering to its literal meaning, not the religion.
>It's a mental illness because they are sick. If they were healthy the likely hood of them willingly going into any of that is close to nil (besides stupidity which cares not for anything, accidental or otherwise).
this is where I disagree with you. humans are operating exactly as they would normally.
>They are damaged goods can you look at them and say they have everything together to conduct a good a healthy life for the betterment of themselves and others? Mentally they are fucked.
I would not suggest human beings where capable of this thousands of years. Tribal lifestyle is probably the closest thing to natural non mentally ill human and it still included cannibalism and infanticide. I think you really are overestimating the flesh we inhabit. You seem overly spiritual, and thats really a gaythiest way of just saying you have this attitude that humanity;s sins aren't a fundamental aspect of our human character. You can reduce the symptoms but you can't cure this illness even by going innawoods.
>evil forces have tried to enslave humanity.
I'll do you one better, humans constantly enslave each other, no mysticism required. slavery has not stopped at any point in human history, only changed. In fact I would go so far as to suggest it's impossible to go beyond the tribal state without some form of it.
Some chimp nigger in my town had a meltdown and smashed up a DMV, now they want to appoint her as mayor
You serious?
325311 325345
Sacrifice that tar monkey to the corn so that you might have a bountiful harvest.
The Corn Harvest Begins again
CRT defender tells parents he's got 1,000 soldiers 'locked and loaded'
325328 325332
These are your """based""" black dads, cuckservatives. White mother feels "threatened" by, well, his blatant threat to white families. See if cuckservatives do shit about about it. I'll fucking be there if there's any sort of protest, ready to crack nigger skulls. In a self-defense situation, of course.
Even a broken clock is right twice a day. So, what's your point, asshole?
>ready to crack nigger skulls.
Nope. Those Whites have what they deserve, their tolerance cowardice is already their undoing and can't be otherwise.
On the other hoof, there's way bigger fish to fry.
>They deserve it
Okay, Schlomo. If you think people openly openly opposing CRT deserve to get nigged, then you're an anti-White faggot. 0/10 would kick your ass, too.
>bigger fish to fry
Such as? Enlighten me as to why I shouldn't support right-leaning Whites in my home state. What's more important than defending my people and their families while dropping some propoganda?
Put up or shut up. Otherwise, fiddle as Rome burns, cowardly faggot.
Nope. I'm saying that silly street melees against monkeys are a distraction. Those Whites for decades were tolerating degeneracy and race mixing because of a comfy life, now the heat of the pan went too high for their comfort zone and begun to jump, good for them, but they'll will get no pity or help from me. Basically they are liberals in disguise, they brought CTR on themselves.
Noted, expect the corn to be fresher this year.
They can be converted and you're retarded if you don't see that. Most will be Whites with White children and they won't be inclined to act out against their and their children's better interests. Perhaps, unless, they encountered demoralizing fags like (You).
So, what are the bigger fish to fry? Answer me faggot or get nothing else out of me.
I'm plenty content to stand with White families regardless of faggots like (You). If (You) are too chickenshit to stand up for your people when it matters then (You) deserve what (You) get.
P.S. I never directly advocated for criminal acts, Agent Goldstein.
twilight sparkle - consider the following.png
demoralized people.jpg
>They can be converted and you're retarded if you don't see that.
They will only revert course if they feel threatened and because pure selfishness. They lack of higher ideals.
Consider that these self-called "conservatives" are trying to emulate their commie counter parts by trying to be "anti-racists" and will condemn in the most vile terms anyone standing up for White interests.
All this out loud crying is because they tried to be good anti-racists (anti-White), and even tried again harder than the reasonable necessary to virtue signal the rest, ...but, no matter how hard they tried, they are still "RAZZISTS". A huge sin in their NPC programming.
So, they have got what they sowed. You cannot erase decades of brainwashing.
325377 325378
Lol it's funny to see my posting style used against me.
>Consider that these self-called "conservatives" are trying to emulate their commie counter parts by trying to be "anti-racists" and will condemn in the most vile terms anyone standing up for White interests.
Did I not use the term cuckservative? I don't intend to pass out candy and talk about how everyone is the same.
I know it's probably hard for you to grasp, but people will be inclined to trust those who are ready to stand up for their interests. Even if I fail, I'm happy to have at least tried.
You still haven't answered my question from before, defeatist. I see you here and there posting your cucked shit. You're the same misanthrope that shits on anything positive in any thread, aren't you? Troon out and kill yourself or just do it now to spare us of your presence.

I'm not wasting my time arguing with you anymore.
Not quite, I just follow the holy wisdom.
Beware of the normies anon.
>kill yourself or just do it now to spare us of your presence
I doubt it.
325381 325383 325494
Okay then, Christoid. You will die and know nothing but oblivion for eternity.
I know where I stand and where I'll be when my time comes. Enjoy your Christian cope and be like the Boers you emulate. Those like you are just an enemy indoctrinated by an alien ideology. I have fought for my race and will continue to do so while faggots like you grasp at rosaries and worship a kike on a stick.
I'll be a partisan street fighter while you will always be a faggot
>Anti-Christian rant
C'mon, wisdom is universal no matter from which side comes.
>I'll be a partisan street fighter while you will always be a faggot
That's illegal anon.
"Kike on a stick" is a jewish lie.
The Jews hated Jesus Christ for revolutionizing Christianity and becoming a threat to Jewish power over the Roman empire.
>kike on a stick
Post nose and then die screaming,faggot.
>BREAKING: House Republicans Obtain Whistleblower Docs Showing FBI Used Counterterrorism Unit to Add “Threat Tags” to Parents – Contradicting Garland’s Sworn Testimony
>US Attorney General Merrick Garland should resign.
>House Republicans obtained whistleblower documents showing the FBI used the counterterrorism unit to add “threat tags” to parents raising concerns about CRT to school boards.
>This contradicts Merrick Garland’s sworn October testimony before Congress.
>Garland testified the DOJ and its components were NOT using counterterrorism statutes and resources to target parents who protest at school board meetings.
>The whistleblower provided an FBI email dated October 20 — ONE DAY before Garland testified before Congress – sent “on behalf of” the FBI’s Assistant Director for the Counterterrorism Division and the Assistant Director for the Criminal Division.
Its Almost Like both Parties work for the same people.
Hush hush.
nigger rages at people who are at schoolboard meeting to get rid of critical race theory shit
Says there is an army of 1000 (probably niggers) locked and loaded

With saint Kyle not guilty, maybe that will happen now.
Three Masonic lodges burned down yesterday in Vancouver.
>Alleged arsonist arrested after 3 fires at Masonic lodges in Metro Vancouver area
>Vancouver police arrested a 42-year-old man suspected of arson in three fires at Masonic lodges in Metro Vancouver on Tuesday morning.
>The arrest came after an off-duty police officer driving past the Masonic temple near Rupert Street and East 29th Avenue in Vancouver noticed a man walking away from the building as it burned, according to Vancouver Police Department (VPD) Const. Tania Visintin.
>Video taken by a bystander shows flames licking at an entrance to the temple as a man carries a red jerrycan to the trunk of a black van. He is then confronted by the off-duty officer.
It is to mention that most zogbots with long careers are members of this satanic cult.
326244 326245 326248 326250
File (hide): CC8AB8CCEA72B3E95495E4128D2E829F-920368.mp4 (898.8 KB, Resolution:320x690 Length:00:00:30, 8067e3d86ecf2e25.mp4) [play once] [loop]
>Now the barbarians that hate #America are trying to take #Christmas from us, BY MURDERING #CHRISTIANS IN BROAD DAYLIGHT.
>This was in Waukesha, Wisconsin, TODAY.
Found at https://gab.com/DemsFearTruth/posts/107318100052060184

How many people did they run over? 20?
Why is there nobody getting publicly hung anymore?
The communists are going to move their foot soldiers that are "just doing my job" until either there is no more america to do their job in, or there are no more people willing to be american
326245 326248
The response from Twitter Jews and nigs, they hope that children died.
Thanks for posting this friends.
This is too big of a happening to be suffocated in the general thread.
See >>326247 →
death to niggers.
326438 326443
Repost from >>326422 → because that bread isn't bumping anymore.

>Kyle Rittenhouse speaks to Tucker Carlson in first TV interview
North Dakota man who attacked Republican US Senator's office.mp4
>Antifa Activist Smashes in GOP Senator’s Office Door with an Axe — Gets Probation and FBI Gives Him His Axe Back (VIDEO)
>A far-left North Dakota man was convicted in federal court for smashing the office door of US Senator John Hoeven’s office in Fargo back in December.
>The Post Millennial reported today that the suspect, Alexander Starks, is an Antifa activist.
>In April, he pleaded guilty to a charge of destruction of government property. Federal sentencing guidelines suggested 10–16 months in prison but he was only sentenced to probation and fined $2,784 for restitution.
Antifa is a terrorist organization run by jews.mp4
Rick Wiles: "Antifa is a terrorist organization run by jews."
>Kyle Rittenhouse: ‘I Support the BLM Movement’
>Kyle Rittenhouse, the teenager who was acquitted of murder last week after shooting and killing two people in Kenosha, Wis., during civil unrest there last year, said he supports the Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement.
>“I’m not a racist person. I support the BLM movement,” Rittenhouse said during an interview with Fox News host Tucker Carlson, a portion of which is slated to air on Carlson’s program on Monday evening.
He said that in the interview with Tucker >>326422 → and >>326429
>Kyle Rittenhouse
saw a thing on gab saying mike lyndell (mypillow) is hitting the supreme court today with his lawsuit. cant look into this further cause at work
>Building a List: The ATF Has Gathered Millions of Records on US Gun Owners As Biden Administration Looks to Crackdown on Firearms
>A stunning report by the Washington Free Beacon has revealed how the Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms has amassed over 50 million records on US gun owners during Biden’s short time as president. The information was uncovered thanks to a leaked internal document that was provided to the outlet by the 2nd amendment advocacy group Gun Owners of America.
>According to the leaked ATF document, in the fiscal year 2021, the ATF processed 54.7 million ‘out-of-business’ records that included the personal information and sales records of their customers. Current federal policy dictates that when a licensed gun store goes out of business, its private transaction records are seized by the ATF and stored at a secure facility in West Virginia.
>The questionable and dangerous practice of collecting this data has rightfully drawn intense backlash from gun-rights advocacy groups because it essentially allows the federal government to create a database of gun owners and keep track of recent firearm purchases, which is unconstitutional and illegal.
>Deranged Attorney Lin Wood Attacks General Flynn and Sidney Powell After Being Accused of Grifting by Kyle Rittenhouse
>Famed civil attorney L. Lin Wood is raging out against ‘Stop the Steal’ favorites such as General Michael Flynn and Kraken lawyer Sidney Powell after 18-year-old Kyle Rittenhouse accused him of letting him rot in jail as part of a fundraising ploy.
>Before trial proceedings even ended, Lin Wood’s Fight Back legal firm tried to grab back the $2 million in bail funds well wishers had donated to secure Kyle’s release from jail to properly prepare for his trial. It goes without saying that these funds would be better utilized for pay for Kyle’s security and relocation needs, with the Illinois youth likely to incur significant expenses as he proceeds with a normal, everyday life.
>Biden To Cause ‘Catastrophic’ Supply Chain Disaster As Millions Of Truckers Quit Over Vaccine Mandate, Union President Says
>A Biden vaccine mandate is expected to decimate the trucking industry and cause catastrophic supply chain issues
I really hope it actually happens. The only thing that could fix this civilization at this point is if the vaccine mandates trigger total economic collapse.
Well, that is exactly the globalist plan.
What Biden's handlers are doing is not stupid of deranged, but a carefully calculated demolition of the American Empire, or how the promoters in Davos call it: The Great Reset, or how the U.N. call it: Agenda 2030.
It might be their plan to wreck the global system and build an even more unholy abomination in its place, but I don't think they will succeed in the end. Like the golem turning against its master, their plans will backfire and destroy them too.
That's why it's important and prepare and be vigilant. China is currently enduring severe economic trouble due to the crash of their real estate market, and it's likely to spill over into western economies soon.
>and build an even more unholy abomination in its place
Better buy now while you can. Or stack.
326863 326899
>Tired of social media giants chipping away at your most basic and important right to freedom of speech? Good news! One America News Network is proud to announce that we have just launched a brand new social media platform — freetalk45.com! Join today!

kek, another social media platform. These guys don't want to use gab because there is no large money-holders lording anything over gab, and gab is ran by a conservative christian. How sinister!
B-but Gab is antisemitic. /s
326901 326905
You didn't know that gab(ai) is run by a rabid evangelical pro-zionist? Wow, shocker. Let me guess that you don't know what the hewjew word 'gabai' means. Look it up.
What alternative would you propose?
See: >>>/cyb/1246 →
326909 326929
[citation needed]
[Evidence needed]
That seems pretty based, and worthy of further scrutiny
Torba has (on numerous occasions) named the Jew, denounced Zionist politicians, and has told the ADL to go back to Israel. Any claim that he's "pro-Zionist" is bullshit. Simple as.
326916 326917 326920
Got a source to back that up? Also, him changing Gab's content policies two years after launch is of no concern?
as far as I know the first change was no loli porn, then the next change was straight up no porn. I believe everything else was just clarification, possibly at the suggestion of lawyers.
Torba on the ADL
Torba naming them (see attached image)

Anything else you want? I can go get it.
326921 326925 326930
Gab is shit. it ought to allow pornography. Drives out the normalfags and 70 year old pillowb8. As far as I'm concerned the jewish porno monger fears the deviant art shitscribble coomissioner.
I think linking porn should be alright in the context of gab, but I don't blame him for not wanting to host that stuff. Their long term goals is to federate again like when they switched to mastodon. They turned off federation and ended up rebuilding the entire back-end because mastodon is shit and does not scale.
When they eventually build federation again, anybody can host their own shit.
But hiring people to enforce "some porn is ok and some isnt" rules for a site that massive would be a logistical nightmare.
nudity isnt speech.
Yup. That is based.
>Gab is shit. it ought to allow pornography.
326978 327034
>nudity isnt speech.
<British flag
<England demands that citizens submit their ID card to the government in order to access porn
Yep, that checks out.
Does this mean that even Derpibooru is geo-restricted?
Screenshot from 2021-11-28 00-56-00.png
Oh, and this
dubs agree, based AF
I'd happily move to a 100% based white nation if it existed but my country is irrelevant to this discussion.
Nudity can be art and artistic expression is a form of protected speech covered under free speech.
But porn is not inherently speech.
Gab is for political speech.
Filling its servers with blacked gifs would be a waste.
Just imagine
>be gabs owner
>allow porn
>pay people to ban those who post CP but not normal porn
>the site becomes so full of degeneracy Christians don't want to use it
>sometimes false positives piss people off and get good users banned for doing nothing wrong
>whoops world governments are shutting the site down because one of your censors overlooked some CP or took one second too long to delete it and ban its posters

There are places for porn. There are places for speech.
How would allowing pornography possibly benefit Gab?
Besides helping porn artists who hate jews interact and collaborate
327049 327052 327084
>Nudity...is a form of protected speech covered under free speech.
<But porn is not inherently speech.
You're contradicting yourself.
Porn is speech by the very nature that it is artistic expression. It doesn't matter how vulgar you find it or consider it to have the same value as someone's random scribbles on a sheet of paper. It exists as a form of speech.
Therefore, you must defend it if you are an advocate for free speech.

But, let's suppose that you don't want to defend it?
Okay, why? Is it because it depicts sexual activity? Well, in that case, that means that hundreds of stories, from Romeo and Juliet to The Terminator, are no longer considered artistic works because of containing sex in some manner or form, and therefore should have the possibility of being scrubbed from history. That also extends to the fact that biology teachers should he gulaged and biology courses cancelled because they depict sexual activity. And, it just goes on and on and on.

But, let's suppose that your lack of desire to defend porn isn't because of the sexual content. Okay, why, still? Is it because the work produced an erotic response? If that's the case, just about any resource on the planet can be banned due to the nature of erotic stimuli being entire subjective to each individual, to where some people even have feitshes for floor tiles, Lego minifigures, and the state of Ohio. And, would you seriously want to ask every single person in the population about what their fetishes are, so you can only move to ban it?
> Gab is for political speech.
Since when?
>the site becomes so full of degeneracy Christians don't want to use it
And, that's their problem. If they don't want to see it, then ignore, filter, and avoid those accounts like they adults they are.
> How would allowing pornography possibly benefit Gab?
Because then people would have less of a reason to use it over Twatter.
Why is that so hard to understand? It's better to have 1000 people using your site due to it's versatility than 10 because of it's restrictive nature.

Now, if Gab had started their service on the understanding that it was a political platform, this discussion wouldn't be happening. Everyone would know where each parties interests lie and that would be the end of it. However, due to Gab advertising themselves as a "Twatter alternative", they've shot themselves in the foot by disallowing one of the significant factor's behind Twatters dominance, in addition to displaying that their leadership and organization can be bent to satisfy whatever political agendas their "sponsors" favor.

Long story short, Gab is trash ever since they started making and changing rules AFTER launching and allowing people to sign up on it.
Quality Miku
327056 327057 327061
I won't lie, you have a very liberal view. Interestingly enough, this question was encountered in National Endowment for the Arts v. Finley, which had to do with art subsidy grants being weighed according to "general standards of decency and respect." The Supreme Court upheld the moderate, subjective view towards "artistic merit" as opposed to the absolute liberal view of "anything goes."

This is worth a thread in itself. My view is that very few people actually support absolute "freedom of speech" according to your definition and it's certainly not something every community should incorporate. Should Pussy Riot have been allowed to prance around that church, or even just outside it, even if the community supported free speech as a concept? No, they should not, because they have a right to their own ground. Liberals are "tactical libertarians" in they'll cite free speech for Marxism, feminism and CRT but will then turn around and ban white racial consciousness as "dangerous."

Libertarians don't believe in freedom of speech, only freedom of property and you may ban certain speech on your property (like no swearing in your house). That doesn't necessarily mean buying into the "it's a private company" angle for Big Tech because those are political and metapolitical enemies. If a site chooses to selectively ban something subversive or unhelpful to us, that's up to them.

>Well, in that case, that means that hundreds of stories, from Romeo and Juliet to The Terminator, are no longer considered artistic works because of containing sex in some manner or form, and therefore should have the possibility of being scrubbed from history.
There is a difference between incorporating romantic plots, euphemisms and bawdy jokes that only adults will understand and having depicted nudity or sex. I'm not pro-Hays Code, but one advantage of it was that movie producers had to depict adult matters with more class, keeping them timeless and able to be watched by any generation. Also, you can take out the sex scene from Terminator and it will still be Terminator, but pornography's appeal is its carnality. There's a clear distinction, though the line can get blurry at times.

>That also extends to the fact that biology teachers should he gulaged and biology courses cancelled because they depict sexual activity.
Depicting nature and anatomy in an educational context is quite different from attempting titillation. I wasn't the only 12-year-old who flipped to that section, but even then stylized cartoons don't come close to graphic depiction. I do think institutions like schools should block such depictions from children, as well as "stylized" depictions that normalize homosexuality and more. But I guess I'm against free speech now.

>If that's the case, just about any resource on the planet can be banned due to the nature of erotic stimuli being entire subjective to each individual, to where some people even have feitshes for floor tiles, Lego minifigures, and the state of Ohio.
What they get off on is their private matter. However, content intended to arouse the viewer is a distinct thing. It's also quite easy to distinguish, as no one believed the director of Cuties trying to escape criticism.

>And, that's their problem. If they don't want to see it, then ignore, filter, and avoid those accounts like they adults they are.
A site, like any business, caters to its customers. There is a right to disassociation permitting banning certain clientele, which is sadly no longer recognized by the United States. If OnlyFans wants to switch its core audience from simps and thots to traditional Christians, let them. In the political context of the modern world, however, we should make a stink about whites being excluded from anywhere we want to be, because other races are permitted to do so to get an advantage over us.

>Because then people would have less of a reason to use it over Twatter.
Whether something is gained from people who chiefly browse pornography is subjective. There is a cost/benefit analysis to be made. Nonetheless, it's possible for people to use a platform for one purpose and another for another.
>quality post
>worth a thread in itself
Here, hear
National Socialism neatly addresses the question of legal vs. moral permissibility. Having spent many years as a cultural libertarian, its easy to entertain the notion of absolute freedom of speech, bit when one factors the malleability of a nescient (((especially))) when factoring in the proclivity of abusive individuals and malevolent groups who are enabled to destroy the society generationally. Its difficult to balance the rights of the individual with the responsibility of promoting a strong and stable cultural nationality, and thr point of balance changes depending on the individual's authoritarian/libertarian leanings. I do feel that a people has an obligation to adopt standards that are practical yet aggressive in addressing degeneracy, but I wouldnt dream of suggesting where to draw that line.
>anatomy in education vs. deliberately titillating
This especially
> My view is that very few people actually support absolute "freedom of speech" according to your definition
That's all well and good for them, but that's not what the law is. The law clearly states, in plain English: "Congress shall make no law...abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press". Taken to it's logical extreme (As that's how laws are inevitably applied), that entails that porn is allowed (Despite any and all objections) because it is a form of speech. And, if people disagree with that opinion, then they should lobby to have a new amendment that overrules the first amendment. Until that occurs, porn is free speech.
>There is a difference between incorporating romantic plots, euphemisms and bawdy jokes that only adults will understand and having depicted nudity or sex.
In the first Terminator, Sarah and Kyle are having sex on screen just before the climax.
> Also, you can take out the sex scene from Terminator and it will still be Terminator
No, it would not.
Removing the sex from the film removes the romantic aspect of the film's story, and an underlying significance of the film's plot.
> There's a clear distinction
No, there is not. It's either everything or nothing.
If such a "clear distinction" exists, could you write an example "law" that would outlaw porn without also effecting media that contains anything slightly romantic or erotic? Or "educational"?
> Depicting nature and anatomy in an educational context is quite different from attempting titillation
The vehicle doesn't matter if the result is still the same outcome.
Hell, my first "pornos" was looking in the back of biology textbooks.
> but even then stylized cartoons don't come close to graphic depiction
It's still the same content!
Even then, are you seriously going to argue that watching Chinese police gun down Hong Kong protestors, in graphic detail, with blood and guts everywhere, seriously changes it's content and material just because it's viewed on the news or in an "educational" forum rather than through a random website on the net?
> However, content intended to arouse the viewer is a distinct thing.
How can you define that a product is designed to for the sole reason of being erotic?
> There is a right to disassociation permitting banning certain clientele
And, the companies that restrict the cliental they provide service to suffer the consequences of having less customers interested in their offerings. In the current context, why would I want to use Gab when 20 other sites offer the same functionality and less restrictions on what can be posted? Especially so when Gab changed their policies post-launch?
> Whether something is gained from people who chiefly browse pornography is subjective
How is it "subjective" when the entire reason Tumblr crashed was due to them banning porn?
> Nonetheless, it's possible for people to use a platform for one purpose and another for another.
No argument here. The issue, however, is that Gan didn't subscribe to this line of thought, and changed their content policies post-launch.
>Its difficult to balance the rights of the individual with the responsibility of promoting a strong and stable cultural nationality, and thr point of balance changes depending on the individual's authoritarian/libertarian leanings.
It's a good thing that the United States isn't designed with that concept in mind. It's designed with each state essentially being it's own micro-nation, with the federal government just being a figurehead to these (Now 50) micro-nations.
327060 327062
Even with a 100% adherence to the letter of the constitution, where state rights both supercede federal rights and ensure/give priority to county and city rights, how can you allow freedom of speech without enabling (((degeneracy)))?
>how can you allow freedom of speech without enabling (((degeneracy)))?
Have you ever considered that you're wasting your time fighting the wrong issue? What's wrong with degeneracy? What actually IS "degeneracy"? Is there an concrete objective definition that you can attach in plain English that explains what so-called "degeneracy" is?
>you have a very liberal viewpoint
>This is worth a thread in itself. My view is that very few people actually support absolute "freedom of speech" according to your definition and it's certainly not something every community should incorporate.
I agree, you don't need any guns anon,
your view of this 2nd amendment stuff is something very few people actually support.
>dude, I know I'm on the horse porn board, but thats just temporary, you're just useful idiots and we need to ban you irl.
seriously? why dont you put glowing parenthesis over your namefield anon.
more specifically, you are supposed to stop CRIMES from taking place with VIOLENCE
which you faggots never do.
If it means doing away with porn, I would support the elimination of horspussy
You are clearly misinterpreting my post. I didn't refer to the law, I referred to what sites chose to do. Anyway, make your own thread if you want to continue this. This is news.
lewd zone.png
This is /mlpol/, the household of horsepussy. Just saying.
327078 327079 327081 327089
Degenerate Music - Entartete Musik-SQcq-2qXZUk.webm
Anything which leads to the destabilization of a nation's social cohesion and stability. Degeneracy can take many forms.
A group of people who share a common genetic profile, phenotype, and beliefs (culture). Shares the same root as natal.

Porn isn't necessarily degenerate. For instance, a porno could feature well defined themes which encourages it's viewers to take part in societal growth such as: "get married and have lots of kids", or "when you're stressed about work, talk to your wife when you get home, and have her serve you, but if the boss calls tell him off".
Or the more recent and common sub-genre "You're not worthless and you deserve to be loved too."
Nude posing is generally not degenerate unless it focuses on themes such as "public nudity" or juvenile models.

Are purely fictional pictures or videos degenerate?
No. And they can never be unless they're overtly conveying a degenerate message such as "import niggers".
But why you ask. purely fictional pictures and images are no different than dreams.

Most of what you see today is degenerate.
Pornwhores that constantly change partners for different shoots, the softcore to hardcore pipeline, straight-to-fucking porn, facialabuse, pornwhores claiming their "stars", etc.
Fiction is being used to constantly push the idea that "whites must be eliminated" or "everyone's a faggot tranny".
Checked, and youre not wrong about porn. However, an anti-porn initiative would be necessary to parse what is porn and what is not. I could arvue that horsepron is sensual and all, but I wouldnt expect the aggregate to feel the way I do about horsepuss. So, 8 would be wiling to sacrifice rule 10 if it meant societally eliminating (((porn))).
Ngl though, I dont think either will happen
327080 327081 327089
I would nonetheless point out that the consumption of pronography can be harmful and should by no means be encouraged. I think some limitations on pornography and its distribution can be valuable as to ensure that young and impressionable people are not exposed to it and become coomers, develop fucked up fetishes, and fry their dopamine receptors.

Yes, I recognize the irony of saying this on a board half dedicated to cartoon horse pussy
327082 327083 327089
>Anything which leads to the destabilization of a nation's social cohesion and stability.
Treating a tub of urine as "art" is degenerate.
Because you're comparing actual art which takes enormous effort and skill to achieve with a tub of piss.

>Ngl though, I dont think either will happen
You better be saving what you like, because the faggots are coming for horseporn after they eliminate every unapproved fictional image coming out of Japan.

>I would nonetheless point out that the consumption of pronography can be harmful and should by no means be encouraged.
This is the correct attitude.
You can never eliminate it, just like you can never eliminate whoring, but just because you can't eliminate something doesn't mean you should encourage it.
Cuz nothing says 'reasonable and rational protest' like 200 gallons of pee
>yes, I was married ince, but being a tranny pee atrist is my true calling
If it was cum in jars he might've been onto something
>saving what you like
The real horsefuckery was the frens we met along the way, the sexy horses are a by-product
>elimination and encouragement
You youch on an important point. We're rapidly approaching a time where what one group wants and what another (unrelated) groups want are prohibited. Whether its speech, gun rights, food, liberties, we're on the cusp of many seeing their 'thing' being forbidden.
One shouldnt be worried by this, just look at the prohibition vs. alcohol. But still, attempts will be made. Plan ahead.
entartete kultur - (degenerate culture).jpg
>tub of urine
It is transcending beyond "art" and infecting the culture itself.
By definition pornography is soulless and meant to titillate and shock and arouse.
Artistic nudity has been a thing for longer than we've been alive.
A marble statue of a healthy fertile fuckable woman is a different thing from a video of a whore shaking her ass or a picture of a whore being gangbanged or a video of a whore stepping on a man's testicles until they bruise.
327087 327088

So true.
327096 327118 327142 327194 327196
Why does this post come across like it's from an angry tranny that's still mad about cartoon characters stealing his spotlight?

>I think some limitations on pornography and its distribution can be valuable as to ensure that young and impressionable people are not exposed to it and become coomers, develop fucked up fetishes, and fry their dopamine receptors.
That's assuming that exposure to porn, at an earlier age, causes one to develop degenerate fetishes. However, there hasn't been a single study to back this up. I believe the closest they've come is this study: https://archive.vn/pRJtC
Where, they state that age does effect one's fetishes, BUT ONLY if you measure it according to the author's super-special tests that he pulled out of his ass. And, if you ACTUALLY READ the damn thing, and look at the charts, age doesn't play a factor whatsoever, and that people tend to stick to porn they find appealing and do not deviate much from it.

But, that's also beside the fact that NO ONE should be exposing kids. That's the parents job. And, why does everyone leave that out whenever the discussion inevitably appeals to "Think of the children"?

>Treating a tub of urine as "art" is degenerate.
I disagree. Not because I advocate for the project, but because you're automatically assigning the word "art" to mean that the result has value. "Art" is suppose to be one's "artistic expression". If this person "artistic expression" is a giant tub of urine, do the correct thing and label it as "egregious terrible art".

>By definition pornography is soulless and meant to titillate and shock and arouse.
Not according to the definitions I am pulling up:
<Pornography, or obscenity (which is the legal term), is any material, pictures, films, printed matter, or devices dealing with sexual poses or acts considered indecent by the public.
<Defining pornography has from the beginning proved to be a complex legal problem because public attitudes change; material considered pornographic in Victorian society may no be considered remarkable today. This the enforcement of the antipornography laws has involved suppression of several works of literature currently regarded as masterpieces, including novels Ulysses, by James Joyce, and Lady Chatterley's Love, by D.H. Lawrence.
This is from the 1998 Groller Multimedia Encyclopedia: >>326707 →
>Artistic nudity has been a thing for longer than we've been alive.
And so-called "erotica" has been around just as long. Like The Tale of Genji, The Kama Sutra, and The Song of Solomon.
>A marble statue of a healthy fertile fuckable woman is a different thing from a video of a whore shaking her ass or a picture of a whore being gangbanged or a video of a whore stepping on a man's testicles until they bruise.
How? How are they different? They're both appealing to one's sexual fantasies.
327102 327142
>However, there hasn't been a single study to back this up.
personal experience and the experience of hundreds of thousands of other young men exposed to porn at a young age, as well as the general porn addiction epidemic that seems to be prevalent in the modern age is enough of an indication that there is a problem. Using "muh peer-reviewed journal!!!" as the only valid source of knowledge and information is intellectually dishonest and reddit-tier. The simple logic behind the process of seeking out more and more degenerate fetishes arises from the sexual arousal from vanilla porn wearing off over time, pushing people to seek out increasingly "shocking" or deviant outlets. This is a common phenomenon that you'll see talked about all over the internet if you take a second to look.

The problem I'm identifying is not exclusive to young people, however I do think young people are particularly vulnerable because their brains have not fully developed. They have more neuroplasticity, which means that they are perhaps more susceptible to being permanently affected by deviant porn addictions and excessive masturbation. However, this is a general problem among young men across the board, so I don't see any reason to analytically restrict it to children. The one difference is that children lack the same agency and self-awareness of adults, and have less developed conceptions of what is and isn't healthy. Adults may be better capabale of avoiding, resisting, and abstaining from degenerate or deviant pornographic content, but children are more vulnerable to such things. I say this as someone who experienced this degeneracy spiral rabbit hole and only managed to pull myself out after a moment of extreme clarity and self-disgust. However, I'm sure many weren't as lucky.

>But, that's also beside the fact that NO ONE should be exposing kids. That's the parents job.
But the internet has changed the situation to such a point where porn and sexualized content is easily accessible.

>And, why does everyone leave that out whenever the discussion inevitably appeals to "Think of the children"?
My argument isn't trying to appeal to "muh chilluns" as much as it is to raise a general stance against the consumption and excessive use of pornography across the board, for both young and old. I just think children are especially successible to falling into porn addiction and suffering its negative consequences, so I think in our hypothetical non-degenerate society, the sharing and distribution of pornographic content should be restricted. It's impossible to eliminate it entirely, but that dosn't mean you can't control its worst effects.
327103 327142
[Ancient Legend Fansubs] Jikuu Tantei Genshi-kun 003 - The Gold City that Sparkles of Gold [7EBAAC80].avi_snapshot_04.16.966.png
And, everything you posted is bullshit, and let me tell you why.
>as well as the general porn addiction epidemic that seems to be prevalent in the modern age
It's only an "epidemic" when one looks at how, during the same time that porn consumption has increased, crime statistics have dropped like a rock. The crime levels through 2019 where only a fraction of the level they were at 25 years prior. If could be led to speculate, the lockdowns over the past year and a half are an attempt to reverse this.
>This is a common phenomenon that you'll see talked about all over the internet if you take a second to look.
That isn't how it works, dibshit.
Everywhere I look, I see hundreds of people demanding vanilla content. The overwhelming majority of people who consume porn have vanilla fetishes.
<But, why then is there so much degenerate content?
It's because THOSE degenerates are the ones who spend the most money.
This is a very easy test to conduct. Go to your favorite website that hosts hentai, which would be Hitomi in my case. Search up works that have the "language:japanese" tag: https://hitomi.la/index-japanese.html
Now, search up works with the "language:english" tag: https://hitomi.la/index-english.html
Using some calculations, the equates to 29% of Japanese content being translated into English. Now, let's see how a couple tags compare in regards to what's produced and then translated.
>Big breasts
<Japanese: 102181 Results
<English: 37447 Results
<Japanese: 71292 Results
<English: 15823 Results
<Japanese: 25010 Results
<English: 6294 Results
<Japanese: 16070 Results
<English: 6635 Results
<Japanese: 4534 Results
<English: 1424 Results
<Japanese: 3435 Results
<English: 1233 Results
This should give you at least a glimpse at what's going on. Compared to all other fetishes, which have a 7% difference in translations compared to the average, only NTR receives a greater attention than the rest (Almost double the difference). Why? Because some translations happen on commission basis, and you have more people with deep pockets who pay out for degenerate material than those with more vanilla or standard tastes. It's also the big reason why a lot of the art you will find for more degenerate fetishes like vore tend to be extremely terrible in quality, because those people pay out more money, because their desperate for content, than people with vanilla tastes.

In a way, it's rather funny. The only reason why there's so much "degeneracy" is because people refuse to pay for good material.
>The one difference is that children lack the same agency and self-awareness of adults, and have less developed conceptions of what is and isn't healthy.
Isn't that the parent's job, however?
Isn't it their job to filter what content children are exposed?
>I say this as someone who experienced this degeneracy spiral rabbit hole and only managed to pull myself out after a moment of extreme clarity and self-disgust.
Sounds more like you're an idiot.
An idiot who falls into the same trap that other idiots do with liquor and smoking. Where, once you crossed the age barrier, you're smoking like you're trying to start a bonfire and drinking like you're trying to put it out, make yourself absolutely sick of both, and swear off anyone every being allowed to experience either ever again ENTIRELY BECAUSE you acted like an idiot. And, then proceed to tell people how they should live their lives because you acted like an idiot with your own.
>But the internet has changed the situation
No, it has not. Give the kid a computer that doesn't connect to the net, give them a "dumb phone" that doesn't have social media, and supervise whenever they use the internet.
<But, what about their friends and the school?
Tell them to make new friends and take them to a different school.

OR (Especially to prevent acts of idiocy, like yours), have the parents expose the kid to the material, themselves, explain what it's all about, and control how the kid learns about it an consumes it.
>I just think children are especially successible to falling into porn addiction and suffering its negative consequences, so I think in our hypothetical non-degenerate society, the sharing and distribution of pornographic content should be restricted.
That sounds an awful lot like the failure that was the "war on drugs", that ironically resulted in more kids getting involved in doing drugs than avoiding them.
>muh based black man
The normans are slowly starting to figure it out.
I still can't get over the fact that a spic actually made a gud cartoon for once, if only you guys had seen the garbage that mexican animation pumped out in the last two decades, shit was shilled non-stop by the media for years despite being negatively received by pretty much everyone
File (hide): 4634CDE225D41A095D4905B4CBE2A12D-7803041.mp4 (7.4 MB, Resolution:480x360 Length:00:01:44, Rocky and Bullwinkle Opening Theme.mp4) [play once] [loop]
Rocky and Bullwinkle Opening Theme.mp4
>if only you guys had seen the garbage that mexican animation pumped out
The animation's pretty good for the day. The dialogue and voice acting though…
Anyway, let's get back to news!
>age doesn't play a factor whatsoever, and that people tend to stick to porn they find appealing and do not deviate much from it
My personal experience is that I did develop new fetishes over time, but I needed actual exposure to porn with them that I liked overall. And majority of my fetishes, I have not, actually, been exposed to porn of before learning they are my fetishes.
Also any tard who joked too much about vore then realized to his horror that his pp goes hard from vore when it didn't before can testify about fetish development.
>and excessive masturbation
Normal amount of masturbation is once daily. If you do less, you're a schizo (literally) or a psychotic religious cretin. If you do more, you're an addict.
The problem with "war on drugs" wasn't only because it was an idiotic idea (same as every single prohibition ever), it was because it was performed by the very people who DISTRIBUTE THE FUCKING DRUGS.
Those three sentences show some rather strange elitism. Why isn't twice per day, or three times per day, healthy, if one is capable according to you? I fully agree that those whom do not are either incapable due to mental illness (sociopaths and psychopaths prefer not to masturbate as they often "need" a victim) or moralistic braindead robot-wannabes.
327192 327328
CNN's Brian Stelter Cries About The Effect Powerful Memes Ha.mp4
>CNN’s Brian Stelter Cries About The Effect Powerful Memes Have On The People [VIDEO]
>Apparently, CNN’s Brian Stelter is big mad when it comes to the power of memes – particularly memes coming from the political right (because everyone knows that the left can’t meme).
>And it seems that Stelter is disheartened that legacy news outlets are incapable of “combating meme makers.”
327193 327328
>“combating meme makers.”
Interesting. They don't aim to combat the memes per se, but to shut down the memelords.
>combating shitlords
327195 327197
File (hide): FD017A57C3548F2641C42C52390B6ECD-9235609.webm (8.8 MB, Resolution:323x240 Length:00:01:36, 1933 jewish gameplan.webm) [play once] [loop]
1933 jewish gameplan.webm
>I disagree. Not because I advocate for the project, but because you're automatically assigning the word "art" to mean that the result has value.
How's the weather in D.C. mister shekelberg?
Shekels? More like Shackles.

>We're rapidly approaching a time where what one group wants and what another (unrelated) groups want are prohibited.
No, that time has long since passed. I got to experience doing fun things as a child and young adult. But then all those fun things were criminalized and vilified.
Mark my words: They're coming after your ponies.
They'll come for me for other things long before they get to ponies
>And, why does everyone leave that out whenever the discussion inevitably appeals to "Think of the children"?
Could have said this and only this and it would have been enough to btfo those Jews terrified their monopoly on porn is being challenged. This is one of the real reasons hatreon and et all was closed down after all. Pearl clutches are always the most useful of idiots, they're the egocentric conservative people mentioned by yuri, the soccormoms and their ideological simps who's angelic lies come as easy as breath. These filthy vermin are the most lazy morally reprehensible people because they refuse to take any personal responsability in their children's education. They are not just disgusted by what their children are exposed to, they are actively subjecting them to those things because they get to pass the buck of the consiquences of sex to the government.
>They're coming after your ponies
Well, they pretty much did shitted the show with endless AIDS, as for irl crackdown, if the Fed-x shooting had happened either a month earlier or later, it most certainly would have been the spark to light up the poners, without it, they don't really have a credible excuse to do so with normie approval, which makes the motivation behind the shilling of "pedo-shit is natural and healthy" threads, beyond obvious
Memes are powerful because they are true. Untrue propaganda is always weaker than the truth; it's only through intense censoreship and huge amounts of money that legacy media can stand up to memes at all.
iron memes2.png
memes away
>Cook County Surpasses 1,000 Homicides For First Time Since 1994
>CHICAGO (CBS) — For the first time in more than 30 years, there have been more than 1,000 homicides in Cook County, including 777 in Chicago alone.
>The Cook County Medical Examiner’s office said, as of Tuesday, the county’s homicide total stands at 1,009, with more than a month still to go in 2021. Of those, 927 were gun-related homicides.
>According to the Cook County Medical Examiner’s office, the vast majority of homicide victims have been Black, with 81% of the victims identified as African American. Latinos accounted for about 15% of the county’s homicide victims.
327497 327552
>FBI’s Internal ‘Lawful Access’ Doc Reveals Bureau’s Real-Time Surveillance Of Encrypted Messaging Services

The data they obtain, in all likelihood, contains none of the contents of the messages. There is information that could easily be gathered, such as the times the messages were sent and the IP addresses between which the messages are sent, which could possibly determine the locations, if not the identities, of the parties involved, but the messages themselves are hidden behind encryption that is so tough that it was practically illegal to use for 45 years of recent US history.
>Pelosi says House won't pass funding bill blocking vaccine mandates: 'Not going to go for their anti-vaxxing'

>House Speaker Nancy Pelosi appeared to say House Democrats won't vote for a continuing resolution that includes a provision blocking any funding to enforce federal COVID-19 vaccine mandates, as Congress inches closer to a government shutdown just before midnight Friday night,
>"We're not going to go for their anti-vaxxing. So if you think that's how we're going to keep government open, forget that," Pelosi, D-Calif., told reporters.
>"How do they explain to the public that they're shutting down government because they don't want people to get vaccinated?" Pelosi also said. "This is so silly."

>A few Republican senators, including Sens. Mike Lee, R-Utah, and Steve Daines, R-Mont., say they'll use procedural tools to slow consideration of a continuing resolution to temporarily fund government operations if it doesn't include a provision blocking enforcement of vaccine mandates from the Biden administration.

>The House is expected to act on the bill Thursday, which would leave little more than 24 hours for the Senate to usher the legislation through and avert a shutdown. But if Lee, Daines and other Republicans refuse to grant unanimous consent for the Senate to circumvent its regular order, they can delay the passage of the bill potentially until the middle of next week.

>"The vaccine mandate is going to shut down our businesses," Sen. Steve Daines, R-Mont., told FOX Business Wednesday. "If it was a choice between shutting down the government for a couple of days versus shutting down businesses, better off to shut down the government."
If Biden wanted to, he could direct Treasury Secretary Yellen to strike a $1 trillion platinum coin just to wave it in front of Congress’s faces to pressure them to agree… or else!
but jews hate the gold standard and platinum standard
it would probably be a trillion dollar bill like in Zimbabwe
signal seems pretty sweet
It's a (((commercial))) closed source program. Guaranteed the glowniggers are eavesdropping.
>Governor Ron DeSantis Announces Formation of Florida State Guard
>All the right moves….. We can expect the national media to go bananas as Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has taken a bold step in advancement of federalism with authorization and funding for the formation of a state militia known as the Florida State Guard [Announcement Here].
>During an event today in Pensacola Florida, the governor announced the creation of three new state-centric armories to support the new state guard units. One in the former airbase at Homestead, one in Gainesville and one in Malabar. As noted in the release, “The establishment of the Florida State Guard will further support those emergency response efforts in the event of a hurricane, natural disasters and other state emergencies. The $3.5 million to establish the Florida State Guard will enable civilians to be trained in the best emergency response techniques.”
327637 328066
>“It is My Duty as a Citizen of This Country to “Throw Off” a Corrupt and Tyrannical Government” – J6 Detainee Sends Out Heartbreaking Letter to the American Public
>Pete Schwartz, a January 6 detainee, wrote a 23-page open letter and motion to the court on November 8 to drop all charges, release him, and rectify all the false accusations mentioned.
>Schwartz stated that he was forced to write the letter on his own because the only counsel available to him had gone to great lengths to sabotage his case.
>“I will try and format this document into easy-to-understand, easy-to-reference sections. If the format is overly unorthodox, be aware that it is the court’s negligence in providing effective assistance of counsel,” Schwartz said in his letter.
327638 328066
327639 328066
>JUST IN - CNN pundit Chris Cuomo has been fired.
Fresh Fettuccine al'Fredo?
327775 327818 327906 328068 328133
File (hide): 04C82E13FE3E2B4FA4C1913631E66BB5-4768751.mp4 (4.5 MB, Resolution:854x480 Length:00:01:06, Fed glowing.mp4) [play once] [loop]
Fed glowing.mp4
Glowie False Flag Alert.
Compare the clipped blurry Twitter video with the REAL video. They are all government mercenaries on a political mission.
>White Nationalists Stage Bizarro Rally in Downtown D.C., Find Themselves Stranded
>ASHINGTON, D.C.—A group of white supremacists stormed through downtown Washington, D.C. on Saturday evening, bearing American flags and mildly menacing plastic shields while marching to the beat of a snare drum down the steps of the Lincoln Memorial. But after chanting aggressively about their plans to “reclaim America,” their intended show of force stalled spectacularly when they lost their ride.
>While the group had marched through the city with threatening chants about their plan to “reclaim America,” by the end of the night it was not even clear how they intended to reclaim their U-Haul.
>The rally by more than 100 members of the “Patriot Front” group, held just blocks from the White House, sparked fear among many bystanders and immediately attracted the attention of law enforcement, who shadowed the group to apparently prevent any clashes from erupting.
Nothing actually happened at the rally though, right?
Nope. But consider it a highly contained dry run.
If they're affiliated with spencer they must be frauds
and if they got to show up in fucking DC without being made into examples, this glows brighter than the fucking sun.
the shit they say about "reclaiming america" doesn't even make any sense. they got yelled at by a crowd? where's the violence?
f they really wanted to impress whites and scare niggers they'd show up unexpectedly to a free speech rally attacked by antifa terrorists, saving innocents from communist violence by grabbing commies and dragging them from their plainclothes-bloc protectors before beating them until they're wounded or permanently crippled or perhaps even killing them before moving on. That would put the fear of God into communists used to getting away with everything and enjoying police protection. Can't imagine they'd get away with it unless they protected their identities and made sure to never cooperate with police.
>this glows brighter than the fucking sun.
>they got yelled at by a crowd? where's the violence?
Nope. In Twitter Antifa is complaining that they didn't know with enough advance to meet the "fascists", but is crystal clear that the truth is that they were told to stand down.
>SICKENING ABUSE: Footage Shows DEA Agent Seizing $87k in Marine Veteran’s Life Savings
>Sickening new footage reveals a federal Drug Enforcement Agency officer robbing a Marine Corps combat veteran of $87,000 in his life savings, utilizing a controversial process known as civil asset forfeiture for what amounts to state-sponsored highway robbery.
>Alleged Right-Wing Patriot Front Group Exposed, Another Federal Bureau Of Insurrection Operation? [VIDEOS]
>So many suspicious circumstances surrounding this...
>WASHINGTON DC – This past Saturday, a so-called ‘Right-wing’ group named Patriot Front marched on our nation’s capitol.
>They all appeared to be roughly the same age and same build. All dressed like they just robbed a Gap, wearing khakis, matching jackets, and hats.
wouldn't anyone just love to lob an rpg round into that sardine can.
The network of collaborators in a public and private payroll is vast.
>“Office of Countering Extremism” and Red Flag Gun Confiscation Orders Removed From National Defense Bill
>Conservatives can brief a temporary sigh of relief now that two provisions containing red flag gun confiscation and “Office of Countering Extremism” language have been taken out from the 2022 National Defense Authorization Act.
>According to a report by Kristina Wong of Breitbart News, the decision to remove these provisions from the 2022 NDAA came about during negotiations on the bill between the House and Senate.
>A source that was allegedly close to the negotiations informed Breitbart News on the afternoon of December 6 that these negotiations resulted in the shelving of a plan to establish “Office of Countering Extremism” within the Office of the Under Secretary of Defense for Personnel and Readiness.
>This office would have focused on purging so-called “extremists” from the military. Many conservatives believe that Biden’s anti-extremist plan would disproportionately target otherwise normal conservatives.
Is this the tipping cup of jewish mitosis? Either it is or they dont think they need the extra manpower. concerning.
Manpower is no a problem, as long as the US prints the money, plenty of recruits will show up.
>holding your money in fiat
he should have just bought gold/silver and buried them underground
boomers always do this. my own father couldnt even lend me a grand to invest for him without pitching a fit at the idea of money he couldn't see on the internet, knows every jewler in town, and still thinks his monopoly money is worth something the nwo
It's like they think worshipping the American Dollar and rejecting alternatives somehow benefits America.
Newsflash, Jews print the American Dollar. They control how the American government spends it.
File (hide): 1B664BB527111A416FA7D8151728B007-1017511.webm (993.7 KB, Resolution:640x368 Length:00:00:03, wutchugunnado?.webm) [play once] [loop]
328071 328132
File (hide): BB10A03378E9BA81E56E074EEE58C4D4-1710405.mp4 (1.6 MB, Resolution:460x460 Length:00:00:18, 1622081229620.mp4) [play once] [loop]
Police escort into their transporation.
Carrying people in a cargo truck in that manner is highly illegal. That's thousands of dollars of fines and potentially prison time if caught, and yet the police helped them.
They sure are getting premium services for being "far-right" "white nationalist domestic terrorists".
>They sure are getting premium services for being "far-right" "white nationalist domestic terrorists".
I'm sure those parasites got a lot of taxpayer money in overtime.
328105 328106
>‘The Republican Party is Disgusting to Me” – Project Veritas Exposes Liberal GRIFTER Posing As “Republican” Candidate For U.S. Congress (VIDEO)
>After receiving a tip from The Gateway Pundit correspondent Jordan Conradson, Project Veritas got to work on exposing grifter, Alex Stovall for who he really is.
>Stovall is running for U.S. Congress in Arizona’s District 9. With no political experience, Stovall believes he can win this race because he is young, black and he acts like a conservative.
>Stovall told Conradson earlier this year that his previous job was with Consumer Cellular, where he answered phone calls but he was fired due to “discrimination”.
>At a Scottsdale restaurant, Stovall also told Conradson that he didn’t like how people were looking at him and that black people “don’t belong” in Scottsdale, Arizona.
>It was clear that Stovall held liberal views on race, despite how he presented himself.
>It is believed he has used campaign funds to travel around the country seeking endorsements and photo ops with prominent politicians. He once told Conradson that he was using campaign funds to buy suits and other fancy items.
I agree with him, the entire republican establishment and all its marxist sycophants are a bigger crime against nature than me
I mean, not surprised. But the "real republicans" or whatever are just as awful, if not worse because they're far more disingenuous
Pretty much this.

>GLOWING: Patriot Front an FBI Hoax
>Long story short – yes. Yes it is.
>As is any ‘national’ group that seems to come out of nowhere. The solution is local; you, your neighbors, people you encounter in person. It depends on you – YES, YOU! – to go out and engage with people at the local most level. Where the hard work actually is. I know, interpersonal skills can be hard and scary.
>Jussie Smollett Found Guilty on Five of Six Counts in Chicago Hate Hoax Trial
>Actor Jussie Smollett has been found guilty on five of six counts of disorderly conduct in his Chicago hate hoax trial, with jurors returning a verdict on Thursday evening. They declined to convict him on one of the charges, all of which stemming from lying to police officers about a supposed racist and homophobic attack against his person in January 2019.
>Sentencing is likely to occur in two to three months. Legal observers have speculated that Smollett will get off with (considerable) fines and reparations for the costs of the extensive Chicago Police investigations into the hoax, and possible community service. A more strenuous punishment would see the actor slapped with jail time. The disorderly conduct charges Smollett has been convicted on are felonies, as opposed to misdemeanors.
328161 328175
People are saying he will only get 3-20 years for this...
That's bullshit! Real humans have been given life sentences for imagined "hate crimes", so why does this nigger still get treated with kid gloves by the jewstice system?
My guess is that he will walk free with just probation. Hey! He is a protected nigger after all.
>1. I received a letter from a J6 PRE-TRIAL defendant who says he has been transferred to a maximum security prison and is now in 24 hour a day confinement & only gets to shower 3 days per week.
>Andrew Takke is the defendant I met on my DC Jail visit that has a mangled finger,

>2. and has been refused medical treatment all these months.
>His letter states that he and 2 others were transferred to USP Lewisburg after my visit.
>ALL J6 defendants should be in a pre-trial facility or allowed out on bail until their trial.
>This abuse is WRONG!
See: >>328066

Remember the couple that got 14 years for yelling at a bunch of niggers in a park?
Laws only apply to humans. You can surmise what is and is not considered human by how laws are applied.
>1/6 DC Jail Deputy Warden Deletes Twitter After Vulgar, Anti-Trump Tweets Exposed: 'F**k Everyone Who Supports Trump'
>Kathleen Landerkin, the current Correctional Training Facility (CTF) Deputy Warden at the Department of Corrections in the District of Columbia, assists in overseeing day to day operations, inmate transportation, and case management.
>Though she holds a position of power of January 6 inmates, Landerkin continued to spout anti-Trump and anti-Republican rhetoric on her Twitter until she deleted her account earlier today.
>Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene tweeted at Landerkin, “You are responsible for human rights violations in the DC Jail and torture and abuse of pre-trial defendants.”
It's really disgusting to read about how those people have been treated. You can tell it really ticked off the powers that be, perhaps more than anything else people have done in years. The reaction has been vengeful and cruel, and truly reveals the depths of evil lurking within the hearts of those that rule over us.
>Julian Assange Suffers Stroke; Father Says He Was Vaxxed In Prison
rainbow dash - tongue.png
>As Violence Arrives in Rich Neighborhoods, Liberals And Ex-Radicals Buy Guns And Mobilize To Oust Progressive D.A.s
>A report from the frontlines of Beverly Hills
Car Owners Leave Trunks Open to Avoid Smashed Windows in Lib.mp4
>Car Owners Leave Trunks Open to Avoid Smashed Windows in Liberal Shithole San Francisco
>China Is Laughing: As US Military Begins Purging The Unvaxxed – US Air Force is Polling Its Remaining Members On “Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion” Logos
>After the dishonorable discharge of 27 service members earlier this week for refusing to take the Covid-19 vaccine, the woke-washed US Air Force is now asking the remaining members to vote on which new “diversity, equity, and inclusion” logo they would prefer.
>Blake Masters, a Trump-endorsed candidate for the Arizona Senate, tweeted a photo of the pair of potential Air Force logos that was sent to him by a friend within the service who was asked to pick his favorite one by the woke leadership.
>Each logo was accompanied by its own equally ridiculous motto. The winner will serve as the symbol for all of the Air Force’s DE and I propaganda.
>Sunday Talks, Joe Manchin Confirms He Is a Hard No on Biden Build Back Broke Bill
>Interesting choice of media outlets for his final nail delivery. Senator Joe Manchin (D-WV) appears on Fox News to confirm the Build Back Better negotiations are done, and he’s done, and the $4.5 trillion legislation is dead. During the expanded explanation by Senator Manchin, he points to two primary issues with the bill.
>First, it is a massive takeover of the U.S. economy, and the basic outline of the bill details never changed. The ‘negotiations‘ that were taking place amounted to the White House putting an ever shorter end date on the legislation. The Senate was giving the appearance of a lower cost by shifting the sunset clause; however, from beginning to end the scope of the legislation never changed.
>Second, the issue of inflation has been created by Joe Biden policy. Regulations, energy policy, monetary policy, reckless fiscal policy and massive spending have led to massive inflation. Manchin explains how inflation is not sustainable for his constituents in West Virginia.
>White House Calls Joe Manchin a Liar, a Deceiver, and Promises to “Push Him” Harder
>Immediately following the statements by West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin, earlier today, which effectively ends the Senate Build Back Better bill, the White House releases a lengthy statement [READ HERE] blasting Senator Manchin and releasing the leftist hounds from Hell upon him.
>This reaction from the White House is exactly what the communist Democrats do whenever they are rebuked. We should anticipate the extremely angry Biden administration will retaliate with even stronger economic punishment against all Americans this Tuesday.
>WHITE HOUSE – “Senator Manchin’s comments this morning on FOX are at odds with his discussions this week with the President, with White House staff, and with his own public utterances. Weeks ago, Senator Manchin committed to the President, at his home in Wilmington, to support the Build Back Better framework that the President then subsequently announced. Senator Manchin pledged repeatedly to negotiate on finalizing that framework “in good faith.”
>Retired Generals Urge Military to 'War-Game' Against American Citizens
>With the one-year anniversary of the Jan. 6 incursion into the United States Capitol less than a month away, three retired Army generals called on leaders to take preventive measures, including to “war game” a “post-election insurrection or coup” attempts.
>“The potential for a total breakdown of the chain of command along partisan lines – from the top of the chain to squad level – is significant should another insurrection occur,” former Major Gen. Paul Eaton, former Brigadier Gen. Steven Anderson and former Major Gen. Antonio Tagubathe wrote in The Washington Post on Friday in an opinion column raising the disturbing prospect of the U.S. military training for a confrontation against fellow Americans.
>The generals went on to write, “The idea of rogue units organizing among themselves to support the ‘rightful’ commander in chief cannot be dismissed.”
>Their comments come in light of the Jan. 6 storming of the Capitol by a mob mostly made up of supporters of then-President Donald Trump seeking to overturn his defeat in the 2020 presidential election by disrupting the joint session of Congress assembled to count electoral votes that would formalize then-President-elect Joe Biden’s victory.
Liberal districts were reporting over 100% voter turnout during that election. Some over 200%. Literally more Liberal votes than there possibly could have been people to cast them.
Democrat voter fraud is a mathematically proven fact and anyone casting doubt on that is a subhuman slave of the jews who cannot be saved.
Remember the Battle Of Athens?
328995 328997
Don't be fooled, the American people is being psyoped again. There is a reason why Trump did nothing when he was president to fix the fraud. ALL politicians pretend to care and fight each other but never ever one of them will be jailed or executed.
Yeah Trump's a controlled opposition faggot but the blatant voter fraud still pisses me off. Hillary and Bernie and Biden struggled to fill rooms when Trump was filling stadiums and cities with his speeches. A fucking Jeb victory would have been more likely than Trump losing due to anything but fraud.
329000 329006
>Trump did nothing when he was president to fix the fraud.
right, because the government people obeyed him so much...
Getting the cuckservatives to help him cause a government shutdown until the left stops betraying America was always an option for Trump. It's better to have no federal government than a corrupt one. He was too soft on the corruption. He would have only needed to give the word and every boomer with a gun and military man who wanted a future would have taken up arms to kill a communist. Many would have been inept but those who are not inept would have made a dent in the enemy's numbers. Instead Trump just helped slow-boil America while creating the illusion of opposing judaism despite being a jew.
Even I could have and would have done a better job than trump. I would have been assassinated in the process but fuck it, who cares.
>VIDEO: Trump Gets Upset When Crowd Boos Him For Taking COVID Booster, Shouts 'Don't, Don't, Don't' At Audience
>Getting the cuckservatives to help him cause a government shutdown until the left stops betraying America was always an option for Trump.
why would the right side kayfabers that wanted him gone so that they could continue their [if in power=do nothing, else compromise in the immunocompromised sense of the word on everything while playing the underdog] act of the two-side uniparty go along with such a thing?
>herf derf
>sherf herf
I dont get it, why isn't it as obvious to everyone else as it is to me that trump, along with the whole movement, was a wargame for when not if a populist comes to power.
>populist Trump
That label was stuck by the judenpresse and it is not accurate at all. I believe it was on purpose to suggest the voters that Trump was "their" candidate.
Looking at Trump's track record as a president, he was 100% successful in giving Wall Street what they wanted and a total failure delivering on his promises to the voters.
It's mind-numbingly retarded how they tried to spin populism after Trump. All they really did was loudly display their fear of a seemingly White political figure.
Especially when it came to the zioninst faggots that were Trump and his liege of cuckservatives. Even they were enough to provoke them.
It's seems crazy that anyone would seek to vilify populism in a democratic civilization.
Populism and Mob Rule are what The Mob(Jews and their sheep) call Democracy whenever the voteslaves don't vote the way the ruling class wants.
>Tucker Carlson Tonight 12/21/2021 Opening Monologue
>The Purge Continues: Pentagon Issues Guidelines to Crack Down on Domestic and Patriotic “Extremism” Within Military Ranks – Simply “Liking or Reposting” Certain Views Can Trigger Discipline
>As our nation’s greatest enemies build their military might and actively threaten to launch attacks, US Military and Defense leaders are focusing on the important things – mainly, purging the ranks of all dissenters and pushing the Left’s radical ideology.
>On Monday, as over 28,000 world-class men and women await their dishonorable discharge for refusing to take the experimental vaccine, the Pentagon issued detailed new guidelines that prohibit service members from engaging in a wide range of activities, citing concerns of increased “domestic violent extremism” within the military over the past few months.
>The new policy focuses heavily on service members’ social media activities and even clarifies that “posting, liking, reposting, or otherwise distributing” certain views that have been deemed “extremist” is a direct violation that could result in disciplinary action.
329225 329236 329298
>Illinois Capitol Featuring “Satanic Deity” Alongside Christian Nativity Scene
>The Illinois Capitol is featuring a satanic religious exhibit mocking Christian nativity scenes this holiday season, with a figure of Baphomet installed by the so-called Satanic Temple to recognize the holiday of Sol Invictus.
>Chipping away at Christian Nationalism privilege.
Seriously, is that what think this is?
Fucking blind retards.
As a pagan this offends me.
329241 329242 329271
Worst part is that its obvious attention whoring to trigger Christians.
These people are edgy atheist and really do think that everyone but them are privileged.
Funny they never do this to muslims.
I wonder why...
329242 329244 329271
>Worst part is that its obvious attention whoring to trigger Christians.
To go after them is a waste of time, the real responsible are the ones allowing it.
That article ignores the ones in the Capitol giving the green light and the ones keeping silence.
That's what irritates me about it. It's just a political stunt by Reddit-tier atheists who think that larping as a Satanist is still edgy in 2021.

>That article ignores the ones in the Capitol giving the green light and the ones keeping silence.
This is the real takeaway here. The fact that this is state-sanctioned is what ought to really concern people.
People in the comments are saying first amendment, but I doubt they would let us stick a swastika there.
You could probobly get away with sticking some foreing religion or some commie symbol in that place, but I bet you would go to jail for just daring to say you want to put swastika there as a joke.

Jaethal sunglasses.jpg
>no one reaaaally worships baphomet
>its all just gaythiests!
good goy.
Christians need to realize that this will simply keep getting worse until they start treating subversives and devil worshipers in the same way that Muslims treat those who depict Mohammed.
This passive, turn-the-other-cheek approach is a losing strategy, always has been.
Its kind of obvious these ones are just attention whores Anon.
>Tom Cotton Calls for the Removal of All Soros-Funded Prosecutors
>In a RealClear Politics piece titled, “Recall, Remove & Replace Every Last Soros Prosecutor” Arkansas Senator Tom Cotton called for the removal of Soros funded prosecutors at the state and local level.
>This comes in light of a massive increase in crime and drug year over the past year.
>Cotton correctly noted that this “carnage continues today and is not distributed equally.”
>He added that “it is concentrated in cities and localities where radical, left-wing, George Soros progressives have captured state and district attorney offices.”
>Cotton accused the prosecutors, whom he described as “legal arsonists”, of engaging in prosecutorial nullification.
Ted Kaczynski moved to North Carolina prison medical facility.mp4
>‘Unabomber’ Ted Kaczynski moved to North Carolina prison medical facility.

He warned us all.
>Ted Kaczynski - Industrial Society and Its Future (Unabomber Manifesto)
PDF: >>304338 →
>known for targeting scientists.
>A Congresswoman Pays the Toll
>CHRISTMAS CAME a few days early for the decent folk of America when a Negro-worshipping congresswoman got carjacked at gun point on the streets of Philadelphia by five of the very Negroes she worships.
>Status: Toll paid.
>You live by the Negro, you die by the Negro, as the song says.
>Safe to say, this is a story right in the White nationalist wheelhouse: An anti-White White woman who pays homage to Congoids gets her comeuppance. Having been molested by reality, though, don’t expect this witch to have learned any lesson thereby. In fact, the ink hadn’t yet dried on the arrest report when she came out shilling for “common sense gun control.”
>We need something to control the likes of her. She has her head so far up the nether regions of Negroes she can taste the fried chicken.

>Congresswoman Mary Gay Scanlon carjacked at gunpoint
>Congresswoman Mary Gay Scanlon was carjacked at gunpoint Wednesday afternoon in Philadelphia, but was physically unharmed, according to her spokesperson.
>The carjacking took place in FDR Park in Philadelphia around 2:45 p.m., after Scanlon had a meeting there. Scanlon's 5th congressional district covers part of Philadelphia.
>Homosexual-Owned (((Gateway Pundit))) Is Calling Everybody "Feds"
>This past weekend brought another bombshell in the January 6 case. Revolver News, which previously highlighted the role of Ray Epps on January 6, highlighted several additional people who played central roles in the U.S. Capitol break-in, but who remain suspiciously uninvestigated and unindicted nearly a year later, while other people are being thrown in solitary confinement for simply walking into the building. one person who deserves a lot of credit for this scoop is the America-First streamer Tim Gionet [Jee-oh-nay], better known by his nickname “Baked Alaska.”. Baked joins us to discuss.
Entertainment value.
>RINO Dan Crenshaw Says Anyone Who Supports an America First Foreign Policy is a ‘Friggin’ Idiot’
>Rep. Dan Crenshaw (R-TX) defended the neoconservative foreign policy of endless war and foreign intervention on the latest edition of his Hold These Truths with Dan Crenshaw podcast.
>“We’re the United States of America so we always have to be prepared for everything,” Crenshaw said, setting up his rationale of support for an ‘America Last’ foreign policy.
>“China just has to prepare for subjugating their own people, that’s one of their big focuses, and then they have to focus on screwing with us,” he continued. “Russia is primarily focused on its periphery. They want the Ukraine, that’s usually what they care about.”
>He said that America must continue playing the role of world police, despite having zero success throughout many decades of performing this role, because “we have to care about everything.”
Less than 2 months ago I stated (((Crenshaw))) was an utter cuckoid. I went on to explain that, along with every other squealbitch La Sia asset, must eventually bow down to and grovel before the kike. How funny is it that every single time an (((elite m-muh militaree))) asset is called out they end up being nothing more than another shabbos goyim?
>shabbos goy
Every single time. All these vertical hierarchies are nothing more than gangs serving the kikes. The ranks know it, but hey!, everyone of them signed in for the paycheck and a pension.
329749 329779
>Christians need to realize that this will simply keep getting worse until they start treating subversives and devil worshipers in the same way that Muslims treat those who depict Mohammed.
Will never happen. Christians in America are already so far gone that they'll never form any type of resistance to the Government. You post reminded me of a conversation I had with my Dad last summer.
>Dad was never religious and didn't force me to go to church when I was a kid
>Grandmother is very into the Bible/Church and one of her kids became a preacher
>The two of them go to church every Sunday, mid-week, and donate tons of money to their church (we paid for the last two roof jobs)
>Dad is ranting about covid restrictions
>Dad asks me "Why aren't the churches doing anything? They always bitch and moan about everything like serving alcohol by the drink or allowing strip clubs in this area"
>explain to him that all the church goers were psyop'ed into not attending services because of the meme virus
>Grandmother didn't go to church for over a year because she feared covid
>her other son rarely attended himself and even convinced the elders to close the church for months
>both of them laughed at me and called me crazy during the early months of covid back when MSM was saying it was a nothingburger
>both instantly flipped and thought it was the end of the world once CNN started calling it the end of the world
>both of them went and got covid shots the first week they were available
>Grandmother didn't even do anything but go to church and grocery shopping once a week so there was no reason to get the shot in the first place
>Grandmother ends up in the hospital 2 weeks after getting the shot because all her existing problems flared back up
>they deny the shot had anything to do with it and after getting boosters like good little cattle
>entire family ends up getting shots other than Dad and I
>almost convinced Grandmother to wait before getting her first shot
>but Dad started showing her 5G nano-bot facebook posts
>now I'm labeled as a crazy white supremacist by my family because I didn't get the vax and I don't trust the Government
>every time I see my Grandmother she keeps saying she's worried I'm going to "do something"
>Uncle constantly in her ear feeding her the latest headlines from CNN
>decide I'm sick of dealing with these people so stop visiting
>a week later I have police at my door for a "welfare check"
>state is planning to pass Red Flag gun laws
>faggot uncle will call them and report me as a gun owner the moment they get passed
>if I defend myself they'll just take it as confirmation that I was really crazy
>tfw just want to be left alone and defend my family

It's so demoralizing. I want my family back. I wish I could convince them to stop watching television. I have lost total faith in the church after watching them for the last 2 years. They claim to have all this blind faith in God but any time the TV tells them it's unsafe they shutter the doors. Then they turn around and quote the bible at me and say they're praying for me.

The church will do nothing. Christians don't even practice their religion anymore. They just use it as a justification for sending Israel billions of dollars and to moralfag about shit that doesn't matter. These are the same people that told me watching South Park in the 90s was a sin. Yet every time I check their DVR I see recorded episodes of I am Jazz.
329777 329832
Your second sentence is what I have been stating for over 10 years. There is no difference between an unwilling/willing shabbos goy and a person (((serving the military of their cuntree))) since the 900ACE's era.

"When the last king is strangled with the entrails of the last priest, then humanity might know for the first time in ten thousand years the early vestiges of peace."

Religion: a socially enforced order of Stone Age superstition derived self-cuckery that serves greedy, sociopathic grifters in the guise of "spiritualism". Can you remove a person (using that term LOOSELY) from being willfully and selflessly retarded from organized kikery, which is basically slavery with far more steps? After 1,700+ years of propaganda, lies, and pigshit retellings of retellings... no, not likely. I cannot offer anything more than a human-derived empathetic apology. Your (family) is gone. What I can offer is some understanding of how, why, when, and where it is possible to disrupt the same cuckery that you have suffered through. For a better understanding, read the following:
-Isis in the Ancient World by R. E. Witt (John Hopkins UP 1971)
-Herod the Great by Michael Grant (McGraw-Hill 1971)
-Warrior Pharaohs by P. H. Newby (Faber & Faber 1980)
-The Romans by M. Lyttelon (Orbis 1984)
-Pagans & Christians by Robin Lane Fox (Viking 1986)
-Pagans and Christians by Robert Lane Fox (Harper-Collins 1988)
-The Origins of the Mithraic Mysteries: Cosmology and Salvation in the Ancient World by David Ulansey (OUP 1991)
-A Dictionary of Devotions by Michael Walsh (Burns & Oates 1993)
-Hathor Rising, The Serpent Power of Ancient Egypt by Alison Roberts (Northgate 1995)
-The Egyptians by Barbara Watterson (Blackwell 1997)
-Canaanites by Jonathan N. Tubb (British Museum Press 1998)
-A World Full of Gods by Keith Hopkins (Free Press 1999)
-History as Mystery by Michael Parenti (City Lights 1999)
-Religions of the Hellenistic Roman Age by Antonia Tripolitis (Eerdmans 2002)
-Roman Syria & the Near East by Kevin Butcher (British Museum 2003)
-Beck on Mithraism by Roger Beck (Ashgate 2004)
-The Descent of Ishtar: both the Sumerian and Akkadian versions by Timothy J. Stephany (2015 CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform)
-Waking Up: A Guide to Spirituality Without Religion by Sam Harris (2015 Simon & Schuster Reprint)
The Founding Myth: Why Christian Nationalism is Un-American by Andrew L. Seidel (2019 Sterling)
-A History of the Goddess: From the Ice Age to the Bible by Edward Dodge (2021 Keneh Press)
>Ghislaine Maxwell Sentenced To 10 Unsupervised Minutes With Hillary Clinton - (satire)
>NEW YORK, NY—After a jury found Ghislaine Maxwell guilty on five counts in her sex trafficking trial, Maxwell's sentence was quickly handed down: ten minutes unsupervised in a room with Hillary Clinton.
>"Considering the gross immorality of your crimes, the court sees fitting to put you in a room with Hillary Clinton, turn off the cameras, tell the prison guards to take a short, ten-minute break, and, you know, see how it goes for ya," the judge said. He banged his gavel. "May God have mercy on your soul."
>Maxwell, who had been stoic in court up to this point, broke down sobbing. Through her lawyer, she asked if she could have some kind of melee weapon during the ten minutes with Mrs. Clinton. The court relented and granted her a pool noodle.
>At publishing time, the court had also declared that should Maxwell survive her ten minutes with Hillary Clinton, a millstone will be tied around her neck and she'll be "yeeted into the sea".
329787 329832
Religion is not some mind virus retard. it's a construct that humans make. no different than a bird makes a nest.
if you remove it, they will recreate it immediately. often in the same form as determined by race. just look at how similar the corona virus religion has to be. it emulates what white people already believed; I'm bad, I need to listen to authority, I need to apologize for my inherent sins and give to others. These are all inherent structures to western thought. you cant get rid of them just by removing a jew on a stick. whats underneath will continue on regardless.
dont even know what to say, that isnt your family. I wish I had the money to get you and my friends somewhere safe where we could look out for eachother. pooling our money into land wouldnt be hard, but agreeing on a place, and trusting eachother would be. (((they))) really did a number on our trust. it's strangling.
>corona virus religion
I will never call it the virus religion. It is actually the religion of safety that has been pushed since the creation of OSHA, and probably doubled down on when bill clinton got in.
I suppose you could call it the virus variant of the religion of safety.

Prior to the government lockdowns, how often did you hear people saying "stay safe"? Typically said as a parting message ending conversation.
Whenever I hear it, I tell them "I don't follow the religion of safety" and leave it at that.
This shit really pisses me off.
329832 329834 329850 329854 329865
Here is the worst part of it all anon. My family has plenty of land. We have plenty of tools. We have lots of resources. Yet I can't get them to see what's happening and they refuse to let me do anything with it.
>Dad retired last year and says he wants nothing to do with the farm
>bought an RV and went camping like 15 times last summer instead
>Two Uncles ended up with control of all the resources and land
>one constantly dips into Grandmother's account to pay for camwhores. The other takes Government gibs (like $2k a month) to not farm and refuses to let me farm the land because of it
>I was supposed to get 100k to do anything I wanted with my Grandfather left it to me to build a house with
>instead of giving it to me faggot uncle talked Grandma into giving him control over it
>he signs contracts and slaps together a shit house about the size of a shed for me
>moved in last year
>house is not square and is already falling apart
>drain lines for my AC/heating unit are run UPHILL causing water to pool under the house
>ask faggot uncle for names of contractors so I can sue them for damages
>he claims he doesn't know and just hired people he googled
>Grandmother told me I "should have spent the money better" last time I saw her

I'm not trying to go full schizo but I swear these people have changed so much since getting the shots. It's like they aren't even the same people. I could greentext all day about how they've wronged me these last few years but I'll spare you all the blogpost.

I sacrificed everything for them and it's like they don't even care. They are currently trying to shame me into getting the vax because they want me to sign up for some minimum wage job at a dog food factory. I had a job that paid 120k yearly before I came back here to take care of these people. I am blacklisted from the industry now because I refused to give glow niggers access to web servers I operated these last two years. When they deplatformed all the imageboards hosting a /pol/ I put one up to give anons a place to re-group. It ended up growing pretty large in the span of a few weeks. The glow niggers contacted me demanding access. When I refused they spammed child porn and used it as justification to seize my servers. Then they put me on the no-fly list. They've harassed me for the last year and now I can't even get a call back for any honest job. They've broken into my house multiple times.

I isolated myself from friends and family so they wouldn't get on the glow nigger radar. As you can imagine this caused a lot of problems. I finally told my Grandmother what was happening. She didn't believe me but she went and told EVERYONE including my few close friends about it. So now everyone thinks I'm
>on the verge of shooting innocents or bombing random buildings
when I've expressed nothing of the sort. The more I try to protect these people the more they annoy me. I've had four different people come beat on the walls of my house just in the last two months. All of them claim they're worried about my safety. When all I've done is not visit them and refused to speak on a tapped landline (I do not own a cell phone).

All of this because I wanted a place where I could speak freely on the internet. I couldn't trust anyone else to run one after 30+ years of seeing the same thing happen over and over again. All that money and time wasted. All those days of refusing to sleep so I could deal with spam/ddos attacks wasted. My own jannys and mods ruined the place and were probably glow niggers. All because I refused to censor anything that wasn't against US law.

You can't do anything nice for anyone. They will find a way to throw your kindness back in your face and punish you for it.
329835 329836 329837 329844 329849 329850
>Religion: a socially enforced order of Stone Age superstition derived self-cuckery that serves greedy
No, it didn't jackass!
According to the theory of evolution, religions are the result of fetishes and nothing more.

>These are all inherent structures to western thought.
No, it's not.
Western thought it built upon the principles of individuality, self-improvement, the desire to attain a goal, and that God (If he does exist) is a force of nature beyond anything man can comprehend (Think Lovecratian). Everything you just spouted is kindergarten-level drivel that retards (Across the planet regardless of culture and beliefs) repeat ad nauseam to make themselves feel good. You can sum up Buddhism in the same manner:
<I'm unenlightened, I need to meditate, I need to remove my desire of this Earthly plane and give to others.

>I'm not trying to go full schizo but I swear these people have changed so much since getting the shots.
Sounds like typical family issues, and you have to remember that they were ALWAYS like this. It isn't a sudden shift in attitude. I know because my aunts acted the same way a couple years ago, WELL before the Kung-Flu scare, when my grandmother was dying. Aunts run off with all of the inheritance (Money, possessions, etc.), and the only thing my family was able to claim was the cat (She's much happier and healthier now).

All crises really do is show people's true colors.
>The more I try to protect these people the more they annoy me.
Just do yourself a favor an get away from them (Preferably someplace that's a couple hundred miles away). That's what my father did after having to put up with my Aunts for majority of his life, and didn't want my mother and I to experiencing the same issues.
Sorry to hear that anon. Have some pones.
christ-chan - absolute heresy.png
>According to the theory of evolution
field of the impaled.jpg
>and that God (If he does exist)
>According to the theory of evolution, religions are the result of fetishes and nothing more.
That is literally false, but please post proof. We have evidence that there was a bear cult among Neanderthals in Western Eurasia in the Middle Paleolithic and you can go even earlier and find ritualistically arranged bones; plus we have evidence that other animals like chimps and elephants have at least some perception of God.

>and that God (If he does exist) is a force of nature beyond anything man can comprehend
This is an idea that arose in the enlightenment period and it is not even entirely correct, Christianity influences so many aspects of our culture, our laws, fuck, even the scientific method was invented because it was believed that God could be known through his design of the world.

>I'm unenlightened, I need to meditate, I need to remove my desire of this Earthly plane and give to others.
I was a Buddhist before I met Jesus, so I can say that this is not quite correct, you can perfectly well be a solitary Buddha (Pratyekabuddhayāna) and giving to others is something that is developed mostly in the Bodhisattva path, the Arhat path does not require it.
>According to the theory of evolution, religions are the result of fetishes and nothing more.
Charles Darwin himself would kick your ass for saying that shit.
329850 329858
>According to the theory of evolution, religions are the result of fetishes and nothing more.
In pretty sure that the theory of evolution says nothing about religions being sexual fetishes, and that's just something you made up.
329855 329858
Welcome to being a redpill in a family of bluepills.
It makes sense if you think about it from the position of power and control. You acting independently means you're not under their power and control, so they will do everything to regain it. All they say is a lie that is either inconsequential, or intended to get them to regain p&c. They don't want good for you, they want to be able to shit on you at their convenience while you obey them and don't challenge them and their worldview.
>I finally told my Grandmother what was happening. She didn't believe me but she went and told EVERYONE including my few close friends about it.
You did a retarded thing, and because you were conditioned, literally from birth, to do retarded things for "faaaaaamily", you will likely do it again.
>>Grandmother told me I "should have spent the money better" last time I saw her
This was a red flag. You didn't listen to it. Now you know, with absolute surety, that you cannot confide in your grandmother - she is not on your side.
>I've had four different people
Flying monkeys. They believe one-sided account from shitty people and do their bidding without even trying to get to know the other side, and are worthless as people. As tools (hijacking the flying monkeys and using them yourself), maybe, but as people, nah.
>You can't do anything nice for anyone.
You're bad at picking who to do nice things for, because you're brainwashed to make bad choices, but you can learn how to tell scum and retarded sheeple apart from good people. And helping good people pays off.
>All crises really do is show people's true colors.
>Just do yourself a favor an get away from them (Preferably someplace that's a couple hundred miles away).
I concur. That, aside from mass murder (which I don't recommend, really difficult to pull off), is really all you can do.

All the bullshit about "blood bonds" and "family above all" is made up by shitty people so they can do their shit scot-free. Drop such people like a live grenade. They're not worth your time or effort.
>According to the theory of evolution, religions are the result of fetishes and nothing more.
But you're still a retard who understands neither evolution nor religions.
Yeah, theory of evolution is literally just "things change over time according to certain principles". That's it. It does not deal with religion, it doesn't deal with how stuff started, and while it can be extrapolated to other things, "theory of evolution" (this specific term) itself is applied solely to animals.

Religions are the result of a combination of people fearing the unknown and ascribing it qualities it doesn't have, which people themselves have (see: all the gods of thunder and lightning, or how god of old testament is infantile piece of shit and new testament is abuse honeymoon 101), and desire to have power and control over populations.
If you learn how to predict certain things when others don't, and pretend it's a divine gift (or just plain get lucky with predictions, or exploit the Barnum effect), people will follow your word. Simple as.
The fuck are you guys on about?
thanks fren.jpg
>You can't do anything nice for anyone. They will find a way to throw your kindness back in your face and punish you for it.
Thanks for the (you). This is their true aim I believe. and I wish I could get you to open up to me so we could all work together with the sword of friendship we have been sharpening thanks to horse.
>Here is the worst part of it all anon. My family has plenty of land. We have plenty of tools. We have lots of resources. Yet I can't get them to see what's happening and they refuse to let me do anything with it.
I have a very close friend in exactly this situation. All in selfish boomer hands. I can only pray your uncles drop dead from the vax any time, but it seems to not be a random chance over time but a specific subset of the doses according to the vaxx threads. still, if this is the kind of thing they are going to do to you, why dont you just sue the uncle? they hired the people who made the building, its on their land. they are harrassing you. you can surely get that shit foreclosed and go somewhere else with the money.

Other than that I dont really know what to do. I'm investing in crypto since I'm basically penniless outside of my boomer families and looking to help support people who do have land, blood, and a future. It's the only thing thats been on my mind for the last year. Land, land is king, but no one, as your uncles show, has any concern over it. Its enough to make anyone seeth. and I fully agree about freeze peach. Me and my friends dream of running a local chan even on an intranet in our own community. I'm not giving up but it's so hard to put one foot in front of another even to get the remote position I'll need to support my nephew, who is basically the only reason I have a good relationship with my father. We both care to pieces over the little guy even if we have a rocky relationship with eachother. But sadly, that kid is probably toast. Unless something really dramatic happens and I get custody, we have an absent mother and a liberal alimony dodging dad that would vax him in an instant if he wanst afraid of gibbing to the mom.

Ironically my dad is in a perfect position to have done lots, but he constantly strokes his ego and ends up getting punished by reality because of it. Hes now wearing on me, the only person coming over daily to help him, because I wont clean perfectly. I drive clear across town to help him and the nephew get to the doctors and school. You would think with how much he hates society and me this would galvanize him to change, but he refuses. He demands every generation after him buckle up and deal with a shitload of stuff they don't like, but throws a tantrum over even the idea of overcoming anything for himself. weather its finances, investment, company, technology, the only thing this boomer is capable of doing is loving my nephew, complaining about my lazy sister, and more or less acting exactly like her minus the child neglect.

the very idea that his failing body and 20 feet of land between him and the curb wont be enough to even kill one federal agent is something he adamantly rejects because hes a US marine. I can't imagine how much worse the marines have gotten in his time, but they must have already been absolutely horse shit even in the 80s if this old man doesn't understand how important intel and advanced notice of enemy movement is. this is a man dreaming of dying. thanks to the medical industry, he's been black pilled so much that the thought touching a computer is more scary than eternity in the VA system and their malicious machinations.
329856 329858 329864
>All the bullshit about "blood bonds" and "family above all" is made up by shitty people so they can do their shit scot-free. Drop such people like a live grenade. They're not worth your time or effort.
this is pretty much the antithesis of what I believe, but would you say I'm still bluepilled if I ammend the statement to include my views on volentary enterprise? A family is not equal to blood, but a tribe. The idea of family being universal is obviously wrong, I have seen enough damage caused by all manner of these evils than to think that. but in terms of building an organized structure that is not voulnerable to attack, I've always believed our enemies do so well because they can organize a large number of people comparatively to unity. If you think about how well a gun grabbing situation would happen on an estate with at least 50-200 people who all believe they are part of the same group even if they don't always agree with eachother, who have different skills and hobbies and contribute them to the whole, I think that has a lot going for it. Creating a family wholecloth out of motivated members is basically my dream, and I don't want to abandon it for solitude and the deathkneel of hermitage without arguing its case.
This is consistent with my perceptions. There is a difference between a 'family' literally of blood and one of commonality. The military and its veterans are particularly knowledgeable of this concept, as well as the mentality of putting aside personal differences to address the more pressing and onerous obstacle, generally speaking. Such stable and cohesive households (more of a ranching situation) need then network and partner with each other in professional, logistical, and you know anything that comes up in conversation.
>This is an idea that arose in the enlightenment period and it is not even entirely correct
Have you ever read any of the Greek myths? The entire point of the Trojan War is that Zeus's grandmother threw her back out.

>In pretty sure that the theory of evolution says nothing about religions being sexual fetishes
The word "fetish" has a deeper meaning than just referring to one's sexual preferences.

>All the bullshit about "blood bonds" and "family above all" is made up by shitty people so they can do their shit scot-free.
No necessarily. It is important to have, at least, some occasional contact with your family (Even if it's just a simple phone call every now and then), but that doesn't mean you should make them a regular and necessary part of your life (Especially if they have cancerous attitudes).
>If you think about how well a gun grabbing situation would happen on an estate with at least 50-200 people who all believe they are part of the same group even if they don't always agree with eachother, who have different skills and hobbies and contribute them to the whole, I think that has a lot going for it. Creating a family wholecloth out of motivated members is basically my dream, and I don't want to abandon it for solitude and the deathkneel of hermitage without arguing its case.
Invert the motivations and you have my extended family. 50-200 people who all believe they are part of the same group who support gun grabbing, race mixing, and clot shots.
I'm not that other anon.
To that other anon: you trusted the faggots too much. Living with relatives like that is a crash course on how to compartmentalize.
Nobody in my family knows my political leanings, things I've written, and very few know some of my political activities.

Your grandmother is a lost cause. She will never trust you, because you're not the favorite. All assets should have been transferred to you within the month of whatever discussion you've had. Quick deeds exist for a reason.
Your relatives have already fleeced her, and will continue to destroy what's left of the family. You had 125K/yr income and didn't have an exit plan with 2 years of saved income. You will own nothing, and be miserable.
From this point forth, never take the high road with them.
Is someone running a scam? Turn them in.
Is someone not paying taxes? Turn them in.
Record everything, and use red flag laws to turn them in.
I'm sure that house your living in didn't get inspected, or have a permit. Better turn that in.
They treat you like a pariah, so treat them like they expect. When they finally ask you why, ask them what they wanted from you to begin with.
Since you can't have what is rightfully yours, nobody can :^)
gigachad ttgl.png
they replied to my post but they are mostly talking to you.
>sword of friendship
>thanks to horse

Do you sharpen your sword of friendship often?
>A Mass-Murdering (ZOG) Regime Dares to Lecture the World on Human Rights
An important report published this week reveals in extensive detail the shocking scale of war crimes committed by the United States in the Middle East. Thousands of civilian deaths, including children, are documented as a result of aerial bombardments conducted by the U.S. military.

It is crucial to remark that the published survey – while voluminous involving thousands of pages and documents – represents only a fraction of the full scale of mass murder. The research focuses on Syria and Iraq over a three-year period between late 2014 and early 2018. Considering that U.S. forces have been occupying those two countries alone for over a decade and considering American military operations contemporaneously in other nations, one can safely assume that the full scale of murder perpetrated is orders of magnitude greater
>FBI Tries To Recruit On Twitter, Hilarious Responses Reveal How Many Americans Really Feel About Them
>Before the honorable FBI transformed its agenda to attacking conservatives, vilifying Capitol Hill protestors, and appeasing the Biden administration, it was considered a staple to work for the bureau of investigation. But that time has long passed due to the FBI becoming the centerpiece of the war on conservatives in America. The FBI had so many agents entangled in the kidnapping attempt of Michigan Governor Gretchen Witmer that the case appears to make the bureau look like the ones that set it all up. But even though their reputation has taken a dip in the past couple of months, it appears the FBI is looking for fresh, new talent to join their ranks.
I'm not going to blogpost about my own family shit, but I'm just really glad to know I'm not alone with the bullshit I'm dealing with.
File (hide): 681A09AB85344724A503F96D0BD8FCA8-8056475.mp4 (7.7 MB, Resolution:480x480 Length:00:01:08, Freemasonic.mp4) [play once] [loop]
Freemasonic halls and lodges around the world are burning down.
>IRS WANTS A piece of the action
>The IRS wants to rob the robbers. I thought it was a joke. A prankish Internet meme. But the story is real!
>The IRS says criminals have to report their illegal income. The IRS calls such criminals ‘self-employed.’ They must report the value of their stolen goods or income ‘earned’ from illegal activities. If the stolen goods are returned during the same year as the theft occurred, then it can go unreported. Have we ever seen someone return stolen goods to a Walgreens? Did a looter ever un-loot?
330231 330236
Fun fact: You've ALWAYS been able to report illegal income - and make it legal! - by declaring it and paying taxes. You can 5th ammendment the details and it IS capital gains (so 30%), but yeah. The IRS is the BEST money launderer, but at a premium
luna - wat.jpg
reality has no ''suspension of disbelief''.jpg
>You've ALWAYS been able to report illegal income - and make it legal! - by declaring it and paying taxes. You can 5th ammendment the details and it IS capital gains (so 30%), but yeah.
File under "Undisclosed off-book transactions",the IRS doesnt tur. away offered monies. And, their receipt/retention of offerred funds constitute a contract
Shit is going down in Kazakhstan, MSM says it's over "oil prices" but knowing they lied about why Cubans were protesting I doubt it.

So far they've:
Killed 8 police officers and wounded 317
Set fire to the presidential residence and Mayor's office
And forced Kazakhstan into a state of emergency
Trump Social Media Gettr
>CONTROVERSY: Social Media Platform Gettr is Under Fire for Banning Nick Fuentes
>Gettr recently received a massive boost in traffic and notoriety after podcaster Joe Rogan joined the platform.
>This resulted in over 500,000 new signups at Gettr from users who support free speech and an open dialogue, but a recent moderating decision has called Gettr’s dedication to their purported principles into question.
>Right-wing video blogger and America First organizer Nick Fuentes was immediately banned from the platform shortly after joining with his following of so-called “Groypers” blacklisted on the site as well.
It's ran by... a jewess. Every Single Time.

>The TRUTH About 'Free Speech' Platform GETTR: Run by Anti-Trump Activists, Censors More Than Twitter
>Lauren Witzke's Christian News Venture Deletes GETTR Amid Censorship Scandals
>Cross Talk, the new Christian media venture led by Lauren Witzke and Edward Szall, has ditched its GETTR account as censorship scandals plague the fledgling alt tech site.
>GETTR was recently caught flat footed over its ban of Nick Fuentes, a controversial podcast host who live streamed himself being repeatedly banned from the platform.
>Self ImolaTED Cruz Appears with Tucker Carlson in Attempt to Regain Credibility, Fails Miserably
>The Texas Senator who has been morphing into a wolf like caricature, left himself naked to his enemies yesterday by his own choosing. After proclaiming the J6 protestors were “violent terrorists”, the articulating stutterer must have realized he stood on a political landmine.
>Ted Cruz quickly appeared on Fox News with Tucker Carlson in an attempt to regain credibility. It’s interesting that Cruz chose the Tucker Carlson show for the effort, and it’s interesting that Carlson gave him the opportunity. However, the result was predictable. You cannot create authenticity where only inauthenticity exists. If you try, what you end up with is a hole digger that keeps digging. WATCH:
>McMichaels, Bryan Get Life Sentences For Policing Their Community At Cop's Request, Shooting Suspect Who Tried to Take Their Gun
>Former Glynn County police officer Gregory McMichael along with his son Travis and their neighbor, William "Roddie" Bryan, were all given life sentences on Friday for policing their community at the request of local law enforcement and shooting a suspect with a long criminal history who tried to take their gun.
>Superior Court Judge Timothy Walmsley refused to do his job and interpret a vague community policing citizen's arrest law in the defendants' favor as is customary in such cases and refused to allow the jury to know about Ahmaud Arbery's long criminal history, even though Gregory McMichael had helped arrest Arbery for theft in 2018.
>Local police told a break-in victim who had multiple videos of a man matching Arbery's description with similar tattoos trespassing into his home to call Greg McMichael so the former law enforcement officer could legally make a citizen's arrest if he caught the suspect in the act.
>The video did exonerate him. It showed Arbery was trying to steal his gun out of his hands when he got shot. Had judge Walmsley done his job and interpreted the law in favor of the defense there's a high likelihood they would have been found not guilty.
>Ted is Toast
>Senator Ted Cruz denounced the January 6 protest at the Capitol as a ‘violent terror attack.’ Therefore he must also see Trump supporters as terrorists. Tucker Carlson called out Cruz on his statement and Cruz immediately went into damage control mode. He said his phrasing was sloppy and he wasn’t calling thousands of peaceful protestors supporting Donald Trump terrorists. Who were the terrorists, then? Nobody was armed except for the guards and one of them murdered Ashlee Babbitt. Most of the protestors shuffled peacefully through the building and then left.