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This post is inspired by >>>/mlpol/59382.

I have been researching UFOs and aliens for decades. I have found the best way to understand the phenomena is to time-line it and then see what else was happening around the same time. Time-lining it allows the evolution & origin of certain aspects to show up which means you can trace things back to origin points.

I don't concern myself with if each UFO/alien report is real or not real, but I look at it in a wide ranging meta-view and this shows a sensible evolution which implies it is real and therefore the reports are generally mostly real.

I am not sure what the best way is to do this data dump. I have decided to do a succinct 300 year history which can be expanded on by me asking questions. This allows me to keep my efforts in proportion to actual board interest levels.

This initial section is to show the development of human sky technology and also shows that nothing ET UFO like is happening yet.

1758 - Book: Concerning Earths in the Solar System, in which Emanuel Swedenborg detailed his alleged journeys (spiritual) to the inhabited planets (up to Saturn + 5 exo-planets), solar system barrier, suns are black.
1783 - France: Manned balloons
1803 - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Utsuro-bune
1850 - and onwards triangular shapes are reported in the sky but when researched most of these can be associated with comets and comet fragments (comets tend to break up near Earth, Sun and Jupiter into sharp angular fragments).
1851 - Dr. William Bland sent design: steam engine driving twin propellers suspended under airship to Great Exhibition, London
1852 - Comet fragment dramatically crashes to Earth with sheets of rain (comet water) and dark ominous clouds with read streaks before the massive chunk crashes into the English channel. The other interesting part about this is that it happens near dawn, and the dawn side of the Earth is in the direction of the Earth's travel around the sun. So the Earth overran this comet fragment and sucked it down into it. This dramatically shows how astronomical phenomena can produce UFO reports. Pic #1 Attached.
1863 - “Aereon” by Solomon Andrews (inventor) flew, unpowered, controllable dirigible,Perth Amboy, New Jersey.
1871 - Mystery airship, Mt. Washington, New Hampshire (Solomon Andrews?) See Pic #2. This is one of the earliest UFO reports and we can see it is consistent with an airship. We have no reason to conclude it is ET yet.
1871 - (Vril, the Power of) The Comming Race fiction novel by Edward Bulwer-Lytton. This book in Germany inspires the use of the term Vril for unknown magical/physical forces and leads to the nick name The Vril Society.
1881 - a comet was mistaken as an unusual object in the sky. See pic #3.
1886 - Book: A Dweller on Two Planets, Atlantis, life on Venus, advanced technology, karma, Mt. Shasta. “No telescope will ever reveal human life on Venus; not that it is not there, but its forms are of the One Substance effected by a range of force rendering them imperceptible to earthly eyes." – what we see here is the myth of sentient life on other planets in our solar system starting to form. There is no reason to reject this notion at that time.
1886 - cheap way to manufacture aluminium is discovered. At this point airships are flying around, some are secret projects. They use bamboo and cloth and ropes. Cheap aluminium allows them to be made of this metal. France is becoming a leader in airship design. You can think of these airships as the B2 bomber of the day, these are very serious military tech for spying and air to ground attack. Therefore there is secrecy around designs as well.
1891 - Contactee Thomas Blott (William Simpson, 1828-1910) The Man from Mars is a book about a Martian explaining how Mars is great and Earth sux, basically. It is not clear if this was supposed to be fiction or a reported event.
1893 - In the article “Man of the Year Million”, H. G. Wells envisaged humanity transformed into a race of grey-skinned beings, stunted and with big heads. – the greys!!

So with that look so far we can see many of the elements of aliens and UFOs exist but there are no reports yet of flying saucers or any meaningful reports of flying triangles under intelligent control. All of it, when it comes to ETs, is human imagination. We can reasonably say no ETs are showing up in this 1700s-1800s time period.

In 1893 science starts to speculate about gravity and if we can understand it better and control it.

1893 - Oliver Heaviside makes paper called A GRAVITATIONAL AND ELECTROMAGNETIC ANALOGY http://sergf.ru/Heavisid.htm – this will be very important as we continue the time lining.
1894 “Aug 26, British admiral reported sighting a large disk with a projection like a tail” – Keyhoe (1950) – Airship? Science experiment? There are no good references for this report and so it can't be examined further.
1896 - Germany 11 Sep, Zagreb daily newspaper Obzor “The day before yesterday we received a telegram sent by an amateur journalist. He informed us that David Schwarz from Zagreb has invented an [aluminium] airship which he hopes he could direct on his own free will."
1896 - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mystery_airship – this is the UFO flap of 1896-97 but they were airships, not disks, triangles or spacecraft. We know that airships won't work in space so these are human-made. This shows that human advanced tech can be a unsolved mystery. See pics #4 and #5


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File: 1502147421630.jpeg (29.89 KB, 480x270, image.jpeg)

Now this is neat

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File: 1502151214457-0.jpg (660.04 KB, 900x599, stilts-gintraclandes.jpg)

File: 1502151214457-1.gif (16.76 KB, 759x514, airship-development-image1.gif)

File: 1502151214457-2.png (183.6 KB, 476x700, spring-stilt1890-us438830-….png)

File: 1502151214457-3.jpg (99.49 KB, 900x822, sealskin-dress-hat-1888.jpg)


At this point we have science examining gravity and suggesting it has two components (which turns out to be true) and inventors populating the sky with airships, followed by aeroplanes.

I want to focus on one of the most startling reports of 1897 which would make many of us today wonder if it was ETs, and back then they would have been thinking Martians.


>Who Possibly Came From the Planet Mars
>Seen on a Country Road by Colonel H.G. Shaw and a Companion
>They Boarded the Airship

Please read this first: https://ufologie.patrickgross.org/airship/25nov1896-lodi-california.htm

Most people at that point walk away thinking this can't be explained and assume aliens or liar. However I think it can be explained. It was dark at the time of the encounter making it hard to make things out.

If the sighting was at 6am the temp would have been about 4C and if it was 6pm it would have been 11C, very cold, an airship crew up in the atmosphere would be very well rugged up and almost unrecognisable as human in the dark. They are reported as very slender, this might be due to malnutrition or the benefits of having a light weight crew. The malnutrition part will be relevant shortly. They are reported to have finders with no nails, ie. gloves on. "toes were also long and slender", "use their feet and toes much the same as a monkey", "they appeared to have much better use of their feet than their hands". In cold weather and up in the air frostbite would be a huge risk and I would expect extra effort to be put into protecting extremities of the body, this especially applies to toes. I would expect extra padding and probably even some sort of electrical heating to be there. This would affect the ordinary balance of a person leading to the appearance of walking or standing in an unusual way but being mistaken as a natural process because of the assumption of Martians. Also the French have a long tradition of supplementing there feet with devices so the tallness of the men could be related to this. See Pic #1 The French are also the pioneers and leaders of airship design (But this sighting is in the USA! WTF). See pic #2. Also there are inventions being made to enhance walking at this time. See pic #3. There is also an additional possibility, the airship itself works on the principle of a lifting gas, why not include a lifting gas into the clothing of these pilots to make them lighter? That would also lead to the instinct of trying to grab the ground with your feet or rocking if you move too much. This also means that your landed, but not tied down, airship wont dramatically change weight when 3 of you exit and so it wont float away. "specific gravity of the creature was less than an ounce",

“They appeared to have no muscular power outside of being able to move their own limbs.” – this is another sign of malnutrition. "faces and heads were without hair", "ears were very small", "nose had the appearance of polished ivory", "mouth, however, was small, and it seemed to me that they were without teeth" – this is all because of altitude and cold protection coupled with poor illumination. "covered with a natural growth, silk to the touch" – seal skin was used for clothing and has natural resistance to water, the cold of winter and altitude probably makes this an ideal "flight suit" material and has a seal fur outer layer. Pic #4

"seemed not to understand me", "'warbling', monotonous chant, inclined to be guttural" – foreigners, this now gives the malnutrition idea a reason to be possible.


"bag to which was attached a nozzle" – water where electrolysis was producing hydrogen and oxygen
"would place the nozzle on his mouth" – oxygen (recovering from altitude flight)
"hand something about the size of a hen's egg" – battery and globe for light and electrolysis of water, hand held batteries came out in 1896, the witness had probably never seen a battery.
"intense and penetrating light one can imagine. Notwithstanding its intensity it had no unpleasant effect upon our eyes" – this is what we call a torch or flashlight (patented in 1898) with a parabolic mirror, the witness is used to lanterns.


"20 feet in diameter width", "20 feet above water" – resting on a airship gondola, "large rudder", "pointed both ends", "struck it with a rock and it gave no sound" – airship balloon is made of cloth, "air very rapidly and expanded and contracted with a muscular motion, and was soon out of sight" – much more likely that the airship was under low pressure and was flapping in the air like a flag as it moved off.


This is the hard part. The implications are that this is a foreign ship, but who could make such a international flight in 1897? And how was it powered? The suspected malnutrition and weakness of the crew implies this was not an intented flight. How does one accidentally travel internationally in an airship?


The Earth has 4 Jet Streams at about 9kms up. If an airship gets in these you can travel up to 400km/h. A 747 flies at 920 km/h. You would have an airship travelling at near half a modern passenger jet. The Jet streams were not well understood then. I suspect the French were doing experiments on how high they could go. This has the strategic advantage in spying whilst being less detectable. They accidentally entered the jet stream & did a partial flight around the world! This is an extreme claim, but it is also an extreme report and so requires a extreme answer.

Some supporting evidence:
“Brown says he was close enough to hear them talking but could not understand one word of their language.” – The Heavenly mystery, Austin American Statesman, April 20, 1897, p. 3

There is also a report of machinery careening out of the sky like a meteorite and when the witnesses approached it was to hot to get near but gears were visible.


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File: 1502152190267-0.jpg (99.06 KB, 525x700, aurora_001.jpg)

File: 1502152190267-1.jpg (148.48 KB, 900x676, aurora_002.jpg)

File: 1502152190267-2.jpg (205.27 KB, 356x660, haydon_article_aurora_texa….jpg)

File: 1502152190267-3.jpg (65.62 KB, 900x506, quant-la-france_ring2.jpg)

File: 1502152190267-4.jpg (120.9 KB, 825x414, aurora_002_lafrance_overla….jpg)


1897 Apr 17, Aurora, Texas

In 1897 an Airship crashed in Aurora, Texas. The pilot was buried by the people and the airship was partially thrown into a well and burried


>During the 1896–1897 timeframe (some six or seven years before the Wright Brothers' first flight), numerous sightings of a cigar-shaped mystery airship were reported across the United States.

>One of these accounts appeared in the April 19, 1897, edition of the Dallas Morning News. Written by Aurora resident S.E. Haydon, the alleged UFO is said to have hit a windmill on the property of a Judge J.S. Proctor two days earlier at around 6am local (Central) time, resulting in its crash. The pilot (who was reported to be "not of this world", and a "Martian" according to a reported Army officer from nearby Fort Worth) did not survive the crash, and was buried "with Christian rites" at the nearby Aurora Cemetery. (The cemetery contains a Texas Historical Commission marker mentioning the incident.)

>Reportedly, wreckage from the crash site was dumped into a nearby well located under the damaged windmill, while some ended up with the alien in the grave. Adding to the mystery was the story of Mr. Brawley Oates, who purchased Judge Proctor's property around 1945. Oates cleaned out the debris from the well in order to use it as a water source, but later developed an extremely severe case of arthritis, which he claimed to be the result of contaminated water from the wreckage dumped into the well. As a result, Oates sealed up the well with a concrete slab and placed an outbuilding atop the slab. (According to writing on the slab, this was done in 1957.)


MUFON analysed the water of the well in 2001 and found high concentrations of aluminium. As we know from the time line aluminium can now be mass produced by humanity. There is no need to invoke Martian influence however the US Army is suggesting Martians as the answer. This seems to be a precursor to explaining advanced craft as ET craft. We can all agree though that airships won't function in space, so they are lying.

Pic #2 is the former grave marker of the pilot. It has since been removed. Pic #4 is a image of the French airship La France but colour reversed to show it seems to have some sort of circles in it like the grave picture. These circles though aren't on the schematics, which is confusing. Pic #5 shows how the French airship matches well shape wise with the Aurora airship carving.


7b706 No.754

File: 1502157478128-0.jpg (67.31 KB, 485x700, dvp92078.jpg)

File: 1502157478128-1.jpg (31.79 KB, 356x700, jfm.jpg)

File: 1502157478128-2.jpg (46.38 KB, 604x700, jm_jfm_vril-1-triebwerk_fr….jpg)

1897 - Electron discovered
1897 - Liquid hydrogen
1899 - Tesla believes he gets “transmissions” from deep space.
1902 - Germany, "Twinning" which is a primitive type of cloning. http://learn.genetics.utah.edu/content/cloning/clonezone/
1903 - Wright Bros. aeroplane
1905 - Einstein's Theory of relativity
1905 - A Dweller on Two Planets, Atlantis, life on Venus, advanced technology, karma, Mt. Shasta, One Substance, One Energy, vibration, Venus life unseeable by us. Human imagination is pushing the ET idea again.
1908 - Liquid helium
1909 - Duralumin light strong aluminium alloy (+4% copper, room temp cooled) discovered, used then in rigid airships, this makes the UK Navy want to build rigid airships.
1911 - Atomic nucleus discovered
1911 - Mercury superconductivity discovered using liquid helium. “relatively low magnetic fields destroyed superconductivity”
1911 - A unnamed person while sleeping has "others" speak through him: “peculiar case of psychic phenomena … summer of 1911 … sleep … coming and going of alleged extra-planetary personalities … en route from one universe to another or from one planet to another … essentially Christian and is, on the whole, entirely harmonious with the known scientific facts and truths of this age.” – THE MIND AT MISCHIEF by WILLIAM S. SADLER, M.D. This leads to The Urantia Book (Published 1955)
1912 - “The first concrete calculations of (linear) gravitomagnetic effects were performed by Einstein in 1912-1913.” – Gravitomagnetism: From Einstein’s 1912 Paper to the Satellites LAGEOS and Gravity Probe B by Herbert Pfister (~2006)
1912 - Dec. ..tin (3.8 K) and lead (6 K, later raised to 7.2 K) could be made superconducting.
1914 - WWI
1915 - Nikola Tesla: electrically propelled missile
1918 - Relativity means Frame-dragging. Movement distorts space-time.
1919 - Kaluza–Klein theory “unified field theory of gravitation and electromagnetism built around the idea of a fifth dimension beyond the usual four of space and time.”

The above shows that science and technology is moving along rapidly and this allows the Germans, who are a very industrious people, to start their exotic experiments. It is important to realise that at this point in history both mysticism and science are having equal influence on society and the ideas are often blurred together as various societies discuss and experiment. The German flying discs are claimed to have been initiated by telepathic communication with beings who claim to be from Aldebaran star system. There is no actual need to believe this literally. There is enough science and fantasy in the culture for this to be from the medium's subconscious and based on reading the available material on Earth. However the people of the day were probably convinced and became even more convinced when the experiments worked. This part of the story comes from 2 people and is not verified from other sources, but their claims come with photographs which are very compelling. Also this part of the story fits into the time-lining very nicely and it has no competing alternative making it the de facto "truth" for now.

1919 - psychic mediums of Vril Society and the Thule's own resident psychic Maria Orsic [and Sigrun] that convinced them that the Aryan race didn't originate from earth but from Aldebaran in Alpha Tauri - 64/68 light years away. Vril also convinced the DHvSS (Men of the Black Stone) that their mountain goddess Isias was the queen of Aldebaran. Isais is considered to be the good Goddess and Yahweh the evil God. Pic #1 is the automatic writing that seems to have started all of this. It is a translation cypher where one type of squiggle always means a particular German letter. Once you swap them to German letters you can read it in German.

1920 - Aryanism: British psychologist William McDougall: ..we can distinguish a race of northerly distribution and origin, characterised physically by fair colour of hair and skin and eyes, by tall stature and dolichocephaly (i.e. long shape of head), and mentally by great independence of character, individual initiative and tenacity of will. .. It is also called the Nordic type.

1922 - (Germany) The Stern–Gerlach experiment may be used to calculate the spin of the nucleus. This experiment is used to find the electron and atomic spin of the elements. The experiment was named after Otto Stern and Walther Gerlach.

At this point all the pieces are in place for my hypothesis on how to create artificial gravity from aligned spinning nuclei, no ETs needed.

1922 - "the project Jenseitsmaschine (Beyond Machine) was launched and now referred to as Jenseitsflugmaschine (Beyond Flight Machine).” See pic #2 & #3. This is a simple device set up in a barn and experimented with until the Weimar Republic collapses in 1924. It is not relooked at until Germany starts loosing the war. Some sources say they found gravity and time distortion. It was packed up and sent to unnamed aircraft manufacturer (probably Messerschmitt).

During this time the Vril Society, the Thule, NSDAP and other groups are all on the rise.


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File: 1502160111402-0.jpg (11.91 KB, 172x209, greyfalcon.us-summary.htm-….jpg)

File: 1502160111402-1.jpg (16.79 KB, 328x172, failfa02.jpg)

File: 1502160111402-2.jpg (105.65 KB, 900x900, den_okaenda_faran.jpg)

File: 1502160111402-3.jpg (30.66 KB, 723x648, rfz-1_photo1.jpg)

File: 1502160111402-4.jpg (25.82 KB, 726x648, rfz-1_photo2.jpg)

1922 - The Consciousness of the Atom by Alice A. Bailey Conscious atoms all the way up, atom→cell→animal→human→planet→solar system.
1923 - Weimar Hyperinflation
1923 - United States Naval Research Laboratory founded. (T.T. Brown joins in 1930)
1929 - Great Depression
1923 - (USA) T.T. Brown “Experiments were conducted which seemed to prove the concept of gravitation which he had first postulated at Cal Tech in 1923.”
1924 - (USA) T.T. Brown at “Ohio's Denison University where he came under the tutelage of physicist and astronomer Dr. Paul Alfred Biefeld”
1926 - “stamp out religion … Soviet scientist named Ilya Ivanov decided the most compelling way to do this would be to breed a humanzee: a human-chimpanzee hybrid.” – The New York Times, Kissing Cousins By CLIVE D. L. WYNNE, DEC. 12, 2005. Experiment failed. The idea of cross breeding humans & animals has begun.
1926 - (China) Aug. 5 Daylight Disk: “We all saw, in a direction from north to south, something big and shiny reflecting sun, like a huge oval moving at great speed. Crossing our camp, this thing changed in its direction from south to southwest. And we saw how it disappeared in the intense blue sky. We even had time to take our field glasses and saw quite distinctly the oval form with the shiny surface, one side of which was brilliant from the sun.” – earliest flying disk report and the tech is probably consistent barely with the most advanced secret human tech.
1927 - Franz Abdon Ulinski 1927 world electric vehicle and the vision of solar cells (image in next post)
1928 - T. T. Brown patents what becomes eventually the "Lifter" Biefeld–Brown effect https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Biefeld%E2%80%93Brown_effect this will be put to use on future craft.
1928 - DNA Nuclear Transfer: Hans Spemann The cell nucleus controls embryonic development “showed that the nucleus from an early embryonic cell directs the complete growth of a salamander” – getting closer to controlling genetics.
1928 - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/William_Dudley_Pelley
1929 - Vril Die Kosmische Urkraft (Vril: Cosmic Primal Force) & 1930 Weltdynamismus (World Dynamism) attempts to understand the mysterious Vril force probably related to these early German JFM results.
1929 - T.T. Brown wrote How I Control Gravitation “…most efficient … electro-gravitational lift: … perfect disc or saucer.” TT Brown believes he controls gravity, he doesn't.
1930 - T.T. Brown joined the U.S. Navy Reserve, but instead of going to sea was given orders to report to the Naval Research Laboratory (NRL) in Washington, D.C. In due course, he transferred to the NRL's “Heat and Light Division” and here he carried on the experiments that he started in Ohio.
1931 - About Gravitation, Vortices and Waves in Rotating Media - A student of Gerlach's at Munich, O.G. Hilgenberg, published a paper in 1931
1931 - alleged saucer crash in Italy See Pic #1 and #2. https://atlantisrisingmagazine.com/article/mussolinis-roswell/ this claim comes from documents leaked in 2000.
1933 - Hitler as Chancellor.
1933 - the Swedish novelist Gustav Sandgren, using the pen name Gabriel Linde, published a science-fiction novel called Den okända faran (The Unknown Danger) See pic #3
1933 - Starting in late November or early December of 1933, residents of Västerbotten, a county in Sweden bordering Norway just below the Arctic Circle, reported seeing strange lights off in the distance at night. The lights seemed to follow the valleys of the area—pacing them—heading toward Norway. While we are prepared to write them off today as lights of ordinary planes this was 1933 when there were very few planes to be seen in this area.
1933 - NACA [later known as NASA] does spinning aircraft experiments.
1934 - VIKTOR SCHAUBERGER was invited by HITLER and the highest representatives of the Thule and Vril Societies and from then on worked with them.
1934 - RFZ 1 (Rundflugzeug I), translated: Round Flight Tool 1 See pic #4 and #5. This is an aeroplane tail and canopy placed over the round "artificial gravity" generator as a first test flight. It wobbled like crazy and fell apart on landing. The pilot escaped alive.
1936 - many German scientists are working on round flying designs, some are jet powered, some are glorified helicopters, some seem to be "artificial gravity".

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File: 1502161019520-0.jpg (100.93 KB, 523x636, franz_abdon_ulinski_1927.jpg)

File: 1502161019520-1.jpg (46.77 KB, 468x377, oregon1927.jpg)

File: 1502161019520-2.jpg (50.15 KB, 683x497, nazi_peenemuende_space_cen….jpg)

File: 1502161019520-3.jpg (43.28 KB, 513x700, nazi_peenemuende_space_cen….jpg)

File: 1502161019520-4.jpg (163.08 KB, 900x514, otcx1_3_lg.jpg)

Pic #1 is from a 1927 design idea. See previous post. Pic #2 is also from 1927 I forgot to include it.

1935 - Nazi Lebensborn “spring of life” for the Master Race. He created breeding facilities in which Aryan (Nordicism) women were recruited to be impregnated by S.S. soldiers.
1936 - (Germany) Peenemünde Airfield founded. Used by Nazi's for V1 and V2 and allegedly pic #2 and #3. Is this the cause of the alleged Italian craft in 1933?
1937 - (USA) Otis T. Carr “Our investigations began in 1937. We were actively making models in 1938. In 1942, we had come up with the basic principles.” – ‘Long John’ Nebel (WOR Radio, NY) with Otis Carr and Norman Colton (October 29, 1957) See pic #4 He is shut down by the FBI for fraud and his property mysteriously catches on fire. He writes a very obscure book later about how atoms contain love and othr weird ideas. But at the end he states something like those with eyes can see what this means. I suspect he is trying to explain his concepts in a way that authorities won't shut down.

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File: 1502161634233-0.jpg (46.65 KB, 544x400, 1938.jpg)

File: 1502161634233-1.jpg (31.37 KB, 250x403, dvp02040.jpg)

File: 1502161634233-2.jpg (22.07 KB, 250x402, dvp02041.jpg)

File: 1502161634233-3.jpg (55.76 KB, 574x458, avro125.jpg)

File: 1502161634233-4.jpg (11.69 KB, 422x218, schrievertop.jpg)

We are getting close to WW2 now. Aircraft design is happening all over the place so I can't really document it all I will concentrate on the German flying saucers which seem to be very unconventional. But I will post some images here of conventional craft that could be mistaken for Martian Flying Saucers. Then move on to the exciting German craft that seem to defy conventional science in the following threads.

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File: 1502161955552.jpg (15.45 KB, 320x187, mlfw7963_small.jpg)

7b706 No.759

File: 1502161973342-0.jpg (7.54 KB, 320x240, video3-1999-rfz2-04.jpg)

File: 1502161973342-1.jpg (1.67 KB, 100x75, video3-1999-rfz2-06.jpg)

File: 1502161973342-2.jpg (1.58 KB, 100x75, video3-1999-rfz2-07.jpg)

File: 1502161973342-3.jpg (1.44 KB, 100x75, video3-1999-rfz2-08.jpg)

File: 1502161973342-4.jpg (1.52 KB, 100x75, video3-1999-rfz2-09.jpg)

German RFZ-2 according to claims. (RFZ-1 is mentioned above)

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File: 1502162360114-0.jpg (40.67 KB, 409x511, andromeda_gerat_from_die_d….jpg)

File: 1502162360114-1.jpg (14.21 KB, 320x240, video3-1999-rfz4-13.jpg)

File: 1502162360114-2.jpg (8.04 KB, 320x240, video3-1999-rfz7t-24.jpg)

Germans also had a concept for a mothership, called Andromeda, to contain the flying disks pic #1.

Pic #2 and #3 are some more conventional craft that can be mistaken for alien disks.

7b706 No.761

File: 1502163011615-0.jpg (101.46 KB, 900x675, eidmwudmp1987-126c.jpg)

File: 1502163011615-1.jpg (46.63 KB, 475x700, dvp92051.jpg)

File: 1502163011615-2.jpg (31.35 KB, 320x240, video3-1999-haunebu_i-14.jpg)

File: 1502163011615-3.jpg (9.51 KB, 320x240, video3-1999-haunebu-10.jpg)

Now the big stuff. These are called the Haunebu craft. It is very difficult to classify these into types because the schematics don't exactly match the photos. But I will dump a bunch of images in the best categorisation I can manage. Haunebu seems to be a reference to the word giant and you will see they had the intention of gigantic "anti-gravity" craft which were fully armed. Fantasy? Or the cause of the need to "nuke Germany from orbit"?

Pics are what little there is of Haunebu I concept design.

7b706 No.762

File: 1502163400991-0.jpg (32.58 KB, 525x700, eidmwudmp1987-126.jpg)

File: 1502163400991-1.jpg (62.49 KB, 482x700, dvp92054.jpg)

File: 1502163400991-2.jpg (57.44 KB, 456x700, dvp92050.jpg)

File: 1502163400991-3.jpg (8.6 KB, 320x240, video3-1999-haunebu_ii-23.jpg)

File: 1502163400991-4.jpg (9.21 KB, 320x240, video3-1999-haunebu_ii-36.jpg)

The Haunebu II now with photos!

7b706 No.763

File: 1502163692246-0.jpg (57.05 KB, 466x700, dvp92058.jpg)

File: 1502163692246-1.jpg (8.77 KB, 320x240, video3-1999-haunebu_ii-33.jpg)

File: 1502163692246-2.jpg (59.84 KB, 463x700, dvp92059.jpg)

More Haunebu II (pic #1 and #2). There are concepts for Haunebu III but no photos (pic #3).

The Haunebu are considered the Thule version of the craft. The nexts post will be the Vril version of these craft.

7b706 No.764

File: 1502163907612-0.jpg (4.02 KB, 320x240, video3-1999-vril1-28.jpg)

File: 1502163907612-1.jpg (50.07 KB, 477x700, dvp92048.jpg)

File: 1502163907612-2.jpg (46.16 KB, 484x700, dvp92047.jpg)

File: 1502163907612-3.jpg (11.95 KB, 320x240, video3-1999-vril1-02.jpg)

File: 1502163907612-4.jpg (7.62 KB, 320x240, video3-1999-vril-12.jpg)

Vril 1

7b706 No.765

File: 1502164136867-0.jpg (25.2 KB, 525x700, eidmwudmp1987-126b.jpg)

File: 1502164136867-1.jpg (19.98 KB, 525x700, eidmwudmp1987-126e.jpg)

File: 1502164136867-2.jpg (69.7 KB, 474x699, dvp92093.jpg)

File: 1502164136867-3.jpg (35.22 KB, 472x700, dvp92094.jpg)

File: 1502164136867-4.jpg (35.1 KB, 423x700, dvp92100.jpg)

Vril 7


7b706 No.766

File: 1502164309323-0.jpg (63.88 KB, 456x700, dvp92096.jpg)

File: 1502164309323-1.jpg (55.63 KB, 460x700, dvp92097.jpg)

File: 1502164309323-2.jpg (91.21 KB, 485x700, dvp92101.jpg)

File: 1502164309323-3.jpg (5.56 KB, 320x240, video3-1999-vril7-37.jpg)

File: 1502164309323-4.jpg (8.84 KB, 320x240, video3-1999-vril7-38.jpg)


Vril 7


7b706 No.767

File: 1502165787206-0.jpg (9.29 KB, 320x240, video3-1999-vril7-39.jpg)

File: 1502165787206-1.gif (95.26 KB, 676x700, swedish_aftonbladet_10-10-….gif)

File: 1502165787206-2.jpg (49.4 KB, 604x700, ufo_us_ca_1945.jpg)


Vril 7 Pic #1

The Germans were very advanced you can get a sense of this from just looking at the Chapter headings in this book: https://issuu.com/mach4c/docs/stevens_-_hitler_s_suppressed_and_s

1944 - Swedish newspaper “Aftonbladet”, dated 10/10/52: It describes a German saucer built by Wernher von Braun at Peenemünde, six meters in diameter, which lifted off in April, 1944. The article states that high fuel consumption was the major problem, a problem which would be solved utilizing atomic power. Pic #2
1945 - “One eye witness claims that he saw an experimental aircraft crossing the German border into Switzerland on the morning of May 9, 1945, the day after the surrender of the 3rd Reich
1945 - UFO picture - Jack LeMonde sitting on a horse - Burbank, California. May 31, 1945 Pic #3

Germany is getting defeated. Nazi's are fleeing and destroying bases, equipment, documentation and executing scientists. The allies capture as much tech, documentation and scientists as they can. Massive amounts of equipment, documents and patents are shipped around the world including the USA as well as scientists. There are unaccounted for Nazi submarines on the loose and rumours of Nazi bases in the Antarctic and Artic. Also Nazis are fleeing via Spain to South America. Basically all this tech knowledge is spreading around the world whilst being kept secret on all sides. It is no surprise then that the Flying Saucer waves start in the USA in 1946. The problem with testing flying disks is you have to test them in the sky where people can see them! And if the public wants to think they are aliens, why stop them?

1945 - Jul. Trinity test (plutonium)
1945 - Aug. Atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki (uranium, plutonium)
1945 - Operation Paperclip was the United States Office of Strategic Services (OSS) program in which more than 1,500 Germans primarily scientists but also engineers and technicians, were brought to the United States from Nazi Germany.
1945 - researchers involved in Japanese Unit 731 were secretly given immunity by the U.S. in exchange for the data they gathered through human experimentation. .. Americans did not try the researchers so that the information and experience gained in bio-weapons could be co-opted into the U.S. biological warfare program, as had happened with Nazi researchers in Operation Paperclip. Though “a large number of babies were born in captivity” of Unit 731, there has been no account of any survivors of the facility, children included.
1945 - “Of greatest importance was the threat of long-term genetic damage resulting from increased exposure to radiation.” – Harold W. Baillie & Timothy K. Casey (2005). Radiation = mutation
1946 - “Ghost Rockets” over Scandinavia
1946 - Meade Layne of BSRA reports telepathic info in WELCOME? KAREETA! – ”.. mechanical bird from a planet many thousands (sic.) miles away. It is called Kareeta .. The flapping of the wings is used only when the Kareeta comes into the earth's atmosphere. .. The outer structure is made of balsam wood coated with a thin layer of alloy. The wings are operated by electrical power. The motors are very small but their power is great.“ – people still falling for the ET idea.

This brings us up to 1947 which is very big in American UFOlogy and it should be obvious now is a continuation of ordinary human science with a strong helping of German and Nazi technology.

I am going to take a break and get back to the time-lining later, perhaps tomorrow.

Leave me feed back and encouragement! :P

59f50 No.768

File: 1502166539711.gif (126.55 KB, 800x500, phone aliens ponut.gif)

This thread is very informative, has lots of information and image material. You should consider reposting it on /mlpol/.

7b706 No.769

Done >>>/mlpol/59679

e560b No.772

File: 1502211325285.jpg (35.14 KB, 500x284, lip13rev.jpg)

I love nazi flying machines.

Pic related was going to be a god dammed coal powered ram jet. They never finished developing it before the war ended. Murrica captured the designs, but development of its engine stopped because the allies didn't have the resource shortages that prompted the Germans to investigate coal powered planes.

A part of me hopes that there is a nazi ufo base in the antarctic. I want to believe.

bec62 No.821

Just want you to know that I read this the day you posted it.

7b706 No.9022

File: 1508212358715.pdf (18.05 MB, The Cosmic Conspiracy (man….pdf)

This is consistent with my research and explains many tangential things.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jDovzK-JVUg (from 1977 TV broadcast)
Go to 58:50 you can ignore the first 1 hour of the video (and Carter's image).

Stan Deyo, USAF mathematical physicist and assistant to the FBI, explains that after the war, the technology revolution uncovered, was so disruptive to society that """they""" decided that releasing the new technology was too dangerous to social order. The plan was, and still is, to establish the technology away from ordinary society, unite Earth and then bring in the new technology. Obviously the plan is not working and Stan states that since then people less noble have since gained control of the technology. The alien scam is to attempt to make humans put aside their differences when the "alien" technology is given to all humanity. If it is given from a particular nation then the squabbling about it would continue and the technology allows addition weapons to be used in the squabbling. Basically a repeat of the nuclear problem.

I have also attached his book (1978) from one year after the video.

20e49 No.10611

File: 1508669223058.pdf (5.81 MB, Evaluation of Direct Elect….pdf)

I watched this hours ago, and I've been really enthralled in magnetohydronamic propulsion. I found out tests have been done in the 60s, which puts Deyo's predictions on par if you assume there was discussion before.
Although, that's typical of the theory, there is application magnetically done as you mentioned, just in brief I find.
Magnetism is found throughout the Universe. Magnetic fields are known to exist in planets, stars, accretion disks, the interstellar medium, galaxies and in active galactic nulcei (cf. the article on galactic magnetic fields). Often these magnetic fields are generated and maintained by magnetohydrodynamic dynamo action (e.g. the solar dynamo or planetary dynamos, which are described by hydromagnetic dynamo theory), and in many cases the magnetic field is dynamically dominant, determining the evolution of the object.
Topics studied within MHD include typical computational astrophysics topics, such as magneto-convection, MHD turbulence and hydromagnetic dynamo action. Typically, a multitude of intermittent magnetic structures are generated in such systems, e.g. magnetic flux tubes, loops, filaments and arcades. On the Sun and other stars, these magnetic structures may take the form of cool spots (sunspots) and magnetic bright points.
Magnetic structures can store enormous amounts of energy that may be released through reconnection of magnetic field lines (MHD reconnection) leading to solar flares and stellar or even galactic eruptions. It is in this way that the Sun causes storms in the heliospherical magnetic field and ultimately aurorae and space weather.
>In engineering MHD is employed to study, e.g., the magnetic behavior of plasmas in fusion reactors, liquid-metal cooling of nuclear reactors and electromagnetic casting.
>Topics studied within MHD include typical computational astrophysics topics, such as magneto-convection, MHD turbulence and hydromagnetic dynamo action. Typically, a multitude of intermittent magnetic structures are generated in such systems, e.g. magnetic flux tubes, loops, filaments and arcades. On the Sun and other stars, these magnetic structures may take the form of cool spots (sunspots) and magnetic bright points.
>Magnetic structures can store enormous amounts of energy that may be released through reconnection of magnetic field lines (MHD reconnection) leading to solar flares and stellar or even galactic eruptions. It is in >this way that the Sun causes storms in the heliospherical magnetic field and ultimately aurorae and space weather.
reconnection of magnetic field lines (MHD reconnection)
This is actual in line with what Deyo says about a connector or central powering system that's within range that drives the fuel(lack of? power) economy.
There's even space travel relations…
The government really does hide this stuff… And, only release the conventional. Rather than the unconventional as it should… Deyo knows why.

>the maximum theoretical efficiency would be 90 percent. Allowing for the inefficiencies introduced by finite heat transfer rates and component inefficiencies in real heat engines, a system employing an MHD generator offers the potential of an ultimate efficiency in the range of 60 to 65 percent. This is much better than the 35 to 40 percent efficiency that can be achieved in a modern conventional plant. In addition, MHD generators produce fewer pollutants than conventional plants. However, the higher construction costs of MHD systems have limited their adoption.

In general, it's much very revolutionary even in the layman's perspective which according to word of (http://battista.web.unc.edu/files/2014/02/introMHD.pdf), "Magnetohydrodynamics (MHD) is not a field of study for those with only high school equivalent mathematics and science knowledge… much mathematical rigor to simply understand its governing equations," I apply as layman. Nonchalantly as well. Doesn't quite matter to me in that aspect.

Again, Vril. I'm perplexed, even convinced.

a8911 No.12828

Did you ever share this patent with anyone, Vril. Because I swaer you did.

88bd4 No.16399

According to different sources, one a blue hat and the other an obnoxiously bloviating green hat, they were not only French, but also aristos and had been missing for nearly 12 days. More importantly: they were using specifically German items: externally seamless gloves, custom fit cold weather mountaineering masks like those used on the Antarctic trips, inflatable cold weather body suits which were also externally seamless. Relatively amazing to idiots, not so much to the learned. Also, hot air balloons & pressurized steam tanks.

The true Vril Societe` may have been founded in Germany though there were a large number of French colleagues among the surviving aristos and collegiat. The battery I was telling you about is one link.

88bd4 No.16400

Hopkinsville, where to even start with that mess. The semi-maybe-possibly-official stories that Befores have major consistencies, even between the colors, though there's three main camps.

#1: the yellow hats say it was an exceptional modeling job of three to five suits attempting to run a War of the Worlds live theatre program. At the time it would make sense from an intel scouting view: see just how quickly information traveled, how many people believed, which channels would do a report on it, average levels of concern/fear/interest of the public, and so on.

#2: red hats claim they were not involved except for transport & pickup of, quote, "two or three midgets", end quote. They didn't appear to like talking about this incident specifically due to the negative attention put on them by the Afters. Not sure how much I'd trust them though.

#3: blue hats have boasted in past they cooked the entire scenario together using Estabrook handbooks right along with careful bait and switch dummies, midgets in suits, and movie props. Of the three I would suspect the blues, specifically the Before ones, more so than the other two: giant budget, Secure Purple access, black flights, and a talent pool/crisis actor roster list from Hollywood updated every other day.

234e0 No.16868

What are "hats"??

88bd4 No.17275

It's an offensive slang term. The "color" terms are used to separate the various military branches and their allied agencies from another. Using it while In is an automatic discharge these days due to Un-Patriot Acts 1 & 2.

281a8 No.17316

white hats=good
black hats=bad

88bd4 No.17926

Wrong. All of them are traitors.

7b706 No.18245

File: 1510434945245-0.pdf (692.68 KB, Guidelines To Antigravity ….pdf)

File: 1510434945245-1.jpg (18.58 KB, 294x249, cussac2.jpg)

File: 1510434945245-2.jpg (63.93 KB, 574x519, extraterretrialttech06_04.jpg)

File: 1510434945245-3.png (92.64 KB, 999x573, timeline_of_superconductiv….png)

Imagine my surprise when this thread bursts into life without me knowing!

I have some reading to do! The Nazi's claimed using effects like this on their subs. The only theory I know of to explain this is: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Einstein%E2%80%93Cartan%E2%80%93Evans_theory

The concept is that Electromagnetic Fields are twirls in spacetime. And Gravity is bends in spacetime. The theory then would be that circular EM fields could artificially create a gravity like bend in spacetime.

I use the analogy of arranging a series of boat propellers into a cirle just under the water, when they all turn on you can produce a bump or dip in the water surface between the propellers.

Since Earth is a gravity well it exists in a kind of whirlpool (without the twisting I assume) is otherwise flat space. You can flatten out the whirlpool with strong circular EM. See paper attached. The last two torus diagrams show the concept best. Notice the final comment:

>Future progress in the control of gravitation, like all modern sciences, will require special projects involving large sums of money, men, and energy.

Dated 1962.

The same paper mentions a spherical version too, and 5 years later… see pic attach#2 and https://translate.google.com/translate?hl=en&sl=fr&u=https://fr.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rencontre_de_Cussac

Amazing how much info is in the public domain once you throw aside the staged play acting. Here is some more:


The rabbit hole here is near endless.

>inflatable cold weather body suits which were also externally seamless.
You then put a lifting gas in that so you can be light weight! Then the ship can be landed without tying up because when you leave the weight change is very small.

Thank you. One of the reports mentions the shots from the witnesses hitting one of the "beings" with a metal ping, implying armor is built in. The same armor type effect has been noticed with the hairy dwarfs also.

"Before" and "After" what?

So Mothman is testing of infrasonics? Is the bridge collapse related? How do the witnesses see a flying "man" chasing a car?

These deceptions need to end.

Pic #3 for fun but the Mercury Plasma MFD correlated pretty well with pressure of 30Gpa for the modern HgBa2Ca2Cu3O8+δ superconductor. See pic#4. Superconductors and plasmas should be able to produce very strong EMs to then be arranged to bend spacetime like Gravity. And there is no reason to do all the lifting with this alone, you can add some lifting gas to the craft for free lift, and make engine failure less of a problem.


7b706 No.19071

>So far as can be determined, the controversy – which very quickly became a matter dominated by nothing but cold, unrelenting terror – began sometime after midnight on November 28, 1954. All was normal for Jose Ponce and Gustavo Gonzalez, as they traveled along a small road on the fringes of Caracas, Venezuela. Or, to be absolutely correct, all was normal for a while. The dark road was suddenly lit up by what the astonished pair could only describe as a bright ball of light, with a circumference of around three feet. It swayed slightly in the air, not unlike a small boat bobbing along on the water.

>The two slowed down their vehicle as they approached it, eventually coming to a complete halt. It was then, suddenly, that astonishment was replaced by outright terror. While Ponce stayed inside the van, Gonzalez cautiously exited the vehicle; he began to slowly and tentatively walk towards the hovering globe. Suddenly, Gonzalez found himself thrown to the ground by an unseen force. The reason why the attacker was unseen – for a few seconds, at least – was because of its size. Or, rather, its profound lack of size. Gonzalez, to his shock and fear, was finally able to see what had assaulted him: a small, hair-covered creature that was built like a man, but which was only around three feet in height. Acting on impulse and adrenaline, Gonzalez attempted to plunge his knife into the body of the creature, only for the knife to bounce off it.


http://archive.fo/jrb89 - mysteriousuniverse.org

88bd4 No.19074

Einstein had nothing to do with that. He was riding coattails after someone figured out he was stealing & rebranding patents. Imagine two whirlpools in precise opposite alignment: plasma ions. Again Vril, TechEng wasn't my field.

Correct. Germany made use of compression suits which were heat proof up to 130 degrees and cold proof down to -40 using intermix gasses. Don't let the Winter War propaganda fool you, the Soviet "Torch Men" burned their own regions to the ground while the Germans were killing 400 for every loss and destroying 20 tanks to every 1 damaged.

Spring titanium in a spaced armor configuration. Like spring steel except has a much higher chance to reflect. There are 40 companies that export 4 million pounds of animal hair each year.

Befores are part of The Three Hundred Solution. Afters like me are now The Problems, we wouldn't take oaths against our own countries. Don't talk.

No, Vril. Mothman is a convenient, cheap measure to stir trouble elsewhere so an incident goes unnoticed. Look up precisely what infrasound does, how it works, and why it scares living beings. Hint: it's how the blues first talked to the ocean. Bridge collapse not related, remove enough supports and everything falls. That last one though I don't have an answer for except for a deep suspicion.

They do, hence the need for The Problems.

Those buildings made such wonderful cover for the Chemical Corps. No flammables = everyone must stay at least 2 miles away. It's nice they demolished all their Dietrick-lite labs before being sold.

7b706 No.19220


>The Three Hundred Solution


Are the Afters going to win? Is progress being made?

>Look up precisely what infrasound does

Conspiracy theories aside, the characteristics of infrasound do lend it certain possibilities as a weapon. The low frequency of infrasonic sound and its corresponding long wavelength makes it much more capable of bending around or penetrating your body, creating an oscillating pressure system. Depending on the frequency, different parts of your body will resonate, which can have very unusual non-auditory effects. For example, one of the ones that occur at relatively safe sound levels (< 100 dB) occurs at 19Hz. If you sit in front of a very good-quality subwoofer and play a 19Hz sound (or have access to a sound programmer and get an audible sound to modulate at 19Hz), try taking off your glasses or removing your contacts. Your eyes will twitch. If you turn up the volume so you start approaching 110 dB, you may even start seeing colored lights at the periphery of your vision or ghostly gray regions in the center. This is because 19Hz is the resonant frequency of the human eyeball. The low-frequency pulsations start distorting the eyeball's shape and pushing on the retina, activating the rods and cones by pressure rather than light.

Almost any part of your body, based on its volume and makeup, will vibrate at specific frequencies with enough power. Human eyeballs are fluid-filled ovoids, lungs are gas-filled membranes, and the human abdomen contains a variety of liquid-, solid-, and gas-filled pockets. All of these structures have limits to how much they can stretch when subjected to force, so if you provide enough power behind a vibration, they will stretch and shrink in time with the low-frequency vibrations of the air molecules around them. Since we don't hear infrasonic frequencies very well, we are often unaware of exactly how loud the sounds are. At 130 dB, the inner ear will start undergoing direct pressure distortions unrelated to normal hearing, which can affect your ability to understand speech. At about 150 dB, people start complaining about nausea and whole body vibrations, usually in the chest and abdomen. By the time 166 dB is reached, people start noticing problems breathing, as the low-frequency pulses start impacting the lungs, reaching a critical point at about 177 dB, when infrasound from 0.5 to 8Hz can actually drive sonically induced artificial respiration at an abnormal rhythm. In addition, vibrations through a substrate such as the ground can be passed throughout your body via your skeleton, which in turn can cause your whole body to vibrate at 4-8Hz vertically and 1-2Hz side to side. The effects of this type of whole-body vibration can cause many problems, ranging from bone and joint damage with short exposure to nausea and visual damage with chronic exposure. The commonality of infrasonic vibration, especially in the realm of heavy equipment operation, has led federal and international health and safety organizations to create guidelines to limit people's exposure to this type of infrasonic stimulus.


>Hint: it's how the blues first talked to the ocean.

Some scientists also believe that it is used by elephants, giraffes, and blue whales to communicate over long distances.





More fun:

August 2nd, 1976, 4.00am, TEN MILE HILL, Tasmania, Australia
>M. Wood was returning home in the early hours. At the bottom of Ten mile Hill when driving north a screen like projection appears in front of his car, it seemed to fill the field of view. At the same time a loud distorted electrical type music sound was heard. On the screen he saw a yellow light source to the left and a large figure in profile to the right. The fig­ure was in a tight fitting black jacket and light colored trou­sers, it seemed to be turning towards the witness. Wood braked but just seemed to drive through the screen, it was over in a few seconds.

Laser on water mist? A generator?

7b706 No.19221

>Hint: it's how the blues first talked to the ocean.

Blue whales?

Also Blue Hats? Air Force, Navy?

Do we communicate with whales?

88bd4 No.19794

You know precisely who they are. It started with a conference of builders, but you might more correctly call them social engineers. McCarthy was about to expose whom precisely in 1954? Hint: it wasn't JUST the judeo-communists and their bolshevik handlers.

Considering there are, by a sound estimate of a former colleague, 10 million Befores in just the US whom took that oath, I'd say they are vastly outnumbered. After all, slaves don't service tanks and jets, do they. Progress is like a sword blade that was never meant to be finished Herr Vril; no matter which way it swings one man is always cut. The more we move, the more desperate their measures become. The Hastings execution wasn't a one trick pony. Black boxes in vehicles were mandated several years before anyone knew about it. The tech to reach them was being perfected. Now it is perfect.

Good man. Infrasound is no longer used as an actual weapon. The chinese caught on quick: Vietnam proved that certain drugs were able to allow the human body to tolerate frequencies/wavelengths that were lethal. Probably their only real contribution since Mao Little Dick executed eighty thousand intellectuals.

NHR sites were used to conduct chemical tests alongside Atomic Energy Commission. Helium was a shitty cover ploy: Fort Dietrick executives were spread across the country after the Lyme disease incident to prevent political fallout. Didn't prevent the actual falling out. NHR sites were testing grounds for bio/chemical companies. Who made the Up that is Round and cuts your life span by 30 years on average?

Right in one. Low frequency chemical lasers were used to create holograph-like displays until journalists got wise. "Australia is a big country." Lot of US secrets there, many Afters are hoping Uranium One brings them all to light.

You know how this twisted, tiring, sick game goes for us, Herr Vril. What form of whale is covered with a skin that is wholly unnatural? The blue hats on land talk to them, but only whales receive. They're sure not as cute as the long eared race of myth, legend, and perhaps a bit of truth.

7b706 No.20033

File: 1510632806840-0.jpg (341.82 KB, 1350x1398, R_Baca_small.jpg)

File: 1510632806840-1.gif (169.73 KB, 806x420, electrohydrodynamics1960.gif)

File: 1510632806840-2.pdf (1.57 MB, a_cia-ufo_connection_proje….pdf)


https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Committee_of_300 ???



Submarine? I can't work out the long eared part.

More fun:

See pic. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lonnie_Zamora_incident
The symbol, which much debate has happened over, looks like a warning label saying "Watch out jet exhaust". My guess is it is ejecting hot gasses through a electrically charged grill making ions. Pic 2. It could also be part lifting gas/airship.

Also see Attch #3

88bd4 No.20034

Afters don't use their name. Those freaks don't deserve recognition for the damage caused and the soon-to-occur alien invasion/saviorship movie script joke. 3 years before Soros drops his "grand plan", less if his criminal organ harvesting operations tied to CF are proven to the public.

Hastings dead dropped at least four packages. Two found, one is in FBI hands and is being used to unravel the Killary Affair. Fourth, no one knows. Imagine having access to the black box of every aircraft, Vril. That's what the Afters do not want to see. Forget the ambassador and his expendable toys donated by CF selling Stingers and black tech to "mujihadeen". Mysterious car crashes happen everywhere, next planes start dropping out of the sky being the next step.

Almost. Fort Dietrick and Plum Island were run by the same executives: former OSS/La Sia blue hats, the white hats in aerospace divisions simply created aerosolized dispersal patterns. Geo-engineering & NEXRAD are small time. They run projects as money pits for other projects and operations. Tesla Quakes in Iran, too.

Elves, herr Vril. E.L.F. is short for Extremely Low Frequencies. The blue hat to whale communications are run in a 7 hertz spectrum configuration, one to prevent listening in, the other you can figure out. An X-Files episode was dedicated to it. They were not wrong on it's dangers. ELF is being replaced by infrasound generators, dangers are even worse but cost is 20 times lower. "A few eggs-"

First outbreak was not in '75. Seagulls are pathogenic carriers, think toxoplasma gondii epidemic in homosexuals across the world, except worse. Someone's still feeding dirty information, going to take a look in that direction later.

Blue Book is pure shit. Conveniently false expositions of narrative propaganda. If you lose a weather balloon, you don't lose a job, or order someone's death. Some expensive projects have been lost all across the southern US. Radar operators die all the time. Lots of secret bases in the deserts: Aurora 1/2 & Desert Prowler came from one of them.

High Beam budget is Hollywood size now, at least a billion per year. The blue hat on board was either La Sia or took their oath. Afters don't trust any blue hat, been fucked over by deep plants before. Information war swings back and forth constantly. Remember what I stated about Rule of Three, they love abusing it. Triangulation is their shtick to use, triangulation is their downfall too.

7b706 No.20044

File: 1510682570192.jpg (50.11 KB, 811x811, plusultra.jpg)

It is my intent at a future time to make a detailed timeline of events from the "paranormal" side and the "projects" side. This will trivially show that these events occur as human ability is reached. It is beyond trivial to show this in a historical context, I already have a detailed chronology. This will demonstrate that any future hoax is just the same thing writ large. What I don't have is the details of the interconnections between "projects" and "events" and you do.

My purpose with all these events I have posted in this thread, and seeing your replies, is a test of this concept of me making the information infrastructure and you offering the fine details or leads.

Basically the events are questions, and you have answers (or leads to answers). Would you add onto a public facing, public domain, sensibly moderated (but with anonymous discussion below each page) Wiki of UFO etc events where the assumption is; witnesses are telling the truth and the "aliens" are lying (unless proven otherwise)? This is a third position rarely taken by people who usually go with the duality of "the witness is lying/confused" and "it's ETs! Disclosure now!"

I jokingly refer to this as "The Exposure Project" as a play on the so called "Disclosure Project". Steven Greer seems way too smooth and professionally focused.

Thoughts? Information rebellion time? Also where is the promised private chat? OPSEC :P

7b706 No.20047

File: 1510682759622.jpg (35.25 KB, 442x600, EPona3-442x600.jpg)

Also Epona Agrees :P

88bd4 No.20052

All projects and events are a straight line, the few that branch paths are less important. If the Black Hand failed their assassination before WW1 then five plans were in place to assassinate multiple regional leaders around Germany to make it appear concerted. The same scripts have been rewritten ad infinitum for over 2,500 years, Vril, only a few events are not choreographed, right until 300 year cycle rotation occurs. The necessary executions of "royalty" come to mind in the French Revolution. That scared them. Titles became less important, dropped or became disused due to lacking power. No man could kneel before bloodthirsty traitors for a time. Then the 1790's when alternate titles like "president" came to be known. Know what the britcuck meaning of president is? The owner of a corporation. History repeats when fools fail to learn previous lessons. For example this year is the Failed Uprising. Hint: the weather was too cold for Antifa to organize properly. Next year will be a repeat of the 1917 German Communist Revolution. Amusing isn't it?

Pay in mind that my focus was not TechEng, Herr Vril. What I can confirm are puzzle pieces, sometimes an outline appears, other times not.

The first two "parties" are in essence the same party: one tells the other a lie, the other believes the lie. Afters look down at the second for lack of realization. Little green men are too fantastic to start with. In 1999 everyone came to a horrifying conclusion: space is big, empty, and most importantly, dead. There's nothing out there. That's when white hats were shaken up, new blood started denying little green men stories outright, hinting at secret locations in US/Australian deserts. Lockdowns, gag orders, all attempts to silence new blood failed. Not all Afters point out super-tech,, holographic capabilities have been fairly realistic since late 70's. The more sense we make, the less "fantastic" there is. Humans want to wonder. Muller only wanted to believe. Wanting is nice but truth is always far uglier than fantasy.

Still working on it.

88bd4 No.20053

1918 German Communist Revolution rather. Kitty demands me to shitpost, but not right now.

7b706 No.20058

File: 1510691793909.jpg (76.69 KB, 926x490, tomorrowland.jpg)

You are me. This is.. interesting. Why are we both in the same place at the same time in very similar ways? There is a undercurrent here. A new cycle is due soon.

If we trace this back to Estabrook's in the 1930s. Soon the 100 year cycle of that is due. The maximum deceptive state will have been reached and a transformation will happen. They want the transformation to be a expansion of the deception, and we want it to end. But the cycle itself, the aggregate of all the motives in this, has it's "own" "plan". The printing press, the internet, the destroyers of control by secrecy. Logic suggests the transition to the new involves exposure of what has happened. From multiple sources, spontaneously because the past bullshit does not make self-referential logic sense. Lies can't be homogeneous, but truths always are.

>300 years.

309 Empire cycle.

It is so nice to see clearly.

88bd4 No.20275

Similar, not the same. We didn't enjoy duties. Hired goons invading innocent countries. No honor left in military. Marines in Battle of Fallujah 1 fought real warriors protecting their country. Scared them. Under Royal Crown Marine oath none could talk, disgrace, execution, blacklisting were only ways out. Some committed suicide. Others turned their brains off, accepted every lie as "patriotic truth". We started wearing 1984 colors. Angered the seagulls. Always laughed at them. Then Afters learned Saudis were half La Sia controlled, half kike owned. More we saw and learned the more orders were hated. Protecting international banking scheme, petro-dollar crisis wars, La Sia drug fields, the waves went on and on and on. You want to know that cycle? 1901-04 Philippines Opium Wars. I'd piss on those graves. White hats would pat each other on the back or cheer at their screens then we'd be sent to investigate a site. Wreckage and bodies, crying mothers and dead children, broken fathers. Still have nightmares. There are no gods willing to take us. We promised fraggings. Didn't say how.

Estabrooks and followers all failed. Parapsychology relies on human mind being perfect clay. Laughable. No amount of conditioning can cause humans to fully submit, fully forget. Humans are not animals, we're monsters. Think of all the legends Vril, only a monster can kill another one.

88bd4 No.20283

No, I do have one TechEng event for you. 1996 some thieves, from which agency is speculative, stole voice morpher tech and silenced creator. Worked on it until 1998. Remember any shocking, sworn confessions that year? Plenty were made. None real. A supply bin that was rather laden compared to others ceased to exist in 2001. No access to dialysis in caves. Slow death, poor bastard. He gave up La Sia to KGB during Soviet-Afghanistan War. White and blue hats lost thousands of agents, took grudges. Whole 15 year hunt created 9 trillion in petro-dollars and made someone's microdick tingle. That was primary reason for invasions. Sick of it.

7b706 No.20478

File: 1510801177291-0.jpg (84.82 KB, 1154x886, Rheinland1979.jpg)

File: 1510801177291-1.jpg (73.95 KB, 1920x1080, Rhineland1979-4.jpg)

I remember when I was younger people had respect for America, then it all faded away. It's more than a shame. There is nothing I can say that means anything in comparison to what has happened. So I wont.

Tomorrow when I am less fatigued, it has been a busy day, I thought I might throw in something from the late 70s regarding a Flying Disk with a Balkenkreuz logo on it landing in West Germany. It is the only Flying Disk sighting I know with a "owners" emblem on it. As well as some other interesting things from around that time. It seems a mini information revolution was attempted around the 70s and 80s in Germany.

88bd4 No.20507

Respect cannot be built on a mountain of lies. This country, among others, was built from a lie upon three lies, then nine, then twenty-seven, and so on. There was no "American Revolution". It was never a revolution, only an attempt to legitimize nu-english neo-nobility to english statesmen. The Whiskey Rebellion proved that Little Bitch Boy Georgie Washington wanted to be recognized as nobility equal to those in britshitland. Know what the britcuck meaning of nation is, Herr Vril? I'll give you a hint: it has MUCH to do with the word "president", and even more so to do with the word "enslaved". No one wants to live a lie Vril. Most Afters would rather the world glassed into a radioactive wasteland than continue it's course.

7b706 No.20906

File: 1510874936259-0.png (295.45 KB, 1544x2314, Vril_Causa_Nostra_version_….png)

File: 1510874936259-1.jpg (86.86 KB, 405x330, die-ufo-quellen--erste-pub….jpg)


In the 1988 film ( UFO ↕ Das Dritte Reich schlägt zurück? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RypA3z7EW3M ) it is claimed:

>1m-4m: A UFO Report that fell into our Hands shall now speak for itself. Truth or Fake? Here now the Report word by word: *Rheinland in Westphalen, West Germany 1979* “Saturday Evening. A spaceship, a flying saucer, is coming down from the sky to low height. It is maybe a little faster than a sportsman aircraft, but is only making singing noises. It is flying into my direction. I do have time to take a photograph when it flew over me. On the lower side it has 3 bumps and in the middle a dark blue dot. I can spot a swastika with sharp corners. / The whole Space ship is pretty big and makes a fear inducing impression. It looks very foreign. It continues flying calmly near the ground. Then, I can see that it is landing somewhere. I remember the direction, as it was the path I wanted to take anyway. In the surrounding region are only closed businesses, where nobody is around at this time of day. Behind a wall the Saucer is standing in the light of dawn, but everything is still clearly visible. / The three bumps on the lower side are equipped with wheels, who have been laid under it as it seems. The truck with the crane in the background is doing something I can not tell. There are 2 men. One under the ship and another one on the roof. There must be a hatch there, since he disappeared. Everything is very silent around here. On the saucer is a cross that looks like inverted Wehrmacht Insignia. The ship does not have any windows, but two spaced out openings (maybe covered with wire), but not with glass. / On the edges the saucer has some kind of strange plates, that looks like wheels from a turbine, but have to be something else. The three bumps and the similar looking structure on top have pipes that looks like artillery weapons. They are way too thick for antennas. In total, the ship has a size of about 18 to 20 meters. It looks threatening. Besides the truck with the crane stands another car with a registration plate from Solingen. The secret observation had to be aborted when a green Volkswagen drove into the area.”

This probably produced some excitement in the secret societys because of their beliefs in assistance from the stars.

Two films being made:
1) http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0095276/
2) “The Wernher von Braun Story” three-part mini series as a play documentation in German-Austrian-British co-production, with Klaus Maria Brandauer as Wernher von Braun)

These two film making groups end up in contact with each other, this facilitates contact between the secret societies and Messerschmitt, the aircraft manufacturer ( https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Messerschmitt-B%C3%B6lkow-Blohm ). Via this personal contact between Rolf Engel ( https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rolf_Engel ) and his wife occur by telephone with the producers and the secret socities. Some books are produced in Germany which has small amounts of this material.

Ralf Ettl seems to have been one of the workers for the producers making the von Braun 3 part documentary and when collecting records and going through them he sees documents and photos related to Nazi flying disks: “At the time, however, when Rolf Engel and our circle came together, he was 74 years old” [therefore 10 Aug 1986 - 10 Aug 1987] … “Photographs like sketches from Haunebu II, he said, it was real, but it was just a matter of model tests”

This information in Ettl's possession gets merged with information from Norbert Jürgen-Ratthofer. Ratthofer is associated with Wilhelm Landig ( https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Landig_Group ) who was SS.

This leads to a book being made called Einblick in die magische Weltsicht und die magischen Prozesse ( Insight into the Magical Vision of the Magical Processes ) which is a combination of Landig's occultism and Ettl's Nazi flying disks. The Hanussen movie gets released. Then Ratthofer and Ettl release the vide "UFO Das Dritte Reich schlägt zurück?", which is at the top of this post, with the emblem of https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Neo-v%C3%B6lkisch_movements#Tempelhofgesellschaft . Around the same time a book "Deutsche Flugscheiben und U-Boote überwachen die Weltmeere. Volume 1" is released by O.Bergmann which includes some of the schematics of Haunebu and Vril disks. The author seems to be https://physics.columbian.gwu.edu/otto-bergmann

More books: “UFOs: Die Beweise” ( UFOs: The proof ) by Michael Hesemann, Göttingen & “UFOs: die Kontakte” ( UFOs: The contacts )

"Royal Atlantis Film" company releases its first film and will later make an English version of the video above. Landig is continuing to write fiction(?) books about the Nazi's and the stuff we know of as the Nazi Myths. But most importantly, in 1992, the book "Das Vril Projekt" is produced wholly devoted to the story of the Nazi flying disks. This will be updates in 2002 for the internet.

A 2nd version of the video is produced "UFO-Geheimnisse des [Dritten/3.] Reichs [Austrian Release]" ( UFO Secrets of the [Third/3rd] Reich )

At this point interest is increasing and there are books emerging carrying the information and myths. No need for me to go into the details here. The internet is starting to come in to play as well.

An English version of the video is released in 1998: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YxEtseyHlNM

In 2002 an updated version of the document "Das Vril Project" becomes available online ( https://archive.org/details/DasVrilProjekt ). It is the same as the 1992 version but with extra pages expanding it from 121 pages to 409 pages.

Interesting that Bernd Angerer ( http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0029774/ ) who has done special effects for Lord of the Rings & Titanic did the special effects in the first Nazi flying saucer video for THG. And is credited for the English version on IMDB.

7b706 No.21108

File: 1510891346590-0.jpg (93.61 KB, 899x641, brisant.jpg)

File: 1510891346590-1.jpg (1.81 MB, 2560x1920, Brisant Aug 5, 1978 Flying….jpg)

File: 1510891346590-2.jpg (80.1 KB, 825x373, das_geheimnis_der_deutsche….jpg)


Just prior to the events in the previous post a Fake newspaper was given out at a technology fair in Germany. Pic #1 is the papers header. Pic #2 was on the back and claimed to be a secret patent.

Al Pinto claimed ( http://www.sacred-texts.com/ufo/nazi2.htm ) "The article also included detailed drawings of a typical WWII flying disk, did not mention the designer's name, and claimed that the drawing was altered by the West German gov't to render it “safe” for publication.”

In “Das Geheimnis der deutschen”​ Flugscheiben von Klaus-Peter Rothkugel (2002), page 156-161 we find pic #3. Then over here http://www.rexresearch.com/schwentt/schwentt.htm we have the same craft again with patent numbers:


The schematics shows multiple rooms and levels in a 5m tall craft…. how odd.

7b706 No.22625

File: 1511221858088-0.jpg (262.28 KB, 724x1090, westall-ufo-sighting-pilot.jpg)

File: 1511221858089-1.jpg (105.1 KB, 445x600, The-Dandenong-Journal-1966….jpg)

File: 1511221858089-2.jpg (31.43 KB, 400x233, westall-ufo-1966-encounter.jpg)

File: 1511221858089-3.png (126.49 KB, 415x212, westall1966.png)


>At approximately 11:00 am on Wednesday, 6 April 1966, a class of students and a teacher from Westall High School (now Westall Secondary College) were just completing a sport activity on the main oval when an object, described as being a grey saucer-shaped craft with a slight purple hue and being about twice the size of a family car, was alleged to have been seen. Witness descriptions were mixed: Andrew Greenwood, a science teacher, told The Dandenong Journal at the time that he saw a silvery-green disc. According to witnesses the object was descending and then crossed and overflew the high school's south-west corner, going in a south-easterly direction, before disappearing from sight as it descended behind a stand of trees and into a paddock at The Grange in front of the Westall State School (primary students). After a short period (approximately 20 minutes) the object – with witnesses now numbering over 200 – then climbed at speed and departed towards the north-west. As the object gained altitude some accounts describe it as having been pursued from the scene by five unidentified aircraft which circled the object.[1][2]


The sighting had around 200 witnesses ranging from head masters to science teachers to regular students.

On the date in question things were as usual at Westall. Some children were playing sports out in the school yard as others were studying, and it was clear out. Then almost out of know where, what was described as a large, siverish colored, saucer shaped disk about the size of two or three cars, came hovering over the school and moved towards a wooded area and then proceeded to land.
The children at the school, of course were mesmerized as were the teachers on duty, so they jumped the fence towards the wooded area where the UFO had disappeared behind as the teachers told them to return.
According to one witness one of the girls made it over to where the UFO had landed while it was still there and was found unconscious and had to be taken away in an ambulance. According to the same witness she never returned to school after that day. Before most of the witnesses could reach where the UFO had landed it had rose up and took off at what they all said was incredible speeds. At which time the witnesses said they saw five other objects, most likely military planes chasing the object.


Latest intel:

>3.2: Grant indicated that the matter involved him in undertaking debunking interviews of school children, teachers and locals at a school in the area, to search for a lost aerial object that apparently may have come done in the sea (Port Phillip Bay?). While on-site at an American run operation, where he and his ASIO associates had to take orders, he was told by a scientist (who spoke with a heavy German accent) what was apparently really going on. That discussion was interrupted by the arrival of a senior American military officer (a general?), who chastised the scientist, saying you should not be talking to the ASIO agent. Apparently, ASIO were only involved on a strictly limited “need-to-know” basis.

>3.3: Grant apparently indicated that the scientist had told him that the operation was a combined GENERAL ELECTRIC & German operation with a US military intelligence overview.
>3.4: The operation was meant to monitor and contain an incident that involved “experimental jets,” not of conventional appearance – disc-shaped remote control (ostensibly pilotless) aerial objects – 3 altogether, with one apparently lost in the wake of the objects “landing” or coming down in the general area of the school, which was at the center of the incident.
>3.5: The objects, Grant was advised, were hazardous, that they were highly electrified and could discharge a severe electrical shock.
>3.6: The objects were apparently flying in a long flight around the world acting as a low-level downlink monitoring system for high orbit satellites, involved in monitoring the use of nuclear weapons. (A variety of high orbit and low-level monitoring operations were employed during the late 1960s, 1960s and 1970s, initially with the Russians, and then later other “rogue” states such as China. China was the main focus in the mid-1960s. See for example “Spying on the Bomb – American Nuclear Intelligence from Nazi Germany to Iran and North Korea” by Jeffrey T. Richelson (2006), “The Wizards of Langley – Inside the CIA’s Directorate of Science and Technology” by J.T. Richelson (2001), and “Secret Empire – Eisenhower, the CIA, and the hidden story of America’s space espionage” by Philip Taubman (2003))
These objects allegedly employed a novel kind of recharging from high tension power lines, which were present on the school site. (Perhaps a form of induction which may not have required actual contact, just close proximity)
>3.7: Grant indicated he had trouble dealing with the Australian government complicity with the Americans of a “cover-up” in which people had been harmed and suppressed. “The Yanks were testing 3 German (Tesla) electric high voltage powered unmanned craft that flew by remote control via satellite around the World. These 3 amazing craft defied gravity and were silent and had to land at Westall to recharge via new technology extraction methods from high Voltage Power Lines.”
(Ron said his references to “German Tesla”/General Electric (US) “electric high voltage powered unmanned craft” may be inaccurate with respect to the reference to Tesla. Ron feels he may have introduced that element via exposure to his own research and exploration of the conversation he overheard. )


Good to see Bill Chalker looking in this direction.

88bd4 No.22720

Elecromagnetic recharging technology wasn't a Tesla invention, he only refined it from French colleagues, possibly Vril Societe`. A friend of Tesla debuted a battery-only boxed motor vehicle for ice deliveries in New York, had a radius of half mile. La Sia has been using micro spy drones down to the size of a common butterfly that run off EM rechargers since 2003. Many common electric items such as tooth brushes and shavers have used EM recharging since 2002. There were reports of a US Royal Crown Marine experimental division using Strykers with no engine. Gold-lithium-ion-phosphorous batteries are likely.

88bd4 No.22722

Tesla and Vril Societe` associates devised remote controlled doors, lifts, and other unknown devices for their labs. Germans and Soviets came across that tech, began using remote controlled weaponry starting in 1934. Three German scientists created the first remote control steering system for a small ship, likely a coastal cutter, while a Soviet engineer did the same to direct the flight path of a 200 pound finned bomb. Russians debuted an autonomous T-34 flamethrower variant but failed laughably. Germans responded with remote controlled King Tiger squadron. Those kept pressure during Winter War, made the Russians think they were fighting ghosts operating near-indestructible tanks.

7b706 No.22876

File: 1511246868668.jpg (821.33 KB, 1879x2551, Corsica UFO Base.jpg)

Thoughts on pic related?

88bd4 No.22934

Multiple linked ram/scram/canjet engines. Was basic technology in late 40's, passed over for lower cost multi-stage/fuel engines in 50's. Was considered dead end technology until MIRV. Concept is sound, not sure of applications.
I was not TechEng, Herr Vril.

88bd4 No.23104

Honest, loyal men spoke of Hollow Earth in 70's. Stirs didn't die down. Most died in plane wrecks. Drunk drivers, failed brakes. One man in boat, one man in plane failed to arrive. All hats claimed victory but failed to suppress new communications. New fear mongering needed: increased #'s of incidents, sightings, made too many wild eyed witnesses. Cinco Oculares made then. Why? Good satellite coverage. Adding six to the pot made the secret ingredient drop.

7b706 No.24538

.fr or .de ?

7b706 No.24539

File: 1511603711590.jpg (181.5 KB, 1600x900, Mars Colony - Slaves.jpg)

8 MILLION Children Go Missing Each Year Across the World — There's Something More to Child Trafficking Than Most Think

>The number of children that go missing each year across the world is staggering: 8 Million!* That's 320 million children in the past four decades alone.

>Clearly, there's something more to the story.
>According to many whistleblowers, after the second world war we have developed a large space fleet, established extensive colonies on the Moon and Mars and we have companies that already mine for rare metals in the asteroid belt.
>We should also take into account the huge underground bases, built on all continents (some of which are 30 stories deep).
>All these projects require slave workers and that's the final stage of child trafficking.

http://humansarefree.com/2017/11/8-million-children-go-missing-each-year.html - https://archive.fo/CuGAQ

* https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Missing_person#Worldwide

7b706 No.25175

88bd4 No.25945

The Germans were forced into the first "agreement", Frogs willingly jumped into second agreement. If you bother reading them, then you will encounter a billion legalese and fucking dead as shit Latin words that hold no meaning. Dead languages should stay dead.

What did I tell you about Hollow Earth, Herr Vril? I was SciOcc during downtime. Horror was never more than casual questions or information requests. Grund knew Van Allen Belt. There are ways to survive it, expensive ones. Peruse post-WW2 spending reports.

11062 No.26335

Just noticed this post, and this thread. Perhaps another version of this should be transplanted to the main board?

7b706 No.26493


Van Allen Belts

>In the end, it seemed that these tactics worked; the on-board dose counters for the Apollo missions registered average radiation doses to the skin of the astronauts of 0.38 rad. This is about the same radiation dose as getting two CT scans of your head, or half the dose of a single chest CT scan; not too bad, though not something you should do every week.

>I am an Assistant Professor in Physics & Astronomy. Find me on twitter @Jillian_Scudder.


So continual Earth to space is a risk. You are suggesting inner Earth is more of a thing than space?

7b706 No.26495

File: 1511877223208.png (317.74 KB, 1200x1172, shrug.png)

88bd4 No.26569

Funny. That report has been changed three times now; original was 7.3 rads per minute even with advanced technologies. The constant exposure hypothesis states that such "low levels of radiation were eventually what did in most of the astronauts". Utter bullshit. Kubrick was given nine billion dollars of funding. Giant swimming pools were built and painted. No such event called a coincidence.

Yes, and no. 30 stories of underground skyscrapers was suggested in Japan, 1904. They could have done it easily. By now the current margin is 50, though 80 is a more realistic number. Earth's mantle is three times thicker than scientifically suggested in the 1990's.

7b706 No.26630

Does the air pressure go up further in the Earth? Does Oxygen density go up? Does the temperature go up ~25deg for every 1km down? How do you vent heat? Would the underground facilities not be better off sideways into mountains?

50 levels at lets say 3m each = 150m.

7b706 No.26631


Scientific Occultism? MK?

7b706 No.27088

NASA MOONED AMERICA! By Ralph Rene (1999):

Our space shuttles routinely blast off to orbit the Earth. There is not a single doubt that
man is in space! However, there is much doubt that any man has ever gone beyond the
radiation shield provided by the Van Allen belts.

Subsequent study showed that these belts, begins in near space about 500 miles out and
extend out to over 15,000 miles.

The Moon does not have a Van Allen belt. Neither does it have a protective atmosphere.
It lies nakedly exposed to the full blast of the solar wind. Were there a large solar flare
during any one of the Moon missions, massive amounts of radiation would scour both the
capsules and the Moon's surface where our astronauts gamboled away the day. The radiation
is worse than dangerous — it's lethal!

In 1963 the Soviet space scientists told the famous British astronomer Bernard Lovell
that they "could see no immediate way of protecting cosmonauts from the lethal effects of
solar radiation."4

4 = JOURNEY TO TRANQUILITY, "Young, Silcock & Dunn", 1969, Doubleday

[Apollo Astronaut Michael] Collins mentioned space radiation in only two places in his book. He said, "At least the
moon was well past the earth's Van Allen belts, which promised a healthy dose of radiation
to those who passed and a lethal dose to those who stayed."5

During the era of the Apollo missions (1969 to 1972) , there were 27,019 flares or 19
storms a day so I decided to run my own imaginary contest to see which Apollo team of
astro-nots would win the booby prize for being zapped by the highest number of flares while
in space. Traveling at 26,000 mph, a mission to the moon spends only minutes under the
Van Allen belts. Then the astro-nots spend about an hour in the belts' regions where the
higher radiation is trapped (see The More On Space Radiation addendum). Although the
higher radiation here serious, it is miniscule compared to what is released by one big solar

My personal "Most Flares Avoided" award goes to the Apollo 15 team composed of
astro-nots Dave Scott, Al Worden and Jim Irwin. They won hands down.
Apollo 15 | 07/26 to 08/07 1971 | Days = 12 | Flares in month = 693 | Avg per day = 22.35 | Total flares = 268.2 |
Wow! First of all the Van Allen Belts are the primary shield, and this NASA suit space
fairy tale is a thing of beauty. If a dozen layers of ultra fine spun glass cloth, doped with
silicon rubber, some aluminum threads and a coating of teflon can stop particles that may be up to 2
gigavolt (2 billion EV), then imagine what they could do in an atomic reactor where the particle
energies are below 18 megavolts (18 million EV). Why one could romp around in Three Mile Island's
melted down, still hot, reactor all day long in such a splendid garment.

7b706 No.27094

ANGELS DON'T PLAY THIS HAARP by Jeane Manning, Nick Begich (~2002):

1958: Van Allen radiation belts discovered (zones of charged particles trapped in
earth's magnetic field) 2,000+ miles up. Violently disrupted in the same year.

In his Nexus article, Begich said that the Eastlund patents go beyond the
applications dreamed of by Tesla. The Eastlund patent said that scientists in the
previous few years had been trying to learn about the belts of trapped electrons and
ions above the earth, in order to control and use the phenomena for beneficial uses;
"For example, in the late 1950's and early 1960s, both the United States and
the USSR detonated a series of nuclear devices…to generate large numbers of charged
particles at various altitudes…"34

34 = united States patent number 4,686,605, issued August 11,1987 https://patents.google.com/patent/US4686605A/en

Milestones in the history of arrogant science also include the three space
explosions of the U.S. military's Project Argus in 1958. Each shot spewed atomic
particles into Earth's magnetic field where they were trapped and spiraled back and
forth at high speeds. "In essence," said the New York Times, "the Argus experiments
produced artificial belts comparable to the natural Van Allen radiation belt (regions of
high- energy charged particles around the earth at between 2,000 and 12,000 miles
altitudes). Thus, after each shot a curtain of radiation - that is, of extremely high
speed particles - spread around the world."61

61 = Walter Sullivan, "Blast May Erase Radiation Belt," New York Times Apr. 30,1962.

In the opinion of the authors, psychiatrists should be invited into
thinktanks where decisions are made to "modify" one of Earth's protective layers.
Shortly after Dr. James A. Van Allen discovered the two radiation belts around Earth -
in the International Geophysical Year (1GY) of 1958, two physicists at the
University of Minnesota proposed that a hydrogen bomb be exploded inside that
radiation belt. According to the New York Times, the two physicists wrote "It might
be amusing to end the IGY by destroying some of the radiation field first discovered
during the IGY."

"In the past several years, substantial effort has been made to understand
and explain the phenomena involved in belts of trapped electrons and ions, and to
explore the possible ways to control and use these phenomena for beneficial purposes.
For example, in the late 1950's and early 1960's both the United States and the U.S.S.R.
detonated a series of nuclear devices of various yields to generate large numbers of
charged particles at various altitudes, e.g. 200 kilometers or greater."

As a "primary driver" this again shows that the project is important to the
military in terms of Department of Defense (DoD) applications. Beyond the
communication possibilities, these types of radio frequencies could be used to
manipulate the radiation belts of the ionosphere in a manner which would allow
satellites to operate safely in these regions without damage to the satellites'
This use was discussed in the Eastlund patents as well as the HAARP

————– end quotes —————

The patent is one one linked above.
Looks like we can maipulate those belts to get through them.. ?? Solar flares seem to be the bigger risk. But if your craft is already generating massive EM fields risk is reduced? And if you are generating artificial gravity can't you also carry more shielding?

88bd4 No.27410

Air pressure increases closer to the mantle, though not as violently as underwater. Oxygen density decreases due to the limbic functions of volcanity activity. The stable middle mantle temperature is a reported 55 degrees. Why vent heat instead of capture it? Heating water in a metallic sphere with rotational means provides additional electricity generation. Not only that, 150M is nothing Herr Vril. Look at the ten tallest skyscrapers in the world, then the earth's mantle. Could easily fit 100 floors, each 3.5M in height, without a problem in most geologically stable regions. The American South, Australia, large chunks of Europe, Asia, Africa, S.America. I do not know how many humans have been abducted in the past 80 years for these projects, though that number is likely about 500 million.

No. Science, then Occult studies. Unit was overall a bit smarter than the meatheads joining for M-MUH 9/11!! Got shanghai'd from intended units. Had weird events happen in the desert. Things that cannot be explained without stressing the mind. Hats of all types came to study. Learned to hate their single-minded stupidity early on.

All earlier projects before HAARP were designed to defeat Van Allen Belt. Partial success. Still large numbers of burn victims with no way for them to return. Work began on alternate means in 1963. Coincidence? No. Free money. Even in a lead lined coffin risk is not reduced overall. The exposure rate has been reduced by 60%. Still a lot of burn victims. The ISS has no crew, all robots and telemtry. Kubrick and his movie script writer friends, including L. Ron Hubbard, made useful idiots complacent in many countries.

7b706 No.27411

File: 1512129066367-0.jpg (108.4 KB, 660x941, a_catalogue_of_200_type-i_….jpg)

File: 1512129066367-1.jpg (92.55 KB, 1275x1650, trace_cases_by_ted_phillip….jpg)


7b706 No.27412

So what is the point of faking all of this? The Russians would not have been convinced. Ralph Rene book claims the Russians extorted the US over it to get cheat wheat. Where is the advantage?

7b706 No.27413


88bd4 No.28482

Then you realize the immense significance. La Sia and other project funds were dropped during the interim where confusion and fear of being found out to have assassinated JFK. That funding instead went to the Atomic Energy Commission, NASA, and several other agencies whom would all eventually join Project HARDCOUNT. That's an explanation for another time. To further create alarm, panic, and spread disinformation in 1963, "UFO coverage" from media outlets was increased by 800%. Remember what I stated about overexposure.

Money. It is common knowledge that Russians are predisposed to lying, now known due to 2 specific genes that govern the human sense of honesty, yet nowhere near as much as the average chink. This ties into well known facts that the Prussians have been considered nothing more than liars for over 800 years. In WW2, nearly 140,000 photographs were doctored under orders. As an amusing man once said: "a liar is the only one whom can seize another liar". The Soviets were the first to attempt breaking through the Van Allen Belt. After 1,200 rockets had been sent up, they knew it was impossible and gave up. They were also the first ones to call out NASA, or as most know them as, The Little Deceivers, for lying.

As for the cheap wheat, the Russian government is still ruled over by the same oligarchs whom are owned by the kikes whom are friends of kikes that "own" most US debt. Playing multiple sides against each other = Domino Effect. They knew this economically, so to prevent the post-war US from falling apart due to the loss of petro-dollar confidence, stocks, and shareholders, a plan called the "Torch Men Command" was devised in June 1941. Soviets dressed in captured German uniforms were to destroy, at minimum, 85% to a maximum of 95% of all food stockpiles, fields, and farms using traditional arson techniques and chemical weapons. In this plan all US farmers were to be enslaved into wartime debt, and to "pay off" those debts the USSR made huge demands of food stockpiles. Again, there are no branching paths: all history is a straight line bent into a circle.

7b706 No.28516

7b706 No.29060

Except for physics all of human existence is a MMORPG.

7b706 No.29072

File: 1512277891677.jpg (165.85 KB, 1240x1754, USAF-interplanetary-1953.jpg)

88bd4 No.29120

To a high point, yes. Between the Ancient Monarchy/World Monarchy batshit insane stupidity and the limitless ambition of three specific groups, over 93% of humanity has allowed itself to be lulled into complete, total, cucked pacifism. There are two remaining solutions: a complete reset, or exacting self-annihilation. The first was planned nearly 2,500 years ago by those that would become the jewISH cult. The second would be a more peaceful, long term solution. I am of the second camp.

7b706 No.29121

File: 1512305293461.jpg (41.21 KB, 736x617, mightmare-rarity-butt.jpg)

You sweet talker.

You really should put together a history or pick a segment and add sources.

88bd4 No.29122

Drinking to forget those tiny details stopped working. Other methods too have failed. I am physically sickened when I have to step back into the past, recalling briefings, answers, images. This entire sick, twisted game to toy with, weaken, and enslave humanity disgusts all Afters. What you see now is the little pieces of my coherence and unsanity that remain, Herr Vril. Should I perform either of those in the two manners you've suggested, it wouldn't destroy the Cyclical Quandary fast enough. It's disturbing for some of us to think about though the Cuban Nuclear Crisis was our best shot to wipe the slate clean. Now the most commonly asked question is: how far do we plan ahead? A year is nothing. The Tea Party was infiltrated and destroyed by neocon shekel-loving kike-protecting traitors in under 11 months. Five years was barely enough to warn the US against the UNPatriotic Acts, and still no one listened. Eight years and the DotCom-PetroShekel Bubble still burst. As a decade past, most of the Gulf War survivors are dead, homeless, blacklisted, imprisoned for speaking, or outright shunned and told to call VFW Suicide Hotlines. At this stage the Afters have done ONLY enough to expose the shackles of the Soros, Goldstein, Warburg, and Rothschild cabals. Few in number, dead in heart, but still merry enough to willingly ruin our lives just to piss off the Ancient Monarchy/World Monarchy.

"FOIA" is a convenient measure to find out precisely whom is attempting to access what information, and what time frame. It's a rather openly obtuse, arrogant method to destroy document in advance of time, though it has resulted in some.. interesting failures to redact information before it's release. Simply peruse through the Projects I've listed in order, though you may want to look into the GeoEngineering ruse racket. Or, rather their real names: the US Army Chemical Corps, the Atomic Energy Commission, and the US Air Force whom are "topped off" by The Little Deceivers. You will not like the answers the first's files hold.

7b706 No.29447

File: 1512362161926-0.jpg (199.58 KB, 1246x931, MUFON UFO Journal - 2007 0….jpg)

File: 1512362161926-1.jpg (22.83 KB, 459x628, Report on the UFO Wave of ….jpg)

File: 1512362161926-2.gif (16.12 KB, 498x564, 1952 DIA CIA UFO foia83.gif)

File: 1512362161926-3.gif (35.07 KB, 466x788, 1952 DIA CIA UFO foia82.gif)

File: 1512362161926-4.jpg (288.85 KB, 825x638, nightmare-rarity-is-not-sa….jpg)

I can understand the pessimism, but things changed in 2016 with the internet upending The Plan. The internet is now a factor that did not exist before. It can be leveraged by you. Confession is good for the soul?

Also before, no one was asking(?), and now someone is.. and your answer is no? Haven't you been waiting for civilians to wake up???? We are entering a period of re-evaluation because the Narrative has failed. Don't you want to help that along?

Anyway want to comment on the ups and downs in these charts? I added some speculations.

7b706 No.29460

File: 1512362832341-0.jpg (225.79 KB, 688x514, JFKCIA1.jpg)

File: 1512362832341-1.jpg (34.72 KB, 600x374, JFKCIA2.jpg)

File: 1512362832341-2.jpg (19.15 KB, 322x206, JFKCIA3.jpg)


1963+ is JFK dead and the resulting confidence. Isn't Trump JFK #2 with the lessons of #1 learned?

88bd4 No.29557

Last time, herr Vril, since I hate repetition: no gods will take us.

The word "civilian" comes from the same jewISH doublethink term with he exact same meaning: "citizen". Both mean: SLAVE. The first was coined by britcucks in the 1300's during the Medieval Inquisitions, the second was coined by "President" Little Bitch Boy Georgie Washington when he was crying that he wouldn't be accepted as nobility in 1790. The term "president" means "owner of a corporation", and as Georgie was assigned the Corporation of the Royal Crown United States of North America, he deliberated with the BAR [British-American Rules] for a time. They came up with the term to mean that all chattel in the Royal Crown United States were to be called "citizens" since it sounded nicer than "slave". I do not use those terms, Herr Vril. Any who do are either traitors, stupid, or simply brainwashed. My answer since 2002 has always been "Yes, but on my terms." That will not change. The narratives have been, for the most part, broken, yet there is no stability to be found.

You will notice that during each year of advanced science "revelations" that clever cover ploys of attempted whitewashing, through media, uses of little green men to prevent interest from being taken have had their intended effects. Most sheep are not only lame, they are also blind, deaf, dumb, most importantly they are under-educated. When Common Core entered the World Monarchy narrative in 2008, it was rejected by MIC at the time: they needed decently intelligent, fully expendable soldiers and high risk workers, just intelligent enough to push buttons or fire a weapon, yet not stupid enough to be necessarily given orders every 20 seconds. In 2006, CIA "Colonel" Oliver North ordered that gang members were to be given appreciably high ranks in the Royal Crown Marines, Royal Crown Army, Royal Crown Air Force, and Royal Crown Merchant Marines. For what purpose? To create a sub-tribal institution within the institutions, weakening the militaries themselves while strengthening the MIC/La Sia agenda. As a good example, the dismissals of many long time Royal Crown Navy persons in 2009, 2011, and 2013 followed that agenda. You might have already asked yourself this question, though I will register it nonetheless: "What does the Navy have to do with the Air Force/La Sia/[OSS] Projects?" Everything. The AIR and the SEA are to be controlled at the same time. Failing to dominate one or the other leaves others, such as the Soviets, in the position to call out the batshit insane press releases. Failing to keep hold of the false "fascist takeover" of Crimea and the Black Sea gave La Sia a massive black eye. They could not maintain media control in the Baltics. That made the Afters sigh in relief for once since 1982.

Short answer: no. While it is possible, Owebammy was definitively the FIRST Manchurian Candidate put into power by Mossad, which is in reality the power brokers of jewISHness and kikery as a whole. Unfortunately, there are many well founded concerns that Trump is the Second Manchurian Candidate. He has too many kikes, judeo-catholics, and judeo-christians around him to begin trusting. Not only have most of his delegates been neocons or friends of necons, over 50% of them are pro-zionist, or zionists themselves. Though he has done much to weaken the MIC/World Monarchy's petro-shekel, it is not enough to begin eliminating the false US debt to the crown of britcuckland. The chinks, owing to their "Beautiful Lie" which was learned from the kikes themselves, still cannot be trusted. After all, global warming was invented by a chink judeo-communist governmental agency in order to commit economic warfare against the rest of the world. Adding to this, the "Prussian Revivalism" which was forced into existence by Putin, himself owned by Goldberg and, has led to the KGB and by direct extension the Nu-USSR into becoming more judeo-communist by the day. Purges of free thinkers occur monthly, not weekly. The young Russians whom have demanded for greater access to the world have been removed, infiltrated, or killed. That entire movement of around 4 million is now entirely silent. They died with a whimper, not a snarl. Too many concerns, too little time to address all of the realpolitik.

7b706 No.30184

File: 1512540649978.jpg (159.38 KB, 777x975, Estonia3.jpg)

What are 'gods'? What are 'us'?

Pic related:
Why are the suits often green? What material?
Why are the faces/skin often very red?
Why Estonia?

7b706 No.30189

88bd4 No.30480

You know both answers, Herr Vril. "Why am I still here?"

The first use of little men in suits was due to the attention grabbing color that is bright green. Note that bright red and bright blue are not as flashy in most cases. Heat resistance, high pressure resistance, maximum elasticity. Rubber is one of the best insulators around. Put a rubber band around your finger, what happens. I mentioned this quite early on, Herr Vril. Who would believe anyone from Estonia? Too small, too isolated. Estonia is a running joke in realpolitik. A short dose of hypnosis, a couple false memories. "They must be insane!" or "It's literal aliens, release information now!" Idiots being sidetracked.

88bd4 No.30481

Notice the constant human apotheosis. "Even if they're alien looking, they're human looking." However: "Even if they're human looking, they have something that isn't even alien." All the costumes are the same. Little [color here] men of some kind.

88bd4 No.30482

Ah, I nearly forgot. How long do you think LED's have been in use? Truth is they've been around three times longer than their debut.

7b706 No.30483

File: 1512638779170.png (630.67 KB, 1125x1000, 1474589555180.png)

This is beautiful. The rubber suits are also flight pressure suits. The pressure ups the blood pressure to the head/face. So simple! Also makes it hard to walk. This also explains the Michelin man type suits.

When do reliably pressurised craft arrive? Looks like the 50s was touch and go with reliably keeping pressurised cabin, using the Comet passenger plane as a guide.

Fits together nicely.


Wikipedia says 1907. Where are you leading with this?

>"Why am I still here?"

You still have things to do, I suppose. Like hinting to us. So I'll just keep asking stupid questions :)

7b706 No.30484

Why the focus on sex and babies?

I can see part of it being genetic diversity/experiments. But later also part of it being genetics affects brain chemistry, which affects mind control susceptibility. So following family lines gives a boost to MK success rates. The focus on babies would make emotional bonding.

88bd4 No.30832

Correct. Here's a quick test for you: compare 1950's and 60's kaiju movie theater suits to the ones in US use. There are no differences.

1947 was the first use of an internally pressurized craft. Near-explosive decompression downed that one. A single-seat single engine scout aircraft in 1953 developed by the vile skunks was the first. Wasn't until 1958 when the knowledge became widespread.

You missed the question entirely. When were LED's first sold to the public? That year is quite significant. Now, what is a diode? What causes a diode to emit light? Whom first created a contraption that emitted light a little over 300 years ago, and was called a "heretic" for doing so?

Perhaps just to suffer. Or perhaps a fittingly cruel sentence.

If you can identify the specific wavelengths that vary between family members and take full advantage of that notion.. which is the problem. Children are so easily indoctrinated via the use of 7 hertz. Know whom else uses the 7 hertz frequency? Any religious institution owned by the Ancient Monarchy/World Monarchy. It's a shame, really, all that shitty music that has not yet been destroyed.

7b706 No.30950

File: 1512731450423-0.jpg (125.02 KB, 980x552, kaiju.jpg)

File: 1512731450423-1.gif (44.5 KB, 372x296, betty_and_barney_hill_1.gif)


I think before you might have used the word kaijun which lead me nowhere, but this word… look at that timing… 1954 (pic#1)
So the little green men were the first test runs to test how the reactions would go before a more sophisticated use. No wonder humanity is so looked down upon by the elite.
This also fits quite well timewise with https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kelly%E2%80%93Hopkinsville_encounter

>1947 was the first use of an internally pressurized craft.

So Nazi's in space BTFO. Which probably makes Aldebaran etc. more like code names for places the "Nazis" escaped to.

>7 Hertz

>"People who experience a sense of spirituality in church may be reacting to the extreme bass sound produced by some organ pipes." … "But in a controlled experiment in which infrasound was pumped into a concert hall, UK scientists found they could instil strange feelings in the audience at will.

These included an extreme sense of sorrow, coldness, anxiety and even shivers down the spine."

There are lots of examples in the "paranormal" literature of psychological effects from both sound and electromagnetic frequencies from fear to elation. Including Betty Andreasson/Luca who experienced God in an abduction.

Even the Betty and Barney Hill case from 1961 seems to use ultrasound crossed beams to produce beeping noises remotely as hypnotic triggers. I suspect the protrusions on the sides of the craft are ultrasonic speakers, and crossing the beams creates audible sounds where they cross.

"And while I'm sitting there, I'm amazed by all this. Then all of a sudden on one side, on the left-hand side, a red light came out. And then on the right-band side, a light came out." … "Some time later, how long they were not sure, the beeping sound repeated itself. They were conscious only that there were two sets of these beeps, separated by a time span they had no idea about-as well what had happened or how long it had taken." – Interrupted Journey by John G Fuller (1966).


in next post

7b706 No.30993

Why did you give me a homework assignment? :P


> When were LED's first sold to the public? That year is quite significant.

1962. Red LEDs at $260 a pop. Whilst attempting to make visible lasers.

1960s: Sound from ultrasound, MKULTRA/BLUEBIRD, small wave of UFO reports in '62, Guidelines to Anti-Gravity science paper by Robert L. Forward, Detection and Generation of Gravitational Waves by
J. Weber in crystals, Betty and Barney Hill abduction, Niobium Tin superconductor, and:

"The project to fly, test fly these craft, was ongoing until sometime in 1962 when a craft blew up not far from the test sight, in the air, and the explosion was seen over a three-state area. The pilots were killed, they had no idea what had happened or why the craft blew up, but they put Project Redlight on hold until a later date when the aliens supplied us with three craft and personnel to help us learn how to fly these craft. That project is ongoing, and we now have not only alien craft that we are flying, we have craft we have built, using the captured technology, and some of the UFOs that people report seeing in the United States, and maybe even elsewhere, are flown by United States personnel." – The UFO Conspiracy from Milton William Cooper speech (1989).

Interesting name "Project Redlight"; and red LEDs.

> Now, what is a diode?

Allows electrical flow in one direction only. Sounds very T.T. Brown.
Thermo: heated negative pole near a positive charge, or
Semi-conductor: crystals (relation between crystals and gravity is suggested above by J. Weber)

> What causes a diode to emit light?

"The LED consists of a chip of semiconducting material doped with impurities to create a p-n junction. As in other diodes, current flows easily from the p-side, or anode, to the n-side, or cathode, but not in the reverse direction. Charge-carriers—electrons and holes—flow into the junction from electrodes with different voltages. When an electron meets a hole, it falls into a lower energy level and releases energy in the form of a photon."

So electrons have been sucked from the environment, I'll speculate the helium gas, (this might also be related to keeping Nb3Sn superconductors cold). New electrons being pulled into the gas go from a high energy state to a low energy state and emit photons.

> Whom first created a contraption that emitted light a little over 300 years ago, and was called a "heretic" for doing so?

This was a challenge!

>The history of gas-discharge lamps began in 1675 when French astronomer Jean-Felix Picard observed that the empty space in his mercury barometer glowed as the mercury jiggled while he was carrying the barometer.Investigators, including Francis Hauksbee, tried to determine the cause of the phenomenon. Hauksbee first demonstrated a gas-discharge lamp in 1705. He showed that an evacuated or partially evacuated glass globe, in which he placed a small amount of mercury, while charged by static electricity could produce a light bright enough to read by. The phenomenon of electric arc was first described by Vasily V. Petrov in 1802 …


This got my mind churning. If you have a craft using both helium lifting gas (or liquid helium superconductor cooling) and strong voltage you might produce some glowing effects. So I looked up helium gas discharge lamps:


The predominant colours are yellow and red. Colour changes have been reported with disks under performance but also to seemingly want to attract attention. And I think the early cases had a lot of red glows noticed in the day. Bright yellow glows would be obvious at night. Lots of night time "balls of light" (BoL) aka Nocturnal Lights (NL).

> Perhaps just to suffer. Or perhaps a fittingly cruel sentence.

I am not sure Jean-Felix Picard was ever called a heretic but it is possible given church vs astronomy/science and he was a priest.

7b706 No.30996

>If you can identify the specific wavelengths that vary between family members

So you can affect family members individually. For example turn some "off" while working on one of them.

You avoided talking about the whole baby presentation thing that is part of the modern reports. And babies in artificial wombs, babies in sealed sacs put in womens wombs then later removed.

88bd4 No.31643

I stated "kaiju". Has always been nothing more than men in rubber suits.

Correct. Many of the names you will see used are recycled from previous iterations of the facetious non-terrestrial stories. Aldebara was the code name for the research lab where the German Bell was created.

The use of sound to cause specific moods and trigger electro-chemical emotions has been going on for over 3,000 years. Name any pre-Arabia culture and they will have extensive documentation of tones, frequencies. One of the more vile aspects of religion is the abuse of that factor.

To make you test yourself. After all, "The more I know-"

It gets worse. In 1961, the skunks in collusion with La Sia built a pair of disc shaped aircraft for Project Redlight, confirmed by a missed paper resulting from Project Blue Book disinfo campaign. They really didn't like that slipping by. The AF wanted to test combined effects of infrasound or sonic generators in tandem with extensive LED strobes to determine what would occur to unwilling participants, and how to properly weaponize such effects. Ever wonder why there are so many reports of engines failing, batteries going dead, lights dimming? What about the near-constant disorientation or ill-at-ease witnesses? This is not so much a rabbit hole as it is testing weaponry on an unwilling populace.

He was indeed, some say conveniently, called a heretic. The cathocuck church at the time decried that creating light using "sorcery", as they called science, was evil and could lead to great catastrophe. Narratives, narratives, narratives…

That was a self-deprecating joke towards myself, Herr Vril.

Correct. Remember the famous line: "turn on, tune in, tune out"? Only a few traitors, they called themselves engineers, knew what else was going inside television sets besides tubes and wires. Over 4 decades later and the damned things are ever more sophisticated. Likewise: text-to-skull and voice-to-skull communications. These patents were sealed "Above Top Secret" in 1981 and entered common use in 1984. Such a convenient year. How else do you think ultra-sensitive information is passed around so freely amongst the "elite"?

That is likewise common knowledge. Create a few hundred emotional screeching stories, or feelgood nothink news, using all the La Sia owned media outlets, and the coverup disappears. The term for it in the 1960's was called an "amniotic cradle". Highly experimental. Zero survivors until the mid-80's. Deformed, barely human. Then comes the Human Genome Project to solve the mystery. Now look at genetic engineering: lab dishes are safer to eat, even if ceramic usually contains small amounts of lead. Then there's the genetically engineered insane cannibal salmon with a few hundred genetic miscodings. Idiots never learn to not fuck with forces beyond their comprehension OR ability to interact with. The wise ones stopped early on. Might be too late considering how most of the farmland in the US is irrevocably tainted.

573fa No.31887

File: 1512868254032.png (1.04 MB, 2344x2166, Haunebu I.png)

just adding some pics that seem to be missing in here. also you may want to check
the lowest link is the newest version and should have the most information on the UFOs while the one at the top contains more stuff about nazistuff after the war

573fa No.31889

File: 1512868343207.png (3.75 MB, 1614x1186, Earth hollow.png)

573fa No.31891

File: 1512868389997.jpg (136.05 KB, 721x930, witness 1.jpg)

573fa No.31892

File: 1512868411482.jpg (126.96 KB, 650x948, witness 2.jpg)

573fa No.31893

File: 1512868431723.jpg (341.26 KB, 1311x850, New swabia resettlement.jpg)

573fa No.31894

File: 1512868557536-0.jpg (525.31 KB, 2954x1124, new swabia difficulties.jpg)

File: 1512868557536-1.png (519.99 KB, 1631x1156, Andromeda gerät translatio….png)

File: 1512868557536-2.png (322.47 KB, 1685x872, Haunebu II translated.png)

File: 1512868557536-3.jpg (283.45 KB, 1914x552, Haunebu III.jpg)

File: 1512868557536-4.jpg (798.29 KB, 1725x919, Byrd pole to pole complete.jpg)

sorry, just now figured out how to make multiple pics. my bad (got linked here by some anon on another /pol/

573fa No.31899

File: 1512868915915-0.png (592.37 KB, 1358x587, antarctica nazis shopping.png)

File: 1512868915915-1.png (977.39 KB, 984x784, antarctica route raw.png)

File: 1512868915915-2.jpg (358.43 KB, 1600x1125, Agartha instructions.jpg)

File: 1512868915915-3.jpg (29.9 KB, 278x278, Essa 3.jpg)

File: 1512868915915-4.png (4.42 MB, 1048x3320, Buache Agartha.png)

the route on the on pic is what you get when following the instructions in the other pic

The ESSA 3 pic is from the southpole and you find it here

573fa No.31902

File: 1512869262186-0.jpg (19.94 KB, 357x351, Nazi UFO.jpg)

File: 1512869262186-1.jpg (122.16 KB, 960x558, UFO.jpg)

File: 1512869262186-2.gif (39.57 KB, 399x350, nyt mystery.gif)

File: 1512869262186-3.jpg (162.59 KB, 1304x600, vril7.jpg)

File: 1512869262186-4.png (108.29 KB, 1742x676, Vril 1 Translation.png)

the doc the one pic refers to is this one
so you dont have to type out the links

the new york times article is here
for a few shekels you can read it, otherwise you can at least confirm the title

573fa No.31903

File: 1512869340081-0.jpg (55.21 KB, 297x383, Silver balls.jpg)

File: 1512869340081-1.png (1.47 MB, 1600x975, Vrill saucers.png)

File: 1512869340081-2.jpg (157.31 KB, 1898x398, Northpole.jpg)

573fa No.31906

File: 1512869504558.png (471.06 KB, 972x1996, CIA Haunebu.png)

the pic i meant refering to a cia doc was this one. somehow forgot to upload, my bad.

7b706 No.32212

File: 1512911033909.png (157.96 KB, 462x291, 1945 die glocke nazi bell.png)

>Correct. Many of the names you will see used are recycled from previous iterations of the facetious non-terrestrial stories. Aldebara was the code name for the research lab where the German Bell was created.

>German Bell

>"Shortly after the First World War a French scientist, Elie Cartan, has formulated a derivative of the General Relativity Theory, which is presently known as Einstein-Cartan* theory. It is a set of equations, in which, contrary to the Einstein's theory itself, apart from mass-induced gravity appeared also gravity with negative sign. Einstein's view was such, that mass was the only source of the curvature of timespace, which in turn generated gravity. Cartan has introduced other factors: the spinning of a mass and the spinning of fields (such as electromagnetic fields). In both cases a negative component was supposed to be produced." … "Moreover, as soon as in the 1970’s experiments with gyros were carried out, which demonstrated that the antigravitational effect is in fact much larger – by several orders of magnitude, i.e. one would have to add several zeros to these calculations. – http://igorwitkowski.com/The-German-approach-to-antigravity.pdf (2011)

* https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/%C3%89lie_Cartan

So this is the French-German connection. I had speculated that the Germans ended up taking over in the airship race because the French went in a new direction. Einstein-Cartan theory might be that direction. Add in some helium and you have a viable "anti-gravity" device. The modern version of Einstein-Cartan theory is https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Einstein%E2%80%93Cartan%E2%80%93Evans_theory . And he has his own website at http://www.aias.us/

The scientifically acceptable version today is https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gravitoelectromagnetism and traces back to:

A GRAVITATIONAL AND ELECTROMAGNETIC ANALOGYhttp://www.univer.omsk.su/omsk/Sci/Heaviside/gravitation.htm

1909 rigid airships should be constructed for the Royal Navy

So people are thinking about artificial gravity and solid airships using lifting gas. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Duralumin has just become available. And "coinsidently" an airship wave begins again over England and elsewhere.

>“The first concrete calculations of (linear) gravitomagnetic effects were performed by Einstein in 1912-1913.” – Gravitomagnetism: From Einstein’s 1912 Paper to the Satellites LAGEOS and Gravity Probe B by Herbert Pfister (~2006)

1912 Near Vancouver, BC, Canada:
>"A round craft "something like a helicopter", with a glass cab, landed on the farm of the father of 6-year-old Abram Penner. "One man felt my body; they admired my hands. They have different hands than we do; they have round feet, short
legs, no knees, no elbows. They operate on mind power: I understood what they said." His father told him never to tell anyone.

and also:

1913 Jul. Badlands area, Montana, USA
>J. L. Buick & another prospector were startled by a small brown man saying “Peace be with you, my friends.” Sitting on a patch of sand was a silvery round object nearly 100 ft in diameter, with central dome & a small conning tower; no wheels underneath. Around it were other, small men in brown picking flowers, pebbles, etc., and some mining a rock outcrop. The occupant told the witnesses they were from another planet which had secretly been keeping tabs on earth for over a hundred years; they had learned English via spies working in a U.S. circus. The craft rose silently & then took off. Next day it came back, & they were given a tour inside 5 concentric saucers with diminishing air pressures, the outermost being evacuated. As to lift, “gravity is only a different type of magnetism”, so it can be controlled by an electromagnetic drive: they can do 9000 mph, and have artificial gravity insiside the saucer. Rockets, they,were told, had tailed for space travel. – HUMCAT_Index_1910-1939 (CUFOS) ← Witness's letter of 9/24/56 to Donald Keyhoe.


So in fact the Germans were late to the game possibly because of devotion to airships and burning airships. The concept that the information came from space aliens via telepathy is stupid when we know humans were already pondering this and acting upon it. The Die Glocke is a late stage experiment.

Pic#1 Source is unknown.

7b706 No.32215

The one thing I will say for the Germans is I see no indications they were using lifting gases along with rotating fields. Maybe they did have a breakthrough.

You never agreed or disagreed with helium gas and gas-discharge yellow glow. Yay/Nay?

>confirmed by a missed paper

CITATION NEEDED Gimmme!! Which paper? What year in bluebook?

One of the things I have pondered is, can you send light pulses which mimic the protocol of the eye talking to the brain to create illusions?

The blinking lights of UFOs, to me, was just to attract the victims attention so they stop driving and get out of the car, or to make them keep watching as the trap gets closer. I don't see how you can go from infrasound and LED strobes to electrical failure. To me this is the result of the strong EM fields used to lift the craft. Perhaps infrasound could have effects on battery or engine operation. Can you explain the process exactly?

The disorientation, and lets add in "doorway amnesia" (the victims often do not recall entering the craft), can be explained with either EM or sonic fields.

Genetics and diversions

>1970: we get "restriction enzymes" to cut and paste DNA

>1975: nuclear transfer between cells
>1975: Cattle Mutilations
>1977: Senate Hearing on MKULTRA This would force any continuation of human genetic experiments into high secrecy.
>1977: Mystery booms start: http://www.mysterybooms.com/history/
>1978: nuclear physicist and author Stanton T. Friedman interviewed Jesse Marcel re Roswell UFO Incident (nice timing!!)
>1979: Bennewitz became convinced he was intercepting electronic communications from alien spacecraft and installations outside of Albuquerque. By the 1980s he believed he had discovered an underground base near Dulce. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Paul_Bennewitz
>1979: Philip Schneider, an explosive engineer who worked for the U.S. government, with high-level security clearance, claimed that in 1979 he participated in the building of a “secret underground base,” in Dulce, New Mexico. It was here that a horrific battle played out leaving 60 humans dead and countless subterranean aliens fighting for their life. https://www.huffingtonpost.com/roadtrippers/that-time-subterranean-al_b_5182945.html and https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9COrANDQvWg&feature=youtu.be&t=2430

Why is an "person in a rubber suit" if they are underground in a secure environment?

>1980: The first conspiracy book about Roswell UFO Incident was The Roswell Incident by Charles Berlitz (13 years US Army, mostly intelligence) and Bill Moore (1989 MUFON conference, Moore claimed: did “disinformation” against Bennewitz for AFOSI).

>1980: the first patented mammal, Oncomouse, - Chimeras, Hybrids and Interspecies Research Politics and Policymaking, Andrea L. Bonnicksen
>1980: Gene cloning paatent. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/History%20of%20genetics#The_genomics_era
>1980: Dec. “Rendlesham Forest U.K. Dec. 1980 Very well documented with weak government rebuttal; no crash, however.” – UFOs Crashes: An On-Going Problem by Keith Rowell MUFON (2010)
>1981 The EMBL Data Library is founded – the first central depository of nucleotide sequence (DNA) data in the world (precursor to EMBL-EBI).
>1982 “Humster” hamster/human hybrid announced - Chimeras, Hybrids & Interspecies Research Politics & Policymaking Andrea L. Bonnicksen
>1984 First mammal created by nuclear transfer: http://learn.genetics.utah.edu/content/cloning/clonezone/
>1984 MJ12 hoax
>1985 US black budget “Aurora” to get $80m in 1986 & $2.2b in 1987. https://www.globalsecurity.org/military/systems/aircraft/aurora.htm
>1985 Contactee Whitley Strieber claims to be contacted by aliens including “greys” leading to 1987 book which standardised the “Grey” look.
>1987 Budd Hopkin's mentions “scoop marks” on abductees. Needs verification.
>1987 Contactee Whitley Strieber releases his book which standardises the Grey aliens. Later Strieber comes to realise he has been manipulated by military projects.

Are we having fun yet?

7b706 No.32216


Thanks for the links and images. Some I had not seen before. I have traced the Nazi UFO related information back to a German occult group here >>20906
My examination of the story has found nothing problematic.

7b706 No.32861

Genetic modifications to avoid AIDS by "aliens"?

>"Of course, she's Byrd's," she responded, continuing the conversation as though I were not there, "Plus, I heard Houston say something about her being a Presidential Model, whatever the hell that's supposed to mean." "It means she's clean," Hillary said matter-of-factly as she stood up. I was not capable of giving thought to such things back then, but I am aware in retrospect that all Presidential Model slaves I knew seemed to have an immunity to social diseases. It was a well known fact in the circles I was sexually passed around in that government level mind-controlled sex slaves were "clean" to the degree that none of my abusers took precautions such as wearing condoms.

- Trace Formation of America by Cathie O'Brien

>Perhaps even more controversially, we also have findings of nuclear DNA suggestive of possible viral resistance to HIV-AIDS for example – referred to as the CCR5 deletion factor. The implications are startling because less than 1 % of the population has this deleted CCR5 factor, which makes the already unusual hair sample even more provocative. And the CCR5 mutation occurred only about 5,000 year ago, further adding to the intrigue. Still, I must note that the limited nuclear DNA results were insufficient to achieve a completely clear result on this matter.

- http://www.auforn.com/Bill_Chalker_35.htm

71eb7 No.33111

File: 1513061186014-0.jpg (689.71 KB, 1800x1301, 1494910863747.jpg)

File: 1513061186014-1.jpg (560.45 KB, 1964x936, 1494909815273.jpg)

File: 1513061186014-2.jpg (149.34 KB, 525x680, 1494910987881.jpg)

File: 1513061186014-3.jpg (322.16 KB, 1388x842, scalar device.jpg)

7b706 No.33112

File: 1513077232579-0.jpg (15.88 KB, 314x266, RobertLForward1962Guidelin….jpg)

File: 1513077232579-1.gif (198.25 KB, 560x526, anon-pony-happy.gif)

File: 1513077232579-2.png (1.99 MB, 1024x1556, nightmare-rarity-teeth.png)

Nice get.

Pics #1-3 I have seen something like them somewhere before some club in the USA was claimed to exist. No one knew how to interpret them. Source?

Pic #4 is very interesting! First obvious thing is the implications of the Bell taking advantage of superconductivity, that was the missing piece.

Liquid Helium Gel
Minus 200 Celsius (aka 73Kelvin) is not low enough but helium can reach -269C (4Kelvin) which is enough for Mercury superconductivity at 4.2Kelvin.

The Serum is called Serum 525. Cinnebarstone is:

"Cinnabar and cinnabarite, likely deriving from the Ancient Greek: κιννάβαρι (kinnabari), refer to the common bright scarlet to brick-red form of mercury(II) sulfide, formula HgS, that is the most common source ore for refining elemental mercury, and is the historic source for the brilliant red or scarlet pigment termed vermilion and associated red mercury pigments." – Wikipedia

Which coupled with the purple/crimson reminds one of the mythological red mercury.

The isotope 203Hg radioactively decays high energy electrons ( https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Isotopes_of_mercury ) with a half life of 46.5 days and interestingly a nuclear spin of 5/2−. The other isotopes don't have a long enough half life or fast enough nuclear spin. They add additives to keep it from solidifying probably because they need it to swirl in a circular pattern while under magnetic field influence to align the nuclear spin axis in the direction of the swirl. This then causes the gravito-magnetic moment of each nuclei to be compounded with all of it's neighbours along the swirl, this rotation around in the horizontal plane (the swirl) converts the gravito-magnetic field into a gravito-electric field up through the centre of the swirling mercury, which is artificial gravity.

See picture. P is gravito-magnetic moment (in this case made by rotating 203Hg nuclei aligned along the rings circular axis) and G is the perpendicular artificial gravity that goes up through the centre. Atch #2 is the full paper.

The reason for the cooling is the remove thermal jitters from the atomic nuclei so they can all align in the same direction without jostling about.

Nice find, anon!! Source?

7b706 No.33113

>Atch #2 is the full paper.
is actually here already: >>18245

7b706 No.33114

7b706 No.33115

File: 1513078902296-0.jpg (23.29 KB, 480x360, i just dont know what went….jpg)

The atomic nuclei would produce there own magnetic field, because they are now not jittering about they are aligned magnetically they would produce a large macroscopic magnetic field. Through the middle of the ring a large electric field would also exist. This, and the gravito-electromagnetic field, would be powered by nuclear rotation. The nuclear rotation is powered by an imbalance in the collective rotations of the quarks that make up the neutron and protons of the mercury nuclei.

If you extract from these self generated fields then energy needs to be removed from those quarks but since those quarks aren't going to slow down, the speed is fixed, then the only place to extract energy from is their passage through time. Therefore in proximity to this device while extracting energy from it time distortions should occur.


88bd4 No.33125

Science shows what can be created with working models at the time is never improbable. By the way, any paper you see with Einstein on it after his dismissal from the Patent Office means he did nothing. That coattail rider paid large sums to be included on many projects so as to maintain his monopoly on patent sales to the US militaries. Magnetic field experiments have taken place since the Greeks, wanting to improve their steam technologies, found a method to safely refine beryllium. They loved bronze for many reasons. Ancient knowledge is never frustrating.

Obvious men using patents of the day to conceal their identities. Spice the tale up a bit and it becomes fantastic, easy to sell.

I stated above what the most common colors were. Many of the historical sightings are indeed yellow and yellow-white. Definite yey.

Missed as in it was in a report not released with PBB books themselves. One colleague swore he had a copy but would not reveal it, instead stated the notes of what was on it besides sixty redactions. Afters are paranoid for excellent reasons.

What do you think the 1950's experiments with hologramming were intended to create? Imagine having the perfect mobile psychological warfare weapon capable of being used anywhere, anytime, featuring a large number of modes. Obviously it's at least a single "necessary" system for use now, though it is probably the size of an average briefcase now.

You've already answered your own question. Attract the victim(s), barrage them, keep them off balance, utilize the resources aboard the vessel. In fact, did you know that a neat experiment was performed last year involving a ductile magnetic field? Quite interesting. Except it's been in use since the 50's.

Bioethics, patent laws, transgenics. One tiny change, ten miscodings to solve. For every miscoding, another ten. A single positive and uncounted negatives. The very definition of insanity.

Tumors were a well known and rigorously researched occurrence in the ancient world. Not a topic I know much on except that there are over 2,700 medical patents that will never be released to the public. Welcome to the rodeo.

7b706 No.33142

File: 1513100733557.png (688.77 KB, 1024x576, close_up_nightmare_rarity_….png)

Time distortion in proximity to superconductor based UFOs?

7b706 No.33226

>In fact, did you know that a neat experiment was performed last year involving a ductile magnetic field? Quite interesting. Except it's been in use since the 50's.

I am not finding much on ductile magnetic fields. I assume ductile superconductors probably aren't related as I expect they arent too ductile at supercooled temps:


7b706 No.34232

File: 1513371983009.jpg (118.3 KB, 990x660, nightmare_rarity_by_amishy….jpg)

203Hg does not occur naturally because of the 46.5 day half life. To make it you could bombard 202Hg with neutrons. This page has speculations on how the Nazi Bell was part of making an atom bomb:


They speculate it used mercury. This process might have led to the lifting and time distortion affects which are rumoured. And it could have been narrowed down to the 203Hg.

The article claims this all begins with patent: https://patents.google.com/patent/GB440023A/en from March 1934.

In June 1934 Viktor Schauberger was invited by Hitler and the highest representatives of the Thule and Vril Societies and from then on worked with them according to Jan Van Helsig.

About Schauberger: http://schauberger.co.uk/

The flight of the RFZ 1 craft was also said to be in 1934. Its possible the attempt to make an atomic weapon lead to creating spacetime distortions and artificial gravity.

7b706 No.34763

File: 1513475745587.pdf (793.6 KB, GravitoMagnetics-Supercond….pdf)

88bd4 No.34798

Yes. The scientific phrase is temporal ductility, referring to the methods in which electromagnetic fields can be bent outside straight-line temporal reality. The "laws of physics" are not necessarily facts, they're more like extrapolated guidelines. Manhattan Project failed miserably for example. 200 dead, 100 missing, all for nothing. "Don't fuck with what you do not understand" is a law of it's own.

Flexible coil pulsed electromagnetic field. Same idea, different terminology. Still, the rodeo continues.

7b706 No.34952

File: 1513523013138-0.pdf (820.22 KB, _VARO_ THE CASE FOR THE UN….pdf)

File: 1513523013138-1.png (773.3 KB, 1024x889, nightmare_rarity_by_emalaj….png)

Always nice to see your posts :)

>Yes. The scientific phrase is temporal ductility, referring to the methods in which electromagnetic fields can be bent outside straight-line temporal reality. The "laws of physics" are not necessarily facts, they're more like extrapolated guidelines.

Tonnes of examples of people's watches and clocks being slow after UFO encounters.

>Manhattan Project failed miserably for example. 200 dead, 100 missing, all for nothing. "Don't fuck with what you do not understand" is a law of it's own.

I am curious as to why you include this in a spacetime distortion discussion. If the Germans discovered this spacetime distortion during the process of enrichment, then are you suggesting the MP also had spacetime distortion issues (along with radiations issues too I suppose)?

>Flexible coil pulsed electromagnetic field. Same idea, different terminology. Still, the rodeo continues.

There is no end to the spacetime fuckery you could do with both pulsing and flexible coils. That's mind boggling.

In my crude understanding of manipulating spacetime to generate gravity distortions the consequences are that the UFO occupants would see the outside world travelling in time faster than for the UFO occupant. Isn't this a tactical disadvantage? I assume then you would want to minimise usage of spacetime warping to the bare necessity? For example would the black triangles use ordinary thrusters and/or lifting gases to minimise the disadvantage?

Also our discussions regarding LGMs and EM fields reminds me of the VARO edition of M.K. Jessup's THE CASE FOR THE UNIDENTIFIED FLYING OBJECT (1955). The editor states:

>They mentioned the building of undersea cities and identified two groups of spacemen, “L-M’s” and “S-M’s”. The “L-M’s” were designated as peaceful, the “S-M’s” as sinister.

The commentators state:

>a circular pattern of Bar Magnets 342 of them, HAVE NO WEIGHT if they are attached to a common Sheet of Metal

>In short, THEY FLOAT IN THE AIR, all 900 lbs of them. XXXXXXXXXXXXX
>(In center, I wish were one Drive-inductor. Boy! oh Boy!

Do you know about this book? Any comments? Attached.
I think I need to read it again in light of our chats.

0afc2 No.35224

off-topic but who knows how to get into these hasbro servers? Some idiot posted a link to them and the password and username needed, instead of taking everything from the servers and rehosting it somewhere else.


7b706 No.35905

File: 1513719689165.png (2.87 MB, 2732x1536, nightmare-rarity.png)


He took a sip from his drink and continued. "When the Americans
tripped over this mutant strain of nonlinear physics and took it back
home with them, they were astute enough to realize that their home-
grown scientific talent couldn't handle it. That it was beyond their
cultural terms of reference. That's why they recruited so many Germans.
The Nazis developed a unique approach to science and engineering quite
separate from the rest of the world, because their ideology, unrestrained
as it was, supported a wholly different way of doing things. Von Braun's
V-2s are a case in point, but so was their understanding of physics. The
trouble was, when the Americans took it all home with them they found
out, too late, that it came infected with a virus. You take the science on,
you take on aspects of the ideology, as well."

Source: The Hunt for Zero Point - Inside the Classified World of Antigravity Technology by Nick Cook (2001)

7b706 No.35910

File: 1513721787404.png (1.79 MB, 1850x1600, nightmare_rarity_by_jack_p….png)

“Importantly, the gravitic field that provides the basic propulsive force simultaneously reacts on all matter within that field's influence. The force is not a physical one acting initially at a specific point in the vehicle that needs then to be translated to all other parts. It is an electro-gravitic field acting on all parts simultaneously”. ← The Cosmic Conspiracy by Stan Deyo (1978) ← April of 1955 Scientific American: Professor John G. Trump (of M.I.T.'s electrical engineering department). Donald Trump's uncle.

88bd4 No.40427


There are too many strange events directly associated with TMP to list, but I will go into the most important ones.
#1: the refining of nuclear materials at the Hanford Army Chemical Corps. site in Washington state coincided with a number of deaths attributed to the "discoveries" of transient radioactive iodine, cesium, iron, sodium, and cobalt. When workers attempted to clear the debris, without any protection no less, they found that several of the lab samples undergoing refinement had disappeared from their containers, ostensibly lead-crystal quartz tubes. What was strange? The next day, site managers discovered the materials still in their tubes.
#2: during the leadup to TMP, one of the secretly constructed nuclear material testing labs in North Carolina encountered the same, yet in their case an explosion occurred. The 1958 Army Chemical Engineer manual, now banned in the US with fewer than 200 copies remaining, went on to state that an unknown chain reaction between two volatile radioactive components occurred.
#3: in 1987, a former nuclear technician whom worked on the second TMP vessel in question was about to die from leukemia. He quoted, "the coils, both of them, were functioning at peak efficiency. We didn't see the intermediate reaction until (name) screamed, 'I'm blind, I'm blind, I can't see'. When I turned to look, the mounting had sheared off, both cylinders were on the deck plate. It was like melted diamond everywhere. When I saw the critical reaction of white and green I knew I had to run."

Not a tactical disadvantage when you can run sonar/radar/lidar equipment at the same time. You may feel as if you are moving in slow motion, yet it's simple to adjust. Ever heard of lentation? If not, it's a tricky subject. "Space" bends depending on the velocity of mass traveling through it: first imagine a wide sheet of rubber with a marble tossed into the middle, then picture another at the same negative aspect occurring. Compressing enough lifting gases to compensate for, say, a craft weighing more than 10 tons would require extreme measures, so it's more than likely that has been abandoned since the 1953 flights.

L-M: large men. S-M: small men. More simple bullshit.

Heard of it, not read it, will go through.

That ideology is finicky. Difficult to explain. When one accepts that nothing is out as the universe is truly dead, this leaves humanity in a precarious state. There are no any potential "saviors", Herr Vril. Whatever beings DID exist before us are long gone. Upon reading, the mind is buried in equations that alarm even the most hardcore bluepilled idiot: we have one world, should we lose it, no more "us".

a2f35 No.40428

>1958 Army Chemical Engineer manual, now banned in the US with fewer than 200 copies remaining
I'd love to get that on .pdf. Sounds like a more professional A's CB.

7b706 No.40429

File: 1514897724374-0.pdf (431.71 KB, The Controllers A New Hypo….pdf)

File: 1514897724374-1.pdf (2.11 MB, Hearing Voices - The Hidde….pdf)

File: 1514897724374-2.jpg (197.36 KB, 675x990, DR_OgjSX0AEQeYT.jpg)


Always nice when you post. Thank you.

Thanks for the info on TMP.

My assumption has been that the pilots perception would operate as normal in the craft but the view outside at distance would move faster than normal. Therefore the pilots reactions would be too slow to external events. But my assumptions on which way the distortions occur could be wrong. The watches being slow implies to me that time within the field travels slower. But then the field outside of the ring would be operating opposite to inside the ring. So I am confused on the details.

Chambers which are "filled" with vacuums would be more efficient than lifting gas.

A relook at the VARO book still has a strong emphasis on aliens so it seems to be a psyop.

The Nazi ideology making it into the C1^ can explain much of the degradation of the C1^ and the deep state that followed. Along with Communinism paranoia.

Mass and space-time distortions are very interesting and proven. The Einstein-Cartan effect I think is very relevant. ( https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Einstein%E2%80%93Cartan_theory ). And the Einstein-Cartan-Evans idea that EM fields are twists in spacetime works out well if we add in one new factor. What if the movement of electrons in a wire causes rotations of the atomic nuclei. The nuclei are in a friction free environment. This very dense mass twisting would do the Evans claim of twisting spacetime due to mass density and be the cause of EM signals/propogation. This would combine gravity (GEM) and EM into one theory.

I have read two books recently which are very close to my hypothesis on UFO/"aliens" and I think close to yours. So I will attach them. The smaller Martin Cannon one is a very succinct quick read and shows that human hoax suspicions are rising and correlations with MK are high.

Lastly the Pentagon and the CIA have been titillating the public with flying saucer media. This raises the concern that a new con on the public is in the making.

Former Pentagon UFO official: 'We may not be alone'
http://archive.is/sJh2H - CNN

CIA Teases with Tweet of UFO Photo

This mind fuckery needs to stop.

7b706 No.40431

File: 1514900713502-0.png (905.1 KB, 1226x1024, twilight-gramma-nazi.png)


Regarding the Xerum 525. Lots of sources state it was mercury antimony oxide.

Which is Hg2Sb2O7. The interesting part here is both Hg and Sb have stable rotating nuclei and high atomic mass. The O7 reminds me of the acknowledged high temperature superconductors like https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/High-temperature_superconductivity#YBaCuO_superconductors (YBa2Cu3O7−x</sub>) which Podkletnov claims can produce mass loss above a ring of it under certain conditions. This later needs to be cooled to 77K aka -196C. And interestingly the claimed Nazi document states cooling Hg2Sb2O7 to -200C. Which now means this document might be accurate. It also implies the Nazis had a high temperature superconductor around 1934, about 50 years before the West, amazing. And the inspiration may have been https://patents.google.com/patent/GB440023A/en
No wonder they needed to import Nazis.

88bd4 No.40926

Know what's great about apocryphal or banned sources, especially in the US military? "Officially they don't exist, so stop asking questions, or we'll make you stop asking question." Some of my colleagues were stopped. One in his driveway with wife watching. Random gang drive by was the cover, but she had security camera footage. Got a big bribe for that one and "orders" to keep her mouth shut. She disappeared two years later. Now she doesn't exist in any records.

Again, hard to explain "how" the process even works. At once the operators would be moving partially out of phase with realtime, yet still acting inside the phase, but are able to interact at near-nominal speeds due to onboard instruments.

VARO and Project Blue Book are the poster children for how to effectively whitewash events. Most of the "aliens are from outer space!" books are authored or co-written by propagandists that know the party lines and have some grasp of creating culture shock to make waves, at least for a time.

Please do not make that mistake again It was only Cartan. The hack Einstein attempted to buy his way onto Cartan's coattail, and when Cartan refused, Einstein threatened to use his friends in the US Navy. Cartan had little choice but to buckle.

Martin Cannon reminds me of something, can't remember what right now. Will search for it later.

Slow progress is being made by Afters. Not cheap. Too many lives lost.

Xerum 525 is a code word of it's own. In short it means "serum (liquid), five-hundred twenty-fifth experiment". The X is short for "toXic" as well. 525 also refers to the applique bending it causes to realspace: precisely 5.25 gravities. Vril Societe` had hundreds of geniuses among it's ranks. Their losses are still painful to this day.

The French intelligensia, most of whom were still friends with the Vril Societe`, were either found mysteriously dead thanks to covert britcuck assassinations in WW2, or had been "removed into secure custody", mostly to MI5/6. Whereabouts before 1948 unknown, after that most were forced into research slavery like the nearly 14,000 Germans transferred as POW's into the US after Operations Paperclip, Factory Shortage, and Highway Construction. Worked to death while drugged incessantly with sodium fluoride to keep them docile and who knows what the fuck else. Awful way to die. Once Americunts had become the new bulldog the elites needed to keep their technological advances high while nicking the best pieces for themselves. Ever heard of a hyper-conductive pulsed refraction coil? If not, it's an interesting bit of tech that was used in the search for Saddam before a certain traitorous piece of camel shit was brought in to find him. May have killed the users, but who cares when there's a few billion useful idiots to spare. Was a poor copy of a certain device you linked before; mass produced trash that someone may have figured out the kinks out to now. Probably in limited use.

7b706 No.40956

File: 1515001656065.png (699.04 KB, 752x1000, 814859__safe_ponified_alic….png)


It's getting interesting now to read books with "aliens" as the explanation but knowing they aren't. Other information is still in the story and can be traced to human tech.

I use [Censored]-Cartan because it is a common label rather than accurate. :)

Thanks for the Xerum info. There is a very interesting chapter (35) in "Stevens hitler's suppressed and still secret weapons, science and technology (2007)" at https://issuu.com/mach4c/docs/stevens_-_hitler_s_suppressed_and_s go to page 258 at the link.

Basically one of Stevens' friends, knew a Paper Clip pilot/scientist who mentioned briefly working on time experiments in 1939. (It seems the initial discovery occurred in 1934). And the result was one could see back in time and not forward.

>hyper-conductive pulsed refraction coil

You make me laugh. So a superconductor? Which when ramping up and spinning down has gravity effects (Podkletnov).. but the refraction part is interesting. Is this related to "Radiatively-induced Fermion Resonance (RFR)"? It seems pulsed and/or circular polarised light now can be used to make superconductivity. Not surprising really because everything is just eddies and flows of space-time/quantum flux.

This also reminds me of https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Opera%C3%A7%C3%A3o_Prato where: "In 1977, numerous UFOs were reported in the Brazilian city of Colares, Pará. UFOlogists claimed that lights in the sky fired beams at people,[4][6] supposedly causing injuries and sucking blood from 400 individuals.[3] Local residents claimed that scars on their bodies were caused by the lights in the sky, and named the lights "Chupa Chupa"[3]"

Using all these effects as a mini tractor beam? … on people!

It's a shame we don't get to play with the cool toys in beneficial ways.

And for amusement:
"Famous African Elder Recalls Extraterrestrial Abduction"
The robot was a nice touch.

88bd4 No.41138

Isn't it amazing how simple humans can be deluded into passing off known human technologies for the "fantastic" explanations? This is yet another reason why the global elites and their lapdogs laugh at all the sheep in the world.

Temporal causality is unwritten. Events that did occur in the past can be traced backwards via geomagnetic isolation. Remember infrasound? Fun fact: most cave systems contain large amounts of water, quartz, and iron. Those were the first essential components to create a battery. Many cave systems in the world also contain those three.

No, not a superconductor. HCPRC's are self-generating systems that, once started, power themselves until manually shut down. There is some relation to RFR in that HCPRC's are used to isolate fermions, quarks, and k-pions, as well as other temporally anomalous particles. Bucky-balls were long held to be the standard of time travellers; as it turns out bucky-balls can only be bounced ONCE before losing their rotation and thus decaying.

The Chupacabra legend began evolving after 1977. Before that time there were zero incidences. Idiotic, superstitious morons led on by lazily placed scare articles in shit news rags.

I have finally acquired a dead drop link that should work.

88bd4 No.41143

Yet again, kitty tells me to intentionally shitpost. I have refused. The third line is as continues:
Many cave systems in the world also contain those three necessities in such amounts that events up to 5,000 years ago have been recorded in the local geomagnetic strata. Not only are they isolated so there is no information degradation, there is essentially infinite power in the form of world wide geomagnetic activity to perpetuate said storage. Nature contains greater wonders than the zealous deluded insanities composed by humans.

7b706 No.41471

File: 1515126877889.jpg (43.18 KB, 556x616, trumps controller.jpg)


It is a sad situation. ( >>>/mlpol/101585 >>41383 ) Education needs to be a lot better, but why would the elite want that, who educates farm animals?

>Temporal causality is unwritten.

It took me a long while to think about what you meant by this and I eventually settled on "Linear cause-leads-to-effect in the time direction is not written in stone". Assume this means you can go back and change events? This reminds me of the double slit experiments ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DfPeprQ7oGc [Embed] ), but one of them was done with the slits in the time dimension not space ( I don't recall the reference location :( ). They open and closed a gate twice to do this. The result was a interference pattern across time. Which shows cause and affect can go backwards in time, if we aren't looking-at/measuring it.

The rest of your paragraph says that past information is stored in magnetic fields. A lot of things offshoot from here such as; ghosts can be past recordings, consciousness can continue excarnate, magnetic connections between space objects like planets and stars can be traversed by excarnates, some effects like seances or Hutchinson Effect can be partly conscious, then there are the quartz stone circles like Stonehenge, ley-lines, "Vril", Remote Viewing etc., etc.

Also Michael Persinger (who it seems got involved with RV/C1^) has indicated that the Earth magnetic field can hold a very significant amount of information ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9l6VPpDublg [Embed] ). Since our brains are electric, and if information is stored in the mag field, we might be able to access it consciously. And Ian Stevenson's work ( https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ian_Stevenson#Reception ) suggests consciousness survives death.

>hyper-conductive pulsed refraction coil

Link? So more than superconductive? To me it's all about the quarks. I see them as 4D whirlpools that eat spacetime/flux. This means that the 3D "surface" of the universe is draining away into the time dimension, through these whirlpools, causing times arrow. If you rob the quarks of energy it slows their passage through time. If so we can endless draw energy from the "fall" of the universe through time.

Tangentially related. Trump probably knows about the tech both due to being Pres. and because of his Uncle and Tesla association. Q Anon has implied UFOs are a distraction and has also stated that after the swamp is drained there will be a revelation. Hoping it is a tech upgrade for us sheep. :)

>zealous deluded insanities composed by humans.

"Computer, Exit!"

>I have finally acquired a dead drop link that should work.

Oh? So I'll have my bluff called soon?? I'll need to organise my info!

88bd4 No.41528

File: 1515162253370.jpg (131.51 KB, 500x596, okfb7xp4cb1up0vkuo1.jpg)

Crafted parasitic-paranoid delusions of the fantastic arch-mythos variety are eminently more "interesting", and safer, than the often mundane yet horrifying truths. Humanity willingly jumps into pits they never think to escape from, ie: tradition. They're mocked for being unable to escape since they have been indoctrinated. Those that break the doctrine to search elsewhere are derided by the masses for not being in line. That is perhaps the largest cause of our ever present depression/anger.

Essentially that's correct until reaching problem: temporal divergence. Alter a prior event and new reality is created. Go back and become your own ancestor? Become erased in the future-past timeline. Go back and prevent Hitler from being sabotaged? Congratulations on diverging timelines into a world where causality is now disrupted and you are the past-future from another temporal reality. The problems are infinite. The solutions? There are none. Tamper with the unknown that is known, and create the impossible scenario. Or a death spiral.

Correct. Geisting is a known phenomenon, has similar relations. Reincarnation is not as well studied as it should be. All is magnetic, and all that is magnetic, is data. Unfortunately, Stonehenge was rebuilt by an idiot making it into a tourist attraction, and also destroyed the relics dug up. Fortunately, there are several thousand henges built across the world that are virtually untouched. I mentioned incidents over there. One day I will attempt to explain. Probably fail, but the try will be amusing.

Consciousness can be compared to a carving: make one pass of a blade on soft stone, it will last a year perhaps two years if conditions are right. Make two passes on granite, will take a ten years to wear off, twenty if sheltered. Consider a highly active mind at the age of 50 something like several hundred passes on marble, it makes an impression in the surface, that is the geomagnetic strata, that does not fade in time.

Similar application of the technology, most are top secret, or above top secret. "Not for you, peasant". Fuck them. Cold forming superconductors allows them to be manufactured uniformally, far less chance of fatal or severe flaws. You know that most metals cannot be cold formed due to molecular alignment, so, since crystalline materials often do not align properly without significant pressure, usually atmospheric in nature, instead gravitic pressure is used which creates hyper-conductive materials. Invert gravity onto a precise location undergoing cold forming and you'd triple the functional technological reach. Forget pulsed magnetic engines, this is superluminal territory. The understanding of that technology is.. poor at the moment, but it is a work in progress.

3D understanding only accounts for acceleration, deceleration, gravity, cause-effect, radioactive, etc. etc. etc. All the basic bitch words. 4D goes.. weird places, Herr Vril. Instead of affecting molecules, the surface of 4D is, at the same time, physical, nonphysical, magnetic, non-magnetic, anti-physical, and anti-magnetic. Examples: dark matter and matter coexisting in the same space/spectrum with no interaction; di-polar magnetic bands being severed by physical mass. This gets worse. In 4D, a gluon would interrupt the accretion phase of a k-meson particle by reversing it's acceleration, but NOT causing a deceleration at the same time, effectively creating instant transmission without negative effects. This makes no sense to most of science which relies upon form-follows-function. "The mutant strain of nonlinear physics", indeed.

Not likely, he does. Visit with the chinks reveals two things: one, Trump has acknowledged that the party of anti-Spartans wants to set back the world by at least 3 technological generations. That is unacceptable to the rational man. Look at the pushback against, oh say, hemp, there are many lists of whom will die for banning, criminalizing, and outright deny research on it. 100 years of misery is enough. Two, Trump is playing danger close, many of his allies are his enemies, and many of his enemies are friendly to each other. He cannot afford a single setback at this stage. As the Q situation stands, he's a grand LARPer repeating current information. His ID'ing is, at best, spotty guesswork, and at worst a callout to get shit done. Definite WH communications. It's become more likely he's one of the deep state warlocks seeking (silent fame) rather than the unwanted fame that people like the man whom lived in a den received. By the way, the term warlock is used in the US government to mean "oppressor OR liar OR instigator", whereas the archaic meaning was curse-breaker, or oath-breaker if you prefer the pedantic term.

Be prepared.

7b706 No.42186

File: 1515289040194-0.png (533.95 KB, 990x807, nightmare_rarity__open_col….png)

File: 1515289040194-1.pdf (19.73 MB, 1988 Electric Propulsion S….pdf)

>Crafted parasitic-paranoid delusions of the fantastic arch-mythos variety are eminently more "interesting", and safer, than the often mundane yet horrifying truths.

That's a lot of buzz words which I understood immediately, which is amusing. Mind viruses! https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Viruses_of_the_Mind Save me from the mind viruses!! I am going to have to post Nightmare Rarity picture again now!

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Geist Interesting.
>One day I will attempt to explain

The paper was interesting but somewhat conventional, also they realise metal affects magnetic fields!! OMG :) However it did help me think about something important I'll mention further on.

>Cold forming superconductors allows them to be manufactured uniformally, far less chance of fatal or severe flaws.

Of course! The bane of superconductivity is thermal jitter. We are building a type of atomic/molecular machine. Moulding metal while hot is the antithesis of molecular engineering.

>gravitic pressure is used which creates hyper-conductive materials


>this is superluminal territory

Why superluminal? I have some ideas which I'll get to in the aforementioned "further on".

>..surface of 4D is..

Head explodes. I had been fond of the Electric Universe idea that dark energy etc was EM in nature and science was too focused only on gravity. But when you also add in Gavito-EM and the fact that space is superconductor/Bose–[Censored] condensate temperatures, we should see non-Gravity effects. WHilst I am here I quite like the idea that the universe is rotation leading to the impression of the universe accelerating/expanding because the outer part of the universe is forced to travel slower in time, relative to us, which causes a red shift in light. But I digress! How fun that science can be so confusing!!

One thing I have realised recently about working out who is the good guy and bad guy is it is relative to which (layer of) conspiracy you are on. The interpretation of an action depends on which of multiple outcomes you are prioritising as the most important impact. And each person has different priorities and even different belief systems. I seriously doubt any human actually operates in objective reality and instead looks through endless lenses of distortion and belief. Under such circumstances there is no objective observation reachable and therefore no solution to debates. Everyone is deluded! In fact culture is the collection of delusions. Computer, Exit!

"further on"

After reading the paper you mentioned was re-examining my hypothesis on Cartan spinning nuclei = Gravito-electric field. In that process I discovered a serious flaw. I had been assuming that nuclei forced together (cold/pressure) would all align the same way. This isn't true. A rotating nuclei is an electromagnet and if you bring two magnets together they don't aling the same, the align opposite because North as attracted to South. This trashed my previous hypothesis. And so a new one was put together today with very interesting consequences.

To visualise the alignment of compacted nuclei I visualise what happens if I bring three or four bar magnets together. The arrangement they would make would be a train of North-South pole connections making a ring.

The consequence of this is a atomic device that generates a electric field through the centre of the ring. More interestingly, because of the Cartan effect, it makes a Gravito-Electric field through the centre. So we end up with a segment of a Gravito-"railgun" a few atoms in size. Line up a few of these and you have potentially a incredibly long incredible thin electron gun. The electrons being light are blasted through these things. Consequences would be (perhaps):

* Thrust causing the SC disk to rotate.
* Electrical resistance fall and perhaps what you have called hyper-conductivity or negative resistance. Which would be "free energy".
* Internal macroscopic magnetic field leading perhaps to the seen expulsion of external magnetic fields.
* Increased radiation from high speed electrons (gamma rays?) and perhaps radioactivity from nucleus impacts. Part of the Die Glocke effects?

The new macroscopic effect is now the generation of a magnetic and gavito-magnetic field through the centre of a SC ring (whereas before I was thinking E and G-E). Which means you would need multiple SC rings, to make a "anti-gravity" device, positioned vertically into a horizontal ring arrangement -or- a circular arrangement of superconductor coil. Which if flexible becomes interesting.

I need a lab, a few trillion dollars and a supercomputer, stat!

And since I like adding a little something at the end have a 1988 AF study on how to couple EM to G. Section 3.6 interested me. I am sure this has no relationship to the 1988/9 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Belgian_UFO_wave

88bd4 No.42957

Yet now you know the essence of a buzz word, a sound byte, a sight byte, or a pundit opinion is that of a MEME, Herr Vril. What do religion, slavery, and neo-cultures have in common? All three use varying forms of memetics to create "believers", thus making "inoculations" against relevant anti-memes and curative memes. Biologically speaking, parasites are ignored or seen as benign until they reach critical mass. How do they differ? When a religion reaches critical mass, the true nature of it is always revealed in the form of a murder-cult bent on destroying their host, wiping out their host's knowledge, and fulfilling their artificial meme. Slavery memes subject the human mind to submission. Why does this not work well? Humans are not technically an animal, they are not evolved from monkeys, nor do they have much in common with the natural philosophy of this world. Here is your painful truth for the day: humans do not have a submission mechanism, whether physical, mental, or spiritual. The world has been burned many times yet still the useful, zealous idiots deem themselves "free" as they are burning down libraries, destroying the heritages of their brothers and sisters in a state of ordered anarchy.

Take an iron spring and a bronze sphere. First, weigh both individually. Second, place the bronze sphere on the iron spring, and weigh them. It's an old experiment, one that scared the cathocucks in the 1300's, particularly one Heinrich Kramer. In case you do not know that name, he's who backstabbing kike-lover that wrote "Malleus Malificarum", which led to 700 years of witch burnings and further technological decline. The Egyptians used hot air balloons, for example. "No, my dear. Logic holds that the evidence of absence is, to the contrary of your overly religious brethren, the absence of evidence."

Take any flashlight and measure how quickly the photons travel. A luminal flashlight transmits photons at the same speed of light. Superluminal reaches into 4D, bypassing the velocity-mass death quotient entirely. Why travel slower than light?

Only a few Afters cling to their archaic, delusional beliefs. They may be useful, yet they are rightfully shunned. Most would rather prefer to see Chaos Continuity occur rather than a purposeful "alien visitation reset of humanity". Fire does not simply sterilize, it also cleanses. That, by the way, is a motto of the ancient Priestesses of Nursia. Stolen by the deluded fanatics of the fairy tales, sure, yet it has eminent meaning in this age.

Human progress is more mundane than it is extra-terrestrial. Consider a craft that weighs perhaps 250 tons, does not need to land except to take on provisions, cannot be tracked on radar unless the crew wishes it, and has the ability to shut down an entire country in a few moments. That is not fantasy, Herr Vril.

7b706 No.43441

File: 1515507968358-0.png (77.47 KB, 497x573, EEP.png)

File: 1515507968358-1.jpg (28.13 KB, 600x440, belgian_triangle_2.jpg)

Quite scary. And the most successful meme passes on virus like. Our lack of submission then leads to a lack of stable hierarchy. But life is based on hierarchy, the battle then is an attempt to hierachise us which always fails. So we can't make a grander functional living unit made up of human-units. Unless we mind-control them. The continual fighting is a sign of an unstable platform, the independent human itself. Because humans are so unstable the military should go to space and leave the free human on its containment planet. How do I get to leave?

>Take an iron spring and a bronze sphere.

I found nothing on the internet about this. Do you have a reference, especially the historical one? Or do I have to go buy those things? Assuming the experiment shows the mass is different I would wonder if the spring still compressing over time would give the impression of more weight. Maybe you should elaborate?

>The Egyptians used hot air balloons, for example.

Hardly surprising, light a fire see that hot air rises.

Is this particular 4th dimension time? Also how many dimensions are there? Are the different particles one meta-particle with different sides poking into 3d?

>Human progress is more mundane than it is extra-terrestrial.

This statement is a little vague, did you mean: "Human progress is more mundane than extra-terrestrial fantasies."?

250 ton, black triangular, speed of light breaking, multiple dimensional travel, spacecraft from America are real? Can I see? How much is a ticket?

You didn't comment on my re-imagining of superconductor artificial gravity. I have been working on falsifying my layman's hypothesis. I first started wondering if the molecular "railgun" segments would actually happen. I quickly learned that superconductors are crystalline which supported my idea. This now makes me wonder a few things;

* Under sufficient pressure/coldness nearly anything could superconduct.
* A superconductor would not just have zero resistance it could be less or more. Negative resistance might be called hyper-conductive. It is also extraction of energy ultimately from quarks.

One of the Hutchinson Effects is a blob of metal which always gives out a voltage.

A possible flaw was, I am proposing you need to make a series of vertical/coil superconductor rings to make a viable gravito-engine. So how did Podkletnov do it with a horizontal ring?

>Samples placed over the rotating disk demonstrated a weight loss of 0.3-0.5%. When the rotation speed was slowly reduced by changing the current in the solenoids, the shielding effect became considerably higher and reached 1.9-2.1% at maximum.

Weak gravitation shielding properties of composite bulk YBa2Cu3O7−x superconductor below 70 K under e.m. field. by E.E. Podkletnov

Angular deceleration of the disk does something. It seemed like something was rotating the vertical GM field and exposing some of the horizontal GE field to the vertical. Then I realised the fields don't propagate immediately (Newton you are wrong) and the vertical GM field bends away slightly from the vertical during acceleration and deceleration exposing the GE. Also the GM field is flaring out as it goes up, also exposing some of the GE to the vertical.

Podkletnov uses the term "gravity shield" because the science priest class and gate keepers of knowledge might get upset if he claims he made artificial gravity. But we can test the my hypothesis verses "gravity shield" by redoing the test with the mass suspended under the superconductor ring. If it's a shield no weight change, if it is a gravity generator then I predict the suspended mass will gain weight.

You have to comment on my crazy hypothesis this time :P

88bd4 No.43474

Absolute fact: humans are tribal, grouping themselves with similar looking people. When the tribe becomes too large, it splits off and wanders, taking in others from surrounding tribes with it. Any other form of culture is doomed to fail, from start to finish. One need not look farther than the Dark Ages to know that much.

It's a Newton era experiment, read it once, haven't thought of much. The basis is this: all objects on this planet must emit a certain amount of anti-gravitational force in the form of an electromagnetic field, or else they're an unmoving rock. The amount of combined mass was, roughly, <0.5% less. The same is demonstrated by living beings, most of which are capable of adapting to the varying gravity regions of this world, after a period of adjustment of course. Electromagnetics were studied more in the past than now. That loss is equally as painful, yet the neo-modern "scientific community" doesn't give a fuck about the experiments of their predecessors. Tribalism strikes again and again..

The Nazcans utilized hot air balloons with local materials in order to create their iconography, imprint their heraldry, and create highly advanced maps, including star charts, weather forecasts, and a number of other interesting things that are far less discernible. Even in the Late Egyptian Kingdom decline, there was still easy access to linen, paper, salt, and resins of many types. There are any number of methods to lift a balloon, one being combustible gases, though that's expensive. One of the more intriguing bits of information comes the Temple of Hathor in Dendera: a series of carvings of what appear to be a hot air balloon laid out, then showing it's construction, and finally the testing phase. Paper lanterns can float nearly a mile with a small candle, that alone is an innovation from about 5,000 years ago.

The number is unknown, though rises into the hundreds if one considers spectrums instead of physical dimensions. I don't know enough of the particulars to state what matter/data flows between dimensions. The math is virtually impossible for me to comprehend.

What inventions you and I see as a fantastic leap of technology will, to the next generation, never be thought of other than as a footnote throughout their entire lives. Example: 60 years ago the concept of magnetic imaging was poised to entirely do away with x-rays, not only being safer and more accurate, it was to be less expensive. Then corporate interests and lawsuits occurred which would eventually force an illegal mandate that magnetic imaging technology was to be more expensive than the only other alternative. Hierarchies are meant to be destroyed just as rules are meant to be broken. In the interest of time however, your statement is a highly logical declaration. I suggest making that one of your own memes.

They're seen all the time, Herr Vril, though most are vastly smaller. In order to get a ticket, you would have to swear multiple oaths against humanity and to serve the World Monarchy's interests. That is of course assuming you pass the random "loyalty tests" and survive who knows what to gain enough favor for one.

Science wasn't much a subject of interest, far too much reading and too little down time to do it. The concept could be logical, but I do not know enough to state in favor of, or against.

7b706 No.44856

File: 1515777995725-0.png (311.99 KB, 600x600, 6a6b5b623e0095a0c1886cd47f….png)

File: 1515777995725-1.png (114.79 KB, 479x353, 075c9a45bb83d7536c081767f1….png)

File: 1515777995725-2.png (1.17 MB, 1468x836, 524c662a04367117f6d2b22517….png)

File: 1515777995725-3.jpg (47.5 KB, 404x336, a46408b2b7dd2186c79e042e13….jpg)

File: 1515777995725-4.png (1.11 MB, 1120x630, e553d28fd29f02b9879f02b36c….png)

In the background Qanon led research is continuing. Here is there position on ETs. Afternon, the tide might be turning.

7b706 No.44857

File: 1515778028464-0.png (665.24 KB, 983x490, ef2dfc1554bed8bca0c2cff5d3….png)

File: 1515778028464-1.jpg (96.89 KB, 1440x864, f473500c3131f80a06b47f4a2d….jpg)

7b706 No.44871


The strategy that Werner Von Braun taught me was that first the Russians are
going to be considered to be the enemy. In fact, in 1974, they were the enemy, the
identified enemy. We were told that they had "killer satellites". We were told that
they were coming to get us and control us - that they were "Commies."
Then terrorists would be identified, and that was soon to follow. We heard a
lot about terrorism. Then we were going to identify third-world country "crazies."
We now call them Nations of Concern. But he said that would be the third enemy
against whom we would build space-based weapons.
The next enemy was asteroids. Now, at this point he kind of chuckled the first
time he said it. Asteroids- against asteroids we are going to build space-based
And the funniest one of all was what he called aliens, extraterrestrials. That
would be the final scare. And over and over and over during the four years that I
knew him and was giving speeches for him, he would bring up that last card. "And
remember Carol, the last card is the alien card. We are going to have to build
space-based weapons against aliens and all of it is a lie."

Donna Hare (NASA employee) in Disclosure: Military and Government Witnesses Reveal the Greatest Secrets in Modern History by Steven Greer (2001).

Clinton campaign chair: 'The American people can handle the truth' on UFOs
https://archive.fo/lVV5M - CNN

88bd4 No.46248

There is a video game series called Ace Combat out of Japan. In it is a monolithic weapons system named "Stonehenge" that was built to defend the world against a jewish-like apocalyptic swarm of asteroids, meteors, and comets. It was well known in universe, however in addition to "Stonehenge" was an incredibly number of mass driver satellites that were to be used as the first line of defense. After a war in which a certain country nuked itself to cease a land invasion, a group called the "Gray Men" seized control of several satellites and orchestrated a takeover of the "Stonehenge" system itself in order to further their own goals. Injecting more liquid fuel into fire, the "Gray Men" come from a country which is directly equivalent to Pissrael.

Q is the most wannabe epic LARPer of this millenia, Vril. What has been purposefully darkened behind the mirror is only an imposition of ONE'S perception onto those they can control: the peons, the peasants, the useful idiots, the cucked zealots. Both sides know all of which and what has been occurring. Both sides are afraid of losing. Neither side can be fully trusted. Instead of excising all cancer, whichever side "wins" will only remove the largest problems and allow the remainder to serve their interests. Weiner and Bush are created from the same circumstances, except one realizes his mortality.

88bd4 No.46251

File: 1515948931900.png (1.62 MB, 2790x9886, The protocols of the learn….png)

The most useful idiots are those whom have been subverted to a "cause" in which they are told to be angry, told they should do something against, told that their "true enemy" is out there, yet they do nothing. Case in point: the whole cucked notion of christianity.

"They hold great flames in their eyes, they shout angrily day upon day demanding for justice to be done. We laugh at them from our tables knowing they will do nothing, but in secret we frown. We cannot quell the jews without the same be done to the entire christian cult: burning it to nothing by the roots."

cfdb2 No.46284

File: 1515958680352-0.png (1.86 MB, 1557x1498, 75770.png)

File: 1515958680352-1.jpeg (274.14 KB, 719x1024, 1515042111321-1.jpeg)

>Case in point: the whole cucked notion of christianity.
(((you))) don't belong here.

88bd4 No.46317

The masses of eminently spiteful, useful idiots known as christcucks are the first line of defense for the World Monarchy. Do you even know what doublethink is, shill? It means playing one side against the other.

cfdb2 No.46334

File: 1515962528125.png (221.86 KB, 680x782, 3e1.png)

you're just projecting you idiot, the world monarchy is openly against Christianity. You're the useful idiot doing their bidding, you're the one being played against the followers of God. It's easy for me to know what double think is because it's a perfect description of your behavior given the facts of the matter.

88bd4 No.46338

I have an answer for a question posed in this post, Herr Vril. The first number of "cattle mutilations" were in response to an early spread of Mad Cow Disease, which is correctly known as BSE, bovine spongiform encephalopathy. The "disease" itself is caused by a prion, which as you should currently know is formed by a series of misfolded proteins that enter the nervous system and remain there. In all cases, the following occurs: eyes, ears, brain, upper spine & spinal cord are removed. As well, nearly all incidents of "mutilation" come with severe traumatic shock to the rear legs and spine. Now, the simple question is: why does this tie in? The US Chemical Engineering Corps. knew what the concept of a prion was since the late 40's, most of it based on research the Germans were pursuing in an attempt to understand cancer and how to cure it. The harder question is: what was causing these "mutilations" in the first place? Simple answer: stealth helicopters. Did you know that when a UH-1 helicopter is oriented to face the ground at a 20-25 degree angle, the noise of rotors is virtually impossible to hear unless you are directly underneath and behind it? The same idea went on to perfect the OH-58X and UH-60X helicopters to create untraceable vessels for quick, rapid deployment overland helos. Now all that's needed is a veterinarian using a quick-acting tranquilizer rifle, a few pieces of medical technology, and enough room to perform surgery. After that, the cow is shoved out of the helicopter to die, sow a few stories of "aliens abducting cows!" to the useful idiots, and continue checking on random bovine populations to cover one's tracks after having intentionally released cultural prions into the world's food supply. Quite sinister, really.

88bd4 No.46351

File: 1515963881150-0.jpg (185.29 KB, 1280x720, 1491442799941.jpg)

File: 1515963881150-1.jpg (82.21 KB, 461x600, 1147595.jpg)

You project your own zealous, naive innocence strawman argument by being offended at a logical circumstance which does not cater to your preconceived notions caused by religious indoctrination. You project your own stupidity by claiming the legitimacy of an ambiguous jewish apocalyptic murder-cult nonsense dreamed up by madmen of the course of nearly 2,000 years of human insanity. You cannot think on your own for you are conditioned to defend the same jew-descended religions that report directly back to the jewISH parasites themselves in the Vatican. When strife occurs you flee from all adversity into the waiting arms of a rabbi wearing a black robe with a white collar, begging to be given orders. You want to hear the carols of "onward christcuck soldier!" so that you may die to hopefully fulfill some validating purpose in your otherwise existential life. You decry common humanity as "unwashed", "barbaric", "primitive", yet the whole of judeo-christianity professes an encompassing love for ritual murder, ritual abuse, ritual idolism, ritual fervor that passes beyond human decency into another world, the same world spoken of in the talmud, the torah, the jewishized kabbalah. You whine about the jewISH parasites, yet your book, your beliefs, your bishops have incapacitated you to the concept of free will. You willingly refuse to take the life of a parasite. You are GOYIM, human cattle willfully owned by the obfuscation of the jewISH world monarchy. That makes you a second-class slave. Continue flaunting your so-called "religious freedom" for nothing gained, your existence only serves to enrich the world monarchy, cuck. You are the sacrificial sheep first on the jewish pole, and you continue to project your pride at being just that.

cfdb2 No.46357

File: 1515964674733-0.jpg (144.04 KB, 614x455, we-tolerate-no-one-in-our-….jpg)

File: 1515964674733-1.jpg (41.31 KB, 680x451, 23c.jpg)

sage for derailing

I know you're the same anti-Chistian shill that keeps turning up on this site, I've before provided you with proof that the zionists hate Christians and the talmud is openly anti-Christian, as well as the fact that Jesus, Popes, and several canonized Saints were openly against jews. Looking at the facts it should be obvious who is the shill and who is the useful idiot. The reason you resist the facts of the matter to shout strawmans and other fallacies despite the reality that stares you in the faces could be one of two things; you're a dishonest jewish shill, or the zogbot brainwashing you received was just that thorough.

88bd4 No.46389

File: 1515966504419-0.jpg (126.26 KB, 540x762, 1509832635475.jpg)

You know nothing, tool. I do not post at logic-failed cucks whom defend jewISH parasites. "The one that first speaks loudest is the last idiot in the room." You throw yet another strawman out in the vain-glorious hope of acquiring a reputation for audience, the favored ShareBlue/CAP tactic since 2003's ONI/La Sia/Mossad merger. You show no proof of any claims made, instead resorting to spouting self-serving ideological venom and "gotcha" images that serve no purpose other than to define an ignorant, arrogant, self-righteous purpose. Willing pawns of the world monarchy such as yourself are the only ones that spew zealous, anti-humanist drivel spawned from jewISH doublethink, the act of working for a jewISH master against your own kind for the sake of sanctity. You claim to be against the jewISH parasites, yet you fully believe the insanity spawned by jewISH apocalypse cultism which was later given psuedo-credence by yet another arm of jewISH parasitism, rife with blood-sacrifice, murder, double standards, and animal-like submission to so-called "divine authority". Your cucked "mother-church" is owned, run, and managed by the jewISH parasites hoarding the world's gold whom you dare not even face. You right now defend the world monarchy by attempting to defend an inherently manipulative religion based on infiltration. This irony is not even laughable.

cfdb2 No.46514

File: 1515972093644.png (186.1 KB, 640x797, bb1.png)

>"The one that first speaks loudest is the last idiot in the room."
you were the one that first started screaming about "christcucks" shill
>You throw yet another strawman out
all you do is use strawmen and other fallacies, you're just projecting literally the rest of your post is nothing but strawmen and other fallacies

7b706 No.46884

File: 1516001883388.png (722.6 KB, 701x1140, luna-heart-stars.png)

It is a basic fundamental of life that order tends to evolve from chaos. Atoms to molecules to cells to creatures to self-awareness. >>46351 pic #1 is a continuation of this evolution into a larger structure. The process subjugates its own components, us.

Fighting between 2 subjugated parties isn't going to end that process and probably helps it, as it wastes our energy. Those who try to control us try to divide us. Both of you have the same enemy but you know it by different names and see it through different life experiences. Both of you are coping with the fucked up planet as best you can with the tools you have. Both of you are flawed like everyone else, pointing this out is not helping. Arguing about beliefs goes no where, in fact this is what turns /leftypol/ to shit. Lets not bring that here, okay? Nothing is purely good or purely evil, that is just bait. Both of you have important things to offer and equally can fall into temptation, anger and other unuseful behaviour. If you must do it, do it in a thread dedicated to it, not mine.

Friendship is Magic, especially when it is hard.


8ef2e No.46885

7b706 No.46886

File: 1516004032763.jpg (4.47 MB, 2475x3300, conspiracy.jpg)

Thanks that was interesting. We are a part of it. Just as cells are a part of us. It is an emergent thing. Humans will behave in an aggregate way and a structure will emerge from that. Have a helpful chart to clarify the situation :)

7b706 No.46887

File: 1516004816633.png (23.46 KB, 729x423, ESB_UK-1987-2008.svg.png)

The timing seems off.

1975 US mutilations

>Democratic senator Floyd K. Haskell contacted the FBI asking for help in 1975 due to public concern regarding the issue. He claimed there had been 130 mutilations in Colorado alone, and further reports across nine states.[8] A 1979 FBI report indicated that, according to investigations by the New Mexico State Police, there had been an estimated 8,000 mutilations in Colorado, causing approximately $1,000,000 damage.[9]


1987 UK Madcow

where-as madcow emerges in UK about a decade later, see pic. Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bovine_spongiform_encephalopathy

88bd4 No.46889

A mind virus awards the stupidity of a willing host. Enough said.

Haskell has room in his closet for payoffs and 'look-over-heres'. Compare the reports of "flying saucers" between Colorado and New Mexico during those years. What is 12 years to you? Quite a bit. What is 12 years to the monolithic CDC/US Chemical Corps.? Nothing, unless one is perfecting a new weapon.

8ef2e No.46891

An effective chart but I'm not listed on it, and I can't be certain if you are either.

7b706 No.46892

CA 940
WI 507
IL 364
NJ 357
FL 323
NC 322
PA 320
NY 312
OH 254
MN 254
WA 231
MA 223
MI 214
TX 214
MO 196
AZ 190
CT 186
MT 179
CO 170
KY 154
NM 150

CO 1961 21
CO 1962 44
CO 1963 12
CO 1964 29
CO 1965 60
CO 1966 94
CO 1967 365
CO 1968 56
CO 1969 20
CO 1970 28
CO 1971 13
CO 1972 18
CO 1973 31
CO 1974 38
CO 1975 85 ← this spike correlates with Haskell's report to the FBI.
CO 1976 26
CO 1977 27
CO 1978 19
CO 1979 13
CO 1980 16
CO 1981 5
CO 1982 7
CO 1983 4
CO 1984 1
CO 1985 5
CO 1986 8
CO 1987 4
CO 1988 4
CO 1989 22

NM 1961 28
NM 1962 13
NM 1963 18
NM 1964 238
NM 1965 55
NM 1966 50
NM 1967 107
NM 1968 18
NM 1969 3
NM 1970 7
NM 1971 5
NM 1972 20
NM 1973 7
NM 1974 36
NM 1975 47
NM 1976 51
NM 1977 10
NM 1978 31
NM 1979 11
NM 1980 21
NM 1981 7
NM 1983 2
NM 1984 4
NM 1988 1
NM 1989 3

CA 1975 269
NC 1975 239
WI 1975 218
IL 1975 163
FL 1975 140
MT 1975 136
OH 1975 129
AZ 1975 113
PA 1975 109
NJ 1975 103
WA 1975 98
MN 1975 86
CO 1975 85
NY 1975 78
TX 1975 75
CT 1975 68
MA 1975 55
MO 1975 53
ME 1975 52
NM 1975 47

CA 1979 92
WI 1979 62
MN 1979 34
IL 1979 33
TX 1979 28
FL 1979 27
WA 1979 25
MA 1979 24
NJ 1979 23
SC 1979 23
NY 1979 22
CT 1979 18
NC 1979 18
VA 1979 16
IN 1979 14
IA 1979 14
PA 1979 13
CO 1979 13
OR 1979 13
ID 1979 11
MO 1979 11
NM 1979 11

7b706 No.46900

According to https://vault.fbi.gov/Animal%20Mutilation/Animal%20Mutilation%20Part%201%20of%205/view Haskell said the mutes started about 1973. My timeline above has some things missing.

First, UFO count for the USA from CUFOS UFOCAT:

1966 4881
1967 6961
1968 2554
1969 1972
1970 974
1971 910
1972 1725
1973 5545
1974 1849
1975 2825
1976 1565
1977 1296
1978 1477
1979 643

Something happened around 1973:

>“The first recombinant DNA molecules were generated at Stanford University in 1972, utilising the cleavage properties of restriction enzymes (scissors) and the ability of DNA ligase to join DNA strands together (glue). The importance of these first tentative experiments cannot be overestimated. Scientists could now join different DNA molecules together and could link the DNA of one organism to that of a completely different organism.”

– Desmond S. T. Nicholl (2008)

>[Biotechnology] use accelerated in the twentieth century, particularly after the first published instance of recombinant DNA (r-DNA) research in 1973 and the subsequent application of this technique for microorganisms, plants, animals, and humans.

- Chimeras, Hybrids and Interspecies Research Politics and Policymaking, Andrea L. Bonnicksen

>The 1973 sighting wave was concentrated in the last half of the year, and

featured the largest number of humanoid occupant sightings in many years.
- NICAP https://web.archive.org/web/20070506032731/http://www.nicap.org/waves/1973fullrep.htm

>“Witness had scoop mark type scar on her leg below her knee.” First scoop mark.

– NICAP, ibid.

>The story of Candy Jones also has what we might call a “negative relevance” to the abduction accounts. Because the Controllers did not establish a hypnotic cover story, or pseudomemory, the true facts of the case managed to percolate into her conscious mind. No matter how thorough the post-hypnotic amnesia, leaks will occur—hence the need for a false memory, to fill the gap of recollection. The CIA learns from its mistakes. Candy’s hypno-programming broke down in early 1973—the year the “alien disguise” became (if my hypothesis proves correct)

– The Controllers by Martin Cannon

The first recombinant mouse was created in 1974
- Chimeras, Hybrids and Interspecies Research Politics and Policymaking, Andrea L. Bonnicksen

So we have a spike in UFOs, a spike in staged "ETs", the starting of scoops marks, the starting of cattle mutilations and the new ability to combine any DNA with any DNA…. hmmm.

7b706 No.46902

You didn't see Vril?

I can add you on to it.. what name should I use?

7b706 No.46907

88bd4 No.46912

Correct, the numbers show that such "mutilations" had been suppressed for years. Also, what did I tell you about Fort Dietrick and Plum Island failing to cover their tracks? This is one of those instances.

"Scoop marks" are representative of a medical device that has gone virtually unnoticed, or discreetly denied, for the past 60 years. It essentially resembles a sharpened pair of spoons attached to pliers, meant to take a solid surface skin sample without anesthesia. Now correlate the numbers of "scoop marks" with the "increasing UFO reports". No coincidence there.

Categorically, none of those can be discounted as the ICJ-ICC is registered as a, quote, "sovereignty owned court with jurisdiction applicable the world over, save for within the vatican". It would not be a surprise to find those documents are 100% legitimate. Unfortunately for the debacle of the QAnon group's infinite LARP'ing, Trump did not abolish "Admiralty Law", which most of those documents are descended from, or touch on. "Admiralty Law" is presided over by primarily catholic crypto-jewish judges hailing from the officer ranks of: the Royal Crown Navy, the Royal Crown Marines, and the Royal Crown Coast Guard, each of whom has sworn oaths to uphold the BAR, or British-American Rules (Association). Many previous concerns of triplethink in the last link are becoming newly apparent to the general public, particularly when it comes to the mentioned names.

88bd4 No.46916

Have had time to research your question of:
>"One of the things I have pondered is, can you send light pulses which mimic the protocol of the eye talking to the brain to create illusions?"
An answer has been provided to me, and that answer is a distinct yes. One of Project Redlight's goals was to combine holographic LED usage with infrasound. The full process is simple: projecting electromagnetic holograph data from a silicon chip or tape drive through a focused infrasound generator. It's.. simple, devious, can be combined with other onboard systems. Low power expenditure, cheap to produce, virtually zero maintenance. This is an indication of several problems that I've considered for some time now regarding many of the "too similar" men in suits reports. The first one is that this results in what I'm going to, for right now, call a "canned memory"; such a memory of a specific craft and occupants is universal among a large number of witnesses. The total number of far too similar reports of "little grey/green men descending from a (shape) craft" from 1967 until 1983 vastly outweigh all other reports. The second one is that such false memories are not only dreamlike, or as the conscious mind would deem them: created from stale, grainy footage. This places an unusually high, verifiable number of uses by the various MKULTRA systems into the general public's log to be searched through.

d39ff No.46940

File: 1516057925862.jpg (104.74 KB, 686x1200, DQyH4RJUMAE8JDQ.jpg)

it's obvious, even of all of these were mere prototypes, i never bought the ET shit.

yes, that's a recomfort to know that mathematically we can't be alone in the universe. but even if a civilization have millions of years of advance won't change a lot of things: you cannot travel faster than light, and light is slow at the scale of the universe. 300,000Km/s. we would need a hyperdrive of at least 300,000,000Km/s to really travel through the galaxy in a lifetime, and even at some point the spacetime is weird and won't let us.

that's the cruelty of being alone.

We have killed our gods. but the man can't live without gods, especially since he invented the nuclear weapon. So he went with ETs of all kind.

all of what are the product of jets and other airships by the early 40-50s and ongoing. I've been really discussing about the UFO phenomenon spotted in this region and in belgium in the 1990s, and from every pic, and description, that doesn't look like anything "aliens" would build; but 100% human. Stealth technology is kind of mainstream since the early 1980s. If that's our government testing a new tactical bomber or recon plane, that's nice, we understand, our tax money is used to something useful. IF the government claims that's really not them however there is a problem, if the airforce of any nation that's been spotting an UFO unable to intercept it and defend your airspace, from a foreign intelligence, this is a defense problem.

(pic related: a wonderbolt scrambled to proceed the interception of a non-responding aircraft over the Equestrian territory )

7b706 No.47231

Genetic Experiments will be happening, the temptation is too great and fits perfectly with the eugenics ideology.

7b706 No.47232

holographic LED

>projecting electromagnetic holograph data from a silicon chip or tape drive

Hard drives and punch cards not allowed?

>through a focused infrasound generator.


Did you technobable?

88bd4 No.47394

Using "threat of aliens" as a weaponized cover ploy for any situation imaginable became the norm in the 1980's when it became apparent there was known no life in the universe. Reagan "Star Wars" program along with subsequent criminalizations and new "drug wars" dumped 4 trillion dollars into US black projects. It was not until the late 1950's that concerted efforts to undermine so-called national security using the threat of alien invasions across the world became common.

There were no hard drives in the 1960's, and no, those are not my words. Colleague's quote: "Look at a modern luxury car to see how many combined technologies are in use. They've been around for a while but now the new thing is overlaying an active camera feed with distance gauges using night vision, thermal, infrared, or starlight modes. Imagine a targeting system using those in conjunction by slapping active designation markers on top of every aircraft, tank, vehicle, whatever you can think of in the vicinity."

Infrasound generation is a simple technology; focused in this case refers to tight beam transmission. There is far more technology in the hands of those that should not have such than is readily apparent.

88bd4 No.47396

LED's have been used to create holographic images since 1962, perhaps becoming less experimental in 1963. Look up any Hatsune Miku concert, or any other venue where holograms are in use, to understand the simplicity, ease of use, cost effectiveness.

Imprinting data on what we would now call a silicon chip is mid-1940's technology. V1, V2 ring any bells?

7b706 No.47532

File: 1516292210580-0.pdf (675.41 KB, AFU UFOIC Newsletter No 45….pdf)

File: 1516292210580-1.png (515.24 KB, 2580x1587, anon-filly-sleep.png)

>Infrasound generation is a simple technology; focused in this case refers to tight beam transmission.
Infrasound disperses very easily, bass wraps around corners, if you want tight beam you need to use ultrasound. Ref: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HF9G9M0cR0E
I don't see how this relates to "combine holographic LED usage with infrasound" ( >>46916 ) however projection of sound to a distant place is reasonable and dates to about the '50s or '60s as per the video,

What type of hologram?
The Hatsune Miku concerts have video screens in the background. Not convinced it is actual 3D holodeck-like.

I am looking through videos for actual projections of holographs into space. None of it looks viable except in precise circumstances.
This one shows how it works with mist: https://youtu.be/XXsfO_jIvg4
3D, multiple viewers but need a special table and glasses: https://newatlas.com/hologram-tables-euclideon/50868/

See last 2 pages of attachment #1 for a projected cude shape. Also, quote:

1976 August 2, 4.00am TEN MILE HILL, Tasmania
Mr Wood was returning home in the early hours. At the bottom of Ten Mile Hill when driving north a screen like projection appears in front of his car, it seemed to fill the field of view. At the same time a loud distorted electrical type music sound was heard. On the screen he saw a yellow light source to the left and a large figure in profile to the right. The fig­ure was in a tight fitting black jacket and light coloured trou­sers, it seemed to be turning towards the witness. Wood braked but just seemed to drive through the screen, it was all over in a few seconds.[/b]

end quote.

Both events involve intense sound as you suggest. I don't understand the relationship between infrasound and holographic projection of light from LEDs. The attachment #1 event would seem to be an actual projection of a crude type. The Ten Mile Hill event seems more like a mist based hologram. Both happen in the same time frame and holography begins about 1968 and gains attention in the 1970s ( https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Holography#Art ) making the timing correct.

And then how does all of this relate to sending light pulses in a protocol the eye uses to communicate with the brain?

Now I need a lie down :)


88bd4 No.47882

I do not know the basis for holographic technology, nor the specific uses of it, how it functions, what it takes to combine technologies, nor jack shit else. A colleague was asked, Herr Vril; that colleague answered, LIKELY to their own detriment. For the last time: I was not TechEng. Do not make the same mistake twice.

A specific frequency capable of distorting physical vision was mentioned. Combined technologies are the answer I was specifically given.

7b706 No.48072

>The full process is simple… >>46916
>I do not know… >>47882
Thanks for clearing that up.

>A specific frequency capable of distorting physical vision was mentioned.

This is reasonable assuming we are talking about the 19Hz infrasound to vibrate the eyeball which we have discussed before. You could then cloud the perception further by using lasers to project a view onto a remote surface (ground, clouds, mist, car windscreens, etc)

The bass tone is unlikely to be focusable and would affect everyone in it's path. There are some good examples, which might be this, from the '70s. I might do a study of this further and see what shakes out.

Here is an example from the 1970s, badly Google translated:

>Suddenly the sky was torn apart and an immense orange light split sharply into the shape of a saucer, surmounted by a dome. The two gendarmes could not believe their eyes, and their anxious looks turned to me. "My word," said one of them, "it suffices to speak of it, and here is one! The apparition had lasted only a few seconds, but the gigantic dimensions left no doubt about it. The craft was at least three hundred meters long. Deep inside me, I was happy, because there were now two gendarmes among the eyewitnesses of the phenomenon. We still had our eyes riveted on the vanished image and we lost ourselves in conjectures, when the same phenomenon recurred, with the same spontaneity, the same dimensions, the same color and the same absence of noise. The Omi had an oblique position in relation to the ground but the transience of the event led us to suppose that the craft (or both craft) materialized or dematerialized at altitude according to whether they landed or tore down. This was my only observation of the kind made in Corsica [French Island].

They had been compromised earlier though when this happened:

>It was then that we noticed, about thirty meters from us, a strange green glow along the road and at the height of the trees. In the immediate future, I thought it was a simple reflection of the moon in the foliage, so diffuse was the light. The glow was motionless and about fifty centimeters in diameter. The fluctuations turned yellow according to the luminous intensity. We were all surprised by this unusual presence and no one was rash enough to get out of the car and get to that glow.

>Undoubtedly, the "thing" was closely related to the UFO we observed a few minutes ago.
>Undoubtedly, it was one of his satellite balls that had engaged in the infernal round around the light beam and which, at present, seemed to observe us.
>Strangely enough, we all fell asleep at the end of this observation, which lasted about half an hour, and this despite our state of excitement quite [understandable. We woke up at five in the morning, chilled with cold, with a lingering impression of what we had all experienced.
>We had communicated with a UFO using light signals. We then remembered the smallest details. The relation of our individual observations, of our impressions, of our reactions, converged on this common denominator: a UFO, a small ball which observes us a few steps from us, a beam of light, balls which revolve around the machine , the sleep that assails us …
>We noticed that the clock on the dashboard was twenty minutes late. This roughly corresponds to the estimate of the time during which the little ball observed us. There were four of us that night when we saw a UFO close up.

La Corse Base Secrete D'Ovni by Jean Pierr Chambraud

You can use microwaves (or sound) to send someone to sleep:

>For our present purposes, the most significant electromagnetic research findings concern microwave signals modulated by hypnoidal EEG frequencies. Microwaves can act much like the “hemi-synch” device previously described—that is, they can entrain the brain to theta rhythms. I need not emphasize the implications of remotely synchronizing the brain to resonate at a frequency conducive to sleep, or to hypnosis.

>In 1970, a RAND Corporation scientist reported that microwaves could be used to promote insomnia, fatigue, irritability, memory loss, and hallucinations.

again the 1970s

>Frey demonstrated in the early 1960s that microwaves could produce booming, hissing, buzzing, and other intracerebral static (this phenomenon is now called “the Frey effect”); in 1973, Dr. Joseph Sharp, of the Walter Reed Army Institute of Research, expanded on Frey’s work in an experiment where the subject—in this case, Sharp himself—“heard” and understood spoken words delivered via a pulsed-microwave analog of the speaker’s sound vibrations.

The Controllers by Martin Cannon

The combination of microwaves and sound to induce altered states (then add (remote?) hypnosis), using microwaves to produce apparent sound, using microwaves to produce hallucinations, using lasers to draw remote images on surfaces, and infrasound of 19Hz to vibrate the eyeball, would make some truly odd experiences.

>Do not make the same mistake twice.

This stick doesn't work. Try replacing the batteries?

88bd4 No.48756

I asked a colleague a question, they gave a simple answer, there is your dissonance. What was told to me was the "simple process", a technology of which I do not know nor can correlate enough to understand it. Not TechEng.

1960's and 1970's were the centerpieces of, quote, "shaping public perception on potential extraterrestrial encounters". Public fear over "Red Menace" started in 50's but failed to gain traction at the time. In the 1960's, the space race, quote, "ignited human imaginations in ways that shouldn't have been. The moon was impossible to visit, probes sent into outer space failed to respond, and we were still alone. So what do you, if you had unlimited funds and limited time, come up with to fill the gaps between the human world and a universe that was potentially filled with exotic life? Aliens." The early 1970's featured many pre-CGI technologies, among others, that would lead to the common 1980's uses of graphical effects the likes of which Stalin and FDR's photograph manipulators could never achieve.

The answer of "combined technologies" was given. We cannot contact other Afters in their own circles to confirm this. There are others, quite possibly one such as the German poster whom delivered numerous images in this thread before, that understand more of what that specifically means. Weird events are focii.

One does not need batteries if generation systems are capable of accommodating all humans, all the time, without infrastructure concerns.

7b706 No.49186


I don't buy the Solar Warden story. From past readings of this the story IIRC was McKinnon was stoned and entered the NASA computer that had no protection, saw spreadsheets of the transfers between space fleets etc. etc. This is all as believable as Roswell aliens. This then becomes mythology mixed in with Ra and the Sphere Being Alliance.

It is logical that humans have a space fleet, if we assume Nazi's did discover "anti-grav" and aircraft are far more sophisticated than reported.

Also while I have your attention >>/mlpol/109067 MIC vs "World Monachy"?

7b706 No.49193


I don't buy the Solar Warden story. From past readings of this the story IIRC was McKinnon was stoned and entered the NASA computer that had no protection, saw spreadsheets of the transfers between space fleets etc. etc. This is all as believable as Roswell aliens. This then becomes mythology mixed in with Ra and the Sphere Being Alliance.

It is logical that humans have a space fleet, if we assume Nazi's did discover "anti-grav" and aircraft are far more sophisticated than reported.

Also while I have your attention >>>/mlpol/109067 MIC vs "World Monachy"?

7b706 No.49194

>"Scoop marks" are representative of a medical device that has gone virtually unnoticed

Can this device be pointed out?

88bd4 No.49239

Of course not, McKinnon was compromised from the start regarding his access. There are some subtle hints dropped in straight from PBB's disinfo book. Add this to your timeline then begin poking holes in the stories. Then again, a certain presidential order dictating a public satellite blackout is still in effect. At least, until 2021.

There was no such organization or group that has ever been identified as "Nazi", except in war propaganda films. The word was taken from the several hundred thousand AshekeNAZI infiltrators into the German industries, political circles, and military. This is also related to Stalin's Torch Men Command, creating the enslavement, or should I be nice and call it crippling, wheat/farming deal against the US and a number of countries.

If there was a list of every medical device created since 1962, there is a high probability, yes.

7b706 No.52823


Holograms in the air by making the air a plasma where the laser achieves focus.

d39ff No.54696

File: 1519097639636.png (311.2 KB, 1024x1393, 1511650751746.png)

I don't believe in antigravity tech. unless I get the proof that gravity is a force like the three others that have a quantum model. like the other forces, electromagnetism is a good example and is not like gravity.

also the UFO bullshit… I have seen one, IRL one day, it was years ago. I can assure you it's scary, but to me these aren't alien tech.
when there's a triangular shaped plane hovering with some gas engine ensuring stability in flight, then rushing full post-combustion far away, I can assure you this is not alien or ancient nazi shit. These jets are European tech.

I did fill a report to the gendarmerie and they oriented me to someone at the GEIPAN in 2013. With photo.
Explained what I seen and that to me it was too familiar looking, for being a /k/ fag, to existing human tech.

guy: “I'm not here to believe in aliens. I gather data. There's no sensationalism, UFO means unknown, it was an aircraft, unidentified, low altitude.”

So? Will we ever know who developed those jets? What nation is sending them? Are they armed? with warheads on a bombs bay, or infrared cameras? Even as stealth it can get, why don't we have an efficient radar network to detect such an aircraft on our territory and intercept it/shoot it?

Also, it is noted those jets are observed around nuclear, military and marine installations over time.

People in this situation are dumb. their opinion will change depending what they are told to believe. All I know is how all this UFO shit might hide something bigger. Who is spying who?

everyone still goes in the news:"ALIENS!"
It's definitely a man-made machine with a fancy radar-unfriendly shape, for God's sake !

4b883 No.56119

>I don't believe in antigravity tech.
That is a logical fallacy. It doesn't matter whether you believe in it or not.
>It's definitely a man-made machine with a fancy radar-unfriendly shape, for God's sake !
There are many cases of UFOs, why would one cross out the possibility of some belonging to non-humans. >>49188

a8911 No.60115

Will Vril ever come back?

207d5 No.64866

That's it?

7b706 No.65089

File: 1525610971949.jpg (132.29 KB, 1157x407, General Relativity and Cra….jpg)


The 17 page document explores the theme that "…empty space itself (the quantum vacuum or spacetime metric) might be engineered to provide energy/thrust for future space vehicles."


7b706 No.65795


d6650 No.65796

7b706 No.65797

I was testing that I had the same ID after all this time. And then I can use the tripcode to verify me elsewhere. Thank you though. :)

a8911 No.65799


3997e No.65811

hey vrill how many races of aliens have visited earth?

7b706 No.65813

Somewhere between 0 and infinity. We can't say for sure what happened in pre-history but we can say that dreams and drugs and primitive psychological experiments are part of the options for "otherwordly" experiences.

Almost all cases when examined from say a 20 year distance can be explained with human technology advances unknown to the normal population at that time. Microwaves can beam voices into your head, magnetic fields are altered as they pass through your brain and picked up by receivers, which when interpreted could be seen as telepathically reading your mind. ( https://patents.google.com/patent/US3951134 ) What almost never happens in UFO research is a comparison of those events with human secret tech. I blame ego for this (conspiracy is an option too), we assume we know all about what humans can do, therefore anything technologically mysterious is de facto non-human tech, which means ETs. Just like anything psychologically mysterious we used to blame on spirits. What we need to realise is we, the general population, are stupid and uninformed, a few humans are smart and are on the cutting edge and can fool us endlessly. A product of classified secrets. The only chance we have is to look back at old cases and compare to now de-classified technology. But we don't, we stay focused on the current cases, which use unknown classified tech. Aliens are also perfect cover for advanced aerospace craft, because the rational people will ignore the reports of alien craft.

UFOs are, in my view, flying laboratories which solve the problem of finding and disposing of victims. Don't take the victim to your secret lab, they might learn where it is located… take the lab to the victim. Most advanced tech events, if not all, are human secret tech. There is a long history of human secret tech, as shown above, which can not have come from space. See the airship mystery above, and yet we thought it might be Martians, we are just as stupid as them today, all we have done is extended the distance they are from.

What happens if you combine Nazi "anti-gravity", MKUltra and Hollywood costumes?

7b706 No.65814

1909 French Airship in England

>May 18. Daily Mail of May 20, 1909, .. Mr C. Lethbridge (Lithbridge in Charles Fort’s account) .. tube-shaped contraption on the grass, and two men working on something nearby. They wore ‘big, heavy fur coats, and fur caps fitted tightly over their heads’. .. jabbered furiously in a strange lingo.’ .. rose slowly into the air in a zigzag fashion. .. two wheels* at the bottom of the carriage, and a whirling fan at the tail. ..a quantity of a substance like papiermaché left behind. Also, there was a red label in French, attached to a chain and a small pin, which was described by an engineer as being like the instrument used to regulate the valve of a pump used for injecting air from the atmosphere into an airship.

– The Humanoids (1969) - 'Few and Far Between' chapter.

>“Daily Mail, May 20–that a man, named Lithbridge, of 4 Roland Street, Cardiff, Wales, had, in the office of the Cardiff Evening Express, told a marvelous story. This story was that, upon the 18th of May, about 11 P.M., while walking along a road, near the Caerphilly Mountains, Wales, he had seen, on the grass, at a side of the road, a large tube-shaped construction. In it were two men, in heavy fur-overcoats. When they saw Mr. Lithbridge, they spoke excitedly to each other, in a foreign language, and sailed away. Newspaper men visited the place, and found the grass trampled, and found a scattering of torn newspapers and other debris.

– LO! by Charles Fort (1931)

>“May 18th. Caerphilly, Wales. A Cardiff man named Lithbridge says he was walking through the mountains when he came across a large cylindrical construction parked beside a lonely road. Inside it he saw two peculiar looking men dressed in some kind of fur coats. On seeing him they gabbled excitedly in a foreign language. The next minute the machine rose in the air and flew away. It had no wings and made little noise. A depression was found in the grass at the place he indicated—the first report in this century of one of these things seen on the ground.

– FLYING SAUCERS HAVE LANDED by Leslie and Adamski (1957)

>“I saw a funny-looking object on the roadside, and two men who seemed to be at some kind of work close by. The object was long and like a big cigar. They were tall men, military-looking men, and were dressed in thick fur coats and caps. Of course, I didn’t know they were officers, but they were two men—that’s certain, and military men, too. I was about 20 or 30 yards away when I first saw the men. The noise of my truck—it rattles a lot—must have disturbed them for they commenced to speak very fast, some kind of lingo which I could not understand. They appeared to pick up something off the ground and jump into the object close by. Then it rose up like—like a switchback movement—and when it had got up a pretty good height, it went straight in the direction of Cardiff. I thought at first it was some big bird, but it must have been an airship. Well, after it had gone up a way, two lights began to shine from it. They looked like electric lights. It made an awful noise—a whirring noise—a noise like an engine working. Saw and heard it! I have no doubt about it. I was frightened, I can tell you, and after watching it go away towards Cardiff, 1 continued to walk home.” Lethbridge’s strange experience took place between 10:30 and 11 o’clock on Tuesday night, May 18th. Interestingly, it was confirmed by' the statements of residents in Salisbury Road, Cathays, Cardiff, who said that they also saw an object in the air that looked like an airship between 10:40 and 10:50 P.M. A search was made on Caerphilly Mountain at the location that Lethbridge indicated, and a red label printed in French was discovered, along with a piece of mutilated notepaper and several other slips of paper, but these only served to confuse the issue.

– World’s Best “True” UFO Stories by Jenny Randles (1994)

>“Most accounts leave out what the investigators found at the site: a variety of artifacts including parts of letters, a spare part for a tire valve, papier-mâché wads, blue paper containing figures and letters, and clippings about airships. All of this suggests, or at least seems intended to convey, the notion that the airship crew consisted of foreign spies. .. Coincidentally or otherwise, during a wave of UFO reports in France in the fall of 1954, a railroad worker at Monlucon claimed that one evening he encountered a tube-shaped craft. Outside it stood a man dressed in what looked like a long, hairy overcoat. When the witness addressed the figure, the latter responded in an unknown language. The witness left the scene to report it to his supervisor, but when the two returned, the UFO and the hairy-coated figure were gone.


>“assorted junk was found at the site, including a metal machine part which was clearly stamped ”Made in France.”

- The Complete Guide to Mysterious Beings by Keel (1970)

>‘a long-tube-shaped affair lying on the roadside’ .. (whom he assumed were German spies) .. ‘rose into the air in a zig-zag fashion’ .. At 1,000 miles each way, the round trip from the Zeppelin hangars at Friedrichshafen in Germany to the east coast of Britain would also have been impossible to complete under cover of darkness and would have taken the giant airship over parts of Belgium and France in daylight, where it would have been seen by thousands of people.

- The UFO Files by David Clarke (2013) ← Cardiff Evening Express and Evening Mail, 19 May 1909.

>“two “young men … officers” wearing fur coats.”

– Hidden Realms by Jerome Clark (2010)

What seems like a French military adventure becomes part of UFO mythology. How much history never made it into the official history books and so was left as myths and mysteries?

3997e No.65815

File: 1529840836931.jpg (388.79 KB, 800x900, Himmelserscheinung_über_Nü….jpg)

i agree with you mostly but one case is unexplainable with the theory of advanced human tech.and thats the 1561 Nuremberg spaceship battle that happend over Germany.

7b706 No.65817

File: 1529914499828-0.jpg (170.37 KB, 519x800, LinkSeltsame_Gestalt_so_in….jpg)

File: 1529914499828-1.jpg (63.31 KB, 250x229, 1034_liber-chronicarum-ufo.jpg)

File: 1529914499828-2.jpg (472.99 KB, 794x1123, Liber chronicarum _ Nuremb….jpg)

Its a very interesting case.

Year 1561

>"In the morning of April 14, 1561, at daybreak, between 4 and 5 a.m., a dreadful apparition occurred on the sun, and then this was seen in Nuremberg in the city, before the gates and in the country – by many men and women. At first there appeared in the middle of the sun two blood-red semi-circular arcs, just like the moon in its last quarter. And in the sun, above and below and on both sides, the color was blood, there stood a round ball of partly dull, partly black ferrous color. Likewise there stood on both sides and as a torus about the sun such blood-red ones and other balls in large number, about three in a line and four in a square, also some alone. In between these globes there were visible a few blood-red crosses, between which there were blood-red strips, becoming thicker to the rear and in the front malleable like the rods of reed-grass, which were intermingled, among them two big rods, one on the right, the other to the left, and within the small and big rods there were three, also four and more globes. These all started to fight among themselves, so that the globes, which were first in the sun, flew out to the ones standing on both sides, thereafter, the globes standing outside the sun, in the small and large rods, flew into the sun. Besides the globes flew back and forth among themselves and fought vehemently with each other for over an hour. And when the conflict in and again out of the sun was most intense, they became fatigued to such an extent that they all, as said above, fell from the sun down upon the earth 'as if they all burned' and they then wasted away on the earth with immense smoke. After all this there was something like a black spear, very long and thick, sighted; the shaft pointed to the east, the point pointed west. Whatever such signs mean, God alone knows. Although we have seen, shortly one after another, many kinds of signs on the heaven, which are sent to us by the almighty God, to bring us to repentance, we still are, unfortunately, so ungrateful that we despise such high signs and miracles of God. Or we speak of them with ridicule and discard them to the wind, in order that God may send us a frightening punishment on account of our ungratefulness. After all, the God-fearing will by no means discard these signs, but will take it to heart as a warning of their merciful Father in heaven, will mend their lives and faithfully beg God, that He may avert His wrath, including the well-deserved punishment, on us, so that we may temporarily here and perpetually there, live as his children. For it, may God grant us his help, Amen. By Hanns Glaser, letter-painter of Nurnberg."


and more:

Year 1861

>1831 Sighting Of 80-Minuie Meteor - The Corvallis Gazette-Times of Corvallis, Oregon contained a very interesting record of a sighting of a strange meteor sighted by the crew of a ship off Puget Sound. The article, by Kenneth Holmes, takes from “Lights and Shadows of Sailor Life,” published in Boston in 1848: “At ten minutes past B o'clock on the 31st, (May) a meteor of immense magnitude and brilliancy shot across the heavens in a northwest direction, illuminating the heavens to such an extent that there was a resemblance of a sheet of fire until it nearly reached the horizon, when it exploded, sending off myriads of corruscations in every direction. When it first commenced its flight, it was exceedingly slow in its descent, but as it increased its distance torwards the horizon it increased its velocity considerably, until it burst. Many old seamen on board never witnessed a meteor half so large, nor one whose light remained so long visible. From the time it was first seen until it disappeared, was one hour and twenty-five minuites.” Unquote. (This apparently encompasses time of sighting plus duration of observation of trail. -The Ed.)

– MUFON 1963 May

Comment: 80 minute sighting.

Year 1833

Upon the night of November 13-14. 1833, occurred the most sensational celestial spectacle of the nineteenth century: for six hours fiery meteors gushed from the heavens, and were visible along the whole Atlantic coast of the United States.
– New Lands by Fort (1923) → UFOCAT multiple entries. See also: The Astronomical Journal, 134:1037 Y 1045, 2007 September # 2007, 3D-BIELA and the Andromenids by P. Jenniskens and J. Vaubaillon (2007)

Comment: 6 hours of meteorites

Year 1779

>A member of the North Jersey Highland Historical Society recently came across an interesting meteor report published in The Journal of Thomas Hughes, the daily diary of a British officer who served with General Burgoyne during the Revolutionary War. On page 76 he stated: “November 21, 1779. A strange meteor was seen in the south, just as the sun went down. It appeared like a ball of fire and left a long trail of light—something like the turnings of a corkscrew—visible for near an hour.”

– Why UFOs by Keel (1970)

Comment: "ball" and "corkscrew".

Year 1723

>“glimmering light .. 45 degrees above the horizon, a light .. from the south above, .. three inches .. to the north .. spreading itself .. heard by a whizzing .. 45 degrees to the north above .. it stopped short, and ceased enlarging .. twenty inches .. figure of a trumpet-marine, .. very lively sparks, shining bright .. extinguished almost as fast .. with a great noise from the middle .. large end, a ball quite round, and all on fire: .. emitted about twenty minutes after, a hollow, but very loud noise for the space of a minute. .. The light began to be weakened to the south, after emitting the ball, and at length disappeared, before the noise of the ball was heard.”

– UFOCAT ← APRO Dec. 1978.

Comment: "ball"


7b706 No.65819

Year 1716

>Mar 6. Astronomer Edmond Halley; UFO sighted for 2 hrs; 'bright enough to read' – UFOCAT, UFOIC Newsletter No 37 Sep-Oct 1972. See also the song “These Lights to me like great long spears did show, Sharp at one end, .. there was above a score. Then I saw like Blood it did appear, And that was very throng among those spears; .. The next I saw two Clouds meet fierce together .. And Darkened all these Spears excepting one, They gave a Clash and quickly they were gone.” about this event in UFOs and Popular Culture by James R. Lewis (2000) ← The Ballads and Songs of Derbyshire compiled by Llewellynn Jewitt (1867) ← The Garland of Merriment (1717). See also Wonders in the Sky Vallee (2009) for 1716 “Clouds fighting” in Baltic Sea.

Comment: "spears".

Year 1566

Pic #1
>It happened in 1566 three times, on 27 and 28 of July, and on August 7, against the sunrise and sunset; we saw strange shapes in the sky above Basel.
>During the year 1566, on the 27th of July, after the sun had shone warm on the clear, bright skies, and then around 9 pm, it suddenly took a different shape and color. First, the sun lost all its radiance and luster, and it was no bigger than the full moon, and finally it seemed to weep tears of blood and the air behind him went dark. And he was seen by all the people of the city and countryside. In much the same way also the moon, which has already been almost full and has shone through the night, assuming an almost blood-red color in the sky. The next day, Sunday, the sun rose at about six o'clock and slept with the same appearance it had when it was lying before. He lit the houses, streets and around as if everything was blood-red and fiery. At the dawn of August 7, we saw large black spheres coming and going with great speed and precipitation before the sun and chattered as if they led a fight. Many of them were fiery red and, soon crumbled and then extinguished.


>"In the first hour of the night of November 4 there was seen in the sky over Uxbridge, England a pillar of fire the size of a small boat, pallid and livid in colour. It rose from the south, crossed the sky with slow and grave motions, and went north. Out of the front of the pillar, a fervent red flame burst forth with great beams of light. Its speed increased, and it flew through the air.”

– UFOs and Aliens Preston Dennett (2008)

Year 1032

Pic#2 & 3
Event from 1032

Re 1561, my first question is, who drew the picture? A witness or a scribe using imagination? The time of day is interesting also. Dawn is when directly overhead is the path that the Earth is heading into. So dawn is when the Earth would overrun slower solar orbiting space rocks. These rocks could stay overhead for sometime as they move randomly in space, prior to falling into the Earth's gravity well.

Another thing I notice from these early reports is that they are always geometric shapes. Why? Is a limitation of wood carving? A limitation of available descriptive words? Or an assumption from the times that the Heavens are perfect and God only makes perfect things in His Heaven? Blaming God back then is exactly the same as blaming aliens today, it is a unfalsifiable answer that gives our ego comfort that we aren't uninformed.

There is an additional wrinkle here, there seems to have been manned flight as early as 840AD:

Year 840

>In A.D. 840, Agobard, Archbishop of Lyons [France], wrote of witnessing the execution of three men and one woman who had been captured when they left ‘‘ships that had come from the clouds.” The strangers had been apprehended as they were trading for food with local peasants Church officials kept the aliens in chains for three days before they allowed the populace to stone them as demons.

– Metting Aliens by Brad Steiger (1978)


>Cloena Borough .. at church hearing mass, an anchor was dropped from the sky as if thrown from a ship, for a rope was attached to it, and one of the flukes of the anchor became caught in the arch above the door. .. They saw a ship with men aboard floating before the anchor cable, and they saw a man leap overboard and dive down to the anchor as it to release it. When he came down to the anchor he tried to loosen it, but the people rushed up and seized him. The Bishop was present when this occurred and forbade his people to hold the man, for he said it might prove fatal as when one is held under water. As soon as the‘l man was released he hurried up to the ship; when he was up, the crew cut the rope and the ship sailed away out of sight.

– Metting Aliens by Brad Steiger (1978) ← Albert B. Holland appeared in the March 1958 issue of Fate ← King’s Mirror (old Norse, 13th Century).

Year 1207

>In Otto Imperiaiia, Book One, Chapter Eighteen,. Gervase of Tilbury writes of an aerial ship which caught its “anchor” in a pile of stones near the city of Bristol around A.D. 1207. When an occupant emerged from the ship to free it, he found himself immediately surrounded by curious citizens. Although the visitor accomplished his task, he seemed suddenly to become asphyxiated by the atmospherc and fell, dying and gasping, to the ground.

– Metting Aliens by Brad Steiger (1978)

Alien men and women with ropes and anchors?? Held hostage with no rescue from the mothership?

7b706 No.65820

File: 1529916714815.jpg (277.92 KB, 691x986, Dee.jpg)

To be fair, here is a case for something odd going on sometimes:

>Dr. Dees close encounter in 1586 “… little man with averted face, whose feet “seemed not to touch the ground”, who moved in “a little fiery cloud”, doors opening of themselves before him, and who mounted up into the sky in “a great piller of fire”

– Crux, Issue 1 (Summer 1985), pg 17 ← “A True and Faithful Relation of what passed for many Years Between Dr. John Dee and Some Spirits” by Meric Casaubon (1659)

More on Dee: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/John_Dee

Spirits or ETs? If you answer a mystery with a mystery have you solved it?

3997e No.65821

Sounds like an ayy lmao to me. Also i love the thread vrill. You do a good job.

7b706 No.65822

File: 1530005854411.jpg (400.08 KB, 667x998, i-want-to-be-nice.jpg)


7b706 No.65823

>Sounds like an ayy lmao to me.
No report of a UFO or mechanical device though. Spirit actually fits better.

7b706 No.65825

File: 1530012732863-0.jpg (1.2 MB, 867x6091, Trump is a time travelling….jpg)

File: 1530012732863-1.jpg (160.62 KB, 1024x683, trumppluaultrasociety.jpg)

>They had all previously completely missed the boat in their attempts to interpret Tesla's technology - according to the false Relativist physics - mainly because of the snotty report by their "expert", John G. Trump. Even the FBI has failed to grasp the significance of the note concerning Ms. Marguerite Merrington's witnessing of Tesla's 1894 "metallic plate suspension", and to black it out, in the Tesla papers released under the F.O.I.A. It wasn't until von Braun and company disclosed that their flying saucer technology was based on Tesla's 1890s discoveries, that our government knew what they had, and what the Nazis had already acquired in the 1930's from Tesla's files. Quite a lot of Tesla's technology had already leaked through several sources before the FBI's scanty look into it in 1943, fully seven years after von Braun's "p2" project at Los Alamos.
- Pentagon Aliens by William Lyne (1993)

Contrast with the attached pic suggesting Trump hid it on purpose.
Contrast the timing with the emergence of strange vehicles in the sky.
Is this just a cyclic reference referring only to itself?
Did Tesla start "anti-gravity"?

7b706 No.65826


>The phantom balloon scare of 1892

>Perhaps the first mass outbreak of mystery aircraft sightings took place in 1892 in Russian-occupied Poland, near the German border. The Manchester Guardian reported on 26 March that a 'large balloon coming from the German frontier appeared about the fortress of Kovno
– The Scareship Age, 1892-1946: Collected Blog Posts from Airminded by Brett Holman (2013)

> 1893 Central New South Wales, Australia

>An anecdote handed down within a farming family told of an extraordinary UFO story that was alleged to have happened in 1893 in Central New South Wales. A farmer claimed that a saucer-shaped object landed in a paddock on his property. As he approached the object, a man in strange clothing emerged from it. The farmer walked towards the being. The stranger shone some kind of beam at him, whereby the farmer was thrown to the ground, stunned. His hand where the beam had hit him was paralysed for life.

Regarding the beam:

This might be an electric cattle prod also note that in 1887 Gassner (French) portable dry batteries exist: “By 1889 there were at least six well-known dry batteries in circulation. Later battery manufacturing produced smaller, lighter batteries, and the application of the tungsten filament in 1909 created the impetus to develop batteries for use in torches.”

Or something like 1888 Microwave technology:

>Hertz had demonstrated generation of electromagnetic waves, and that their properties were similar to those of light[1]. Before the start of the twentieth century, many of the concepts now familiar in microwaves had been developed [2,3]: the list includes the cylindrical parabolic reflector, dielectric lens, microwave absorbers, the cavity radiator, the radiating iris and the pyramidal electromagnetic horn. Round, square and rectangular waveguides were used, with experimental development anticipating by several years Rayleigh's 1896 theoretical solution [4] for waveguide modes. Many microwave components in use were quasi-optical - a term first introduced by Oliver Lodge [5]. Righi in 1897 published a treatise on microwave optics [6]. References: [1] H. Hertz, Electric Waves. London: Macmillan and Co. Ltd., 1893. (Reprinted by Dover.) [2] John F. Ramsay, “Microwave Antenna and Waveguide Techniques before 1900,” Proc. IRE., Vol.46, No.2, pp. 405-415, February 1958. [3] K.L. Smith, “Victorian Microwaves,” Wireless World, pp. 93-95, September 1979. [4] Lord Rayleigh, “On the passage of electric waves through tubes, or the vibrations of dielectric cylinders,” Phil. Mag., vol.43, pp.125-132, February 1897. [5] Oliver Lodge, Signalling Across Space Without Wires. Fleet Street, London, U.K.: “The Electrician” Printing & Publishing Company, 1908, 4th Ed., p. 83. (First edition published in 1894 under the title, The Work of Hertz and His Successors.) [6] A. Righi, L'Ottica delle Oscillazioni Elettriche. Bologna, Italy: N. Zanichelli, 1897.


7b706 No.65827

File: 1530020765570.jpg (930.14 KB, 1736x2229, FBI-Tesla-metalic-plate-su….jpg)

7b706 No.65828

Could Tesla have been thinking about electricity and gravity in 1894?



this eventually leads to: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gravitoelectromagnetism

7b706 No.65829

by Nikola Tesla
New York Herald, Oct. 15, 1911

"Not the aeroplane, the flying machine," responded Dr. Tesla. "Now you have struck the point in which I am most deeply interested--the object toward which I have been devoting my energies for more than twenty years--the dream of my life. It was in seeking the means of making the perfect flying machine that I developed this engine.

"Twenty years ago I believed that I would be the first man to fly; that I was on the track of accomplishing what no one else was anywhere near reaching. I was working entirely in electricity then and did not realize that the gasoline engine was approaching a perfection that was going to make the aeroplane feasible. There is nothing new about the aeroplane but its engine, you know.

"What I was working on twenty years ago was the wireless transmission of electric power. My idea was a flying machine propelled by an electric motor, with power supplied from stations on the earth. I have not accomplished this as yet, but am confident that I will in time.

"When I found that I had been anticipated as to the flying machine, by men working in a different field, I began to study the problem from other angles, to regard it as a mechanical rather than an electrical problem. I felt certain there must be some means of obtaining power that was better than any now in use. And by vigorous use of my gray matter for a number of years, I grasped the possibilities of the principle of the viscosity and adhesion of fluids and conceived the mechanism of my engine. Now that I have it, my next step will be the perfect flying machine."

"An aeroplane driven by your engine?" I asked.

"Not at all," said Dr. Tesla. "The aeroplane is fatally defective. It is merely a toy--a sporting play-thing. It can never become commercially practical. It has fatal defects. One is the fact that when it encounters a downward current of air it is helpless. The "hole in the air" of which aviators speak is simply a downward current, and unless the aeroplane is high enough above the earth to move laterally but can do nothing but fall.

"There is no way of detecting these downward currents, no way of avoiding them, and therefore the aeroplane must always be subject to chance and its operator to the risk of fatal accident. Sportsmen will always take these chances, but as a business proposition the risk is too great.

"The flying machine of the future--my flying machine--will be heavier than air, but it will not be an aeroplane. It will have no wings. It will be substantial, solid, stable. You cannot have a stable airplane. The gyroscope can never be successfully applied to the airplane, for it would give a stability that would result in the machine being torn to pieces by the wind, just as the unprotected aeroplane on the ground is torn to pieces by a high wind.

"My flying machine will have neither wings nor propellers. You might see it on the ground and you would never guess that it was a flying machine. Yet it will be able to move at will through the air in any direction with perfect safety, higher speeds than have yet been reached, regardless of weather and oblivious of "holes in the air" or downward currents. It will ascend in such currents if desired. It can remain absolutely stationary in the air, even in a wind, for great length of time. Its lifting power will not depend upon any such delicate devices as the bird has to employ, but upon positive mechanical action."

"You will get stability through gyroscopes?" I asked.

"Through gyroscopic action of my engine, assisted by some devices I am not yet prepared to talk about," he replied.

"Powerful air currents that may be deflected at will, if produced by engines and compressors sufficiently light and powerful, might lift a heavy body off the ground and propel it through the air," I ventured, wondering if I had grasped the inventor's secret.

Dr. Tesla smiled an inscrutable smile.

"All I have to say on that point is that my airship will have neither gas bag, wings nor propellers," he said. "It is the child of my dreams, the product of years of intense and painful toil and research. I am not going to talk about it any further. But whatever my airship may be, here at least is an engine that will do things that no other engine ever has done, and that is something tangible."



7b706 No.65831

File: 1530030400669.jpg (959.84 KB, 3140x1548, Volume 19 Page 088.jpg)

3997e No.65832

i think the "cloud" may have been a space ship.

3997e No.65833

theres alot of wild things that tesla invented. so its not outside the realm of possibility.
did (((they))) kill tesla?

7b706 No.65834

File: 1530078465682-0.jpg (48.18 KB, 644x396, 1897hootonairship.jpg)

File: 1530078465682-1.jpg (626.53 KB, 1308x2145, dvp92035.jpg)

File: 1530078465682-2.jpg (59.13 KB, 479x700, dvp92036.jpg)

>1909 French Airship in England
>…two wheels at the bottom of the carriage, and a whirling fan at the tail.

>"Through gyroscopic action of my engine, assisted by some devices I am not yet prepared to talk about," he replied.

Oh you sneaky French, did you put a Tesla device on an airship? Is that how you did vertical thrust? Do other cases support hybrid Tesla/Airship craft?

>THE STRANGE CASE OF THE 1897 AIRSHIP By Jerome Clark (1966)

Pic #1.

>"A close examination showed that the keel was divided into two parts terminating in front like the sharp edge of a knife-like edge, while the sides of the ship bulged gradually toward the the middle, and then receded. There were three large wheels upon each side made of some bending metal and arranged so that they became concave as they moved forward.


>1906 Jun 1. Mitchell, South Dakota

>Herbert V. DeMott, 10, saw a “craft” come down near the well. “As I approached it, a door rolled back & I was welcomed inside.” The two occupants, who looked like ordinary men, sat on camp stools; they conversed with him, but did not divulge their origin. “The outer shell of the craft was filled with helium gas, and when the lever was moved the magnetism from the earth was cut off, allowing the craft to rise.” The pilots drew water from the horse-trough, to be used in making electricity.”
– CUFOS HUMCAT 1900-1909 ← Phenomena Research Reporter (Gribble) #3, pp. 5f., ← Albany (Ore.) Democratic-Herald, 8/27/73.

>1913 (US) Jul. Badlands area, Montana

>J. L. Buick & another prospector were startled by a small brown man saying “Peace be with you, my friends.” Sitting on a patch of sand was a silvery round object nearly 100 ft in diameter, with central dome & a small conning tower; no wheels underneath. Around it were other, small men in brown picking flowers, pebbles, etc., and some mining a rock outcrop. The occupant told the witnesses they were from another planet which had secretly been keeping tabs on earth for over a hundred years; they had learned English via spies working in a U.S. circus. The craft rose silently & then took off. Next day it came back, & they were given a tour inside 5 concentric saucers with diminishing air pressures, the outermost being evacuated. As to lift, “gravity is only a different type of magnetism”, so it can be controlled by an electromagnetic drive: they can do 9000 mph, and have artificial gravity inside the saucer. Rockets, they,were told, had tailed for space travel.
– HUMCAT_Index_1910-1939 (CUFOS) ← Witness's letter of 9/24/56 to Donald Keyhoe.

And America too?

A transition between airships and flying disks in ~1900s?

And then Germany does it again in the 1930s with a aeroplane/disk hybrid? Pic #2 & 3 and >>755 pic #4 & 5

> The “RFZ 1”: However, the birth of the “UFO” hit in 1934 and among the people of the Vril society - even if the beginning was a bust.

– Das Vril Projekt by Ralf Ettl and Norbert Jürgen Ratthofer (1992)

Seems to be enough pieces to make Pentagon Aliens >>65825 claim possible.

7b706 No.66001

File: 1532064959171.jpg (23.46 KB, 500x372, 1893-electric-monster.jpg)

The 1893 Electrified Airship

>On July 3, 1893 several fishermen were awakened in the middle of the night by the presence of a strange craft that they described as an "electric monster." Their watches stopped and the craft/monster emitted electricity and light. The craft also made a loud sound. Two men were knocked unconscious in the encounter. The rest of the party fled in terror. They returned and found their two unconscious friends who were revived. Apparently the two men suffered no permanent injuries.

A PDF of the claimed newspaper article: http://ufosnw.com/documents/electricmonst/electricmonstnew.pdf

TL;DR: watches stopped, horrible noise, air filled with electricity, feeling of needles of pain, super bright light, called a monster, stream of water … blue fire, men move forward .. stream of electrified water downs men, called an electric fish, 150 feet long, 30 feet circumference, oval shape, upper coarse hair (electrical arcing?), walrus head, copper bands, electrically charged water thrown, revolving propeller like tail, at will electromotive force, goes under water.

1893 seems to early for such a device, especially in the USA.

AfterNon, what is going on here??

7b706 No.66002

Perhaps it was a submarine https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Submarine#19th_century but why was a propeller be seen?

7b706 No.66003

File: 1532076130016-0.jpg (100.9 KB, 740x540, h53440.jpg)

File: 1532076130016-1.jpg (30.96 KB, 550x398, holland.jpg)

File: 1532076130016-2.jpg (156.37 KB, 800x536, usshollandIV_dia.jpg)

ac095 No.66645

I told you as much before: human ingenuity far surpasses fantasy. Did you ever care to research the BLATANTLY PUBLIC KNOWLEDGE that I shared to you? No, of course you did not. You are, as another Anon so eloquently stated in the prior months without a doubt passive and thus have little reason to understand that the contentment of basking in your preformed opinions creates in you your own worst enemy. I directly stated that THERE ARE NO ALIENS. THERE NEVER WERE. THERE NEVER WILL BE. Humanity is utterly alone. The rest of the universe is dead. So what does that leave? #1: propaganda, #2: Cover Your Ass, #3A: It's Aliens!, #3B: The Witness Lies!

You were given an exception to learn the fourth option at great cost from my colleagues. Now you shall be as alone in your search, on this 70% water planet which is wrongfully called "earth", as the rest of us are.

7b706 No.66646

File: 1533166356445.png (374.06 KB, 900x827, friendship_is_nightmares__….png)

Welcome back, AfterNon! I'll go with Navy (or other ship yard) experiments using Tesla coils/turbine and a sub. >>>/mlpol/162850
Thank your colleagues for helping me. I have relooked at the answer >>46916 and I now see a new way to interpret it. The holograph does not need to exist in space, a unidirectional coded pulses of light using the eye-brain protocol could causes visions in the brain, not in the air. I imagine then it would look flat because both eyes get the same data.

Whilst I do appreciate your info I also need to verify what I can.

ac095 No.66648

Easily searched = easily verified. Your end of the bargain was broken. Enjoy.

7b706 No.66652

I still don't know what the bargain was.

b441a No.66653


whe i was searching for plasma propulsion saucers patents, i came across one by the same scientists about augmented reality that talked about neuronal implants and it sounded like brain cells "chips" that can be implanted for people to see what the emiter wants them to see.

if you can make a cluster of neuronal tissue to be injected in someone and act like an emiter of augmented reality to the brain .. think of the implications of that tech

b441a No.66654

b441a No.66655

1896/7 according to kikepedia:


7b706 No.66656

File: 1533325754572-0.png (689.11 KB, 1148x1024, large.png)

File: 1533325754572-1.png (88.92 KB, 522x662, untitled_drawing_by_bluehe….png)

>I told you as much before: human ingenuity far surpasses fantasy.
So we went out into the universe and found it dead?

>Did you ever care to research the BLATANTLY PUBLIC KNOWLEDGE that I shared to you? No, of course you did not. You are, as another Anon so eloquently stated in the prior months without a doubt passive and thus have little reason to understand that the contentment of basking in your preformed opinions creates in you your own worst enemy.

I am passive for now. I expect to be for a another 2 years as I deal with something of higher priority. I hope to return to a very expansive research after that.

>I directly stated that THERE ARE NO ALIENS. THERE NEVER WERE. THERE NEVER WILL BE. Humanity is utterly alone. The rest of the universe is dead. So what does that leave?

Not sure why you are REEEEing about this but 1) Your word is not gospel 2) I have no issue with this statement. 3) I have no idea why you assume I am on the alien train.
ALONE!!!!!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YfrSI2aiBJ8

>#1: propaganda, #2: Cover Your Ass, #3A: It's Aliens!, #3B: The Witness Lies! You were given an exception to learn the fourth option at great cost from my colleagues.

Broadcasting illusions to witnesses. I would add #5 The "aliens" are lying.

>Now you shall be as alone in your search, on this 70% water planet which is wrongfully called "earth", as the rest of us are.


I'll keep poking you and we can do the dance of misery together, because we like it. Poke. Poke. </3

7b706 No.66657


Combine that with:

>Apparatus and method for remotely monitoring and altering brain waves – https://patents.google.com/patent/US3951134

>Sure enough, hybrid EMR-hypnosis beams bearing “voices” were tested a year later by Dr. J.F. Shapitz, who proposed: “In this investigation it will be shown that the spoken word of the hypnotist may also be conveyed by modulated electromagnetic energy directly into the subconscious parts of the human brain” – another dream of Richard Helms was about to pass. The “voices,” Schapitz wrote, would program the subconscious mind “without employing any technical devices for receiving or transcoding the messages and without the person exposed to such influence having a chance to control the information input.” – Hearing Voices by Alex Constantine

7b706 No.66658

One year earlier:
>A step in this direction was taken at Walter Reed Army Hospital of Research in 1973 by Dr. Joseph Sharp. Inside an isolation chamber, Sharp heard words beamed at him in a pulsed-microwave audiogram. An audiogram is a computerized analog of the spoken voice. ARPA's Robert O. Becker foresaw in the experiment nobvious aplications in covert operations.” He imagined a barrage of “voices” driving an enemy insane, and post-hypnotic suggestion radioed to a programmed assassin. – Hearing Voices by Alex Constantine

b441a No.66659

Do you know how to download this or if its found in pdf and in english?


7b706 No.66661

File: 1533339319353-0.pdf (28.19 MB, Das Vril Projekt (2002) 1_….pdf)

File: 1533339319353-1.pdf (20.04 MB, Das Vril Projekt (2002) 2_….pdf)

Scroll down to see download options.

My translated version using Google Translate attached. Not very good but readable.

7b706 No.66662

The philosophy side comes from Norbert Jurgen-Ratthofer. The photos come from Ralf Ettl who seems to have gotten them from Messerschmitt archives. You can probably separate the text and the photos. Norbert converted Ralf whilst Ralf shared the photos for Norbert's books.

7b706 No.66663

File: 1533341325959.jpg (13.4 KB, 900x506, rhineland1979-4.jpg)

b441a No.66664

File: 1533368005352.jpg (30.69 KB, 700x646, serveimage (15).jpg)


thank you very much for those PDFs

>>66666 would have been a nice VRIL get tho

b441a No.66665

File: 1533368183484.jpg (434.51 KB, 2048x1536, IMG_20180221_165211.jpg)


David Irving not banned in equestria

b441a No.66667

File: 1533368366968-0.jpg (133.12 KB, 600x398, IMG_20170426_220917.jpg)

File: 1533368366968-1.jpg (44.95 KB, 500x285, IMG_20170426_221044.jpg)

b441a No.66669


ok now is working, internet was working slow. thanks again

7b706 No.66672

7b706 No.66826

Did Irving say anything about flying saucers?

7b706 No.66940

File: 1534347909378.jpg (61.46 KB, 472x512, fdhsfdgh.jpg)

>There are so many rounded surfaces in Tesla's designs, that it gave me cause to wonder why Margaret Cheney, in her Tesla biography, Tesla: Man Out of Time1, using a passe', post-mortem Freudian psychoanalytic technique, alleged that Tesla had a near psychotic phobia of "rounded surfaces", evidenced by his revulsion and fear of pearls, based on an underlying "fear of the female breast". This hypothesis seemed belabored and misplaced, since Tesla's dislike for pearls appeared to be the result of his well-known phobia of germs, since pearls are essentially the result of a type of 'infection' in oysters. Could this sloppily surmised "phobia of rounded surfaces" be an O.S.I-designed ruse to lead us away from one of the fundarnental ideas of Tesla's flying saucer?
>Did Tesla realty have an irrational fear of "the female breast" and "all breast-like shapes" ("flying saucers"), as Margaret Cheney said?
>Quite to the contrary, many of Tesla's inventions are a glory to the breast, and a display of his apparati looked like a veritable garden of breasts, to be sure. Howard Hughes certainly had nothing on Tesla in this respect. The final design for his (originally "titty-like") Wardenclyffe Tower electrode, multiplied the titty motif literally hundreds of times, in different sizes! It looked sort of like a giant donut covered with bras. There is an unmistakable similarity between the Wardenclyffe Tower electrode, and early German saucers, presumably reflecting Tesla's original designs, which could just as well have been called "Flying Titties". "UFOlogists might have been called "Boobologists". Is the female breast shape the most perfect flying saucer shape? I have to conclude that I think Tesla loved the female breast, and other such shapes. I won't dwell further on this lovely issue; I should have made my point, so now I'll cut to the chase.

Pentagon Aliens by William Lyne.

Another mystery solved.

a485a No.66943

Hello Vril

have you read about this?:


i have read about Nibiru , Setcharia Sitchin etc many decades ago but i have never started to investigate about one race called "the Igigi"
in that link is explained they were the first slaves of the gods and when they refused to work Enki had to make the ADAMU the first person to replace them. When the sons of Adamu became too much and noisy and breed with Annunakis his brother ENLIL sent the great flood.

but what happened to the IGIGI…?

according to the sumerians they are similar to Adamus(lets call them like that) in aspect but a different race because they had the intelligence to revolt against the annunaki and one of them called Marduk was elevated to god level by the annunaki Enlil to stop the revolt as an agreement.

one theory is the IGIGI=Egiptians and made the piramids and put themselves as god kings after the annunaki left the earth but the great flood made their civilization dissapear. (maybe they survived underground some say an entrance to inner earth below the sphinx) or with the arc and nowaday humans are "IGIGI" descendants.

…while ADAMU slaves that want gold and are programmed to give it to their annunaki gods are the jews that say they are god's children and choosen people …

Abrahamic religions call themselves descendants od Adam (Adamu) but.. what if that was an stolen story and abrhamic/semitic/kikes are just the Igigi working against the real Adamu descendants…?¿?¿?

this is a very interesting thing to read about.

47ed3 No.66944


>• 2016: DeLonge co-authors a book with A.J. Hartley called Sekret Machines Book 1: Chasing Shadows. This science fiction thriller is based on supposed real-life events. This same year, WikiLeaks shows emails between DeLonge and John Podesta and also reveals that DeLonge has been teaming up with Major General William N. McCasland to put together a UFO advisory team.

• February 2017: DeLonge is honoured with the UFO Researcher of the Year Award from OpenMinds.tv.

What’s DeLonge Been Up To Lately?


7b706 No.66945

Welcome to the new religion to control the masses.

>My name is Carol Rosin. I am an educator who became the first woman corporate manager of an Aerospace Company, Fairchild Industries. I am a Space and Missile Defense Consultant and have consulted to a number of companies, organizations, and government departments, even the intelligence community. I was a consultant to TRW working on the MX missile, so I was part of that strategy, which turned out to be a role model for how to sell space-based weapons to the public. The MX missile is yet another weapon system that we didn't need. I founded the Institute for Security and Cooperation in Outer Space, a Washington DC based think tank. I am an author and have testified before Congress and the Presidents Commission on Space.

>The strategy that Werner Von Braun taught me was that first the Russians are going to be considered to be the enemy. In fact, in 1974, they were the enemy, the identified enemy. We were told that they had "killer satellites". We were told that they were coming to get us and control us - that they were "Commies."
>Then terrorists would be identified, and that was soon to follow. We heard a lot about terrorism. Then we were going to identify third-world country "crazies." We now call them Nations of Concern. But he said that would be the third enemy against whom we would build space-based weapons.
>The next enemy was asteroids. Now, at this point he kind of chuckled the first time he said it. Asteroids- against asteroids we are going to build space-based weapons.
>And the funniest one of all was what he called aliens, extraterrestrials. That would be the final scare. And over and over and over during the four years that I knew him and was giving speeches for him, he would bring up that last card. "And remember Carol, the last card is the alien card. We are going to have to build space-based weapons against aliens and all of it is a lie."
Disclosure by Steven Greer. (And Greer promotes the alien idea!)

In 1891 onwards Tesla is giving demonstrations of high voltage electricity. In 1894 this book describes how it can be used to produce lift:
>“Furthermore, on the assumption that the independent carriers are of any configuration such that the fluid resistance to motion in one direction is greater than in another, a stress of that nature would cause the carriers to arrange themselves in groups, since they would turn to each other their sides of the greatest electric density, in which position the fluid resistance to approach would be smaller than to receding. If in a medium of the above characteristics a brush ( https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Brush%20discharge ) would be formed by a steady potential, an exchange of the carriers would go on continually, and there would be less carriers per unit of volume in the brush than in the space at some distance from the electrode, this corresponding to rarefaction [low pressure]. If the potential were rapidly changing, the result would be very different the higher the frequency of the pulses, the slower would be the exchange of the carriers; finally, the motion of translation through measurable space would cease, and, with a sufficiently high frequency and intensity of the stress, the carriers would be drawn towards the electrode, and compression would result.”
– THE INVENTIONS, RESEARCHES AND WRITINGS OF NIKOLA TESLA by THOMAS COMMERFORD MARTIN (1894). Note: electron/atom not known until 1897 so they don't know what "independent [charge] carriers" are yet. Looks like this concept was tested in 1893 >>66001

Here is Tesla's patent for superconductivity in 1900 (but experiments with superconductors could go back to 1895 ( https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hampson%E2%80%93Linde%20cycle ):
My personal bias is that the lift comes from aligned atomic nuclei rotation (nuclear gravito-electromagnetic moment) and this is possible when thermal jitters of the atoms is low enough. That means supercooling and superconductivity. The atoms in superconductor material have naturally fast rotating nuclei. Turn that into a macroscopic event through nuclear alignment and what happens?

It is claimed Tesla was seen producing lift in 1894 >>65827

The craft are human tech. Have a read of https://www.scribd.com/doc/6990053/LYNE-William-Pentagon-Aliens and Henry Steven's Hitler's Flying Saucers. Lyne is a bad author but a good source for UFO-Tesla leads. Stevens is a great author with references to claims.

Why do aliens start looking like aliens when Hollywood starts doing special effects costumes? (credit: AfterNon)
Is this how Hollywood initially became linked to what becomes Pedowood? Why would you trust anything to do with Hillary's Podesta?

why do you sound like William Lyne?

>In 1893-94, Nikola Tesla, a patriotic naturalized U.S. citizen, of Serbo-Croatian birth, discovered a new theory of energy and gravity, called the Dynamic Theory of Gravity, which represented a unified field theory. Tesla's energy equation, "C = E/R", and Tesla's application to the Swiss Patent Office, for his flying saucer patent, was made while Albert Einstein was a second class patent clerk there. Einstein's work was an Illuminati conspiracy to obliterate Tesla's discoveries, so the Illuminati could control flying saucers and create our energy slavery.

- Pentagon Aliens by William R. Lyne.

It's easier everyday to think that power just becomes a criminal cartel. Damn that World Monarchy!

cf63f No.66947

File: 1534515619830.jpg (91.27 KB, 1024x576, -VsDJZfp.jpg)


why welcome? are you from that (((religion))) to welcome people?

analising this stuff doesn't make you a believer. be careful kid.

This pic must be your only religion.

Also stop thinking everything from sumerians is (((control of the masses))) that is maybe what (((they))) want you to believe to keep you from checking it. Just like how they killed Saddam for rebuilding Babilon for the next coming of the gods.

7b706 No.66949

File: 1534519045401-0.jpeg (2.33 MB, 1800x1949, luna_speedpaint_glowing m….jpeg)

File: 1534519045401-1.jpg (47.79 KB, 601x444, mehrgarhfigurines.jpg)

File: 1534519045401-2.jpg (47.65 KB, 800x437, 800px-sapiens_neanderthal_….jpg)

>why welcome? are you from that (((religion))) to welcome people?
Just a saying.

>Also stop thinking everything from sumerians is (((control of the masses))) that is maybe what (((they))) want you to believe to keep you from checking it.

Okay. I was just saying aliens is a psyop. Sumer is cool. These guys look like fun too: Pic #2 and https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mehrgarh But I see all of this as distorted memories of Neanderthals. The various figurines from about 40K years ago onwards all focus on features of Neanderthals that are different to homo sapiens. Pic #3. They aren't realtime models.

>Just like how they killed Saddam for rebuilding Babilon for the next coming of the gods.

The Aldebaran Nazi's have to get back somehow to save us I suppose.

Praise the Night.

81d14 No.66950

File: 1534532504677.jpg (74.89 KB, 960x720, 26047321_1160958230708173_….jpg)


synchronisity may be real. i was just reading about Neanderthal and Cromagnon and how Vasque/French region has the higher percentage of RH- blood.

SOme studies say that basque people have higher neardenthal dna percentage . Other studies say they are direc descendants of cromagnon.

the thing is they come from an isolated lineage of hunters that despised the africans.

so they are called the most europeans of europeans. but without the dna from middle east they lacked the carftmanship the first sapiens to enter europe had.

new studies have discovered there was hibridization . some people has up to 2% of neanderthal dna meaning that there was around 20% of crossbreeding between neanderthals and early sapiens.

ANd i agree with you about that Aliens can be used as a psyop by some . but i also think not all is psyop and the real thing will be covered by psyops.

81d14 No.66951

4d410 No.67222

File: 1534712698391.png (2.33 MB, 2394x946, Maud.png)


7b706 No.67282

File: 1535024906600.png (32.58 KB, 1204x311, hyp.png)

There is something funny going on with the blood lines/types. It is a factor in, or related to, psychology. Pic and https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Blood_type_personality_theory it also has some bearing on "alien" abductions. I think really it is all just the same can of worms, locating the most exploitable people for the agenda.


>Neanderthals and Denisovans are extinct groups of hominins that separated from each other more than 390,000 years ago1,2. Here we present the genome of ‘Denisova 11’, a bone fragment from Denisova Cave (Russia)3 and show that it comes from an individual who had a Neanderthal mother and a Denisovan father.


3ea13 No.67283

>>67282 interesting info and yes i have read the "alien abduction" thing, and that takes us to that ufologists theory og them trying to reprouce and find compatible dna to hibridization..


3ea13 No.67284

use google translate for this. interesting view about adamic races and gods race:


7b706 No.67285

"The [Hitler] couple were rescued around sunrise, April 29th, 1945, by flying saucer test pilot Hanna Reitsch and flight expert and navigator Hans Ulrich Rudel, who had made many flights to "Feuerland" ("Fire-land"). … (Tierra del Fuego, on the southern tip of South America)" -- Pentagon Aliens by William Lyne

7b706 No.67286

3ea13 No.67287


thanks to you brother. that war footage made me remember this about MAlvinas war in my country:


3ea13 No.67288

File: 1535069383705.gif (158.83 KB, 270x178, Sad_Luna.gif)


ok now i am very sad for both armies….

86efc No.67289

File: 1535092943909.png (281.55 KB, 659x800, 1491204823282.png)

You and me both. Argentina deserves to get the Malvinas back. Those monuments shows that Argentina truly cares. Why did the Brits have to take something that clearly means so much for Argentina?

3ea13 No.67290


i am very sad right now to talk about the political background of all this but i have to say now i am only thinking of the suffering this kids went trought and how many died in that war. because they were mostly 17/18 years old .
And we see them as heroes because they were our ""300"" , a few old planes and young soldiers fighting an empire .

the song in that video destroys your hearth and sould to pieces. unfortunately not everyone knows spanish but i will try my best to tranlate the lyrics:

Loneliness (one of the islands is called "Soledad" )
is not a bad path
In this world
everything is wrong
Society continues to show
that is only
part of the evilness

Can tell you
sad stories
that in these lands I lived
I can feel deep wounds
that mortify my being
for seeing so much injustice

Mothers of today
they cry their children
In a city square
And the great empire
drank the blood
of the one who asked for his freedom

I do not know very well
what was the glory
In this southern war
today I can see
thousands of crosses
on these islands that god
gave us to all men

In solitude today I remember them
brave people from the south
And the truth
It is only divine
It's just a matter of waiting
May God do justice…

-by the Argentinian band Rata BLanca-


86efc No.67291

File: 1535129048649.png (214.39 KB, 434x465, 1491205828934.png)

>And the great empire
>drank the blood
>of the one who asked for his freedom

3ea13 No.67292

3ea13 No.67293

ac095 No.67308

Extract from the book: Missing 411 - North America And Beyond, written by David Paulides.

Location: Loire River, France.
Date: May 20th, 1950.
Time: 4PM.
I received an email from an individual that had read both of my Missing 411 books. The person told me to obtain a copy of Passport to Magonia, written by Jacques Vallee. They specifically directed me to a story in France that was located on pages 95-97. I bought the book, read it in its entirety and was shocked at what I found.
Jacques Vallee was born in France where he received his bachelors and masters degree and then moved to the United States and obtained his PhD. from Northwestern University. His expertise has been in astronomy and computer science. He has notoriety for mapping the landscape of Mars for National Aeronautic and Space Administration (NASA) and for being the founder of several venture capital firms. Mr. Vallee has always had an interest in UFO's, which emanated from a personal sighting when he was living in France. In recent years he has worked on cutting edge technology for Stanford Research Center in Palo Alto, California.
Mr. Vallee has published eight different books. Passport to Magonia was first released in 1975 and then updated and reissued in 1993. The book focuses on folklore and unexplained occurrences with first hand stories from witnesses and individuals who have experienced significant phenomena. All of the below listed come directly from Mr. Vallee's story about the incident in France.
There are few details in the French story about where it specifically occurred. Mr. Vallee starts by saying that the incident happened "near the Loire River". The river is over one thousand kilometers long and is the longest river in France. We also know this occurred on May 20, 1950, at approximately 4PM and involved a woman of an unknown age.
The woman was supposedly hurrying back to prepare dinner and walking along an isolated path. She specifically stated that there was no wind or breeze. Rather than paraphrase what happens next, here is the quote from the book:
"Suddenly I found myself within a brilliant, blinding light, and I saw two huge black hands appear in front of me. Each one had five fingers of black color with a yellowish tint, somewhat like copper." She explained that the hands did not come from behind but appeared to come from above. She states that she took a couple of steps without anything happening and then the hands touched her. She didn't see any arms, just hands. "The two black hands were applied to my face with violence and squeezed my head." Her head was pulled back against what she described as a very hard chest, as hard as iron! The hands slowly gripped her head harder and harder. She described the hands as cold, as though they weren't made of flesh. The fingers on the hands completely covered her eyes, nose, and mouth. She couldn't scream out and she couldn't breathe. "When I was surrounded by the strong, blinding light, I had the feeling I had been paralyzed and when the hands touched me, I had the very distinct impression of a strong electric charge."
The woman felt helpless for a little over a minute. She describes a feeling as though being swung front and backwards. She again states that the subject swinging her had a metal hard chest and shoulders. She also claims that as she was being swung, she came back against "invisible arms" that were making contact with her shoulders. "It was at this moment that I heard his laugh, a strange laugh I could not explain; it was as if I heard him through water, and yet it seemed quite close, above my head." The laugh stopped after a few seconds and then the woman felt something like a knee hit her in the center of her back. The subject put her on the ground while still squeezing her head. He then dragged her rapidly along the path but she could not hear the subject breathing. "He pulled me into a bush or brambles and nettles and acacias, still going backward at an incredible speed, holding my head. At that moment I heard a voice above me, and it said: "There she is. We've got her."
It appeared that the abductor was talking with someone else. As she was hearing this, she was choking and having difficulty breathing and feared she was going to die. The abductor then dragged her into a field and stopped. She gradually felt the finger come off her face and at that point she tried to scream but couldn't. "After awhile I was able to sit among the brambles. I had a very hard time breathing. My bag was still in my hand with the money it contained."
Most people would hope that life started returning to normal for this woman, no chance. She states that she heard a loud and violent windstorm that started. "I saw the trees bending as if under a sudden storm, and I was nearly thrown down. Almost simultaneously there was a strong, blinding white light. I had the feeling that something flew through the air very fast, but I saw nothing. Soon everything became calm again. I felt discomfort and nausea."
The woman slowly made her way to a neighbor's to seek assistance. She stated she had an ongoing metallic taste in her mouth. At one point she believed some invisible force was brushing her off as she simultaneously was feeling an intense heat in the center of her back. At the end of the 5-6 minute walk to the neighbors, she estimated that the total event lasted approximately fifteen to twenty minutes.
The woman soon reached a business of an acquaintance. They asked her what happened as they had seen a bright light. The woman regained her voice while the shopkeeper stated that they saw finger marks deep in her face. After a short recovery period, the lady made her way back home and informed her parents what happened. The parents and the victim made a decision to call the local police.


ac095 No.67309

The Gendarmerie responded and interviewed her at length. They took her back to the location where the incident happened and then documented the facts surrounding the event. The police stated that she had been abducted and filed a report.

I viewed this report as one of the most important I've ever found. This incident includes many of the elements I have documented in North American missing person cases. This abduction occurred in 1950, a time that had high numbers of missing people in the United States.
The part of this incident that's unusual was the ability of the victim to describe intimate details of the event. We don't know the victim's age but she described an incident that is very similar to events described in North America.

Location of Incident:
Mr. Vallee specifically stated that this incident occurred "near the Loire River". This is important because the vast majority of disappearances I've documented have happened near bodies of water.

No Wind and No Sound
The victim describes a very quiet environment just before the abduction. I have personally witnessed phenomena while being in the woods as, "A vacuum of sound", complete silence. I was with a hunting partner at the time and we both felt it was completely abnormal and unreal. We sat down on each side of a huge Douglas fir tree and waited for 30-45 minutes until the sound came back.

Time of Incident:
4PM is the prime time for people to disappear in North America and that was the exact time noted in Passport to Magonia.

Scratches and Marks
The victim has scratches on her legs and face. The majority of the victims I've documented who have disappeared had scratches and marks as described in the France incident. The difference with this story: we have an explanation why someone would get scratches on their face and legs.

In past books I have written about victims being found inside bramble and berry bushes. There was never an explanation about how or why they were in that location, until now. The victim states, "I saw and heard the brambles scratching the empty space, and the grass being pressed as if under the steps of some invisible being" (Page 97).

Unable to Speak
The victim says that there was a time during her abduction where she tried to scream but could not. At the time many of the missing victims in North America are located, they cannot or do not speak. Some victims are found to have hoarse voices and even fevers.

Just as the victim believed that the incident was about to end, the weather changed abruptly. She described a loud sound, bright lights and heavy wind, wind so strong she believed she was going to get knocked down. Inclement weather is associated with many of the disappearances I've documented.

Date of Incident
How odd is it that this woman describes being abducted in May of 1950, while looking back at the list of missing people contained in both the Eastern and Western "Missing 411" books, 1950-1959 had more people abducted than any other decade that was covered in both books:
This list is found in Missing 411 - Eastern United States, Page 307.

Decade: Males+Females+Total
1868-1879 1+1=2
1880-1889 4+1=5
1890+1897 4+1=5
1901-1909 5+1=6
1910-1919 8+1=9
1922-1929 6+2=8
1930-1939 24+10=34
1940-1949 37+9=46
1950-1959 35+26=61
1960-1969 28+11=39
1970-1979 21+11=32
1980-1989 30+15=45
1990-1999 36+9-45
2000-2009 56+17=73
2010 1+0=1
Totals: 296+115=411

1950-1959 had the most individuals abducted under the criteria of this study; it also had the most females abducted.

We have no reason to disbelieve the story from France and we have many elements to the story that match hundreds of cases in North America during the same period. The story benefits our research by adding background to what may be occurring to the victims during that period when the majority either don't remember, refused to say or are unable to explain what occurred.
There are other stories in the missing books about women claiming they are being chased by men that they can't or won't describe. I think it's fascinating that in the France case the woman explains that she was taken to a location where it appeared she was being turned over to someone else: indicating that a conspiracy occurred. The real question is why was she taken and whom was she being given to? What was the point in the abduction? The answer to these simple questions will open Pandora's box that will eventually lead to why this phenomenon is occurring.
If there is one case in this book you are going to remember, commit this to memory.


ac095 No.67310

Condition #1: victim was bombarded by one or more of the following: strobe OR pulsed LED, electromagnetic, sonic, ultrasonic, or infrasound weaponry.
As a direct result of this the victim was temporarily paralyzed without the ability to move or scream.
Condition #2: the victim was subjected to a "canned memory" situation in which an unreal experience, that of the "two huge black hands appeared in front of me", occurred. Combined technologies is most likely.
Condition #2a: victim had prior experience with "strong electric charge" before abduction as she knew what the sensation was.
Condition #3: male individual in hard metallic armor responsible for secondary method of capture.
Condition #4: paralysis experienced lasted longer than 1 minute. The victim estimated the time period of her paralysis as far longer.
Condition #5: "sudden, violent windstorm". There are several possible attributions here, the most likely being artificial ionic turbulence. Multiple means of ionic aerial locomotion were described by Tesla & Vril researchers as replacement for early helicopters & propeller-driven planes.
Condition #6: "very fast moving" aerial motion is eminently recognizable. Anyone that has ever had a near miss by even a small bird both knows and is able to explain the sensation peculiarly well.
Condition #7: deeply formed finger marks in the face. This would imply some form of mechanical force applied. Possibility of hand-driven servomotors in a prototype exoskeleton is high.

Analysis: the 1950's are, as remarked by David Paulides, the single most curious era for "strange" abductions. The period from 1948 to 1959 is when the Germans whom were forcefully abducted during Operation Paperclip performed the vast majority of their research. A colleague of some stature is in possession of only three documents related to this era:
#1: an explanation and partially redacted theory on the creation of a light emitting diode with the base color of red which was considered unsuitable at the time due to lack of easily portable batteries.
#2: a heavily redacted theoretical paper showing an experimental platinum-lithium-ion-nickel-oxide battery may be suitable for military use in submarines, flashlights, and thermal & night vision scopes.
#3: a brief outline of a project which detailed a large, aircraft engine sized device that would produce an electromagnetic field approximately the size of a football field to, quote: "…knock down trees, flatten stalks of corn. Create an opening for enfilading fields of of fire, in short."

You have more than enough evidence, Herr Vril. Become active as I am or you will continue to miss the chance to call the "aliens" out on their bullshit.

7b706 No.67311

File: 1536565830020-0.jpg (30.54 KB, 284x300, 1949-05-15-the_akron_beaco….jpg)

File: 1536565830020-1.png (197.73 KB, 724x407, fdghfhg.png)

I love it when you post with clarity and references. Thank you for these posts! I am so glad you are still about.

My first thoughts go to this: http://www.viewzone.com/mkmk.html especially: https://history.state.gov/historicaldocuments/frus1950-55Intel/d244 but the report is from France, so a similar thing could be being tried. There is a somewhat similar UFO case:

>1979: Taylor claims he experienced a foul odour "like burning brakes" and that smaller spheres "similar to sea mines" had seized him and were dragging him in the direction of the larger object when he lost consciousness. According to Taylor, he later awoke and the objects were gone, but he could not start his truck, so he walked back to his home in Livingston.

>Taylor's wife reported that when he arrived home on foot, he appeared dishevelled and muddy with torn clothing and ripped trousers.

I am not sure why the British version is of lower technical ability than 29 year older French one. But the French did seem to have Tesla ideas attached to Airships in 1909 >>65834 … "gyroscopic action" … see pic attached 1949 US Airforce. So basically the French are the leaders in the tech. They also have the 1954 little green men. And the US is largely clueless but working on it. The other player is the Nazi's in South America?

Your quoted case makes me think this is some sort of Tesla levitating probe with some grapples. How horrendous that anyone might think this is a good idea, let alone build it and operate it! Also cloaking tech in 1950? Or hypnotic memory wipe? The laughing is telling as well.. people who report "Hell Hounds" sightings also report human like laughs. I think this fits with human operators laughing while making deceptive events.

>Folklore usually suggests that they have a horrific wail or howl which can invoke sheer terror in those who hear it, and they are known to even have a sinister, human sounding laugh, but that their foot falls are typically completely silent.


It's trivial to imagine these things as sensory (etc) experiments by psychopathic human operators.

>This is important because the vast majority of disappearances I've documented have happened near bodies of water.

Did they finally get the "subs" to fly with Tesla's ideas?

>"A vacuum of sound" … "the weather changed abruptly" … "heard him through water"

This fits with my space-time bending assumption and the use of superconductors which is viable 1947+
>“* Study of the superconductivity of solids. * Investigation of the nature of nuclear forces.” “The development of the ADL Collins Helium Cryostat (see 1947) as a reliable means for the quantity production of liquid helium has brought an entire field of research, previously carried on in only a few laboratories, into the range of every-day investigation and use. Phenomena which have been known to occur in the neighbourhood of Absolute Zero, and those which have recently been discovered, had not been exploited for useful purposes simply because of the excessive effort required to obtain these low temperatures. The general effect of extreme low temperature is the production of ordered states of atoms [nuclei?!] and electrons. Study of matter in an ordered state has revealed variations in behaviour which at higher temperatures were masked by thermal motion. These phenomena have made low temperature one of the most fascinating and fertile frontiers of current physical research, with practical development now only a question of time and research. Low-temperature physics is a technique which will make itself felt in all fields of pure and applied physics and engineering when the variety of uses to which it may be put is more fully realised.” .. “At liquid helium temperatures, the system of magnetic moments in most of the common paramagnetic salts is still in a thermally disordered state so that its magnetic properties are still varying with temperature in an interesting fashion.” “1. The electronic polarizability, which arises from the fact that the outer electrons of an atom can be displaced with respect to the nucleus by an external electric field thereby creating a dipole moment. This is a property of the particular atom under consideration [niobium? 9/2 spin, not radioactive] and is independent of temperature. [presure/mag. field?]”
– includes: superconductors (rings and spheres), Lear company

And if you can warp space-time can you make things invisible? What if the strong light is not strong light but a time distortion such that external light frequency moves out of perceptible range and so the local environment seems very bright? However strong EM would produce strong light.

Condition #1: yes.
Condition #2: this seems odd to me, why bother making the gloves vision? It serve the perpetrators no advantage. I'd argue they are real and necessary to grab her. See Condition #7. But what they are attached to being invisible is very odd. Cloak or hypnotic programming.
Condition #2a: Very common for people who have paranormal experiences to report electrical phenomena.
Condition #3: It read to me as the chest/arms/armor belonged to the gloved grapples. And remote humans were remote controlling this probe back to them with her attached like 1979 Taylor.
Condition #5: Yes. And I would add time distortion too if superconductors and nuclear spin alignment is involved to warp space-time/ether/quantum flux.

>You have more than enough evidence, Herr Vril. Become active as I am or you will continue to miss the chance to call the "aliens" out on their bullshit.

My life will be unstable for about a year, after that… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QZXrrHbuDRs
We need secure comms.

Humanity is a major disappointment. We like self-harm.

7b706 No.67312

>Missing 411
A correlation between missing people and UFO/"creature"/"alien" sightings should be done.

7b706 No.67314

File: 1536797195384.jpg (933.27 KB, 2050x3246, 2xRf8JI.jpg)


ac095 No.67317

You forced my hand as you cannot be relied upon to perform the eminently simple searches for information. Certain members of the want-to-be World Monarchy have accelerated their time table by 2 magnitudes of propaganda, thus inactivity is discouraged.

Little difference between the incident in Passport to Magonia and the Taylor incident, only varying degrees of technological application or usage. Subjects are near always scratched and recovered with little memory or refuse to speak. No such thing as a coincidence.

It is not coincidental that the Vril Societe` and the French had great amount of contact during the late Industrial "Revolution" until a short time after WW1. French thought airships were safer due to being easily repaired. Germans knew otherwise yet could not convince their French colleagues until the late 1920's. Throughout his time at the Jew-S Patent Office, a certain cretin das juden had sold many highly impractical, dangerously altered designs to militaries across the world. There was a famous balloon set alight at one point. What do you think happened to multinational corporate interests whom deployed fleets of expensive aircraft for travel? Their "stocks" went from failing to sub-profitable in days.

There was never an organization known as "nazi" in history: that is a made-up jewISH slur. Regardless of the above, South America has kept a tightly imposed lid on their technologies for good reasons. Principally they do not want to reveal their past associations for fear of further world wide retaliation. The "War on Drugs" was a cover for such associations. I respect them for enduring such treason against humanity.

Both. The Manhattan Incident and its aftershocks coincided at the mid-point of memory manipulation trials. Again: no coincidences.

Yes. Newport News was where first tests were conducted. Later regions: Texas, Oregon, Washington, California shipyards. Hard to determine the spread, triangulation difficult.

One does not have to fold space-time in order to create "invisibility". Magnetic refraction or bending of light-producing ions is simple. Why use the mundane when the more fantastic yet utterly technological frightens the target or targets more often?

The only advantage of utilizing multiple technologies is producing greater amounts of divide and conquer. "It's aliens!" vs. "The witness is lying!" vs. "It's a (((conspiracy theory)))!" In essence this makes a multiple choice scenario where the given options are not correct answers.

Welcome to the New Age.

7b706 No.67318

>You forced my hand

>as you cannot be relied upon to perform the eminently simple searches for information.

Oh AfterNon, lets cut to the chase: I can't be relied upon.

>Certain members of the want-to-be World Monarchy have accelerated their time table by 2 magnitudes of propaganda, thus inactivity is discouraged.

Yawn. Citation needed.

>Little difference between the incident in Passport to Magonia and the Taylor incident, only varying degrees of technological application or usage. Subjects are near always scratched and recovered with little memory or refuse to speak.

I'll assume this is 411 references.

>No such thing as a coincidence.

OMG, you're Q!! OMG!

>It is not coincidental that the Vril Societe` and the French had great amount of contact during the late Industrial "Revolution" until a short time after WW1. French thought airships were safer due to being easily repaired. Germans knew otherwise yet could not convince their French colleagues until the late 1920's. Throughout his time at the Jew-S Patent Office, a certain cretin das juden had sold many highly impractical, dangerously altered designs to militaries across the world. There was a famous balloon set alight at one point. What do you think happened to multinational corporate interests whom deployed fleets of expensive aircraft for travel? Their "stocks" went from failing to sub-profitable in days.

Nice story, bro… why am I caring?

>There was never an organization known as "nazi" in history: that is a made-up jewISH slur.


>Regardless of the above, South America has kept a tightly imposed lid on their technologies for good reasons. Principally they do not want to reveal their past associations for fear of further world wide retaliation. The "War on Drugs" was a cover for such associations. I respect them for enduring such treason against humanity.

I can see you picked your side and are emotionally motivated. I'm just an observer. Dance puppets dance.

>Both. The Manhattan Incident and its aftershocks coincided at the mid-point of memory manipulation trials. Again: no coincidences.

Why are you ending the story just as it gets interesting? I've learned nothing here.

>Yes. Newport News was where first tests were conducted. Later regions: Texas, Oregon, Washington, California shipyards. Hard to determine the spread, triangulation difficult.

Is this about Project Winterhaven? Why u no qote? Are you obscuring your comments from the internet police? I suppose this is the part where I don't do "eminently simple searches"?

>One does not have to fold space-time in order to create "invisibility". Magnetic refraction or bending of light-producing ions is simple.

This is the stuff I am interested in. I care not for (unsourced) HUMINT and tribe vs tribe struggles. Humans will always fuck humans over. It will never matter who wins. So I will never feel rushed. As an aside I am close to finishing milestone 1 of 4 before I will return to large scale research. So this can sit in my to do box until then. Thanks.

>The only advantage of utilizing multiple technologies is producing greater amounts of divide and conquer. "It's aliens!" vs. "The witness is lying!" vs. "It's a (((conspiracy theory)))!" In essence this makes a multiple choice scenario where the given options are not correct answers.

I don't need convincing here.

>Welcome to the New Age.

Multiple interpretations available. Clarification needed.

So I have concluded that I am researching tech, you aren't the tech guy. You are HUMINT, and I don't care about HUMINT except if it leads to tech. This is why we fight. The tips you give, HUMINT, only tease the idea of a tech explanation and leave me disappointed. You expect me to follow up on the HUMINT, and then when I don't, I disappoint you. This includes me not caring about World Monarchy take overs. And to further disappoint you, I am idle for about a year because physics and economics demands it from me and those things don't yield. But I'll poke about /mlpol/ when resting until then. Thanks for the 411 tip, it's in my to do list to examine deeper. Those National Parks are obvious places for underground bases. Large amount of indicators for that. Reminds me of the French Alps and LGMs.

7b706 No.67323

File: 1537476630293-0.png (20.21 KB, 394x469, q-moon.png)

File: 1537476630293-1.png (14.95 KB, 400x434, q-roswell.png)

7b706 No.67329

File: 1537997594279-0.jpg (77.21 KB, 564x814, HopkinsScoopMark1987.jpg)

File: 1537997594279-1.jpg (209.06 KB, 928x1363, BiopsyInstrument1987.jpg)

1987 start of scoop marks.

44ccc No.67331

Makes you wonder if they have this shit legally

7b706 No.67335

File: 1538096981565.jpg (78.42 KB, 432x505, 1954.jpg)

>Nb3Sn [Niobium-Tin] was discovered to be a superconductor in 1954


>Measurement of Gravitomagnetic and Acceleration Fields Around Rotating Superconductors

>Abstract. It is well known that a rotating superconductor produces a magnetic field proportional to its angular velocity. The authors conjectured earlier, that in addition to this so-called London moment, also a large gravitomagnetic field should appear to explain an apparent mass increase of Niobium Cooper-pairs. A similar field is predicted from Einstein’s general relativity theory and the presently observed amount of dark energy in the universe. An experimental facility was designed and built to measure small acceleration fields as well as gravitomagnetic fields in the vicinity of a fast rotating and accelerating superconductor in order to detect this so-called gravitomagnetic London moment. This paper summarizes the efforts and results that have been obtained so far. Measurements with Niobium superconductors indeed show first signs which appear to be within a factor of 2 of our theoretical prediction. Possible error sources as well as the experimental difficulties are reviewed and discussed. If the gravitomagnetic London moment indeed exists, acceleration fields could be produced in a laboratory environment.


Gravito-magnetic field spiraled will make Gravito-electric field (just like a magnetic field spiraled will make an electric field and vice versa).
Gravito-electric field is what we call gravity.

ac095 No.67338

File: 1538461071454.png (294.83 KB, 483x480, 187342.png)

Kavanaugh fiasco covering all noteworthy news. Power play for stalling time. Pedophilia & fed corruption arrests/indictments ramped up shortly before occurring, (((they))) needed a quick, dirty out. What better way than to perform a second Herman Caining by driving social pressure & "women's suffering" troubles. Same old news: more divide and conquer while SSDD happens behind scenes.

Hot air balloons became considered dangerous after a certain unusually over-publicized incident. Aircraft on the other hoof were prone to catastrophic failures more often. Being smaller they they could be covered up more easily. How many economic windfalls occur overnight as a result of a "tragic accident"? Cause is as important if not more so than symptoms of the contagion(s).

Not motivation, dedication. Mistaking the source once can be attributed to laziness or disregard. South Americans have been treated as "the enemy" nearly as long as Russians, Chinese, many others in propaganda.

Manhattan Incident is buried to the hilt and beyond. It is one example in which information retrieval is at a dead standstill save for the few that dare buck NDA's. Few are willing.

Possibly related. Newport News = naval submarine base. Other bases of similar size built in named states. Same technologies used on/in stealth subs also used in aeronautics. Aurora 1/2 & Desert Prowler for examples.

Fresnel Equation. Kerr Medium. Faraday Rotation. Critical Reflective Angle. Liquid quartz crystal sonar arrays. Pockel's Effect. Dielectric Boundary Plane. What do all have in common? Use of liquid mediums, non-natural materials, crystalline material phases. Not "new" methods either, made my job obsolete. Basics:

No. COMINT, electronic warfare, counter-EW, ground based radar & lidar operations. Engineering & Technology directly handled by others, science of wavelengths & understanding what they meant was my job. Half screen jockeying, other half tracking Surface-to-Air-Missile sites. Unpleasant. More insults lead to less cooperation, Herr Vril.

Information more readily accessible in this current year's New Age, less can be hidden easily. Absence of information creates questions of where/what/who/why/how/when. Questions lead to speculation: where is information? Who is guarding it? Why? Where? When was information sealed off? If a wall is encountered, what is behind it? Let's all peek over and find out. Remember black box statement. What and or who caused void? Search perimeter for clues.

7b706 No.67357

Power corrupts.

>Cause is as important if not more so than symptoms of the contagion(s).

Power corrupts.

>Same technologies used on/in stealth subs also used in aeronautics. Aurora 1/2 & Desert Prowler for examples.

Ionocraft, disrupting the air and turning it into ion to reduce drag. Positive charged leading edge, negatively charged exhaust, causes exhaust heat to repel itself/disburse before crossing wing edge. Lowers infrared detection. Magnetohydrodynamics in flying saucers. Thomas Townsend Brown "electro-gravitics", so probably thrust as well.

>Fresnel Equation. Kerr Medium. Faraday Rotation. Critical Reflective Angle. Liquid quartz crystal sonar arrays. Pockel's Effect. Dielectric Boundary Plane. What do all have in common? Use of liquid mediums, non-natural materials, crystalline material phases. Not "new" methods either, made my job obsolete.

Thanks for all the surprising info. Sighting investigators could use someone like you.

>More insults lead to less cooperation, Herr Vril.

Strangely, I am getting better results. I understand you better.

>Information more readily accessible in this current year's New Age, less can be hidden easily. Absence of information creates questions of where/what/who/why/how/when. Questions lead to speculation: where is information? Who is guarding it? Why? Where? When was information sealed off? If a wall is encountered, what is behind it? Let's all peek over and find out. Remember black box statement. What and or who caused void? Search perimeter for clues.

Yes, people don't realise yet what the internet has done. The initial generation grasped almost nothing of it. This second generation is mostly lost in emotional dramas, with some seeing what information freedom is. 3rd and 4th generations will get very interesting. Information wants to be free.

Could you ask your friends if superconductors can produce (small or large) thrust?

7b706 No.67361

File: 1539012247475.jpg (86.14 KB, 960x684, 829d6c0afc9d5fc540d2de5a87….jpg)

7b706 No.67365

File: 1539903975608-0.png (149.41 KB, 1024x560, Changing-UFOs-1024x560.png)

File: 1539903975608-1.png (52.6 KB, 650x302, Changing-UFOs_2-650x302.png)

bf0f5 No.67366

122ab No.67367

If UFO's work more or less like helicopters is there any group of people that has a similar decline in numbers that correlates to UFO sightings?
>assuming most of the UFO's were seen disappearing out to sea

ac095 No.67368

File: 1540016641755.jpg (109.45 KB, 500x561, 1494200018797.jpg)

Only when the corrupt seize or deceive to take power.

Not now. Perhaps never. Recent scars barely scabbed over will be dragged out for examination now. True history must be revealed, shown to all before being corroded and bent into faux-circles again. No more cheerful cover stories, only the raw, ruined remains of the sacrificed innocents.

bf0f5 No.67369

what the (((allies)) did make me want to die.

7b706 No.67371

File: 1540157198418-0.png (394.11 KB, 667x706, Zoologist-July-1868-p1295-….png)

File: 1540157198418-1.png (21.43 KB, 141x325, copiapo.png)

I have traced the 1868 reported craft from Vallee to Fort to:

>Copiapo, Chili, April, 1868 … Its immense wings were clothed with a grayish plumage, its monstrous head was like that of a locust, its eyes were wide open and shone like burning coals; it seemed to be covered with something resembling the thick and stout bristles of a boar, while on its body, elongated like that of a serpent, we could only see brilliant scales, which clashed together with a metallic sound as the strange animal turned its body in its flight.— Copiapo (Chili)


Meteor? Science had only become convinced that rocks fall from the sky about 60 years earlier. The witnesses may not know of the possibility. "elongated like a serpent" could indicate that.

Falling airship? "metallic sound as the strange animal turned its body in its flight."

"Electric Monster" ( >>66001 ) ?? "head was like that of a locust" "it seemed to be covered with something resembling the thick and stout bristles of a boar". (Tesla is only 12 years old.)


1852: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Giffard_dirigible
1863: Solomon Andrews's first airship "Aereon" - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Solomon_Andrews_(inventor)
1870: Washington mystery airship - https://ufocasebook.com/bestufopictures.html
1872: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Henri_Dupuy_de_L%C3%B4me#Navigable_balloons

I'll keep looking through the video, not finished yet. Thanks for posting.

bf0f5 No.67372

its very interesting

7b706 No.67373

File: 1540172645536-0.jpg (57.9 KB, 900x600, C1861.G1.1868-04-20.jpg)

File: 1540172645536-1.jpg (59.7 KB, 900x600, C1861.G1.1868-04-20-zoom-o….jpg)


April, 1868 Report:

An ordinary airship seems possible but it is in a strange place. I doubt so far that it is some exotic craft this early. The sun was 8deg above the horizon and WNW. They would have been looking into the sunset if it came from the NW.

Lyrid Meteor (most likely)

In 1861 Comet https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/C/1861_G1_(Thatcher) was discovered. The comet's closest approach to the sun was also in 1861 and it takes 415 years to return. The comet path comes from the North, under the sun, then back up to the North. In 1868 we passed through its orbital path, this is called the https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lyrids meteor shower. This happens in April. A meteor from C/1861 G1 would come from the the North. Counter argument: The direction I would have expected for the object is from NE but witness say from NW. Witnesses also say "flight rapid and in a straight line" and "serpent" which supports a meteor.

I will try and resolve the NE vs NW discrepancy.

Hawaii Volcano projectile (unlikely)

There is a very tiny chance that the 1868 "strange bird" was a projectile from the volcanic eruption of Apr 2. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/1868_Hawaii_earthquake . The internet says (I can't find a good source) that projectiles from volcanoes can be up to 190m/s. This could send them 4000kms away.

The distance between the volcano and Capiapo is 10,500kms. The speed of the projectile would need to be 315m/s, which would be considered impossible I assume. The speed of sound is 343m/s. However the direction of flight from the volcano would be from WNW and the witness report says from NW. NW is also the direction of Central and North America if it is an airship.

7b706 No.67378

File: 1540184309635-0.png (118.07 KB, 897x600, C1861.G1.1868-04-19-2000UT….png)


The 1868 sighting was definitely a Lyrid meteor from the comet C/1861 G1, all the data fits. Where I thought it would have to come from the NE, I was wrong because I failed to account for the Earth's 23deg tilt.

* Earth axial tilt makes the origin just West of North matching the report.
* The comet's orbital path was closest to the Earth on April 19, ~5pm Chile time. Making it the best opportunity for a atmospheric fly through.
* The meteor would be expected to be seen while the sun is up because it is closer to the sun than the Earth as it passes near the Earth.

There is no reason to doubt this 1868 report is a Lyrid meteor.

7b706 No.67383

File: 1540327833951.jpg (133.5 KB, 1280x720, snapshot.jpg)


Regarding the 1880 "Airship" here is how Vallee describes the report:

>1880 - Eastern Venezuela. A 14-year-old boy saw a luminous ball descending from the sky and hovering near him. He felt somehow "drawn" to it, but succeeded in backing away in spite of his terror. (Lor. Ill 206)

- "Passport to Magonia" by Vallee (1969)

That isn't a description of an airship. The (Lor. Ill 206) is a reference to "Strange Effects From UFOs, A NICAP Special Report" by Gordon Lore (1969) which I don't have.

1868 = Meteor.
1880 = a luminous ball hovers near, perhaps "ball lightning"
1897 = the well known https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mystery_airship of 1896-97

There is no evidence here of a secret group operating from South America flying exotic craft. I'll keep researching the video. It takes a while :) Maybe it will get more convincing.

7b706 No.67384

File: 1540336085590-0.jpg (173.21 KB, 1280x720, 1897-airship-landing-tillm….jpg)

File: 1540336085590-1.png (292.31 KB, 655x803, 1897-airship-landing-tillm….png)

File: 1540336085590-2.jpg (215.78 KB, 534x990, 1897-airship-landing-tillm….jpg)

This was a good lead. Thank you.
Source: https://hometownbyhandlebar.com/?p=7074
We know who (some of) the pilots were of the west coast airship(s)!

7b706 No.67385

File: 1540409529409-0.jpg (121.34 KB, 1280x720, Airship-1890-Power-Gas-4.jpg)

File: 1540409529409-1.jpg (159.86 KB, 1280x720, Airship-1890-Power-Gas-2.jpg)

File: 1540409529409-2.jpg (37.03 KB, 358x470, Dellschau.jpg)

File: 1540409529409-3.pdf (9.51 MB, Dellschau Select SM.PDF)


I am very excited. I believe I have worked out how the Dellschau airships worked. And what the secret was. There are two possibilities I can think of for producing a non-conventional type of lift for an aircraft. The first is Tesla's high voltage control of the ether which is reported to be stated about 1891 ( >>66945 ) in Tesla's demonstrations. The second method I propose is a consequence of superconductivity ( >>66945 ) which isn't possible until about the 1880s ( https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Timeline_of_low-temperature_technology ) when we manage to create useful amounts of super-coolant. So the idea that some sort of exotic "anti-gravity" is happening on the 1850s is hard to support. So what else was happening in 1850?

>Thereafter, research into the partial vacuum lapsed until 1850 when August Toepler invented the Toepler Pump and Heinrich Geissler invented the mercury displacement pump in 1855, achieving a partial vacuum of about 10 Pa (0.1 Torr).

- https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vacuum

Scientist we exploring how to create vacuums. A container with the air evacuated is more buoyant that the same container with air in it. If you can control a vacuum chamber on a airship you can raise and lower the bouyancy of your airship at will! The drum shown in pic#1 and #2 I suggest has fan blades in it and air holes to let air out and in pic #3 (Dellshau art).

The question then becomes what is with the water drops? The atmosphere is primarily made up of N2 and O2, the atomic mass of these molecules is 14 and 16. The atomic mass of a water molecule is 10. What little gas remains in the vacuum chamber, if you can make it water vapour, reduces the density in the chamber even further providing additional buoyancy to the airship.

The average molecular mass of the air is about 14.88 if the low pressure vacuum chamber contains low pressure water vapour instead you get an additional 32% efficiency. Very clever.

So, for example, you design your airship to be able to lift 99% of its weight. You design your vacuum chamber to supply 2% lift. When it is on you have 101% lift and when it is off you have 99% lift. You have descent/ascent at will.

Is there some evidence to support this?
>1913 USA, Jul. Badlands area, Montana J. L. Buick & another prospector were startled by a small brown man saying “Peace be with you, my friends.” Sitting on a patch of sand was a silvery round object nearly 100 ft in diameter, with central dome & a small conning tower; no wheels underneath. Around it were other, small men in brown picking flowers, pebbles, etc., and some mining a rock outcrop. The occupant told the witnesses they were from another planet which had secretly been keeping tabs on earth for over a hundred years; they had learned English via spies working in a U.S. circus. The craft rose silently & then took off. Next day it came back, & they were given a tour inside 5 concentric saucers with diminishing air pressures, the outermost being evacuated. As to lift, “gravity is only a different type of magnetism”, so it can be controlled by an electromagnetic drive: they can do 9000 mph, and have artificial gravity inside the saucer. Rockets, they,were told, had tailed for space travel. – HUMCAT Index 1910-1939 (CUFOS) ← Witness's letter of 9/24/56 to Donald Keyhoe.
- http://cufos.org/HUMCAT/HUMCAT_Index_1910-1939.pdf

The ability to control an airships movements at will is very important, especially from a military use perspective. An airship in the 1800s is the B2 bomber of the day. It is nearly impossible to shoot down an airship due to the low range of weapons and because puncturing the balloon has negligible effect because the gas in the balloon is not under pressure. A hole in the balloon has the lifting gas wafting out slowly giving plenty of time for the aeronauts to plan a withdrawal. The ability to control rise and descent, in addition to fans to control forward and back, and wings (think sails) to control turning left and right, makes a fully controllable airship. When it is discusses that the leader of the Club is killed to keep the secret, this makes sense for the time period.

Why has Dellschau made this art? I suspect that the diagrams had existed from the 1850s and Dellschau had held onto them. He fears letting the secret technology escape into the hands of military use. As he got older he hit upon an idea to get the secret out but obscured from the minds of the less scientific (military). He painted them to look like art so that people would under-appreciate them:

>For thirteen years (1908–1921) Dellshau worked on these Plates, binding them with shoestring into large book-like objects. Twelve of these “books” survived, but it seems, judging from the careful dating and numeration of each page, and large gaps in the numeration, that there were perhaps ten others of the same size and type whose whereabouts are unknown. 7 The twelve books contained in all about two thousand pages produced at the rate of about one every two days.

- "Charles A . A . Dellschau" book - Attachment #4

I would suggest he could not draw and paint them in 2 days continuously. But he could paint them that fast as a cover story for them being technical designs. The idea that they are art and imagination is intended. What needs to be looked at is, are there any airship reports in the locale in the period of the Clubs existence.

There needs to be more work done to flesh out what is going on here, but I am only interested in the technology timeline, and vacuum chambers filled with low pressure water vapour is clever and correct for the time period. This has consequences for things such as hovering orbs, foo fighters and perhaps even black triangles.

Thanks, anon!

bf0f5 No.67386

> I believe I have worked out how the Dellschau airships worked.
my my, that is amazing!

7b706 No.67387

File: 1540755778269-0.gif (37.75 KB, 372x500, Aerial Locomotive 1849-Apr….gif)

File: 1540755778269-1.jpg (53.72 KB, 474x508, cali.jpg)

Some results from the latest research. There are four threads to follow:

Thread #1 Solomon Andrews (1847)

"He purchased the old army barracks in Perth Amboy, New Jersey, in 1847 and converted the dilapidated wooden structure into the Inventor's Institute. Dr. Andrews later changed the name (and the focus) of the organization to the Aerial Navigation Company. This company was probably responsible for one somewhat famous 1849 New York Herald advertisement that offered airship transportation to the California gold fields." [1] See pic #1

"Three of the Sonora Aero Club members mentioned in Dellschau's notebooks are a Smith, Wilson, and Andrews. Smith and Wilson figure prominently in the 1897 Texas sightings." [2]

"Dellschau shows one Sonora Aero Club airship, similar in design to the airship Andrews flew in 1863, with the cryptic caption 'A la Andrews.'" [2]

Thread #2 Vacuum (1850)

Vacuum was being discussed again in science in 1850 ( https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vacuum )

Thread #3 Internal Combustion Engine. (1853)

In 1851 he Felice Matteucci met Father Eugenio Barsanti and appreciated his ideas for a new type of engine. They worked together to turn the primary concept into a manufacturable item, eventually developing a model suitable for mass production.


This seems to have been completed by June 1853 ( http://www.barsantiematteucci.it/inglese/documentiStorici.html )
And patented in 1854 ( https://patents.google.com/patent/GB185401072A/en ). The patent seems to be missing, which suggests some nefariousness is involved.

Dellschau travels to USA from Prussia (1853)

I don't know what month(s) he traveled to the USA. It is possible he brought knowledge, schematics or an actual Barsanti-Matteucci engine to the US. Alternatively the patent in 1854 would have tipped of the scientists and engineers. To give some context the official airship history celebrates Giffard's steam engine powered airship in 1852. A combustion engine is more powerful and efficient. It is understandable this would be a secret technology. The gas for the engine is said to be NB gas, the formula known by one person, who later died and the formula was lost (for a time).

>The general appearance of most of the flying machines, or aeros, is that of a gas-bag, semirigid, cylindro-conical shaped (dirigible-shaped) machine with huge fans providing the thrust. All were powered by a secret fuel that provided lift and thrust by driving the ship's wheels, side paddles, and compressor motors. Hydrogen gas was possibly used as a fuel in an internal combustion engine to provide the motive power, or thrust, for the aeros. [1]

Hydrogen is suggested as the secret fuel. I am unable to locate what the Barsanti-Matteucci engine burns. It has been assumed that the fuel must innately provide lift, hence hydrogen. But the language above leaves room for my vacuum chamber hypothesis ( >>67385 ). Indirect lift, rather than direct. Picture #3 in >>67385 also has the wording "overpressure escape" at the periphery of the "vacuum chamber" further substantiating the idea. So hydrogen may not be the fuel. The fuel was said to be called NB gas ( https://www.argunners.com/nb-gas-mystery-solved/ ) and could really be anything.

[1] Solving the 1897 Airship Mystery by Michael Busby (2004)
[2] https://www.houstonpress.com/news/secrets-of-the-sonora-aero-club-6567727

Any evidence?

Sonora, California was always small, and even today has about 4000 people. It is at the edge of large low population areas of California. Pic#2. The population of California in 1850 was 92,597 people, and in 1860 was 379,994 people. The California Gold Rush starts in 1848 flooding California with people and wealth. It is possible for testing to be done in the remote areas of California but there are no documented sighting reports of airships in California in the 1850s at all. There is, however one case which suggests a possible explosion (or flew too high?) of an airship in California:

>According to the San Francisco Herald of July 24, 1851, blood and flesh, with pieces ranging in size from a pigeon’s egg to a small orange, descended in a two- to three-minute shower on an Army station at Benicia, California, covering a spot of ground thirty yards wide and 300 yards long.

- "Unexplained!" by Jerome Clark (1999)

Benicia is 97 miles west of Sonora.

There are reports of airships in the US in the 1850s:

>As the nineteenth century progressed, reporting improved, and we are able to make more precise correlations. A UFO flap took place in 1850, and there was also a series of poltergeist cases.

>From 1848 to 1851 there was a worldwide UFO flap, and poltergeist cases hit an interesting peak in 1849.

> Pic#3 - "Most of the UFO reports in this particular study were from the United States"
- "WHY UFOS Operation Trojan Horse" by JOHN A. KEEL (1970)

3 October 1850, Talcot Mt., near Hartford, CT, USA - Astronomer observes a "meteor" for 1.5 hours.
21 January 1855, New Haven, Connecticut - Brilliant red ball undulates for 10 minutes.


7b706 No.67389

File: 1540756752105-0.jpg (137.16 KB, 948x1159, UFO reports 1800s.jpg)

The spoilers above were supposed to be bold. And pic#3 is missing and is pic#1 in this post.


1858, Jay, Ohio, USA: Silent vessel with passengers
>Alerted by a sudden shadow over the place where they were standing, several witnesses including Mr. Henry Wallace are said to have looked up in time to see "a large and curiously constructed vessel, not over one hundred yards from the earth." A number of very tall people were seen aboard this craft, which the recorder of the event believes was "a vessel from Venus, Mercury, or the planet Mars, on a visit of pleasure or exploration, or some other cause."
>Mr. Wallace reportedly added: "The vessel was evidently worked by wheels and other mechanical appendages, all of which worked with a precision and a degree of beauty never yet attained by any mechanical skill upon this planet (…) This was no phantom that disappeared in a twinkling…but this aerial ship was guided, propelled and steered through the atmosphere with the most scientific system and regularity, about six miles an hour, though, doubtless, from the appearance of her machinery, she was capable of going thousands of miles an hour."
- "Wonders in the Sky" by Jacques Vallee (2009)

Notice how we have the natural instinct to attribute technology we don't understand to magical or ET agencies.

>Western historian Mari Sandoz noted, “Back in the hard times of 1857–58 there were stories of a flying serpent that hovered over a Missouri River steamboat slowing for a landing. In the late dusk it was like a great undulating serpent, in and out of the lowering clouds, breathing fire, it seemed, with lighted streaks along the sides.”

>On the Nebraska frontier in the 1850s, pioneers attested to the presence of fire-breathing serpents writhing overhead.

More human body parts from airships?
>Another physician, G. W. Bassett of Virginia, recounted this event in the spring of 1850 in a letter to a colleague:
>About four p.m. yesterday, being Good Friday, a small cloud passed over Mr. Chas. H. Clarke and several of my servants, a few paces from the south bank of the Pamunkey River in the lower end of Hanover County, Virginia, on the estate called Farmington, and discharged around the parties, over a surface of something less than a rood of ground, various pieces of flesh and liver, too well defined in each sort to allow any mistake in their character.

>A similarly grisly rain is said to have taken place the previous February 15 in Simpson County, North Carolina, where pieces of flesh, liver, brains, and blood, all looking fresh, fell out of a red cloud and splattered over an area thirty feet wide and 250 to 300 yards long.
- Unexplained! by Jerome Clark (1999)

1857 October 8th. Illinois, U.S.A. Just before an earthquake a brilliant flashing light passes slowly across the sky to be followed by a loud explosion.
- -- Flying Saucers Have Landed by Desmond Leslie (1953)

So we have good reason to suspect that airships are being flown around in the US in the 1850s, in secret, and possibly occasionally killing the crew and dumping their body parts on the ground. And one case of that suggesting flights in California 2 years prior to the 1853 Dellschau-Sonora Aero Club and 3 years after the start of the Gold Rush.

Like most UFO-related events it hovers right on the cutting edge of human capability and suggest secret group operations for either military or commercial exploitation. These groups never become part of the official history and avoid being documented.


7b706 No.67390

I'd like to see that mercury experiment done with the different mercury isotopes isolated. Mercury has 7 stable isotopes and one which has a half-life of 444 years. I'd like to see the same experiment with each isotope isolated to see if the rotation seen correlates with rotating nuclei. A rotating nuclei would make the nucleus a subatomic magnet.

bf0f5 No.67391

i suspect the Die Glocke operated in a similar way to the Mercury experiment.

7b706 No.67392

File: 1540765580259-0.jpg (322.24 KB, 1388x842, scalar_device.jpg)

File: 1540765580259-1.jpg (116.81 KB, 733x1429, red-mercury.jpg)

>…minus 200 Celcius…
>…Mercury Isotope 203…
Pic#1 from 4chan. No source.

>203Hg , half life = 46.595(6) days, nuclear spin = 5/2−

Good balance of nuclear spin vs half life. (Better is 93Nb = Stable, 9/2+)

>Red mercury is a compound of mercury, antimony and oxygen having the chemical formula of Hg2SB207 (Pic#2) . At room temperature and pressure it is a powder. It is red in color. But it seems that there is more to red mercury is not a simple chemical combination.

>Legend has it that once chemically concocted; red mercury is put into a nuclear reactor for a period of time in order to charge up. During this charging up process while undergoing neutron bombardment in the reactor, the red mercury powder changes into a thick liquid.
- Hitlers Suppressed and Still-Secret Weapons, Science and Technology by Henry Stevens (2007)

Minus 200 Celsius (aka 73Kelvin) is not low enough but helium can reach -269C (4K) which is enough for Mercury superconductivity at 4.2Kelvin. Liquid Helium is available in 1908.

They add additives to keep it from solidifying probably because they need it to swirl in a circular pattern while under magnetic field influence to align the nuclear spin axis in the direction of the swirl. This then causes the gravito-magnetic moment of each nuclei to be compounded with all of it's neighbours along the swirl, this rotation around in the horizontal plane (the swirl) converts the gravito-magnetic field into a gravito-electric field up through the centre of the swirling mercury, which is artificial gravity.

The reason for the cooling is the remove thermal jitters from the atomic nuclei so they can all align in the same direction without jostling about.

The atomic nuclei would produce there own magnetic field, because they are now not jittering about they are aligned magnetically they would produce a large macroscopic magnetic field. Through the middle of a ring a large electric field would also exist. Because mass is also a type of charge, the rotation of the nuclei mass produces a gravito-magnetic field also. ( https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gravitoelectromagnetism ) EMF and the gravito-electromagnetic field, would be powered by nuclear rotation. The nuclear rotation is powered by an imbalance in the collective rotations of the quarks that make up the neutron and protons of the mercury nuclei.

If you extract from these self generated fields then energy needs to be removed from those quark rotations but since those quarks aren't going to slow down, the speed is fixed (quantum physics), then the only place to extract energy from is their passage through time. Therefore in proximity to this device while extracting energy from it time distortions should occur.

>According to the SS man, Hitler had a hidden facility in the mountains of the Harz region. There, deep under a mountain Hitler had constructed a time machine. Unfortunately, this machine was no longer accessable from the surface.

- Hitlers Suppressed and Still-Secret Weapons, Science and Technology by Henry Stevens (2007)

> “If the superconductors are rotated considerably faster than the 5,000- rpm speeds I've been mainly using until now, perhaps five to ten times as fast, the disc experiences so much weight loss that it actually takes off.” “Have you experimented?” I asked. “Yes,” he said meaningfully, “with interesting results.” It was then that I asked him if he had heard of Viktor Schauberger. It kind of came from nowhere but in actual fact it wasn't such a wild shot in the dark. There was something incredibly familiar about those rotation speeds. Schauberger had been generating a lévitation effect using rotational velocities of 15-20,000 rpm. If these were rapid enough to produce a usable torsion field, no wonder Podkletnov had been getting “interesting results” from 25-50,000 rpm. Podkletnov weighed his response before replying. “You should understand that I come from a family of academics,” he said after a long moment of reflection. “Both my father and grandfather were scientists. Shortly after the war, my father came to acquire a set of Schauberger's papers. Some time later, when I was old enough to understand them, he showed them to me.”

– The Hunt for Zero Point Nick Cook (2001)

The common ground here isn't that it is mercury but that atomic nuclei rotation aligned by supercooling allows the production of macroscopic electromagnetic and gravito-electromagnetic fields. A gravito-electric field is what we call gravity. There are three methods of invoking this, magnetic fields, pressure and/or supercooling.

See also: http://igorwitkowski.com/The-German-approach-to-antigravity.pdf

7b706 No.67393

7b706 No.67395

File: 1540960398023-0.pdf (211.62 KB, History_of_California_oil ….pdf)

File: 1540960398023-1.jpg (505.57 KB, 1920x1080, 1853-1.jpg)

File: 1540960398023-2.jpg (24.26 KB, 1920x1080, 1853-2.jpg)

File: 1540960398023-3.jpg (581.46 KB, 1911x937, 1855-1.jpg)

Autism go!

I have been been examining deeper the Dellschau airship possibilities. It is looking viable.
California has people experimenting with balloons in the 1853. See Pics. California also had very easy access to oil from the ground. You could dig a hole in some cases and collect the oil that flowed out. These were called seeps, short for seepage. Delschau makes references to "suppe". Suppe is German and means soup. I am not sure if he is playing with words here.

These seeps have been used as a resource for a long time.
>When the Spanish explorers landed in California in the 1500s, they found Indians gathering asphaltum (very thick oil) from natural seeps.

>As early as 1849, travelers moving along the route used the seeps, pausing to lubricate their wagon wheels with oil.

>In 1854, oil was collected from seeps and excavations at Sulphur Mountain, in Ventura County, and refined in stills for home use. Complete records of the operations are not available, but it is reported that as early as 1856, a company organized in San Francisco began working the tar pits at La Brea Ranch, near Los Angeles, distilling some oil.
See PDF.

Asphalt has another name, bitumen. And in German the name can be "Naturbitumen".

Since Dellschau is from Prussia this could be the meaning of NB. Which takes us to "NB Gas". One very efficient flamable gas you can make from oil is "oil pyrolytic gas". This gas has the highest BTU yeilds. It makes sense to use it on an airship where weight is a concern.
>Initial experiments in 1817–1825, which were failures; began to be used widely in 1860s. Simpler, much less labor-intensive manufacturing process. Oil very expensive feedstock compared to coal; prices (and illuminous efficacy per ft3) double to triple that of regular coal gas.

Since the oil is almost cost free from the ground in California, they could have made this very efficient gas very cheaply, perhaps even in secret. They then feed it into the Matteucci-Barsanti engine on the airship and run the propeller(s) and the vacuum chamber. It is stated that when the NB gas secret holder died the secret was lost until 7 years later ( https://www.houstonpress.com/news/secrets-of-the-sonora-aero-club-6567727 ). Perhaps this is when "oil pyrolytic gas" became more commonly available in the 1860s.

TL;DR nothing in the story so far seems impossible and it is cutting edge. California is a good place to test a secret combusion-engine airships.

Also a horse went up in an airship in 1855

7b706 No.67396

File: 1540960468798-0.jpg (368.99 KB, 1920x1080, 1853-2.jpg)

Pic#2 fixed.

7b706 No.67403

File: 1541125466392-0.jpg (50.83 KB, 687x421, BARSANTI-MATTEUCCI-1854.jpg)

File: 1541125466392-1.jpg (1.03 MB, 1500x2140, Osservatorio_ximeniano,_mo….JPG)

File: 1541125466392-2.jpg (151.51 KB, 980x690, Otto-Kraus-idea-1908-Dells….jpg)

I've been looking at Dellschau drawings to see if a Barsanti-Matteucci engine could be "seen" in the drawings.

Pic#1 is the engine from the 1854 patent from https://docplayer.biz.tr/4826435-Giris-1-distan-yanmali-motorlar-2-icten-yanmali-motorlar.html
Pic#2 is taken from https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Eugenio_Barsanti
Pic#3 is from http://www.shishigami.com/srfa/Charles_Dellschau_FINAL.pdf

It seems this shows an engine in the center driving the "vacuum chambers". Note that the drawing is called "Recolections second part, Otto Krause Idea", so it was not necessarily built.

bf0f5 No.67404

could you make one?

7b706 No.67408

File: 1541379487708-0.jpg (34.05 KB, 496x336, Dellschau-George Newells W….jpg)

File: 1541379487708-1.jpg (118.2 KB, 716x940, Dellschau-Otto Krauses Bat….jpg)

File: 1541379487708-2.jpg (129.99 KB, 953x771, Dellschau-Plate 1767 Aero ….jpg)

A whole craft? Are you paying?
Take a hollow ball. Cut it in half. Put a small electric motor in it with attached fins such that it isn't a helicopter. Close the ball, poke air holes above and below. Balance it on a scale. Turn it on and see if it rises.

There is another gas as a contender:
>Methane, the main component of natural gas, is sometimes used as a lift gas when hydrogen and helium are not available. It has the advantage of not leaking through balloon walls as rapidly as the smaller molecules of hydrogen and helium. However, methane is highly flammable and like hydrogen is not appropriate for use in passenger-carrying airships. It is also relatively dense and a potent greenhouse gas.

CH4, same atomic mass as water.
>Crude oil is a mixture of many hundreds of liquid hydrocarbons. Dissolved in it are many other hydrocarbons some of which are solids and some gases (the lower members of the alkane family, predominantly methane and ethane but often with some propane and butane).

It would be a fuel and a lifting gas. Hydrogen could also be extracted from the oil and is needed for the main balloon.

>San Francisco Gas

>In the 1850s, manufactured gas was introduced in the United States as a means of lighting. Gasworks were built in the larger eastern American cities, but there was no gas industry in the West, however. In San Francisco, street lighting was available only on Merchant Street, in the form of oil lamps.[9]:11[10]

>Three brothers—Peter, James, and Michael Donahue—became interested in gas manufacturing while running the foundry that later became Union Iron Works, the largest shipbuilding operation on the West Coast.[9]:11[11] Joseph G. Eastland, an engineer and clerk at the foundry, joined them in gathering as much information on gas making as they could find. In July 1852, James applied for and received from the Common Council of the City of San Francisco a franchise to erect a gasworks, lay pipes in the streets and install street lamps to light the city with "brilliant gas". The council specified that gas should be supplied to households "at such rates as will make it to their interest to use it in preference to any other material".[9]:11–12 The Donahue brothers and Eastland incorporated the San Francisco Gas Company on August 31, 1852, with $150,000 of authorized capital. The company became the first gas utility in the West. Its official seal bore the inscription "Fiat Lux"—let there be light—the same slogan later adopted by the University of California. There were 11 original stockholders, and the three Donahue brothers subscribed for 610 of the 1,500 shares.[9]:12

>The original location for the gas works was bounded by First, Fremont, Howard and Natoma streets south of Market, on the then shore of the San Francisco Bay. Work on the plant started in November, 1852, and it was ready for operation only a few months later. On the night of February 11, 1854, the streets of San Francisco were for the first time lighted by gas. To celebrate the event, the company held a gala banquet at the Oriental Hotel.[9]:13 Gas lighting quickly gained public favor. In the first year of operation, there were 237 customers. That number more than doubled the next year, to 563. By the end of 1855, the company had laid more than 6 ½ miles of pipe and 154 street lamps were in operation.[9]:15


The timing here is very interesting. It also, again, shows why California is the place to try internal combustion airships and sets the time frame to 1853 on wards (if we assume the NB gas is manufactured by a company) consistent with the club founding date.

>E.C. Jones, chief gas engineer of the San Francisco Gas Light Company (later the PG&E) developed this ingenious process to turn oil into a gas very similar to that produced by the pyrolysis of coal using a catalytic backflush of already produced gas and steam to provide a hydrogen atmosphere to stimulate disassociation of the oil with the minimal production of lampblack.

…this gas was made of…
>As distributed, contains 35 – 40% hydrogen (H2), 45% – 50% marsh gas (methane, CH4), and the balance of higher hydrocarbons and carbonic oxide (carbon monoxide, CO).
…making it good airship gas and fuel.

The ability to separate the CH4 from the H2 might be interesting. The CH4 might pool at the base and be recoverable or in a centrifuge it would move to the outside. This might be alluded to in pic#2 The outer chamber seems to be called the Secondary Lift Chamber. Presumably then the inner primary lift chamber would hold H2 and the outer CH4. You could run the CH4 through your engine to make a useful disposal of it. This makes your "balloon" also your fuel supply and so burning the heavier CH4 (first) makes sense. This is like removing ballast.

The drops of "water" are still confusing… unless the water vapor is to replace the CH4 in the secondary chamber as the CH4 is burned away by the engine. Perhaps this is needed to stop H2 being pulled into the engine when the CH4 runs out.

Pic#1 seems to be a simpler version of the same chamber. It seems to show color variations in the chamber. Implying different temperatures or gases? The wheel this time touches the chamber walls. There may be two outlets in the lower right, this might be for the CH4 to escape, meaning that blue is CH4 and red in H2. The CH4 is then bled off to the engine. This version has no "water" drops which suggests water isn't a primary component of what they are doing. Therefore water might be a type of sealant to try to avoid the small H2 atoms from escaping through the container casing. Pic#3 further supports the idea of separating two gases, again no drops.

bf0f5 No.67409

>Implying different temperatures or gases?
seem plausible.

7b706 No.67410

>lover right
should be lower left.

The words from pic#2

>Measure 4 x 4 over all

> h. x l
>doubeline(?) plane
>nearly circular inside glide keel
>Battery(?) 8 + 2 - 10
Why battery? It could be that it means, holds energy. Or the original meaning of battery means "a group of two or more similar objects functioning together" ( https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/History_of_the_battery#Experiments ) so coupled with the numbers is it suggesting 8 + 2 units? (8 in the keel, 2 outside to stabilize?)

>Otto Krauses Batery

>Revolving Generator
>and Releaver
>simple chemical
>action basis
What chemical action? Why is it a generator? I don't see how this could be a rotary engine, and it is too early for them. ( https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rotary_engine#History )

Inside the chamber:
>Pressure Control
>Reservoir | Primary Lift Cupola ?????? | Reservoir
> 1858 | 1900
>Secondary Lift Chamber | Over Pressure escape | Sensitive Sponges | Secondary Lift Chamber
Is the reservoir water or the chemical reactant? Why are the sponges sensitive?

I suppose its time to read Dellschau's awfully hard to read text and locate a better quality pic#1 …

7b706 No.67411

File: 1541397380570.jpg (136.1 KB, 968x785, Dellschau-Lather Propospit….jpg)

Lather Propospitions W.H. Browns Sucker Kicker Principles Houston, Texas. ?? Sucker . Kicker Principles
of Perfect Airship.
Huston, Texas November 28, 1898. As a description of any invention of
an Balloon might interest the ??????. The balloon if ever built
should be composed of Aluminium Cigar Shaped, such balloons have been [note: 1854: industrial aluminum quantities avail.]
constructed, filled with gas, and made to ascend, but the motive Power
employed, to propell it was attached to the rear, and on the Outside, The
Propeller could only cleave or whirl the Air in a rotary or Whirlwind
motion, the Air escaping to each side and hear offered no resistance
to the Stroke(?) of the Propeller. From a natural Law, Action and Reaction
bein equal, the Balloon remains stationary. My idea and Invention
is to make a pipe two feet high and eighteen Inshes wide, said pipe running [comment: the "chamber" is actually a pipe and so not an engine or balloon or is this separate?]
central through the entire Length of the balloon open on both ends
to allow passage of air, plaining a rotary or revolving Fan in Coridor
of this square pipe and snuggly fitting of the lower halve of fan is
in this pipe, upper halve revolves in an air tight box. By doing so the
lower part of the fan only strikes the Air. The upper creating no reaction
then through mechanical force applied, cause the fan to rapidly revolve
at a high rate of speed say ??? 7300 ??? - Turns a Minute ( Fire and Friction )
We will have a current of Air passing through Pipe at a rate of 1000 miles
an hour, and this ??ift Sot?d Current (Continuous Kick) passing out at rear End
will cause the outside Air to bank and offer resistance. Gravity been(?)
overcome, and the balloon wheighing less as Air surrounding it H????t
moove forward, there can be no other Result.
and as you increase the speed
[covered up!!]ions the greather the Air resists. See other Side.

Helicopter airship???
/back to being confused.

7b706 No.67412

File: 1541403972014.jpg (534.26 KB, 1982x1342, Dellschau-George Newells W….jpg)

talks about making a enclosed series of fan to produce thrust.

Pic related is a rotary engine (without pistons) in 1850s????? I can't visualize how this works. Each of the eight compartments, divided by the eight blades don't seem to be sealed from each other when looking at the side profile. Why won't the ignited gas take the shortest path to the outlet on the lower right called "Automatic Press." Force is said to be clockwise. But if it rotates counter-clockwise who cares?! Is this an engine? The heated/burnt gas is also then a lifting gas, the exhausted heated gas can also be a bit like jet engine thrust. This is a hot gas balloon engine in one?!

The supplied fuel then can be a fluid like kerosene:

>Canadian geologist Abraham Gesner claimed that in 1846, he had given a public demonstration in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island of a new process he had discovered.[note 1] He heated coal in a retort, and distilled from it a clear, thin fluid that he showed made an excellent lamp fuel. He coined the name "kerosene" for his fuel, a contraction of keroselaion, meaning wax-oil.[18] The cost of extracting kerosene from coal was high.

>Gesner recalled from his extensive knowledge of New Brunswick's geology a naturally occurring asphaltum called albertite. He was blocked from using it by the New Brunswick coal conglomerate because they had coal extraction rights for the province, and he lost a court case when their experts claimed albertite was a form of coal.[19] In 1854, Gesner moved to Newtown Creek, Long Island, New York. There, he secured backing from a group of businessmen. They formed the North American Gas Light Company, to which he assigned his patents.
>Despite clear priority of discovery, Gesner did not obtain his first kerosene patent until 1854, two years after James Young's United States patent.


So the timing is right.

7b706 No.67413

File: 1541406517242.jpg (58.69 KB, 762x524, Delschau-Recolections seco….jpg)

>I can't visualize how this works. Each of the eight compartments, divided by the eight blades don't seem to be sealed from each other when looking at the side profile. Why won't the ignited gas take the shortest path to the outlet on the lower right called "Automatic Press."

The hot gases want to rise to the top of the chamber. This might be enough to start the rotation clockwise. So the red represents heat and the blue cold. When these blow up that should be enough to throw some shredded body parts around ( >>67387 ). This might explain the water also… cooling.

"Spark Plugs":
> 1780s: The first electric spark ignition was probably Alessandro Volta's toy electric pistol from the 1780s.
> by 1859: Lenoir's experimentation with electricity led him to develop the first internal combustion engine which burned a mixture of coal gas and air ignited by a "jumping sparks" ignition system by Ruhmkorff coil,
> 1884: Siegfried Marcus patented his "Electrical igniting device for gas engines" on 7 October 1884.
See also: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Induction_coil#History

That's enough for today. But it looks like there is more than enough text from Dellschau to work out what was going on. I have barely scratched the surface. It is said he made thousands of these diagrams.

7b706 No.67414

Aircraft propellers were a problem up until the Wright Brothers in 1903. This is why that long text on propellers exists.

>The twisted aerofoil shape of modern aircraft propellers was pioneered by the Wright brothers. While some earlier engineers had attempted to model air propellers on marine propellers, the Wrights realized that a propeller is essentially the same as a wing, and were able to use data from their earlier wind tunnel experiments on wings. They also introduced a twist along the length of the blades. This was necessary to ensure the angle of attack of the blades was kept relatively constant along their length.


7b706 No.67417

1918 "Anti-gravity"? Quote:

Dr. Richard B. Spence (c) 2015

More to the point, who was John Randolph van Valkenburg? A Utah native, he
was a stone mason and tile setter with a well-established reputation as a tinkerer with
motors and other mechanical devices. He was a member of the Mormon Church, a
Freemason, and to all outward appearances a known and more-or-less respectable
member of the community. On 6 August Bone sent Bielaski a report on the interview.
Van Valkenburg had appeared at the local police station. Present at the questioning, in
addition to Agent Bone, were the chief of police, the chief of detectives and another
detective. Van Valkenburg, friendly and garrulous, eagerly explained that he had
discovered something that would “completely reverse the operation of gravity” and using
this had built a machine that could travel from Salt Lake to San Francisco in only 47
12 Besides buzzing along at 1,000 miles per hour, the machine could also remain
stationary in midair indefinitely. In fact, asserted van Valkenburg, there was no limit to
how fast or far it could travel. The “vital element,” he continued, was a “small controller
the size of a man’s hand.”13 This miniscule device somehow provided enough power to
carry virtually any weight under any conditions. The craft always remained level and
was unaffected by weather. Moreover, it required no wings, no engine, nor any fuel in a
conventional sense. Stability and propulsion depended on revolving “discs” which
“completely reverses the operation of gravity.”14 The revolving discs, which come up
repeatedly in the story, are an interesting detail because they echo a theme often found in
alleged anti-gravity devices such as Viktor Schauberger’s vortex powered Repulsin of the
1930s and 40s and in the later experiments of Henry Wallace and Evgeny Podkletnov.15
Whether the discs were part of the “controller” or something separate is never quite clear.
The craft could shoot up to 40,000 feet or more, invisibly and almost instantaneously. On
the way, claimed the inventor, one ascended through “seven different stratum of air” but
at the highest level entered an atmosphere “as on Earth but in a perfectly quiescent


7b706 No.67418

>1969 The Menil Foundation organize the exhibition "Flight" which includes for the first time ever the works of Charles Dellschau.

>Peter Navaro, a local graphic designer and UFO enthusiast sees the works at Menil and is immediately stuck by their possible connection to "The Great Texas Airship Mystery"

>Over the next few years, Navarro studies the works of Dellschau at both Menil and Washington's Trading Post and ultimately acquires all the remaining books and obsesses over them for the next 20 years. Pete Navaro compiles "The Book Of Dellschau", a 500 page compendium of observations of every known work by Charles Dellschau as well as 15 volumes of field notes on the works of Charles Dellschau.


Summary of SAC by Peter Navarro, the first and most thorough investigator:

The tragic case of Jacob Mischer and his Aero will serve to point to
the severity with which the rules of this secret society known as
NYMZA were enforced.

Jacob Mischer was the designer and builder of a rather large, or
medium-sized aircraft which was called the "Aero Flyerless Gander".
This airship was flown on a hundred mile trip and was successfully
landed on land and on water, for it had wheels as well as pontoons.

Jacob Mischer, however, met a most unfortunate end, for he became
greedy and desired to make a profit from his invention, intending to
use it for hauling material and equipment for the miners in the
area. This was looked upon by the headmasters of the secret society
as being strictly against the rules and, one way or another, Jacob
Mischer ended up dead when his ship was destroyed in a blinding
aerial explosion. Dellschau alludes to this incident as something
that was deliberate and NOT accidental.

The most successful of their aircraft, and probably the first to be
flown was Peter Mennis' "Aero Goosey", which was built in 1857 and
set the precendent for all subsequent Aero designs and, although
modifications were gradually added to new Aero designs, the Aero
Goosey continued to be flown as originally designed with only minor
changes and was the aircraft favored mostly by Peter Mennis for
short flights.

Peter Mennis ranged far and wide on several occasions, but he was
able to land and use his Aero as a place to spend the night, for it
was equipped with a canvas conver which served as a tent.

The original "Aero Goosey" was a small craft with a basket-type
affair in which the pilot and passengers sat at the bow and stern
ends of the airship. It carried a liquid fuel container in the
center of the craft and a gas converter under the seats. Attached
to the center pole was the air-pressure motor which was used to
propel the airship, and two gas bags were on the sides. It was a
very simply designed airship, and, despite all modifications and
improvements that were made upon this original model and its "motor"
design, the mode of operation and function of its internal workings
remained basically the same in all subsequent models with the
exception of size and appearance and the addition of useful
conveniences such as galleys, toilets, beds, tables, and other
gimcracks of one kind or another.

Louis Caro, another member of the Sonora Aero Club expressed it very
well when he said that he and his colleagues agreed on one thing;
and that was the fact that they all longed for an airship design
which would have all the features of the Aero Goosey, but be larger
and yet be safe. Several very large models were designed toward
this end and proposed but were never built. There were, however,
several medium-sized models which were actually built, and flown.

One of these was the "Aero Dora", which was another of the most
favorable designs. This Aero was first envisioned by Ernest Kraus
and was later elaborated upon by several other members of the club
who were very pleased with its appearance and function and used it
as a basis upon which to apply their own ideas.

The Aero Dora was equipped with a "sucker-kicker", which was a
device for compressing air and operated very much like a JET for
propulsion. Yes, several of these Aeros had devices that were years
ahead of their times, and included up to date contrivances such as
retractable landing gear, shock absorbers, gas converters, spot-
lights, and many other novel ideas for their time, for one must take
into consideration that these were entirely new concepts, or
designs, with absolutely no precendent to go by, and it is for this
reason that some of the aircraft look so fantastically monstrous and
absolutely unfeasable as aeronautical machines. In other words,
none of them look like they could even BEGIN to get off the ground,
much less fly!

7b706 No.67419


This was no problem for them though, for they possessed a formula
for producing a SPECIAL GAS, called "NB" gas, which was capable of
lifting the most ponderous construction with a minimum of gas. The
gas was produced on board the aircraft and carried in one or several
gas bags on top or on the sides of the airship. Marthin Karo, one
of the members of the Club and inventor of a "hood" for carrying
excess gas referred to this lifting agent as "FLOAT", which is a
good description of its function.

George Newell was the inventor of a "gas motor" called "VOLTA" which
produced the "Lift Power" used on most of the airships. This was a
modified version of earlier gas motor designs or "converters" which
were used in earlier Aero models.

As for the Cripel Wagon…this was actually a wheeled land vehicle
designed in 1837 by Friderich Schultz but was adapted in 1857 for
use as an airship by August Schoetler with the addition of gas bags
and "air squeezers" which made the vehicle airborne, converting it
into an airship with hydrowheels (wheels with water inside instead
of air). "Air squeezers" were similar to "sucker kickers" and
consisted of a tube through which air was compressed and ejected
(similar to a jet engine).

The "Aero Buster" was an airship that was built but never flown. It
was designed and built by Max Miser and was equipped with a
parachute-like device. Before it was completed Max Miser remarked
that if his Aero ever got off the ground he would not want anybody
going up in it but him. "I am enough to break my neck", he said.

The Aero was completed except for the installation of the power
chamber and the fuel which only Peter Mennis could provide, since he
was the only one who knew the secret formula for producing it.
However, for some unkown reason, Peter Mennis refused to provide the
fuel or help Miser with the construction of the gas producing
chamber and consequently this aircraft was never able to get off the
ground. Many years later (in 1912) Dellschau would reminisce about
this incident and would remark on whether gasoline would have
"filled the bill" and would have made it possible for this airship
to fly. Of course, gasoline had not been discovered yet.

Of the more than one hundred airship designs in Dellschau's books
probably not more than eight or ten were actually built and flown.
And they were a howling success!

Why they didn't announce it to the world and reap their share of
profits and fame from their efforts is strange indeed. Could it be
that they were only conducting tests for others to follow? It is
only too clear that NYMZA was a very strict organization and that
any member who disregarded the rules of this secret society usually

Dellschau faced the same threat to his life and it is believed that
he may have died a violent death, although this is strictly
conjecture. The fact is that Dellschau died in the year 1923 at the
age of 93 and was buried in Washington Cemetery in Houston, Texas.
He left behind a dozen large volumes in which he told many things
about their activities in California, but he never would say WHAT
NYMZA WAS, nor what the initials stood for, except to say that it
was work being done FOR THIS ORGANIZATION. Thus NYMZA remains a
mystery to all except to those who may read this and KNOW its
significance, for there may still be members of this society who
will continue to keep their vows of secrecy and may still be working
on yet other clandestine projects. You may very well ask; What
experiments could they (the present members of NYMZA) be engaged in
today? The spaceships of the 1990's? Who Knows?

P. G. Navarro


7b706 No.67426

File: 1541818444193.jpg (146.3 KB, 640x480, 48655657_126696654603.jpg)


I am curious about the W and U confusion. In Dellschau's "art" he often adds bumps to the lower line in the digit 2. I am wondering if this is a hint that the names used are somewhat altered which is why the others can't be found.

>Despite exhaustive research, including searches of census records, voting rosters, and death records, nothing has been found to substantiate the existence of this group except for a few gravestones in the Columbia Cemetery where several of the surnames are found.


7b706 No.67432

File: 1542224798458-0.jpg (67.05 KB, 1920x1080, ufocat-map-1947.jpg)

File: 1542224798458-1.pdf (13.81 MB, cufos-ufocat-map.pdf)

Fun with data.
CUFOS UFOCAT where the UFO report has a Longitude and Latitude.
188,000 sightings mapped, for each year, from 1800-2009.
If you download the pdf try to view the pages full screen the images are 1920x1080.

Years to take note of:
1896-97 USA airships
1909 NZ Airships
1934 Scandinavia "Ghost Fliers"
1944 Germany
1945 Japan
1946 Sweden "Ghost Rockets"
1947 USA Flying Saucers
1950 USA, Europe, South America
1952 USA, Europe, South America, Japan, Korea
1954 USA, Europe, South America<->Japan, Atlantic, Australia, NZ
1962 Oceans
Drops from 1978 until the black triangles turn up in the 1990s.

7b706 No.67433

File: 1542230092394-0.jpg (64.95 KB, 1920x1080, ufocat-map-1909.jpg)

I didn't know about the 1909 Airships. So I decided to take a look:

>June 10, 1909, 0300, Malaysia

>That, in the Nautical Meteorological Annual, published by the Danish Meteorological Institute, appears a report upon a "singular phenomenon" that was seen by Capt. Gabe, of the Danish East Asiatic Co.'s steamship Bintang. At 3 A.M., June 10, 1909, while sailing through the Straits of Malacca, Captain Gabe saw a vast revolving wheel of light, flat upon the water--"long arms issuing from a center around which the whole system appeared to rotate."
-- Fort (1919)

>June 16,1909, 0410, Vietnam

>Donghoi (Annam). An elongated object following a west to east trajectory flew over the town. It gave off a strong light and was seen by two fishermen to plunge into the sea 6 km away from the coast, after a steady flight of about 9 min. {Anatomy 21) -- Vallee (1969)

From July on wards they turn up mostly in NZ (and a few in Australia).

>Later than July 1909, Port Molyneux [NZ]: An airship is said to have alighted and occupants who looked “Japanese” emerged and engaged a male onlooker in conversation. (Unknown 1909 issue of Olutha Free Press)

>3 Aug. 1909, Waipawa [NZ], Night: A resident declared having seen a grey torpedo-shaped structure which contained three men, one of whom shouted to him in a foreign language. He then watched the machine for some time. It carried two lights and circled before leaving. (Hawkes Bay Herald Aug. 6, 1909)”
-- MUFON UFO Journal - Nov. 1982

Can we blame the Asians for the 1909 NZ airship(s)?

ac095 No.67887

Slightly redacted Q&A given by a colleague: "When Tesla was being visited by the future-past pigeon talking to him through solid state laser-like wavelengths he sent the Vril Societe` an invention of his before he was murdered. They jotted down that it was, let me spell this out for you real carefully: a Piezo-electric crystalline vacuum-pump rotor. No, not motor with an M, rotor with an R. Their chief technologist, their term for transhumanist machinist or engineer, was supposed to spread copies of Tesla's plans as soon he could figure out what the alternate codes meant."

Piezoelectric: the affect/effects which occur when electromagnetic and/or electrical energies are refracted across crystals, natural or artificial. Study them and you will quickly understand how old the technologies are that replaced my job. A "law" was passed years ago which self-granted the "right" of the Jew-S government to seize any patent or product that could be used in military applications. CTS Corporation patent filed in 2018 for non-military piezoelectric crystal sonar arrays. 2006 is major turning point when Jew-S began showing off (((advanced technology))); white, blue, green, red hats among the rest began losing positions, titles, MOS's in big hurry.

Mark 61 nuclear bomb also of interest as each uses 2 piezoelectric crystals for inciting detonation:

"So many wonders-"
Not ones Butterrump would like, either.

7b706 No.67891

>future-past pigeon
Secretly advanced people of that time?

>Piezo-electric crystalline vacuum-pump rotor.

I am not sure which direction this goes:
rotor -> pump -> vacuum -> mechanical stress of piezoelectric crystal(s) -> electricity -> comms?

Gravito-electromagnetic comms?

>electromagetism is the torsion and gravity the curvature of spacetime


>In a patent disclosure Brown wrote in September 1953, he described another version of this communication device, which was designed to send a signal from an audio oscillator to an electrically shielded radio receiver. However, instead of capacitors, this device used heavy spherical masses for the transmitter and receiver antennae. His Project Winterhaven proposal envisioned that electrogravitic wave transmission and reception could be developed into a fundamentally new communication technology. It noted that because of the extreme penetrating ability of these waves, messages could be transmitted to submarines and to underground shelters and military installations, locations inaccessible to normal radiowave communication. Brown's spherical antenna gravitational wave generator bore a close resemblance to devices developed by scientist and inventor Nikola Tesla in the early twentieth century.

-- SECRETS OF ANTIGRAVITY PROPULSION by Paul LaViolette (2008) <- T. T. Brown, "Electrogravitational Communication System," patent disclosure, September 1953. Eprint at: https://web.archive.org/web/20080723201702/http://qualight.com/ecomm/ecomm.htm (1953)

So we can communicate and/or detect by gravity waves which have no known shielding?


I am still doing background research: Ideas so far: The periodic table and chemistry is not well understood, making hydrogen, steam and methane accidentally might seem magical to them. If they make it on-board and it is hot ( >>67412 ) you get an additional lift better than ambient hydrogen or hot air balloons. Hydrogen spontaneously ignites in the air at 500C. Methane 537C.

Dellschau is said to have come from Prussia and calls himself a "spye". The SAC is part of a larger German(still checking Dellschau claimed this) group called NYMZA(translation of the substitution cypher: DM=XO). There are some vague references to airship waves in "Germany" in 1950s.

>Germany is involved in the airship mystery because the objects first manifested there in the 1850's. Unfortunately we do not have access to the German reports -- but how odd it is that so many German names crop up in Dellschau's list of men supposedly involved with the "Aero Club" of Sonora, Calif., in the 1850's: August Schoetler, Jacob Mischer, Ernest Krause, Julius Koch, A. B. Kahn and many others.

-- http://keelynet.com/gravity/aero2.txt <- Fate, June 1973 <- Jerome Clark and Loren Coleman (1973)

>During the 1850's mysterious "airships" regularly crossed the skies of Germany

-- http://keelynet.com/gravity/aero1.htm <- Mr. T. E. Bullard (FUFOR), published in 1982 under the name of "Mysteries in the Eye of the Beholder." Chaper X - Loose in an Airship - The Age of Phantom Dirigibles and Ghost Airplanes, 1880-1946. Page 205 (1982)

>"During the 1850s there was an enormous wave of airship sightings in Germany" - Jerome Clark

-- The Secrets of Dellschau by Crenshaw (2009)

These 1850s German events are missing from databases. Just another way that, despite no direct evidence, everything slots together. Even Sonora is good for a landing field as it has a secluded flat area.

7b706 No.67892

Unidentified Submerged Objects

>70% water planet

1893 - electric monster >>66001 -- failed USO?

WW2 - “The U.S. already has at least one water base we know of, a naval testing facility beneath a deep lake in Bayview, Idaho established during World War II.” – https://science.howstuffworks.com/does-military-maintain-secret-underwater-bases.htm and https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bayview,%20Idaho

1950 - Apr. Off Northern and Central California: Sent to investigate 9 separate reports by fishermen, Coast Guard stations Coast Guard patrol planes. No subs sighted in 5 day search, but contacts indicated high speed underwater craft operating in the coastal Eureka area. – http://www.project1947.com/47cats/usnavydraft1.htm#1850 ← Source: Modesto (CA) Bee. 10 Nov, 1950.

1950 - Jun. ”.. 11:00 PM. .. breaking the nocturnal silence, .. loud noise of water violently disturbed. .. luminous object of oval form appeared emerging from the sea about 500 meters from the shore. It rose up vertically to a certain altitude and then made a turn of ninety degrees and disappeared towards the northeast in the direction of Argentine terrority.” – The MUFON UFO Journal, no. 130 (Sep 1979)

Buoyancy in air and water.

7b706 No.67893

>Is this all fantasy? Is there any hard evidence for secret post-war German bases? Has a post-war German base ever been discovered? Yes, one has. New evidence for this exodus theory comes to us from the discovery of a German U-boat way-station in the Atlantic which had a hand in moving this clandestine cargo from Europe to the austral world well after the war, right into the 1950s. This information is revealed in an article in the July, 1984 issue of Nugget magazine titled "Der U-Boot Bunker von Fuerteventura" (20). Fuerteventura is the eastern most island of the Canary Island chain and lies just out of sight off the west coast of North Africa.
>Geologically, the base was formed by an huge, ancient volcanic bubble around which the molten rock solidified in the center of the island. According to the article, the Germans brought in excavation equipment and bored out three tunnels for underwater access by U-boats. On top of the island, directly over the bubble and the military facility rested a villa with a stairway leading down to the base from the cellar. The villa was owed by a respectable German family, named Winter. This base functioned during the war as a secret U-boat base for the Germans. It continued this function after the war as a way-station for transport U-boats.

Hitler?s Flying Saucers by Henry Stevens (2003, 2012)

(20) = Nugget, July and August editions 1984, "Der U-Boot Bunker von Fuerteventura"

7b706 No.67895

File: 1543024115226.gif (11.7 KB, 504x360, PiezoAccelTheory.gif)

A gravity wave sensor/receiver/transmitter?

7b706 No.67896

T. T. Brown -> dielectrics -> "Many piezoelectric devices are made of the same ceramic materials as capacitor dielectrics."* -> piezoelectric -> gravito-electric comms through Faraday cages?
* https://www.britannica.com/technology/capacitor-dielectric

7b706 No.67897

>solid state laser-like wavelengths

>1888 Hertz had demonstrated generation of electromagnetic waves, and that their properties were similar to those of light[1]. Before the start of the twentieth century, many of the concepts now familiar in microwaves had been developed [2,3]: the list includes the cylindrical parabolic reflector, dielectric lens, microwave absorbers, the cavity radiator, the radiating iris and the pyramidal electromagnetic horn. Round, square and rectangular waveguides were used, with experimental development anticipating by several years Rayleigh's 1896 theoretical solution


>Allan H. Frey was the first American to publish on the microwave auditory effect (MAE). Frey's Human auditory system response to modulated electromagnetic energy appeared in the Journal of Applied Physiology in 1961.

-- https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Microwave%20auditory%20effect

Artificial telepathy.

7b706 No.67910


>But what if there is another explanation for what happened at Roswell that not only is more plausible but has precedent in history? A theory that explains the entire flying saucer wave of the summer of 1947 and perhaps beyond - more down to earth in its origin and rooted in the very beginning of what later became known in history as the Cold War. This book will outline this alternative theory using declassified documents and sources, original raw reports and more importantly the unique corroborating time line of early Cold War history that transpired over the summer of 1947.

>I do believe that little green men were behind the UFO events of the summer of 1947, but not aliens from other planets, rather the type of little green men that I remember playing with as a young child – plastic toy soldiers that I sent to battle in my back yard. Except in this story, real life military members were the orchestrators, all of them battle hardened from World War 2 and willing to do anything to prevent another World War.

ac095 No.68864

More literal. Instant communication network set up by the Vril Societe`. "Carrier pigeon" was one of Tesla's remarks. Notice similarity to "carrier wave"? Assigning a new meaning to one word prevents infiltration/subversion. At least for a while.

Yes. Analogous to quartz-crystal vacuum tube radio system, too expensive for mass production. Extrapolation: nearly impossible to intercept.

Highly likely in multiple scenarios. Electrolysis conversion engines are bitterly derided by idiots that love screaming "b-b-but that breaks the l-laws of thermodynamics!" Not laws, merely pathetic, basic bitch guidelines of testing working knowledge. Bayview still active like Fort Dietrick/Plum Island except now owned by Nigger Shit Adults, La Sia, and the kike word nasa which means 'to greatly deceive'. Gee, wonder what that could refer to.

Would explain why Vril Societe` and friends were never caught by (((Allies))). Better than satellite comms until recent innovations, harder to detect. Gravity is still poorly understood.

Electromagnetism was never seen as magical or mystical by thinkers, researchers, experimenters. All processes can be precisely examined, all carrier waves can be precisely tuned, all affects & effects can be controlled. Ever come across images of clouds being phased in peculiar wavelengths by H.A.A.R.P. or NexRad installations? Funny business indeed.

Corrupt little green men that found power and did not want to relinquish any of it. It was not that shithawks didn't want another Jew War, they simply wanted to win one with incredible ease. "Look at how profound and complete our victories are, we're the best in the world, no one should ever DARE to compete against us!" Korean (((Police Action))), the 1950's Central Asian (((Civil Wars))), Vietnam directly caused by the frog surrender cucks, 1970's (((drug wars))), the many African (((revolutions))), as well as too many other created conflicts to name = provided money, materials, slaves, captured researchers/scientists "needed" to overcome then-current knowledge before advancing designs. Remember Projects Montauk, Rainbow, Phoenix? All derived from stolen sources with the same limitations. All were utter failures until Operations Paperclip, Factory Shortage, Highway Construction succeeded in enslaving 20,000 to 30,000 Germans, 3,000 to 5,000 French, post-1945 an unknown number of Japanese, as well as close to 15,000 other peculiarly disappeared engineers, scientists, researchers, etc., forced to work as slaves. What is the joke here? A-12, F-117, B-2, F-22, F-35 are wasteful little jokes. Divert attention by creating something else entirely, then try to suppress the diversion which eventually creates """conspiracy theories""". Are you aware of the nearly 400 formerly secret installations across the Jew-S southwest & Australian deserts? A certain someone discovered them when examining data on cellular network access points. 21 trillion in worthless fiat currency is nothing compared to the costs those caused.

7b706 No.70175

File: 1544441710142-0.pdf (812.52 KB, CIA-MKULTRA-1956-Experimen….pdf)

File: 1544441710142-1.jpg (230.23 KB, 1024x1132, gravity_versus_equestria_b….jpg)

File: 1544441710142-2.gif (985.01 KB, 500x270, nuke-from-orbit.gif)

File: 1544441710142-3.png (1.45 MB, 1078x1600, aylmao.png)

Always interesting when you reply. I am somewhat dubious of the transmission strength and receptivity of gravity waves. But 2 lasers (or a mirror) that self cancel unless space-time distorts …….. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/LIGO

Communications by gravity…. Neat! How long have the comms been secret Mr. T. T. Brown!!!? How do I get a gravity receiver??

>CIA’s illegal mind-control experiments exposed in secret files

>Experiments which were “too dangerous, too shocking, too unusual for routine testing would be of interest to us,” the memo from 1956 reads.

Attachment#1 -- source: http://www.theblackvault.com/documentarchive/cia-mkultra-collection/#2018 (Document 77)

Combine this with >>29447 (pic#2 and #3) and >>20033 (Attach#3). We all know where this is going. And it starts somewhere in the early 1950s. Which is also when the "contactees" turn up and right in line with the drift into MKUltra mentality. Timelining is leading to many correlations. Also Attch #1 makes Cathie O'Brien look even more less foolish. This is treason.

I am finishing up a study of the 1947 "Disc" Wave, because of the book above, which includes Kenneth Arnold's famous sighting and seems to be related to the Roswell event. The details are too many and incomplete to go into now, but one thing is becoming obvious. A wave of UFO reports occurs like this:

1) There must be (genuine) concerns about objects in the sky (criminal pirates, war jitters, etc) casing the public to watch the sky and report.
2) Nature then provides a meteor shower, the public and the media view the lights through the bias of the existing fears.
3) The military becomes alarmed at the mere possibility. This leads to finding ways to obtain or counter the assumed technology.

The space rocks responsible for these events were not detectable in 1947 or the 1933-4 Ghost Flyers of Scandinavia. 1896 Airships, 1910s Airships need to be looked at in this light also. So much to do!

This is very obvious in the analysis so far of the 1947 "Discs". I hope to do a series of posts on it soon.

pic #2-4 because the original intended uploads were already here and so … because no way to unattach exists.

7b706 No.70176

File: 1544443400028-0.png (204.37 KB, 622x7960, UFOCAT sightings by year v….png)

Some extra fun with data. This is a heat matrix of sightings in the UFOCAT db. It shows a drop off in reports when MKUltra gets shutdown. Something else was reduced in 1979 also.

This is a useful tool because meteors will cause dark bands running upwards, and human activity will cause bands running horizontal. A "wave" can be when an upward (seasonal meteors) and horizontal (human activity) band meet.

dcf46 No.70177

What's your view of Bob Lazar? Is he the real deal?

7b706 No.70220

Half truth. Flying saucers go back to the ~1910s and are consistent with aircraft evolution and our scientific evolution:
1886: cheap aluminium
1893: Tesla-like electric "monster" tries to rise(?) from the water >>66001
1909: rigid airships https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Naval_Aviation#History
1909: French airship in England with what seems to be wheels (Discs? Tesla discs?) attached.
1913: saucers (discs) with vacuum assisted lift, and "gravity is only a different type of magnetism" (ie. Gravito-electromagnetism) >>32212
1940-50s: Flying saucers have human space brothers in them. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Contactee
There is a progression from airship to flying saucer by humans, and then using them for psyops on the public.

Lazar saying it was reverse engineered from alien is either a known lie or an unwitting lie. The only evidence I have found for ETs, where humans could not have staged it, is >>65820

So if we have discs flying around in 1910s, they can be in S4 in 1989. My speculation at the moment is that after MKUltra had exploited man-made flying saucers (as a flying experimental mind control and biological laboratories, to test unwilling victims driving at 3am in the morning) they needed a cover story. With the exposure of MKUltra in the 1970s a new "explanation" was needed for the 1950s+ UFO events.

In 1980 Roswell "alien" stories turn up, the witnesses are very convincing, but zero evidence. Mind controlled "witnesses"? In 1985 Whitley Strieber (who now believes he was manipulated by the military mind control) published Communion which brings Greys to the public consciousness and then they are retrofitted back onto 1947 Roswell.

And in 1989 Lazar claims "reverse engineering" of ET craft. This is the new cover up story for flying saucer based MKultra experiments on the local population.

You can see that the ET origin claim doesn't hold up when you look at our history. We did all this to ourselves.

7b706 No.70463

An interesting tale which provides one interpretation for the collapse in sightings in January 1979. And feeds into just about every conspiracy:

AMB is these days primarily a research, development and deployment facility specialising in weaponry, anti-grav technology and dimensional-fold craft, and though it continues to be prone to outbreaks of violence between conflicting Terran and extra-Terran species, what goes on these days is nothing compared to the battle which ensued when everything came to a rolling boil in 1979.

The genesis of AMB dates from 1947 when President Harry Truman signed a treaty allowing the limited harvest (presumably under the auspices of research only) of local livestock—primarily cattle, sheep and goats—in exchange for what was presumed to be full access to extra-Terran weapons technology. This proved to be the equivalent of exchanging the island of Manhattan for a string of glass beads. As things usually unfold whenever a primitive race encounters a dominant one, it was revealed over time that matters were not going exactly to a plan that benefitted the primitives. Ingrained distrust and hatreds on the base culminated in what is now known as The Battle of Dulce. The timing couldn’t have been better—the cavalry were already mounted and ready to ride.

In 1977 National Security Adviser Zbigniew Brzezinski briefed President Jimmy Carter on what was suspected to be happening at AMB, namely, that livestock was not the only living thing being tagged or harvested. Carter was so freaked out he ordered a reconnaissance team assembled, calling upon the newly-established Delta Force accompanied by a group selected from Air Force Special Operations Command, Navy SEAL and Army Rangers.

The report revealed that the NSA had known all along what was going on, were backing the extra-Terran agenda of human research and had developed a Department X to administer the project. The foolishness of the NSA assuming they were capable of handling anything was made abundantly clear when the operation files were eventually prised from their iron grip. Contained within is the stuff of nightmares.

AMB’s ultimate goal was to produce humans who would stay child-sized forever, much like breeding dogs for their toy poodle-aspect, though what they discovered was that the more they strayed from the original genetic blueprint the less human the entities became; they were useless for purposes of sacrifice or sexual conquest because the more the form was tinkered with the less likely it was to house a soul.

Years of experimentation resulted in the production of human-shaped automatons acceptable for sexual use by the lower-ranking members of the elite—much like an inflatable sex doll compares to a human lover—but useless in terms of response capability when inflicting the trauma of rape or sacrifice, as well as yielding desirable pineal glands (the hypothalamus, pituitary and amygdala, as well) demanded for consumption in ritual at the highest levels.

To this day there appears no synthetic substitute for an actual, organically-conceived human child. As an aside, the health risks associated with eating the aforementioned parts of the human brain are alleviated by access to proprietary medications that forestall the resultant decline in health of the consumer. Once a politician, for example, is no longer of use to the Enemy, palliatives are withdrawn, hastening immediate decline. The health trials of Killary spring to mind—swivel-eyed seizures, loss of equilibrium and persistent spasmodic dry coughing fits, all aspects of the symptoms of kuru.

I must also add that the children most desired for consumption are Anglo-Saxon-Teutonic descent Whites with O- Blood Type, though any Rhesus Negative blood group will serve in a pinch.

What the Enemy desires above all is organically-grown, fully-ensouled humans, much like caviar connoisseurs prefer beluga to cod roe. They are intoxicated by the chemicals released when a child is terrorised, and exhilarated by the challenge of conquering and consuming what (they believe) is a pure, sovereign spirit. This is an addiction for our rulers, and by many accounts the world’s oldest addiction since the heyday of Babylon.


1979: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Paul_Bennewitz became convinced he was intercepting electronic communications from alien spacecraft and installations outside of Albuquerque. By the 1980s he believed he had discovered an underground base near Dulce.
1979: Philip Schneider, an explosive engineer who worked for the U.S. government, with high-level security clearance, claimed that in 1979 he participated in the building of a “secret underground base,” in Dulce, New Mexico. It was here that a horrific battle played out leaving 60 humans dead and countless subterranean aliens fighting for their life. – https://youtu.be/9COrANDQvWg?t=2430 (skip to 40:30)

Pull in also >>46892 . Which bring up an interesting, and opposite position to my posts here, idea. Human history going back to the late 1800s includes our increasing ability to manipulate spacetime. On the surface this leads potentially to gravity control. But it could when pushed to extreme make spacetime tunnels. Potentially contacting other creatures. So we would have two branches of history, the human branch and the interdimensional beings branch. Research based on documentation would verify the human branch but is incapable of verifying the interdimensional branch leading to the (my) biased conclusion that it is ALL human activity.


7b706 No.70464



On the other hand this is a new narrative to cover up the MKUltra abuses. There is still the problem of why, if Philip Schneider did participate in a battle with "aliens" in 1979, were fake "aliens" dressed as fake "aliens" in what they would have assumed was a secure facility underground. Or he is lying and participating in the cover-up narrative.

Which then begs the question, why is interdimensional kidnappers and abusers better than admitting MKUltra did other bad things too?

I am disturbed by the possibility that our history is not the only participant in the UFO story.

human history
humans fold spacetime ←—- interdimensionals

If you only have documents for the left side path you would erroneously conclude that only the left side events occurred. There are rumours of time experiments: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Montauk_Project

Space might be dead, Afternon. But are the "other dimensions" dead??

22459 No.70632

22459 No.70633

d46c3 No.70649

I've been thinking, rockets look like cocks and planes look like cocks with triangle wings.

So… What if aliens have weird penises, and that's why their spaceships look like that?

7b706 No.70650

Perhaps cone like shapes are best for penetration. And nature and engineers know this.

7b706 No.71024

File: 1544773119107.png (61.38 KB, 638x759, Missing-411 1950s spike.png)


Interesting timing >>70176

7b706 No.78826

File: 1546466900523-0.png (24.68 KB, 891x589, 2002_xm35_1946-01-01_mercu….png)

File: 1546466900523-1.png (55.62 KB, 895x589, 2002_xm35_1946-07-17_earth….png)

File: 1546466900523-2.png (38.7 KB, 1175x758, heat_matrix_sightings_by_h….png)

What happens if a space rock does a close pass of Mercury (which has no atmosphere) and it breaks up. What if the debris converts some of its forward momentum into angular momentum. What if the debris is then sent towards Earth's orbit. What if it it enters the Earth's atmosphere in 1946 ("Ghost Rockets") and in 1947. Could fast rotating space rocks, molten in the Earth's atmosphere, look like Flying Disks of June and July 1947? Could they flash white light and glint in the sun? Could they drop molten metal and float in the air? Could they spiral around in the air like birds?

COMING SOON. If anyone cares.

ac095 No.79216

Which technologies are capable of detecting gravitational distortion on a system scale rather than a single world's scale? A number less than four. During the first Hague Trials, the little green men were in such fear of being unable to intercept communications from those which they did not control that they felt at-all-costs measures such as the creation of a world wide military force, amusingly named NATO, were not sufficient enough in their eyes. I find it of great sarcasm that the Eyes which numbered Five, then Eleven, and now Twenty-Four, are yet another of their projects.

That depends on one's definition of secret. In 2005 there were multiple red flag contacts during command station watches which were labeled above Ultra Violet classification to be immediately referred to blue, white, green hat & La Sia code transfers to stations & departments that were identified as AT&T and Ma Bell centers. Do you see the pattern here?

Bob was one of the thousands of paid shill that did his job or else his family dies. If pressured: "he can do no wrong as he only knows what he knows", which is an immediate red flag as to whom owns his loyalty. Hubbard wrote scripts which are still used to this day with zero changes, Lazar was merely copying at the time.

The Flying Pancake was considered "alien" as well when the German High Command was shown the schematics. They were even more dumbfounded when the prototype's hull was displayed. A common drone today would be seen as an invading extra-terrestrial robot by a person from 50 years ago. Consider that it only took 2 years to acquire enough financial backing for production of many captured German prototypes, then consider how long it took for others to begin noticing them. The "Nuclear Family" meme subsequently followed by the creation of the Silent (Beating) Generation of little green men were used as dissociative influences in order to prevent inquiry from the strange technologies suddenly appearing everywhere, and as a shield against the crimes committed against other humans. There is no such thing as positive propaganda.

7b706 No.79259

What is a 'system scale'? Solar system?
Little Green Men is /-\rmy?
What are the coloured hats representing? I guess blue is sky, white is sea and green is land.
The pattern seems to be comms. 2005 is close to when N/-\S/-\ verified GEM. So experiments seem likely.
A gravity transmitter? http://www.searlsolution.com/members/documents/GravitoMagnetics-Superconductors.pdf
Flying Pancake: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vought_V-173

>…and as a shield against the crimes committed against other humans. There is no such thing as positive propaganda.

At the end of the day we end up here: http://constitution.org/abus/mkt/cannon_controllers.pdf
And face the misery that we humans are despicable creatures. Not even animals manage this level of self-harm.

7b706 No.79260

File: 1546540531280.jpg (401.92 KB, 1563x2140, Sky_and_Telescope_1947-07-….jpg)

There is another unrecognised player in this flying disc game. Nature herself can make flying discs. SOON. Because of the outlandishness of this claim I am researching every angle for flaws in my hypothesis. It seems both nature and man were making them in parallel and scientist culture intentionally failed to follow up a lead because it did not fit scientists narratives (that isn't science). This lead was a precursor to 1947 main event.

ac095 No.79924

Larger. Isn't a "country" also made up of the ocean boundaries it claims?

Yes. Whom is always the second on scene, the first to reach an objective on land? The more interesting question here is, why were they the first to commit betrayal? With enough indoctrination, anyone can be a mindless drone, yet what was their reasoning? "It was the easiest option." What were once cowards in uniforms created uniform cowardice for all to hide behind.

Now you see the references. Essentially yes, and even matches their attitude: "Can't touch us!" "Also can't touch us!" "We outnumber you, peon, don't even try it." Yellow presents cowardice as an optimal outlook for their numbers. One can only defend their own life for a short time before being brought down.

The original debuted in 1939, 3 years before the copy was "built".

By the way, your end of the contract is still broken. Ever considered long walks at moonlight?

7b706 No.80326

Heliopause, Oort cloud? You are too obscure.

I might have an answer to this coming. Nature made discs, they can shatter into foil all over farmers fields. These were a potential boon to aircraft design. Also if you pretend you have alien tech the Soviets might be less inclined to nuke you.
Maury Island incident is true as described by the witnesses, it fits my coming hypothesis.
A fair proportion of asteroids is magnesium (silicate), magnesium is a gas above 1091C. A meteor can reach 1700C, add in high spin and you get additional maintained heat. If it collides with planet Mercury along the way it experiences even higher temps and centrifugal rotations, and therefore separations of the various material components. Escaping gases can also make rotations. The silicate, with magnesium gas bubbles, forms an aerogel which can contain the heat inside the object. The object becomes a hot magnesium gas balloon of various shapes somewhat disk like. The iron can become magnetic, the silicate can become glass. It can drop molten material to regain buoyancy. This is what starts the spike in 1946 that peters out as time goes by. This also inspires the psyop because the public wen't to the ET hypothesis explanation. I am 50% through two sources of info, I am looking for aberrations that don't fit. Nothing yet. Then I'll do a detailed document. 1947 is too early for anyone to send hundreds or thousands of disc over the US and the world in a few weeks and then disappear. Some of these objects might still be in space and we run through them sometimes.



What contract? Are we dating? If you tell me what the contract is then perhaps I can meet the contracts conditions?! If you won't say, I'll ignore it.

ac095 No.81587

The entire solar system, including the volatile, precious metals & materials heavily laden throughout multiple asteroid fields, the various moons of 2 certain planets, then there's the nearly incomparable, even more precious gases trapped in stable orbits. How difficult are those to mine in comparison to, let us say, near-volcanic conditions? The technologies to safely mine in zero oxygen environments are both readily available and relatively simple to mass produce. One might say that the cheapest component required here is human labor. Did you know that the United States census estimates per decade are incredibly, questionably wrong? One must consider what that means in a military context.

According to two colleagues in difficult to reach locations, your assertion has a strange, heightened merit. There is a nagging problem with the wide spread, seemingly mass distributions of disc-shaped objects appearing in the northern hemisphere. The resources of the top five countries post-WW2 could, at maximum, only account for a total of 110 aerial craft apiece in 1947 given the known postwar budget accounts. However, there may be a third negotiator in play for this problem; an answer to a question you posed earlier may relieve some of this burden.

As amusing as the suggestion sounds, not so much, Herr Vril. I deliver the goods regardless of their source. You pick them up and display them in public showcases for honest, logical examination. Care to trade wares? Khajiit has many goods to offer.

7b706 No.81614

File: 1547071138336.png (890.56 KB, 525x2434, 1947_buoyant_meteors_hypot….png)

Are you suggesting that the SSP is using G to communicate as they harvest the Solar System? Is that you Corey? Actually you remind me of William Lyne.

The hypothesis is piecing together quite well. I now have a method of generating the foil, and the disk domes. Rather than type a lot here I will attach the current chapter titles that I will use to organised my amassed data. This should give a fair over view of the evaluation so far.

7b706 No.81615

File: 1547073092122-0.png (26.33 KB, 895x593, 1947-07-04_2004_tg10.png)

File: 1547073092122-1.png (33.17 KB, 895x593, 1947-11-05-1800utc_2004_tg….png)

File: 1547073092122-2.jpg (74.89 KB, 975x561, iur_30_4_page_29_british_m….jpg)

File: 1547073092122-3.png (100.24 KB, 1554x488, ufocat_reports_by_month-da….png)

File: 1547073092122-4.png (68.3 KB, 1554x488, ufocat_reports_by_month-da….png)

>I deliver the goods regardless of their source. You pick them up and display them in public showcases for honest, logical examination.

The one problem here is I am renovating a house, selling it and moving to a distant location. Once I am re-established I can build up an infrastructure suited to this. But I can't do it now because I am reducing everything in my live to zero to make the future move as simple as possible. The idea is good, the timing is bad. Sounds like fun later this year or next depending on how fate treats me.

Also here is an interesting piece of data. There is an asteroid (2004 TG10) that crosses Earth orbit twice a year (usually they cross only once) and it corresponds exactly with the 2 largest spikes in UFO reports over all years (minus 1947 aberration). 1 / ( 365 x 365 ) = .00000750609870519797 I'll use this to show how strongly meteors and UFOs correlate. The MöD discovered the same correlations. Waves seem to be when Nature joins in (at least early on). They also suggested a buoyant plasmas as causes of UFO reports and noted that science seems to not investigate this.

I would say my hypothesis is about 80% good so far. But I feel insane because I have wandered so far away from the "safety" of the herd. :)

7b706 No.85155

File: 1547946023760-0.jpg (238.6 KB, 1300x768, SN1976N Galaxy found plus ….jpg)

File: 1547946023760-1.jpg (257.75 KB, 893x590, Comet 73P and asteroids an….jpg)

File: 1547946023760-2.png (57.76 KB, 1654x2398, 1979ibvs.1561....1l--disco….png)

Okay I get it.

Gravity comms perturbs everything in the environment. Solar System wide comms would be monitorable by just watching the environment be perturbed. (You could use LIGO like devices to monitor.) Brilliant. My estimation of you has improved, that was very interesting info. There is more in what you say that I keep missing. But I'll keep pondering.

In 1947 naturally occurring flying discs flooded the Earth. The source may have been 2002 XM35 which may have collided with Mercury and peppered us with hot melted Mg/Si(O)/Fe blobs. In the heat and spin they sediment out. The inner chamber is Mg gas/plasma that makes buoyancy. But I am also interested in the 1946-1979 band of UFO reports ( >>70176 ), more on this in section #2 below.

One or more discs crash and are recovered. They are discovered to be natural but of great importance to advancing aircraft ideas. They also have the advantage of being a new psyop cover story on the public and the Soviets.

They story is embellished by adding fake bodies. And so by the 1950s the story is now crashed ETs. The UFO research societies are infiltrated and steered towards the ET hypothesis. This is to become the new belief system of the population to explain away their biological harvesting by the elite for their health and life extention.

This is techo-p1zzagate. This is alluded to in Cathy O'Briens book.

The ETs are the new cover story to replace succubus/incubii human harvesting done by humans on humans. This ties in well with almost everything even 411, the occult, succubii/incubii, Spring Heeled Jack, Jack the Ripper, cattle mutes, etc. etc.

— section #2 —

I have been looking into competing objects for the cause of the 1947 Mg/Si(O)/Fe blobs of molten meteors. I notice that Earth runs parallel to the orbital path of Comet 73P ( https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/73P/Schwassmann%E2%80%93Wachmann ) in May/June/July. So I investigated it. It was first discovered in 1930 and then went missing until 1979, "in 1995 it broke up"*. I found the 1979 August reappearance interesting since the general volume of UFO reports dropped 1979 January.

I wondered if 73P was the cause of the higher 1946-1979 UFO report base "noise level" and prior to 1979 its ordinary doing of that higher "noise level" was disrupted resulting in it stopping making UFO report "noise" in January 1979. The dynamics of that is hard to explain concisely so I wont. What I then did was I started looking in the supernova catalogs for events that might instead be a Comet 73P/asteroid collision. After some days I have found a likely event.

SN1976N ( https://sne.space/sne/SN1976N/ ) occurred in 1976 when 73P was predicted to be out near Jupiter orbit. But in Jupiter-like orbit is also the Jupiter Trojans ( https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jupiter_trojan ). 73P was in the Trojan field when SN1976N occurred. SN191976N was only discovered on photographic plates in 1979 so we only have that one photo of evidence. The photo was hand drawn and published but when I compare the marked "stars" with the known "stars" there are 4 additional objects. See pics (pics are messy as they are research pics, not publication pics).

The orbit was calculated by astronomers in 1930, but the calculations needed to be adjusted by 34 days/degrees when it was seen again in 1979. This matches well with a collision in 1976 and the location of 73P using 1930 data matches well with being at SN1976Ns location. So this collision has changed the comet's orbit and so ended the splattering of Earth at low levels from <1930 until 1976. However we have to add some time lag to tag us to January 1979 because it is the trailing debris that hits us. And that travels some years behind the comet itself.

The orbit of 73P takes 5.36 years and takes it through the asteroid belt (and the Trojans). As the debris enters the asteroid belt itself it gets cleaned up and that is why the clean up for UFO reports takes the extra 2.25 years.

* Astronomers saw the 73P breakup in 1995 but I now suspect it began in 1976. The drawing for 1976 seems to show 4 additional objects in the sky and in 1995 73P is observed to have 4 components. The 1976 view is a sideways view, the 1995 view is a front on view. If the 4 fragments are travelling in a train/line we see the most separation in a side view and the least separation in a head on view. Advances in technology explain why we did not see it broken until 1995. And we are very lucky that a observatory in Budapest was taking nightly photos of the sky.

This is still preliminary, I give it a 70% chance of being correct. The counter-argument is the background galaxy held a supernova'ing star but I need to research if it is too far away. Aside from this everything lines up too well and the 4 extra objects need explanation if it was a supernova.

A good case can be made for general UFO reports being natural, waves also being natural, discs being natural, and post-1947 ( >>29447 pic#3-4 ) these natural events have been leveraged to make a new belief system in the public's mind to mask the elites biological harvesting of the public. Succubii and ET abductions are the same human generated cover-up phenomena.

7b706 No.85159

The cover up is the opposite of ETI UFOs. The cover up is Natural UFOs and the cover is the false ET narrative. Because the public is gullible and excitable, it works and the elite conspirators can hide a little longer.

7b706 No.85165

File: 1547947127659-0.jpg (86.68 KB, 600x849, project_condign_volume_1_c….jpg)

File: 1547947127659-1.jpg (66.01 KB, 600x849, uap_vol1_pgs73_ch3b.jpg)

Of course there are man-made discs, but in lower quantity than natural ones, especially during waves.

This severely changes the context of all UFO-like events in history including:
* https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mantell_UFO_incident
* https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/1976_Tehran_UFO_incident
* https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Battle_of_Los_Angeles

Pics from Project Condign report.

7b706 No.85218

For the record:

I am not feeling suicidal and I do intend to keep posting here.
If I disappear, THEY got me.


P.S. What they had planned as your next belief system:

7b706 No.85220


Changing trip to more secure trip.

7b706 No.85222

Change done.

7b706 No.85575

File: 1548018413069-0.jpg (354.44 KB, 1572x864, Comet 73P northern hemisph….jpg)

File: 1548018413069-1.jpg (77.59 KB, 896x591, Comet 73P northern hemisph….jpg)

File: 1548018413069-2.jpg (27.84 KB, 896x597, Comet 73P northern hemisph….jpg)

File: 1548018413069-3.jpg (69.69 KB, 566x373, Comet 73P and 2002 XM35 (1….jpg)

File: 1548018413069-4.jpg (64.34 KB, 900x738, 266917-1942, unidentified ….jpg)

>appearing in the northern hemisphere.

Reason 1:
I currently blame Comet 73P before 1976 break up for the (antiquity?)(1930s?)1946-1979 broad rise in UFO reports. Comet 73P comes in at 17deg above the ecliptic plane. It is biased towards having density between 17deg and 40deg above the equator. Pics.

Reason 2:
1947 wave happened when it was summer in northern hemisphere. The NH would get the densest and transformed meteors from the direction of sun onto the day side of the NH. Density would be at about 23deg above the equator. Last pic #4 and pic #1 @ >>67432

7b706 No.85587

pic corrections:
*2002 XM35

7b706 No.85601

File: 1548020645481.png (304.89 KB, 1280x720, Fluttershy_freaks_out_in_t….png)

>News of the “silver discs” spread fast. Later that day an update, “Additional Information on the Observation of Silvery Colored Discs On Mission To Stuttgart, 6 Sept. 1943,” was sent to 1st Bombardment Wing: “This observation was made by two crews of the 384th Group and was the only place it was noted. At this time from 2 to 4 FW190's or ME 109's and 1 JU 88 were flying 2 to 3000 feet above and a little ahead of our formation. These E/A were not seen to drop the material out. It came from above our A/C/. As to its shape, it was a mass of material, kept a good pattern, did not dissipate as it streamed down and fell comparatively slow. In one instance, the cluster appeared to be about 8 ft. in length and about 4 feet wide as it streaked down. Another observation stated it was about 75 feet long and 20 feet wide. These dimensions in length being the size from top to bottom as it fell. The cluster was composed of small round objects, silvery in color. In all instances, the objects fell in the path of our A/C. Some was observed to fall on the wing of a B-17 belonging to our group. The wing immediately started to burn. This a/c did not return. No further information available.”

>Finally, Chester notes that some bomber pilots actually stated clearly and unequivocally that German fighters “were dropping pie-plates” on them.

- Roswell and the Reich - Joseph P. Farrell ← Chester, Strange Company, p. 43, citing Confidential Memo, Attention: A-2 Duty Desk, First BW, Subject: Additional Information On the Observation fo Silvery Colored Discs on Mission To Stuttgart, 6 Sept., 1943. (National Archives and Records Administration). Chester also states “Note the different terminology used in the description of the objects. They are described initially as “discs,” but then “balls” within the same paragraph.”(p. 229)

BURNING MAGNESIUM BLOBS FROM SPACE! ARRRRRRGHHHHHHHhhh… why should the fun of killing in war be reserved for man alone??

7b706 No.85901

File: 1548051916156-0.png (552.12 KB, 991x557, 02.png)

File: 1548051916156-1.jpg (39.28 KB, 720x480, 03.jpg)

File: 1548051916156-2.jpg (172.33 KB, 640x495, 04.jpg)

File: 1548051916156-3.jpg (296.08 KB, 1600x900, 06.jpg)

File: 1548051916156-4.jpg (22.07 KB, 373x216, 07.jpg)


9f5ca No.85939

I've been slow at catching up on your posts, but I enjoy seeing them made. So yes I would like to know more.

bf0f5 No.86021

Yea, i like reading your ayy lmao posts.

7b706 No.86025

You guys have been very kind. Let me share what I consider to be a close up witness report of these natural flying saucers. This report is considered by the USAF, the FBI, and UFO researchers as a hoax report. The witnesses themselves also end up stating that it was a hoax. The reason for this in my view is that everyone was looking for air/space craft. Either man-made or alien-made. It's been 60 years and there is no conclusive evidence that man or alien made them and flew them. They are still a mystery. So why witnesses claim it was a hoax? The witnesses tried to sell the story which did not work all they got for their trouble was everyone saying they were lying. In order to avoid further conflict and trouble they succumbed to pressure and and agreed that they lied. This then made everyone ignore them and leave them alone. But if you read the report, the report is insane if you want to make people think you saw a man-made or ET-made flying saucer. This report comes from Kenneth Arnold interviewing the main witness. Keneth Arnold is famous for seeing the discs also ( https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kenneth_Arnold ). Here is the report:

As I looked up from the wheel on my boat I noticed six very large doughnut-shaped aircraft. I would judge they were at about 2,000 feet above the water and almost directly overhead. At first glance I thought them to be balloons as they seemed to be stationary. However, upon further observance, five of these strange aircraft were circling very slowly around the sixth one which was stationary in the center of the formation. It appeared to me that the center aircraft was in some kind of trouble as it was losing altitude fairly rapidly. The other aircraft stayed at a distance of about two hundred feet above the center one as if they were following the center one down. The center aircraft came to rest almost directly overhead at about five hundred feet above the water.

All on board our boat were watching these aircraft with a great deal of interest as they apparently had no motors, propellers, or any visible signs of propulsion, and to the best of our hearing they made no sound. In describing the aircraft I would say they were at least one hundred feet in diameter. Each had a hole in the center, approximately twenty-five feet in diameter. they were all a sort of shell-like gold and silver color. Their surface seemed of metal and appeared to be burled because when the light s[h]one on them through the clouds they were brilliant, not all one brilliance, but many brilliances, something like a Buick dashboard. All of the aircraft seemed to have portholes equally spaced around the outside of their doughnut exterior.”

“These portholes were from five to six feet in diameter and were round. there also appeared to have a dark, circular, continuous window on the inside and bottom of their doughnut shape as though it were an observation window. All of us aboard there boat were afraid this center balloon was going to crash in the bay, and just a little while before it stopped lowering, we had pulled our boat over to the beach and got out with out harbor patrol camera. I took three or four photographs of these balloons.

The center balloon-like aircraft remained stationary at about five hundred feet from the water while the other five aircraft kept circling over it. After about five or six minutes one of the aircraft from the circling formation left it's place in the formation and lowered itself down right next to the stationary aircraft. In fact, it appeared to touch it and stayed stationary next to the center aircraft as if it were giving some kind of assistance for about three or four minutes.

It was then we heard a dull thud, like an underground explosion or a thud similar to a man stamping his heel on damp ground. Immediately following this sound the center aircraft began spewing forth what seemed like thousands of newspapers from somewhere on the inside of it's center. These newspapers, which turned out to be a white type of very light weight metal [magnesium], fluttered to earth, most of them lighting in the bay. It then seemed to hail on us, in the bay and over the beach, black or darker type metal which looked similar to lava rock [iron]. We did not know if this metal was coming from the aircraft but assumed that it was, as it fell at the same time that the white type metal was falling. However, since these fragments were of a darker color, we did not observe them until they started hitting the beach and the bay. All of these latter fragments seemed hot, almost molten. When they hit the bay, steam rose from the water [above 100C?].

We ran for the shelter under a cliff on the beach and behind logs to protect ourselves from the falling debris. In spite of our precaution, my son's arm was injured by one of the falling fragments and our dog was hit and killed. We buried the dog at sea on our return trip to Tacoma.”

“After this rain of metal seemed over, all of these strange aircraft lifted slowly and drifted out to the westward, which is out to sea. They rose and disappeared at a tremendous height. The center aircraft, which had spewed the debris, did not seem to be hindered in it's flight and still remained in the center of the formation as they all rose and disappeared out to sea.


7b706 No.86026



We tried to pick up several pieces of the metal or fragments and found them very hot - in fact, I almost burned my fingers - but after some of them had cooled we loaded a considerable number of the pieces aboard the boat. we also picked up some of the metal which had looked like falling newspapers.

My crew and I discussed this observance for awhile and I attempted to radio from my patrol boar back to my base. The static was so great it was impossible for me to reach my radio station. This I attributed to the presence of these aircraft, as my radio had been in perfect operating order and the weather would not have causes this amount of interference [magnetic iron?].

I might add that these strange aircraft appeared completely round, but seemed a little squashed on the top and on the bottom as if you placed a large board on an inner tube and squashed it slightly. The film from our camera, developed, showed these strange aircraft, but the negatives were covered with spots similar to a negative that has been close to an x-ray room before it has been exposed except that the spots prints white instead of black as in the usual case.”

- Source: http://www.beamsinvestigations.org/The%20Coming%20of%20the%20Saucers%20%281952%29%20PDF%20Digital%20Edition%20%28July%202011%29.pdf

If that was a made up story of man-made saucers or alien saucers, it is insane and irrational. I discovered this detailed after I formulated my hypothesis about molten meteors. To say I was surprised when I decided to overlooked everyone saying this report was fake and read it for myself is an understatement. This report reads like what my hypothesis would expect. Notice the phenomena shows no signs of intelligent operation it appears to be at minimum malfunctioning or, as I would suggest a natural but rare phenomena.

The falling black rock is Iron(Nickel alloy), the "newspapers" are re-solidified, precipitated magnesium from the central former magnesium gas chamber. The windows are an effect of the 3 directions of rotation they had in space, and it leads to a even geometric sedimentation of the denser metal on the outside. If it glows hot it looks like internal lighting. It's hard to explain but think of the consequences of pitch, yaw, and roll spin all happening together in space and becoming harmonic and then how that would geometrically spread out the denser metal (iron and nickel) into "windows". The black rock/metal is the former Iron "hull" which got separated because meteoric iron nickel alloy goes brittle at high temperatures (and atmospheric shock it cracks off). These objects must still have some magnesium gas chambers unimploded. Whilst the magnesium gas chamber probably has no longer any magnesium gas, because it is now below 1091C (and has solidified and precipitated into magnesium foil), the chamber unbroken is a vacuum chamber now. This makes the object buoyant in the air. The material that fell reduced the mass of the object which allowed it to rise again. The dense material lost, and the light material kept (silicate, ie glass or quartz now; and the magnesium) make a light floating disc which visually has the shine of magnesium and the gloss of glass. If any of these crash people will find odd but ordinary non-spacecraft and will dismiss it as not being the cause of flying saucer - perpetuating the mystery. And ofcourse witness reports that don't fit human expectation are hoaxes.

Another disc found by someone who actually captured it:

>Case 211 – July 4, Hillsboro, Texas: An object about the size and shape of an ordinary saucer, that had not been seen in flight, was found in the garden of Bob Scott, a farmer living two and a half miles east of Hillsboro. Scott said that when he found it, “it was bright as a blow-torch, but it didn't burn me when I picked it up. I got to thinking about all these new inventions now-days, and it scared me. So I put it down. It sure didn't belong in my garden,” he added. He didn't mention the discovery until he met a friend, W. O. Kissick, and when the two of them went to investigate the object they found that it was disintegrating. Another friend, Joe Gerrick, of Hillsboro, also examined it and said that one of the remaining pieces “looked like tinfoil,” but when they picked it up “it appeared to be celluloid.” Whatever it was, most of it seemed to “have melted,” subliming into a gelatinous residue. The men contacted Hillsboro newsman Dan Shults, who also viewed the remains. “It was a dusty, silvery substance,” he reported. “I picked up some of the pieces and it wasn't like anything I'd ever seen before.” Unfortunately, it seems that none of the material was given to appropriate authorities for analysis.

- http://nicap.org/waves/Wave47Rpt/ReportOnWaveOf1947.pdf

What an amazing find for science! What shall we do with it? Make a newspaper story for it then forget and report it to know one! What will scientists do? Nothing, because they know the discs are just military things not meteors! What happened to this miraculous object? Who knows, no one cared. How wise are we? Not one bit. How humble are we? Not one bit.

Makes Roswell look completely different now?

7b706 No.86254

The green in the chart is nickel( https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Iron_meteorite ). Nickel is in meteors and meteoric iron is often iron nickel alloy. However with sufficient heat and rotation the denser nickel will be at the surface of the hull over the iron. It burns green.

See density and spectrum here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nickel

6b488 No.87315

File: 1548432386747.jpg (59.51 KB, 1024x1004, w.jpg)

Where's viryl? I need to contact him.

7b706 No.87318

File: 1548435429343.jpg (4.98 KB, 183x275, images.jpg)


ac095 No.87633

If so then this would mean all issues with the Van Allen belts have been negated. Counterpoint: 29 trillion has gone missing since 1991. I have great doubts on this as a possibility though it is possible.

Outside of propaganda & widespread chemical usage in food/drink, since 1948 the average qualities of the following have rapidly degraded: quality of sleep, comprehension, logical decision making. In addition there are some papers questioning mass downswings in stable brain EM readings beginning in the late 1970's.

Colleague's estimate: from 14,000 to 23,000 fragments, give or take 1,000. There is some low profile evidence which suggests that impacts in space caused by significant speed & force produces spherical wreckage rather than the typical breakup one would see in in vehicles & aircraft.

Watched a video during radar operation/sine diagnosing training detailing a metal-only battery in the early 1800's used for experiments. Magnesium plates were used in manners similar to both modern day transformers and capacitors, reducing or increasing voltage & amperage; frequently used in gravity rotation experiments too. NOT mere coincidence.

Case 211 is interesting yet strange. Rumors circulated of a self-destroying material captured in Japan used in many sensitive projects including Aurora 2 in 1997. Will look into this carefully.

6b488 No.87689

File: 1548487344758.jpg (137.16 KB, 640x640, 1547621599383.jpg)

I need to discuss something with you, vyril.
Send me a mail so we can have some privacy.

7b706 No.87734

File: 1548496489291-0.jpg (35.07 KB, 497x700, uk-mod-ufo-sightings-by-ye….jpg)

File: 1548496489291-1.gif (94.23 KB, 425x551, sunday_telegraph_uk_septem….gif)

>If so then this would mean all issues with the Van Allen belts have been negated.
Why would blobs of rock/metal care about Van Allen belts?

>Counterpoint: 29 trillion has gone missing since 1991.

As time goes by the man-made UFOs will increase in proportion to the natural UFOS. However the main focus of this investigation is 1947. If 1947 can be explained then we have the bedrock of UFOs sorted out. The rest is human activity on top. Human activity is larger post 1989 because:

1989: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Belgian%20UFO%20wave
1989: “In 1989 Japanese scientists H. Hayasaka and S. Tackeuchi reported in a mainstream journal that a gyroscope spinning about a vertical axis in a vacuum experienced a small weight loss directly proportional to the rotation speed. The effect was observed only for rotation clockwise (as viewed from above in their northern hemisphere laboratory). The anomaly was buried in an avalanche of rushed criticism and flawed efforts to replicate the experiment.” “In 1997 Hayasaka’s team reported an experiment that confirmed their earlier findings: when a gyroscope was dropped 63 inches in a vacuum, between two laser beams, it took 1/25,000 second longer to fall this distance when spinning at 18,000 rpm clockwise (viewed from above), corresponding to a weight reduction of 1 part in 7000.” – http://davidpratt.info/gravity.htm ← H. Hayasaka and S. Tackeuchi, ‘Anomalous weight reduction on a gyroscope’s right rotations around the vertical axis on the earth’, Physical Review Letters, 63:25, 1989, pp. 2701-4; Gary C. Vezzoli, ‘Gravitational data during the syzygy of May 18, 2001 and related studies’, Infinite Energy (infinite-energy.com), 9:53, 2004, pp. 18-27 (p. 18). H. Hayasaka et al., ‘Possibility for the existence of anti-gravity: evidence from a free-fall experiment using a spinning gyro’, Speculations in Science and Technology, v. 20, 1997, pp. 173-81; keelynet.com/gravity/gyroag.htm.

1990: BAe University Round Table on Gravitational Research http://adsabs.harvard.edu/abs/1990pruk.meet...26E they were scared that they missed a breakthrough and were anxious to uncover it.

1991: (ECE precursor) optically induced magnetic phenomena … inverse Faraday effect … spin B(3) field … electromagnetic fields are circularly polarised http://aias.us/documents/miscellaneous/ECE_and_Spacetime.pdf (Therefore we can (counter-)rotate atomic nuclei generating gravito-electromagnetism.)

1992: (GEM) “Shielding properties of single-phase dense bulk superconducting ceramics of YBa2Cu3O7-x against the gravitational force were studied at temperatures below 77 K [liquid nitrogen] . A small non-conducting and non-magnetic sample weighing 5.48 g was placed over a levitating superconducting disk and the loss of weight was measured with high precision using an electro-optical balance system. The sample was found to lose from 0.05 to 0.3% of its weight, depending on the rotation speed of the superconducting disk. Partial loss of weight might be the result of a certain state of energy which exists inside the crystal structure of the superconductor at low temperatures. The unusual state of energy might have changed a regular interaction between electromagnetic, nuclear and gravitational forces inside a solid body and is responsible for the gravity shielding effect.” - http://adsabs.harvard.edu/abs/1992PhyC..203..441P (Podkletnov, Tampere Uni, Finland), 2004 video interview: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AgyAFElQZcU

1992: In 1992, black project scientists disclosed to Aviation Week and Space Technology magazine that the B-2 electrostatically charges its exhaust to a high voltage and also charges the leading edge of its wing-like body to the opposite polarity. This information led Dr. LaViolette in 1993 to reverse engineer the B-2’s propulsion system. He proposed that the B-2 is essentially a realization of Townsend Brown’s patented electrogravitic aircraft. https://www.theorionproject.org/en/movingbeyond_laviolette.html

1994: Late. (ECE) Myron Evans … Inverse Faraday effect … EM as O(3) gauge invariant theory … radiatively induced fermion [quarks and leptons, probably quarks as they are affected by photons/light, quarks make up neutrons and protons] resonance (RFR). “In ECE theory gravitation is the curving of spacetime and electromagnetism is the spinning of spacetime. The two fields interact when curving and spinning interact.” http://aias.us/documents/miscellaneous/ECE_and_Spacetime.pdf Quark triad in neutron/proton is rotated to make spacetime vortexes.

1996: Spike in UK sightings (pic also >>85165 ) – Unidentified Aerial Phenomena in the UK Air Defence Region: Executive Summary SCIENTIFIC & TECHNICAL MEMORANDUM - No. 55/2/00 — which pushes the blame onto plasma meteors. Ironically true for non-black triangles, but the only natural black triangles I know of a comet/meteor fragments. Cases do match this. But this is sophistry, I suspect they know the original flying saucers were plasma based.

Free bonus: https://mysteriousuniverse.org/2017/12/secret-labs-and-strange-things-in-the-desert-my-truly-bizarre-email-exchange/

1996: (pic2) BREAKTHROUGH AS SCIENTISTS BEAT GRAVITY by Robert Matthews and Ian Sample, Article in Sunday Telegraph (UK), September 1, 1996, page 3.

1996: Searl Effect Commercialization project proposed and planned. http://www.searlsolution.com/johnsearl8.html


7b706 No.87735

File: 1548497808900.jpg (21.18 KB, 531x354, podkletnov_anti-gravity_19….jpg)



1997: (GEM) (pic1) Gravity Shield “A high-temperature YBa2Cu3O{7-x} bulk ceramic superconductor with composite structure has revealed weak shielding properties against gravitational force while in a levitating state at temperatures below 70 K. A toroidal disk was prepared using conventional ceramic technology in combination with melt-texture growth. Two solenoids were placed around the disk in order to initiate the current inside it and to rotate the disk about its central axis. Samples placed over the rotating disk initially demonstrated a weight loss of 0.3-0.5%. When the rotation speed was slowly reduced by changing the current in the solenoids, the shielding effect became considerably higher and reached 1.9-2.1% at maximum.” - http://lib-arxiv-008.serverfarm.cornell.edu/abs/cond-mat/9701074 9701074v3.pdf (Podkletnov, Moscow Chemical Scientific Research Centre)

1998: TR-3A and TR-3B https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Black_triangle_(UFO)#TR-3A_Black_Manta

2003: Einstein–Cartan–Evans theory (ECE thought up) , patents “electromagetism is the torsion [that can be applied to atomic nuclei] and gravity the curvature of spacetime”, http://aias.us/documents/miscellaneous/ECE_and_Spacetime.pdf applied to an atomic nucleus this then causes Gravitoelectromagnetism which can cause atomic anti-gravity, see 1991

2005: 2005 BAE Systems closes Project Greenglow - “BBC Horizons: Project Greenglow” TV documentary (2016)

2006: European Space Agency believe they may have measured the gravitational equivalent of a magnetic field http://www.esa.int/Our_Activities/Preparing_for_the_Future/Discovery_and_Preparation/Towards_a_new_test_of_general_relativity/(print)

2011: NASA proves Einstein Frame-dragging https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Frame-dragging

2012: Device and method to produce gravitomagnetic induction, mass spin-valve or gravitational rectifier https://patents.google.com/patent/US9318031B2/en

There is a fairly smooth timeline here. If you can control the atomic nucleus via light or EM you can make the super-dense nucleus affect spacetime, including warp it. Where ever the nucleus doth go, the atoms/craft is sure to follow. Some nuclei have intrinsic spin that can't be thwarted. What happens if you leverage that?? What happens if you remove thermal jitter and align their rotational axis??

7b706 No.87736

File: 1548500121742.png (63.24 KB, 1031x682, Melt temperatures.png)

>Colleague's estimate: from 14,000 to 23,000 fragments, give or take 1,000. There is some low profile evidence which suggests that impacts in space caused by significant speed & force produces spherical wreckage rather than the typical breakup one would see in in vehicles & aircraft.

A meteor impact can reach up to 2370C on Earth, and that is with "aero-braking". Imagine this without any air resistance. In addition space (Mercury has no atmosphere) is a thermal insulator. The only way to lose heat is radiation. Convection and conduction isn't available. After these collisions the rock is completely molten to such an extent that the elements separate from the compounds and then "sediment out" by density. See table.


1) , 2) https://ocw.mit.edu/courses/earth-atmospheric-and-planetary-sciences/12-570-structure-and-dynamics-of-the-cmb-region-spring-2004/lecture-notes/lec6_1.pdf (structure)
3) https://link.springer.com/content/pdf/bfm%3A978-1-4020-5075-6%2F1.pdf
4) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Silicon_dioxide
5) https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S0032063300000544
6) , 7) https://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/abs/10.1111/j.1365-2966.2009.15459.x

7b706 No.87737

>Watched a video during radar operation/sine diagnosing training detailing a metal-only battery in the early 1800's used for experiments. Magnesium plates were used in manners similar to both modern day transformers and capacitors, reducing or increasing voltage & amperage; frequently used in gravity rotation experiments too. NOT mere coincidence.

Because man does something does not mean nature can't do something or even something else. It is a false dichotomy to argue between nature and man in this. Both are players in this. But man isn't a player in 1947, he is inspired by 1947 to start playing in 1952. Because the public psyop'ed themselves which is just exactly what the CIA etc likes, and it provides cover in a way the public already showed itself to be gullible for.


7b706 No.87738

File: 1548503005725-0.jpg (274.06 KB, 1100x1294, ghost-rocket-slag.jpg)

File: 1548503005725-1.jpg (317.56 KB, 1184x1282, ghost-rocket-slag2.jpg)

File: 1548503005725-2.jpg (310.16 KB, 1092x1284, ghost-rocket-slag3.jpg)

File: 1548503005725-3.jpg (318.82 KB, 1202x1288, ghost-rocket-slag4.jpg)

File: 1548503005725-4.jpg (280.49 KB, 1146x1284, ghost-rocket-slag5.jpg)

>Case 211 is interesting yet strange. Rumors circulated of a self-destroying material captured in Japan used in many sensitive projects including Aurora 2 in 1997. Will look into this carefully.

I recall that the FBI investigated many UFO models. I have not looked closer but if this molten meteor idea is correct they will report a nondescript disk which is passed off as a child's toy or model and forgotten. It isn't the FBIs job to think up weird science. That's my job. :P

Is my idea challenging your preconceived notions? It's always exciting when that happens to a researcher!

The same short-sightedness happened in 1946 with the ghost rockets: See pics.
Source: http://www.cufos.org/UFO_History_Gross/1946_Ghost_Rockets_3EDR.pdf

The evidence continues to mount on the side of my hypothesis. I especially like the soap bubble!!

7b706 No.87739

File: 1548503727615-0.png (31.29 KB, 1368x785, 1947 meteor shower science….png)

File: 1548503727615-1.jpg (329.21 KB, 1548x926, 1947MNRAS.107-Taurids sky ….jpg)

>This daylight activity continued throughout July and August [1947], and comparison with the known major showers indicates that it is without precedent in extent and duration.

Title: The Daylight Meteor Streams of 1947 May-August
Authors: Clegg, J. A., Hughes, V. A., & Lovell, A. C. B.
Journal: Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society, Vol. 107, p.369
Bibliographic Code: 1947MNRAS.107..369C


Why daylight? I propose because 2002 XM35 hit Mercury is 1946. Mercury is close to the sun always.

7b706 No.87740

Should I stop?

7b706 No.87741

mail to? Send a public key or we can use https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cryptocat

7b706 No.87742

File: 1548505682560.jpg (23.02 KB, 540x176, low_grav_bubble.jpg)

Thermite reactions in molten meteors:
>Thermites have diverse compositions. Fuels include aluminium, magnesium, titanium, zinc, silicon, and boron. Aluminium is common because of its high boiling point and low cost. Oxidizers include bismuth(III) oxide, boron(III) oxide, silicon(IV) oxide, chromium(III) oxide, manganese(IV) oxide, iron(III) oxide, iron(II,III) oxide, copper(II) oxide, and lead(II,IV) oxide.
- https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Thermite

How will the gaseous Mg act in the molten meteors in space?
>Without buoyancy, the vapor produced by boiling simply floats as a bubble inside the liquid after the heating has stopped. Surface tension effects cause the many small bubbles produced to coalesce into one large sphere. (pic)
- https://science.nasa.gov/science-news/science-at-nasa/2001/ast07sep_2/

And to go over the top:

>Iron-magnesium-silicate perovskite may be slightly buoyant while above 60GPa. [600,000,000HPa or 600,000 atmospheres]

-- MELTING OF IRON-MAGNESIUM-SILICATE PEROVSK1TE by Jeffrey S. Sweeney and Dion L. Hein (10.1029/93GL00556) https://agupubs.onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/abs/10.1029/93GL00556

Superconductor effect? (25Mg is 5/2+ spin and 10% naturally occurring in all of Mg) or magnesium plasma/gas?

7b706 No.87743

File: 1548508116232-0.jpg (1.03 MB, 1244x2198, 1945-06-01_gleaming_alumin….jpg)

File: 1548508116232-1.jpg (16.28 KB, 577x272, keneth_arnold_1947.jpg)

bf0f5 No.87744

Never Stop, we Ahnenerbe now

bf0f5 No.87745

Did the SS have anything on Aliens?

7b706 No.87746


Always be wary of "leaked documents" to UFO researchers. This is how you distract UFO researchers. Remember people looking for UFO answers want to find particular answers, not objective research, when you "leak" to them what they want to see they fall for it every time. I propose above that we have constantly been shown that the 1946-7 flying saucers were molten space rocks. And each time we found those molten space rocks we ignored them because we expected Nazi/Soviet/US aircraft.

Quote about a 1930s "crashed" saucer in Italy:

RS/33 cabinet

The Cabinet RS / 33 is according to a group of Italian ufologists a presumed structure created by Benito Mussolini in 1933 with the fall on June 13 of the same year in Lombardy of a UFO , unidentified flying object. The spaceship would have fallen between Milan and Varese , the occupants and the aircraft would have been transported to Vergiate , in the SIAI-Marchetti workshops.

The letters R and S stand respectively for Searches and specials. Roberto Pinotti , president of the National Ufological Center (CUN) says that the documents concerning the existence of this program have been sent anonymously to the Center itself. Pinotti wrote various books and articles on the subject.

The institution would have been composed of illustrious scientists of the time led by Guglielmo Marconi with the aim of studying the new phenomena. The RS / 33 cabinet would have worked from 1933 to 1941 under the cover of Benito Mussolini , Italo Balbo and Galeazzo Ciano and under the protection of the OVRA , to avoid the leak of information and otherwise start a debunking , despite this protection, in the 1941 , the data collected by the fascist team were taken by GESTAPO , for the start of a similar Nazi program.

In 1941 Nazi Germany set off a research program, dedicated to the study and construction of these non-conventional aircraft , such as the RS / 33 Cabinet, the technicians supported the hypothesis that these aircraft were part of a secret paraphernalia of the Allies ; the confirmation of the study of these aircraft by the Nazis, was given by the pilot Rudolph Schriever , the Milanese engineer Giuseppe Belluzzo and Andrea Epp .

Among the alleged weapons developed by the fascist team, we can mention the Ray of death (electronic weapon studied superficially by Guglielmo Marconi ), the flying wing, when the program passed to GESTAPO , were developed the V-7 (circular transport) , traded for Ufo for their form after the 50s .

Some of the alleged members of the RS / 33 cabinet were:

Filippo Bottazzi surgeon and experimental biologist of the University of Naples
Gaetano Arturo Crocco aeronautical engineer founder of the Italian company Razzi
Pietro Romualdo Pirotta botanico of the La Sapienza University of Rome
Francesco Severi, mathematician, teacher at the Sapienza University of Rome and at the Pontifical Academy of Sciences.
Giancarlo Vallauri, teacher of electrotechnics and academic ferromagnetism of the Lincei
Francesco Giordani chemist at the University of Naples
Dante De Blasi, a medical hygienist of the universities of Naples and Rome


See also:
https://web.archive.org/web/20050218033457/http://www.cun-italia.net/fasfile/fafil03.htm (pics >>755 )
https://atlantisrisingmagazine.com/article/mussolinis-roswell/ (full story in English)

bf0f5 No.87747

thanks for the links the archive gives me a 502 error though. what i don't understand is why Il Duce would keep it a secret.

7b706 No.87748

File: 1548512281655.png (856.37 KB, 1908x922, web.archive.org-filesfasci….png)

7b706 No.87765

Don't let them get you, anon!
Watch the skies!

bf0f5 No.87941

File: 1548561752527.jpg (76.8 KB, 805x805, _sad appul.jpg)

>tfw no Big tidded grey gf

7b706 No.88080

File: 1548579613763-0.gif (1.26 MB, 813x451, Comet_outburst_large.gif)

File: 1548579613763-1.jpg (465.63 KB, 1200x1650, xerogel and cryogel precur….jpg)

File: 1548579613763-2.jpg (446.02 KB, 1200x1650, xerogel and cryogel precur….jpg)

>Case 211 is interesting yet strange. Rumors circulated of a self-destroying material captured in Japan used in many sensitive projects including Aurora 2 in 1997. Will look into this carefully.

Perhaps this is a thermite reaction. The central magnesium is stealing the oxygen from the silicate. The silicate is acting as thermal insulation like glass fibre batts. The surface silicate/glass/quarts is sealed due to xerogel properties which collapses the openings on the outside. The air friction could have helped this. With the magnesium plasma/gas condensed, between the fibres of silicate, is vacuum, a thermal insulator. This makes it superior to house thermal insulation. Therefore the witness picked up a objected undergoing thermite reaction temperatures. Neat!

Comet 73P was known to flare up in brightness and then disappear. I am suspicious that its constant asteroid belt pass-throughs leads to a slow process of melting -> centrifugal sedimentation -> thermite reaction initiation -> comet outburst.

http://www.cbat.eps.harvard.edu/iauc/06200/06246.html for 73P surprising outbursts.

7b706 No.88081

7b706 No.88084

>Case 211 is interesting yet strange.

Have another:

>Case 383 -- July 6, near Pocatello, Idaho: H. C. McLean, a touring Seattle resident driving through Pocatello, reported by letter to the local paper that he had seen a small disc float slowly to the ground in front of his car just after dawn. He described the disc as about two or three feet in diameter, "about the size of a wagon wheel." It came down on edge, like a wheel in the road. "Something held it upright," he reported, and then moved it forward in "a series of short jerks," each move carrying it a foot or two further. "In the middle of the disc," McLean wrote, "I could made out a bulge, as if a plate had been welded onto the disc, and there were two narrow strips of metal running almost parallel to each other above and below this mid-section." The edge of the disc was surrounded by a tube that had a funnel-like opening at one end, "set into the disc's rim so that the latter could roll freely." After having moved ahead about 20 yards, the object "rose easily and at once began to climb. I examined the place where the disc had landed but it touched the ground so lightly that it left no mark. I am convinced that the disc's flight was controlled, that it gave out signals indicating its position, and that it is harmless."

- http://nicap.org/waves/Wave47Rpt/ReportOnWaveOf1947.pdf

7b706 No.88085

File: 1548598269732.png (162.01 KB, 839x952, 1.png)

>Case 399 -- July 6, Kansas City, Kansas: Miss Barbara Mehner, of 2309 South Glenwood Avenue, in the Intercity District, said she was playing baseball on a field near U.S. Highway 24 when a small, grey disc flew around her. "I was facing west when something flew in from the side," she said. "It was dark grayish, about five inches across and flying two feet from the ground. It flew around me several times, then flew off south a short distance, came back and circled me three or four more times. Then it disappeared."


7b706 No.88086

File: 1548598730876.jpg (36.19 KB, 550x548, 2.jpg)


>Case 501 -- July 6, Towanda, Pennsylvania: A close-up observation of two small "objects" was described by Mrs. A. C. Smith, who saw them hovering 20 feet above the ground. For a period of two minutes, they "bobbed about, merged together, and separated," she said, be fore they finally soared into the sky. According to Mrs. Smith, the discs were about six to eight inches in diameter and appeared to be "saucers of intense light." She did not believe they were solid objects.

Case 603 -- July 7, Gettysburg, Pennsylvania: Eight Gettysburg College couples reported seeing two flights of small objects at low altitude while they were on a Sigma Chi fraternity picnic near the Pennsylvania Monument on the historic battleground. About 3:30 p.m. EDT, five or six small, grey, shiny discs drifted eastward overhead at moderate speed, appearing to roll on edge as they flew. A few minutes later another group of six similar objects flew over in the same direction.

>"Each time they were traveling in two distinct groups," said Frank Toms, a senior at the College. He estimated the size of the discs at six inches in diameter. They appeared to be at an altitude of "about 150 to 200 feet above the ground," he added. Among the witnesses present was Peter John, a sophomore from Camden, New Jersey.

>Case 853 -- July 30, Tamarack, Idaho: John E. Ostrom, of Nyssa, Oregon, was driving an Army truck from Council to McCall, Idaho, on Route 95. At 4:00 p.m. MST, in the vicinity of Tamarack, he suddenly saw a small, silver, ball-like object approaching his truck head-on at a downward angle of about 30 degrees. As he instinctively covered his face with his hands, the baseball-sized object glanced off the roof of the cab, just above the windshield.

>He brought the truck to a halt several hundred yards down the highway and got out to see what damage had been done. The point of contact was perfectly clear, and the metal of the roof of the cab, just above the windshield, appeared to have be en "melted" as if "by some terrific heat." Experts examining the damaged spot later, about the size of a silver dollar, said that it had the appearance of having been "welded," but Ostrom denied there had been any welding and insisted that the damage had been done by a small flying object.

Death to miniature space aliens!!

bf0f5 No.88242

Maybe the ships can shrink?

7b706 No.88377

File: 1548653356951.jpg (74.49 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

>1950: “In The Ethership Mystery and Its Solution Layne [ https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Meade_Layne ] says: “In spite of a policy and an unofficial censorship, it is widely believed by this time that a number of ether ships of the disk type have landed in the United States, through accident of some kind. We have no reports that any of the `dwarf' occupants survived the landing, and we are told that the propulsion and control of these craft is very much of a puzzle to scientists who have inspected them. They are said to be without motors, propellers, or anything recognizable as a drive mechanism. This suggests, of course, some kind of magnetic propulsion. And the performance of these crafts, their extraordinary speed, power and maneuverability far outclasses anything our own engineers have been able to achieve.” – Scully (1950) ← "The Ether Ship Mystery and Its Solution" [ https://borderlandsciences.org/project/etheria/mimeo/esm/index.html ] (1950). Also from same BSRA article: “It is probably well known by this time, that several of these ether ships have fallen, and their contents carefully studied – although with utmost secrecy. We cannot enter here upon this part of, which has been printed in other BSRA publications; we wish to refer only to the “little people”, dwarfs about 30 inches in height, whose bodies were found within the Discs.”

>1950: “To the ribaldry attending testimony that the crews of flying saucers were dwarfs or little people, a doubt which even Associate Hayes shares, the Borderland Sciences Research Associates advanced a solution. In fact, they advanced two. One was that the Etherians suffer shrinkage when they and their craft penetrate into this atmosphere too rapidly. The other was they chose to materialize in small forms “simply for convenience of operation and flight.” – Scully (1950) https://www.scribd.com/doc/3927939/BEHIND-THE-FLYING-SAUCERS-Frank-Scully-134-pp-ebook

What laws of physics allow shrinking?

bf0f5 No.88482

some advanced technology.

7b706 No.88621

File: 1548754428872-0.jpg (170.69 KB, 1046x727, SiliconCroda.jpg)

File: 1548754428872-1.png (5.54 KB, 1920x331, 1920px-Silicon_spectrum_vi….png)


I have a new idea for the foil. The Mg plasma/gas will thermite react with the silicate abd steal its oxygen. The Mg becomes MgO https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Magnesium_oxide and the silicate becomes elemental Silicon metal https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Silicon . And the interesting consequence here is that Si looks exactly like foil, even when a blob.

Which removes the need to deal with the assumption of wafers of metal.

Silicon's spectrum is very bright and accross the spectrum and so would burn in the atmosphere when traveling at speed as bright white.

So the process would be, loose the Iron(Nickel alloy) through shock (slag, slag everywhere >>87738 >>86025 ), burn away the silicate, burn the silicon (bright white), burn the magnesium (bright white) >>85165 .

Natural hot insulated meteors according to scientists:

>Important parameters in such thermal models include the initial abundances of heat-producing short-lived radionuclides (26Al and 60Fe), which are determined by the accretion timescale and the terminal size, chemical composition and physical properties of the chondritic planetesimals.

>Results: Our new model demonstrates that in initially porous planetesimals heating to central temperatures sufficient for melting can occur for bodies a few km in size, that is, a factor of ≈10 smaller than for compact bodies. Furthermore, for high initial 60Fe abundances small bodies may differentiate ( https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Planetary_differentiation ) even when they had formed as late as 3-4 Ma after CAI formation.

>The model starts with a porous body that is later compacted first by "cold pressing" at low temperatures and then by "hot pressing" for temperatures above ≈700 K, i.e., the threshold temperature for sintering ( https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sintering ) of silicates.

> These burial depths are shallower than those derived in previous models. This reflects the strong insulating effect of the residual powder surface layer, which is characterised by a [u]low thermal conductivity.[u]

So we have 3 sources of heat: radioactive, solar, atmospheric entry.
We have 3 sources of sealing the silicate: sintering by solar heating, sintering by atmospheric entry, and xerogel cavity collapse as the Mg moves/evaporates into the core. Sintering occurs at 700K which is 447C and 2002 XM35 got close enough to the sun to reach 527C ( >>87736 ).

It's getting easier and easier to make this work.

High Si/Mg content meteors:

>The lines commonly observed in meteor spectra belong to Fe, Na, Mg, Ca, Cr, and Mn. In good spectra the lines of A1, Si, Ti, Co, and Ni are observable. Lines of O and N originate in the atmosphere.

>The meteor EN 041089 was observed on October 4, 1989, 23:33 UT. The meteoroid of original mass of about 0.7 kg was completely destroyed in the atmosphere. The spectrum of this meteor is unique in our sample by the low intensity of the Na line and high intensity of the Mg line. It was found that the Na/Fe ratio was at least seven times lower than in other meteors and the ratios of Mg, Si, and Cr to Fe at least twice as high. This is consistent with the composition of diogenites.

>Diogenites are composed of igneous rocks of plutonic origin, having solidified slowly enough deep within Vesta's crust to form crystals which are larger than in the eucrites.


7b706 No.88622

File: 1548755716921.jpg (87.54 KB, 960x960, aluminium.jpg)

Silicon density: 2.57 g/cm3
Aluminium density: 2.70 g/cm3

A casual assessment could not distinguish silicon (foil) from aluminium (foil).

7b706 No.88624

>>88621 (You)

Mg - 1.738g/cm3 - 1.584 g/cm3 when liquid (650C)
SiO2 - 2.648 (α-quartz), 2.196 (amorphous)
Si - 2.70 g/cm3 - 2.57 g/cm3 when liquid (1414C)
Fe - 7.874g/cm3 - 6.98 g/cm3 when liquid (1538C)

Silicon and silicate density is close. It could mix and lead to the scintilating effects: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kenneth_Arnold_UFO_sighting

7b706 No.88626

Fe/Ni magnetic properties:

* https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Permalloy
* https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mu-metal

Light weight objects and orientation to the Earth's or local magnetic field could affect the Mg plasma, routing the Mag field either around the plasma in one orientation and through the plasma in another orientation -> sudden acceleration.

7b706 No.88627

File: 1548764918535-0.jpg (10.24 KB, 267x188, shells.jpg)

File: 1548764918535-1.jpg (48.92 KB, 480x360, burled wood.jpg)

File: 1548764918535-2.jpg (2.03 MB, 2048x1536, 1940_Buick_Super_4_door_Se….jpg)

File: 1548764918535-3.png (202.3 KB, 765x296, Pictures-of-the-4x4cm-2-si….png)

>Each had a hole in the center, approximately twenty-five feet in diameter. they were all a sort of shell-like gold and silver color. Their surface seemed of metal and appeared to be burled because when the light s[h]one on them through the clouds they were brilliant, not all one brilliance, but many brilliances, something like a Buick dashboard.

Silicon foil: https://www.researchgate.net/figure/Pictures-of-the-4x4cm-2-silicon-foil-with-the-removal-of-the-epoxy-layer-a-and-its_fig1_236754019

The gold is the silica glass.

7b706 No.88628

File: 1548766085249-0.jpg (276.5 KB, 872x872, silicon-2.jpg)

File: 1548766085249-1.jpg (59.73 KB, 721x420, Silicon_721_420_80_s_c1.jpg)

File: 1548766085249-2.jpg (94.85 KB, 900x588, Silicon.jpg)

File: 1548766085249-3.jpeg (91.86 KB, 1000x666, wvpCfyT3uvuLQxbuCSkgFN71.jpeg)

File: 1548766085249-4.jpg (139.61 KB, 2092x1433, GettyImages-700832601-5bb6….jpg)

How beautiful is silicon????!

6b4e7 No.88629

File: 1548773659391.jpg (68.12 KB, 1200x794, csiro_silicon_sphere.jpg)

7b706 No.88764

Case 501 -- July 6, Towanda, Pennsylvania: A close-up observation of two small
"objects" was described by Mrs. A. C. Smith, who saw them hovering 20 feet above
the ground. For a period of two minutes, they "bobbed about, merged together, and
separated," she said, be fore they finally soared into the sky. According to Mrs. Smith,
the discs were about six to eight inches in diameter and appeared to be "saucers of
intense light." She did not believe they were solid objects.

7b706 No.88767

File: 1548862241856-0.png (19.85 KB, 500x255, medium.png)

File: 1548862241856-1.png (169.4 KB, 1920x1081, 1920px-Ball_lightning_spec….png)

So obviously these >>88764 can't be solid. So they must be plasma or magnetic fields.

>The spectrograph revealed that the main elements in the ball were the same as those found in the soil: silicon, iron and calcium. The observations support a theory for making ball lightning put forth in 2000 by John Abrahamson at the University of Canterbury in New Zealand.
Gold dust

>Abrahamson surmised that when lightning hits the ground, the sudden, intense heat can vaporise silicon oxide in the dirt, and a shockwave blows the gas up into the air. If there’s also carbon in the soil, perhaps from dead leaves or tree roots, it will steal oxygen from the silicon oxide, leaving a bundle of pure silicon vapour. But the planet’s oxygen-rich atmosphere rapidly re-oxidises the hot ball of gas, and this reaction makes the orb glow briefly.

>The theory garnered support in 2006, when scientists at Tel Aviv University in Israel were able to create ball lightning in the lab by firing mock lightning at sheets of silicon oxide. The event in China marks the first time such an orb has been captured in nature with scientific instruments.


Hello, silicon, we meet again. So lets have magnesium steal the silicon's oxygen (thermite), and then have silicon steal oxygen from the air. But how is it bound together?

>Scientists bound the magnetic fields of a supercooled quantum object into a complex knot. And what they found may have finally solved the centuries-old riddle of ball lightning, luminous orbs that sometimes linger in the atmosphere during thunderstorms.

>That bizarre knot was a quantum object called a "Shankar skyrmion" that was first theorized in 1977, but that no one had ever managed to generate in a lab. A skyrmion is a tightly clustered group of circular magnetic fields, with each circle crossing each other circle exactly once, the researchers explained in a paper published March 2 in Science Advances.

> Back in 1996, a paper published in Nature proposed that ball lightning might be the result of the magnetic fields around the plasma of a lightning bolt curling into a knot and trapping it within, and proposed a model for what those knotted fields might look like.

>The researchers reported that the fields they observed around their cold little skyrmion matched the model proposed in that paper, suggesting that hot ball lightning may, in fact, be a giant, naturally occurring skyrmion.


>Observation of the Optical and Spectral Characteristics of Ball Lightning

>Ball lightning (BL) has been observed with two slitless spectrographs at a distance of 0.9 km. The BL is generated by a cloud-to-ground lightning strike. It moves horizontally during the luminous duration. The evolution of size, color, and light intensity is reported in detail. The spectral analysis indicates that the radiation from soil elements is present for the entire lifetime of the BL.

Look at all that Iron and Silicon!

And there is something going on with cold plasmas that I haven't worked out yet.
>Thermodynamic and kinetic properties of nonideal Rydberg matter
>As a result, it has been found that an increase in the nonideality parameter is accompanied by a change in the structure of such a system from gas to crystal like. The lattice parameter in the latter case is equal to the mean distance.

7b706 No.88770

>This does not mean that there were no reports of occupants in 1947. Local newspapers published at least three accounts of small beings associated with "flying saucers" that year. An elderly woman reported the first incident, at Webster, Massachusetts on June 19. She had seen from her window a "moon-sized" object fly nearby with a "slender" figure inside dressed in what appeared to be a Navy uniform (2). On July 7, during a flurry of object sightings at Tacoma, Washington, residents of the Center and J Street neighborhood, Gene Gamachi, I.W. Martenson, and others, told of seeing a number of objects, some of which landed on nearby roofs. Witnesses saw several "little people" who disappeared upon the arrival of newsmen (3). On July 8, during a concentration of sightings all over Texas, an unidentified merchant seaman in the Acres Home suburb of Houston observed the landing of a "silver saucer." From it emerged a dimunitive pilot no more than two feet tall with a round head "the size of a basketball" who greeted the seaman, re-entered his vehicle, and took off (4) .

2. Worcester (Mass.) Daily Telegram, July 7, 1947, p. 1.
3. Tacoma (Wash.) News Tribune, July 8, 1947.
4. Houston (Texas) Post, July 9, 1947, p. 1.

So we have some small humans from twinning mixed in.

7b706 No.88804

43 humanoid cases from 1947. So much for no flying disc pilots in 1947.

7b706 No.89162

File: 1549146470872.jpg (150.55 KB, 768x1024, budden.jpg)

Afternon, what if the hands are actually a device to put magnetic fields in her temporal lobes to cause her to hallucinate.

Interesting rabbit hole to fall down.

7b706 No.89585

File: 1549325660302.mp4 (8.46 MB, 360x248, Persinger-Horizon-God_on_t….mp4)

Can being in the presence of an EM field (from a plasma object) cause hallucinations? Yes, see video.

ac095 No.89600

Such blobs would not care. The effects of extensive radiation do not deform protons, ions, etc. in metals. No effect, at least until:

Collision suspicions confirmed. Sedimentary divergences of spaceborne materials create debris clusters; specific debris clusters magnetically attracted to certain planets. Majority of spherical impacts are natural, implications used to further division & infiltration tactics. "They played us like a damned fiddle!"

Answers confirm suspicions of principle materials deliberately utilized in "sensitive" testing designs for rapid incineration/destruction methods. Aurora 1 thermal-skin pieces recovered from crash in northern Texas desert 1985. Known material compositions: thermally responsive semi-synthetic resins, silicon, "allotropic" iron, whatever that means. Later results released or destroyed. Colleagues of others wanted in, didn't have safety net. Lost contact in 2015. What important extra-planetary events happened during that year?

No notions are allowed to be preconceived until 99.9% proof is acquired. A failure in linking information together is attributed to: research failure, false information, research failure, lack of discovery, carelessness, personal fault. Constant, unusual space debris impacts show no evidence of non-terrestrial sapient life. Zero evidence = zero tolerance.

Pre-Star Wars era technologies in use, most created in 1950's. Post-Star Wars era examples mentioned before, used often by La Sia, no information to compare to at current. Top 3 suspects: Project Skyhaven, Operation Midnight Broadcast, 17th Naval Intelligence. Short list, few "survivors".

Forced eugenics insanity. True natural selection superior, no erratic mutations, permanent genetic diseases. "Gene editing" new craze, now in use among rich circles. Irony: Futureland does not seem so bad to me now.

Consider Tesla & Vril Societe` experiments in EMF research refusing to test on biologically living matter. No 'happy accidents' allowed. What did/do they know that we do not? "Black Box Tower" stations across north America & Europe. Mass subject testing without public knowledge/supervision. Recently came across article related to designer in 1920's, built anti-waveform/anti-sonic screen to incorporate into Faraday Cage for precision experiments. Did it work? None know, design was stolen by Jew-S agents after death.

The more I learn, the less empathy I care to acknowledge.

bf0f5 No.89601

i had a strange dream, i went outside on my porch and i looked up to the western sky and i saw 4 sun like ball objects in the sky about 100 feet away from me, and they all combined into one massive sun like ball. then i "lost conciseness" and after i came toi was still dreaming i thought to myself "my seed will be useful to them." was that a dream or a repressed memory?

7b706 No.89607

File: 1549390204261-0.png (90.08 KB, 651x828, bowen1963_10.1029-jz068i00….png)

File: 1549390204261-1.jpg (32.78 KB, 459x628, report_on_the_ufo_wave_of_….jpg)

File: 1549390204261-2.png (36.08 KB, 894x593, 2004_tg10_1947-03-28-jpl.png)

>Collision suspicions confirmed.
Wheee! So I am no longer alone in my "insanity"! Do they know or suspect 2002 XM35 (or the parent body of) hit Mercury? There is unfortunately no data on 1946 Mercury monitoring. There is a 10 year study that ended in 1945 but as you can see they can bearly make out what is going on on Mercury due to its proximity to the sun. http://adsabs.harvard.edu/abs/1947PA.....55..137H There is good data to suspect something happened in space before 1947 >>87739 .

An unexpected additional piece of information has been found to further support that 1947 was somewhat meteor/space based event. Whilst looking at old Persinger publications (he was originally very much like Charles Fort, cataloging paranormal events with an IBM 360-40! What a nerd!), Persinger pointed out that when the moon was about 1/4 full there were extra meteors reported. Finding the paper showed that this occurs when the moon was at either or the two 40% full part of its phases. When looking at how that relates to the 1947 June/July flying discs it is either side of the main events. (pics #1 and #2):

1947-06-24/25 is 40% waxing moon. This is the first bump. (the 27/28 bump is still unidentified.)
1947-07-03 is full moon, moon rise ~8pm, set ~5am. Moon-Earth-Sun(Mercury) alignment. Extra gravitational pull?
1947-07-04 Peak #1 (This also coincides with Earth crossing orbital path of 2004 TG10 who also did a Mercury fly-by; pic#3 here, and >>81615 pic#1 )
1947-07-07 Peak #2 (Unknown object but fits within the expected 2002 XM35 children objects which I suggest are the result of a Mercury fly-by also >>78826 )
1947-07-12 is 40% waning moon. Small bump at the end of the main event.

It is bothersome that there are two Mercury impact/flyby possibilities. It seems incredibly unlikely that 2 objects would hit Mercury such that both would send molten blobs to Earth within 3 days of each other. This needs to be examined much deeper. The individual reports need to be classified into Vallee categories and then sorted to see if the character of the 4th and 7th reports are slightly different. I would expect one will show a preferences for fly-bys and the other for hovering and speed/direction changes. I have categorized about 500 of 853 reports so far. It is a very tedious ongoing task.

-- http://nicap.org/waves/Wave47Rpt/ReportOnWaveOf1947.pdf

>“A most remarkable relation exists between incoming meteor rates and lunar phases (Bowen, 1963); apparently peak meteor rates occur around first and third quarter.”

-- Space-Time Transients and Unusual Events by Michael Persinger (1977)


-- Bowen, E. G. (1963). A lunar effect on the incoming meteor rate. Journal of Geophysical Research, 68(5), 1401–1403. doi:10.1029/jz068i005p01401

At this point I think most of the shape of the sighting reports stats can be accounted for by astronomical causes.

The source of "alien" experiences is not limited to men in Hollywood costumes, it can also be from hallucinations by being in proximity to plasma giving off fluctuating EM fields. My research has shown (Persinger, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wilder_Penfield ) that it is not the intensity of the EM field that causes hallucinations (See clock radio and Persinger saying it gave off the correct type of EM signal >>89585 ), it is the character of the EM fields. Small EM fields, of the correct protocol, can cause involuntary dreaming (recollection of subconscious iconography and memory) in an awake witness to such a degree that it overlays the 5 senses input. You dream while awake. It seems the memory/iconography has to exist in the mind first and is then triggered after. You asked before about the ability to play-back visual events to a victim, I had speculated that this could be done via the eyes, but it seems you could remotely provoke dreams, that is, iconography and memory from the subconscious.

Therefore if you populate the public's mind with iconography and then record the brain signals of a person experiencing it (acting it out) you can then broadcast the correct signals later to replay it from the subconscious of other victims who also have those icons in their mind (from TV shows/movies).

The subsconscious does not seem to store fine details. So facial features are very difficult but vague things like how a dress hangs are easy. So things that obscure the face are common. Helmets and simplified "grey alien" faces are obvious ways to do this.

This extends also to ghosts. Persinger has shown in his research that ghost sightings occur during seismic stress (piezo-electric effect) and geomagnetic disturbance (sun). The same occurs with people who have Temporal Lobe Epilepsy. These events make susceptible people more conscious of their subconscious imagery. Because the predominant concern of a person going through the death of a loved one, is the loved one, they will then see the loved one overlaid on real perception when they are affected by the appropriate EM field. This is ghosts. The sense of a presence is the sensing of the EM field itself. People who are subject to this effect all the time are considered schizophrenic, insane, etc.

It would seem that nature is attempting to find the right balance between making us too aware of magnetic fields (as a type of 6th sense) and have us filter them out. And so people have a range of sensitivity from none (skeptics never see/feel anything) to full (insane) and in between is all of the rare paranormal. In addition nature is using this as a recovery mechanism for us dealing with the death of those we love, and our own death awareness. By allowing this malfunction of the brain people achieve happiness "knowing" life after death exists. So a part of our evolution includes brain malfunction in EM fields to make death less traumatic and to inspire continuing living.


7b706 No.89610


Having said >>89607 , https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ian_Stevenson#Reception work still exists, and I have experienced apports ( https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Apport_(paranormal) ) myself so we can't completely rule out the paranormal as hallucinations. But Nature is under no obligation to keep us happy and alive with truths alone, anything that works will propagate.

308e4 No.89671

>3rd image
Sorry to go off topic, but do you know what software that is?

7b706 No.89707

File: 1549404706296-0.png (128.82 KB, 1384x738, sn1976n_position_change_19….png)

File: 1549404706296-1.jpg (259.97 KB, 1368x873, sn1976n_galaxy_found_plus_….jpg)

Type an object in the search box. You may get a list returned. Select one of them. On the next page click "Orbit Diagram".

Another interesting place, if you want tables of objects is https://minorplanetcenter.net/data

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stellarium_(software) is nice. You can even place yourself on other planets.

And some really nice complicated and detailed software is: https://aladin.u-strasbg.fr/java/
which I used to make image 1 regarding supernova SN1976N and it being reported in two different locations in 1976/9 and in 2013. >>85155

The second picture is an overlay of where the initial report of the SN was, laid on top of recent sky images. It shows the original astronomer was very precise in his drawing of the location of the SN, so why was it moved in 2013??? One possibility is that the 2 photo-plates taken in 1976 show the "supernova" in 2 different locations because it was in motion and both observers of the plates have looked at different plates. Adding to this is that the original astronomer also drew extra objects that no longer are in astronomy photos. This shows that, possibly, local collisions are being misclassified as distant SNs.

7b706 No.89735

File: 1549410257438.png (49.35 KB, 1024x910, 1024px-Pure_iron_phase_dia….png)

>Answers confirm suspicions of principle materials deliberately utilized in "sensitive" testing designs for rapid incineration/destruction methods.

Are you saying the capture of the naturally occurring discs lead to the idea and implementation of making craft/rockets/etc from self-destructing materials similar to the naturally occurring discs? or even retrofiting the natural discs as controlled craft? That seems to be what you are saying… you mentioning silicon and "allotropic" iron:

>Iron represents perhaps the best-known example for allotropy in a metal. At atmospheric pressure, three allotropic forms of iron exist: alpha iron (α), gamma iron (γ) (also known as austenite), and delta iron (δ). At very high pressure, a fourth form exists, called epsilon iron (ε) hexaferrum. Some controversial experimental evidence exists for another high-pressure form that is stable at very high pressures and temperatures.


Looking at the chart, the change of allotrope for iron, from normal requires a temperature above 910C. The magnesium, if any, would have melted and perhaps was lost. Silicate could have sublimated away.

It might be impossible to track back from a date to a prior astronomical impact, previous finds have been partly fluke. Do you have a date for the crash? Without a exact date it is impossible. I have considered writing software to to look for impact and Earth/object-path crossings but the reward vs effort is not there yet.
You can see a list of supernovas here https://sne.space/ . The name of a supernova is SN[YEAR][letter]. If a "supernova" was the cause it could be any of them up to about 10 years prior to the Earth impact. I need to look into heat loss in space. Would molten meteor blobs arrive hot or cold? And if cold are they Bose-Einstein Condensates which would have superconductor-like aligned (gravito-)magnetic moment? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Magnetic_moment And is this the explanation for the whimsical changes in thrust/direction? There is a very strange absence of discussion of both gravito-magnetic moment and atomic nuclei magnetic moment.

This leads into Cartan's ideas on EM is space-time twists, and gravity is space-time bends. But what does the actual twisting? The only thing in an antenna that can twist space-time sufficiently is the hyper-dense atomic nuclei. As the electrically charged electrons move in the metal antenna the atomic nucleus is rotated to some degree as well. Since it is in a frictionless electron shell it can rotate as dictated by electron movement. The only impediment is thermal jitter.

The receiving antenna does not need these twists of space-time to move it's own nuclei it is sufficient to perturb its electron (which have about 1/4000ths the mass of the nucleus) only to lead to reception. This unites both EM and G into a unified theory and suggests the strong EM can make artificial G.


>"The sleek aircraft would cruise at Mach 5 (3,350 mph) speed at a maximum altitude of about 100,000 feet. The aircraft would be made primarily of titanium with its outer edges constructed of Inconel, a heat-resistant stainless steel. At Mach 5 speed the leading edges of the air-frame would glow red above 1,000 degrees Fahrenheit. [537C]

Keeping an aircraft sufficiently cool during extreme speeds is a primary challenge of hypersonic flight. According to studies done by General Dynamics and Boeing, an aircraft travelling at between Mach 5.5 and Mach 6 would have an average skin temperature of approximately 1100-1300 degrees Fahrenheit. [593-704C]


Not high enough temperature to warrant a mention of "allotropic" iron, need 910C. Uncontrolled re-entry/impact would be needed. If its uncontrolled it could be natural origin or man-made. "Semi-synthetic resin" sounds man-made, I have no info on this. Does semi-synthetic absolutely mean, non-natural or is their uncertainty?

7b706 No.89747

File: 1549414785927-0.png (64.75 KB, 1051x1500, hallucinations_direct_brai….png)

File: 1549414785927-1.png (147.32 KB, 2150x1512, salamander1.png)

File: 1549414785927-2.png (146.2 KB, 2150x1512, salamander2.png)

>Pre-Star Wars era technologies in use, most created in 1950's. Post-Star Wars era examples mentioned before, used often by La Sia, no information to compare to at current. Top 3 suspects: Project Skyhaven, Operation Midnight Broadcast, 17th Naval Intelligence. Short list, few "survivors".

It's important to add in that people will hallucinate "UFO pilots" in the presence of a fluctuating EM emitting object. This needs to be included in assessments. Some scientist experiments and witness reports to demonstrate this:

This is direct on brain electrical stimulation:
>Previous perceptions that were already primed by comparison of present situation with past situations would be the ones most likely to gain in intensity.
[ie. the situation determines the hallucination]
>We found certain images were not derived directly from real prior perceptual experiences but were products of the imagination as, for example, the image of a pig on its hind legs, talking.
>Another finding was that more of the hallucinatory [acts perfectly real] or pseudo-hallucinatory [acts obviously not real] reports occurred after stimulation of the posterior hippocampus than from stimulation of any other structure. The hippocampus has been thought to serve a regulatory function over working memory - the process of relating present situations to previous ones. Disruption of hippocampal functions is more likely to be found on electrical stimulation than excitation or enhancement of such functions. We can speculate, then, that temporal lobe stimulations and, possibly specifically hippocampal stimulations, may disrupt regulatory functions over the processes that register optical sensation, hold a percept as an image, and then match this image against memory images of prior perceptions. Loss of inhibition might lead to increased vividness of internally derived imagery.
[You can make people dream while they are awake. See pic1 for a table of visions including people.]

>The subjective experiences for those participants who reported a sensed presence were similar to those reported by others exposed to these procedures. The detailed experiences have included feeling another self, sensing a deceased person known to the participant, experiencing a human-like gray face with lights around it (upper left peripheral field), and experiencing “someone” standing nearby.


This and Persinger is using EM fields:
The importance of verifying the specific timing and temporal pattern of the software-generated fields and following an effective protocol is emphasized.

Persinger uses specific patterns recorded from other people in his experiments!*. Persinger was also involved in Remote Viewing with Ingo Swann ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9l6VPpDublg ). Ingo Swann was involved in Remote Viewing experiments at SRI for CIA:

>Axel had his fingers pressed against his lips. He was no longer smiling, and seemed pensive. So I asked: "I gather you want me to try to remote view something?"