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File: 1514699972744.jpg (155.92 KB, 751x470, mlp__the_happy_room_by_ren….jpg)

dd581 No.39520[Last 50 Posts]

Well now. The characters find themselves in an entirely different Rick than the last time they found themselves in a pickle. In this instance, the Paladin has just participated in murder, and it wasn't even the right target! Tracy also has bloody on her hands, but that's old news anyway.
Not sure how its gonna go, cuz some players are indisposed (at the moment) and there's usually hella bantz for every several-hour period, but why wait? ^_^

Oh, if you're new, this is an RP thread based (increasingly) loosely on D&D 3.5, but allowing for any genre or game (but it has to make sense). Feel free to shitpost, or bant, or even join in. Some call this the gay bath-house, but that's cuz they're bored and tired and don't have anything fun to distract themselves with,… like this thread. ^_^

17738 No.39522

File: 1514700008333-0.jpg (Spoiler Image, 40.61 KB, 650x535, Miega-paralize-kas-1.jpg)

You've heard of Elf on Shelf, right?

5649a No.39524

File: 1514700038063.png (25.33 KB, 800x600, 345198__safe_artist-colon-….png)

dd581 No.39525

"Censorship IS wonderful! I don't know,…."
You do realize why its staring the painter (and thus the viewer) in the eyes right?

5649a No.39527

"Tracy, can you take me to the tower?"

17738 No.39528

I can tell by the look on his face..

90da4 No.39529

because it wants muh sweet sweet soulcoin.

17738 No.39530

5649a No.39531


17738 No.39533

*flies higher*

Was she able to pick up any scent back then?

dd581 No.39534


Now, Tracy can detect Trollestia's scent in and about the docks, but with no source (meaning, she's out of range).

dd581 No.39535

Not just that either, its cuz it already has the artist's "sweet sweet soulcoin"

90da4 No.39536

but what it didnt know was i had a water gun filled with holy water im my pocket

5649a No.39537

"Tracy, what are you doing?"

90da4 No.39538

spooky. why do you say that?

17738 No.39539

Dice rollRolled 1 + 21

Tracy, now ~70 ft up, rears in mid-air and howls more monstrously than she ever has before, beside herself with rage.
Intimidate check, because I feel like it.

5649a No.39540

>In this instance, the Paladin has just participated in murder, and it wasn't even the right target!
This scares me

dd581 No.39541

If you'll permit me to cross-thread for a moment, this is precisely why it is necessary and important that an individual know, understand, and appreciate the multitude of metaphysics which I make increasingly available to those not "in the know". Abrahamic traditions have incalculable value and merit, but they omit many elements of metaphysics "cuz spoopy" that leave a number (a small number, but a number none the less) of practitioners/adherents vulnerable and susceptible to,… well spoopy shit.

17738 No.39542

*butterfly lands on nose*
*howling siezes abruptly*

dd581 No.39543

Shall I repost the song for posterity? ^_^

17738 No.39544

Regardless, she makes a bee-line towards the forest, frothing at the mouth.

dd581 No.39545

File: 1514700848578.png (71.01 KB, 1500x1593, 1510376002300.png)

5649a No.39546

What song? The Anime bullshit? I don't watch those

90da4 No.39547

i understand meta physics to an extent.

dd581 No.39548

Such entities don't deal in material realms, that's where they're weakest. What one has in their dreams is what is important.

17738 No.39549

File: 1514700948913.jpg (983.77 KB, 1200x778, nightmare form 2.jpg)

She's moving at full speed, like a fiery comet.

90da4 No.39550

>vidya game

5649a No.39551

Trumpaladin jumps off

dd581 No.39552

Its more to emphasize that the situation just turned a bit "not quite right", as illustrated by the distortions of the song.

17738 No.39553

He'd break both his legs from the height, and potentially die from the speed.

5649a No.39554

Dice rollRolled 3, 3, 2, 5, 6, 5, 1 = 25

Fall damage at 70 ft would be 7d6. I should emphasize that he has a full corpse with him the whole time

dd581 No.39555

And what do you intend by that? Intention is a major factor after all,….

5649a No.39556

To land on the ground

90da4 No.39557

trips confirm.

17738 No.39558

Why does he need the whole corpse?

dd581 No.39559

Dice rollRolled 8


5649a No.39560

File: 1514701279080.png (146.47 KB, 1116x1024, 1513040531559.png)

Why does Tracy need to go crazy?

dd581 No.39561

Trump survives the fall, but not without injury. Unicorn #647's corpse falls sickeningly nearby. I'll put them somewhere in the midst of the Port, given that they were(?) headed back to the tower.

5649a No.39562

Drink a heal serious wounds potion from the flask

Observe surroundings

17738 No.39563

C-can't she catch him..? It's inconvenient if he's dead or crippled.
>why is crazy horse crazy?
Don't fuck that unicorn, PLEASE.

dd581 No.39564

For the record, this was not my idea. I'm not trying to shift blame, I'm giving credit; this was a brilliant plot device

90da4 No.39565

necrophilia is degenerate.

dd581 No.39566

The dead unicorn? Wew!
>>39562 >>39561
Near the outskirts I'd imagine

17738 No.39567

Tracy lands in the forest, and immediately begins running amok scorching the ground-cover beneath her, intent on turning the wood into a total hellscape.

5649a No.39568

Tries to ascertain location, and walks to the tower with Unicorn 647

17738 No.39569

She makes her way towards the golf course.

dd581 No.39570

Dragging a unicorn corpse is difficult, especially since the port is already littered with corpses. He can do so of course, but it may take some time. Also, there's the onlookers,….
The grove then?

17738 No.39571

5649a No.39572

Alright. He cuts the requisite amount of biomass from the unicorn (a severed ear?) and walks with it towards the Tower, bloodied, presumably

5649a No.39573


17738 No.39574

All you need is a hair.
They see the local horsefucker covered in blood, dragging a dead unicorn towards his house.

90da4 No.39575

File: 1514702041050.jpg (8.11 KB, 225x225, 1514353711001.jpg)

>local horsefucker covered in blood, dragging a dead unicorn towards his house

5649a No.39576

Reeeeeee hopefully Trumpaladin is known for something other than bestiality!

5649a No.39577

A question I should have asked a long time ago. Is the unicorn an FiM unicorn, or a D&D unicorn that is well below the level of a celestial charger?

dd581 No.39578

Don't worry, the horsefucking is mostly unknown and considered a rumor or urban legend. Don't be dragging a corpse tho, that's rather conspicuous. Tracy's fag is right, a hair or some blood (remember that time) will do.

17738 No.39579

How would he be able to tell that?

dd581 No.39580

Be more specific, are you referring to murdered or Troll?

90da4 No.39581


17738 No.39582

Tracy Dashes off towards the grove, setting her path on fire as she goes, until she reaches the Nithing Pole at the tree in the grove.

5649a No.39583

Yeah, he takes a severed ear and places it in his pocket, and takes hairs for good measure

FiM unicorn: is 90 pounds, looks like an anime character, has an ass tattoo

Normal Unicorn: is 1200 pounds, looks like a horse, has no ass tattoo

Are you shitting me? How the fuck could he miss the difference?

What he killed and has the corpse of

17738 No.39584

I meant the stat difference.

5649a No.39585

A celestial charger would have held up

90da4 No.39586

why is tracy burning the woods?

5649a No.39587

17738 No.39588

File: 1514702703814-0.jpg (337.89 KB, 770x650, 5848a5dea8e09f1c308768de55….jpg)

I meant the stat difference.
Yes. The path behind her is engulfed in an otherworldy fiendish fire.

5649a No.39589

Actually, Tracy should start losing powers and abilities as Trumpaladin moves away from her, and if what I think happened happened, then she should absolutely start losing strength and powers

90da4 No.39590

but why though?

5649a No.39591

Because Tracy's Faggot doesn't want to build that chariot after all

17738 No.39592

She can still burn shit.

5649a No.39593

No. That's an Su, and alternate forms don't give the new form's Su's, though they retain the original form's Sus

5649a No.39594

Besides, you're just harming the party by denying us wood to build things with

dd581 No.39595

K first of all, that was Trump's fag's question.
The Nithing pole is in shambles. It appears as though it has aged excessively (EXCESSIVELY) given the time its been in place, and there is evidence that its been gnawed on and sabotaged by little woodland animals (via teeth-marks). Its not a pole anymore, just a collection of spoopy horse-parts.
#647 was of comparable size to Troll, and Troll is observably a mostly FiM unicorn (except when she was killing zombies, I did mention her going full alicorn then).

dd581 No.39596

Also, I amend my earlier DDLC answer; just watch an expedited (1.25+) lets play. I recommend BijuuMike, cuz he's an unrepentant weeb.

5649a No.39597

Trollestia was a 100 pound FiM sized unicorn?

17738 No.39598

She's been using her flaming hooves without a rider since she first transformed.
She moves forward, covered in smoke, still scorching the Earth beneath her.
Detect Good.

17738 No.39599

5649a No.39600

Yeah, and that's bullshit. Now stop using bullshit to harm the party

5649a No.39601

You don't get to cheat so that you can fuck over the party

90da4 No.39604

thanks for the recommendation.

5649a No.39605

Okay fine, Tracy's faggot can do the burn thing but he's getting blamed if this ends up fucking us over in some notable way, and no using it for anything that actually has a purpose

17738 No.39606

Tracy is still scorching the meadow, on the eyes and ears peeled for nearby creatures.

dd581 No.39607

Make sure to start from the beginning tho
Ever tried holding a lighter to wet underbrush? Its not THAT on fire.
Flitting glimpses (animals, basic) but nothing significant.
IDK about poundage, but she was Celestia-sized

5649a No.39608

How much long until he can reach the tower?

17738 No.39609

How far away?

5649a No.39610

This is the last time

dd581 No.39611

quick-jump, cut-to
Tadaa, the tower. It barren, except for Darkie whos suit has fully "grown back". "Oh well hello, why the long face?"
Running, fast

5649a No.39612

To darkie
"I killed a unicorn"

dd581 No.39613

"I hope you saved the horn then," he replies sipping some tea.

17738 No.39614

File: 1514704343216.jpg (225.25 KB, 351x610, green fire.jpg)

After them. Charge all over the place, roaring like a maddened fiend.
Set the meadow on fire behind her as she gallops, spamming constant intimidate checks and keeping all of her senses on high.
Wreak havoc.

5649a No.39615

"I guess I overlooked that part"
He goes to the mini-mall to pick up a calm emotions scroll made earlier, and then proceeds to the Infirmary

>CR 5 animal versus a CR13

dd581 No.39616

And Tracy did gallomp and tear through the placid fields cuz salt, and the woodland creatures did burrow and hide and fly away cuz holy-fuck-shit there's a flaming hoers,….
"Um,… where is the corpse at per say? I hope you don't mind me asking,…."

17738 No.39617

Tracy is also a PC, level 16.
And Troll has already used up at least a dozen of her prepared spells, and Tracy knows that.
Regardless, in character, she doesn't give a damn about odds.
Set the meadow, the hill, and the trees on fires. Roar loudly, wreaking havoc on everything in the vincinity.
Make alot of noise.
It is nighttime, right?

5649a No.39618

"In this spot along the road… [gives the exact location as best as he can remember it]. I don't think it will be there much longer though"

Trumpaladin gets the scroll, goes to the infirmary, pulls out the rope of entanglement, and now….

Puts the severed ear in the Entertron, presses the button, and sees what happened

5649a No.39619

>Tracy is stupid

17738 No.39620

She's angry, mostly.

dd581 No.39621

Oh, its SO night time.
Trump isn't gonna an hero is he,….

5649a No.39622

What? No. He's resurrecting Unicorn 647

Having said that, that's really not a terrible idea

17738 No.39623

She's been burning everything in sight for a while now.
Are there flames/smoke visible from a distance?

dd581 No.39624

I just thought, with the rope of entanglement,….
Safe to assume

5649a No.39625

Okay, but is the creature resurrected?

dd581 No.39626

Yes, of course. She wasn't made undead, so its all good.
"What,… the,… fug,…." She says as she reorients herself to the situation, in an obviously panicked posture

17738 No.39627

[impatient nightmare noises]
*Continues tiny terrorist attacks across the meadow, scorching the area and killing everything in sight*

5649a No.39628

>Obviously panicked
Casts Calm Emotions from the scroll

Only after this is accomplished, he says to her
"Evidently you were used as the body double for a different target. You were killed when you were mistaken for her. You have been resurrected by the power of the Football. I do not intend to harm you. Now, can you tell me who you are?"

dd581 No.39629

If you're intent on burning the whole forest and meadow and grove and shit down, I'm gonna have to interject. Tracy would not succeed at that without intervention, but I'm not yet sure what that intervention would be cuz I don't have "burning shit down" in my list of plausible scenarios lesson learned. So if that's her aim, I do have to pause in that part of the world. I'm not saying she can't, I'm saying "gimme a night's rest to figure out what happens next".
"I was tasked by another unicorn and a strange fellow in w weirdly-patterned robe to stay in place, hold vigil, and act as though I was minding the situation. No one mentioned getting killed. Who are you? I know you asked first, but since I'm in this clear tube and you have me at your mercy, I think its proper that you introduce yourself first."

17738 No.39630

*scorches meadow*
*burns trees*
*slaughters local wildlife*
*empties-out 1-gallon jug of chocolate milk all over the ground*
She's been trying to lure Troll out this whole time.

5649a No.39631

"I am the Paladin who follows Trump. I am part of a group tasked with defending this city. As you can see we have only been moderately successful at it… Through a bizarre and humiliating set of circumstances I made a pact to kill a specific unicorn, the one who tasked you to stand there. She's a known troll. Make no mistake, she knew we were coming, she knew what would happen to you… Anyways, you're in a special device in the infirmary of our base. You were dead for a while. I can let you out of the tube if you won't run or attack me"

dd581 No.39632

>luring Troll
That will fail, spoiler alert. What will happen is other parties 'interested in the grove, forest, and surrounding areas' will take interest. It is to that end I'm saying "lets pause for the moment".
>chocolate milk
"Oh I remember you. If I'm not mistaken, you were the first to strike. I'll stay here, if you don't mind my saying."

17738 No.39633

>chocolate milk
Old 4chan joke. Intentionally pilling chocolate milk is an act of pure, unfiltered ebil.
>Won't show up when a bloodthirsty fiend is burning down the forest and mercilessly attacking the local wildlife
Some Cleric she is…

5649a No.39634

"That's me!

That's alright then. I'll tell you again that I do not actually want you dead, and that I was only compelled into the pact to attack the other unicorn because of… I don't want to talk about it. If you don't trust me, that's fine.

But first, I must say I am curious. In the months I've been here, you're only the third unicorn I've seen here. I thought they were… well, as rare as unicorns. What is your name, and who are you?"

5649a No.39635

That file was not intended for that post

dd581 No.39636

Is that a twilight spilling the chocolate milk reference?
>some cleric
Natural clerics recognize adversaries, loss, and strife as part of the natural order.
"Call me Felicia then. What is this world? Why have I been brought here?"

5649a No.39637

Trumpaladin's eyes light up
"How long have you been here? What is the last thing you remember?"

17738 No.39638

File: 1514707279210-0.jpg (55.86 KB, 413x503, 286465__safe_oc_oc only_oc….jpg)

>tfw you start destroying things randomly and attacking innocents to lure the hero out of hiding, but she still doesn't show up to your challenge
[sad supervillain noises]
*lays curls up in a smoldering pile of her own fiendish flame*

5649a No.39639

No, Tracy is not clever enough to be a supervillain. Trollestia just might be, but Tracy is that dumbass criminal who calls 9/11 trying to order a pizza

17738 No.39640

*watches forest go up in blue blazes, contemplating her life*
[sad pathetic criminal noises]

dd581 No.39641

"You mean aside from getting murdered in cold blood, distracted and occupied by an otherwise resplendent human who now wishes to inquire about "things"?"
FWIW, I as GM am sad for Tracy too. That probably seems trite as fuck, but I know how much she had vested in killing Troll.

90da4 No.39642

think about your friend infernuis.

dd581 No.39643

As she does so, a ruslting in the brush can be heard not too far away, but not close enough to determine the source.

5649a No.39644

I'm not sad in the least. She's caused so much shit for the rest of us

"Yes, that is precisely what I mean. From what I know this world is a sort of "Colosseum," as it were, for gods. All of us were brought here after having died in other planes of existence. I have been here a little more than four months. It was hard for me to adjust too. Now tell me, where did you meet that unicorn who you stood in as a body double for?"

17738 No.39645

[lonely monster noises]
Detect Good

dd581 No.39646

>missing the point
You'll get there
"I'm,… dead? Then,… that was,…." she pauses for a moment as things apparently dawn on her, "… real."
"Oh, not good, to be sure!" calls out from a particular side (we'll go with the right side).
"But what IS good?" wait, that was from the left.
"And where do you fit in? Where do we ALL fit in?" uhm… that was from above.

90da4 No.39647

*falls asleep on thezs soulder*
*and irl.*

17738 No.39648

>that tone
Oh dear…
*remains curled-up in a smoldering heap, ignoring sounds*

5649a No.39649

"Are you okay?"

dd581 No.39650

Oh dear indeed. I never mentioned who Trollestia's faggot is did I?
Silence. After a time she asks. "What do you want from me?"

17738 No.39651

Nah, you did alright…
*pretends to not hear coyote*

17738 No.39652

Is the fox going to say something important soon? It's 3:30.

dd581 No.39653

Shall we continue in the morning? It must be late,….

5649a No.39654

"I'm… I'm actually not sure. Mostly I just felt bad for what happened on the docks, so I wanted to resurrect you to undo any damage.

Besides that, I don't know. It's weird seeing a third unicorn here. My first thought was "who is she" and "where did she come from" besides "why is she working with Trollestia." So I guess I would like to know the answers to those questions?

I don't want to harm you"

17738 No.39655

Let's do that…
*Passes out*

dd581 No.39656

… with a cheeky and often enigmatic coyote curled up nearby.
"A third? That one wasn't the only one? I've never seen another of my kind, but now there's not one but two?"

17738 No.39657

Great, now I won't sleep…
Goodnight faggots.
*Tries to pass out for real this time, ignoring imaginary fox*

5649a No.39658

"Yes. We have a unicorn who came from Equestria who works for our party as a carpenter. She's also an artillery mare, participated in the battle you may have seen the last of earlier. Her name is Regina, but everyone calls her Slovenia. She's really adorable. Saw her just a couple hours ago in town. I'm not quite sure where she is right now. She's really cute"

dd581 No.39659

Oh, you'll sleep I'm sure.
She lays down pensively. "Pardon my rudeness, but I must think on this. I mean, I'm at your mercy apparently, but this is alot to take in. I've never even seen another of my kind, and yet here I've been brought back from death, twice, and find there are a likewise number of my kind flittering about."

5649a No.39660

"Those other two are the only two I know about…

Would you like to come out of the tube, Felecia?"

dd581 No.39661

"Your word, that this isn't another ploy? Wait, nevermind. If what you would say is false, then its too late to avoid. If what you say is true, then there's nothing left to loose is there?"

5649a No.39662

"If I wanted to do anything to you that you did not want me to do, I would open the tube myself and do it. If the fact that I am not doing that is not proof that that I do not intend to harm you, I'm really not sure what I can say or do to convince you otherwise.

It's okay Felicia. You have my word that this is not a ploy - I swear it. You can trust me"

*extends hand*

dd581 No.39663

"And what of you? You've said you are a paladin, and that you follow someone by the name of Trump, and have made mention of Football. What is your name?"

5649a No.39664

File: 1514712311538.png (288.46 KB, 825x901, 1563776__safe_artist-colon….png)

"Funny question that is. I've been here four months, and never told anyone my name. No one. Only that I am a Paladin who follows the teachings of Saint Trump, and serves our Lord, Elway, who is also Football and American. I'm not sure I've even been asked my name.

In a different life I was named Brad. Brad Sentry. But everyone here calls me Trump, or Trumpaladin. That's what I usually go by. Kind of flattering to be so closely associated with the Saint"

dd581 No.39665

"Brad. Hmmmm. It is good to meet you Brad." She pushes against the glass of the Entertron. "Um,… I'm not sure how to work this." she says, tapping at various points on the glass trying to illicit a response from the device.

5649a No.39666

"You can call me Trumpaladin. It's good to meet you, properly, too"

Trumpaladin opens the door on the entertron, letting Felicia out

dd581 No.39667

Satan trips. Shall we adjourn on that note?

5649a No.39668

We can

dd581 No.39669

Don't worry, I'm conditioned to wake up crazy early. Even if I don't stay up, I always check the board (read: this thread)

11500 No.39671

So Tracy, how'd murdering Troll go?

dd581 No.39674

Aren't we catty this morning? Nice ID btw

17738 No.39675

[frustrated nightmare noises]
*forest burns down*

5649a No.39676

See >>39640

That shit was hilarious

5649a No.39677

Does Felicia say or do anything after being let out if the tube?

dd581 No.39678

I'm getting to it, I've got a lot to describe, but I need covfefe first

11500 No.39679

Yes, yes I am.
Thanks, it's a nice ID

dd581 No.39680

Alright, with no further adieu,….
Am I to assume that Tracy is awake, or are those dream-state frustrated nightmare noises?
Felicia steps out of the Entertron nervously. Her face betrays a lack of comprehension with such a building or structure as the tower's infirmary. "What is this place?" she asks, her eyes darting all around looking for anything familiar or comprehensible and generally being unsuccessful.

17738 No.39681

The "passes out" comment was referring to Tracy's faggot.
Tracy is still waiting for Troll to show up, but is just about ready to give up and turn in for the night.

11500 No.39682

Ado, not adieu for future reference
Also, what have a cursed this unicorn with? Taking it to an unfamilier place.
I'm a monster.

Also, you never answered who Troll's god is.

5649a No.39683

"Right now, you are in the infirmary of a much larger structure. This larger structure is an iso-deca-whatever geometrical construct we call "Trump Tower.""


"I gilded it myself.

It has the ability to hover and to fly at a low rate of speed, and contains our rooms as well as smaller manufactories. It's old, and was the base of operations of earlier parties. We use it as ours. I don't actually know where it came from, how old it is, what its abilities are, or really very much about it at all."

17738 No.39684

Idk if natural Clerics necessarily need to have gods, desu. It's dumb, but on the Cleric class description, a strange line says:
>If a cleric is not devoted to a particular deity, he still selects two domains to represent his spiritual inclinations and abilities. The restriction on alignment domains still applies.
Of course, if you're playing as a PC Cleric and you don't select a god, you're just bullshitting the game.

Try asking her yourself. There's no way he'd know without asking.

dd581 No.39685

I stand corrected. Troll is there, in a manner of speaking. Trollestia as a character was the coyote's idea.
I say what I want. Xp
As for Felicia, well there is that. Too late now though,….
"Party? Then, there are others,… like yourself?" She's only been around ponies before.

17738 No.39686

>what have a cursed this unicorn with?
She died painfully, and now Trump's faggot is already trying to fuck her.

17738 No.39687

What's the condescending fox doing?

dd581 No.39689

Just sitting there looking at Tracy expectantly, entirely dismissive of the fact that the forest is burning down. It's not that bad of a fire really, though it is impressive to look at.

17738 No.39690

*eyes drift towards dog-thing, the rest of her body not moving*

17738 No.39691

Also, will we get to level-up? I'm hungry for levels.

dd581 No.39692

Oh right, I completely forgot. The liches were sufficient to level. Also, each of the liches had a set of bracers, a ring, and some more stuff I haven't rolled for yet.

11500 No.39693

>crys self to sleep over the curse I have bestowed upon this poor creature.
I'll probaly be back around midnight, if not Happy New Year

dd581 No.39694

Take care, happy new year!

17738 No.39695

Why'd you use another unicorn as the double instead of a cow or some shit? If Tracy didn't want to stick a dagger in her so badly, she would've gone for a Bull Rush and pushed her to the ghouls.

5649a No.39696

"Why yes. Several of us, who appeared in containers downstairs when we resurrected.

You’ve met me. I’m the group’s Paladin, and a human. I swear I am nicer under better circumstances

Our Party’s Cleric is Infernius, a red minotaur. Very strong, also a literal Nazi. But he’s a very good guy, very good. I like him. You can trust him. Always riding in to save the day. Not the brightest though

We have another member of our party who is a pony, like you. An Earth pony with no horn. She’s blue, likes to stand on her legs, and not very fond of being a pony appearently, since she tries to be some sort of demon thing – long story. Anyways, her name is Tracy Cage. She was like a serial killer or something in her past life and now she’s our rogue and token evil teammate. She was on the docks with you earlier, though I can’t be sure if you saw her. You felt her, that I am sure of. Anyways, you should probably avoid her. She’s tried to kill every single equine of any kind she’s come across, except for one – and she kidnapped her. She didn’t give a half-second’s thought to your death earlier.

There’s Torcuil, our group’s wizard and NEET. He likes to dress in a kilt. I’m guessing he was the man you met earlier with that unicorn. You’ve seen him. I would say he’s a good guy, but I never know. I mean, he summoned you, had you stand in place of a different unicorn knowing damn well there was going to be an attempt on that unicorn’s life, and basically left you to die without telling you any of this.”

*Trumpaladin shrugs*

Then there’s Thez. She’s a monk half-elf, and the most powerful member of the group. I’m afraid of her, and generally avoid her. I really can’t say she’s not helpful though, or committed to us. After all, she gave me this”

Trumpaladin pulls out and shows Sugoito, which is visibly covered in dark red rusted stains

“Don’t be startled.”
He places it back

“Although she does sometimes do evil things like when she killed and ate one of our horses, or she keeps that damn brothel…”

Trumpaladin pauses and stares blankly for a solid three beats

“Anyways, that’s not really an exhaustive list, but it should be a quick rundown”

17738 No.39697

*watches haphazardly-it fire fizzle-out into just a few ghostly blue embers*
*gets up and begins to walk away*
>'…. Flashy…'

5649a No.39698

>"What do you want?"

17738 No.39699

>'………. I need a hug…..'
[sad pony noises]

5649a No.39700

>"…. Uh… Uh… Aww…"

11500 No.39701

Cause I wan't planning on them becoming a character. For once GM said "fuck your plans" to me rather than vise versa
Well you know, you'd think after Tracy was fooled once she would check.
I guess I over estemated the int of this party.
Okay, now I'm leaving.

17738 No.39702

*returns to tower solemnly*
>'It can wait.'
>she would check.
She did check. She observed the target for three rounds making sure to mark the intensity of her Clerical Aura, because she (and I) expected it that time. Idk how she could've been duped twice.

5649a No.39703

>Torcuil's Plan's got fucked over

>Thought Tracy would know to check

She's not a very smart villain. She just burned down a source of building material and pissed off other factions - for no reason

5649a No.39704

>"The hug or Trollestia?"

17738 No.39705

>'Both, I guess…'

17738 No.39706

*returns to tower*
*enters entertron*
*dumps-out Ponimaru's corpse*
*duct-tapes his front legs together*
*duct-tapes his back legs together*
*tapes his front legs to his back legs*
*duct-tapes his mouth shut* (horses only breath through their noses)
*tapes his entire body to the ceiling*
*revives him*
"That was some really lame crap you pulled there, little White Ninja-kun."
*leaves a wrapped-up black satchel in the room*
"For you, if you ever manage to get down from there."

dd581 No.39707

"I appreciate your explanation, though there's several words I'm unfamiliar with. I'm more concerned with the ease that you describe killing (and did you say eating?) others."
Uh,… what's in the satchel?

17738 No.39708

The small gift that she made for him more than a month ago, on a whim.
>A black leather knife-holder, with fourteen Darkness-enchanted kunai (I counted the days she never cast a 2nd lvl BG spell); work better than smoke bombs.
>Darkie's Mummified Hand, because it's hard being a mudpony

5649a No.39709

Because Trumpaladin knows something like >>39706 is coming, he tries to move himself and felicia from the infirmary to the stables

"Killing and eating others? I don't understand it either. But that's what it is to be evil, I guess. And in this world, as in all others, there is evil. You can never purge it, even from your own ranks. Please follow me to the stables. There may be someone there…

Also, please do not wander off. There is another person here, Darkemeter, elf and assassin, who may be interested in your horn and hide. Or he may be perfectly harmless and friendly, I do not know. The blue one is coming, and she may kill you on sight, be your friend, or just not care. I don't know"

dd581 No.39710

Awww, that's sweet, unironically

17738 No.39711

*teleports behind you*
"Hello, Flashy.."
>glum face
"I didn't manage to find that white cunt.."
*looks at confused unicorn*
*notices cutie mark*
"Greetings, sister. Sorry for killin' 'ya, I guess."

5649a No.39712


17738 No.39713

He's still duct-taped to the ceiling though. He's been a bad weeb.

dd581 No.39714

Noted, I'm not sure how he's gonna get out of this one.

17738 No.39715

She might cut him down if she feels like it. She'll probably ask him why he felt like dying twice too.

5649a No.39716

If he's still up there in an hour, he'll be taken down when Trumpaladin tries to revive any of the citizenry that are dead but don't seem to have their souls sucked out

17738 No.39717

File: 1514745877843-0.jpg (629.55 KB, 1024x1280, gipsy_huge_chain_icon_gold….jpg)

Tracy still has a bag full of Ruth's clothes and whatnot.
Can we roll the swag?

5649a No.39718

So um… How does Felicia respond to >>39709?

Or >>39711 if you're permitting this to go through

17738 No.39719

File: 1514746156161-0.jpeg (116.02 KB, 900x1000, 529305__grimdark_artist-c….jpeg)

I don't think Tracy ever said anything about eating Troll.
Trump's faggot came up with that one.

5649a No.39720

Thez killed and ate a horse. Trumpaladin mentioned that in >>39696 which was the statement she was responding to. He never said that Tracy eats ponies

17738 No.39721


dd581 No.39722

"Someone? Elves and assassins? This is a lot to take in."
>I guess
"… hi."
Yeah, I'm trying to figure out how much of their swag they would have been carrying and how much would be in their 'lair'.

5649a No.39723

Trumpaladin assumes a defensive posture, and stands between Tracy and Felicia

"Yeah, I know. It is a lot to take in. Where do you come from? I'm guessing you're not from Equestria if you haven't seen unicorns, and you seem to have seen humans before, so…"

17738 No.39724

File: 1514746837251-0.jpg (85.32 KB, 590x642, 150316_DX_RBG_NotoriousKin….jpg)

".. Hello…
Where are you from? I'm From Ponyville."

dd581 No.39725

I was afraid you were going to ask that. frustrated GM noises Let me whip up a character bio,….

5649a No.39726

Kek. Torcuil's mistake has hurt everyone Except me. I get a unicorn

dd581 No.39727

Try not to fug this one Xp

5649a No.39728

File: 1514747304641.png (591.64 KB, 1700x1083, 1533848__safe_artist-colon….png)

We'll see how things play out

5649a No.39729

To Fae

>"Are you there? Can you hear me?"

dd581 No.39730

>Yes, of course.

17738 No.39731

You don't have to.
Tracy re-keens her edges and returns to the docks.

5649a No.39732

>"Good. I was afraid…"

>"So, who can we save, and what needs to be done to restore the Generals?"

dd581 No.39733

I'm already into it, might as well finish. Besides, its better that I determine these things in the event that she becomes more integrated like Slovenia (who was on the fly, but hasn't - yet - blown up in my face)

5649a No.39734

*looks at pony before she leaves*

dd581 No.39735

>I'll come to you, where are you?

5649a No.39736

>"I'm at the Tower, in the Infirmary area"

dd581 No.39737

Alright. Felicia's cutie mark is a paintbrush with paint on it. Also, she's fucking a white mare! and her mane is light green. In response to Tracy's question (before Tracy departed) "I live in Phillydelphia,… or I guess I used to."

17738 No.39738

"Oh, been there. Parasprites suck."

5649a No.39739

"How did you get here? Did the Wizard summon you?"

5649a No.39740

*condescending look*
"You're not going to kill her - again?"

17738 No.39741

*confused look*
"… No.. I've got bigger fish to fry anyway."
*leaves to the docks*

5649a No.39742

"Uh huh"

dd581 No.39743

"I'm not sure to be honest. The last thing I remember was being in a horrible accident that GM hasn't yet figured out the nature of. Then I found myself in a small room kind of like these rooms with a bed and a chest, but before I could even look around I was transported to those docks that we ahem met at. The wizard fellow and the other unicorn were there, and they asked me to keep an eye on the area, but not before casting a spell that altered my appearance. I thought it was all a dream, so I complied."
Upon nearing the docks, Tracy passes Darkie who has a shit-eating grin on his face.

17738 No.39744

"What's so funny, charcoal?"

5649a No.39745

"That's… That's very interesting. I'm sorry it is no dream… We probably have an extra room if you wish to stay with us"

Also, is Fae on her way?

dd581 No.39746

"Its not every day that I get to come up on a unicorn horn! Those things are priceless!"
Just arriving, yes. Look, there she is now.

17738 No.39747

"Yeah, sure. More valuable dead than alive."
Tracy once again begins to look for Trolls scent.

5649a No.39748

"Hello Fae… So… I know some of the damage, but what's the state of things?"

5649a No.39749

Any chance Darkemeter will return to the tower?

dd581 No.39750

Of course, what's he going to do, help clean up the port?
"The city only suffered minor structural damages, thanks to your quick work at the gate. Civilian casualties were kept minimal, due to the organized response from the various groups the party has been cultivating. The whores have been completely and unrecoverably wiped out, as well as a fair number of the Fight Club, along with a few of the Gestapo and the Generals. The monsters broke in from the Ethereal plane and immediately began devouring the souls of the whores and some of the Fight Club. Quickly discovering they were out-matched, Yak Lee led the Fight Club to escape the building and sound the alarm to the various other groups who were already mobilized and were working to escort the civilians to the stadium. Sechs led the resistance as the monsters gave chase, stalling the creatures long enough for the citizens to make good their escape."

17738 No.39751

Can she find anything?
Also, Detect Good, to look for any lingering Auras.

5649a No.39752

"Brave Souls, everyone of them. I am happy to see our citizens can defend themselves. Are any of the generals or Spartans dead but reserrectable?"

While talking, Trumpaladin goes with Fae to the stables, and encourages Felicia to come as well

dd581 No.39753

Nope, Troll has apparently put some distance between herself and the general area, out of range of detection spells and preventing tracking via Airwalk

17738 No.39754

Dice rollRolled 13 + 10

>preventing tracking via Airwalk
A flying unicorn had to stand out.
Gather Information check: ask the locals if they say anything flying over, or which direction it went in.

dd581 No.39755

Not amidst the chaos of the undead, no

17738 No.39756

How many Drowners are there by the docks?

dd581 No.39757

Dozens, but they're just sitting there in the water, as though commanded to hold their position and not issued any further commands.

5649a No.39758

File: 1514751334405.png (280.8 KB, 900x685, image.png)

GM, time to ask the stupid question that no one has asked this far. When Trumpaladin walks into the stables, does he see something a bit like pic related in Trollestia's usual spot in the stable?

dd581 No.39760

No, Trollestia is nowhere to be found.

5649a No.39762

>When you could have done the exact same fucking thing just by standing on the edge of the docks
Okay, but no nightmare Sus at all. You need to learn how to use the abilities you already have correctly

5649a No.39766

Fuck your flying

17738 No.39767

File: 1514751699122-0.jpg (281.22 KB, 1920x1080, sBuVpOm.jpg)

>they present no threat.
Are they all re-kill though?
Tracy's faggot hates drowners.

dd581 No.39768

Did I stutter?

90da4 No.39769

File: 1514751910776.jpg (30.91 KB, 720x583, dd9d707ead7341a4d100201eee….jpg)

17738 No.39770

File: 1514751989207-0.png (1.3 MB, 680x497, 1448377132512.png)

Just making sure they're all exterminated.
Fucking Drowners man…

5649a No.39771

Now go to the main lobby and search for Darkie

17738 No.39772

Dice rollRolled 5

Can Tracy get a better look at the pyramid-thing?
1d20 Search check, because I can't find my character sheet..

17738 No.39773

*searches frantically for file*

17738 No.39774

Just for the clarification, does the +20 competence bonus on attacks granted by True Strike apply to Sneak Attacks?

5649a No.39775

Why wouldn't it?

17738 No.39776

Just wondering, because you don't roll for Sneak Attacks.

5649a No.39777

Yes you do. It's an attack like every other and you have to beat the target's AC. The difference between a sneak attack and a regular attack is in the damage modifier. Not the attack modifier

90da4 No.39778

we are fighting drowners?

17738 No.39779

File: 1514752638192-0.png (857.37 KB, 3840x2160, 1406902737017.png)

>Yes you do. It's an attack like every other and you have to beat the target's AC.
No it isn't. Targets just roll for reflex saves.
Tracy is just clearing some out, venting frustration, and giving her faggot some retribution for old grudges.

5649a No.39780

No, there were some at the docks that were immobilized, presumably when their commander was either killed (Pelosi?) or trapped in the Lair

5649a No.39781

I don't see that mentioned anywhere in the wiki, only the damage difference

That also doesn't make any sense. A sneak attack is subject to having it's target being covered in armor, or the person doing the attack misses, or any of the other vulnerabilities of combat. The only difference is that the rogue targets a critical area, so if it does land, it does a hell of a lot more damage. That doesn't affect the chances of it landing

5649a No.39782

Take this line in the entry for Rogues
>She cannot use a weapon that deals lethal damage to deal nonlethal damage in a sneak attack, not even with the usual -4 penalty

What the hell is that sentence even talking about except a penalty to attack rolls? It wouldn't mention that unless attack rolls applied to sneak attacks

dd581 No.39783

He's just climbing back in the tower. "You lot, you might consider a more available way of getting into the building than a rope."
On a death strike, yes; not on a sneak attack, a sneak is rolled like a standard attack.

17738 No.39785

I see now.
So, do targets still apply their reflex saves to regular Sneak Attacks?

17738 No.39786

Also, can Tracy get a better look at the tower?

17738 No.39787


5649a No.39788

"I'd though we'd landed this thing. But first, are you really Darkemeter, or someone else we know?"

Cast Detect Alignment targeting Darkemeter

Reflex saves are for attacks that do area damage - fireball and a dragon's breath weapon

>Death attack
A death attack is the same as sneak attack with the difference that the target roles a reflex save to determine if it is paralized or killed in that one hit. If it fails, it does normal sneak attack damage

17738 No.39789

>the target roles a reflex save to determine if it is paralized or killed in that one hit.
No, the effect of the Death Attack is determined by a Fortitude save. The Reflex is for whether or not the attack lands.

dd581 No.39790

No. Yes, its glossy and black, but uniform and precise, not unlike Trump tower.

90da4 No.39791

we need to make a memorial statue for everyone.

17738 No.39792

She moves a bit closer and searches for any sigh of a trap or defense mechanism. Does it seem heavily guarded in any way?

dd581 No.39793

You did? I mean I know it was landed back when looting the jew gold, but I didn't think it was landed when getting back to the port

5649a No.39794

That's not what the entry says. The entry says it is a sneak attack
>If an assassin studies his victim for 3 rounds and then makes a sneak attack with a melee weapon that successfully deals damage, the sneak attack has the additional effect of possibly either paralyzing or killing the target (assassin’s choice)

90da4 No.39795

i go down to the docks and jump in the water to search for anymore monsters.

5649a No.39796

True. We do

Uh… can he swim?

17738 No.39797

She moves a bit closer and searches for any sigh of a trap or defense mechanism. Does it seem heavily guarded in any way?
Read the rest of it. The Death Affect is a Fortitude save.

dd581 No.39798

Yes. And that entry has a basic header called "Death attack". Its also listed that way on the level advancement table for the Assassin in the DM's guide.

5649a No.39799

To determine if an attack that lands kills or paralyzes, yes, it is a fortitude save. But not to determine if the attack lands or not

If it were not a normal attack for the purposes of beating AC, what is the point of the True Strike spell?

5649a No.39800

And thus I am right. A death attack is a sneak attack that can kill or paralyze with a fortitude save

90da4 No.39801

17738 No.39803

5649a No.39804

The armor check penalty for swimming is double that of normal. It's easy to drown carrying equipment and armor

Dimension lock spell works both ways

90da4 No.39805

all i have is my sword and bracers.

5649a No.39806

Carry on then

17738 No.39807

Tracy floats up to the pyramid and taps on it.
How thick/solid is it? What kind of material?

dd581 No.39808

Yes, I see what you mean now
Swimming is an untrained skill, so he doesn't have to have points to do it,… but that leaves Infernius at the mercy of the dice,…. Calm waters is DC 10

17738 No.39809

Testing to see if I was b& for saying the E-word.

5649a No.39810

Does his strength bonus apply to it?

Okay, so does darkie have any secrets >>39788

dd581 No.39811

Its non-transparent, so its thickness is indeterminate, but feels quite solid and glassy, not unlike Trump tower.

5649a No.39812

For that matter, what is Fae's response to "does anyone need reviving who can be revived? Specifically among the fighting men"

dd581 No.39813

Neutral. " Who else would I be?"

5649a No.39814

"Touche. Please save for me about one pound of the flesh, if possible. I need it because of reasons"

dd581 No.39815

"There are a good number of injuries, but few casualties other than those I mentioned of the unrecoverables."

dd581 No.39816

"Flesh? What are you talking about? You mean the unicorn's corpse? You can have all of it, I just wanted the horn." ^_^

17738 No.39817

Could it be broken?
*take out Dick Chaney's warhammer*
*smashing attempt*

dd581 No.39818


17738 No.39819

Do those glaive blades still cut stone without a dwarf wielding them?
Tracy tries them out, because she doesn't know any better.

5649a No.39820

"I see… But I do know what we must do. First question for you - those seven of the 12 cannons that were recovered from derpistan some days ago - the seven that needed refit - have any been refitted?"

Trumpaladin commands Fae to take him down into the city. He flies her over the battlefield near the gate and the bridge, to see if there is any equivalent of the Drowners frozen in place around the bridge where RBG fell

5649a No.39821

"I see"

90da4 No.39822

Dice rollRolled 11, 19 = 30

first roll is perception second is my swim check.

dd581 No.39823

Oh right, that. They're not drowners, but the fields around the Port still have a fair number of zombies and skeletons and other menial undead. Alot of them were destroyed by the trebuchet, but not all of them. They're wandering around listlessly without any immediate targets.
>inb4 Infernius gets himself killed
Alright. Upon diving in, Infernius can't detect anything moving. He has no trouble maintaining his position/float.

90da4 No.39824

"tracy what that thing?"
cast cure moderate wounds just to be safe.

90da4 No.39825


5649a No.39826

To Fae

Trumpaladin slashes and kills all of the remaining menial undead with Vanderiem and Fae

17738 No.39827

"I don't know, but it's solid as rock pudding. Think you could break it, somehow?"

dd581 No.39828

Dice rollRolled 15

Much better. My bad for forgetting about them.
You can't do that while treading water. Also, how do you plan to get back on the docks? You know docks are like 8' above the water-line right? Swim check.

17738 No.39829

Tracy grabs Infernius by the scruff and lifts him out of the water.

5649a No.39830

Now Trumpaladin goes to the Stadium and the Monestary to gather the Generals

Do any of them know how to fire a cannon?

dd581 No.39831

Stone, yes but not this stuff. Also, much of the enchantment (the dwarves-only, smaller-bigger part) was broken. The blades are permanently 'normal sized'.

90da4 No.39832

"thanks tracy, me glad we freinds."
"me could try to smash it."

17738 No.39833

"Tried that. Didn't work. Got a spell that could work?"
Try Earthquake. It'll deal damage to a structure regardless of hardness.

5649a No.39834

If you do get inside tonight, what are you going to do? Go inside now? Why not wait until you have recharged your spells the next day?

90da4 No.39835

its floating isnt it?
"me say chaos at it, move me not want you to get hit."

17738 No.39836

She hasn't used any of her spells. She used 3 scrolls.

17738 No.39837

*is holding in air*

5649a No.39838

Infernius and Trumpaladin have, as have Trollestia and Torcuil. You want to face down Clinton when your cleric and Paladin are spent?

17738 No.39839

Infernius isn't spent. He has plenty of spells, not to mention melee.

5649a No.39840

What is the benefit of not sleeping and waiting to attack the next morning? And yes, he's used shit loads of healing spells

dd581 No.39841

>GM wonders whether he should save Tracy and Infernius time and effort

17738 No.39842

>What is the benefit
I'm impatient.
I at least want to see if it can be broken.

5649a No.39843

GM, can cute sex horse or any of the Generals or any of the Spartans use a cannon?

90da4 No.39844

is there a door?
also casts choas"kek" at the pyramid

5649a No.39845

And let the lichs inside fly into the city and kill people while we don't have the spells to help kill them?

90da4 No.39846

my sword kills them just fine.

17738 No.39847

Pretty sure that only works on living things.

5649a No.39848

Why not wait until you have sword and spells both?

17738 No.39849

You could say the same thing about the enemies.

5649a No.39850

I swear to God I am the guy who yelled at Custer asking him why the hell he didn't want to bring the Gattling guns to face the Sioux in battle

5649a No.39851

The big ones in the lair didn't see combat. They are fresh and ready

17738 No.39852

They could also be planning a ritual to destroy the entire port at once.

5649a No.39853

17738 No.39854

Ebin Spells are Nuke-tier.

5649a No.39855

And they can be made in 10 hours?

dd581 No.39856

Yeah sure, enough of them have been around the docks and whatever to use them.
Upon saying Kek, the whole pyramid writhes and shakes, as though having a heart attack.
I'm kidding, its an inanimate object, not a living thing, and even if it was living, Kek (or any of the words') efficacy is based on hit dice.
Just offering that they're probably stuck inside due to the dimensional lock Torcuil placed

17738 No.39857

I feel like going in anyway.

90da4 No.39858


17738 No.39859

Try Earthquake. Even if it doesn't collapse it, it has to do some damage.

90da4 No.39860

i cast earthquake on it.

dd581 No.39861

Cross-thread remider that the 99999 and 100000 get are <200 posts away

5649a No.39862

Trumpaladin's move then is to gather the remaining Generals and Spartans, as well as the Cute Sex horse, and have them take any cannons that have been refitted, place them on the docks, and have them all target one spot n the pyramid a little above the water line. At the same time, take the Jolly Cunt, load and aim its cannons at the same spot. At the same time, have cute sex horse fire the Trebuchet at the same spot. Keep firing from all artillery until a hole is broken

Unless Infernius and Tracy's faggots can learn to calm the fuck down and wait until we actually have the ability to turn undead and the like again the next day

17738 No.39863

Kek. Some of these Ebin Spells are funny.

5649a No.39864

And once that spot is open, enter through boat or fly in

dd581 No.39865

Not really. Its not connected to anything so all it would do is wobble. The wobbling does betray that - like Trump tower - its double-sided; meaning its not actually a pyramid, but an octahedron.

90da4 No.39866

Dice rollRolled 4

is there any opening on it?

17738 No.39867

>range: 300 ft
>Duration: permanent
Is there any guess of what kind of material it could be?

dd581 No.39868

How many times are you going to make me say "not unlike Trump tower"?

90da4 No.39869

"cant you go inside tracy?"

90da4 No.39870

5649a No.39871

Dimension lock works both ways

17738 No.39872

I never really determined what the Trump tower was made of either.
Tracy doesn't know that.

5649a No.39873

Trumpaladin orders a contingent of men to the Jolly Cunt, and returns to the Tower on Fae.

Looking for Darkie

dd581 No.39874

Its glassteel
He's not hiding; in future "Goes and finds Darkie" will be fine

90da4 No.39875

since its floating can it be moved?

17738 No.39876

>*get together and tilt the tower over, like niggers pushing-over a car*

5649a No.39877

Excellent. Ask him

"If you wanted to break into this tower, how would you do it?"

17738 No.39878

>push tower upside down
>everyone in it has their week ruined

dd581 No.39879

Cuz its not gi-fucking-gantic and shit
"I'd have to think about that. When I first um,… visited to um,… pick up a bit, it was easy. Since I'm already a player I can readily come and go at will, even with fields in place. I just went chameleon and walked right in."

5649a No.39880

"I'm going to submit to you a challenge. I don't quite have a payment, except, you know, for that unicorn horn, but I hope you'll appreciate it. Suppose you're not a player. And suppose a dimension lock is in place. You can lift or disable the dimension lock, but the subject will teleport away if disabled for long enough. Tell me, how would you get in to this tower?"

90da4 No.39881

if we tie a rope around it and pull it with trump tower will it move?

5649a No.39882

We could also just get on its surface, undo the dimension lock, and then slip in before it teleports. Or teleport with it

90da4 No.39883

"hey thez. do you know how to get inside tower?"

5649a No.39884

Actually I still want to shoot at it with cannons. 12 cannons firing every minute for two hours.

17738 No.39885

It'd be a pain to tie around.
Use sovereign duct tape to attach the cables.

17738 No.39886

Do we have any adamantine?

90da4 No.39887

no i dont think we do.

5649a No.39888

Probably some

dd581 No.39889

"Why don't you just ask me to try and figure out how to get in the pyramid over there? Its not like I didn't notice it when I was picking up the horn."
Thez is in the port, helping clean up the mess that she still blames herself for.
How much are you talking?

5649a No.39890

Adamantine was explicitly stated as being among the metals in the treasury

To Darkie
"Second question for you. If any particular spot on the tower were shot at with cannon balls and trebuchets enough times - and I mean literal hundreds of shots over hours - would it eventually break?"

5649a No.39891

"That's pretty much my question"

90da4 No.39893

i walk over and inquire.

5649a No.39894

Tracy needs to fix her relationship with her husbando anyways

dd581 No.39895

"I'll see what I can come up with. As far as cannons, you might want to ask the midgit, he's the resident expert on this place."
>expensive fuggin' cannonballs
Not enough for more than a few shots.
"No… sorry."

90da4 No.39896

"me help you clean up."

5649a No.39897

"Are you referring to the dragon who has been missing for many days, or the dwarf who tried to kill us and is now dead?"

17738 No.39898

I g2g soon.
Tracy appears visibly frustrated, again, and wanders off into town in stealth, looking for any traces of troll as she scavenges dropped items/weapons, loots broken shops, collects body parts, and finishes off the rest of the wandering undead.

dd581 No.39899

"I mean the little shit with a penchant for setting things on fire."
"… thanks. There's two things I need your help with actually."

90da4 No.39900

"what they are?"

dd581 No.39901

The shops are essentially undamaged, as the evacuation was well under way when the Devos invaded

5649a No.39903

File: 1514759423991.png (1.27 MB, 5650x4730, image.png)

"Thank you"

Whelp. Trumpaladin goes to the forge to see if Lenos ever came back

>I will never have a lover as devoted as Infernius - ever

dd581 No.39904

She leads him over to the whorehouse, where all the undead corpses are being piled around.
"When the clean-up is finished, we're going to burn it all. When that is finished, I want you to sanctify the place," she looks down, "so that nothing like this ever happens again."

dd581 No.39905

90da4 No.39906

"me know you still blame yourself, but me don't blame you thez. you didn't know."

5649a No.39907

May as well continue talking with Felicia, if she hasn't wondered off and hasn't been killed by Darkie

"I see your cutie mark is of a paint brush. Were you a painter?"

5649a No.39908

>Trumpaladin will never have a lover as devoted to him as Infernius to Thez

Trumpaladin tries to think of ways to steal Thez's Husbando

90da4 No.39909

File: 1514760326787.jpg (348.73 KB, 600x477, 1514346473870.jpg)

dd581 No.39910

"No, but I should have. I was careless. If not for that weakness, we could have easily routed them with no casualties. I didn't intend for this to happen, but the blood is on my hands. Gawd, look at me. What's happened to me? I used to be affable and detached, unemotional and carefree. Now I'm getting all weepy over a bunch of whores and ex-convicts. This is your fault you know," she says, managing a weak smile.
"I absolutely love to paint! I have,… er had, a whole art gallery featuring works by many of the local Phillydelphia artists, myself included. I wonder what will happen to it now."

17738 No.39911

[sad pony noises]

5649a No.39912

"I'm… I'm sorry. I too left things and people behind"

*Attempts to hug pony*

Good. Good. Join the light side

5649a No.39913

17738 No.39914

Tracy gives up and goes back to the tower.
It's like ~3:00 AM, right?

90da4 No.39915

"me plan all coming together *smiles* it okay baby, me think you look cute when flustered like this. we will make (((them))) pay thez"

5649a No.39916

I hope it's before midnight. I kind of want to craft Mithral Armor for Fae before the Tower is cracked

17738 No.39917

>'I couldn't find her…'
There's no way it's before midnight. And hoo-mans need sleep.

5649a No.39918

I'm hoping RBG was killed before sunset and the rest of this autistic mess didn't take more than six hours. But yes, he's going to sleep eventually

*starts removing heavy plate*

>"Tracy… do you… really appreciate what did on the docks…"

5649a No.39919

>"I'm in the tower in the common area. If you care"

17738 No.39920

>'I do.. although it's kind of pointless, because she's still at large..'
>'Let's go to bed…'

dd581 No.39921

Accepts hug
>light side
Its alot easier since she's not half-devil
More like 5 I think, a few hours before dawn yet.
Unless you mean new years, why midnight?

dd581 No.39922

Her expression hardens. "Oh, I'm gonna call in a favor for this one."

5649a No.39923

>why midnight
Just to save time. Any time will do, but earlier is better

>Felicia accepts the hug

"I can understand if you don't want to stay here, but, well, I'm not sure where else you would go. Would you like stay here, at the tower? We have extra rooms, food and drink we can give you"

>"I'm a little angry with you…"

90da4 No.39924

"oh? from who?"

dd581 No.39925

"The only entity that I know of that loves the destruction of anyone and anything, virtually indescriminately. Spooder."

90da4 No.39926

"you mean darkie?"

5649a No.39927

If Trumpaladin were there, he'd try to talk her out of taking such a giant risk and insist that the party's resources, many of which have never even been used, are sufficient for the task

Instead, Trumpaladin helps the new cute girl into her room while thinking about how he's angry at his girlfriend

dd581 No.39928

"Not him, I'm talking about Lloth, the one who put Darkemter here. Most players don't know the deities who brought them here, but Darkie knows all too well, and his armor is somehow connected to her."
And if Trump were there and said that, she would assure him that she doesn't want her help defeating (((them))), she wants her to make sure that they end up in Spooder's level of the Abyss for all eternity.

90da4 No.39929

"thez me don't want you to make deals with devils"
*sad Minoutaur face*

dd581 No.39930

"Not a devil, a demon-god. And don't worry, she owes me. I did her a favor once a long time ago."

5649a No.39931

A deal not to destroy the enemy, but to drag their souls further into hell? I guess that can be made safely and have beneficial effects the Party and the City cannot replicate

90da4 No.39932

"okay me trust you thez"
*tightens hug*

5649a No.39933

Dice rollRolled 12 + 30

Does Felicia have any wants at the moment? Sense motive on pony

dd581 No.39934

+30? Rly? Damn. That's some Jedi-level shit

5649a No.39935

Aaaaaaand Sense motive is a wisdom based check, not Charisma, so the Circlet of Persuasion can't apply. So maybe +27 ish.

5649a No.39936

I'm not sure, but 19 ranks in sense motive, +2 negotiator feat, +2 natural wisdom, +1 or +2 from the Periphet of wisdom, +1 Stone of Good Luck. So actually only +25 or +26. The diplomacy modifier though is Jedi Level

dd581 No.39937

That's still fukkin absurd.
says the guy who's character has a +33 on hide and sneak
Alright. She's clearly a bit taken aback by the situation, not least of which because the guy who attacked her when she first showed up is now the guy catering to her and giving her the rundown. Additionally, she's seen more off-the-wall shit (the tower, the Entertron, various other things) in her first day here than in most of her entire lifetime in Equestria. She's further dismayed at the thought of never seeing her friends and loved ones again, and to top it all off she doesn't have any paint/brushes.
"Uhm,… where can I find paintbrushes and paint? It helps me to relax."

90da4 No.39938

*cleans up and piles bodies*

dd581 No.39939

"Leave that part to me, I can teleport. Your men are in mourning, and could use a morale boost," she smiles hopefully. "They look up to you, and not just cuz you're fuggin' tall."

5649a No.39940

Trumpaladin starts to look for said brushes
"I'll help you find some"

"I think I should explain to you what happened on the docks. I hurt another member of the party, the Blue One. Her way of dealing with the situation was to try to kill Trollestia, the unicorn you met when you first arrived. I did not want to do it. At all. But I needed to prove that I was capable of being loyal. That I was able to do something for the sake of someone else, just because they ordered me to do it, and because of my special relationship with them. I promised her I would do it. And I was not going to back out of a promise. But I felt bad about doing it. I approached Trollestia, and made a separate, secret promise to her. That though I must kill her - yes, I told her - I would see to it that she was resurrected. That why when I saw you on the docks, when you where made to appear as Trollestia, I said to you, "my agreement with you still stands." I was trying to tell her that. But Trollestia replaced herself with you. The instant I saw that it was not her, but another person I had never seen before in my life, I knew the deed needed to be undone."

"Let me see if we have brushes in the storage area. I KNOW we have canvas you can use in our manufactory"
*Bumbles about looking for said items*

90da4 No.39941

"me heart breaks for them and there lost brothers."
*walks over to the police station*

5649a No.39942

"A while back, when we encountered a Black dragon - yes, those exist here - we managed to take its treasure. Among its items were a few paintings, I believe that had not been wholly destroyed by their time in the bog. Would you like to see them?"

5649a No.39943

"Okay, so they are not going to be as impressive as anything you made and displayed back in Fillydephia. But maybe being surrounded by paints will make you feel a little better"

dd581 No.39944

A couple things to clarify. 1 art pieces doesn't actually mean paintings and such (though sometimes), it instead refers to jewelry, sculptures, and valuable treasure that isn't 'just' gold and gems; a gilded and gem-studded scabbard or a king's scepter, for example. 2 that wasn't Trollestia that you made that deal with, that was Ponimaru disguised as Trollestia. During that dialogue (the blood vial, etc.) he was bluffing and had no idea what you were talking about. Enough of that though.
"Is… killing really that prevalent here? In Equestria, even the changelings never actually killed anypony, they just consumed their energy and enslaved them."

90da4 No.39945

5649a No.39946

Well then

NOW I agree with Tracy's faggot on this

"Well, enemies do consume energy and enslave others here, though they also kill and eat souls. This world isn't exactly a land of rainbows and magic and unicorns. But I do try to make it more like Equestria, and spread harmony"

5649a No.39947

*Shows Felicia the art that appears on the walls in the rooms, like in Hotel rooms, claiming it's a local flavor*

1166b No.39948

Sorry I disappeared. I gotta drive the family somewhere now.

1166b No.39949

Tracy goes to bed, pretending to be sane.

90da4 No.39950

File: 1514764894637.png (217.15 KB, 1024x1313, 8685848c4decb2ce344b9f26ce….png)

*gets to infernuis' room see this picture*

5649a No.39951

Not with Husbando? Aww… I was hoping for dialogue

dd581 No.39952

>sorry I disappeared, gotta disappear
Take care TF, hope to see you again before midnight, but otherwise Happy New Year!

90da4 No.39953

File: 1514765575000.jpg (39.14 KB, 640x777, 0aa1d9f3988fa2483a2769cee7….jpg)

"men today our small nation state has suffered a loss, a very personal loss.we morn and burn our fallen tonight,we shouldn't be too sad though they are with our fuhrer now.but tommorow in the dawn we ride to get some payback on (((those rat bastards)))! we will show those dirty communist jews who the master race is! we will show no mercy everything in the court city dies! we will take it in the name of our fallen! in the name of our fuhrer! and in the name of our nation state!

dd581 No.39954

Sad faces turn grim, nods are exchanged. One guy further back steps forward. "Sir, when the time comes, tell us what to do. We're not gonna throw our lives away, but we're not going to let them get away either." His statement is met with murmurs and nods of agreement.

90da4 No.39955

"dont worry men me be right there with you every step of the way! we will break our enemies will!
me teach you all how to turn undead!(can i give them a level in cleric?)"

5649a No.39956

NPC followers have special classes to them, sort of the equivalent of fighters

5649a No.39957

I prepared much of a speech to deliver to the Port…

dd581 No.39958

I think what you mean to say is: "Let me tell you about George Lincoln Rockwell".
They did participate in killing hella Devos and Niggerwalkers, so they got enough xp for at least 1 level in cleric.
That's good, only the Gestapo is hearing Infernius' bit.

90da4 No.39959

File: 1514766714357.png (735.51 KB, 710x625, 1514684338470.png)

dd581 No.39960

… but there's no more Sechs ~_~

90da4 No.39961

yeah i did actually. retcon it.

dd581 No.39962


5649a No.39963


That reminds me… Fae has been a lot more active in fights on screen and off since the Kefka battle

3a234 No.39964

File: 1514767105702-0.jpg (67.77 KB, 720x551, 7f69ecbbec9204c058c01f2440….jpg)

Lol no. I think you mean Warriors.

dd581 No.39965

Yeah, and she tore the shit outta some undeads off-camera. She can level too.

3a234 No.39966

She calls him over.

5649a No.39967

Goes to pony

90da4 No.39968

3a234 No.39969


5649a No.39970

*Is reluctant to hug at first*

*hugs anyways*

3a234 No.39971

3a234 No.39972


dd581 No.39973

Bye 4 nao. Stay safe

5649a No.39974

What ways am I allowed to level her?

dd581 No.39975

Fighter or Cleric, without devoting herself to a new class (such as Monk or Pali)

5649a No.39976

>A Paladin for a Paladin's Mount
That's the most awesome thing I have ever heard. But I'm going to progress with my intent to make her the Kitty High Priestess of Football, American, and Elway. Give her cleric

dd581 No.39977

K. Uh, do you know where she's at right now? I don't wanna have to dig,….

dd581 No.39978

~ 50 posts till gets

5649a No.39979

1 cleric level beyond her magical beast HD

dd581 No.39980

Doesn't she already have class levels? I'll admit, I started getting careless with her when you started taking an interest.

05d22 No.39981

She has magical beast hit die, abilities, and attacks

dd581 No.39983

Yeah, but with pali-mount hax, I'm not even sure what that is anymore. I can figure it out, I just haven't yet.

Anyway, I'll still be here and about (especially w/ the ebil ded marathon soon-to-be) but just in case; have a Happy New Year all you lovable, delightful, autistic, murderous, goody-two-shoes, meme-sperging, stabby, waifu-thieving, obnoxiously sweet and kind, and all other sorts of descriptives that are too numerous to mention.

Seriously though, you guys have made my world better by orders of magnitude.
"He means that, he actually smiles now, and interacts with people without layering sarcasm and spite. Not to say that there isn't sarcasm and spite, but still, he's much less a faggot. Maybe not much less, but a different sort of faggot. Its not just me who's noticed either. Ah fug, Happy New Year!"
>rapes Infernius

90da4 No.39984

File: 1514773338852.png (28.93 KB, 1224x346, 1514772895788.png)

dd581 No.39985

Kek, I was just about to post that.

dd581 No.39986

Wait 4 hours? How old is that image?! They clearly underestimate deez nuts.

e0601 No.39987

Oh shit

dd581 No.39989

SINCE there's probably Spartans (and others) who are now joining us (maybe not us, but whatever bread) allow me to welcome you most sincerely, honestly, and earnestly. I did name a city/theme in the Game after u fuckers. Good luck with the GETs-ball, you'll need it; one of the players is a mod. ^_~

94e28 No.39990

Can I give other animals class levels?

90da4 No.39991

File: 1514773766960.jpg (42.63 KB, 564x549, 88e05babb092b38a9b95c653c3….jpg)

dd581 No.39992

Are you referring to the birds, or do you have other NPC animals (or not yet NPC animals) in mind?

05d22 No.39993

They don't have the int to have class levels

94e28 No.39994


90da4 No.39995

File: 1514773876318.png (106.21 KB, 800x750, 1514680993795.png)

>Pic related
a soyboy spartan.

dd581 No.39996

Generally yes, though it depends on the animal and the circumstance. Experience is requisite, but technically anything can advance in levels.

dd581 No.39997

File: 1514774080835.jpg (87.31 KB, 650x414, fight-club-brad-pitt-tyler….jpg)

>inb4 GETs (cuz I KNOW ur waiting for it)
Here's to all you faggots; players, spectators, GETs-ballers, et al. Happy New Year

dd581 No.39998


05d22 No.39999

If he's going to train an army of 31 strength plus animals then I can have a dragon as a cohort

05d22 No.40000

A female young adult Silver Dragon cohort

94e28 No.40001

Can I increase their Int and give them the ability to speak with an Awaken scroll?

90da4 No.40003

File: 1514774226968.png (212.65 KB, 1228x1315, 1512965369471.png)

happy new year goys

05d22 No.40004

I know that

94e28 No.40005

How do you determine a non-humanoid's starting age?

94e28 No.40006

Also, we did Level-up once, right?

90da4 No.40007

before you go gibe lich loot plz.

05d22 No.40008

I think we're going to get an increase of at least one level very soon. But be patient

90da4 No.40009

he said we lvld up.

dd581 No.40010

What is this? Where's the 404 pali? Trump, joo got some 'splainin to do,…. is drinking, pay no mind
Go? Where do you think I'm going? What am I gonna do, go and hob-nob with rural normies who think that Israel is best ally, as just one example? Fug no, I'm stayin' HERE. Fug parties n sheeit. There's evil dead in 15 minutes!
Yeah, the lich fight caused lebel.

94e28 No.40011

I can get Aura of Despair at this level.
*Makes weak-ass skeleton dance*

90da4 No.40012

rabbit is up btw.

11500 No.40013

What did I miss?

94e28 No.40014

Everyone went to bed.

90da4 No.40015


94e28 No.40016

3.5e underestimates animal intelligence.

90da4 No.40017

everyones awake.

94e28 No.40018

What are the characters still doing at 5 am?

90da4 No.40019

im preparing my men for war with communist undead.

dd581 No.40020

Fuk no they didn't
U missed some GETs in the New Years thread, u missed some faggotry, on and Torcuil (and everyone else) leveled from the bliches.
So very this. I'm inclined to accommodate and develop a 'more accurate' metric to determine "animal-intelligence" abilities, skills, etc. Maybe not Wizards (all those components and glyphs and dances n sheeeit) but fighers? At the very least fighters, and better still Rangers (cuz they fuggin are animals, in fact if u've seen crazy nature shit you probably have already seen animal rangers {maybe druids, but w/e}).
Sorry, I got off on a tangent.

05d22 No.40022

Trumpaladin has helped Felicia set up, sent Fae to help the Generals, and has grappled Tracy, who he drags off and curls up with in his bed. And he goes to fucking sleep, because otherwise the character would be exhausted the next day. And that would suck

11500 No.40023

I saw that
Wuts Torc's level?

94e28 No.40024

94e28 No.40025

*Hugs in sleep*

05d22 No.40026

You're letting Tracy's faggot not only have not one, but two Gargantuan sized - not huge, but gargantuan sized - bird that start off with a strength as high as a cauchemar's but also level them up as fighters?

90da4 No.40027

also movie night we are watching evildead.

11500 No.40029

Eh, not tonight

94e28 No.40030

Can she give them each a permanent telepathic bond with her?

94e28 No.40031

Also, how much bigger have her birds gotten?
Can the have slightly different colors for the sake of character?

90da4 No.40032

they can sleep.

94e28 No.40033

Sounds awesome to me.
Why not?

05d22 No.40034

A price of 1500 xp each, with the permancy spell. They can't form sentences though, so it's kind of pointless

94e28 No.40035

Yeah, but then she'd be able to call them or speak to them from far away.
Eh.. I guess it's not worth it.

11500 No.40036

How much XP does Torc have to spend on magic shit?

94e28 No.40037

It matters what it is.

5649a No.40038

He's still pissed at her for the way in which she's been handling the "kill Trollestia" thing. He's just not angry enough to take a different pony to bed

17738 No.40039

*sucks on fingers*
[peaceful pony noises]

17738 No.40040

Just for the record, how many months has it been since she conceived?

11500 No.40041

That doesn't answer my question

17738 No.40043

What spells were you thinking of.
Different spells have different costs.
If the effect is really drastic, it probably has quite a big cost.

11500 No.40044

Oh, you missunderstood, I didn't mean how much something costs, I meant how much does he possess to spend.

17738 No.40045

We just leveled up, so idk.

5649a No.40046

The amount of xp between two levels is generally something like the number of the level, multiplied by 1000. So it takes 17000 xp to go from level 16 to level 17. That should give you some idea of how much xp you have

17738 No.40048

It's 5-6 AM in game, so can we skip to morning/afternoon, so we can do things?

11500 No.40049

Uh, if calculated right 153000 roughly.
So say Torc spents 17000 xp somehow, does that put him back at lvl 16?

17738 No.40050

How do you figure out how much XP you get from a task/encounter?

5649a No.40051

It's 10:54 EST in real life. Fuck that. Let us spend new years eve with families and watching the Evil Dead series or whatever

5649a No.40052

I honestly do not know

I think so?

17738 No.40053

He's only just above seventeen, so spending a little should put him back.

17738 No.40054

My family is asleep.
Nothing drastic is going to happen.

11500 No.40055

Okay, Thanks for this shit GM I'm really enjoying it.

5649a No.40056

File: 1514779206262.jpg (277.71 KB, 1761x1920, 1498779198118.jpg)

*wakes up sort of*
*Sexes pony, hugging her but still approaching her from behind and not looking at her*
*goes back to sleep*

11500 No.40057

File: 1514779785183.png (453.59 KB, 600x1332, this_is_not_a_game___natgi….png)

17738 No.40058


17738 No.40059

17738 No.40060

I just want to know how bloated she is.
For that matter, I wonder if she still appears pregnant while in her Huge form. Regardless of breed, a hoers fetus is always %10 of its mothers size.
She was half-transformed when she conceived, so idk how big it's going to be…

[bloated pony noises]

17738 No.40061

*gets up in the middle of the night to fill body with chocolate cake*
*returns to bed*

5649a No.40062

*nibbles pony ears*
*grabs voluptuous pregnant mare breasts*
*cums inside pony*

17738 No.40063

*kissing intensifies*
*stares into eyes dreamily with Darkvision*
[content pony noises]

5649a No.40064

I don't think she should be very pregnant. The sex from which the conception resulted happened only a few days before the second Soros fight, then time skipped three weeks, and then it's been 11 or so days since then. So only a little more than a month since conception. I'd also bet the fetus doesn't increase in size when the mare transforms, which is probably a good thing because it decreases to likelihood that an attack that penetrates the mother also hits the fetus, because a smaller fetus is a smaller target

5649a No.40065

*doesnt have to kiss or look at pony because of position*

17738 No.40066

File: 1514781252990-0.jpg (83.27 KB, 768x545, pregnant-mare-768x545.jpg)

Dice rollRolled 18

*grapples to change position*
"Look at me, Flashy.."
Last time I asked, it was 3 and a half months.
It'll be a bit difficult when she gets too big to fight responsibly though..

5649a No.40067

*turns head*

I know GM said that but I've been keeping up with days

17738 No.40068

*licks face*
"..I love you, Flashy.."

5649a No.40069


I know you didn't care that we killed a random and innocent mare. Her name was - is - Felicia, and she was a painter, from Philidelphia. But why did you get in my way trying to revive her, when I asked to be taken to the tower, or to have Fae take me to the tower? And why did you burn so many trees in the forest? Slovenia will be sad to see that she can't craft as many things out of wood anymore. And none of it killed Trollestia, who we'll need tomorrow anyways"

17738 No.40070

"… I didn't want Troll to get away.. and there wasn't much burned in the end anyway, just a tree or two…"
*licks face again*

5649a No.40071

*still somewhat angry, but licks pony face*
*continues humping pony*

17738 No.40072

*humps faster*

5649a No.40073

*humps pony, but is still distracted*

"Tracy, do you think I love you? Do you think I am devoted to you?"

17738 No.40074

".. I.. I believe so.."
*Humps furiously*
"I know I love you though. You're the only one for me."
*Locks jaws*

5649a No.40075

>"but you're not really sure, are you?"

*tries to return Tracy's thrusts and kisses, but can't quite keep up, at least now*

17738 No.40076

>'…sometimes I feel like you look at other mares a bit too much…'
>' it worries me…'

5649a No.40077

>"Why would that worry you? Do you think I can't love you if I look at someone else?"

17738 No.40078


5649a No.40079

"Why is that, Tracy?"

17738 No.40080

Tracy's faggot succumbs to exhaustion.
I'm sorry but I really gotta sleep.

11500 No.40081

Good night, and happy new year

5649a No.40082

*cums inside pony*
I'm'a get a heartfelt dialogue about the characters' relationship problems out of you one of these days

5649a No.40083

Happy New Years Florida fags

90da4 No.40084

File: 1514786513031.png (34.4 KB, 350x250, 1478937__safe_artist-colon….png)

happy new year!!

dd581 No.40085

Mebe, I dunno yet I haven't decided
No! But she can give them distinctive accessories, cuz otherwise they look exactly the same (downy-white with yellow beaks)
… reads thread more…
OMG. TOP KEK>! I can't even!

5649a No.40086

Happy New Years! For us Central Time folk

To answer an earlier question, Fae has 17 Magical Beast Hit Die, 9 from Dragonne and 8 from Paladin's mount. Of course I have ALL of her numbers.

How long would it take to craft non-magical Mithral Breast Plate for her? How long would it take to resize the superfluous cloak of resistance into a Templar-style Caparison that will fit her? (I checked, magic cost is the same regardless of the size of the subject, so tailoring should probably be possible)

dd581 No.40087

Yeah, why hasn't anyone asked about a gun-blade yet? Just askin

90da4 No.40088

id like a chainsaw

dd581 No.40089

"Shit, I'd a chainsaw"

dd581 No.40090

Happy New Years ^_^
>GM is drunk, fuck off nao HNY

90da4 No.40091

File: 1514794224940.jpg (76.94 KB, 842x1024, 1514344369836.jpg)

sieg heil gm and thez,happy new year.

5649a No.40092

File: 1514813458928.jpg (46.59 KB, 800x222, Chainsword_THQ_Replica.jpg)

Did you mean to say, Chainsword?

17738 No.40093

Tracy can't normally use gunz, but she can use anything with a blade.

dd581 No.40094

LOTS of math. Its really quite obnoxious in 3.5.
I don't know how to respond properly. On the one hand I am grateful for your enjoyment, on the other hand I am grateful for your participation. Both cause a sensation of satisfaction that is entirely new and unknown to me, so I can further state that the pleasure is mine. You're welcome I guess is the best response?

17738 No.40095

File: 1514826589580.jpg (145.2 KB, 700x700, 1388562597227.jpg)

Good mornin'

One of the first things Tracy does in the morning is feed her birds.

17738 No.40096

That thing looks badass, but I bet the battery life stinks..
>they look exactly the same
Will they always look like that?
*attaches an orchid bow to Sammy and a Shy bow to Bunny*

17738 No.40097

Sky bow*

5649a No.40098

Trumpaladin lets Tracy's tail hair run through his fingers, and he watches her rump as she walks away

dd581 No.40099

No, but I did want to goad you into making them more distinctive creatively.

17738 No.40100

File: 1514828538365.png (88.33 KB, 1024x768, just for the plot.png)

Didn't realize I had any creative license as to what they looked like. I asked if they could be slightly different colors.
Give me a couple minutes to think of their descriptions.
>*that thing grils do when they swing their hips seductively*

5649a No.40101

File: 1514829605626.jpeg (41.92 KB, 300x300, image.jpeg)

This is Sam. Though you can give her a red white and blue coat if you want

17738 No.40102

Sammy at this age would be a peppered silvery gray color, with a pale gray head and dark gray feathers along her body. She looks a bit like a bald eagle, but only just vaguely. Her ear-lobes are just beginning to poke out, with a silver and slate feathers sprouting around them. Her beak is a stunning yellow-gold.
Bunny is still a bit paler and fluffier than her sister, although her ear-tufts seem to have grown faster, with magnificent golden-brown feathers poking out across her body, poking through a fluffy golden down. Her beak is a silvery slate color.
All-in-all, they're a somewhat "silver and gold" palate. One resembling a Bald Eagle (with short gray ear-tufts); the other resembling a Golden eagle.
But overall they really both just look like cute, fluffy, mammoth-sized chicks with large, awkward feathers sprouting all over them that subtly hint at how rapidly they're both growing into ferocious dire-raptors.
Kek. I was thinking of Sam Eagle since before she even sat on them. Sammy is roughly the same color at this age, with slate-colored flight feathers peppering her body.

90da4 No.40108

File: 1514836149986.png (261.46 KB, 888x888, 1514674636430.png)


11500 No.40109

ae76f No.40110

File: 1514836345767.png (132.79 KB, 1024x674, image.png)

*pretends not to be autistically monitoring*


11500 No.40111

17738 No.40112

Trips checked.

17738 No.40113

Tracy goes down to the holodeck and trains for Mobility.

90da4 No.40114

hows the new year treating you faggots?

17738 No.40115

Haven't died yet.

11500 No.40116

Pretty decent, cold as fuck out though.
Lets keep it that way

ae76f No.40117

Please have mercy. You're so relentless with doing things in game I'm afraid that if I stop paying attention for a few hours time will advance and I'll lose the ability to do things in game. Let us have one holiday where I don't have to worry

Going to a gun range with a friend to try out his new AK

11500 No.40118

Nice, sounds fun

90da4 No.40119

i know.

ae76f No.40120

Yes, only semi

17738 No.40121

File: 1514838631669-0.jpg (33.25 KB, 250x286, cannon_by_grinderkiller1-d….jpg)

File: 1514838631669-1.jpg (13.43 KB, 300x300, 4b7b1a44c5229b61c2db810917….jpg)

File: 1514838631669-2.jpg (19.41 KB, 355x293, 41UYlJ5eYYL._SX355_.jpg)

File: 1514838631669-3.jpg (390.59 KB, 1157x774, xsp270gjn2.jpg)

File: 1514838631669-4.jpg (119.78 KB, 784x580, tumblr_n5hrblXqEL1rtuqolo1….jpg)

We have canons, but do we have the formula/ingredients for gunpowder?
I want to recreate Gut's mini-canon on Tracy's other gauntlet, if possible.

dd581 No.40122

I'm here, I'm just doing a bunch of calculating for game elements. By the way, the broom-handle RBG had is a Staff of Abjuration.

11500 No.40123

I'll give you 10 shekels

17738 No.40124

Only wizards can use staffs, right? It's as good as yours.

dd581 No.40125

Alot of the liches' loot is in their lair, but aside from the 3 pairs of bracers and 3 rings of protection. Additionally, Nancy Pelosi had an Orb of Storms. They're gonna be pissed when they re-constitute.

11500 No.40126

Works for me
>puts away bitcoins

17738 No.40127

>Orb of Storms

11500 No.40128


17738 No.40129

File: 1514839144060-0.jpg (52.91 KB, 533x400, 46161a72a202acd6468b1b02c2….jpg)

Liches don't go away permanently until you destroy their phylacteries.
>pic related

dd581 No.40130

Dianne Feinstein was fuggen brroke. She got a 2/100
They're liches, u gotta break their hidden e-mail servers to kill them perma

11500 No.40131

So they where liches…
>email servers

ae76f No.40132

Um… Can I'z claim the Bracers and the ring with the highest numbers?

90da4 No.40133

ill help if one gets made for infernuis to.

90da4 No.40134

i only have 1 ring right?

dd581 No.40135

If he can figure out which one that is, sure. 1 in 3 chance

ae76f No.40136

Reeee! Inspect rings and inspect bracers

17738 No.40137

What are you going to do with the other ring and bracers that you have?
Pretty sure only Lenos has that kind of appraisal ability.

90da4 No.40138

i put the ring i have with me on.

dd581 No.40139

Actually, there is no choosing, its what the particular lich had.

ae76f No.40140

Dice rollRolled 18 + 1

Appraise ring

ae76f No.40141

I need to figure out what the ring and bracers are first to make any decisions

90da4 No.40142

whats the bonus on my ring?

11500 No.40143

Dice rollRolled 9

Can Torc apprase that staff?
Does Knowledge (arcana) give him a bonus?

ae76f No.40144

The AK shot beautifully

90da4 No.40145

ive tried to get 7.62 for my Mauser but i cant find any nearby. do you know where you friend get his ammo?

dd581 No.40146

Wanna find out what an item does? There's a spell for that.
Good question.
Oh shit. You guys are gonna like it if you raid their lair.

ae76f No.40147

He said it was a staff of abjuration. I'm guessing that's just one item. Rings of protection and bracers of protection have values that vary

I can't really say I know. We bought the ammo at a Cabellas. They had 8mm Mauser ammo

90da4 No.40148

oh i know i will.
cabellas huh? i think theres one close by ill check it out thanks.

17738 No.40149

The staff is in Tracy's bag, but Tracy would just throw it in the tower's treasure pile after figuring-out it's not a flying broom.

Tracy heads to the Entertron to finally cut-down Ponimaru from the ceiling.

90da4 No.40150

infernuis goes to he needs to apologize about what the worm made him do.

17738 No.40151

"What did he do to you?"

dd581 No.40152

Infernius kinda killed him a while back. He dies alot.

ae76f No.40153

Um… My character is here for this

Reeeeeeeee why is there game play while I'm at a bar again

17738 No.40154

gib dialogue

90da4 No.40155

"um it wasnt what he did to me, its what me did to him, when me was possed by the worm me threw him into a wall head first."

ae76f No.40156

"What? I'm not sure I understand. What exactly happened to you?"

17738 No.40157

Don't worry. He doesn't need to be.
Tracy leaves the bracers and ring in a bag, alongside his lunch on the coffee-table in the room..

dd581 No.40158

Are there normies?
This is correct, my bad. It wasn't that Ponimaru died, he just didn't escape (grapples, etc.).

11500 No.40159

Cast that spell

90da4 No.40160

"the worm was controlling me body for a few days before me almost died."

17738 No.40161

Where is your character?
Also, see >>40149

17738 No.40162

What does he say?
Tracy's about to give him hell for tricking her, btw.

dd581 No.40163

I honestly thought he was gonna plane shift, or else I wouldn't have given out all that free swag. If the worm had taken Infernius back to the Abyss, that would've been probable party-murder.

17738 No.40164

That's what I thought too.

90da4 No.40165

it was going to after it had left the court city.

17738 No.40166

What's his other ring btw? Just curious.

17738 No.40167

Why'd it go there?

90da4 No.40168

the wedding regen ring.

17738 No.40169

ae76f No.40170

That's exactly what I thought as well

90da4 No.40173


dd581 No.40174

I'd have let it happen, but Torcuil made a great move/dice roll with death, and that was some awesome roleplaying.

I just realized,… didn't the party revive Cecil? I had forgotten about that.

17738 No.40175

Hey.. If you want that staff, c-can Tracy have the orb? The staff has a higher game price. Tracy has all her slots full for everything else, so she's gonna just sit-out on looting.
Yeah, but then you told us that Cecil's faggot was on meth..

90da4 No.40176

cecil could a npc.

17738 No.40177

I thought he was going to be.

ae76f No.40178

Did Tracy intend the Ring of Evasion to be an engagement ring? She did it a while before the proposal

dd581 No.40179

I probably shouln't have
Ah k
Yeah, I forgot about him. I should fix that.

ae76f No.40180

But the orb has high meme value for the meme Mage

ae76f No.40181

I know exactly what I want to do with him

90da4 No.40182

and me too right?

17738 No.40183

It was a gift to keep him safe: she considers the two to be already married.
Don't throw it away. It's almost definitely worth more than a Ring of Protection.

17738 No.40184

He was probably the first to charge the undead when they arrived, but accidentally fell down a well or something..

Anyway, what did Ponimaru say?

dd581 No.40185

That's omenous AF
Anyway, all three rings are of protection, and the bracers are armor +3/4/5 to Feinstein, Pelosi, and RBG
"Thank you"?

17738 No.40186

He can already cast Control Weather.

90da4 No.40187

"ponimaru me so sorry"
"me wasnt "me" when my body did that to you."

17738 No.40188

"…Now tell me, why was it that you were in the stables dressed-up like that white cunt last night..?"
*looms ominously*

ae76f No.40189

Fuck yeah!

Touché. Tracy's it is then.

*glares at Tracy*

dd581 No.40190

"This was later revealed to me. There is no foul."
"She asked me to."

17738 No.40191

"Did she mention you'd be killed?"

90da4 No.40192

"no,no there is foul. me owe you 3 favors as token of an apology."

ae76f No.40193

"Who are you exactly? I've seen you like twice. You're like a monk or something Thez has been training?

ae76f No.40194

They didn't tell Felicia that she would be killed

1bb84 No.40195

Lenos stumbles through a portal in the control room looking extremely worn and ragged before slumping into a chair

ae76f No.40196

"What did she do to you?"

17738 No.40197

*Puts a hoof over Ponimaru to keep him from slipping away*

"Look why finally got back."

ae76f No.40198

*glares at Tracy*

17738 No.40199

She's not about to let him ninja his way out of this one.

90da4 No.40200

"you okay lennos?"

11500 No.40201

File: 1514845183863.png (224.74 KB, 499x428, 1512881461468-0.png)

I wasn't going to take it anyway, so sure

Uh, Torc was where that "everyone ded" scene was. Idk wherr he is now.

ae76f No.40202

"Who is this guy Tracy, and what is your fascination with him?"

1bb84 No.40203

*smiles mischievously* made me a very happy guy

dd581 No.40204

"Certainly not. I'd prefer to have only gotten killed by you once."
"I have no name, but have come to be called Ponimaru. I provide ninja-support to Thez and Port Barry."

ae76f No.40205

"Is there a separate faction here I don't know about? Where did you come from? Are you Equestrian? And why is my waifu obsessed with you?"

90da4 No.40206

File: 1514845379336.gif (1.09 MB, 876x1100, 1506930289951.gif)

>my pic!

dd581 No.40207

"There you are. I need you to set the whorehouse on fire." Thez says. "The port just got raided by undead and it's kinda my fault."

ae76f No.40208

"Where is Kiynen?"

ae76f No.40209

"We're setting the Brothel on fire?!?!?"
*exited Paladin noises*

17738 No.40210

"He's the horse we bought a few months back. He dies a lot."
[confused pony noises]
"I'm not sure what you're talking about, Flashy.."
"That slippery cunt..! She did that twice last night.."

17738 No.40211

>Are you Equestrian?
He visibly is not.

1bb84 No.40212

>>40207 *big grin*teleport me there and I'll be happy to

dd581 No.40213

"Yes. That's where all the undead and unrecoverable civilian corpses are being gathered, then everything is gonna be burned, and then Infernius is going to sanctify the area so that this doesn't happen again," Thaz says solemnly.

ae76f No.40214

"Why were you more eager to see him that day with the trolls than to go with me when I asked? Why do you leave him gifts? Why do you put your hoof on him and keep him from leaving?"

ae76f No.40215

"B-but I want to set it on fire"

90da4 No.40216

*puts hand on shoulder*

dd581 No.40217

Thez grabs Lenos' shoulder and <whooooof> they appear outside the brothel. The Building has all manner of large and small undead piled around it, and the citizens are just finished dousing it in kerosene.

1bb84 No.40218

>>40215*glares* I get to burn it or i burn you

ae76f No.40219

*Sad Paladin noises*

17738 No.40220

>Tfw no unholy sights anymore
[frustrated Blackguard noises]
"Oh well.. She still has her pole."
>Why were you more eager to see him that day with the trolls than to go with me when I asked?
"I hadn't seen him in a while and figured he'd finally ran off. We went together anyway."
>Why do you leave him gifts?
"It turns out you can only use one magic hand at a time.."
>Why do you put your hoof on him and keep him from leaving?
"Because I haven't finished chewing up this little weeb for tricking me."

ae76f No.40221

Glares right back at him.

"I'm sorry, which of the two of us is the Paladin tasked with purging evil?"

1bb84 No.40222

The kerosene is unneeded but will make a nice addition *casts firestormon the brothel*

ae76f No.40223

"And let hordes of evil right into the base that way?"

17738 No.40224

Did not mean to put that shit in quotes.

ae76f No.40225

*untrusting glance*

dd581 No.40226

"And here I thought you were gonna burp on it," Thez says. The Firestorm is of ridiculous intensity - by way of a few feats - and readily/easily ignites the whole thing. It isn't consumed immediately, but it won't take too long either.

17738 No.40227

Trips checked

17738 No.40228

File: 1514846353315-0.jpg (84.59 KB, 750x600, TavernFire.jpg)

dd581 No.40229

90da4 No.40230

i guess i'm not a real adventurer then.

17738 No.40231

Well, we haven't exactly gone that many places yet.

dd581 No.40232

That's cuz you play a cleric who doesn't get drunk.
Huh. It appears that Port Barry has developed a philharmonic orchestra from left field, who provide musical accompaniment as the building burns.

1bb84 No.40233

>>40226 I figured a burp would be overkill *shrugs and looks around for his tankard of ale*

11500 No.40234

90da4 No.40235

he gets drunk sometimes.

17738 No.40236

>a cleric who doesn't get drunk
Watch him host the Oktoberfest next year.

11500 No.40237

We need this

90da4 No.40238

its actually Januaryfest.

1bb84 No.40239

>>40236 lenos will happily be a judge

17738 No.40240

"So, now.. Tell me, when was it that Troll put you up to that little stunt last night? Did she seem as though she'd gotten wind of something?"

dd581 No.40241

Lenos returns to Trump tower.
January fest? With equally sudden and from left field as the orchestra, suddenly there's a January Fest.

dd581 No.40242

"No, she said she had to leave for a bit, but wanted her to seem to be there in case the birds returned to the stable. It seemed an odd request, but I couldn't have imagined I would get killed again for it."

17738 No.40243

File: 1514846970538-0.jpg (760.85 KB, 1200x1500, 557409__safe_artist-colon-….jpg)

>January fest?
I don't see why not?

ae76f No.40244

To Lenos
"How hard is the glass steel that encases the tower? If you hit a single point of it with sustained cannon or trebuchet fire, would it eventually break and a hike be blast into it?"

ae76f No.40245

"Felicia said almost exactly the same thing. Did she really not inform any of her victims that they were in danger?"

1bb84 No.40246

>>40244 *shakes head* I have tried repedely to break the crap here and havent even scratched it yet. Why dp you ask

ae76f No.40247

"Because there's a pyramid almost identical to this one in the harbor we need to break into"

17738 No.40248

Tracy brow wrinkles for a bit, and then lessens. Figuring he's wasn't going to be able to get anymore info, she gives up.

1bb84 No.40249

>>40247 just use the temples controls to hack it *with a look of disdain*

90da4 No.40250

"how did darkie get in the tower?"

ae76f No.40251

Dice rollRolled 14 + 25

Sense motive check on Ponimaru to see if he is bluffing or hiding something

ae76f No.40252

"Where are the temple controls?"

17738 No.40254

He could probably just walk in actually.

ae76f No.40255

"I asked him. He implied it was through etherealness or other plane shifting"

1bb84 No.40256

>>40252 *facepalm* thez do these ones not explore the temple or are you messing with their minds. The controls are in the portal room

ae76f No.40257

Also this. There was probably an open door

ae76f No.40258

"I personally find the town more interesting.

How do you get to the portal room when all exterior doors are shut?"

17738 No.40259

I g2g for a bit.
Tracy leaves to go tend to her birds.

1bb84 No.40260

>>40258 oh just open the trap door in the treasury and use the chute

dd581 No.40261

He's a monk, lawful; he wouldn't lie
"They can be kinda thick at times,…."

90da4 No.40262

"lennos will you teach me more about forging later?"

ae76f No.40263

"From outside? Where is that accessible on the structure?"

17738 No.40264

I think he's referring to this towers portal room.

dd581 No.40265

Wait, are you talking about Trump tower or the pyramid?

1bb84 No.40266

>>40262 sure i could do that
>>40263 you use trump towers control room that you can get too through the trap door in the treasure room to hack the other structures controls

ae76f No.40267

I don't know. I was away the day that was explored

The Tower, on the theory that the pyramid is identical in that regard

ae76f No.40268

"You can use this tower to hack similar structures and open their doors?"

90da4 No.40269

"thanks me love forging."

dd581 No.40271

Thez has no idea what any of this means
K. "If not for the Dimensional Lock, I could use a portable hole. Speaking of which, where is my old torso?" Darkie says, twiddling the unicorn horn in one hand. "That's how I robbed the jeweler by the way, completely unwarded walls."

1bb84 No.40272

>>40271 thez you really should get around to reading that control manual yourself we have had enough time

dd581 No.40273

"I tried once, it was really boring. Besides, I can't do magic anymore, so its a moot point."

ae76f No.40274

"But you say we can use the controls of this tower to open the doors of others?"

1bb84 No.40275

>>40273 thats a fair point ill2give you that one

1bb84 No.40276

>>40274 yes but it will only allow you to get inside the other one

ae76f No.40277

"Well… That's good enough for our purposes.

This may seem a bit off the wall, but where in the tower can I find paint brushes, canvas, and other painting materials?"

1bb84 No.40278

>>40277 i would guess somewhere in one of the crafting areas if there are any i dont have a use for that sort of thing unless its to burn

17738 No.40280

"I hollowed it out and took it apart piece-by-piece. I only managed to throw a few parts in my bad before the spider crawled over me though. The rest is probably charcoal."

17738 No.40281

dd581 No.40282

"Lovely. There was a magical device in there, but that's probably been destroyed."

17738 No.40283

"I only realized it was covered in spiders after I scraped it all out and put on your skin. The organs are drying out in my room, if you care to look."

ae76f No.40284

"And now I remember why I never go in your room"

17738 No.40285

"I prefer to sleep in the stables anyway. It'll be a bit more relaxing until that cunt shows up again."

dd581 No.40286

"Perhaps another time," he says a bit dryly.
"That reminds me," Thez says, turning to Darkie. "I wanna talk to Spooder."

ae76f No.40287

"Not my room? ….

… Okay…"

17738 No.40288

Tracy leaves towards the stables to check her just to make sure Troll hasn't showed up again.
Detect good once 60 ft away.
She only sleeps there when she's invited.

dd581 No.40289

No, Trollestia is nowhere to be found.

17738 No.40290


ae76f No.40291

But he asked her to start sleeping there generally


"I mean… I thought since we were engaged… That's okay I guess"

17738 No.40292

>*comes back*
"Except when I'm with you, ~Flashy."

17738 No.40293


17738 No.40294

Well, may as well have her go to the holodeck and train for Mobility.
Actually, I'll have her give her birds some exercise as well.

17738 No.40296

*hugs back*

1bb84 No.40297

Inferniuos if you wish to learn come to the forge *lenos stumbles off to the forge drinking as he goes

90da4 No.40298

"me be there in a minute, thez wanted me to hallow the whorehouse."
*goes and hallow the whorehouse*

dd581 No.40299

"That will take a day to cast, you can do that during the week."

90da4 No.40300

"me be in forge then if you need me."

11500 No.40301

Torc wakes up, after being passed out on the street.

ae76f No.40302

"Will it be simple enough to make mithril breast plate for my special mount? I mean how long would it take?"

17738 No.40303

*tumbleweed passes by*

90da4 No.40304

check your pockets.

ae76f No.40305

*pets wizard*

dd581 No.40306

She's quite busy aggressively conversing with a tiniest spider, barely a speck. "K."
pali kek

11500 No.40307

I fucking swear
"Get your hands off of me. Where is everyone?"

dd581 No.40308

Last time someone checked their pockets, Torcuil got laid by death, don't forget.

ae76f No.40309

"Well with that attitude I'm not telling"

11500 No.40310

That was a box with cards in the bottom
"Well don't touch me"

ae76f No.40311

File: 1514854653439.png (52.12 KB, 500x600, image.png)


11500 No.40312

"Aw fuck you too"
Torc heads towards the tower

17738 No.40313

*Tracy sees everyone walking into town for some reason and decides to follow them*
"Hey, dumb frogsummoner. Good to see you're still alive, I guess.
I found you this wizard-stick."
*tosses staff*

ae76f No.40314

Dice rollRolled 20

Grapples pony

"Right back at you"

17738 No.40315


11500 No.40316

"Thanks smol murder hoers"
"What are you guys doing?"
Torc looks ready to flee
Nice roll

ae76f No.40317

File: 1514855231781.jpeg (207.04 KB, 1280x1152, image.jpeg)

Trumpaladin caries his prize catch back to the tower

17738 No.40318

"Y-you're welcome..!"

ae76f No.40319

"You did a nice job with that dimension lock. We should be assaulting the base soon.

By the way… Did you summon a unicorn?"

11500 No.40320

Torc follows them bak towards the tower.
Hmmm, a unicorn? Uh, no I haven't. Why, need a unicorn for some reason?"
Is this the kinda thing I roll bluff checks on?

ae76f No.40321

"I mean, if you can summon a female unicorn, by all means! Speaking of which, have you seen Ttollestia recently?"

17738 No.40322

*eyes narrow*

11500 No.40323

"Oh Troll? Not since the battle, he said she had something to do"

17738 No.40324

Don't bother. This guy is so scared of being lied to he put half his ranks into Sense Motive.

17738 No.40325

"Which way did she go?"
*eyes narrow further*

ae76f No.40326

"You didn't see a white female unicorn with a green mane yesterday?"

ae76f No.40327

That's not the reason why. I did it so it would be easier to manipulate NPCs by figuring out what they want. But that's s good idea

"No need to worry, little pony. You have me. You don't need to think about her."

*hugs pony with his perfect grapple*

11500 No.40328

"Uh, south? I don't know I was occupied."
"Never seen one like that before."

17738 No.40329

"Was she flying?"

dd581 No.40330

Good luck with that, Trump's got hax on sense motive!

11500 No.40331

"Uh, yes? Now I get a question. Why do you care?"
Fuk u both

dd581 No.40332

>inb4 Torcuil gets a soap party

17738 No.40333

Tbh, Tracy would've figured out that the only one who could've polymorphed Troll to the degree that she couldn't see through the disguise would've been a high-level spellcaster, and there was only one spellcaster at the docks last night.

17738 No.40334

polymorphed Felicia*

11500 No.40335

>The master of a snake familiar gains a +3 bonus on Bluff checks.
Remind me to make Mr. Snek Torc's familiar.
>googles soap party
First of all what the fuck

17738 No.40336

Pretty sure he already is his familiar.

*brandishes sock*

ae76f No.40337

Dice rollRolled 19 + 25

"I'll ask you again, did you summon a random and innocent intelligent animal as a body double to die in place of a magical beast who could have taken the blows and lived, without telling her what was coming, and without making preparations to resurrect her?

Now, roll sense motive

17738 No.40338

Are unicorns even summon-able monsters?

Can Tracy summon extra stuff too?

ae76f No.40339

File: 1514856869376.png (572.37 KB, 630x708, image.png)

>combined 44 on a sense motive check

11500 No.40340

"Hey would you look at the time"
>ethreal is hax
Keep telling yourself that
"Intelligent? What?"
Torc teleports to his room in the tower
You aren't a spell caster

17738 No.40341

>You aren't a spell caster
Yes she is.
Blackguards summon fiends: that's what they do.

ae76f No.40342

GM will be pissed if we start spamming NPCs he's going to have to write biographies for

17738 No.40343

I just want better summoning abilities.
Blackguards really should be able to advance at least their summoning beyond level 4.

11500 No.40344

Hey, I asked him first and he said it was fine. Glad I didn't go plan B and bluff the shit out of it

17738 No.40345

Nah, just monsters.
Summoned monsters disappear after their summoning duration is over anyway.

17738 No.40346

*takes out bar of soap*

ae76f No.40347

Legit question Torcuil's faggot, were you thinking we'd just feed the poor mare's corpse to ghouls and she'd just die?

dd581 No.40348

Oh, cuz suddenly you're worried about causing trouble for GM?

11500 No.40350

Legit answer, IDK I wasn't planning on you fuckers reviving her. I thought she was gonna stay dead

dd581 No.40351

Are you saying that this group defied your expectations and careful planning, cuz that's haram

17738 No.40352

File: 1514857824312-0.gif (1.5 MB, 320x213, 2BaPK2.gif)

>Trading one unicorn for another
Did you think Tracy would just give up after that?

11500 No.40353


17738 No.40354

[tenacious pony noises]

5649a No.40355

It worked on Trumpaladin

17738 No.40356

And she was just okay with letting someone else die in her place without even telling her?

I wanted to kill-off a good character!
[angry Blackguard-player noises]

11500 No.40357

Uh, fuck. Idk…

I guess Torc is sleeping on the sofa

5649a No.40358

Trump isn't sad about killing her anymore, if that matters

5649a No.40359

And Torcuil was okay with just summoning a random mare, not telling her of the danger, and leaving her to die horribly and either to cease to exist, or to be revived and become the ward of a sex fiend?

17738 No.40360

It kind of annoys me though..
I thought a Good-Domain Cleric would make for a more gratifying kill. I really expected her to show up when Tracy was torturing those animals too..
It's not as ebil if she already has it coming..
[disappointed ebil-player noises]

11500 No.40361

>Trump: WTF you gotta keep Troll not get a robot waifu
>Torc trys that
>Trump: WTF why are you keeping Troll?
Yes, for the reason he just doesn't give a shit. He (and i for that matter) never expected the Unicorn to be fully fuctioning. I expected a normal horse with a horn basiclly, and some bullshity magic made it seem like Troll. Then Tracy in her bloodlust, doesn't bother to check and goes for the kill.
To him it was another animal, he wasn't expecting intellegence.

5649a No.40362

File: 1514859606592.gif (2.48 MB, 900x506, image.gif)

Plan T has been hilarious thus far. It was delightfully clever, snd it was hilarious to see the "element of originality" getting cucked a second time by a plan that was unoriginal. Watching Torcuil getting peaved by how his entirely successful scheme had unintended consequences is hilarious. And I got a unicorn out of it.


Where you see an animal, I see a potential waifu. That is what separates us. The virgin brony from the Chad horse fucker

17738 No.40363

What I don't get though is, why was Tracy not able to discern the difference in their auras? Troll's aura is Overwhelming-tier: Tracy should've been able to tell the difference in 3 whole rounds.

11500 No.40364

Because magic

17738 No.40365

Is there a spell that duplicates auras?
What use is detect ebil if it can't tell a good Cleric from a regular good NPC?

17738 No.40366

detect good*

11500 No.40367

Idk, I let GM take care of that

5649a No.40368

Because you used it before you saw her. Your detect good should have been confused by Infernius, Trump, Trollestia's lingering aura, the lingering aura of Infernius and Trump, and all sorts of other things. As GM pointed out to you, though you didn't listen, is that detect good only has a range of 60 feet, and you were much, much further away than that when you cast it. If you had done an alignment check on Trollestia, you would have gotten it (probably). You didn't do that. You cast one spell while you were way out of range and surrounded by auras that could easily look like Trollestia

dd581 No.40369

And a good dice roll
This, consider it a heat of the moment sort of omission

17738 No.40370

Even after 3 rounds?
How long does she have to observe a target to tell if it's a Cleric or not?

17738 No.40371

Well fug it.
Tracy spends the rest of the day investigating the forest, town and docks for any sign of Troll. She's tenacious.
Is there any town left on the map that hasn't been visited yet?

5649a No.40372

You didn't cast detect good after you came in line of sight. For all you know, she actually was on the docks and then disappeared before you came in sight of the double. Next time, do an alignment check. Or get your Pali to do the alignment check for you. If the target comes back as neutral or lawful good, even if it's aura is just as strong as Troll's, it isn't Troll

17738 No.40373

I said she did it again as she was observing for her Death Attack.

5649a No.40374

>rest of the day
Oh no you don't. We've got to bust into this dungeon and destroy the phylactories before the lich resurrect and the dimension door spell wears off of the find a way around it

17738 No.40375

Figure that out first then.

dd581 No.40376

File: 1514860549873.png (122.37 KB, 600x600, boop.png)

5649a No.40377

>casting spells
>observing for death attack
Pick one. You can spend the required three consecutive rounds to observe for a death attack, or you cast use spells, but you cannot do both simultaneously

5649a No.40378

Figure what out?

17738 No.40379

>pick one
Don't have to: you can do other things, so long as your attention is fixed on the target.
how to get into the pyramid.

5649a No.40380

Where do you see that rule?

>how to get into the pyramid

Were you not paying attention earlier? Lenos said that you can use the Control room of Trump Tower to hack into different towers, and open doors. And if he's wrong, darkie has a portable hole, and we have place shift and shit loads of other ways of getting into the evil tower. Just fly or float or whatever onto the surface, remove the dimension lock, and then use a portable hole to get into the structure before they realize the dimension lock has been turned off and teleport out of there

17738 No.40381

Which rule?

5649a No.40382

That a death attack requires anything less than three full round or at least standard actions

17738 No.40383

Yeah, but someone has to do the hacking.
Try having your character explore the
She did observe for three rounds, the same three rounds it takes to use Detect Gud to maximum precision
>strandard actions
It doesn't say anything about that.
>If an assassin studies his victim for 3 rounds and then makes a sneak attack with a melee weapon that successfully deals damage, the sneak attack has the additional effect of possibly either paralyzing or killing the target (assassin’s choice). While studying the victim, the assassin can undertake other actions so long as his attention stays focused on the target and the target does not detect the assassin or recognize the assassin as an enemy.
I think trying to discern the intensity of an aura still counts as focused on a target. Detect Gud is an Su Ability, not a spell, it's components shouldn't be overly distracting.

dd581 No.40384

Yeah, observing requires attention. It lists that you can perform other actions, but I wouldn't allow spell-casting at the same time.

5649a No.40385

No, it says "studies." Not "takes interest." Not "does other things that involve the target." It says "studies."

Think about it logically. The idea behind a death attack us that an assassin looks for a vulnerable spot on the target - an opening in the armor, a blind spot. Something that can be exploited. If their attention is focused on reading magical auras, then they are not looking for vulnerable positions on the target.

You could have done three rounds of detect evil and then three rounds of study. That unicorn wasn't going anywhere. She was distracted. You were lazy and didn't ask GM to clarify the strength of the the aura. You can't just ask "does she detect Trollestia." That's lazy role play, and detect good doesn't tell you that. You have to first ask does it detect anything, how many targets does it detect, where are they, and then finally - how intense is the aura. That's what I do with detect evil. You can do the same. Be specific in your questions. You also didn't run an alignment check.

17738 No.40386

What kind of abilities can you use then?

dd581 No.40387

Move, draw/prepare a weapon/item, consume a potion, a variety of things.

17738 No.40388

Alright then.
So, no spell-like abilities?

17738 No.40389

I already assume Tracy doesn't find anything in the area.
For the sake of exploration, is there any part of the port that hasn't been explored yet?

5649a No.40390

She was grappled and taken back to the tower a while ago.

Your character doesn't have all day. The entire party is assualting by the afternoon or hopefully earlier

17738 No.40391

Not until someone figures out the controls in the portal room.

5649a No.40392


17738 No.40393

Is that what he's doing? I thought he was crafting with Infernius.

dd581 No.40394

Correct, they adjourned to the forges

5649a No.40395

We're all waiting on the whole party to assemble. That's what an RPG is. It's group play. You can do your own thing if it doesn't take much time or when time moves freely but for something like this you can't "unpause" the game for everyone and spend a whole day when every hour counts.

These threads are relentless. I want to go a day where I can go to the gun range, go to the mall, eat with friends, and not need to constantly check my phone every four minutes to make sure I am not missing out on action.

11500 No.40404


11500 No.40407

Welp, looks like drama is coming
See you faggot later.

dd581 No.40413

Tell me about it. Part of me is morbidly anxious every time I come home from work just who knows what went on.

dd581 No.40417

I don't mind that, I was responding to the "these threads are relentless" comment

dd581 No.40422

Seriously? Just delete the whole thing?

5649a No.40423

Not dealing with this shit on top of the other shit right now

dd581 No.40424

Alright, well I'm gonna crash then, have a good night all

90da4 No.40426

File: 1514873857848.png (77.19 KB, 600x555, 1586783__safe_artist-colon….png)

17738 No.40432


5649a No.40433

File: 1514908351633.jpeg (23.5 KB, 460x259, image.jpeg)

I know what that is

11500 No.40434

well, if you can't beat em

dd581 No.40436

File: 1514911092040.jpg (157.34 KB, 2042x1600, xPq8zwN.jpg)


5649a No.40437

File: 1514911095306.png (1.3 MB, 1920x1080, Look of Doom.png)

"Now where did this come from?"

5649a No.40439

"how and from what?"

17738 No.40440

"I spent some time down at the docks and learned the recipe from an old pirate chef. The meat is local game."

5649a No.40441


dd581 No.40442

GM acknowledges quietly and to himself, he has indeed created a monster.

5649a No.40443

"Wait a minute, you met pirates? Where? They can help with our assualt"

5649a No.40445

"Can you be more specific?"

5649a No.40447

Sense motive on pony

"If you eat it, will it activate that mark of justice I placed on you?"

5649a No.40449

And is that a yes or no? The mark will show

5649a No.40451

"I don't think it's going to work out between us Tracy"

5649a No.40452

>Broken the curse
She doesn't have that magic

dd581 No.40454

"… Bones,…." Darkie nods.

5649a No.40456

"Do you like the recipe?"

dd581 No.40458

KEK. Shall we assume that he generally follows instruction that is reasonable and sincere? Does he prefer to shitpost in response to unreasonable or unfollow-able directions, or would he instead appeal directly to Tracy?

dd581 No.40459

… perhaps he ignores entirely….

5649a No.40461

"We can hire the chef for a new restaurant. Even build a new one, with the opportunities that open up"

11500 No.40462

Oh fuck
I do!
Does Tracy want that curse broken?

dd581 No.40464

File: 1514913602615.gif (58.95 KB, 418x380, tumblr_my11xkOqyh1sn3c4lo1….gif)

This is giving me so many ideas

dd581 No.40466

"I'NIS!!" Thez shouts from the next room. "Where'd he run off to?" she <whooof> is in the room looking for him.

17738 No.40467

File: 1514913797063-0.jpg (42.08 KB, 450x470, stock-photo-top-hat-skull-….jpg)

>deleting everything
Why do you hate skeletons?

17738 No.40468

"Last time I saw him, he was off hallowing the whore-house site.
Tell him lunch is ready."

5649a No.40469

You created this entire character as an autistic revenge plot against me. If you're going to try to cuck my character by subverting him yet still being in a place of trust, you're going to do it on screen

17738 No.40470

Oh stop it. Characters do stuff off-screen all the time, like how Torc used that unicorn as a stunt-double to trick us.

5649a No.40471

Fuck you and fuck your character

dd581 No.40472

File: 1514914189783.jpg (44.96 KB, 960x540, pinkie-pie-is-just-about-t….jpg)

"You know, if this one breaks, you could animate Korak next just for kicks." Darkie offers.
Technically that's not true, he's down in the forges, but I was story-line presenting Thez and alluding subtly to a developmental device while allowing her to see the new butler.
That occurred during a rabbit dialogue

dd581 No.40473

Twisting a "dial" on her bracelet, she pops the top open and dumps out a pile of rings and necklaces. Its not nearly as fine or extensive as the one Tracy "doesn't have", but its still pretty decent. "Can I um,… make him shinier?" she smiles sweetly and innocently at Tracy.

5649a No.40474

I'm not bothered by an undead butler and only slightly bothered by a curse removal off screan. I'm bothered by your implying murder of travellers and sailors in port barry off screen, and then implied Red Dragon Hannibal Lector scene

dd581 No.40475

Or it could be that she sequestered a skeleton (at LEAST one, she's gonna wait until she can command that GIANT one) for exactly this situation, being a blackguard and able to do that and all.

17738 No.40476

File: 1514914765325-0.jpg (191.27 KB, 1600x800, Demilich-Token-Art-01-1600….jpg)

Mr. Bones tips his hat and bows.
He's quite the gentleman.
"Do you have a silver or golden pocket watch in there? Or some gems to put in his eye-sockets?"

dd581 No.40477

There was just a hoarde of undead, many of which were not even damaged when being turned or spelled to erm, death. It makes perfect sense that she acquired a totally faultless skeleton (plus the giant).

dd581 No.40478

>inb4 Ultra-Mega Bones

5649a No.40479

Hence why I'm not playing the implications game

That is perfectly plausible. But I'm not playing the implications game

dd581 No.40480

"No, no watches, and all my gems are little," Thez says sadly. "For now."

17738 No.40481

File: 1514915240014-0.jpg (93.07 KB, 597x800, an13.jpg)

She found this guy just wandering around the streets alone. He looked lonely, so she threw an old top-hat she found on him and took him home.
>♬ ~There must have been some magick in that old hat they found, 'cuz when they placed it on his head he started to dance around! ♬
Why not? It's moar fun that way.
*doot doot*

5649a No.40482

Yeah, I've put up with this troll for four months now. Fuck this guy

5649a No.40483

Fuck off

dd581 No.40484

What I'm getting at is this is something Tracy mentioned a long time ago, with regard to the Blackguard fiendish servant, and was never brought up again. The FS is supposed to be an imp, dire creature, or whatever, but Tracy indicated a want for a skeleton instead. It hasn't been brought up since, but there's like 4 different ways of explaining how it happened that doesn't offend Trump's curse seal.

17738 No.40485

Tracy isn't at that level yet. Mr. Bones can be everyone's butler.

5649a No.40486

>Four different non offensive ways
Again, this is true. But this guy who created this fucking character specifically for the purpose of trolling me wants it to be the one way that is offensive

dd581 No.40487

True, but he's also a 1HD skeltal who's probably not going to see combat except for comedic purposes.
So troll him back. Make him a super-hero outfit that says "TRUMP" all over it.

5649a No.40488

I'd rather ban trolls

17738 No.40489

..I guess I outta have her go pick up those gems before Thez goes to find them herself…

5649a No.40490

Tell you what. I won't delete your posts or ban you if you affirm that the innocent explain (or one of several innocent explanations) is true

dd581 No.40491

File: 1514915818715.jpg (438.48 KB, 1280x720, flu.jpg)

Thez gasps with excitement and runs out of the room "Ijusthadanidea!" she yells as she runs.
Ponies are allowed. Tracy is a pony. Tracy's faggot is allowed.

17738 No.40492

File: 1514915856012-0.jpg (18.99 KB, 236x374, 786623f4aad4dee30e57629b0a….jpg)

[content skeleton dooting]
We need to figure out a Morse Code or something for him, so he can communicate.
You don't need that many HD to be the best undead butler in the multiverse.

5649a No.40493

Zald's posts are mostly of ponies. Are Zald's gay and futa troll posts allowed?

dd581 No.40494

The sound of "YOU BITCH!" can be heard faintly from the direction of the forge as <whoooof> Thez appears holding the ruby goggles. "They're mine anyway,…. How about these? They were originally monocles that I had put together!"
Zald-posting and Tracy-trolling aren't even comparable, nice try tho.

17738 No.40495

File: 1514916276909-0.jpg (106.12 KB, 773x972, il_fullxfull.327462748.jpg)

[excited dooting]
*grins ebilly*
"No butler is complete without a monocle."

17738 No.40496

Alright, what was it you wanted explained?

dd581 No.40497

With a nod, Thez <SNAP> breaks the clasp linking the two eye-pieces, and yanks off the strap connecting them. I'll have Ben <whoooof> . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . <whoooof> put a chain on both, making a matching Monocle and Pocket-watch!"

5649a No.40498

I don't need an explaination, just no offscreen murder of human travellers in Port barry

The meat is animals from Trollestia's forest, simmered from the fire, and the skeleton is from an undead zombie. Or maybe a citizen whose soul got sucked out by a devourer - Tracy isn't picky, and who knows

dd581 No.40499

Meanwhile, Ben's desk is in complete disarray, as it was quiet and calm until Thez <whoooof> appeared and started detailing a lengthy request speaking very much like a gnome and sketching things down really quick before dropping the two eye-pieces and a particularly decorative (not gaudy of course, but finely shaped) length of chain and then <whooof>

17738 No.40500

>just no offscreen murder of human travellers
Why not? It's imagination land. GM already said there wouldn't be consequences. It's literally just shitposting.

17738 No.40501

5649a No.40503

Shitposting is bannable

It's 100% your choice

dd581 No.40504

How about a compromise? No killing things without a witness, who can state with certainty where/how/why present thing got killed?

17738 No.40505

File: 1514916799612-0.gif (3.06 MB, 448x291, U7Ghu2s.gif)

>Tracy isn't picky, and who knows
It's imaginary mystery meat: it's whatever you want it to be.

5649a No.40506

I'm not sure what that means

17738 No.40507

File: 1514917013515.png (41.74 KB, 497x487, Tracy's day.png)

>No killing things without a witness, who can state with certainty where/how/why present thing got killed?
Wouldn't that only make it certain to cause drama?
Why can't I just say she's stabbing some faceless NPC off-screen without witnesses.
Tracy kills ponies and gets away with it: she's the Sam Hyde of Ponyville. Nobody knows how she keeps doing it; she just does somehow.

5649a No.40508

Because she's fucking married to the town sheriff. That is why. How is this difficult for you to understand?

17738 No.40509

Do you really want to have a shitposting-free RPG? It sounds awfully dry and boring, imo.
Shitposting is the best part of the game for me. It's an imaginary world where you can do anything; why should I not do whatever I want?
That's supposed to be the ironic part.
It's not like every NPC is counted: any could disappear at any time off-screen, and nobody would notice.

dd581 No.40510

Basically it means that actions that would clearly come about by murder (the meatballs for example) would need to be corroborated by another player.
MMmmmmm, not quite. The town Sheriff and local Police would be the Gestapo and the Generals, non-respectively (but comparatively). Trump is the hero, and one of several.

dd581 No.40511

In fact, on the Sheriff/Police angle, they would be offended if Trump tried to involve himself in their investigations and active cases. They'd be too polite to say anything, but let them do their job. If they come-across a Princess-level problem, they'll let him know.

5649a No.40512

File: 1514917506310.jpg (94.69 KB, 600x800, BsiSWuTCAAETEAn.jpg)

>Of Ponyville
*readies order of removal for Tracy*

>An imaginary world where I can do whatever I want
Okay. I'll also do whatever I want. The difference between you and me is that I have more power


The forgotten man is forgotten no longer

>Shitposting is the best part

Shitpost differently

>There is not one, but two sheriffs, and a whole secret police, who should give a shit
How does that in anyway at all make it better? Please, please explain

5649a No.40513

Well fuck you too

5649a No.40515

Listen shithead. You get in the way of my doing what I want to in the game all the damned time. Do you honestly think I spent 10 hours trying to charm Slovenia just for a trebuchet? And this is besides the fact that the one time I did exactly what I wanted - with Trollestia - it caused all manner of shitstorm to break loose that still hasn't come close to settling, even after like two weeks or more. If you're going to control my character - and you do. A lot - I'm controlling yours in return

dd581 No.40516

>just for a trebuchet
Kek. I know how to fix this.

17738 No.40517

Tracy leaves her meet buns under a heat-lamp in the mess hall and leaves without a word, finally deciding to go pick-up Thez's gems.

17738 No.40518

File: 1514918508307-0.png (560.27 KB, 955x585, 1vb3n98b43ux.png)

Trebuchets are awesome.
Kudos to Woodhoers for building us some.

dd581 No.40519

Thez sniffs the buns. "I'm smelling,… Buffalo, Elk, and Deer." Takes 5.
Oh, that's just the first one. The next one will be even more rounder.

17738 No.40520

File: 1514918697239-0.jpg (444.23 KB, 2048x1746, q7pj5zY.jpg)

File: 1514918697239-1.jpg (442.64 KB, 2048x1594, Gay6ofn.jpg)


dd581 No.40521

I shot both of you a Rabbit msg, no hurry.

5649a No.40522

He's still the sworn defender. Knights Hospitaller defended Pilgrims on their way to Jerusalem, and this they did long before the crusades ever happened. So too does Paladin Trump defend commerce against threats foreign and domestic

5649a No.40523

Offer rejected.

He's not getting cucked by the blue bitch

11500 No.40524


17738 No.40525

Other engines can't even compete.

11500 No.40526

You mean like you cuck literally everyone else?


>300 meters
Catapults btfo

5649a No.40527

I mean subverted in that particular way - killing the people he's supposed to be defending, while pretending to be helpful or friendly

17738 No.40528

I g2g for a while

11500 No.40529

See ya

dd581 No.40530

Until next time

5649a No.40531

>cucking everyone else
Holy shit have you all punished me for it. Some of it was unintentional - AND EVEN THEN I WAS SEVERELY PUNISHED FOR IT

17738 No.40532

11500 No.40533

I even have a list: Troll, Torc, Tracy, Infernius, and Slovania

GM, does Torc know where Troll went?

5649a No.40534

How have I cucked Slovenia?!?

dd581 No.40535

No, no one does
I was just about to ask myself

11500 No.40536

By fucking other mares while implying you want to be in a relationship

17738 No.40537

GM, what house was Thez adopted into in Hell again?

dd581 No.40538

… Thez (proprietary amalgamation of extant metaphysics and concepts)

17738 No.40539

To they have a coat of arms?

dd581 No.40540

… Not exactly

17738 No.40541

Just wondering for the sake of memes.

5649a No.40542

They were never in a relationship though. He never got further with her than kissing.

I mean, I guess I can sort of see the little date they went on (which he never said to her was a date, so it's not really a date, just dinner), and then their kiss afterwards, could have created some expectation on her part that would have been subverted when he had sex with Tracy 15 minutes later, but eh

dd581 No.40543

They would have one yes, but cuz reasons it has not been used or presented in any combat scenario.

17738 No.40545

File: 1514923724843.png (169.86 KB, 719x930, autism.png)

uck it. I refuse to put even one more minute of effort into this work of faggotry.
Here's the half-assed pic of Thez/Infernius I promised, just because I told him I would do it.

5649a No.40546

That's… That's super cute

dd581 No.40547

Thank you, for everything. ._.

5649a No.40548

I just realized Infernius actually is naked, and that Thez, very appropriately, has a set of nuts for a cutie mark

5649a No.40549

File: 1514924472785.png (279.49 KB, 769x478, Luna_Sad_1_S2E4 (2).png)

>Wishes he could create something beautiful, and not just cause problems for everyone…

17738 No.40550

It's nothing. I just didn't expect an "lol randumb" tier shoop to take more than half an hour.

17738 No.40551

How long would this take her?

dd581 No.40552

Its not nothing, I like it. Its not 'randumb' at all. The cutie mark especially.
Not long, consider it done.

5649a No.40553

I like it…

17738 No.40554

I just thought it wouldn't take so long. I haven't been my best lately.
*eats meat buns*

11500 No.40555


5649a No.40556

So can Mithral Breast Plate be crafted for Fae? I'm sure she'd need to be measured and so forth, but just to have the plate is a nice advantage.

I also think I may want the second cloak of resistance crafted into a Caparison for Fae (magic cost is the same for enchantments regardless of size class). I've been wanting to trade it to Tracy for (shared) usage of the cloak of charisma, but I can't convince her faggot that the +4 advantage of a Cloak of Resistance is twice the savings throw advantage of divine grace from a +4 cloak of charisma. I guess it should probably go to Infernius. He's not a bitch, but it would help

17738 No.40557

File: 1514926160279-0.jpg (428.14 KB, 1200x1507, 1200px-Johann_Heinrich_Füs….jpg)

>The FS is supposed to be an imp, dire creature, or whatever
Is she works hard for it, can she get an Alp?

5649a No.40558

I have a long and insanely detailed request for you later

I still don't understand what that is. Is it like a super imp?

17738 No.40559

>breast plate
Why not just go with barding? It'd be cheaper and take less time.

dd581 No.40560

Barding just means "Horse (or whatever) armor", the breast-plate refers to the armor type (chainmail, leather, breastplate, etc.).
I'll be leaving for a while in the next 1/2 hour
Its a super-spoopy dream-imp basically.
You'd have to catch one first
Yes, it is perfectly permissible and not outside the realm of materials, or ability to fabricate. It would take half-again as long as a conventional Breastplate suit tho, to accommodate the additional considerations and specialty of >4 Dragonne

17738 No.40561

Like i said in:
It's a Germanic pagan nightmare spirit, very similar to a Night Hag (aka Mare), only it takes the form of a small elf boy or pixie-like creature.
>super imp
Sort of.

17738 No.40562

>You'd have to catch one first
*brandishes pokeball*

5649a No.40563

File: 1514927410906.png (320.54 KB, 680x680, 1510725277713.png)

Well, the breast plate is barding. It's exactly the same sort of armor - mithril Peytral, Chanfron, and Criniere, that I would put on Tracy

Can it be crafted in time for her to wear it into the Pyramid? If he spends his time doing that while Tracy is busy relentless advancing time in the game

>You'll have to catch it first

We can keep the creatures we catch? I am so going Dragon hunting

So… what is that in d&d terms? A Night Hag?

*brandishes lance*

dd581 No.40564

>Begins his response with "Well,"
>rush order
I'm thinking no
>Night hag
Maybe, its gonna be a custom creature at this point

17738 No.40565

>in d&d terms? A Night Hag?
Well.. that's what I want..
They're pretty much synonymous in mythology, although the biggest difference is that an Alp is small and almost always male (a child for that matter).

5649a No.40566

>A nighthag, who takes an elf child as an alternate form, as a fiendish servant
Looking at the entry I guess this is a pretty cool creature to have

>No quick armor

>Custom creature

Not really. A nighthag can assume alternate form as a medium sized humanoid creature. It's easy to make a nighthag look like an elf

17738 No.40567

>It's easy to make a nighthag look like an elf
That's not really the same though. An alp is meant to be like a peevish boy, rather than a spiteful old woman. The personality is really the difference. Also, I like the "Son of the Mare (hag)" archetype.

dd581 No.40568

K, gotta go. Don't,… nevermind you're gonna do it anyway.
>wonders what sort of shit-storm he's in for tonight

5649a No.40569

That's not too much of an adjustment. Just kill a larger Nighthag, and it may leave a younger son.
Not you're not intending on him riding her… Are you?

*wonders if he should start explaining his elaborate plans for an NPC ally

*Readies Broom*

17738 No.40571

File: 1514929434770-0.jpg (111.26 KB, 736x1016, 95ca0fe5646c9ffbae2e3f8e39….jpg)

Well, that's what Alps do in mythology. It'd be more like a "Monkey on Shoulder" kind of relationship.
>Just kill a larger Nighthag, and it may leave a younger son.
Night hags don't raise their offspring. They sneak their daughters into the societies of other humanoids, and come back to claim them for the lower planes at teen age. They normally slay their male offspring, and their mates for that matter. They are a female-only society.

5649a No.40572

>Someone else is riding his horsey, and it's a disgusting evil elf thing
*Jealous Paladin noises*

*Sad Paladin noises*

>Hellish beasts cuck humans by sneaking their daughters in make them raise them, and then claim them for hell in the teen years
>Kill males, and is a female only society
That sounds cool until you realize it's a horrifically plausible explanation for feminism

I'm guessing there would be a story as to how Tracy could get a male?

5649a No.40573

I meant to say, "How a male survived"

17738 No.40574

>I'm guessing there would be a story as to how Tracy could get
Well, this is an RPG, so it'd be kind of dumb if there weren't a story.

5649a No.40575

File: 1514930242646.png (401.83 KB, 1634x1689, 1512970917856.png)

Okay, I can't hold back from telling everyone my autistic plans

17738 No.40576

Any male offspring of a hag is an automatic dumpster-baby. A hag wouldn't necessarily even bother to kill a son, just throw it away because it's no use to her.
However, hags of all kinds are used to living in disgusting places, like dumpsters.

5649a No.40577

File: 1514930780736.png (1.7 MB, 1340x1776, 1514165588385.png)

>Inb4 Tracy's quest to gain a fiendish servant is to go dumpster diving, which is probably her main way of getting food anyways
Aww… Isn't the same thing basically Tracy's back story? Like she lived on the streets or something?

17738 No.40578

… yes….

5649a No.40579

File: 1514930979691.png (738.93 KB, 915x1123, 738879__safe_artist-colon-….png)

Tracy finds that her efforts to stab sailors in Port Barry are rebuffed by a magical, animated broom, which seems to be warding and protecting the unnamed travelers

5649a No.40580

*Hugs pony*

17738 No.40581

>That sounds cool until you realize it's a horrifically plausible explanation for feminism
Feminism is witchcraft: Hags are witches (except for that one that Torc met who was probably a fighter or some shit).
*hugs back*

5649a No.40582

I don't want to boss you too much okay, I absolutely do like to boss you around but you used to make like a literal 100 posts a day on the main board, or at least 30… I do know I'm being hypocritical about that, but you used to make saged posts in reply to necro-bumped threads, you'd respond immediately to new threads, and generally were more on top of things than even the mods. It was really impressive

17738 No.40583

I guess I've been pretty busy lately..

90da4 No.40584

absolutely beautiful.

17738 No.40585

Glad you like it.

90da4 No.40586


17738 No.40587

I feel like an idiot for not getting this reference…

90da4 No.40588