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File: 1510777383364.png (1.29 MB, 1280x720, -_S5E26.png)

a03a0 No.20349[Last 50 Posts]

Game continuation bread, where the party gets ready to wander off into parts unknown, potentially in different directions or to different areas. More bantz to go on in the meantime, but last bread got stale so here's a fresh one.
New players welcome/encouraged.

49c8e No.20351

me think your hair look beautiful ana"

c2460 No.20352

>increases shitpost powers

a03a0 No.20353

Those are the spells that can be chosen from, but she's still limited by how many spells she is committed to. Meaning, if she chose feather fall and disguise self, she would not have access to the others. These choices are permanent until Assassin lvl 6.

d1614 No.20354

File: 1510777571762.png (Spoiler Image, 87 KB, 525x596, flashy is asleep.png)

49c8e No.20355


a03a0 No.20356

She blushes. "Stahp," she says playfully hitting Infernius in the shoulder.

c2460 No.20357

GM, should Torc ever commit to, say 2, magic schools? Or is it fine that he does what ever he wants?

d1614 No.20358

Do the facilities at the tower accommodate ring-crafting?

49c8e No.20359

"Me love you, me have to go into PB for something, you need me to pick anything up while me out?"

a03a0 No.20360

Meh, I'm coming from the school where mages didn't have to specify that kinda thing, so I'll say you're fine.
Basic ring crafting, or magic ring crafting?
"Hmmmm,… nah, I'm okay."

c2460 No.20361

Can Torc find books on engineering in the library?

07735 No.20362

Just in the off chance you're talking about a wedding ring, and not a magic ring to boost its holder, then I'm going to recommend asking help from Lenos, who can craft a higher quality ring

a03a0 No.20363

To a limited degree of tech, yes. Trebuchets are listed, for example.

a03a0 No.20364

Characters can craft their own stuffs if they want, but Ben is the expert on jewelry and yes, Lenos is the resident expert on enchantments.

d1614 No.20365

>Basic ring crafting, or magic ring crafting?
How long can item-craft take?

07735 No.20366

As a magic creature too! Rawr!

c2460 No.20367

Thats exatly what I was hoping.
Torc desides to read up on these technologies

c2460 No.20368

Which faggot are you?

49c8e No.20369

i go to the JEWlry.

a03a0 No.20370

>totally missed the significance of the ring Thez gave him, as well as the fact that she had his horn ground down to a ring that she's wearing.
"What can I help you with? I hope you're not some spoiled-brat special snowflake here to whine about your feelings," Ben says.

a03a0 No.20371

Not long, its a matter of melting down the base metal and then putting it into a mold. Maybe an hour.

d1614 No.20372

Does an Assassin get any Spells per day?

a03a0 No.20373

Ben realizes its Infernius.
"Oh, its you, I'm finished with that belt you requested. I can't say I agree with the aesthetics, but it should fit over your existing equipment without encumbering or chafing."
Only one, and that because of bonus spell/day (for Int).

49c8e No.20374

Hey ben can you size down that belt for me, it for a special friend. Also me want to know if there a rock more rarer than demonds.

49c8e No.20375


07735 No.20376

By the way GM, can I get any sort of Sense motive check on Slovenia? Presumably they were in contact for long enough to get a sense of her.

c2460 No.20377

Torc finishes writing down the things he needs to know and goes to the tower

d1614 No.20378

Can I cast that bonus spell without committing to it? For now, more importantly, can they be used for crafts? I want to start mass-producing moar items.

49c8e No.20379

Mass produce adamant weapons.

a03a0 No.20380

For those who may be joining us, let me briefly detail the purpose of these threads, so they don't all have to be read-through (there's alot).

The whole point to these threads is 1st - to provide a venue of entertainment, interaction, and what-the-hell else ever (read shit/fun-posting, bants, and general social interaction over a board which by its nature doesn't allow for literal interaction). ITT we play characters based on classic table-top roleplaying rules and systems, where players can express whatever degree of creativity they are inclined to express, in a world that is far more lax about what is 'possible' than the real world.

The practice of expressing and experiencing one's creativity is cathartic in a number of ways, as it allows the player to either explicitly or implicitly take steps against many of the obstacles that they may experience in real life, surrounded by friends and allies who are generally willing to be there for one another, even if they don't agree (which is often).

In between working with/beating-on one another, the group is presented with a variety of contexts and problems through which they are encouraged to creatively work around or circumvent, and ultimately defeat.

Individual players - GM most especially - come from a variety of real-world shitholes (as far as personal experiences and troubling pasts) and this allows the player to work through, processes, sort, and come to terms with said experiences in a more permissive environment than the real world provides. Most players spend a great deal of time on the site for varying reasons, and this gives them something to occupy themselves with while they're doing it. It is - in short - the best answer I can offer to continue to help mitigate the Black-pills which can result of both shitty life experiences and the disposition of consuming too many Red-pills.

So, if you're reading this "that one particular anon", feel free to lurk, read/back-read (again, there's lots) and get lost in this constantly progressing and developing world - a playground if you will - and if you ever feel inclined to participate I will be here several hours of every day to respond and accommodate to the best of my ability. ^_^

d1614 No.20381

You help too: you're a spellcaster.

07735 No.20382

>not staying loyal to one knife

a03a0 No.20383

"Size,… down?" he grabs a sketch-pad. "Let me think."
She's jaded about/by humans (that would have been detailed in conversation), but responds well to sincerity and open-ness.
The more elusive you are with your questions, the more elusive I will be with my answers. Xp

d1614 No.20384

>implying they're all for me

d1614 No.20385

What about artifact items, like the Rogue's Dice? Some other items don't show any prerequisites, but are still magical.

c2460 No.20386

We are a bunch of fucking nerds who use our imagination instead of playing video games together.

49c8e No.20387

What do you want me to do?

a03a0 No.20388

Also there's voodoo-esque shit

c2460 No.20389

That too.
Is anyone at the tower?

49c8e No.20390

Is there rock more rarer than diemonds?

49c8e No.20391

Although i would love to vidya with you guys.

a03a0 No.20392

Lenos, Thez, maybe Tracy,… AFAIK only Trump is absent. Taylor may be lurking, as well as Nordfilly,

07735 No.20393

File: 1510780403572.png (253.02 KB, 1280x720, image.png)

She keeps getting more and more adorable!

Definitely doing something with this when I don't have a paper to write
you've been warned

Um… What does she like?

a03a0 No.20394

Hugs, general (though not absolute) quiet, manners, and chamomile tea.

d1614 No.20395

There are a lot of items that'd be useful to other party members, but require high-level divine spells. With the facilities of the tower, everyone could be buffed.

49c8e No.20396

Get me a list of what the party wants and ill do my thing.

a03a0 No.20397

That's precisely what they're for. ^_~
Also, strong individuals who aren't looking to profit off her existence, or engaged in duplicitly ulterior motives.

d1614 No.20398

Can Tracy still fly wearing heavy armor? She is Proficient in it.

c2460 No.20399

Can anyone do wood work or does Torc have to go to port first?

d1614 No.20400

When a spell is committed, how many times per day can it be used?

49c8e No.20401

Infernuis's faggot is going to sleep
>no rape unless your name is ana

d1614 No.20402

Tombs and Manuals are an incredible asset.

c2460 No.20403

07735 No.20404

>general quiet
This is harder to work with (I need music)
Very good fit
>camomile tea
>strong individuals
>who aren't looking to profit off of her existence
Under usual definitions of "profit," I should be good
>duplicity in ulterior motives
Be upfront about ulterior motives, got it

07735 No.20405

By the way, GM, what is the biggest baddest monster in the forest and where can I kill one?

a03a0 No.20406

Encumbrance rules apply, but yes.
You'll find plenty of skilled wood-workers in port who will be happy to help, if you're looking for something masterwork.
At current level, 1/day
And I thought MY schedule was weird. Like it'd be >rape. Besides, there are more reasons than combat that she wanted you to keep the str-buffs Xp

c2460 No.20407

I need beams

d1614 No.20408

Maybe taking a third prestige class wasn't such a good idea..

a03a0 No.20409

You'll want to check with the mill.

07735 No.20410

forgive me for intruding (pls no bully), but why did you want to give up on black guard and go for assassin? At its first level, assassin doesn't give many benefits, while black guard and rogue give at least attack bonuses as you advance. Most of the good assassin stiff requires something like three levels in it

d1614 No.20411

I was going to just be Blackguard, but I felt like I was precommitted to Assassin, after saying all that stuff.

a03a0 No.20412

AFAIK, Tracy is l13 Rogue, l2 Blackguard, l1 Assassin, yes?

d1614 No.20413

That's what was said last round.

d1614 No.20414

last session*

07735 No.20415

GM will probably let you retroactively change blackguard to assassin. I think you would do well to embrace being light infantry. The team already has two slow heavies and doesn't need another one. Heavy armor really does have penalties

a03a0 No.20416

K, just checking. I've been back-reading, but I wanted to make sure. Encumbrance has more to do with speed than anything, and with the quiver your equipment (stored) doesn't affect weight allowance. Heavy armor would diminish speed is all.
I'll get right on it. I should point out that there will be more random encounters moving forward.
I will limit those, otherwise that's hax.

07735 No.20417

Very importantly, it must be a creature that leaves behind bones, hide, scales, or some non-perishable part of the corpse as a trophy, and it must be killed and faced specifically by me

d1614 No.20418

Can I trade that 1 level in Assassin for Blackguard? At this level, it's not very much use to me..

07735 No.20419

Uh… What does Tracy like?

a03a0 No.20420

e_e Really? After all that? Convince me, 'cuz my gut says "Oh HELL no"

c2460 No.20421

I gtg for a while, see you faggots later

d1614 No.20422

That's fine. I'll just wait for the next level-up.

a03a0 No.20423

d1614 No.20425


d1614 No.20426

… Like a dragon? A dragon would be impressive; or better, a dracolich.

a03a0 No.20427

To put things in perspective (this would have been ascertainable by simple conversation and/or eavesdropping) upon the party's liberation from the rats, the city had new purpose and direction. With something to do other than fish and squander resources on the rats' inflated economic structure, the people took to the new initiatives with great zeal and interest. Craftsmen and technicians suddenly had worthwhile projects to direct their attention and skills toward, which only increased after the 2nd Soros fight (rebuilding and renovating). Additionally, they had an opportunity to see that in addition to community development, there was a need for individual development, which they also took to under the guidance and leadership of much of the party. The city now operates as something of an ancap nationalist community, both supporting and assisting one another and working for the betterment of the whole. Through these developments, trade and traffic increased, as the port had become viable and competitive once again, which brought more business, information, and travelers en route to other places. Additionally, the increasing wealth and prosperity brought people from outside the area who wished to take part in the developing community, rather than try and stake it out on their own. This will/is becoming more significant as the absence of the Nerd/Dog made it less risky for random monsters and things to venture out and not get eated by circumstantial exposure, which meant greater threat to outliers. So while the city develops and grows, so do the forces that would confront them, causing a greater unification of the city which only strengthens the community cohesive-ness.

d1614 No.20428

To rephrase my questions earlier, did the townsfolk ever actually get a clear shot of Tracy in her Nightmare form, or did the Nightmare's smoke grant enough concealment to obscure her form?

07735 No.20429

Don't worry, I'm taking full advantage of this when I can get the time to write a speech

By the way… Uh… Anything else on Slovenia?

d1614 No.20430

I'm just going to have her craft a Shatterspike for now, as a practice.

07735 No.20431

That can do. It needs to be something a single level 16 Paladin would have difficulty taking down, but would also not be killed by.
Too powerful

d1614 No.20432

File: 1510785338782-0.jpg (30.8 KB, 370x462, 8431f80885015f38e0d46de02a….jpg)

>would also not be killed by
Where's the fun in that, Anon? Tension is part of the fun.

07735 No.20433

Oh I'm not going off slaying monsters for fun, but the point is taken. It looks to me like pretty much any adult dragon is a match, perhaps more

a03a0 No.20434

They saw enough of Tracy to know it was Tracy. It will add to the rumors surrounding her as an assassin (too late to stop that shit) and/or force to be reckoned with.
Not at this time, I'll think of what I can on top of everything else >_<
Uh,… that's not an easy prospect by my estimation. To my understanding, a shatter-spike (which Sugoito is BTW) is particularly resource consumptive (adamantite particularly)
You do realize that encounters aren't supposed to be "to order"?

07735 No.20435

This ain't an encounter, this is a "damn it, I'm going to find something hard to kill and I'm going to kill it" sort of thing. I guess there's not really a way to guarantee that a dragon is an adult, for instance, versus a great wyrn or a wyrmling. (The difference is fatal I know). But there's got to be a way to go into a locale and yell "come out and fight!" Or at least see if there are any monsters (maybe human bandits) rumored to be operating anywhere.

a03a0 No.20436

Again, I'll look into it

07735 No.20437

GM, the mountains immediately to west of Port Barry, what climate classification are they?

d1614 No.20438

>that's not an easy prospect by my estimation.
Then fuck it.

07735 No.20440

if a unicorn were killed to craft a ring from its horn for Tracy, would that impress her or offend her?

d1614 No.20441

It'd definitely impress her, but she cant wear rings…

a03a0 No.20442

The way I see it, a shatterspike is not a conventional magical item, in fact I have them (mind-canon) as a non-magical item of a specific composition (high-level metal-fabrication)
Wut? R u kidding? I know he's "Trump Good", but that's really pushing it.

d1614 No.20443

I thought of it because it seemed to require the least magic to make..

a03a0 No.20444

Its listed as a magic weapon, but I'm taking creative license and have it as an exceptional type of masterwork weapon, requiring exceptional crafting skill rather than enchantment.

d1614 No.20445

What kind of items could a mudpony learn to excel in making?

d1614 No.20446

Also, idk if it was mentioned earlier, but can Korak's quickened sword allow for multiple sneak attacks in the same turn?

d1614 No.20447

I've been asking a lot of questions today.. take your time…

a03a0 No.20448

Literally, not a whole lot. That whole lack of fingers puts a damper on one's crafting ability. Still, this is mixed nuts, so I'll concoct some parameters.
No. Double, simultaneous sneak attacks is the limit (both pistols for example).
Its fine. I encourage more questions, as one of the things I've been getting from those "Betterer GM videos" is on how to be more accomodating, involving, compelling, etc. Asking questions during the week is precisely what I prefer, cuz anytime I get a bunch of questions - especially those I can't answer right away - allows me to allot time during my vocational time (which, though labor-intensive is remarkably mentally permissive). I've got a white-board and everything so I can develop ideas and process/progress the desired elements.
In closing (literally, about to walk out the door) keep them coming. If I don't get to them more or less immediately that doesn't mean I won't, though a timely reminder is both appreciated and encouraged.
Any last thoughts, questions, requests, etc.? My main focus for today is "Crafts, monsters, City infrastructure (trade, development, economy), Citizen armies, Side-quests, NPC (Slovenia, +) development, Magic Item potentials, Inter-nation-state aspects (rumors, information), Evolving faction agendas, and Hugs.
That last one is more for me Xp

d1614 No.20449

>I encourage more questions
That makes me feel better
>this is mixed nuts, so I'll concoct some parameters.
If I get a perfect meme-tier ingredient, can I craft some limited magic items, like with Kefka's hands?Or the Bull's Strength potions


07735 No.20450

Tracy is an insanely difficult person to get gifts for. She's not going to be impressed by gold or gems

a03a0 No.20451

Got it. BTW, you kept Kefka's corpse yes?

a03a0 No.20452

I know just the thing,… but no spoilers

a03a0 No.20453

Engaging, that's the word I was looking for
Tay and Norfilly in particular, I'm gonna start picking on prodding you for more info about what you're doing and where/how you're looking to progress. No bully, and its fine to be more 'go with the flow' or whatever, but I'll make more of an effort to bring your characters forward in future.

d1614 No.20454

Most of it went into the bath, and the rest is drying-out in the dungeon..
Tracy saved both his hands and is in the process of preserving his head for display.

d1614 No.20455

At that, she still has most of him left, just maybe not fit for recreational use.

d1614 No.20456

Can Tracy make Kefka's other mummified hand into a Hand of Glory? It'd be the only way for her to wear a ring.

07735 No.20457

She can wear a ring on her dog collar or maybe as a clit piercing

07735 No.20458

Okay, so a clit piercing is too edgy, but a piercing on the labia is not out of the realm of reason

d1614 No.20459

>too edgy
You underestimate my power.
My only concern was if you would have a problem with it.

07735 No.20460

File: 1510793599534.jpeg (15.15 KB, 300x168, image.jpeg)

>I just spent an insanely long amount of time looking up body piercings, and trying to imagine how they would look on Tracy

d1614 No.20461

Have some degeneracy.
I hate piercings too.

d1614 No.20462

File: 1510794138290-0.png (Spoiler Image, 574.5 KB, 1280x1024, 527084__explicit_artist-co….png)

forgot pic

4bd65 No.20463

Why the fuck didn't I find that picture? I went through dozens or hundreds of pictures of piercings on humans, ponies, and normal pictures of Tracy Cage, that particular one evaded me.

d1614 No.20464

>piercings AND oc:tracy cage
-is what I searched for.

c2460 No.20465


Torc decides "fuck it"
He sends Mr. Snek with the following note
"Mill workers,
I want to inquire about about buying lumber for some projects. If you could send back a note with a time you could meet that would be appriciated.
He then gives Mr. Snek instructions to take the note to the mill, nn wait for a responce

4bd65 No.20466

Looking up Tracy Cage pictures makes me sad, almost all of the pictures are from 2014 or earlier. They depict a /mlp/ I never saw

d1614 No.20467

File: 1510796858469.png (386.48 KB, 1530x2000, Death.png)

Most of them aren't even on DB. The majority were made before it was even a site, so they were never uploaded.

c2460 No.20468

And thus I will never see them

4bd65 No.20469

That's worse. Are they gone forever?

d1614 No.20470

File: 1510797197010.png (3.48 MB, 2284x2576, ladylike.png)

>Are they gone forever?
Well, they're scattered among a bunch of Anon's Hard drives. The only way to retrieve them is to get said Anons to dump their collections.

c2460 No.20471

So who's gonna go on /mlp/ and request a dump?

d1614 No.20472

I made the /sp/ thread for the purpose of collecting rares.

4bd65 No.20473

File: 1510797778603.png (117.18 KB, 714x634, Tracy.png)

God I'm now feeling that Spenglerian depression
Over the summer, I decided to look for an mlp comic - pretty well drawn - made back in 2014 and posted on Deviant Art. I looked all over deviant art, but many panels, like the two ending pages, were missing. I kept searching and searching but it was nowhere to be found. Almost none of the panels were ever put on Derpibooru. I eventually went to find them on the only place I was sure they even existed - the hard drive of a cracked screened and broken laptop I retired over a year ago

d1614 No.20474

File: 1510797972853.jpg (136.2 KB, 500x661, stab.jpg)

Don't worry Anon. We'll reunite you with your waifu one of these days.

4bd65 No.20475

File: 1510798209283.png (483.14 KB, 1095x616, maxresdefault.png)


I can't believe your fucking troll plot has almost entirely succeeded

d1614 No.20476

File: 1510798636607.png (484.59 KB, 2956x4000, looking back.png)

"You'll help me find my old memes, won't you, ~Flashy?"

4bd65 No.20477


d1614 No.20479

File: 1510801199741.png (1010.76 KB, 1500x1500, 1508992311723.png)

>tfw Flashy is being tsundere

c2460 No.20480

I just had a terrible idea next time we are in a landlocked city.
Look up the Each Uisge

4bd65 No.20481

File: 1510801582162.jpg (7.56 KB, 300x168, I TAKE YOUR WAIFU.jpg)

You think you've won you bastard. This ain't over yet

That's… disturbing. But that map has way too many cities that are inland with rivers or lakes

c2460 No.20482

Keeps it fairly away from water?
Also, no problem on the nightmares

What is the map from?

d1614 No.20483

Sounds like EqG material.
Would love to eat one.

4bd65 No.20484

I mean GM's map has a number of cities that are not where ocean going vessels can access them. But most have rivers or lakes by them

*smacks pony with rolled up newspaper*

c2460 No.20485

No eating the water spirits
Yeah, but is the map from something?

4bd65 No.20486

It looks like it's based on something Norwegian inspired. Like maybe Skyrim or Dragonborne or something like that

d1614 No.20487

Tracy will eat whatever she wants.
On an unrelated note, kelpies are some of my favorite mythical creatures.

4bd65 No.20488

File: 1510802195130.png (824.92 KB, 1000x1300, 1584440__safe_artist-colon….png)

Not so long as she's carrying my child. Seafood can carry high concentrations of mercury, vanadium, and other pollutants, which can harm fetuses

d1614 No.20489

Seafood is good for brain development, and I doubt this world has the same level of pollution as back on earth.
May as well check out of any of the surrounding towns have had problems with water demons.

c2460 No.20490

Kelpies are pretty cool
Man scotland has a lot of shape shifiting water spirits
I can fucking find it
I also finally learned the difference between Griffons and Hippogriffs
I feel like a retard
But I mean, it would be more of a horse goo shit

c2460 No.20491

*I can't fucking find it
I mean the map

d1614 No.20492

Kelpies are cool. I guess I'm just partial to shape-changing, man-eating horses.

4bd65 No.20493

File: 1510802673091.jpg (1.05 MB, 2200x1700, 1510651174965.jpg)

Just no eating magical and mutanigenic shit. You already probably got the child contaminated with Jew Demon
>There is no EPA
I know… This whole planet is like an unsuspecting maiden, or an deer that has not learned to fear man. It's going to learn of a whole new breed of predator soon enough

Pic related

4bd65 No.20494

*smacks pony*
No eating humans!
those can carry dangerous prions

d1614 No.20495

>no eating magical and mutanigenic shit.
I'll have her eat whatever I see fit, so don't give me any ideas.
Kelpies aren't humans. They just shape-shift into humans for the sake of hunting them.

c2460 No.20496

I can't find a source on that map, so who knows what it's from
Shes right
Theyre spirits

4bd65 No.20497

>I'll have her eat whatever I see fit
If you don't want to take on the responsibilities that go along with being a mother, you still have a choice to back out

c2460 No.20498

>choice to back out
Oh no
Please tell me you didn't say that

4bd65 No.20499

Why am I the only one who thinks of the child? This poor kid is going to be horrendously deformed by weird shit it's mother consumed during pregnancy, and will be either relentlessly bullied or ostracized for having a weird mother in school

d1614 No.20500

Killing babies isn't okay, Anon.

4bd65 No.20501

But poisoning them in a non-lethal way that cripples or deforms them for life is perfectly acceptable

d1614 No.20502

Nightmares normally eat fiends: that's how they normally live in Shadowfell, even when rearing.
The only actual risk of """deformity""" would come from it's genetics, but it would still be a child worth raising, like any other. At worst, you'd get a tiefling, but tieflings aren't necessarily bad, even if they might have some odd features.
All that is beside the point though. Killing babies isn't okay. Even for cross-species, extraplanar, rape-babies; it's not okay to kill children.

4bd65 No.20503

She's supposed to be a damn pony! A cute if somewhat stabby and unoriginal pony. Not a horrid creature of nightmares.

>Only risk of deformity is from genetics

>As if that wasn't bad enough
Then cease looking for augmentations

c2460 No.20504

Alright I'm done with this fighting
See you faggots tomorrow

4bd65 No.20505

>thinking he can ever escape

49c8e No.20506

Why not just make a ring big enough to fit her leg?
This picture disturbs me for some reason.
If it is born deformed i might be able to heal it.

49c8e No.20508

File: 1510821068215.jpg (220.34 KB, 998x475, 1encounterfb_by_ninjatic-d….jpg)

>late night shop boys

a03a0 No.20509

File: 1510822822057.png (207.04 KB, 1280x1280, 1505587503471-0.png)

Here ya go (its not Tracy, but it gets the point across)
Dear Mr. Torcuil,
I will be happy to meet with you in the morning.
- The Foreman
P.S. Please do not send your snake, he scared off half my workers.
Yeah, they haven't gotten that far in the creative process yet. ^_~

a03a0 No.20510

As far as crafting for Tracy - beyond what is already available by machine - the only thing I could really think of would be specialty hoershoes to use for forging/smithing. This would enable weapon/armor crafting.
Also, re: Torcuil's flute. Is there any game/combat purpose for the flute, or is it just an add-on accoutrement? If the latter, then you can have it, I just thought you were trying to come up with a bard item that doesn't require its self to be used in order to be used.
I can't really go into detail on the other stuff, 'cuz its meta, but the party will see soon enough.

49c8e No.20511

can tracy craft me some mino shoes?
also what do you think about the statue?>>20508

a03a0 No.20512

Follow-up on this. Tracy's wisdom is too low to cast Blackguard spells. Sorry, a minimum of 10 is required for that. She still gets the 1 Assassin spell/day (based on Int) though.
For Trump (I can't find the post ATM) the mountains you asked about are warmer climate, not sure how much more descript you were looking for.
YOU could craft you some mino shoes, you've already gained some skill in beating glowing metal. As for the statue, what is its purpose? I already have roles for several of those ppl as monsters

49c8e No.20513

to honor Hitler and maybe gain a bit of favor.

a03a0 No.20514

So, you're looking to have that statue made?

49c8e No.20515

yea we talked about it before remember?

a03a0 No.20516

Uhhh, yes of course
not particularly

49c8e No.20517

before the kefka fight.you said id get some good boy points if i shoped it.

a03a0 No.20518

I can't find the specific post, but I found references. That was the statue you made previously, yes?

49c8e No.20519

a03a0 No.20520

Ah, k good. I'm not totally lost. That'll work though.

49c8e No.20521

can i talk to hitler?

a03a0 No.20522

Sprauchen sie deutsch?

49c8e No.20523

Ja Mein Fhurer,ich hab es gut gemacht?

49c8e No.20524

i have intro to german im using google translate to buff my knowledge.

a03a0 No.20525

SheiBe, I was hoping to bluff my way out of it. Mein deutsch ist sehr shrect. I hadn't anticipated role-playing as Hitler, and its been over 10 years since I studied german.

49c8e No.20526

you honestly didnt expect me to talk to my god?

a03a0 No.20527

Not right this moment, no

49c8e No.20528

i can delay then. is ben done?

a03a0 No.20529

"I don't know how you expect to wear this,… maybe on your arm or something. Are you a Wrestler by chance?"

49c8e No.20530

"me do like wraslin!"

a03a0 No.20531

"Well you could certainly smack someone across the face with it. Damn thing weighs like 80lbs,…. Anything else I can help you with?"
As he asks, Ponimaru steps out from the shadows, carrying a large sack that makes all sorts of clinking sounds.
"Ah, another transfer I see. I'll take that then," to which Ponimaru immediately leaves.

49c8e No.20532

"thank you my good man, have you considered becoming a hitlerist or maybe a foot ball fan?

4bd65 No.20533

This. Convert Ponimaru!

49c8e No.20534

i was talking to ben. ponimaru left.

d1614 No.20535

I thought she had 11 Wis.
What are her stats?

a03a0 No.20536

"If GM makes me true to my namesake, no. However, I appreciate the spectacle of Football, as well as the profitability."
He is a jew after all.
I have her with a 9 wis. She has 11s in Con and Cha by my notes.

d1614 No.20537

… That's lower than I thought…

a03a0 No.20538

If it makes you feel any better, Ben HAS read Mein Kampf

a03a0 No.20539

Well, Tracy didn't strike me as being particularly wise so,….

4bd65 No.20540

Well, Unicorn horns aren't big enough to fashion rings that fit entire legs
>heal child
D'aww, you're the best
Again, I don't think Unicorn horns are big enough to make bracelets. Maybe if you treated one with steam it would be flexible enough to wrap around?

d1614 No.20541

When could she get to the point that she can cast BG spells?

49c8e No.20542

i did it for the keks
"thanks for the belt ben. are there any stones rarer than diamonds?"

a03a0 No.20543

10 Wis to cast 1st, 11 for second, and so on. It could be done through leveling up, using items, spells/potions (temporary though) or other means.

4bd65 No.20544

File: 1510828677435.gif (398.19 KB, 245x271, 15444__safe_screencap_prin….gif)

"What do you know about enhancing the marketability of sports leagues in foreign realms?"

d1614 No.20545

… That sounds difficult..
Does she get a point upon next level up?

a03a0 No.20546

Depends on the realm. Some nation-states would probably be open to something like that. I know Sparintenar is always looking for something to entertain themselves with, they have a vary rigid and disciplined lifestyle that no one bothers with anything artistic, exhibitionary, or otherwise 'fun'. Cardashil,… they wouldn't care. I haven't ever been beyond there 'cuz that's where the Emperor's Citadel is, and… you wouldn't want to go there. Although since the Emperor is kill, perhaps one can venture that way without getting killed? Its worth looking into I suppose"

a03a0 No.20547

2 levels. It'd be faster to go for an item buff.

d1614 No.20548

Like a tome?

a03a0 No.20549

That is supposed to be in quotes, that's all spoken.
e_e I was thinking more like a circlet or something along those lines.

49c8e No.20550

"hey me kind, it right thing to do."

49c8e No.20551

gm pls answer

4bd65 No.20552

*overflowing with excitement*
"Can Sparintenar be reached by sea? And why wouldn't I want to go to the Emperor's citadel?"

"I'm afraid the child may be born half Jewish"
Turns to Ben and says "no offense"
"Do you know of a cure?"

09b55 No.20553

I tried…

49c8e No.20554

"as long as hes isnt circumcised the powers shouldnt take effect"

4bd65 No.20555

"How do Jew powers take effect in females?"
But circumcision is normal in gentile American children… reee

a03a0 No.20556

"More rare? Sure, but rarity isn't the only thing that determine's a stone's value. Size plays a role, quality (as in, the number of imperfections in the stone), the cut, the clarity,…."

a03a0 No.20557

"Sparintenar isn't that far to the northwest of here. You take a left at the crossroads. It's part of the way into the forest. Its about the same distance as Cardashil, just in a different direction."
"None taken. I may be a jew, but not like those (((rats)))."

49c8e No.20558

"do you know of any magic gems any were? me dont care if theyre at the bottom of an Dungeon."

49c8e No.20559

"maybe we talk about this somewhere else trump?"
i know they got me.

49c8e No.20560

they took my Aryan foreskin.

a03a0 No.20561

"Gems, not particularly. The only sort of magical stone I know of is a voidstone, but that's trouble that you don't want."
Don't get me started.

49c8e No.20562

"tell me about stone ben"

4bd65 No.20563

"I respect your people, their long history, and they contributions to society."
*pauses and responds with a tiny bit of anger*
"It's infernals I do not care for."
*pause again*
"I'll leave my personal issues out of this"


"Dungeon? Say what now?"

"What can you tell me about Sparintenar, its culture, and its way of doing business. It sounds like they are industrious?"


a03a0 No.20564

"Its a particular stone native to the Negative Energy plane. Stories say that the mere contact with one can reduce a person to nothing in an instant. They're rumored to be exceptionally powerful, but no one has ever come into contact with one and survived for but a moment. One guy is rumored to have done so, grabbed one in his bare hands, but he was obliterated before he could say "Piece of cake"."

49c8e No.20565

"where is it? me stonger than man who get blown up.

4bd65 No.20566

"Inferius, Gemstones aren't necessarily the way to impress Thez. She's attracted to your courage, your willingness to do good, and great deeds"

a03a0 No.20567

"Highly industrious, extremely efficient, and painstakingly disciplined. Their wares are top-rated, but they're all fabricated by machine process, the people just maintain and operate the machines. Their society is strictly utilitarian. They are not opposed to entertainment or spectacle, but they don't practice it themselves. As such, entertainers and show-persons come from all over to perform. They're quick - and brutal - in response to trouble, and their leader has a reputation as the finest warrior who's ever been seen."
"Well, I don't know how much I can tell you, but I do know its not a matter of strength. A voidstone sort of 'undoes' what it comes into contact with."

a03a0 No.20568

Is that seriously where this is going? I should have known,….

49c8e No.20569

File: 1510830521072.jpg (141.05 KB, 825x464, daf9.jpg)

"diamonds arent enough"

49c8e No.20570

"but she give me things all the time."

4bd65 No.20571

"What can you tell me about their leader? Aside I guess from being a fine warrior?"
"Be grateful you aren't looking for Jewelry for Tracy. That mare is not going to be impressed by any item that didn't require something to die to make it"

4bd65 No.20572

"Because she wants you to succeed in your great quests and crusade. That is what she values. That we spread good in this world, and fight back the infernal and Bolshevik hordes, while spreading Football and the American Way"

49c8e No.20573

"a voidstone would be right up here alley"

a03a0 No.20574

"I don't know anything about him to be honest. He only shows himself when there is trouble, so the only people who have seen him - other than the locals of course - are dead."

49c8e No.20575

a03a0 No.20576

"You're serious? You're serious. Well, the Negative Energy plane is a pretty fucked up place from what I hear. Get your affairs in order if you plan on venturing there."

4bd65 No.20577

"For Tracy?"

"For whom do they manufacture their wares? Is there like a corporation that owns the factories? Do they have factories?"

09b55 No.20578

I did want to go to another plane some time.

49c8e No.20579

"no trump for ana"
"trump if me dont make it back clear my scroll history"

4bd65 No.20580

"Uh… I can clear your scroll history, but I'm going to tell you again, Thez would be more impressed if you liberated the Court City with me"

49c8e No.20581

"me plan on doing both."

4bd65 No.20582

File: 1510831438350.gif (2.85 MB, 520x700, tumblr_opxgytCY0s1w0by9bo1….gif)

If you were a Paladin's Mount, you could access a variety of powerful spells

49c8e No.20583

this. just this.

09b55 No.20584

Give her a chance then.

a03a0 No.20585

"They do minimal trade and supply for other cities, but most of their goods go to sustain and supply their own city's needs, the rest is,… er 'was' given to the Emperor to leave them alone."
Ever the opportunist.

a03a0 No.20586

"I should point out that the GM is a faggot, and one shouldn't expect all his explanations with regard to trade and commerce to make perfect sense," Ben offers.

49c8e No.20587

ha-have you ever been to that plane ben?

09b55 No.20588

Is it an Evil-Aligned plane? I want to go there.

49c8e No.20589

"yes it is."

a03a0 No.20590

"Me? OH no, that's a death sentence if you ask me."
"Its neither good nor evil. Its dominant traits are destruction and entropy, but favors none of the aligned extremes."

49c8e No.20591

sounds evil to me.

4bd65 No.20592

"But if you die on that plane, you can't crusade."

Be nice to Flashy!

"Excellent. On an unrelated note, what fine necklaces do you have that would go well with white fur… Uh, on a smaller horse or pony. Only the best"
Am I wrong though?

Why though

The benefits are insane. I understand now why he used to want it. Tracy would get like a 45% health bonus at least in Nightmare form

This. Stay away from that dimension

a03a0 No.20593

"Is the vacuum of space evil?"

49c8e No.20594

"me guess not"

4bd65 No.20595

"You don't need a voidstone!"

a03a0 No.20596

"I'd go with pearls."

49c8e No.20597

"you underestimate my power trump."

49c8e No.20598

4bd65 No.20599

"It's not about power. I have no doubts about your power. It's about making best use of that power with the finite time available. And I tell you now Thez would be more impressed if you killed pirates, bandits, monsters, or liberated a city in the name of Football"

49c8e No.20600

"trump me need favor"

4bd65 No.20601

"Uh… Do you have any better necklaces with pearls? Do you have Platinum chains that can be plated with Rhodium? And if you could, does white metal really go that well with white fur?

4bd65 No.20602

"From me? What is it?"

a03a0 No.20603

She'd be far more impressed if you didn't get yourself obliterated on some fool errand, GM thinks out-loud.
Well, I really should be going (its almost 4 and I hadn't anticipated going into detail at this hour Xp). I'll be around in the morning.

4bd65 No.20604

But I just woke up…

a03a0 No.20605

So did I,… 19 hours ago >_<

49c8e No.20606

"me need you to give thez belt, if me go back to tower she might try to stop me.i need you to tell her i love her to"

49c8e No.20607

can i go to the negitive energy plane before you go to sleep.

4bd65 No.20608

But seriously, if the metal is a similar color as the fur, would that look right? I guess the pearls would be pink. Would blue look good. Also, if, hypothetically, it were a blue pony, that's an instance where white metal would definitely look good, right?

"Aww… Inferius, she wants you to be as buffed as possible. She knows you love her. To prove it to her, help liberate this planet"

This whole quest reminds me of this

49c8e No.20609

"you would deny me this (last?} request?

4bd65 No.20610

"Thez gave up her magic jew powers for you, so that you may live to liberate this world. Please don't deny her her request"

49c8e No.20611

"me fight terasque me not be killed by the lesser ziggas in an alternate dimension"

4bd65 No.20612

"It's the dimension itself that can kill you, that is the issue. There will be hordes of brutes - hordes - you can expect to fight after we take the court city.

… Inferius… I need you…"

49c8e No.20613

"me promise me be back before you take court city trump." if me conquer this dimension me can do anything trump. me felt kind of left out of glory of terrasque kill. please let me gain my glory."

49c8e No.20614

"and imagine how thez would feel knowing i conquered an entire dimension and retreved a powerful artifact just for her."

4bd65 No.20615

"You were definitely left out of the glory of killing Kefka, unfairly so. I intend to rectify that in our coming quests. I don't know what will be waiting for us in the Court City. I can only imagine diplomacy will not solve it. And I can tell you that we will be a bright, shining target as soon as we do take it."

"But… It's a void dimension. There's literally nothing there. Help conquer this dimension. Deliver a city to her, er, us."

49c8e No.20616

"trump you have some honor. how do you feel about a deal?

4bd65 No.20617

"I'm not agreeing to a deal that gets you killed"

4bd65 No.20618

"Actually… What do you think you could get me?"

49c8e No.20619

the city. in exchange for your asstiance in the void.

4bd65 No.20620

"I don't think I can help you with the void though. It's the dimension itself. Too hostile. It would take more than a city anyways to convince me it's worth the risk"

49c8e No.20621

"i see…"

4d836 No.20622

Go to bed, GM.
No use answering questions now if you're brain is melted by Friday.

4bd65 No.20623

"Well… Um… I did some research just now (let's say on a phone) on how to get into the Void realm. You need to sacrifice the life of the person closest to you on a day with a purple moon. You can also be called there by a god, but, well, if I had favors from gods, I have something else in mind"

I'm not GM…

4d836 No.20624

Wrong post.

4d836 No.20625

But before I have to go, I just want to say I really want to journey to another Plane, especially a spooky one. It sounds like a hardcore mission, that could yield interesting developmental prospects for an extraplanar character.

49c8e No.20626

According to the Great Wheel cosmology model, the Negative Energy plane could be reached via the Ethereal Plane

4bd65 No.20627

File: 1510835361489-0.jpg (19.74 KB, 534x401, Tracy as a Nightmare.jpg)

File: 1510835361489-1.jpg (58.82 KB, 500x420, Also Tracy.jpg)

Why are you so insistent on making Tracy transracial? She's a pony. Born a pony. Embrace being a pony. Stop using jew powers to make her trans and make everyone acknowledge a trans identity

49c8e No.20628

The spell astral projection [19][20] could be used to reach the Negative Energy plane via a cold ebony color pool.[21] Additionally, the gate [22][23] and plane shift [19][24] spells could be used to open a temporary portal to this plane.

4d836 No.20629

>Thez gave up her magic jew powers
Can we set the canon of this game straight, pertaining to what is and isn't Jewish? I know the Chaotic Evil Demons are globalist, like Rockefeller and Soros, but what about other Evil Outsiders? The Wererats we're quintessential Jews too, but they weren't outsiders. I don't think The really displayed any Jew-like qualities while she was half Pit Fiend; and she was very keen on drawing the line between Abyssals and Infernals. Meanwhile, we also have Hoo-mans like Been selling jewelery for us?
I just want to set the memes straight here.

4bd65 No.20630

So it's the negative energy plane and not the void dimension?
It means Outsider. "Jew" is used because the word has meaning to others.

4d836 No.20631

Tracy can use Astral Projection at will, but it'll take a level or two before Infernius or Torc can cast Gate.

49c8e No.20632

thats what the gm said
i can cast plane shift.

4d836 No.20633

Even angels and sprites though?
By that categorization, even Troll, as a Celestial, would count as one.

4bd65 No.20634

Evil planes only

4d836 No.20635

Because nightmares are my favorite monsters…

49c8e No.20636

yeah and ogres are mine. what of it?

4bd65 No.20637

Then why did you chose to play a Pony? You could have started with a nightmare

4bd65 No.20638

I'm not Waifuing an evil extra-planar monster, that I can tell you

4d836 No.20639

What about native outsiders though, or evil creatures that far from neutral/good planes.
Taylor is an Evil-alligned native outsiders too, despite her Celestial lineage.

b8777 No.20640

4bd65 No.20641

I'll deal with Tay later. For now, she seems human, having come from an alternate earth.

>Native outsiders

You mean trans?

>evil creatures from Neutral planes

In general evil is bad

b8777 No.20642

You fucking wot m8?

4bd65 No.20643

*eyes suspiciously*

4bd65 No.20644

You heard me!
Which thing I said?

b8777 No.20645

>deal with tay later what did you mean by this?

4bd65 No.20646

Determine how I feel about whatever evil-extra-planar elements. With Tracy it's a real problem

b8777 No.20647

I think you're just being up tight.

4bd65 No.20648

Why do you say that?

b8777 No.20649

Because of how youve treated tracy who has done absolutely nothing wrong.

4bd65 No.20650

There was all sorts of stealing from the party and things before you arrived
But she attacks and eats weird things. There's a very noticeable effect on behavior, and not for the better. It will definitely go wrong

b8777 No.20651

I think your just being a jew about it.

4bd65 No.20652

b8777 No.20653

Jews like killing babies.

4bd65 No.20654

4d836 No.20655

>Has a party member who can Track and hunt down other evil outsiders out of pure instinct
>Doesn't see the opportunity
You don't even know what kind of affects it'll have on her, so why are you so worried about it? There's nothing in game that implies that any of her behavior has any detrimental effects anyway; being able to turn into a (nerfed) nightmare was just a fun bonus.
Also this.

4bd65 No.20656

*hungry nightmare noises*

b8777 No.20657

Your not gonna eat me are you?

4bd65 No.20658

*wiggles tongue*

b8777 No.20659

*Blushes so hard i become redder than infernuis* y- you wanna go take a bath?

4bd65 No.20660

"Sure. Let's try the water though. You can see straight through it"

b8777 No.20661

Hehe i like the way you think.

b8777 No.20662

Wait a second your not tracy.

4bd65 No.20663


4d836 No.20664

File: 1510837979834-0.jpg (22.94 KB, 250x328, 1510799086819-3.jpg)

I g2g for now..

49c8e No.20665

4bd65 No.20666

I quoted "hungry nightmare noises" at Tracy's faggot to show that the trans-racialism did in fact have an effect on her behavior, and Tay dropped in and mistook the post for being a Tracy post

c2460 No.20667

Torc heads to the mill, making sure Mr. Snek is a staff

4d836 No.20668

I swear if I meet a Zebra druid that has more Wis/Int than me, I'm going to flip.

4bd65 No.20669

I'll bet you there is. You have 7 gorrilion dexterity points (that you want to throw away with heavy armor for some reason) so that's where your points went

4bd65 No.20670

The Druid set of spells is activated by and attacked to the wisdom level and ability modifier. So yeah, they probably have higher

4d836 No.20671

I didn't know what it was for when I allocated them there. I thought Dex was the best for her class.
That was also before I knew about the nerfed transformation… A regular nightmare has higher stats in every ability.

4d836 No.20672

What's the mechanic for Tracy's transformation anyway? I thought it was like a lycanthrope's, but now I'm not so sure…

4bd65 No.20673

Dex is still very good, I am sure. It's the modifier that applies in ranged attacks. It also allows for a higher AC if you're not encumbered by heavy armor. Most of your stealth things too, like move silently or hide. My personal recommendation is to embrace the class you chose to play as - rogue mud pony - enjoy and develop its unique talents and skills, and not chase after every other opportunity

Formerly you specified that it was intense emotion. It may be different now.

4d836 No.20674

>you specified
The rough draft was only a thought-bubble, and I wrote that down when I thought her transformation was a total one (I thought those skill bonuses would make her better than a Ranger in terms of trekking outer planes if the group ever left the dimension. I was wrong)
If it's a Rage-related change, it would have a number of uses per day (I never attempted more than once, because I had assumed it was limited), and an exhaustion drawback; but now it seems to me like some kind of temporary ability trade-off, which I'm not sure of the limitations or scope of powers.
Now that I think of it, if she doesn't actually get the feats from her alternate form, could she even class as Blackguard in the first place? I referred to Cauchemar Nightmares getting Power Attack and Cleave as bonus feats when I brought up taking the class; I I only ever took Improved Sunder. It'd be a bit late to go back on those though, so I might be stuck with them as my chosen feats, since I've already used them so many times… Oh well..

4d836 No.20675

Tracy has to use Barding though. How does the mechanic apply for that?

4bd65 No.20676

File: 1510856652915.png (Spoiler Image, 288.46 KB, 825x901, 1563776__safe_artist-colon….png)

Light barding has no clear drawbacks. Heavy and medium barding reduces her speed by at least 33%. Do you mean barding on Tracy's pony form or her nightmare form? I would think that the vast size difference between the two states would cause difficulty for armor in transitioning. I see nothing about dexterity for horses, but I imagine the d&d rule makers didn't anticipate this scenario.
I know your chest plate costs you AC bonuses from dexterity. Barding just looks amazing on horses and ponies though

I don't know, GM suggested there would be even more limits now that the golden lady did her thing. Like going ethereal only when in Nightmare form

4d836 No.20677

Normally, shapeshifters can't Dawn normal armor, but idk if Tracy even counts as on at this point, because I can't find anything that alludes to her kind of transformation in the Wikis: it seems more aesthetic than anything else. I never brought up the prospect of her armor constraining her transformation, mostly because I didn't want to get nerfed back then.

4d836 No.20678

File: 1510857874793-0.png (110.35 KB, 560x632, midwinterain__s_nightmare_….png)

[confused 'nightmare' noises]

4bd65 No.20679

File: 1510857930639.jpg (10.42 KB, 202x250, Why Tracy and Trumpaladin ….jpg)

I'm a little confused too

4d836 No.20680

File: 1510858733619-0.jpg (135.03 KB, 800x800, 0xywaktzflez.jpg)

>mfw I realize the fucking lizard has a higher ability stat total
New character goal: hunt every other species of magical beast to extinction until Tracy is the strongest.Including non-pony equines with a Wis score above 10.

Can Lenos teach Tracy how to set traps? That is a rogue skill, right?
On that note, can the facilities at the tower be used to make explosives?

a03a0 No.20681

Just where is all this being discussed?

4d836 No.20682

Didn't mean to spoiler that.
Can Lenos teach Tracy to set traps? That is a Rogue ability, right? On that note, can the facilities at the tower be used to craft explosives?

4d836 No.20683

In our heads. I always leave Tracy's dialogue in quotes, btw.

4d836 No.20684

Would you mind answering some of those questions earlier? The black boxes were just to avoid messing up the thread with our nerdy stuff.

a03a0 No.20685

I will, and I'm going back through it now, but I was hoping to get an idea where-abouts some of the in-character dialogue was taking place.

4bd65 No.20686

>Hunt every species of magical beast to extinction
Aww… You don't want to help Trumpaladin in his ultimate goal of establishing the galactic Imperium of Man, exterminating the xenos, purging heretics, and banishing the forces of Chaos?

4bd65 No.20687

Sounded like Trumpaladin and Inferius were both up to Ben earlier

4d836 No.20688

Trump insisted earlier that he was waking up next to Slovenia.
Everyone else is at the tower.

4bd65 No.20689

File: 1510859515858.png (28.77 KB, 200x113, Pinkie_Pie_sad_S01E26.png)

>tfw she doesn't want to go purging and liberating with you

4d836 No.20690

I want to be able to play an Apex predator first. This monster thing is a personal goal of mine, as the player. I will be the strongest monster, in one way or another.

4bd65 No.20691

Heretics and Xenos are prey though

a03a0 No.20692

"The metal being the same color as the fur would produce a glinting effect, but otherwise wouldn't draw excessive attention to the necklace. Basically, it would provide accent but avoiding being over-the-top." -Ben
Though I am loathe to state it explicitly, there are basic and useful jews (Ben, for example) who are really good with money, there are jew-rats that are sheisty and conniving, and there are demonic (globalist) jews/zionists who come from the abyss.

a03a0 No.20693

This is the issue I keep running into. There's a gap in continuity here.

4d836 No.20694

Monster-exterminating comes first. I feel like Pinocchio right now.

a03a0 No.20695

I don't get why you assume that druids are ziggers.

4d836 No.20696

I just called them hippies, but Infernius said zebras would be druids earlier. That was just a "what if".

4bd65 No.20697

"Wow, that's a really good insight. Do you believe you could produce such a necklace?

… Do you take credit?"

>Not all Jews are Bolsheviks

I've been saying this to these Nazis for months!

Yes. It has not been resolved yet

Just tell your Flashy. He wants his queen to accompany him on his Unification efforts, especially if her talents are useful. He'll be sympathetic to a campaign to exterminate evil-aligned magical beasts though

a03a0 No.20698

"No need, the profits from Thez' contract has resulted in an overwhelming abundance of wealth for myself and the town. I have several strands here, or would you like something made to order?"
That aside, am I assuming you've already returned from Slovenia, or are we in a space-time paradox? That part can be detailed later, but in order for you to be talking to Ben and have been talking to Infernius, both of you would have to NOT be in the tower, and you would have to NOT still be in the grove.

4d836 No.20699

I had meant to have Tracy go to the grove as soon as she could, while Trump wasn't there for the sake of peace.

4bd65 No.20700

Uh… I was hoping for a time paradox where this is happening ~3PM but I could still do stuff in the morning

"I'm not sure. I don't have enough knowledge of jewelry to say. I guess a neck band would have to be of a specific legth?"

Trumpaladin would be there for hours (he also wanted peace) without her knowing, so if this is the way you're going, all four would meet. Unless it happens midday

4bd65 No.20701

All three

a03a0 No.20702

So wait, you want all this with Ben and such to happen, but you want to still wake up in the grove next to Slovenia?

4bd65 No.20703

… Yes.

c2460 No.20704

Oh Hi, guess your alive now.
Torc heads to the mill for the meeting

a03a0 No.20705

>GM shakes for a moment, and his head explodes
You find the Foreman (he's got a bright safety vest on, its pretty obvious) waiting for you outside and below the Tower. "Hey there. The name's Adam, what'd you wanna see me about?"

c2460 No.20706

"Hi Adam. Sorry about the snake scare yesterday.
I wanted to ask about buying some beams for a project."
Torc pulls a page out of his book with plans for a trebuchet on it, and hands it to Adam

4bd65 No.20707


Can I do the waking up next to Slovenia now then?

b74c1 No.20708

Wait, are we playing cinematic now?

4bd65 No.20709

I guess. I was hoping to wait until after my paper was finished

a03a0 No.20710

That would mean that you didn't have any of that dialogue with Infernius,… so yes.
Well, some of you have been doing minor cinematics the whole time, so IMO Trump is just catching up

4bd65 No.20711


But is her head laying on my leg?

a03a0 No.20712

Do your paper. I won't have any serious time to commit to anything other than meta questions and minor character directions until Friday night.

b74c1 No.20713

If Tracy's transformation really is not like a lycanthrope's, should I take those ranks out of Control Shape?

a03a0 No.20714

On that, at this point I am kind of relegating it as sort of 'going Super Saiyan'. As long as its not excessive (and yes, ethereal/astral shit will be requisitely in nightmare mode) then its fine, but too much will be exhausting to the character.

a03a0 No.20715

P.S. since she only tends to do it in combat, it probably won't be a concern

a03a0 No.20716

"Hmmm. Okkay,… I see. That's gonna be a tall order. We can do it, but the trees we'll need aren't readily available, we used up all the ones we had on those ships that were built. We'd need to mount an expedition to the forest to harvest more, and the forests have started to get a bit nastier than they have been. We'd need at least one of you folks to come along with us."

4bd65 No.20717

It means she won't be able to go ethereal out of another character's arms

b74c1 No.20718

Okay. What we're her transformed abilities again? It'd also be nice to know how often she can do it and under what conditions.
I've made a lot of mistakes with my player's class advancements. I don't want to make any more.

a03a0 No.20719

This. No more "pooof" she's gone, unless she's already on fire and billowing smoke.
Pretty much (aside from stats) what's listed for the Cauchemar, including feats and such.

b74c1 No.20720

That's fine to me.
.. do all the normal horses in this world really have more Wis than Tracy?

a03a0 No.20721

Let me give an example. When Thez was still 1/2 pit fiend, she could go haste for a limited duration, but regardless of whether she turned it off or it expired, at the conclusion she would be exhausted (even though she has improved endurance, which otherwise negates exhaustion), and unable to function for a period of time.

a03a0 No.20722

I don't mind upping Tracy's Wis a point or two, I just put the 9 in Wis cuz I thought it wouldn't matter in the long run.
crumples that thought up and throws it in the now over-flowing bin of "WRONG IDEAS"

4bd65 No.20723

File: 1510863409078.png (227.75 KB, 1600x781, 1500776331216.png)

So… After the guy is dead in a fight is she going to have enough energy to secret off the goods to her jew cave?

4bd65 No.20724

Forgot to remove pic

a03a0 No.20725

You do realize that that is a major cause for friction in the party? One sec,….

a03a0 No.20726

Not pointing fingers, just presenting a few points for consideration

c2460 No.20727

"Okay, I can go with you to help with transportaion. What time would you be leaving?"

d1614 No.20728

I'll leave their clothes 'n shit if it's all important to you, but I'm not about to stop snatching bodies.

4bd65 No.20729

You are if you're exhausted after the battle

Ask nicely for other people to get it for you

a03a0 No.20730

"Well, harvesting lumber of this size is a day or more (game time) expedition, and its a loud process so there's almost no chance that we'll be able to manage it without being run up on by something undesirable. I'm afraid that the GM's schedule won't permit it until Friday night at earliest."
That's fine, I'm just trying to foster a bit more "Hey, look at all this stuff we got from <dead person>."
I don't think anyone will mind if you run off with the carcass.
Although Thez did kinda want Kefka's wings,… no worries tho.

c2460 No.20731

"That'll do"
Actually that works, since I may be able to play late tomorrow, and really late saturday.
Torc thanks Adam and looks for Trollestia

b8777 No.20732

"I-i could help you torculi."

d1614 No.20733

That makes sense: having a larger, stronger body that requires more energy should idealy cause exhaustion/starvation. I actually thought that it was already implied, which is why I cienematically had her collapse after every boss fight.
There's no way you actually give a fuck if I skulk off with naked bodies. I gotta fill my dungeon and the bathhouse somehow. I'll take potions if I have to (would her pony-form Endurance feat help?). It would hardly be a dungeon without mummified enemies, would it?
Like I said earlier, most of Kefka, aside from parts of his wet innards, are still there. I didn't know he had wings, but does Thez really want them? Did he have any other non-hooman parts worth noting? It's all being prepared for liquidation.

Did I mention how badass Queen Taylor would look in a harlequin hat?

4bd65 No.20734

Can we import Lumber?

Oh I didn't say I wanted the bodies. I just said that if someone who did want the bodies was exhausted she could ask others to bring the stuff back

We do need Kefka's head though

c2460 No.20735

Is his name just a joke now?
"If you want to you can come"

d1614 No.20736

*offers Kefka's hat*
The head is secure. You'll have it when you need it.

a03a0 No.20737

File: 1510864923559.png (188.57 KB, 478x510, kefka5.png)

Sorry about the schedule,… I had many choice words about it, due to the faggot who's unreliability necessitated it and how,… I won't get into it.
Well she didn't say anything, and she didn't realize she wanted until her infernal nature was removed. pic related was his transformed form, and she would want the bat wings, but again none of that was mentioned so technically its a meta issue at this point.
Kek. Torculi!

a03a0 No.20738

Kefka doesn't wear a hat

d1614 No.20739

If she want's a piece of him, she could just ask: it's all in the handbag anyway.
Just what was Kefka anyway? Tracy would've been more interested in his body too, for similar reasons.
I already gave it away. Let's say a non-magical hat was in his pocket.

a03a0 No.20740

Kefka was,… uber magic. I mean he was technically human, but had grown so powerful wrt magic that he was sort of a demi-god. You might not think that because he died to magic, but there's a whole lot of minutiae that led to that. Besides,….

c2460 No.20741

No, you missunderstand
Yours works fine. I can do friday night.
So Torc continues oo try an find Trollestia

4bd65 No.20742

He was clearly possessing weapons of mass destruction, one of which just happened to ignite when Tourcil (Torculi) hit him with the implosion spell. It's the only explaination

d1614 No.20743

My first impression of him was pic related. I had assumed he'd be full clown attire if he were showing up to bully some fishermen out of their lunch money.
For the sake of liquidation and flaying, what's his anatomy? How many wings? Any properties I'd like to know of? Half the party took a bath in his blood btw too…

a03a0 No.20744

Yes, yes that is the only explanation. There could be no other.
Good to hear. I'm still salty about the douchebag though. motherfucker has the audacity to try and,… when it's READILY and STATISTICALLY obvious that,… all the while trying to,… cuz "MUH,…

bbfd4 No.20745

d1614 No.20746

File: 1510865624822.jpg (107.19 KB, 900x816, FFLTNS_Kefka_Artwork.jpg)

forgot pic

a03a0 No.20747

>blood bath
>first impression
That is how he arrived yes, but after getting beaten about for a bit he decided to go Super Saiyan. In doing so, he reverted to the same hubris (which is consistent with his character) that got him beaten about in the first place, leading to his demise

bbfd4 No.20748

Hows it spelled?

d1614 No.20749


a03a0 No.20750


4bd65 No.20751

File: 1510865808834.jpg (Spoiler Image, 10.36 KB, 320x207, 1498018910641.jpg)


No need for the monster killing quest. The rationale for that has passed. I have a different thing I'd like to do


d1614 No.20752

He still brought the scarves, feather hat, and other clothes though, right? Even if they weren't magical, it's cool to keep your enemies' clothes.

a03a0 No.20753

Not a hat though, it's a plume, and his hair is in a ponytail. And yes, there is still the brightly colored clothes.
For the record, I was gonna delete that post immediately after, but that password thing goes auto-blank and I couldn't.

d1614 No.20754

I'll have those washed for Taylor or Norfilly if either of them are interested in taking a piece of his getup.
>tfw can't wear boots

a03a0 No.20755

File: 1510866310795.png (483.27 KB, 1700x1752, kefka6.png)

It could work, I don't get the impression Taylor is into outlandish clothes (I could be wrong tho)

4bd65 No.20756

uh… Is this a Barry situation or one of us…

Probably should just burn the clothes so it doesn't harm public perception

d1614 No.20757

It's her choice if she wants it. I'm saving it anyway.
I've saved all the clothes of every individual killed so far, even your co-workers (didn't have a place to put their bodies though).
Nah.. idgaf

4bd65 No.20758

A queen has to look the part. Even a queen of edge

c2460 No.20759

4bd65 No.20760

And this was not to refer to Tay or her clothing

bbfd4 No.20762

Ill take the boots.

a03a0 No.20763

I blame Thez. Let the record show I always spell his name right.
It is a good way to make an entrance,….

bbfd4 No.20764

Hey man its your fault for not picking an english character.

4bd65 No.20765

*cough* This *cough*

All I'm sayin' is a Paladin's waifu needs to be conscious of style

Actually, if he has any jewelry, can I have it?

a03a0 No.20766

That's a good point. How does one pronounce Torcuil? I've been thinking "Torque-will", but I'm open to correction.

4bd65 No.20767

I thought it was Tourcil?


4bd65 No.20768

Shit. Now I am unsure how it's spelled

d1614 No.20769

Before the next session, the party should focus on producing some items for everyone, especially the noobs with no magic items. Taylor could craft a Horn of Valhalla and a Lyre of Building at her level. Trump could use a shield of any kind. Idk how Norfilly is going to play, but she needs some sort of charm to keep a single scratch from ever getting to her.
He wore earrings, if you really want them.
Cydaquil should just namefag until everyone remembers.

bbfd4 No.20770

What did i do?

c2460 No.20771

Spelling: Torcuil
>now this is a guess
Pronouncation: Torquill
Just because a varient is "Torquil"

bbfd4 No.20772

I thought it was tor- coolie

d1614 No.20773

File: 1510867423995-0.jpg (Spoiler Image, 233.18 KB, 900x647, the_lion_and_the_unicorn_b….jpg)

I thought it was an English-Scottish rivalry thing to bulli him. I guessed wrong.

4bd65 No.20774

Uh… Are earrings the only jewelry?

I have the ring shield and the sword is two handed, so no need for a shield, but any other buff is awesome

>The name really does sound like "NyQuil"

bbfd4 No.20775

It is

4bd65 No.20776

>I am of English Ancestry, and have a lion-like mount, while he has a unicorn

4bd65 No.20777

File: 1510867547331.jpg (10.23 KB, 222x227, images.jpg)


d1614 No.20778

>Are earrings the only jewelry?
I never saw anything else in any pictures of him.
None of his items were magic.

a03a0 No.20779

Trump has the Bees knees
Kefka appears to have had a variety of pearls and gems, and what looks like a cough masculine garter, at least by the pic Tracy posted
Vandereim or Sugoito are both bastard-type swords (1 or 2 handed)

c2460 No.20780

I can handle this
Speaking of mount, Torc needs to talk to her.

4bd65 No.20781

Definitely taking Pearls and some item of jewelry

So… Can I have multiple shields?

>None of his items were magic
That's just fine

a03a0 No.20782

Not to be a troll kek but you should know by now where to find her,….
Not if you want to use a weapon

4bd65 No.20783

Top Fucking Kek

I shit you not, I fully intended to hand Trollestia a statement charging her rent if she wasn't going to be helpful finding the unicorn

d1614 No.20784

>renting building you don't own

c2460 No.20785

Well i don't so help a faggot out

a03a0 No.20786

The Tower stables
So you venture to the tower stables, where Troll is calmly munching from a pile of bananas.

4bd65 No.20787

You're the one who first suggested it!


I swear I go to talk to her more than you do

a03a0 No.20788

File: 1510868279438.gif (1.69 MB, 360x240, 9c667b5a0dfd5b92e203c4fcb4….gif)

>MFW I thought I was gonna have to scramble to come up with material and continuity for the storyline,… and here it is being literally spoon-fed to me

d1614 No.20789

What can Tracy do during this time warp?

c2460 No.20790

Yeah but Torc has fucked her more than Trump
"Trollestia, can I akk a favor of you?"

a03a0 No.20791

She can pick up the special shoes Lenos made
"Certainly good sir, what can I help you with?"

4bd65 No.20792

File: 1510868531984.gif (2.48 MB, 900x506, TOURCIL GOT RAPED.gif)

*Tourcil has been fucked by her

Be lubby dubby with her husbando?

d1614 No.20793

File: 1510868631816.png (Spoiler Image, 242.3 KB, 3057x3300, 4 U.png)

*picks up shoes*
Tracy thanks Lenos and slips him a bundle of weed from the forest.
She then appraises the shoes.

d1614 No.20794

Did he leave the forest yet?

c2460 No.20795

"I need you to watch Norfilly while I go for a while. Can you do that?"

4bd65 No.20796

If I can RP the morning. I need to ask Slovenia something and then ask Fae something

4bd65 No.20797


a03a0 No.20798

They're specially designed, one shoe having a rounded 'sole', the other a flattened one, to allow a hoers both the necessary striking points that would normally be available with a forging hammer. They require the hoers to be able to stand upright, but that's not a problem with Tracy. "I recommend being in your uber flaming and shit mode for greater efficacy," he says rolling a phatty and sparking it.
"I'd be delighted!"
If you'd like to do that now, I'll be around for the next hour or so.

a03a0 No.20799

"You'll still need someone to hold the piece with a pair of tongs, but I'm always here unless business demands me elsewhere."

c2460 No.20800

"Thanks for that"

d1614 No.20801

File: 1510869258156.jpg (168.83 KB, 1130x621, impressed.jpg)

*looks at hooves*
".. Wow, thanks Lenos."

a03a0 No.20802

"Also remember, you're a noob at forging. It takes lots of practice."

4bd65 No.20803

Let's do it now so I can be back with the rest of the party for stuff

Is her head on my leg?

a03a0 No.20804

Yes, she's sleeping soundly, and your leg is numb.

4bd65 No.20805

"Mam, you're under arrest for possession of marijuana with intent to distribute"

49c8e No.20806

can lennos make me a item that lets me breath in a vacuum?
also im awake from the coma.

4bd65 No.20807

Umm… try to wake her

"Slovenia, Slovenia"

bbfd4 No.20808

He- hey tracy how long have you known that hottie torc?

a03a0 No.20809

Sod off, you have no jurisdiction
He raises an eyebrow. "I could,… what are you planning?"
"MMmmfff. Hmm? Oh, its you. I must have fallen asleep while we were talking. Its so nice to have company, please excuse me."

4bd65 No.20810

Would she be offended if I pet her head?

"I know the feeling. It's okay. Um… could you move your head a bit"
*tries to move leg*

49c8e No.20811

me go to bad place to retreve strong item for thez. oh can you keep that a secret?

d1614 No.20812

>that hottie torc
You mean the older guy with the book full of memes? A couple months, I guess. It get's hard to keep track of time around here.

a03a0 No.20813

"Oh, yes of course," she says a bit embarrassed. As you move your leg, the sensation of PINS AND NEEDLES shoots through your leg.
"What KIND of 'bad place'?"

4bd65 No.20814

>No jurisdiction
There you go sounding like that damned federal judge in El Paso.
Absolutely changing that

49c8e No.20815

"it in different plane."

a03a0 No.20816

His eyes narrow. "Spill it."

d1614 No.20817

>trying to separate a Dragon from his smokes
Enjoy dissolving in a fiery pool of napalm.

bbfd4 No.20818

Hes a total grey fox, h- has he said anything about me?

49c8e No.20819

"why you so interested in where me go?"

4bd65 No.20820

Gah. I guess I'm not walking for several minutes. Try to move leg to make it more mobile

"You like company don't you? How would you like to come back to our party's stables. Or if you want a proper room, and I mean nice rooms, we can spare those as well"
*pet behind ears*

4bd65 No.20821

Saint Nixon, who is the Patron Saint of the War on Drugs, is also the Patron Saint of Napalm. Bring it on!

d1614 No.20822

"Not much really. He's rather reserved, compared to the rest of these psychopaths (inb4 tu quoque), although he does speak up when he sees fit. He spend a lot of his time in his cave somewhere scribbling memes into one of his books."
>Challenging Lenos
You reap what you sow, m8…

49c8e No.20823

>saint nixon what?

bbfd4 No.20824

"Do you know where his cave is i want to get in his robe."

a03a0 No.20825

"You realize you're asking me to make you an item that only I could make, while asking me to keep a secret from the only person in this group who could single-handedly kill me (especially if she was pissed), while talking about jumping planes. I'm gonna need more than your assurances, especially because I don't think you know what you're getting yourself into."
"This grove is nice and peaceful, but the lack of interaction is rather depressing. I'm not one for isolation; so long as I don't wind up in chains again, I could see venturing forth."

4bd65 No.20826

My god is Columbia (America personified), and her saints are those who served her well, especially in the fight against International Communism. I particularly like Presidents

49c8e No.20827

"okay me tell you, me go to the negative energy plane."

49c8e No.20828

why columbia and not uncle sam?

a03a0 No.20829

His jaw hits the floor. "Whatever for?! That's madness! No one goes there deliberately!"

49c8e No.20830

"me get the voidstone."

c2460 No.20831


d1614 No.20832

"His robe? I never bothered looking for his cave, although it doesn't sound difficult to find. It might be easier to just wait for him at the tower though; he's always coming in and out."
*ears twitch*

a03a0 No.20833

Lenos' jaw somehow drops through the floor and extends outside the tower for a moment. He composes himself. "Pray tell, what do you intend to DO with a voidstone?"

d1614 No.20834

Consider forging a Sun Blade before you go, or several for that matter.

4bd65 No.20835

Leave your goods in the tower if you go to the negative energy dimension. Otherwise you'll lose your stuff with your body when you are killed

I'm advising not to go

bbfd4 No.20836

Can you help me find it?

a03a0 No.20837

Shhh, we'll get to that, but this is a 1on1 convo…

49c8e No.20838

"make ring for thez."

d1614 No.20839

How do Knowledge ranks work? What kind of bonuses do you get for increasing them? I can't figure it out.

c2460 No.20840

>louder sustaned screaming
Also it's a kilt, get it right

4bd65 No.20841


"Our tower is safe and secure. All of the elves Korak held are there right now. There's several people there, including another Unicorn, although she is a celestial. It was Tracy who found you, correct? The Blue Pony? She's there too. Sometimes. Come with me, we can provide you accommodations. Better than out here where there are who knows what dangers"

bbfd4 No.20842

Im coming to suck that dick boi

d1614 No.20843

Isn't Tracy still in the forge? She's respectfully eavesdropping.
"Well, I probably could, but it sounds like a lot of work to go through for just a robe."

4bd65 No.20844

Same as other ranks. You're more likely to pass difficult questions when you have more ranks in knowledge during a knowledge check

bbfd4 No.20845

I dont want to take his robe i said i wanted to Get In It, i wanna fug torc.

a03a0 No.20846

"You incredible,… she's got a ring you know, its made out of one of your horns.
TBH, I don't either. That sort of thing always seemed a role-play element to me. I suppose it could represent gained knowledge from having lived in an environment, but again that seems like a role-play element. Example: Knowledge - Mountains could give a character an understanding of what sorts of monsters are likely to be encountered, or how to traverse effectively, but that doesn't seem something one would leave up to skill points or die rolls.
After a few moments, Fae touches down a few feet away. "Yes Trump, you have need of me?"
Fair point, but its hard to eavesdrop while carrying on a conversation about ahem Torcuil's clothing.

c2460 No.20847

a03a0 No.20848

Sorry, forgot to separate Lenos' statement with a quote to reply to Tracy's question, because I'm still astounded at how Infernius is still carrying on with this one.

49c8e No.20849

"yea but me want to get her best stone to go with."

a03a0 No.20850

"And you want to go with a stone thats sole function is to annihilate whatever it comes into contact with?? That's BEYOND absurd!"

a03a0 No.20851

"Assuming you don't get yourself killed in the process, which you will (and me along with you, for going along with it), you want to give her a ring that has a veritable black hole attached to it?"

4bd65 No.20852

He's playing his character GM

"Hello Fae! Nice to see you this morning. Fae, meet Slovenia. She was rescued from Korak's ship. She's been here a few days. Slovenia, meet Fae. She is my trusted Paladin's Mount, having helped me in many battles, and my trusted Priest.

Fae, we need the way back to the tower, I don't know it myself"

Is Slovenia too large to ride on Fae's back? I believe you said that Slovenia herself is large enough to be a Paladin's Mount, like a light warpony

49c8e No.20853

"it what ben tell me about when i ask about special gems"

d1614 No.20854

>i wanna fug torc
*cocks eyebrow, but nods understandingly and makes a slight grin*
"A snare-trap would be quicker, but I'll see if I can find the time to help you out later."
I was wondering about that when I was reading some creatures' bonuses in arcana knowledge and Planes Knowledge. Do knowledge ranks account for any kind of insight boost for cinematic purposes?

4bd65 No.20855

If Trumpaladin can get Tracy, he can solve the stone issue

49c8e No.20856

you need knowledge dungeonering for that.

d1614 No.20857

>for that
For what?
Also, Tracy sleeps in a dungeon. She's got to have at least one rank in it.

a03a0 No.20858

I know, and I'm playing Lenos. He hasn't said "No", and he realizes full well that Infernius could go it alone.
"Yes, I recognize you(her). I am pleased to see you weren't eaten by the Blue one. I cannot carry both, but being a gentleman, I assume you wouldn't mind walking?" she says with a wink.
"That won't be necessary, I would prefer to walk if you don't mind," Slovenia replies.
"Oh they're special alright," she mutters, then sighs. "Look. Let me state plainly. This is probably the dumbest idea I've ever heard of. For one, you won't need a breathing apparatus, and for two, if you ARE set on this course, I'm going with you. And don't think you're going to run off solo either, you're not the only one who can shift planes."
I suppose they can, it hasn't really come up in any game I've ran though. I mean, it might give a slight bonus to deciphering scripts, but again,….

49c8e No.20859

its to know about the monsters in the dungeons

49c8e No.20860

i thought i was talking to lennos?

a03a0 No.20861

You are talking to Lenos. Who do you think taught Torcuil about being a Mystic Theurge?

49c8e No.20862

ok i was confused you said she.

a03a0 No.20863

Oh, you're right. Typo

49c8e No.20864

"why you want go with me?"

4bd65 No.20865

"Of Course, it's good to walk. I just don't know the way back… I've never been this far out."

*Trumpaladin stands up, falls over when he puts weight on his numb leg, then gets back up and places a hand on Fae to help support himself*

Ask this question to Fae. All of this is said in such a way that Slovenia is not intended to hear it, though she could hear it if she tried:

"While I am loathe to admit it, you know more about Football than I. Tell me more about this prophecy. You say it foretold of the child? What… what exactly is the child's role in that prophesy?"

Just get me aware of Inferius's quest, and in the room with Tracy, and I can handle the stone issue

bbfd4 No.20866

Ill be the one gulping.
Thank you tracy.

a03a0 No.20867

Oh you motherfuckers. Alright, gimme a sec.

4bd65 No.20868

>I can't CALL MOUNT Tracy
If that were enforced by GM, it would absolutely make mounting Tracy worth it

49c8e No.20869

no i dont think you can.

a03a0 No.20870

Lenos takes a phatty hit from the J, consuming the rest of it, and without blowing it out he says with a strained voice. "Because I'm not any good at lying, and I couldn't possibly hide that if she started asking questions, and if I admitted to allowing you to go alone regardless of whether you came back alive, I can be certain that I'll end up dead as well," he says, finally blowing the hit out.
"The texts are vague, and vary from translation to translation. It is said however that the child may one day bear the weight of the world."

c2460 No.20871

Oh god, the images
Also, how old does everyone thing torc is?
>grey fox my ass

a03a0 No.20872

I have him in his 30's, maybe early 40's

d1614 No.20873

Wizards have complex starting age, and you said he was married, before he had to live in a cave for years, so I guessed in his 30-50's.

c2460 No.20874

You win, thats correct

bbfd4 No.20875

Thats totally grey fox age.

a03a0 No.20876

Yeah, he'd have a bit of grey ESP if he was married Xp

4bd65 No.20877

*starts walking*
"I think we should go now, since there are things I need to do today. We'll get you a nice room and food Slovenia"

"Uh.. Bear the weight of the world? Let me just ask you straight up. Does he leave the world in a better condition than when he found it, or try to?"

d1614 No.20878

*ears twitch*
I really really want to go to another dimension. Perfect sort of mission for a nightmare.

4bd65 No.20879

Dude, I could absolutely solve the rock issue.

c2460 No.20880

File: 1510873017181-0.jpg (49.04 KB, 306x358, 34B138CA00000578-3612966-R….jpg)

File: 1510873017181-1.png (712.44 KB, 600x600, 600px-MacLeod_tartan_(Vest….png)

Age: 32 when he got transported into the game
Look: pic 1
Kilt pattern: pic 2
Just to clear that up for new players

4bd65 No.20881

Not that dimension. The chances of it killing you are reasonably high

Kek, we know you don't look that charming

c2460 No.20882

Well I don't
But Torc isn't based on me

c2460 No.20883

>everyone is not posting cause they want trips

bbfd4 No.20884

H- hot

a03a0 No.20885

Dice rollRolled 15

"I don't know how much more I can say on the matter. The prophecy pertains to Football, so we can conclude that it is a good thing."
"Even if you succeed, what are you going to say? "Oh, look at this rock of obliteration I happened across in the road! I'm going, try and stop me."

a03a0 No.20886

30 minutes remaining

4bd65 No.20888


a03a0 No.20889


4bd65 No.20890

"Alright then… I guess I will try to have faith…"
*proceed walking to tower with Fae and Slovenia*

I would absolutely ask Slovenia a billion more questions about herself, but I'll try to have mercy.

Also, can Fae be promoted 3 levels? What classes can she have? I wanted her to have something like Cleric, and have already one or two levels in it, but I don't know if NPCs, especially monster types, can take that. Maybe she can be an Expert?

49c8e No.20891

"me tell her the truth me conquered a dimension for her, me appreciate you coming. you strong."

c2460 No.20892

Isn't Fae a lion?
I would run

a03a0 No.20893

Dice rollRolled 4

I could see giving her one level given her background and personality, she did aid in the Nerd/Dog fight, but only one since she never successfully attacked.
Lenos facepalms. "I'm certain she's not going to see it that way."
>to Infernius
"Make all necessary preparations. I've never been to that particular plane, so I can't tell you what to expect."

4bd65 No.20894

She's a Dragonne. It's a sort of cross between a lion and a dragon that looks like a giant winged-brass-scaled Lion. What would you run from?

4bd65 No.20895

Aww, but you said NPCs gain three levels from the fight

49c8e No.20896

"okay me be right back me need to drop off gift first."

a03a0 No.20897

I was thinking more about the citizens.
"Of all the literally bull-headed,…." can be heard as you wander off.
Well, I guess I know what I've got to prepare for.

d1614 No.20898

*ears twitch*

49c8e No.20899

i go to ana.

c2460 No.20900

Lions and Unicorns are considered enemies irc

a03a0 No.20901

'Cuz you know where she is?

4bd65 No.20902

They were, but then 1707 happened, and 2014 could not undo it

Um… Any chance I could be back for the stone thing?

49c8e No.20903

i dont, i go and call out to her.

a03a0 No.20904

Doubtful, but I can't say for certain. Trust me, I'm gonna THOROUGHLY explore the full scope of possibility on THIS shit.

c2460 No.20905

"The unicorn is an enemy to the lion, wherefore, as soon as ever a lion sees a unicorn, he runs to a tree for succor, so that, when the unicorn makes force at him, he may not only avoid his horn but also destroy the unicorn, for, in the swiftness of his course, the unicorn runs against the tree wherein his sharp horn sticks fast. Then, when the lion sees the unicorn fastened by his horn, he falls upon him and kills him."

a03a0 No.20907

Ponimaru appears from the shadows behind you. "If you're looking for Thez, I believe you'll find her engaged with the Fight Club in the whore-house."
Quit starting drama, there's quite enough of THAT at the moment!

49c8e No.20908

"perfect, thank you ninja hoers. what your name?"
i dont think infernuis ever knew he could talk

4bd65 No.20909

File: 1510875239885.png (695.78 KB, 1024x841, 1024px-Royal_Coat_of_Arms_….png)

Ah, but you're forgetting what happened since:

"The Articles of the UNION as they passed with Amendments in the Parliament of Scotland,
and ratified by the Touch of the Royal Scepter at Edinburgh, January 16, 1707, by James
Duke of Queensbury, her Majesty’s High Commissioner for that Kingdom.
I. ‘That the two Kingdoms of (fn. 1) Scotland and England, shall, upon the first Day of May
next ensuing the Date hereof, and for ever after, be united into one Kingdom by the Name
of Great-Britain, and that the Ensigns Armorial of the said united Kingdom, be such as her
Majesty shall appoint; and the Crosses of St. Andrew and St. George be conjoined in such a
manner as her Majesty shall think fit, and used in all Flags, Banners, Standards, and Ensigns,
both at Sea and Land"


a03a0 No.20910

"I have no name, but you can refer to me as Ponimaru," he says with a short, stiff bow. You notice he's wearing Thez' martial belt from way back before she enacted the travel ban. I'd mentioned that before, I just wanted to reiterate it.

a03a0 No.20911

t-10 minutes

49c8e No.20912

"have you heard of the 2 major religions spreading through out the area?"

4bd65 No.20913

>What Inferius does when not being watched: Try to spread the word of Football
>What Tracy does when not being watched: Distributes drugs

a03a0 No.20914

"Dude, you had best be on your way," he says rolling his eyes, and momentarily acting uncharacteristically informal.

49c8e No.20915

"alright alright we converse about this in the future." i sprint to the whorehouse."

4bd65 No.20916

>I'm definitely not catching Inferius
I wonder if Tracy would say anything

a03a0 No.20917

Upon entering, you find Thez beating the holy piss out of a partiularly large fighter (for visualization, use the image {not the idea} of the Muscle Mage, mixed with the scene in Fight Club where the Main char decides to destroy something beautiful).

a03a0 No.20918

I guarantee this isn't happening in the next 3 minutes.

49c8e No.20919

i wait untill her turn is over.could you fast foward through her fight to save time?

a03a0 No.20920

Nope, I gotta go! And thank Elway for that!
>GM out

c2460 No.20921

Aye, but dats not mythology

So, Torc decides to go back to the tower

49c8e No.20922

damn i was so close.

d1614 No.20923

Ponimaru can speak common?

c2460 No.20924

Bye GM

bbfd4 No.20925

"H-hi torc."

d1614 No.20926

The Unicorn/Lion thing stems back further than just British history.

49c8e No.20927


4bd65 No.20928

So? British history affects the way it is now, not before

GM, I promise you, just give me an ordinary glove, a bag, a shining piece of Obsidian, a character of Evil alignment, and either the ability to plane shift to any weird plane OR Pyrotechnics, and I can get Inferius his "void stone" without him, Tracy, or Lenos getting killed in the process

c2460 No.20929

"Hi Taylor, whats up?"
B-but its mythology, bot historical or political

4bd65 No.20930

File: 1510877024338.png (320.54 KB, 680x680, 1510725277713.png)

I'd do this shit myself, but I am playing the group Paladin

I don't care. Fae and Slovenia are not fighting. That's the end of it. Fae isn't even a lion, she just looks like one.

bbfd4 No.20931

"I wanted to know if you maybe wanted [mumbles]"

4bd65 No.20932

c2460 No.20933

"Sorry, what was that?"

d1614 No.20934

*subtle sounds of a snare trap being set*

4bd65 No.20935

pls no. Make this be consensual. I have my reasons

bbfd4 No.20936

I said did you maybe want to go take a bath? w- we can use water.*turns away as her face turns red*

c2460 No.20937


d1614 No.20938

*subtle sounds of multiple other snare traps being set in indeterminate locations*

c2460 No.20939

Torc turns red, not unlike Trump's ban messages.
"I guess?"
Torc makes a mental not oo get new friends

bbfd4 No.20940

L- lets go *begins to tremble uncontrollably*

d1614 No.20941

File: 1510878541092-0.jpg (105.47 KB, 1366x768, Major Armstrong, pose1,-th….jpg)

>the image {not the idea} of the Muscle Mage
Like this faggot?

4bd65 No.20942


bbfd4 No.20943

Thats who i think about evertime infernuis does anything.

c2460 No.20944

>internal screaming

bbfd4 No.20945

*Gets to the bath house and disrobes* w-w-well this is me.

c2460 No.20946


bbfd4 No.20947

>cute little pussy with a triangle shaved in the pubes

4bd65 No.20948

>Not a swastika

c2460 No.20949

Then don't quote trap comic.
>I mm highly uncomfortable

bbfd4 No.20950

"Kek your supposed to be"

4bd65 No.20951

*From a distance, you hear as if whispered into your ear DO IT*

bbfd4 No.20952

>next time i shave

49c8e No.20953

c2460 No.20954

>Torc considers running, but decides he doesn't want to die today

d1614 No.20955

*subtle sounds of poisoned darts being rigged, for no reason*

4bd65 No.20956



c2460 No.20957

>Torc drops the kilt cloak

Only to reveal a second kilt

bbfd4 No.20958

"Y- you dont like me? I thought you liked memes like me i used to go on the random board on 4chin.

4bd65 No.20959

*comforts crying Tay*

c2460 No.20960

If it's not in quotes, Torc didn't say it
You aren't even here

49c8e No.20961

i can tell by your body language i have 17 charisma

4bd65 No.20962

I do what I want!

Also you signified an action, not dialogue

49c8e No.20963

okay the jigs up im tay i was fucking with you guys

4bd65 No.20964


49c8e No.20965

kek no

c2460 No.20966

Knew it
When I saw "Torculi" I KNEW IT BUT I DIDN'T SAY A WORD

bbfd4 No.20967

Shut the fuck up pleb youre not me!

4bd65 No.20968

Okay, good

Now fug

49c8e No.20969

don't be a cunt bro.

c2460 No.20970

bbfd4 No.20971

File: 1510880170808-0.png (185.84 KB, 720x1047, sketch-1510880131983.png)

File: 1510880170808-1.png (166.69 KB, 720x949, sketch-1510880068334.png)

c2460 No.20972

Damn it

49c8e No.20973

bbfd4 No.20974

I do have 17 charisma though and i probably tell by body language so thanks.

bbfd4 No.20975

I say again.

c2460 No.20976

"Now, please don't cry"
Torc begins to visibly stress
"No, I'm just… out of practice with this"
My first tabeetop rpg character is about to sex Taylor swift as a bard. Having never listened to Taylor swift, idk how to feel.

bbfd4 No.20977

07735 No.20978

I know how I feel

c2460 No.20979

Correction, I have heard her songs. But I do not actively listen to her.

bbfd4 No.20980

And then the batroom door closes on the camera, moaning ensues
And hows that?

07735 No.20981

*The moaning is audible down in the stable*

c2460 No.20982

I need an adult

bbfd4 No.20983

I am an adult

07735 No.20984

Just confirm for the record that you fugged Tay

c2460 No.20985

>raped by a unicorn
>raped by a bard
>knife stuck in haggis
Kill me
Has anyone seen Norfilly lately?

d1614 No.20986

She's still collecting sticks.
Tracy saw everything.

07735 No.20987

Tourcil, why did you just cheat on your waifu?

bbfd4 No.20988

>rape does not count

d1614 No.20989

It's not cheating if you didn't consent.

49c8e No.20990


07735 No.20991

He could have said no at any time, he could have run away

49c8e No.20992

you cant be raped your a man.

d1614 No.20993

Tracy grinds her crafting skills by making 6 gorillion knives.
He was just too much of a cowardly pussy to refuse.

c2460 No.20994

Oh, NOW your the voice of
>Good morals!
>don't cheat on your waifu
>hurr de durr unicorn shit

07735 No.20995

That's exactly how I will phrase it when I tell Trollestia

bbfd4 No.20996

"Hey tracy wait up can i get you autograph?"

c2460 No.20997

07735 No.20998

Oh bullshit, you could have blinked to the astral plane at any moment if you didn't want it

07735 No.20999

Then you shouldn't have cheated now should you?

07735 No.21000

Claiming Trollestia

d1614 No.21001

*silent hoofsteps*
He was frozen in fear. Also, using magic would've fucked up everything with GM not around.
Didn't she already give it to you?
*signs autograph*

c2460 No.21002

>says the man sleeping with not-tracy
Fuck off ye cunt

I'm gonna go with "Bard spell compelled him"

07735 No.21003

>defending this
You go Etheral when GM isn't around

>bard spell
You mean to say she asked you? That's not a spell

d1614 No.21004

Is GM gone for the night?

07735 No.21005

Yes, he said so

d1614 No.21006

Tracy can cast that at will.
>bard spell
Charm Person is a first level spell for Bards.

49c8e No.21007

tomorrows gonna be fun.

bbfd4 No.21008

I can fascinate at will

d1614 No.21009

That too.

07735 No.21010

>Tracy can cast at will
Kek, not any more
>charm is first level spell
And also not a compulsion spell. Also never cast

c2460 No.21011

Espically since I won't be around for most of it

d1614 No.21012

We'll let GM sort out whatever the fuck happened then.

07735 No.21013

You didn't need to

bbfd4 No.21014

Im sorry but when did you get back to the tower?

07735 No.21015

I'm not the person who failed to even disclose having a waifu to a sex partner

07735 No.21016

Hour ago or so. It's only a one hour walk

d1614 No.21017

File: 1510883030157-0.jpg (40.07 KB, 1024x535, mike_pence_fb-1024x535.jpg)

Yes you did. You spent the evening with that unicorn without telling her anything about your engagement.

4bd65 No.21018

First off, I didn't have sex with her.

I'd tell her everything I was pissed off about, so yeah the "engagement" probably would have come up.

Thirdly, I would have expected *you* to tell her

Fourthly, if I did the same thing, that doesn't suddenly make both of us moral right, it just means we're both wrong

c2460 No.21019

Trump apparently can do no woong, but everyone else can
Repeat after me
>I did not have sexual relations with that unicorn

bbfd4 No.21020

Quoteimg. The saint bill clinton i see.

4bd65 No.21021

Look, either say polygamy is okay, or it isn't. Why is it okay for you but not me?

4bd65 No.21022

>A democrat as a saint
U Wot

d1614 No.21023

>that doesn't suddenly make both of us moral right
That wasn't my intention. Just stop picking on Torc's faggot.

4bd65 No.21024

But like my character legit did not have sexual relations with that Unicorn

Oh you'd do the same to me

I don't want to pick on Torc's faggot, I want to use this in game

d1614 No.21025

>you'd do the same to me
If that were the case, you'd still be hearing about the unicorn.
>I want to use this in game
For what?

4bd65 No.21026

>We have an understanding
Oh… Okay. Nevermind then

>For what

Best not to disclose

c2460 No.21027

It's not I'm saying polygamy is okay…
Why am I wasting my typing? You wont listen
Kek, he said it

c2460 No.21028

Tay's faggot, I'm going to kill you
Let's put it this way.
Torc is socially akward from he years in the cave. Thanks to this, he has trouble saying "no"
Make sense?

d1614 No.21029

File: 1510883721648-0.jpg (27.32 KB, 800x450, xpou1ylz5kbbdxjd7tkp.jpg)

>either say polygamy is okay, or it isn't.
When did he say polygamy was okay?

4bd65 No.21030

Well don't tell it to us. Tell it to Trollestia

*happily shakes pony*
"I love you sweetie*

bbfd4 No.21031

I just wanted to help make you less awkeard m9

c2460 No.21032

Welp you made it worse
She oouldn't know if you didn't tell her

4bd65 No.21033

>Trollestia is not going to find out from Torcuil
You sure about that?

bbfd4 No.21034

Dont worry ill desensitize you to it.

d1614 No.21035

"Where were you last night? I was looking for you…"

c2460 No.21036


4bd65 No.21037

Is she clinging in an adorable way?


I was out in a grove in the forest. The battle, and especially what happened afterwards, really shook me."

c2460 No.21038

>Mr. 30 year old virgin Torc has now fucked more people than trumpaladin

4bd65 No.21039

File: 1510884441546.png (92.04 KB, 300x300, ooNJHbO.png)

Sure, that's totally the reason why. I wasn't playing 4d chess with you at all

bbfd4 No.21040

really? are you a time traveler too?

4bd65 No.21041

"Time Traveller, I am not sure. But I did come from another dimension"

c2460 No.21042

Yeah sure

bbfd4 No.21043

Is jeb bush's wife really a mike pence in drag?

d1614 No.21044

She has all her hooves wrapped around his, and she's pressing her cheek against his chest
"…Hmmmm.. If you're ever troubled, just come tell me about it, and Ill listen to whatever it is. I am your waifu after all."

*coughs blood*
It's hard playing the female sometimes…

d1614 No.21045

File: 1510884773664-0.jpg (49.64 KB, 800x450, rcijk8scml3khtriye0e.jpg)

*thunder roars in the distance*

bbfd4 No.21046

Tell me about it sister.

4bd65 No.21047

"Pfft! Hell no. She's some illegal alien maid Jeb didn't want deported so he married her so she wouldn't. Beaner doesn't even speak English"

I'm dead serious when I said there have been zero romantic advances of any kind on the unicorn.
That's actually kind of cute.
*Trumpaladin puts his arms over her*
"Tracy… to be honest… I am a bit Troubled. A bit troubled by you, and us, and the child"

d1614 No.21048

File: 1510885001406-0.jpg (435.06 KB, 1000x726, ap-gop-2016-iowa_001.jpg)

File: 1510885001406-1.jpg (380.33 KB, 2000x1000, o-JEB-BUSH-WIFE-facebook.jpg)

File: 1510885001406-2.jpg (82.17 KB, 670x409, Republican-Jeb-Bush-Says-H….jpg)

File: 1510885001406-3.jpg (82.33 KB, 992x558, GTY_jeb_columba_bush_sk_15….jpg)

File: 1510885001406-4.png (876.48 KB, 483x804, 8Kzc4Pm.png)

Jeb!'s wife is a literal goblin. An arguably attractive goblin (for a goblin), but a goblin nonetheless.

d1614 No.21049

c2460 No.21050

Not this shit again

4bd65 No.21051

But I want the characters to talk out their differences…

bbfd4 No.21052

Attractive? Did you smoke some of that weed? Do you have any more?

d1614 No.21053

*moves Trumpaladin's hand to her tummy and stares into his eyes*
"Can you feel it? Can you feel our foal inside of me?"

d1614 No.21054

For a goblin*

c2460 No.21055

Yeah, but not talk about the child again
Plz, I don't want to teach you again why abortion is bad

d1614 No.21056

The thing that irks me the most is that sometimes I feel like Trump's faggot doesn't deserve all the work I'm putting into this.

c2460 No.21057

Well thats adorable as hell

Are the baths cold or hot?

d1614 No.21058

I assume there's a hot bath, but also cold showers.

c2460 No.21059

K, thanks
Sweating slows dowm slightly

4bd65 No.21060

Dude I'm not going to talk about Abortion
GM tipped his hand with the child

Let me work with her then!

*shivers almost from the power of the fact*
"Yes. That's why I'm bothered. Neither of us can be truly independent - truly free of each other any more - because of him"

Temperature controlled of course

d1614 No.21061

*directs her to the pile she picked up Lenos's weed*

bbfd4 No.21062

Oh he totes does not.

4bd65 No.21063

Dude, fuck off. I spend a hell of a lot of time, energy, effort, and emotion on this. I'm here way more than you

c2460 No.21064

Torc exuses himself and goes to take a walk around town.
Passerbys paying attention might notice him mumbling "why" over and over again, and scattered tears are running down his face.

49c8e No.21065

"torc that you? you okay?"

4bd65 No.21066

Not Kek, I'm fucking dreaming about this shit in the morning

d1614 No.21067

>Neither of us can be truly independent - truly free of each other any more - because of him
Oh yeah, that's right. Buckle-up, Daddy.
"..I'm used to being independent, but that could never compare with the chance to build a family. Can't we be more free, together..?"

c2460 No.21068

>Torc notices Infernius and wipes his face
"Uh, oh Hey Infernius. Yeah I'm fine, just questioning something I did. What are you up to?"

49c8e No.21069

"why you cry friend?"

d1614 No.21070

File: 1510886283426-0.jpg (102.87 KB, 914x574, 1510797549557-4.jpg)

>tfw poor Torcuil is the only repeat >rape victim in this Game I kind-of, sort-of feel sorry for, somehow..

49c8e No.21071


4bd65 No.21072

"Tracy, the thing is… you know I'm hard at trusting. I'm willing to do this with you, but I need something from you. I need the ability to trust you, to be sure you're not out undermining me. I need you to be there with me when I need you - when our whole group needs you - on campaign."

Like legit honest to God you are more likely to be forgiven if you disclose yourself

4bd65 No.21073

"It's difficult to explain, really. If I had to put it in a sentence, well, why can't you be more like Inferius?"

c2460 No.21074

File: 1510886680450.jpg (72.54 KB, 693x448, 141881-full.jpg)

>tfw when this
"Um well you see, uh. Well…"
Torc turns the same red as infernius
Would Torc think that? No. Because He already fucked up the relationship once, and he sure as hell doesn't want to do it again

d1614 No.21075

File: 1510886718980-0.png (415.21 KB, 795x1024, 581393__safe_artist-colon-….png)

".. I trust you though…"
"Infernius is just too dumb to be complicated, though he is honest"

d1614 No.21076

>if you disclose yourself
That's not how >rape works, Anon. Most of the time the victims are too humiliated to say anything about it.

49c8e No.21077

"it okay you can tell me anything me no make fun of you. yo my friend."

4bd65 No.21078

Holy fuck that's an adorable response
*Goes in to hug pony*
"No no, it's that… Well you see, I'm a Paladin. I'm expected to uphold certain standards. I'm expected to have compatriots who, while they by no means are expected to uphold the same standards of behavior, when they transgress them, it must be in the service of some greater good.

Inferius, well, he's always looking to help. He's always with me on campaign. He always does what he believes is right. I don't really always agree with him, but I trust him.

Tracy, I have a history of being betrayed by friends and compatriots and women and evident allies. It's difficult for me"

It wasn't rape though

c2460 No.21079

"I know Infernius, and I thank you for that.
But I guess I'm not ready to talk about it. Maybe sometime later I can tell you."

49c8e No.21080

"any time you need talk me be around."

d1614 No.21081

"I don't know what a "compatriot" is, but I'm prepared to be your Waifu… Does the Paladin's code-thingy really have to get in the way of that?"

d1614 No.21082

>wasn't rape
I'm playing the >rape-expert, and I declare with my imaginary authority that it was, in fact, >rape.

c2460 No.21083

"Thank, Infernius. Same to you"
He then continues on his walk

4bd65 No.21084

"Tracy, a waifu is a very close, very selective role. You're not going to be some sex consort.

Tell you what, here's where we start. We try to take interest in each other's affairs. You tell me your plans and projects. I'll try to help you in them if they are not too… evil. And in turn, I'll tell you mine, and I hope you will help me with mine."

4bd65 No.21085

If that were me in that position you would have said I was cheating on Trollestia

d1614 No.21086

".. I'm not really a planning sort of pony, Flashy. I really just go with what my instincts tell me.. Sometimes, I can be impulsive, but my instincts have never failed me yet..
If I had just one long-term goal, it would be to buy up a nice big plot of land in a secluded area, and live a quiet, peaceful live with our family."

4bd65 No.21087

"Alright then. Let's just start where most couples start. Why don't you tell me what you did today and last night?"

d1614 No.21088

By my Yandere standards, spending a quiet evening with another mare feels like infidelity.
Anyway, if Trumpaladin were actually being >raped, Tracy wouldn't just watch.

d1614 No.21089

"I stood awkwardly in on place for a long time, until Lenos made me these special shoes for crafting."
*Shows shoes*

4bd65 No.21090

That's true. Most yandere's think that just talking to another girl at all is infidelity. So be it, Trumpaladin can't refuse disclosure

4bd65 No.21091

"D'aww, what'cha wanna craft?"

d1614 No.21092

Or you could just never mention it again. It'd mean less math for me. Just don't fuck around with her emotions.

d1614 No.21093

"Knives, swords, armor, charms, and anything magic."

4bd65 No.21094

She's going to have to get accustomed to his polygyny eventually. I guess it's probably better to wait until there actually is a second waifu though

"Any leads on what would be good to craft? Useful for us?"

4bd65 No.21095

Wait a minute, the unicorn is Tracy's friend. He has to talk about him bringing her to the tower

d1614 No.21096

>She going to have to…
Learn something from this shit!

d1614 No.21097

Wait for GM.

d1614 No.21098

"… Everything needs magic to work.."

4bd65 No.21099

Does Tracy need to talk to Slovenia as soon as it is known she is in the tower?

Tracy wants Trumpaladin to have no more than one outstanding marriage at a time, and Trumpaladin wants Tracy to be as righteous as Fae. I think we might have to just split the difference

"What can I help you with? I know I can cast some spells"

Please be present and able to listen when the Inferius stone mission comes up again, or better yet, just mention what you heard. I got a plan for this I want to at least communicate

c2460 No.21100

G'night faggots.
Expect me to be back late saturday night.

d1614 No.21101

Idk at this point.. my original intention was to go visit her asap bring her out of the woods right after the boss fight, but now it seems several days have passed since she got there…
>Split the difference
Learn to be faithful, damnit!

I'd say more, but I g2g now.

4bd65 No.21102

To the right girl. A lawful good pony, sure. But a neutral evil extraplanar, why waifu her?

49c8e No.21103

see you then.

49c8e No.21105

"understand what"

4bd65 No.21106

"I guess me. I don't know. I sometimes wonder if it's too late, I've already made everyone hate me"

4bd65 No.21107

File: 1510891168302.png (295.37 KB, 3650x2500, 1121386__safe_artist-colon….png)

"Should I be here at all…"

d1614 No.21109

[worried pony noises]
".. I'm here.."
*faggot goes back to bed*

49c8e No.21110

"me no hate you"

49c8e No.21112

"but you hurt infernuises feels when you declines deal"

4bd65 No.21113

"What do you want me to do exactly? Take your belt to Thez?"

4bd65 No.21114

*pets pony*

49c8e No.21115

"the come with me to the nep deal"

4bd65 No.21116

"The nep deal? What is the nep deal?"

4bd65 No.21117

"Ah, you mean the negative energy plane. I thought you intended to do that alone?"

49c8e No.21118

"i am now"

4bd65 No.21119

"What do you mean? What was it you hoped to accomplish exactly?"

49c8e No.21120

"conquering outsiders."

4bd65 No.21121

"In the negative energy plane? I believe it's almost uninhabited"

49c8e No.21122

"how you know?"

4bd65 No.21123

"True. But you understand that I am skeptical about the chances of success"

49c8e No.21124

"me succeed regardless"

4bd65 No.21125

"Did you want to do all of this to impress Thez?"

49c8e No.21126

also im going to sleep so i can wake up tommorow

a03a0 No.21127

He's been taking lessons
Yes, except beaten to a pulp
Spoiler alert, Taylor Swift (irl) is a metaphysicist that poor car
Not ALL night
Oh, thanks e_e
Contested, he voluntarily entered the bath, did not appear to decline or otherwise fight her off/away.
Charms? Anything magic? Thats news to me,….

Well that brings me up to speed. I'm going to assume Infernius said his spiel before leaving and running into Torcuil and then Trump, but that is currently undisclosed cuz schedules. Very much looking forward to what happens next.

4bd65 No.21128

I should probably go to see Trollestia soon

4bd65 No.21129

Gotta wish Inferius well and keep Tracy from killing herself and the child first though

49c8e No.21130

you around gm?

49c8e No.21131

4bd65 No.21132

Neat! But I like Inferius though…

49c8e No.21133

i like you to trump, but a Minotaurs gotta do what a Minotaurs gotta do.

c2460 No.21134

What was Torc supposed to do? Stab her? Said he had erectile dysfuntion? Fucking hell his faggot didn't even know what the hell (was going on/what to do).

4bd65 No.21136

"Inferius, before, I did not understand exactly what you sought to accomplish by taking a risk so great. I understand now that you see taking the risk as end all of its own.

I respectfully request that you not take Tracy and her unborn child with you. That realm is one of extreme dangers, and she does not need to be there. I strongly advise that you leave your eqipment - belt, arm bands, vest and grenades - all here. Thez will not be happy if you lose those. Take with you only an essential sword.

You'll need bottles of air, as there is little there. You'll need a magical source of light as well, as that dimension sucks out all light. Have a jar or so in which to magically suspend the void stone when you find one. There is no known magic that can control a void stone, nor any other known way of handling it. Nothing less than the direct intervention of a god can help you grasp a voidstone. You'll need the powers of Football and Hitler with you. Remember as always that if you touch a voidstone, it will kill you instantly. Do not place a void stone in any container where it is not magically suspended from the walls, not imply that any known magic can do that.;


Or you could have just said “no”
She declined to have sex with me when I said that I had a girlfriend. So if you had said you had someone else, that would have made her stop

c2460 No.21137

You couldn't've pointed this out…
YESTERDAY. Listen Torc never got nude, therefore she must have undressed him and raped him.
Case clossed

4bd65 No.21138

Well what did you think was going to happen when you agreed to get naked in a bathtub with her? You know, when you would have undressed yourself first?

You didn't have to get in the bathtub, and you could have said "I don't want to this"

Still another thing you could have done: asked if she had a condom. That would stop or slow it down.

4bd65 No.21139

>"Now, please don't cry" Torc begins to visibly stress "No, I'm just… out of practice with this

49c8e No.21140

"me tell tracy not to go because of babby but you of all people should know its hard to stop her from doing what she wants to do."

30c59 No.21141

>Implying there wasn't a condom.
Goes back to sleep irl

4bd65 No.21142

"No shit. I will either persuade her, or I will learn something about her"

49c8e No.21143

"like what?"

4bd65 No.21144

"You're doing this whole thing to prove to Thez that you love her. If she risks her baby for the sake of… I'm not sure what, I will know who she does not love"

d1614 No.21145

Infernius could probably craft that with Lenos's help.
Both of the baths are mixed anyway, and Torc would've been too preoccupied fighting-down that spaghetti-pressure to realize what was about to happen.

>For Infernius
I really, really, really want to go to another plane, although the Negative Energy plane seems like it would suck the life out of any living thing… She'd need some kind of extreme motivation to do something crazy/stupid like that, because her #1 priority is to protect her foal.
For the sake of future extraplanar missions, mind that Tracy's Nightmare form has +21 Planes Knowledge and +21 Survival Checks on other planes: if anyone has a chance of bringing party members back alive from another plane, it's her with those monstrous instincts.
That's actually what I was most excited about to play her as a monster for: on other Planes, she could effectively function as the group's Ranger.

4bd65 No.21146

"Little Pony, can I talk to you?"

d1614 No.21147


49c8e No.21148

if you want to go im not gonna stop you

4bd65 No.21149

Fuck, now I'm wondering if I am doing this too early

The 88888 GET is a little over 10 posts away, and I've already banned two Int shills who I know are trying to go after it, hint hint hint

4bd65 No.21150

"You're not intending to accompany Inferius on his suicide mission, are you?"

4bd65 No.21151

>too preoccupied fighting-down that spaghetti-pressure to realize what was about to happen
He was under extreme spaghetti pressure precisely because he realized what was about to happen

c2460 No.21152

Note to self, be specific
He meant socialization.
Trump got in a bathtub with her
Once again mixing up player and character knowledge

49c8e No.21153

id rather have a sun blade tbh.

d1614 No.21154

Craft one.

49c8e No.21155

i will when gm gets on.

49c8e No.21156

did you get it trump?

49c8e No.21157

where you the epona get?

a03a0 No.21158

Then go to the fuggin' stables
Funny, that's just like the dagger that Tracy left back at Cardishore way back when
Don't lie
No spoilers, but you have no idea what you're talking about
>wears a kilt
>claims to need to be undressed
No, it doesn't. I've said before, those skills are for existing nightmares, as in nightmares that were born into and raised in the outer planes. Tracy doesn't know shit about the planes.
When GM gets on, you'll start from where you left off. The last thing you saw was Thez in the process of beating the piss out of someone.
>needs coffee

d1614 No.21159

>doesn't know shit about the planes
Oh, okay. That makes sense.
I still want to try some extraplanar travel though.
>the dagger that Tracy left back at Cardishore
I never forgot about those.. Every knife from the weapons shop at Port Barry is in that bag.

d1614 No.21160

On that note, how do Survival checks work? What benefit do you get from increasing ranks?

a03a0 No.21161

Knowledge and ability to utilize the surroundings and survive.
Boy scouts have survival skills.

d1614 No.21162

In what circumstances is the skill useful/necessary?

a03a0 No.21163

Uh, survival situations. Building rudimentary shelters, filtering water, etc.

d1614 No.21164

I see.

49c8e No.21165

i meant afterwords m8

a03a0 No.21166

Survival is an untrained skill, so one's ingenuity, intelligence, and other factors can allow one to survive without ranking in it, but then there's dudes like the Navy Seals,….

49c8e No.21167


a03a0 No.21168

Right, well Thez eventually realized that the fellow she is beating on will probably die if she continues, so she stops. The other folks at the Fight Club seem a little bit taken aback by the scene, and as she drops the guy she turns her head toward Infernius.

That is what I was typing when I was called away for a moment.

49c8e No.21169

i walk over to thez with the belt visible in my left hand and raise her left hand with my right and say "thez champion of fight club!"
then i help put on the belt. then i whisper "you like my surprise?"

4bd65 No.21170

*Pets Pony*

a03a0 No.21171

She looks down. "Its very shiny,… but everyone knows I'm the champion. I don't need a belt to make that official," she says fishing the stick out of her bracelet. "What's the occasion?" she says, poking the poor sap on the floor, her face erupting in bruises and swelling, almost comically.

d1614 No.21172

It takes a check of 20 to pickpocket a "small object" with Sleight of Hand, but what counts as a small object in that this case?
Also, Thez did take back Bob, right?

49c8e No.21173

"no occasion me just like giving gifts to my waifu."
*heals moderate wounds on the guy she was fighting*

a03a0 No.21174

Yes on the d20 (rolled against the target's spot check), and Bob has been milling about the Tower since the Kefka fight.

d1614 No.21175


d1614 No.21176

So, anything smaller than a sword?

a03a0 No.21177

Depends on one's skill. A highly skilled thief could lift a sword off someone without them noticing, but in general, hand-sized objects are the norm.

d1614 No.21178

Would it be beyond Tracy's abilities to craft and use a hand crossbow? I've intentionally only been allowing her to use knives to avoid bringing up her lack of thumbs; but I think some range would be beneficial, since I already spent all those points on Dex.

4bd65 No.21179

That's actually a pretty good idea. Are you sure a hand crossbow is better than a light crossbow?

Also, question about Tracy. Does she have any uncertainty as to the existence of the betrothal? What about Trumpaladin's commitment? (Just how delusional is she?)

a03a0 No.21180

Craft, yes. Use, sigh I guess not

49c8e No.21181

could she fire it with her tounge?

4bd65 No.21182

Slovenia could operate a crossbow with telekinetics right?

a03a0 No.21183

Don't YOU be worried about calling OTHER players out for foolish decisions now
Theoretically, yes

49c8e No.21184

chill man, im just trying to help out tracys faggot.

4bd65 No.21185

But she could operate a two handed crossbow right? If there is no trigger-guard, it's just a matter of holding it up with one hoof, and squeezing the lever by applying pressure with the other hoof

d1614 No.21186

>Does she have any uncertainty as to the existence of the betrothal?
She believes they're already married, but "only legally", due to the lack of a ceremony.
>Trumpaladin's commitment?
Short answer, yes. I've been crunching numbers to keep her from losing her cookies.
Could she operate one with Kefka's mummified Mage Hand?
That's kind of a big weapon though…

a03a0 No.21187

You're welcome to try it
Please understand, all these "Can I", "Should I" questions are way to meta for my taste. As a GM, I really shouldn't be giving "Yes, no" answers. If players want to test their ability to do things, they should try doing the things and see the results.

49c8e No.21188

49c8e No.21189

its all good man no worries.

a03a0 No.21190

Case in point. If Tracy's faggot wants to explore the possibility of using a crossbow, the correct course is to acquire a crossbow and test it on any of the readily available dummies, one of which has a decaying Korak strapped to it, rather than just 'asking'.
As for the dialogue:
She looks down at the belt. "You had Ben make a custom belt for me for no particular occasion?" she raises her eyebrow, but doesn't press the issue. "Thank you."

49c8e No.21191

"it cause me love you and me think it go good with eyes"

a03a0 No.21192

File: 1510946406188.jpg (107.8 KB, 700x350, thumb.php.jpg)

"My eyes? Oh? And have you noticed that they changed as well as my appearance?" Upon her mention, Infernius notices that they're no longer red, they're a deep jasper color

d1614 No.21193

File: 1510946423173-0.png (157.4 KB, 837x1149, 1046670__safe_artist-colon….png)

Okay then. No problem with that. Thanks for making that clear; I was operating under the impression that asking about meta first was the go-to, and that the opposite was annoying. I'm fine by just trying stuff.
Tracy, still in Lenos's workshop, assembles the materials she needs to craft herself a pony-sized crossbow, and sets herself on constructing it (I imagine this would take a while with hooves, but I'll just skip forward, if possible).
Upon making a weapon similar to the ones she saw in the Library's books, minus the trigger guard, she decides to test it by taking as 20-30 steps back (idk how big the room is), and attempts to fire fiddle with the trigger and fire a shot at Korak's dried-out carcass.

d1614 No.21194


a03a0 No.21195

Dice rollRolled 1 - 4

Dice rollRolled 15


4bd65 No.21196

I was going to rape Tracy after >>21175, but if this is what she's doing now, okay

a03a0 No.21197

Dice rollRolled 74

The crossbow seems serviceable enough, at least per the diagrams. Upon levelling it and firing, Tracy discovers that it is an awkward weapon for hooves, and as it fires it flies out of her hands

a03a0 No.21198

… and shoots her in the leg.

a03a0 No.21199

Its almost as though, despite comprehending how a crossbow works, Tracy has no experience with a dangerous object such as a crossbow, and could very easily hurt herself if she is not careful,… like so. And this under calm and collected circumstances.

d1614 No.21200

File: 1510946813206.png (93.41 KB, 533x397, fug.png)

You can't >rape the willing.
[shrieking pony noises]

4bd65 No.21201

Actually, fuck it.

Approach Tracy.
Remove arrow.
Cure moderate wounds on Tracy's leg.

Then Grapple Tracy
Then force Tracy down and fuck her

She actually gets the chance to look into his eyes as the essence is transferred this time…

d1614 No.21202

"..This is why I don't do range..!" Tracy mutters as she painfully limps over to the entertron.

d1614 No.21203

Or just this, I gues…

a03a0 No.21204

File: 1510946998745.png (99.12 KB, 533x397, fug.png)

a03a0 No.21205

Tl;dr Tracy should be careful about branching out into 'new' weapons

4bd65 No.21206


Poor Pony

For how many of Korak's men were samples recovered?

a03a0 No.21207

That depends on how many samples were recovered from. All of them?

4bd65 No.21208

All would have been attempted, during the fight, and the next day

d1614 No.21209

File: 1510947320643-0.png (788.59 KB, 1320x742, 1548407__safe_screencap_ke….png)

File: 1510947320643-1.jpg (112.91 KB, 1280x426, 266167__safe_artist-colon-….jpg)

Maybe just a longbow would be better.. Pony's could fire those in Marks and Recreation, and she's proficient in that as a Blackguard. I mostly just want the hand crossbow because it could be concealed, like in pic #2. Yeah, I'll go for trying out a longbow next.
But for now, she's still on the ground while I get to do more math.

49c8e No.21210

"your eyes put anything else me ever see to shame with their beauty."

a03a0 No.21211

Then all of them. About 2 dozen, since I know what you're asking without asking the right question. Xp
There is no way a pony could operate a crossbow like that without being a unicorn. Longbow would be best.
"Hearing you say that is more precious to me than any gift you could give me," she says unabashedly and emphatically.

4bd65 No.21212

>Fucking her has emotional consequences
REEEEEEEE!!! You implied in >>21186 that she's already so crazy she can be treated as a possession without her inferring that Trumpaladin thinks of her as hers - because she already thinks that.
Cure moderate wounds. She could probably force kisses or eye contact from her position.
Uh… yeah, the number of samples would probably be the correct question.

49c8e No.21213

"hey thez uh you done here? me have something else me want to "give" to you"
*smiles a smug toothy smile*

d1614 No.21214

>just a little bit works
… What about the piece of the Terrasque's stomach tissue that Tracy got? I'm not about to do anything stupid, but still..
>implying implications
I din't say any of that. The consequences aren't destructive, so chill.
>she could probably

a03a0 No.21215

"Sure, if you don't mind waiting a bit. I have to deliver some supplies to my,… contact, to do with the financial situation with Ben. It shouldn't take long, just an errand or two," she smiles.
You did fukkin' what? Where did you put it exactly?

4bd65 No.21216

*Kisses back, while rubbing adorable blue fur*

>the piece of the Terrasque's stomach tissue that Tracy got

Hey! Putting DNA of killed enemies into the Entertron and seeing what could possibly go wrong is my idea

Um… What would the starting attitude of revived pirates be? Hostile? Unfriendly? Indifferent?

49c8e No.21217

"alright me be in forge"
i go to the forge ans see if lennos can help me make a sun blade.

a03a0 No.21218

You'll have to try it and find out. >_<

a03a0 No.21219

"Oh,… okay. I'll see you later then," she says.

4bd65 No.21220

*After Trumpaladin finishes in Tracy*
"Hey Tracy, you want to help intimitdate the fuck out of some people? Or kill them if they remain hostile?"

Um… do I get extra advantages from a second player doing an intimidation check after a diplomacy check? Can two separate players attempt a diplomacy check?

49c8e No.21221

"come get me when you get back ill finish the sword afterwords"

a03a0 No.21222

Meanwhile at the forge.
"A Sun Blade. A SUN blade? Yeah, I could help you make one, you got a week or so to work on the thing, almost exclusively? Are you willing to cough up enough experience to do it?"

49c8e No.21223

"the trip is postponed until its finished."

a03a0 No.21224

Lenos wanders over to the entrance with his can of paint, and writes a sign above the door.
"Crafting magical anything is NOT like braiding hair. It can't be done in an instant, and should not be treated with the same degree of informality as a passing interest or hobby"

d1614 No.21225

Let me backtrack a bit…
She had a couple chunks of it in her mouth, and then she would've put one of them in the bag and/or left some of the pieces to dry-out in the >rape dungeon. When I said, "tissue sample" in that thread, I guess it would've been implied that it was in a jar of some sort. That discounts the bits she swallowed in her frenzy . The same thing goes for the rest of Soros's intestines.
I thought I said this in the boss fight's thread. I just didn't bother bringing it up again since I got a no-go on monster mutagens, but I thought they might be useful for some other kind of alchemy (was pretty disappointed when the whole carcass turned into a football, desu. Would've made sweet armor).
tl;dr: scrap in a jar in the bag, other pieces turning into jerky in the dungeon.

a03a0 No.21226

Let me know when Tracy ventures back to her >rape dungeon. The scrap in the bag has decayed into a putrid slime.

a03a0 No.21227

Lenos mutters "Oh NOW the trip is postponed," then directly, "The first thing you will need is a masterwork Bastard sword. I don't suppose you happen to have one lying around?"

d1614 No.21228

File: 1510949037194-0.jpg (55.86 KB, 413x503, 286465__safe_oc_oc only_oc….jpg)

>The scrap in the bag has decayed into a putrid slime
I guess I'd better address whatever that dungeon issue is pretty soon.. You reap what you sow.

49c8e No.21229


d1614 No.21230

Let me figure out whateverthefuck I have to deal with in the dungeon first.
I don't have the capacity to deal with Tracy responding with Trumpaladin returning home with Slovenia in the morning, so I guess I'll just go dungeoneering and deal with what's waiting for Tracy in her hideout as soon as I can.

49c8e No.21231

it not good to suppress your issues -dokter infernuis MNO

4bd65 No.21232

Fuck it. I'm'a do this thing.

Go to Entertron area, taking the samples. Clear the area of any weapons or armor except those on my person. Place a single sample of Pirate DNA in the Entertron and order to revive. Prepare to sense motive.

Note that I should have I think a +29 modifier on my Diplomacy checks and a +23 on sense motive checks. Sword is not drawn out.

The Bees are drawn out and would be visible.

Um… Okay. I guess I will do a test run in the meantime. You may get more prisoners for your dungeon.

Does Tracy know that he returned with Slovenia?
I had Trumpaladin say "it's been several days" as a way of him clearly alleging to her that he had not had sex with anyone since the night in the apartment.

a03a0 No.21234

"No? I thought not. Well, I DO, two of them in fact, but they're just raw blades. You can take the time to forge the hilt, pommel, grip etc. yourself, or you can take them to the Port and have them made."
The >rape dungeon has been torn asunder, with several holes burrowed this way and that. Additionally, a tunnel has been burrowed through to the ant lair, which is strewn with ant pieces, parts, and giblets.
The pirate - now reconstituted (and completely naked) - immediately looks around with a panicked expression. He doesn't comprehend his surroundings and starts banging on the glass.

d1614 No.21235

She stores her stuff in some of the cambers, so it makes sense she'd go there to pick-up her materials and drop off other things. The tissue strips would've been in the processing chamber on metal hooks, surrounded by animal bones and other dried biproducts. None of the rooms have doors or windows of any kind.
Tracy fills her bag with the kinds of stuff that she would bring to her dungeon (materials, supplies, tools, groceries) and heads off.
>Does Tracy know that he returned with Slovenia?
Idk about her. My original intention was to have Tracy meet with her daily, but then time passed as i didn't realize what was going on…
Like I said, dealing with whateverthefuck, is going on with thedungeon is easier than trying to figure out character-character relationships with this level of temporal inconsistency.
>it's been several days
There's no way your character would've spent several days in the woods, without her coming after you.

49c8e No.21236

"alright me guessing the second one for you? me forge them."
did thez see this?

a03a0 No.21237

Yes, you left first.

d1614 No.21238

File: 1510950764395-0.jpg (184.37 KB, 665x662, e68.jpg)

>The >rape dungeon has been torn asunder, with several holes burrowed this way and that.
Tracy is beside herself with rage and immediately puts her nose to the ground and follows the tunnel, intent on Tracking down whatever it is that ruined her special hideout, all senses flared as the travels down the path to detect any living being.

4bd65 No.21239

>several days
Several days since sex. By my estimation it is "Wednesday" when the apartment happened on Saturday night. He was in the forest maybe 10 hours.

pls bring restraints and chains from the dungeon when you leave. Your Flashy might need you to use them

Open door. Great individual with an article of clothing or rag or something to cover himself (probably should have thought of that).

"Hello, I am Trumpaladin, defender of Port Barry, but I am sure you know that already. A few days ago, you and a others under a party lead by Korak attempted to take a load of treasure belonging to the people of Port Barry and this tower belonging to my party. You were killed in the fighting, as was Korak. You can see here I have his ring shield.

You are alive now because the great god Elway has blessed this booth with the power of Resurrection, and because I believe in second chances. I saw how well you and your comrades served Korak. I was impressed by your devotion and organization. I believe these virtues could be of great use to society. There is no need to serve evil.

If you cooperate, you will have a second -maybe third? - chance at life, one more prosperous and happy than the one you lead before."

>She won't be helping

d1614 No.21240

I gotta find this hungry puppy before it genocides the ants.

4bd65 No.21241

Are you sure it wasn't the ants who did it? Anyways, I'm getting the impression the pirates aren't extremely hostile, so possibly safe for release into the wild if they are not helpful

d1614 No.21242

>release into the wild
They're people, Anon.

4bd65 No.21243

Wait. I read that wrong. Yeah, the ants did not do this. Carry on with your thing.

a03a0 No.21244

Odd, this smells an awful lot like the Terrasque,… that crazy magical beast which requires a wish to contain and which only a damn fool would keep a sample of and leave it alone. ahem
You succeed in getting out the words "Hello, I am Trumpal…" before he claws his way past and frantically races from the infirmary.
Before? KEK!

49c8e No.21245


4bd65 No.21246


Grapple and chase down

4bd65 No.21247

"Inferius! Help me grapple this guy!"

d1614 No.21248

*sniff sniff*
"..Awww, fuck..!" Tracy says, as she continues down the tunnel.

49c8e No.21249

Dice rollRolled 10


a03a0 No.21250

I'll spare you both the lengthy process of chasing him down, cornering him, and finally wrestling him to the ground.
"Let go of me! WHERE AM I?!?" the pirate screams, in a complete state of hysteria.
Now Trump can attempt to placate the poor sod.
Whatever could go wrong?

4bd65 No.21251

Dice rollRolled 9


Roll for my own grapple if Inferius didn't catch him

d1614 No.21252

Continues down the path.

a03a0 No.21253

Lenos rolls himself a phatty. "Yep,… noobs."

4bd65 No.21254

Dice rollRolled 1

Now, attempt something like the speech in >>21239, with more emphasis on answering his questions

Also sense motive. Is he just afraid?

49c8e No.21255

id say.

4bd65 No.21256

Alright, forget about the sense motive check

a03a0 No.21257

The ant tunnels have been likewise torn asunder, and what were tight passages have been burrowed and expanded. As you continue further, you notice that the size of the passages gradually increases the further you progress. The whole ant lair is deathly silent.
Nah, he just needs some coffee is all, you're sure of it.

4bd65 No.21258

You want to try something on the pirate?

a03a0 No.21259

Oh no, that's not how it works. I reiterate, you're (Trump is) sure of it

49c8e No.21260

4bd65 No.21261

Give coffee!

d1614 No.21262

"..Aw fuck! These bugs were the only ones who could repair my dungeon.."
Continues down the path carefully, sword drawn.
While we're at it, roll in the ant parts, so it can't detect her scent.

d1614 No.21263

What about the foosball table?

49c8e No.21264

Dice rollRolled 7

intimidation check to get his attention and make him listen to me.
"calm down!"

a03a0 No.21265

There is no sign of the foosball table. e_e
quick jump cut-to
The path leads throughout the ant lair, eventually working its way up to and out of the hole that used to be the main entrance to the hive. More bodies and bits are strewn about, with no signs of life at all.
Spoiler alert, the ant hive is kill and, oh I don't know but just maybe the Dog is now loose again, and without Kefka to keep it in check.
Bravo, golf clap for you.

4bd65 No.21266

Can I answer that or just Inferius

"You are in the Trump Tower. You were killed along with your comrades and Korak when you all attempted to rob us. We revived you with the power of Football. We want to give you a second chance on life"

4bd65 No.21267

Can we both answer?

d1614 No.21268

>foosball table gone
>entire culture is kill
"….. F…"
Continues down tunnel to look for the ant-eating puppy, because why not?

d1614 No.21269

Follow tracks, rather.

a03a0 No.21271

The dog has left, the evidence of that is clear given the increasing size of the tunnels. It appears that the Dog, upon reconstituting to a moderate size, went on a feeding frenzy throughout the hive, and when it had eaten/killed the last of the ants, got bored and escaped through the only apparent exit, given that the ants patched up the hole that used to lead to the Tower's treasure room.
He doesn't seem to have the faintest idea what Trump Tower is,… cuz why would he?

d1614 No.21272

Fuck! That thing grows quickly.
Continue following the puppy.

4bd65 No.21273

"Um… that giant floating thing your party tried to capture? Anyways, what's important is that we are seeking your cooperation"

a03a0 No.21274

Lenos walks by and quips "Yeah, cuz a guy in a state of complete hysteria is going to be open to parlay."
You emerge from the hole back near the starting point, inside the walled circle. The wall now has a huge hole in one side, in the north-west section, and there is no sign of the Terrasque.

4bd65 No.21275



4bd65 No.21276

I wanted to do a big batch of these today…

4bd65 No.21277

To Lenos

"you got any tranquilizers or… anything?"
I'll even take the damned marijuana

a03a0 No.21278

The pirate visibly calms, and stops flailing about. "Where is Korak? Why am I here?" he asks.
NOW is the point at which you can attempt to reason with him. I'm going to assume you say all the things you attempted earlier and,….
"What is this "Football"? Why are you holding me? (again) Where is Korak?"
T -30 minutes remaining

a03a0 No.21279

"Yep," he passes a lit joint.

49c8e No.21280

a03a0 No.21281

Uhm, what did you mean by that?

d1614 No.21282

File: 1510953448420-0.gif (394.58 KB, 245x160, tumblr_mx3xj2zlmE1sx9ttio1….gif)

Dice rollRolled 9, 20, 17, 16 = 62

>no sign of the Terrasque.
No footprints, broken structures or smells? Well, it couldn't just disappear.
Nightmare/Pony senses activate:
Rolling Spot, Search, Listen, and Scent to pick up any sign of it, as she searches around for the Doggo Jr.
Tracy once again puts her snout to the ground and flares all her senses as she looks for the puppy.
(Warpony get's +5 on Spot and Listen checks: Tracy does get that bonus, right?)

49c8e No.21283

i said that to thez before i went to the forges

a03a0 No.21284

You spot a trail of unearthed grass, leading to a path of toppled trees, leading to the gaping hole I just mentioned.
See above
Nothing strikes you
It went that-away (see above)
Right, I got that, but I fail to see how it applies to this context. If you're waiting for her to show back up, she hasn't yet.

4bd65 No.21285

Offer lit joint
Damn that feels gross
"Korak is dead. We intended him to be an ally on our cause, but he tried to rob us, so we had to kill him. Football the magical force that guides all good in the universe and helped to resurrect you. If by holding you here, it's because this is where you were resurrected at. If you mean why are we physically restrained, it is because you were hysterical earlier. I guess it is not necessary if you are calmer now."

d1614 No.21286

Follow the trail to find the lost puppy.

a03a0 No.21287

From the hole in the NW wall, you can see there's a short cliff leading off into a thick forest, not in the same direction as but connected to the same section of forest that Trollestia's grove is located.
He takes the joint, and smokes that shit. His panic is replaced by suspicion and distrust. "I remember now, yeah we were gonna rob you, cuz you lot robbed us first, AFTER the good Captain tried to strike a fair and proper deal with you."

49c8e No.21288

i didnt know if you saw it or not.

49c8e No.21289

"kek the GOOD captain you hear that trump hahahahahaha. korak was a slaver kid."

d1614 No.21290

>Does not know that Slovenia is at the tower
".. Oh, fuck me..!" She says once again, as she continues down the trail.

a03a0 No.21291

Yes sorry, I misquoted the reply. This was for you. >>21237 in reply to >>21236
Tracy is out of time for the time being (you travelled to the dungeon, searched throughout the ant hill sufficient to determine generally what had happened, exited in the walled area, searched around and followed the trail, and are now standing on a cliff face overlooking a retreating trail,… that should have taken hours).

4bd65 No.21292

"Now hol' up! Hol' up! I tried to strike a fair and proper deal with the captain. I talked to him. It was an entirely different person who went and robbed your ship, and he did so without my knowledge or consent. He was motivated by a revulsion to the slave trade. I am and have been faithful in all of my deals and trades, including with your former captain. And though there may be no more practice of the slave trade, don't worry. There are other profitable industries.

"Also what Inferius said. The gold he tried to steal is not our gold. It belongs to the people of Port Barry"

a03a0 No.21293

"You think I don't know that? He didn't kill people, that's for sure!"

a03a0 No.21294

Profit! FINALLY!
"Alright, now you have my attention."

d1614 No.21295

>out of time
Stop to have lunch.

49c8e No.21296

"whats wrong with killing people?"
*evil glare*

d1614 No.21297

Also, were we going to do anything on the campaign tomorrow? I feel like I fucked up something…
>tfw your jerky comes to life and ends an entire civilization of insectoids in one day

49c8e No.21298

rip potato.

d1614 No.21299

I thought he was already dead?

a03a0 No.21300

"Ye ask me, nothin'. Korak was different though. He never killed a man who didn't try and kill him first,… although we were always trying to steal their stuff,…. He was good to his men though, never left a one of us behind, and fought tooth and nail even to the last or newest of the crew."
Don't sweat it, the cat is out of the bag. Besides, the Terrasque meta spoiler has gone into hybernation. You won't hear from it again until I feel like being a dick.
T -10 minutes. I'll be back tonight ~10:45p

d1614 No.21301

File: 1510954821213.png (56.86 KB, 687x675, shrug.png)

>has gone into hibernation
"… Well, that's a problem for another day!" Tracy says, as she grows tired of looking for the puppy and turns back towards the tower, whistling nonchalantly as she goes.

4bd65 No.21302

"Inferius? What. No. Staph. That's the sort of response I expect out of Tracy. Killing people who have not harmed first is wrong… Communists aren't people"

"Oh you have no idea what sorts of grand new profits await. We killed Kefka. Killed his pet too. Interstate commerce will open up new opportunities you cannot even imagine. I have a few ideas now. If you could tell me what you are good at, maybe you could work on commission."

"Don't misunderstand me. I respect that about Korak. How loyal he was to you all. We killed him only because he took our tower. I understand that one of our party wronged you all by attacking you and violated your trust, but please do not place his indiscretion on all of us. I have been and intend to be nothing but fair and faithful."

49c8e No.21303

*infernuis goes back to the forge and gets the sword and takes them to town*
"tell thez where i go if she ask where me is"

49c8e No.21304

"me act tough in front of pirate trump me know killing for fun is bad."

d1614 No.21305

Tracy would also head off to the forge as soon as she got back, pretending she didn't see anything.

a03a0 No.21306

Just the response I was hoping for. Ur dungeon is still wrecked tho.
"I'll tell you what, if'n there's profit involved, and ye swear you're not just gonna kill me when I drop my guard, I'll consider your offer."
As a matter of fact, you run right into her. "Hey, I was just coming to see you. Hey, that's one of Lenos'! However did you convince him to let YOU have it?" she asks suggestively.
That will have to wait.

Later folks!
>GM out

4bd65 No.21307

"I see. Inferius, I think these may not be bad people. Not even Korak. We really did violate their trust when Torcuil and one of his girlfriends attacked them"

"Kill you? Well if I did that then no one else would be willing to work for me, and it'd eliminate repeat business with you. No, you can trust me. And I tell you that we need expert sailors, we need warriors, we need people who can capture magical beasts and handle them. We've entered a new era of trade and commerce. I think you've seen what I did with Port Barry. Your new life will be far more profitable than the last"

49c8e No.21308

"ana me take to weapon shop to get finished, so me can get you present"

4bd65 No.21309

*happy Paladin noises*
"Hey little pony! Where've you been? I think we may have just gained a sailor. Or mercenary. I'm not sure yet, but success I think!"

d1614 No.21310

"I was just chasing some weird dog that made a mess down south. I never caught it though…" *averts gaze*

I g2g for now

49c8e No.21311

"so trump you want free psyche evaluation?"

4bd65 No.21312

Kek. You have no idea what I had planned and was writing for response to the Tracy entry

"Of who?"

49c8e No.21313

"well me know it hard being leader so. for you."

4bd65 No.21314

"If you had asked me last night, I would have said yes. But at the moment - just this moment - I feel like all is looking bright and I am at peace. So no thank you. Don't worry though. You'll probably get your chance soon enough"

49c8e No.21315

"as dokter infernuis MNO me say me glad your brain clean"

4bd65 No.21316

"Well thank you. And thank you for helping out with the pirate. I think we can repeat the same with the other 23. Maybe even with Korak himself"

49c8e No.21317

just so you know we are probabaly causing another time paradox right now
"you really think bringing (((korak))) back is a good idea"

e049a No.21318

49c8e No.21319

File: 1510961658467.webm (6.4 MB, 640x360, Dum Dum Dum.webm)

e049a No.21320

Dice rollRolled 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1 = 20

Awww shit
Forgot I'm gonna have a different IP
Hi fellow faggots

49c8e No.21321

hello floridian.

e049a No.21322


49c8e No.21323

e049a No.21324

It's Torcuil's faggot you dumbass

49c8e No.21325

i know you dumbass i was calling you a native of florida.

4bd65 No.21326

You told us all you were Floridian and lived in an area struck by the Hurricane a couple months ago

49c8e No.21327


49c8e No.21328


e049a No.21329

Mais pourquoi?
Fuck, you won. I had forgot
Can i have a tldr

49c8e No.21330

tracys faggot unleashed a 2nd terasque

e049a No.21331

God-diddly fucking-damnit Tracy

49c8e No.21332

she thought keeping a piece of it was a good idea.

e049a No.21333