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File: 1510427424630.png (1.69 MB, 1280x1888, 1510426730487-0.png)

d1081 No.18071[Last 50 Posts]

Its about to get real. I'll leave out the descriptions, you know what it is.

Staff Edit: Thread theme

3bf27 No.18074

Reeeeeeeeee damn Tracy Soccer OP image

efb2d No.18075

File: 1510427649569.png (56.19 KB, 250x284, Love conquers all.png)

3c1a8 No.18076


3bf27 No.18077

23e06 No.18078

Should I do something other than look cute?

3bf27 No.18080

Cast Spells that give us additional power, and kill the enemy!

23e06 No.18081

3bf27 No.18082

My best guess is through the third level

23e06 No.18083

That is a lot of spells

efb2d No.18084

It matters the character level.

23e06 No.18085

>don't know what level I am.
>I assume 0 or 1 due to age

efb2d No.18086

You get limited spells per day. A Bard's spell-casting ability is pretty limited.
GM should explain what you need to know later.

23e06 No.18087

3bf27 No.18088

I'm assuming she starts with around 6 levels in Bard? I think that means she can access through the third spell casting level

3bf27 No.18089

Cast "Dazzle" on the mage if you get close ennough

23e06 No.18090

I am only 1 year old

efb2d No.18091

>implying it'd affect him
No. It'd just piss him off.

3bf27 No.18092

File: 1510428693612.png (154.4 KB, 1116x1024, 1503322901458-2.png)

23e06 No.18093

File: 1510428747616.png (144.94 KB, 758x1024, 1505149796422-0.png)

d1081 No.18095

Finished setting up, just discussing details. Sorry fam, I thought this was gonna be later in the day. We're trying to setup a business venture, and today's setup is an essential part.

23e06 No.18096

Take your time. IRL business is more important. And we got 4cc game to entertain us with while we "wait".

3bf27 No.18097

When is this all going down? I think I'm supposed to be at a football game tailgate

23e06 No.18098

File: 1510429166101.png (527.56 KB, 2292x2704, 1503773661902.png)


3bf27 No.18099

I love this Filly

69c97 No.18100

Dont mind me just playing with my fidget spinner.

d1081 No.18101

In about 5 minutes

efb2d No.18102

File: 1510429278401.png (165.04 KB, 1024x1163, 1415483__safe_artist-colon….png)


3bf27 No.18103

*Is impressed by pony*

3c1a8 No.18104


3bf27 No.18105

Filly is not for kicking

69c97 No.18106

Im not level 15 like you guys?

3bf27 No.18109

Let's just say you can do "Inspire Heorism"

69c97 No.18110

Do blackguards have spells?

d1081 No.18112

K. Back for good, all is sorted
I have Taylor as a lvl 10, and Norfilly as level 4 (consequence of being 1 y/o)

23e06 No.18113

What spells do I know?
Do I know all up to level 4 in this list

d1081 No.18114

If you need/want to leave, you're welcome to. Again, I had expected to have done all my shit hours from now, rather than earlier.
Available spells are determined by table and charisma bonus

3bf27 No.18115

Yes. You're pretty limited though. Level 2 black guard if you chose. Only 1 first level spell

Calling mount. Do the Blue Suede Shoes work while mounted?

d1081 No.18116

You get 3 lvl 0 and 2 lvl 1 spells/day and you get 6 0lvl 3 1st, and 2 2nd to have available.

d1081 No.18117

Depends on how far you're traveling. If you're flying through the air, I'd say no, if you're nearby or on the ground, yes.

d1081 No.18118

Technically spell bonuses don't stack, so it'd only be +4 and +2 respectively, but I'll allow the 42 cuz I made you wait.

d1081 No.18119

23e06 No.18120

Is there an easy way for me to look up what I know. Or should I just try and see what works.
what is the "to have available" is it that I should choose 6 of the 0lvl spells that I would know (and the others I will not know at all until perhaps level up), and I would be able to cast 3 spells a day from this selection of 6
>sorry for asking dumb question

d1081 No.18121

So given the circumstances I have Trump with a 42 AC.
Infernius and Tracy are probably more like 30's, Taylor and Filly are gonna probably be low 20's and upper teens respectively, Torcuil also in the low 20's.
Corrections? Additions?

e1836 No.18122

>I've missed everything because wifi went out

e1836 No.18123

How the hell did I miss nothing?

d1081 No.18124

Those are the spells you have available to cast. You can look them up, but I'll be generous.
D/w, my shit took longer than I thought

efb2d No.18125

What does Tracy get in monstrous form?

3bf27 No.18126

Fae (or any other mount) recieves a spell resistance of 20 right? Also, make the spells (protection from Evil, Deathward) I have applied to myself apply to her as well

(If tracy were taken as a mount before entering battle, she could have deathward apply to her when she is standing next to me)

I think those numbers are generous, but I am not protesting

d1081 No.18127

No bonus to ac, but bonuses in attributes
Yes, they are, but you'll need them

23e06 No.18128

Okay, making list

3bf27 No.18129

A cauchemar has 26

e1836 No.18130

>stats ready
>spells ready
>Snek ready

d1081 No.18131

Thez looks worried.
"This is going to be brutal everyone. I can guarantee many will die, but we can fix them. I've got the stick, and I or Infernius (or Torcuil) should be able to warp them back to the entertron. Avoid grouping up, that'll only allow for easier targets. The Terrasque is stupid, but massive and ridiculously strong, and Kefka,… well I can't say what he's capable of, but he'll probably be the more difficult of the two. Taking down the Terrasque is one thing, keeping it down is another," she sighs. "I don't know what I was thinking, but unless we do this there can be no Football."

3bf27 No.18132

Okay, but does this guy have touch activated Death Spells? I do want to know if my one level 4 should really be spent on death ward, or on Dispell Evil?

3c1a8 No.18133

"we kill lizard and nerd easy no worry thez"

e1836 No.18134

Torc begins to realize this is a terrible idea

23e06 No.18135

Spells to have available

Dancing Lights: Creates torches or other lights.
Mage Hand: 5-pound telekinesis.
Mending: Makes minor repairs on an object.
Message: Whispered conversation at distance.
Open/Close: Opens or closes small or light things.
Read Magic: Read scrolls and spellbooks.

Charm Person: Makes one person your friend.
Detect Secret Doors: Reveals hidden doors within 60 ft.
Identify M: Determines properties of magic item.

Invisibility: Subject is invisible for 1 min./level or until it attacks.
Summon Monster II: Calls extraplanar creature to fight for you.

>hope I did it right

efb2d No.18136

>asking for spoilers
Just fyi, he can cast touch spells w/in 30 feet.

d1081 No.18137

"Bob, where are you at?"
"Swift defeat to my enemies," can be heard from the rafters, and an arrow streaks down, pulling the bow to 'clackity' against the ground.
"Infernius, you'll want to have Uatchit ready. If she gets smote, you'll need to locate the fly sculpture and she can be re-summoned."

3bf27 No.18138

See this

Please, everyone, approach the Mage from a different direction. It's a massive stadium. Very easy to flank him

3bf27 No.18139

Casting "DEATH WARD" on myself and Fae

d1081 No.18140

"Don't worry. I won't let anyone die. Not again," her eyes glow red.

3c1a8 No.18141

"me go scout around the area on utachit me be back in a minute"

d1081 No.18142


d1081 No.18143

"As soon as we enter the area, the Terrasque will respond, and will undoubtably wake Kefka. I recommend a circular flank."

23e06 No.18144

Also small question if I do a Mending spell on 1/2 candy I got will it become whole?
So if I get 1/2 now, mend it I get to eat a whole candy, and when I get the other 1/2 later I get to eat another whole candy…

efb2d No.18145

Tracy drapes her cloak over herself and simulates her plans in her head.
Tracy already did that: the nerd is sleeping and waiting for his lunch money, while his pet relieves itself all over the stadium.

3c1a8 No.18146

me not engage me just go to see what happening before we walk in, me want to make sure we not walk into a trap."

3bf27 No.18147


GM, I want us all to approach each from a different seating section. The stadium is made of concrete which players can retreat into. While not Tarrasque proof, it should slow him down enough to run

d1081 No.18148

"I'll,… I'll draw their attention. When they come at me, that's when everyone should emerge."

3c1a8 No.18149

"thez let me go me love you me not want you to get hurt"

d1081 No.18150

Yes, this is the best strategy.
Thez sighs, and resumes Urri face. "We all ready?"

23e06 No.18151

Following you and ready…. I think…
>I'm probably not but time will tell
>optimism of youth

efb2d No.18152

File: 1510431660291-0.png (222.17 KB, 900x517, 677746__safe_artist-colon-….png)


e1836 No.18153

GM, up to what lvl spells can Torc use.
>still trying to think of good meme spells but can't

3bf27 No.18154

GM, can we take advantage of the concrete concourses and seating areas? Those should make it harder to spot and harder to follow by the tarrasque. Easier to retreat into

3bf27 No.18155

d1081 No.18156

"Thank you for reminding me." I'm gonna cinematic this for ease. Thez steals the infini-bandage and wraps her torso. Then, she plunges her hand into Infernius' gut, rummages around, and pulls out the regen stone. As his knees buckle, she puts the white-gold ring on his finger and taps him with the stick, causing a gout of blood to erupt from her stomach, and all his damage is reversed. Still bleeding, she kisses him (cuz now they're at face level). "I know. I love you too."
7th level mage/cleric spells.
As cover, yes. For hiding, no. Terrasque has scent sense.

efb2d No.18157

>Terrasque has scent sense.
Can Tracy's etherealness bypass that momentarily?

3c1a8 No.18158

"just come back okay?"

3bf27 No.18159

"I just want to state for the record that I think we should have paid the guy off and waited"

d1081 No.18160

Alright folks, pick your starting positions. Any last requests additions?

d1081 No.18161

"I promise," she sniffs. Infernius notices that she's wearing a ring made of minotaur horn.

3c1a8 No.18162

south side

23e06 No.18163

I am standing behind Scotland "so I don't get step on"

3bf27 No.18164

YES! I forgot. +2 strength and +2 int from those two magic items sad alex gave me

d1081 No.18165

Items? I don't,… sure.

efb2d No.18166

Does Tracy have any vest oil left?
Sneak in with maxed stealth and ether, and approach the Tarrasque's body from behind or around it's abdomen.

d1081 No.18167

Here's an easier map, in case the interactive map doesn't work.
Wait, what?

3bf27 No.18168

End zone, field level seating area, Home Team side

23e06 No.18169

Can I cast any 2lvl spells?
>You get 3 lvl 0 and 2 lvl 1 spells/day and you get 6 0lvl 3 1st, and 2 2nd to have available.

efb2d No.18170

Try to get access to its torso asap.

3bf27 No.18171

Wait for the battle to begin damn it

d1081 No.18172

Okay good. "Don't jump 'back in' until it's attention is diverted. You'll know."
There will be a short dialogue before actual combat.

e1836 No.18173

>Torc picks up Hoers
"We'll start furthest from where the Nerd is

efb2d No.18174

Torc can use both arcane and divine spells.

3bf27 No.18175

d1081 No.18176

You'll have to wait to find out his location.

69c97 No.18177

Ill start approaching the wizard id like to start the dialogue.

efb2d No.18178

Are there any greatswords or battleaxes in the tower?
Also, can Tracy attatch weapons to the end of her chain?

3bf27 No.18179

Take a higher steating level. It will take the Tarrasque longer to climb to your position

NO!!!!!! Let Thez do it. Stay back with your 44 Magnum

efb2d No.18180

Wait till half-time.

3bf27 No.18181

If only you had Korak's magic sword…

e1836 No.18182

Ah, thx
This near an endzone

69c97 No.18183

Trump i have a plan hes obviously here for a reason im going to trick him into thinking im a traveling minstral.

d1081 No.18184

File: 1510432598345.png (1.36 MB, 976x540, Screenshot-2017-11-11 Denv….png)

"What sort of traveling,… that's a bad idea. He's not here to hear a song."

3bf27 No.18185

Alright then. Probably should take the opposite end zone. Away team

This guy is the Joker. He cannot be bullied, bartered, reasoned or negotiated with. I assure you, if I thought I could talk him down, I would. Either way, wait until we see how he responds to Thez. She's a level 48, and you're a 10

d1081 No.18186

Please generally indicate where characters plan on entering the stadium from.

69c97 No.18187

Ill convince him to take me back to his court then assassinate him you guys follow stealthy.

efb2d No.18188

Somewhere through the facility ports, where she won't be seen from the field.

e1836 No.18189

Torc will fly to that white box thing by the bronco logo (top left)
What is that?
>prepares to project image

d1081 No.18190

"It doesn't work like that. His form of entertainment is destruction and murder."
Announcer's booth.

e1836 No.18191


efb2d No.18192

File: 1510432854177.jpg (664.63 KB, 1000x7500, smugnator pepe.jpg)

lol I would've already done that if it were near possible.

3bf27 No.18193

File: 1510432931356.jpg (1.3 MB, 976x540, 1510432598345_LI.jpg)

Pic related, mounted on Fae but she is on the ground.

"Tracy, if you could spare an acid resistance potion - please tell me you made them - please give me one"

Can I blue-suede to Tracy's position after she exposes herself?

Just approach from a side position and be ready to cast spells or to shoot at him, or attack with axe if necessary. This will be a hard battle. Very hard

69c97 No.18194

Alright i guess ill start in the sgands then.

efb2d No.18195


d1081 No.18196

Rough area? North, northwest, etc?
I need Infernius' position (advise flying in when 'signal')

3bf27 No.18197

*puts hand on pony in loving fashion, giving a look of genuine worry*

Does that mean I can have one acid resistance spell?

recommend a completely different side from the rest of us

d1081 No.18198

69c97 No.18199

The opisite side from these guys.

3c1a8 No.18200

ill fly when you give the word.

efb2d No.18201

Also, wait for noise/music to start before advancing, so the dog's attention id diverted.

d1081 No.18202

File: 1510433303493.png (1.14 MB, 976x540, Screenshot-2017-11-11 Denv….png)

This look about right?

d1081 No.18203

The red circle is the dog (easier than typing out Terrasque every time)

d1081 No.18204

"Wait for the purple beam." Thez says. "Lenos, raise elevation and move the tower over the 50 yard line.

efb2d No.18205

>The red circle is the dog
It's that small?

3bf27 No.18206

GM, did the spells Inferius and the Bards cast earlier give advantages on the attack roll? With the Sad Alex magic water filter my strength modifier should now be +3 for a +18 with no spells, plus "Divine Favor" which adds either +3 or +5 to attack AND damage rolls. Strength should add +4 to damage rolls

I wish we had more on the sides, but okay

Stadiums are huge. A tarrasque is like 70 feet

d1081 No.18207

No, that's just an indicator. 70'longx50'tall

d1081 No.18208

"Our main advantages is that there's only two of them, and he's probably going to underestimate us. Our disadvantages are,… its the fucking dog, and I don't know what Kefka is capable of. When last we met, he was able to cast "Wish", and I don't know what he's done since."

e1836 No.18209

Looks good to me

d1081 No.18210

"I can get everyone inside the Stadium either to their positions or near-abouts without them noticing, but anyone stepping on or near the field will become lunchmeat if its not coordinated."

efb2d No.18211

When do we start?

e1836 No.18212

"I can keep the dog pinned, but everyone will have to stay back from it"

3bf27 No.18213

"I can only imagine it is bad. Any spells I should be particularly on the look out for? Can he be approached by air to take a swing at with the sword, you think?"

"Just get me the mage where I can hit it"

d1081 No.18214

"How do you plan to do that?"

3c1a8 No.18215

hes a genie?

e1836 No.18216

3bf27 No.18217

"Please set me in a recessed concrete entrance way, so I am not immediately visible, but may enter the seating area"

d1081 No.18218

"I don't know where he'll be, that's why I plan to draw him out."
"No, just a powerful sorcerer afaik," she says, but isn't entirely convinced of it.
Soon, finishing touches. Sorry its taking so long, but its gonna be fuggin nuts when it happens. I'm gonna be scrambling to map and depict everything, starting points and such are essential for this.
"You got it."
Trollestia emerges from the stables. "I'm coming too."

efb2d No.18219

… Infernius did remember to Hallow the football field, right?

3c1a8 No.18220


3bf27 No.18221

I can remove and drink from the heal serious wounds flask in one round? Can I use the magic boots to get to Tracy's position when she exposes herself, if not in the air?

That Ceremony should have been completed as a matter of course before it was opened

d1081 No.18223

He'll have to wait until he's in position, and hallow takes 24 hours to cast. Not a good idea.

efb2d No.18224

I might have to leave for ~30ish minutes after two hours from now…
I'll figure it out though.
You need the Cleric's ritual to Hallow the field though. Which spell did he cast?

efb2d No.18225

>the Cleric forgot to do his job
"Stupid bull!"

d1081 No.18226

As you need, this probably won't be concluded tonight.

3bf27 No.18227

"Tracy, The mage will be able to resurrect the Tarrasque with the Wish spell if you kill it while he is still alive"

It's a Cathedral. We would have made him do it during the three weeks because it's a cathedral

efb2d No.18228

File: 1510434385141-0.jpg (57.47 KB, 274x274, 20d99e6fe5d771d7e3fa13aef1….jpg)

Where do all the trips keep going?!

d1081 No.18229

Very well, I'll allow it

e1836 No.18230


3c1a8 No.18231

trump stop being a tyrant.

efb2d No.18232

>would have
That's not how /tg/ games work, m8…
Stupid bull..

3c1a8 No.18233

nigger i did it after i made the statue of hitler killing the jew hydra.

d1081 No.18234

Oh quit your whining. We all know the GETs would have been had

3bf27 No.18235

What? What did I do?


d1081 No.18236

That was in town tho wasn't it?

e1836 No.18237

This, this will be used tonight.
Sorry trump, you won't like it though

3c1a8 No.18238

i said after i made the statue i go to the football field and hallow it.

3bf27 No.18239

Why would I not like it?

efb2d No.18240

Which spell did you fix on the field?

e1836 No.18241

You'll see when it's cast
Sidenote: Infernius, and Torc and revive people since it is a lvl 7 clerical spell

3c1a8 No.18242


3bf27 No.18243

>Literally anything other than a Soccer Ball. ANYTHING else
GM said there are levels of Kill - and splat is the lowest, requiring Resurrection by the Entertron

efb2d No.18244

Hallow comes with an extra spell that lasts a year.

efb2d No.18246

Please be dispel magic.

23e06 No.18247

Can I summon monster?

3bf27 No.18248

Difficult to say if that would have been done or not. Depends on if we would have been anticipating something like another Soros battle. My guess is probably not

Yes. From this list. I think http://www.d20srd.org/srd/spells/summonMonsterI.htm

d1081 No.18249

Uh, low level, yes.
I have to leave for 5 minutes. Infernius, designate the lasting spell effect of hallow. Everyone else, get ready to protect ur nuts.

23e06 No.18250

Ah so I can only cast up to level 1. What was the "2 2nd to have available"?

e1836 No.18251

Oh, its worse than a soccer ball
But it will serve it's purpose
>puts on cup

3c1a8 No.18252

dispel magic.

3bf27 No.18253

"Tracy. This guy has "foresight." He can sense impending danger. He can also Summon Undead"

efb2d No.18254

>inb4 he's a Cancer Mage and he mastered the Tarrasque by wresting it down to 0 HP.

3c1a8 No.18255

pls no.

3c1a8 No.18256

File: 1510435732603.png (267.32 KB, 600x600, 1491203154813.png)

efb2d No.18257

File: 1510435747165-0.jpg (79.51 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

e1836 No.18258

"Hey Trump, remember when I turned you giant? Wanna do it again?"

3c1a8 No.18259

give back trips!

d1081 No.18260

Due to charisma bonus, you get 1 bonus spell/day of your choice, up to 2nd level
Dispel magic re Infernius

d1081 No.18261

(dispel was not the best choice desu)

e1836 No.18262

Plz tell me that didn't just fuck up my magic

3bf27 No.18263

I think you all might want to take a look at this

Not a bad idea, but first I want to wait until after our surprise - if we ever had one - has been spoiled. After that, certainly

I edited the config so you have trips back again

23e06 No.18264

d1081 No.18265

Nevermind, the dispel effect can be designated "only enemies"

3bf27 No.18267

I saw that

e1836 No.18268

"Works for me"
>lowers gun from head
What was it?

3c1a8 No.18269

File: 1510436127939.png (544.37 KB, 1024x2117, iron_will__barbarian_hero_….png)

Great Desu.

efb2d No.18270

I've got dried ingredients for two doses of Bull's Strength.

3c1a8 No.18271

thanks trumpmod

3c1a8 No.18272

ive got two bulls strength pots

d1081 No.18273

Last question: what is the central point of the Hallow spell?
I'm gonna start the cinematic wall of text, I'll wait until everyone says 'ready' to drop it.

efb2d No.18274

Reminder he's also an archmage.

e1836 No.18275

I don't like the sound of that

efb2d No.18276

>thinking I wouldn't use what's available

3c1a8 No.18277

the middle of the field
>i dont know what the line is called i dont watch football

3bf27 No.18278

File: 1510436374451.png (68.42 KB, 979x242, I can Screencap your delet….png)

Pic related

Make it! You'll need it

Fuck. Please look at the list for that, to see what he has. He can turn Etheral - what do you plan on doing when you try to approach him?

You're welcome


e1836 No.18279

Oh god its what I thought

3c1a8 No.18280


efb2d No.18281

Is sekrit
I'm going for the dog first.

3bf27 No.18282

Please don't. He can use Wish spell to ressurrect it if you kill it before he is dead

3c1a8 No.18283

rupture his jejunum he wont stop puking.

efb2d No.18284

That's not the intention.

23e06 No.18285

Is it like Fallout Dog that can't die?

69c97 No.18286

Im back and ready.

efb2d No.18287

It's a godzilla thing thing that regenerates like crazy and won't stay dead.

3bf27 No.18288

I do not know

I still think he should be targeted first, but okay…

I just want to note that keeping battle plans secret from allies will only harm the course of the battle

efb2d No.18289

We call it a dog because the freakish cosplaying nerd uses his mean pet to bully the residents of Port Barry out of their lunch money.

3bf27 No.18290

If only we had Thez's gem horde to pay him off

23e06 No.18291

"Bad Dog!"

e1836 No.18292

Ugh fine
"I'm going to cast a symbol in the middle of the feild

3c1a8 No.18293

"what symbol?"

3bf27 No.18294

Is the symbol a snek?

d1081 No.18295

File: 1510437003555.jpg (320.84 KB, 1210x1680, kefka1.jpg)

Dice rollRolled 4

Here we go,….

Once readied, Thez (still looking like a hippy) begins transferring players to their designated positions, or behind cover but nearby, careful to avoid rousing the Dog. One by one (or in pairs as per Torc and Norfilly) she deposits characters, urging them to wait until the "purple beam". The Dog sits in the center of the field, looking rather bored and occasionally scratching its self with its foot. A tense air hangs about the stadium, and the Dog its self is far more fearsome from closer than it appeared before.
With everyone in place, Thez appears in mid-air, well above the Dog, which immediately responds to her presence, issuing a devastating roar.

"What's this?"
An absurd Jester appears in the air some distance from her.
"Well this is most unexpected! And here I had planned on destroying everything! You must know how ill advised it is to void the agreement, I am your EMPEROR after all,… wait a moment."
He fades out and fades in closer.
"You look familiar"
he fades out again, and fades in again closer and from a different side.
"Haven't I killed you before? I'm sure of it!"
T> "Whoa man, I'm just here to try and barter on behalf of the city. Our founder went and died on us, and he never left instructions on how to go about completing the transaction."
K> "That doesn't explain where you came from. You're from that one time, how is it you're here? Oh well, no matter. I'll kill you again then!"

K> Cast Arcane fire, 9 lvl.

efb2d No.18296

>thinking there was anywhere near as much as the Jew-gold in there.

3bf27 No.18297

You're sharing with your husbando and your battle sister though

Waiting for purple beam

efb2d No.18298

After marriage*

d1081 No.18299

Dice rollRolled 4

What appears to be fire mixed with lightning, with chunks of it envelop Thez. When they finally dissipate, all that is left is a charred skeleton, held aloft only by lingering magic.
K> "Well, THAT was boring." He turns away, stretches and yawns. "Well Spot, now that I've had a good nap, what do you say we destroy EVERYTHING and EVERYONE!"
The Dog roars again. As it does so, Thez appears above and to the side from the corpse, and the corpse fades away like smoke."
T> Metsu Hokenshou

e1836 No.18300

No, but it will be bad


d1081 No.18301

Dice rollRolled 6, 3, 4, 4, 7, 6, 2, 7, 5, 5, 4, 5, 5, 11, 7, 2, 2, 12, 3, 8 = 108

A solid beam of blackened-purple rage-hate about 4' in diameter erupts from her hands. Kefka glances just in time to see it about to hit him. Its not a direct hit, but he is knocked from the air, and comes crashing to the ground somewhere near the Terrasque.

d1081 No.18302

Everyone, roll for initiative (dice 1d20 in email field)

3c1a8 No.18303

Dice rollRolled 5


23e06 No.18304

Dice rollRolled 4


e1836 No.18305

Dice rollRolled 9

efb2d No.18306

Dice rollRolled 13


69c97 No.18307

Dice rollRolled 12


3bf27 No.18308

Dice rollRolled 20


d1081 No.18309

Dice rollRolled 10, 18, 16 = 44

K> "Hahhahahahah! MARVELOUS! That actually HURT! Wait a second, you look a DIFFERENT sort of familiar. Where do I know you from?"
T> "I'll explain that at your grave!" She's trembling with rage, and charges him.
Trump has first move. Quick question, how wide is a football field?

3bf27 No.18310

Charge at mage

160 feet

d1081 No.18311

Dice rollRolled 14, 7 = 21

3bf27 No.18312


efb2d No.18314

*downs acid resistance from hiding spot*

e1836 No.18315

Dice rollRolled 35 + 6

Shit uh rolling 1d40+6 for Trump's final heigth after transformation

d1081 No.18316

Battle order is: Trump/Dog, Thez, Trollestia, Tracy, Tay, Kefka, Torcuil, Fae, Infernius, and Norfilly

3bf27 No.18317


efb2d No.18318

Does that account for Fae as well?

3bf27 No.18319

I hope so

d1081 No.18320

Dice rollRolled 15

Trump is charging from the field, while the Dog takes a swipe at Thez

d1081 No.18321

Dice rollRolled 1 + 8

<SMACK> Thez is sent flying into the bleachers on the "south" side of the arena.

d1081 No.18322

Dice rollRolled 10 + 8

Thez gets up and <whoofs> out of sight.
Trollestia flies in from the side opposite Infernius' position.
Tracy's move

efb2d No.18323

*braces self, concentrating and preparing to make a stealthy dash on all fours*
Runs with all her speed on all fours and becomes ethereal as soon as she can, to phase right into the dogs abdomen.
Find bladder.

d1081 No.18324

Dice rollRolled 20

K> Excellent! EXCELLENT! There's LOTS of you! This is exCITING! Well then, LETS HAVE SOME FUN!
Dice for Tracy's attempt

d1081 No.18325

Against all odds, Tracy manages to perfectly position herself inside the Dog's bladder.
Tay, you're up

efb2d No.18326

Did the freak see her?

e1836 No.18327

>also, torc's turn turns trump big

d1081 No.18328

I was going to make that fail on anything less than a 20 fyi

d1081 No.18329

Not with that die roll

3bf27 No.18330

Please get Fae too

69c97 No.18331

Dice rollRolled 7

I shoot at kefkas head.

d1081 No.18332

Dice rollRolled 1, 1, 2, 1, 3, 3, 3, 2, 2, 1, 1, 1, 3, 3, 3, 2, 1, 2, 1, 1 + 20 = 57

Dice rollRolled 6, 4, 3, 1, 4, 5, 6 + 7 = 36

Tay's shot ricochets off a field surrounding him.
K> Oh, this is a new sort of thing, I must see it!
K> Cast Teleport
Kefka appears about 20' in front of Tay.
Torcuil makes Trump bigly 41' tall

3bf27 No.18333


d1081 No.18334

Fae's turn (Trump command), followed by Infernius, then Norfilly

d1081 No.18335

Also Torcuil, you can pilot Trollestia if you like.

3bf27 No.18336

Head to Kefka's position

e1836 No.18337

Eh, that works
Uh, what exactly can she do?

3c1a8 No.18338

Dice rollRolled 1

i cast anti life shell on kefka.

3bf27 No.18339

GM, how far am I from Kefka now?

…. Casting doesn't require rolling

d1081 No.18340

Smite evil, up to 4th lvl cleric spells

3c1a8 No.18341

"oh thank god!"

23e06 No.18342

Doing some changes to available spells to fit my character better (personality)

3bf27 No.18343

Trump/Dog, Thez, Trollestia, Tracy, Tay, Kefka, Torcuil, Fae, Infernius, and Norfilly

I think it is your turn nord filly

d1081 No.18344

He's in the bleachers, so out of range.
It does when there's spell resistance, so fail
Fae flies in, close (but out of range) of Kefka.
Infernius's spell fizzles as it comes near Kefka.

23e06 No.18345

Is it. Have everyone done their turn.

If so.. I try to cast Lullaby

e1836 No.18346

I swear to god
Ohhh, that'll work

d1081 No.18347

Dice rollRolled 16, 19 = 35

Norfilly starts singing "Jigglypuff, jig a lee-eee puff,…"
No effect

23e06 No.18349

Or will I now potentially make any of you drowsy?…. Well the fallacy of youth

3bf27 No.18350


d1081 No.18351

Dice rollRolled 16

Dice rollRolled 4, 3, 1, 4, 6, 7, 6, 3, 5, 4 = 43

Like a bolt from the sky, Thez comes crashing down on the Dog, possibly stunning it (d20)

3bf27 No.18352

Blue Suede to Tay

e1836 No.18353

Troll casts dark stigma
Pain in the ass time: troll's stats?

23e06 No.18354

File: 1510439175291.png (157.14 KB, 900x871, 1503631304235.png)

>no effect

d1081 No.18355

Success, the Dog is stunned, and takes damage.
Trump (it gives flanking) a position just behind Kefka) and can attack.

efb2d No.18356

d1081 No.18357

Sorry, the Dog is all-but immune to magic (spoiler alert) and Kefka is pretty much warded against all low-level spells.

3bf27 No.18358

Dice rollRolled 2, 8, 17 = 27

Can I attack this turn? If so, Smite Evil Twice on two attacks. Two castings of the spell

Attack, Attack, Attack, with Vanderiem

Pull out bees

3bf27 No.18359


3c1a8 No.18360


e1836 No.18361

Thank you sir

d1081 No.18362

Dice rollRolled 6

One strike hits, tho neither of the smites by your phrasing.
I forget your strength/etc bonus, add it to the dice roll

d1081 No.18363

(size too, add a +6 for that)

23e06 No.18364

>pretty much
….so there is a chance….

efb2d No.18365

File: 1510439488743-0.png (465.2 KB, 1280x1080, 1071367__semi-dash-grimdar….png)

>not making weekly blood sacrifices to Choosie

d1081 No.18366

Troll's move, followed by Tracy, then Tay

3bf27 No.18367

Dice rollRolled 9 + 10

For damage roll? it's +4 plus 6 for size. 1d10 +10

efb2d No.18368

>the wizard will take all night, so I'll just type it now
The stupid dog hasn't done anything but pee all over the stadium since last week, so the tender bladder should be mostly empty.
Tracy turns her bag inside out to empty a broom-closets worth of keen-edged knives, swords, hooks, and other various sharp objects into the bladder that fill the chamber and pierce into the organs tender, vascular walls causing massive, painful, excruciating, irritating, unignorable, constant internal-hemorrhaging.
lol, good luck with that, stupid dog.

If she has time left during this turn, she promptly phases her way to the monster's left lung.

e1836 No.18369

d1081 No.18370

Dice rollRolled 14

Whoops, almost forgot the Dog.
D> Rush
The Dog rushes (150') and climbs up just in front of Tay. Unless 20, Tay is stricken with fear and unable to move

d1081 No.18371

A brilliant strategy, except for the Dog's damage reduction. No effect.

23e06 No.18372

Cast remove fear when my turn
>if I understand correctly

3bf27 No.18373

GM, if my size gives no advantage to attack rolls, does that mean that the first attack roll was a 2 +15 (first attack bonus)+ 3 (strength)+ 4 (charisma bonus) which failed while a 17 + 5 (third attack bonus)+ 3 succeeded, that means that a 24 attack roll failed but a 25 succeeded, meaning he has an AC of 25, right?

3c1a8 No.18374

im a 14th level cleric right? so i can cast a 7th level spell?

d1081 No.18375

So after Troll moves, Tracy does her knife thing, Tay's move is negated, and after Kefka its Torcuil's turn.
I want to hug you
It gives strength, but diminishes dex, so null gain

d1081 No.18376

15th, and yes

3bf27 No.18377

Does this mean that a 24 failed to hit and a 25 hit?

d1081 No.18378

Oh, Tracy (still inside) takes crushing damage

d1081 No.18379

Dice rollRolled 1, 7 + 8 = 16

69c97 No.18380

I love you little filly.

3c1a8 No.18381

and i can use arcane spells right?

e1836 No.18382

>the spell worked
Thats nice
Torc will cast Halo on Trump

3bf27 No.18383

But the second attack should have landed if the third one did since both were 25, unless the second one does not have the smite evil advantage

Okay, I'll shut up. One Attack landed. I just wanted to know Kefka's AC


efb2d No.18384

>gets back
(I didn't consider crushing damage)
Did she make it to the lung? Also, would having a bladder full of knives distract it at all?

d1081 No.18385

Dice rollRolled 7 + 15

>forgot to calculate for smite
No, you're right.

23e06 No.18386

File: 1510440271028.png (549.99 KB, 1100x1400, 1493161320678-1.png)

efb2d No.18387

Does this thing bleed at all?

e1836 No.18388


d1081 No.18389

I did warn I would fug shit

d1081 No.18390

No, only divine

3bf27 No.18391

I mostly just wanted to know what Kefka's AC was, but the first attack get's +4 smite evil, +15 Paladin first attack, +3 strength (size cancel's out, that's Trump's normal attack bonus), for the dice roll of 2 + 22 = 24, the second one was Dice of 8 + 10 +4 +3 because it was smite evil, for a total of 25. The third was not smite evil, so 17 plus 5 plus 3 or 25.

Would the first attack land as well?

efb2d No.18392

pls be able to bleed from the inside.
I wanna do cool shit.

d1081 No.18393

Dice rollRolled 9, 9, 9, 6, 1, 3, 9, 10, 9, 3, 7, 9, 1, 6, 3 = 94

Dice rollRolled 10 + 15

Fine, fine, but if you know them please designate attack modifiers in attack phrasing, I'm all over the fuggin' place and (as I said) am guaranteed to fug it up
Kefka's turn
>Cast Drain Life on Dog

69c97 No.18394

>Feels inspired

e1836 No.18395

Automatic revive on 0 hp

d1081 No.18396

Its not super high, he hasn't had to REALLY fight in ages.
e_e You're using non-canon NOW? Without a MEME? DENIED

3c1a8 No.18397

it regens hella fast.

d1081 No.18398

Torcuil attempts an ill advised maneuver, which fails.
Fae, then Infernius, then Norfilly

e1836 No.18399

>non canon
I believe it is pronounced
Fuck you?

3bf27 No.18400

So….Did he just take a full hit from 2 smite evils and a third attack, and shook it off by taking life force from the dog? Fuck

Fae please claw the furcker if you are there, and if not, fly closer

TRACY KILL THE DOG! Kefka just shook off a full like 70 HP of damage by taking it from the dog

efb2d No.18401

Can it bleed though, if you stuck a sword directly into its artery and left it there, would blood continue to flow?
It says homebrew right at the bottom.

3c1a8 No.18402

anatomically yes.

efb2d No.18403

That's all I need for step two.
*flips through various anatomy books*

d1081 No.18404

I'd have allowed it if you had mentioned it previous. (and will from here on, but c'mon, I'm a flurry of papers and references and shit right now!)
Fae closes and uses charging attack,

d1081 No.18405

Dice rollRolled 3


efb2d No.18406


23e06 No.18407

Usually if you leave objects in the body they can help prevent bleeding, it is when you remove them the bleeding really starts.

d1081 No.18408

Wait, its Tay's turn, not Fae's. That'll be soon.

e1836 No.18409

I'm a flurry of a laggy tablet because my computer hates me, I feel you bro.
>waits and plans

3bf27 No.18410

Does that mean Bite and two claw attacks?
Bite +12 melee (2d6+4) and 2 claws +7 melee (2d4+2)

I'll wait

efb2d No.18411

You need a feat to make a Full natural attack upon charging.
I think GM meant Pounce.

d1081 No.18412

No, that's a full-round. Charging attack (which would be required to make a successful attack) gets only one.
You're after Kefka, so don't sweat it.

d1081 No.18413

That's the one

3bf27 No.18414

Tracy, kefka just took about 2d10 + 15 + 15 + 10 + 10 + 19 damage, and gained it all back by draining it from the dog, with twice as much damage being done to the dog. It is weakened if only for one round. Please try to do more harm

efb2d No.18415

File: 1510441597534.jpg (110.67 KB, 834x1000, fire feel.jpg)

>tfw I'm going to have to go soon, but still inside its bladder.

d1081 No.18416

File: 1510441605349.png (188.57 KB, 478x510, kefka5.png)


e1836 No.18417

>writing down shit in notepad furiously

d1081 No.18418

Whoops! Oh well, get ready for shit
Tay's move

e1836 No.18419

FAnd of course no none knows you are there

69c97 No.18421

Dice rollRolled 20

I shoot kefka again
>sorry was making a sandwich

d1081 No.18422

Well, from inside the thing, you'll have to either cut your way out, or cut your way in. Your choice.

3bf27 No.18423

I love you

d1081 No.18424

Dice rollRolled 5, 5 = 10

Its fine, I was just wondering.
OOOH! A glorious hit, upside the FACE

efb2d No.18425

Would all the organs with smooth muscle tissue deal crushing damage?
Is there anywhere to go without organ contraction? I was going for the lung next, although I didn't consider it completely collapsing its organs.

69c97 No.18426

I know.

efb2d No.18427

Wait, these are stupid questions…

d1081 No.18428

K> Cast teleport
Kefka blinks to an elevation of about 500', ~above the 50 yard line
K> Oh my! You aren't like ANYTHING I've faced thus FAR! I THANK you for this opporTUNity! AHHAHAHAHA!
Kefka shifts form >pic related
K> VERY well then. Let us PLAY!
His head lolls to the side, like a madman

3bf27 No.18429

The only thing you need to say is "attack, attack, attack"

d1081 No.18430

Torcuil, Fae, Infernius, Norfilly in that order

3bf27 No.18431

Should have shackled him…

Is fae big too?

efb2d No.18433

Is she still taking crushing damage though, every turn?

e1836 No.18434

efb2d No.18435

>posting more non-canon, homebrew 5e spells
Look up 3.5e SRD

d1081 No.18436

Heh, good luck
>Fae bigly
No, the spell was directed at Trump and they weren't in proximity

3bf27 No.18437

Probably. Make the creature take damage

I meant that I had the dimensional shackles on me when I attacked him and I could have shackled him to prevent him from teleporting

d1081 No.18438

In advance, I'll allow it

e1836 No.18439

>a faint "fuck you" is heard in tracy's ears
Thx m8

d1081 No.18440

Kek, no. Its got damage reduction. I mentioned that. You need better than basic weapons to damage the Dog, even from inside

3bf27 No.18441

Have fae come to my proximity. Within 5 feat to give her advantage of Death Ward and Protection from evil

d1081 No.18442

Oh, don't thank me yet,… e\_/e

efb2d No.18443

>A faint paper-cut can be felt in Torc's haggis

3bf27 No.18444

She's got Cauchemar hooves!

d1081 No.18445

Oh, it IS Torcuil's turn isn't it? I'm assuming the spell was cast at Kefka?

e1836 No.18446

You bet your ass

efb2d No.18447

I'm guessing that's a no for this…
She'd better get out…

efb2d No.18448

It's also immune to fire.

d1081 No.18449

I figured she had both already. You said EVERYONE
The hooves are a different story,
Ugh. It doesn't matter, he was able to make distance. You guys almost had him.
You are correct.

3bf27 No.18450

Do you know of anything that has 20 damage? The thing should have taken something like 140 damage when Kefka drained it, but that will refill very soon

d1081 No.18451

108, but yes. It gets 40hp/round

23e06 No.18452

Had to make some food. Have I missed anything?

efb2d No.18453

How much damage has she taken? She can't just get crushed.
Not really. The thing's virtually indestructible, even from the inside…

d1081 No.18454

Nope, you're good.
Torcuil's magic chains (level 1 homebrew? PLEASE) dissipate upon contact.
Fae could have pounce attacked, except Kefka is no longer there. She can redirect if she likes.
After Fae its Infernius, followed by Norfilly.

69c97 No.18455

I shot kefka in the face

3bf27 No.18456

I almost killed Kefka in one round, but he gained it all back. Tay Shot Kefka in the face Tracy succeeded in getting inside the beast, but she's not able to damage it.

Kefka is now too far away for any of us to harm

e1836 No.18457

I should have figured

d1081 No.18458

Spoiler alert, in his true form Kefka is a veritable demigod. Spare yourselves the trouble of low-level spells and effects

efb2d No.18459

He's got a shield, but she did roll a 20.

3bf27 No.18460

Fae goes right back charging at Kefka, if she's too small to be mounted

d1081 No.18461

Fae curves off and resumes pursuit of Kefka, who remains cackling in mid-air.
Infernius' turn (still on Uatchit, so he's got good mobility) followed by Norf(illy, calling u Norf)

23e06 No.18462

So "we" need to take him out in one round or he becomes healed again…

3c1a8 No.18463

e1836 No.18464

GM, this is important so think carefully
What ethnicity is Kefka?

3bf27 No.18465

Unless we kill the Tarrasque first, that is correct

3bf27 No.18466

Super White. Like really white. Duh

d1081 No.18467

File: 1510443164717.png (4.75 KB, 883x444, citymap.png)

Not labelled, but rough positions atm

d1081 No.18468

Like, albino status, yes
So out of range,….
Norfilly, your turn

e1836 No.18469

Shit, not what I was hoping

efb2d No.18470

Tracy iss annoyed at how all the knives she emptied out just sit inside the animal's organ without doing damage and is furious at getting crushed without progress
"Fuck this! I'm out." as she barks as phases right out of the beasts's body.

AAAAAAAANNND I g2g for about half an hour..
Assume she took cover (the whole field is covered in piss, so it shouldn't be able to smell her).

23e06 No.18471

So I removed the fear, and have a new turn…
Feel like I can't do too much damage at the moment, so…. Detect magic and look for treasure perhaps….

d1081 No.18472

Good choice. Using full move, you can get about 180' (in ethereal) from the beast, which is up to the other side of the field.

d1081 No.18473

Dice rollRolled 8

Sorry, not a bad choice, except for the cirucmstances. The only 'treasure' detectable is in the party's hands.
Thez> TEN,… <whoof> KEN
Thez stances, and then ports to Kefka's position and strikes (maybe)

3bf27 No.18474

reeeeeeeeeee! There's no treasure! And the Magic is above your head!

Tourcil, make Fae Bigly so Trump can ride her to Kefka… Otherwise I have no idea how to close range

3bf27 No.18475

TOURCIL, if Fae is Bigly, I know my next move

If GM will let me do it

d1081 No.18476

Hmmm, I'm gonna have to calculate that one

d1081 No.18477

Dice rollRolled 7, 2, 6, 7, 4 = 26

It lands.

d1081 No.18478

Dice rollRolled 66

d1081 No.18479

Shooting a good 200' away, Kefka is incapacitated (but not unconscious)
Trump/Dog move (same time)

e1836 No.18480

>Torc realizes Kefka has violated the NAP

3bf27 No.18481

First, How close is Thez to Kefka?

3bf27 No.18482

Actually shooting him works. Consider it the Castle Doctrine. You're in Florida right?

23e06 No.18483

Damn…. Is there anything I can do.. I suspect if I leave Torc I get mauled by the bad man.

d1081 No.18484

After Trump/Dog is Troll, followed by Tracy, Tay, and then Kefka

3bf27 No.18485

How close is Kefka to thez or to Trump?

d1081 No.18486

I did say you joined at an awkward time. Don't fret.

3c1a8 No.18487

File: 1510443878799.png (45.16 KB, 454x370, stormface.png)

>Autistic screech

23e06 No.18488

d1081 No.18489

Kefka is above, and just outside the long-perimeter of the stadium now, and SERIOUSLY hurting

3bf27 No.18490

Dice rollRolled 17, 3, 20 = 40

Quick draw Long bow

Shoot, Shoot, Shoot at Kefka

3bf27 No.18491

My dexterity is shit, but that looks like two lands

3c1a8 No.18492

>that 20

e1836 No.18493

Yes, but this is ANCAP time
Troll casts Geas on the dog
Makes it attack Kefka

3bf27 No.18494

Takes 10 minutes to cast and Dog is immune to compulsion

d1081 No.18495

Range modifiers, only one lands. Kefka is bleeding (and not 'just' bleeding).
Yeah no, see >>18494
You're lucky its not your turn.
Troll's turn, then Tracy (who is away), then Tay

69c97 No.18496

How many attacks do i have?

3bf27 No.18497

Tay, he's so far away you are not likely to land a magnum shot. But of you do, he is very wounded

e1836 No.18498

>burns more flowcharts
fine okay um
Assuming control water can control piss
Trollestia hits the stupid ass dog with a wave of piss

3bf27 No.18499

two in one round. You can cast one spell in one round. You have like 4 bullets left, and he is very very far away

23e06 No.18500

I was thinking on trying to "Charm person" on dog and pet it, but after you pissed on it I am sort of less inclined to do that.

3bf27 No.18501

How is that going to hurt it? Charge Kekfa! Kill Kefka! Only Trollestia and Fae can even fly right now

Dog is immune to charm. Cast heroics on relevant party members. Fae and Thez maybe

3bf27 No.18502

If Fae were giant, she could do more damage, and maybe be big enough for Trumpaladin to fly to attack Kefka

d1081 No.18503

From range? One.
Creative, so I'll allow a mulligan. No on the piss-wave.
Yeah no, sorry. You have time tho. They're not normally going to be epic like this.

23e06 No.18504

I have one bonus lvl2 spell to cast due to charisma. So that or summon a monster that can scratch the surface of the monster.

e1836 No.18505

I got nothing

efb2d No.18506

File: 1510444963736-0.jpg (175.43 KB, 1920x1280, 339269__explicit_grimdark_….jpg)

What did I miss?

3bf27 No.18507

Now that's a good move. Summon a level 2 monster that can fly

3bf27 No.18508

Only one turn. He's damned injured now because of a Thez attack, besides the bullet to the face, and he got hit by an arrow

3bf27 No.18509

Make something that Flies Giant! Make him come to the ground where our melee fighters can hit him!

e1836 No.18510

This is trollestia you faggot
Not Torc

3bf27 No.18511

pls fly in Etheral form to Kefka to charge him. He's super injured

Teleport to Kefka?

3bf27 No.18512

Wait. Can Trollestia fly?

d1081 No.18513

Sorry, fuggin Cortana froze my comp. Catching up

23e06 No.18514

She has a tendency to do that if you talk dirty to her.

d1081 No.18515

Troll Casts Airwalk
"Let's finish him" she says

d1081 No.18516

Tracy's turn

d1081 No.18517

>is about to terrorist attack HP

3bf27 No.18518

He's seriously wounded Tracy, and you are one of the only people who can even go near him. Please attack him

efb2d No.18519

Dice rollRolled 4, 14, 16, 8, 11, 3 = 56

Fuck it then (was going to try to summon 3 weak-ass birds)
Assume monstrous shape and fly up to within charging distance to Kefka while ethereal, and then sneak attack a Dire Charge with a full monstrous attack (2 flaming hooves + sword substituted for bite), and attack with the chain too (don't take penalty from multiple nattacks weapons, because Improved Multi-attack, an Dire charge)
Rolling for Attack (2 hooves + 3 strikes with quickened blade + chain)

I probably fucked up though

efb2d No.18520

File: 1510445803251-0.png (270.34 KB, 700x700, 1490850828925.png)

>tfw forgot to take Bull's Strength potion

d1081 No.18521

Troll closes distance (about 1/2) to Kefka
Tracy closes to about 1/4 distance
I forgot the dog, but too late (my bad)
Tay, your move (shot)

efb2d No.18522

..Is it too late to take the potion?

d1081 No.18523

Yes, turn passed, but as a free action

69c97 No.18524

Dice rollRolled 8

Bang bang

d1081 No.18525

Dice rollRolled 9

e1836 No.18526

File: 1510446200828.png (602.36 KB, 793x794, 3d9.png)

"Stay here norfilly, Mr. Snek watch her"
Torc steps out of the booth
He turns to Kef
Cast recriational nukes
This is torcs turn i gtg for an hour

69c97 No.18527


d1081 No.18528

Dice rollRolled 6, 9, 4, 6, 1, 6, 2, 10, 4, 2, 5, 6, 7, 7, 10, 2, 3, 3, 7, 5 = 105

Both shots miss. Kefka's turn
K> I underestimated you. That's NOT a mistake I'll REPEAT! COMSUME!
Cast Archmage-Augmented Drain Life on Dog

d1081 No.18529

Torcuil, Fae, Infernius, Norfilly, Thez, in order

3bf27 No.18530


Inferius has both grenades and Uatachic right?

3bf27 No.18531

Is that rat bastard still hovering in air?

3c1a8 No.18532

File: 1510446348402.gif (1.35 MB, 200x202, tenjfjor.gif)


d1081 No.18533

Dice rollRolled 3

Torcuil casts Implosion (memed)

efb2d No.18534

I'll take it next turn then.
Will I need to reroll the attack?
*is prowling, ready to strike*

3bf27 No.18535

I think you are limited to three attacks in a turn

efb2d No.18536

I have Dexterous Maw as a racial trait: mouth counts as arm. The nightmare's full attack includes a bite, so I substituted that for Korak's quickened sword.

d1081 No.18537

HOLY SHIT. It landed. You fuggin did it.
Wall of text incoming

d1081 No.18538

Oh fukking gawd, this browser and shit of mine, and the failing copy pasta. I'll make it dramatic in a minute (again) but Kefka is out.

3c1a8 No.18539

wait torculi saved the day?

3bf27 No.18540

Six attacks in a single turn is excessive.

d1081 No.18541

The dog isn't down, but the nerd is kill.

3bf27 No.18542

…. Wow

efb2d No.18543

File: 1510446868260-0.jpg (184.37 KB, 665x662, e68.jpg)

>tfw I wanted to kill him
*Tracy Rushes in to maul the fuck out of his mangled corpse as he falls*
>inb4 he comes back to life
lol, no
Become ethereal and tear his ghost to shreds before it disipates.

3bf27 No.18544


3c1a8 No.18545

Dice rollRolled 6

swoop in and steal his body from tracy.

d1081 No.18546

I thought he would last longer than that, he was gonna keep draining the Dog, knowing it regenerated. He got a shit saving throw though, and that spell was probably the best insta-kill spell there is, given the description.

3bf27 No.18547

You have grenades! Use them on the dog! We'll kill Tracy later

efb2d No.18548

No! Fuck yo I'm the body-snatcher.

3c1a8 No.18549

alright b0ss

3bf27 No.18550

I'll take it. Sound's like Tourcil get's first pick from the dead guy's loot again

3c1a8 No.18551

no fuck you your not stealig this guys loot again.

efb2d No.18552

Gib grenades so I can leave them in its lungs.

efb2d No.18553

I don't want his loot! I want his body/soul!

3c1a8 No.18554

*hands 1*

3c1a8 No.18555


d1081 No.18556

Uhm, that one is a bit reaching. With advanced (ADVANCED) combat training/exp I might allow it, but no. Thez only gets as many attacks as she does cuz she spent a century in an (essentially) shaolin monastery.
Fae first, then Infernius, then Norfilly, Thez, Trump/Dog,….

3bf27 No.18557

If we can just find a way to get the grenades inside of it…

I hate to say this, but this >>18552

3bf27 No.18558

Fae Now changes direction and charges the dog

d1081 No.18559

Thez calls out. "You guys want me inside or outside no pun, she's talking about the beast?"

d1081 No.18560

Dice rollRolled 9

Fae diverts again, and swipes at the Dog's face (probably not hitting or doing damage)

d1081 No.18561

Called it. Next (Infernus)

efb2d No.18562

File: 1510447229979.jpg (983.77 KB, 1200x778, nightmare form 2.jpg)

But seriously. Tracy rushes in to rip his ghost to pieces: that's her turn.

3c1a8 No.18563

Dice rollRolled 6, 15, 6 = 27

fly by slashes

d1081 No.18564

His body is contorted, mangled, and disfigured. His head is fine if you wanna claim (cut off) that.

3c1a8 No.18565

take a fucking grenade from me you cunt.

d1081 No.18566

Dice rollRolled 2, 3 = 5

Miss, hit, miss

efb2d No.18567

Did she manage to get his ghost in time?
*takes head and stuffs it in bag*
*takes grenades*

d1081 No.18568

Infernius does no damage (damage reduction)
Norfilly, you're up.

d1081 No.18569

Wait, I take that back, I forgot to account for modifiers. Infernius does,… 12 points

23e06 No.18570

If there is still danger and I can use my one 2lvl spell I cast Summon Monster II.
Otherwise I hum a tune and think of candy

3bf27 No.18571

GM, I'm still going after the real loot from this kill

Would it be possible for me to cast holy sword next round?

efb2d No.18572

Is there anywhere inside this animal's body you guys thing Tracy could slip inside without crushing damage? She's already set on acid and suffocation.

3bf27 No.18573

Probably not. I recommend just taking the damage. You have three allies who are super good at healing damage

efb2d No.18574

Infernius, gib healing and buffs. Tracy is going in.

3c1a8 No.18575

next turn.

d1081 No.18576

We might finish this tonight after all!
I'll see what I can cook up. You're not in harms way.
Holy sword, yes.
>No crushing
"Tracy, you got that skull bottle I left you?" Thez calls out.

3bf27 No.18577

Make filly gib healing, or perhaps Tay, so Inferius can do slashing or grenading

Filly, please come closer so you can heal Tracy

23e06 No.18578

I am content thinking of candy. So no worries there

efb2d No.18579

"Um, yeah.." *produces bottle and hands it to Thez*
Just tell me if she got his ghost, I need to put my autism to rest

d1081 No.18580

Somehow, that gives everyone a feeling of comfy. +1's to all (I mean ALL)

23e06 No.18581

Shit if there is someone in trouble I can cast Cure light wounds.

23e06 No.18582

File: 1510447990072.png (169.82 KB, 600x600, 1503337475188-0.png)

23e06 No.18583

>perhaps not best image

3bf27 No.18584

That includes the Tarrasque…
Tracy is getting Crushed and is the only one taking damage thus far. She wants Inferius to help, but he can attack, so I think having a bard cast cure wounds would help her

efb2d No.18585

>Tracy is getting Crushed
She hasn't gone back in yet.

d1081 No.18586

Dice rollRolled 13, 6, 13, 2, 1, 11, 6, 18, 9, 5, 9, 16, 10, 14, 14, 15, 15, 13, 11, 11, 1, 11, 9, 19, 19, 1, 11, 9, 12, 18, 13, 4 = 339

You assume he was 'whole' enough to produce a ghost. NO ghost for you!
Thez' turn.
"Tracy, I think I know what you're planning, cuz its what I was gonna do. I'll keep him occupied," she tosses the skull bottle back. "Open it, and then swallow it. I'll keep him occupied, and wear him down." Thez says.
T> Apeshit mode
T> Full round attack, flurry of blows
Steam, energy, and super-saiyan shit starts to wave off Thez. As you (the observer) blink, she's gone, and what sounds like a drum-roll starts hammering away. The Dog is distracted and occupied, as a purple blur works its way around its face.

69c97 No.18587

"I- i can help tracy"

d1081 No.18588

Dice rollRolled 3, 3, 1, 2, 5 = 14

No, not the Dog
Six attacks do damage, the rest are not effective.

efb2d No.18589

>NO ghost for you!
[sad pony noises]
>Open it, and then swallow it
"O.. O-okay.."
*Downs strange potion from known rapist*
*braces self for spooky effects*

d1081 No.18590

Even though the bottle is lodged in your throat, you can breathe normally.
Its a bottle of air. You'd have been fine with the necklace of adaptation, but Thez doesn't know about that.

d1081 No.18591

Trump and Dog move, followed by Troll, followed by Tracy, then Tay, then Torcuil, Fae, Inferinus, and Norfilly
(I could conclude the fight by attrition at this point, but oh no, ur gonna have to work for this one)

efb2d No.18592

>wishes it were bottle of non-crushing
*waits for next turn*

d1081 No.18593

Dice rollRolled 9, 11, 16, 17, 16, 3 = 72

Dog full-round attacks Thez (cuz she's right there)

3bf27 No.18594

Dice rollRolled 19, 3, 4 = 26

I don't know if I can do all of this in one turn, but here is what I want to do in approximate order

Blue Suede to Inferius, Thez, or Tracy) to be within attack distance of the Tarrasque

Cast HOLY SWORD on Inferius
Holy sword adds +5 to attack rolls, +5 to damage rolls. It also adds 2d6 to damage against evil opponents, although I do not think the Tarrasque is of evil alignment

For damage I should have the strength bonus of +4, the size bonus of +6, and the Holy sword bonus of +5, for a total of d10+15 damage

For attack, there is the normal paladin bonus of (+15, +10, +5), the plus +5 from Holy Sword, and +2 or +3 from Divine favor. I cast divine favor earlier, although I forgot about it. Also a +3 for strength modifier. Are there any bonuses from bard spells?

Quick draw Vanderiem,
Attack Attack Attack the Tarrasque

If I cannot Blue Suede into position, run to charge the Tarrasque

d1081 No.18595

Dice rollRolled 8

1st attack (bite) lands on Thez, rolling for swallow

d1081 No.18596

Dice rollRolled 5

And Thez is eated.
Next attacks are void as Dog rushes nearest ground target which appears to be Trump
Rolling frightful presence

d1081 No.18597

Trump saves, but dog is right there staring down.

3bf27 No.18598

So can attack?

d1081 No.18599

Yep. Technically this was supposed to be simultaneous, but dog missed the last round so was chomping at the bit (ha!)

3bf27 No.18600

Um… If we are going with that last set of rolls, the first attack would have landed against the Tarrasque's 25 AC. The second one would as well If there is a +2 modifier from bard spells I don't know about

d1081 No.18601

Norfilly, you've done quite well. I only made you weak cuz you said 1 y/o, but after this you'll b much stronger. I know its late, so if at any point you need to retire its fine. ^_^

efb2d No.18602

Dice rollRolled 15

Did Thez mean to tell Tracy to join her in there?
Rolling Sense Motive

23e06 No.18603

I have no problem staying in the background singing and thinking of candy. Also have twigs I need to collect.

d1081 No.18604

No, she thought to keep it occupied, but she got eated by dice.
Kek. By your will. ^_^

3bf27 No.18605

She gave you a bottle of air. That means she wants you to go somewhere you'd otherwise asphyxiate. That means inside the Tarrasque

efb2d No.18606

>the bottle though
She expected Tracy to go back in?

69c97 No.18607

"Shes so innocent it amazes me."

23e06 No.18608

I can be a mascot that always point to true north "Know Direction"

d1081 No.18609

She thought that was your game, yes.

3bf27 No.18610

So um… The attack?

69c97 No.18611

e1836 No.18612

>I killed the nerd

3bf27 No.18613

I know right. I thought GM wouldn't allow that. You get first dibs on his hit. Again

23e06 No.18614

File: 1510449320191.png (576.33 KB, 1200x1200, 1493161320678-0.png)

e1836 No.18615

What does he even have?
>heart attack

efb2d No.18616

>doesn't want to get crushed, but sure
Can Tracy move yet?
If so, she charges and phases right through the dogs body and leaves a grenade (armed by fiery maw) behind her in its lung as she passes through (etherealness would wear off as soon as it stops touching her)

d1081 No.18617

Thez was in midair, so no. Tracy would've been closest.
>holy sword
"Ah shit lad! Now I be Vanderiem the Masterful, Mystical, Malicious,… ah hell JUST KILL THE BASTERD!"
Sorry Uh, its got a 35 ac, so I'm thinking the first hit landed, but IDK about the other 2.

3bf27 No.18618

I don't know.

You're going to kill us with that cuteness

35? I thought it was 25? (the other attacks didn't get 25, but for the future)

d1081 No.18619

Again, fugg it. Go one then

d1081 No.18620

Its organs are 25, its exterior is 35. Sorry

3bf27 No.18621

Dice rollRolled 4 + 16

Hit damage dice roll? I forgot nord filly adds one to damage

d1081 No.18622

Dice rollRolled 3, 6, 7, 17, 6, 18, 16, 8 = 81

d1081 No.18623

Troll, Tracy, Tay, Torcuil,…

e1836 No.18624

>Torc makes a mental note to take the filly stick collecting after this
Besides, I only took one thing from Korak
I'm gonna go ahead and Have Torc cast hail at dog, you can have troll again

efb2d No.18625

3bf27 No.18626

Tay, the skin of the Tarrasque is too tough to make it worth shooting at (35 AC is much higher than Kefka's). I recommend something like an ally boosting effect, unless there is some other attack

d1081 No.18627

Troll> I don't know how to defeat it. Its durability is its greatest strength. Without 20's, I don't know how we can hurt it.

23e06 No.18628

File: 1510449835915.png (921.93 KB, 1100x1400, 1493181041669.png)

3bf27 No.18629

Remember to light the grenade with a flaming hoof. Inferius probably should have given you more grenades

3bf27 No.18630

"Roll a 20" Trumpaladin says to Troll

d1081 No.18631

Dice rollRolled 11

>rape Trump

d1081 No.18632

Awwww, I thought,….
(That WAS a troll)

3bf27 No.18633

Okay, I'll stop trying to control my allies' actions now…

efb2d No.18634

Yeah, do so stop that.

d1081 No.18635

Dice rollRolled 12

Jokes aside,….
Troll casts Searing Light

69c97 No.18636

"Your leadership is a great quality,"

d1081 No.18637

Fail, Tracy, Tay, Torcuil, Fae,…

3bf27 No.18638

Gib gem horde

"Thank you, Tay"

69c97 No.18639

Tracy go after me ill buff you

d1081 No.18640

Tracy can delay at will, yes.

efb2d No.18641

Okay, get buffed here >>18639
before doing this >>18616

d1081 No.18642

Tay, your buff

efb2d No.18643

meant for >>18640

efb2d No.18644

Also, it's retarded to ask at this point, but can Tracy perform ride-by attacks in her big form?

d1081 No.18645

69c97 No.18646

I cast good hope. Tracy and any one else within 200 feet of me gets +2 saving throws attack rolls ability checks skill checks damage rolls

3bf27 No.18647

"You are the best singer"

d1081 No.18648

Tracy has buff. Your move Tracy, then Torcuil, Fae, Infernius, and Norfilly

e1836 No.18649

File: 1510450458703.png (57.09 KB, 1280x569, 1280px-Seattle_Seahawks_lo….png)

>torc has a brilliant idea
He runs up and grabs norfilly. He steps just outside the booth
Terragore now has diabeetus and dies
This is satire, Torc would not put filly in danger, but his fagot does have diabetus now
Torc actually casts the pic related logo under the terragore

d1081 No.18650

(buff also affects Trump, still bigly)

3bf27 No.18651


3bf27 No.18652


d1081 No.18653

Um, wut?
Yes, sorry.

d1081 No.18654

Torcuil, in his foolishness, dispels all buffs

69c97 No.18655


3bf27 No.18656


I needed those….

Does that include holy sword, or not include?

d1081 No.18657

I'm not the one who memed a seahawk logo,… I'm just rolling with the punches.

efb2d No.18658

How much damage did the the luyng-grenade do?

e1836 No.18659

Told you you wou…
Nigga listen here, gliphs only affect those who step on them. Now fuck off to hell where you belong

69c97 No.18660

Ill eat Your heart later scott.

3bf27 No.18661

Does that include giant size?

Don't tell a GM to fuck off back to hell. He is more powerful than you. It's like being rude to a police officer. It's just not smart

d1081 No.18662

Dice rollRolled 8

No, that one is fine.
Missed that (happened before squawks logo)

e1836 No.18663

I will when he messes up my spell

d1081 No.18664

One should be careful how one uses a squawk logo. I'll let this slide, but in future,….
>buffs restored

d1081 No.18665

Lung grenade misses, and I'll let you toss it before it explodes in ur hands
Fae, Infernius, Norfilly, Thez

e1836 No.18666

At least it wasn't glimmer

23e06 No.18667

Are anyone hurt and in need of "Cure Light Wounds"?

d1081 No.18668

Dog has possible spell reflection, so again, be careful

3bf27 No.18669


Fae attacks. That's a full attack if near enough and a pounce if not

Bite +12 melee (2d6+4) and 2 claws +7 melee (2d4+2)

efb2d No.18670

>misses while inside ling
[reeeeeeeees internally]

d1081 No.18671

Tracy has wounds, but otherwise (aside from tired) everyone seems okay-ish

3bf27 No.18672

We will soon. If you want to buff us in the meantime, or just look cute (buff us in a less good way with no spell used), that is also good

d1081 No.18673

Dice rollRolled 8, 3, 1 = 12


d1081 No.18674

Fae connects, but no damage.

d1081 No.18675

Dice rollRolled 4, 15, 4, 6, 3, 7, 10, 14, 17, 2, 15, 17, 16, 16, 14, 8, 12, 18, 4, 12, 9, 17, 20, 1, 19, 11, 5, 17, 15, 13, 5, 19, 8, 9, 5, 10, 16, 15, 3, 12 = 443

"FIRE!!" A call rings out from the edge of the stadium.

efb2d No.18676

Tracy was passing through the creature's body, and would immediately go there if she wasn't secretly afraid of scaring the little filly with her spooky nightmare body…

e1836 No.18677

Welp, Torc is useless if he can reflect spells
>glimmer mention

d1081 No.18678

Dice rollRolled 2, 2, 3 + 2 = 9

A flurry of arrows fly out from the perimeter, most landing, and one hitting the Dog in the eye

efb2d No.18679

>The goyim woke up and are taking back their city

3c1a8 No.18680

File: 1510451177700.png (Spoiler Image, 1006 KB, 1172x1416, 1340098__suggestive_starli….png)

efb2d No.18681

Gib healing and moar grenades.

3bf27 No.18682

My Personal Army! They arrived!

"Good Job Men! Kefka is dead! We are all almost free! Attack Attack Attack!"

3c1a8 No.18683

nades and heals coming up.

23e06 No.18684

File: 1510451321121.png (208.55 KB, 1024x1024, 1500820445886.png)

3bf27 No.18685

I give you back trips, and this is what you do with it. Am disappoint. Am disappoint.

d1081 No.18686

Infernius' turn. "We of Port Barry will not stand idly while you face this foe! Fight ON!" cries Sechs, the stadium ringed by armed civilians who are not so civilian anymore.
Uhm oick one

d1081 No.18687

Dice rollRolled 1, 16, 13, 14, 7, 5, 9, 13 = 78

e1836 No.18688

Oh go cry me a river

d1081 No.18689

More of the Port citizens appear from in and around the playing field, flanking and striking at the Dog. No one (except the one guy) land a successful blow, but there are many who have taken up arms.
The battle is joined. It is not just the party now, but the people with them.

3c1a8 No.18690

i cure crit wounds on tracy can i hand her some grenades?

d1081 No.18691

Dice rollRolled 4 + 3

Yes. That many

3c1a8 No.18692

Dice rollRolled 7, 3, 3, 3 + 15 = 31


3bf27 No.18693

d1081 No.18694

A band, from somewhere in the periphery begins to play. Bard songs are augmented.
Norfilly, your move. Through buffs, u can sing Inspire Heroics

efb2d No.18695

Dice rollRolled 14

Tracy speeds through the dog again and drops off another grenade in the lung as she passes through (Idk how a grenade misses while it's already inside the lung, but roll)

d1081 No.18696

Its a matter of timing. It takes a 20 to unphase and rephase while depositing a grenade. Besides, its not your turn yet.

d1081 No.18697

Not sure how that applies,… btw

efb2d No.18698

I figured she didn't need to unphase, because the grenade would lose the affect as soon as it stopped touching her, but whatever…

23e06 No.18699

I was going to ask if I could do do "Prestidigitation" even if it isn't in my available spells and create an origami pony… But I'll sing.


d1081 No.18700

Dice rollRolled 4

Fair point, but still, the timing is ridiculous to determine. Its not 1 to 1 proportions. I'm still thinking it requires a 20 to land properly.
PSSST, you'd have better luck trying to toss it in the Dog's mouth!
Thez> Kyuken

d1081 No.18701

Dice rollRolled 5, 8, 7, 1, 5 + 35 = 61

23e06 No.18702

>so sing Inspire Heroics

d1081 No.18704

The Dog lurches to the side, struck internally, and without defense.
She's a big girl

d1081 No.18705

Dice rollRolled 17

3c1a8 No.18706

no i dont REEEE

d1081 No.18707

Trump/Dog move, followed by Troll, Tracy, Tay, and Torcuil.
Troll> She's fighting it from the inside!

3c1a8 No.18708

File: 1510452377735.jpg (Spoiler Image, 33.39 KB, 800x600, 1505873341636-0.jpg)

d1081 No.18709

3bf27 No.18710

Dice rollRolled 1, 10, 5 = 16

Trumpa attacks dog. Modifiers, if the filly's last turn did not buff them further, are +28/+23/+18

Damage modifier is 1d10+18, unless Filly added more

Slash Slash Slash the bastard

3bf27 No.18711


3c1a8 No.18712

3bf27 No.18713

Hush. You've gotten bad dice rolls too

efb2d No.18714

File: 1510452506991-0.png (88.44 KB, 600x600, 1494203__safe_artist-colon….png)

d1081 No.18715

Dice rollRolled 9, 17, 11, 16, 3, 15 = 71

Ewww, that 1 should void other attacks, but given the circumstances, I'll let it be a miss. 2 hits.
D> Full round attack
Bigly Trump and the Dog exchange a wicked series of hits

e1836 No.18716


efb2d No.18717

His are usually funny though

3bf27 No.18718

Uh… I get like a 45 AC right? 42 if no new buffs from Tay and the Filly?

3c1a8 No.18719

File: 1510452637960.png (Spoiler Image, 886.01 KB, 1736x1661, 1505410096480-0.png)

efb2d No.18720

Is Thez still getting crushed inside that thing's stomach?

d1081 No.18721

Dice rollRolled 9, 3 + 16 = 28

Dice rollRolled 2, 2, 1, 1 + 17 = 23

dice too long

e1836 No.18722

Dice rollRolled 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1 = 20

You mean like this?

d1081 No.18723

Dice rollRolled 7, 3, 6 + 8 = 24

Dice rollRolled 1, 6 + 16 = 23

still going

efb2d No.18724

>thinking his ironic 1's won't count

d1081 No.18725

d1081 No.18726

Dice rollRolled 1, 5 + 20 = 26

d1081 No.18727

Dice rollRolled 14, 7, 2, 18, 15, 12, 14, 7, 8, 3, 14, 2, 9, 6, 12, 13, 13, 17, 1, 11, 20, 9, 11, 5, 1, 9, 4, 11, 15, 14, 4, 9, 20, 5, 6, 15, 17, 20, 1, 4 = 398

K, sorry. Browser crashed again.
After taking the full range of blows from the T, Trump is at about 30% health, but lands several nasty blows of his own. The T (sorry D) is at about 40% health.
Troll casts Cure Serious Wounds
Tracy, then Tay, then Torcuil, Fae, Infernius, and Norfilly

e1836 No.18728


3bf27 No.18729

File: 1510453360404.png (431.5 KB, 1280x720, Twilight_Sparkle_sad_S1E2.png)

>GM.exe has stopped working

efb2d No.18730


d1081 No.18731

Dice rollRolled 6, 6, 1, 8 + 10 = 31

3bf27 No.18732

What is my health after the serious wounds?

Um, Tay? If you would help heal what Troll cannot…

efb2d No.18733

Throws all the grenades in it's mouth.

e1836 No.18734

Uh, what kinda roll is that?

d1081 No.18735

Its fuggin Cortana! I keep telling it to die, and it keeps coming back to life! Its like the fuggin dog!

d1081 No.18736

That's Port Barry launching volleys of arrows.

e1836 No.18737

This is why I didn't upgrade to windows 10

3c1a8 No.18738

this was a smart move
>that windows 8 life

d1081 No.18739

Dice rollRolled 1, 10, 3, 14 = 28

You can't throw them all, but I'll let u double-fisthoof (so 4)

3bf27 No.18740

Poor Tracy

3bf27 No.18741

And possibly also me, given the proximity

d1081 No.18742

Dice rollRolled 2, 5, 5 = 12

Didn't have a choice so gearing up for a Linux machine
One grenade blows up at your feet, and the rest bounce off around the mouth, 2 doing damage (but not much)

efb2d No.18743

File: 1510453754843-0.jpg (64.79 KB, 601x601, 1475664809387.jpg)

d1081 No.18744

The damage is minimal, and only cuz I'm making the fight play out. As I said, its essentially done, but no fast-forward this time (cuz reasons)
Tay, Torcuil, Fae, Infernius, Norfilly

e1836 No.18745

>finally found an offical 3.5e spellbook
I hate everything
>windows 7

69c97 No.18746

Dice rollRolled 7, 4, 6 + 10 = 27

I heal trump

3bf27 No.18747

69c97 No.18748

I meant tracy

e1836 No.18749


efb2d No.18750

We'll need that to keep it dead.

d1081 No.18751

You're using THAT for THAT? RLY? I'll let you rethink that, cuz you'll fuggin NEED it e_O

d1081 No.18752

e1836 No.18753

fine rethinking

3bf27 No.18754

Mother fucker

d1081 No.18755

Dice rollRolled 7

Don't worry, its in the bag.

efb2d No.18756

[thankful nightmare noises]

e1836 No.18757

3bf27 No.18758

GM, what is my health level?

3c1a8 No.18759

i tried it didnt work.

3c1a8 No.18760

ill heal you.

3bf27 No.18761

Not funny

d1081 No.18762

Dice rollRolled 17, 8, 13 = 38

Dice rollRolled 1, 1, 2, 4, 1, 3, 4, 4, 1, 2 = 23

Fae attacks(?)

3bf27 No.18763

Where does it say thsat is available to wizards? I see cleric


d1081 No.18764

Dice rollRolled 1, 7, 1, 2 + 8 = 19

Dice rollRolled 2, 5, 5, 2 + 8 = 22

e1836 No.18765

I can cast cleric and mage

d1081 No.18766

Infernius is healing?, (choose spell)
Norfilly is adorable and should probably inspire determination (not an ability, GM insert)

3c1a8 No.18767

Dice rollRolled 5, 6, 7 + 15 = 33


d1081 No.18768

Trump is less destroyed (~ 1/2 hp)

d1081 No.18769

Sorry I missed this, but I'll make up for it. Basically, Song of Determination means auto-strike for next attack

3bf27 No.18770

Did the tarrasque do 70% damage on me in a single round?

3c1a8 No.18771

>was that a fucking undertale reference?

d1081 No.18772

Dice rollRolled 5

I was going to stretch it out further, but we're at the verge of the end, so I wanna finish it tonight.
Thez> KYU… cough KEN

3c1a8 No.18773

it does alot of damage.

d1081 No.18774

Dice rollRolled 6, 4, 8, 7, 1 + 35 = 61

In a word, yes.
Nope, never played it

d1081 No.18775

The Dog slumps over. Its still alive, but its hurting BAD.

d1081 No.18776

Dice rollRolled 3

d1081 No.18777

That wasn't good

efb2d No.18778

Throw Javelin in its mouth.

d1081 No.18779

Dice rollRolled 9, 4, 1, 20, 6, 3, 19, 20, 14, 8, 5, 18, 5, 9, 19, 15, 19, 18, 9, 11, 20, 13, 15, 6, 19, 4, 12, 14, 4, 12, 2, 12, 15, 3, 11, 20, 6, 10, 19, 19 = 468


efb2d No.18780

Dice rollRolled 6

Forgot to roll

d1081 No.18781

Dice rollRolled 3, 3, 7, 5, 7, 1, 4, 2 + 16 = 48

efb2d No.18782


23e06 No.18783

Sorry I was away for a little moment..
Is there anything I missed?

3c1a8 No.18784

3bf27 No.18785

If I can take the "heal serious wounds as a free action, then do that, and
Slash, Slash, Slash with Vanderiem

If not,then Blue suede the fuck out of harm's way and drink from flask

d1081 No.18786

Shush now, that was enough, everyone had auto-hit cuz Norfilly song. Cinematic time!!!

efb2d No.18787

Doggo won't die.

3bf27 No.18788

See >>18785 since I think it's my turn. I think

e1836 No.18789

Yay cinematic

efb2d No.18790

I want to be Tracy to be inside its body as it dies and eat her way out like a maggot.

3bf27 No.18791

efb2d No.18792

*joins Thez and starts slashing the walls with koraks sword*
>implying I need a reason

d1081 No.18793

The Terrasque, the scourge of ALL dimensions and planes and living things, roars, and thrashes about aimlessly, before falling to the ground in a heap. Its body covered outside and inside with dozens of wounds, its life is depleted (all friggin 858 hp) and for the moment, is down.
Torcuil, this is your cue

d1081 No.18794

Since its down, you can readily warp inside. Inside, you find Thez unconscious, and not breathing.

efb2d No.18795

>koraks sword
Why do I keep saying that?
Tracy's sword.

3bf27 No.18796

It's just kind of gratuitous

69c97 No.18797

>edgy as fuck!!

23e06 No.18798

Can we make doggo our friend and adopt it?

3bf27 No.18799

d1081 No.18800

Definitely not

efb2d No.18801

>is vulnerable
Tracy does the right thing and gently drags Thez out of the beast so she can have the monsters innards to herself.

3bf27 No.18802

Did the Port Barry NPCs do the actual death blow?

efb2d No.18803


efb2d No.18804

*begins eating the walls*

e1836 No.18805

Eish to keep it dead

3c1a8 No.18806

Dice rollRolled 8, 2, 4 + 15 = 29


d1081 No.18807

No, that was definitely Tracy. Citizens were out of range of song. Besides, it feeds into the whole "Assassin's guild" agenda.

efb2d No.18808

"Someone cover her eyes!" can be heard from inside the beasts body

d1081 No.18809

Dice rollRolled 16, 10, 10, 19, 19, 5, 11 = 90

3bf27 No.18810

With a javelin throw? But her round wasn't until much later.

Eh, whatever

69c97 No.18811

Eyes coverd tracy

efb2d No.18812

*is still eating the creature from the inside out*

23e06 No.18813

File: 1510455711052.png (2.76 MB, 2093x2479, 1501442266425-2.png)

d1081 No.18814

Torcuil's spell begins to take effect. Bands of magic weave their way around the corpse of the Terrasque, sparkling and fractally spiralling around. As this happens, Infernius leaps forward and prys its mouth open, to find Tracy dragging Thez, unconscious from its gullet. As all escape the body, the bands tighten and clinch around the body sealing and condensing the body of the fiendish creature, into something like an egg-shape. The last of magic winds its self about one section of the remaining carapace, about 2-hands in length, with the purest of white lacing on one side.

e1836 No.18815

Whats the loot?

3c1a8 No.18816

"our lives"
what is the loot though gm?

d1081 No.18817

File: 1510455916402.png (70.08 KB, 487x482, 1504387221166-0.png)

Wisps of magic drift off of it continually, and though its form remains sealed within, the Terrasque is no more, reformed and reshaped. It rests on the 50 yard line, sparkling and solemn.

23e06 No.18818

>thumbnail looked more eyecovering

3bf27 No.18819


efb2d No.18820

File: 1510455959242-0.png (360.6 KB, 858x725, 6cf.png)

>all my meat is disappearing
*salvages tissue sample before leaving the corpse*

3bf27 No.18821

Please don't resurrect that thing

efb2d No.18822

*contemplates eating football*

d1081 No.18823

Sorry, Kefka was FAR to vain to use items, and the Dog had no use or ability TO use. There IS the emperor's throne, but that's another segment ENTIRELY

3bf27 No.18824

*Contemplates Smiting Tracy*

69c97 No.18825

"Are you kidding me?"

d1081 No.18826

Don't worry, I'm not hardly done. This will be a lengthy cinematic.

e1836 No.18827

"Well I know that."
>Torc picks up pony
"wanna go collect sticks?"
Oh, okay

3bf27 No.18828

Oh don't worry. The fact that he ruled over many kingdoms and exacted tribute was not lost on me. I would never overlook such a fact

"Hell no we ain't!"

efb2d No.18829


efb2d No.18830

*Kefka's body vanishes*

d1081 No.18831

The stands around the party erupt in cheers. Not only has Port Barry - and Football - been saved yet again, but this time the citizens themselves took part. No longer was it the party saving the people, but the people serving and aiding the party, who saved everyone.
Oh right, I forgot about the copy-pasta and Kefka's death. Fuggin' Cortana! This will suffice (I was gonna plagiarize most of it, I'll fill in the blanks later)

e1836 No.18832

I love democracy

3bf27 No.18833

Citizens need not sell themselves so short. They held the demons at bay for hours until the party arrived

A mighty nation indeed. Great Potential. Great.

d1081 No.18834

File: 1510456436829.jpg (264.86 KB, 3216x2412, George-Soros.jpg)

Unfortunately, during the fight and the involved circumstances, no one landed the requisite spot check.
A cackling voice resounds all around, throughout, and above the stadium. It is a voice that is familiar to most, but sinister to all. As the laughter resounds, all inevitably look up, to see a (largely) familiar face, circled by a legion of fiendish creatures.
"Its been a long time, but again we meet!" (I'm paraphrasing, cuz he stutters ALOT)

d1081 No.18835

(still cinematic, don't worry)

3c1a8 No.18836


d1081 No.18837

"It seems that troublesome sprite bit off more than she could chew! This means, this realm is MINE for the taking! Go then my MINIONS!!"
A tornado of (((rats))) and demons, and foul creatures of all manner and variety spill forth from a portal directly over the tower.
Like a weave of force, all motion is stalled.

e1836 No.18838

>weave of force
Shit, the black girls are attacking

23e06 No.18839

"Did we win? Can I have the other half of the candy?"

d1081 No.18840

Soros alone can still move, and he's sweating.
"That voice, THIS is not YOUR domain!"
"Then it is a fight that you want, come then, SHOW yourself! GAH!" Soros is blown back by a second wave of force.
As this happens, a slender golden female with alabaster eyes appears near Infernius and Tracy.

efb2d No.18841

File: 1510456900387-0.jpg (68.1 KB, 633x758, 1445695409441.jpg)

>yfw you left a broom closet's worth of knives inside of the Tarrasque

d1081 No.18842

(they were junk anyway, if you used them to attack, I would have rolled to see if they were -1 to -3)

efb2d No.18843

Tracy still hurts though…

3bf27 No.18844


d1081 No.18845

The golden female looks down at Thez, still not breathing.

3c1a8 No.18846

because fuck you!!

d1081 No.18847

(what did I say about making things and resources!? You can make a mountain of KEEN knives, if you'd just ask the right questions!)

efb2d No.18848

File: 1510457110824.jpg (33.5 KB, 400x267, glow-in-the-dark-eyes16325….JPG)

*mouth waters at the sight of Soros*
[hungry nightmare noises]

23e06 No.18849

File: 1510457120787.png (501.35 KB, 775x750, 1507005139754.png)

>signs a little hymn for the lost knifes

3bf27 No.18850

Did Tracy fuck everything up?

69c97 No.18851

Not Yet little one

d1081 No.18852

Her eyes narrow. She turns her gaze on Tracy, then on Trump, and Torcuil, and Norfilly, and on Tay. Her eyes linger on Tay for a moment.

3c1a8 No.18853

wait this is soros talking to me right?

23e06 No.18854

Soros is bad man. He is basically stealing my candy.

3c1a8 No.18855

disreguard gm im sorry i thought it was soros talking

e1836 No.18856

"Shhh! you know what"
Torc tucks the pony into his robes so she can see, but not have to be held
"Listen, you can have candy when this is over"
"Okay you can sing"

efb2d No.18857

[mouth-watering intensifies]

d1081 No.18858

No, this is the golden female. Don't worry, that was an excellent answer

3bf27 No.18859

"I am he who fights on behalf of my nations for their protection, prosperity, and glory"

efb2d No.18860

e1836 No.18861

"Um exuse me for the harsh language,"
>plugs ponys ears
"Who the fuck are you?"

3c1a8 No.18862

"who are you?"

3bf27 No.18863

Trumpaladin looks over at Tracy

"Tracy? Tracy? Can you hear me?"
He waves his hand to try to snap Tracy out of her Trance

efb2d No.18864

I thought we couldn't move?

3bf27 No.18865

I missed that. He only looks over at her, and tries to see if or how she responds then

d1081 No.18866

She reaches out a hand, and trump is struck by a bolt of energy, rendered immobile.
Another bolt, immobile
Yet another bolt
Initially that was for Soros and crew, but as now 3 of the party are disabled. You still have motion

efb2d No.18867

She's staring at Soros: she wants the rest of him.

d1081 No.18868

(think Gozer from Ghostbusters, except sleek and golden, instead of bubbly and weird)

e1836 No.18869

Is pony okay?

3c1a8 No.18870

"look here bitch if you no let me go me rip you limb from limb"

efb2d No.18871

*just stares*

d1081 No.18872

Good spirit, but ur immobilized
Tracy, Tay, and Norfilly are still free to move/respond

efb2d No.18873

Can Soros move?

d1081 No.18874

69c97 No.18875

Coup de grace soros with my 44.

efb2d No.18876

Promptly Run over to him and start gnawing on his leg, ripping big chunks out.

d1081 No.18877

I totally did NOT see that coming, but its PERFECTLY within grounds! OMFG that was gorgeous!

Okay. As Soros, hurled back and unable to resist "her" force of will and influence, stands immobilized, Tracy and Tay both let him have it. Tracy takes off a leg, and Tay blows his friggin head off.

The golden female's eyes narrow again, but curiously rather than aggressively. She looks back upon Tay and Tracy.


3bf27 No.18878

Trumpaladin is oddly content with this outcome

e1836 No.18879

>filly is okay

69c97 No.18880

"Lady taylor the swift, conquer of worlds."

d1081 No.18881

Oh, I've spent all week cooking this shit up. I alluded to it in the emo-wall-text

efb2d No.18882

*munch* "It's.." *munch* "Tracy!"
*looks back momentarily*
"Tracy Cage."
*continues eating Demon, moving up his torso and pulling out his intestines*

3bf27 No.18883

The mage? That speech? That speech was more appropriate and harder hitting than I think you even understand

69c97 No.18884

"Hey save me the heart!!"

efb2d No.18885

>Save the best part
lol no

69c97 No.18886

"Dont make me hurt you tracy"

efb2d No.18887

Don't demons have 3 hearts anyway?

efb2d No.18889

Praise Epona!

3c1a8 No.18890

>get for thez

3bf27 No.18891

Trumpaladin keks internally

3c1a8 No.18892

efb2d No.18893

File: 1510458450524.jpg (55.97 KB, 658x798, mfw originality.jpg)


e1836 No.18894

I bet you weigh more than a duck

efb2d No.18896

3c1a8 No.18897

i see your point.

d1081 No.18898

She smirks for a moment, before leveling her gaze at Tracy.
(heard). I HAVE SEEN.

She reaches out her hands, and arcs of energy strike Thez' immobile body (for the record, that whole unconscious bit wasn't planned, Thez just failed a progressive saving throw).
Thez gasps to life, panting furiously.
As she regains her breath, Thez takes on a defiant stare. "I love them. They are mine, and I am theirs. there is no reason to it."
The woman's eyes narrow again.
(sidenote, kek)
The woman reaches out her hand, and allparty members, feel a crushing sensation.
"I'LL KILL YOU!" Thez <whoofs> and unleashes a barrage of attacks which are easily and quickly blocked and diverted.

e1836 No.18899

Oh no

efb2d No.18900

Is she taking to Tracy?

3c1a8 No.18901

File: 1510458672901.jpg (119.64 KB, 419x421, b787b00eb00ccb608514e464e4….jpg)


efb2d No.18902

*is still eating demons organs, moving towards one of its hearts*

e1836 No.18903


d1081 No.18904

"Then take your vengeance. They are more important than anything! I stand WITH them."
The air, the tornado of fiends, Soros, his minions, and everything begins sucking back into the sky.

3bf27 No.18905

You die for your friends? Demon, you did better with your second chance at life than I did

efb2d No.18906

*bites down and tears off as much of Soros as she can before he lifts off*

e1836 No.18907

I swear to God GM this better not be the end

efb2d No.18908

There's other continents and space.

d1081 No.18909

Thez turns back at the party. "I guess this is goodbye, again. Maybe for the last time."
Though harsh and oppressive, the voice has a hint of softness to it.
To the party it speaks.
"But no!" Thez says

3bf27 No.18910

Happy end?

e1836 No.18911

>audible conusion

efb2d No.18912

*stops rolling in Soros's blood and looks towards Thez*

3c1a8 No.18913


23e06 No.18914

>I'm confused but happy
>will get candy soon

d1081 No.18915

And with a turbulent swirl, the last of anything outside is again banished, removed and gone.
I did say Thez would regress in experience yesterday didn't I?
Soros is again banished (BTFO), outsiders are again verboten except by direct summon, and where stood a purple and maroon devil-girl lies a gray-skinned elf-dwarf, who's only desire is to be amongst her friends.
"Are,… are you ready for some Football?" she days weakly.
>end season 2 main story

3bf27 No.18916

"You're cured!"

3bf27 No.18917


efb2d No.18918

How in the name of fuck did I see this coming?!

e1836 No.18919

"What the hell."
Torc sets down norfilly

23e06 No.18920

>find twig on the ground
>picks it up

3c1a8 No.18921

*picks up thez*
"you even more beatiful now than you ere before"

e1836 No.18922

So now only the stadium exists?

3bf27 No.18923

Trumpaladin now looks over and waves at the pony.

"Tracy?" wave "Tracy?"

efb2d No.18924

>the dreaful mare, having been pacified by the taste of blood, has once again become controllable
[content, sleepy pony noises]

efb2d No.18925

meant for >>18923

3bf27 No.18926

*Trumpaladin looks over with uncertainty, but will accept whatever hugging or other affection shown*

"Tay? What was that about 'conqueror of worlds' you told the golden lady?"

efb2d No.18927

*sleepy hugging*

e1836 No.18928

Torc isn't going to have a romantic intrest, but instead is going to have a father/daughter dynamic with norfilly.
I am okay with this

69c97 No.18929

What you think this is the first time ive conquered a world before?

3bf27 No.18930

Trumpaladin is shaken, his confidence and certianty knocked down as if by a mighty blast
He picks up Tracy in his arms, and hoists her in part over his shoulder where he can carry her with one arm. With the other free arm, he advances towards the Football, to pick it up

d1081 No.18931

As the scene calms, and as invaders are forcibly removed, the scene descends in silence.
"Three cheers for Trump! Three cheers for FOOTBALL!!" Sechs cries out.
The whole stadium erupts in elation. The sound of cheers is deafening. Thez, held aloft by Infernius, and surrounded by her dear friends - old and new - cries the first tears of joy she has ever known.
Game, set, and match.
Norfilly gains 4 levels, Tay gains 2 levels, and everyone else gains one. Also the armed and mobilized citizens gain three. All prosper on this glorious field of Football, most expressly Thez, who gains nothing,… except the leave to be amongst her friends.

e1836 No.18932

Well this is nice

3bf27 No.18933

Trumpaladin gives a funny look to Tay, but then looks back and proceeds towards the Football

I wanted a daughter though

And now Trumpaladin is caught like a deer in headlights

e1836 No.18934

Trump's wife is pregnant

efb2d No.18935

more like weird but funny uncle
[tired pony noises]
Wait one year, Daddy.
Beams with content, sleepily.
>Is Assassin

d1081 No.18936

Good point, you not possess the head of the former Emperor. You should probably say something,….

e1836 No.18937

That's the dynamic I was looking for

d1081 No.18938


efb2d No.18939

Aren't Assassins supposed to be sekrit?
*finds head in bag*

d1081 No.18940

Not when making a name for themselves

3c1a8 No.18941

*dries tears*

efb2d No.18942

File: 1510460482485-0.jpg (127.98 KB, 513x635, 64897__grimdark_grotesque_….jpg)

23e06 No.18943

>level 8 !!!!
"Can I have candy now?"

3bf27 No.18944

Trumpaladin, still holding the pony (if pony accepted. If not, then not holding the pony) addresses the crowds:

"What happened here to tonight has impact far greater than any before. Probably far greater than any of us standing here can imagine. We have - all of us here - freed ourselves from a great evil, one that has for long oppressed this and many lands. In the closing hours of this great struggle, the fight was lead not by the party members, but by the citizens themselves, who could stand idly by no longer, but took control of their destiny. In that, they learned the true meaning of Football - to be not just a lone individual, but a part of a team. To be a part of something greater than yourself, and to make its fortunes and glories your own. When you do this, you become more powerful than any individual, capable of greater glories. You are immortal, as you can never die so long as your comrades live on.

I will return to aid in where we go for here, but for now, our team must rest. Continue in the revelry. You deserve it"

efb2d No.18945

*offers candy-apple*

69c97 No.18946

File: 1510460558228.jpg (43.84 KB, 597x400, 449343-candy-gummy-worms-w….jpg)

"Yes small one"

3bf27 No.18947

*drops pony*

*gives peach rings*

efb2d No.18948

[sad pony noises]

23e06 No.18949

File: 1510460645001.gif (55.55 KB, 275x200, Dash_way_too_happy.gif)



3bf27 No.18950

"Aww, I'm sorry"
*picks pony back up*

*pets pony with free hand*

efb2d No.18951

[content pony noises]

69c97 No.18952

*smiles the sweetest smile*

efb2d No.18953

Can I mummify Kafka's hands?

e1836 No.18954

>boops hoers

d1081 No.18955

Thez, (assuming Infernius releases her) walks up to Tracy, and grabs her hand firmly (but not aggressively). Addressing the crowd (she hasn't lost ALL her magic) her amplified voice resounds.
"Citizens of Port Barry. Behold, she who slew the Terrasque. Behold, she who bears the head of Kefka. Look on her and tremble!"
She smiles sidelong at Tracy.
More cheers erupt from the surrounding people.
"They will sing songs of you now," Thez winks.
I was gonna have Kefka wink out in wisps of magic, but go for it. ^_^

efb2d No.18956

His body is mine.
>grabs her hand

efb2d No.18957

*smiles evilly*

3bf27 No.18958

"And tremble…" Trumpaladin repeats

d1081 No.18959


efb2d No.18960

*casts Eagle's splendor on self*

23e06 No.18961

File: 1510461068000-0.gif (546.22 KB, 1626x1796, 1495227280648.gif)

File: 1510461068000-1.png (565.47 KB, 1024x768, 1503860299377-1.png)

File: 1510461068000-2.png (771.73 KB, 1221x846, 1499807328240.png)

>knows it is bed time
>don't really want to sleep
>falls asleep anyway
>dreams about adventures
>and football

e1836 No.18962

>not mentioning Torc killed Korak and Kefka (really hates K name apparently) settin them free
I'm actally not mad, because after the years of Torc basically being deemd a terrorist by (((them))) he doesn't want fame. He just wants to know he did good.
>Torc takes norfilly stick collecting

d1081 No.18963

Trollestia saunters up next to Torcuil.
"Good scotsman, I have done you a disservice. I thought my actions best, given that I have never known a hooman who had noble intentions. I admit to having wronged you. If you ever have need of an ally, or a companion, I am yours to call upon."

efb2d No.18964

Goodnight , Nordfilly.
>Dat Safe Haven pic

3bf27 No.18965

Dice rollRolled 4

"Tracy, look at me?" Looks into her eyes

Sense motive (say what you want to)

d1081 No.18966

I reiterate my statement from yesterday. The Game will continue as long as there are anons who will play, and you play well. I look forward to next week (and indeed, throughout the week, I spend most of my off hours here).

efb2d No.18967

lol nobody saw you kill Kefka
*hogs all the glory with Perform and Bluff*

3bf27 No.18968

Reeee plus 20 modifier

efb2d No.18969

Say what?

3bf27 No.18970

What she wants

d1081 No.18971

Yes, but Torcuil is Merlin in a sense (and in a different life so to speak). He's never been about recognition, only about doing and being proper. And he is most proper.

23e06 No.18972

File: 1510461393015-0.gif (6.24 MB, 549x600, 1493851966675.gif)

Many thanks, but I have mostly been eating candy, so not much wrong I could do there. I will try to do more hands on with my new power level in coming adventures.

3c1a8 No.18973

*walks to the side to brood*

efb2d No.18974

>'I hope all this Balor blood will make me stronger, like last time.'
>'[unitelligible pony musings]'
>'~Hmmmm feels warm'

efb2d No.18975

Why U so down?

d1081 No.18976

Thez runs up to Tay.
"He… hey. I just wanted to say that,… I'm a big fan. I still want to,… y'know,… sing some time. Also,… oh nevermind," she blushes. "Let me know if there's anything I can do for you," smiles meekly but still wide-eyed.

efb2d No.18977

>tfw you're going to have to spend another 3 weeks building a mental image of what Thez looks like again
I am okay with this.

3bf27 No.18978

*pets back, with a sort uncertainty yet again
"in… Ineferius? I need someone to be with right. Please let me brood with you"

3c1a8 No.18979

d1081 No.18980

"There you are!" Thez runs up and dives into his arms. For several minutes she just sits there, saying nothing. She takes a deep breath.

3bf27 No.18981

"Your girl is back. For good. And more importantly, she's cured! Why are you not happy?"

e1836 No.18982

Night Nordbro
"It is fine. I forgive you and I thank you for offering your assistance. So let us put that behind us"
I gotta read Kimg Arther, any extra literature with merlin?
Sorry if you don't like Torc pretty much adopting your character, I could stop if you'd like

3bf27 No.18983

"Thez. Please help. I got what I wanted. It's terrible"

69c97 No.18984

"Wanna take another bath im beat"
*yawns,in character*

3bf27 No.18985

I'll stop him, don't worry

d1081 No.18986

That was just a matter of timing, and the fact that the party was literally facing the biggest baddie in the book AND another ALMOST biggest baddie in the book at the same time. Don't sweat a thing

3c1a8 No.18987

"something on your mind?"

efb2d No.18988

This gay bathhouse is ~comfy
Give me ten minutes to prepare it.

3bf27 No.18989

"Tracy. No human. Except Kefka. Take him"

e1836 No.18990

People you are not: Nordbro

3bf27 No.18991

Reeee he's my friend

efb2d No.18992

File: 1510461909909-0.png (69.92 KB, 500x500, 1198887__artist needed_saf….png)

>implying she has even has the energy

3bf27 No.18993

"Touche. Carry on"

d1081 No.18994

T> "Put what behind us?"
>stop adopting character
>missing the Arthurian potential right in front of him
Not speaking for anyone, but there's merit to the idea
"I,… gotta get someone first." (this is when she runs off to find Infernius.

d1081 No.18995

"Just you, and me,… and maybe Taylor,… since she asked." she winks

3c1a8 No.18996

that fine with me.
*winks back*

d1081 No.18997

"How could that be terrible?"

d1081 No.18998

Am I the only one waiting for Sechs?

d1081 No.18999

I must be

3bf27 No.19000

*Happy Paladin noises*
He's going to talk?

3bf27 No.19001

"Oh God, I'd love to explain it to you later in full detail. But let me not ruin your night, since you seem to know how to spend it."

3c1a8 No.19002

im waiting for sex.

d1081 No.19003

"There'll be plenty of time for that. Whats on YOUR mind?"

d1081 No.19004

"Tell Taylor to start the blood-bath. I'll be along in a moment."

3c1a8 No.19005

taylor get the blood!

e1836 No.19006

Cut me slack, I haven't even read an abridged version
Lay out your refernce

efb2d No.19007

File: 1510462470842-0.jpeg (2.22 MB, 1836x2727, 1459486__grimdark_artist-….jpeg)

"Check the grand bathhouse." (we have one now)

3bf27 No.19008

"I think I'm going to have to save the meat of it for a time when we have more privacy, more time to speak. But I do want to say that you impressed me there. I don't think it has been any secret that I was not… fond of your demonic elements? If that makes sense. But risking everything for comrades… That impressed me. It made me think about why I had been fighting, and what I expected to gain. What I did gain. What the consequences would be"

3bf27 No.19009


3c1a8 No.19010

69c97 No.19011

Thanks tracy love you.
Its there.

d1081 No.19012

"Well for what it's worth, I never chose to be a devil, I simply chose not to die. The rest was a matter of inevitability and forces beyond my control. Thanks to you and everyone here, I'm free of all that. When you're ready to talk, let me know," she kisses Trump on the cheek.

3bf27 No.19013

Coldly, almost as if not talking to Inferius, but past him. To no one:

"We killed a mage and his pet known for causing death and destruction pointlessly. And our first act - we, who shall lead the new order - is to bathe in a bath of blood. This does not bode well for our future"

"I need you and needed you. I'll explain later"

3c1a8 No.19014

maybe you right, but thez….

d1081 No.19015

"And I am - and shall be - at your service," she bows.

3c1a8 No.19016

i dont know if taking blood bath is right thing to do but i love you and you want to, me conflicted.

3bf27 No.19017

"Thez is not who worries me. But I am worried, very worried, about where this is all going."

"One more thing, one little thing. Could you take me to see her? And if you don't know who I am talking about, well, I'll ask Trollestia I guess"

3bf27 No.19018

"Inferius, I have much to explain to you later, when we are alone and have time. I experienced a revelation during the fight"

efb2d No.19019

"Aren't Minotaurs supposed to be man-eaters anyway? What are you so hung-up on, pussy?"

3c1a8 No.19020

blood is not clean mkay?

3bf27 No.19021

*looks at Tracy with sadness*

e1836 No.19022

I'm signing out for the night
Enjoy your gay bloodbath

efb2d No.19023

>implying cleaning is the intention
Learn to live with it.

efb2d No.19024

Goodnight, Torc's faggot.

3bf27 No.19025

"Tracy, where do you stop?"

efb2d No.19026

>implying there are any breaks on the train

d1081 No.19027

Thez smiles, first at Trump, then at Infernius.
To the latter, she says. "I'll only be 32 seconds, precisely," and to the former she says "Shhh, don't fight it." <whoof>
Both Thez and Trump appear at a meadow with a small creek/river running through it.
"She's just beyond these waters. And she's lonely. Her friend has not come to see her in days. The way back is to the south, follow the path past the large tree. Don't tell Tracy I told you. ^_~"
And exactly 32 seconds after appearing, Thez <whooofs> back to Infernius.
"Sorry, it was business," she smiles at him. Leading the way to the new bath house (not my idea, but) it becomes apparent that there are two main tubs, one filled with blood, the other filled with purified water.

3bf27 No.19028


"Inferius? I discovered something. Nevermind, I'll explain later"

d1081 No.19029

Until next time, good scotsman

3bf27 No.19030

Thank you

Trumpaladin walks slowly, following the path, with somber expression

efb2d No.19031

>'Fuck you, Thez!'
Is what she would say, if she knew.

3c1a8 No.19032

*drops pants*
*extends hand to thez*

3bf27 No.19033

Presumably until the Unicorn is within sight, or he is within sight of the unicorn

d1081 No.19034

As Trump continues north, he sees a large and serene tree, not like the one that hid the jew hoard. As he approaches he notices the grass is long and undisturbed, flowing in the breeze. As he glances at it, a voice calls from behind the tree. "Who,… who goes there?"

d1081 No.19035

Thez takes his hand (suddenly realizing that she's totally naked and without wings to cover herself, but still bespeckled with gems, decides its far too late for modesty) and leads him forward.

3bf27 No.19036

"Hello" He calls out, trying to sound friendly
"I am the Paladin who follows Trump, Trumpaladin"

efb2d No.19037

>implying the wings ever did anything but draw attention to her nakedness
Silly Thez.

d1081 No.19038

"You are not known to me,… but I can sense that you are not evil either."
And a fair-skinned/furred Unicorn peeks out from behind the large tree.

efb2d No.19039

Which is it?

efb2d No.19040

Actually, I don't want to hear the answer…

d1081 No.19041

3bf27 No.19042

Trumpaladin extends out a hand to see if he will meet her, but generally shows that he means no harm

"I sort of know you. From a distance. I saw you in korak's ship, and sought to try to free you that night. That didn't go so well. He's dead anyways, we killed him. You need not fear him ever again.

What is your name, and where do you come from?"


I like fair hair and dark skin, which unfortunately does not exist in nature

d1081 No.19043

"For that you have my thanks. What brings you to this hallowed grove?"

d1081 No.19044

She extends a hoof reluctantly, but decisively.

efb2d No.19045

File: 1510464423916-0.jpg (187.14 KB, 637x637, lipizzan-horse-1.jpg)

>fair hair and dark skin
You're thinking of a Lipizzaner: they're dark gray underneath (don't tell Aryanne I told you).

3bf27 No.19046

Trumpaladin gladly accepts

"I wanted to speak to you. I am here with a party of people, who, like myself, did not start on this world. I like them, but I felt I needed more contact. I am well known among the people of the town, but they expect much of me. Have a certain idea of me - not bad, but I don't want to maintain that appearance now. I saw you and recognized you as an Equestrian. I knew Equestrians in my past life, always got along with them. I know of only one here, and well, let's not talk about her. I wanted to seek out you. See if maybe we don't have something in common"

d1081 No.19047

"I have come to be called Slovenia, but that is not my name…"
The rest is something only for those in the grove.

3bf27 No.19048


3bf27 No.19049

efb2d No.19050

Can Kefka's mummified hands be made into items?

d1081 No.19051

Stahp, its not like with Trollestia, I just don't have any energy. This has been exhausting. @_@

efb2d No.19052

Thanks, GM. You work hard.

3bf27 No.19053

The problem is, he's not an elf

Kek, sorry. I should have played out what I wanted to say with Thez, but she was doing other things

3c1a8 No.19054

this thanks man

3bf27 No.19055

Definitely doing that RP with Thez or Inferius or both though

d1081 No.19056

You all make it worthwhile
All in good time

As those who are want venture to the new bath house, they are immediately struck by a sign, with fresh, gleaming paint. Lenos walks way from the doorway. "You're welcome," he says.
Emblazoned across the doorway is the unmistakable phrase:

efb2d No.19057

'You acquired mummified hands!' (cue zelda chest music)

3c1a8 No.19058

"thanks lennos"

efb2d No.19059

"Thanks, Lenos."

d1081 No.19060

"You owe me," he calls, venturing up to the tower interface, to watch whatever happens.
And with that, GM wanders away (not far, I'm NEVER far)

efb2d No.19061


3bf27 No.19062

It's been a long day. Great Job. I got a little fucked up emotionally at some point during it all, but that happens.


d1081 No.19063

Thats kind of the idea. One has to dig at their scars in order to clean them out and properly dress them. ^_~

3bf27 No.19065

>its not like with Trollestia
What do you mean? I'm sorry, I was just confused by that line

d1081 No.19066

Sorry, I mistook your meaning. I thought that you interpreted my 'leaving the proceedings open to the imagination' (not in a lewd sense, but in an endearing and sincere-but-otherwise candid sense) as something that might parallel what happened with Trollestia and Torcuil, or you for that matter.

3c1a8 No.19067

inis's faggot wisehes you faggots a goodnight.

3bf27 No.19068

Kek, I'll fill in what would have happened for you: Trumpaladin asks Slovenia much about herself, but really, tries to spend the night talking to her the way girls talk to other girls. That is to say, he uses her mostly as a wall against which to throw his negative emotions and his dis-contentedness, maybe trying to seek sympathy or company with her in that regard. Basically, he tries to make her a confidant, possibly taking advantage of how she's sort of a captive audience.

He eventually falls asleep there in the meadow, partly because he doesn't want to go back, partly because he's too tired, and mostly because he doesn't know the way back.

I was eaking at the implication that she gave him her real name
Good night faggots.

d1081 No.19069

>wanting people to watch him be cute
>real name
Maybe she did, only Trump knows. ^_~

3bf27 No.19070

Okay seriously, why is Tracy creditted as killing the Tarrasque? Under the order she had already gone that round, when she threw the grenades and blew her hoof up. When Nordfilly cast determination, it was the last move of that round. The next move would have been mine and the Tarrrasque's, with Thez and Trollestia moving before Tracy

e1836 No.19072

>The no homo bathouse
Guess germanon can't call us gay now
I know what you mean
Imagine my suprise when I came back after an hour wondering what the hell had happened when I was gone, and I found out my "McDonalds brand recreational thumb nukes©™®" had worked

d1081 No.19073

Because there is a subtle lesson I'm trying to convey

efb2d No.19075

What's my character's initiative bonus in her nightmare form?

d1081 No.19076

With the exception of the Dog, I haven't been applying initiative bonuses.

efb2d No.19077


d1081 No.19078

Here's the thing. Binging on those "how to be a great PC/GM" has brought a few things to mind, and while I appreciate MUCH of the insight that is presented in those videos, it also highlights one of my issues with tabletop games in general, and why I set out to craft this Game in the first place.
For one, while the rules are most useful in maintaining a degree of cohesion to the "game engine", outside of having a computer to verify that each and every rule is followed, including every modifier and attribute, there are points where it all becomes 'too much', especially with regard to the flow of the game. There are all sorts of (too many?) little tweaks that can be applied that change the gameplay dramatically, but without improving the quality.
Take this example, if anyone had taken the Improved Initiative feat (and I had applied it) that could have changed the order of activity for the whole fight. This would have lead to an entirely different process, but in order to appreciably allow for that I would have to make certain that every player knew about "Improved Initiative", as well as the whole slough of feats and modifiers, and skills, and what have you. That level of investigation or dissemination might be fun or viable to players who have little or nothing to do with their free time than read through the books countless times (which I've done and I STILL miss shit all over the place), but since everyone here has better things to do (mostly Xp), I prefer to just play the frickin' game and creatively ad-lib when in doubt. I mean, I didn't even bother to precisely calculate most character's modified AC, simply because the dice are more than able to indicate the rough probability of success, within a reasonable margin of error.

efb2d No.19079

>I prefer to just play the frickin' game and creatively ad-lib when in doubt.
This is really the most fun way. Rulecucking The Game too rigidly might also discourage other players from joining. As long as I can still keep doing cool stuff, I'm satisfied.

d1081 No.19080

Likewise. Any time I've joined a new group, the GM has insisted I spend 2-3 hours spelling out every detail of a character, when the gross majority of those details never even come into play (including HP, skills, etc.). Fuck that shit. I mean yesterday I was particular about setup and preparation (both cuz I was multi-tasking and cuz otherwise it would have been a slaughter; imagine if the party had walked in in a group and just attacked the Dog!) but that was an exceptional case.

efb2d No.19081

Yeah. New players don't normally have an Archmage and a Tarrasque as their very first enemies.

efb2d No.19082

Can I advance the augmentation of Tracy's alternate form? She ate like 1/4
of Soros last night.

d1081 No.19083

Certainly not, but that gives me reason (not that I needed it) to open up all sorts of inter-city/inter-state commerce which was being stifled by the Emperor's presence.
No, in fact, I was going to have Sothelehren (the gold-lady) remove the existing Soros-essence from Tracy upon their departure. I didn't, but I'm still strongly considering it. Xp

efb2d No.19084


efb2d No.19085

Whatever happened to that Football anyway?

d1081 No.19086

File: 1510508827316.jpg (21.6 KB, 500x294, tumblr_m8ifkmZSsa1rcb0d2o1….jpg)

I had intended it to become the official game-ball of the Denver Bronco's, with the lingering threat of it being used by nefarious forces to bring back the Dog at some point.
Whoops, I've said too much!

efb2d No.19087

File: 1510509404696.png (112.22 KB, 872x560, love booster.png)

I kind of wanted to make some cool armor out of its carapace and scrape the body for mutagens, but an official ball is good too.
Before she loses her Ebil powers, can Tracy begin mutating other horses for her Assassin cult?

d1081 No.19088

For sake of progress and narrative, I will say this:
Since the game world existed before the PCs began their participation, there was naturally a variety of agendas and factions operating entirely independent of the PCs activities. NOW, the PCs have become among the most critical aspect of the entire world, having slain the grand tyrant and the horrible and oppressive regime he had enacted on the world. There are still factions and all, but suddenly (from the outside perspective) there is a new "game" in "town", and the existing story/narrative is vastly less significant and central to the story. Simply put, I apologize that the story has been so linear from this point, and my efforts will now be focused on allowing the PCs the ability to entirely direct the focus and direction of both the party, the Port (as well as the communities they interact with), whether through individual or group exploration.
I didn't say I'm going to yet, I'm just holding it over your head should she use her abilities to malign the party further. Xp

efb2d No.19089

File: 1510510032584.png (918.73 KB, 736x807, ready and willing1.png)

Can she start the indoctrination/mutations though? Maybe add some Fiendish templates to some local equines?
It's also nice to get some individual exploration. Now I don't need to be as sneaky with her edginess.

3bf27 No.19090

That's why I asked if the removal of any and all outsider presence meant any and all. It seemed to me that, well, all traces of outsider would be removed if Thez lost the demonic elements that in part defined her

3bf27 No.19091

When there are story/character consequences, I prefer strict rules of procedure to be followed to ensure fairness

d1081 No.19092

There's a few things you'll need to specify before I give my answer. I know in a meta sense, you want(ed) Tracy to be able to rank in Assassin, but what - that aside - is the purpose of the Assassin's guild? Does it have a name other than "Assassin's Guild"? Does it have a market, patrons, and clients? I know that those are largely questions for ME to answer, but I'd like you to put some thought into it, as it will better enable you to interact around and shape dialogue, agenda, and pursuit. Additionally, are you seriously planning on filling the ranks of the Assassins exclusively with hoers?
Sorry, that was a lazy answer. The reason is several-fold. For one, the citizens were already cheering Trump's name and cheering for Football. They watched Trump stand against the Dog and endure a brutal onslaught, and there was no question in their minds that Trump was a/the hero. This is WHY they cheered for him. At the same time, Tracy was the one who emerged from the Dog, covered in blood and carrying one of her comrades, and it was Thez after all who made the declaration. Thez was out cold at the time, so she couldn't have rightly known. Furthermore, I had offered that killing the Nerd (and Dog) would allow Tracy to establish an Assassin's guild, and I also said for it to be a spectacle. Since Thez saw that Tracy is not much of a talker, she decided to nudge Tracy in that direction to ensure that her (Tracy's) designs came to fruition. Stories will be told, and sung, and cheered about the magnificent Trump and how he grew to enormous size to fight the beast, and also whispers and rumors will grow about the vicious pony who claimed the head of the nerd and ultimately felled the Dog literally from the inside. There is still a subtle concept (perhaps 'lesson' was a bit pretentious, it was a wake-up, roll over, check phone reply) I am alluding to, and since I spent the previous day wall-of-texting a dialogue that was SUPPOSED to occur after the Dog died (and with/from an entirely different entity, the whole encounter with which was scrapped) I am rewriting the opportunity to express.

d1081 No.19093

In Thez' case, she was 1/2 devil and fully integrated as such. In Tracy's case, it is more of a latent thing that flares up from time to time. I plan to make that a regrettable consequence in future entanglements.
Understood, and I am not simply throwing out the rules, but I was trying to be accommodating especially to Tay and Norf, who I didn't want to be burdened with consequences 'cuz they haven't had the time or the opportunity to bathe in the massive amount of rules and designs.

3bf27 No.19094

You said that you wrote but lost the Kefka's speech, and should substitute the final fantasy or whatever that was speech it's stead. So am I to take it that Kefka issues a philosophical challenge against the concept of good itself with his final words, talking about how "destruction" is the only thing of meaning?

e1836 No.19095

Well you are doing great GM.
I'm just glad we have this game

3bf27 No.19096

But it isn't. She goes ethereal at will

efb2d No.19097

>Incoming autistic splerge for GM:
I thought of it sort of like an underground, cult-ish, equine-supremacist society, made largely of awakened horses mutated by monster blood. Tracy wouldn't consciously start it out as an organization, but more of as a latent circle of fear in horse society centered around the looming terror of the mysterious pale horse. Horses closet to her could be mutated into creatures capable of performing basic missions. The purpose of the "herd" itself would mostly be for Tracy's enjoyment, and the looming thought that her foal could be growing up in a world without other sapient ponies. I was hoping to gradually mutate and augment normal horses into potential allies with the Awakened Horse template I based Tracy's design off of, gradually growing more sapient and more monstrous through dark magic and consumption of monster essence. Only equines that Tracy considers to be useful would be augmented. The deal with Tracy is that she can speak to horses while most other characters can't, meaning that she could be semi-well-known among equines as a symbol of fear, but still keep her operations secret: because of this, she could extract basic information from horses or even exploit then into doing simple tasks. Since horses are essentially slaves in this society, Tracy could use her money from bounties to buy other horses and """"free"""" them, potentially indoctrinating and/or mutating them as her lackeys.
As for the actual assassins guild, it would mostly be centered around Tracy's personal bounties, and later around those who came to respect/fear her. NPCs of any variety could be hired if a venue were opened, but I'd rather the venue itself be a secret hide-out a way's distance from Port Barry. It could even start out as just a horse's skull on a stake, that hateful "clients" would leave descriptions of targets that they want killed, along with an "offering" of sorts, to be smited by the Ghost Horse.
>tl;dr I want to keep having Tracy killing both assassination targets and monsters to gain both new powers, wealth ,and lackeys by mutating other horses into monsters, until she herself becomes a supernatural symbol of terror among all races, but especially equines. The lackeys themselves wouldn't necessarily be Assassins, but they'd all be her bitches.

d1081 No.19098

Precisely. The spiel was going to be a paraphrasing of that dialogue, except involving references to Kefka and Thez' past interactions. I'll fill those bits in before too long
Kidding, I appreciate you saying that, and I'm going to spend as much time as possible developing my ability
"Has previously" gone ethereal at will ^_~

e1836 No.19099

Ah yes, I just remebered something I wanted to do
Are there any mirror makers in town?

efb2d No.19100

Think of it a bit like a werewolf cult.

d1081 No.19101

Good to know, but as far as mutating other hoers, request denied. I can however integrate more awakened hoers, as an element to the story that hoomans are unaware of cuz they don't speak hoers. Hoers are highly intelligent animals, so it stands to reason that there could be hoers of exceptional intelligence that hoomans (especially basic hoomans) are oblivious to. "This one's a rowdy one that don't take to riders" as an example.

d1081 No.19102

Ben would be the guy to speak to, since mirrors were more commonly made of a sheet of polished silver or other metal, sometimes with a sheet of glass overlaid.