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Kaverns & Kobolds Two: The Electric Boogaloo
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Welcome to the Kaverns & Kobolds Klub (/kkk/).

This source will be dedicated to posting resources and session logs for a whacky low-level 3.5e adventure featuring an all-kobold party, with the recurring theme of (((gnome))) genocide.
The game begins at lvl 1 using standard 3.5e rules, with a few houserules. The setting is generic and uses elements from various d&d settings. Characters begin at lvl 1 with 40 point buy stats, and all PCs recieve Dragonwrought and Dragontouched as a bonus feat!

Adventure Synopsis:
>For centuries, the kobolds of the Spawncamper tribe lived in rugged peace, amassing great wealth in the mines and only suffering occasional mass casualties from battles with neighboring goblinoids, gnomes, gnolls, dwarves, and really everything else. However, that changed just a months ago, when the tribe's clergy stopped recieving bonus spells from their almighty Lord and Savior: the Devil Kurtulmak. The Silence of Kurtulmak lasted for only one week, but the event shook the core of the tribe. In their search for answers, the tribal leadership determined that the cause for the silence was for the fact that they had failed to wage war on the neighboring gnomish kingdom of Glimmersburg for too many years. Intent on proving their devotion to their lord, the fanatic kobolds rallied their forces and planned an all out assault on Glimmersburg and its neighboring villages.
>The invasion resulted in catastrophe. While the Kobolds fought well and were skilled in the arts of gnome-slaying, they miscalculated the strength of the gnomish kingdom's alliance with the nearby dwarven clans, and were forcefully pushed back and outnumbered. They also never expected to be flanked by svirfneblin from the underdark blocking off their path of escape. Outnumbered and surrounded in three dimensions, the Spawncamper tribe suffered casualties like they'd never seen before, pushed to the bring of extinction. What's more, the war revealed veins of rich mineral resources that the kobolds had been mining, and the gnomes of Glimmersburg decided they would annex the territory of the spawncampers and get rid of the kobold nuisiance once and for all. In a last bid effort, the tribal leadership set off a series of explosive traps that collapsed the majority of the mines that had been taken over by gnomes, causing mass casualties on both sides, but buying some of the remaining kobolds time to escape. Spawncamper tribe was all but destroyed, with the few that survived scattering in every direction for survival. In a The Gnomes currently occupy what remains of the mines, and are intent on slaughtering every last one of them.
>But as the mighty Kurtulmak taught them, no battle with gnomes is over so long as one kobold survives. Soon, the gnomes of Glimmersburg will once again face the wrath of Kurtulmak and the blood of Tiatmat.
>And so, we begin with the position of our heroes. They are brave kobold warriors who fought in the Glimmersberg assault. Ranking high in their respective warbands, they've seen their share of work and battle following the three K's of Koboldism: Kruelty, Kowardice and Kunning. After strategically pushing their younger comrades into the meatgrinder, they set off a powerful Wyrm ditherbomb that collapsed the cavern of a battlefield while they hid in a storage cache where they stayed for days.
>Running low on resources, our heroes are set to emerge from their little fishbowl and make their own path. Perhaps they will seek revenge on the gnomes who destroyed their society. Perhaps they'll search the rubble for survivors. They might rebuild and repoulate the mines themselves, or leave the kaverns in search of better luck elsewhere. They might just cower in place until they run out of dead corpses and eat eachother. Perhaps they'll set off on their own adventure and the honest life of the average murderhobo. Only time can tell.

The /kkk/ runs on discord (for now) as a corner of the 'Official' /mlpol/ Horseplay Initiative. I started this adventure as a joke, but I've decided to use it to test methods and media for a multi-media Westmarches that I've been planning to create for this community. New members/players are always welcome:

This setting uses Action Points (Eberron style, not UA style), and any character who writes a log, session summary, in-character anecdote, artwork or other substantial contribution gets one free action point at the end of the session, so please write logs.
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Kisara's Player
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>Vyth wants to either challenge her openly or kill her in her sleep, but Adooris would rather play the long game and try to turn her own tribe against her with how great the Neo-Spawncampers would be when we finished clearing this goblin nest, cleaned it up properly, and got rid of the curses to show just how inept Yusdrayl is
>Kisara just wants to fill the level-three-spell-shaped hole in her heart (speaking of, when are we getting the XP for this dungeon/quest?), and is willing to do so with whoever's blood is most deserving of being spilled
>So I mostly leave the discussion of the planning to them, and they do so while Meepo is left well out of earshot and continue to seethe internally
>Kisara is definitely not letting anyone release any gnomes alive around her again, and if Vyth for some reason does it again, she's not hesitating to use a spell that'll do more than 3 damage to him
>Either way, that's where the session ends
>We may not have chosen violence upon entering this clusterfuck, but we're definitely rectifying that mistake

I have only two real things to say about this session:
1) Fucking with players' mobility is a dick move. I've played enough TF2 Soldier and suffered against too many airblast-happy pyros to think anything else, and being left powerless in a fight is only scary if you're actually able to fight it and are still struggling. Being left powerless against an opponent that you would otherwise destroy in a fight for whatever reason is one of the most frustrating feelings in my opinion, and purely detracts from the experience.
2) Stealing players' items is another dick move. I can understand items being destroyed through circumstance, such as acid damage, fire damage, or explosive damage, but outright stealing their best gear and then having the thief for all intents and purposes "disappear from the face of the earth" (your own words, >that guy) is almost the same level of frustrating, especially when the item that was stolen from me effectively leaves me with a useless helmet in my inventory. Nothing about it has changed except for the one thing that I actually had it for, and now it's just taking up weight that could be used for something (or a few somethings) better until I either get back my lightning gem (unlikely) or get a new one to replace it (also not that likely, so far as I know).
TL;DR is let us move freely and don't disappear our best shit.

Anyone reading this, feel free to call me a faggot for thinking this and daring to air my grievances on an imageboard where nobody really cares, but those are my honest thoughts on this session. I hope the next one's much better, and while I'm not asking for any of this to be retconned or the thief to be immediately and easily found because I'm mad, I do hope that this is the only time that our stuff gets stolen from us without a clear way of getting it back that doesn't require us to drop everything and track someone down with all of our two braincells and <15 rolls and that whatever enemies we face in the future won't be as dickish with preventing us from being able to do literally anything meaningful against them.
Kisara's Player
I just realized that I neglected to actually say what the plan that saved our asses was, it was that Adooris would teleport from where she was standing to behind all of the reinforcements with her move action and then burning hands them all into the shadow realm to clear an exit.
Did she say "Nothin personal, kid" when she did it?
>room-temperature IQ pit bull of a dragon
Exactly what I was going for with Calryx. He is quite the difficult one.
>the fucker completely disappeared afterwards and we have no leads on where he is, where he's going, or just what the fuck to do
Eh, you're pretty deep underground, and his lil' gnome legs could only get him so far. You haven't seen the last of Erky Timbers.
One might wonder, what was such a powerful gnome doing in that backwater dungeon anyway? Only time can tell.
>Fucking with players' mobility is a dick move.
Yeah, it was a little little bit mean, although Calcryx himself wasn't exactly that formiddable, and white dragons are typically encountered in areas where their Ice Walking ability is relevant. I did add that to the encounter's CR though, as an additional unfavorable condition.
Last time I ran this was for a lvl 1 party, and they didn't have very much trouble, although circumstances were different.
>Stealing players' items is another dick move.
It is indeed, although you should have known better than to trust a gnome. It was a social encounter, and the gold-plated quickrazor was a dead giveaway that he was in fact a powerful rogue who wasn't actually trapped in there. He could have done a lot worse than steal your items, and perhaps you might feel the slightest bit chilled as to why he didn't just then.... Whatever it was, it seemed as though he preferred you alive for the time being.
Don't be worried though, if you catch him, you can get your items back. He didn't actually disappear, he just slipped through the shadows and was very good at hiding (although from your perspective it would have seemed like he disappeared), and you haven't seen the last of him (I didn't spend two weeks building that NPC just to have him disappear without a fight)
Going forward, you won't have your items stolen all of the time, but it's something you could easily expect when dealing with gnomes. A lot of the main villains in this game are going to be Rogues, Ninjas, Bards, and Beguilers, and Sleight Of Hand is one of their main ways to conceal spellcasting or hidden weapons.
Cloakshadow_symbol (1).jpg
Posting Cloakshadow lore here so I don't lose it.

Baravar Cloakshadow:
>Known as the Sly One, was the neutral good gnome deity of illusion and deception. His dogma primarily concerned the protection of the gnome race through the art of illusion.
>A crafty, vengeful deity who specializes in deceptions. He is unforgiving of any creature who threatens his charges, and he feels no compunction against acting against those who have earned his enmity. Although he shares Garl’s love of a good practical joke, Baravar’s jests and tricks may cause no little discomfort to the victims. He is also a thief and enjoys using illusions to confuse creatures before robbing them.
>He is somewhat mean-spirited compared to most of the other gnomish gods, and his pranks may cause even his friends real pain, at least emotionally. He genuinely hates the kobold, goblinoid, and orcish races, believing they cannot be expected to reform. His symbol is a cloak and dagger.
>Clerics of Baravar work to further refine illusion magic, and they quest for new illusion magic and magical items. They are researchers and adventurers. They are encouraged to be proficient in camouflage, disguise, and hiding. They are well-regarded among gnomes for their efforts against kobolds and goblins.
>Novice clerics of Baravar are known as the Cloaked. Full priests are given the title of Illusory. Apart from that, they have a wide variety of titles, changing them as suits their purposes in order to disguise exactly who leads whom. Specialty priests are known as Hoodwinkers.
>1) Fucking with players' mobility is a dick move. I've played enough TF2 Soldier and suffered against too many airblast-happy pyros to think anything else, and being left powerless in a fight is only scary if you're actually able to fight it and are still struggling. Being left powerless against an opponent that you would otherwise destroy in a fight for whatever reason is one of the most frustrating feelings in my opinion, and purely detracts from the experience.
Personally I think its dangerous for the opposite reason. I guess this is why people say the grease spell is insane in 3.x

Adooris watched with awe as vyth dismantled the hauty brat on the broken throne in this part of the ruins. Still, the display of power she made right after, with a fireball crashing against the ruin wall, was enough to shake her to her bones. None the less, somehow, they had managed to undo a bit of Yusdrayl's power over the kobolds, but apparently not enough.

With meepo and Akara they set off into the ruins. Each room less ornate and more refuse ridden than the last. the first sign things where starting to get really unhinged was the room full of rats. Thankfully by then the elven skeletons vyth perloined did their duty in keeping us from being overrun by the creatures living off of the goblins filth. If anything these where the real pests, like the fleas that spread black death, goblins dragged around the plague of rats wherever they went.

After that, they saw the remains of a gnome there, and took a signant ring. Adooris didn't seem too surprised, but it was interesting none the less. They ventured further, and finally made contact with some goblin gaurds, slaughtering them effortlessly with the skeletons walking through their caltrops and killing zone. Adooris was impressed, but given the elven architecture and lettering everywhere, she didn't think it was the goblins doing the fortifications here, even if they clearly knew how to use them.

Next came their ultimate nemesis, a room with a chained up gnome and three kobolds. Upon rescue, the group immediately set upon searching the gnome, and had just barely found a held out knife. they talked briefly about what to do while looking over the ornate jewelry like quick-razor. Adooris wanted to release the gnome and see where he ran off to. Vyth ended up with a different plan, using the gnome to open doors for us. This plan might have both doomed them and saved their lives. They entered room after room after that, slaying the goblins inside without much issue, before finally encountering the dragon. It had blasted the whole room with ice. It was perhaps something adooris should have thought of, but without access to most of her resources there wasn't much she could do about it. Adooris and her companions filed into the room carefully, adooris doing her best to draw the things attention and keep it from ripping out meepos throat. Instead she wound up savaged and tripped over the course of the fight, with a disabled Vyth braving danger to keep her from being killed. The dragon inhaled one last icey killing blow.

The gnome struck without anyones notice. Adooris had been convinced he had probably fled at this point, but he managed to both knock out the dragon and save Adooris and Vyths lives. At first she didn't know what happened, asking kisara, but then, catching her in one of her usual lies, she decided to drag the answer out of the dwarfbold. When she did she looked back at the gnome in shock. No matter how much rage her blood had for them, Adooris had memories of having more in common with the gnomes. flesh, hair, a disease that caused her to waste away slowly, she was even more gem than person if that was any indication. Still, after having used this guy as canon fodder for the better part of a half hour, the fact that he would come in and rescue his hated enemy before her was incomprehensible to Adooris. Adooris scratched her hand, itchy, and feeling like she was missing something. she looked over to the gnome, who was standing aloof to the side, smug and giggling. "Why?" Adooris asked simply. The answer she got in reply was just as cryptic. "this is what you came for yes? the dragon is all yours now" As the group pondered this development, and what it meant to owe their lives to such an enemy, Adooris had hoped for a more open answer, the conversation she burned to have with that maiden who's belt she now wore once again denied to her. But now instead of having been betrayed by that prisoner she had been saved by one. Vyth seethed, but as the next shocking words from his mouth where spoken adooris could understand it, Vyth had a level of honor that went beyond even most kobolds. "Boy I sure do hate gnomes, I'd never let one live, but I might.. be distracted helping akara tie up this dragon." he hinted.

The gnome didn't say much more, laughing and then disappearing at the end of the hallway.
the shit in the spoilers might not be canon
his hands filled with gems, holy symbols, and other things stolen form the kobolds. He whisked himself away, his ill gotten gains, A knowstone gem, a clan dagger, a holy symbol, and a shining iridescent violet egg. Such power in that last one, it was almost like it was ali-. Shining golden locks of hair caught at the edge of his vision and a soft hand touched his shoulder. he started, a bit distracted from looking around himself and seeing nothing. He then looked down back to the ribbon he had been examining before. It wasn't that magical, but the care in which it had been displayed made it the obvious choice to steal from that one.

In the other room, two desperate figures where huddled over a insensate and bleeding Adooris. that golden aura washed over the room, and the clock ticked backwards.

Adooris started, sumbling a little and then looking around, her holy symbol, missing? Well, ordinarily that would make her see red, but she still had the one on her crown. She drew out the ribbon into her hands.
Letting the ribbon be tied around her tail, she would have to pick up one of the spares later in the camp. She looked over to the other kobolds, feeling bad for them, something quite important to them was stolen as well, and slowly, they came to realize they had been duped, but adooris wasn't so sure at first. If he had meant them harm, why save them? Did he not like his chances agains the wild undead? it seems like he could have dealt with it quite easily. And yet, he still saved their lives. Was this their payment? In a way, she didn't think her allies would see it that way. Maybe it even wasn't. The figure certainly avoided answering her question. Did he notice how sharp she was? What was his real plan? Either way, they weren't in great shape, they discussed what to do next for a long while, but eventually agreed to move forward.

the next leg of their journey was through mist, they carefully made their way through to the other side to a portal of doors. The gate was squat for such a large room, but in the end it was a fortress of some kind or other. As one, they rushed in, Vyth's patience at the limit and tired of dealing with goblins. They where quick to realize how tipped out of their favor this battle would be though. The Goblins within where a number adooris couldn't even count. Hobgoblins rose up in the back and archers raised their bows to meet them as skeletons ran in, indiscriminately killing villagers. they where quickly surrounded and beat back. Luck seemed to be on the enemys side except for Akara, who had began unleashing moves that reminded Adooris of some of the fighters in her past life. The knowledge was too muddled to be clear, but his sword skill and bravery when facing these foes seemed inverted. Behind him closer to the door, Adooris, Kisara, and Vyth where blocked in by goblins and hobgoblins left and right. Without the gem, Kisara was having trouble clearing the room of goblins, taking out important targets with her magic when possible. But soon they where out of room to cast magic. Archers from behind leveled their crossbows at kisara's spell as well, making the prospect of fighting further hellish. Adooris grit her teeth, wondering who she should target first when the jaws of the trap went off. five more goblins entered from behind them, cutting them off from their escape route.

Adooris knew she had to act at this point. Desperation had reached it's peak. she drew on the powers of her magic, Feathered clothing manifesting brightly as she pulled at her shield, sweeping bolts from the air with spectral and chaotic looking wings as she felt time crawl still, quickly, vaulting over the wall of bodies blocking their exit, she gathered up her violet flame, the same one she remembered being burdened with so long ago. She flashed the enemy with her burning flames and cleared the path, then stepped forward into the doorway, beckoning her allies forward. They came, retreating all except Akara and the skeletons as they continued to attack the more armored opponents now. Kisara was through first, and then the hob goblin followed, throwing blades her way as they fought to break through her position. Adooris grit her teeth and bore the attack. Kisaras spell cutting a path for Vyth to soon follow. Still, Adooris didn't budge, even as meepo came from nowhere and beckoned them towards an escape route. Vyth and Adooris called out to Akara. With her Shield held as high as she could against such a tall creature, the kobold girl clashed with the hobgoblins bastard sword. His blade sparked against her shield as he put his weight and pressure on her injured body's defenses, bearing down at her with it. Somehow Adooris grit her teeth and continued to stand, her shield shimmering with magic before she threw his blade aside with the last of her strength. Vyth ordered the skeletons to charge, and they did, coming back at his command to attack the enemy by adooris, and after they where run through Akara finally shook off his blood lust and they came barreling through the exit as quick as they could. Adooris limped after them, as they made their way to the outpost the five other goblins had arrived from through the haze in the previous room. The skeletons where left behind to occupy the goblins from picking off the softer targets escaping, and there, they sat in that room, licking their wounds and reeling from the near defeat.

Letting the gnome live was my first mistake. We had come upon a gnome in a cage and three kobolds tied up. We freed them and I had the gnome to trigger any traps ahead of us as we moved forward. Using Kurtulmak's power I had commanded a group of five skeletons to fight for me. Rooms of goblins didn't stand a chance against us. We slaughtered them in their filth.

Moving forward we had finally found what we were looking for, the dragon Calcryx. There was a pit trap outside it's room stopping my skeletons from entering it in a timely manner. Even from outside we could feel the cold coming from it's room. I had the gnome open the door and we rushed in. That damned dragon must've been waiting on us as it was flying above the door and froze us with it's breath.

Even a tiny dragon such as Calcryx was difficult to deal with. Akara and Meepo did most of the work, while Adooris set herself on fire to counteract the ice, Kisara kept slipping on said ice, and I missed every throw of my spear. A lucky swipe of it's claws and Adooris dropped to the ground. I was close to death, so I should've ran, but I didn't. I ran to Adooris and healed her just enough for the next attack to not kill her. Then, well, I'm not sure.

I awoke being fed a potion by Kisara. As we healed we found out who dealt with the dragon. It was the gnome, apparently. Here is where I made my second mistake. I let the damned thing go. It saved us. It might not have been the smartest or the religious thing to do, but I did. It stole from us. It stole a gem from each of Kisara's and Adooris' enchanted helmets, one of Adooris' ribbons, Akara's dagger, one of my holy symbols and the razor I took from it. I saw a symbol on it's cloak before it disappeared, a dagger. I recognized it. It was the symbol of Baravar Cloakshadow.

I rightfully caught shit from Kisara for my poor leadership. It was here I made my third mistake. I decided that I was going to kill the goblins here. So we did. I threw open the door and ordered the skeletons to start killing. We all killed and killed them, but there were too many. The hobgoblins and goblins kept coming and more came from behind us. We almost died from my recklessness, the only thing that saved us was Akara and the skeletons. We decided to run, but not before getting all of us out. I had the skeletons charge the hobgoblins blocking the way so Akara could run out.

I slammed the door behind him and we ran into the room Meepo and the three rescued kobolds led us to. It led back to the tribe, through a trapped hallway. I used this moment to catch my breath. I almost killed what was left of my tribe. It was my recklessness, carelessness and thoughtlessness that had almost killed us. What right did I have to be angry at Yusdrayl?

I might just very well be a worse leader than her. I had let a gnome steal our most valuable possessions and almost got us killed for what? I've led us again and again into danger and what have we gained? Nothing. What did I even do for our tribe? I read too much and ignored my duties. I couldn't even mine like a proper kobold for a long time. I fear I'm unfit for leading, but who else will do it? Adooris just does whatever anyone tells her to, and Kisara I fear is too greedy and bloodthirsty. Yusdrayl is entirely too full of herself and Ukri isn't one of us.
Highlight of today's session
download (8).jpeg
Also highlights

Kisara's Player
>Where last we left off...
>Almost everything that could go wrong did go wrong, and it can be traced back to letting a gnome escape us instead of executing him on the spot

>This time, we start off in the tunnel we left off in with a comatose retard dragon and a few more kobolds than we entered with!
>A success to be sure, but was it really worth it in the end?
>That all depends on what we get for rewards, of course!
>We return to Yusdrayl, Kisara bitching and moaning about how we almost died and lost our best shit while Vyth and Adooris give out the actual debriefing
>We fought the vast majority of the goblins, we killed almost as many, there were hobgoblins, a gnome stole our shit, et cetera
>At the mention of hobgoblins though, Yusdrayl perks up and quietly starts freaking out
>She still gets us our rewards, though!
>While she's searching though, Kisara asks if she has any gems that can be attuned for her helmet
>Yusdrayl doesn't, seeing as how she also has a helmet with no gem in its slot
>Oh well...
>She gets us our rewards, a medal of Io for each of us, with the color of medal we got matching our scale colors!
>Vyth got a green one, Adooris got a black one (even though she's violet, oh well) Kisara got a blue one to match her highlights, and Akara got a red one!
>Meepo also got a medal, but his was white because of his official title of dragon keeper and the dragon he was tasked with keeping is white
>Around this time, the door that we entered the kobold territory through starts banging
>The goblins want their dragon back!
>We and all the other kobolds in the area gather around the door and get into position, the guards flanking while Vyth hides behind a pillar, Adooris holds the line up front, and Kisara/Yusdrayl take up positions to unload magical hellfire into the oncoming attackers
>The hobgoblins finally SWAT the door down, and Yusdrayl vaporizes a line of them while the other kobolds start terrorizing them from the sides
>Adooris and Vyth get into the fray too, and Kisara throws spells like she always does
>The normal hobgoblins stream into the room though, and their big boss samurai gobbo finally arrives on the scene with his regular goblin cleric GF riding on his back to victory
>The guards directly next to the doors get massacred by him, Adooris tries to slow him down with a dwarfblight but only really hits herself and Akara, and the cleric gobbo immediately makes that decision useless anyway by adding a light source to the room
>We all pile damage onto bossman and his henchmen, managing to take down the mooks, but Samurai Crack's pocket pussy with legs hits him with that cure moderate and gives him back a bunch of HP in the meantime
>Kisara then remembers the first rule of warfare, kill the medic, and hurls some lightning at the Samu-rider, somehow killing her instantly
>This leaves bossman pretty open to getting gutted, which he does!
>Hooray, the remaining goblins have been routed and there's some ominous shadow looming behind Meepo, let's celebrate!
>Adooris springs into action and shields Meepo from this horror, but we're all shocked to find that its real target was the dragon!
>The shadow moves swiftly, and in a spray of blood the dragon's head is separated from its body
>Calcryx is dead
>Nothing of value was lost
>Is what Kisara thinks to herself, as gnomish laughter suddenly starts echoing through the room!
>Kisara charges up another spell and shouts "GIVE ME BACK MY GEM YOU ASS" before liquefying the presence before her, but as it turns out it's just an illusion!
>The laughter continues as everyone starts to look for the source, and Vyth tells us that the illusions are an ability of the gnome, but he has to be nearby to make them work
>The skeletons are ordered to close the doors, and Vyth makes a herculean spot check to find another shadowy figure hiding behind a pillar
>... Or not, as another illusion puffs up in a cloud of smoke
>We have a small exchange with this hidden bastard who then decides to taunt us by appearing right where we all can hit him, and it's him for real this time!
>Kisara tries to trip him with her whip, but ends up failing miserably
>To make matters worse, HE STEALS MY FUCKING WHIP
>I had better get that back too, I swear to fuck!
>Seriously, if I don't get back my now two pieces of good ass lost gear I'm gonna be pissed
>Vyth and Adooris also do what they can to try to blast this bastard before he can disappear, but he makes it out alive
>In her own fit of rage, Kisara then discharges every last spell slot that she has into the ground where the gnome disappeared, leaving a smoldering circle of burned stone from her electrical discharge
>Well, now everyone's up to speed on the gnome situation, at least...
>While the tribe is coping and seething over the loss of calcryx though, Vyth brings up some religious knowledge that lets us know some important shit!
>Particularly, where and when we can find this bastard next!
>He's going to be doing some kind of ritual in a public place a week from now during the new moon, and there's only one settlement public enough for his liking within that timeframe of travel; the town of Oakherst roughly a day's travel from here!
>We do have time between then and now though, so we work on one of our other objectives: forming the Neo-Spawncampers!
>We meet back up with Ukri and inform him of the developments, and we bring the crushers into this new area to form our new base of operations for the time being
>Ukri and Yusdrayl come to their agreements and rule the Neo-Spawncampers together, and the day closes off with 80-ish kobolds in a bigass sleep pile
>Our sleep is interrupted though when two kobolds start arguing about moss and Kisara decides to fan the flames with her own opinions before Yusdrayl shuts them up with a sleep spell
>The next day, we wake up and go about our mornings until Ukri pulls us aside and enlists our help yet again
>It's now our job to go and clear the rest of the dungeon
Kisara's Player
>So we do
>We gather our crap and head back into the dungeon, moving towards areas that we haven't explored properly yet
>As we pass through one of the rooms we had already been in though, we encounter a bunch of angry old biker gnomes with red hats!
>Well, we came here expecting to fight anyway, this isn't surprising
>What is surprising though is that these guys are able to resist damage!
>It becomes a small problem, but between Kisara's casting and Akara's kickass CQC expertise we manage to drive the redcaps back to hell
>Adooris then uses a prestidigitation spell to clean up the blood pools they spawned from while Kisara uses mending to partially repair a decrepit, yet still beautiful, mural of Io
>We then continue on, eventually finding a room with some skeletons in it
>Said skeletons are definitely undead, but aren't hostile to us as we haven't revealed ourselves to them yet
>We decide to let sleeping dogs lie though, and simply write two warnings on the door: (in draconic) DO NOT open, literal skeleton closet and (in common for any nosy adventurers) Treasure Room
>After this tomfoolery is over we eventually stumble across a room with a sapling in it!
>Said sapling then reveals itself to be an actual monster, but it... strangely doesn't attack us?
>Well, it does something to Adooris who foolishly approached it, but Vyth butchers it before it can actually do anything to hurt us
>We then continue along until we get to a room with a weird orb in it that plays music for some reason
>The music forces us to make will saves, and if we fail the saves we run back to the start of the dungeon where one would enter from the surface
>This seems like it's blocking off an important path though, so we brute force it by sending in our skellies to break the orb
>With our path unblocked again, we continue down this new route until we encounter a riddle
>"We come with the night, but leave when it's day" or something like that, but the point is the answer was the stars and we got it in one guess
>Fantastic, what do we win?
>A secret door hiding a long-ass hallway, that's what
>A hallway that has a pit trap that some nasty motherfucker pushes Kisara into!
>Bullying the (physically) weakest member of the party, how rude!
>Poor girl can't even climb out by herself, so she has to wait while Vyth and Adooris try to catch the little bastard that did this to her
>Beyond being rude though, the dickhead's not interested in interacting with us and simply leaves while yelling something about not having to watch the dragon priest anymore
>Weird, but ok?
>Anyway, Vyth and Adooris pull a slightly dejected Kisara out of the hole with some rope and we continue on into the final room on this floor
>This last room holds a sarcophagus, one in the shape of a dragon
>Not knowing anything about mummy curses or why they should be avoided though, we opt to pop the top and reveal a pissed off, somewhat emaciated troll!
>We use our nature knowledge and learn that trolls are weak to fire and acid, so we do what we can to fight this bastard
>Kisara starts off with some fire, which does some toasty damage
>The troll, however, bites the shit out of her with an attack of opportunity
>Shit, next turn I'm retreating
>Vyth does some acid stuff and Akara starts wailing on him while Adooris does her best to draw aggro and tank
>Kisara backs herself into a corner and Adooris ends up ODing on attacks, so things are looking a little hairy again
>However, together the three remaining kobolds finish off the troll and bring Adooris back to the world of the waking!
>And that's where we leave off, with the four of us in a room with the smoldering corpse of a dead troll who was apparently a dragon priest locked in a time-sealed sarcophagus for unknown crimes

All in all, a fun session! I'm not a fan of losing yet another item to our first real BBEG, but knowing that we'll find him again and take him out in another few sessions to get our stuff back is comforting to say the least. As for the future, I hope we get another chance to break out Business Kisara to infiltrate this human town and see if we can potentially get the guard there to side with us against the gnome we're looking for! However, that would probably only happen after we're done clearing all the floors of this dungeon, which I'd imagine there are still two more. But hey, I do hope that we get another chance at entering a human settlement and getting up to some (mostly legal) fuckery there! Until then though, I'll see you all next week!

The hallway of traps seemed to prove more dangerous than I first thought. Meepo and I got to work disarming them. It was going well until I fell into a pit and got impaled on the spikes at the bottom. I was alive but hurt. I quickly bandaged my wound so I wouldn't bleed out and threw my rope up for Meepo to catch. Everyone worked together to pull me out. We balanced Calcryx across the pit and soon the rest of us followed.

When we got back it seemed Yusdrayl was ready for an attack. We did come through the exit closest to the goblin tribe, so that explains it. Yusdrayl seemed surprised that we actually got the dragon back and even more surprised that Meepo survived. Kisara wanted another gem for her helmet as a reward, and it did seem that Yusdrayl had one, but the gem from the helmet was missing. She told us there never was a gem in it, but we all knew she was full of it. I told her that I knew a gnome had stolen it.

We gave her our report of the quest. We entered through the back, killed most of the goblins and hobgoblins, grabbed the dragon and made it out. She didn't seem to really believe us, even as I explained how some skeletons I found did most of the work. She did react to hearing that there were hobgoblins among them. We did eventually get our reward, some colored Medallions of Io with each one corresponding to our colors. Except Meepo, he got a white one because he was the keeper of a white dragon.

It was then that we heard a banging at the door we had just come from. What was left of the goblins were coming. Everyone got into position. The door burst open and Yusdrayl used a spell that immediately killed half of them. The rush in, killing kobolds left and right. One of them, a samurai, is difficult to hit with anything and has a goblin shaman on it's back. Most of the hobgoblins run for Calcryx but one of them tries to break into the common room. Yusdrayl used some spell to fry it's brain and it falls over convulsing on the floor.

Three skeletons follow the hobgoblins into the room. They're three of the five that I left in the goblin tribe. They charge in and I reassert my control over them and send them back into the hall they came from. At this point I was entirely out of magic, but I still had Kurtulmak's Skewer. By this point everything was dead except for the samurai, that had ran onto grease and slipped down. I threw the Skewer at it, and it struck true. The skewer pierced it's chest, taking it's heart with it as it returned to me. I raised it triumphantly over my head, letting the blood run down the Skewer and drip down onto me.

I thought everything was over when I spotted a shadowy figure over behind Meepo. I threw the Skewer at it and missed. Adooris moved to try and save Meepo, but he wasn't the target. The figure pulled out a golden knife and in a single stroke cut the head off Calcryx. The figure then disappeared in a puff of smoke as it was struck down. It was that damned gnome. It's laughing was echoing all around us. I saw something out of the corner of my eye and threw my spear at it. It was another illusion. The gnome appeared in the center of us, but none of us hit it, except Kisara. Her whip didn't do as much as she thought it would and the gnome took it too before seemingly moving down through the floor. The mocking laughter didn't stop for minutes.

Before it disappeared I saw it's cloak with a dagger emblazoned on it. It was a cleric of Baravar Cloakshadow. I don't know if it purposefully showed it's cloak or not, but I do know where it's going to be. It's nearing a new moon, and the followers of the gnomish god have a ritual they perform on the new moon. It's done in a public place, and there's only one public place close enough. The human town of Oakhurst.

While Meepo wept and Yusdrayl threw a fit I acted. I grabbed Akara and went back to Ukri. It seemed he was getting impatient with us and had sent his familiar to see what was going on. I explained the situation to him and escorted him to Yusdrayl. I then went to the common room and promptly fell asleep. I was briefly awoken by an argument about moss sorting. It's ridiculous, everyone knows the best way to sort moss is by color. Thankfully Yusdrayl ended the argument with a sleep spell, then I followed them soon after.

I was awoken from the kobold pile after a while along with Kisara and Adooris. Ukri volunteered us to go scout out the rest of the ruins. Between the goblins and the curse it seems most of it wasn't actually known. It was a bit rude for him to volunteer us. I'd like a few days at least to rest and spend some time reading. Regardless we accepted, but not before adding a new corpse to my collection. Using the Nightcaller Whistle, I raised the corpse of Calcryx to aid us. Yusdrayl handed me a large key and each of us were given a firebug lantern and three health potions.

We entered the common room the goblins had previously inhabited, we were ambushed by some deathcaps. Fey, I hate fey. We killed them all without much trouble and checked the back room. It seems this is where the goblin shaman and the hobgoblins were when we killed the rest of them yesterday. There was a plant that got up and attacked Adooris before I ended it's life. There was a staircase leading down with light coming up from the lower levels, but we decided to explore the rest of this floor before moving down into the lower levels of the ruin.

The rest of this floor was on the other side of the tribes dragon room. Meepo was here, mourning the death of Calcryx. Adooris left Meepo some moss, but it seems he just needs time to help him. I thought that putting him on some work detail later might help him too.

We came to the tunnel that leads to the surface. There was a door here leading into an unexplored area and a closet of some kind. I sent one of the skeletons to investigate the closet and in it was more skeletons. I was at my limit for the amount I could control, so I just shut the door. Adooris carved "Do not enter" on the door in draconic while I stood on her shoulder and carved "Treasure room" into it at human height.

There was a large stone door in here that looked like it had been sealed for centuries. We opened it with the key Yusdrayl gave us. Being cautious I had one of my skeletons enter. It seemed safe so we entered. It was then that we noticed the glass orbs in alcoves around the room. Only one of them was active and it started playing music. Adooris copied the notes then ran out of the room. She charged to tunnel to the surface, threw open the door and promptly fell down the pit trap right on the other side. It seemed the music had some magical properties to it beyond it's source.

I ordered one of the skeletons to take the orb and leave the room with it while one of the other ones held to door to the surface shut. The instant the orb was touched the music grew louder and louder, and rose in intensity. This time Kisara and Adooris made ran for the exit, but before they could push the skeleton aside the orb left the room and went silent. Adooris pocketed the orb and we went on ahead.

I accidentally triggered a trap and an arrow launched out of a hidden hole and bounced right off my armor. It seems it's been so long that the arrowhead had fallen off. In the next room was a dragon statue made of white marble with blood red veins running through it. The statue looked like it was a newer addition compared to everything else in the room. It had possibly one of the easiest riddles I've ever heard for us and another door opened when we answered correctly.

The next room had a large pit in the center and four alcoves with three of them containing statues made of the same marble as the dragon. These statues were of what I think were elves. It's not that the statues weren't detailed, I just haven't seen many elves in my life. We entered the room when Kisara was pushed into the pit by an imp. The imp transformed into a giant wolf and I struck it with Kurtulmak's Skewer. It then transformed back into an imp and flew off, saying something about being free of a contract and a dragon priest.

The only way forward was a small tunnel at the bottom of the pit. Being kobolds, we easily squeezed through and entered the room at the end. It was a small room containing a massive sarcophagus in the shape of a dragon. We spent the next hour or so hacking the locks on it off when a giant arm broke out of it and swung at us. It then climbed out. It looked to be an old gray troll. It had glowing red eyes and was covered in bandages covering it's entire body, and it was angry. It bit Kisara and knocked Adooris out, but eventually it went down. I wasn't convinced it was dead until it's corpse was mulched and burnt to a crisp.
164372 164375
Meet Balsag, the bugbear.
Is he sweaty?
A bit. He hunts thoqquas near magma roots in the Underdark.
(that's why he has the tactical loincloth)
>Balsac, The Jaws of Death.
Hmmm, I only drew the giant teeth on a whim, but I guess it matches his name.

Also, if any of you lurkers are interested in joining, the link is in the OP.

Before finally dying, the troll whispered to us, "Thank you." After it finally died after about half an hour of stabbing it's unconscious body, we looted it. It had a bunch of gems, jewelry, a potion and a wand. We decided we should head back and rest a little, but on the way back to the tribe we found that our skeleton closet trap had worked. Some gnomish adventurer's corpses littered the ground. They didn't really have much but it was good to find a trap that we made had killed some gnomes.

As we were going back to the tribe Meepo seemed to be working on something for our upcoming raid. He was working away diligently and he seemed to really want us to let him work. Adooris tried to take one of the gnome corpses and make it look like the gnome we were after, then hung it's corpse as a training dummy for Meepo. Meepo thanked her but said he didn't need it.

When we got back to the tribe we gave our report. Yusdrayl was very concerned about the glowing purple hole we found. She asked if anything came out of it and we told her about the plant thing that attacked us. Everyone present found our skeleton closet trap funny. We then told her about the troll we killed and how it was supposedly a disgraced dragon priest. She asked if we found anything on our journey and traded us some spike mines for any gems we found.

After a rest in the kobold pile I meditated while my companions got themselves and their gear unstuck. We traveled to the glowing hole. Some kobolds had already cleaned where the goblin tribe died. We arrived at the hole and most of us climbed our way down the mass of vines leading downwards. I say most of us as Kisara somehow convinced Akara to carry her down.

When we got to the bottom there were two plant things and two skeletons. The skeletons seemed to ignore us but the plants didn't. As we killed some of the plants the skeletons decided to defend them. It didn't work as I just commanded them to follow me from now on.

We went north and found a bugbear butchering something. The bugbear was almost pale white and had a large mace next to it. Adooris fired her crossbow at it and missed. It got ready to charge but then Kisara asked who it was. It paused for a moment and we spoke with it. He introduced himself as Balsag and he spoke at length about how he was a great hunter, and looking at him he was wearing the pelts to prove it. It took quite a bit of effort to stop from laughing at his name. I admitted to being the one to destroy the goblin tribe, but he didn't seem to broken up about it, in fact it seemed he didn't like them either. He told us of an elf that lives down here somewhere. We parted ways politely.

Exploring to the east this time we were ambushed by a group of plant things. They were no match for us, but I think one of them got a hit on Adooris. Throughout the ruin we had been finding goblin corpses, most of them had head wounds caused by a massive blunt weapon of some kind. In the room with us was a rat strapped to a table with various wooden tumors growing on it. Kisara poked one with a stick which just caused the rat to twitch in pain. We left it there and continued on.

We came to a large temple, abandoned for some time. The floor and walls were made of a red stone and the walls were covered in a thick glowing moss. I collected some of it, while Kisara decided to try some. I chided Kisara on her inferior moss collecting and sorting habits. While we were arguing she shoved a bunch of the moss into her mouth and yelled back at me through the moss. After this she started glowing.
Kisara's Player
>Where we last left off...
>Killed a troll and found out he was a dragon priest imprisoned for crimes unknown

>The troll dies, and turns to elf much to our surprise
>He rasps out a final "thank you" before passing on completely
>We then stand around for a bit gathering ourselves and our thoughts before unknown screaming cuts through the silence
>We rush to the source, only to find that some gnome adventurers cucked themselves by opening the skeleton closet!
>Kisara yells out a spirited "lmao get fucked idiots" before the skellies are herded back into their closet and the trap is reset
>Of course, we then go to report our findings to Yusdrayl
>Along the way, we find Meepo making a surprise tool to help us later
>Plot twist: it's high explosives
>After that detour, we report to Yusdrayl/Ukri and tell them about the skeleton closet
>Everybody within earshot laughs
>We also show off our haul from that section of the dungeon, and Yusdrayl wants the gems we got
>She offers us actual fucking land mines for them!
>10d6 damage 3 times? You'd be stupid not to take that!
>After that, we spend some time discussing tactics
>Oakherst has a lot of people, so guerrilla warfare is our recommended tactic for blowing this town wide open
>After that, we get some random crap for rewards and plan out our next foray into this craphole of a dungeon
>With our plans complete we take a rest and Kisara donates some level 2 spells to charge our spellflinging spears
>When the rest is over, we go back to exploring the one place we haven't in this pit
>The purple hole
>We begin climbing down, with Kisara tied onto Akara because she would've fallen to her death otherwise and find a temple of Chronepsis somewhere along the way
>The purple of the hole turns out to be a glowy fungus, which we ignore for the most part
>What we don't ignore are some cloaked dudes, a couple more trees, and some skellies at the bottom
>Adooris just walks right up to the trees again, like some kind of dummy with a death wish
>Unsurprisingly though, the trees are angry!
>Kisara burns one to ash, another tree charges Adooris and tries to grab her but whiffs it
>The enemy skellies are active now, and also charge Adooris with swords drawn
>one hits, and Vyth rebukes the skellies in return to make them ours
>Akara does his thing and bashes the last tree to sawdust
>Now, with time to observe our surroundings, we check a room to the north
>There's a big guy (for us) in there cutting shit up
>He's a big hairy goblinoid, so probably a bugbear
>There are also a couple of dire rats in a corner
>Adooris tries to shoot the bugbear in a surprise round but misses, causing him to get up and draw his weapon
>Kisara then asks who he is to try to take him offguard again
>Mr. bugbear introduces himself as Balsag
>"Nice to meet you, ballsack!" (much snickering)
>After that, we enter a conversation with him thinking it'll just be a formality before the fight
>As it turns out though, the conversation allows us to avoid the fight!
>Ballsack answers our questions helpfully, if requiring some monetary compensation at times
>We learn that there's an elf somewhere in this level of the dungeon, and we also learn of some settlements in the underdark
>Ballsack also tells us about his favorite prey, the thoqqua; this big worm thing that lives in the underdark despite coming from another plane
>Kisara tastes some of the blood, and finds that it's good!
>And to finish off making this friend, Vyth introduces himself formally and offers a handshake that Balsag accepts!
>Next on our list is to go to the east
>We find a number of rooms with a considerable number of gobbo corpses strewn about, along with a tied up rat full of tumors
>Kisara pokes at the rat for some reason, probably to see if the tumors were anything nasty, but nothing happens
>Well, nothing happens besides Akara yelling about us being attacked from somewhere
>It's a pack of 9 trees, but a few are taken down very quickly
>Adooris is then grappled by one, and Kisara is almost grappled too
>Kisara AoO's it for 1 damage because she's not meant for melee, and does some real damage with an electro ball on her turn
>Vyth gets his skellies and the dragon corpse to attack the remaining trees, killing them off
>With nowhere else left to go, we go south
>And we find a bunch more goblin corpses for some reason, spooky
>Adooris has to do IRL stuff though, so the actual session cuts here
>RP happens between Vyth's player and me though, it's another argument about how to sort some of the funny glowing moss around this area because apparently it tastes otherworldly
>The RP finishes off with Kisara glowing from eating that much of the moss, Vyth having collected some of it for posterity, and the two of us deciding that soap is priority number two during the upcoming raid

Another fun session, if a little short. IRL stuff is more important though, so all's good! I look forward to seeing what comes next, and I really hope that our upcoming raid on Oakherst actually gets us to the gnome we're trying to kill, because we also heard from Balsag that he fled through the underdark. If he's going to be in one of those underdark settlements during the window of time we have and miss it, it'll be a bit of a letdown (for me at least), given the current buildup has us being pointed in two different directions. Who knows though, maybe this is one of those situations where no matter which town we decide to attack we'll still find our guy! Anyway, enough rambling; until next time!
My shit drawing of the failed dragonpriest

Kisara's Player
I also literally just realized that 1) not only did I not know what loredrake did as an archetype, and 2) that as a result of it I should have more spells than I do and that my spells should also be more powerful. Now that my dumbassery has been corrected, Kisara's going to be capable of a LOT more ass kicking!
Yeah, that's one of the perks of technically being a true dragon.
Just note that I houseruled that the combination of loredrake and greater draconic rite of passage can't increase your sorcerer level higher than your character level +1, but I'll allow it to make up for caster levels lost in prestige classes or through multiclassing.
Kisara's Player
noted, I'll make the proper readjustments
Meet Belak: the mad druid
>evil laugh in the distance...
Other highlights from this session.
Human adventurers, enthralled by the Lady's grace.
Badass levels off the charts

Fuck you. I murder your children for fun
Akara putting on his fake beard and speaking dwarven the moment nobody is looking.
Welcome to my dungeon.
Kisara's Player
>Where we last left off, Kisara was glowing like a fed and Vyth finished collecting some rare moss in the dungeon we're in

>From here, we go north since we're in a different room than I thought we were and find some tall cloaked thing scything grass
>It, a goliath hybrid skeleton, looks at us and screeches while Adooris and Akara moves between it and the party and activate total defense
>Vyth attempts to rebuke it and stuns it for the rest of us to wail on it, it dies again quickly
>After this we investigate around and find more moss, but no ways forward so we backtrack to the last room and go another way
>We move to next room, and there's a bigass mushroom sitting amidst glowing mist
>The mushroom, a plant-monster called a shrieker, is moving a bit in the fog
>After much debate, we decide to retreat and go a different way to avoid waking up the entire dungeon by fighting this thing
>We backtrack again and go a still different path, finding another room of skellingtons in the process
>They immediately aggro, but Vyth rebukes them and claims two for tactical purposes
>It's another dead end though, so it's time to backtrack a third time and check another room
>This next room has nothing in it, but there is a rumbling after we open the door
>A thoqqua pops out of the ground before us, slams Kisara from underneath, and grapples adooris who retaliates for some damage with an attack of opportunity
>It doesn't last long in a fight though, so we kill it quickly and harvest some meat and a truckload of gems from its corpse
>Vyth then moves into the room and, in the process, triggers a lava briar to start going apeshit
>Turns out the room wasn't empty
>It dies all the same though, so we grab an orevine seedling from the room and move to a new one
>Adooris breaches this time, and in the room we find 4 mushrooms idling around with some garden equipment
>They notice Adooris and start chattering to each other, but Vyth says something to the shrooms and they go back to their jobs
>Turns out they're myconids, and they throw around some spores to establish telepathic link with us and talk
>The shroom bois are happy to answer our questions, like their master being the one who trolled the dragon priest for accepting Chronepsis as his lord and savior
>They also inform us about some kind of "dark one" chained up down somewhere, and also hype up their master, "the lady", a lot
>Despite this, they don't actually know what the lady is
>We know it's not the elf though, since they tell us that the elf is merely a preacher
>Wanting to know more, we ask to be taken to them
>The myconids start spewing spores, growing 4 more to continue their work
>One complies though, leading us past the shrieker and down into a new hall
>At the end of it is a new room, holding a dragon statue and some red tiles dubbed as "the lady" by the myconid, henceforth known as Shroombro
>some undead pops up called a time wight and, unfortunately for us, even Shroombro is scared of it which means it's not supposed to be here
>This spectral bastard even shows up in jeans and a T-shirt, ready to kick our asses in comfort and style
>It hits us with slow, with only Adooris and Kisara making it through unaffected
>It then slams into Adooris, hitting her for some big numbers and a MINUS 1 LEVEL
>Vyth's skellies and dragon corpse pile in, dealing damage while Kisara retreats and fries the motherfucker with scorching ray
>Akara also does his thing, but Shroombro is stuck being scared instead of doing anything productive
>Another one of the bastards shows up though, hastes them both, and then hits Kisara for 9 hp and -1 level too!
>Vyth pokes the new one with his spear in retaliation, dealing immense damage with the help of Kisara's stored level 2 spell
>Adooris finally kills one the next turn, and Vyth kills the other to end the encounter
>Now Kisara and Adooris are just left down a level from the energy drain... oh well
>Next we search the room, and as it turns out the red tile has an inscription that makes it seem like it's used for rituals
>Nobody wants to try it, so Vyth steps on it and gets +4 to charisma from it
>It only lasts for 24 hours though
>Our next stop is a bigass library, and we get a tome from it that tells us about dragons and their history!
>Vyth takes it, now he gets +1 on knowledge rolls to anything regarding dragons
>Shroombro then leads us through a staircase on the other side of library and into a hallway with a locked door that Shroombro passes
>Noted for later
>The next room has more shrooms sorting some familiar and dangerous plants
>Shroombro leads us through though, even negotiating with some of the bastard trees to let us through
>And now, we finally get to the area we're looking for!
>A bigass room with a bigass evil tree near a few humanoids, one woman and man plus some cloaked dragonblood elf; presumably the priest
>Shroombro then starts negotiating with the priest about us for some reason despite being apparently scared out of his mind
>The cloaked bastard then starts talking to us directly in some draconic dialect, flawlessly I might add
>He asks if we're here to offer tribute, and we reply that we don't know what tribute would be, hoping that it's not exactly what we think it is
>Yeah, no
>We manage to dodge our imminent deaths again and bribe the creepy ass elf guy with a star sapphire to let us leave and "tell our leader of the news"
>With our freedom guaranteed for a time again, we grab Shroombro and leave as calmly as we can until we have the ability to run
>We tale the time to talk with him some more on the way out and find out that the gnome did come through here to the underdark, but came back around when calcryx died
>We don't know if he came back though, and figure that Shroombro probably shouldn't be conspired with against the lady and the crazy ass elf, despite his fear, due to his dedication
>So, we wave goodbye to Shroombro when he gets back to his post and go to explore somewhere else in the meantime
Kisara's Player
164610 164982

>Said other place happens to be a bigass crack that we found a while back!
>We travel down it and find another thoqqua, but this one's way bigger than the last one
>We need to get Balsag's help with this
>So we go back to him, tell him about our find, and follow as he goes to a nearby room and starts trying to draw it out
>The big boi appears in a plume of stone, and immediately chunks Balsag for a good pile of dice
>Balsag rages and slams it for big money, doing more to it than I'm betting the rest of us did over the entire fight
>The rest of us do help to chip it down though, and eventually it dies (unfortunately after Adooris and Vyth go down too)
>The difference is, though, they have friends to pick them up afterwards!
>Balsag then hefts the worm corpse and screams loud enough to make some kobolds upstairs piss themselves before dividing up the loot
>We get our share of the meat and gems and then bid farewell to Balsag for now, but we're not sure if he'll be there when we go back down again because he looked like he was packing to leave for somewhere else
>Anyway, we head back up with our newfound spoils to report to Yusdrayl and get medical advice about what we now know was a tree poisoning Adooris a few sessions ago
>As it turns out, she mas mossblight; it's very deadly and requires many rare mosses applied correctly to treat it
>In order to properly administer treatment though, the mosses need to be first sorted by either taste or color
>There are no other options for how this can be done, despite me trying to find loopholes
>Adooris, wanting to stay as removed from moss politics as possible, has us try a remove disease crystal first, but it fails and only accelerates the progress of the disease
>As a result of this, she takes damage to both con and cha as the disease starts to actively deal damage to her body
>In a last-ditch effort though, Vyth forcefeeds her some moss sorted by color and her condition improves!
>With this scare out of the way, we finish reporting about the tree, Balsag, and the big thoqqua to Yusdrayl
>We also turn over the gems and some other valuables we got to her and Ukri for more loot
>The session officially ends here, but Vyth's player and I stick around and run some ideas IC past our fearless leaders about how to deal with the evil tree and come to an agreement about them accompanying us back down there to solve the problem once and for all
>The RP then ends with Vyth sleeping in the kobold pile, Adooris sleeping in her quarantine room, and Kisara sleeping just outside the quarantine room

Also, after the session was over, the GM had us roll to see if the lost level stuck. Adooris was fine, but even with an action point used, I couldn't save myself from losing a level so while everybody else made it to level 5, I'm stuck down at the beginning of level 4 again... Here I was excited to finally get some level 3 spells to make up for the lost gem, but RNG almost never works in my favor :^)
Beyond that though, the session was fun and I look forward to burning down this faggoty elf's personal shit garden of evil plants! That, and hopefully we get some actual confirmation about where the gnome is so we can either kick his ass at the raid or lure him to the raid and kick his ass there anyway. See you all on sunday!
>wanting to stay as removed from moss politics as possible
There is no escape.
>everybody else made it to level 5
Only Vyth made it to level 5.
Kisara's Player
>only Vyth made it to level 5
oh yeah, something about bonus XP from the journal wiivai left
Adooris when she's forced to give her opinion on moss-collecting
5 skellymans was too much for a lvl 1 party.
Sketch of last session's thoqqua battle