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>nohooves #2
Post nohooves. :eqg-fluttershy:
Greens welcome. 420
Anthro allowed.

>inb4 but I like hooves
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## Admin
I can see if I can add @ post count pagination.
Problem will be to redirect to correct page for post, but I will add it on a to-do list of stuff to look into.
That's cool, thx a lots for considering it
[1d3 = 2]

[1d3 = 2]
Amber ends up in an open hall of marble floors - the other details are not clear - that pretty well follows the stylistic standard for large public and commercial buildings in Baltimare, at least for designs of the last half century. Amber is there with the orange stallion, but also two other stallions aged 25 and 40 or so, who are dressed in formal business suits. One wears his hat, while the other has it on his back, showing off a well combed black mane. What was Mustard so afraid of? He really ought to be here. But he didn’t want to go with the stallion, and the stallion did not want him to come along.
[1d5 = 3]
[1d5 = 2]
I am Adam, Prince of Eternia, Defender of the secrets of Castle Grayskull.
This is Cringer, my fearless friend.
Fabulous secret powers were revealed to me the day I held aloft my magic sword and said "By the power of Grayskull, I have the power!"
Cringer became the mighty BattleCat and I became He-man, the most powerful man in the universe.
Only three others share this secret: our friends the Sorceress, Man-At-Arms and Orko. Together we defend Castle Grayskull from the evil forces of Skeletor.
One day Sonic was feeling very honry. He began toching his wiener and yelling Oh yes. Tails came up to him and said SOnic what are you doing? i am touching my penis. Oh said Tales. He began touching his dick and having a very bloody orgasm. Oh no I hurt myself shouted tails. No that is not good shoted Sonic. Then Amy cam in and said Please stop. But then, Sonic and Tail said You are inferior. They began double penetratting amy and she scremd No. Sonic begon to poop on Ammy's face. She had to swollow it all because she could not move and Tails was holding her in place and she couldnt fight back Her vagina started to bleed and she screamd in paine. Then Amy was getting her boobies gropped. She yelled "no" and then she cried and then Milles started touching her every where. She couldnot resist because she held back. Then Shadow cam and he started rapping Amys mouth. Amy was chokking and was hurted and she didnot want to do this. It went on for 10 min. But then Sonic kickd Shadow and Talles out I want to privately touch amy Sonic said. They left because he asked and that is good to ask. Then Sonic stuck penis in Amys mouth and began thrusting in and out. Then after minutes Sonic climaxed and shot cum into Amymouth. Then Amy choked and died. Sonic put boner in hand and fucked corpse of amy. he Took off her clothes and brought the corpse into Knothole Village and then everyone there watched Sonic fuck Amys corpes and it was weird and it was gross. But everyone wanted to watch it because they thought it was cool also. He put lubbricant on his penis and started jerking off. Everyone else did too then Sonic put his penis into Amys dead vaginea and thrusted then Eg Man came. Why are you sexing ammy said Robot Nick. She tried to stop
I and tails from being hapy self lover. said sonic. Oh said Egg Man I have reviver I can make her not dead Okay said Sonic. He use reviver and Amy is alive again so he invite Shadow Tails back and then they all begin fucking Amy. But then new person appear. He step out from shadow I mean the thing not charactar u dum ass and he blended in because he is a African American and he is pervy uncle Joe.
What up homie G said Joe. Hi Joe want to help us with amy. Said Sonic Okay I will put my big black boner in her big bulki ass. Then Joe went to wok. He put fried chicken in his mouth and then he chew. Yes this is best food said African American man Joe. Then his penis glowd brown and he thrusted Amys ass at 400 mph. WATERMELON said Joe. Then amy had such loud orgasm building shooked.then Joe put big black boner into vagina and then he spew out. Thank you Joe said Sonec Yo my nigga call up ma ass when yo need a rapin said Joe. Then joe farted 50 times and flew away then it smelled like Old Spice. Then eveyrone there left and amy got up and left also and she was pregnant and she did not like it because her baby would be black and she is not black and the kids would make fun of the babby. Then they went to knuckels and raped him and he said No and punch sonic penis. no said sonic because his scrotum bleed. Ow that hurt said Sonic. Why did you do that. Because you rape me said Knuckl. Oh said Sonic Do you want to help us rape all people Yes said Knuckles so they went. Then they come to Blaze and rape them but blaze is dumb character so i not write about. Then Boobies Hedgehog came and she is my char and do not steal and she can fly and has boobies that ar very lareg. Thn they rape her and they say Yes please keep going said Boobies Hedgohg. sOnic axidentally pee inside BobbiesH edgehog. She say NO and fly away. Sonic who are we raping now said Tales and Knuckels andSh adow. We are raipng Cream he said.Then the went to Cream and then htey all put there penisis in her and went spew ten Cream went oh no i am alrtrady pregnant so i will have too manyt babbys. Oh no.said sonic We are sorry. THen he took out all of white fuilid and cream said Tahnk you Sonic that really helped/ then they left. they sex with Smurfette becssaude tey fell in worm hole and then tey were transport Smurf Planet. Will be continue??
[6d6 = 21]
[3d10 = 13]
[1d12 = 4]
[1d15 = 15]

[2d20 = 5]
[2d20 = 13]
Sneed's Feed Und Seed