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File: 1507945099395.jpg (41.34 KB, 480x360, 1507712638549.jpg)

61d07 No.7043[Last 50 Posts]

Let's get to it. This is the ongoing RP game. We're mid session so don't mind me, but you're welcome to join or watch or whatever.
Some ridiculous shit just went down, previous thread here: https://archive.4plebs.org/mlpol/
and OP just set his steaks on fire while Trump approaches the group of felines.
"Please hold!" says a large bipedal light-grey.

e4acb No.7048

Trump holds, I guess

234e3 No.7049

File: 1507945242080-0.png (Spoiler Image, 87 KB, 525x596, 1507417598068-0.png)

7035f No.7050

Eyyy new bread
>steaks on fire

420b2 No.7051

tell theses tards im not in a cast.

7035f No.7053

>420 id
But you are still in a fucking cast

e4acb No.7054

It's okay, with crutches you can still walk

234e3 No.7055

*is still laughing*

420b2 No.7056


61d07 No.7057

>grease fire
That would be bad.
"Greetings grand human. I can tell upon your arrival that you are the ones we seek. We detected energetic disturbances in this area, and upon detection we were informed that not only had George Soros reared his vile personage, but that he had been utterly BTFO. None have managed to do such a thing, and yet you have. Tell me, who are you?"

e4acb No.7058

>Thinks he can escape all consequences for 100 foot fall

7035f No.7059

>grease fire
Why, why didn't I think of this

420b2 No.7060

im a cleric. i can.

e4acb No.7062

"I am Trumpaladin the mighty, defender of Port Barry"

e4acb No.7063

File: 1507945733869.jpg (8.93 KB, 189x266, Do go on.jpg)

420b2 No.7064

File: 1507945782049.png (1006 KB, 1172x1416, 1340098__suggestive_starli….png)


61d07 No.7065

Lenos keks at the mention of grease fire.
"How came you the means to accomplish such a task, in the face of so vile and wicked a face of (((him)))?"

e4acb No.7066

File: 1507945873264.png (92.19 KB, 578x578, filly.png)

See pic related
"A combination of hubris on his part, my own might and bravery, and the support of my team"

e4acb No.7067

Is Lenos still hospitalized?

7035f No.7068

I can fix this
Gm, can I use magic to rip off legs?

420b2 No.7069

no i healed him.

e4acb No.7070


420b2 No.7071

he can move around now.

e4acb No.7072

Where was he during the incident earlier?

234e3 No.7073

He was probably watching Infernius hurt himself, like the rest of us.

420b2 No.7074

unironicly this.

61d07 No.7075

Everyone saw it.

7035f No.7076

So, How am I doin at the dias?

420b2 No.7077

GM pls settle this. im not in leg casts am i?

234e3 No.7078

But seriously, how do we get down (under implication that other members care, although Tracy doesn't give a clop)?

7035f No.7079

File: 1507946514227.jpg (133.37 KB, 1134x852, 786befbc6d89d5331e8ac3a9d9….jpg)


e4acb No.7080

Just piloting the ship to the ground

61d07 No.7081

Yes, right. You complete the second, and the third incantation required to create the magneto rod successfully.
No, you cast cure moderate.
There's a rope that you can direct-travel if you don't give me the opportunity to fuck with you.

7035f No.7082

Are we still getting ballista-ed

234e3 No.7083

234e3 No.7084

*fastens bags*

420b2 No.7085

no cleric
>am sad

420b2 No.7086

trump is kind of a dick,cat people.

e4acb No.7087

I thought you were walking towards Sechs?

7035f No.7088

Tracy, can I borrow a knife for a quick sec?
Thats what you get for breaking your legs

420b2 No.7089

brain fart
my bad

234e3 No.7090

File: 1507946933477-0.jpg (11.06 KB, 355x232, 61JRS9WqpgL._SX355_.jpg)

*makes sure edges are keen*
*peers down at mass of townsfolk, infernius, and the cats*
"… sh.. should we go after him?"
>*offers least desirable knife in collection* (but offers nontheless)

e4acb No.7091

I guess Trumpaladin is at a different location than the others, the other having repelled down (or fell down) near Sechs, while Trumpaladin has piloted the vehicle down near the cats to meet them

7035f No.7092

>tests rod on knife

234e3 No.7093

>implying I left your side

234e3 No.7094

*charges chi, impatiently waiting for GM*

61d07 No.7095

Everyone's down at the ground w/ the cats except Torcuil, who finished his rod. Kek.
The lead cat continues.
"I apologize for my rudeness. I am Remorh, the leader of the Guardinal brigade. We wish to," and is cut off.
"This one. He has Football," she says.
Part giant lion and part dragon, the creature has a pair of small brass-colored wings sprouting from its shoulders. It is covered with brass-colored scales.

e4acb No.7096

Sense for evil and or need of a football

234e3 No.7097

Is it bipedal?

61d07 No.7098

sorry, had to reboot
Resplendently good. "I have been tasked to aid in the spread of Football in this dimension. These here are my squadron, tasked with different dimensions. The magnificent return of Football has been felt throughout the outer realms. I wish to aid you in your quest."

7035f No.7099

It was only a matter of time until someone made that joke

61d07 No.7100

um,… no

e4acb No.7101

*orgasms, then faints*
*eagerly awaits more because he is speechless*

61d07 No.7102

"Many are there who desire not Football, neither the spread of Football, but it is essential that Football not be allowed to diminish. Have you heard the prophecy of John Elway?"

234e3 No.7103

*catches you before you faint*
orgasms on your leg

61d07 No.7104

BTW, I gotta as, does this count?
does pushups

61d07 No.7105


e4acb No.7106

"Yes. Yes I have. But tell me again, because one can never tire of hearing it"

61d07 No.7107

"Well if you have, then you know how long it is. I mean, you really want to hear the entire prophecy?"

234e3 No.7108

>thinking we haven't all memorized the post number

e4acb No.7109

"I have all the time in the world"

7035f No.7110

Fuck you
I ain't clickin dat

So what are the cats doing?

234e3 No.7111


e4acb No.7112

Not sure if sad

61d07 No.7113

You asked for it.
"It has long been foretold that there shall come a day whereupon lightning shall be forced to strike twice in the same place, simultaneously. This causation shall be wrought about by a foolish argument between two rivalling deities. What would result would defy the intent of both deities and others. A thought-form would be created, and from that thought-form would come John Elway, Football, and the Denver Bronco's.
You see, the rivalling deities along with their associates and other such had grown lazy, and careless, and complacent. Having millenia previously won Ragnarok, and having feasted eternally afterwards, they began to languish. As they did so, the people began to comparably languish, to their peril and weakness.
John Elway it is said, being both man and Football, while also being All of the Denver Broncos, would usher Football unto all places and dimensions."

7035f No.7114


e4acb No.7115

Are we post Elway or pre-Elway?

234e3 No.7116

>words sting divegrass-tainted ears, but listens anyway to show support for her husbands faith
*pulls through by-
>*slowly humping leg*

61d07 No.7117

"Not only the realms of the physical, but all of the inner and outer realms as well. Footballs shall bring with them American, and where you have American, you have ponies. And when you have ponies, American, Football and John Elway?
And so ends the prophecy."

e4acb No.7118

>ponies, American, Football and John Elway
Those words have to have magical effects when combined together

7035f No.7119

Intresting, but how does my my rod work?

420b2 No.7120

do i notice this?

61d07 No.7121

The reason this is important is that in the Codex Ridiculous, it further suggests that there shall come a realm as if from nowhere that will be instrumental in the manifestation of John Elway, and that from in that realm shall come one who knows of Football, having known and heard of Football from the moment he saw the statue that was to bear the likeness of John Elway, did he know Football. Resplendent in shining armor he shall be the first human to speak of Football in about 13000 years

e4acb No.7122

You're of a different faith so probably not

e4acb No.7123

*wondering if he is the one*
"How may we facilitate this process?"

234e3 No.7124

*ears perk*
".. So.. what do poinie have to do with Football?"

e4acb No.7125

Although I think you are now close enough to hear it

234e3 No.7126


e4acb No.7127

If only you had a husbando who could edit your posts

234e3 No.7128

*looks around at catfolk*
How many are around us?

7035f No.7129


420b2 No.7130

thats cold man

7035f No.7131

Cold but sadly true
Those papers I mention earlier,
I meant divorce papers

e4acb No.7132

There were five in total

234e3 No.7133

File: 1507949979877-0.jpg (55.97 KB, 658x798, 740539__safe_artist-colon-….jpg)


61d07 No.7134

"Further, in the Ridiculum Volume II it states that from this creation of John Elway there too shall be piles of horsepussy. It is therefore the desires of all good creatures of all levels that I aid you in your journey, for I was what was chosen for this task by a bunch of faggots typing at a keyboard. Have you heard the fable of the faggots who made it all possible?"

e4acb No.7135

"No, go on"
*In complete awe*

234e3 No.7136

>*clutches waist*
*pants lewdly*

7035f No.7137

Listen I respect your ship, and you respect mine. So help me out and I'll help you. He has his eyes on another prize but I can fix that

234e3 No.7138

Got your back, Jack.

420b2 No.7139

>tfw infernuis dosent have a ship anymore, because thez wants to fuck tracy more than she wants to fuck infernuis.

61d07 No.7140


7035f No.7141

Keep Trump away from Trollestia, I have an idea
>Torcuil meets up with Trollestia away from Trump
"You wanna troll hard?"

234e3 No.7142

I was going to kill and eat her while she was incapacitated, but I won't now, just for you.

420b2 No.7143

infernuis not a cuck.

234e3 No.7144

we sekrit thread nao

234e3 No.7145

I'm pretty sure Thez's feelings are purely predatory.
t. Rapepony

61d07 No.7146

You can both has.
Tomato, tomato, Sechs.

61d07 No.7147

Anyway, before Trump is a brassy-golden Lion-dragon thing (Dragonne specifically).

234e3 No.7148

File: 1507951110579-0.png (73.67 KB, 823x599, 435887__safe_artist-colon-….png)

>not knowing the differences between romantic, carnal, and predatory desires
As representative of >rape, I reprimand you.

7035f No.7149

Dice rollRolled 14

I tell Trollestia I'm going to cast an illusion to fool Trump into think she's been scarred and burned.this will mkke him loose intrest
I roll incase I need it
>still waiting to see how my rod worked…

e4acb No.7150

But why would she be scarred and burned?
May she tell us all she knows

420b2 No.7151

me no think adolf would like that :(

61d07 No.7152

e_e "In time I shall deliver you copy pasta if that is what you truly require, but I don't have it with me."

7035f No.7153

Trump, no

e4acb No.7154

"How may we aid each other in our quest?"

234e3 No.7155

That's a dumb idea.
Show her your rare pepes collection.

61d07 No.7156

"Oh yes. George Soros desires not the spread of Football, and yet he too knows of it (speaking from their timeframe) and wishes to see it crushed. It is said that he may bring with him the hoardes of the abyss, with untold nightmares and horrors, in his fear of Football.

61d07 No.7157

Oh yeah, that.

e4acb No.7158

"I know of George Soros only what I saw that day. Can you tell me of him? He is wounded, but he is not yet bannished"

234e3 No.7159

*ears perk*
"What kinds of horrors?"

7035f No.7160

File: 1507951681050.jpg (33.74 KB, 640x795, 8ecpMhx_d.jpg)

>can't use computer
About that….

234e3 No.7161

>meme wizard
>not having a hard-copy portfolio of all the rarest Pepes in existence
I'm sure she'd be impressed.

61d07 No.7162

"He was,… wounded," she seems moved. "This is tremendous news!"
So Trump, if he desires, has gained a mount. There, is that good enough, or did you still want that one pony? Fleur or whatever? Xppppp

7035f No.7163

>implying I don't
Kinda hard to turn those into digital format
Besides, converting them would ruin their value

e4acb No.7164

"I cleaved his arm right off"
Trump absolutely takes a Dragonne Mount
>picks up Tracy like a saddle bag so she'll be less jealous

234e3 No.7165

File: 1507951985836.png (203.68 KB, 953x1028, The Pale horse.png)


e4acb No.7166

Also, to clarify, I wanted *to mount* fluer, not fluer *as a mount*

7035f No.7167

I see plenty of mounts in your guys future

7035f No.7168

File: 1507952292054.jpg (58.46 KB, 640x652, XevQ3IY_d.jpg)

>shows trollestia pepe collection

61d07 No.7169

I hope you don't mind if we chill on the story for a bit, there's combat coming up soon. I can answer questions and you can still do stuff, but nothing time consuming (like, resting would retire the character for the night).

e4acb No.7170

I can kill stuff. By the way can Football Dragonne fly with Trump riding her? She has wings

234e3 No.7171

File: 1507952666509-0.jpeg (57.3 KB, 945x943, 1239797__safe_oc_oc only_….jpeg)

*literally shaking*
"… We could've been friend, Ms. Kitty…." she says quietly under her breath

7035f No.7172

I guess Torcuil turns in for the night
>still not fucking sure if his staff works or not

61d07 No.7173

No, I'm saying I don't have it in me, but yes she can.
Neither am I, I'm not sure exactly what the limits are to a magneto rod yet

420b2 No.7174

i study my force book.

e4acb No.7175

Don't worry, Trumpaladin is not going to fuck a non-pony dragon lion thing. Unless she says "pony American Football Elway" in a string again, in which case he will do literally anything she asks

234e3 No.7176

Wtf is the Dragonne going to sleep?
Also, can I do diplomacy with the other Khajits?

7035f No.7177

>all I wanted was to move metal objects around
I nothing easy in tabeetope rpgs?

e4acb No.7178

I guess Trumpaladin tests his new mount out (assuming the other 4 cat people can be left behind without being rude) as they speak together of Footbball. Also, he will cast DEFENSE on her before she sleeps, and maybe keep her in the same room just to be safe

7035f No.7179

*is nothing easy in tabletop rpgs
I need to learn how to type

234e3 No.7180

pls respond…

61d07 No.7181

Okay, I just wanted to make sure I didn't just give you Magneto-level powers by accident

e4acb No.7182

This is actually a pretty fair point. Trumpaladin should speak to the other cat people

61d07 No.7183

No, they take off through a portal they create all sliders-like

234e3 No.7184

>Didn't get to talk with friendly Khajits or exchange wares

234e3 No.7185

File: 1507954613283-0.png (415.21 KB, 795x1024, 581393__safe_artist-colon-….png)

Tracy still has to pick up her gold and silk adorned saddle, fit her armor, and do other stuff….

234e3 No.7186

File: 1507955212668-0.jpg (55.86 KB, 413x503, 286465__safe_oc_oc only_oc….jpg)

Oh well….
>tfw you feel sorry for your own character

e4acb No.7187

I actually do feel sad now. What all did you do to prep to try to be the mount?

420b2 No.7188

infernuis has reconsidered the thezXinfernuis ship.

420b2 No.7189

the fuhrer approves

7035f No.7192

Thats fine. I was envisioning maybe levitation of small things (keys, knives, short swords) and juts sliding or throwing of larger things (doors, people in armor, long swords). Oould that be too op?
I'll be back this afternoon
Don't anything intresting without me

61d07 No.7193

Well, at least I'm not sleep deprived anymore. Sorry, I set my phone to wake me in a half hour and,… I just now woke up.
You finish the book, pick a discipline:
>time invested
Get on my level Xp
No that's perfectly fine.

61d07 No.7194

Also, friendly reminder that Mlpol.net has surpassed 100000 posts. It doesn't look that way, but the game threads are being kept from raping the main page.

420b2 No.7195

infernuis wants keep bang thez

234e3 No.7196

Can I pic my stuff up?

61d07 No.7197

Certainly. The only reason they were shooting at you was to get your attention. It never occurred to them to figure out how to do that until oh shit, there's these cats.

420b2 No.7198

does anything come with that discipline?

234e3 No.7199

>pics up armor
>pics up gilded saddle
>pics up alchemy supplies
>misc (idk, irrelevant junk)
Still in town.
I got work to do, so I'll figure out my development plans after pony.

Questions in meantion
(under the implication that I know the town) Where in Port Barry could I find (if available):
>enchanted items
>specialized weapons
>misc magical services (think fortune-telling gypsy style)
>pony-sized custom clothes
>Serviceable NPCs

420b2 No.7200

infernuis want help with sidequest.

234e3 No.7201

What was yours again?
Also, remember Tracy is an anti-social nihilist by herself, so you'd need to make it worth her while

420b2 No.7202

infernuis want to say i sorry for the other day, me just want to help. and maybe me can help with quest somehow.

61d07 No.7203

File: 1507994145513.png (189.3 KB, 599x359, BroncMcFeels.png)

>tfw u forgot about pony again, after missing movie night
Yes. You immediately gain in your Bluff, Diplomacy, Sense Motive, and Gather information.
You may choose 3 powers from the list
Cuz she's a spellcaster? o_O
>enchanted items
There are knick-knackey stores, I'll roll up to see what they have.
>specialized weapons
You guys raided the weapons shop Xp
The tailor
Hmmmmm, you just gave me ideas/opportunities
Just peasants (like, a wagon driver if you wanted)

420b2 No.7204

while we are on whats in town.is there a pet shop?

61d07 No.7205

Yes, yes there is. I suppose there ARE NPCs

234e3 No.7206

No, I was meaning if she wanted to have a spell cast by someone else (there's mages for hire in Equestria, so the idea wouldn't be alien to her).

61d07 No.7207

I'm gonna have to go through all the threads and make some kind of index. I know you had Barding made, using the Hydra Hide, yes?

61d07 No.7208

Oh. Yeah, there's a store for mage-wares, and they have some scrolls available.

234e3 No.7209


61d07 No.7210

Sweet. The saddle is quit fetching, with frilly bits of lace at all the right spots, gold and sliver thread and accents run along its surface with intricate leatherwork, all designed to fluidly and aesthetically fit together to match the barding. Tracy, almost looks regal if not for a hint of lewd.

234e3 No.7211


61d07 No.7212

Seriously. As you exit the shop, Thez (still bundled in bandages and being flown about by her giant fly) gets a nose-bleed

234e3 No.7213

New pony is on now; wait.

61d07 No.7214

The pet shop only stocks guard dogs, other then that its mostly geared for wizards (familiar types)

420b2 No.7215

whats the smallest dog breed they have?

61d07 No.7216

File: 1507995788176.jpg (88.37 KB, 600x606, teacup-chihuahuas.jpg)


420b2 No.7217

they're adorable ill take one.

61d07 No.7218

>skeedle-skeedling intensifies

420b2 No.7219

does the shop owner say anything?

61d07 No.7220

"Make sure not to step on her, those ones are kinda squishy. Still, they're quick, so you probably won't have a problem."

420b2 No.7221

infernuis wouldn't step on defenseless pupper. haha you got name?
whats the shopkeeper look like

61d07 No.7222

He's an overweight bald guy. "Call me Guy."

420b2 No.7223

tell me guy, you hear of Rockwell?

61d07 No.7224

"I keep hearing his name. Some of the guys at the pub keep talkin' about him, saying
I should check out that new church."

420b2 No.7225

you should guy it a good place. (((they))) cant step on that ground.

420b2 No.7226

catfall. (for obvious reasons)(infernuis now have phobia of falling)
far hand.

61d07 No.7227

Thanks for reminding me

420b2 No.7228

of, course it makes for a good rp experice.

61d07 No.7229

In addition to those,you also get (Telepath discipline) Charm, Psionic, and Mindlink

61d07 No.7230

*Psionic Charm

234e3 No.7231

>tfw shitposting while carrying a bag of manure, with a chattering baby squirrel on my shoulder
Fug, I'd like to develop this plotline, but I have so much shit to do today…
Can I get a quick rundown of my options at the mage vendors, before I start the dialog later?

7035f No.7232

What are you a farmer?
Also, Mage store?

234e3 No.7233

No. I have another job, as well as Uni. I'm just helping out my parents this weekend.

61d07 No.7234

Identify, Enlarge Person, Enlarge Pony, Obscuring Mist, Undetectable Alignment - All lvl 1
Silence - Lvl 2
Dispel Magic - Lvl 3

7035f No.7235

Understandable, have a nice day
Do they have tomes?

61d07 No.7236

Blank ones, but nothing enscribed.

61d07 No.7237

We'll be here. ^_^

234e3 No.7238

this fucking squirrel, I swear..!
How exactly do scrolls work? Can Barbarians even use them? Would these only work so long as I have the items with me, or would they give me an Alternate Form (I'd assumed the spell I was looking for was advanced, and that it might not be available in the Port)?

7035f No.7239

Torcuil buys one for the purpose of memes
Any magic items?
Not weapons but like his ring of jumping

234e3 No.7240

Fill it with memes.

61d07 No.7241

"Oh, well for something like that you'll want the Jewler's shop. I do have a self-inking quill though."

7035f No.7242

Ehh, I'll take it
>leaves for jew-lers shop

234e3 No.7243

I imagine that a Meme Magician's powers could mainly be centered on conjuration, transmutation, and evocation, in that order.
Idk though. It is better to read about it first though.

61d07 No.7244

The jewler's shop is barren, the shopkeeper scribbling away at designs on a sketch-pad.
"Sorry chum, we're all out of merchandise. (((They))) cleaned us out months ago. I may have to close the place unless we can get new merchandise in."

61d07 No.7245

He is wearing a magnificent set of segmented goggles, which glitter and sparkle in the light, as he continues to work.

234e3 No.7246

Fuck it. I took the scrolls regardless.
>is walking bu, glumly through town
>see this
*lurks in the background, in stealth*

61d07 No.7247

Good of you. Thez (who is following Tracy cuz hawt) happens to take note of the scene and buzzes closer to the building.
"Ooooh, that gives me an idea!" she buzzes back up to Trump tower.
By the way, let the record show that I'm literally trying to meme the next Trump tower into being a Chesterhedron. I'll tell you all why later on.

61d07 No.7248

Oh right. Scrolls can only be cast by their requisite characters (magic for mages/sorcs/wiz/bards, and divine for clerics, palis, and druids), but because the magic is encoded they can be cast by a character 2 levels lower than ordinary. So, no barbarian sorry.

7035f No.7249

>leans on counter
And who is (((they)))?

61d07 No.7250

There is a chance of mishap though. ^_~

234e3 No.7251

*saunters off to tailor's shop and buys a hoodie, because reasons*
Is there any way I can attain an alternate wild shape?
The Rat Folk, remember?

61d07 No.7252

"Them sneaky rats you lot wiped out. They had some place they took all the wealth of the town and stashed it. Its a pity too, this city used to be a thriving and successful trading port."

234e3 No.7253

*pony ears perk*

7035f No.7254

I can get you matterials

For a price

234e3 No.7255

>not looking for clues to the secret shekel stash

7035f No.7256

File: 1508001053593.jpg (153.35 KB, 1000x1205, Chestahedron-textured.jpg)

Like pic related?
You're the rouge
Go detect some shit

61d07 No.7257

He waves his hands. "I ain't got money son (he's older). Its good of you to offer though."
Thez slowly buzzed back in front of the building. Her fly is wearing the poofy-cloud-girdle that she normally wears, and it has a small bag tied to its abdomen.
The fly places her on the ground, and she worms her way over to the bag and puts it in her mouth. She then <whooofs> to the counter and BLEAUGHs the bag on the counter.
"Good proprietor, I know an individual who has these items for immediate front-sale. If you are interested, he is offering these pieces if you think that you can sell them," she smiles.

61d07 No.7258

Precisely. The tower is a double-ended one of those.

234e3 No.7259

*moves closer to shop inquisitively in stealth, and inspects treasure area*
[use detection]

7035f No.7260

I don't need money I need…
An object

61d07 No.7261

The shopkeeper opens the bag, and his eyes pop out of their sockets.
"What are,… where did you,… look at the intricacy of these lines! How on earth did you," he trails off.
Thez giggles. "I know a guy who is unable to market his wares. He's very skilled, only wants to increase his notoriety, and is willing to start a business relationship,… cuz Its me."
"I am certain that these will sell, and at,… my word, these will fetch a king's ransom!"
"Wh, what sort of object?" he asks, still fixated on the bag, with all the segments of his goggles applied to the contents.

234e3 No.7262

*moves closer, interested*

7035f No.7263

Do you have any expireance with magic?
>i glance at the bag too

61d07 No.7264

Because of how he's holding it (he's behind the counter) you can't see inside, but you can tell it is several small objects that are casting a disco-ball, technicolor scatter all across the guy's face.

61d07 No.7265

"N, no. I just do designs and crafting. You'd need a mage for that sort of thing, but I can certainly fabricate the pieces if you're looking to make something."

61d07 No.7266

"Also, if you have uncut stones I can do that too. Not like this guy though,… who the hell made these?"
Thez giggles. "My older brother."

7035f No.7267

Okay, I'll let you know if I need anything
>What other stores are there to visit?

61d07 No.7270

Just basic adventuring/sailing wares and stock. I'm all-but positive that we've covered every possible significant variant.

61d07 No.7271

Meh, just delete one

420b2 No.7272

is there a butcher in town?

61d07 No.7273

420b2 No.7274

hello, infernuis need 2 bison steaks.

61d07 No.7275

File: 1508002472037.jpg (37.76 KB, 480x360, 1498616013558.jpg)

"Okee, ya!" A short woman in a butcher's outfit waddles behind a curtain and produces a big chunk of bison which she <SMACK> tosses down on the counter.
"2 Ya? What kind you want?"

7035f No.7276

>does some meaningless shit while screams about "this fucking computer" are heard from the heavens

bf3f4 No.7277

Please no butcher puppy

420b2 No.7278

which kind is good for small dog
*pulls out sparky*

61d07 No.7279

File: 1508002840443.png (151.96 KB, 509x514, alice_s_knife_and_cleaver_….png)

"Livah!" She walks back behind the curtain again. Two distict <SHUUUUNK> sounds can be heard. She walks back in holding a ridiculously oversized cleaver in her hand, and <THWAPS> two large chunks of liver on the counter, easily twice the size of the puppy.
"Two liver. You want else?"

61d07 No.7280

Sparkly skeedles about in excitement. She's an awfully fast little bugger.

420b2 No.7281

me was thinking about cooking meal for devil-lady got any suggestions?

61d07 No.7282

"Hart!" she waddles back behind the curtain again. Some ripping sounds can be heard. Still behind the curtain: "Me got two, you want?"

420b2 No.7283

yes please.

61d07 No.7284

"Hokee!" she waddles back, her hands and apron with blood splattered along the surface.
"You want else?"

61d07 No.7285

*holding 2 bloody hearts.

420b2 No.7286

3 trump steaks please.

e4acb No.7287

File: 1508003611782.jpg (47.16 KB, 640x450, 1tdl1kr-640x450.jpg)

Now that's a fine choice in steaks. She'll sleep with you for sure

61d07 No.7288

"Hokee," she puts the hearts next to the liver, and with an overhand chop much like someone hammering railroad ties, <SHUUUUNKS> through the bison, cutting off 3 yuuuuge, choice steaks.

61d07 No.7289

While she waits for you to choose something else, she neatly wraps the liver in one package, the hearts in another, and the steaks in yet another.

7035f No.7290

Can I get some ribs?

61d07 No.7291

"Hokee," she waddles behind the curtain muttering some jibberish in Chinese.
"What kinna ribs? I got cow, elk, bison!" still from the back.

420b2 No.7292

thank you mrs chan. infernuis gotta go cook now.

420b2 No.7293

ill murder you if you get beef.

61d07 No.7294

"Hokee, u come back!" she yells.

7035f No.7295

I'll take the bison

61d07 No.7297

"Hokee," she returns from the back still muttering, whacks off a rack from the bison already on the counter.
"You want else?"

234e3 No.7298

Dice rollRolled 16

forgot to roll

Where are the characters now?

61d07 No.7299

Treasure area? I don't follow.
Infernius just left the butcher shop, Torcuil is still inside, Trump IDK, Thez is discussing terms with the jeweler, and Tracy is,….

e4acb No.7300

File: 1508004470822.jpg (17.6 KB, 778x518, 058366b0_d5fa_de85_4b98_d5….jpg)

Trumpaladin is out meeting with representatives of the metallurgy industry, of course

234e3 No.7301

I hate having to work on weekends…
I was going to investigate where the Werrats' nest was, but now…

234e3 No.7302

Did I detect anything in the shop?

61d07 No.7303

I see. Well, with that die roll all you can find out is that its somewhere along the roads. They had their own wagon that would periodically take all the available wealth and leave with it. They kept to themselves and never divulged anything to anyone. You're gonna have to do some Carmen Sandiego shit to find that place. Clues in the shop? No.

234e3 No.7304

Playing as a hoers give me the "Scent" ability: does that add anything to my roll?

61d07 No.7305

Nope, all traces of their passage is long gone by now.

234e3 No.7306

Tracy takes note, but otherwise gives up on shekel stash.
*returns to pyramid and grinds her kunai in the training room, venting frustration*

234e3 No.7307

Also, where did that Dragonne sleep?

61d07 No.7308

It hasn't slept yet, not much game time has passed since she joined the party.

e4acb No.7309

In the luxury apartment at the top of the floating Trump Tower

234e3 No.7310

How exactly does the training room work, meta-wise?

61d07 No.7311

Every time you successfully use an item, a skill, or whatever, you gain minute amounts of experience in that skill, but no character exp.

61d07 No.7312

Thez buzzes in and heads up to the dais, where the fly sets her down. She begins worming her way around the dais, adjusting things and arranging some of the trinkets and runes and shit strewn about, but it takes her some time cuz she's worming.

234e3 No.7313

What kind of skills can I practice there, furthermore, what do I have at this level of (multi-class)?

420b2 No.7314

does the dais have a kitchen?

61d07 No.7315

Well, I don't recall you drinking the blood yet, so not much really.
Thats in the mess area.

420b2 No.7316

is there a spice shop in town?

234e3 No.7317

*pops bottles*
I was going to save this for when I had the Alternate form ability…
Are skills limited by class, or are the train-only skills flexible?

61d07 No.7318

… yeah,… do you want spices?
Each class has "class skills" and "cross class skills", the latter taking twice as much time and/or skill points to gain proficiency in. As for the alternate form, don't worry; we'll get to that.

61d07 No.7319

>ywn actually experience a true Trump Steak
y live?

61d07 No.7320

Strike that, no there is no spice shop. There is however a man-sized spinning tower rack of spices in the mess hall.

420b2 No.7321

alright i make my way to the mess hall then.

61d07 No.7322

You successfully climb back up and are now in the mess hall.
If you have a plan in mind, you can just lump what you're planning. With a few exceptions, you can just 'do stuff' if it doesn't involve other players or a questionably difficult action.

420b2 No.7323

ok so first of all i try and find a small bowl. and then i set it in the corner of the kitchen and put the raw liver in there for sparkly. then i cook a trump brand steak and a heart ans spice it up, then i cook one of the bison steaks.

61d07 No.7324

>a minotaur cooking bison
Okay. Considering the size of the livers you just acquired, I'll say you put 'part' of 'one' of the livers in a bowl for sparky. As for the others, sure.
For future, assume its an exhaustively stocked kitchen, having whatever resources might be needed. Yukihira Souma would love this kitchen (blatant reference)

7035f No.7325

I cook me ribs

420b2 No.7326

i try and find thez.

61d07 No.7327

You hear her talking up at the dais. As you approach, you can see her seated and talking to thin air.
"It went perfectly! He agreed to all your conditions. I'll check back with him to learn his progress, and to submit any custom orders, but you may just have saved his entire business!" she goes quiet, as though listening to something you can't hear. "Of course!" silent again.

420b2 No.7328

Dice rollRolled 6

i continue listening

61d07 No.7329

"Okay, but DON'T put your name all over the damn things, no one wants that shit! Do that weird crystalline surface you showed me! Yeah,… I don't care if its time consuming, you want them to sell right?" she admonishes. "Okay, fine print only. Sounds good, I'll keep you posted." she seems to finish whatever she's looking at/hearing.

61d07 No.7330


e4acb No.7331

*Paladin ears perk up at the mention of "business," "sell," and "order."*

234e3 No.7332

Kunai aren't unlike darts, so I guess I'll use them to build Concentration.
As for Rage-related feats (the thing I really wanted out of the Barbarian class), is that really practical in the training room? Should I go innawoods and start genociding the local wildlife?
>8-ft tall Red Minotaur having stealth

61d07 No.7333

K. When you said "pops bottles", did you mean drink them as well?

7035f No.7334

I decide to practice with my new rod

420b2 No.7335

hey thez you busy?

61d07 No.7336

Remember, magnetics only (you could have made a rod of telepathy, but you were specific. Xp)

234e3 No.7337

Am I in privacy? I'm about to go out innawoods anyway.

61d07 No.7338

"Nope! I just completed a side-quest! Did you want something?"
Oh, my bad. Tracy's brain feels like its on fire. Like there is something burrowing into her skull (there isn't, but thats the sensation). You involuntarily start screaming and hitting your own face.

7035f No.7339

Dice rollRolled 5

>implying im going to regret this
I follow tracy at a distance
Roll for stealth

61d07 No.7340

Tracy starts flippin' out.

420b2 No.7341

File: 1508009094636.gif (47.86 KB, 300x350, 1506930525048-0.gif)

>even worse than the 8foot tall minotuar.

7035f No.7342

>runs while protecting haggis

234e3 No.7343

*Downs regeneration potion to get even more wasted with a small taste of moon sugar*
"Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuckfuckfuckfuck -~FUCK!!!"

420b2 No.7344

infernuis have surprise in mess hall, come see.

e4acb No.7345

File: 1508009343033.jpg (259.23 KB, 980x551, trump_hotel_getty.jpg)

Well, I'm going after Thez to get to the bottom of this business deal. I can sense business deals from miles away

e4acb No.7346

Dice rollRolled 16

Roll for business sense

7035f No.7347


61d07 No.7348

Thez gets a strange look on her face, "A surprise? What KIND of surprise?"
At this point is when Tracy starts flipping out. Anyone in the pyramid can hear it.
… actually, that was a really good move. You regain full control of your body movements, but it feels like your insides are shifting. I'm talking bones, muscles, brain,… the whole works.

61d07 No.7349

The safest place would be the main rooms.

7035f No.7350

Dice rollRolled 85

Roll for levitation height to get into the tower

234e3 No.7352

Can I train for autohypnosis later?
*kicks hole in wall*
>is still burning up
*leaves pyramid for fresh air*
*blindly runs into the woods, shrieking like a banshee*

61d07 No.7353

This is all going on in the tower I thought.
K, Tracy is there wide-eyed, and looking a smidge crazier than usual. Her eyes are bloodshot (using latest ep as visual inspiration) and her posture is a bit more bestial than usual. Also, her hair is disheveled. She just got control of herself, though occasionally jerks like she's Michael J Fox.

420b2 No.7354

i bring thez to the mess hall.

234e3 No.7355

>pretending his haggis wasn't stirred

7035f No.7356

I thought it was forest

61d07 No.7357

Kek, you don't kick a hole in the wall, that's solid glass-steal. You do run out into the forest.
As you do so, there are several humanoid-looking things running about. They all turn as you come charging into the forest. None are close, but you can hear them jibber-jabber.

61d07 No.7358

She only just declared departing for the forest. You can still follow.
"Hey wait! What about Tracy?" she mutters curses at her faggot for putting her in this situation.

7035f No.7359


e4acb No.7360

File: 1508009906007.jpg (543.28 KB, 1543x1474, 1493432382043.jpg)

Dice rollRolled 15

>Doesn't want to leave his position, but hears Tracy's scream and wants to know if it's the sort of thing he needs to leave for
Roll to tell if the scream was caused by contact with a foe, or Tracy being Tracy as per normal

61d07 No.7361

Well the tower is above Port Barry, which is not far from the edge of the forest which eventually leads to Trollestia's grove, beyond the great tree.
It is neither Tracy being Tracy, nor contact with another foe. This scream sounds like something of an uncontrollable change occurring within, rather than something caused by without or 'normal' circumstances.

61d07 No.7362

Wait seriously? YOU'RE Trump?

234e3 No.7363

>barbarian rage
*right through them, still shrieking*
>'Unholy fuck! My brain is on fire!'

420b2 No.7364

but i….. fine
*i go after tracy*

7035f No.7365

I head there

234e3 No.7366

>eventually leads to Trollestia's grove
Fucking shit..!
Is there a darker, spookier direction I could run towards?

234e3 No.7367


e4acb No.7368

Dice rollRolled 4


ID e4acb is Trump, yes
Well, Tracy's personal issues become mine sooner or later, but I'm going to have to go with "later." In the meantime, I will explore the business situation in Port Barry.

61d07 No.7369

Torcuil knows nothing of the grove at this point, only Tracy's been there.
The area before the grove is/was plenty dark and spooky. You haven't even made it to the tree, its just this time you're having a panic attack and can't stealth.
Two of them start to approach (you can see three) and the jibber-jabbering increases. Rather than a single medium-sized creature, they appear a mess of movement, kind of like a pile of ants.

61d07 No.7370

No, I mean,… ur that artfag?? ^_^

e4acb No.7371

234e3 No.7372

That's picsart guy. Someone else.

234e3 No.7373

*instinctively draws knife*
>has low-light vision

61d07 No.7374

Oh, okay. I haven't been able to determine whether picsart guy is still around. I hope so.

234e3 No.7375

Can I also get the maps?

234e3 No.7376

he just made >>>/mlpol/82466

61d07 No.7377

File: 1508010894065-0.png (519.6 KB, 1366x696, Overview2.png)

File: 1508010894065-1.png (75.6 KB, 1000x728, 1249795.png)

Just one? Its daytime btw.
>had no idea, fuggin awesome

234e3 No.7378

I thought I was beginning to morph.
*bites knife a growls*

7035f No.7379

Torcuil heads back to the pyramid, hoping for something that doesnt involve insane murder horse

234e3 No.7380

I need two days of unfiltered Rage to gain access to the better Barbarian Feats,
so you'd best not get in my way.

420b2 No.7381

swiggity swooty im coming to heal that booty.

61d07 No.7382

SOMETHING is happening, but ur not sure what yet.
You're the one who followed,….
You and Thez arrive a distance from where Tracy is now pulling her full trio of knives to bear. You see a few brownish-mounds that look humanoid, and one of them approaches Tracy. As it does so, it explodes in a flurry of movement, appearing to increase a bit in size.
Tracy gets an attack of opportunity.

234e3 No.7383

Dice rollRolled 14, 8 = 22

*attacks with both knife and fire*

420b2 No.7384

Dice rollRolled 3, 9 = 12

when its my turn i gore 2 of the mounds.

234e3 No.7385

I'll kill you too if you get in my way.

61d07 No.7386

Both attacks land, causing small brownish creatures to be flung from the mound. That in its self is curious. What is also curious is that almost to your command, a burst of fire erupts against the mound which draws back and distorts as it attempts to escape the flame.

420b2 No.7387

y-you too

61d07 No.7388

Even more curious, as the flame erupts, the pain in your head decreases.

234e3 No.7389

*Mauls nearest creature*
What did I just tear apart?

234e3 No.7390

*focuses on pain in head*

7035f No.7391

I head to the treasury
Side note, could a mage use throwing weapons efficently?

61d07 No.7392

Dice rollRolled 1, 2, 1, 3, 3, 3, 3, 1, 3, 1, 1, 1, 2, 2, 3, 1 = 31

Thez, still being held by Infernius sniffs the air a few times. "Wait a second, that smell. There's a hint of the infernal about."
Its almost like the pressure that comes of a nasty infection; an abnormal pressure you're unfamiliar with that is painful and alien. It feels primordial, and unlike anything you've ever experienced.
The mound in front of you reforms, and advances on you, almost enveloping you.

61d07 No.7393

Dice rollRolled 2, 2, 3, 1, 3, 2, 3, 3, 3, 3, 3, 3, 3, 2, 2, 1 = 39

As the mound envelops, a dozen or more tiny slashes and gashes crack along your exposed parts (no armor is all-encompassing). This only fills Tracy with more rage (and pain), which increases the pressure in her head. She feels about to burst.

61d07 No.7394

Ignore the second set of rolls

61d07 No.7395

With practice, yes. Darts are the preferred thrown weapon, but daggers/knives are also applicable.

234e3 No.7396

Dice rollRolled 14, 4 = 18

>has uncanny dodge
saving roll
*Attacks with fire again*

61d07 No.7397

From her closer perspective, Tracy can see that the mound is actually a mass of 6" bipedal creatures, swarming all over themselves and leveraging each other to slash and stab with very small crude weapons of metal, bone, and wood. The creatures themselves are hairy and fast.

7035f No.7398

>not acknowlegding best throwing weapon
What would be the best secondary weapon for a mage?
Im thinking about a set of throwing hatchets

61d07 No.7399

Gibberlings get auto-flank when they envelop a target. However, fire was the correct choice.
In a fit of maddened and pain-riddled flexing, the area immediately around Tracy bursts with gouts of flame, as though a gasoline fire was just lit. The mound explodes backwards, as the Gibberlings lose their grip on one another and start scrambling around. The other Gibberling mounds stop and watch.

61d07 No.7400

The blasted mound attempts to reconstitute its self. While, Tracy feels the pressure in her head diminish significantly, though she still has some 'juice' left.

234e3 No.7401

Dice rollRolled 14

*takes another dab of moon sugar*
*shake the things off*

61d07 No.7402

The other two mounds however, appear to be looking at eachother quizzically with large tear-drops over their 'heads'.

61d07 No.7403

They got blown off by the last burst. They're scrambling just out of physical range.

234e3 No.7404

Dice rollRolled 18

*takes even more moon sugar*
>is literally shaking
*Steps forward and uses Appraisal*

61d07 No.7405

Wrong skill (appraisal is for determining items) but I know what you mean.
Tracy feels like she could focus on the mound and envoke fire upon them.

61d07 No.7406

Also, I'm assuming that Infernius is a bit stunned by what is happening. He was too far off to gore to begin with, it wouldn't have worked for the second, and omfwtfbbq?

61d07 No.7407


234e3 No.7408

Dice rollRolled 1

[angry hoers noises]
*Use Intimidate*
steps forward

234e3 No.7409


61d07 No.7410

You look cuter somehow

234e3 No.7411

File: 1508013080165-0.png (71.01 KB, 1500x1593, 838247__artist needed_safe….png)

61d07 No.7412

Gibbity gibbity
The mound seems less interested in approaching, and is keeping its distance. The other two mounds slowly shuffle closer.

234e3 No.7413

How do I into rage combos?
*keeps moving forward, still hissing*

61d07 No.7414

You don't EVEN know at this point, you just know that theres a pressure in your head and there's a mound in front of them.
From distance, still being carried by Infernius, Thez yells "Unleash it! Don't let it build, they are your enemy and deserve whatever happens!"

61d07 No.7415


234e3 No.7416

"Fucking leave me alone!"
*Runs off, ignoring jibberniggers*

61d07 No.7417

Thez looks at Infernius. "Don't just stand there, go after her!"
The Gibberlings are not impressed, and start to swarm around Tracy, the three of them expanding to envelop her. She gets an attack of opportunity, but there's three of them and each represents a mass of smaller creatures.

e4acb No.7418

Can I swoop in on a Dragonne?

420b2 No.7419

runs after tracy

61d07 No.7420

Yes, but you're coming in from distance, it'd take a few rounds even at free-fall speed.

234e3 No.7421

Dice rollRolled 12

Can't my Escape Artist ability help me?
*spray fire at anything in obstructing path*

61d07 No.7422

Dice rollRolled 2, 3, 2 = 7

Yes, but you're surrounded and they're keeping their distance, taking advantage of circumferential flank.

61d07 No.7423

Thez yells "Tracy! Crush them with fire!!"

234e3 No.7424

Dice rollRolled 14

"Shut the fuck up, you bitch!"
>brandishes knife and slashes through whatever is in the front

61d07 No.7425

Dice rollRolled 2, 2, 3, 2, 1, 1, 2, 2, 1, 3, 3, 1, 1, 3, 2, 3, 3, 3, 1, 3, 1, 3, 3, 3, 1, 2, 2, 1, 3, 1 = 62

You/she successfully strike at 3 of them, but there's over a hundred. They fully envelop, and slash/scrape/stab from all sides.

61d07 No.7426

You're NOT in good shape.

61d07 No.7427

"Just DO iiiiiiiittttt!"

e4acb No.7428

File: 1508014359966.png (388.4 KB, 5467x3758, 1335324.png)

Uh… Can I swoop in now?

61d07 No.7429

Almost there, next round

e4acb No.7430

Alright, preliminary question then. Can I tell the entity being attacked is the Blue One

234e3 No.7431

Dice rollRolled 10

>what does it take for a lady to get some space?
>*rage at maximun*
>erratic slashing and biting
Can I cast a saving roll now?
It wouldn't help.

61d07 No.7432

>saving roll
In these circumstances no. They're rather coordinated, and taking full advantage of their small size. They're essentially like piranas(sp) except with swords and jagged things, instead of teeth.
You're beginning to feel faint.

e4acb No.7433

234e3 No.7434

Dice rollRolled 9

Fuck it. Do whatever the fuck Thez said, so I can get some space.

61d07 No.7435

Dice rollRolled 6

As Tracy begins to lose track of her surroundings, and as (unbeknownst to her, vaporous steam begins to hiss from her pores and especially her mane) she casts a single lasting glance at the mound.
"BURN" echoes through her mind, as her eyes dip, and then close.
From outside Tracy's perspective, obsrvers can see she's steaming (literally) and covered in tiny wounds and gashes. Her eyes begin to lose their focus, and she grits her teeth.
The mound(s) that now surround her are enveloped in a spiralling flame, which burn like a cylinder around her. Most of the GIbberlings are burned away, while others scramble to escape the unwarranted and unexpected flames. Tens and twenties of the little bastards lie smoking and charred at her feet, while the survivors an evaders flee to whatever rock or hole they crawled out of.
As Tracy surveys the area, she begins to lose consciousness.

61d07 No.7436

Tracy has one move before falling.

234e3 No.7437

Dice rollRolled 20

*runs away*

e4acb No.7438

>Not get picked up by Trumpaladin flying down on a Lion-dragon
uh… okay

61d07 No.7439

No, that's exactly what happens. As the Gibberlings escape/retreat, Trump swoops down atop (what was her name again? I forgot to give her a name.) the Dragonne, while Tracy slumps and falls forward, prevented from falling only by Trump's intervention.
As she collapses across the Dragonne's back, Trump notices that her mane is lined with bony protrusions that were not there before. They're like horns almost, but really small and dotting the inside of her mane (not obvious on glance, but detectable upon inspection).
The remaining Gibberlings make like ninjas and vanish.

61d07 No.7440

Thez, still being held by Infernius.
"What the fuck just happened?! What did she do!?"

234e3 No.7441

[Reeeeee's internally]

420b2 No.7442

lets go see!
*Walks over*

61d07 No.7443

You have no idea. From inside a blackened area, you sense a cackling. This exists apart from the world.

e4acb No.7444

>What is her name
Ponies, America, Football, Elway - PAFE. Pa'fey. Fey if you like.
I can leave you on the charred ground near the surviving groundhog things if you prefer

234e3 No.7445


e4acb No.7446

"Proved why she's here"

234e3 No.7447

My luck has been shitty today…

7035f No.7448

Guess whose back
Back again
This is adorable

What are my choices of metal in the treasury?>>7445
Nice fail rape horse

234e3 No.7449

*takes note to stir haggis later*

7035f No.7450

>frog noises intensify

61d07 No.7451

Fae works (if you don't mind)
"No! You don't get it!" Thez is struggling around despite her bandages. "Her scent is totally different now! She smells like,… well,… like one of my kind!"
With Tracy safely on Fae's back, she (Fae) comments, "I don't mean to question you great Trump, but that pony we're ushering,… do you know that she has devil blood in her?"

234e3 No.7452

Can't I just be fiendish instead? I was thinking something closer to a Nightmare.

7035f No.7453

Oh very funny

234e3 No.7454

61d07 No.7455

Don't worry, we're on EXACTLY the same page. I said you have devil blood in you (which is true), I didn't yet state the lasting effect. Its not an easy transition.

e4acb No.7456

*A cold chill runs down Trump's spine at Thez's words*
After a very long pause, Trump tells Fae
"I assure you, I am very well aware of the fallenness of this world and of the instruments Elway has chosen to save it. But if devil blood is necessary to repel those who would prevent the spread of the Truth of Football, and for our liberation from our thralldom to the Terrasque, then so be it."
Pauses a little, then adds
"Don't worry, I don't trust her or any of the demon stock"

7035f No.7457

>Alignment: Always neutral evil
No, you are chaotic evil

234e3 No.7458

I can be a goodish girl.

7035f No.7459

Hello, gm?
I believe I asked what metals are in the treasury.
Preferably something light and strong

61d07 No.7460

And meanwhile, in her head Tracy feels like she's standing alone in a darkened room. From all around her usher whispers of "Something to eat!" "Something?" "Yes, to eat!" "We should eat!" "Eat" in a constantly mingling sound that grows more intense and frightful as she 'hears' it.

e4acb No.7461

File: 1508016552700.png (807.03 KB, 1280x1120, tumblr_oqf4vocZHo1u4g684o1….png)

You're Chaotic Evil

7035f No.7462

I'll give you chaotic neutral at best

61d07 No.7463

Oh yes, I apologize. The treasury has been laid bare, in the interest of expanding Trump's vision. Its all polished floors and nothing of value.

61d07 No.7464

Nope, this.>>7462

234e3 No.7465

*shakes erratically*

61d07 No.7466

In the Game world, as Trump speeds Tracy back to Trump tower, Tracy begins to sweat and thrash in her unconsciousness.

234e3 No.7467

Dragonne has a flight speed of 30ft…

e4acb No.7468

>Trump tower
Change of plans. Trumpaladin will take the unconscious Tracy to the Port Barry Immigration detention center and or quarantine zone, for a safe measure. Unless there is a similar room like a brig in Trump Tower

7035f No.7469

Why Trump
Where could I find bars, maybeeeeeeeee Adamentite(?)
I think 2 should be good

61d07 No.7470

Trump arrives back at the pyramid, and speeds her to the infirmary.
Meanwhile Thez "Grrr's" and <whoofs> her and Infernius back to the pyramid
Base combat speed of,… this is full flight.
>GM eye twitches
Not,… to the toer?

e4acb No.7471

Don't worry, these metals should be in the Port Barry forge warehouse. Just submit a requisition request
And let her be over taken by a demon virus and destroy the tower? I don't think so

61d07 No.7472

Inside Tracy's head, innumerable shadows dart to and fro around her, not dissimilar to the GIbberlings except instead of attacking with blades, they each take a bit of "her" with them.

234e3 No.7473

>they each take a bit of "her" with them.
I'm sorry, what was there to take again?

61d07 No.7474

Thez <whoofs> her and Infernius back to the edge of the forest. "WHERE THE FUCK DID THEY GO!?" and she starts sniffing the air.

420b2 No.7475

port barry?

61d07 No.7476

That statement is precisely why they are able to take unrestricted.
"Errrgh!" Thez grunts, and whoofs the two of them to the center of town, where they can see Trump ushering Tracy into his quarantine area.
"Get me there nao!" she leans and moves in the direction she's indicating.

61d07 No.7477

Before I continue, what does Tracy think? I mean, last she was fully conscious and unperturbed, she drank a vial of blood. Since then she's experienced several types of madness, has set a few things on fire with her mind, and is now having her consciousness eaten away by a shadowy presence literally stealing her essence.

e4acb No.7478

If Trump has any awareness of Thez then he defers to Thez. She knows what this evil virus is

234e3 No.7479

>having her consciousness eaten away
Like I said, what exactly was there to eat away? The hopelessly nihilistic part? The hedonistic shenanigans? The irrational violence? Or the side that still hoped she could be a mother one day?
>this is the third time she's been possessed

e4acb No.7480

File: 1508017627575.png (395.57 KB, 1600x1158, 9580 - absurd_res AtomicGr….png)

>Or the side that still hoped she could be a mother one day?

234e3 No.7481

File: 1508017875367-0.png (321.76 KB, 2320x4000, 238287__artist needed_safe….png)

She got gang-raped when she was young, and her organs were damaged. After failing to get pregnant so many times, her life fell into a downward spiral of nihilism and violence.

61d07 No.7482

The "I'm me" part
Thez and Infernius (haven't had it directed, but I'm assuming he's doing what she's yelling, especially given the frantic nature of her voice) enter the quarantine area as a still-thrashing Tracy is placed on a cot.
"What in hell have you done?" Thez says, tearing through her bandages. With the bandages removed (the surface ones showing ample bloody/oozing parts) you can see that her skin is long from being fully formed. While better off than she was, there are several sections of her body that display open musculature, tendon, ligament, and bone. She limps over to Tracy
T> Monk healing.
Tracy, as her capacity to discern begins to fade, even from this mind-space she is in, feels 'heat'. Its not the shadow, and its not her, and yet it immediately IS her, and it vitalizes and rejuvinates her.
The shadow-flurry slows, and the thing its self begins to cease its barrage.
"What is this?!"

61d07 No.7483

Tracy's consciousness clears, enough to determine that she is still she, and that THAT is NOT she, and that that is her enemy.

420b2 No.7484

File: 1508017997410.png (41.61 KB, 655x509, 1492888864322.png)

this feel makes infernuis heart extremely sad

7035f No.7485

Name: Toriul
Request: Two bars of (uhh, whats a Light but strong metal in D&D
Purpose: Forging
I think we have some good healers

61d07 No.7486

take heart young jedi

61d07 No.7487

Physical healers yes. Mind healers,… not so much.

7035f No.7488

He needs to take the high ground
Did Terraria rip off D&D?
I'll take 2 ingots of Mythril then
Well yes
But at least we won't die

420b2 No.7489

infernuis could do lobotomy.

61d07 No.7490

My vidya references have been out of date for YEARS now, like since FFX.

420b2 No.7491

yea they did.

234e3 No.7492

File: 1508018495278-0.png (9.06 MB, 4000x4000, 921643__questionable_artis….png)

[stabs internally]

61d07 No.7493

From inside herself, Tracy hears another voice. This one is deep and resounding, and entirely unfamiliar yet vaguely assertively so. The lone question comes to mind:
"Who is to die this day?"

7035f No.7494

Huh, so Terraria did pull a rip off
Its a fairly fun game. The world is like 2d minecraft, but the gameplay is great
Some of the higher tier ores are Adamantite and Mythril
But know I know where 5hey got that.
I heard the commotion after turning in my form, so I head over to see whats happening

234e3 No.7495

>doesn't respond
*continues internal stabbing*

61d07 No.7496

Sorry brower is nuking on me, gimme a sec

234e3 No.7497

>last 50 posts

61d07 No.7498

It wasn't just that, I've been running multiple processes all morning. The comp needed a reboot.
*thrashing, doesn't have knives inside head
Still, the shadowy whatever finds that you're not as helpless and weak as you should be, especially given your physical state.
You have no weapons, armor, or items. There is a shadow whats-it before you, and a pounding in your head. What do you do.

234e3 No.7499


61d07 No.7500

That will work. Tracy without knowing it, gives in to the pain, the frustration, the rejection of what has happened, and the fury of all that she has seen, has EVER seen, and with that resolve does bite down on the shadowy thing. From her teeth belch flames, also her hooves, and jets of which spout intermittently from her mane and tail.
The shadow - being intangible and unable to mount any physical (even in the mind) defense against literal threats, recoils and attempts to retreat.
You have an attack of opportunity, flaming hooves and a flaming mouth.
Do your worst.

7035f No.7501

I guess I arrive at the place, so I ask what the fuck is going on?

234e3 No.7502

*mauls the fuck out of it*
>goes for the jugular (if it has one)
*starts kicking and screaming internally*

420b2 No.7503

is tracy thashing about externally?

234e3 No.7504

*grapples, still mauling it*
Ikd, maybe.

234e3 No.7505

Did I need to roll there?

61d07 No.7506

Tracy - still in her own head - goes full Barbarian rage on its bitch-ass. She still doesn't know what it is, but with every firey blow/bite, it seems to recoil, to diminish. Her eyes now streaming flames, and her whole body issuing a vaporous steam, she stands menacingly over it, it now unable to harm her in the least.
Yes. Thez is on the floor at her feet, in meditation. Tracy has flung all blankets and whatever aside. Her eyes are shut tight, but she's clearly in a frenzy of sorts.
"This cannot be! You are of the earth! This cannot be!" it screams as it is crushed and trampled into nothingness.

234e3 No.7507

I got to go for about an hour, sorry…
>inb4 >rape

61d07 No.7508

Before I continue, what has just occurred (in a minimal explanation) is that Tracy just beat down the developing presence of a nightmare which was growing within her. Because she consumed Devil blood, its nature mixed with hers, and ultimately tried to take over. Tracy is already nutty, and has been possessed before so she was able to fight it off. Thez gave her a boost at the right moment, and she literally trampled its developing will/awareness with her own.
In the real, Tracy's eyes flutter open for a moment, before >>7507 she falls into a peaceful and restful sleep.

61d07 No.7509

Thez collapses against the side of Tracy's cot, also exhausted.

e4acb No.7510

So… Is she still infected with Ebola and do we need to continue to keep her quarantined?

420b2 No.7511

i mutter *there goes infernuis dinner plans*

61d07 No.7512

As Tracy lays there, the bony protrusions along her mane darken at the tip, and appear to glisten with a hint of gold.
You have NO idea, but she's peacefully resting at the moment, and doesn't appear to be either a threat or to be in any distress.
Don't worry, meat is meat whether its cold or warm. ^_~

7035f No.7513

>Toriul looks at Trump and Infernius
What the fuck is going on here ye bastards?

420b2 No.7514

trump you know what happen to tracy?

420b2 No.7515

hoers go crazier than usual.

e4acb No.7516

"Yeah, she took some weird drugs or something and tried to face down a group of groundhogs or something. Anyways, the important thing is that Thez says that something she did caused her to imbibe demon blood. Same group as Tracy. It caused a fever and shaking. But before that it caused her to produce a fire that killed off the mole groundhog things. Thez and Fae say she has some peculiar evil in her now. It looks like the worst of the fever is over. I do not know if she is contagious or not"

61d07 No.7517

Well, Thez didn't say that, but Fae said "she has demon blood in her".

61d07 No.7518

Infernius knows from Thez' reaction that something significant/worrisome happened, but he was kinda dragged along in a manner of speaking

61d07 No.7519

From Trump's back Infernius whispers, "Oi lad! Look, they're both down! We can kill 'em nao!"

e4acb No.7520

It's in her now whereas it was not before, that what he knows

420b2 No.7521


7035f No.7522

>is of confusion
I have an idea,
Can unicorns detect human "goodness" like in all the fucking myths that I am aware of?
Or is it a more mlp unicorn?

61d07 No.7523

Well, she spent the whole time frantically barking orders and teleporting the both of you about (she could have ported solo) and fixated on what was happening. Again, you don't know what was up, but it was clearly (and not just from Thez' actions) significant.
No, that's easy for any divinely-abled creature (holy or infernal)

e4acb No.7524

"She did something, who knows what, but there is evil in her now and it caused a reaction almost like the flu. And she burned a large number of things with her mind apparently"

7035f No.7525


e4acb No.7526

File: 1508021350466.png (209.26 KB, 500x733, tumblr_nf8oqaUVKi1rorj6qo2….png)

I am Trump

234e3 No.7527


234e3 No.7528


61d07 No.7529

Ooooh, thats pretty

e4acb No.7530

To God, King and Country

7035f No.7531

Okay good, you both always responding to shit sometimes confused me, and I had to know
So, unicorns cant do that?

61d07 No.7532

Tracy's eyes flutter open again. She feels,… different. She's not in danger (so no thrashing about nao!), and she is surrounded by her friends(?) who are eager to see what has occurred and how she fares.

61d07 No.7533

Yep, detect alignment is a 1st level skill.

234e3 No.7534

>she is surrounded by her friends
*annoyance grows*

e4acb No.7535

Trumpaladin leaves
See >>7530

61d07 No.7536

Shhh, don't fight it

420b2 No.7537

tracy ok?

61d07 No.7538

"Lad! Its not too late! We can kill 'em for good! That blue one is vile nao!" Vandereim whispers as you walk out to Fae.

7035f No.7539

Shut up, you enjoy us and you know it.
So, who out of us could check that shit?

234e3 No.7540

[annoyance intensifies]
>*stirs haggis internally*

420b2 No.7541

*shakes tracy*

61d07 No.7542

Sidenote. Tracy is now lawful evil, and technically she always was so. The reason is because lawful evil means "orderly evil" or rather, maintaining a consistent response to stimuli over time. Chaotic evil would be an inconsistent response to evil over time, which seems inconsistent with Tracy's character. She seems like she would consistently murder those who are aggressive for one, and consistently disdain happy/comfy feels/situations for no good reason. Basically, lawful = consistent, and Tracy (in spite of being disproportionate from 'the norm') is actually QUITE consistent.

234e3 No.7543

Tracy is a literal serial killer.

61d07 No.7544

Both Infernius and Trump
Kek. Tracy is being vigorously shaken.

234e3 No.7545

*bites nose-ring like a bulldog*

420b2 No.7546

detect aligment and tell torc

61d07 No.7547

Thez also stirs awake and immediately gasps, as she's been oozing onto the floor.
"God dammit!" she exclaims while pulling out a small brassy cylinder that looks like a stamp roll, and proceeds to roll over and over and over, until she's again covered in bandages.

e4acb No.7548

*Trumpaldin goes into a corner outside of the detention center infirmary*
"I don't know. I believe the Blue one was among those that woke up near the pyramid. If that is the case, then she is chosen by Elway himself to complete the task at hand. Remember that Elway allows evil to exist not because He cannot vanquish it, but because it serves to make Good the more glorious. Perhaps she has a purpose here. I saw her kill something like 90 mole things just with her mind. That's a power that could be useful. And for all her problems, she's been very helpful in the past. Of course, that may have changed. She seems less enthusiastic to see me than expected. Perhaps she has changed. Actually, I should probably make sure she's not some random blue pony that just stumbled upon us. If that's the case, then yeah, we should kill her."

Trumpaladin goes back into the room

61d07 No.7549

Yep, definitely lawful evil. Also, there's those gold-tipped horn thingies.
And then Tracy clamps on Infernius' nose-ring.

e4acb No.7550

Is this better or worse than before?

234e3 No.7551

…I don't want horns…

e4acb No.7552

We can get those sanded off or surgically removed for you

420b2 No.7553

ill take some more

61d07 No.7554

File: 1508022371728.jpg (290.23 KB, 1300x960, white-horse-s-mane-4876639.jpg)

Sorry, u just said you wanted to go wilder. Tit for tat. Xp

7035f No.7555


So how is my order going?

234e3 No.7556

>decide to leave him a chance, because he was here this time
>squanders it

420b2 No.7557

i get up and run into the wall tracy first

61d07 No.7558

Uhhhh,… what was it? Even with my autism, its hard to keep track of everything.

234e3 No.7559

Can I change shape yet?

61d07 No.7560

Well, Tracy said she's biting down on your nose ring at the moment

61d07 No.7561

Its early yet. You JUST woke up. Let it simmer a bit.

e4acb No.7562

So… Would Tracy be more or less attractive to Trump now?

234e3 No.7563

*Angles knife between us*

234e3 No.7564

If I were okay with having horns, I would've just evolved into a unicorn.

61d07 No.7565

Sorry, momentary misinterpretation.
Infernius, now having Tracy dangling from his nose-horn, flails about before crashing into the wall, Tracy first

234e3 No.7566

61d07 No.7567

Dice rollRolled 20 - 4

One never knows what will result of their actions,….

61d07 No.7568

Upon colliding with the wall, Infernius realizes he now has a keen-edged blade sticking out of his chest at an alarming angle.

234e3 No.7569

I'll just slike them off and snort them as aphrodisiacs

234e3 No.7570

*flees room in stealth*

61d07 No.7571

Tracy kinda falls to the floor, (she's still far from 'okay physically OR mentally), but Infernius has a big knife to worry about.

7035f No.7572

Kill me now
Two mythril bars
Ill be back in an hour

61d07 No.7573

that works, they're more cosmetic and indicative than anything

61d07 No.7574

Fail. You have several people looking right at you. You need some form of concealment to just 'go stealth' (hasn't come up yet cuz you have had). You DO flee the room though.
"Sorry, I mean I know you're one of the great ones, but our stock of mythril is VERY limited. We can spare an ounce? Maybe?"

e4acb No.7575

Trumpaldin will now go and ask Fae what this means, and if there is any cure

420b2 No.7576

trump pull out knife!?!?

e4acb No.7577

uh… What?

420b2 No.7578


e4acb No.7579

Oh shit. Trump pulls out the knife from Inferius's chest, and then stuffs in a rag and forces Inferius's hand over it to stop the bleeding, before Trump goes outside to talk to Fae

234e3 No.7580

You're lucky I didn't use poison (I was gonna).
*Flees down hallway and leaves building*

e4acb No.7581

Nice try, but we took you to a temporary detention center for foreign nationals A prison. It has a multitude of measures to prevent escape. Especially since you started in the quarantine zone

420b2 No.7582

HA tracy btfod

61d07 No.7583

Yes this. While tracy scrambles out, she finds the perimeter guarded in just such an event of someone trying to escape.

420b2 No.7584

thez you takes us back to tower? infernuis had surpise but it probbly cold now.

234e3 No.7585

Can I attempt Etherealness?

e4acb No.7586

File: 1508023534686-0.jpg (115.05 KB, 675x450, 20130701--van-lohuizen-det….jpg)

File: 1508023534686-1.jpg (241.9 KB, 1296x864, 12-pinal-cells-full.jpg)

Have you even been in one of these? They have several areas where a door has to lock behind you before a door will unlock and open in front of you, and even the bus loading and unloading stations have locked garage doors

61d07 No.7587

Thez is still passed out.
Its not THAT level of sophistication, but yes it IS enough to keep Tracy from bolting out the door.

61d07 No.7588

Wut? You still don't even know WTF is going on!

234e3 No.7589

>level thirteen rogue
*picks locks and GTFOs*

420b2 No.7590

oh i thought you said she woke up my bad.

234e3 No.7591

She only knows she needs her space.

420b2 No.7592

trump can you give thez and me a ride back to tower?

e4acb No.7593

The doors are designed such that you have to go through several, have to go through sections were a door closes in behind you before you can open a door, and people would see you
To prevent the spread of Bubonic plague, why wouldn't it be?

61d07 No.7594

Crap, you're right. She is again bundled in a mesh of bandage.
"A surpise? You mean more than THIS?"

e4acb No.7595

"I don't think Fae can carry that much at once. I guess I can fly Thez back up? We can all walk?"

61d07 No.7596

Agreed, but only Trump tower has that level of sophistication. The best ur gonna get with the town is hanging skins separating the 'rooms' in an emergency tent.

234e3 No.7597

61d07 No.7598

Thez's fly buzzes over and grabs her with 2 of its appendages.
"He can carry one other, but we gotta make sure Tracy doesn't hurt herself.
Fail, the quaratine area is proofed against escape (a 20 would have worked, but u didn't roll and we're going).

61d07 No.7599

Thez looks at Trump. "She's not fit to climb,… could you carry her back?"

234e3 No.7600

[reee's internally]

e4acb No.7601

>The immigration detention center could use improvement
I know what needs to be made great again next

Also, it's pretty simple to explain. As seen in the map of Port Barry, there is a costal fortress. You take part of that, and convert it into an army prison. Then you take the army prison, and you convert it into an immigration detention center. Specifically, sailors, stowaways and whoever comes on from the boat from exotic lands is kept there until there can prove themselves to not be contagious before being allowed within the city walls. It's like Angel Island detention center in San Fransisco

e4acb No.7602

"Sure" Who is "she"? Tracy?

420b2 No.7603

you gonna form i.c.e.?
me wanna be a member.

234e3 No.7604

You are a Cleric of a new religion. You're still on a mission to convert followers.

420b2 No.7605

me can do both,THOT

e4acb No.7606

*Trump's Eyes light up*
"Find out who needs to be deported, and deport them. We're making damn sure our border - err… the harbor - Is secure"

61d07 No.7607

Makes perfect sense to me.
Yes, Tracy
This TBH

420b2 No.7608

i guess that makes me an inquisitor now.

e4acb No.7609

"Do we have a secure brig?"

e4acb No.7610

"So long as you are exterminating the heresy of "Association Football" (withholds vomit), then please, by all means, purge the heretics"

420b2 No.7611

me need badge.

234e3 No.7612

You have a Swastika badge already.

e4acb No.7613

File: 1508024860532.jpg (964.08 KB, 1500x1500, 1494546986493_img_2347.jpg)

"Make this man a badge!" Trump yells at whoever is relevant

61d07 No.7614

e_O I must have misunderstood what you meant by that.
Its not for restraining people, but it will work for that

420b2 No.7615

File: 1508024869743-0.png (536.3 KB, 1024x2117, iron_will__barbarian_hero_….png)

>war paint
no badge tho

61d07 No.7616

The message is relayed to the jeweler, it will be ready soon.

e4acb No.7617

So… Is Tracy more dangerous than normal now? Is she infected with a demonic version of the T-Virus?

420b2 No.7618

is the map man done with my map yet?

e4acb No.7619

Trumpaladin encounters Tracy, now in a hallway away from the bed, and looks right at her

234e3 No.7620

>being a lackey to someone else
>not focusing on your mission to Hitler
You could've gone for the High Proselytizer class…

61d07 No.7621

You're not sure. Literally, no never.
Almost, you have no idea how behind I am his week. I haven't even started on Anne-frank pone

420b2 No.7622

File: 1508025240335-0.jpg (82.15 KB, 697x723, zimmzamm.jpg)

i am going to be asking questions relating to both tracy,chill

420b2 No.7623

ok no rush.

61d07 No.7624

If you all want the candid bit, you're not in danger, from outside or from each-other.
Tracy just experienced a metamorphosis, which I would have been happy to <poof> grant, but what kinda GM would I be if I didn't make it hurt, nor involve other characters?
Everyone is fine, no one has been harmed.
Having said, Tracy has a touch of the infernal, lastingly a part of her (Vandereim can concur, as well as Infernius if he was detecting).

234e3 No.7625

File: 1508025624009-0.png (53.32 KB, 1200x1200, cleaver.png)

Away with these godawful horns.

e4acb No.7626

File: 1508025732596.png (450.96 KB, 1280x720, Sad_Twilight_D'aww_S2E3.png)

"Tracy?" Trump asks with sadness, wondering in his mind if this Tracy everyone keeps talking about is the Blue One

420b2 No.7627

yeah, tracy you know the blue one.

61d07 No.7628

Tracy begins cutting and gouging at the horns that dot the backside of her neck She carves through one, then another (none easily, I'm speeding things up.
As this occurs, this occurs. >>7626

61d07 No.7629

"WHAT THE UNHOLY FUCK,,…" Thez is buzzed in, in a fresh set of bandages. "…WERE YOU THINKING?!" She is hovered to stare eye-to-eye with Tracy. She's entirely unintimidating at the moment, but she's still there, glaring.

e4acb No.7630

With a soft and somber tone, Trumpaladin says to Thez "step aside for a moment. I want to see for myself how she has changed." Trump puts his arm out in front of to signal "move over"

234e3 No.7631

File: 1508026107691-0.png (1.04 MB, 1151x1929, 1560368__grimdark_artist-c….png)

[carving stops]

e4acb No.7632

looks at pony. He considers moving his hand towards Vanderiem in case Tracy attacks, but decides against it

61d07 No.7633

Thez acquiesces and floats (buzzzz) aside

234e3 No.7634


420b2 No.7635

*watches from doorway*

61d07 No.7636

Trump finds that Tracy, entirely whole and complete (and NOT unappreciative of his closeness Xp) , has a series of miniscule (we're talking 1" to 1/2") horns sticking out of her neck.

7035f No.7637

then just give me your hardest and strongest stuff

So Tracy escaped, now where is she

e4acb No.7638

Trump looks into her eyes, breathing more slowly
She's with us in the hallway of the detention center

61d07 No.7639

These horns are not sensitive, and they have the slightest bit of gold topping each of them.
Trump can tell that though her nature has changed, and though it still is at (semi) odds with his, she is LESS unlike him than she was.
"Sure" they lob a rod at you cuz they're watching the scene.

e4acb No.7640

There's something specific he's looking for before he judges

61d07 No.7641

and that would be?

e4acb No.7642

What was her alignment before?[/s}

234e3 No.7643


e4acb No.7644

If she still says "hello Flashy!" and acts like a cute little pony around him

61d07 No.7645

Tl;dr She was somewhere between Chao-Neut and Neut-Ebil

61d07 No.7646


234e3 No.7647

File: 1508026891633-0.gif (1.65 MB, 1115x1008, 1198186__safe_artist-colon….gif)

"… G-good afternoon, Flashy…"

7035f No.7648

>barely catches
Dafuq is dis shit?
Howclose am i to tracy?

e4acb No.7649

"Are-Are you okay?" (wants to add name, but cannot remember it)

234e3 No.7650

File: 1508027119249-0.jpg (282.53 KB, 2000x1800, 606742__semi-dash-grimdark….jpg)

"……………" Say her name, you bastard!

e4acb No.7651

Trump repeats
"Are you okay?"

420b2 No.7652

Her name tracy dummy.

e4acb No.7653

My name is "Trumpaladin," thank you very much

420b2 No.7654

nah you dummy. that unicorn would never love you as much as tracy.

e4acb No.7655

Somethings's changed

234e3 No.7656

File: 1508027662420-0.png (137.94 KB, 500x522, Instagram-927f7f.png)

Pic related

7035f No.7657

Dice rollRolled 20, 14 = 34

I am going to assume I am about 20 feet away.
I use metastaff to go ivisable
1st roll is stealth
2nd roll is for knocking rracy our with a quick blow from my staff

e4acb No.7658

Trump backs away with uncertainty. He looks over to Thez, and tells her "as you were," signalling she may proceed with whatever she intended

7035f No.7659

Dice rollRolled 2, 19 = 21

1: Knokking Tracy out

234e3 No.7660

Dice rollRolled 12, 13 = 25

>Implying I can be flanked at this level
saving roll with improved uncanny dodge
*counter-stabs because reasons*

420b2 No.7661

what you mean?

7035f No.7662

Bu-but I rolled 20 on stealth while invisable

234e3 No.7663

>level thirteen rogue

7035f No.7664

We will let GM decide

e4acb No.7665

Something dark has entered her. Changed her. Perhaps overtaken her

234e3 No.7666

File: 1508027957853-0.png (185.96 KB, 1016x1151, 474320__grimdark_questiona….png)

Satanic >rape
"I'm still me!

420b2 No.7667

no she same tracy she was always that way.

7035f No.7668

Right as I was going to fucking post

420b2 No.7669


e4acb No.7670

Is she?

7035f No.7671

So is GM dead or….

420b2 No.7672

she bite nose ring. she would do that anyway.

234e3 No.7673

File: 1508028223783-0.png (145.06 KB, 900x807, 1502759208689.png)

*shakes self awake*
>*straddles leg*

e4acb No.7674

Trumpaladin pulls out his journal, where he keeps his notes on the happennings in this world. Past the long sections about the new stadium, the Davisian mendicant order, and the new tower, are the sections on the players. the longest section is on Thez, with sratched out titles like "KILL" and "KILL LATER." Inferius's section has notes like "generally well intended, "weird obsession with a stone well," and "not the brightest, while Tourcil's has notes like "Moderate meming abilities" and "desires the acquisition of new knowledge and powers."

But the last section is the shortest, devoted to the "the blue one." It says only "Not sure if player or pack animal," "scary" and finally "Jump scare."

420b2 No.7675

How would trump feel about concentration camp?

7035f No.7676

why is every one calling my memes shit, but not giving me advice?

e4acb No.7677

Probably not well They are called "detention centers
Just use them more often. The best I think you've used so far was your electro-shock therapy of the rats

420b2 No.7678

File: 1508029019494.png (1.32 MB, 1120x744, 1491203890288.png)

infernuis draws this on ground and show torq.

420b2 No.7679

ok i wont tell you about it in character then.

7035f No.7680

>finds nearest tree to lynch Infernius on for that image

420b2 No.7681

hey trump me think port barry need bigger wall.

234e3 No.7682

[gasses internally]

Is GM kill?

bf3f4 No.7683

*Trump swoons*
he hasn't posted on any board since his last post in this thread

420b2 No.7684

i hope not i was having fun.

7035f No.7685

I think we need to sacrifce murder horse to appease him

420b2 No.7686

lets sacrifice yak lees character.

234e3 No.7687

File: 1508030282160.png (507.96 KB, 928x861, corrupted.png)

Hoo-man sacrifices are more effective.

7035f No.7688

Considering hes 's been gone forever?

420b2 No.7689

hows everybody feel about this?

e4acb No.7690

If it need be done

7035f No.7691

>begins ominous chant

234e3 No.7692

420b2 No.7693

any paticular way we want it done?

234e3 No.7694


7035f No.7695

With ketchup, well done

420b2 No.7696

>steak pleb

bf3f4 No.7697

To which God should we sacrifice her?
Also, do you want a public ban message on the last post? Might be something we can do

7035f No.7698

>insulting the God-emporor

420b2 No.7699

Football. hitler dosent except yak blood.

234e3 No.7700

File: 1508031038813-0.jpg (30.51 KB, 642x321, Sacrificial_dagger_by_dani….jpg)

The Yak is going before me.
And who the hell are you?
*unsheathes sacrificial knife*

420b2 No.7701

yea on ban message if you can

7035f No.7702


234e3 No.7703

I meant, before your assholes try to kill me.

bf3f4 No.7704

File: 1508031450405.jpeg (209.52 KB, 850x663, image.jpeg)

You and I know each other. Many month together now

420b2 No.7705

tracy you friend, we no send you.

7035f No.7706

I was joking bbout that, but whatever

234e3 No.7707

File: 1508031530032-0.jpg (18.36 KB, 203x300, 51kQVWMzr6L._SY300_.jpg)

He's a Monk Yak, right? Perhaps we should do it the Tibetan way, and Throw him off of the crystal.
realized it moments after posting

234e3 No.7708

Ah shit. I g2g for now…

7035f No.7709

>and then 2 where gone

420b2 No.7710

ill be here.

234e3 No.7711


7035f No.7712

Nice 711 get

234e3 No.7713

GM is busy writing the plan for the awesome game we're going to have tonight, right?
>*humps leg*

234e3 No.7714

*charges ki*

e4acb No.7715

File: 1508032935966.jpg (179.66 KB, 1920x1152, 4189.jpg)

We're not *that* close

420b2 No.7716

we'll hope so

234e3 No.7717


e4acb No.7718

Implying what?

420b2 No.7719

>impling implications

234e3 No.7720

I'm sure you already understand -_<
>[leg humping intensifies]

234e3 No.7721

I suck at typing emoticons…

e4acb No.7722

Trumpaladin, sensing the demonic influence, actually takes notice now of the leg humping. He shakes off the demon-thing

234e3 No.7723

>*grapples with desperation*

420b2 No.7724

trump she always hump-leg.

e4acb No.7725

Thez told me she smells different. She smells… like a demon. And though a pony may… well, I'm not sure what I let them do, a demon may not touch me

234e3 No.7726

*sticks like glue*

420b2 No.7727

she still pony trump.

7035f No.7728

>shity music plays in background

So now how long do we wait?

e4acb No.7729

File: 1508033496195.jpg (42.99 KB, 344x365, 03b.jpg)

>tfw I can't have Thez just come and determinre how contaminated Tracy is, so I can know if I need to pull Vanderiem out for some physical removal

Is she?

420b2 No.7730

yea look at her.

420b2 No.7731

e4acb No.7732

She has horns

234e3 No.7733

She's transitioning into a Nightmare.
Imagine any of the corrupted characters from the show.

420b2 No.7734

maybe he is baking a new bread?

234e3 No.7735

Not anymore.

420b2 No.7736

he said "shitty"

e4acb No.7737

Corrupted in which episode?
He would have said something

234e3 No.7738

Nightmare Moon, Sombra, Amulet Trixie,
Green-Eyed Rarity… etc. Slowly though.

e4acb No.7739

What matters is that all demons - or demonic elements - are physically removed
Now that's more fuckable, but what matters is that infernals cannot be suffered to let live

7035f No.7740

Thats shitty music but I specifically meant the song "stuck like glues"

234e3 No.7741

Nightmares aren't demons.

420b2 No.7742

she still our friend trump.

7035f No.7743

The ow is right

e4acb No.7744

Trump will let a nightmare hump him, but infernals are another matter Are nightmares infernals? I'm confused. Only certain types of evil will be allowed near
Things have changed. Maybe, maybe not

420b2 No.7745


420b2 No.7746

ok then she still my friend trump.

234e3 No.7747

They're not infernal, althougfh they have fiendish attributes.
In the game lore, they're creatures created from Pegasi, subjected to a ritual that involves cutting-off their wings. I could've had my character spontaneously evolve into a Pegasus (horse evolution) and then cut off her wings, but GM gave me permission.

e4acb No.7748

How can a demon be a friend?

7035f No.7749

Idk, but shes mine

420b2 No.7750

*looks at thez*

234e3 No.7751

Actually, forget the fiendish attributes. They're just extra-planar.

420b2 No.7752

smoke looks pretty handy.

e4acb No.7753

File: 1508034646073.png (40.93 KB, 455x375, 1492486349179-4.png)

It's a matter of species. If Tracy is a pony with new special powers that come from Evil magic, then Trumpaladin actually likes her more, because her alignment has shifted to lawful. But demons and certain creatures are per se "must be killed." They are like communists to Trump. Or probably the way inferius sees Jews
*hardens his eyes while looking at Inferius*
Mouthes, but does not say aloud, "I am aware"

234e3 No.7754

Reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! You didn't read it!
Nightmares aren't demons in the game (although they are in European mythology…)!

e4acb No.7755

Nightmare looks pretty cool actually, but GM said things earlier suggesting something else happened to Tracy that caused her to be partly of the same species as Thez. If GM were here, we could have Fae or Thez do a scan, and clear up any confusion

234e3 No.7756

She didn't drink Thez's AIDS-ridden blood. She drank Soros's blood (infused with the souls of a thousand children). Thez is just Fucking with your minds.

420b2 No.7757

RIP in pepperoni gm.
press f to pay respects.

e4acb No.7758

… That lying bitch. I KNEW SHE WASN'T TO BE TRUSTED

420b2 No.7759

tracy it not nice to lie.

7035f No.7760

e4acb No.7761


234e3 No.7762

She didn't drink Thez's blood!
>Implying Soros isn't secretly hiding a cure for AIDS

e4acb No.7763

It's really risky, but we can take Tracy to Fae, and do a dice roll to determine of she is a Nightmare or infected with Jew-AIDs
What is Soros though?

420b2 No.7764


234e3 No.7765

I wanted the Balor's legendary powers (i.e. Flaming Whip, vorpal blades.. etc)
>do a dice roll to determine of she is a Nightmare or infected with Jew-AIDs
I won't make the same mistake Infernius did!

420b2 No.7766

you get the roll!
Do it Trump!

7035f No.7767

234e3 No.7768


e4acb No.7769

>In the Dungeons & Dragons fantasy roleplaying game, a balor is one of the most powerful types of tanar'ri demons. Of all the inhabitants of the Abyss, balors are second in power only to the demon lords, klurichirs, and myrmyxicus

234e3 No.7770

>consuming Demon blood makes you a demon
>What is Flesh Graft?

420b2 No.7771

File: 1508035683503.gif (335.08 KB, 215x194, 1505858251193-3.gif)

>tfw that got retconed

e4acb No.7772

If you have their powers, then maybe
>What is grafting
Grafting is a process by which part of a living entity is placed onto another living entity, and continues life with the same genetic structure and attributes. I.E., part of you is per se George Soros

e4acb No.7773

Also, you might have Jew AIDS

234e3 No.7774

Perhaps, although I'm not sure how GM will digest that homebrew

e4acb No.7775

If he were here, we'd take you to FAE, and she'd determine if you are a nightmare, or if you are now 5-10% George Soros

420b2 No.7776

do it feel my freindship curess you trump, make the roll.

e4acb No.7777

Dice rollRolled 5

234e3 No.7778

GM is alive and well, and he will return to us soon.

234e3 No.7779


7035f No.7780

File: 1508036059528.jpg (30.29 KB, 640x742, 1NmKiZZ_d.jpg)


234e3 No.7781

Is GM kill?

420b2 No.7782

File: 1508036244365.jpg (Spoiler Image, 93.9 KB, 602x709, 1507102529836.jpg)

>tfw you get your quads stolen.

7035f No.7783

e4acb No.7784

I'm afraid so
If you want, maybe write a little segment where Tracy is taken to Fae, who explains that Tracy is now a nightmare with super awesome powers, but any and all demon Jew blood has been metabolized by her liver by now, and has been chemically reconfigured into something else. Otherwise, I think the quad roll means you are now part Jew, and part George Soros more specifically

234e3 No.7785

File: 1508036377229-0.jpg (20.5 KB, 260x326, 35132938.jpg)

234e3 No.7786

Tracy would attack Fae the moment she saw her, in this state.

7035f No.7787

>me looking at the future voters of america

234e3 No.7788

Also, invalid roll. GM is not here.

e4acb No.7789

He said before that we are allowed to settle things with dice rolls when he is not here
Why would she attack Fae? Is it because Fae is a gentile and not a good goy at that?

234e3 No.7790

Yeah, but players can't roll for other players.
Well, partly..

e4acb No.7791

You need to roll. Chose who you shall be

234e3 No.7792

>rolling to fuck yourself
I refuse! I will wait for GM to patch things up (if he's still alive)

234e3 No.7793

Soros' blood is 99% the blood infused from children captured for him anyway. That's how he keeps living after all these centuries.

7035f No.7794

Fuck this shit,
Im going to bed

234e3 No.7795

Sleep well.
>*obligatory stirring of haggis*

420b2 No.7796

night meme man.

e4acb No.7797

It's a pretty straightforward fix. Say she's a Nightmare but 0% demon, and that if she smelled like demon earlier it's because the blood was in her briefly, but has since been, I guess, well, digested or otherwise destroyed. And also she does not have the JIV virus

61d07 No.7798

>tfw you wake up on the couch, without any intention of sleeping or even napping.
>tfw 3 hours have gone by.
Oh ffs what have I done. Shit.

420b2 No.7799

i knew youd return.

e4acb No.7800

Fix our problem!

61d07 No.7801

;_; I didn't mean or intend for this to happen, last thing I remember was eating for a moment and suddenly I'm waking up. Its lame as fuck but is the truth. ~_~
I'm almost finished catching up

61d07 No.7802

I'll say this without reservation, my understanding was that Tracy drank Thez' blood, and thereby what changes have occurred made her devilish, and not demonic. Again, there's a difference (lawful vs. chaoitic)

e4acb No.7803


420b2 No.7804

she drank soros's blood

61d07 No.7805

Okay, this says otherwise.

61d07 No.7806

>rubs face, still confused that things turned out this way.
Okay, from the appearance, not a whole lot has actually occurred since,… previous. Many apologies to Torcuil, as well as anyone else who has been inconvenienced by my sudden turn of departure.

234e3 No.7807

Are you okay?

e4acb No.7808

I need to know if Tracy is still Tracy, or we need to hover the Crystal Trump Tower 2000 feet over the ocean and drop her off

234e3 No.7809

>implying turning into a demon would make her act any different, even if she had

61d07 No.7810

sardonic laughter
I think so?
She seems fine. She's no more/less erratic than previous, and there's the horn-things (unless I've overlooked more cutting).
Is everyone still in the detention center?

e4acb No.7811

File: 1508039252344.png (625.42 KB, 774x787, 1501125565247.png)

Trumpaladin appreciates the difference
We're still in the detention center. Now what is she? Run her by Fae for a JIV test

234e3 No.7812

Tracy still needs fresh air

61d07 No.7813

Well, when 'last' I checked, I was under the impression that she had consumed Thez' blood which fits the "lawful" shift much better. Soros' blood would have resulted in a "chaotic" shift, but essentially the same effect overall.

61d07 No.7814

Its not a big deal, but one choice puts her closer to fitting as Trump's eventual mount

61d07 No.7815

>quaffs speed potion energy drink

e4acb No.7816

File: 1508039454972.png (96.72 KB, 358x392, pinkie_pie___suspicious_by….png)

What is that effect?
Trump has a zero tolerance policy on demons
That depends

234e3 No.7817

Does drinking blood really affect alignment? II was intending to do it again next chance I got.

61d07 No.7818

Technically there are no standing rules for this type of thing, we're on the fly with this though I was using it to explain Tracy's desired shift in alignment and character abilities/skills (from rogue to wilder).

e4acb No.7819

If she drinks demon-Jew blood, does she then become part demon-Jew, or is it digested and metabolized, but she retains powers?

e4acb No.7820

Also did she get Jew AIDS from Soros

234e3 No.7821

Can I trade barbarian for Wilder instead? I only wanted Rage, but I never get the chance to use it…

61d07 No.7822

IRL, GM looks to Thez with a hint of concern on his face. She shrugs at him. "Don't ask me what happened."
Thats fine.
This is another reason I was hoping it was Thez' blood, the whole demon-jew thing.

61d07 No.7823

Okay. The lasting effects of the transformation are 'generally' minimal. The intent was for Tracy to now be 'the slightest bit' observably altered, but with an accessable 'feral/bestial' mode to be explored in combat as needed.

234e3 No.7824

*gets up*

234e3 No.7825

Is this alternate form, or mind?

e4acb No.7826

File: 1508040018781.jpg (65.86 KB, 1065x800, d53.jpg)

So… is she part demon-Jew-globalist now?

234e3 No.7827

*leaves room*

61d07 No.7828

That really depends. I'ma let Tracy have the final say.
Which blood was it, and/or both?

234e3 No.7829

Only enough to become Trumpadin's Greatest Ally.

61d07 No.7830

>suggesting Thez' blood

234e3 No.7831

*pops bottle*
*downs it*

e4acb No.7832

Catches pony
Nah ah ah!

e4acb No.7833

Not until you've passed an AIDS test missy

234e3 No.7834

File: 1508040350602-0.jpeg (143.26 KB, 509x659, 269412__explicit_artist-c….jpeg)

Tracy is already immune to most STDs.

e4acb No.7835

But is she a Nightmare, or 10% demon jew?

e4acb No.7836

JIV is a very powerful virus

234e3 No.7837

*sticks head in bag of Moon Sugar*
*makes for the exit*

234e3 No.7838

Yeah, but it's closer to vampirism: it only affects dead targets.

e4acb No.7839

And back in the cell you go

420b2 No.7840

Dice rollRolled 17

grapples hoers

234e3 No.7841

Dice rollRolled 17

Slips out

e4acb No.7842

"Beware Inferius, she may be part globalist Jew-Demon"

61d07 No.7843

Those are some convincing rolls on both sides. Would you be mad if I concluded that you first drank Thez' blood and are now fighting with Infernius, trying to also drink the demon-jew bood?

e4acb No.7844

Just tell me what are the consequences of drinking demon blood, and then we'll decide if we care

61d07 No.7845

I mean it could be she drank Soros' blood and is now fighting to drink Thez', but that's harder to align with the desired overall progress (both being a wilder and trending toward Trump's mount)

234e3 No.7846

Dice rollRolled 3

>drinking a jew's blood makes you a jew now?
My plan was to drink the blood of every villain….
I already drank whatever it was

234e3 No.7847

Didn't mean to roll…

61d07 No.7848

With how I was planning things, the outcome of the demon blood would be an extra-planar shift towards demon (chaotic evil). Similarly, Thez' blood would be an extra-planar shift toward devil (lawful evil)

61d07 No.7849

If its both, thats actually easier too, in that she already experienced an internal crisis and fought off the developing 'thing', which would have trended toward chaos anyway (yes, more than she was already)

234e3 No.7850

Can I be neutral? Nightmare is Neutral Evil.

61d07 No.7851

Again, that would work if she drank both. It still doesn't put you as close to the desired alignment, but it would fit.

e4acb No.7852

Trump doesn't mount demons of any variety. Nightmares sure, but demons get helicopter rides
When you say "towards," do you mean "like in some respects" or do you mean "she becomes part jew demon and in the process acquires its characteristics"?

234e3 No.7853

>using items to change alignment
Tracy will decide her path by herself.

61d07 No.7854

In a not dissimilar sense to how Thez is significantly a devil (but not wholly) Tracy is now significantly,… that's up in the air,… but not wholly. Its basically a plot device to allow her to more fully Johnny Blaze without an even lengthier transition/explanation.

e4acb No.7855

A little is all it takes

61d07 No.7856

Ghost rider's character is observably and conclusively Lawful Evil, so I assumed that Tracy would naturally act to transition along those lines
>inb4 Tracy is trans
but again I didn't plan on waking up on the couch after several hours. >_<

e4acb No.7857

>Transitioning into a Judeo-Bolshevik
If she wanted to become a man, that's one thing. But this…

234e3 No.7858

File: 1508041290318-0.jpg (120.1 KB, 784x500, 195f8b.jpg)

In some versions, ghost rider is part angel, but whatever gets me there is what I'll do…

61d07 No.7859

Angels are also lawful,….

e4acb No.7860

File: 1508041406198.png (74.35 KB, 570x750, angry_rainbow_dash_by_scot….png)

Some different versions end with you and your friend in the ocean

234e3 No.7861

The Movie version is the Angel of Death The same one that killed all the first borns…
Dammit, Can nightmares even be part demon? I thought I'd just be half nightmare, after becoming extra-planar.

61d07 No.7862

Kek, this. What's in a name? You're still going to trend in the direction you want (like I'm gonna say "no, its too late now, you're fucked").

61d07 No.7863

Well, you weren't going to be part nightmare, you were going to be part Cauchemar tbh

234e3 No.7864

File: 1508041633938-0.png (174.9 KB, 500x610, fact-fact-36-ghost-rider-w….png)

All I wanted was to be able to use the Balor's whip…

61d07 No.7865

… but your nature as a Cauchemar was going to be largely repressed unless you went 'super saiyan' so to speak.

61d07 No.7866

Balor's whip is just a +1 flaming whip with an animation spell on it. You don't need to be a balor/demon for that.

e4acb No.7867

File: 1508041725551.png (191.62 KB, 1920x1080, Cauchemar.png)

>Not a Nightmare, but a Cauchemar

234e3 No.7868

I looked it up too…

61d07 No.7869

I know, its a minimal destinction, but the manual I have lists one as being essentially "The clydesdale of nightmares"

e4acb No.7870

Make her full Nightmare or whatever. But to be part demon, especially part George Soros, is an Abomination

234e3 No.7871

checks stats
>basically untra-buffed nightmare
I am okay with this.
I'll just have the Bull preach the Jew out of me.

420b2 No.7872

so about sacrificing yak lee.

e4acb No.7873

Is it possible to purge/convert demonic elements?

234e3 No.7874

Hitler has the power to purge Judaism.
Now would be the time.

61d07 No.7875

He don't wanna talk to me, so I'm not gonna obstruct,… though sacrifices are necessarily evil.
As much as its possible for an MLP pone to go nightmare from drinking blood,….

420b2 No.7876

what about a sacrafice to football?

e4acb No.7877

We're putting you on the Football Field and tackling you until it is all gone, or you have CTE too severe to function
Oh we can purge it alright, I am certain of that. What I am less certain about is if we can do it without killing her

234e3 No.7878

/mlp/ ponies will go nightmare over anything. You saw how easily Rarity lost her mind?

61d07 No.7879

Fair point (and Pinkie, and Twilight, and even Flutters for that matter)

e4acb No.7880

File: 1508042651275.png (1.93 MB, 1680x1080, 8849__safe_artist-colon-sc….png)

Did she go nightmare or did she transform into something different? Because it matters

234e3 No.7881

File: 1508042668884-0.gif (11.06 MB, 800x450, 1507996872145-0.gif)

Canon Nightmare Dash when?

61d07 No.7882

By her appearance? She just grew some little horns along her mane. Little blue gold-tipped ones. Also her breath is a little hotter than it was.

e4acb No.7883

File: 1508042825083.webm (15.72 MB, 640x360, 1508040763184.webm)

You have Pino-Dash, who, by the way, expresses perfectly my feelings on demons
No I mean what is her genetic profile now? Is she a Pony? A mixed blood? Something else?

61d07 No.7884

Thez, who has been watching the proceedings carefully, restricted only by her faggot passing out like a faggot, chimes in.
"You never answered my question!" directed at Tracy. "What the hell did you do?!"

e4acb No.7885

You get yours later Thez
Trumpaladin agrees with Thez

234e3 No.7886

*runs away*

e4acb No.7887

*Grabs creature*

420b2 No.7888

Dice rollRolled 18


e4acb No.7889

>Trips and 18
I stand corrected. Inferius Grabs creature

234e3 No.7890

Dice rollRolled 10

>he took muh rape
*bites and makes (probably useless) attemp to shake free*

61d07 No.7891

You're still in the detention center, you won't escape without combat.
Pino-dash is magnificent.
They seem resolved to prevent you from escaping.
"Better question, where did you get that blood." Thez worms her way ridiculously toward Tracy.

234e3 No.7892

*bites harder*

234e3 No.7893


61d07 No.7894

Tracy now has a solid bite on Trump's arm. Her teeth are a smidge pointier than they have been.

420b2 No.7895

dosent faze infernuis.

234e3 No.7896

I bit infernius

61d07 No.7897

Sorry, I thought Trump was the first to react so I assumed. Tracy has a solid bite on Infernius.

234e3 No.7898

Also, her teeth were always pointy (in canon). She's not unlike one of the Mares of Diomedes.

234e3 No.7899

Is Thez near by? I snapped at her.

e4acb No.7900

"Now why are her teeth different?" Trump wonders to himself, silently convicted of the answer

Tracy acquired Thez's blood when she cut off her tail after she fell unconscious from the blasphemy. Tracy acquired Soros's blood presumably from the severed arm

234e3 No.7901

Don't make me sodomize you with this knife!

61d07 No.7902

Still pointier.
She's getting there, but she's wrapped in bandages, it takes her a moment unless she <whooofs> which is taxing in her current state.
"I can tell by your scent that you've undergone an infernal transition. I don't know how you did it, let alone WHY."

420b2 No.7903


61d07 No.7904

I know that, but Thez missed it.
"I will say, you've really done it this time. There's no going back now, and this could have ramafications you didn't anticipate." she sighs.

234e3 No.7905

Dice rollRolled 18

>*knife in the pooper*

e4acb No.7906

"What did she do?" Trump asks Thez with a sensation of desparation

61d07 No.7907

She continues, "Whatever nature you have adopted, extra-planar beings have a hierarchy that cannot be denied. You can be influenced, and in some cases directed. Worst case, you can be controlled," she says as Tracy sticks a knife in Infernius' pooper.

420b2 No.7908

stab me in ass!!

61d07 No.7909

e_e "She appears to have stuck a knife in Infernius' butthole."

234e3 No.7910

You asked for it!

420b2 No.7911

Dice rollRolled 13

horn up tracy's asshole.

234e3 No.7912

>All she wanted was to go outside
[angry autistic hoers screeching noises]

e4acb No.7913

"Nevermind that!"
"Tell me more. Influenced and controlled by whom?"

e4acb No.7914

*with a very sad tone of voice, like putting down Old Yeller*
"Tracy, I don't think you're leaving for a very long time"

61d07 No.7915

Thez sighs and rips her way out her bandages again. "I'm never gonna heal at this rate," she says, exposing her dismal state again. She pulls out a largely rectangular green stone which begins to pulse and flicker with light. "As Above, So Below," she says, causing all movement (except from Trump, who is lawful) to cease.

234e3 No.7916

Dice rollRolled 10, 16 = 26

>*dodge and slice horn off*

61d07 No.7917

The party (again, excluding Trump AND TRACY IF SHE'S LAWFUL NOW) is frozen in a paralyzed stasis.

234e3 No.7918

[reees internally]

e4acb No.7919

"Please tell me. What did she do, what does it mean, and can we fix it?"

e4acb No.7920

And of course, we have not resolved if she is or is not lawful

234e3 No.7921

.. She's a good girl.. she dindu nuffin.

61d07 No.7922

"I suppose it was bound to happen eventually, given how she is and the numerous little comments she's made over the course of our interaction, but she's not fully hoers now. I mean she's still obviously a hoers, but there's more to her, and I don't know what that means. TBH, I'm kind of a dunce when it comes to such things. When I was reformed, it was under very strict and controlled circumstances. This,… this is nothing like that."

e4acb No.7923

"what do you believe she is now? And more importantly, what do you mean by controlled?"

61d07 No.7924

She limps over to Tracy and pokes her with a random-looking gnarled stick.
"See? She's not wounded, she's not diseased or cursed,… this is complicated."
"Well, whatever nature she now has would have a correlating 'master'. Think of it like vampires, where the "leader" can influence and in some cases control their "flock"," Thez thinks for a moment. "In one case, Soros may be able to affect her mind,…" still more thinking, to which Thez brightens significantly. "In another case, that would make us half-sisters!"

e4acb No.7925

"How would one become her "Master?" Would her master be the originator of the blood she ingested?"

234e3 No.7926

[bites internally]

61d07 No.7927

"Yes. Which could be Soros, or it could be my infernal mother," Thez says, putting away the large green stone and retrieving an equally large but entirely irregular midnight blue stone. Holding it aloft she says the word of Chaos. I'm still not sure what that word is, but whatever it is, she says it. The resounding wave impacts everyone except Infernius, who are all (in addition to being paralyzed) are stricken with nauseating convulsions.

420b2 No.7928

61d07 No.7929

Oblivious to Trump's sudden collapse cuz she's fixated on Tracy, "See? She's not immune to either the Dictum or the Chaos word. This is beyond my understanding, she says grimly putting the stone away. Its at this time that she realizes everyone is either paralyzed, nauseated, or both.
"Oh. My bad," she produces both stones, and enacts two circles, one of chaos one of law, and the party is relieved of any ill effects.

234e3 No.7930

Is a pin's drop away from mauling Thez

e4acb No.7931

Trumpaladin's annoyance at the stones is overcome by the suggestion that an agent of a higher demon is in the room.
"well what can we do about it?"

61d07 No.7932

Everyone is free to move, but everyone is also prone so the first move should be "Stand up"

420b2 No.7933

continues to grapple tracy

420b2 No.7934

Dice rollRolled 4

e4acb No.7935

Wrong. First move is "Grab demon puppet"

e4acb No.7936

Dice rollRolled 9


420b2 No.7937

Dice rollRolled 4


234e3 No.7938

Dice rollRolled 7

*stands up*
*kicks in the face with hind legs*

234e3 No.7939

Dice rollRolled 20

*Runs away*

420b2 No.7940

son of a bitch

e4acb No.7941

"I hope you realize how bad this could be. Tracy could be another Soros puppet now, like a damned antifa member"

420b2 No.7942

Aunt tifa?

e4acb No.7943

Thez, use a stone, or let her get away!

234e3 No.7944

>GM passed out again

61d07 No.7945

>tfw even in "last 50" my browser is fuggin up

234e3 No.7946

refresh the page

e4acb No.7947

"In the library a few days ago I was going through a volume of the history of a far off land known as Romania. They spoke of a most vile, wicked creature spawned straight from hell, and the most oppressive in all lands. The Judeo-Bolshevik. A creature that lives only to oppress and destroy. As Thez explained, it is controlled by blood, vampire-like. I think your prophet Hitler also spoke of the Judeo-Bolshevik, though I do not know enough to be sure. That creature we maimed a week ago - George Soros - I believe, was one of those, a Judeo-Bolshevik. And now, I think Tracy is too in some small part. She has the blood in her. But it's a big enough part for Soros to control her, to use her as his instrument."

61d07 No.7948

Except for this one, not the best of rolls. I'm gonna say that Tracy (enraged, and now with flames bursting from hooves and mane) barrels her way out of the quarantine area.

61d07 No.7949

I had to task-mgr close and reopen. It seems to be working alright now.

234e3 No.7950

Has she gotten any larger yet?

420b2 No.7951

what we do with tracy?

234e3 No.7952

You'll have to give her a new master then.

e4acb No.7953

"I do not know, I really don't."
I mean, if you can be controlled with bodily fluids…

234e3 No.7954

Combine Run feat with Escape Artist skill and GTFO

61d07 No.7955

Dice rollRolled 17

Nothing apparent.
"First, we stop her," Thez says, before <whoofing> to the city's main gate.

e4acb No.7956

"But she's gone now. Like Soros"

420b2 No.7957

maybe if me drink angel blood we catch her?

e4acb No.7958

"What can we do even? She'll be back anyways. With her brood father when he returns, most likely"

61d07 No.7959

With a greater strength than she's previously known, Tracy successfully evades all the people who try and corral, obstruct, or detain her. Thez is there, still all fucked up, but with a look of seriousness she hasn't shown before. Tracy is in full flight, so she has the attack of opportunity.

e4acb No.7960

"Let's not drink any more blood. Too many possible unforeseen consequences"

234e3 No.7961

Dice rollRolled 11

*charges right over her*

e4acb No.7962

"She's gone Thez"

234e3 No.7963

Why didn't I just stab?

420b2 No.7964

we go help thez!
infernuis charges throrugh where tracy ran through.

61d07 No.7965

Dice rollRolled 13

T> Stunning fist

234e3 No.7966

Dice rollRolled 1


234e3 No.7967


e4acb No.7968

Dice rollRolled 4

You fucked up. Grab Soros-puppet

61d07 No.7969

Thez strikes Tracy in the sternum, leaving her momentarily unable to move (stunned).
"You could run if you really want. I will even let you, even though my faggot will REEEEEE for the next hour, but what would holding you back accomplish? We're not your enemy. I didn't put up that quarantine, and its not what I would have chosen. Still, I can't blame you if you're not happy with how things turned out. The choice is yours," she says, stepping aside as Tracy regains composure.
Your move.

61d07 No.7970

You're all still back at the quarantine area, which is a good 100 feet away or so (she was in a full-sprint, evade so even though she took penalties against incoming attacks, she evaded and made good her escape).

420b2 No.7971

Dice rollRolled 20

GRapple tracy

234e3 No.7972

Dice rollRolled 4

>expecting a rational response from a hysterical hoers
*runs away*

234e3 No.7973


e4acb No.7974

"Thez, how does this 'control' work? Is it whoever's bodily fluids are inside of her?"

61d07 No.7975

Infernius is the first to arrive on scene as Tracy begins to again escape. He successfully tangles up her legs in a tackle, granting an additional moment to stop her, but otherwise not preventing anything nor successfully grappling (the 20 went toward the pursuit)

234e3 No.7976

Dice rollRolled 6, 11 = 17

*rear kick*
*runs away*

e4acb No.7977

Dice rollRolled 5

Grapple with all the strength of Football

420b2 No.7978

Dice rollRolled 19

grab tail and pull towards me

234e3 No.7979

Dice rollRolled 11

*kicks you in the face with the rage of 6 gorillion suns*

234e3 No.7980

Dice rollRolled 2


234e3 No.7981


61d07 No.7982

"Bob, keep an eye on her," Thez says behind her, and in response the words "Swift defeat to my enemies can be heard, while an arrow with a golden boxing glove for an arrowhead shoots vertically out of her quiver, attached to a maroon rope, attached to a translucent green bow with a shadowy essence trailing off of it.
Tracy kicks Infernius, but not damagingly, it just wonks him in the jaw.
She again takes flight, while the bow trails off after her.
"In my experience, its like an impulse. An urge to act in a particular way that is not internally motivated. Its only been done to me once, and I wasn't particularly conscious at the time."
It appears everyone is joining in on this.

61d07 No.7983

So now it seems that everyone is involved in a Bugs Bunny cluster-smoke-brawl.

e4acb No.7984

Dice rollRolled 3

Now you done fucked up you blue bitch! Smash the blue soros puppet in the head

234e3 No.7985

Dice rollRolled 2

*Runs away*

e4acb No.7986

"Aw fuck it!"
*Withdraws Vanderiem*

234e3 No.7987


61d07 No.7988

Since everyone keeps missing, no one either lands a successful blow NOR breaks the grapple, and the cluster fight continues.
"Uhm,… guys,…" Thez says

420b2 No.7989

Dice rollRolled 8

grabs vanderiem with force powers

e4acb No.7990

It's Inferius's turn, right?

234e3 No.7991

Dice rollRolled 1

*Just fucking runs towards the field*

420b2 No.7992

you no hurt tracy,trump

e4acb No.7993

Dice rollRolled 9

Holds the fuck on to Vanderiem
"You're not helping Soros win this. Be against them or be with them"

61d07 No.7994

I'm actually waiting to see if anyone lands something to decide what's happening. So far everyone is still in a brawl

234e3 No.7995


e4acb No.7996

"She's not Tracy. Not anymore. Tracy is gone"

61d07 No.7997

Thez does know a spell that will 'resolve' the situation, and she's very near to using it, just saying.

420b2 No.7998

tracy still in there, you no hurt friend!!!

e4acb No.7999


e4acb No.8000

I know the cure

234e3 No.8001

Was that an action?

e4acb No.8002


e4acb No.8003

It's the only way to save her

234e3 No.8004

[autistic screeching stops]

61d07 No.8005

>tfw I'm not the only one thinking it
Thez <whoofs> away, while the fighting ensues. She's now outside the gate, not far from the entrance, and she's chanting.

420b2 No.8006

so are you about to fug tracy?

e4acb No.8007

Trump comes to the conclusion that the only way to liberate Tracy from Soros or Thez's demon mother is to make himself her controller, which he believes can be done by the same way Soros/Thez's evil mother gained control - by inserting some of his own fluids into her

e4acb No.8008

Yes, it's the only reasonable course of action

61d07 No.8009

O_O It,… it doesn't quite work that way
"Shhh, this is getting good"

234e3 No.8010

If I just changed into the Wilder class, I can pic on 1st level wilder power, correct?

234e3 No.8011

It YES work that way!

61d07 No.8012

You guys don't have the whole story, its all been so sudden that I,…
"WILL <smack> YOU <smack> SHUT <smack> UP <smack>?"

420b2 No.8013

dubs confirm.

61d07 No.8014

Not consciously, but yes

e4acb No.8015

Trumpaladin proceeds with a target that is strangely non-resisting

61d07 No.8016

Thez completes her spell and stands waiting. She looks an awful lot like a female Freddy Kruger, but she's using full concentration in spite.

e4acb No.8017

I laughed so fucking loud at this. And yes it does work that way

234e3 No.8018

Press X to mount.

e4acb No.8019

See >>7999 and >>8000. So yes, X

420b2 No.8020

*lets go of tracy*

61d07 No.8021

>GM shrugs, "It is a horsefucker board."
>Thez is transfixed (both in game and not) @_@

61d07 No.8022

… lets not get carried away with the details now,….

420b2 No.8023

infernuis stares in a mixture of disgust and intrigue.

e4acb No.8024

Suffice to say that Trumpaladon has a hold on Tracy and is executing his plan

234e3 No.8025


e4acb No.8026

File: 1508048422164.png (1.91 MB, 1689x2043, 1290565__explicit_artist-c….png)

Trumpalaidn fears pony AIDS, but continues for the sake of saving Tracy

61d07 No.8027

>_< Why do I bother planning anything anymore?
Thez however, sorta tackles Infernius.
"I know all about what you were planning"

e4acb No.8028

And Trump completes his plan by transference of the controlling power

420b2 No.8029

me sorry you no get to eat steak.
* infernuis says from under? thez*

234e3 No.8030

What is Thez doing?

e4acb No.8031

"TRACY IS CURED!" Trump yells, putting back on his pants

234e3 No.8032

*collapses, twitching erratically*

61d07 No.8033

Very subtle. ^_~
Oh, doesn't she (pun intended)?
Thez is letting Infernius lead.
The crowd of Port Barry stares awkwardly, including Fae who can't even.

e4acb No.8034

Please no. Keep Port Barry in the city on the other side of the wall and river, and Fae on the other side of the fort

234e3 No.8035

File: 1508048902074-0.jpg (58.76 KB, 809x808, 3772501_c4e2565f3be421c2c0….jpg)

>everyone gets laid, except for Torquil

61d07 No.8036

You just had to step aside didn't you. You couldn't have tied her up, or incapacitated her, oh no.
"Are you KIDDING? This shit is not canon!" Trumpaladin edits with an Orwellian grin.

61d07 No.8037

>implying he's not getting molested by his hoers

61d07 No.8038

Uh, you guys never quite left the city, and with the commotion people are bound to wander over.

234e3 No.8039

File: 1508049006456-0.jpg (27.33 KB, 600x600, e12.jpg)

Good for him, then.

420b2 No.8040

it- its alright says infernuis

e4acb No.8041

But the detention center is a part of the coastal fortress, which is outside of the city walls

61d07 No.8042

"Wh,… what manner of paladin ARE you," Fae asks with a detectable note of disgust in her voice.

61d07 No.8043

This is news to me. That would decrease the civilian witnesses (still some guards tho), but Fae still saw it.

234e3 No.8044

File: 1508049158530-0.png (5.29 KB, 460x460, 1050485__safe_artist-colon….png)

*smugs at Fae*

61d07 No.8045

>wubs, she lets him be dominant
>_< facepalming

e4acb No.8046

*Why did she have to be so close*
"one who is willing to sacrifice much to save a teammate"

420b2 No.8047

>tfw infernuis died a virgin so he dosent know how to be agressive in this area.

61d07 No.8048

This is far and wide from what I had intended. There was supposed to be a fight and a new faction introduced. C'est la vive.

234e3 No.8049

File: 1508049322845-0.png (421.92 KB, 717x957, 702279__suggestive_artist-….png)

Fug her opinion!

234e3 No.8050

Act like a bull should, you wimp! Don't disappoint her.

234e3 No.8051

This is better.

420b2 No.8052

>bull mode activated.

61d07 No.8053

Thez's skills include dancing, if you follow. She knows how to 'incite' someone to 'act'. Lets just say Infernius (who previously indicated he was still interested) has accomplished his intentions.
It certainly resolves character ambitions MUCH quicker than I had anticipated,….

e4acb No.8054

File: 1508049569120.jpg (267.6 KB, 1024x662, 1507501064694.jpg)

Here is the map of Port Barry. As you can see, there is a fortress to the right of the harbor. That would be the most logical location for an immigration detention center, because it is away from the city, making transmission of disease less likely.

>Dying of embarssment, and possibly also pony AIDS

Can I speak to Fae?

e4acb No.8055

NOPE. Not a waifu! Just want to free her from Soros

234e3 No.8056

e4acb No.8057


61d07 No.8058

So for sake of brevity (and to allow ample room for a potential green-text) let us say that the characters "resolve their differences" over the ensuing evening (game-time).
Fae, thoroughly disgusted, says something about "the weirdest paladin she's ever seen", before taking her leave. Tracy is now thoroughly fixated on Trump (like that's new) and Infernius finds out just how "obscure" Thez' tastes are (no spoilers ^_~).

234e3 No.8059

File: 1508049748809-0.jpg (425.25 KB, 1072x2016, 666411__safe_artist-colon-….jpg)

[affectionate hoers noises]

61d07 No.8060

Yes of course, I was typing while you were posting. Your description makes perfect sense

e4acb No.8061

Goddamn it!

61d07 No.8062

Sidenote, why IS Tracy so skinny?
No, you're good.

e4acb No.8063

With Fae? If I double time the training of the Port Barry Generals, (part of the United States Football League, and the Team Trump owns) will that help?

234e3 No.8064

>why IS Tracy so skinny?
Because W00t is a literal nigger who can't draw (She's named Tracy because she was traced from fluttershy).
She also lived on the streets eating garbage and corpses.

61d07 No.8065

I mean "You're good" to talk to her, not that things are "good" with her,… cuz they're not. Xp
Hmmm. This should be fixed desu.

e4acb No.8066

Great, I go try to talk to Fae

61d07 No.8068

Her jaw is still (>>8067 DELET THIS) on the ground

234e3 No.8069

File: 1508050195739-0.jpg (36.98 KB, 510x720, 417778__suggestive_artist-….jpg)

we Paladin's Mount nao
She really was just an April Fool's joke of an OC. Her element is Unoriginality.

61d07 No.8070

File: 1508050277045.jpg (8.48 KB, 209x200, exasperated_trixie_by_pyro….jpg)

Tracy I assume, is still reveling in what just transpired
Fae is the face of exasperation, as Trump attempts to talk to her.
"I had no idea,…." she says.

bf3f4 No.8071

File: 1508050316060.png (265.47 KB, 1280x720, image.png)

Um… If you say so…

61d07 No.8072

I don't mean literally, that was just a Flutterfag speaking

420b2 No.8073

*cuddles thez*

61d07 No.8074

>implying finished

420b2 No.8075

afterwords m8

234e3 No.8076

File: 1508050445132.png (56.19 KB, 250x284, Love conquers all.png)

[smugness intensifies]

e4acb No.8077

"Fae, I want you to understand that all I do I do for Elway. Tracy is instrumental in helping the spread of Football and NOTHING MORE. Soros gained control over her when she ingested some of his bodily fluids. I figured to only way to prevent that one from being lost forever to Soros was to replace his control with my own, through making her take my fluids. THERE IS NO ROMANTIC MEANING. AT ALL. I am here for Football, American, and Elway. You know those best of all"

61d07 No.8078

I meant/took no offense, that was just bantz.
Uhhhh, ok.
"I am tasked with aiding and developing this land which is entirely new an uncharted amongst the outer realms (the Game world has been sekret until recent events), and you have me to call upon if you're in need,… though not that kind. I will depart and process for the time being. If you need, call on me." She spreads her wings and flies off to a random part of the city wall.

234e3 No.8079

File: 1508050853225-0.jpeg (341.39 KB, 1190x858, 652465__safe_artist-colon….jpeg)

Dice rollRolled 6

Rolling for Diplomacy check, to get the kitty to buzz off forever.

61d07 No.8080

You're still ecstatic (especially considering what I HAVEN'T told you)

234e3 No.8081

She tried…

e4acb No.8082

Goddamn it!
I better not have fucking pony AIDS now

e4acb No.8083

Also, that better have fucked the demon right out of her

61d07 No.8084

Newp, no aids.
Newp, just 'gave her what she wanted' desu

234e3 No.8085

It at least fucked the Jew out.

61d07 No.8086

Well here's the thing, (and this is why I made mention that you didn't have the full story) that was never an issue or concern. Realize, Thez has VERY limited experience with this sort of thing. Thez' transformation came as a result of interaction with a principle (master) of one of the 9 Hells. Tracy's transformation came from consuming a mix of demon and devil blood. There would not be the same effects, even if Thez DID know the lengths and breadths of such things.

e4acb No.8087


234e3 No.8088

[romantic hoers noises]

61d07 No.8089