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File: 1508101430059.jpg (51.05 KB, 400x255, ninjahorsewait.jpg)

30b98 No.8268[Last 50 Posts]

Previous thread,… oh hell it should be obvious by now.
Continuing the Game.

679c3 No.8272

File: 1508101646213.png (941.52 KB, 1400x1000, 1502858190770-2.png)

i make bulletin board in my room(assumeing i can find the materials
>pic related.

30b98 No.8273

Dice rollRolled 19, 1 = 20

The peasants on the road notice the centaur-things and are keeping their distance, but they're fixated on the quarantine area. The first to the entry way calls to the others.
Most of them head toward the quarantine gate, while a few begin to walk around the building.

30b98 No.8274

He makes contact with the guard at the gate and completely botches his diplomacy check, and gets the door slammed in his face.

30b98 No.8275

Also, Trump's explanation makes much more sense, though I'd allow the casino regardless.

f2703 No.8276

File: 1508102006091-0.png (Spoiler Image, 87 KB, 525x596, 1507945242080-0.png)

You mean the quarantine area in Port Barry?

30b98 No.8277

Yep. Spoiler, they're looking for Thez, as well as that green stone she used last night.

f2703 No.8278

The centaur-things.
*follow furtively, but closely in stealth, knife out, keeping a careful eye on their balls.

30b98 No.8279

They have no balls. As you approach they don't appear organic at all, but more of a mechanical construct.
As you begin to near, they all sprout wings and lift into the air.

b8ba8 No.8280

Trumpaladin does early morning practice on what will be the field of Mile High Stadium. On that field are the players he has selected for his New Jersey Port Barry Generals, who shall play for his United States Football League - the Universal Church of Football. Terry, now the head of the Davissian Mendicant Order, watches as well. Trumpaladin gives them all pointers on how to play, what they do right and wrong, and occasionally joins in himself to show them how it's done.

All the while, Trump wonders to himself if Fae will ever overcome the negative impression of him left by last night

679c3 No.8281

oh fuck.

f2703 No.8282

Oh, that's no fun…
Make my way back to wherever the part is, at full speed.
Never. She'll never respect you the same way Tracy does.

30b98 No.8283

Kek. From your position, you can see the centaurs as they take to the air, the sunlight glinting off their armor. I'm not sure how far you are at the moment, but its in the distance.

30b98 No.8284

They fly in rigid formation, angling over the walls of the quarantine area. From her position, Tracy can hear the guards go on alert.

5f536 No.8285

The last thread was bad enough I couldn't fucking post.
1: have we ever determined what metal I got?
2: do I hear these centaurs?

b8ba8 No.8286

"Well Shit," Trump says as he lets another player he had tackled down on the ground. "Everyone, look over there." Trump runs forward, and yells out to those present who are members of the militia "Ready air defenses. If necessary" as he runs towards a tower

30b98 No.8287

Cold Iron, and that depends on where you are, I'm not sure

f2703 No.8288

Just push through (what is my speed, 50 ft?), in stealth towards where the party is.
Also, when will I be able to change size? Do I need to train towards that?

30b98 No.8289

Dice rollRolled 17, 15, 9, 10, 10, 14, 7 = 82

b8ba8 No.8290

Also, can Trumpaladin do an alignment test on the flying centaur robots?

5f536 No.8291

I'm where ever I got the metal still

30b98 No.8292

Don't worry, it'll happen soon. I'm figuring she has to be agitated to first discover it.
The commotion inside the quarantine increases, until 7 distinct "HOLD" commands can be heard, and the sounds from within diminish. The gate to the quarantine is locked, and the guard posted there is currently unable to move.

30b98 No.8293

No, you would have had to be outside to see it.

5f536 No.8294

Torcuil hears a commotion outside, so goes to check it out

30b98 No.8295

You will be able to, yes. The creatures are inside, scouring the quarantine area for clues and information.

f2703 No.8296

Employ Open Lock skill: Pick lock with knife and push through.

679c3 No.8297

im guessing i dont know whats going on?

30b98 No.8298

Okay, Tracy is at the door, Trump is not far behind, and Torcuil is in Port Barry. Some of the peasants are distracted, whispering "Did you see that?" to one another.

b8ba8 No.8299

With a sigh, then a pause, Trumpaladin fills his lungs with air, then cries out to the sky, "FAE, PORT BARRY NEEDS YOU - Needs us"

30b98 No.8300

Dice rollRolled 12

Correct. Don't worry, they'll be along shortly.

f2703 No.8301

>Trump is not far behind
Fug. Turn around and go where he is.
"We have visitors!"

b8ba8 No.8302

I should be on the opposite side of town still though

30b98 No.8303

Success, you are able to pick the lock.
From along the city wall, you hear a loud roar, and you can see Fae lift off in your direction.
Oh snap, I misjudged the distance. Okay, you're still not there then, and sorry Tracy, but that didn't happen.

f2703 No.8304

keep going

b8ba8 No.8305

Trump's helpers at the field have already helped him into his armor, and he awaits Fae's arrival, with Vanderiem now on him

f2703 No.8306

in stealth, on all fours (max speed)

30b98 No.8307

Its a moot point anyway, as Fae lands unceremoniously in front of Trump.
"How may I be of assistance, good horsefucker?" her eye twitches as she says it.

30b98 No.8308

Inside the quarantine?

f2703 No.8309

Towards wherever the party is (I have the Scent ability: I can smell him)

b8ba8 No.8310

"There…" Trumps stumbles in his words and is about to say something in correction, but stops himself, and then collects himself.
"Over there, in the sky. Can you see it? Winged Centaurs I think. I don't know if they are hostile or friendly, but we should go meet them." Trump gets on Fae's back, and unable to fully resist the temptation to argue, whispers "it was only to stop her from turning over to Soros. There was no other way"

30b98 No.8311

Ah good. I'm not sure where he is precisely, but he's simple enough to detect. And she's off!

b8ba8 No.8312

And Trump flies towards the centaurs, Fae permitting

5f536 No.8313

So have I noticed this shit?
(Also I'll be back)

30b98 No.8314

"Of course."
Trump takes off, and sees Tracy running in his direction, looking much more like a normal warpony, but still obvious considering her armor and such.

30b98 No.8315

You know something is up, the locals are all talking about it now. Some sort of flying man-horses.

b8ba8 No.8316

"Uh… Is there anywhere else, literally anywhere else, we can land that is near the centaurs"

30b98 No.8317

Don't worry, they're coming to you in a manner of speaking. Or rather, they can be seen flying out the top of the quarantine and heading toward Trump tower.
They know exactly where Thez is at now, and are making a bee-line.

f2703 No.8318

>His butt-cheeks are pressed into someone else's back
[reees internally]
How retarded would it me to entangle her tail with my whip and enact the Use Rope skill to get myself u there?

b8ba8 No.8319

We then make a bee-line for them. When near enough, Trump will yell out "excuse me, are you here for something?"

30b98 No.8320

Dice rollRolled 4

You have a whip now? I know you mentioned wanting one but,… okay you have a whip now.

f2703 No.8321

I made a whip weeks ago.

30b98 No.8322

As you approach, one of them turns to you.

f2703 No.8323

[internal reeeing intensifies]
>Momentarily wishes she weren't a mudpony

30b98 No.8324

Oh,… right,… I was just testing you. ._.

b8ba8 No.8325

"Who does it concern?" Trump yells back

30b98 No.8326

Thats good, cuz Nightmares can fly, and I would imagine that in her frustration, she might just do some sort of leap or something and realize she's not affected by gravity anymore.

f2703 No.8327

*rapidly scampers over to the point of action any way she can*

30b98 No.8328


b8ba8 No.8329

"Why are you here in Port Barry? Why are you going towards my luxury apartment tower?"

30b98 No.8330

As Tracy scampers back and forth, she stomps the ground in frustration, flames erupting again along her hooves, her mane/tail, and smoke starts to seep from her eyes.

f2703 No.8331

Are these Golem Knights? They count as Cuacemar Nightmares of the Construct variety, in this form, don't they?
If not, are they Zelekhuts?

30b98 No.8332

And with that they proceed to surround the tower.
"Fug" says Thez, finally seeing whats happening.

f2703 No.8333

>Eyes on fire

30b98 No.8334


f2703 No.8335

I'm going to want their chains.

b8ba8 No.8336

"A law violator?" Trump is now intrigued. "Do you need the assistance of a local?"

f2703 No.8337

[reeeeeing intensifies]
*take off at full speed towards area of acrion, hooves flailing* (fug stealth!)

30b98 No.8338

Dice rollRolled 14, 7, 2 = 23

Tracy, in a moment of intuition leaps in the air and finds (as said) that she is not bound by gravity anymore. She doesn't have wings, but she can sorta fly-gallop.
The whole damn things are awesome resources desu, that's where the last pile of rare metals came from.

679c3 No.8339

infernuis is hearing stuff outside?

30b98 No.8340

3 of the Zs cast dimensional anchor in a manner that envelops the tower.
"Infernius, you might wanna see this," Thez calls out.

b8ba8 No.8341

"Okay then" Trump says softly, mostly to himself. He watches now, keeping distance, ready to alternatively charge in or leave

679c3 No.8342

what is it thez?

f2703 No.8343

>doesn't consider why she isn't falling
>still reeeeing
*tears like heck towards crystal*
>flying speed, 90 ft
Can that put me between me and the crystal?

30b98 No.8344

When Torcuil gets back, he can fast-forward to where he would "be" amidst all this.

f2703 No.8345

tham and the crystal*

f2703 No.8346

I'm going to have to go soon…!

b8ba8 No.8347

Where would he be? Tourcil's character is even more indifferent than Trump's

Also, Fae should do a scan on these mechanicus soldiers

f2703 No.8348

Thatr Magneto staff could come in handy
>tfw RPing on borrowed time

30b98 No.8349

"They are Lawful Neutral. They will not hesitate to defend themselves, and may even attack if we approach."

b8ba8 No.8350

"Sounds like we should stay back. Do you know who they are and what they want?"

f2703 No.8351

>knife in maw
>scrambling on all fours
>angry as fuck
*literally fuming*

30b98 No.8352

You can fly toward them, but they've got the entrance surrounded.
One of them calls out to within the tower.

679c3 No.8353

i go to where thez is.

30b98 No.8354

"They are a particular construct that is tasked with maintaining law and order on the Clockwork plane. They would not be here without cause."

b8ba8 No.8355

Worried now. "Any idea what that cause may be? Can we ally with them? Also, 'Clockwork Plane?'"

30b98 No.8356

As you exit the mess area, you see Thez on the staircase, and the Z's arrayed outside the two entrance to the tower. "Whoopsie," she unconvincingly states.

30b98 No.8357

"It seems that someone inside the tower has warranted their pursuit. They do not venture outside their plane for anything minor. The plane is populated entirely by mechanical constructs and the few organic life forms that create them."

679c3 No.8358

WHAT FUCK! who they!?

f2703 No.8359

Dice rollRolled 20, 4 = 24

How many?
>Beside herself with rage
>is charging without paying heed to anything
*push through between them*
Thermal-cut anything that get's in my way, if it does (does this count as a ride-by attack?)
Oh shit, I g2g for a bit

b8ba8 No.8360

*sights deeply, then briefly covers his eyes with his hands*
Trumpaladin flies over to catch Tracy. You know, before she starts a war

30b98 No.8361

As Trump dialogues with Fae, Tracy comes flying up from the rear.

30b98 No.8362

"Uhm,… old friends?" she's being obviously coy.

30b98 No.8363

Alright, I have an errand to run myself. Back in a few.

30b98 No.8364

~10 min

679c3 No.8365

they want to hurt thez?

b8ba8 No.8366

Not Dialoguing anymore. Trump yells out loudly to Tracy "CEASE." He wonders if he succeeded in forming a connection last night, and if so, how it may be used. He thinks about asking Fae how that would be exploited, since she might know, but decides that that is definitely not a good idea

f2703 No.8367

Is that even possible? I'm more than twice your speed.
>tfw by the end of that 10 min, I'll have to leave for about an hour…

b8ba8 No.8368

I'm closer to them than you. Also maybe mind connection, maybe

30b98 No.8369

I can wait, I thought you were leaving this instant

30b98 No.8370

Dice rollRolled 16, 18, 16, 4, 4, 3, 15 = 76

"Its certainly not a social call," she says proceeding to the door.
"Yeah what? I guess you guys are here for this right?" she says, retrieving the green stone.

f2703 No.8371

>mind connection
That could work.. if you accepted her as your mount and gave her the class….

30b98 No.8372

All 7 cast hold monster, which fail because Thez has magic resistance.

30b98 No.8373

Dice rollRolled 14, 11, 16, 9, 19, 17 = 86

b8ba8 No.8374

Well, Trump's last action to call out to Tracy telling her not to attack

f2703 No.8375

..H-how does she stop in mid air..?

30b98 No.8376

First move goes to Torcuil, who I assume is using his transmutation rod to levitate

30b98 No.8377

Like wiley coyote

679c3 No.8378

runs to where thez is and cast burn on the faggots that are shooting at us for no reason.

30b98 No.8379

Dice rollRolled 12

Burn? Can you be more specific?

679c3 No.8380

the enchantment on my sword. remember lennos did it.

30b98 No.8381

Also, how did you know you're next? You ARE next though

b8ba8 No.8382

Trump's next move depends on whether Tracy attacks the law-bringers or not

30b98 No.8383

Oh right, the sword ignites. Unfortunately, they're flying and you can't close the distance.
All 7 of the Z's sprout golden spiked chains that start whirling around them.

f2703 No.8384

*is reeing*
What happened in those last couple turns?

f2703 No.8385

Ah shit, now I REALLY g2g…!

30b98 No.8386

You said an hour ish yes?

b8ba8 No.8387

Uh… GM, where was Tracy's last position, especially relative to the law-bringers and Trump

30b98 No.8388

Well, she said she wanted to know how to stop, so I'm assuming she did. It was her turn anyway. Her momentum carried her past you, but she's stopped.

30b98 No.8389

Its your move now. While you decide I'm gonna run my errand (it won't take 10, that was a worst-case)

30b98 No.8390


b8ba8 No.8391

Well, if Tracy stopped before attacking the law bringers, Trump yells out "Get back! They are here to maintain law, not to attack us. But if you attack them, they may attack us and Port Barry. Back away from them!"

Also, if I have free moves, I want to ask Fae
1. Does she know why they may be here?
2. Is there any way to engage them diplomatically?
3. What is the clockwork plane?

30b98 No.8392

Fae says "Well, that's not quite true. They won't harm non-combatants, so the citizens will be safe. Also, it seems they're after that one, and we will be unable to reason with them," she says pointing to Thez, who is visible at the entrance

b8ba8 No.8393

Trumpaladin can only express "huh" to the thought that Thez might be their target.
"If the Blue One attacks, will they attack us?"

30b98 No.8394

"Unlikely, as long as we don't expressly provoke them or interfere."

30b98 No.8395

"What's the matter? Are you lot just gonna stand there flapping your wings?" Thez goads the Z's.

b8ba8 No.8396

"Oh" Trump says to Fae. Trump yells out, not just to the Blue One, but to literally everyone "carry on!" as he continues to watch the scene.

It's much like when the police come and finally arrest that creepy guy who lives down the road. You don't really know why he's being arrested, but you are sure he deserves it, and it's an entertaining spectacle

b8ba8 No.8397

File: 1508108114745.gif (1.28 MB, 662x600, b8c.gif)

30b98 No.8398

Dice rollRolled 16

"I guess its my turn then. I do so love breaking things," Thez says as from her little garter-knife sheath a full-length almost-katana. It's dark blue with little flecks of crystals embedded in it, and the back is jagged crystals (not an edge per say, but jagged enough to cut with) while the main edge is thick and blunted. It looks like a glorified Boken.
"Lets do this then!" and she leaps forward at the closest one, who gets an attack of opportunity.

f2703 No.8399

>gets back
Now what?

30b98 No.8400

Dice rollRolled 5, 12, 15, 1, 1 = 34

The chain glances off her, doing no damage and failing to grapple. She's wielding it two-handed, and attacks.

b8ba8 No.8401

Trumpaldin has released you. Do as you please

30b98 No.8402

rly? Sigh.
The first 3 attacks land.

30b98 No.8403

Dice rollRolled 1, 5, 1 + 96 = 103

679c3 No.8404

Dice rollRolled 3

i follow thezs lead and jump attack one of them.

679c3 No.8405

Fuck me right.

30b98 No.8406

Rly? Rly. Oh well, that's still enough to send the first one crashing to the ground. Unfortunately, her sword gets tangled in its chains and she loses it.

30b98 No.8407

Its not your turn yet,… and you can't fly.

30b98 No.8408

you might try airwalk

679c3 No.8409

i just jump realy good.

30b98 No.8410

Oh, you'll be able to hit him, but what then? Cat's fall or whatever only diminishes the damage from a fall by an effective 10 feet.

b8ba8 No.8411

Trumpaladin moves into position to rescue the falling inferius when he messes up his dice roll

f2703 No.8412

Idk if I'm even following, I missed so much
>sensed motive earlier
>has calmed down
*clears throat*
"Well, it seems pretty obvious to me..
Thez must have stolen something very important to a lot of very vengeful people and broken some kind of ironclad rule that maintains peace in the Mechanus realm, so they sent these things after her to deliver justice.
>is transitioning to lawful
"…. So, ~Flashy, what are you going to do?"

*draws knife*

679c3 No.8413

Dice rollRolled 4

i grapple with my second attack

30b98 No.8414

Dice rollRolled 2

So its Torcuil's turn, but levitate sucks (20'/round). I'm going to assume he uses his Power rod to magic missile.

b8ba8 No.8415

File: 1508108737605.png (392.19 KB, 1280x720, Rainbow_Dash_Popcorn_1_S1E….png)

Trumpaladin flies over to Tracy, and offers her a bag of popcorn. Obviously he offered popcorn to Fae first.

30b98 No.8416

… which is totally ineffective cuz Zs also have spell resistance.
NOW its your turn. So, you're jumping at one, attacking, and then attempting a grapple? Are you sure that's what you want to do? You really should cast airwalk. Just saying.

f2703 No.8417

*accepts popcorn*
"Those spiked-chains look awesome.."

679c3 No.8418

Dice rollRolled 9

yes thats my move.

f2703 No.8419

*ponders how she's able to stand in mid air, suddenly*

30b98 No.8420

Dice rollRolled 5

I did warn you. Infernius leaps magnificently from the tower and brings his flaming sword to bear against the Z. While his strike does not effectively land, he does damage from the fire.
As he attempts to make his second attack - a grapple - he realizes he is wielding a two-handed weapon and has no free hands.

b8ba8 No.8421

A lot of women wonder that after experiencing the Trump

30b98 No.8422


b8ba8 No.8423

*sigh* move to intercept falling Inferius

30b98 No.8424

Dice rollRolled 4


30b98 No.8425

Dice rollRolled 11


679c3 No.8426

playing my character.

30b98 No.8427

Trump grabs him but is unable to hold on, but Fae is able to grab him with her claws.

30b98 No.8428

Well played, I get it.

679c3 No.8429

as im falling im sobbing violently due to phobia of falling.

30b98 No.8430

Dice rollRolled 8, 3, 18, 18, 9, 3 = 59

The Z that Infernius attacked is momentarily surprised, but pays him no mind as he falls away.
With Thez in the open, all six go full attack with their spinning chains.

f2703 No.8431

Have any of the bots been defeated?
>momentarily considers finishing one of them off in a sneak attack

30b98 No.8432

Dice rollRolled 16, 13, 3, 13, 11, 6 = 62

30b98 No.8433

In a dizzying display of acrobatic prowess, Thez deflty avoids every chain, laughing at some points at the Z's continuous failure.

b8ba8 No.8434

Trump gets an idea
"Maybe Lenos knows what the hell is going on"
Trump has Fae move over above and away from the fight, moving towards the top of the crystal. Inferius is set down on the top side of the crystal as Trump flies over to the control room where he expects Lenos to be

f2703 No.8435

*continues watching the fight*

30b98 No.8436

Reminder, the crystal has a gravitic field. Its like velcro. Still that's fine. Its Tracy's move, and by my calculations she's still at least 10 minutes out.

30b98 No.8437

Oh, snap

f2703 No.8438

>Tracy's move
Wait, what? I thought I was playing lawful and just watching.

f2703 No.8439

*moves closer?*

30b98 No.8440

Alright. Trump does his thing, and its Thez' turn again.
She unravels one of the chains wrapped around her, which has a gunmetal-colored octahedron on the end. "I haven't used THIS in a while, should be fun though!"
Thats fine, its just the sequence of initiative.

f2703 No.8441


b8ba8 No.8442

By the way, this should free Inferius for actions, although it would probably take a round or so to get back to the fight

30b98 No.8443

Dice rollRolled 16, 4, 13, 18 = 51

She starts flailing the chain about, attacking another of the Zs
Correct, he's up in a sec.

b8ba8 No.8444

No rape

f2703 No.8445

…Did you expect >rape?

30b98 No.8446

Dice rollRolled 1, 8, 2, 5 + 124 = 140


30b98 No.8447

And a second of the Z's comes crashing to the ground, several small pieces breaking off on the way.

f2703 No.8448

*interest perks*
*zooms dopwn towards the wreckage to appraise loot*

30b98 No.8449

Torcuil, who is now 60' off the ground decides to hold off on his assault and wait the scene out.

30b98 No.8450

Infernius' turn

679c3 No.8451

ok im on top of the pyramid right?

b8ba8 No.8452

You should be near enough an entrance

30b98 No.8453

Dice rollRolled 14


679c3 No.8454

f2703 No.8455

Do i need to activate my Appraise, Use Magic device, Disable device, or craft skills to resource these bodies?

*Hides machine parts in undisclosed location, after pulling-out their cores*

30b98 No.8456

Its a pile of alabaster (the 'skin') and an intricate array of varying metals all sprocketed and geared together. The armor is the same type of metal that the weapons in the treasury were comprised of, and many of the servos and joints are of more precious/rare metal. The whole pile (there's two so far) is a veritable pile of really good/useful shit, not to mention the spiked chains (they have 2 each).

30b98 No.8457

You're in the middle of a field. Where do you plan to hide it, and/or how do you plan to sneak off with it? e_e
The dice was for Tracy's appraise/search check.

679c3 No.8458

can i get where i am above the zs?

b8ba8 No.8459

Well, if it's my turn

Trump now sets down on a top entrance and enters the tower, heading straight towards Lenos

30b98 No.8460

Not directly, but generally you can move to where you'll be roughly overhead ish.

f2703 No.8461

>thief quirks don't fail me now
*hides in hiding spotso nobody else can use it after pocketing the pieces that seem most valuable*
*covers in dirt*

679c3 No.8462

Dice rollRolled 19

ok i try a plungeing attack. and after i hit or miss i cast airwalk.

30b98 No.8463

Did you ever stick the sword in the keen machine?

f2703 No.8464

I think once, but that was a long time ago, before he modified it.

679c3 No.8465

yea i think i did.

30b98 No.8466

Dice rollRolled 9

I'll take it.

5f536 No.8467

Eyyy I like thss Idea when Im gone

30b98 No.8468

Dice rollRolled 29, 39 = 68

679c3 No.8469

ey meme machine.

30b98 No.8470

Dice rollRolled 44

That didn't work. Lemme try this.

5f536 No.8471

Eyyy, beef steaks
So, if I am not mistaken. It's the cenataurs that are attacking, right?

679c3 No.8472


f2703 No.8473

Robots were sent to arrest Thez for stealing some important shit.
Infernius is white-knighting to save his waifu.

30b98 No.8474

Dice rollRolled 18

Dice rollRolled 8

Dice rollRolled 3

THAT worked. Okay, executing a spectacular "Death From Above"/"Horse-slayer-technique" Samurai Jack anyone? Anyone? Infernius strikes a devastating blow against another of the Zs.

b8ba8 No.8475

Trump heads towards Lenos

5f536 No.8476

Can I cast water attacks?

b8ba8 No.8477

Neither Tracy nor Trump is around to save him. Maybe if Fae returned to the area?

f2703 No.8478

If you can think of a funny meme.

679c3 No.8479

use memes that involve water.

5f536 No.8480

679c3 No.8481

i casted airwalk after the attack. its all good

b8ba8 No.8482

Waterboard the machines?

30b98 No.8483

Which the Z fails its fortitude save (more than 1/2 damage in a strike can kill btw), and another (far less broken) Z falls to the ground.
In addition, further down Infernius successfully casts airwalk, and comes to a halt about even with Torcuil as the Z falls past them.
Unfortunately, the Zs now know that Thez has allies, and one of them breaks off formation, away from everyone.

b8ba8 No.8484

God, fucking damn it

b8ba8 No.8485

If I am in the crystal, go to Leno. If not, PURSUE THAT ONE

f2703 No.8486

GM, pls do

679c3 No.8487

>inb4 burning bush.

5f536 No.8488

>And Moses said
I must go see what this miracle is, for the bush is not burning up
>But when he approached he heard the Lord say

30b98 No.8489

>kekking intensifies

679c3 No.8490

>heil dubs

f2703 No.8491

*drags away fallen Z*

30b98 No.8492

Dice rollRolled 12

I thought you were going to Lenos, so that's what I assume you'd do.
I'm gonna go with Flame Strike on that one, cuz of all the Lawd Jesus.

b8ba8 No.8493


30b98 No.8494

Dice rollRolled 1, 3, 3, 4, 6, 5, 6, 1, 2, 4, 2, 6, 3 = 46

>tfw my tulpa is someone else's waifu
A gleaming pillar of flame strikes down from the heavens and smites one of the Z's (not the one who broke off, cuz you didn't say Xp)

30b98 No.8495

Dice rollRolled 16

And THAT Z may just die here in a sec

30b98 No.8496

Yup, he falls to the ground in slightly melted pile of seized gears and shit.

5f536 No.8497

File: 1508111758641.png (101.83 KB, 300x256, 084.png)

>Fire attack

30b98 No.8498

Oh, my bad. I thought the meme was the firework going of and setting shit on fire. You killed him,….

5f536 No.8499

Eh, what ever works

30b98 No.8500

Water spells suck anyway, and Zs aren't electronic, they're magic and steampunk.

30b98 No.8501

Dice rollRolled 19, 12, 8, 11, 14 = 64

So with that, Thez appears to dash at one of the Z's, while actually dashing at another.

30b98 No.8502

The one she appeared to dash at falls for her feint and steps back defensively, while the one she actually attacks dies in another crumbled mess. Her strength is absurd, so I don't need to even roll for it.

30b98 No.8503

The one who broke off casts a communication spell. He can be heard stating (and not for the first time Xp)

5f536 No.8504

Hmmmmmmmmmm, I need another meme…..

Bony boi army for spooky month?
To distract not attack

30b98 No.8505

The other Z concurs with the previous Z and takes flight, away from the party.

679c3 No.8506

File: 1508112224876.png (254.79 KB, 500x389, 1506839857812.png)

30b98 No.8507

Its Tracy's move.

5f536 No.8508

I shoot another fireworks at this bastard
Is Trump's roast track an attack?

30b98 No.8509

I don't know that one

5f536 No.8510

>I meant mixtape
Torcuil yells

f2703 No.8511

*takes body*

30b98 No.8512

A million million?

5f536 No.8513


30b98 No.8514

Nope. I'm looking into trump mixtapes

f2703 No.8515

*plans where to hide all this loot*

679c3 No.8516

30b98 No.8517

Alright, its Infernius' turn. The Z's are intent on escaping at this point.

30b98 No.8518

I'd consider that a confusion spell tbh

30b98 No.8519

Meanwhile, Trump is heading to talk to Lenos correct? He's in the forge, hammering at shit.

679c3 No.8520

did he confuse them?
Can i snare them somehow?

b8ba8 No.8521

Confront him and ask "Why the hell did 7 flying robot centaurs of the 'realm of Mechanicus' come to attack Thez as a 'law breaker'?"

30b98 No.8522

No, they're immune to mind effects. As for snaring, one could, but outside of a spell I don't know how you'd manage it.

30b98 No.8523

"Those guys showed up? Sweet, they're fukkin' loaded! Has a big one shown up yet?"

30b98 No.8524

"Also, duh, cuz she broke their laws."

b8ba8 No.8525

"I don't know how big the big ones are, but yes, they are here."
"What did she do?"

679c3 No.8526

cast this infront of them then charge them.

30b98 No.8527

"She never gave me the full story, but I know she stole something valuable from them, a long time ago and before I met her.
In front of? Don't you mean around or behind them?

679c3 No.8528


30b98 No.8529

K. You cast the spell, and a whirling field of blades appears behind the closer of the two (you can't do both, sorry) and then charge ahead. Unfortunately, its far enough away that you can't quite reach it, but its unable to run away further.

b8ba8 No.8530

"How strong are they, and how likely to return?"

b8ba8 No.8531

"Do they have any alliances?"

30b98 No.8532

It doesn't get an attack of opportunity though, and you're outside its range as well.

679c3 No.8533

i yell to thez "get this one me cant reach.

30b98 No.8534

"Nah, they mostly just try and maintain their 'domain'. The small ones aren't really much to worry about. Its the <CRACK> big ones you have to worry about."
Coinciding with the sound, a huge obsidian and gold construct appears on the ground, standing about 30' tall.

30b98 No.8535

Torcuil's move

30b98 No.8536

<WHUDDD, WHUDD, WHUDD> can be heard from outside.
"That's probably the big one now," he seems almost dismissive.

f2703 No.8537

*finishes burying booty*
Tracy looks up at the giant construct, and decides to keep her distance, in stealth.

30b98 No.8538


f2703 No.8539

>[stirs haggis internally]

b8ba8 No.8540

>Thinks she can keep the loot for herself
"ANY AND ALL SURPLUS GOES TO SUPPORTING THE WAR EFFORT," she thinks she can hear Trump say. But looking around, it was only in her mind

f2703 No.8541

>Implying her marriage ceremony isn't crucial to the war effort (in her mind)

679c3 No.8542


30b98 No.8543

Alright, I'ma assume Torcuil is busy, but I'm also going to assume that he knows the levitation spell is running out, and is going to head toward the ground.

30b98 No.8544

Trump's move. At the same time the giant (its an advanced Marut if you're curious) who doesn't know who exactly is a threat (but does know about and can see Thez):
TaRgEt SiGhTeD
It casts airwalk.

679c3 No.8545


b8ba8 No.8546

Returns to Fae and observes the situation

30b98 No.8547

One of the remaining Zs calls to the Marut. ALL PRESENT ARE HOSTILE. ELIMINATE.

30b98 No.8548

File: 1508115134406.jpg (141.99 KB, 640x465, Maruts.jpg)

>pic related

b8ba8 No.8549

"Well Fuck you too"

f2703 No.8550

*employ Move Silently and Hide skill, and gtfo*

5f536 No.8551

Sorry I disappeared,
Had something come up
So where are we?

b8ba8 No.8552

Grab the Blue One! We're attacking a Giant robot!

30b98 No.8553

Its all good, you're free to move. There's a giant obsidian/gold golem-lookin mf'er on the ground thats 30' tall. 2 Zs remain, keeping their distance, though one is bothered by a wall of blades.

f2703 No.8554

>He's fighting too
Newfound bloodlust against blood-less entities.
Come up behind first giant and wedges knife into it's knee joint (by this, I'm attempting the Disable Device skill, combined with the Crippling Stike ability; to royally fuck-up it's leg)

30b98 No.8555

Dice rollRolled 6, 19 = 25

Upon Fae, Trump dives into battle.

5f536 No.8556

>Grabs horse
>Throws shining armor style.at this beast

b8ba8 No.8557

File: 1508115544876.jpg (17.78 KB, 225x225, download (1).jpg)

Fuck yes!

30b98 No.8559

Dice rollRolled 37

The first hit is glancing (no damage) while the second scores a crit (bastard swords have a crit threshold of 19-20)

5f536 No.8560

>Turns to moster

f2703 No.8561

Is that my hit?
>Grabbing a lady without permission
Would kick in the face, if not preoccupied

30b98 No.8562

Dice rollRolled 72 + 40

WIth gleaming resplendence, Trump sails past severing a few fingers of the Maruts hand.

f2703 No.8563

GM? Did I cripple this or not?

5f536 No.8564

>Implying Tracy would care

b8ba8 No.8565

>A Hand
He has my permission to do it I FUCKING OWN YOU

30b98 No.8566

Dice rollRolled 20

At the same time, Tracy goes for a backstab/hidden strike

30b98 No.8567

Dice rollRolled 46

y does everyone else get all the good rolls? How many 1s have I gotten tonight? Oh well.

f2703 No.8568

Dice rollRolled 17

>asking for it
>*Reflexive stab before shooting off*

30b98 No.8569

Dice rollRolled 1, 6, 2, 1, 5, 5, 2, 6, 2, 1, 4, 4, 3, 4, 3, 1 = 50

679c3 No.8570

infernuis whispers kek towards the robot.

5f536 No.8571

>Is stabbed

f2703 No.8572

Dice rollRolled 8

Go for the neck joint next, with the same attack.

b8ba8 No.8573

Hey! No stabbing teammates. We have to pay for their medical bills afterwards, and we need that for expansion. We can't just print off treasury notes
Can we GM?

f2703 No.8574

Dice rollRolled 16

*get's on its back*
*enraged stabbing, with three kives, in all places that seem vulnerable*

30b98 No.8575

Trump's strike severely weakens the giant, and Tracy successfully disables its leg with a well-placed sneaky stab.
Its Thez' turn, and she stares at the Z's still keeping their distance.
"You bitches see this? You couldn't match me when it was JUST me."
She chuckles, and begins to do a dance.
The Z's both cast communication spells, and hurriedly describe the scene that unfolds, requesting immediate extraction.
Infernius, its your move.

5f536 No.8576


30b98 No.8577

You guys aren't close enough to stab. If you really want to stab eachother, you can do that at any time.
Also, Tracy used her move disabling its leg. She'll have to wait to do more.

679c3 No.8578

30b98 No.8579


679c3 No.8580

giant robot.

f2703 No.8581

Dice rollRolled 6

>Over 10
Can I attack again?
*slices open metal cavity and jams knife into the works*

b8ba8 No.8582

Dice rollRolled 8

I don't know who goes when, but my attack is


f2703 No.8583

or not (it was retarded anyway…)

b8ba8 No.8584


30b98 No.8585

Unfortunately, the giant robot exceeds your level, and the word of Kek has no effect on him. I forgot kek was the word, my bad
The Marut casts dimension door

5f536 No.8586


b8ba8 No.8587

Dice rollRolled 16

Before it leaves, one more time, Trump tries


b8ba8 No.8588

Of a very valuable kind

5f536 No.8589

Dice rollRolled 17

doesn't matter what kind
I roll for detection on it's power plant

f2703 No.8590

Dice rollRolled 8, 2 = 10

Use whip to tangle self to giants back
*stabs back*

f2703 No.8591

A bad roll for a dumb idea…

30b98 No.8592

He appears some 600' away, and the Zs flock to him.
One of the Zs continues to relay information while the Marut addresses the party.
KnOw ThAt I rEpReSeNt ThE uLtImiTy Of DeAtH. YoU aRe AlL oPeRaTiNg On BoRrOwEd TiMe. I sHaLl CoMe FoR yOuR hEaDs.
And with a <CRACK> the 2 remaining Z's and the Marut return from whence they came.
There wasn't time to reach them before they did that, so I skipped ahead.

f2703 No.8593

Can my fire be blue?

5f536 No.8594


b8ba8 No.8595

>A robot that came for Thez originally is now after the entire party
I blame Tourcil and Inferius for starting a fight that never needed to be fought

b8ba8 No.8596


30b98 No.8597

Alright. There WERE 5 Z corpses full of reasources and valuable materials,… apparently they're missing somehow.

5f536 No.8598


Are you drunk again?

30b98 No.8599

You have to ask?
Yarp. Its what came to mind.

b8ba8 No.8600

I wonder where they went
"They were originally here only for Thez, and because she stole something from them. Now they are after all of us. Tell me, what happened. Why did you think it was wise to drag us into this?"
*would chastize Inferius but he is not here*

5f536 No.8601


f2703 No.8602

Ssshhh! Nobody knows she hid it.

679c3 No.8603

they attacked thez and you assholes (trump and tracy) did nothing.

f2703 No.8604

we lawful nao

b8ba8 No.8605

Because she stole from them! They were here to recover their stolen property!

679c3 No.8606

yea i am i walk over now the say >>8603

679c3 No.8607

they attack thez.

b8ba8 No.8608

*eyes squint*
Where's the adamantium wreckage, Tracy?

b8ba8 No.8609

Because she attacked them first, a while ago! In any event, she could have held them off on her own. Now, they will bring reinforcements and come for you and me and Tracy and whoever else

f2703 No.8610

>Bluff skill mathematically stronger than your Sense Motive
".. I think I saw some pirates loading parts onto a ship, but I picked-up some scrap." *produces armor plates*

679c3 No.8611

Shes a good girl, she didnt do nothing.

b8ba8 No.8612

"I asked Lenos. Lenos said she stole something from thim. Something very valuable"
"If you could go track down the pirates and fetch the rest. You're a fast girl. You can do it"

5f536 No.8613

I'm going to assume I know the general area of the power plant cause a 17 roll
So I use my magno staff to push as hard as it can on it's power plant

f2703 No.8614

"… sh-should I kill them..?"

Tea Time

679c3 No.8615

me no care she dindt do nothing.

b8ba8 No.8616

He said they are magical and steam punk, but not electric
"Just recover the metal"

f2703 No.8617

>armor plates right here
Were you referring to the cores?

5f536 No.8618

>STEAM punk
>Implying no power plant

30b98 No.8619

Still in the giant robot
Thez, not knowing of Tracy's shenanigens, <whoofs> over and retrieves her blade.
"I'm guessing you all have questions, so I'll give you a quick rundown. Long before the Rockefeller died, there was already a war brewing between the Devils and the Demons. Devils respect law and order in their own right, and do not take which has not been offered them, while the Demons have no such reservations. In fact, Devils are all that keeps the Abyss from spilling out into all realms, including the mortal realms. Its not a matter of benevolence or anything, its simply that the Devils realm is 'in the way'. Soros, that one everyone met a bit earlier sought to upend the balance between the Ds and Ds, by claiming this" and she produces the stone of Chaos.
"It allows the user to inflict relentless chaos upon its victims at the ability of its user. He sent his assassin and right hand "man" to retireve it from Limbo. I happened to be in Limbo, so these events were known to me before they reached the awareness of Soros. In response, I broke into the Clockwork plane of Mechanus and stole the stone of Law," she says, producing the green stone, "as a counter-balance. As Soros, now armed with the chaos stone met with his armies on the planes of Tartarus, I emerged bearing the stone of Law. These stones are the only thing that can cancel the other, and in a fair fight, I defeated Soros' assassin, claiming the stone. He's been hunting me for ages, and as have the mechanics who are pissed that I took their shit. Any questions?"

b8ba8 No.8620

"Yes she did Inferius. She stole something of great value from them, and they wanted it back. Not every battle ought to be fought. Protect the people here of Port Barry, who count on you as they count on me to keep them safe. Otherwise, we may bring disaster and harm upon them"
"I meant everything"
Eitherway, it escaped before the role could be successful"

5f536 No.8621

But is it damaged?
If not I use a magno blast at it's feet

f2703 No.8622

>Devils are the White Knights of Hell
There's no way your character would be able to notice if pieces were missing, at the current level.

30b98 No.8623

Oh shit, tea time!

679c3 No.8624

you my friend trump. i thought you thez friend to?

5f536 No.8625

>Can't attend tea tonight

b8ba8 No.8626

He knows you steal shit, and that's all he needs to know
"That answers most of it, actually"

b8ba8 No.8627

"Why is a counter balance needed, exactly?"

30b98 No.8628

"They're dichotomous. One is a physical embodiment of law, the other the embodiment of chaos. Its not a matter of 'need', its existential."

b8ba8 No.8629

"Why need there be chaos?"

30b98 No.8630

"Chaos is only one end of a scale. At the other end is order. Order is a form of chaos, and chaos is a form of order. One cannot exist without the other."

f2703 No.8631

>Implying you're not already married
This is going towards a the marital ceremony.

b8ba8 No.8632

Does she tell that to him?

b8ba8 No.8633

"I'm guessing you have a faith or philosophical work you draw from?"

30b98 No.8634

If we're talking IRL, I have a 'better than average' understanding of metaphysics.

679c3 No.8635

woah,wait what?

f2703 No.8636

No. She's bluffing with a sociopath-tier poker-face.

5f536 No.8637

>waits for something interesting to happen

30b98 No.8638

Sorry, I'm distracted by Tea time. Its a REALLY good topic.

b8ba8 No.8639

No. It was a question by Trump to Thez, because he is religiously interested and had always assumed demons like Thez to be atheists. Her statements shook his understanding, so he wanted to ask more to try to find out more about demon culture. But IRL I am a philosophy major with a greater than average understanding of metaphysics as well. Test me bitch
Even to her Flashy? Shame! I though she had more respect for him than that

5f536 No.8640

File: 1508118932654.png (2.7 KB, 500x250, Oekaki.png)

What is it?

f2703 No.8641

>not knowing how yanderes work
She's doing all of this to prepare for your wedding ceremony. She's lying to herself and you because deep-down she fears that you're putting other shit ahead of the marriage

30b98 No.8642

Its an extrapolation of the holy trinity/sansukumi/"the trio"

b8ba8 No.8643

A lack of trust is really not a good place to start a relationship

30b98 No.8644

Gladly, Thez shares my understanding, she's just good at playing in character.

b8ba8 No.8645

With extreme disappointment, Trump leaves Tracy. He'll have the dogs out here to find the stashes later

5f536 No.8646

>tfw cant attend

5f536 No.8647

30b98 No.8648

dw, itll be posted. I'm still paying attention here, but with the fight over I'm waiting for impetus.

b8ba8 No.8649

Eh, I've been less enthusiastic since they changed the way the recording is done

f2703 No.8650

Moves to body stash and appraises parts (are these parts archane? She'd eventually acquire the arcane knowledge skill after evolution)

b8ba8 No.8651

>Implying she's not being watched

f2703 No.8652

this is sekrit thread nao

b8ba8 No.8653

Corollary, Trump has Fae watch Tracy

f2703 No.8654

>leaving her alone with the hoers
Are you sure you want to do that at this stage?please do.

b8ba8 No.8655

Viewing from a distance, flying

f2703 No.8656

Is GM here?
What is going on with the characters.

30b98 No.8657

Sorry, I was writing a paragraph for the Tea chat

b8ba8 No.8658

It's a fucking lion dragon who speaks of ponies, Football, Elway, and America. Good luck

f2703 No.8659

Alright, just map out where the characters are later.

5f536 No.8660


b8ba8 No.8661

Tracy wants to fight Fae

30b98 No.8662

Uhm,… what should I weigh in on? It seems pretty self-explanatory

5f536 No.8663

Fæ is the lion thing?

b8ba8 No.8664

Trump has Fae spy on Tracy (would she do that?), and now Tracy indicates she wants to be left alone with Fae. You know, because the Lion Dragon hybrid who is pretty much also a full blown Cleric is as easy to defeat as a wannabee white night stallion

b8ba8 No.8665

Yes. She's a dragonne

5f536 No.8666

>pretends that I knew she existed
Uh huh, thats right

f2703 No.8667

File: 1508120647796-0.png (5.29 KB, 460x460, 1050485__safe_artist-colon….png)

Idk. I thought there'd be a wrap-up of sorts.
On an unrelated note
*looks up at circling Dragonne*
>pic related (unwarranted smugposting)
Rolling for diplomacy check

f2703 No.8668

Dice rollRolled 13

5f536 No.8669

>kills self for shitty use of trips

b8ba8 No.8670

She has night vision, by the way

b8ba8 No.8671

Oh God. Your plans were worse than I thought

30b98 No.8672

There will be, its just hard to focus on a long-post

b8ba8 No.8673


30b98 No.8674

Decent roll, what's your agenda?

f2703 No.8675

Taunting/baiting to react (equivalent to shitposting irl)
Basically being provocative and flaunting the prospect of a relationship.

5f536 No.8676

>Wanders to the forge with a rod of hell knows what

f2703 No.8677

>invites to come closer, still looking smug

30b98 No.8678

"I am instructed to keep my eye on you. Why is this?"
Fae asks

f2703 No.8679

*beckons, closer, to get within hearing range*

f2703 No.8681

I'm trying to start a dialogue here

26972 No.8682

Uh huh. You can dialogue at 20+ feet

f2703 No.8683

*pretends to be grazing*
"How did it feel?"

30b98 No.8684

Right, but she has no reason to trust you. She knows you're not 'normal' already.

30b98 No.8685

"How did 'what' feel?" she says with a raised eyebrow.

f2703 No.8686

"To feel his buttcheeks pressing into your back for the first time? Most of the new bitches have something today about it."

30b98 No.8687

"Where his ass sits is of no concern to me. Whether his ass is bleeding is. That is all," she says dryly.

f2703 No.8688

*looks up*
"Oh really? It wasn't exhilarating at all? That's not what the last few bitches said. Everyone has got their own tastes though; I'd assume a kitty like you likes him for his ~mane?"

b8ba8 No.8689

File: 1508123392360.jpg (70.2 KB, 625x415, is-this-donald-trumps-hair….jpg)

Entirely plausible

679c3 No.8690

*asshole twitches*

f2703 No.8691

*remembers she forgot to retrieve her knife*

30b98 No.8692

"You mistake my purpose here. For me this is business, not some romantic opportunity," she says, with just a hint of disregard.

30b98 No.8693

Oooh, that IS unfortunate, it seems he took off with it in his leg.

b8ba8 No.8694

Didn't I pull it out?

f2703 No.8695

No, that was the one in his chest. The other one was up his ass, last time it was seen.
".. Yeah, yeah, sure. That's what they all say in the beginning. You don't need to hold back around me, dear. If you ever have something troubling you, don't be afraid to come to the bottom."

30b98 No.8696

Well, my understanding was you were using the blade to disable the leg and would have left it embedded. I could be wrong.

f2703 No.8697

come talk to*

30b98 No.8698

Okay, now I'm confused, so I'm going to say "yes, you pulled it out", cuz why wouldn't you?
"Play your mind-games with someone else. I'm disinterested in your games," diplomacy failed.

f2703 No.8699

*fiddles with knifes for a bit and walks down the trail*

b8ba8 No.8700

GM, is Fae in the emotional mood to stay in Trumpaladin's suite in Trump tower. You know, after Jim Kelly is able to successfully execute this pass in practice

b8ba8 No.8701

She could be going to a secret cult meeting, to where the money is buried, or who knows what. Follow her Fae!

30b98 No.8702

Yes. Its clear that in addition to Soros and co, the party has a number of formidable adversaries, and that Trump may have need of her at a moments notice.

b8ba8 No.8703

Is she qualified to act as a priest/announcer?

f2703 No.8704

*continues down trail, towards meadow, away from the town*

30b98 No.8705

>still in pursuit though
No, she can only do a roar as a spell-like effect that fatigues its victims

b8ba8 No.8706

Fae should follow. We don't know for sure that's she's been cured of her demonic influence. By which I mean Trump does not know for sure. Also while Dragonnes might not be stealthy, they have superior vision in low light

f2703 No.8707

*pretends to be grazing again*
*Stares up a the flying cat, inquisitively*

b8ba8 No.8708

File: 1508124658711.png (45.35 KB, 302x303, Butbut lyra is best backgr….png)

But but she knows about Football

Implying you can see her in the dim light. Also by this time, she's probably perched on a tree

30b98 No.8709

Alright, I gotta do some stuff before bed. I'll keep checking in, but I gotta step away for a bit. Sorry. ~_~

b8ba8 No.8710

Just do your thing. Carry on. I am a normal giant owl in the tree. Do not mind me.

f2703 No.8711

Horses have Low-Light Vision. Nightmares have Darkvision up to 60 ft.
Aw fug…

b8ba8 No.8712

Pay no attention to the owl in the tree. Continue doing normal Tracy things

30b98 No.8713

I'm not leaving, I'm just in and out

f2703 No.8714

was going to practice shape-shifting in the field

f2703 No.8715

And autohypnosis…

679c3 No.8716

i try to find sechs.

b8ba8 No.8717

File: 1508125184195.png (503.92 KB, 1024x384, quiet__flash_sentry__by_su….png)

>When there's multiple player characters you really can't leave alone at night

30b98 No.8718

Feel free.
If you want to take over for Fae, have at it. She's all business, with the slightest bit of cheek when pressed afaik
More Sechs? kek

f2703 No.8719

Alright then.
Focus on… getting bigger?

679c3 No.8720

OH yeah!

b8ba8 No.8721

Great! I'll have her on top of a tree, hunched down, a long ways away, making use of a telescope or some sort of light bending mechanism to allow her to observe Tracy - if not hear her - from a distance without being spotted

30b98 No.8722

f2703 No.8723

The giant Tree? I was going to burn that down next chance I got

b8ba8 No.8724

Now Sechs would actually have a reason to be near Trump at this time. Trump would be doing basiaclly the same thing he did in the morning - overseeing construction of the new stadium while also overseeing the training of the new Football Team. He would be there, at least briefly, to visit, watch, or talk about other matters with Trump

30b98 No.8725

A telescope?

b8ba8 No.8726

It's a coniferous forest so there are many large trees, generally of the same height

b8ba8 No.8727

Small maritime scope, used for spotting objects at a distance while at sea

679c3 No.8728

i go to the field.

679c3 No.8729

a sextant?

f2703 No.8730

*touches flaming hoof to tree to ignite it*

b8ba8 No.8731

Not quite, that's a different instrument

b8ba8 No.8732

You're further away. Also can you do that?

30b98 No.8733

Technically, she needs to be angry, but yes.

f2703 No.8734

Nightmare can ignite combustible materials with the Flaming Hoof

b8ba8 No.8735

So is that what you want to do all night? Light trees on fire?

f2703 No.8736

She's dangerously passive aggressive right now actually, just aggressive really…
Was going to just burn down the jibbernigger nest and deck it, but sure.

b8ba8 No.8737

Carry on, weird fire thing

30b98 No.8738

Please don't set the fuggin map on fire while I'm busy

b8ba8 No.8739

Also I'm guessing Inferius has arrived by now

679c3 No.8740

Hey sechs

f2703 No.8741

>no genocide mode
Well there goes my plan for the night…

Could she just be set on the path towards evolution right now (i.e. getting bigger)? If not, practice autohypnosis and Concentration with the whip.

30b98 No.8742

Oh right. Order = Chaos in that order is either artificially imposed, or it is a natural expression of chaos in that Order springs from Chaos; Chaos = Order in that Chaos is the natural expression of Order, or that Chaos results in varieties of hierarchies which are an expression of Order.

30b98 No.8743

She IS bigger. Haven't you looked?

b8ba8 No.8744

She ought to focus on Trustworthiness

b8ba8 No.8745

Also, you might want to set up an encounter for Inferius

b8ba8 No.8746

I think you were going for Heraclitus, but hit more of an Adam Smith

30b98 No.8747

Meh, I'm tired

f2703 No.8748

Tracy looks at her hooves curiously (they're like three feet further away) and experiments with igniting and extinguishing them)
*Jumps in the air, attempting to hover again*
"…. I can't even tell if I'm high anymore…." She mutters uncomfortably

30b98 No.8749

Go ahead, run through the skies.

f2703 No.8750

>starts feeling dizzy I'm going to combine the autohypnosis practice with the Knowledge (the plains) quirk, to develop towards etherealness
>the sight of the meadow appears to blur and bend momentarily
*catches footing and takes off at full speed, leaving wisps of blue in her wake*

f2703 No.8751

Is she at the stage at which she could change planes? Right now, she wishes she could be anywhere but where she is.
*keeps running, building momentum, getting faster*

679c3 No.8752

gm does a sleep.

f2703 No.8753

Tracy's faggot also does a sleep.

30b98 No.8754

Ambitious, aren't we? Only hours ago she was flying for the first time, and now she's already trying to plane shift. Not yet.
Meanwhile Thez walks up on Infernius.
"Hey, I appreciate the way you threw yourself against those robots, without even knowing what they were or why they were after me. Here," she places her ebony fly in his hands. "Her name is Uatchit. Call on her if you ever need to fly in a pinch. She's as fast as a hippogriff, and as maneuverable as, well as a fly." she smiles before <whoooof> she (and GM) retire.
'Night guys!

b8ba8 No.8755

File: 1508128713210.png (289.99 KB, 1280x720, Luna_Sad_2_S2E4.png)

>Our little mud pony is growing up, not so little anymore with weird new powers
Makes me sad in a weird sort of way. Like returning to my hometown and seeing that the old road I drove 90 on to get to school in the morning is now a several lane roadway, there's street light and a billboard, and the rice patties have been replaced with sprawling subdivisions. Or like going back up to see my grandparents in North Carolina, seeing the place where I once went between my Grandparent's house and my aunt and uncle's house - but my aunt and uncle divorced, sold the house, my grandfather died, and the forest has been replaced with subdivisions…

End blogpost

679c3 No.8756

was making me feel part of your plan?

30b98 No.8758

File: 1508152017642.png (16.78 KB, 480x236, ponikage.png)

I believe it was
I know those feels. Its been that kinda year
>Ponimaru's CM

679c3 No.8761


f2703 No.8763

You mentioned caves earlier?

f2703 No.8764

File: 1508194471970.jpg (33.75 KB, 440x440, we nightmare nao.jpg)

>Be Tracy
>Be out for a midnight run
>Be pent-up and angry as fuck
>Ever since you got wasted last night, you’ve been feeling sort-of… frisky
>You feel energetic, and a lot more bloodthirsty than usual
>Your muscles feel tight and sinuous and your hooves are literally burning
>And so you run
>Running is really the only non-violent form of stress-relief you know Aside from getting wasted
>Only, you're not running; you're flying
>And quite fast at that
>look down over the forest
>It looks.. beautiful
>You've never flown before
>Is this how pegasi feel?
>It feels… odd
>In fact, your whole body feels odd
>You're at least three times the size of your regular build
>pray it's reversible
>That wedding dress would be an ordeal to re-order
>But wait… aren't you dead?
>Has the dress order been cancelled?
>Has the ceremony hall reservation been given away?
You don’t want to think about it…
>And wtf is up with this fire?
>You're literally burning, but… your body doesn't hurt that much more than it usually does…
>In fact.. it's starting to feel kind of good…
>It’s like your anger is just flowing out of your seems
>You feel.. powerful…
>Like a princess even
>Well, maybe not so much…
>Certainly more powerful than the kitty though
>You look back, suddenly full of bitterness again
>There she is, still on your tail
>She's taking her sweet time, with those slow, bellowing flaps
>Why won't she just buzz off?
>You slow down a bit, looking venomously over your shoulder
>She's keeping her distance, still watching you with those slit-like brass eyes
>It's starting to piss you off
>You slow down a bit as you stare at her, sizing her up like a piece of meat
>With you at this size, she doesn't seem so big anymore
>She’s just a big, fat kitty-lizard
>She lands on a branch, still watching you

30b98 No.8766


6ae25 No.8767

File: 1508195070661.jpeg (29.93 KB, 600x600, image.jpeg)

"Need we check you into rehab, little pony?"

30b98 No.8768

Fuck off Khajiit, this is my thread.

6ae25 No.8769

File: 1508195457543.jpeg (119.42 KB, 640x480, image.jpeg)

"Who is Kajit? Your drug dealer? You must know that I am the missionary of Football, America, and Elway, righteously chosen by Trumpaladin to be his mount, and to spread the word of Football in this dimension"

30b98 No.8770

Carry on, just trolling

f2703 No.8771

File: 1508195620023.jpg (983.77 KB, 1200x778, nightmare form 2.jpg)

>Eeew! She’s licking herself!
>You wonder just what your husband saw in her when he took her for a mount
>You would’ve surely made the superior steed
>You can feel your enlarged chest tightening at the thought
>Even after you went through the effort of ordering that saddle…
>You can feel the anger welling up inside of you
>The plane begins to look blurry again
>’It… it’s not fair..!’ you proclaim to yourself
>The bitch’s ears perk up
>Oh crap, she’s listening
>So fucking annoying
>As you gaze at her, you consider how easy it would be to just get rid of her
>You’re certainly more powerful
>… No.
>Or at least, not tonight
>It would be too suspicious for her to disappear while she’s tracking you
>You’ll be watching her though
>Biding your time…
>You gallop about a dozen squares or so
>She follows, slowly, with an annoyed but determined grunt
>It seems her kind isn’t accustomed to flying long distances
>Well, sucks for her, because you feel like you could ride all night
>Take a leap
>Instantly plummet 30 ft
>”Oh shi-!” *catch yourself*
>How the fuck can you trip in mid-air?
>The lioness slowly flaps along, her face frozen in that expressionless, condescending glare
>You scowl, snapping your lengthened jaws
>start coughing uncontrollably as a ring of soot bellows out
>Wtf, smoke?!
>You’re starting to dislike being in this form..
>Your throat feels parched…
>It’s been awhile since-…
>You’re not that kind of mare anymore..
>You’re somebody's waifu now…
>You remember the taste of Soros’s blood
>almost sweet, like a child’s…
>You’d love to get the rest of him some day
>Your husband was planning to defeat him after all
>You get dizzy again, and the plane stars to look blurry
>Your flames flicker
>You feel exhausted
>But you’re still pretty fucking angry…!
>And so, you take off into the night sky, leaving a trail of blue-green wisps in your wake
>And the kitty too of course
>You chuckle grimly to yourself
>You’re a tough mare; you can get through this
>You’re obviously the superior mount
>Those are your buttcheeks after all
>The Ride is only beginning

6ae25 No.8772

Damn it, I thought that was Tracy! Even though I should have seen your hash

f2703 No.8773

Second greentext ever attempted. Not sure if it contributes or detracts from The Game, but I had time to kill.

30b98 No.8774

I'm diggin' it

f2703 No.8775

That's good then.

90701 No.8776

I liked it if that counts.

f2703 No.8777

>Traditional marriage

f2703 No.8778

… How much have you been lurking these threads?

5f536 No.8779

Sup guys
The meme mage is back

3cba1 No.8780

Enough to know who my favorite character is.

30b98 No.8781

>2 new ids, 1 post each, 1 of which is a leaf
Ready munitions

5f536 No.8782

And who is it? (Probably not Torcuil, but eh idc)

3cba1 No.8783

i had to run a errand.

3cba1 No.8784

Its actually TRUMP. Infernuis is a close second.

6ae25 No.8785

File: 1508198468560.gif (411.25 KB, 220x145, image.gif)

Have we got the best lurkers or what?

679c3 No.8786

File: 1508198549268.png (270.73 KB, 900x959, 1506991587757.png)

me think so.

5f536 No.8787

Ehh i figured
>Gives out drinks to celebrate

3cba1 No.8788

It would be torc, but your backstory is lacking a bit.

5f536 No.8789

>Implying I could come up with one
I'd been thinking about it but I have no fucking idea
Thoughts or ideas anon?

f2703 No.8790

You're welcome to play at any time.

3cba1 No.8791

The best backstories are usually tragic desu, infernuises backstory is bretty gud.

30b98 No.8792

>so hoping will play

f2703 No.8793

Find Trollestia, show her your rare Pepe collection, and take the development opportunity to have your character talk about his life back home in Scotland. Draw inspiration from the story of Merlin as a wildman. I like the idea of a 30+ year old vigin who lived in a cave studying ancient memetic symbol on cave-paintings.

3cba1 No.8794

Thanks once i get a good concept ill post,Im liking your arc btw.

5f536 No.8795

Give me five minutes

679c3 No.8796


3cba1 No.8797

Hmm hey gm can i be an angel summoner?

3cba1 No.8798

Yea i like it.

6ae25 No.8799

That reminds me GM, can we summon dead souls from hell in this limbo realm?

5f536 No.8800

You're on the same path I am

f2703 No.8801

Pretty sure that's a necromancer spell, and an evil-aligned one at that.

6ae25 No.8802

So… Yes?

f2703 No.8803

Probably, but not in your class.

f2703 No.8804

Also, nu bread when?

30b98 No.8805

OH! Oh I see what you did there. Ohhh. Well played. >>8802
No. Hmmm. Well, maybe.

30b98 No.8806

Depends on how long it takes for this thread to become overbearing

5f536 No.8807

GM, can we get me a back story time for me?

30b98 No.8808

I can think of one legitimate justification. If you make an effective case, of course

30b98 No.8809

>asking me what his backstory is

3cba1 No.8810

So yes to angel summoner?:^)

6ae25 No.8811

Wait. What justification?

30b98 No.8812

Oh yes. ^_^
Aside from those digits? Why would Trump cast a spell which summons dead souls from hell into the Game?

30b98 No.8813

Dice rollRolled 8

5f536 No.8814

No no no…
I meant set me up to give my back story
>Give me a min cause I'm on mobile

30b98 No.8815

Oh thats easy. In the aftermath of the constructs (whos bodies still haven't turned up for some reason) Thez is feeling quite celebratory. She's had a few, and is divulging information far more candidly than ever would normally. I'll happily detail whatever should later be asked You better not!, in exchange for the players assuming an uninhibited social atmosphere/environment

f2703 No.8816

I think he was asking for the oppertunity for his character to talk about it.
He actually showed his rare pepe collection to Trollestia earlier, but you never showed how she responded.

>A dragonne’s wings are useful only for short flights, carrying the creature for 10 to 30 minutes at a time.

*Continues practicing flying above the forest map, just to piss-off the kitty-lizard*
When could she develop the ability to shift planes?

f2703 No.8817

*tries blowing smoke*

b8ba8 No.8818

File: 1508201313408.jpg (427.37 KB, 1200x1553, 1200px-Roy_Cohn.jpg)

Why, for the memes of course. This man in pic related:
>Was the prosecuting attorney in the trial of Julius and Ethel Rosenberg, two Jews who were convicted of selling Nuclear Secrets to the Soviet Union. He claims to have been the one to recommend the death penalty be imposed, which it was
>He was Joseph McCarthy's lawyer, and who conducted many hearings investigating suspected Communists in the US Military in the Army-McCarthy hearings
>He was Donald Trump's personal lawyer
>He represented Donald Trump when the Justice Department sued Trump for allegedly not renting to blacks
>He respresented a Football League - Donald Trump's United States Football league - in an antitrust lawsuit against multiple mainstream media outlets AND WON
>He aided Roger Stone in Ronald Reagan's presidential campaign
>He Represented Rupert Murdoch

This man is Roy Cohn. He is pro-football, pro-America, a seasoned (judeo) Bolshevik hunter, and the personal lawyer of Donald Trump and other greats. He ought to be a meme. Admittedly, he died of AIDS which he acquired from being a literal faggot, which is why he's in hell

Also, Trumpaladin doesn't have a lawyer yet.

3cba1 No.8819

What races are on the table?

b8ba8 No.8820

Why would she fly to follow you though? Do you think she can't see you flying from sitting on a treetop a little further away?

3cba1 No.8821

>Roger stone
Le based jew

b8ba8 No.8822

File: 1508201568626.gif (534.98 KB, 304x367, 7de.gif)

How many Jews have you had executed for treason? None?

3cba1 No.8823

That depends are you talking legal executions or not?

b8ba8 No.8824

I'm talking the Trial of the Century. Left the liberals salty for a great many years.
Also, Roger Stone is Italian and Hungarian. He's Catholic

30b98 No.8825

Oh, you mean SPECIFIC souls. What is their form, be it previous, 'current', or "potential"?
Who/what do you want to play?

3cba1 No.8826

Really? Roger always struck me as a jew.

3cba1 No.8827

Id like to play an emo alex jones.

3cba1 No.8828

Opops, meant for.

b8ba8 No.8829

Form? uh… Human. Lawyer.
Well, the Wikipedia page says he's Italian and Hungarian with a generally Catholic background, so I guess he's probably not Jewish

f2703 No.8830

*runs over to the other side of the map*

3cba1 No.8831

You learn something new everyday huh?

b8ba8 No.8832

You mean towards the area everyone can see you anyways? See pic in >>8822

f2703 No.8833

*lands outside the fields of Port Barry*
*extinguishes flames*
*walks into town*
Does the barding shop do hoers shoes?

30b98 No.8834

You're describing something of a resurrection/summons, but you're doing so across dimensional lines. You'r not going to <POOF> have this guy appear exactly as he is. I don't even KNOW who he is. Are you looking to have an overly complicated lawyer on hand? Does it have to be this guy?

f2703 No.8835

I've been meaning to track down the Jews' gold. Could my character ask around to find out where they lived?

30b98 No.8836

She can begin to, yes/

5f536 No.8837

I've got it written out, but I have to go so I'll post it later

b8ba8 No.8838

File: 1508202480683.gif (524.66 KB, 500x240, Really.gif)

>I don't even KNOW who he is… Does it have to be this guy?
Have you even read Art of the Deal? Or Ann Coulter's history of Joseph McCarthy?
Wouldn't the gold have been found by now by someone?

f2703 No.8839

*is having hoers shoes fit*
"… Say.. About those weird long-nosed guys who used to do (((business))) around here, do you have any idea where they lodged?"
>Implying they're not experts at hiding shekels
It was already said that the gold was never recovered. A greed-driven Rogue is the best character to find it.

30b98 No.8840

As you will, take care.
Not yet

b8ba8 No.8841

File: 1508202792485.jpg (63.67 KB, 736x736, 570570ce01c0093de022b2727e….jpg)

Well, Trump knows how to find it now

3cba1 No.8842

So gm alex jones who is depressed? Can i play it?

30b98 No.8843

"Oooh, they never kept 'ta anywhere but the Sticky Wicket. Never cared for that place meself, their bartender is awfully stingy."

b8ba8 No.8844

The Globalists get me feeling down sometimes too

30b98 No.8845

When you say angel, are we talking typical or archetypical?

3cba1 No.8846

THE WATER IS TURNING TH… whats the point *sigh*

3cba1 No.8847

An angel of death just to fit with my sad alex theme.

b8ba8 No.8848

GM, can I retroactively cast EMINENT DOMAIN on the old Jewish buildings, and then build a Luxury Hotel, Luxury Condos, and of course, the Trump Grill, known to have the best Taco Bowls in the dimension?

f2703 No.8849

>The sticky Wicket
"Thanks for the info. (I for got his nis name)"
>steps forward
>steps back
>confirms that the clip on shoes because fuck you, that's why! fit well enough.
*pays her fare and leaves for the Sticky Wicket*

b8ba8 No.8850

Or does my character have to go through the "Kelo v City of New London" evolution in order to cast the EMINENT DOMAIN spell?

30b98 No.8851

Why the spell tho? The buildings are empty. o_O

30b98 No.8852

Wait, so its single-summon?

3cba1 No.8853

Yea like the pathfinder class summoner.

f2703 No.8854

Dice rollRolled 2, 15, 18, 5 = 40

>heeds warning
*Approaches the Sticky Wicket in stealth, from the side of the entrance*
Roll to detect activity inside (Listen, Search, Spot, Scent)

b8ba8 No.8855

File: 1508203543366.jpg (15.28 KB, 240x241, 953927__safe_clothes_cute_….jpg)

>The Buildings are Abandoned
I shall then use ADVERSE POSSESSION instead, since it's less costly. Also it's really not a hard question as to why the buildings are desired. The Economic rejuvenation of Port Barry means high profits for those who control prime real estate in down town

3cba1 No.8856

1776 will commence again probably. *cries*

3cba1 No.8857

Whered everpony go?

30b98 No.8858


f2703 No.8859

I'm waiting for GM on >>8854 and >>8849

b8ba8 No.8860

>Why the Spell
Well his lawyer is dead, so he can't just file a motion in District Court

679c3 No.8861

infernuis say we dont need court system.

b8ba8 No.8862

Of course. We have magic
>Casts ADVERSE POSSESSION on empty Jew Buildings

f2703 No.8863

Don't trust the (((lawyers))).

679c3 No.8864

dont worry pretty pony, me wont.

b8ba8 No.8865

That's why we need to summon the professional Bolshevik hunter, defender of Football, and attacker of the MSM from the Infernal regions

f2703 No.8866

What time of day is it in The Game?

30b98 No.8867

Or you could just open the door and walk in.
You're being unnecessarily detailed about it. This is a "Gather information" moment.

30b98 No.8868

Night time

30b98 No.8869


b8ba8 No.8870

Well, when your character left it was twilight, so… Did she sleep? Is it night? Is it morning now?
>Or you could just open the door and walk in.
That is literally how the legal doctrine of Adverse Possession works

f2703 No.8871

>summoning Jews
What did we just say?
*walks in*
What does she see?

f2703 No.8872

Tracy is criminally insane: she can stay awake for days on end.not to mention all the moon sugar she ingested earlier

f2703 No.8873


679c3 No.8874

Bring Back Shekels?

5f536 No.8875

So where I am curently? Gettin ready to drop some sick backstory.

f2703 No.8876

What are you reading?

679c3 No.8877

he turn on us trump?

b8ba8 No.8878

The GM for not resurrecting Roy Cohn?

f2703 No.8879

If Soros is any Precedent, kikes are demons (chaotic evil); so yes.

3cba1 No.8880

It better be T R A G I C

679c3 No.8881

if me can brand his jew face, me go along with idea.

b8ba8 No.8882

Uh, sure

679c3 No.8883

tracy wanna help?

30b98 No.8884

Has so much time passed where "BBS" doesn't mean be back soon?

f2703 No.8885

She's still looking for the lost shekels

5f536 No.8886

Torcuil decides to get trollestia away from Tracy before something happens with Trump

b8ba8 No.8887

b8ba8 No.8888

Claiming Trollestia

f2703 No.8889

>Consensual sex

30b98 No.8890

It is night,
U can play as emo AJ
Do it faggot

5f536 No.8891

>lynching ensues

f2703 No.8892

How do you post so quickly without getting flood detected?

3cba1 No.8895

My angel looks like the shinigami from death note.

30b98 No.8896

File: 1508206158317.png (984.11 KB, 1560x1783, 1473280__safe_artist-colon….png)

5f536 No.8897

>bread is starting to lag

30b98 No.8898

f2703 No.8899

She has to die now. Sorry…

f2703 No.8900

GM what info does she find at the sticky wicket?

3cba1 No.8901

Have you seen death note?

b8ba8 No.8902

I'm not sure. I was under the impression that "flood detected" would only occur if a perfectly identical post is submitted consecutive to another. Or perhaps you are clicking on the button twice, so the second time you are submitting the same post without the first having been fully submitted. Of course I also thought we set up a 10 second minimum between posts. It's also possible that moderator logins bypass anti-spam measures, although I don't think that is the case here

f2703 No.8903

This bread is getting really stale…

30b98 No.8904

Sorry, prepping food atm

5f536 No.8905

Then I'll drop backstory
Set me up in a situation for dropping

f2703 No.8906

Then you'd better sail this ship quick,
because she's gonna get it right after the lizard

5f536 No.8907

"gonna get it after The Lizard" is making me thing of Monsters Inc for some reason

b8ba8 No.8908

>Implying the servant of Elway, or the amazingly sexy mare are going to ever "get it." Unless by "it" you mean Trump's penis… that's only going in the mare

679c3 No.8909

infernuis bang unicorn.

30b98 No.8910

f2703 No.8911

She's easily powerful enough to kill the kitty-cat even when it's buffed by the title.
Not tonight though.

30b98 No.8912

>Did that so long ago its not even near the last 50

f2703 No.8913

>Interfering with other people's ships
Stick to white-knighting Thez, or you're going to get it too.

b8ba8 No.8914

Bitch, please. Let me have a few rounds with her. I can beat her, easy

679c3 No.8915

infernuis bang tracy?

f2703 No.8916

Actually, where is Fae in relation to Tracy right now? She only has 60 ft of darkvision, so she would have to follow her into town to keep track. How many squares are we talking?
Try me.

b8ba8 No.8917

File: 1508207353634.png (866.47 KB, 1280x720, Ponies_laughing_S1E11.png)

679c3 No.8918

infernuis dont try things infernuis just do it.

30b98 No.8919

… if Tracy weren't on fire
Sorry. of COURSE ive seen death note

b8ba8 No.8920

Well, you were to the east of Fae when you did your walk because you walked away`from town out from the costal fortress. Then you headed back into town, maybe towards the main gate, so you'd have to fly past Fae to get back. So not as far ahead as you might think. And if she did lose sight of you, all she'd have to do is ask the guards where they saw a flaming flying horse

3cba1 No.8921

Whats next in character creation?

f2703 No.8922

I thought I'd extinguished the flames and reverted earlier outside of the towns fields.
If not, did the barding guy fit the shoes on her in nightmare form, because that causes complications (didn't want the townsfolk to know she was a nightmare yet)?
Again, where is she? I just want to keep note of characters in the vicinity.

5f536 No.8923

(From the point of view of Torciul)

>(((they))) took over my land.

>it became a dystopian wasteland
>This dystopian wasteland had brought sorrow to me and my family.
>Slowly I learned about the Schutzstaffel.
>I became a member.
>We slowly gained more members, and started carrying out attacks against (((them))).
>Eventually one of our members was caught.
>He ratted us out, and we where ambushed at a meeting.
>I escaped, but my family was found and caught
>I tried to rescue them, but they where executed by a firing squad before my eyes
>I promised to have revenge against (((them))) .
>I escaped to the hills before I could be caught
> here I learned of Meme Magic
>I carried out small attacks agaist them
>My knowlegde grew, but my luck ran out
>I got caught, and was imprisoned
>I used my Meme Magic to escape the prison
>an arrow hit my arm during my escape
>I was able to make it too my cave before passing out from blood loss
>I then woke up in this world.
Plz forgive if its bad writing, my computer is still fucked up so I am mobile postig

f2703 No.8924

I thought he was Scottish though? Is this a Scottish version of the Schutzstaffel?

3cba1 No.8925

That puts you in number 1 torc.

30b98 No.8926

Unless you're defaulting to human: race, and then starting/proprietary equipment and a name is all.

3cba1 No.8927

Yea im human.
Can i have a flintlock?

b8ba8 No.8928

Wait no! Put it at the top of the new thread when it is made soon

f2703 No.8929

I could really use some clarification on this >>8922

5f536 No.8930

Sure we'll go with that (couldnt think of a scottish varient)
I can do that

30b98 No.8931

File: 1508208311145.png (19.26 KB, 1366x696, wtfdid.png)


b8ba8 No.8932

f2703 No.8933

… sorry…

b8ba8 No.8934

It's pretty clear. You left your position into the forest, landed in a field outside the north gate, went though, found the wickitty splickett or whatever it's called, and ordered something

30b98 No.8935

Yes. When/as you're ready, you find yourself awaking with a start in relatively simplistic bare room. The surfaces, walls and floor are an opaquely dark glassy substance. You're on a bed, and aside from a glassy chest at the foot, there's a single door. In your possession is a familiar pistol, which you recognize immediately.

5f536 No.8936

Very good

Have ou heard of our Lord and Savior Kek, and his son Stefan Karl Stefenson?

f2703 No.8937

I know that much. The question was about the fire: they probably wouldn't even recognize her like that. I'd just be a lvl 11 difficulty, Huge-sized flaming monster waltzing into town and asking for shoes.

3cba1 No.8938

I Scream "I DID IT I BROKE THE CONDITIONING" at the top of my lungs.

3cba1 No.8939

Do some character development on trump you can still catch up.

30b98 No.8940

You underestimate how distinctive Tracy's appearance change has been. You're the pastel blue pony (MLP style), with a spiked collar and armor, who was recently flying to and fro. Its all good.

30b98 No.8941

*on fire

f2703 No.8942

Can I put out the fire?

5f536 No.8943

How does Trollestia react to my Backstory?

b8ba8 No.8944

So what does she look like now? The same as before?

b8ba8 No.8945


f2703 No.8946

>*stops, drops, and rolls*
Okay, back to normal. Pretend she did the things I typed earlier.

30b98 No.8947

Whether you do or not, my point is the people will be like "Oh, its that one. She's with the group that had the giant shiny Trump guy who cut the arm of a friggin' huge demon, before beating the crap out of those constructs,… all this after btfo'ing the (((rats)))

5f536 No.8948


f2703 No.8949

>already famous
It's going so be pretty difficult to earn the Assassin prestige class in this town…

30b98 No.8950

"It needs revision," she says.
Its a start thought.
Her appearance hasn't changed THAT much, she's just bigger, and with apprpriately bigger accoutrements (cuz I'm lazy and am going to sleep soon and don't want to have to re-o interactions with townspeople.)

30b98 No.8951

30b98 No.8952

Get rdy

5f536 No.8953

You just need to kill everyone
Then no one can catch you sneaking around
What do you mean "revision"

30b98 No.8955

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