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File: 1514420655832.jpg (1.01 MB, 1920x1080, The-Apple-Family-my-little….jpg)

ed694 No.38130[Last 50 Posts]

Well, the party has gotten some things in order and has made some arrangements and plans to attack Court City in full and not as a half-assed rescue mission because of a brain worm. Speaking of brain worms, the party just kinda shrugged their shoulders and forgot about that whole "Infernius going insane and running off" bit. Hmmm. Oh well. But anyway, everyone's got some ideas and plans to put in motion. Its too bad that Port Barry is currently surrounded one 4 fronts,… that's going to complicate things.

Welcome back to the Game thread, there's over 3 dozen of 'em by now, so pardon me if I skip the introductory formalities. If you want to join, or perhaps just join in on the shitposting cuz bored, feel free. I'm working on a metric to allow new players to get in without having to go through the process of full-on mapping out a character.

c583b No.38132

File: 1514420702727.jpg (56.37 KB, 1200x630, The-Night-Mare.jpg)

What's going on in this dream?

9e402 No.38133

What's goint on?

3f027 No.38134

File: 1514421070854.jpeg (43.38 KB, 399x571, image.jpeg)

85f31 No.38135

File: 1514422819133.jpg (51.07 KB, 516x460, 934208__safe_flash sentry_….jpg)

c583b No.38138

Why do NPC nightmares normally have such high Knowledge ranks? What does a field monster do with 21 ranks in Knowledge Arcana? Not that many creatures even have Knowledge as a skill. It's weird.

ed694 No.38139

As far as base engine, Vecna and Nerull (read Nergull) are the only NE deitites

c583b No.38140


85f31 No.38141

File: 1514424403244.jpg (92.22 KB, 661x668, NurgleManifestation.jpg)

wait nurgle?

ed694 No.38142

In fact, I can see both gods being quasi-sympathetic cuz reasons

ed694 No.38143

ed694 No.38144

Psssst, Trump,… what episode did you guys finish with last week?

39bd7 No.38145

Gift of the Maud Pie

c583b No.38147

I'll read into it.

c583b No.38148

Where is Oerth? Is that the same as this material plane?

21ec9 No.38149

Vecna - Vecna, the god of secrets, is neutral evil. He is known as the Maimed Lord, the Whispered One, and the Master of All That is Secret and Hidden. Vecna rules that which is not meant to be known and that which people wish to keep secret. The domains he is associated with are Evil, Knowledge, and Magic. He usually appears as a lich who is missing his left hand and left eye. (that's canon pasta)
Vecna is an ex-mortal who was deified sometime between AD&D and 2nd edition (maybe earlier even). There are two artifacts associated with him (the Hand and Eye), and his MO is all about discovering (and then hoarding) any type of magical secrets.
Nerull - The god of death, Nerull, is neutral evil. He is known as the Reapoer, the Foe of All Good, Hater of Life, Bringer of Darkness, King of All Gloom, and Reaper of Flesh. Nerull is the patron of those who seek the greatest evil for their own enjoyment or gain. The domains he is associated with are Death, Evil, and Trickery.

3f027 No.38150

File: 1514431244374.jpg (56.02 KB, 728x768, 30a.jpg)

Worthy opponents

GM, can we resume the God Emperor's task of eternally separating and sealing off the Material Plane from the Evil planes?

c583b No.38151

File: 1514431364014.png (713.08 KB, 885x1046, 740676__safe_artist-colon-….png)

Yeah, I just finished reading both of their wikis.
Of course, Tracy doesn't actually know any of this yet, nor does she have any particular motivation to seek it out. I want her to make contact with the Hags first before she goes down the path of darkness.
That quest sounds like it would take centuries. It would probably piss-off Thez and a bunch of gods too.

21ec9 No.38152

There is a seal in place
She isn't? I thought Tracy was researching

3f027 No.38153

File: 1514431686235.jpg (98.35 KB, 963x523, border-wall-mexico-trump.jpg)

>The Wall would be too expensive to build, and would harm U.S. - Mexico relations
Nigger, my Patron Saint is the Saint of building barriers to keep out bad hombres

Forgot about the Golden Lady upholding the Travel Ban

9e402 No.38154

Whatever you say Mr. Fug

c583b No.38155

It would take one hell of a Spellcraft check though.

3f027 No.38156

Let's wait until the undead hordes are repelled until we do researching into how to get Exterminatus-ed

9e402 No.38157

Hello I am here, what would I need to roll with max spellcraft levels?

c583b No.38158

Wait, I'm confused now.
Who is who?

3f027 No.38159

See >>38154. Torcuil is putting his skill points into Spellcraft to help make it possible

3f027 No.38160

I am me. >>38152 is probably GM from a weird new IP

21ec9 No.38161

Isn't it obvious?
So 16? Spellcraft is essentially a magical comprehension skill. It affects encounters with other spellcasters, as well as the ease of interpreting items, scolls, and books.

c583b No.38162

>Tracy was researching
Everyone's still on the battlefield, right? I was going to have her do the book-flipping after everything was completed.

9e402 No.38163

Yeah, I was gonna do it anyway

c583b No.38164

Don't you also need it to develop Ebin Spell Seeds?

3f027 No.38165

File: 1514432425177.jpg (12.42 KB, 199x254, download (3).jpg)

This. We have a lot of shit to do before Tracy can go figure out how to be Exterminatused

c583b No.38166

File: 1514432724229.png (255.82 KB, 1068x594, 1610221__semi-dash-grimdar….png)

Sorry, the changing colors threw me off…

85f31 No.38167

red is Thrackerzod.

39bd7 No.38168

File: 1514432909549.jpeg (61.97 KB, 500x507, image.jpeg)

c583b No.38169

Can skill points be gained in the holodeck?

21ec9 No.38170

File: 1514432961908.gif (509.83 KB, 672x486, medium.gif)

Oh yeah. I forgot about that. Remind me not to end the weekend on a battlefield. Uhm,… eh. None of it actionable at the moment, so its all meta for the moment.

c583b No.38171

File: 1514433093824.jpg (184.37 KB, 665x662, e68.jpg)

REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! Stop changing colors so much!

c583b No.38172

>it's all meta
How long would it take to produce a Planar Ally scroll?

c583b No.38173


c583b No.38174

Ebin Spells are the boss, desu.. Some of them have insane, god-tier effects.

85f31 No.38175

necromancer stuff is bretty bool

c583b No.38176

Momento Mori can kill anything instantly as a free action.
How many ranks did you put into Spellcraft?

21ec9 No.38177

An 8th level clerical spell? No less than 4 days. Also, you need a cleric capable of casting the spell.

3f027 No.38178

File: 1514433492089.jpg (144.72 KB, 610x616, 25-warhammer-40k-memes-to-….jpg)

My parent's wifi is messing up. I'd definitely prefer to stay on my parent's wifi, because I have dozens of Warhammer 40k memes saved on my laptop that just became topical

85f31 No.38179

85f31 No.38180

File: 1514433648773.jpg (106.58 KB, 617x960, 405.jpg)


3f027 No.38181

File: 1514433719867.jpg (90.16 KB, 500x750, 2f72572fb0530333bf1b4ef17f….jpg)

I love 40k memes

c583b No.38182

You could probably start developing Seeds about now, if I'm correct.

85f31 No.38183

call me a newfag but what kind?

c583b No.38184

I didn't look too hard because looking makes me jelly…

21ec9 No.38185

Uhm,… seeds?

85f31 No.38186

File: 1514434064977.jpg (51.34 KB, 659x570, 1506720374100.jpg)

c583b No.38187

Epic Spell seeds. The uber spells you use to create giga-uber spells and rituals.
like how Life is a seed for Gathering Of Maggots.
When will our caster be able to cast spells of this magnitude?

3f027 No.38188

File: 1514434395046.jpg (189.29 KB, 630x372, d5e878996ac4dc59d2425f10f3….jpg)

GM, as a completely hypothetical question that will probably never leave meta, what gods would match a Blackguard Trumpaladin?

21ec9 No.38189

>reading intensifies
I had been going off a homebrew idea for rituals,… which is now going into the trash,… again,… but that's fine
>gathering of maggots
How lovely
Well, Hextor for one

3f027 No.38190

>Can animate inanimate objects
I feel like that's a perfectly neutral power that I would be sorely tempted to use for evil

Who else!

Also, why do you say that?

I kind of want to know how you or others interpret my character

c583b No.38191

File: 1514434688914.jpg (127.93 KB, 250x308, legendology_dnd_article12_….jpg)

>How lovely

c583b No.38192

Transform can permanently alter race or species.

85f31 No.38193

best monster

9e402 No.38194


3f027 No.38195


I'm not sure I want Fae to be an equine though

21ec9 No.38196

Uhm,… polymorph?

c583b No.38197

File: 1514434995136.jpg (218.39 KB, 1399x574, worm-that-walks.jpg)

Liches really can't compare. Worms are Eldritch tier.

c583b No.38198

>homebrew idea for rituals
What were you using?

21ec9 No.38199

I was using the idea of a ritual,… contrived and specialized for a particular purpose. I didn't say it was a GOOD idea,….

3f027 No.38200

He means a permanent spell rather than one that lasts a few hours

c583b No.38201

Polymorph doesn't grant any extraordinary or spell-like abilities though. And it's not permanent.
Transform permanently changes one creature into another.
Did it require insane spellcraft checks?

85f31 No.38202

could it change a minotuar into a hoo-man?

c583b No.38203

Some of these Rituals are insane.
>summon 10 adult red dragons
Why would you ask that? And yes.

3f027 No.38204

Yes, I believe

21ec9 No.38205

I'd have gone with Polymorph and Permanency in that event, but either works.
That depends on the player proposing it. If the player says "I wanna do a thing", higher. If the player says "Character is going to perform a ritual to produce the following effects. The components and accessories include (blah) and would incorporate (blur blur)." then less.

3f027 No.38206

Only 10?

21ec9 No.38207

>summon 10 dragons
Sounds like a good way to get eated desu

c583b No.38208

With a good check, you could probably develop it pretty soon.
That idea feels kind of better, desu. I like the idea of non-casters being able to create certain effects through careful planning.
It's too expensive for any party to cast though. It takes 11 casters contributing 9th level spell slots.

9e402 No.38209

>summons 69 dragons

21ec9 No.38210

>who all have sex with Torcuil
don't worry, they're lady dragons Xp

85f31 No.38211

torc and 69 dragons.

9e402 No.38212

>reeee-ing till the end of time

c583b No.38213

No ritual of that power could possibly come without sacrifice.

9e402 No.38214

>sacrifices a clerical minotaur

85f31 No.38215

well i was thinking of turning hoo-man

21ec9 No.38216

Human? Y 4?

85f31 No.38217

to truly experience being aryan.

9e402 No.38219

Enjoy that strength nerf

21ec9 No.38220

There's so many ways I could respond to this

39bd7 No.38221

>Inb4 Ayran Infernius plays out Flowers for Algernon in his human form

c583b No.38222

That book was sad…

85f31 No.38223

ive never read it give me a basic gestalt.

c583b No.38224

Would you be willing to permanently alter Tracy's base-species into a hoary steed, so she can be all ghost-pony all the time?

39bd7 No.38225

Just take the Half-long racial base

85f31 No.38226

i would but i dont think certain party members would like it.

c583b No.38227

You mean like the half-dragon?

39bd7 No.38228

No, I mean the race

21ec9 No.38229

Dumb guy gets crazy mind-hax. Learns mind-hax are temporary. Runs away. The end.

c583b No.38230

File: 1514437104352.jpg (34.97 KB, 620x415, heck.jpg)

He's a Heck bull: one of the last of his kind. Wouldn't it be a shame to give that up?

39bd7 No.38231

Flowers for Algernon is a book about a mentally retarded man who agrees to be a test subject in an experiment to increase IQ. The experiment successful raises his IQ all the way to superior or even genius level. It's been a while since I read it (eleven years) so I can't remember all of the plot, but I believe he undergoes a sort of loss of innocence thereafter, or starts to be disliked by others. The book ends with it being discovered the treatment slowly fades and kills lab rats, with the man losing his intelligence and probably destined to be killed by or left even dumber by the treatment

85f31 No.38232

ill develop a aryan to heck mintuar spell first.

21ec9 No.38233

Also there is a bunch of introspection about how when one behaves in a particular manner others grow accustomed to it, though their manner of accustom doesn't necessarily fit the individual's, and how deviating from those customs cause strive and an upending of previously established norms,….

39bd7 No.38234

He could undo it I bet you

c583b No.38235

I don't see it.
Anyway, a hoary steed is basically exactly what regular Tracy is, a small blue-ish horse, only it's Ice type.
>Inferinus spends weeks developing a god-tier spell to change his hair color, even when he's already the bovine equivalent to an Aryan
>10 Int
Those spells are expensive.

85f31 No.38236

we have money.

39bd7 No.38237

Yeah fuck your haxxor. No free astral projection whatever as a racial feature

c583b No.38238

It's all within the rules.

21ec9 No.38239

For the record, I get many keks whenever you start on about that,….
There will be nerfing tho

39bd7 No.38240

What's wrong with Torcuil's polymorph?

9e402 No.38241

>Torc apparently isn't good enough

c583b No.38242

It's not permanent, and it doesn't grant extraordinary or spell-like abilities.
It might be cheaper if he just wants to be Aryan for a day though.

39bd7 No.38243

Oh bullshit you faggot

c583b No.38244

>There will be nerfing tho
Now I'm scared…

85f31 No.38245

do it torculi.

c583b No.38246

Read it. It's there.

21ec9 No.38247

Shhhhh, don't fight it

9e402 No.38248

Skididle, skidoodle
Your dick is now a noodle

c583b No.38249

Wait until the battle is over.

39bd7 No.38250

File: 1514437781676.png (166.53 KB, 400x402, image.png)

Poor Torcuil

*pets wizard*

It triggers me

Would it do what he wants?

39bd7 No.38251

Kek to both of these

c583b No.38252

Wh-what kind of nerfing..?

c583b No.38253

pic didn't upload…

c583b No.38254

>Would it do what he wants?
Would what do what who wants?

85f31 No.38255

File: 1514437978605.png (638.57 KB, 2851x2497, 1525342__safe_artist-colon….png)

21ec9 No.38256

Soft,… foam,… and acceptable for children,….

No, I really don't know. I just said it so that if randomly I decide to nerf anyone I can say "I warned you".

85f31 No.38257

File: 1514438214095.png (552.08 KB, 1024x2117, sadd boyz.png)

pls no nerf.

39bd7 No.38258

>willingly refuses to wear epic arms and belt if strength
>wants to give up racial bonus to strength
>says he's afraid of being nerfed
Infernius, are you being a bitch right now? Because last I checked, unless you are a bitch, you can't be nerfed

39bd7 No.38259

I forgot to bitch about the free flying and etherealness haxx abilities while in the Rabbit

Oh well… I'll bitch next time

21ec9 No.38260

File: 1514438510390.jpeg (211.11 KB, 1200x741, 1450315__safe_artist-colo….jpeg)

21ec9 No.38261

"You shush, and put the belt and the arms on. Dammit."
Thez likes it rough.

c583b No.38262

But seriously… wtf? With enough of a Spellcraft DC, you can turn a bug into a Force Dragon.. That's ridiculous.
An epic level Wizard can do literally anything…
>Range:300 ft
Oh come on.

85f31 No.38263

File: 1514438616459.png (24.95 KB, 1394x866, Untitled2.png)

3f027 No.38264

>wearing the belt and arms for Thez
Dianne Fienstien is the woman he ought to be wearing those uber items for, not Thez

21ec9 No.38265

Funny that you mention Feinstein,….

85f31 No.38266

"yes ma'am."

c583b No.38267

You can even Transform the subject into specific individuals.
You could turn a rock into another Kefka.

85f31 No.38268

"you put on one of those costumes i bought for you"

21ec9 No.38269

>puts on the Raven one.
"IDK what you're thinking, this wouldn't be any use except for a particularly whorish spell-caster,…."

21ec9 No.38270

Oh THAT'S a great idea o_o

85f31 No.38271

"me think it look good om you"

c583b No.38272

Thez would make a great Wendy's girl, desu.
I don't see any exclusion for unique creatures either…
Can it really be developed turn a creature into a Tarrasque? Will a spellcraft DC high enough? I actually hope I'm reading this wrong..

3f027 No.38273

*cough* a leftist Senator lich is attacking the city by infiltrating the sewers *cough*

c583b No.38274

Doesn't matter, we're in a meta time-lapse.
"~Flashy, I'm ~bored."
*snuggles brutally*

21ec9 No.38275

Don't encourage him
I guess I did spoil her being the sewer blich then,….

85f31 No.38276

she can wait.
*binds with rope then ties hair to it*

c583b No.38277

I'm just fond of smug Wendy's memes..

3f027 No.38278


*nibbles horsey ear*

"Uh… I got you a stick. I heard bitches like sticks"

*gives stick*

85f31 No.38279

21ec9 No.38280

>FTW w/ keks

c583b No.38281

*takes stick*
"Thanks. I love sticks."
*lands to snuggle more effectively*
>passing zombies are turned/rebuked by the insufferable gushy-pink aura

85f31 No.38282

"you want some blue?"

21ec9 No.38283

Dice rollRolled 3

>bitches love sticks confirmed
"Shut ur gob maggot! Even with only two legs, I can still drop you in a moment flat!"
Unless a 1, Infernius is dropped

21ec9 No.38284

Thez, hand bound behind her, still stands triumphantly in Raven cosplay.
"You were saying?"

3f027 No.38285

*dismounts Horsey*
*turns undead in the immediate vicinity

*Kisses horsey and rubs fur*

"You want to be truly ridden, don't you my beloved mount?"

c583b No.38286

RIP overboard…

3f027 No.38287

*bumplocks thread*

"Shh… It's okay horsey"

21ec9 No.38288

Srsly tho, I'm out for the night. Sexin and such to habben in turn; its the bathhouse after all
Uhm,… how skilled/practiced is Trump at controlling undead? Just asking for a friend of course.

85f31 No.38289

"hit me again baby, Me like it."

3f027 No.38290

Not really practiced, but I believe he should be able to turn undead at the rate of 3 a day plus Charisma modifier, which would be 7. He also has the Circlet of persuasion, which I think gives +3 to turn checks?

21ec9 No.38291

>furious sex noises
You know, as GM I'm inclined to tell you two things. 1., she would be disappointed if Infernius lost stature (read: went from Minotaur to Human), and 2. If he wants to learn Monk, there's gonna be a WHOLE LOT of hitting.

c583b No.38292

I think the circlet only applies to Char related checks, like Diplomacy, Bluff and intimidate. It doesn't actually increase the modifier.

c583b No.38293

*Bloodlust rapidly converts into friskiness*
*Doesn't give two shit about the sea of gore around them*

3f027 No.38294

Dice rollRolled 10

"Wanna bend down silly horsey?"

*gets behind horsey*

Grabs her

85f31 No.38295

File: 1514440697195.gif (981.77 KB, 285x171, 1498775759541.gif)

ok so no hooman permanantly, good good
pic related

c583b No.38296

Dice rollRolled 5

>faggot not exactly sure how to bend
*sits back on top of hoo-man*

c583b No.38297

Idk what that roll was for. She's bending, somehow..

3f027 No.38298

*tries to position himself for horse*

c583b No.38299

*Anxiously waits for it*

21ec9 No.38300

fugging phone-posting
Consider it 'acccommodating'

3f027 No.38301

Lovingly inserts himself into demon horse

"You are best mount Tracy"

c583b No.38302

[happy pony noises]
"You're the best mounter." she says insistently
"So mount me, again!"

c583b No.38303

*Flicks non-damaging fire-tail in face*
*raises tail*

85f31 No.38304

*switches to the pile driver position.*

3f027 No.38305

*mounts horse furiously*

3f027 No.38306

*grabs dock*

3f027 No.38307

*looks to see who is watching, since they are in the open*

c583b No.38308

*Bucks hard*
>Bucking abruptly stops in submissive shock
*Shakes rear invitingly*
All of them.

3f027 No.38309

*mounts her back harder, warmly accepting the invitation*

To Fae
>"I'm sorry Fae

c583b No.38311

*Presses back into him softly*

c583b No.38312

File: 1514441970555.jpg (251.12 KB, 399x2124, 247309.jpg)

*grins smugly at Fae*

3f027 No.38313

File: 1514442036148.jpg (238.13 KB, 2000x1000, o-HORSE-GAY-MARRIAGE-faceb….jpg)

top kek

Is loving his horsey

*points to RBG*

"You knew damn well that Obergerfell would lead to people marrying their horses"
*humping horsey*
"Can't say it's a bad thing though"
*loves horsey

*presses inside her hard*

c583b No.38314

*Presses him back against pile of dry bones for support*
*Bounces mercilessly on pelvis(s)*

3f027 No.38315

*uses his full buffed up strength to ride horse and beat her right back*

*smacks flank*

3f027 No.38316

*Uses all power on horsey*

c583b No.38317

*Shudders feverishly at slap, cheeks clapping*
>31 Str
*Humps back against dry bones, matching power with power, bouncing happily*
[Exhilarated horse noises]
"Oh, Flashy..!"

3f027 No.38318

*grabs into demon horse hide, trying to keep up*

"I've got you Tracy!"

*bounces right back into her*

c583b No.38319

*Tail sticks straight up, blasting and sizzling like a firecracker*
"Can you keep up, ~Flashy?" She inquires, challengingly
*rapid bucking intensifies*

3f027 No.38320

"I - I - I'll try"

*desperately tries to match horsey, bucking right back*

3f027 No.38321

"Yippee Ki-oh!"

3f027 No.38322

"Yippee Kiy-ay!"

*unable to hold back any longer…*

Lets forth a stream of raw, pure love into the horse, almost able to purge the evil from her

"I love you, Tracy"

85f31 No.38323

"yippee ki-yay"

c583b No.38324

*Humors him with superior horse-granted Endurance*
"You can train me; why don't I give you some lessons too? Grab on ~tight."
*Scene devolves into an spectacular, fantasy-realm sex rodeo, blue blazes and glints of shining golden armor occasionally glinting though the cloud*
*Accepts stream graciously and finally settles down*
"I love you too, Flashy."
*Gently sets down the exhausted paladin*

c583b No.38325


c583b No.38326

*faggot goes to bed*

3f027 No.38327

*cums in horsey a second time in the rodeo*

*pets soft horse fur*

*kisses horsey*
"You're a pretty good pony"

*rubs muzzle*

85f31 No.38328

File: 1514444362740.jpg (39.14 KB, 640x777, 0aa1d9f3988fa2483a2769cee7….jpg)

we should form an anti-heretic squad.

3f027 No.38329

File: 1514444678325.jpg (13.45 KB, 290x174, download (1).jpg)

85f31 No.38330

best toby song.

3f027 No.38331

It really is

Purging the wicked is the best part of being lawful good

3f027 No.38332

File: 1514445118225.png (142.87 KB, 500x333, 8ad.png)

85f31 No.38333

im gonna become lawful pretty soon.

3f027 No.38334

File: 1514445482275.jpg (324.8 KB, 1366x768, 8HcUPv8.jpg)

Trips confirm

Lawful alignment, best alignment

85f31 No.38335

File: 1514445495707.png (75.96 KB, 270x360, 1549473__safe_starlight gl….png)

trips confirm
*lawful good.

3f027 No.38336

File: 1514445644182.png (1.29 MB, 1280x720, Twilight_Sparkle_tears_of_….png)

Am not alone anymore…

85f31 No.38337

ill be more towards nazi germany though.

3f027 No.38338

File: 1514446571035.jpg (190.19 KB, 710x993, you-will-not-be-passed-ove….jpg)

Um… what does that mean though?

85f31 No.38339

jews cannot be space marines, their genes are to weak.

3f027 No.38340

File: 1514447164122.png (659.21 KB, 1024x907, boreale__s_unnatural_day_b….png)

Well of course. Only the Gene stock of the God Emperor may become space marines

So… Is new Infernius fine with Capitalism?

85f31 No.38341

capitalism is just the same as communism, they're both Jewish inventions.

52365 No.38342

Makes sense. Natsoc/Fascism sounds more like a lawful ideology.

52365 No.38343

We have two churches though. Wouldn't that set them against each other?

9e402 No.38344

>starts spanish inquisition
Who wants to help?
>ancap starts slowly backing away

3f027 No.38345

Well it might

52365 No.38346

Also, both churches only have one official and no formal court. A dispute over heresy could literally just be a slugfest between two party members.

3f027 No.38347

>The American Football League has no formal Court and no other officials
If this is true I need to rectify this. I tried setting up designated NPCs earlier but it didn't quite catch.

Fuck it. Terry is the designated official of at least Proselytizing operations, and Fae is the designated judge of Theological matters

3f027 No.38348

File: 1514475942813.jpg (110.69 KB, 1920x1080, Shit.jpg)

The question you're basically posing right here is "is it possible to simultaneously be a good American, and a National Socialist?"


52365 No.38349

NPCs can be hired with shekels, but they also take time to find, train, pay.. etc. Idk how the mechanic works though.
I kept meaning to buy-up land, horses, but I kept forgetting.

52365 No.38350

It'd be nice to own a nice large, open track of land.
I wonder how much pasture she could acquire.

39bd7 No.38351

52365 No.38353

File: 1514480834392.png (305.09 KB, 1404x1404, 465933__explicit_artist-co….png)

Kek. Love that movie.

52365 No.38354

Is there any rural land around Port Barry or the surrounding areas for sale? I want to open a pasture, with YUGE tracks of land.

39bd7 No.38355

You could take all of the land within the walled area that surrounds the original position of the tower. No one would complain, but it's all mountainous and forested, so it may not be best. Trollestia's golf course is s thing, but it may not be enough. Port Barry has farmland surrounding it which could be purchased. It may be best to keep that used for farming. Now Derpistan has even more farmland than Port Barry that is unclaimed, although I'd kind of like to repopulate Durpistan with resurrected zombies and use the farmland to produce commercial crops like barley for brewing or flax or hemp or rapeseed. There's that big area beyond the forest that is completely uninhabited - just burn the trees and you can have Yuge tracts of land with a little lake. If we clear out the Court City there's got to be a lot of land there

52365 No.38356

If not, is there anyone she can kill to steal their land?
Also, I gotta find a new sekrit cave to shackle prisoners in. The dungeon is kill, and it's not a sekrit anymore… I gotta find a new sekrit place for her to do her ebil stuff.

39bd7 No.38357


52365 No.38358

Well it's not like she can just keep all of that stuff in the tower. I'm playing a supervillain, I need muh sekrit lair. The last one was mostly destroyed, and Bob is a tattletale: it's pretty much just a cave with brick flooring at this point. I'm going to have her find a new one to do her edgy stuff in.

52365 No.38360

I really do hope we can level up after these upcoming fights.

39bd7 No.38361

File: 1514482220185.png (424.65 KB, 1024x1024, image.png)

>Villian needs to hide from the world

39bd7 No.38362

My next set of plans requires the Court City being razed and the Jew Gold being recovered, so I can wait

52365 No.38363

Not from the world, just from nosy white-knights.
There are things I want her to do that I rather keep sekrit.

39bd7 No.38364

>She doesn't want to settle down or be a mother

52365 No.38365

I'm hungry for XP. I want it bad.

52365 No.38366

How did you come to that?

39bd7 No.38367

File: 1514482551908.gif (135.1 KB, 1082x950, image.gif)

*heart breaks… More than a little…*

2ede9 No.38368

You don't want to level up faster?

39bd7 No.38369

I don't want a time skip before then

2ede9 No.38370

What do levels have to do with a timeskip? Also, it's going to be a pain to ressurect all of these undead, clothe them, shelter them, and figure out who they are, all in session. A week's timeskip might not be that bad.

39bd7 No.38371

And we wouldn't do that until after we have secured the Court City and the money to pay for clothing and shelter

2ede9 No.38372

Where are they going to stop all of the corpses in the mean time? It'll still take days just to clean all of the gore and bones off of the streets.

2ede9 No.38373

stow the corpses*

39bd7 No.38374

Make a corvee of the general populace to clean it up, I would guess, and just stack it. It's zombified flesh. It's not like it's going to rot, at least anytime soon. And if that isn't possible, just leave it where it fell.

2ede9 No.38375

It's probably already rotting quite a bit.
And leaving it and where it fell would spread the plague and attract/create even more monsters, spooky ones.
It should be done immediately, to ensure that every corpse can be recovered and ressurrected individually. If they let the corpses rot in the streets, it'll be impossible to tell what part belongs to each corpse after a day, and then it'll take ten times as long.

39bd7 No.38376

Great. Tell Sechs to order a corvee

85f31 No.38377

i wont violate your nap, im actually kind of fond of ancapism.
i need to fix up my church but im not quite sure how to go about it.
reeeeee it is possible ask Henry ford.
ill let uatchit eat them.

2ede9 No.38378

If we don't have to rebuild the town first…
>eat them
We were going to ressurect them, weren't we?

85f31 No.38379

the zombies?

2ede9 No.38380

39bd7 No.38381

No. First thing is first. Kill the horde at its head while the citizens clean up, THEN rebuild the city

2ede9 No.38382

Where are they going to sleep?

39bd7 No.38383

Tracy's faggot has a good idea with that. We need more humans to populate empty cities

85f31 No.38384


39bd7 No.38385

Structural damage should be light. Thus far undead have not breached the walled areas. Regardless, the corpses need to be cleaned up first

2ede9 No.38386

The Cloud Giant just bashed a hole in the main wall, and the liches have yet to start nuking shit. Hope there aren't any Invokers.

85f31 No.38387

as long as there are no mind flayers i think we ok.

2ede9 No.38388

They were probably gathered from all over the continent.
>Here comes diversity
Yeah, at least we can be sure there won't be any Mindflayer Blackguards with Beholder mounts. That would never happen.

85f31 No.38389

>Here comes diversity
REEEEEEE no shitskins!

85f31 No.38392

Humans (aryan)
too late

2ede9 No.38393

What about dwarves?

85f31 No.38394


2ede9 No.38395

Monstrous Humanoids?
Giants of different varieties?

2ede9 No.38396

Ogre mages?
There's also like six different subraces of every race.

85f31 No.38397

>Giants of different varieties
pagan european-tier the could be civilized
>Monstrous Humanoids

2ede9 No.38398

Minotuars are monstrous Humanoids. And some of them are too intelligent to be niggers.

85f31 No.38399

>Ogres an ogre mages
fatties that need discipline.
not familiar with, but if they are like argonians then yes.
i sais minotuars where white already though.

2ede9 No.38400

What about other monstrous Humanoids?

85f31 No.38401

we would have to review each one.

2ede9 No.38402

Like lizardfolk?
What about other reptilians?
Good point.
In fact, this conversation is kind of pointless as it stands. Let's review each race as we meet them, and then review individuals. You never know who you'll meet.

85f31 No.38403

>What about other reptilians
reptilians seem okay.
>Like lizardfolk?
>Let's review each race as we meet them
sounds like a good plan

21ec9 No.38404

Alright. So when referring to "cleaning up zombies", are we talking about the corpses in Durpistan, the zombies and undead outside port Barry? Both? Also, why would you need to shelter zombies?
Most of the land surrounding Port Barry is occupied farmland, but there's nothing preventing logging the trees to the south, and that would actually open up the road to Cardashil, etc. a bit and encourage travel.

39bd7 No.38405

I'm working Trumpaladin on "Jurisdiction" Theory. So far as he is concerned, humans and intelligent allies are "white," but he doesn't care about anything else

39bd7 No.38406

>Judge them each by the content of their character
Dear Jesus I don't care. It's hard enough ensuring a future for one race.

85f31 No.38407

they are talking about the ones in town.

c583b No.38408


21ec9 No.38409

File: 1514502703949.jpg (67.27 KB, 799x511, whoosh.jpg)

Oh that won't even be a thing. If the fight wasn't unresolved I could go >pic related

85f31 No.38410

File: 1514502778305.jpeg (65.29 KB, 480x320, 1560032__safe_artist-colo….jpeg)

>not posting the poner.

21ec9 No.38411

"There's a poner of,…"
he begins to ask out loud, then stops and says "Of COURSE there's a poner of woosh-kitteh"

85f31 No.38412

File: 1514503133227.jpg (41.61 KB, 392x495, 12c7906ba4984eeb9a1331a27c….jpg)

we need an aryanne version of this one.

39bd7 No.38413

File: 1514503310679.jpeg (72.18 KB, 606x745, image.jpeg)



c583b No.38414

We're not going to resurrect everyone?

39bd7 No.38415

>ITT, GM says "no, fuck your planning"

85f31 No.38416

File: 1514504711288.png (217.15 KB, 1024x1313, 8685848c4decb2ce344b9f26ce….png)

9e402 No.38417

Is there a poner of the Planets
>ITT, Torc will fuck GM's plans for fucking the player planning

21ec9 No.38418

File: 1514504761664.jpg (39.84 KB, 800x470, 284388b3e41137ee12f29f5b6c….jpg)

The zombies? No, there will be no resurrecting zombies
RLY? I thought ITT GM is told "Fuck your planning"

c583b No.38419

File: 1514505352211.png (113.58 KB, 800x733, 1363057242464.png)

Can I just keep their skulls then? I want to make a custom throne out of that cloud giant's skull if he's not going to need it anymore. The rest of the skulls will make for a nice heap.

85f31 No.38420

can i have there sinews?

c583b No.38421

What for?

85f31 No.38422

sex swing.

21ec9 No.38423

"I endorse this idea"

9e402 No.38425


85f31 No.38426

its actually pretty cool desu.

85f31 No.38427

"me glad!"

21ec9 No.38428

WTF? More shenanigens?

c583b No.38429

File: 1514506190137.jpg (21.35 KB, 606x486, skullcups.JPG1cb1476a-ab4c….jpg)

What's the most aesthetic, realistic skull goblet design you can have?

c583b No.38430

File: 1514506252916.jpg (35.6 KB, 600x600, 120.jpg)

There can never be enough edge.

85f31 No.38432

i drink from an actual skull.

9e402 No.38433

Use the whole skull, cut a circle in the top. Sink a precious metal cup in the middle of the holw. Attach a handle of bone to the back or a side.
Boom Skull goblet Tankard

c583b No.38434

File: 1514506412206.jpg (190.99 KB, 760x596, rEE2k.jpg)

You need at least a bit of craftsmanship to get a great, usable goblet though.

c583b No.38435

>Sink a precious metal cup in the middle of the holw
Interesting prospect.

c583b No.38436

File: 1514506552221.png (59.5 KB, 500x422, bring-me-win-in-the-skull-….png)

9e402 No.38437

In my opinion tankards ring more of a warrior than goblets do. Goblets ring of diplomacy to me.
And thats the easiest thing I can think of. You could also put rubys in the eyes for an extra +2 edge bonus.

21ec9 No.38438

Technically, you could make a throne out of the entire Giant skull. Just sayin

85f31 No.38439


c583b No.38440

File: 1514506840439.jpg (114.99 KB, 640x600, pearls-carved-skulls-shinj….jpg)

The jibbernigger skulls could probably make for good molds for gold jewlery. I'll have Tracy tell Lenos about it whenever he finally gets back. Mr. Skeletals could be the next big thing.

21ec9 No.38441

Oddly cute

c583b No.38442

File: 1514507241744.jpg (105.46 KB, 700x525, 118.jpg)

Pic related are by some Japanese artist who carved them out of flawed pearls.

c583b No.38443

File: 1514507374330.jpg (91.46 KB, 600x400, skull_by_phobian.jpg)

>Illegals break our wall
>We make them pay for it

85f31 No.38444

grorious nippon.

21ec9 No.38445

>better wall

c583b No.38446


c583b No.38447

File: 1514507756032.jpg (328.36 KB, 600x900, 1bd5f42c3fed5dac8064ea42ee….jpg)

I fucking love skull aesthetics
>Pimp Lich

85f31 No.38448

File: 1514507932759.png (1.65 MB, 2777x1558, 1549977__safe_artist-colon….png)

21ec9 No.38449

Keep it pimpin pimpin

c583b No.38450

File: 1514508119875.jpg (179.87 KB, 444x444, c0f07d5add50fe22e3e40225af….jpg)

>lighter for Lenos

c583b No.38451

That's what I was intending. The rest of the skulls are to put beneath it.
Now, for a place to put it…

39bd7 No.38453

I'm guessing this is just the tip of a very large iceberg

21ec9 No.38454

Think of it as a trophy

85f31 No.38455

this desu.

c583b No.38456

Pretty much.

39bd7 No.38457

I'm guessing ahe intends to target Trump's humans

c583b No.38458

>Trump's humans

c583b No.38459

meant for >>38453

39bd7 No.38460

Port Barry and vicinity

c583b No.38461

>Implying jurisdiction
No though. I wasn't planning anything.

9e402 No.38463

So, are the undead fuckers still a problem?

c583b No.38464

Yep. We're all still were we were that night.

39bd7 No.38465

You have a visit from Nancy Pelosi and three ships incoming

9e402 No.38466

>three ships

c583b No.38467

File: 1514512390540-0.jpg (308.9 KB, 867x1300, Nancy-Pelosi-the-Pirate-wi….jpg)

File: 1514512390540-1.jpg (170.85 KB, 1000x712, Ted-Kennedy-and-Nancy-Pelo….jpg)

File: 1514512390540-2.jpg (206.66 KB, 1000x1250, Pirate-Nancy-Pelosi-78654.jpg)

>The pirate of Washington DC

39bd7 No.38468

How long until we fight John McCain?

9e402 No.38470

When he dies and becomes a wizard in The Game™

c583b No.38471

File: 1514512809452-0.jpg (320.09 KB, 800x1184, Pirates-u.jpg)

File: 1514512809452-1.jpg (351.44 KB, 1000x966, Pirate-s-of-Washington-DC-….jpg)

39bd7 No.38472

You should consider them yours too

39bd7 No.38473

File: 1514512954176-0.jpeg (155.9 KB, 800x546, image.jpeg)

File: 1514512954176-1.jpeg (28.95 KB, 175x337, image.jpeg)

File: 1514512954176-2.jpeg (25.24 KB, 400x283, image.jpeg)

File: 1514512954176-3.jpeg (134.62 KB, 500x625, image.jpeg)

>Implying he isn't already dead

9e402 No.38474

We can expect that boss fight in…
How long does it take cancer to kill?

21ec9 No.38475

Not long enough,….

9e402 No.38476

c583b No.38477


21ec9 No.38478

So yes, John McCain will present himself b4 too long. It would be nice to kill him too.

39bd7 No.38479

Torcuil should think of the most cancerous meme he can to kill him with

9e402 No.38480

Fuck, I never thought I would say this
>looks for meme on 9gag

39bd7 No.38481

File: 1514516159817.jpeg (40.58 KB, 440x500, image.jpeg)

GM, how weaponizable is my Alunya collection?

c583b No.38482

Alunya is the only half-decent meme commies ever produced, desu.

85f31 No.38483

we need the hard stuff, 9gag is to weak.

c583b No.38484

Where can we find the most cancerous, unfunny, life-draining memes in existence?

85f31 No.38485


39bd7 No.38486

File: 1514516536010.jpeg (38.16 KB, 390x500, image.jpeg)

Why do I like this meme so much?

9e402 No.38487

B-but I need cancer
I mean, you aren't wrong

85f31 No.38488

does that thing have a penis?

39bd7 No.38489

File: 1514516723613.png (107.14 KB, 1216x1137, image.png)

How do you know when a meme is cancer though?

9e402 No.38490


85f31 No.38491


c583b No.38492

They literally don't have any memes except for Alunya. Just photo-shopped /pol/ memes.
It's a memetic example of how communism destroys market/product diversity.

c583b No.38493

She's cute…

39bd7 No.38494

File: 1514516891035.png (846.31 KB, 2918x3182, image.png)

Pic related is Torcuil's waifu

c583b No.38495


9e402 No.38496

>Torc shoots himself

c583b No.38497

>*meets Death*

85f31 No.38498

*kills death*

39bd7 No.38499

File: 1514517012494.jpeg (40.57 KB, 566x1000, image.jpeg)

I know right? I love this cat for some reason

9e402 No.38500

>Torc enters the loop of hel

21ec9 No.38501

>totally doesn't get alunya memes
Uhm 5/10?
I notice that there are r/'s in front of those
Oh, he kills death alright with a beins

9e402 No.38502

>with a benis
I kek'd
Where else am I supposed to get cancer?

39bd7 No.38503

>until death pulls out her own Benis

9e402 No.38504


85f31 No.38505

>communist benis

c583b No.38506

File: 1514517567835.jpg (36.44 KB, 500x500, c222d159023d3bc4334b04e8b8….jpg)

>manifests behind you*
>"You ~called?"
No mortal can escape her.

9e402 No.38507

Dice rollRolled 1

Run away

21ec9 No.38508

'specially when she wants some

21ec9 No.38509

39bd7 No.38510

>Death is as insane as Tracy
Poor Torcuil

39bd7 No.38511


85f31 No.38512


9e402 No.38513

Torc is gettin >raped tonight, isn't it
Hilarity, look at the die

c583b No.38514

File: 1514517753962.png (189.05 KB, 3000x1339, 649126__safe_artist-colon-….png)

39bd7 No.38515

Oh…. That's a 1d1

c583b No.38516

Well that's no fun…

85f31 No.38517


9e402 No.38518

Nothing like a good ol mobius strip

9e402 No.38519

You faggots thought I was serious?

c583b No.38520

For a moment..

9e402 No.38521

Would it make you guys feel better if I actually rolled?

85f31 No.38522

c583b No.38523

Nah. Moment's passed.

21ec9 No.38524

U didn't? I see the 1,… looks like canon to me Xp

39bd7 No.38525

Dice rollRolled 18

Dice is no fun without risk

*Frees self from Tracy*

9e402 No.38526

Dice rollRolled 12

Too bad, I'm gonna fucking do it
Don't make me roll a 20d1

85f31 No.38527

*shits on trumpaladin*

85f31 No.38528

Dice rollRolled 1


85f31 No.38529

oh come on!

21ec9 No.38530

I won't MAKE u do ANYTHING desu, I'll just shitpost until u do

39bd7 No.38531

>shit lands on self

21ec9 No.38532

And laugh at Infernius

39bd7 No.38533

File: 1514518358520.gif (2.48 MB, 900x506, image.gif)


85f31 No.38534

so….. what happens?

9e402 No.38535

Dice rollRolled 19

My sides have left for fucking pluto
Roll to try and seduce Trollestia

85f31 No.38536

c583b No.38537


9e402 No.38538

You know what, I'll take it.
Its better than rolling a 3 for dick size

39bd7 No.38539

Not bad

21ec9 No.38540

>went to shit on another player
>rolled a 1
>wants to know what happens next
Its pretty shitty desu
Not a 20, but almost
"Oh young meme-mage, whatever do you intend to do with that… wand?" I thought you wanted to avoid this level of ahem scrutiny

39bd7 No.38541

Goddamn it

*pets pony's muzzle*

21ec9 No.38542

There WAS that one time,….

85f31 No.38543

just making sure everything is still inside.

c583b No.38544

File: 1514518776865.png (Spoiler Image, 56.19 KB, 250x284, Love conquers all.png)

[happy pony noises]
*nuzzles affectionately*

9e402 No.38545

To late, I went full autism and there is no going back….
But now I don't know what to do.

c583b No.38546


85f31 No.38547


39bd7 No.38548

Just tell her you're glad she's accompanying you to fight the hordes on the docks

>File name

21ec9 No.38549

"Young sir, lovely though you may be,… that aside,… I am not certain that now is the time for such,… informalities. Tempting though it may be to rape ur(his) haggis,…. consider this a wash. unless this is all a wash Xp

c583b No.38550


39bd7 No.38551

Every other member of the party fucked during the battle though

c583b No.38552


21ec9 No.38553

9e402 No.38554

Dice rollRolled 5

Oh I just had the best idea
"Oh, well u-uh.
You see…"
Spaghetti shoots forth from all pockets of Torcs rope.
Rolling for attack

9e402 No.38555

Kill me

21ec9 No.38556

And here, I was sure Torcuil wasn't gonna try and fug the Unicorn

9e402 No.38557

Idk what I was doing, but this'll work

85f31 No.38558

u w0t?

c583b No.38559

Tracy's supposed to finish her.

9e402 No.38560

>gninnalp ruoy kcuF

21ec9 No.38561

She will, don't worry; it'll be tragic and melancholy

c583b No.38562

…dias lleW<

9e402 No.38563

39bd7 No.38564

pls no I'm already really sad I doomed that character

21ec9 No.38565

Shush nao, tragic heroine shit

9e402 No.38566

msitua fo syaw eht ni tnenoppo yhtrow a yllanif, hA<
No, I won't shush

85f31 No.38567

this is all your fault, accept her death and move on.

85f31 No.38568

msitua ma i<

21ec9 No.38569

Oh right, cuz,… nevermind.
She's a big girl. Its okay.

c583b No.38570

This, desu.
It's the point of no return.
At least wait until the devours are kill, so Tracy can get her soul before they do..

39bd7 No.38571


*cries anyways*

39bd7 No.38572


c583b No.38573

She's not coming back!

39bd7 No.38574

Let her be free…

May she find the peace in death she could not find in life…

*is sad*

c583b No.38575

She's probably already centuries old anyway.

9e402 No.38576

tey ton
I hope you realize Torc is gonna go full autistic breakdown.
>Mixxed nuts: everyone can have a waifu but Torc

85f31 No.38577

File: 1514520858402.gif (86.6 KB, 300x234, 1506886263460.gif)

well it did her fate is set simply because you couldnt keep it in your pants, think about that next time you see a nice looking horse. i dont want anymore horse death.

39bd7 No.38578

File: 1514520900073.png (200.77 KB, 680x742, image.png)

We barely knew her

39bd7 No.38579

Please defend her. She deserves a defense

21ec9 No.38580

"Don't be sad anon. I'm the coyote's character. You haven't heard the last of me." ^_~
>Trump pees his armor
what, I said it would happen,….

c583b No.38581

You have Death.
Did you know that Wraith is a Scottish term, btw? I've been reading a lot of European mythology lately.

39bd7 No.38582

*wipes tears from eyes*

"Wha.. What?"

c583b No.38583


21ec9 No.38584

>mixed nuts, makin niggas read n' sjhit

39bd7 No.38585

Tracy can kill death instead

9e402 No.38586

Torc will, but if she dies prepare for a giant shit storm
>ITT Torc has been catfished by a coyote pretending to be a unicorn.
Yeah, I knew wraith was scottish. Pretty instresting. Do you have any good resources for celtic mythology?

85f31 No.38587

kek like thats gonna happen.

39bd7 No.38588

I know how to make it happen

21ec9 No.38589

Not cat-fished, any more than Infernius is a fag 4 being into Thez (who is the brainchild of a dude)

9e402 No.38590

But the coyote is a character ingame. You aren't

85f31 No.38591

you wish. tracy will never let it happen.
but me no es faggio

39bd7 No.38592

Godspeed NEET Scott. Godspeed

c583b No.38593

File: 1514521539134.jpg (482.85 KB, 1000x752, wraith_female_farm_ghost_b….jpg)

My go-to is Wikipedia…

39bd7 No.38594

>implying she could stop it by any means other than killing death

c583b No.38595

Did Cecil's faggot ever call back?

9e402 No.38596

I mean, that works

c583b No.38597

Will any of our caster be willing to develop an Epic spell to permanently fuse Trumpaladin to Tracy's back? I looked it up: it's possible.

85f31 No.38598

>implying she will go with what ever solution that you come up with.

21ec9 No.38599

LOLL no! The coyote,… well on the one hand it can be said to vastly predate the GM, on the other hand, its been around ever since in the perspective of the GM.
Tl:dr Coyote gets what coyote wants
….y, yeah he got into methamphetamines lately,….

c583b No.38600

Ah.. too bad for him…

85f31 No.38601

thats unfortunante if not a shitpost.

9e402 No.38602

I'll fucking do it, no cost at all

39bd7 No.38603


*takes breath*


9e402 No.38604

I take that back, one cost. No kill unicorn

85f31 No.38605

it would be worth the ban.

39bd7 No.38606

Pls no kill unicorn and no fuse Trumpaladin to demon horse

c583b No.38607

You can have one or the other.

85f31 No.38608

and you can still kill the unicorn in my deal.

39bd7 No.38609

You liked me just a few weeks ago

21ec9 No.38610

Not a shitpost. I hope for him, but the choice is his. He's not at death's door (that I know of) ATM, but he's made "better choices" in "previous circumstances" desu.

c583b No.38611

Oh well, hope he gets better.
Makes me a bit grateful I'm addicted to RPGs and not drugs…

85f31 No.38612

i still like you but you need to learn from you mistakes, the unicorn dies.

39bd7 No.38613


c583b No.38614

May as well develop the seeds, just in case.
You might want to read into Epic Spellcasting.

39bd7 No.38615

>implying being addicted to this is any better

c583b No.38616

Drugs are expensive.

21ec9 No.38617

Ay. Nobody robbed a store for some Mixed Nuts. Just sayin'

39bd7 No.38618

Literally the only relative benefit

85f31 No.38619

i'll pray for him.

39bd7 No.38620

21ec9 No.38621

Anyone who wants these Nuts only needs to ask, they're FFA….
Tks for the,… what do you call it? Loosh? "Good Vibes"? Meh, I look forward to telling him that faggots from the internet who know nothing about him want him to do his best

9e402 No.38622

Tell him one of them says Hi

39bd7 No.38623

The current iteration's paladin sympathizes with his plight in life and his poor reception in the game…

Too well

39bd7 No.38624

File: 1514522947460.jpeg (27.38 KB, 236x419, image.jpeg)

85f31 No.38625

File: 1514522950164.png (455.03 KB, 2000x2661, 1319630__safe_artist-colon….png)

the lesson isnt complete, you need this for mental discipline.

21ec9 No.38627

I told him to trust in horsepussy. The ball is in his court.

c583b No.38628

>I told him to trust in horsepussy

c583b No.38629


21ec9 No.38630

Yes. Unironically, blogposting aside.

c583b No.38631

Oh. Wow..

85f31 No.38632

what did he say back?

21ec9 No.38633

For the record, the conversation wasn't "Blah blah HORSEPUSSY!!!" but along those lines. I told him that I found the strangest group of friends, and that that the Game goes on (virtually) all the time.

21ec9 No.38634

85f31 No.38635

infernuis "berrytwist" preston. MNO

39bd7 No.38636

*is booped*

c583b No.38637

*humps leg*

39bd7 No.38638

Your autistic revenge plot is greentext worthy

Like I don't think even you know

39bd7 No.38639

*pets pony, muzzle, head and ears*

c583b No.38640

File: 1514525718817.png (160 KB, 1536x2100, 628557__safe_oc_oc only_oc….png)

That'd be one hell of a long, complicated greentext to explain all this autism.
*purrs affectionately, eyes closed*

85f31 No.38641

File: 1514525971987.png (420.64 KB, 1943x1959, 1478660__safe_artist-colon….png)

39bd7 No.38642

*is comforted somewhat*

c583b No.38643

[happy pony noises]

85f31 No.38645

i dunno i found it on derpibooru.

c583b No.38646

Are you going to level-up Infernius as a Monk immediately after this level?

85f31 No.38647

yea clerics really dont get anything through lvl up.

c583b No.38648

>Ebin Spell-Casting
Suit yourself then..

85f31 No.38649

ill level up as a cleric again eventually.
i cant ebin cast now?

c583b No.38650

I really want to level up Tracy as a Blackguard so she can at least summon her servant, but Epic level Rogue is pretty tempting too. If she gets Blinding Speed as an Ebin Bonus Deat, she could be a Guardian Paramount.
Then again, If she just grinded for Great Dexterity, every week in on the holodeck, she'd probably make the prereq for the feat in less time than she could level-up that far, at this rate…

c583b No.38651

Idk, desu.

85f31 No.38652

c583b No.38653

21ec9 No.38654

85f31 No.38655

i need some exp so i can get the epic spell casting feat.

c583b No.38657

Does that come at lvl 20 or lvl 23?
Infernius's weakness in this field though is that he has a nonexistant Int bonus… With 24 ranks in Knowledge Religion, a caster can create spells with the capability to bestow sapient life, intelligence, and a soul unto any creature or object.

c583b No.38658

This is the part where I realize that SteamPonk would have to be a collaboration between a couple Epic-level spellcasters.

85f31 No.38659

File: 1514529449142.txt (896 B, Infernuis.txt)

c583b No.38660

He thinks he's so cool with his neatly-organized txt file.. *grumbles*
[lazy faggot noises]

85f31 No.38661

21ec9 No.38662

I did say artifact-grade,….
Well its a good thing there's a few Liches and a slough of undead to wade through ATM

c583b No.38663

>Animal and Good
Those are Hitlers Domains? I figured one of them would be War or Glory.

85f31 No.38665

infernuis goes hard! and kills tons of undead with healing spells!

85f31 No.38666

kill all shitskins!

c583b No.38667

Well said, Satan.

c583b No.38668

Tracy doesn't waste time either, cleaving through masses of undead in a whirling fury.

39bd7 No.38669

Trumpaladin does the same, except better

21ec9 No.38670

Noted, points for enthusiasm. Way too early tho. Like, a day or so early.

85f31 No.38671

me bored.

21ec9 No.38672

>Raven cosplay
Bored you say?

85f31 No.38673

File: 1514531057904.gif (565.05 KB, 367x265, 1513928106113.gif)

39bd7 No.38674

File: 1514531068401.jpeg (331.69 KB, 700x1300, image.jpeg)

c583b No.38675

Needing extra participants would make it into a Ritual Spell… A party of sorts.
Seeds of interest would be Animate, Energy, Life, and Transform to make a true SteamPonk..

39bd7 No.38676

He has a unicorn

c583b No.38677

Irrelevant. The world needs SteamPonk.

85f31 No.38678

what a cute communist.

c583b No.38679

File: 1514531464440.jpg (72.83 KB, 750x600, cc1f6b1863b52dac88d0fb2f91….jpg)

The gnomes could help. They likely have some advanced Bards in their society that could help with the Spellcraft for Animate… The body would be one thing; it'd be up to the party to bring her to life.
SteamPonkalypse when?

c583b No.38680

Forget Energy, Conjure is the seed to go with for recreating her party powers.

c583b No.38681

*goes to bed*

21ec9 No.38682

>GM still hasn't read up on seeds
Probably this, but don't expect to use a 'standard' mold, and be CERTAIN it will break

85f31 No.38683

File: 1514534407940.jpg (143.21 KB, 900x751, 1447410978091.jpg)

9e402 No.38689

>lazy faggot noises
Won't happen for certain reasons

c583b No.38690

9e402 No.38691

File: 1514562717414.jpg (50.68 KB, 429x810, reverse_centaur_by_acci98-….jpg)

Found a pic of Trump and Tracy's child

c583b No.38692

c583b No.38693

c583b No.38694

That can't be all of Hitler's Domains. What are the others?

9e402 No.38695

Art? And then maybe bundle culture with that?

c583b No.38696

I thought his Domains would be War, Glory, Community and Strength, for a Natsoc thematic.

c583b No.38697

I'm probably going to go for at least three more levels in Blackguard, then another three in Rogue, to get a second Special Rogue Ability. I already gave her Crippling Strike, so once she becomes a lvl 4 Blackguard and has 8d6 Sneak Attack Damage I'll be able to select Lingering Damage as a feat, for a strike that surely kills on the second turn.

3f027 No.38698

So Tracy's faggot, I was thinking that if Trumpaladin were treating Tracy like she were his mount, he'd absolutely bard her. It's an essential part of the Knight's Templar Aesthetic, or really the My Little Pony aesthetic for that matter.

A set of Mithral breastplate would provide an AC boost of +5 besides whatever enchantments were added to it, but would not reduce her speed at all and have an armor check penalty of -1. The biggest drawback is that it would remain the same size, so she'd have to be fitted with it every time she transformed that it would be worn, which would take about 5 minutes (unless it were enchanted with "wild," then it would shapeshift with her or at least "melt") and would need to be stored in her bag

9e402 No.38699

See, I think Hitler as a god would have the domains of Purity, Art, War, and Industry. A very strange combination, but I like it.

c583b No.38700

Does a breastplate count as light or medium barding? Flying mounts can only fly in light barding, fyi. I'd like a chest plate too though. If not that, some chain shirt.
>she'd have to be fitted with it every time she transformed that it would be worn, which would take about 5 minutes
Inconvenient, but she'd love the attention.
>It's an essential part of the Knight's Templar Aesthetic, or really the My Little Pony aesthetic for that matter.
I thought of forging some mithril plates similar to Nightmare Moon's helmet and bracers. They'd only be for planned battles though.
>The biggest drawback is that it would remain the same size
I've been bullshitting the size thing since before she even transformed, desu.. I wanted the Shapeshifter's armor to make it feel less bullshit.
I don't even know if she's medium or small anymore, desu; her being a semi-anthro pony that alternates between walking on two and four legs. I put those ranks into control shape so that she could have a hybrid form, but she's been ranging from a small pony, to a heavy warhorse, to a Cauchemar as big as a cottage.

c583b No.38701

File: 1514573892587.jpg (116.67 KB, 900x633, mlpol.jpg)

Forgot unrelated pic

21ec9 No.38702

A mythril breastplate is one weight category lighter than a conventional breastplate
Yeah, I need to pay more attention to that

c583b No.38703

File: 1514575106413.png (69.38 KB, 750x720, 1015347__safe_artist-colon….png)

>pay more attention to that
I probably should've just kept my mouth shut..

c583b No.38704

Can a single beastplate be worn in addition to existing armor?

21ec9 No.38705

File: 1514576146850.jpg (255.18 KB, 869x1200, CG_deliver_greek_hoplite_0….jpg)

Don't worry, I'll probably forget again
No. Breast-plate armor is comparable to Spartan armor (Greek, not Halo Xp)

c583b No.38706

Wild armor only applies to transformations via Wild Shape ability, not just any alternate form ability.

c583b No.38707

File: 1514576546064.jpg (55.86 KB, 550x405, GhostRider-004.jpg)

Oh well. A biking suit would look better on her anyway.

3f027 No.38708

File: 1514577268398-0.png (380.73 KB, 1600x831, NMM with Bracers and Chanf….png)

File: 1514577268398-1.png (610.07 KB, 1127x949, NMM in Criniere.png)

File: 1514577268398-2.png (365.79 KB, 1006x795, NMM wearing a Peytral.png)

Breast plate is in the medium armor category, but when you make it out of mithril, it's light armor. So she could wear it and still fly and go her unarmored speed, but her AC would go from 26 to 31+enchantments.

I've been pouring over the D&D rules for armor and magical beasts recently looking to buff and advance my Fae character. But from a story perspective, there's not a really a logical reason not to do the same to Cauchemar Tracy, and the real reason is that she's not my character, but if she were, I'd do things like Mithral breastplate armor, which I am putting on Fae when I get the chance.

>similar to Nightmare Moon's helmet and bracers

That's exactly what I was thinking. They are so damned sexy that they really ought to be imitated if for no other reason than aesthetic purposes. GM said we can treat each piece of the armor separately for enchantment purposes, and under my estimation, a horse can support a Chanfron (helmet), criniere (neck plate), and Peytral (chest plate). The alicorns of mlp never use Peytrals (but have those sexy as fuck Chanfrons and in some fan pieces, crinieres), but it seems logical to me.

>She'd like the attention

I was thinking that adorning her with armor would be kind of an "I own you" statement that the character might like

>Only before major battles

Yeah, that's what I was thinking. Or really any time the characters have five minutes

I estimate Tracy to be an 80 pound 7-hand Falabella-sized pony in rogue form, a 1900 pound 16-hand Percheron in mount form, and a 900 pound ~14-15 hand Arabian riding horse or 600 pound 13 hand Shetland in any intermediate form.

I don't see much reason to read too much into the size classes. The only strict requirement I see is that a huge creature is at least twice the size of a large one, and a large creature is at least twice the size of a medium one. Other than that, I think we can be reasonable in our interpretations of the creatures.


In pony form, yes. I still like the Nightmare moon look on a Cauchemar

c583b No.38709

I imagined Tracy's Alternate Form to pretty much look a lot like Nightmare Moon, with a few of Daybreaker's features (ie. fiery mane), her.
Also, Nicholas Cage's face turns into an angry skull, and he's surrounded by flames and chains instead of rainbows and sparkles.
>I was thinking that adorning her with armor would be kind of an "I own you" statement that the character might like
In European and Asian cultures, dressing someone in their armor is thematically a very intimate process; coming from the fact that one is possibly preparing their partner for the last day of their lives. It was pretty important to the ancient Greeks (inventors of the gay bathhouse) and you can see several stanzas in poems dedicated to it, and in Japan as well (like that scene in The Last Samurai).

c583b No.38710

Can I get a better scope of the conditions required for a Sneak Attack, both melee and range? Can you declare an Attack a Sneak Attack if it's done from a point of total concealment?

21ec9 No.38711

Sneak attacks can be done from concealment, or from a flanking position. Basically its an attack that can't be perceived in advance of (why Korak could do it with the pistol-cape combo, cuz his opponent couldn't see he was preparing to attack)

3f027 No.38712

Catch your enemy under a circumstance where they are denied a dexterity bonus to AC (regardless of whether they actually have one). This includes catching them flatfooted (unprepared for combat), flanking them, and when they are grappling someone besides the person doing the sneak attack

>I imagined Tracy's Alternate Form to pretty much look a lot like Nightmare Moon, with a few of Daybreaker's features (ie. fiery mane).
That's - That's pretty awesome

>In European and Asian cultures, dressing someone in their armor is thematically a very intimate process; coming from the fact that one is possibly preparing their partner for the last day of their lives
That's a nice tidbit. It would be neat if the Tracy character interpreted it that way. I was thinking of something more mundane, like Knights armoring their horses because it would be inconvenient beyond measure for their horse to be killed by arrows in the middle of a charge against enemy heavy infantry or light cavalry.

It's a reflection of the kind of soldiers military-order knights - and by extension Paladins - are supposed to be. A lot of European knights rode heavy draft horses, which is the origin of breeds like the Percheron. A heavy draft horse is really inferior in a lot ways to a riding horse of half the size like an Arabian because of maneuverability, presenting a bigger target and so forth. The reason they rode such large horses of course, is because the knights wore ~100 pounds of armor. And once you have giant horses and heavy infantry on horseback, you may as well armor your horse and embrace your combat role as heavy cavalry.

Regardless, when you charge the Saracen ranks, your horse should not be naked but dressed tastefully. And you sure as shit don't want to charge English longbowmen without barding

21ec9 No.38713

Also any attack situation where the opponent is denied their dexterity or dodge bonuses

21ec9 No.38714

Tracy Cage is, Ghost Ride

3f027 No.38715

GM, how the actual fuck did Korak have a 48 AC??? When we killed him, he only had 8AC Mithral Chain Mail, 3AC Bracers, 4AC force-shield ring, and the Armor limits the wearer to a +8 Dexterity bonus. He didn't have an amulet of natural armor, he was a rogue, not a monk, so no natural armor bonus, Dwarfs are medium creatures, so no small size bonus, he didn't have a defender sword, so unless he had some way of getting six gorrilion insight AC, I don't see how he had any more than ~33 AC

c583b No.38716

File: 1514580855471.png (152.26 KB, 800x800, 431017__safe_artist-colon-….png)

I have to say, Korak's faggot was clever in that regard.
Could Tracy recreate that strategy with her Smoke shrouding of her Alternate form too? She has Partial Concealment against enemies 5 ft away, and Total Concealment against enemies 10 ft away. She can also snort a 15 foot cone ahead of her once per round as a free action.
Good to know.
That's exactly what I was going for.
Feats, probably. He's a high-level Rogue/Duelist: he's fucking hard to hit.

21ec9 No.38717

He's also a duelist, who get:
When not wearing armor (or when the armor counts as clothing) +1 of their intelligence bonues (if any) per duelist class level.
Lvl7+ Elaborate parry grants +1 dodge bonus for every Duelist level
Also, he had the feat Combat Mastery (I think, the one that allows up to -5 to attack but +5 to defense.

c583b No.38718

He's a slippery dwarf.

21ec9 No.38719

>smoke concealment
Makes sense to me. Have fun faggots, see ya tonight if on

3f027 No.38720

File: 1514581292632.jpeg (83.27 KB, 500x360, 1577956__safe_artist-colo….jpeg)

>Both rogue special attacks and creature bonuses
Pick one damn it

21ec9 No.38721

It would take 2 rounds to complete the task, and it wouldn't work in every scenario, but I see it being possible some of the time

21ec9 No.38724

Yeah, I may go back on that. I'll think about it
going for real this time

9e402 No.38732

>inb4 I'm next

e477c No.38734

you are legitimately worst mod.

3f027 No.38735

You can legitimately go fuck yourself

e477c No.38736

im tired of you bossing us around just because your a mod.

3f027 No.38737

And I'm tired of you being a dick to me. Leave me alone

e477c No.38738

im only a dick to you because you are a dick to me and everyone else.

3f027 No.38739

I don't have anything against you or torcuil's faggot, and my only issue with Tracy's faggot is his "nightmare" cheat.

I just want to be left alone by you

e477c No.38740

youve banned me multiple times m8. why do you hate tracys faggot so much?

3f027 No.38741

The only reason I ever ban you is because I don't like being ganged up on against. I don't hate Tracy's faggot at all, I just hate that nightmare cheat to no end, and he tends to sperg out any time a post is deleted

c667a No.38742

File: 1514595170616.jpg (83.12 KB, 800x605, flat,800x800,075,f.jpg)

>hate tracys faggot so much?
Eh, he has enough reason for that..

The chronic butthurt about the Alternate Form ability is just uncalled for though. These pointless bans and deletions are getting tiresome too.

e477c No.38743

its kind of annoying when im reading through the threads a few weeks later and large potions of the post have been deleted. so i think tracys faggot is in the right to sperg out.

c583b No.38744

Why do you keep deleting shit then?

3f027 No.38745

This is all meta at best, and usually off topic, with three quarters or more of the deleted posts being sperg posts

3f027 No.38746

Depends on the thing

e477c No.38747

yea but i dont like my ideas being deleted though.

c583b No.38748

File: 1514595551842.png (155.32 KB, 1100x900, 1605902__safe_artist-colon….png)

Why this time then? >>38722
I see no rules broken.

3f027 No.38749

>Alternate form ability
It's more than ONE ability. You claim a large number of super powers from it and are still milking it for superpowers

3f027 No.38750

Because fuck your haxxor

c583b No.38751

File: 1514595742468.png (264.74 KB, 1400x1000, 692890__artist needed_safe….png)

All it does is provoke conflict.

3f027 No.38752

If I delete your ideas it's because I'm pissed off at Tracy's faggot

Fuck you

e477c No.38753

come on man ive done nothing wrong when yo do that though it does not make sense to do that. how would you like it if a mod abused you that way?

3f027 No.38754

File: 1514596118872.png (750.76 KB, 1280x720, image.png)

I know….

I get angry sometimes and I don't feel like there is anything else I can do

e477c No.38755

and then it All feeds back into a loop of anger you need to learn to let stuff go dude its not healthy, i only say this because i care about youno homo.

c583b No.38756

File: 1514596285639.jpg (44.24 KB, 1024x499, Screen-Shot-2015-08-13-at-….jpg)

Why would you delet other poster's things just because you're mad at me?
You don't like it when posters "gang up" on you, but you seem to be intent on pissing them all off at once.

3f027 No.38757

Because what they post also bothers me. It's the sort of thing I could easily ignore under normal circumstances but not when combined with your bullshit.

Also, fuck you too

9e402 No.38758

>ITT full blown autism between a mod and player

85f31 No.38759

Dice rollRolled 53


9e402 No.38760

File: 1514596995509.jpg (68.55 KB, 1152x980, Wallaces-Flying-Frog.jpg)

Hey, I found a pic of Torc's air force.
I'm just ticked at the bans, I could probaly handle the deletes but the bans just make me fucking mad.

3f027 No.38761

For the first few months I was very god at holding it back. I think the things that pissed me off the most in the entire history of the rp was when Tracy's faggot used the ethereal bullshit to escape a grapple in game to get to the unicorn first and then (the next day) when he used the ethereal bullshit to try to loot hoard. In fact, I had never banned any one in the rp until the day after that, when he tried to use the alternate form bullshit to try to attack my character at 1AM when I had class the next morning at 8AM. After that, my will slowly broke down

85f31 No.38763

i understand but dude it is legit unhealthy to be this angry.
T.psychology student(2018)

3f027 No.38764

Do you think I don't know that?

85f31 No.38765

everytime ive tried to help you with it you end up banning me.

3f027 No.38766

You always end up turning against me

I don't like being insulted or ganged up against. I hate the "this" posts

85f31 No.38767

i "turn against you" because bringing up the stuff that you don't want to think about is psyche 101.

c583b No.38768

>Flying Frog Force
Fund it.

3f027 No.38769

Am confused.

I can say I don't like being mocked, like the post earlier

85f31 No.38770

im trying to help fix your brain if it seems like im your enemy at times im not.
which post?

3f027 No.38771

The one early where you reposted the post Tracy's faggot made that was deleted

85f31 No.38772

thats only because i thought it was a good point and made sense, that does not mean im mocking you and i think the only way you can work something out is talking out your problems with tracys faggot. because banning and deleteing posts do not help the problem.

c583b No.38773

If you land a Smite Evil melee attack on a creature that doesn't take damage from the attack due to Damage Reduction, does the creature still take the smiting damage, even if it's not harmed by the melee itself?

3f027 No.38774

It's not the same had it at all. The alternate form makes as much sense as my character turning into a fucking mature Gold dragon, or being a half-celestial

85f31 No.38775

why dont you try to get something equivalent to tracys power? turning into a gold dragon does sound pretty cool.

c583b No.38776

File: 1514599355977.jpg (127.68 KB, 1191x670, despair__the_pale_horse_of….jpg)

The original idea was for her to just turn into a Nightmare entirely, but I asked for the "Going Ghost" option so she wouldn't be permanently disfigured and she could still go back to being cute.

3f027 No.38777

That's worse

85f31 No.38778

3f027 No.38779

I'd rather a nerf

85f31 No.38780

i don't think both parties would except that.

c583b No.38781

File: 1514599923345.jpg (105.46 KB, 639x417, trump-angel-warrior.jpg)

>Unironically nerfing your own party
Why go down when you could take the steps to go upwards instead?

3f027 No.38782

File: 1514599949252.png (154.4 KB, 1116x1024, image.png)

3f027 No.38783

Because I fucking hate your etherealness and flying

85f31 No.38784

you could have those too you know. and you could even gain them through a quest.

c583b No.38785

Plenty of creatures can do it. And as far as racial abilities go, it's not that big of a deal.
Both Torc and Infernius can do it with their spells; spells which they're able to cast spontaneously without preparation or material components. Thez can do it via class feature. I never see you get salty about those.

3f027 No.38786

Will gib boots

That's ridiculous and you know it.

Tracy's gagging has also managed to go faster than normally allowed in flying and etherealness because a nightmare is twice as fast as a normal flying create, and because GM has said "fuck the rules. Self propelled creatures are twice as fast ethereal, not half as fast"

3f027 No.38787

Thez gets it from 19 levels of monk. Not from bullshit

3f027 No.38788

c583b No.38789

>That's ridiculous
The Etherrealness and Astral projection seem kind of meaningless, but changing race via quest isn't unheard of.

85f31 No.38790

1. the gm can say fuck the rules hes the gm.
2.its supposed to be ridiculous it is a fantasy game after all.

9e402 No.38791

Consider it funded
He can?
>sound of worms leaving can

3f027 No.38792

File: 1514600611906.jpeg (55.16 KB, 450x298, image.jpeg)

Fuck transracial haxxor

If you're committed to playing a magical beast, then give up the ability to use weapons
Well I can say pic related goddamn it, and NONE of you have to like it. Neither do I have to like any of his choices

3f027 No.38793

YOU'VE FUCKING DONE IT BEFORE! And you were using it to hide from my character, so it was annoying

9e402 No.38794

I have?
Fucking when?
Tell me when the fuck Torc turned ethreal.

c583b No.38795

>then give up the ability to use weapons
She never even once used a two-handed weapon in that form; I made sure of it, since I knew she wouldn't be able to in that form. I got the Helping Hands™ to fill that niche for the future though.

85f31 No.38796

dude do you understand why you line of thinking is wrong?
its really close to leftist thought im not saying this to try to piss you off but its the truth.

c583b No.38797

The last time I remember was the leprechaun incident.
Also, a Filcher snatched my sides that night. Let me know if you see them floating around on the ethereal plane.

3f027 No.38798

Fuck your alternate firm bullshit

85f31 No.38799

c583b No.38800

File: 1514601085001.jpg (129.11 KB, 800x800, 17040__safe_artist-colon-s….jpg)

>Helping Hands™
That's what I'm calling them from now on, btw.

3f027 No.38801

I'm just spitting your logic back at you. It is you who have the leftist line of thinking

85f31 No.38802


9e402 No.38803

B-but he didn't turn ethereal, he teleported oo the plane but he didn't turn…

Did he?

85f31 No.38804

you do realize im a nat soc right?

3f027 No.38805

You do realize I am not a leftist right?

c583b No.38806

Thez brought him there with her ability, then Torc stayed there using his blinking charm.

9e402 No.38807

My brain hurts so I'm gonna ignore this
Somehow I'm pretty Ancap unironically. Not what I thought but at least its not ancom
fuck roads

3f027 No.38808

File: 1514601527077.png (157.29 KB, 1100x1000, image.png)

>Anarchism of any variety

85f31 No.38809

tell me which bit of my logic makes me sound leftist?

85f31 No.38810

ancaps dont get the gas.

3f027 No.38811

The whole thing is an ad hominem diversion

9e402 No.38812

I don't believe ther should be no government, I just think the main purpose of the government should be military, and holding up the law.
Not healthcare and welfare and other shit.


c583b No.38813

That's not the point. What he meant was that it's irrational to fixate on what other people have instead of working towards what you could have or trying to get moar for yourself. Not all haxx are the same, but everybody got them in some way. There's no need to take something someone else has for the sake of "balance". Shit doesn't have to be perfectly-evenly distributed to be functional or fair.
I can easily tell your definitely not a leftist, but that kind of logic is dangerously similar to the fundamental aspects that make them so dreadfully wrong.

c583b No.38814

Do Intelligent Items get Will saves?

3f027 No.38815

>Not all haxx is the same
Correct. Getting four or so free abilities from drinking blood bullshit is a radically different form of haxxor that gaining assassin class without completing the murder component or than wielding a sword from a magical beast mouth

85f31 No.38816

why are you using ad homonyms then? and i know you arent a leftist im just saying your time at uni has poisoned your mind.

3f027 No.38817

>irrational to fixate on what others have
Wrong. One of the first things you did with that bullshit was use it against my character repeatedly, and I didn't have anything to compete with your bullshit

85f31 No.38818

then ask for something to compete with m8 pls.

3f027 No.38819

I've already asked for flight (at like one third the speed and not at will) through an item, and for limited teleportation, but that was shot down

9e402 No.38820

>Local man ignores town burning down around him, shitposts instead
GM, how'd that spaghetti attack go last night?

85f31 No.38821

then tell gm thats unfair to all the players.

3f027 No.38822

There's no way to make it fair. Almost nothing flies as fast as a nightmare, and the way GM interprets etherealness (which I think is wrong, but whatever) there's no way to equal the speed

85f31 No.38823

there is a way dude,the gm can make anything happen in game regardless of the rules.

3f027 No.38824

I want the abilities nerfed

85f31 No.38825

you cant get that, it would make the collective weaker.

3f027 No.38826

No, it would force Tracy's faggottry to figure out how to use the Rogue's class skills in Climb, pick lock, hide, and escape artist

c583b No.38827

>gaining assassin class without completing the murder component
She had to kill Kefka and the Tarrasque in front of the entire Port to gain that class. The point of that part was for her to kill someone and make a really big deal out of it.
The point of the Assassin's initiation kill is that they gain their arcane Death Magick (the Death Attack) by becoming death-like themselves: the first kill serves as the ritual by which they acquire that magick.

3f027 No.38828

Look at the initiative roll and line up. Trump was next in line. That was his kill. Not Tracy. Also, the purpose of the kill has to be to join the assassins

85f31 No.38829

hmm maybe youre right.
torc killed kefka.

c583b No.38830

We could craft some Wings of Flying if you want it. They take a while to make, but we could probably just BS the crafting process by using the feathers of some magical beast, like a griffin or some shit. Idk why you'd want to fly with items when you have two flying mounts though.
>limited teleportation
You got the Helm of Flash step: that's 100 ft Quickened Dimensional door.
>nothing flies as fast as a nightmare
Pegasus flies at 120 ft.
And why does it have to be as fast as Tracy anyway?
If you want momentary uber-fast flight for Trumpaladin in emergencies. I could level her up as an Assassin so she could Produce Control Shape scrolls.
There were no Assassins to be joined. Tracy was going to start her own Assassin style, and for that she had to show everyone just how lethal she could be.
>Trump was next in line.
Point taken.

3f027 No.38831

>no assassins to be joined
The point is that the requirement for Tracy to gain class in assassin, and thus get the Death attack, was bullshitted, and no one gives a damn, because that's a radically different kind of jazz than you've been using to get unicorns and eggs rather than being creative with your rogue class skills

>do all sorts of other bullshit to make up for your bullshit haxxor

Or we could just not have your bullshit haxxor

c583b No.38832

That he did… Tracy didn't even land a hit on him..
>Control Shape scrolls
Actually, Torc can scribe those too.
>was bullshitted, and no one gives a damn,
Oh come on. Darkie's an Assassin, and he's not even Ebil.
>to make up for your bullshit haxxor
No. I just thought you might want to be able to shapeshift into a Pegasus for a few minutes because reasons.

c583b No.38833

Speaking of Eggs, how much bigger have Sam and Bunny gotten since they hatched? For the sake of character, can they be slightly different colors?

c583b No.38834

>get unicorns
Wait, what? Tracy doesn't have any unicorns, or any other ponies yet for that matter.

3f027 No.38835

File: 1514603827580.png (288.46 KB, 825x901, 1563776__safe_artist-colon….png)

>Darkie is not evil
I think he was evil then switched alignments. Regardless, the point is assassin requirements have been bullshitted and that's a form of haxxor I do not care about

>Pegasus because reasons

>implying Trumpaladin hasn't been a pegasus this whole time

85f31 No.38836

wait really?

3f027 No.38837

You used that Ethereal bullshit to get the unicorn, both to escape a grapple and to get past a dozen guards. You also used it to get the eggs, along with the flying and smoke screen, even though those probably were not necessary. We'll never know I guess because of the bullshit

I mean, he has human form in the game, so racially he's a human

c583b No.38838

I felt like I kind of bullshitted the Blackguard requirements more desu. Thez was an ebil outsider, but she wasn't summoned. That's why want Tracy to summon summon Hags.

3f027 No.38839

That's fair I guess

85f31 No.38840

hey man sorry about calling you worst mod.you're actually my favorite.

85f31 No.38841

dont tell atlas and lotus.

3f027 No.38842

File: 1514604372585.png (3.14 MB, 3567x4488, 1506055721033-2.png)

D'aww I love you


I really do know I've been a dick to you both in game and out, but I'm very glad to have you here in game and here on mlpol.net.

9e402 No.38843

Is the drama over, can I come back now?

85f31 No.38844

that means alot,because i love being here. on booth accounts.i feel like you are an older brother desu.

c583b No.38845

File: 1514604669183.png (405.15 KB, 487x420, nighthag.png)

I also wanted it to give her character some explanation on why she transformed to begin with.
The Night Hags are the bosses of Fiendish transformation via ritual. They created nightmares by altering Pegasi, and created the powerul Altroloths from Yugoloths as their servants. Even the Hags themselves are formerly members of other humanoid races, transformed at puberty through thirteen dark rituals. If anyone has answers for what turns ponies into Nightmares, it'd be them.
They're the most Outsiders of NE alignment and the creator of Nightmares, so they're the most appropriate Fiends from which Tracy could learn her Blackguard disciplines.

3f027 No.38846

File: 1514604727575.gif (398.19 KB, 245x271, 15444__safe_screencap_prin….gif)


*Gibs all the hugs*

She already knows the answer. It's jew blood in her case.

85f31 No.38847

*i think of you as an older brother desu.

c583b No.38848

Half of that was Thez's blood too. I made a point of her drinking both vials, so her alignment would remain NE, like a nightmare.
Besides, it's not that she's part Demon/Devil, or then she'd just have a half-fiend template, like Thez did. It hybridized in her and became its own form of ebil.

3f027 No.38849

File: 1514604901002.png (98.79 KB, 399x600, 741.png)

I wuv you

85f31 No.38850

would you feel better if i purge her blood of the jew particles?

9e402 No.38851

Group hug?

3f027 No.38852

Sounds risky. But it may be necessary

>Tracy has added evil
Yep. We need to purge it


9e402 No.38853

Too late
>Group internet hug

85f31 No.38854

File: 1514605041916.jpeg (124.68 KB, 1280x720, 1591089__safe_edit_pinkie….jpeg)

same man.

c583b No.38855

Go ahead. Tracy has no need for residual (((Demon))) essence, when she's already become a Nightmare.

3f027 No.38856

File: 1514605132107.png (165.03 KB, 399x600, Merry Christmas.png)

But I already gave all of the hugs to Infernius's faggot. All of them.



*more hugs*

3f027 No.38859

>already became a nightmare
lol wrong

3f027 No.38860

File: 1514605217713.png (230.9 KB, 497x387, 41a.png)

*passes gay shit*

c583b No.38861

Don't tempt me.. Nightmares have higher Int, Wis and Char than she does…

9e402 No.38862

*gets high on friendship*

85f31 No.38863

File: 1514605293275.png (94.21 KB, 500x519, 1513704__safe_artist-colon….png)


3f027 No.38864

File: 1514605439075.jpg (56.15 KB, 750x350, 1496322199583.jpg)


Take it. It's the etherealness, flying and fire that bothers me

c583b No.38865

Tbh, I wouldn't mind hunting some (((griffins))) for their wings, or any other reason.. Too bad they're way below the party's CR now..
You know she could easily have all of those with items anyway, right?

85f31 No.38866

File: 1514605638126.gif (582.13 KB, 512x512, 1599960__safe_screencap_pi….gif)

based Friendship pusher.

3f027 No.38867

File: 1514605641706.jpg (19.74 KB, 534x401, Tracy as a Nightmare.jpg)

Then why do you want a trans-racial operation for them?

85f31 No.38868

want if infernuis wanted to become a big mac type poner?

c583b No.38869

Su abilities are cooler.
And don't compare her to that literal monster.

85f31 No.38870


3f027 No.38871

File: 1514605833902.jpeg (100.15 KB, 900x580, 195525__fluttershy_prince….jpeg)


You're weird sometimes

Okay, but you can't keep those two

85f31 No.38872

why? infernuis might want to be a poner.

3f027 No.38873

Lol it's silly

Thez would probably like horse penis

85f31 No.38874

its already a horse penis.

3f027 No.38876

I know that, but that's another thing to add to the list of things we've BSed so far. To make it official,
turn poner

85f31 No.38877

id love to hunt some (((griffons.)))

9e402 No.38878

I'm hittin the hay, night faggots

85f31 No.38879

what time does gm get off work?

85f31 No.38880

night torcs faggot.

3f027 No.38881

>Too bad they are way below the party's CR by now
This is more or less the reason I'd like to take it slow with the level advancement and limit haxxor. So we can enjoy the simple things, and don't need an arms race with opponents as much

3f027 No.38882

On a Friday? I though he'd be off by now

85f31 No.38883

i hope hes okay.

3f027 No.38884

Probably. He says he has a girlfriend, I imagine that would take some time. He also does other things I am sure


c583b No.38885

Nevermind what I said. I forgot all creatures could be buffed by adding hit dice and feats.

3f027 No.38886

I guess that's true. I talked with GM and he confirmed that Fae should be bigly with the hit die added from the Paladin's Mount class, which would make her the equal of Cauchemar Tracy in a few regards

c583b No.38887

I want to summon Tracy's sidekick soon..

3f027 No.38888

And I want a Silver dragon for a cohort

c583b No.38889

You nigger..!

85f31 No.38890

File: 1514607609566.jpg (67.79 KB, 634x309, la-herencia-de-hitler.jpg)

and i want attention

c583b No.38891

Think that Triceratops could be trained?

85f31 No.38892

its dead? can you train a zombie?

c583b No.38893

We can revive it can't we? Tracy took its horns and skin. I think Torc cut off a chunk of the carcass as well.

c583b No.38894

It'll take three levels before she can do that though.. I guess she has time to plan.

85f31 No.38895

yea whats your handle animal skill? mines 4.

c583b No.38896

Idk how Multiclass points work desu…
I put everything I could into it.

85f31 No.38897

i just remembered animal is hitler's domain so we could most likely tame it.

c583b No.38898

Why Animal?

85f31 No.38899

gm said i was being a faggot and said hitler's domain is animal and good.

c583b No.38900

File: 1514608351452.jpg (182.62 KB, 864x1080, b59.jpg)

You should try to do something so fucking huge, ridiculous and zealous it cannot possibly be ignored.
Go full extremist.

c583b No.38901

I think that was because you bullshitted us with that Teleport.

85f31 No.38902

it was in the spell list though.
i wiped out a communist village.

3f027 No.38903

Infernius's faggot said that Hitler's domains were "animal and good," and then GM brought it back up when he pulled that teleport bullshit

3f027 No.38904

I gave Tracy bonus points in my relationship math for not participating

85f31 No.38905

REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE they were commies dammit!!

85f31 No.38906

no i didnt kek

3f027 No.38907

They were mentally disabled persons who were being taken advantage of by mafiasos and leftist politicians. Even if they were communists, they should have been given the opportunity to repent first

c583b No.38908

File: 1514608849680.jpg (115.98 KB, 1200x420, 1502050461720.jpg)

Apparently not enough.
Think bigger. Make a noise so intense that it could be heard from heaven. And I mean a REALLY BIG noise.
Channel all of your latent autism into pure zealous frenzy.

85f31 No.38909

1.theres no talking to communist's they arent retarded they are brain washed and CANNOT be talked to or trusted.
2.do you know what the communist did in berlin?

85f31 No.38910

gas glimmer?

85f31 No.38911

wipe out all kikes even the capitalist one?

3f027 No.38912

I need to make Trumpaladin more attractive to his god. More souls, more money, and more glory

Perhaps if they were real communists, then sure. But living in a Communist country is not the same thing as being a communist. Vladimir Putin was born in the Soviet Union, and he was even an officer in the KGB. But he's a Nationalist hero

That would be pretty impressive

85f31 No.38913

hes a dirty soviet disguised as a right wing politician
>inb4 i get KGBed

c583b No.38914

File: 1514609257826.jpg (102.3 KB, 736x538, a7f25659047e2f96307eef514f….jpg)

And all of her millions of shitposting glimmernigger. Every single one of them, without mercy.
Tracy would be willing to help take-out Glimmer.
That too.
And be noisy about it. Make spam the evocation.

3f027 No.38915

Leave our money farmer alone!

85f31 No.38916

File: 1514609644716.gif (366.22 KB, 400x414, 1513542997554.gif)

he needs to go he told to me to get thez a gemstone that would kill her.
amazing pic make it red.
>Tracy would be willing to help take-out Glimmer.
pic related

c583b No.38917

T be fair, it was Infernius who asked for it, and there's no way Ben knows shit about the NEP.

3f027 No.38918

File: 1514609846309.jpg (17.32 KB, 512x288, 3cd037a04821e7d657edc13aa1….jpg)

I'm pretty sure he tried to talk him out of it

>Implying anything less than the full strength of the party could come close to equaling Glimmer

She's the Princess of Haxxor you know

85f31 No.38919

he asked for a gem stone more rare than a diamond and ben said "the only one i can think of is the voidstone"

3f027 No.38920

Well yeah because you asked him a question and he told you the truth

85f31 No.38921

he still tried to kill me.

3f027 No.38922

c583b No.38923

I hate kikes more than anything, but I don't think that was his intention.

85f31 No.38924

File: 1514610444518.png (76.93 KB, 188x264, 1512622641183.png)

he told infernuis to go get a stone that could kill him, he knew he was too stupid to quit untill he got said item.

3f027 No.38925

I don't think Ben can be blamed for Infernius's deliberate indifference to futility of his quest

85f31 No.38927

kikes are sneaky that way.

3f027 No.38929

File: 1514610964637.png (7.01 KB, 292x173, images.png)



>Trying to get gibs from GM by "thinking aloud"
You can also see the pic

Fuck you new picture uploading system

c583b No.38930

How does Damage reduction work? Do attacks still land on targets with the ability?

c583b No.38931

I just wanted ideas..

3f027 No.38932

It works exactly as the name implies. Unless the attack is made by a type of attack that goes around the damage reduction, the amount of damage the target takes per attack is reduced by the amount of damage specified

Unfortunately I don't think you're going to get much more impressive than a Cauchemar, so nothing will really excite you. Sure, you can summon actual demons, but controlling them for your own ends will be more difficult

c583b No.38933

>I don't think you're going to get much more impressive than a Cauchemar
I'm not looking for combat capabilities. I want something that fits the niches she lacks in, but also synergizes with her abilities.

c583b No.38934

Didn't mean to submit.
What's most important is that it matches her character thematics.

3f027 No.38935

>I want something that fits the niches she lacks in, but also synergizes with her abilities
Like what?

And what are her character thematics exactly?

c583b No.38936

Do creatures that take no damage due to damage reduction still take damage via Smiting?

3f027 No.38937

I'm getting the impression from the wiki that Smite evil just adds to the amount of damage done in the attack, but does not modify the type of attack, and so would not circumvent damage reduction if the attack would not circumvent damage reduction

c583b No.38938

Something with deft hands that could do carry hold things or use simple items. I want something intelligent, not physically strong, and it's gotta be ebil. It'd be nice to have something smaller that could follow her in stealth wherever she goes too.
Something with minor spell-like abilities would be nice.
Nightmare mythology, ghosts, edginess.. etc.
Does it add to the damage, or the attack check? Enhancement bonus is different from extra Damage.
For example, the Power Attack feat allows you to detract from the attack roll, but increase the damage of a successful attack greatly.

c583b No.38939

Power Attack is great if you have a high base attack bonus, btw.

3f027 No.38940

You want a house elf

Smite evil adds the charisma bonus to the attack roll and the paladin level to the damage roll. For example, Trumpaladin would receive a +4 bonus to his attack roll and a +16 to his damage roll

I agree. I don't think I ever specified Trumpaladin's last two feats, but one of them must be power attack

c583b No.38941

Shit.. I was hoping you wouldn't figure it out..

85f31 No.38942

"me love my house elf."

c583b No.38943

Also a requirement for BG.
You'll want Improved Sunder too, because otherwise that Shatterspike is only counts as a +1 longsword.

c583b No.38944

Do you mean like the old European myths, or like in Harry Potter? House Elves are spooky, desu.

3f027 No.38945

Eh, I can put that on the list of possible companions Trumpaladin wouldn't need to kill/I wouldn't be too jealous of no offense

Improved sunder is a good feat for him to acquire, but to specify it as his sixth feat now is a bit… I don't know

It's a +3 longsword, thank you very much

Okay, serious question, can I decorate your character, and what kind of enchantments do you want?

c583b No.38946

>What kind of enchantments
For items? She'd appreciate anything she has a slot filled-in for.
She currently doesn't have a belt, boots, or a helmet.
>Possible companions Trump wouldn't need to kill
An Alp would be the archetypical sidekick for her, desu.

3f027 No.38947

I meant in her Cauchemar form (she doesn't have many slots in that form, but only the horseshoes and maybe saddle are filled), but that is something to think about

What is an Alp? I can't find it anywhere

85f31 No.38948

its like a pixie.

c583b No.38949

The older, darker version of elves in European mythology (Alp literally means "elf"), and an early inspiration for archytypes surrounding European vampires. It's pretty much exactly the same as a Night Hag, except it takes the form of a small elf boy or fairy with pointed ears, sometimes with mildly demonic features. They're wicked, sinister beings (although sometimes whimsical and carefree) who travel the countryside by attaching their invisible bodies to the backs of horses, entering the homes of mortals and feeding off of the dreams of the wicked and sinful, whole they'd treat upon while they slept. Like the Germanic Night Hags, they're associated with myths surrounding sleep paralysis and especially nightmares.
In some instances, they're known as "Sons of the mares (hags)", implying that they're sent by evil witches and demons to do their bidding, playing tricks on humans and tormenting them as they slept.
Alp appear quite a bit in Germanic folklore especially in Dark Age German prayers.

c583b No.38950

File: 1514614366784.jpg (1.9 MB, 2473x3106, Johann_Heinrich_Füssli_053.jpg)

Forgot pic

85f31 No.38951

what is that on her chest and how do you kill it?

c583b No.38952

File: 1514614666786.png (691.24 KB, 878x377, Sleep_Demon_On_Chest.png)

It's an """"elf""", or so it says..
It's apparently incredibly hard to catch, and even harder to kill.
Gosh I want to summon one now. It'd be perfect: basically a small Night Hag, with a disposition for >rape.

85f31 No.38953

silver? holy water? a blessed hand grenade?

c583b No.38954

Problem is, they disappear as soon as they sense trouble. They turn into ghosts and you never see them again until you find yourself paralyzed the dark after the worst dream.
They're supposed to attach themselves to people filled with sin, similar to incubuses.

3f027 No.38955


Also this

Just get a Harry Potter house elf

And please stop trying to kill off one of the prides of /mlp/ and replace her with your own conception of a European myth that never was

c583b No.38956

But I don't want a Harry Potter house elf. I want a badass Dark Age """elf""". It'd be perfect.

3f027 No.38957


85f31 No.38958

its more of a demon, it would fit tracys style.

3f027 No.38959

Tracy is now banned from Trumpaladin's room


*sets magic circle against evil around bed*

c583b No.38960

Ikr. Would make a great ebil sidekick.
If it had Hag abilities, it could ride on her back or shoulder while ethereal, just like it would in myth. It could shapeshift into a humanoid as well for all sorts of utilities a pony might need assistance with.

3f027 No.38961

Fuck your Ethereal bullshit

I forgot to mention. Etherealness is now a ban and post deletion, because that's the easiest solution

3f027 No.38962

File: 1514616492681.png (538.89 KB, 1280x720, Relaxed_Twilight_S3E12.png)

Feels so much better saying that

21ec9 No.38963

I had to run the night shift today because the plant manager is a jew. Not literally,… but literally.

Btw,… ffs ppl

3f027 No.38964

File: 1514618312718.png (132.79 KB, 1024x674, image.png)

21ec9 No.38965

Thez goes ethereal

c583b No.38967


3f027 No.38968

Thez didn't gain it by bullshit, and doesn't use it to steal from party members or to get around actually having to RP well.

c583b No.38969

>to get around actually having to RP well.
[sad faggot noises]

c583b No.38970

I was going for something remotely humanoid anyway.

c583b No.38971

*Stands outside room, wearing nothing but the most provocative set of striped Kashmir socks*

3f027 No.38972


c583b No.38973

Alright, I gotta sleep now.
Goodnight faggots.

21ec9 No.38974


3f027 No.38975

GM, how long would it take, and what would it take, to provide medium fortification (equivalent of a +3AC enchantment or 9000 GP) to an armor piece?

c583b No.38976

>"Must.. stop..shitposting..!"
1 day per 1000 gp.

3f027 No.38977

Can I get it cheaper for Fae?


21ec9 No.38978

As to this point, that's because Thez is a personality first and a set of abilities, skills, feats, and haxx, second. I'm not being critical by that, and I'm not saying she doesn't use her abilities (of course she does), but she uses her abilities when conversation/dialogue, interaction, etc. won't work and she must be sure of the outcome.

Though, she did spend several centuries not getting her way. That did make her more amicable.
Just a base magical enchantment? The fastest way would be Magical Vestment followed by Permanency; 3 rounds.

c583b No.38979

>Custom barding made to fit a specific exotic mount
Idk though. There could be some way. Her natural armor is already pretty good though.

c583b No.38980

Magical Vestment can be made permanent?

c583b No.38982

… Can't that be cast on bareskin though? Does it still apply then?

3f027 No.38983

The magical cost is the same regardless of size

Um… Is there a way that isn't so insanely expensive in xp?

21ec9 No.38984

I'll elaborate in a second
No, it has to be cast on 'something'.

The rules list 'several' spells that can be made permanent, and having gone through them all, I found that the spells that are able to be made so are generally all abjurations. It seems silly that one can make Magic Fang permanent and not Magic Vestment, so I'll allow it. In fact, if it makes a certain degree of sense, I'll throw the book out (hence why Thez can still airwalk Xp)

3f027 No.38985

She's got great AC. But fortification is an enchantment that greatly reduces or even eliminates the chance of a critical hit or a sneak attack dealing the extra damage associated with those kinds of attacks. I would get it for Trumpaladin if he had an open armor slot

9e402 No.38987

>killing glimmer
Give me one good reason not to summon her to fight after the zombie bullshit is over.
I legit can barely upload photos, most of the time I can't

21ec9 No.38988

>summon Glimmer
Oh, please try.

c583b No.38989

File: 1514653427165.png (223.18 KB, 356x334, 1446407096115.png)

*wakes up*
Good morning faggots.

3f027 No.38990

Good morning

Don't forget to give the main board some love today. We had a good day yesterday and we just might make the 100,000 before New Years

c583b No.38991

21ec9 No.38992

Well, the smite its self is a damage bonus on specifically aligned creatures, but if the creature's damage reduction exceeds the damage dealt - even with the extra damage - then no.
>urge to shitpost intensifies

9e402 No.38993

Can we end this zombie problem today?

3f027 No.38994

Vanderiem's bonus relative to evil aligned creatures (or at least infernals) is +7. Is Vanderiem "epic" relative to evil creatures for the purpose of overcoming damage reduction?

c583b No.38995

I know he at least counts as a magick weapon and an good-aligned weapon.
Reminder that Paladins can apply those affects to any weapon the wield with the Magick Weapon and Bless Weapon spell. They're meant to overcome damage reduction of monsters, when you don't already have a magick/good weapon at your disposal.

c583b No.38996

File: 1514658438839-0.jpg (342.12 KB, 736x538, REPOSE1.jpg)

File: 1514658438839-1.jpg (355.79 KB, 736x538, REPOSE.jpg)

I went ahead and recolored it just because you asked.
>Infernius came to repose souls and chew his cud, and he's all out of cud!

3f027 No.38997

But the problem is that spells like Holy Sword don't stack on top of the sword's enchantment bonus. So I gain very little from these spells (the 2d6 damage might be worth it, but I only have 1 4th level spell and Death Ward is pretty awesome)

>Bless weapon spell

If there's no way or it isn't worth enchanting Fae's teeth magic fang and permanency (xp cost is yuge) I can just use those spells on her. Good idea

c583b No.38998

I'm just reminding you, in case you ever managed to drop him again. Paladins' weapon-enhancement spells are mostly for bypassing Damage Reduction of fiends and other monsters.

3f027 No.38999

3f027 No.39000

Reminder that if all these others are getting more animal companions, I need a young adult (or adult) female Silver Dragon as a cohort

9e402 No.39001

I'm sure Trumpaladin means "consort"

21ec9 No.39002

I sure hope so
You know, its funny you ask. I see all sorts of entries in the SRDs that talk about epic weapons and such, but I've never found a definitive description as to what makes a weapon "epic".
Who's getting more?

c583b No.39003

>animal companions
Only Rangers and Druids get those.
You can train as many animals as you have time for though. I'd suggest putting more ranks into Handle Animal in the future then.

3f027 No.39004

Sugoito is itself a pretty powerful sword, so I should be (mostly) be okay if that happens. I think. But using these spells on other people's weapons? Now that's something I think I should start trying


3f027 No.39005

They keep wanting to train entire animal armies to fight for them

The Wiki said an "epic" pretty much any item, but weapons specifically, are those enchanted to +6 or greater

I mean your army of oversized animals

9e402 No.39006

When Trump trys to train Tracy's birds: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=UGm-DTbctSM
Skip to 0:40

21ec9 No.39007

That's kind of what I'm finding, leading me to conclude that someone didn't think things through. I mean, per that definition yes Vandereim is epic v. ebil, and likewise Sugoito is epic at breaking shit. Having said, there are other entries, specifically pertaining to magic weapons that expressly state that a weapon can't have an enhancement bonus of more than +5, nor can it have a combined enhancement and ability bonus (there's a table) beyond +10. The listings (here for example - https://dnd-wiki.org/wiki/SRD:Magic_Weapons#Epic_Weapons ) suggest that somewhere along the way someone(s) at D&D HQ said "Nah fuck that, lets make 'em bigger anyway!" which goes a long way to explaining why ppl have said 3.5 is broken.

21ec9 No.39008

I mean by this listing, a +30 sword is possible, which is just ass-fucking-retarded desu

c583b No.39009

I was thinking of forging a Shatterspike for Tracy as well. Blackguards have all of the spells and feats to craft them, and disarming your enemy by smashing their favorite weapon is such a BBEG tier move.

21ec9 No.39011

Indeed. It was precisely for that reason that Thez intentionally fugged up Sugoito's creation. It was going to be the most ebin (not counting shit like the list above) Vorpal Sword evar. There's a story behind it, but yeah breaking the opponent's shit is a quick way to make them impotent for all intents and purposes.

c583b No.39012

Do intelligent items get will saves against Magick?

21ec9 No.39013

Be more specific. "Magic" is a broad term

c583b No.39014

Especially when your enemy is no match for you in unarmed combat.
Bless Weapon and Corrupt Weapon make the affected weapon good/ebil. Corrupt weapon says:
>The weapon also becomes evil, which means it can bypass the damage reduction of certain creatures. (This effect overrides and suppresses any other alignment the weapon might have.)
If Tracy pics up a Good aligned weapon that doesn't like her, could she just make it her bitch for a few minutes with that spell? The spell says no saving throw.
I was going to experiment by torturing Vaderiem for a couple seconds, but I didn't want to get b&.

3f027 No.39015

>Implying Tracy is any match for Vanderiem

c583b No.39016

Tracy is the Queen of Edges. All edged weapons are her bitches.

3f027 No.39017

Vanderiem is an Ancient Artifact that is intelligent and Scottish. And the Scotts don't take kindly to those who think they can just make them their "bitch" so easily. The only reason Vanderiem even lets Trumpaladin use him (most of the time) is because there are no other Paladins. Tracy would get her ass beat

c583b No.39018

Want to try it out?

3f027 No.39019

Reminder that Vanderiem said "fuck you" to Trumpaladin when he tried to use him to defend Tracy

3f027 No.39021

Do you?

21ec9 No.39022

"Crap, she's onto me"
>And lo, Tracy did discover the main secret to how Thez has survived so long. She learned that trick 1v1 against a Nightwalker.
THe overcoming damage reduction bit relates to how all damage reduction is X/(w/e); x being the reduction, and w/e being the thing that overcomes it. Most infernals have something like 10/good.
I see your point on saving throws, and in that case I would give the weapon a saving throw since its diametrically opposed to Tracy to begin with.

21ec9 No.39023

… that's also why the broom-swords were a pair of short-swords instead of one greatsword

c583b No.39024

What are those blades made of, btw? Tracy has the pieces.
>implied former intelligence

3f027 No.39025

Fuck off

21ec9 No.39026

Not formerly intelligent, but it used to be a Longtooth Daikatana, that was Thez' prized weapon until she found herself wandering through limbo. Its essentially Damascus, but forged with the longtooth (2nd edition) properties of being able to expand in size in the hands of a dwarf (1/2 dwarf still applies) and cut through stone.

3f027 No.39027

File: 1514662499123.png (229.44 KB, 887x1024, 1506572247675.png)

Dwarfs, unlike elves, do not have any special note that half bloods are racially Dwarfs for such purposes. There is no "dwarven blood" note. Thez is racially an elf

>Elven Blood: For all effects related to race, a half-elf is considered an elf

21ec9 No.39028

File: 1514662775440.png (112.25 KB, 1116x1024, thezshrug.png)

GM (not me) allowed it

3f027 No.39029

Thez pony is cute. She looks like Veronica the Communist pony, but pony is still a great look for her

21ec9 No.39030

For authenticity, it should be a long french braid, but I can't even get gradient-shade eyes to work right so,….

c583b No.39031

File: 1514663656464.jpg (293.83 KB, 532x651, We edgelord nao.jpg)

>I would give the weapon a saving throw
Alright, what's the will save for an intelligent item then? And what's the DC for Corrupt Weapon (it says no save)? Or are their saves just a 1d20 roll, since they don't have levels?
It's nice being able to bitch-slap any unwilling weapon into submission though. Corrupt Weapon is the one unique spell Blackguards have. It's better than Align Weapon or Unholy Strike (not really) in that regard, because it (and bless weapon) is the only spell/effect that's can ignore and override a weapons alignment.
Recolor the eyes to blue. Yellow is Veronika's eye-color.

21ec9 No.39032

I know that, but I just said I can't get gradient shade eyes to work right
Corrupt weapon was written wrt non-intelligent, non-aligned weapons. It was not written to allow you to make intelligent and aligned weapons your bitch It gets a saving throw. e_e

c583b No.39033

File: 1514665108294.png (117.54 KB, 1116x1024, Thez Filly.png)

>It was not written to allow you to make intelligent and aligned weapons your bitch
Than can I intimidate them with Cause Fear or Doom, to make them more likely to fail the save?

21ec9 No.39034

You're not letting this go are you e_e
Nice edit tho. How do u blend shades?

9e402 No.39035

Is today meta day?

85f31 No.39036

File: 1514665440659.png (769.19 KB, 1000x1000, 559476__safe_artist-colon-….png)

morning guys.

21ec9 No.39037

I wasn't planning it to be

3f027 No.39038

By the way, I looked it up, and Tracy couldn't claim Etherealness from having a Nightmare as an "Alternative form" because the creature undergoing the alternative form retains its special qualities of the original form, but does not gain the special qualities of the new form. She also could not use flaming hooves or smoke, since these are supernatural attacks, and a creature with an alternative form retains the supernatural attacks of its original form, but does not gain the supernatural attacks of the new form

>The creature retains the special qualities of its original form. It does not gain any special qualities of its new form.

>The creature retains the spell-like abilities and supernatural attacks of its old form (except for breath weapons and gaze attacks). It does not gain the spell-like abilities or attacks of its new form.

Every day is meta day

Good afternoon

9e402 No.39039

The fuck?
Well then lets bitch slap some zombies

85f31 No.39040

File: 1514665802188.png (86.1 KB, 300x300, 1512989522881.png)

>version 2
i love it.

c583b No.39041

>not letting this go
I just want to try it out some time.. No lowly knife says 'no' to Tracy Cage.
>How do u blend shades?
I do all my edits with:
I used the color replace tool to edit the eye-color.

new pic is just after desaturating some of that excess orange.

21ec9 No.39042

I'll have to experiment with that. I do my edits in Paint and Gimp, but that only goes so far (with my skill level)

c583b No.39043

>Paint and Gimp
Wish I could use those. They don't work on this computer..

c583b No.39044

File: 1514666327110.png (126.07 KB, 1116x1024, Thez Filly1.png)

forgot pic

3f027 No.39045

wft I want to cum inside Thez now

9e402 No.39046

Same. Can we make that edit?

85f31 No.39047

infernuis will eat you faggots.

3f027 No.39048

This. This. This. THIS!

3f027 No.39049

File: 1514666754659.jpg (69.87 KB, 600x400, b7817efbc2cc9651863c762839….jpg)

That's the danger of having a pony waifu. They are vulnerable to being stolen

21ec9 No.39050

Thez pony is not fo,… I can't even type that with a straight face.
RIght, this. Uhm, gimme like a 1/2 hour to get everything squared away

3f027 No.39051

We have to play? Okay….

Trumpaladin remounts the Demon Horse

9e402 No.39052

>bovines are herbavoirs
Looks like my waifu was stolen by…
Fucking Flash Sentry…

I don't like this game

c583b No.39053

File: 1514667126731.png (145.06 KB, 900x807, stretching.png)

I might make a half-assed one with Infernius in it, if the iwtcird vector of Filly Anon is ever created. I'm surprised there isn't one already.
*is mounted*

3f027 No.39054

Shit. Trumpaladin may have to cum inside Tracy again before they can kill Ginsberg

3f027 No.39055

Meant for >>39053

c583b No.39056

Seriously though, why is there no iwtciaf pic?

c583b No.39058

>who was her first romantic interest
She's had some before. They're just dead now.

9e402 No.39059

Welp, time to put my actual dagger too use.
See y'all in hell.
JK, but fuck off

3f027 No.39060

True. But within this rpg, Tracy was her first interest

Wuv you

*steals your waifu*

85f31 No.39062

infernuis is an omnivore

c583b No.39063

Minotaurs are literal man-eaters.

9e402 No.39065

Ah, thanks for reminding me of something.
GM, prepare for an autistic rabbit message

85f31 No.39066

delete it if you must but it doesn't stop whats coming.

3f027 No.39067

What is coming?

85f31 No.39068

its a surprise.

9e402 No.39069

The storm

21ec9 No.39071


Okay, so before we fire off, lets recap. I haven't looked back, but I last recall Trump, Tracy, and Infernius at the main gate, with a giant skeleton at their feet and dozens more (zombies and skeletons) lining the ground. There are more, but they are keeping their distance, likely at the behest of that creepy-black-cloud-thing with a broom-handle sticking out of it with a rag-doll face.

Torcuil and Trollestia are at the docks, able to keep a hoard of sea-zombies at bay, while by sea there is a creepy-black pyramid thing with torches at the corners floating toward them.

Thez <whooof> had vanished previously, in response to screams from within the town and a series of concussive 'bang' sounds.

"Is it a benis?"

3f027 No.39072

But he's stopped being the waifu thief now. He didn't realize how much it hurt Tracy, but now he knows

The bigger problem is that he promised Torcuil he wouldn't sex her…

3f027 No.39073

Yeah let's send Infernius with Thez

85f31 No.39074

"that the surprise me have for you."

c583b No.39075

Tracy and Trumpaladin were charging Ruth, and were just moments away from being in range to attack her.
Tracy had her chain out ready to knock her off of her broom once they were just 60 ft away.

3f027 No.39076

And Trumpaladin readies an attack with Vanderiem, with Smite evil

9e402 No.39077

Fuck. Does the pyramid have any symbols or markings? Should i roll perception?
Oh yeah…. Thanks for reminding me

85f31 No.39078

since the cloud giant is kill ill go back to the sewers assuming there is a lich down there.

c583b No.39079

Just for the record, was Troll casting Searing Light from the top of the tower last week? She fired multiple shots of what appeared to be that spell.

c583b No.39080

You put ranks into knowledge arcana and knowledge architecture and engineering, right? Maybe you could roll to identify the structure.

21ec9 No.39081

Well for starters - as is often the case - Thez didn't really say anything, she just <whoooof>-gone, so where she is is not certain (its not a secret, but process man process!).
K. When the time comes (I'm still organizing), be specific with attacks, cuz that's going to matter.

c583b No.39082

Would knocking her off of her broom count as a Disarm attack?

c583b No.39083

She fired both of her prepared shots?

85f31 No.39084

21ec9 No.39085

Dude, don't get nerfed for excess meta

3f027 No.39086

You gave those roc eggs to Tracy's faggot 100% for free without him having to plan anything out or do anything correctly. Don't give him Trollestia as easily

c583b No.39087


9e402 No.39088

Dice rollRolled 20

Thats a good point
Rolling for identification.
I'm assuming I was able to fully rank those up for Torc, but IDk how to apply bonuses

85f31 No.39089


c583b No.39090

File: 1514669684053.jpg (70.79 KB, 750x600, natural_20_by_dburn13579.jpg)

9e402 No.39091

I would have prefered that 20 on something else, but okay

21ec9 No.39092

The pyramid wafts arcane and necromantic energy, and it appears quite old, but still quite polished and maintained. There are no apparent entries, and it glides along the water effortlessly and without rocking. It is a 4-sided black pyramid, of a similar (though different) material as Court City. Its basically a creepy-floating-temple that you need to be undead or ethereal-able to enter.

9e402 No.39093

>INB4 no one helps Trump in cause he says ethereal is bullshit
Intresting, how big is it?

21ec9 No.39094

Uhhhh,… its a pyramid. Its pretty fuggin big, big enough to allow me to put a dungeon in later on.

3f027 No.39095

I never had an issue with mounted Tracy's su abilities. He can ride Tracy. And if not Tracy, then Thez

85f31 No.39096


9e402 No.39097

Fair enough
should I roll for plan T now or later?

21ec9 No.39098

Alright, so we have the character "starting positions". This is gonna be hairy, cuz there's several operations going on simultaneously. My head may explode, in spite of efforts to prevent it.
Roll 3d20

85f31 No.39099

im headed back to the sewers.

9e402 No.39100

Dice rollRolled 14, 7, 2 = 23

Lets begin, shall we?
May the hands of kek guide this roll

85f31 No.39101

c583b No.39102

9e402 No.39103

I think kek hates me

21ec9 No.39104

Dice rollRolled 20

>kek wills it
ALright! Let start this off shall we?

As Tracy and Trump speed toward the vacuous black cloud that has a broom-handled puppet sticking out of it, weapons drawn and ready to lay the smackdown,….
… a thin green beam shoots out of it, aimed at the shiny human on the weird horse speeding toward.

At the same time, the onslaught of water-ghouls ceases. They haven't left, but there's dozens of them staring at Torcuil and Troll with beady black eyes and a malevolent expression on their faces, which are just above water, all along the docks. Its spoopy AF.

Meanwhile, sounds of things breaking can be heard from inside the Port.

9e402 No.39105

Oh fuck, that 20 is scary

85f31 No.39106

3f027 No.39107

Please tell me the dice is my fort save

9e402 No.39108

"uh Troll, unicorns can read emotion right? The fucking hell is up with the ghouls?"
Thats not me, thats Tr/Tr

21ec9 No.39109

Nope, Disintegrate is a touch-attack spell, and that was the roll for it. What is Trump's motified Fortitude saving throw?

21ec9 No.39110

Ur lucky touch-attack spells don't get critical hit modifiers

c583b No.39111

You did cast that Eagle's Splendor before the charge, right?

21ec9 No.39112

Trips suggest he did,… I'm gonna have to calculate shit, hold on.

3f027 No.39113

Does she need a caster check for that given the 19 spell resistance?

I guess it isn't like I wasn't expecting this to happen

10 base +4 charisma +1 stone of good luck +1 Constitution bonus +that cloak of resistance, like +3 or +4

So something like +19, maybe +20 to his fort without eagles splendor and an additional +2 with eagles splendor, which would be +21 or +22

21ec9 No.39114

Yes. So +22, and I'm working on the spell resistance, but I'm having difficulty finding the entry.

21ec9 No.39115

Okay, I'm not finding anything pertaining to Paladin spell resistence, I'm only finding entries to do with Paladin mount resistance, which is foolish desu. How would a mount get spell resistence if the paladin doesn't?

3f027 No.39116

Spell resistance is a caster level check that RBG would have to roll for. She's probably strong enough to overcome 19 spell resistance with any roll higher than like a 2, but anything is good

It's from his armor. He has 19 spell resistance on the Armor

21ec9 No.39117

Dice rollRolled 11

Oh right. Okay, rolling for resistance check

21ec9 No.39118

Resistance failure. NOW is the +22 fortitude check roll

3f027 No.39119

Dice rollRolled 6

>"If I die, do not let them take my body. And please don't turn any part of me into a damned drinking mug or chair or clothing accessory"

With faith in his equipment and natural strength, and certainty in his cause and purpose, Trumpaladin now trusts in the dice

"Elway, watch over me"

c583b No.39120

See this is why I said to go with the Cloak of Charisma. Spell resistance isn't omnipotent for spell effects. Divine Grace is meant so you can put everything into Char.

21ec9 No.39121

Dice rollRolled 6, 5, 2, 1, 2 = 16

Yay, he saves not by much tho. It would have been awkward for him to crumble into dust during this glorious charge.

3f027 No.39122

Except disintegrate, as the name implies, destroys the body. Problem solved I guess

The cloak of resistance is better

21ec9 No.39123

Okay, long and drawn out I know.
Trump gets hit by a pale green beam that hurts, comparable to a good gash from an axe, though he shows no visible damage. This doesn't detract from his/Tracy's charge however.

21ec9 No.39124

Meanwhile Infernius heads off to the sewers, where there is a huge pile of poo (there was a poo demon), and a curious woman(?) who seems to be eating it.

c583b No.39125

21ec9 No.39126

T> "They don't have emotions in the typical sense, they're just animate forms of rage and vile."

3f027 No.39127

Ready attack with Smite Evil

These damned mages are scary. I am glad I prepared for them sort of

c583b No.39128

Aw shit, I g2g for at least half an hour…

21ec9 No.39129

You're welcome to try. How are you planning to knock her off the broom, given that you can't see her, all you see is a creepy puppet-thing?
Wading in against an opponent with concealment 'eh?

3f027 No.39130

Can you state your attack so we can play through the first round?

85f31 No.39131

"ma'am are you okay?"

21ec9 No.39132

"GUNS! GIVE ME YOUR GUNS!" she screams as she turns toward you. "FEINSTEIN WILL HAVE YOUR GUNS!" she says, still eating poo.

21ec9 No.39133

Dianne Feinstein is a shrivelled husk of a human, clearly undead. She's eating poo 'cuz it amuses GM for her to do so, so she is. Infernius is not yet in melee range, but has a moment to decide what to do next (range weapons, spells, or close distance).

21ec9 No.39134

Meanwhile, a voice speaks into the mind of Torcuil and Trollestia.
"You must pass the pyramid in order to find out what is inside it"

3f027 No.39135

Pfft! Concealment only increases the chance of a miss by 20% to 50%. She ain't a Rogue, so there's no special danger. The only way to disperse the cloud anyways is to use Tracy's sword's gust feature, and Tracy's faggot is more interested in making attack types that don't exist than using his equipment wisely.

What's the alternative to wading in? Prance around it while RBG spams insta-kill spells at us until we fail our saving throws?

85f31 No.39136

Dice rollRolled 20, 20, 12 = 52

slash slash slash

85f31 No.39137

Deus Vult!

21ec9 No.39138

>2 20's
Oh ffs man. SHould I even roll? Gawd, let me check real quick

3f027 No.39139

It… It finally happened. Infernius finally rolled a Natural 20 in a situation that wasn't Torcuil's attack of opportunity against him. AND THEN HE ROLLED A SECOND ONE!

I haven't seen anything this glorious since I rolled a 20 on pinning Tracy and another 20 on a >rape roll

3f027 No.39140

Roll twice to see if those give double damage

85f31 No.39141

a nat 20 gives x2 damage.

21ec9 No.39142

Well, there is a problem. I did say in >>39133
that Infernius is not yet in range.
Technically, those 20s are void.
I'm serious.
Like, unless he wants to magnificently swing at the air in front of him, there's not much I can do.

21ec9 No.39143

I'm not GOING to do that, but if I were to preserve those rolls (which I really wanna), that means Feinstein gets first move, and you can guess from how RBG started what's coming next.

85f31 No.39144

infernuis lets her kill him.

21ec9 No.39145

Dice rollRolled 11

Again, disintegrate.

c583b No.39146

Dice rollRolled 20, 1, 15 = 36

I thought she was using Darkness, not smoke.
May as well start off by trying to blow the old lady away with Gust of Wind then.
The chain dances, so rolling for its attacks, attempting to knock her off the broom.

85f31 No.39147

i wish that was a crit.

21ec9 No.39148

Oh! It misses! It whisks by his face, but fails to make contact!

Okay now Infernius can gets to murder,… which with the critical modifiers of his being a flaming-burst sword ON TOP of the basic crit stats for the sword its self, I don't need to roll.
Y? Then he might be dead

85f31 No.39149

File: 1514676536743.jpg (316.1 KB, 711x735, 1514356823241.jpg)

everything is right in the world now.

3f027 No.39150


Can I make a full Attack? Tracy's faggot is making a full attack

Full Attack:
Smite Evil, Slash, Slash, Slash

3f027 No.39151